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PARKLAND POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION VOL. 4, NO. 24 4~~~ Meetings every second and fourth Friday al 3:00 p.rn. in the Sunshine Hall The party is over and everyone concerned in the leg and back work conni:ctcd theri:to has had time to rest weary bones, recount experiA festive evening is anticipated ences, and hash and rehash the by Parkland Pre-school members and results. Guess that an apology is their;ls at their first Pre-school in order for the lousy orchestra that dance, "George's Jig." 1"'he dancr, COMMUNITY CLUB TO we had-just one of those cases honoring Washington's birthday, will PLAN DEVELOPMENT where something is bought in the be held Saturday, February 19, at dark. Judging from the comments Realization of a public library Sunshine hall, with danc;ing from rcccivccl, our next venture should suitable to the needs of Parkland 9 until 1 o'clock. have. the undivided attention of a cornmumty . · . g<:ncral · . appears nearer as a reMrs. Rob<:rt L y n d 1s special orchestra committee. We su It o f cl onat10n · · ' , · · o f an 1clcally sitchairman and assistmg her arc the arc sorry that it happened as it did uate d Iat, disc · 1.oscd t h'1s past wee · Ic Mesdames James Hitch · · · Wilham -and it won't happen again. The , . ' " k ,, b' 1he lot, m the center of Parkland, Vanek, James Turner, Joe Ancler11ot-cl ogs an cl co ·c went over 1g . . . has been presented to the Parkland son, Richard Snnpson, Rush Van an cl t h e .b rngo game operators were . · h h , · Comrnurnty club by Stanley Rosso. Orman, James Slater, Arthur Bowl)US1cr t an t e prover1)ta1 cat on the · • . . f S . . Announcement of the gift was made I man and Jv[1ss Frances Scearce. trn 1·00 . ummrng 1t all up- . , • A patriotic theme will be carried to members attend111g the c I u b's everyone h a cl a l ot of f un, an cl goo cl . ' . February mcet111g, last Thursday out, with red, white and blue streamc1ean f un, too-an cl t h e treasunes . . ers decorating the hall and tables, even111g, by Ray Renwick. .. o f lJot h t h e P ost an cl t 11e A ux1 1iary and miniature cherry trees and have received a substantial boost. The membership enthusiastically hatchets used as centerpieces. Red, The boy to Boys' state and the approved Renwick's motion that a white and blue balloons will be girl to Girls' state from Parkland library committee be appointed to showered on the dancers some time arc assured. To all of those who inquire into development ·of the site. during the evening. came and to all of those who worked, The lot, deeded by Rosso for liOthers assisting during the eveall we can say is thanks a lot-your brary purposes, measures 25 feet by ning will be "the Messrs. and Mesefforts were appreciated. I 00 feet. It faces upon Wheeler dames Leonard Smith, Les Johnson, Seen at last meeting . . . VIR- street, opposite Trinity Lutheran Bart Payne, William Garrett, Sam G I N I A SEAMAN'S precedent- church, approximately 200 feet east Brown, Don Waddell, Adrian Kershattering methods of gaining pos- ~f Park avenue. T?e location puts stetter; Mrs. Margie Tack, and session of the floor-results of a it among Parkland s most valuable Messrs. William Vanek, Richard pre-meeting pact, we understand-' pieces of property. Simpson,,, Arthur Bowman, check with AL , .. Cherry pie dis- 1 Renwick preceded his announceappearing like ST. JOHN from a i ment of Rosso's generous action by work detail-BILLY SCHMALEN- comments upon the prrsent status BERG topping the list with four of the Parkland public. library, now pieces to his credit . . . GRACE locatrd in the school building. Parkland re•idents 'are reminded · · McCLAREN cornering the market The Parkland library is supported that they , · will. lnvc. their · . .ci•"t ' _, oi'·i. ' on jackpot tickets and making it by the 2-mill permanent county levy eta! op])Ortumty tlus evenmg to look pay off-there's safety in numbers for libraries, allocated from the staover the six classrooms .' ' new "ideal" ' . . . HENRY KURLE startling the tutory 40 mills. The county votrd added to Parkland school m recent ' · ' membership by loosing a stirring four years ago to set aside this months. A school open house will address from the floor . . . FRANK money for library support, outside I P -TA meetdcl e ·t1c I F'e)ruary TURCK showing up at a meeting incorporated towns. To qualify for prece · rng, unng the hours of 7 to 8 with his son-in-law, LON RUTH- a library, a community must pro- o'clock. ERFORD, in tow-LON'S a mem- vicle and maintain suitable space. · All rooms of the school will be her ;iow and we hope that he gets The county library board provides


COUNCIL $300,000 Asked Locally to DIRECTORS BO. !PARK WILL DISCUSS IN COMMUNITY IINEW MEASURE Consi:ruct New High School CLUB CREATED . I~;n::,~r~:~:::,~~~ (;,.:'.:.~,al:~:::'.~~:·~'.'.;~ PORTLAND AVE ~'.l, I SITE ADVANCED· FOR PIERCE HI

Festive Atmosphere In PreMschool Plans I For "George's Jig"

All interested residents of Park-


tors" to include the top officer of each of Parkla~d's :other org.anized groups ( rxcludrng J.?urely social or. . · . gamzatrnns) was announced this . . week by W. W, Clrne, president of the Parkland Community club. Cline expects the liaison thus cstablishecl will greatly assist the Community club in its efforts to coordi-


If any of you guys and gals arc noe receiving your American Legion publications, sure wish that you would get in touch with your adjutant and advise him. Just call Jim St. John at GR. 7898, 'Unloose your beef concerning these and he will lend an understanding and sympathetic ear and work out an agreeable solution. You pay for 'em_:so get 'cm. CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Spanaway School The regular meetings of American Legion Post No. 118 and its Auxiliary were held February 11. In the absence of Acting Commander Jens Jensen, the business of the Post was presided over by the junior vice commander, Carl Swanson. You did a swell job, Carl! Our Post seems to be having an extra burden of illness. This week finds our genial service officer, Bill Long, again in Madigan General, while Commander Wm. Lee Bailey, still "on location" in Ward I+, is planning on a home-coming in the not too distant future, he hopes. (Continued on Page Two)

Pierce high school, were disclosed

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this week. The plans, announced by the directors of the new local con-

solidated district (No. 402) through Superintendent Morris E. Ford, call

don J. Brown at Olympia, art' expeeled. lo be av;;i!;.1blc f<.Jr discussion,/

for two money-raising propos1t10ns . . .


A tract of Just under 60 acres, . . situated m the northwest angle of the iptcrscction of Airport road and the t·xtemion of Portland avenue, near Midland, is the location favored for the proposed new Franklin Pierce high school. ' Known as the "Old :Manse" tract, it is one of two sites approved by the state department of education. Present owners ha vc agreed to sell

~0 ,F1:~~~,li~t P:1~::ccag~-~l~~olp~~:tri:~

$2,1-,000, incluclin . all im )l'Ovcments. , . .. , g I N<'got1at10ns with the owners have been conducted board . , , for thr school . . 1 1 1

s)<~J~~~s',ri~:l~'~ ;,'~i~d~:~,:)~r~ ;1t.e;~c~:~.-~1.~i .

to be sublnitted for approval of the voters at the coming school election, March 5.

. 1-A 50-mtll levy upon assessed valuation of property within the clistrict; 2-An issue of general obligation bonds to the maximum amount allowed by statute ( 5 percent of the assessed valuation of property within the district). _ . 1 he two proposals, .1f approve~, arc expected to provide approx1. 1y $"00 mate , .> , 000 o f f un cl s f or pur·h f . . c. ase o a h'1g11 sc 11001 site, erection




Aandt 1ur propos1t1on, .o.f desired rcquestmg esoption on the property at the stated 1gnat1on · · f · · stl'll to b c d rawn o · site, is price. ' · be on the March 5 ballot. ., . . but will I he alternative site approved by , .· . tl t t f , , 1 he $300,000 sought locally would H'- s 3 T a 1so aces upon i\.Irport · . l . I f .1 1 . be matched by the state, at a rnmroac, six-tent is o a 1111 c c os<:r to . . P. l l cl d 11mum ral10 of 72 percent of the L , I I ar \ an , \V 11crC' . \C's un1 Jcr yar _ . . d II total outlay, approxnnately $800 . 1 1 1 1s 110\V ocatc . - O\VC\Tr, t 11s a . .' .. . , . . . 000) to raise tlw total amount availternat1vc site, cornpnsmg approx1. . . 1 .• 0 ·I . able for site and construction costs mate wooded, 1s to the ·~" 1, 100,000 figure. . . that . . _. y , .,~· acres . party .. . , , It is c.ons1du<d . not. av,ulablc without . . . amount wl11ch state school authoncondcrnnatrnn Two of tics , . , . ,. . proceeclrngs, . . have proposed as needed for tht. .th1« . . . . owneis concerned. . arc . un- construction of a desirable plant. willmg to .sell and the pnce fixed , , by tlw third owner is considered 1 he lugh school structures pro· ·· ·· · lll1I'l'°lli'st1'<, pose cl wou Id prov1'd e f or an enroll' " Ford indi1,ated this week that, ment of be:wecn 1,200 and 1,500 though the bo·ud rccoo·nizes a num- students which would accommodate 0 · ' features ·· · ber· ·'of excellent of• · the' Port- a consi'd era)J l e rncrease overt h e anlnnd avenue tract, it had hoped to ticip~t'.'d 800 . original enrollment. locate thP new high schooi closer to Facilities provided would be comParkland nnd the population center parable t~ those of Clover Park high of the district. To that end, it is school, with greater capacity. requesting the state authorities to The added levy and bond proapprow another alternative site. If posals have been drafted, in form of a third site is approved and is found Resolutions Nos. 1 and 2 of the available, the board plans to submit Bo a rd of Directors of Franklin a choice of sites to the voters at the Pierce School District No. 4-02, reschool election March 5. Othei·wise spectively, following several weeks the voters will be asked to designate of close consultation with state and the "Old Manse" tract. rnnnty school administrators. Their The Portland avenue tract extends approval by the voters, with apfor considerable distances along both proval also of a site authorized by that thorofare and Airport road. It the state, would open the way to encompasses the Midland' home for fullest participation by the state in the aged on three sides and the area consumation of the local high school to be purchased would include 57.3 project, Ford indicated. acres, Adjoining county road easeSuperintendent Ford also released rnents would be available to ·the the following information bearing school district and would increase upon the two fund proposals: t lw area to just less than 60 acres. Bonds would run from l to 11 This traci is nrnr the crest of a years, rcd<:rmablc in full after five gentle slope of cleared land, afford- years. j'Jo payment would be made ing· helter drainage than most of 11 pon them the first year following the area thereabouts, Ford pointed approval of the issue, Each year after ouL Improvements include a well the first, one-tenth of the principal of 1G5-foot ckpth which is believed amount would be repaid, plus into han· sufficient capacity for all terest estimated at not more than . school .needs. A large barn on the 2 percent rate. On the basis of presproperty has two levels of concrete ent valuation of property within the 11 district, an estimated annual added 1 levy of 6 mills would retire the ·1 a garage for storage of the school's bonds. buses, he s'aicL In addition to the levy, bond and Ford said hc, personally, considers school site proposals, local voters it an advantage rather than a disad- will, on March 5, elect five direcvantage that the proposed location tors to comprise the local school of the high school near Midland board. The elected directors will would require that transportation replace the board now functioning be provided a larger proportion of and which was recently chosen from students than would a site nearer among the directors of the four Parkland. Bus routes would be school districts consolidated into short and he fon:sccs no difficulties District 402. in providing transportation from all limits of the district. It is expected that the school directors will act very shortly to seek approval uf this or othc.T sit<..o in a third proposition to be placed on Two new employees joined the the ballot at the March 5 school staff of Parkland-Brookdale Electric company this week, owner F. ]. elcc:tion. Nordyke has announced. ------Robert Zelinsky, radio and appliPARKLAND CUB SCOUTS ance rcpainnan and clcn1onstrator, ARE TO VISIT MUSEUM is engaged full-time at his specialCub Scouts of Pack '.l3, Parkland, ties. He, Mrs. Zelinsky and their arc planning a visit to the State two child.rcn reside on 102nd street. Historical museum, Saturday afterOne daughter attends the Parkland noon, February 19, The trip is in school. Zelinsky previously operated line with tlte Cubs' program theme his own shop in Tacoma. He is a for February: C:omm11nity and state veteran. history, Lee Corp, Spanaway resident, will (Same as Collins No. 1) Tlw trip will be made by bus, assist Nordyke on wiring jobs. $12.03 leaving Parkland school at 12:30 $60.12 89.10 74.10 o'clock sharp, Cub committee members and den rnotlwrs will accorn-1 y $11.92 pany the lads. ProL Robert Olson, 93.10 $59.60 0 1 78.10 committee chairman, will be in Next Tuesday, Washington's birthc:hargc of the group. Return to day anniversary, is a legal holiday Parkland will be made by 3:30 and, as such, will find schools, post $12.80 o'clock. 9.1-38 $64.00 office and many stores closed. 71.38



X-Ray Unit Here 3 Days Next Week



WHAT'S HIGH SCHOOL TAX COST? ~'.~:'.i'~ ;i~::e ~:~~i::lt~·~;~·.~'.;~01: ~::~~





GARBAGE DUMP AT FORT LEWIS :a~~c B~1~~;,,;~'i'~~~:t~~~~c'.i~' G~~ ~ ~.: sEE Ms ANSWER

Gullberg House Is Seriously Damaged

You will find Sincerity and Simplicity


and su!rnested amendment. All mcrnf, cl . 1)Crs o t 1w counc1 1 arc urge to at. cl ten_· . 1 h~ bill would enable rural communit1cs of the state, sueh as Parkland, to lrvy t:ixes ag::u'.ist themselvcs by a vote of the residents. All nate activities in civic welfare, revenue would be used in the localThe following representatives of ity taxed, for park and playground organizations have already agref'<l purpOSC'S. to serve on the board and it is cxpectrcl that other groups will r<>spond as soon as they are contacted: Herbert Socolofsky, of Parkland . Light and Water company; Robert Haner, Parkland Volunteer ·Fir c departmcnt; Cordon. Parker, Sunh' . I . 1 11 . G1rl Scouts; . . - Mrs. J. R. SI ate r, Brow111<:s: Robert Olson, Cubs and A strong gleam of hope now Boy Scouts; Mrs. Paul Larson, · . t G d b M shows, at last, that adequate garu ; rs. . ... · . M on t c V is ·a ,.ar en c 1 . G 1>age disposal fac1httes m1y be proar- . · . . G cne R ussc 1, C rys t a I S prmgs "I ll v1dcd for the South End district. cu); rs. G eorge 1v. ars11a . Th' . . 1 l M d en . I p , . G d I b M E is pcrenmal problem seems on the rn1nc ,.ar en cu ; rs. •. . V 10 ct > l P kl . . way towan:I ht:>mg cracked, followI errau t. . cl. 1 . J · 'Id M II arL ·and J D Orthopedic hi S . mg tsc osure b Y C ounty C omm1sgut , ; l' rs.(). -J· . .d' . · a . , , y 1via . "I S prm . l,cr t l1at use o f S . s10ncr 1 arry . . toiaas 1 . !l tope IC guild, MtB. F•olt . L e w 1. s n111taiy .1. . 1eservat10n . . James Legion A .· , St.. John, , , , . Amcncan . . . property can 1)e arranged for a garuxiliary, Snc1 n Kittelson, PaikI)age . cl ump. d ')? . • 1an Post __ B, Amencan Legion; , , . .. . 1 his mformatHn .was passed on Morris E Ford superintendent of · ' · l I ·c1 t I t 1'h cl schools· St·111lt·y W1'll1's Parl·land 1 1·0 nca resi ens as urs ay eve·school · ' principal; ' · Mrs. Al ' ' ' ' " ,. ~t. the'. , . . , mcctmg · ,. of the . , Scaman, Parkland Recreation council· Mrs I .!l J.Lrncl Cornmumty club. Club ' ' · ' · ' Pre-· p., · l' t w· w· Cl'me reporte cl on Clinton~ 'Williams, Parkland llSICUl open, with teachers in their rooms. school; Mrs. W. W. Cline, Parkland developments for .Lawrence Hu~tena custodian. At present there are 24, 77 6 books Unveiled along with the new wing, P-T A; Mrs. Alfred Grodvig, Su bur- gre 1.1• garbage disposal committcc in the county library .~tock, for use will be the remodelled KindC"rgarten ban Study club; Mrs. William Cham- ch;~1rman, who was absent because hers, County Woman's club; H. E. of illness. by the affiliate community libraries. building, The Parkland P-T A meeting to Gullbcrg, VFW; Mrs. Walter LarA municipality may use the county The garbage dump problem, press· library service if it is willing to follow "ill commemorate Founders' son, VFW Auxiliary. ing for years, has recently becoinc allocate 2 mills of tax revenue to day. Cline also disclosed the following acute, following action of the county the county board. Mrs. Renwick is appointments to head standing com- health department to close the Spanchairman of the c o u n t y library mittecs of the Parkland Community away dumping area. The Spanaway club: dump is supposed to be closed now. board. Although its present location in Membership: Mr. and Mrs. James As proposed by Sprinkcr, arthe school has proved a deterrent to St. Clair, co-chairmen; Civic: Law- [ rangement for use of Fort Lewis A portable x-ray unit will prouse, the Parkland library has given rence Hultengrcn; Library: Ray property would open the way to vide free chest x-rays to residents considerable service to the commuRcnwick; Hospitality: Mrs, E. J. maintenance of a supervised dump of this area for three <lays next nity since its establishment. During PPrrault; Auditing: M. Stauffacher;' there. A full-time attendant would week, when it will be located at 1948, the Parkland library made Program: Thomas Casto. be kept in charge by the county. Park-n-Shop, 98th and Pacific. 6,924 loans, of which 1,468 were in All chairmen will select their own The attendant would be- paid by The unit will operate from 2 p.m. the adult classification, committee helpers. Elective officers dumping fees collected from indito 6 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to On the basis of population, the of the club arc members of its Ex- vicluals and garbage disposal con9 p,m. each clay, Thursday, Friday Parkland library could be allotted tractors using the dump. He would ecutivc Board. and Saturday, February 17, 18 and approximately 5,000 books-if space also be permitted to salvage any 19. Several members of Parkland were provided for them, Renwick articles of value and keep the proP-TA and Parkland Pre-School have j ST. JOHN'S PARISH TO eceds. said. volunteered to act as hostesses at the 1SPONSOR CARD PARTY Following acceptance of the lot, Cline reported that Sprinkcr had St. John of the Woods parish, the Community club voted that its unit on those days. rcquested community groups in this Midland, will sponsor a card party Hostesses on Thursday will be: gratitude and the thanks of all Parkarea to express their reactions to Afternoon, Mrs, C. P. Lund and and social hour, Friday evening, land be expressed to Rosso. the suggestrd garbage set-up. ln .Mrs. H. J. Lcraas; evening, Mrs. Al 'February 18, in the Midland C-omresponse, a motion to write Sprinker munity hall. Cards will begin at 8 Greco and Mrs. L. ]. Van Kirk; a letter favoring th!'. proposal was Friday-afternoon, Mrs. L. E. Smith o'clock. There will he prizes awardpassed by the dub, without dissent. and Mrs. Sam Brown; evening, :Mrs. ed for play and a door prize. --------C. K Go~drich and Mrs, Jack Hart; Saturday - afternoon, Mrs. L. B. Richardson; evening, Mrs. Mi kc I A sixth candidate for school di-1 Wutz and Mrs, W. A. Stewart. Local property owners are provided a basis for comparing their 1948 rector has filed his intention to seek tax statements, in the mail this week, with taxes forecast for next year office, this week. Otto C. Siburg should the proposed 50-mill school levy carry, in the following summaries of Brookdale has filed against G. O. by district. The summaries are from tables drafted by Franklin Pierce Stovner in District 2. School District Superintendent Morris E. ForcL Treating separatrly each district and sub-district now consolidated Damage, caused by fire, to the Present 111e111bers of the Board of Gullberg house on Allison road at into District 4·02, the summaries show: School l!>ircctors of Franklin Pierce A street last week is estimated at ColumnA-Namc of included district and all levies above the statudistrict No. 402 arc among the $1,500, partially covered by insur- tory 4-0 mills which appear on the 1948 tax statements for that district; rnrly-bird candidates for the five Column B-Total 1948 millage rate· a nee. The fire is believed to have director posts to be decided at the started in an overstuffed chair. The Column C-Proposed 1949 millage :.ate; March 5 school dection. Five canParkland Volunteer Fire department I Column D-Amount of 194-9 tax (including proposed 50-mill levy) didates had filed, by the first of was called at 7: 15 p.m., February 8.1 for home owner who pays a $50 tax bill this year; this week, for four of the five posts, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jackson and Column E-Amount by which 19'1·9 tax bill would be increased for John C. Corow, Collins member t.hcir two small cl!'llclren, who oc- $10 additional 19'18 taxes. on the present board, is expected to cupy the house, were not,homc when A B C D F, file from his district (No. 5) for the flames broke out. (Mills) (Mills) the two-yrar term open there. CanOn Febr~ary 11, 9:4·0 p.m., the PARKLAND .................................. 66.38 91.38 $68.83 $13.76 didates already in the field arc: Parkland firemen answered a call Schools 25 mills District No. I (Parkland), 3 years to Harold's Corner Grocery, where Fire Dept., 4 mills -Clifford 0. Olson; an ovt:rhcatecl oil heater caused very MIDLAND ............ . 93.38 $73.57 6'.L'.J°8 $14.H District No. 2 (Parkland), 1 year little damage. Schools 20 mills -G. 0. Stovncr; Fire Dept., 4 mills District No. 3 (Midland), 3 years $11.97 $59.82 91.38 76.38 COLLINS NO. -A. Christensen and Robert Clin- FLOAT COMMITTEE ton;. . TO MEET MONDA y S~hools 35 mills_ Distnct No. 4 (Central Avenue), Fire Dept,, 4 mills $12.0B 87.38 $60.36 2 years-Chester A, Larson. The local committee charged with COLLINS NO. 2 ........................... . 72.38


fron1 110\V

1 Wednesday c·,·cning, February

Financing plans aggregating $1,100,000 for construction of Franklin

ANSWER CLINE'S CALL the Parkland school. Copies of a Innovation of a ''board of direc- bill now in tl1C' hands of Rep. Gor-


himself and Frank out more often

·Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland



Clinton is the only announced planning a Parkland float, to be in candidate not a member of the pres- the line of parade for the April ent board, of which Olson is presi- Daffodil festival in Tacoma, will rlf'nt. meet on Monday evening at 7:30 February 23, next W<:clnesday, is o'clock in the Parkland school. At the last day upon which candidates that time, decision will be made as may file for the school board. Fil- to design, Thomas Casto, representings will be received through that ing the Parkland Business club as date by Anton Christensen, Rt. 4-, general chairman of the committee, 1 Box 110-A, Tacoma. has stated,



Schools 35 mills COLLINS NO. 3 COLLINS NO. 4Schools 35 mills I Drainage 2 mills I COLLINS NO. 5 Schools 35 milis Fire Dept., 4- mills Drainage 2 mills CENTRAL A VENUE


2 Added to Staff of Brookdale Electric




l" d T d ay ues ay.


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Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanitc 5738

Wni. K. Clarlc ......................................................................................... Editor c\ COlll!llllnit.r newspaper for·' Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Span;i"~:V- P11hlished every Thnrsclay by Beard Printing Co., P. 0 Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Entered as second-class rnatter October 3, 194S, at the post ofiice at Parkland, 'vVashington. under the Act of March 3, 1879.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00

Why Go Blindfold? ~

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, February 17, 1949

Although prevalence of flu held Announcing the proposed 50-mill down attendance and prevented two of the newly-elected club offi'ccrs levy and 5 percent general obligaIf you're a ham Jover (<md who isn't), you'll want to add this luscious variation to your special recipe collection. It's a good bcing 011 hand for installation, the tion bond issue to construct and choice when you want to surprise your guests with something regular monthly meeting of the complete improvements to other a bit different. Park 1 and Community club last build a local high school, as well a, ORANGE HAM SLICE Thursday evening, Fcbr~ary. 10, school buildings. in the district, Ford proved one of the most significant said it is planned to put the high 1 slice ham, 1 inch thick )4 cup orange juice A Court of Honor was held for 3 tablespoons brown sugar 1 Y2 teaspoons prepared mus.of recent months. school on a "pay as you go" basis -. ta rd grated orange , - teaspobns .....rind ,.-- .. - o--------··o...... I I Among·· . other disclosures resi-1 f th I··T 1 d h lY" t. The bovs, their . ' . . , rom e outset. -ie a so state t at rind 11 . dents attcndmg heard Mo1 ris E. I the 28 percent local 72 percent state :ader all received p lace , slice · · a bakmg · . dish. · . · · . ' now agreed to , . of ham 111 Combme brown sugar, Ford, school superintendent, out l'me. matching monry ratio mil.ny honors. Scout Commissioner grated orange" rind, orange juice, and prepared mustard. Pour financing proposals which will be 1 t t d · · t <t · l'k · Frank Sampson, representing the over ham, cover, and bake 'in a 325° F. oven for 35 minutes. Un. . . . · JY s a ea mims ra ors IS 1 ·e 1Y more . . . . . cover and l)lacc orang cctio . . tl , 1 . . h th, subuutted to the voters at the com- favorable than could be anticipated B t, troop and the sponsor, presented the · '.' '. , e s . ns on ic i,im. as C Wit c. · . l 1 • , · Al d' I .. d . d h d Al syrup 111 the pan, sprinkle with brown sugar and continue baking mg sc 100 e 1cctlOn. so isc use in future years. That is why, he new c1wrter an t c awar s. so u . ,cred f 01. 2o · t· · · " . . . p s· nt t'10 f a l'l)rar·y lot 1 ·. · ,. ·. . _ nco\ · ' nunu es. weic. re e a n said, it is hoped to raise $300,000 assistmg with awards was Sam Stock to the club Stanley Rosso donor· . · J . · · d ·· · ' '· · ' locally now, as the state will match mg r., scout comm1ss10ncr an Jlromising developments toward ade. -. . , · . . D .· , . ' only funds already voted. chauman of suHm Scouts. unng Midland Improvement c 1 u b for quatc.garbagc disposal and pending . . tl1c j)!'('S ntat'1011 of ti1 cl1artcr 1't '' . . 00 . . . ' . . Construct10n of the high school · c < leen-Agcrs have been d1scontmucd • • , enabling leg1slat10n for non-mumc1. . ' e · OJJ +0- I1'as until· further notJce, . was b r oug I1t ou t ti1a t T IO because of unpal park and playground programs. he , emphasized ' will do . much to re· . . f 01. 13 , d , · . . . hevc the load on pnmary schools. 1)CCn f.unc1 10 rnng yeais an ccrtamty of the weather. rn bnd and 111forma1 cercmornes all that time under the leadership d I b 'd R Parkland school has shown a growth . . ' ' · · ' S 1 b f th M'dl d con uctc< y past pres1 ent ay f of James Phillips of Larchmont. evera mem ers o e ' an The two proposals so far submit- Renwick W. W. Cline, Mrs. Arne o .400 , pup1 1s m t11e past tw~ years. Pl11·11· . . f ·h.. I "d I ti Improvement club attended Ahc tC'd to th .0t r" b th, B d 0f ' With its newly-completed six-room ips was urt er wnoic. )Y 1e . · ., . . ... . e " c ' _Y . c oar Ellingson and W. K. Clark were .. . . sponsor of the troop Amcncan Le- mcetmg of the Hanaid Imp1ovc- Directors of Franklin Pierce School . . . . ff addit10n, 1t can now accommodate 1 11 1 0 '.. · p . N · 9 ' .. . t d rncnt club, February 9, and enjoyed D'st ·ict N +O'> 'll th rnsta e~ mto t lCll' respective .'?es this year's enrollment but it is ing10n ost u. -, w1He 1I pi csen c . . . . .· . . l ' .. o. - w1 appear on c of president, secretary and puhhc1ty . ' . . him with a Certificate of Award t~1c exci_tmg co'.11bat films shown. March 5 election ballot under the director Robert Haner and E W. d1cated that BO more pupils will for service to the troo1J The com- hre Chief David McPherson and following respective titles· B . ·h · 'd · d be enrolled at Parkland next vear, ' · ·· · G T 1 d h. fl . . · e1 tz, c osen v1ce-pres1 ent an . , . ·. mittec also prrsentcd the mothers corge tir'.wi· s wwe . t e 1 ms. PROPOSITION NO. I treasurer res Jectivel at the Jan- above this _year. Transfe.r of Ifmth 1 f ·] I . . . · .·d 'th Those attendmg from Midland were: Sh ll , , · f SO 'II · '. y, grade pupils to the high school tic )Oys\ mg awar s wi · . a a tax 1cvy 0 nu s m uary dect10n were unable to attend . . · · , S 1, d ". B , · , Spalt Wartenbe, president of the , f ·h · l . ' . · . ., would be of cons1derablc aid. mmiatuie cout oa gc s. O) s rccel'. . , excess o t e maximum tax evy because of illness 111 their families. . •, h C Midland club Robert Clmton Lewis . I 'll b l . mg awards were: 1 11c t rec arr ,. . ' . . ' r provided by law be made on the Following the installation, Cline t WI c no easy tas' to get b'.'othcrs, Waync, Kenneth _and M~r- McA1to1 and Lois Johann. I a~scsscd valuati~n _of the Franklin confirmed the position he had ex- approval of the voters for the school nn, Kenncth Fullerton, Bill Collms Flower Bux Garden club met at Pierce School District No. +02, and pressed on his succession to the proposals, he concluded, as a vote and Robert Bain, all !'l'cciving sec- the home of Mrs. Orville Bombar- the proceeds thcrcuf, amounting to presidency last Noviembcr. He also equal to 40 pe1'cent of the ballots ond class awards. The home 1Tp'.tir <lier, February 9, with 20 members approximately $150,000, expended repeated his published announce- c.ast at the November general elecmerit badge was presented to Jm; attending. Mrs. Roy Christensen, to purchase a site for a high school I mcnt that no club banquet ~ould t1on must be turned out on March Phillips and. the safety nwrit badge president of th.e group, conducted huilding, to construct <J.nd equip a ·be held this year, it being replaced 5. Of that +O per~cnt, 60 perce~t


Mrs. Johann, Midland correspondent, w o u I d like to draw attention to the new phone number listed above. She will welcome all calls about any news items anyone would like to have published.

advantages and disadvantages for Parkland from incorpora· · · · , · · · b twn as a oty. Reaction was 1mmed1ate, with pnvate and pu , , . . . lie expressions commg from many residents who seemmgly shudder at the least thou ht of incorporation here. The editor g " 1 1 'l d l'b 1 · f I d · t' was part1cu ar y assa1 e as a I e or o t )C goo 1nten 10ns . · of the city of Tacoma. How can you think Tacoma wants ' . to reach out and grab Parkland? was the No. One refram on · 111·t para d.e. l'l!S . The answer to that IS: We do not feel Tacoma has taken or will take any overt action to swallow Parkland. Indeed , . . . It IS rarely that any large city itself launches a movement to. wards annexation of boundary areas. The compulsion toward . 1 1 f l . . . . annexation comes near y a ways rom t )C residents of the area concerned Gradually realizing that their position is be. twixt and betw'een-neither urban nor rural-they solve their . . . . . ; . · .· difficulty by Jommg the group with wh!Ch they have most 1n 't d ]] rl'l t · ll th t l k' . d. com1no n, th e Cl y we ers. 1a is a a ast wee s e 1, l . . . . . . . . tona attempted _to pomt out. Tl?at the history of areas suburban to large c1t1es shows growmg tendency toward annexation, commensurate with increase of population density ot the suburb. Nor does the Pointer believ that Parkla d Id , be 0 e ' ' n W U ever taken into Tacoma at one gulp. The process would likely be to •.':"ayn. e Carr. All pat~ol l.cad_ers 1 the busine. ss. nH'eting. Th.e club had high sch·o· ol building,·. an~ .to com-,1 by a community-wide picnic planned n'.ust_ l.)c favu.r'.1Me if tl~e school far more gradual-small pieces of our community slipping into rC'ce1vcd Awards of :tvfent. During been requested by the Harvard- pletc the grade .school additJons now to follow the final spring meeting. nancmg plan IS to cany. The vote will be counted from the whole conthe city fold from time to time; unless Parkland is previously the' program, Chief Petty Officer Midland Dawson playfield commit- authorized at the Midland and Cen.I. E. Overcash showed Navy films. tee to assist with future planning tral Avenue schools, as provided for solidatcd area as a single districtsolidified into a municipality of its own. . . . . . At the conclusion of the meeting,' for the park and Mrs. Cleo Nelson in Resolution No. 1, adopted by the which means 1,615 voters must cast .· Th'.s IS w!1a~ the. Pomter tr:ed to ad~1se last .~eek a~,d rcfrcshmc'.1ts were served. was appointed chairman of a vo~- Board of Directors of the district on (Con.tinued from Pai:;c One) ballots in the school election. still believes wise. That we exam me our present pos1t10n careThe Birthday club met at the untccr corrnrnttcc to work on tlus the 11th day of January, 1949. "Best wishes to both comrades, and (The school proposals are report· fully, forecast future conditions to the best of our ability and home of Mrs. Carl Taylor for a I and to make a study of other parks Tax Levy ........... , .......... Yes D a speedy recovery" is the message cd more fully elsewhere in this issue, determine now the most advantageous course to take. Then, noon luncheon, February JO, to hon-: and playficlds in an effort to make Tax Levy .. _..................... No D from everybody. as arc garbage and library develop· if decision is ever forced, we can move with our eyes open. or the birthd:iy of M1:s .. HcrnicC' j Dawsop fi.dd a I:eaut.y spot for the PROPOSITION. N~. 2 . A goodly turnout of the Auxiliary men ts). . 'll f ll ll f" d. Turne. r .. Mrs. Rut.Ii. W 1lli:uns re- communities wluch 1t serves. The Sh a 11 general obhgat10n scnal met at the home of Mrs. Amy W.a1President Cline reported to the . . T o t 11at en d , Tl1e P 01nter w1 report u y a ·111 · mgs . . " " • . • . . · h · . ·. . 1 1 group aitcr an ll)>encc . . . JOl!ll'L1 tic guest speaker for the evemng was bonds of the Franklin Pierce School maid. Later m t e evenmg, mem- membership on most recent actJon of the Parkland Busmess club on the matter and Will also of more than a year and others pres- Mrs. Stella Jacobs, who demonstrat- District No .402, Pierce County, bcrs of the Post joined the ladies of the Parkland Recreation council. publish_ a. v:eekl y series of inf or ma ti ve_ articles o~ th~ processes, ! e:1t w c r '." . the .llfrsdarhes B~n~i,cc I ed the. art ~f making Ming· trees. I Washington, be issued in the amount to e· n. j o y the h~spitality of the A. bill to . authorize local park disresponsibihties and likely results of mcorporat1on 111 general. 1 urncr, Lillian Campbell, Rose I u- i Mrs. Beryl fcffrc, a member, re- of $160,000 or such lesser amount charming and gracious hostess. tncts, which may vote assessments The first few of these articles will be based upon data fur- k~n. s, June Krcshak, Ila Cook, Anne; por~ed on the care of tuberous be- as ca.n ~c legally issued 11nder the . Plans for a joint sessio~ are be- ~or pa.rks and playgrounds, is now . h d b ! A . .. f W h. . C .. f I<...ernp, Helen Haddon and the hos- . gomas and the members held an const1tut10n and statutes govermng mg formulate. d for the next regular m the hands of Rep. Gordon J. ms e . Y. t JC ssociat!On o as mgton !ties, a non-pro ·it tcss. exchange of house plants. Mary the limitations of indebtedness, and meeting, February 25. District Pres-; Brown at Olympia, he said. It is 1 1 organ1zat10n formed· to promote the mutual welfare of memMrs. Pearl. Shephard D c n n is, Hushck and Marian Gaiser arranged the proceeds thereof expended to ident, Mrs. Funk, proposes to be in expected to hit the House hopper ber municipalities. It may be frankly stated now that the asso- wishes to thank all of her neighbors; the evening's program and Sue purchase a site for a high school attendance at that date. As a part I this week. This bill, he added, has ciation tends to foster the incorporation of likely areas, but and frirnds for their kindness a:id ' Gaiser and Leona Johnson ~vere hos- building, construct and equip a high of the evening's entertainment, a been drawn at the request of the its factual matter may be relied upon. From analyses prepared sympathy to her on the loss of her! tcsses. school building, a~~ to complete the most interesting film o:vn.ed by. C01:i-1 Parkl~nd Rec1cati01: counc'.l ~nd · t' t' th d · . f. mother. Junior Girls 4-H met at the home grade school add1t1ons now author- rade John Lee, dep1ct111g hfc m contains the cnablmg leg1slat10n b y th e assooa ion suppor mg . e propose 111corporat1on. o · . · · · . . . Mr. and :Mrs. Aaron Ila1mer c_n- 1 of its leader, Mrs. E. A, ·Brittain, 1zcd at the • Midland and Central. T ur k cy, 1s to b e sh own. All L eg10n· 1 Parkland needs and wants. He,urgcd the communities of D~s Momes and Skyway _Park, Washmg- tcrtained at their _home February February !O, to celebrate the birth~ I Avenue. schools, ~s provided for in n~ires and ladies arc cordial~y iu- residents to write Rep. Brown in ton, as fourth find third class towns, respectively, comes the 13 to honor the fmt birthday of day of President Joanne Morud. Resolution No. ~ adopted by the v1ted to be present. Watch this col- support of the measure. following statement of the general advantages to a community their daughtc,1-, Linda Louise. Guests Sharron ~shpctcr was appointed Board of Directors of the district' umn for fu~ther particulars. Frank Ward, Tacoma City Light from incorporation. These general advantages are only more inclu_ded Linda's grandmother, Mrs. Sunshine Girl, to send cards to on the 11th day of Januar~, 1949; Plans. f.,1~ raising mone_y, to meet executive, concluded the meeting as , bl . . l . l h f I-Iall1c Balmer, and. aunts and undes, members who arc ill The girls who the proceeds of the aforesaid bond the obligations the Aux1hasy may guest speaker He ably presented or 1ess app 11ca e 111 any part1cu ar mstance, sue 1 as t at o · · . exclusively . · f or cap- w1s · h to assume d. uring · . 'that· company's · arguments against Mr. and Mrs. Waller Ba1mc1. an d had· .planned to give · demonstrations issues to b e used t h e next Parkland. Jeanie, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tay- were either absent because of ill- ital purposes, either with or without months ahead, produced cnthusias- creation of a fish sanctuary on the lor and Donna. ness or just recuperating, so after a additional funds now available or tic discussion. Cowlitz river to exclusion of TaMr. and Mrs. Adrian Pearson of short meeting the girls enjoyed the hereafter available to the district for Opportunity in child welfare, coma's darn-building projects. GENERAL ADV ANTAGES OF INCORPORATION Midland arc announcing the C"n- birthday party. the purposes hcrcinbcforc stated; the , community service and hospital work By various grants of power to the city, the means and t;agcrnent of their daughter, Alice M I M El I M h II . aforesaid bonds lo hra r interest at I is .knocking constantly at our doors. Free estimates on repair and re. f r. anc rs. "con ars a aie . "f'l h ,, tools are furnished whereby the people can take positive May to James F. Weaver, son o th d t f V 1 t' a rate not to exceed four percent As usual, it ta 1ces t 11c 1 t y to model jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. ' · c prou paren s o a a en inc . " ,, / (adv.) Mr and Mrs Edward W. Weaver I A b t th F b ( 4"/o) per annum, payable semimake the mare go and a plopy action to accomplish needs and desires of the community; · · la1))'. · son was orn o . c1n c . . made T G l h annually, to mature in from two (2) is no exccphon. So come out to the of Spanaway. Plans arc being under county government the means is not available in some ruary 14·, at acon1a :rcncra os. · M ·I d b b d · to eleven ( 11) years from date of next meeting, polish up your ideas for an autumn wedding. pita 1. ot lCr an a y arc omg , . , cases, or is not localized. Specifically: '.ssuc and, as nearly as practicable, and help us shmc. Mrs. Captola Wartcnbe of Mid- well. 1. Control of type of building constructed. The people land returned February 14- to a Round-the-Clock lll such amounts annually as will, ---------Fuel Oil Service! Friends of Mrs. C. l•. Hicks of together with interest on outstandliving in thi's district can adopt their own regulations, so Tacoma hospital for a minor operDay or Night that shanties, undesirable buildings, etc., will not be erected 1 ation. Her condition is reported to Mid~and will be sorry to learn that I ing bonds, be met by equal annual I POINTER WANT ADS PAY Sundays she 1~ no:v forced to s~end most of tax levies for the payment of prinbe good. beside nice residences. Holidays La Fleur Garden club journeyed h:'.· t.unc m bed. Mrs. Hicks has been cipal and intc1·est, to be redeemable, FOR HOUSE WIRING 2. Size of lots, set-backs, etc., can be regulated, preventPhone any time! to the Top of the Ocean for its ailing for the past several years but all or in part, by the school district before was always able to be up at par and accrued interest, at the ing crowding. February CJ nwr·li111;. Mrs. Caroline option of the district and in inverse 3. Desirable control of drainage, septic tanks, sewers, Deering, president, acted as hostess. and around. PARKLAND-BROOKDALE order of number, upon any interest Those rnaking the trip were the is possible ELECTRIC Your Ncighborliood Electrician An Office of Population Research payment date on or after five years 4. Haphazard garbage and rubbish dumping ma,y be Mesdames Henry Bjorklund, StanF. J. Nordyke ley Lipke, Frank Becklund, Eugene has been established at the U niver- from date thereof, to be paid by an prevented, necessary controls established. , Brittain, William Hiller, Arthur sity of Washington to make contin- annual tax levy sufficient in amount 5. Zoning regulations can locate buildings and com- Rolfe, Phillip Zurfluh Jr., A. B. uous studies Of population trends to pay both principal and interest mercial activities wisely, prevent advertising signs, etc. and community growth in Washing- when du<', which annual tax levy York and the hostess. MOTOR TUNE-UP LUBRICATION 6. Restrictions can be placed on rowdy activities, disMrs. Noel Ilain has announced ton. It will aid in tabulating the shall be made in excess of any statuAtlas Tires and Baiterie; Complete Line of Ignition Parts tory and/or constitutional tax levy that thl~ dances sponsored by the 1950 census. turbances, public nuisances, loitering, noise, etc. limitations during the term of said 7. Roads can be operated, repaired, and maintain.ed to bonds. long: First while au thoritics practically ignored pleas that a the satisfaction of the people themselves. Bonds .............................. Yes O GRanite 6465 Spanaway on Mt. Highway 8. Long range planning for playgrounds and parks, real search be made for the girl while still she w'as listed as Bonds 0 missing; more recent! y while the authorities have blundered acquisition of future sites, is possible. POLLING PLACES The school directors, by resolu9. Regulation of itinerant peddlers, commercial amuse- about seeking a trail they had allowed to grow cold. tion, have designated the following ments and attractions, is possible. voting places for the March 5 school 10. The people will receive back a share of taxes paid p)r·ction: to state which are shared only with cities except for gas tax. 1-Central Avenue school. 11. Means thereby furnished to initiate improvements 2-Collins school. 3-Midland school. such as paving, sidewalks, lights, sewers, water systems, 4-Parkland school. when people so desire. Voting hours arc to be between 12. Can regulate traffic, speeds, control hazards. 8 a.m. ·and 8 p.m. 13. Can take active steps for better· police. PARKLAND GR 7~47 14. Control of transportation. FARMERS UNION SLATES,


H ere ' s H ow Sch .1

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Call GR. 6789, days

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Sporting Goods and Hardware


Daniels Hard are

Patience Runs Out Robert Goebel, Brookdale handy-man whom the Pierce



county sheriffs found handy to take the heat off their own necks while they went back to their pinochle game, still sits in the county jail. He's been there for nearly a month now and still is not charged with any crime. Officials say he has not asked legal aid, with which it is likely he could soon gain release. It is understandable that he would not want to go home to Brookdale while still under the shadow of suspicion the sheriff's office has cast upon him, apparently without real fo.undation, especially since the sheriffs are not likely to be big enough to clear his name even though they must know



I I:Weather plays an important part in the development and testing

WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AT MIDLAND Mountain View local of the Farmers' Educational and Cooperative Union will celebrate Washington's· birthday n e x t Tuesday evening, February 22, at Midland hall. The public is invited and no admission will be charged. Professor: "You don't seem to know the first thing about syntax." College Student: "Ye gods! Don't tell me they're taxing that now!" ~·

. n. • •• . · r 1our i:lanuers ana• •waxers ·I FOR RENT

by now whether he is innocent. , Also understandable is the action of Brookdale neighbors of aerial m.issiles. ~~~refore, the U. S. Navy maintains comp~ete meteorological fac1hbes at the Naval Ordnance Test Statron, PARKLAND LUMBER of slain Noreen McNichols, who are now soliciting a reward Inyok~rn, Cal~f., !or pr~i;Iicting th«: an~ics of ~Id Man Weat!ter. AND HARDWARE. to be posted for information leading to conviction of her Sue~ m_formatron is add1ho?Ially <?f mvaluable aid to the Amencan Wilson St., just off Mt. Hiway public m many ways and is avallable when needed. GRanite 7900 brutal assailant. They have already sat patiently by for too (Ofiicial Navy Photograph) ,


We are now equipped to 1·


Repair: Home and Car Washing Machines Radios ·· and AIJ Electrical Gadgets We Arc LICENSED and BONDED ELECTRICIANS -andAuthorized CROSLEY and APEX Dealers

Come In or Call -

Let Us Take Care of Your Troubies and Needs:

Pa land-Brookdale Elec c


]\fountain Highway, South of Parkland 1

GRanite 6789

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, February 17, 194·9

SPANAWAY Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter P. 0. Box 228 - GR. 67j7


at 8 o'clock, followed by an evening I of entertainment. The party is for adult members of the Community club only.




• Saturday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bronwarcl of The home of Mrs. James Snow Shepard Simmons road wne Mr. on Mountain highway was the scene and Mrs. Larry T. Boyles of Taof a stork shower Saturday afterC0111[L noon, February 12. The shower was Friendly D.ozen Birthday club met in honor of Raymond Eugene Honk, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Houk Wednesday afternoon at the home of Tacoma. Little Gene entered the of Mrs. Ernest Tarpcnning on the world nn January 16, weighing six Mountain highway. The occasion and onc-qu;u-tcr pounds. Mrs. Houk celebrated the birthday of Mrs. Jack is the former Florence Davis of K a n to n. Following a luncheon, Spanaway. Attell'ding were the Mes- games wcrP, played under thP direcda111cs Randolf Snow of Roy, C. H. tion of Mrs. Robert Schultz. MemFunkhouser, Victor Fox and Eva lwrs attending we r c: :Mesdames Davis; the Misses Wilma Righetti, Doris Ornat, Emily Ball, Walter ElBetty Fox and Rose Marie Righetti lis, J.arnes Splane, Harry F. Pillsof Spanaway, and Miss Ruby Stauf- bury, Marie Kanton, Althea Flanfacher of Parkland. The hostess used nery, Robert Schultz, George Wool}.fa_nning and the hosa valentine theme, with candy and house,MRobert T · Tl t lC ncx. cake. Garnes were played and prizes tess, . rs. . arpcnmng. won by the Mesdames Houk, Davis met:lmg will be held at the home of Mrs. James Splane, in Elk Plain. I and Funkhouser. A delightful lunch· . . . eon followed, enjoyed by all attendNewcomer~ to Spanaway arc .,Mr. rng. and Mr:'· Ricl:anl Mt'.rdock. 1 ~wy Miss BcHy Ann Fox recently re- <Jre makmg their home 111 the Steidel vealcd her engagement to Cpl. James cottage on Pacific street. --<> Houchins, son of Mr. and 1frs. EvLouis Symmons of Pacific street, " , • 1,, crctt Houchins of Brownville, Ken- accornpanied by Mrs. Symmons and Poor Dorothv-ahe II NEVER get a tan this summer-, tucky. Miss Fox is a daughter of I their three sons, Larry, Joe and , ~Ir. and Mrs ..Victor Fox of East I Warren, a birthday. dinner ti~nson, Florence Keller of OlymI• and Extcns10n road. Corporal Thursday cvcmng, given 111 his honor pia, 1'fr. and Mrs. Harvey Ouhl, I . Houchins is stationed at Fort Lewis. by his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. Mr. <Jnd Mrs. George Ouhl, Amos: 1 N_o date has been set for the wed- and 1~rs~ ,Harold Rollins, at their Onh.I, Jearictte, Wiln)a, Gerald and dmg. home m I acom<J. David Ouhl. l\frs. Robert Steidel was hostess On February 11, Mrs. Pete AnJlollowino- the meeting at the Forty-five alarms were answered at a demonstration party given at derson. et·lebral<YI her. 62nd birth- school, 'fh~rsday evening, Mr. and I by the Parkl~nd Volunteer Fire deher home on Pacific street, l'riday ~ay with a fanu~y d'.mwr, at ,h'.'r Mrs. William Righetti of Twelfth part~ent dunng the year 1948, acevening-. Games w1'rc played. First home on Monntarn. highway. Chi!- street <'ntertained a few guests with cordmg to the year-end rep~rt i·eprizc went to Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith drc11 and grandchi~drcn gathered a delicious luncheon. Attending were c.entl:' released. The calls mclude and the consolation prize_ to Mrs- at the table to wish her happy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steidel, Mr. five mstances .whe~ t~e department June Steidel. Many useful gifts were h1rt,h~ay. . . . and Mrs. Harry W. Smith, Mr. and ".'ent out of .its distnct to the asawarded to all present. An evening I·nends and neighbors of Everett Mrs. Joseph Barsotti, Richard SIStance of neighl?or depart~1cnts'. games, under the direction of Rogers arc sorry to learn that he Fraser Wilma and Rose Marie Ri, Damage resultmg from fires withMrs. Kay Carlson, was enjoyed by has hem confined to Tacoma Cen- glwtti 'and Mrs. Doris Omat. in the dist.rict during the year is all. Following the games, refresh- '":al h<'.spital with a back injury and The W.S.C.S. of the Spanaway estima~ed at $4-,74-0'. with damage mvnts were served by the hostess. wish hun a speedy return to health. 11ethodist church will meet this aft- occurrmg but not estnnate!l; on four Attending were Mr. and 1frs. Erwin Mr. and Mrs. Sam Green, resi- ernoon at the home of Mrs. Ray calls. The greatest single loss was Timm, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Green, dents of Spanaway and members of Turner on Henry Berger road. The $3'.500 d~mage to the . Parkland Mr. and Mrs. William Righetti, Mr. the faculty at Spanaway school, meeting will feature a silver tea- Gri'.1, partially covered by msurance. and JYfrs. Oliver Omat, :tvfr. and have a new home on La- and a missionary from Seattle will 1 he .breakdown of :alls answered, Mrs. Dick Murdock, Mr. and Mrs. feyctte street m Parkland. . speak on missions in China. (There accor~mg to ~ype of fll'e, shows: . Walter Fcdderson, Mr. a'.1d Mrs. Eighth grade pupils at t.he Span- will be .a luncheon a.t 12:30). VisChmmey fues, 18 calls, 16 withDon McLcllan, Mr. and Mrs. Em- away school, under the gutdance of itors arc cordially welcome. out damage, one $150 loss, one mcrson Ta. rpenning, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Grdthcn, ci,ics teacher, made Friends and neighbors of Mr. and $100 loss; overheated ~toves, 5 calls, Bob Steidel, and the Mesdames He!- a trip to Oly111pia, Wednesday. They Mrs. Ray Bagley arc sorry to hear no damage; brush fires, 3; false cn Taylor, Beulah Ballard, June 1·isitcd the stc1tc Capitol and learned ol the death of their infant son, alarms, 2; barn fires, 2.' damage to S. '.'tc~dc·I, Joe B~rsotti, Harry W., hm:' the dcpart1nents of our state lYficha. el Ray, .and extend sincere hay and roof .a~ Curti~s ha~chery, Srmth and Louts Symmons. leg<Slatur.c opera!<>. sympathy to the family. one no damage, car fnes, ~, one Pete Anderson of Mountain high- I Attending an afternoon tea, at Capt. Mrs. James T. Deaton $10 loss, one $lS loss. wav was confined to St. .J oscph's the home of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle of East E street were victims of a Other calls were: Faulty furnace ho;pital Saturday, with a kidney Cox of the Mountain highwiiy, on ti·affic accident, when an automo- exploded, no damage; furnace mo.tor infection. Wednesday afternoon, w c r c the bile hit their town car while re- burned, $L~; house fue, The regular monthly social eve- Mesdames Martha Pietz, Gladys J turning from Madigan hospital. The I caused by lighted cig~rettc, damage ning of the Spanaway Progressive Willoughby, Nadine Dix 0 11 and accident occurred at Ponders cor-1 to be?room; house fire,_ cau~ed by Community club will be Saturday, Mickie Cox, . . rH'rs, and did considerable damage defecuv: range, damage to I;itchen; February 19, .at the Community Seen along the Mountarn lllgh- to the Deaton car. Fortunately, Cap- ~ous~ fire'. damage t~ curtams and hall in Spanaway Metropolitan park. way: Art Pietz, hitching a home- tain and Mrs. Deaton escaped in- mtenor parnt; house fire, $4 00 damA pot luck dinner will be served mack sled to a .black shetbnd pony jury. a~e to rug an~ ma~tel;. concrete and g-ivinou l11s two small sons, I l\f' r. an d M rs. G <,;orgc Tl1orl'1eson mixer motor fire; bid fire, $500 · • _ . . Wayne and Lloyd, the ride of tlw1r of Seattle cnjoycd a dinner Tuesday loss cov.ered by I~surance; wall fire ATTENTION! Taxpayers lives. c\'cning· at the home of Mr. and above fireplace, $50 ~arnage. . . Why pay more than yon owe? Mrs. Mildred Smiley and Mr. and ~·1 . D on SI1a ff on 14· t h iee .. t . Calls answered outside the distnct • • w is. . . Let 1 Mis. George Wl11tncy were dmncr Thorlicson and Mrs. Shaff are sis- were_: Assistmg Sp~~away departguests, Sunday, at the home of l'v[r. tcrs. mcnt-three. hou~e fues with two of Prepare Your Returns and Mrs. Don Shaff on 14-th street. l'ricnds of Ernie Nieman will be them resultmg m total loss, one His aim is to increase your Mrs. Amos Ouhl. her glad to learn that he is now at fire. with $4-,000 damage;. a:Refund, not your Tax birthday, Sunday, with a family re- home after bcinrr confined to a sistmg Midland department-Fntz s Parkland, Wash. 415 Garfield union at the Onhl home on the hospi:al for mon~hs following an Tavnn fire_ Residence Phone GRanite 4443 Rates Reasonable Mountain highway at First street. attack of spinal mening1t1s. His MUST YOU FILE 1949 ------------------- I Wishing her a happy birthday and mqny friends wish him a speedy ESTIMATE? ' ' enjoying a delicious dinner were: recovery. For the Woman Who Sews: In addition to your 1948 inMrs. Richard Freiheidt, Lou is e Little Ann Cox, daughter of. Mr. Cavc, Norville Ouhl, Lucille Chris- and Mrs. Doyle Cox of the Moun- come tax return,· you must also MATERIALS Trimmings Lace tain highway, has been ill with a file by March 15 a Declaration of Estimated Tax if in 1949, you Stamped Goods cold and absessed ear. Yarns expect eitherCrochet Tluead .Laboure Mrs. Lily Pfaff, R.N., of Moun1. Your wages (subject to withAll Kinds at tain highway, is the new reception· 1'J1111ur§in~ Dome holding) to exceed $4,500 plus ist at thP Parkland clinic. Tule Lake Road Mrs. James M. Slater of Twelfth $500 for each exemption, or GR 8077 2. Your other income to exceed Parkland street spent the week end at Che7025 Pacific Avenue $100 (assuming your overall inhalis. Mrs. Phil Taylor of Twelfth street come exceeds $600).








Carl Hess

Hiway Variety Store


... i:i

Snappy - Speedy Service



Call BR. 8311





H :::



::: !·!


-for:.: UPLAND SLAB .. -····-····· .. ··-····-·-......... -··-····-·-··············lY, CORDS i~ UPLAND SAWDUST ····-···-·· .... ··-···-···-···· .. -............ -....... 2 UNITS ::: UPLAND SHA VIN GS -·-········-·-·····-................. _....... _..... 2 UNITS FROM LOVELAND MILL i:i


G. ANDERSEN FUEL CO. 1549 Dock Street



Tacoma, Wash.


:.: :·:



FIR LUMBER! 2x4-8-ft. No. 4 common, per M $19.00 2x4-··8-ft. No. 3 con11n01Lper M $45.00 WE CUT GLASS

Baskett: lumber o. GR. 8438


Phone GR. 8519

Call GRanite 8112

for ACCURJ?,TE Prescription Service



sustained painful injuries when she reportedly slipp<"d and fell on the concrete floor in the lunchroom of the Spanaway school, Monday evening. Sgt. Kermit Wolfe, formerly of Spanaway but now of Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky, has been visiting old friends in Spanaway. Sergeant Wolfe is in charge of a cadre which is forming a part of the Second dil'ision at Fort Lewis. Camp Breckenridge is being de-ac;tivated and Wolfe hopes soon to be back as a resident of Spanaway. Sgt. Orizon Johnston of McChord field was a' week end guest at the home of Sgt. and Mrs. Jens Jensen of the Henry Berger road. Bill Fueston of Mountain highway enjoyed a week end at Seattle. Tony Mrous Jr. of the Mountain highway is now employed at Fort Lewis. Word has been received by friends of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scott, of the Mount:iin highway at the Roy Y, that they are enjoying the sunshine


T\ A Tl> TTT


A 1'. T1'

1-\..ft.t\.Lf-li ~ u

P.-.rkla:nd .=uel Oil d l l d ~er'1ice ~ta.tion Distributors of Standard Oil Products GRanitc 8112

Parkland, Wash.

PHARMACY Pacific Avenue and Airport Road

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Solderless-Bolts On Slip-Yoke BATTERY CABLE TERMINAL

Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter GA. 7302

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kennedy Sr. One size fits either size post, any size cable - simple to put on, are opening a store to be known as easy to take off-won't corrode. , Kennedy's Kapowsin Korner. They will handle fishing tackle, etc., as UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED well as groceries and will be ready for business around the 1st of March. You'll Want to Carry a Spare One for Unexpected Ne~d They invite their friends, when in 'ill the neighborhood, to drop in and say "hello." Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy had lived on L street for 20 years before moving to Kapowsin. Mr. and Mrs. Al ·Emery celebratDELIVERY SERVICE ed their third wedding anniversary SPANA WAY ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL in their new home at Brookdale. GRanite 6547 and GRanite 7533 Present for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kennedy Sr., parents of Mrs. Ei11ery, and her brothers, E. R. Kennedy Jr. and Delbert Kenned also Mr. and Mrs. E. R. y, Kennedy Jr. Miss Dora A. Berg of the Pacific l\1rs. Harvey Weeks Sr. won a Lutheran college art department pin and earring set for having the The Washington State Press announced this week that an art most invited guests at the Waller Club Round Table seems to have !"xhibit, to include work of her first Road Mothers' club Valentine lunch- steamed up a bowlful. semester stude-nts, will be shown this con, held February 8. Mrs. Ruth Contenders from far and near, Saturday and Sunday, February 19 Bethel was guest speaker, on the hungry to get into the great Seatand 20. topk "Youth Guidance." T Ii 0 s e tle Clam Bowl, have picked np The exhibit will be held in the present at Mrs. Weeks' table were the challenge of the International college Art building, located across the Mesdames Cox, Sirrman, Floyd Pacific Free Style Amateur Clam the street from the college Library. Barlow, Clarence Berger, No ah Eating Contest Association to The showing will be from 9 o'clock Weeks, Frank Baskett, and Allan enter the gustatory bout. a.m. until 5:30 p.m., both days, and Silwrnail. Finals will be held at 3 p.m., all interested persons will be welMr. and Mrs. A. A. Drath cele-, February 22 under the floodlights comed. brated their 34-th we-cl ding anniveron the revolving quarterdeck of sary quietly at their home, Feb-' the Pacific Northwest Boat Show, ruary 8. Field Artillery Armory, 305 Har:Mrs. Bill Ames is under observarison St., Seattle. tion at a Tacoma h?spital while J If any South End resident owns 1'1·0111 Mexico, from Canada, waiting the results of many tests. an unused wood range, suitable for from Scandinavia, from all the Del Kennedy returned home from cooking, he now has a grand OJ?porCWCE in time to celebrate his 19th clam eating states on tlie Atlantic I tunity to put it back into service, to birthday and was too ill to enjoy and Pacific coasts, the men who excellent purpose. This opportunity his-birthday dinner. Those who did have grown strong on clams have arises in an appeal made for donaenjoy it though were the rest of asked for the rules and regulations tion of such a range for use in of the contest. his family. Dawson fieldhouse. Rules arc simple and governed l\frs. Jessie Goodell, who resides If you would like to win the on McNeil island, was a week end by IPFSACECA ideals of true thanks of the many people using clam eating sportsmanship. A conguest at the home of Mrs. 0. E. Dawson field, and have a suitable test consists of one 10-minute Smith. range to donate or know of someone Harvard Improvement club met at round of uninterrupted clam eat- who may, be willing to donate a H. arvard. school. last week for an ing. Official counters, judges and range, call GA. 7802 or HI. 1 i47. enjoyable evening of conibat films, umpires will keep the deal on the Arrangements can be made _to pick projected by D. ave McPherson and up-and-up (or perhaps that's the it up. George Turner. Guest of the eve- wrong word) . Clams used will ning was Lt. Kelly, a reserve offi- be the famous steamed little necks. Patronize Your Advertisers cer. was .throug:1 Lt. Kelly that of the Pacific Northwest, beach run. the films were available. Sunshine Sewing club will meet The clam crown last year was February 24 at the home of Mrs. won by Dick Watson, Seattle, who Illa Shipton, with Hazel Kennedy downed 132 steamed clams to 123 as co-hostess. At the last meeting, gulped by the Atlantic Coast 1frs. Norma Shepro sang with Mar- champion from Massachusetts. garct Crouch accompanying her at Watson, so far undefeated, is a the piano. contender in this contest. Entries Herb Kennedy Jr. is confined in should be made with the secretary Daily Service to Parkland, T<;tcoma General hospital. He under- of the IPFSACECA, Ivar HagSpanaway and Surrounding went a skin graft on his hand last lund, Pier 54, Seattle 4. Territory • wee]· · \., as c:a result of burn in3'uries • PICK-UP AND Billi Jo Smith wishes to thank all Monthly terms on all purchasesDELIVERY SE~I""'C""E"""'......-il her well wishers, especially the mem- Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) bers of , the Harvard and Midland P-~A, for their ki~d remembrances dunng her recent illness. G. Anderson, of Anderson Fuel Co., has taken over the fuel service from the Loveland mill. Anderson has been in the fuel business for 30 years.

PLC Art Students Will Exhibit Work



Cookstove Sought For Dawson Field





mn 4122

Interurban Auto Freight, Inc.


Call "The Voice of Parkland"

at GRanite 7380

EVANGELIST, SOLOIST RETURN TO FERN HILL Gavin Hamilton, Scot evangelist I who conducted a series of meetings in the Fern Hill grade school last September, will speak at the Fern Hill Baptist church, South 86th and G, Friday, February 18, at 7:30 p.m, Accompanying Hamilton will be· Ray McAfee, one of the great baritone soloists and song leaders of the United States. Last October, Mcat Miami, Florida. The climate Afee was judged the second leading seems to agree with Mrs. Scott and young baritone of the United States, in a contest that convened in Carher health is greatly improved. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Reeves negie hall, New York. The two men also may be heard of East Military road, have recently become the parents of a seven-pound in the First Covenant church, South son. The little chap was born Jan- 10th and I, February 20 at 3 p.m., uary 20, at the Northern Pacific hos- where McAfee will present one of pital and has been named Lawrence his fine sacred concerts and HamilDonald. Besides his parents, he was ton will bring a brief message.


welcomed home by two brothers, Dennis and Robert, and a sister, Carolyn. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Reeves of Tacoma and the maternal grandmother is Mrs. Carolyp Simpson, also of Tacoma. Sympathies are e:Xtended to Larry and Frank Failey on the recent d c a th of Mrs. Lawrence Failey (Mary Madeline) who was very well known in Spanaway. She was the wife of Larry and 'mother of Frank. Life really does begin at forty, according to Ervie Christilaw of the Mountain highway near the Roy Y, as he celebrated his fortieth birthday Thursday evening, with a dinner party given at.his home. Among those enjoying. the dinner and wish- J ing him "happy birthday" were: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rocke, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wright, Mr. and Mrs. William N .. Koch, Tony andTommy Roepke, Richard and Kay J Koch and Mrs. Erdine Christilaw. Miss Della Cooley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Faye Cooley of East E 'street, has been confined to her home with a seve. re heart ailment. ,· Her many friends and schoolmates wish her a speedy return to health.

Louise and Bob Lynd will put your news item on the

12:15 to 1:00 p.m. Friday over KTBI


'~'~'~""'= w:tict<J

Whenever possible ... WASH AND BATHE AFTER 6:30 PM THE power shortage facing the entire Pacific Northwest reaches its pe ak between 4:30 and 6:30 PM. During these 0

critical hours, WASTE.NO ELECTRICITY. Wash and bathe before -4:30 or after 6:30. Turn off lights not actually needed. HELP CONSERVE ELECTRICITY.

Remember the Critical Hours 4:30 TO 6:30 PM


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I Young Folk

'l'YLE-BORD For the Kitchen and Bath

VAUGHAN'S PACIFIC A VE. LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific Averiue


CLOVER CREEK Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289 A public hearing will be held at the Clover Creek school, Thursday, February 17, at 8 p.m. The purpose of the hearing will be to explain to the voters of the district the proposed consolidation of schools. A member of the county school office and a member from the office of the state superintendent of schools will be present to answer questions, John Kuper, clerk of the Clover Creek school board, has announced that the books are now open to file for candidacy for the office of school director for District 4. Books will be open until 'February 23. The election, which will take place on March 5, promises to be an interesting one, as already three men have "thrown their hats into the ring." Those who have filed are: Laurence E. Holt, Harlow W. Tuttle and Erwin Ward. Mrs. H a r r y Markstone entertained a number of relatives and friends at dinner, Sunday, in honor of the birthday of her father, W. W. Plew of Lake Louise. Covers were laid for: The honored guest, Mrs. Plew, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Phillips, Henrietta and Barbara Jean Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Plew, Tom, Jack and Jerry Plew, Mrs. Vera Harry, Shirley and Judy Harry, Mrs. Pauline Lamb, Mary Mark~ stone, Wallace Markstone and the host and hostess. Ladies Auxiliary- of Clover Creek grange met at the home of Mrs. Fred Sutter, Thursday afternoon, February 10, for 1·eguiar meeting. After a short business session the afternoon was spent in sewing and visiting. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Ray Hammond of Tacoma spent the week end with Paul Smithlin. Hammond formerly lived· in Clover Creek. Mrs. G. M. Renner is spending a few days at the home of her son, Roy Renner. Little Ruthie Keene was taken to a hospital Sunday night, suffering from pneumonia. Her father, Bill Keene, who has been in a Tacoma hospital for a month following a heart attack, is expecting to return home this week. Barbara Cope, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Casey Cope, has been returned to her home after spendfog some time in a local hospital, caused by complications from the flu. Mrs. Fred Pratt was called to Roseburg, Oregon, by the illness of her daughter and granddaughter. Mrs. Pratt expects to be gone for some time. The Busy Eight will meet at the home of Mrs. Forst Vatter, Thursday, February 17, for luncheon and an afternoon of visiting. Mr. artd Mrs. S. I. Carlson entertained with a pinochle party at their home on the John Mahan road last Saturday night. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Forst Vatter, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lemmons, and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Gammon. In honor of the birthday of her daughter, Barbara, Mrs. Roy Renner entertained a group of youngsters with a dinner party in her home last Sunday. The table was beautifully decorated with a large Valentine box centerpiece. Inside were fortunes. Favors were valentines and the red-and-white traditional valentine colors were carried out in the dee.orations. Gaines were played and Barbara was presented with a number of lovely gifts. Guests included: Elsie, Luella and Tommy Keene, Betty and Vernon Meyers, Jane McCammon, Richard Rhea, Dorothy Bolieu and George Allen.



Land Tax Is Seen Insufficient for Drainage Finance .


Spanaway Are Principals of Three Colorful Wedding Services Held in Recent Weeks




Financing problems of drainage districts under present land tax support arc outlined for the information of residents of Drainage District 14, by Supervisor Frank Baskett of Midland. Baskett is a candidate for reelection as supervisor, to a two-year term, at the General Spring election, March 8. He states: Recently, two meetings have been held at the Pierce county courthouse, with virtually all drainage supervisors of Pierce county attending. The purpose of the first meeting was to change drainage assessments, making them by valuation instead of land tax. This would bring in more funds to clean roadside ditches. As it now stands, a property owner with two lots and buildings, valued from 8 to 10 thousand dollars, pays approximately 25c tax per year for drainage. Many of the property owners are willing to increase their taxes if proper drainage would be. forthcoming, but under the present rules can only be charged the land tax of 25c, this being partly used to make up and mail the tax statements. Most of the supervisors attending the meetings were from farming areas and were satisfied with the present land tax. It was pointed out by J. L. Krillich that any other form of taxation would come under the 40 mill limit. Krillich also stated that a group of property owners could drain their land by forming a local improveme.nt district, the people benefiting from the L.I.D. paying for the benefits. Under present laws, county commissioners are not allowed to do land drainage or use road funds for this work. Drainage District 14 assesses each fall, a tax to maintain the present drainage ditch, constructed in July, 1920, said Baskett.

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, February 17, 1%9







More than 125 guests witnessed On Friday evening, February 11, recent rites which united in mar- Miss Catherine Margaret (Margie) riage Miss Alice Marie McCauley, daughter of Mr. and of Spanaway and Mr. James Arthur Mrn. John McCauley of Spanaway, Snow of Roy. The ceremony took became the bride of Mr. Thomas place in the Spanaway Full Gospel McGraw, son of Mr. and Mrs. tabernacle, before an ·altar decked Thomas McGraw, also of Spanaway. with lighted candlcdra and winter The beautiful and impressive ceregreens. The double-ring .service was many was held at 8 o'clock in the performed by the Rev. Stanley A. home of Mr. and Mrs. James AnWeddlc. derson on the Mountain highway. The bride, daughter of Mr. and 1 Mrs. Anderson is the bride's tldest Mrs. Charles F. Funkhouser of East sister. The wedding took place unF and Extension road, Spanaway, der a pink-and-chite archway enwas given by her father. Attired in twined with carnations, conducted a beautiful white satin gown, with by the Rev. W. Svinth. One corner old fashioned lace bodice, she wore of the room was fi~ed to represent a' fingertip veil entwined with or- an altar. ange blossoms. Her bouquet was of Given in marriage by her father, pure white carnations. Miss Rose Miss McCauley was attired in an Marie Rig·hetti of Spanaway, the afternoon gown of electric blue tafmaid of honor,- wore an aqua gown feta with white accessories. A coroand carried a bouquet of carnations. net of pink and white hyacinths was Other attendants were two brides- in her hair. She wore a corsage of maids, the Misses Betty Alexander pink and white carnations, entwined of Yakima and Wilma Mac Righetti with hyacinths. Miss Beverly Mcof Spanaway. They wore matching Cauley, sister of the bride, was maid pastel-pink gowns and carried pink of honor and wore a white sharkcarnation nosegays. skin dressmaker suit, with a corsage Candlelighters were the Misses of pink and white carnations. Jerry Betty Ann Fox of Spanaway and McGraw, brother of the groom, was Marjorie Ann Johnson of Tacoma, best man. who also wore pale pink gowns and Mrs. McCauley, mother of the corsages of pink carnations. Pink bride; was attired in black, and Mrs. carnations also adorned the candles. Thomas McGraw, mother of the The bridegroom, son of Mr. and groom, choose navy blue. Each wore Mrs. Randolph Snow of Roy, was a corsage of gardenias and hyaattended by his brother, Harold cinths. Men of the bridal party alL Snow, as best man. Ushers were: wore white car~ation boutonnieres. Another brother, Raymond Snow of The pink and white theme was Pullman, and Robert Funkhouser of carried throughout both service and Spa.naway, a cousin of the bride. A reception was held at the home reception, whcrQ a beautiful fourof the bride's parents, immediately tier wedd5ng cake, topped with a following the ceremony. Mrs. Funk: miniature bride and groom under an houser wore a grey afternoon gown archway~ was the centerpiece of a with matching grey accessories and beautifully decorated table. The a corsage of pink carnations. Mrs. cake was cut by the newlyweds and Snow chose a black print gown with served by Mrs. Anderson. Miss Colblack accessories and a corsage of leen McGraw, sister of the groom, white carnations. Mrs. Hazel Kirby presided at the urns.

Miss Mary L o u i s e McCool, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George McCool of Electron, Wash., became the bride of Mr. Ronald A. Wright at a double-ring ceremony Sunday, February 6, at 3 o'clock p.m., in the Electron Community hall. The Rev. W. Svinth of Spanaway performed the ceremony which was held by candlelight before a background of greens and large baskets of pink and white snapdragons, carnations and chrysanthemums.


of Seattle, aunt of the bride, was in charge of the guest book. Serving the wedding cake was Mrs. Robert Lorang of Seattle. Mrs. Cecil Collier of Puyallup and Ml'S. Ray Corbin of Spanaway presided at the urns. Miss Phyllis Collier of Puyallup, was in charge of the gifts and gift book. For her going away costume, the bride chose a pale green tailored suit with dark brown accessories and a corsage of white carnations entwined with tiny red rosebuds. Following a short honeymoon, the newlyweds are now receiving guests at their new home on Mountain highway. They are both graduates of Roy high school.

Guests attending the wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. Orville Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGraw Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Offord Ritz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pfaff, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Andcrson, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Richard· Most, Mr. and Mrs. John Farron, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Johnson; the Misses Betty Sully, Shirley Shiever, Colleen McGraw, Bevedy McCauley; Messrs. Paul Templer, John Pfaff, Orville Nickleson, Ralph Robertson and John McVey; the Mesdames J. Hicks, Everett Rogers, Sylvia McVey and Everett Ekcholm.

The bride was given in marriage by her father, before a group of more than seventy guests. She was attired in a brown dressmaker suit with brown accessories. She wore a corsage of pink carnations and carried a white prayer book with shower of carnations. Mrs. Richard Elby was matron of honor and only attendant to het' sister. She wore a grey suit with pink accessories. Her corsa·ge was also of pink carnations.

I I I'


Modahl Auto Parts Burglarized of $22.50


ALBERT DANIELSON Loot amounting to $22.50 cash, Albert T. Danielson, well known Pierce county insurance agent, died from the register, was taken from at a Tacoma hospital Sunday, Feb- the Modahl Auto Parts store in ruary 13, at the age of 83 years. Spanaway Wednesday night of last He had been a resident of Parkland . . . week, February 9, by a bm.·gfar or f 01· 3 8 years. He was active rn church and community affairs and burglars who forced entry through was a member of the Evangelical a rear storeroom. The theft was Lutheran church in Parkland. discovered by owner Chester MoMr. Danielson was interested in dahl the next morning, shortly after cooperatives and was one of the d l · t 1r l t organizers of the Parkland Water 11e opene us es a) is imen. ancl Light Co. He served for a time Sheriff's deputies responded to as a member of the Parkland school Modahl's report of the burglary, but burglar is yet reportboard . H e was an agen t f or t h e no clue to ·the . . Farmer's Mutual Insurance Co. of ed. Left behrnd by the mtruder was Enumclaw, the State Farm Mutual a pale blue girl's sweater, which Insuran'ce Co. of Bloomin'gto~, Ill., apparently had been _use~ by the to protect his £1st when and the. Ore.gon M u t ua l I nsurance burglar : . . ·11 e, 0 regon. H e breakmg a . pane of glass m the Co . Of MCM mnv1 retired a few years ago. storeroom "'.m~ow. Funeral services will be held on. After breakmg the pane, the enframe was removed by Tl1u rsda, y, F e b ruary 17 , a t 2 o, c1oc k· tire window . . . l L I' the thief before cntcrmg. From th. e fron1 ti1e P ar kl · an d E· vange1ica uthcran church on Mountain high- storeroom, the burg I a r crashed · through a door into the store. Only 1 Wa 'y. ,· d I)y: Ell a D an1e · I son the money was taken from the regHe l·s s u 1.'ive · 1son istcr and nothing Of Ra) , 'm on d , W as l1., J unc D an1e · else in the store of Tacoma and Fred Danielson of was disturbed. Modahl on!'. discovPai·kland , was h . ~"'"\. • b ro th e1,. D an1e · 1 cred the crime when . he noticed that Danielson of North Dak<'ta, and a bolt .had been ripped away from Mrs. Anna Kittleson of Minnesota. the door to the storeroom. After climbing baek out through the winMICHAEL'RAY BAGLEY I dow, the interloper replaced the Michael Ray Bagley, three-month- window frame. old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bagley I The Modahl establishment was of Third street, Spanaway, died burglarized once before, about five Monday, February 7, in a Tacoma years ago. At that time, auto acceshospital of pneumonia. He is sur- sorics, tires and batteries were takvived by his parents, a sister Kay, ~f I-en. They nevei· recovered. the home; grandparents, Mr. and Modahl states that the owner of Mrs. Elmer Bagley of Brookdale, the sweater, which shows jagged and his grandfather, Frank Niessen tears from the broken window glass, of Spanaway. Funeral services were may recover it by appearing prrsonheld Wednesday at one o'clock from ally at his store to claim it (even the Piper funeral chapel, with grave- if the owner is the burglar). side services at the New Tacoma Ask about our house plan service cemetery. The Rev. H. N. Svinth -Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) officiated. i

The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wright of Spanaway. Mr. Cecil Wright was best man. Mr. Ray Manges and Mr. James Maycumber were ushers. Two solos were sung by Mr. W. H. Johnson, 'accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Johnson. At the reception, which was held immediately following the ceremony, Miss Jean McCool, sistc~ of the bride, took charge of the guest book. Mrs. Manges and Mrs. Maycumber; sisters of the groom, were in charge of the gifts. Mrs. Fred Watson of Thrift, Wash., presided at the urns and Mrs. Jack McMahon, aunt of the bride, served the bride's cake from a table centered on a pink and white floral arrangement. The newlyweds are both graduates of Kapowsin high school and FRANK SCUDDER after a short honeymoon will make Frank F. Scudder, 79, of Rt. 13, their home in Spanaway, where l\1r. Box 189, died February 8 at a TaWright is employed. coma hospital. He was born at Trenton, N. J., and lived here 4·2 years. Elk Plain School club will hold He was a retired brakeman on the another of a series of hard time Seattle-Tacoma interurban line. He dances at the Elk Plain grange on Saturday evening, February 2G. is survived by his widow, Mary R. of Larchmont. Jimmy Ockfcn's orchestra will furFuneral services for Mr. Scudder nish the music. were held Friday afternoon, Febru---------ary 11, from C. 0. Lyn chapel, the CLOVER CREEK GRANGE Rev. R. F. DcWcese officiating. BurTO VOTE ON NEW HALL




Lyman Redford, owner. Septic tanks pumped, contents hauled away. GA. 3H6 or GA. 9794. tfc SPANAWAY LUMBER CO. Better Lum her for Less. Roofing, l-1 ardware and Paints. We rent floor sanders. GR 8235. WANTED - All kinds ofpoultry and livcstoc'k. Highest prices paid. GR. 8%4, Rt. 7, Box 231. 23tfc SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, co;;: tents hauled away. Don Redford, GA. 7334. tfc RAY GOGAN - JACK BARRETT General landscaping, pruning and spraying·, rockeri es, rock walls, fences, tractor work. GR. 8842 Terms BR. G982

ial was in New Tacoma cemetery. Members of Clover Creek grange SMITH CAMPBELL will hold an important meeting at Smith Baker Campbell, 35, fortheir hall Friday, February 18, at mer Pacific Lutheran college ath8:30 p.m. A vote will then be taken lete, died Saturday, February 12, cat on whether to build a new hall, home, 96+0 Pacific avenue, followmore centrally located. John Kuper, ing an extended illness. He was born master, has called for all members in Tacoma and was educated at of the grange to attend, so that the Fern Hill grade school, Stewart junThe newlyweds are both graduwishes of the majority may be asHarvard and Midland Improvcior high school and Lincoln high ates of Roy high school. Mr. Mc- certained. ment clubs are joining forces once school before matriculating at PaGraw is employed in Tacoma, and again, to bring before the voters of ~ L/J __ cific Lutheran. He was owner of they will make their home with Mi-. their districts the important issues ?""'4~ The first of a series of six card j Campbell Auto Co. and a member FOR RENT-Furnished room availand Mrs. James Anderson, in an parties, sponsored by the Elk Plain of Immanud Presbyterian church. to be settled in the school election, able March 1; no drinkers. GR. apartment. 8720. 24-c Gleaners, will be held February 17, His widow Cora is operator of the March 5. In a meeting to be held \ , LOST-Black puppy 4· months old~ Open house was held following 8 p.m., in the Grange hall. Admis- Pixie Sho~, 98th' and Pacific. at the Midland Improvement club " ·" '~ Friday evening in the vicinity of hall, February 23, 8 p.m., these isDonald Wallace Eastvold, son of the ceremoriy, ahd about 7 5 friends sion will include a lunch after cards. In addition to Mrs. Campbell, he Park avenue and Franklin street. and neighbors congratulated the sues will be discussed by Elmer Dr. and Mrs. S. C. Eastvold, was There will be games of pinochle is survived by a daughter, Patricia Phone GRanite 7224. 24'c Breckner of the state office of edu- among students receiving degrees couple. and 500. Sue; a brother, Harold B. Campbell, FOR SALE-Good, used Hotpoint Range, $95.00. PARKLANDcation, Morris E. Ford, superintend- from the University of Washington and his mother, Mrs. F r an k J. BROOKDALE ELECTRIC. 24c ent of the consolidated district, and at the close of the autumn quarter, Teacher: What is· the meaning Friends arc sorry to hear of the Campbell of Tacoma. Funeral servby candidates for positions on the 19,18. He took a Bachelor of Laws of the word "matrimony?" illness of Mr. Lowell Elston, who is ices were to be ·held Wednesday FOR SALE - Apex washing machine with pump, $80; 30-gallon school board. degree. Pupil: My father says it isn't a confined in the Tacoma General hos- forenoon, unde1· direction o( Buckmidget automatic hot water tank, The candidates who have filed Dormitory Auxiliary 1 of Pacific word. He says it's a sentence. pital. ley-King. $75. Call GRanite 7110. 24-25c have been invited to participate in Lutheran college will meet at the the meeting and include the follow- home of Mrs. A. W. Ramstad in ing: District 1, Clifford 0. Olson Parkland, Tuesday, February 22, at of Parkland; District 2, G. 0. Stov- 2 o'clock. Mrs. J. E. Running and net; of Parkland and Otto C. Siburg Mrs. A. A. Mykland are assisting of Brookdale; District 3, Andrew hostesses. Mrs. Elvin Akre will lead Christensen and Robert T. Clinton, in devotion. both of Midland; District 4., Chester Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Osstehage, A. Larson of Summit. At the time of Halton, N. D., have been guests this was written there was no filing of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Fynboe for in District 5, the Collins district. about a month this winter. Mr. and The presidents of the Harvard Mrs. Osstehage are Mrs. Fynboe's and Midland clubs, Harold Olson uncle and aunt. Hundreds of people in Parkland and the South End make a habit and Spalt Wartenbe, are working Trinity Lutheran Brotherhood as a committee, to help the residents will meet Tuesday evening, Februof carefully reading the Want Ads every week. They rely on the in the area served by the consoli- ary 22, 8 p.m., at the church. Want Ads as a dependable solution to their many varied needs. dated district understand the imHans Running, son of Mr. and portance of the coming election. Mrs. J. E. Running, a jui:iior at PaThis high rate of reader interest pays off in results for tbose Women members of the two clubs, eific university, Forest Grove, Ore., who advertise in the classified columns. No matter what you have under direction of Mrs. Victor Esh- has been appointed royal editor of peter, will serve refreshments after the Intercollegiate Knights, national to sell, trade, or rent, you'll be making the right move if you the meeting. honorary service fraternity. place a Want Ad in The Prairie Pointer. For using the Want Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Fynboe were LEWIS JOINS FIREMEN hosts at a birthday party honoring Ads is the easy, quick way of reaching a large and interested Jim Lewis, service station aper- their son, Carl, Sunday, February audience of prospective customers. ator in Parkland, was accepted into 13. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Carl the Parkland Volunteer Fire depart- T. Fynboe, Mr. and Mrs .. Max Olement at its meeting on February 7. sen and daughter Elizabeth, and Ed Hansen. :·::·::·::·::·::·~:·::·::·::-::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·:t·::·::·::·::·::·:t·!t·::·:t·::·::·::·::·::·::. ::·:t·::·::·::·::·:t·::·: Arvid Quam, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Quam, has been confined to bed for two weeks, w;i,th the mumps. Mrs. Werner Stay ~eports that her sister, Mrs. Emil Johnson, is up now, recovering from her serious illness. Inger Tonette circle of Trinity Lutheran church will meet Thursday afternoon, February 17, for 12:30 luncheon. Mrs. Bernard Olson and Mrs. John Slater are hostesses.

Harvard· Midland Will Hear School Issues Discussed







Let us Enter Your CHILD in the Pierce County BABY PORTRAIT CONTESrr please call

GR. 8514 for infor·;nation

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