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CLOVER CREEK POST NO. t 18 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 3:00 p.m. in the

~ 1~anaway

4 ~~;.."

VOL. 4, NO. 30



... Scho,oI 'Mai ch l::> fou.nd the C.omrade.s of I Clover Creek Post l 13, An1cncan at the Scout. , wlulc the ladJt:s of the Auxiliary , Th P 'f L h C I . held their session at the home of e aci ic ut eran olcge Secretary Amy Warmald, who, later band, u~der directi~n of Harlem scrvcd refreshments to an enthusiMoen, will be heard m concert here astic, happy group of members of , --on Wednesday evening, April fi, 8 both Post ·rnd Auxiliarv We disJ.AVORABLE ASPECTS . . p • . . p.m., m the • ' 1 • • · • LC Student Umon rnvered Jon(( since that the WarOF MOVE PRESENTED . . . , • B D 1 hut!d111.r. Ser.ond in a series durinr>; Y EPUTY KRJLICH 1uald s honw was a good J)lacc to , . ti ic• sc.1ioo I yeai,. t Ius " concert . go for a good keel-and last Friday's ____ w1'II rvrr1t was no exception. John Krilich, civil deputy prose- [feature three well known instruThis Wednesday, March 30, the cu tor for Pince county, a resident I mentalists of the college. , b national president of the auxiliary of Ruston, will discuss advantages ur· ." 1.\.O ert "mters w1 11 1)e trumpet ' . • .· . . . Mrs Hubert A Goode paid her of uv1c mcorporat1on before mem-1 • . . . ' • . . soloist in "The B 11"d. 0 f th. W· . s" official visit to the department of hers of the Parkland Business club t e .l\e' . , h . . , . . bv H ·b, ·t Cl k D R d b . Waslungton. 1 he banquet room of at t at orgarnzat10n s Apnl drnner I 1 ei CJ a~ e. _on ee • anthe Seattle Chamber of Commerce I meeting, n ex t Tuf'sday evening, tone horn soloist, will feature the was chosen as the place to honor\ April 5, at Indian Inn. i selection, "Blue Bells of Scotland Mrs. Goode with a reception, banKrilich's talk will be the first of V~riations;" by Arthur Pryor. The 4ud an<l a splendid program. Al- a series discussing incorporation. A 1 th.ird soloist, Duane Fodds, pianist, though our unit is not very strong, speaker presenting disadvantages of i will play the modern solo for piano numerically, several members at- the move to town government will j a.nd band ,~ccompa~iment, "Romnnten.ded . to extend o. ur greetings to be '.1eard at th.c May meeting. The t'.c "\Val_tz, by. Savmo. Other selecthe nat10nal president. busmess club is currently conduct- I tions will be piesented by the band. Mrs. Goode, a resident of Port- ing an enquiry into what Parkland The public is cordially invited to

Lc~ion, nJ<·cti1~g





land, has. the in many activi!lcs, both m her own s~ate ~nd in the na.tional organization , m 'all of which she proved herstlf to be. 'a talented leader and ' administrator. More power to you, ~.< s C'oodAI

Imight·. e~pect

Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland

INGRID fYNBOE MARLA PARKER ' /PARKLAND FLOAT PRINCESSES ----:----·-·--·--------··--·r Mid/and Pre-school

'.Mother-Singers Win I W'th J . pprova 1 01nt I Foolish-. Style Show-Concert




The style sh.ow,, "April ncss," sponsored by the Harvard- 1 • ,· ,; . :; I In a garden scttmg of unusual 1 A, will, l~c pr~sented at 1 be~uty .•rnd cha'.·111, matrons a:id M'.dland Parkland prefers blondes! N_ot u~M1d'.and. scho~I, Apul _ 1 at 8 p.m. '.11.1 s s c. s o~ Pa'. kla?,d comn:urnty c~pec~cdly, results of last wee!~ .e~d s Styks a1c bcmg furmshed by the J°.1ncd m p1esent'.~g A Day m the • • • ~al:otm~ t~ choos: the two 1cpJ Pl'mIL'Y •·omi:i·rny ·md Larch- Life of P::irkland before .an atten1cscntat1vcs of this conunun1ty who · · · · · ' · ' · · · , ' ·11 ·'d ] · P 11 d fl · t F . ,. , . d . b, .. d ·l ·d t1ve audience m the I arkland school 1-farvnrd-Midland Pre-school met '.vi 11 e tie ar' an oat m th'.' mon uuiers an wi 11 c mo ' c 1· .· I . F .· .. , · , " .· · '\ 1"I 9 D· ff !'I .. I· · f' · auc 1to11um ast 11d.1y tvcnmg. 1 he :March 2.1 at Harvard school with P l d oc I pa1.H t, con 11111 by the youn~·tcrs and adults of the· " . . . • • , I . t I · . · · . 1 . ·. . , :vuit was tie JOl!lt concert and sty!<' president Mnnc Payne prcsidmg at, t 1<l cone us10n. commumty. Songs and dances will show presented by the Mother- the business rnn,ting. Mrs. William/ Chosen to portray the "Growth be featured along .with the styles Singers group of Parkland P-TA,, Marr, chairman of the nominating. of Parkland" :ire' Ingrid Fynboe and promise to make ::in enjoyable which met with.. en.thusiastic. ap-' committee rcp···ortcd her committee an·d· Marla Park·e· r, blondest of the · · • ' . , I , . .. . ' ' / f' . ·. f . . '. . f . II 'J'h h pl0\'1 . of an cstunatC'd tl11on° of. had secured ont' name for each of "e palls o attiactl\e (Ontestnnts C\·enmg 01 a . e men ave not " I . ' . f h l b f . .h h .· h 500 spectators. I thC' positions to be filled at thf' elecor t e ionor. een orgotten 111 t c s ow cit er , . . \ . . . . A t 0 t 1 0 [ 6'1· '· b 11 . . .. . · 1 he style show, earned out m, t10n 111 Apnl. Nommated arc: For . a " a ots was ~ast and styles foi the well-diessed men eight scenes, did much to bring. president, Mrs. Kenneth Webb; vice- durmg the four days of votmg, in summer will be shown. The chair- home to Parkland residents that I president, Mrs. James Tauscher; March 25-28. men of the show have announced their shopping needs can be satis- secretary, Mrs. Walter Olson; treasThe succt"ssful contestants now that tickets arc movin~ fast. I fird in this cotmnunity, ns it fcaurcr, :l\frs. Theodore Nyland. After face n busy time sewing n~id fitting · " tured merchandise from Parkland the business meeting, Mrs. James costumes for their part in the pa. shops, including: The College Dress Tausclwr, program chairman, pre- rade. Consultant on costumes Shop, Myrtle Mockel.'s ap. pare! shop, scnted Mrs. Russell Clary, d.irector be Mrs. Iv:r. Johns~n, who. submrtKnee-Hi shop, St c I Ia's Flowers, of one of the pre-school sections of ted the design ch~st.n for the float. Parkbnd Jewelers, Mobky's, and the City of Tacomn council, who Work on the flo~t is now unuer way.




BUSl·NESS CLUB !Parkland Will HearjAprtl Foolrnhnes.s PLC Band in Concert IComing t M'dl d TO HEAR ABOU'T Wednesday, April .6 .. a ' i an ~all INCORPORATION p: .

N 01nznates Officers




I . · .







P' nd Men's st.ore. Sun.set Fur- spoke on the "Aims o.f Pre-school." A. large _crew be to turn mture company and Western Auto Hostesses for the mcetmg were Mrs. out Tlnnsday e\enmg, Aplll 7, when store supplied stage furnishings. Robert _Sharpe, Mrs. William Crow all wi_l'.. be put in readiness• to add Th c gar d en scene crcnte d b y IT and Mis · Fwnk Ilecklund the the da} befo1c A. f 0 ll _ f F 'cl· , , ct. , · . · ·I flesh I daffodils , d s af I ow upt 0 d n t •1IY s Iver; L . Bcuncr I · 1 Iav1s1 · 1 contn)ut1on ·i · 1· tie actua pa1a e . w1t1 success u concer. an s y c s10w, of plants from his Parkland Florists t Other contestants for the float members of the Parkland MotherI . ' -. . roles, as they were paired by the lviL. ' '. .~ ' , . evo 'ed much enthus1ast1e comment We are confronted even as you cial attraction to shoppers from outM '"' h . . Smgers group gathered at the home d .. , II . . t I f . committee, were: Trudy Mockel and ' . ary inart a Society will sponsor 0 f M W W er p 1'A - . an p1mse. an s yes o1 a numv· . . G 'If d T and I with the bi task of raisin side the immediate area. . , . . rs. · · me, pi esi. · ,. . . lrl;!Ilrn ur or , e re s a and ' . g g a children s matmee this Saturday, dent Tuesday March 29 for pot- ber of the models were cont11butcd J II J b M . L L money for _several of our goals• April 2, at 2 p.m.; in Trinity Lu- lucl- 'luncheon 'Mrs C 0 Olson was r by Parkland Beauty Salon. A . • k~~e ed LacAo us,SI a1y I-I oul Paplen and that right soon! These prob- J=> new, rnodernly·equ1pped cab- s 1 an u nn ater, aze ar,er 10 theran church. This fll'St of a series chosen delegate to the P-TA conAmong the 91 local residents par- 1· h . · d · and Jt1dv Le ·~ !ems arc: Our cluld welfa1·c JOb f . b . . . . . . . rnct s op w1 11 open its oor m 1·• 1 WI.· 0 movies to e given to raise funds vention in Yakima and to sing with t1c1patmg lll presentat10n of the I. I I ·11 b ---------G!l'ls State, and Poppy dnve. So, · f · ,. . . . panaway t lJS wee c t w1 e . f h all College Rad i 0 shop is to be or a new pa11sh house. The pro- the all-state mother-smgers. The lo- fash10n show and concert, the first d , d . d b B b RI . o t e post get set· , 'II . I d "O G ,, . . . owne dn opeiate y o 10ne, O f nends . . . f ' 'b opened this week in Parkland Cen gram w1 me u e an ur ang cal ffroup also wishes it to be known affair of its kmd hen', were the folII l . . 1· S ' w1· re commg a ter your contn u' d cl L I d H d . " . . we rnown c1t1zen o pannway. tions to nid us. You'll hear more tre building by H. E. Gullstad, a ~ome y an a~r.~ an a.r y m that invitations to sing for other lowmg committees: The shop, 20x50 feet, is. on Second about how you cnn assist, shortly. recent Pacific Lutheran college sci-! Just 'Below Ze10: The~e will also groups will be welc~mcd, for the General co-chairmen-Mrs. Har- street about 500 feet west of the encc- graduate. Gullstad plans a be_ Se\eral educational films and a experience and confidence to b~ old Peterson and Mrs. Stanley Wil- Mountain highway. Rhone has lived . . . Mickey Mouse .cartoon. ' d. ,.is. c·.01nn1enta~o1. JV·'. J o I1n M . s_a Ia t e1,' 80 ' a ~es1 . "d en t . an d te Iev1s1on ra d tu sa Ies and service . Home-made . ga1ne . J.lS. R o b el. tiI .in Span~nvay• twelve years, and has PARKLAND POST NO. 228 business, but will concentrate at first can?y and popcorn will be sold fol* * * Lynd. Stage director-Mrs. E. J. had 18 years' experience in cabinet of Parkland for 4 7 years, died last AMERICAN LEGION on the repairing end of the business lowmg the show. Due to the Kindergarten program Perrault. making. ~aturday at his home. Funeral sen'l\.fcetings every second and fourth, and will also manufacture a num?ouples club. of Park~nnd Meth- April 6, the rcglllarly scheduled Stage crew and iighting-Waltcr The shop will be open evenings tees ';ere held Wedne~d'.'Y afternoon Friday at 8:00 p.m, in the ber of special equipment items he odist church will hold its monthly recreation program for that night Kunschak, chairman, Jimmy Abbott, until 9:30, :ind estimates will be of this week, from Tnmty Lutheran Sunshine Hall has designed. meeting Thursday, April 7, at the will be held Tuesday evening, April Tommy Peterson, Neil Richard;on, gladly and freely given. The public church, of whicH he ,was a rncmbC'r. That Legion-Fireman quartet conGullstad attended PLC for three church, 8 p.m. 5, instt>ad. Don TaascvigC'n. is cordially invited to come in and The Rev. Ernest B. Steen officwtecL tPst that was lauded in last Thurs- years, graduating in January. He is ll<Irs. Erwin Damme! was surprised * * * Floral arrangements-Mrs. Emil look around. Rhone will specialize .Burial, under direction. of C. O. 11 day's column will be held on April m~rried and has his home at Hen- b~ a group of neighbors bringing There will be a Parkland P-TA Johnson, Mrs. •Ray Renwick, Mrs. in detniled mill work, cabinets of LY n company, was m Tacoma 14- instead of the 21st as was shown. . . . int- dncks and G streets here. Mr. and gifts and refreshments to her Wheel- executive board meeting Monday, Robert Gottschalk: ticket sales- all kinds, as well as office furniture cemetery. . Olll good Conuade ~and~erg po Mrs: Gullstad have three daug·htcrs, er street home Tuesday afternoon. April 4 B p.m. at the home of Mrs. W. F. Etny chairman Mrs. and fixtures. Mr. Salatcr had retired from the cd tlus out last rneetmg mght. Glad S an d y, C onme · an d K at h'IC. G u 11stad I n tie I group ca 11'mg. weic ., M es d amcs l'vfrs. Ray ' Renwick ' with Mrs. Bryan L B. Richardson ' and Mrs. ' Frank ·I . Rhone ·ts a .member of the Span- po st of manage!· 0 f D ou.~nl·.is· F'islto . hear that someone actuallv · t h e ra d'10 f'ie Id smce · W a Itel. Eb'mgcr, , J · B · R'ic h·at·d s, Logan co-hostess. ' All m1'mbers are Bry'1n: posters and programs-Mrs. away Progressive · · "· I nc., · D oug l·as, Al·as·l·,a. H e IS · : reads h as b een Ill Cornmumty club, I el!es, this . stuff' Wen ' and I appreciate the l9'J4 · h r f OH ., Ilad h'ts S tan Iey H unter, W . C . S pa1·Irn, Ed urged to attend as the project for John Stanlev · · ,· d 11y h"is w1'd ow, I nge1,· an d . - an d 1·ias twice and Mrs. H. R. Jacobs. and of thc> Volunteer Fire Depart- sun1ve advice of my ~rror!. own business. Hinderlie, Walter Coblentz, ·Ray the year will be decided at that S . , .. ·. . M' L R ment and has been active in com- a. sister, Mrs. Julia Ehies of ParkHave had it pornted out to .me J o 1mson, A mo Id E'll'mgson . . affairs . for many years. Ian d · an d S , tan- time . tagc settrngs. .iss _ orna . .og. . rnurnty that the column last week was iust FRIENDLY GROCERY le Rosso. · * * ·~ crs, properties-Mrs. Haley Peter. . .. . . . I b' I . f h y son· 1mbl1'·c1'tv-Mrs Robert Haner Spanawny extc>nds cong1atulat10ns a htt. e 1t ·NO'V . was bid . two fam1!tes ·· ' I .. 'M · and good. luc.k w. 1shes · 1 f apo pogetic as ar . as t e FOR MIDLAND Au Revoll' Roon·1·· mothers of Parkland P.-TA · . F'f d' I to Bob Rhone • qua I1ty o · the ost quartet 1s con· Af k" . . M . 1 ?1 f • 1 t 1 gra e room mot 1crs, rs. . ': . . . . ter ta 111g ove1 a1c 1 rom Saturday evenmg, March 19 at will meet today (March 31) for pot- , _ ·· . . . , , . . 1 rn this new enterpnse. ceined. There are members of th 1s previous owner M G Taylor The!- P kl d M h d" h h I . I h f M C. IL Robinson, Mis. E. R. Cram Ted's Boys of Midland, after winquartet (four, that is) that wish to ma Osborn and .Ru~h Colli,ns are ar. an I el·t o ist c urc dpadr obrs luck luncheon at t lef ome o 'II ,l·s. and Mrs. V. E. !vfryers, served re. . ' at a pot uc < supper atten e y W. W. Clme. The a ternoon w1 )e . SECOND CARD PARTY AT nin!l; the second-half championship hae 1t known that the Leg10n of the former Taylor's a b out 30 . a d u 1ts. B"mgo . an d ot h el. devoted . to work on items . f or t h c freshmcnts provided by room . . . .bunch f' Id now operators · . . . moth.. SPANAWAY SCHOOL of the Independent b a s k c t b a I I 1s .undoubtedly the best m the re Grocery in Midland They have red H . . b h S . F . ers of all g1 ades. Dccorat10ns 1 .. . PLC · games were p aye . on01ees were. novelty ooth at t e prmg air. . . ,. .. fo1 . A ham will be tlw door prize, at league, this week yielded the season -m Paikland and excludmg named the establishment "Friendly Mr. and Mrs. Rimel Creitz, who *** the 1ef1 csh_ment tables wt! c an anged (those boys are really good over Grocery" h'ld . bv the fifth grade trachers, the the second of a series of card parties title to VFW Post 91, in a series . .h h . h . · · are 1eavmg wit t en t ree c i ren Parkland P-TA executive com· there, won't take any credit away Tl . b h . : , Mesdames Waldron, Johnson and which will be held in the Spanaway playoff. Score of the final game was: le acw owners are ot l es1- for Alabama, and Mr. and Mrs. mittce will meet for 1 o clock lunch. school lunch room tomorrow eve- Midland 34, VFW 40. from them) only. Or maybe I should d ents o f p uya II up, t I10ugh 0 s- Bernard Swanson. The Swansons ··on at the C. K. Goodnch . . . home Clothier. ning. Other worthwhile prizes will 0 d ·l f 01· the· fash·10 n sl1ow \"Cl't" sav1 we :ire JUSt the best' penodb M'dl d 'd I . · . 1V1 • • orn was a 1 an resi ent severa are rentm~ their Brookdale home F 'd y April 1 to discuss plans for cs ' · ' ·· be awarded to high and second Parkland junior high school base(I'd better say that or I will fmd b k A h · ·1 . " . . . fl a ' ' · b M· · .. . years ac" t t at time s ie was to reside for a time m Seattle, while he Spring Fair. Members of the Mesdames C. S. Fyn oe, arnn . . ball team copped a p.ractic.e tilt with myself smgmg solo comes the day Th I O t Al 0 t h . . . . p J R IT R b H hwhest score wmners. And for those 1 . ' . • e ma s rom. s rom, er- Mr. Swanson 1s employed at Boemg board arc Mrs. W. W. Clmc, Mrs. ar<er, . . . ctart, o ert aner, " · . . . Maryrnount academy last week. The of i·e:konmg) · Ah, well, you Wl 11 brother, still resides at Midland. Aircraft and their daughter, Geral- Bryan Logan Mrs. Roi)(' rt Gotts- Arthur E. Bowman, Frank La pen- who do not wm a pnze there will county league schedule r>;ets under see-Just come out and for yourThis is the first business venture dine, attends the University of chalk and }.,Ir~. Goodrich. ski, Robert Olsen, R. H. Hartman, he plenty of good home-m~de reself on the 14th of Apnl.. I u~der- for both, though Miss Collins has Washington. ___..__ 0. F. Dahl; Misses Lorna Rogers, freshmen ts. M:·s., Harry 'Yh1te and way following spring vacation, April stand that there are some nnpm tant considerable grocery and confection. C'arol K tson Lawanna Wellsandt Mrs. Robert Steidel are 111 charge 7 and 8. . . a ff airs . . d at 1. ery • · WSCS . of Parkland Methodist nu cl el' Fv~ Steele Jainie' of arrangements. 1-hesc card parties · comrnumty to b e all'e store experience . 1 T. dy M · · · church will meet for covered dish 1u o ' , , " · · , .' . that meetmg, also. Yes, yes, from . . Lou Driver· Messrs. Leo Gaumc and arc sponsored by the Spanaway Elk Preliminary organizational meet. H ave 1 PARK. COUNCIL MEETING _ luncheon Wednesday, April 6, at . • • . t h e n.d.1cu 1ous to t h e SU) Howard Shull. Plan1 Firemen s Aux1·i·1ary. ing of the county Firemen's. soft11 1me. 9 30 1 f un, guys an d g~s · 1-"laughand the · · was "· p.m. Parkland Rccreat10n council --l Child models were: David Johnball league, held recently at Umworld laughs with you, frown and lo meet Wednesday evening in ParkC Cl" R' A d SPANA WAY FIREMEN vC'rsity Place fire hall saw plans ou frown alone" · ' SALES ROAD NEWS Harvard-Midland P-TA met on son, .aro 1 me, ic1lY n crson, , , .. , ·. . '. . Y · land school to hear Rep. Gordon J. . . !'atty Hartman Lynil Haakenson PLAN DANCE, SHOW tent,it1\ ely laid f01 a seven-club nr* * * • Brown discuss · · · A ·1 • . h d 1 d f M h 16 t M' di d · h ol with ' · ' ' ' · ' . . . . park leg1slat10n conqm tmg party rs sc. : u c. . or arc ' " ' an sc ~ . Christy Andersen, Kathie Willis, Spanaway-Elk Pbin Fire depart- curt, mcludmg the fire departments 1 an d an d L arc h . Ieg1s · 1ature. today ' March 31 ' at Prame Mission Mrs. Clarence Johann prcs1dmg. at Cynthia Hnncr Michael Bngcr, rncnt will · give . The Post softball team got off to s1'd.ere d I)y t IlC 17 t h state . . . a dance and amateur of·· II · ai..vai·d ' M'dl I'.. arry S prm · k - Sunday school on a quilt. the busmess rneetmg. It was. decided ' • · grange ha 11 , rnont.,. p a 1. k J an d • S panaw,iy· Ell,' · · a good start last Sunday afternoon C ounty C· omn11ss10ner . ' to work , . Marla Parker Georgann Galbraith, show at the Elk Plam. when about H men turned out for er was also expected to be present. for the comm~ ~prmg. tea and sale by the gr~up to purchase a stnp Gerald Parke;., Sonja Gaisli, Lynn Saturday, April 29. Prizes will be Plain, U nivcrsity Place, Fircrest, there.' The bmldmg will be open at film u1nchme and screen . t e d t o th e b est pe.r forinei·s. . L·ikewood and McChord field · Each the initial practice session. There · for the b M c G rat 11 an d R o d ncy F erguson. p1csen ' . 10 o clock a.m, Mrs. Anna Arthur school. Mrs. Johann appointed Ro , . . . M. M · Wh"t were others that were going to come EDUCATORS MEET HERE 1 · · cl1ar ·e of of these departments is to appoint and Mrs. J. N. Engebretsen will ert Clinton and David McPherson Ushe.rettes wnc: Clarence I-Irris. anon ' g . 1 , • • A .. 1 13 , e is m. • I D" B tt Pl II" M r the show and will receJVe cntnes n delegate to a meetmg pn ., out but were prevented from doing Pierce county school directors and as a committee to handle the pur· sc ley, ianne assc ' iy ts a serve luncheon. '· ' d I M h · phoned to her or sent to Rt 7, Box when formal league rules w1'II b c so because of business elsewhere. The administra~ors were to meet at ParkJl<Ir. and Mrs. Garrett Ledford of chase. Mrs. o M nnway.. s· 4.99 , 1"acoma.. . d r awn . . Cleo Davis was appoint- tens C an . .aro . Continued on Page Four land school Wednesday evening. The Wead street visited a former Park- ed as chairman to arrange transporompnsrng t1lC ot 11ci - mgers --------meeting, called by County Superland resident, Mrs. Mary E. Kin- tation for those wishing to attend group, which presented two wellvisor Ruth Bethel, is the second conney, at a nursing home in Tacoma, the county P-T A convention at Puy- received groups of choral selections, secutive yearly meeting of the group where she has bren ill for some allup, April 14. Anyone wishing are the Mesdames Haley Peterson, to be held at Parkland. time. They found her much im- transportation or information can Rudolph Strom, H. R. Jacobs, John reach Mrs. Davis at GRanite 5968. Stanley, W. F. Stay, Earl Markham, proved, Sunday. Mrs. E. A. Pitzler was appointed to W.W. Cline, Leslie Thome, Donald Prairie Mission Ladies Assembly iill the unC'xpired term of Mrs. Bul- Waddell, Roy Krtger, J. N. Engeclub will meet Thursday, April 7, lock, as membership chairman. A bretscn, Olia Rogness and Mrs. at 12 :30 p.m. for a planned lunchnominating committee was elected Stanley Willis, accompanist. Miss eon for which a nominal charge with Mrs. Walter Corrigan, chair- Eleanor Hellbaum provided backwill be made. An Easter parade of man, and Mrs. Robert Clinton and ground music during the style showhats made at home from scraps or Mrs. Arthur Cunningham, members. ing. household articles will be the feature It was voted by the body that. the Harlem Moen, Parkland school of the day. Prizes will be awarded. incoming president be allowed ex- and Pacific Lutheran College dirccHostesses are Mrs. Hazel Scharmata penses to attend the state conven- tor of bands and orchestras, presentYou will find and Mrs. Jack Martensen. "Join tion in Yakima during May. Mrs. ed two violin solos. "Serenade EsSincerity the Easter parade, ladies." Victor Eshpeter and Mrs. Howard pagnole," by Chaminadc and "The and Miss Edna Sackett, Pacific Lu- McFarland, co-chairmen for the Old Refrain," by Kreisler. He was theran college student, who lives Simplicity April 1 style show to be sponsored accompanied by Duane Fodds. with Mrs. Pearl Elliott, visited her by the P-TA, reported that veryat A surprise feature of the evening parents on Vashon island over the thing is progressing nicdy. When" was introduction of the five pairs of week end. The Sacketts are former room count was taken it was found candidates for the honor of riding Sales road residents. that V. D. Keyes' seventh grade the float which will represent Park~r. and Mrs. F, L. McGuire and boys and Mrs. E. Sullivan's first !arid fn the coming Daffodil Festifamrly motored .t~. Everett, W~sh,., grade were tied for the prize, so the val parade, April 9. The Mesdnrnes last Sunday, to v1s1t Mrs. McGuire s group decided to give each room Teresa Jacobus, Mary Lou LapenHere's pretty Asa Gudjohnson, 22-year-old University. of Wash- mother'. Mrs. Blackman, returned an award. At the close of the busi- ski, Hazel Parker, Ingrid Fnyboe, ington senior, who last Christmas ~=~.: \~!;~- t~~~'-~-~t~~ :or-~-~~ ness meeting, Mrs. Charlotte Mc- Miss Trudy Mockel, and little Misses 'tTPr'tT m11Ph 1'.1.12.e . A~me?.~!c~'.e . Lucia Bride et Lw.. r"· ~ui~. _.....'-n..uw.u i.:>. n uJ~\;.J. 1 HJL.-' Clatchcy, program chainnan, pre~ Jenelle Jacobus, Marla Parker, Lu• -- J -------· festival ceremonies in Sweden. of a pioneer Everett family. scnted Mrs. Betty Jo Meyers and Ann Slater, Virginia Guilford and Miss Gudjohnson's father died of I Cancer in 1933. Now she is the The monthly board meeting of per pupils in dancing and tumbling. Judy Lewis wne introduced by Mrs. "standard bearer" for the annual Prairie Mission Sunday school will The seventh grade mothers were H. E. Mobley, chairman of the Cancer Campaign which starts April . l .in the state. She is shown be held at the home of Mr. and host.esses for the evening, under the princess selection com1.nittee of the , above displaying this year's .pm- Mrs. Fred Southwell, near McChord direction of Mrs. George Turner Parkland Business club, float sponcer Poster. field, Tuesday, April 5, at 7:30.p.m. I arid Mrs. F. C. Wagaman. sor. ·

. '




to gain or lose by in- this complimentary concert. co1p01atmg. Also ."P ~or discussion before the mrmbc1s I_~ Lil-· - J . will be· a proposal · of the ~ exccutl\·e board that the community's merchants cooperate in a ·'!!JE',,,.,,.AA,/'111. • monthly "barrrain day" as a spe- D~~~a




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H arvar d . M' "dian d p TA to Purchase Strlp ' F'}m U nit •


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To Customers of Safeway Store at 82nd & Pacific, Sat., March 26th:


I I'


Saturday night of this date our store at 82nd and Pacific was held up and robbed. Included in our loss was a large number of checks cashed at this location on this day. We would appreciate it very much if customers who casfied checks on this day ·will contact Mr. Earl Loyd, our Location Manager. This will help us· to sub· stantially reduce our loss. Thanks



SAFEWAY STORES, INC. 82nd and Pacific, Tacoma.


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_ .... ...i.·~..:·'

...... Advertising Mgr.


SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By :tvfoil: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00

For Those We Don,t See (Contributed Editorial)

Now that the days are getting longer, you will hear children playing outside until long after dinner time. You can probably remember wbcn you would play baseball late in the evening until darkness or your mother's voice called you in. But did you ever stop to think of the children in your neighborhood who aren't playing outside ... not ever? Those who sit by the window or watch the time go by on a clock ·in a dark bedroom . . . and arc never quite like "the other kids"? Because there are children in your own neighborhood who can't walk ... because there are adults confined to their beds . · ]'111g 1·11 nesses or acc1"d ents . . . t h c IYierce . C oun t Y with cnpp . . . . chapter of the Nat10n1l Sonety for Cnp1Jled Children and ' ' Ad l ts was organized u · . . ~, . Each year funds are raised by sell111g Easter Seals. I bis · · · , . Year the goal is higher than ever, for the need 1s greater. Close ,·· · J b . . · ·j .. h _ to .5 0 , 000 Ictte1s 1ave een sent out 111_t1e county, eac con . . I d 1 1 · · Tl . ' d . 1 f tauung sea s an ~n appca ettcr. 11s years nve asts rom March 17 to April 17. It is fast becoming a custom during the Easter season for people to fasten an Easter Seal to each card or message sent out. · ]'mg 1'11 nesses su ff · ccre0 ne o f t h e cnpp · ere cl b y cl11'Id rcn 1s .

Miss Roe Marie Righetti, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Righct. · l! of Twelfth street, was hostess to . . a group of fnends at a drnncr party · ·I s d given at her. wme, atur ay ning. Attendrng w c re the Misses · C oo k , R'ita Bl anc 11f"ie Id , Elizabeth . . :rvr·dl.. R"i . 11 . N ane c y;;ar . d , W 1'l 111,i J







. .




PROGRAM AT COLLINS Collins. P-TA will present a home talent program Friday evening, at Collins gymnasium. The program, which will commence at 8 o'clock, will include vocal and instrumental numbers, skits and minstrel acts.

Word has been received of the arrival in Shangha.i of. tw.o of Span- \ Free. estimates on repair and reaway's young s(')'vicernen, in the model Jobs -Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv) U. S. Navy. They are Harry W. · · Smith Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith of Loop road, and Dick Tarpcnning, son of Mr. and 1'J"nr!liinU HoDlll.e Mrs. Ernest Tarpcnning of Moun-; Tula Lake Road tain highway.



SURE .. It's a Pleasure




school. William Bothwell of Sixth and inff'ction. nEn streets is recovering at his Mr. and Mrs. Al Conklin and Mr. Bes1 Wishes 10 RHONE'S home from a serious illness and and Mrs. A. S. Smnudson of Tafor Complete Success would appreciate visits from friends eom:i Wl'fl' l11nch1·on guests, Monand ncighborR during his convalcs~ day, :it the· home' of Mr. and Mrs. ON THEIR NEW BUSINESS ADDITION TO ccnce. Bothwcll's hobby is knitting, Harry W. Smith on Loop road. THE COMMUNITY so drop in and see the new and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sweigard unuual articles he has made. and sun, Paul, of Eye Brow, Sasl\fr. and Mrs. Ed Beal of Elma, katchewan, Canada, left Monday for ·wash., were Sunday dinner guests Ray, N. D., where they will visit MEAT - GROCERIES at the home of Jvfr. aud Mrs. J\frrlc other relatives. Mrs. Sweig:ird is the FRUIT - VEGETABLES Prettymar1, on Louvre street, to celc.- sister of Mrs. M. L. Kirby of Second SPANAWAY THIRD STREET Spana way GR. 8205 hratc Mrs. Prcttyman's birthday. lrcC'l, where the Sweigards have been Mr. and Mrs. W. D. s;uclair of visiting for the past two months. Hannaford, N. D., were recent Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hendricksen ;:·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::-::·::·:t·~:·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·:!·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·:<::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·:t·!!·!!·!t·::·:~·!!·!t·::·::-:t·::·::·:::: guests at the home of Mr. and J\frs. of Lake Shore dri\·e spent Tuesday William Bothwell of Sixth and "E" at" Seattle. streets. The Sinclairs visited SpanA dinner party, Saturday evening away and the Northwest four years at the Timberline, was enjoyed by ago and thought the country so beautiful that they made a return visit tltis spring. The Ilothwclls and Sinclairs an· cousins. To Congratulate RHONES' on Mr. and Mrs. William Righetti the Opening of Their of Twelfth street were dinner guests . Cabinet Shop Saturday at the home of Mr. and i Mrs. l~arry Wh.itc of Clover creek. :·: ft Followrng the dmnn, Mr. and :Mrs. , Harold Baker of Extension road 1 SHELL SERVICE joined the party. and the group . "

Best Wishes to the RHONES




POPULATION IMPORTANT A determining factor in consideration of any proposal for city incorporation is the population density of the area to be incorporated, as city revenues arc dependent to a large deg-rec upon population. Statccollcctcd revenues are shared with cities upon per capita basis and these funds arc the major revenue source ·for many cities. Some towns operate entirely upon them. In any case, they arc second only to direct millage for city supporJ;. Density of population is important because city expenditures are directly proportional to the extent of the area which must be served. A compact area with relatil'cly dense population and high properly valuation is the most advanlageous for incorporation. Population of an area considered for incorpor:ition may he quite accurately estimated in a number of ways-where actual cPns11s fig11r<'R do not break down in a man~er applicable to the proposed city area or arc not recent enough for use. Some of these bases for estimating population are: ]-Number of homes by actual count (to be multiplied by tlw established ratio of persons per home for the area); 2-Numbcr of water meters (multiplied by ratio of number of water users to 1ncter); 3-Numbcr of electric services (rnultiplied by r;itio of pnsons tu servjce); 4-Numhcr of registered voters (multiplied hy ratio of persons w voter); 5-Numbcr of telephones (multiplied by ratio of people per tclephone). An average of the results obtained by use of all the above bases may be expected to yield a usable estimate of population for c.imsidnation of effects of ii1corporation. .





It's a Pleasure ...


went smelt fishing. Vernon Schlatter of the Mountain . . lughw~y at Henry Berger road, is attcndmg the far western regional



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. i:~ ?:!

1Fe Wish to Extend Congratr:tlations to ·


v i

i:f ~'.!




E M ood Third & Pacific, Spanaway






i:ore GRanite 3213

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i~i ~'.i

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settle in a trailer while the groom returns to school. , ----I Sixty expert horsemen were used by one newspaper to carry news f1:om New Orleans to Baltimore by means of :\ "pony express" in the ;\pril 2. days before the telegraph made fastMiss Shi1lcy Hamilton of Eaton· er transmission of news possible.









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RH ,...,...,..,,s



Variety Store - Groceteria .f S S I J Across rom panaway c 100 l'rcd and Wallie Butts, props.


ville, cousin of the bride-to-be, will be lwr bridal a ltcndant. Fo. llowing a honeymoon in Canada, the couple

APRIL 9t:h

I Rh ·· ane'S•c·.ab.inet·Sh· op ii:~

Community Market Center




I new Opening I

Compliments to the RHONES

REVENUE EXPERIENCE OF SOME THIRD CLASS CITIES, FOR COMPARISON After a population estimate has bef'n obtained, it may be valuable to examine the annual revenues of cities of comparable class, currently operating successfully. An average of incomes for 18 third class cities of Washing·ton (taken from the state auditor's report for 194-6) shows the following results: A \'tragc pupulation-2,526; average assessed valuation-$954,900; average license reccipts-$3,562; average permit sales rcccipts-$358; average occupation tax rcceipts-$1,260; average receipts from fines--~ $2,740; total-$7 ,920. Average receipts from state-shared taxes, etc.-$21,87 5.16. Property tax (maximum 15 mills) if levied in full on average assessed valuation-$14-,323.50; grand total-$++,118.66, per year. The cities (with indivdual populations) used in the above compu.tations arc: Scdro Woolley, 3,300_; Omak, 2,918; Colfax, 3,000; Snohomish, 3,050; Enumclaw, 3,000; Kent, 3,000; Colville, 2,650; Montesano, 2,242; Cle Elum, 2,230; Sumner, 2,+00; Medical Lakr, 2,250; South Bend, 1,800; Marysville, 1,907; Cheney, 1,938; Chelan, 2,000; Prosser, 2,500; Burlington, 1,900; Port Orchard, 3,,lfJO.

Miss Betty Lou Honck, daug. hler of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Honck of Brookdale, has disclosed her forthcoming.· marriage to Mr. Kenneth A. Jorgenson of 109 East 60th street, Tacoma. The wedding ceremony is to be at Mr. Jorgenson's home,


I -·






ent1tlcd to every opportumty to become useful Citizens. Parkland. Pierce county contributions are being sent to Joseph E. Next r<,gular meeting of Span:~H awt I1orne, H onorary T reasurer, E-'aster Lea S ls, 1_) uget Sound \v.. v-Elk , . . Volunteer Firemen . s . . Auxiliary will be Jvfonday cvc111ng, National Bank, Tacoma, Washmgton. 'I ' 8 o ' c Ioc ]·. . , at the-- S1Jat1"1W'IY apn -i·, c: • ' ..,

Brookdale Miss to Become Bride Soon




Mr. ond Mrs. Jens Jensen and , and Mrs. Char!C's McFadden.

Loveland Ladies' Aid met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. I L;iurctta Wright. Following a short business meeting and devo.tions, delicious refreshrncnts were served by the hostess. Attending were the 1 Mesdames Freida Rohr, Margaret Wright, Velma Rhone, Ruth Kirby, Violet Turner, Doris Ornat, Judy Omat, Olive Tarpenning, Harry Pillsbury, Annie Hall, Emily Ball, George Schnelle, of Spanaway; Bell King and Dorothy Stanke, of Parkland; Minnie Edie, Althea Flannery, Vera Schmitz, Jack Kanton and Ronnie Wright of Loveland. Guests were the Rev. W. Svinth, Mrs. Pearl Shantly, Mrs. W. E. Sweigard and others. The next regular meeting will be April 28, at the home of Mrs. Dorothy Stanke, 805 Washington street, Parkland.



(Editor's Note: This is the sixth in a series of inform:;tivf' articles dealing with procedures and effects of municipal incorporation, for consideration with regard to possible incorporation of the community of Parkland. It is evident that problems of discharging such civic functions as are cited below become more acute as population becomes more dense. Therefor, at some stage of its development a community must consider whether to change to a municipal goverm11<·nt.)

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pietz of the . Mountain highway spent Sunday at . Chehalis, where they visited Mrs. I Pietz' parents.

Great Falls, . Jvfont., are ·gucs.ts l\'lc•111l1ers , at · · · of the· P-TA nominating . · the home ol Mr. and Mrs. C. W. committee met Wednesday evenrng Jurgens, on Second street. i at the home of Mrs. Oliver Omat Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Frerichs and on the ;\fountain highway near the fa1:1ily of Second street spent Sun-' Roy "Y." Candidates were selected GR 8077 Joining in the work party Satur- ; Parkland day in Olympia, where they were and the names will be presented to day, to build an addition to the I ""llt'Sts of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frc- 1 p T <\. rnrmlwrs for election at the ·~.. rtchs. next meetm"". Jvkm.bcrs of the nomI fM, . · ". JVIr. and lVIrs. Jess Ba >er o orn- matmg comnuttee arc the Mesdames ingsidl', Ore., f ormrr residents of Oliver Omal, Martin Gibbons, Ila Spanaway, spent Sunday at the Green, Oscar Haugen, Raymond To Congratulate the RHONES on the Ope.ning of Their horn" of Mrs. Lily Pfaff on the· Hill and Louis Symmons. Mountain highway. Mrs. Ch ct McAtcc of Pacific Nt'w Uuilding and Business. l\1r. and Mrs. Clyde Rollins and street has bent selected, by the .1 ". f , . ·l ·11-, .. •0 , d Sunday tu" ot.1 c 11 c iu1 en 3 )r. ' Spanaway Pre-school members, to . · dinnrr ·it the ho11H· of thcu· parents ·-. ' represent 11}rtt org()n1zat1on as a Mr. and Mrs. Lollis Symrnons, on dcleo-ate to the convention which GENERAL A.UTOMOTIVE REPAIRING Pacific street. will ,,be held April J+, at Puyallup. Gas •• Oils •• Accessories and Tires W e "r tint " e· sor·1·y .tc> he·11· ' ' Bill Mr and Mrs. Joe H. Wilson and Fucston of the Copenhagen motel · Spanaway, Wash. Phone GRanite 3233 M ounta1n . I. l . r· d 1· daughters, - - Grace and Brenda, of 11g nvay ts eon inc_ _____ _ 011 to his honw with a serious fungus I .---------· -·-~-· ·-----


I-ncnds and neighbors of R.1lph That IS where the program of the Washmgton Chapter Willis of Frederickson road extend of the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults can their deepest sympathies on the rehelp. But the society must be supported by the people of the cent death of his wife, Mrs. Peggy state and of Pierce county. This support is asked once a year Willis. . .. . . . We .arc .·glad. .to. hear Longr ... w h en P 1erce coun t y res1"d en ts are as k cd t o b uy E~aster Sea 1s. . th::it J 1 BillL.. · use cl (more · h ct ,rnd 0 rn e< 0 Th e money t1US l 9 OGI/()stay- of Secondd stH co 11 ecte d 1s tan I . 1 . . .1 ··! f· · . . .' . . Loop roa 1avr JCC!l " caste tom mg 111 the Stace of W ash1ngton" to aid our own handicapped) hospit;ils. Long underwent surgery to finance such work among crippled children and adults as and Lee was confined for pnrumedical centers. speech clinics, occupational therapy, rcbabili- monia. . tation and education. Capt. and Mrs. James T. Deaton . a . . .. _ . . . . of Fifth street enjoyl'd a game of This pro 0 ram IS based on the belief that handicapped I I .·1" 1-f d·iv n·cnin<>· at th<' home ' . . . . . '"' .~c on ', . , ,, . persons are a normal and ever-present part of society and are of C·1pt. and Mrs. l. f. Lcvden, 111 ·


Spanaway Boy Scout Troop 34 enjoyed a week end camping trip, on the Deschutes river near Vale. About 20 Scouts participated. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beckman of Fogg street, accompanied the Tacoma ice hockey band to witness the game at New Westminster, Saturday. A large group from the surrounding vicinity enjoyed the game. Transportation was by three ehartered buses. Lawrence Failey and family thank the m a n y friends who expressed sympathy on the i·eccnt death of their mother and wife. Garry Sibley, who is himself but 27 months old, now has a brother, Gordon Melvin, born March 22 to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sibley at Tacoma General hospital. M e I v i n weighed 8 pounds, 4· ounces. He and his mother arc both home now, feeling fine and being very busy.

party Tuesday evening, given by alumni of Dale Carnegie jnstitute, at the Towers.

Little Claudette Fueston daugh• f M d Mr Willi~n Fuestel 0 r. an ". . 1 . l\fr. and l\1rs. Walter Feddersen ton of the Mountarn highway, , . 1 h is • •· • and daug·htcr of 1 acoma were dm- spendmg a few w c e ks with er • . ner guests, Sunday, at the .home of grandparents m Puyallup. ghrtt1. . Spanaway Pre-school group will I t:1eir parents, Mr .. and Mrs'. Clair Mr. and Mrs. w. E. Sweigard of meet Wednesday cwning, April 6,. h·ddencn, on Lake Shure dnvc. Eye Brow, Saskatchewan, Canada, at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs./ Friends and neighbor~ of ~verctt w~10 have been nrnkin~ their h~me Lawrence Bccknrnn on Fogg street.) Rogers of the Mounta1~ highway with Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirby Alice Scearce • daught<'r · · of Mr. arc. ..glad tu !war that. he ts recuper- of Second street, spent Sunday at and Mrs. Russdl Scearce of Loop atmg after undcrgomg surgery re- Bremerton. · . ) i·t" it i·ole. in ccntly d at T·icorn·1 General hos1)ital S t I 1\1· rs. Ph'l T I aiid roa , p 1ayec1 an 1m1 o "' · • · · · • • · , g . am 1 ay or the Clover Park senior class play, Rogers is at home, but still con- children of Twelfth street spent tile "The Gr cat American Family," fined to a cast. veek end at Scappoose, Ore., where which,, was pn·scntcd Friday and Mr. and Mrs. William Forrest and: they visited Taylor's parents, Mr. Saturday evenings at ClO\<·r Park childn·n, David and Cherrie, of 1 and Mrs. J. Driver.

bra! palsy. The child often seems to be developing normally . for the first year or two. Then gradually the parents suspect something is wrong. When their fears are realized, they find out that the care and help their child will need is not a matter of weeks or months ... but of years. The cost of tre:itment . b eyon d t l1e reac·h o f a JI b uc t I1c wea Ith y. high 1s ·, .school. .

' and Mrs. James T. Deaton I, of Capt. Fifth street attended a dinner

Cream shortcning; add sugar gradually and cream until fluffy; add orange rind, eggs and yams and mix well. Combine molasses and orange juice. Sift dry ingredients together and add to creamed mixture alternately with molasses-orange juice. Bake in greased 9-inch square pan in oven, 350' F., for about 35 minutes. Cut in squan·s and serve for dessert.

. . . meetrng of the Nat10nal Institute of . . . .. . Drnper services, berng held this week . . . m San Francisco. Schlatter operates a bab laundr • in Tacoma.



Little Jerry Shaff, son of Mr. and Next regular meeting of the SpanMrs. Don Shaff of Fourteenth street, away Progressive Community club accompanied his grandparents, Mr. will be Tuesday evening, April 5, and Mrs. Joe Wilson, to their home at 8 o'clock in the library of Span~n w:::,~nsburg. He will visit there a way school.

The list of "food partners" is a long and famous one-ham and eggs, pie and ice cream, crackers and cheese to name just a few. And as you nrn down the list, you can't overlook, yams and molasses. Golden beauties take so well to the sweet succulence of rnolasscs that the number of dishes boasting this team is endless. Pudding·, pies, and candied yams arc familiar ones, but have you ever thought of putting them into cake. You can and will again once you've tried Golden Cake Squares-your family will see to that. GOLDEN CAKE SQUARES y, cup shQrtcning 2 tablespoons orange juice y, cup sugar 2 cups sifted flour 2 y, teaspoons baking powder I talJ!espoon grated orange rind 1 ,~easpoon soda y, teaspoon salt 3 eggs, well beaten I CUT> boiled mashed yams 1 teaspoon cinnamon Vi cup m<Jlcsscs


Scout hall on Eighth street, were: Lee Corp, E. Tarpenning, Ernie McGinnes, Frank McCabe, Harvey Bradshaw, Horton Marfas and John Newell.

Ellensburg, Wash., and Mr. and ; Mrs. Mel R. Wilson of Goodland, Kansas, enjoyed Sunday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Shaff on Fourteenth street.


It's congratulations nnd wedding bells for Donald R. Bergen of Spanaway, as he takes for his bride Miss J Barbara C. Miller of Tacoma. Janelle Nygard, Wilma Mac Righetti and Rose Marie Righet~i were I among Spanaway young folks who attended the Senior prom at Roy, Friday evening. The Senior prom is one of the outstanding social events of Roy high school. In a colorful setting, carrying out the class colors of aqua and silver, Queen Carmella Miller was crowned by King Duane Smith. Following the coronation, there was a group of musical numbers featuring Shirley Garnett, who sang the class song, "Far Away Places." Jandk Nygard, daughter of Mrs. Clara Nygard of Fifth street, is among the S<'niors who will graduate this June.

A com1nunily newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Entered as second-class matter October '.l, J 9'15, at the post office at Parkland, "Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. .


Recipe of the Week -

Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter P. 0. Box 223 - GR. 6757

W111. K. Bill GrossglosL ......................~........................... ,. ... .

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 31, 1949

It's the main topic of conversation this spring. Busy home-planners are already getting into action. Come to us with your problems - we will help you solve them with friendly advice. Start your home on its way to better looks, better wear-and better living for you.


2nd St:reet:, Spanaway GRan1l:e • . 7005 ·

~! f.i


i!H ~J




I ~-: ~:1 •i

t!:-::-::·::·::-::·::·::-::·:t·::·::·:t·lt·lt·::·::·:t·::·::·::·:t·::·::·:t·::·::·::·:t·lt·lt·::-::-::·::~:·::.::·::·::·:t·:t·:t·t:·:t·::-:t·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::. ::·lt·:t·::·::-::·::·::·::·::·~;~

Parkland, \Vnshington, Thursday, March 31, 194·9

MIDLAND NEWS Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanitc 5738 Midland Orthopedic guild will m<>et at Mid land Improvement club hall April 4, for 12:30 luncheon. The prcsidrnt, Mrs. Don Kemp, extends a cordial invitat'.o.n to everyone to come out and VIS!t the meeting and join if desired. The charter rncmbrrship list is still open for this meeting and anyone who was unable to ·attend previously may be includeel in the charter membership. Hos. . . tr-sses for the Apn,J meetmg are the Mesdames Floyd Ayers, Harry ~esh!er, Lrn Welsh, Raymond Ellison, Pctn .Teffre and Charlotte Mc.


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was the center of attrac-

Ition. Games were played and a won-


dcrf ul evening thoroughly enjoyed. Attending were the Messrs. and Mesdames Carl Taylor, Arthur Perkins, AIPx Kreshak, George Turner, Floyd Cook, Harold Johnson, David Haddon and the hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Don Kemp. A son, born to Mr. and Mrs. "Yilj liam Olson, March 21 at St. Joseph's hospital, has been named Pat An1 drew. He is welcomed home by a 1 brother, Bobbie. Graudparents are former Midland residents Mr. and Mrs. John Olson. T b of Mi.dland Orwenty mcm crs thopedic guild, and friends, attended the March 24 style show sponsored b the council of Tacoma Ortho· Yd.LC assocta · 1ion, pc ,at tile, I-Iott! Win-

By d'Alessio


Jn a recent election of class offiCC'rS at Kapowsin high school many Elk Plain students' names appeared on the list. For the sophomore class were: Ray Flannery, president; Jim Sartain, secretary: and Marilyn Ockfrn, A.S.B.R. Of the senior class was lktte Bennett, A.S.B.R.


Elk Plain Grange was host Thursday, March 24-, to the Oakview Grange drill team from Centralia, Wash.,· which initiated 48 candidates. Refreshments and dancing followed the degree work.


First and second grades of Elk . . . Plam school took a field . trip last . . , Thursday, March 22, to v1s1t Lmn s . hatchcry. Besides the two teachers, . Mrs. G. H. Dorfner, Mrs. Errnc .


. Icy and Clarence Johann. For the first time since its organ, f p·

Children's and Infants' Wear



A meeting was called at the home of Mrs. Harry Beshler, March '23, by the chairmen of the "April Foolishuess" style show, for last minute ! reports of committees. l\frs. David l\1cPherson, ticket chairman, report-


Hiway Variety Store 7025 Pacific Avenue

I •

C A comn~it~ee rom icrce ounty 4-H Associat10n met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Eshpete~, March 28, to lay plans for a float to be entered in the April 9 Daffodi! parade. Chairman of the committee is Frank Ballou of Firgrove. Others attending were: Mrs. Bal-1 lou; Mr. and Mrs. George Purcell, of Puyallup; Guy Norman of Graham, president of Pierce County Leaders council; Mrs. Ivan Pugh of Collins and Mrs. Robert Clinton of



We Fix It ... ! REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS No Job too Small - or Too Big GRanite 6544





Haslons, Mrs. ~'Iu?o Lovc~and ~nd 'I hear this story :;.:; JliC.••Y t~mes, I wish he HAD caught it!" I the Mrs. T. A. T1bb1tts accompa111cd children. . . Spanaway l~byheld was the scene . . . . of duce excitmg ball games .. Elk cd that tickets arc grnng oul fast. much enthusiasm was noted m the Plam teams returned home w' th Other chairmen and sub-chairmen applause. After the program, mem- three lossc-s on their score. sheets. present were the Mesdames Jack . hers of the Pre-school group served The girls l()st a hard-fought garnr, Courtnev :tvfike I-Iansler Fred Rous-' refreshments. " ' I · '.l-G, while . the . .boys · second team lost scau, Robert Sharpe, Floyd Ayers, I A big baby girl, Joan Mnric, 8 1 '"' by a . d1sheartcnmg score of 9-11. . • Victor Eshpeter, Howard McFar- 1 pounds, 15 ounces, 21 inches tall, 1 lhc big game ol the da)'., boys fi,rst land, Clarence Johann, Charlotte' was born Ma.rch 18 at Tacoma Gen- I team, .was lostr ID to .2 •with one Elk • 1 McClatchcy and the hostess. era] hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Thom- Plam star, h.. e.imy Oh'."". suffermg Spalt Wartcnbe, president of the' as Lanz of Waller Road. She is the " cut knet' which n·quirt'd stitches. Midland Improvement club, has. an- Lanz' first child. Both mother and The sclwol hendit dance, lwld nounccd that, after a short busmcss daughter arc now home. \Saturday night, was .report<'d a hug<' session at the regular meeting April l'vlr. am! l'vlrs. Rimel Creitz of. suC'.ccss. lYfusic was furnished by the 5, at 8 p.m., movies, secured from. 9 lst and Portland avenue are Jeav- Iocnl orchestra which consists of: the Sixth army film library at Fort ing for Birmingham, Alabama, to Mr. and Charles Bloom: Hu.go Lcwis, will be shown. Everyone is be n<'ar her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loveland, bcl Prest,'rn, Cal. ~~rt'.im, cordially invited to attend this meet- W. C:. Frlkins. Accompanied by tlH'll Mrs. I-I. Harvey, 1 horncy 1 ibb1tts, ing at the :tviidland Improvement children, Nancy Ruth, 6.; Joe,+, anll and :tvfrs. E. Vv. Castle Sr. Square dub hall. The films selected deal Cindy, 5 months, they plan to drive danCt' callers wt·re Hug·o Loveland


M or



'.vit.h the invasion of Iwo Jima, dee-I oration of Bataan nurses and the ever-popular War Dogs. Harvard l\lidland and Larchmont Fire dcpa:tment and Ladies' Auxiliary entertaiiwd at a party :tvfarch 26 for Mr. and Mrs. Nels Swolgaard. The evening was spent in cl. ancing and, at the supper hour, the honor guests were presented with a lovely 1 I • , gift. Attend mg were the l\1essrs. and M l ]' k J l CJ

GR. 3438

~·---··---------------·-· 1





Parkland Fuel Oil & Service Station Parkland, Wash.

GRanite 3112





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, 1rt

Mrs. Joyce Vance. l\Irs. }ired Rousseau, ge1wral chairman"' of the Harvard-Midland PreI school presentation of the Reitha Gerhi d :i n c e revue,· at Midland school, March 25, has announced that over 250 people attended the program. The dance numbers were well received by the audience and



mA 4H!2 Interurban Auto Freight, Inc.


Daily Service to Parkland, Spanaway and Surrounding Territory PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE


7-FOOT SECTIONS-EASY TO PUT UP l'ricc includes posts and gates-per foot ............ . ORNAMENTAL IRON RAILS 34" long ............ $5,00 43" long ............ $7.00 These Should Sell for $4.00 Per Foot

cast slowly. wit. h many stops. for sight-seeing or to visit friends. TllC'y have been active in affairs of Park]and Methodist church for the past two years and have made 111any friends whom tht•y express sorrow al kaving. ----·. .

HARVARD NEWS . • . Mrs. Alice ·Snuth, Reporter GR. ,1- 75 5

home of Mrs. Kittin.l(e1:, with Lucy Pan11<'k co-hostess, Chc.·ryl Ann A.mes, daughter . of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ames .• suffncd a severely cut wrist in a fall 0 ~, a piece of glass at her honw last wu.L J\Iichacl Gural, small son of Mr. and M.1-s. F.·ran.l< Gur<'.l, is a bit undcr the weather at !us home. Hope he gets better soon. l'vlrs. E. B. Smith, Buster, Buddy and Billi Jo went to Portland to ·meet Mr. Smith. They spcut an n·cning at" the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Drath, cousins of Mrs. Smith, and family. They returned home by train. After a frw days home, Smith ldt to work in Grand Ronde, Ore.





If you haue to wash a car, you can't beat this way



GRanite 6547 and GRanitc 7583

Pac. NW UNESCO Conclave Dates Set

and to take its findings into C\Try state organization's order of business. · 'I'l ie. f.irs t- nort 11wt·s t reg1ona . The conference is sJJOnsorcd bv . 1 con. . . ' f ercnc:e f or t 1H'. U n1tec . .. N at10ns . E. the \Va sh nw'lon Sta tc C:oord rnatrng· •co1 . S c1cnti . 'f'1c an d ('_,11 1t11ra 1 or- Council for UNESCO. non11c, · · . h Id · S I gan1zat1on \VJ 11 1)C c 111 e~1tl C', , . d II · d :-'-pn 1 10 an , it was announce recently by :Mrs. Pearl Wanamaker, . . d f I . . state .supcrinten :nt o pu ~1": rn-. struction and regional commiss10ncr Community volunteers who arc for UNESCO. Delegates from all c:irrying the annual American Red parts of the state and from cvc1·y Cross rneml5nship drive from door important statewide organization to door in the South End area were have been invited to participate. made known this week by district Kt•mwth Holbnd, assistant secrc- chaihnrn at Midland and Parkland. tary of state' for UNFSCD will come ' · · , · · · () n M rs. R usse 1 E'. E' ar1ey. , s cornfrom Washing'ton, D. C. to open the f or. 1, ar kl an d an d B.ioo.kd ::i 1e conference with a public talk in the arC': Mesdames May Elliott Harry SJJanish lnllrooi· Cl ian1)C'rs, I A n n a F. ' '·I 1 of Lhc OlvmJ)ic • ' ·· , ~c·nncy, .1.v. ary hotel in Seattle, at 8 p.m. Sunday, Wutz, L. B. Richardson, C:. P. April 10. Every interested pnson in Lund, Philip Pepper, ]. U. Xavier, the state is i'.witc? to att<·nd. . Robert Haner, Norman Peterson and Dr. lkn C.herrmgton, director of Clifford Sayre. Stanley Willis is the the Social Science Foundation for lone lllan of the group. the l'.niversity o.f Dcnvc1: and In- I Assisting Mrs. l\1ikc Hanskr at t<· Rdat10ns .Cliamnan ~or I Midland arc: :tvfrsdanws Carl Tayt~ic N~t10~al Educational Associa- lor, Donald Kemp, Victor Eshpeter, t.1on, w'.ll give the second of the con- I1 c. W. Skog, Ralph Keyes, George lnencc s ma111 sprechcs when he Turner, Grace' Fredrickson, Robert addresses the delegates and other Clinton, Charles Rasmussen, Henry 0


Red Cross Drive Workers Listed

:'~d .M.r. Svinth fi.-(. lm F.:itonville. intc.·rr·st<·d persons in. tlw Olympic Tcffre, Ann McPherson, A a r I he School club ways and means committe« thanks everyone for support of the dance. The next dance of the series will be held April 23. School duh is sponsoring a ham dinner on April 9, in the school lunchroom, to benefit the kitch. c.n. Commando Boys 4-H club gave a party for the girls Lively Elevrn , . ,---, club, last I• n(b)', March 25. l he cl I I l 1)oys ~11a e nnc. servec ca.{('S an cl sandwiches and the cvenrng was spent at games and dancing. The . . . ' affair was m the school luncrdoom . and a good tune was rrportcd by all · l'vfrs, Fcadia Kanton entertained al cards, to a group of ladies in her , home on the afternoon of March Those presc.nt wtr.c the Mesdames Dorothea R r ch, Dorothy Ockfen, Maria Anderson, Leona · Smith, Olive Tibbitts, Mary Kuper,


123. I


Edith Shepherd and the hostess. Mrs. She.phcrcl .won fi'.-st prize and Mrs. Rich the consolation. A lovely

lunch followed the games. Mrs. Nick Odden kft Tuesday, March 22 to visit until Friday, March 2G with her husbapd at Lewiston, Idaho. Ik is working on construction of a new plywood plant there. Mrs. Ockfen rode onr on the bus and her husband and she drove hac.k. I.le spent the week !'.rid lwrc and returned Sunday evening. Elk Plain Grange on Saturday, April 9, is having another of a series of dances ·for Grangn·s and their friends. The day is planned so families may first attend the D~1ffodil parade, then the School club's ham dinner, followed by the cl a n cc. "Good idea, ch?"

Dawson Field Teen-Agers club will lrnn· no mt•cting :Friday, April I, as the P-TA style show falls on that date. The next meeting will be Friday, April 8, at 7:~0 p.m. All teen-agers' parents will have the privilege of chaperoning these weekly meetings and arc asked to call Mrs. George Turner (GR. 5727) or Mrs. A. Hanson (GR. ~ 723) to make thC'ir appointments. Parents Monthly terms on all purchascs(adv.) will be asked to chaperone twice a Brookdale Lumber Co. year and there arc no duties involved except to be present. Please make your appointment promptly CANYON ROAD PIT to save the committee time in callBank Run-Good for Driveways ing on all parents separately to per50c per cubic yard, your truck form this duty. 4 yards delivered-$6.00, 'Phone WAvcrly 7902 Patronize Your Advertisers


Phone GR.

9648 Pacific Ave.


Robmson, I• rank Baske~t, ClarenQe Berger, Victor Eshpcter, Lewis Mc--,, Sunshine Sewing club met at the Artor, George Turner, Harv c y . . : home of lYfrs. Lola Beshaler, with W ee I"• David McPherson, Harry .. , _. . , . , , T Weeks H:iy P·iiuln Al Bomlnrdier Mis. Skinstc ad as co-tJostess. he John .Dc<:ring: Law:-cncc Ald;n am; next meeting will b" April 7 at the






Basket:t: Lumber o.


I l

2x4 . . 8 ft:.· No. 4 Com. l $19.00 per


Roy on Friday, March 5. She was , crowned by the king, Duane Smith of Rocky Ridge.



Alice Dorfner, Reporter Graham 45!!

Carmela Miller of Elk Plain IwasMissqueen of the Senior ball at

C:btd"'Y· . tluop. From the Midland guild were ]\fr. and Mrs. James W. Hartley. the Mesdames Donald Kemp, Carl and son, Jimmy, and ~r. and Mr~. Taylor, Henry Teffre, Mike Ransler, Clarence Johann and ch1ldrcn, Doris Robert Clinton Clay Roley, Gunan,f Claude, were guests at a birth- nar Udd, J. Carlisle, Frank clay cl inner for Leon Howland, Pulito, J. P. Pryor, Victor Eshpctcr, father of Mrs. Hartley and Mrs. Jo- Clarence Berger, Frank Baskett, hann. The dinner was given by Mrs. Frank Johnson, Ed Hoffman, Roy Eva I-lowland at their home, March Taylor, George Turner, James Hart-

ization, I 0 years ago, the Birthday club of Midland had an evening party honoring husbands of members. March 26 was the date and the affair was a birthday party for all the men, and especially honored the birthday, that day, of Carl Tay!or. A large birthday cake suitably


howl of the Olympic hotel at 8 p.m. Monday, April 11. The title of his addrC'SS will be "Bierut, Cleveland .:ind the Road Ahead." Dr. Chernng~on was the U · S. delegate lo thr Bwrut couf .. iTncc· last year. B. ecause world peace dcpei:ds . 011 the of ·1' world orwrn1r1t1on . strenuth ;"' ,, like UNESCO: Mrs. Wanamaker llro·ps f"\'CI')' l'l'Sldent Of the St<-lt[' Of " . . . . . . . . . . .. \Vashmglon to become mtcrcstcd Ill this no,rtll\vest re ·ional conference

0 n Balmer and William Stevens. lvfrs. John G. Gorow is chairman for Collins and Mrs. W. F. Grass heads the n 1]untcer group at Larchmont. Pierce county headquarters this weC'k <'rnpha.sized that the Red Cross · · continurng · · campaign 1s unti'] quotas arc obtained. In scv<'ral areas the cl,• r • • • er ·' o· • 11 i l\ c IS Just now ,,cttm" ica Y un dcr w·iy due to tlH' htc kickoff ._ ' · -- ' · · ·



GRanite 6532

MAIN 7745



Atlas Tires and Batteries

Complete Line of Ignition Parts

Anderson CHEVRON Service Spanaway on Mt. Highway


GRanite 6465


* Sporting Goods and Hardware


Daniels Hard are PARKLAND

GR 7947

Call "The Voice of Parkland"

at (iRanitc 7380

Louise and Bob Lynd will put your news iten1 on the

Phone GR. 8519 for



'?~ GR.


This new -formula in chick size is the perfect feed for faster growth. Small enough to be safe for small birds. coarse enough for easy pouring, less feed waste, and better appetites. Keep your broilers growing In high .gear with balanced ration Kn1.1ublcs.

Evenings GR.5417

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Stewart Hay & Grain Co.

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WIND 0 W SH ADES, SHERWINcWILLIAMS PAINTS and VENETIAN BLINDS. Stop in and see our stock of LINOLEUM - we have many nice patterns to choose from.

ACCURATE Prescription Service




12:15 to 1:00 p.111. Friday over KTBl

PHARMACY Pacific Avenue and Airport Road

PARKLAND PEAT YOU HAUL-$1.50 yd. at Pit -WE HAUL6-yard Load ··············-·····'·$14.00 4 and 5-yard loads at $2.50 yd. 3-yard load .......................... $8.00 PHONE-GRanite 8511

eo~e Z'~e4~ s~ we have. received our shipment of


Sweaf:ers and

Nylon Slips

· We are also showing our MIXEM and MATCH'EM Pby Togs GARFIELD STREET



Page Four

lx4 D.V.G. END MATCH FLOORING ......... per M feet $11.60 lx4 C.V.G. END MATCH FLOORING ......... per M feet 16.70 4x4: 6-FT. CEDAR POSTS ........................................ each .65 GREEN UTILITY FENCE-3 feet high .......... 50-ft. roll 10.50 Ix3 No. 4 SHIPLAP-Good Grade ............. per 100 feet 3.20 DOUllLE LOOP LAWN FENCE ............... per 100 feet 28.75 ASK ABOUT OUR MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN



Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 31, J949

Turning Point for Cattle Is Sighted



Kindergarten Will Ft. Lewis Officer to Offer "Springti111e Take Parkland Bride Revue," Wednesday An event of April 2 will be the "Springtirnc Revue" will be the theme of the annual Parkland Kindergarten program to be presented Wednesday, April 6, at B p.m. at Parkland school. Miss F r a n e c s Scearce is in charg·e of the program, assisted by Mrs. Mabel Galbraith, Mrs. H. Mobley and Miss Lor:iinc Lunt2. Sprcialty numbers are as follows: Country Gardens, Fairy Dane<', Carden Song, Country Garden Dance, Wishing Dancc>, Wishin.r; SonE;, Minuet, Rag Doll Dance, Dutch Dance, Dance of Greeting, Flag Drill, Chi!dren's Polka, Shoemaker Dance, The Do It Song and The Rhythm Band. Several songs will be presented by the c-ntirc Kindergarten. . .Mrs. Gudrun Nrss Ronning 'vill sing several, children's songs between the first and second scenes: The Brownies by Leoni, Three Little Fairy Songs by Besly, and The Big Brown Bear by lvlana-Zucca. Mrs. S. Willis will be her accompanist.

nrnrriag1· of Miss Joyce L. Sjostrom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Sjostrom of I 02nd and south Park m·enue, to Lt. Alton S. White Jr. of S1·attle. Their \'ows will be exchanged at Fort Lewis. :Mrs. Earl White of T:1corna, sister of the bride, will,lw matron of honor. Lt. White and his bride will leave for California where he will attend school for 30 days. Thr·y expect, thr·n, to rC"turn to this arc:i.

The following readings will be given by Mrs. Alice Perrault betwecn the second and third sci::ncs: The Green Hobgoblin, I'm Hiding, and0 Little Red ~'.din~ Hood. Cluldren p~rt1c1patmg rn the program are Louise Klaus, Judy Lewis, Georgann Galbraith, Kathleen Wil!is, Margaret Ronning, Margaret Logan, LuAnn Slater, Kay Cline, Virginia Guilford, Ardelle Smith, Terry Sircdlo, Marla Parker, Carolyn Damme!, Cathryn Danuud, Patsy Snowden, Twyla Mcintosh, Carol Kruckabcrg, I-Iaidec Mobley, Ronald Nelson, Ruth Adams, l\1ary Ann Aldrich, Carol Chapman, Shirlcy G r cc o, Hollis Sewitt, Diane Owen, Carol Puett, Ruddell Webb, Norma Wold, Neddy Lou Simpson, Judy Leraas, Jenelle Jacobus. Claudis Chilberg, Darlene Graham, Margaret Anderson, Barbara Duffey, Susan Scharpf, Becky Randall, MPianic TuckPr, Leslie Sales, Freddy Michel, Margaret Logan, •Larry Rogers, Artie Clark, Laura Dickenson, John Stern, Gloria Siler, Larry Columbine, Catherine Williams, Kenneth Beitz, Robert Reynolds, Bobby Fenimore, James Lapenski, Diana Perryman, Michael Berger, Ardelle Smith, Flenoy Gehrman, Betty Jensen, Roy Ewing, Patty Jensen, Gene Lcvagc, Rita Zelinsky, Gilbert Hill, Ina Thorne, Richard Rutherford, Dorothy Crandall, Joan Cook, Jerry Gamin, Noreen McGahn, Craig TcmJJlin, Doris Thorne, Roger Wood, Linda Ellcfson, Gary Dykman, Virgin_ia Je'.fries, Dcnton Rushton, Gay] Gitt, Junmy Kent, Marilyn Ncpokoski. Jimmy Gctcham, Leland Strom, A n a I c c Christoplwrson, Richard VanHam, Tillie Hannan, Michael S ton e, Sherril Luxtrum, David Ghormley, Ddoris Shearer, Charles Ouldhouc, Layne Turner, Rickey Denney, Michelle Shelton, Scott Goodman, Sharon Kollar, Donnie Bachmer, Kathleen McAuliffr, Rodney Perkuhn, James Rolstad, Floyd Corbin, Gerald Parker, Bruce Rutledge, Danny Larson, Floyd Whittier, Susan Scharpf, Bobby Taylor, Douglas Jernigan, Jackie Kalhagcn, Penny Bell, Richard Archer, Franccs Fagg, Douglas Rhine, Linda Sue Casto, Rickey Anderson, Doris Magrudcr, Kc it h Meyers, Kathryn "forgr·nson, Billy Thompson, Ann Bluhm, Billy Mitchell, Johnny Aldcrton, Eileen Schroeder, Lind a Alderton, Lloyd l'rost, Rost:ann<· Schenk, Donald Kerstetter, Linda

someone else brino thrnr alo1w as thq' ar~: so~:rly nce~ed. .~ --·------------, • ,

veterans News Continued from Page One material looks good but just a little bit stiff from the winter's inactivity. Nr·xt Sunday will sec another jointloos1·11ing session at tlw same place and at the same time. 'We were just a little bit short on equipment last Sunday, so if any of you fellows hav1· gfon·s and other equipment applicablt- to the o-ame of softball or can get your h<;~rds 011 any fron;

CLASSIFIED ADS Call GRanite 7100





l:,'RIDAY & SA1'URDAY ONLY HAMS, picnic style ----·--·--·--·--·--Jb. GRAPEFRUIT, med. size ______ ea. DARIGOLD MILK, tall tins ____ ea. JELLO, assorted flavors ____________ ea. Campbell's TOMATO SOUP, ea.

39c OSc lOc OSc lOc



Pacilic Lutheran College



Fred Southwell, Superintendent


I , 1


Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. Sunday School. Hl:;lO a.m. Bihle study> 7:~~0 :t\,londay night, lvlrs. Cli:idt·s Ku~u:tz :~~.:~cliing.

I l




' ]], ·d· . I f 'l l yn ( .opt", a rest 1ng :it t H' an11 Y





lnor Bergstrom, Superintendent Sunday School, Jrl:3•.1 a.m. every Sunday. l!arv:~nl Sunday School l\forhcrs' Circle meets fu·st Wednesday of month at 2 p.m.


sr. JOHN OF THE WOODS 9Bth and Taylor, Midland

Rev. R. E. Log'!"· Pastor . l\fasses, B:OO nn<l 10:30 a.m. Catccli1srn

afrcr Mass. SPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE . S!anley R. Weddle, Pastor. Sumby School, 9:45 a.m.; Morlllug Wol'.:ihip 11 a.m.; Evangelistic Service, U p.m. 1

Chris<'s Ambassadu1::_Wednesday.


Arnie Konsmo, Pastor l\fr·eL<; every Sunday in Midland P.T.A. hall, 11 a.m.; Sunda'.y School, 9A5 a.m.

Fia~~h ~~L1 ~ ::T.1.~.. c~~.~~~ R. W. teclyard, Pastor Bible School, 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. \Vorship at 11; EVcuing Service, 7:30.

h 0 m ('; four sisters'. Jv[rs. Fannie CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST Handling of Grccnf1eld, Ill.; Mrs. Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School · • S n11t · ·h Of G1 r~1. f ton, . . M ts. . . I ns ·. W. C. l\hea, Pastor I·I·attic Bible School, JO ·a.m. Ccorge Ches:mm, Peland"'. of 1"'racy, Calif., and Mrs. superiut.cndent. . ,.,. ,,, ,Vlorn111g wor.slup, <11 a.m. Eva 1 rmpe of Dow, Ill.; four broth- ---·---·-·-···,-·-

e~·s, Floyd Cope Ill., of Taco_ma,, J. W. Cope of Alton, Lo111s Cope of Detroil, Mich., and Alvis Cope of I Grafton.


l Steam Doukey Engiue District No. :1 Equipment located at Lakeview Shops I Austin 12-ft. Pull Grader l Russel 12-ft. Super 1v[ogu1 Scarifier I !l2·J C1~dar R:ipids Crusher aud Convevors Siilwus 2-ft. Cone Unil Ht•sse Ersted Gas Donkey Districts Nos. 2 and :J Equipment located a1 Lakeview Shops I Gallion (International. 10-'..W) 10-ft. Grader 1 Gallion (Fordson) :)-ton Rollc1 I Killifer Ripper 1 Kuering 1075 Cement 1·Iixe1 6 Spreader Boxes 1 Fordsnn Rotary Rrnom will be sold by the Treasurer of Pierce County, Washiugton, al public auction at the "G" Street entrance to the Pierce County Court House in the City of Tacoma, \iVashinglon, on _Monday, tlu~ lBth day of April. A. D. 1949 at the hour of ten o'clock A.M., of said day to the hig-hest and best bidder for cash. The Board of County Commissioners rcscn'c's the right lo reject any and all bids. By Order of the Board of Pierce County c::nmmissiorn•rs.






Coni:esi: nds April 3



County Auditor and JClcrk of the Board of County Commissioners.

Ily H. LEIF, Depuly. l'uh. l\larch 31, April 7.





GR. 8514

GR. 5946

AFTER 5:00 P. M.






GRanite 7270 i



during big _Sp. dng Showing! --L-1

....,-11!.a'°" I~ V





.._.Allr\I A.._llr\



CHURCH Announce111ents

two sons, William and Earl Cope, and two daughters, Flora and Eve-

PEGGY WILLIS Mrs. Ralph D. Willis, 24-, of Span-


I.. .






"Northw1·st poultryrnen may think they ha\'c had feed supply trouble in the past, but it was nothing to what European poultrymen arc facin,g now," states Eric Stromquist, Triangle Milling compan)' i·xtr·nsion field man n·cr·ntly rr-turni·d from Europe. One of the few Northwest delegates to the recent 8th Annual World's Poultry congress hdd at Copenhagen, Dcnrnarl<, Stromquist was the only representati\'e from a wcst<'rn milling company. U. S. poultrymen are •·specially fortunate in the assistance they receive from the government, state agricultural colleges and feed manu-' fact11r!'rs. Assistance in foreign countries is vrry Jimitr·d, Stromquist reports. Although American commcrcial poultrynwn arr by far the most efficient in the world, they can still improve their operations by applying the latest scientific and practical information made available by the USDA, college experiment stations and research departments of feed ma11ufacturcrs. Denmark Jc ads the European countries in poultry production, according to Stromquist. Their poultry methods and marketing systems D \NIEL COPE arc very well developed, with a large ' _, _, . Funr-ral scrvicr·s for Daniel Cope egg export to other European corm, . . . . tries. . of l' i:c~encl~S{~~' \Vhc: \V)as I.:.:i~l~ed in a blast ,lt th1 Columbia I owdc I company plaet thr·re March 15, w<"re Antilla, Paul Brandfas, James, Joan Ellingson, Linda Stewart, hdcl March 19 from the Clover Creek Baptist church the Rev. Shea ' Alan Harl, Rose McCarthy, Lewis Wiscgcrbcr, Richard Heida!, Gil- officiating-. Intcrmrnt in Spanaway bert Hill, Jimmy Kent, Larry Rog- cemetery followed. 1v1r. Cope. \Vas born in Grafton ' ers, Bobby Fenimore, Ruddell Webb, Ill. He had been employed hy the and David Isenberger. Columbia Powder company in PennRefreshments will br servrd in the sylvania before co111inff to this area 0 ,, lunchroom after the program. Hosnine years ago. ~fr. Cope \Vas 5'1 ksscs will lit' Mesda111es B. Dick<:n- years old, a veteran of World War son, A. J. Stern, G. Rolstad, S. l and a member of Rhodes post ' Rcynolcb, E. Perryman, J. Turner, AnH·ric~u1 Legion. R. VanOrrnan, R. Thomas and W. Survivors i~clude his 'vidow, Ruth;

Shearer. Cost11mcs have been made by Pre-school nwmbers with Mrs. E. Damme! in charge, assisted by Mrs. .J. Saks and Mrs. S, Brown. Mrs. L. E. Smith is in charge of G. Rolstad, M. Parker, L. Duffey, .f. Hitch, L. Johnson, and B. Payne assisting.

Dawson Park committee, IVfrs. Charlotte McClatchey, president, Olive Huston, Rostcrman, and Harold Olson, spokesman, met Monday with the Metropolitan Park board, to settle rules and regulations governing the ficldhousc at Dawson field. All civic organizations may use the building for meetings and social events, free of charge, by permit. Private organizations may rent the building for a nominal charge. For any information in regard to me of the huilding, including permits, call Mrs. Huston, at GR. 54·04·. Olson has bccr:i appointed spokesnuin for the building and any rcqu~sts for informatidn or improvements or expressions of complaints or desires can be made through him, by calling GR. 6900.

"This suggests decreased supplies of beef, throughout this year, especially in the lower grades," Eggert said, "and a continued relatively strong demand fo';°: replacement cattle. "Steers on farms throughout the country on January 1 were i1p 10 per cent over a year ago, indit:c.ting a large supply of fed cattle throughout the spring period. However, a seasonal dip in marketings of fed cattle now st"ems probable during the summer and early fall period. "The I a r g e carryover of corn, which probably will establish a recPer Word ....................................... 03 ord, plus the prospects for a large Minimum .........................................50 corn acreage this year, is expected to mean a continued strong demand for stockers and feeders throughout FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN: For 194-9, barring unfavorable weather plowing, d i s c i n g, landscaping, conditions. Providing feed and range basement digging, road grading, conditions are good, it seems likely call Frank Seaman, Roy 21-F-11 or PR. 813 l. 30c th:it cattle values will remain favorable in relation to the cost of feed, ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICELyman Redford, owner. . Septic as well as in ~-elation to prices farmtanks pumped, contents haulPd ~ Prs will receive for most other agriaway. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794-. Asa Gudjohnson, Washington's Lucia Bride and now campaign queen of the annual April Cancer cultural commodities." tfc Drive, is shown above with a goose and a placard as a means of reminding everyone that now is With regard to hogs, Eggert FOR SALE - Female S p r i n p; e r the time to "strike back at Cancer" by contributing to the fund-raising campaign of the American Cancer Society. The drive is being conducted jointly in this state by the Junior Chamber of ...ComSpaniel puppy, seven weeks old, pointed out that last fall's pig crop merce and the Washington Division of the Cancer Societ~ Contributions may be made by addressing from registered litter. Call GR. was up 8 per cent over the previous a letter to "Cancer" in care of your local postmaster. 5968. 30c year and the 194-9 spring pig crop ----------BOY WANTED for mowing lawn Youth Fellowship i p.rn. (Junior and I is expected to be at least 15 per and garden work. Phone Dr. Par! away died March 21 in a Tacoma Senior). cent larger than a year ago. This rott, GRanite 8541. 30c Evening Gospel Service, B p.m. hospital. Burial was in Calvary cemsuggests, he said, that marketings of SPANAWAY LUMBER CO. lvfid~weck Service, Thursday, B p.m. , , •·tcry following funnal service's FriChoir pnlctice Thursday, 7; also teacht"r Detter Lumber for Less. Roofhogs during the spring and summer 1'DWIN LANKES fER day morning, March 25, from Visi- meeting. ing, Hardware and Paints. \!Ve will continue substantially above a rent floor sanders. GR 8235. ~dwin Lankestcr: 70, fornH·'.· re.s- 1 tatio~1 church. Piper funeral home LARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL . year ag·o and that there will be a Larchmont Sunday School meets rn the ' SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, contdc'.1~ of Shelto.1i, drcd March 22 r.n ! was, m chargT. . Parish hous~ at !) :~{0 Sunday mornings. very sharp increase in pork supplies tents hauled away. Don Redford, Pa1Uand whc1e he had made hrs 1 he Rosary was recited at St. GA. 7334. tfc KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL during the late summer, fall and home the past four years with a Bcn1·dict's Thurnday evening by the M. R. Ferguson, Super.jntendent winter period. KITCHEN CABINETS - We insister-in-l:iw, Mrs. A. J. Hall. Philomathea duh and the Catholic Meers at 2 t 00 p.111. in rhc Kirby school "T ota I meat pro ductlon .· · 194·9 stall. Free estimates. Expert furen•ry Sunday. 1ll Born in Polk county, Iowa, Mr. Daughters of America. Mrs. Willis niture repair. Suburban v\l oodMIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME is now expected to be about 22 biJworking-, 964-3 Pipe Line road. Lankester mo v c cl to Stanwood, was born at Stroll, N. D. Thure Moberg, Ministe~ . lion pounds," the speaker estimated, Phone GR. 8662. tfc • • • Sunday School, 10 a.m.; l\fornrng Service, " . Wash., in 1888. In 1923 he went Survivors include Mr. Willis and 11 a.m.; Bible study and prayu, 7 t:lO p.m., compared w. I th 21 1;.4 bilhon 111 RAY GOGAN - JACK BARRETT to Shelton where he worked for the a daughter, Barbara K., residing ;it Wed1ws~ _ _ _ _ _ -~--194-8. Conidering the increaserl, popGeneral landscaping, pruning· and Rainier Paper and Pulp company the family home, Rt. I, Box 220A, ulation per capita meat consumpspraying, rockerics, rock walls, Joseph Pulitzer crnsadcd for many . . ' . .· until his rr·tirenH·nt;, Sprinaway: her pan·nts, l\fr. and t1on 1s expected to approxunate I 4-6 fences, tractor work. lksidr's his sister-in-law, Mr. Lan- l\frs. Evcrr·tt ]. Turner nf Tacoma; hurnanitarian c:iusl's including the pounds, about the same as last year. GR. 884-2 BR. 6982 Terms supplying of milk and ice to poor kester is survi\'tYl by n st1·pson, Ed- a brother, Don, :1 slud1•nt at GonThere will be. Jess beef, veal and PIANO LESSONS Popular and ward Munsen of Sweet Home, Ore- rnga university, Spokane, Wash. people in New York. lamb, but more pork. beginners. Phone GR. 6653. 30e gon, and two sisters. Mrs. Willis was formerly an active . "Meat supplies available for con- FOR SALE Used mattress and Ask ahoutJrnr house plan scrnce Services werr held March 22 from member of Visitation church, transspring-, $8.00. Phone GR. 7100. Brookdale Lumlwr Co. (adv.) sumpt10n will be around JO per cent the Witsiers funeral horn<· in Shel- ferrinp; to St. Benedict's church upon less next summer than during the ton, the Rev. William H. Albach rcmo\'al lo Spa11away. first quarter of the year. However, Promptly Relieves officiating. Burial was in the Shela 16 per cent increase can be exLEGAL PUBLICATION ton memorial parjc pected from the summer quarter to NOTICE OF SALE OF COUNTY PER- the fall quarter of the year. Some SONAL PROPERTY. LARRY LANGSETH moderate recovery from the recent Used Road Equipmcnr Larry Alan Langseth, infanl son PARKLAND METHODIST slump in the demand for meat seems George W. Cooper, Pastor NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha< in (from a cold) of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Langseth of Sunday: \Von;hip and preachin,I{, 11 run. accordance wi1h resolution of the Hoard of probable by summer, but demand is I County Commi:->sioner:l of Pierce County, Parkland, died March 16 in a Tanot expected to equal that of a Washin~lon, d11ly cnt~rcd on the minutes PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN of said Board on lvlarch ~1st, 1949, 1hc year ago." coma hospital. Private graveside I Walther C. Gullixson, Pastor following listed used road t•quipmrnt ol services were hdd March 17 at, Sunday School, 9::30 a.m.; :rvforning 'Vor- l'il~l'f'f~ Cnuntv. to wil: "h:p, 10:00 a.111, · District No. 1 Parkland ccnwtcry, the Rev. W. C. Equipmenl located ·~lt North Puyallup Shops SPP.NAWAY METHODIST l Chevn,let Scdau Delivery ( Pam~l, 1~l:Hi, Gullixson officiating. The Church by tht! Side of the- Road" Motor No. KS 6'lrl'.1!lll) IO School. Surviving, besides the parents, 1 Gasoline Shovel ( Y.~ yard, + cyl. I-lt>r11 a.111.----Srrnday Worship Service. culrs motor) arc: lvfr. and Mrs. A. J. Koenen of District No. 2 3:'l0··---Intermediate You th Equipment lo<'att•d at Lakevin,• Shops Montevideo, Minn., and Mr. and Fellowship. ~ 19:-li !vL:ick Jr. Dump Truck Mrs. James Towns of T:1coma, I Sprrrwell Scarifier 6: 15 p.m.··--Youth Fellowship. 1 Jal'gcr Bituminous .Mjxe1 grandparents. 1 f\:fodt•I !iB \Vhi1e Dump Trnck PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL

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Indications are that the turning point in the cattle cycle has been reached, R. J. Eggert, associate director of American Meat institute's department of marketing, said at Albuquerque, l\i. M, this week in a talk given at the 35th annual conwntion of the New Mexico Cattle Growers' assolia.tion.

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Prairie pointer v 4 no 30 mar 31, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 30 mar 31, 1949