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CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth VOL. 4, NO. 21


An~~~~ca:d~~sgi:! ;~~t ~~~i;i~;Yano~ Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Spanaway School


4 ®fef"" f

_, ire1:11en

Will •




De~tal Of~ice

Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland

Business Club to





the comrades of Post No. 118 arc . th' . t a k·mg to express h · f I'1s opportumty f t cir ee mgs or our local commu.. . . mty-as we I00 k· a b out us vicwmg our goals. ' In the first place, our neighborhood has been overtaken b several l cl d th Y b . lrag "od1'es. lat , e y an ea , cmg no respecter of persons, has laid heavy hands upon our younger generation. To all the sorrowing friends we extend sympathy. However, being true to our trust in community welfare, we have tried to be Joyal to our American Legion

Special Schoohng

Opened 1n Parkland 1 Discuss Change of

,~fen.1~crs :he



of Parkland Volun- . Charles J ...Cowa.n.has opened of-!Monthly Meet Date tcc1 F11c dcpa1tmcnt next Monday, fices !or the practice of "Cncral · · begm · a i dentistry here on the second.~ floor j Suggested • · · · evcnmg, January 31, will by-law revisions will be h f . ·d d I h 1> kl d B · . At last wee, . I" s mec . . t'mg•. o f p ar,l·l·,m d 60. - our . program o training of Parkland Centre bui.lding. A 19461 cons1 ere )y t e ar an usmess . . , . . P-TA an executive board rccommcn- under direction of Capt. L.]. Cook, graduate of the University of Ore- club at its F~bruary meetmg, next dation-to appropriate $ 50 for a of the vocational training of gc'.n dental c?lle~e, Dr. Cowan tcr- Tue.~day cvcnmg, 7 o'~lo:k.' at t~1~ roller-skating party for Parkland fne ~cpartmcnts of the state of· rrnnatcd service m the U. S. Army Ind1.rn Inn. Suggested 1cv1s10ns a1c. . . . . Jas t N ovcm. b er. 1- T o c h angc . tiie cu I b' s f'isc". I' JUmor high school students - was Washmoton "' . cl'en t·.l 1 corps , , . . · . , · · · adopted by the members in attendCapt. Cook will bnng a ~umb~r . Son of a north e.nd 1 acoma fa.m- year to comcidc with the calendar ance. The party is to be held at the of assistants to rn~truc't" in van- tly, Dr. Cowan attc:ndcd Bellarmme year; I Roller Bowl in South Tacoma on phases. of fire fightmg. I he local high scho~l an.d was a studl'nt at 2--To shift the regular monthly Friday, February 11, from 9:30 p.m. f'.rcmen will meet for two-.hour se~-' Scattlr Umversity and for two years dinner meeting date from the first until midnight. Transportation bolh sions every ~1onday cvcmng until, at C'.illegc of Pug.ct Sound before Tuesday evening of each month to ways and clamp-on sbtcs will be the program is completed. cntermg dental school. another night possibly more confurnished. Parents arc invited to ··-·-vcnicnt for a majority of mt'mbcrs.






· ----~-·-·--··--·-

NEW CLASSROOMS IN USE THIS WEEK . The six new classrooms that

li.c weal, the of P~st No. 118, American Leg10n, and its . .. A ux1·1·iary h ave gone f orth 1nv1ttng scores of neighbors to participate in the "Larson Fund Raising Camaign" to la th l'ttl P y away e 1 e ones fittingly. The response has been most . gra t 1.f ymg. 1n f act, accor cl'mg to M rs. Long, president of the Auxiliary, and 'tt . . f M rs. h er comm1 ee, consisting o Hart, Mrs. Cooley, Mrs. Warmald, and Mrs. O'Hearne, no one refused to assist. Feeling a warmth of sympathy for our sorrowing fellow citizens, each has given according to his own capacity-and again the little . town of Spanaway has helpfully hfted a load. To each donor, Clover Creek Post, American Legion, and c "Tllan k you, w e Auxl.11.ary' 5 a1s, 'th you 1n . th'is are prou cl t o serve \YI . B y and ti1roug11 you 1• efforts we added $62.30 to this fund · f. t o a 11ay t rage d y ,s gnc . . t B u t th is ts no a ll- f or o th ers, t oo, h ave respon d e d generous l y. Aft er th e f unera l 11·'t es, h e Id on M on> I M . e 11 mger pred ay a f ternoon, I au . d ll . se n t e d a Ch ec l< o ft wen t y- f 1ve o at s > . to Spana w a y I rogrcss1ve C omn1unl.ty cl u b to b e add e d t o th e f u nd t·ai'sed t p cl ase a res s bei'ncr o ur 1 u ' 0 Cl·'tatoi· · Iii so doi'ng , Mr· · Melli'nger· Sal'd ' "I off er th'1s as a M cm or'al 1 fund with my s mpathy,. Thank , Y · ou Paul Mellinger for )'Our SJJirit Y , , e Of. llell)f u Inc "s. 's beca of s cl f lk as all It l use u 1 o .: '" A 111er·i'can tllese donors that the "' Legl'on •vork , s o n a n d 0 n a n d on . to

meeting night. . '.·uary.17, the next regular meetGuest spcakn at the February mg mght of the Parkland P-TA, n1ce t'ing. \VI·11 h c D' __ ie'k CI"lt i on, a d verw I1en open h ouse w1'II b e h e Id an d tising manager of the Tacoma Times. P-TA members and others conOther items on the business slate ducted through the new wing. include reports of committees in' eluding statements of progress on a . . fl oa t f or th e A· pn·i D a ff od'l 1 F•es t'1va 1 F o u r Lower Grades parade and on petitions for a local , . t d . A t Harvard-Midland 111oun c n1a1 1 earner. Receive P - T A Check N • ll F . . atIOna amOUS The :cgulai mectrng of the HarSt, Olaf Choir va:d-M1dland P-TA was held _at . Mtdland school January. 1,9, with Appear at P L C Gym Mrs. c.Iarcnce Johann pres1d1?g. i;he . lovers of the Puget Sound Browmc troop ' under the dnect10n Music . .












Our Apologies


I ) ...


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weekly issues) O N L Y







By Mrs. Ruth Kuper (Pointer Correspondent) Petitions for consolidation into a high school district, submitted by the present school districts of Kapowsin, Roy, Spanaway, Elk Plairi, Clover Creek, Lacamas and Rocky Ridge, have been approved by the Pierce county committee on school district organization and by the state board of education. The petitions were submitted in response to the request of directors of Union High S,chool District No. 205, that the sentiment of the residents of the several school districts concerned be shown, as a preliminary step towards consolidation for the purpose of building a high school. In accord with school law, elates have been set for hearings in each of the districts involved: To determine the view of the majority of voters, to explain statute provisions governing such a step and to determine if the districts desire to vote on the proposition at the regular · M arc h 5 . sc h ooI e Iection,

· ·

It is reported that t~1e club of'.icers have heard eonsidcrable dissatisfaction expressed on the present



have been under construction at Parkland school since last summer have been put into use this week, Principal Stanley Willis has disclosed. The third and fourth grades, three sections each, took over the classrooms on ·Monday.

principles and in consequence we "'.atch the .fun, _also free of charge. Spanaway Co1nmunity llallies to Aid of have put our shoulders to the wheel 1 he com1rnttcc m charge of arrange- T • • . "' and as sincere workers for the pub- mcnts includes all junior high room ragedy-bovved Family; Burial Fund for ".1others, the Mesdames R. H.arvcy, Drowned Lads Speedily Contributed 1'. W. Bryan, W. F. Stay, Olai Rog. . ___ -· . di an d Jomt funeral services were held!. ness, L . E . I-[ a\v k'ins, A· . S win and H. G. Mohrinway, with Mrs. Monday afternoon, at l p.m., from tl:e Spanaway Progressive C~mrnuL. B. Richardson, general chairman. the chapel ~f the Lakewoo~l Mor- mty club, the Volunteer F!fcrncn tuary for Clmton and Melvin Lar- and Clover Creek Post 118, AmeriLeathercraft Classes · · · ·· ·· · son, Spana way )'Onths dt owned on can Legion, Auxiliary umt. Boy classes for Parkland Thursday, January 20, when they Scout Donald Omat and Cub David . Leathercraft . . . . 1un10r high school ~Joys and girls, broke through the frozen .surface of Newell were ::ilso very active in the under the sponsorslup of Parkland Spanaway lake while trymg to re- collection, along \vith several other . . . . . . . . . · P-TA, will ~egm Tuesday evcnmg, tneve a dead duck lymg on the ice. md1v1duals. . . . February .1, m the school basement. The ~ads were sons ~f. Mr. and Mrs. Amounts raised by orgamzation Classes will be held each Tuesday Melvm Larson, Pacific avenue and efforts arc: Spanaway P-T A (refro~1 7 to 9 p.m. over a four-week Fifth. street, Spanaway. ported by Mrs. Symmons, Mrs. Alice 1 penod. Clinton Douglas Larson was ~orn Scearce and .Mrs. A. Smith), $.62.75; County Council December.2, 1939, at Barrett, Mmn., Spanaway Fll'emen (Martin Gibbons . Rodne"' Larson Jr. was and Herman Fuchs) ' '$38· Pierce county counc1.1 o. f p -'fA and Melvm · · ' · • Commu' will convene Thursday forenoon, born ?ecen:ber B, . 1941 • at Min- •:ity club (Mrs. Harry Smith), February 3, 10 o'clock at Buckley neapoh~, Mm.~. Besides th.·e parei~t~ $54·'.5 o; Clover Creek .A,uxihary urnt h'1gh sc 1ioo.I ,iv.·[ rs. W . W . Cl'tne,, they a1e sun1vcd by fom . b10thern (Mis. Mabel. Hart), $+4.50. Includ. . p ar kl d p TA 'd t . h d and one sister at the family home. cd arc a five dollar donation by ~ an prcs1 en , is sc c . . . on . The Rev. Ernest B. Steen of Tnn- Spanaway group and a u Ie d t·o give a 15 -nu. nu tc report . . . Pre-school · the Exceptional Child program. The 1 ~Y. Lutheran church, Par~land, of- contnbution ~f ,ten. dollars by the P ar kl an d M ot h er- s·mgers w1'JI pai. f1natcd at services. Bur- Loveland Ladies . . the funeral , . Aid. A more com. h . ial was 111 New facoma cemetery. pktc report will be made later. As ttcipate m t e mornmg program. . t t Pall bearers we r c: James Arnes, pictured by the Spanaway Correo f t I1c d 1stancc, ranspor a. Because . . b y sc h oo l bl us cannot b c f lll. Robert Fowler, James Odden, Al- spondent for the Pomtcr, Mrs. Dortion . . . . . fred Smith Warren Symmons Ron- I' othy P. Smith: mshed for this meetmg, but it 1s · ' . ' . . b d t aid Bradshaw, V,m Atkms a.nd Law"Everyone helped; the butcher, h d l ope t 1ere w1 11 e goo represen a. • f I h tt rcnce Huglws. the baker, the grocer, .garagemen non ron1 1ere so t e a en(1a.nee . __ . __ . b e 1Jl'oug 11t t o Expenses of the foneral awar d may agam . . wPre met and residents and :Mrs. Symmons p Il d A ' f by voluntary contnbuttons from says thanks to everyone. It would ar;. an . nursery or prc-sc 1100 1 . . . . . 'Id . b 'd d Spanaway busmcsscs and residents, be. too long a. list to name . each 111d1du ren w1 11 e prov1 c . . more than the necessary $150 be mg vidual donation as many JUSt placed . . . . . . . . . . ., pledged w1thm 2+ hours after the their contnbut10ns rnto prs m the South End d k b M M . . need was ma c nown Y rs. I a- vanous stores, etc. Each orgamza. 'd f S . f . f II t1lda Symmons, presi ent 0 pan- t1on worked hard and a1th u y, and . away P-TA and of the Spanaway not onlv was more than the needed . . Volunteer Fife Deparlmcnt Aux1l- $150 raised w1thm 2+ hours, but by . . . . . iary. cvcmng ·,22 baskets of groc. .Parkland 3umor . !ugh . school ··. . . Among . other .. . Spanaway. organ.·· . . Saturday . Midgets and Varsity will play a 1zations quick to answer and prom-' enes had been delivered to the LarServ e the m em b ers o f our C ommu- I · . . . . . . . . I Fife 1-h1 ment Ill the fund-ra1smg effort were : son home, also." nity in life, in sickness, and in death. return engagement agamst 'f . F 'd basketball teams at F1 e this n ay Our Legion post was called upon to lay away one of its own members, afternoon (January 28).,. The Park- WILDLIFE FILMS TO BE courtmcn had the l' 1fc measure SHO'·VN Al' PLC TUE SD A y too, during the past week. Acting- land · · . ·,. · · . ·, • ' · •• · II II l!I then Pier cc county 1umo1 high m Commander Jensen and Past Com., R"I d h t '" J T A n d icw school league opener here three ic iar s, P 0 o,,.,rnp lt iVIargaret Cockburn, Reporter . ,. mander McCabe planned the rites wecks ago. of the outdoors, 1 aeoma, will show --for the late LeRoy Keane .and all , . . . . . Icy roads caused postponement of two of his motion picture features January social mcetmg of the Mcmembers extend to the bereaved our . , . ,· .. in Chord NCO Auxiliary was held on 8 o'clorl' deep sympathy. Noting that, as last Fnday s Parkland-Dupont en- next Tuesdav, eveninrr t'.I' . , \.' . counters, scheduled at Dupont. I S d '! . . . · I' \.Ycdnesday afternoon, January 9_fi, Comrade Keane has answered the tie tu ent L n1on 1Jut 11 c tng at a~ . . . at the NCO club. A cif'."Prt luncheon last roll call so ·shall we, too, be . c1fic Lutheran college. His prcsen. , ') , .. . . Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportswas sen ed at - o clod 111 the green called upon so to answer-may none ' · · ·11 b d I L' . e sponsore JY mne dinmg room by the hostesses, Mrs. of us be wanting in our noble quali- men's club launched into its first tat10n w1 T. H. Baker and Mrs. Ernest G. ties of citizenry expressed by · our season of shooting competition in biology club. the Mt. Rainier Rifle league last Reels to be shown will be of a Bal:. . great American Legion. program for tlw .~Jternoon In a lighter vein we wish to an- wcck. The Bunyans found too much hunting trip into the Canadian . . wl11ch was under the dm·ction of the nounce a dinner, honoring the de- competition in the Walton Golds but Rock1es and of thf' liff' of a hum. . . . .. . lvf H . . . . social activities comrn1ttce, r,. arpartmental president of the ladies made a good showing for competi· Th B ' mmg bird. The showmg will be old R Frantz c·l1·1'11·111a11 ·u1·s R c unyans aggregate · · ' ., · ' ' ' m · · C· auxiliary, American Legion, Mrs. tive tyros. Crooks of Spokane. Her visit is for score for eight-man team was 1767, open to the ?;cncral public, without Sillik and Mrs. Roger Paquette, proved very popular with the many business relating to the duties of her ranking them 10th among thP J4. charge. llIC'tllbcrs and guests present. Scvoffice and she appears in her official clubs in the league. The Golds ran era! handicap card g a rn es w~re capacity.,: The dinner is to be held up an 1852 count for second spot in the loop standings. played and prizes awarded the wm(Continued on Page Four) · I (J ners. . . . ., W c cl nes d ay o f tius wee { anuary 'II t (.)!' Confusion of abbreviations of tvfrs. Howard A. Case, troop lead1ver · . 26 ) t h c B unyans w1 1nee Taxi marksmt•n and the following. two local colleges resulted in a r·r of Girl ~cont. Troop 28 (McChord . . .. I . AFB) which 1s sponsored by the wcek will take on the Inter-City· rc<•retable and regretted error m . .. h h " ' NCO Auxiliary, announces t at t e Sportsmen. All matches are shot at the January 20 is s u c of The . . . · · c·1v1c. R'fl · ·' ' , troop will part1c1pate m the Girl , t lH' new 1 aco1na 1 e range .J • _ • . . p D f' . ' I ram<' l omtcr. Scout annual cookie sale from March tn t. e iancc pav1 1ion. . . A Pointer story stated that a 5 to 12. Orders for cookies are bemg , . . I band from PLC would play at a tak<'n now. Tcd s Boys, Midland cage team, . . . . took their first Joss January 13 at benefit dance given January 21 at Bowlmg Briefs · ' . , the, Gault '·g)'m ' from .the· Colden Elk Plain Grange hall. The dance Ladies League: . The Alley Cats . . . Do-nuts by a, onc-po111t margm, was contmue· to .hold fll'st place. but aie . •. ' .g·1',.,,n " , SjJonsorcd · bv, the Elk 31-30· Maury 1 aylor was a!l'am J>J·ii'n .. ··!· Gi·an"l'S ,, . lll!2:h ~, . , •.111 <l CJo,·er· Ci·••' · ' "., onlv' one .pornt, ahead of the Roller. .. scorer on the floor, countmg 12 hut there is no truth in the state- ctles. Eu.nice Case ( Bowllows) st.01ed . . ·, was f u1111s . "l1c.·<l IJY liiuh sencs 431 ' and the h1°h smgle 1)0i.nls · 'l'I1c·· I'u 1r-1lJJS'· 0 rncnt t l iat. Hius1c. ' '.'. · You will find Do-n11ts-For,"ards Mar· d'1vic · ! ua J 01. g1oup · c o nnectc'd game· of . 182 on Monday mght. EvGold('n · · ., ' · any m · · . . . Sincerity 1 ·I l'L'., dun Wnght (Rollcrettcs) was runt ·1n (7) and .. _ v·V1'11g , (2)·' center' Kaiw1t 1 v. ' ~ . and apus (6); guards, Stone ( 10) and The musicians actually were ncr-up with a smglc game of 178 · Simplicity La Magic ( 6). Ted's Boys-For- students of the College of Puget Mixed League: The Scattrrpins at wards, Bcshler (3) and Marr (6); Sound who volunteered their serv- . broke up the tic for first and took ce~ter, Taylor, ( l'.,!); guards, Fre~ices, free, to contribute to the the lead in. t:lw Thursday nigl'.t encks, (4) and Larsen (5). S~bsti- success of the bcndit. The band league. The Bowleros changed thell" tutcs: Do-nuts- Staten, Acc1mus, is not an official organization of team name to Bunchabces. Bee BenO'Grady and Teutchcr; Ted's Boys CPS, just a grot;p of boys who son (Bunchabccs) scored high series -Poole. donated their services, "on their for the ladies with +70 and Pearl own." One the ~roup is '.! loca~ I I:ofmann (Unlucl_<Y ~iv~: tl:c.. hi~h Spanaway school is more than a youth, Dan I•ranklm of Rt. 3, Box smglc of 187. Les Clad, (SL1tlcrlittle phoud of Frances Skad, 8th 685-C, Tacoma. pins) rolled the high single of 22 7 rade pupil, who not only is an exMr. and Mrs. Frank Reardon and Ernest Peck (Dead Heads) took cellent student but has an enviable and family, beneficiaries, whose high three-game series with 563. record on the basketball court. She home was recently destroyed by All Alley: Joy Wisdom rolled a scored 18 of the 19 po in ts caged by fire, have expressed sincere apthree-game series of 535 and Irene Spanaway girls during their recent prcciation to the dance sponsors Sark a three-game series of 'l99 in game against Waller Road and 20 and to the young musicians. open bowling on the McChord alleys this past week. Continued on Page Four



All wor~ .on the new wing is not yet f1mshed, however. The addition will be completed by Feb-


area arc promised a treat when the of Clara Palmatier and Cleo Davis, Dates for the hearings are: famous St. Olaf Lutheran choir ap- presented a group of. so.ngs and a Rocky Ridge, February 3; Elk . concc1 . ·t h ere F c,b.1ua1y . ,5. play,. by way of . thanki_ng the P-TA Plain , February g., Spana way , FebpC'ars 1n . , . . I M . for its sponsorship. Dunng the meetriiary 10 .' Ro" February l4•' La .. . . 1. 11e c 11011' \VI 11 sing 1n t ic c1nona1 . . . . "' . White cattias February 15·' KapO\Vst'n ' Febgy111nns1un1 on ti1c PLC can1pus, un- mg, Mrs. Alice . . of the Pierce . .:. ~ dcr the sponsorship of PLC Dormi- county office of vtsua: ~ducation ruary 16, and Clover Creek, Feb. N o. nL. spoke on school need for visual edurdary 17· tory A ux1.1iary • . i F . I . . h cation and also demonstrated a stnp I There wt'!! be present at each of •ew mus1ca orgamzattons ave . . . d . . f . . film maclune. John Hayes. of Tathese- heari'nrrs· A tnember of the en1oye unan1111ous ace1a1n1 o critics . i ' o · i"\. as h as t h'is group C'.ompose d of 60 coma demonstrated a movie proiec- sub - commi'ttee froni the Pi'erce c·otin · · . tor. During the discussion which · ·h I d' ..· . carefully selected voices from the . . ty committee on sc oo 1st11ct 01d b d f S ')] f C II I followed 1t was decided to table the ganization, a member of the county stu ent o y o t. '- a o ege, o. d . N hf' ld M' h' h . matter for another month. A check school office and, if requested, a catc in ort 1e , inn., t 1s c 01r . Iias repeate di y toure cl t h e country !or $40 was presented by the P-TA member of the state school office. f . . h h' h to the four lower grades, to be used In the meantime, the state board ram east to west, wmnmg t e 1g . f . . . f d . to purchase records. Refreshments of education is making a survey of 1 est praise rom music cnt1cs o ea - . . . . f B . S : were served by the. mothers of clul- the districts, to determine the nummg newspapers rom oston to an . F· . Of· 1 . . . cl dren of the two third grade rooms, ber of students which such a high rancisco. t 1e concert presente d' . f M D 'd . . . W h' D C h under the 1rect10n o rs .. av1 school would serve, together with 1ast. yea1 m as mgton, . ., t e M A 1 C er·1mes-rT.I eraId h a d t• to say: McPherson and l'S. rt rnr un- other needed information. Principals . . "S Ol f L 1 Id mngharn, room mothers. of the various schools have been 1 t. a ut icran c 101r, o est d cl' . . d f h' furnished maps and are cooperating an most istmguis 11e o · t is coun. 11sts . unaccompame . d I>CA ,SECTIONAL MEET . in the project. try ,s specia m h I . C . . I c ora art came to onst1tution AT PUYALLUP FRIDAY H II I ~ h d d [f ast I . a . mg' t to set new stan ar s J. W. Bradey, secretary o f t h e • m the11· department of the art even . , · · "ff f oi. themse . l \·Cs. · Tliat means t h'at t h e "Production .Credit Corporat10n. of , h b c>pokanc, will addre. ss the Pierce Parkland Orthopedic Guild met seasons greatest c11ora1 art as een . . . d f h . county section of the annual stock- '& 0 day evening January ?4. at the presentc · or t ere 1s no group . !Vl n , ~ , ' ' holders meetrng of the Southwest h f M w·11· G C large or small, amateur or profes. . . ome o rs. 1 iam arnet. o. . _ . Vvashmgton Production Credit As- h t M G R R th sional, m the East or the Midwest, os ess was rs. . . o e. . . . . . . . h h h sociat10n which is to be held 111 Puy-1 Mrs E J Perrault president apt at can equa1 t ese young c or- 1 .. . · · · ' ' . f N art hf'ie ld , M'innrsota. ,, allup -p.t the · veterans of Foreign pointed the following committees isters rorn F ncn . d s an d re Iahves . . b . Wars hall, Fnday, January 27. to assi'st hci· for the year·• w1 11 e given . . . . h .. The Puyallup meetmg will have Ways and means-Mrs. Ed Hinan opp01 tumty to meet c Oil mem. . . . I f I L. 0. Cochrane of Yelm v1ce-pres1- dcrly chairman Mrs Bill Johnson Jers a ter t 1e concert. ' . , , . Tickets are on sale at the Ladies' dent, presiding, and director W. D. and Mrs. Burton Backman; memberMusical club booth in Fisher's De- Olsan of Elma giving the directors' ship-Mrs.' Harold M. Anderson; partment Store, Ted Brown's, Fra- report. Oliphant will give the trea~- by-laws - Mrs. Lawrence Hultenser's and at the Parkland water and u~er's report. Anton Er~ of _Chehalis gren; hospitality-Mrs. G. R. Rothe . ·l ff'. will report for the nommatmg com- and Mrs. N. J. Willis· telephone11g 1t o ice. . ' · m1ttee. Mrs. Ernie Johnson and Mrs. O. E. · · · The PCA members will ballot on Morken; pubhc1ty-Mrs. Paul E. State Seen F r e e of nominees for two positions on the Bondo; mart chairman-Mrs. Lester TB in ears--If board of directors. The terms of Storaasli; representatives for the · Olsan and A. D. Lynk of Camas March of Dimes - Mrs. William Tuberculosis can be practically C'Xpire this year. Garnet and Mrs. G. R. Rothe. wipe~! out of the .state of Washi~g_ __ ton 111 20 years if the opportumty . . . which exists today is grasped, Dr. . . ' J. A. Kahl, actmg dtrector ~f the State Health Department s~ud re' cently. · The mass X-ray surveys Just coneluded in Seattle and scheduled soon in Tacoma and Spokane will help find every undiscovered case of tuberculosis in those areas - which . , contain almost half the states popuI at1on. . .. f'111 d'mg ac t'w1't'1es 0 t I1cr caseA complete breakdown of . a 11 parts o f .th e st a t e w1'JI b nng , m to electric service throughout the . . 11 unsuspcc t ed . 1 more pattents 11g1t wit Northwest may occur unless all tuberculosis. . hosof us use at least 15%. LESS 1, here arc 2265 tuberculosis . . the state, with . e!ectricity every hour of the pita! beds m enough . . vacancies to accept patients who day and night! will be discovered. "The favorable outlook for hospitalization is due partly to the forcsight of the 1947 legislature, which authorized $3,000,000 for new hospitals near Yakima and Spokane. It is also due to a lucky break-King county's acquiring the' 1,200 bed Seattic Naval Hospital which cost the federal government $7,000,000 even at early-war construction costs," Dr. Kahl said. By 1970, Dr. Kahl expects tubcrculosis will he "unimportant as ·a public health problem." All new TB hospitals arc being designed to be convertible to other hospital uses after that time.


M rs p erraU N ames G uz'/d C ommi ees


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Parkland, Washington, Thm:sday, January 27, 1949


Mrs. Rollins' birthday was celebrated. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Symmons. ~lf'g; Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter 1 Mrs. Marvin McFarland of Loop Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter P. 0. Box 228 GR. 6757 road was given a surprise stork Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289 W. C. Tandberg, James Heanski, J. L. Ghesquiere .................. Publishers 1 . , shower Thursday afternoon at her Wm. K. Clark .......................................................................................... Editor Ladies Auxiliary of Clover Creek Mr. and Mrs. B. ~ernt~ Shan-1 home. The hostesses were: a sister, This firm is not a branch. A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and drow of the Mountam highway, Mrs. Glenn Clifford, and Mrs. James Grange will meet at the home of I Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0 h~ve becon:c very popu~ar of late Frame. Attending were the Mes- Mrs. J. H. McCammon, Thursday, prices. Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. w1th the neighborhood children. The dames James Cartesi, Lelland Mc- January 27, .at 1 p.m. The annual We have a qualified Military Advisor. Entered as secona-class matter October 3, 1945, at the po't ofHce at rcason? The Shandro"'.s. are owners Willis, Glen Clifford, Ed Peterson, election of . . officers will be held. at More and more families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) Parkland, \i\/ashington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. o_f a. brand new telev1S1on set, the Joe Parent, Delores Kalapus, Beulah I this meetmg. and a program outlmed personal service. The Coroner's office is located here. Ballard and Loraine Netzel and Miss for the commg year. . SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 first m Spanaway. 1 THEREFORE: Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle W. Jergens Vivian Frame. The B.Y.P.U. of the Clover Creek Let us be your friend in time of need. of Second street arc the parents of Sunday guests at the home of Mr. Baptist church, an active group in PAUL MELLINGER, a four pound baby girl, born Sat- and Mrs. Joe Netzel on Mountain the affairs of the church, has chosen The recent action of the board of regents of the University urday mo_rning at the T~cor~a Gen- highway were Mr. and Mrs. Antone officers for the ~oming ye~r: Alfred CHARLES MELLINGER of Washington ordering dismissal of three members of the era! hospital. However, it will be a Schwanz' and John Osborn of Brook- Southwell, president; Elsie Keene, Owners vice-president; Leona Sweet, treas faculty on charges of communist affiliation has been described month before she can come home, dale. she must spend that much time . . f b "d l urer; Nancy Louise Boness, secreas "far-reaching in importance in educational circles." It is to as Enioymg a game o n ge at t 1e . . . m an mcubator. Besides her parf C M · tary; Betty Meyers, song leader; be hoped that it will indeed become far-reaching as a prece- · home o a t. and rs. ames . f ?f "E" J Cleora Cope, assistant song leader. ents, a one and one-half year old D . Sh" eaton o F1 th and • streets, N" B . . dent. sister, ir1cy, waits to we 1come 1icr . . d M ma oness was c h osen c h airman ,_~ Friday evemng were Mr. rs., · 1 committee, · · h El s1e · In adopting the recommendation of University President h ome. P atcrna 1 gran d mot l1er 1s. !Virs. f (L d"an ) o f t h e socia wit . N a 1es won · K ecnc, D orot1iy Bo 1r:u .:. e· J. Judson o Tacoma. an d o mer 1 Raymond B. Allen, the regents made a realistic decision. In Augusta J ergens o f II- ar d ington, .. ,~::;;::::~~ Mrs. Lillie .Pfaff of Mounta'.n Roland as her assistants. Sunday contrast, President Allen's recommendation, that three other braska. Maternal grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. C. Forest of Great highway has i·cturncd from a tnp evening the group inaugurated a faculty members-admittedly once but no longer communist Falls Montana. cast of the mountains where she new program of interest. to the young LAKEWOOD party members-be retained, points up the actual issue: Active M~. and l\frs. Anthony Mrous of spent ten days at Ric~land, visiting people. The lesson at the B.Y.P.U. membership in the Communist party. Views sympathetic to th e M oun tam meetings is now in the form of a . . 111g . h way a t R oy y , her .daughter and son-m-law. . . . attended a benefit card party at St. Dmner guests Saturday at the panel discussion in order to encour- 1mprovemcnt after suffenng a senous MRS. HASKINS HONORS the ideal communist state are not grounds for barring their HER NIECE AT SHOWER holder from teaching youth. Membership in the Communist John's church, Midland, Friday eve- home of Mrs-, Clara Ny.gard ?n age more of the members to take heart attack tw~ ~eeks a~o. . Fourth street were Mrs. Alice Cam, part At the Sunday night church Mrs. Allen V1rg1llo arnved home k" party as now 'constituted in this country is grounds for such nmg. w·!Ima Mae Rig · h ettl,· M rs. E t h eI · . from San Die o last Tuesda She Mrs. Ermc Has ms was hostess ·· . . Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirby of . · service the B.Y.P.U., represented by g Y· Sunday afternoon, January 16, at ban. Curtis and Janelle Nygard. . · will sta at the home of her ar. . Second street were among the guests . Alfied Southwell, Maxmc Susan, '. . . . . P her home at Elk Plain at a pmkOne joining the Communist party forswears freedom of to wish Mrs Pete King a "happy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pietz and R' I d RI El · K enc and. ents while Mr V1rg1llo 1s m Alaska . . . tc iar ica, sic c · and-blue shower honoring her niece, highway spent R 0 I d h d h . . 0 f the for two months with the nav)' . thought, to become a mere puppet on a Kremlin-pulled string. birthday" at ·her home in Parkland family. of Mountam . ' mci an • a c aige · Mrs. Frank Smith. Assisting with ' Sunday at Ortmg. . . " . . . . . He is no longer fitted to present facts or theories in true inter- Friday evening· . . lesson and presented The Church A tnp to McKenna, to VlSlt with the entertainment and refreshments Mr. and Mrs. Fern Cooley and d" A " · b . 1 rncc t - daughter Fern Lamay of Olympia . accor mg to cts. Mrs. Anna Hull, was enioycd y . were Mrs · Hugo Loveland and Mrs. Th c reguIar monl l 1I Y socia relationship and actual significance. Those whom he may at. · . f h S p rog1css1vc . · . spent Sunday ' f ' Clyde Nichols of Jovita spent the . Mr. and Mrs. Harry Markstone and G F Hio-gins tempt to teach cannot receive fair value from him. mg o t c panaway at the home o Mrs. . I · d h M 1 S d · ' " · Community Club, was held Tuesday Clara Nygard on Fourth street. week ~nd with Edw~_rd Roland. Sun-., their au.g ter, ary, ast . un ay. Present for the occasion were: Good instructors do hold prejudices. Of their own decievening, at the home of Mr. and Congratulations are being received d~y mght Muri: Nichols and Paul . Attendmg a Youth for Chnst rally Mrs. Ed Hays and daughter Miss sion, they are exponents of some one or other doctrine. But, Mrs. John Newell on Louvre street. by Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCann Nichols were dmncr guests at the m Tacoma, Saturday, January 15, Doris Hays, Mrs. L. B. Hays, Mrs. they also strive to give full weight to opposing views of worth. After an auction sale of "white upon the birth of a son. The little Roland home. were Mr. an~ Mrs. Omer Rola~d, B. Higgins, Mrs. Jim Rickman and Any communist affiliate who attempted such teaching would elephants," the evening was spent fellow arrived Saturday, January 15, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boness are en- Nancy and Nma Jane Boness, Lomsc Mrs. Bessie Seaman, all from Taplaying Indian bingo. Members at- at the Tacoma General hospital. Be- joying a visit by Mrs. Bessie Snyder Johnson, Leona Sweet, and Bud Roi- coma; Mrs. E. R. Lowery and her not long bold Communist party membership. tending were: Mr. and Mrs. Sam sides his parents, he is welcomed of Vancouver, Washington. and. .. . daughter Miss Betty Lowery, Mrs. Green, Mr. and Mrs. Emmerson home by a two-year-old sister. The !Wr. and Mrs. Fuhr and little son, . Helpmg to celebrate _the, f 1 ft h Fern Seaman and mother of the Reportedly "expressing delight" at the announcement of Tarpenning, Mr. and Mrs. George new arrival weighed seven ·and a Robert John, of Tacoma, were Sun- birthday of Carol :ost, m 1 acoi:ia, honored guest, Mrs. P. L. WilliamTruman endorsement of a Columbia Valley Authority, Henry Ouhl, Mr. and Mrs. Harr Y W. half pounds and has been named day afternoon visitors at the Boness last Saturday, was h~tl~ Jean 0 dms, son, all from Roy, Wash. From Elk P. Carstensen, master of the Washington State Grange, is Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Newell, Danny Edward. home. daughter of Mrs. Virgil Rodms. . Plain were Mrs. Jim Clark, Mrs. Leon Harrison of the Bargain Mrs. William Clyde Rhea, wife of Beca~se o~ t_he cold w~ather, the G. F. Higgins, J',~rs. Marie Lundstated to have stressed that the river authority "must be con- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stci.del, N,fr. trolled by the people who live in the Columbia watershed." and Mrs. J. M. Slater, Orville Wm- Basket has been released from Madi· the pastor of the Clo,•er Creek Bap- ·Womens Miss10na~y Umon of the ,;Ten, Mrr. Martm Woody, ; ston and the Mesdames Matilda gan General hospital, but is still tist church, has spent the past two Clover Creek Baptist church met at Loveland and her daughters, the It would be interesting to learn if the gentleman has ever at- Symmons, Jun c Steidel, Dorothy suffering from an old Jeg injury. weeks in Ephrata, Wash. She was the ~ome of Mrs. McCorkle Misses Shirley and Joyce Loveland. tempted to control an avalanche. Cook, Doris Omat, Flossie Jensen The officers and members of the called there by the illness of her for its ~egular meetmg Tuesday, Mrs. _Mabel Jorge~sen and he~ ~on and Thelma Weatherly. The next Spanaway Progressive Community mother and then became ill herself. January -5. Donme drove m from Ram1er, Wash. The Truman inaugural address was a noble-sounding regular mceti'.1g of the club "'.ill be club thank the Friendly Dozen She is improved and will soon be Jus_t ~s a small t~wn butcher was As Mrs. Smith opened her many impeachment of communism abroad, but little in keeping with Tuesday cvcnmg, February 1 m the Birthday club for the generous dona- home. Mr. Hutchinson of Puyallup the Truman "red herring" cover-up of communism in his own library of Spanaway school. Accord- tion of five dollal'S toward the resus- has been dircctino the church choir explammg the merits of a r~ast to lovely gifts, assisted by Mrs. Hasing to. the !ates: rumor, the ladi:s citator. The balance still due is $190. during her absenc"e. ~ cmtomer, a. woman rushed m and kins, there was singing with guitar administration. team is ahead m the membership Taking advantage of the one-week D F kl' h . · .· · mteirupted him. music supplic.d by Dannie Jorgen. an •ran m, w o 1s ma101mg m "G" h If d f t ' . dnve. school holiday, due to bad road con. t ti1 C 0 ll e of p get Sound , ive _me a a poun ca sen and Rusty Henry of Roy. D. · S d th h · · · music a '· eg u ' t-qUickl" she ordered Then she It begins to look as though Brer. Groundhog will need an mner guests. un ay at e omc d1t10ns, R.1chard. Fraser and Sam is he! in the children of the Clover mea . . . . . of Mr and Mrs Robert Rhone of G . f It b t th S anP g turned to the f1rst customer and · ' · ·· d M, C iecn, acu Y mem ~rs _a e P Creek Bap.tist church to start an "d· "I • 't . d my Monthly terms on all purehasesice breaker to get his head above ground next Wednesday. 1iopc )OU won mm Second street were Mr. an . IS. · away school went f1shmg Tuesday h .h. l h . d" t sai · Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) . ' · ore cstra w 1c l c w1 11 1rec . b · d h d f " ' · · . . . W. Jergens and Slurley and Mr. and on the Nisqually river. No luck. . . emg serve a ea o. you-_ m Mmncapohs. She was called the_re Mrs. R. L. Frerichs and children, Mrs. June Steidel of Pacific street Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Carlson VlSlted "Oh, no," shrugged the f1rst womon the death of her n:iother. Whtie Rita Ray, Linda and Steven. was an overnight guest, Wednesday, at t~e Vatter home last Saturday an, "not if you're as hungry as all there, she met a new mece, who was Visiting old friends in Spanaway at the home of,Jyfrs. Frances Shean evenmg. I that." Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter Round-the-Clock born on New Year's day. Mrs. on Thursday was H. T. Harstad of of Tacoma. ·:;:~ Mrs. Nellie Pope of South Tacoma GA. 7802 Fuel Oil Service! Strand brought one of her sisters, Seattle. lJusiness, soon to open way entertained at Sunday dinner Tip to pedestrians: Think for two Day or Night Thirty-three friends of the late its doors to Spanaway, is a cabinet fo~ Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Carlson, -the driver and you! Al Emery of 76th and East L Mrs. Carrie, G~o.ver, back with her Sundays . Carl Gaul, who operated a turkey shop which will be owned and oper- MISS Alberta Carlson, Nels Nelson ---·-·-- --, street has received a private flying for a month: v1s1t. Holidays If _everythmg goes right, the next farm at 'Rocky ~idg:, Spanaway, ated by Robert Rhone. The new an~ Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Rhodes of I FOR HOUSE WIRING ·I license. He received his training unPhone any time! Ste1lacoom. der the GI Bill, at the Tacoma> Air meetmg of t~e Ha:vard Improvi:- donated $124.50 m !us memory to shop will be on Second street. Mr. and Mrs; W. Don McLellan Week end visitors at the home of park. At the present time, he is ment club will be m the recondi- the Pierce County Cancer Memorial PARKLAND-BROOKDALE doing night flying. Congratulations. tioned building at Dawson field. fund, according to a report made of Ninth strC'et wish to exprC'ss their Florence Parr were Mr. and Mrs. This meeting will be February 9 , by the board. . appreciation to their many friends Dan Miller and two children, Char· . ELECTRIC . . ,,Mrs. Darwin Bell and baby son at 8 P;m. . . Brenda and Ronald Prettyman, in Spanaway for the many lovely Jene and Billy, of Tacoma. Your Neighborhood Electnc1an i Ronald of Anaconda, Montana, are A birthday dmner, cclcbratmg the children of Mr. and Mrs. Merle floral offeri"ngs and \\•ords of sym~. C IL. h b d · d h F. J. Nordyke ! · n. rs. ar 1g t o y arrive ome . .,---···e.-·-- ., .. - =··visitors at the home of her brother, natal day of Mrs. Hele~ Robmson, Prettyman_ of Military road, have pathy extended to the family, upon last Friday from Hazen, North Da----· --------------------Bill Ames, and his family. was held Sunday, Janua1y 23, at her been very ill with the flu. the recent reburial of their son k l h b · 't" · · ' ' ota, w 11ere s ie as een v1s1 mg Mr. and Mrs. Ray Painter an- home on 80th and Golden Given Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Koch, Mr. Donald who was killed on Mindora f ,· d d , I · MOTOR TUNE-UP LUBRICATION · · h f ' nen s an 1e at1vcs. nounce the engagement of their roa d . T hose enioymg t e east were and Mrs. Max Gunstrom and Mr. island in the Philippines, July 30, Jerry Germaine of Tacoma was a daughter, Auriol, to Richard John- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey. and Mrs. W. K. Bladow were Sat- 1946. Complete Linc of Ignition Parts Atlas Tires and Batteries guest of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Gamson, son of Ed Johnson of 86th and Weeks Sr., so~s Gene and Frank, urday evening guest~ at th? ~ome of l\!Irs. Louise. Cabe of Edmonton, McKinley Avenue. They will be Mrs. Wm. Robmson, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Erv1c Chnsttlaw of Alberta, Canada, is visiting her mon for Sunday dinner. married the last of the month. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Crist hz,d as JI Spanaway on Mt. Highway GRanite 6465 Helen Robinso? and children, Do-1 Mount.ain hig?way. The evening ';as brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Kennedy Sr. was hos- lores and Marc1lyn. • spent m playmg cards, after which Mrs. Amos Ouhl, at their home on their guests for dinner Sunday, Mrs. Aln1a C off cy, Mrs. L. 1~h orn ton, Mr. , i:~!·!!·::•:t•!!·!t•:t•:!·!:•!t•!t·!!·!t•!t·!t·!t·!t·!t·!t·!!·!!·!t·!t·!t·!!·:t·!!•!t·!!·!t·!t·!!•!t•!t·!t·i:·!!·!t·!!·!t•!!·!!·!!·!t-!t•!t~ tess at her home last week. Present Mrs. Maude Weeks was hostess refreshments were served by the the Mountain highway. of'.; ••• for the affair were the Mesdames January 24- to a beauty demonstra- hostess. 10 Mrs. Lou Irwin celebrated her H. E. Kennedy, H. A. Kennedy, E. tion. Verna Weeks was the "guinea Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pillsbury of birthday with a dinner party SaturE. Kennedy Jr., Irene Leflin and pig". at the affair. After the demon- Mountain highway w c r c dinner day evening, given at the Craney daughI daughter, and Mrs. Al Emery. After stratlon, a luncheon was served to: guests ~cdnesda. y evening at the Crow. ·H..dping celebrate the occa.: ~... a demonstration a: lunch was' served Vcra Weeks, Verna Weeks, Pat home of Mr. and Mrs. Arn Adams sion were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gilles. "Red" Chapman and his wife and Weeks, Fern Berger, Lorene Baskett,· in Tacoma. to the guests. pie, Mr. and Mrs. Lou Irwin, Mr. little daughter of Olympia, arc vis- ::: !{ ¥ Mrs. Ann Gate and Mrs. Joe Nct- and Mrs. Clark B'>yce, and Mr. and iting at the home of his mother, :: Mrs. Ruby Strand returned .home Helen Robinson, Agnes Blanchard ~:f and Mrs. Kleben. zel honored Mrs. Marvin McFarlast Friday after spending a month Mrs. Zella Chapman. Mrs. Ernest Smith of Parkland. land with a pink and blue shower Arthur Pietz of Mountain highMrs. May Herbert and Mrs. Zella i·l DR. EASTVOLD EAST ON at the Netzel home on Mountain way is confined to Doctors' hospital Chap1nan \vcre visitors in T'acon1a, !~ WOMEN'S and GIRLS' LONG SPEAKING TOUR highway. Door prize was won by in Tacoma, where he is suffering Friday, spending the afternoon with Office Adc!rcss; Office Phone: GR. 6492 Dr. S. C. Eastvold, president of Mrs. Frank Hawes. Following an from a blood clot as the result of Mrs. Helc.-n Miller. P. 0. Box 243, Parkland Res. Phone: GR .. 8052 !~ Pacific Lutheran College, is now on evening of games, refreshments were a badly strained arm. His m any WOOL COTTON 1\1rs. L. E. McAninch has been 1 ?~l:-::·!t-!t·:t·!t-::·!!·!!·!t·!t·::·!t·!:·::·::·:!·!!·!!·!t·::·!t·!!·!!·!:·!!·!!·!t·!!·!!·!!·!t-:t·!!·l!·!!·:t·!!·!!'!t·!t·!!·!!·!~!!•::·; a speaking tour of the midwest and served by the hostesses. Those at- friends wish him a speedy recovery. GABARDINE elected treasurer of the Clover Creek the east. He is to be gone from tending were: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Doyle Cox and Mrs. Nadine Dixon Also Checked Suits Parkland about one month, speaking Peletier, Mrs. Jean Dobbs, Mrs. Jack of Mountain highway near the Roy Baptist church, to succeed Mrs. • • at a series of rallies and conferences Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Longworth, Y, celebrated their birthdays with Omer Roland, recently resigned. The Busy Eight were entertained in connection with the United Chris- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Netzel, Mr. and a joint party in the form of a chick•t• A tian Education appeal of the Evan- Mrs. Marvin McFarland, Mr. and en dinner at the Troubador, Satur- at a luncheon Wednesday, January 7 0 2 5 Paci 1c- venue . , gehcal Lutheran church. Mrs. Leonard O'Hern, Mr. and Mrs. day evening. Joining in the festivi- 19, at the home of Mrs. Nellie Pope \ , , Grant Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan ties were Mr. and Mrs. Edwin on South Tacoma Way. Guests were Cawley, and Mesdames Babe Ander- Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pietz, Mrs. Stella Carlson, Mrs. Daisy son, Frank Hawes, Inez Hill, Beulah Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Cox and Alfred Pratt, Mrs. LeRoy Gammon, Mrs. Leota Lemmon and Mrs. Mary VatBallard and Wilfred McDaniels. Pietz. FOR PROMPT DELIVERY OF ter. Whenever possible ... Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chief Irvin Schlais of Ketchikan, Kirby of Second street this week Alaska, was a visitor last week end Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roland visIRON BEFORE 4:30 were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Joyce of at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merle ited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Olympia. William Keane in Spanaway last Prettyman, while his ship, USCGS OR AFTER 6:30 PM On Saturday evening, Mr. and Hemlock, a lighthouse tender, was Saturday night. Mrs. Louis Symmons of Pacific St. in port at Seattle. He and Mr. PretFred Sutter, who has been ill at THE entire Pacific Northwest faces a critical power and their three sons attended a tyman are former shipmates. his home, is much better and able il.Dd shortage this winter - between the hours of 4:30 and birthday dinner at the home of Mr. to be up and around again. Though Distributors of Standard Oil Products and Mrs. Clyde Rollins in Tacoma. 6:30 PM. Help conserve electricity by washing and ironCareless driving can wreck a fen- still in a Tacoma hospital, Mr. WilGRanite 3112 Parkland, Wash. der-or a family! liam ;I(eene is showing a gratifying ing BEFORE 4:30 or Ar'TER 6:30. Cook as little as possible





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Call GR. 6789, days



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H1way Variety Store


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Call GRanite 8112



P.arkl.and :.==n:el Oil . §e:rvice §tation.



in this period. Turn off all lights not needed.





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them happiness in their new home at 6+14 So. D., Tacoma.

Alice Dorfner, Reporter

Pat Schwanz is improved from a fall while ice skating on a pond near Muck Creek. Pat received a broken arm. Five matrons, members of Elk Plain Grange, were seen on Wednesday morning armed with brooms, mops and cleansers, storming the Grange hall. Result: A bright and sparkling Grange kitchen. The industrious ladies were: Mary Kuper, Dorothea Rich, Mable Elston, Lorri nc Castle and Betty Smith. Third and fourth degrees in the Grange initiation will be giwn by the Benston degree team, in the Elk Plain Grange hall, January 27. Earl Rau, master of the ,Elk Plain Grange, a resident of Brookdale, is confined at the Tacoma General hospital. A son, Albert John, was born on January 17 at St. Joseph's hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar G. Bergman. The mother is the former Elsie Barrett and is a primnry teacher nt Elk Plain school. The little boy is welcomed at home hy a sister, :Martha. Studies were resumed on Tuesday at Elk Plain school, after an enforced vacation due to the basses not being allowed to run on the roads. A birthday dinner was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Rich by farnily and frirnds. There was a birthday cake with candles to honor the following birthdays: Mrs. Doris Crim, Mary Lee Crim, Bobbie Kuper, 0. M. Olson, David Rich and Emmitt Rich.

Graham 45g NEW BRIDE FETED Mrs. J oc Hedgecock (Marjorie Bennett) was feted with a miscellaneous shower on Tuesday evening, January 18, at the home of Mrs. G. H. Dorfncr, with Mrs. Ed Flannery and Mrs. Nick Ockfen co-hostesses. During· the evening, games were played with prizes going lo Mrs. Mathew Ferguson, Mrs. Victor Bennett, Mrs. David J uclcl, and Mrs. Donald Ford. The name of Mrs. John Ocl<fcn Jr. was drawn for the door prize. After Mrs. Hedgecock opened her many lovely gifts a late supper was served, consisting of a beautifully decorated wedding cake presented by Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bf>nn<·tt (parents of the b r i cl e). Guests for the evening were the Mesdames John Ockfen Sr. Donald Bennett, Victor Bennett, John Ockfcn Jr., David Judd, John Anderson, Clarence Anderson, B. L. Kuper, Henry Danid, Thomas Schatz, Donald Ford, Clinton G. Wilder, Thoren Tibbitts, Wm. Brown, Mathew Ferguson,· Paul Theil, Clinton Wilder Jr., Lloyd Dillingham, A. Dobiash, Lowie Yager and Sidney Bennett, Miss Betty Brnnctt, Miss Eutrophia Keough and the guest of honor. Mrs. Hedgecock is a graduate of Elk Plain school and Kapowsin high. Mr. Hedgecock is from Texas and met his bride upon his return here after serving with the U. S. Navy. They have many friends who wish HAVE YOUR 1948





ILa.boure 1'fur§in~ Honlile

Over 4 Years Experience Bureau of Internal Revenue

'l'ule Lake Road

415 Garfield St. '


Parkland I

Page Three


P:irkland, Washington, Thursday, January 27, 1949



Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone GRaham 206





lVIrs. Ca1ter Larson visited at the home of her sister, Mrs. Fred O'Berg of Renton, Wash. Mrs. B. Wilbur visited at the home of Mrs. :C. G. Tinius on ABSORBS MOISTURE IN GASOLINE AND FUEL TANKS USE IN AUTOS, TRUCKS, OIL BURNERS. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. Aftdom and family of Tacoma visited with her brother and .family, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. DELIVERY SERVICE Joe Jupiter, Saturday evening. ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL SPANA WAY Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Lindberg GRanitc 6547 and GRanite 7583 were guests at the home of Mrs. Chas. Lorenz on January 19, to help Susan and David celebrate their first Harvard Sunday· School Mothers' Circle birthday. meets first Wednesday of month at 2 p.m. Friends and neighbors extend their SPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE deepest sympathy to Mrs. Carl GusStanley R. Weddle, Pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Morning Wor~ tafson and family on the death of .~hip, 11 a.m.; Evangelistic Service, 8 p.m. TRINITY LUTHERAN Christ's Ambassadors, Wednesday. their husband and father. Parkland, Washington Ernest B. Steen, Pastor Friday evening at the Fruitland 1·hursdayi January MIDLAND PENTECOSTAL 27: " Arnie Konsmo, Pastqr B:OO 1>.m.-Rcading Club at the home of Grange, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb Meets every Sunday in Midland P.T.A. Mrs. E. M. Akre. Mrs. A. W. Ram<tad, hall. !I a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. were initiated. assistant hostess. January 30: Mr. and lV1rs. Ross Plumb attend- Sunday, FERN HI LL BAPTIST CHURCH 10:00 a.m. - Sunday School and Bible South 861h and "G" Streets ed the benefit dance held at Elk Classes. R. W. Ledyard, Pastor 11:00 a.m.-Junior Church W.orship. Bible School, 9 :4S-a.m. Classes for all ages. Plain to help the Reardon family, II :00 a.m.-Church Worship. Worship at 11; Evening Service, 7:30. Tuesday, Febru<ffy 1 ; whose home burned.




"Poor Elbert is thinner than ever. His wife bought some • reducing s~uff and tried it out en him first!"

8 :00 p,m.-Trinily Guild in church par-


Members of Spanaway . ·d D.cnny 'M o. .Methodist . CamjJbcll , Bonny an Youth Fellowsl11p found mtcrest 111 dahl and 1v!1. and :Mrs. Chesler Motwo activities during one week past. cl·tl 11. 1 , , Ihursclay CV!'.nmg, January 13 an I . d l ·· ' n atten ancc at t 1c Yon th Rally MY.F group gathered at Madigan fi·o SJJ Al" S . . . . 111 anaway \Vere: ice ccarcc swunrnmg, pool two Joyce Mattsen, . . for . anT'enjoyable l Arlene Limbcck Lois' H'Y reported S cl B b F C ' 110urs .o f swunrmng. . . that 1llummallon by underwater· ny . er, o •ow 1er ' Art arnpbcll · ' ,. . · Lmda Bradshaw, Mrs. Joe Snyder A 1 outh Rally at Bethany MethoI M L L' b l . ·I . I anc rs. es 1111 cc L . 11g 1ts made the pool entrancmg. dist church, Tacoma, was attended








by a second MYF group on SunA special department has been day, January 16. All who were pres- created in the University of Washent reported a very good time. ington College of Engineering to In the swimming party from Span- give technical students a broader away were: Jerry and Arlene Lim-' background in political science, ccol)['ck, Lin cl a and Bob Bradshaw, 1 nomics and other social sciences.

meetrng to follow.

111 branches of The .Mother Church, The

l arkland, Saturday cvcnrng.

SPANAWAY METHODIST Mr. and Mrs. E. Shook returned 11 The Church by th~ Side of the Road" to Portland, Oregon, after spending 10 a.m.-Church School. 11 a.m.-Sunday Worship Service. two inonths with their son and fam3:30 p.m.-Intermediate Youth ily, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Shook. Fellowship. l'riday night, January 28, the 6:45 p.m.-Youth Fellowship. Graham Grange meets fur its regular 1ncetiug-. PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL Interdenominational Mr. ;rnd Mrs. Andrew Paulson of Fred Southwell, Superintendent Graham were dinner guests at the Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. Sunday School, 10:30 a.m. home of their daughter, Mrs. ,WalIlible study, 7:30 Monday night, with ~'!rs. Charles Knautz teaching. ter Stanger. Sunday January 23, a double celeCLOVER CREEK BAPTIST bration was held at the home of Mr. Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School W. C. Rhea, Pastor and Mxs. Albert Nelson. Carl HoP.ihlc School, 10 a.m. George Chcssum, mperintcndcnt. ganson was honored on his birthday i\ forning worshiJ:>, 11 a .. m. Youth l'ellowslu1>. 7 p.m. (Junior and 'me! Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gooch on .Senior). their 37;th wedding anniversary. Evening Gmpel Servicei B p.m. Mid·wcck Service, Thursday, 8 p.m. · Among thos1· who hrlped them celcChoir practice Thursday, 7; also teacher 1brate were Mr .. and Mrs. D. E. meeting. Gooch and family, Mr. and Mrs. ST. JOHN OF THE WOODS 9Bth end Taylor, Midlond Ralph Nelson, Mrs. Carl Hoganson Rev. R. E. Logon, Pastor and son Fred. Masses, 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. Catechism lfter Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Funk were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL At Harvard School Chas. I.,ureuz, Saturday evening. lnor Bergstrom, Superintendent



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Sunday School, 10:30 a.m. every Sunday.

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lors. Larchmont Sunday School meets in the . ~1rs. Vesley Ac~crson of Graham Parish house at 9 :30 Sum.lay mornings. vis.itcd with hc·1·· sister, Mrs. Walter Stanger Wednesday PARKLAND METHODIST KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL George W. Cooper, Pastor M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent Emil Nelson is visiting with his ..1 he Sunday: Worship and 11 a.m. Meets at 2:00 p.m. in 1he Kirby school Rev. Owen Beadles, :mpermtendent of every Sunday. brother, Albert Nelson. the Seattle-Tacoma distric~, will preach. A Terry, Jerry and Larry Plumb covered dtSh hmche".n. wtl.1 be served in MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME . . , . the basement rooms. I he fust church con· Thure Moberg, Minister ;1s1tcd with thnr grandparents, Mr. lerencc will he held, munediately after Sunday School, IO a.m.; Morning Service, . , lunch 11 a.m.; Bible study and prayer, 7 :30 p.m., and 1frs Le\'l Plumb of 1 acorna, 1 Chm ch School 10 a 111 Classes for all Wednesday. I" . '· • • ' onC 'nday. giadcs. l C d h Nursery for children during the morning PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN ar aspcrson rcturnc omc on , service. Walther C. Gullixson, Pastor 11 f · ·1·1 1 FI Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.; Morning Wor1 ucsclay, a ter a tnp to Los Angeles .'~ I nte · ?«1·1ate "'1 et h o d'1st "•out• •e , . . ' lowsh1p meelmg at 7 p.m. ship, 10: 00 a.m. ·California. \Yedncsday, February 2: The Women's M d 1\1 L . Soctely of Christian Service will hold their CHRISTIAN SCIENCE r. an rs. ester Cruts called rc.gular meeting at 12:30. Covered dish "Love" is the subject of the Lesson, on !\Ir. and Mrs. n. E. Gooch of luncheon. Ilusincos·, devotional and social Sermon which will be read next Sunday in

Spanaway ]}'] Y F j Jl'anNte, Wilma and Gerald Ouhl, I Dick and Bob Cook, Donna Smith, G rOUPS . A ff en d R allY I';cvcdy No 1an, Bob Fowler Art


ayal/able at extra cost.


CHURCH Announcements


GR 8077




Mary-Matha Society of Trinity Lutheran church met January 11 at the home of Leona Elling~on, with Helen McGuire and June Davidson as assisting hostesses. After devotions led by Nina Larson, Alice Ford Pflueger, who spent the school year of 194·5-46 as a teacher in Hawaii, gave an interesting personal account of her experiences there. In its business meeting, the group voted to change from an affiliation with the Lutheran Daughters of the Reformation to one .,with the Women's Missionary Federation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Members and friends present were Alice Pflueger, Nina Larson, Leona Ellingson, Helen McGuire, J u n c Davidson, Gertrude Anderson, Lillie Storaasli, Stella Jacobs, Edna Olson, Helen Bryson, Leona Siegle, Corinne Erickson, Afton Schafer, Lucille Raymond, Mrs. Ernest B. Steen, Bertha Totten, Ethel Korsmo, Virginia Seaburg, Charlotte Swanson, Bernice Peterson, Mrs. Flatness, Murial Giles, and Lillian Langemo.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston 1 t\-!assachusetts.

Spanaway Cubs Plan Ski Trip Sunday, February 13, Spanaway Cub Pack 34 will sponsor a trip to Snoqualmie Ski Bowl. The ski train will leave the Tacoma depot of the Milwaukee railroad at 7:30 sharp in the morning, arriving back in Tacoma about 8:30 Sunday evening. Jim Gray, eubmaster, and the den mothers extend a cordial invitation to everyone to go along and join in the fun. Reservations must be made one week in advance of the trip. For reservations please phone Merle Prettyman, GRanite 6372; Mrs. John Newell, GRanitc 7425; or Mrs. Oscar Haugen, GRanite 8319. Free estimates on repair and remodel jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.)

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12:15 to 1:00 p.m. Friday over KTBI

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, January 27, 1949


Page Four




FULL YEAR (52 weekly issues) ONLY $1.50


First Health Sciences Units at U. of W. Completed





Recipe of the Week




GROUND BEEF SPECIAL Herc is a recipe which is a delicious variation of the usual meat ball. Mu~hroom Meat Puffs 1 Y1 pounds ground bed Yi teaspoon pepper I y, cups soft bread crumbs 1 teaspoon Worcestershire 1 medium onion, chopped sauce 2 eggs, beaten I can mushroom soup 1 Y2 teaspoons salt Mix all the ingredients except the soup and form into balls which are not too compaet. Sprinkle with flour and brown well in hot fat. Over these, pour the can of condensed mushroom soup diluted with y, cup of water. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Serves 6. With the puffs, serve whipped potat,1tcs topped with the good mushroom gravy, a green vegetable, pineapple salad, and chocolate cake.

VAUGHAN'S PACIFIC AVE. LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific Avenue

GA. 3133


having her picture adorn the cover of the December issue of the New England Gladiolus society magazine. The picture was first published in Tacoma and Seattle papers to advNtise the Gladiolus show held in Seattle last August. Since then requests for the photograph ha v c poured in from all parts of thr country.

Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanite 4429

Despite the snow and cold January 20, a good crowd attended the benefit magic show and dance sponsored by the Harvard, Midland and Larchmont Fire Department Ladies Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lipke of Auxiliary. Davion, the magician, deMidland had as dinner guests Janlighted children with his tricks and uary i9 Mr. Lipke's parents, Mr. Aloma the Mystic mystified and and Mrs. Fred Lipke of Provo, Utah. pleased young and ·old alike. The Lipkes plan on· being in TaThree hundred and fifty dollars coma for two weeks and arc visiting formerly held in the Dawson field relatives and friends. tennis court fund was turned over The infant son, Danny, of Mr. and to the Metropolitan park district Mrs. George Rainey of 93rd and January 24- by men~lJcrs of the DawJackson strC'ct is in the Tacoma son field committee. H~rold Olson, Gcnternl hospital with bronC'.hial chairman, and Mrs. Clarence Jopneumonia. He has been kept in an hann, secretary of the committee oxygi:n tent and has been very ill making the presentation, were armed but is i;rpo,:tecl to be much improved. with questions for the park board A new member joined the family to answer, but found the meeting had been cancelled because of ill- of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holbrook ness of Doetor Nace and because (Dolores Cook) Saturday, January several other members were out of 22, at 8:15 p.m., when a daughter town. Work on the field house is was born. The baby weighed 8 progressing, with a heating plant pounds, I y, ounces and has been being installed, also a kitchen range. named Barbara J can. She is wclTables, cupboards and benches arc corned home by a sister, Carolyn being built by the work crew. Ann. Sharing in congratulations arc ~1 J h T ·k cl d h I grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Floyd " rs. o n uros1 an aug ter, , . . . c t t. f Cl d Cook of Midland ons an ino, o eve1an , . .and Mrs. Maggie J u I1a · · ·t cl . Holbrook of R1ggms, Idaho. Great( .)!uo, v1s1 e a t th c I1omc o f t h cu· ,_ . d grandmothers arc Mrs. Mabel Cook, son an d b ro th er, P au I T uros11(, an . .. and Mrs. Edna f am1·1 y f ro111 D ecc1n b er L. 1 to J an" formerly of Midland, . · · v1s1t · · two Myers of Midland. uary 16 . D unng t I1c1r Mrs. Caroline Deering and Mrs. birthdays were celebrated with dinners. December 24- was the first Bee Brittain were guests at the Maybirthday of the Turosiks' youngest town Flower club, which met at the daughter, Barbara, and January 15 home of Mrs. Brittain's sister, Mrs. was the birthday of Mrs. Paul Tur- Louie Wciks, at Little Rock, Washosik. On January 16, Mr. and Mrs. ington, January 19. The Maytown Steve Basket gave a farewell dinne·r group is associated with the Amerifor Mrs. Turosik and Constan- can Federation of Flower Growers. tino. After leaving here they jour- Mrs. Deering and Mrs. Brittain arc neyed to Huntington Beach, Cali- members of the La Fleur Garden forna, where they will visit another club, also affiliated with the Amcrican Federation. son, Charles Turosik, and family. A

Mrs. E. J,. Marshall was honored Mrs. Charles Shearer has written to friends in Midland that Mr. at a "blessed event" shower given Shearer has just had a major oper- for her by some of her pupils in the ation at a hospital in Yakima, and ceramics classes she has been hqlclha.; been very ill but is improving ing. The shower was given at the slowly. They will remain in Yakima home of Mrs. Ruth Lipke, January just until Mr. Shearer is well enough 18, in the afternoon. Those attending to travel, before starting for home. were Mrs. Viola Bombardier, Mrs. Robert Arneberg won the eham- Tutti Foster, Mrs. Bee Brittain, the pionship of Midland school in tbe honor guest and the hostess. exciting Times-school board hoop The Helping Hand club (formerly shoot contest, tossing in H out of the Demonstration club) met at the a possible 2 5 free throws to on t- home of Mrs. Charles Berg·, January score dozens of other contestants. 21, at 12:30, for a potluck luncheon. Arneberg will compete w i th the Games were played in the afternoon champions of several other schools, with honors going to Mrs. Ella the winner to go to Seattle to com- Burleson, Mrs. Lillie Campbell, Mrs. pete in the hoop shoot there. At Gerald Hubbard and Mrs. C. NickoMidland junior high, Robert Meis- lai. Others attending were Mrs. Elof ner and Claude Smith shared sec- Ahlstrom, Mrs. Anne Miller, ond-place honors .with 13 each. Floyd Davis, Mrs. Harvey Bagger, The annual meeting of the South- Mrs. U. Stark, Mrs. H. R. Williams cast Tacoma Mutual Water Com- and the hostess. pany will be hdd at the Midland Thirteen members of the senior Improvement cl\ub hall, February girls 4·-H group.went into the Singer 8, at 8 p.m. All members are en- sewing center for a two-hour lesson couragcd to attend. January l 7. The girls were shown l\1r. and Mrs. Charles Berg of the various a ttachrncnts and their Midland attended the birthday din- many uses. They learned how to ner of their granddaughter, Karen cover buttons by machine, make belt Dec Huff, at Orting, January 23, loops and sew on bias binding. Atwhen she celebrated her third birth- tending the class were Susan Morud, day. Karen Dec is the daughter of Mary Clinton, Marilyn Crossman, Mr. and Mrs. John Huff (Thelma I Donna Taylor, Barbara Hansen, BcvBrrg) and has had tllf' honor of I erly Morucl, Joanne Arterburn, Bev-



ST. OLAF CHOIR CONCERT Saturday, Feb. 5, 1949

8:15 p.m.

TO RE GIVEN AT THE P.L.C. MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM Sponsored by P.L.C. Dormitory Auxiliary No. 2 Tickets: Students $. 75; Adults $1.50 (tax included) Tickets arc on sale at the Ladies Musical Club booth at Fisher's, Teel Brown's, Frazcrs and Parkland Light and Water office. A stamped envelope with check made payable to Dormitory Auxiliary No. 2, may be sent to Mrs. Otis Grande, 5407 So. Pinc, Tacoma.

Facilities for the School of Dentisti:y at the U nivcrsity of Washington are provided in the first wings of the He~lt.h Sciences Building,. which were ?Pened this month on the .campus. ···

Sylvia Carlson Recent Bride of Norman Leque; Yule Week Ceremony Impressive Thirty-five guests were in attcnd-1 color with a corsage of three garancc December 26, at the late afternoon wedding service which united Miss Sylvia Grace Carlson of Tacoma and Mr. Norman Paul Lequc, Bellingham, Wash. The Rev. Roy, E. Olson. read the double-ring service

denias. Solos, "Because" and "The Lo~d's Prayer," were sung for the. weddmg service by Charles Mart111, tenor soloist with the PLC "Choir of the West." Miss Alpha Moser was at the organ. Piano selections .were played at the reception, followmg the service, by Miss J 1111c Jorgensen. The church parlors, scene of the. reception, were also appointed to carry out the Yule theme. A Christmas tree stood among bouquets of chrysanthemums and poi n s e t t i a plants. The reception table bo're a centerpiece of greens, white chiysanthemums, red poinsettias and red tapers.

Ijoining the couple.

Central Lutheran church, Tacoma, was decked in Christmas theme for the ceremony. Baskets of w h i t e chrysanthemums and red poinsettias, Yuletide greens, two huge Christmas trees and white candelabra hung with greens, red and white bells and white satin bows achieved the desired effect. The bride, in a formal bouffantskirtcd wedding dress of white slipper satin, with bateau neckline, long sleeves and tunic effect flowing into a graceful train, \Vas ghTn in inarriagc by her father, Mr. Carl J. Carlson of Rt. 12, Box 154·, Tacoma. Her fingertip-length veil fell from a crown of orange blossoms. She carried a colonial bouquet of garnet roses, stephanotis and fleur d'amour, cd,e;ed with wide .silk lace and wore a single strand ~'f pearls, gift of the bridegroom. On her right hand, she wore her ma lernal grandmother's wedding ring.

T h c three-tier wedding c a k e, trimmed in white and silver, was cut by Miss Sadie Solomon, aunt of the bride. Miss Ann Halverson, a cousin of the bride, assisted ber in serving. Mrs. 0. J. Ordahl of Bellingham, aunt of the bridegroom, poured from a silver service which had been presented to the groom's paternal grandparents on their 25th wedding anniversary by the congregation of the Lutheran church at Stanwood, Wash. The bride is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran College, where she was a member of the "Choir of the West" in 194 7 and 194·8. She has since been a teacher in .the Parkland public schools.

Miss Evelyn Carlson was maid of honor to her sister. Her gown, patterned after the bridal dress, with short tunic, was of blue taffeta. Miss Charlene Martens, a senior at Pacific Lutheran College, who was bridesmaid and candle lighter, was similarly gowned in blue taffeta. John M. Lcque, brother of the bride-

The bridegroom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nils M. Lcque of Bellingham, is a senior student majoring in education at PLC. groom, was best man. Ushers were For her going away costume, the Neil M. Leque and Duane 0. Carl- bride wore a two-piece grey wool son, another brother of the groom dress with red coat, black accessories, and a brother of the bride, respcc- and a corsage of gardenias and tivcly. The best man is a student at stephanotis. Mr. and Mrs. Leque PLC. Neil Lequc is a student at arP now at home at the Lee Faye Western Washington College of Ed-1 apartments, Parkland. ucation, Bellingham, and Duane ------Carlson attends Washington.State ColkgC', Pullman.


Mrs. Carlson and the bridcgr6om's mother each wore a dress of dark





Mrs. Angeline Norwood of Mid--land suffered a heart attack last LILLIAN ALLEN \.vcel.' at her home. . and. is still . in M Wlr A (L·ir ) All rs. i iam ·. ~ ian en, bed, but her concl1t1on is much im- 59, of Parkland, died 111 a Tacoma proved h . I J ?O B . • • • ! o~pita on anuary . - · . orn 111 Guests at the E. A. Br11tam home Mmncsota, she had lived m Park. . for dmncr Saturday evening, Janu- land smcc 1924. ary 22, were Charles Osborne and She 1s survived by her widower; 1 William Zincke of New York. Zincko three daughters, Mrs. Raymond D.




:·::·!:·!t·!!·!!·!t·!!·!t·:!·!t·!:·!t·!!·!!·!t·!Z·:t·!!·!t·:!·!!·!t·!!·!t·!!·!!·!t·lt·!:·:t·!t·!:·!t·!t·:t·!t·!!·!t·!t·!!·!:·!.t·!t..!t·:t·!t·! is stationed at McOhord Field.

I We will appreciate your business


Avenue, Tacoma, at 6:30 p.m., Friday, January 28, and is informal. All Legion ladies are invited to come. The Post will hold its rcg·ular meeting at Scout hall, the 28th. We'll be seeing you.


Feddersen. New officers were then introduced and each presented with a corsage. All the corsages were of pink and white carnations entwined with hyacinths of the same color. New officers installed were: President, Mrs. Matilda Symrnons; vice president, Lucille Steidel; secretary, Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, and treasurer, Mrs. Althea Flannery. Mrs. Doris Omat was installed as proxy for the absent treasurer-elect. A corsage was presented to Mrs. Clara Phipps, as one of the oldest members of the auxiliary. Next on the program was the installation of officers of the fire depart~1ent. Retiring office~s wer~: President, Bl'n Kuper, v1cc-pres1dent, Clarence McClure, secretary, James Gray, and treasurer, Bob VanAlstine. Bill Righetti was installing officer. The new officers installed for 194-9 were: President, Bob Stcide!; vice-president, James Gray; secrNary, Alfred Goddard, and treasurer, B. Merritt Shandrow. Firc Chief Chet McAtec, recently appointed hy the commissioners, was presented the badge of his office by Emerson Tarpenning. It was ag-reed that the patty and installat10n was most succeSBful.

PARKLAND POST NO. 3 AMVETS Parkland Post No. 3, AMVETS, will hold a special "Veterans' Benefit" meeting in Sunshine hall, Tacoma avenue near the cornet of Park avenue and Sales road, on Thursday night, February 10, 8 p.111. Henry J. Marcum, chief contact officer of the veterans' administration for Tacoma area, will be present and discuss all types of veterans' benefits and will answer any pertinent questions pertaining thereto. Also present will be H. R. Kester, AMVETS state service director, and F. E. Dixon, AMVETS assistant service officer, who will discuss veterans' bencfi ts from an organization standpoint. All benefits pertaining to dependents of ,·etcrans will also be discussed. All veterans, dependents of veterans, and any others interested citizens arc cordially invited to at~e.nd this 1:1ccting. N~n-vctc1:ans. arc ll\tcH'stcd 111 veterans bendtts masmuch as their taxes help pay the bill. We invite you to come and find out when" some of your tax dollars go. Parkland again displayed civic alertness when the P a r k I a n d AMVETS took over the "mile of dimes" table in Tacoma on Saturday, January 22. Despite adverse weather, several hundred dollars were garnered for this most worthy cause. Tacoma Post of AMVETS assisted throughout the day.




B1own of Graham and Miss Dar-\ L. Allen of Parkland; four sons, L.Ocstcr J. and Joel E. of Taco1na and Quinton P. and William Jr. of Parkland; four sisters, Mrs. A. E. Allen of Tacoma, Mrs. Stacy Lowell of Winlock, Mrs. Arthur Holman of Summit and Mrs. Elmer C. Sullifant 'of Tacoma; a brother; Joseph Shelstcad . of Parkland and six grandchildren. Funeral services for Mrs. Allen were lwld Saturday, January 22, at I p.m. from the Garden chapel of Mountain View mortuary. The Rev. C. A. Pellett officiated. Interment was in Mountain View Memorial Park.

CARL R. GUSTAFSON Carl R. Gustafson, 67, Route 1, Box 516, Graham, Wash., died at his home Wednesday morning. He had lived 40 years in the stalt:, 32 yC'ars near Tacoma. He leaves his widow, Olivia; a son, Oscar of Graham, four daughters, Mrs. EsthC'r Casperson of Puyallup, Mrs. Helen Harvey and Mrs. Margert Carlson of Tacoma and Mrs. Mac Calhoun

of Graham; fom.· broth!"rs and. 11 grandchildren. · . Funeral services were held Saturday with the Rev. Walter Anderson · . B una . 1 was in . W oo db'inc o ff.ic1ating. t ceme ery. ---------A I I h • s { a )OUt our ouse p 1an service Argo of Enumclaw, Mrs. Gene L. -Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) •

South End Sports


(Continned from Page One) Continued from Page One at the P.I.A. club on St. Helens of the 22 points counted by the

Nearly a hundred members of the Spanaway-Elk Plain Volunteer Fire Department and its auxiliary met January ] 7, at the Firs, for the annual dinner and installation of officers. Mrs. Dorothy Righetti, assisted by Mrs. Martha Anderson, acted as installing officer for the auxiliary. A beautiful corsage was pinned on each retiring officer and a gift of appreciation was presented to the out-going president, Mrs. M a r Y Henricksen. Other retiring officers were: Vice president, Mrs. Velma Rhone; secretary, Mrs. Mari an White, and treasurer, :Mrs. Bertha



I .... -

IVeterans News


LeRoy Keane

Funual services were held Tuescrly Corrigan, Barbara Madsen, day, January 25, at one o'clock from Noreen Hotchkiss, Shirley Evans, the Buckley-King chapel for LeRoy Christine Morris and Sally Mikelson. Keane of Spanaway, who died FriAlso attending. were leaders and ad- clay at a Tacoma hospital. He was visors, the Mesdames Arterburn, born in Alliance, Nebraska, 39 years Bailey, Clinton and Kncsal. Plans ago and came to this area in 1939. for the All 4-H Carnival, to be Until lasl June he had been crnheld February 4 at the Midland Im- ployed by the Monarch Door and prove111ent Club hall, arc progressing Manufacturing Co. nicely and Mrs. Knesal, leader of Keane served as a sergeant in the the senior girls group, reports that 9nncl Signal Service battalion in the prizes for the various games to World War II and was a member be played arc really worthwhile. of the Amrriean Legion. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Sonncman Surviving arc a brother, Frank E. arc receiving congratulations on the Keane, of Alliance, and four sisters, birth of a son at St. Joseph's hos- Mrs. florence Eberline, Mrs. Irene pita!, January 18. The baby has been Youngkin, and Mrs. Viola Southnamed Timothy Joseph and is wel- well of Tacoma, and Mrs. Binnie corned home by two brothers, Rob- \Baker of Alliance. crt .and Thomas. Burial was in the New Tacoma Mrs. Nana Shepard of 98th and cemetery, with the Rev. William Monroe has been removed to a Ta- Clyde Rhea officiating. Military coma hospital after spending more arrangements were made by Acting than a week in bed at home. Her Commander Jens Jensen of Clover condition is critical. Creek Post 118, American Legion.

, I

Dist. 7 Firemen, Auxiliary Install At A nnua I .D.inner

Per Word ······-····"' .........................03 I r~init.i:'!Urn ······-·u·•··-~H••••u••••····--------·5()

I C ll GJ:>





ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICELyman Redford, owner. Septic tanks purnpcd, contents hauled away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794-. tfc FOR SALE - Brown muskrat fur coat and suits, sizes 14- and 16; g-irl's coat and suit, size 10. Call GR. 7496. 2 lc Sl'ANAWAY LUMBEl{ CO. Better Lumber for Less. Roof· ing, Hardware and Paints. \Ve rent floor sanders. GR 8235. SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, contents hauled away. Don Redford, GA. 7334. tfc RA y GOGAN - JACK BARRETT General landscaping, pruning and spraying, rockeries, rock walls, fences, tractor work. GR. 884~ Terms BR. 6982

team Saturday in the Hoop Jamboree at Edgemont, when Spanaway girls won over Eatonville, 22-6. Her schoolmates doubt that any other one player· can equal her record. This is Frances' first year as a forward. She was a guard on last year's tean1. Spanaway school boys team placed third at the Hoop Jamboree held last Saturday afternoon at Edgemont. Spanaway dropped a 10-9 tussle to Fife. "The boys played a good game and I am very proud of them," said Coach Sam Green.

LEGAL PUBLICATION In the Matter of the Application of the





COMPANY, a corporation. for ,a fran· chise to construct, operate and maintain a water pipe line aloug and across a portion of Primary State Highway No. 5 and Secondary State Highway No. 5~G 1 in Pierce County. Franchise Application No. 1957

NOTICE OF HEARING WHEREAS, PARKLAND LIGHT AND WATER COMPANY, a corporation, has filed with the Director oL Highways of the State of Washington, under the provisions of Chapter 53, Laws of 1937, as amended, au application for a franchise to constructj operate and maintain a 1Y,1~inch, 2~inch, 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch steel, transite or cast iron water pipe line along and across a portion of Primary State Highway No. 5 and Secondary State Highway No. 5-G, in Pierce County, Washington, for a period of twenty-five (25) ycars 1 at the following designated points: Beginning at a point on the easterly side of Primary State Highway No. 5, as now located and of record in the office of the Director of Highways at Olympia, Washington, said point being opposite approximately Hig-hway Engineer's St8.tion 39+50 in the SWY,. of Section 4, Town ship 19 North, Range 3 East, Y.l. M., thence in a southerly direction along the eastedy side of said highway, crossing Secondary State H i g h w a y No. 5-G, through Sections 4, 9 and 16, to a point opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 120+ 00 in the NWYl of Section 16, said township and range. Also beginning at a point on the westerly side of said }lrimary State Highway No. !l, opposite approximately Highway Engineer 1s Station 39+50 in the SWY-1 of Section 4, Township 19 North, Range 3 East, W.M.: thence in a southerly direction along the westerly side of said highway, crossing Secondary State }Iigh '-vay No. 5-G, through Sections 4, 9 and 16, to a point opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 120+00 in the NWY,.. of Section 16, said township and range. Also beginning at a point on the northerly side of Secondary State Highway No. 5-G, as nuw located and of record in the office of the Director of Highways at Olympia, Washington, said point being opposite appro){imately llighway Engi-

neer's Station O+OO in the SWY, of Section 4, Township 19 North, Range 3 East, W.M., thence in an easterly direction along the northerly side of said highway, through said Section 4 to a point oppmite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 53-1-00 in Section 3. said township and range.

NOW, THEREFORE, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a hearing will be held on said application bv the Director of Highways of the State of Washington at his offic~ in the Transportation Building, Olympia, Washington, on the 11th day of February, 1949, at 10 o'clock A.:?v[., or as soon thereafter as hearing may be had. DATED at Olympia, \•Vashington, this 24th dny of December, 1948.

s/s CLARENCE B. SHAIN Director of High\\·ays

Pub. Jan. 13, 20, 27, 1949

NOTICE I will not be responsible for any dPbts other than my own. M. G. TAYLOR


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