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PARKLAND POST NO. 3 AMVETS Applications for Louisiana State Veteran's Bonus arc now being prepared free at AMVETS state service office, 1131 Commerce street. Actual size photostat of discharge will be needed. Monday through Friday and Saturday a.m. Forms for all other states paying bonus available free. CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 1 lll AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Spanaway School Clover Creek Post No. 118, Amer· · ·. · · 'JI 1can Legion, and its Auxiliary wi rncct February 11, 1949. The mcml bPrs of the Post w1·1 I convene at · tic ·1 1 I cl" 'JI h Scout hall whi c l1c a ics w1 gat Pr at the home o f Mrs. A my "' vvarmold, where refreshments wi 11 b e

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!First Court of i Honor Here for Parklan_ d ·Troop ~



Parkland Troop 33, Boy Scouts of 1 America, Jarncs IvfcGuirc, scoutmaster, will hold its of

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A Well Baby clinic ';ill be held 1 hursday, February 17, m the Parkland Methodist church with rcgistration hours from 9 to 10:30 a.m. This is n frep service to tlw community,




• Huirni Wcdm"day cvcnmg, FcbruFranklin Pierce •School District ary JG, in Tr_inity . . t I1c name PROPOSED LEGISLATION , , Lutheran churchf N o. ·'·JO?_, p·1crcc county, is . parlors, at 7:30 o clock. Awards o . FOUND UNSATISFACTORY I· ·11 b . adopted by the directors for the scoutmg ac lll'\l'l!lcnt Wl c pre, Parkland Recreation council sat'1 st'lllcd hy H. L. Willaid and A. G. new local consolid<ited school dis• • ) • • ' . . c1·is. • .· 1 . , ·t·. .. l'l· _. !· ... I S_wmland, Jot I1 o f J>. ar'JI an d , am_L.. 1 tnct wluch mdudcs_:· the former in spcua nHc tng · llllSl •1Y t\C- .,. . . . . , I Ken Davies, assistant scout cxccu- tricts of HarYard-Midland Central n111°· h:bruary a to consider pro-· . · ' . "' . . '. . . lt1vc, Tacoma. A . , CI!" . ·c] p +laid it 1 posPd kgislation affccting commuListed to receive second class vcn~c, ' 0 ms. an ai ' ' ' · · rnty P"rk and playground JHOJCCts 'awards and ba d gcs arc S con ls D ave was disclosed tlus week. : · 1 J> • J d d G Tl F .. 11-lin Pierce was whic. h has. bcc1.1 .dropped the Berntsen_, John x1c1ar s an 1e name.. '"' '.·. · . .·. ' ,. · t c·d f OJ· ti1L· nc I , . . t (")] ·. cl .· ,. ti , . . Akre. hrst class awar cl s .and]Ja d gcs suggcs . w d L.stnct and ' wppt 's .1 . ymp1.i ui mt, IL cu1 1 cl d I . I1 I1' 0 0 I 1 Terr)' .. . . will be presented to Tom Swin au propose ug s c )y ·








South End


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Teen Age Club at Cf over C r. t p' k I V al en tne QUeen






Ch _ M b arter em erS Are Enrolled 1n G "ld a M'dl all d

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Founders' Day JS S f p k/. d et or ar an Pre-schoo l G roup





p rrin Residence e ,

Destroyed by Fire

AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the· Sunshine Hall In case you haven't heard the rumors, seen the signs, read the papers, or haven't been approached by Billy Schmalcnberg to buy a ticket wouldst like to take this opportunity to inform you that we arc putting on a Dance-Bingo clambake this coming Saturday night over a~ the Sunshine hall. Tariff on this get-together is just one dollar, including tax, for the gentlemen with the ladies going along for the ride on a free ticket. Scouts have been out the past two or three weeks and have gathered an i1nprcssive array of prizes that would bring two or three hundred dollars were you to go out and purchase on the open market. All brand new and useful articles from incense burners to fishing rods and all stops in between. In case there are some who would come but who' don't feel that they arc in good enough shape to trip the light fantastic and don't want to (Continued on Page Four)

i~. Valentine motif, _with. a ccnt:rComplete dcstrnction of the Ma- Rasmus~en ( 8). ' . . . speaker. . . P iece of red carnations ,tnd white I10 d l . f Mr ~nd Mrs Substitutes-Ted s Boys, Vaughan Entcrt'lmment will feature several n roa 10111e o · " ·· · • · freesia, with red tapers. H . Id Perrin resulted late Saturday (2) and F. Fredericks; VFW, Chew songs by the Parkland MotherThe next meeting of the guild will fire, of undetermined origin, (6), Dillon (3) and Elmore. Fox building blocks, purbc March 7 at the Improvement ·t ti large· fi·amc structure --chased by the Pre-school mothers r • • . , SWC}) 1C c , " • ' , • . • , • • club hall, p crnn · \Va s .,able· to remove their Ell· Phrn's scrappmg basketball for their children will be on display. . · 12.30 p.m., . . 11with . T Mary ·~ .. ' · ·· ·· · ' 1 Lmd, Helen Ivforns, Ne ie ay or, ti1 smctll children from a second- team droj)pcd a hard-fought, 13 to 8, Hostesses will be the Mesdames 0. · II 1 d · rcc ' · ' -• · ~ · ·· Ruth Esh Alice t .]·)..Cd. . 1 peter, . . 1'h use... JYtt _anI s·ory - room bef.orc - the flames -· battle . - to Eatonville, . Tuesday, Feb- Rognes. '- ,, s' E. R .. Larson, H. Leraas Lois Jornnn servmg. . cl h ea d wa y , •·rn cl no inJ"urics· to nnrv . . , osc a. enc. ga1ne ._ . 1 · •-·ind I-I · Ronning. '" mg February 7 will be charter me m- anv occupants icsu . It ed · ---·Tlic P·u+land Pre-school board . . · '' · 1 bers and anyone else wishmg to Je Three local voluntt•er fire departParkhmd Junior Hjgh court met Tuesday, February 1, at the included as_ a c.h~rtcr. mc.n'.l~cr rn~~ mcnts answered the call, but were squads moved closer to Pierce county home oi Mr~. Donald W'.iddel.l. Sc~~o so by attcndmg the M.uch meet hampered by frozen water Imes, jay-hi kaguc championships last era! suggPsl10ns concernmrs complcmg. . . . . . , .. strong winds and frigid weather. Elk week, the Varsity and Midgets both. tion of Pre-school goals for the year Present at the n'.~etmg.. t;1is '~'' Plain firemen, many of them called scoring wins over Midland. The Var- I were discussed ..Plans '.or the Prewcre the Mcsdamc.s Hall) Wed,~, out in their Sunday best from a sity won, 29 to 16. The Midgets' I school program rn Apnl were comHarold Weeks. Frank Chaicl ance • a t Ell·. . Phin grange .. . . · w as. ')'l plC'!ecl FlJohnson, ' -' "- . , were. first · victory n1a1g1n -.:..- 'I · . - ''Ille! decision reached that the 1. 0 d A lottc ~fcC.latchcy, ', .Y ycrs, W. on th.c scene, followed by companir'.s . The two 'Parkland. quints will be group will take full charge of making H. Bailey, R<?bcrt Clmton, C. . . 1 from Spanaway and Parkland. The hosts to Dupont squads at 2 o'clock all costumes for the program. Rolcy, Ell~ Burleson, Doug Morns, Spanaway firemen were on a chim- Thursday afternoon, this week. If Svend Neilson Walter Eshpetcr, . , C I h · · I h ' . ncy fire call to Clover rec< w en they get by Dupont, thcll" tlt e opes Robert Sharpe Walter Corngan, , f' · . · f 11 · ' · . the alarm was sounded. fhe ll'C- will be decided at Fife the o owmg Frank Baskett Casey Berger, Jam cs . .. , . . .,.f ·11 ' -, , ,. men were forced to haul water to 1 uesday. A wm at 1' i e a 1so wi Hartley Don . Kemp, Carl. l aylor, · . h · ' I . G ']' ,,,. nivc the Midgets a clear c ampwn- ~ • c01nbat the blaze. Aaron Ba rncr, TC'Orgc - urnrr, V\' I1"' . . ' n . . . 1 ,,· ·11 we111·~ill.DA , . · . . II .. . 1 he loss IS reported partially cov- ship wlulc a wm for the\ aisity wi '6' V"l>' ~~ , ham StcTens, J. W. hister, - all)' . . . · .. F'f "' , . . . . creel by msurance. st·ncl it mto a playoff agarnst 1 "· Milton Warren Jeter of Parkland, Berger, Andrew Chnstensen Si., ----·------ · - - - - - - - - - - - - - - · - - - Robert 1-l:rnslcr, Roy Christrnsrn, a freshman student in the college of 1 George Lind, Akx Huseby, Vic EshArts and Sciences at the University peter, Roy Taylor and Clarence of Washington, is listed on the unJohann. dcrg1aduatc scl1olarship honor roll






$5,350,000 1948 Value, Washinglon & 01egon





Evang elical Lutheran Church Begins United Christian Educatio'n Appeal





Mint Becoming Moior Washington Crop




MORE THAN HAlF the national total of peppermint oil is now produced

in the Pacific Northwest. where oetmerrnint has become a more" valuable crop than any othe.r fresh -ve-z"etable. Starting from nothing in 1925, peppermint plantings in Vlashington and Oregon reached 16,400 acres and production reached more than 800,000 pounds, worth $5,350,000, in 1948. A new $100,0QO rectifying plant is now being operated by I. P. Callison & Sons at Chehalis, ·wash., and produces 11cie11tifically rectified types and blends of peppermint flavor used in leading brands of chewing gum, dentifrices and candies, •



for t111: fall quarter of 19'18, with a An appeal for the twelve schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Evangelical Lutheran church have better" than '.J.9 average. begins this week when an all-workers' risen from 3,772 to 6,7.83 students. Elmer Heard, Parkland postmasconference is held \Vcdnesday and Seminaries to receive help from ter, has rctu rnecl horne following Thursday, February 9 ··and I 0, at the appeal during 19"!-9 inchidc Lu- a recent operation at Madigan GenOur Saviour's Lutheran church, ther Theological seminary, St. Paul, eral hospital. Minneapolis. Minnesota, and Luthc:r Theological E. W. (Fritz) Heitz has been sufFinal plans will be made at the seminary, Saskatoon, ·Saskatchewan, fering the ordeal of an attack of conference for a United Christian Canada. . Education appeal to strengthen the Collcgt.cs to benefit include Au- the rnumps for the past several days. schools. Speakers will ii1cludc col- gustana, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Ernest J. Kiesow was to arrive legc presidents, church leaders, and Concordia, Moorhead, Minnesota; this week from Silverton, Oregon, campaign directors. In attendance Luther, Decorah, Iowa: Pacific Lu- bringing his wife and children to will be appeal directors of the nine thcran, Parkland, Washington, and make their new home in Parkland districts and 10-1 circuits of the St. Olaf, Northfield, Minnesota. Centre apartments. church body. Junior colleges to be aided include Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Ellingson of Alumni of the twelve schools and Clifton, Clifton, Texas, and Waldorf, A street recently returned from a members of the 2,725 congregations Forest City, Iowa. of the Evangelical Lu thcran church Other schools to receive support I one-week trip to San Francisco, 1 •vherc he attended the furniture :ind will seek to raise $2,UUU,UUU during arc Augustana Academy, Canton, 194·9 to help finance buildings for South Dakota; Camrosc Lutheran floor covering market. each school. College, Camrose, Alberta, Canada, Mrs. V. R. Selic is reported proDuring the past nine years, en- and Saskatchewan Bible gressing nicely following an operarollments at the academics, colleges Institute, Outlook, Saskatchewan, tion ;it Tacoma General hospital. She entered the hospital February 2. and seminaries affiliated with the Canada.


The new addition to Parkland . school which is then expected to be co ~ pleted except for installation . of Jockers will be opened to m' spcction prior to the next regular


meeting of Parkland P-TA, Thursda , cv~nin ,. February 17. The open ) g, will . be from 7 to 8 house hours

for 19_"~· 9 : Herbert Socolofsky;· . President . ' . . vice-pres1dcnl Wilham H. Chambcrs· Johnson · · ' secretary · ·· · ' Iver · • '. trcasurcr 0 J Stuen Edwm Ellrngson . . ' : ·· · . is the fifth member of the boaid. .


servcd to all members after the rcut scsswn. and Dale Storaasli. Scouts Dave Brady, a ninth grade pupil at _Pm:kbusiness meetings are over. Measures discussed were three Steen and Ken Willard will receive land. The I1f'1I11c of the school .d1:tnct . Both President Irma Long and Senate bills, Nos. 6, 27 and 81. Par- merit badges. honors the .man who was piesi~cnt Acting Commander Jens J ense~' ur~e ticuiar attention was paid to S.B. . In a flag prcscntat~on ccrcmo'.iy, of th~ U rntc~. ~tat,es at the. t 1 ,1~1 c Propo:ed. consolidation of, the full attendance, as they say: It 1s 6 Id "cl f l. Cornrnandn Severn Kittelson, actmg 'Washrngton tt. iutory was cieated. school distncts of Spanaway, Clover 1. l • . . • " )' \V llC l wou pro\'1 c 01' coun y ,. ' . . ~' -' I . ·cl ft' . . r • now time to sprmg mto act10n on . . . . . . for Parkland Post 228, Amcncan Picicc count) a so J.S name a er Creek, Elk Plam, Roy, I\.apowsm Id adnumstratwn of park projects m . 'JI f . . . "d · t Fr" ] ]i"n Pi 1"Ce d L . ·11 I h. b' t many problems. Your reporter wou . . . Lcg10n, the donor, w1 present an onncr p1csi c n ~''. < ' • . an acamas Wl JC t c su JCC o [ like to see some of this "spring" murncipal areas. The council voted American flag to the troop. A troop Other names c~11s1dcrc~ by ~he public hearing in the gymnasium of very soon, hereabouts. . unanimously to oppose. S.B. 6. Prin- flag, gift of the Brotherhood of directors in :xiak~ng .. thell" . ch~ice Spanaway school, this.c·vcn. ing (FebSince February is set aside as the cipal objection> to the bill wen: that Trinity Lutheran church, sponsor of were: Mountam View, Mo~tc Vista, I ruary 10) at 8 o'clock. P roper time for realigning our think- it . d ocs . not provlC . . 1e ::rny d c f"im't e f 01_ the ,grou]J ' will be p1csented by 0. E. Airport, North Central Pierce and The hearing is one o_f a series, ing on the subject of Americanism, . . Mod.en. Scouts and t10op commit- Central. required by law, being held in each for allocatmg and that tccmen have cxptcsse d t I1cir . d cep I 1 sc h oo I d"istncts . . the ladies of the Auxi·1·iary wi'Jl b c mula . . . '· funds . --of tic conccrnc··d Ill pleased to hear a talk on patriotic It sets no quahficatwns for rnem- appreciation of the generosity of I the consolidation pl~n. These hca~principles and flag courtesies, pre- I hers of the seven-member county these two community-minded organings precede a vote on the consolisentcd by Mrs. Dorothy Br a g g, board which would be in charge of izations. elation proposal to be taken at the Americanism chairman. the recreational program. Also on the program \vill be a talk March 5 school election. One of the projects the Ladies The two other measures provide on scouting by Davies and motion . . R"f·l, d S )OrtsShould the vote carry, the six di§· · · · I pictures of scout activities. · · · I'~. C" P.iul Buny<1n ·. .1 e an d l · · · · · d to f orm one Auxiliary is really workmg to ac- for state a cl rnimstralwn of I oca I pan , tncts w1'I I )JC JOlilc . . · f d . f I mens club posted its sccon wm rn . . . . . com1)lish is the buildmg of a green- developments and also were oun Olsen chairman of the Court o 1 . . . · R"fl I. . . ·t't" large school dist1;1ct for the pnma1 y . . . . . . ' . . :Mt. Ram1er 1 e eaguc cornpe 1 wn · . . . , house at Amencan Lake hospital. ob3ectionablc by the council. Honor mv1tcs the attendance of all I , d . [ ·.J · _ . . . purpose of securing a large mode1n . ' •1 ues ·1y o 1asl wee' 1ompmg away Th_e importance of this project" is On Jmrnary 26, the Rccrcatwn boys of scout age in the community, · ' . . ·c·.·· "' . ', ·I 1 high school for that area. . . . . . ,ity .op01tsmcn s c uJ . . . entirely aside from its apparent cotmcil held a regular mcetmg, at their parents and the public. I.from .tilt' Interf. • Tl B . s Strcssmg the importance of all • • -. . 111 l'asy as 1uon. lC uuyan. . value We are assured by the staff which tune Lt. Robert 1 cmpbr was , . b. .. . . . . parents and voters attendmg to.. · · · f , · notcl11:d tht·ll" 1·st aggrcg<ltc sco1 e . , . . .· . that unlimited far-reachmg results hear cl on orgamzatIOn 0 pla)I f I . . 179? . t mght s hcanng, Spanaw_ ay P1mci' ' . d . f ·1· . I-! .. o t H' season, a nice coun '· . . d will be achieved by the patients who grounds an recreatwn ac J itws c . . ·ti t pal Richard Fraser pomte out t h at which mov1.·d them up to six 1 spo . . can be treated through_ thetr mter- had many suggcstwns icga1clmg 0 'lC !, • . • .· f I 1 ·1 I the details of the proposed Consoli111 the st"1ndrn° s o t ic ···-team oop. . ests in plant cultivation. . their management and procurement f. I , . '. .,:' d h ., dation will be fully explamed at the !1 1 ht· Iutn-Ctty squa s ot 138 . -· . Our members, ever mmdful of the of funds. . H" 1 "fl·. l ti B. s ·vcre heanng. . ·h."Jl"1·ltd ioint·s,mi unyan.,. 1 1 V I. sacrifices our comrades at American A a entme party, '"' ig e , W" p I " d Goodwin "This is a vital step for Span36 i b ti I t" of a Valentine Queen aynr anc wt, · J an I I d' · Lake have made for each of us, are 1 · Y ie e cc ion · ' .. · , -. . ' Moe 36 1. away, as well as .tic oticr istncts. laying plans to help raise the greenis planned for th.· r mgh.t .of Fc.bmaiy 1 k B . . f'd. tl, Every resident sh_ould thoroughly , '. . . • 1? 1 ti Clo\'er Creek Teen-Age ' l lus wrr.' unyans con l en ) h I. I'd t' house bu1ldmg fund. JY 1c .I d tl ic11 .... 11 lJor~._ sl·ill aorainst . understand w at t i1s conso I a wn ]- "ch ·s OJJCn to .n1atc1c s111a \ ''='" ' 1 b . 1 'h e a ff·. Speaking of raising funds-there cu an, w u · i · p. S . · . . t ti Pt Demeans and its importance to our 1 tcan1, a 1 t J 1· · l l ld · the tic enn at 1c · . ,, _ are several other Jo_bs begmnmg to Ul 1 the pu) ic, is to Jc lC m I' .· N ·t I· thev have, commumty, he stated. C l G. c hall at 8 pm iaHcc range. ex wee" , ' . . . f h Cl demand attention and money. Now . . / over .ree' ,iang ' . · ·, .· . . · · r ·I ti . Tacoma William Righetti, chairman o t e . . d . The newly orgarnzed Midland OrTl ,0 ngsters arc !)lanmng a l 1it 11 sig 11ts lllt.c on ie ' . h I I ·d l . listen ladies come on out an ex. . . . 11 ie ) u ·. R'fl A . 0· kl. . -]·Jina worn- Spanaw,ty sc oo )Oar ' a so urges ncra group of.c·ntcrtaining skits, under I ' c. 1111..1e . " cys,·····spa1' " every parent and voter in Spanaway P ress your views on "How many pop- thopcdic gmld had its first t' February 7 at the Midland d" · f N Boness en's aggrcgatwn. . pies shall we purchase this year?" mce mg ' ' . , ', . the 1rect10n o . an c.y r· ' 1 c• ' _______ to attend this public hearmg. It's time to order them now. Also, Improvement club hall. Thirt)-hro Cleora Cope, Ruthie Failey, Nma j . . . "D d · th . f high women were prescnt to hear Mrs. Boness and Edna Inderbitzen. Paul I Center Taylor of Midland dropped ·Jo thii:eycar?" Harry Manning of Tacoma Orthowill hr master of cere- the winning basket in the final half scwo gu to irs ' ' · . . . cl I· . I . . T d' B" These and other questions have pedic gtuld as she discussc t 1e ques- monies. I minute of play to gam e s oys 'd . d t th's meeting· tions brought forth by the members Further pntrrtainment will be pro- I a thrilling win over v_ FW Post 91 b to e cons1 ere a , i · . . . . d M "f cl G . It , Ta"lor Commander Bai 1 e y sends his p1cscnt. . ' . vided for those attendi~g an . rs. last _ucs ay at. ua' g)m. ' J . . . 1 he could be The projects selected by the 'an- Erwin Ward club advisor, will be was high scorer m tht game, as the 11 greetmgs to a ' wis lCS ' d' d I , . 0 ' . d nr04 L' h "th th comrades but ous groups were iscusse , a ong. in charge of pmochle and 50 . Midland squa won, .>::J to " · meA Founders' Day_ program as h . . b on . · t o IJe . . bemg . . . It ..e JO w1 . cl th e he could' be with plans f or t h e project A basht social 1s plannc cl ups were: been planned for Mon d ay evenmg, ess 1worfrf1e.. Post are . adopted by the Midland guild. Mrs. I for ref rcshments and each lady is Ted's Boys Forwards, Beshler February 14, when the Parkland smce t 1e a au s o e ' · , . . . d . M · . M . (7) . . . . T 1r . . h bl .d· d b Acting Com-1 Manmng. was accomparnc by. r.s. asked to bnng a basket. ( 6) and air .. • cc nte1' ay o Pre-school group .will meet m t e a y pres1 e over . Y . f T h •· ·cl B F. 1 .. · 1. (4) d . h p ·kl d 1 . tE> you , W. L. Bi own, . a so o . acoma, ( 11); gum s, p. ice r JJC ,sF a1 an 111 an cl er J enscn. M 01e power . .w o • . an ·d. kmdergartcn room . of t Ge W'll" 1 J was able to give ot 1c1 pomte1s on Larson (5). ost 91 . orwai s, school. Mrs. Ch_nton . 1 iams ens. guild matters. The tables for the Maguincz (9) and Yant; center, will preside and Mrs. Hoyt, founder pot-luck luncheon were decorated Morehead (8); guards, Fenlon and of the Pre-school group, will be PARKLAND POST NO. 228




I ·



sponsored by the Parkland Preschool under the auspices of the . • --.. l Pierce County Health department. , . . . 1 he new board of trustees of the Babies and cluldrcn under school age . . . . arc given pPriodic physical examina- Parkl.'rnd_ Light a'.1 d :v.atcr cmnpanly . · and any imrnumzat1on • · · t10ns needed. held 1ts first . mcctmg . . . I, Fe).· rLnrv 3 at \vh1ch t1111c the fo 11 ow1no.'. ' ' " officers of the company were chosen



Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


o'clock p . m. Teachers· and room-mothers of all grades will be in their rooms to ;eceive the visitors. The open house will extend to the remodelled Kindergartcn building and all parents and friends arc invited to the show., in" 0 "'' • • • The meeting will observe P-TA M cm ]Jl· rs o f tlIC Southeast 1'a- Founders' Day. A program, under coma Mutual Water company voted the chairmanship of Mrs. Frank Clarrnet·'.· Johan.n .and Robc..rt Hans- Logan, will honor past presidents !er o'. Midland back onto the ,board of Parkland P-TA and will have of directors, . at the compa. ny s an- tlie following ladies taking J)art in nual mcetmg, 1 uesday cvemng at a candlc-lightinrr ceremony: Mrs. ti ic M'dl ·' Lapenski, "' Mrs. Neil Gaiser, . 1 an d I 111 IJ 1·ovcmcnt · . club hall ' · 'Frank From a total mcmberslup of more Mrs. James Slater, Mrs. Clifford than one thousand, less than 50 Olson Mrs. Robert Olsen and Miss votes were cast. Betty' Christensen. The Parkland Johann was re-elected to the board Mother-Sino·ers will s i n g several for a five-year term, by a ~7-16 numbers as"'part of the program. · · ovc1· Ll O)··cl ·Nord of Natimnl · rnargm ' _' Miss Christensen exceptional child C'. I.:r ·I . I . · t d ' ,ity. ians c1, w JO was .1ppom c chairman will ]Jresent the guest _. . . , . f'll _ ' . dul!ng tht past year to l an un_ S]Jcakcr of the cvenmg Dr. Ross · I d f'll 1 ' · ' expired term, was c _ectc to .' tic Hamilton director of _education for • , •. f h . -· . . . , ' ' one ycai o t at tc1m Hm,immg. handicaJJJJed children. d b. F1 'd • ,, . , . Hansler was oppose Y o) A Founders' Day reception will . . .. . . Ayc1s. . follow with the tl11rd grade room A f u II icpo1 . ·t · o f th e c·onifYlD)''s ' . ' mothers Mrs. E. W. Beitz Mrs. . . . . .. . . , _ , ' 1948 activities Wl 11 appc. .ii rn a com John McCaffcry and Mrs. Stanley . . ." P . , mg issue of the Pralllc omtcr. 'Reynolds in charge. Table dccora. , . tions will be by the third grade teachers Miss Christensen, Mrs. · '' 11 Norman Lcque and Miss Rando p 1. U p TA CALENDAR

Johann, Ransler Again Directors s E Mutual C

. ,




Cl over CA r. mong GrO· ps Honoring Fo U nclers of P-TA , . h ld Clover Creek P-TA wil 1 o


· its --. , _. . annual l•ounders Day mectmg on . F b 16 t Wednesday cvenmg, •e ruary , a . 1 the sc 1100. Each in Febru,ary, the P-TA f N . I honors the founders o the ationa Congress of Parents and Teachers, M _ Alice McLellan Birney and 5 M:s· Phoebe A1)person Hearst. The · past presidents of the local organization are ·also honored at this time.



. . .



b~ys' gy~


Mrs. John Kuper is chamnan of the Founder's Day program Mrs. .. ' ' Harry White president will preside ' ·' at the meeting A silver for the Helen . Clark M·e.morial fund to aid deserv. ·nrr college students will be taken. . 1 o Refreshments and a social hour will follow.

Sp scouts C Uanaway bS A Way to Sk' 'l' Bowl Next Sunday


Tl1e. P-TA-sponsorcd recreation . . ·esumc next weel" c1asses w1 11 l \., T esday Feb 15 Junior high .u ' . t cl ts leath_ercraft class from 7-9 s u en · . ·n the school basement· First ph.1'.1. l·I . th grade class t 1 oug l six ' from : _ , p.m. in the school 6 . 30 8. 30 . D ds' ym class from gymnasmm, a g 8:30-10:0. 0 p.mF. b 16 L h .. ft Wednesday <e eat ercia 1 f . f'fth and sixth grade girls c ass Ol. l d d I c f '-7 9 and all rntereste a u ts, rom ) m in school basement; Women's I· ·. . . h physical education program ll1 t e . f . school gymnasmm b II rom 8. -9 p.m., f Women's volley al h rond1 9-10 p.m. · Gym c asses or i t an . ' . 1 f 7 9 sixth grade gll" s rom - p.m.



All is rapidly being wh)pped into shape for "George's Jig," WashingB S f T . c ton's birthday dance to be sponsored oy COU ts O roop 34· WI 11 a . .., . _ S C th et·r by the Pie-school group con1pany panaway .u 1)S on . b' . I . S · SJ· ))owl next Saturday cvenrng, Fe ruary 19, at tnp to t H.' noqua 1lllH.' o - ~, Sun d. ay, ·F r b ruary . 13 .'"and. .all _ JJaren_. ._ -ts. ·S. unslunc hall. . . f th . 't e d The decorat10ns committee or e an d f. ncn d s o f cu 1)S a1.c a Iso 1nv1 h to attend. ·dance met February . 7 at the ome Reservations which arc necessary, of 1frs. James Hitch to complete }nay be mad~ by calling Merle dcta:ls for ~ecoratwns and fa~o1'.s. Prettyman (Granite 6'.172), Mrs. A icd, .white a~d blue pa~notic_ John Newell (Granite 7 +25 ) or Mrs. theme will be. carr'.ed out. C~airman Oscar Haugen (Granite 8:-118). The o_f the committee is, Mrs. Hitch, asski train will leave the Milwaukee sist~d by the Me,dames Leonard . . .acon1a a t ...~ am Smith, Les Johnson and Bart Payne. roa d d.cpo t 111 h 1 Gayle Haner's five-piece .ore esMONTE VISTA GARDEN tra has been scl:ctcd to provide mur.LUB MEETING FEB. 17 sic for the dancmg. Monte Vista Garden dub will meet Thursday, Fr,lwuary 17, 12:30 p.m., at the homr of Mrs. James H i t ch, Hendricks and G streets. There will be discussion of line arrangements, with Mrs. Iver Johnson as leader. Mrs. Paul Lr,rson, president, will report on tlw allAmerican award winnt•rs for flowers and vegetables. i

7 0



You will find Sincerity and Simplicity at

Remember HER on



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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, February 10, .1949


Good Troopers


Se7luices Peizfadecf c:Jh7lu geneizalions



Vl/m. K. Clark .................................................... :·..................................... Editor


communit) newspaper for .Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Span;rnay. Published every Tlrnrsday by Heard Printing Co., P. 0 Box 797, Parkland, Washington .. Tclcphonc GRanitc 7100. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 19t5, at the post office a1 Parkland, vVashing·ton, under the Act of ll•larch 3, 1879


This firm is not a branch. Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower prices. We have a qualified Military Advisor. Mure a11d 111ore fa111ilil·s wa11t the MELLINGER (Father am] Son) personal scrv ice. The Coroner's office is located here. THEREFORE: Let us be your friend in time of need.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.UO

Timely Project The Parkland Bu.~iness club h:is announced intention to investigate thoroughly the subject of possible incorporation of this community as a town. The club's action is to be applauded and its findings w:itchcd with interest. There arc many phases of the subject that need to be brought into tbc light before the community will be in position to decide what course it wishes to pursue. And, the time remaining for free decision is comparatively short. Incorporation of a town is no matter to be decided overnight. The implications of such a step are many. If intelligent decision is to be made, there is rnuch groundwork that must be done. The Business club is commencing to turn tbat earth now. Presumably, Parkbnd is faced with three possible courses of action. It may continue for the time being as an unorganized community under county administration: it may be absorbed into the city of Tacoma, or it m:iy retain its own identity under a town government. Probably the first choice has most appeal at this time to a large proportion of residents. The community has so far not fared badly under county administr:ition. The community is relieved of responsibility. Controversy is at a minimum and community feeling is practic:illy non-existent. But, there is ever-incre:ising pressure to disturb the status quo. As the area between Parkland and tbe present city limits of Tacoma becomes more settled, there is a tendency for this community to be considered ever more as a Tacoma suburb. Evidence of this fact is the proposed extension of the -1 ·acoma street numbering system through and beyond Parkbnd. The day is not far off when the conuminity will find itself a stepchild of both the county and city and will find no other course open but to turn in desperation into the city fold. This is th@ history, with few exceptions, of communities placed as is Parkland, upon the borders of a first class city. So, actually, Parkland has but two alternatives of pernunent choice: To vote into the city of Tacoma or to vote incorporation as a separate community. Now is not too soon to examine the merits of those altern:itives.


and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chapman. in Olympia.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bittner, forMrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter mer residents of Clover Creek now Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289 residing· in Tacoma, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary January Friends and neighbors of Clar29 at their home. Clover Creek ence Rowe of Rt. 7, Box 1·91, Taguests include: Mr. and Mrs. Harry coma, helped him extinguish a chiml\farkstone, W a 11 a c e and Mary new fire in his home last Saturday Markstonc, and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin night, before any damage was done. Baker. The Bakers presented the This was the third fire in Clover host and hostess with a beautiful Creek in little over a month. anniversary cake and the Bittncrs Mr. and Mrs. Pete. McLeod en- received many beautiful gifts. The tertained Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fcndle evening was spent playing cards. at dinner Tuesday evening, FebruNew residents of Clover Creek ary l. Places were laid for Mr. and 1 M d M B b J I I arc r. an rs. o o 1nson, \V 10 Mrs. Fendle, l'vfrs. Paul Stranahan, have moved into the former home Paul Byron, Charles Werner and · · of Ernest Laubmger. Johnson 1s a the host and hostess. · · · The A welcome visitor at the Fred brother of l\1rs. V1rg1l Rodrns. • Boness home is Mrs. Bessie Snyder Johnsons hope to make their home Creek permanently. of Vancouver, Washington. She ar- in Clo\'cr . . Little Danny Rochus, who has rived Monday and expects to stay . . . . been ill for some time with tonsilfor some time. Mrs. Snyder is Mrs. 1t1s, 1s improved and up and around Boness' sister. · agam. Among the sick in Clover Creek , . Mr. and l'virs. Harry Markstonc arc: Mrs-. Louise Gager, who is . . . en3oycd the visit of Mrs. Markvery ill at her home; Fred Sutter, ' · · · stones cousm and !us wife, Mr. and scheduled to undergo a serious spinMrs. Kenneth Anderson of Seattle, al operation in Portland; Richard last Sunday. The Andersons were . · · and Maxine Susan, and Mrs. Fred d111ner guests. Other guests 111cludcd Boness. Mrs. Vera Harry and children, Judy · · Visiting at the M. F. Southwell and Shirley, of Lake Louise. Mrs. · . ' · home over the week end were Mrs. Harry 1s Mrs. Markstonc s sister. Southwcll's nephews, Donald and Clover Creek was saddened last Herbert Allen. Sunday by the death of Mrs. Mary . h . Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Failey, who had made her omc Markstonc, for din n e r Saturday here for several years. H er d cat h · · ncls· night, were Mr. and Mrs. Carl vvas an acId ell s h oc lc t o I1e1· f nr Strand of Tacoma. Later in the eve- bccause it was so unexpected. ning the 11arkstoncs and their guests attended the at Elk Plain Careless dri;ing can wreck a fenGrangc hall, a benefit for the Elk der-or a family! Plain school. Free estimates on repair and rcDon and Phillip Cha1~ma11 arc model jobs Brookdale Lumber Co. visiting at the home of their brother (adv.)

.. . .






Parkland .=nel Oil a11•d §ervice §tation Distributors of Standard Oil Products GRanite 8112

Parkland, Wash. ---








Daniels Hardware PARKLAND

GR 7947

tJ' ..


KIRBY NEWS Mrs. Albert Nelson. reporter Phone GRaham 206 lVIr. and Mrs. Harvey Sundquist of Tacoma were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson on ; Sunday. I At the home of :Mrs. Ross Plumb, on Thursday, February 3, a pink and blue shower was given in honor of Mrs. Leonard Coolc Those present were: Mrs. L. Bctchard, Mrs. S. J~nkins. Mrs. Joe J_upitcr, Dolores 1


Jupiter, Pat and Danny, Mrs. Frank Kearns, Mrs. Albert Nelson, Mrs. Lester C:ruts, Mrs. Preston Hender: son, Mrs. Helen Smallwood, Althea Smallwood and Lavonne Cook. Hel1 en received many lovely gifts and, after the gifts had been opened, a lovely lunch was served by the hos-


These talTeta nylon d1'e~ses, featured in the February issue of Good Housekeeping, can go to the theater, party or anywhere and never be "prima rlonnas" when it's time for the w:1shtuh. They can he rinsed~as easily as stoddngs, dried in an hour and will remember and l\eep their lines without a simde cue from the flatiron. Of Mallinson nylon, they're called Cinderella taffetas and come iu black, gray, coffee and navy.


chairman of the affair. The birthdays of Bca Turner and Viola Bombardier were honored during the soMis. Alice Smith, Reporter cial hour. Hostesses for the evening GA. 7802 were Caroline Deering and Ruth Eshpeter. . . Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weeks and John Kuhn is back at home after I ']d I b d cu rcn \Vere near y snow- oun . .. three weeks rn a Tacoma hospital. f . . T . S d a ter a v1s1t to cnmo 1ast un ay. He is much improved. , , , . Ervm Snuth Midland Improvement club met . left . home Fnday. fur


Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanitc 5738 Mrs. Johann, Midland correspof\dent, w o u I d like to draw attention to the new phone. number listed above. She will welc.ome all calls about any news items anyone would like to have pub. lished.

. Ii upa c. It Wartcn b e F c b ruary 1 wit . presiding. The group decided to . . . I g-ivP the hall a QT'ncra over h au 1 as St. John of the Woods Altar '·to pamt111g . . . 'l'I . an darepairs. 1e renomet at tlw home ol Mr.<. 0. J. vated furnace is now almost finished Ncarns, the afternoon of Fc'bruary and turning out a lot of heat. Serv3. Mrs. Walter Corrigan, pres1cknt ino· the lunch after the rnectinQ: were,

her parents, l\1r. and l\1rs. Art Caspnson. A Valentine party will be held at the next regular n1ccting of l(apowsin Rcbdrnh Lodge 24-1 on February 15. Everyone is to bring a Valentine for the Valentine box. Mrs. Victor Anderson is chairman of the lunch committee. Those helping her are Mrs. l'vI. Jcrgcrson, Mrs. Chas. Gardner and ~vfrs. Katie l\'f'lson. Mrs. E. G. Tinius \'isited with her sister, Mrs. W. Lindcau of Tacoma, on \/../ednesday. Alfred Erickson, son of Mr. and I Mrs. Fred Erickson, returned tu

Pullman on Thursday. He is a student at the State college. !he Janice Club rnet al lhr home of Mrs. Marion Curtiss on February t. All except two were present. Pierce County Pomona Grange will meet at the Fruitland Grange hall on Saturday, February 12. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miller wc'.·c Deepest sympathy is extended to guests at the home of Mr. and Mis. l\1rs. Etter on the loss of her mother, Joe Jupiter on Thursday. ] Mrs. Lydia Baker, who was laid Mr. and l'vlrs. Delbert Gooch. and away to rest on Saturday, Fcbrufamily of Parkland were drnI!er ary 5. guests at the home of her parents, The regular meeting of the GraMr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson, on ham Grange will be Friday, FcbruSunday. ary 11, at 8 p.m. Friends and neighbors are glad to Mrs. Edw.ard Ruth and son called hear Mrs. Clifford Mc.Gee is re- at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert ported being on the road to recovery Nelson on Monday evening. at the Tacoma General hospital. Sorry to hear Mrs. Claude AckRobert Smith, brother of Mrs. L:rson is on the sick list. We all hope George Ellsworth, is reported being she soon will be on the mend. ill in a Tacoma hospital. We all Mrs. Albert Nelson attended the hope he· will soon be able to come Past Noble Grand meeting Monday home. held at the I.0.0.F. hall in Tacoma. M.1. ancI !\•I r.5 . Oscar • Hanson of W I · ·. d 'tl I is Puyallup, . as i., v1s1te w, 1 l POINTER WANT ADS PAY • tl1c1,. M,i. .d nd Mrs · Fra"'._ ni~ H·rn~ 1)10



Burney, Califor111a. He had . spent . a few here with·. his . days. at home . fanuly after conung from Colv11lc, Wash. son. lVIrs. Harry \Vecks was hostess last Mr. and Mrs. Cl}uck Raymer wnc week at a showc'.· given in hu'.10r of business visitors in Seattle on Friday. her nnvly-wcd ~}Ster, Mrs. R1chanl, Mrs. l'viilcs J\·fatchctt and hahy

Round-the-Clock Fuel Oil Service! co1.1ducted the. business mce.ting. M;s, Eth. cl. A. ycrs and Ch.;trlottc Johnson (Auriol). Th.osc j.Jrcsent I daughter Janet were able to .. lc~v." Day or Night Plans were rn~dc for the.. next card McC!a. tchcy. th:' shower were: . Mother of. tl~e the hospital on Tuc.,day. She is with Sundays party and social, to be held at the Tl l"l l S 1 ld 't bride, Mrs. Rc1y Pamter; the bnde s · -.. -------·--1e ll > e , tuc y'oup 1ie I sI . ' 1 Holidays Midland Improvement Club hall on f'trst n1ecllng . . f or 19·!·9 · I1on1e sister, FOR IIOUSE WIRING . · ·.- at t 1'lf' . Mrs. ~els Swolgaard; He en _ Friday February 18. A lovely lunch· . F I 1 Robmson, Iona Bunch. Fern Berger, Phone any time! ' . of l'vlrs Da v1d Lorance, 'c wuary con was scrvl'd to the 30 ladies pres· . • . . . . Fran Johnson, Maude Weeks, Pat 1 . . . • 1. Mrs. Manon I• 111t is 111struct111g ' L k cnt by the comnullcc, cormstrng ol . . . I . d .. Weeks, Lorenc Baskett, Inge oc c, the group on B1 1Jc rntro uct10n, PARKLAND-BROOKDAL~ Mrs. 0. J. Nrarns, Mrs. Jack Erck, . · . I . I h' Jenny Johnson, Frances Johnson, . with special ernp 1as1s on t 1c 1s. ELECTRIC Mrs. John Deng Mrs. Thomas Gal. . f I B'bl Tl. Cbra l'alrnatwr and Ruth Es 11pctcr. Your Neighborhood Electrician ·' ... toncal background o tic 1 e. us • · I ivan Mrs. D. W. Gleason and Mrs. . . . . ·· .... · II d . . I f tl . fhc guests played 500 and p111oc 11 e, course 1s espcna y · l cs1gncc 1e with . . . F. J. Nordyke Id Harrison. . . . hor .... pnzes being won by Helen . . 111others u1 roung c 11 11 { ren VY o a1 L . . Despite the snow and d1ff1cult ) . Robmson, Eileen Swolgaard, Lorenc . 1 . . . to . attend rcgu , . . Tl1c driving cond1t10ns, the carrnval spon- unable . . d. . ar .services, Ilaskctt and Clara I, alnrnl!er. · . . hut anyone mtercste 1s very we 1· 11 MOTOR TUNE-UP LUBRICATION sored by the Midland GHls 4·-1-I . . . C h'ld . event was topped off by a luncheon. 11 y . _conw to attend. : 1 ren arc a) clubs was a big success. The large . · . . f . ·! I f M Mr and Mrs. Vernon Sherill and Complete Linc of Ignition Parts Atlas Tires and Batteries . "" taken care o in t 1c 101nc o rs. · . crowd 111 attendance was treated to , L d' . . I t f son Gordon will soon be lcavml" • . . J Frnni\. orance, n · 1ou11ng t u1 o · ~ ' ,. ' •.) an cvrmng of fun and excitement. . . . . L . '·V .. · t the commimity. They have pur· . Jvfrs. David orancc. v omen assis · The door pnze, a sack of flour do- . . f I 'Id . tl· , chased a business known as JohnGRanite 6455 Spanaway on Mt. Highway 1 c11 ren a1c ic 1ng 1n c:..1rc o t1c •-· - _· _ · natcd by the M1dland Food Center,_ . \" S Afd . B. G t . son's Corner. Best of luck. Mrsdamcs 'V. • cm, en a cs · was taken home by Alex Huseby of . I II Tl .t t Billi Jo Smith has returned home ;rnd I· arry · anscn. . 1e ncx rncc . Midland, and the pop-up toaster . . . b F, . after an emergency operation. She 11 c 'c 1J1tiary ' mo· of the «roup w1 ' ·1· donated by Schocnfcld's of Tacoma, " " ·]· r·. t d is o-cttino- alono, fine. . 15 and after that on t 1c 11s an · c · "' "' was won by Joyce White, a former ·. .~ r' Ernie DcBochc has spent some I tl F . , . , third l ucsdays o cac1l mon 1. 01 4-H cl.uh member. 1 he games were . .· .· . 'f D .d L . time i 11 bed because of .flu. '" rs. av1 01· handled very capably by Mr. John mformatlon, . , . call , ?00 Mr. and Mrs. Al Emery (Florence 7 · · h , M r. C'I1ar lcs w·. . Hc1nnc itscr, M r. :mu-, C.Ramtc - . IZcnncdy) and cluldrcn have pur-




I Call GR. 6789, days

' .





Anderson CHEVRON Service




Spalt Wartcnbc and



Clinton. The girls arc grateful to all the many donors as well as to the men and women who gave so I kindly of their time and effort. George, two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Rainey of 94-th stn·ct, was severely burned on the ankle, February 2, by accidentally upsetting the steamer his mother was using in an effort to ward off the colds he and his small brother, Danny, were suffering from. Danny had just returned from the hospi.tal last week, where he had spent several days under the doctor's care for pneumonia. Both boys arc now much better. Harvard, Midland and Larchmont Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary met at the fire hall, February 2, with President Lorenc Baskett leading· the business meeting. A card party, to be given in March, was planned and Bee Brittain appointed

Harvard-Midland p. TA Will Honor Founders, Leaders The regular meeting of the Harvard-Midland P-TA will be at Harvard school, February 1 G, 2 :30 p.rn. Morris Ford, superintendent of the consolidated school district, will address the. group on the progress made thus far by the new district. Mrs. Charlotte McClatchcy, program chairman, is planning a Founders' Day program to honor the memori~s of the founders of P-TA; also the past presidents and officers of the Harvard-Midland group. Mothers of the two sixth grades will serve after the meeting.







street has Jost a long-time resident. Barbara Harris, da~ghtcr of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harns, celebrated her second birthday, February 3, with a few small friends participat-1 ing. Ice cream, cake and favors were enjoyed by Mrs. F. Sallee, Stephen and Peter; Mrs. Camper, Rodney and Michael, and Dawnic Myer. Congratuhtions, Ba~~'.'.1: __ _





BAifS -



See Us

I 9648


Pacific Ave.



Phone GR., 8519 for

AeCURATE Prescription Service





Pacific Avenue and Airport Road


Sporting Goods and Hardware


NO other rub acts faster in


the block.

hun the Kreamilk kid.

THE PRAIRIE POINTER tilda Sy1fonons, on Pacific street. Attending were the Mesdames Mary Hendricksen, Berth a .Fedderson, 1 Dorothy P. Smith, Marian White,






Alice Dorfner, Reporter Graham 451'!

P•.O.·.· Box 2.28. -...• GR. 6.757 . .I La.u.ra M.· cLe···ll. a·n, Lu. eillc Stci.dc.l and --.A Ith ca :Flannery. Following . the . Wednesday, February 2, . (Ground meeting, refreshments were served


Piston lings

Thursday evening a group of fun-1'· stcrs •went bob-sledding behind a car, followed by coffee at the home 'of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Kuper. Those I cnjoyipg the fun were: Steve KanMechanics know and demand the cxeeplional quality that is ton, Art Thiel, Bob Martivold, Ray Amc1·ican Hammered Meyers, Tom !Vfeyers and son Darwin, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Charboneau, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Kuper and J\1iss Eutrophia Keough. Spending Monday and Tuesday with their grandparents, !Vfr. and DELIVERY SERVICE Mrs. E. W. Castle Sr., were CaroSPANAWAY ACROSS J'ROM THE SCHOOL line and Ronnie Harkness of TaGRanite 6547 and GRanitc 7:)33 coma. Mrs. E. Castle Sr. celebrated her birthday with her two sons and Sunday School, 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. their families, who spent Thursday, l larvanl Sunday Schonl 1\-Iothcrs' Circle 1rn~ets first \-Vc<lucsday of month- at '2 p.m: February 3, with her. A lovely cake was served by her daughter-in-law, ST. JOHN OF THE WOODS 981h and Taylor, Midland Mrs. E. )'V. Castle J.r. Thos<'. prcsf'.nt PARKLAND METHODIST Rev. R. E. Logan, Pastor George W. Cooper, Pastor were: Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Castle 1\.fassl.'S, B:OIJ and 10:'.W a.m. Catechism 8unday: \Vorship and preachin~ 11 a.m. after 1fa!ls. Jr. and their children, Joe Ed, Flora Race Relations Day. Soloist, 1'1rs. J. D. Spence. Nursery for chikh-cn during 1hc Bell, and Betty Lorine; Mr. and worship hot1r. (~hurch School al 10 a.m. SPANAWAY FULL GO~PEl TABERNACLE Stanley R. Weddle, Pastor Mrs. Robnt Castle and baby daugh- Cla:->s('S for all gr:uh•s. Ac.lull Bible class led Sunday School, 10 a.m.; I\lorning \-Vor~ by the }Mstor. ·1'1cthodist Youth Fellowship, .~hip, 11 a.m.; Evanf;clistic S1~rvice 1 3 p.m. ter; Mrs. Castle's mother, :Mrs. Flora 7 p.m. Christ's Amlx1ssadors, Wednesday. \Vedncsday, Frh. Hi, at 12:'.W: \-Voman's Thornton, and Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Soddv of Christian Servk1~. Covered dish MIDLAND PENTECOSTAL Castle Sr. tlinn1•1:, husinrss, devotitlnal aml social pro~ Arnie Konsmo, Pastor 1vfcc1s every Sunday in '1.1idland P.T.A. Mr. and l\olrs. David Casperson l{ram following. hall. 11 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. and son, formerly of Elk Plain, now TRINITY LUTHERAN FERN Hill BAPTIST CHURCH Porldand, Wmhington of Tacom;1, spent Sunday visiting South 86th and "G .. Streets Ernest B. Steen, Pastor R. W. Ledyard, Paster at the homes of their aunt and 'l.hu1stby, Fehrual')' 10: Bihle School, 9:4.'.i a.m. Classes for all ages. grandnwtlwr, Mrs. E. Vv. Castle Jr. I 12:311 p.m.-··lnger Tonstic Circle at the \Vorship at 11; Evening Service, 7 :30. horne of !\Jn;. C. S. l·vnboe. "' and l'vfrs. Joe Snuth. Fri<.lay, February 11: · LARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL l\Iiss Elaine I\arkcr of Tacoma :l:il'.I p.rn.-~M o th c rs' Club in Trinity Larchmont Sunday School meets in the j Church Parlors. Parish hoas~ at 9:30 Sun<lay mornings. SpC'nt the week encl with her aunt Sunday, February .1'.l: . . KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL d M rs. L • W . '! IIJ.\11 .I ".. ni. . Snnday .School aud ll.1blc an cl unc l e,. "1 iv r. an cl.assPs. M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent Dillingham. All attended the daiicc 11 :00 n.m. ,funior. w1mhi11 service; Rcg!vfec!.s al 2:00 p.m. ill the Kirby :->chool 1 ubr worship sclv1cc. Sunday. at the grange. . 4::30 p.m.~:Monthly meeting of Sunday MIOlAUD COMMUNITY HOME M Alf· d G' dd d · f )<' lk Pl· · School staff in church padors. ·1 rs. IC 0 ar 0 ·' .Jlll 7:00 p.m.·~·-Scuior LulhL:r League at the Thure Moberg, Minister Sunday School, 10 a.m.; 1'-·fornin,~ Service. and J\.frs. Frank Talley of Spanaway . . home ~,r Mnkoh!1 Soine. 11 a.m.; Bible study aml pr:),ycr, 7:30 p.m., " . . 1 ,, "f 'I' j 1 umlay, hbruary l:i: H:On p.rn.-Circlc 2 at '.rviis:; Anne E. VVcdncsday. I lC lei a papering oce at 1v rs. a lcy's horn<' Thnrsday. They 1)ac Klludsou\ npar1ment; Cin}~, 3 .'" .1hc

Hog day) was annual Dads' night <by the hostess.

In Sets and Open Stock

for the Spana.way.Pre· gro.· u.· p,I· .•· Fra~k Tall~y is i·ecupcrating at and was celebrated with a pot luck his home on Fifth street from a supper held at the lovely new home . . . .. , . · of Mr. and Mr~. A. Griffith. on l,1Hle Nona Claire Deaton, daughI n ·sp1'tc _o f' b a.d_- _vvca · · th and Mrs. G' o ld · er tcr - - of_ Capt. _ . .James . - _.T. d · f · f l Deaton of East E stl·ect, ts ill with . h :. an conut1on o . t 1.c 1ug ways, scarlet fever. a lurge crowd · was m attendance. Arnold Jackson of Tacoma was . John Lclland has returned from .·cs en t'. I.le.•. 1.·u·ar.· nc.. d. ]. a.n•10.•n.g t•h o. ;;. e. ··p •. ·.. 1 . W.yomi1.1g,. anti h. a.s been the ··group by showmg 4. reds of 'mtmg his grandparents,. Mr. and .sqund filn1s which were very inter- Mrs. E. Roberts of Louvre street. The films were of: Banff na-1 Mr..a11d Mrs. F. R. Houk of Tatfoual park, . national park, I coma arc receiving congratulations Ski Chase,'' and a 1upon the arrival of t.hcir first baby.

~ ~.eyennc'.


Page Three



1 T. hc·.··lo· w.arrivcd.

at Madi· General hospital, January 26 and

1weighed in at six and one-half


. . ... Ipounds. He has been nm:1cd Rayby Marum Pnnc , mond Eugene. Mrs. Houp 1s the for-

wcrc \Von ancl Dorothy Krurnpas .. Attending 'mer Florence Davis of Spana way were: Mr. and William Bay~! and is the daughter of Mrs. Eva ley, Mr. and Mrs . Samu<'! Green, I Davis of Tenth street. ....; Mr. and ·Mrs. Robert ,·McGinn<'s, I Cecil Wymore of the Mountain Mr. and Mrs. James Gray,. Mr. a11d ·highway has been confined to his I • • . "I think we , should. make our wedding plans now, Ned, Mrs. Ethan Mr. and Mrs. ! home, sufferm.g from several fracinstead of ·letting everything crowd up on 1.1s ·after you Charlcs Newberry, Mr. and Mrs. tu!'ed ribs,. sustained when he fell propose!" Robert. Van Alstein, Mr. .and Mrs.; down the back sticps of his house. K. E. Reeves, Mr, and Mrs. A. A. j Mr. and Mrs. Artlun Pietz and . . . . . Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. John Wad~• nephew, Alfred, attended. the bcnc-I Mrs. Orville Meyers of Twelfth Kathryn Newell, Amos Ouhl, Ray Turner, Les Linbeck, Antliony Smith h:rn1s,. the Mesdames Chet McAtce,; fit dance given at the Elk Plain street. Returning to their home in North and William Fowler. Hostesses were Lola Tlrcscman, Dorothy Knnnpas, .~grange, Saturday evening. Marian Prine, Evelyn Russell, Doris Newcomers to Spanaway. arc. Mr. Bend, Oregon, aft('t' a honeymoon Mrs. William Fowkr and Mrs. Ray Canada, .Mr. and Mrs. Turner. Omat and Anderson. Hos-I and Mrs. Freel Chase and sons, P. Griswold stopped to spend tes$cs for evening 'vere Mi·s, Denny and John, of Olympia. They Mr. and Mrs. Robert Toft and HcknNcv;hcrry, Mrs. Paulync Grif- are making their home on Lake a week end at the home of l\.ir. and son, Tim, who have been making fith and l\frs. Juanita Tlaylcy. The Shore drive, in the cottage owned I Mrs·: Don Shaff of Fourteenth street. their home with Mrs. Taft's parents, mc<:;ting of th\: Pre- by Mr. and Mrs. Tack HcndrickLt. and Mrs. Leonard Smith of Mr .. and Mrs. FrankTalley of Third group will be March 2 •and sen. Fourteenth street have left for Texas street, have movr·d to P:ukland. be ·held at .the home of Mr. Ernest McGinnis spent Saturday where Lt. Smith will attend school Their new rcsid(;ncc is on 'l'hurrnan in Spanaway, visiting old friends and in S:rn Antonio. street. PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN · lwrne ()f kathrvu A,rutzen, 222 Garftl'id comrades. He now lives at HoodsSunday dinner guests at the holltc Mrs. Ethan Nelson and two chi!- pcrecl the 'living room Wolther C. Gullixson, Pastor while . Mr. S1. ;. Circle •I at ·~in. J. T. En~c's apartSunday 9:'.JO a.m.; ~1on1ing \Vor~ . Bradshaw and. her port, Wash. . . . . .. . . f of Mr. and Mrs. Don Shaff on I drcn of the Mountain highway at Tallry was in bed, ill with the flu. !'.'."'(\:,r~:~';~;\~ 5 at the ho11w of Mrs. ship, IO:OllSchool, a.m. 1 Lmda, of Twelfth street Mr. and Mrs. Harnld B.iker Fourteenth street were Mrs. Shaff's Seventh street, :1rt· rr:covcring from --·------The Hard-Time dance whicl1 was resnperating after severe cases Sumner, formerly of Spanaway, were father and sister, Joe lL Wilson and CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Tip to pedestrians: Think for two chicken pox. held in the Elk Plain Grange hall thl! suhjcct. of tht~ Lc:>son-Ser~ of flu. dinner guests Friday at •the home daughter Grace of Ellensburg. will be read ucxt. Sunday i11 all -the driver and you! Ivir. and :Mrs. W. E. Sweigard and February 5, sponsored by the Elk A mectin~ of the excc.utivc board of Mr. and Mrs. William Righetti The .i\.fothcr Church~ The First Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hall of son, Paul, of Eye Brow, Saskctchc- .Plain School duh, is rcportf'.d a huge Christ, Scicntis1, in Hostm1, of Spa:away-Elk Plain. Vohm" on Twelfth s.lrcct. Th.cir. many Lakewood were dinm.·r guests Tues- wan, Canada, arc visiting at the success. The v:ays and means comMILLWORK & LUMBER teer Firemen's. Auxiliary was held friends w.ill be glad to hear that the day evening at the home of Mr. and honic of Mr. and Mrs. Michael nittcc consisted of the following: SPANAWAY METHODIST 1 of any kind Friday. afternoon at the. home of the Bakers will n;turn .to Spauaway, tl7c Mrs. Conrad Gagnon on Spanaway Kirby on Sccoud strcd. Mrs. Kirby Chairman, Mrs. Ross Plumb; Gar"The Church by fhc Side of the Road" l 0 a.m.---Churclt School. newly-elected president, Mrs. Ma· end of the month, and occupy thell' street. The two couples wcrc forPARKLAND LUMBER and Mrs. Swc:igard arc sisters. ldon Johnson, Alfred Goddard, Mrs. 11 a.rn .. -Sunday Worship Service. old home. AND HARDWARE mcdy fricn.ds and neighbors at Elma. Mr. and J\Irs. Anthony Mrou5, W. Gilstrap. On the kitchen corn3:30 p.m.-Intcrmcdiate Youth Mrs. Elton Hoxie and daughter, Wilson St., just off Mt. Hiway Fellowship. ~The regular monthly meeting of l\fr. and l'vfrs. Oliver Omat, J\1r. mittre were Mrs. James Smalley, ATTENTION! Taxpayers Rose Mary, of Ukiah, Oregon, hnvc G Ranite 7900 G:45 p.u1.-··Youth Fellowship. and Mrs. Macintosh and Mr. :md . Mrs. Hugo Loveland, Mrs. Gordon Why pay· more than you o\Ve? been visitors at the home of Mr. and the WSCS of· Spanaway Methodist 1 PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL church was held at the home of l\.frs. Mrs. A. H. Notter, all of Spanaway, Johnson and Mrs. Ben Kuper. Iu Let Interdenominational Frnd Southwell, Superintendent . p.Clrty at the .James charc·e .., of the candy hooth was. . Mrs. . J ohn N<'Wcll on Louvre street. 1,'o1- I attended the card Denny Lucas, .Ass't Supt. Alfred Goddard. Th<'. comlmltcc rn lowing ·a business meeting, a short Saks grange on Saturday evcnmg. Sunchiy School, 10:30 a.m. Prepare Your Returns IL<illbonre BilJlc study, 7 ::-rn lvfonday night, with Mis~ Leona Smith, Span:1way charge would like to thank many talk on 1nissionaries was given by His aim is to increase your 1'1nr8iu= JHlome Mrs. An:ios Ouhl ai1d refreshments school tt"itChcr, was honored with. a people ·for their help and coopcra- !\Irs. Ch:irli·s K na11tz tPaching. 'Refund, not your Tax CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST '.rule Lake Road were served. Attcnding the. meeting farcwell dinner at the Orchard Hill tion. Among them arc: Mrs. Thoren · Military Rood, opposite Clover Creek School Parkland, Wash. 415 Garfield PACIFIC LUTHERAN W. C. Rhea, Pastor Country dub. Enjoying the party TilJbitts, Mrs. Ed Castle Jr., Mr. were the Mesdames Graham, Russell Residence Phone GRariite 4443 GR 8077 Parkland IHblc School, 10 a.m. George Chcs:mm, COLLEGE, Rates Reasonable , Scearce, Annie Hall, Bertha Cooley, wcn·: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Green, Gilstrap, Mrs. Ed Castle Sr. and superintendent. A'forning worship, 11- a.111. Mr. and Mrs. Crippen, Mr. and Ed Castle. NEW STUDENTS NOW Y.outll J<'cllowship, i p.m. (Junior and • 1 Mrs. Robert Steidel, Mrs. Rose and . .1\<Ir. and Mrs. Ben L. Kuper were Scnuff) I\EING ENROLLED EvcuingGospel Service, 3 p.m. Richard Fraser. 1\.,Iid-wt.•ek Servic1~, Thursday, B p.111. . d "1 H ). l f hosts for dinner in their home on ]\··l r. an Choir practice Thursday, 7; also tcncher " rs. arry 1 11 sbury o ]' c1Jruary .). n G..rues ts \Vere t l1c tcachFor Appointment, Call mccti11g. Mo11nta111 highway spent Saturday 1crs [ron1. Ell l'l tun ·. sc1100 .. 1: I'.~. 1·{. ~. . _ GRanitc 8611 or GRanite 4610 HARVARD Sl.INDAY SCHOOL evu.rn1g al guests of Mr. and Mrs. H ·I .. M .. W, . . M ... N At Harvard School Arne A.danis of Tacoma. uc mu, is. cnstiom, ''" orlnor Bergstrom, Superintendent "I d "f G hl I ma llrown, Mrs. Vera Ferguson and 1> r. an n' rs. eorge Ou anc . ..· · . . ' ,_ M . . l !Vfrs. Engels. Other guests were J\1rs. son, o [ tuc ountam 111g 1way at . , . .,. S d I. Dons Crnn and danghtcr Mary Lee. · · !'1rst street, spent , u,n ay at . ,1tt1c where they hdpcd celebrate the joint birthdays of Mrs. Paul \VAGE EARNERSHOW TO TELL IF YOU CAN Gard and daughter, Pat. Enjoying a game of bridge at the rILE YOUR TAX RETURN home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. ON FORM 1040A Smith of Thirteenth street Saturday , 1. Was yonr total income over evening were Capt."and Mrs. James lr;5,000? Deaton. 2. Was o~·cr $100 from dividends, ]\fr, and Mrs. Clair Fedderson of interest and wages NOT suhLake Shore drive have rctumccl from jcct to withholding? where they were called, two 3. Ucsidcs wages, dividends and weeks ago, by the illness of their interest, did you have. any other daughter. income? After enjoying a birthday dinner, 1. l!ac:k in 191 8 it was quite a thing to call If you can· answer "No" to all long distance all.the way acrq~s the country. Took Sat.urday evening. at the home of three of these questions, you can a good. set of• lungs, too. In· those days. you had Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pillsbury of file yonr tax return 011. Form to use as much voice to talk long distance as you Mountain highway at thr Roy "Y," would in calling to another person eighty feet Mrs. Doris Omat·was suddenly called 1U40A. Otherwise, use F.o n.m 1040. File early . . . before away across an open field. to her home, where. she found sevMarch 15. eral friends waiting to surprise her. After singing "Happy Birthday to You," the evening was spent playing cards. Those attending wne: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirby, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ornat, Mr. and Mrs. George \V.oolhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Residents the Harvard, MidPete King and Mr. and Mrs. Harry land area arc wishing success to Pillsbury. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirby were }'rank Cura!, who }<cbrnary 14 is host and hostess at a family dinner opening the Midland Shoe Repair given atthcir home on Second street, in the North Pole Lockers building, Monday evening. Members .of the 98th and Portla11d avenue. Gural faniily who attended were: Miss plans a very modern shoe repair Margaret Bailor, Milton Bailor, shop, featuring· "while you wait" Milton Dunbar and Ed Spahr of service. Gural, a local youth who.attended Tacoma and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Whenever possible ... Sweigard and son, Paul, of Eye both Harvard and Midland schools, as well as Lincoln high school, TaBrow, Saskctchcwan, Canada. IRON BEFORE 4:30 coma, resides with his wife and two children at 84-th and Portland avOR AFTER 6:30 PM enue. He is a veteran of army serv2 •. Today it's. just as eusy to talk across the 3. Rates have gone down amaz:ingly. In ice and has been . an employee of nation as ids to talk to som~one just across the 1918, Father paid about $1S.OO for the miracle THE entire Pacific Northwest faces a.critical power the Bone-Dry shoe company for the table from you. Continual.improvements in the .of talking Coast-wCoast. Worth it, too, By 1928, shortage this winter - between the hours of 4:30 and past 20 years. telephone instrument you use, in telephone lines we'd been able to drop rati;:s, to about $9.00 for a


· ·







Carl Hess


Teacher of Violin







Call uThe Voice of Parkland" at GRanite 7380

Louise and Bob Lynd

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The PacificTelephone @and Telegraph Company More than 70,000 people working together to fur·· nish ever· better telephone service to the West

Ste&a 'a· 7~1ta To Your Sweetheart on VALENTINE'S DAY, GR. 7863

Remember the Critical Hours 4:30 TO 6:3lJ PM


Page Four

NEW KITCHEN CABINETS For Convenience and Beauty I 1


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, February 10, 1949

University I Private

Ceremony Friday Unites Miss Patricia Danielson and Kenneth Bryant

A CHALLENGE! So What? Just Clam Down

A private candlelight ceremony Friday evening, February 4, at the hmm: of the 1Jride united Miss Patricia Ann Dotnielson and Mr. Kenneth Douglas Bryant.· The bridal couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant, brother and sister-in-law of the bridegroom, as the Rev. Nordvig performed the doublering rites.

Challenge was issued receiatly to all clam-eaters, their sponsors, promoters and civic supporters to enter their most capacious clamgulpcr in the great Seattle Clam Bowl international championship.

Easy Monthly Payments

VAUGHAN'S PACIFIC A VE. LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific Avenue


Sponsors arc the International Pacific Free Style Amateur Clam Eating Association of the Round Table of the Washing·ton State Press Club - called IPFSASECA for short.

GA. 3133

Sharing with Europe! Veterans News from Pa!:(e One) Is Self-Preservation play(Continnecl bingo all night Pither, tlwrc In Williams' Opinion will be several card tables available Aside from humanitarian reasons I for their use together with a supply for assisting our needy neighbors of playing cards . . . pinochle .. . overseas, our own interest in self- 500 . . . rummy . . . whist . . . preservation should be incentive bridge · . . or anything that you enough to make us desire to share fed like playing. This is an evening warm, used clothing, bedding, shoes,· designed to give young and old a money for essential foods, vitamins chance to really have a good Lime and medicines with them to the ut- and have a lot of fun. Don't forget most! This opinion on American the date is February 12, 9 to I 2 p.m. overseas aid to the people of war- at the Sunshine hall. devastated countries was expressed The proceeds of this affair arc recently to a representative of Unit- Parrnarked for the Americanism corned Church Overseas Relief of the rnittce which is responsible for Boys Council of Churches by W. '-Valter state, Girls state, Junior baseball, Williams of Seattle, following his Ptc. * * f.· return from Europe where he visErnie Smith's suggestion that we ited a number of countries in an official capacity as chairman of the open a drive of our own for the United States Committee for Eco- March ·of Dinws met with overwhelming success and even though nomic Development. During his recent study of the there was only a small part of the European scene he visited France, nwmbcrship present, clue probably England, Holland and Germany, to thr PLC game that night, we have meeting with their government of: ;:r sizable littlc donation to put into ficials and discussing vari5ms eco- the hands of the people handling the nomic problems with them. As a pot in this, orn' of the mos\ imresult Williams is convinced that a portant · drives of its kind <luring healthy world must mean a world I the year. • ·Y. • ~· economically sound-that pe>ace will Seen at last meeting . . . VIRnever result where half the world is GINIA SEAMAN comino to the well dff and the other half sick. . '"' . "Europe is as a great sick body," nscue and brcw111g the coffee 111 h ( f I T d said Williams, "struggling against t e. aJsc.ncc- o t1e <n1x1 wry ue t.o their be111g at the department prcs1the odds that beset her to survive. ' d" l'I'I'I'Z t I1111 . I. -ong "I wonder what the people of cl cnt s inner . . . · :'\. . . . . America would <lo if they were con- he 1s getting away \V1th so1n(~tl11ng . Iou d tie . \V1t . I1 Ius . ur11-1 . 1 JY \Yeanng a fronted with the problem of exist, , , ence that now confronts millions of form ... BILLY SCHMALLNB!dlC • makmg one of the fastest and most needy people in Euro'pc's war-torn . bl . l d ca ls on rrcor d areas. The majority of them arc a pro f 1t::i e f"1n::tnc1a '" . . great study in patience. They are --S l. JOHN ·Jwmg the loser . . working whenever and wherever ERNIE SMITH, HARRY SMITH

Place is the revolving quarterdeck of the Pacific Northwest Boat Show and Marine Pageant, State Armory, '.305 Harrison St., Seattle.


Time is 8 p.rn., February 22-Washington's birthday. Last year the tremendous gustatory event made world-wide news. Dick Watson, Seattle cab driver, defeated J oc Silva of Martha's Vineyard, Mass., by downing 132 stewed clams to Silva's 128 in the regulaLion roun<l of ten minutes of uninterrupted clam eating with Association approved counters, judges and timers. "The Seattle Clam Bowl is the only true bowl in the nation,'' declared officers of IPFSACECA proudly. "The Rose Bowl has no roses; the Cotton Bowl, no cotton: the Sugar Bowl no sugar, but the Clam Bowl has clams-and everything!" Officers an: Tom Kelley, president; H. E. Jamieson, first viecprcsiclcnt; 197 vice-presidents all members of the Press Club Round Table, the greatest backlog of vice-

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Danielson of Parkland and Mr. Bryant is the son of Mrs. Rufus Harvey.

Musical numbers before and during the ceremony were "I Love You Truly" and "Because," played by Mr. Francis Wallace. Miss Betty Bryant, sister of the groom, was can?lc ligh tcr. The Danielson home was decorated with pale pink gladiolus and white stocks. ·1


Multiple Sclerosis Research Proposed

Dr. Heber Youngken, l;niversity of Washington 1irofcssor (left), and his assistant, John Peckinpaugh of Auburn, examine foxglove plants that have been exposed to rnrying intensities of atomic radiation. They are engaged in a research project at the University to find a drug that will counteract radioactive damage to living cells. They are using plants instead of animals for the experiments because 1ilant and animal cells are similar in physiolo1~r. Hesults of their investigation may lead to the development of a dru?.; that could hcl1> human beings exposed by accident or war to th? deadly activity of atomic energy. •




Call GH. an1te 7100






jf}fl ~;J)pJ'~

~ ~7/~ ..Ll'~ (~.::~ ~.'

I~~ -


()#' .




t~t!L I.

Q]·;._ /,


mA 4H!2'

Interurban Auto Freight, Inc.

~-::: ~#'nl;vv_~:,•ff./j-St. ~V;;w

WANTED ·All kinds of. poultry and livestock. Highest pnccs paid. GR. 836+, Rt. 7, . Box 231. 23tfc SEPTIC-TANKS CLEANED, co~ tents hauled away. Don Redford, __(}A. 7334. tfc RAY GOGAN - JACJ<. BARRETT General landscaping, pruning and spraying, rockcrics, rock walls, I fences, tractor work. I GR. 8842 Terms BR. 6982



~~· · ·


prevention and trc-atmcnt of multiple sclerosis by establishing within the U. S. Public. Health Service a Na- ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICEtional Multiple Sclerosis Institute. Lyman Redford, owner. Septic tanks pumped, contents hauled The measure also provides for grantsaway. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794. in-aid to universities, hospitals, labtfc oratories and other public and pri- FOR SALE-Silent Sioux circulatvatc institutions. ing oil heater, used, in good condition, $20. Phone Quality Photo The Tacoma Multiple Sclerosis clinic, directed. by Dr. Hinton J oncz, Serv!_':'·,_.S'._!~2 7 ~:_~ ·---- 23c Spanaway resident, is treating a SPANAWAY LUlVlBER CO. · Better Lumber for Less. Rooflarger number of patients Lhan any ing, "I lar<lware an<l Paints. v\le other clinic in the U. S. rent floor s;rnders. GR 82.35. FOR SALE-Used Maytag wa~hcr in good condition. Apt. house at GUEST DAY INTEREST Pacific & Hancock, opposite JohnFOR CRYSTAL SPRINGS son & Anders ton store. 23p

Guest day will be of special inter, . . All Gold Star Mothers in the area Parkland Firemen's Auxiliary will B. ~t~en o_ffida.tin.g". _Interment was est to members of the Crystal Spring~ · ··t · I I1ou 1,.I n1cc , t Wndilt•sdcv 16 , "at 111 Sp.inaway u m<tu Y. a1.c un1 c·d t o a tt en d . S oc1a ',. .. , , Ft•lJl'tial'Y . • G:mkn club as Mrs. S. 0. Storaasli hostesses will be: lvfrs. Tom Hegge- the home of Mrs. E. W. Beitz. Mrs. will present :ry.Irs. Fred Clarke who 1 MARY MADELINE FAILEY lund and Mrs. 0. N. Van Slykc. W. W. Cline will be co-hostess. All will speak on "Know Your Birds." l 1 Mrs. Lawrence (Mary Madeline) Mrs. J. ·N. J 01nscn, prcs1"d ent, \VI·11 n1e111)crs ::1re ·urge d to I)e present, as Mrs. Ed. S. I-Iinderlie will open · · ·.. · I J Failey, 4 7, a Clover Creek resident he1 home at noon F1iday, February conduct the meetrng. elect1on of oil ICcrs will w he d. at Rt. 7, Box 4·86, died at her home 11, fo1 the luncheon and program, Sunday, February 6. Mrs. Failey was I with Mrs G. E. Russel assisting. I . . . . .. Jurn rn Mrnncsula and lllO\'c<l to J By the T'aco1ua area 27 years ago. Funeral services will be held this aftThe prC'tty young woman, travel1 ing with her son, said to the t:onernoon (February 10) at 3 o'clock U .... . .· duclor: from the Lakewood Mortuary, fol"A fare for me and a half fare lowed by burial in Spanaway cemefor iny son." tery. The Rev. H. N. Svinth will "But I a cl y, he's \VCaring long officiate ;rnd pall bearers will be: pants!" Ed Cooley, E<l Barna, John Mc"Okay. Full fare for him, Grath, Ralph Storlie, George Hoppy j half fare for me." and Jack Justice. Besides Mr. Failey, she is survived by: Two daughters, Mrs. Patricia 1-fammond and Ruth Failey at the home in Clover Creek; a son, Frank of Spanaway; a grandson, Larry Hammond; her mother, Mrs. wood-Mother Nature or Mother Ann a Caulkins of Tacoma; two brotlH:r3, Fred Sternberg of Tacoma J_ohn"_·_ __ and Hrnry Sternberg of Oakland, Daily Service to Parkland, Calif.; and three sisters, Mrs. Ray Spanaway and Surrounding Gregor of Oakland, Calif., and Territory · Lester of Summit, \Vash., Mrs. Tom PIC"B:-UP AND Mrs. Kate Bcdia of Oakland, Calif. DELIVERY SERVICE

1'1--iESE WOMEN!

turn to worlc after his tuberculosis is arrested. Rehabilitation services, which Christmas Seal funds help support, ena:ble patients to study while being treated tor tuberculosis,

of patients of the Multiple Sclerosis clinic, St. Josc-ph's hospital, Tacoma, · · amends the Public Health Service act to provide for research and in- P~r. Word ...................... -............... 03 vestigation with respect to the cause, Mmimum .. ::,....... -...... ~............ ___ .. ____ .50


M arvzn !YI eyer will Take Bride Friday

This patient is wasting no time

in preparing for the day he will re-

Washington, D. C.-A bill to be known as the "National Multiple Sclerosis act" has been introduced in the 8lst Congress by Rep. Thor Tollefson of Tacoma. The measure, which was introducc-d at the request


s rec·.

.Time Well Used

For her wedding costume, the bride chose a navy blue suit with pale grey accessories. She carried a white Bible, covered by white rosebuds and white hyacinth. Her attendant, Mrs. Bryant, was attired in a bicgc suit with corsage of white rosebuds and blue hyacinth. lVIrs. Danielson wore a navy bolero dress with raspberry trim while Mrs. !

presidents .in the world. Executive secretary is Ivar Haglund, Pier . . . I HERTHA SCHULTZ "4- S .. 1ttl, 4 ·md all c n t r i e s A home service tlus Fnday cve,l ' ' ' ' · . . . . Mrs. Bertha A. Schultz, 87, Rt. ' ' ' ' "hould be adclrcssccl to Haglund. mng, February 11, will wed Miss 1" B cl. d M d J , "' ,.-~ ")" -l. , " .... , Arl~~cn J. Pere, to Mr. :tvfarvin E. ,J, ox 177 , ic on.ay, anua1y 7 I he II I SAC.ECA u 1 g cs .ill . .. . ) , . . 31, at her home. Born rn Germany, ti'"11'i·11"i1g' t"11·1 Mey,·r, son of Mi. . t h e U n1tc . d S tatcs con t.encl t'rs. t.o t ·ntci· ,,, , . .., . and Mis. W1ls h c Iia cl l"ivc d in . 1Y \.Vlt · ·l1 t·I H• nnp , I1as1s ·. on liam Meyer of. Clover Creek.. The 64 years. She . • l1H' cl"iate .. · . \vas a n1cn1Jer of 1 .. 1.,. 1 bn<lc . . L ut I1cran c luirc I1. n e c I'- s t n 't t·I·· ung. t '.XL - ·5 ,,s· •and I prospective . ., ,is a daughter ' . , , of 1, nn1ty . . . coo1cl111at1011 , . · · Mi. and Mrs. Sheldon C. Pei C\· of .. hand-to-mouth plus . Surv1vmg are two sons, Robert · .• · 1 I "ld spec d East .!l3rd and Vickery road. sJ10rt time tI ia s to )tll . . , of 1, a coma and Edward of Brook. . . t"ion. Miss Percy will be attended by .· d a l e; a stepson, 1..~r I1ard o f "I' aco111a_: an d f as t c Ian1 -consu111p . her sister Mrs. Dolores Casey of , ' . ' , . I three daughters, lVIrs~ .Anna SchmeSeattle, and Mr. C~rnn<llcr Larson· chcl and Mrs. Martha Wolfe of TaGOLD cS1' "'R l\IOTHERS of Clover Creek. will be the best I corna and _ .. . , . Nfrs. ]<,chth l•ox oi. Span, man. Followin,. a wccldin" tri to WJLL 1\11,ET MONDAY g '" . p . away, a.nd twn s.t<·, Mrs. Seattle, the couple plan to reside m , . . . T· . , ·I . t. G Id St· . M ti . ,. 1-,hzabeth Schuffert and 1VI1ss Mar_aco1na c 1ctp er, o dt u i~ ~Clover Creek. , ... ~ f A · . 11 .. t M d I garet Schultz, oi I acoma. crs o n1enca, w1 inec on ay, -----~-------F, c 1}ruary 1,1, a t o0 p.m., 111 • tl1c A· mer- 1 · , Fu1wral scn.·iccs wnc held Friday. AND F E AUX . . , , I ARKL 'IR' · afternoon February 'I· from the ican Lcgton hall, 909 ;.-" Commerce · . ' ' . t t I TO ELECT OFFICERS Pi1ier Mortuarv, with the Rev. E.


they can, picking up rubble in the and HARRY CHAMBERS showmg . streets, closing up broken windows, up after a prolonged absence with trying to restore some semblance of the . usual. array of. excuses, . , all o f which were accepted . . CHAMa n'asonahly normal life. "I obst:rved German women and BERS rcmindin14._ us of the illness children picking up leaves and twigs of our postmaster' ELMER BEARD in Berlin parks; hauling them by -the best wishes of the tJost for a hand a long distance to their homes sp~c~y return hi norrna,l goes to Mr. in order to have a flicker of warm- Beal cl . . . also AL SEAMAN told ing fire. u;s , of) seeing . our '.'omrad~ ~RT "It has interested me to observe h.NAI P out '1t Madigan Gcncialthe ways in which the Amer- you also have our best wishes for a ican churches have been assisting speedy recovery · ~· ' *Art.* the stricken people of Europe and "Operation - Wood - Chopping" is Asia. I commend them for it," stated Williams. "They ca n n o t do too completed and twn yards have been much in this direction. The aver- deaned up, some lucky people have age person knows that clothing or a lot of cheap but high class wood money given through the churches in their bins, and the post treasury will be distributed abroad to the is richer by a substantial amount. needy, regardless of race, color or Thanks to the men who turned out creed. to make the project a success from "Every pound of aid contributed every point of view. We cut some toward war-devastated countries at good solid wood, as eviclcnccd by this time is a pound gained toward the fact tha l Al Scaman nearly laid a healthier world. In addition, gifts St. John out by bouncing a. sizable from Christian people, given from chunk of timber off the cranium bchumanitarian concern, bring both longing to the party of the second ph~sical . a~d s~irit~a~ comfort to part . qu.ite uni.ntcntional . it says then rcc1p1cnts,' Williams conclud- I here 111 fmc pnnt. Al claims that ed. I after this little experience, the qucs····· . ,. tion is now: Who raises the solidest


Harvey wore a black dress with sequin trim. Both wore gardenias. A reception followed the wedding, with Miss June Danielson, aunt of the bride, and Mrs. Homer Howe of Gig Harbor, aunt of the groom, cutting the cake. Miss Ella Danielson, another aunt of the bride, Mrs. Floyd Skinner and Mrs. Carl Ellefson served. The gifts were in charge of the Misses Shirley Skinner and Dorothy .Patterson. Mr. Wallace played many lovely marimba selections during the evening.


I,periodic' 1


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A meddling old English woman · accused one of the village workmen of having rcvcrled tu <lrink because, "with her own. eyes," she had seen his wheelbarrow standing outside the tavern. The accused man made no verbal defense, but the same evening he 1:ilaecd his wheelbarrow outside her door and left it there all night.


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Prairie pointer v 4 no 23 feb 10, 1949