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CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday :it B:OO p.m. in the Spanaway School Calling all members of Clover Creek Post No. 118 aud its Auxiliary, to attend the rPgular meeting this Friday, March 11, at 8 p.m. The comrades will hold their session at the Scout hall in Spanaway, while the fadics will gather at the home of President Inna Long, where refreshments and a social hour will follow the mf:'cting. All Post and Auxiliary members enjoy this hour of fraternization and exchangf' of ideas. So come on out, brothers and sisters, see how much uplift your spirits will i·eceive by just brushing shoulders with others.. who "s~>eak the same·'.' A contmuous call to service is a motto well understood by every Legionnaire a'.1d lady of the American Legion.. 1 he problems for comrnunity service have multiplied vastly with the large increase in veteran population. Our goal, to aid in conununity SC"rvice, is ever before our

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Give Through your Red Cross /,



VOL. 4, NO. 27

WATER SYSTEM ! ·SEEN FAVORED In.~~:~g:'r~;:~:"::.;: ~~·.:::::;; OUTH CENTRAL AT SPAN AWAY I!;i;~:::::.;;;,':.:;;;,~:~; E~:;: CONS 0LID ATIO N ~·;fii~~'.rnd, ' :Y~ LOST .AT POLLS


Johann Re-elected

·To Drainage Post


Tuesday's sprmg electwn. CI

A community water system is bvorccl by 82 percent of an cstimated 150 Spanaway residents who attended a public hearing on the water project last week. The hearing was held Friday evening at the Spanaway school, sponsored by the Spanaway Progressin? Community club. After the nweting was opened by Harry W. Smith, club president, Del Bresernan, chairman of the club's committee to publicize the project, introduced engineer H. T. Harstad, whose firm has prepaH'.d preliminary plans for the proposed system. Harstad ganc focts and figures.


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Gr:rnt, Wood.row.and Results of the l'iectton m D1.1'.n


19 (Mid· · · · ·1 ··c Improvernent distnct . Proposed consohdatton o f .seven .lg d I-I a r v a r cl, Larchmont and h 1 districts of South-Central ,111 ' ' at sc oo .. . vot' ·l·I d) we r c not reported ' ·cc county was defeated. by 1, .. I at ' an tu . . . . . S·1turI press time. crs in three of the districts , clay. Consol id a ti on was frworcd by j "T') __ L J1 __ J Spanaway, Elk P 1 a in, Roy and ,._.-~anc;i. Rocky Ridge districts, but turned down at J,acarnas, Kapowsin, and , , Clo\'er Creek , .




Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


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AT MIDLAND Pierce County 4·-H will hold its ;rnnual Rally day, Saturday, March 12, at Midland Improvement club hall, with registration al 9:30 a.m. Highlight of the clay will he candidate selection for the daffodil float tu be entered by the +-H clubs. The junior 4·-H group will remain at the Improvement club and after lunch will have skits and song contests while, at 11 a.m., the senior group will go to the Midland school for the rest of its meeting. Miss Shirley W eger, . . l N representative o f tic ~ orth. t11e E'u ropcan E• xc h ange prowest 111 gram, w1. 11 speak to the older group, ' the w h'1c1l a f·ter 1unc I1 wt.11 spend . square dancmg. . a'rnoon 111

P-TA CALENDAR FOR PARKLAND Parkland P-TA will observe Dads' Night at its monthly meeting Thursday, March 1 7, at 8 o'clock in the sch o o I auditorium. Mrs. W. W. CI in e, P-TA president, lws announced that the business of the evening will be election of a nominating committee for officers of the 1949-50 year, after which the meeting will be turned over to the dads. Publicity js lacking at this time because the committee in charge (Morris Ford, Robert Lynd, Walter Kunschak, and W. W. Cline) declined to make any comment on their plans other than to announce that if the i members would like to sec P-TA h:rndl1·d as the dads think it should be, they should attend this meeting, wi tlioul fail.

L Three Propositions Heavily Favored Franklin Pierce high school moved within reach last Saturday when voters of the district turned out, in unprecedented numbers for a school election, to cast approximately !600 votes in favor of the three ballot propositions which will make construction of the high school possible. Total opposition to all except the 50-mill levy was less than 300 ,·otes. A total vote of 1521 was needed to make the approval of levy and bonds valid. In the regular dection, three of the pi'esent directors of Franklin Pierce School District 402 \Vere retaincd. G. 0. Stover was replaced by Otto Siburg and John G. Gorow of the present board was defeated by C. P. Blanchal'd Jr. Following is the vote result nt each of the four polling places: Proposition One-(50 mill i<·vy) -Central A.venue, for 222, against 97; Collins, yes 131, no 62; Midland, yes 504, no 69; Parkland, yes 7 53, no 85; total, yes 1610, no 313. Proposition Two-(bond issue)Ccntral Avenue,. yes 210, no 98; Collins, yes 134-, no 56; Midland, yes 513, no 58; Parkland, yes 737, no 77; total, yes 1594·, nu 289. Proposition Three - (land purchase )-Central Avenue, yes 224, no 90; Collins, yes 138, no 54; Midland, yes 522, no 52; Parkland, yes 750, no 81; total, yes 1G34, no 277. 1 In addition, I 7 absentee ballots were counted on the three propositions, all in favor of all three, making the complete totals in favor: Proposition One-yes 1G17, no 313; Proposition T\vo--yes 1611, no 289; Proposition Three -yes 1651, no

l\hs. Gcoige Moore of Fiancis 1 he a ct 1 on by Lacamas and street is improving, after a long , ill- Clover. Creek was expected. . and a.1-, ncss ternat1vc proposals cxcludmg them . .. . Prairie on. the ballot. 1 he . Mission , Ladies' A,sembly were . subm1ttcd , although . . .not . . of . Kapowsm, hearts as we strive to help solve the Followinr; the explanation by the club will meet 1 hursday at noon action for a pot-luck luncheon with Jvfrs. entirely uncxp1·cted, was d1sappo111t-1 problems of our community, in we!· ' i·'tten \•ote was tal·cn . . . engineers a \V 1 . ... , Alma Homchick and ~1rs. Katie ing to consolidation advocates. Plans -, ---·--.fare projects, youth projects (we which showed 82% lo be in favor as .hostesses .. Th . c building are.nov..· being fo'.·mulated to carrylC01nmun1ty Club sponsor a Scout troop as well as a f S v's "'''.''"' a water dis• . . . o .. panawa, 11 ,_. < 0 ·ght Cub pack), 111 coopcrat1on with the trict. Those present expressed desire will be open at 10 o'clock fo.r those a. str~ngcr campa'.gn for consohda- Meeting T tion mto Kapowsm preparatory to Olli religious and sehnol betterment pro- to carry the dater down the Muun- who wish to work on the quilt. Under the sponsorship of P-TA, A numl.H'r of projects discussed Mr, and Mrs. 1\. R. Hackerd, a petitioning for a new dection. e:rams, we glady lend our support. t~un . Iug · h way as f ar as tl ie l'oy "Y" , there will be a Shoe-less Shuffle'former Sales road resident who is The vote on consolidation, by dis- by the new board of directors of the folk dancing, square dancing, etc.Onr study of eo111mt11uty welfare 1nstca · d o f s t·upping · . a t l 5t]1 str·cc't .-. l'arkl:rnd Community club will be needs leads our nwmbt'rs to donate · now at Shelton, was a recent visitor tricts, was: for all junior high students on l'riProposed assessments would be Roy-Proposition One, yes 52, put before the club's membership I t o con t r1'b . l lJan,,_ 1)1oocI to t lir bl OCK in tha l neighborhood. at the rr·g·ular monthly meeting this day, March 12, from 8 to JO p.m. ute to the March of Dimes, the .$1.50 per front foot on property. Charles Knautz showed pictures no 19: Prop. 2, yes 53, no 18; Prop. · Corner lots would be assessed on evening (March 10) in the Parkland in the school gym with the ninth anmrnl Red Cross dnve, as well as . lei I at a service at McChord Field on 3', yes 52, no 19. Kapowsin-No. 1, grade room mothers as hostesses. . . . . cl h'l frontao-e only. Assessments cou )e , , W school. Meeting time is 8 o'clock. providmg· assistance to nee y c 1 "' . f I uesday and the :Mesdames m. yes 165, no 189; No. 2, yes 160, no There will be a charge of 15 cents 0 years, · .. out over a pcrlOd o 1 . ])aid Foremost among reports to be made dren and fam1l!l's, as muc 11 as 1tcs · . . l l. Kennedv and J. N. Enge 1Hctsen 192; No. 3, yes JG4, no 188. Spanper student. Mr. W. A. l\1arkham · · W e b e l'ievc: c on1- possiblv· lon"'er. There wou cl )e a · away-All three propositions, yes is that concerning preliminary inw1th1n our po\vcr. ~ _ . . ~· sang. . . b A. smail hook-up charge with app1oxib . 1 :28'.l, no 49. Elk Plain-No. 1, yes quiry regarding possible construc- will call the dances and will be munitv IJC'ttcrmcnt 1s a elter . mer' , h Mrs. J. S. Brye gave a nda . · f · mate rates of $3.00 per mont l tion of a community library for accompanied by Mrs. Markh::nn. f shower at her home Saturc ay eve- 112, no lG; No. 2, yes 106, no 20; 1ea so we arc all out or improve(Let's have a good turnout!) 1 ' . . I I h cl · which would cover a pure iase o , . . f M Parkland, upon the site recently 111rnt in our nc1g 1 )Or oo in any . . cl' . . l ning·, Fi·bruary 2h, 111 honor o - rs. No. 3, yes 105, no 21. Rocky Ridge . 500 cubic feet of water. /\cl 1t1ond ., . _ -All three propositions, yes 33, no donated to the club by St:rnley wa.y poss1hlt'. . . llJIJ N. Paul Lrcpw. 1 he cvenrng was Mrs. W. W. Cline has called an . Lone; came t h roug I1. 111s . oper. water would be 10 cents per . spl'nl .rn a social . way and a 1unc I1 12. Clover Creek (voted Prop. 1 Rosso. Bill . Principal sp<'aker of the evening I executive board meeting for 7 p.rn., · · · . 1·1' ·11· cubic fret There would be a 1owcr a lion n1tTly and looks 1'e a nu 10n. · I. was served hy tlw hostess. l\frs. Brye only), yes '.iO, no 71l. Lacamaswill be Mrs. A. N. Gundcrnon, a preceding the regular P-TA meet· · . · W cl l lB rate for auto courts and mu Up1c . . ( voted Prop. 1 only) yes 3, no 4G. He rcct·1ves his guests rn ar . was assisted by Mrs. Ann Ellingson ing on March 17. The project for Special levy propositions carried former president uf the Tacoma Orat l\Lidig·an. Our Post Commander umts. . l cl f' and Mrs. Carl Johnson. Mrs. Lcquc the year will be discussed, and the . is · ' nnprov1ng, · · b u t is · s t'Il « 011 The system would me u .e ire rect·i,·cd 1n:H1y nice gifts fron1 her on the ballot at Spanaway and Elk thopedic board, who is currently coi l'_)~11.·1 ey number of dckgates for the P-TA location" in Ward HB at :Madigan. hydrants, spaced Cffry GOO feet so friends. The invited guests were: Plain, as follows: Spanaway-(25 chairman of the Orthopedic hospital state convr·ntion, to be hrld in May Parkland Orthopedic Comrades arc more than welcomed that no hollic would be 1~1~re than Mrs. C. J. Carlson and Miss Evelyn mills), yes '.!'f!i, no 90. Elk Pl;lin-- committee. guild will donate and serve the re- I at Yakima. a visit there. , '.lOO feet• from a hydrant. 1• his wou.ld I·.lY 1·)() ti·l Oll i· Bi'li".:_.., Ti·;r ' • ' u Carlson of Fife; Miss Kathryn Arnt- ( 15 rnills for building fund), yes frcshments, following the business '11 I . cl nc a i·cal !own fire rnsurancc prenrnuns ·10 f', 84, no 4 1 ; ( I 0 mills for school conira cl es~ you 1a\-e o , "" " . . zen, Mrs. S«irna Jensen, Miss DeMrs. W. W. Cline reported that · · I · 'f s·1id Harst·1d Proj)oscd boundancs n1ceting. maintenance), )'<'S 84-, no 41; (sale pcrsonal1zcd husp1la service 1 you " · · ' · . . lores Jensen, Mrs. H. Dahl, Miss there w"s a total enrollment of 64 ,·isit ~v!acligan. You'il be surprised ,:an be changed accordrng lo the Sadie Solomon, Mrs. B. Streng, of Kirby school property), yes 108, for lcathercraft classes, with a total at how many of your friends you'll will of the people. Mrs. Louise Arneson, Mrs. B. M. no 20. Clubs Being a ttendancc of 1+ 1. After a hearing before the county Johnson and Mrs. Carl Johnson of find "'g rou nde:d" there. School directors. were chose1: at Coppercraft classes will be held commissioners, to set boundaries, the Organized Now Now, remember, lvfarch 11 is the l'acoma: Mrs. A. Grodvig, Mrs. Spanaway, Elk Plam, Rocky Ridge on March 9, JG, 23 and 30, in the size can still ht' reduced but cannot J. Vctterhus, Mrs. Mary Becker, and Clover Creek. At Spanaway, the d:ilt', 8 p.m. is the hour. Be sccin' Brookdale school lunchroom from 7 to 9 p.m. be increased. Approximate cost of · · ancI ''f A nn vote· was· you at the Post and Auxiliary. lvfrs. S. Ilmderlic JV. rs. "· Robert Stcidd ' 309 ' and Three new +-H clubs arc currently These classes are open to all adults, the system would be $310,000, which , · John Newell 288 elected; Mabel ' . . . T-.!11ngson. , ' ' · being organized m Brookdale com- all junior high and all fifth and will include hydrants, two wells :ind . i Ibrt 1· Robert Johnson 1 · Joseph ". · . PARKLAND POST NO. 228 l\h. and l\hs. Byron 11 ryson anc ' ' · • ' ' rnun1ty Mrs. Pavson Jeynes will 1)C sixth grade boys and girls. This is two storage tanks. . I l I · Bovie 1 Elk Plain-·,B. L. Kuper, . . . J I S Al'dERICAN LEGION Ann Martt'.. spent I 1c wee' enc m · ' · -.. . sewing club leader, Mrs. o 111 tan- a very inexpensive hobby-craft, and . · ·! 1 l 'J ekctcd · Parh::uu 9· l,Ilstrap 1 . · ., Meetings every second and fourth Portland Ure,,.011. Returning wit 1 ' -, · ' ' ' ' ley g·arden leader and Mrs. George it is hoped that the attendance durRidoc-Cortcsi 2G, elected: ' . . Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the 00 them were Mr. Bryson s parents, Rocl·y ·' " '., · .· Miller d;llry club leader. If there l" ing these classes will surpass that · I · Webster 19 Clover Creek-Lalli.. . . . . Sunshine Hall who are cnrnute to their. wme 111 · ' • . . su. fltc1ent rntcrcst m other proJCCts, of kathcrcraft. i elected to replace Les 1IC • t Canada after having spent the wm- en Ce· Holt S 0 Tomorrow night will be a special · . .· . . cl more dubs may be orga111zcd. . ·l· 1 · · 1 ·11 . . . Scll'lffn1"r (no count reporte ) . . . . S panaway P re-sc ioo g1oup l t c ter 111 California. initiation night for all of the new ' Honw economics projects ava1 1The first anniversary of the Parkmembers who have not as yet gone its regular monthly meeting Wcdncs-1 John Stuart Warren, weight + able in -~-H arc: Meal preparation, land Mother-Singers was edcbrated through the ceremony. A special day cv;'ning, al thl' h~mc ,'.'f M'.·· pounds, 7. ounces, was born. March TWO ARI(.l_,AND baking, food pr\;scr:ation, h~me i1.n- with a party on Monday, February initiation tca111 will be present and Mrs. h.cnncth Reeves of I ogg ;"ucct. 2 at M.acl1gan Gc1wral hospital. He . -, . . . pro\'cmcnt and snv111g. Agncultuial 28 , 3 p.n1., at the home of Mrs. W. promises an impressive and colorful Ivlrs. Harry Jackson of the County weighs 5 pounds now and was to Q U I N T S C L I N C H projects arc: Poultry, craftsmanship, F. Stay, as.~istl".d by l\frs. Haley ceremony. The initiation is a vital Hcalth department w:s gucs~ s1wak-. arrive home Tuesday of this week. I C O U N T Y T I T L E S dairy, bed, swine, garden, fruit, Peterson. Mrs. Wm. I-I. Chambers, p"rt of your Legion membership er and gave a very ad- I He is the first child of Capt. and . , . . _. , . pheasant, sheep, potatoes and other who was president of P-TA when and all of you who have not been dress on "Preparmg a Child for Mrs. Johnnie Warren, 10G'15 S. SherPierce County J:imo 1. High School spl'l:i;ilty crops. the Mother-Singers was organized, through should make it a poiut to School, from a Health. Standpoi'.1t." idan. \Varrt'n is stationed at B;1sk'.·tball clia.mpionsht.1'.s, 111 ~oth 4-H is primarily a home and farm poured during the tea hour. Mrs. Following a short husmess meeting, McChord field. Varsity and Midget d1v1sions for the program designt'd to develop better Stanley Willis and Mrs. C. 0. Olson be out tomorrow night. during which Mrs. Chet Mc:Atee Sylvia Storaasli Orthopedic guild I 194-9 season, arc. now pro~dly held boys and girls into better citizens. were each presented with a corsage Our present membnship quali- presidcd due to the illness of the held its regular monthly meeting by Parkland, followm.g hard- No membership dues arc charged. from the group in appreciation ·0 f fies us for the Special National president, a buffet luncheon was March '.l,at the home of Mrs. S. E. f u ugh t victoncs, on:r Fife last Any boy or girl, 10 to 21 years of their fine work. Others present were Commander's Membership award. served from a gaily-decorated table. Dahl, 4.31 O No. 10th, Tacoma. Mrs. Wednesday, March 2. age, is eligible. However, each mcm- Mrs. Rudolph Strom, Miss Lorna We have exceeded our 194·8 mem- A spring theme predominated. Mcrn- /\. J. Monson was assisting hostess. Both games were played on a ber must have a project. Rouers Mrs. E. Engebretsen, Mrs. bership and our only other requisite bcrs attending were the lvfcs~ai:1es Luncheon at 12:30 p.m. was fol- neutral floor, at Dupont. Both gan~~s First organization meeting will be Ea~l Markham, Mrs: Don Waddell, is to hold an American Legion birth- Chester McAtee, Allen A. Griffith, lowed by the business session. Eigh- were playoff contests, '.nade neccs- this enning, March 10, at the Jeynes Mrs. Vern Tuttle ,md Mrs. W. W. ' day obsl'r,·ance during the period Helen Newberry, Carl Rose, Clifford teen of the guild's 25 members wne s:iry bec:rnsc the. Varsity and t.hc home, 7:30 o'clock. All prospective Cline. of March 1 to 15, in commemoration Anderson, Jean Sisslcr'. James Grny, prr·scnt. . Midgc:ts ha~ cli\'tded. ;ionors .w.ith members desiring to enter into 'l-~I J ___ "Chatalot" Birthday club met on I Fife rn tlu:ir two regular sea.son work should be present with their , of the 30th birthday of our organ- Oliver Orn:it, B. Merritt Shandrow, ization. That should be placed on Robert McGinnis, Paul Frcad, Ethan Wednesday, March 2, at the home contests, to finish the. schedule tied. parents. Parents must attend. The the agenda of business for tomorrow Nelson, George Ouhl, Louis Syrn- of Mrs. w. T. Storaasli, with Mrs. Parkl,rnd. Varsity's wmmng mar~rn Jeynes home is on Collins road, one mons, Sam Green, Kenneth Reeve, Ira Tisch as co-hostess. Other mcrn· m the tttlc clash was 3+-25. 1 he house east of Rostedt road. For furnight also. Elsie Frykholrn, Ethel DiRaddi, Dor- bers present were: Mrs. Irwin Un- local Midgets were closer pressed tlwr information call GRanite 7966 Crystal Springs Our last n1ceting was one of the othy Krump:is, Robert Van Alstcin, dcrdahl, Mrs. C. M. Wold, Mrs. for their crown, edging Fife 2 7-23 · or GRanite 82 !+. The Crystal Springs Garden club The Fife Varsity counted only · - · - - - - - - - - will hold a Friday meeting, March most interesting that has been held Mnrian Prine, Lola Bresemann, Ev- A. Jacobs, lv!rs. G. Russell, Mrs. (Continued on Page Four) elyn Russell, Lucille Shafer, Law- Robert Hann, Mrs. Gilbert Peter- five field goals, as Parkland led from 1628 . March I, they mastered the 11, at the home of Mrs. ]. L. rence Beck'.1rnn and Mrs. Ka;. Guest son, Mrs. Robert St. Clair, and Mrs. the <~penmg .gun. Parkland ha~ a Sportsman Shooting Stars, 1811 to S,tiles at 4515 ~cKinley Ave. Mrs. of the evcnmg was Mrs. Mane Peter. Bert Streng. half-tune edge of 14· to 11. Htgh J7G3. I'. W. Bryan will assist. Luncheon Door prize was won by Dorothy JVIrs. Ernest Harmon was hostt'.ss scorers in the Varsity g•."nc were: This week the Dunyans were to will be served at noon. Krumpas, and Ila Green assisted to a birthday party in honor of her Parkland--lvf~yer, I fi po'.nts; Stor- take on the 'Marine Corps Reserve l\frs. G. E. Russel will preside at Mrs. Reeve '.1s co-hostess. Tl:c next son, Boots,' fifth birthday. Guests ·~~sli and. Plupps'. G pomts each; squad, with a match against the th.e business mctting, and roll ".all regular mcetu1g will he Apnl 6, at were: Mrs. Lester Patterson and 1 J· dc---lllnch, ll pomls. high-rating Tacoma Rifle Blues ncxc will be answered by narnmg a bird the home o. f. Mrs. Lawrence Beck- Cindy, Mrs. Earl Platte am] Gary, The Midget game a toss-up and its unusual habits. man on Fogg street. Billy and Wall)', Mrs. Martin North at tlw half, 16 to 15, with Parkland ___ Mrs. Paul Larson, guest speaker, and Timmy, Mrs. Robert Haner and in front. Top-scoring Midgets were: Ted's Boys, Midlanc.l team, won will talk on flower show practice. Cindy. Parkl~1:d-Brown ( H)' Gctcham its first game in the second half of Monte Vista Design Is Selected (G); hfc-Nclson (10). Indqwndf'nt league basketball ac'1 v· G cl 1 I 'll • ' • . . ' . a . Pirates " ontc ista ar en cu J w1 F o r Parkland Float Leg1slatmn Topic STATE CHAMPIONSHIP tion'. over the lederal w,~ : . meet Thursday, March 17,.at 12:30 Meeting Monday of last week, the · " " . at Lmcoln gym, February ~ 2 · Frnal at the home of Mrs Robert GottsMeet The State I-hgh School B Bas- t'lll)' was 69 to 14. Midland guard . , . ·cl 'fl. . general committee in charge of pre- A t Pre-School ·· ·l ll I · I · · t b, bat- ' ' l'halk on '' 11 tson roa . 1c spca1<Cl "School Legislation" will be the ket 1 " c larnptons 11 P is 0 ~ .'. Occy Larson was high point man . b ". J W L •h 0 will paring a Parkland float for entry You will find 1 . ' , ti·1 l o t this week end at I acif1c · 4 wt 11 e mis. · • ec, ' in the Daffodil Festival parade, in subject discussed by Mrs. C. P. Lund '. u · . fol' both teams, with a total of I " . '· 0 11 dahli'as and will demonSincerity 1 rrym" Colleg·' Mcmort'l speaK 1 tl L rcg,.ular nwcting of Parku ' ·c · ' " Lineups· Mid I an cl-Forwards: . h d' . . f d• hli'" April, adopted a float design sub- at the next · • · f ll · . . . ··cted · stratc t e prop1'r iv1st0n o a " · · ' and land Pre-school. The meeting will na~1um, . o owmg ~n u'ncx,pc. f Marr (7) and Beshler (12); center, lants. Miss Amelia Harstad will mitted by Mrs. Iver Johnson. Simplicity Theme of the float will be Park- be held l\fonday, March 14, al fl switch fiom tl1C.. new ~,ollcge od Taylor ( 12); guards, B. Fredericks p•po ton the meeting· of the Capitol . . . f Pug·ct Sound pa vi hon which prove F cl l W re. r · at land's growth. "Parkland Grows" p.111. 111 the kmdcrgarten room o ·. · ... -. . . , . -. ' .. f ·J . 1G ( 5) and Larson ( 141 ·,. •e era ay District Garden club of the Feder-Forwards: Libo (2) and Brcclle; t cl Gardcii cltibs Tli<.'l'C ,vill be was boldly emblazoned across the Parkland school. A tap dance will be uns.alisfd<.lul y. Coaches lul t '.'- I ,t' · t ·a 1ns frcm ·1 over t 1C' a e ' · ' ' ' center Calhoun (2); guards, Nela dahli't sides of the scale model submitted presented by Thein Roimrns and compc mg c. 1 t ex·clr,angc ,.and 'also 1 W'll1'a1ns state voted Wednesday to change . (2') nd .'fichaclson (8). Suba pan . • ' , by Mrs. Johnson. Her design was C dfO I ' ' · ' ( SO!l ,i lV ' tuber CXChange 4·-day e j'nrnna Members arc urged to rcmrnibcr to PLC for the wn stitutes: Mi cl I a n d-F. Fredericks. , · adopted unanimously by the comarticles for the rummage sale. There tourney. W cclnesday afternoon con- ( 10). Violet Prairie rnittce. --Members of the Violet Prairie Growth of Parkland will be de- will be a taLle in the basement for tests were played at PLC. Elk Plain school boys' team won Garden club will answer. roll call picted by two "daffodil trees." Two them; or, to have them picked up, OTHER S. E. SPORTS its first baseball game of the season 1 by naming their favorite evergreen Parkland misses, one grown-tall, call either Mrs. Williams ( GRanite r.wl Buuy.rn Rifle .cuu Spou>-1 from Clover Creek, 1+ to 3. ' tree when the group meets Friday, slim and beautiful-of course, the 8?n1) 0;- Mt5. R~yn0ld5 (G!ar:i!~ II men's dub currently holds sixth spot ___ March 11, at 1 p.m. at the home other a dainty damsel of about five G83-f). IIostcsscs fo1 the evening will be in the Mt. Rainier Rifle league, Midland's "Under 18" league of Mrs. G. A. Marshall, 9~38 E~st yea rs, .will be selected by the comMesdames Maivin Parker, Stanley with a season aggregate of 12,508. team played Edgewood, February D. Mrs. A. L. Hunter will assist mittee to ride the float. Harry Sharp was present for the Reynolds, 'William Vanek, Joh n The Bunyans copped their two latest 22 and was beaten, 39 to 27. Line- the hostess. Feature of the program meeting and showed films of Pasa- Fink, C. Stuard, and E. L. Perry- matches. February 22, they defeated ups: Midland-Forwards, Roley ( 4) will .be a report on grafting- and 1dena Rose l'estivnl floats. man. I the Sporesman Bull Eyes, 1785 to (Continued on Page Four) prumng by Mrs. 0. Thomas. .,






4-I-I At

S Panaway P re-SC h l El ld M arc J ll!/ee




' '


277. Results at large on the contests for school directorships arc: District I ( 3 years), Clifford 0. Olson, 1621; District 2, ( l year), Siburg 798, Stovner 772; District 3 (3 years), Andrew Christensen 84-5, Robert Clinton 739; District 4- ( 2 years), Chester A. Larsen J4.79; District 5 (2 years), Blanchard 801, Gorow 701. Write-in votes were cast for Anna Marn Nielsen, Walter Young, Henry Colin, Leroy Bush and M. ]. Guy.



.':' .cl



It s Busy season /?or Garden Clubs







AUXILIARY TO SEAT OFFICERS . . Installation of ne":ly-elcctcd ficcrs of Parklai:~ Voh'.ntce1 Fuc Department Auxiliary will be celehrated at a banquet at the Orchard Hill Country ~ 1 u b \Vf'dnesday, The new officers arc: Dorothy Beitz, president; Charlotte Damme!, vice-president; Dolores Larson, secrrtary, and Dura Peterson, trcasurer.


Tacoma Minister at Clover Creek P-TA The Rev. Eddie Coy of Tacoma will speak at the March meeting of the Clover Creek P-TA which .will be held in the school auditonurn, Wednesday evening, March JG, lit 8 p.m. Rev. Coy's .subject will be, "World Undcrstandrng." A. short business meeting will be held at which a nominating committee will be elected as election of next year's officers will take place during the ~pril.m~cting. Commurnty smgrng uf St. Patrick's Day songs, led by Mrs. Mc>ycrs, first grade teacher, will provide entertainment. PINOCHLE GROUP CLOSING YEAR WITH SMORGASBORD A smorgasbord luncheon at the Top of the 0 cc an, Wednesday, March 9, will close the second chapter of the Wednesday Pinochle club . p ·kl cl of ai an · For two yC'ars, the last Wednesday ·cl of each month has been set ast c ') 1 cl' . f I I ' and an by I~ a ics or unc icon • , · bcr afternoon o f card s. E ac J1 rncm. · cl cntcrtains,for a~ afternoon an t\~~ prizes arc furrnshed by the hostess r l· h cl 1 · scores f, t the end ,or 11g an ow · · · · • .. , of each year the., members I cl thcmsc·lves to a smorgas Jor · Of the 12 briginal members, seven have remained for the two years: Dorothy Fletcher, Faye Hayt, Evelyn Jansen, Shirley Okray, Jean Peters, Virtu Wiklund, Willa .Wood!ord. New members, entering t.ll!S year, J arc: Glady.s Da,;son, Harr.1'.'t .Marshall, Ncdrne Simpson, Lots IIansen, Ethel MacA!listcr, BI c 11 d a Coots, and Dolores Woodford. The first party of the new chapte~· will .be given at the home of V1rt11 Wiklund, Maich 30.


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Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter P. 0. Box 228 - GR. 6757


Wm. K. Clark .......................................................................................... Editor

Parkland, Washington, Thursday; March 10, 1949

Se Ji vices 9!eJi/ected qhJiu geneJiations

Recipe of the Week t


~'t .. SPANAWAY SCHOOL A co11rnH1nit} newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and t REPORTS Span:rway. P11blished every Thursday by Heard Printing Co., P. 0 This firm is not a branch. HAW A II AN STYLE SPARERIBS Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Tekphone GRanite 7100. Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower Girl studc1its of Dan Grdthen's Do you like spareribs prC'parcd Hawaiian style as served in ' . prices. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post office at SC\'enth grade class surpassed the those delightful eating places specializing in South Sea Island We have a qualified Military Advisor. Parkland, vVashington, under the Act of lvfarch 3, 1879. boys in making the Honor roll, on food? Then you probably would like to fix some of these in your More and more families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) own kitchen sometime. It's easy to do whi:n you follow this simple SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 their recently issued report cards. personal service. recipe: The Coroner's office is located here. Seven girls made the Honor roll, but THEREFORE: 3 pounds spareribs Y1 cup \'incgar no boys. Those on the roll arc: Mary Let us be your friend in time of need. 3 tablespoons brown sugar Y" cup catsup Birkhofcr, Elizabeth Butts, Joan Ed2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 9-oz. can crushed pineapple PAUL MELLINGER y, teaspoon salt I tablespoon soy sauce A 125-page printed record of the widely-discussed tenure wards, Joyce Edwards, Janet George, Cut ribs in serving pieces. Combine sugar, cornstarch, and CHARLES MELLINGER cases involving Communism at the University of Washing· Maureen Gibbons, Lorraine Larson, salt :rnd stir in vinegar, catsup, crushed pineapple and juice, and Janet Mattson and Patricia Queen. Owners ton is now available, the University announced this week. soy s:iucc. Cook until slightly thickened, about five minutes, stirCome on, fellows, show Mr. Grefring constantly. Arrange layer of spareribs in roasting pan. Cover Entitled "Communism and Academic Freedom," the book- thcn that you can do it, too! with pineapple mixture; add another layer of ribs and top with let contains the complete texts of recommendations by the Seventh grade pupils will sponsor rest of sauce. Cover pan tightly and bake at 350' F. about one and one-half to l wo hours. University faculty committee on tenure and academic freedom a candy sale Friday, March 11, in and the recommendations of Dr. Raymond B. Allen, president the library of the Sp:rnaway school. The 'proceeds will go to the class . . . . . . . . . . ,Wh1tcta1l, :Montana. No defm1te. tmgu1sh a grass fire which got out .· of the University. treasury f or rccrcat10n purposes and . I ' . . f da tC' has been set for the wedd111g. j of control at the rear of Ted's place In addition, the booklet has an introduction reviewing to help decorate the aud1tonum or . . · I1t I1 gra cl.e gra.d u:it1on. .· S1)anaway-Elk P 1 a in Voluntcn on Mounta111 highway. tbe cases and a statement of policy by Dr. Allen. Appended t IH'. c1g . , .. Sam Green, eighth grade teacher Fire1:1cn s , ~uxil1ary held a board Mr. and ;vrrs. Mel N. Wilson of are the complaints which initiated the faculty committee's and athletic: coach, announced that mcct111g I• nday afternoon, at the Goodland, I\.ansas, and son, Ronald, hearings. the Spanaway girls' basketball team home of Mrs. Bob Steidel on Pacific have been spending the week at the Copies of the booklet are on sale through local bookstores had won all conference games this treet., Plans were completed fo1: a home of Mr. and lvfr~. Don Sha~f ti\'e member, took Mr. and Mrs. or can be ordered directly from the University of Washing- S<'ason. One non-conference game bc1wf1: card party, Fnday evcn111g on Ht~1 street. They will make their J. J. La Pore to recei\'e the first and second degrei:s at James Sales was Jost to Parkland. The boys' bas- at 3 o·clock ~t th: Spanaway school. home m Tacoma. ton Press. The price is $1.5 5 per copy. including tax. Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter grange. Also attending wi:re Mr. and Mr. and l\frs. Robert Steidel of As an outcome of the hearings, two University professors kctball team won two and lost two The door pnz'.' wiH be a ~am. o:hcr Phone GRaham 206 Mrs. Walter McGee and Mr. and conferen'."' games. Only four .g.··ames very '."orthwh1k pnzcs will be .given Paci.fie street spent Thursday at Se-1 were dismissed for admitted membership in the Communist Mrs. K. Laycock. . . . . were played, due to the school's for l11gh score and second highest attic. parry and a third professor was discharged for other activi. . score. :Members attending were the A group of friends and neighbors . hemg closed because of bad road . Loretta Conant, daughter of Mr., . ·h , cl , h h . f C 0 L' d May Borden and Katie Nelson ·. . Mesdames Beulah Ballard Louis gat cir at t e ome o . . m • . . . . ties that were considered violations of the University's acacond1t10ns. ' and Mrs Charles Conant of Jvfoun- I ]\f l . . I. \'1s1ted at the home of Mrs. Alexta . . · , . Jerg on ' arc 1 .5, to surpnsc um , . . . Symmons Harry White Clair Feddemic code. Softball season gets undet· way at ' ' tam h1ohway ts conf111ed to the l . I . Id 'fl Sundquist ll1 1 acoma. . . . . .··I· B , . · d ,,- . dersen, Althea Flannery, Jack Hen" .' · . . . · on 11s Jtrt 1 ay. 1osc present were 1 In his introduction, Dr. Allen summarizes the administra- S p.111.iwa·. Y. this. wc.c '· . O)···s a.n .~1'.' . . . . . , county hospital with a kidney mM. d M. p .I L. db . M. Mr. and Mrs. Carl. Re.ece and sons . dnckscn, Harry W. Smith, 011\'er . . • ., , · _. .. ·I N ,. , . !. an 1s. au 111 ctg, l. . . "" p1.1ct1ung 1la1c. - o g.urn s 1la\ e . . fect1on. d M c·) A W l d M. d of Port Orchard v1S1tcd with her tion viewpoint as follows: Omat Luc11lc Steidel and W. Don an rs. . . . est un , 1. an ' Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Glidden of Mrs. Fred Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lind"Academic freedom means not alone the right to hold been sch<'d11kd to. date, but a con- McLe,llan. fercncc scheduk will soon he drawn. East "E" street have been taking J l ur l I J h Cl berg over the wee+ end , ! L'. I J I· C . l ,.1 ~ f '1 . . · . o 111 n ystrac ~ anc o n 1eno· ' \. · unpopular views, but the obligation to hold views, which, 1 he seventh grade had a roller lU e .,tJ ,t ox, c<'l 0 " r. ad\'antaoc of th<' spr111g·-l1l·t' wt'ather . · ,. , . . d M · D . C' . f ~. , · ' '. " . ' · ' wPlh; also Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reece We are glad to hear that Mrs. • shaped by the accumulation of tested evidence, arc subject to skatmg party at I.... 1n°· s roller nnk ,tn IS. O\ 1L .ox o 'v1 o.mtam ]Jntnmg and 11hnt111g· new shrubs I · • • ' . . '· . " . h' I1 • , • · • f 11 ' • of Port Orchard and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McGee was able to lea\·e no dictation from outside the mind of the holder. 1:n T:1com:1. . las.t 1uc.csd. ay C\.•cn11w. their ,, · l!('.- ..Wd),I sustamcd , ·! , f ·llparn f. t.t 1Cad ·1!1.·. · ' · home · Charles Ackerbladc of Seattle. the hospital and is at the home of c Jlll!(S w Hn s u c iom a swmg Carole Christilaw daughter of · · "I hope the University always w~ll have a place for honest D. W. Grf'lthcn ' SC\'f'nth "rad .~ .1t I . l , ·" ' ' · !\Ir and Mrs Albert Nelson and her daughter, Mrs. K. Whiton of teacher, sponsored the p:irty and • WI IO!llC. Mr. and lvfrs. Ervic C:hristilaw of · · · < T non-conformist thought. The University can ask on·Iy that ·, . · . . · · . . . 1\fr. and Mrs. D. E. Gooch motored acoma. Mrs. Adeline Followell of South Mountam highway, is back at school . , . . dro\'e the sd10ol bus. ] lw eighth Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoganson mosuch t~1ought be the product of free and unprejudiced and ·1 d d . f '[' S d f . to Ta coma on March 4· to wISh gra d c pup1 s atten c as gur·sts o aroma spent atnr ay a ternoon aftN a siege of the mumps. , A l · · ·· ]\ A 1 · ·~ . Alberts nephew Ralph Nelson a tored to Vancou\'er, Wash., to atscholarly minds. Such thought always will be encouraged, and the S<'\'ent l1 gracl<'. '' p;om t!IlH' was v1s1t111g Mr. and frs. rt rnr Pietz !Hrs. Frank Talley of Tlurd street . . ' ' tend a church conference. '1 · l· l . . if need be, defended at the University of Washington." I1acI I1y a II . o f " ount:un ng Hvay. was elected. v1ce-pres1dcnt o f Park- happy birthday. Mr. and Mrs. E. Shook \'isited at 1\Irs. Emmerson Tarpcnning has !:ind Anwrican Legion Auxiliary Friday, !Vlarch 11, the Graham

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Keep a Foot on the Brakes Today our national budget is the biggest in history. To maintain that SIJrawling burc~, ucracy 1·11 W~s] · t . l'" " 11 ng on kWC SU . th f d ] . II . . f f er e e era tax . co . ector. . to extract ·rom our !)OC ·cts 25 . . . · · cents of each dollar WC make. And tlw end JS not yet. For a part of this money is being used deliberately to make the government bigger and bigger, to pay for propaganda to . "sell" us on the notion of expanding that burraucrJc ~. Wash· t l ·t · d J . l . . . l . Y mg on 1as at ame new 1e1g 1ts 111 cy111c1sm w 1cn 1t uses our . f , . , • . . . . n1oney to 01ce upon us a way of life that IS foreign to our ·d 1 · I · . . . · · . . 1 eo og1es: t 1at IS contrary to our way .of ltvrng, that 1s, 111 short, pornon to the democracy we c]1 ei·rsl1, t!Jeoi·eti'cally . '" , but which we do not turn a hand to pr·ot.oec·t'. L'I I l ., I (e am JS we a1 ·~ · ] bl . f I e d t o s I angI1 t er wit 1 never a cat o · protest. It's . .. . ,. .. . . .. . . rather foolish, 1Sl1 t It,, to S~Jcnd b11l1011s b:11ld111g up our armed forces to protect our liberties from a foreign foe whrle, with the other band (but behind our backs) OU)' own govern· . men t spen d sot h er b 1'll'ions to f·orce us l'ltt l e b y little !l1to that , t·ot·al'tar·a · W . d f , •Sam c ' 1 , 1, n1sm c are arm 1ng to e ·cat r

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gibbons d family spent Sunday at Monroe, Wash., wlH're they visited Mrs. Gibbons' mother. . . I' . 'I'.i mm o f 'nl ount:1.111 . 1 I'•,rwm . " ,,. highway :it the Roy \ cclehrnted his hirthclay, Saturday c\'cning. Those wishing him a "happ\' birth· cl:iy" :111d enjoying the cake baked ! by his wifr, L:rnr:1, W<'H' Mr. and Mrs. H.:1ny .C.::11.·olla, Mr. :ind ivlrs. . . . . . I W1!11arn R1ghett1 and Mr. and M1 s. 1 Joseph Barsotti. ~ , , , ., l\1rs'. I'... E. !Vlmgan .of S1~cond strrl't is . rccupcrnt11H~ . "" .atfr•r sen~ral . wcr···ks of illness, eonf111cd to her


: 111




We are glad lo set· Mrs . .J. W. Wallin of Seventh street is ablr~ to be up and outdoors :igain, after being ill with the flu the past two I wei·l·s '··· • • • 1 Hetty Sahh of l'ole L11H' road was . . . I an OVf'l'lltght gnest oJ the Misses .o.c1a 1zat10n never ~10VCS ~ackw~rcl. When one e~pen-1 Rosr M:irir· aml Wilma May Righetinent. I~ state control fails, log1call y It should be abolished. I ti, at their home on Twelfth stref't,

s . r .·

. .



B. Ut It. IS not. Another experiment. is. tried. in th.e hopes. that, so1nehow, it will bring success out of failure. And then another and atlOt]) t'l l'ttl b .. I . . . I er, 1m 1 1 e y 1ttt e, 1mpercept1 11 J y to t 1osc ,_. . ·l . . •. . . , . . h d w o on t .1es1st t 1e tide, the whole body of our personal freeclon1 an.d ~1 berty has been taken from us. Soc1a!tsn1 amounts to a sort of prop or minimum standarc! level for the benefit of people not able lo sustain themselves at that level So far th:it' f B . l I . . ,' . . · .' ' · s tn.e. ut W wn t le mmimum standard IS raised so ht 11 tl1 t r t' . bb . l' .b a . socia IS IC g1a ers IVC a out as w~ll as the s?c1ahst1.c contributors, the system begins to

. . ?


ba~kfire;. W.hen mdustnous me. n se.e the fruit of .their. extra efforts distributed among loafers, they soon decide Lhar it is foolish to contribute llJOre tl ~ tl . I I 1,.11 1Clt s 1are to t 1e common p .cl .. l d b f . . . b b gia ag. .ro uct1on JffS an c ore longc tl1e e11t1 IC · sy S·te n 1 0 • • • . IS


. . . lurn·<.·d to her home at.· .Sw.ect .I-.Iome, Herman l'uchs, owner of Ht'r- On'1:·on. 1man's Shurfi1w ston· 011 1':1<'.ific Sl., Spanaway Fire department has . . . . . . r· ts back on the ioh :titer herng 111 been kept busy answering ire cal 1s with the flu. i since thrc first of the year. The deLarry Symmons, son of Mr. and 'p:1rtrnent has IH·l'n called to cxtinllfrs. Louis Syrnmons of Pacific St., I guish CJ fires: 2 chimney fires, three cdchr:ilf'd his l'lth birthday Satur- hous" fires, 01w i.;rass fire and there 1 day. 1' fires n·sulting fr nm overheated Mr. and Mrs. William Righdti, slm.,·s. Rcnwrnh!'l' lo obtain fire per! of Twclith street entertained a group, rnits lwfore st:1rting outdoor fires. of friends following the water dis-: Tn Span:nvay, these may be obtained 1 F.rida.y nighL

1 hats the thmg to remember about soci,·a·l· ism. Its. evil is one of degree more than kind. In its early stages it offers a lot of good at a reasonable cost, but farther along it encourages I . II d. . . ld I l J o encc anc eventua y rags an cnttrc nation into 1)ovcrty d I ' .· · an s avc:y. . T.hat s a pornt that sho~ld be seriously considered by Congress 1n connection with all future socialisric proposals. Can our country stand any more socialism 7 ·

but renewed

probe by the county sheriffs office. Prosecutor Steele has as-

c assure the prose- ,

not alone in his views and hope his investi-


cannot accomplish

(Editor's note: Tliis is the third in a si:rics of informative articles dealing with procedures and effects of municipal incorporation, for consideration with regard to possible incorporation of the community of Parkland. It is evident that problems of discharging such civic functions as are cited below become more acute as population becomes more dense. Therefor, at some stage of its development a community must consider whether to change to a municipal government.) REVENUES FOR CITY OPERATION Briefly summarized, in general, city funds come mainly from a property tax (maximum without vote being· 15 mills), and from state-shared taxes which MC now being paid by residents of county areas but from which they now receive back only a portion of the gasoline tax (paid to the county for road purposes). Bills now in the legislative mills at

Cities must pay pre\'ailing salaries to regular officials and employees, maintain public properties and assume immediate responsibility for strt>ct maintenance and policing.

County Prosecutor Steele reportedly has expressed dissatisfaction with conduct of the Noreen McNicholas slaying




of support should inspire their efforts to bring Franklin Pierce high school to realization for the opening of the 19 5 0 fall

gator will make more progress. Surely less.

Olympia may change some of the bas<'s for sharing stale re\'C'nues with towns, particularly liquor profits. The county le\'y of 10 mills (maximum) for road districts is not colkctt·d '.vithin inccoq.Jorntf'.d cities. Normally, othe.r sp1·cial di.stric.·t · .. 'I · · 1 <-VH'S (Jll'e, Ii .irnry, etc.) arc d1sconllnu<'d :rnd handh·d under the regular city kvy. Cities may also collect certain license fres, fines and penalties, busincss and occupation tax and sell \'arious permits (all strictly limited by slatutc. Admission taxes now collected by the county can be taken O\'l'I' by a city. CITY OBLIGATIONS

Franklin Pierce school district an actuality. The solid vote

cutor that he



Results of last Saturday's school election should be most satisfying to those who have worked long and hard to make

signed his own investigator to tbe case. W


~rict mcctin.g F:·.i~lay "."ening. En- 1·.i fron'. .c.; h ".t.• McAtcr. (GR; 3066), ioymg th cdd1c1011s n·fn~shmcnts; W1lli:1rn R1ghett1 ((,R. 3227) or ser\'ed by the hostess were Mr. and i Hl'l'rnan Fuchs (CR. 8213). . Mrs. Harry White, Mr. and Mrs. . Spanaway Prc-s<.~hoo.I group s.pon· · Harry W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jo· sored a hal:l' sale df'ct10n day at s<'ph Barsotti, :Mrs. Matilda Sym- t.lw Spanaway school, and according 111ons, Betty Sahli and Rose Marie i to "'.'ports th(' results were most satand Wilma Mae Righetti. ! ishctory. Money derived from the Announccrnent has been made .of. sale will be used .to help defray the the engagement of Robert Hoxie, expenses of sendrng· a delegate to · · · · f son of Mrs. Or\'1llc Meyer o 1Lth tlw conw·ntwn which will be held st.n·r·t, to Miss Faro! Edwards of in Yakirna. Seattle. Miss Edwards is a daup;hSpanaway Fire department was tcr of Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwards of. called, Thmsday morning, to ex-

sli~p1n~ to a lower and lower level.

term. There's much still to be accomplished, assurance will belp speed the tasks.

1n·covcred from ". s.·everc case of flu and is able to be up and around again. Remember the card party tornorrow at 3 p.m. at thC' s c panaway · school, ·spomorcd by Spanaway-Llk Plain Firemen's Auxiliary. Mrs. Jnanita Bayley or Military road has I.wen wry ill at h<·r home and will soon undergo surgery. Mrs. Baylr·y, ].Jresidrnt of S].):lnavmy Pre· · school, has been missed by 1rwnds and rnembcrs, all of whom wish her a speedy recovery. . . Mr. and , IVIrs. .Jack Hendnckscn . ..... of Lake .Shore dnvr sprnt I uesday , :it Se:itlk. , Mr. anti Mrs. Cordon Lawyer o[ Tacoma were cli1111f'r gnests, Wednesclay <'\Tning, :it ti]{' home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pietz on Mount·•1 1· 11 111·.,1· .o 1,v"" ";· Mrs. Ruth Montgomery, who has . .. · . hren v1s11111g her son-111-law and d:rnghtcr, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dixon of Mountain highway, has re-


LIMIT ON DEBT for regular city operation, utilities and normal expenses, the city council is limited by law to no more than 1 Y, percent of assessed valuation as a debt maximum. If at least three-fifths o[ those voting at an election agrrc, and the total vole i.< at least 50 percent of that at the Inst pre\'ious state elcetion, the council may incur debt up to 5 percent of \'aluation. An additional 5 percent debt may be incurred by the sarnc type of vote of the people, for a city-owned water, light or sewer system. L.I.D. RESTRICTIONS For local irnprovcrnents (under Local Improvement District statutes) there arc also strong restrictions. For sidewalks, paved streets, residence disirici lighliug, sewer sysi.e111s a11d such i1nproverncnts, action inust be

initiated eitlwr by the people themselves (ow11ers of a majority of the frontage and area invol\'cd) or the action may be initiated by the council, and if 60 percent of the property involved ls represented in a p~·o­ test, the council may not proceed, except in case of a sewer where public health is endangered.



Ur.'i.t No. 228 at the last regular rneetino» Mr. :ncl Mrs. Don Shaff of Uth street spt"nt the week end at Kent, \.Yash. visitin!'; Don's brother ' · sister-in-law, Mr. and !vfrs. Walter Shaff. Pete Anderson of the Mountain highway is convalescing at his home, following " reccllt operation for a kidney infection. An after-the-meetin:.; snack, at the Indian Jnn was enJ'oyed bv a few ' ' '· ' mcn 1bers of th" Spanaway Progrrsst've Comrnunitv · / club · ' immediately ·. "' following· the regular mectrng·' Tues. · . day "'"'rnrw. lvfrmbers attend1nff .~ . . " wer<': Mr. and Mrs. W1llrnm Righetti, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George Ouhl, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steidel, Paul Fread, D e IIJcrt Brcscmann, . Amos () . u11· 1, Mesdames Louis Syrnmons Oliver · • ·' · · Omat and June Steidel. Everett Rogers of Mountain highway underw<'nt a serious surgical

Grang: will llHT'. at the Graham the home of Mr. a1?d Mrs. Albert hall. I· n·d Hash is lecturer, so an Nelson, Sunday cn:nmg·. interesting program is anticipated.\ It's a pleasure to ht"ar Mrs. Claude On Thursday, l\1arch 3, the Gra- Ackerson is able to be home from . 1 ham school l\{otlwr~' club mf't at the hosp1ta. , · the (,raham schoolhoust'. Discus---------sion was held on field trips. Ml'S. Free estimates on repair and re· V. Ackerson was hostess. model jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanger and 1 (adv.) family visited at the home of her parents Mi· ·rnd l\1rs Andrew ' · ., · ' ·· · Paulson. • · , , B '·f iv1rs. " 1ay ore1en anc1 lv. rs. 1\.at1e Ndson attended a Past Noble Grand · · l' acoma . . on M on d ay. 1neet1ng 111 . Mrs. Chas. Wilbur left for North , . . Dakota lo v!Slt with her parents. . . On. Thu1:sday, Kenneth L111dberg surpnsc.d his parents'. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lmdbcrg. He is a student at the . State . college '. at Pullman . , ' \Vash. l\1r. and Mis. Chet I lumb and ·l ·11 . .. • 1 1 (. 11 (ten we1e gueots at t 1C 10me ~f Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb on Sun?ay.

~f ~~

spring style parade!

Pie. ~c. e C~unty Pomona Youth committee will meet Monday at the home of Mrs. Ralph E. Lehman. M d !Vf D E G 1 d . r. an rs. · · ooc 1 an fanuly of Parkland and Mr. and :N'.rs. Bert Gooch of Tacoma were dmner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson on Sunday. Mrs. A. Dworsky, Mrs. Len a Sehiemcr and son Bobby, and Mrs. ., ' Chas. Lorenz and farrnly were lunchcon guests at th'c' home of :Mrs. Al-

operation at Tacoma G .• enei.·al hospita!, last wc<'k, as the result of a b·id· injury Frir·nds and neighbors ' ' · · · wish him a speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Ervic Christilaw and daug·hters, Carole and Sandra, spent the week end at Zillah, Wash., in the Yakima \'alley, wl1erc they visited Mrs Christilaw's parents lvf'_ . l ~, -· C"11·I Bl cl ' 1. <ll1( JV.LIS. " a ow. !Vfr. and lVIrs. Harold Baker have returned to their Spanaway home j


on East "F" street. and Extension I bc. rt ~clsm. on lhursday. . . road and were dinner guests, Friday . ML and Mrs. Albert Nelson v1sevening at the home of Mr and 1ted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. · · ·' ' · ~ · < H· f P ll W d Mrs. William Rig·hctti on 12th street. . scai .111son o uya up, e nes· d Mi's. June Steidel of Mountain ay. Fashion-wise Polly DEBS bring highway spent the week end at Sc-· ?n Thursclay, March 3, Fr c cl you this smart little red leather attle. Enckson, master of the Graham 2-strap pump with wrap-around Little Judy and Jimmy Milner, grange, and 0. A. Westlund, cxccucrepe sole . . . right out of the pages .of SEVENTEEN. You'll children of Mr. and Mrs. John Mil-I . adore it! ner of Trout hkc lnvc been spend- creel rn Ellensburg by the state ing the week at the home of Mr. highway patrol. and Mrs. John Newell of Louvre Sunday visitors at the home of street, during which time Mrs. Mil- Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Cox of Mounner underwent a surgical operation tain highway were Mr. and Mrs. at a Tacoma hospital. W. A. Cox and Mrs. T. R. Lyon, JVIr. and l\frs. Robert Steidel and Cox's mother, father a.nd sister, of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Murdock of Tacoma. As a surprise, they brought IN PARKLAND SHOPPING Pacific street enjoyed a chicken din- a birthday cake for little Ann Cox, CENTER n<'r Sunday at the Cou1.1try House. who will celebrate her birthday this I c C · W f · week Open l• mlay Evenmgs I 111 J:OO 1 M cc1l near ymore tie ountam , :::.:=·==============~==============~ highway Royo "Y" is confined -··, to Pierce county hospital for surY.1-inch-4'x8' PLASTER BOARD ...................... per shce.t $1.45 gery. We wish him a speedy reco\'-

Io · I









cry. Edwin Dixson of Mountain highway has returned from his trip to Maryland. Mrs. Jens Jensen of Henry Berger road has been very ill. Friends and neighbors wish her a speedy reco\'cry. Mrs. Beulah Ballard spent the week end as a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Netzel on the Mountain highway near 15th street. Mrs. Jack Henricksen and Mrs. Robert Stcickl attended a fashion show and tea, Friday afternoon, in the Wedgewood room at the Winthrop hotel. Congratulations are being received by } and Mrs. George Woracek, proud parents of a baby daughter, born February 20 at Tacoma General hospital. An automobile, belonging to Paul I· Frcad of Third street, was stolen last week from the Lucky Sales lot in Brookdale. It was later recov-



. ,..

%-inch-4'x3' PLASTER BOARD ...................... per sheet $1.75 Y2-inch-4'x3' PLASTER BOARD ...................... per sheet $1.95 ;1.i-inch-4'x3' REJ. VENEER

sheet $3.15


Baskei:t: lumber 96th & PORTLAND A VE., MIDLAND

o. GR. 8488




Parkland :.=n:el Oil and §erv·ice §tH.tion

I GRanite 8112Distributors

of Standard Oil Products Parkland, Wash.


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 10, 1949


CLOVER CREEK Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289

set for Mrs-. Doleski, Lorna, Trina, Jackie, and Bobby Doleski, and Mr. and Mrs. Rodius, Johnnie, Jeannie and Danny Rodius.

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CAR WASHERS Special _______________________________ ___ each

Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter GA. 7802

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Renner visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Please note your correspondent's Recent visitors at the home of Mr. E. Lee in Spanaway, Sunday eveand Mrs. P. Burgi were Mrs. Burgi's change of phone number: GR. 5475) ning. The evening was spent enjoy-,. pr, son, Edward Zumbuhl, and his wife. ing a television broadcast. A hearty thanll.s from the comThe Zumbuhls are residents of Chemunity is extended to Harold Olson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gammons had halis, Wash. and those who worked with him, as their guests, for dinner Sunday . . J. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Clcllancl, who for help in getting the field house evening, 1fr. and Mrs. J. E. Horton ~q live on the Military road, spent at Dawson field fixed up to use. of Tacoma. three days in Raymond last week. Let's all show our appreciation to Mrs. Bessie Snyder, sister of Mrs. Visiting at the home of Mr. and the park board by using Dawson Fred Boness Sr. who has been visitMrs. Roy Gammon last.Sunday was field, as tllP weather and the playing at the Boness home for some Jerry Germaine of Tacoma. Gering season begins. time, returned to her home in Vanmainc is a former resident of Clover couver, Wash., Monday. She. was Bucldy Smith made a trip to Creek, formerly living in the pres- accompanied by Mrs. Boness, who Northern Pacific hospital, Saturday, ent home !Jf Mr. and Mrs. Orange will visit in Vancouver for a few to have a sliver removed from his Gage1-. days. arm. He had to have a stitch taken Mrs. Myrtle Boness has received Nancy and Nina Boness were hosto close the opening made necessary word from the Army that she will te~ses to a group of their school to remove the splinter. be permitted to join her husband, fncnds at a slumber party at the A very enjoyable afternoon was Fred Boness Jr., in Korea soon. Boness home, Wednesday, March 9. spent Sunday by a large group CeleMyrtle has waited for this news for The guests, all from Kapowsin, inbrating- the birthday of H c I c n about a year and is at present busy eluded: ·t.he Misses_ Gloria Hansch, Schnelenbcrger (Helen Ho~bs). The getting the "shots" for herself and Joy Wnght, Barbaia Hogue, Carol afternoon was spent playmg baselittle Lois Marie and going through Brunaugh, and Dorothy Yager. J ball. In the evening, there was a the other red tape necessary. f I It was indeed a thrilling moment ~ ;;;;':;_:--~ ,,. _ wiener and marshmallow roast, with A birthday party in honor 0 for Mrs. M. Sawyer of Clover Creek birthday cake. Those enjoying the Jeannie Radius was enjoyed by a when she was notified that she had " ••• ancl earring without the othe1· is no good to me, so !"vent were: Robert, Raybern and group of her little friends at the been awarded an orchid by radio PLEASE 0 ;.;arch cabin 2A and path ieading to it or beach , , !" Dennis Haddon; Art and Clarence Rodius home, Tuesday, March 8. station KTBI for being- judged the Grafstcad; Dora Mae, Irene and The youngsters enjoyed a delicious good neighbor of the week. She had . . Joann Hartloff; Clifford Stewart; luncheon, and especially the beau- been nominated by a friend Jiving Harry Chapman, and Ins wife and March 1. Mrs. Ellen Keene and Bob Ball; Beatrice, Joe and Helen tifully-decorated birthday cake and in the ~cKinley Hill district. Mrs. little baby daughter. They arc resi- ~rs: Dais: Collier made the ~r- I Schnclenberger; . Elbee, Vina and ice cream. They spent the afternoon Sawyer is the grandmother of Mrs. dents of Olympia. 1 angements for the shower, which Ray Hobbs; AJwe, Buster, Buddy playing games. Those present were Harry White. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Washburn ~vas held at the ~hurch. Guests ~n-1 and Billi Jo Smith; Jim, Stella, BetLorna and Trina Dolcski of Tacoma, Mr. Mrs. Ted. O'Neill have of Ta.. com. a and M. rs. Alma Coffey of Joyed a dish luncl'.e. on tic Jean,, Ruth and Jimmy Billy and Dicky Johnson, Ruthie moved to Clover Creek and are Clover Creek enjoyed chicken din- was sened frnm a beautifully dee- Baker. Thompson, Teddy Collier, Sandy building a new home on John Ma- ner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. orated table. Games were pla~cd, j\frs. Cora Beech, wife of Harry Tuttle, Dannie and Jeannie Rodius. hon road. Mrs. O'Neill is the former Franz Anderson, Sunday, February Mrs. Orange G _a g- e i· read Bi~le Beech of 80th and Golden Given, This was J eannic's sixth birthday. Edna Cruzan. Both Mr. and Mrs. 27. verses about babies and Mrs. Wt!- died at Tacoma General hospital last· Visiting at the home of Mr. and O'Neill's parents have resided in l\·I 1· I . R 'd 4 H I b liam C. Rhea, wife of the pa~tor, Saturday rnornin::;. She left, besides Mrs. Virgil Rodius, last Sunday, was . oon h1g it· atf crs - cl c •u M. met sanff guests received -- ffaze I Clover Creek for some time. ·l · I "'' The honored . · "''f r. BeecIi, a cl au,,o-!1 t.. ci, M is. Mrs. Radius' sister, Mrs. Joseph omeo eaei, IS.· · cfhbd A trip to Seattle and dinner at attw M . . , its . f many·!,lv··ftsf·on·MrsKeene O\e ' g1 i i . . . . ' D'l iet rnrt, an di t uee sisters. e o y Doleski; and her children, who live anon White l• nday a ternoon C 11· M · R I B · the home of friends was enjoyed by M. I + Tl. ' h f. . '. Mrs. o ier, rs. ut l ergman, was sent to Seattle for bunal. in Tacoma. For dinner, places were 1 }.fr and Mrs Omer Roland last . arc J · us wasbt de ust hmectmdg Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. \V. Haynes, Ervin Smith, who ha. cl been work· · smce anuary, as a weat er an M _ v·. -1 R cl' M M ·!' . . , . . Sunday. The Rolands were guests bad roads had combined to kee i_s. 11g1 .. o ms, rs. . e me, mg. m Burney, Cah_f., called 111s at the home of Mrs A E. Simonds. b D . p Mts. 0. Gag,e1, Mrs. Blanche Green- lamily Saturday mornmg to say that . ' t 11e oys at 110me. unng t 11e meet- I . I. . s 1 M F El · · They also 'visited with Miss Virginia · , I . . . · d · k' h' I aw, IS. nga 0 aas, rs. ena - he is now employed 111 Roseburg, DAY'S TAILOR-D TROUSERS 1 . . rng, t 1e JO}S p1acticc a s it w ic 1 led ·c :Mrs. Fero-uson Mrs. R. 0 . and WORK PANTS Simonds durmg the afternoon. _ ·h I' II d g ' " ' . iegon. , . . t 11' Y wi 11 piesent at t e '-a Y ay ThomJJson Mrs. Rhrn Mrs. Manon ~'{ d l\·1 is. · E" R · K enne d Y S r. Welcome v1s1tors at the home of · f p· C 4H I b . ' . ' " r. an ' Pwctmo- o icrcc ounty - c u s · L'll' B I' d wf . . wfrs. Zella Chapman wcrc her son, ·, . ·I " . b h Id . M'dl cl' White, Mrs. i tan o teu, an rs. wC'rc honored Saturday evemng- with 1 1 an Ace Norris " 111 c 1 wi 11 c c at tic f II · · · h Id . h h . I II S d M I . a aiewc palty, e at t e ome C on1n1un1ty Ht , atur ay, arc 1 "' . . . , . , . , 12. l•nends of Eddie Bittner, former of M1. and Mis. H~iiy Besl:alcI. . .. , Clover Creek resident, will be inter- E. R. won the door pnze, J. Shipton of the Clover ested to know that he is . at p1esent . · • f 01· 500 an . cl J. oc , Ladies Auxiliary . won ti1c. pnzc 7025 Pacific Avenue Creek grange will meet at the home . SI1 . 10 . I . 1.·.1 . f 1· · 11 All .. , . ,_ . _ at M1sawa, Honshu island, Japan. < P . tie P _zc ~ pmoc 1 c. . . of Mis. Fianz Andc1son 111 F1ed- Pfc. Bittner . I d · the Jadi~s lJ!· ,no· b g·o •voi1 1J1·ize 111 1 1 11as JUSt compete tram. 'i " • - u• rickson, Thursday, March 10. Mrs. ing- in radar at Johnson field, Tokyo, Later in the evening the dessert Promptly Relieves Alma Coffey will be the hostess for and recci,·cd the highest marks in lunch was served. Herb Kennedy YOU HAUL-$1.50 yd. at Pit the meeting-, which will stnrt at 1 the c.lass, earning almost perfect b. a sh_cct cake, decorated with p.rn. -WE HAULgrades. a map showmg- the towi:s and route 6-yard Load ........ ---·- ________ $14.00 Mrs. Lawrence Holt and Mrs. to Kennedy's Kapowsm Korner, 4 and 5-yard loads at $2.50 yd. Jennings were the honored guests : with statuettes of a man and woman. (from a cold) at n pink-and-blue shower given for 3-yard load -·--···--··- .. ······-·····$8.00 Monthly terms on all purchases-I' Those present for the gala evening, Foraveralla ! tlwn1 by the ladies of the: Clover (adv.) besides the host, hostess and guests bgby's skin PHONE-GRanite 8511 Brookdale Lumber Co. : Creek Baptist eh u re h, TuPsclay, of honor, were the Messrs and Mesdames Wm. Kittinger, John Panneek, Gordon Crouch, Walter Crawford, Oliver Shipton, Art Jacot, Rob. crt Jordan, Norman Skinstcad, Herb Kcnnr:dy, Nick Kc 11 er and Joe Shcpro. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Drath attended the silver wedding anniversary, March 7, of Mr. and Mrs. T. Brcwick. The event was held in the parlors of the Assembly of God church. The couple was presented with one hundred silver dollars, hung on a silvered tree. Refreshments were s c r v c cl to over 200 guests. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Olson and children, Eleanor and Lloyd Jr., motored to Cloverdale, Calif., fot· a short trip. Mrs. Henry Vik, mother of Mrs. Frank Gural, left Tuesday to return



If you haue to wash a car, you can't beat this way

We Gladly Deliver SPANA WAY

ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL GRanite 6547 and GRanite 7583

ISpanaway 8th Grade







For Men:


lliway Variety Store









fri n



. . akes Capitol Jaunt

By Louis Spry, 8th Grade Student On February 16, 1949, 46 of the eighth grade students of Spanaway school went to see the State Capitol at Olympia. First we went to see the House of Representatives. They were assigning different bills to committees. The reading clerk read the bills on the day's calendar and handed them to the speaker of the House, who ''.'ould assi~n them to their respective committees. The House page boys were dressed ii{ b Ju c with "house page" .on their sleeves. We then went to the office of Secretary of State Earl Coe, who told us some facts about our government to her home in Minneapolis Minn. ' after spendino- oyer two weeks with' M1· ~nd Mrs "' Gui-al a11d sons -<• ' • ' ' • There \viii be a meetinff of the Harvard Teen-Acrcrs Frida): March

- "'


' '

here. _We also saw our, two reprrsentat1vcs, Bassett and Comfort, and had our picture taken with thrn1 Next we saw the Senate. They \~ere d:bating on ~n cd~cational bill, wluch was very mterestmg. The Senate page boys and girls were dressed in red-violet with "senate page" on their sleeves. The trip to the top of the dome was a long climb, about 350 steps. We got a nice view of the southern tip of Puget Sound and the city of I Olympia. I ~\fter th_at we saw the go_vernnor's office, wluch had a beautiful table and chair. The table was polished a hug-e. piece of laid over it. The chair was very !ugh-backed and very soft-cushioned. In the Temple of Justice there was a Jaw library which had a recore! of all laws introduced and all Iaws passe d · T here was a c Iian di' e ier attac Id ie to the Capitol Dome that weighed five tons and a chain holding it that




i 1, from 7:30-10:30 p.m., at Daw- weighed 1 )/" tm1s. son field This is the first mcetino· · · · · ·· " after a brief discontinuation because . of lack of a mectmg place. There . . -· \Vtll be ele·t1on of ofl1ce1·s and co111' · ' mittees. The Teen-Ao-ers will make · "' their own rules and rerrulations Mrs - ' o ' · · Myers will be there to teach and lead dancing. Refreshments will be . provided by parents for the first ' meeting. The park committees of the Harvard and w!tdland Improvement clubs will offer assistance in their problems. Tcen-Agei·s are asked to bring .dance records for dancing. This club is for children 13 to 16 years of age. Come out, all Teen-Agers. Mrs. Bill Ames and Alice Smith have been enjoying the wrestling matches pr01{1oted by Mrs. Ethel Seifert, who resides at 80th and avenue.

Wc would ltkr to than!.' Dick Watson, who showed us around, and E -I C . _ f h at oe, secietary 0 · state, w 0 · .· d W I · - · 1 111 ' ite us. e a so «pptcciate tic cooperation of Mr. Fraser and the · f or tie I use· o f tic l b us. school boa1d K. Cripch and D. W. Grefthcn were the class sponsors.

.Labon:ire Donll'l.e


Tula J:,ake Road

Into every dog's life comes at least one sad, distressing day. This day oft.en begins when a strange cat invades Fido's home grounds. Such an affront, of course, cannot be taken casually. Fido snaps his lea~h and starts after the brazen invader. A scrambling chase through back yards, across vacant lots, and down alleys then ensues. Several blocks later, with the cat successfully treed, Fido faces the unhappy realization that he is in a foreign country, far from home and lost. This is the time wben a feller really needs a friend.

GR 8077


Phone GR. 8519 for

ACCURATE Prescription Service




PARKLAND PHARMACY Pacific Avenue and Airport Roacl

For PLUMBING Repairs Call E. M. Hamilton Plumbing "A PLUMBING SHOP AT YOUR DOOR"



Atlas Tires and Batteries

Complete Line of Ignition Parts

Anderson CHEVRON Service Spanaway on Mt. Highway Round-the-Clock Fuel Oil Service! Day or Night Sundays Holidays Phone any time!


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Sporting Goods and Jlardware


Daniels Hardware PARKLAND

GR 7947

Fido is relying on his owner to be his friend and rescue him from his dilemma. His owner will be this "friend indeed" if he remembers the simplest solution to Fido's problem: the Want Ads. A brief notice in the Lost and Found column costs little, and chances are good that

Call "The Voice of Parkland"

it will soon have Fido back home-"in the doghouse" bur happy. The next time your pets (or valuables) stray from home, remember Fido's experience and telephone GRanite 7100 to place your Want Ad.

Louise and Bob Lynd

at GRanite 7380

\vill put your




St1ttJU.1,ed ':Detd. Lflll t!'//~lu.d.d./;,&








item on the


?tP?AUA.t_ ,, ..... -- --7..... ............. '7LJAM7 - - ............. , J.dA ....... .,......


12:15 to l :00 p.m. Friday over KTBI

Page Four






Alice Dorfner, Reporter Graham 45!!

2xl0 CEDAR LOG CABIN SIDING.................. pcr M ft. $55.00 lx'l CEDAR V CEILING ------················----·-···---·-Per M ft. $50.00 y,x8 CEDAR BEVEL SIDING ........................ per M ft. $120.00 lx8 CEDAR V RUSTIC SIDING ...................... per M ft. $45.00




lvfal'lyss, to Richm·d Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson of Tacoma. An c-arly summer wedding is planned. Midland Improvement club nwt at the Midland hall March 1 with Pn·sidcnt Spalt Wartenbe prcsidin,o; ;it the busi1wss meeting. Frank Basket_ t 111ade a report on drninagP conditions in the district and urged voters to the polls on March 8 when a 1ww drainage supervisor would be elected. The chairman appointc-d a committee to S('l"Vl' as a Dawson field committee until the regular election of officers in December. This committee is to work with a like committee from the Harvard Improvement club, in the interest of Dawson field. Last minute plans for the :March 5 school election were made, as to transportation of voters and a loudspeaker car to remind voters of the election. The car was obtained by the Improvement dub and paid for by some merchants of the districts. Refreshments we r c furnished by Mrs. John Heinrich :rnd l\<frs. Frank .Johnson and were served by Bernice Tt1rncr and_ Lois Johann. About 75 people attended the card O C OC • · _, ,.. -.. party givC'n by the Han·ard, Midfriday evening, Mrs. 1. A. l 1bland and Larchmont Fir:c depart- hitts and Mrs. R. Gregg took their ment Ladies Auxiliary, March +, at children Ronald and Dickie Gregg, ' Midland hall. Many prizes donated Thorny and Alice Mac Tibbitts, and . J>. l , l' _ . ._ l \\' by the ladies we're awarded during David "\..lC 1, to - acon1a to •1 5 10 · !\-Ir. Tcthcrow of the Elk Plain the n-ening and home-made cakes . l and coffee were scl"\'cd at lhL· con- I-Ii-way grocery is home i ro1n t H' hospital. clusion of the party. Mrs. L. M. Tibbitts of Elk Plain Harvard-Midland P-TA will meet March 16, at 8 p.m. in the Midland and Sam Tibbitts of North Dakota school, with the president, Mrs. recently spent several days in TaClarence Johann, presiding at the coma with lvfr. and Mrs . .Johnny busim·ss meeting. Mrs. Clifford Mc- Tibbitts. Cla~clwy, yrograrn chairman, has I Sunday evening guests at the home

Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanite 5738 Mrs. Johann, Midland correspondent, w o u I d like to draw attention to the new phone 1111111ber listed above. She will welcome all calls about any news items anyone would like to have published. Mrs. Eugene Brittain suffered a serious fall at her honw, March 3, and has been confined to bed, partly because of the fall and also due to a severe case of the flu. Harvard, Midland and Larchmont Fire department was called to 80th and Vickery road, March 6, where a rubbish fire was out of control and thrf'atened a chicken house housing morf' than 600 haby chicks. The fire was controlled before serious damage occurred but this was another case of burning without a fire permit, which is unlawful. Chief David McPherson of the H. M. and L. department states that a permit must be obtained for auy outside fire and in a Fire Protection District it must be obtained from one of the chiefs of the district. When an application for a fire permit is reccind the chief will inspect the area to be burned and will offer suggestions as to the control of the fire and the best methods to employ for burning.

Harvard, Midland and Larchmont Fire department ladies auxiliary met at the Fire hall, March 2, with President Lorene Baskett presiding. The birthday of Camilla Christel was honored during the social hour. an rntercstrng program outlined and Evelyn Jensen and Leona Hartley mothers arc C'nco'.11·aged lo bring dad were hostesses and employed a St. out to get acquarnted. Pbns for tlw P:1trick's motif for serving. :tyle sh~w, to be given by the P-TA, FriP-nds of .Mrs. Roy Taylor are 111 Ap'.·il, will lw discussed by the happy to hear that she is feeling co-chairmen of the affair, Mrs. Vicfine again after her attack, March tor Eshpeter and Mrs. Howard Mc6. Mrs. Taylor had worked all day Farland .. Mothers of the seventh Saturday on the school election and will unde1;,thc superon Sunday suffered an exhaustion I 'ision of Mis. Cxr orgc 1 urn er and collapse. Chief Dave McPherson of Mrs. F. Cliff Wagaman. the H. M. & L · Fire department and J\frs. F. H. · g 6 J\Ir. l . Lorance of was called· and applied .the TCSj)irroad re.l 'l Iand IGolden·IIGiven M


CHURCH Announcements


PARKLAND METHODIST neighborhood scwmg club met at the home of Mrs. Floyd Ayers, March 3, at 8 p.m. Attcnding '_vere_._ the Mesdames F°' J. Carson, Ivan Harrison, Johnny Holland, Robert Townsend, F. Hicks, Harry I-Iansen, J. Miraldi, P. I-I. Teffrc, Harry Piper, Emil Nougier, L. Bucholtz, David Lorance,. C. McClatchey and the hostess. The club will meet at the home of Mrs. David Lorance, March 17. Owner of the Midland Fuel and G as company was held up March 1 d f d . y two . d b d"t b a1 n1c an 1 s an orce to. , . tu rn 0 vcr tlie d ay s receipts. <:: • t y 0 f .S t. J 0 I1Il 0 f t I1C Alt ar ..... OCIC . Woods pansh held its regular mect·n ~1 . ·l 3 t ti W II cl l g J.v a1 c 1 , a 1c K a er > f roa . l 110me o f Mns. l etcr rap ., . wit vV lt (' . . 1 . M ts. . a er .orngan pres1d1ng· _' · .cl L unc I1eon w<J.s serve. to 25 members )res t 1 tl . M cl . L H ff es ames . o ] . en )y ic man, N. Johnson, H. Lanz, J. Le Mieux, A. Leppf'rt and P. Krapf. Mr. and Mrs. George Lind of· Midland recently announced the engagement of th c i r daughter,

7 :~-rn !'vfonday night, with

Bible ·study,

Mrs. Charles Knautz teaching. , CLOVER CREEK- BAPTIST Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School W. C. Rhea, Pastor Bible School, JO a.m. George Chessum, supe1 intendcnt.

l\101ning wo1ship, 11 am. Y~Jull> Felltl\\ship, 7 p.m. (Jtrnior and St'rnor). 1 E\'ening Gospel Service, B p.m. J\fid-w~rk Servicr, Thursday, 8 p.m. Choir pr::lCticc Thur:-;day, 7; also teacher

I nll'cting.


NO other rub acts faster in

c'.·uisc aboa'.·d the aircraftc.ar_-,,. B~.irbara l.lur.rington .. 'T'he next I !Cl Midway, with the 6th task rncl'llllg will br· lwlcl March 10. force. H:•bert is now a_ sergeant in Clarence Hannon of Calgary, Alth_e Manne corps. Makmg the tour ber\a, Canad. a, is wit.h his with Hubert was another Harv:ud- sister, Mn. Lillian Sherman of Elk Midland boy, Jareld Hartman, son Plain. of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hartman of 1+15 East 72nd street. I POTLUCK FOR CUB PACK Tom Lantz, director of recreation AT METROPOLITAN PARK in Tacoma, met with mc1nbns of Cub Scout Pack 3+, Spanaway, the Tct:n-Agc dub and mothers, on will hold a potluck dinner this FriMardi 7, at the reconditioned ficldch1y t'vcning (March 11) al 7:00 housc at Dawson field, to phin geto'clock in lhc clubhouse at Spantincr the teen-age center oro·anized away Metropolitan park. There will rnto a gomg concern. He rntroduced be entertainment following. All parhis assistant, Ralph \-V1lson, who 1s ents arc incited to attend and are . . . . snperv1sor. ol rccreatwn, and will I ' ' ' '. work with the Harvard-Midland I asked to b1m,, a hot ddi.



I· "





. "'



group, and Mrs. Betty Jo Meyers, . lw the leader. Lai_1lz asked who wdl . rcprescnlatn•es of . tlll' local Improvemcnt dubs who were present to look . . . . mto the possibi11ty of more street . . the v1c1mty . . . lights m of the park entrance. He was also assured that the park cornrnittt·r· from the Harvard and Midland club would assist boys and girls in obtaining some type of record player or other music for parties. Lantz also told the teenagers he expects them to operate their own dub and they will be expected lo make their own laws and enforce them. The park conunittcc will arrange for two couples to chaperone at each party and at the first party, which will be held March 11, 7:30 to 10:30 at the Dawson field' house, the mothers who were present

• '

· serve refrcshrnn1ts. IL was dcwill · c1dcd by the youngskrs that they · 'would liml rncmbc-rship age to 13, · · ' to and mcludrng 16-ycar-olcls. An · · · be held at c I cct1on of officers will the March l l meeting. A committee will be chosen to attend the intcrcenter youth council, which meets once a month. The 11etropolitan Park district will furnish fuel, lights and leadership for the center.

Ask :-1bont our house plan SC'rvi('.t" ,Brookdah- Lumbn- Co. (adv.)

Do You Suffer Distress From







Call GRanite 7100

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.cvc~~"'.s,~ ~];;:"_';;/~{ id'ian<l

MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME Thure Moberg, Minister SuJ1day School, 10 a.m.; !v1orning Service, 11 a.m.; Bible· study and prayer, 7 :30 p.m., \V(•dnesday.


"Subtance" is the subject of the LcssonSt•rmon which will lw ·read nr\'.t Sunday in all bnrnC'lies of The .Moth<•r Church, The First Clnu·cl1 of Clirist, Scientist, In Boston, \'1a!iS<lchusctts.


property (road equipment), to wit: Di:>ti·ict No. 1 I Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1 G;.1soli11c Shovel District No. 2 2 193i :t\.fack Jr. Dump Truck 1 Spcrrwcll Scarificl' 1 Jaeger Bituminous ?vfixcr 1 1viodel 58 White Dump Truck I Steam Donkey En.gine District No. 3 Austin 12-ft. Pull Grader Ru:-;sell 12-ft. Super :tvfog-ul Scarifier 92+ Ced<li· Rapids Cn1shc1· and Conveyors Simons ~-ft. Cone Unit Hessc-Erstcd Gas Donkey District No. 2 and No. 3 Gallion (International 10w20) 10-ft. Grader Gallion ( Fordson) :i-ton Rolle1

;IGfVAlf{£ I



• Maximum Value! "Master" Models 6, 7, 9, 11 cu. fl.

I Killifer Ripper J Koering 1075 Cl'menl :rvJher

6 Spreader Boxes

So u th End S por t s

I Fordsou Rotary Broom NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the

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lloard of County Commissioners will meet ' 011 Monday, the 21st day of March, 1949, and Itif'ch (6); center, Fl9od (G); al the hour of ien o'clock A.Jvl. at t.hei1 · W office in the Coul't House at Tacoma, guards, ( )rsc ( 8) and oodard ( 2 ) . Washiug-ton) to hear an<l <lctcrmine tlu: EdO'C\.YOOd- Fonvards Sutton (4-) advisability of itra~ing sucl~ sale,_ and any t:i ' taxpayer m the County e1lher Ill person and Roberts ( l 0); center, Bruno ff or by counsel, shall have the ri.~ht 10 be . Y • • • • ? heard for or against such proposition. ( .3 ) ' gu~rds, W1ssmgci ( L) and Dated, this Isl day of March, 1949.



Ballard ( G). Substitutes: Midland-I JACK W. S_ONNTAG . , • Connty Auditor and Clerk of the Barn (I J and Stberg. Edgewood-I Iloa1d of County Commissioners • ( ) Bv H Leif, depnly. R cws II. anc1 J:yf a1t1n 4 . Pt1b. 11a1ch HJ 17. fM'il"FT


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Saturday, arch 12 OUR HOME ECONOMIST


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meets first ·wcdncsday of month at 2 p.m.




ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE(Continued from Page One) Lyman Redford, owner. Septic . . tanks pumped, contents hauled smec our format10n. A lot was acaway. GA. 34-46 or GA. 9794. complished and many plans were tfc discussed for the year 194-9. Wh<'n SPANA WA y LUMBER CO. IRVING JOHNSON everyone gets out and enters into Better Lumber for Less. Roofing, ll ardwarc and Paints. vV c Irving L. Johnson, 63, of Rt. 7, the swing of things and gets in his · f rent fto01· sanders. GR 8235. Box 100, Brookdale, who came to ." two c~nts " wort 11 it 1 ma.'es or an SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, conthe Tacoma area three years ago mtercstrng and constructive forum. tents hauled away. Don Redford, from Alaska, died at his home on That's what happened last meeting GA. 7334·. tfc March 1. He was a native of Chip- and everyone there was glad that J RAY GOGAN - JACK BARRETT pewa Lake, Michigan. they c~me a~d hope that t.o'.110rrow's General landscaping, pruning and Surviving are two sisters, 11rs. gathering will be a repetition, only spraying, rockeries, rock walls, 0. J. Dempsey of Tacoma and Miss with a lot more of the previouslyfences, tractor work. Delia Johnson of Detroit. absent members there. . GR. 8842 Terms BR. 6982 Graveside services were held on KR E SKY EFFICIENCY means I Wednesday at 1 p.m. at Mountain BOOK REVIEW CLlJil clean, smokeless flame, intense J View memorial park, the The Book Review club met last heat and exceptional fuel econRev. Paul ff" . . Van Horn 0 iciatrng. omy-from the exclusive Kresky week (March 3) at the home of oil burner. For estimate on a Mrs. R. E. Early, Park avenue at Kresky economy floor furnace to Airport road. Mrs. Railey of BuekJAMES ROGERS fit your home, call GRanite 8263 Prettyman Heating Service. 27c James Randall Rogers, 67, of 4-15 lf'y, well-known critic, will speak. FOR SALE-38-arre valley farm. Harrison St., Parkland, died FebruModern house, city water and ary 28 in a Tacoma hospital. He HOCKEY TEAM HOSTED lights. School bus, cream and mail The hockey team of Clover Park was a member of the Eagles lodge route at door. 25 acres cleared. and the Cooks' and Waiters' union. high school was entertained here 3 Y" miles southeast of Orting on Electron highway. Phone Orting A daughter, Mrs. William Beggs of Thursday evening of last week at 2220. 27c the R. E. Early home, Park avenue l'acon1a, survives. TRACTOR WORK done. Bowlin, at Airport road. Funeral services, under direction Phom· GRanitc 8368 after 5 p.m. of Lakewood Mortuary, were held Live at l OOth and Washington St., Patronize Your Advertisers Thursday morning, 11arch 'l, from Midland. 27c St. Ann's church, the Rev. Milner officiating. Burial was in Calvary .cemetery.

At Harvard School lnor Bergstrom, Superintendent Stwday School, 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Han·ard Sunday School l\ Iuthers' Circle



land Methodist church, with registration hours from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Pre-physical examinations and immunization will be given. This is a free service to the connnuni ty, sponsored. by the Parkhnd Pre-school, under the auspices of the Pierce County Health clC'partmcnt.

vakian hall, in Parkland. The mar-I Per Word ··--·· ...............• 03 riage was pc-rfonnr'cl by the Ri·v. Minimum ························-·····-·-·-·-·-··SO Mackosky.

David Martin, a son weighing 7 , pounds, 3 ounces, was born Febru-1 ST. JOHN OF THE WOODS 98th and Taylor, Midland ary 21 to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Baxof Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bennett; Rev. R. E. Logan, Pastor were Mr. and :tvirs. David Judd and J\.fassr-s, 0:00 and 10:30 a.m, Catechism ter of Summit View. He joins a sisafter :M.ass. ter, Barbara J can, six years. three children of Tacoma. SPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Mr. and Mrs. C. Woodbury of Stanloy R. Weddle, Pastor Seattle arc sprnding a few days at Sunday School, 9:45 a.rn.; !v1orning '\Vm·~ ..;hip, 11 a.m.; Evangelistic Service, B p.m. thf' homr of Mr. and Mrs. L. w. LEGAL PUilLICATION Chrbt's Ambassadors, '\Vcdnesday. Dillingham. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL Loveland 4-H met al the home MIDL!IND PENTECOSTAL 1 COUNTY PROPERTY 1 of L. W. Dillingham on March . 1-.fects P.T.A. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the l l. 1 wo new Hll'tnbcrs were ad- Ii.di, 11 .i.m.; Su11day School, 9:45 a.m. Board of County Uon1mi:-;sioncrs of Pierce County, Washinl-{lon, believes it to be to mittcd: John Farn·n and Earl PatFERN Hill BAPTIST CHURCH the best interest:-; of Pierce County and the rick. Evcrv' 1-H club· in Pierce counSouRth WBbthL odnd 'd'G" Streets , . • . • e yar , Pastor f)l'ople thereof, and it is their int.entiou 8. ty . sends candidates for king ,;!ilc_S.chool, !1:4:: "·".'· Classc~ for all ages. to !>ell the following described personal , ' queen ' •otslup at JI; b·cnrng Service 7·30


I. . '

On Saturday, March 4, Mr. Robert Ernest Ettlin, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Ettlin of Elk Plain, and Miss Helen Poorman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Poorman of Kapowsin, were wed at noon in the First Baptist church of Tacoma. Mr. John Johnson of Spanaway was best man and Miss Sally Lombardo of Tacoma was maid of honor. _The bride was attired in a pink suit with navy blue accessories. At 8 o'clock that evening a rcreption was held in the Czechoslo-

If your withholding and estimated tax payments exceed your correct 1948 income tax, the difference wiJJ be refunded. You can speed your refund by filing early and making sure your return is made out accurately and signed. Be sure your address is correct. PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN Walther C. Gullixson, Pastor Most refunds will be made by Sunday School, 9:3U a.m.; Morning Worchip, !O:UO a.m. - - - I summer. Avoid unnecessary corTRINITY LUTHERAN I respondence that clogs the re· Parkland, Washington . funding machinery. Ernest B. Steen, Pastor Your 1948 income tax return Thursday, March Ill: 1'2:'.10 p.m.-Jnger Tonetle Circle at the should be filed by March 15, 1949, home of l\Jrs. Ed Antonson, on Arthur street. on either Form 1040 or 1040-A. H:OO p.n1.-Lcutcn Scrviet•t>, Sermon topThe Form W-2 received from your ic: "Our Blood-Bought Redemption; Its Objective: ?v1an. '' Special music, employer cannot be accepted as Trinity Lutheran Choir. Sunday, lvforch l'.1: your return. George W, Cooper, Pastor Sunday: Worship and preaching, 11 a.m. Nursery for children <luring this hour. Church School, 10 a.m. Classes for all grades. The Development of Religion is tile Lheme in the adult Eible class, Jed by tlu~ pastor. Intermediate Youth Fe11owship, 7 p.m. Wednesday: The \Vomen's Society of Christion Service at 12;30. Covered dish diunc1·. Social, Dc\'otioual and business progra1n following.

ator, which gave immediate relief. CCI\ cc a P ionc ca arch 6 .from prrncess and prince to ride on the ___ __: , . . 1SCHOOL. Georgie Rainey, son of Mr · a~d their wn, county 4-H float in the annual Daf- ) r~.~....c1~,~~~~Ms~,~T<-1 .t>' _ SUNSDc 1AY p ' N IHubert, C · at the •Cherry . . 100 meets in the Mrs. Ceorgc Rainey of Midland, is . ornt, ort1 .arohna, Manne air- fodtl parade. From this club arc: lansh house at 9::Jll Sunday mornings. KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL again on the sick list; this time base, where h~ is stationed, telling King, Jack Ockfcn; queen, Marlene M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent :rvferts at 2:00 p.m. in the Kirby school with a bad case of flu. them he. _has JUSt .return~d from a Ettlin; prince, Jimmy Farren; prin- every Sunday.


/Robert Ett/in. Takes BABY CLINIC A well-baby clinic will be held IBride f r01n K apowsin Thursday, March 17, in the Park-


1\1iss Helen Poorman was honored with a miscelb1neous shower at the home of Mrs. Albert Johnson. 'The 'guests enjoyed pl~ying games, after which many lovely gifts were opened by Miss Poorman. A lovely lunch was then served to the Mesdames J\ick Kanton, Lloyd Dillingham, Paul Theil, Mathew Ferguson, John Manrna, Milly Van Vosson, George Dorfner, Sidney Bennett, J oc Hedgecock, Robert Elttcn, Cliff Larson, Margaret Ferguson, A. Johnson, the hostess, and the Misses Helen Theil, Marlene and J\ancy Ettlin. Miss Poorman, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Poorman of Graham, lll:OO a.m. - Sunday School an<l Bibk is the fiancce of Robert Ettl in Jr. classes. 11 :Of) a.m.-Junior worship sen·ice; Regw of Elk Plain. ular worship service. On Jiriday, March l l, at 8 p.m., 4:'.iO p.m.-lvlonthly Sunday School staff meeting in church parlors. the Hobo Hop will lw hl'ld in tlw i;OO p.m.-Scnior l.uthcr League. ·ruesday, I\,fard1 l:J: Kapowsin high school gym. This l :~·)() p.m.-Priscilla Circle at home of dance is sponsored by the sopho1i1orC' Nfrs. tvf. T. Hnkcnstad, 5Hl Arthur St. H:OO p.m.-Circle J at the apartment of class of Kapowsin high. Music will!i. I.... 0. Ecklund, PLC Oki 1'1ain; Cirdc 2 at the B. S. Hindcrlie resiw be furnished by Boettner's orchesdencc, 12002 Park avenue. Miss Sadie tra. Solomon, hostess; Circle 3 at home of J\lrs. Esther Davis: Circle 4 at home Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ilennctt of iv!iss Anna 11,,larn Nielsen; Circle 5 at home of ]Vfrs. G. Peterson, corner and daughter Patty of Eugene, OrePacific aveuue aucl Cleveland; Circle 6 gon, were recent guests at the ho1nc 1 at home of Nirs. I. Carrell, 411 Morton street. of Mr. and Mrs. John Ockfen, Jr. \Ve<lnesday, ·f\.;far~h 16: 7: 30 p.m.-Choir rehears~il. The third of the series of card 7: :-Hl p.m.-Boy Scouts. nrtics sponsored by the Elk Plain l , . SPANAWAY METHODIST Gleaners, was held 1 hursclay, lvfarch "The Church by th" Side of the Road" 3. The door prize was won by Mrs. 10 a.m. Church School. . , ll anc1 G regg-. p·lllOC hi (' pnzes · . 11no' a m.-Sunday Worship Service. ko weic 3 I t d' t y t Il ._, , ., .,. • .. :.:> p.111.- n cnuc 1a c o u won by Mr. and Mrs. 1. J\. 11bb1tts Fr·llowship. and 500 prizes were won by Mr. 6:-J.5 p.m.-Youth Fellowship. and Mrs. Prf'ston Henderson. The PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL next of lhesr· end parties will be lntcrdonominalio.nal · Fr~d Southwe! I, Supenntendent Thursday cvr·nmg, :tvfarch 17, at 8 Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. ' ) ·k Sundav School, JO::rn a.m.


84th and Pacific Avenue

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 10, 1949

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Prairie pointer v 4 no 27 mar 10, 1949  
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