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PARKLAND POST NO. 223 AlVIEIUCAN LEGION l\fcetings every second and fourth Friday at B:OO p.rn. in the Sunshine Hall Hear tell that there is a rumor going around our fair community that the next Community club meet~ ing will be the scene of a battle roynl. Weapons will be chords and the ammunition is said to he a questionable collection of chords and djscords-mostly discords. The firemen have accepted our c!!lll!cng-e, to enter upon the field of honor with fLlur of their most talented memlwrs in an effort to dislodge from the minds of a like number of our mem bcrs that they (the Legion) comprise .the best quartet in the vicinity. May we point out at the beginning that this affair will be for music lovers only, and don't stay away if you have trouble with your hearing organs because you will probably be better off than anyone Plse in th<' place-might help too if you were partially blind as none of us is very beautiful. Music critics are warned in advance that this affairc d'honour can be likened to ascertaining which is the best of the lesser of two evils and that they are reqtwsted to try to control themselves and restrain from being too harsh on the contestants. The firemen have assured us that they will ha\'(' their quartet on hand for the affair and the Leg· ion is not backing down, even though we have hrnrd that the Fire hall has been the scene of sewral practice sessions. The Post quartet is distinguished by the fact that it is the only group of its kind, that: record can be found of, that is without benefit of practice-we pradice in front of our audiences and people have told us that we sound tel'l'ible. However, that does not discourage our efforts. Now for the announcement which comes, pn.hahly, as a complete surprise to certain partit>s. In any r.ont<•st in which a winner is to be detcnnincd there, of course, must be a suitable prize given as added iucentin" Commander Kittelson wishes to make public the fact that hr, personally, will donate half of the prize, with the understanding that the president (prescnt, that is) of the Community club will match with a like amount. There you have it, ladies and gcntkmcn-t}l(, contest is anariged, also the prizes Sec you at the Community club meeting on April 21, 1949. Come out and back your favorite. CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Spanaway School r c:: . • • March. 2.J, at 8 p.m., !S the tm1e for meetm~s of Cl~ver Cre~k Post Arncncan Legion, and its aux.118, . . iliary. As usual, the comrades will . meet at Scout hall, the ladies at.. the home of Mrs. Wormald --1 e<l's Plac<'. Members of the post arc indeed happy to spread the good news that our hospitalized comrades are at home, and arc planning· to get into

action in the near. future'. Mo~e power to you, Service Officer Bill Long, Comrade John Lee and Commandcr Wm. Lee Bailey! We'll be scein' you soon, we hope, for it's been too long that we've been miss· ing _YOU. . 1 he comrades arc particularly anxious to have a full turnout to proceed with and accomplish post busincss. Hear the call from Adj. Stinson? Better heed! Besides, the Continued on Page Four

Give Through your Red Cross

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VOL. 4, NO. 29

PARKLAND VOTES THIS WEEK END ON DAFFODIL FLOAT PRINCESSES Five sets of candidates, to rcpre- Lewis. Illness has fort'.ed retirement I sent "The Growth of Parkland" in from the contest of two child canthc Daffodil Festival parade through dicbtes, Twyla Mcintosh and Susan Tacorna and Puyallup \'alley points Scha1vf. Their places have bt•cn takon April 9, arc now awaiting the en by LuAnn Slater rrncl Judy Lewis. decision of Parkland residents to Ix. Photos of the five pairs will be cast by ballots this Wt'l'k end. ! displayed this week iu the window Mrs. H. E. Mobley and her Park-: of Ew·rgrcen studio, on Garfield land Business club committee in' street. The ballot box will be lo1 chargc of selection have paired the catcd nearby (at Evergreen studio), contestants accordin,g to physical so that voters may d10osr· from the 1 characteristies, and vott•rs arc to r a [ rs pictured and immediately choose one pair-a full-grown Park-\ rnnrl«·cl and drop their ballots. Votland princess and a tiny tot princess i ing will comnwncc Friday morning, -who will ride on the Daffodil March 25, and will continue through float. Monday, March 28. Winners will be The contestants, as pairl'd, are:; announced before tht' end of the Teresa Jacobus and Jennelle Ja- moi:th, so they may have time for 1 cobus (mother and daughter), preparation of costumes. grid Fynboe and M a r I a Parker, A ballot which may he used in Mary Loy Lapcnski and Luann . \'oting for the Parkland float prin1 Slater, Trudy Mockel and Virginia cesses appears elsewhere in this Guilford, Hazel Parker and Judy week's issue of The Prairie Point<'r.

I ('!;A . hlJ~~~ 4.._...,_ ~-




Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


FRANKLIN HIGH Six Districts Will CONSTRUCTION 'v~~(:('\~gi~:, :rn~~:'.,'.n~~ DELAY POSSIBLE

Deliriu1n Delightful!

Despite lcgislatiw failure to appropriate requested funds for new school construction, plans for construction of Franklin

for as long as local financing lasts.,

Sup,,rintenclt-nt of Schools Morris E. Ford disclosed th[s week. Also, thf're is hope that the state may sec fit to allocate thr full of its 72 percent share of the construction costs from the $6,500,000 for l'nlt'rgcncy school construction which the Jegisb tur<· did toss into the appropriation bill during final conference.


prcscnt their joint fashion show and/ rion of P-TA :ictil'itics to the thrn'le: "World Mis-Understanding Bcg·ins concert. 1-'he prograin is directed , . . , . . . at Horne." The theme was emphahy Mrs. C.. 0. Olson. 1 he tune is size · cl as '·V · "' . W . C'l' ,. 1ne, <H' t'1ng 1·or lus


J\.falc spouses of Parkland P-TA slipped their tethers last week to contort P-TA president spouse, unspectacled the large assemblage of members and spectators with their "Dads' a mammoth black optic to begin Night" interpretation of Parent-Teacher doings. Pictured above, the "dads" arc seen in one of their dizziest antics, as "lVlrs;" W. W. Cline, proceedings. l'he dads used their inning lo P-TA president pro-tcrnporc, presents a slate to "student" Eldon Kyllo while the sit-in secretary, "l\frs .. " Robert Lynd, records the proceedcorrect a nurnbcr of "m·ersights" ings. U uidcntificd kibitzers get a curtain-slit view from farther in the 1·on11nittcd by the rcgubr officials, background than the men usually are. (Photo by Evergreen Studio) ... pn·s1·111ing spr·cial awards to: Ray/ Rcnwi. ck (nwdal, because Mrs. Ren- I llun1gardncr is 1'1ay ~~O) according wick got one); Eldon Kyllo (slate, I to annou11cc111eut last \Vet~k at a dinner party gil'cn in the home of Miss The Mother-Singers will give an br·cause the new coach and teacher '1d\'ance tasic of their concert wlwn had h('l'Tl erroneously described ns Anna Marn Nielsen. The disclosure , " they appea1· on the Parkland Hour a student), and to Paul Larson (corwas m:ide by not<·s tt1cked in daffoover radio station KTBI, Friday. sage of cekry, carrots and onions). Miss Gladys Wessel of Spokant· /di! favors. Miss Swanson, a Pacifie "Toni Twins" Fritz Br·itz and Jirn is :1 visitor this wr·ek at tlw Elmer Lutheran college graduate, is secrenoon. Darnrnd may-hammed the reading Beard home . in. Parkland. Miss Wes- tary to the PLC registrar. In addiof the minutes by Sccn·tary Robert sci and lv!iss Jo:lll Ik:u<l were mem- tion to the honor guest Jv[iss Swan] .. f ti , . ! . I · ' Lynd, hawking 1"1skds of fruit, pop- )('lS o H s,une SllH ent nurse c ass soil uucsts attcndin1r wTn~ the Nfes.. . ' " " · · corn, peanuts, guu1, c~1ndy, etc. Fe- at Deaconess hosp.ital, Spokane, dames Luther Watncss Anna C. · . . · . . ._ ' male touch wllS singing of "Roll Out gradua0ng logdher last fall. Miss Nielsen the Misses Jean McGreor W. I · ll . WI· ' · ' esse '.s now, co egc nurse al ul- R"ginna Herrmann, Beulah Hcdahl, Mrs. E. J. Perrault will be th<' the Barrel," hy the Mothcr-Singcrs. Officers of the hour were: Thi· wo1 th college, Spokane. Elsie Mari" Berge I'"'IHO featured artist of the "On to Sas· ' · ' Lillian ' '" · katoon" program sponsored by the "Mess-danws" Clint", pn·siclcnt; Md Pa~ldand Ortho15c'.lic guild will and Virginia Seaburg. Senior Luther Lrague next Sunday Pt·dersen, saf1·ty chairman; Robert hold its regular mrctmg next MonSuburban Study dub will hold evening at 8 o'clock, iq Trinity Lu- Haner, publicity; Morris Ford, su- day evening, March 28, at 8 o'clock, guest day, Jv[onday, March 28, at theran church. Mrs. Perrault, a very pcrintcndentess; Be i t z, treasurer; at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Hui-. 'tl"" home. of Mrs. A.. W. Ramstad. • • . talented interpretive reader, will be Damme!, exceptional child program: tcngn·n. lvfrs. Al Jacobs will be co- flwn· will he .six ass1st111g · hostesses: Mrs. John .Richards Mrs Albrrta assistPd by Eugene Ahrent, violinist. Neil Gaiser, legislation chairman: I wstrss. ] • • ,. d f. . f.. . ~. Robcrl L),.n<l, secretary. J . ' ·: . ~ rou" .s . '.~.m. the . !le-will. offuThe Dads turned over the unconParlda.ud Firemen's Auxiliary p1T- 1 I'"'.'~· Mrs. Howard ~eenng, J\11:s. mg to b'. . .',.~Cl." d wi.ll be. u~c~i to vulsed rnuaindcr of the evening to snited di:un.uml-studt":d pins to t.wo A. I hompson,. Mrs., C. J. MaluHn , send. a . dclcg<1tc to 'V lrn l,, w I10 prcsentcc . l stu- former pres1dt•nts at its mstallat1011 and . Mrs.. Alfred . (,rodvig. L L, . . the ,. In.tcin,it10n,ll . . " , a l tcr 1.,,,uns · · . Each uthei , .Lea1rnc caguc <omcnt10n 111 C,in- de·nts . . a d.cp1ct1on . . banquet last . .Luther " C< ir1 o f t 1H'. 111Story '. . week · at the· Countr)' memlwr . is to hnng . '- . one ·~-guest to Mia, . !he llltTt111g, wl11ch_ will at I :'l-5 .--. next. June. . , . . o f P ar kl ·an d sc Iiool cIunng t IH' l. cnure House. Rcc1p1cnls Wt'rC . : Mrs. Robert . · . , start , l he cvcmng' s program will pre. I'•or <l as pnnc1pa, . . .l(' 1-Llner and the rctmng· j)rcs1dcnt JJ.lStcad of ,the usual 2 o clock hour. .~ . o f '[ i.v 01T1s : , · l . ' · · ·· ' . , . _ . . 1 19 seul Mrs. Perrault 111 the followmg to lvlrs. Louis Duffey. Corsages were I he. prmcipal speaker will be Dr. . 1949 readings: Dumb Dora Turns Poet, _ _ _ _ __ pn·sented lo the newly-installed of- William Strunk, whose topic will Nature Is So Beautiful (English ficcrs: Mrs. E. W. B<'ilz, Mrs. Haley he: "The Fut11rc Is Yours, My Son." _H HOME IMPROVEMENT 4 dialect): Mrs. Tirnothy O'Riley in Peterson, Mrs. Bud Larson and Mrs. ------Politics (Irish dialect):, Fire at the PROGRAM IS INTRODUCED E. E. Damme!. SALES ROAD NEWS --~--------------~--




Diverse Progra1n Set By Luther Leaguers



Kathryn Leigh, fir•;t child horn to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Johnson, arrived March l :l at Tacoma General hospital. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Coblentz of Parkland arc maternal grandparents. Wedding elate chosen by Miss Charlotte c. Sw;inson and Jess E.

. l\fr.

an~~. Mrs.

Design Applauded . · · Lc·a, Pearson and Richards is the . . . · arclutectural fHm wluch designed . · ' the. ·ne\V s1x-dassroorn wingrecently · · added to Parkland school. Their work on the Parkland wing has IJrought th<' architects much '·Javorable ·connncnt. l'uncls suhscribf'<l by local residents in approving a special 501111·11 SC I100 I Ievy th' - 1S 111011 til WI'11 · l1 sc lioo I th t'arry t l1e lug · roug I1 tl11: I · · l d' h an1ung slagc, inc u 1ng pure :l.S~ uf th<.: site, Ford said. Plans to have I the high scl10ol ready for the foll 1 - 19·0 J1 ..) wou Id no t IJc, l1c ld up ' f · . w1't!1111 · i t·a t.t'. 111oncy ·is f or tl u:onung '''ti,. 1·1·io11tl1s 1\s f1'n~11c·'111<> no\v u , t:. I· tl H, lor· ~11 l< ·vy \vi'll JJ"" :-,·t ants, · ,1, tilt' way through letting of the actual construction contract. . Hold Up Bonds The sdwol directors plan to c;irry . . 1


?«:-~ ~~

j ~


-----;l loiCIYlt ~;.MERA


Dr. Robert F. Rushmer of the University physiology· department demonstrates procedure developed on the campus for taking moving picture X-rays of the heartr in action. X-ray image is reflected to camera lens by series of mirrors (see diagram). Movie camera shown is covered during actual operation. ' .


·S ponsorin





Harvard - Midland Pre-school is sponsoring a <lance recital, featuring Retha Gcrhi's pupils, at the Micllnnd school, March 25, at 8 p.m. Mrs. Fred Rousseau is general chairman, lvfrs. Kenneth Webb is in charge of tickets, Mrs. Leona Recd, publicity, and Mrs. F. C. Wai;aman, ,Mrs. ]. E. Boscqucttc, Mrs. Treva Plan and Mrs. Clarence Skog, of refreshments. Mrs. Ffrrschd Payne, Pre-school president, r".ports that tickets, which have been put into the hands of the sixth grade pupils at Midland, arc moving very fast.




$10,000 4-H AWARDS Scars - Roebuck Foundation is again p r o vi d i n g merit awards amounting to nearly $10,000. These include fo.ur sterling silver medals for winners in each county; an allexpcnsc trip to the national 4·-I-I club congress, Chicago, for state winner, and eight $300 sc.holarships to be presented to a blue award group selected from the state winners.

lie, to attend the opening Saturday, March 26, is exten<ll'd by Mr. and :Mrs. Parker.

sh~re constr~ic- M td/and Pre-School

Spanaway - Plain Volunteer Fireme'l's Auxiliary will sponsor the second of a series of card parties Friday evening, April I, 8 o'clock, at the Spanaway school. Prizes will be awarded for high and second highest seore in pinoeblc and 500. Refreshments will be free. The proceeds of these parties will be used to help equip the kitchens of the nw fire halls.

You will find Sincerity and Simplicity

('JI d opu11ng . · · u f "P at·!·\.e1·' s) " l .· · · • ·· ·· l !Cll new ice ueam an d ]unc·l1 center at the intersection of Airport · 1wrng · an cl l-',anyon roacI s, is ce 1chrated this week end by Mr. and J\·frs. F. Parker, owners and m:rnagers of the Summit ViC'W establish111p11t \,. . S un cl ars, so cl asJ sanel \VH: · h cs ancI l I l 1· ·\ · unc ies, p f'nty o parking spacP and entrance from both c,rnyon and Airport roads are features of Park· !i ·is t•qu1ppcc · I wit ·I1 I a test n. ' s, w l1ic r·1xtu1Ts propr·r . l y arrange d to a ff or d 'pl sr_' l'\'l. cc lo pa t.ions. quk.;: M r. an d M rs. p ar I.;:er l iavc lJern resident; of Summit View for 15 years. J\1r. Parker has been a dental technician in Puyallup during th<' t f pa: our1ta .Y'1'a'.·s. 1\. core 1nv1't-a 1. ·1011 t·o ti- 1r: pu 1J-

• •

on as l.oni; as th~ l.ocal .money .la~ts, hut will not issut the bo~ds ,lpprove~ by the voters until state matc!ung money can he secured, Ford added. Since the state's o'. ti~n costs of. Franklrn Pi~r<:p, !ugh will cxccC'cl $800,000, thc1c is some question that great a proportion of the emergency fund can be set aside for just one project. Failure of the state school authorities to provide the state share from the emcrgenr'.y fund would necessarily delay construction of Franklin Pierce high until after November, 1950, when voters of the state will ballot on an issue of $+0,000,000 in bonds, proposl'd hy the lrgislaturc for school construction. It is also possible that the legislature may be railed back into session during the interim, to l.~rovid.c a ~ol~tio~ to expected state linanc1al d1ff1cult1es.

Gary Ledford of City, Oregon were up to sec lus fa thcr in Roy, then called on Mr. and Mrs. Garret Ledford of We;1d street. They took Mr. Ledford to Everett, Wednesday, to \'isit his sisters. . . . . . Gns and Tillie arc giv111g their 'ston· the "rww look." The latest improvernent is a large serve-yourself open mrat cabinet. Mrs. Lloyd Nord is recuperating at home from a minor operation performed last week. Children and parents, remember that Sunday school meets at: Prairie Mission :it 10:30 a.m. Listen for the bell. It will be a reminder, a half hour before and at the time the "'rvice begins. Mrs. J. N. Engcbretsen this week will ~ivc a flannelgraph talk.


New Confectionery Center, Parker's, Opens on Saturday


Fire J-1 all Benefit Card Party April 1


Local districts indmkd are: Spanaway, Elk Plain, Roy, Rocky Ridge, K;ipowsin and Clover Creek. The san1c districts, plus Laca1nas, \Vere included in a consolidation proposal defeated by the voters on Jvfan:h 5. :\t that ti111c, i.toy, Spanaway, Rocky Ridge and Elk Plain districts· ;ipproved the consolidat[on scheme, but Clover Creek <rncl Kapowsin, as well as Lacamas, disapproved. Change in voter sentiment is now indicated at Kapowsin and Clover Creek, reviving consolidation hopes. The anticonsolidation Yote at Lacunas \V~ls so decisive that district is not now bciug considered for inclusion in the new plans.

A public hearing on the new con•olid'1tion proposal was to have been held Wednesday eyc·ning, March 23, Architects Named at CloH'.I' Creek school, for residents At a nwcting o.f Fra.nklin Pierce of that district. A poll of opinions school board last week, the ncwlyto decide Clm·er Creek's participat·lectrd directors of the d is tr i ct named the architectural firm of Lea, tion was to be taken following the l't·arson and Richards to design the !waring. llC'W high school. Purchase of the MoHday e\Tning of this week, the site appro\'ecl by the voters w:is also county committee on school district rlllthorized. organization met and approvf'cl a It is expected that the architects specbl deetion on the proposal for will require· approximately three April 30. The directors' mt'eting of months for preliminary study and the combined districts, the previous "11'\T)', work on which will com- wc1·k, had nskccl that a new election rnencc irnmccliatdy. The study will be called as soon as feasible. April cktcrminc the number of classrooms, '.lO is the eai-l[csl date that will allow type of classrooms and type of compliance with statutory requirchuilding, layout of plot, etc. An rncnts, County School Supervisor "clditional month will then be need- Ruth Retht·l, said. cd for the development of workini; drawings and specifications, it is :mticipatcd.


ning, lvfarch 25, at Pm-kland ~chool / P-TA members into '.' tiz.zy with a when the Parkland Motlwr-Srngcrs u111quc and wonderful rnterprcta-

TO WASHI.NGT?N ~LUBS For the first tune smce the national 4-H home improvement program was launched three years ago, Washington has accepted the contest for +-I-I girls, according to G. L. Noble, dirccto.r, national committee on boys and gll'ls club work.

Pierce high

school are !wing pushed at full speed

"A Day in the Li fe of Park land and shook rafters at Earklancl school will be the thcmt• this Friday c\'I'- J as t Thursday evening, sending

Fi~1glesteins' (Yi cl dish dialect); Night Must Fal.l (character sketch); Three Imprcss10ns (Norse, l\cgro, Italian). Violin solos by Ahrendt will inelude: "Beethoven violin concerto; Perpctua~ Motion "(Novacek)' Malagurna (Sarasate).

Pierce· county into a high school district is now under way, following- a 1nceling last \veek of directors of the se\'cral school boards proposed for consolidation.

Lea, Pearson and Richards Selected To Plan Building

Screams, Howls Greet P-TA Seen At Zany-est Yet ,, I Dress-drapPcl "dads" split sides I

8 o'clock. Ninety-one lorn! l'l'sidcnts will have part in the program. The style show ,will feature merchandise in Parkland shops, with lvfrs. Robert Lynd as commentator. Eight scenes will be presented in the style show lll1cl the concert will have two sec-1 tions.


da tc school districts of South Central



-al led

lect:ion Is



Mother-Singers Concert and Style Sho-vv Tomorrow




"X" Your Choice)


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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 2+, 1949


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SeJzvices 9?e·~/ected <;1h Jzu geneJzations DID YOU KNOW This firm is not a branch. ( lur location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower prices. We ha\T a qualified Military Advisor. More and rnorc families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) persona] service. The Coroner's office is located here. THEREFORE: Let us be your friend in time of need.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $ l .00

On the Short End


There can be little surprise that the 3 lst session of the state legislature bas adjourned without solving the state's prime Jjroblern-thc balancing of outgo to income. However, there is room for mucb dissatisfaction at the way the problem was shirked by the legislators. It became apparent early in the session that the majority factions of the two houses were irreconcilably opposed on financial approach and more interested in cross-criticism than compromise. Less voluble than house Speaker Hodde. the Republican leaders of the Senate came closer to a realistic tax effort, but displayed noticeable lack of enthusaistic support of their own tax projects whenever House opposition was met. Speaker Hodde grabbed off headlines with loud talk and grandiose gestures but at the showdown wanted no part .of



(Editor's Note: This is the fifth in a series of informative articles dealing with procedures and effects of municipal incorporation, for consideration with regard to possible incorporation of the community of Parkland. It is evident that problems of discharging such civic functions as arc cited below become more acute as population becomes more dense. Therefor, at some stage of its clevdopmcnt a community must consider whether to change to a municipal governnwnt.) CITY BALANCE SHEET Based upon an estimated population of 2,500, tht· folluwing· appraisal of income and expenditures that could be ex1wcted for tlw first yt'ar of operation has been prepared for proposed incorporated city of the third class, Skyway Parle Parkland, with considerably greater population and assessed valuation, could expect income to be greater. Fixed expensl's for general government would be much the same for Parkland as arc rstirnatt"d for. Skyway Park, since the same stat11tory rcq11ircrnents would apply. Parkland could cxpeet greater demands for street rnaintt·nanec, since it likely would need to serve a greater area.

when w1<1lile tu work on :iccount of! Hu11sr Bill :l 19 · the Ferr)' bilL sidrness or off the job accid('nts. permitting th1· Toll Bridge AulhorAl the present time a worker who ity to purchas.· and opcrntc· ferries, Mrs. Rodney Howe of Tacoma visis out of work n·c<·i,·<·s up to $25.00 ccrt:iinly w:is illlport;rnt ll'gisbtion ited with thei1· pan·nts, f\fr. nnd :i week while unemployed or in- . for a grc:il 111:rny of m 1r citizens. 11rs. A. B. How1· of the Reford jurcd in an industrial a1:cidcnl is This bill will :iid in the dn-clop- lbrrison road. em·ercd hy industrial insurnncc and nwnl of the Oly1npic Pcniusula and Sunday guests of lvfrs. Luella receives co111pr•ns:ition ,while n·cm·- the islands of Puget Sound. The Fram<-, who is now n·siding with ning fro111 the inju1·y, but if unable stabilizing of tih· frrry syslt'm will hl'l' daughtn am! family, Mr. am! Lo work on account of off the job have a far reaching 1·conomic effect Mrs. A. B. Jlowc, were the followaccident or sickness, receives noth- on the Puget Sound country and ing, all of Seattle: Mrs. Evelyn MillESTIMATED CITY INCOME (FlRST YEAR): ing. Labor h:is always considcrl'd the Olyn1pic P1·nins11Li through the er, Mrs. Lor:iirn· Morgan, Kfr. Al1. Fifteen mill property tax (maximum allowr·d without spt'thr· disability .insurnncc progr:im devdopnll'nl of till' :ll'ea as an :ii- IH'rt Frame, and Mr. and Mrs. cial vote of the people) on assessed valuation for 194-8 $1'1·,532.00 I the missing· link in social legislation. traction for tou1·ists. A large portion Thomas and tlwir d:iughter, Dottie. of $968,83 LOO. Amended Senate Bill Hi·! fills tlu: of the area is suitable for farming, Thursday, March 17, Mrs. E. W. 2. Shared taxes from State, on basis of population of 2,500 and the only thing that prcvenls Castle Sr. and f\frs. Flora Thornton gap in social legislation. I was very (using 19'!-8 per capita amounts, per State agencies): much interested in the comment by dcv<~lopirwnt is ;i good transporta- were co-hostesses for a one o'clock a. 15% of gasoline tax .................................... at $2.B'l the House political leader on the tion !-l)'Blcin with econo1nic.1l rates. luncheon at their home, for the past h. 52% of liquor profits .................................... at :un rnatrnns of the Yf'lm chapter of liill. Speaker Hodde, a DnHorrat Hodsc Bill 561---'J'hc Power bill, c. 50% of war liquor tax 2.12 Easlnn Star. Thost' present were and farnicr, said, "In rny opinion rated first iu in1port:int·c \Vith a cl. 17'/c, of auto excise tax .5'.l the most irnportant piece of legis- good niany lcg·islaturs. 'J'h<' rnajor- the lvfrsd:mH·s: A. Dull, G. DeWitt, lation in the 19 ..J.9 Session, frolll th<· ity of thcrn thought it was construc- ]. Mosman, A. Carlson, F. Brown, Total... ......... . ..... · ·············· · · · · · · ··· ···· .. $8.66 Total shared viewpoint of permanent social ad- ti''" but a fl'\v considered it a step A. Stinson, G. McKenzie, G. Elli$21,650.00 vance, is the b!ll which s<:ts up off to\v:1rcl socialis1n. 'Three uut of sev- son and G. lkrdine from Yelm, and the job rli"sahility benefits. It ri·pre- en m:wspaper men considered it the the f\frsdam1·s V. Prier-, .J. Patten Total income for first year.. ...................... $%,182.00 S<'nts :i radical adv:1ncc into the rnost important bill passed. Leroy and M. Hein from Tacoma. Other potential sources of income that may at later daks be available, Thursday, March 17 a doctor and social insunlncc field." Hitt l c said, "The electrifying using averages of such sources for cities of. approximately the saIJlC' SIZl' two nurses gave the first grade its George Kinnear, Republican floor amendment fused to the pown bill as Skyway Park: lradn, and a. lawyer. said, "Amend- ll!adl' il the most important legis- annual physical examinations. 'Vhile 3. a. Admission t:ix al $ l.25 per ... $3,125.00 ed Senate Bill I frI affects more peolativt' measure enacted into law. It al the school, they gave cn:ry boy b. License fees 3,562.00 ple and has broader rncial significan effect people. throughout the c. fines and penalties 2,740.00 c:ince than any other act. It is the state. The ferry bill and veterans' lcgisl:i ti on on a local level. Tacoma d. Business and occupation l,260.00 final step ;111d completes a sound bonus \Vere iJT1port:int, too) but thf'y has been attr·mpting to get this e. Permits 358.00 social security program." effect one region or one group of cut-off in the state system for eighRoss Cunninglwm, feature writer persons." teen years. This year they were sucTotal.. .......................................................................... $11,0J5.00 and Assoeiatc Editor of the Seattle I fed th:i t the bill has a lot of cessful. The bill provides for $50,000 ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES FOR SKYWAY PARK AS A CITY ~rin1cs, said, "'T'he enact1ucnl of legmerit, although I don't agree with to rnake the survey. When this highFOR ITS FIRST YEAR islation to ass11re a wnrk1nan a s1nall it entirely. Howevn, if we had a way is eventually constructed it (Based on averages and known salary and other rates of similar cities.) income while off the job lwcause of Power Commission, Tacoma would will probably be one of the finest General Government: illness or non-occupational injury. have been in a fetter position to stretches of highway in the state. It Clerk salary-at $150.00 a month ................... $1,BOO.OD This measure secures the Achilles' obtain clam sites on the Cowlitz. w i 11 save commercial operators Treasurer salary--at $100.00 a month.......... 1,'100.00 heel of a workman's economic pro- Creating the sanctuary on the Cow- thousands of dollars yParly. It will Rent ~ill0 .00 tection against all forms of loss of litz was a disappointment to me. I place Tacoma and Southwest WashTelephone ..... . 120.00 pay time. It fills the gap between fet·l that the one thing· Tacoma ington in a more favorable position Supplies 400.00 uncn1ployn1eni con1pensation and in- needs is adequate power, so that we to obtain a share of the business Election expense dustrial insurance." 150.00 can attract diversified industries, that will come through the developAssociation of Washington Cities .. It is quite evident from tlw above 100.DO which would result in jobs and sc- ment of the rich Columbia Basin Insurance and bonds ..... t'omment that Senate Bill 1G4 is an•a, 200.00 curit)'· Printing <ind publishing ................. . I believe that the :l Ist Legislature 500.00 good legislation 'fhc bills I have mentioned were Miscellaneous 500.00 House Bill +66, sponsor'.'cl by lal:or important on a state level. House was constructive in many respects, and management, pertams to rn- Bill 37, which was later combined and consider the chai·gc of being a $ 5,150.00 dustrial insurance, and provides Jor into House Bill 100, provides for "do nothing" Legislature as unwarPolice: increased compensation for injured the Milton cut-off, which will short- ranted criticism. workn1cn, sirean1lincs procedure for r-n the distance brt\.veen 'I'aco1na Marshal or chid--at $250.00 a month ............ $'.l,000.00 appeals by injnrcd workmen and . Night or rel id nwn . ..... . .............. 3,000.0lJ s . . I ·. I)· .. I ". . . · Frcr'. estimates on rrpair and re.ind . not1ua nm. ,.tss .iy . <ipp10x1- mo d e I JO · 1JS- B roo lcd a Ic L umlxr C o. sets up a joint Appeal Board of three Car expense .......................................................... 600.00 mate!)' ten miles. 1 his ts nnportant 1 (adv.) members to be appointed by the Other expense ............................................... J 00.00 Governor. The following method of Total.. .... 5, 700.000 submitting names to the Governor Police judge 500.00 will lw used: One shall be a repreAttorney-at $75.00 a month ........................................... . 900.00 sentative of the public and a lawyer appointed from a mutually agreeFire: Own system, or contract with fire district. ..................... . 5,000.00 able list of 1iot less than three active members of thr' Washington State Sh·eet Lighting: 210 H.P. CONT. RED SEAL MOTORS, 18-INCH CUT. 2,500.00 I Bar Association, submitted to the Installation and maintenance ........................................... . GOES lJPHILL EASILY. IN THE C:RATEGovcn1or by Manage1ncnt and l.<1Health and Sanitation: YOU ASSEMBLE. bor. This mcrnbcr will act as .chairHealth officer, garbage disposal... ...................... $2,000.00 man of the board. The other two Sewers and drains................................... l,200.00 members of the board will be se3,200.00 I lected from a list of three names submitted by 111am1~crnent and a Streets: ~~-240.ffO • ! of th!·~~~ !~:_;r~;~·:; :;;._;hmlttcd by 1? p!!Yed .strcets~:it 'i'I.ti')(\(){)(\ ... ,.Jv,vv 4,200.00 labor. The backlog of. in.dustrial in· 8.4 oiled and gravel road-at $500.00 per mile ................. . 2 000 00 surancc appeals has been a major Parks and Recreation l '.500:00 j problem of the Department of Labor Library and Industries. At the present time


Parkland school f\Ionday evening, prograrn. March 28 at 7:'.lO o'clock. The first color printing on a roTopir of the month is "Gadgets tary press in America was done by and lnvr·ntions," and each den is thr: Chicago Intn Ocean in 1892. chargr·d with im·enting or eonstructing sonH: conlri\'ance lo demonstrate at the p:ick nweting. Several sur1 pris" 1111mlwrs n·btcd to tlw monthly thcnw will be included on the program, in addition to the usual prcst·ntatiou of advancement awards. Rolwrt Olson will direct a brief YOU HAUL-$1.50 yd. at Pit play p<'riod in the school gym before the program, beginning at 7:10 -WE HAULp.111. Mothers.of Den One will serve 6-yard Load ...................... $14,00 refreshments to Cubs and parents. 4 and 5-yarcl loads at $2.50 yd.


3-yard load .......................... $8.00

Children's and Infan ts' Wear BAIW GIFTS SHOES -


PHONE-GRanite 8511

ILabouire 1'JmnrsiIDg Do.1m1.e

lliway Variety Store

Tnle Lake Road

GR 8077


7025 Pacific Avenue




.--- --- -----· ---·. __ $2.95



Basket:t Lumber o. GR. 8488



Heating P~rkld.nd


.=u:el Oil

and 8e:rvice 8tation Distributors of Standard Oil Products GRanite 8112

Parkland, Wash.





jJ\ J.


Total estimated expenditures .................................... $32,074.00 / th_c Appeals Board consists of the Director of Labor and Industries, .

~- -~~·~~--~~----~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Pacific Ave.

Phone GR.


He's the healthiest boy in the block.

the Kreamilk kid.

Parkland, W:1shi11gton, Thui·sday, March 2·!-, 1949


[ honw of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tar1.)enning on the Mountain highway.


Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Notter of Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter 1 Military road and Mr. and Mrs. P. 0. Box 228 -- GR. 6757 Oliver Ornat of Mountain highway

. Mr. and .Mrs. Clair Fedderson ol Lnlw Shore drive were dinner gucsts Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Al Kcnn<:dy, at Kapowsin.

lL.ltONARD Pll\V/iTf

Mr. and Mrs. Arn Adams of Tacoma were week end guests of lvfr. and Mrs. Harry Pillsbury of Mountain highway and also enjoyed a uavp. trip to '"· -·· evening, the nominating committee of the Spanaway Preschool met at the home of Mrs. Lola Brcscruan on First street, to nominate officers for next year. The





i\clr. and i\frs. Carl Reece and


We Gladly Deliver




CI-IURCH Announce1nents



' ''





I .





•trs:i~:ci:y c~[~~e;I;



. h ' . ' i 1rthday party was held Monernoon at t c home of Mrs Fay l i\1 1 01 f C 1 T If h ·· . cay, arc 1 ~ , or ll'1rs. Ray Funk. oo ey on we t street ' t I h f , I. aM tieCh omc o 1'1rS. L. Schicmcr. Mr and Mr Ha ld L · M 5• . · . 'ro e ay wnc; rs. , as. Lorenz was hostess. A dmncr guests, TuC'sday, at the home: lovely luncheon was served at noon, of 1vfr and Mrs Ch t M At ·r' f I. . .. · 'street Th · e cake was Pacific ·c ..,. ee lo I: a ter w d11ch a birthday .

Tvfr. and :Mrs. John Wadhams of "E" . ast ' street, Extcns10n road. . E a ter is John Wadhams' uncle. . . W I mner guests Sunday at the home of DMr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith ' I or tie Loop road were lvfL and

Mr. and Mrs. Carol Williamson. ~·I d i\ iv r. an frs. George Ouhl and f M . . son o i ountam h1nhway at First . " street were dmner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gard, at Little Rock.

Mrs. Norman Egolf of Tacoma. Orville Winston of First street ' · '.vho is employed at Longview, spent . the week encl m Spana way with his 'Id c Ill ren. . :\fr. and Mrs. Harry Pillsbury of Mountain highway spent Sunday at Oho1.) lake. Mr. and l\lrs. William Moe of Morton wC'rc Sunday guests at the

An addition is being built to the J. DeShon;;. They arc assisted by . · e occas10n ce presente to India Belle and everyBoy Scout Troop 34· hall on Eighth Mrs. John Newell and Mrs · Pamela who bratcd thet} birthday McAtee, one sang "Happy . Birthday." She \Vas .- · of Mrs. f I -. strP.f't. A work party was held Sat- Stewart. .. ' ie re< ipient o many ovc- then opened her gifts. 1 hose presIv orfts from b 0 th f 1. 1. d d lv D T . urday but was n_ot ve. ry well atMr. and Mrs.. D. oyle .C . f · . "' c n s an cnt were: frs. . . Lmdberg, lvfrs. 1 T ox o nnuhbo1s M'l M K N 1 . 1D tended. he scoutmaster would ap- :Mountain highway and their chi!" . .· , · es, I 1 s. · c son, !vfiss prcciatc any help thnt can be given drcn sprnt Sunday in Tacoma at EnJoymg a Sunday dinner at the fhelma Funk, Mrs. F. Lelijernack, by the parents, friends or sponsors the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. home of ;'1r: .and Mrs. Louis Sym- the. hostess and family, Mrs. Lena of the troop • Lending a hclpin•,. hand Cox The occas'o f . d' mons of I ac1f1c strt"et were Mr · and Sch1emer and the honor '~nest ;:, . , i n was a atn1 1y in- "" · on Saturday were: Ernie :tvfcGinnes, ner at which time the ? !st birthday Mrs. Harold Rollins of Tacoma. Rebekah on John Newell, Frank l\1cCabe, Bob of Mrs. Cox was celebrated. Doyle lWrs. John Carleson and daugh- Tuesday night, March 15, m1tiatcd Bradshaw, John Newell Jr., Marvin Cox is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. ter Dianne of Tacoma were spend- seven members: Mrs. M. Sorenson, Doyle and Hal'\'ey Bradshaw. A. Cox. the-day guests Sunday at home of Mrs. C. Casperson, Florence Dillon,

the dmner, games were played and .· f · a senes o wmter sports movies were h ds own. Much credit is due to the . en mothers for the success of the dinnf'r. ThC' den mothers arc the M d cs ames Prettyman, Irene Hogan '







GRAVEL CANYON R.OAD PIT Ilank Run-Good for Driveways 50e per cubic yard, your truck '! yards dcli:vered-$6.00 Phone WAvcrly 7902

Mechanics know and demand the exceptional quality that is American Hammered

SPANA WAY ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL Wcdncsd;1y, March 23. GRanite 6547 and GRanite 7583 A shower was held on :\ofarch 17, at the home of Mrs. Ross Plumb, for Mrs. W. Buck (l\1 au r c en I! a.rn.-Sunday Worship Service. Thompson). A St. Patrick's theme 3:30 p.m.--Interrncdiate Youth was carriPd throughout the house. Ft·llowship. Those present were Mrs. B. Ulrick, 6:'15 p.m.-Youth Fdlowship. Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Frank Kearns, PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL /<> . Mrs. Mrs. G. Smallwood GPARKLAND METHODIST ..,:~~ Id Nelson, . eorge W. Cooper, Pastor Interdenominational 1 fr(>d Southwell, Superinhmdent _/} "._,,, ,:;r am Althea, lvfrs. L. Cook , . Si!n<lay,: Wm;ship and p.reaching, JI a.m. ~a.p;,~ _• . d I11'Id.1 d I I . l op~c: I he. Life and Death of Jcslls and 1 Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. -., -_- -...- ~ an c en, an t 1e 1onor guest. I Gods Rt:.1at1011 . to rvlen. Nursery for chilSunday School, 10: 30 a.m. 11 Bible study, 7: 30 1vfonday nigh ti with 1g tlmf·orhou ,__ ~- ·-·~-:"_-.. A lovTly lunch was served bv the! 1i\ena.m. c!UJC·m'asses ChurchAdult School. at ~-- " a 11·. grades. B1 b1e 1vfrs. Charles Knautz teaching. hostess, after Ma.ureen had opened da,, aLthe parsonage studying the histoi·· · · "Y (k • f • M h .· f Th 1cal development of religious ideas and Capt. and Mrs. James T. Deaton es, ye,s, , now Y?';l. re a nend of r. Leonard's and ~r gi ts.. e. group sang Happy ide:.1Is through t1.1e Old Testam~nt. TI;e per-1 HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL 1ei;enuah. of Fifth street were Saturday g·uests you ve Deen wauting two has to Mrs. Kearns nnd . then 1 ·, one,Ii/e __ "fcJ . . at the parsonAt HarvardSuperintendent Sch?ol 1 Bll'thday ··11 h hours-certainly I h ?" l h . a)· ,'mu practice lnor Bergstrom, at the homP of Mr. and Mrs. J.. Wl power, as nt e. tw ostess p1esentcd her with a age, J:.Jll t).m. Sunday School, 10:30 eveiy Sunday. J d M C . basket of gifts. . --·Han~rd Sunday School llfothers' Circle i u son at c .hord field, where · TRINITY LUTHERAN meets first Wednesday of month at 2 p.m. [ thev· enjoyed several tdevision pro- orations were the work of Mrs · dav, 'aft Cl.noon. H er guests were. the l'I ·Id The Graham . Granae Auxiliary [ Parklond, Washington . M ·I " · Ernest B. Steen, Pastor .. CLOVER ---C~EEIC BAPTIST grams on the new set brnlt by Mr. e1 e Prettyman, den mother, and Mesdames M. b <\ d . F. ic a party at the Grange hall on 1hur,day, M.arch 24: B:Oll p.rn.-Mid· Military Road, oppoS1te Clover Creek School J d · d f . a e 1 ' n e1 son, rnn- S· . d · . week Lenten Service Sermo 1 ti . "Tl W. C. Rhea Pastor u son. cons1ste o a grnss-thntched hut ces Whitney Mary Hcndri he d c.itur ay evcnmg. Those rn c.harge Sacrifice nf Our niood-H,~ugl:~rnli~dem~: Bib.le. School, 10 a.u{. George Chcssum, Enjoying a luncheon ' Sund·1y as centerpiece ' surrounded b)• smallL UCl'II c St Cl'd' el , c ,, n an were \.1rs. 0. Andrews food. Mrs I Lutheran twu-JcsusChoir. Christ.'' Special music: Trinitv' . 11 a.m. ' ' at ' ' iv ormng worship, the home of !vfr. and Mrs. Arthur er huts and palm trees and coolies Th l . . 'Walter McGee, music; Mrs. Fred ,. Satt~rday, March 21i: 9 ~O 8 Youtll Fellowship, 7 p.m. (Junior and 11 Pietz on the Mountain highway, r working in rice Sma.ll coolies th C 'eV 07. , v . SreCguSar . ·' . o fmosnthly pan meetmg M I of,. Erickson, door. A good time was had ' . • . l"·flll "· a.m.-s um1ay M'd ' IGospel • . Service . . ' .s pm .. wPrc Mr. and Mrs. Luthcr as place cards. Following· d.1st church \Vas held 'Thursday away ct10. Bi.ble and classes; 11:00 Service· c1'1_011 :"ecc 11nu-sday, B p.m. . . Hall and were •used . aft- l byAall. b• _ rtors11p, r:rv11'.e \Vorship 8:00 practice hursday, 7; also teachl'r


. rs. oms Sy. mmons of Pacific street has· accepted a position at F .. mt Lewis. . Mr. and M ·s A ti p· t M. : · r 1ur JC z, r. and f tl Mrs. M Edwm t . Dixon h' I and Al Pietz o ic oun a. m 1gw;ay attended the Sat rd , . · d h Id u. a: e\ernng ance e at the Elk Plam Grange. l\!Ir. and l\!Irs. Walter \Vadhams of Salem,· Oregon have been spend• rng the week as house guests of

In Sets and Open Stock

[sons of Port Orchard, Wash., and 'j Mi. and Mrs. Gordon Bolcu of Tacoma had a pre-birthday party honoring their mother, Mrs. Paul Lindberg, on Sunday. Her birthday was



iSlllll will be a 25th wedding; an111vcrsary party held Saturday evening, March 26, 8 o'clock, at Graham grange hall, honoring :Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Tinius. Everyone is cordially invited.

Enjoying an after-the-dance meeting was attended by Mrs. Chet luncheon, Saturday evening, at the McAtee and Mrs. James Grey. The l.1nl1H:. of and Mrs... Will.iam Ri- next Pre-school nwcting will he on ghclt1 "" I wdfth street, were; Mr. Apnl 6, at the home of Mrs. Lawand Mrs. Walter Feddersen, Mr. rence Beckman on Fogg street. All ;1:id lvfrs. W. Don !vfcLellan, Mr . .members are urged to attend and and Mrs. Cl:iir Feddersen, Mr. and help elect new officers. Nominations J'v! rs. Ernest Tarpcnning, J'vfr. and from the floor will be open, also. Mrs. Robert Steidel, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs • John Wadhams of ' Harry White, Mrs. Beulah Ballard, East "E" street, Extension road re·I M · J ]· rr is. ac.... r: cndnc -:sen, Mr. and cently purchased a new hon e on 1 Mrs. J. J'viarti of Olympia and Portland street in Tacoma whicli others. they will occupy some time in A1nil



Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone GRaham 206

attended the card party held Saturday evening at .. 'the James Saks Grange in Parkland.





By d' Alessio


Nearly a hundred members and friends of the Spanaway Progre.qsivc Community club enjoyed a hot dog feed and d:rnce, sponsored by the cl11b :is the regular monthly entcrtaimnent. The party was held in the ,.,, '" Recreation hall in Spanaway


Page Three


. I

A . Philippine motif .was. the deeoratn·c theme for the annual pot . luck durner of Spanaway Cub Scout ). ,, . .· I aek. 34,. which was held Fnday cvemng 111 the Recreation hall in Spanaway park. The unique dee·

r===================================. We Fix It ... ! REPAIRING OF ALL l(INDS No Joh too Small - or Too Big

GRanite 6544



Rt. 13, Box 398-A, Airport and Canyon Road




Phone GR. 8470






For a luscious treat and a quick energy pick-up, members of both the younger and older sets turn all yea,r 'round to our flavorsome ice cream sodas. Every month we will feature a spcci:-d soda concocted by our own fountain chef. Drop in today and discover our special soda. We won't describe in advance what it really consists of ... We will, however, guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised. SUNDAES, MILKSHAKES, MALTEDS, AFTER-THEATER and LUNCHEON PLATES

and. Mrs. Chet Mc,~tcc· of PaRuth D..illon, M..yr.tle Baker, Caro' 1· , I-I,. .. c1f1c strcC't. rnc t stncss, and Joyce Emery. 1'1 · M-s Berlin l' b t f , ·l l d . 1l' supper connm.ttce. had the tables 1 r '-o er s o 1 ::i1 '- ::in d, , . ·d f . ,· .. • . • · • was . t· a t· th t co1atc . 01 St. P. atnck. s. with ' 'a recent ov t·i·ni g,·ht gucs · e home of Mr ·i.nd Mrs 1, .. I T ll grccn hats and green pipes for ' • · I ..ln { a l')' f "rJ · of Fifth strc ·t . a,. ors. . 1C program chaHman, !v1 E . J : nme ansch, had arranged a lovr· H "! . M onroc pres-· . . rs. 'rnest _ c . · _ ensen of !vfountain I\y progr:,11n. i orence highway at Eighth street, spent the . I . · • D' . n '. • 1 . ·!· _ ., , , 1c cnt o . 1stnct ..::i, \vas a v1s1tor. wee' ton.. . lar 1ncct1ng . . S end I at B1unu . _ lNex·t icgu \Vl'II b e A pn·1 , unc ay guests nt the home of Mrs. 5. · · Lily Pfaff of Mountain highway Gathered for a St. Patrick's party were Mr. and Mrs. John Cole of March 17, at the home of BL'ttic Puyallup. and Beverley Cruts were: George Mr. and Mrs. George Ouhl of t~e I Allen, Juana Bolling, Jerry Hardt, Mountain highway celebrated tlteH Bessie Roland, Omer Roland, Paul third .. wedding anniversary March :'-licholas, Don Fowler, Dolores Bol15, with a dinner party given at ling and the hostess. A lovely lunch the home of Mrs. Ouhl's mother, was served aftcr·gamcs were played. Mrs. J. W. Burkr-, at Olympia. friends and neighbors extend Eddie Murdock has be c n con- deepest sympathy to Mrs. D. E. fined to his hornt· on Paci fie at Gooch on the death of her aunl, Ninth street with a scv<:re case of Mrs. Henry Logan of Spoka·ne. The Janice Club met Thursday Nygard, Harry White, Beulah Bal- flu. lard, Ervin Timm, Martha Ander-' Sandra Christilaw, little daugh· evening, March 17, at the home of son, Evelyn McAtce, Sophie Mc- tcr of Mr. and Mrs. Ervic Christi- Mrs. E. Cope. A St. Patrick theme Cullough, Herman Moonitz, W. Don law of Mountain highway, is con- was carried ou.t. March 30, the club McLellan and William Righetti. fined to her home with the mumps. will have a no-hostess luncheon at Mr. and Mrs. Ha.rolcl LeMay and M~. and Mrs. Robert Steidel of the "Top of the Ocean." Mr. were Saturday eveG ra h a1n G range A ux1.1iary . . . and Mrs. Chet McAtee , · of p.'1_ Pacific . ). . street . . w1.11 c1fic mns guests at the. home of lvfr. and mcc .. t next at tie l Iiomc. of ,lY1rs. , street attended tlw Sj)Oltsman's · · Civic Auditorin111 , Mrs. Sam Green m Parkland. IT~arry All ·show in Seattle's ._ . . · en. Thursday cvcnin" v1s1tors at.. the n home of F'nen . d s ancI ne1g . hb ors ex ten d "· M Recent . . l\!Irs. Ella Dumas was hostess to , 1· and . Mrs. F1 ,rnk I alley of d ecpes t sympa tliv to M r. an d M rs. a group of friends at a luncheon I•ourth street were Mr. and Mrs. ' at the Top of the Ocean, \Vcdnes-1 Robert Toft and son, Tim. Enjoy- dames: Sylvia McVey, R. Engebreting a dchc1ous dnrncr prepared by son, Beth Oliw·r, Lois Kiger, EveMrs. Talley, Saturday evening, were lyn Ockfen, Lee Black, Cele BagBest Wishes t 0 t hr: Mr. and Mrs. George Dorfner of ley, Hazel Drexler, Helen Irwin, [Elk Plain. Mildred Talley, Dorothy P. Smith, Mrs. Ernest Jensen and Mrs. Bob PARKERS Rose Berg, Chick Tye, Th c Im a Weatherly were joint hostesses at a Weatherly, Flossie Jensen and Elaine On Their Fine, New "Wearing-of-the-Green" ])arty held Turner. Location St. Patrick's day at the Weatherly Week end guests at the home of home on Fourth street. Games were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Talley of Fifth played and prizes wrre won by Mrs. street were Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hazel Drexler and Mrs.. Rose Berg. Talley, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Talley A St. Patrick's day theme was earand Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chambers ric~ out, even to the .r~freshments, of Cosmopolis, Washington. Rt. 13; Box 404 GR. 8209 wlud1 w c r c of tradtt10nal Kelly Mrs. Harold Baker of Extension Tacoma, Wash. green. Attending were the Mesroad spent Friday at Sumner. The P-T A-sponsored mother and daughter classes han~ resumed every Thursday evening at the Spanaway school. The group is working on a TO· CONGRATULATE lcathcrcraft project, under the di: rcction of Mrs. Fred Butts. Mrs. Clara Nygard of Fifth street ON THE OPENING OF THEIR BEAUTIFUL NEW entered Tacoma General hospital BUILDING Monday. She will undergo surgery. Friends and neighbors wish her a speedy return to health. F'nst .· . puzc .• . . ll m pmoc l c was won I lvf I-I 'V . )y rs. arry v lute and consol t' b ~• J I B . . a ion y iv.trs. oscp 1 arsott1, wlulc .m .J"(J(J. f'ust pnzc . b was won y l\'1rs E . ., . . . d . · 111(') SOO 1 a1penn1ng an COUSOln. d ' · t10nthe wasregular awar cd Mrs Edcard Flannery at monthly party of the Spanaway-Elk Plain Fire. . . . , mcn·s auxiliary, which· was hdd Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Clifford Anderson on the Mountain highway at Fifteenth street. Assisting Mrs. Anderson as hostesses, and serving a delicious luncheon, were Mrs. Herman Moonitz, Mrs. Chet McAtee and Mrs. Sophie McCullough. Attending were the Mesdames: Oliver Omat, Althea Flannery, I:larry W. Smith, Emerson Tarpenning, Martin Gibbons, Joseph Barsotfi, Robert Stf'idel, Jack Hendricksen, Ervie Christilaw, Clara

I Mr. . .





~1r';;~~;1 ;]i ,'.'.cl:,r"¥·\ b\'[e~~ r:"'







I l



ST. JOHN OF THE WOODS 98th d T 1 ''di or, Pastor and Rev. an R. E. ay Logan, Ma,st•s, B:OO and lll:30 a.m. Catechism after Muss. SPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL.TABERNACLE

I I ,


Stanley R. Weddle, Pastor Sunday School, 9:4.5 a.m.; 1.1orning 'Vor-

.;hip, 11 a.m.; Evangelistic Service, U p.m. -Christ's Ambassadors, VV~dnesday. 0 er . u 1xson, LUTHERAN Pastor MIDLAND PENTECOSTAL 1 .Sunday School, Y::JU a.m.; Morning WorArnie Konsmo, Pc;sstor . up, llJ.00 a.m. rvfeets every Sunday in Midland P.T.A. SPANAWAY METHODIST h<lll, 11 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m."'

I PAR~A~~ EVCANGGIEl~ICAl "The Church by


Side of thG Rood"

10 a.m.-Church School.

FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH South 86th and uG" Streets R. \V, Ledyard, Pastor

Bible School, 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages.

0. 0. · Westlund on the death of his \Vorship at 11; Evening Service, 7:30. · sistcr-m-law, Mrs. Christina Wcstl'rLARCHMONT ·suNDAY SCHOOL Larchmont Sunday School meets in the lune! of Tacoma. P3rish housl! at 9:30 Sunday mori1ings. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erickson and girls motored to Forks, Wash., to KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent isit with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mur~vieets at 2:00 p.m. in the Ki1·by school ray and son. ~very Sunday. Mrs. Niemann of Vaughn, Wash., MIDLAMD COMMUNITY HOME Thure Moberg, Minister visited with her daughter, Mr. and Sunday Sdwol) 10 a.m.; l'vlorning -Service, Mrs. Louie Schiem'cr .and family, 11 a.m.: Bible study and prayer, 7:30 p.m., Wedn~sday. on Sunday. Don't forget the sch.col dance I BAKER IS COMMISSIONER March 26 at the Elk Plam Grange. Calvin Baker of Larchmont was Eerybody welcome. Sorry to hear Mrs. Ross Plumb elected to a two-year term as comis ill at her home. We hope she will missioner of Drainage Improvement District 19 at the general spring soon be out. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lilijemack election, March 8. Baker received hanc sold their home and will be I 10 votes, to 0110' vote for his opponcnt, W. F. Grass. 1noving to Tacon1a. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carlson spent the week end with their· daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Murray and hcr family, at Forks, Wash. While there, Roy was lucky at fishing, catching a large stcclhead.

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p.m.-:·on 1~1 Saskatoon" program' sponrni·ed uy Son10r Luther Leag 11 e • T · · Church parlor· · m ruuty • " -.. . CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ., ··Realay". 1 is .the subject of the Leswn· '."(:\ S'.nJ'lay in Ch - l le ,1 o et . nnc i, ie nrst Massachusetts. , · i:r~ i of Chnst, Scientist, in Boston.



H. ighest


"["IJ.....,...,.vu \T "'.l 11ro·u"

6A. ::>306


BR. 5148



12:15 to 1:00 p.m. Friday over KTBI THIS WEEK: Parkland Mother-Singers in a preview of their style show concert.


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LIGHT ROOFING ···················"········· ..................... per roll MEDIUM ROOI1ING ............................................ per roll NO .• :~ SHINGLES ..........: .................................... per square 2-ft. x G-ft.-10-inch l-PANEL. DOORS ........................ each 2-ft.-8-inch x G-ft.-8-inch 3-PANEL DOORS ................ each Y,xG C. CEDAR SIDING .................................. per 100 feet ASK ABOUT OUR MONTHLY l'AYMENT PLAN



$2.10 $2.75 $3.30 $4.50 $5.50 $7.80

city-wide cookie s:ile for St. Albans, the Girl Scoutsi ca111ping· grounds, for improvements and expansion lo acco111111odate the increasing- uu1nbcr

of girls who have the opportunity to spend a pcriocl of the summer al the camp. Non-Girl Scouts arc also 1·ligible to spend an educational and the evening. The pa r t y was in c·njoyable two-week vacation at the charge of Mrs. Robert Shaqw, her camp. :Mrs. Art Cunningham served ways and n1Pans conunittec assistas cookie chairman for the Midland ing-. l\frs. Henry Tcffrc was in troop. The Brownies thank all the 1 charge of prizes and Mrs. \\fm. pcuph'. of Miclland and Harvard who Foster hanqh·d the card~. Mrs. WalIH·lped in 111aking their share of the tn C:orrioan and Mrs. Robert Clin- . I ..., s~t t a ~Teat success. Cookies arc ton were in charge of games and 1 · !wing delivned this W<"Ck to the, Don Kemp w;is assisted in the kitchen by Mrs. Roy Taylor, Mrs. torners

GA. 3133

MIDLAND NEWS Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanite 5738


Midland llrownie Troop 82 showrd great enthusinsn1 in thr recent

PACII-1"'IC AVE. LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific Avenue

considered eligible; ( 5) limit of two entries; ( 6) no classroom work is clig·ible; (7) a fee of fifty cents will be charged for each item to help defray expenses. All work entered in 1'.Xhibition must be sent prep;:iid or delivered to the galleries. Work will be returned to each sender collect. Entry blanks are available at The Prairie Pointer or at the College of Puget Sound.

Recipe of tl1e Week

Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter GR. 5475


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 24, 1949

Mrs. Victor Esh1Jctcr and Mrs. ") Frank Baskett attended the I arkland P-TA meeting March 17 and brought back tall tales of the antics of tlw P-TA dads. Mrs. Baskett and Mrs. Eshpeter extended a cor-1 dial invitation to thP Parkland pco-1 plc to attend the April 1 style show of the Midland P-TA. Tlw Midland folk were in turn invitc·d to attPncl the style show being presented in Parkland, Manh 25.

RICE AND SALMON CASSEROLE I Y, cups ( 5 Y2 oz. package) pre-cooked rice % teaspoon salt l % cups watn 2 tablespoons butter or margarine Yi cup gratcd American cheese

2 tablespoons flour teaspoon salt Dash of pcpp(cr 2 CU jJS rniJk cup (7% oz. can) salmon, drained and flaked

Combine rice, o/1 teaspoon salt and water in saucepan. Brii1g to a full rolling boil. Rr·rnovc from heat, cover, and let stand I 0 rnioutt•s. Melt huttr·r in saucepan. Add flour, I teaspoon salt and pepper. Add milk gradually and cook, stirring constantly until smooth and thickened. Arrange alternate layers of cooked rice, salmon, and cream sauce in. greased l Y" quart baking dish. Sprinkle ehecse on top. Bake in mod era tc oven, 350" F., 20 minutes or until brown. Makes six serving-s.

I ..

iVe~~1~~~: f~ep:~ I










Johnson and Mrs. Victor Esh.pelt'!' Several old friends and former Robi.mon, .is /lowly I Fred is co1walescing al spent March 18 at Fort Lewis, at Midland rcstcknts gathered at tht' . "· .iltt 1 " Stx-wid,s bout' home after bcm.c( released frum the the Sixth Army film library, where home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krc- with the flu and .complicatiotis. hospital in Portland. He says he is thcy were given a list of films avail- shak of Puyallup, March 19. MakSome lucky wurncrs at the card feeling fine. al.}lc to be used :1t Midland I. mprovc-1 ing the tri.p from Midland were Mr. b:'.,t.he,.:)rtho;Jcdic Around. '.35. 1.1w.mbers friends mcntclubmeetmgs. Two films will !JI'. shown at: the April 5 meeting at Midland hall. While there, tl_ie wom-1 en had lunch at the Servicemen's club. ·

l~:irty, :'pon~~'.·e.d

~".k'.List "'.'L,


Wt!<. l•i.rnk " Ii" molm tunt'-up :it Alex s ga1 1 ,"."ah '.)!sen.'. door 1 · ' · _:t-O put.l1.l!1<nt w.n·t · IVIotoHng ,to Gig Harbor last week were: Mrs. Llbec Hobbs, Ray Hobbs, lil'len Sdll·lenbergcr, Beatriuc and J . ,, . . tH'. 1 lw <·1·cnl of tht• chy W'IS the ·, .. ' '· . .Jl11 birthday lJ! D1·llwrt Hohbs son .f . · '' · o Mr. and Mrs. C:lydr Hobbs c·) ·! . . ·· t1ers present for the affair were D·l . . e bert's brother, >lorrnan Mrs ('l , . ' ·· , yde Hobbs sister and her husband .. d , . , , ' an son, Kenny, from 1 aeuma , . .· . J . . • . uc Bai y, 8.J0 16 bast J strc:d 1s I . . · ' 10me from the hospital aftn ·1 serious .. ..' 1 . pncumomd. · · sit""<' .~ · of 1O}at l·l . . , ... · . . . ' is Jt'LU]JeratJng from Ins illness . . . . . .it the home ol Mr and iv[rs Nt·d .I' I ,. . ..,tion

State Merit System this state. With the c~rning ~f fair • weather, many motonsts will be Announces Openings crowding our highways to enjoy [ Opportunities to win a position pleasure driving. All motorists arc with the State of Washington now urged, he added, to exercise extreme arc bci1:g offered graduate students caution and to be careful as the life and sen101·s who will have their de- you save may be your own. gTees by Junl'. The State Personnel March, 1948, recorded 4·9 traffic Boa1·d announces that competitive deaths in the state of Washington. written examinations will be con-, In the first 2 Y2 months of 194-9, ducted throughout the state on April' 57 people have been killed in motor 2 for a variety of professional, tech- vehicle traffic accidents in this state nical and1 business positions. as compared to 115 for the first Promotional possibilities, regular three months of 1948. 1 salary increases, and vacation and sick leave are only a few of the A press operated by steam power many advantages of working for the was invented in 1882. State M,..rit system. Those positions which arc of particular interest to college graduates entering such fields as accountingi business, econo1nics, personnel, or social work are: Junior Per Word .......L............................... 03 Minimum .........................................50 and Senior Visitor, salary $200 to $280; Account Clerk and Junior Accountant, $200 to $295; Junior and Senior Typist and Stenographer, ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICELyman Redford, owner. Septic $160 to $235; Interviewer, $200 to tanks pumped, contents hauled $250; Junior Field Adviser, $235 away. GA. '.H4·6 or GA. 9794-. to $295; Personnel Technician Aide, tfc $210 to $265; and Junior Statisti- SPANA WAY LUMBER CO. netter Lumber for Less. Roofcian, $235 to $295. ing-, ] lard ware and Paints. \Ve In addition to th1•sc openings, aprent floor sanders. GR 8235. plications are now being accepted SEPTIC TANKS-CLEANED, confor a number of positions for which tt'.nts hauled away. Don Redford, no written examination is required. GA. ~3~ tfu Tlu·sc positions arc: General Sani- llAY G~)GAN-::--}ACK BARRET'f tarian, salary $220-280; Junior BacGrncral landscaping, pruning and teriologist, $210-265; Health Eduspraying, rockeri('s, rock walls, cator, $265-325; Registered Nurse, fences, tractor work. $190-235; Junior Staff Nurse, $200- GR. 884-2 Terms BR. 6982 250; Public Health Nurse, $220-280; WANTED--Will' do washing, i~·on­ and Physical Therapist, $220-280. ing in your home or my home. Also, man will work by hour. Applications for the positions 1·eGRanitc 6836. 29c quiring a written cxami,nation n:ust PIANO LESSONS l'opular and be submitte.d by 21. Apphcabeginners. Phon<' CR. 6653. 30c tions and 111lo~1nat1on may he. ob- I FOR SALE ___ Used mattress and tained from the State of Washmg· I spring, $8.00. Phone GR. 7100. ton Personnel lloard, 1209 Smith 'WA-~n"'ED-Baby buggy, play pen


rcg.ulations.: ( WOik IS lumt(d to 011g1nals 111 011, :vatcrcolor and sculptor; (2) paintmgs must be suitably framl'd; (3)

CLASSIFIED ADS Call Gllanite 7100


I 1

Tower, Sealtl.c 4.-, Washington. .and bird cag. ". · Call· GR .. 8881.? or GR. 7000. · _9!J e_,·.ich it.em _must. bear entry b.lank f.ill:d out111 m_full: only artists Durin<r the Civil Wai· paper was FOR SALE-+-room house, nea~·ly 1 " , . 2 acres land, west of Roy sawmill. iesidmg· Pierce, lhurston, Lewis, so scarce that l'.i or more newsInquire John Rotondo, Roy. Also Clark, ?rays papers used wallpaper. J Rockhill strawberry plants. 29p Hai bot and P,ictfic counties will be


of ClO\·er Cret'k Grange enjoyed a St. Patrick's Day party at the Grange hall, Saturday night, March 19. lvfrs. Dan Franklin, lecturer, had 0 arranged an interesting prooTarn of games. Dancing was enjoye d also. J I-I· . ! I M ·C'· , ' Mrs. William Hiller and Mrs. I·· aiot L ,.l\mnon, Mrs. 1 (' 0 11' J 1\1 ' · Clarence Johann were guests of the · · wr an< ·rs. W11ltam Keene; .- ·t· l · . · Central Avenue P-TA, Mard1 16, assis ec tn scrvrng the refreshments. for a dessert luncheon served before A St l" ··I' D · atric' s ay party, at the I ·f '·f· , I 'I· . . ' a short business meeting conducted 10me o iv t. ,rnc iv 1s. Lcstet Cruts Tl . I · . · by Mrs. Lawrence Howard. A film · !lllSc ay, was en1oyed by Miss 1J. · ·, R I cl () showing how visual education is becsstc o an , mn Roland a. ncl G . ·,, All f ('l · (' I ' ing used in the school was shown. 'tmgc c11 o 'm·er .ree <. 1 hey were· a<·c·oi·1 , ··cl J I' I N' 1 1 Mrs. Johann extended an invitation · ' · · tp,1111e JY . au tc 10 s · ·. ·· to the group to attend the April I 0 f J .· . Hoover is the former Betty Taylor ovita. . Joe Wells ]· , l·, . 1 style show at Midland. and Mr. Hoover ts the wn of Mr. · · ·, w 10 1:JS H.rn a patient . . . · . T· , .. I . ·, . · l\fr. and Mrs. William Glover of and Mrs. Husby. Whtlt· 1n Portland Ill ·' .1Loma 10sp1Lil followrng a ·J' I k ] Hungry Horse, Mont., are here for Donna Taulor called the school ·rncl' s tg '. l stro ·c, i:1s returned home and 1 • • ' a 111~1Ucr. ·ts 1111provrn,,. · · a few days' visit with Mrs. Glover's S ny cl er and •.spent '1 rs. l''r,u1" . I· I''\.CC1·ing 1ins n·turncc . .I "" • iv parents, !\fr. and Mrs. J. R. Mont- Iocate d J o.Annc March 19 with her. JoAnnc 1s the I . f·. · · 111 io1nc a tt·r spendLng two \veel·s gomery of 93d and Portland avenue. daughter of l\fr. and Mrs. Melvin S<it .... ('it rains . "' 1ll1t..)n C·.1 l'f t 01n1.a t '1·. icre AR.MY RESERVE CORPS IS Several of the original "Kan Kan • .S'lir· ._ .. 1.,..1JOJ ·t.· s ;1 won cl er ru 1 tune ,, Snyder, former residents of .. ' OHERING OPPORTUNITIES Kuties" have been seen attending · ThP EnlistPd Rcsr'.rve corps of the Sn.yder was the school bus driver for Yisiting with friends and relatives. some secret rehearsals lately. Could U. S. Anny is conducting an inten" · saw many prommcnt places of ' ·· I .,he be that they arc in some way mixed M 1dland for several years interl'st, Wf'nt to NBC:, also saw a sivc r<'cru1t111g drive during the up with the "April Foolishness" television show. month of March. Former members CLINIC AT U. OF W. WILL style show, April 1? Frankie \Veeks son of lvfr. and of the Army Reserve may re-enlist George Rainey Jr., son of Mr. and CORRECT SPEECH, HEARING Mrs. Harvey Wc;cks Sr., celebrated in their last grades, rvcn though Mrs. George Rainey, 94-th and Jack- DEFECTS OF YOUNGSTERS !tis 8th birthday with a party given they have .been out of the reserve Gives you COLDER COLD son street, is now home from the Yo11ngstt'l's from any part of the ;il his home 011 Waller road. Birth- for some time, and World War II to freeze foods faster and hospital and convalescing nicely after state who have speech or hearing dny rake and trimmings were served vrter:rns who w1·n· honorably diskeep frozen foods saferhis bout with virus pneumonia. charged from any of the armed ddrcts arc eligible to a ttcnd a six- 10 17 little guests. A party was held at the home of assures steady, safe cold for w~Tk correctional program to be A meeting is set for Tuesday, forces are eligible to join the Ennormalfood--keeping.HOLDMr. and Mrs. Lenhard Winter, givcn this summer by the University March '.!9, I p.rn., at Dawson field listed Reserve corps in the grades March 15, to celebrate birthdays and COLD CONTROL is allof Washington, it was announcl'd house for all ladies interestc·d in they held when separated. anniversaries of the Johann family weather automatic-no dials rcccnlly. starting a Dawson Field Community With new reserve units being during March. The 1st of March to adjust. You get Giant Sixty school-age children in need dub, to work out recreation plans activated throughout the Pacific was the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Super Freezer that freezes of this training will be accepted at for n-cryonc in the community. Norlhw1•st, the opportunity for pro, Clarence Johann, March 15 is the and stores 35 pounds of food a speech and hearing center, from Teen-agers' mothns arc particularly motion is excd!Pnt. Reservists build birthday of Mrs. P .. H. Johann a·ncI · and ice ••• big Meat Keeper June 27 to August 5. urged to attend so teen-age prob- longevity and retirement credits, March 16 the birthday of h<'r young••• two big Humidrawers and The training program is sponsored lcms can be worl:cd out directly with maintain their military proficiency est grandson, Jimmy Winter. Atother great features in the by the university's department of the parents. Also some sort of rccrc- by attending regular meetings, and tending were Mr. and Mrs. Frank new Westinghouse De Luxe speech and tlw Washington Society ation shonld be planned as soon as receive army pay for training peKratochvil, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. 9-a full 9 cubic foot.refrigpossible for the numerous 12-ycar- riods. Johann, Mr. and M rs. Clarence Jo- for Crippled Children and Adults. erator-freezer that takes no The cent1·r will provide a place olds, who were disappointed when Additional infonnation concernhann and Doris and Claude, thr: more floor space than former host and hostess and their three where these children will live in it was decided thcv cannot be in- ing the Enlisted Reserve corps may 7 cubic foot models! Seattle for this period while they duded in the Tt'.en:Agcrs club. he secured at any Anny and Air sons, Richard, Gene and Jimmy. receive intensive training in special Teen-Agers club of Dawson fidd Foree recrniting station, or any ofThe first card party of Midland De Luxe 9 Orthopedic guild was held March classes under the direction of the met March 18 with a large attend- fice of the Washington Organized 44.80 down 18 at Midland hall, with almost staff of the university speech clinic. ance. Plans were discussed to raise Reserves. Application may be made through money to obtain music for the group, 1 DO people attending. The evening 13.57 per month was spent at pinochle and 5DO, with Dr. James Carrell, Speech Clinic, preferably a piano. Officers elected arc!. A sunshine fund of pennies many prizes being given throughout University of Washington. Dr. Car- at the meeting were: Bill Squires, was started for incidentals. Anyone rel! urges those interested in enroll- president; Terry Piper, vicc-prcsi- is welcome to visit the meetings. ing children in tlw center to write dent; Chris Morris, secretary; llcv- Next meeting will be Friday, March him immediately. crly Corrigan, treasurer; fire com- 25, at 7:30 p.m, All officers are to Cooperating a,v;encics arc the state mittee, Harold Snyder and Richard meet at 7 p.m. department of public instruction, the Johnson; refreslunrnt committee; A stork shower, honoring Mrs. SEMI-DRY hearing conservation division of the Sally Alstead, Harold Snyder, Joe George Puckett, was given by Mrs. . state department of health, and the Lawson and Joyce White; sergeant- E. R. Shipton and Carole Shipton AFTER 5:00 P. JV1. I Seattle public schools. I at-arms, Joe Lawson and Jim How- at ihe Shipton home, 7815 Golden Givan road, Friday evening, March 18. Games and prizes preceded enjoyment of a great cake decorated Now! grut, n.w today~ut with a stork and baby bugKY· Guests were the Mesdames Howard Perkin, Cyril Blanchard, H. A. Kennedy, Weldon Ness, Jar:k Abslcn, .Leslie - a t the-. Conrn•ll; Alvin Nanr.f', Ted Palmer, '1llllllll!!P' . . . . . . . . ~............... _..~, P - T A Fashion S h o w - M a r c h S. Auditorium A. C. Marchetti, E. R. Kennedy Jr., Charles Mikelson, Jack Doore, 140TH. AND PACIFIC GR. 8625 YOUR FUEL OIL AND APPLIANCE DEALER J. 0. Shipton, Miss Marlene Kennedy and the honored guest. HAU' YEAR MORE TO PAY - WITH ONLY 153 DOWN - LIBERAL TRADE-IN


and lvirs. Don Kemp, lvfr. and Mrs. Georgl' Turner and Mr. and :Mrs. Clarenn: Johann. From Buckley were Mr. and l\1rs. Ed Chalberg. The eYening was spent visiting and reminiscing. , , Mrs. Carl 1aylor and dauPhlcr ,, ' Donn,1, left lvfard1 16 to vi.<it another daughter, Betty and her fam. . ~ ' ily rn Portland Oregon. On lvfarch , ., ' , . ' 19 Carl ~L1ylor together with Mr ' ·1fr· ' , • and l\frs. Alex Husby, drove to · Portland to help edebraltc the first . bJrthday of Gregory. son of Mr. · and Mrs Robe rt Hoover Mrs


Many M a r c h Deaths Eighteen people have been fatally injured in rural and urban traffic accidents in the state of Washington during the first 15 days of March, 19~-9. Nine of these fatalities have occurred between March 12th and March 15th. Chief Roy E. Carlson pointed out that during- the month of February, 1949, only 16 people were killed in traffic accidents in


After a series of Fl·bruary parties, Charlotte McC!atchey, Mrs. Ethel Ayt•rs, Mrs. Viola Bombardier, lv1rs. lvfidland Brownie Troop 82 is setOne Lola lkshlcr :rnd Mrs. Lillian Elli- tling clown to project work and sight seFing tours for spring act1v1lH"S. soti. Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter ladies hav<' promised a filling repast Last week, girls visited the experiRt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 82891 after the session. So come on out Mr. and :Vfrs. James Hartley of mental station in Puyallup. Infor9'.lrd :ind Portland a\·f·nue cnterancl get your finger in the pie, taincd Mr. and J\frs. Harry Lewis mation and explanations were given Ladies from Clover Creek unit Wayne McPherson of Tacoma (Pat Balmer) and son Danny . on as the troop visited the various visited at the home of l\fr. and Mrs. visited Sumner last Sunday, enjoyMidland guild had an I l\1arch 19. They spcn/ the n·e:iin" buildings. Next wc<'k, the meeting Mt>rlin Southwell last Sunday. ". . . , Orthopedic .. . ing dinner and then visited Madigan exccuttH~ comnuttce meetmo,v.111 h t· gn · (· n t u L' 1ec· lion · · • t:i March at cards. o f spnng Mrs. Audrey Stranahan and chil- hospital where they later attended 15 at the honw of the president, Mrs. ,. officers and further Jlans will be dren, Paul and Roy, spent Sunday chapel, participating in the evening Anne Kemp. Tentative by - laws n·1·1tl . IIlt-sccmrr .· ' . . l i_crcc I r count.y. chapter of the . ' c f Ol. ano tiwr Sig tour with Mrs. Stranahan's mother, lvfrs. vespers as cond uckd for the patients were read by Fran Johnson ,and tlic. ttona . 'oundatJon for Infanttle Pa- 1,,ianspm·t a t'ion was provided · . "'h tlw· . .. and staff of the hospital under the John Kupcr. group decided to leave the cl1a1·tc'r ralys1s ]]('lei tts annual meeting at 'f" 8 cl . . Fl cl ' y . . · ' · 1 ~ ·) , , _, . iv •-aines ' oy :·'-yc·rs, Courtney guidance of Chaplain \Voosky. Best / Enjoying the hockey game, in open until after the April 4- meeting dub, March 21, w1th ""tlcl p.11 '' l )< l.L\. I · , n1a t'1c1.. wishes for his continued good work. Tacoma Saturday night, were Mr. thus giving those who were sick or. s;·,·cr'.1 attcnclmg from Midland. IV . . . ., . unable to attend the last meeting I Elrct1on of a board of trustees was lay Dunc,111 .has bun confmcd and Mrs. Pete McLeod and son, orrc more chance to be !'st cl • the main business. Attendino-0 from to her home with a case of the Charles, and Mrs. Audrey Strnna- ENTRIES OPEN NOW FOR 1 e as . m<"1slt·s · ·1 I · I1 I · · · I han. TACOMA ART LEAGUE'S ch~rter members. lvfrs. Kemp ap- l\11dl:111d we1:r· l\frs. Robert Clinton ' .·' • nc suc: a Jig gtr '. too. porntcd Mary Hansler Na cl inc and Mrs, Jl11ke Hanslcr. Also from ~rs. C. W. Skog cntcrtarncd the Visitors at tlw home of :tvfr. and NINTH ANNUAL EXHIBIT Sharpe and Beryl Teff:·e to secure lvfidland is the treasurer of the scnn-monthly Sewing club at her Mrs. Omer Roland, last Saturday Mrs. Carolyn Schneider, pn·sidcnt information on cedar chests and be Piern· County chapter, Doug l\{or- home last Tuesday. Those present . ready with a report at the April ris. ';'t'rc': Mrs . .T: Peterson, F. Reeling, ''.''cnrng, were .\\fi.lliam Keane of of the Tacoma Art league, has anrnccting". The meeting was attended Helping Hand club met March ;~: Cox·'. :J·, Kennedy, F. Gu,ral, N. S~J~naway at'.d ~us .little gTanddaugb- nouncccl that entries are now being 1 101 by Bernice Turner, Ruth Eshpeter, 18, at the home of Mrs. Cko Davis, ,ilmatiu .tnd W. _Olsen. 1'.drcsh- tr ' Patty A), . > P.iul Nichols, Clyde accepted for the league's ninth an1 Fran Johnson, Alice Husby, Edith for a potluck luncheon. The after- rncnts wr:i:c served 111 a St. Patrick's and :\ urk Nichols. nual exhibition for artists of South'ol cy, 'l' u t t1· F ostf'r, M ary Lmd, · · prizes · Da Y mo\l l. !\·Ir· •atl d l\•1 rs. I'"1wm · · "' · · · W as Iungtun. · ~ noon w.1s spent at games, with n ard V!Sltcd WlSt Dates for the l Pearl Udd, Beryl Tcffrc, Nadint• tal,cn liy Mis. Anne Milici. Attend- . Ilanard Improvement club is ,1sk-1 at the .l10111e of Mr. and Mrs. Ward exhibition to be held at the College Sharpe, Lillian Ellison, Effic Drris,. ing were the lvfesdamcs Anne }.fillet, mg anyone interested in pl.iying on lvfrAlhslc'r, Saturday night. of Puget Sound arc.~ April .13 t.o l\fary Hansler, Johann and the. Cai:! Nickoli, H. R. Williams, J.ick 1 st.ifthall ll:,1111·,·both to turn Harold Fromm, CIOl'CT Cr cc k May 8, with the deadline for entries hostesses, Cora 1 aylor and Anne ~lumltven, Cora Johnson, Charles 1out ?vf:irch 17 at Dawson fwlcl. For school bus driver, is ill with the set at Apnl I. Judging of entries Kemp. ' BPrg, U. G. Stark, H. Hnhhard, E. f,".':tl'.cr, .. information call GR. 5939, I mumps. Fritz Kistenmacher is driv- I will be condu.cted Ap1·il 2. 1 Mrs. Schneider announces the fol!Vlrs. I• rank Baskett, Mrs. Frank Duppenthaler and the hostess. <'' Illl;l;s. J •ng the bus. .


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Prairie pointer v 4 no 29 mar 24, 1949