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llalf Century Mark 4

This week marks the 50th anni-1 VOL. ·l, NO. 31 vcrsary of the founding of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, an organization restricted to veterans who have had campaign medal service with American armed forces outsiclt• the continental limits of the United States.


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arades an

"Growth of Parkland"

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beginning in Columbus, Ohio, in JB<J<J when l'.1 former army prirntcs of the Spanish-American war gath<-rr·d ~lo form 1!1f'. Anu~rican V ct<:rans of Foreign Si:rvicc. Less than a month later, the Colorado Society of thr Army of the Philippines was fornwd. These two organizations merged ;·n l CJ 13 under the name of Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United Statf's. Restricting its membership to veterans \vith wartin1e overseas service, the VFW has grown in the past 50 years from a frw hundred members to its present national strength of 2,00D,000 vetrrans. The organization is a comparative neweomel' to Washington, however. The first VFW post in the state was the Ensign John R. Monaghan Post 51 of Spoka1w, instituted April 13, 1915. Second post was organized on March 18, 1918, under the name of Wild WPst Post 91 of Tacoma. The first Seattle• VFW Post was instituted on August 27, 1918, under the nam<e of Col. Theodore Roos<'vrlt Post 24. The statr·wide organiztttion, the Departnwnt of Washington, was set up on May 12, 1921, representing the then seven posts in the state. With the return .of World War 1 veterans, the organization's strength grew from 3,000 in that post-war period to its present strength of over 40,000. The end of World War 11 multiplied t he organization's membership to Washington ten-fold. Also planning observances for the jubilee event are members of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Vl"W and Continut:d on Page l'wo




John Krilich, a citizen of Ruston April 4, house on E. Airport road and d<:puty prosecuting attorney of tenanted by Mallon Todd, overPierce county, Tuesday evening, heated oil heater, $25 damage to stripped confusing side issues from I 1i,·ing room. 1 the question of city incorporation March 27, 9906 So. Park, overunder the statutes of the state of heated motor on oil burner. Washington, to leave members of C. B. Snyder residence, 10302 the Parkland Business club with a So. Ainsworth, dam a g c to well clt>ar impressi6n of what incorpora- house. tion can mean to a community, and Logan's Fuel company, Orchard what should be looked for in the hill, (out of district) some damage cost picture. to roof. "Parkland is taking on the semOne overheated stove. bbncc of a town in spite of not having· an organizc-d to\vn govern-

nwnt,''. is one eln..s~11g Krilich !kft with the husmess people. "One


thing is certain," he advised, "either 1

incor~orat~ ultimat.ely ~r, ultimately, the city of Tacoma will haw· you." MARLA PARKER

Krilich was



answered mcluded:


To the words of General Eisenhower, acid these:

Tl11· nation;1l organization had its


\ICSOSMUPELSICHAOTRINONOSF ""'"" r;,, d<port«"n' dm·ing Fehrnary and. March. Other fire calls




Six r;Tass blazes and one brush •• • lire were chased by Parkland Vol-

"But lwyond personal affection and respen, your organization demands of nw-as of all Americans -continuing support in yot1r ca1np::iign for nn A111erica, secure against forPie;n for, united against internal

designated National VFW Golden Jubilcr· \Vcek by Governor Arthur B. Langlic. The highlight of the obsl·rvancc~s in this state \vill co1nc April 12 in Seattle with the visit of Lyall T'. Beggs, national coin·


Grass Fires Keeping i Weeks of Effort Flanie Chasers Busy Climaxed in Fete


"On the 50th anniversary of yonr organjzation, I t:xtcnd n1y l'.ongratulations lo all of you who are members of the V cterans of Foreign \Vars. Among you are numbered liundrnls of thous;rnds with whom I had the honor to serve in two world wars, and our personal 'tics, consequently, arr close.

The week of April 3 to 9 has been

his '\'


~lay the future bring every success to the Veterans of F oreig11 Wars and its 1,500,000 nwmbers in 10,000 posts alld thousands of auxiliary inen1bers across the nation, as they join in renewing their pledge to the nation on this Golden Anniversary.



Among the many outstanding . Anwricans who arc paying tribut1· 1 to th is organization, is Genrral Dwight Eisenhower, himself a veteran of two \Vorld \Vars, who said:

There is no greater tribute to our gallant dead than service to their comrades. For fifty yl'ars the Veterans of Foreign Wars has been paying this homnge by helping the living to achieve a full and just measurt> of the security and opportunity for 'vhich so 1nany have given so much.

Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland





PARK l AND p o .

Hclpin~\ to portray the "Growtl~ of Parkland," them" of 1h:s community's float entry in the 1949 Puyallup

Twenty thousand bright ydlow dnffodils Friday morning will be waiting for all who volunteer to put the finishing touches on Parkland·s !foat entry in the 1949 Puyallup Valley Daffodil Festival parade. The work of plaeing the fresh flowns is expected to take all day and much of the night, Friday, and as many workers as will volunteer will be welcomed, float committee chairman Tom Casto has announced. The float will be located at Beitz' gar<l.gc, Airport road and Pacific, for the flown-pinning session. Five thousand more daffodils will be on this year's float than were usl'd for Inst year's Parkland entry. Saturday morning, April 9, when the parade forms at 17th and Broadway, Tacoma, Parkland's entry will be No. 8 in line of parade. Floats are to be on the spot at 9 o'clock,

members of the club as a speaker Valley Daffodil Festival parade, Saturday, April 9, arc Ingrid Fynboe and tiny Marla Parker, chosen on the affirmative side of incorporby popular vote from among five pairs of candidates for the honor. (Photos by Evergreen Studio). ation. In his talk, he showed his a m own favoring co~victions a~d. point- , A Parkland for five years, 1· with the, to commence one1 govern the club. So far, the club ed out all that ts to be gamed, but J. (Jack) Qmll took charge of half holll late!. is made up mainly of pnrents of the he did not neglect to point out also the local post .office April 1 when This community's float will repteen-age children but all pni·ents of the cos:s tl;at accompany the gains. · his appointment as acting postmas- ;·csent tl:e "Growth of Pnrkland." New~y the district are welcome to join and (Echtor s Note: lVIr. Krilich's tcr was announced by the Postmaster fhe design, created by Mrs. Iver assist in planning recreation for all talk will be fully reported in next 1 GC'neral, to succeed the late Elmer Johnson, will carry out the theme Dawson Field Recreation cltib age groups at the play field. Mectthroug·h two "d,tffodil t re e s," ::i week's issue of The Prairie I Beard, who had previously resigned brgc tree and a small one, and two was organized at Dawson ficldhouse 1 ings of the c!t'.b will b~ held . the Pointer.) becnuse of failing health. Quill was Parkland girls, a tall one and a March 29, with Mrs. Olive Huston 1 second and fou1 th Tuesd,1ys of each Krilich was the first of two speak- I sworn into office late Friday. month, the next, April 12, at !' ers planned to be heard by the Busicl' l small one. The charming float prinThere's much that's important taking the reins in the orgarnzmg hc new Par dand postmaster ' 52 p.m. at the fieldhouse. A dessert ness club.· A speaker to bring out . ccsses, chosen last week' by popular years old, had held first position on . . . . . . r?_ming u_P ,01~ the sbl.c. of ~arkland of the. group. Tcn.1porary officers luncheon will be served by the exarguments ahainst incorporation is .f. . . vote ol residents of the commt1111ty, . C.umnnmil) dub 101 its next meet- were elected for terms of three ecutive cornn1ittec. ' b l 1tc qua 1i 1ed .rpp 1icant list smce l.1st I .d r 1 ( II ) I in the or,,.anization being· sought for the May meeting. J 1 f 11 . .. . t' . J arc: ngn •yn )0<' ta one .ml ing, April 14·, Thursday, 8 p.m. in months. to 'assist . . . ~ ' . I . . . ·o· 1 , b .· , . . . . . u y, o owrng exanrnrn !Ort m an-I Mada Parker (small one) Parkland school auditorium, but, Elected were: ~frs. Huston, presin its lt~u at usmcss sessto'.1' the uary of 1918. His appointment is , . sig·nificant or not, it likely will yield dent.: Mrs: ClarPnc: .~ohann, vicedub ap'.Jrovcd .a" rec~~m1cndatwn of expected soon to be recommended Ch,111 rnai~ Ca~to cx1~1cs.sly u.rg~~ • its boa1d of d11< ctots that spons01- by the president to Congress, for that all mcnibcts of his committee the spotlight to the heralded "Battle prestdent: l\1rs. C ''. Swanson, secnf the QuartC'ts," which will be the rctary, and Mis. Ervin Smith, tm1s-. ~.h'.p .of Pacific Lt'.~h~1an college's confirnrntion. Since early ~his year, be on .ha1:c1 thro.ugh the .F:·iclay urcr I • Chon ol the West m a Parkland 1 1 l 1- l l t . t Jlower-pmlllng session al Beitz g·at'\'l·ning's progra1n feature. ie 1ac 1C ( a cmporary appom ,. ' The chainnan's first act was to e 11 s 1ng I concC-1 l bc clroppccl for this yea!, rncnt by Governor Arthur Langlic r:1ge, to lend il hand. I· rnal construcNt·xt Thursday is tlw night when the Parkl:rnd American Legion post's appoint Mrs. Rciymond Meyers and Officer nornim:es will be submit- bemuse of. tlw previous appearance as manager of tlw downtown liquor ~ion work on the flc'.at fr,uncwork 1 eh:1llenge to the Pnrkland Volunteer Mrs. Victor Eshpeter as a Teen-Age tcd for election at Spanaway school of the choir at Bethlehem Lutheran' store in Taconw. [is to be completed tomght. Firemen is to he jousted out, to the committee to assist Mrs. Betty Jo W<·dm:sday evening, Ap1:il 13, when chu,rch, Taconw. , . . A disabled veteran of both world' Route of Saturday's parade is: full powc r of vocal chords and havoc Meyers, instructor for the tl:cn-agc Spanaway P-TA will choose offi- .· Chm:ge _of .th~ clubs. fiscal year! wars, Postma.stcr Quill has. had. a Broad\~ay from. So. 17th to 9th, of ears. A mysterions pri7.e has been inceting;s, and Mrs. Clarence Skog. cers for the corning year. All rnem-, to conform wtlh the calcncl'.ir year, colorful life inciudino- a strcH:h as ·9th to Pacific avem[c, Pacific south :irrnnged for the victorious four. and Mrs. Ervin . Srn.ith were asked hers ar'.' urge~ to attend tlus regu-1 ;rn.otl.1er l~o~rcl rccormnendatton, was 1 a pr·o· frssim~al lxiscb;ll player. H.e to 19th street. The same parade: will Top topic of actual business will to draw up tnilal1vc by-laws to lar Apnl meetmg. also <lpptmed. . . I was born in Eureka, Calif., attended reform to pass through Puyallup at . h sc.h oo 1 an d was two ) 'J... noon and Another proposal of the. board,- . E:.ure 1\a 111g to o,,.o lluott,,.h Sumner be discussion of garbage disposal, · b 1 that the club sponsor a I arkland I . S f 1 . . H 1 f at 1 pm with County Commissioner Harry i Bargilin Day each n1onth, \vas left years at tan on. university. c e t Sprinker to be !ward briefly. Prin. · Stcmford to accept a pro-ball cntchA military review Ill honor of with the •members, for• themc to mull I .mg berth. It w.. as wlu.le . he w. as per- ·Army d ay will · a lso lJe he 1d. al F• ort cipal speaker on the matter will be over until next rneetmg. . . . tht· old Northwest _ · . Tacoma-nt 2 p.m. E. D. Parsons, supervisor of sanita· fhc pro· !onrnng m base- Lewis~ not 111 posal . is put forward . for mutual · tion for Pierce county. He will show . ball league that he settled upon the Saturday. benefit, as a con11nun1tv· draw1n~ · films illustrating his talk subject. · . .facoma area as the fmcst place to On Sunday, the f es!Jval program card ' Forrest Leonard ' club presi- Jin· . . · · · .· · Development of a garbage dump for ~eace ii: death has capped '.nonths j - tlial he had seen. In3ury forced will be headlmecl by the Daffodil







Recreation Club Organized At Dawson Field



Spanaway P-TA to Elect Officers at w d e day M ee t .








the South End area on Fort Lewis of illness tor one of Parkland s fore-: Wash., then, in 193+ purchased the reservation lands, will be furlhE'r most citizens, Elmer J. Beard, 49, I weekly Forum nt Forks, Wash., discussed. who died at his home here early which he operated until 1935. That As usual, refreshments will follow Tuesday morning, April 5. ye a r, he came lo Tacoma and the. business meeting. Funeral Sl'rvices arc to be held! workrd for a ti111e in 'l'acon1a and 1 this afternoon (April 7) al 1 o'clock Seattle print shops. For a while, .he MRS. NETZEL TAKES from Tri1.iity Lulh<.·ran church. The taught. printing al Pacific Lutheran HAM AT CARD PARTY Rev. Ernest B. Steen will deliver the college It was then he moved to P r i z c winners at the regular culo.'iy. Services ;111d cremation will/ Parkland, and soon afterward ormonthly card party of Spanaway- follow trncler direction of Mountain I g·anizcd the Beard Printing comElk Plain Firemen's Auxiliary, held I View mortuary. pany. 1 Friday c:vcning at Spanawny scl:ool, Foumkr of The Prairie Pointer, Jvfr.. Beard's ac~o.mplisl.1ment 111 were: Pmochlc, Mrs. Berna Wilson September 13, 19+5, lvfr. Beard' foundmr; The Pratne Pomtcr was and Oliver Omat, first, Mrs. Eliza- operated the Beard Printing com- generally haikcl as giving this area beth Anderson and John Critz, sec:'something residents long had been ond; f i v c hundred, Mrs. Af.thca seeking." Flannery and W. F. Rawlinson, Mr. Beard began taking flying first, Mrs. Anna Hall and Robert lessons in 19+6 and soloed on Manning-, second. Ham (door prize) Thanksgiving day that year. He was winner was Lorraine Netzel. Lovely ., particularly proud of the private homernaclc refreshment.' were served . pilot's license he gained the next by the hostesses, Mrs. Harry \Vhite . spring. His nppointment as acting postand Mrs. Robert Stcid~l_.__ master was received by Mr. Beard August 5, 19+7 and he served conELECTED TO BOARD . tinuomly in that post until his resF. L. l\fcGuire, Spanaway, was ignaticm became effective April 1 elected to the board of di rectors of of this vea r. the Pit:rce County Livestock assoAlthough a mosl active worker ciation al the organization's recent I for comn1unity projects, lvfr. B(:ard meeting· at Ohop Grange hall. I accepted very few officerships. He ·was an organizn of the Parkland Business clnb and from its founding served on the board of directors of that organization. For several years, he was president of the. Parkland Men's Golf club. Elmer J, Ben rd Mr. Beard was a member of Trinpany in Parklancl until February ity Lutheran church, of the Inter19+8. Until ill health forced his res- national Typographical union, Airignation shortly bef01T his death, he craft Owners and Pilots association, had been acting postrnaslcr here. and James Sales Grange. He was a Mr. Beard was born in Brainerd, veteran of World War I and during Minn. I-fr and his father, E. E. the second world war served in the Beard, became well known in West- temporary reserve of the U. S. Coast ern Washington journalism when Guard. the cider Beard becarne publisher Surviving members of his family of the Columbian al Vancouver,. include his widow, Eleanor 0. Wash., wlwre Elmer Beard broke Beard, daughter, Joan Beard, both into the printing and. publishing al the family home; two sisters, Mrs. business, trained by his father in the Theodore Phipps of Vancouver, B. Columbian shop. The elder Beard IC., and Mrs. Victor Ouellette ol later published weekly newspapers Seattle, and one brother, Dwight in Purl Angeles and Olympia, Wash. M. Beard of Seattle. E. E. Beard died in 1937. His widow The family has requested that no preceded her son, Elmer, in dcnth floral tributes be sent. Those who in June, 1948, at Tacoma. wish may, instead, contribute in his Elmer Beard worked for a time memory to the American . Cancer on the Evening News, Port Angeles, society.

I ·1




You will find

Sincerity and Simplicity at





lam~~ ~· 11-----


Quill, from 19-1·3 to 194-8 was assistant chief security officer at Todd Pacific company, his second regular job. Unmarried, he has two brothers and three sisters, all residing in California. He has rented a bachelor

given away free April l~ and JG to some lucky folk, arc on display at four popular South End fo:id markets: Gjoerloff's and Fl'.·tchers', Parkland; Clover Creek, !3ro,},dnle, and Bargain Basket, Span;nvay.


clrnt,stated. 1h· I I II . . 1911 d The· club a.lso received a letter . is Jase x1 retire111ent 111 . an rn November of that year he moved from Dr. S. C. Eastrnld ' acceptinc··,_, 1 pennanently to Taco1na. for Pacific Lutheran college the in·~ From 1912 until 1942 Ou ill was · · " lercst m the sign Parkland, Home -~ · · , .. . . employed by the former North Coast of Pacific Lutheran ColleRr, · wh1cn . . . ' . Transportation company. He was Contmucd on Page Six superintendent of the company 15 years. His first job with· that cornpa.ny was operating one of the cars running out from Tacoma to Spanaway. Travelling the old C street right of way, he regularly passed v? '- ~--~~~ f:_~right by the then empty site of the , •. ~ .-~-' '(\.i present Parkland post office-so, his ~;:..:,.:_.---appointment really marks a return to familiar (but m u ch changed) For Free! Huge boxes of groccric'.1. to be scenes for him.


C 1. . ll 11 up s u :~ace, an open giant s ~ o.· 1 at Paradise vallcv, Mount Ramtcr · national park, and· b y an a f ternoon .. · parade of decorated power cruisers ~ and a yacht race on uommence, n.1ent bay between Old 1 acoma and · the 1 lth street bndge. - -------home on Morton street in Parkland for the past five years and is presently building a home on adjoining property. Quill has long been an enthusiastic follower of Pacific Lutheran college athletic teams. In addition to hi' baseball proficiency, he was quite a football player in his youth, also. He played right end on the 91st division Army football team that went to the Rose Bowl in 1918. For five years, Quill was president of the Tacoma TigPrs of the Western International league.

Myrtle Gets Mileage Myrtle Mackel, who this week is celebrating the first anniversary of the opening of her popular appard shop in P,irkland Shoppin,g Center, for two wel'.ks rccc•ntly was a mighty busy traveler about the state. ]\{arch. 11, she entrained for Spokane, accompanied by her sister-in-law, Mrs. Oscar Lemons, to visit one week with the family of her daughter, Mrs. Dancil Robertson (Mary Lou Mackel), particularly g!·andclaughter Gertrude. Mrs, l\1ockcl reported her trip through the beautiful snowmantlcd Cascade mountains was "simply grand." Snow encountered at Spokane gave her some trying moments while out driving. Following her return west, Mrs. lvfockcl went to Aberdeen, Wash., Saturday nnd Sunday, March 19 and 20, to attend the 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKecver, long family friends. Sunday, March 27, she drove to Port Townsend, VVash., to visit her sister, J\.frs. Lawrence Blanchard.


To Customers of Safeway Store at 82nd & Pacific, Sat., March 26th:

Saturday night of this· date our store at 82nd and Pacific was held up and robbed. Included in our loss was a ~arge nun1ber of checks cashed at this location on this day. We would appreciate it very 1nuch if customers who cashed checks on this day will c01~tact Mr. Earl Loyd, our Location Manager. This will help us to substantially reduce our loss. Thanks very much.

Hale and Hearty J Mrs. V. R. Selle was back on the I job at Parkland Fuel Oil and .Auto Parts this week, following several weeks away due to illness.


SAFEWAY STORES, INC. 82nd and Pacific, Tacmna.

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, April 7, 1949


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Mrs. Emmet Tinius and family of

island, and Lester .Barlow. II Whidby Gathered Wednesday afternoon at

Veterans News

Se~uices Pe~fected ~Jiu geneJzations

Continued from Page One the home of Mrs. Paul Lindberg, to the social order, the Military Order Phone GRaham 206 wish her a happy birthday, were: of the Cooties. Wm. K. Clark .....................................................'.: ................ '. .................. Editor Mrs. 0. Larson, Mrs. Eddington, Bill Grossgloss ........................................................................ Advertising Mgr. Mrs. W. Il. Paulson of Kenne- Mrs. Roley, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Flor· CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. wick, Wash., Mr. and Mrs. Harry cnce Curtis, Mrs. Ruth Gustafson, This firm is not a branch. Published ev<ery Thursday by BPard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Park- McDuffie and d1ildrcn of Seattle, Mrs. May Calhoun, Mrs. Ethel Jer· Meetings every second and fourth Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower land, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. prices. Emil Nelson of Tacoma and Mr. gcnson and son, Mrs. L. Curtis, Friday at ll:OO p.m. in the We have a qualified Military Advisor. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 194-5, at the post office at and Mrs. D. E. Gooch of Parkland Spap.away School . Mrs. D. T. Lindberg, Mrs. C. 0. Mon· and more families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) Parkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. were dmncr guests at the home of Lindberg, Mrs. Vi~tor Anderson, I Calling all' comrades and ladies personal service. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson on M. D J h 0 M Creek The Coroner's office is located he,re. Sunda r 1s. . o ns n, rs. 0 . A . W es t· of Clover . _ Post 118 , American THEREFORE: , )· lund, Mrs. Ken L a y c o ck, Mrs. Lcg10n, to attend the regular sesL<'t us be your friend in time of ne!'d. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scaman of Adamson and Mrs. John Wystrach. sions on Friday, April 8, at 8 p.rn. were guests at the home E· veryonc 11a d a gran d time, · · 1ung · 1'h c p os t w1'II mee t m · S cout h a 11 PAUL MELLINGER · . f ·} p · · p · ' d Tacoma w1s I n 1ast wee< I ' s issue o t 1e ra1ne omter was pnnte of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger · . d 1 1 d' h h f p. . . . . . . . . , ' Irene many more happy bJrthdays. an t 1e a ies at t c ome o · res· CHARLES MELLINGER the .s1xtb of a . senes of articles intended to give Wednesday. Ab Ii·111£a Lo· 11 µ;. _ . .general mfor. . . · ou t· 100 peop1e ga th ere d a t i'<lerlt · Owners mat1on regarding procedure and effects of city incorporation. Miss Bettie Cruts was a week Graham Grange hall to help Mr. Several important goals to be conThe series included samples of city revenues and expenditures, end guest of Helen, at ,the home and Mrs. E. G. Tinius celebrate sidercd arc up for discussion. So, . l1 some 1'd ea may b e game . d as to w l1at a oty . . nL. 5 t h we dd'mg anrnversary. . Tl1c. come on ou ti. S ec you nex t mee t'mg. o f of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Gooch ' t Ilelf f rom w 111c Parkland. · I · Parkland might expect. . . . . . cvcnrng was spent p aymg car d s, . . . . Fncnds and neighbors are ~ 01 .ry after which }vfrs. Fred Wiesie had j April has many issues to study. There 1s much more. to the process of mcorporat10n .that to hear, that Walter Ackerson 1s .111. c 11argc o f th c . prograin, \Y h'ic h \Vas A l110 ng them As . . .1·s A n ny Da, ). should be considered before such step could be taken, pnnc1Don t forget the shower for Mrs. lovely. Th honored couple led a American Legion we wish to invite · · · 1"m1e Robert Gardener on April 8 ' 1 pm . . . to ns1t . . Madigan . pa 11 y d eta1'I s o f organ1zat1on an d statutory regu Iat1ons. · ., grand march to the dmmg room, as many as will < . . 1 \ L k h 't I . to stu d y t h e1n w1. 11 come i'f steps toward .mcorporatlon are at the home of Mrs. Charles Gar- w 11erc ta bl cs were d ecoratcc1 lJy s1.1· h osptta , ' mencan a ·e osp1 a ready to be taken Before that time a comprehensive study dener.. , . vr·r vases and daffodils and silver and Fort Lc,vis. April 6-9 are the . , A birthday chnner was 'given on sprays with · (· tapers. The wed· d ates. Tl1c s1-Ogan, "Tl1e U . s A·1my , .' wh1tP o f P arkland s ass.ets and requirements must be made. All the 1.'hursday evening for Albert Nelson d'1ng, ta)11 c wns coverc d \'\.rtt. 11 a 1ace - p nr t o f. tiic T rain- f or secun't y " general information so far put forward must be made specific. and Helen Erickson at tlwir home. 'clo~h and bore a three-tiered cake. offers food for thought as we're al- coerced into lending said campaign 1 · th e p ar kl an d B us1ness · and Mrs. D. E. 1, 11cre were scatc d M r. an d M rs. ways pus h'mg f or " security. . ,, a carnival air that might do just a T ues d ay evening, c1u b l1eard a very Present were Mr. . . f . d . . , b Gooch and ch1ldrcn, l\1r. and Mrs. ']" . I. f G d . A h " · t" · Ch'ld little bit of good. As I was saying, 1 a bl e presentat10n o issues concerne m mcorporat1on ' y R a 1p 11 N e 1son and E1n1.1 N e1sun. . mms, 11s mot 1'er rom ran view, not er pet proiec is FLORA COYES • • , , . • ~· 1 this is just a passing thought. Pierce county Deputy Prosecutor John Krilich. His talk point- 1 ~d ~. 'V p F 1 Mrs. Carl Casperson, Mrs. Tnuus Welfare-and our effort 1s to give Funeral services for Mrs. Flora i>lr. an i>lrs. r . • ar ey and h M d M W'll' L' " d I t I 'Id " 1'1 . . mot er, r. an rs. 1 iam ma square ea o every c 11 . 1e ed out that the step is one Parkland should consider now. son of Tacoma, and Mr. and Mrs_. d.eau, ~K · ,s am . b't' · d e f'm1't e1y t o SUNDAY SCHOOL TOTS, M. Coyes were held April 1, with mr. an d M rs. B ottom1ey o f L eg10n 1 10n is burial in Retsil cemetery. She had He cleared away much of the confusion that has marked pre- R. Stanger motored to the Seattle. o. A. Westlund was master ma.kc our community a good place ENTERTAIN TRINITY · d'lSCUSS!Oll : f ·h .. mountam and ' on . the , way. .home ' of cercmomes. . . . . f or t I1esc, LUTHERAN rvIOTHERS died March 28 at the Veterans VIOUS O t e n1atter. He presented the con- for all cl11ldrcn to live; . lI a b ox contammg . our c111'Id rcn, a re our c11.((' fest wea!ti1, f h . f I. ff' d stopped at Eatonv1lle, to v1s1t Mr. p 1e Wit . . . . l , ff A meeting of the Trinity Luther· home, Retsil, Wash. She had re· a c1mm K fl 1lC 1 s 0 er 0 t e Services 0 11S own 0 ICC an assurm1d Mrs. Ray Treadwell, Sunday. f .. 1 d II Th I · d cl " · J " W h an Mothers' club was held Friday, sided at Retsil 12 years. ance that other county offices will willingly cooperate opens M d M B d 1 . . o s1 ver o ars. ey were a so pre- m ee - our iewe s. c ear conMrs. Cloyes came to the Tacoma . , ' .· r. an rs. orgerson an .t .'ell scntcd with a chest of silverware stantly the phrase, "juvenile delin- April 1, in the church parlors. The . the way to the kmd of close study of Parkland s own s1tua- daughter, Carole, of Seattle, vmtcd . f . A h ,, 'V f ti A • L area in 1886 and that year lwcamc Rev. E. B. Steen led in devotions. 1 " 1e r•mencan e1ovc 1y unc was queney. • e o 1rom 111s am1 1y. The nnrsery class Sunday school a charter member of the First Bap· tion that should come next. Why not accept his offer? There's at the home qf Mr. and Mrs. scn. 'cd by the.' lunch committee: Jvfrs. gion are convinced that such action · t O 1ose b y JUS · t l 00 k'mg. Charles Lort'nz, Sunday. , Victor . . 111 . trut I1 " parenta I cI e 1.mqucncy ,, children, led by Mrs. Harold Leraas, tist church, Tacoma. She lived in no tl1mg I L Andc·rson, :Mrs. Irene L'rn d · I 1s and . · d · · K' · I Mr. . and Mrs. Char es orenz M bcro· and lvfrs. Fred Wiese. an lTJOICC t 1ml mg county is sang "Praise Him." Other children Spanaway for more than 25 years. family called at the home of r. "' . 1 I l · I . Mr. and Mrs. Guy Norman were roundmg up adult offenders, par- who tooli: part were: Lois Kay Tot· Mr. Cloyes died in 1924 and is and Mrs. Al )Crt Ne son to w1s 11 . . dmner o-uests at tlw home of their cnts, tavern operators and others ten, who sang, "Jesus Is My Shep· buried in Orting cemetery. . k f El J B d f 111111 a happy birthday. " . . . herd," and Linda Hageness, who Mrs. Clyes is survived by a son, D eat h , t h is wee , o mer . ear removes rom our . . daughter rn Seattle, Sunday. w 110 arc t 11e respons1'bl c parties m . . Friends and netghbors hope Mrs. " " ,, . George Cloycs; _two daug-hters, Mrs. sang, "The Birds Upon the Tree community a most smcere worker for the welfare of Park- 0 rva1 E ve 1ct h an d R osa 1ic . Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson were our drunk~n youth orgies. Come are we 11 . _ . ", ., . Hattie Flowers of Tacoma and Mrs. land. Until his health began to fail in late months, be was again. dmncr guests at the home of their out and .let _s. work for our children. Tops." }vfrs. Kelmer Roe spoke on how the cross measures God's love. Wcllie Gaupp of Seattle, and four dau~hter Mrs. D. E. Gooeh of The Urntcd States of Tomorrow. m the forefront of efforts to improve his commumty. As Mrs. Charles Gardener and daugh- P 1• 1 d' S 1 Th' 1 • th t' f The business meeting was pre- grandchildren. • • • :> , . • . tcr Carole and l\frs. Algcrt Nelson ar' an ' unc ay. .. ' is ~rings L'.P . e ques i?n o founder and editor of The Prairie E omter, he displayed the , . .. . Kapowsin Rebekah Auxiliary met Communism, wluch 1s developmg at sided over by Mrs. Robert Olsen. · d evot1on · to Kapowsm Fnday and ., . , . too rare courage an d unappeasmg to h'ts be]'1e f s t I1at motored ll· l\ L ~.r' h '~r at the home of Mrs. Alice M1drner, such rapid rate, by subtly encroach- There was a discussion on family ROAD MACHINERY SALE 1 am, '' rs. . ca ed on 1 rs. . iv ar' . .. . · d b · · h' I Pierce county commissioners have 1s the mark of a real newspaperman and the very best type of V l\,r· .1. 1 M M N , 1. ~,1 .. l\<bn:h 22. There were 27 members mg upon an onng wit m .t 1e devotion books. A delicious lunch. 1c,e son, rs. . O\a,," is. b \ .· · 1 f d . Christian citizen of a free land. L. Winters and Mrs. Helen Ferrctte. presC'nt, and two guests. Mem ers / mc1 ican pn~c1p es o goo gov- eon was served by Mrs. Arnold Ol- announced that a public auction of " G L . f p . held a pink-and-blue shower for Mrs. ernment, that 1t behooves us to fur- son, Mrs. John Lamb and Mrs. E,. miscellaneous used road equipment M r. an d ]\,,rs. . arson o ort· . b h ff "100 S. Harmon. •• Om1c Green who had a new 1Ja y I er our e orts to pergctuate will be held Monday, April 18, at Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty bas land, Oregon, were visitors at. t11e boy. The n;xt auxiliary will nwct percent Americanism." the G street entrance to the county · · '1"11e l11story · · home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter, . . CIRCLE GUEST DAY court house in Tacoma. The sale a1ways come t.rom t l1e su b JCCts o f· 1t. o f l'b 1 erty 1s Sunda '· ;it the home ol Mrs. Robert Huff, Inger Tonette circle of Trinity will begin at ]() o'clock a.rn. PARKLAND POST NO. 22!l a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of Mrs: Joe Jupiter was a Tacoma April 26. Lutheran guild will meet Thursday, AMERICAN LEGION limitations of government poW'er, not the increase of it. visitor Friday. She and Mrs. C. E. April H, at the home of Mrs. C. S . .Meetings e»ery second and fourth -\Voodrow Wilson Gunter had luncheon together. Fynboe, at 12:30 o'clock. In obsnvFriday at ll:OO p.m. in the _____ Mr. and· Mrs. Albert Nelson wnc a1~ce of ~'guest day," each circle Sunshine Hall for dinner ouests at the home of their Svare, and f esse Pflueger Jr. . "' , • Tomorrow night is initiation night member is to bring one guest. Mrs. ACCURATE to help Ba.~rn~s... R..1c h a1·d c·'.oIIJui.n, OJ·a f daughter, Mrs. D. 1". G9och, . for the month of April, so all of Fynboc will describe her recent trip . h d L h Helen celebrate her birthday. Prescription Service ut e1· Parkland Mrn's club golfers met you guys who have not ridden .the to Denmark. J ord a hi , J o I1 n R IC ar s, Sorry to hear Mrs. Lester Cruts Steen, Joseph Bowles, Quincy Carat the College Golf Course club· goat as yet please find it convcnirnt is ill at her home. rell, A. W. Sunset, V. D. Foshagcr, house Monday night and made plans to come out and submit yourselves Mrs. Anderson of Tacoma is vis· Trinity Lutheran church choir Donald Tigges and L. L. Vodden. for the President's Trophy tourna· to the fiends waiting to do the .llLabou:re . I· itfog at the home of her son, Vicwill present the sacred cantata, "The ment to be hekl in May. President honors. This initiation ceremony 1'.Tnr§iug Dome tor And crson. Seven Last Words of Christ," by Cliff Olson appointed a tournament will be conducted by our own offiThose attending the Kapowsin TUle Lake Boali Dubois, Thursday evening, April 7, committee of Paul Larson, Carl Col· cers and members and it is hoped high school play, "Arsenic and Old at 8 o'clock in the Trinity Lutheran Parkland GR 8077 Lace," on Friday night said every tom and Paul Charncski to iron out that those waiting for this deal will Pacific venue and Airport Road church auditorium. dPta ils of the tourney. corne out and n1akc it successful. one did wry well. Pacific Lutheran college's reMrs. Clifford 0. Olson directs· ~;[embers planning to enter the the cantata and Mrs. G. J. Malmin nowned "Choir of the West" will (Held Ov<:r from March 31 Issue) Prctident's Trophy contest must Understand thnt Woody Cline accompanies at the organ. The solo· be heard over a nationwide radio ha-. c established their handicap and and Kittelson hwe got together on Mr. and Mrs. Preston Henderson, plan·d in at least two of the weekly is ts are: John Richards, Jim Wil- program Saturday, April 9, from l the prize for the contest of the quarMrs. Cruts and daughters attended tou;·!laments before the start of the liamson, Richard Svare, Wilbur Eric- to 1:30 p.m. tets at next Thursday's Community a lecture by Dr. Ivar Spector, at . The program will be aired over son, Mrs. Evelyn Raymond, Gudn1aJor even 1. club mect:n,0;. Getting any informa-' Tht: membership drive now being run Ness Ronning, and Helen Ram· the Mutual Broadcasting system and the }vfrekcr school, Puyallup, on tion out of either one of them locally by radio station KVI. stad. Thursday. unclcrtab·n by the dub has resulted though is an impossibility-and beAppearance of the PLC choral Mr. and l\frs. Byron Hoard of in the addition of eight new rnem· The choir personnel is: lieve you nlf', I've tried to no avail. . group is one of a series of broad- Tacoma were guests at the home of ikrs :his month. Whatever it is, it can naturally be 1 '.Sopranos: ~rs. A,v ~ Bowles, Mrs casts by outstanding college choirs. her daughter, Mrs. Fred Erickson, Wmncrs in the 18-hole medal assumed that when that two guys Hilma Cementma, Sh1dey Gasaway, Other schools which have performed on Sunday. tournament held April 2 and 3 were get together and s t a r t bumping Gladys Hovland, Mrs. Catherine ' or \VI'll pr-rf orm, are · C o I un1 b'ta, BayComing home for spring vacation, announced, as follows: First division, heads the only possible result can · · S tate umvers1ty, · · U m· from WSC at Pullman, arc: Alfred J ordahl ' Janet Klippen ' Anne Knud· 1or, Lou1S1ana Carl Coltom, 78-18-60; Paul Char· be a useless and insignificant article son, Edna Martens, Mrs. Margctha vers1'ty o f p uer to R'1co, U rnvers1 · 't y Erirkson, Kenneth Lindberg, Glen neski, 78-17-61; sei:;ond division, Ray of questionable value. The only reHauge, Janet Peterson, Helen Ram· o f ·s ou · th crn C a l'f1 orn1a, · U n1vcrs1 · 't y Wiesic, Jean Christilaw and Don . Thomson, 81-22·60; Cliff Olson, deeming feature is the mysterious stad, Mananne Sunset, Mrs. Rhoda of Pennsylvania and Brigham Young Lindberg. 84-22-62. Paul Charneski won the Young, June Wellan, Mrs. Evelyn . 't R o s s Plumb visited at United hole-in-one contest w it h a drive air surrounding the whole thing, umvers1 y. which lends a spirit of keen competiRaymond and Mrs. Alta Murphy. States Plywood of Seattle, Wednes- landing 4Yo inches from the cup. tion to the participants-let us Altos: Marilyn Jensen, I-I e 1 en day evening, along with the super· A vote of appreciation \Vas given Lien, Mary Olson, Elisif Skavang, FOREST QUEEN intendcnt of Buffenlico veneer plant. by the dub to the college for work hope, whatever the prize may be, that we ever remember the spirit Augusta Bentson, Mrs. Beverly Hed· Mary Louise Carnes, 17, daughGuest speaker at the Graham lund, Delores Jensen, Charlene ter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. church Sunday was the Rev. Carl done in the clubrooms, which have in which it was given. 'Tis said that More people in this area mOGn more homea is the way this sort of thing should Martens, ·Mrs. Alice Pflueger, Mari· Carnes, will reign as queen of the Peterson, superintendent of the recently been redecorated. • ., more industries ... a constantly GROWING be looked at. Sp;,aking of competilyn Pflueger, and Mrs. Bernice Pct· fifth annual Mason county Forest Northwest Pacific conference. need for electric power. SYLVIA STORAASLI tion, undercover agents of the Leerson. Festival, at Shelton, Wash., May 12, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lindberg and Tacoma City Light MUST meet this needgion dite guard report that we Tenors: W i I bu r Ericson, Burt . 13 and !+. Her parents were Park- daughter were dinner guests at the ORTHOPEDIC GUILD with plans to provide MORE power for MORE don't have much to worry about Raymond, Leif Knutson, Jim Wil· land residents when "Queen Mary'' home of their daughter, Mrs. Gor- WILL MEET TODAY people for MORE purposH in the future. liamson, Ed gar Larson, Richard 1 was born. Members of Sylvi;i Storaasli Or· from the fircmcg's aggregation. don Bolieu of Tacoma, March 23, thopedic guild will -meet Thursd~.y, Irene's birthday. This is just a passing thought, Wednesday evening, Mrs. E. G. April 7, at the home of the presi· Tinius, Mrs. Carl Casperson and dent, Mrs. H. L. J. Dahl, w1ih Mn;, but was wo1,1dcring whether Walt Mrs. George Ulvany of Edgewood Stanley Dahl assisting the ho:Jtcss. Young could use the post quartet After a luncheon, ·schc<il1!C'd for in the stumping campaign he is so called on Mrs. Paul Lindberg to wish h1;r many more happy birth- 12:30 o'clock, various projl.'Lts to e·ngrosscd in at the present time. raise money for the hospit~I fund We might-I repeat--wc might he days. Mr. and Mrs. Joe TignanelJi, of will be discussed. Articles to be w.ld ·Tacoma visited at the home of Mr. in the Mart at the Winthrop h.)td will be turned in to the }vfart chair· and Mrs. Ross Plumb, Sunday. A pink-and-blue shower is to be man, Mrs. Herbert Andcnou. e~ ~

-~ ...."!-:...~-

Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter


Let's Get Specific

I ·









• L C ommunity oss



Trinity Choir to Present Sacred Cantata Tonight






President's Trophy T Sl d ourney ate at College Golf Links

' I

Phone GR. 8519


Choir of West on National Hook-up




ORDER NOW! For Your Delivery Date

given Friday, 'April 8, for Mrs. Rob· ert Gardener, at the home of Mrs. Charles Gardener. The time is 1 p.m. Everybody is welcome. Calling at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Tinius, Sunday, to ex· tend congratulations on their 25th wedding anniversary, were: Mr .. and Mrs. W. Tinius, Puyallup; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tinius, Tacoma; Mr. and


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GR 7947


GRanite 6789 -------· "-------~-----------·------·--·

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, April 7, 1949


Alice Dorfner, Reporter Qraham 458

Loveland Gnn club, meeting April al the Lo\'dand packing house, decided to hold a 22 calibre match on the evening of April 15. If old mr·rnbcrs still want to belong, they are to attend the mectini:; on May 1. On Saturday, April 2, a party was lwlrl at the home of ]\fr. and Mm. L. S111allcy. The evening was spent al old time dancing, mostly st11iarc dancing, followed by refreshrncnts served to about 35 guests. Attention! Don•t forget the ham dinner in the school lunch room and the Gr~inge dance at the Grange hall, aftr·r the parade, Saturday. l\fr. and l\lrs. Wilder arc proud grandparents of a baby boy, born March 22. His name is Michael Jan1cs. When born he weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces. His parents arc Mr. and :Mrs. William J. Andrew; (Arcia Wilder) of 815 So. Puget Sound avenue, Tacoma. He is welcomed at home by an older brother. Elk Plain school boys baseball team brought home another loss last


GR. 5946

1\l'TER 5:00 P. M.

Page Three


I Thursday.


Waller Road defeated them 20 to 14-. The of the day was Tommy Greenlaw s home run, which knocked in two other , runs. The Elk Plain girls won their game, 13 to 17.



-~A (:e:ll l(:J; ----=-= .


We Gladly Deliver


q ~7 a:a"k-V






CHURCH Announcements


4:~10 p.m., Sunday school staff meellng and


The birthday of Oliver Omat of, Mt. Highway, near Roy Y, was celc- ! bratcd at the Benston Grangr, SatWE HAVE MODERN MACHINERY FOR THE ur<lay night, March 26. Those wish-, FOLLOWING TYPES OF WORK: 1 ing him "happy birthday" were: 1 King Bolt Fitiing -- Brake Cylinder Boring -- Roel Aligning Mr. and Mrs. Chet McAtee, Mr. 'Wrist Pin Fitting -- Brake Shoe Lining Ridge Reaming -- Valve Facing and Mrs. Ernest Tarpcnning and Doris OmaL Also in honor of OliYer Ornat's birthday was a dinner at Ohop lake. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pillsbury, Doris Ornat, Niel Richardson, Margie and Judy Omat. SPANA WAY ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL l\frs. Sadie Pfaff, former resident GRanite 6547 and GRanite 7583 of Spanaway, is ill at her home in 11· 'II Tacoma. Her friends and neighbors 1 wish her a speedy rccoJ(ery. ··----·---·---------- I The family of Ralph Willis of for her. A lovely noon lunchco!1 was COUPLES CLUB TONIGHT Freclricbon road express apprccia- served by the hostess. The Couples club of the Parkland tion of the lovely floral offerings i\n enjoyable evening was spent i Methodist church will hold its April ancl words of sympathy on the re-I Saturday by thos<' who attended the meeting Thursday (April 7), at 8 cent clcath of Peggy Willis, wife and Spanaway baseball benefit <lance at p.m. in the church. The Rev. Anmother. Elk Plain Grange hall. drew Warner will speak on family Mr. and Mrs. Don Shaff of 14th A dinner and dancing party was relations. A good program of social street and family spent Sunday at held Saturday night at the Ti•:mba- entertainment and refreshments. Ellensburg, Wash. dour Inn in honor of the birthday Couples arc in vi t c cl. Spanaway Mrs. Anton Schwanz of Brook-! of Martha Pietz of the Mt. H;sh· Mrtho<list people will be guests. dale is convalescing from a recent way. Those wishing her "happy operation at the home of her niece, birthday" were: Arthur Pietz, Mr. Laraine Nctzd of Mt. Highway. and Mrs. Edwin Dixon, Ray ColeLEGAL PUBLICATION Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. man, Miss Pat Swanton, \Jr. and ·, o f S pana\\•, · th c 'I Mrs. Doyle. Cox , SALE OF COUNTY l'ERR'-oscn a/'· w l10 me and Al l>',etz. S lie !\OTICE SON AL OF PROPERTY. proud parents of a baby girl, born . was the recipient of manv lovely Used Road Equipment


. .



March 28 at Northern Pacific hos- gifts.


I _T f ~·f II. I ., . . . i George ho1nas O .1.v. t. - lg' 1\1\ray I· nends and neighbors are enjoy- I was so lucky as to find his billfold r in,. some of the fish that Mrs John . . . . . ' g · . ·· alter losing it \vhilc shopping at McCauley of Mt Highway caught S l ,h d H th I . ·. .r p:lnaway ast 1 urs ay. e an \.S on t;er rPcent f1sh1ng tnp to l\..clso. the O\vncr of Span~nvay I-Iardvvarc Little Sharon Lynn Netzel claugh. . . · ; ... for helping hnn get it back. tcr of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Netzel of . . . . Mt. Highway, celebrated her tl11rcl birthday with a party March 2.+. CRYSTAL SPRINGS CLUB I




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in accordance with resolution of the Hnanl of County Conuni:isione1s of Piene County,

Wash~n~ton, duly entered on the minutes satd Board Oil March 21st, _1949, !he




listed usct;f

road eqmpment of

Pierce County, to wit:

District No. 1 · Equipmen_t loca.tcd at No!·th Puy;llup Slu:1~s 1 Chev1 olet Sedan Delivery (Janel, 193h, ::vioto~· No. KS 630588) I 1 c;asolme Shovel (y, yard, 4 cyl. Her\ cules motor)

suppe~-: . .· '). . . lyesduy, Ap11I L. B p.m., Ma1y-~la1 tha Sf?CI~t)'. at the home of Anna 1'1arn N1c!scn; Virg1111a Seaburg, hostess; B p.m., Board of Trustees meetjn_g in the church ·office. Wednesday, April 13: 7:30 p.m., C1wir District No. 2 rehearsal :rnd B<;>Y S_couts; 8 P·'":• Board Equipment located at L;ikeview Shops Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Milligan of Deacons mcctrng m church office. 2 1937 Mack Jr. Dump lntck of Walker street have been enjoying 1 Many little boys and girls enjoyed WILL MEET THIS FRIDAY l Sperrwell Scarifier . 1 Jaeger Bi tummous ~Iix.e1 a visit by his mother, from Yakima, the cake and ice cream served for Crvstal Sprinrrs Garden dub will l I\'lorlel 58 White Dump Truck eorge • ooper, as or ; b • GPARKLAWNDCMETHOPDIStT 1 Steam Donkey Engine fur a week. Sunday: Divine Worship and prcachin~ rcfreshmr:nts by Sharon LY n n's· meC't for 12 o'clock luncheon, Friday District No. 3 1 11 a.m. The Death of Jesus and Its E[l ·r f ''f u W B · Equipment located at Lakeview Shops Mr. and Mrs. Sanders and family at feet. Upon ~1ankin.d. New 1!1':mbers \\'in b_~ niot .1( • • lat the hon1c 0 J.V. rs. ~. . . ~ltZ, l .'\ustin 12~ft. Pull Grader have moved into Bcnit's apartment. received and Bapusms admuustered at th.s Little Jesse Willoughby of Ivft. I with JVfrs. T. S. Fleming asststmg. I Russel 12-ft. Super Mogul Scarifier 1 924 C:edar Ra1>ids Crusher and ConDon't forget the Prairie Misison ~= Chu;.ch School at 10 a.m. Classes for all I Highway has returned to school,.I Mrs. G. E. Russel will preside veyors Adult ll1hle Class.Jed hy,theyaswr after bein,,· ill with a bad cold for I . b · ,.. .. : cl roll call Ladies' club Easter Parade, Thurs- grades. Simons 2-ft. Cone Unit l!teets al the parsona~e. lopic: Ezekiel and·. .- ::i . at t 1H' us1ncss stss1on an .. Hcs:-;e Erst.ecl Gas Donkey day! Ca1~fr... es in Baby!on. . . ! the past \VC{'lc \Vill he answered by givinn- a "Gar~ Districts Nos. 2 and 3 Nursery for duldren dm·11H{ the \Vorslup . , ~::::. Equipment located at Lakeview Shops Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vatter and nnd pteaching hour. · Sunday guests at the home of l\1r. den Hint for April." I (~allion (International lll-20) Ill-ft. Robbie were visited Sunday by Mrs. Grader -and Mrs. Dovle Cox of Mt. High-• Mrs E S Hindcrlic Mrs. Russel / PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN · · '· · ' ' . 1 Gallion (Forclson) 5-ton RollN Vatter's parents, lVIr. and Mrs. RobWalther C. Gullixson, Pastor way were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cox and Jvfrs. VCl'n Tuttle will give a 1 Killifcr Ripper I Koerin.~ 1075 Cement 1'.Iixer Snuday School, 9:'l0 a.m.; Morning Wor- a11d Mt' . a·~ nd Mrs. . Flo\'d Cox and reVIC\V . f JU . d g1ng . h 1 N· o. 9...., ert Warner of Tacoma, who took !.hip, 10:00 a.Ill. ~ . 0 SC 00 6 Spreader Boxes them to Orting to visit her grandI Fordson Rotary Broom --son of Tacoma. which they recently attended. will be sold by the Treas.urer of Pirrf'.1' mother. "The c~~~~~~~1;. ~~J~~?\~~ Road" Mr. and Mrs. Russel Niesen and Seeds for cosmos, the club flower, County. \\lashingtoi1, at public auction at the "G" St1·ect cnti·ance to the Pierce Mrs. P e a r I Elliott attended a I 0 a.nL-Church School. ehildrf'n of Morton and Mrs. Bertha will be distributed to members by County Court House in the Citv of Ta~ birthday party for her sister, Miss 11 a.m.-Sunday Wo~·ship Service. Yound of Portland, Oregon, were Mrs. H. L. J. Dahl and Mrs. Wm. coma, \Yashington, on lvlonday, ·the 18th clay of A1n·il. A.D. 1949 at the hour of ten 0 Bt:th Webster of Seattle, at the home .> " :'.W P:lll.-··lnterrncdiatc y u th dinner t;uests at the home of Mr. Storaasli with j)Oints on rnising o'clock A.1'1., of said day to the highest F(' 11ows 1up. and hC'st bidclel' for cash. of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Anderson 6:+5 p.m.-Youth Fellowship. and Mrs. Joe Netzel of Mt. H1g·h- them for the fall flower show. Tl1c Board of County Commissioners re~ Sl'tves the right to reject any and all bids. of Midland, Sunday. I way. By Order of the Board of Pierce County PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL Commissionei:s. "Ve a~c sorry that, due to unforc-1 PRINTING BIDS ASKED I ntcrdenominational JACK W. SONNTAG, Fred Southwell, Superintendent seen c1rcumstances, Dorothy P. . . . County Auditor and Clerk of the . . Denny Lucas, .Ass't Supt. Pierce county cum1mss10ncrs have _lloa1~d of Coun!y Commissioners. Snutlt has resigned as~Spanaway re. l _ cl 'JI b. Sumlas School, 10:'.lll a.m. CANYON ROAD PIT By H. LEIF, Dep11ty. •• J1 I . d announced t mt sea1c t s wt e Biblt• study, 7:'.·Hl tvion<lay night, \\Jt : porter. It was a Job well done an Pub. March 31, April 7. Z\'[1 s. ( :lrnrlt•s Kn:rntz teaching. received until I 0 o'clock a.m., April Bank Run-Good for Driveways . I everyone is sorry she had to gtve 50c per cubic yard, your truck 11, for publication· of county legal HARV:tR~a;~~~AS~h~~~OOL it up. 4 yards clelivered-$6.00 notices during the ycnr con1n1cncing lnor Bergstrom, Superintendent Rcsiclenis of Spanaway will be Phone W Averly 7902 Sunday School, 10:'.·lll a.m. every Sunday. . f cl l' ,• } c July 1, 1949.




Basket:t: Lumber o. GR. 8488




From Elk Plain attending the card party sponsored by SpanawayElk Plain Firemen's Auxiliary, Friday evening, were: Mrs. B. L. Kuper, Mrs. Althea Flannery and Mrs. G. H. Dorfner. Mrs. Flannery C, won first prize in 500. Spanaway-Elk PI a in fire companies l and 2 had a fire drill at Spanaway, IO a.m. Sunday. A good turnout was reported._ Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Cosby and family spent Sunday visiting Mrs. J. Bair on Hood canal. The day was spcnt gathcring oysters; with a good time reported. Saturday, April 2, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Castle Sr., Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Dillingham, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Dorfncr, Mr. and Mrs. D. Casperson, Mrs. E. W. Castle Jr. and Mrs. J. Smith motored to Ydm to attend the installation of officers of Yelm chapter of Eastern Star. Wilfred Burslem, former resident of Elk Plain, spent last week end -..,I wish you'd put this televisio11 set in the kitchen!" visiting Donald Goddard. Burslem is now living near McChord field and is attending Clover Park junior high leader, Mrs. Frances P 1 um b, on Thursday, March 31. Joyce Love- I school. . lnnd and Shirley Beeman gave a I demonstration on "properly setting TRINITY LUTHERAN 4-H CLUB NEWS Parklcrnd, Wa•hington :1 table." They were supervised by ~rnest 8. Steen, Pastor Lively 11 and Commando boys Mrs. B. Gilstrap. Refreshments Thursday, A1,,-il 7: 8:00 p.m .. Trinity Lu4--H clubs met at the home of their were served by Jim Sartain and Ed theran Choir presents the Lenten cantala, ''The Seven Last \Vords of Chri~t," by Draper, followed by basketball and Theodore DuBois. Sunday, Apnl 10: JO a.m .. Sum.lay School square dancing. and Bible classes; 11 a._m. \Vorsh~p scrv~ce, Shirley Beeman, 4-H Reporter Palm Sum.lay, and .Jt.uuor Wors.l11p se.rv1ce;

lx4 FINE GRAIN FIR FLOORING D Grade ________________________________ per M $110 _______________ per M $120 C Grade ___________ per M $140 B Grade

Atte«aon I

Mrs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter

Rt. 1, Box 4,15, Spanaway--GR. 6646








Parkland Fuel Oil & Service Station GRanitc 8112

Parkland, Wash.








Call "The Voice of Parkland"

llan:ard Suuday Sdwol 1viothcrs' Cirde seeing rt nc\v met•ts first \Vednesday of month at 2 p.m. i rural, as

at GRanite 7380

JOHN OF-.;~E WOODS 9Bth and Taylor, Midland Rev. R. E. Logan, Pastor ~!ass,.s, B:Oil and 111:311 a.111. Catechism ,fter ~lass. SPANAWAY FULL GO$PEL TABERNACLE


Louise and Bob Lynd



GRanite 6532

will put your news item on the





_Sunday in Iv1iJlarnl P.T.A. a.111.; Sunday School, 9 :45 a.m. t'\'Cl)'


EHiglmst Quality "Cherry Valley" COAL

6A. 3366 BR. 5148

12:15 to 1:00 p.m. Friday over KTBI

South 86th and '' G 11 Streets R. W. Ledyard, Pastor BilJlc School, 9:·15 a.m. Classes for all ages. \Vorship at 11 i Evening Service, 7 :'.lO.

CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School W. C. Rhea, Pastor Bible School, 10 a.m. George Chrs~mn, .;uperintendcnc. fvlorning worship, I I a.m. \:·outh Fellowship, 7 p.m. (Junior and 3enior). En.~ning Gospel Service, B p.m. Mi<l-wcek Service, Thllrsday, B p.m. Choir practice Thursday, 7; abu teacher meeting.

LARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL Larchmont Sunday School meets in the Parish h<HIS'! at 9:30 Sunday mornings.

Z>'te4d, S~p

KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent tvleets at 2 :00 p.m. in the Kirby school evr-ry Sunday.

We have received our shipment of



Thure Moberg. Minister Sunday School, 10 a.rn.; Morning Service, JI a.m.: Bible stud>• and prayer, 7:30 p.m., Wednesday.

Nylon Sweaters and Nylon Slips



We are also showing our MIX'EM and MATCH'EM Play Togs

e ive11ng


Children's and Infants' Wear


lviaynard has

Can·lcss driving can wreck a fento be with his family who der-or a family! ha\'e li\'ed thrn• for the past yenr. Lewis F:ild1·n of Webb road will Monthly tr·nns on all purchasesBrook<lalr Lumber Co. (adv.) take O\'er delivery of the mail.

1 by

of Mt. Htghway were Mr. and I !\-'LlS. , L aw 1.1,}• ice Stl']Jhcn of Chinook P'lSS

I ' Ltlltc .. : ,

l'f ff f 1\,f II' 1 . t a o iv t. - 1g tway spcn Friday night with Mrs. Bertha Benson of Tacoma. Friends and neighbors arc sorry to hear that Mrs. Harry Pillsbury of Mt. Highway is ill at her home with a bad cold. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Bill Fueslon of Mt. High~vay .E~a.r Roy Y is back at his work, a[tcr being ill for the past week. Spanaway-Elk PI a in Volunteer Firemen's Auxiliary board met on Thursday, March 31, at the home of Lucille Steidel of Pacific street. Attending w e re: Mesdames Althea Flannery, Mary lkn<lrickscn, Marion White, Laura McLellan, Beulah Ballard, Matilda Symrnons, Doris Omat and Clair Fcd<lerson. It was Mrs. Symrnons' birthday and those attending sang, "Happy Ilirthday'



Hiway Variety Store 7025 Pacific Avenue


GRanite 7270

PARKLAND PEAT YOU HAUL-$1.50 yd. at Pit -WE HAUL6-yard Load ...................... $14.00 4 and 5-yard loads at $2.50 yd. 3-yard load .......................... $8.00 PHONE-GRanite 8511

REELS Fly Rod Reels-55c -· 1.10 2.25 ·· 2.75 Boat Casting Reels ____________ l.35 to 11.00 Boys' Fishing Lines ________ lSc furnished Nylon Lines ______________________________ 1.75 to ? u







i Jt.ft for Thermal, Calif., on his va-

I t'.ation '

Are Sin, Disease, and Demh Real?" is

the subject of the I.esson-Sermon which will be rra<l next Sunday in all brancht.>s of The lvfothcr Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, iu Bosto11, 1vfassach11s1~tts.




P. F.

Stanley R. Weddle, Pastor . • } • Sunday School, 9:45 .t.m.; .Mo1ning \Vm~ f Monday evening guests at t 1( ,hip, 11 a.m.; Evangelistic1 Service, B p.m. 1 home of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Willought.hrist ·s Ambassadors, \'\ ednes<lay. , ..

MIDL('ND PENTECOSTAL Arnie Konsmo, Pastor



·Phone GR. 7302

Pacific Ave.



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Page Four


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, April 7, 194-9



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A. W. SUNSET, Owner

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, April 7, 19+9

. Andy. Kalliman is. a patient in Pierce county hospital, where he is under observation in preparation for surgc-ry. · lent o f f orrner rcs1c Jeay Jonker, , Clover Creek, has returned from Karee, where he was stationed in the Army. He visited friends in Clover Creek bsl Sunday.

of Mr. and Mrs. John Kuper, Suriday evening. Fcna Elledge cntcrtaine.d with a Sunday dinner at her h01'.1e last i Sunday. Guests inclt1ded Mr. and Mrs. Bill Keene and children, Luella, Gene, Tommy [)nd Ruthie. I Elsie Keene spent the week end ; with Emma May Allen in Puyallup. / Dan Franldin and n1embrrs of the · c h urch archesClover Creel;_ llaptist . tra met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Renner for practice, Mon· day nig·ht. Members of the orches- i tm include Hetty and Vernon Mey-:

TUNA FISH IN ASPIC RING 1 ~/~ tablespoons g·clatin 1 sniall green pepper, cup w«ter ,,_ ·% c·· ' d t t '> Ichopped 1 le 'C ,ups eannP oma oes _ \V io e c n ,s I stalk celery, chopped ~'2 teaspoon pepper corns 2 carrots, sliced Y1 teaspoon salt 1 small onion, chopped Dash of pepper .. l tablespoon lemon Juice

Nt\V residents of Clover Creek arc Mrs. Aines and children who . . ' are hvmg on the Kuper farm. Mr. and Mrs. John Kuper entertaiuc<l at a birthday dinner· last · f t 1LC b"1rt1l d ays I ~S uncay 111 11onor o

ers, ?vfaxinc Susan, Barbara Renner, 1 June McCammon, Dorothy Bolieu i d SI · ·] H ·II I an . ,' 11 cy c er. ' V1S1tors, al the home of Mr. and 1 Mrs. Charles Allen in Puyallup, were ' Mr · and Mrs. Roy Renner and ,

Soften grlatin in Y.1 cup cold \vatf"r. Co1nbine to1nat0Ps, remaining Y2 ~up water~ prep~rcd _vegetables a:id seasoning in. a saucepan. Bnng to bmhng pomt, simmer 15 mmu Les, then slram. Add softened gelatin .to hot tomato juice, stirring until gelatin is dissolved. Add lemon juice. Pour into ring mold and chill. in refrigr:rator. Unmold "!n bed of crisp salad green ...Served with tuna fish salad heaped m the center.

of their sons, John Way 11 c and . h G eorge A 11 en, a Iso t h cu· mot er, j\frs. Christine McCarty, and Mrs. Kuper's grandson, Paul Stranahan. M C Pl aces were Ia1'd f or '{ '" rs. c .arty, }vf . rs. Hannah Shervm and son Ron11ie, Mrs. Ire n r. lvforris and son

Ba1:bara, last Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Fred Bittner former Clover . ' . Creek resident, was a dmncr guest at the home .of Mrs. John Kuper, Momlay evemng. C'l C k p T' . ~ over ~ re e 1\. r:xecut1vf' b .11 h I f

.CLOVER CREEK Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289

Gc91w» Mrs. Audrey Stranahan , and sons, Paul and Roy, George Allen, Wessel Kuper, John Wayne Kuper, and Mr. and Mrs. Kuper. . M d 'f DurrnR the afternoon r. an 1v rs. · · A r n o l d Doersam and daughter, · D1ane called at the Kuper home. Mr.' and Mrs. Hayes spent an cnj.oyable ."fter.'.10on driving in.. the v1c1111ty oJ Steilacoom Lake and Lakewood last Sunday. Distinguished visitors of. Clover Creek Grange, at the n1cct1ng last Friday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Chesle}: of Puyallup Valley Grange. Maxme Susan and Jane McCamrnon attended the Sophomore Hop at P~1yallup high school last Friday evenmg. 1\.lrs. LeRoy (j.anunon •will be ho_stcss to belies of the Auxiliary of Clover Creek Grange, for the next tnePtingl i\pril 14. !\fr. and Mrs. Henry Washburn of Taco1na \Vere visitors at the home



Recipe of the Week




G1ancer p rogreSS View Optimistic










2 39 Garfield St., Parkland


,, --;;







. N~any can~~r cases. are b I'.~ i cu1ecl,_ D1. Sp1clholz s~1d, aftci cm!. d~'tcct1on. Surgery, X-ray and radn'.111 .a~e t~~ tl'.ree ~cceptcd methuds oi c~u1c<:l t1catn1t nl. "There is no known germ of cancer," he explai~<·d,'. "like there is a germ of whoopmo: cough or tttbcrculosis. Cancer is a disease of un· contro)led growth, whir.h is. known to be aggravated by 1rntat1on. Although caneer is an increasing· probkm as the a\·erage life span_ l'.·ngtht•ns, then· are many optnrnsl1c <lcvclopl'nents." ·- . . He urgt'd support of commumty and publie health prograrns \vhich a re aiding the frunil y phys i ci::i. n by J sible. inakin gtrcatJnf'nt facilitif's available Ronnie Sherbin of 'Taco1na \\'as a in many con1n1unitics so Jhc avervisitor at the hon1c of Wessel Kuper ngc r.itizf'n n1ny take advantage of \ last Sunday. dcvdopn1ents without traveling long Little Roy Stranahan is ill with distances to l!lcdical n·search cen· ters. a respir~ Lory infection.

Roland to .Pa.ttl Nichols of Jovita. I'S. tra11ahan and George.· Allen were M!Ss Rolan<l is a daughter of Mr. o:ucsts at Mrs. Christine McCarty's and Mrs. Orner E. Roland, whose last Sunday for dinner. Mrs. Mchome is on Walle1: Road. She a'.tend~ Carty is Mr. Kupn's mothn and {'d Clovrr Park }ugh school. Nichols. lives in Tac.oina. is a son of Muri Nichols of Jovita. l'riday, Mardi 25, Mrs. Ace Ors'I'lw wedding is being pl::qrned for born entertained about ~5 boys and June 3. girls of the fourth and fifth grades Visitors at the l10mc of Mr. and i at Clover Creek school. It was the Mrs. Duke I-lerl;c,rt, Sat~rday, were j birthday of her son Ronnie. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. 1'loyd Miller of Ta· Fcn:i F.lledge, cook at thl' school, con1a and their children, 11aryLinn I was an f'spccially-invited guest. and Barney. . Members of Clover Creek Grange l\fr. and Mrs. Erwm \Van! and , met Sundav afternoon to look over li:tle. daug·hter, Di.ana, enjoyed a their ne\V .lufll site, in order that p1crnc near Eatonville last Sunday. tentatiw plans may he made as to In the eveningi a8 they returned localion of the Lenlporary building .::::.=::.:;:::::::=:::=::::::::;:::;;;:::::;:::;:::;:::;:::.:::.::::::.:::.::::::::::::.:::=,,/ that \Vi JI be sc t up as soon as pos-


GRanite 6329


Make Your Appointnzent Early PARKLAND

GR. 64!11




Lock and Key Repair

La,v11n10\vcrs Precision Ground

Free Pick-up and Delivery Service



GRanitc 5 772

334 Garfield St., Parklant!

. . . SERVE THEM AT EVERY MEAL TO ALL THE FAMILY! (We Reserve the Right lo Limit Quantity) PURE CANE

I-lb, Pkgs.


----1 Oc 40-oz. Pkg.

WALNUT MEAT'S, Y2's and pieces 29c 2-lb. Cello Pacl<

RED BEANS -··--·-···-----------·--····-------···--33c Vacuum Pack Tin



46-oz. Tin

TOMATO JUICE ----··-·----·-··--·-------.....25c





Eshpeter, Brittain, Smith ond F Rr·NI ( 2); Roy, Fenuan, Redbird, VVing and s,vidc (5). Anyone wishing to attend the Pierce Cn11nty P-TA council April 14 at Puyallup high school, may rnll lvirs. Floyd Davis at GRanite 5968. Please eall Mrs. Davi·; if vou have a car and would like to t;;kc son1eonP-,,\Vith youi or call her if you wish transportation for your~wlf and frit~IYls. Ll't's nw ke ;1 g.)od shu~,ving for IIarvard-Midlnnd al: this final convention of the c.urrcnt sehool


46-oz, Tin


46-oz. Tin

GRAPEFRUIT JlJICE ........... -.. 22c ORANGE JUICE ---··-----····-···------29c


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MAYONNAISE ·--··-----·-···-r--·---·----33c

her hon1e. Cards

Spastic Child," and a dance number will be prescnkd by Judith Abbott, Maria I-Iominda, and Sharon Bown1an. Refrcshrncnts \Vill be served in the lunch roon1, \Vith the folhJ\ving· as hostesses: Mesdames Carl Dykman, Fred Michel, C. Williams, W. L. Shearer, and . .J. W. MeAuliffc. All pre-school group members still h:iving- fish pool articlC's in thtir possession arc askC'd to bring the1n to thi.s n1reting.



played and

refreshments served to the following surpriscrs: Frrn Berger, Maudr Weeks, Lorene Haskett, and Anna Jean, Helen Robinson, Marcilyn and Dolores, Ruth Eshpeter, Fran Johnson, Joyce Vance, Vera Weeks, Ilene Swolgaard and Jerry Lee, nnd Clara Palmatier. PLC ASKS AUTHORIZATION TO QUALIFY H.S. TEACHERS Pacific Lutheran college has made application for pcrrnission to grant hot h elementary and secondary teaching degrees. Heretofore, PLC has granted only ele1nentary cerLificales. However, an act passed by the state Jegish1turr


Midland Orthopedic guild nwt at tht' Impron11wnt club hall April 4 for a 12:30 luncheon, sPrvc>d at tables decorated for the Easter season \Vith nr-sts of eggs and a beautiful cake inadc in a l~ur1b 1nold u~ed ns , cPnterpieces. _;\her 1unch, the business session \VtlS conducted by 'Mrs. Anne l(en1p, \vith reports fro1n all conunittees taking <J Ian;~~ share

Room mothers of Parkland P-TA are invited to take potluck luncheon April 12 at the home of Mrs. Marvin Parker, president. A sc,ving bee for the P-TA Spring Fair will this yf'ar gavr pcnnission to state follow. sehoo)s to gi\'f~ both ele1nr:ntary and high school degrees, and paved the n1;ikf's her ho1nc with hcl' aunt, 1irs. \Vil)' for private schools to <lo likcJohnson, and the anniversary ob- \vise. servDncr \Y:JS for Mr. and Mrs. Pacific Lutheran,~ application \\'as Aaron Balmer of Midbnd. Attend- filed Saturday with the state hoard ing· the dinnf·r \Vere: Nir. and 11rs, of education by H.egislrar Philip E. Bahner and <laughter, Linda, Mr. I-IrLugr. The )ocnl co11r-gf• has been and 1'frs. Carl 'Taylor and Donna, tun1jng out teachers on thcclc1ncnMr. and Mrs. Noye Holmer and tary-junior high school lovd •ince sons, Butch, Wallie and Ronnie. 1926. 1

E~ CAFE In the I-leart of Parkland Complete Line of the Best

vi1te secretary of King George;, had been co1n1nanded to t h a n k Mrs.

Davis for her kind message of sympathy. Since hrr operation last year, Mrs. Davis has enjoyed continually improved health. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berg entertained Mrs. Berg's brothf·r and sis- I ter and their families at dinner at tlwir ·home, April 3. Present for the occasion \Vere Mr. llnd Mrs. Torn Norstad i)lld children, D a 1 c and Tommy, of North HPnd, Wash., Mn. Jack Crisman, also of North Bend, :rnd from Fircrest, Mr. :ind Mrs. Cko Hinson . Mrs. Charles Peterson was taken to Tacoma Genna] hospital April 4· for a major opnation. Her condition is reported favorable. Mr. and Mrs. George Turner of Midland and their children, Betty, Ronnie and Hilly, motored to Olympia, :\pril 3, to visit Mrs. Turncr'li sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. James McAllister. The McA!listers lwve just moved to Olympia from I-Toquiarn. Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Coffelt and daughter, Kay Lee, of Seattle were dinner guests at lhc home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johann, April 3. An anniversary and a birthday were celebrated April '.1 with a dinner, at the Eatonville home of Mr. and Mrs. Haro Id Johmon. The birthday celebration wos for the l.'ith hirthday of Sally llalrncr, who


Whizzer Motor Bike

Mrs. Nora Dawson has returned home after spending two months visiting her children and other rclaM tivcs in parts of T1·xas. Slw rcportr:d having a \vondcrful tin1c.

rnont Furrif'rs, wPrf' rrceived \Vith Rusell W nld was honored on his enthusiastic applause. The models, 14th birthday, with a dinner party all members of the district, received hdd at the horne of his parents, n1any con1pli111cnts on the \Vay th,::-y Mr. and Mrs. Irving Wold. Those displayed t.heir costu111rs. This sh0\N, ulation. present for the affair were Mr. and being Midland', should lead the This will make a material differ- Mrs. Marshall Mi!IP!· and Mrs. Ma.gway to greater sho\vs. T'he- chairrnen, \ ence in the arnouat of help co111ing gie Wold, grandparents; Mrs. JenMrs. Victor Eshpetcr and Mrs. How- to the crippled children and adults nie Peterson and Mr. and Mrs. ard I\ifcFarland, and their connn;_t- 'of Pjerce county during the coining Percy J. Gregg. He received a lot tel'S are io be con1n1ended for. the yf"ar unlPss n sudden spurt in con- of nice fishing cquip1nrnt as gifts. r-xpert \vny th1·y hnndled :in un- tributions is- seen during the final Don Huston of Fresno, Calif., fan1iliar program. t\vo \vrd.::s of thf" ea1npaign. nephew of Mrs. Oli,•c l-Iitston, visitMidlnnrl Roys 4-H defeated Roy Contributions arc being sent to r-d with her and Mr. and Mrs. Chet Boys '1·-H in a hard-fought cage Joseph E. Hawthorne, Honorary I-Iuston and fan1iJy, ovcT the \vcck battle al ~1idlan.d school !_Ym th,e Treasmcr, c/o Puget Sound Nation- end, before flying lvionclay lo Fairothcr evening. lI1gh scorrr for botn al Bank, 1'acon1a. banks, Alaska. teams was Don Reed of the Mir!land l Harvard Improvement club will group, who camr up with 20 of th.· PARKLAND PRE-SCHOOL rncct Wcdncsdny, April 13, 8 p.111., 30 points scored l:y Midland, TO l\IEET MONDA y EVE. at Dawson fiddhouse. After the busiups: M1dbml - Iorwards, Squ1res (3) and Reed (20); cent,, .. , Turner Parkland Pre-school will hold its nC"ss 1nccting there v~ill be refresh~ n1ents, se1Tcd by Fran Johnson, :ind (2); guards, Hawkins (I) and Bric- next regular 1necting M6nday, .A.pril curds will be played. tain ( 2). Roy-Forwards, Thom- 11, at 8 p.rn. in the kindergarten Mrs. Vern Weeks was honored son ( 'i·) and Rotondo; L'cntr·r, Red- room of Parkland school, with Mrs. ford ( 9); guards, Lyon (-!) and C:Jint_on G. Williams presiding. Mrs. on her birthday, April 4, when a 1-farkness ( l ). Substitutes: Mic!lancl, George Williallls will speak on "The gT011p of friends surprised her, al

GRanite 6047


Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter GR. 5475

Spokane county is way ahead of Pierce county in contrilmtions to the Easter Seal campaign, Mrs. John C. Long, Easter Seal chairman for PiPrer county, reports. At the halfway mark in the campai;jn, Spokane reported $12,000. Only $5,000 had been contributed in Pierce county, although Pi Pree county bo:ists a slightly higher pop-




Of Easter Seals

GRnnitc 5 738

VIOLET PRAIRIE MEETS of the n1ceting. 1\t1rs. K<~n1p rnad1~ a MUCH TO LF.ARN \.Tiolet Pr~1iric Gardf•n dub will ·1--lI girls v. ·ho have i111agination, report on the 'Taco111a council n1rt'tllH't't Friday, April 8 at l :30 p.m. arc handy \vith :1 nEcdlr-, paintbrush ing \Vhich shf' and Corn 'I'a)'·lol' and in thi· P:irklnnd J\..f(·thodist church ---anri yt•s, h:inu1H'.·r and s~nv, too-- Bernice ' attended at th:_· 1-Iubascmcnt. Mrs. D. I-!. White will find the ho1ne i1nprovPr11ent progra1u tPI Winthrop, March 31. i'ia..iine discuss corsngf' rnaking and n1ern- a natural for their talents. Supcr- Sharpe reported, for the ways ar,d bers \vlll ans\ver roll call with na1nes \'isr·<l :ind t'·ncouragrd by _their coun- n1eans coni1nittec, that the card and .descriptiom. of plants they _.;ill ty extension agen.L_..and. locaL _4_-}I -party htld by the guild was a hu;;e bring for a sale. Mrs. I-1. A. J<'nkins c.]uh leader, the young ho1ue1nakers succes~ and thanked evcryon<· f(n· and Mrs. L. Slaukc will be hostesses. plan irnprovcn1tnts for 11Pauty, cou1- their support. Plans ·were n1ade to fort, h<'olth an<l safety. They also a ced'1r chest and get linC!arclcss driving can \vrcck a fen~ Jearn to know \vhat is enduring in ens ready for it. Cornn1ittc~s \V~;re ul<l as well as new furnishings, and appointPd to handle the cktaiL der---or n family! arc given an opportunity to develop/ Mrs. C. C. Davis L>f Midland their skills. Through dcmonstra- wrote Murch 16 to King George of tions th<'.Y show what can be ac Englantl, telling him th t in NoRt. 7, !lox 660 complished. vcmber of last year she had tile same operation, knO\\rn nu:diral!y as COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Frer csti1nates on repair and re- "lu1nbar syn1pathctic ~a ngl:oncc:~ model jobs--- Brookdale Lumber Co. ton1y," as llis Nlajesty undcr\vcnt (adv.) the early part of this yra1·. _\pnl .'i, Mrs. Da\'is received a letter, dated March 21, which stated that the pri-

Martens' Garage


Ml's. Lois Johann, Reporter

More than 500 people enjoyr_d the elaborate style show, sponsored by 1-larvard-Midlancl P-TA at the school, April l. The styles, shown by J. C. Penney Co. and Laich-

· home, they found the ground wlute with snow between Eatonville and · · Graham. I L I S t ca cl y JJrooTes·s in diaonosis ]\fr. and Mrs. Harry arson spent . ' b ' ~ ~ ' Sunday evenmg at the home of Mr._ treatm, it . nd cure of early cancer oard \VJ rneet at t c 1a.1ne o I; and Mrs Pete McLeod ~ c1 a , :_, . ' Mrs Ace Orsborne Wednesd·1y eve· · eases was reported this week by Dr. . · · . ' · Sunday dinner guests at the home J B S · ,11 1. 1 , d f tl . n1n(f' .i\pr1) 1~ for rcgu1at' monthly . . .. ptt_ 10 z, lril o ic cancer h> • ·' -. of Mr and Mrs. Omer Roland were i· tl St t II It! · 1nretiuri · contro 1 section o ie , a e - ra l ~· Nichols Clvde Nichols and D h d W h' -- - I• Muri ·Paul Nichols . ' , <""partn1ent, as e urgeas ing .. · I l (Held Over from Mai ch 31 Issue) I · . ... ton residents not on y to support t 1e Mrs G M Renner 1s \"1S1tmo; at A . C d · b t h 1 Of • h . f · d · · · · ._ pn 1 .ancer nve u to c ~c.:. mterest to ei many nen s m the home of he1 son Roy Renner. . . Cl over C rec'l is · t h e announcement I Mr and l\frs. John' Kuper Mrs. any symptoms with their own doc• . I' Audrey • Stranahan, Paul and' Roy tors. of the engagement of MLSs Bessie •. . r

Pierce County Is IMIDLAND NEWS 'Trailing in Sale




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POT ROAST Steer Beef, grade A -----------······ 49c PDRH ROAST Well trimmed, center ---·····---Jb. 47c RIB STEAKS Lean, tender, grade A ___________ Jb. 59C


98th and Portland Avenue






Pag;f' Six



...... per 100 ft. Sll.60

bd C.V.G. END MATCH FLOORJN(; ..... per 100 ft.


.... 50-ft. roll

l 050


......... per 100 ft.

28. 75

lxll 1\0. 'I SHTPLAP-Good (;radc

., ..... per 100 ft.







;: : :

New Recreation Center Opening Here This Week

Meeting Mari'h '.lll at Parkland :-;chool, P:1rkl:ind Rl'CJTatinn council hc·ard discussion of pieces of enabling l1·gislation pertaining to parks GA. 3133 \Vhich \VClT passed by the recent ·------- statt: legislature. State Reprcsentativc Gordon J. Brown was pr('scnt \vith an1cndt·d copies of the two acts. After con1paring thcn1, he rC'cti ti oJI1ir1L'ndPd close study by the counElcg-nnt and pretty p3ltcrns f1·on1 cil to cktcnni ne \vhich, if cithc-r, it top Paris designers are av;1ilablc to would Ix• best for the council to act us no\v, A.nd \Vith the- nc'v collcc- unckr. tiun of spring patterns, you \Vill find ()111• of tlH" n1casurPs, nmends prcgTcat f'lnphasis placc·d on accessories. vious authorization for operation of T'he one-color thrn1c \Vill app.'.1rcntly ]'('{T('ation racilitic-s by n1rtropolitan be popular · : · beige silk shantung uistricts to enable school districts is sho\vn \Vith g·loves of tht· satll(' to fftaint:iin rural parks and play-· coll)r, :1 deeper beige sL·arf ;ind natu- µ:rounds. 'Th<' othtT iu:t authorizes ral color st:nnv pun1p.q, Sky-blue CJ'f'rltion or county park boards, artsancbls a 1'con11x1ny a sky-bll1e and ing under the l'ounty conH11isl:liu1u;rs, \vhitc dntted~swiss dress \\•ith a ,vhitC' to acquire and n1aintain rural p:1rks straw bonnet trin1J1wd with blue and park faciliti('s. ~rhc council decornf1owcrs. P!flk satin pun1ps ndd cickd to ask T'o1n Lantz, 1''aeonw chann to :1 pure silk <lress \villi a rccrealion co1nn1ission superintendplunging neckline . . , li.1..i;ht pink cnt, to appear at a Jnccting in the · · · au<l a pale pink hat of the sa111l· J near future and give n1ore inforn1a111~Hcrial, trin1n1cd \Vith a ,Q,Tay silk tion on the county board n1easurc. sc<Jrf \vliich loops around the chin Jvirs. Al Sf':nn:in, rf'crPntion coun1 and buttons on the opposite side ,of cil chairn1an, inforrned the group the bri111. thnt County Connnbrnioncr l-tnrry ·r: +:· ·X· Sprinkcr has advised of untcnantrd Most of us have lwst and sernnd co1111ty-ow11ed lands in Parkland


Fonnal opPning of Pnrldand Rrcrcalion Center, Zt rH'\Y p 1 3 c e of a1nusc1ncnt for this area, \vill takC' place this \Veek end, it is announced by 1nanager :\llen Buck. The Center will feature such games of skill and .;.nnui;tnicT1.t as billiards, English billiru·ch, pocket billiards and shuffleboard. .A sanchvich bar, \\'hp r f' sand\viches, soft drinks, ice crearn and candy will be availnble, is inc.orporate<l into the arrangnnent of the building·. Aftr-r coinpleting his education, Burk can1c to this nrrn frorn \lirginia, Minnesota. I-It: has been 1nanager of a recreation center nt Orting, Wash., fur the past year and one-half. Desiring to ha\T his o'vn business, he picked the Parkland location in belief Parkland offers a

good future. i:e is now a resiuent of the con1111un1ty. Mr. and Mrs. Buck in\'ite <ill to stop in and g·ct acquainted. 'T'hc nc\V



1 1 1

~al~:;~;dis :~~~1tj~::: : i: : ·si:~:~t::~o~: CLASSIFIED ADS


the \Vtlr that the carnival has been a two-night affair. Friday will be



Call GRanite 7100 I

stude~ts' n,ight, and Saturd~y. will FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN: For be children s and Parklanders mght. plowing, cl is c i n g, landscaping, Two complete programs will be prebasem;·nt digging, road grading, s.ented each night in the Student call Frank, Seaman., Roy 21-F,-11 tJ nion. or PR .. 81.J l. 30c 'fl ·c1 ·11 · 0f 0 . ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICEie nu. way .\VI (;onsist _ ~'er Lyn1an Redford, ovvner. Septic 20 attr~ctlons, including everything! tanks pumpe~,, con~ents hauled from b111go and smorgashord booth away. GA ..H46 or (,A. 9794. to a house of horror and 0 the big · - - - - - - - - · - · - - - · ·-·- _ tfc splash." All proceeds will go to the BOY WANTED for mowing lawn .,. PLC ·b I· and garden work. Phone Dr. ParS aga, yeai 00 '· rot!, GRanite 854· l. 30c 1 A feature of the carnival will be 1SPANAWAY LUMl~ER CO. the cro\vniug of the Saga king nnd petter Lu1.nber for Le~s. I~oor queen by Stanley Willis, principal I 1ng. Hardv. are and Pn111~s. \ e rent floor sanders. GR 8235. of Parkland sch~ol. Students vote_d SJip"°fiC:i-TANI(-i; CLE.'\NED0;;-I1-:: Tuesday and \"v ednesday for thell" tents hauled away. Dou Redford, choict's, narrowing the field down GA. 7334. tfc to Don Pedersen and l3laine McKan- KITCHEN CABINETS -- We inna for kino· and Patricia Bleasner stall. Free estimates. Expert furd M . "'A w·lC I'- for quee~. -working, niturc repair. Suburban Wooda,~1 ary nn, 9643 Pipe Line road. hnal results wont be re\·ealed unlll. Phone 'GR. 8662. tfc



best possessions .· . . Dest dress for church, SC'L'onci hPst for dinner ~ind lltt' movi,,s with your husband's rdnti\"t\"l. Best dishes fot' co1npnny, best

Foon SALE WEDNESDAY A food sale, sponsored by the Ladies Aid of Trinity Luthemn

Six tents have been erected, the clrn'.ch, ''.'ill be held Wc?nesday, pror,ram is all set, and Pacific Lu- llpril 13, 111 .the Parkl~nd L1ght and theran CulJeuc students art': now \'\later bu1ld1ng, starting at 1 p.1n. "1 o f a II t ypes, • as tl· tc All kinds of home-made bakery I) u1"ld'1ng l1001-1s student,, body prepares for the an- goods, including lefse, will be on . 1 se:t f or t l11s . F'nM . sale. nua I .Sag:i, C' anuva,

VAUGHAN'S 84th and Pacific Avenue

PLC Carnival Set • . ·-., For This week End


Headed for Harmony




Parkland, Washington, Thursday, April 7, 1'H9






1 1 \



Friday night.

'Song ins1>iring frock for an evening at home is pictured, as it ap11ears in the current issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. Featured is a deep-scooped wool-jersey blouse that gives 'way to a wide co1ton-taffeta 11laid skirt-with snug waistband.

IR ecital Sunday Will

Incorporation Issue Is Shorn . . .

RAY GOGAN - JACK BARRETT General l<lndseaping, pn1ning and


Pierce P-T A Councill sprn1.·ing, rockcries, fences, trnctor work. Date Set Back ~V eek GR. 8842 Ter1ns Pierce County Council of P-TA will convene at Puyallup April 14-, instead of the originally announced April 7 date. The change is made to avoid conflict with the Daffodil festival. This will he the last council session of the current sc110ul year and Mes. W. W. Cline, Parkland P-TA president stron!.dY urges nienibt~rs ·] Jnn de nssoc1at1on " .. o l. t·h e p' nr.: to b e



BR. 6982

PIANO LESSONS Popular and beginners. Phone GR. 6653. 30c LOST-Young Cocker, black and \vhite coat. Bro\vn freckles on nose. Child's pet. Please help find Freckks. Reward. Call GR. 5644 or GR. 5534. 3lc FOR SALE-Pansy, cabbage and cauliflov1rer plants. A. G. Sean1ons, corner I 19th and 1 Sts. 3l-32c L()S]~---Gold_ con1pact near Johnson Dru" ' Store. Reward. GR. 8118. 31c

which be made available for recreation devc-lop1nc-nt. It \Vas _ • thought that ce1'lain lots in the Tulc I Lake road section could be convertConlinucd fron1 Page One j 1-frs. Gunnar J. 1'1aln1in, instruc-' 1 . d . ,, Center It's true .. ".our . . 1 tor of orcran . . will be open from noon dail)', siln-r. . . • "good . ed. by.. '_'oluntc.·cT local effor_t .to s.oft- tu~ l he sign is ;:-:. ~at Pacific " - L11ther1n ~ 1 . e 1u)1 11a{l ten(1eremcludmg Sundays. dishes may chtp or break ' but dtu 1 ball fidcls, etc., for use this sum- locate d across Pac1f1c . . avenul' fron1 colkgc ,, -, ~ will present her pujJils in you know that yo_ ur sterlin" i111- rner. . I lw lots concerned had been t J1c. .encl o f· G ·1r r·ic Id street . recital at the St11dent Tfn'1on bu1·1·db , L. )11"0\'l'S 'vith use? rJ'ha(s true ... it used for county gravel shortage, but ' , . ing Sunday afternoon, April 10, at CUB PACK MEETS , . . , , . . : A wavs and 111c:ins con1n11ttee to gets 111orc braut1ful the lon!'Tr it's ~1pnnkt'r 1nd1cated to lvirs. Scan1au · .' 3 o'clock. The progran1 is conlpli• • • ..,-, , • • _ __ i propose courses to in1provc the club's Surprise e-ntertainrnent is pron1used. \'Vtth da1lv use it acquires ;·1 ! his feeling that such stor:igc depots: f' . . mentary to the public. iscd parents who turn out Ft;id:iy . ' ' I I II I · d . .d I mances, was :rnthonzed and apand it wun't 1 s H1ll c 1t' ( 1isconunue 111 res1 en. . , f , Iuvdv so f t lustlT . At this time, the new llaldwin present so that the atkmlance tru- LOST_ Eyeglasses, badly needed, . .' : puu1teJ, coHS!sllng o : fout Casto, evening at Metropolitan Recreation tarn1.slL t1.1 1 .lH«lS. ! \l .. .. elc·ctronic or,van presented to Pa- phy lll[IY br captured for the su1n~ March 13 C\Tning in Parkland hall for the meeting of Spanaway ~ .,. ·" , . ,· • . . .· . • . . ... 1frs. . R. Selle, Mrs. J. E. Beck- . . ·"' ' · ' .. ' " Coninus 1011(1 s_p11n_k_t1 \V.\S P_H.-1 . . ,. ciftc Luther·111 L_'_ollco·c in I11Cl110f''-' n1cr 1nouths. theatre or vicinity. Enclosed in . . I with, Jvkl Pcckrsen and W. h.. · ' . ~ ' Cub Scout Pack 3 L There will also bst weeks I, c·.Iar;:., I cha1nnan. . of the Rt. -Rev · c · ·T· Eost"old DD Transportation to Puyallup will white and gold case. Rc\vard. Call Sddo1n do our conservati\'(· Jllls - 1 \\'Uted . from attemlrng . ,, '" " ' · ., be discussion of plans for a trip to n~c.r~:Hion ~ouncil_ session he~·e hy i · ___________ father of Dr. s. C. Easivold, presi- I.ue f urn ts . 11r cl b y sc h oo J h us, l rnv1ng. 6466. . CR. . ~ . 31 ()cc an Beach in thf' nf'n r f 11turr. bands gt·t :i du1nc1' to display nf'w olficial dutws wluch called lum to dent of the college, by the Lutheran p 11 I I J . 9 1" '\ t UR SALE--Davcno and matclun'( sty](·s in suits or hats or coats. 'l'hcir Refreshments will be served. ar <: nnc sc 100 at : ,J a.n1. ichair, rwarly ne\v, in good eondlparish at Volin, South Dakota, will nursery for pre-school children will fashions. don'r chan~·,T· th1· 'vay 011rs Eaw·rn Washington. It is ho1wd to ti on. GR. GO 12. 31 c have hin1 present al ;t 111eeting in tht· ~ }t} t be dedicr1tcd. 1~hc R.c\'. Eastvold \Vas be provided. CLEARANCE of odds and rnds in Ask about our house plau service do. Poor dears g<'t. a nr\v uccktil: near future, also. 1 pastor of Volin parish at the timl' Print:ipal it('rn of businrss \Ylll hf' all dc-p:irtrncnts - Ladies drcsscs -Brookdale Lumber Co. (ad\'.) now and thrn or fancy socks . . . a An offpr, sulnnittL·d for Franklin Well o\vncr~J particularly those of his df'ath. election of officers who will head n·prict"d at l.00, J.95, 2.95, 3.95, touch of color tu bri~hten lhc cusI ·1 l · l . 3.95, 12.95. Values up to 22.50. 'The progT:1n1 is as follo\vs: toniary g-ra):s and brcnvn:- :n1d blues. Pierce School District 402 by Su- in nrl'as t'X}JLTiencing heavy run-off t H' county counc1 ( ur:np; t ir next Skirts and blouses, 1.00 and 1.95. pcrinh'nd1•nt or School 1vlorris E. of spring snowtnelt ~Uld \Vlth heavy Jubilate Deo ............................. Silver VVe hnvc a 1n1H·-h bt'ltl'l' ti111e \Vith i\vo years. Lunchr-on \Vlll br· served, T 11 fan 1- s \\le[ll' nnd children's b:tting do\vn huns, add- I Ford, to n1:1ke ;n·aiLihlc ;·1 porlion spring r[li11fn1l :11·1• n·1uindf•d this Carol Sletto follov.,1c>d hy the :1ftPrnoon prognun dn·sses. 50 cents and $1. Anklets fashion 1 ... Felton unc!t-r direction of the social and 15 'md 25 cents. Open Thursday ing hustles to skirts, rut ting our nf 1he lli'\\' ()0-lHTl'. high sd1uo] sit • Wt'Tk hy the \V;1sltingtun St~1te De~ rvfuonligltt on the Chapel . ] . 'f] f'I 1·vi·s. till 9. JoAnne Meyer hair off, wearing pale blue stockings. for development for baseball and partntent of 1-1,·:ilth to <'heck the nienta J l1yg-1cnr· c w1nnan. 1c i 111, STEVVART SHOP sin1il:-ir activitif's, w:is not consich·n~d safety of \vdl-\v<tLer supplies against; Blessed Jesu, YVc Arr I-Ierc ....... Bach "Human Growth," will he show11. V1/1~· ha\'r alrnost 1~(__)() 1nuch choice. Oprn l 0-G 5423 Pacific \rV1H·u \Ve go Uu\vnlown to pick oul favor~:bly hy the. loc<ll recre;1__tion pol1ution. I At Evt·ntide _______ ........ ··-- ...Johnston ' n nt'\V suit or drr·ss or pair of shnP!: co 11 ncil. Ii- "'•' 8 S 1i·lt l hat !·florts According to the engineering diviEk:inor Ilellhau1n . . . even if we know what \Ve \Vant should be :1pplicd to locations near- sion of tlH· State Ilcalth Depart- \lision .H.heinJ1crgcr \\!C can be lC'd astray by thr· er Parkl:ind. Ford advi~wd thnt pur- n1rnt, aftC'l' the p:Et \Vint('r of heavy Fzinfarc -·--······ ..................... LeHuucus wide selection uf attractive things. chase of the liigh school site will precipitation all property O\vncrs Luther \·Vatni·ss I-Io\v 111 anv tinics have vou conw be ro1nplcted by th,~ school ho:ird, with individual \Veils should cht>ck At Sun<lo\vn ............................ Fellon hoIJll' with' a print dress ~vhen you :·eg;irdkl-is .~tatl' action Oil finaiH:- for ~1ccu1nulations of water lll'<lr \VCll Dorothy h.1eyer ON PHONE finnly intended to buy a basic navv ing construction of the school. .Any sites. Ponding of surfncc \V::tter or Present~1tion and Dedication of MOUNTAIN GRANITE blur'. . . . with red sandals when yu;J group of rcl-iidenls of the sd1uol dis- rain waler near wl'lls inay result in ()rgan_ ,..Dr. Eastvold HIGHWAY 8356 \vcre sure· you'd choose black suede- :i t:rict 1nay hcPT the use of the part rapid seepage of conta1nination into ()ur F~thrr, \\'ho Art jn I leaven " . r h . made availabk (adjoining· Knapp the sourct• of SU]l]lly Baeh .'iot so \Vlt 11 t 1H' n1nn o t r' ho11sc. . · . - · -· road), he said~ but no rxdus1ve use All dug, driven and drilled \Vrlls, 'I'ranquility ....... . ........ Scholin 1-Ic 1narchcs straight to thl" sLorc he can hr gr;intPd. Thr~ schoul board sny I-Icnlth Di~partrnr·nt cnvincers John Lcf]uC has confid1·1H·c in, asks for a gray would ITtain full control l)f reser~ should have locations chec.ked t~ Introductiu1i-Cbural ......... Bodln1an suit and gt·uerally takes the first vaLinn sch1Ylule.i:::, he ~1dvised. innke sure gTolind surfaers ~t thr ~1cnuct Go~hique ............... Boellrnan on(' he tries on. J~Ie never know5 thr _ _ _ ,_, ·· - - - -- ----~ tops of the wells "n' graded so that Helm Hedin pleasing be\vild('rrnent of dozens of 1 \vhisk of 11 brush ;-ind thry'rr \<Yell the}' slope ~.nvay fron 1 thi: \veils. Prelude in D 1.:f.inor. ...... ".... Rnch styles and colors. I-Io\vcvcr, here is groomed. This tueans that a man Shallow wl'lls particularly should be 0 Sacred Head Now Wounckd a note of cheer for hirn. There is c:in he fashionable and lazy at thr checked :it this ti1nc for cont;:unin· Bach Many and varied are the func. news in shoes. It's brushed leather. s;niw tinw! .Brushr<l li'athcr is ap~ ation. Adagio ............................... Guihnant tions of the century-old U. S. Brushed leather is reversed katl11"r At llH· sig-ns of sediniellt in the E\·dyn Peterson Naval Observatory in Washing. . .. similar in appearance to what parcnlly going; to be popular this ...... Bach sPason nncl a(Tording to indications, water s1!pp1y ovr-rflo"v of ,veils, inPrelude in (~ :r.. 1ajor. ton, D: but pr!nci.pal among women call suede. Oxfords and " ... Dickinson you'!) SC(· plenty \Vi!lking this con1ing tcrruptiou of the \vattT supply or R_cvcri(~ them is tnat of timekeeper for the nation and its ships at sea, loafers arc ava1bblc now Ill a med1any other indication that there is a Festival '] 'occa ta ........ ., ... , ...... FJ,·tclter The WAVE in the 11hoto needn't um gray, soft, dark hrnwn and com- frill. Alfred Kluth possibility of pollution} \.Yell o\vnc-rs be more than a few thousandths moclore or midnight blue. These <l1T tll'!!:(·d to cont;lct their of a seem~~ off after setting her shoes arc snitable for street office UUNY ANS HOLDING ON 'The National T'ypographical Unwatch w1d1 the observatory's ' . local lH•alt:h dcpart1ncnt for a 1est su11er .. accuratc t~· and casuzi1 wear. And they require TO RIFLE LOOP SPOT ion \V[IS org:1ni1.ed at 11altin1ore in of \vc11 \Vatcr. '1\vo tough \vceks~ shooting against clock. (Oflicial NJvy Photoeraph) no shining and po1ishing! Just: ~ Cold, denr 1 spnrkling \vater ls no J 852. lhl' top teams or the loop, dropped :·::·::·:t•!!•!:·~!·!t·!t·t!·!!·::.::·::·::·::·:!·!:·!!·!!·!!·!:·:~·!t·!!-!!·!:·:!·!!·!!·::-::·:!·::·::·::·::.::·::·::·:t•!!·~!·!!·!!•!!·!!·! Paul Bunyan llifle and Sports1nen's gu a r a n t cc of sa f e d r i n k i n g -..v a t er. t·: :-::.!!-!!·!!·!"i·t!·tt::!·!t-::-::·!t·!t-!t·!t·tt-:t-! :-::·~!·~!-~}~ !·!t-!!•!t-!t·!!·!!·!!•!!•!!-!!•!*•!!-!!·:!-!!-!!·!!·!:·!!·!!·!!·!!·!!·!t·!!-!!•!!•!}!t-!t·!:·U·::-:}tt•lt•l!·! t:-tt-tt·:t·it·!}tt·!t·~ -~.;. . •.• •• :,t ~ ft dub back to sixth spot in Mt. Rni- ·1·1if' prC'sf'nre o f (1·1scase procI uc1ng nicr H.iflc league standings. Ilui, last gci:rns .am] other objectionable ma· t·: \v~·el~ tht•. Runynns got back on thr tenn1 1n a \vntcr supply c;:i.n only :·: \Vinning side with their best total b." ah_solutcly detected by cxamina~:~ !·! to datl', an l 8~9 score n!';ainst 1775 t1on 111 the laboratory of a \vatcr :"~ ' ~ .-: t·: i;·i. by the Sumner Rifles. The Bunyans s a 111 p I e. TlH'. Wnsh1n~·ton StntP ::t ha\T i\vo n1atches yet to go, to eon1- Dcpartn1rnt of :l-Iealth should bC' :_:: plctc league coi-npctition for the srason and rxpeet to retain their pos1t1ve check on the quality of :-: pre~ent r;lnking as top tyro te:-u1i. .... .. This Saturday, April 9, the Bun- wat_cr. _ _ !~ ::: CJ'hr Statf'. llf'nlth 1Jf'1x1rt.rnent nd- !·! !·! Y~ln dub nwn-1J)t;n; ..vill turn pron-uh of tlieir regular Midland dance vises the well owner himself to :,;

Dedicate PLC Organ


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Inspect WeUs No'\>V, U I--I D rges ea ep •





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clwck at thi" timr· ol t!w yrnl', n nun1ber of points. W'1tn-tight constmction of the IN PARKLAND SHOPPING CENTER 'lewspapcrs clepcnckd upon the c:o\·er is in1portant in all types of d1~u1u: arri\' of private letters m; wells. In the case of cl ug wells, the cas;;ourccs of ne\vs during the Rc\'Oiu~ i np: ~h.ou1d be C'.1osc·]y insprctr-d for War. t--l!·lt·lt·!t•lt·lZ·!t·lt·!t·l!·!t·!t•!t·!:·!!·!t·::•!!·:!·!:·:t·:t·::·::·:t·:t·!t·!t·::·:t·!t·!t·:t·!:·!t·::·!t·::-::·:t·!t·!t·!t·~:-:t·~t·~~ i Lioiia i·y porous qualities that rnay be pcrn1ittin.l\· sf•r·11ngT· into thP shaft. Drillt·d wells shoulu have the hole ar011nd tlw top n1 1he surfarc~ of thr· ''round chceled lo insure that pa,·ilion rific range.

GR .. 8514




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Saturday, April 9f:h



98th and Pacific Ave. e Phone: GR. 813I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

absolutely ti_ghl connection not :lll<nving- anything to enter.



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At I2Sth and Pacific A venue




source of supply. So-called older i~ 1nodcl '(pitcher pi.1n1ps" for this type :::

· ~hcuild hr> r·h~~·J(J:'d t0 ::?~:~·!'~·t~!~:-: th::t

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~long the ••i~~

and olJer wells ,with open spouts nu1y cnuse pollution throug·h pun1p 1cakagT. Packing seals at the pu1nps


announces f·or1na l



7-Lees Overalls 8-Fuller Paints 9-Pyrex Ware IO-Feed II-Fruit Tree Spray I2-Kemtone

parkl aJId Recreat1·011 Center


Drivr·n wells s.hould be checked ~:1 for lc::iks at thr 'JOiuts in the dnvc ti . l . I l I :. pipe \V 11c 1 extends c own to t 1c :·:

SPRAY RIGS FOR RENT: Large or S1nall, Gas or Electric-$3.00 up per day 1'~11


no scepa1;e down st( cl sh,1it.



l-G roceries 2-Meats 3-Vegetables 4-Fruits 5-Garden Tools 6-U. S. Rubber Footwear



The ONE-STOP Shopping Center of Parkland with the Finest Parking Space on the Mt. Highway. Stop in for:

A · EN BUC.,K M LL , anager

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1'he nc~1rcst health dC'pnrtn1ent 1 t·l ,.viii ans\vcr inquiries rrgarding· wen ~ pollution or construction of new t·! l,! H U •.,,............ "'• •••• ". "-• •••• ,••••••••••••••••• "'"' ..............................................................................................,••••••."..............'!,.,• ········".........,. "·" '·" ..............~ 1 I wells. ••"+•",..;.,.·• •'••",,.•.,,..•I/.,.;••'• •••'•tf+•'.,,.•., <#+ t{+•",.,,..,.,..,,..,.,.•,•• .,•.,fr+"' +•'••·,..,..,, "'" •• .,., +•t>• •• •• ""'•• v• •• .,., •••• •• •• tt• •• ••• ., ... ••• • "" .,......,..,. •• •• •• •• •• •• •• -1>• ' " • •••+



Prairie pointer v 4 no 31 apr 7, 1949  
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