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VOL. 4, NO. 22

l\1cctings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.rn. in the Sunshine Hall With the basketball schedule at tlw halfway mark, the post team has shown much improvement over tht, gang that started the season, We are still not a championship team but the boys have a lot of fun and we have a lot of fun watching them. The boys play because they love to play and while it is always nice to win games the fact that they lose some of them docs not overshadow the fact that we arc in this league to provide an outlet for pcntup enthusiasm and have fun. The first half saw Parkland in last place, with one win against nine losses:md take it from your scribe some opponents that we met were flashy boys who have a lot of time to practice and work their defenses and offenses. We have to be content with two games a week with no sessions in between. The second half showing is quite a little more encouraging, with Parkland in fifth place, one win against three losses -··getting better as time goes by.



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Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland




Registration officers of Pierce county precincts have been advised that books are to be closed for the March 5 school elections I and for the March 7 general The Parkland Business club will spring election at midnight today, now take its turn at discussing the February 3. All qualified residents advantages and disadvantages of who intend to vote and who arc forming an incorporated city of not already registered have only Parkland. Full airing of the subject today to be recorded. was drcidccl upon at the February Registration officers m·c: meeting of the club, Tuesday evening Parkland Precinct No. 1-John at Indian Inn. A committee was Nelson, 9G02 Pacific ave.; ParknarnC"d to investigate and :irrange land No. 2-Esthcr Davis, Parkfuture presentations on both sides of land Light and Water Co. office; the incorporation fence. The club. also heard Tom Casto, Brookdale-Iver Johnson, Johnson and .l\.nderson store; Spanachairman,. report good progress be'·I G'bb t G'bb n rs. 1 ons a •I O s ing made by his committee in charge way-iv . . Elk Pl · -E L B . groce1y, am · · ower, of .a Parkland float for the coming . M B · H'll· '•I'd C oII ms- rs. onmc i , iv 1 • Daffodil Festival parade. I 1 1\1 · L · J I . H d Dick Tilton advertising manager am- .1s. o1s o lann, arvar n . ' " , ' . . . -I. l\·I. l\1annett. of the lacoma fimcs, c1:li.ghtened the group on retail advcrtismg fundamcntals as guest speaker.





ELLINGSON 18 M"dl . d 0 1·th ope d.lC l an CH QSFN TO BD • G"'Ul"] C} J· S Q rgan1ze · d · _, OF, I IGHT CO . . I The first nwctmg of a proposed




Installation of ~fficer~ elected at the January meetrno- will have the Engmcer's estunatcs of the cost of center of the stage at the regular .J • , . . . · f h p kl 1 . · . · mstallrng a community water system monthly meetmg o t e ar · anc . . . Midland Orthopedic g·u1ld was held Edwm Ellm.,son of ·1' founder · · Community club next Thursdav eve, "' ' son ' · 1 at the home of Mrs.' Don Kemp, for Spanaway were received with . P ·11 cl of the mutual company was elected · . . . · b b f 111ng, February 10, at the ar< an ' Januarv 27, with 14· mterested mtercsted attent10n y mem ers o ' to the board of trustees of the Park, · school, 8 p.m. I d . . cl W . . ne•ghbors present. Mrs. Kemp and the Spanaway Progressive Commun, . b .. . ll cl ... W an 1,1g 1it an atcr compa11y at . , . T I . , a' off1cc1s . to c rnsta e a1c. . . Mis. Cad ay or, who aie on,,1- ity cl b Tuesday evening February . . • its annua 1 meetmo- 1ast wee<. , . . ·u ' . · ' • 1 Elhn""1 W. Clme, presuknt; RoJert Haner, " '' nators of tlus movcnwut 111 Mid. . 'd M A. Ell' son succeeds last year's president of l M H l, at Spanaway school. The mcctmg v1cc-presi ent; rs·... rnc • mgson, arry 1anc, 1rnve contactec1 l rs. secretary; E. W. Beitz, treasurer, t 1w compai:y, Stan1cy Rosso, who Manning, guild organizer, who, with attracted a crowd that filled all seats . , . . . was a canchdatc for rr-elect1on. , ' · · . in the school library and W. K. Clark, publw1ty d1rrctol'. , . , l\frs. Stank>y Staatz of Sum1wr, will · , . l 1 lw presidents report to nwm. · H T H d b · cl h. · Pogran1 Cha1nnan -Ro)ert L~_!1d hers on the business of the lJ~st vPnr, attend tl~~ secon~l n1cetlng· n~d \v,111 t: .. ~~~'. ~~~~:~~'""'"'~~,...~1tte t e p1~has secured Frank Ward of the la- . , . '. ' answer all questions concernmg- tne umm,uy ""Lo"o••uvu report of his , , mcludcd the followmg highlights: . , , ' , · · · . coma City Light department as the '· ·· ' orgamzmg of a guild. She also will engmeenng fmn, H. T. Harstad and . . Onr hundred and eleven new ' . . · · · . . g·uest spcakeL He will discuss the present the petition to the board of Associates, Seattle. His hgmes we1e ' . mcmbrrs were added lo the com. . · present accent on conscrvat10n of . . the Tacoma Orthopedic guild. accompamed by maps of the area l , . cl th f' ht . . pany rolls, malong a present total Tl , f ti proposed to be served The sug e ectnc power an e ig O\Cl . , • , : , .. , . 1c next mcetmg o 1e group . , · , : . • construction of power dams on the membe1sh1p 111 txc<ss of om thou- will be February 7 at 12:30 o'clock gcsted district, he said, is that which Cowlitz river. sand. . . . p.m. at the Midland Improvement appears most practical to serve with A t b . d f Construction completed mcludes Cl l I 11 I ·111 t1 I I h economy of construction and opera:rangcmen s .are emg ma r . or 2 OOO feet of six-inch Ji Jc from the , u J rn . .t w1 JC a po . uc c u~c - . . .· Each gamf'. sees Wally Soland, musical entertamrhent by Pacific ' l I eon to which everyone 1s cordially tion. Proposed boundaues are subwater tower on A street north to · · · · Tommy Lumsden, Jack Carbone, Lutheran college students. I . : invited. There are no restrictions as Ject to rev1S1on accordmg to the Dwain Nordstrom· Toby Tobiason Under the slogan "Everybody's Airport road, the hnc to be conI ~ 'd A · t wishes of the residents tinucd north this comin. •car. Old to p a~c o .res1 encc .. nyone m ·er. , Heunan Olson, Clmt Richardson, Domg It, the Fcb1 uary chest x-ray . PARKLAND . , . g ) cstcd 111 this worthwhile work may It is proposed that the system be V exra , 1 S mi'th an cl F.rnn,l· B c11y .. out . .. two-mch pipe . , . . . piogrnm o f t.11e c1't y o f T a coma . . ' l ' 400 , feet ' has. been come and 10111. orgarnzed as a water d1stnct, a 4 on th: fighting line and they are The midland basketball tea rn, moves into the South Encl next week, .with _-rnch on Temporary officers, who were ap- municipal corporation which may be all faithful performers. Toby leads Ted's Boys, playing in the Incle- with units located to give free chest Pacific avenue !tom. Sale.s IOad to pointed at the first meeting, are: 1 empowered to provide street lighting the bunch in points gathered and pendent 1 ea g u e directed by the x-rays at the following places: Monday, Feb,ruary 7 - Room Airport road. 1 r:rnstt.e pipe, l ,IOO Mrs. Mike Ransler, chairman; Mrs. also. Financing would be under the . . . , . . . . . , . . . . , . feet of 6-1nch was mstallccl from . . is a good boy to have on the f1001 Metropolitan Park distnct played 84-th and Pac1f1c avenue, Febm- mothcis meetmg at the home of I . ' George Turner, secretary, and Mrs. statutes for local improvement d1s, l cl ·h l · ' 7 . j? ]1,K F M' h I · h M. I-I I . Harnson and G streets west to I . . . . . no ma tt er w iat en t ey are p.aymg two games the past week. On Jan- ary to - ; ,rs. 'red IC e , wit ls. a ey Frank BaskPlt, treasurer. These off1- tncts. Harstad mdicated that this ·a ( s . f p . cl M M A cl street and 1 000 feet of 4-111ch on , , . . All f ti Sh b L cl 56 h cl on. . o iese oys b ut urns en nary 25 they met I-Iaugc's Boys at , t an en an ,1 e w a Y cte1son an rs. . n crson as; , ' . . ccrs will serve until the March type of organization has advantages arc presently enrolled in PLC and . Gault gym with the final score 30 store), February 7 to 12; co-hostesses. Guest speaker for the '1 I street sout~1 from Hainson. meeting when an election of offi- over a mutual company but did not · s t u d'1es qmte · natura · JI y requne ·. 1 to 15 for.Midland. ·· ' ''a8t Il an cl G• street, F• cb.wary 7, 8 evening · • E'. F'or cl , A street light loop has , been com- cc rs will .'' take place. . the reasons. ' tiieir ' 1, h. c s.ccond game w1'II b e. ,1v·f orris detail · · port10n · · time · .· . tl ie ma101 o f t·h.cir an cl of the week was played at Jason Lee and 9; w I10 w1'11 ·m form t h e room mot h ers pletcd on the company s extreme All money raised by the guild Harstad estimated the construe1 · muc]1 f or t·]lC muc1l· ""Yl11 January 27 where the boys · · I sc I100I c1cction · 1 west boundary ' from Wheekr and will . be used tu bmld , a Tacoma Or' d on 't 1ea'e 45th and p ac1'f'1c avenue, F·c1nu- o f t l1C com111g spccia , tion cost of the proposed system at .. " sess10ns. · "met ' Gig . Harbor ' and were agam · ary 11 and 12. · I streets n or and thopedic . hospital, . . nee d e·cl pi<1ctice on M arc1i ,5. , th to Harnson . plans for which $310,000, basing his estimate on re, . , . . . across to G street. As soon as the . . victonous, by a 35 to 30 score. LarX-ray hours for all locations a1c. Tuesday, February 8 - LeathC'r. . . are now becommg more than 1ust cent bids on other systems. He ad"·IESS SERGEANTS?• . . cl I I :.1l ,, ) a.rn. to 61:.1. no p.m. Tl1erc 1s · no era ft c Iasses for 1un10r · . h'1g I1 sc h oo l power shortage cases ' these lwhts iv • son hio-h pomt man for M1dlan . '· . " a dream. 1, he mcm h crs w h o atten cl e d vised that bonding in the total ' " · · · h' h cl · h 1b f will be turned on. A new light trans. . Three more veterans have selected in both games, is also ]ugh scorer charg·e for the x-ray service w 1c stu ents m t c schoo ase1rn~nt rom the first meetmg· have formed as a amount of $340,000 should cover all · · · · ' · · ·1 I I . 'd f ·I ' 7 9 . I . . . . b th former has been purchased for ad. . 11 our thnvrng commurnty to eslabhsh for the season thus far with an is ava1 a Jc to any 1es1 ent o t le p.m. nst1 uct01s w1 c e . , . . . cornm1ttcc to serve at t h e Fe b ruaiy construction costs, including fi. ' These three boys being average of 9 porn . ts m . . 1;J• years o f age or olei er. M rs cl ames . C'... I-I . ·R oIJ111son, · s·1111011 dit10nal lights . and the City of Ta- 7 meetmg . . h'mg co ff ee, a busmess. the f our . area w I10 1s and are f urms nancing charges. He suggested that a . J ac I< B amb1t10us and typical younrr Amer- games played. Taylor is a close sec- The program is the pr111c1pa l means I t\ n d.ersou, . owers, B e1.t S treng, coma . has , advised that a new sub- crram, sugar, rolls, butter and cl es- low interest bearing issue of $30,000 . . .. " I . . f' · · N ·1 G · , L · D ff, V E• statwn will soon be constructed at T I icans are attend111g Pac1f1c Lutheran ond .with an. avera. ge of 8.6 for five of case 111dmg m the state-w1 e. c1 a1s1 r, ew1s. u cy, · · . . srrt for the luncheon .. hey are as,. in general obligation bonds provide 1 · · M eyers, s tan Icy R osso an , d I-I a IC), Wilson and A stre,.ts, Brookdale, . l cl' b nng . college and at the same time are games played. ThP !me-ups: , . • . . , mg that eac l person atten mg preliminary costs, with the remain1 anti-tu 1)ercu 1os1s campaign. . , ( ) p t . . which will mcrease voltage l1l the · . f . d .h now operatmg the "Bug Cafe" on Ted's Boys-l•orwards, Marr 9 e nson. . , a scttmg o SI 1verware an cit er der of the expenditure· to be covered 'V ' 9 - w om- malll lpart area. ·l- a hot dish ' cl Garfield street. and Bcshler (6), center, laylor 5); lCS ' c d ncs cl.ay, l' c b rua~y ,,,. .of ._the companyf s'.J?" or sa 1a· by water revenue bonds, which 0 '-·' ga · · d ( O) cl F cl · 1 · 's 1 l· usic·tl education pro,,.i·a1r1 A ai,,ei size pump, p h · an 're enc ,s, • en Ji, • . " I . . . resent at t e f'1rst meet111g w. ere would necessarily pay higher interD esp1te the long hours necess1tat- guar s Larson l f .8 •9 p.11.l. 1!l · t h e SC l1001 g), m- Ions per mmutc . Hansler, George est eel by combmmg study with busi- Haugc's Boys-Forwards, Watts and ' h' ' ca'Jac1ty, I will 11 bbe the Mesdames Mike · S ., . h 00 I ti . I mstalled t is sprmg m t le we y . T • ness, they have one of the outstand- Seaburg ( 11); center, Stevenson; Richard Dale Wood, 4-munth-old · nasmm. tcwat t sc mo wts iave . , I ' · I . Lmcl Sr., Alec Huseby, George urProposed assessments would be ' . , (4) d 'V d Sb l·ll· . cl ti. Parkland school the towci, as t1cre is ampc wate1 B'll I' . A BI . y· mg culmary establishments of the guards, Doyle · an .. ' oo y. u - son of Mr. and Mrs. Deane R. Wood, c"' engc K . ' · p . . . . ncr, 1 'ostcr, aron a mei' ic $1.50 per front foot on property, . ' Boys, G ow cl y, was found dead in his crib Monday mo ti1crs , t0 . ll · b ll ame so the supp 1y. resent capacity IS 350 • ga1R b H I H arry corner lots to be assessed on one side local area. These boys cordially in- stltutes-H au g es ·' vo cy a g . • . . ' Eshpctcr, o ert ans er, 1 0 9 1 1 vite all members of the Parkland Paige and Miller. morning at the family home on the hour from -lO P· ; · will be devo.ted i:;:er nunute. . $!0 OOO Berger, Frank Baskett, Roy Taylor, only. Payout could be over a 1011 11 and Spana way communities to visit Ted's Boys-Forwards, Marr ( 7) Golden Givan road Rt. 13 Box 208. to volleyball and hasketball practice, e cfompdany ndow fas t e ' Clarence Johann and the hostesses, year period or possibly longer • . . • ' ' . · cl 11 t cl 1 t rcsnve un vote a ew years ago, K ' • · their cafe and get acquamtecl with and \iaughan; center, Taylor (6); The baby who had been ill with 111 or er t at we may mee an )Ca . . Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. emp. $3 Minimum three of the fu~~1re business leaders guards, Fredericks ( 4) and Larson bronchial p~cumonia, is believed to the Stewart women in the near fu- th; ,IJresid.cnt statfcdT.. () J reasurrr 1 11e report o Suggested rates would be $3.00 of Parkland. , ( J4.), Gig Harbor-Forwards, Ud- have died of asphyxiation and had tu re. h I ' · ' F 'cl F b · 11 V I t' . Stuen s ows t le present net wort 11 monthly minimum to cover purchase dcnberg (13) and G. Rutland (2); been dead about two hours when nay, e rumy a en me f . 264 122 10 1 0 of 500 cubic feet of water. AddiCLOVER CREEK POST NO. 1181 center, B. Rutland ( 2); guards, discovered, according to Coroner skating party for junior high school , tie c~mpa~y at $. : ·. · tional usage would be at lOc per 100 AMERICAN LEGION Zevenburger (8) and Hall (2). Paul Mellinger. boys and girls, at the Roller Bowl Gross profits duung the yeai cndmg · d . · S hT December 31 1948, were $·15,, , cu. ft. There would also be an Richard Dale was born 111 Tacoma I rn out acoma. . .. ' $ . 70 "Meetings every second and fomth Subs-Gig Harbor, Hart ( l) an 56 .06 , net mcome • 20 , 64 9 . . original service connection charge . h (?) ·u·ai cl B hi . (·I) . l · - ; int an , es e1 · · · and leaves, besides the parents, a . Lovnc Friday at 8:00 p.m. in ihe Sylvia Storaasli Orthopedic guild Two wells and two storage tanks brother, V crne; two sisters, Sandra FACTS ABOUT YOUR Spanaway School will meet Thursday, February 3, for or reservoirs would provide water For the second week, bad road and Catherine, and grandparents, Clover Creek Post No. 118, AmerINCOME TAX RETURN l :30 luncheon at the home of Mrs. and maintain pressure for the sysican Legion, and its auxiliary have cond"itions caused postponement of Mrs. Helen S. Wood and Mrs. Emma Albert Pn'.us. Mrs. Edwin Ellingson 1. You must file if you had $600 tem. The proposed system would had a busy week, performing ordi- Pierce county junior high school Riddle of Tacoma and Grover Jones or more income in 1943. is co-hostess. qualify for the most favorable inleague play for Parkland's two court of Oregon. nary but needed duties. A donble birthday party took place 2. Fill out either I~orm 1040 or surance classification. Services will be held February 3 The comrades of the Post initiated squads. Their return matches with Rheumatic fever was described this week at the home of Mr. and 1040-A. The suggested water district would three new members on January 28: Fife, scheduled for last Friday aft- at l p.m. from the C. C. Mellinger Mrs. W.W. Cline. Celebrating were 3. File early. Don't wait for r c c e n t I y as one of childhood's funeral chapel, the Rev. Milton A. extend from Cherry street on the John Cotton, Lester E. l\1cVey, and cmoon, were called off. Kay Cline, age 6, and her grand"greatest enemies" by Dr. Lamar A. March 15. This Thursday, February 3, at 7 Marcy officiating. Burial will be in Wm. H. Dalby, to whom we wish Byers, head of Maternal and Child father, some older. The family party north (nearly contacting the Parkp.m. the Parkland junior high school Tacoma crnwtcry. all the satisfaction that membership Health and Crippled Children's Sec- included Mrs. Cline's sister and her land system) along Pacific avenue in the great American Legiori brings varsity and midgets will be matched tion of the State Department of husband, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Riley. to Metropolitan park and east on with Midland, at Midland. to the active Legionnaires. Mrs. Bryan Logan of Orchard Military road. Omitting the park Health. We are most happy to report that Ranking the illness along with hill was hostess Wednesday at a area, it would include Spanaway Paul Bunyan Rifle and SportsCommander Bailey, who has been tuberculosis and syphilis as a dis- 12:30 luncheon for the executive proper on·both sides of the Mountain men's dub came out on top in their so critically ill in Madigan hospital, Spanaway's whole - hearted re- his check, "For trying to save life, abling disease, Dl'. Byers said 'it board of Parkland P-T A. Guests highway and would also extend south spent the week end at home. Al- second Mt. Rainier r i f 1 c league sponsc to the appeal for funds to , Larson boys." In presenting his affects more than one million peo- were the Mesdames R. Gottschalk, along the highway past the Roy Y. though he had to retµrn to the hos- match last week. They clowned the providc burial for Clinton and Mel- contribution, the coroner had praised pk of all ages iu the U nitcd States. W. W. C:liuc and C. C. Goodrich. The highway areas would require pital, he promises his comrades the Oliver Taxi small bore squad, 1765 vin Larson,. youtl:ful vie tims of the: the rcsi?ents of Spanaway for their During 1947, Washington had 308 Arnold Ellingsons arc building a the least feet of main per service, old warrior is still fighting, and to 174:'1 at Pt. Defiance range. A. ]. new home in Parkland and have Harstad said. (Slnn I Stern, 2b·l, and Herb Shov-1 recent tragic ace1dent at Spanaway I gt•ncrosity and the local firemen for cases of rheumatic fever and iheuworking for the goals of our noble Following Harstad's report, the alrcad y sold their old one,, organization. lain, 362, were high Bunyans. The lake, was reported fully at a meet- their promptness and efficiency in\ ma tic heart disease reported by phyMr. and Mrs. Chris Jacobson and club voted that a committee be Several members of the Auxiliary Bunyans' 3531 aggregate score to ing Wednesday eveni~g, January 26, the effort to save the lives of the two sicians. In the first six months of formed to lay the proposal before the represented our unil at the dinner elate holds seventh spot in the league \ called by Mrs; Matil~a Symmons, lads'. Coroner Mellinger has the 194 8, 160 cases were reported. Au- daughter, Mary, of Bremerton, were entire community at a series of publast l'riday, January 28, honorinl-( standings. This week the club was Sp,rnaw.iy P~'. A president, at her gratitude of the Community club thorities have estimated that it takes Sunday guests at the Allison road 1 lic meetings, with all angles fully home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (Continued on Page Four) to fire against the Inter-City Sports- I home .on .Pacific sticet. .Each, of the and , of the .entire ~panaway com- eight times as many children's lives Jacobs. Mrs. Jacobson and Mrs. discussed. The cornmi ttee is to be men and next week February 9 orga111zat10ns co-opcratmg m the m1Jt11ty for his donation. as any other disease. headed by Delbert Breseman. will be . matched' wi~h Penn Sal~I fund-raising was represented. A full 1:epo.rt of the collections by Youngsters arc not the .only ones Jacobs arc cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Pete King recently marksmen. The group decided that a balance tlw orgamzat10ns cooperating in the' who contract rheumatic fever. DurDiscuss Zoning of $I 05, left after all funeral ex- fund raising, and of expenditures, is: ing the last war, 4·0,000 men in the entertained at a Sunday dinner. A proposal for zoning of Spanapenscs had been paid, should be P-TA, $62.75; fire department and armed forces were stricken with it. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kirby of way was also discussed at the TuesCHOIR HERE SATURDAY Nationally famous St. Olaf Lu-1 allocated to the fund to pay for the auxiliary'. .$53.50; American Legion In the 20-24- age group, it is the Spanaway, Ed Spahr of Tacoma and day meeting. Breseman reported Miss Margaret Baylor of Tacoma. lhcran choir will he heard in the resuscitator which has been acquired and aux~hary, $62.80; Progressive second greatest cause of death. that no vote is required but that 65 Fourteen guests from kindergarten under the sponsorship of the Spana· Commumty club, $54-.50; seventh Rheumatic fever is caused by a !vie1norial gyrnnasiun1, Pacific Lu~ way Progressive Community club. grade of Spanaway school, $5.45; germ of the streptococcus family circles helped Marla Ruth Parker percent of property owners must theran college campus, this Satur- The cGntribution to the resuscitator individuals, $28; total received, and is noted for the fever and in- observe her sixth birthday, January sign petitions for the proposed zones. It is suggested that all of the Lake day evening, February 5. f uncl is made "in memory of the $267.00. Pai cl out - Lakewood flammation of the joints it produces. 29, at a party in Golden Given road Park plat of Spanaway be made a Larson boys." The action, sug- Mortuary, $150; flowers, $7. 75; telc- It attacks the whole body, but usu- home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. residential zone except for a regcsted by the American Legion Aux- grams, $3.62; postage, 62c; to re- ally.tlw heart is most affected. Close Marvin Parker. stricted business area along the Harold C. Keller of Snoqualmie, iliary representative, was inspired suscitator, $105; total $267 .00. The relatives of the germ arc responsible Mountain highway. There was an by the generous donation of $25 to report was submitted by Mrs. Sym- for other diseases such as tonsillitis, Wash., is here visiting her mother, almost unanimous expression of the Mrs. Henry Hucsby, who is recoverthe resuscitator fund by County mons who originated and directed ~carlet fever, erysipelas, inflammaYou will find club members present that the proCoroncr Paul Mellinger, who also j tlw project lo success. tion of the ear, and "strep sore ing from an accident. Sincerity posal be taken to the people of SpanMr. and Mrs. Marvin Parker were is a director of the Lakewood mortu-1 Lorraine Larson, sistn- of the throat." away in petition form. and ary whidi was in charge of services drowned lads, is a member of the . Unfort~nately the. disease is dif- in Bremerton, Wash., Sunday, to Still another report, by President Simplicity visit her sister, Mrs. Becky Goyette. for the drowned youths. seventh grade class which reported ficult to diagnose. ·Because the symp· Miss Patricia Danielson, who is Harry W. Smith, indicated that the at Coroner Mcllingrr had inscribed a $5.4-5 contribution through its toms can easily be mistaken for teacher, D. W. Grcfthen. those of several other sicknesses, Dr. soon to become the bride of Kenneth county commissioners may favor cutAction of the Mcdoswcct dairy, in Byers advised parents to consult Bryant, was honored at two miscel- ting through Spanaway's Pacific cancelling a milk bill owed by the their physician whenever a child is laneous showers this week. Monday street northward to Parkland. This Larson family, also was well ap- seriously ill. Proper medical care, evening Miss Barbara Van Dcvcntcr would give Spanaway a second main plauded, lots of rest, and the exact following entertained for Miss Danielson at thorofare to Tacoma. It is expected Representatives present were: Mrs. of doctor's orders arc the best ways the home of Mrs. Clifford Holsten. that engineers will soon be sent out H wnorous, Sentimental Meets every educational need Symmons, P-TA; Merle Prettyman, to insure recovery. The affair was in Valentine theme, by the county to look into costs. '








'. . ' sp0RTs .. " ,' '. , . South End



P·TA CALE DRIrcpl~~cd












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·a '

p ark lan d B a b y n· I n C rl b Monday






Rheumatic Fever One of Childhood's Greatest Enemies

Drowning Victims Commemorated in Donation to Spanaway Resuscitator


V AI_,ENTINES for everyone


Young's Gift Shop GARFIELD STREET.

WORLD BOOK Encyclopedia

-Home, school library. officc.

Harry J. Skelton Reipresentative Rt. 4, Rox !19 Midland

GR. 4989

fire department; Mrs. Mary Henrickscn, firemen's auxiliary; Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Community club; Mrs. Mable Hart, American Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. Bertha Cooley, Spanaway Methodist church; Mrs. John Newell, Cub Scouts, and Mrs. Alice Prettyman.

Washington's program against the disease, Dr. By c rs said, consists chiefly of a demonstration project limited to Spokane and Whitman counties. The purpose is merely to show w hat a complete program could do for yoimgstcrs with rhcu1matic fever.

with 19 guests present. The Danielson home was decorated with white chrysanthemums and daffodils on Tuesday evening when Mrs. Floyd Skinner and Mrs. William Trail honored Miss Danielson. Games were played and a buffet supper was servecj to about 35 guests.

As a result of the membership contest conducted by the club during January, the men members are to be the guests of the women at dinner in the near future-the men being the winning side. The ladies enrolled seven new members, the men brought in 4·0 new members.


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A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0 Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100, Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at 'the post office at Parkland, Washington, m)der the Act of March 3, !R79.

Dads Front, Center At Spana"vay P-TA

Let's Not Be Hooked The empty lunch pail, hollow spectre much favored by those who would see dispassionate reasoning overturned and overwhelmed in the confusion of fomented panic, is again out of the closet. The time-worn device is currently featured .


in a back-to-the-wall effort of Tacoma groups seeking to mcite pressure upon legislators of the state to change their now . . 1at1on . favoring view o f· propose d 1eg1s to esta bl"1s h t 11e 1ower reaches and tributaries of the Columbia river as a fish sanetuary. .



Just as .empty as the lunch pail 1s the charge of the same interests that the sanctuary legislation is designed to protect


L } d L d• ove an a 1es Choose Officers



a minor Oregon industry. That what little remains of the commercial salmon packing industry of the Columbia would be protected is incidental .

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. l



-not primary. Sponsors of the leg1slat1on, residents of the I Washington shore of the river, have too little love for the Astoria packers to go to their aid except that a much greater issue is concerned. The proposed sanctuary legislation, already approved by the Washington Senate and now reported favorably to the House floor, is drafted to continue the very existence of the salmon and with it the salt Water sports fishing of the entire Pacific Northwest. Little is actually known of the salt water years of the salmon. Too little to say definitely that the gallant king driving at the Puget Sound angler's lure first felt life in the headwaters of the Cowlitz. But, consider: I-Salmon runs that once teemed in streams flowing to Puget S-ound already have given way to thickening human settlement and its accompanying industry. Tl1ey are no longer. adequate to spawn even the now greatly diminished stock of sporting fish in Sound waters. 2-The Cowlitz is the lasr major salmon spawning stream in the Pacific Northwest states.



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Is it then any remote conclusion to say that proposed destruction of the Cowlitz spawning area imperils the salmon fishing of this entire region? The stake is this region's foremost recreational attraction, an asset of many millions of dollars value. Sports and commercial fishermen are not alone in believing the hazard too grear to chance, the prospective gain too slight for the long odds involved. Those who are insistent that the Cowlitz be barricaded say we can have both increased power and fish. We can, indeed. But· only if we are willing to wait an extra two or three years for the power. We cannot have both dams and fish in the same river. What is the appeal of those who would dam the Cowlitz? They say we need more electric energy. Granted. They say the Cowlitz is the quickest and cheapest place for Tacoma to get more hydro-electric power. Very likely true. But, they also say that it will take two years to get that power from the Cowlitz and that in five years it will be available from other sources whether the Cowlitz is dammed or not. In other words, we are offered this choice: We can have more power two years hence and lose our fish for evermore, or we can wait just another three years and have both the power we wantand fish.


Stevenson Harris In Quiet Ceremony

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And, if we really cannot wait five years for power, there remain other sources than hydro-electric dams. Diesel or steam plants can deliver added energy in less than two years. They would deliver more costly kilowatts, yes. But if the emergency is really acute, they would suffice for the five-year interim. Also, what of the potential energy source at Richland. Tbe production of plutonium there results in immense quantities of heat energy now wasted, actually causing a disposal problem. Turning that energy to use waits on development of a practical means ·of utilization. Considering the pace of recent atomic development, must we believe no,. solution can be found before five years pass?

color. . Dinner guests Saturday, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Omat of Mountain highway, were Mr. and Mrs. Harry f'illsbury. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Schlatter enjoyed a dinner at the Omat home. Mrs. Neal Slatter and daughter, Carole, of Mountain highway, h.avc returned from Cody, Wyommg, The Army Engineers in recent months completed a most where she attended the funeral of comprebensive study of the entire Columbia river system. It a brother. is a study des.igned to develop the full potential of the river, Sgt. Clarence McClure of Tenth power, irrigation, transportation, conservation uses all includ- street has received his orders and ed, not just power producing capacity alone. That study con- will soon leave the United States templates best utilization of the Cowlitz and other lower for duty in Germany. Miss Arlene Koch is back on the tributaries yet unspoiled for fish sanctuary. Let's string along job at the Bargain Basket, after with the engineers-and the fish. spending a month visiting friends and relatives at Billings, Montana. The next regular meeting of the Friendly Dozen Birthday club will be February 9, at the home of Mrs. FOR PROMPT DELIVERY OF Ernest Tarpenning of Mountain highway. Mr. and Mrs. George Ouhl and son, of Mountain highway at Second street, spent the week end at Olympia, visiting the parents of Mrs. Ouhl. c11J11.d Arthur Pietz of Mountain highway is recuperating at home, after Distributors of Standard Oil Products spending ten days at the Doctors' GRanite 8112 Parkland, Wash. hospital in Tacoma. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pietz wish to thank their many friends and neighbors for their helpfulness, good wishes and flow1ers during his illness. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Chief P.O. and Mrs. Bob Weath-

Call GRanite 8112


Parkland Couple Honored by Friends On 25th Anniversary of Marriage

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Benjamin j ccntly brought over from Norway of Parkland were guests of honor , by the Misses Louise and Lydia Sunday afternoon in celebration of Harstad. ( ~ .........I It was another boy for Mr. and i their twenty-fifth wedding annivcrJoining their parents in the celeMrs. Marvin McFarland of Loop 1 sary. Mr. and :Mrs. Iver Johnson bration were Mr. and Mrs. E. W. SERVE A FISH-AND-RICE FAVORITE - KEDGEREE road. The little fellow weighed in opened their home for the affair, Ross (Pearl Benjamin) of Tacoma A favorite food in the British Isles is Kedgeree-that famous at 5 pounds, 2 ounces at St. Jowhich was planned by a group of and Alfred Jr. (Buddy) of Parkfish-and-rice dish brought to England no doubt by enthusiastic seph's hospital, Sunday morning and Britishers who first tasted it in India. It's the kind of food Amerifriends from the Parkland Ev. Lu- , land. cans like, too?-so easy to make in the top of a double boiler-and has been narned Michael Grant. HPtheran church. a good way to use left-over rice, by the way. Incidentally, in place sides his parents, to welcome him During the afternoon, piano numof flaked smoked fish, you might substitute lobster or shrimp cut home are two brothers, Gary and bers were given by Ingeborg Johnin small pieces, but the true Indian recipe calls for smoked fish. Neil. Paternal grandmother is Mrs. son, Daniel Johnson and Wesley KEDGEREE Byron Cawley of Loop road. . Benson. Mrs. Johnson and the Rev. Dads' Night and Founders Day 2 cups flaked smoked fish, 1/3 cup butter or margarine Spanaway Pre-school program i W. C. Gullixson entertained with will be co-featured at the regular finnan baddie, or smoked 1/2 cup milk committe members met Thursday vocal selections. Speaking to the meeting of Spanaway P-TA, Wedcod 1/8 teaspoon pepper 2 cups fluffy cooked rice Salt to taste afternoon at the home of Mrs. Helen honored couple on behalf of the . nesday, February 9, 8 p.m., at the 1 4 -chopped, hard-cooked eggs congregation were Rev. Gullixson Spanaway school. Richard Fraser, Newberry on 11th and East "F" Combine all ingredients and heat in the top of a double boiler. stn~et, where a luncheon was served and Mel Pedersen, while 0. B. Har- Spanaway school principal, will Sc rves four to six. by Mrs. Newlwrry and arrangements stacl presented gifts from tlw 60 in-1 speak on the proposed high school vitcd guests. in Spanaway and of needed addition were made fo'.' a "Dael's Night" p~oCentering the tea table was the to the present school to accomodate gram. Attendrng were Mrs. J uamta erly of Fourth sti·c~t \vere Mi· arid , . .' ., . , . . ' ' · . anniversary cake, flanked by white increased enrollment. Ba) ley, 1'1e-sd10ol pH s1dcnt, Mis. Mrs. Ernest Jensen. The occas10n candles in silver holders. Mrs. W. F. Mrs. Matilda Syrnmons, president, Paulyne Griffith, Dad's Night hos- celebrated Mr. Jensen's birthday. Daniels poured and Mrs. E. G. Car- urges all parents and friends to attess, and Mrs. Evelyn McAtcc and 1 Following the dinner, the group Thc regular monthly meetmg of ter cut the cake. Also assisting at tend. There will be an award to the hostess. I spent the evening at McChord Field l\Irs · Geo,.ge Schnelle of. Lake NCO c1u b , w 1iere tiiey were 301ne · · cl the Loveland Ladies Aid society was the buffet table were Miss Amelia the class having the largest number · View clriv<' has been confmed to I by Mr. a;d Mrs. Zachcus Frey of hdd Thursday at the home of Mrs. I Har~:ad, M~s .. Jenny ~~nson.:_ ~r~. of parents. -and friends_ prese.nt.. T?e St. Joseph's hospital. I-Ier friends II Mountain higlnvay. Christine Johnson on the Military,, A. U. Daniels, and J:vlrs. T. M. program for the cvcrnng will be m S b Daniels who, with Mrs. A. M. Paul- charge of the dads. and neighbors wish her a speedy Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Frerichs of h' 1 ig iway. panaway mem ers at- son, comprised the committee on arrecovery. . I Olympia were Sunday guests at the tending were the Mesdames Freida range1nents. Careless driving can wreck a fenMr. a_ml l'v~rs. Arthur Pietz of t~e home .of Mr. a. nd Mrs. R. L. Frerich Rohr, Dorothy P. Smith, Velma Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin were der-or a family! Mountam highway had as their of Second street. guests, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. LuMiss Margaret Bailor of Tacoma Rohn, Splane Violet Truner, Harry I married January 26, 192+, in Flekkether Hall of Brookdale and Mr. and has been spending' the week with Pillsbury, Margaret Wright, Doris fjord, Norway, and came to ParkFree estimates on repair and remodel jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. Mrs. George Hartman of Orting. her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. Omat, Ruth Kirby, Annie Hall, land in the spring of that year. In (adv.) Wedding bells arc ringing for and Mrs. Michael Kirby of Second . . . recognition of this fact, the program Ohve Tarpennrng and Emily Ball. of the afternoon featured Norwegian Delbert L. Hedrick of Spanaway street. Also attending were Mrs. Pete King selections and these, too, were usC'd who has chosen as his bride Miss When Mr. and Mrs. Othell TenAlta V. Meyers of Bellingham. of Parkland, and the Mesdames Rena 8s incidental music by Mrs. Stanley neyson of Long Beach, Calif., \'.isRound-tbe-Clock Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Rollins and ited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Er- Johnson, Jack Kanlon, Vera Smith, J Willis, who ~la.yecl during the t~a Fuel Oil Service! children, Marie, Harry, Joan and nest Jensen, to bid them goodbye Althea Flannery,. ~innie Edie and hou.r. !\~rs. W1lhs wore ~n authentic Day or Night Danny, spent Sunday at the home upon returning to California. They the hostess, Chnstme Johnson, of No1weg1an costume winch was reSundays of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Symmons were treated to their first plane ride Loveland. Visitors were the MesHolidays on Pacific street. by Wayne Russell. A one hour trip dames Earl Hoskins, Langness, W. FOR HOUSE. WIRING Phone any time! Members of the Young People's viewing the bay area was greatly Westman and A. W. Wiklund. Fellowship of the Spanaway Meth- enjoyed. Mrs. Jensen is the sister Following devotions and business, odist church who attended the week of Mr. Tenneyson. PARKLAND- BROOKDALE officers w c re elected for 1949. end conference at Seattle, this week, ELECTRIC Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steidel of Elected were: Mrs. Violet Turner, Your Neighborhood Electrician were Linda Bradshaw, Arlene Lin- Pacific street had as their guests for president; Mrs. Emily Ball, vicebeck, Lois Snyder and Joyce Matt- dinner, Thursday evening, Richard presidcnt; Freida Rohr, secretary, F. J. Nordyke sen. Following the conference and Fraser and Miss Leon Smith, and Althea Flannery, treasurer. devotions was a banquet and party. Refreshments served by the hostess Spanaway school teachers honRichard Fraser, principal at Span- ored Miss Leon Smith with a fare- consisted of an old fashioned smorLUBRICATION MOTOR TUNE-UP away school, made a business trip well party at the school, Wedncs- gasbord which was greatly enjoyed Complete Line of Ignition Parts Atlas Tires and Batteries to Seattle on Friday. da y, and presented her with a corde by all present. The next regular Mrs. Marvin McFarland was hon- purse as a parting gift. Miss Smith meeting will be February 24 and will ored with a stork shower given by was a second grade teacher. She be held at the home of the president, GRanite 6465 Spanaway on Mt. Highway h<'r mother, Mrs. Byron Cawley, was forced to resign her position Mrs. Turner, on Lake Shore drive, at the Cawley home on Loop road, because of the illness of her mother. Spanaway. Friday evening. Following games She left Friday for Yakima and will and opening of gifts, refreshments be missed by her p~pils anc1 memwere served by the hostess. hers of the faculty ahke. , Arthur Hart and son Gary have Enjoying a Sunday dinner at the been quite ill at their home on · home of Mr. 1n a quiet . .and Mrs. Joe Netzel ceremony Th urs cl ay Eighth street, with the flu. of Mountam lughway were Mr. and · J 20 , M r. T ed H aranuary evenmg, Mr. and Mrs. William Long of Mrs. Byron Cawley and Mrs. Beu- . . III f M d M T d Second street arc owners of a new lah Ballard. . ns . , son o r. an rs. e 1949 truck. A luncheon· 'and afternoon at 1 Harns . of Lake street, Spanaway, Members of the family of the card s, at t h e .·h•ome o f M rs. R ose and Miss Jean Stevenson, daughter late LeRoy P ..Keane highly praised Ba1·1 y o f T acoma, was enJoye · cl T ucs- of Mr. and Mrs. Valmer . . Stevenson . . k of Tacoma, were umted m marnage. Jens Jensen, acting commander of cl ay b y t h c M cs cl amcs ac k· II· cnnc J OPENING-36" wide x 28" high Fl I cl L \ A sho1·t honeymoon followed. They · Clover Creek Post No. 118, the sen, C a r r i e ' etc icr an ena are now at home m their new house American Legion, of Spanaway, for Broo k·s. . . cl on Mountam highway near Orchard • L the very efficient manner in which M r. an d M rs. C ec11 arsen an h'll he and other members of the post Richard Clemmons of Parkland : 1 • conducted the military funeral of spent Sunday at the home of Mr. 1 their brother. Post members assist- and Mrs. Fay Cooley of East "E" I WE HA VE A ~ ART M ENT RANGES and REI, RIG ERA TORS. ing were Comrades James Linder, PARKLAND - BR 0 0 K DALE Ralph Tippton, Frank McCabe, street. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thompson of II ELECTRIC. PHONE GR. 6789. William Fueston, Ernest Jensen and East "E" street spent Sunday at (adv.) ' J akc Rice, pall bearers; Comrades Roy, visiting his father. Moore and Deane, color bearers, We are sorry to lose Mr. and Mrs. and Bill Long, chaplain. H. Henry of Eighth street. They Little Claudette Fueston was an have moved to S.eattle and are rentattendant to the Queen at the Blue ing their home. and Gold Ball, held in Sumner last Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hiltbrunner, week. Claudette was attired in a former residents of Spanaway but satin gown which was a miniature now of Seattle, were guests Sunday of the queen's and of a contrasting of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harl of Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter j P. 0. Box 228 - GR. 6757


l'arklancl, Washington, Thursday, February 3, 1949


Eighth street. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Feddersen of Lake Shore drive have been at Spokane these past two weeks. They were called there clue to th~ illness of their daughter, Mrs. Mclvm Harrison. .


"~has fhe






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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, February 3, 1949



and Mr. and Mrs. John MacAvity Iwill chaperone.



Junior Girls 4-H met at the home Mrs. Albert N.elson, reporter of the leader, Mrs. E. A. Brittain, Phone GRaham 206 January 27, with President Joann Morud in charge of the meeting. A bridal shower was gi\'cn at the The new addition, comprised of Thf' main topic of discussion was home of Mrs. Roy Carlson, Thurssix classrooms, rest rooms, offices the 4--H Carnival, to he held Fd)ruday, January 27, honoring Mrs. and stnrage facilities to be added, ary 4 at the Midland hall. Myrna Ken Whiton (Effie McGee). The to the present brick structure at Tcasky, a new member, was wdtable was covered with a love! y -:Midland school, has reached the corned into the group and during ha ml-crocheted table cloth: in the drawing board stage. The architee- the demonstration period Diane center a large cake with th<" names tural firm of Pearson, Lea and Rich- Schrag demonstrated the making of of the bride and groom. After the ards of Parkland, which drew plans baking powder biscuits and Ann gifts were opened by Effie a lovely for the recent addition to the Park- Clinton made coffee. lunch was served by the hostess. land school, is doing the work. ConMidland Cub Pack 84 met JanuMrs. E. G. Tinius was at the coffee struction of this addition at Midland ary 27 at the Midland Imprnvenwnt urn. Present were: Mrs. Whiton, is made possible by a 20-mill levy club hall with Cubmastcr Harry DELIVERY SERVICE Mrs. Clifford McGee, the bride's vote cl in Srptember, 194-8, and Skelton conducting the meeting. Den SPANA WAY ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL mother; Pam and Maryln :McGee, matched by the state, which is sup- 2 presented the colors and awards GRanitc 6547 and GRanitc 7583 1virs. Lena Schicrner, :tvfrs. Fanny plying three dollars for every dollar were then given to several Cub Mrs: Herman J01:gerso1'., raised by the levy, S c o u ts for advancement on the Mis. Chas. Lo1cnz, Mrs. Will Mc. Mrs. Leon Hasbrouck of Peters- achievement ladder, whil<- still uthMrs. Paul Li?dbcrg, Mrs. D. been nan,1cd D_ 0 n a Id Lconard. , burg, Alaska, is in Midland visiting crs received Bobcat badges as the I. Lindberg, :tvirs. h .. Laycock, Mrs. I G1anclpaHnts a1c Mi. and Mrs. • p . her sister, Mrs. Noel Bain. Mr. and first step on the ladder. Cubmaster Skelton madr the rm·sentations and ·"' Amy Somm<'rs, Mrs. Carter Larson, Dan Cook of Yelm, Wash., and Mr. Mrs. Hasbrouck traveled to the .. \frs. Albert Nelson, Mrs. Kate Ne- and l'vfrs. Golden Smallwood. A sisLeaders and advisors of the MidStatr·s in tlu·ir own boat bst No- wclconwd the new members, assisted Bob Sharpe ;,:,.'.:: · mcyer, Mrs. Hank Nerncyer and ter, Lavonn, also shares in the con, ,·ember. and have been visiting· other by committee, nwmbcrs , 'i"':"·' . , ,. . t· 1 t' land 4·-H groups met at the home and Dan Smith. l\1ov1es were shown ·--~,.,.·~----son, 1vfrs. forn 1'1ukahey, and 1vfrs. gia u a ions. relatives in Dimuba and Shasta, _ Tohn Baxter. Mr. and l\frs. Ross Plumb and of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clinton, Calif. When repairs on the boat arc by David McPherson on cubbing in the home, Den and Pack; also scv--:''!!~"' !\fr. and !Vfrs. H. Dcucschcr and solls were dinner guests at th,e home January 25, to wind up all loose completed they plan to return to ····"' son of Seattle, Chas. Snover of of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter on ends of planning for the all-Midland Petersburg for the summer fishing era! cartoon films. Den stunts, err: season. • titled "Tricks and Puzzles," were '"Oh. Henry and J get along very wt:I!, ~ering we South Dakota and Mr. and Mrs. Friday. The occas,ion was to help 4-H carnival, which will be held Donmc Peterson, young member staged by each den in turn. The ythingt'' · C .E. Gunkr of Ste1laeoom were Bob Jupiter and 1e1Ty Plumb cde- February 4 at 7 p.m. in the Midland of the Harvard, Midland and Larch- den mothers and cornrnittee mcmnever agree on U visitors at the ·home of Mr. and brate their 15th and 12th birthdays. Improvement Club hall. rnont Fire Department was rushed bers were pleased by the large turn- -·-------··------------------.-·----· - - - - - - - - - - - Mrs. Joe Jupiter on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lorenz The committee is grateful to the to Tacoma General hospital, Janu- out for the meeting, estimating at which the brid_c and groom left for A pink and hlue shower was held and _son Robert visi:ed a~ the home various local organizations for the ary 29, for an emergency operation least 150 parents and Cubs in ata honeymoon 111 Canada. They are at the home of Mrs. Ross Plumb of his brother and sister-m-law, Mr. support received in this venture. The for a ruptured appendix. He has tendance. Refreshments were served S now at. home in Morton, where th.e on January 26 to honor Danny and Mrs. Chas. Lorenz, last week. Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsmen's been very ill but his many friends· by Den 1., under the direction of On the last day of the year, De- groom ts employed by the Shell Oil Richard J upitcr (Grandson of Mrs. The Graham Juvenile Grange club and the Midland Improvement will be happy .to hear that he will Mrs. Ralph Marvill, den mother. ccmbcr 31, 19+3, at 7 o'clock in compauy. Joe Jupiter). The afternoon was demonstrated to the s~bordinate club are both assisting. soon be up and about again. the evening, Miss Avis Thompson, spent in playing games. Winning Gi:an;;c on the new natwnal flag Present at the meeting were the New residents in the community daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T .. C. PARKLAND GIRLS CLUB prizes were l'vfrs . Mary Kupc.T and drill at last meeting. A. W. Walter arc Capt. and Mrs. John Tennant . Thompson of Roy, and Mr. Rich- CHOOSES RITA WELLAN Mrs. Frank Ke a r n s. After Eva Those takmg part we.e Darlene Corrigan, E. A. Bnttam, J. M. and daughters, who have purchased ard Burk, son of Mr. and Mrs., ' ' ·. I Oj•J.encd the gi.fts a 1_ovcly lu.nch w_as. ! Baker, Donald Jorgcrson, Carole Evans, T. w. Bailey and Albert th f M cl M F . . · The last mectmg of the semester Sorenson Ron Id Leh Th cl M J h H . . h c 11 omc o r. an rs. ranc1s 'l'I . f t Lon en Buck of Spanaway, were f . p cl G" - l b h .Id served by the hostess. Present were · , ' .. a · man. ey Knesa1 an essrs. o n ernnc , . . 1e uncommon occunencc o wo o t1H' art11 an 1r1s cu was e · · · d J h · M us ie · at 98th and Madison street. . <lei. . d. I joined in marriage. · Mrs Ben Kuper Mrs E W C·istlc were assiste JY t e1r matron, rs. Charles Witser Spalt Wartenbe AlH I k 1s isc oscd nt 2:10 p.m. Thursday January 20. · ' ·· "· · ... ' R 1 11 L h ' ' s1stcrs we· mg 1Jrot1crs 1 Captain Tennant is stationed at I in the recent announcement of the The ceremony was hdd at the E ., . . . . ' . , Mrs. Alfred Goddard, Mrs. Lester aP e mnn. • bert Knesal and the host and hos, ., . . ,· , . ntc1 tammcnt was. Miss Cm Ison C , '·I, All , N 1 M., Word has bcc11 received that Mr. tess McChord Field. engagement of Miss M au r cc 11 home of the b11dc s pa1ents. The . . . ruts, " 1s. JC! t c son, 1s. · . . . . , and the Parkettes. G Id· S II d 'I, G "d and Mrs. Oscar Berggren (Elise , · • , . Martin Peterson of Midland is 1 hompson Puyallup to William Re~. A. B. Neufeld ofhc1ated. The . . o en ma woo , 1v 1s. ,o, on . . .. WE HAVE A PART M ENT ' ' d Il · . . It was dcc1dcd to have a Girls' J I cl M. N y Barrclt) of Roy arc recen·rng- conproudly announcing the birth of his Buck of Spanaway. J?cLruary 4 is ou) e-nng c Pr c.111 on y \Vas per:, . . . o 1nson an son, is. . '.\.anton, , . , RANGES and REFRIGERATORS. thl' date set for their wcddin '· formed with only the immediate club son~,' 1 he music will be to the Mrs. A. Kan ton, Dolores Jupiter, g1~tulat10ns, on a son, Albert John, fifteenth grandchild this week. The PARKLAND - BROOKDALE . , . g b, f ·! , f ·1·, l .· .. tune of Country Gardens" and the l\I p ., t H cl, . born Janua1y 17. baby, Michael John, weighing 9 ELECTRIC. PHONE GR. 6789. :tvliss 1 hornpson is a daughter of mcm crs o tic anu KS Kmg pies,. . rs. tcs on en crson. (adv.) On !Vlonclay, January 24, a group · ---------pounds, 12 ounces, was born to Mr. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Thon;pson of cnt. The bride was attired in a tan words haven t been thought of as yet. A farmer was economizing by putand Mrs, Frank Peterson, January Roy. Her sister (Avis Thompson) suit with brown accessories and her New officr~rs were elected: Rita of friends gathered at the home of ting green glasses on his cow and 26, at St. Joseph's hospital. The was married to Richard Buck 011 corsage was of orchids. She was at- Wcllan, president; Clarenc Delmore, :tvfrs. E. G. Tinius to wish her a feeding her sawdust. Asked by a I.i:lllboure baby is welcomed home by an older December 31. Mr. and Mrs. Loricn tended by her sister, l'vfrs-. Norma secretary; Darlene Gamache, treas- happy birthday. Those prespnt were: neighbor how it was working out, ~u:r§ing Homne sister. Buck of Spanaway are parents of Guinn. l'vfr. Donald K. Loete was urer; Betty Snowden and Eva Steele, Mrs. Carl Casperson, Mrs, H. Bergt, he replied: "She quit giving milk, best man. scrgcants,at-arms, Mrs. Paul Lindberg, Mrs. King, There will be a Teen·Age dance the brothers. 'rule Lake Road drat her, but we got 15 gallons of Following the ceremony, a wedThe next meeting will be devoted l\.frs. G. Ellsworth, Mrs. Albtcrt Nclthis evening, February 3, from 8 straight wood alcohol the week beGR 8077 Parkland to 11, at the Midland hall. T~c ! Monthly terms on all purchascs- ding supper was served the bridal to the installation of the new offi- son and Helen Erickson. All had a fore she died." lovely afternoon. "City Zekes" will supply the music Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) party at La Pcrgodal cafc, after cers. On Tuesday, January 25, the Kapowsin Rebekah Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. Lois Baugardrner. ~ b . Election of officers was held. Elected "! "' for the year were: Mrs. Winnie Huff, president; Mrs. Kate Nelson, vice-president; Mrs. M. Gardener, treasurer. Mrs, Alexia Sundquist presented the outgoing president, Mrs. M. Daniels, with a Rebekah pin and commended her work of LI the year. Twenty members and five visitors were present. Next meeting PACIFIC AVE. & ARTHUR GR. 8460 will be held at the home of Mrs. M. Jorgcrson, on February 22. Mr. and Mrs. l\'1ilcs Matchett are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter, January 26, at St. Joseph's hospital, weighing 8 pounds, G ounces. Also recPiving eongratulations arc the grandparents, Mr. and 1vfrs. Art Casperson, ",real grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Casperson and a sister, Sandra. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter had their grandson christened at the Marymount Military Academy. He was christened Daniel Richard. Godmother is :tv!rs. Preston Henderson and he was christened by Father Barry. Kapowsin P-TA will hold its regular meeting at the Graham Grange hall on Thursday, February 3, fl p.m. Alfred Ericlison arrived home on Sunday f rorn Pullman to visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erickson. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reece and sons of Port Orchard, and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bolen of Tacoma visited with their parents, Mr. and Mr.;, Paul Lindberg, over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cook arc receiving congratulations on the arrival of a son, born January 29 · ~• Leaders of unions representing railat Puyallup General hospital. He road engineers and firemen seek to force ••• t:lweighed 3 pounds, 8 ounces and has railroads to add extra, needless men on Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter G Ranitc 4429


Rebuilt . ..





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______ ·- __ ·-----· ··- 'II 4. H Grou s Set for

IMidland Carnival

•l!liliil_f:.,Nliii '·.

Tho1npson, Buck in y . d N . l eat •en uptza


Second Union of 2 Families Disclosed












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Brakes and Motor Work a Specialty

ladiat:or Service

Call "The Voice of Parkland" at GRanite 7380

Louise and Bob Lynd will put your news item on the

... a~~tiat­ ~~~tdr··

12:15 to 1:00 p.m. Friday over KTBI


diesel locomotives. This is sheer waste -a "make-work" program which would mean fewer improvements and higher costs-for YOU! Hailroads use modern diesel locomotives because they arn one of the means of giving faster, better service to you. Two men compose the crew of a diesel. They occupy a clean, comfortable cab at the front. The engineer handles the throttle. The fireman sits and watches the track ahead. With no coal to shovel, he has practically nothing else to do. No Benefit To You Now the leaders of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen want to use the diesel locomotive as a means of forcing a feather-bedding scheme on the railroads. The extra men they propose to add to the diesel crews are not needed. There is no work for them. The union leaders are fighting among themselves about which union should furnish these extra, needless men. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers have even threatened a strike. You ma v notl1e<1ted in this di!:lpute of these two unions, but you would be vitally concerned if these groups succeed in putting through this feather-bedding scheme, because it would mean a slowing up of the improvement program of the railroads-of which the diesel is the outstanding symbol. Diesel crews are among the highest paid

''ma& -'U'O~ ~/-- dat


~ ~4!1-wUb

railroad emp!oyes-real aristocrats of labor! Their pay is high by any standard. Granting of these demands, therefore, would mean that the railroads would be paying out millions in unearned wages to those in.the very highest pay brackets. We'd Like To Spend This Money On Yon You know how much the diesel has meant to you in increased speed, comfort and convenience. The railroads have many more of them on order for even greater improvement in service to you. But needless drains of money, such as this present demand of the unions for needless men on diesels, reduce the ability of the railroads to spend money on better service for you. Proud as the railroads are of the diesel, it is only a small part of their improvement program. Since the War, literally billions of dollars have been spent on improvement of






tracks and stations, on new passenger and fr~ight cars, as well as on diesel locomotives, an"Cl on the many other less conspicuous details of railroading that contribute to improved service. 1''eather-Beclcling Means Less Service To You But brazen feather-bedding schemes like the one now proposed would, if successful, divert large sums of money from Ot.Jt present improvement programs. Even worse, they make improvements like the diesel worthless, by making the cost of their operation prohibitive. These demands are against YOUU interests -,--as well as those of the railroads. They are schemes to "make work". Nejther you nor the railroads should be forced to pay such a penalty for progress. That's why the railroads are resisting these "make work" demands to the lai;t ditch-and why they are telling you abou~ them.





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Whenever possible ... COOK BEFORE 4:30 OR AFTER 6:30 PM THE entire Pacific Northwest faces a serious power shortage - especially between the hours of 4:30 and

6:30 PM. In so far as possible, serve oven meals prepared in advance of 4:30 and use as few surface units as possible. DURING THE CRITICAL HOURS - WASTE NO ELECTRICITY.

... ...

D.a,,,,...a,,..f......a.111 .,""' ..,. ..,...,.



Critical Hours 4:30 TO 6:30 PM

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, February 3, 1949


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CABINET HARDWARE Specials Reg. PLASTIC PULLS ............................................ 15c CHROME PULLS CHROME PULLS SPICE RACKS .... POP-UP GARBAGE CANS (on a door)


Mrs. Ruth KU:pcr, Reporter Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289

2 for l5c 2 for 35c 2 for 45c 2 for 1.50 2 for 9.50

GA. 3133

84th and Pacific Avenue

ELK PLAIN NEWS Veterans N,ews



Larchmont Sunday School meeh in the Parish house at 9:30 Sunday mornings.

Sunday, February 6: 10 :Oil a.m. Sunday School and Bible


Classes. ll:DO a.m.-Junior Church \Vorship. 11 :00 a.m.-Worship Service \Vi th Communion. Tuesday~ Februarv 3: 8:00 p.m.-Boa'.rd of Trustees in church



First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, 1'1assachusetts.

Parkland, Washington Ernest B. Steen, Pastor

The cold weather has made ·it possible for the youngsters of Clover Creek to enjoy winter sports. Friday, Richard Susan, Alfred Southwell : and Omer Roland were ha,'ing fun sledding on W alkr road hill. On Saturday a group of boys from Collins defeated a Clover Creek team in a hard fought hockey game at Stoney lake. The line-ups were: Clover Creek-Paul Smithlin, Dick Susan, Harris Cox, Alfred Southwell, Wessel Kuper, Joe Holdener, Harold Fromm, Ben Inderbitzcn; Collins-Ronald Scamfer, Pat Bayle, Don Boyle, Paul Garrison, Ross Munson, Jim Reese, Victor Rara. Visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson last Sunday were lvh. and Mrs. Jim Lawrence and daughter Joan. The Lawrcnccs have r;ccntly moved to Tacoma from ,. I\ orth Dakota.


which will be read next Sunday in IallSermon branches of The Mother Church, The

CHURCH Announcements

invest in a Vest

M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent at 2: OU p.rn. in the Kirby school every Sunday. ~ifeets

MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME Thure Moberg, Minister Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Morning Service, 11 a.m.; Bible study,and prayer, 7:30 p.m.,


8 :00 p.m.-Mary-Marlha Society al the home of Mrs. M. 'Tommervick. \\'edn~sday) Pcbrt1ary 9: I :DU p.m.-Ladies' Aid in the church parlors. 7 :30 p.m.-Senio1· choir rehearsal. 7 :30 p.m.-Boy Scouts.


PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN \tValther C. Gullixson, Pastor Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.; 11orning Wor-

ship, 10:00 a.m.

8:00 p.m.-Board of Deacons in church office.

(Continued from Page One) Department President Crooks. Those Alice Dorfner, Reporter in attendance were President Irma Graham 45€ Long, Secretary Amy Warmald, Thursday evening the Benston Treasurer Mable Hart, Past-PrcsiGrange drill team put on the third dent Be;·tha Cooley, and Mrs. Helen and fourth degrees at the Elk Plain Turner. All reported an enjoyable Grange for 21 candidates from Col- evening as well as having had a !ins, Clover Creek and Elk Plain. helpful and inspirational ::iddress by The drill team wore gold blouses Prcsidcnt Crooks, who was pleased and shirts and blue skirts and slacks. at her reception by the Tacoma and For entertainment, Harry Sprinker neighboring units. Friday evening, Paul Nichols and talked on the Pomona grange and The ladies of the Auxiliary expect 1 Mrs, Olive Tibbitts, lecturer of Elk to have a special meeting of their Miss Bessie Roland visited with Mr. and Mrs. Russ Eberline in Tacoma. I Plain grange, led the group in unit. The meeting is to transact the Combining business with pleasure, games. business postponed from the JanuHarris Cox, Richard Susan and Paul II A bridal shower was given Sun- ary 28 regular meeting. Everyone day in honor of Miss Mary McCool interested in planning the Spring Smithlin made a trip to Auburn last who will wed Mr. Ronald Wrip;ht activities of our unit, "come on out" w<'ck encl. While there, they visited with Dick Russell and got parts for on February 8. It was held at the with ideas and suggestions. If you think your best beau would like you in one-catch up with home of the bridegroom-to-be. The One of the principles which the Paul's auto. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Renner and bim in this cotton-paddetl, quilted wool vest, worn with a tailored table was decorated in Valentine Auxiliary is particularly fostering blouse and wool skirt. Appearing in the current issue of Good Housemotif, centered by a cake which during the month of February is daughter Barbara visited their niece, kee1>ing magazine-it's new and cosy. Miss Beverly Alk·n, in Puyallup last announced the date of the forth- "Americanism," which means loyal. M · corning marriage. 11any lovely gifts ty to the United States, its tracli- Sunday afternoon. Miss Allen is paients, r. an cl M 15. · 0 · J · Slupton. were received from the following J tions, interests and ideals." As mcm- confined to her home with a double Those wishing her hap1)Y birthday . ' guests. Mr. and Mrs. George Mc- hers of the Ladies' Auxiliary we try fracture of her leg, which she sufbesides her parents, were: Mrs. Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter Cool, parents of the bride-to-be; to show by precept and example the fered when she fell on the campus George Fuerstenberg an aunt from ... ' . GA. 7802 Mrs. Violet Turner, Mrs. Margaret s p i r i t of the true Americanism at the University of Washington Portland, Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. George Wright, Miss Margie Rohr, Mrs. which our forefathers established in where she is a student. Rud Drath celebrated his birthday Puckett, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chester Wright, mother of the bride- our Constitution and which, has Perkin and her brother Elmer and Fred Sutter was taken to Doctors' ' ' ' January 29 with his wife Betty, and groom-to-be; Mrs. John Rohr, Mrs. been sr! nobly exemplified by Lin- hospital in Tacoma for observation, his family. Mrs. Puckett and Mrs. Christine and Virginia at the home Toni Logan, Mrs. Gleason Shaffer, coln and Washington, "the worid's Monday evening. He has been sufof his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Perkin are her sisters. Many happy and the three hostesses, Mrs. Ray two greatest good men and the two fering for some time from back inreturns, Carol. Drath. Ice cream and birthday Mang·us and Mrs. James Maycum- best great men." Ervin Smith returned home last juries, caused by an accident while cake were served. . ft l. ber, sisters of the prospective bride- · he was bull-dozing some land. · . • • Satur cl ay mornrng a er worong a Rilh Jo Smtih, 6-year-old daughgroom, and his cousin, Mrs. Ver! :Mrs. F re d S utter was cl 10scn b y . . month in Colville ' Wash. •nel{ !C"r of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith,• 1s . Wright. t llC 1a d ics o f t h e Cl . over. C IL Mrs. Helen Robinson has been· , . ·1·iary to b c th en ·. pr·es ·i - recuperating Mr. and Mrs. James Neilson and . - at St. Joseph's hospital busy the last week nursing her two G range aux1 . year. Tlie e 1cc- after son Marvin, of !vforton, spent the dent f or t I1e commg· . havmg . an appendectomy last daughters, Dolores and Marcilyn, The Mother-Singers group of the tion was held at thE' meeting Thurs- 1 Fnday mormng'. week rnd at the home of Mrs. Ncilwho are having a ro~md with the son's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Parkland P-TA has b.ccn asked to day, January 27, at the home of I Sunshine Sewing club will mct:t flu' bug. Greenlaw of Elk Plain. On Sunday join the ncwly-orgamzed .Tac.orna Mrs. J. H. McCammon. Mrs. Mc- I February 10 at the home of Mrs. Harvard Improvement club will the Ncilsons, Mr. and Mrs. L. T. all-city Mother-Singers, which is to Cammon was elected vice-president, E. Kennedy Sr., with Mrs. 0. J. meet February 9 at the Dawson Greenlaw and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred make its first appearance at the ~ Mrs. Daisy Pratt, secretary; Mrs. Shipton as co-hostess. Members arc field house, if it is completed. If Greenlaw and children, Tommy, annual Founders Day banquet of the i Alma D. Coffey, treasurer, and Mrs. making plans for a party to be held not, the club will meet at Harvard Leah and Donny, motored to Ort- Pre-school section of the Tacoma · LeRoy Gammon, work chairman. in the future for the husbands of the school. The meeting will begin at ing to visit Mrs. Hull. While there, city council, to be held on February The next meeting will be February members. 8 p.m. and there will be some surthe men went fishing and reported 24· at the New Yorker. 10 at Mrs. Suttcr's home. Plans will Miss Auriol Painter, daughter of prise entertainment. caLching quite a few trout. George L. Mitchell, well-known be made for entcrtainino· the ladies Mr. and Mrs. Ray Painter, and 0 Attending the basketball game in Tacoma musical circ~es, .will be of James Sales Grange A uxiliary. Richard Johnson, son of Ed Johnson, POINTER WANT ADS PAY between the Harlem Globetrotters director of the chorus which is hoped Guests for dinner, Sunday, at the were married January 28 at Spanaand the Broadway Clowns last Sun- to number 100 voices. Semi-monthly home of Mr. and Mrs. Duke Her- way. They were attended by Junior day night at the Tacoma armory 1·ehcarsal sessions began January 28. bcrt were: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Griffin and another friend. They were: Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb, Miller of Tacoma and their children, arc living in the 38th street district. I their three sons, and Mr. and Mrs. Barney and Mary Linn. Jim Baker is seriously ill in Doc- 1 Gordon Johnson and their son NorJudy and Linda Everett have been tors' hospiti!l. We hope he recovers· rrian. PACIFIC LUTHERAN visiting the past week at the home soon. A basketball game between girls There will be a dance at the of their aunt, Mrs. Harry L. White, Ben Hutton of 86th Golden COLLEGE and boys teams of local 4-H. clubs Elk Plain Grange hall February 5, in Clover Creek. Given road was found dead in his NEW STUDENTS NOW played in the Elk Plain school gym- sponsored by the Elk Plain school Clover Creek Teen-Age club met home last week by friends who had BEING ENROLLED nasium was won by the boys. The club. Ladies arc to wear jeans, slacks at the Grange hall Saturday, Jan- come to sec him. Pall bearers for score has not been made public. or print dresses and the men work uary 29. Wessel Kuper presided at Mr. Hutton were: Don and William For Appointment, Call Perhaps it is a secret? Tsk, tsk ! Ross clothes, as it is a hard-time dance. the meeting, at which plans were Taylor, Martin Shannon, James Plumb was in charge and John FarGRanitc 3611 or GRanitc 4610 The orchestra that played at the made for a Valentine party. Miss Kennedy, Phillip RosPngrcn and ren was referee. Reardon brncfit dance will furnish Leona Sweet was elected chairman. Eugene Stokes. The Loveland Ladies' Aid met on the music. And it will be old-time of the refreshment committee for Mrs. Daisy Smith was honored on January 27 at the home of Mrs. music, with lots of schottishes, two- the coming year. Around 15 mem- her birthday January 30 at her Christina Johnson with 24 members stcps, square dances a~d polkas. bers were present. home by several well-wishers. Those present. Assisting the hostess in servJ\1rs. Paul Stranahan and sons, present for a lovely birthday dinner ing a delicious lunch was her daughPaul Byron and Roy, spent Sunday were: H<'r two i1cphews, Lauren and ter-in-law, Mrs. Gordon Johnson. afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. John Bud Smith: her sister, Mrs. Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Loveland enBinkkr, and Mrs. 0. E. Smith. Kuper. tertained a p;roup of friends in their Last Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Miss Carol Shipton celebrated her MARY COYNE home Saturday night. Those present McLeod and son Charles, Mrs. Pearl scvcntcnilh birthday with a dinner Mrs. Mary Coyne, 72, former were Mr. and Mrs. Thorn Tibbitts Stranahan, Paul Byron and Roy lwld in her honor at the home of her and children, Ray Corbett and Midland resident, died January 28 Stranahan were dinner guests at daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. Harvey, in a local hospital. She was a native the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam ATTENTION! Taxpayers Mr. and Mrs. L. C r u m, M i s s c{ Ireland and a member of St. Leo's Fcndk, in Fredrickson. \Vhy pay more than you owe? church. She was the widow of MarKeough, Shirley, Joyce, Mary and Mrs. Francis Kistenmacher en. Let Ralph Loveland. The group enjoyed tin Coyne, who died 11 years ago. tertained friends at luncheon on Surviving arc two nephews and one old time square dancing, singing Wednesday, January 26. Places were Prepare :your Returns and games. Lunch was served and niece, William Owen and Nellie laid for Mrs. Blanche Greenlaw, His aim is' to increase your Flynn o.f Alaska. l'uncral services more dancing was enjoyed. Mrs. Louise Gager, Mrs. Audrey Refund, not your Tax were held February 1 at 9:30 a.m. Stranahan, Mrs. Moline, Mrs. Mary Parkland, Wash. 415 Garfield from St. Leo's church, with interPatronize Your Advertisers Sparks and the hostess. Residence Phone GRanite 4443 ment in Calvary cemetery. Rates Reasonable The next monthly meeting of the executive board of Clover Creek NANNIE SHEPHARD P-TA will be held at the home of Mrs. Nannie Shephard, 76, of the president, Mrs. Harry L. White, PARKLAND LUMBER Midland, died January 30 in a local February 9. AND HARDWARE hospital. Born in Texas, she had Clover Creekers arc looking for ::i Wilson St., just off Mt. Hiway lived at Midland fo.r 4·3 years. She large brown bear that broke into G Ranite 7900 was a member of Bethlehem Baptist Omer Roland's pig-pen last Saturchurch. Surviving is a daughter, day night. Omcr's registered pigs Mrs. Pearl Dennis of Midland. Fu- got loose but the bear was frightneral services will be February 3, ened away before any serious damat 3 p.m. from the C. 0. Lynn age was done. Sterling Silver or Gold Mortuary, with burial at Mountain LOCKETS for View Memorial park. Ask about our house plan service

Call GRanite 7100

PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL Interdenominational Fred Southwell, Superintendent Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. Sunday School, 10:30

Bible study, 7: 30 Monday night,


Parkland Group Bid To All-City Chorus



co. -

.. CLOVER C~EEK BAPTIST SP.'\NAWAYLUMBEif Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School B L b f L R f w. c. Rhea, Pastor etter um er or ess. oo Bible School, IO a.m. ·George Chessum, ing, Hardware and Paints. We supenntendent. . rPnt floor sanders. GR 8235. Mormng worslup, 11 a.m. .. Y.outh Fellowship, 7 p.m. (Junior and ONE JACUZZI ever-prime shallow SeRwr),. G S . well pump, pipe and fittings. 8 1 Mid~~~:ek s~~~ice,eTi~~;sda::·u·p.m. GRanite 7575. 22p Ch.oir practice Thursday, 7; also teacher SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED con: meeimg. __ tents hauled away. Don Redford, ST. JOHN OF THE WOODS GA. 7334. tfc 98th and Taylor, Midland G . S T f.. Rev. R. E. Logan, Pastor AME ONIGHT or veterans Masses, 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. Catechism and friends, Sunshine Hall, Parka[ter Mass. hnd Amvets. First Thursday evHARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL ery month. Tacoma Avenue near At Harvard School SalPS R o a cl. Coffee, etc., free. lno.~ Bergstrom, Superintendent Prizes and fun galore. Public inSunday ~chool, 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. · cl p cl · f . ' Harvard Sunday School Mothers' Circle VI le . meets first Wednesday of 1nonth at 2 p.m. welfare. rocee s go or veterans 22c R Ay GOGAN JACK BARRET..T. SPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE °' · Stanley R. Weddle, Pastor General landscaping, pruning and ~unday School, lO ~.rr_i.; Mo~ning Worspraying, rockeries, rock walls, .slup, 11 a.m.; Evangehsuc Service, 8 p.w. Christ's Ambassadors, Wednesday. fences, tractor work. MIDLAND PENTECOSTAL GR. 8842 Terms BR. 6982 Arnie Konsm~, Past.or !v!ects every Sunday m Midland P.T.A. hall, 11 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. LEGAL PUBLICATION FERN HI LL BAPTIST CHURCH South 86th and "G" Streets 1· NOTICE R. W. Ledyard, Pastor . . Bible School, 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. .I will not be responsible for any Worship at 11; Evening Service, 7 :30. debts other than my own. -M G TAYLOR .. CHRISTIAN .SCIENCE I . . 20 29 usp1nt" is the subJeCt of the Lesson~ - .... c ----




H. G. MOEN Teacher of Violin

Hard Times Dance At Elk Plain Hall

Charles Knautz teaching.

ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICELyman Redford, owner. Septic tanks pumped, contents hauled away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794. tfc





SPANAWAY METHODIST "The Church by tht: Side of the Road"

10 a.m.-Church School. 11 a.m.-Snnday Worship Service. Per Word ......................---······· .....03 3:30 p.m.-Intermediate Youth Minimum ·······························-······· .. 50 Fellowship. 6:45 p.m.-Youth Fellowship.



Attention Members ! The Annual Meeting of the

Southeast Tacoma Mutual Water Company WILL BE HELD

Tuesday, February 8- 8:00 p.m. in the MIDLAND IMPROVEMENT CLUB HALL Re1Jorts of officers, election of two trustees and any ne\\'. business to come before the meeting will be the regular order of business.


Carl Hess

Paint·· Hardware

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Rope Pearls

Valentine's Dag

-Brookdale Lumber Co.



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type of furniture and appliances.



iatrih11tinn llllUV!llllli lilllllllllll'"11!11llilllllllllllillll':I



II. GR. 8625

Prairie pointer v 4 no 22 feb 3, 1949  
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