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PARKLAND POST NO. 223 AMERICAN LEGION lVIcetings every second and fourth Friday at 8 :00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall Last Saturday and Sunday saw several ambitious and well-meaning members out in the lot across from Kittclsons' busily engaged in cutting up a huge log into salable bits of firewood. Net result was many aching and strained heretofore unused muscles plus a sizeable pile of stove fodder that will he put on the open market and sold to enrich the staggcring and tottering treasury. The few men who got out in the open air and did the cutting do not regret it a bit for they found that there was a lot of fun doing something that sounds like a lot of work to the casual and disinterested bystander. It is activities like thtosc that give the Post the added dividtond of friendliness.· And inasmuch as this is the only way that we have of raising funds to finance our many yearly projects it is gratifying to know that we number among our mPmbcrship tlwse many members who so willingly enter into these parties.

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VOL. 4, NO. 20

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id- ear l<eporl: n

arkland I

By Mrs. W. W. Cline, President

January marks the half way point LANDS COMJ\.IITTEE in the I 948-'·1·9 year of our Parkland REPORT HIGHLIGHT P-TA. It is a good time to stop and Parkland Recreational council will review what we have accomplished . . and to brinµ; to mind the thing·s be m regular meetrng at Parkland . · . , c · . wluch we want to accornphsh rn the school next Wednesday cvenmg, coming mcmths.



· teacher. It was a beautiful production and the turnout of parents and friends was tremPnd.ous-over 1100. Thanks again lo t\1e teachers for their hours and hours of prcpara. !ion. It was wonderful and we all appreciate your hard work.


.January 26, at 8 p.m. Committees have bern busy since the last mcPting and will be ready to report. The committee for procurement of lands . . is expected to submit a report of particular interest to the group and

Wlwn we started this yPar, we The special CV<'tlt thus far has voted to have all enning meetings been the Teachers _Reception Tea. to enablr the fathers to attend P-TA We rnjoyed setting. aside a special and to become active participants day for our teachers in recognition in Parent-Teacher work. It is a of the very important part they · 1110Id.1ng tie I d cst1n1es · · o f our p Icasurf' to report t l1at \Ve now 11ave Iiave 111 I 90 father members. The father at- children. to all rrsidPnts of this area. tendancc at our meetings is very The special program has been the Lt. Robert Tcmplar, physical di- good, and is steadily increasing. We very successful Recreation prngram rector at Madigan General hospital, now have 18 fathers who have a for the boys from the first through will be the guest speaker. Recrea- '''""l' active part in the functions of sixth grades. The ;ivcrage attendtional programs similar to that pro- our local unit as chairmen of com- ance has been 107 a night-12 volposed for Parkland were planned mittees and as physical education unteer instructors (fat h c rs - all *** and organized by Lt. Tcmplar in instructors· in our recreation pro· P-TAcrs). We are teady to launch For the information uf all it can our hobbies and crafts and physical Cleveland, Ohio, and Prescott, Ariz. gran1. be stated nuw that next week we We have had three very distin- education program for mothers and It is announced that this meeting shuuld be in a position to make an guished speakers, one of whom was daughters and have. 12 mothers as · for council mcm'annoullccme ,. -n t concerning· a w h a_Ic is not exclusively . . our State Superintendent of Public volunteer instructors also. . cl"1g t o b c 11c Id some t"·1mc - hers hut will he open to all rntcrOf •a sh m . . . . Something special; to notP is thiit · 111 recrcat10nal orgamzation Instruction, Mrs. Pearl Wanamaker, 1 cstccl Ile x t mon th . C an 't· t e II you any tiung who spoke to us in October-and five of our P-TA mc,mbers arc serv· b I and <'.ivic planning. a. b out 1t now ecausc there are a lot . c d<'spite thP low, dense fog, we had ing on the Pierce County Council of details to be worked out yet. If 1 over 200 in attcndanCt', ;i tribute to board as second vice-president, maga11. goes as planned it wiu be a 1ot . Mrs. Wanamaker. Also in October azine chairman, membership chairof fun for all plus a little lucre for we were the hosts to the first P-TA man, radio chairman, and excep1 the Youth Program for 1949. · S ( () f" meeting of the newly consolidated tional child chairma!L S panaway S emor couts ut 1t . . • , . * * .f.· The new year brings with it much "4) ·11 I Id l · .> · w1 10 t 1cir annua 1 reorgan- d1stnct. 1 he theme of the Wash , mgI Seen at 1 as t meeting: FRITZ . . . . . ton Congress :of Parents and 1 each- activity along with a series of very f cl. . "W Id U cl spending most of the time in the 1zat10n and planmng mcct111g at the Spanaway fire house Mond~y, Jan- crs ~r t us y.ear is or " , n er- interesting spcak<'rs. We will begin ladies auxiliary meeting for some , C ·c1 · · l · . standmg Bcgms at Home. f hat initial work on the. Spring Fair') uary ... -i-. ons1 crat1on is Jc1ng g1v' '· . . r e as o n or other . . . PERCY ·· I f" de night we had assembled 111 our aud1- thc Mother Singers will be busy with en to Iic Iping t 1e scouts in ern'-. . BROWN l'~turning to the fold and . . . tonum representatives from four the first mothel'-singers concert and vacation time and . . finding out' how much wc missed ployrncnl dunng . . 1 separate school d1stncts who have spring fashion show-their first ra. c to other pro1ccts benef1ual lo scouts · . . hin1 by being put on a committee 1 umtcd together to provide a school dio appearance and-they will be . an d t I 1e commumty. 1 . ' . , . . . KITTELSON getting a 25'I'l S . . · of lughcr lcarnmg for the children singino- at tlw Fd,ruary com·pntion 1e cout orgamzation is spon. . . . . c " . . . . . rnember award from CHRIS NEIL. D cpar t - of tlus v1cuuty. It seems that tlus -we will be ·givmg sore d b y t I1c S panaway F·ire c the Junior high SON, Fourth District Service Offi· h I b k' d d is surely an example of "World Un- school a special treat-a rnller skatwit t 1c ac ·mg an goo . . ,, : · ; cer ... VIRGINIA SEAMAN look- rncnt, · · derstand111g Begrns at Home. mg· wi. 11 o f ti1c commum"t y. Ad visor 1s c. ]>arty or somcthrng· of that naing for her ladies who promised to November brought Thanksgiving. turc,·----wc will be having a combined Lee Carp of Mountain highway. come for ladies night . . . THE All boys interested in Explorer ·.ve arc thankful that we live in a meeting with Pl'e-school-,,wc will be LADIES crowing because they had Scouting, Sea Scouts, Air Scouts and country where parents and teachers continuing the magazine drive, and more out than the Post did-we'll other kindred hobbies arc invited, can get together to promote the by the way, it is doing nicely. Losnever hear the last of it . . . FORwclfarc and education of children . ing teams take the winners to lunchREST LEONARD remaining quiet with their parents, to attend and and youth. Where they can get to- '. con, you know-we ·will be working for a period of approximately one offer suggestions to make the year gcther to promote adequate laws for . on legislation-there will be a pcrand one-half hours-could be a rec- an interesting and successful one for thc. careand protection of our chi!- spnal letter drive on TIJembership to ord . . , DON SHAFF (goes to j the local scouts: • , drcn. We devoted this month to try to put us o~'~r the top-there CPS) looking for a hole to crawl --------bringing more closely to home the will be Dad's Night in March, the into when BERRY (goes to PLC} very acute teacher shortage prob- dads taking over the program, kitchcame in with the score of the basketlcm. We as parents can do much to en and all. So, you sec we do have ball game. encourage young men and women a busy last half of the year ahead to e n t e r the teaching profession. and fun! CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 Newly-elected officers of the Paul It is our responsibility to know about Parent-Teacher work is inspiraAMERICAN LEGION Bunyan Rifle and Sportsmen's club and do something about this very tional and so gratifying. The enthusl\1eetings every second and fourth took office at the Jamrnry 14- meet- serious problem. iasm and cooperation of all the }lriday at 8:00 p.m. in the ing at Midland hall. New officers December brought Christmas and chairmen and those who work with Spanaway School arc: President, A. J. (Slim) Stern; the annual Christmas program put 1 them is what makes P-TA a pleasure. The first 1949 meeting of Post vice-president, Phil Marten; secre- on by the teachers of the elementary' A Happy New Year to everyone, and No. 118 of the American Legion tary, Terry Lazzari; treasurer, grades and kindergarten and music'. we will be seeing you January 20. and its Auxiliary was held Friday Charles Witser; range-master, Roy January 14-. And say, folks, you who Calvert. ST.JOHNPARISHIS January 1G a work day was held were absent missed a good evening. TO HOLD CARD PARTY at the range, with fifty persons C'mon out next time, for sure. I Ill I St. John of the Woods parish at The Post Comrades caught up on present, after which a shoot for Margaret Cockburn, Re~orter Midland will sponsor a card party building plans, membership and rou- hams and bacons was staged. The January social meeting of the and social hour on Friday, January tine business. Everyone is glad that McChord NCO Auxiliary will be 21, at Midland hall. Cards will begin Ted's Boys, Midland basketball held Wednesday afternoon, January at 8 p.m. There will be many lovely Comrade John Lee has had a safe return from his Turkish assignment team, came out with the long end of 26, at the NCO club. A dessert awards and a handsome door prize. -and we say with the whole com- a 24 to 22 score over Lincoln A. C. luncheon will be served in the green Cake and coffee will be served. Community, "Welcome home." Th c n in their second s~hedulcd gamc, Jan- dining room at 2 o'clock. Nursery millccs arc: Kitchen, Mesdames Ed uary 11. A Midland hooper was facilities arc available and fees will Boyle, Frank Couture, Frank Baker, (Continued on Page Four) again high point man, the honor be paid by the auxiliary for members j Tom Gallivan, John De u e 1 and this week falling to Bill Marr, for- attending the meeting. All NCO David Dickson; games, Mr. and Mrs. ward. wives arc cordially invited to attend Walter Corrigan; .prizes, Mesdames The lineups: Ted's Boys - For- tlw social gathering. Kate Logan, John Derig, Elvin Bomwards, Beshlcr ( 4) and Marr ( 9): McChord NCO and Auxiliary will hardier; tic:kets, Mr. and Mrs. Tom cc~ter, Taylor (2); guard.~, .Fred-, co-sponsor a hard times dance at the Dolle; clean-up, Clarence Dolle, cncks (2) and Larson (7). Lmcoln NCO club on Friday, January 21. Walter Corrigan, Peter Krapf and A. C. Forwards, R. Malyon and This is a March of Dimes dance and Martin Boyle. Knudtson ( +); center, Hughes ( 8) ; I all proceeds will go to the March guards, Rup~ (2) and H. Malyon; of Dimes. The special activities com-' ARLTON EARNS PLAUDITS (~). S~bs: M1dlm;d-~oole and S~a- rnittee, Mrs. N. A. Reeff, chairman, WITH BIRD SONG FEATURE vig; Lmcoln A. C.-P1tzlcr, Romm-' Mrs. Howard A. Case, Mrs. Ernest D. , y A I f p ·kl d d ( 2) B . (?) S di 1. r>.. • r ton o at an a , crgcr ~ ' me cy. G. Ball, Mrs. T. H. Baker and Mrs. made a second appearance before


Spanaway Scouts to p Ian for year Ahead


South End





You will find Sincerity and Simplicity at

• I

. . . . C. A. Loewen, will decorate the Parkland iumor high school qum. . . dub for the dance. tels notched a pall' of victories at 1 ·. . the home gym last Friday afternoon, Bowling Briefs . League: All ey C.ats too·k buildrng tlwir standmg m the p·1crce Lachcs · · · · I1t. G eorg1a · county J!ll1lOr high lc·ague at . t h c the ll'ad on Monday rng •



t.hc Washington Bir.d and Mammal club on Saturday evening January ,, .. . . . . ' . Li. His 11mtat10ns of bird songs we1 e very well received" by members attending .a banquet at the University

expense of Midland. The Parkland · too'I its · ti·1 t, '>O varsity _ - 14·, a f ter t h e · Parkland midgets had set b ac'k M"d 1 · ' 3 2- I·''<·, m · t h e opener. land's midgets, Thc I>ar11 < an d c Iu 1Js lJot I1 set t h c · · c Iashes. Th c m1c · ! gets pace rn their · hcld a ha lf ·tune advantage o f '>O ~ to · 3 and the varsity had rac k·c d up a

Raiford (Lucky Five) scored the Iug · h t h rec-game scnes · · 11 4 69 wit )~. : · Ie r<amc o f 18cu was ma·cl c High smg · 1cy R,ce ff ( Bow II ows ) . by •Shll' M"1xed L eaguc: Tl1e t Inee teams · f or the Icacl 111 · t I1c f"1rst who tied week o f l h e sccon cl Im If o f t h c sea· son (Dark Horses, S cattcrpms an d

of Washrngton. In his ' performance . ' Dr. Ariton . made use of his own (Ariton) bird whistle . ' as well as about . 15 other contnvances. He had prcv10usly appearcd before members of..the group . . j at its mectmg . on the Pae1f1c Luthcran College campus ' in December.

15 to 7 edge at the half. High scorers in the varsity clash were: Parkland, Ronnie Storaasli ( 1O); Midland, Johnson ( 4-). Top scorcr for the midgets was Delbert Brown, Parkland, with 10 points. The Parkland fives shift to Dupont for their contests Friday of this week.

Woodpeckers) maintained their lead in thto second week's play. Georgia Raiford (Dark Horses) rolled both the high single game and three-game series for the ladies with 17 5 and 437. Men's high single, 202, was, scored by Ernest Peck (Dead Heads) 1 and the series by John Moore (Woodpeckns) with 510. G

MEETING PLACE CHANGED The regular monthly meeting for February of the Spana way Preschool group will be held February 2, at the home of Mrs. A. A. Griffith on Gold street, and not at the Christilaw home on Mountain highway, as previously announced.





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• I


Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


BANQUET IS CALLED OFF The annual Parkland Comnmnity club banquet, first scheduled for last Thursday's meeting date, then shifted to a February 10 date, has now been indefinitely postponed, it was announced this week by President W. W. Cline. It has not been found possible to s e c u r e sufficient volunteer workers to take care of the hard work and many details such a banquet project entails, is the stated reason for calling off the banquet. Cline ."lnd his officers now plan to substitute a potluck picnic, to be held in June following the final club meeting before the summer suspension. Details of the picnic and several other club projects being considered are to be announced at later dates.


W. W. (Woody) Cline will continue as president of the Parkland Community club through the coming ycar, following unopposed election at the regular January meeting of the club, last Thursday evening in the Parkland school auditorium. Elected to serve with Cline are:

Welcome Mat is odt to the newest mcrnber of Parkland's business community, J. R. Foster, new owner of the Parkland Pharmacy.

Robert Han e r, vice-president; Ellingson, secretary; E. W. (Fntz) Beitz, treasurer; and W . K. Clark, publicity director. The contests for the vice 7 presidency and secretaryship were reported especially close, Haner finishing just ahead of Lawrence Hultcngren and Mrs. Ellingson being closely pressed by Mrs. C. E. Goodrich. .M. Stauffacher was the second candidate for treas-


* * *

NO FUNDS ARE PROVIDED FOR GARBAGE AREA Further opportunities to secure a maintained and supervised garbage disposal area for the South End district are now a year away. This information was reported to the Parkland Community duh last Thursday evening by its committee chairman, Lawrence Hultcngren, following a meeting with Sanitation Supefvisor, Parsons of the Pierce coun. ty health department. No provision for such service has. been made by the county commissioners in this year's budget, adopted in October of I 9+8, Hultcngrcn reported. Several south encl groups· con.m1itt.ed to development. of this area were approachC'd hy the health departmcnt last August for suggestions as to a suitable area for the . p u r pose. Spana way Progressive

Moved In is F. J. Nordyke at the ncw location of his Parkland-Brookdale Electric company, at Pacific and Clover . now d omg . C rcc k·, B roo kd · a I c. H e 1s business from the new stand though urcr. all his planned improvements are . Voting was co~fin~d to the ~om­ not complete yet. He intends a lllf>es of the nornmatmg committee, grand oprning later this month, 1 no new n~me~ being forthcoming when his complete line of electric J when nommat10ns fro',11 the floor appliances for the homto is on dis- were asked on each office. 1 play. Disappointment was expressed at * * ~· the fact that just less than 100 memEasing Traffic bcrs of the club were present to balclifficultics along Pacific avenue and lot. Adverse weather was thought Mountain highway are new traffic the reason, if no excuse, for the poor control signal lights recently in- turnout, which, however, was some stalled and put in operation. More bdter than attendance at several of them arc to come soon. One sig- recPnt meetings of the organization. nal light and siren was installed Other business considered by the January 19 at Pacific and Washing- club included a report by committee ton street for protection of the pub- chairman Hultengren on the present lie in clearing the hfghway for Park- situation regarding garbage disposal land Volunteer Fire Department facilities. President Cline reported tn.icks turning out. from the fire on the successful gym recreation house ntoarby. Establishment of a program being conducted by the school crossing light at Parkland Parkland P-TA for younger boys school is a welcome improvement and dads. Mrs. W. W. Cline advised and so is operation of the light at of similar opportunities, including Airport road and Pacific as traffic Ieathcrcraft classes, being offered to flow signal, rather than just as a girls and their mothers by the P-TA. caution light. Tom Casto came to the mectin.g as chairman of the Parkland Bus1-





Co~1111unity club did take. prompt actton through representatives, but none of the othe~ local organizations

apprn~ched showed. in.1mcdiatc in~erest, with the result that th: proi:ct was given no more cons1derat10n when the county budget was drawn. Parsons told Hultcngren, how;;ve~, that the commissioners have md1eatcd interest in establishing suitable disposal facilitic~ to. replace the unpoliced and unmamtarncd dumping area now disgracing the Spana-

I ncss club's committee making arrangcmcnts for a float in next April's daffodil parade. He stayed to par-

ticipalc actively in the business of the evening as a new member of The annual meeting of the Par~- the Community club. In answer to '

land Light and Water co·m· pan. Y will. l.Casto's appeal, A. lfred Grodvig was be h~ld ,Tuesd~y, _January 25, 8 appointed to represent the Commup.m., m the aud1tm·mrn of Parkland nity club on the float organizing school.. and planning committee. President Stanley Rosso a~nouncFollowing counting of votes, films cs the purposes of the meetmg arc of the 1948 World Series and last to hear rcp~rts by the officers of grid season highlights were shown. th~' cor. porat10n, to elect one trustee refreshments be i n g served aftcr(five-year term), and to transact wards. any" other business to come before


way district. Parson suggested to I the rneeting. Hultengrcn that the Parkland Com-1


J. R. Foster Now f L } wner oca Rexall Pharmacy

k 33 C" b


ac u s 1 Combine Meet With • • Scouting' Birthday

munity club now seek to stimu_iate, cooperation between the various Q South End organizations of this and 0 other communities toward develop-: Combining celebration of Blue and mcnt of plans for the project to be 1 In a recent transaction, J. R. Gold m 0 nth, (39th birthday of ready at budget time nexf fall. , Foster became the owner-manager scouting in America) with their regRefuse contractors should be includ- of the Parkland Pharmacy on Pa- ular January pack meeting, Cub ed in the effort, he thought. cific avenue near Airport road. Fos- Scouts of Pack 33 and their parents tcr has also purchased the former will gather at the Parkland school i Ed Keyes place at Brookdale, where Monday, January 24-, for a potluck , he and Mrs. Foster are now residing dinner and program. ! with their son and daughter, one Everyone is urged to come at 6 Many friends from their former and four years old, respectively. o'clock so that the necessary arresidcnce at Adams, :'\!. D., gathered Former operators of the Parkland. rangements may be completed and Sat11rday evening, January 15, for Pharmacy, Jack C. Lowe and D. W. the dinner start promptly at 6:30. celebration of the silvrr wedding an- McDowell, ha,. c purchased the Each Cub is asked to bring for disnivcrsary of Mr. and Mrs. Hanken Lakewood Pharmacy and arc part- play his best sample of handicraft Bellcrud. Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Dahle ner-opcrators there. made during the past year. wcri' hosts to the gatherin,g, at their Foster is an experienced hand at The theme for January is music. home on Morton street in Parkland. running a Rcxall drug store. For The Cubs have been busy making Mr. and Mrs. Bellerud came to sc\'cn years, until July 1, 1947, he instruments, writing songs, and preParkland three ye a rs ago, from operated a R c x all pharmacy in paring skits. These will be demonAdams. They reside at 620 Clover Tekoa, Wash. Ile and his family strated in the program to follow the Lea street. Mr. Bcllcrud is a broth- wishing to rnavc towards the coast, dinner. Awards will be given to those er-in-law to Mrs. Dahle. he sold his business in Tekoa, where who have completed requirements The evening was devoted to re- he was mayor at the time, and during the past two months. newing old friendships as all the moved to the Tacoma area, joining Detailed arrangements for the guests were former residents in and the staff of the Rcxall drug store dinner are being worked out by the around Adams who now arc living at Lakewood. den mothers. in the Pacific Northwest. The fcaFoster i~ assisted in his business ' tured moment came with prcscnta- here by M. M. Nelson, pharmacist, tion to Mr. and Mrs. Bellerucl of a and by Miss Doris Michel and Miss st<'rling silver vase and candle hold- Bttly Morris of this area. Mrs. Daisy ers. Clarke, who was a staff member of The Dahle home was decorated the store here, has joined Lowe and in silver for the occasion, that theme McDowell at Lakewood. A benefit dance for the Reardon being carried out also by the anniFoster has announced some revi- family, whose home was recently versary cake studded with silver sions in the business policies of the completely destroyed by fire, will be beads. Parkland Pharmacy, including his held at the Elk Plain grange hall, Present, in addition to the host, intention to maintain "fair trade" Friday, January 21, from 8:30 until hostess and honored guests, were: prices and not be undersold. 12 :30 p.rn. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Grove, BremerThe Clover Creek and Elk Plain ton; Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Kucowskci, WILL MEET ON TUESDAY granges arc cooperating in making Miss Vcndla Wcstbcy, Mr. and Mrs. The Dormitory Auxiliary No. 1 arrangements for the dance. CoOtto Lien and AllJcrt Nelson, all of of Pacific Lutheran College will chairmen are Mary Kuper of Elk Tacoma; Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bylin meet Tuesday, January 25, at the Plain and Mrs. Maria Kistenmacher and Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Knutson, home of Mrs. C. 0. Olson, Parkland, of Clover Creek. Auburn; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Helle, at 2 p.m. Mrs. Magnus Nodredt and There will be an orchestra from Andrew Myrand and Norris Jacob- Mrs. J. P. Pflueger will be assisting Pacific Lutheran College. Refreshson of Puyallup, and Mr. and Mrs. hostesses. Mrs. Orin Gudmunsen ments will be served and a good Charles Keillor, Suquamish, Wash. will lead in devotion. time is promised all who attend.

I !

Belleruds Honored On Anniversary

Two Granges Plan Benefit to Assist Burned-out Family








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A cori1munit:r newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0 Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at 'the post office at Parkland, vVashington, under the Act of :March 3. 1879.

Not Indifference,- We Hope Less than a hundred Parkland residents last Thursday evening chose the officers who for the coming year will have the responsibility of directing the organization which is the nerve center of this community-the Parkland Community club. It is to be hoped that it was not indifference which resulted in such a meagre participation in this community's nearest approach to an election of town officials. Not unlikely, the fact that W. W. Cline, who had demonstrated his competence at the club's helm, was not opposed beforehand may have led many to slight this opportunity for demonstration o(. responsible citizenship on the assumptiorr that all would go as they desired without their active partisanship. The event did bear out such assumption. Mr. Cline was chosen without contention, and we now can look to him for continued efficient and devoted leadership. However, the great chance to show him by votes that the entire community is in back of him has been passed up-that fact must now be demonstrated by active support in the 12 months ahead. That the integrated development of this community be kept in pace with its population expansion is in large part the responsibility of the Community club. As the coordinating agency for the many and varied local groups, the organization must deal with a succession of problems and projects. Two such problems are now at hand: Securing of proper garbage disposal facilities and obtaining adequate mail distribution. The Parkland Business club has made the opening moves toward realization of the latter project, but is looking to cooperative action by the Community club to speed successful conclusion of the effort to obtain mounted carrier mail aelivery in Parkland.




. ·

It isn't every day one is able to ruarv 12 Irene Olive and Shirley get a J 500 prnochlc hand. This .hap- Beaman baked a cake for the lunch . . pi:ned to Mrs. E. G. rI"lll!US at h Pf' Thursda)' evcmng Chosen 4-H yell . . . home last Sunday, wlulc havmg a I leaders were · Iris · Smolly, Virgima · ·. h ' · . game of pmochlc with her daug ter Reardon Joyce Loveland and Slur' . ' and son-m-law. ley Beaman . At the home of Mrs. Ross Plum1J, · The new ·mC'mbcrs of the year are: · · . on January 26 at 12 :30 there is to Joyce Loveland Shirley Loveland, '" ' . . M be a lovely bab. Y sh.owcr · · · for · d rs. Iris Smolly' Ge. . orgia, Smolly, · Phyllis . .Joe Jupiter. Everyone 1s mvitc · Wright, Irene Olive and Shirley Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Erdhal of Beaman. Gravelly Lake were guests at the Old members arc: Mary Jupiter, home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stan- Dolores Jupiter, Nadine Reardon, g<'r on Saturday. . Virginia· Reardon. Nolan Stanger was an overmght guest at the home of his grandpar-1 ARMY NEWLYWEDS MAKE cnts, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger, HOME AT SPANAWAY Sunday evening. On the evening of December 23, Mrs. Carl Casperson, Mrs. M. at Madigan General hospital, two Sorenson and son Otto attPndcd the members of the army were married. installation of Runbcrg officers at WAC Cpl. Emily Devan became Tacoma on Thursday evening. the bride of Sg't. 1/ c Harry J. Suski Attending the basketball game at of Reading, Pa. Best man was AnKapowsin gym, F rid a y evening, thony Mrous of Spana way and WAC were: Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb and Cpl. Violet Yates of Portland was sons,-.1\fr. and Mrs. Gordon Johnson maid of honor. and ·sons, Maureen Thompson, Mr. The bride has applied for regular and Mrs. Michner, Mr. and Mrs. army status and will be sworn in G. Peterson and Mr. and Mrs. Fred during February. Her hus~and also Wiesic. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter rccei,·ed plans to make the army his career. a telegram from t h e i r son Roy Sgt. and Mrs. Suski will make their Snover stating that he hnd enlisted home at Spanuway and are now residing at Mrous Court on the Mounin the U. S. Air Force and was on tain highway, at the Roy Y. his way to San Antonio, Texas, for his training. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson visited with his brother, Emil Nelson, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nelson of Tarnma, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Preston Henderson were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter, Saturday evening. A bridal shower is to be given on January 27 at the home of Mrs. Roy Carlson for Mrs. Effie McGee. Everyone is welcome. Billy and Helen Gooch visited with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Gooch of Parkland, over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Wickstrom of Seattle visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lorenz on Sunday. Mrs. William Hurd of Auburn, \Vash., entertained at a luncheon honoring her daughter. Present were Mrs. Byron Hoard, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs Fred Erickson Mrs. Lester M M '. f M K Brown and rs. artm o c enna.

Why the Delay? Realization of their worst fears, upon the spotlighted tardy discovery of the battered body of Noreen McNicholas, calls forth our deepest sympathy for her unfortunate family. Prompt apprehension now of her unhuman slayer cannot dispell their grief but may give them some relief in the knowledge that her sacrifice bought removal of a threat to the happiness of other families hereabouts.


I I ··· I Mrs: Chas. Lorenz and family vis-

But, however much we can share in the sorrow of her kinfolk, we see no reason for participation by the public in · 1· · d t I1e h o 11 ow app Iause, most ly se If - bestowe d , now bemg so IC1te by Jaw enforcement authorities. For weeks following her disa?p~a:ance t~ey apparent! y dallied in inacti9n. Then after s1gmficant evidence that had long hung ready at hand was laid in their hands, they had little part in any one of the sue· d eve Iopments 1ea to 1 d'1scovery o f h er p1t1 · ·fu I cess1ve . . . . remams. Even the shock of the· gruesome f111d111g was shll'ked to the immature shoulders of one of our Parkland youth. ls the public expected to like that?



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DID YOU KNOW This firm is not a branch. Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower prices. We have a qualified Military Advisor. More and more families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) personal service. The Coroner's office is located here. THEREFORE: Let us be your friend in time of need.



H arvard I mprovemen t c1n b m ct J. 't.h .· d t t 12 anuary a. goo.t' . Urnoud · Af . h ,b WI. ter t e d usmess · I ·mec bmg : car s were p 1aye , wit 1 pnzes emg won b F k J M At d y •ran " o11nson, rs. woo , 01· H d F J 1 ranb oIImson. Tl 1vcd uston, . an Id !e oor pnzc was won y - aro Ol II d d ff son. ot ogs an co cc were . th c evcmng . . by Mi·s . si:rvc d 1a t er m Harold and Lloyd Olson.



LARSON WILL TELL , , LOCAL STUDY GROUP OF WORK IN JAPAN ~r. w K Clari· iv l. • • \.' The Suburban Study Club will · · · p · Editor ' The Prainc 01nter: hold its next meeting the afternoon , . f p · · 1 he generosity o your raine of January 24 at 2 o'clock, at the Pointer to Red Cross has m. cant very home of Mrs. J. U. Xavier, Parkmuch to us in 194·8 and we want to land. Mrs. Ludvig Larson will be the co-hostess. The program will Jimmy. Roe (Pete}. Baker ccle-1 tell you our most sincere apprecia- consi~t of a t~lk by Edgar Lar~on, bratcd his eleventh b1rthday, Jan- tion. on his work m Japan, and slides uary 12, at the home of his parents, May the new year give to you, will be shown to accompany th_e talk. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baker. Helping d d I There will be two solos sung by . . . . your rea crs an tie paper many hnn were his sisters, Alice, Ruth, . Miss Audrey Carrell, Mrs. Al Grodand Betty .Jean; grandparents, Mr. good thmgs-and may many pros- vig, president, announces. and Mrs. Elbce Hobbs; Ray, and pcrous seasons crown your work. Mrs. Helen Schnellenberger and Gratefully yours, Patronize Your Advertisers children Joe Jr. and Beatrice. Mary Stacy Tho~son, Work on Dawson ficldhousc is Director. Public Information, reported to be well under way. TaPierce County Chapter. bles, benches and cupboards are beRound-the-Clock ing built by the park board. Free estimates on repair and reFuel Oil Service! Ervin Smith wri~i'ls that it is 121' rnodel jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. Day or Night degrees b e 1 o w zero in Colville, (adv.) Sundays Wash., where he is employed. , ----Holidays Renewing old acquaintances at the FOR HOUSE WIRING Phone any time! home of Mr. and Mrs; Chet Robinson were Mr. and Mrs. Howard PARKLAND-BROOKDALE Geer and children, Leroy and Mary ELECTRIC Jo, from Midway, Wash. He is an your Neighborhood Electrician old shipmate of Robinson, when they F J N d l· both sen·ed aboard the USS Astoria. · · or y ,e 'I 1 ··-·--.y+···ew·=··-


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~~JI &da I


ited wit~ her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Lmdbcrg. Graham Graugc f M Auxiliary K L meets k at the home o rs. en aycoc , Thursday, January 20. Kapowsin Rebekah Lodge 241 held open installation of officers Tuesday evening, Pierce county past noble grand doing the installing. Those taking offices arc: Mrs. Albert Ndson, noble grand; Mrs. Earl Winters, vice grand; Mrs. Guy Norman, recording secretary; Mrs. E. G. Tinius, financial secretary; Mrs. Cora York, treasurer. Appointive officers arc: Mrs. Ghas. Gardner, conductor; Mrs. Gladys Scaman, warden;

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. ~i.W






Already the ball has once been fumbled in the garbage effort. A year will be required to recover the ground lost when none of the several Parkland groups before which the matter was laid saw fit to act promptly. The Spanaway Progressive Community club was in the line-up for the kickoff, but was unable to move ahead alone. Action by the Parkland Community club has now shown the way to recovery, with the whole length of the field still to go. President Cline and his newly-elected officers will now try to call the signals for a unified effort on behalf of the whole -South End district. They have the well wishes of all the community in this and other civic efforts, but they will need to know that they can also get an enthusiastic, response to a call for hard work when that is required.


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tor Anderson, musician; Mrs. M. . .· Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Daniels, right support of vice grand; Mrs. Ahc~grn7~~2 Reporter Phone GRaham 206 Mrs. Anna Mickelson, left support • --of vice grand;, Mrs. M. Jorgenson, Carl Casperson and his son Eina•· 11eft support of noble grand; Mrs. Harvard-Midland Pre-school will left Wednesday for Los Angeles, Harvey SundqJ,1ist, right support of. hold a rummage sale January 27, Califomia. noble grand; Mrs. Lois Baumgard- 28 and 29 at 745 :acoma Avenue. , :Mrs. Joe Jupiter, Mrs. M. E. ener, inside guardian; Mrs. Alice T~1e proceeds of tlus three-day sale Shook, Mrs. Lester Cruts and <laugh- Michncr outside guardian. past will be used to buy records for the ter Beverly atte.· nded the Elk Plain noble gr~nd is M.•. rs.' May Borden. school.. Anyone ~ishing information school club meeting January 5. Mrs. Victor. Anderson visited at or havmg donations to make, may Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. have the articles picked up by call- I Ross Plumb entertained Mr. and Tinius Sunday evening'. ing any of the following numbers: Mrs. Alfred Goddard, Mr. and Mrs. ' ___ GRanite 8437, GA. 5584, HI. 2410 Joe Jupiter and Mr. and Mrs. Gor4-H NEWS or GR. 7187. don Johnson and family. A lovely The- first 4-H meeting of the year Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Skog anlunch was served by the hostess. was held Thursday at the home of nouncc the arrival of Jack Leslie, Mrs. Carl Casperson, Mrs. E. G. Mrs. Plumb. New officers were born January 9. He is grecte·d by Tinius and George Carlson were elected. Chosen president was Shir- two brothers, Jimmy and Denny. luncheon guests Tuesday at the ley Loveland; vice president, VirSunshine Sewing club met at the I home of Mrs. Wm. Lendeau of Ta- ginia Reardon; treasurer, Nadine home of Mrs. Bernice KcllC'r, Jan-I coma. Reardon; secretary, Joyce Loveland; uary 13. The next meeting will be, Friends and neighbors ext e n d sergeant-at-arms, Irene Olive, and held at the home of Mrs. Violet their deepest sympathy on the death reporter, Shirley Beaman. Kennedy on East Wilkeson road, of the mother of Lester Barlow, at The "Lively Eleven" 4-H girls with Mrs. Florence Emery as coMabton, Wash. · are giving the boys a party on Feb- hostess.



~~~b;~~s~a~:ril c~;~~~~; ~~::~~~I HARVARD


. •il

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, January 20, 1949




Daily Service to Parkland, Spanaway and Surrounding Territory PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE



Parkland, Washington,, Thursday, January 20, 19·t9 Mrs. Val Stevenson, Tacoma, will I become the bride 'of Ted Harris III, [ 1V son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Harris of [ fr~ Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter · Spanaway, late this month. She was I · O. Box 228 - GR. 6757 I the recipient of many love!/ gifts.





• H ·h

. . ut w1 11 be hostess at I. iuthyme, her Spanaway home .. . ' to rnem b ers of the Early Amcncan . 'J F 'd . f ,, ,UJ., Glass Cl l uni 1 _on n ay atcr· t . , SI . . b n oon a one o c1oc 1c . _ 1c w1 11 c "si'st·i·tl ])' '•f F I N ,,'),, / •ran{ ac:cnrnto. a M . N .. J I . . rs. .orman o rnson, umt pres1dent, will welcome the guests. Speak•. • foi· .·tl . ( 1c a ft crnoon \Vl. 1JC J o h.n iv.

1ss ,.1anc J




d to. S panaway . ·I L ~c, recent 1y returne .. f 1·om an expi;d1t10n to Turkey. Lee . f I U S \Vas c l1osen ron1 t le . . to \VOr1{ 'ti ·t·I B · . I . . Th' \VI 1 , ie yzanllnc nstltutc. 1s · d . . · ·hi pos1t10n meant workI·11g y pnzc I . f . mg . on. t ie restorat10n o mosaic decoratrnn OH the church walls in Chora. Work involved the renrnval of layers of paint and decorations that had been applied during the many periods of history, covering the original mosaics. Lee, during his six months' stay in Turkey, collected some of the more unusual and beautiful objects and as a result returned home W'ith a valuable and interesting collection rarely seen outside of museums. Among the articles arc gold and silver embroideries, icons, brasses, hand carved beads and rugs. h





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Office Phone: GR. 6492 Res. Phone: GR. 8052





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AFTER 6:30 PM THE power shortage facing the entire Pacific Northwest reaches its peak between 4:30 and 6:30 PM. During these critical hours, WASTE


ELECTRICITY. Wash and bathe


Graham 458


"Nice try, Newberry!" ,




served to: Mr. and Mrs. Preston Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Lovel~nd, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Kupc.'" J;1111 cs KPough and Miss Eutroplua Keough. Tbe Elk Plain and Clover Creek Granges arc holding a benefit dance for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reardon at the Elk Plain Grange on Friday,

. I



A guest at the home of Miss Euotrophia Keough, for a frw days after brr home hurnrd, was Miss Cornrlia Reardon. The Elk Plain Gleaners met at the homr of Mrs. Pearl Wetzel in Tacoma on Tuesday, January 1 I. The regular meeting was conducted, followed by grnup singing and refreshments. The main order of business was the election of officers for the coming year. Elected were the Mesdames: Ida Howe, president; Frances Dorfner, vice-president; Lorrine Castle, secretary; and Doris Crim, treasurer. Those present were the Mesdanws: Dorothy Ockfen, Norma Brown, Ma!Jlc Elston, Olive Tibhitts, Dor.othy R.1ch, Alma Marti\'tild, Esthcr Castle, Betty Smith, Doris Crim, Mary Kuper, Lorrine Castle, Frances Dorfncr, Ida Howe, the hostcss, Pearl Wl'lzel, and Miss Eutrophia Keough.

G• [ S • h tr COU/zng S OWn Spanaway PaTA l . The regular monthly meeting of Spanaway P-TA was held Wcdnesday afternoon, January 12, at the Spanaway school. Mrs. Matilda Symmons presided. Speak!"r for the afternoon was Mrs. Philip Slayden of the Tacoma council Girl Scout:

During the past two weeks many January 2 L speakers bureau. children and teen-agers have been _l\'frs. Lela Welliver recently reAn. interesting

llctty Sahli, 1 ykc Mickelson, Wilma 1 tens, Barb:1ra Bryan, Darlene Castle, Mac Righetti, ~e'·"rl!' McCauley,' Margie and Donnie Omat, Kate Dolores ar~d Nadmc Michaelson, and Mullivan, Neil Richardson, Buddy Joe and Jim Andreason. McC'k and Donald May. Hoh Nolan, son of Mr. and Mrs. .Mr. and Mrs. Chet McAtcc .:if I-Ioward Nolan of Sixth street, is' Ninth street and Mr. and Mrs Harcnroute to Chin i. Bob plans to make old LcMay pent s,rn,j,1 y at p,. 1t the navy Im ca1cer. Townsend.



skatin,e; on nearby lakes and ponds. Friends arc sorry to hear of Mrs James Kcough's illness. She is confinn.l in a Ta.coma hospital, where she 1s undergomg treatment. The Loveland 4-H met Janu.try 13 at th: ~1omc of its leader, Mrs. I1 L.I W. D1lhngham. Those attending .

Mr. and .Mrs. ~ackcu~. Frey of, Mai th1as 1cc,igncd as Den Moth- 1 Moun tam highway and b1ghth St. I er to Den 4· of Cub Pack '.H. Mrs. I spent Sunday in Tacom;i, where tlicy Ducheon of Fifteenth street has tak-1 were dinner gt1t'sts of l\.fr. and Mrs. cn over her duties. Pack '.H is in 1 Emmet Caupcr. need of more den mothers, so anyl\frs. Lenora Hrct'h of Ilrcmerton one interested in helping a very spent the week c'11 with lwr sonwmthy project is asked to phone in-law and dau,e;htcr, Mr. and Mrs. Cuhmaster Jamrs Gray, GRanitc Ernest Jensen ,f Mountain high1,:iy 6372. !\{rs. Bretch, 7 2 year; old, en j .. ~" cl 1 Dorccn l\kAtcc, daughter of Mr. I her first ride in al' a•.'ropbnc. The and l\frs. Chet McAtee of Ninth 1;,anc is owned am; wa.< pilc.ted b;· strcl'l, is not attending classes at Wayne Russell. A panoram=c view of Spanaway school this week. She is a Tacoma and the Sornd was grcat;y victim of mumps. enjoyed. Ifowcn:r' Brctch in-

Due. to ill h:alth, Mrs. Horton J



ccived word that her b rot h c r, Alfred Rhone, sudd~nly passed away on Ja~ua1 Y l 0 at his home in Pennsyhama.



showing the activities of the Girl Scouting program, was presented. Women interested in this program a.r? needed in 01:cicr to have an act1ve group of Girl Scouts in SpanMonthly terms on all purchases- i away. Anyone willing to help, please i Brookd,1le Lumber Co. (adv.) phone Mrs. Symmons, GR. 7600.





tic. m'.:et1~g were as fol.lows: Mar- I l<'nL. Ettltn, Ronald G1cgg, Jerry· Burnngton, Don a Id Burrington, Barbara Jo Hmrcn, Eddie Williarnson, llobhy Kuper, David Rich, j:Jck ()ck f c n, Jimmy Farren, Br u cc Healey, Mickey Farren, Edith Cosby, Dale Tibbius and Helen Thiel. The ·1-H boys voted for the boy' basketball team. Mrs. Thie I explained about ot1r record books. Mr: and Mrs. Purcell were guests of the club. Mr. Purcell spoke to the membcrs about the aims and functions of the ·1--H. A lunch was furnished by


Chris . Ujc.'lla·n·d and. lv. frs.. S:irah sis.ted that they do 1m1 fly 01-er .a.ny llobby K.u1:cr and Farren l\'!adison were dinner guests of Mr. water. and was cn3oycd by all present. and Mrs. Robert Steidel a: their Mrs. Beulah Hallaul n[ Pacific• --By -l-H Reporter Edith Cosby street was an ov.~ ·"!.;ht g11r:>I, \fenhonw on Pacific street, 'l'hursday day, at th<• home 0 ; Mr. and :Mr>. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Kuper and evening. After the dinner, ;rn c\'cJoC' Netzel of Moun,t~ir 1 highway. son :lobby cnjoyr·d a plr'.asant dinning at shuffleboard was rnj ...yed. \Vcdncsday e;ue;;ts ar th" hoP.!''. of ncr Sunday, January 1 b, at the home Spanaway Lake has been a solid Mr. and Mn. Robert Stcidd were of l\fr. and Mrs. John Airhcart. mass of ice for (WCr a week ~nd tlw Mcsc!ai:i«s Ila be Bishcip, Fay Mary Lee Crim is confined to her there has been some skating. Lake Jvfillcr, Doroth.1 Riv;hctli, t,hiiicb 11'.onte, suffering from an ear infecn'sidrnts say it is ab· .. ut five years Synnnons, Lor.Jin.· N· tzd, Bcubh i twn. since th" lake had b':cn frozu1 over Ballard and I.a·L·:t McLdbn. I M~-. and Mrs." T. A: Tibbitts cnfor such a length of time. Mr. and Mrs,.. George. Whitney tcrta:ncd at their home on Saturday Ovcniig1it guests at the home of r Tacoma we'' dinnc• guests, Sun- cvcrnng, January 15. All the guests Mr. and Mrs. Clair Feddersen of 0 day, at the horn? of :V1r. :wcl Mrs. enjoyed games and dancing, folLake Shore drive were Mr. and Mrs. Don Shaff of Fonrtc 'n':ll street. lowed by refreshments which were Murray Coleman of Portland, Ore·· Spana way newcomers arc T/Sgt. - .. -·---··--·-· ··------·----· gon. and Mrs. Himmaugh, who have pur- Nursr council at Sacred Heart hosMiss Margie Omat, daughter of chased the former home of Mr. and pita] in Spokane, Monday and TuesMr. and Mrs. Oliver Omat, enterMrs. Robert Toft on Silver slre•. 1 day. Accompanying Miss King W•~l'C tained a group of her Parkland Sgt. and 1vlrs. I-iinnnaugh have IT- 1'fiss lv1argic Carlson, senior class school classmates at her home on cently returned from G,'rrnany. Aft- representative, and Miss N. KnobMountain highway, Friday evening. er being stationed three month3 at lock, junior class representative. The evening was spent in playing Fort Knox, Kentucky, the sergeant Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scott of Moungames and danciug, after which rewas transferred to Fort V:wi.;. tain highway at the Roy Y, dcpartfreshments w ~; r c served by Mrs. Mrs. George Ouhl of Mountain Pd this week for Florida, where they Omat. Attending were Phyllis Marhighway spent Friday at Olympia, will spend the remainder of the winvisiting her parents. tcr and where they hope the change Mrs. Ne a I Slater of Mountain of dimatc will be beneficial to Mrs. WOMEN'S and GIRLS' highway was called to Billings, Scott, who has been in very poox Montana, by the sudden death of health. COTTON WOOL her brother, Murray Dempsey. The Friendly Dozen birthday club GABARDINE l\fiss Georgina King, daughter of held its regular meeting Wednesday J (ANY TYPE) . . . ON ANY AVAILABLE MODEL Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge King of Pa- afternoon at the borne of Mrs. RobAlso Checked Suits • • cific street, who is student body crt Shultz in Tac01i1a. Tlw occasion president at Tacoma General hos- celebrated the birthday of Mrs. ?" , "f. A pita!, attended the ,quarterly meet- Doris Omat of Mountain highway. 70 -:> 1 ac1 1c venue . . · State S tu d ent The rncetrng · -~ prcccdcc1 IJY' a d m· , r 111g o f t11c 'V ' as1ungton was l ncr, served by Mrs. Shultz. New All the big advantages of electric cooking plus new style and - - - - - I officers elected to serve for 1949 arc: 'beauty, new cooking capacity, new time-saving convenience. Let these new features do more for you-then you'll bave less work Mrs.Emily Ball, pr<'sidcnt; Mrs. J. t.o do! Your meals arc better. You enjoy more leisure, you save Splane, secretary; Mrs. Rob c rt money, too! W cstinghousc Electric Ranges come in models to fit Shultz, treasurer. Following the busi2x4-8-ft. No. 4 Common.. ........ . ...... per M feet $19.00 every family, every kitchen, every budget. ness meeting, an afternoon of games 2x4-6-ft. No. 3 Common.. .. .. ..... per M feet $35.00 was enjoyed and prizes were won lx!l-No. 4 Shiplap ........................................... per M feet $30.00 by Mrs. Olive Tarpenning and Mrs. 2x4-B-ft. No. 3 Common.................................. per M feet $45.00 Althea Flannery. Members attendi~g were the Mesdames Olive Tarpcnning, Ernest Tarpcnning, Althea Flannery, George Woolhouse, Emily Ball, W. Ellis, J. Splane, Pearl Manning, H. F. Pillsbury, Jack KanYOUR FUbL OIL AND APPLIANCE DEALER GR. 8488 96th & PORTLAND AVE., MIDLAND ton, Doris Omat and thr' hostess. GRanite 8625 l 40th and Pacific


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MR~. SROD~~M, ,.

..• M

t.l!·!!·!:·!!·!!·lt·!t·!!·!!·!!·!!·!!·!!·!!·!!·!t·!!·!:·::·:t·::~::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::-::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·:t·::·:!~: -------------·-·-·---·---·-·--·--------'


The school boy patrol at Elk Plain has recently added to its equipment four school zone signs.

Hal·l·,· Dan, Id. a Dcllv·o, Wa!tc.r (' "otton J r., John Cotton Waite·: , .. ' Cotton Sr., Chester Huston, Jvfrrlc ., ~ ·· Handy, (Tus 1'.rarncr, Val Stcvcn• son, Pete Garner, Loren 1'1Jck Ron. , ' crt Shield, Chuck Overas, the puest oL honor and the two hoste:;"'' " · Spanaway friends of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carli wish the couple CU!lgratul~tions upon the. birth of a sun. ;he l1ttle fellow arnved December 23, weighed nme pounds and eleven ounces, and has been named Gary Lane. Spanaway boys playing on the Ruy high school basketball team are: Dick Mattsen, Harold Hartman, Gerald and Kenneth Ouhl. Jerry Davis is co-manager. The team won a victory over Kapowsin, January


fj i{

.·· . ..

Games were played and prizes were \\!On by Mrs. Merle Hand" Mrs I ('.. us TT . • '' · • • 1 n.rarner and lvlrs. val Steven, . . . . . I sor. Followmg the open'"'" ol gilts, .''' buffet luncheon was served, car_. - .. rymg out a blue and . wluk theme from a table beautifully decorated with er stal. A.. d. , ,, 1 .. y t.en mg wu.. t l1. 11 0 Mesdames Elva Schroeder, . . ·J h



~· ·. .· --

. ~:..


Recent guests at the home of Mr. 11, 41 to 2 7 · and Mrs. Ervic Christilaw of MounDal Hoxie of Aberdeen has been tain highway were Mrs. Christilaw's visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Bladow Orville Meyers of Twelfth street, of Zillah, Wash., and Mr. and Mrs. I for the past two weeks. Rupert Soriano of Seattle. I Miss Wilma Mac Righetti and Mrs. Clyde Turner of Mountain II Beverly McCaulley were principals highway has beeu ill at her home in a panel discussion, the subject alter. suffering a heart attack. Her being "Hero Worship." fricJ?ds wish her a speedy recovery. George ~urton of Mt~tmtain hig~Newcomcrs to Spanaway arc chief way, who is employed Ill Alaska, 1s petty officer and Mrs. Zcrulla, for- sper'.ding a couple of weeks with his of San Diego, Calif. They arc family. at the Christilaw courts on Miss Betty Fox of Extension road honored Miss Alice Funkhouser at a the Moulltain highway. kitchen shower, given at the Fox Miss Margaret Baylor of Tacoma home Saturday, January 8. Games wa~ week end guest at the home were played and prizes were won of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirby of by Mrs. Thelma Nixon and Miss Second ! trcct. Rose Marie Righetti. After opening Sunday dinner guests at the home the many lovely gifts, refrcshmr·nts vf Mr. :..nd Mrs. Louis Symmons of carrying out a swi:ctheart motif were Pc1cific street wc1·e Mr. and Mrs. served. Attending wcrP the MesHarold Rollins of Tacoma. dames Florence Houk, C. H. FunkMrs. Curtis Wright of Puyallup houser, Thelma Nixon, Dorothy Riwas a week end guest '1t the home ghetti, Janelle Nygard, Ruby Staufof her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. achcr, the honoree and hostess. and :\;Irs. Williani Fucston of the Miss Maurine Thompson of Gral\fonntain highway. ham and William Buck, son of lvlr. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Laudette aud and lvfrs. Loren Buck, will be rnarfamily of East F street left V.'cdnesricd February 4, according to a reday for San Antonio, 1\:xa", when they will establish their hom'.~. cent announcement. Mrs. Ted Harris and J\tiss C<troA skating party and wiener bake lyn Shield honor"d Mis'> Jeanne was enjoyed by Spanaway's young Stevenson with a brirh". shower, Jan- set, who arc attending Roy high uary 6; given at thc"'-holY«? 1f Mr,;. sd1QQL The par~y was held at the lforris at 615 Lake street. Mi's Reservation pond. Many of the Stevenson, daughter of :Mr. and! alumni also joined in the fun. At~-------------1 tcnding were! Gene, Leonard and Marvin Mickel, Janette, Gerald and Kenneth Ouhl, Dick Mattsen, Walt Dow, Wayne Kincaid, Ray Smith Cliff Conway, Joe Mulligan, Shi/ lry Payne, Clyde and !-!clcn Bvrd 1 Dorothy Hoskins, Janelle MAIN Cannella ~nd Ampthia Miller, Lois 7745 1 Honck, Dick llooth, Jim Holmes,


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WE HAVE MOVED! And arc now ready in our new location for RADIO and

of any kind

PARKLAND LUMBER AND HARDWARE Wilson St., just off Mt. Hiway GRanite 7900



Call "The Voice of Parkland"

at GRanite 7380


Parkland-Brookdale Electric GR. 6789

Mt. Highway at Clover Creek

before 4:30 or after 6:30. Turn off lights not actually needed. HELP CONSERVE. ELECTRICITY.




Louise and Bob Lynd


will put your news item on the

Look Them Over



Remember the Critical Hours

Parkland· .=u:el Oil

4:30 TO 6:30 PM

and §eI vice §tation


Distributors of Standard Oil Products

GRanitc 7302


GRanitc 8112

Parkland, Wash.

12:15 to 1:00 p.1n. Friday over KTBI


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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, January 20, 1949






PACIFIC AVE. LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific Avenue

GA. 3133

CHURCH Announcements

V eterans News


( Continncrl from Page One) . there is our Comrade Leon HarriTRINITY LUTHERAN son, now home from his stay in MadParkland, Washington igan. Our best wishes to you, Leon Ernest B. Steen, Pastor 12: 30 p.111.-Trinitr !v!issionary Society -we hope to sec you fit and able to ''.rln1nday, Jauuary 20: at the home of ?i.frs. Krummel. Pennw he about yo u r accustomed tasks sylvania Avenue. soon. Commander Bailey is still vaSat.tlt"Jay, January 22: 9 :3ll a.m.-Confirmation Classes. cationing in Madigan, but is sendSunday, January 23: 10 :00 a.m. - Sunday School and Bible ing out a challenge to all the vetClasses. erans of World Wars I and II to 11 :00 a.m:-Junior Church Worship. 11 :00 Worship. get behind the Legion and push for 7: DO p.m.-Senior League. their great American principks-by Tuesday, January 25: B:Oll p.m.-Brotherhood. joining out Post right away. \Veclnes<lay, January 26: I :00 p.m,--,.-Ladies' Ai<l at the home of Nlrs. Anna Knutzen. PARKLAND METHODIST George W. Cooper, Pastor

\'Vorship and preaching, 11 a.m.; Church School, 10 a.m. Classes for all grades. Adult Bible class led by the pastor. Nursery for children during the hour (.lf worship and preaching. ' SPANAWAY MHHODIST "The Church by th• Side of the. Road"

l 0 a.m.-Church School. 11 a.m.c:-Sunday Worship Service. 3:30 p.m.c:-Intermediate Youth Fellowship. 6:4·5 p.m.-Youth Fellowship. PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL I ntcrdcnominational Fred Southwell, Superlnhmdent Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt.,

Sunday School, 10:30 a.m.

Bible study, 7:30 Monday night, with 11rs. Charles Knau tz teaching. CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School W. C. Rhea, Pastor

Bible School, 10 u.m. George Chcssum, supcdutendcnt. tvlorning worship, 11 a.n1. Youth FcJlowship, 7 p.m. (Junior and Scniul').

Evening Gospel Service, 8 p.m, !vfid-wcek Service, Thursday, B p.m. Choir practice Thursday, 7; also teacher meeting.



and Taylor, Midland Rev. R. E. Logan, Pastor

1\Jasscs, 8:00 and 10:30 n.1n. Catechism after· 11.a:;s.


Sunday Schoo), 10 a.m.; Morning Wor~ rthip, 11 a.m.; Evangelistic Service, B p.m.

Christ's Ambassadors, Wednesday. MIDLAND.PENTECOSTAL Arnie Konsm~, Past.o:

Meets every Sunday m Midland P.T.A. hall, II a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH 0 G" Streets R. W. Ledyard, Postor

South B6th and

Bible School, 9 :45 a.m. Classes for all ages. Worship at 11; Evening Service, 7:30. LARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL Larchmont Sunday School meets in the Parish hous1~ at 9:30 Sunday mornings. KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent :ti..fcels at 2 :00 p.rn. in the Kirby school every Sunday.

HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL At Harvard School lnor Bergstrom, Superintendent

Sunday School, 10::10 a.m. every Sunday. Harvard Sunday School lvfothers' Circle lllt!cts Wt!<lucsday of month at 2 p.m. MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME ~Sunday

Thure Moberg, Minister

School, 10 a.111.; :Morning Service, 11 a.m.: Bible study and prayer, 7: 30 p.m., Wednesday,


Sunday School) 9:30 a.m.; Morning Worship, 10:00 a.m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE '"fn1th"' is the subject of the LessonScrmon which will be read next Sunday in

all branches of The :tviothcr Church, The First Church of Chri.~t, Scicnti.'>l, in Bo.~ton, 1'1assach11setts.

Sweepstakes at College Course Next Week End




It will be our policy to "not be tmdersold." You will be able to buy any drug store item at the Parkland Pharmacy as low, or lower tban anywhere in Tacoma. We will handle only the finest and purest drugs that money can buy. Signed, J. R. Foster, owner. 75c Bayer Aspirin ............. .59c 60c Alka Seltzer ................. .49c 70c Sal Hcpatica ..................61c Reg. Bro1110 Seltzer .............. 57c Pt. Upjohn Super D Oil $1.56 Oleum Pcrcomorphum ........ 76c Vick's Vapo Rub ................ 33c

6-ouncc Ponds Creams ........ 79c Lge. Fresh Deodorant ......... .43c 50c Lyons Tooth Powder.. .. 43c Lg. Palmolive Shave Cr..... 33c Gt. Colgate Tooth Paste .... 43c Kleenex, 300's ............ 3 for 79c 4-oz. Balm Argenta ............ 49c

VACUUM BOTTLES, Pint Size ............ $1.49




The REXALL Drug Store Telephone GRanite 3519

Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Bury have returned from a wedding trip to Vancouver, B. C., and are now residing at H02Y2 N. Sheridan street; Tacoma. Mr. Bury, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bury of Graham, took Miss Barbara Nord, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Axel N~rd of Brookdale, as his bride in a New Year's Eve ceremony performgd in Parkland Ev. Lutheran chun;h. The Rev. Walter C. Gullixson read the services before 150 guests, The bride\, white slipper-satin gown featured ,seed pearl trimming about the neckline, and the skirt

extended into a long train. Her finger-tip veil fell from a coronet of seed pearls. White carnations centered with white orchids made up her bouquet. Miss Laurice Sharpe, maid of honor, was dressed in orchid and carried pink chrysanthemums. The bridesmaids, Mrs. Clarence Hovd and Miss Carol Hahninkratt, were in aqua and g·old, respectively. Their flowers were pink chrysanthemums. Lyle D. Hansen was best man and ushering were the Messrs. Michael Bury, brother of the bridegroom; Robert Ohlund and Alvin Moen. Candlelig·hters were Miss June Fors and Mrs. Joseph Warren. Mrs. Monty Rasmussen sang "0 Perfect LoYc" and "My Prayer," accompanied by Mrs. Stanley Willis, organist. Mrs. Nord chose a cocoa-brown dress, with which she wore gardenias and rosebuds. Mrs. Bury's gown was pale pink, and her corsage was of gardenias and rosebuds. For traveling, the bride wore a gray dress and a gray top coat with a corsage of white orchids.




150 Guests See Miss Barbara Nord Wed To John Joseph Bury on New Years' Eve

The first 1949 Tacoma Golf Association swe~'pstakes tournament will be played at the College Golf course, January 29 and 30, President Cliff Olson of the Parkland Men's Golf club announced at the January meeting of the club. Appointments ,made by Olson at the meeting included: Paul Larson, tournament chairman; Frank Gratias and Ray Thomson, delegates to the Tacoma Golf Association; Carl Coltom, alternate; Bob Thomas, handicap scorer. Results of the 9-holc Medal tournament held January L5-16: First division, Paul Charneski, 40-!lY"3 J )!., ; Carl Col tom, 42-9-33; second division, Frank Gratias, 42-11-31; \ Cliff Olson, 42-10-32. Closest to No. Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter 6: Paul Larson. G Ranite 4429 Play is increasing at the College Golf Course as weather conditions Residents wi'thin the boundaries improve, it was reported. of Fire Protedion District No. 4

As usual, the Legion is vitally interested in all Child Welfare activ1ties and so we urge every person to back up the March of Dimes in WILLIAM G. BAKER a c t u a l participation-by sharing Funeral services were held Saturyour dimes. To further this program, day afternoon at one o'clock from Clover Creek Post comrades, under the Lakewood mortuary for William the chairmanship of Alce 'Scotty" (Bill) George Baker, 46, who had Young, will take a stand in Tacoma operated his own farm at Rocky for the fOll~ction of dimes and more Ridge, Spanaway, this past year. He dimes. To assist this campaign .the died suddenly at his home Tuesday, ladies of the Auxiliary have contrib- January 11, following a heart atuted fifteen dollars as a start-with tack. a hope that much more will be forthMr. Baker was born in Richfield, corning. Utah, and came to this area in 1924A group of Auxiliary ladic-s ac- from Rentham, Alberta, Canada. For companied one of our Gold Star 15 years he was a salesman for Fuel mothers, J:vfrs. Blanche Ridiskc, in Oil Service, and for three years was order to participate in _a colorful and with Western Lithograph, Tacoma beautiful ceremony of institution of 1 firms. a new post of Gold Star Mothers and He is sui·vived by his widow, Marthe' installation of its new officers,. garet; a son, David M.; and two held last Saturday at the State Ar- 1 daughters, Judith Ann and Donna mory. The occasion was a most hap- 1 Jean, all of the home; three sisters py one, a·nd all 1n attendance were and a brother. pleased with their afternoon of comThe Re,·s. Elvin Evans and Orie panionship with and honor to the Johnson of Latter Day Saints church Gold Star Mothers. officiated at the services, which were Plans are being made at a joint; followed by cremation. committee meeting to be held this week for the entcrtainml'nt of the LOUIS LAVERGNE , . , . department president of the Legwn Louis N. LaVergne, 74, SpanaAuxiliary, Mrs. Crook, who will pay way, died Wednesday, January 12, her official visit to Tacoma and the at the home of a daughter, Mrs. . . .. . . ne1ghbonng aux1hanes on Fnday, Louise A. Drake of Tacoma. Born January 2!l. Our president, Mrs. in Canada, LaVcrgne had lived in Irma Long, is representing our memthe Tacoma district 65 years and bership. Further notice will appear was a retired mill owner. in The Pointer next week-in order Besides Mrs. D rake, Mr. Lathat any interested ladies of the LeVcrgnc is survived by another gion may attend. daughter, Mrs. Evelyn K. BreitAt the dose of the business seshaupt of Tacoma; two sons, George sions, nwmlwrs of Clover C r e e k N. and Frank W., and a brother, gathered at the home of the Longs Julius J., all of Tacoma; a sister, for a pleasant hour of chatter and Mrs. Matilda Hansel of Centralia; refreshment-during which the la17 grandchildren and 26 g r ca tdies of the Auxiliary presented their grandchildrcn. president, Mrs. Long, with a "HapFuneral services were held Friday py Birthday" remembrance. "morning, January 14, at 8:15 o'clock Before signing off, your reporter from Visitation church, with burial wishes to call everybody's attention in Calvary cemetery. to "The Legion on the Air," reguHe and his brother, J. J. Lalar week! y messages pertinent to vetVcrgne of Tacoma, operating as the erans, Legionnaires and all citizens. LaV crgne Brothers, owned, over a Tacoma station KVI at 3:4-5 p.m. on long pc-riod of years, the Sacajawea Monday and Tacoma station KMO Lumber & Shingle Co. of Tenino, on Saturday at 4· p.m.-programs the Tacoma Lumber & Shingle Co., to which all will be pleased to lisTacoma Electric Shingle Mill, Salten, fo rboth information and profit. mon Creek Shingle Mill, Reed Andrews Shingle Mill of Tacoma; the Tanwax Shingle company, the Nelson-Johnson Mill and the Ajax and the Queen Shingle company mills of Alpha. Mr. La Vergne also was a building contractor in Tacoma for eight years.


FULL YEAR (52 weekly issues) ONLY $1.50





GUY L. BLAKELY Guy Leonard Blakely, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard K. Blakely of 9613 East C St., died Saturday in a Tacoma hospital. Besides his parents, the baby is survived by three sisters, Jacqueline Yvonne, Karen Sue and Sandra K., and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Parker and H. B. Davies of Tacoma. Burial was under the direction of Piper. MAE COURTWRIGHT Mrs. Harry (Mac) Courtwright, mother of Vincent Farrell of Parkland, died at her home in Oakland, Calif., last week. Funeral services were held Friday in Oaklnnd. Mrs. Courtwright was a former Tacoma resident who had lived the past 20 years in .the California city. She had attended school in Tacoma and Olympia, Washington. She is survived also by Mr. Courtwright; her mother, Mrs. Clara Westlin of Tacoma; two additional sons, Edward Farrell of Olympia and Vern Farrell of Tacoma; two sisters, Mrs. Nan Siemers, Chicago, and Mrs. Dolly Williamson, Puyallup, Wash. Ask about our house plan service -Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.)

CLOVER CREEK Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 3239

Military Honors Are Accorded to Donald M cLellan

Funeral services for Donald Earl McLellan, A.R.M. 3/c, U. S. Navy, who was killed in a plane crash on Mindora Island, the Philippines, while on a search flight, July 30, 1946, were held Tuesday afternoon Mrs. John Kuper entertained the from the Mountain View funeral members of the executive board ''bf chapel. The Rev. Olin Dasher of Clover Creek P-T A at luncheon on the Christian church officiated. Wednesday, January 12, at her Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Don home. After luncheon the regular McLellan of Spanaway, Donald, 20, monthly business meeting was con- was born in Yakima, Washington, ducted by the president, Mrs. Har- May 8, 1926. He enlisted in March rison L. White. Those present were: of 1943 at Tacoma, just prior to Mrs. White, Mrs. C. E. O'Neill, Mrs. graduating from Linc o In high Virgil Rodius, Mrs. Ace Orsborn, school. He served his boot training Mrs. Ivan Collier, Mrs. Fern Cox at Farragut, Idaho, and radar trainand the hostess. ing at Memphis, Tenn., and at The Ladies Auxiliary of Clover Creek Grange met at the home of the vice-president, Mrs. S. I. Carlson, Thursday afternoon, January 13.

Clover Creek school was closed Monday because the busses were not allowed to run on the roads, which had become soft due to the warmer weather. School will take up again as soon as roads are in condition for the busses to transport the children.

are reminded of still another service to the community, instigated and Friends of William Keene were supported by the Harvard, Midland sorry to learn that he suffered a and Larchmont Fire Department. serious heart attack, Tuesday of last The department has made arrangeweek, and is a patient in a Tacoma ments with the Pierce county blood dier for its regular micting, Janu- hospital. He is some better now and bank for this 'district to have its ary 12. Mrs. Walter Berg discussed is expected to recover, but the docown account with the blood hank. , and demonstrated the making of tors say it will be a long, slow conAnyone needir\!\' this service is toi dish gardens. The club read a letter valescence. call either Al :Bombardier or Frank fr 0 m the committee working on Wessel Kuper is ill at his home Johnson, who are in charge of the Daws o n playfield problems and in Clover Creek. account. Likewise, anyone in the voted to assist in the planning and Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Carlson spent district desirous of helping to build planting for the playfield. The aim Saturday evening visiting at the this fund will please contact either will be to make a park pleasing to home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester HayJohnson or Bombardier. Names of the eye and at the same time a play- den in Tacoma. donors arc to be posted at the fire ground for all the youngsters of the A week end at Mount Rainier station. This is a community project district. Attending the meeting were: was enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. Herwhich is certainly worthy of the Mary Hushek, Beryl Teffre, Lor- bcrt Hiegel and their four children. help of all who reside in the disraine Stevens, Cleo Nelson, Leona They were "snowed-in" but had a trict. No one can know who will Johnson, Mary Luscich, Genevieve J lot of fun. need this service next. : Glundberg, Julie Kelly, Pc g g Yi Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Morrow of Advisors and· leaders of the local. Weaver, Jean Stevens, Marie ·Chris- I Seattle visited at the home of Mrs. 4--H groups have been attending and· tenscn, Alene Hansen, Aileen Daw- Morrow's parents, Mr. and Mrs. planning 1~iany .m.eetings in the p.ast son, Charlotte Schaffer, Helen M~ul- F.zra Heller of Clover Creek, last 1 weeks to fmd \Canous ways of assist- , !er and the hostess, Kay Bombardier. week end. ing .the girls and boys with their Midland Junior Girls 4-H club Mrs. Harlow Tuttle was ~g.reeably carrnval, planned for F:bru~ry 4 at met January 13 at the Harvard, surprised Thursday by a vmt from Midland hall. The carmval is slated Midland and Larchmont fire station, her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. to begin at 7:30 p.m. and promises with President Joann Morud con- Bliss, as she had thought they were to be a lot of fun for young and ducting the meeting. Valerie Davis on their way to their home in Chiold. All 4--H groups in the commu- demonstrated the correct method of cago. The extremely bad weather nity are taking part in the affair. preparing and baking all-pui:pose had caused a change in their plans, At a meeting held at the home of I muffins. Two new members were but they said they would have to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clinto~, Jan- welcomed into the group, Marcilyn leave Sunday, "bad weather or no uary 12, the leaders met with the Robinson and Anne Teasley. bad weather." advisors and ironed out many of the M.dl d B. hd b t J Mr and Mrs. Ernest Loubinger of 1 an 1rt ay c1u me anu· kinks. Attending ;were the Mesdames h h f M J Route 3 left Monday for Coulee . ary l 3 at t e omc o rs. unc . Walter Corngan, A. W. Hanson, J. K h k . I' ll t b t City Wash., where Loubmger exuya up, o cc 1e ra e ' . . f . res a m M. Evans, T. W. Bailey and Albert l b' hd f H 1 I" dd At -pects to work. Their home ts up or · . t 1c trt ay o e en .ia on. . 1 Knesal, and . L'll' C,ampb e ll , II a sale and they. will settle permanent Y . . Messrs. Charles W1tser, tend'mg were: 1 1e . John Hemnch and Albert Kncsal. C k C · T l A K in Coulee City, or m Seattle. . oo ora ay or, nnc e1np, The +-H leaders .. met agam January B .' T d h h d ermce urner an t e onore 16 at the home of Mrs. E. A. Brit. d' h' . guest. tam. Attcn mg t ts meetmg were: J D , f l b f' · on t orgct t 1c enc it magic Mrs. Elmer Morud, Mrs. Albert h d d d b tl ,· I s ow anA .ancc sponsore y ie . Knesal, Mrs. Robert Clmton and the L d' th H d Per Word ....... -..................... _........03 · a 1es ux1 1iary to c arvar , hostess. , Midland and Larchmont Fire De- Minimum ......................................... 50 Members of ·the Le Fleur Garden partment tonight, January 20, at club met at the · home of Mrs. · sI1ow is · to . Frank M'dl l an d h a 11 . 1'11e n1ag-1c Becklund, January .12, w 1th the beg1n · a t 8 o ' c Ioc k an d d anc111g · w1·11 ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE-Mesdames Henry Biorklund, E. A. fUll OW f.IOll1 g t 0 1-· ? M · ·11 b C Lyman Redford, owner. Septic • , . • . . USlC WI tanks pumped, contents hauled Bnttam, Wilham Hiller, Phil Zur- furms · 11cd 1lY th e "('' ,1ty z ek·es " an d . away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794. 0 fl~h, J h n. Dcermg and St~n.ley will feature modern and old time tfc Lipke attendmg. d ancmg. · Th c "famous " M'dl . '. Plans for ass1stmg . 1 an d -iPANAWAY LUMBER CO. rn the landscapmg of Dawson field h · wt·11 Better Lumber for Less. Roof. amb urgers an d h ome-ma d e pies ing, ll ardware and Paints. We be featured at the lunch counter. were discussed; rent floor sanders. GR 8235. A birthday party, honoring VicA shower honoring the December '>EPTIC TANKS CLEANED, contor Eshpcter, was givm January 9 16 wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Albert tents hauled away. Don Redford, at the home of'Mr. and Mrs. Walter Imhoff, was given Sunday, January GA. 7334-. tfc Eshpctcr of Midland. Those attend- 16, at the Midland Improvement RAY-GOGAN - JACK._BARRETT ing were Mr. and Mrs. Frank John- club hall. The bride is the daughter General landscaping, pruning and son, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Swolgaard, of Mr. E. T. O'Neill of 80th and spraying, rockeries, · rock walls, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bombardier, Mr. Portland avenue and Mr. Imhoff is fences, tractor work. and Mrs. Victor Eshpetcr and Mr. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Im- GR. 884-2 BR. 6982 Terms and Mrs. Clarence Johann. hoff of Tacoma. The guest list in- EXPERIENCED baby-sitter wishes Mr. and Mis. Jareld Flowers of· eluded: Messrs. and Mesdames Jack work. Call GRanite 8939. 20c Midland are receiving congratula- Engels, Leonard Imhoff, Tom Giltions on the birth of their first child, bert, Harold Johnson, Floyd Baima son, Marvin}:... loyd, December 29 er, Walter Balmer, Bill Shanahan, at St. Joseph's. hospital. . Noye Balmer, Owen Eujcn, John 1 Friends of Mrs. Byron Parr (Clara Vetterhus, Richard Heitz, George Burleson) will pe glad to hear that Heitz, Carl Taylor, Walter Olsen, she is now ho1pe from the hospital Bill Zongas, D. E. O'Neill; the Mcsand convalescing nicely. At present dames Lillie Campbell, Hallie Balmshe is with her sister, Mrs. Harold er, Evelyn Philcs, Marion :tyfoorc, Leaman of Summit. John Trapp and Fred Imhoff; It was decided, at a meeting at- Messrs. Jim Zongas, Vincent Heitz, tended by bot!i Midland and Har- Philip J?almcr, Ivan Moore, E. T. vard residents, that the money held O'Neill; the Misses Irene Broszc, in a fund for the Dawson field ten- Barb a r a Trapp, Elizc Flaherty, nis court be used to help further Elaine Flaherty, Dolores Mayfield, improvements on the ficldhousc at Sally Balmer and Donna Taylor. Dawson. Whcnc this building is fin- The party was given by the Mesished it can be. used to raise addi- dames Flora 'Zongas, Bette Balmer, tional funds. . Barbara Balmer and Cora Taylor. Flower-box Garden club met at the home of Mrs. Orville Bombar- POINTER WANT ADS PAY


CLASSIFIED ADS Call GH.anite 7100

Jacksonville, Florida. Upon completion of training, he left the U. S. in September of 1945. He is survived by his parents and a sister, Wanda Joy of the home in Spanaway, and another sister, Mrs. Neil {Laurella) Gallagher of Milton. Full military honors were accorded the burial, with a firing squad and bugler from Fort Lewis. Pall bearers, all former schoolmates, were: Earl Cooley, Leo Arnstead, Ted Harris, Chris Tindel, Ronald Bcssell and Don Bigelow. LEGAL PUBLICATION In the Matter of the Application of the





COMPANY, a corporation, for a fran-

chise to construct, operate and inaintain a water pipe line along and across a portion of Primary State Highway No. 5 and Secondary State Highway No. 5-G, in Pierce County.

Franchise Application No. 195i


WHEREAS, PARKLAND LIGHT AND WATER COMPANY, a corporation, has filed "''ith the Director of Highways of the State of Washington, under the provisions of Chapter 53, Laws of 1937, as amended, an application for a franchise to construct, operate and maintain a 1 Yi-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch- steel, transite or cast iron water pipe line along and across a portion of Pri1nary State Highway No. 5 and Secondary State Highway No. 5-G. in Pierce County 1 \Vashington, for a period of

twenty-five (25) years, at the fellowing

designated points:

Begiuuing at a point on the easterly side of Primary State Highway No. 5, as now located and of record in the office of the Director of I-Iig:hways at Olympia, Washingtop., said point being opposite app1·oximately Highway Engineer's Station 39+50 in the SWY-t. of Section 4, Town

ship 19 North, Range

3 East, W. M., thence in a sotJ,therly direction along the easterly side of said highway, crm:;iug

Secondary State H i g h way No. 5-G,

through Sections 4, 9 and 16, to a point opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 120+00 in the NWY.i of Section 16, said township and range. Also beginning at a point on the westerly side of said Primary State Highway No. 5, opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 39 + 50. in the SWY., of Section 4, ToWnship 19 North, Range 3 East, W .M., thence in a .southerly direction along the westerly side of said highway, crossing Secondary State High way No. 5·G, through Sections 4, 9 and 16, to a point opposite approximately· Highway Engineer's Station 120+ 00 in the NWYt. of Section 16, said township and range. Also beginning at a point on the north· cdy side of Secondary State Highway No. 5-G, as now located and of record in the office of the Director of Highways at Olympia, Washington, said point being opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station O+OO in the SWY-t. of Section 4i Township 19 North, Range 3 East, W.M., thence in an easterly direc· tion along the northerly side o{ said high· way, through said Section 4 to a point opposite approximately Highway Engi· neer's Station 53+00 in Section 3, said township and range. NOW, THEREFORE, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a hearing will he held on said application by the Director of Highways o[ the State of Washington at his office in the 'fransportation Building, Olympia, Washington, on the 11th day of February, 1949, at 10 o'clock A.M., or a~ soon thereafter as hearing may be had.

DATED at Olympia, Washington, this 24th day of December, 194!1. s/s CLARENCE B. SHAIN Director of Highways

Pub. Jan. 13, 20, 27, 1949

NOTICE I will not be responsible ·for any debts other than my own. M. G. TAYLOR 20-22e

First Anniversary ·celebration

Thurs., Fri., Sat.

January 20-21·22

Men's Cotton Knit Shorts (reg. 85c value) C 3 for $1.00- each -------·-----------· · Men's 100170 All-wool Shirts $Bl& (plaids, plain colors) Reg. $9.50 value - now ________ _



Brakes and Motor Work a Specialty

Gladiat:or Service PACIFIC AVE. & ARTHUR

GR. 8460


Many other attractive Special Off erings to celebrate completion of our first year. ~

re" LA


Prairie pointer v 4 no 20 jan 20, 1949  
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