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PARKLAND POST· NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall Tomorrow night the fair sex will reign supreme. (Not that they don't all the time, but this is sort of a special deal). We have several lady Legionnaires and arc mighty proud of them, too. They earned the right to full-fledged membership through service during the war in the many branches of the armed services that opened their ranks to women. We have found that the ladies of the Post arc our most willing and conscientious workers. Their . presence makes the meetings so much more interesting-gives the meeting a certain something that rounds out any discussion. Face it, men! The ladies' opinions and ideas are always new, interesting and constructive. Tomorrow night is Ladies' night and all former WA Cs, WAVES SPARS, Army and Navy Nurses and lady Marines arc cordially invited. Cl.OVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Spanaway School Greetings to all Comrades and Ladies of American Legion Post No. 113, and A Happy New Year. . Since last your reporter sent 1Il a message, all the holiday activities have taken place. Notable were the several hospital visits on Christmas Eve, accompanied by gifts for every hospitalized veteran. Save for these gifts many veterans would have been completely ignored, and Christmas would have passed its weary way as the other three hundred sixty four days of his year. Instead, joy was on the face of each patient, and while tears glistened in many e~es -all were thankful for the gaily wrapped gift packages. "Not to be forgotten," as they were listening to Christmas carols over the air, put the finishing touch to their holiday season care. and proved that some folks


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REARDON HOME Fire of undetermined or1gm completcl y destroyed the home of the F r a n k Reardon family in Clover Creek, Thursday, January 6. Passersby noticed smoke escaping around the doors and notified the Spanaway fire department but, due to misdirection, the fire truck arrived too late to be of assistance. The Rcardons were not at home at the time. The buildings were partially covered by insurance and the Rcardons have already started to remodel one of their buildings for a temporary home. Three Granges Hold Joint Installation At Graham Grange hall on Saturday, January 8, during the Ice-' ture hour, the officers of Clover Creek, Fruitland and G rah am granges were installed by I. L. Larson of Laeamas. Matrons for the year will be: Mrs. Ward for Clover Creek, Mrs. Ralph E. Lehman for Graham. At noon, a lovely dinner was served by the Graham ladies, with Mrs. Ernest Cope in charge. They I served J4.0 people. Friday night, January !+, the Wapowsin drill team will put on the first and second degrees at Graham Grange hall. All the new officers will fill their stations.


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Linda Jean Davies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Davies, eekbrated her first birthday last Saturday. Only members of the immediate family were present at the Davies home. . Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Tandberg and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ghesquierc attended .the·46thAtnniversaryc banquet and dance of the Washington State Conference of Typographical Unions last Saturday evening, in the Crystal ballroom of the Hotel Win-

Fire Auxiliary State Patrolman Is Scheduled to Discuss Schedules Benefit Safety Program a t Meeting of January 20 Magic Show~ Dance The regular nweting of the Parkland P-TA will br held Thursday evening, January 20, at 8 o'clock in the school auditorium. The program will be turned over to the visual education chairman, Paul Larson, and to the safety chairman, Mel Pedersen. Sgt. Paul Pattison of the Washington State Patrol will be the guest speaker for the evening. He will prescnt a movie dealing with the safety program. The fourth grade room mothers, Mrs. C. K. Goodrich, Mrs. Haley Peterson and Mrs. Virgil Bergh, will be hostesses. The tables will be deeorated by the fourth grade teachers. Baby-sittcrs will again be available through the school (GR. 7235) to frce parents to attend this meeting. The Parkland room mothers will meet Monday, January 17, 8 p.m., at the home of Mrs. John McCaffery on Harrison street, with Mrs. Virgil Bergh and Mrs. Neil Gaiser cohostesse~. Members will discuss plans for the mother-singers concert, the junior high party, and Spring Fair projects. More instructors are needed for both the boys' and girls' physical edu.cation programs. Anyone interested in contributing two hours of time each week, please contact either

of Washington's birthday, will be held af Sunshine Hall, Saturday, February 19, from 9 to 12 p.rn. A red, white and blue patriotic theme will be used in decorations and favors. Refreshments will be served. The dance is sponsored by the Parkland Pre-school with Mrs. RoberLLynd .~ cbairma.11. Ot.bers grying on the committee are the Mesdames Rush VanOnnan, William Vanek, Richard Simpson, James Turner, Joseph Anderson, James C. Hitch, Arthur Bowman, James R. Slater, and Miss Frances Scearce.



Trinity Guild Names Officers, Committees At First 1949 Meet



As P a r t n e r in Store Ernest J. Kiesow has arrived from Silverton, Oregon, to enter partnership with A. W. Sunset in the Sunset Furniture Co., located in Parkland Centre. Kiesow has taken an apartment in Parkland Centre and will be joined by Mrs. Kiesow and their son Steven, five, as soon as she has completed disposal of their house in Silverton. Kiesow had been associated with

The nearest thing to a municipal election that takes place in unincorporated Parkland will transpire this evening (January 13) at Parkland school, when the Parkland Community club elects officers for the year ahead. The election is the principal item of business at the club's first regular meeting of 19+9. Meeting time is 8 o'clock. Candidates already nominated, by a furniture store in Silverton since 'a special committee named for that leaving armed service three years purpose, are: ago. He specializes in installation of For president: W. W. (Woody) floor coverings and the Sunset FurC I i n e; for vice-president, Robert niture Co. plans to open a floor Haner and Lawrence Hultengren; coverings department within a few for secretary, Mrs. Dorothy Goodweeks. It will be located in other store quarters in Parkland Centre. rich, Mrs. Virginia Ellingson; for Kiesow came originally from Ne- treasurer, M. Stauffacher, E. W. braska. Mrs. Kiesow grew up in (Fritz) Beitz; for publicity chairOregon. Sunset is also a former Sil- man, W. K. Clark. Additional nominations, from the vcrton resident. floor, will be in order prior to election. Entertainment at this evening's Calls Answered meeting will fc~ture a sports movie. By H-M-L Firemen There will be refreshments followDuring Year . ing the session. Annual report of the Harvard,



Midland and Larchmont fire.depart-IM.dl d Housewife ment for 1948, relt.ased this week 1 an by Chief David McPherson, shows Has N a r r o w Escape 4.7 calls received by the department E d during the year just ended. Prop- As Range xp 0 es crty involved in fires within DisFrozen water coils in the kitchen trict 4· during the year was valued range indirectly caused $250 damage at $48,300, excluding chimney fires. to the home of Mrs. A. V. ThompTotal damage sustained was esti- son, 96th and Golden Given, ~an­ mated by department officers at uary 1O. Knowing that the pipes $9,505. were frozen, Mrs. Thompson made Calls answered during 1948 were a fire in the range hoping to thaw classified as follows: House fires 16, them. Just as the stove exploded, she chimney fires 11, resuscitator calls was entering the kitchen from an4 overheated oil stoves 4, fa 1 s e other part of the house. Had she aiarms 2, car fires 2, brush fires 2, been in the room, death would likely 1 assistance to other departments 2, have resulted. She was thrown to railroad car fire 1, pump basement the floor from the concussion and 1, ambulance call 1, birth I. parts of the stove flew ~II abo~t, breaking cupboards and wmdows rn the kitchen and completely ~emolishing the range. Harvard, Midland and Larchmont fire department anTacoma chapter, Gold Star Moth- swered Mrs. Thompson's call, but . . II · f ers, will hold open msta at10n o luckily no fire broke out. · · officers Saturday, January 15 , Ill Veteran.s Ha.II, Tacoma Armory, at WELL BABY CLINIC . b d 8 p.m. Refreshments w1 11 e serve . All Gold Star Mothers are asked HERE JANUARY 20 to meet in the Armory at 1:30 A well baby clinic will be held o'clock Saturday afternoon to drill Thursday, January 20, in the Parkfor the installation. For further in- land Methodist church, with regis-


Soulh End Sporf:s • •




IInstallation Sethby

Gold Star Mot ers


tration hours from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Pre-physical examinations and immunizations will be given. The clinic, with Mrs. William Garrett as chairman, is sponsored by the Parkland Pre-school under the auspices of the Pierce county health department and is a free service to the community.

'.Answer That Christmas Seal Letter





er 52

Harvard, Midland and Larchmont fire department Auxilia1·y met January 5 at the fire hall, Lorenc Baskett presiding. Anne Kemp, chairman for Christmas baskets, reported the success she and her committee enjoyed in preparing the baskets. Midland Brownies, under the direction of Clara Palmatier and Cleo Davis, supplied a toy for each child of a family and the I-Iarvard-Midland P-TA bought candy, nuts and fruit for each family. The group discussed plans for a magic show and dance, to be held January 20 at Midland hall, to aid a needy family. The magic show will get under way at 8 p.m., with dancing following until 12. The entertainers, who traveled in the Unitcd States and Europe with the late Major Bowes' troupe, are known as Aloma the Mystic and Davion the Magician. Viola Bombardier and Bee Brittain were hostesses for the evening and the birthdays of Helen Robinson, Betty Weeks, Betty Cole and Anne Kempe were honored.



Kiesow Joins Sunset

Midland "Over 18'.' basketball team played its first Indepen,dent league game January 6 at the Jason Lee gym, meeting the Federal Way Margaret Cockburn, Reporter Pirates. The Midland squad, travelPhone LA. 2121, Ext. 5607 ing under the title of "Ted's Boys," were in good form and cah1e out The January business ''.1~eting of on top of a 40-24 sco~e. Morry the McChord NCO Auxiliary was Taylor of Midland was high scorer held Wednesday afternoon, January for both teams, with 18 points. 12, in the green dining room ~f the I Midland-Forwards, Beshler (6) NCO club. The hostess~s, Mrs. R. ·and Marr ( 10); center, Taylor ( 18); R. Runger and Mrs. c. E. Loveland, I guards, Fredericks (2) and Vaughan scrvcd a dessert luncheon to ~he ( 4 ). mem~.ers ai:d g,~,~s~~,yi:esent. ~ h~ ·>~federaYWa:y.::::..:Forwards, Michael" newly-elected president, Mrs. W. R. d L"b ( 4·). t . . . son ( 10) an 1o , cen e1, Stephenson, presided at the mectmg. d B1 !· d .. b Cleary ( 5) · guar s, a c ' an The following auxiliary mem ers . ' were appointed to the executive.Brodie (3)". .. . . . h . I Subs·· Midland , - Poo Ie, S tav1g, board: Special activ1t1es c airman, · Mrs. N. A. Reeff; social activities I F;deral Way, Kolstead, Calhoun chairman, Mrs. Harold R. Frantz; ( ) · spotter, Mrs. Thomas M. Morton; --personal affairs chairman, Mrs. Joe Parkland hoo~er~ 0 P ~ n c d the n . al· and public relations chair- Pierce county Jumor high school formation, call Mrs. Eleanor Polk, .vys, '• "d b man Mrs. F. R. Cockburn. Mrs. league season here last Fn ay Y GArland 4680, or Mrs. J. N. Johnpre- splitting contests with Fife • cagemen. , . J 0 h 11' A . Moore ' virr-J1l'Csident, son, GArland 3668. scnted Mrs. Joe Bysak, the retiring Parkland Midgets took an 1mpress1ve president, with an automatic toast~!", 30-16 win _iust before the Parkland I BUNYANS MEET FRIDAY a gift of 'the auxiliary in apprec1a- school varsity. was edged out, 20-19. Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportstio,~ of her leadership and unceasing The varsity clash was a stretch men's club will hold its monthly efforts in behalf of the auxiliary run all the way, the halftime score business meeting Friday, January during her term as president. standing 8-8. The winning marker 14, at Midland hall, 8 p.m. Bowling Briefs was dropped by Kern of F.ife on a foul try after the final whistle had .Ladies League: T.h.c Sleepers, cap- sounded. Bill Moyer was high scorer :am<"d by I'.cnc Sm t, took the lead of the game with 8 points and pressthe ladies le~guc on Monday ing him on the local squad was mght. Evelyn Wright (Rollcrcttes) Ronnie Storaasli, 6 points. High for scored the high three-game series the visitors was center Cole, with 7 with +98 and the high single game points. with 194.. Georgia Raiford (Lucky Billy Rush, Parkland, and Horton Five) was runner-up with a 192. Mixed League: The second half of Fife tied for scoring laurels in of the mixed league season got un- the Midget contest, with 9 each. Il dcr way with th" replacement of an was Parkland's second-half spurt entire team. The Sinkers now are that clinched the ganrn, as the halfLes De Foe, Arlene Robinson, time count was a mere 8-6 edge for , Charles Gates, Geneva Matthews the locals.




--Stan Reynolds at GRanitc 6839, or Mrs. W. W. Cline at GRanitc 6772. The volunteer instructors in lea th-, crcraft will be Mesdames Neil Gais-' er, Lewis Duffey, Rufus Harvey, Lloyd Pixley and W. W. Cline. Classes arc to be held every Wcdnesday evening (beginning January 12) from 7-9 p.m. for four weeks at the Parkland school. ·Fifth and sixth grade girls and all mothers are invited to attend. The physical education program, which is to begin at a later date and is also open to fifth and sixth grade nnd all motlwrs, will have as volunteer i'1structors the Mesdames E._ R. Crain, R. H .. Hartl(l1an, John Smith, Frank Lapcnski, Neil Gaiser, Stan Reynolds, and W. W. Cline. The chairmen for the MotherSingers' concert and fashion show, to be held in Ma'rch, met at the home of Mrs. C. 0. Olson, Monday afternoon, to discus.s initial plans for the event. Mrs. Qlson, director of the Mother-Singers group, will be in charge of the concert and Mrs. Stanley Willis and Mrs. Harold Pcterson arc co-chairmen of the style I show. Mrs. Paul Larson will be in charge o~ floral decorations. Refreshmcnts will be served by the rnom 1 mothers.




throp, Tacoma. Billy eook is at home this week with the mumps, but is doing nicely. Entertaining at her home Wednesday evening, December 29, Miss Helen Ramstad honored Miss Elizabeth Fynboc, whose engagement to Edward Hanson of Bryant, S. D., The first meeting of the year for was announced on Christmas day. Trinity Guild of Trinity Lutheran At the same time, friends were sur- church in Parkland, was held in prised by the news of the hostess' ~he chu.rch parlors and the followbetrothal to Eldon Kyllo of La- mg officers were elected for the Crosse, Wash., whose appointment ensuing year: Mrs. Philip E. Hauge, to the teaching staff of Parkland president; Mrs. Harold Lerna~, viceschool was announced last week. , president; Mrs. Arnold Ellingson, Op~n. ~ouse D~ecmber marked secret~r~; Mrs. Andrew Anderson, the s1hc1 wcddmg anm\ crsary of treasm e1. . . Mr. and Mrs. O_wcn Barrett . of' T~e followmg comn11t~ces were Brookdale. Decorat10ns were Chnst- appomted to s er v c dunng 19,19: mas theme, with silver predominat- Budget, Mrs. C. S. Fynboc, Mrs. ling. The table was set with a silver Carl Coltom, Mrs. Anna Enge; ways centerpiece and silver candles. A and means, Mrs. Enge, Mrs. A. Mykbride's cake, with miniature bride land, Mrs. Carl Hedlund; program, and groom was at one end, and a Mrs. Lcraas, Mrs. W. Strunk, Mrs. beautiful silver service, gift of the Thomas; flower, Mrs. Esther Davis, Barretts to each other, graced the Mrs. J. Running; hostess, Mrs. J. U. other, with Mrs. Barrett's mother, Xavier, :tvlrs. L. A. Halverson; mrmMrs. George No1·wood, at the urn. bcrship, Mrs. H. L. J. Dahl, Mrs. Guests included, besides Mr. and Anna Ellingson, Mrs. L. R. OverMrs. George Norwood of Eatonville, land. i and Bill Matthews. Les DeFoe got 1 father and mother of Mrs. Barrett: Publicity, Mrs. Burt H. Raymond, a nice single game of 200, but "Hex" Messrs. and Mesdames Clyde Kim- Mrs. C. M. Olson; auditing, Miss i Hexum (Scatterpins) edged him out brough, Joseph Hoheim, Harry Katherine Arntzen, Miss Emmy Col- I with a 207,. also taking the night's Hitch, Harry Sprinkcr, Cbn·ncP- tom; supply, Mrs. S. Hinderlic; vis- I three-game series with 552. Pearl Turnell, Harry Sharpe, Berry Sugg, iting, Mrs. Kclmcr Roe, Mrs. J. P .. Hofmann (Unlucky Five) took the James F. Jones, Orval French, Ar- Pflueger, Mm. Xavier, Mrs. 0. J. ; honors for .jhc ladies with a single thur Hart, Lewis Dennison, Otto Stucn, Mrs. S. C. Eastvold, Mrs. game of 186 and a '152 series. Venneberg, Warren Hayte Sr., War- Bernard Olson, Mrs. 0. Jordahl, ·· rcn Hayte Jr., and Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. J. Brye; hos1fitality, Mrs. Paul MISSENT GREETINGS John Morgan. Afternoon guests were Preus, Mrs. Wm. Storaasli. AWAIT CLAIMANTS AT Mesdames Addie Church, Lila BoynSp cc i a I committees - Mother- PARKLAND POST OFFICE ton, Mable Morrison, Dora Craig, daughter, Mrs. Ole Hagencss, Mrs. Alphabetical segregation of apE the I Bro~1son, Gladys Dawson, Collom, Mrs. J. Lamb; bazaar, Mrs. proximately 3,000 Christmas gree1'Myrta Connght, Mary Wade and Clifford Olson, Mrs. Paul Bonclo, ing cards misdirected to the ParkZdla Mason. Mrs. C. Korsmo. land post office has now been comFrank Gillette has been mis.sing The Women's Mission Federation pletcd, it is announced. The bulk of from his store the early part of this will be represented in Trinity Guild these cards is intended for rcsicknts week, because of illness. by ·the following appointed members of this area who receive their mail !Vlr. and Mrs. E. 0. Smith of during 1949: Secretary, Mrs. Jvf. on Tacoma rural routes and any Clo.vcr Lea street have ri:turncd t.o Hokcnstad.; missions, Mrs. A. W. rural box holder who thinks cards their home here after a trip to Cali- Ramstad; education, Mrs. E. H. . addressed to him may be in the colfornia-just in time to miss the Steen; promotion, Mrs. L. L. Voci-: lection may now call at the Parkdcn; cradle roll, Mrs. Robert Olson; land post office to receive them. The snow. Dr. and Mrs. P. E. Bondo are I life membership, (In Memoriam),' post office will hold these cards at moving into the Parkland home they Mrs. Anna Knutzen; thank offering, Parkland for the remainder of the 1 have purchased at 515 Hendricks Mrs. Valborg Holstad; historian, month of January, before disposing Mrs. Al Rasmussen. of them. street.


Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland

ill I t:


Local Parent-Teacher Activities Speeded;

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Poche! flew PRE-SCHOOL to Los Angeles, Monday, to visit I N A U G U R A T E S relatives of~Mrs. Poche!. They ex'GEORGE'S J I G ' pected to be absent from Parkland about one week. "George's Jig," a dance in honor

So, de~r Comrades, chins up! You arc to be glad that you dug deeply into the "old sock" .for these gift packages and, dear ladies, be glad that the weary hours you spent in beautifully wrapping the Christmas packages brought such rich reward. As a witness to these hours of satisfaction. r, too, .wish to. congr:ifufate. you. upon these labors and tell you your labor was not in vain4 and was indeed worth the effort. Your Commander, William Lee Bailey, · now somewhat stronger, takes this opportunity to add his . appreciation to the Comrades and Ladies and wishes to bespeak his pride in his Post for the part his comrades p I a y c d in dispensing Christmas cheer, and says "more power to you.'' This Friday, January 14, will be held the first meeting in this new yeaL The Comrades will meet in the Scout hall but the Ladies Auxiliary will hold \ts meeting at the home of the president, Mrs. Irma Long. So., .everybody all out!. Start the new year right. Start right with the new · ·.J\r and put your shoulder to the li~el of our great American Legion and carry through its noble aims. '


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Parkland squads will entertain Midland quints in their next league meetings, this Friday, 2 p.m., in the Parkland school gym. Spanaway school basketball teams w c re winners of a doubleheader played Friday evening, January 7, versus Waller Road. The games were the first of the season. The score for the boys' team was 2+ to 19. The girls' score was 19 to 14·. On the boys' team were: Dick Davidson and Eugene Kirbo, forwards; Robert Slater, center; David Scearce and Marlin Guinn, guards. Lineup for the girls: Forwards, Nancy Birkhofer, Joanie Odden and Frances Slead; guards, Maxine Crocker, Lucille Jamison and Mona Atkins. Dan Grefthen, seventh grade teacher at Spanaway, was referee. Coach is Sam Green. Due to weather conditions, the jamboree which was to be held this week at Edgemont, has been postponed one week and will be held Saturday, January 15.









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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, January 13, 1949

the most minor phrases of a proposed act will not readily be 1 led to endorse any proposal not soundly drafted. Whether or not you use your seat in the galleries at Olym-1 Mrs.. Ruth K uper, R epor t er . . . pia, you'll pay for it. If you do use it, you'll get something Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289 'vV. C. Tandberg, James Heanski, J. L. Ghesqu1erc .................. Pubhshers 1out of the current performance. Your presence w'ill spur the\ -Wm. K. Clark.. ........................................................................................ Editor performers and you will be a more discerning purchaser when Ta~~aa~:e!1r~~n~=~b a~~~~~: A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland._ B_rookdale, the advance bills go up for the next attraction, two years J the home of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Prtntmg Co., P. 0 f w w· · Cl C k Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. rom no · ie'?1~: m over ree"


Se tu ices

!J>eJi/ected g'fi Jiu gerze?zations


DID YOU KNOW This firm is not a branch. Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower prices. We have a qualified Miiitary Advisor. More and more families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) personal service. The Coroner's office is located here. THEREFORE: Let us be your friend in time of need.

Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post ofHce at Parkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. , . . . SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00

V1S1tmg at the John Kuper home, Sunday afternoon, were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen and children, E M J h Ch J d mma av, o n, ares 1 r. an Bobby. · Bessie Roland visited Mr. and Mrs. PAUL MELLINGER Dee Parkam at Spanaway, ThursCHARLES MELLINGER day night. Owners Markstonc en. Mary and . . Wallace . . Joyed a v1s1t with their. gran.dpar. . M d M w w Pl 0 f ents, r.. an . rs. · · ew . . . Lake Louise, Fnday and Saturday. vened this week m Olympia. CAST YOUR VOTE FOR "MAYOR" TONIGHT! A trip to Centralia, to see their Our state legislature convened on the heels of the opening BE THERE WHEN PARKLAND COMMUNITY CLUB friends, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard of the national Congress. This sequence is an indication of I ELECTS OFFICERS_ PARKLAND SCHOOL, 8 P. M. Swa~son, was ~njoyed by :he Harry the relative attention centered on the national and state lawMaMrkstoncdfaMmily l~sBt wd~ckP.l d . bo d'ies. Th e nat1ona · 1 government 1s · f'.irst m · t h e spotr. an rs. u cw an ma k mg the dinner was Miss S. Wegner, one children, Jackie, Tommy and Jerry, 1 LAKEWOOD light o.f public interest and generally almost completely over-1 of 17 4-Hers to be chosen in the and Mary Markstone, were visitors United States to travel Europe and in Eatonville, Sunday. shad.ows the state governments. At increasing pace governMrs. Albert Nelson, reporter mental functions have been stripped from the states and cenU. S. Marine !ack Dunn arrived and Mrs. David Judd (Helen Benthe British Isles and live in farm Phone G Raham 206 homes. at the home of his parents, Mr. and nett). Grandparents are Mr. and tralized in Washington, D. C. Yet there is much that our state Mrs. Howard Price visited at the Mrs. Jack Dunn, from the marine Mrs. Sidney Bennett of Elk Plain. legislators can and must do and much more that a strong state Graham Farmcttes, 4-H Girls, and home of Mrs .. R. W. Stanger on base in San Diego, last Sunday, He Alice Dorfner, Reporter Hugo Loveland was pleasantly their leader, Mrs. Harold McGee, law-making body could and should accomplish, to bring govSunday. has just completed a trip to Pearl Graham 458 surprised Saturday night by a group have a committee to decorate the ernment closer to home. Mr. and Mrs. E. Nelson of Ta- 1 Harbor and the Orient. Mr. and --of friends, in honor of his birthday. window in the post office each .. · · · ·Al.bert IM rs. D unn are now res1'd"mg on sa 1es Friday ' January 7' the home of Others present were: Mr. and M rs. The legislative session now getting under way in Olympia month. This month, Shirley Andrews coma vlSlted with his cousm, · . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reardon. burned Ross Sherman, Doris . Cnm . roa d · an d is faced with a number of impressive problems. How positively is chairman and the theme of the Nelson, Fnday mght. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter visited The Ladies Auxiliary of Clover to the ground and nothm? "'.as daughter Mary Lee, Mr. and Mrs. it meets them will show what value is received for the votes month will featurc The March of at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Creek Grange will meet Thursday saved. The Spanaway-Elk Plam Fire H. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. HenDimes campaign. was called but were un- derson, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. T'bb' cast last November. Woods of Tacoma, Sunday. a fternoon at t h c l10mc of M rs. S · I · Denartment . ,.. . I itts Mr. and Mrs. K. Laycock and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Farley and· Carlson, for their first meeting of able to save anythmg. On Sunday, and sons Dale and Thorn, Mr. and Residents of this area are near neighbors to the state capfamily have moved into the Lloyd son visited Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tread- the new year. several men from the Spanaway-Elk Mrs. Ben ·Kuper and son Bob, Mr. ital and from that fact have exceptional opportunities to sit Murray place. well of Eatonville. On their way The Busy Eight met at Mrs. S. I. Plain Fir~ Depa:tment Company and Mrs. E. L. Preston, Mrs. Lovein on legislative meetings. Those who use their opportunities Mr. and l\Irs. A I be rt Nelson, home, they visited with her parents, Carlson's home Thursday, January ~ 0 · : assist:d neig_hbors and rela- land and children Shirley, Joyce, to attend will be well rewarded in surer knowledge of law- Ralph Nelson and Emil Nelson were Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger. 16, for luncheon. The afternoon was tiv~s Ill makmg habitable an unused Mary and Ralph. The evening was Ralph Nelson visited at the home spent visiting. ch_icken _house for temporary use by spent at old-time square dancing making processes. They will come to understand that law- dinner guests at the home of Mr. making is almost always a process of compromise. They will and Mrs. Chas. Lorenz, on Sunday. of his uncle, Albert Nelson, Wednes-'1 Saturday evening, January 8, Mr. this fa~ily. The Reardons were very and games. A birthday cake and and Mrs. Fred Pratt visited at the appreciative and. Mrs. Re a r.d 0 n lunch was served and gifts were get to know the qualities that make for an effective [eaislator Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson and day. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson and home of Mrs. S. I. Carlson. showed her gratitude by servmg a opened. and ·will be in position to look for those qualities when"' candi- Emil Nelson visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Haskins gave . Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lorenz on Emil Nelson visited at the home of i The home of Mrs. C. Mann of meal to all the workmen. dates are agam set before them. Lidford r 0 ad. The occasion was Mr. and Mrs. Anton Dvorsky, on' Clover Creek was the scene of a On December 30, a son, David I a house warming party New Year's 1 Wednesday. party to honor Miss Edna Inderbit- Martin, was born to Mr. and Mrs. I Eve to initiate the lovely new adCrowded hours of a legislative session show points of in- Jim's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Thorsen of zen on her birthday, Saturday eve- John Farren of the Mountain high- diti~n to their home at Elk Plain. terest to every viewer. Seeing a chapter of law written is often Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanger and Guests dropping in during the eveincentive to subsequent following of the workings of that law, family visited with her parents, Mr. Tacoma visited at the home of his ning, January 8. The evening was way. brother, Paul Lindberg. 'spent in playing games and dancing. Miss Arlene Walk was among a ning included: Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. . . ]' h d . . h' Tl l and Mrs. A. Paulson, Sunday. 1ea d mg 111 turn to more en ig tene citizens· ip. 1ose w 10 go Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter visited Her family gathered at the home , Guests were: Leona Sweet, ,group from the Puyallup High Ski Mickaelson, Tacoma; Mr. and Mrs. to scoff at the zany antics frequently present at a legislative at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin of Mrs. Viola H. Hoard to wish her and Nina Boness, Dolores Sm1thlm, club who went on the train to the E. R. Lowery and Mr. and Mrs. happy birthday recently. Attending "Pete" Stenson, Ruthie Failey, Har- Milwaukee Ski Bowl. Frank Smith, of Roy; Mr. and Mrs. session and just as frequently given undue prominence will 1 Woods of Parkland, Saturday. were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erickson ris Cox, Benny Inderbitzen, RichOn Tuesday, Decenlber 4, Mrs. D. Bales, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Higsoon learn that sober hard work is pre-eminent. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger vis· b · · h 1 f " l f' . ,, ' ited at the home of his sister, Mrs. and family, Mr. and. Mrs. L. W. ard and Maxine Sus an, Wessel Crim had a lovely candlelight gins, Mr. and Mrs. H. Loveland, A ttent10n now emg given t e resu ts o t Jc me pnnt ,'Aftd Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brown Kuper, Joe Holdener, Omer Roland, supper at the home of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clarke, Mr. and "\. om, F 11"d ay. in newly adopted initiative measures-particularly the penWe are glad to hear Roy Carlson and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie and Clarence Cruzan, Paul Mr. and Mrs. Glen Belienberg of Mrs. Ed Preston, and Mrs. Marie Donald Henry. Smithlin, Bobby and Kay Mnnn, and Spanaway. The candlelight was Lundgren, all of Elk Plain. The evesion law-is giving strength to adverse criticism of the initia- is able to be up, after being ill. the guest of_ honor, Miss Inderbitzen. forced upon the guest because the ning was enjoyed with dancing on tive process. Though we rightly consider the initiative petition All blue rib?on win~ers of 4-H Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bliss, who hostess's electricity went off. the large h~rdwood floor. To welprecious, we find it imperiled by the practice of hiding niggers c~ubs of gardenmg, fcosokmg aRndbcan have been visiting at the home of Saturday evening, December 8, come in the new year, hats, noise. . . , nmg were guests o ears, oc uc1c • m the phrasmg timbers of tru·e people s mandate. One who has J at a dinner held Saturday at Top their daughter, Mrs. Harlow Tuttle, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Castle Jr. en- makers and refreshments added to Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter witnessed the close ,attention that trained law makers pay to 1 of the Ocean. A guest speaker at started for their home in Chicago, tertained at a birthday party in the merriment. GA. 7802 Tuesday. honor of Mr. E. W. Castle Sr., whose . . Patronize Your Advertisers 1 Mrs. Norn~an Wiemer :epo~ts that birthday was Saturday, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mike P~ca of. :uy-, her father 1s convalescmg 111 the David Casperson, whose birthday allup were Sunday evenmg v~s1tors Norwich sanitarium, near Puyallup, was Friday. Those present were: Mr. at the home of Mrs. 0. E. Smith. and is feeling some better. and Mrs. E. W. Castle Sr., Mr. and Children of all ages have been Muri Nichols and sons, Paul and Mrs. David Casperson and small son, Round-the-Clock enjoying the skating in the evenings Clyde, of Spanaway, visited at the · Mr. and Mrs. Robert Castle and Fuel Oil Service! at the large pond on 72nd and home of Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roi- daughter Sandra and thc'·:b.ost and Day or Night Golden Given road. Bonfires have and, Saturday evening. hostess and their children. Sundays also attracted the crowds. Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roland spent Monday evening, December 10, Holidays A guest from Boston, at the home an interesting evening last Sunday David Rich celebrated his 12th Phone any time! of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ames, has night at the Temple Baptist church, birthday by having as his guests been Bill's brother and his family, w he re they viewed the picture, for cake and ice cream and to spend George L. Ames. He is serving with "Voice of the Deep." The film, pro- the evening with him, Bobby Kuper the U. S. Coast Guard. duccd by the Moody Bible Institute, and Dale and Thorny Tibbitts. Marjorie Lavina Judd was born Mrs. Homer Mansfield of Auburn deals with scientific data on fish i was a visitor at the home of Mrs. and ve~etati~n o: the deep .sea. in the Tacoma General hospital on In lme with its recreat10n pro- December 17. She weighed 5 pounds, Nora Dawson last Monday. Mrs. Ervin Smith spent several gram, Clover Creek Grange has de- 7 ounces and her parents arc Mr. days in Colville, Wash., with her cided to show films next Saturday husband, who is working t h e r e. night, January 15, at the Grange FOR HOUSE WIRING hall. A comedy, shorts and a full1. Today you can call twice as many telephones While waiting for bus connections in length feature film, "The Advenon the Coast as you could ten years ago. To pro- . Spokane, she called Mr. and Mrs. tures of Martin Eden," will be PARKLAND-BROOKDALE vide service for our growing West, to make it A. W. Thomas, who are former resi- shown at a nominal price. ELECTRIC possible for you to reach your new friends over dents of 76th and L street. They Youngsters of Clover · Creek are Your N eigbborhood Electrician I said lo tell all their friends "hello." the telephone, we've doubled our system in a taking advantage of the freezing F. J. Nordyke @ The H-M-L Fire Department was decade .•. from 1,830,000 in the fall of 1938, to weather (and the fact that school more than 3,700,000 today. This increase is more called one night last week to fight was closed Monday). Ice skating than we added in the previous 60 years. a blaze in an oil burner at the home parties have been very popular. Sunof Mr. Arne Strand of 82nd and day, Bessie and Eddie Roland and Golden Given Road. Paul Nichols drove to Jovita to enjoy the skating. Monday found a Free estimates on repair and re- large group at Stoney Lake, enjoymodel jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) ing a huge bonfire and skating. Monday skaters were: Alfred and Lois Southwell, Bud and Edward Roland, Paul and David Smithlin, JLcahoure 1'1"n:r§iDl/C Home Howard and Glen White, Ben and Edna Inderbitzcn, Betty and Vernon Tule La;ke Roa;d Meyer, Gary Susan, Jane McCam96th & PORTLAND AVE., MIDLAND GR. 8488 Parkland ' mon, Johnny Cruzan and Harold GR 8077 and Elmer Fromm.

Since it's pleasant to think that honor accorded any indi. . . v1dual among our residents is shared by the whole community, Parkland folk are feeling mighty good this week over Mrs. Ray Ren wick's re-election as chairman of the county What Value Receiv~d? ·library board. It's honor she well deserves. Votes cast at the polls Novcn:~er 2 last have already been Also, the county library branch in Parkland desenes to counted and the tally marked offmal. Now those votes are to be b etter 1cnown an d pa t romze · d . It is . l oca ted in . th e p ar kl an d be counted again in their true significance-during the bienh 1f f d It ll h h'Jd· . sc oo ·or use o a u s as we as sc · oo1 c i ren. nial session of the Washington state legislature which con-


~~ ""











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r/, • 2. Our f~mily had to grow to make this gain. Jn '38 we numbered some 29,000 men and women. Today there are more than .double that number ..• operators, installers, linemen, plant . maintenance men .... all the people who make telephone service possible. And training them to do their work for the West was a big job in itself.

4. All these new telephones give you more value from your owrttelephone. You can call more people . . . more people can get in touch with you. And it keens ri!!ht on hein.P' u o '1 .. hio •-'O bargain. Even in these days of higher prices, a few pennies still buy a telephone call.

3 •. An amazing number of miles of wire has been added to link these new telephones . . • 6,000,000 miles of it. New buildings by the hundreds have been built and sensitive equipment installed. Yet we're far from through. For the West is growing still - and it must have good telephone service to help it grow soundly.





announces that


&'Uee4t fl,


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More than 70,000 people working together to furnish ever-better telephone service to the West

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Parkland, Wash.



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Parkland, Washington, .Thursday, January 13, 19,~9

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eron of Colville, Wash. The Camcrons arc forn:er resi~ents of Span·\ . · 1 away. Welcoming Bo111ta Jean home I Mrs. Dorothy P. Snuth, Reporter ;ire her two brothers, Dell and P. 0. Box 228 - GR. 6757 Mickey. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Escluner of .Weck end guests at the home of 1 Tacoma spent New Year's Eve at 1 Mr. and 1\frs: .Walter Feddersen .of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted War6th and Pacific streets were Miss maid of Mountain highway. Evelyn Daniels and Miss Ellen PowMr. and Mrs. W. H. Bartelme of crs of Bremerton. Miss Daniels is a Seattle and their two daughters, niece of Mrs. Feddersen. Frances and Barbara, were week end J\fr. and Mrs. Don McLellan and guests at the home of Capt. and daughter Wanda Joy spent three Mrs. James Deaton of Fifth street. days Lhis week at Seattle, during Mrs. Deaton and Mrs. Bartelme arc which time they attended a party school chums. They arc both from nnnouncing the engagement of a Mobile, Alabama. niccc~. The Mobile Book Unit will visit Orville W i n st on of Mountain Spanaway, January 20, from 4:00 highway is at home after having o'clock until 4:30 at Third and Pabeen employed the past three months cific streets. A baby daughter, born to Mr. and at J,ongvicw, Wash. Recent guests at the home of Mr. Mrs. Mike Laudette at the County and Mrs. Jack Henrickson of Lake hospital, has been n am e d Lillie Shore drive were Mr. and Mrs. Al Frances. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gunz

Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter G Ranite 4429


Recent guests of Mrs. Eban Ny"F" h gren o f E ast street were er . daughter and son-111-law, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Collins of Richland. E· l C r M I.. an d "·I n rs. ar a111cron H enry Bergcr roa d are f ortunatc f b d 1949 t owners 0 a ran new au 0 -


i ·1

mo Ji c. . Announcement has Just been re. , ce1vcd of the birth of a baby dau~htcr, who has been named Bo111ta J ean to Mr and Mrs Grand Cam. -, . --...... HAVE YOUR 1948 '







1949, at the fire hall. New officers

Eshpcter, secretary; Lewis McArlor, treasurer, and George Turner, who starts a three-year term as trustee. Floyd Ayers, on behalf of the retiring o ff i c e rs and the members, pledged full support to the new officers. During the business meeting, a revised edition of the by-laws for the club was brought up for discussion

•• ,"',.

·"' /, .''.; ; ,


·t~ ;</ flJ]"~(J' 1;'


i· ;·' · :. . '.

·'l! •




,;:/.,I~~"; ~~~· \\ , •



~· -~

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~ _ · '·-· .. ·-··-



~:; i(

j.' : \~~P,' . -~ ~ "="'


"An d w hy s h o uld n 't she Ioo k IoveIy ?• It t ook her six · hours . !' and twenty minutes to get that way '


. . . CA.MPus· NEWS

highwa_y. A week end trip, first tol Olympia and then to Portland, was made. At Portland, Miss Ro~ter THIS WEEK AT PLC boarded a plane for San Francisco . . . s·h c is · emp Joye d · Twelve . students w I1c1c . . were .confirmed , . . at a special service held 111 1 ruuty Recent guests at the home of Mr. . and. Mrs. Ben Bromgard of Eighth Lutheran .church Sund.ay e.vcnmg. ' Mrs. Davi'cl The collegians had received mstrucstreet were Mr. and . Pfun d J r. an d c h'ld 1 ren, Barb ara, t1onf from . the Rev. I' . . Kclmcr R RN. . Roe,d Bobbie and LeRoy, of Astoria, Ore- pro cssor 111 re igion. ev. oe an gon; Bill Pfund, of Portland; Mr. Dr. E. B. Steen[· coll~gc past~r, c~nand Mrs. Roy George and children, ducted the con irmatrnn service. r. Loraine, Arlene and Clark. S. C. Eastvold gave ft~e scrn:on. h . . The students con Hmecl mto t c Mr. aud Mrs. Ed wm Dixon and . . . ,. . . highway . Re1tha, family of Mountam ha\l' Lutheran faith mclude . . . Harry McLauohlm Delbert Schafer, 0 returned from a two-week v1s1t to ' N JoAnnc Harshman, Ernest CcmenSweet Home and ewport, 0 regon. N I p I ff F 1 Berry Cl'f . t111a c1 ot 10 'ran' 1Chnstmas was ~pent at Sweet Home f ' ll F d '. S I ' M'l 1 1 and New Year's at Newport. ord A en, •re encl' c Srumm, Id· . . . ton Hanson, Edna cc wartz an Congratulat10ns arc bcrng received . I W II Bever v a ace. by Mr. and Mrs. John Farron upon · * ** . . the birth of a son The httle fellow b . . A . . ' · .· · · Andor Fo1des, n 11 iant mcncan arrived December 30, at St. Jo- pianist will ,ivc a concert Tuesday . h' I · I H .· h cl ' g . sep s 1osp1ta . e. we1g e seven evcninrr January 18 at 8: 15 p.m. m pounds and has been named David the S~;dent Unio: building. The M .· F . b h ·I h' · aitin. ou1 rot ers we. come im public is invited to attend h M I cl · · omc. aterna gran. . parents arc * ** 1 Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Hicks. The Lutes and Lorrgcrs take up . f I . " Terry D_1xon,. daughter o Mr. anl the casaba cudgel against one anMrs. Ed";m Dixon, celebrated .her other again Friday night when they





second .. bi~thday and L. loyd, square off. on. the Memo. rial. gymson of M1: and Mrs. A~thur_ P1~tz nasium maple. Game time is 8 p.m. of .1'.~oun~arn highw~y'. l:~s third, at and a preliminary . gai·n· c is slated Ill a. JOlllt b1rthday pai ty given a~ the for 6: 15. This tilt between the crossPietz. home Wednesday, Janua1y will count . 5. town rivals ' , · in the Ever. Over 4 Years Experience A pmk-and-bluc theme predommatgreen conference standings • CurBureau of Internal Revenue • • " • ._ .. " •. , ed. After Happy Birthday rentlv, CPS and Central leading ,, smgmg . .. .. are .. ·' 415 Garfield St. Parkland to You, r~freshments were sen~cd: the loop with two victories each. by Mrs. P 1 et z. Guests attendmg 1 . r w:re: Llo~d ~nd Wayne Pwtz, ferry i He sat down in the small restauu·wc the waitress his order• B ob an d Barb ara, spent Satur d ay Dixon, M1ck1c, Lola and Ann Cox. · rant ' ..and ::>' ' with her father at Harts Lake. . Mr. and Mrs. Ben ~romgard of: "Bring me a burnt piece of toast, a Mr. and Mrs. john Gunther of Eighth street spent Fnday at Sc- burnt piece of bacon, two cold scramCavalier, North Dakota, have left attle. bled eggs, and a cup of cold, badly Phone f f . . 'ti M d Mrs. L. L. Kuester has been very brewed coffee" · MAIN or 110me a ter a VISlt w1 1 r. an . . ,. h H · · · 7745 Mrs. Harvey Ouhl of Mountain ill at he~ home ~n Eight street. er The waitress brought the food as many fncnds wish her a speedy re· ordered. ·~:·:t·::•:*::·:t·:t·::·::·::·:t·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::.::·::·::-::·::·::·::.::-::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::;~ covcry. "Now," said he, "sit clown on the ~ K Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long of other side of the table and nag me. Eighth street have returned to Span- I'm homesick." away after a three-week trip to San Diego, Calif. rr· . A ttcn d'mg wc1e. tic l M f' d M d o 1cc1s. es. . L con H arnson 1s con me to a - d , x 'Id s' M . . . runes l.Y.tatl a yn1mons, anan igan General hospi ta! with a parn- Wh' itc, B crt Iia F ec·id crscn, V c lina ~ ful leg injury. '!! S tc1"d e I, an d M'tss Rh one, r' LUCI c Visiting old friends in Spanaway . R, d 11 Al ice .m a . r • was Mrs. Blanche Meidell and her · h . k Af ter spen d mg two wi;e s wit :·! !·!I two daughters, Tomina and Ni.kki. ·cl h tt v h er e Id est son an d I1er aug ter· 1aw, M.1. an d ~'[ R·Ctl)en 1 M 01. Office Address: Office Phone: GR. 6492 To~ina und~~wrnt a tonsilectomy miv. rs. · p 1 d ,,. L A M · :.: P. 0. Ilox 243, Parkland Res. Phone: GR. 8052 :.: durmg the v!S!t. ns, at ort an , iVIrs. . . orns !•! ;·: Friends and neighbors will miss . h d h t~!·!!·l!·lt·::.:t·!!·!!·!!·!!·lt·!t·!!·!!·!t-!t·!!·l!·!!·!}!!·!!·!!{!·!!·:!·!!·!!·!!-!!·!!·!!·!*~·!!·!!·!!·!!·!t·!!·!!·!!·!!•!!·!!·!t~t M · · d M A h' "['II · d spent a week here with er aug ter, Mrs. Doyle Cox, of Mountain 1. an , rs. re 1e 1v 1 er an t h e i r four children, formerly of highway. Sixth and F street, who have moved MOTOR TUNE-UP LUBRICATION Mr. and Mrs. L. Stevens have left to San Lorenzo, Calif. Complete Line of Ignition Parts Atlas Tires and Batteries William Bothwell, who was near Spanaway for a nearby mountain fatally ill during the holidays, is rcs~r.t, where they have accepted a now recuperating at his home at pos1t1on as caretakers. GRanite 6465 Seventh and East E streets. Pete King of Parkland, former Spanaway on Mt. Highway Due to the icy highways, Spana- i resident. of Spana way, was pleasantway school children enjoyed an cx- / ly surpnsed Saturday evening when tra holiday Friday. a group of Spanaway friends hdped Mrs. Juanita Bayley, Spanaway him enjoy hi~ birthday with a party. Pre-school president, is ill at her Th.ose attendrng were: Mr. and Mrs. home on Military .road with a throat Oliver Omat, Mr. and Mrs. George infection. Woolhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mrs. Mary Henricksen of Lake . Kirby, Mr. and Mrs. Walt GothShore drive was hostess at a lunch- I berg, Mr. and Mrs. William Niessen and Milton Baylor, Spanaway; Tom eon given at her home Friday afterJohnson, Ed Spahr and Miss Marnoon. Following the luncheon, a garet Baylor of Tacoma; and Mr. board meeting of the Firemen's Auxand Mrs. Pete King. iliary was held to make necessary The Mesdames Dillingham, AnCOOK BEFORE 4:30 arrangements for installation of new derson and Omat made the final OR AFTER ·6:30 PM audit of the books of the SpanawayElk Plain Volunteer Firemen's AuxTHE entire Pacific Northwest faces a serious power iliary, Sunday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. Cliff Anderson on shortage - especially between the hours of 4:30 and specill • oR'B \\l'By,\l Mountain highway. 6:30 PM. In so far as possible, serve oven meals prepared 01'\\,"J' Co\o!C.1 Members of Spanaway's younger on.e s,_\0 in advance of 4:30 and use as few surface units as possible. set arc enjoying the cold spell, as they make up skating parties and DURING THE CRITICAL HOURS - WASTE NO ELECTRlCITY. · d\a! ~\J ;CI. •/ ao'Lct\ lj'!''l wiener bakes at the pond, which is frozen over, on Mountain highway, :t re\!.u\at in the rear of the Evergreen Motel. )ottlaits \>riccS· • l RETURNS PREPARED BY



I! i~ u i:i

::i i:f

Twelfth street have moved to Ta-1 coma. · Judy, Orville Jr., Mary and Billy Winston, children of Orville Win. h way, spcn t the . 1ug ston o f M ounta1n . f rorn sc 1100 I \Vl'th h o ay vacation . cl M r. an cl M rs. t I1c11· gran parents, Thomas Asplund, at Seattle. ' I f S M rs. D orot Iiy ( .oo { 0 c panaway Beauty Shop and her two children,


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,~it\\ or~ct


Critical Hours 4:30 10 6:30 PM


Monthly terms on all purchasesBrookdale Lumber Cu. (adv.)


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"Easy to Park at Parkland"

Paint ·· Hardware PARKLAND LUMBER AND HARDWARE Wilson St., just off Mt. Hiway G Ranite 7900






when they will p. be adopted, dance benefit, to be given January unless new suggestions arc forth- 20 at the Midland hall, the regular CLOVER CREEK P-TA coming.' Plans for J?awson playficld t<"en-agc dance sponso.. red. by the TO HOLD DADS' NIGHT were discussed and It was noted that Midland Improvement Club will not World Understanding will be the the wo1:lm1cn have.already started be held. Howc~cr, the regular or- topic which will be discussed at the remodclmg the f1eldhouse. Mrs. chcstra for the teen-age dances will Clover Creek P-TA meeting, on George Turner was hostess for the play for the benefit and all of the Wednesday evening, January 19, at k f ' · · · January rnectrng, and too - care o young people are welcome. the school. I. t11c sci..vrng. · . . . Shelton Osborne, dll'cctor of v1sMrs. Omer R o I an cl, program A 4-H leaders meeting was held ual education for Pierce county, will chairman, has arranged for a speakJ.anuary 10 at the community. hall spea.k J. anuary 19 at the regular er and an enjoyable program. at Summit. Principal speaker for the meeting of Harvard-Midland P-TA. A special invitation is extended ewning was Miss Shirley Weger, of The meeting will be at 8 p.m. in to fathers, as this meeting will be Renton, a 4-H club member who the P-TA hall at Midland. Midland Dads' Night. . . on I'. Brow111cs, . . had been sent to Great Bntam directed by Clara PalmaRefreshments will be served by . . . . . the exchange plan to live with a · tier and Cleo Davis, will present a mothers of the third and fourth British fami,iy and study their meth-1 program. Osborne will give a com-1 graders, with Mrs. C. Mann as . · . M'1ss · parat1vc . d emonstrat10n . · ods of farm111g an d 11vrng. o f a f'l 1 m- c h airman. . a coII cgc gra cl uatc an d a i strip mac h'me an d a movie . proJCCtor . \Vcger is very fine speaker. Attending the and will discuss requirements of a The cornerstone. of Denny Hall, meeting from Midland were Mr. and school film library. The clcmonstra- the first building on the present Mrs. Victor Eshpeter, Mrs. Robert tion is intended to assist P-TA rnem- University of Washington campus, Clinton, Mrs. Albf'rt Kncsal, Mrs. bcrs to a decision on this year's was laid July 4, 1894. B · · E Im er M oru d and Mrs. Eu gene n t- -,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,. . I" tam. . La Va ue Variety Store is now 111 g . the process of moving to the bwld· · ing remodeled by Robert Hanslcr, at the corner of 98th and Portland ' · . . Avenue opposite the Shell service station. Mr. and Mrs. La Vague . . . . expect to he doing bus111css Ill their . , · new store Ill a week or 10 days. • • Scmor 4H Girls club was on the air December 30, over station KMO . · Th with a 15-mmutc program. e . 1 g·irls discussed 4-H work 111 • genera • and in particular the projects 111 which the Midland club has b:'en interested in the past year. Taking


I .·




'l1e - - 1tofA)





part in th.e pr.ogram were: Beverly Morud, accordwn solo; Beverly Corri~an,'. of the _club; Mary Clmton, Chnstme Morns, and _Mr. and Mrs · Albert .Kncsal, . leaclers ...of the· ::iuroup • January 8, the blue nbban winners for 1948 were honored . at a luncheon given by the Sears Foundation at the Top of the Ocean.

,,ft aet«at ~euitt<m/

Programs on the air from 5 to 8 p.m. daily

Those present from. the scmor group were·" Beverly Corngan and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Corngan; Be~erly Morud ;md Mrs. Elmer Morud, Barbara Hanson and Mrs. A. W. Hanson Barbara Madsen and Mrs. ' C· ,I M. S. Madsen, Donna and Mrs. a1 Taylor, Donna and Mrs. John Lawson, Ruth Speechley and John Spcechlcy, Helen Kncsal and Mr. and Mrs. Knesal. JuAnn Snyder, who has moved out of the state, was also eligible to attend in this group. . I 1H 1 b From tin: Junior Gil' s '·· cu _ . there was also a good attendance. Diane and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer . Schrag, Anne and Mr. and Mis. M Robert Clinton, Sharron and rs. Victor Eshpetcr, Joanne and Mrs. , Elmer Morud, Janet and Mrs. F. C. cl Wagaman, and Idell, De1mar an . . . B . . Mr and Mis. E. A. nttam. · Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Campbell arc receiving congratula_tions. on the birth of a daughter, Leslie Alice, January 4, at a local hospital. This is the first girl born in the Campbell family in over 20 years. She is welcomed home by a brother, Richard Dean Jr. Grandparents arc Mrs. Lillian Campbell of, Midland, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Alstead of Harvard, 1

, .•. ~;~&·u~~:-~~~:._~., ...

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King Bolt Fitting -- Brake Cylinder Boring -- Rod Aligning Wrist Pin Fitting -- Brake Shoe Lining Rirlge Reaming -· Valve Facing

and the a~justments . suggested by and great-grandmother is Mrs. Hal-1 P.-TA gift to the schools. Mothers the body will be made and the by- lie Balmer of Collins. of the two third grades will be hoslaws read at the February m<'eting Because of the magic show and tcsscs.




Floyd Jensen, vice-president; Ruth




Improvement C l u b for

are: Sp a It Wartcnbe, president;


are the paternal The maternal grandmother. is Mrs. E. S.herman of Sa. n Antomu., _Texas. Mr. ~nd ~lrs. Harry Pills~ury of Muuntarn lughway were dinnc.r guests Saturday at the home of M1. and Mrs. Arne Adams of Tacoma. M dM h T . r. an rs. 0 t e1 cnneyson o1 L ong B·cac h ' c a rr . . k 1 ., weie wee en d guests at the home of· Mr. ~nd ~rs. Ernest Jensen of Mountam highway. Wayne ~uss~ll and Erncs: Jensen of Mounta. 111 highway have icturned f rom a t w a-weeks visit to Long . f Wl1'1le there Russell Bea Ch · ' C a 11 · ' purchased a five-passenger Stinson acrOJ)lane • which the pair flew ' · back to Spanaway · Ivlr. and. Mrs. Anthony Mrous of Mountain highway had as their guests during the holidays Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ncpara of Bremerton. F th rs and sons mothers and a e ' daughtc1·s· · · Hol)l)v' cl " sscs l1avc been , I t th S · h l rcsum. cc a c p.anaway sc 00 • Fathers and sons meet Monday cve-1 · ' · ti s and daughters on nmgs, mo icr ' Thursday evenings. Cpl. Louis Acklcr of Twelfth street who has been stationed at .' , . MeChord I• 1 e I cl has been trans' ferrcd to the Air Base at Spokane. , cl 'I A ·kl· 1 f W cl d He an iv rs. c er c t e ncs ay. M d M F.· I d A t' f 1"11' r. an d 'r[s: ody M .u\~n ~ 1 1cum an iv. 1 • an rs. · · d f ·1 • . . . ." SI atc1 an am1 y wc1c guests at a . t 11c. 1ion1c \Va ff! c supper, S un cl ay, at M. . d 'f, J M . o f t h e1r parents, 1. ,111 1v 1s. . . Slater of Twelfth street. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norwill of


New officers took over January 4· at the first regular mcPting of the


Hart of Grayland, former residents of Spanaway. Mrs. Bessie Kadlec of Vancouver, Wash., who had been visiting her son-in-bw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Adam T. Mulligan of Henry Berger road has returned to Van' ' ' couver. . Mr. and Mrs. Adam T. Mulligan of Henry Berger road are the maternal grandparents of.a baby girl, born to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dalmar at Tacoma General hospital.. The new arrival has been named Nancy Lea. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Slater of Twelfth street, spent Tuesday visit. . mg re1ahvcs at SIie 1ton. . Grcrtru d e 17'-lr • b y, w h o h as M •SS been visiting her brother and sisterin-law, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirby, of Second street, left last week to visit her sister at Regina, Sask., · Can ad a. From there, she will return . I M mnesota. to h er h ome at S t. P au,

MIDLAND NEWS /ltteato1e.I 11111


at GRanite 7380

""' Right with Start them


Louise and Bob Lynd will put your news item on the


PELLETS OR MASH PLAY SAFE with your chicks this year. Start them on the road to sturdy health with Triangle Chick Starter-a carefully balanced ration built to supply all their needs for rapid growth during their. · first 8 weeks. See your Dealer:.

I'RIANGLE MILLING CO 655 N. Tillamook St. Portland 12, Ore. .'.il.~Sl'!'.J!!il3td2&&



12: 15 to 1 :00 p.m. Friday over KTBI

Page Four




Parkland, Washington, Thursday, January 13, 1949




lx3-KNOTTY PINE PANEL, per 100 fcet... ................... $13.60 lx6-NO. 3 CEDAR PANEL, per 100 feet..........................


lx3-"E" KILN-DRIED FLOORING, per 100 feet... ........ .


2x4-NO. 4 COMMON, per 1,000 feet... ............................... 25.00


84th and Pacific Avenue

CHURCH Announcements TRINITY LUTHERAN Parkland, Washington

Ernest B. Steen, Pastor To provide the public with a pre10:00 a.m. - Sunday School an<l Ilihlc view of the new Health Sciences Classes 1'1 ;()() a.m.-Cl1urch Worsl1ip. building at the University of Wash11:00 a.m.-Junior Church Worship. ington, an open house will be held PARKLAND METHODIST in the first units of the building George W. Cooper, Pastor \Vorship and preaching-, 11 a.m.; Church Saturday and Sunday, January 22 School, 10 a.m. Classes for all grades. Adult and 23. Bible class le<l by the pastor. Nursery for

children dudng the hour of wo1·ship and

The structure, which eventually preaching. will accomodate the Medical, DenSPANAWAY METHODIST tal and Nursing Schools, will be .. The Church by thu Side of the Road" open for guided \ours from 1 to 5 10 a.m.-Church School. p.m. both days. 11 a.m.-Sunday Worship Service. 3:30 p.m.-Intcrmediate Youth Continuous tours of the Dental Fellowship. School clinics and laboratories, med6:4-5 p.m.-Youth Fellowship. ical school clinics and basic science PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL laboratories, as well as administraInterdenominational Fred Southwell, Superinlendenl tive offices and conference rooms, · Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. will be conducted by faculty memSunday School, 10:30 a.m. Bible :}(:u<lyr 7 :30 Monday night, with bers of the Health Sciences division. :Mrs. Charles Knautz teaching. The public will have an opporCLOVER CREEK BAPTIST tunity to see the unique 110-chair Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School W. C. Rhea, Pastor dental operatory in which actual Bible School, 10 a.m. George Chessum, diagnosis and treatment are now supcri11 temlent. Jvforning worship, 11 a.m. being conducted by third-yeardenYouth Fellowship, 7 p.m. (Junior and Senior). tal students. Operating cabinets in Eveuing Gospel Service, 8 p.m. t~fid-wcek Service, Thursday, 8 p.m. this main clinic were designed by Choir practice Thursday, 7; also teacher Dr. Ernest M. Jones, dean of the meeting. School of Dentistry.




FERN HILL BAPTIST .CHURCH The structure is unique in its inSouth B6th and G" Streets tegration of departmental activities. R. VI. Ledyard, Pastor BiLlc School, 9 :45 a.n1. Classes for all ages. Wheu the proposed 500-bed hospital Worshii> at' 11; Evening Service, 7:30. for teaching and research is comLARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL pleted, the Health Sciences center Larclunont Sunday School meets in the Parish house at 9 :30 Sunday mornings. will be unexcelled in the nation. KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL At present, only the first three M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent units of the building are in use. Five Meets at 2:00 p.n1. in the Kirby school other units will be completed in time every Sunday. HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL for classes next fall. Facilities evenAl Harvard School tually will serve from 3,000 to 3,800 fnor Bergstrom, Superintendent Sunday School, 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. students, including undergraduate Harvard Sunday School Mothers' Circle and gradu?te students in medicine, meets first Wednesday of' month at 2 p.Jn. dentistry, nursing and related fields. MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME 11

RE-INVEST EARNINGS IN NEW BONDS Individual holders of Government Savings Bonds, Series D-1939, which begin maturing January 1, 1949, may now re-in.vest the proceeds of these bonds in Series E Savings Bonds without regard to annual Jimitation. This announ~en1ent was ina<lc recently by Reno 0 cl 1 i n, Tacoma banker, and state chairman of the United States Savings Bond Division. "Holders of the 1939 D bonds may re-invest the earnings of their maturing bonds up to any amount that their maturities will fully cover," Odlin said. "The Series E bonds so acquired will be exempt from the $10,000 (maturity value) annual limitation. Their purchase, however, is restricted to individual holders of the maturing D bonds." The D bond series were issued by the Government between January 1939 and May 19+ l. Their sales to individual jnvestors during these years c x c e c cl c cl $1,000,000,000. They were the last in the "Baby Bond" Series, w h i c h started in March !935, when the A bond series were first sold to the public.


Thure Moberg; Minister Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Morning Service, 11 a.m.; Bible study and prayer, 7 :30 p.m.,


PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN Walther C. Gullixs:on, Pastor Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.; Morning Wor~ I ship, 10:00 a.m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ''Life'' is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read n·ext Sunday in aU branches of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, l\:lassachusetts.

MONTE VISTA GARDEN CLUB MEETS JANUARY 20 Monte Vista Garden club meets for luncheon at the home of Mrs. William H. Chambers, .Park avenue and Airport road, Thursday, January 20, at 12:30 p.m. A speaker will discuss ornamental and flowering trees and shrubs,_ and Mrs. Paul Larson, president, will present an outline of flower show practice, from judging school one which she attended. Other new officers of the club, in addition to Mrs. Larson, are: Mrs. James Hitch, vice-president; Mrs. Robert Berntsen, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Chambers, program chairman. Members arc asked to bring seed catalogues to the meeting so that early plans may be made for "annual" gardens.

SPANAWAY STUDENTS WIN HONORS IN ART Two Spanaway high school students, Patricia Howe and Bette Bennett, who submitted entries I as t the kraft Foods Company i month in the first annual high school art competition at the Coll lege of Puget Sound, have been honored by having their pictures two SUPERB CHEESE FLAVOR OF of a select few which are being KRAFT GRATED i shown to the public in a special " " " " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - " ' i exhibition at the college.



Mrs. Renwick Again Firemen's Auxiliary Heads Library Board Thanks Businessmen The Parkland Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary will meet on Wednesday, January 19, at the home of Mrs. Morris E. Ford, 8 p.m. Mrs. Turner will be co-hostess. The Auxiliary emphasizes its grattitude to the Parkland Business club for that organization's Christmas donation of money which was used to fill baskets distributed to needy 1:csidents by the fire ladies.

Mrs. Ray Renwick of Parkland w a s re-elected chairman of the Pierce county library board, for the coming year, when the board held its annual meeting January 10, at library headquarters. Carlin Aden of Lakewood was chosen vice-chairn1an. WHY IS JANUARY 15 A TAX DATE?

SPANAWAY PRE-SCHOOL IN REGULAR MEETING The regular monthly meeting of the Spanaway Pre-school group was held Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Cliff Anderson, 15th street and Mountain highway. Attending were the :tviesdames: Dorothy Krumpas, Lucille Shafer, Evelyn McAtee, Joanne McGinnis, Paulyne Griffith, Ruby Johnson, H c 1 c n Neuberry, Kathryn Rogue, Doris Omat, Wayne Russell, Martha Pietz, B. M. Shandrow, Martha Anderson, Erdine Christalaw, Edwin Dixon, and others. After a short business meeting, open discussion was led by Mrs. McAtee. Assisting Mrs. Anderson as hostess were Mrs. Doris Omat and Mrs. Ruby Johnson. Next meeting will be Dad's Night and will be held February 2, at the home of Mrs. Erdine Christalaw on Mountain highway.

The pay-as-you-go system collects substantially the full tax of the average wage-earner by withholding a portion of his tax from each paycheck. Therefore, January 15 does not apply to him. The pay-as-you-go system requires others, especially farmers, business and professional people, investors, landlords, and certain wage-earners, to pay estimated tax (Form 1040-ES). January 15 is the last day for filing, amending, and p a y i n g estimated tax for these people. Since January 15 falls on Saturday this year, Monday, January 17, becomes the deadline for amending 1948 Declarations of Estimated Income and for paying the tax. Pure silks were the featured fabries when Dr. Frank Black, Nick Kenny, Milton Berle and Arthur Schwartz "Male-Tested" Fashions for Cosmopolitan magazine. The •jurors agreed that "silk can whisper, rustle, or sing," and then ''Oted this Stafford's foulard with white polka dots on green, slate or na '7 as a fashion prima donna of the month. It has a high nt•ckline and front peplum and is shown in 'the magazine's January issue.

Withholding Forms Due This Month From Employers E


Three Local Garden Clubs Are to Meet


The order rescinds a previous or·der, issued in 19:+2, setting the minimum wage at ;\7y2 cents an hour. Thc new order ~pplies to all women and minors employed in office work and similar o~cupations whether t lley are paid oi;i. a time 'piece rate commission or dther ba:is. A mino; is defined as any person male or female, under the age 0 / 18 years.


Mrs. Hazel Parker, P-TA public LEGAL PUBLICATION relations chairman and magazine chairman for the Pierce county In the Matter of the Application of the PARKLAND LIGHT AND WATER P-T A council, is one of the speakers C01'IPANY, a corporation, for a franchise to construct, operate and maintain scheduled for the council's January a water pipe line along and across a convention at Lakewood. Mrs. Parkportion of Primary State Highway No. 5 an<l Secondary State. Highway No. :l-G, er has asked Mrs. Frank Lapenski, in Pierce County. Parkland magazine chairman, to apThis is a busy week in local .h h . Franchise Application No. 1Q57 pear Wit er to discuss the a~NOTICE OF HEARING garden club ci1.·cles, w i th three h · · l d l d ~roach u~ed by Parkl~n~ P-T A m WHEREAS, PARKLAND LIGHT AND groups avmg mcetmgs sc lC u e : . . . its campaign for subscnpt10ns to the WATEf COMPANY, a co!voration, has Violet Prairie national Parent-Teacher magazine . filed wuh the _Director of Hr~hways o_f die . . . . • I State of Washmgton, under the prov1s10ns V10let Garden club, whrch of Chapter 53, Laws of 1937, as amended, F . J meets •nday, anuary 14-, at the an application for a franchise to construct, ('I lJB PACK operate and maintain a 1 Y.i-inch, 2-inch, home o f Mrs. Klara Jacobsen, So. SPANAWAY c · • , 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch steel, , transite or . 102nd and Alaska, will pass the MEETING ON FRIDAY

Minimum Wage of Women, Minors Is Raised for State

tain highway, (Rt. 1, Box 44-1) in Spanaway. Mr. Robertson was born in Liverpool, England, and was employed for many years as a saw filer for the Point Defiance lumber mill. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Clara Anderson of Spanaway, Mrs. Lillian Spencer of Lakewood, and Mrs. Etta Cooper of Ask about our house plan service Chimacum; four sons, James, Wil-Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) liam L. and George of Tacoma and Ralph of Spanaway; thirteen grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren and two great, great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held Saturday atfernoon at 1 o'clock from the C. C. Mellinger funeral chapel, the Reverend Arthur Bell of the Episcopal church officiating. Burial was in the Tacoma cemetery.


Music to Men's Ears

mp oyers o the State of . . Washmo-ton and Alaska are rermnded by "' . the collector of mternal revenue !ms and McCleary roads, died Sun. ' . T . Clark Squire the following day m a acoma hosp1ta1. f . ' that . . Canadian, . Born m Okla., Mr. ederal w1thholdmg tax forms must 31 ' in connecJones came to Tacoma 40 years ago. be filed by January . He was a member of the United tion with wages paid during 1948 · I president's gavel to Mrs. J. Marshall. 1 Brethren church, and Daffodil aerie Form W-1 must be filed to report Serving with her will be Mrs. T. of the Eagles in Puyallup. and pay income taxes withheld from Danielson, vice president; Mrs. H. He is survived by his widow, · employes' wages during the fourth B. Skinner, secretary, and Mrs. J. Ivory; four daughters, Mrs. Violet' quarter of last year. C.' Cope, treasurer. Mrs. J. F. GraM. Matson, Mrs. June L. Marshall, II The withholding statements, Form ham will handle publicity and Mrs. Mrs. Lila Keep and Miss Blossom, W-2, in duplicate, must be given T. H. Algeo will plan the programs. Jones; a brother, Jim, all of Ta- every employe from whose wages Assisting the hostess Friday will be coma; a sister, Mrs. Lucille Coran- taxes were withheld during 19+8. Mrs. Chris Pitzler. Members will cho of Seattle, and four grandchil- This is the withholding receipt, one answer roll call with a garden hint dren. copy of which must be attached by for January. Services were to be held Wednes- the employe to his income tax reLarchmont day at 1 p.m. from the C. C. Mel- turn. For the first meeting of the year linger memorial funeral church, the The triplicate copies of Form W-2 of the Larchmont Garden club, Mrs. Rev. Arthur Bell officiating. Burial (Forms W-2a) must be submitted to Spencer Gaylord will open her home was in New Tacoma cemetery. the office of the collector, together for a 1 ~'clock luncheon and busiwith an adding machine tape or ness meetmg Thursday, January 13. ELIZABETH NIESEN similar list, indicating the total of '.'Wild Flo";ers and Alp'.ne Plants" Mrs. Frank L. (Elizabeth) Niesen tax withheld as ·shown on all Forms is the subJe~t. to be discussed by of Pacific street, Spanaway, died W-2. These statements are to be Mrs. S. B. Sktllmgs. Monday, January 3, in a Tacoma accompanied by Form W-3, which Crystal ~prings hospital. She was born 65 years ago reconciles the total of the quarterly The Crystal Springs Garden club in Lansing, Michigan, and had lived tax payments made by the employer will meet Friday, January 14-'. at the in this district 2+ years. She was a d u r i n g the year with the total h om e of Mrs.. E. T. Ellmgson. member of the Fern Hill Rebekah amounts withheld, as indicated on Luncheon will be served at noon. lodge. the adding machine tape. Any dis- Mrs. G. E. Ru.ssel will preside at Besides her widower, she is surcrepancy between these two amounts the business meeting and roll call vived by two sons, Robert and Kenmust be fully explained by an at- will be answered by naming a wild neth G. Miller of Spanaway; a sis- tached statement. flower. The program will consist of ter, Mrs. George Hagemeir of Laneach member's giving the legend sing; a brother, George Wageman and history of the flower opposite of Toledo, Ohio, and seven grandher name listed in the new yearchildren. books. Services were held Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. from the Piper funeral ch ape 1, the Rev. H. N. Svinth officiating. Entombment was j A legal . mini'.11um wage of 65 at the Tacoma mausoleum. .) cents an hour will become effective April 1 for all women and minors The operating cost for advertisemployed in office work in the State ing and selling United States SavBENJAMIN H. ROBERTSON Benjamin Hamilton Robertson, 86, of ~ashington, Earl N. Anderson, ings Bonds during 19+8 amounted who had lived in the Puget Sound chairman of the Industrial Welfare to about forty cents for every $1,000 district since 1881, died Wednesday, Committee, announced this week al in bonds sold to public investors, William C. H. Lewis, state director January 5, at his home on the Moun- Seattle.

The new building is one of the Sunday School, 10 a.m.; 1\'.t:orning Wor~ 11 a.m.; Evangelistic Scr\'icc 8 p.m. most functional and modern of its ship, Christ s Ambassadors, Wednesday. kind in the world. Its planning inMIDLAND PENTECOSTAL volved intensive study of medical Arnie Konsmo, Pastor J\.,fcets every Stmday in Midland P.T.A. and dental t rain i n g facilities hall, 11 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. throughout the United States.


REV. M. FRANK MOMMSEN A former Parkland clergyman, the Rev. M. Frank Mommsen, 72, of 1116 So. Ainsworth Ave., died Sunday at his home. He was preparing to go to church when he died of a heart attack. He was born in Germany and came to this country 66 years ago and lived in the Tacoma area 20 years. Rev. Mommscn taught public school in Wisconsin from 1903 to 1906 and entered a theological seminary in 1906. He was ordained at French Creek, Wis., as a Lutheran minister. He served pastorates at Amherst and Stevens Point, Wis., in 1910, and Belview, Minn., in 1912, and Parkland, Wash., in 1928. Currently he was serving the Trinity Lutheran chnrch, 1307 So. I St. Rev. Mommscn is survived by his widow, Julia; six sons, the Rev. L.B. Mommsen, St. Paul, Minn., Wilfred M., Portland, Ore., Thomas N., Salem, Ore., Lester C., Paul "G. and Merlyn J., all of Tacoma; seven daughters, Mrs. Inez M. Vogt, of Washington, D. C., Mrs. Orpha J. Noble, Dallas, Texas, Mrs. Naomi Stockdale, Urichsvillc, Ohio, Mrs. Ruth Kosche, Tacoma, and Maxine, Marie and Elizabeth of the home; a sister, Mrs. H. D. Larson, Rice Lake, Wis.; three brothers, J.C., P. W. and A. C. Mommsen, all of Wisconsin, and 11 grandchildren. Funeral services arc to be held Friday, January 14, 2 p.m., from Zion Lutheran church, South 16th and L streets, Tacoma. C. 0. Lynn Company is in charge of the services and the Rev. A. W. Schelp will deliver the eulogy. Interment will be in Mountain View cemetery.

I E EMMETT JONES 9Bth and Taylor Midland J R t. 3 , Box 697 • mmett ones, 56 , Rov R E Log 'n p '- , 1 1 , . . . • · · a • as or . . i.fosscs, ll.00 am! 10:30 a.m. Catcdusm I owner of the Collms grocery at Colafter Mass. . . ST. JOHN OF THE WOODS

Other interesting features that will be explained on the tours include a 600-seat auditorium and modern library facilities.

FULL YEAR (52 weekly issues) ONLY $1.50


University Slates Open House Dates At Medical Center



Savings Bond Sales Cost at Record Low



Cub Scout Pack 34-, Spanaway, will meet Friday evening, January 14-, at Metropolitan Park, B p.m. There will be a special speaker and refreshments. Cubs and parents are urged to attend as plans will be drawn for the Cubs' annual trip to Snoqualmie Ski Bowl. WISCONSIN CLUB SETS POT LUCK ON SUNDAY The Wisconsin club will have its monthly pol luck supper Sunday, January 16, in the basement of Odd Fellows Temple, 6th and Fawcett, Tacoma. ---------Three new s_eismograph stations are being built in Washington by the University of Washington. When c;ompleted they will make the Pacific Northwest one of the world's most highly observed carthuake areas.

CLASSIFIED ADS Per Word ........................................03

cast iron water pipe line along and across a portion of Primary State Higlnvay >J"o. 5 and Secondary State Highway No. J-G, in Pierre County, Wshingtnn, for a period of twenty-five (25) yean, at the fdlowingclesignated points: Beginning at a point on the easterly side of Primary State Highway No. 5, ns now located and of rc:".ord in the office of the Director of Higlnvays at Olympia, wa~hington, said point being opposite approximately Highway Engiueer's Station 39+50 in the SWV• of Section 4, Town ship 19 North, Range 3 East, W. M., thence in a southerly direction along the ea...:.;terly side of said highway, crossing Secondary State H i g h w a y No. 5RG, through Sections 4, 9 and 16, to a point opposite approximately Highway Engineer\ Station 120+00 in the N\V'l4 of Section 16, said township and range. Also beginning at a point on the westerly side of said Primary State Highway No. 5, opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 39 +50 in the S\Vj:i: of Section 4, To\vnship 19 North, Range 3 East, W.M., , thence in a southerly di· rection along the \\.'Csterly side of said hi,"{hway, crossing Secondary~ State High way No. 5-G, through Scctious 4, 9 and 16, to a point opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 120+00 in the N\V;l.1 of Section 16, said township and range. Also beginning at a point on the northerly side of Secondary State Highway No. 5~G, as now located and of record in the office of the Director of Highways at Olympia, Washington 1 said point ·being opposite approximately Higlnvay Engineer's Station o+oo in the SWV4 of Section 4, Township 19 North, Range 3 East, W .]\.;!., thence in an easterly direction alon,I{ the northerly side of said high~ wa)', through said Section 4 to a point opposite approximately Highway Engineer's Station 53 +00 in Section 3, said township and range.

NOW, THEREFORE, NOTICE IS HEREMinimum .........................................50 BY GIVEN,

Call GRanite 7100

That a hearing will be held on said ap~ plication by the Director of Highways of the State of Washington_ at his office in the Transportation Building, Olympia, Wash~ ington~ on the 11th day of February, 1949, at 10 o'clock A.~1., or as soon thereafter as hearing may be had. DATED at OlyJl1pia, Washington, this 24th day of December, 1948.

ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICELyman Redford, owner. Septic tanks pumped, contents hauled away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794. tfc s/s CLARENCE B. SHAIN Director of Highway,; SPANAWAY LUMBER CO. Pub. Jan. 13, 20, 27, 1949 Better Lumber for Less. Roofing, Hardware and Paints. We n·nt floor sanders. GR 8235. Promptly Relieves WANTED-Three or four adjoining residential lots near center of Parkland. Phone GR. 44-91. 19c SEPTIC TANKS CLEANifi)--;--Co~­ tents hauled away. Don Redford, GA. 7334-. tfc (from a cold) Child's Mild RAY GOGAN - JACK BARRETT For average baby's s~ln General landscaping, pruning and spraying, rockeries, rock walls, fences, tractor work. GR. 88+2 Terms BR. 6982


of the Savings Bond Division, announced recently. "Never in the history of our country has there been. a sale of securitics at any time approaching this extremely low cost. It was made . sa1"d , " on Iy t1uough poss1'bl e,"Lcw1s I the splendid cooperation of banks, FOR SALE-Rome coil springs and · managen+ent, advertising concerns, innerspring mattress, $10. Call GRanite 7100. magazines, newspapers, and thousands of patriotic volunteer citizens Exempted f no m the order are who gave unselfishly of their time women and minors employed: (I) and attention to the Savings Bond by common carrier railroads, sleep, sales and the promotion of thrift ing car, freight and express com- among all classes of people without panies subject to federal laws; ( 2) compensation in any form from the as nurses or nuqcs' aids not engaged government.'' in office work, 'and ( 3) telephone During the 1948 spring campaign, operators employed directly by a Lewis continued, the advertising and If female functional telephone company and not engaged publicity space alone would have periodic disturbances make you suffer pain in office woi·k. cost 50 million dollars. All this was and weak, nervous, restless jittery Hours of employmcn t are made contributed free. Current advertiscfeelings - at such times - then no try Lydia E. Pinkham's TABLETS subject to any '.\PPlicable statutes of ments carried by 1,000 magazines to relieve such symptoms! the State, with specific provisions and countless newspapers throughTaken regularly-Pinkham's Tabfor lunch periods of at least 30 min- out the nation arc donated by publets help build up resistance against utes in each eight-hour shift. Rest lishers themselves or business firms such distress. periods of at least ten minutes in i sponsoring bond ads. Pinkham's Tablets are also one of the greatest biood iron tonics you every four-hour . period of. em. ploy-1 Firms participating in the Payroll can buy to help build up red blood mcnt arc required. Safety, sanita- Savings Plan, where deductions are to give more strength and energy tion, first-aid, illumination and heat-- made from the pay of employes who for girls and women troubled with simple anemia. A pleasant stomachic ing standards a1ie established. desire to purchase bonds regularly, tonic, too! Just see if you don't redonate time necessary to accounting markably benefit! Any drugstore. Careless ddving can wreck a fen- records. The cost to each firm jg. der-or a family! about one dollar a year per person.

I 1








Lydia E. Pinkham's TAUU!'fS

Prairie pointer v 4 no 19 jan 13, 1949  
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