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CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION VOL. 4, NO. 26 Meetings every second and fourth

NEW TELEPHONE A[ ~~ :SERVICE GOES IN ~.:~-:.-,.:::::::n. \l. EFFECT SUNDAY --~

!'riclay at B:OO p.m. in the ~panaway School Clover Creek Post No. 1 ltl and its Au.xiliary met .last Friday in. the Spanaway school to permrt i~10re of our friends to attrnd and en3oy the



evening's cnlerlanunenl.


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The joint sessions were presided

Calling All Cars

over, by President Irma J Long j, and , Actmg· Commander c n s , , , clcnscn. •. ,• . Honors were extended •to . istl!Ct • • officers, those present bcrng: Pr.esr· dent Funk, ,. V1cc-Commandcr , .i B. 1 ·t Brckcrt and. v icr'-l. resrc ent . re <Cl · · An mterestmg message wasF grven . .h by Presrdent Funk · · hof the Id fourtlt dist.rict, rn which s e to o or r g In and development . of o.ur pledge to the flag, whrch m ong· inal draft was frrst p,ublrshed once-popular "Youths Compamon. Its present form was adopted during. World War I make allcgrance to th·c· Urnted State.s and



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u 11 6 , WI'}] sc C official .S_ un d ay, lvi.arc -r .1naugura t'-ion o f· tlie n c\v telepl1one . . set-up f or GR ant'tc c x·changeSCTVJCC' subscribers. Telephone customers al. d y h a'e . no t'1.ced great improveiea . . . d u11ng .· . 1.....,.e··nt •vPc•ks inent1nserv1ce ..: ~ .... as n1orc an d n101·e phones , were suburcIiangc d f.rom over-crowded · ban lines to one and two-party lines. H. E. McCoun, Tacoma district manao·er this week confirmed that all be ready for the official change-over this coming week end. The ~area most greatly effected is that extending from the Tacoma city limits out through Parkland




_ LIBRARY HOLDS School Issues f:o Be Decided ~!ATTENTION OF At: Polls ere This Sat:urday COMMUNITY BO. I

Two more bur~Iaries have oc.:, cr1nccl in the Parklan.d-S1Janaway · · ar·ca' durino·~ the past , week. Two hundred dollars was taken last week from the Bargain Basket at Spana•vav Seattle boys, ~~,. Thr·eo '- tecn-no·e n · arrestt•d near Kbrnath Falls, Ore.. gon ' are rep' orted to have confessed the Bargain Basket burglary among other crimes. Cash recovered from the boys was more than the amount taken from the cash register at Ethan Nelson's Spanaway market. Johnson's Drug in P'arkland was scene of another _burglary attempt last Sunday rnornmg. Bill Johnson,

flag more spcctf1c. . to Orchard hill. Outside this Granite owner, was called about 8:30 Sun· Members of. Clover Creek. umt rate base area, subscribers will still day by the woman who delivers prcsentcd Preside.nt Funk wrth a be on 10-party suburban lines, but papers there. She had noticed that piece of sterling, m token of appre·11 f' d them less loaded due to the front door had been jimmied, . b I If f w1 m ciation for her efforts rn .. e ia o transfer of Parkland telephones. badly splintering the wood around the American Legion Aux1lrary. The service change-over has re- the lock. A check showed nothing Following this part of the pro· suited in ma n y number changes taken from the store, the burglars gram, Comrade John Lee sh.o"'.ed which are presently causing some apparently having been scared off. the very interested and apprecratrve · b u t that is cxi1ccted to * * * . . "O con f usron, audience hrs remarkable film, ut· The greatest effect of the official Riding in Style posts in t\n1erican Education." We clear U\~ay soon. O\vncrs .Arne Sunset and Ernrst were whisked away into Athens, .Da· · M~rch 6 change-over dntc. will show Kiesow had their chests "way o.ut mascus, Constantmople, and Be'.rut. / up on telephone bills. New rates thar" this week, after taking d~!tvWe saw blue waters of the Medrter- will rro into effect on that date. The erv on a new, blue Chevrolet prckranean, graceful palms of. Iraq'. the new "rates arc lower than before truck for their Sunset Furniture camels and steeds o~ Arabian sh1cks.1 available in Parkland for one and company. Moorish mosques wrth sle~der mr.n- two-party service (which has been * ** arets, and marvelously designed trle unobtainable) but will not be as low I H. L. Behmer this w c e k aninlays about walls and .doorways. as for 10-jarty service. Those cus- nounccd the opening of a complete 1 For an hour and a half, mknse m- tomers who were switched to new 1 new seed and garden supply shop tercst held everyone's. attention. lines early have her:n enjoying their: in connection \Vith his fast-gro\ving Following the dosr?g of the .'es- better service at 10-party rates, now Parkland Florist business. "Everysions, members and fncnds repaired they will have to begin paying for I thing for your garden" will he found to the lunch room, where n. boun- it. In exchange, however, tl:ey will [ in the new department, he '.~ystcous repast had bt'c·n prepared by receive not only better service, but, bulk seeds, rose bushes, fcrtrlrzers, the ladies of Post No. 118. more extended services. insecticides, and tools. The very finA silver offc:Ting \Vas cullcctcd as Subscribers in the new Granite . est inerchandise in every line is fcaa beginning for sending a neighbor- base area may, after March 6, call turcd.0 * * +:· hood gid to Girls' state, where the Puyallup and Graham numbers , . To Support School fortnnatc girls spend two weeks ~vithout the previously exacted toll, W. W. (Woody) Cline, president studying principles of our govern- as well as Graharn will of Parkland Community club, will



Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


The first meeting of President • , u , 1 W. W. Clrnc s board of_. directors, , f 1 corn]JOsed of represe11tatrves o al , . other Parkland organrzatrons as well as officers of the Parkland hCommuCl' nity club, ,.,was - held at • t e me home last l hursday evemng. · . Purpose of the gathenng·, b attendd ed by 2 2 members the. oar ' was to discuss cornmu1:rty-w1de '.natters and gar'ner suggestions for strmulating interest in handling affairs through t.he Commumty club. A number of ideas we:e suggested that wiH be reflected. m the nex'. Community club mcetr~g, Thursda; ii




. . Ballots in the seven South End school districts now consrdermg con. solidation will offer alternative pro• posals· to the voters thrs Saturday, . and voters are asked to mark therr opinions on all three proposals so that at least one of them may carry. Proposition No. One proposes consolidation of Spanaway, Roy, Clover Creek, Rocky Ridge, Elk Plain, school K a p o w s i n and Laca1nas would districts. Proposition Two form a consolidated district evening, March 10, m Parkland with Lacamas excluded and propschool at 8 o'clock. . . . . osition Three would set up a fivcOne matter rcce1v:ng pnncrpal district consolidation, both Laeamas nttention was possibility of secur- . d ('lo\•er Creek being· counted out. • , . . h an ~ . ing one or other lot adiommg t at donated to the club by Sta~ley Lacamas and Clover arc the two Rosso, for a library. Ray Renwick, present districts which informally library chairman, said a prelin~inary expressed themselves against the inquiry shows an ade.quate library consolidation proposal at the conf is not beyond the resources o the dnsion of public hearings on the cotnmunity. It is expected that more issue recently held in the individual library consideration will ~ome bc- districts. fore the regular clu.b mectmg. It is felt by school authorities that Enabling· legislatron for a local an econo1nic consolidated district park district, being· sponsored by the could be formed without Lacamas Parkland recreation council'. was an- and Clover Creek by the other five other widely discussed subject and districts, as the property valuation will probably be given even . more of th.e two dissenting areas is relaattention at the rluh meeting'. tively small. Valuation by district, Just before the board meetrng' ad- of the seven schools proposed to be journed, it w·as brought out that consolidated, is: Lacamas $114,010, baby sitters arc available from Park- Clover Creek $4-97,906, Roy $477,land school for Community club 889, Kapowsin $1,286,838, Spanameetings, just as they are for P-TA way $606,096, Rocky Ridge $4-9,sessions. 075, Elk Plain $248,184 and $27,-

Here's Where


A school election day, next Saturday, March 5, draws close, decision The school buildings in the whether Franklin Pierce high school sub-districts of Franklin Pierce is to be built now appears to hang School District 402 will be the on proponents' ability to turn out voting places for the Special and' a large enough vote. There seemed Annual School elections next Sat- little question that the proposed urday, March 5. bond issue and 50-mill property levy Polling places will be open in have the favor of a big majority of Parkland school, Midland school, those who will vote. Collins school and Central Avenue Recent efforts by Morris E. Ford, school between the hours 8 a.m. superintendent of schools for Frankand 8 p.m. lin Pierce district, have resulted in Arrangements have been made a reallocation of votes cast at the to provide transportation for votlast general election, reflected in a ers from their homes to their pollsmall decrease in the number of ing p I a c e and return to their votes required to ,·alidate the com· homes. Electors may obtain trans· ing election. It had previously been portation by calling their school, c.alculated that 1615 votes would· in each district. be needed to meet the quota ( 4-0 Baby sitters are also being propercent of votes cast at the last gen· vided at each school. If a voter eral election); the quota is now set will call the school in her district, at 1521 \'Otes from all of Franklin a car will bring a baby sitter to Pierce district. The school financing her home, take her to vote, re- propositions also must carry by at turn her home and pick up the least 60 percent of the ballots cast baby sitter. Saturday.




55 7;


total $3,307 ,555. Valuation \vitho.ut Laca1nas and Clover Creek wonld still be in excess of two and one-half millions, considered sufficient to build a high school or junior high, as a consolidated board may later decide. The three propositions upon which residents of the seven districts will be asked to vote are:


i Laurence

Holt, Harlow Tuttle, Erwin Ward and Mrs. Harry White. The election will be held in Clover Creek school, with polls open from one o'clock p.m. until B o'clock p.m. SPANAWA 1


At Spanaway, only two school director candidates are filed, both to succeed themselves. T h e y are Robert Steidel and John Newell. Spanaway voters will also act upon a proposed special levy of 5 mills, for construction of an addition to Spanaway school, which will need a 4-0-60 vote to carry. The consolidated district seems to be generally favored at Spanaway. Election will be at Spanaway school.

Two grass fires in Parkland during the past week and a number of brush fires in this neighboring area havf' brought announcen1ents fro111 local fire con1n1issioncrs giving notice that fire prnnits are required ELK PLAIN PROPOSITION NO. I for outdoor burning.· Shall a new school district be I Two special levies are being put The fire season beca111r effective before Elk Plain voters: One, of 10 February l:i, by statute, and will for111ed in Pir-rce county, Washing~ ton, con1prising. the S pa n a w a y mills, for school administration; the j conti'.1ue until further notice. Wh'.le School District No. 322, the Clover second, of 15 mills, for building the fire season rs rn effect, penmts fund, to make a permanent addition must be secured before outdoor fires Creek School District No. 4, the to the present school building. One 1 Committee Ch airman H. E. are lit. Legal description of the Elk Plain School District No. 80, other proposal would authorize the the Lacamas School District No. Mobley told the Parkland Business property where fire will be located ~24, the Kapowsin School District school board to sell the Kirby school club, at its dinner meeting Tuesday must be furnished to obtain a permit. No. 34-7, the Rocky Ridge School property owned by the district. As evening at the Indian Inn, that petiPermits may be secured from their District No. 59, and the Roy School expressed by School Director Gortion forms have been prepared and local fire departments by residents don Johnson, it is thought that proDistrict No. 319. soon will be circulated throughout of fire districts. Persons residing outceEds would be placed in the buildPnrkland, asking a n1ounted mail side fire protection districts n1ay sePROPOSITION NO. II ing fund, to increase facilities of carrier for the central section of the cure permits from the state departIn the event that Proposition No. the Elk Plain school. At least 40 percommunity·. The mounted carrier ment of Forestry fire station at Elbe, stated above is not approved by cent of the electors voting at the would be attached to the Parkland Washington (Pho11e, Elbe 2771) or the electors of one or more of the general election last November must projcc is carried successfully into post office and would provide serv· from the county Land Office, Court seven school districts designated pass upon the millage proposals and its final stages. We are property ice to areas not now served. House, 1~acon1a. therein, shall a new schol district they must carry by 60 percent of O\vners ln the . community to be The Business club also heard a Parkland permits (Fire Protec- be formed in Pierce county, Wash- those voting to be valid. served by the school-and so quite Beginning Tuesday of this \veek, fine progress report from its Daffo- ti on District 6 only) may be ob- ington, comprising the Spanaway Elk Plairr is believed to be another naturally can see that the old home· March 2, open hours at the Park- dil Float committee, put pressure on taincd from local Commissioner C. School District No. 322, the Clover district solidly in favor of consolistead will take on a considerably land branch of the Pierce county preparations for presenting the Pa- R. Marsh, at the Parkland barber Creek School District No. 4, the dation. Polling place is Elk Plain higher valuation. The returns on 1 library, located in the Parklnnd eific Lutheran college "Choir of the shop. Hr requests that permits for Elk Plain School District No. 80, the school. (Continued on Page Four) West" in homecoming concert. (A week end burning be secured before Kapowsin School District No. 347, school building, will be: Tuesdays, each week, 1 to 5 p.m. late April date was tentatively set Saturday of each week. the Rocky Ridge School District No. I , • 59, and the Roy School District No. Wednesdays, each week, 1 to 5 for that event), thcnAettlcd back to listen attentively as Superintendent p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. 319. PROPOSITION NO. III of Schools Morris E. Ford presented 1 the school election picture. In the event that Proposition No. The Rewly organized Midland OrCIRCLE WILI, MEET 1 and Proposition No. 2 stated above thopedic guild. will hold its second Inger Tonette circle will meet Completely overshadowed by the are not approved by the electors meeting March 7, at 12:30 p.rn., at Thursday afternoon, March 10, .at in1portant school election issues to the home of Mrs. Ed Antonsen, wrth be decided this Saturday, is the of one or more of the school districts the Midland Improvement club hall Mrs. Arthur Erickson as co-hostess. annual general spring election, to designated therein, sh a 11 a new with Mrs. Mike Hamler, temporary school district be formed in Pierce president, conducting the business Memlwrs are to bring items for a T. rinity Lu.thcran ch u r ch an· be held next Tuesday, March 8. package sale. nounces its series of Lenten services Many Parkland residents are in- county, Washington, comprising the meeting. Mrs. Harry Manning and Mrs. to be held on Thursday evenings terested in the balloting to elect a Spanaway School District No. 322, TRIP TO SEATTLE I during the season of Lent. A 15- con1111issioner for Drainage Improve- the Elk Plain School Distri<:t No. 80, Howard Gool.d, Orthopedic guild Mrs. Robert Haner and daughter, minute organ recital of Lenten mu- ment district 19. Candidates for the and the Kapowsin School District organizers, will present the new Cynthia, travelled lo Seattle, Feb- sic will be presented each evening 2-ycar term arc Calvin Baker and No. 347, the Rocky Ridge School guild with its charter and assist in You will find ruary 23, to visit Mrs. Marshall starting at 7:45. The service starts W. F. Crass. Polling place is the District No. 59, and the Roy School the writing of by-laws for the group. Sincerity District No. 319. An electi.on of officers to serve for Whippk, former Parkland resident. at 8 p.m. 1 Piirish hall at 96th and East B. and In addition to the consolidation j the rcrnamdcr of the year will take They J"cturned last Friday. "Our Blood-Bought Redemption" Midland area residents will also Simplicity will serve as the general theme for vote for a commissioner, of Drainage proposals, voters will decide between place and appointment of various at KIDS PARTY FOR COUPLES the series of services this year. The Improvement District 14. Polls will candidates for the school board in chairmen will be the first duty of AT PARKLAND METHODIST first sermon theme for Thursday b c open t h ere 1n · t h e M'dl · d'lVl'd ua I d'JStncts · 1 an cl I m~ eac h o f t h e in an d the new president. . The present officers are extcndrnf'; . . A "kids party" will feature this evening of this week, March 3, will provemcnt Club hall. wrll act upon special levy proposals. . , . . lL · I T d 8 a cordial mv1tat10n to all the pcop e evening's n1ccting of the Cot1ples be: "Our Blood-Bought Redemption 1 a.11. . V ot1ng 1ours ues ay are . CLOVER CREEK in all thc,communitics immediately club of Parkland Methodist church. -Its Source." 1 8 p.m. . . . . . Insp1ratronal hymn smgrng, spe- • untr It seems to b.e " any b ody ' s guess " ad1acent to Mr'cl] an d to come an d The party will be held in the church in Clover Creek at present, just how join. All those joining at this meet· basement, following the business cial music by the church choir, the the election will be decided. Opin- ing will be included ·in the charter meeting at 8 o'clock (March 3), PLC Chorus and soloists will beau- ROOM MOTHERS MEET Room mothers of Parkland P-TA / ion is reported sharply divided in membership. Luncheon w i 11 . be which will be presided over by Mr. tif y these services. Trinity . Choir and Mrs. Sam Green. There will be will sing "Jesus, I Will Ponderl will meet Monday, March 7, 8 p.m., the district as to the advistlbility of served at 12:~0 and the committee penalties for anyone appearing not Now," by Bach, at the first service. at the home of Mrs. Stan Reynolds. I consolidating. Each side has its back- asks that everyone bring silverware A cordial invitation is extended Mrs. Ed Perryman and Mrs. James ers, equally determined to prevail. for her own use. Serving as hastes· in child's clothing. The s c b o o 1 director race also scs are the Mesdames George Lind, Host~sses are. Mrs. Bryan Logan, to the public to attend these scrv- Turner will be co-hostesses. The Mrs. James Ewing, Mrs. George Rol- ices which will bring the worship- room mothers will make articles for. promises to be hotly contested, with Alex Huseby, Doug Morris, Victor l stad, Mrs. Richard Simpson and rrs to- consider the very core of the their novelty booth at the P-1'A 1 four candidates filed, running for a! Esh peter, Roy Taylor and Clarence Christian message. spring fair. ! three-year term. Candidates are: ! )ohane. Mrs. Kelly Van Beek.


have to be called through the opcr· ator, as at present, but Puyallup PARKLAND POST NO. 228 numbers may be dialc~ f:om ParkAMERICAN LEGION The procedure for dralmg PuyalMcctings every second and fourth land. Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the !up will be: Sunshine Hall First-Dial number 5; . · a J)lv •rr c1-,1 y Second-Dial the Puyallup lrstcd Saturday, March 5 , lS . f 11 b of Fran!·· number. in the 1rvcs o a mcm ers ' 1 All I' uya· JI u p ex. . Th · l (For cxamp e: Jin Pierce School d1strrct. at is tic . . . d d by the ll d, chan~e lrstrngs arc prece e day we all will go to the po s a~ number 5, followed, by the regular vote "yes" on the ballot that will . , b ,, , e 5 . 1 W four-figure station nu111 er, 1. · pay for the new hrgh scho~ · e 4 ? 12 ' 5 .9010 etc. To dial those have a wonderful opportunrty to• - 1, f m' Par·kland the sub. f ro ' ' 1 num )ers make an investment rn the uture, ' . 'b Id cl' 1 9 5 •I? 12 9-5scn er \.VDU ta - , for ourselves, our neighbors and our Trn-i1nrty Ii n e subscribers will children. We arc all a group of young and an1bitiouS veterans. We 9010, etc.). still have to call Puyallup and Graarc s1nart enough to sec that at .this ham in the old manner, and pay the particular time we can afford to do nothing else but sec to it that this toll.

he behind the mike at station KTBI this Friday noon hour, on the Parkland H o n r program directed by Louise and Bob Lynd. Cline will speak in srq1port .of the proposed levy and bond issue for Franklin Pier;ce high school.



Parkland Library Schedule Changed



Midland Guild to R eceive . Ch . arter

Spring Election Tuesday, March 8

Lenten Services at , , Trinity Lutheran




. rWIA.Kf2 -/)} OJ h,,-,,i;idft J I fJ . " ~ ~ T' I f-".;

..-J 'l/f/VlA..,-(/



Jf:~fA OT

Uf1"" •


If proposed bond issue and mill· age levy carry, they arc estimated to raise slightly more than $300,000, based on the present more than $3,· 000,000 valuation of the consolidated district. Th a t $300,000 plus would be matched by the state with more than $800,000 to bring the total available for school construction to more than $1,100,000 which is thought adequate to build the type of high school needed here. Approx· imately $I 0,000 or more of the 11mount would be used to complete additions to the Midland g r a d e school. If the third proposition on the special ballot, pnrchase of the "Old Man's I--Iome" tract at Portland avenue and Airport road, for $2+,000, is approved, the high school would be built there with plans calling for it to be ready to go into operation in September, 1950. The school would accommodate at least 1,000 students, possibly 1,200, with pro· vision for future addition to care for a total enrollment of 1,500. The buildings would provide all standard high school facilities, plus equipment for extensive vocational tra1n1ngFacilities would include gyms, auditorium to seat at least 1,500, separate swimming· pools for boys and girls and other features. Completion of the auditorium and one swimming pool might be left to future years. During the first year of the high school's operation all costs would be subsidized in full by the state. Absentee ballots for the District 402 school election are available now at the office of County Superintend· ent of Schools Ruth Bethel, in Taco1na. Also on the hallo! for Saturday, in addition to the three propositions, will be contests for the five school director posts created by consolida· tion of the Parkland, Midland-Har· vard, .Collins and Central Avenue sc;hool districts last year. Clifford 0. Olson, Parkland, and Chester A. Larson, Central Avenue, are 'unopposed for three and twoycar terms, respectively. The second Parkland directorship, a one-year term, is being contested by G. O. Stovner and Otto C. Siburg. Op· posed at Midland, 3-year term, are Andrew Christensen and Robert T. Clinton. Seeking the two-year term from Collins are C. P. Blanchard Jr. and John G. Gorow. Olson, Larson, Stovner, Christensen and Gorow are members of the temporary board of directors now directing the district . NORMAN CARL GULLIXSON A son, named N o r m a n Carl, weighing 7 pounds, 10 ounces, was born February 22 to the Rev. and Mrs. Walther Gullixson. He was received home Tuesday by his broth· er, Teddy, who. will be two years old this month. Grandmothers are Mrs. Gullixson of Parkland and Mrs. Reese of Kennewick.

o<?~/~ r.;-r.

Vote "YES" Sal:ur


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Charles Bridge and Mr. and Mrs. C!alvin Burnett and little daughter, Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Vdadeen, spent Saturday evening Entered as seconu-class matter October 3, 1945. at the post oHicc at dsiting at the home of Mr. and l'arUanil. \:Vaehingtlln, under the 1\ct or l\larch 3, 1879. Mrs. Clarence Rowe. Durin,g the SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 evening, cribbage provided entertainu1ent.

(Editor's Note: In order to devote all available space to the very important school elections to be decided tbis coming Saturday, tbe series of articles The Prairie Pointer is presenting upon the subject of city incorporation will be interrupted this week. Tbc series will resume next issue)'.

Card Party Series W .11 H / E .· Z e p tO quzp Fire Hall Kitch ens

I in the lu;i_chroo~ of the Spa~away Auxiliary will be Monday, March 7,

scho.ol. I he second pal ty will be 8 p.m., at the Elk Plain school. April 1. Hostesses for the evening will be Strand, Mrs. Herbert Tucker and Pinochle and 500 will be played the Mrsd:rn11·s E. Chrislalaw, B. Mrs. General Jones. Spanaway- Elk Plain Volunteer 1 and refreshments will be served. Dillingham, F. Dorfncr, I. Dellwo, An interesting program and a de- Firemen• s Auxiliary will sponsox a ! Door prize for the March party will Althea Flannery :ind Charlotte Giblicious banquet wc;-c enjoyed b'. Mr. serics·o·f two card parties, as a .means i be a ham. Mrs. Marian White and bons. and Mrs. John Kupc1 last 1 hu1s- of rarning funds to help equip the· Mrs. Bertha Feddersen, ways and day evening. 'The occasion. was thr j kitchens of the ne\v fire halls, suun I Iueans tu-chalnncn, \V l 11 be in Free cstitnates on repair and reannual F.F.A. banquet of the Puy-1 to be constrnctcd. The first card i charge. model jobs-Brookdale ·Lumber Co. allup high school. .Espccia~ly. enter- party will be March 11, at 8 p.m., ! The next regular meeting of the (adv.) tain1ng \Vere the Mounta1na1res, a barbc; shop quartet from Enumclaw.

Wm. K. Clark ......................................................................................... Editor



great interest to Mrs. Lillian.Ma~kstone. She attended the affair with Miss Alice Gunderson, Mrs. Carl



Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 3, 1949

Luncheon at the Top of the Ocean

(Here is a sample of the ballot to be voted by electors of Franklin Pierce School District 402 next Saturday, March 5. All prop· ositions and candidates will appear as shown below).

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hammond have returned Lo Clover Creek and are living at the home on Waller road. Er~vin and Josephine Ward and little daughter, Diana, have n1oved fro111 FredricksOn and arc living- in a home on the John Kuper farm.

and n confPrC'ncP of the iPcrce coun-

ty P-TA were enjoyed last Thursday by n1en1br>rs of thP C'XPrutivc board of the local organization. Those attending from Clovrr Creek werr: Mrs. H. L. W h i t e, Mrs. C. E. O'Neill Mrs. Jack LcMarr, Mrs. Harlow' Tuttle Mrs Ted O'Neill ' · · and Mrs. John Kuper. Mrs. Fred Bittnl'r accompanied them. Mrs. Harry Markstonc was one of the guests at.~ shower given by Mrs. Jean :'h1ll1ps at' her home on Veterans dnve last Vv 1•dnl'sday. The occasion was a stork showl'r in honor of Mrs. Vivien Minard. . Herbert and Donald Allen were week end guests at the Onwr Roland home. Th(y were joined Sunday afternoon by their sisters, Joyce and Jnnicr Allen. · Q u1c . k· action . b y Ius . 11101 I1cr, 'I lv rs. p atnc1a · . . I-! :-i1n1non d , prrvente d Sl'll.· . . . l L I-! . d ous IIlJtHY to 1itt e arry an11non . I· .. S d , la \VCC ... ::u~o, , un ny, w 1H n 1lC sw.l ' . . .. . · lu,ved son1c lye. Pat qu1t:kly achn1nistcrcd first aid to Larry and he was b . d 1 1 not ad Y Jui nc · A large group of the Young Pea1]c from Clover Creek attended the

pecial School Elect:ion

Mrs. C. E. O'Neill will be hostess Also in the interest of space-saving, your editor this week Cl c k p TA cxccu t'1v-,e to t 1lC over 1rce · ~ FRANKLIN PIERCE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 402, PIERCE COUNTY, will confine his comment to urging all residents of the area board, at a luncheon at her home, STA TE OF WASHING TON to VOTE SATURDAY on the several school levies, bond Wednesday, March 9. She will be issue and otlier propositions that will be before the voters in assisted by Mrs. John Kuper. Durthe various school districts. It cannot be too strongly urged: iug the. afternoon, the .c~ccutivc GET OUT AND VOTE! board will work ~n a publH:ity book for the orga111zat10n. Shall a tax levy of 50 mills in excess of the maximum tax levy provided by law be made on the :Members of the Glover Creek assessed valuation of the Franklin Pierce School District No. 402, and the proceeds thereof, amount· belies are. h~v:,ng a part: March 5, Baptist church ''.'ill. hold t~1cir regu· ing to approximately $150,000.00, expended to purchase a site for a high school building, and to m the C\·enme, to which the husJar monthly busmess meeting at the construct and equip a high school building, and to complete the grade school additions now author, • . I bands will be invited. The party will church, Thursday, March 3, at 8 ized at the Midland and Central Avenue schools, as provided for in Resolution No. 1, adopted by the l\frs. Abe~ Smit!\ Reporter be held at the home of M.r. and Mrs. o'clock in the evening. The Rev. Board of Directors of the district on the 11th day of January, 1949. GA. 780~ Harry Bcshalcr. There will be cards, William Clyde Rhea, pastor, will bingo, and door prizes. Later in the preside at the rnecting. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Strong and evening, th c re will be a dessert Visitors •at the- home of Mr · and . daughter, Ilelcn, from Olympia, lunch. The. next, regular meeting of Mrs . , · Harr)' Markstone , last Saturwere \Veck f'.nd guests at the ho111c the Sunslunc Scwmg club will be dai' nirrht were Mr. and Mrs. Edgar . . ._ '" ' of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harris. March 10, at the home of Mrs. MmHill of McKcnna. During the cvc-1 •[r and l\f s Clai·en Sk I ~ . . . l\ · ' r · ce og nvc 111c Jacot, with Amta Jordan as coning the Hills and the Markstones a Ca1r1dian visitor Mrs Sko ,.'s sis' . <, .,Jv '.. , N. '. · · ' 1 .g, • ,. hostess. attended the brnefit da·n· cc. fox the Shall gen~ral obliga~ion se~ial bonds of the Franklin Pierce School District No. 402, Pierce ttr, fiss Am) icholo of \ ictoua, ------··-··--Ell· Plain school at the Elk Plain County, Washmgton, be. issued m the amount of $160,000.00 or such lesser amount as can be 1 legally issued under the constitution and statutes governing the limitations of indebtedness, and the B. C. G .' . h· 11 Mr and Mrs J H H bb· d 0 f ,iange a · . . . .. I' proceeds thereof expended to purchase a site for a high school building, construct and equip a high 1 , ·,' . . : _' · u .tr . Fred Sutter ;s Ill a, cntica . cone.I- school building, and to completi; the grade school ~dditions now authorized at the Mi~land and Seattle wcie visitOJs, Sunday, at the f rJ I ' . . tion at St. v mcenl s hospital 1n Central Avenue schools as provided for in Resolution No. 2 adopted by the Board of Directors of 0 home of Mrs. Olive Huston. HubYouth for Chi:JSt rally m Tacoma Portland followino· a scirous opera- the district on the lltltday of January, 1949; the proceeds of the aforesaid bond issnes to be used bard is Mrs Huston's brother last Saturday night. They wry much . 'h. b I ~ f d T exclusively for capital purposes, either with or without additional funds now available or hereafter . . . . . . tion on 1s ac c per orn1e ues~ 1 . . • · f · b els b · · · t t. d t t · · enjoyed the music of Saul Haapp1, . ' A d' h. available to the district for the purposes herembefore stated; the a oresa1d on to car mterest Florence Duncan, daughter of Mr. f \ n in eres 1ng an en TT a1111n°· d , F ·b · l')' ')') ccor ine· to 1s . Ie sem1-anuua · 11 y, to n1ature · f rom t wo 0 ' _ 1:1 nativr. J·la\vniinn guit'lr player and ay, c Iua ... _. ~, at a rate not to exceed f our percent ( 4 Uf) pcl' annum, payab Ill 1 and Mrs. Colby Duncan, celebrated program has been planned by Span- ' ' ' ' ' ' 11 mother Mrs. Louis Sutter the cause (2) to eleven (11) years fron10date of issue and as nearly as practicable in such amounts annually . . 11 w1.11 hod the·. sono-s ' ' • I toge!l1er with · · · ' b e met b y equa1 annua ' 1 tax 1ev1es · f or t h e pay1 its her l 0th birthday February 28, with away l' -']' '\ , w 111c ' of ·Judy' a scven-year-o . . c uf the bacl· injury is not known but as wil, mterest on ontstandmg bonds, a dinner at her home. Helping Flor- regular monthly nH·eting Weduesday Nrgrn girl. The Rev. w."tson .Argue was evi~;~tly not recent perhaps mcnt of .principal and intc~est, to be ~ed~emable,. al! or in part, by the school district. at par and . . . cwt i . M 0 1-ch g t 8 0 , 1 ·l· · of Seattle showed movmg pictures . . . , ' accrued mterest, at the opt10n of the d1stnct and m mvcrse order of number, upon any mterest payencc cdebratt', besides her parents, I · 1 ng, · l·i 11c sumctlung dunng childhood. Mrs. mcnt date on or after five (5) years from date thereof to be 1iaid by an annnal tax levy sufficient ·I1001 ' d. - ',· a Tlc1 oc. '• rn ·ii o f G.ern1any ancI II ·- o 11 an d , \V luc w. ere: Her grandmother, Mrs. Arra t '." sc au ItOill!m. . crc WI I . . . ·I Frances Sutter, I• reds wife, IS with in. amoun.t t. o. pay both principal and when due, which annua.l tax levy shall be made m excess 111s recent trip . to t 1ose hirn- in Portland. Ills . doctor, a spc- of any statutory an d/ or constitut1ona · · 1 tax I cvy I"tm1tatlons • · d unng · Duncan; sister, 1vf:ry, nnd Al Fnrrar, b e a I)an d concert I)y t I1c sc 1100I too, 011 . t h e tcrrn o f sat'd b on d s. . · l· d . 1 d. · · countries. Tho s r attrndmg from . . . and brothers Fred and Lee. ore 1estra un er t 1C ircctJOn 0 1 ., . ' . , ' . . . . ' cialist from the Mayo dm1c, says Gear c Ba. ·as a d a "M '·I1 0 f Cluvt I Creek we1c. Mrs. OmCI Roi . . . I h Harvard I. mprovement club will T' ..g)) fl 11 ·' • n ai' d B.ess1c, . 0 iner nnc1 Ed , -d R o1- .he. will have lo remam 111 .t 1e osan ., \Vdl . meet March 9 at 8 j) •111 • in the field IIIIC I rn. . • d' El . d L ue 11 a r~.'-eene, Doi' - pita! for SIX weeks. All his. many , A • • . ~111 · ' sic an . 11 I hou"--' nt Dawson field . TJ1c1- c· WI'Jl .ii. no.nHnating conin 11 ttec \VI , ol. ' .. ' . . Je I othy' Bolll'll Harold and E, 1111 c. r friC'nds in Clo. \Tr (!reek wish hun be something special for all those at- appomted and refreshments will be ' M C B , a rapid recovery. · ' d f 11 · 1 · Fromm Jane c ammon, etty o owmg t 1e meetmg. A 11 Mr. and. Mrs. Jack Pease are the tendjng. Let's all turn out for the serve Meyers Barbara Renner, He I en . f and ncnds are urged to d proud parents of. a baby .boy, born first club meeting in the ncwly- parents tt cl Carlson, Maxine Susan, 1vfr. an . , , Shall the Directors of School District No. 402, Pierce County, Washington, purchase as a high refinishcd building. There will be a en · M rs E•zra H c ll er nnc1 cauo·1ers If Sunday mg-ht at S.t. Jose1Jh s hos1 1 t. school site the property described as: Approximately 57.3 acres located in Sec. 3, Township 19, · . 'd Sl · ° l>ital in Tacoma. The baby is welrefreslunents, too. N ancy an ur1ey. corned by thrPP brothers and one R. 3E, WM· (Dia. 4), beginning 40 feet S. and 30 feet E of center section, thence E 758.93 feet, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Blanchard SPANAWAY FIREMAN S 445 feet, E 35 feet, S 365 feet, E 295 feet, S 99.04 feet, thence W 135 feet, thence S 535.3 feet, The Rev Loong Chinese mis- I . p sister. Grandparents ;:ire: lvirs. ease thence E 185 feet, thence S 674.2 feet, thence W 1042.13 feet, thence N to the point of beginning. have moved back from Port Angcle3, HAS NARROW ESCAPE ",onary, was guest. speaker at the of Port Angeles, Wash., and Mrs. (51.44 A.C.). Lots 10 to 15 in Block 58 and all of Block 59 in Midland Addition. Lots 14 and 15 Wash., to a home on Wilkeson and Spanaway fire department was Clover Creek Baptist church, Sun- Maria Kistenmacher of C love r in Block 26, Midland Addition, (all of which is generally referred to as the "Old Man's Home" East 80th street. Mrs. Blanchard is called Tuesday evening to extinguish day, February 27, at the morning· · at the N.W. corner of Airport Road and Portland Avenue Extension) for a price of $24,000.00. the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herb a fire. in the garage of the Harvey service. Ilev. Loong- has been in the Creek. A baby daughter was born to Mrs. Kennedy. J,lradshaw residence on Twelfth U nitcd States for two years, transl\fr. and Mrs. Harry Beshaler have street, Spanaway. The garage was. lating books regarding Bible rcfcr- Almeta Colbert at a Tacoma hosas a house guest Miss Clarabell a total loss. The fire is reported to e-nce into the (~hinf's~ language. pital, Monday night, February 28. A.n1es, niece of Harry, from A.rnold, have started fro1n a heater, which While here, he attended Los Ange- The child has been named Donna Nebraska. Miss Ames plans on mak- was left unattended preceding a ls Theological seminary. He is now Marie. This is the first baby to be ing Tacoma her home. meeting by a group of neighborhood preparing to return to China, to do welcomed by Mr. ~nd Mrs. Colbert. Mrs. Culbert is the funner Almeta Sunshiac Sewing club met Febru- boys. Severn! bicydes were also n1issionary \Vork. Cope, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. a1~y 24· at the home of Mrs. Ila damaged by the fire. The Il.Y.P.U. of the Clover Creek Casey Cope. Shipton, with Haze.I Kennedy as W. Don McLellnn, Spanaway Baptist church had a busy day last co~hostcss. Fart\vell gifts were pre- fircn1an, narro\vly escaped injury 1 Sunday. In the afternoon the mem- ~ sentcd ·to Mrs. E. R. Kennedy Sr., when a can of paint exploded in bers had a cabinet n1ccting nt the who has moved to Kapowsin, and his hands. church, remaining there for a felMrs. Al Emery (Florence Kennedy) lowship dinner in the evening. Later who has moved to Brookdale. Each they bad charge of the Sunday eveMARCH 15 DOESN'T HAVE received a beautiful table lamp. The (Vote for One) , ning service, including the scnnon. TO BE A HEADACHE ---'"---




-TA af Spanaway

H as E·nte1'.tainzn • . p P/ rogranz

March 5, 1949


Tax Levy _______ -----·-· ·-----__ ----·-___________________________ yes Tax Levy __________________________________________________ -"-- ____ No















B on d s ---------------------------------------------------·------------ yes Bonds ________________________________________________ ._______________No


' '









Purchase __________________________________________________________yes Purchase _____________________________________________________ ·-_____ No




Interurban Auto Freight, Inc.

MILLWORK & LUMBER of any kind PARKLAND LUMBER AND HARDWARE_. Wilson St., just off Mt. Hiway GRanite 7900


Heat:ing Oils


Pdrkldnd :.=u:el Oil and



Distributors of Siandard Oil Products GRanite "3112

Parkland,, Wash.


NOTICE ... Change of 1l1anagement

portr~it coutest






Daily Service to Parkland, Spanaway and Surrounding Territory

--·. -------·- ------------------------------------------------------.------------------- -----------D


Director District No. 2-(1-year term) (Vote for One)


SAVE and Avoid the RUSH

G. 0. Stovner ------------------------------------------ ----------------------------0

------.-.--·--.------------------------------------·- --------·- ·--·.------· -----------------------0


Director District No. 3-(3-year term)


(Vote f,or One)

Andrew Christensen ----------------------------·---------·-------------------0

NOW . . for

---------0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 Robert T. Clinton --·---------· ··------·----··-·---------·--·-------·-·

Sharpening and Reconditioning 11

(Including Power Mowers)

Director District No. 4-(2-year term)

Specialized precision machines

{Vote for One)

11 for grinding reels and straight

-0 -----------------------__·_ -----------------------------------------------------------------------·O Chester A. Larson ·---------·---··--·--·-·---------· --------. ·------·-. --------

blades-blades replaced.

iti cash prizes




...,., __

I. e;et~t . 1


Clifford 0. Olson ---------------·------------------------- _______ ,___ , _____ -

Otto C. Si burg ···---·---·-····--·-···--------··-----··--···-···----------------

Director District -No. 5-(2-year term)

//}_ ; r-~reta~

In Parkla.nd Shopping Center GRanite 3514

I1 "Easy to Parh at Parhland"

{Vote for One)

C. P. Blanchard Jr. -----···----------------·------·-------·--------·-----------0

(39de S~p

STUDIO William K. Clark

March 5, 1949

Director District No. 1-(3-year. terin)

Jl,frs. Edna Roland and daughter, Bessie, visited at the Harold Smithlin home last Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Kuper made a pop-in call at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lcs)ic V. Schaffner, Sunday afternoon. Visiting at the Kuper home, Sunday, were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fxanklin. Harry Markstone went to Tenino to visit at the home of an old friend of the Markstone family, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Markstone and children, Wallace and Mary, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Crumley of Seattle. Mrs. Crumley is Mr. Markstone's sister. The LcGant style show and banquet at the Olympic Hotel in Seattle, Thursday, February 2'J., was of

Avoid last-minute difficulties by filling out your income tax return as soon as possible. Early filing of rct.;rns1. Prevents last-minute mistakes. 2. Avoids long lines on March 15. 3. Speeds refunds, where due.

nnual School Elecf:ion

--------------0 --------· .. --------·- ----.---------------------------------------------------------------------. --0 John G. Gorow ------------------------------------------------------

Garfield St., near the Campus GRanite 5772 l ,



0 0


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, March 3, 1949



Page Three




Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Harry Smith on 13th street. Attending were the Mesdames Matilda Symmons, Marian W h i t e, Mary lfrnrieksen and Doris Omat.

Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter P. 0. Box 228 - GR. 6757





Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Seneff are Mrs. Ruth Montgomery of Sweet ,. the winter at El Centro, H~~w, O~egon, and Mrs. Edwin Calif. Dixon wc1e luncheon guests, Mon-,

d'Ales~iQ I



Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone GRaham 206


ec us omy an Mack ope Farmer e w1 11 soon be with again. has . d h . . i e t e pu pit clunng ' Campbell's f 11 1 a I)SC11CP. ill atteiid C,u h b .S con ts f. of Den "S 2 S. panaway ' . Saturday a s owrngat o the · t 11c Temple now W Maiden" theater in Tacoma instead of hold-.

. tc.11ded the regular meeting of the Pierce county council of p. TA held Thursday at the Top of the Ocean ' were Mesdamcs Matilda S·ymmo s' 11 Lucille . Stc1dd, . Charlotte Gibbons ' . Evelyn McAtec, Kay Newell and' He It' n Ncwbe1:ry. Following the

l•1~n'.:heon, the regular den mee.. tin. g, ac-1 conmuttcc reports .were cordin"' to an annotinceni t b g1,cn and l:v!ts. Symmons, president " 'Mrs. Alice Prettyman. en Y Io f sJ~an~way P- T A, gave a report on den mother, The "Snow Maiden" is co-sponsored by the P-TA and the Junior league. o in .,'a diiams o f East "E" street . . . J. Id c d tic attcn annual quarter million ' 1 cl ta b le banquet of the d o ll ar. roun . . . Nat10nal Underwriters association ic at the Town and Country club ' . Seattle. ' I e Idruary 18, 111 F Mr. b . and. Mrs. Robert Steidel . of

pubhcations. , Mr. Mrs. Arn of.1a1 I coma .cnioved a Washmgton's · ·· · bnthday dmncr at .the home of l\fr. and . Mrs. Harry P11lsb11ry on Mount·1111 . ' hrn;hway. · Mr. . . and Mrs · Joseph Thome ·arc rece1v111g congntulations . ' ' · on the birth of . a son. The . little . .' .fellow 'ar-

I I :1



Hall, Fri('cla Ellis, Emily Ball, Harry P'll . . 1 sl.mry, (·)!'1vc 1' arpcnnmg" V10let 1' urnn, L . ,.Vnght, · Ernest Tarpen· · · mng, ·. neda Rohr, Dorothy P. . . 1Margaret Wnght . Smith, and. Doris ) . ·. . ( mat, of Spanaway; Mrs. Pete King , ol. Parkland: .Mesdames Althea Flan, . . 1wry,]. Kanton, Grace Splane, Mm.-




. .



Hiway Variety Store II ---

2x4-NO. 4 COMMON Flll-8-ft. IOc each or $19 per M

lx6 V-rustic, 8-ft. (air-dried) per M $80 WE CUT GLASS

Basket:f: lumber




1 }



7-foot Sections &Oc per foot -





Quaker Ilngs •



Asphalt Tile •

ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL GRanite 6547 and GRanite 7583

Mr. and 1\ R .. 'W. Stanger were I 70, Puyallup, Wash. home of Mrs s E Dahl +310 ' No · · ':1s1tors at the home of Mrs. Mary I . ;rerry,. Jerry and Larry Plumb 10th street, .for . a . 12:30' lu11cheon,. Scudder at Larchmont on Sunday. i v1s1ted with th~ir grandparents, Mr. with Mrs. A. J. Monson assisting.






berg, on Monday. March 4, at 8 p.m., the Boys 4-H • h t Iierr · 1ca d er, G,us S orene Ju JJ, wit . d 1'11e I'•arrncttcs ·r' H , with · son, .in ·, Jea d er, 1nrs. "' I-I aro1d McGee, t11c11 . arc havmg a card party at the GraImm . g-range , . ts . m. ha II . Tlie public . d· v1tc On Fchrua.ry 22 at the home of Mrs. L. Selicmer, a birthday party w. as held t.o ho.nor Mrs .. Chas. Lor. enz. 1, hose attcnd111" were Mrs. K. . " . Niemeyer l\1r.s. Carl Liljcmark Mrs. Fu1;k and Mrs. D. T. Lind: Af 1 I 1 h 1 Jerg. tcr a ovc y unc con was seiTcd Ellen opened her gifts. Every. . . one I1a d a gran d time w1shrng her many happy returns of the day. James E. Lorenz of Puyallup and F1:ank ~ore~z of Tacoma visited with their sister, Mrs. Albert Ne!son, on Saturday. On l'vlarch 3, 1949, the Kapowsin P-TA will meet at Benston with their president, Mrs. A. Wright, in chart";•» Everyone is invited. l\lr. an<l l\1rs. R. W. Stanger were d' I 1 f M mncr guests at t 1c 10mc . o rs. ' B. Hom of Lakewood Center on Sunday. On Friday evening, Mrs. Ray Funk entertained Mrs. Chas. Lorcnz and family, :tv1iss Thelma Funk, Walter Funk, Mr. and l\1rs. Mattson of Edgewood, and Mr. and Mrs. C. Raymer. The occasion was to celcb'.·atc Mr. Raymer's and E 11 c n's bJrthday. JV~r. and Mrs. L. Schiemcr and farmly motored to Vaughn, Wash., to visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neman, on Sunday. l\1r. and Mrs. Walter Stanger attended the theater on Sunday cvening. lVIr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Gooeh and family of Parkland visited at the home: of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lorenz on Sat· urday evening to wish Frank a hapPY birthday. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger visitcd at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harley and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Aftdorn of Tacoma on Friday. While his parents were gone Monday, Terry Plumb, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb, surprized them with a nice stew and banana cream pie and coffee when they arrived home. Kenny Oliver visited at the home of Terry Plumb on Monday. Anyone wishing a fire permit can write lo W. Bartell, Elbe fire house, Elbe, Wash. The Elk Plain fire department was called to put out a brush fire at the home of Lee Nelson on Sunday. On March 17 at 12:30, Mrs. Ross Plumb is having a miscellaneous shower for Mrs. W. Buck, who was married February 4.. Anyone wishing to come is invitc'd . Sorry to hear Dolores . Jupiter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter, is confined to her bed agai11. l'riends and neighbors arc sorry to. hear about Allen Loucks, son of ______ ,

Sherwip-Williams Paints



"Your father has had the phce to himself for h . " Mr. an~. Mrs. ~opp of Fai'.·banks, and Mrs. Levi Plumb of Tacoma, Newly-elected officers include: Prescl , cl d . t ree weeks Alaska, v1s1ted with her cousrns El-I on Wednesday. ident Mrs H L Dahl· vice-presi·an a rea opemng the do or.I" · T. · Storaasli; · ' secretary, len and lwr aunt, Mrs. D. T. Lind-' lVIr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson vis- I dent, ' Mrs. W.

th~rnk ~fr.


We Gladly Deliver

M r. and Mrs. Max Hcmzman . of Puyallup we-re visitors at the home , of Mrs. Chas. Lorenz on February 1 ~'1 an d M rs. Loucks, now of Edge-,I STORAASLI GUILD WILL d22 ' to help Ellen celebrate her · birtl - "'r. ay. . d w h o to live · .here. Allan is MEET THIS AFTERNOON . woo., Friends and neighbors arc glad confmed to his bed with rheumatic t o Iwa1· t·! rat R o1}ert S1mt · h 1s · feel- f ever. Anyone w1shmg · · to write to S YIvia · St oraas l'1 0 rt h oped1e · gmld · mg cttcr. Allan may reach him at Rt. 1, Box will meet Thursday, March 3 at the 1· b


or Men:


Sony to hear that Bettie and Bcverly Cruts were confined to their home with the mumps. O n S unday, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S an d fam1·1 y w c r c dmner · guests at the home of her parents , Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Paulson.

______ !ages. Seroeant Blackburn rccc 11 ti i· returned ' "' Y from France and · · I stationed . at McChord Fi ·I! ts now 1 1\ I l\·I F d Scc.. f 1 r. anc C I Mrs. ·I're h , cott . o the open iagen ote ave returned to S]J . . 1 f. . . motor It.· an<1w,1)' l. ·I ta te1 han extensive f ·. w 11c·1 Fl oo'1.· t em as ar soul1wast ;:is11pM' 011 0 ·r· nved February 9 J ·1t 1 acoma Gen· , . ' rami, a. , act re street spent '.Yashington's . ' - ' · ' ' ' me lcdd1c, Vera Schmidt of Love. . P.. l d . I I'd era! hospital. I I d "' Pra1nc Flower r.arden. club _ m<'t 11 t . ' ay 10 1 a.y at Seattlc, whcrcc .. . am, an .1vns. A. 1ice Zu. mbuhl, an 1· . ,· b K .,, ,dtten . d e d tic )Oat show. Officers and. members of. Spana- a f let.noon guest. 'I' he next mcetmg . F1.1day afternoon ' February 2:> ' at (1 1\I 1 Harold 1 • . of. way Progressive Commumty club wt. I}l' M arc l 24., at the home of. the home of Mrs. Chester Modahl 1 r .. an rl M rs. Rollms . · . 11 1 'I'acoma wcrc Sunday dinner guests and Mrs. Ol'.vcr Omat Mrs. Chester Wright on Hf'nry Eller Followmg a delightful lunclwon, at the home of Mr a d M L . f01 their generous donat1011 to the road dub held a short busmess meetmg ' . . .. · n rs. ours !Tsuscitator fund. .' · which included the annual electio;1 Symmons on Pacific street. ~" d ~·I A ,. f Dick Tarpenn'n"' S.A./2 son of f IT. . N 1 1. ; Span away- Ell· . F' "' Tarpenning ' 1 ictz. o l\Ir. and l\frs. Ernest ' ' p I a In.. 'ircmc.on , s M ivlr.t an . of o . . . o 1·)H. et'ds. l c·w ~1: y-e ected G .officers . . "·I l'S. · rt1rnr vV J\tLx·r . . as 111ng. . i" rs. corge , 1 tary I1e.Id a committee mcctmg t oun , b'a1nId111g' 1\vay spent . "· Prrme road, is now stationed' at dH'. " . . H'Sl . 1 cnt, M " J(Jno-· . "' __ · - - - · - - · - - - - - - - on s 1rt i ay at 0 rtrng. , . .. , . . . . 'icc-prcs1c ent, ; . rs. Merle Pretty· "' Loveland Ladies Aid InPt Thurs- I 1 srn~tao, ~,J11na. He rs m the Navy man; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Ar1-~ day afternoon at the home of Mrs. and JS Sl'l'Vlilg aboard an LST. thu Ansteth. The program for the DAY'S TAILOR-D TROUSERS Emmerson Tarpcnning, near the and Mrs. W'.lliam Moc (Janet year was discussed and adopted. Mrs. and WORK PANTS Roy "Y." The Rev. W. Svinth ad- Ellis)' former residents of Spana- Ncttit' Mason presented a series of dressed the group and ·possibility of way now of l:vforton, have been vis- short flower myths, very much en11 C'Stablishing a Sunday school at iting old friends and relatives this joyed by all. Members attending the Loveland was discussc·cl. Following past week. Tlwy recently n:turncd mcf·ting were the Mesdames George a short businrss meeting, cklicious from an cxtensi'"' trip to California. King, W.illiam Fowl1·r, .Joseph Snyrefreshments were served by the hos- l\frs. l\Ioe is a daughter of and cif'r, Ceorge Chessman, Lorin Buck, . . Mrs W Ite. Fil" . f v . "!"" N · tf'.ss, Mrs. 1 arpcnnm".· l:vfernbers at· · a 1 ' ts o r,ast •, street f't.t1.e l\Iason, Arny Greenla.w Miss " I' 'f' A 0 . · · -· roacl · · • tendmg were the Mesdames Annie an d F,x t,.,'nston Alice Randall and the hostess,' Mrs. 702 :.> ac1 ic - venue Mrs. Michael Kirby of Second Modahl. I street, accompanied by her brother Residents along the Mountain and sister, Milton and Margaret highway near Fifteenth street exBailor, spent Wednesday at Brem- perienced a bit of excitement Friday crton. evening, about (j ~'clock, when a Little Sandra Kay Jurgens is now passengn car ran into the rear end at home with her parents, I:vfr.· and of a l\forton bus which had stopped Mrs. C. \~. Jurgens of Second street, t~ discharge passengers. F.our state. after hav111g spent a month in an lughway patrol cars were at th<' I1 i~cubator at a Tacoma hospital. Be- scene. of the accident. The driver sides her parents, she was welcomed of the car received minor cuts and home by a sister, Shirley. Sandra bruises and the front end of the car was born January 22. was almost demolished. Bus pasl:vlr. and l'vfrs. J. Judson of Mc- sengers were shake11 but none was GR. 8488 96th & PORTLAND AVE., MIDLAND Chord fide!, wnc dinner guests, injured. Following an investigation Friday evening, at the home: of by the highway police, the bus conCapt. and Mrs. Deaton on Fifth tinucd its trip to Morton. street. Spanawayites who attended the Newcomers to Spanaway arc Sgt. card party Saturday evening at the and Mrs. William A. Blackburn. James Sales p:rangc in Parkland were They arc making their home on Sec- Mr. and Mrs. Clair Feddersen, Mr. ond street, in one of the Rhone cot- and Mrs. A. H. Notter and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ornat. First prize in pinochk was won by Clair Feddersen, while Oliver Omat and Mrs. Feddersen were awarded the con· solation prize. Remc11tber, the public hearing on the proposed water district is. to be held at the Spanaway school tomorrow (Friday) evening at 8 o'clock in the auditorium. Engineers will be present to give the facts and figures. '!'.~ Be sure to go to the polls Saturday and vote. POSTS INCLUDED A group of Spanaway friends and Pre-school members pleasantly surRUSTIC HANDprised Mr. and Mrs. Sam Green, former residents of Spanaway and PEELED PICKETS teachers at the Spanaway school, with a house warming at their new 42" HIGH - SEE THIS! home on Lafayette street in Parkland. The group assembled at the I 00% WOOL CARPET 9 x 12-0THER SIZES door of the Green home, bearing IN STOCK by Ardmore dclicious refreshments and beautiful NOW-in 5 popular plain gifts of a lamp and a pair of book colors, with latex backends. Those attendinc; were: Mr. in rolls. and Mrs. Kenndh E. Reeves, Mr. installed in your and Mrs. A. A. Griffith, Mr. and 6' 6"-2%" OCTAGONAL home. for only Mrs. W. Don McLcllan, Mr. and. Mrs. Charles Newberry, Mr. and A lifetime floor for any room in the home or baseMrs. H. W. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. PER SQUARE YARD ment-20 colors. Paul Frcad, Mr. and Mrs. James Gray, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Beckman, Mesdames Robert Steidel, Phil Taylor, Matilda Symmons and Chet Mc.<\tee, the honorees and Mrs. Green, Sam's mother. ftil!llUftlr"'lf" lli"'UIRUlll"lll"lllllftli"" ft.ft Oidsters as wcii as youngsters seem to be enjoying the spri11g-like weather. Seen along the Mountain IN I'ARKLAND CENTRE GR. 6582 highway, indulging in a game of 9643 PACil'IC AVENUE "The Place to Go for the Brands You Know" football, were: Dean Dixon, Micky GRanite 7302 Cox, Gladys Willoughby, Irene and



and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Farley and son of Tacoma were dinner guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger.

' \ \ '


Factory Rebuilt

On Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanger and children


Sgt. and l\Irs. Phil Taylor and ~~y, at the hom.c o~ Mrs. Arthur their two sons, of Twelfth strc<'t rctz on l\Iountam lughway. spcnt Sunday at Mount Rainier. ' Capt. James Deaton of Fifth street Siiana p . C . celebrated his birthday Wednesday waya board rogress1ve ommumty . h a drnncr . . home. ' club held meeting Friday wit at hrs cvening at the home of Mrs. Matilda l\1rs. Ruth l\1o?tgomer~ of Sweet Symmons on Pacific street. Attend- Horne, ?rcgon, rs spcndmg a few . mg were Harry W. Smith, \Villiam weeks . D'with her daughter . ' Mrs . · Ed. W . D on Righetti . . J. M. wm. 1xon of h1rrhway . I1ett1, 1g . Mountam . " .' R . . G e01gc . . whtle ate1, Ouhl. Mrs. ' Lucille M l\fr. I Dixon 1s on a plane tnp SI 'd te1 cl, Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith and to M ai·y and. . e S Mrs. Symmons r. and Mrs. Harry Pillsbury of . Mountain highway spent Monday in " •e are glad to hear that Arthur T C amp.b e II, stu d e1.1t pastor o f Spana- Earl aeoma as guests of l\fr. and l\[rs. Palmer. ' way, rs t recovenng , aiJend, d h from h a . recent Spanaway P-TA members who at-



tUliNI I UHt li.U


Alice Wymore.

Such energy!

... ..,.. 3366


itcd at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. T. S. Fleming; treasurer, Mrs. Chas. Lorenz on Saturday evening. C. S. Fynboc; project committee, Tlie· occas10n · · l1 Ell · was to w1s • en a M 1··s. Byron B ryson, chairman, ashapjl" ·· · d ]JY M rs. S . O . S toraash· and ' , b'11·thd ay.· s1stc · v·rrg1·1 Berg I1; membership, · l\frs. February 22 at the home of Mrs. M IS. 1 · . \ ..1ctor Anderson the Kapowsin Re T · M. Damels and Mrs. W. Storaash· .. , • M , bekah aux1hary met with 20 mem- mart, rs. H. L. Anderson; hostess,' . ' M rs. Edwm . . hers present and two visitors They' Ellmgson; telephone, . rP!urn gifts . and drew . their "frs. ~ . S. E. Dahl; hrstonan, " . had their Mrs. L. .. new Pollyanna names. The mectino·· R asmussen, and publicity, Mrs. " s J R was opened by the new president tan ey osso. ' 1nrs. W. Huff. ----------c are I ess d nvmg · · Mr. and JVIrs Chas L d can wreck a fenfamily were di;mer .u der-or a family! h g cs s a ie - - - - - - - - ome of l\fr. and Mrs. Ray Funk on Sunday. ILahon:ire Roy Carlson motored to Port An1'Ju11•§ing Dome gelcs to visit with his daughter and Tnle Lake ll\oad ' . new grandson on Sunday. GR 8077 Parkland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bottomley of Seattle and Mr. and Mrs'. Art Baydo of Puyallup were dmner guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Tinius, on for February 22. ACCURATE ----------terms all purchasesPrescription Service Brookdale Lumbei Co (adv ) · ·


~ren: ~~

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12:15 to 1:00 p.1n. Friday over KTBI THIS WEEK'S GUEST SPEAKER: W. W. Cline, president, Parkland Community Club


Page Four

Parkland, Washington, Thurnday, March 3, 1919







by having such a set up. ;\!so attendin"' the mcctinrr was Mrs William "' · "' ' . · · Chambers, chairman of the Parkland LATTICE Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter and Spanaway area from Collins, CEDAR PlCKETS-4-foot GRanite 5738 Mrs John Gorow and Mrs. Ells2-ft. B-in. x fi-ft. B-in. 3-1' ANEL DOORS .................. each 7.50 · worth Gartley from Central Avenue, . Mrs. Johann, Midland correFLOOR SANDERS AND EDGERS FOR RENT Mrs 0 W Carlson and from Mid· · · ·· · spondent, '\v o u I d like to draw ASK ABOUT OUR MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN attention to the new phone 1mm- land, Mrs. Clarence Johann. M rs. G eorge L m • d se1ve · d I unc h ber listed above. She will welcome February 25, at her home, to t h e all calls about any news items committee of hostesses at the March anyone would like to have pub7 meeting of the Midland Ortholished. pedic guild. The five )adies assisting 84th and Pacific Avenue GA. 3133 The meeting at the Midland Im- Mrs. Lind in planning the menu and . provement club hall February 23, dccorat10ns are the Mesdames Roy H:OO p.m.--Boanl ol Tr11ster-s Jllt'rting in . v· E h church office. to discuss the issue's to be decided Taylor, Doug Morris, 1ctor . s Wednesday, lvfarch 9: . ·I :OD p.m.-Ladi<'s' Aid. in the March 5 school elcct10n, was peter, Alex Huseby and Cla1ence · . 7: 30 p.m.-Choir rehearsal. attended by more than 200 mterest- Johann. · . • ___• f SPANAWAY METHODIST cd voters. :Morns E. Ford, supcnnDean Bnttam, youngest PARKLAND METHODIST . .son o "The Church by th" Side of the Road" l George V/. Cooper, Pastor tendent of Franklin Pierce school Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bnttam, was 10 a.m.-Church School. . · · . . b Sunday, Divine worship at 11 a.m. 1 l a.m.--Sunclay Worship Service. district gave a very clear picture of attacked and bitten on the leg Y Church school at 10 a.m. Classes for all ' '· . . . grades. Adult Bible class led by the pastol'. 3:30 p;m.--Intermcdiatc Youth the nerd for the proposed high a dog, February 5. He was unmedi!\Hrsery for children during the worship Fellowship. hour. sr:hool etnd Elmer Breckncr, from atdy taken to the doctor by the 6:+5 p.rn.-Youth Fellowship. · . bl the state office of educat.10n, assured owner of the dog and 1s now a e PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL the listeners that state aid would be to remove the bandage. Walther C. Gullixson, Pastor Interdenominational · · . d b Sunday School, 9 :30 a.m.; ~·forning \VorFr~d Southwell, Superintendent forthcom111g· wlwn the lcg1sbturc The Teen-Age dance, sponsore . Y :;hip, 10: 00 a.111. Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. : . 11 Sunday School, !0:30 a.m. approved the 1949 appropnatI.on.. the Midland Improvement . . . club, Wt TRINITY LUTHERAN BihlP stud)•, 7:'.JO tvfonday night, with I Each of the men who !tan· filed at last ~ct back to its ong111al sch~dParkland, Washington \ln;, Chadl'S Knautz teaching. Ernest B. Steen, Pastor for positions as school directors was ulc, w~tch calls for dances the first 'Thursdav ?vfarch 3 · !;LOVER CREEK BAPTIST a: fiO 1).~n.-Ffrst i~1id~week Lenten servke. Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School introduced, gi,·ing the voters an and third Thursdays of each month Saturday, &farch .1: W. C. Rhea, Pastor · 9: :.Jt) a.m.-Confirmation Classes. Bible Sdwol, 10 a.m. George Chessum, opportunity to see and meet the at the Improvement club. hall'. The super in tcndcu t. Sunday, i\Iarch 6: men they arc to vote for on March first of the new scnes w,1,ll .be J\-1orning worship, l 1 a.m. IO :Oil a.m. Sunday School and Bible classes. Youth Fellowship, 7 p.m. (Junior and, 5. The meeting was rnncluctccl by March 3, at 8 1~· 111 • The City 11 :OU a.m.-Junior worship service; Reg- _;;enior). Spall Wartenlw, president of. the Zekes" orchcs'.ra will p~ay for :nodEvening Gospel Service, 8 p.m. ular worship scr\'ice with Communion. :Mid-week Service, Thursday, 8 p.m. 7: 00 p.m.-Junior Luther League. until l l Chon· practice Thursday, 7; also teacher I Midland Impro\TllH'nt clt1b, assisted ern and old-tune Tuesday, .l\1arch 8: 8:00 p.m.-Mary 1Vfortha at the home of mectiHg. by Harold Olson, president of the ]BU. Mrs. ~od Barn, chamnan fo~ 1vfrs. Ed Flatncsi, 910 1v1orton St. Han·ard Impron:rncnt club.l At on thed lookout fot HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL . · thef the dances, . f IS·h still j , .· j 1o At Harvard School close of the rncctmg, the adtcs o parents 0 t c JO}S <in gir s w 1 " I lnosr, c100, Blerglstrollm):.''llsluperi'!tendents I the two clubs sern·d cal<c and cof- would like to SCTYC as chaperones. uUIHay a.111. every ~u1uay. ) Ifo,.v:~,.d Suuday School l\lothern', Circle fee under the leadership of Mrs. Anyone interested please call wr at :Beets firsl \Vt·dncsday of month at 2 p.m. ... .., • cl 1 '1 GR. · - 7416 ·--\: 1ctor Esh peter, ass1ste JY " rs. ' an1tc · J. Per Word ....................................... 0:' S~ill~o:n~ ?:vi!~,\~d9~~5 C. McClatchcy, Mrs. F. Ayers and Harvard-Midland Pre,·school n~ct Minimum ......................................... SC .... R~v. R: E. Log~n, Pastor , . . Mrs. F. Johnson. at the Harva'.·d school, l•':'bruary ~B, Mas"'• l·I arvarc, I 1\-['dl· 1ftcr "'"I W.Jtl .>.m. C.1tcclusm I ,in cl an cl L arc l1111on t a t 8 I) .nl ., with the. JJrcs1dent · , Mrs. Lif;HT ROOFINf;

roll $1.75

.97 2.00 .12




CHURCH Announcements



CLASSIFIED ADS Call GRanite 7100

-SPANAWAY FULL-GOSPEL TABERNACLE ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE"-., . S!anlay R. Weddle, Pastor. ., 9 15 Lyman Redford ' owner.. Septic -dup, ~unday School:lwangd1st1c '' ~.m.;,l\fornmg ' 11 a.m.; Service, tl \\orp.UL tanks pumped, contents hauled Christ's Ambassadors, Wednesday. '1W'lY GA 'l446 or GA. 979'1-. -' ' · · · tfc MIDL!IND PENTECOSTAL 11 S l'J\ NA \VA y L UJ\{ 13.ER C:O. Meets cvc~~ s 1 :;1~;~~nj; 1 P~//d'1and P.T.A. Uettcr Lumber for Less. Roof- !iall, 11 a.m.; ~unday School, 9:45 a.m. ing, Hardware and Paints. We FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH rent floor sanders. GR 8235. South 86thLedyard, and "G"Pastor Streets -----~ .. --· R. W. SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, conBible School, 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. tents h.a.u. lccl away. Don Redford, Worship al 11; Evening Service, 7:30. GA. 73'.H. tfc RAY. GOGAI~- - JACK BARRETT Larclt~~~~~Ms~1~:ia~u~~l~<~,1s~~~c~sL in the · mornings. G cnera1 Ian d scap1ng, pru ni'ng ,ai1 d Parish huus•! at 9:3l! _ Sunday _ spraying, rockeries, rock walls, l<IRBY SUNDAY SC~OOL fences, tractor \VOrk. ]\.TeetsM.atR. 2 Fergu•on, :UO p.111. Supertntenclent in the Kirby school

Fire Dept . Ladies Auxiliary will. hold . . its annual card party at Midland lltl II , M·.11"1 500 C l 4 , 8 p.111 · Bridge ._ ' -rnd pinochle will be played with

' ' prizc·s for hiµ;h scores. Mrs. E. A. Brittain and Mrs. John Deering arc co-chairmen for the affair. A door prize will be given. 1\1: r • and .Ll' ~·1rs • David McPherson and Mr ·md Mrs Lewis McArtor ' f S ·I ' · ' C. · · went to Lake ;tty, nort 11 o cat c, to attend the Lake City Fire DejJat'tmcnt annual Firemen's Ball, " - February 25. Two former chiefs of t I ie H arvar d , M'dl 1 an d an d L ar ch every Sunday. mont Fire Department arc rncmbers MIDLAl~D COMMUNI!~ HOME of the Lake City group. Lawrence Thure Moberg, MmlSter . f' I· f d R c111 · I"'\.c·I1Ic, Sunday School, 10 a.m.; IV!oruing Service, Alden JS irst c 11c an 11 a.m.; ljiblc study and prayer, 7:3[) p.m., who was the second chief of the Wcdnwlay. H. M. & L. departmrnt. Kchle is CHRISTIAN SCIENCE · ]· f f 1 L j



Veterans News

Alice. Mae Tibbitts and 1:'1rs. Ernest , Haskms each won a cake m the cake (C: . f ) II · ontmnec1 rom 1 age 0 ne . wa L the 50-mill investment that we are Alice Dorfner, Reporter Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Kuper rek. d t k · so ot.hi'ng that Graham 4Se , . as e o ma e is mL turned Saturday from a weeks tnp h Id I II 't d t ke - -. s ou ma <e us a st up an a · E • f h th to San Francisco, where he attended . t 't . 'd t b •very 1ast meetmg o eac mon . . . . notice. 0 ppor um y is sa1 o ec1wn f Elk Pl . G . . . . the American Educat10n Associat10n. h' h 't . d or · am range 1s now gomg . . h M on 1y once w 1c , same t is now oto be a social meeting. Last Thurs- While,, they stayed '~it . rs. ing-it is our duty to see to it that Laddie Dicky, the beckonmg , f'mger is . not lgnore . d. day began this program wrt h a Kuper· s SISter ' Mrs. . · and . pot luck supper, followed by a short . saw all the sights of San FranNext Saturday . mormng make up Grange meeting, then dancing, cards cisco. a party of you and your neighbors, and games were enjoyed by all. Mesdames Flossie Zerflu and Lil- take turns sitting with the babies, or -·-------- lian Sherman arc both better after open your car and load it with some n Th d f' recently being ill. of us who arc not so fortunate as to 6 ruary ~ . ey reportc a me . . . d d cl . . Elk Plain school has resumed its possess such modern convemences, crow an a goo tune. . D r. J am cs (W oo d y ) \V oo d ar d o f after. a much-enjoyed . two and take a trip to the Parkland grade . M'dl d . . S J I, 't weeks vacat10n due to the cond1t10n school and VOTE. i an is m t. osep 1 s 11osp1 a 1 . . I. k d t h t tt k f of the roads. Next meetmg mght may we hear t us wee ·, ue o a ear a ac ~ su f ere d F< eb ruary 27 . E'very one w1s · he s Another of the series of card par- everyone say, Im glad I did, m. . d ties sponsored by the Elk Plain stead of "I wish that I had." Six1um a spec y recovery. A l I • f H ·cl Gleaners is bein<> held at the Grange teen hundred voters have to get to t t 1e ast ineebng o arva1 ~ ' ;::. Midland P-TA, a Founders day pro- hall Thursday, March 3. the polls to put this issue across. t d cl d' . t"on Friday February 25, E P Cosby this includes all of the Franklin gram \Vas presen e , un er a ec t , • • • • , of Mrs. Charlotte McClatchcy, pro- and Mr. and Mrs. D. Lowden went Pierce school d1stnct. Thats, a lot I . Tl . t k fishing off Pt Defiance on Puo-et of voters. I can see that we ve all gram c rnirman. 1e progiam oo , . "' . ., up t I1c past, presen t an d f u t ure o f Sound · Fi\"~ fish were reported to 1 got a Job and rt s about the most f P ast-pres1'cl en t M.1 s. Fl,oy d have been caught · Mrs · Lowden one that we have had or tI1e PTA . . got important . Cook spoke on the past, Mrs. Bui- the catch of the day, landmg· a some time. lock on the present and Mrs. Her-• large .silver trout. ----------schel Payne, pre-school chairman, l\1iss Bette Bennett, a studen~ at BACK TO IDAHO on the future. Mrs. Bullock then Kapowsin high school who resides . Mrs. Barton Eddington of Idaho introduced the past-presidents ·and at Elk Plain, won the Pierce county Falls, Idaho, mother of Mrs. J. B. presented each with a gift. Attend- art contest. . Eddington of Parkland, is visiting ing were the Mesdames Charles \Veek end guests ~t the. home of hn daughter and daughter's family Berg, E. A. Brittain, John Deering, Mr. and l\frs. Emnutt Rich were: hci·e. She will leave later this week Joe Habgood, Floyd Cook, Byron Mrs. Rich's mother, Mrs'. L. E. to return to her home. There was :Moye Eshpctcr Tibbitts·' her sist<'r and farn1ly, Mr. . . 'and· Victor : . . Mrs. . d f h'l 8 feet . . of .snow on the 'ground when Fred Rousseau, on behalf of the and Mrs. G. E. Amer an our c 1 - she left Idaho Falls last Friday and PTA i·csidcnts been snowbound , presented _ Mrs • Bullock with j drcn, all from Seattle. -~ _ , there __ had .. a P-TA pin in recognition of her Sam Tibbitts of North Dakota, for three weeks. ' } • ' ' · fine work in the past five years, and has spent the past mont 1 v1s1l!ng wished her good luck in her new his sister-in-law, Mrs. Lillie TibAsk ;ibout our house plan service home at Portland, Oregon. hitts. 1-Bruokdale Lumber Co. (adv.)













Payne, presiding. Twcnty!I Herschel . . f . I five members were

111 attendance OJ the meeting. The members voted to purchase a record album for the





kmckrgartcn and rcporte a ' ~ profit from their nunmage sale. Mrs. William :Marr, Mrs. Il. W. McKcnty and Mrs. Clarence Skog were elected to serve on the- nominating commit~ tee A new member, Mrs. James II ' I· · l. ·d · t tl , - art cy, was we come 111 o ic group and Mrs. Clarence J~hann, president of the lfarvard-1vf1dland . P-TA, answered questions about the March 5 school election · ~ · Hostesses -

We are proud to tell you of our· appointment as dealer.~ for the· famous line of

GR. 8842 Terms BR. 6982 for the meeting WC'rc Mrs. Henry -- R E S Ky EFFICIENCY Bacher, Mrs. Forrest SallC'c and Mrs. means p au I B u cl·Intc · +"· clean, smokeless flan1e, intense . heat and exceptional fuel econ" More than 400 people viewed the omy-frurn the excl1;1sive Kresky Midland showing of James I-I. Bond's oil burner. For estimate on a · t "F · ·· () t f ti Y ]·on " I<\..rcsky economy floor furnace to '".i\lan:' is thr subject of the Lrsso1~-Sl'r~ at presrnt ::iss1sta.nt c llC o t 1r- a .;;:e p1c. u1c, . io111 . u o ic t;... , f I't you1. Ilame, ca ll GR an1. 'tc 8963 nw11 \Vhtrh will be uwl next Sun~l·~Y rn .all Citv 'dejJarlmcnt. . wluch was pt.-cscntcd at. IIthe FMidland ... . b1.rnches of ]he 1\fothcr Chuich, 1hP F11sl J • b· . -Prettyman Hcat111g Service. Cln11d1 or Chrni, g, irntist in llosto11, H. R. \\'illiams n·turm:d lo lus Improvement club ha ' 'c Illa! y 26c ~l:issachusctts. J honw. February 28 after a.n extendc_d , 28. Bond w~s pres~nt as na.rra.tor I stay 111 a Tacoma hospital, where· and at the conduswn of the film he had been fighting a bout with I answered all questions. All who saw double pneumonia. the film were 'enthusiastic in their Four members of Midland Ortho- praise. pedic guild attended the council Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Brittain and meeting of the Tacoma Orthopedic family were guests, February 27, on guild, February 24, in the Army and the trial run of the new tuna clipNavy room at the Hotel Winthrop. per "May Queen," built by the The chairmen of the various guilds Puget Sound Boatbuilding Corp. in mad~: their reports and Midland was Tacoma. Brittain installed all of the welcomed as a new guild. Those at- refrigeration on, the "May Queen." tending from the Midland guild After completing her trial run, the were Mrs. Mike I-Iansler, Mrs. Don boat is being taken to her home port Kemp, Mrs. Robert Clinton and at San Diego, where a crew will be Mrs. Clarence Johann. picked up. ·she then will be ready A combined board meeting and for deep-sea tuna fishing. More than PETERSON AND DERING NO. postponed convention of the Pierce 125 guests were aboard for the trial JUMBO PATENTED ROSES county P-TA council was held on run and were served a true Italian OVER 100 VARIETIES • February 24 al the Top of the spaghetti dinner. Also Non-patented Ocean, with eight members of HarMr. and Mrs. Wayne Bullock and vard-Midland P-TA pr~:sn1t. Those family are leaving their home in the attending from the Harvard-Mid- Harvard-Midland district to make a land group were the Mesdames Fred new home in Portland, Ore., where Rousseau, Herschel Payne, M i k c Bullock's work has taken him. BulI-Ianslcr, Robert Clinton, Victor lock was formerly scout leader of Eshpetcr, Casey Berger, Frank Bas- Troop 22 at Harvard and Mrs. Bulkctt and Clarence Johann. lock has been active in P-TA and •For more than a quarter (entury the name "FRIGIDAIRE" Members of Midland Improve- Cub Scout circles. has meant highest quality, dependability and long service. ment club, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Grant E. Morgan, President Spalt Wartenbe, arc rnak- former residents of Midland now reIt is a name backed by the experience of building over 8 ANY QUANTITY ing plans for assisting voters to the siding in Puyallup, arc announcing million Frigidaire refrigerators. So, we feel justly proud polls; March 5, for the Spring school the engagement of their daughter, of this announcement, knowing that we can sell you these election, and for taking care of Florence, to S/Sgt. Ray E. Bramsmall children while the parents arc mer of the United States Marine FRIGIDAIRE appliances with complete confidence in your "Solly's Choice" voting. Anyone wishing transporta- corps. The wedding is being planned s~fisfaction ... and you can buy chem knowing there is tion or baby-sitters please call the for late summer. BULK AND PACKAGES SEVERAL nothing finer. Midland school, GRanitc 8691. The Mr. and Mrs. George Turner and ALSO EASTERN SEEDS MIXTURES polls will be open at the Midland Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bombardier of school from 8 a.m. to B p.m. the Harvard, Midland and LarchMrs. Mike Hansler, chairman for mont fire department, attended the GARCO-X Dormant Spray-Ash About It! Midland, Harvard, Summit, Collins, annual Sumner Firemen's Ball, FebSPHAGNUM MOSS-For Seed Planting Wallcr road and Clover Creek area in the new health committee being VERMACULITE-For Cuttings set up by the Pierce county public SEED POTATOES ONION SETS Mke aJ tdl/t, ftwIUM1U'4, health association, entertained Mrs. PANSY PLANTS --- GARDEN TOOLS Edith Mitchell, head of Pierce couniJ ty piiblic health; Mrs. Philip Lyons, school nurse for the Midland and Central Avenue schools, and chair... ,,/A 'Jll men appointed by Mrs. Hanslcr for K''"~"'~"'w T~"'~ the different districts at luncheon at her home, February 28. After I Yi Cords UPLAND SLAB lunch, Mrs. Mitchell explained what $8.00 WE DELIVER GRanitc 7270 YOUR FUEL OIL AND APPLIANCE DEALER the chief aims and purposes of the 2 Units UPLAND SAWDUST CLOSED SATURDAY - OPEN SUNDAY new committee arc and what can 140TH. AND PACIFIC $10.00 be accomplished in the community






Rose Bushes! 89c




FERTlblZER HEADQUARTERS For Gardeners and Farmers VIGORO and NU-LIFE

Garden SEEDS


Snappy, Speedy Service


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Prairie pointer v 4 no 26 mar 3, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 26 mar 3, 1949