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PARKLAND POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth l'riday at 8:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall Now is the time for all good mci1 to come to the aid of the Post. The Jll'W year brings with it the outlook of 12. months filled with things to do. And from the looks of things it will be 12 full months. Got to start thinking of Boys' State and who will represent Parkland this year. This worthy endeavor must certainly receive all of the attention it drser\'es. This takes a little planning on our part. The baseball team should also receive a sizeable portion of our attention, even now; lots of prdiminaTy work to do. The whole Fourth District watched our tca111 last year and expect great things from us this year. There's a job for everyone in the program for 194-9. Just a couple were listed above-we can always welcome a job that will enrich the treasury!

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VOL. 4-, NO. 18






Office: Park A venue and Wheeler St., Parkland

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Alternate plans for financing a long-range program of highway modernization were ma<le public at ABANDONMENT OF UNION Olympia recently, in a report preHIGH DISTRICT PROPOSED sented to the legislature's Joint FactIN MEETING AT ELK PLAIN findjng Committee on Highways, 1 At a meeting held in the Elk Streets and Bridges by Dr. James Plain school, Deccrnbl'r 29, a maC. Nelson of Washington State Coljority of the board of direr.tors of lege, -economic consultant to the ball team has joined the league directcd by ~he Metropolitan Park Union High School District No. 205 comrnittec. ()uc pl"n calls for all board and will have games scheduled decided to ask the voters of the increase of a cPnt and a half a galfur each Tuesday and Wednesday The Parkland Business Club, at included districts to consolidate, in lon in the state motor \'chicle fuels evening. The Hai'vard, Midland and its regular meetin.g Tuesday evening order to build a high school. ELDON KYLLO IS NAMED tax, and another for a hvo-ccnt gas Larchmont Fire Department has at the Indian Inn, voted to sponsor The meeting, which was attended TO SCHOOL STAFF HERE tax increase, to which would be furnished suits and is further spon- a Parkland float in the annual Ta- by most of the directors of the disadded increased revenues from highSelection of Stanley Willis to head STANLEY WILLIS, Parkland junsoring the team. coma and Puyallup Valley Daffodil tricts composing the union high disway user fees of aU types. the Parkland clcmfntary and junior ior high school coach and teacher Boys on the team arc: Dale Roley, Parade and Festival, for the second trict, was presided over by Ed Castle, The financing report deals with who has stepped up to the post high school as principal for the bal- Bob Flood, Albert Ott, Clayton Bain, successive year. chairman of the Elk Plain school raising sufficient additional revenues of principal of the P a r k l a n d ance of the current school year was Lcnar Tippie, Gaylan Woodard, Jim board. Fred E. Sandstrom, public relato finance a 15-ycar modernization school, following electiOn of Mor- announced here this week. Willis Rcich, Jim Zongas and Ray Whiton. tions expert of the Tacoma Chamber Mrs. Ruth Bethel, county superprogram, which engineers estimate ris E. Ford to be Superintendent will discharge administrative duties intendent of schools, was principal of Con1n1erce, who \vas guest speakMrs. Albert Nelson, reporter would cost, $1,1-15.+00,000. Dr. Nelof the new consolidated high which. ha,.,. been handled hy Morris Phone GRaham 205 , -"' ~ _""I i er of the meeting, informed the speaker. She explained that, at presson's report favored the 15-ycar proschool district for Parkland, Mid- E. Ford, former Parkland school group on chamber plans to make ent the districts of Spanaway, Elk gram period over both the 10- and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lindberg and land, Collins and Central Avenue. superintendent. =~-l™-r:::_E ~ ~his ye~r's festi,'.11 a much mo1e Plain, Clover Creek and Lacamas 20-ycar a:ltcrnatP long-range proFord was rciicvcd of his Parkland ~vv--··:::rir daughter, Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Lind~ i 1mpress1ve a ff a 1 r than has been are united to form Union High grams developed by the engineers. berg and Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. School District No. 205. She said school duties December 23, upon 'r ~.11~ ~ ~-.I achie,·ed in the past. The rcp~rt is the second phase of Lindberg and son were guests at the his election _:is superi_ntcndcnt of t~1e ~ New club President Foriest L:~n- that this section of Pierce county home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Logs- the legislative committee's studies, ncw coi:sohda ted lngh school dis~-ard named Thomas Casto as actmg has been adjudged by the State De1 and follows an engineering sun·ey don of Longview, Wash., to help triet for this arm. Supcrintcndc~ts Can't Be ~Iissed chairman of the fioat committee, partment of Education as one of the of all needs, including state hig·hth\lll celebrate their 25th wedding and pri1:cipals of other schools 111There's nothing unobtrusive about I following . approv~I by the club of most needy in the state of Washingways, county roads, and city streets. annivprsary. Parkland Orthopedic Guild has eluded 111 the consohdat10n, l'vhd- the nrw sign that this week began the rccommendat10n by the board ton for high school facilities. Essentially, the plans submitted by However, existing school l a w s Alfred Erickson, Donald and Kenelected the following new officers land, Collins and Central Avenue, flashinff its arrow to point the way I of directors that a float be enterf'd. neth Lindberg and Bruce McAcolrn Dr. Nelson call for a balanced tax . . . will continue in their posts fur the a;ong "'Garfield street, "Parkland Chosen to assist Casto arc: Mrs. hamper the building of a union left Sunday to return to college at adjustment, involving all types of for '.he comrng year: Alice _Pcrraul~, balance of th''. current .ye:.u~. Ford's Shopping Center," as the sign says. Jack Brown, Mrs. :Maurie~ Ander- high school and it seemed advisable highway user taxes. president; Esther Jacobs, v1cc-pres1- duties now will be pnmanly eon- The sign was erected by Garfield son and, in advisory capacity, :Mrs. to .the board to ask the districts to Pullman, Wash; consolidate in order to provide a One alternate plan which calls dent; Lorna Burt, secretary; Mar- ccrncd with advancement of high street merchants on a Mt. Highway Kenneth Jacobs. Graham Grange hall was the scene high school for the children of the school plans. site alongside the Daniels Hardware The club also approved a board when a large group of friends gath- for a two-cent gas tax boost, bring- t;aret Garnet, treasurer. t"x to seven cents a "' . . Principal Willis has been connect- Store · recommendation that .efforts be con1n1unitic-s. ered to watch the old year go and u· 1.g·._' tile state ~ ~~ i,ext rcg11 1::tr 1nef't1ng o f th.e gu1'Id . . . The districts of Kapowsin, Roy ·allon would also apply a forty . · . ed with the Parkland school for the Getting Along made to secure better hghtmg of the new year come. Everyone had a g ' . . . . will be at the home of the president, O H · .. d f . . d · , b per cent increase 111 basic rcgistrapast 1 years. e IS a gia uate o Progress 011 the new Parkland Pac1f1c avenue an a committee e and Rocky Ridge were also repre. sented at the meeting and arc studygrand tnne. f t'on fees o:ross weight fees for trucks Mrs. E. J, Perrault, with Mrs. I. M. Pacific Lutheran College and a resi- branch of the National Bank of appointed for that purpose. l\fr. and :Mrs. Oscar Hanson o i ' " . . · . · d · · f p 11 d M d M. k f h d t · ing th~ advisability of joining, if the . . f M. ·rnd trailers and 111 scatmg capacity Ulberg ass1stmg, Mon ay evcn111g, dent o ar' an . r. an is. Washington is now really showmg Sandstrom spo ·e o t e e e1Puyallup V!Slted at the home o 1. ' ' . · · . • d ·l . .. d · · . ff . f. union high district consolidates. and stages J~muary two augh1tc1s · an .one m111ed and unceas111g e 01 t 1equentand Mrs. Albert Nelson on W ed nes- fees for for-hire buses . I " ' -~4. Plans for the new year Willis h.tvc · d '[ up ' with the laro·e "' concrete vault · · day. which would be straight across tic will be put in effect and committees ~on. Thell' cl er d_aug ter is a P'_ip~ forms bulking on the skyline at Air- ly n~cessat~ to secure commu_mty . . vmte . . d boards. . be appomted . . 111 the Parkland krndergarten. Willis port Road and Pacific avenue. How- bPnl'fits, cttmg the Narrows bndge l\fr. and Mrs. E. G. T imus · will by the president. . I · 1 • d F" Id l f f at the home of their daughtPr, Mrs. Another plan, as an alternate to . . . has 1.) e e .n tcac1:er. o ~1cC iamca ever, adverse weather is now ex- and l'vfcChor 'ie as exa~1p es o ·Robert Bottoml~y of Seattle, New the forty per cent across the board The a:111ual mcetmg of. all gml.ds drawmg· 111 the JUmor !ugh school peeled to delay the bank's scheduled the: result of ~uch effort by facoma Fire swept the home of Wade Year's day. increase, .would call for enactment, m the 1 acoma 01:J=hoped1c Assocrn- as. well as f~otball and track coach March 1 opening. C-of-C co~11m1ttces. Englund, lst at Tyler, Tuesday 9 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson and with certain adjustments, of the tion will be held January 27, 10 with an enviable record. Always Talk Topic He advised t~1c cl~ib t?at the Ta- afternoon, January ., leaving only a 4 grandchildren and E. A. Nelson of <>Toss weight and seating capacity o'clock a.111., at the Winthrop hotel. " Kyllo to Teach The wt'athcr was even more so coma chambei: is at its disposal also, charred shell with loss estimated at Butte Falls, Oregon, visited at the fees recommended by the Highway Each of the guilds will submit finanAlso announced this week is. the favorite topic of conversation in its . efforts. be111g o_n behalf . of the $ , by Dave McPherson, Har3 000 home of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Gooch Cost Commission in 1937, together cial and membership reports and pointment of Eldo!) K.yllo to Willis' local circles this past several days- entire reg10n, no'. Just t?e c.1ty. An vard, Midland & Larchmont fire of Parkland. with residual proportional '.ncre~ses their ne\\ presidents .will be pre- former place on the Parkland scho~l many longer residents declaring the expert. for any _kmd of Job is there chief. Overheating of a trash burner ]\.fr. and Mrs. Phinas Skeers and of approximately 30 per cc_nt which scn:ed. M_rs. Earl Platt, Parkla~d staff, effectiv_e .Ja~uary 24. Kyllo is, mercury has this year hit an all- to advise, he said. in the kitchen is reported as cause children of Everett were visitors at would be necessary to raise funds Guild president for last year, will now cornplctmg Ins studies at PLC, time low point. One sure thing, 10 , Englund was at home at the time, the home of her parents, Mr. and required for the 15-ycar prlogra:11. introduce Mrs. Pcfrrault.h Lunch.eon where he is a fonr-yrar footbadll let- degree weather is cold. reading in another room, but did not Mrs. D. T. Lindberg. Thtey also This p~an would place a 1eav1er wil'. be. served a ter t e _meetm~-, terman and all-around st u en t no~ice the flames until the fire had visited with her sister, Mrs. Chas. proportionate 1.ncre_ase on trucl'.s, winch is open to all 01thoped1c 1 lcaclcr. . ·listing in "Who's Who Among Stua firm hold. There was no telephone Lorenz. trailers and scm1-tr~tlers as an equ.1t- members. Fron: LaCr~ssc, Wash., Kyllo was dents in Ainerican Colleges and Uniin his home and further delay re.Mr. and Mrs. Victor Anderson able adjustment smce . commercial A Christmas party was held by 1 a Gladiator gnddcr dunng t~e 194-l versities" for 194-7-'lB. Listing is on The recreational program of the suited before he was able to reach entertained their family and his vehicles have been payrng. a Ie_sscr Parkland Guild early in December, i and '42 scason.s, before. entcrmg ~he the basis of scholarship, leadership, Parkland P-TA will be expanded a neighbor's phone to report the 111 Continued on Page Four contribution per ton-nule !ugh- at the home of Mrs. Al Jacobs. Pres- U. S. Army Air Force 111 the spnng d th er outstanding next week to include fifth and sixth fire. His own efforts to fight the . ·t . . l . . . c 1rniac e1 an 0 way user taxes than private pass~n- ent were: .[\.fr. and l\'Irs. Platt, Mr. of 1943. He fie:" sev~ra nussions 111 abilities. Kyllo also has been a mem- grade girls and mothers of girls of fire were frustrated by frozen water MARY MARTHA MEETS ger ears. This plan. also wo~ld and Mrs. Perrault, Mr. and Mrs. Eur~pc. Followrng 111s release from ber of "The Choir of the West," any age. First of the Mothers and pipes. Englund was resi~ing alone 111 TUESDAY, JANUARY 11 . volvc a ~y, cent n~crease the Ulberg, Mr. and Mrs. Marv Harsh- service, '.1e returned to PLC _for the president of the PLC Veterans' Club Girls nights will be next Wednesd~y, in the house. None of his personal Mary Martha Society will meet motor vcl11clc fuels tax. man, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hult- 194·6 grid season and follo_wm~ the in _ , and has held other stu- at the Parkland school, when a series property 1s reported to have been 1947 48 Tm·sday, January 11, B p.rn., at the Dr. Nelson's report points out the cngrcn, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Pedersen, season of 194-7 he was dist 1 ~1 guishcd dent offices. of leathercraft classes will be inaugu- saved. home of l\frs. Edwin Ellingson, Har- possibility of bond financing as on.e Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pflueger, Mr. as all-confer.ence tackle w_ith honHis engagement to Miss Helen rated. The H-M-L- fire department rison street, Parkland. Co-hostesses method, and also suggests that if and Mrs. Marv Tonuncrvik, Mr. orablc ment10n on the Little All- Ramstad daughter of pr 0 f. and Lads and Dads nights at the promptly controlled the blaze after will. be Mrs. J. McGuire and Mrs. the $10,500,000 "borrowed" from and Mrs. Stan~cy Willis, Mr. and American. .. He also ~as voted j Mrs. A.' W. Ramstad of Parkland, school gym were resumed Tuesd.ay ar~ival, under direct.ion of assistant Robert Davidson. motor vehicle tax revenues and used Mrs. N. I. Willis, Mr. and Mrs. the PLC msptrat10nal awaid foll~w- was announced recently. Their wed- evening of this week, followmg 111- duds Al Bombardier and Frank New o.fficcrs o.f the soc~ety, i~- for nu. n-highwa~ purp? between Burton Backman, Dr. and Mrs. P. ing the 19+~ fo~tba!l ..~rn.son. Dun'.ig ding is to take place next summer. terruption over the holidays. Baskett. stalled al the previous meetmg, will 1933 and 194-3 111 serv1cmg and re- E. Bondo, Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. 194.S, he w.tS .in .iss1st.i11t footb.ill · - - - -1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



ll'r![i-r~""~ ;., ~[D -

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,st -

New Officers in Charge at Next Guild Meeting









Mothers, Girls to Begin Leathercraft k Classes Next Wee





preside. They ;,re: Mrs, Byron Bry- tiremcnt of the $10,000,000 Eme1~. Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, the coach on the PLC staff. son, presiden~; .Mrs. Haro.Id Peter- gen. cy Rc~icf Bond Iss. ~e of 193.> Rev. Milton Nesvig and Mr. and 0th c r >st.~~~nt ho1~~rs ';0~1 by· son, vice-president; Mrs. Simon An- were repaid from the general fund, Mrs. Jacobs. I Kyllo at I auftc Luthoan mcludc



p~st,: Q





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rea s ersey

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derson. , treasurer; Mrs. Corin Erick- it wo. uld be eithe'.- to .. son, secretary. I pone for two years one cr nt of h gas tax increase proposed, or to reduce during that first two years the incrrases necessary in registra~ tion weight and seating capacity fees. The report states that to carry out the 15-year pro.t;ram, at the r·stimatcd cost of $1,145,+00,000 the annual average revenue deficiency for all highway systems would be $15,855,00. It states that although the average annual cost for a 15year pro.(\ram was computed by the engineering staff to be $76,360,000, existing taxes and tax ratl's should You will find yield approximately $53,+82,000 Sincerity during the first year of a 15-year and program beginning April 1, 19+9, Simplicity and $li'.l,853,000 during the last year. Thus the revenue deficiency at would be approximately $22,878,000 during the. first year of the 15-year LANGLOIS, OREGON-Ralph E. Cope, .Jr., twenty-two year old program, but only $12,507 ,000 dur- Jersey breeder and the fourth generation of his family to operate the sam~ farm, has early reached an envi:ible pinnacle of agricultural ing the final year. accomplishment. Ralph's herd of 32 registered Jerseys has rec~tly The Joint Fact-finding Commit- completed its f?urth year of production tes~ing under the Herd Im-1· tee will formulate its own recom- provement Re~1stry progra!U of The Amencan Jersey Cattle Club, and has established a new high average for th_e breed. The Gold Star mendations on both work and plans award was presented to Ralph by The American Jersey Cattle Club for the financing, and submit them for this record-breaking average of 628 pounds butterfat per cow to the 19'19 legislature which will main~ained over t?e four-year period. The four separate years which then review the question through its contributed to tins four-year total saw Ralph's herd compile yearly averages of 575, 627, 666 and 644 pounds butterfat per cow, eloquent committees. The facts available tu testimonial to the high production which can be obtained from dairy the legislature will be the most coni- cattle by selective breeding and good management. Ralph Cope, at prchensive of any session, covering the age of ~wenty-two years, has set an example which, if f~llowed dairymen, would lead ~o. a greater a~undance of mil~ for the entire state system, county roads by"ln?re Amenca's people, and a better hvmg for America's farmers. ·-and city streets.




Parkland's unofficial mayor, the ANNUAL BANQUET WILL president of the. Parkland CommuBE HELD IN FEBRUARY nity Club, and his assisting officers in the organization which acts as Postponement of the annual the community's local town meeting banquet of the Parkland Commuand council will be chosen by resinity Club until the regular Febdents of the community next week. ruary meeting date (February 10) The annual election w i 11 take was announced this week by Presplace Thursday evening, January ident W. W. Cline. The action 13, ;,t the re,e;ular monthly meeting follows the precedent set last year of the ort;anization. Meeting place and results from an apparent genis the Parkbnd school auditorium. eral opinion that the original date A choice of officer candidates has set follows too closely upon the been posted by a special nominating holiday season. committee which submitted its nomThe banquet had been schedinees at the December meeting. Aduled for the January meeting date, ditional nominations will be in order January 13, in the Parkland from the floor, by any member. AJl resident; of tlw community are eli- school, at which time new officers of the club arc to be elected. The ffible for voting membership in the . q · ·cment being election will take place as orig" 1 1 1 1 01 1 1 c '. - t '. Y ie uu · · inall set. prior rPg1strat10n. Y . W. "Woody" Cline, present Arrangements for. the ban~uet prcsidrnt, filling out the term of already underway will be revised . ·d "M· . , r" Ross to conform with the new date and last years e1ectc ayo ' . . . . Cory, is currently unopposed to con- Uckets for the annual affa1~-the tinue as "His Honor." Cory resigned biggest' event of its kind 111 the leaving this community and community-will soon be placed upon . 1 • l I I Cline succeeded from the vice-pres- on sa e 111 oca s 1ops. idency. H. E. Mobley, PLC student -and local jeweler, who had been candidacy. · ted to run against Cline reCline sales executive for a Tanomma . . ' . ' . . . cently announced his withdrawal of coma stat10nery firm, has been active 1·



m a numbr:r of local programs and groups, and upon his recent strp into the presidency expressed his recognition of the vital rok the community club has to fill in affairs of Parkland. Candidates named for other club offices are: Vice-president, Lawrence Hultengren, building contractor, currently chairman of .a principal standing committee of the club; and Robert Haner, local jc.welcr. Secretary-Mrs. Dorothy Goodrich and Mrs. Virginia Ellingson. Treasurer-l'vf. Stauffacher, a resident of Parkland for 12 years, farmer and real estate agent; and E. W. "Fritz" Beitz, local service station operator. W. K. Clark, Prairie Pointer editor, is sole nominee for the publicity chairman's post. He is a rccentlycstablishcd Parkland resident. The election with its principal . ' . . . emphasis upon the v1cc-prcs1dential contest, will be by all odds the main order of business at next week's _. .. m_ect1ng. Ho~vever, other matt~1s will be considered and cntertarnmcnt features and refreshments may 1be expected as usual. Time of meetI. . mg is 8 p.m.

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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, January 6, 194·9


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Tuesday morning when the car she I was driv111g skidded on icy pavement into a tree. No damage or injury Mrs. Dorothy P. Smith, Reporter was suffered by either Mrs. Hicks or, Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter P. 0. Box 228 - GR. 6757 the car. \ GRanite 4429 W. C. Tandberg, James 1-leanski, J. L. Ghesquiere .................. Publishers I The regular meeting of Spanaway Wm. K. Clark .......................................................................................... Editor Mr. and Mrs. Lou Irwin and Mr. P-TA will be held Wednesday, JanTwelve members of the Midland and Mrs. Clark Boyce of A street uary 12, at Spanaway school. Senior,;1-f~ \'irl;,' Club, and a guest, A ·community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and M r. an d "I ca1olmg December 23 to $pana>vay. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0 spent New Year's Eve at .: Cheh·tlis .: · n' rs. E; inerson 1 ,arpen- went , . . New Year's Eve w·1s gTected in at · f t t bring Christmas cheer to. "shut-ins." Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. ' n1ng arc no\v t 11e or .una e o\vncrs '· . . The _group VlSlted the Pierce county Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post of(ice at I a fried chicken dinner given by of a beautiful new 1949 Buick. Parkland, ·washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. T/Sg·t. and Mrs. Phil Taylor at , hospital where scrapbooks they had Frank Talley Sr. of 4th street has , . d . . d l ·1d · . . .. . . J.1,1 e we1e p1esente to e 1l ren Ill SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 their home on Twelfth street. En- resigned !us pos1t10n as a fireman at l h · I Af 1· · h . .t 1C osp1ta. ter earn mg 111 t e J'oying· the feast were 1\-Ir. and Mrs. the Tacoma Annex and has started d h d I l f Louis Symmons Mr. and Mrs. Har. . war s, t ey rcturne to. t 1c 10me o the new year as captam of the fo'e 1 ·• I d . M Alb I<. I ' ry W. Smith S/Srrt, and Mrs. James . t 1e11 ca e1, rs. ert nesa, . . , ' " . . department at Fort Lewis. h . f . h . · · ·f · Our local volunteer fire departments are earnestly trymg Spangler, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gilles,. . w ere te res ments wc1e w~1tmg 01 . d · d L 1 S Mrs. June Steidel and Mrs. Beulah th c m Afterwards the g>rls went to do a good, efficient job for us-and they are domg a goo ' pie~n ; ~ y;m~nsA T f Ballard of Pacific street greeted the about ~he neighborhood, ~isited the 11 0 efficient job for us to the full extent that residents cooperate r. an rs. •ran' ' da efy new year in at a party given by aged and sick .. and carolled for them . . . . Fourth street have returne rom ' · ' with them. The firemen, who give very freely of their time th . t . t S th C l'f · friends at the Winthrop hotel in until almost 11 part . · eu· np o ou ern a 1 onua. . . . . o'clock. Taking . . and services in arduous and frequent] y dangerous work, ask Mr. and Mrs. Don Shaff and their Tacoma. . m this trad1t10.nal Chnstma~ ntc little enough of us in return. four boys enjoyed a New Year's Day Mr. and Mrs. Dale Haigh of 8th were: Susan Bailey, Mary Clmton, . . . . . dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. and East E street have been spend- D on n a Taylor, Barbara Hansen, And, what lS probably the greatest assistance we can give I • ino· the holiday week at Elma visit- Beverly Morud Beverly Corrigan · · · · h 1·· h I George Wh1tnev of Tacoma. " , . , . Bassart ' o f L'1vmgs our local firemen m cutting fire losses puts t, e •very s tg test I ,n'1to . t M ing Mrs:' Elma Hogan, mother of Barbara Madsen, Noreen Hotchkiss, on, on. . 1 demand upon us. If ' wben a fire outbreak 1s discovered, the l tana was a h 0 11.d ay gues t 0 f M.r. an d Mrs. .Haigh. Shirley E'v ans, Christine Morl'ls, . • . ' f . v· . d information regarding it is called promptly and correctly to Mrs. Don Shaff of 14·th street. Enioymg a holiday at the home o Sal~y Mikelson, 10let Smith an . · t ed . E'nioymg · · , E've · d ance Mr. and Mrs. John Wadhams .of thell' guest, . Eleanor· Petersen. :tvfrs. t l1e f iremen, t h ey WI'11 b e b est ass1s a ·N' ew y ears . . M d 7th and East E street were Miss Robert Clmton, assistant leader, l B G range were . .h an . . . and. Mr. and l\1rs. . . to the hosp1ta . 1 wit T 00 many bl azes are aII o Wed t O ge t a f i'rm hold because at M.tie .enson . . · d M. dr. ,,<. V1v1an Davis made the tnp 01 Iver 0 mat an . . 11' h f' d d d is. I. an lvJ.IS. , . . 1 d M Cl' d M of waste d time m ca mg t e ire epartment concerne an i E• merson T arpenmng . f ,, . James Houk of l aeoma. the g1r s an r. mton an r. o 1v.1ountam · . . because of more time wasted while fire trucks follow incorrect H' ·h , · Newcomers to Spanaway arc Lt. Knesal supplied transportat10n. On ig wa} · · f D b 0 I . 1 b or incomplete information to a wrong address. Mr. and Mrs. William Righetti and ~rs. Leon~rd I-I. Sm1t~1 ~ ecem er J , tie entll'c cu met at ?O Bloommgton, Indiana. Lt. Smith is the Knesal home for the last re,gular . d b . ' th e success f U 1 opera t'!On o f bis o f 12 t 11 .street entertame a out _ attached to the 62nd Troop Car- meetmg Th e h ome-owner ' s s t a k e 111 of the year and an all-day · · ·h ·h . f ·h f' Tl guests with a New Year's Eve party . . . . . . . . . local dep.artment lS grea.ter t an r_ at o t e iremen. 1ere- Friday evening at their home. Pres- ner Squadro1: at ~cChord Field. sew1~g bee. Du .r 1n g the bu~mcss for 1t is askmg but very little of him that he know or keejJ cnt were M r. an d M rs. M artm . G'b They are makmg then home on 12th mcctrng, conducted by Picsidcnt 1 · . . readily at hand the correct number to call to report a fire. Even . b 1 . M . d M . P· 1 1 F .. d M. street in the house formerly occupied ·Beverly Corngan, plans were made . . l. h h · d d h t'll i oid \x r.Han ldrCs;h .' u r~ax' Id. by Capt. and Mrs. John Sullivan. . for a bazaar, to b. c hcl.d at Midland t h oug h 1t 1s not us own on1e t at IS en angere , e s I an mrs. aro nsman, mr. an . f . T . Cl . 1 Th ""' 1 1 o [ h a 11 ' F e b·rnaty . , . . . . IM. R b t St 'd 1 M cl M. Friends o Miss WI1a ar. ·· e ,,ioup Pans pays a part of every neighbor s fire loss as It ts reflected 111 the I is: T0 • er Mei e ' d l\r~ an J ish. 11th street arc glad to hear that she to invite the Junior 4-H club to par· f · S o, i't JS · , · r··er est' rwm r. an ·irs. oscp . . . . . . l· settmg O msurance rates. \ery muc h t O th e 111 . . nnm, CJ . N "' M. 1s home from the hospital and is ttcipatc a so. . . f' b k l . b I . Baisath, Mrs. am y 0 ard, 1. • . ll , of the person s1ghtmg a . ire out rea t 1at no tune e. ost m d M J M t' f . makrng progress on learnrng to wa c Raymond Snuth, son of Mr. and . . . an rs. . ar 1 o 01 yn1p1a, . . callmg the news to the fire department-and callmg Jt nght. W'l1 ma R'tg·h e tt'1 an d o th c1s. . on her new braces. l\1rs. Eugene Smith, has been con.. h . _ ,. . .. f . h Only recently there occurred an instance in Spana way, Frank McCabe of Pacific street Mrs. iley, who 1s ma 1-ing er frned to Doctors Hosp1ta 1 ~1 t e d . k h d 'tt cl h V t h home with her daughter, Mrs. John past.·wet'k. He had pneumoma but . d W h en t 11at f ire epartment ro e its true on a goose c ase as w'ats a. msi ettl toDt c be cr9a ns ~~- Birkhofcr on 12th street, is spending is 1Tported to be well on the way 1 m ea · e ecem er _ 4·., · f · h · 1 h f' k 11 p1 a e>IS · a resu It O f wrong 111 ormatton-w 1 e t e ire too nlore to . . . a couple of weeks at Mossy Rock to recovery. · · · · f f" fnends wish him a speedy recovery. ' during the bunt for it. In that mstance, the m ormant 1rst T . b b M d Washington. Fred Johnson of Petersburg Alas. . . wm oys were orn to r. an . · , .. . · ' . . wasted irreplaceable tune by callmg the wrong party ( tele- Mrs. Mack Wright, formerly of, Wednesday v1sttors at. the !1ome ka, stopped off in Tacoma wlule phoning a district fire commissioner instead of calling the Spana way but now residents of of Mr. and Ivfrs. H~rry W · Snuth of cnroute to Los Angeles, long .enough . d epar t men t d'1rec t) ; secon dl y, ti1e 1n · f orman t C ra1gmon · cl Id h J 'Loop Road werc Miss Sue Walton_ of to sav Happy New Year to his many Spanaway f ire , · a o, on anuary 2 . 'I . : . . . . . . . . . E h . ·h .d f' d Tl , Hazelwood and Recrmt Don Walton, relatives m this area. He, with his 1 did not accurately state the locat10n of the blaze. That the fire- ~c wcig e ive po~n s. ~} USN who is stationed at San Diego d d ht ._· -la Mr. and . . I f' d will be welcomed by a sister, Conmc . ' " ' son an aug c1 Ill w, men were able to be of any assistance agamst t 1e ire was ue . . . Calif. Mrs Loren Johnson of Renton vis. own 1mt1at1ve . . . . an d perseverance. S uc l1 occurrences are Jean. Mack 1s a brother of Mrs. to t 11eir W. . I' f M _,. The New Year will rmg wcddmg itcd at the Clarence Johann home 1 . . . . . . 111 w.n1 •ucstono t. 1-11g1\vay. most dtsbeartenmg • to the fuemen who see their willmg efforts W'Jl' Ch f M . bells for Orio D. Denny 29. Johnson 1s an uncle 1 1am erney o ountam , . of . Spana- December · frustrated, to the home owner who counts the wasted minutes Highway has returned from Chicago way when he takes Mrns :'1eno L. of Johann. . · I' · k · · bl fl d l· h h h l l"d . . . Johnson of Naselle as his bndc. The annual Chnstmas party t01 1 10 ays V!Sltmg SW!f mg up m smo e as msatia e ames · evour 11 s property \hv' ere etspent t e Mr. and Mrs. John Pullen of 2nd Cub Pack No. 84 was held Dceem· l h Id 1s parcn s. . . or, f ar worse, entrap mem b ers O f 111s 1ouse o · . street spent the holiday weekend at ber 27 at the Midland hall with · · · .. · · Sgt. Orzon Johnson was a recent · . · .. ' The respons1b1hty for avertmg such delays hes wholly d' . . . f S/Sf d M. J Renton. the Rev. Kelmcr N. Roe of Parkland . . 111nc1 guest o t. an ts. ens E . . N' y , .. • . . . 1e- Trinity ·Lutheran upon our resi.den ts-an d f or most eff.1c1ent operat10n o f our J ensen f fl B R d 'n10.ymg a cw ears Eve ce o enry crger oa . . . , church as prmc1fire departments, such delays must be averted. Each resident's Miss Grace Slater, daughter of brat10n at the home of Mr. and pay speaker. 1he program opene~ . respons1'b'l't · d ef'1111't e b u t· no t d eman d'mg. T o M r. an d M rs. N ea1 SI ater of M oun- Mrs. .Robert Rhone of 2nd street with the flag· $alute and a prayc1. sh are o f th 1s i I y ts . b d. f bl h' d h . d I b d · ff h h .1 d were Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Frenchs, Den No. I sang Chnstmas Caro1s, e pre~are t~ per ?rm a Y. is uty, e nee on e rea Y ~::ttle'.g way, spent t e wee ;en at Mr. and Mrs. C. W .. Jergens, ~Mr. Delmar Brittain "played an accordia~ -on mstant s notice-to directly summon the fue departand Mrs. Harold Frerichs of Olym- solo and .Betty Turner played a gm0 · to t l1e accurate ]y state d a d cress. I J ust: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rohn of . . cl d . d'istnct ment o f .h IS d . . 'f d T . pm and Mr .. and Mrs. John Everetts tar solo. Then Den No. " · ecorate 211 street spent . ues ay at o1;e,· . . . . "Call it qmck ! · of Seattle. a hvmg Chnstmas tree. Dean Entd 1 ' 'Call it right t a:I· d 1\ ~ c1· . M A . d Milton Baylor of Ray, N. D., is tain presented a piano solo and the . . home with . I Rev. R oe spo I;c on "S coutrng • n r. an nHS. 1et c.,,.tee an. tcmporan.1y ma Iong · f or . . . . !us . a\\r, M r. Boys Of .f-\. To be prepared to place a fire call quickly and correctly, family 'll A ges, ,, a ft er W1llC · h BCVv· _ spent the holiday at Sumnut h'IS SI.Ster an d b rot 11cr-111-



Seizvices !J?e'l/ected 9:ftlzu gene'lations


DID YOU KNOW This firm is not a branch. Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower prices. We have a qualified Military Advisor. More and more families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) personal service. · The Coroner's office is located here. THEREFORE: Let us be your friend in time of need.

Call It Right


:tZ-~ LAKEWOOD 2167



!- \\




. .














every householder should know: iew. . , and Mrs. Michael Kirby of 2nd erly Morud played an accordian 1-His own correct street name or number, his house numMr. andfMrs. Mich~el Kirby ha;e street. solo. Den No. 4· presented a play, f . . . returned rom a six-weeks tnp M J N . "L' 1 J l IT ,, d D N , . .l h S h C J'f . d rs. oc etzcl of Mountam · 1tt e ac < ·ciorner, an en. 0 · b er or h ouse Iocat10n wit 1 re erence to the nearest mtersectmg 1 t 1roug out crn a 1 orma an H' h . I I "A p f X " D N0 street and the name or number of that street or road·' 2-the M cx1co. · A · h h ig way •s now cmp 1oyed at The I uppy or mas. en. · ccompanymg t cm on t c Firs. . · h Ch nst· i 6 c1ose d t l1c program wit correct telephone number to call in reporting a fire to the de- trip was Miss Gertrude Kirby of St. . . . ' S ' ' · · l . h · . I En1oymg a New Year's dmner at mas. poems. an ta s v1s1t Ji oug t partment serving his district. (Use of an even slightly incor- Paul' Mmn. . . Takmg the coastal · the home of Mr. and Mrs. Michael g1·r ts f or a JI o t· t h <' (',u IJS an d d en . . . . , .. rect designation of fire location can easily cause delay and con- route they v!Slted all pomts .of m. Kirby of 2nd street were Milton mothers. Cubmaster Han y Skelton terest along the way. While m , . d ·I b ' Baylor, Ed Spahr,. Miss Margaret was prcscntc wit 1 a c. u masters fusion, because of existing duplication or near-duplication of Hollywood they attended. several Baylor and Miss . Gertrude Kirby. . · d h ·f M s pm an ot er g1 ts. rs. tan street names in this area-such as, Pacific avenue and Pacific broadcasts, the most enjoyed of M D 1 D I f · ---~· which was "Meet the Mrs." A din-' rs. ,e mar e ong, orn.1~r res1- I street) . R' 'd dent of Spanaway, was a v!Sltor at Mr. and Mrs. Barto Cooley, Mr. . . I . A further suggestion: Listed below are the correct num- ner at t h c M iss1on nn 1vers1 e ' l'f . . h . h ' b f . d, the home of Capt. and Mrs. James and Mrs. Raymond Cooley, Mr. and bers to call to report a fire in each of our local fire districts; (. ,a . 1 ., given f111 ht cir onor y, nen. s T · D caton o f East 5th street. M/Sgt. Mrs. Robert Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. 1 mcmones. d . keep the number for your district always by your telepbone- 1s Just one o t e. peasant P an Mrs. Delong were transferred Leslie' Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Severa l d ays were spent at 1 I am · H' ·i · · · . h · h . ast sprmg to . am1 ton F1dd at San Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil_ Larsen, Pierce County Fire District No. 7 (SPANAWAY, ELK S pnngs, w ere t ey saw many cm- R f I c l'f . . a ae, a 1 ., where they now make all of Tacoma; Mr. and Mrs. Fern PLAIN and CLOVER CREEK)-GRanite 7026. ema stars. Th c m 1and route was I · h ~. D · • · t 1e1r omc. 1v.1 rs. clong is spend- Cooley of Olympia; Mr. and Mrs. . . ... . . tnp v1s1tmg 1 · h h 1. District No. 4 (HARV ARD, MIDLAND and LARCH- fta.k end on dtheir return mg t e o idays with her mother m Bob Thompson a.nd Della and Gene . ' MONT Fire Dept.)-GRanite 7161. nlenKs' abn re 1atlves alo~g t~e ~ay. Parkland while her husband is on Cooley and 18 grandchildren. T ie 1r ys say that Cahforma !JVed d . · · · • . . . j temporary uty m Gcrmanv where Celebratmg Chnstmas Eve at the District No. 6 (PARKLAND Fire Dept. )-GR. 8122. I up to its reputat10n ' all the days be- Iie 1s · part1c1patmg .. · · · Berlm . h ome o f Mr. and Mrs. w·1! l'mm . m the City (TACOMA FIRE D?PT.)-MA. 0151. mg warm and sunny. · J'f




d M r. an . rs. George Woolhouse o f 12 t h street held open house on , N cw Y ears Day also entertained . '. I f nends with a New Year's severa E n

LUBRICATION Atlas Tires and Batteries

MOTOR TUNE-UP Complete Linc of Ignition Parts

Anderson CHEVRON Service Spanaway on Mt. Highway

GRanite 6455


. r. anfd Mrs. Nelson and fam1 1y o the Barg·am Basket have . . moved from theu former residence on -1-th street and are no l' . . h h . w iv mg m tp e 'f'ouse adjacent to the store on ac1 1c street, owned by Mrs · .Leond O'H

air 1 t. spanaway- Ellt Plam · V olunteer F'iremcn · .. an d L a cl'1cs Auxiliary will h o Id annua1 rnstallatwn · · · of officers · an d d'mncr Monday evemng at 8 o'clock at The Firs. Reservations may be made by telephoning Mrs. M at!'Id a symmons, GR. 7600, or Paul Fread GR 77 13 ' . . Capt. James T. Deaton of East 5th street made a routine flight T ucs d ay to H arn1'l ton Field · San


Whenever possible ... USE NO HEATERS BETWEEN 4:30 AND 6:30 PM HELP avoid a serious power shortage during this winter.

Between 4:30 and 6:30 PM, use no electric heaters. Turn off all lights not actually needed. Use your range as little as possible. DURING THE CRITICAL HOURS-WASTE NO ELECTRICITY!

ern. Rafael, Calif. " ' Mr. and Mrs. F nen -. d s gatI1ermg · at the home of . . Sam Green and . d aughter of M1htary Road have Just M. d M rs.. Loms · Symmons of . . I. an returned from a tnp to San Fran- p aCJ·r·1e street to en1oy · Christmas . cisco. , were Mr. and Mrs. Jam es . Robert M1ller, one of the eusto- Spangler, Mr. and Mrs. George dia.ns of ~panaway school, has 'been Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ro!senously ill at his home on Pacific !ins a.nd Sun1mons , th rec sons, W arstreet. Louis Symmons have been ren, Larry and Joe. pinch-hitting at the school during Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pillsbury Miller's illness. enjoyed Christmas dinner with their Kenneth Shandrow, son of Mr. daughter and, .Mr. and and Mrs. B. Merritt Shandrow of Mi's. Oliver Omat and family of Mountain Highway, is recovering Mountain Highway. after a case of chicken pox. One of the largest family reunions Mrs. H. Hicks of Henry Berger was held at the home of Mr:. and Road was victim of slight accident Mrs. Fay Cooley on East E street over the holiday. The festivities began Christmas Eve with the lighting of the tree and exchange of gifts Round-the-Clock followed by a real feast on Christmas Fuel Oil Service! day. Enjoying the dinner were the Day or Night parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Cooley; Sundays





- .

Need for chaperones for the Te~narre dances sponsored by the Mid1:i1d Improvement Club is still vcru 1 great according to Mrs. Noel Bain · '. . who 1s m charge of these dances. Anyone interested in young people would be very welcome to attend and. assist at dances, . the regular . . which are given the first and third Thursdays of each month: The first dance of the new year will be January G, from 8 to 11 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reich arc proud parents of a baby daughter, born December 29, at Tacoma General hospital. She weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and is named Cheryl Anne. Grandparents sharing in the congratulations arc: Mr. and Mrs. Doug Morris of Midland and Mr. Andrew Reich of Cle Elum. Greatgrandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Morris of Tacoma and Mr. and Mrs. John Swint of 76th and Portland Avenue.

The University of Washington was established and located in Seattle

· R1ghctt1 · · and' Rose :tvfane · · · · Orville N1cholson. EnJoymg the Christmas dinner were Mr. and Mrs. J. Marti of Olympia, Donald Vick· ers and the family. M d M Ch I N b r. an . rs. ar es ~cw ~ry and sons of 11th street spent Chr1stmas at Chehalis. E'n1oymg · · · a Cliristmas cI'mner at

the home of her parents, Mr. and M rs. B urt ,s arnue I , were M/S gt. and Mrs. ('" A .. Loewen and daughter. ;\bout I 0 other guests were present t. o enj.oy the feast prepared by Mrs . Samuel. ---------------



1'.lur§ina DoDJ.e


4:30 TO 6:30 PM



The University of Washington campus· has 580 acres and has more than JOO buildings . ..--··

. t'· 0~1S S·pecill 'l. "'£,"£.R6.1 c \ore'1 0

1~ · vc;R~i~ $GoJ o\t ,~\th oT~e.1'. .0

GR 8077

Floor Sanders and Waxers FOR RENT PARKLAND LUMBER AND HARDWARE \Vilson St., just off Mt. Hiway GRanite 7900

uo'LC"l'.l ':)<fa.')

'3-r re\;u\ar otuail\'. \)r1ce» a~ o \)




"Easy to Park at Parkland" 1

eat:h,er St:rip 91C



Baskei:i: Lumber

GR. 8488

96th & PORTLAND AVE., MIDLAND ·~-------


Our New Year,s EXTRA VALUE: 2-PIECE CHILD'S SLEEPERS of heavy, fleecy cot· ton knit, elastic waistband, contrasting collars and cuffs. (in sizes 6, 8 and 12)


Sl.59 PAIR

After·Holiday Clearance LADIES' SWEArI'ERS All-Wool


All new merchandise, but just noticeably soiled - in late styles, popular colors.

Tule Lake :Road


l0 iJ~

20 LINEAL FEET, ENOUGH FOR ONE DOOR ................................................................... .





dane Shop

5508 Pacific Avenue

Toni lVlarkharn, owner



u . . . 1: ...1...... ~ ....

Remember the Critical Hours

New YPar. . . . Smcerely yoms, MRS J W KALKlTS • • • • , Ch · · . anm~n, Pierce County Seal Sale .

by the Washington territorial legislaturc January 11, 1861.

Barsatt1,· l\x·ir. an d M rs. I rvm · T'1111111, w·1 1 ma R'1g l1ett1,· Bcity s e 11 e, D ona Id·.


&dttM, , ,


IR1ghett1 · · were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph


I Phone any time!

. Lipkc's d<'n served re f res h ments, as. l . N oe 1 B am. . s1sted )Y Mrs. Junior 4H Girls Cfub of Midland Editor, Prairie Pointc.r, and the Boys 4-H Club joined forces for a Christmas party December 30 Parkland, Washington , , at the home of the girls' leader Mrs. Dear Sir: . . , . E. A. Bnttam. The boy~ and gll'ls I would like to take this opporspent the afternoon ]llaymg games, tunitv to express to you on behalf ' after which gifts were distributed, of the Tuberculosis League of Pierce and refreshments served by Mrs. Vic County and the Christmas Seal Sale ·. Eshpeter, leader of the boys, and chairmen of the county, many the hostess. Those attending the thanks for the cooperation you have . . party were: Joanne Morud, Diane given us. For through the coopera, Schrag, Sharon Eshpeter, Janet tion you have given us in your . . : Wagaman, Idell Bnttam, Pat Har-: newspaper, you have helped us to . · I . mon, Leah May, Valena Dav 1 s, realize another successful Seal Sale. Janet Johnson, Janet Kelly, Ruth At the close of the year, the total Reed Lorraine Tomilson, Virginia is at $33, 180.+8. With late returns Kinkaid Diane McPherson Mar- still coming· in it is hoped that the , , , jorie Udd, Carol Landccn, Paul final total will be greater than last . . . , , . Hawkms, .:&!11 Turner, Ronnie years of_ $39,44 7.37. In this way Morud, Vickey E~hp~ter and D~l- only. may the . ~r:sent pr~gr~m . be mar and Dean Bnttam. Mrs. Ent- contmued to aw 111 the eln111nat10n . . . . tam, Mrs. Eshpeter and the boys of tuberculosis as a commu111ty and girls thank their sponsors Mid- health problem. ' . land Improvement club and Paul Thank you ao-am for yom supR'fl f k' . h . " 1 1 or ma ·mg t e port. Best wishes to you and your Bunyan 1 e cu), ~ -~ party possible. staff for . a p1ospe10us and healthv'

..... V,1,JIUU.]>3



Call GR. 6789, days

Parkland .=u:el Oil

PARKLAND-BROOKDALE E.LECTmC Your Neighborhood Electrician F. J. Nordyke

and 8e:rvice §t:ation Distributors of Standard Oil Products GRanite 8112

Parkland, Wash.

P;irkland, Washinglon, Thursday, January G, 19-lD



word was i-cceived of their granddaughter, 'Tamara Colleen Rash, who was born last July 14-. Her parents are Mr. and :Mrs. James Rash (Colleen De Moss). She has an older brother, David James Rash.

Alice Dorfner, Reporter Graham 458

1\fr. :ind Emmitt Rich enCpl. Delmont Miller recently artcr.t:iin1:d forty gursts Sunday at a rived borne frorn (;crn1any. AccornNr-w Y«:ir's dinner. Among thos!' panying him is his German hridr, presr·nt wf'rc: M.r. Rich's motlwr and ivlargo, and tlwir small. son. f :1th er, Mr. and Mrs. ivfrlford New Year's dinner guests at the Broughton of Portland, Oregon; Mr. home of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Haranti Ivfrs." .Joseph Rich and daughter of Craharn; Mr. and Mrs. Harry vcy wcr,- Mr. and 1-Irs. Ross ShcrRich of P:irkland; Mr. llnd 1-Irs. man and Mrs. Doris Crim and Otto ,jopp, also of Parkland: 1'1r. daughter Mary Lee. and Mrs. L. L. Bullock :ind family Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Loveland ennf Eatonvilk: Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles tcrtaincd on New Year's Eve. Among Kalin of Tacmm: Mr. and Mrs. the guesls were Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Pelc l'.ctcrson . of M.arysvillc; Mr. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon I-ligand "Mrs. J:lllws Foster of T:1e01na; gins and Mr. and Mrs. Errn·st Ilasand Mrs. L M. Tibbitts of Elk kins. Pb in. 'I"he gym at the Elk Plain school has been well worked on in the 1x1st few wonths and now hns just lines to be painted on the floor and wiring .to be completed. Also, the Year end total returns for the motlwrs' cl u b is remodeling the lunch room. The walls arc to he 42nd annual Christmas seal sale in finished with knotty pine and plaster Pierce county stood at $33,130.+8, reported by Mrs. J. W. Kalkus, board. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Kuper of Elk county chairman. Contributions Ph1in were a1nong the n1any guests from Parkland area, reported by at the New Year's night dinner hdd Mrs. Carl C:oltom, local chairman, at the Country House. It was given receh·cd until Tuesday of this week for Mobilgas dealers by Poche! Dis- were $747 .00. The Parkland figure now is approximately the total of all tributing Co1npany. Wednesday, December 29, about receipts in the previous yf'ar's sale, 5:'.JO a.m., Kenny and Bobby Kup1·r and some returns are still to come were motoring up the ]\.fountain I in. Highway on " hunting trip when A $-100 seal saie total for Spanthey skidded and tu r n e d over. away was expected to be reached Neither was hurt. The c:ir is now w h e n all contributions received being repaired. 1'uesday \Vere counted in, according Miss Arlene \Valk spent a part of to l\frs. C. C. Phi_pps, sale ch:iirrn:m ber v~cation in Raymond, Wash- for that area. ingtcrn, with her brother and his The purchase of Christmas Seals farnily, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Walk, supports the year-round program of Laura Ann, Larry and Ernest Jr. tuberculosis prevention and control 1\frs. Ernest Reasoner of Newport, ca r r i e d on by the Tuberculosis Idaho, and Mrs. ·Elma Rusho of League of Pierce Gounty in coopcrBl:u1chanl, Idaho, arc visiting at the ation with the local health dep:Hthome of l\1r. and Mrs. Harold Small- mcnts of Tacoma and Pierce county. wood. Fred Rohr and daughters, 'Through the past year, the mobile Marjorie and Lois, drove Mrs. Rea- X-ray unit has been operating in som-r, ivfrs. Rusho, and Mr. and Tacoma and Pierce county, taking Mrs. Smallwood and son Ronnie to free chest X-rays of any person 15 Morton, Sunday. years and older. This is an importThority Tibbitts was one of many ant part of the case-finding prowho entertained at ivfadigan Gen- gram being conducted in this couJJty. era! hospital al Christmas time. Ile To date, +9, 150 x-rays have b:-en played a few wdl-known Christmas taken by this unit alone. This is a pieces. j continuous program supported by Many Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Christmas seal funds and will rcCeorgc De Moss recently received main in operation throughout the Christmas greetings from them. Also coming year.





d'A~ I HARVARD NEWS rltteato1e!


Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter



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Office Phone· GR 6492 • • Res. Phone: GR. 3052


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certainly a big event in the baby's life, isn't it, Doctor?"

State Patrol Chief Cautions Motorists I


ICE CREAM Party CAKES (all ice cream,. decorated wi!h candy, fruit or cream)

IN BULK OR BRICK . . . GALLON Yi Gallon B3c - Quart Brick 49c


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Lutlierall Con~n·g:atiun.


..- _1

Bake-a-Cherry Pie Contest hcadquarters, 605 Union St., Seattle, and l l"1catc of tic I · · a cup rcg·1strat10n to Another Bake-·1-Cherry Pie rnn- 1 II 1 c a cI c r or l1on1e ' ccono1n1cs · i: test for State of Washington girls teacher. -with a chaperoned trip to Chicago, all expenses paid, as the grand To Bake-a-Cherry Pie Contest Headquarters, prize for the best cherry pie! The 19+8 cherry pie baking con- 605 Union, Seattle, Washington I wish to enter the Bake-a-Cherry test was so successful that the spon..,.

Cherry Pte Bake




sors decided to stage a this year and plan to annual highlight for cooks and the state's


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nwctin1-{ '


· l llJl~ 1t,



C rl\'Cl'S


Child Behavior Is Discussion Topic For Pre-School



Mrs. Ralph Drath and children, The girl judged tlic best cherry Ralph Jr. and Louise, from Portland, pie cool~ in the 'state of Washington CHRISTIAN SCIENCE I "d f The children s1ient the contest n:ccn·cs . . cash plus a S.Hi.rnwJll" is tht· ~ubJe(t of the LesR due to rarJon inu11ox1 c u111e5 sccp- Oi·cg-on $25 m so1J-St·imon \\huh "ill hr tead lll'Xl Sun- ino into the \dtille throu h f:nilty week end with Buster, Buddy and chaperoned all-expenses paid trip to . rb~ in all h1.rncl11•s nf ']Ju• \1othr1 Cln11ch, : '.-, ,, ;-:, Billi Jo Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny. C'l. . 1s i "Bchav10r Problems of the. Prelhe l•i1•,1 Chm<h of Clu1s1 Scit>ntist in floorbo:-irds. . .. ucag;o t o con1pe t c \VI'tlI tl· 1c g-ir Bosto11, M.1s~~1thusetls~-' . ' Car O\Vl1t'lS. \Vt·ir .'v~u n<.d not to Hutclwns of Sedro Woolley were f . · .' school Child" will be the subject of , · · · ruin t 1iroug- 1ioul tie . . . 1 nation in a . PARKLAND METHODIST waim up then \ducks l1l dosed, ·also ,·isitors at the Smith residence. . . k" t"t" t b an open discussion, led by Miss Lola · · , s11n1 1ar p1c-1)a '1ng co1npc: i 1011, o c . George W. Cooper, Pastor g-ar:ig-es, and not to nin the motoi 0 11 ,. sy•ui)athics are extended to Id d . f 1 _ Emerson and ivhss Frances Scearce, 11c · nn er t 1ic sponsors1up o tie .. .. . ., .. ,, · · . · ' · I . Sunday, January ~): . \Vrnship and preachin~, 11 a.m.; Church of a stat10nary vd11cle foi any gicat Mrs Clvdc Hobbs m the recent Joss N _ . . . ·. ·· · ' · · ·· • at10na I I''-e d Clicrry I nst1tutc on . at the next regular · . mcetmg of. the School, 1() a.rn. Classes for all v,rades. Adult . of tune. Even rn the n_ 1ost of hn mnthcr Mrs. Selma Ander- W 1 . , b" hd d Parkland school. Swiss songs will be Bible class led by the pastor. Nursery for length ·-: . . ·~ -· - ' · as ungton s nt ay. 1 1ic gran . childrc11 duriug 1he hour of wonhip and brisk weathn, one wmdow cHn son . . .in tie l . l event . JJresented by Jimmy Bartle. . . . . · pnzc \v1nncr nat1ona · · . . preaching. slightly opem:d wlulc d_ nvrng will Del Kcnn_edv has• returned to his w1. 11 receive . '"I SO 111 . cas I1 p l us a Hostesses for the evemng will be: :Mt~lhodisl Youth Fe1low~hip,' 7:00 p.m. ·• · J •Jl , . . Thursday, January ll: allow entra_nce of . needed fresh nll' ·stii<l·1,,s· ·it (:-· W · c: ·E · at Ellcnsbur", l _ d a ll -expenses pa1.d tnp . Anna Zettel, Jesse . D1ckmson, AuCouples Club llll'l~ls in the d11u-d1 at , .. . · · ·· ' ~ c mperone to ]H<'Hllt drl\"er-drowsmcss. ·ilt<'r helllg honw for two weeks. l Wl. II W l. gusta Stern, Madelme McCoy, Joll:llll p.m. , ... . f ' to t 1(' utc ouse, as ungton, . Chief Algeo added thesl' rules or Sumhiiw Sewing Club will meet D C () h . I . . l ' sephinc Van Orman, and Elame SPANAWAY METHODIST i ' . -. .· '. ' .. I .. f. ' . ' . t er cas1 pnzcs ll1 tlC na-1, "The Church ~Y tho Side of the Rood" ~iTv.entlllg .ic..udu1ts .<m t1.1 January I :l at the home of Mrs. tio1Ml contest arc: 2nd, $75. '.lrd, 1 urncr. 10 a.n_i.--Church Scho~I. __.· fie t11:-up.s: . · llt-rnif'I.' Kf'llcr. M_rs_·._ I_Iazd Kennedy .i, 60 . ,, l $40· 5tl $'>' S --------, l S ,. · '" · d I · 11 I '1' , rt 1, , 1, , _;i. c< on d an d l W o~sllp ,C.\JU. ! J _a.n1. S • uncay l. Keep the wrn sue c DIJ( win- will hl"lp with th1· serving. ·. _ ·h .·. · 1 S· f HAVE YOUR 1948 'ViO JJ ·m ·-Intcrmcdmtc Y o u th <lows hTr . . o f f rost snO\V an d H:e-. . .-- \ o · thud . cas pt 1zes rn t 1e late o · ·· · · · · . , .· · Fellowship. . . . . ·... - , . . . ~ .... , A. DrMh returned to lus !ob Waslungton contest are $l5 and $~0. 1 6:'15 p.m. --~Youth !• cllowsh1p. dSSUl t« le \lsibili'.) · . at l• ort Lewis, Monday, after bcmg Elimination contests will be held ' ~·-s . 2. Be su1c __ t_h_ '. lighting_ systcn1 _i. -off \vnrk for two 1nonths to. recover tl . ·h t tl . t t . t F 1. I RETURNS PR EPARED BY PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL . . . 1.1 11 11oug OU . 1C s a e prior 0 c )lll-; .lnterdenominotional functioning prop_c· i.·1y_, .tor g ts i fron1 injuriC's received \Vhilc \VOrk- ary 12 conducted by 4-H leaders ' FredDenny Southwell, SOlllt'timcs arc needed CVf'n on dark 11 . 10· ' . . Lucos, Superintendent Ass't Supt. . ·Y and home cconorn1cs tcn.c I1ers in Sund 1y School 111:'.l!l .1.m. days as well as at rnght. l. h h I G" l . h" t i~1hl(: s111dv,. 7·'{0 !\1un~lay night, with '.). Avoid sudden starting or stop"' . . . 11g .sc oo s .. 11' s w1s ing ·o con~Over 4 Years Experience l\.-f1s Ch.ttll•s h. . n.1utz teachrng. ·. . A Nonveg1an governn1ent frnhencs pcte in the final event at the U111Bureau of Internal Revenue · -~-pinf'-0 on slippery surfar.cs. . . .· .. .. _ . · CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST ' ' l "f ,, f expert, from the nation which has vers1ty of Washrngton should send . "-l Get to know t: H~ ee 1 o t 11c • • • • ._ • 415 Garfield St. Parkland Military Rood, opposite Clover Creek School ! · .. . . _ _. _ for centunrs been a lender 111 the registration blanks direct to the W. C. Rhea, Pastor road: apply brakes llghtly, intc-n111tfishing industry, is visiting the Unilliblc Sch_ool, JU a.m. George Chc&mm, . l. supcnutcudent. tr nt y. versity of Washing-ton School of lvior11i1ig, worshi1~. 11 a.m. • I 5. A.lways carry tire chains in your Ymnh 1-cllowslup, 7 p.m. (Jumor and Fisheries to lenrn about modern Seni1)r), car; so thnt you l1ave then1 ready scientific hatcheries. Evening- Gospel Service, B p.m. . Mid:wcck s!'rvi\"> Thursday, B p.m. for use when sever<' 11·c or snow practice l lmrsday, 7; also teacher ditions prevail. mcc<rnK. _ f . [ _ 1 longer distance is rcuired for stop' --·-G. IZ.ccp a sa e distance ron1 tie ST. JOHN OF THE \IYOOOS vehicle ahead of you so that a sud~ ping your car in \vinter than in 98th cmd Taylor, Midland . . ' . Rev._ R. E. Logon, Postor den skid on his part will not force summer; therefore, reduce speed well .\iasst•s. B:OO and 10:30 a.m. Catechism ' you to become a second party to an before reaching intc·rsections. after .Mass. 8. Slow· down lJL·fore entering n accident. SPANAWAY FULL GO~PEL TABERNACLE curve and accelerate slightly in the Stanley R. Weddle, Pasior 7. l\.ccp m nund tl1nt many p<'dcsSunday School, 10 a.m.; :rviorning \\1orR 4. d --· 1·· . 1 l curve . .~hip, 11 a.m.; Evangelistic Scrvit·c, 8 p.m. tl inns O not l < .l lZL 10\V inur 1 9. Be extra careful to allow plenty Cl1risl)s Arnbassadun1, \Vcd11c~day. -·--·-. . ~ . . --··---GR 7947 PARKLAND of time and space to pass another vehicle. MIDLAND PENTECOSTAL Amie l<onsmo, Pastor 1\-frets every ~Sunday in Midland P.T.A. JO. Keep all of your vehicle's hall, ll a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. safety equipment in faultless condi'NOBLE GARFIELD DOW FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH Funeral services were held Mon- tion for wi11ter use. South 86th and "G" Streets R. W. Ledyard, Pastor day afternoon at 3 o'clock at the llible School, 9:45' a.m. Classes for all nges. Piper Funeral Chapel for Mr. Noble \Vorship at 11; Evening Service, 7: 30. He's the healthiest boy Garfield Dow of Spanaway. Mr. lARCMMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL Larchmont Sunday School mccl!:i in the Dow, a retired loggn, was born 69 in the block. Parish hou:;1~ at !J :30 Sunday mornings. years ago in Joscph, Oregon, and KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL carnr to the Tacoma district 65 years M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent }dects al 2: 00 p.m. in 1 he Kirby school ago. He died Thursday, December the Kreamilk kid. every Sunday. 30, in a Tacoma hospital. Burial HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL was at Mountain View Cemetery. At Harvard School Daily Service to Parkland, lnor Bergstrom, Superintendent The Rev. Walter 0. Macosky of the Sunday School, 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Spanaway and Surrounding Harvard Sunday School :Mothers' Circle First Baptist church officiated. Mr. Territory meets first \Vcdnesday of month at 2 p.m. Dow is survived by a son, Earl, of PICK-UP AND MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME tlw hmnc; a daughtn, Mrs. E. H. Thurc Moberg, Minister DELIVERY SERVICE Sunday. School, 10 a.m.; 1\-fornin~ Service, Stowe of Portland, Ore.; two broth-











I A:

















Sporting Goods and I-Iardware



Daniels Hardware


mA 4122

Interurban Auto Freight, Inc.

11 a.u1.; Bibk study and prayer, 7:'.·m p.m., \Vedncsday.




ers, Chestrr M. of Tacoma and Earl of Bdlingham; a sister, Mrs. Marcia Kan<nc of Roy; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN Walther C. Gullixson, Pastor Sunday. School, 9: 30 a.m.; 1v1orning Wor~ ship, 10:00 a.Ill.


For School

$50.00 LAVATORY-Was $32.50 $'.m.'.W, Now. SINK-Was $21.95 $19.50 Now ..... LAVATORY-Was $17.50, Now ......... . Sl2.95 SINK-Was $55.95 Now ........ , .............. .

at . . .

Parkland Shoe Si:ore General



1 c0111e more d1owsy th:rn mdin.Hily


Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Harvard Improvement Club will nicet Janu:iry 12 at Han·ard school. This will be a special meeting to vote transfer of tennis court funds to improving the building at Dawson Field. After the meeting, the evening's entertainment and rcfrcshmrnts will be put on by the male members, as they were losers •in the rncnibcrship drive. Let's everyone attrnd and enjoy a good tinw. M Ill! .. H 0 bl . d R· rs. ' .Jte >s an son · : 1} lul\·c returned- home, after spcndrng . . . . . two months v1s1tmg with relatives and fnen~ls i_n parts of icxas .. 1 hey reported havmg a wonderful time. Miss Carol Shipton recently reI turned home, a fl c r spending a i m on t h visiting her aunt, Mrs. [ George Fhurstt'nbcrger, in Portland, Oregon. Mr. E. E. Kennedy Sr. has re1 turned to work for the Olympic Pie Co. after being out of work be-




WE HAVE MODERN MACHINERY FOR THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF WORK: King Bolt Fitting -- Brake Cylinder Boring -- Rod Aligning Wrist Pin fitting -- Brake Shoe Lining Ridge Reaming -- Valve Facing

Coia Mcyc1s, m I exas. Yhs, Mcye1s was the mother-in-law of tlw former Ima May Hobbs.


For every occasion



repeat event Pie Contest.. ................. . make it an I will contact my both young great fruitII 4--I-I Leader ! cause of a h:ick ailment for 18' g---'rowing indus~ry. T. he non. -prof. it g . rnonths groups spunsormg the contest are CJ . . anlI i\I C.yr l Bl ancI1ar d the Washiiigton State Fruit Com- Z Home Economics Teacher , r. 1 rs. · l\f TRINITY LUTHERAN "Beware carbon monoxide during . I l' _ l ) _ ·d· . mission all(! the Western Parkland, Washington . ~' n1otonsts .· · 1 (\' 10 ct :\..t·nncc y are no\v res1 1ng , Washing·. ·, Ernest B. Steen, Pastor coId \veat·1 icr, ;_ire- at l v1sec High School · p \ 1 W ton Chcrrv Growers Associat10n. All Sunday, .Jaunary _9: . . by Chief H. Vv. Algeo, Washington 1n ort f nge cs, as 1i. ' bt.:lwecn the a•'es of 15-20 arc JO:tl() a.rn. Suudav School and Bible .. O . JI,. Smith and . niece ~ . . '" Name Cb""'· State Patrol. . . ' Adelle . d1g1bk. I LOO a.m.--Ch<~rdt Worship. . "This colorless odorless g·1s lirobHobbs, arc stranded m Hot Springs I The 19+9 Bake-a-Cherry Pie con- Address 11 :!JO a.m.--Jun10r Church \VorslHp. ' · ' '"·( 4:31l p.m.-Monthly rneetin.~ of Sunday :1hly has pro\'ed a c01itrib1tlOr)' cause Montana, b1·cause of snow. test will be held on Saturday Feb-1· Sc.hool staff iii church padnrs. . .. . _ .• . 7 :Oil p.111."·-·-Senior League. in n1ore \Vll1tcrtln1e accidents thon Visiting al the home of lVlrs. E. ruary 12, al the foods labor~tories Age Wednl"sday, January, ll: we iTalizc" Chief Algeo ckdarcd. B. Smith, on New -Year's day, was of the School of Home Economics J_ :OU p.rn.-··-Lafhcs Aid, at home of 1'1rs. ' '· · Ed Anionson. "Especially on r.1thcr long ti ips at her cousin and his family, Mr. and University of Washington. '

CHURCH Announcements

!·!I t·. :•:I i:i •':·~• :..: :·! ...; :.:. •

fie~ of the _de~th, _of_ her si~tcr, Mr~.




Miss Osie Walker, who resides with Mrs. Norn Dawson, was noti-

'I Repeat Order on

1948 Christtnas Seal Sale May Top Last Year

..~·.:..,·.,,..~ ., • .,.,.~,~'J.~"""""'·.(l,•.,• .. •••<>•., .. <> .... .,. ............. ,., .................... :'I> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..,.."'.................................... ....·.~·->.i.'•~q.,•+4'········,,·····f;·,,,~~1.,·~·/~'"-'·••"4-., •• ,.,. ,. ,.•• ,,:,,.·••"'·_......... , ,.,........................ f;....................................... .;•• •• •.•


Parkland Centre



HARRY L. HANSEN Funeral services for Ha r r y L. Hansen, 63, Rt.+, Box GI, Midland, who died Saturday in a local hospital, were held Wednesday at 1 p.rn. from C. 0. Lynn chapel. The Rev. 0. L. Jens1·n officiated and burial was in 'Tacoma ceiHctcry. Born in Norway, Mr. Hansen had lived here +5 years. He was a trimmcrman for the Tacoma Harbor Lumber Co. for 20 years. He was a member of the Sons of Norway, the Unill'.d Brotherhood o( Carpenters and the Lutheran church. Surviving are his widow, Ella; three sons, Harry M. of Honolulu, Ralph and Richard of Midland; Mrs. Evelyn Carlson and two grandsons.

Call HThe Voice of Parkland"

at GRanite 7380

Louise and Bob Lynd will put your news item on the

. I

Brakes and Motor Work a Specialty

ladiat:or Service PACIFIC AVE. & ARTHUR

GRanitc 7302

GR. 8460



12:15 to 1:00 p.m. Friday over KTBI


Page Four

• ·r1

• I

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, January 6, 1949


VAUGHAN'S Year End Specials lxG-No. 4 Cedar, tongue and groove, per M feeL .............. $25.00 lxB-No. 4 Cedar and Hemlock, t. and g., per M feet.. ... $25.00 lx6-No. 4 Cedar Boards, per M feeL.. ................................. $25.00 2x4-No. 4 Common, per M fect.. ..., ...................................... $25.00 lx3 E grade, K. D. Flooring, per M feet... ............................. $55.00 Light Roofing, per roll .............................................................. $2.10

I ~,,!:. ~:,~!. ~,~~!

PACIFIC A VE. LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific Avenue

Alexander, S/Sgt. and Mrs. Carl Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. House.

On New Year's day, M/Sgt. and Mrs. John Benedict, recently retired Phone LA. 2121, Ext. 5607 from this 'base, were the guests of . M/S:.;t. and Mrs. Thomas M. MorThe January business ~l?eting ?f ' ton ,;t their quarters. the McChord NCO Auxiliary will , . be held on Wednesday, January 12 , Mrs. N. E'. Little and child1:en at the NCO Club. A dessert lunch- spent the holidays m Seattle with eon will be scrYCd in the green din- Mrs. Little's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ing room by the, at 2 C. A. Rothaus. Her g'.·andmothcr, o'clock p.m. Newly-elected auxiliary Mrs. Al Mattm.gly of Sandy, Oreoffilers will be installed. Retiring I ~~n,. returned. with. then: for a sh.ort officers will be installed. Rctirin . ' 1 s 1 t. M/Sgt. Little 1s attendmg dent·, Mi·s . I·l owa1·d A . C asr, \ .· school in Biloxi, Miss.


Continued from Page One rnothcr and her fathc.T for Christmas, at their home-. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoganson visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albr'!'t N<'lson on Tuesday evening. ]\lrs. E. Enus, who has been visiting hn daughter, Mrs. M. E. Shook, left Thursday to visit with a <laughter :it Hillsboro, Oregon. I'ricnds and neighbors arc all glad to hear that Mr. S. M. Jorgenson is able to be home again. Mr. and Mrs. McNeil and daug·htcrs and Mrs. Mortonson of Rocky Ridge attrnded the Christmas pro· gram at Elk Plain. ]\fr. and Mrs. Chas. l,orcnz and family visited at the home of his sist<'r, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson, on Friday. Mr. and .1\lrs. Ray Funk were guests at a New Year's eve party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lorenz.

FULL YEAR (52 weekly issues), ONLY $1.50




• r1


guests at the home of his prcsidcnt; Mrs. C. B. Southall, secl,adies League: Bowling was rcsister, Mrs. R. W. Stanger. retary, and Mrs. Archer T. Bailey, sumed on Monday, January 3. The 1 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoganson vistreasurer. N u r s c r y facilities arc Five Strikes look the kad, being the ited at the home of Mrs. Jane available and fees will be paid by only team to take all 4 points on Wheeler on Tuesday. the auxiliary for members attending· opening night. The high series of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger enthe meeting. +73 was rolled by .Ruth Steuart. tertnined Mr. and Mrs. Aftdon and First Sgt. and Mrs. Horard A. Shirley Recff won a bowling pin family, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Farley Case entertained with a before-the- with her game of 180, which was and son of Tacoma, and Mr. and· dance Tom and Jerry party at their also the night's high single game. Mrs. W. Stanger and family at a quarters on New Yea1's Eve. Amon~ New Year's dinner. those present were M/Sgt and Mrs. Fall quartn enrollment at the E. A. Nelson of Butte Falls, OreF. V. Rye, M/Sgt. and Mrs. C. A .. University ol Washington totals gon, is visiting at the home of his< Loewen, M/Sgt. and Mrs. Cecil : 16,650 students, the largest in the brother, Alb(']t Ndson. Cassel, S/Sgt. and Mrs. Lawrence. history of the institution. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Anderson called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Jorgenson on New Year's day. Mrs. Chas. Lorenz and children were guests December 29 at the home of Mrs. L. Schirnwl'. The occasion was to help Bobby cch·-1 bratc his birthday. Mt. View Masons arc holding their. installation of officers in tlu· hall at• Ka1)owsin, Wash., on Friday, January 7.


Ernest Panwitz of Alliance, Neb., Last week end the Tuttles and who stopped at the Boness home on Blisses visited at the home of Mrs. their way to California, was an Tuttle's sister, Mrs. Matt Pakar at Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter event of last week. Chehalis. Rt. 3, Box 705 - Phone GR. 8289 Richard and Wanda Boness of Mrs. P. Burgi and baby and Miss --Steel Lake were week end visitors Swager of Seattle visited in ManiThe annual election of the Clovct· / at the home of his parents, Mr. and tou, Sunday. . Creek Baptist Church was held at Mrs. Fred Boness. · l\frs. P. Burgi was made happy by the mPeting Thursday night, DeeemNew Year's night, Mr. and Mrs. the overnight visit of her children, bcr 30. Officers c 1 e ct e d were: Virgil Rodius entertained at their last Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Deacons, Paul Kruger and J. B. home: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kohanick Helen Garrett and children, Dot Lee WallacP; junior deacons, Richard of Tacoma, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. and baby Bobby, came from CorBoness and Robert Parr; trustees, White and Mr. Bert Chesley of valis, Ore., Robert Zumbuhl, wife Fr<'d Boness, Mr. McAnich and Ed. Clover Creek. and baby from Frances, Wash., and Bolieu; deaconess, Mrs. Inga Solaas Mr. and l\'.lrs. John Wilson of Ta- her daughter, Mrs. Eleanor Cook, and Mrs. Dorothea Valentine; Sun- coma spent the week end with their 1 was also here. day school superintendent, Mrs. Cy- daughter, Mrs. Fred Boness Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Federighi of rns Greenlaw; church clerk, Nancy Miss Betty Meyers was an over- South Tacoma and son, David, spent Boness; treasurer, Mrs. Orner Rol- night visitor at the home of Nancy Sunday at the home of Mrs. Marin and; vice moderator, George Ches- Boness last vreek. Kistenmacher, mother of Mrs. Fedsum; Young People's director, the Visiting at the home of Mr. and erighi. Rev. William Clyde Rhea; Junior Mrs. Jolly Porter, Monday, were Miss Marjorie Allen returned to Young People's director, Mrs. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams of Buck- Los Angeles, Friday, to continue her Kruger. ley. studies at the Bible Xnstitute of Los ~Iiss E. Swager returned to her Welcome visitors at the Harlow Angeles. home in Seattle, Monday, after a I Tuttle home during the holidays Sunday, Jolly Porter and family two weeks visit at the home of Mrs. : have been Mrs. Tuttle's parents, Mr. visited Mr. and Mrs. Max Rosario P. Burgi. I and Mrs. R. A. Bliss of Chicago. A of Pacific City, Mr. and Mrs. Ben A surprise visit by Fred Boness' : trip to Ocean City and Copalis Porter of Auburn, and Mr. and Mrs. nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. i Beach was enjoyed by both families. Clande Porter of Alderton.




( '>


Mrs. Cliff McGee called at th.e I CLOVER CREEK BOARD honw of Mrs. Albert Nelson on FriPLANS IMPROVEMENTS day. A number of subjects ·were on tlw Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Baitinger of Tacoma were dinner gul'sts at the agenda of the Board of Directors home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger of Clover Cn·ck school at its monthly meeting Monday night, January on Tuesday. Billy and Helen Erickson were '.l. \Vays and means of erecting the week end visitors at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. C.C.C. building, which was acquired from the U. S. Army, to make a Gooch of Tacoma. On Wednesday, December 29, play shed were discussed. It was deMr. and Mrs. 0. M. Olson were cided to call for bids for this purpose. Other subjects discussed w c r c: Removal of the small hill behind the school building, so as to make room for a gym, and erection of another C.C.C. building for a manual training shop.

\ ~



Outstanding Values in:

BLOUSES One Dollar Up DressesPlain and prints; cottons, jerseys and crepes.

Sport .ShirtsPlaids, size 10

Corduroy Jackets Size 10 only


CLASSIFIED ADS Per Word ....................................... 03 Minimum ......................................... 50

Call GRanite 7100 ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICELyman Redford, owner. Septic tanks pumped, contents hauled away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794. tfc '>PANAWAY LUMBER Better Lumber for Less. Roofing, Hardware and Paints. We rent floor sanders. GR 8235. SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED conli'nts hauled away. Don Redford, GA. 7334., tfc RAY GOGAN - JACK .BARRETT General landscapi~g, pruning and spraying, rockeries, rock walls, fences, tractor work. GR. 8842 Terms BR. 6982




Oncoming bright headlights can momentarily blind the best of drivers:It requires seven seconds after .passing gJa-r~' ·: r.,ts for your· eyes to dilate again to the darkened road. Even h;, Un._ u·idef space of time you may not see the dim figure in the road ahead of you until it is too late. It's the early hours of darkness, especially in the Fall and Winter when traffic is still heavy, that produce the heaviest fatalities in driver-pedestrian accidents. The three hours after sunset are three 'times more dangerous than daylight hours.

FOR SALE-Rome coil springs and innerspring mattress, $10. Call GRanite 7100. C:ALL FOR BIDS Clover Creek School Uoard will receive bids for the labor only on the following: 1. Erecting a 30-ft. by 60-ft. play shed. 2. Applying a paper roof to play !'lhed. '.~. Applying an aluminum roof to play shed. Bids will be recei\'ed till 8:00 IJ.Jn., January 2B, 1949. For specifications, call CRanite 82U~l or GRanitc 7024.

Open Fridays until 9 p.m.

The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

A-safe driver reduces his average speed at night. He looks away from glaring lights, watching the edge of the road on .his side. He never "overdrives" his lights and can stop at any time within his headlight range. He is especially careful at intersection~ and is on 'the watch for unlighted veh;cles, and motorists changing tires at the side of the road.

Pub. Jan. 6, 1949

Recipe of the Week ~I How's about lining up some new treats for after-turkey relief!' Something entirely different but wonderfully good, of course. For example, have you ever had Anchovy Baked Fish? Gourmets enjoy it at the finest restaurants-and you can, too, right at your own dinner table. There's no tricky preparation involved -it's downright simpk to make. Herc's the recipe-and bet you'll have to rqwat it often once you've served it.

Pedestrians, for your own safety, walk to the left facing trafflc, carry something white. Be extra cautious at night. Never forg~t, the life you save may be your own.

ANCHOVY BAKED FISH !-lb. fish (dressed) garinc, melted tablespoon anchovy paste % cup bread crumbs 2 lablespoons butter or marSprcad fish lightly with anchovy paste. Combine melted butter and cru1nbs. Roll fish in buttered bread crumbs and place in greased baking dish. Bake in hot oven (+o0° F.) 15 to 20 minutes. Baste fish occasionally with additional melted butter if necessary. Serves +.

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Prairie pointer v 4 no 18 jan 6, 1949