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A5PLC R treat 5t rts To

Um" hundn-d Palihc L uthrra n tud 111 leaden "ill lea,,, t Ohi ' t 0 ",Ile nd 1111 -rust annual thre'-day LC'adt r h'p R Irr .. t at Lu th erl. nd em L.. kt· K. ill.,rne\·. Tltt \ ~~ociH1rd tudent Budy is ' pull.orm).! Ih~ firs I Bllnllnl rncctin~ ,,( this l'"pt-. 1 wu

n ·prc.t·ntutivc: [rom ('uch :..l rnpus arc I"l(peded to a ttC'nd lhL meet al onl! w ith c\ a~ s off\,' • '\s oaatc:d Womr' n Studcn t uCfj"'r' and 't udent Coundl mrm­ I\(:r _ 1(' dea n uf thl' collrgc, d.·an o{ nlt-n. d~an or womC'n an rlass ad, islTs wi ll ilia • Llend . ,IJ ani2:lt1un tlr

for t hr. rl'! reat h.t ,,(, been pcriCi"ally to h d p tud(' n t "'ad, rs "'arc Ihei r d uties a nd uti­ 1'lan~



p ru\'C le:ldenhip. Thu, tht' Campus If ani2i1lion. WIll rufl 1II0r f loolh­ I ' accordlnl: to J im Bullock. of the

'(""eml r.ommlttr~ Six disc-ussio n 'fI'IUp~ will b.. J, d iJ~ student. and fncult)'. I:..tch pn­ «m . It nmne t h . ssians will IJt- in on (' of six f'roup~ ",I it'll w ill r Ola.le a mong th e 5i · k ad . h ip (laining ,t!!-uu p s.

1 (1m l' nnl!ll' ht wi ll le:ld one group nn "How to Shilre: Rt'sporuibilitirs:' Don DO lllr l. l$ 0 11 " P.nli uul'\Iwry La w," J a)' T ron.dale on ·'L ..-aminl:! th..- 'Rop . ~ . : . Dr. V n nl,ln l tzing 'r on ~tOUp dyna m ie$, J ud , od . gT"n C'II "A tudent s R,rlnt iomhip to '01­ I.·).: · Id..r, ls," <lnd D r. Kri" "n . 01­ h( I ~J al. " on /trou p d ) n: . C"ne ril l .wumiUlr mtmbrn fol'


• r ' J im Bullock, Bob n :1nt' J O;1I1 Ruud .ommittrc: • hainnrn inrludt Connir TIlOmp­ ~on, gl neral r(,. and r" il>tr. r . Jim BullO(" , Ir.tmpoll. lim ' B. Lars,,", uu,int,st tll"na~I' r: Boh Grn!! • t.' ne Ilion : Do,\' O:lht. mUllC' ; Xl'n G.tttlh, n lig-iolt :11 til:ili • T m mac It and • {("rlt· "1. tcaH, adVISee: from H. ntlArd. l<,. mitt~.::. SUJI(l.1)· ," o rnln' ",'ur hip ~ r\'i will b. hc·ld in th.... ,fliP chapd wit Ill. R,· '. .Ie hn Ku,th in h,' putpiL rc tH'aT


.\ 'f

,iti.· for tho wrc: ktnd, lJC3idra



01"" to Ihr' lJroup . . ~rl wt'ar I r t h.- d.r~ fo r I h., W l ka a!.




(" , MENT OF THE MOB wal ts patiently in one of many reg iBtra­ n Io n ,_ In t his typical sCene these unidentified freshmen are helped po: 'cl asswo m en, s l! at"d I<;-ft to right. Audry Hart, Louise' Kraabel Anl t.. H illesland.



· t ration veals g Restrict:ions New Facult:y Begin Year a PL Volume XXXVI

.. \ -lrk m . r ~ !tuhniuns "ill !{U in to d h'ct MOfiday at PLC. nd tbey

'."'1 1) cll ftJr tl'd, alLl rd i J tt, tht· Jllnou m:cnlln by M r , ( il V a nr(",

i 1..111 Iv thC7 prt'S'dt"nt. ~in

Ckclh, issu ed by thl- new colic!:, tra ffi c pa trul , will '. !\ fine of one dollar will lx: a! ~ d \ l ola l (J r~ . ~i \' e n

out for pa l kin_ III a llY una uthorized an·a. T he Co lle . l'nion Buildin, street frontage p lus ot ber re­ r WI t d .. r Stll~ t't ; campus dri ·c wa ys, which arc n s<c 'cd for : • nd will be J os..d to Ih. studt"nt dr i\-ing <,xc" I At th ~­ d':1 of "'I/Iest cc-> a lld va ca li ons: the l.leu lt)' pal n lot a Cro. ·",h ·1 h i, open only to facult~ l ..IS displa)in l\ th e }J'"lId l t ; I,


, ' (.




d J 'U

. , ,po

t·( •



any other ,·iol::. tion of the I w in tbe

fi fttt'n persultS haH been added tu th" l'LC faculty and staff for the ,,'hool yt"ar. Thrn mnnbers haH: bt'en added tu the ph y,ic:al r.du ca tion depart­ mt' nt. Miss Ruth ?-vi ol', who rdurned to PLC aftel- gettin g her master of arts degrce at Univcrsity of Wash­ lIl)!ton, is aga in tl'nchin ' . iris' P .E . She h." p n viousl} t; u lI'ht at Cen­ c' .1' n: .1 ~ \ , .1 I T ' f !­ h h (,~8 n

J im Ga brit-h'n is tht' nrw hI ad n ph:. ,",.ill tI c cumpaCtllns " f tb e C;Ul1jJU S, ~:11 . ,";:l,ct urgr d fuu Il.);I1l and bas...ball coach. HI" ah o 1< r I 1.Irl 111 the o b ••<:I OSI from Old M .lI n a nd next to the /l ymnasiuITI_ tea t' ht· ~ me n 's P.E. H e ha s t a u~h t I UllJOf uf tlt t "' ola-t lo ns an a Lnfurct>rntcnt is tt' hdp k~o: p our •.,m­ al.d coa ched in Midwl's t h i~ h s('ho('l ls " ,u i,,' . du ~r traffiL con.llo tion and prevent aLu ~ e uf tilt' u ri,·e-.\'3," anti wa s a ('.0 . 1< h and instructor a t !tin Mr. ,' h ~ oncludr:d. St. Ula f L ullc!(e, orthfir·ld, Mi nn., p rj"r to com in!! to PLC. He n'('cin -d h i. B.A. from Confo rtii., Collcl!t', M (lo , b ad . Min n., and hi s M .A.

a riety how Starts 8 .m. at eMS

I, ni ght at 8: UO ill the C M S Auditorium tht AS50l:iatt'd ArtisH will I th. :lnnllal \ .t rit-t y show. Accordin !, to Robert Fkrning, long time h ilI .. t PLC, the show will be one of the best yet. Fleming, who i in ter­ ul ill~ the. tx tun pgn nza, a n nounle thr. them. of thi , y ea r' ~ show as "] ust


ct ) .

I ra fa t •• ~ It i poS!>i ble the .huw will u.t: th L fa ciliti~ , of the CMS as I. ck.l'lO und fur p res nta t ion by Lynda Eryc kso n, f leming, Lolli" Ihkn­ ;I. H u b Dempsc\', C a rol French, Svlvia Sodt rKa ard, and many oth t" rs. h. al u hn n unced that the r- \'(~ n ITIUY be attended admisi ~o n frce.

Plans ew

f WIll ~t·w

Yurk U ni\'t r~i t y.

Also new in th e P.E . d epa rtment I S Gene Lundgaard. H e is a fonner PLC basketball star, a ml h as coac h ed at Franklin Pierce Hi gh School in Ta coma. Lund b'lta rd is h ead basket­ ball c o a c h :Iud lIS iHant foo tball rOl\rh in 'l.dditJon to tt,ach in l( physi­ ('01 1 t:d uc.-.ti n. L u nd!\,aard a nd G a­ b, i. h ··1t fi ll the- coachi ng posts pr~-

Parkland, Wash.

September 26, 1958

1.I( k , a !iratl uat' of tI r 101 \'1:1 itv of Washmgton, suured, M rs May­ h-Id in th. Engli.h d. p. r lmt(l t.

Th.· R ",·. Kt'nneth C h ri stophel'M>l1 and LIn' Rt'\ . .t1'wa rt G. Govi): arc nt'W "dd iti r.ns to th,' r,.j illl on df' p; rt­ ment. Rc·,·. C h ristophcnl1 n gr; du­ ,n ed fr olll Au gll~tnna Coil. )I.e, Sioux f a lls, S. D ., alld h:l ~ a ba helor of th t'olo!(\ cl I ' rI'C ' from Luthe r SI'mil)~I ~ 11 ..J'. ?- f f . H L ~ 1 d oiTt ~ ~ ril dll a ' "ork to" .. rd ;, d ('­ tora te at the L nin:rsit y of ~'l i nn("­ .uta.

Rey . Go\'ig rte i"ed his B.A. de­ gree frolll St. Olaf Coll('ge and a bac:h t>lor of theology degree from Luther Seminary. He has been ~tudying theology on a Fullbright . cholarship at the UniH'rsity of Oslo during the past year. He has a master of Iheology degree fmm Princeton Semi na r y. :\. w Enl'(lish imtrul'tors art D r. P a u I Reil'(stad and Mr. Kemwth Bind .. Dr. R r·iw tad rcr t' i""d hi~ d oc­ lo r of philosophy d"gTt e in EnSlish a t Ihe l Tniwrsity of NI'\\' M -xico . p l jng ('ommc.:nrcment . I n ad d ition to \('achin!!: there, h e h as tau!!h t at th.. l'n iH· r.ity or M tnn~ ot.'\, • 'orth D :tkClf;c St:'l. '011 'gt' :lnd P LC. Mr.

The Re,·_JohallDCll . chiller is in th" sociology department. He re-­ degn:e ill ceived hi master or a sociology from tht U nh'er>ity f Kansa this sunml r . Mr. Schiller is a graduate oi. Ca J}ital UniveI'llit and Seminary. wum b.. O hio an., rf'r"nlj~· (' r- :- 1. ...., l L eahI' K =_


ea ed

i. ~

purpCl!" of th~ tea i" to ae.­ I. t !fer "nd f,emm"n 'ds 1 the: IIppcrclass women . . big e:; ned linl...u to:r r-llch

: nd tlle bill Lt r~ . iH th e I. 11 0<' W th proulnlls they • : f1'


;~ c hairmen of the "arious II ttt'es • r : Sy lvia Fylling and

NEW FACULTY AND STAFF INITIATION to P LC became official at the annual Freshman-Faculty Recep­ Irnt. K I." II y, program; Marta tion. Sharing reactions to PLC are, seated left to right, the Rev. Kenneth E. Christopherson, Mr. Richard u ~'~ , decora tions; Barbara Is L ­ Scott, the Rev . S ewart G. Govig, Mr•• M. J. K. Fuhr and Rev. Fuh!'. Stand·i n g. left to right. are Dr_ Paul ., rdreshmenl ; Alice Jessen, pub­ Reig.tad, Mr. Hugh Thomp.on, Mr. Kenneth Black, Mr. Gene Lundgaard, Mi •• Ruth 'Moe an d Mr. Jim ty ' , nd • brian K elly, invitations_ Gabriel.on. III


, ·iou, ly h.-ld b y }· H arshm a n, who now is ('hi d has k e t b~ ll r:(tar-h a t Washing-t on Sta tr Coll c!(t .

l,t annual Bi -L iltle 5, I II T ea II t II 'It 3:' 0 p_" Thu J'lld.I) in • ( I' 2(JU. 'I h <:- pru ~hl ll1 will ,(. It



r . ] hn H ulurn. r r:ntly htild cJ til. chemistry dr p;UWII Dt ur \ ug ­ Lurg (.0111'<;1', M inn('apol i ~ is flOW Of' Ih..- PLC ~taff. HL rr(;r ived hi B.A _ 1. f C(.Ilf' /{t' and hi doc­ from SI. tor s dagrr'~ from th,. Uniwcsity of ?l1innrsota. He was attached to t he chrmird l wa rf arc la boratf ri l' in . t.Hyla nd (hnin~ h ~ two y. a rs in t h,... ;umr .

In thl' hlJ s i n C'~s admi ni tration and " r nnomic s dr partment Mr. Hugh ()'Ibra Thompson replan 'S Dr. H ,·r­ bnt Axford, who accepted a po~­ tion at the University of Albc:rla. fro Thompson h: • bl"r:I n tht sta£( of Ihe Univcrsit~ of A ,kansas and the V. of W, A ret iro d officer, he h as ~~ n (·d in tht' na vy fur mort th u 20 y ... a . Mr. Charles H ' ydon is an a d di­ tion to th l' fort'lpD lanl{U3ge d e­ partmt:nl al P LG. H , "ill an ill_tn'Cltlt in I'lIIan and latin.. HI' lUIS N'rn hurl of . h" rorei~n iall!:lI'll:'t rlt-parll II ':11 .\cl;n"oD Co ll r:~c in 1"~~ f ur 17 Yl.'ar~ , p yrh{ll(l~ , t•.A('her lhi~ }1'aT MI . Rirh.1I 1 S '(JIt, " lw hl!.

1:1 ..\. from SCJIl llI'rn M .!toui.1 l- ni­ \. I' II" . H I' h ~ al. n ~ t ud t'd thrology ;,l I1c ton 1I ni, , i I ar,d I rt'n!ly

<r rn·d " I'ruh in L y! • U rl'1l0f4 I. t W..d n, ,da~ ' om",' tit!: Scotta had ~ n "ddil 'tl n to th, f. mily-­ A n ne Elil.u lw th Scott. " Tr-W

!'I;" w hou • p" n n U h;C\ (. also hr'rn addl"d to the PLG falnily . T he R t'.... and M n . M. J. K . Fuh r arc scrvin ~

as housefather an d h ou~ot het t

Old Main. Mrs. Ig Marquardt

taking the p I ace of M N_ Agn(l

K uethe as h olt.r mother in South



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Friday, Sept. 26, 1958


mooring mast

Edi tor ____ ___ ~ ~ _._._. _ . _._. _Dick Lond greu News Editor _._ .__ .__ .__ .._.__ _..... ..._.. .... H e rb D.:mpsey Sporta EditoL. __ .__.• _______ ____.__ ._____ .____.. ... .._... ___ _John H a nson Fe-ature EditoL.__ ___ ____ ____ .. __.....So lvcig Ler,13s .BtUitlt"ss Manager.. ___ ._ .._.__._........ Mary Lou Engen 51 AFF- Barba ra Isaacson, Janice D ahl, D c Ann a Han· son, R eta Rempt, Dick Fisher, Ja ck H oll, Ga il Erick­ son, Carol French, Ann Ha ggart, Martha Edwa rds, Carol T c:slow, Barbara Brinkley, Priscilla Hutcheson, Dick Halvorson, Min g Yee Wang, Audry H a rt, Shar­ on McAllister, Hele ne Hoege r, Rudy Sa nder, Ba rba ra "Beckner, Kare n Tofflc:- , Lee Turm:r, Sha ron Van Rooy, Joyce Olse n, Doree n Grimm, Vi cky Rut: , Carol House, Harry Sa nne rud, Stu P eterson, Jim Beals , J oye.. Norlin, Virginia K a rlstad. Adviser_...____ ____ _ ______ ._ .- .... __Mr. Milton :\esvi g <

__ _ _ _

__ • • _ _ _ •• • •••• • _ ••• •

Cultural Lag at PLC Various tests, such as running on:r hot coals or bra"­ ing a lineup of flailing c1ubg, w~re employed by a ll­ cients to prove a person's worth. And today th ere is the PLC throwback to antiquity-registration . Registra tion is a limbering-up exercise for a long, "igorous semester. Patienc~, persistence and courtesy in the. face of extreme frustration are but a few of the myriad values taught by this experience. Furthelmorc, this Medieval-type torture is a unique form of entra nce examination protecting PLC standa rds; thc h a rrowin g obstacle must be fa ced by evcry student every year. But can Ame rican youth, softened by prosperity, met:! thC" se\'e n, standards of their ante cedents ? Alread}' a few faint-hearttcd, cowardly students arc corrupting the whole system. This subversive element sidesteps part of the test by registering late, despite the added fee. An d these mercenary creatures rationa lize that Illu ch w un,.y ca n be earned in the time that others spend sta nding in line. Although a stop-gap measure, using- additional work­ res, expedited the process this year, definite steps n ~e d to b<' tak en to mollify the hardships of rq~istration. Pos­ sibl~' it could be streamlined by the combined efforts of tht· inistra tiOh .a nd the Stud ~n t Counci!. -DICK LONDGREK

fleming sez:

'TortiUa Flat' A Pleasant Escape

By Barbara Jackson

Want to get away from it a ll ? Mo\ c vicar iUl,1sly away from the a ca­ dl'lnic world \·ia John Steinbeck's delightful novel, "Tortill Flat."

Th" main plot ,-"vol\-es a round D a nny and his a tquisition of propcrty, a broken-down shack. His new pr~ sti ge and abod!" soon attract a host of fri ends who willingly share hi s roof. Phil o~op hical Pilon, for instancr', drinks up Danny's wine to save friend Danny from its ill effects. And the mise r Pirate, living only with his faithful dogs, is added to the cozy group pri­ marily because of one attribute, his hidden money. The final outcome of Danny's house and its inhabitants is as logical as it is surprising. Steinbeck wrote this book, not from a patronizin.'l" poi nt of view but on Danny's le vel, to show how men " merge successfully with their l"nviron­ ment." }'or a comple tely new a nd diffe rent outlook on life, plus picturesque tr eatment of the mundane, this novel mak es cxcellent reading.

PLC Men Evacuate Ivy Hall; Girls Fight Frogs, Football By Solvcig Leraas ··.\re you living down then , in tha t dump ?" is the dispara g ing rcmark hurled at th.. coeds now living in Ivy Hall. Cautiously ddenJing thc place previously thnut upon the men, the new Ivy Leaguers cite many specious advantages. "This is called suburban living," they ehirp_ "And we have the golf course close by." 'B lurting out further defensive comments before the cynics get a chanc~ to r etaliate the ostracized coeds continue the enumeration; "We havc TV. The gym is' just across thc street_ And we're a~ay from the hustle and bustle of upper campus." Sneaking a word in, a disbdicver sta rts, " But it is such a long walk In the rain and ____" "But not cvcry girl on this campus is awakcned by the stomping of feet and slapping of hands_ We .'l"d to sce the football team do sunrisl" calis­ the nics in our back yard." But the brave defense falte rs with the reminder, "You d on' t even have phones, .\nd you can keep your nature -living with it~ frogs in the rooms and moths in the clusets!" These Ivy girls are adjusting to their plight ; Jan Aust will lessen onc hardship by riding a bike to class. Fcminine decorations a rc slowly trans­ formin g this masculine cabin into a livable cottage. And by early October still a nother convenience will be addcd-tele­ phone lines connected with the college switchboard . N ot daring to favor the f it sex, th~e iiI cs w ill also reach--to E <:r )",: en ou rt and our inte r-ca rnplls telephone sYltcm will be complete.

By Bob Fleming Hei gh Ho! Trust you had a nice summe r. Last weck I W(' nt to the Fair. Saw thrce peoplc shOt out of a ' ] n­ non . You ha ve to admire pffiplc of that raliber. Say, Frosh, now's the time to purchase one of Diy do-it-yourself cheatinJ::" kits. Comes complete with erasable cuffs for your shirts, palm size, flesh colored st:rateh paper, undetectable, transistor, sub-min iature radio sct plus a copy of the pamphlet, "Tried and True Questions Asked by PLC Profs," cODlpiled over a period of ·the last eight years. See me for terms ..• Book titled observe d in Mr. Nordholm's bookshdl, 'Thru the Nasal Passage with Gun and Camera" .. or . . . " How to Avoid An Emotional Crisis Whill" lecting French P astry" . __ Waiter (pointing to No Dogs Allowed" sign ) : G o on outside. Shaggy' dog (s at­ ed at tablc) : Who's smoking? . _ . Among the country". unmanageable surpluses art: wheat, cotton and Girl Scout cookics . . . New Dept. Famous Sayings in H is­ tory--"Hey, look! Those stupid Grceks left their wood­ .-n horse out thert" Let's brin g it into the city before they come baek for it." This year I am adding an Advia to the Lovelorn Dept. If you have problems, send theDi in; I'll do Diy best to answer them. Here's the first-Dear Mr. Flem­ ing: Last nite I took my girl to Seattle. We went to a play and after that I took .her to the most expensive restaurant in town. Arriving back in Tacoma I took h~r to the New Yor k~r for a .mack. Then, at three o'clock in the morning, I took her right to her door­ step in a cab. Tell me, Mr. Fleming, should I have kissed her good night? . • . Dear Sir: No, you did enough for her al~ady. Overhea rd-" Well, if I ca lled the wrong number, why did you a nswer th e phone ?" _ . _ Psychiatri~t; D you have trouble makin g' lip your mind ?-Man; W.-ll, yes and no. . . . Definition ; AMBITION-Work ing your head off at a job you don't enjoy, in a place Y O H don't like, trying to sa\-c money you can't keep, in orde r to spend your declining years in idle boredom that lOU ' can't stand at some pla cc you won ' t like any better. ... Well, with tha t ha p py thot I take leave of yo u till next week. Hope to , you tonit ,: t the \ arie l}' how in t CMS Auditorium_ As always, Lncle Bob-Bob_

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U.S. KEDS GYM & BASKETBALL SHOES Big Leoguer"-5.95 " Duo-Life " - 4.95

Friday, Sept. 26, 1958

Humboldt State Hosts

Lute Eleven Tomorrow

Coach Jim Gabrielsen's single wing offense found it tougb going in their initial outing. Neither team threatened seriously, howver, until midway in the third quarter when Bob Austin broke away for 36 yards and a touch­ down for CPS. Mike Cranston kicked the extra point and PLC trailed 7-0. Later in the same period th~ Lutes' q uarterback, John Jacobson, faded a~ k to throw a pas.< and wa~ tackled in his own end zone for a safety and two more Logga points. It wasn't until the fourth period was underway that the Gladiators Tt'covercd a fumble on the CPS 35 :I.nd drove for thr·ir only score. Bruce .\It- xand .. r carried the ball to pay di rt from four yards out.

by Eugene Hapala You witnessed a bit of the present, a bit of the future, and a bit of the past last week as you saw our Lutes drop their grid opener against cross­ town rival College of Pugct Sound by a score of 9 to 6. The present was the many new faces in uniform and youthful Coach JIM GABRIELSEN in their debut in Lute togs. The future is the hope that this young gridiron aggregation can keep up their hustle and improve as the season goes a long. Th e past was the score that el1d~d up in favor of the Loggers.

Trampoline Added To P. E. Equipment .\mong the new pieces of equip­ ment added to the physical cduca­ tion departmcnt at PLC this year is a new trampoline in tht' gym, ac­ cording to athletic director Mark Salzman.

Frosh Back, Val Barnes, attempts to haul in a Lutheran pall during The trampoline was installed last last Saturday's game in Lincoln sprin.g and was especially welcomed Bowl with the College of Puget by Lutheran tumbling enthusiasts, Sou n d. The Gladiator football

forces left this morning for Ar­ stated Mr. Salzman. He went on to cata, California, to meet the Hum­ say that a new course is being of­ boldt State College Lumberjacks fered Lute students this year in tum­ tomorrow nfght. bling. The course is co-educational and is instructec! by football coach Jim Gabrielsen.

KTNT To Broadcast PLC-Humboldt Game

Intramural Football

KTNT radio station in Tacoma will broadcast the game between Pacific Lutheran College and Hum­ Football teams from all OVCf the boldt State College tomorrow night campus will begin fighting it out for Humboldt State, fresh from a at sevcn o'clock. It will be a direct the intramural grid championship broadcast from KINS radio in Eu­ 30-12 victory oVl:r dIe College of next Tuesday. Idaho last wee k, will provide reka, Calif. Radio station KTNT enty of stiff going for tht' Glads will also broadcast all th.: Lu tes' Teams from Clover Creek; Taco­ .morrow night. gamt's this season, both honle and Illa; second, third and fourth floors away.

Old Main; Evergreen Co u r t: of Th(~ PLC traveling s qu a d left

W"stern and Eastern Parkland; and ~:lrly this llloming by bus and plans Two home games of the Gladiator tht' Dcjardilt..., House will battle it til stay o\"ecni({ht tonight at Grants gridders will also be tdevis"d over out un(kr the direction of athletic Pass, Orr.:gon. KTNT-TV. The video games are director Mark Salzman and Gordon T wcnty-thrl'r kttermen returned with Western Washington on Octo­ Gradwohl. I.) Lh t· Lumbt'F jack sq uad this year, ber 25, and Whitworth on Novem­ A s.:ht'duk l)f garnt's will be posted ..uuI their w: ch, Phil Sarbot. \.hinks ber 15. later this week. ( Continu"d on page q )

Will Begin Tuesday

The future scenlS to be the rosiest part of tbe game, so let us elab­ orate on that. Pacific Lutheran College is fielding a team that boasts only two senior lettermen. Sophomores and rosy cheeked frosh abound, and it is no small chore to whip these men into shape in just twelve days. Most of these fellows didn't know each other's names just two weeks ago. The job that Coach GABRIELSEN has done in that time ha~ been fantastic. He has the nucleus of an eager, hustling, and winning ball club. Rug­ ged twicc-a-day practice sessions and the CPS game has rubbed some of the "newness" off the new Lutes and we believe that they will go into tomor­ row's game with a healthy attitude of giving it their all.

Now comes the pan we hope the Lutes can prove false. While we hope that the Lutes will dump the Lumberjacks, we will ha\'e to pick Humboldt State over PLC by the score of 21 to 6. This score is by vir­ tue of Humboldt's sound 30 to 12 thumping of College of Idaho last week. CPS WIN STREAK TO END In other action tomorrow the one game winning streak of CPS will corne to a halt when the Seattle Ramblers run rough-shod over the Loggers by a 27 to 0 score. The University of Washington Huskies will be counting only their bruises tomorrow night after a sound 28 to 6 trouncing by the Gophers flOrn the University of Minnesota in Minne"apolis. Only the aerial minded Washington State Cougars give us a point to boast on in the Pacific North­ west after their 21 to 20 win over Northwestern in a game to be played in the Illinois stadium.


Several former Lute athletes fresh out of college have taken local teaching and coaching jobs. PLC 1957 grid Captain LYNN CALKINS is coaching at Puyallup Junior High, Lettermen's Club Prexy CURT KAL­ STAD is tcaching and coaching at Federal Way, LUTE JERSTAD and TOMMY GILMER an' at nearby Franklin Pierce, and TOM SAHLI has taken a p ition with the Highlinc S houl Distri .

Save at SOINE'S










41 1 Garfield Street




3.99 to 6.95

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F ollowing a 9-6 defeat last Saturday at the hands of the liege of Puget Sound Loggers. the Lute grid forces headed south this morning to take .on the Humboldt State Lumber­ jacks tomorrow night at Arcata. California. Thl' LoS-'l rs' size and cxpcri,'-nce pmwd to be too much ior the Lu­ 'brnlIl forces last Saturday as th<:y v 'n' outplayt"d on both offense and tl~f.. ~t' by thd r cross-towll fOI~ s in Ih,' annua l KlO\!'S X Gallle.


r'illiams Brand 4.99 Donna Debs 6.95




AI and Malcolm Soine

Page Four

F riday, Sept. 26. 1958


1959 Saga Stat: Outlines Plans

St:udent: Council Post:s

Swimming Pool Rules

Tht, following a rr rules a nd safe t) me asurl'S pa.~e d by th e Studen t (o unc il to r 'gu la te th e swim mi ng pool: 1. Only r .. gul a rly r nr olled stlld ents a nd fa culty a t PLC will be a ll owed intldl' th,> fen ed area . 2 ::\0 pen on will be permi tted a t a ny t im" in th:s p ool Ilnks, a t len t l\~(> otlln pcrson .~ arc with in th e fenced p ool area. 3. nly those w ith swimming a ttire will be perm itted within the f...n ett! a rea . All th ose in stree t cloth es must rem a in outside of th e fence. -1 . ;\0 runnin g will be allowed w ith in th e pool a rea at a n y time . 5. O nly one pe rson w ill b~ allow ed on the diving board at a time. 6. At no ti m e' will sh ovin g, pushin g, or general h orsepla y be a ll o w~d in or nca r this p ool. 7. Somt: t yp e of street cl oth ing mu st be worn over the swim suits wh en going from th e donnitor) to the pool, 0 1' from the pool back to the dorn'li­ tory. '1 his means shoes and a robe. 8. Sll nba thing WIll not bc pe rmitted in th e pool a rea. 9. 1\(1 l :l ting or , nw kin g w ill be a llowed in the pool an· a . 10. ;'\ 0 O . E WILL BE PERMITTED TO SWIM UXLESS A LIFE G UARD IS OJ\" DlT Y. A S IG;o..l WILL BE PLACED 1:\1 A CON SPIC l:­ OUS PLA C E TELLING HI S H O URS .

Student Personnel Office Readies Counselors for 1958-59 Work The student counselors p I a y a lar ge:- part in the life of any college tud ent. Th e ' are pick ed by the D eans of , It' n and W om en for this im portant job. Th e men and w ome n c:hose n for this work are r esponsible t o their house-pa rent s, and to their rr~p 'ctive deans. Their job s consist o f wdcomi ng, listening to, a nd gen­ era lly OVt'rsccing all th... students on th eir floor or in th eir houst. T h r- womc:n counselors have a few

oth er duties to fulfill in addition to t hos«: of the me n. They se rve desk 'd uty during the year, are in charge of lock-up, and help their "floor" to rrmember the "quiet hours." Men counseling; this year arc: K en Gamb, Bob Erickson, Konrad Koo~ ­ man, D on Schultze, Richard Halvor­ lon, David Dahl, Paul Templin, By­ ron Scherer.• and Dick Foege in Old M ai n; Dave Lunde and Glenn John-

son in E vergn :cn Court; Hcrb D emp­ sey , Stu den t Resident Head at Clover Creek Hall ; James Warren, Student Resid ent Hcad, Adelphon H a ll . Th is y~ ar th e women counsrlors a rc: Lois And e rson, M a rilee Ander­ son . M a ry Carruthers, Myrna Hall, C arol Johnson, Darkne K elly, Carol Pfan n ekuchen, and J ean UlJdand in 1\orth H a ll.

Others a re Janet Chesley, Barbara I~ '''I escin, Barba ra J a c k son, L 0 i s Juedes, and Evdyn Noss in South H a ll ; Carolee Chind gren and Phyllis P edt"rsoll in Ivy ; Phyllis Fiske, Bar­ ba ra Jacobson, Eileen O'Callaghall J a nice Oldham, Nancy Reinvik, Esta Swanson, Sylvia Taaje, and Nancy

The T a c orn a chapter h as 350 members, and PLC has been acered­ i( 'd b y the AAUW for about two ycar5:. Th e purposes of the AAUW, a c­ cording to Miss Knudson, are three­ fold : ( I ) to imprm'e the status of wom en in business, industry and so forth , (2) to raise money for both nation a l and international studies,

Alpha Phi Omega Meet s Thursday Night T ht: Ie ta Beta chaptel of Alpha P hi lm ("gOl will hold an open m eet­ in .1( for aU men stud ents next Thurs­ d;lY I>\'e nin g ~tt 7:30 in L-I04. T it,. Alpha Phi Omega. is a n a ­ tiona l ,con ia fr:ltn nity comp osed of UIll\ en ity a nd college students who all or ha\'c b e",n affiliated with .coutin g. Th e I ot~ Beta chapte r is drdic a t­ cd to th r' development of Christia n Iiie- a nd se n 'ict: . Requirements for mn nbe rlOh i-p a rc: ( 1) scouting affili­ ation, (2) sa tisfa c tory scholastic .tandin g, a nd (3 ) ,inecft: desire to be of servi ce. All m en int erested in such a pro­ gram arc invited to attend the meet­ ing to acquaint themselves with the members and activities.

Homecoming Memo All clubs and organizations

wishing to spon~or a candidate for

Homccomin~ Queen must: (1 ) have their petitions turned in to prop..-r authorities by Oct. 6. (2) Ix: sure there are 50 signatures per

petition. (3) 3ubmit 10 cents per signature or five dollars, and (4)

only choose a junior or senior for a candidate. All girls should remember the powder-puff and drill tcam turn­ outs; definite notices win be post­ ed later.

Political Science Club Holds First Meeting In the initial m eetin g Tuesd ay night, th(' pol i ti c a I scien ce club p lanned a tenta tive program to stim­ ula te student int eres t in world af­ fain. Noted public officials speaking on campus is on e goal, according to new pn-xy Jack Holl.

Lutes Face Humboldt (Continued from pagc 3 ) thi s should be one of the schoors bt'st grid teams in m a ny years. Later in th... se a &on the Humboldt team will fly to H awa ii to m eet the U ni­ ve rs ity of Hawa ii . Sa rbot has bee n coach a t Hum­ boldt sin ce 1951 " nd has a 42-22 -2 record a t th e No rth ern California sch oo l. H e is a gra d ua tt of Wa ~ in g­ ton Sta te College a nd a fonn er coa ch a t Lincoln H igh School here in T a ­ com a .

Just a word concerning our " chlor­ ophyll kids," namely the frosh . Since I am Lord High Election Chairma n I would like to direc t a compliment to the "new on es" for their vigorous campaign. We challenged them to wa ge thc finest "eve r" and I Lor one believe they succeed ed . The fire and hustle that marked their bid for the various offices is both welcomcd and needed; w ho knows, with enough spark they may even move our old bones to some overt commitment. By overt comm itment, I mean rea l action. Homecoming will soon be here and there will be some changes. For examp le, the floats (cxpensh'e and short-lived) have b een replaced by campus d ecoration Jess expensive

Council Starts Fall Office Hours Monday The Student C ounril will r esu me office hour, Monda y. The sehcdu k is as follow: th ird p eriod Mo nd ay , Tucsday and W (""dD~sday.; fourth p e­ riod T hursd. v ; and Se 'c nth p eriod Friday.

1"~9 SMORGAS 0



9702 Sa. Tacoma Way ROOFING ELECTRIC






121 st and Pacific Avenue

The PLC hoard in g cluh a nd cof­

f,... shop han' annolln ce d the follow­ in g hou rs for


Skating Party Tonight

fa ll sem<'ster.

Cafeteria ( Boarding Club) Meal Sc hedule: Breakfast, 7:00-7 :45 a.m., Mond ay through Frida y ; 7;30·8 : 15 a. m. Saturday ; 8:30-9 :00 a.m. Sun­ da\·. LUll ch, II :35 am. to 12:45 p.m. Dinner, 5 ;30-6: 15 p.m., Monday rhrou gh Saturday; 12:30-\:30 p.m. Sunday.

Th e a nnua l APO ~ Lir\!( p arty will be held immrdi trl y ftrr th \'ari e t), show toni gh t lit lhl' SoUI"h T acom a Roll n Bowl. D riven with room Sh9uld .top b. the cen about 9:00 fur those nced ­ in!! rides.

- -.--- ---- - --- - - - ­

Coffel' Shop: Monday t!trough T hu rsday, 7 :30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Friday, 7 :30 a.m. to 12 midnight. Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 midnight. Sunday, 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m .


Dear E d itor:

Gregerson and A rl e n e Kinard in Sluen.

es pec ia lly on the upper-graduate lev­ els, and ( 3) to help improve condi­ tions for women in the colleges and universities in the United States and throughout the world . "Our women graduates a rc eli­ gible for AAUW membership;" Miss Knudson added, "and I sincerely hope that they join in goodly num­ b ers."

Boarding Club, Coffee Shop Set Schedules


Walk er in West. Hall; and Anita

Miss Knutson Named Local AAUW Head

Miss Anne E. Knudson , a member of the PLC English d epartment, was r-keted president of the Tacoma c hapter of tht" American Assoc ia­ tion of University WODlen thi s sum­ m er.

NEW GLADIATOR GRID MENTORS this year are, from left to right: head coach Jim Gabrielsen, and assistants Mark Salzman and Gene Lundgaard . Gabrielson has been coach at St. Olaf College in Minnesota for the last several years. Salzman was assistant bsketball and head track coach here last year and this year is director of athletics. Lund­ gard wi!! coach the Lutes' hoop squad this year as well as assisting at football.

An or~anl.:lalion meeting for th~ SaKa, PLC' yearbook, i, sch~duled fur M onda y t 6: 15 p.m. in iil Saga oW n" located in the CUB. " Because of vacantir-s n the staff C\'('n mor<' pC'oplc than u~unl 01.1"<: need ...d to hclp. . \ n)'on~ " bo is in­ terested , 0 1 w ho h as ad some ex­ perie nce: al ollg lhi~ line, is uTged to a ttrnd th e tnr-ct ing,' tated Teddi Gulhau~('n , editor of the p ublica­ ti on. M any inncwa tions are bo'Ing (On­ tt'mpla ted for th e 1959 ag3, ,hl' addc·d . For in!lanc.. , many full.color ;lOd duo -tone Pi1S~. ill he u iK'd and aU 248 p res w llJ be two-rolor. Tht 'raftslll:ln Press of Seattle, printer uf th e 1959 yearbOOk, will pro\'ide assista n ce and .II.l\,ii:e on l.a.yout. usc: of ph otogra p hy and art m·ru In ordt'r to cover spring- sporN and ac t i\"it il.:s th oroughly, tht: S~ will be pri ntr d aftr th e coDd of the sch ool y~a r a nd dtli\'C'red during t he sUlll mer. Art E llickson h as b("t'n namr-d busi­ n, ·s~ rna .i~c:r, but m any utht r po I ar r still upl'n

Phone LE. 7-3171

and mort" I a s tin g. Great things could happen if the fire of the Frosh could spread to the arca under some of the upperclassmen. " Gung Ho!" - AI Ostroot SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS

W. provld.

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aad all other I·STlEET baok services BWCB for COLI students BWCB

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STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions 12173 Pacific Ave.

LE. 7-0206 We Deliver

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LAURINAT'S apparel We Outfit Coeds 406 Garfield




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Reg . 9.00-NOW 7 95



Welcome Back

To School, PLC


Men's-$4 .95 BOYS' & MEN'S HI TOPS


Black and White

$4.25 to $5.95


Expert Shoe Repair Service-

Art's Shoe Shop

315 Garfield St.


Opposite Parkland Post Office OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS

utton Frosh' Echoes from PLe OU'! "huttun frCl~h" riDl~ing ;" rn 9 tilt .Ultpll • nd:1 "3 of color­ ful l!old :md bt d, /)t. 1ni 8 are pro\'­

in~ this Wl( k tJ " thl' gT~('n and rl'lu 'tanl In1Ih til ;Ire '"Irarning th~ rope .. :H PI. •

IlIili,lliun ha5 l<1okin!-( I n: a IUI ual kward


fr. II

d 'om,- ~Irnn~r with shirts

[ tJ


( ne


l ",g

lulh I to !l t' b u' , nd gi rl s with skirls im id., OUl and h OtiSCl! Ua{'j,:­ ward ~'m t rinut d to t hl~ unuSl!,,1



d .:or L fln1.;lldttu "11",, and

Illd .ttl, mJlI t(J n!p ,it Ih' Ult U 0(" , urprisro : t nU'11 . ~ta~­ (Jund , of a TCll'nmygun. 'IJ. nil ; rrll1l1d iiI-. blind men, for Di'Wldant fir sirrlL< IITl- I~o r ­ l odol.} the f rash f IIpws /IIU t II VI "'rlJr I, fill' UHr lh... 1:1111 pu . The lh. ir hair comul'd down on'r t h ir (l"wntToutl~n (crult mun dwnp their h("l"k& {(11m thl: pillo.... r. ,pull the "} " . 11 li l a l m~ pnrc:upinr th..- girls pillow ,'.HI· 0'/ r Illt: "no~gill" nd I .1\' l.taid~ llmll udillg f om ,1.11 o\'er , scrt'am like a .inn. th"ir hr·ads. St r, n~~ gYl iltion llJ·e also COIll­ TILt' . ~hou l d nn'in , }, anwhile, mon O f. t!te PLU camp u,. B"i ng at· tltt Ilppt'rt l usnxn arl' !>;ng amu<tci co t, d by an up pc rclas.rnan Ihe frosh "lid Ult'.IIIOJ"i.·s a J( b~JIl!« n c. lle'd . DUIl'1


" mooring P a t"klat',d , Wash.

il slat StuD"n Body Pre sid ~ nt Do n Dou gl as with his groom . ng durin g Initia t io n eek. Vict ims of t he f or ce d s ervitud ,c a re Doreen Gr im m, t he manicur ist, and Jea nette Ha lvorso n, neeli ng to ptrform her bootblac du t ies.


Proc ai Uy B"rnlll"'

Easi:volds Over


'The coronation

rilt of King

Olav IX ..I 'lorway. a t which Dr, £« Ivold a led III .Hloal l"Cll­ ct~cnl!lI i"e of 1111' ELC , w:c; a rDa ­ jU1" highligh t Ihc ~'a rly ,umlnCr. A(~T ,isltinl' I nd u:wc.ling wi th • ·I'Ll: )Jrof..~sor U r . r. u. Sva n : (/lOW l . S. "u lluTal attach" to _ ' 01 \~.,y ; lid hi~ ..... i! . t ht: E ast\'ol d, 1'I<''''e I'd (. th, Bl us,d', ,"" orld's f.tIT, to J>:lrlS , a nd thto n tu GeIman),. 11t'1" Ih.)' ·I~i ..u Bishop Hans L ilj.. :md au , cd thl con ditions of the lIi~·n.. f f a t Bn lin, Teporti ng th it t "lhtlr. P' npk ;Ht ma blc to lead full, nann,,1 lin:", d ill" to lb~ C onnnunist oppr :iliion ", hi d, i, keeping East Gl"rmnny 'cl vwn ; nd under' ,"


DurinK the month of August A frica supplied the Eastvolds with IIlllJ)Y adventur~, Hert: Dr, East· void gave as many as six major addresses in onc day. Out of their visit s to many mission fields they pent two weeks at the Sudan Mis· sion field in the French C II.IIlI:T­ OUllS and French Equatorial Af·

rica, where their nephew,. Dr. (,;oDrold r..a5tvuld, Jr., is it medical luiuionary, F rum thcll' (J Ilt JU I'~i tlt nt HU lL :1 .ut 1111 travel! through villages, his l xpC'rienccs with the natives, and h i ~t'T \'ations of the mission posts. lIe pok ~ of th e pri mi tjve living con­ dlliollS und('r which our missiom'ries must ptralt .In d th e many sacr ifi ces

t1wr rIm!. wh il' Lord's \ i Hey" n i.

l iI"utin~



l he;

iJu ri n!! fUU T days ' pe nt \' illl Dr. ,\ib("rt S" hwc it:.n In Lamb.. cut:, F 't"ll ch EqUll t(j, ial '\Sri"., l~ WhtJU I [hev p r<" "l1tn l .HI hono larv d t:gl< t" <II du. lor of bUIDa.". 1" It 0. , tl:). E ·1HJllh ('a n , ' to know Ihl .. r .It ).>1\11 u>upla f , ltl U sic i an , hUIllanitarian , ;m llltcolugian a s a humbl., J "' 11 <I f G"t.! .

.\her ,on liuuins to '!\-f:ula/!> .~:..r lin d obst',yi n jr cl noth cr I;,r!!," m i ~~ion prujec t th 're', th e it int'f ,I/-Y i n f'lutl t'd a ",tat' in C a iro~ E gyp t an d ..L tou r 01 tht: H oly L a nd (wh ere the y an: a t this time) . And to conclu de til(: luu r th ey ",iii ~top in Ind ia, FOi"­ Il IO 'a , H 0 n g: K 0 n ~!, J.i:p au, ;'~ IJ d Kon-a, plus a lJrid st i! y in I-bwai i bdorc flying home. j



'1 twy ,., n ,, 't "hill' uf th. WU I I I ',ut tl ,)" tn fi nd : (. lulions to tht' th.· :terfi.. uthC'. a n



w ' rc

u )

in g

prubtuns un 'ull", (am-

pu . T it:: thr > da y S( ions \I ,m: Ul­ .ircl v slu dt'Dt pJau.Dt:d aod Mudcnt Ird "Ith lht l' iI<"~p lon of tv. 0 dis­

ion grou ps on l!TOUP dyIJaDJics It·d by Dr. K ri,teu oJberg an d

, 'U

D r . Vernon l£l~ r. r onl C n lwlc ht ll"d a ~lJmu I 8 tin", d ~"15 iut( un Lc:adc rsh ip R e 'p om i­ biU ti<:s. C' /ll P U proh lt:m ~ wo e d is ­ cus,,·d with mp hasi s O Il puLlicit y a nd ("omnlunicati on arnon g th 150 I . tucle nt" a t PLC, L' , c of th,- CUB min ophonc to I II a k (I claily annOun( t-Incnts tw'ln.: d lIt'i ng Ih" d inner meal was dis­ cU5s, d ,xl<:nsh l'ly. 1 ' 11" Stud e nt

" 'Spirit of the W,-st' is tlti , ) 1:1\r' H unwcomill g theme," announced co-chairmen uf tht· e\'ent, Bette Lou Macd onald and Bob Roiko. "All alumni are I:"~p ... tially urg ed to attend this allnual 'Lute Round-l:p' to be held October 25 a nd 6," they .ldded. Coronation of the Hornt'comin g Queen and Hand­ some Harry, campus decoratioru, thC annual powder­ puff !;arne, thl' Homt"coming play, plus the tradition"l

October 3, 1958


ea etrea


a k, d to ci, ck



l h,r Jrla ils

HOMECOMIN G CO-CHAIRMEN Bette Lou Mac­ donald and Bob Roiko a re dressed up like dudes to emphasize the theme of the 1958 Homecoming­ "Spirit of the West."




lwgin with, but we . n)' !l;rnup of pro­ I. ;IUr:T lim >n Ihrm­

pro\'< d lis poirl t

\ 1 suggl:Stcd wa... l ilt" p -ibil­ ity of a pOTI<lble buli.etin board an a III rt: convenient system for using t he l.i O!> • The ~I'n.cral con ­ eI' us wa~ IhOi I tl C kio~ l, coul he milch more dfe .i\' cl)'. Pro­ visions for convenient pos ling of e nl ' r g e n r~' alln[)UnCt"l11ent ~ and ol ll" r nnno unf""mcn!s WQlthl in­ erc e ils ,al ut:.

1- I1U r ~ /"Ou p,' w rl prolliem soh-in g 11I~ \ ,\t liS In ~ lTlUr '1'" III( , Jln , f t i'I(' WOl d . T on DC" J~w ~ g .1 ;:t ,tmf.ln ~ l·our.' in Pi! I.amelltar)' ,;, in hi, 5[J·minulr S"S ion. D r . , olllen; 3 nd D r. t IZln !,tt' r ,,-'­ p l ~\!I~d I c: It"ldrrili ip a nd und"T ­ sta ndi ng wh il It go >d k ~l de rs s!lOuld dew lop. U n f rid ay {'v~ning D r. Sol­ i;(' rg mad ,' ;tn ,"xperi mnl! with rrll­ entire a ss("lI1bl v dh'jt!r'd into th l/'e ~ ro up ~. H e- se nt [hC'U1 into " buzz $(' • • ;on. " wi t h o u l tellin g anymH: ", h:1 t Itl "buzz" a bout a nd no lea der, Wl're a p pointed. Chaos l'>:ist{'d 111


fVO lba ll game, wili t the weekend.

L"nlik" past yean" there will be no floats and thus parade through T acoma , This year cash awards will go to th.. orgm1ization or club ha\'ing the best camp:.!' decorations. Campus decoration committee chairmen from the \ 'arious organizations met last night to l'cceivc ,,-,signmertts regarding" areas on campus to be decorated.


All PLC dubs and organizations are encouraged to

sponsor landidatcs for Homecomin' Queen , Nee sary qualifications arL: (I) she must bl a junior or sen ior, ( 2 ) a petition with 50 si ' natures must be se u l cd, (:; ) ..a ch '"pature must b,. accompanied by 10 c. n ts T $5.00 m u~ t bc turned in with the entry, and (4) t ht' petition rr.ust be turned in to Bette or Bob by O ct. 9. Prel imind\ y d r ctioTI of the Homf' comi:1g Queen will bt U ct. 14.

Fresh men Elect 1958-59 O fficers

Number 2



tart Homecomi 9

The Homcc omill<; pla y, unde r thc' direction of Bob is bein!! spomored b y the Alp hn Psi O mega . Thtl play is n,titkd, " Th e I mag inary Inva lid," by M a lier... Comm itt('c's a nd comm ittee d lairm[' n fol' H omc:com­ Ilion, L o i ~ H em), rg; Ca mpu, D ec l"rt ­ ing ar .. : R ~2'i tiom, .JLrry Er ic ksun and rol J ohman; Al umn i SLLP­ pel, Ph yllis Ped rrson and Shtrle y C hnstophcnon ; and Half-t:rnc nnel P rt' - lf;1 m l' F. nl~rtiltnml"nl, Clint 'rHl WcUs ltd L a rs Odm,1D . <. thers art': Powckr Puff amc, 0:"\"1: a rielson a.l J She nil' Thorvilsan Coronat iun , Ja ne Ro 5 a nd Carl l\f uhr, P'I) R ally, Bob G ross and Audl t: y Rook ; Coffee H Oll . , M t E\"amon a nd :Mary L t'(' SkI-i\"' ni ch ;, <lIld Publi it y, D a, ' , 'ds(>n ?-nd Kat ie- Kolk o"" kv, Flt'll1 i n~,

.8(,0 Zillllll!:rman was nanll:t!. 1r h­ m. n d,,'; IJr,·, tde nt ill w~ k' s h luting , )IIU't " HiLa , dlu-I'n wer", J l' t ry Dod ('u, \'lee pr.:!iden t: J UOl R ice:, sen tary : R ; y H o. tn .uu rer; D a n rli nd,', I C C n p re~e ntati veJ and • dl 'nlOmpson. . t u d en t Cou ne il TC prt.c:ntuth to .


haa~slJ n

. \ n n rllou_ia!lic I( roup of ",lllWSI 1(1) rvd~/t t Ir-ad, rs utttlwf'cl t hl (ir~t , tlt';tt !:I <t WI tk ­ IInll• .1 L~ . ldl f,lt:jJ I nd lit m hrrl"l1d n L " kc h.ilIa -

n Six-Mo i:h Global To r Ilr • lid • fls . S. . '. E · ~l\'old h \'c I Uluplr tni mure l.l1a.r1 1411f uf tht:ir .i '10<111 t1< I ot1Dd· the·wodd tou\' and




ma t

iastic S



kill C'.

• l ir



1"1' d I • l dO\\"1 on their point l _,'0 fin!!, IS at Ihl! sun


"r-ks ~fl' a!~o part of the' curr nt


will [!TId


' C' I\ .,

.1 ,lid S~,.j<"n'rrt. i 1(1 tic ·i,'r.n '''''lii t l("Ir h is PT.; so(~iaIJ 3mdrmic 'lfld rt ItHioll' prohl, nl d' t 11 ion, hour im cJ]c rlna l s t.a ndard 100 low ? :\re WI', h )' nu r aU itud c hind e ring s tud)in,Et? P acific Ln· Ihrnu ~(ld:ll life .-uuld he \C" I II n,,:- 50111 ruggC1lI iOl

b l~Ie.r, ~


thaI w e m ij{ht ave more: mixc:rs. sudl a :il 'd-Ino~ic IJ rl r-!(.lIuc ~odaJs. M9J ~ M WI"

dubs c uld

off WOiJ omJl~t i t ion a f Irr " ollcge fun tions itlt mont room :lnd a bcU ~ r chant'(: to $(I• cialize,

he Ihe

_ -l'CI.'. sar y a nd d, rmild)' ntlt in­

Ji "p("I;sabk wa. J ay TrOMdal with

thr s\"Str.mati c schedu le proeed urr.

h.,· n ( ;amb Sen... d as d evotiunal

Itlllan Cor th~ 'OUP wh ich. " .as h:l\ ing a mou ntain-top ( x pcril:cn~


IC"<I rni l1!;" hristia n leadership and ( t,joving- Ch ri$tian fellows h ip . Each d ay dawned and ( lastil , itl. J ohn Am('nd at th e trumpet. San d­ w iched between sessions W I.'f'C nlllny [:arnc~ of ,"olley balI and othel' ree­ J t' tion and singing a r 0 u n d the: (amp fi re. Boll Gross was n:crI'a tion(C on t inued o n p a!!c 4 )

PLe Enrollment Exceeds 1500 For the fi rsl time in PLC's histo ry b" I·r. addC"d If.) th. orch ·· t. ,1 pit and put in the iait.'s of th e <.;MS tu 3{c..mmoda t,· ~ ~oth, en­ II lin ,toni i nt'r asr., PJ.C is b ting a l UII!, St.'runs! T he dtlrm can no lOl1g<-r il ccommodate "'Tryone and Ul a n ) Hudc.n t< are li \'­ imr off carnp Wl. Even the recrea tion r om in Old M ain W 3.'i converted into a t ~mpor:uy d onn for 10 Im'n, n Ow 1110\'<::<i to other areas. R egis trat ion figure mOl" , total s rl\t~ h a\'!~


1-02, as annollDcl' d h} D


E, lIm gr. de:an or thc (·olleg. oed IM\ be in t rested 10 lea n of th is fi~ure thore are 8 t 0 men :\II oppoM'd to 9:! ..... orn" ·'. f hi' is tIt.: breakdown by" es : "niol1l, 13 ~ men a nd 134 women' jun ior.;. 138 mt'n and J 7 women 50piJ0Jt10rrs, 188 me n a nd 170 WOID ­ en - :md frt"J;h mon, 309 m ro and 2.45 \\·(1mt' o .

Page Two


Friday, Oct, 3, 1958

Te ling, Counseling

• Vital PLC ervlce


mooring ma t

Ed itor.. .... .. . . ......... ....... .... .. ........ ..... . D ick L ondsrr:n

EdiIOT_ ......... ... .... ....... ... Ilnb D nn p ~ y

'POll ' E..dito .. .. ... .... .. .. .. .. . _ J uh n H anson

I"alun' l:ditors....... _ ..... ..... . ol vcil\' Lema!, C arol ~lorris

Bu In' , ,fall;t~t'r ... .. . ......... .. .. 1 J ' ) L ou El1~ n

ST FF Barham I aa '~on, j ll n i,- D ahl, D c r nna H a n­ on, ('til Rempl. D ick r isher, .lack H oll, ,<t il E rick­ on, r.:llwl Jrr-nl.'h , Attn lIal!g r t, M :lrthn Ed w:uds, Carol TrslOVi Barh n Brillkl'y, P , i. d lla H utd ll:'son, Dick IIal\'or~on, i\iing ) "'1' W lnlE, IIdr' r aT ! , Sha ­ , n MCi Ui I '1, H .-l rn<' H or~('r, R lIJy Sandn, Barb:tn I\,,('kn, r, Ra r n To ffl ~, L t'<! TU ITu-I', h aron V a n Rooy, Jt.y«, Ob",n, .urt:rn ,rimOl, 'jcky R ile, 'arol 1101"" , n \rry 's a nnerud, Stu Petr rson , Ji m Bea ls, orl ,n , \, ' ir,' inw K. , ris lad , A nita Hi lh-sla nd. JOlle, ' r II: Jl,)rdah l. ; tiV1:.t' ... ........ ..... .. .-M r. Milto n "\esvig

Pu hli. ed f ridays of the school ye:u by t he studen ts

of J>3ri£ic Lutheran 011 ~c , Parkland , W ·h .

• 'l'\~ '

By nd

For the Students

' tarlin g i l~ 35 th y~ar of puhl ica tio n, th e Moo rin g Mast ul{ain h as an OppOl tu n it y to be a positive fo rce o n t h PLC campu;; . However, the amount of for ce de pends upon the stude.nts. Thi, newspaper is published by a studcnt . ta££, for the student body, and most of the finan cial support is from the students. Only sligh t control is retained by the administration and faculty , who act in an advisory capacity. W i Lh this f. ced om of the press goes responsi bility . or Insta nct', the ~f oorin g ~I as t mu st give ti mel y, a e­ ,'u rat and obj ec ti ve coverage of the news. It should tDt:iu de r·d . torial and [!"a tu rt' a rticles th a t pro\·oke-, ill­ {oml a nd ;: nu.' rta in . Finally, the Moorin!!: Mast m1lst g ive the stu­ dents an opportunity to t:xprcss their idcas and opinions. Letters to the edi tor, which been conspicuous by thcir a en t e in the p :l! t , a rc th e p r mlary means lo r tb is xr.hange of ideas. L etters III ·t ue signed , however, to be p rinted (a lthough mun" "ill be w ithheld by requ es t ) a n d they will be edi ted fo r length and &::, ood taste. TIlIt, the • (oor inl': M , 1 is not t he p rod uct of a op­ h'lIltl f ul of pr:uplt' . II s ' U eel~S d ep nds II po n the era lioll of ,11 Ihr stue\. nts , (Jrgd n jL:llion5 li nd d ub , p lus lhl' 1. (' ,il ), Ind coll ,, ' oUi i,ll".

Ra •lng,

ating Upheaval

Fr< $hlua n r anis ar' :tga m l dm i ng th,' a nnu a l di ; ­ tu t b n c~ in th e PL • ra ing and da ling pa ttern . This paHe rn is typically c oll eg ia te. A heira rehy of d esirable !la te~ is constructed after ca reful sci­ entific study early in the school year. U su a l q Ull lifica t ior.s ior a des ira ble d a te arc ph y 'i­ cal a ttra tivc ness, fash ionable a tti re , ac tive e xtra-cur­ ';rll lar p-lrti cipat ion a nd !{(·nr ra l populari ty. B o n u s q ll.t liti ,·s fol' the Jllt' n include ha ving a mple spe nding mom:) a nd .) la te model ca r. When the study is satisfactorily completed t h e lineup rema ins rela t ively stable throughout the school year. H owever,. the suddcn influx of fresh­ Ulan coeds the followin g faU upsets cond it ions. Then Ill.-my u ppe rciMS women suddenly drop in the rating scale, until the ituation gradually readjusts to the fixed pattern. M e'nnwhile, uppcrclass women, you h ad better loo k tu yo ur laurf'\s. -DIC K LOND G REN

Frosh Variety Show Sets 1958 Entertainment Pace By Dick Halvorson T hi s yrn S cn kr ta i:lme n t l'ycle "'ot off to a good . tart last F rid ay lJi ~> ht when the f reshm a n class prc­ ented its a nnu a l variety show, "Just for V a rie-ty." N ota ble a m on g the many finc numbe rs w Sam he n's <: xccllent rendition of Chopin's F a nta is ie -Im­ promp t u, W alt Schweiger's impersona tio n o f Vi ctor Borge, a nd. L yle Pea r30n' s d rama tic sketch . N ot new, b ut ce-rtai nly still welcome to the PLC stage were Bob Fkming, who ac ted cap ably as M.C., nd H erb Dt' mpscy with a surprising, but thoughtful read ing of m odern poe try. f cours", lUu ch Tt'dit is due to th e sta ge c rcw and t he lightin g di rec tor for th.:: effective back ~ round and special effe cts whi ch a dded much to the: a lread y wtll ba lanced prog ra m . Throug hout the ewnin g , thc enthusias tic audience rCiponse d enoted the fine quality of th.: en tir e sh ow. The re is definitely room for mo re of thi s type of enter· tairUl)!, nt on th e PLC campu s.

lS, I(·~t l , (I

1 t' . II 'h

sui D on't ttll me


rc- ar-

till mo r . I' m , il k of 'em!"

t:l r me ntS lnlllht i!'jlslly havl' Or:cn ov(:rhr ard last wec-k hy aonu"

;>"in g-;J ~ J'tlU p of I ll' h rn cn. T lu;c fr'.>sh ha \'" b"c n :n roour.e to on" tIlOH ,?lulIlJlr [lUleti o 1 1h' tc:<ting a nd coumding ~("n'; ". T he formidablr battery of Its - faced hy Ihese f r siJlllcn sc:cms d is· ' 'OUI'aging no \; hUl n Ul p ro~ c to be of gr' t value late r.•n 1 few moruIu r Fars Ih...... c1:!Jl1M]olls of di I. )< could ehan~c, Cor OUJJI{ tu­ d!'n h l \ ( . h'n f It, fro:n the and otJu:-r l .13. 1i. -" n l[t· j 'mdt r " . <li r ior or Lhf' dc-an of " I 'll , L. O . ,kluJld, ,,"d is Inntr'd in h i }fiic in ( lid .lain II · Iw l n Ih ', rr\'ic(' ~ V from >L1; t ca .w" iJ'r 'oI X ' f' 'r~ alto tf> u n, Ih . \ tfld'lY filh many bull(In' him: cab­ inets . .. fHm ' , l \·i ' ,. tho t nn' .- orIr d Il n '~ I Q t,'5 1 Ind onr ngli h I I to Oll(' tit 3 t now indud ,'. l1\'cr - 00 \' u ird t .. ~ t . To th .. ~ ur p r i, ;,. of nUlI1 y, thi s f rc-sh man ba tc:ry oi tc~," it; only a part ui th e 1.0 ta l PL C (' ~ t ill g e r vi n ' . III ,ldel it ion, i Ul'thr l \ oca tl Onll I t.e~tin:, Ii a\ a i.J ab l ~ to a ny. tud Ill, thu~ givin g- him ,ld d ition al information th aI m ight h el p him d<'c idl th , most importa nt qU'·., tiCln , " What 1n I iloil g tQ do with rlly lif )" D"]x,rtrn('nta l tf's ting in prr:· -n u rsin g, p re-eng inn ring, p r -.:Juce.­ lion, a nd busi ness a d m ini stration is a lso offered on requ est, T rst in g is o nl y a part of th is scr. iCt' . C erta inl y perso nill d a ta I nedrd a long wi th th e in form'l t ion gai n('d from th e tests ir. ord('r to m a ke an a t.t-u­ ra te inte rpreta tion, and th is addi tiona l in forma tIOn can be suppl ied on .­ b) t he st udronr to ac hi eve the maximum understand ing of tr st r r sults. T here iore confe ren c('s ca n be arra nw~ d in t h(' D ea n of M,_,n's offi {', at w hich. l·m,. trst re- sults will be carefully interpre ted in tig-h t of the p. st Cd ll a tion al am! 1)( rs o n~1 ba ckground of th,.· individu a l. Counselin.r: is done not only in connection with t h ~ t esting pro­ gram. It is also ava ila bl e to a ny sludent desiring it, who feels a need to talk to someone he can trust about his problems, whether they be per· sona l, religious, family, etc , This counseling, of courr.c, is su pple. CDtary to th e usual counseling p;iven by the college faculty. Every fa cuIty mem­ ber is a I' ounsc\or and is a\' ailable for di~ c u ssin g any student's proM Ill! . R cme m he r th is ,'a lu,,1 If', b ndicia l set' 'icc is a\'ailablr to you l hl. C3r alUund . I ndivid ua l eval uation a nd gu ida nc:,., vocationa l, ,.du(·a irmal OT P' r so na l, is th rre fo r Ih t' ;Isk i g in th ,· D ean of Irn's offie. in O ld M , in . SII (' o m e in a nd ma ke 11~t.· ()f thi s int xp' ns i','e' a nd \'o lllablc a id 10 you--PLC', T , ' st in.~ all d ' ou nsdinl! Sr n icc . 'fl<'

of. P L C '

CO RRECTING TESTS with atomic·age machinery h e lps reli e ve the g r eat work-load of the PLC testing and counseling service. Mr. L. O. Eklund, d ea n of m e n and head of the testing service, supervises the work of Mary Carruthers, operator of the machine. Anita Reimann, meanwhile, waits with more tests to be correcte d .

fleming z:

By Bob Fleming H e ig h H o - H n c it is the . " r o nd w('ck of sc hool a nd a ln:a.dy J' vr h ea rd stud ents "ripin g a bou t h ome- wo rle. You th in k you 've got trouble, ' Wh a t about the neu­ rot ic who think s hi s infe rior ity compl ex is bi ~'~ l' a nd br ttlT than a nybud y d sr's in th e world . r d on't und er· " ~ nd it. £t '~ Ii!; ,. pu tti n g' Brig-itk Rnd o t on ra di o . Say, have you e\T r noticed Ihc wa y those TV comme rc ia ls are always so much louder than th e rest of the ·show? It almost ruined a h earing aid sponsor. :.\1\ his prospects Ihought they were cured. . . Anybody wanna buy 45,000 Davy Crockett ca ps ch eap? '-'}>k I -,,, "'.,


fo- ..... k it"r

Oregon Sha kespea rean Festival eVlves Eliza betha n Thea tre 8y J IlAnn Hud:;on Ul

tit, typo!{r<lp hi l',11 e rrors in my la r~o l umn. Fortun­ a tdy, I c ~ n say w itho ut h l'Si t3 ti on, there ar c NO typo­ g raphi ca l el m rs in A :'-I Y of m y column" We h avl:' U i cxcellt-nt p roof r!'C'd er and w c' re Ct' tt a in th a t no rn i ~ ­ tc a ks gC' t bu y he r. DID YOU HEAR T HE 01\"E ABO L. T - th e psy­ chi a tri st wh o W;)s force d to go into a noth er businr-ss? Could n't keep from blushing . . . a lso ." th e tw o Bopskrs wh o went out 'V es t and stumb led on to th e ta il end of an exec uti on b y hang ing ? Th ey b oth sta red up at thl: d a nglin g fi gure in awe, Fina lly, one nud ged th c other, a nd sa id in sepulchral tones: " M a n, dig that c razy m ob ile !" THOT-Although a cow moves her jaws about 41,000 times a day, she doesn't say a word to hurt anyone. "'URSER Y RHYMES I CAN'T QUITE REMEMBER DEPT.-Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. HUIlIpty Dumpt y had a great fall. All the King's h orses and all the King's men , . . r ode away. SC O OP! - Wha t well known athlett w a s ser n walk­ ing with what well kno"n coed on what well known .;trcc t on wha t w e:1I known d ay of w ha t well known w ee k! R emember, you read it h ere first! . . . That's a ll fo r n ow bu t r ~ rn c mbc r wh at your Uncle Bob-Bob sez, " Oftc- ntimcs wh e- n you think some-body is ('x ceptiona lly chee t'ful- i t's just that they a re proud of their t eeth !"

AW .Offers'Just for You'

" Just Ior You " is the title of the sen es of lec tures being pn·.;c·nted b y the A WS this fall. E 3ch of the four t imel y ta lks is being given in each of the th re-e w orn· en' s d orm itorit's .on succeed in g W edn('sd a y ni gh ts a t

9: 15 . Mrs. MQ r kcn is present ing points on perso nal h y­ g in1f' in h er ta lk, "You for th e Askin g." The se n ior women of T ass els offer th': ir t ried and true sec rets on studyi ng in " Good Huntin g." " You in Orbit" is a di s­ cussion on sta nd a rds and m a nllf'rS, utilizing the t ests g iven th e frosh girls during orientation week. Good :;roomin g ti ' a rt' gi\'c n in the t~ilks on "Exterior Deco­ ra tin g" by a hai r stylist from Rhodes and m odels from Be tty R ad on ic h Sch ool of M odeling. The se ries culm ina tes w ith " College U SA," a style show on., on Friday, O ctobe r 10, at 7:30 in t h ~ C B-200. ~1 e n 's a nd wome n' s fashions will _be provid ed by Rhod es in L a kewoo d, "Just for You."


F.,"ry S Imll"'r n Ih lout! i.1h of

so ut hrrn () r f'K(l n ,51 ..Ike 'pt'a re's ­ la nd live:, 31r.1 in with ~ll of the colo(' a nd pa ){('a ntr y of Ih r: seventee nth centu r y th ca t l'c . Anll;ri ca's olde~ t Elizab(·than th ea tre grou p, th,. O re· go n Shak espeare'a n Fr.- ti, ·a l, 's hel cc,,' h summer in Ashland . Ashland is s<'t, like an oasis, in the m iddle of a h ot, dr y country . As you (' nt(' r the sm all town you become aware of an invisible curtain of at­ mosph en' tha t cl oses a rou nd you and shuts you in from the ou ts ide world of smoky manufac turin g and mod­ ern freeways. Soml' how it is possible w lose yourself com plete ly a nd let your ima gina ti on rul e as you enter th e tw'; nti eth C ntury ho m e 0 f Shakespearea n d ra m a . The thea ter is set in the midst of a lovely p a rk with gree n lawn; cut with cool springs a nd st reams. It is p:tttcrn ed after the Fortu ne T h eatr ­ of En gla nd . The C'olorful fla gs of Sha kespeare' s day fl y a bove the ivy covert"d stom' walls, an d qu aint old lamps light th e pa ths from th e pa rk to the thea tre. Ewry night before the pcrfonn­ ane e folk da n ces a re performed on th e green. Rovin g singe rs a nd musi­ cians w a I k throu gh th e au dience singing and play in g the ballads ,?f old En gla nd. All of this contributes to the wond criuIIy diiferent atmos­ phere of the o utdoor theatre. The plays themse\v('s are excel­ lent, and the actors a nd a ctresses. many of whom hold degrees in drama and literature, have a true feeling for the pure poe tic la.nguagc a nd the deep insights into man that fill Shakespea re's works. These arc n ot the B roadway or HollY'Y od col­ ossal extrava ga nza s, but rather per­ forman ces suc h a s those in wh ich Sha kespea re himself must have ac t· cd. The pl ay,-rs catch the tru e qual-

ill r,f lh,; ;({ I thr I Iv· w


nd d not (In rn layill tl1r. typlL'31

'·slar. '

T hi s Y"·lr "Kinl' Lnr," 'JIo.fer­ ellan t of en ic., ," Much I cio t\bout .\ ',thi ng,' a nd " T roilull and r ­ ~ i d ~; " "'r1" prt·sr l1 te d . ~ Xl lummr.r ",\n tony a nd C leo patra,' "K i n JI; ] a h n," " 'o m ~ y of E rror," and "Mt'aS ll rr for 1it:l!ure ' wi ll be pre· sen ted If yo u ha \'c an appreCiation ()f Sh ca k t:s p l'~ r e ' s a rt ,md the cul­ tucr of thr st-\'r ntee nth century , you should p lan to a W' nd. You w tm 't be tl i. ' ppointcd.

En glish Teachers Ca tch Mistakes In last week's M oorin g !vI ~t, Mr . D avid A. Blac k's name w as erron ­ eO llsly statt'd as K t> nneth Black . Mr. Blac k is a new instructor in E glis H e re" .. ivcd his B.A. from W hi tm.J .. ColI . a nd his ~L A . from the U ni· vr rsit y of W a hml!ton, S ca ndi rwv i ~ n nam' . also phgur d th ' M oor in g M ast l1<t " wek. M i ~~ An n(, E . K n udson 's name was m is· spelled as Knut IJn M i s K nudson is a n En gli sh io tru etor, too, S E ng­ li sh (ca rll( rs seem to e the rul rent n,'m j , of the M oo ring M as t.

Reading Sldll Class St rts Tuesday Night Need to improve you r n'ad ing skill? If so, PLC is offering j u Y. thl' course ior you . . \ non-cred it cours' d es igned for inc reasin g r d in g dfi· ci r nc y is a gain pa rt of the progra m. Dr. Kristen Solbe'rg, instru c tor in psych ology, is the tea ch er of the class which will m ('et for the firs t im e n('xt Tu esday c\'cning at 7 :00 in L-JO-t. "The class is open to an one," D r. Solbe rg sta ted. " Bring a nov<"l ur other reading m a.te r ia l," h c added .


Friday, Oct, 3, 1958

lads Travel i:o EW ow i:o Humbolt: at e


, Re dying f r

St il l look inu fo r their first "win of the grid season, Pacific 1 uthLfa n iootball sq uad will h(' enter tained in f a tern \Vash ­ ingta n at _hen 'y rom orro w n ight w h en they meet the Eastl! rn \Vas hington College of Ed ucatio n SavJ.gcs . L.1St weehen I the L Ules tra ~Je d ;111 thQ wa y to C al iforni [0 t ;r te J cfCClt al tJ1e l.J nds f H umboldt Sta te. 29 to O. E V.C.L . thai it In:\Y rlll?u!", in thl: E ve ­ I.1' .... n (;()nlt· ..·nt"t 011 t h~ basis of fhl ir ~n·ti wi n ovt'r th.· 'oUt'gC' of It abo 1 t t w( h·nd. D('Wl'Y 'nndinter, 180 pou nd ~ av 'Y' 11 k i the: tt-a m's hig gain..!' th . ~ yral H e !cored two four th pe­ riod IOU hdown.; agn inst C. of I. (Ill 15'YllnJ punt r"turn a nd a n 18

.1 sUll'rj~l' p<1W l


ro d run .

Two w \:C'l.;s a ll P E WCE wa; du nrpt'd I y n pow(',fUl Ida ho Sta t,: Coll.. gc squad 30-7 . Las t wel'k the Lutes met what i, hl\pin ' up to be one of the coO",t'· bt's t sma ll collc,{c tc-a rn ', Humboldt rnrupl te1 y dominated both ground an d air ganu:s as thl'Y ra.cked up 245 } nl rush ill g to the Lutes' 10 :~, and II ) yards passing to PLC's 53. rhc Gladiators worc led by ;pecdy J o h n j\·[itc·hdl a nd qua l<terba k j ohn

Page Three


Oct. 25 Tilt: E.:"citcmr: nt \Vi ii run h igh wh"n r . hDlan gi rls m~1'1 t Ilt' Upper­ Llas~ wome n in Pow ­ der-Pull gam\ . '. (.: ann ua l gridiron da.~!liL' will u(' plnp'd atw'day 1II0rn­ iTl'l , Ol'tobC'r :!5, a t 9::lIJ on the lower ,'ilmpus ri~l d U 1<;

PLe Intramurals

ToGe L eStart

lIMh • ~ :I m ~ tilt:: about equally "hed in si/,c, a""r:lgim: J.OOUl . feu Iwl 19 5 pou.nci5 per member, q1\ l or ta k" a n inch <I f powld her a n d t h " r e, ac:col dm " to Gordon (; '-cldwohl, onr of Lh cOllcht'$ for til

H lo t

Pac ific L" th .. an · 5,. l n tt :J mU I. 1 football p rogram, whi ch was sc h..d ­ ukd to lwo;; in last T u cl ay, has he en d( la yt'd a t 1east one w('('k, according to athletic d il'(:ctor },-Ia rk Sa lzman.

GLADIATO R CO-CA PTAINS this year ar e : left, Di e

It is hoped th at pl ay will be able to get und erwa y !vlonday.

Ne w Coaches Take Positions In Lute Athletic Department

Goodwin, and right, George Fisher, Dick has been a sta r ting guard on the Lut e te am for the past two seasons. Last year he w as a n AII-Co n f ere ce choice and Little All-American honorable mention, George is a two·yea r let ­ terman at fullback. Fisher handles the punting chores for the Glad s as well as a lot of the g round game,

Th e illSta llati on of a new sprink­ ling system in the Lutes' bascba ll field has been responsible for the Pac ific Luthera n College's "new dday, but work on the system is pro­ look" in th e a thletic d epartment is ~ressinS' ra pidl y and it is bclil~ ved that it will be fini shed by M onday. - ~ (' t to give Lu te fans some real ex­ r iting play this year. H ere is a run­ The schedule will be placed on down of the nt'w coaches and new the: school's bullt:tin boa. rds as soon positions: :IS a d ~ fillite starting d a te ig s~t. Jacob~ <l n. The new head football coach this )" 'a r is jim Gabrielsen who comes to PLC with an impressive record. Jim wa s previously a t St. O laf College for two ),('3. IS where he was head hockey and t rac.k coac h and f resh­ m:1Il football e 0 a clh. Hi , ho ke ' by Eug ene Hapala tea ms ","r" among the top of Min­ L,..ttlnn,ll ·s C lu t> P Il"XY P,\l' L TE~[PLI;\, came up with :l suggestio!} neso ta's srnall co lleges. t wt:<'k tha t is ddiHi t, Iy \ I th y of me nt ion. :";ot oni)' was thi s suggestion He coached high school sport" In.'ll imuu 'Iv . c.' p ted by th e L ~ ttf't l1l (' n ' s C lu b, but it :llso has the stamp at Resholt, : outh Dakota, and El­ of approva l from th t: .;tdmin i str~ t ion. bow Lake, IHinncsota. His football team at the latt er school won the 'or y t hl' qu e~ lir.ll of wheth"" a thletes r u r ' a ny thing but sawdust Heart of Lakes Confere.nce title ~nd th oil' Ii'll ill a nd o u th e ir hrads ha s bee n d ebated, b ut little has bee n d I\L , tin i I ,olu tiu rt to th e pr()bl ~ n!. :'I1ow with TEMPLI:'~ a t the h elm in 1955. .Jim was a three sport man and ,f Lhl' 1.,·tLl·rmen's lub w,; fi nd h im proposing tha t <' d assroom be set :ugmt n "Honor Atbl ." a t ill " h r" rung (O l ath ,," tC' .' wh u arc ba 'in., d ifficulties with th cir studi es. Academy in Canton, South Da­ 'Ilow Il' ttl"nn<'. with rl.':!p ec tabk GPA's will be on hand to give any a id kota. He attended Concordia Col­ [hat they a rc a ble to 'live, DR. VI NESS has also consented to give the lege, where he won three ktters idl() w. 01'1 1' nd w,' k nDw many ot hC'r professors will soon be participat ing­ in football and baseball and 1.wo in in U1is wort hwh ik projtct. T he: a thletrs will work in room 17 of Old M ain, 1,a ketba II. _ ondilY through Thursda y, from 7 to 9 p.m. H e was an All Conferenc.e tackle Let this be a word of welcome to all athletes, especiall y freshmen, to in h is stnior YI;ar at Concordia. H c seck aid now-d on't wai t until fina ls and then bemoan your plig ht. There graduate d from college in 1952 and re ma ny of your buddies willin g to he lp you. There is no shame in seeking in J 95 '~-55 Gabrielsen did g raduat ,~ aid if you arc in need of it. Sta rt a ttend ing these sessions immediately, not work in Physicil l Educa tion a t N ew too la te.­ (Continued on page 4). York University where he was grant­ SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS l'd a Master of Arts degre e.

Expe rt Dry Cleaning

Gene Lundgaard, a former PLC student and star basket baller, ' new this year on the PLC athletk staff and will tak e Marv Harsh­ man's place as head bas etball coach and instructor in physical education. ~Ir. Lundgaard graduated frolll PLC in 1951 and was one of the greatest basketball players in the school's histof)'. He was on the coaching staff at Franklin Pierce high s~hool in Tac.olll~ fo~ t he past three years. Th e only retu rnin g- vd eran' o n the sta ff is Mark Salzma n, w ho was :. p­ pointl'd Di rector of Athleti cs to suo-­ (CoIltinued on

p ag' .


upp 'rrltu~ wol'h~n

" \Ve t''''P,"ct to win by at I..,;ut £(,u.r or fin ' tou ' hdowns and the. Fro It will b.. lucky to scor~ a t all,: state G radwohl. H ead r oac h for toe p ­ pel'S is C huck M yklebus t a nd hi.! assistant wiJI be Arden Mu nsen,

The CpjJen:1ass wome n will be >po rting a form simila r t o that of W ashington State and thei r runi a dvanta~'e will be their ext remel y fa st back fiel d. Cami lle Emerson is captain f I' the Upp,:rclas-s women and SOlllC " i1'] ' to w :l t c h are ~I a rli e Ande rson Qnd Ph yllis l't'derson. oac h illg tht:: eq ua ll y s t m lll!,' Frosh ('am will be Bob R oi ko. Alt hough tlwy have had on ly on.. practice th 's ~i r ls show p rotl1lse of pu ning up a \ ,,"'ry :;ood fight. S arli n" Lineups h ,1 " c not been chose n fo r l'ith,;r (canl ye t, bue will be anno ul lCed soon _

" COW " . 1 .A IUI(na lll e

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ETRECLEANERS One-Day Service Lut<­ coa ch jar CABR IELSE. · repoltl back from California that lit.. H umhold t Staters were cxcep­ ionally yell coac hl'd , as w ell as be­ IDl{ { ry fast ~ nd power ful . . . J OHN IITCHELL, JOHN JA­ (" )3 80 .'; , ,Iud DI CK GODWIN think H umboldt Sta te was about the hl'st ('nllr'S" tcam th cy' ye ('ver played aqatn t ., PHIL SARBO E, coa h of H umboldt, i. a member of the" t.uilif: ran chur( h in Arcata ... JI M ' \ '\I BEEK, ROGER IVER SON, BC B ROIKO and RALPH CARR 1rr a fr-w of the hoopsters who have aln~3 dy sta rted ge tting their shoot­ ;ng "y.; in shap ,' ... VAL BAR:'-IS, frt'~h l a n ha lfba ck, was an All-State )ac l; in Oregon's prep ranks last V' r . . . We are headquarters for chool jackets. Stop in and take a look at our large selection.

Mrs. Jo Summers

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Phon e LE. 7-4300

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how'd you catch on so quick? Catch on to the fact that Coca-Cola is the hep drink on campus, I mean. Always drink it, you say ? Well-how about dropping ewer to the dorm arid downing a sparkling Coke or two with the boys. The man who's for Coke ia the man for us.

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Pa ge Four

F rId ay, Oc t . 3, 1958

Yell Leaders

Cmill Emer on, Barba a John on epre nt LC at N tiona Cnc ave C n\'l:ntions o.n be fnn: Two PLC girls [oun u work Jnd p\a\ combmed in th~ lIE!\, conventions they alt.:nd'd m Ohio durtng June nd July. Ca·nill... f m ~rson. president of th Washington llldclll NEA , and Barbara Tahn on , rcpr",sLntJ t ivc of th\! S,lm' - rgam · .atim, })<1 ti,'p led in tim" _;"p rat (e>nvtntion . two ;,\ Bowl'nl{ ,ret'n nd ('nt in ( l~, d ,lI lt!. ''1\'. <Ii <'liS.• ·ci how stan d: rtls fol' teachers nn be raisl'd, t'J1Iorced, a nd 'I trr , rlo:anizt d," ree.. 11 "<1 ,amillc. Iud, nt Qmmittrc ,cp o r ts a re srn t to WU5iainl{lOn , D . ., an d so tn ~ ti mts ,'1\11 hrlp Ie> gl" a bil l plI ~t' J in C on­ ~rr's!, she addrd . t the a ll-st uden t mill, w as nominated lonCr-rem'" £(11 n lion: I ~.,'r'· l ;l.r\, . >'

linl!' nrw~ cOInn !'fl t . tor D oug­ a Ftlward§ .mel hr>- 'm!!' thrir pie­ tu r \ t k !I witli hun w as .t h igh­ ligh t of the II ip. t. ntert·,inmrnl and !fam~< .....ere pro'id,·r! I'''t'ry . ~ht I n til if p'lI lim" 'B arb lnu C ammy 10llr('d the cit y f ('It·,,ciand , indudll1!1( Ule: lum~, 'll1d ,.j iled the P'lblie D , ball' Sqll, rt , \\ htr anyone can d~hate o n anyrhing, • ny c. 1 akin\{ a scrniC' t rip'bac k bv car, thev to u r d CbiC'ago a nd c.a n e throll~h Ihr Badlandtill Black Hills" nti Yellow tone Park. \,1

Retreat Wins Praise ( .onlinurd from pa~1: 1) 011 Ic'ad,·r. 11 W' .~ tir~ d g.·oup tha t lrud (·d to t l... ; o:\·cl"..l lod~rs ,, 1lt'fC: thr bu's (njoyrd ", ami wa er :lnd ome ,iris did, 100, but ma n (J.f US W('(l t:ontrnl 'u 1 to be t here a n d TOugh " with enid \\ \t('r l To bmrow n'Jb Lars n's clo. iug ('omment and I belic\'[; h c apo 0 giud for hOrTO ving it from .orn on )-"It "as n r('~ t wto.· nd"

Braves Sla Out Secon Series W in llll' \,orld d l'.m p i u Milw aukee B r 1\ ('5 pOLll dt'd t heir way to a noth er vlnory "rr the j'ir w \ rk Ya nkees )'(' (t rday by It scor(' of 13-5. Th,. . won the firs t g3m e by a 4-3 marglD , a nd the Braves will b e seek ­ ing th,.i r th ird straigh.t win in the 1<l58 W r id S (' ri/"~ .

LSA NamesPLC's Meg Evenson V-P


icked • meco mlng


F r

'I h(' afternoo n of ()c;;tober 2'3 a nd th e: '-"cHing of the 5tl w ill m al k th e p rcse nt:ttion of th i.> year's H ome­ cOl1li ll~ play by Molin r, " Th e I m­ 'IKinnry Invaii d :' T h,' th ree-act t'nmrd y features " hn 0< !tond ril\<: im-oh I'll in the rob­ IrtllS o f youn" lov~ _

Last i n the Y:1ri01.I' role of t h,.

pl. y 'r : Sol\" i L • r ,1 a s, H C'fb D( mpSt·~ , _ ri ckey Ild ,. on , Syl via SO([. r".wld , I rrd Bindel , Z ane W il­ ~on , l.l)rry Tn.l.oll , S•. n lIu th crs,

r\'ilit' JacobsQJl. Sonj;l l'hill)H ,Illd : ; )'I't t wn 1..1 of t h e ca t , re yl t til I'l' filkd , d i, N t .1 Dob [I ,'min.l\ sta ted. '1 hI' p lay fullo,,'s th e [Jll'U'dl ll t f the' 956 IlomccOininj:! p lav by M o­ Iil'rA , " The h),sician itl }1itt' of Ililm d f:' T hnt , C d th M S w as fi llC'o to capaci t y w ith 150 stan d­ ID~ and ,'\1 ,. liml<t(' d 20q t Llrned away .\ n ",lrly [l' foml:)t1rr o f th " play wi! I)' p l '-~ l'Tl ltl.l for th e h igh r h ool ~llldt n l. in tht· a n 'a . nrl the PLe st u d.-nb who w ill h,: u nable to at­ te ll d th, ' ('wn ing p rod ucti o n .

('1" .

111 fulfil!tn('nt of lh~ amrnr· U1cnl 10 Ihe .-\ PL( c on ilUlioD ad.l· d Ja t ~ 'ar, !here ar now thTee bors and three- girls on t he yel l !oL.l ff to pr omote p ir it a t PLC ~ a ll lt:_


Tryout ·-, " h i e h are always ca!\'crl y an tici pated by the "old­ timer " on campus, pro\'ed to be a$ cntcrtaini n r as ever " ilh timely t;. ill; pro\Tid ed b) Yll fi ous profes­ ors. Good luck to the cheerl eaders of 1958-59! ~

ew Coaches Start In PLe Pos·tions ( C on tin u 'd from page 3)

... ,d _Ian' Hanhlna n. \\ ho went. to

Wi\ ;hi nI(IOn . Ill" C LllIt- L!I;' ; h 'HI II, ,kc- tball <oaw\. . 11 jOined P L C 's Han III 1951 as head tnc coach a n d d.ssi. tan t in basketball 3nd foo t­ b all.

H r a ho h a s d one an oll b t::lnd in!'

job as di rector 01 U I L PLC hltl<!.­

TI Il!!· .• 1 P r "raw. a lz is a graduate (,f C " :·t h.l!!' · (Illi lHli ) C oll I'S\! \ III re II. was I ' ol.1tstandi l\ athklC in fO(" tD:ol l. b:, kr th :,JI and Irark . TI lt' " hal. st:'l ff 1000k I t> the Cu­ tlln' for :1 fa'.'ora bk year in sports a t PLe.

Ha -hazarding

( Con liuU!-d

fr OtU

pal!c 3)

HIGH SCHOOL S VEATERS TABOO ... ord is p assm;( hy polite word of m outh fro m all le tt ermen tlw t lush daoo! lett · rn " ... :~ . will 0 I) tot' I ,Ie" I, d IU in , the numU'l! . It IS hoped b;. sun d own lon ig'ht that a ll n um erals will b e ff local ~w ealtr s .

lubs ta rt Activities


Politi ca l Scienc e

Alpha Phi Omega .\lpM P hi Orne' WIU hold its fir t 01 n Ill< etin~ l u,!<d ), U"I 7,_ . t ; ::10 jllll. in L- 117. nIl nit' tin ' W.1 5 oril!inall cl" du,ed fOI huu­ J )rtoh, r ~, iJUI Wol po Ipont"d 1> ('all: of a conflk t ", ' th Ihr time of (he !-'Y!l'ienc I 'cture for mCJl. h. fraV'rnitv plnns to accept 15 pkd t: I hi "me er. -\\1 new a.nd relumwf' <[ \I knt5 wit haH bel prc"Jousl)' affiliated with the seOU l­ ing \I ,() \' ~rnr' t 111' in\'itl' to ac­ qU-1int Ihl'Ulst h cs wit h . r . Cut's t ~pt:, kl r for the p rl mc.. t­ will be , h. ( ook fou ndu of lht I la B", ta 0'\1, pt r (In OLlr :ln,puS in~

Education Club .. kay, you education m ajors, Uli! is i t'" w tho ,·mpl'Hit 'lnn ounce­ !TI~I\l .,bout HI< tint Stud nt E d u '1­ ti on ssoc ia tion meeting made by Br' wanso n, pn idr nt . Thtl m itia l -E A lilt' ling ' s chcd­ ukd fur n "XI T lU dol' at 7 p .m . .in

ell-lOO. " >' n inter.- ti n ..,. progIllIl1 is b e-ing planne d III th~ year " shl' continued, "and majors ~ n d minor r anyollC' inlen·,t... d in ('duc. tion is invitc:d 10 attend ."


II' lill <'ltil\.J1 IOd funlr Ie.lli­ nd 10 stlmul:Hc i~t'·rl'. I III all firlds of politi. 1>1 study is the pur ­ 110 (If lht: III wlr lUI m"d Pulilical ( 'rne (.Jub. D1. Donald Fanner i lhl' advisrl, Th dul mrmbrra 1'1.; 11 to p3llid­ }l;\t(' ln pulitical di5cIIssIOns, have in· t('r\ il-w with poljtic 1 1c:ru.!el'S, and .. !tI·nd . umm"r ' Ollfcrcnc~. • f or" actin' ,tudcnt will be cli· >:il,l,> for iUII rn hip~ sporu.ored b~ the X ". tiona l itizenship Ck-:uing Houst. J a k R ull, pre idl'!nt , hop"~ that '/th .. club \dll not become a clique f poli(iC'31 .. ieuc., major' but one with a mt'mucnhip f til' , I


tlld nti:'

ookstore Sets Hours The P L l. ookston has sct the follOWi n g ho t s 0 tllt: f.lI , mester: 1onda) throu~lt Thursday 8 a.n\. to -4 p.m.' . ri it)' , 8 a.m. to 7 p .m ., and SalltrUn)', 8'30 a.IlI. 10 12 1I00n

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L E. 7-0206 We Deliver

(Foot ot

Ba nd O ff icers Th e F L C b a n d rriC' i. \ly organ iu-Q j,lst Wi'll., It n'w tlffict:n at : ()Iiw L .' I ' 0 n, prrsidC' nl : Allan St~n!!, \'let: president: Shirle), H agen, " ., Cd:!I' ··trr" ~lIrr r j arol Jobn on. I i<to l ian , nd .Tt''ln L !l eland, I C Tt prt:5U1ta Live.

IJ NDE RW OOD C ORP. 1610 Center St. M A . 7-4801

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WE'LL TRY A AI. T W ashin gto n's H uski ,'s u p set 1I10St o f the nat IO n' d opes ters il nd you rs tr uly wa s no exceptior:. "'Vash ing ton St te ' oiltse a l; o I() ,t to Hart o u r 5.:a ­ , lm off o n a sour n ot". with a 2 fol' 4 ave ra ge. This w r ek w e tmly look fOl tl lc Oh io Stilt e Buckeyt's t wallo p the Ru sl:ic> b y a '2 7 to 7 sco re, WSC w ill bo unce bac k " Ite r la ,t w ec k's ddea t a nd m aul Cal ifornia' s G oldt' n Bcar; '28 to 13, J nd Centra l W ashing- ton' s Wildca ts "ill cla w the C oll e ' of P" ge t So und Lo .~g n s 21 to 6. Ou r fin al predi ct ion has aliT ow n L u t c!~ hu stling to " 1+ to 13 win over the E as tern W ash ington Sa\'3ges a t Ch ' ne}' for thei r first 19511 grid \i cto r y. FOR OFFICE S UPPLIES


C. Fred Christensen 932 Pacific A ve.


Blanche Lingbloom


413 GARFielD ST.

LE. 7-7475




330 Ga rfi eld Street




Charm Beauty Salon


Tacoma, W ashington

M a r lla ret E\-anson, PLC junior

f r (I m Fr 'sno, Cali f. .• was recently

elec ted vi ce preside nt of the Luther­

an Stud': nt A ssociation of America .

She was chosen by the national

co un ci l of thl' association, which met

3 t PLC last August.

Th t' new vice president, dau ghter

of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Evan­

,on, is a mu sic. major, specializing

in organ and composition.

M;rgar ct, b etter known as Me g,

has sen'cd a s vic- president of the

P acific Luthe ran sophomore class

and president of Spurs, sophomore

honor society for women. In the Lu­

theran Student Association, she has

bee n local prog ram ch a irma n a.nd

r"nlra l committee m CIn er, r egi onal

_tl' w a rd ~hi p sec retary, and W estern

r n n'prescn ta tive to the na ­

l ional , xcr. u tive committ ee.

T he L SAA also adopt 'd a bud ge t

of .. 30.01.10 for world-wide student

w ork in 1959-60 . St.a tem ents sup­

p<>rting r r ecnt Lut hera n unity mo\ es

and participation in the interdenom­

ina iona l L n itt d Student Ch ristia n

( ('U L:i l wen' overwhelm ingly ap­

prov('d b~ th\' na tio nal LSAA lead­

\ \ .- dn('~day 's final bal\oting for ,·h rult-ad. rs r encl (·d th c~ e re­ sults : J ane l A LlM. j unior; R o~cr R(' p. Joe Smith, Bf)lt TO • L ind a r.ffin ot tr , sopholllof( '\; B a r b ar a Au rt hlllan.

"Life Insurance ;s for Youth ­ not iust for youth, but best lor Youth"



Phone LE. 7-4984

Represented by LAMMERT A. FUNK and FRANK TURK



An Old Line Company





PHONE LE. 7"7100


YOUR LOCAL LUTHERAN MUTUAL A GENT P. O. Box 2275, Petrkland, Wash ington Phone LEnox 1"0826

Plans Evolve For Revised • omecomlng "Mil h

tarts Toni hi:;

Varied Events 0 Jered


]lanicip tion is t:. pn:lc'd in LhiA YLar', H OUlceom­ ir,8.," 1I1atcd coo, h- irmcn D !I.e Lou M ('donald :uu:l Hub R(lIko. "Com­ mittee! :m' WOI king in ul l -~ing; how \et, .myonc wl$hing t ~; help is tudent

urg.'ti til on tlll: t , ny of Iht: chair­ men . . ' . you can be used! t!try IJnlillLH·d . Frr IIman ~irll arc. work-in ~tr(,ll­ lIo\lsly under th~ coachj~ of Bob oiko for the all-ill/ por t"n t Powd er P uff '.lIl1. aga inst th ' uppcrdu!! wOInrn . T he gamr wili b", hel d at 9:30 a.1Il Sa tu.nLty 0 n the act il·i ty fit ld. \( raJ new [" atu r(:s of H OI.necom­ ing w ill I a mi.>:.>J:' F rida y evc:ning, the announcemen t of ueen DC w(·,·k e'~r l i er, CdlllPUS dccoratio rl:­ 4uhiru~ comple ti on by Friday noon :wd an aJ Ullln i co ffee hour af ter the football game. 1 riday cven ing' IT ixc r will be highli~htc:d with games spon sored by thc ~oph onl orc:s, I ' fr ~5hmc nt sold DY fn:shmcrl an d t'r: tertainml'nt fc a t ur­ iUIl TC'd ~1t yen o n the guitar an d au l Tnnpli n on th , t r.lfflpoli ne. Sou n njr pkl u n"s will ril!o be taken . L)( abeT J 7, d urin g dlapel, t L1C H ome .oming Q ueet \ i II be un­ nouncctl. n alumlli committee is jud~iflg Llmpus d ~'or" l ibru " t thret: I)' IOlk riday, Oc t. 24. thu s r cqu il'­ in~ compll·tioll of a ll d r'col'alions by oon. ri inJ.lhy, dfeclI\·tncss. an d th e tl~\ Inprn"nt of the th eme will be th" h~ fo r the judgi r. g . D ecor'a ­ ur.>n ,·o rnrnittc·> ch ai rmn ~ hould tu m in thClDl't to arol J oh n on in N orth H ;I JI, C -2 J, o r J r flY Eli cks.o u in E\,­ rllr n :$5, a S(I'jn as p ossible; to avoid C ' ·hel .... ill', thl'" ~ T( \ p,

A HUMBLE HORD E OF FRESHMEN rec ei ve the final stag e of pl.n­ ishment duri l1 g Satu r d a y's I<an ga ro o court. Whi le f e llow frosh a nd up p e rcl a s smen lo o k on, one e rri ng f reshm an pays t he pe na lt y for his misdee ds during the w ee K.



Six Song/eoders Picked for '~8-59 . \ faculty. stntl e1l t comm ittee 'c­ lect" u si,: so n g lcJ d \" r~ tn tt' ' outs on WC'dru:;day ni ght in CB- 200. SongleadJ:rs fOl 1958-59 are T oni Encks 0 , R ita Altpeter, N a ncy 0 1­ .011, Ch r.nna ine Jondall, Karen Bird and Groce Helgren. }\. pep band provid d the music for the tryouts . Th ~ selecting com­ mittee consisted of six students and iix faculty member!.

the lower lcunge of ",ollth H all (see .cp;ual.e ,tori on ihis page a bOll1 hoth o( ~h _, c ~\' cn ). Tomurrow n i g It ,'s 5' qucnce of <'H nts cou ld ;lll'! ud dillll"r al the CUB fiTst lli all . r olluwing tb:1l would IK lh t· footbnll game' in Lin­ roln B,.wi at C p.m. against PacifiC ltni\'rnilty .'\ fter the foolball ~alllt ,till mOTC cnl'Ttuinmr'nt will be avail­ "bl, . I ii The main loun ,'l:S ~ orth, Sou lh ,lnd e t H all, gamrs and rUle t: inmrl t will he goi ng un si­ m uitnnt 0 I). am[1lts


D iciollS and in('x:>en~ ivc food will he a~'ailable slartill ~ at 10;30. A waffle supper, sponsored by the Pi Kappa Delta, will be held in the CB-200. The n l ntl indu drs " a ffll'S and syrup alo n with sail­ sagl' and coffel' or mi lk. Also in­ cluded is entertainment. eT Reep is scheduled to M. . t he show wh ich will feature Ph II' Sle\'a hn a n d Diane Monk ( the freslmla n du e l hit at the taJent show ) .

moorIng mast

Volum e XXXVI


Parkland, W a sh.


Fr iday. October 10, 1958

ildren's The tre

\ )u t of til(' HI I ~ s of th e l Otl! ni jlhl foll mN ing trY-cl ut , <"a rIi cr th is w n k. [n th o ka d rok o f Ala ddin 1\ i!,; iJ tA, th story of " Aladdi n .md til<: orldt fful Lam p" comes to th e will fir D ca . :\r.ders o n . H is mothcr Pat ifie Luth era n C hi ld ren's T hea tre , i p o rt rayed b~ J :m e R oss :1nd ' a lis­ ~O wi ll bt' pla yed by Joa n ne V an­ thili fa l!. L eiru]) Ad o r a is M a \·i s Everette A nnouncl' mt' nt of th e: ,pi...), and cast was made th is w t:ck by d irtc tor and Sig L a r801'1 is K ad l'c. The m ag i­ Eti c So rdholm , o rigina tol; of th e ci a n WIll be p layed by Glt'fln Arney. PL C Children'. Tht' at. rl'. Th e sho w 1'ort1<l.'i n l; th e p an> of t he prin­ will open ill late Lk tobn. re: .' all, ndantli, r .• tima ,lnd NoonA, T ht' h ow w"nt in to rt hear. I last " , K .IL· Rr l., ,wd . nr~' K:u· Pt nms(,. the 51;;" uf tht can:. i , D oug All n <on . Jack Hull ~nd Ja­ nice D ahl arc ca~ t as the genie of the rin k .a nd sla \'c of tilt· rille . Gen ie il1g ton, O r(: £;:un. I da h o a nd Monta na . of th e lamp a nd t.he sby of the Presiding over th t'.. a nnual regional iam p arc Jon Olson and ~le g E \'U H­ ,'omwntiol'l is a lso pa r t of th e job, SO li . Sulta n is, Harry Sa nnerud. she a dded. Thil yc:ar M::t.rilr ~ will t r~"'d to M o nt and Sta t Collegt' a t " Thi, p la y is ma gni fi ct'n t with th ~ h 0Lurw n, M o nt,w a, aT, ~ ov . 7-8 fo r t...a ut y ::Jl1d m agic and mystery of lIn (j rs t officia l conv en tion . th .. Arabian N ig ht s. T h e exotic beau­ t y of th .. s!(o r y on stage a nd the She is now makin g pllUl.~ to a t­ m agit src ncs sh ou ld a gain intr igue tend an executive Spur council o u r au d iences of a dults a nd children meeting al Greeley, Colo., Oct. 31 a like," om mented Nordh olm, a s h e t b rough Nov. 2. The exccuti\'t announ ced 2nd d esc ribe d "Alad din. " council c onsi~ts of president, vice­ The fall prod uc ti on is one of tw o pr esident , sec.retary-treasu rer, thre e Ch ildr n's The;]t l e. sh ows w h ich the regional director, and editor.


Nu mb er 3

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Spurs ReceiveNational R cognition At thc N atio nal Spur Convc:.n tiol1 htld J une 12-1 5 a t C C L.'\, the PLC Spur chapter w as nam ~ d winner uf the natio nal " Most Improved Ch a p­ \I 1 ."war d" fo r 195 7·58. Mtu:i l~e Andcr'Scn Tepre.;e ntcd th e L C :'p urs a t th" fo ur-day c.oncla;, ~llcrtd.,d b y more th an 80 purs [raUl nil 'Ycr the not io n. T h l" hig hlight of the coD.vention for J\·brilce came d uring the faredl banquet on, the final ni ght. ~ t this tinll· the n a tional award winnine; S pur ch aple as well as Ih n cw n' t ional officers were aft­ J1ounc;cd. T Ile PLC chapter \,'as one f three Ice chapters from throu ~ hout the nation to receive n.'l tional award p la q u e. " I had n' t qu ite recovel''e from lhal wonelci fu l ~h o(' : ," st at ed Mat i­ 1. ". " when I h eard my n ame a n· PUIU1Ctd . '\.fter ~"c 'lone had stoppe d ,lIpping, I h.'t u to be infc.nned by tl C I t I sitt ing n ex t to me tha t I was a ncw nati ofl<11 officcr--D iTtct uf Region ! " T h is oW c. M arilee expl a ined, tails coord in. tin g th e ac tivitie of the .s ur ch apter8 luca ted :n W ash-

~far~ y campus C \":"t ~ hal'c blt:n pbnncd to coincide with the A' • sponsored tolo f r to n ight a nd to­ Utor r w n ight. "G= tl, men's ~ i ", h t O u t' i ~ tilt tilt m" fo r the woeken d. fh l:' tulo, a, u:ad itiona l a t PL C , .. n titles a girl to ask tha t "s pecial " .,!uy ou t for bo th nig h ts, a ccordi n, to tolo ( hairrn a n M " ri iee .' ndt;rst:n. O r 3 gi rl m a y a ~k a bo )' fnr ant ni!',h t o nl y. Still ~. no t h ~r ;tlt.. rn..tivl' '. to rho se ~ diC£cn 'n t bo y for cach vc­ Ili n g. This prm id es tll" perrl'c \ tlP­ p ort u nit y to soh,f' th e p roblt'tll, " H ow do I m eet hIm ?. Suggest«:d tolo aClivit.irs for to­ night include the style shoW and aftcr that the Hawaiian Luau in


Spf"'ch D '·p.1 rlrnl'flt pn··ctl!s each ),I'ar. L a , t year thl' 5cottish story of " Flibbe rt y i b b ~ t " ~ nd " J a ck < nd th e nean swlk" d rew H'cord r mvds with au di t l1 ct:'s of rolltgr students, adults a nd -,: !'amma r school children .

South HaU Presents rsland Luau Tonight d ,

I :,I


!\ n


wi II tl . nsfo rm t ht South H an lower Illlm q,' in to a Hawa iian setting to­ !ligh t "t 9:30 foll owin g th e 5 1.) Ie show. Entt'Itainrne nt and refrcshln( nts will be served by the girls in South Hajj- H a wai ia n food along with is­ l ~n d h os p ita lit y . EntC'rtainmc nt will includ e ukt:lelr dl!('ts, sin ging and p rirniti vc beat in g or. th e b o n go


A 19 .5 3 in nova ti on, thi s .In" rks one <.,f t h,> f ir. t t i lll t."~ tha t a n orga n iza­ ti o n o n l',lI11 P US h ,,~ spon so red an ?.l l­

sch ool party.

Tht' cos t for th e p a rt)' will he 25

('('n t.s for "O llp!eS :l,nd 15 Cf' nts sta)l:.

AWS Reveals Campus Styles Ex, iting new fa shions wi ll b e Ull­ \'eil"d tonig'ht in the C ~·IS startin g a t 7 ;:~O wb en the AWS presen ts " C ampus e .S.A. " S ew a nd t lqra nt fa shions from Rhodl·s ~f L akewood will be fea­ tun· d . Miss :!\Iarij a ll c Argn c, R hodes' fas hion coordi na tor, will mode rate tht:' show. Campus wear for m en and wom­ "n, ran gin g from sports to evenin g w(' a r, will bc on parade. Mod els from t ~ (' b class include Judy Helde,Dian c .'\'ewhham, Sm an B I,' r ge l', Hope Pit Ice, KLn G arnb. Ardeen I verson, Dor Arnstein "lid R on Slctta . Musical sekctiom will bl: a piano . 0 10 by Sam uel She n a n d vo a l selec­ tions by the popular P L C group, the E i~ llt b Xotes. G t'ne ral chairman for tbe sh ow is l\;Jllcy R einvik. Othe r ch a irmen are Alice J c:ssen, publi city, and Diane Repp, programs.

MATCHING SWEATERS with bold, colorful stripes are examples of the campus fashions that will be modeled tonight at the AWSStyle Show. Nancy Walker, left, and Ken Gamb, right, are among the many models chosen from each of the classes to help display the new campus fashion modes.

At ! 1;:\0 c\'e r yonr i$ i:w i tl:'d to th sin.e sp irJ ti o n in the N or l H all lotl ng.., which Will r nd the tolo. In cidl'fl tally, :lIIy hu ngry p"r~on i" i n vj ted to CO/l'lt· to till' w af0(. fetd. Prnrr'c'us from t he >u p pcr will 11'0 10­ ward hclpirt ,:. PLC l'tpn -malivc fiua n e the trip to th ,~ m'tlonal Pi 'K appa D " lt,l cU1l\ en tion a nd tourna­ ment nt'xt spo n ' in Bowli ng Grc"n. O h io. T o mo rrow ni g-ht' s!!ll nt and tI ­ tn trumn,.n l a r unclt" r the direnion of _-ane. 0 umkrso n and ark or · "DSoP, • orth H illl ; L mda ffinger ;:. nrl " h r'l'ir r't", W ; 1); I\n J an i R i "c a nd J y SdlIlathc:rs S uuth H a ll. Ali ce J essen i$ in charge (;! publi cit y.

PLe Drill Team allows Theme Of Western Lore P oi ( , post ure, and rhyth m arc tbe q ua lifi n lti o ns of the girls of the PLC drill t ( a m. Forty-two glamorou, g;.I < wi ll m a rdI for Ihl:' studen ls and Jlurnni a t :h(' homt c mint:' g:\IH C! on O cto bcr 25 . Lf'd by Clinte:n.. W ell., tht' gidl will re -cnact the gunfight a t "OK" (' 0 . ra l. T hb h ,rnous gunfigh t, :I . C'lU W es trrn fans a lready know, was be­ t",,' , VY"Ltt E a p and D oc H olli­ day a ga ' n t lhe Clinto n B y~. Te.!!­ tat i\'(' a tt irc for t he gi rls js Lcvia, W!lItt' hi t ts an d cowhoy halll. In k ,. 0: p i n II' with lire H OIn(,l.'ocnin" theme., " Sp iri t of th, W est."

T lrt d ri ll t~am wi ll ,, 1'10 m anJ un X O\ ':mbt'!' ! 5 for 111t '~hi tw orth­ PL C " tim C' . H o\ 'cvr Ih · th 'me for that ga me 1131 not 'ct lx-tl. ch()1;('n, Th e drill tr m nI~e:t .. very Tu~ ­ day " nd T hu nd r \ in ~ Jo t' an ho ur of hazd jm elice, M Rbo Y nung is thL ir advisor. T he exh ibiti on, ca ll ed "Th~ Tomb­ stone Stor y," promises 10 e ne of the highlig hts of the; hOl'necomin" gdm c .

O UI' PLC band under the direc­ tio n of Gordon Gilbe rtson w ill oUc !' a mt'dlcy of son gs fittill g' to t.he H o mecoming cnaNnlents 0 f t h e drill team on the field. All of thcse half-time activities will be tdevised on a Tacoma station, as well as the game itself.

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Friday, Oct. 10, 1958


Flem ingConsults Moliere A out Script Revision By Carol Tl"slow 'Thcrl'

By Bob fleming


absolu tely no truth to the ru mOl' th at ta l­ "nl agc' n ls h a , ~"nute d our rehea rsa ls and s i gnl~d us up for Broa d way in l ht sp rin g." This sta tement w as l'IUldc by Rulwrt f'1t"m i n ~, d Ire ctor of the H omecoming piay, "TIll' Imaginary I n va lid," in a p ersona l :ntcrv icw.


111 r,"ply 0 tit ' ·, [ ask Ih!" pla y' .; p r OqTtSS.

Mr. Fleming wh a t h e th ought

" I do think we have a t op-notch cast that should draw a udicn e raves. I have b een in p enonal touch wilh t h e playwright for the last coupl e of days conce rning a l ew minor changes we arc making in the: snipt ." .. ha t is a m a jo!' fea t sinCt: ~1 0 Ii c re , the a uthor of th ... Ifoml"fOmin g 'om edy, 'The I ma ginary Inva lid,' has hCl"n d ead for a couple of ce n turies or so," I remind ed him. " Yc3. And tha t brLlI l(S up a good point. Although the p lay w as wr:ttcn in th ~ 17th C'~ ntury, I believe the audience w ill find tha t the them e is, if you' ll pardon a fairly largl' word, as a propos tod a y as it wa s then." " Do you think th e play is funn y? " ". will not go on record as saying it's fUllny, dear, but I will admit we are toying with the idea of having nurses in attendance in ease of injuries resulting from the audi ence rolling in the aisles." "Well tell mO", Mr. Flem ing, quite ca ndidly, do you t hi llg the play is g ood ?"

"I do think we h ave a gl'<;at cast, a great play, a nd will h a ve a great show. Now! If you ' ll excuse me, d ear, I have to go a nd sh ow Herb D empsey, our 'Imag inary Invahd,' how to beat Solve i.'l' L craas, our m ai d, with a cane. Hope sh e lasts, p oor thing ."

disc uss the lat est developnlents in the bicycle ind ustry before they scoot off to the next class. Pioneers in this new mode of PLC transportation, left to right, Richard Fisher, Jan Aust and Jerry Dodgen, listen to the Rev. Kenneth Christopherson of the PLC religion department tell about his European cycling experiences.

New Campus Trend Starts; Bicycling Replaces Walking by Richard Fisher "Faster tha n walking. che a p~ r th an drivin g," is th e motto indicative of almost all who a rc involved in the ncw G\mpus trend which students a nd facult y alik e a rt: ta king up- lJi cycie riding! It scem s tha t ovcrseas is a popular place to lea rn to ride, for both Miss Jane Smith a nd the: Rev . K enneth Christopherson sta rted their bicycle ca ­ rc tT ~ in Europe .

Although cyclin g is taken rather lightly in Alllerica, the very oppo­ lO ite holds true in Europe, says Rev. Chri~topherson, a new professor in the religion dt-partment. H e picked up the "habit" while studying in Norway and states lliat Holland has the hf"aviest bicycle traffic in Europe. Actual traffic ja1l1s of bicycles are COnlmon there, analagous to the traffic jallls of automobiles in tIle United States, hc related.

On th a t note our interviny was concluded as 11r. Flemin g ambled off down the ha ll.


Ivy Hall is re prese nted in this trend by J an Aust, an old " pro" a t thi business of bicycling.

mooring mast

K en G a al d o,s w me pedalin g, too. He purcha sed an Italian race r last summer and sp('nt two weeks tourin g th,' Sierra ~ e vada mountains of Cali­ forni a .

Ml'. Richard Scott, new in the psyt hlJ logy d epartment, still rides the Editor ._ ..... _ ............. ...... .. .. ........... .. ......... . n ick Landgren

Nrw$ Ed itor. ..................... .. ... ............... __ .. H erb D empsey lightweirrh t he purch ased wh ile in thl: nin th grade. Hi s fa ther is in th e w heel ports Ed itor ... ,,_. ,, __ .... .. ........ ..... .......... .John H tl nson g. ods business, and Mr. Scott says it is just natural for him to ride a bike. Bicycling on southern California campuses is popular, according to F eatu re Editors.. .................. Solveig L etaas, C a rol Morris

Dennis Troedson. Dennis, who attended a California college l35t seOlcs­ Busiru.'S8 M an ge l' ........... _................ ...... Mary Lou Engen

STAF F-Barbara Isaacson J a nice Dahl, D e Ann a Han­ t er, brought his bike along to PLC. son, R eta R empt, Dick Fisher, Jack Holl, Gail Erick­ Miss Smith, drama anQ spee ch instructor, also finds cycling rela xing son, a rol Fn' nch , Ann Haggart, M a rtha Edwards, a nd good exercise. Miss Smith spent a summer bicycling and hosteling in Carol T I'sl ow, Barbara Brinkley, Priscilla Hutcheson, Europe. After riding an estimated 1200 m iles, she became so a ttached to Dick Halv l'llon, Ming Yee W an g, Audry Hart, Sha r­ on McAllister. H ele nc Hoege r, Rudy Sande r, Ba rbara her bi cyc.le th a t she h ad it shipped to the States and still rides it. Bccimer, Kar e n Toffle, LC" e Turm:r, Sha ron V a n Some students an; lucky enough to h ave landladies who have a bicycle R oo)" Joyce Olse n, Doreen Grimm, Vi cky Rue, C a rol to lend to tht'l1l. These lucky students include Jerry Dodgen, Allen Wahl, House, Harry Sannerud, Stu P eterson, Jim Beals, Ptter Wang, Ed Rockwood, and Kirk Fritz. Joyce N orlin, Viri:ini a K 'lristad, Anita Hillesland, Many all envious eye has appraised the students' bicycles. If any of you Pete Jord a hl, Ba rbara J ac kson, JoAnn Hudson. Adviser ............... .... .... ................. .........Mr. Milton Nesvig decide to j oin the parade of two-wheelers, follow the patte rn of our ex­ Published Fridays of the school year by the students perts and get a lightweight. of Pacific L u theran College, Parklan d, Wash. Office: College Union Building Phone LEnox 7-8611, Exte nsion -t I Subscription price $3.00 p er year.

Vital to Free World Quemoy, a little island a few miks from the coast of China in the Straits of Formosa, is the foscus of a problem important to all free people. Held by Nationalist China, this island has suf­ fered Red Chinese bombardment since August. Communist China, o{X,nly supported by the Krem­ lin, wants this little island as a stepping -stone to the Nationalist stronghold, Formosa. From there the Comm un ist tenaclcs could get a strangle-hold on the whole Western Pacific. To stymie this Communist move toward world c.on­ tr I. which is also b ein g attempted in th e Middle East, Prc~ident Eisenhow er announced to th t! world in m id ­ St:ptember a forceful stand against Red aggression. Appeasing the appetitf"s of aggrc!.Sors to main­ tain peace has wrought drastic consequen ces in the past, the President emphasized. He gave Red China thrl"e alternatives for the solution of the probltnl in the Far East: diplomatic ncgotiations, settIem"t nt via the United Nations or, as a last resort, war. Diploma ti c talks are now in progress at Wa rsaw, Poland. But the wily Communists are patient and de­ termined when seeking a goal. The rd ore, free people mu ~ t bc cons ta ntly on guard a ga inst this powerful threat. And considering Communism's clash with Chris­ tianity, this issue is especia lly vital to the p eople at PLC. -DICK LONDGREN

'iclgh ho, c\'erybody . . . SC O . !- I h3\'1' been -nt e rmrd (b y m y w u.ll rdiablc ~ollrres) that thc cam­ pll ~ police '11"<: closing 111 0' . the person who f illed till: 1001 wit h sala d oi l last week. , . ~ P E; CL \L : ., i\' your. if !P, D. D . \<y " all know . Signed, Bob .. . Clu"'~tion' If a cl1ptai n ~o,.~ down with ili! ,hip. docs II 7.cppdin ('omn' ~ ndl~ ! go up with h is ? A big man enten:d a restaurant a nd ordered a , teak for himself and his friend. Wlten the punled waiter a~ked, "What fr iend ?" he pulled a li ule: fel­ low, six inches high from his coat p ocket. " Can he walk?" ~k('d the startled waiter. The little fcllow walked across the table and back. "Can he talk ?" Can he talk? Moe, tell him about the t ime you a r~ncd with that African medicine n lan." DID U H E AR T H E O NE A B U T-the tourin ,....h o w, lIt up to a Bop ·tcr in _ cw York and said : "Par­ don mC', sir. but could you le ll m e h ow to get 10 C ar. ne ie Hall , " and the hipster a nswered: " Pra ctice. n. Pmclicl" " . . . Scientists ket"p talking about ma king a " clean" atom bomb. Isn' t th at "omelh ing-a "dean" a tom bomb! Nt'xt they're gonna be buildi n!; a reclining foam rubber, elec tri c ch a ir. I~ OR SALE: I box of g reen band aids. Made espec.ially for use by Martians. . .. SCOOP!-EI­ vis will not re-enlist! ..• A musician and a bunch of his buddies were having a jam se.s sion one n ite when the landlord came in. "Do you know there's a little old lady sick up~tairs?" No, man," an­ swered the JIlusician, "hum us a bi t of it." A hu ge:: pile of st a tisti cs is availa ble to show that bm i. ness is ge ttin g better-especia lly for p eople wh o com­ pile stat isti n . . . I know you 've h ~ ard ;'\bout and ~i ven to m a ny yonde rful charitie<- thc Heart Fund, t he Red Cross, th e C ommunity Ch ~5 t , M enta l H eal th-­ b ut now I'm asking' you to give to ,' rn dicate t he grea t­ est killer of them nll- Xatural Caus e:>.! Well, sce YQ U next week. . . . Meanwh ile, if the doctor tells you that you're "'ou lld as a dollar"--you'd be tt e r take it easy !

Evergreeners Laud Country Club Living "J ust call it the country club--whcre particular p eo­ ple congrcga t I" Tha t's Darryl Troedson's pn thus iastic a ppra isa l of E ve rgreen C ourt, PLC's n ewe!t dornu toTy. Darryl and 68 other P LC men inha bit this m od.­ ern motel-lilte build ing on lower campus. L ocated on 127th streer and near the college g olf cou rse, the new dorm was completed in time for the open­ ing of school this fall. The "H" shaped building has individual ent rances and private baths. "Quite an improvement over Old Main and Clover Creek-and a lot quieter," commented Dale Niehen. With the R ev. C. K. l\ofalmin 35 houscfather, the men of the court arc a closely knit a n d intimate group. "Th e fellows seem to have a closer relationship," explained Jerry Erickson. "Almost as good as Ivy Hall!" he added. The lounge, in the center of the "H", is a conven­ ient place for, as the slightly biased opinion of cou selor Dave Lunde reveals, "the nicest bunch of fellow~ on campus" to gct toge ther. "It's a rl"al sharp place," T ed .Johnstone, who a lso exp lained that the men of Evergreen are working on some uniqu e ideas to perk up social life at PLC. Another advantage of living down yonder with the elite is, as Roger Baaken stated, "They can't keep too close an eye on us down here." Reuben Lahti sums up the feelings of many Ever­ greeners with this statcment, "I have always wanted to belong to a country club and I h;w e fin ally achiev ed it in making resi dence in the most idea.l habitat on the campus of PLC."

Chinese Fete Deocracy Today

HOME OF THE "ELITE" is how the residents of Evergreen Court refer to their newly occupied home. The "H" shaped building contains 24 dwelling units and houses 70 people. Moving in to their new quarters, in the photo at the left, are, from left to right, Dan Witmer, Jack Lensing and Bob Roiko. I n the photo a t the r ig ht, the Rev. C. K. Mal­ min, housefather of Evergreen, directs lounge-fur n iture movers Everett Sa vage and Dave Lunde.

The Republi. of China commemorates its 4 7th anni­ versary today, a ccording to Ming Yee Wang, Chi ne~e student at PLC. Democracy for China was won by Dr. Sun Y at-sen. The current beleaguered Nati ona list governmen t has been driven to the island of Formosa by the omm u­ nists, who overran th e 'country in 19'}9 . The United States recognizes the Nationalist gove m ent, h eaded by Chiang Kai-shek, as the t rue repre­ sentative of the Chinese people and supports th eir posi tion in the United Nations. (See editorial ) .

Friday, Oct. 10, 1958


Pa ific U. To-orrow


ors Hos Eastern Hands Lutes

Start Grid

P al.ific Lutheran's gridders return h o me this w eeke nd to b os t P aci fic niversit y' Badger " In a nOll-conference tilt to morro w n igb t at S o'clock in Lin coln Bowl. T he Lutes dropped their third straight game last week when .;'astern Washing ron College of Educarion rolled to a 21-0 W Ul

Ores·on. Last year thl~ Gladiators suffered a 12-0 lo~s to the Badge rs, a nd thi s yr.:tr :I re out to get rcv('ng'e. The Cri m R n and blac k Badgers an~ mem­ c;.n o ( the strong Northwest Con­ f" ','nc!: and the last time they won lht' kagu e titk was in 1951. Fifteen lettermen returned to P ad fic Unlversity t h is y ear and they arc expected to give a real battle to the Lutherans. Tom Gibbs, a freshman quarter­ b ck at PLC, turned in an especially fin job at that position last week in Cheney and will probably start fo r the L utes tomorrow night. John J o(:ob50n" who has been playing at qual te r back, will probably be moved t h dlbac l<. iLJbs completed 9 out of 15 tosses last "",T k against Eastern for 108 y.lfd '. Two passes were to the Lutes' b ig ,-nd, C huck Curtis, for 24 and 2 3 yard s. ur t i.~ also turned in a nice dt"­ r~ n ive game, intercepting two Sav­ :al\'(' panes in the fourth q u a rter a nd run l1jn ~ them back for 26 and 17 yards, n'~pcctively. PLC passed up two scoring op­ portunities early in th~ game last Saturday when the Savages held them on the fourth down only a half yard from the goal and a minute later when the Glads were h('ld on the 9-yard line, After th'lt the Lutt s saw Eastern fIln a ln lost at will. Early in the sec­ o nd period Jacobson was tackled in the PLC "nd zone for a safety. The Savages then went 91 yards from their own nine yard line in 12 p lays for a touchdown. The big g:li ner in that drive was a 43-yard p. lSS play frotn Eastern's Jim Bauer 10 Clark Myers. The conversion k ick was good and Eastern led at half time. 9-0. h e third period saw EWC E run ?'l. p lays while PLC ran only 6. Thr: (Continued on p a ge ·l )



Intramural touch foo tball got u n­ d er way this wed: a t Pacific L utheran Ce,lleg wi th ten teams en tered i n leagu e pl ay.

Evergreen C onference


Central Wash . ........ 1 I) 20 19 Western Wash. _. __ .. 1 0 :!1 6 Eastern Wash....__ .. _1 0 21 0 Pugct Sound _... __ ._.0 1 19 20 Whitworth .___ .___ ...... 0 6 21 Pacific Lutheran .. _.0 0 21 British Columbia _.__ 0 0 0 RESULTS LAST W E EK Central 20, Puget Sound 19. Eastern 21, Pacific Lutheran O. Western 21, Whitworth 6. Seattk R a mblers 27, British Co­ lumbia 25 (non-conference). GAMES TOMORROW Brit. Columbia at Puget Sound Pacific Univ. at Pacific Luther­ an (Lincoln Bowl). Eastern \¥ashington at Western Washington. Whitworth at Central Wash.


.E. Courses Help

Bowlers, Tumblers

Two physical education courses at Pacifi c Lutheran College arc draw­ inl!;" a lot of a ttent ion t his year. The 1;, (, .lr tumbli'l!i, wlti rh is it new course in the CUI riculum this semes· ter, and bowling. Jim Gabrielsen, L ute football C 0 a c h, is teaching the tumbling course. About 30 students are en­ rolled in the co-educational class which meets twice a week in the gym. So far they have been learning how to use the p aral lel bars, hori­ zontal bars, and the trampoline as well as doing flips and balancing fea ts on the m a ts . Mrs. Rhoda You n g and Gene Lundgaard arc advisors for the bowl­ ing classes wh ich also are co-educa­ tional. There are two classes with 30 students in each class. The classes, which are for begin­ ning bowlers, are two hour courses held on each Tuesday. The bowlers arc taught by Mr. Junge, an instructor at the Paradise Bowling Lanes.


~ oms


Third Straight Defeat

o\'rr th\:IIl in Cheney. Pa ci fi c . n ivo:-rsi ty was bea tf:n "2. 7 10 L4 by W illa m ette last Saturday on d r home field in Forr.:s t Grove,

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GLADIATOR BACKS pictured above are John Jacobson, left, and John Mitchell, ri!:jht, Jacobson leads the Lutherans in total yardage gained so far this year. Jake has been a top flight q u a rterback for PLC d u ring the past two seasons, but tomorrow night he will be used mostly at fullback. Mitchell is a junior w ho earned a letter last year at halfback and has been seeing a lot of action this year, Mitch is one of the fastest men on the squad.

John Jacobson Leading

PLC in Tot:al Offense

John Jacobson leads the Luthe r­ ans in total offense on the g rid iron after three games. Thret) Lutes arc bunched closely for the rushing lead. Bruce Alexan­ der lead s in net yardage with 48, but John Mitchell has the b';st avcr­ average-2.86 yards per cauy---for the team. Jacobson is close behind wi th 45 yards and an average of 1.95 per carry. Tom Gibbs, freshman passing find, j umped into the passing kad this week after he completed 9 fo r 15 at Cheney last Saturday. Th is gi ves Gibbs a total of 108 pass in s yards and a one yard lead over Jacobson in that department. Team statistics for the Glads are not a vtry pretty picture, compared to their opponents' figures. PLC has run H3 plays this season while their opponents have run 224. Their op­ ponents have netted 1020 yards, and the Lutes have only gained a total of 502. Here is the picture of individual statistics after three games.


'" ,__ ,,23 ,_",16 .... 23 ---_ .. _- .4 7 Barnes . "_...... "."",15 Niennuis 1 Gibbs 6 Aic,'(cnder

Mitchell Jacobson Schaumberg Fisher


63 57 SO 11

15 27 2 12

YL Net Avg TO 15 .48 2.08 1 n .46 2.86 a 35 .45 1.95 0 0 11 2.75 0 7 a 1.13 0 22 5 .33 0 0 2 2.00 0 12 0 a .00

PASSING All. Com. Int. Tot. Tom Gibbs 9 3 108 '" "",16 John Jacobson _'" ""., , .,,21 8 107 3 Val Barnes ..... 3 2 1 30

.. - .....

PUNTING G oor g@ Fish



,,,,, ,, , ,13

Yds. Avg.



PASS RECEIVING Caught Curtis . ..... -. 3 .. - 3 Barnes Bottemil lo r ........... 3 Mitchell Alexander .. .. ....... - ..... . ..- . . 2 Fisher ...... ... . . ... _.. . ... . 3 Jacobson .. 3 No. Net




28.7 15.7 12.3 15.0 13.5 .4.0 7.0

TOTAL OFFENSE Plays Jacoblon ",,_,,~.4 Gibbs '"'' ..",,21 Mitchell """".. , ... ,, _._,16 Alexander "" ,,,__._. 23 Barnes ", ." ",,_, .. 25 Schaumberg ~ Fisher ..""", _.. ,,_,11 Nienhuis .. .. 1





107 108

152 108 .48 48 35

- __......




48 .48 5 11 8 2


37 30 27 12 6 Net


0 30

a 0 a

Thf~ tcams are Taeornt!, \Ve.,tcrn Parkland, E:lstn'n Pa r kland , Clover Creek Hall, Evcrgn:cn South, Ever· green North, 2nd Floor O ld M nin. :l td Floor Old Main. ·Hh Floor O ld Main, and De Jardine'S H owe. T he m en on fifth floor of Old Main play with the fourth floor team.

Play this year will be wor ked out in a round robin tournam en t with each team playing each thcr team h\'icc . G a m es start at 3 :40 p.m. on M on­ dJYs, Tuesdays and Thursdays, find 4:30 p.m. on Wcdn("sda y. Schedule for Next Week O ctober 13-Evcrgrcen North V5 . Eastern, lower campus; 2nd Floor vs. 'lrd Floor, baseball field; Western \·s. Clover Creek, haseball field. O c tobe r 14--Evergrcen S. vs. D e­ Jardint·. lower campus; Eve rg r en N . vs. Tacoma, baseball field; Clove r C. s. 4th Floor, baseball field. Oct{lver 15-Wcstern ""'. D cJar­ dine, lower cam pu s ; 2nd Floor vs. E vergreen N., baseball field; Ever­ g n 'l" n N. \'S. Evergreen S., bascliall fi.. ld October 16--Ta corna vs. Eastern, lower campus,; E vergre n N . vs. We;tern, baseba ll field ; 4th Floor vs. 2nd Floor. baseball field.

11 8 2

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3820 South Yakima

PARKLAND FUEL OIL SERVICE 120th & Pacific Avenue

Phone LEnox 7-0256



by Eugene Hapala Three consecu tive losses haven't seemed to da mpen the spi rits of our Lute football team as they preparc to take on the Pacific University Badg­ ers tomorrow. Coach JIM GABRIELSEN .1,ruided the Lutes through 10l1g practice Icnions all week with n a ry a grumble from the young squad which h~ as yet failed to produce but one touchdown in three games. A few new face s should b e in the stJrting lineup tomorrow as a remedy for the TD­ drough t as coach GABRIELSEN is going all out to find a winning com­ bination . While 'e' re on the football topic let us- take a moment to bemoan our miserable fate last w ek. Only the College of Pu get Sound Loggers a nd thc "~n shi ng t o n Huskies came throu gh according to our "guesses," while \Vash­ ington ,'tatc failed mise rably in their victory try. Our Lutes were shut out for th e second •....eek in a row to give us a 2 for 4 average. This w eek Wash­ ington will scalp the Stanford Indians 21 to 7, WSC will humble the Idaho V andal! 28 to 13, and cross-town CPS will gain a 20 to 13 victory over the 'nivcrsity of British Columbia Thunderbirds. PLC is destined to fall to (Continued on page 4 }


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OCTOBER 13 - 18, 1958

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Friday, Oct. 10, 1958

Hap- hazarding­


Meet PU Saturday

(Cont in ued from



cific L ni\"e rsi ty for the 5' cond straight year by a SCOf'C of 13 to 7 . W C:$tern Washington 1051 the se rvi ces of FRED E ~!ERS01 '. Li ttle 11­ me 'ca n h ono rable m ention h alfback in 1957, l as ~ .... ( k whe n he turn d up with a k nCI! in j ury . E),.IERSON gained 188 ya rds th e week before. to I ad th e V ik in tr,l 10 a tmr·,id ed wi n o\'~r Or C'gon .olk gc of EduClltion. ThIS i ~ Lhr­ .a mL fcll ow w h o led Weste rn to a 20 to 13 "Ictory a ve!' our L UI last )",·ar.

(Continued fr om p age 3 )

Tes t of the coring was d ne i n thi ,

period w it h Myers g oing over fr n;

th~ five a nd BaUC'T h itting ary Full-

r for a , ·(.ce from 11 yard s ou t. T he: fo u rth qua t t'r aw the Lutes ib ~ open up bu t theu nly [cor­ m l.{ th rr:\t was sopped with two mi nutt"s to I) w li, n E astern in te r­ ccpt<:ci a pass o n thei r own:! O 'a rd

Il()U ,I~ 5c COFFEE


LEnox 7-9916

417 Garfield Street


Hand some Harry Deadline Mo nday





All ca mpaig n o rganiza tions h a ve been no tified about t he requirem ents for a H a ndsome H a rry n omina tion. D t: tiline: fo r submi t tmg the na me of a ca ndidatt: for th e H omecomin g l In is Monday noon. Nomina tions shou ld b t turnl'd in to K"n Blark in roO Ill 42 of Old " f ain . £1 ~Cl i on of Han dsome H a rry will b e held nt'x t Tu da y and Wt dr.cs ­ day. ''Poll t3X" is one Cf: nt a \·ote .

C hanges Planned or UB Announcements A ne w sys tem for givin g annou nce ­

PREPARING FOR THE TASSELS HONOR TEA are, ieft to right, Arlene


Kinared, general chairman of the tea; Joyce Hansen ; Miss Grace Blom­ quist, T ilsse ls a dvis er; Sonja Simonson, in cha rge of invi tat io ns ; a n d Barbara J ac kson, working on t h e program . The semi-annual Tassels Honor Tea will be held S unday at 3 p.m., in North Hilil lounge. Purpos(: of the tea is to recognize scholarship; therefore , all girls who earned a g pa of 3 or above durin g the sp ri n g semester, 1958, are invited to att e nd. Entertainment will be provided by a vocal trio consi s t in g of Aud ry Hart, Mary Lou Engen and Mardell Soiland; Judy Heide givi ng a rea d­ ing; Be tty Museus at the piano; and P at Isensee playing the violin. The Rev. I<enn eth Christopherson of the PLC religion department will be the gu est speaker. Other members of the planning committee are Arlene Halvor and An n a Ohrs t rom, both in charge of ref r esh m ents for the tea. Adv isers for th(;; Tassels, in addition to Miss Blomquist, are Miss Junet ' Runbeck and Miss Patricia Thompson.

121 st and Pacifi c Avenue

Phone LE. 7-3171



PHONE LE. 7-7 100

mr flts ha s r rcen tly b ee n employed 5:45 a nd 6:30

at PLC . Eac h d a y a t

announ ce ments a re gi"'n


th e stu­

d~ n t · in th e cafe teria by m eans of

P .A sYJ; t.em. A ccordin g t (l t h students in d l.lrge , Bob Gross and A rt Ellick­ $on, ann ounc;:-ments to be g i v c n




be pl a ced in the box in th e foyer. All an noun ('eme nts " [ven mu st b e . ppr -cQ by the Adn,inistration an d pertain to school fu nctions . Becau se this sy~tcm was not intended to re­ p late: th (' Kiosk, a ll announcement s must a lso be posted in the Kiosk.

A ntw mirrophont" will soon be installed ior the a n nouncing a nd a slot for the announcemen t£ will be made in the door of the Student "Body office.

PARKLAND GRILL MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. SHO RT ORDERS 528 Garfield st.

DINNERS LE. 7-9937







PLC Boo sl:





Flow ers fo r All O ccas io ns 12173 Pacific Ave. F oot of Ga rfi e ld)

CATALINA SWEATERS ._______ .. ____.. ________ ___ __$3.98-$15 .98

LE.7-0206 W e Deh ve r

CA PRI S ___ ...___......_. __....._..____ .... _..___.._____ ._..__ $5.98-$ 6.98 MA TCHI NG TOPS ._. _. _.....__ .__ ___ ___ __ ___ __ .________ $2.98-$ 5 .98

eerless eader



TYPEWRITERS F OR R E NT Special Student Rates UNDERWOOD CORP. 1610 Center St. MA. 7-4801



VA N HEUSEN SPORTSWEAR_..__ .___ .__ ____ ____ _.. $4.00-$5.95 DA YS ' WASH AND WEAR SLACKS__. ____.......__.. _$ 12.95 MEN'S HOSI ERY _______ __ ___ .__.___ ___ ____ __ ._._. _._._..... 85 $1.50

LAURINAT'S apparel We Outfit Coeds 406 Garfield

LE. 7-5317




block from PLe)


Not; a "rah rah" left in him! H 's just

discovered there's no more Coke. And a cheer leader ithout Coke is as ad

as a soap opera. To put the parkle back in his eye-somebodyl­ bring him a sparkling co d Coca-Cola!

, Drink '



LE. 1-0611

Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Compa ny by PACIFIC COCA·COLA BOTTLING







Member: FDIC

our bank

84th & Pacific Branch

Clintena Sta t:S


Homecoming Clint'D:t WeIr· \V,s cboscn 1958 Hom comin LC , Ll len t b d y in yesLuJ ay's eiecrion. Rapt all ndanls to QUl!c n ~ ltn ten. a .: Pr i nl.':~s Barbara Joll11son anu Pri'l\:(: S j lao­ I\?.-= nderse n, Handsome Harn, l;1lso (ho.~en tbis weck. is P,lui TempJit1 Ih:C Iinl.n a lro m A nacorl S Wa~h" is 3 junior majori ng in !'ccoJldarv ed ucatIo n, Radjo Jnd [ lc\'ision ap(X.1ranc to r lIbl ci' t: 11 C H mcct)ming Jr~ n QUl!l:ll CI nten.l's SdlcJuk next week. SIt ,· \\ Iii lw ,'TO' 'nr'd 0' "t .E rid"y : 1(

I~OMECOMING RO YALT Y fa" 1958 w as s e lected f ro m this g roup of ca nd idates. In th e first row , left to rig h t, are Al,dry Hart, Carolee Ch ind g ren, el va Fuhr. and Prin­ ces," Barb a r a Johnso n. L. eft to d gh t in the se cond re, are A r­ d elle Dun gan, Jean Ru ud, Prin­ c;ess M ar il ee A ndersen, Nancy Walker an d J oa n Blo mquIst. In th e third row, left to r ig ht, are Ja n ic e C<lmpion, Me g Evanson, ~ raet. Helgren , Qu ee n Clinten a WelLs an d Mardell Soil a nd.

III H~,llth

Vo lume. XXX VI



lI1~tOI1 Sdlt)Ol


While tbe k l'tur<' .. re rCI.juin·d fUI •.II flu lilllrn ,,"nd . ther lIew 1­ dent. III stud nt' 'He' in\'it d to at-

h·no .

Spu rs 5 onsor Mums Tod ay, Movies Tonight n ti dt i,·, for the n 'Xl w ee k illduilJ :l d oubl kature t on ight, .cllillli! Muml for Hom ecomin g li nd PIJIU pom~ f or \ It, HOrrI lCOm in!( :PIII;'


Tile Inovi,·s. nre "Pri nct and thL Pltat s," slarri n![ Ba r bam Ru , h a nd John D.:rd. , a nd "Yar,he P as'; ' with Jd f C Ill1Jld lrl, M :llnit: V an Do,rn and R h onda Fl t'mino; . .Tickets for lhe: t' • ' lmi4'<lioI' ft!at ul < .tl l 5U I:ent I "ou pl!! or 35 ce nt. stagg, Starti Ilj.' t itnt i; 7 :'\1,) in t he: CBS. ,lI "Hml '" d y and a (l id th ~ line :' 1 [' cold p unch will b ,· sold :It fi',e ,cuL '1 cup, Mums an: h.-Jrlg sold fQI" 1. ~5 in Lt., t: B du ring IUllc h ,w eI di ru'Lr tut1ay :utd \ 1011 UlIV th l/lllgh Satu r­ 0, y nr Xl Iv,', k ' ! he flo wers will be J diven:d to lh,· gn l uorm;ttJ ri e" Saturday, ()I:­ tuber ;"5, in ti m' fo r t hL' H omecoUl ­ IIIg gallIC:. C al"d s f r thl;: scnd L'r's n~nl and any er,dearmen15 will be indudrLi in t he box. "Mum' s the wo rd, '~ays hairman Sharon Julian. 1he Spurs will also be selling pam pOlUS for the Home com ing garne be­ ginning Monday, October 20, for 25 cents, Th!'se "symbols of school ipi~l t" will be sold in the CUB at mealtimc:, they announced.

• • III




d thIS f;"l ll. and work on ad­

d it ion, to the Sci .. ncr H,dl l' nd t ill' C o ll, t:l' l: nion Builtlim: is <'ht duleu for r om plct ion J a n ua l"Y L T he two additions now bdn~ huilt are a part of t h e l'LC Dc­ \'d apment Fun d drive. This fund ra; Illg- drive has be 'n concentrat­ ed in the Tacoma-Pierce C oun t y area and among the PLC alulllni. Thl" g- a a I of the Devdopmellt Fun d is 0 n e III ill ion dolla rs. Pledges and contributions now total S76U,000. "\'V I: art: st ill pursu in g- our mi lli on­ d olhr goa l and hop" thdt we ca ll r t"'ach it by th e fi r5t of tb e yea r, Ou r main p rob km is time. Usua ll y " pnJj n :t of this typ,~ takes two years or ruo re, but vve arc to (jrn ~



d,"t .mel ht-:'w o j l it " h wd drl\c t I' ;n 1"{llIl plr :on of tl,. dri\ c f\lr I'LC t~I'.llll ion fuud " tl it' bi!fl.:'·s.t tr fl In the bui ldin!! program WIll -I.,rt T h,' T.II·oma-Pin"Ct" M ('w ori:I 1 H ;J!I., ('( l iter fo r husi ness ad!ninistra ­ lion. n ;onQlll ic- and ,·ducllilln dc-­

:J-~tl)f) ,lc1di iOIl In tl" Sci­ ( ncr Hil ll will !{in "dd,'d clnSH(10m" l;rhClr, to , ies, II nary ' OO tlL' and of­ fi n', . Total ('ost of th,. l:lU ilding is $ 175,000, of whid• .$ 'l 8,OOO is for

n(O \ ' c;;ci c-nn t-'q ui pt11ent.




su \'in~

:,pa C!' fo r " n

lilH' 3n I 400

~ Jcl i tionJ:l I

',' <ltjn~ T"nl1n~

a part ' of th t" Dt'"do)JlIle~t f\md

ai n ill g h:,l\ w ill be tI ll" In •.in IT ults of th,' "dded win !! to t he C l ,t'B . Thus, a ll th e ln em b n of Ih~ bl>~l d i n !t dub will be :Jhl< ,:lt te·lI d a ll -sc hool ban quets at th e same ti me . Campus <{ rou ps will be a llowed to \1, (' a sm a ll . e n- iet' kitchen in the nl· w "p31"oda" loo fed CUB annrx.

p rogram, is an "H" sh a ped, o ne­ story n:sidwce hall built at a cost of S 15,onO. It is located on lower campus at l27th and YaJiima. The Rn'. C. K. M,dnrin is the house­ father in the TlCW do r nr that

P Si eof Dea s Of Women Coni ill

parttEwn l ,

li S

\\1(-11 as facu l ty ~lnd ('01­

kgt a d min i5t ra tio n offices, wi ll be '·(Jns tt,tHlc d ",herl lhe business ad­ ," i.,i t"<'Ilion buildiotp ate now 10­ Glt('d

F.\'tr~ r(·e n

Court. which is not



D " lIn~

'ibrary A



l r ei l \ , r .", ... si (" n

l;O ll l't, .1 tu"\V fll'"n" ' riorruilul"Y, \.. ~a s



N umber 4

F r iday. Octobe r' 17, '958



"''ltU.1 rlt "nl tim,·. E\ 'f rrt"fl

pr;.,clillllll< r_ , ud an- lI11ITlUCl"l 0

U,CIlIt, of the

th t. TJ'V r'lty (}l Wash ­ M wein,·. .

Parkland. Wash.


;.1ft:: : I· · I


il Ih!'


:n '

A uuituriuDI by

5 . Conl!rrssmall,

1:.158 Hom"com­

,n i,' ili,~.


high lichlill

j tld~"l ff of e:unp u

t il


will h'


I' P I., lly, and nmu r . T ilt tradlltonal l"'n fi .1:' P(-p rally i, ,('h"'uul,,d for 9 ".nl. on the ltlhlrli c fidd. 1 h,' t \\' " fi g and Cb"'T !r.,der Wli! h.. n It.l nd tu p ronlotl' seh ( 0 pi it. \ mix( r hc-Id in till >.;ym, p ' on'lisilll( , "t[' n , ,nmrnt , rrfn ,h mrnu. aad fUll ["'- ali, wi ll lop off thl· (" \"nin~'" acti\ ~ tws .

Thi s )·(·ar\ t'nwdcr P uff font­ ball J;am~, be t""·tn uJ-Ipcrcla!.S w 01 l e n .mil fr.."hm 1 . will be b roa.dca!;l o yer a p~hlic a dd. CSI ~ YM"n l . PrO('tllUl\ \\ ill· b avail­ ah\(:, gi\·ing Ih sl n in" linr-up, j u sc"}' muubc.-s nnd ot lre r , ita! in­ f rmal ion. " Hanthorllc H a l"T}" will UC oUkiall ) erf) ncd (ollow­ ill~ 111" ~mt. \ "lug of war' be­ ,,, C'O fn:sh.nmn O)'S and sopho­ more "oy~ ,dll dirm LX the:: morn­ ifl!t' ag·Dd.,.

2 Hy ien Talks L E . in Serie th, Slud

U ]1 .•

T llur J olt~1 Wil, l. tt . uff; "II} ., ta rt



Ever wonder if th ('n '~ any ;'Cliv! t)' on L,lTnpU S while vUIl'rc go ne for th ,: summer? ,\,1; a librari .H1.

Virs t of all, boo ks w U e kL:p t in ci rcul a tion ft 0 1" J une to September b y .IUO stud e n ts :n ,"dclI of two summ er se h 01 ,~ m,.,[,rs , not to mlcnti on th e 13 cO ll\"('ntions with th o: il ! :'iUO participa nts. Bu t that 's llot aIL As you nl:l )' hav," no tie·I' d, t h e ' ongn:ss iun a l Rer·cord" (nearly cornplt't< from J'l8l) to d at, ) ha\"(' u t Cll rno\,,·t! in to L-I O·l for the um ',·"ic lI "<: of the his tor y d epa rtment. T Ill' sec'ond IC'\ , l o( thl! tack~ , whcT(' tL,:st' buoks w(" I(', h:ls ber'n COI1\Tr tcd, The .. dd ition of , 1,000 w(fn h of ne w furnitur ' Iw s h d pt:d to tra nsfonn this into ;1 ' ro up study a n-a fo r thost' who (";m't stop t31ki ng Th is fO Oll ' wii[ soun h ou&e the mach a nd physic a l sci­ <,ncr' books. The staff also Lound and covered mull' than 300 more volumes of fl1 :J~a:z in (:s, bt'inging, th e library's tot a l to ~500, Abou t the same number l llj\r,. been screw bound. ~any ga p; ill p e r io di ca l holdings have bet:n fill ed, too. HUlldn.:ds of books have bee n added to th e gt'neral collection, includ­ ing· several on tht: subject of gifted children. The work was under the direction of Miss Almyra Bakel" and Mrs. Mary Malinowski. Student assistants from the Parkland area were Marilyn Markert, Linda Engvall, Peter Jordahl, and Bob Olsen. Other workers were Twila Springer and Audrty Hart, who JUSt didn't bother to leave the college.

Jlf ' Vom( n {lorn a,ll

\)\"1 r will l:ons rcg:.' k ot: c am­ pus tom orrow f ur Ihe ir :llln ua l fall '·on ft'fcn c" . \1is, \\1,' b tTOIfl, con ­ \ T nt i",Hl (,,1h il mn n, c~tinla l('~ t h ~ j t (iO to ')0 will a ttend . \ ';> r ir;u' :qJ,·•• kc rs wil l ,·laha ra tc Ot! t1,,· C O Il \l n tiolt II r me. "E:, r rw l V t ­ iti,.,: in ~ : ha.nging W odJ ." Of spe­ cial i nt err·' t " ill b It pan'" ,'o n,is t­ in s., 'of tW CI stu <l(' nts c:ic h fl om PLC , c.r , L .W ., und Li nl'{l ln and ta­ diulll hi ~h , chook C, roll (' Chingn'n ;ln J J :';' Tronsd::d c will represen t

\Va~ h i!lg t 'm

PL "' . C uffc- '., will be saved from lO: 45 to Il :00 a.m. in C B-200 a nd again between 3;30 a nd 4:30 p.m. in South H a ll loungc. The women will lunch in th e coffeC' shop an d attend an eve­ nin g ba nqu e t at L a kewood Terrace. Some students from Washington may have their own high school counselors here. If they would like to sec them, they may drop by the coffee ~hop at noon or look for them during the coffee hours.

").len in JIJ dormitori. i, ,'.\ •• ,I, kd Ion wI'n :2 ~nrl 5 p.m. Salu/(irv. ·\t 1j,:~O p .m. t h t ~ Iu·1 .!lIm ,i d '111'" will be- <(' 'cd n th. U d ,,' n h,\II. Student 'ill I, r. ti,·ip. lr ill ; 1 pier if' di!lll<'T Ih. I H ­ nilijr Ie, I blld on low'r ('ampu$ Qr ( ,}I-.!OO. • a k lUll I will b ill­ I ribtl tl·d durinl. lhl noon 1ft.::r.I ,

"T he Iou, ina ry Im":ll id ," . sa­ t ', ic;rl raT<:l cOInc dy on doctor6 of

l ith entur)" is th Home­ eominJ( play 10 be prc~ ntl'd Sat ­ 'Irda y ev · ling· in the eM auui­




" It' , th •., type of show "... her' th :" I nr; h",·.. as mu, ·h f UP a!' Llll ""eli, nee," sa y:; R ob.., t F! 'lIlIIlJ;, the pia .', directo!". C as t [o r th e play indudt H . rll Dunp<c\', tb e im'a-lid; SalV"ig L rr­ "il', Toillt' t tt, th e maio: So nju P h ilp, t ell' I r" wi,h wife Belir, a nd yl­ \ i., S(Jdc nJaard . th ~ d:llH;-h t,.r .\ n­ ~ · l1'1 11L".

Th , Jr·st of th r ,',,<; t :nrl utlrs F.-rtl JJindr!, )"li ckr y Anci t'tson, Zane WiI­ ,o n, L. rry I n· r$on, Bo!' Ison, rt Elli ek. nn, On ilk Jacob,lon, ,I n cl !):1l1l ' tTutIH'r~. Lyk P 'urso n i ~ as­ "~t. \t1 1 di rtr w r ,'lid t h,. \'lu i(ll" com­ w ittee 11l' Jd s 'nc uti.. L inn D :IIIl,Dilli T riolo, :"t,., i, ):.\· ...Tr tt', J anr l oss, ,lflU Gh fin ,\ , nl" , • II'. Erie 1\'r r Iholm 01 th e' I Ll sj.w<"ch dcpart rnt' llt j . in , fr- r~r "f ,ns liolJJccomin " . () r s hi p sen'icr, will l: hdd by he' ~hl deul rtln­ g re g-at ion S lHl da,· , Oct. 26, a t 11 a .m, in th e M, auditoriuDI. Mu­ ,ic will bt, pro\'idc:d b) lht: student (·ongrc.. tion ('hui r and t h ~ C hoir Qf the: \ \'1' t. C offee hour.; for "Iliu m ; an: ' F ri­ day (a ft ('r th e Coronation) ill Suuth Hall, SatuTday( fallowi ng P ()wde Puff game ) in CUB stu d <: l1t InulIgt, ;wd Saturday e\'en i n~ in th, ( 'UB dining hall. Help is still needed by thl" h alf­ time committee c hairman, Climiua Wells; decoration chairman, Jerry Erickson; and mixer chairman, Bar­ bara Joh nson. Decoration chairmen should note the deadline for turning in campus themes is today.

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Friday, Oct. 17, 1958


u. • Foreign

Policy Irl,s out:h Ameri ans

FRUSTRATED coffee shop c ustom·

mooring mast

Edit\ll' .... . _ ....... .. ...... ... ....... ............... ......Dick Londgren

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SptJrt Ed1tor ..... .. ....... .... ...... ......................... J ohn Hanson

'~.llUI Editor .................. , o!w'ig L r. as, arol Morri~ Bu~in(' .. M :I <'f:' r ....... .................. ...... Mary Lou EI ge n 'TAL f - BaJlJara 1. I\ac, un, J 'Ini('(" Dahl, D· '\n w H 1Il­ on, Rt t.l r mpt, D ick F i.h!:r, J 11+ H ull, G. il E iek­ s n, (am! F , en ch, A nn H aggart, M :trtha Edwards, ( ..lTol l' _1m ', Barbara BrI nkl I', Priscilla H u tc c~on , Dirk H, 1\'0 .0 11, ~!Jn g Y" t! Wa ng , Au d ry H iu t, har­ on frA !1 i tcr, I It'!cne H o('g.. r, udy an dl~ r, Barbara . "1 kn('r. Kart 11 Torrl , Lee T urner, ,h. ron I an Ruo)" JOylf O hr n, Darc: n riln m, V icky Ru e:, Carl11 IIuu ", t b rry Sa lIlt' wd, 5t" Pctrrson, Ji m Bea L~, JO}"'I ; 'nrli u, Virg in i K a rlst.ul , , \ nita Hill .. I nd, PIr' Jord,th l, B:.wbarn J ebon, J oA n n H ud 50n. Ih i '.. r. ........._ " __ ' ...... .. ........... Mr. Milton _'Nv;g P ublisbed rri d ay~ of the school year by the students of Pa ifi L uthe ran College, Parkland, Wash .

ers Dick Ellingson, left,and Chuck Laubach. right, look under and over the eye-level window frame at Nancy Millen, J err y Olson, wielding the ha m mer, has a solu­ tion to th e prob le m,

By Jura y C, elton

(Editor S '\'o te : J urar-y is a I'LC st udent from 0 Paulo, 8rui!. J~t '!UIIIDler be £aliI(; to PLe after a t­ (I nd in ~ the L utheran Bible [nstitutc:, M in nt'apolis, . 'inn .. fOI a year. He It bten prtWiou '/y on a nt:v. ­ p:opc r ,taff at a Br, zil collc,ll ) . I' m ure that many .\ mc rical1ll, l' I lIn. the Ie dJ.i nr the "~U -. 'i.;on TInt,; in Su ' 1 Arne rira. last Mny, b, !;.tf] In \ (l ndt I, lio\\ Cd n th" \' do fll to ' " )" \'Vltat j, w on ~ w rth them' rCll' t wc th 11, t. mo~ t ,'onller­ ftl l "nd TTtlj ~t humbl.· p"olll ' in Ill.. wor ld" I Wi ll t ry 10 i_obI ' " f,1V pttiuts tha r 111 to hinder r/lr rda ion brtw,·,'l\ the 'nikd Stat"s :llld some South I 1011 1


ff irt : Colk Phot


Alt l

Un io n Building

Coffe Shop' Windows Foil Oglers

L ' ox 7-8611, Ex te nsiOll .! I

• u(,~n p tion price $3.00 per y(".ar , PRE SS

'58 Homecoming


Cllnl1l«" in H,'mc" nming ,Qla nnin g and alumn i or­ ganizatioll mdicate that 1958 Homecomin'l' CDuld be outs t tll dmg fN PLC. First of all, Homecoming will receive greater publicity. tbis year. Announ cement of the Queen one w~ck earlier than previous years will produce more extcmive radio, television and newspaper coverage. Televising the Homecom ing gallic a n d the half-time r stivitics is also a 1958 innovation. Eli mination of the para d", whi ch was costly in tillle, mone y and e ffort a nd l'c1a tivciy int'ffective, will :lllo\\' n ',!tcr con cr'ntrntiun on campus d ecorations. Prill's for tb l: uUlJIl3n di ng decorations will a lso add ince ntive. Even the theme of Homecomi ng, ''Th t Spirit of the. W t." should pruvide ...xtra ordinary latitude for crea­ tiv ity by tlu- d .. urati oa committees, the drill te:lllI and lh nd. But the biggest change revolves around the alumni, the h onored guests at Homecoming. Loosely knit in the past, the alumni are now better organ­ ized after being contacted by the Development Fund workers, according to M rs, A. W. Rams,tad, execu­ tive secretary of the alumni association. Many of the alumni have gained greater understanding of and appreciation for the growth and p rogress of PLC. Because of the Development Fund work, better rec­ ords of the alumni a re n ow available. A new magazine for the alumni, published for the ii rst time last week, is a noth er step towa rd solidarity mong the graduates of PLC. Thus, throu gh the diligent efforts of the students, intt' rest of the J lumni, perseverance of th e football team and cooperation from Old Sol, 1958 Hom f'coming cou ld be the be.t yd.

NonconEorl!'ity at PLC? "Whoso be a man b;: a nonconformist," is a R alph Wa ld o Emerson epi gram stressin g the need for individ­ u. li ty in America. Colleges especially are noted for their rebels. • OOle collegians express their individuality via un­ usual clothes, cars or othcr material symbols. But th('se pseudo-individuals hardly fit Emerson's invo­ cation. Otht''J" college studt-nts try to show individu a lity lil ugh XPI ' ~ion of sensational ideas. These ra di cals have a n obsession about controve rsy. To them any pol­ 'mit: discuss ion has great intrinsic. valu e. No urg nt TIe d exists for this superfisial 'nonconformity, either. T rue non conformity' iJlu5tra ted by th e intellec­ tual rebcls who constructively question, criticize, search and (,valuate the world around them. While seeking the truth they are aware of their own short­ comings and willingly consider the ideas of others, T his type of rebel dismays many college instructors, who prefer lUore docile students, But these n oncon­ tonnists delight the ins1ructors who sec a college educa tion as a springboa rd to life-long learning. PLC, a s most colleges, is well-su pplied with individ­ u a ls of the, first tWI) categories. But when compared to ther co llegcs, PLC seems to fa ct' a se ri ous shortage of in tellectua l oncon£ormists. For instance, one yardstick (or com pari o n i, tht: campus 111ag-azine. This medium lor ·tudcnt ( xpression is abse nt from the PLC scene. oth ('I' outkt for studf'nt ideas, letters to th e ,;ditor and .1IIi( l e~ in th e M oo rin M as t,' ncglr: · tcd. 0 1' th1S mea n that PLC stude nts arc content, com­ plat:c l cunfo rmi sts? - DICK LONDGRE.

linch in

.\ coff,'c ,hop vII a college ram pus C" II 51:'1'\'<: I1lan pu rposes, only on~ of which i3 eating or d rinkin g , Uur (' offet' shop has st'f\Td as study hall dUI'in\!' basketball gaml's, as 'I Ua rnc gia H a ll for PLC jam·sessions a nd ;1> th(' pla ..c· fot an in ~pensivl' deLte. Du ri n g- off periods the cofke shop is largt:ly occ upied by the male Ltttes . Th,.y are w:nL'rally busy pee ring through the fo gg y windows, while they drink th eir coffn:, a t a btl' model autnmobile, or bl'tter still, ot a la te modd col'd. But slime architt'ct lon g ago, ob"ious ly Ulla"are of th,- future frustra­ tio ns to ou;lin g PLC rnell , constructed an obstaCle to vision exactly at t: ye It- w· J. This mispla e horizonta l window frame evokes " Where is 'he 1 can' t SCI.' her! " a nd a, "Too btt·, buddy-boy, sh p's gone now," type of con­ \T rsa tion. T o th t' <" t<" rna l rt "~Td of thost' who persistclItl y champioll th.- cau r , 110 t'n tcr pri l itl~ colk..-ian h:ls Y' l forrn('d a w()rkin g new, complt:t with saws, ham mns, pn eumatic drills, and l)<l los to retnov{' th is di sgusting ob­ stacie.

PLC Physics Department: Adds orning TV Classes "Just to watc h TV I'm ~ lting up a t u:30 l very morning ," is a typical lIIU ttering uf a. skepy PLC physics maJor. TV has ilI\'ad ed the PLC cu rricu ­ IUnI, and the new pro g r am IS "Physics for the Atomic Age." This educ:ltional pro g I' a m IS on KOMO-TV (ch annel 4) fro~ 6:30 to 7:00 eve ry morning, Mon­ day through Friday. It is deS igned spec iiically as a r eview t y p e 0 f course for those who have had a year of college physi cs. However, anyone hav ing the requ isi te mathe­ matical background, hi gh school al­ geb ra and geometry, may bendit from th e course. It is set up with the hi gh school physi cs tt:achl'r parti cula rly in mind, and presents th e subject with em ­ phasis 011 new developments and ap­ proachl's, tC) bring the teacher more up-to-date and enable him to pre­ sent a course with more bearing on modern times. " Physics for t he Atomic Age" is divided into two pa rts. Thc first pa rt

is J f('v icw 0f gcn rn l physin, as pn'\' iou Iy men ti oned . The second pan win WVf'r th e. fidd of mode m p h 's ics. Th(, la tter part covers Ihl" ra pid growth of physics sin ce the be ­ ginnin g of the ce ntury, starting with th,' discovery of the electron, a nd continuing through d ectroni G a mi atomic and nuclea r physics. The two pn rts correspond approximately to th l' first and second semestt' rs of our school year. This cou rse is being offered for credi t. a t many colleges, including PLC, a nd started Monday, October 6. Credit regis tra tion has bee n dosed; how('\'(:r, audi t registra tion is still open. A three-huur diseu5­ sion, question, a nd test session i.; held eve ry Thursday evc niJlg for thos!' who are r" g isterl'd, either fQJ cred it or audi t. Outlines for the first. forty lectures are ava ilable frrc in th e bookstore, and the co mplf' te outline for the yt"a r and the sy llabus for the first 80 lectures (first semes ter) are ava il­ able .1t the boo kstore for 50 ce nts.

Huxley Sa tirizes English Society By Barbara Jackson Co me with me into a land of intri gue, romance, and scandal ; and you will be in th e middle of English society as Aldous Huxley saw it in " Puint Counter Point." It's almost impo sible to keep the charact~rs st rai ght, as the complexity of the plot with its myri ad of people maklllg gues t a ppeBra ncts throughou t the book demonstrates ap tly th e intricacies of hi gh socie ty. One can hard ly pi ck out one main character . Walter Bidlake, living with his mistress ody from a sense of respons ibility, pass ionatcl)l: loves Lu cy Tantamount, a vivacious debutant e wh o delights in leading men a stray. !\r. a contrast to a ll thi s hypocrisy and infiddity, Wl' find the sincere and ekep love: of Mary and Mark Ralllpion, wh o li ve comp ler r l), for each o lh er. The dialogue in "Point Counter Point," intell ectual, 5a tiric an d dis­ illusioned, is quite thou ght rovoking and makes u fe -evaluate our own li,·cs. Are \ a lues absol ute or ilTC they merely rclati\'e acc ordi ng to the situ­ ation ) For an insight into th, .0 i., and cthic;d problems of the d ay woven into 3 dramatic :llId prov ·. ti, plot, you won't wa nt to miss read ing "Point Counter Poiut," one of Huxley's fin,:st no\·e!s.

P('" lU' ou nt ri.,·~ .

rm;t, nati nalism ;5 stron in SQu th America. For years politicians have sought , UCCCl)S by edt! izing- "thos&! wh o are selling our country to th American imp<: ·a lis ....." Criticism of American ojl companiClt in oulh America was i-onsid ered a q u ick roule 10 the presidency. T h' · ide' or "Am cil~ n im perialism," a 0 exploited by the Communi ts, is so impressed upon the people that every action by Ihe United States is viewed as a thrcat to inde­ pendence, Foreign a id !, nothel point. of ruisundc tanding. Every Y ' r , t he U n itr-d Stdtr gi\ I ', W ..l.)· millions of dollars th rou !{h tht> Fon' i"n Aid Program and wond,.rs why th... world doesn't lov> Iht'ln for t hl hr'llc\ olellCe, The na t iona list k~d e rs, how<.: v r, mainta in th a t th,. Un ited State5 takC's mi Dio ns fr om South A ml"rka. A t­ tempts to buy fri "nds, th"y say, only ;jggra\ a tes thp insult. One of tht:' most disli ked t rai ts of the ' n Iled tale~ i, what w t: of Brazil (' a ll America n "moody fri.. ndli n This ranges from a per50nal fri endshIp to fore ign m a ­ lions Sou th Amr ri ra ns don't likl' th t' cOIll(:,dI'TICC of th("s" friendly mood, coming almost a lwa ys wh l"n the U nitro' tat(,,3 is in da nl!er of losin g it. oil wells ' the Middle East . . . Who i: wrong? Both are, and both must be will­ ing to change. Less pride from one side and more understanding from the other would eliminate mis­ understanding amon~ nations of the Western hem­ isphere. pi te of th se d iffer n rl"~ <\lId m i ­ "Amerit ns" ( may I take ba~ t he term stolen by our brothers from t he ruted ta tes ? ) hav," something great in common: our ba.ttl e fo t' the defense of th t West and th e values it reprcsent5, Fo rtunately, in

undcrstanckng~, ,y,'


By Bob Fleming H eigh ho and a way we go on a nothu cha pl r in t h ... lin's and Im'es of Stuporma n .... SC OP: \RS 1 ­ CAMPUS-What w.-ll known man aboll t campus set fire to the pool last w .... k ? . , . "I can whi p a ny man working for me," boa,tr d th e forr ma n. " You can' t whip m,·," 'ai d onc husky I;\d . T ht- fo rp man looked him \ 'e r carefully. "You're fir"d ." Is it true that in the upper class mathematics courses they don't even me.ntion common fractions ? . . . I just invented something that's gonna revo­ lutionize the hi-fidelity business-a record player with bobby pins instead of a necdJe-for pla ying longhair llIusic. What.. 'Cr bream,. of Sonny Tufts? . . . FR . 1 MY HI TORY N t T EBOOK: Thc Romans had to give up the Coliseum. The lions wcre eating up :ill the prophets . . . You'll h an; to 'xcuse some of the gags thi s w eck. I'm not feeling well. Two d ays agu 1 was run ov r by Prof. Karl's MG . I can' t strl'SS the importa nr,. of coUe ge ... d ucation ('nuf. Just th ink, when YOll ge t , lIt you'lt be the only om; in you're ne i luo rhood wh o can fill out your n­ crnploym ..n t fo m I in L a tin! ... Somcthinl{ 1 ca l1' ! fi gure. OlI t. P eople arc reall y trang! If you tt' ll a. an that there are 279 trilli on ,ta r~ in the milky w,y, he will b 'li r:vc you, but if YO ll post a ign th at say "wet pain t" ht '11 st ick his fin g.. r in it e\'c ry time . He: "Darlin\:, I've lost all my money. I hav n't a cent in the world." She: "That won't make a ny difference, dear. I'll love you just as much, f'Ve.[J if 1 don 't sec you again." . . . New way to park for­ eign sports cars-wear them all the f:nd of your key chain.

Friday, Oct. 17, 1958


Lutes Face R mblers At: ent:o 5at:u day

Still Looking for th IT lus t win of he y. l r 011 tn .. ' ~I id iro n, I a,, ' fk l. u ­ hI f.1n's (,ladinton; t raw l tt, RrntclO OnlonnW n1~h t \0 r~.;e a ft' stran!;'

"Mlh ~tU

Rambler squad . T ill' gpm '

he held


Renton's hi~ h school

l,di un lind will " H at 8 I)·t!qc k. L' hll.!cnu· wlll br admitted (J . th,·v show th··ir studt'nt bod '


k lhe L u tht.'ram fell I.)l'­ p,tdfir l' lll\ nity . 11-6, in in­




'1 (II


ht" R..'fllbl.. rs ar a n indr pr n'knl ur 1":1)11 of fonnl' r ctlllC'!l'" <lars,




grtd dr.:.-s , a nd Ih</ pl.:sy he!" t U '" tbr ' love C'

3rd Floor

Leads G id Si:andings

P. Ll . led a t halt t ime, 7- 6. tourh lawn ;u ti an t .-a po ine i n th e t h ird quaTter \\. , I·hr iladl{l'l'S thell .I t-b \ lclQry. from Sat urtby will 01' H,jult:C'oJnlnl( [ 01 til< G ladiato!! arul hrir OP pOIlt nt wili be l st . ong Wrs tn n , a.~ hi ll~I(lIt Coli 'II" Lt·,lm. I{O (JO.

( ) o .. lTi nrr

foo tball, Th ir d Floor Old M ai n is Ih., only remaini n g uTlocaten and unllr.d e.. m. L by ush Balison,


th . ,


Th~ir (}arh j, D on Sprink le. a Io'lective in S,,:tl tk , whl' i~ " gradu· t!' tlt" tI,e Call. ~ of PUllet Sound. h R;1mblns h o ld wi ns o ve r two '\'rcgrc'l1 o nfe n' nct' lea m~ t his 'car, beatillg PS 2 7·7 and th., Uni­ l'oilY of British C !umbia 27- ~5.

La. t wnk Pl.C scored fir~t aga ins t >al'ifIt l 'n i\C'nity wh<::n halfback }I'orgc [. isher we nt ove r from the hI ~ l' rd li ne in the first. qua rter. Padfie ~am(' righ t ba o:k in the ccond qu arte r, howe\'er, to score I nd their try for point ki k w as


.o lurnbi a .... 1 E,\ t T t Wash ......... i Pu g!: t Sou nd ... .. .... . 1 P ~rifi (' l.ut hCTan .. .. 0 Whitwor t h ......... .... 0

L PF PA 0 6 1 : I~ 0 '17 6 7 0 1::\ 6

1 21

26 ')






R ESULTS LAST WEEK Pacific Luth" ran 6, P acific Illve rsity 1 '~ ( non· ronf r e nee ) . Brit. Columbia n , P uge t Sound 7. Centra l W ash. 43, Whitworth 13 . Western Wash . 6, Eas te rn Wash . O. GA.\1ES TOMORROW Pacific l.utheran \'s. Seattle Ram­ blers at R t; nt on. C l' ntral W as h . at Ea~t e rn Wash . l'ugd Sound at Whitworth.

Powder Puffers Ready for Tilt Un

of th e special fe a ture, o f will b. t il , Powder Puff ()()lb,1 1I g,une between the frt'shm ell lIId U ppt rcb ssm e n girls. The game viII br hrld a week from Saturday ,t 10 a.HI. u n the lower field . The oD l ide nt upperclassmen ex­ ~.. c t 10 win by at lea~ l nine touch ­ I W IlS . Go rdie Gradwahl, Chuck \>Iyklcbu t and Art Munson arc the ' 0, chn and Cammy Emerson is th e aptai n. They ha\'e practiced three 'mes a week for a month and claim hay ' m a stered over fifteen plays. The F rl'shm~n are ably coached Bo b Roiko, Jack Lensing and Jim onSchriltz. Barb Au stand Pat ad d . re co-capta ins. by thK U ppe rc1ass, ha\T not won since

Fo ur It floor Old ~[ n i n is t h" ouly o! ht'r unbl-aten team in the tOll lcam Ir- a "u ~ .


TOUCHDOWN PLC as George Fisher, Lute halfback drives Int o the end zone from three yards out for Pacific Lutheran's only touchd ow of the night, Other Gladiators in the picture are: 81, Dave Bo tt emill e r . • and 71, AI Broc kel. This score came early In the first qual'tel' after PLC drove from t h e ir OWji 44 yard li n e in 11 plays. Tomorrow the gridders travel to Renton to me e t the strong Seattle Ramblers. Game time is eight p.m.

om Gibbs Takes O ver Toi:al Offense Lead; Jacobson 2nd Freshma n quarterback Tom Gibbs moved into th e top spot in tota l offense for the Gladiator griddcrs this wee k by rushing a nd passing for a tota l of 131 yards last Sa tur­ day a g a ins t Pacifi c University's Bad ge rs .

Spee dy haliback J ohn Mitch ell still leads th", l.utes in rushing with a total of 70 yards in ::!2 carries for an a \'C'ra ~ .. of 3.2 per try.

STICKY FINGERED ENO l Chuck Curtis hauls in another Lutheran pass last Saturd a y night in Lin­ coln BOW l w h en the Glads dropped a 14-6 grid contest to Pacific Uni­ versity, Curtis caught two athens during the game and totaled 75 yards wit h the catches. Tryi ng hard to knock the ball down is Pacific's Fran k Imbrie.


Wdold, t he

ag-3rns t thtnl.

L as t w(,' k' s k ader, John J acob­ son, carried the ball only on ce from his new position at fullback and slipped to second place in tot:! I of­ fense.



od d C orniili, u.nd

Third F loor mcn have raeked u p 92 po ints whik o nly (oj ha\'l~ be!'n 8ct1l't:d

Everg ree n C onfe re nce Stand ing s ,\ ( "1,lral W ... _2 WeHr'tn W ~h ....._2

two wt't'ks oC irurnmu.ral


,-\ "" 'I'''

C~ rd

,I Ull' 5tUIl Ot <·" t ran~" .

Page Three

PaCific Luthe ra n' s b ig end, Chuck Curtis, has a spectacular pass re­ cciving ave rag l:' oi 29.3 yards per catch. He has pulled in seven t(mes for a total of 184 yards. All of these. came during the Lutes' past two games. He came down with four at Chene y two weeks a go and three the o ther ni ght in Lincoln Bowl. Freshman end, Dave Bottemiller, leads in passes caught with eight. All of Bottcmillcl"s catches have come during the last two gan)l~ s also. The only department that PLC as a team leads th eir opponents is in passing yardage. The Glads have a tota l of 380 yards through the air to their opp0nents' 329. Here are the statistics as of the game a gainst Pacific University.

by Euge ne H a pala

TeB .. . _ .. 140 ... 220

RUSHING P. L. C. Oppontl'nh


43 1 1008

.. .. . -. .... --

No. Aft.


Com . In•. 11 28 30 6

... . 61 ..70


TOTAL OFFENSE Play. YG P. l. C. ... .. .... 201 811 Opponents ................. 290 1337

RUSHING TCB ..22 Mitche ll . . Ale. nder ....31 Jacohson .. .....24 Barnes ., ....... .24 Fisher ......... ... 13 Gibbs ............ 13 Schaumberg.. .. 4

Yl 110 69


321 939 Ne' Yd •.

380 329



110 69

701 ~ 268

TG Tl Net Avg . PT'. 97 27 70 3.2 0 79 19 60 1.9 6 0 B3 35 .018 2.0 0 Sl 33 24 1.0 6 28 10 18 1.4 31 17 14 1.1 0

11 0 11 2.75 0

PASSING Alt. Com. Int. Yd•• 225 17 6 Gibbs ..... ....................35 Jacobson ...................22 8 4 107 Barnes ...................... 3 2 6 30 0 0 Fisher ... ..................... 1 o PUNTING TK YDS. AVG. Fisher .. .... .................... 15 5661 37.1

PASS RECEIVING Caught Yards Curlis .......................... 7 184 79 BOllemiller ..................8 Barnes •__................. 3 47 Mitchell . .. ......................2 30 Alexander ......... _ .....2 27 12 Fisher .. ....... ................. 3 Jacobson ...................... 3 6

Avg. 29.3 9 .9 15.7 15.0 13.5 4.0 2.0






Pf 92


3rd Fl ool' .... .. .... ....1 'hh Floor ... .......... .1 West. Parkbnd .. .. '2 D rJ a rdi nc s ......... .2 E"C1gn'" n South E" c r grec n Xo rth .. 2 E as te rn ... ... _......... 1 2nd Flo or ... .. .... ... ! C love r Creek ....... ..1 T.lColTIa .... _.,........ . 0










G2 48

5-1: 36 54 -+6

U I) I)


3 3


!4 7








GAMES NEXT WEEK On. 2- - 4th Floor vs. Eastern; T ac.o ma \·s. 3rd Floor; E ver. N , \'3, E·vcr. S. Oct. 21-Wes tcrn \'5. 2nd F loor, DeJa rdines \'S. 4 th Floor; Eastel'D \"S. Clover Cre ek. Oct. 22- TacDma vs. Evergreen S.; Clo\,e" C . vs. DeJardincs; 3rd Floor vs. Eastern. FOR OFFICE SUPPLIES


932 Pacific Ave.


Tacama, W ashington




Phone LE. 7·4984

Represented by LAMMERT A. FUNK and FRANK TURK







• Home-made Pizza • Ha mburgers • Sundaes

• Co ne y Islan d s • Shakes • Cold Drinks


Sunday thru Thursday: 11 :00 a.m. to 11 :00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday: 11 :00 a.m. to 1 :00 a.m.


602 SOUTH 112TH ST.


PHONE LE. 7-4 181


()lh ing hut hard knocks appea r in store for our l.ute gri.d d (; rs when hey ke on the powerful ic dt'pcndcnt Seattle R a mblers in R e nton tomor­ w night . L ook for th e Lutes to fa ll by a 28 to 0 score. 'O reg 's D ucks will throw u p a tight deft • and outSCOIC the air-n.ind ed Washington State Cougars 21 to 6, "",d Washing ton's Hus­ kies will disappoint a large homecoming crowd b y losing 15 to 14 to UC1~A.

The Coll('S<' of Pu ge t Sound l.og·l\'c rs travel to E a stcl'rl Washin g to n to k.: on Ihf Whi tworth P ira. te'. CPS shou ' roil to a 20 to H win. OREN H D..D E BR A. rn R OLl.S 290 GAME SOl'homon LOREl\i HIl.DEBRA:"IiD ITecntl' owkd a 2:)0 'am e at {Continued on p a :;o: '1-)



508 Garfield

Ex pert Dry Cle ani ng


La undry Service



(Just a block off campus) Open Wednesday evenings u nt il 9 o 'clock


RESULTS THIS WEEK Eve rg reen S. 3 6, DeJardin 18; D r J ardines 20, We ste rn 6 ; Ever­ g ree n X. 30, Tacoma 14 ; E astern 1'2, Everg ree n ~. 6; .W cstrTn 18 Clover Creek 0; 3rd Floor 3 b, 2nd Floor 0 ; 'Hh Floor 14, Clo\' 'r G reek 12; 3rcl Floor 20, E\'e rg reen N . 6; Eve rg ree n S. 12, 2nd Floo r D.; T a ­ coma 12, Eastern 48; Wt:ste rn 30, Evergreen N . 6 ; 4th Floor 18, 2n FIQor 1:1.


330 Garfield Street

2 :! 1


One-Da y Service Mr·s. Jo Summers

Parkland Center

Phone LE. 7-4300

P age Four

Friday, Oct. 17, 1958



• Ie r

e ec

Lady Lutes

PLC C on cert C horus PLC sCo ne, rt Chor us hall l'icct.'d (lffkt' for th, 1958-59 l;l'aSon. h y arc (;1 r< ' Lt~dunl prr~idrnLi Bob Erirkson . vi co presidt'nt; Sylvia fyll· in , ~eClC'u ry·t r :\,urer: Anita Greg· ., t' ,rn aud De t ty ~ [a,r\l , librnr! 10, ; D .. v.; Ga"njck~, Il C reprr5~ n taliv' ; od N~n J tixrutl, pal ,1i it y c hair ·

miln. This group is under thr' d ir~c tion

of Mr. . r t'dpric k 1.. Nt'\vnl1am , w h o is te mpor:1rily r d ie \ in " p art of D r. R. BYH rd Fri ~. b u~y ~cht"dule. Se'" , I I.wriormanc('s are al read y sch ed· u led. i n I ud i n g- th, t raditional Christ mas ('One· n in conjunc t ion with tht, C hoir of th e W est and the orc he, t ra .

Alpha Phi Omega Thi ~ c 'cn in g the annua l Alph a hi ([rlf''''' (A PO) pl ~ d" t: p art y wi ll be !1C"ld a t amp Ki lworth. The

pa r ty, to be held f rom 7 to 11 p.m., i, lri(" tI ),:1 d ;,te affai r. Durin g t h e {'vening's pled g mg- ce remony a pprOl(· imat ) ten n w m r mbf" rs will be n into the fra tf' wi ty. ( After th is lTutW.l q'Te!TIO n y the: pled !,!ing initia­ r.i on will ccmtinuc for o ne month). Th t ]('tnaind a of the cv cn in~ wii! hI ,p.. nt p!aym/!: games, c~ tin ~ a nd


Cha irml' n for thl a ffa ir a rc D a \'c Chri l i ~ n " nd B ill ', w('omel, prep · :lr.l tion of C ;l1np K ilw rt h; Sir:; L ar­ son, ame's; Bob Olso n, pi dgin!'!'; .and DIm Schu ltze, !'d re5h rn ·n ts .


till" lUI V. d .,. Lul~s th i, )(" [

.ifr ~de .. duh d fur Ih,. "coml Tu ("s­ 3} uf ,",)(;h month in Hii' lounge of Sr" tth IT II

Th, f(: i l full sdtcdl1lt p la rl ll.. d for th tontif" '. ,tr. ,laning WIth the Hall \ I n p. ') on (k tolK' r 22 . ( lffilT r of Lady Lu t"! for Ih,' I t ar r, ' pn'side nt, JI ne Broe eke! :

" in: P fT S: ( nl. D ana TU rcot t; '(" (" i'f'­ la r y· t r(':Jsu rer, ( oll IO Ln H d lll1a ll;

(01 re~po lld i, g ,,-erc·tary, CJ rol F ish· er: .lI1d ad"is!T of th e c rou p, l\1rs. F:' ieh C . Knorr. All married W() tnt'rl and wi\ 't; of c(J Il" l(e studellts arC' w!lc()m e to be­ corn': a p a rt of this rg-aniza tioll. Purpos e of this organiza tion is to ~r-t acquainted w ith oth er w ivcs, pro· m olr f ri e t1d!i n ~5S a nd good wi ll. Th e li st of ma rricd w ome n this yea r is 150 .

Student Congregation Gets ecolld P stor The Rcv. J ohn L a rsgaard of Belle·

\'ue has accepted the call to seDT

~5 pastor of the student congrega·

tion, it was a n n ounced by D r. Philip

. H au ge, PL • d ea n.

R ev. L ars~aard , wh will aS5u me hi~ new pos.t in J a nuary, su cceed s

Iht: R." v. Robert W. L u t nes w ho left

()(" tob r 1.

R t·\, . L ar gaard is a graduate of

fLC and L uther Sem ina r y. H has

,.vt'd p ill;slw in Conwa y, Wash ., ;>rld Ve ntura, Glilif. H e was a r:imp bin in the U . S. Army fran: 195"· ,5 7 and pHt of th at time hl ,crvcci at Fort L eWI S.

. 1I , nnoun ccUlenlJl m ust be in dlC.: d liierulrcd box in the 'UB no later Ihan 5:30 p.m. to he announce nt dinner.

Th 1'..\ . sysrent will DOl lie llsed for c;llllpai!,'TIin '. P<:J1>Onal grcetings. nllli or announce· n1~nl.\ uul~ authoci7e ll by Slu­ dl'm Co uncil or Ihe Dean of \\-ollleo', om c. Only t h Q e an nou ncements \\ hith have t'.n dearl'd by the dea n 's office or other authorized persons shall be, rea d 0\ er the spea ker system.

The person. desiring the an­ nouncement mllst get t he si gna· ture of M iss W ickstrom or Jay Tronsda le, in the Student Body o ffice. all the a nnouncement.

Hap-hazarding L incoln L anes in

.r .lcorna.

ecreaf'on rogram Sch dule for Gy

:\ co·r( creat iona! pr o~arn fo r all will Clpen it s ,!'cu nd 'ear a t l '!.( tld. tH"Tlin in lit gymll~.s i m . [\C'ry Friday il nd Sl'lUrday night, ,'. ' ll-'t durin\{ H uml'(urni ng or wh e n the '- . ~n is in us'' for another fune· li0n. th" fa Billl's will P" a \'aiillblc t lJ<Jlh 1l111l a ltl worn!',.. st uuu, ts be­ t " ,·,'n 7::l0 iln d 9::10 pm. M'mlmrs ui lh' phY,I("al rducatIon drpart · m' rrt nrt or gani.. ing thi~ pl "~nm. ' I his Saturday lhr Social .otUDl it­ Ir'r' ,,[ till" Intrr· ·lub Cou nl-il W Ill prt ~( nl a . (Jl dally of,:!ani zed ~ \'rr in uf :ll'lolVny. T b" mcmbcn of this "olllmi u ('(' an: Karr'n K nil l 011, Bar· ~tud"lI ts

ha ra J ohnson. M aVIS r,\'ere ll, Kalh, Knutson, J<·rrv. r rir'~l)n .lnd 80 .ri 'ks.uJl. Any club or orcaruzalion which · ...d in bt'l nl{ n I ('[\ illl ID uing' ; r~C"ruuion I pnlg 11 is invit"d to ~p'·ak. to .J;I~ 1 mmd. h', ICC presidlon! Ii

" i r.t

11 ' \'


Charm Beauty Salon liftgbloom

Blanch ..

413 G ARf iElD ST.


l E 7·7475


512 South 112th Street ( 'o ntinu c:d from I-'agc .~ )

His 682 sc ri s th at night is good rn ,,"ybo y's


GO -- TEAM -- GO

Tw forme r I'Le tca mmalcs n n~ now each oth !!r'" rival s. TOl"nlY GIU\.ffiR a t Franklin P ierce Hi g h School is the as. istant f tball coach for the Card inals wh ile RON McALLISTER is an assistant grid Ol~ntor at R enton Hig-h School. McAllister drew first blood last week a the Renton Indians defeated the Ca rdinals 19 to 12. Both Gilmer and Mc· Allister a re 1953 grads.


. .L£





Greek Clu b ,rrr k cl ub m ember>, p~ ri~h wn r k­ f'f~ and orh .. rs i nte '!"I"~l<'cl i chu rch work r(' i nv; te' d to t he a n nua l get: acquainlnl p rty 'flOMOT( d hy tht' Gree k. club. fib" jJ I t~ " ,ill br- held Su" dll} at oJ p.m . :n the F riendship Room ot riniLY I .u t hf"l"a n Chu r ch. M n d o no t It \'C l be membe rs (If th e reck club to a ttC'n d. II

"1"f.WS\ s a lt · ",dc-orne. E [~t r!<li nml.':lt

auo lunr h "ill be p rovided.

Rules Set For CU Announcing



Glenn Campbell, P. O. Box 121


Bookstore Bargain,s I. Cartridge Pen s, $3.44 value for ... $ .75 2. Mode l T-Z Sweats hirts $3.85 value for ..

. ... $2. 0

3. Paperbounds ... new copies wee kly 4. New Testament

Mod e rn English by Philips 5. Diary of Anne Frank In

6. Car Coats ... Surcoats ... Jackets

PLC Boo stOT



Floweis for All Occas ions 12173 Pacific Ave.





(Foot of Garfi eld) We Deli ver

OCTO BER 13;: 18, 1958


LAURINArs apparel We Outfit Coeds 406 Garf ield

Iymp ek Sport: 5 op

LE . 7-53 17

15TH AN D TACOMA AVENUE Feat uri ng -



NOW . . .




Preview of Warren Miller's Movie Every Night

FOR RENT Special Student Rates


1610 Center st. MA.7-4801

Prizes and Equipment to Lucky Winners COME IN AND REGISTER

Eleme tary...

my dear \Vatson! From the happy look on your physiog, from he cheerful lift you seem to be enjoying, I deduce

you are imblbing Coca-Cola. No mystery

about why Coke is the world's favorite

••• Bu('h taste, such sparkle! Yes, my favorite case is always a case of Coke l



IoHled und. r ol/thorlty of The Coco·CoIo Company by PACIFIC COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY,

TACO ~ ,


Queen and Court As thc spotligh t swung across the stagt' during chapel last Friday, the rcmaininr.r Homecoming Queen fi­ nalist, C li ntcna Wells, was thinking, "It couldn' t be me, it ju t couldn't bt:! " An instant later her doubts were proved wrong as the whole student body, includi ng Princcsses Marilee Ander nand Bar b a- r a Johnson, rose to acclaim the 1958 Home(: omi ng Queen . Tlw popular ash-blonde is from Anacortes, Washington. "Clink," as shc is called by fricnds, is majo ring in sccondary education, concentrat­ ing on sc ience and speech. She is undccid l!"d about her future career. Now a junior, she has actively par­ tici pa ted in Drill Team for three years and was co-chairman last year. Also, last y • r, she was selected as on c of thc sophomore attendants in the May Festi\·al.

C on tl ove rsia l "Initiative 202," W.H h ington' proposed " light to WOI k" meas ure, w ill be di c ussed pro a nd (on next T uesda y ni ght a t 7:00 in CB-200, an no un n· d the hi s­ tur y an d p olitical sc ience dub~ . Th i~ me~s u n: . w h ich has been (. n­ <lurst d in 5l'vera l states b y the R e­ publI ca n party. will be a ffi rmat iv ely Jiscu ssf'd b y Mr. H ow a rd R eed, Ta­ cun hwyel a nd gradu a te of H a r­ ard_ A union representative will pi nt SUm!; of the views agai ns t Ih t ,·d m<:asur(" . ·0 n - and PlOspcct ivt votCI w ill ppor uni ty to I l n l th. r, t mel ft: lir . .. u nw n! th.. -I i ssu~ . An upen di~cu~ ion w i I foll o " the p rog ra m .


As interesting as the rel igious variations are th e geographi cal distributions. W ashington is out in front with 1066 students. and California is a distant se cond with 171 . Oregon rum. a close third with 153, while M ontana has 50, Idah o 29, Alaska 14. Th . t· places h ave sc nt from one 1(> kll st uden ts: Minnesota , Wiscon-

With her la rge bluc-gray cycs shining she expressed htT apprecia­ tion at being el ected . "This is a won­ derful honor," shc stated, "and I wish to thank everyone so much:' Princess Ba r bara Johnson, 20­ year-old senior from Everett, Wash­ ington, has been in many activities during her three years at PLC. Last year found her al' vice president of A WS and on the student rouncil. Shc is presently ch a irma n of the

Parkland , Wash .

Volume XXXVI

0 0

boa rd of d eacon esses. M a joring in d (,flIcntary ('duca­ tion . Barbara pI 1m to t each first grad e. "I'm very proud a nd h appy to b e representing PLC;' sh c comDlcnted. Riding horses is one of her favorit e pastimes. Next 1:0 that ra nks playing football, wh ieh is just what she an d Princess M a rik," And erse n will be doing in th e Powder Puff game to­ Illorr01A'.

Marilee is the only Tacoma girl in the court. Sht> is a native b ut spent six months in Norway in 1952. T eaching physical education on the st>condary level is her ambition. Marilee is currently se rving as A WS secretary and n :gional director of Spurs. Her reaction to being elected? HUH! This is th e one time a Sca n­ d ina \-ia n is sp t:chkss!"

i 11l [I C ·i nr -n.1 W ~II , \". 11 be crowlH·d by l!. S _COI1!'!l't· !IIa n ThOl Toll d on t uig h t n th(· ( MS Audi111 tl1 oCril i. 1\ t H <r It (-(111 111

Ih cr

sin, N orth D akota , Illin ois , Co lo­ rad o, M ich igan . Sou t h D ako ta , Iow a , Te xas.. lita h, Arizona , A la ­ bama , Florid a , M assachusetts, :;.lew YOI , Mi ssou ri, Wyom in_lt, H awaii, Distri ct of Columbi a , Ge rmany, N orwa y, H ong K ong, Canad a , Iraq, KOIta, T aiwa n ( Fo rmosa ) a nd Bra­







corona tion,

ac ti\'itie~

" 1 thi nk i:'5 grea t! " ch ime d d a tt'd Pa ul after he w a s chose n H a ndwll1e Harry. Th -. ba cking of the Li n ne

Society a nd the L etterm a n's C lub w as a b ig facto r in his success, h e add ed. A ctive on ca m p us, hc is tra in er for th e va rsity a th­ ktes a nd p res id ent of the L<: ttt' rma n's Club. Last spring h e p a rtic ipated in the M ay Fest iva l a nd will be taking pa rt a ga in this year. Counsel ing the men of fifth floor O ld M a in is a nother ac tivity of the- 19 58 Handsome Har ry_ Pa ul b as , pread his PLC ca ree r over 5everal years_ A ft er a tten ding PLC for one year, h e joined th e N avy for a four-yea r tour of dllty. Then h e worked in civil aero na utics for two yea rs prio r to retu r ning to PLC_ A se ni ol' "c\uca ti on major from PlIya llup, Paul i ~ better k nuwn as "Ehncr Fudd," a "mo ni ke r'" conferred by th e- L etterm en. His m a jor a rea of concentration is in th e field of socia l stud ies w ith a m inor in physica l edu cation.



Eri c

Friday, October 24, 195 8

Iy •

Y, Paul Temp­ lin, is Dave Gabrielson , who opens the CU B door with ques­

tionable humi lity. Hand some Harry will be crowned during ceremon ies fo llow ing the Powder Puff foo tbo l gam" to mor­

Number 5




\;oldh t.lm of 1 r , p o '-'r I d ..partm n t Itil' p lo 'i (kd ;t uniqlll- op' ra hOllse , ' ·ttmg. Enl " r a inml nt will be fur­ nish('(1 I th(, E ', hth ~ () t t S, AI O<t­ I MIt ,.d st j. Illl ' D " , a~ ( $­ , ,rt ( I II' tb,' w l"'!: cnd : (Ii!; l i C5 at_ P au l Tl'mpltn, D on D ou glas and DaITC'1 H ines. Foil w in g the coro­ !lil tion, Quc-en Clintcna will knight football captains George Fisher ::Ind Dick Goodwin .

-lit· allinmi, a n Dc-! Schaf'l, Dr Kenneth Pa t.., Mrs. L::M n t.. H ed­ lund and Mr•. Eugene AL rc nd l.

Varied themes highlight cam­ pus dccorations, which repb r e t h e traditional parade". D evelopin g the

Sat urdai' morn infJ a t 9 :30 will fe a tu . c th e u pperc\ass wom en r uS the f reshmen g irls in the a nnua l Powder Puff gam c. Tlie crow ning of H a nd some H a rry, Paul Te mplin, will follow this, Focal p oi nt of th e whole weekrnd " th,' PLC -W estern ga rnt: to bt' held Lincoln Bowl at 1:30 Saturday afternoon .

Home coming theme, "Spirit of t h e W est, " e a c h orga nization has worli cd all a special phase in :a spe cified area. De corations j udges, choSC'I1 from

rry C rowned Tomo ro

Paul Templin, PL C's 1958 H a ndsom e Har ry, will be officially crowned follow ing Homecomin g's Powder P uff footba ll gamt: tomorrow morni ng .

row .


on sche( u lt! for th e ,," cekcn d ' arc campu s decorations .i u d ~ i ug and awarding, the post-coronation pep rally and mixer. thl' alulllni din­ ner. th e Powder P uff game and crowning of H a ndsollic Harry, thl: foot ha ll gam e be tween PLC and '''estern , the Homecoming play and Sunda y worship services an d o pen house. Coffee hours will be scattered throughout the week­ end.

ma t


al·o om co

yal Div rsity at P[C

The largest Luthe ran group f('prese n ted on campus is th e ELC with 601 students. Second biggest is the ALC with 182 and third is Au slana wi th 157. M issour i. lJ LC, L u theran F r c e, UELC, Wisconsin, Suomi, N orweg ian and AELC synO<b plus the C hurch of Norway also have students here. The wide ra nge of oth er churc hes includes 95 M ethodists, 74 P resby­ teria ns, 6 1 Baptists, • nd 35 Roman Catholi cs_ Also, there arc some from ihe Episcopa lia n, Christia n, C ove n­ a nt, Congregational, P entecosta l, Evangelica l. Christ ta n Science, Lat­ ter Day Sai n ts, A n n t' ni a n Orth od ox, Unitarian, Seve nth D a y Adve n tist , Nazarene. J ewi sh, Friend s ( Quak­ e1 ), the Salvation Ar my, Buddhi, t and independent churches.

Quccn Clintena has many inter­ ests. Tops on h er list arc music and sports.

" m tIn

'202' Discussion Set: lor Tuesday

Behind d ull, ro ld sta tis ti cs oft en a _ II tc resting sto l ies. PLC's ..:nroll­ men t ii urr, J 554, cOllcxals a sto ry f diverse 5tudl.:nt reli gious affilia ­ tion and gcog la ph ic di stributi on. T h e nam e Pacifi c Luthc: r. n C ol­ 1eg<' is dece ivi ng becau se more th a n 400 p eople enro lled a re affili ated W it h 2 1 d iffcrcnt non-Luthera n <-hurcht:S, ra n »i n g from R Q 111 a n Catholic to Buddhist.

Upon r turning to the "Royal Palace," South Hall B-19, afte r the Friday chapel announcement of her victory, "Clink" found h er room artistically dccorated w ith tissllc paper, compliments of Linda Effin­ ger and Elsie McLeod .


Clintena Wells, above, Princess Barbara Johnson, righ t, an d Princess Maril e. An­ denen , lowe. right.

tatis ic

Active at PLC

Fo\lo~;nl( tonigh t's , iU fa il il I I I nli pep raIl)' on lower cam p . _ I n tr l­ duetion of th e team plus tit U'iUal antics of the cheerkaders and SO il \t aders arc sched uled . At 9:30 a student body mixer will be held_ in th gym.

Old grads will have an oppor­ tunity to get reacquainted at the Alumni D inner se t for 5:30 Satur­ da y in the CUB dining hall. En­ tcrtainnrent, plus a turl(ey dinner, will be pr ovided. Greetings will be expresscd by H omecoming Queen Clintcna W ells, D ean Philip E. Hauge, stud ent bod y presid ent Don Douglas and alumni presi­ d cnt Lawrence J. Hauge . ~i a.stcr of reremonies will be Jay Trons­ dale. Tickets {or the dinner · will cost $1.50. Molierc's comed y, "The I magin­ a r y lid," w ill b e p rescnled in the CMS Au d itori um a t 8 :30 p.m. Saturda y . The pla y is being pro­ duct'd by th e Alph a Psi Omega in conjun c tion w ith the PLC speech d " partrnt'nt. Bob Fleming is dir 'c­ tor of thc p la y. The R cv . Roy Olson, PLC di rec­ tor of publi c rela tions, will speak durin n- Sunday m o rning wor~hip serv iccs ill th.. CMS. Both the C boir oi th e W est a nd the student congre· ga ti on choir will sing.

Ope n H Ollse in a ll the d onnitorie fr oIll 2 to 5 p _m . Sunday will con­ clude H omccomi II g 1958.

Page Two


Friday. October 24, 1958

Senator Ma nuson To At S tudent on Tess SClla ror Wa rren G. M agnuson will the " Sta te of the Union" message a t th e' 10 th annu al Stu d~ n t Gong 5S to bl; held at PLC Satur­ dol , N o\,. 1. PurpOS<.· of the congress is to a cquaint studen t with our gov­ ernment and p olitical parties. Parlkipa ting students register as R epublicans or Democra ts and the par t y affiliation continues throughout the day. ddi \"l~ l"

Abuut 40 to 50 hi gh schools from this an'a will pa rti cipate. Ad a n ce r ·gistr:J. tion for the confab indicates ~ b ig ~ e r tu rnou t th an p revious y 'ars, according to Jim T raynor, d irector of he St udc nt C ongress. A total of 200 studen t Sena tors a nd R 'presentatives is ex pected. A politi king h 0 u r, committee m,·t tin " H ' sc = d Sena te meet­ ings nn II join t s("ssion of COllg l S

Eastvolds Greet Ho ecoming From India


ov. I

a re on schedule for the day. Pa rty a ni ons, such as choosing party floor k aders and " whiV," will be in­ dude d. At 9:30 Senator Magnuson will give the "Stale of the Union" address in the GMS A uditorium. All sessions of the congress, wh ich is sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta, national speech fraterni ty, are open Lo the public. On th e stee ring committ ee fo r th e cong ress a rc- D on Douglas, Bettclou Mac dona ld a nd Cal Capene r. Com­ m it k" chairmen are 0 r inDahl, ge neral arran gements; H erb Demp­ S(Y. p ubli city; Louise K raabel.. bal­ lo t commi tt"c; J eris R a ndall, r eso­ lut ions com mittee; Bettelou M ac­ don ald, n·gis trati on; an d Bob O lsen, incidentals. Prof. T . O. H. K a rl of the PLC Speech dc pa ltlTI l' lIt, is ad­ vise r .


pep rally a nd tomorrow 's game will be the task of these cheer and song leaders. The cheer lead­ ers, above , are, left to right, Roger Reep, Jant Aust, Bob Gross, linda Effingor, Bar­ bara Au.t a nd Joe Smith . Left to right , be low, are song leaders Nancy Olson, Grace Hel g ren, Rita Altp. ter, Ka ren Bi rd. Charmaine J ondall an d Tonell.. Erich. n.

CHECJ(ING TROPHIES in p reparat ion for the 10th ann ua l Siudeni Congr.a5 are. left to rig ht, Judi Johnson , J im Tray nor, and Jeris Randall . The Studant Con­ greS5. with Sen . Warr~ n Mognuson as featured speaker. will be held at PLC Nov. 1.

PLC Thespians Pick 'Diary of Anne Fran •

For the L

O n N ovembe r ~O, 2 1 an d 22 thl! ail -school pla y, " The Dia ry of Anne Fra nk," will be p resented by th e speec h depa rtment in t he CMS. M iss J a ne Smi th is the director a nd is assisted by Arl ene H alvor. Th is story was dra matizd by F ran­ ces G oodrich and Albe rt ' H ackett a nd was taken from th e book, " Anne F ra nk, The Dia r y of a Young Girl." The cas t consists of: Mr. Fra nk, Ray Braaten; M iep, M a rtha R og­ nt·ss; Mrs. V a n D aan, Gilli Dryer; Mr. Van D aa n, Bob E. Olson ; Peter V a n Daa n, Fred Bindel; M rs. frank, Ba rbara Stuhlmiller ; M a rgot Fra nk, Sheila K nutson ; Anne F ra nk, Bob­ bie J o Baird ; M r. R raier, Rcx Pet­ e rson ; :md M .r. Dusscl, Bob Flemi ng. Sct decoration is supervised y Mr. Eric: Tordholm.

PLC's yell leaders a nd songlead­ ers are pla nnin g a big surprise for the aft er-corona ti on bonfire a nd p cp rally tonight. "You will have to comc to find out the surprise," they commented, refusing to reveal the secre t. Four of the cherleaders al'e re­ turning vete rans from last year. Th~ quartct from last year-junior Janet Aust, sophomores Linda Effinger, Rog r R eep a nd Joe Smith-will be assiatcd in t e vocalizing a nd gym­ nastic chores by frash Barb Aust and sophomore Bob Gross. Jane t, an elem entary education major, i. from V a ncouver, Wash­ ington, as is h er sister Barb. Barb is taking a general course, might decide on pa rish work as a vocation. I.inda, a T acoma-ite, p lans to teach high gchool. Roger and Bob are both education m a jors from ~ft . Vernon. Joe, a Vita-C raft salesma n whose home is Seattle, is prepaJ·.ing for the seminary.

Cheerleaders will sh ow off new outfits when basketball season starts. " Anyone knowing any cleve r yells or ideas will be listened to with rapt attention," they add ed in ncar unison.

R eturnin g songleaders from last year are juniors Rita Altpeter a nd G rae e Helgren, and sophomore Charmaine Jondall. Other son g­ lead ers a re sophomores Ka ~n Bird a nd Toni Ericksen, a nd junior Nan­ cy Olson. All the gi rl are ed ucation maj ors except Grace, who is a business ma­ jor. C alifornia and Washington a~ represented very well by the girls, fo r Grace, Karen, Toni and Nancy all come to PLC from Sea ttle, wbile Charmaine ha ils from San Diego, and Rita's home is V entura, Calif.


Ladies' and Gents' Sportswear


The songleaders, who are plan­ ning new routines to replace the old ones, will also have new outfits by basketball season .

Best Wishes for a Successful Homecoming



Door prizes compliments of Catalina, Van Heusen an

Day's Tailored Clothing

PLC's Art MU3cum will ho~ a special exhibit in honor of Home­ comin g. Completed last 'M ay, the museum has been empty up until now, due to the time it takes for students to complete work. For those who have not se.en this room, it is just back of the Coffee Shop in the College Union Building. The large modernistic painting tha t has been there was done col­ lectively by the students in Mr. Ros­ kos' pa inting class at the close of last year.

For the Gent: FALL SPORT 5HIRTS-$4.00 value _.._._._.._.._._. _______ $2.99 HOODED 5WEATSHIRTS-$3.98 value _.__ ______ ___.__ $2.99 MEN'S SOCKS-$l .OO value___ ..__.._....._..79c or 2/$1 .50






FALL PLA YWEAR-$2 .9 8 to $9. 98_. _.. .now 1.99-$7 .50 Speci o I Group W EA TERS______ .______._.. __.... _._ $3 .98-$22.98 FALL SKI T5 __ .... _...._. __ .._. ___ .____ _.__ _.______ ..... _.$2.99-$10.50

PLe's New Gallery Holds Art Exhibit

Yell, Song leaders Plan Su prises

' _,lTe ti ngs from India! Mrs. Ea5tvold and I are sepa t d from you by thousands of mile. t Homecoming weekcnd, our houghts a nd prayers a ' with you. May you h<lv~ a wonderful tim, t O~lher­ studt'nts, faculty, staff, J.lumni and fril"' nds. We miss all of you a t home a greal dea l, and ' his will be especially tru a t Homecoming. Through the yC'u s it ha5 alw ys b en a gr t Lh nll t ta ke p rt in th t: wonderfu l 3ctivit it's you st udent put o n and to \'i~' t with th r- il l ll ni .1l1d frie.nds who come to the campus. f he Lord' s r ichest II'5S1ng! to all o you, ;lnd we I ok fOl'w ilrd 0 our uwn hom ( omi n in ym; r id t De­ ("ml r 2.

C ordia lly,

D . S. C. E.'\STVO LD

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'rlday, October 24, 1958


mooring mast

Unpredidable 'Invalid'

Challenges PLC Cast

Editor .. ............ .. ............ .... .. ... ................ ..... Dick L ondgren

Ne.....s Editor... ..... .. ......... ............................. Herb Dempsey

Sports Editor.................. ................................John Hanson

F.-ature Editor........... ....... ........ ....................Carol Morris Manager ................_.......... .......Mary Lou Engen

Adviser .......................... ....................... .Mr. Milton Ncsvig

Office: College Union Buildillg Phon" LEnox 7-8611, Ext..nsion of I Subscription price $3 .00 per ycar.

Homecoming for Grads Welcome, alumni! HOIfIC:'­ coming i! designed for you. This is the opportunity for . old grads to renew friend­ ships :Iud re-live their col­ lege days as well as for not­ ing the changes on their campus. This year, especially, the students of PLC want to honor you. Your contribu­ tion to the growth of the college, via the PLC DI"­ \·tJopment F'uud, is t r u I y appre ciated by the student body. HOIne.: ruing 1958 is :l tribute to your generosity :UJd interest. Only with your help Is PLC able to con­ tinue its thredold t'ducational program, emphasizing the physi I, menta l and spiritual growth of its stu­ dents.

1958 Eledions "Off-year" elections will be held throughout, the cuuntry Nov -1-. Ab~ence of the Presidential con te t in the "off-year" eI.!ctiOlu causes voter apathy. But these d ec 'ons are important. All 436 seab in the House will be filled; 36 Senators will be chosen ; 34 govcl'I1orships will be at stake' and many local of­ fices and issuCi will be decided. Several major issues face the voters of the country. One is the recession and unemployment. To PLC students seeking suntDler work and to graduates seeking permanent employment, this i5­ sue is of direct concern. To solve this problem Democrats want a long-range: program of govern­ ment spending. Ilepublicans, on the other band, uy that the problem is already nloving toward satisfactory adjustment. Labor corruption, recently focused on D ave Bec,k of Seattle and now Jimmy Hoffa, both of the Team­ liters' union, was examined by a Senate investigating committee. Republicans charge that the D emocratic controlled Congress failed to plUS necessary legislation to curb racketeering ill labor. Also in the labor picture is the "right to work" law, which bas a lready bee n passed by 19 states. This type of , law states that everyone has the "right to work," regardless of union affiliation. Democ.rats charge that this law undermines all progress made by labor unions. Voting on "Initiative 202" will decide the question in Washington. Government corruption is another issue. Dem­ x:rats point to Shennan Adams, special .assistant to President Eisenhower, as an example of Ilepublican corruption. AccuSt:d of using his influence to get favors for Bernard Goldfine, Adams resigned his post last month but denies guilt. On the Red-Nationalist China issue, Democrats in­ sist that approaching the brink of war for a few inde­ fensible islands off the coast of China is ridiculous. We must draw the line somewhere on aggression, coun­ tcr Republicans. Public or private development of hydro-electric power is a big question in the Northwest. Democrats favor government development; Republicam want pri­ vate investment. Many key contests are being waged now. In California an especially intemc: campaign is on for the governor's position. Republican Senator Wil­ liam Knowland, who has endorsed the: "right to work" bill, is battling Democrat State Atty. Gen. Edmund Brown. New York is the location of a struggle between millionaires for the gubernatorial post. Nelson Ilockefeller, Ilepublican, is challeng­ ing Gov. Averell Harriman, Democrat. Alaska will elect t.....o Senators, one Repruc:ntative and a governor in a special election on Nov. 25. Thus, these "off-year" electionJ a n have a great bearing on policies ranging from international to local licale.-DICK LONDGREN.


for tomorrow night's Homocomlng play are, left to righI, director Bob Fleming, Sol..elg Leraas, Sylvia Sod.rgaard and Fred Bindel. The play, Molier.'s "Tho Imaginary Invalid," II being produced by Alpha Psi Omega, national drama fratornity.

Coeds Study Hula-Hoop Science By Barbara Jack.~on and Alice Jessen " Watch out! Here it comes! That gyrating, .:ircular D1a~s of synthetic matcrial--thc hula-hoop." This .....arning cry may be heard echoing from our .:am pus at any time. Thne are various methods by which one may'launch this cycloid into orbit. The first is the " consl'l'vative" method in which the individual takes the easy wa y out by moving only slightly. In the "petrified-man" method, one dcpc:nds solely upon the biceps to produce the momentum which inevitably ends in a spiral to the floor. Then there is the "South Sea Islander" me thod; need we say more? Til.- "knick-knack breaker" has good intentions but he must surmou nt numerous obstacles in l·c3.ching his goal. Nc:ediesli to say, only those in the Rockefeller-Vanderbilt category can fford this destructivc style. Last, but not least, i.• the " cycl nic" method (most cODWlonly used among the student hoopers' consisting of fervent movement of the tono . ccompanied by wi ld gesticulations culminating in a final frenzy-a$ the hilOP falls to the floor. We experts in the fine art of hula-hooping have one sug stion for becoming proficient in this cultural activity-KEEP IT UP!

Tower for Mooring Dirigibles Inspired 1924 Journalist:s By Audry Hart Where did the name "Mooring Mast" comc from? Does it have anything to do with Scandinavians or Vikings or Gladiators? Or d oes it have something to do with ships and th eir dockings? Or, let's see, could it be connected in some way with thi: masthead of the paper? The answer is no to all those queries about th,' name of the PLC news­ paper. People of the jet-age would never gucss the sourcc of the name, but it was a logical choice in 1924 when the newspaper was organized. Then the countr), was a gog about a "light­ er than air" mode of transportation -dirigibles. These airships couldn't land on the ground like modern airplanes,

Absentee Ballot Aids Collegiate Voters Are you a registered voter? If so, this article may apply to you. Voting time finds many college stu­ dents away from home and out of their precinct. The general tendency is to let this chane ' to vote slip by. But if you want your voice in gov­ ernment to be heard, this is the way: Any properly registe red voter who expects to be absent from his p re­ cinct at election tim.: may apply to his county or city clerk for an ab­ sentee ballot during a specified time beforehand. This application should include thc reason for ab ence, the signature of the person applyin g, and his present and home addresses. These directions apply to Wash­ ington, Oregon, C.alifornia, Montana and Idaho.


so for mooring these "blimps" all

over the country towen were con­

structed. One of these: towen,

which were known as mooring

masta, Willi built on the prairie

south of Spanaway n e a r Fort

Lewis. Even the: first American

dirigible, the "Shenandoah," an­

chored there.

At the height of this dirigible craze, 1924, PLC students and ad­ ministration succumbed to the p ress ­ ing need for a campus newspaper. This would inform the alumni of PLC activities, publicize our school to outsiders and make a pennaru:nt re cord of campus events. When chOO5wg a n a III e for PLC', newspaper, these: fledgling journalists were naturally inspired by the silhouette of the mooring .Dlast rising from the prairie. Wha t better nantc could be giv­ en the paper than the Mooring Mast? Just as the mooring masts for dirigibles were destined to be­ come centers of community inter­ est throughout the nation, dis­ pensing information to all seeken , so would the PLC newspaper be­ come the nucleus of news and ideas at PLC. But only the PLC Mooring Mast survived the vici5­ situ des of time-the originals died from disuse. Ot:casionally studenu wonder if the name of the paper could be changed to something more mean­ ingful. But why change one of the most unique newsp per names in the country? A mooring mait may not be as modem as a rocket launching tower, but it does have the tradition of an adventurous era.

Moliere's "Th;: Imaginary Invalid," which opened yesterday, will be presen ted for a Homecoming audi­ ence tomorrow night at 8:30 in the CMS Auditorium. The 17th century French sa.tirical comedy reflects the feding of the playwright toward the backward physicians of his time. A man in love with his health, his daughter in lovc with a disapproved suitor and his wife if" love with money are the peculiar components of the fast-moving plot. Interviews with the members of the cast indicate the parts are challenging to portray. Herb Dempsey, playing thc imaginary invalid, said, liThe part is especially chall.-nging because I know its history. Changing from the robust, healthy Ardin to the imaginary invalid is a problem. History says that Mo­ liere was playing the part of the invalid when he was stricken with a fatal illness. I am sure he died of ex­ haustion after chasing the maid around the room." Solveig Leraas, as Toinette the maid, quipped: "The person I do most of my scenes .....ith is quite a chal­ lenge!" "Both the cast and the play a T(: a challenge," con­ cluded director Bob Fleming, "but the antics in Mo­ lie re's usual comic vein will tickle the audience."

fleming sez:

By Bob Fleming Heigh ho, everybody! Thia is Uncle Bob-Bob again. The ollly guy on campus with five o'clock shadow on the top of his head. . . . I know a guy who went blind from drinking the coffee shop', coffee. That's right­ left the spoon in his cup.

DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT- tlu: bop ca.nnibal? Eats three squares a day. . . . IS IT TRUE that since the quiz show scandals the professors on campus will stop giving tests? Possible. OVEIlHEAIlD-He can't be a very IfOOCl doc­ tor.. All his patients are sick. •.• Speakiq of medicine, medical science is always on the mon. Jo'irst, it pve us sulpha drugs, then clalorophyll, then penicillin, and now the greatest cliscoycry of them all-frozcn bandages! For cold cuts. TESTIMONIAL : Dear Mr. Fleming: I read your last column while taking a bath. That makes two of WI that are washed up. . . . SODlething puzzles me. (Continued on page 6)


wa. a part of tho original 1924 'LC Moarln, Mast nameplate. U..d to anchor dirig­ ibles, which woro a rovolutlona" ..... In transportation at tho tl_, a IIIHrlng mad _s considered an approprlato narno5Gko for tho nowspapor. The dlr­ iglblo drawln" abovo, hoaded a hu_ column In tho original Mooring Malt.

'Vanity Fair' Characters Fit Modern-Day Society By JoAnn Hudson "Vanity Fair," by William Trackeray, is as enjoy­ able a novel today as it was when it was written over a century ago. The title, chosen no doubt from the Vanit}' Fair of Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progrea," gives a good idea of what T hackeray' s intentions were. The novel deals with the people of Victorian England, show­ ing their vanity, their follies and hypocriciel. It won continuous, universal appeal through Thack­ eray's portrayal of the characters. They are as true to life today as they were 100 years ago. One of the main characten, Becky Slarp, it well known throughout the reading world as one of the mOlt vividly drawn characters in literature. Thackeray deals with many types of people in his "novel without a hero" and ill so doing gives an excellent picture of England of that time. Despite limitations on authors of that era, he did a good job of depicting the moral and ethical atandanll of the day. Thackeray shows the people of hill period with thdr faults, vanities and follies-the same that charac­ terizes people of today. His characters could step out of their "Vanity Fair" of Victorian England into our modern liberal world, as we choose to call it, and be quite at home.

Page Four


Friday, Odober 24, 1958

p C Meets Western at Homecoming Gridders Take On Foe Tomorrow •In acoma Pacific Lutheran College's grid forces will be pulling for an upset tomorrow afternoon when they host the Western Wash­ ington College Wildcats in the big event of Homecomin g week­ en d for the Lutherans. The Evergreen Conference game will beg in at 1 :30 in Lincoln Bowl and will find the Gladiators still looking for their first win on the football season. After droppin g a 27-0 encounter to the Seattle Ramblers last Satur­ day at Renton, the Lutes now have lost their first fOllr games of the :season. Last y<:a r the Wildcats bumped PLC 20-1 3 a t Bellingham, and this year Coach Jim Gabrielsen's Lu­ therans will be llUt to get reven ge befoll: th e hom er:oming crowd. In 24 games between the two school!, Western has be ate n the Glads 14 times while the Lut'" have won onl y 7. Three ('ontests have ended in tic s. Li n field C ollc~e III McMiullville, Oregon, handed Western their first defea t of the year last Saturday when they clobbered the Wildcats

J 7-14.. T om Emerson, Wes tern halfback, was li ttle All-American h onorable mention last year, a nd is back spark­ ing their team agnJn t.his year.

Team Photos for Sale Pictures of Pacific Lutheran's 1958 football team are being sold by Lettermen's Club in the CUB and at the game tomorrow, ac­ cording to club president Paul Templin. The price is 50 cents" and the profit will be used for athletic activit ies.

ap-b1zardi 9

by Eugene H ap ala

What better news can we hav" for the alumni this Hom coming week­ end than the annoullccrnent from the Office of Athleti Director MARK ALZMAN and. Coach JIM GABRIELSEN th,lt th e Lutes will possibly be playing their fi nal Homecomin g- gam in the depths of Lincoln Bowl? . Y ,the long awaited promise h as been made to the Lute Athletic D e­ pa rtment by Mr. VANCE, Assistant to the P resident, that work will com­ m nee immediately after this year's gr id seasun on raising and ..e-turfing Q UI" present practi ce field so that the turf will be read y for the 1959 season. No comment was voiced on the subject of lighting or th e eJ ection of a pel"­ mollen t grandstand, but the big step has been made in th e right direction. Now. once again, we migh t be able to pOint to a H omecoming that will truly be cowing home. No more IO!JS of a yearly I"ent bill for Lincoln Bowl a nd (}Ie added revenue from concessions will help to t ake a burden olf the athletic. budget. This money saved will be a g reat help in even­ tually providing the Lutes wi th a field that will be: pointed to with great pride. We are willing to wager that he ~ ttendan ce will increase, not de.:reasc, even if the admi nistration cannot figure in pe rmanent seating and lighting 101 the first two or three years. As all of us so well know, our Northwest weatherma n is not always cooperative in the fall a nd many people stay away from the night games becaUl;1: of the cold evenings. Not only will afternoon games appeal to the local fans, but the age old problem of studen t transportation will he licked. In the past, little, if anything, has been done to provide transportation for the stu· dent body to the games. A committee was selected to help remedy this problem last year, but it was not completely su ccessful. This committee appealed to students with cars to pick up a n ybody who did not have a ride from in front of th e CU B. More times than not, ny of these students were not picked up, arId were forc ed to go dis­ appointedly back to their d orms. They were in the position of an. unfor­ tunate hitch-hike r. Every student buys a n ,ictivity card and if even one student is not able to get to school sponsored activities beca use of a lack of transportation then the activity is failing. The football tea m is for all of us he: at PLC :Ind not meant fOl· the playe rs and coaches alone. We arc glad to see the admi nistration's wise handling of this problem IlIld doing thtir best to alle­ viate the situation. This Homecoming weekend should be a gala one and let's hope that we have a bigge r a nd better weekend h er e at hom e- next year. Wh ether or not aU the home games can be played at home next year is not yet known, but there is now hope that the field will br ready fo r lome of the games.

Flowers for All Occasions 12173 Pacific Ave. LE. 7~206 (Foot of Garf.leld) We Deliver

Third and Fourt Floor Old Main teams play each other this coming Thursday in a tilt that w ill probably decide the 195 8 intramural championship. Going into the final week of play the two are ti€d for the top spot, having each tied one game. Eastern Parkland battled Third Floor to a 12-12 tie yes­

READY FOR HOM ECOM ING GAM E tomorrow is the 1958 Pacific Lutheran team. Fi..t row (left to right': Manager Pa ul Te mplin , Dave Bo ttemiller, Jim Esau, Val Barnes, O ..on Christensen, Bob Bills, George Doebler, Mike Teel, George Fi lhe r, John Jacobson, Kent Tekrony, Leo Eliason, and assistant coach Mark Salzman. Second row: coach Jim Gabrlel,en, Charles Ma ys, Charles Hobbs, Larry Robinson, Roger Lundblad,Zane Wilson, Jerry Donahe, Gordon Koetle, John Mitchell, Gary Vestal, Lou ·Blaesi, Gene Schaumberg, Ron Col'om, AI Broeckel, and Larry Craig. Third row : assistant coach Gene Lundgaard, Gene Aune, Tom Gibbs, Ch uck Robbins, John Hayward, Dave Berg, Ron Walsh, Seth Andenon, Bill Bates, Bob Parker, Dave Ncinhui5, Rog er Guslah on, Bruce Alexa nder, and Chuck Curtis. Not pictured are Dick Goodwin, Tom Mayo, and Lloyd Saine. EVERGREEN CONFERENCE



Old Main Teams Clash

To Decide Intramurals

W Central Wash. .......... 3 Western Wash ........... 2 Eastern Wash . ... ....... 1 Whitworth ........._._ 1 Pacific Lutheran ......0 Puget Sound .. ............0

L 0

o 2 2 2

PF 90 27 27 38 0 39

77 21 49


Glads Will Host

'38 Football Team

Honored guests at the Homecom­ ing game tomorrow will be Pacific Lutheran Colle g e'S 1938 football squad. The ' 38 , q uad won only two while losing four and tieing one but they were alway~ high in spirit a nd were alwaY' good sports on the gridiron . ga m c ~

Whitworth 19, Puget Sound 13. Seattle Ramblers 2 7, Pacific Lu­ theran 0 (non-conference). Linfield 37, Western Washington 14 (non-conference). Centl"lll Washington 27, Eastern Washington 6. GAMES TOMORROW Western Washington vs. Pacific Lutheran at Lincoln Bowl. Ea.ste1'1l Washington at CPS. Central Washington at Humboldt Sta te (non-conference). Wh itworth at British Columbia ( non-conf(~rence) .

Students Organize Bowling League Twenty-four ~ tudents met at Para­ dise Bowling Alley last Friday and for m e d an independent bowli ng league. This league is open to any ex­ perienced bowlers, male or female, at Pacific Lutheran College. The CO;it is one dollar for a three line series. This price includes shoes. Whil e as yet the league is only in the formi ng stage, attempts a re be­ in g made to have it sanctioned by th e American Bowling Congress. Any person interested in joining is invited to come to Paradise: Bowl this aftemoon at 4 :3 0.


~~ '4

PA 38 6 33

t;tIt ShJp

Members of the squad were Stan Fries, quarterback; Snooky Jurgen­ sen, fullback and captain; Chuck FaIlstrom, halfback; Marv Tommer­ vik, halfback; Ed PederlOn, half­ back; Blair Taylor, halfback; Bob Tommel'vik, fullback ; Emory Ho1­ dl,n, tackle. Othe r! were George Falbtrom, tackle ; Art Freberg, tackle and cap­ t.lin of the '37 squad; Larry Jungck, guard and inspirational award win­ ncr ; Larry Grenier, guard; Kenny Johnson, guard; Ja ck Frost, center; Bob Krueger, center; Sil{ Sigurdson, I:nd; Earl Platt, end; and L arry Rediske, end.

terday to put tht: first mar on Third Floor's otherwise spotless record. Early this season Western Parkland had fought Fourth Floor to a 12-12 deadlock. W L T PF' PA Third Floor . ....5 o 128 30 Fourth Floor .... 5 o 100 42 W. Parkland .... 4 I 116 58 DeJ ardines ...... 4 :2 o 98 54 Sl:cond f'lool' .... 3 3 o H 105 E. Parkland .... .. 2 2 I 84 6~ C lover C reek .... 1 4 o :l4 n Ev<:rgreen S. " + o -t-~ 54 Tacoma _ ......... 1 5 o 50 138 66 106 Ever green N ... .0 ti lJ RESULTS THIS WEEK -hh Floor 20,"n 6 ; ::Ird Floor 24, Tacoma 12; Evt:rgreen S. 2+, Ever green N. 18; Western 26, 2nd Floor 8 ; 4th }'Ioor 24, De­ Jardineg 6; Eastern 24, Clo...·el· Creek 6; Evergree n S. 30, Tacoma 16, DeJardines 30, Clover Creek 6 · Eastern 12, 3rd Floor 12. GAMES NEXT WEEK Oct. 27- - E vergreen S. v~. 3rd Floor; Western vs. Tacoma; Ever­ green N. vs. 4th Floor. Oct. 28-2nd Floor vs. Clo\'er Creek: DcJardiuc vs. Eastcr1Ij 3rd Floor \·s. Wene ru . Oct. 29--Tacoma vs. 4th Floor; Clover Creek YJ. Evergreen N; De­ J rdine vs. 2nd Floor. Oct. 3G--3rd Floor VS. 4th Floor; Evergreen S. YJ . Tacoma; Tacoma vs. Clovcr Creek.



3820 South Yakima



and DELIVERY SERVICE Parkland and Vicinity





Phone GR. 1-3311




1215t and Pacific Avenue

Phone LE. 7-3171


AL GUY'S SPORTING GOODS Come in and see us for your hunting and fishing needs ARCHERY EQUIPMENT, TOO 9450 PACIFIC AVENUi

PHONE OR. 2·1524

'", 1


Friday, Odobe, 24, 1958


Powder Puon-.. .

Upperclassmen Wgt. Cammv "Kill .. r" Emrrso n_.. _._. _._1 90 lI-Ia rilt~· " Man gle 'em" Andason 201 E lma ri.. "L oose ' em" Loop.... __ .. __ 185 Binie " nut c h" Phipps.. _...... __... __ ._24 1 J3n 'Baby Face" Aust.. ..... _.... .... 299 Da.I1ene 'Dod lfe r" K elly....... _.... __ 196 ,haron " Immo\" a JJlc" Julia rL ._ . . _.187 B.ub " B.dIN " J oh nson .... _.. _.._._ ... 221 D ro isl' " Poll" N yKa a rd...._...... _._194 'a ney "'\11 ('l.1 t" O lson ...... __ .. __..276 il t; " Ch. s .. Murph y............ __ .23 9 Carlem: " Bottle Blond" Sorenson ............... _.... _..... .... _.•. 266 I-:ina " GeorgI:" JOI1(:s._... ___...... ____ 179 Shi rkv " Shove Over" Christo~l~erson _......... __........... _... _.. _.2 22 D ol"is "Dc3dly" M cCammant...... 290 J ity " Wow! " Struthe l"s .. ... _.. ___ .__ 302 F or the Frosh Wgt. R oxy "Snak, Hips" H anson....... _340 Ri ta 'Ro k '.:·m" Brillha rt.... ...... 206 C rol "' - w i,' If'S" Swamon.. _.... _... _ 46 hyllis '" F in' ba ll" Stea hn..__... ___.. 198 f .;til "Cli ppc' r" L eon a rd .. ._...... _... 300 \ rlr nc " Pu h 'e rn Back" C· Ttncil _ __....._... .... . . . •.. _.. __ _ 297 Kam "Sln: eh" Johnso lL .. __. _______ 187 Sand y " Signals" LozieL__ .._.__._... __ 199 P at "Flttsh" Cadd....... ___ .____ .__ ...... 238 B~ r "The Arm" Aust.._____ .____ .. _... 366 Janet "TD" Gullekson...... _. _._...__ 205 Defense: Jaquie " Boy Crazy" Haverberg__ 100 Tudv "Intruder" R ogness ........ ___ 367 N adine "Shifty" Bruins._____... _.•... _220 Barb "Wild" WilbeL.._.__ .____._.. _.247 Darlene "Speed" Storkson..____._..219 Jill "Zip" Buckingham...___..___.... _l77 Jackie "Fakie" FrizelL_..__ ._.. _..__ .165 Judy "Punch 'cm" Peterson__ ... _._198 Myrna "Muscles" Cavander.._. ____ 237 Judy "Cut 'em Up" C arter...... __195 The game promises to be a gen­ tle, soft game it has been in years past. The practices have also been lacking in any rough play. Several g irls with taped up ankles and c uts ween their eyes have been circu­ g vicious rumors about lome hard fou ght p lays in p ractice.






POWD ER PUFFERS DISCUSSING ETI QUETIe for lomorrow's game are: Le ft to right, Barb Aust, ca!ltain for the freshman girls; Bob Roiko, freshman coach; Chu tk Myklebust, u~~erclasswomen ·coach; and Camille Emmerson, captain for the uppercl a'JVfomen. The gome wii, sta rt at 9:30 on the lowe r camp us field. The freshmen wi ll b .. out to avenge their loss last year to the favored foes.

Gla iators Are Underdogs Tmorrow;

Looking to pset in ome omin Ii t

Tom 0 rr 0 w is the Gladiators' Homecoming game with Western Wa shington. This fnct brings forth no unexpected emotions, except among those diehards who feel our Nordic team should have choacn the name Vikings 'way back when. But sim ila r games in years past are inte resting- to look back upon. In 1954, the last time Westena as the Lutes' opponent at a Home­ com ing game, PLC bea t them by an ex citing 7-6 score. The time before that, in 1950, t '-'1' mana ged to ed ge PlL't PLC by a ml'"re 47-0. The sraff 15 cou u ti n n h i, tory n ot t o repeat itself. Y Our reporte r w as p resent in 1947 wh en the L utes d owned the v~Ur..ing1 CoO. T he ga me wa s h d d in Stadium bowl in a t orrentia l rain, which b u nh eard of in Was ington. The ball was hard to control, so when one of thc Glad, tried a pass from hill 20 yard line to a teammate on tilt: other end of th e field, the ball went over t.he goal post and the fence out of sight . Play wa s suspended while the ba ll was fished out of Com mencement Bay. SUPPO RT OUR ADVERTISERS

b y J ohn H anson

Defini[e underdogs in tomorrows homecoming tilt, the Lu­ theran gridders will be out to show [he returning grads that this year's team is no pushover.

agersWork uf

onday, Friday be

Several new basketball aspirants a re now turning out on Monday and Friday nights in the gym, ac­ cording t o basketball coach Gene Lundgaard.

Among these hopefuls are fresh­ men Larry Poulson and Gary Stubbs from Shoreline High School. Both of these boys stand 6'5". Dou g Jack­ son (6-4) from Cheney, Washin g­ ton; Dean Haner (5-7) from Lin­ coln in T acoma; and Connie Selfors (5-11) arc other freshmen hustling to land a position on this year', Lute team. Junior letterma n Denny R 0 S s (6-3) is back after a hitch in the service and Bill Williams (6-4) from V a lley Junior College in California will try to help bolster the Lutes this year.



Under New Management



3-IN-1 TO BmER SERVE YOU Standard Heating Oils - Heating Equipment Heating Service Enjoy That " PLUS" Service MARV TOMMERVIK' S


120th & Pacific Avenue

By Bob Olsen

Lut:es Drop 27-0 af:l:le T o Ramblers After holding the Seattle Ram­ blers scoreless during the first h alf, Pa cifi c, Lutheran C ollege's football­ ers ~a w 27 points scored agaimt them in th e second half and suffered defeat 27-0 last Saturday at R enton. The loss was the fourth straight for the Lutherans who m eet We~t­ ern Washington tomorrow in Lin­ coln Bowl. T he Ramblers' Royal D o tson took the opening kick off in the se cond half and returned it 83 yards for "­ touchdown. Just a few seconds la ter Dotson broke off tackle for 32 yards and six more points. The try for point was good, and PLC tra iled 13 to O. Two m 0 r e touchdowns w e r e scored by the speedy Ramblers when h alfback Don Ma.nll raced behind th e Lutes' defense and hauled in two scoring passes for 19 and 17 yards.


Lule Reviews H omecoming Grid at:tles

Speed, stamina, strength, and w eight- all qualifications of a good football team---··-will be combined on the gridiron tomor ­ ro w morning when the freshman girls take on the upperclass women in the annual Powder Puff game_ The battle will get underway at 9: 30 on the Lower Campus Field. The upperclass women are favored to win by several touch­ dow ns but th a t d oes not w orry the r~ rless Freshmen , stated their co­ plain Ba rb Aust. "\Vc have a few c ·s up OUl" slen'es," she stated. The sta rtin g linc-ups a re as fol­ lows:


Game Starts at 9:30 On Lower ampus Fi d

Page PiYe

Phone LEnox 7-0256

Luck has been short for the Lutes this year, but Coach Jim Gabrielsen has a real young team and by the showing they made during the first half against the Ramblers last week this may the week for a big upset.

Early in September Gabrielsen was greeted by 53 men ready to knock heads for dear old Pacific Lutheran. After three short weeks of practice the Lutes opened the season in the King's X game with th~ir cross-town rivals, th e College of Puget Sound. Th~ Loggers were expected to have one of the better teams in the Evergreen Conference, but the Glad­ iators turnd in a good battle against the bigger and more experienced Logg~rs. When the game ended CPS had won 9-6, but they knew they had met a better tea m than they ex­ pected. The next week PLC traveled all the way to California only to drop a 29-0 contest to Humboldt State in a non-conference game. Many of the older Lutheran gridders said Hum­ boldt had one of the strongest teams they had ever met during their term in college ball. Next in line the Glads opened their Evergreen Conference schedule at Cheney a gainst Eastern Washing­ ton College. After throwing away two chances to score from within the Savages' 10 yard line early in the first period, PLC never could get underway again. Eastern walked off with a 21-0 victory, and PLC re­ turned home wit h three straight losses to face a strong Pacific U ui­ versity team the next Saturday. Coach Gabrielsen saw one high point in the Cheney loss; that was the discovery of a freshman quarter­ back who could really throw the ball. Tom Gibbs, who graduated (Continued on pa ge 6)

I.G.A. Foodtown I

512 South 112th Street



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Friday, October 24, 1958


5-Day Run of 'Aladdi

Starts Tuesday in C s

"Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp," the fall children' s produc­ tion sponsof~d by the PLC speech d~partment, will be prcse.ntcd next Tuesday through Saturday on the CMS stag e. Curtain time for the first four ~rformances is 1 p.m. On Saturday a special morning show sponsored by

PLC Eleven Seeks

Upset Saturday

(Continued from page 5) from Highline high school last year, moved into the starting quarterback position against Pacific U. Gibbs at once went to work for the Lutt"s. Hitting ends C h uck Cur­ tis and Dave BOltcmiJIcr with bea u­ tifu! p asses, the Lutes came back to give the men from Forest Grove, Oregon, a real battle before drop­ ping a 14-6 gam~. Not many people had any hope at all for PLC against the Seattle R am­ blers the next week. But on a wind and rain swept field at Renton the Gladiators held the R amblers scol"e­ less through the first half. The Lutes defense was almost sen sation al in holding the speedy backs on the Seattle team in check. In th e second h alf th t Lutes let d own for just a second and the Ramblers took adva ntage of it. The fin a l score w as 27-0 for the R em­ biers, but th e Lutes h ad proved to themsdves that. they could play good b all. Tomorrow afternoon, when Ga­ b ri,.lsen's young ball dub faces al­ m ost exactly th e same ball player~ that beat them last Yf"ar in Belling­ ham, Pacific L u theran fans m ay see a real upset.

(Continued from page 3) As Lady Macbeth said: Let me tell you about my apparition. . . . Glad to sec this paper campaigning against the bars across the windows in the coffee shop. Why, I can't even recognize a girl by her face . . . . With all these western decorations up I keep having nightmares. I dream I'm completely surrou nded by television sets. . . . 1st Man: What's 5Q and 5Q? 2nd Man: lOQ. 1st Man: You're welcome. . . . Mathe­ matics jokes already Let's face it, I've got brains. I'm not just a pretty face.

the American Association of Uni· versity Women, and open to the public, will start. at 11: 15. The cur­ tain will go up for the final per­ formanc", at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. The three-act play, directed by Mr. Erie Nordholm of the speech department, will feature a Middle East motif. Magic, typical of pro­ ductions in previous yea r s, will a gain highlight the presentation. In the cast df "Aladdin" are Ma­ vis Everett, Dean Anderson, Glenn Arney, Jane Ross, J 0 ann eVan Lierop, Nancy Kary, Kathy Bclgum, Harry Sannerud, Sig L a rson, Dou g Anderson, Jack Holl, Judy McLean, Meg Evanson and Jon Olson. All sound effec ts will be recorded and played through the tape rec­ order by Barbara Isaacson and Rod Nordberg. Carl Muhr is in charge of the righting effects assisted by Bob Lf"Blane. Rollk Wulf is stag e manager for the production.

Entrif"s should bf" turned in to Audry Hart in South C3 or to Al Stang in Old Main 4-24 by Monday, No­ vember 3.

Say, by the by, since: this (with the help of a couple of teachers) is my last year here, (they say the 8th is the charm), I'd like to thank you people who have been loyal readers of my column. Sort of as "farewell performance" type act, I h ave compounded a booklet containing all my previous columns ovcr th past ye? ~ plus some "fresh" new material. This booklet cons of , orne of the best gags, giggles and guffaws ever stolen. The price is 50 cmts. This is not a get rich quick type of thing for me as the cost of p rinting, etc., runs about that much anyway. It w ill be rea d y in about two weeks qut if you'd place your order now I'd appreciate it since the printer would like to know approximatdy how many to run off. Mail orders invited. . . • Well,

For further information see the posten in the Kiosk and the CUB.

a lot of laughs. U nele Bob·Bob.


night, despite typ­ icol confu.ion ond late-hour work. In one of many construc­ tion crew. Borboro Jackson strikes the fint blow for the .enior class while Roger Holtey ond Kay Holme assist. Th. seniors transformed the CUB Into a frontier village. 10$1

Cover Design Contest Opens Hne is a chanct' to win $5. Submit a cover desi gn for the 1958·59 Artist Series programs. As many en­ tries as desired may bl~ submitted.

that's it. See you tomorrow nite at the play. Promises

Art Club Prepares For Hallowe e n Pa rty "llewitciJin'" is the theme of the Halloween p arty sponsored by the Art Club to be held October 31st. Lots of entertainment and refresh­ m nts are in store for t;veryone in C B· 200 0 0 "Trick or T reat Eve."

Reformation Window, in beautiful colors on stained glass, as seen in the new Lutheran Brotherhood HoTlU? Office building. It forms the wt:t>t wall of OUI M artin Luther library which contailJS works on M artin Luther and the church.

W"hat is the relation ship betw e en Lutheran Brotherhood and the Lutheran Church? .~


We provide

Che cking and

A Savilg 5 Accoonls

, aad 1111 01 her I ·STIlEET ba nk se rvices BBDlCB for college J.lJCOLR ~ studuls BRAJCII 'ie.


~(y §, CS' v .





It,.. . . ,o1 _ 0 ~

IT '"

V 'U'

to_,."I1" " ' o ..

At a Lutheran Church convention, 40 years ago, in

St. Paul, a prominent layman stood up to persuade the group that Lutherans should work together to help each other in time of trouble. To make his point, he used a simple illustration: "Suppose two brothers m ade an agreement," he said. "Each promised that if the other died, he would provide for the widow and her children. That would be, in effect, an insurance contract." A few days later the organization now called Lutheran Brotherhood was incorporated by church leaders. Its purposes were "to aid the Lutheran Church; to foster justice, charity and benevolence; to provide education . . . to encourage industry, savings, thrift ... to furnish relief and protection 1:0 its mem bers, their dependents and beneficiaries, through the payment of benefits in case of death or disability." While its primary purpose is to give protection to

members of the Lutheran Church, the Lutheran Brotherhood also helps build churches by loaning money ... helps train church leaders by providing scholarships . . . helps churches grow by giv ing money and supplies. 'l'he Lutheran Brotherhood serves members of all Lutheran Churches with "Living Benefits."

Free Upon Request. Beautiful full-color repro­ d uction of the Reformation Window above. Com­ plete wit h historical legend. Large size (18 U x 24'). H eavy stock , suitable for fram in g. M ailed in tube. No obligation, of course. Send your name and address today .

LUTH ERA BROTH ERHOOD 701 Second Ave. So.• Minneapolis 2,

Living benefi ts for Lutherans


life insurance


Lilje t

t u y rant: pplicat:ion Deadline Set J,nur,ry , pp\iC';,tion dc, d l' n s en 9tH fo r D a nforth a nd Na ­ iornil ~cit: I(L oU1Ldation fell ow­

hl!JS , O\' ( ll1 m ht s hola rship for tudy in L atin Amer ica and onr­ \ \ .c\ a w:..rd · from th e Council


D anforth f oundation fellO\,'­ hi ps are available to senior m en and rc:cellt J::raduates. The maxi­ ilium annual grant, plus tuition

alld feb, is 1) 1400 fo.. single men ;md ~ 1900 for married F eHows , ith a n additional $350 stipend ea ch child. pp li (l' iUJ1~ fJluSI b" complt ted J.. n. 31, 195!J. FUlther informa t ion may . obtained from P rof. Dim K ut tit .., PLC liaison ullt ge . t lI ior! a re t:I :gible for f('llows h i p~ fr m the National Acad­ of ··cirfln:s. A requirc-d xanl­ inauon ill be given 011 Jan . 19, 1959, at d esig nated c n en . T Il.i iOIl, fe c.I. and tra\'e1 allow­ am:c:s wiU be pr ovided in addition t o 'WOO lor the first year, $ 2000 (or the int trm ed ' te yea r and Z2 I f o J' th e t c:rminal year of t u d y. pplication dea dline is J a n. :-, 1959. For further infor­

tion "rite to F ellow hip Office, ;"oJational \ ca demy of Sciences­ R esearch C uncil, 2101 m lit u tion . ~-c:. N W., ' .... a~hjng­ I OU

ti l


25, D. C,

u< . Lec pted un­ n. 15" 10 5 , for governm t: t to st ud y ill La tin America . P(ll' l tion, tu:tiol1

, -tudents art: dill:: {Jvers ~

St., San Francisco

Solo "plains Aid to Education By Williena Boone r na tor 'W:Ufen G. Magnuson, p... mg a t th e 10th ann ua i Student C ong r6s he re bst Saturday, stat~<1 th" t Anleri n "education pro\'i ed the hey to tht: space age." Wht' li intt:rviewe d I ate r "bout f c:d~ru l .,id to educa tion, ,fagnuson ald th , t the !\'ational D fense Edu­ c toi " A ct of 1958 pa.s:led by the 5\ C ODgTCSS pro\' ides for an ex­ p<'lIdi tu e of $1 hillion ave,' th n e t lu ur-yc r peri od to l:. pand Ic:arnin!', HI th fiel ds "f m: th e­ 'Jlall(: ~, ien re alld Ia n '''.1 1:1" ( " Ma\: Jt U> n c· pn'ssed doubts tlmt ;J ~U . taTllJaI ..:h oianIJ ip program w ill tV", bl pnssed by C( ngtess be­ cau~r p oplc arc applf:h ellSn'o:: a bout .• tn ng ., bein g a ttached to guvern­ Hlr t t

Bishop Liljc


T h " Rt. RtT Hanns Liljt', D ,D., Lu thcrlI n bishop of H a nno\Tr, Ger­ many, olle of the wurld's most influ­ ential Prot(' t" lit. kadcrs and spt'ak­ (' n, will gi\T th e a ddress a t a Refor­ mation R ally to be IlI' le. Sunda y at 3 p .m. in th e PLC gym nasium. The fil med hero of Xaz i pt: "~ cu­ tion is pn'siding bishop of the l ; nit­ ed Lutheran Church of Germany, \'ice chairman of the E\'angel:ral ·'hurch in Gurnany, m emb er of lh.. C'flt.a l Committcc of th e W orld C ouncil of Churche s and i orrnt-r


efor ation

presideIlt of the Luth r ran Wo Id fedt'ration, An outspoken anti-Nazi , BisllCIP L ilje was imprisoned b) tbe Ge. I,\pO in 1944 a nd s(,ntenced t o deA th in 19+5. He was lib"rated by Anll"ri­ can soldiers in Sun'mberg in April, 1945. The Ya nks found a gau nt 3 nJ wan Bishop, chaint'd hand and foot in his so litary cd!. W eak from hun­ ger, black 'pots danced before hi; eyes whcn he tott ered from hi" rot. Hi. ~ t' cution had been on ly a m:l !­ ter of houn away.


" moorl Votum.. XXXVI

a t

Friday. November 7 , 1958

Parkland, Wa.h ,

Number 6

ale Tri o ens A t:ist S r •es • rl d ProgramT Wit: T it.. Rond liers, ITIale t! io, will op"n the I 9 5fl · Y J

Ll' Artist S ~ r ' e n(,xt Thursda y Il i",ht a t !l: 3 () in tht

:M Aud itori um.

Featuring three ont,tanding youn g solo artists

- Edmon d Karlsrud, bas,,-bar itone; Thoma~ Head.

baritont'; and Willialll Dembaugh. tenor-the trio

will prt:!.cllt a distinJ::uishcd and varied program of ;JCt son~s , operatic sdcction.s, "how tunes, folk son gs and spirituals. Chari Touchette, aCCOhl­

panist-arr:..nger, has made special \'ocal arr3ng ~

rnents for th e t:nst·mble. 1\11 th, te ;ll ti st5, as , 11:1 <l l'ca pa nist ~ orm,lI) j OhllWII lind ar "!!' J (h a rl~ f oul'hr:tt han- ,. p ­ J.l:t rN il nQ;lb " m1 or.'tolio~ tlroll:!,'..!l uli l America. K:tr!sru J, who has organized "('\'l'ra SUC«:ss, ful !n,,1c ensembles, and Head han: al~o appe a n on many radio and television shows. K a rlsllld has an espec ially uniqu e b ackground. He wa~ a IO-!t:ticr maH in \'arious sports at Scobey, Mont. . hi gh school and se t :I basketball scurin g record for the sta le in his SC'n ior y ·ar. He latt:r played va rsi ty basket­ ball a t the Uni\'Crsity of Minnesota. T he entire program for the concert is as fol­ lows: Part I will include "The Creation Hymn," by Beethoven; "R('stless L 0 v c," by Schubert; "!\Iorgen," by Richard Strauss. and "Ein Traum," by Edvard Grieg. Part II will be selections from "}' aust." Part III wiII feature excerpts frolll "The ~lost Happ y Fdla," by Frank sser. Following the first th rn p ar ts, performed b y th triu, will bl: a brief intermission. Tht:1I K arlsruti will vrt:se nt somt· Am erican folk son gs. Includt'd will be "The R o\ in' Gambler" "nd "Gambler's LalllUlt," both by John J .lcob Niles, and "Colorado Trails" and "Blow, Yr Winds!" by Ct::lium D ough erty . Sungs uf lhe South, with the R ondoli e- rs again sing0


SEN. WARREN G. MAGNUSON cheerfully faces th .. barrage of questions from Mooring Mast reporter Williena Boone, Miss Boone, also from the land of Congressmen"""; Washlgnton, D. C.-int.rviewed Senator Ma gnuson af'. r h. spoke last Saturday at the Student Congress held at PlC.


Bi,h P Liljc's traubl ",' tn th ;"\azis began in the c rly 1930" H e "'..... suspcndt'd f r ~l>. m onths ir. 1933, ba rr d fr OJ S c h lt:~wi g·Ho l ­ stein in 1938 a nd for' id dcn to tr avel and speak durin g th war.

Th,' son of a d ('aeon, he W i b'1tn in H- nnO\·cr. H( stu died at th" 11111­ \'t:rsiti s of Gocttin gcn , L ipzig and Zuric h a d at th.. L o r um CIOlStrr. H e ~p('ab fl uent E glish, F . rn1:b, Italian and .wn colloqui al Amcn­ van. Orda ined in 1 9~ fi, he 59 years of age.

He ha ~ bC" cn rcC'civcc by P ~ i dfo nt s R osc\'cl t Truman and Eisen­ hower and was me nti oned promin· en tly as th e first presid.. nt for tbt W es tl'r German R t J!ublic f 1l0'h1ng lh c war, unt il h,' d eclined cmp h; U. ca ll . beca.use of hi" pastoral dll l(~. He has writtt'n 14 boob, H is Tacoma a ppear3.nce ill hf ponsored by the Pierc('ou n Lu­ the-ra n Ministeri al AS!oriatl on. The rall) is npen to thl:: gr nera p ubli.::. The Choi r of th e Wt'st, UndtT the: diJ't etion of Gunnar J. M a hnin, will ~i l g a t the unday aftt' rnoon r Uy in the PL . g ym . Th coli c, C orch ­ t o. d i [t., led by Gord(U! Gil brruon, will pia \' fo r th e . u nday c\'u ing r~lIy in rh, ( at tl, C ~' ir, mhtoriu "h. re' Bishop L Uj.: vill .1' ,. k • t p ,m.

Funeral Services Set for Coed Killed In Slorm f unna l s( n ic~s for . nn "1 ham al \\ ill I.,. h ·1 " t ~ p .m. tomorrow a tht" H u l hll~} J unr .,1 H ornr, H UT­ linvtun .

TH E RO NDOLIERS in!! as a {!rOllp, will conclude tnt' pr Kram. Thes!:. ~ o n g s a r. "Singin' H a !kluia;' by Schll1f"ftz, "Gwin( H e b in'," by M acCi ms,, \·, th (' traditional "Sometimes I F eel Like a Mot h" ri, ~s Child," and 1 lJ(,h ett r-'s arra lJ[.t" rn(' nt cf "M v ou!" Gonna Rise Ag a in."

'Anne Fran k' Premiere

On CMS Stage Nov. 20 The Northwest's premier performance of " The Dairy of Anne Frank" will be presented b\ the speech d~p"rtm('n t from XO\'. 20-22. The play w , takl;'n fron. the book, "Anne Fr:ll1k, the Diary of a Youn g iri " whi ch won th e 1956 Pulitzn Pr ize and th e .ritin Cir­ eit: Award. It was it Broad way hit a nd will OO Il b~

,. t<:":l r1 i!; of the I1gion d cpar tlll~ nt ,ill r ep­ n 'seDt the ('olle ,(. at th sen ices. Dr. l'hilip E. H auge will be un­ able to attc,nd becauSE' he- i~ at a lllcctinJ:: of deans of ELC collcg~ in ~.finnl"apolis, ~'Iinn.

.'\ quartet furnished by the PLC

lIIusic departm cnt will parti cipa te in th e sen 'ias. The pallh('a rc rs \ ill ~ Isu be PLC <tudent~. M iss Thomas, a f n '"nrna n at PLC a nd tIl<" d~lu of Mr. alld M rs. Ed w in J. Thoma, of Seattle, kilkd ~[onday night in a fr'oak a cd­ (knt that oCl'u tTed in front. of l hl Cnllc" e l..:nio n Building. Tree branches blow n down by the gaJc·like winds broke a pow r line. :\oliss Thomas was eit-ctJ'O­ cllted when the power lin e en­ tangled her as she walked from North Hall to the. CUB.

Tillo story is takl"n from th,· diary of a J 3-y a r-old Jnv ish g irl. She an d her famil y f) t'd from ~ azi Gel­ many to Amsterdam where th 'y spent 25 months in an att ic hid e-away. Th e story mix es dram a and hum o .

M any \VitIlcssing st ud(-'-n t ~ \VlX(; at the Ce B, because it waN the: nly bu ild ing on ca mpus tb,lt h, 1I li ghu, but \w' r(' pn' \'CIltcd f ront hl'l pi llg ('a U St" of thl d a ngt'l'c, usl) w( :a J" .) and dow pour of la in.

The PLC presc!ltation i ~ d in.:cttd by M iss Jallt' Smith, instru ctor in th e speech d ep artment ;\nd t he stucit'nt director is Arlen e Hah·or. Bu si n ~ss mana ger's ~fa l il yn Anderson.

Th ,rkbnd fire' Depa trIlen , wa. irnm.:Ji atl.'i y ca li I'd to th e sc ne Fi men cut th t' power line bllt \ ('r, unable to 1"<'\ i \ 'C Miss Thomas.

In the- cast are Ray Braatt"n, Marth a R ognc~ s, Gini Dryer, Robert E. Olson. Fred Bindel , Barbara tuhl­ miller, Shei la Knutson, Bobbie Jo Ba ird, Rex Pe te rson and Bob Fleming .

Sh l" is sUI'\·i\,cd by ht' . p,'l'enh a n " 17-yea r-olu brother, \Ya rren.

ll lade ir. to a 1110\·jC.

~l . Ln l s.

Mag n uson , who fa\'o r> Federal ~oro t !lJ l. t' n g rants fur botl. public .Hld !i \ ate , chools, tcd t he exodus of q ualified peopl fro m the ttileh­ in~ fidd as th e mo t pr e'sing prob .. h~tn . Luc rnt i\' C' uffers I:,y iadustry lUI' p ('oplc frum th e !<-aching PlO­ f io n, h e con tinued. Small co ll eges, becau:;e of their iJ iC'nd ly a tmosphele and pleasan t tude nt,plOt'c1 or relationships, can do m uch to ncourage p eop le to ( nttr the teaching field. Another hel p, he concluded. would be " to amend ur Internal Revenue Corl.. tt> pr {.vid", even g reater deductions t han II! 'C' now allowed teachels "


Produ ct ion ercw for the play is: Rod N orberg, " hCl'on Wh eck'!' and Sond ra Benson, stage.; R oger John­ SUll. Dan Triolo and Conn ie Murray, props ; Lyl e P ear­ jun, Pat Mullt-n, Marie Petns and Ba rbara Isaa cwll, ha nd props, Others are: Muriel Sw('nson, Neil Cooper and L anie Hoe ge r, cos tumes; Diane Bohnen, Gloria H a ug and Sue Stc\'enson, makeup; Neil Coopcr, Paul Wold and Bryan Wall, pllblicity; Grace Harthill, Lolly Ihlenfeldt and Dixie Likkcl, program; and Bill Newcomer, sound. Set decoration is supe rvised by Mr. Eri c Nordholm, also of the speech department.

The Mond ay night wind torm abo caused conside rable d ~e on campus. Power lint·~ wert" blown down ncar Clover Creek HaJl and the roof of Ivy Hall wa., exknsivdy damaged. Coeds a t Ivy were forc ed to move to the gym when broken wires be­ gan to smoke a nd threa ten fire. Building materials w t: r <: blown froIT! the Science Hall construction project and tree limbs were strewn a ll over the campus. ~[any cars W l' f t a!5O dama ~e d by fal1in ~ branches,

Friday, November 7, 1 958


Page Two



moor "ng mast

EdilOr .... ....... ......... .. .. ...... ............ __ ... .... ...... .Die : Londgl' n

N("~ F ditoL. .... __ .......... ... ..........................Hrrb D t:1U sey

SpOTts Etlitor......... ........................._..............J oh n I b nson

f.·atur : E itor.. .... .... .. .... .... ..... .. ................ ..lrol Morris

Bu in<' I:mager ........... ....................... M ary L ou Fon en


,\th.·iscr ... .. .... ......... .. ____ .. __ ..........__.. ..__... .:\.f r. ~ li Itr"- t

• •Q Igpen

.\ r har;1 c tcr borrowt'


from thl: carloon scnrs, .. P... ·L­

nUL," illusH I , an an n ual prllblt.:,111 ill PI. ' : li tt r on

Ihl" I'.am pll~ ,

Th is cbn racter, Pigp1!n, has an atl iw d


m llli! be sim ilar to th a t of many P Lt: stud(' Ub. Pigpen isn't ha llPY un c-;s he is wallowlru! jn dirt

a n d debr is. The iUsortcd cand y a nd gUln wrappe r, , nd crumpled cigarette packages plus other non , d esc 'pt student toss;ngs so cons icu ous near t he fron t en trance of the C B indica t th:lt .nan), PL(; ludcnts shart' Pigpen's feelings, I'LL' Pi ~ p ('ns a ren ' t 'o nte nt with deb ris in onl y ont: part of the campus. ons("quently, a spri nkling of \'a rious and sundry bits of was le paper deeorat 3 all part~ of the campus, indoor a s well as out-of-doo rs . Visitors to th t' coll ege, in late spring, summer and ~arly fa ll man·,·1 at the beauty of the campus , Spring clea n-up day IT 'cues this beaut)' temporarily, but dur­ in g the remainder of the year thousands of dollars must be spent to maintain lush and litter-free lawns ,Ul to kee p the buildin gs c!c.:a n. Costs include such thin gs a s water, equipment and labor. Soon after sch00l sla rts in th e fall costs rise because a dditional worker; must be hin.o d to pick up after the studcnts, With the many visitors, conventions and aetivi­ tits com ing to the campus, the beauty ma intaine d primarily for the pleasure of the students has ad d i­ tional importance. Expensh'c na tiollal campaigns were needed to jan' America's beauty from the negligence of littt" rbu g' , PLC stude nts can help preserve PLC's beauty, a nd fTduCt:: co l lr~e expenses, by simply using the waste dis­ p sal con tainers placed at co nvenicnt loca tions on th e c npus and in the buildillgs.-DICK I.OKDCREX,

~ den~

o der 'W

Nonconformity Passe Today In your Octobrr 17 editoria l, "Nonconformity at PLC," you ,expressed some of the most seditious and .reactionary ideas eve r to appear in the Mooring Mast. In exhorting your fellow students to adopt a philosophy of "intelkctual non conformity," you have unwittinglv u nd ermined all our social gains of the past 50 years. Do you realiZt" that nonconformi ty breeds individ­ ualism, and t h a t individualism demand s freedom? Would you have us return to th e "good old days" of ru gged individualism ? R ecent radio advertisem e nt~ have shown us how foolish this would be. lt is tru e that intellectualism and fre edom arc use­ Cu i i!1 times of um:erta inty when rival sys tems of order ilTt: strugglin g for asce nden cy, Our present system g rew out of th e fertile soil of liberty. But kt uS not be naive. Flecdom h as " a nished ; libert y is dead; indi"idualism is pas;c. ToJay we must ded icate ourselves 10 the c:onsolida­ til)l1 of our new soei~l order. Group dynamics haS re­ p la ced indi"id ua l expression, Collective barga ining h as rdi /.~<. p ersonal initiativ,'. L.' st th' Te still be 80me anti-socialists a mon g us, I·' me close by say ing freed om of ch oie " is n ot d esirIe wh" n a socie ty has found i t~ pan a cC'a. Only when • ,lII pulsill l1 a nd coc- reion repla t freed om a nd liberly c II W ~ r:ver hope to perfed our society. '.vh cl'c tht: re is freedom an d lillt'rty, t:v,'n fre edom of th e press, thac ill alway be el uctants res isti ng social progress. In th(' future U'lnemb.'r th a t th e printed pa );e will bear any ling. LANGUE EN JOUE




·· rri gh te ni Il '~-dl,I\'s how I would dcscribe my fcelinl\' , a b(\ut

he fint f l"a,h inl( EHl(.l' h "0 p sid n to h' gh :ch<x)l ~~ n ior " .. ddi G u lh~I!' 'n n rallrd ~ b out U rli n ~ lU J l'lll l~a c h i ng th is fall , "rr u· u.ltion. d,.l i" hT , ~ng"r, ;unaZt!IIlf'nt . . lho~e ar' some of tb,. I'fIl"l1on II t.n ·r ;/1"t crr wd frigh t out of t hl" p it, turt; ' _hr :\ddL'd, ~u, h r f'(i!)I ; .1I' ty pi cal of t.he :H PLC lude nt teacher who art' nolY '"I( i. Taconn -ar ~ ria :rooms. E lI.-pel'i nee in bo th ~cc on daT}' and e1cmf'nI TOUGH MATH PROBLEMS are wri tten on the board y ~ r)' II , Tis is r<"'1Llirrd and both art': in Iud d in ()OI' <o m.. Cl'f'S stude nl !cochor Barbara Be ckn er, right, as she explains third I'L l:, J he pr,·fcru·d .1 hin·,) j n 1 i< sth"duled in th r mumio!: the grade te ach In g to G,'ace Engen , who tea che. lirst grade . h. 5 !J Ie n d ;, in th e' ;Jitt·moon . 'Wbat" ~il<h r m:t)n' in gain" Crp pr' f· IT"d 0 I"M ptdcncd level," t plninrd M.lry LOll E ",n. " In tll! morni n g- I trac h high 'chool l}'pin~ and shorlhand rl,L ·.I; S !lnci 111 th,.. art('rnoon r t y to ada p l to s r nJ o.tTild"rs," " ThaI isn't 3f1 l.I:d;· ch irped p til" J a net Cllr,lry . who four a nd fin in lit! prl'{err.·d 10-\'1'1. " I f. (' ;) c!as' or ninth .1ft"rnoo ami mos' of ,Ihnu ar~ big!(C'r th an I am !" Th SI: 11 opl ytc !ltd.. 0,{ 1I1 ' ;I I Q ha" :\'iond;lY aftcrn oo n t'minar­ daM' S a t PLC . A ,':'lfi, ty of ~" . ch ing. nc cdo tf'S, idl"as ,nd p rohkm.s I'TUpt The n. "~1 si th rad ' <it'n ist a nd I """",.. d oing a n ill us trat ion f th. <ltnm bom b in the- darkt'w'd gym om: aflrl'1I00 n," off,. n·u Hf'Tb D ,'m s } durillJ{ O il /' ~ mi n a r, .. . , . on ly nn e tiny wi p of , moke 'lh~ red out 'Jf th e mini .l­ tu r.- bomb," he co ntinued in diggH't. " I guess that', r.h,. \ av the old bomb I ' hlows orne times," he- condud'd philmophi c:a lly, '

OLD FASH ION ED DISCIPliN E, with a l.ather strap,

On(: com m on semi nar problem is : "What d O('; one do when In ' 1'­ .Iill has merits, says sl'udent teacher Herb Oempsey. An na fourths of the da~s flunks the tests? " Th e sol\lti on sLl,gS'c:s tcd by help ful Ohr!ltrom, left, and Janet Crosley, center, eye the formid­ classma tes is: "Improv,: your teaching!" able-looking tool with thoughts on the future . day

1\t:w t{'aehing mcthods and ideas arc pn.· scnted in th ,' seminars by the (0 11(' 11;(" instructors, wh o also m, ke pI'rifldi c visits to the srattc: rcd c.lassrooms wh ere ..Iu­ d " n! teachf' rs arc at work ,Ou Bide the classroom stv.dt:nt t aehers ciiscuss other prohlem s. Topi cs m ay be : " D o you ha c your le\son plnns rea dy to ha nd in today?" or " Do YOll kno,", It th"y ( th e college instru ctors ) a re- coming out to che." o n 115 today? I hope not-I'm not prepared!" Student teachers wo rk with a c-ritic t ~ach r a ! ' ' ci r sc hool but assume almost /'I mpletc responsibility in .hl' rla ssroom. D a ily observa ti ons in othe r classes, plus in· tnvicws wi th the varied school pe rson nel, ~ r(' also pa,'! of th e Hud ent t<:, chin g program. Studr: nt tea chers who ha"" h igh sc hool '1; th l'lr prerCIT('d level arc H erb De mp sey, M a ry Lou n c n, , f'ddi Cu lha ut;r n, Ri cb H a ml in, Dick H op k ins, Dick L on d ~,.. • D US L nd n . nd :>.[, In jUnior !ugh ~choo l aTe Lois Hdlbcr , D arrrll Him'". Rogl'1' I vt'c>on and Bill Nelson.


Dear Insecurity Among Athl ete s? R t·rc'ntly Mr, H a p 'tated ill your p ;lJlt' r rhat hi gh Il'hool letters arc. tabcfo on campus nd th a t h as mt, boilin !\" Sin c when do coll..gc ::tthlctcs nee d to protect th ir c 0 from hi gh school encroachm ent ? I worke d h a rd for my hi gh school sweater and let­ ter and I will wt:ar it ti ll it is torn from my back. MI. Hap and th g roups he rcprest:nts n ay be vin­ dictive a nd jealous and socially insecul'e, but I w ill Wl'U the sweat!'1' 1 worke d for, the numera l 1 wai ted f OI' and the letter I earned as proudly as on> would wear a Purple H t"a rt. Stc:a mingly yOUI'S, (Namc wi thhcld by req uest)



are include d in the 1958 publicatlon held by Dr. T, e. Sjoding. director of secondary education o t PLe. Stud.n t t.achllu lookin" on are , left to right, Teddi Gulhauge n, Doug Londgren a nd Arlen. Halvor,

\Invali ~' Scores Homecoming Hit By Dick Halvorson "The Imaginary Invalid," hy Molipre, was warmly rece ived by a ca­ audienr.. on Saturday ni ght of Homl'coming weeke nd.


Tht' play, a comic satire on the medi cal profession, evolved around Ardin, the wealthy invalid (Herb Dempsey) , who in his passion for medical care, decid es to m a rry his d aughter, An~cliquc (Sylvia Sode r­ gard ) , to the son of his doctor, Thomas Dcfois ( Larry Ive rson ) . M o n ~it; ur

Th e catch comes when AIlg-clique rea lly loves Cleante (Fred Bindt'! ) and she an d Toinctte, the maid (Solveig Le raas) , d ecide on ways to ch a n ge Ardin's min d and to expose his sch eming wife, Beline (Sonja P hilip ). High li ghtin g the 17th century play was the brilliant acting of Solveig

Le raas, as Toinctte, who always managed to ke('p o ne step a head of th e

imaginary invalid and finally promote a h a ppy ending thro_ugh tri ckelY. Hnb D empsey also ga ve a passable performa nce ; howc n~ r, some credi t must be given to his prompter, and a tcndency to overact must be over­ looked, In th e part of Doctor Ddois and h is son Thomas, Robert O lson 3fl d Larry I\'('rson gave very good pf~ rform ances , The cn tir cast gave an cxcf'i lcnt (" ening's ntertainmcnt a nd the smaller roles werc played quite co nvinci ngly. Much red it for the pl ay' su ccess must go to di rector Bob Fleming, who spent much time workin g with the cast to d evelop th e fin e perfomlaneC', Mr, Eric Nordholm of the spt"ech departmcnt should be commcnded for th e ,: ffcct ive costumin.g that hknd cd nicely with the upcrb se ttin gs. It is r eg rettab le th a t circunIstan cl's permitted only one showi n of this fin e play. An 0 the r PLC production, "Aladdin a nd H i W onderful La mp," charmed a dults and ch ild ren aiike last wCf' k, A record 1+50 people Tu esday watched the ma gic of ,;(,lIi es a ppea rin g from b"hind pllff~ of smoke or cisi g from th e fl oor. Dea n Anderson in the role of Ala ddin a nd M avis E'Trette as PI'ne css Ad ora Wt' lT notable for their capable p('rformanecs. Spl' cia l tribute shou ld 1';"0 to Mr. ~ordhollll a nd h is crcw for th e fas­ ~l'tt in gs. Pe rhaps a b tter title would ha,'c bc,' n "E ri c, the GCllk of th e Lamp, and tht; Sla'TS of tht: Stage."

Intermediate g ra d/" rs a rl" Pe-ggy B) IOgton, Do rot hy Cable, J.,net Chc:;I,.y, Virginia Dormody, L' fcy H am ilton.. Reuben Kvamme, De lores L arson, A 11 n a O h rstrom and Dwayne Peterso n. Teaching in thl' p rima ry grades a re B, rbara B ck­ ncr, Grace E mw n, D o rothy Fluegge, Sandra Freisheir , M a rga re t Glaser, Anita GreS r'r1r' n, Arlen.. H a lvor, Rut!' Hunt~r. Dolores Jordan, Arlene Kina red, Karen Kuh­ hla nk, Carolyn Leinin ger a nd Fe rne Russel l. PLC inst ruc tors supervising the work of th e ~tud e nt t('ache rs are Dr. T. C . Sjoding ,on th,.. hi gh school level: Dr. Arnold .T, Hage n, junior hi gh school le\'el; Mr Arne K. P ed erson, intermedia te gr des; a nd Junet R unbec k, primary grades. The entire student tcachin l) program is und er the direction of Miss Anlla Mam Nidsf' n, he ad of the PLC educa tiona d epartment.

~< fleming



By Bob Fleming

H eigh ho, I just happen to have " couple of Hal­ loween gags left over that 1 don't wa nt to save till next y('a r, so hrrc th ey art': MAGIC TRICK-Throw a pumpk in up in th,' a ir and it comes down squash ... POl\'[E-: When HalI owe(' n is howlin and thr lantl'I'Ds lit!' the room, my "irl (om es a riding in, sh e's test pi lot for a h room, ~uy wa, out w alki ng his yellow dog, w ith ,hort no ta il a nd a. lon g nosf'. Anoth r g-u w as Ollt wnlk'n g h is bi g Boxer. A t rrifi e fi ght broke ou t a nd, ,,"onde r of wonders, th e litth: dog just abollt m a ng led the hoxer! Th e guy who owned th e boxer s itt, "Yc(' G~d! !f' n 1 hadn't seell it with m y own e yt'S I wOllld or'vcr h,1\ (" believed it! You r litlle dog jmt nbou t 111111'­ df'rr'd m y boxe r; wha t kind 01 dog is it ! " The other ~I!y replied, "It used to be a cro cod ile ti ll 1 cut off its tail and painted it yellow.'



H ere's a w ell guard ed secret: I a m now sellin g a book let of a ll myoid columns- price is 50 cents, Oh, oh, the ,' ditor says no mon: free a dverti sin g, i>o--se~ you lIext wed; . ' . nele Bob-Bob.

Friday, November 7, 1958




ers Tom




Page fhr.e


lac rn a Rivals Will Clash , On aggers Home T rf H aving e Cf) thing l O gain , P acif ic L uth eran C II ge' s g me but w inle s G lad iato rs w ill tr y to upset the ap Ie cart th i 53 C­ lIlday when they ta ng le w ith the College o f P uger Soun d ag · g~r ~ on ch <! Lagg r campus. Game time is 1 : 30 p .m . o.lCh Ji m abrie lse n's boys will be ou t to win th" nnua l I'otrm Bmd gamc a nd 'l vcngc the ra rI in' 9-6 d f 'It hun g on them by Ihl' Lo q'ln~ in the Ki ng 's X fr a y. Inj uri s , sl ill nam pc r the Lute" hnw('vr r, w it h q u.'lrlf!' rback TOHl Grbhs , r nci Gn ry V"stal, ::md goA r d (nu n -lt r istiamon, who wae all hur t b Sl Sa.tur day, on the d i. ablr d Ii t :-alo ng with Da y Bot kmi iler, D ; c k G o dwin, Lou BIllesi and Chuc k Cu rtis who wert injurc.: d ear­ lier th i,) r. T he Lutc:s we re humbled last we" . a t the ha nds of Central Washington College Wildc a ts, 45-13, as their de­ fen sf!' was unable to cope with th e Wrld ca t outfit, n arne I y Corky Bridg es. PLC's two touc hdowns were vi a the- air routt: with John Jacobson throwin g ·H yards to Gene Schaum­ hl'l'g in the second quarter and Seth :\ndnson for 28 ya rds :;md a touch­ down in the fourth quarter.

Basket quad Shaping Up 30 hopefu l are tu rn in i.( ou t in th ~ gym in a n ffprt to Pati ii c L u th n a n Colh·gc ·'! bas ketba ll squ:ld, a ccord in L Ie c: clL h Gene Lund gaard.

( h "r ni gh t ly (' r " c k 1958-5 t

Fou r starte rs, h uck CU Tti~, J im Van B('ck, Ro ~cr Iverson, ;.nd Bo R oiko, are retu rning this yea r from last yea r's Evergrcr n Confncnce ham pionship squad. Bill Williams, a six foot, four in ch transfer from Valley Junior Colle r in Los Angeles. Calif., a nd D en ny Ross, wh 0 played for the Lutes in I 955-56 ~ fore entering thl'; a rmy, 'He lookin g good so far, according' to Lund gaard.

TWO OF TH E TOP INTRAMURAL TEAMS are shown (,bove a. they set set for another play. The team on the left is Third Floor Old Main and th &ir oppone nts are Easte rn Parkla d . Both a re in the uppe r divis ion in the Intram u ral Leoglle going into the second round of play. Left to right, for Third floor, is Jon Wefo ld , Loren Hilde brand, Lowe ll Stordoh l, Todd Cornish, Ed Walters, Blain Perleth, Ed Sonstegard, Rush Bali son . Left to righ t, for Eastern, are Wes Ap ker, Chuck Mykle­ bust, Ralph Carr, Dick Clare, Jim Van Beek, and G"rdon Turcott. The leasue was divided into two divisions, with the lop five teams in one league and the second five in another, after the first round. EVERGREEN CON}'E RENCE




C e ntral Wash ington ............. t Western W ashin gton .............. 3 Eas tern Washington .... .......... 2 Pu gct Sound .............. ....... .. ... 1

Wh itworth ..... .. ... ...... 1 Pacific Luthera n ._ ....... __ .... .. ..0




I n~ramural rid C Town Ends •In Three-Way Ti

Third Floor, Western, and Fourth Floor teams wound up the first round of intramural football in a th ree-way tie for :3 first place. 3

In the final game of the round, Third Floor handed Fourth rheir first defeat of the season, 12-6. Two touchdown passes RESULTS L AST SATURDAY from Jon Wefold gave Third the win. (,!lt nd Washington i5, P acific Lu­ Wefold leads the league in touchdown passes, throwing 24. th (Tan lJ .

Easter" "....ashington :?O, Wh itworth 7 Willaml'ltr -10, Pu ge t Sound 7 ( non­ eonf"rrm;t" ) . W"str'm Washingt.on 20, Brit ish Co­ lun hi" 19 ( o'1-l"onfrrC"nct). ( •. MES THIS WEEK Pol ific Luthc:ran at Coll.'ge of Pu­ 'lc t Sound. ~' eB tl.'rn Washilll; tC ll1 at C entral W a, hin f:,rton. Portland Stair a t Whitworth ( noll­ conft'l'e nce) .

Three men are tied for first in the 3eoring- rac e with 66 points ""ch. They are Roger Rf"cp of D eJardint's, John H ... n;on of Fourth, and Dennis R uss of tf" rn. Th.' k ;8'Uf will now b · tlivided into two scpa rate leagues with the top five teams in one a nd the second five in the other. All tt:ams will keep their won-los t records from th.. first round when they begin the second round, according to Mark Salzman.


INTR AMURAL FOOTBALL STANDINGS Won Los[ Tied 1 1 3rd Floor -_ .......... 7 1 Western ... ........... 7 1 1 4th Floor ............ T 0 2 DcJardines .. -..... 7 4 2nd Floor --­ ....... 4 Eastern --.- .. ....... . 3 5 0 6 Evergreen S. -... '- 3 6 Clover Creek _0-'-' 2 0 Evergreen N. .. .0­ 8 0 Tacoma -­ .. ......... . 8

Gibbs Leads PLe Offense PAUL "FU DD" TEMPLIN is shown taping Bob Bills ankle before another f ool­ ball turnout . Templin ha s been train er for the G ladiator teams for th r.. years and i. also serving as p re sident of Leltermen'. Club this year. Paul. who tape. a round 25 ankles a n ig ht, will gradua te next semester.



by E ugene Hapala

The recent rash of football injuries has broug ht to light th e tremen­ dous job that athletic trainer PAUL TEMPLIN is doing in helping field a healthy ioo tba ll squad each week. T emp lin h as spent hours and hours stud yi ng on his own time so as to learn the bcst possible treatment and preve ntion of gridiron injuri es. Not only l11ust a ll tht' injuries be treated, but preventive taping and bandaging a ll ~o into rn~ k in g the training room a n important part of the football p ictuft".

Bes ides the ou tstanding job that Templin has done takin g care of the physical injuries, he has also kept the fellows in hysteric~ with his comical impersona ti ons and jokes after a hard practice or a losing game. Pau l is in his third ye:lC as Lute trainer and during this tim e h" has .;ained the IT.spen of athktes and coaches alike. He will be ;orely missed aftt'!' h l ~ gn1duat ion IIPxt spring. LETTER l\IEN TO BE AUCTIONED G LEX · ' \MPBELL reports that PLC girls will have an opportunity to "buy" a da te n.~x t Friday ni ght at th e Le ttermen's Slave Auction. Campbell is ehaimran of Ihe proposed Slave Auction and he ex­ plains that not only will the "slave" be required to take his "owner" ou t, hut he must also work for her on Saturday. _ J us t wond,. :- how thi s idea will sound to fell ows like GEOR GE FISH­ ER , RICH HAMLIJ\, LARRY ROBINSON, a nd BRUCE ALEXANDER. 'rh r.y'r~ a ll married.

With only two S'ames r cmaini;'lg on the football schedule, freshmen quarterback Tom Gibbs ~till \cads all Lu te gridders in total with +04 yards. He has a wide lead over second place John Jacobg.:Jn who has 230 J acobson came up on Gibbs a bit this week . when he compl~ted six for eight passes, for 110 yards, against Central. Both the Lutes' lead ing pass re­ c.eivers are 011t with injuric-s for the remainder of the season. Chuck Cur­ tis, nu m ber one with 13 catches fo r 261 yards, has a broken foot and freshman Dave Bottemille r is out wi th a separated shoulder. George Fisher has punted 35 times for the Lutes for 1247 yards and an avcrag'e of 35.6 per boot. Two of his kicks have bc(' n blocked. PLC leads their opponents in the pass department with 660 pa"ing ya rds in 57 completions. However, 1 7 Lute passes have bee.n int erc.epter! by their opponents. (Continued on page 4) ROO F ING ELECTRIC





932 P a cifre A v e.

SR. 2-4629

facoma, Washin g ton



TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT Special Student Rates UND ER WOOD CORP. 1610 Center St. MA. 74801


. , aernle Brotm••

LAURINAY'S apparel

We Outfit Coeds 406 Garfield

LE. 7-5317

ISTELLA'S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasi on s 12173 Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garfield)

L E.7'()206 We Deliver

PARKLA D G RILL MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7:30 a,m. to 7:30 p.m • SHORT ORDERS 528 Garfield St.




DINNERS LE. 7-9937

Two outstanding freshmen line­ men on the Gl adiator sq uad Ihis yea r ar e TOM a.nd CHARLES MAYS, twin brothers from LaCrosse, Wash. , . . Two other LaCrosse ,.on­ tributions to th e PLC team this year are AL BROECKEL and GENE !\UXE . . . Frosh halfback ',TAL BARNES and end GARY VESTAI. are both from North Salem High School in Oregon . . . R OGER IVERS O i\, Lute bask r: tballer, is do­ in,'l his student teaching at S\('\ rt Junior High in T acom.l "lnd RJ H HAMLIN, a noth er basl,(·tballcr, i5 student tea chin f( at Fife . . . Fres h­ men ends L A R R Y CRAI G and D _\ VE BOTTEMILLER a r t': both from Milw auki e, Orego n ... SETH A : DERSON , PLC quarterback, is :m outstanding pre-medica stud"nt . . . Why not drop int~ our store the next time you arc downtown and sec the latest styles for ca nrpil \~in­ ter wear.




1215t and Pacific Avenue

Phone LE. 7-3171

1130 B roadway

PLC MOORI_N_G_M_A_S_T_ _ _ _ Fr_id_ay_, November 7,1958

Page Four

Two PLC representatives, Dr. W. L. Strunk, h ead of th e biology d e­ partmt-nt, an d D r. Paul G. V igncss, arc attend in g th e.: inauguration of Dr. Od e r~ aard as new presid ent of the Universi ty of W ash ington today. Harvard's president, Dr. Pusey, w ill deliver tnt' addrc.:ss at the.: 111­ :lu g uration. This ('('r(,TTlOllY Is like a homccom­ in" for Dr. Vigness becau e his fa th tr wa inau gurated president of St. Olaf Colleg" X ov. 6 and 7,1914.


Competition betw(,f'n do r m s will high li g ht th e Old M a in sponsored so n gfest.. "Festival of Song," No\,. 15 in th e CMS. S i n!l in ~ groups mu st have a inim um of 25 people. A trophy will be awarded for the two best songs from these ~at e8 o ri('s: spi ritua l, W eHe rn bal­ la d or Broadway hit. Further information can be.: htained from co-chai rmen M at t E rns t a nd W arre n Wi llis.

DOWNING A VIKING during Ihe Homecoming game between Pacific Lu­ Iheran and Weslern Washinglon i. PLC'. John Jacobson. The Gladialors 1051 the conlest 12-7 in Lincoln Bowl.

Th t following is a summary of the footba ll stati sti cs .


Total O ffens e

330 G a rf ie ld Stre e t

Total Yards 404 230 112 95 60 51

Yl 192 130


Charm Beauty Salon Blanche Lin gb loom 413 GARFIELD ST. LE. 7-7475


L. -"• ..=.


Phone LE. 7-49 84




Exp e rt Dry Clea ning

for future delive ry to get group price

Laundry Service


30 9



One-Day Service

Net TO's Can . 450 5 2 1674 23 14

Mrs. Jo Summers

Par kland Cente r Alt. Com. PASSING 57 P. L. C. ....... .. 157 42 O pp on en ts .... .108

PLC BOOKSTORE Glenn Campbell

Represented by LAMMERT A. fUNK and fRANK TURK

Team Statistics RUSH. TCB YG P l. C. 215 642 O pp..... 69 IBM

Custom made to your o rder


(Conti nu ed imm p age 3 )




Gibbs Leads Lutes In Total Offense

NP Rush . Pa... Tom Gibbs .......... 129 IB 3B6 J. Jacobson ........ 55 13 217 17 B. Alexander ... -.. 45 95 Milchell .............. - 36 95 G. Fis her ... __..... .. 30 60

Barnes .. __ .......... .. 31 21

30 Schoumbe, 9 ...... 10 30

Co llom .......... _--_ .. 2 9


Nien huis .............. I

PLC Men at Inaugural

Phone LE. 7-4300

Inl. Yds . TDs 17 660 2 9 511 5

TO T. OFFENSE Ploys YG P. L. C. .. ... .. .. .... 352 1302 Opponents ......... .477 2916

Yl 192 130

Nel 1110


Linne Sponsors Film "1.0 '

h . M ny Splendcn:d .p on. ored by the Linne So­ t it·t,. will bt' shown a t 7;3 and ~ ; :lO tonigh t in the CMS. The Society is n ow planning their , nn ual C hristm as ba nqu et to b held D ec. 2 a t the "Top of the O c II: Dr Bod('rm er, embr yologist from th" Uni\'Cl'sit y of W ash ington, 'n ~pt' ak on rege neration. h in~."



3820 South Yakima

"Lile Insurance is lor Youth­ not iust lor youth, \ but best lor Youth"




An Old line Company

a nd




Parkland and Vicinity


Phone G.1-3311


John always did take things too seriously ... like that habit of locking his Coke up in a safe! Sure everybody likes Coca-Cola ... sure there's nothing more welcome than the good taste of Coca-Cola. But reallya safe just for Col<e! Incidentally­ know the combination, anyone?

P. O . Box 2275, Parkl a nd, Washington Phone LEnox 1-0826




-... .. ~



Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by






Member: FDIC

our bank

84th & Pa cific Branch


nne Fr


nk' Casf:

la ry Impact

By Carol Morris IL .

astvol Global

BEHIND THE SCENES WORKERS, Marie Peters, standing, and Barbara Isaacson, a! the sewing machine, pa ... brie fly from the il' pre parations for thu Nov. 20 opening of the all-school play, "The Diary of Anne Frank."

iw. of th Dutch Xation.'il :.llItbern fl owed aeross




mpl te ve ls Dec. 2

Prcsidt'nt and Mrs. S. C. Eastvold ('Xph·t t o complete· th'"'i) world to ur and rl'turn to PLC on Df'c. 2, ac ' rording to a f('c"nt ktlc)" from Dr.

tht ··t ,I,( of t he dcscrttd CMS. In the little crowd huodlr-d ar ound thl.' piano ont: could ~asi ly piGk out Aunf f l , I k. T h quiet gi rl with th e long, dark hair anu hu ge 1.')' S \oo \(CU as if ,h.. h a d ac tua lly stepped I/Urn rhl' pa~ l' of the fa mous di.u y. H .w in n bta! sed "The: D iary of Anne Frank" for a lulO t a mon th rlOW tl,- can i, beg inning to absorb lh" Lh a rac'tLr th a t is n I.'ess;:,ry for pcrforrning thi s lype f 1,lay. As the stcry un folded. even thou gh this "as .iu t a rthearsal of the play, th ~ sp irit of it mani­ fl tt·d Itsel f iu tl. e warm, human lines spoken. T h i, i" not fiction. The peopll: involved are n ot li'lllcnts of sOl!Je a uthor's imagina tion bUI tl t: family a h-iend" of Anne Frank. These W<'rt' pt'opl (" shl knew and loved. A s • wrotl:' t h e lines in h er diary, &r.c id so not l ealizin that they would ... ~Ie d ay bc' read an d p ortra yed to


In th " letter, wriU('n III ~lcdan, SUfila tLl, Dr . E:ut\'old ,tated th at thl ' schedule of their g lq[}('-c ircling lo'ip had bt't'n t empu ) ;' l-i l ~- upset bc­ (';,u!, uf th~ illnc' ss of Mrs. East\ old. Sh.. W;lS hospi t;;diz(,(j formorl' th an 1\1,10 w('('ks. in 1\{('dan hut was r('cu'\'­ crini-. satisfactorily, hr' rt'affirmed. Th tc ntati\'l' plans of th t: Ea;t­


audicIlH s. tIll' cast ru.-mbers thcmse h'e, r prr. s it, "tht: f ding that we an p inYin)! tht' pall..! of real peopl e j\, this playa unique quality." h" s tor y, mixin g humor and patito , is al,out a 13-year-old j ew­ i5lt Ll i I and her fa mil y who fled • ali G C'rtnan ),. lbe ;~t d ecora ti on, unut:!' th" su­

p<'rvi&i<>n of Eric Nordholrn, p rom­

Iiii:' to be u n usua l. Since the pla y

lak. s plde," in an at ti c hid t>out th t'

r will b" on t 0 len :ls .

" Th. Diary of Allnt' f rank." ill

it P. cific Northwest premiere a nd dir 'ctL d by Miss jane Smith. will be­ prc' nted Thul 'day, Friday a nd Ul·day. l'\o\'ember 20, 2 1 and 22, ; t 8:30 J1 .rn ., in th t" C MS auditor­ ium. T h l." price is 50 Cf llts for , tu­ drnu and 75 c.ents for 3dults.



Friday, November 14. 1958

Parkland, Wash .

Volume XXXVI

L t i:er e


n's Auc ion, Songf st

ched Ie for Weekend

Tht' L"ttt:<Inen's auction tonight a t 8 in the Collcgt' Union ~uilding d ining hall a nd the " Festival of Song" LOmOnO\\ night at 8 in t he C MS Auditol-ium highlight t h i,

w'Tke d' s acti\'i ti,· s. In tonight's Lt'ttcrIllt'n' S auction, ;lccord illg tn P au l T,'mplin. pn:si­ dent of Ihl' Ldtcnllt'n's Club, tlt l: :l thkt cs will b" sold to the high"t bidders. With tIl!' "purch~tse " g'Oes tli t· promisl" by the dub tha t tht' L .. ll'·lInnn will do " half day' . work fur th.. buyer.

If tht· pu"r h

IS a r ou t u n a d a tt· as :l br.'!!u>. Paul ;{dul'd. l' owd~ r P uff !"ootbaJl pia 'U" will Dlso bl; allc tioned off for ~ k.1f day'~ work. tr r 1T1a n

\,\' 111

Si r

ta ~.(·

Mi"'t'llalll'ou- itelTls will :llso 1)(' so ld and entertainment w ill bl: pro­ \'id,·d. i'roct'c ds from th t' a uc tion will bt' uSt'd ior impro\'ing PLC', a thktic fa ci litit's, a nd especially for tht' d.,\,dopnwnt of tht' new ll field.

FROSH FRUSTRATED OVER TESTS were abundant at pte during this mid­ s.,m.ster week. Typical anxious fledgling Dave Streeter. I.ft. equipped with the usual para phernalia fo r intense study. glances wonderingly at a test-conditioned "steran• ••nio r Me rl e Marti n son , Ma rtin son, meanwhile, continue s unabashed in his concenllated re.earch. Tomorrow is o fficially mid-s.mester at pte.

'Fear Plagues World' Says Lilje thron g of 3,400 people pa cked PLC gymnasi um last Sunday ;l fter uun tu h t: "r Bishop Harms L ilje uf H annover, Gennanr. giw hi s R eform a tion Rally message. Another 1,000 p t"opk, unabk to I? d into thf' gYlllnasium, we re in the l M S Auditorium wh el e they h a r d lht bi~hop's llIessagf' by special pub­ lic tlttdl t'5S hook up. After the serv" Bishup L ilj e !:,<l\ ' a fin'-minutt: "r tin L( ' 0 tbr: Pt'Ol-'It in th e eMS. Bi ~hop L ilj firs t of a ll warned ( h i.. l'ia ll s fl Ot to treat th e P rOlcs ­ L;ml R l'funrut ion as a thin ~ of the p . t h ut '" ,ulli( thill g \'itul in 10­ d .L\,· t)'oubkd wodd. " Tht world is filled with fe a l s," Itr- ('ontinu ed, "and these fea r arc b n:r- Iy the J1roduct of m an's scie n­ t fit: j" grr ~s. Fear has spread ~,ll u\t r th e g lobe J lId man wonders ho w he can escape the next \Var. " H,' th n l ulgt'd pei..lJ1le to loo k at the histor y of th t' u nbroke n domin­ ' IIC(- of Christianity as a hope for !JLII t, Th" c h of wi tnesscs sinec the t um of Christ has beell continu-

NUll'lber 7

ous, despite tht: dforts of tyrants lil:c Hitlr r, he added. PLC p:uti cipa nts ill th e service "'f.'ll' th e R c\,. Milton Ncs\'ig, tht' Choir of th<: West un de r th e direc­ ti ort uf Prof. Gunnar J. M a lmin, and D r. R . Byald Fritts as organis t.

Thl' songft:st, "Festival of Song," s('heduled for tomorrow nig ht in the CMS, will haVe competition between d on n singi ng Troups for a la rge per­ petual troph y. Each group will sing one spiritual plu, a song or m('dky of songs from a Broa dway show or W estern bal­ lads. Cal Capener will M.C . and ad d i­ tional music will bt: presented by th e Eighth :\otcs. Dr. W . C. Schnackcn­ b"rg a nd the R c\·. K e nn eth Chris­ topherson will jud gt: the Old M a in­ spomorcd eVl:rl t . Proceeds will go to

th" l.-C:'I.'. Admis sion charge is 25 (' en ts for ,tudr:'nts and chi ldren and 75 C('nts for adu lts. In ('onjunrtion Old M a i n will han' an OIDt (To lo spdl, d back­ wards ) in which th... m('n will lake tht'ir d"lt's to th e Whitworth game, tn dinn ..r in Sunday dr ('~~ and th en to th .. "Fl'sti\',,1 of Son!!."


e a ers Garner Ho nors PLC d.. batl rs won . ~ ... rn firsg, two s('('onds and fuu r' thirds in the practice d ..bal<' tournam('nt h e I d hnl.' last wt'ekend. Auout 200 stu­ dnlls from 17 Pacific Northwe,t ('olleges competed. Hc:rb Dl'l1lpsey a nd D on Douglas ti ... d with th,' U niwrsity of Oregon r ntri .., for first in the sf'nior men's d,·ba tr ·.

III srn i ol~ dt'batc judi .l ohmon and Jeris Randall tied with tht' CPS team. Judi was a lso first in the junior women's oratory. D"mpsey and Jim Traynor ga ine d a ward s in th e: senior men's in ter­ pr('t<lti\'c reading. D ,>mpsr:y rcct'iw'd a first and Tr'lynor a slI:.ond . Orin Dahl topped senior mt'n's rxtcmpofl', a nd Louise Kra;t bcJ was high among the scn ior women. Dahl and Tra ynor placed ont:­ two in th e sen ior men's impromp tu.

A l:cW white plasti c co\'c'f was blow n into plac.. o\'er thl: swim!llin~; pool last Friday. The cover, which will jJt'nnit year-round swimmin g, was a g ift of Dr. and Mrs. S. C. E ast\'ol d, who also prc·st'nt..d the pool as a gift to th .. students las t sp ring.

Grat,.[ul but nimbk-wittt:d student> ha\'l:: already pronounced their epi th eb for the lates t ca mpus addi­ tion. "The science departmt:nt is really beginning to dominate this t::lIllPUS," chuckled one stud ent . "First they got tl,,: Ki osk for launchin g a rocket and now th ey a rc settiug up the ir r3dar equiprnt:nt for tracking the rocket ."

Work-Study Programs Open To Collegians .\ lin,' Stud r nt T r..i nr·'· ·'xa

Pool-Cover Stirs Campus Wits

Air pressun' of thrn ' pounds per squ a rt· inch keeps till' pla stic bubble inflated . An au tomati c pump kct'ps th e pressure constant inside the con'!', which is an­ c hor",l by a mdal tra ck fas t rn/ 'd to the' cunCl'de apron of [he pool.

\ olds no·.\ inrludc aS Ia. of " fnv d;:ys in Hong K ong, ' h ina, "l nd a brief \'i~it ill J apa A vi~it to For­ mosa , ir.eluded in lhl: orio,; nal i tin­ r rar}" hJS h...r>n cancdh-d to n akc up the time lost beea sc of the un­ "xpeeled dd ay. Aft" l aving Japan lh ,' y wilJ stop in IIlIIl lu lu on th . Wll) hack to T ;, c,· ma . Tht' £;,stvolc1> left t h .. campus in JnIlt' on their six, m ontl trip around the wodd. One oi th, early hlgh­ li ,gn b of thr trip was ;"ttl'ndano: a l lh l' coronation rit.. of King Olav IX of ~:or way. Dr. E ils tvold Wali the uf­ fi ci~ l n 'p n's"ntative of th ELC in lhi ~ ccrelllony. From No I' way th e y traveled thl'ough EuropC'. A visit with Bish p H anm Lilj~, a tlmd in g the Hru:;sd s Wurlu Fair and stops in SOIn" of the major Europcan c:itit's w t' 1''' out.­ standin )!: July c"t"nts. L ater in Afri ca Dr. Eastvold con­ ferred ;r doctor of humane letters on the famed Dr. Albert Sehweit7er, Visi ts to many mission posts wcre a h o part of their tra\'cJs on that ,ontin,.nt. Aft"r stopping in Egyp t tht"y went to the Hol y L a nd and tht'n on to the Far East, wh e re they are no\\r. Plans for greeting the Eastvolds upon their rt-tnrn :ln' still indC'!.nitl', p"nding further schedule infonna ­ tion from Dr. Eastvold .

,\n oth"r rolleg,' booslt'r had this philosophy: "This thin g- rea lly makes thc' campus look imprc'ssivc. Now n ·''I'yor... wiIJ think We h:l\'t: a n obs(·rva tory for sludy­ in!; the stars," " L ook, Mohy Di ck is tr ying to imm er,c himsdf in Our pool!" excJai<ned a litcrature major. Cued, li\' ing ill N orth and South HaIJ r ooms closest to the pool arc not so philosophical, however. Tht: unusua l new pool-co\('!' is lik e a drum ; all the noist s from the pool are now amplified, they say.

in­ t o ll .t tlr ti b fm or); -st. d " plflg rll ms in \'arious Fed( 'ra l agenciu ltaB b "en ~nnou "" ('d by t h,' U I~ i t"d Sta t Ci\·il S" rvic(' Commi,sion. . "-"



. •


In th e nc'w proglarn students


( i) b,· t:mploycd part timt: in a F ed­

na l ag·t'ncy whil,' in sc.hool, (}f ( 2) alternate t h t' i r emploympDt :tud school a ttendance, or (3 ) bl;: cm­ ployed during sli mmer vaca tion and attend colkge th,' nst of the ye," Applications will lit· acct'pted un­ til April 2. 1959. Further informa­ tion may be obtained a t the PLC student personnel offiet, a t most post officl:'s or from the United Stat('~ Civil Sen-ict' Commission. Washing ­ tor: 2.'). D . C .

Faculty on ert Set For Noy. 23 in eMS Thre members of the PLC music d "partnwnt faculty will p n'sent a music rl"ci ta l Sunday, No\,. 23, at i p.m. The onc-h our program will con­ sist of sd ('ctio n, hom th•. works of R ob!"rt , , (' h ~ mann, 19 t h c('ntury G er m a n COln p OSel'. M iss Patric ia T hompson, piano and theory imtructOI, will pi a , '\I" eral selections flOm the ;,.'TOIl P uf " Fa n tasy" pieces. ML Gorri on Gilh(·, tson, PLC'I band ;,nu orcllt'stra d irl.'ctor . w ill play th(' viola s..IcC\ions " },.farcht'n­ bilder," "Ad a g io" a nd "Allegro ." Miss Thompso n will b,· his arc-om­ panist. \t~oic(" a nd o rgan instruc tor Fred­ erick L . Nnvnha m will sing I:.! se­ lections from th e "Dich tr:mibe Cy­ cll'," hy Schumann with words b y Heinl'. His a ccom pa nist will be Carl Svedberg. who has a studio in Ta­ cnma and is a soloi st with th e Se­ attle anri Tacoma sym phonies.

Poge Two

Friday. November 14, 1958



moo ing mast

By Ruth W alk T Wh " n the 9 :40 ch ir:H:s sound at PLC , it is t rad itiona lly l ime fo r cbapel F ro ", all Ih" d a' bu ;ldi n gs ~ n d d ormitories, stude n ts fill ","" I' Y walk :1 th..,· ~ ll rg e OW) th e MS. Amo n I!' thrse , tud f' nts is Mr. X, a dar k-h ire d , d" ( " rm in t: d l ~ t} p i c ~ { sophomo re .

Ed itor .. ..... ............ .... .. .... ...... .......... .... ... ..... Di ck Londg ren

N ew, Edito... ... .. .... _... ... .. ... .. ........ ...... ....... .. H crb Dem psey

::'POT ts Editor...... ...... ....... ...... .......... ... ............ J ohn Hanson

Peatu re Editor. .. .. .... .. ........ ... ... . ............. ... ...Carol Morris

Busint';5 MJ nagc r ........ ............... ........... Mary Lou F.TlJ:rcn

l\o.1 ';i't T. . .. .... ... .. .. .. ... . ....... .. 1h. ~filt o n ='i t'S"ig

A House

e i ; moog- the fi rst to arrive at the , teps of the eMS, and w(' t o leave. With Ii.. ~ roup of pals, h e unintenti onal ly blocks the way for mor,: devo ut .I udtnts a.'. be cxchangc.\ jokes and flirts with the pa...., ­ ing- girl.. Fairly with r laxed congenialit)" he seems more at a party than nea rly in cll a pd, He looks wi th disda in at the students who ;.q UC:C7e past hilll, a, Ihou>;h t o 53Y, "'Vh), a r" you in su c!} a hurry ?' It is only whr n Ihe 1l) ' J111l for Ih e day is begun thal h e reluctantly leave_ hi. po-L ant.! aUDlers t hro goh the door. l a~t


hundred yt':) rs ago Abra ha m Lincoln, com­ t tl! I1. t ing o n the ,'-{fD\ving t e n sion OVl'r Xt:g ro enslavc­ m"n t, said , " :\ house d ivided a gainst itself cannot ( Il"

s tand. "

Today racial strife still divides thl: United States, de~pilt 1he problcm-solving Illeasu res such as a loody Civil W ar. a post-war attempt a l "re­ eonstruelil1~ " the S ou th, t h r c e Constitutional :ullcnd.;nents and sC"cral leg'<ll rulings by the U. S. -upremc Court. [n tl"f~ ra t i n" th e: r::lC,-, has c::I USL'd spo ra dic e ruption , in thr: !\fonh Inn It: maj o r di,tul ba nc t's ha\'c bCt"n ill trw ·oul h. ~I os t !"" cl:ntly Arka nsas a nd V irg'inia havl: p'{lL~ed , in op "n defia nce of a Supn' me C ourt ruling, to 'I U·~ r. t, · pu wli c ochools, To eirr: unl\-e nt th e hi gh est h w of Ull' la nd t hese sta te.> h a ve closed ::Ill public schoo ls thrt'a trlu 'd with int gl ation and an' trying to bridg,' lhl "tim. t io nal !PP with pri va te sch oo ls fo r ·\Vb.1M,"

III ( ~t:ur~L..l spu ri o us voti ng t L'~ t s have

e e n u sed t o

ill. qualif} l'\'I' n h i ~ hl : edu cated J'\cg I OL's. And a local juo.1~{" \ '\m, d that ::Iny F .:: de ral auth o ri ti,·, try in g to in [it: r' wouid b .. promptl y j a iled. What n the result of this recent racial f1are­ up? 1'"il's t. edu cation, so vital to progress, has been 'criously retarded in the South. Also. rights arc being dcpril'cd wh ile disrespect for the supreme law of the nation is being fostered. Finally, Red propagandists have the perfect fuel to convert t be "colon:d" populati on of the world. to Communism, for, by all appearances to an outsider, America's demonacy is only for "whites." The South, d espite the lin ge ring ra ci a l h a tred of till' ',\,il Wal' era ::Ind th e intensit y of th e problem tlll'n ', cannot continut· to justify its a ctions. The D ee­ lar.Hio n of Incie pt' lId cnCt: stat -s " th a t a ll men a rc c re­ .,1(-0.1 "q . <1" ; tilt" I·~th .\rncndmcnt d .. clares that " No State sh a ll m~ k t' or enforce any law whi ch shall abridge t lu' privilq.;t:s o r immunities of the citiz1' ns of the u itl'd States" ; and the' 15tlt .<\mcndment S'-1ys that the rig ht t t) \'ot e , hall not be abrid [.;ed "on a ccount of , l1' t ' , color, o r pr.: vious condition of servitude."' Th.; rdo l'c, this problem mu st be faced now, not p ostpo n"d ~.l(a i n . T he United Sta tes, a s the leading d ':lfIonacy vf the world, must cnd its hypocrisy and ceas to b, '-1 ho use divid~d .-DICK LO~DGREN,

CREATURE FROM OUTER SPACE? No, Ihis is Ih ffont "iew of 0 baby crab d raw n by Or. Jen; Knud se n for til" fronti sp iece of h i. d octo ral dissertation . he b a d,grovn d shows the e,ob's I' f '-ey el and (ood-cycl" . and th e oc(ufol c d ro'...,:n!! is an eXOln p tb c:f Dr. Kn uds:e n' s va ried artwor k.

Dr. K udsen Uses Art To Aid Sci nee Career Bi o lo ~y and :lrt-::I II u ncom lllon but no t in c-omp;' t­ ib l,' tWOSOIIH', ;Jre f<lund co mb ined in on,' PL C p m [n ­


Dr. J ens W. Knud s"n, " famil iar fae.. ~r 'lUnd th~ Science H a ll, is ~ t:llf'ntecl a rtist as wdl ii' a b iology professor. Whilt: studyinl; at PLO frolll 1948 to 1952 Dr. Knudsen did much art work around the campus. Sagas [or those years contain litany of h is sketches. Y.evcr havin g had an art Ir"" n, Dr. Knu dsen learned to draw while eonfindt'd to bed "itll TB as a ehild, His h obby pa id off later when he wa s "bit: to fi na ne" two complct<" ycan 3 t colic-g., by pa in tin l\' ig:ns '1 nd drawing for p.'oplc in the Pa.l'kl:lnd ~ r/':t . The Pa rkland Grill, on G:l rfi hi strret, wa s M that tirne a popula r C3 rnpus Hhan.g 'out." Dr. .Knudsen C4:l1'­ tooll ed th e w ::Ills, depicting "II school ac tj " iti, 's 3, wdl as a ca ricatul" of Dr. Eas tyold, An other project in which he part icipated. and one which is still with us, is a 3-foot by 10-foot mural in what was the lounge of the old coffee shop in the basement of the classroom build ing. This is now Mr. Gaines' office, Dr. K nudseo and a fellow studcnt, Verne Newhouse, used an aeria l photo of thc campus in painting thi:. view of the college. The estimated time consumed by this effort was 250 houl"S. Sinc e rl'ce i"ing his Ph.D, at th e ("niversity of Sou them California in 1956, Dr. Knudsen ha s con­ tillU t' d to tcach at PLC durin g the reg ular school year. In the summer h e tea cht's hiology and ocea nog raphy a t USC, whl:l'l' h e has also done a 5-foot by 10-foot lIlura l foJ' th e Hancock Foundation. Thi s illu trates th e " oya ges of th " V,' kro III, a ship Ilsed by USC for l1wrinc work. Re sea rch on erabs ior the Fish a nd W ild Life Se r\,­ icc took him to Alaska las t summer wh 1'" he aho did some painting.

Dear Editor:

'Nothing to Do' Causes Exodus Eath F r iday afternoon ont" can witness a mass I'xodus of tu(lt-nts, suitcases in ha nd, leavi ng for home b y c::Ir and bus. Wh yare these students going home? I've asked quite a few and the answer usual ly is-nothing to do on mpus during the weekends. I reply that there is such and such going on. but they immedi­ ;ately rc~pond that the ;activities are geared for the Luther League age. The college, they add, is in­ sulting their intelligence and maturity by not offer­ i~ adult aetiviti s_ O ne 11101'1: question aimed ::It this m:l;S migration is: "What ac tivities would you like introduced?" The a nswn: "Dancing," Wow! Our founding fathers' cas­ h :t lids popped open for sure on that one! But p kas,:, Mr. Student Council and Mr, Adm in­ is ration, hea r with me for just ::Inother minute or two . Wc ~11 know that this word is the next thing to p roianity to 501111" of our m embers. But is it? Think it ove r cMcrully. Maybe our time-honored tra dition of no dancing shollid not be broke n, but something is def­ init..ty needed to kcep our s tudents here, not horne wherl: thqr will a ttend a dance anyway . True, our catalog clearly states: "The eoll!'!;'e di3app rovcs and docs not sanction dancing." If you don't approve, you don't have to attend PLC. It's :15 cold and hard as that. .But just who is the ,.oll ege ? You, your roommate, I:lysdf ; y.:s , :lnd times changc, M::Iyhc we could sta nd .] 11 I onc·' t eva luation of our activiti es. P erh a ps, too, we cou ld sta nd S'.lIllt: constru(·tin: c ritici sm of Ollr ca mpu s ij '.',

I hope o ppoIlmts will 1I0 t be offended or ta ke an Orva l raubQ~ attitud e but g rant us a voi ce and a n an­ 6w1:r, Timl'_' ,:h ::l n ~ [' ; m"yl;c w,: should,-Eu ge ne Hapala.

Frosh Coed Analyzes Apat: y of Cha el-Goer

Reader Questions Review thillk vour revil.'wn's comments on poor, sick Mr. Dempsey's performance wcre imaginary and invalid. In tlt e first plac e, PLC productions do not usc promptns. Also, he should remember that th e play is a melo type of drama, tht' kind in whi ch Prof. l'lcOlill g himself got his start, and as m ch 1 don't think the Sc rooge of Clove r Creek's portrayal was any more overdone th a n that of Uncle Bob himself. I'm sure if I had as kt'd the din:ct o r fm his opinon, h e would have In m e mi squ(lt,' him as sayin g, ",Vhat'. the m atter, Bah-orson ? Hav e you got a chip on your should er, or is that your head?" ,\Iso, can yo u tl'll m e w hy our powder puff t eam was no t allowcd tv g ive li S our fir st int ercollegiate vic­ tory last Sa tllrd ~lY ·? Those amazons would have g iven Pllge t a reSounding defea t. Pe rhaps a bett r idea would be for th em to playoff tht' top intr::lmura l t<"am , By th e way, congratulations to Audry Hort for rc­ vivinl'{ interest in mooring ma sts a nd li ghter-than- a ir Lr.:tfl. I SIT a blimp has landed just cast of South H a ll. Honorificabilitudinatatiblllly yours, Bob Olsen

1 , th l' [,:,bby h, ~ai n j . ,-:aug'ht u p in h i.; CO IW I'I'13tiO (l;: h~ ~xch.l.llgea s' nim" l1t, w ith (Ih"r 1i1\~rrn anrl loud l·.. T{""t.~ th" hur ying latr -r,omt'f':\. th" 1.1. n Jtc f " '(' h ym n is Sll n e;, hf' 3I nwl}' rnt.. n h ' ~ lt dj tor l um He- flTi". " nnin ly ~ h" jaunts down h r a ', I' aod hi ; ·cx C'u.... me. while huifiin ll ITOu. It tho:: a l r.." dy 51"arcd $tudr nh in hl~ TOW an- loud nd Gr tnrt inc:.. h th , " O1 l t him ,tra in to h~~r h,- 'n w,U:1", mrnt' , h huf­ f1<- hi, bOIJ ., mO'f hou t Q h ill .e;H , 3nd ..ou~ \J, luudly . " . ,h I: . fl<:;1 ,.·r for Ihe day "ta:p~ up to Illf'. TIlSlrTlIll. he is fi nall y read) t ..,. d r cI ... n to bu~ in r_ , th.'U i,,-I he busi nc'o;s of gettin lt SGn "t u ti)" ing done. Da rr!y ~u pp r in!:, ,, yawn, he fl agrantly flips pages dur­ ing hI: S cri pLU re reading-. \ £t er fiod in\! 'he pa~c , he ath: mpts t o 1'C:Id; how "er, hI' L.10 ' 1 5("11\ t o con c~ntr:ltt' . '\I!ain he y' ~,and again b tl'ir:s . H i wboll' altit ude is ,uIU:c.~t i" e of <"omplel!: bore o m . I'h" n wid. nlv '0\ I<: , h im; th.~ p a~ I' n" id r H·h.. ~ hi m, ) or a nef mtAII •. ut 11 <" I In f.f \. J t d "p inti ~, t ,JOn h i f. c 10. iI, borr.d .1J:t th y. IIr Ii, ., ', I -. Iy <l nd r i lll1; . . s the sp :tk .. r ~oo; , 0 11 to ano th(:c IIt•• n , " 1" 1" II o rok n, ,.nd hr' r nnw , ou IIf h i, though, W!l lt J nan. 1:f.- ,cems ~ It.l m Ii i h i, ho r t r..•. . ,-i. ·l d 'wnu', f u r t i v f'! ~ " round to Kt" i[ an yon.: h;" be~ n "';Hc hin l;' hi ll1 . S ati~fit d t nat h i 'downfall" was \In­ obsc·rn :d, h,- a~a i n 'J.s~un J('s hi . d a bora t .. in ( iff .. r.' n ,·r, fn q u(' tly . wnin ~ nd C011SUlti ng h i \ V a tch. 'Vh Cll tIll.' tnl k r nd .;, h ,' s tr u ~g k s to his fre t nnd m umbl e'S th e Lo rd ' 'Prayt l' in 3n Il n ~m otj'Jrl a i monoto ne, H,' Ii., t(' n:; impa 'i,' ntly 35 th e I.)tJ,. ,ill" th (' d o " o ! ()~ y, h"n pm lH'5 his way th rough the crowd ,1_ though h i~ 'fl: dt' p,'ncit'd on "" tl illlj Oll t. (lnu' o n the str ps alt in, h ~ casua lly lig hts a ~. a n ·tt,'. "What "'a ' Ih, ,,! o riol" Dlk ;t bou today?" h r il~ ks h .' boy n ~ x ' 0 him. "1 W,Tr Ii.t·'ll to " m, " h,- add, ....ith prid" ~n d d i,d :l in in hi~ vQier . ~·Ii te l X !1<l~ g n r t chapt'\.

By Bob Fleming H t' i ~h hn . I'd I j k~ tl.> ~t.~ rt Oll t w ith a li lt , bit of the

finer type nuff , wh a5 a P( )~·IE: I hal ,' thl" guys who n iticize, u le o th r" r guys wh ose en ­ krprisc, ha s ITI.,dc- tlt!,!l1 r iv' a no\ ,- t h ~ -o; uys , w ho cri ~ i c i7(- lid minim izt', th,. o thf'f g-uys.

Maybe you di d n 't know this hut every year I eat 365 Chi nese din­ ners. 1 have to eat Chinese dinners. I get my material from the fortune cookies. . . . l a ybe I'll ~et a collahorator-I fi gure two can lift as ch ea ply as one. . . . MAGIC TRICK: I wa:. wa lking d own the street and all of a sudden turned into a drug store. . . . W ow, am I tough! Cau.~ht myself cheating a t ,olitair~-buyt I had to break my ami bdon: 1'd admit it. Something puzzks rn('-ha\'(~ you r V'-r noti,~ {'d the wa.y people who a.rr ('Ill,ily shock·'d :;0 out of their way to find things that shock them ? . I li'Td in ::I small town . So sma ll the d octor's office was right above t h .. sh o' st un ; (UZ that wa . th,' only plact' in town that had an X-ray machine . . . NEW BOOK: W hat To Do Till the Doctor Arrives or How t o Entertain \ Doctor's Wife . . . If buttercups are yellow, what color a rc hicl:ups? A~: BUTplr. ... The other nite I caDle home. IHeant to t rn on the TV I;Ct but instead turned on thl" radio an d thoug ht I'd g blind. Is it tru e ? A ",.. II know il thktc took his girl to the drive-in mO\'l'- 13.IIt we"k and it wasn' t until th e show was o,'er that he discove red he'd parked. facing th e wron .~ w ay? . . . Wdl, $"" you ne"t werk . I'd like to dedi cat .. the above column tn my fri.-nds, who becomt~ fewer wit.h each column. Ma y your jOkf'5 b" hit.s a nd your lips n" ar miss.., .. .. Unclr Bob-Bob,

Try Browsing to Cure Test-Jitters By Audry Hart W ith mi d -St"rncster tests I),'er, now is the lime to drop in at the 11 rary for some relaxing <lnd enlightening browsing'. Since last spring the library has procured hund rt~(l5 of new volum!'! relating to m::lny fields, Here is a random samplin g: A C. S. L ewi, biography, "Surprised by Joy," tells th e story of a ma n who, having I.), t his faith, by rca On rega ined it. "Mr. Pcpys of Seething- Lane," by C ec il Abcrnet.hy, is based on t: cryp tog ram pa/,\,e, of Pr'PY" diary, Eye-witn ess ac.counts, including report.. of London 's Pl aguf' of 1665 :lnd the Creat Fire of 1066, flow through th is unusual book, "The Wonderful \-,,"orld of Mathematics;' by Lancclot H o bl"o, com­ bines text a nd illust rations in a fa~einati n~ story, for childr!'n a.nd ad ul ts, of th e pa rallel "l'rowth of civilization a nd math('llla t i . Th t ('onspirar ic.s of Benedict Arnold a nd numerous others, base on J'f'cen tl y rck ast'd Briti sh doc uments, ha ve b::ell wO\''' n by Carl V an D orrfl i~1t o "Secret Hist.ory of the American Reoh·ution."


Friday, November 14, 1958

Pag_ Three



I ds a tie

Bue Gridde



Ho Jin g to wind up the seaso n with iI vi lo ry befo re tb~ ute fan s. the Pacific Lutheran Co llege eleven w ill ta ng le '. Ith lh" Whitw o rth Pira tes in Lincoln Bo wl to morrow afternoo n J t 1:3 0. After dro p p ing a 6- 0 contest to the College of Puget Sound L on gel's last week. coach Jim Gabrielse n ' s men are still looking ror their first win of th e sea son. Whit vor th h as had a fair season thi s Y"'a r .IHd holds a win ove r CPS . The Pirat,·, will be fi ghting to .l1y out of th t' cellar of the Ever­ .;n n C onf, n: UCl', a position now h ·hl b th .. Gladiator" wht'n they mill' to. T a coma tomo rrow. r ht: Bu cs coac hed by Sam dam s, :J. fonn a p rofessional g na l r with tb e San Fr a nc isco 49'ns :1 ft IV y('a rs bac k. H e aiso sa w ac tion villi the V :l II COll\'l"r, British C olum­ Ilia. Lions. T h is is hi, fir>! year as hcad foot­ ball co tell a t th e Eastern Washing­ ron . ('hool , a n O his team ha~ won fi\~ md lost thrn: throu gh out the . nson . W h itworth h'l' p roba bly one of th {Illest gruup of freshme n pros­ 1'~ I't in till' confe rcncl". Am 0 n g the- , are Doug Black and D t' nny '>purloek, two all-sta te star ' in Wash­ ;n~ t " rr la st year. .\ fi,st pl'l'iod touch down by CPS 1:ut w!:d .. was all it took to hand the .u tes their t'igh th stra ight loss. PLC t.urnt'Q in one of the fine,t 'r(lUnd g-anw s uf th(~ Y(,3 1", but it "or..lsn ' t euou g h to push ()\T r


a ~(aillSt



the d efe nsively strong

Lo~gl· rs .

'hl' {e turn of Lou Blaes i, Dick C;" odwi 1\ .1IIU D a v e Bottelllillcr, probab ly 11l'Ipcd th e Lutl's a g reat I..a l ill h uldi n!i til<' tough CPS rou nd jtlu n..- in check on the muddy fidd. Bottt'll1ilkr cau ght fiVL' passes from q rt "rback John Jacobson for 58 yards before he reinjurt'd his shoul­ tl.. r in the fourth quarter. Bottcmiller is expe cted to be in the . ' Hing lineup a gain this Satur­ day, how 'vt· r. .. rh r tl-am's sp i rits 3re good a s he y han' bc("u all year despite the h ud raim a nd our winless record," ,a id coa ch Ga brielse n . ;'Thc boys will be (Jut for an ups et Saturday," he . d ded.




Won " /.:-s tn ll Washin :,:toll.. ...... A


C e nt} a l \Vas hin gto n __ . _ . ~ .. " t


Pll u:,·t Sound . .................. .. ~ E.'lstn n \ V:l,hin "toll .... ... .. .'2


Wh itwort h



Po.cifi c Lut hera n


eagers Lose Van Beek; eason 0 ens Dec. 2 Pacific LUlherJn's 195 8 -59 cage squad suffered J blow Mo n ­ day when Jim Van Beck. all Evergreen Conference baskctballer last year. severely dislocated his shoulder. VJn B ee k injured the shoulder while playing intramura l football for Eastern Parkland and may be out for six to eIgh t w eeks. according to coach Gene Lundgaard. ' ''W e hav(' a lot of fin e rese rves so los,; will 1I0t bo: unbearabk," ~tat ,·cl Lund gaMd . One cut h a s already b ee n m ad e Clnd no more will b<: made un til the foo tball se as on is over, a c,:urding t Lun J I!'l:a rd . T\\'t' nt y-two m en lire still out for the squa d. th!~

T !l<' L u tes' fir st ga llle is sched­ ukd for D ecl'mber 2, a gainst Lin­ fiel d Coll r ~<; in M cMinnville, Ore. D es pite th " loss Qf V a n Beck, PLC • till has two all Eve r ~n C onfere nce tea m lllelllbcrs return ­ in .~ from las t yea r-- Roger Iverson :lnd C hu ck Curti s.

LUT ES CLOSING IN FOR A TACKLE in the g ame wtih Ihe College of Pugel Sound Salurday are J o hn Jacob,on. O<>on Chrislian5on, 63, and Kenl Tekrony. on gro und. The Logg er ball carrier is q uarlerback Jerry Hoxsey. CPS won Ihe mud bailie 6-0. ond the lules sank IUi·ther in t he cellar of the Everg ree n Conference. Tomorrow alternoon at 1 :30 PtC will ho,t Whitworth Collog. of Spokane in a game at lincoln Bowl. The conte. t will be the fin o l outing 01 the season for the Gladia tors . LU T E B.\SKETBA L LSCHE DULE f) , ,,".


. _... .. ..... .. ... .. . Linfield, the f[~

Dn·. 5-0 .. ..T.\C Tourney, Tacoma Dr c. 9 ... .. .. _ P uget Sound, there D ,·{'. In ...... Portland V., Van'couvc r D,·c. 13 ... ....... Buchan Bakers, her D" e. 19 .. .... L . :\'orth Dakota, he-rc Jan. :l .... ....... ..... Portland U., here J o. 9 ...... .lJ. of B. C ., here «-.J an. 16 ......... .._............Eastcl'll, h e re *Ja n . 17 ... _.. ............ Whitworth, herl' '"Jan. ~+ ........................ Central, her!' "Jan . 30 .. .. ... _....... ....... Western, her!' ;0 Jan. 31 ..... ......... Pugct Sound, here f"t'b. 2 ..........Buchan Bakers, hero: - Feb. 6 ......... .......Whitworth, there .... .... Eastern, there *F('b. 7 " Feb. 12 .... ......... ......... W cstern, h ere *F<>b. H .... ... .. ... Puget Sound, thcre Feb. 16-17 ..._..Montana Sta tc , h ere Feb. 20 .... .... ......_.V . of B. C., then' Fl"b. 21 ... ....... Seattle Pa<:ific, th ere " Fr b. 25 ..... ................. C t: ntral, then: "Confert'nce game. L

.• _ . .•

Itap-hazardin by Eugene Hapala

The sports staff of the Nloorin~ Mast alwa ys tries, in all o:arnc.stncss and honesty. to bring forth the nt'wS and issues of interest as truthfully ~ nd faithfully a s we ca n .We han. at all tim "s tried to adhere to the de­ mands of the majority and will stri\'e to do the same in the futun,. Ollr O ctober ::I issue carried an announcement to the effect that th e L etternv'n's Club was passing by polite word of mout.h that high school nllmerals not be worn on the PLC campus. This is the policy at most major colk j('cs and universities and PLC is no exception. Last week this comer of your MM and the Lettermen's Club ,-:a5 attacked through a letter to the editor. This letter bore no signature, but yet this writer had the intestinal fortiude to state that he would wear his sweater "proudly" till it was torn from his back. T ea ring' sw('"aters from people's backs is not :l policy of thl' Lettemu:n's C lub. of whi ch I am a proud m ember. Now, we will offer to run the picture of this timid soul with his high ,ch oul sw'> ~t c r in ollr next issue if he will step forw a rd and identify himself. If not. le t us considl'f this C:'ISt closed . (iRID FINALE TOMORROW Tom orrow's game with thc Whitworth Pirates at Lincoln Bowl will wind up the 1958 grid scason for our Gl adia tors and it will be the final I(~ rn t' for C o-ca pt;,ins GEORGE FISHER and nICK GOODWIN , SETH .\:'-:DERSO:'-:, BOB BILLS, and CHUCK CURTIS. Fisher. while only a junior. is not expel'ted back next year as h(~ will pursue his engineering studies at Ore~on State College. The other fO'lT Lutc ..~niors will exchange football helmets for diplomas come .Tunc. (Continued 011 paf;(' 4 )

3rd Floor Clinches Tie For ntramural Football Crown Fouth Floo r Old Main clinched <'.t k a:\t ~I ti ~ for the Intramura l fO (Jtb~ll ch am pionship by ti ng DI'J Il d in ~ s 1+-6 last wl·.. k in h " '( und ru und vf pla y. E, rrgree n South leads tlu' sl'l" ond di, i!ion iea!(Ue with a record of four wins, s ix loss f.' 5, and on e ti..•.

J ohn Wdold continues t lead th e k a~ Uf' in touchJown paS~1 J thrown with :!9 for hi; Fourth Floor squad. He is follow ed by Leo Eliason ( Dda rdines ) , who has thrown 22, ond R ich H a mlin a nd Dave Barka ( both of 3rd Floor Old M a in ) , who han' thrown 16 cacho Thl' indi,'idllal scoring parade i5 led by John Hanson of ·+th Floor Old Main with 8+ points. Ro gn Rccp and D ennis Ross of Ddardines and Western, respective­ ly, arc ti('d fur second with 7'2 points ea ch. FIRST DIVISION STANDINGS W L T PF PA 72 3rd Floor ... .. .. .. .9 I 2 226 WI'stern .. ........ 9 2 2 230 148 208 116 +tlt Floor ... ....... 8 5 189 116 Dej.,rdines ...... 7 4 95 149 5 2 ~nd Floor __ ... ... 5 2~D DIVISION STANDINGS

W L E"n grcrn S. ....+ 6 Clover Creek .... + 6 Eastern ...... ...... 3 8 Evergreen N ..... ::! 8 Tacoma . ........... 1 II




127 98 144 97 74

3 I I




3rd Floor 2·1, DcJardines 6 ; E\'er­ ~J'I'''n _'o n h I, Tac oma 0, forfeit; ''' u t Tn 1 '~, 2nd Floor 6; Tacoma 0, EJ stcrn 0, forfeit; 2nd Floor 12, Dc­ Jardines 12; 4th Floor 36, Weste rn 0; Cltwer Cn'ek I , T ac oma 0, for­ f,-,it; Clover Creek 7. Eastern 6, for­ f.. it ; Everg reen SOllth 6, C 10 \' t: r Creek 6 . LATE MODEL






3820 South Yakima






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]Jo b R oik o. who. malk the con­ [" n: u cc ('s ,o nd t":lID. is relurninl{ a lso . T h,' ~~ Tn!' n still worlling out Hal) R oiko, R a lph Ca rr, Jim V a.n Bl't'k, R vgn Ive rs on, C hu ck Curti , Rich H o.mli:l, Ard ee n h nso ll, N onn D a hl, D"nn y R oss, Bill Will iamli, Larr y Paulsoll, Conni" 5<o1[ors, D ou'l' J ackson, Jim Wilkins, Jim W omack, D ean H a ll" r, Paul Carlson, Lambert Peterson, D ave Barker, K en R uud, Rod Humble, T odd Corni. h, and D ennis Fatland.

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Page Four


Friday, November 14, 1958


Saga Schedules Photos

The scht':duic for Saga photos has been announct d as follows: Pent­ house Studio ,,,ill ta kl' the senior photos and appointments should be made d ol" Thanksgi\ing. Photos can be taken at any time and the cost is $3.50. Richa r ds Studio will tak.. junior photos on camp us between next Tues­ ';, y ,md Fri d ay. Appointments should bl' maLIc in the CUB today. The pri n is $3.fiO. SOphOlllOlT photos will be taken next T h ur:day in th t: TV room of the (.V£ at ,. I'mt of 50 (Tnts ('aeh, by IV[cKewcn Studio. Boys "hQuld wear d ;'l rk wits, light shirts and dark tics: girls should wcar dark sweCltf'!S w ith­ (,ut novelty n~cklin('s. The s::unc ,tudic' will tak e the Freshm a n photos next v'ledncsday for lh(' same price and with the same directions.


(Continued from page 3)

.-\11 hu t Chuck Curtis will be in the starting lineup tomorrow in an dfort to mak" their final game a winning' onc. Curtis broke his leg three weeks ago and will chcer the Lutes on from the: grandstand. While we're paying tribute to this year's Gladiators, let us single out ar,other m('mbl'r of th" Lute eleven for hi,' superman efforts this scason. We're speaking of. pound for pound, the roughest, toughest Lute of them

all. Halfback JOHNNY MITCHELL has helped spark the Lutcs on both offense and defense. Despite his mere :i-foot. i-inch frame and 155

pounds, "Mitch" hm. been an inspiration to all despite the dismal won

and lost record. Recurre n t injuries have failed to tit: Mitch to the bench and gam" after game he> has kept the Lutes in th .. rc: all thc' way. When the team meets next wt't'k to dect their 1959 grid captain and name their inspirational player for J 958, wc'lI wager that :!Ifitl'h gets strong consid e ra t ion. To the seniors and the rest of the Lute g ridders, wC' say thanks, we apprcciatJ' your efforts.



PLC Radio Show "Campus Highlights," PLC's wcekly radio program, is on the "if I'"ch \Vedncsday l'n·ning from (;:+5 to 7:00 On KMO. 'fnc plQgranl usually consi::-ts of intcrTi e\\'s "'lith various C::UD­ pus personalities as well ::Is PLC news and special Inusic. Miss .Jane Smith dir.. cts the' presentations \vhich are planned and w! it ten by her radio speech class. Pro g:ram, an' taped in the c~rs studio and then takL'n to K MO to be broadcast.

LAURINAT"S apPQrel W e Outfit Coed s 406 Garfield

LE. 7-5317

'A Christ mas Carol' Casting

Set for Monday Afternoon

Tryonts for this ycar's prest:nta­ tion of Ch,lr\cs Dicken's "Christmas C:Hol" will he held next ~fonday at 3::H.l p.rn. in the eMS radio studio. Th ... pIa y will be pITs/'ntcd Dec. 17. Di rectors Arlene Hah'or, K aren Knutson and Lyle Pearson (Alpha Psi ()11le g 3 rnunbr-rs) announced th a t th''!'L' may be fin: parts avail­ able. They especially urge freshman a r:.d sophomores to tryout because parts are permanent for the person's college career. Herb DClI:psey will again portray ROOFING ELECTRIC

Scroogc , who hates Chr istma.s a n "II it stands for, Mickey A ndr rs( n .md Jerry Kress a rc cast as. man and wife for the sC'cond year (S crooge ~ nephew Fn·d and his wife). Leonord Erickson is the charity ('o)1ecto and Lyle Peal'son pJay~ Bob Cratchil. Gina .Jones and R od K ordbL rg play the CI"Jristlnas spirit,s, "'Christ ­ r!las Yet t.o Corn("~ and "Chri5tnl~1.5 Pre'sent." Ja,ne- Ross again is cast as Cl'atchit"s wife, and Arkne !-Wvort Ma\'is Evctt'll , ane Carol Hurst p h\~ children.




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It's such a comfort to take the bus ..• and leave the driving to us!

Bloodletting to Begin Thursday

by Sigfried Larson

,>nuugh, PLC students will be able to draw from the a ccount without charge

One important condition about gi"ing b I a 0 d was announced by "Harrin Hypodermic": if you an, 0\,('1' 18 but under 21 you must se­ curc a pCnI!ission letter from your pan'nts if you wish to meet "Har­ ri,·!." You arc not permitted to gi,'e blood if you arc under 18. "II~rri,· t'· also said that for thr...,'

" Ilarriet Hypod ermic" will ,'ISlt

tit.. 'PLC rampus next Thursday for the "Plasma PulL" This is the nam,· ~i\'('n to the APO-sponsorcd blood dl'in- that will start after chapel and continue until 3:30 p.m. next Thurs­ day. Morr: blood is needed to fill the PLC blood bank account. If the "I"url bank account is subs a ntial


hours before donation time vou are not allowed to consume food of any type exce pt watn, black coffee and for those who must have sQmething - fruit juice . Shc add ed that any si ckness or illness during this school year disqualifies the donor. .-\PO members will be in the CUB next week to schedule appointments w:th "Harriet," who will



12 pcoplc :.n hour.



m,!orlH9 mast


Pa:-kland, Wa.h.


did,.'1 .Iudents, "Policing " Ihe parking lots was Ihe big, Dwai" Sande.., and Mayne Whllmor., "yle, Campus cI"anup activily i. a Iypical holiday mlgrallon.

m3an rest and re laxalion for all PlC lask of Ih is trio, left to righi, Ca rl lie­ leaning on Ih. broom in .upervlsory college lCena following each sludenl

Student Critics Laud Rondoliers by Carol Morris In a reet'nt random poll of the: PLC student body it wa~ .•!,:ru'd the male trio, The Rondoli trs, who sang here a month ago at tl... first Artist S e rie~ presentation, pro"idcd a ycry enjoyable cH'ning of e nt~rtainln e nt.

Th" variety of tht: selections pe rfornll:d contriLuted much to the pleas­ u r,' of the audience:. "I thou ght it wa~ the best artist scriu we've: had ," remarked Ken Gamb. "This kss clas3ic~\1 type of program is more conducive to attendance," " ' I11I1\l:nt~d Jim Brandt and Da,'c Gabrielson. .Ma n y uf thust: intl'lvinvcd would like to St:" more popular entertainers "r*aged for future prog ram,. Anoth,-r oft-quot"d mggcstion is to han Illl, r<- \'aridy, 110 t all lIlusica l programs. Sploaking for the Artist Series eUllllllitt(-e, COlwi" Thompson, st'ClT lary "f Ih e student body, ,tated, "The committee has tried to spend tht' moncy a,'~u laiJlt- to the students' best ath-antagt." She went or. to <:xplain that when . 'r. \V ~ il l l J tl'L .\1 ti ) ( Sl._l i h ( it. tLndt:c th t ~tud t ''It. h ad ~ i! \Jfl\' iu\l~ ly had the' opportunity could Il' arn IU appreciate this type of nnaic. Th is yea r , she add ed, we art: able tu hav" five programs, one more LIJ•• n "'5t ,,~ ar. This is beca use thert: was some money remaini ng in last y. 'ar-' fund. "W,· fn-l furtunatc that PLC has an Artist S('ri('s; this in iu"lf is SOIll"­ l!,illg ur.iqu<, :tnd we arC looking forward to the future programs," agree Llin", Edbng- and Rhoda Bloomquist. ('J.

PLC C risi:mas Decorations To Emphasize Centra l Them "festival of a Starry Night" is the p icturesque theme for PLC's 1958 CI ristmas decorations, which will be ,t"rtt'd Monda y. C,'ntl'al attraction will be the kio.k , to be decOl . ted by the Art Club. It will be similar to last year, ltl ~' ing an eight-panel nativity sce ne ,j 1(1 ,imulated ~tained glass with dif­ f"rent ,yrnLuls u f the Christian ,hurt:h. In (Jlau.' of a big whit" Christlllas tn:e there wIll be abstract angds of wi rl' and plaster of paris. La~t year the ki osk won first (J.-izt: in th,- education divisiun in Tacoma C(,mpetiti(JIl.

kiosk decorations will be financed

L)- tl", administration, but the rC5t will Qe sponsored by the Student Council. Plans for this y,' ar wen, s<:t U(J bv a cOIll[nittee of representat ives fr um Student Council, Blue Key and the l\rt Club, consisting of Jay Tronsdak, Kay Holm, Dan Erland­ tr, Bob Bills, Bob Larson, Aldis Ott, Deanna Haugland, Roger Paul, and Kaft"Il


Friday, December S, 1958

Eas voi ds Complete orl our mid Festive Greet i 9 by Barbara Isaacson Dr. and Mrs. S, C. Eastyold were g'rt T ted at Sca-Tac Airport by about 500 stud<'nts and faculty members wh,' n they l'~ turn ..d early Tu esday InOln in.c; from th .. ir six-month world tour, As the Eash 'olds. bedecked with lei, frolll Hawaii, caUlt: down the steps from the plane, the PLC uand played the favorite of Lu­ theran battlc hynllls, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," and chc~rs reHrberated frolll the throng of students on the balcony. Then a iong car:",,' an of cars t' S­ curt,'J the PLC pl esident and his wifr: back to th~ campus. Rdcrring to the reception at the airport , Dr. East\'uld declared, "It wa , lh,' finest mOllu' nt of our trip a.nd Ollf' of the III 0 S t wonderful tltdl, in -l-O years of public life! " Fullowinp; a special breakfast in the dining hall for all lhost' att end­ irw th,' airport fc-sti\'itics, a well­ fill"d stud.. nt chapel was held as the penun,,1 .c;r('cting' from th e students tu tl..--ir (Jresid .. nt and first lady, Stu­ d"nt body pl'l'sid(' ut Don Dvuglas ~a\l' th,' official wdcome, Merle ~1d('alf Inl witb de\'otions and L en Erickson announn:d d uri n.c; th .. chap"! pro gram . ~'Iusic by the Choir of the Wl'st and Ei ghth Kotcs was dedicated to Dr. and Mrs. Ea~tvold, After the Eighth :--io tes san g,. "Mr. President," Dr. Eastvold walk,·d on stage and prc'sented each of the girls in the g r o up with a ki. D r. East\'old late r expressed Clp­

prt'cia tion for the "dig nified and apprt>pJ'iate Ch;lpd program- so bt: ­ corning to a Christian college." In a press confercnce the East­ volek recalled their unique ath'en­ ture. Traveling o\Tr 50,000 mi.les in 180 days throu gh 36 different. countrie~, they bc.lieve they have traHled in almost e\'Cry mode of trano;p ortation known to man. Ox­ rarts and rick~haws in Africa and c ~lJllds in Cairo contraMed with modern modes. It took the East­ voIds three days to cover the dis­ tance it took the Israelites 40 years. Usually Ihe triP lake:. three hours, but it took longer because of the Lebanon unrest, said Dr. Eastvold. In Lebanon the couple stayed at the Beirut airport be­ cause of the dan~er in 1ll0\'ing about.

Dr. Eastyold tommcntcd on the n'sistantc to Christianity in Japan. Indoctrinated with paganism, ' the people arc rigidly set against Chris­ ti a nity and, consequc:ntly, Christian­ ity rn a h~ more headway among the uneducated.

Mr~. East"old ddightfuUy inter­ jcetcd an Clccount about the French Camt'Ton taxi , dri","r who mistook Dr. Eastvold for a wealthy Texan and charged double for the ride . It happened because the president left his hat on the plane and the only replacement available was a lO-gal­ Ion hat. Thus, the taxi driver was informed in his native tongUl' that instead of the customary one rupee, "that biu: man with th.e big hat "an ~ffurd two fUpel' s!" So th e pre'si ­ dent got the name "two-rupee man." Crossing the in ternational date­ line also gave M o . Eastvold, much to a lady's chagrin, an opportun­ ity to celebrate her birthday twice -once in Japan and again in Ha­

The old Swedish Lucia, Bride tra­ dition will be colorfully portrayed n,-xt Friday night at 8 in the eMS .


Brt'ause this is a n a ll-calllPuS pro­ ductiun, unde r tht' supervision of th e !:llu(' K r y, th" stud"nts will be di\'id­ ("~ ,'!phabetically, Work will begin w'A I ~[onday "" cning on tht' CMS, c n, Scir nct' Hall and LiiJrary. TIll' ":Lio['s will be in charge of the CUB and each donn will decorate its win­ d ows as it pleases. Doughnuts and "',leoa will be scrved at a gathering­ .n OU:1J .: Christmas tree in CB-200

' lu:lIItiti r- s uf paint as before. The

Many candidates for Lucia Bride ha,'c already been named by variou " organizations. Candidates an'd' their sponsors include Nadine Bruins, of West Hall; Pat Cadd, Lettermen's Club; Jan e t Christel, sophomore class; Meg Evanson, Ivy Hall; .Ja­ ncn,: Hokman, Ski CI\lb; Linda K jarstacJ, freshman class; Virginia Lee , Sou t h Hall ; Soh' cig Lcr~as, , North lIall: Tammy 0 ru an' Old M ain; and jane. Ross, Phi DeI:a)p­ silon. ' , The Lucia Bride Festival is based an old Italian legend about a golden hai red maiden whos e pr~yers save her sick mother. When ' an cs-­ trangcd lover attempts to ha\ (,' her burned at the: stake, a strange hea\'­ enly light illuminatf's het: Since thm Lucia Bride ha ~ be en ca lled a. saint and bringtr of light. 011

Tassels Sponsor Film

III (Jrt'viou;. yt'ars, there ha~ not a n O\'~r-a ll th eme and a ssorted 'llIgds and snowmen have bCt'n the will bt: used rath('r than larg-e

Coe Vie To B '58 Lucia Bride; Festiva I Fri day

At PLC the Lucia Bride F<,stival is sponsored by the Spurs.

'-~... n

I' !'

Tuesday evening Hudents and fac­ ulty crowded around t<'kvision :st·t! to ca tr-h an intt'T\'icw with the pres­ id"nt on a TV newscast. l'iext week Dr, East\'old will prescnt a series, of chapt'1 talks about the tour.

Tn Sweden the tradition ; is:that cW'ry 12th of D,-ct:mber the Lucia Bride, clad in white and illumin a ted iJy li~ht, distribut -s food to th~ ;poor.

~ flt'rwards,

tr.a in [<"suit. Lig'hts, papt'f and glit­

Number 8


al Ihe airport following Ihe complelion of Iheir six-monlh global tour are repres.nla­ lives of Ihe studenls and facully. Mrs. Ea.lvold, cenler, accepts flowers from Connie Thompson, sludenl body secrelary, while Dr. Eastvold glances toward Ihe welcoming crowd. Olhers in Ihe pholo are ,left 10 righi, Bob larson, Jay Transdale, Don Douglas, Dr. E. C. Knorr and Dr. Philip E. Haug".

"Written on the Wind," starring Dorothy Malone in all academy award winning pcrfonnance, ' and supported by I.auren Bacal, R obert Stack and Rock Hudson, will be shown at 7:30 a nd 9:30 tonight in the CB-200. The film is sponsored h,' th,' T a ssels.

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L U -:- H~~~ A N


Friday, December 5, 1958

Norse Schools Furnish

Contrast: 1:0 U. S. Ian


moori ng ma

Editor ............. .... ...................................... Diek Landgren [.; ews E di to r .. ...... ................. .. ... ............... .. Herb D empsey p orts Editor.. .......... ..................................... John Hanson F...l tun.: Editor......... .. ' ............... ........... ....... Carol Morris Bu stIll·s:; 1o.fa n agc r .................................. Mary Lou "''' 'I('n I d v i, ,·r_ ......... . ....... ................. Mr. Milton Xl's,ig

hy Gary M al min La~t

year I ha d th?- :) ppor t1' n ity to att'~~ nd ;) sch ool in ;l fon' i ~ n CQu n-­ try. 1 v..·ent to a ~~" or-vv "g i !1 n ! l i ~ h sc ho ol, kno\"Jn in ~onv a )' as t h e Gyrn­ n ;· . u rn. \ Vhile I w as t here, I c a m e in conta ct w ith a sch o ol sy sl" r" "ntin-i', );:l lik .. tin t which I h3 d g rown ac eu l o m~d to in hig h sc hoo l. in S,.)Hle 'wa, 5 I £1,. 1 tha t ltli~ Sy5 tCJll is 5upcrlor to o u r~ J y e-t in a the . ,;·,ptt<"ts it d ef ll1i td y h "s its cir" w vack.;. I n li g ht .)f t h r criti riSHIS that hir . .. b('l1 lIidd r ,~,f o u r O\Vfl t: d ucao-ionai systCtlt, it rnight be !, to lo ok to th ~' schools ()[ E uro p e frH' sonIC sugges tions [o r vit;::t11y- n c c d (~ d irnp r o VClllcn tS_


STA r F-llarbara Is aa cso n, Janic e Dahl, De Ann a HanSOll, R t:ta R ernpt, Dick r'isher, Jack Holl, Gail Erick­ son, Carol French, Ann Haggart, Martha Edwards, Carol Tcslow, Barbara B r inkley, Priscilla Hutcheson, Die'" H a lvorwn, .Ming Yee Wan g, Audry Hart, Shar­ on ·MCI\!iister, He lene Hoege r , R udy Sander, Barbara lkc k ner Karen T offle, L e e Turnt'r, Sharon Van R ooy, J~yce Ols en, Doreen Grimm, Vicky ~ue, Carol H ous e Harry Sa nnerud, Stu Peterson, Jan Beals, Joyce' Norlin, Virginia Karlstad, Anita Hillcsland, Pete Jordahl, Barbara Jackson, JoAnn HudsOI! .

I found the :'~ orwc g ian school.-; n mning t.en month,. a year, six days a wee k, an d six p uiods a day. There arc one day ,'acations eve ry m onth , short fall and short winter vacation..', and :~-week Christmas and II-day Easter vacat ions. But it still gets to be quite a ~tlain , particula rly to­ w a rm the end of the YCIlr, examination time.

,\ftc .· spending seven 'jears ill grad e scho ol , t h e last two studyin" En. ~'.'t'ra,-\"c :>iorwegiJn o f 1+ cnl,'rs the R r alskole, co m parable to ou junior high. After two y ars the r e, 11" may choo ~(" 10 \!; ') ri g ht into th,· Cvtn;]~siurn. or he m'lygo (,) th e R "ahk olc for 00( morc Yl' lI r, take the " x'aminat;"l;s and g"t a diploma, :i~ whi c h time Iv· e ithf'[· stops going to sCc ()ol or Cl'.tcrs the GY:1Hla siuIu. In any I a s three Hiort"': y ..." ars 3re n -q uirf"d ITl thr sill1l1.

Ii, h , t ru:

Puhlished Fridays of the school year by thc students of Pacific Lutheran Colleg e, P arkland , Wash. Office: College Union Building Pho n e LEnox 7-8611, EXltn sion 41 Subscription price $3.00 per year.

Illega l Parking N ew parking regulations w ere outlined at the be­ ginning of the school year by :Mr. Cecil Vanct', assist­ ant to tlie president. On e phase of the new traffic con­ trol was d es igned to prevent blocking of driveways and loadin g zones and to prevent unauthorized usc of the faculty parking lot across the street [rom th,' library. Anoth er phase., limiting the parking along Wheeler S~reet, WClS dr·si gned as a safety measure for students :rogging the stn'd to the CUB and the h"Cllth center. Since the regulations were announced the first part· of the plan has been reasonably successful. However, the line.up of cars in front of the CUB is convincing evidence that the restrictions on Wheeler Street parking are unheeded. And when the college staff tried to enforce the rules by issu­ ing warning tickets, the defiant and irate traffic ~iolators howled that the college had no legal right to issue tickets.

Because cars parke d along Wl,,·l'i.-r· StIT,·t obstruct the vision of both pedestrians crossing the stn'c( and persons dri\'ing on the street, ~1r. \r anee has again a sked that students abide by the "no parking" signs. The administration, he added, has established the parkillg restrictions for the safety of the students, not as an arbitrary control o\er the students. Steps an' being taken to alleviate the shortage of parking spa ce n ear the CUB, he explained . .-\ new lot will soon be ready behind Adelphon Hall and the lot between the CUB and Stue n Hall wi ll a gain be avail­ abk upon completion of the annex construction. M eanwhile, l\Ir. Vance emphasized, the r e should be no parking in front of the CUB and parking in front of North and West Hall should be limited to brief stops. Cooperation from the students III observing the reg­ ulations is needed. PLC has been allowed by the county off icials to supl'rvise parking along Wheeler Stree t. An alternative could be resumption of county control-and morc than warning tickets.

No Room to Study Stifling the initiative of abitious students is hardly the goal of any colle"""" PLC, however, seems to be unwittingly guilty of this by failing to provide adequate room for students desiring to study in the evenings. The fo c us of this problem is the reading room of the library. The over-crowded conditions there from 7 to 9:30 p.m. on wee k nights would discouras·c the most persistent sc holar. Students' complaints could be summarized like this: "When the dorm is too noisy for studying, I hopefully saunter to the library. After losing a race to the last vacant place in the jammed rrading room, I explore the stacks only to find the study desks all take n. A glance in the periodical room offers only another dis­ courag ing 'no vacancy.' I stroll up to the coffee shop as a last resort, but by then I have convinced myself that the studying can wait till later." Use of the library for studying and research is naturally vital. A long -felt need at PLC was answe red when the new group-study room was recently opened. Now, Mr. Librarian, is there any way that the "stand­ in.~ room only" conditi o ns in the r eading room can be changed ? -DICK LONDGREN

SYMBOLS OF NORWAY cause a bit of remini.cing be­ tween Gary Malmin, left, PlC fresh .... an who attended school in Norway for a year, and Jon Fodstad, Norwegian stu dent now going to PLe. While in Norway, Gary stayed with J on and his family. Now the procedure is revorsed-Jon is s tay­ ing at the Malmin .,ome.

Th en' is r.n such th in g a s an dt·ctin· suhject in Norw a y. The school; 31'( divided u p into HEnes," each e nlph"sizing- a p.lrticul:l r pha~f' of ,"rluC(]­ tiOll, such as rnath, l;In g-tl ;l gc~ or ~ cif~ n c (" , and each lin :~ h a s a set prog ram which all students much fo ll ow, If the y happen to flunk one subject. th,'\" fail the whole y ear.

AI t h e cnd of t h eir ! ;mc in the Gymnasium, all student! IllU5t t ak e the E;,aminatio D Artium. Ex· aminations an: held in every subject, and the grade:; one gets 'In these tests go on his permanent rec­ ord. This is rath<:r unfair, as it puts a lot of prcs­ Sl~re on the students. An A student might wind up with ;: C in a subject and a C student m ay end up w ith an A. all depen ding on how lucky they arc. B.;t I found i\orweigan students to Ilf" a lot lib· us. Th ,' ,. liked to w ir;·gle out of as much w o rk as p o; s ibl,', griped about home work, liked to h ave a gOV>d t ! nlt~ and forget school at parti,-'" ';, at rnnvies, out skiing or h;kinr;, and at club me etin gs. They have no intc r­ ."holasti.. athkt ics, and not to'lO many clubs and t"xtra­ curricular activities, but they manag l" to hav" a good tim" without th en!. Th~y arc a wond erful hunch of kids and I'm glad that I had the opportu n;ty t o know l lwm a nd share th,·ir ax ti"iti"s with t h r·m.

Realistic Version of 'Anne Fra nk' Scores Success In 3-Day PLC Run by Dick Halvorson Enthusiastic audi ences viewed the three performances of "The Diary of Anne Frank," which w e re given on the PLC stage November 20, 21, and 2'2. Thl' play, which t.ak e:; place in Amsterdam, Holland, during the last ycus of World War II and the years immediately following, deals with the coniliets of two Jewish families fOI·ced to hide in the attic of a warchous" during thl.: :>i:lzi occupation of the city. It is an t'xcellcnt dramatization of the passionate and movin" original diary of Anne Frank. The stury 1ll!)"'·S a bout young Anne and her loves and fears during this lono; self-imprisonment. The conflicts of the play are skillfully intcrwovl'n . As the fooci supply 1J<":,!:ins to run low and tempel's hq;-in to risc , the confli cts becullw ilIOn' intels!' and the f r of discovery more a cute. The already Cl owded conditions of this attic hide-away are worsened by the arrival of ar,other rdugct', lVlr. Dussd.

Ifleming seZ:

Much credit for the sucO'ss of thi s fine play goes to the cast, who ga\'(o exedlt-nt performances in difficult roles. Bobbee Jo Baird, a newcomer to tht' PLC stag'·, showed considerable takn t in the part of Anne Frank. R ay Braaten, in the part of Mr. Frank. gave a convincing performance as tht' tender and troubled fathn. Robert E. Olson, as the loud and self-centered l\1:r. Van Daall, was extremely convincin g- and added spark to scenes t h a t wen: inclined to bf'come rather he avy.

B y Bob Fleming NEWS FLASH! F rost is expected in th,' citrus bdt, so keep your navf'is wann. Well, it's Christmas tim.: pretty soon so be su r r and plan wisdy so you don't hav(' too much month left at the end of your money.

Ollt' of the outstandin~ things to be remembered in this play was th e wundcrfully n:alistic-symbo!lic, two-le\'(·I, iour-room attic scene in which the ('ntire action took pbce. This combined with fine acting and good direction g:I\,. Jan C' Smith her first re81 success on the PLC stage.

Somebody made a nasty remark about my moustache - it wen t so meth in g like this: when fleming opens his mouth I think b c'~ winking . . . Isn't it ashame about thosc men in Wash ington who are getting only a dollar a year? Why some of them are worth twice that . . . HELP STAMP OUT MENTAL HEALTH.

Dear Editor:

This is an answ("r to a letter which appeared in the Mooring Mast of

N ovember 14, entitkd "Dear Editor: 'Nothing to Do' Causes Exodus."



I think Mr. Hapala is to be con g ratulated for writing a letter on hiS

(:·nd s.: cmingly many others' ) reactionary point of view, which asks for an

honest evaluation whethe r dancing should or should not be introduced on

the PLC campus.

I do, however, question som!' of his statements. Do many students go home be ca use of nothing to do on campus, or is this just a scapegoat state­

llrent for "1 han' so much to do I want to get away from it all?" Also, thl' assumption is made that it would be terrifically advantageous to have all the students 011 campus 'wer weekends. I would like to know the basis for this assumption.

SONG TITLE: I GAVE HER A BUICK Bl'T SHE GA VE ME THE DODGE. . . . Remembe r, it'~ better to have halito~is than no brt.·ath at all. . Fashion Note: There will be little chan ~e in m, " cloth,·s this season-especially in th,. pockcLs. . . . Now that they've made the ci.'l·arcttcs kss irritating, I wish they'd start workin~~ en the commercia is.

How about the ncar-sighted snake who fell in love with a rope . . . or the dentist who marricQ a manicurist and they\'c been fighting tooth and nail ever since . . . I {'rosseQ a tiger with a para­ keet-I don't know what I got hut when it talh I listen. In attt-mpting to acid more understanding to this subjr-:ct. I submit my

HELP STAMP OUT DEMOCRATIC GOVERN­ own personal convictions on this matter: This college was found("d and is

ME~T . . . I'll always remember Novcmber--the bein g operated as a truly Christian institution-meaning Christ, as tru e

God, is, or is suppos,-d to be, th(: center of all activities. As a student of this month turk eys and Republicans got it in th e neck .. colk!;" and as a child Qf Gad I want to be separate from those things which If I said you had a cutc figure, would you hold it would not associate me with my Father and would not put Christ in the against me? . . . New song: EVERYONE HAS SOME­ (,(·nter. As His child I want to obcy His commands (Please rdtl- to I John ONE BUT ALL I HAVE IS YOU . . . In closing, always remember, a bird in the hand is had tabk 2: 15-17). manners. U nele Bob-Bob. Be cause dancing seems to be quite a problem, I also would apprecial t: a el,'ar statement of tht.: administration' s and the Student Council's stand on this subject. Want to see samples of work by the PLC artists? Signed, ORVILLE JACOBSON Take a break from your coffee b reak and mosey through the folding doar at the rca r of the coffee shop and E ditor's Note: The Student Council, according to Don Dou glas, around the corner into the new gallery. president, definitely follows the rules of the college, as stated in the A leisurely perusal will re\"('al inte resting, provoca­ catalog. However, the Student Council also wishe.s to promote more stu­ tive and \·aried offerings including sculpture, pottery . dent participation activities, such as the Homecoming mixer or the oil and water paintings, charcoal and chalk drawings, Songfest. Dancing, Douglas said, is not the solution. ~ n d rnosaic ","ork.

Art Adds Culture to Coffee Break

Friday, December 5, 1958


to Face


es t: r




o op

ace Busy Week;

W hip Linfield I t 72


D eJardines and Third Floor Old ;,fain eac h placed three m cn on the 1958 htramural Football All-Stal' team. W es tern P a r kland a nd Fourth Floor Old M ain each landed one playe r on the ei.ght man first team. Rush Ba lison, 3rd Floor; Roge r R e e p, D eJardines; Bill Williams, Western ; Jerry Schelk, D eJardincs ; Ed Sonsteguard, 3rd Floor; Leo Elia­ son, DeJardints; John Hanson, 4th Floo,·; and Jon Wefold, 3rd Floor, were named, said Mark Salzman. Hanson led the 10 team touch league in sco ring with 84 points and Wefold lc.d the loop in touchdown passes thrown, 33.

GPA Requiremen1s Upped for AthleG'es A I1<'W Evergreen Conference rul­ ing passed a t the last meeting of the league directors, raised the required grade point a\"Crage of student ath­ letes from 1.75 to 2.0, or a "C" '1vcragc. Students who go below a cumu­ lative 2.0 average, but kcep a 2.0 g·.p.a. ill any given semester will still be eligible for competition during the semester following the one in which they rec.eivcd the "C" awl'­ (J the r changes in I"'''guc rules made at the meeting were revision of schedulr> for basketball and foot­ ball.

Sta rt; rl!"~ wi th the 1959-60 hoop ,,.asol"., c ir cui t teams will play ('aeh other three times a season with two tea ms playing each other four times. Th... pn-scnt setup is a IO-gam,' hom .. · an d-away sch,-dule. The six t,'am loop also set up a ,nTn-game ycar-by-ycar rotation football schedule. The new setup will begin in 1960, and each team will play the others once each sea­ son with ,wo of th .. clubs meeting twice.

Every yea r the teams which met:! twice would be changed so at the I'IId of it five-year period each school will have played eac h of tht' othns st"vcn tin1es.

ap-hazardin by Eugene Hapala Seattle Pacific College's Coach LES HABEGGER stuck his neck out last wcek by commenting to a local daily newspaper reporter that he was iOl"ced to rank this y(·ar's PLC baskt-tball team s!'cond in the Evergreen C ftnff"n-llCC race.

Habegger went on to state that he couldn't pick the Lutes as repeaters {cr a fifth comecutive fla g with both CHUCK CURTIS and JIM VAN

J i.. EK nursing injuries. Instead, Habegger is tabbing C!'ntral Washington's Wildcat, to be the big threat in the conference. W e would be inclinrcd to agree if it wasn't for a few points that prob­ "hly aren't quite clear to him. I'irst, the Lutes do not have a conference game until January 16th; second, Chuck Curtis will be ready for full-time action after January lst; third, don't count Van Beck out of the basketball picture altogether; and fourth, the Lute bench strength should be stronger tJlis year than in 1958 . Van Be<, k appears to be the big question mark at this point, but if his ,h ou ldtr heals properly, he could be in the line-up by early February. Only lime will t.. lI, but we noticed Jim shooting baskets the early part of thl! w(ek, whi,:h is indicativ... of his desire to get b:-rc.k in playing shape and possibly .~t:t a shot at another trip to Kansas City. Thc briltht sidc of these injuries to Curtis and Van Beek is that Coach GENE LUNDGAARD ha\ had the opportunity to give the many fine reserves valuable playing time under ga me conditions. We' r e pic.king the Lutes for tht·i r fifth consecutive crown and another p!"IW trip to Kansas City. ALL-AMERICAN CER TIFICATE ARRIVES PLC Athletic Dir('ctor MAR K SALZMAN inform~ us that the Na­ tiona l Collegiate Athlt-tic Assoc.iation (NCAA) has recently forward ed a duplicate certificate of All-American recognition for Lute javdin thrower JOHN FROMM. Fronml is now teaching sc.hool in the Seattle a rea and was infomlcd of t.his honor last summer for his outstanding performances. This certificate will be a permanent fixture in the trophy case at PLC's M,"morial Gymnasium.

o u r ney

In r a mural tar s C hosen

Pacific Lutheran College basketball fans will get their first chance to see the 1958-59 edition of the Gladiators play in Ta­ coma this weekend when they enter the Tacoma Athleric Com­ mi.~sion Basketball Tournam\?nt at the new Wilson High Schoo l gymnaslnm. Tonight in rhe second game of the evening's doubleheJder the Lutes take on the Norrhwest Bakers, who are playing their first season in the strong National Indu strial Baske tball Leaguc. The 'olh-g('. of Pu ge t Sound meets West­ an Was hing-tOil College in the tour­ n~y opt'n!'r at 7: 30. Saturday the Lutes fa ce the rug­ ~"d Western Washin gton Wildcats :It 7:30 p.IIl., and th e Bakers play CPS in the second game. Former college stars from all over the 'Vest arc with the Bakers this \"f.·ar. Their lill("up includes such names as Carl Boldt (6 -5, San Fran­ ,' i5co Univnsity), Die k Stric klin ' 6 -7, Stattle University), Larry lk d, (6--1:, Washington State), Doyle P t· r kin s (6-0, Washing-ton), and Charlie Franklin (6-4, Oregon). :-';cx t Tu~sday, Dec. 9, PLC will OH e t the CPS eagers in the Logger Fieldhouse and then on Wedne sday tl:... y travel to Vancoun:r, Washing­ ton, to play Portland University. PLC dumped Linfield College of '_? regon 81 "· 72 in an overtime c.ontcst last Tuesday at McMinnv ille. The tilt was th e first outing this season fo r th t' Lutl··s nndn their new coach, Gr·nt" Lund!jaard. Without the talents of two injured \11 Evt'n:;ret'n Conference stars, Jim Va n fl cd, and Chuck Curtis, the Cbdiaton uut5cored the Wild.cats 1::-4 in the five minut/.· overtime to take' lh ,' nip and tuck contest. The tea m> were d ea dlo cke d 68-69 at the end of regu lation play. Ro,lttr Iverson led PLC with 22 points ,lIld Boh Roiko had 21. Bill Williams took 17 rebounds t,) top Glad r('bounding.

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from last .ea son's Pacific Lutheran squa d are Bob Roiko (left) a;1d Roger Iverson. Both are seniors and will see plenty of action this weeKend in Ihe Tacoma Athletic Commission Basketball Tournament. Roiko, who stands 6'4", is b e ing used at center. Iverson is a 5 '9" guard and has been an All Everg ....n Conference choic" for two cons"cutive seasons.

4 G ladiator Gri ders Earn ert


on EveTgreen Eleven

Pacific Lutheran Colle ge gridder,; - Dick Goodwin, guard; John Ja­ cobson, b a c k; and Chuck Curtis, back·-won places on tht' 1958 Ever­ gn:r:n Conference Football All-Star Def~nsi\"(· lL"am chosen by confer­ rnct' coaches at a Novcnlber 22 meeting in Spokane.

No Lutes landed positions on thL' offensin: first team, but Bruc..: Alex­ ander and Tom Gibbs were- given honorable mention. PU.l(ct Sound had the most players on the offensive team with five, and Central Washington kd the defens­ ive team with four mt'mbers. Offense Ends-Bill Cole, Whitworth; Hab Richey, Pug e t Sound; Tackles­ Larry Ma .<:uire, Central; Jack Bol­ ton, Pugct Sound; Guards-Ed Md· bourn", Western; Bob Pierce, Pu,get Sound; Center - Gar y Frederick, Central; Backs-Jerry Thacker, Pu­ gf'! Sound; Corky Bridges, Central;

Bob Austin, Pugct Sound: Dennis Sheppard, Western. Defense Ends-Bill Cole, Whitworth; John Wilfon g, Central; Tackles - Larry ~fa gu ire, Central; Jack Bolton, Pu­ ftt"t Sou n d; Bill Palmer, Eastern; Guards-DICK GOODWI:"l", PA­ CIFIC LUTHERA:>J; Larry Ma­ g;u:re, Central; Bac.ks - C I a y ton Eva.lIS, Central;JOHN JACOBSON,

.\'amed to the second team wen.: .lim Van Bec k, Easte rn; D e nnis R 03 • Western; Gary Kirk, Western; RoS­ er Bakke n, Ewrgrecn South; Ron Learch " D eJ a rdin e~ ; Rod Humble, +th Floor; Dave Barker, 'Vestt: rn: and Ted B,.rry, Evergreen South. Gi\"Cn honorable mention we r e Glen Campbell, W estern; Todd Cor­ nish, 3rd Floor; Norm Dahl, West­ ern; Rich Hamlin, Eastern; Dick Clare, Eastern ; Don Slatturn, 4th Floor ; Erick Redal, Tacoma; Paul Carlson, DeJanlinl's ; Bill Peterson, Clover Creek; Lorn Hildebrand, 3rd Floor; and Ken Rigge rs, 3rd Floor.

PACIFIC LUTHERAN ; Bill Sklll­ ko, Whitworth. Deep Rack - CHUCK CURTIS, P.\CIFIC LLTHERAN; De \V c y YanDintt"r, Eastcrn; Mike Cranston, l'ug-r:t Sound, and Corky Bridges , C~ntral.

~/f'g F(JN•••

Honorable Mention

Linelllcn-J l"I"!"Y Berring3er, W cst­ ('rn; Torn Black, Whitworth; C har­ lie Johnson, Western; Gordon Tow n­ sent, Central; D a v e M c Whirt.:!", Eastern; Herm Magnuson, Puge t Sound;Erling Duholm, Pugct Sound; R e u ben Raleigh, Central; Leo Hutchins, Whitworth; Ro ge r Brat­ ner, Eastern; Rod Hoepner, Pugct Sound; Alphonse Alt, Eastern; Jack Sins, Western; Bruce Grambo, East­ crn; Ron Storaasli, Western; Ted Schultz, Eastern; Elmer Bailey, Cen­ tral; Gary Turner, Whitworth; Ken Reed, Western; Dick ~carents, East­ ern; Jim Upchurch, Whitworth. Backs -- Darrell Russell, W h i t­

worth; Sam Martin, Western ; Jim

Ndson, Central; Dick Pruett, Puget Sound; Al DeCoria, Western; Rex Schimke, Whitworth; Jim B a u e r, Eastern; BRUCE ALEGA1'<DER, PACIFIC LUTHERAN; Clark My­ ers, Eastern; Ron Suslick, Pug (" t Sound: TOIll Gibbs, PACIFIC LU­ THERAN; Tom Emerson, Western ; Fred EnlPrson, Western. ROOFING ELECTRIC


fo glo,ily YIU, Cb,i,fm" 6illli with



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Friday. December 5, 195&


Dorms Donate Holiday Dinners f'roviding needy families in the Parkland area with Thanksgiving dinners was the holiday project of PLO dorms. Old Main gave ballkets of food t o two families, one of a practical nurse .....jth an II-year-old adopted Korean ho\', and another of a m other with f ur children ranging from one to four yean old. The families were ,ug,g"stcd by the Associated Luther­ a n Welfare, sa i d Phi I Ramstad,

so the dinner included extra portions

of d airy foods. W est Hall collected money for a dinner but a llowed the family to use the money for much-needed repairs on the heating phnt in the home.

Camille Emers o n and Barbara Johnson were suest~ at the Clover Pa rk Education Association mee ting Tuesday . OPEA presented the Wash­ in gto n Student NEA preside nt's pin

Laundry Service

Expert Dry Cleaning


to Camille and also paid the. initial

One-Day Service

fte for a life lI\('mbership in the :\,EA for both thl" P LC coeds.



:\'orth Hall se nt turkey, home­ mad" dinner rolls and all the trim­ mings to a home that has been af­ flicted with illncs~. The girls also, a ccording to chairman Pat bcn!ce, hav(' drawn up a list of volunteers to help the mothfr with the house· work and take care of the children while the mother recovers from ill·

PLC Students Guests

Mrs. Jo Summers

Phone LE. 7-4300

Parkland Center

Custom mad e to yo ur order PLC BOOKSTORE Glenn Campbell


South Hall sent a basket of food to a family, a lso in need due to ill­ nns, suggested b y the Salvation Army. Chairman Melva Fuhr said 'he children were in necd of protein

Campus Yule Starts Christmas festivities at PLC will start with the annual faculty family Christmas party Sunday in CB-200 at 5 p.m. Other <'vents include the Lucia Bride Festival ncx~ Friday night, the :\'orth Hall Christma~ party for the Parkland Children's Home Drc. 13, the annual Christmas Concert Dec. 14 and the traditional prcsentation of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol,"

"Life Insurance is for Youth­ not iust for youth, but best for Yovtltu

INc. 17. Music by the Choir of the Wnt, the colkge chorus and the orchestra will highlight the Christmas Con­ CClt.

"A Christmas Card," which wi ll also be prese nted in Olympia this year, will han' the following addi­ tion~ to the cast: Paul Wold, Za ne Wilson, Kaney Fant, Bob LeBlanc, J oe Smith and Sam Struthers.

An Old Line Company


PLC Debaters Journey Louise. Kraabel, Bettrlou Macdon­ ald, Judi Johnson, Orin Dahl, Don Douglas and Herb Dt'mpscy led the PLC debate squad last week in han­ on gathered at the Western Speech Associat ion tourney held al the Uni­ versity of Utah, Salt Lake City. At the Columbia Valley debate tournament, Nov. 21, at Wash ington State College, PLC took top honors.



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SAVE TI ME AND MONEY ON YOUR HOLIDAY TRIPS Sea ttle ..... _... $ .90 Yakima _...... 4.20 Portland _._. 3.10

Bellingham .... $3.00 Eugene, Ore. 6. 80 Spokane ._.... 7.55 All p r ices plu. tall.


Ifs such a comfort to take the bus •.• and leave the driving to us!


24 Seniors Ma e 1959 'Who's Who' PACI FIC LUTH ERAN COLLEGE

" moorln ParklClnd , Wash.

Volume XXXV I

mast Number 9

Fri day, De(omb C! r 12,1958

P e sent:e ,




UlIC c a s a in as a highlight of the

Christ mas S('aso n a t PLC the SIJurs \V Iii spollsur th e sixth a n n ual Lu cia I1rid .. f"st i,·a!. Th e 195 8 Lu cia Bride will be p ic ked frurn the three fin a l­ iBIs, T a mie O man. N adine Bruins, a nJ Sc.lve ig Le mas. One of th ese Sca ndinav ia n blonds will be crowned with a hal o of lig hted ca ndles in the cereml>ny tak ing' pla ce this evenin g at e p.n l. in th e CMS. SO hT<.~ i g 1 a SOph OlIlOl'" n13j ori ng in biolo ', is th e only loca l girl of the thr.. . Hn' fa the r is a p a rt-time fa c­ ult y IIIt'lnbel' in our biolog y d epa r t­ lIl e ll t. Sh~ was spo nsored by l\orth H all.

West H all's candid a te, N a di ne. is fr" q j 1':orth Dakota a nd plans to i'(O

int.:; parish work. The blond, biue­ ryed N o rwegia n said that she ha d pla nned to com e to PLC fo r many

years a nd now, a s a freshm a n, she is thrilled at being chosen for the Lu cia Hride finals. Tam ie. w II 0 w a s sponsured by p l!\1JI. t t.' b/: ~ I\t' ~ ntl ~r- • phe r. H er h om e town is Ev erett. She i, a lso a freshma n and is happy a t be ing ch osen bet':l.l use her folks w ere ~(J pl eased. ! H ~-! ~f :-~ i n

Th e program for this even in g will b" g in with Carolyn Eri ckson r eadin g th e story o f St. Lu cia . Don D oug las, ASPLC president, will plao : t.h e lighted c rown on Lu cia's h,·a d . Th e Spurs who ac com­ ].Jan y the proc ession will be w ea ring i1lItherrtic Scandi navian outfits. The prog ram will also include

J 0 h It Ulson sin g ing " Gesu Bam ­ bino ." D a ll an d Phil Erlande r will .in g Swedish songs and the Eighth ~ot e s w ill sing seve ral sdections. Thi, Yt'ar a n ew feature will be a torch light parade to CB-200 led by Lu cia and hn att=da nts. Refresh­

Sl -owf/akes Flutter In PLe D ecorations Snowflake , Ca ll be seen g leamin g from m a llY window s on campus d e­ pictmg th e Christmas theme, " F~s­ tival o f a Sta rry Nig ht." Pa pn, p as.te, glittel', and string

we T<: combined in carryin g out this ce nt ra l thellIe of decorations. While in prl'vious years no attempt at uni­ fo n ni ty was made, this year the Li­ imHY, Science Hail. CMS, and C B art' d ecor a ted similarly. !vIany students parti cipatt'd in the a ll ~ chool project on Monday eve­ ning. Und e r the direction of Blue Kr y, string was strung and glitter gllJ,~ d far into th e nig ht. Although the C hri st m as tree was abse nt, the • tudents gathered around afterward for cocoa and doughnuts. Th~ kiosk, decorated by the Art Club, is simila r to last year. This central campus attraction features a illltivity scene and abstract angels,

"Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" ap­ proved this week the 24 PLC senio rs nominated for the 1959 edition of the yearbook . Nominations w ere picked by a 15­ member faculty and a IS-member student committee. A candi­ date needed approval of both committees for final nomination. Scholarship, leade rship, charactrr and cxtr:1.-curricular participati on wer e qu a lities co nsidered in nom ina ­ tio ns. The followin g arc the PLC studen ts selected: Seth Anderson, Jr., is a pn:-medi­ cine m a jor from Tacoma,and p layed ,arsi t y foo tball and baseball.

e t:ivit-e

Bob Bills, Oakland, Cal if., bmi­ ness administra tion III a j 0 r, also pla yed football as well as bein g ac­ tive in Campu s governm ent.

ITIl'lIts will includ c \'<triou; kinds of Swedi sh c ooki e~ , a Il d coffee a nd pun ch . Warren Willis will lead the audi cn!: t: in Chris t mas carols to d Ose the evcn in g. Bettie Ox Icy is gene rul chairm an . The p r ice fo r the ~vrnin g i, 25 cc nb.

Facult:y, Student Committee Names PLC Representatives

Dave Dahl, a m usic ma j or fr om San f"ra ncisco. Calif., is in the Choir of th e Wes t and Ambassad o r Quartet.

ti on maj or , is a m e mber of the Choir, Ei ghth :\otcs, T assels, and M oo r ing l\l a, t sta ff. Len Ericksen, L ongv ie w p sychol­ ogy major, is no ted fo r his an­ nouncing at athleti c conksts and oth er events. Patricia Finn, nwdi cal tec hnology m a jor from Alhambra , Ca lif., is a m t' mbt"r of Tassd s and has been ac ti\'(: in studl' nt governm ent. K en Gamb is a soc iology m a jor fro m O a kla nd, Calif. He has bet:n ac ti'-e in PLC stud en t cong re gation \\·ork.

L ois Grimsru d, nu rsin g stude n t from Ka lispell , Mont.. is a member of T assels and ac tive in relig ious or­ ganizati o ns. Teddi Gulhaugcn, ..ducat ion m a­ Camille Emerson, education m a ­ jor fr om :\Torth Sac r a m ento, Calif..• jor from D a yton, is state preside nt is ditOl' of th t: Sa ga a nd has been of th e W ashington Student Educa­ in the C h o ir a nd Ei ghth N o tes. tion Associ a tion. Audry H a rt, Fres no, Calif., edu­ ca ti o n maj o r, is a nw m bcr of the M a ry Lou Engen, Yaki m a cdu ca Ei gh th Notes, m a drigals, Tas s d~, and M oorin g M as t staff.

Barbara Jackson, fr om Portla nd, (lre ., is a literature m a jo r and mem­ ber of the Tassels and Moo ring Mast

staff. Dick Londgren, educa tion major PLC' s traditi ona l presrnta ti on of Solveig Le m a s Na d ine Bruins from Tacoma, is editor of the Moor­ C h a ric s Di c kells ' "A C hristmas in!! Mast and art editor of the Saga . C arol ," is schcdult"d for the eMS Dave Lunde, psychology major sta gl' D ec. 17, with curtain time at from :\'orth Hollywood, CaliL . is G p ,I r•. FOl th · Lil t t;mc ant) h. r The an nu al C h rist lClas C oncert, Vi r;:rii T hompso n: " B(' nedic tus," by p re si d e nt " f APO and st udent produ ct io n by t he' PL cast will be ulILkr the ge!ltTal din:!:ti o n of P t of. Pa ladi!h t' , a nd "From H e a v e n cOllgTc!(,ation trust e~ . hdd a t Olympia Dec. 18. Gurdon G ilbe rtson, will be presented .\ I> 0 v c." ::;rra ngcd by F. Melius nettclou Macdonald, Port Angeles The annual Christ mas p I a }", by the PLC musi c departm ent Sun­ Ch ri~ tiaIl sc n, will be p e rform ed by ..du ca tion major . is an ou tstanding p roduced by Alpha Psi Omega in d ay a t 3:30 p.m. in thr' gymnasium. th e Ch oir under the dire ·tio n ()f drbatn and a mcmbl"r of T :I sels. conjunction with the PLC speech ~lu s i c by the 6 4-voice Choir ()i P w f. Gunnar M ·,lilClin. Sonja Sinwnson is an education department, will haveHerbDemp­ the West, the 76-m elllber collc!!,e Soloi sts in the " Be l1t:di c ttls " wili maj or from Grah am. She was in sey in the lead role of stingy old c holUs, t he orchestra and the Mad­ be p, ,, By in g ton and R obe rt Hod ge. Spu rs and is now in Tassels. Scrooge for the third consecutive r i .~als wili h i!:[hlight th e afte rnoon 's "FuIIl . Fum, Fum," a traditio nal Mardell Soiland, Napa, Calif., ali year. p rt'Se ntat ion. Spa n ish ca rol ; 'This Endris Ca rol," I' t:uc a tion major, is in the Eighth " Pro:)hecy, " by Richard Purvis, Wh en asked how he felt a bout the an Eng.Ii sh so ng ; aud H1·f nstcrs in (Continu ed on pa !:c 4) "Sce nes from tht: Hol y Infan cy." b y pu rt, Dempsey g rowled, " Afte r three This H all," a F re nc h carol, will be yea rs I am begi nning to fcel like sun f[ by the chorus. 1'h<: M adri g-als will .ing "Tir e Scrooge himself. N ow get out of Iiere , nd don' t bothe r me wh.. n I'm Holl y a nd t he Ivy," " Wh a t Child Is busy!" This J" a nd "Ding, D on g, M errilly Oth er me mbe rs of t he cas t includ e on Hi gh." Th e orchestra will play L yk Pearson, P a ul Wold, J err y bdon- the co nce rt, durin g th e offer­ Kress, Zane Wilson, Rod Nordbe rg, in g and a ftel' the concnt h as con­ i\ a n c y F a nt, Bob LeBlanc, Joe cluded . Sm ith, Gina Jones, Jane R oss, A r­ " The Christ," a Christmas ora­ lene H a lvor, Carol Hurst, Ri ch ard torio by Eri c Curtis, whi c h had its Holme s, P a ul Kuethe Mickey A n ­ first pu bl ic prt"se ntation in last year's d"rson, Mavis Everette, Sam Stroth­ co nc!:rt, will climax th e conce rt. ers and Leonard Ericksen. P rof. Gilbe rtsu n will direc t the com­ Directors of this year's presen­ bined music of th ... Choi r, chorus, tation are Arlene Halvor. Karen a nd o rchestra. F ea tured so loists will Knut'Len and Lyle Pearson. Assist­ be Prof. Fl'cdcri c k Ncwnha m, P eg ing them are D 0 u g Anderson, Byington, Aud ry Hart , and the R ev. Mickey Anderson and Susie Lan­

R e ube n R ed a l, pastor of C e ntral Lu­ nen. ~'liss Jane Smith of the speech th .. ra n Churc h. departme nt is adviser and 1\1r. .' \ fnT will offering will be taken . Prof. Gordon Gilbertson Eric Nordholm, also of t he speech depa rtment, is technical adviser. Oth er worke rs arc : SohT ig L fT­ H e nry Siegl, violinist, will a p pea r in the ne xt Artist Sel ies prt"sentation aa s, business m a nage r ; Art Elli ck­ at 8:30 p .m . in the CMS January 6. son, progra ms; Sa ndra T ym:s, pub­ Sieg l, who was a pa rt-til nc instructor in vi olin at PLC in 1956 a nd licity; Ba rbara Stuhlmiller, hous e ; ' 57, is concert masttcr and ass istant director of th e Seattle Sympho ny O r­ Rolli !" Wulff, technician; Carl Muhr, chest ra. electri cian; Wa lte r Schweige r, prop­ He is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music. in Philadelphia, and ertie.s; Joanne Van Lierop, costumes; has studied undcl' Mme. Lea Luboshutz, Dr. Arthur Rodzinski, Louis Bailly, Kathy Stearns, make-up; and D e­ Mine . Rence Longy and Emil Mylna rsky. While in New York he was a Anna H a nson, hand properties . member of the NBC symphony orchestra directed by Tos canini . Bob Fleming is ill charge of the During the winter season he works with the Seattle Symphony and is prt"-program activities and music will SCROOGE is interpreted with gyrations on the fa culty of the Unive rsity of Washing t on. His summers are spent giv­ be provided by the Eighth Notes. and distortions by Herb Dempsey, who will play the part for the third year in ing concats throughout th e world. Cost is 35 cents per person. Inno­ a row when the curtain goes up Dec. 17 Mr. Siegl, who has appeared before in concert at PLC. adds a friendly, vations are promised for those who for the annual PLC production of "A idonnal air to his concerts, which givcs greater audien ce appeal. have seen the play before. Christmas Carol."

Ta m ie O man

Don Doug las, studcllt b ody presi­ d el'l l, is a speec h m"j o r from Ta­ coma. He is an o utstand in g d ebater and m ember of Blue Key.

'ChristmasCarol' Product" on Dec. 17

Christmas Concert Set for Sunday

Henry Sieg l to Ap pea r at PLC Jan. 6

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Friday, December 12, 1958

Chrislmas Tradit:ions

Differ Around World


mooring mast

by Anita Hillcsland

Editor ...... .... ..... .............. ............................. Dick Landgren

N~ ws Editor.................... .............. .............. Herb Dempsey

Spo rts Editor................................................. .John Hanson

Fea ture Editor.................. ............................Carol Morris

Bus: ncs s M a n3.6C r ...... ............................ Mary Lou :F.ngcn

Adviser.. .. .. ...... ...... .. ...... ........ . . .... .Mr. Milton Ncsvig

Holiday Driving



With a roar of motors and parting shouts of "l\·f e rry Ch r is tmas" n('xt Frida y PLCites will again e nter th e holid a y ra':e for honlt'. In this "race" ordin a ry drivin g ha oa rd s an: mul tipli ed in the following wa ys : . First of all, hea vy holiday tra ffi c confronts the drive r. Th is ca uses dan ,;-n o us pass ing-, followin g too closely, consta nt lam' swit ching a nd nrglt-ct of m a ny of the rules of road courtcsy. Weather is another special problem during the Christmas season. Snow and ice in mountainous areas cause unpredictable dangers, and rain and fog create slick road surfaces and limit vision. Furth e rmore, college students ha v/" a dditiona l driv­ in g problems. They are usually in an cxe{"ssi ve hur r y to ge t hallie; the result, especially whe n travelin g :l long distance, is that th e y te nd to drive with g rca te r speed and with r(' c kk ss a bandon. Getting insufficient sleep before starting out is another collegiate characteristic. "Non-stop" driv­ ing with little provision for sleep is another way in which the college student jeopardizes the lives of his passengers and himself. Fina lly, college stud e nts, burdened by oth e r fina n­ cial responsibiliti es, som e times fail to keep th eir cars in top mechani cal condition. Smooth tires a nd fading brakes caus e ma ny avoidable accidents and help fulfill th e. gloomy predi c tions of the Nati ona l Safety Coun cil. T o insure a happy holiday va cation check the eon­

d :tion of th e car before lea vi ng, get plenty of slerp and

adjust driving speed to road conditions.


f'asternok Rebuke Shows Red Fear hy .JoAnn Hudson Thc' rra ca tion to "Dr. Zhivago." a h r st sdlin g novel in all parts of the w o rld l'xc<.' pt th " homl'la nd of its a uthor, offers a st:l rtling contrast be twee n tht· totalitarianism of Ru ssi a a nd th e de mocrac y of the United States. Boris Pastc·l'II;tk . its author, was rece ntly nam (,d as the winner of th" 1958 Nobel Prize fo r lite ra ture. But Pasterna k, who lives quietl y a nd incon­ spicuously a t P" l'f' ddkino, Russi a, waS forced by th" Sovie t government to r eject tht' coveted prize. "Dr. Zhiva go," pervaded with a Christian theme, c r iti cizes the Com­ munist suppress ion of individua lity . C o nscqu 'ntly, th e Soviet governme nt did no t approve of the book, would not recognize its lite rary merits and did no t a llow public a tion of the noveL And Past e rnak was g ive n the choice of r..fusin g th e Nob'" P r ize a nd d enouncing his book or leav ing the cou nt ry, Pasterna k bowed to th.. dinah's of the tyrannical Communist govern­ lIJl'nt, becau se , h,' said, h .. IQ\'Cs his country and woiJid not be able to create aW3Y frolll h is homc·land. Without. e n ' a ti,,;ty, to him, lik would b e m ean­ in gle ss.

--------: I t \ \

" Ed· tor: " M r. L ib ra , i .11, is thnc ,m y w ay that the 'stan d ing roo m o nly' conditio ns in the readin g roo m ca n b.­ l

h;l u :;t'd ?1!

To atte mpt a reply: Mr. E Ji tor, do you consid er all Y one o f th e four solutions listcd bel ow as a dequate ? ( I ) W" cd a nd disco rd a noth,'I' 7,000 h ymn books nd instead shc: lvf' the surplus bodiL's tha t wa llder iu nne wed: ni g-hts from 7:30 to 9 :30 p.rn. (:2) String a row of comfo rta ble easy chairs down l h., wid c> c[" nter a isle of til" readin g roan: for th ose who a re then: to d o wha t might bett('\" b,' d o ne in a dornl lounge. .3) Have a fa st game of jacks going each evening in ,11" library lobby to dra in off the " thumb twiddlers" "ho arc rn.>rciy occlip ying sp~cc. (4) String up the libra ria n ( in effi gy). Wow! C a n' t you se e it comin g ove r the A .P . wirt's: Cambrid g'e, N ew YOl k, Sheboygan, L ittle R ock, etc.-A.P. boys t('a r o ff the ti cker ta pe-d as h to the city desk, brea thkss­ tr : rnblin g--"Look, wh a t a story-wha t a. hea dlin e-" NO PLACE TO STUDY,


Now, Mr. Editor, in th e library wc h a ve study room for 10 percent of the stude nt body, a ll a t on e t ime. I ask you: have we eve r ha d ISO students in tha t lib rary h a rd a t their work any night of the week, any week of the year? y(lUI '~ tr ul y, FRA:\K H. HALE Y, Libra ri a n

In contrast the governme nt of the U ni ted Sta tes has been barraged with a nd grown from continuous criticism since its genesis. Litera ry gia nts, such a s Cooper, Thoreau, Emerson, Twain a nd Norris, pointed out the foibl es of America. Also, in tne ea rly 20th ce ntury the "muckraking" pack e xposed weakness('s; now in th e middle of the 20 th century the "beatniks" arc a dd­ iT'," th .. ir a cid Cllmm l·nts . And Sinclair Lewis, tile first writt'l' from the United Sta tes to win the Nobel a ward, won hi s fa me from a series of novels that ridiculed the American socicty.

Prisoners' Reactions Inspire Musicia ns As we membns of the Ch o ir of the W est a nd Ei g hth N otes we re bein g ferried ac ross the wat ers of Pu ge t Sound to M c) /(·il Isla nd F ederal P('nite n­ tia ry last Sunda y, I aga in wo nd e r< d how th e inm a tc 's w ould r("spond to o ur offe ring of music. Several tim !"s bdo rr- our l1I us ica l g ro up s ha\'" a ppea red the r e. These me n, youn g as w<'ll a s o ld, did no t fit th e stt'l'cotype of cold sto ic gangsters - th e y a rt: huma n be ings with fee lin gs just as you and I ha ve, missing their lov"d ones, childre n, wives a nd pa re nts. Whe n the Eig hth N o tt's a ppe a red there last yca r, we w e re all owed to ca t ill the dinin g hall with the pri son e rs, app a r en tly a prc Ct'cient in our f" d­ ('t a l prison s. It wa s th en cspc' ci:llly th a t I r ea li ze d the humann ess of thest' men. We we re helpi ng to c"'ebreltc a n annivc""ary o f their " Self Improv­ ml' nt Club," a nd I saw how th ese inma tes were tryin g to be tte r th ernst'\v(' s in ordr to rdurn to soc iety. Th ey lc:lrn tr:id cs, adva nce to marc skilled pri son j obs a nd takf: cou rses by corrcspond e nce from Clover Park Hi gh ('V C'1l

invite gues t lec ­

turers from tIl<' Puge t Sound area. While If'a rning trades tht' prisoners a lso hdp maint a in th e self-support­ in g instituti o n by running the: fa rm anel wQ rkir.g in vario us sh ops. In addi­ ti o n to ('a minl!, a litth: monf' Y th c.·y pre pa re for their r eturn to the outside world. T hey a lso invit,. ou tsiders to assi st w ith wo rship se n ' ic es. J e rry Erick­ so n, PLC junior, directs the ir ch oi r. A month ago R ev. C . K. M a lmin,

sez: By Bob Fleming

by Audry Hart

School. Through their "Sdf Improveml"nt Club" the y

Christma s is universally celebrated but eve ry nation Joes so in a different way. Th e simple story of th e birth of th e baby J esus is the basis of all th e festi vities a nd around it ha ve' g rown many traditions th rou gh w hic h people express th eir tha n kfuln cs ~ a nd joy fo r ( ; od's gi ft of a Sa vior. Many of our Christmas customs here in Amer­ ica a rc p roducts of E uropean p ractices. Fmm Ger­ mu ny we get the Christmas tree, from England the yule log and Christmas carolers. Scandinavian households here frequently eat a supper of lut efisk amI Idse on December 24 as do their relatives in Europe. C z" c hos]ovakia has a very commc ndable wa y of ho no r ing tht' birthday of Christ . Traditionally, all q cw rrL'ls a n ' e nded and fri e nd ships ren ew ed as the pt'o­ fJic vi sit th eir fri('nd s and fo es and for g i\'(· a n y , un dl'r,;ta ndin gs that m ay have aris en durin g th e' yea r. :"<o rw" y and D e nmark. thou ghtfully r em c mbe r th,' f-,irds a t Ch r istm as b y placing a sh ea f of th e bes t g rain , ,, ,,cd from th e fa ll harvest outsid e on Christm as morn­ in g-· tlH' bi rds' Christmas dinnc'r. Also, the fa r m a ni­ m a ls a n' give n extra care a nd food . According to tradition and religious beliefs Christmas E ve in Sy ria is spent in worship and praye.r, and Christmas Day is chiefly ohserved in the home with prayers and quiet rejoicing. This is in contrast to many countries which feature parades and other festive activities during this season. O ne o f our for eign stude nts, Ming Yce W, t"Ils h ow Chris tmas is cd ebrated by Cbin ese Christi a ns in H o n ~ K o ng. All the youn g people in t.h(' church gather on Christmas eve to sing Christma s c a rols for hospitals, o.phans' horn!'s, " shut-ins," homes for th poor and th" ag.-d, m.. mbers of th eir congregation and otl,,~r Lu­ thl"ran church es. as th ey ride about the city in cars or rented busses all night long. Excitement runs hig~ al they look forward to tellin g others about the "Good News." Mitl g Yee comm e nted that mu ch of this type of exc item e nt seems to be missing in the United Sta tes. " H e re th e re appea rs to be marc emphasis on g ivin g prese nts, decoratin g the homes, and prepa ring for com­ pany during th e holidays," she added. Chint.'le Christmas cards, she continued, are n ow beginning' to show the ma n ge r scene with Ori. ental characteristics so that the people will not think of Christianity as a foreign religion. :'.trlong Christians th e world over, wheth t' r in Eng­ la nd, Norway, Germa n y, C hina or he t'(· in th e United S ta tes, at Christmas all burdens and trouble5 a re te t;o­ poraril y se t aside as we remember the words "Pea ce on earth. ~o"d wi ll towa rd men with whom H e is please.d ."

~I ar ­

de ll Soiland a nd I h elped w ith the ir worship el nd e njoye d th eir co nvL'fsatio n afterward. Th e thunderous a pplausc, wh eth.. r fo r Bach or "rock," durin g Sunda y's c c nc c- rt, aga in rr'minded me that th cs(' too 'Neff" hurha n s tryin g to a djust t" un ique p rob"'ms.

H eigh, ho. Sinc r everybody was welcoming back Dr. Eastvold laH week 1 d ecided to wait and do it thi, w ~' k -so, wdcom c home. Dr. Eastvold. I w o n' t say thin gs han' bee n dea d while you ' ve b('t' n g one, but th .. y'vc' ha d to quit r ing in g the 7:3 0 curfew bell. Kept wakin g ('ver yo nc' u p Al so \vhil c y o u ~ ve been gon e 1 lost m y j ob as (' '''v3 tor opera tor. C ouldn't rl'm(' no~ r thr' ro ute . M r. :"<ordholru Las an idea for alleviating the bad situation about the in the windows in the coffee shop-Siruply raise the sidewalks . . . How a bout a facuIty committe" to jnv('stigate the possi­ bil ities? . . . IS IT T RUE? Dr. Fritts is thinking about building an organ in the swim m ing pool? Reme mber, you read it here first. How about th ese new ca rs! What Sp(' ~d l It mu st bl.' so r(';J ssurin g to know you ca n bac k up elt 110 mil es an h ou r . . l\'EW B()O K DEPT.: I WAS A TE EN ­ AG E C ,\TIIOLIC, by M a rtin Luther . . . Th a n ks D.D. . . . Glad to sec th,' editorial h st week a bout th e L'Towdcd stud y conditions in th e library be cause hav­ in g to stud y in thc' rn "n's lava to ry is rid iculous I I'm rcally mad! H ere it is jllst " bout Christmas time and t he editor says I can't m<:ntion the 2nd nest sto cking filler I know. my 17lemjn g Scz Yca r 's oak, which is on sale now . . . Whoops. I did it . . . I used to i!:O to classes wi th m y dog. Tben one day .....e we re separated. My dog grad uated. So m ebody told m e I sh ould get a big ha nd fo r my co lumn bst wec k. R ig-h t ;lc r oss th e mouth . . Some co lumns are good . Others a rc lousy. This o n(' is ~ood ~ "d lou sy .. 'V eil, fa n·-th ee -well fo r th is we r k. Set" vu u n C'x t yea r. Wi shin g- you a v[:ry Merry Christ n1:J5 . YOll r bu dd y, U ncle Bob-Boh.

Friday, December 12, 1958

PLC Hosts Bakers Saturday Night at 8 Aiming for reve nge of a 79-62 dc­ kat at the hands of the Northwest Bakers last Friday, Pacific Luther30'S Gladiators will again take on the Bread Makers tomorrow night in th c PLC gym at 8 o'clock. A prdiminary contest getween the Lute junior varsity and Ray Rid ge Motors, a Tac.oma Cit y League team, will get underway at 6:00 p.m. Durin g th e past wc-ek the PLC eagns won two and lost two tilts. In the Ta coma Athleti c Commis­ ,ion Tournam en t last weekend PLC was downed on Friday by the Bak­ .. rs, but th e nex t nig ht carne back to knock off Weste rn Washin g-ton 66 to 58. La ;t Tuesday the Gladiators faced

a wrprisingly tough College of Pu­ S(ct Sound quintet and saw some ex­ c itin g moments before they finally pulled a 70-66 win out. Portland University's Pilots ha nd­ I· d PLC their first loss to another college t,,"am on Wednesday down at Portland.

Tht· Pilots out shot, out hustled, and out rebounded the Lut.,.s to tak<' a 6+-l2 v ictory. Going into tomorrow's game with the Baken, Roger Iverson kads the Glad scoring parade with 99 tallies. Ro g is a\Trag-in ,q- an even 19 points prr game. Bob Roiko is next in line with a total of 81 points and an avnag" of 1G.2 pef g3t1H', !\'(,'. rson's be st ganIc 'vas against CPS when he hit 10 Ollt of 20 shots and three for thn'" free throw s for 28 points. Roiko's best output was agai nst Wf'stcrn whl'n he sank 2.1 points. Roiko also kads the team In r('­ bounds with 57.

Big Bill (Whitey) Willi a ms, pun­ ior college transfer from California, is second on the boards, ,<;rabbing off 52. Coach Gene Lund g8 ard t> xpects to s t a rt the Ivcr:<on broth ers at ,<::uard, \Villiams at c('nter, and Roiko alld Denny Ross at forwards against the Bakers tomorrow night.

• by Eugene H ap ala

Competitive athletics can cC!'lainly come up with some lromc twists . Last spring wlwn PLC basketball coach MAR V HARSHMAN left PLC to tnk.- over the reins of the Washington State Colll'ge Cougars (""rryonc pointed out the fact that PLC would again have an abundance of casaba talent a nd would practically be a shoo-in for their fifth consecutive Ever­ I( rCl'n Cunff'rcnce championship, while the Couga rs were again being tabbed


Page Three

CageBoss Lundgaard Is Former PLC Star

"M~. BASKETBALL" was Ihe name hung on Gene Lundgaard when h.. p laye d al Paci fi c Lutheran from 1947 10 1951. This year he has laken over as head coach of his alma moler, which faces t:,e powerful Northwest Bakers Saturday ni[lht in the PlC gym at B o'clock.

urtis Hoi .. s lute ecords Chuck Curtis, Pac ifi c Lutheran's candidate for Little All-American, holds more individual baskr·tball n'c­ ords in the Gladiator books than any other player in the school's his­ tory. The most points scored in' one game is 44, a re co rd se t by Curtis against Whitworth last season . Curtis also holds the singlr- gamt· records for field goals scored, 16; field goal percenta gc., 76.9 (10 of I:» ; frt' e throws attempted, 24: a nd f ref' throws scored, 15 of 16. Season records held by Curtis arl' points scored, 627; field goals scored, 225; a nd free throws attempted, 285. Curtis a lso is co-holder wi th Rog­ er I vr'fson of the reeord for consecu­ tive fre e throw, made with 16.

Saving his first year as head bas­ ketba ll coach at Pacific Lutheran College is Gene Lundgaard, who comes from Franklin Pitre{' High SchOOl in Tacoma. Lundgaard, a formn PLC hoop star himself, steps into a position left vara nt by his form e r tutor, Marv H ars hman, who took over the var­ sity cage forces at Washington State Co lle ge this year. The titk "Mr. Basketball" was givcn Genc when he playe d for the Lutt's from 1947 to 1951. He earned a starting berth un thl' Gladiator five in the first game of h;s freshman year and never missed starting a ga me during his four yt'ars on the squad. During his last two seasons h,'

was an all-conference forward, and in ! 951 he set a school individual scoring record whi ch stood till bst yea r when Chuck Curtis shattered it. Lund g aard took an active part in basketball while se rvin g in th e U nit­ ed States Air Force and played with thr: Memphis Air Foret: Base team whi c h took third pla ce in th e Wo rld which took third plac(' in the W o rld­ Wid e Air Force Tourney in 1952. H e also was lI amI'd most " a luable pla yer in the tourney for th e south ­ t'<lstt'rn Uni te d Stales that. year. Wh en h~ caml' hom.- from th e Air Force, he beg ,1I1 It-aching hea lth a nd physical education at Franklin Pi e l'c He also ('oac hed fresh m an basketball and footba ll and varsity golf a.t F.P,


for th r' "..,lIar positiun'. Barber shop bull-ses sions W('re buzzing with cnvy for new PLC Coach


C. Fred Christensen


Now w ith just two weeks of pre-season play having elapsed, the Cougars under Harshman's tutelage have squeaked by s('veral oppon­ ents and it will surprise no onc if they climb out of the cellar and knock off a couple of tile pre-season iavorites when league play rolls around in January. Meanwhile, at PLC, Lundgaard is having to experiment with st'veral ro:;y chc('ked freshmen in an attempt to fill the gaps left open by injuries to 1958 a ll-conferenc e forwards CHeCK CURTIS and JIM VAN BE EK. Many sports writers and coaches are ticketing the Lutcs to the runner­ up position in the 1959 campaign. Thus far the Lutes have managed to lare- quite wl'll, but only thc final gun will decide who will carry off tht· Evergret'n flag.


BR. 2-4629

Tacoma, W alhlngton

PARKLAND GRILL M ONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. SHORT ORDERS 528 Garfield St.

DINNERS LE. 7-9937

Over in the Palouse country, Harshman is, temporarily at least, ('njoying- the prosperity of ruining the prognosticators' guesses. WSC definitely must be counted out of any championship contt' ntion, hut congratulations are drfinitrly in order for thf' ('arly season success of the Cou gars.

' 0 REVOIR \ Vc'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Zane Wilson, your new M ooring Mast sports columnist who will be takin g over this cor­ ner of your paper from yours truly in the next issue of the Mooring Mast.

Wf' have decided to re tire in order to devote adequate tim t: for plan­ nin " y )ur 1958-59 Saga nn d th .. annual L f't t erma n '~ Award Banquet in the '>pr ing. Wc'd like to thank seve-ral people and departments for their c.oopcrlJ­ tion "nd assistance in helping to make this column ?ossibk. H eading this Ii" is Ath let ic Director MARK SALZMAN :l nd his able coachin g staff, Mr. \'ifLTOl\ ~ESVIG from the PLC Dcpartmmt of Public Rela tio ns, our ,,[ ooring Mast editor, Dick Landg ren, and la st, but not least, you, th e stu­ d ..'n ts, for your whole-hearted support.




BBlUlCR We provide Checking and Savlags Ac(oullts aad all other I-STREET ba nk services BWCH for college LINCOLN studeats IIlAMCH ~~f~



Good luc k to Zan e, and a \ferry Chrislmas to you, the stud en ts.



Custom made to your orde r


PLC BOOKSTORE Glenn Campbell

how'd you catch on so quick? Catch on to the fact that Coca-Cola is the hep drink on campus, I mean. Always drink it, you say? Well-how about dropping over to the dorm and downing a sparkling Coke or two with tll<~ boys. The man who's for Coke is the man for us.

" ;·Drink


&P~ .....-'. . . ,..

..... .



. r~

......,. \


Bottied under authority of The CocCl-Coia Company by PA CiFIC COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, TACOMA, WA S H.

Page Four

Friday, December 12, 1958



Children's Party Set

Faculty, Student Committee

Names PLC RepTesentatives

(Continued from page I) Notes, madrigals, Tassels, and has Ix'en in Choir. Beverly Swanson , Seattle educa­ tion major, is president of the PLC Student Edu cation Association and in Tassels. Paul Templin, education major from Puyallup, is president of the Lettermen's C I u band manager­ trainer of all varsity athletics. Connie Thompson, Olympia edu­ cati on major, is stud ent body seen:­ ta ry and a m~ m ber of T assels. Jay Tronsdale, from Claresholm, Alta., C anada, is a n edu cation ma­ jor, vi ce president of the student body and studer.t cong re gation trustee.

Tom Unmacht, psychology major from Milwaukce, Wis., is on the col­ lege exchange committee and presi­ d ent of the psychology club. Jim Van Beck, education major from Tacoma, plays varsity basket­ ball and tennis and is a member of Blue K ey.

Vacation Starts Friday


Christmas va cation will officially -ta rt at 3: 30 p.m. next Friday and will end at 7:30 a .m. Monday, Jan. .~th . This issue of th.:- Mooring Mast will be the la5t One for 1958. The next issue will be published Jan. 9.

Thirty-five children fro m the Parkland Children's Horne will at­ tend the third annual North Hall Christmas party tomorrow, accord­ ing to Gwc-n Thomas, gene ral chair­ man. ROOFING ELECTRIC


TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT Special Student Rate. UNDERWOOD CORP. 1610 Cente r- St. MAo 7-4801






12151 and Pacific Avenue

If you care enough to give the very

Phone LE. 7-3171



Expert Dry Cleaning

Charm Beauty Salon

Laundry Service

, F


Blanche Lineb loom 413 GARFIELD ST. LE.7-7475





ne-Day Service

LAURINAT"S apparel We Outfit Coed s 406 Garfield


Mrs . Jo Summers *50c handling charge

Parklan d Center

LE. 7-5317

Phone LE. 7-4300

STELLA1S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions 12173 Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garfield)

LE.7-0206 We Deliver

) )

fGad were to come with His angels,

no onecould listen to Him...

with reverent finest quality GIBSON Religious Greeting: . See our selections.




3820 South Yakima


We cannot bear ttl have ·God speak to us in His majesty with countless thousands of angels.~T'herefore the best procedure is to abolish our design to hear God speak in His majesty, for we cannot bear this language. ~ But Go d says: Now I shall hide My majesty, most thoroughly, shall allow My S on to become man, born of a virgin; let Him do good to men and preach them the forgiveness of sins.~He shall act in the kindest manner possible; only bear in mind t hat t his man is the same God who spoke in the desert at M ount ,Sinai to the ~hildren of Israel. Believe, there' fore, that it is He whom you are hearing.~~He has hidden His majesty in humanity, does not appear with lightning, thunder, or angels, but as one born of a poor virgin and speaking with men of the forgiveness of sinse l\Iartin ~uther




Parkland and Vicinity


Phone GR. 1-3311

These words of Martin Luther help give us a deeper understanding of the true

meanilag of Chrilunaa.

We reproduce them here as our Christmas greeting to you.

LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD MItmopoIiI, . Life Imurance for Lutherans



mOortn Volume XXXVI

Parkland, Wash.

ma t

Fri d ay, Ja"ua ry 9, 1959

Number 10

Rev. Lar a ar To e Ins ailed • S unday ornln

nstallation se rvi ces will Le con­ ducted by tht' Rev. S. L. Swenson, president of t he Columbia Confer­ enc ' of the Augustana Lutheran Church . Dr. H. L. Foss, president of th e Pacific Distl ie t of the £LC, will bring g-reetin!{s on behal f of the board of trustees of tht college. The Rev. L . Myron Lindbloum of Seattle wiJl represen t Dr. S. C. Sit'fkcs, pres­ idc'nt of th e orthwestcrn district of tIl!' ALC, as liturgist. The Rev. L arsgaa rd will give the messa ge of tht'day.

He graduated from Luther Theo­ log ' a l Semina ry in 1947 and was p ' 'r at Conway, Wash., from 1947 " 50 and a t Ventura, Calif., from J- J 953. As a Cha plain for the Ited States Army from 1953-1956 served 16 months in Korea a nd .-eceived a commend3tion ribbon wit h medal pendant for outstanding ~e['\·ic('. From 1956 until he came to PLC he was at Bellevue, Wash.

PLC Hosts Ministry Conference Tomorrow About 200 school student!> from Washington, Oregon and Brit­

ish Columbia who are interested in future in the ministry will attend the M e n for the Ministry Confer­ e uce to be held tomorrow at PLC. 1\

Sponsored by the brotherhoods, church administrations and youth ufices of the ALC, ELC, LFC and UELC, the conference is open to young men 15-20 years old. All in­ terested PLC men of this age group a. re invited to a ttend. Spcakers and their topics for the • -s sions, which are scheduled from ~I: 1 0 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., include Dr. r n'd ric k Schiotz, president of the E1.C, speaking on "Our Church's ' l ~I I for Gospd Ministers;" Arnold ChI', tt'nsen, civil engineer fro m Coun ci l Bluffs, Iowa, speaking on "A Layma n Looks at the I\'eeds of His Church;"and Dr. Marcus Rieke, youth director of the ALC, speaking on "Joys of the Gospel Ministry." A pand discussio n and audio­ visual presentations will also be a part of the day's program.

Dr. Eastvold's Book Set at Special Price "Around the World in 180 Days," by Dr. S. C. Eastvold, is expected to be available from the printers April 15. Students may purchase a copy of this account of President Eastvold's recent world tour for a pre-release p ric e of $2.00. Applications are available in the publie relations of­ fice for those sitll desiring to r eserve a copy of this book, which is being published by th e PLC board of trust~t: S .

7 ,0

oa rd ppr yes C ns ru t io

Two building proj ects, the Sci­ ence HaJI addition and the College nion Building annex, are sched­ ukd for completion this month and a third buildin g, the Tacoma-Pierce Memorial H all, was a pproved by the PLC board of trustces for construc­ tion beginning next July. All three buildings a re a part of th e PLC D evelopmen t Fund proj ec t. T h e Chr:s Knutzen Fellowship Hall is the na me designated by the PLC boa rd of trustees in its mc!'ti.:" last month for t he new w eial cducation an n e x to the CUB. Tht: annex, wbich was used [or t.he fi rst Ii Ie for the hoard o[ truste ~ -fa culty banquet before Christ mas, provides for a third eaf t': r ia Ij n~ and an in creased d in in6" area that will scat a.b out 400 pc pie. The add ition, now

The Rev. Joh n Larsgaard will be imt a lled as the new pastor and pres-l­ u('nt of the PLC student con grega­ tion during the regular service at II I. m. Sunuay.

A 19-14 graduate of PLC, th e Rev. Larsgaard was president of the stu­ d 'nt body and a member of the choir.

o eg

Henry Siegl C neer Dra ws Small Audience by Dick Halvorson !'«t1lt T small :ludic'nce a ttended the lat est Stud"nt .\rtist Series prc­ " 'ntalio n of H e nry Sicgl, violinist, Tuesday night. Mr. Sil'g!'s playing, wh ile ('.' chnica lly ~ cry good , was ,.at hn cold durin g the first two son­ ata s, but warmed up co nsidcr3bly in the s"cond half of the program. I

Annua l Ora torical Con test N ext W eek If you are tin·d of Ii stcnin g to others exp ress thl'i r id eas wh en you know your:~ arc just as good oi' be tter, you can expn's ) yuur thou ghts and opinions onct'rning a ny s"bject of your choice by !"'fltering tht" annual PLC oratorical cont c t. Und"r tht' sponsorship of Phi Kappa Delta a ll students are ur~ed to attt' lld the a ll-scllllol con tes t to bt· held in CB-:WO Ilext Thursday at 8 p.m. The prdiminary contest will ta ke piau Wt'(inesday afternoon at 4 :30.

JUd g C5 of the p l'd i min~.rit·s will bt· tht' R t'vcre nds . "nm·th Christoph,'r­ so n, Kdml'r 1\ . Rot·, E . C. K norr, Roy Olsf'll a nd Milton :\fesvig. The top s;x spea kers from Wednesday' s con test will a pp ear Thursday nig ht and will b,' jud ,,~ d by J ohn Binns, lo{'o l attorm'y ami a lTH'mbcr of Phi Kappa Delta : Professur Willi am Hansen , director of forensics at CPS ; and Earl Freezee, ;1 l'acolTl<I " nke!'. h 'lzc. lor th ~ top th rd 5pt ak e r~ will bl . 15, IU a':'\d 5. All students who wish to entcr the conlest should ha\' tht:ir applica­ tions in by January 12. Each oration Illust be original. presented from nU'mory and last no longer than 10 minutes.

cfhe prog ram, consisting of four ."ma tas , was pe rhaps not too well mitl'u to th c' tas\l'S of most of the ~. udi('nc,·. The best selection on the progr;llTl W;IS th e fin a I number, Sonata in C minor, which was n'ce;ved tlw most t'nthusiasti­ ",ti l". I t was unfortunate that Mr. S;cp;! could not havc played some ii g htn numbcl's, espec ia lly a, an en­ core to ('nd"ar him mon° to th e stu­ dt'nt audience.

Tnt pro llTam fit the h ig h stand­ ards of the Artist St'ries, but ra nks br fwm being one w it h good appeal tu the' usual Artist Series :tudi('nce.

Sculpture by Prof. Roskos Presents Visual Parable by Deanna Hanson "Ther fore speak I to them In pa rables; because they seeing see not, and hearing they hear not ; n"ither do they understand," said Jesus . Professor George Roskos recently completed a sculpture for Trinity Luthera n Church depicting one of these parables J c sus referred to - the Para­ ble of the Sow­ er. "The base relid sculptu r e by Mr. Roskos is an inspiring interprNation of the Parable of t h t· Sower. Professor R oskos

Placed over the: nlain entrance to our n ew sanctuary, it will be a constant reminder to al! who enter and leave of the importance of re­ ce iving what the Lord offers," said the Rev. Erling Thompson, pastor of Parkland's Trinity Lutheran Church. The sculpture is :t narrative-a story in picture form. Four groups of universal individuals are d epicted representing the sower and the three fates of the seed, 01' Word. "A sowe r went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seeds fell alon g the path, and the birds came and devoured them. Other seeds fell on roeky ground, where they had not much soil, and immediately they sprang up, since they had no depth of soil, but when the sun rose they were scorched ; and

sin ce they had no root they withered 3way. And somt' fdl upon thorns, .md tht: thorns grl'W up and choked them. Other seeds fell on good soil 3nd brought forth fruit, some a hun­ dredfold, some sixty, some thiry. Ht' who has c..a rs, It"t hinl hear. " Thc' idea for art work in this po­ sition of the sanctuary came from Taeoma a r ch itect John Richards. The Rev. Thompson selected the theme and consulted with Professor Roskos and tht' building committee. Construction on tltt: 18 by 5-foot sculpture start(;d with modeling the figures in clay on plywood coverl'd with wire lath. Working in 80 to 90 degrn surnnH: r temperatures m'ld~ it necessary to co\'tT the clay with papC'r tOt,'clin g a nd plas tic to prt: ­ w nt drying. N('xt, 1500 pounds of

plaster werC' mixed by hand to make tht' 14 molds. After the molds had Sf't a nd were removed from the forms they W('l'C ta ken to Seattle to be assembled ~nd cast. Then Trinity Lutheran Church had the job of putting it up in one piect'. Attempts were made to have it insured in case of mishap but only Lloyds of London would consider assuming the risk. Professor Roskos, who worked on this sculpture during his spare time and often latC' into the night, ex­ plained, "Art is a form of expres­ sion. As you work, you visualize what wil! come next, and it's not something you can just put aside. It' s not as if you're looking for great­ ness; you have a real desire to crc­ a te."

almost complete, will be dediC3ted during the annual alumni reunion to be held Jan. 31. Exact date for stu dent use has n ot bee n an­ n ounced. The entire cost of the fellowship ha ll. $100,000, was covered by two gifts from the lat" Chri~ Knutzen. The first S50,000 was given by Mr. Knutzen and the second g ift of $50,­ 000, wilkd to the coll ege, was pI' ­ s(' nted by his son, Einal- K nutzen, at the recent boa rd of trust ees-facu lty banquet. Construction on the Scit.:.Ilce Hall addition is also ne a rly compit-tt:, and the building will be rcady fo r usc next semester. This three-story addi ­ tion will g;\'(' add ed classrooms, lab­ ora tori es, libr a ry rooms and offices. Total cost of thr.· building is $175,­ 000. ~o dedic a tion date has been announced. Tacoma-Piercc M cmorllil Hall is expected to be ready by July, 1960. Orig.inally planned as a one­ story building, plans now provide for a two-story structure with 53,­ 000 feet of floor space. Tinal plans for the $8i5,OOO edifice, which will be erected a Ion g W heeler street across from the library, will be approved at the A p ril 3 board meeting.

U p 0 n completion of 'facoma­ Pi n ee Mcmoria l H a ll, Old M a in will be remodeled to inrr"asc dor­ mitory capacity to 350. The name of the buildin g will be changed to Harstad Hall, in hon or of the found­ n of PL C , the Re\,. Bjug Harstad.

Eastvold to Tell World Conditio


President S . C. Eastvold will ad­ dress th.. World Affairs Council at a mn·tc: to be he ld in th e college <'hape! Monday aL 8 p.m. He will speak on social and political condi­ tions in nations which he visited on his six-month tOUI' around the world. Th e Council is an organization of persons in Pie rce County w hie h sponwrs lec tures by outstanding po­ litical figures. Speakers from nations all over the world have appeared he-re- through the years under the sponsorship of this group. Admission to Monday's lecture will be complimentalY to PLC stu­ dents and faculty members. For oth­ ers not holding Council member­ ships, an admission fee will be charged.

J unior Debate Squad To Enter SPC Tourney The junior divisio n of the PLC forensics squad will travel to Seattle Pacific College for an invitational tourn ey J an. 16 and 17. The tournament is open to the junior division only although the , ('n ior di vision students, who will act as judges, may enter debate competition. Other divisions will be oratory, extemporaneous speaking, interp, a fte r-dinner speaking, discu. ­ sions a nd radio. Twenty-four mem­ bers of the PLC forensics squad will e n t e r the events in competition aga inst 10 or 12 other Washington schools . rn past years PLC has won the sweepstakes award almost every time such a prize was given.

PARABLE OF THE SOWER, an 18 by 5-foot bas-relief sculpture by Prof. George Roskos of the PLC art department, is being prepared for mounting above the entrance of the new Trinity Lutheran Church .

In preparation or this event PLC was recently host to the debators of Centralia Junior College in a prac­ tice debate tournament.

Page Two


Friday , January 9, 1959

Coa ch, Superintendent


moorinp mast

Past Role of lC Prof

Work in ' in one of the w ri dd' s sm allel,t schoob-.J­ ru ral scho()t in C anad a- and one of the b iggest-the l! niw rsity of Mi nn("sota- plus working at va ri ous ca­ pacittI' S in t he field of educati on-from bas ke tball coac.h to wpf" rinlc nd('nt-h;lVl!!: a ll been 'incllld,'cl in th e ca noc r of Dr. Theodo re C. S]oding, m embrr of th e PLC cdu­ ( ,I w n ~k parl m ent.

E dit or ... ........... ....... ........ ........... __................ Di ck L o ndgren

News E ditor..................................... _.......... H erb D empsey

po r ts E di tor........ __........................................J ohn Hanson

Fea ture E ditor.... .... ................ ................ ......C a rol M orris

Hu sin... M a nagc r ............. _.__................. M ary Lou F,n ~ n

Ad ise r. ...... ............... ..... ....... .. ._....... Mr. Milton N -:svig

_. _-- --- - -- - - -


Ci izens Speak By a tte nding the city council meetin gs a nd cam­ paign ing; fo r the re tention of Tacoma's ba n on p inba ll rnachi nes, a g roup of Tacoma citize ns showed that the pt'opk ('a n pla ya dire ct role in th e gove rnment of the U n ited Sta tes. T a bling the measure las t week the city council a ny ac tion for the present that would again allow p inba ll m ach ines back into Tacoma . But behind this m ove was the work of a consciencious g roup of citi­ ze ns. 'hey cffcc ti\"('ly rt'minded the counc il that ope n­ Ing the city to the gamblin g devices would start Ta coma Iid illl( !.Ok to i days of infamy, would increase juvcn­ ilt· d elmq uency, would directly hurt m a ny Tacom~ r. II iii ,' • would increa::;e wclfare costs, and would bent'­ fit t)I Iy a fe w spcci a l interests.

~ top ped

Su p porters of thc pinball machines re taliatcd but ' r action was a little la te a nd th ey r elicd too muc h

ul n personal attacks on their opponc nts. T hus, dem ocracy III ac tion was d e m onstra ted III a. T h is group of citize ns is to be commended £01' h acking its beliefs with orde rl y a nd e ff ective partic i­ patio I in govcrn ment. And es pecially no teworthy was ch u r ch I a d e rs of the a rea spearhead ed the move ­ meJl t of the a rousr:cl citizcm y, for in the United Sta tes thl' ir i nfll! ~ nc e need not be rt'st rict ed to the pulpit.

Educatio Attacks Now tha t America's temporary space-ag'-' lea d whi ch W:l. S es tablished rece ntly by th e Atlas Sco re has bee n eclipsed by the Soviet Lunik, attacks on American edu­ cation may continue with 1958 intensity. With fear of Soviet technological advanceme nt im­ bedded in the hearts of millions of Americans in the ta tter part of 1957 a nd throughout 1958, education sudde nly be came th e scap goat fo r America n shortcom­ ing-s alon g this line . E ve ryone, from admirals to houst'­ wi.ves, became a vociferous, c ritical expe rt on education. Newspapers and popular magazines presented a con­ tinuous stream of articles " lambasting" the American ed uca tional tre nd . Congrcss discussed and proposed many---and passed a few-mcasures to repair education hen:.

.EII'! S:<ELETO NS, recent acquisitions of Ihe science d artme nt, are di splayed by Alv in Broe ch l for his f e ll ow slu ­ dents, Sandra He;eren and Jim Kul::a J:'

No Ske let: ns in CI s i: . .. PLC Science Boasts Growth by Carol Morris Buc kl'ls of ta r, " wet pa int" Si gn s a nd va r ious ropes a nd co rds whi c h ha w bl"t" n familiar si g hts in th e Sci­ ,'oe, H " ll will soon di:a ppca r as th c' new addition nears completi on. "The new rooms will b.· rea dy for cl asses ne xt semes te r," prom ised a n o vt' ra ll ~ d workma n as h e insta lled som ,· pip t" s. "\-Ve a n ' w rappin g lh in ~$ up Rround h e r e." Th l' some t im es d eafenin g drilling eli n whic h h as arc.umpa ni ed lectu res will hecon lC a th in g- o f th r past-a t least for the present. Many new pieces of equipment h ave already arrived and morc will b e added g ra dua lly. The three-story hall conta ins three differe nt d epartments. The fir s t floor is d evoted to math a nd physics. Dr. Eu ge ne Maie r and Dr. Olaf .J " r d a h I are the h ;lds of these

dep a rtme nts. The . rcond floo r is hf" IlOn1l' of th e hio l00 5lo . U ndn t h(: direc tion o f Dr. Will iam Stru nk th r pla nt a nd anim al kingdoms contim H: to be (" xplol'Fd . The two m 'w skek­ to ns, pi cture d " hove, arc o nly part o f t hl' equipm l"nt wh ich w ill (:"en­ t ll ~ ll y he on tlw ;f'('()nd [Joo r. ()n t h e top floor "h emi stry n ·igll s ~llpr(, lllr Pro f. A nde rs Ra m sta d 1:, ­ p laincd th a t in the nl' w addi tion the' n' w ill be a special room for th e new cha inomatic balances a nd a lso a ch em istry library. Prof. Ramstad began th e depa rtm"n t by hi m sel f in 192 1. At th a t tim!' his la bora tory was in Old M a in wh e r e the w ash­ roqms arc n ow. From t here th e la b was m oveo to th e basement of the: old gym which burned down sever a l yea rs ago. The n t h " Sci ence HaIl was built and it and Prof. Ramstad h ave become institutions at PLC .


'Jane Eyre' Has Unique Romance by "Barbara Jac kson O ne of the most unique and delightful love stories is Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre." The English coun­ t ryside of thc 19th century with its large, sprawling altates containing sccret chambe rs and dark passage­ ways p rovides a n ominous setting for th e adve nture of a sheltered young woman stepping out into an unknown wo rld with only her well-disciplined conscience as h e r ~de .

As tutor of a sma ll Fre nch child, Jane Eyre comes int contac t with thc dark, moody master of the house, E.d wa rd Rochester. When sh e saves his life from a m ysterious mishap, an a ll iance forms be tween th em, ..nly to be broken by th e public disclosure of Mr. R och c::st -r's " fam ily skeleton." It comes as a great sho k 10 ,lIl e- a nd to the rcader. The resolution of this problem is no easy m a tter,

but J ane .solves it in he r own inimitable fashion. Though m ay not a <rre t' with her mc th ods, one must admire for her consistency. Jane's shy yet passionate na­ ture offse ts her seeming coldness and presents her as a woman with normal desires despitc her loveless child­ hood. Ill;

h iT

On" of t h e h i .~hl i ghts of his work in edu cati on oc­

curred in 194 5 "-t Askov , M in n ., whe re h e was a "ja , . () f-.1.I!-t M d ~s"

t(,ach er, coach and supe r intendent. . llaskc tb3.11 te:1 m W ;1.' und c·fen ted till its fi nal tourna m r.'nt 'foj m e- on e Ilotch frQm th e sta te to urnam ent. A long . th in, a w kw ;"rd, ii-foot, 4- in ch seni o r na med V er n :M ik ­ kdson spar ku i t h e te-a rn tha t s('ason.Mik kdsoll , also ~ SIJn of a Lu the ran min iste r, h as in ce- btrorllt: one of t h,. b;" kc tball g re a ts of the coun try a nd pla y , with th,> fiv ~ -t i rnL's world c ha m pion p rofess ional tea m, t he Min­ nt"ilpolis L "kc r5. • nd Dr. Sj oding will bc a n inte n t w a . c h -r of hi s one -tim,. p rotege wh" n th e Lakers ta ng l(: w ith till' Bos ton Cdt ics in a fray ~I a u' d for n p-x t Mon­ da y n i[:h l in , ntt lt-. D I. S jodmC( , , h o rC CC i\Td ho th hi s m aster's and do tor' s d'-I\rccs n the U ni\'(:rsity of M inn ~:; o ta , joined If... PLC staff in 19 51 a s su perv iso r of s<'wnd a ry cdu ­ C.<J ti on. Well acquai n ted with e-ducatio t h rou gh h is varied experiences and as the father of thl'ee school children. he especially notes the contrast between the sch ools of Canada and the U nited Sta tes. "i , the United States," he stated, "social activity emphasized, but in Canada acarlt:mic achieveme,' is stressed more." H e has also witnessed m a n y changps in th e tea c.l in,<r professio n. "Toda y," he sa id, "teach,.rs an' be tte.. prepared brr.a use the fi eW a ttrac ts bette r people. they a re sc re e ned more carefully, requirem e nts a r hig her and a ct ual laboratory l'xpcricnc" trains futu re tpath ~ more thoroughly."

fleming se •• By Bob Fleming

Edu(:ation, a vital organ in a democracy, needs the attention of and critical evaluation by the people. How­ e ve r, the changes in American' education suggested by th e fear-driven critics would rocket technology com­ [.lld.ely out of proportion. If a systc m works for the Soviet Union it is the right thing for America, they . et:med to think. Perhaps in 1959 Americans, accustomed to the So­ viet technological sk ills, will sec education in a broader perspective. First of all, world leadership does not de ­ pend solely on technology, b~t must include many facets of man's lifc. Secondly, what works for a totali­ tarian state is not necessarily right for a democracy; in democracy education is for all the people and must be adapted to varied aptitudes and capabilities.

So n a ,ut her n IPinister. he was born in . 'c braska h ut l ivt.d in Canada du ring mo t of his yoo d •. AIt r r eceiving his B.A. from the U niversity f Saskatche wan he spent six depression yeal'5 t c;t t' g in Ca nada. Th en hI: migrated to Minne­ sota w h cre he had various teachin !( positiom, wa~ a princip al and finally a superinh:ndent in sec­ ondary schools.

of the science department pointing out features of the Science Hall addition, is conducted for (I. to r.' Alvin Broeckel, Sandra Heieren and Hazel Solar.

'Med-Tech'Student Finds Trials, Rewards by Patti Finn Medical technology is a relatively new field and is open to young men and women interested in chcmistry and biology. PLC now offers training in this field, and at this time Sheila Cummings and I are complcting our work at the Swedish Hospital in Seattle and Joan Septon is at Tacoma General Hospital. From the junior class there are four medical technology m ajors . For a bachelor of science de g ree in medical technology a student must complet e the first three years at PLC and spend the last year at an accred­ ikd hospital. At the hospita l th e student spe nds several wecks in the vari­ ous depa rtme nts of the laboratory, atte nds lecture and takes tests each week. The hospita l generally furnishes room and board plus a small stipend. During the 52 weeks at the hospita l many skills must be m aste red and a national tcst must be passed on completion of training. The Ameri ca n Society of Clin ica l Patholog ists the n certifies the student as a m edica l teeh­ nologist. Many people wonder what a Hmed-tec h" actually does. She is a behind­ th e-sce nes wor kt'r. lkc.3us,-· th " do ctors rdy on th t result , of \ r-s ts givcn by technologists for diagnosis, she has muc h responsibility. Also, th e re is some p a tient contact such as in the administra tion of skin tests, dra wing of blood and administe ring electrocardiograms. Opportun ity for workin g in resea r ch "labs," doctor's offices, or in small labs not assoc iated wi th hosp ital s is al so open to the medical technolog ist. Plenty of discouragin g and frustrating moments face the "mcd-te ch" during training, but the thou g ht of entering a professio n that se rv~ s hu­ manity is truly an incentive.

Heig h ho. W ell, here it is, 1959, and o::veTythin~: still i~ going up . Rem,:mbe r those guys you wouldn't g ive 2 cents for? Now they're thrr.e fo r a buck! To cde.brate the new I have written a new song; pardon m e for getting sentimental. It' s called , "I WISH YOUR EYES WERE CLOSE TO MINE, INSTEAD OF CLOSE TO EACH OTHER. Will it be a h1t7 (ping ) or a miss? (thud). IS IT TRUE? there will be no finals given thi~ semester. R emember you heard it first here . . . I'm writing a new phone book. Doesn't pull punchf:., . ]'I;amcs names .. . It may have snowed here but i't's different down so uth. Hot? Down in Texas the heat was drying up all the rivers. You don't say, well tell W I' about it. Thanks, I will. It was so hot the fish . ' ~pitting at each other just to kee p alive .. . So why if I'm a split personality did I have to keep this one. I'll always remember her, standing in the doorway, 3. vision of loveliness. W ell, maybe shc wasn't exac tly a vision, but she certainly was a sight! Thin? Why if she sat on a nickle, three cents of it showed . . . I knew ri g ht away she was a pianist. She h ad long whit.. fingers with bla c k nails. I'll always be true to he r. I may get married and r a ise a large family, but that' s as far as it' ll go . . . On Christm as I want ed to k iss the mis tletoe a nd hang her . . . She sa ys sh e wants a h ero for a hu sband. She doesn't h a,'c to worry . Any man who' ll marry her will qualify . . . I remembe r when we m et. She bein g a l ady, dropped her eyelids. I, be­ in g a gC'ntlcma n. pi c:ked the m up. ;\. WORD O F ADVICE TO MARRIED MEN; :\cvcr qu es ti on your wife's judgnl("nt. R.;m c mbe r, 6he m a rried you . .. You've h eard of Vi ctor M a tu re ? I'm h is b rothe r, 1m . . . H e : D a rl ing, I love. y ou r long brown hai r. The wa y it flows down your bac k. She: .Bot, dar l ing. I have a sh o rt h nir d o. H e: Oh, so rry old thing .. . Wha tever beca me of Al f Landon? . . . In closin g I' d like to co ng r a tula te those girls in South Hall who sZlca k in and out of their windows. It might not sound like much to you, but r emembe r, the y live on the third floor! . . . Uncle Bob-Bob.

Fr;day, January 9, 1959


pens Leag e Play Tonig t Against: U C


V's Lead Ci y o o p

Endeavoring to extend their 26-game Evergreen Conference winning streak, Pacific Luther n's cagers p lay h ost to the Uni­ versity of British Columbia T h underbirds tonight at 8: 00 in rhe PL C gym. It will be the first conference game of the season fo r both tcams. The Thunderbirds split two games with the College of Pu g-c. ! Sound la st w ee kend in Van­ ,0lJ\'er, winning the first game 56 to 52 and dropping thc second tilt H to '37. The Canadians ha\'c good height in the starting lineup with Keith H a rt ky and Norris Martin, 6-6 and 6-5 respecti vel y. Th e rest of their ~ tart i n g lineup is Ba rry Drummond, 6-:{; Ed p , d rson, 6-'3, and Ken W ins lad ,·, 6-0. PLC is still h a mpered by injuri es to I.r players. As of Wedne sda y it was still doubtful if Bill Williams, A rdee n IV<::fson, Chuck Curtis, or Jim Va n Bee k would be ready for toni:;ht. Will (a m s, Iv rson and Curtis h ave spra im' a nkles. Van Bee k h ad a pill removed fr om h is injured shoulder on Tues­ d a y and Illay bt> re;1dy for limit" d actio!"!. As thin gs now sta nd, coa ch Gene Lu ncl .::nard said h e will probably sta r t R og.:r Iverson a nd Bruce Alex­ " nd !" r a t Rua rd s, Norm Dahl a t cen­ tl'r, Boo Ro ik o at o ne forw a.rd, and ,·ith (" r R a lph C a rr or Larry Poulsen at the o th er . Th(- Lilt e s dropped th eir fi rst hom" court ga me a gainst college ' OIn pc ti ion in ·f6 ~a m c s, wlwn th ­ Portla nd Unive rsity Pilots dumped th em 86 to 58 last Sa turd ay. Two of PLC' s three All C onfn­ ... nee pla y(·rs returned to th e lineup la st wf·ck for tht:" first time this year. Howr·n ·r, C urti s a nd V a n Beck saw only limi ted action. Curti$ ticd for hi gh. p oi nt honors with Iverson by scoring II . Van Bppk hit seven. The half timl' score was ·H to 25 with the Pilots leading.

T i


Out ••

Monday ni ght the JV's, coached by .M a rk Sa lzman, suffered their fint loss of th e season wh en the y were dumped by the Ch eney Studs, 78-68.


Onl y two o ut of the 21 tea ms in the Intra mural Bash·toall L eagues are still ::Lbll' to claim pnfec t rec­ ords. Vlr. stern Pa rkla nd a nd th t" Fac­ ulty, bot.h " A H le ague teams, It:dd t he· loop wi t It record s of fiv e a nd fo ur wins, rcspcct i\1d y. Fo urth Floor tops th t" " B" leag ue with a record of fiv.-· wins against a sin gle defea t. Lea d i n~ scor"!"s in the "A" loo p to da te a re Ted Be rry of the Sa tnts with I J.f points, a nd Rogc-r R .. p of DeJa rdines with 106 p oints. Sta ndings " A" League W L PF PA W'·ster n .. ... .. 5 0 ~8 9 251 Facult y .. . . ..... .....+ 0 231 .. 00 311 ?H DtJa rcl i ",·S .. . .... 1­ Saints ..... . ... . 3 2 258 232 C love r Cree k .. 2 2 20 3 173 >th Floor .... .. ... . ..... 2 3 240 214 S. En-rgTcen .... 3 200 245 T a ( onl;\ ....... . ..1 ~ ~ 2 8 3 13 fk tfTS . . . . .. .. . . . ....... 1 ·4 189 220 2nd Floor .......... ....0 5 214 256

"B" League W 1th Floo r ....... 5 :\ . E \" n green .. .... ...4 Stubs ... . ... .4 ... .3 Bounders .... . . C olts ...... ..... .... .. ..3 2nd Floor ...... . 2 5 th Fl oor .__ ,) Gree n Boys .. ... .... ... 1 Pop,·s .............. ........ 0 Clove r Cr't' k ..........0 S. Eve rgree n ... .. ..... 0



PA 165


226 218 140 203 186 9+ 106 165



43 92

170 53 248






114 10+ 173 159 93 118

Fudd Buys Rin g Coaches Want Ro o m

by Zane Wilson Happy New Year and welcome back to the campus. Here is hopin g th~ beautiful weather didn't distract from anyone' s drivin g pleasure. The snow means winter sports and many comments have been heard on that mbject. Several students were stron gly in favor of organizing an interscholastic snowball team and s~nding it to CPS. C hances are that anyone reading this column t o gauge the ability of the new sports columnist will quit because intellectual gems are few and fa r ·bet ween. But the effort is being made and comments are wel­ come. Paul " E lmer Full Ride Fudd" Templin, PLC athletic trainer, an­ nounced h is enga gement this past week. Seems that he suddenly realized he would be out in th,. cold, cruel world next year, and after his soft yean a t PLC the thought of self-su pport frightened him so badly that he took the fil~ al step. From now on, Phyllis Pedersen will be taking care of him. We h ope Templin's memory h asn't b« n affected by the e:l:Citement. In the humdrum of picking out rings Saturday morning, he forgot about thc PLC baske tball uniforms at the cleaners. C ame game time that night and coach Gen e Lun dgaa rd almost had to wrap his team in towels. But all ended well. So, congratulations, Phyllis and Phudd. R umo rs are around m entioning a new girl's gym. Such an a ddition to the ca mpus would sol>-e m any of the problems that confront the a thktic .-k partme nt. The bi g problem, that of enou g h room, w ould b e nea rly solved . It would be id ea listic to say that there could ever be enou gh room to sa ti sfy the coaching sta ff, but this new gym would make th em a happy g roup.



I Custo m made to your orde r PlC BOOKSTORE Glenn Campbe ll

Sitting high in first place of the T a coma City AAU L eag ue w ith fiv~ wi ns and no d d eats is P a cific Lu­ theran's junior va rsity basketball team.

2 I-M Squads


Page Thre.

The Studs ,i re a n independent t, 'am, a nd one of their pla yers iil PLC 's va rsity hoop co a C h, Gene Lundgaard. Th e Lutes hold two wins over thl" Clot.hiers, 55-4-6 and 46-41 ; and one each 0 v e r Puya llup, 79-63 ; Ra y R id ge Motors, 63-53 ; and the Vik­ in gs, 70-65, in city play. Other team members art! John J acobson, L a rry P oulse n , Denn y R oss, R o n H ovey, C onnie Seifora, Paul C a rlson, D (' a n Hane- r, K en Rudd, G I I! n n C am pbclI. Gar y Stubbs, Doug J a ckson, K en Larson.


CLEAN PORTlAND RE BOUNDERS, Wall ey PanGl, 45, and Red Bl oede l, 55, pick off one of 55 the Pilot, g rab bed in defeating Pacific Lutheran 8 6 to 5 8 last Saturday night in the Lutes' gym. PLC's Roger Iverson, 11, and Ralph Carr, 45, look on. The Gladiato rs begin Evergreen Conference play tonight when they host the Univllrsity of British Columbia at 8 o'dock.

oger Iverson Tops Lutes In Scoring W it h 153 oints After eight games, tht:' Gladiators' S-I O sha r psh oo t ing g ua rd, Roge r Iverso n, is le adin g Pac ifi c Luthera n in t h ~ scoring- pa ra d!' wit h 153 po ints and a 19.1 average. R ag , who is a senior a nd has ber n nalIled to th e All Everg reen Co nferen ce first team for two con­ secutive years, has hit 68 out of 160 fidd goal a ttempts for a percentage of .425. Th e only Lute with a better shoot­ in " average is freshman Larry Poul­ sen, who is hitting at a .515 clip. Larry has connected on 17 out of 32 attcmpt~ .

Letterman Bob Roiko leads the team in th e rebound d epartment with 81. H r-- is follow{-d by transfer "Whitey" Williams who has picked off 56 in only four games. Williams has been kept out of the last two ga mes beca use of an ankle injury. Top foul shooter on the team so far is Rich Hamlin. Hamlin has sunk ! 0 out of 11 for a .909 percentage.

3820 South Yakima



DELIVERY SERVICE Parkland and Vicinity


Phone GR. 1-3371



Bernie Br otman

JIM VAN BEEK, PLC eager and All-Eve rg ree n Conference fo rward, h a d a jJin rem oved fr om his injured should er last Tuesday . . . JIM Capelli exchan ged vows with CAR­ LEN E CHRISTENSEN during the holid'JYs. Jim pla yed a lot of foot­ ball for the in 1957 . .. TOM SAHLI, L UTE JERSTAD, and NI C K KELDERMAN, a ll former PLC hoop sters, arc playin g for H ei­ delberf{, T a corI\a' s e n try in the Northwes t AAL' L ea gu e ... DOUG McCLAR Y, who played football for the U . of O regon frosh this year, hal! dt:" cid cd to r nroll a t PLC next se­

"Lif. Insurance i5 for Youth ­ not just for youth, but best for Youth"

[£l ('s te r.

An Old Line Company



Page Four



1Seniors to ive ecital Sunday





YOUR LOCAL LUTHERAN MUTUAL AGENT P. O. Box 2275, Parkland, Washington Phone LEnox 1-0826


Phone I.E. 7-3171

12151 and Pacif ic Avenue

This Sunday at 4 p.m . in the CMS Margaret Bying ton and David Dahl will present th e first of this year' s 51'nior recitals. 1-lusic students cus­ tom.:trily g ivc a performance during their ~enio T yea r as a culmination of their instrumental or vocal t rai ning at r:olkge. P eg g y is active in madrigals, Eighth Notes, Choir of the W es t and wa5 the seprano soloist in the Christ­ mas Concc rt's prese ntation of "The ( ' il rist ." Sht" will be accompanied t h i ~ Sunday by Mardcll Seiland. Orga nist D ave Dahl is also a m em­ of thl' Choir of th e W est and was accom pa nist for the Ambassa ­ do r Qu a rtet last sum mer. Th,' recital is complimentary to the publi,·.

Expert Dry Cleaning

3·IN·l TO BmER SERVE Y U Standard Heating Oils - Heating Equipment Heating Service


Enjoy That " PLUS" Service

One.Day Service




_ ..­

Mrs . Jo Summers

L. S I

120th & Pacifi c Avenue

Laun dry Service

Phone LEn x 7-0256

Parkla nd Cente r


Phon e LE. 7-4300

----::::::------ ­----­ - - - - -­-

Gym Co-Recreational Starts Tomorrow Nig ht L ooki ng for something to do to­ mo r ow nig ht? I s the pocketbook rather fl a t afte r the holidays? W a nt to work off tha t extra weight gained durin g Christmas vacation? Ii so, the CO-Tecna tional period planntd for tomorrow night could bt your 5Olution. Th e action begins a t 7 and lasts until 9:30. You may "ttend eithe r staR" or drag, and street clothes (pedal pushns for the girls if d esired) a nd gym shoes is the r"commend ed attire. Volleyball, badminton and basket­ ba ll arc a ll on the schedule for the night of recreation. One of the P.E. teach e rs will be on ha nd to supply the <:<Iuipment, answer questions and he of s('rvice to th e students. PATRONIZE ADVER TISERS


"'What will it cost me to wait and buy insurance later?"

Flowers for All Occasions 12173 P ac ific Ave. LE.7-0206 (Foot of Garfield) We Deliver

Young people getting ready to take on new re­ sponsibilities often wonder if they can afford to postpone buying life insurance. No one can say what the delay might cost if you died, but here's an example of what happens to premiums as you get older ... based on our most popular policy, the Brotherhood Provider for $10,000:



TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT Special Student Rates UNDERWOOD CORP. 1610 Center St, MA. 74801




SHORT ORDERS 528 Garfield St.

20 25 30 35

DINNERS LE. 7-9937


$156.90 180.20 209.30 245.80

$14.10 16.20 18.80 22.10

$1.74 1.56 1.40 1.24

$77.20 70.90 64.60 57.40

Free on request-b eautiful full-color reproduction of Lutheran Brotherhood's Reformation Window at right. No obligation, of course. Send name and address today.

LE. 7-5317



Charm Beauty Salon

701 Second Avenue So•• Minneapolis 2, Minn.

Blanch e lingbloolll

413 GARFielD ST.


For each dollar Monthly inco.... at age 65· paid in yau (Mal.) get back at 65·

*Based on current dividend schedule

LAURINAT'S apparel We Outfit Coeds 406 Garfield


Note that during the ten years from age 25 to age 35, the annual premium increases by $65.60, or 36%. And the amount you get back for each dollar invested decreases by 32¢, or 20%. Now, the Brotherhood Provider is an outstand­ ing value, no matter when it is purchased. And the net cost is even lower than the premiums sug­ gest, because of Lutheran Brotherhood's substan­ tial dividends. But these figures do emphasize the advantages of buying insurance as early as possible. Why not start your own insurance program now, before your premiums go up? Give interest a chance to work for you. See your Lutheran Brotherhood representative, or write the home office.


Living benefits for Lutherans through life insurance






Member: FDIC

our bank

84th & Pacific Branch

Larsgaard Accepts 'Challenge'

Amid th e solemn, quiet atmos­ phere of th e chapel during Sunday worship, the Rev. John Larsgaard was inst alled as pastor of the PLC Stud.. nt Congrega tion. Pastor Larsgaard was born in Nor­ way, near the fi lh ing town of Aale­ sund. His father, like his forefathers, was a fish erman . When John was a year old his father's hope of goi n g to America was realized. H e came to Seattle to prepare a place for his family, ea rning h iS living as a com­ me rcial fisherman. In 1928, 6-year-old John, his 9­ year-old brother, and his mother set

out for Ameri ca. Th e y couldn't speak English, and Mrs. Larsgaard was afraid of America ns. Because of her distrust, the only food they ate halfway across the country was some crackers and c h c e s e t h e y had brought with them. Pastor Larsgaard attended high school in Seattle, college at PLC, whe re hc served as student body pre~ident, and then went on to Lu­ the r Theological Semina ry . It wa. during his intf"rnship a t C entral Lu­ theran in Portland th a.t h e met and beca me engaged to his future wif... Since his ordination in 1947, h e


John O. Larsgaard, kneeling, was installed last Sunday d uri ng servic.s held in the eMS. Dr. S. L. Swenson, right, con­ ducted the rite. Others participating were Dr. H. L. Foss , left, and th e Rev. l. Myron Lindbloom.


Soviets to Lift Iron Curtain

For Student, Teacher Tours

Amerio'-llS a r~ constantly fed with rumors and propaga nda about life behind the Iro ll Curtain that gua rds the S<lviet Union and its sa tellites. A .ligh t slit in this Iron Curtain will allow a few Ame ri cans to see this mysterious land for themse lves next ~ummer.

What qualifications do you n eed

fD! this sojourn? No, you don't need . a Sena tor or a film lu m ina ry, to be a m ast er of ~ k ills in stealth for slipp ing ac ross the: border. The Soviet tours will be up t: n to Arnt:ri can stud ents a nd teachers. Four summe r travd programs, recently appro,-ed by the Soviet GoverurnnJ t', Int ou.!'Ut offit: , d ­ low 31-day tours of the USSR. The tours by motorcoach will go from H elsinki aJong a new bjgh ­ "iay to Moscow, including stops s uch as Lem n grad, Novgorod and rural p oin ts of intern t. From Moscow the r 0 ut e goes through the Ukraine to the Blac k Sea. The rt'sort city of Yalta in th e Crimc'a and Sochi in the foot ill lis of thf' C a ucasus are sample highlights. On departure from the Soviet Union a three-day tour includes Smolensk, M in k a nd BreGt along Napoleon's and Hitlel-'s ill-fated invasion route. Visits in England, Belgium, Hoi­ l:m d, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, F rance, plus East and West Germany includin g the two BerIins, 'wd Poland a nd Czechoslo­ vakia are part of the toun. Total len gth of the t ours is 72

h'ur do you need

Augsburg Band Slates Performance Feb. 15 Under the baton of Mayo Savold, the Augsburg College band will pre­ ~e n t a concert in the CMS at 8 : 15 p .m ., February 5. The 56-member band is present­ ing a series of concerts in its three­ week tour from M inneapolis to Se­ attle. Tlw style and quality of musi c pre~n ted by this group h as been com p ared to that of some of the LOUlltI'Y'S outstanding professional bal1d~, a nd the band has appeared in ma ny school contests for th e final cl imac ti c concert. C ondu c tor Savold recei ved ills training und er the European a nd 'rj,:an ba nd vete ran, Spcratti of LuthI T t; ollege. D urillg W orld W a r II hr w s din ·etor of mus ic org ani­ Z ! lit> ~ a t l ; cn. D ouglas -r.l uc,\,·thur's hcad'1 u. TIers in the Ph ilippines. Admlci5 ion chA rge fo r th ~ concert wi ll hl. 7S c el~ tI fo r ~ tud e n ts and $l..t!i for ·...:!u lt •.

days from New York and total cost, including roundtrip TWA tra ns - Atlantic transportation, is $1,697 per p erson. Each tour, lilll­ ited to 30 members, will be con­ ducted by an exper ienced Ameri­ can kader with a background in European and Russian history and culture. Departing d ate s from New York are June 14, 21 and 28. If you are inten-sted in seei ng be­ h ind the Iron C urtain plus mos t uf Europe, furth e.:r informa tion may bt.: obt ai ned from }.·I aupin T ours, L aw ­ rell ce, Kan ., sponsur of the tou rs.

" moorIng Parkland, Wash.

Volume XXXVI




e les

T he 76 -trlnllhn Se:.>.tth· Symphon y .l re hf"st ra will p lay its an nu al Pa ­ cific Luth eran concert for th e Stu­ dent Artist Series next Tuesday eve­ .... ;n g ;ot 8 ::W. Th,> COl ~" ' ;r ""i ll he Iwld in tlH' C MS audi to ri um. f

Augustana Choir To Sing Here Feb. i One of our sister colleges in th e Mid-west is s("Tlding its ch oir to PLC for a performance. This choir fro m Au gus ta na Col­ le ge in Sioux F alls, South D ako ta , directed by Mr. Arnold Runnin g, will sin g h ere Sunday evening, Feb . I , at 8 : 15, under the sponsorship of the T a coma Circuit ELC Wom en's Missionary Federation_ This event will cost $1. 25 for adults and 50 c!"nts for students. Members of the visit ing choir, whi ch num about 60, will stay on ca m­ pus in the rooms vacated by our choir members who will also be. on tour.

has served at Conwa y, W a sh.; Ven­ tura, Calif.; Bellevue, Wa sh. ; and as cha.plain in the United Sta tes Army. The father of three children- a girl age 7, and two boys ages 5 a nd It}­ Pastor Larsgaard e nj oys hunting, fishin g, golf, a nd reading. He feds his job here is a great challenge. "It is a. challenge to put .1. Christian stamp on those who wi be molding th e earth and the future. - an opportunity to influ ence. lives for Christ." As \'ice-pn:sidcnt of th e student congregation, Ken G a mb sums if up, "A real n eed for a pastor has been felt, and I'm confid ent that P astor Larsgaard, with hi.s sincert!; warm personality, and his humble spirit, is the man to fill the position. I'm very happy to ha,-c him as my pastor. "

!\ p rogram which should appeal to the Student Body has been se­ lected by symphony director Mil­ ton Ka tiolS. The program includes songs from Beethoven and Shos­ takovich to mo dern and popular Gasbwin. T h e orchestra ilas pe rfonn ed an­ nu a ll y a t the college, making it a tradition expectt"d by the. students and fri ends. T h is week Kalims di­ n·c t .. d several concerts in the T a ­ coma a rea, in which he featured Henry Sicgl as violinist and the fa­ wous Chilean pianist Claudio AlTa u as gu est artist. Henry Siegl, who appeared as

ma t

Friday, January 16, 1959

y to Pre e nt oncert T esday

solo artist earlier this DKlntb in t h Stu dent Artist Series, will be featured as gu est soloist with the Symphony.

,i g! pi f ir~ 1 ch a ir "iolin in the nrcru, tra and ha5 betlD concert I<L:lstcr of the organization for the past three years. Director Katims has asked Siegl to be featured solo­ ist in the Dvorak Concerto in A Minor , Opus 53. Openiu g the ~W"niu g of mllsic will 1}<" th... Shosta kO\'ich "Festival CATr­ tu n '," followed by the Beethoven Symph o ny No. I in C Ma jor, Opus 2 1. F or the second half of the pro­ gram Katims has arranged the pro­ STa m to open with the Dvorak Con­ cert o for Violin and Orchestra, fea­ turin g Sicgl as solo violinist. T sc haikowsky's Symphony No. 6 in B Minor (Pathetique ) , Opus 71,

will be follow ed by the closing num­ her, the light and popular m odem "An Amt"rican in Paris," by Gersh­ win. Tht' concert i~ op<"n to all ~tu<\" n f hod y members. f' rncIlUtion of Art­ ist Seri es ticket will be n eccsaary for a dmissi on . Drl.'ss for the occasion i.\ formal. Following the co ncert a reception wi ll be held for the members of tbe Sym phony in Huthymc Lounge ID South Hall. Student~ an- invited to attt' nd th c.­ reception.

Choir of West Plans Concerts In Yakima Area PLC' s Choir of the W est, directed by Prof. Gunnar J. Malmin, . will leave Saturday, Jan. 31, on .t our of th e Yakima and K ennewick areas. A Saturd ay evening performance will be given at the Central Luther­ ~ n C hur ch in Ya kima, and Su nday mornin g and evening the group will sin g at th e First Luth..ran Church in K ennewi ck. "In many ways thjs group is as promising as we' ve had," said Mr. M almin in refe.rring to the choir. Th e pr o g r a Dl consists of the "Ch"rubim Song," by Glinka; "The Spirit Also Helpeth Us," J . S. Bach; "Benedi ctus, Blessed Is H e," l'al­ d ilh,, ; " I Will Not Let Thee Go," ] . S. Bach ; "Let All N a tions Praise the Lord," Le isv in g; "Prophecy," R ich a rd Pu r.:is; "Scc nt:.~ from th H oly Infa n cy, " Thoms en; "Tenebn . ( D ark n!'s~ Was U pon the E arth)," Pouk,'c " I Asce nd Unto the Fat.h­ er," Hande l ; "And I Hc:;ud ;;,. Gn;at V oic,,"," Pa ul C h ri stianse n; "How T h cy So Softly R es t ," W ill iam ; " M y Shcphrnl;' irgi l T ll!lm,(" n; "From 1-11' 1 -e n Above," ' . Jl..1. h ristia.ns<: n ; and "_ u n e Di rnjttis; L u tk in. T he R (v. :M il toll Nt"~\j , i~ man3>;-(" r o f the to ur, and M.i.~ R u th )d O<' w ill h ... st' rvin g as chape ron...


Anita Hillesland Next Mooring Mast Editor Anita Hillesland, senior education major from San Francisco, has been named Mooring Mast editor for the spri ng serm:-ster by the PLC lite ra ry board . During the semester she has been special attache a nd consort of e.:ditor Dick Land gren, wh o will grad­ uate a t the end of the semester. Dis cussing th~ future of the pa per, Anita explained tha t maintaining the Mooring Mast sta nd a rds of this , emester will be the goal for next sem ester. "Much work and many problems must be met by th e editor," she surmised, "but this will be offset by the always interesting and edu cation al aspec ts of th e job. "Again next semester, mu ch of the load will be car­ ried by a few people. H owc\'("f, this is a. student publi­ ca ti on a nd everyone should fed free to offe r su ggest ions, write a rticles and st:nd I..-tten; to th e.: editor," she con­ cluded . Lond gre n. n:viewing th e p ubl ica tions of the semcs­ ter, felt t hat the Moori n g M ast has b ee n ;mp roving gnid t,;all y in quali ty a nd ~ xp r(;sse d h ope tha t it w ill ra n among th e best colk ge newspap ers somc time in th ~ n car fu tuTe " A nd I wOl.l ld especially like: to thank t h~ sm all band of workers wh o h... lp cd p rodu(c' the M ooring _!a.t dl.l rino; th e >Crtlt'stc r," Lond gren a dded.

NvmbeT 11


pre,.. n. and fUIl/re , d ilCU <S pQt1 of Q .'ory for the laU Mooring Masl of the "",",.ter. "'"ito H,II .Iand 0'1 nO"l~d by 'he PlC lit.rary boa rd as editor or 'he paper during the spring •• m...t"r. The •• 'bing odltor, lJitlr. Lond g~n. will s;" ad uato a t th. lind of this !l.


Page Two


May Festival Production

Friday, January 16, 1959


Needs Long-Range Plan

" moorIng mast

No, spring hasn' t sprung but preparations for th.. annual M a y Festival at PLC have already begun. Mrs. Rhoda Young of t.he P.E . d ep a rtment w ill again be chid planner and coordinator. She will be· a ssi sted b)' vetera n May Fes tival student s Ph)'lIi~. Pedn­ sen, C amille Emerson and P a ul T empli n . In October the largest group of students ever t t ry out wa s a uditi oned and a pproxima tely 50 wc re se­ lec ted to prese nt the folk a rt a nd g-arnc's in the 26th "n nua l fest ival May I . Th ese students have been practici ng di ligently r:vcrv wCl'k since tryou ts. They an' a " wo nderfu l grou p of st ­ dC'nts," comm ented '\-frs . Youn g, "a.nd Wl couldn't p r/'"­ s:'n t a May Festiva i with out d l'pcnd ab lt" pe rformers . An a\) new sch..dulc aga in th is YPilr will featurl' f1u mb(, rs from Scandina via , Germa ny , Austri a , Lithu­ a nia, Poland, Holla nd , Spa in a nd Ame rica. Prof. Gordon G ilbert on and lh ,' o rc.hes tra will a 7~in provi de tl ,. music fO I' th e occas ion . T o him itO<> t iL tasK of findin g a n d orehcst rat in .1l: ma n yerf the fo~ tun that will be uSf'd .

Ed ito r ............................... ...........................Di ck Lond g ren

News E ditor.......... ... .. .. ........................ ......Herb Dempsey

Sport" E d ito r.............. ............................._..... .John Hanson

F ea t ure Ed itor..... ............................. ~ ..........CaroI Morris

Bu. inc-ss l...b na .~l· 1' ..... ...... .......................M a ry Lou 1'·"'/;en

!'T :\FF~ B arb: I"" Is;}acson, J a n ict' D a hl, D t· A nna H a n­ 50ll, ,: t d R " mpt, J ar.!; H olI , Carol F!'-' nch , A nn I-~a g ­ gaT t, . fartha Edwa rd s, Carol Tcslow, Ba rbara Brmk­ le y P risc ili a H ut chc'son , Di ck H a h-o rson, Audry Hart, Ba:'ba ra Bccknn , K a re n Tofne, L e(' Turn er, Sha ron V a n R ooy, ),[ary Mo,', Ca rol Hou se, P ete J o rda hl, Barba ra J ac kso n, .JoAnn Hudson, Anita HillL'sland. Adv ise r.. ......... ... .. ........ ........... .... .........Mr. Milton Nc~vig

Published Frid:lYs of the school year by the students of Pa cific Luul('ran College, Parkl and, W ash. (f ice : C olle c Union Bu ilding Phone LEn o. 7-86 11, Extens ion 4 1 Subscript ion price $3 .00 per yea r.


ospitali y

From the m oment he landed in the Un ited Sta tcs, SO\'id F irst D eputy Pre mie r Anastas Mikoya n has rc­ ceiv,' d continued a buse from a small segme nt of the l\Jneri can popu lation. Shouting and fist-shaking and sign-bearing mobs, flying eg~s, and bomb threats have been a part of the American hospitality to the Soviet offi­ cial. Even a personal appeal to the American pe()­ pIe by President Eisenh ower failed to halt the in­ sults. Rdu gee~ fmm beh ind th e Imn Curta in ha vc bee n responsi ble fo r mu ch of this ac tion. Pe rh aps they have rea soll to ha t", a nyone connected with the Sovie t Union, but they ::dso should be willing to extend some Amer ican tolera n n: to nn offi cia l visitor . This American tolt-ra nc e h as l' nabkd these refu ge es to live h ne peaceably. FurthemloTc, this reaction by American people is caw-in g unfavorable publicity throughout the world for the United States. America ns res.. ntcd and vi gorously prot estL'd the treatment g iven Vice Pr(,sident Nixon in La tin Amn­ ica. Th ey should remr:-mbcr thi s lesson and treat a ll vis­ itors with c ivility.-DICK LONDGRE N.

Frosh, do you fear 'finals'? Kare'n Hanson: " Yes, th ey do make m e shudder a little. I suppose they arc a necessary part of school, but I just hop" they arc over in a hurry. I've sta rted studying and am hoping for the best."

Di ck Helstrom: " I'm jus t ge ttin g sta rted stud yin g a nd I am ce rta inly not look ing forw a rd to final tests. I'm afra id they' re going to be ru g ­ ged and I'll know for sure soon cnou~h. "

Marilyn Ball: "Yes, I'm kjnda scared . I don' t know what to cxpcct and that bothers me . One h ears so m a ny .tories about finals and tha t leads to won-yo I don' t suppose I'll know wh a t to expec t till I've taken one ,"

Jon Olson: "I've started studyin g but I don't really know wha t is in store for me. Th e uppe rclassmen of Old Main have bee n t ellin g confli cting stories, a nd he re I a m with five fi­ nab to facl' "



rAkE! rP1 Nor

WOI(~ ItP r l()' .. [



AND ('000 WORK


flemi 9 z:

PRACTICE, PRACTICE is the formula behind a successful May Festival. Gwen Thomas kneel. to dl #ck th" step being pe.forml>d by Judy Bechtel, I! ft, and Mickey Anderson, right. Though the annual festival of folk art from many countries will not be presented until May 1, preparations started at the begin ning of t he school ye<>r.

Byington, Dahl Show Virtuosity by Dick Halvorson Th e se nior recita l givr: n last Sunda y by D a vid D a hl, organist, a nd M a r­ g" ret Byin gton.• <opra no, was Oll f: of thl' fint'st musi ca l programs of th e year. Th e-n' was no doubt in the mind of a ny th a t D a hl wa s truly a master of tht' or ga n. His co lorful tcC'hniqu c was m a tched by a fine sense of bala n c ,~ of tone as he led the mi ghty orga n throu gh nine difficult pieces, be ginnin g with thrcC' sele ctions from Ba ch. H is se cond g ro up (' ollsi,ted of thn-c numbers b y th e contempora ry com· po:;('1', Ri chard Purv is, and his thiId g roup ended with the powe rful and slll' ring " Tu Es Petra," by Henri Mulct . From stri ctly classical numbns to m ore lyri c pi eces, Miss Bying ton sbOWl'd surpri sing techniqu e' a lld ability . Her fin e tonal quality and stagc p re-senta ti on surrounded her pe rfo rm a nce with an a ir of mas tery and assur­ aJ!cc whi ch "d ded t'\'(' n mor richn ess t o lil" a lready rne q uality of h t'r smging. H er (' xcdle nt technique was partj cula riy appa re;-nt in the opcning num­ bn, " L et the Bright Se raph;n," b y H a ndel , while the sweet, pure, lyri c ql'ality of he r sop rano vDice did more than justice to the oth er numbers, Mardr lle Soiland, h er accompa nist, showed ahl.. technique on the diffi­ cu!t Handd passages and progrt'ssc d th rou gh th e remaining numbe rs with confide nce a nd ability. Both soloists werr students of Mr. F red eri ck L . l\ ewnham .

PLe LegendEnds--Fleming to Graduate

Th is year will ma rk the clos.. of ~ g rea t na in PLC hist ory. Bob Flem­ illg, illustrious column ist, a ctor and a uth or, will terminate his ci ght-y'ar stl!dy here this spring. "U nele Bob Bob" re ce iv",d his B.A. degree in Liberal Arts in 1956 and rClurned in th ,. fall to take some educati on courst' s. He plans to teac h drama l'vcntu ally ("whether they want il or not!") . A Tacoma boy a nd graduate of Lincoln High School, Bob has distin­ guish!'d himse lf here by, amon g other things, his acting ability. Durin g his first. six years he w as unable to pa rti cipatf' in any plays beca use of his job. He work ed at a men's clothin g store ( "You ' ll never w ea r one of our suits out ; you'd be a sh am ed t.o. ") downtown ever sincr hi gh school until last Ap ril. ( " Du e to m y e xpe rt sa lesmanship we dosed." ) So wh en hi s working hours permitted it h e turned ac tor. Since then h(, h as five pla ys to hi s credit and two summe r pa g~ ants tha t h e pa rti cipated i" fo r the collegt: in 1vlontana and Minnesota. In h is ea rli er college days h ,: played pia no in a comho which e nter­ t<lin ed at tht' Saga C a rnivaL Bob and his a ssoci at e have printed their nc-w busi ness cards whi ch claim they a rc inte rna tion a l e nterta in ers. (" W c did a sh ow in V a ncouve r once.") (Co ntinucd on page four ) Jl5. A"d,rr.d" ..!tn! Idq

frlulnple ChGICt : (c!la>st ~ 1. The 1'ICar.,"~ '" • It Ii


£.'1£R .'

c!oStJ~ rebl.d T'I; (a) th~ JU. A./..

,; !!£!

nntt t >, laft:"' is: ta' 11\ a4 Ia• . (bi <l

(b) AI ~I!lilh . Gola t"'J"

>1U1l lolln i" /lftia.

141 «', <'flJ b.\;< (el , $Iull fu f,!, blr t md'g';libf. cae ,.;,

(el a IVk.. £Oint . Wa for", of rr.,..h ' -. 1II0llng


H eigh ho! I w orked in a theater la st w('(Ok that WM so sma ll the balcon y was behind me . .. Time for an old l: l as~ il ·.

ICJrhe t;e I{'


By Bob Fleming

fly 10


OolbCltd 1!lo!,r~Mt.

An un emploYf'd reporter applied for a j ob in a c ir­ cu;, At first the managl r sa id he had no o penings but th en he got a n idea . "Say," h e sa id, " w e' re: supposed to have: a ti ger with this show but h e died la st w ee k. I'll gi v(' you 10 bucks :l d ay if you climb into a n old tige r skin a nd ma ke like a fr:roc ious a nimaL" The reporter wa s r<:lu ctant a t first but th en tnt: lure of st('ady money got th e bette r of him . In . a fJ ' minut~s he wa s ga rbed in a moth eaten ti ger skin was p us hed into a ea ge. ''''ith in a few mi nutes h e W <15 ha mm ing it u p plenty, g rowling at the crowds a nd swip­ ing a t th e d oor of the cage w ith his paw. Then suddenly a hush fell over the crowd aqd hr: t u rned to see anot.he r ti ger move out from th e shado w~ in th l' corner of th e cage. The repor ter g re pan t ­ slri Kt'n a d I"g n 5crc:twing at lbt, top of his lu , " L emme out of here, lemme out of here!" The tigf r strode over to his side, looked at the cringing figure of the r" porter and thl"n whispered, "Shut up already. Do you think you're the only reporte r out of work!" Best or'lu ck, Dick! You did a fine job ag editor .. . You know, they tell you to keep yor eye on the ball, your n ose to the grin dstone, your sh oulder to th e wheel, a nd your ear to th e ground. I got news. See how mu ch work you can do in that position . .. Yours till J ay ne Mansfield a ppea rs on the Student Artist Series. Uncle Bob-Bob.

Dear E d itor:

After watching the consistent degr n cralion both in litt' rary style and eritical comml'nt of Mr. Dick Halvor­ son's revi ews, I feel that it is necess:).ry to give vent to so m ~ pe rsona l opinions that are shared by many less expressive pe rsons. It was bad .. nough to find th e reviewe r criti cally a na lysi ng dra matic produ ctions wh ich arc far fr om h is cu p of t~a, but when he fiddles with the ability ,' ;J fiddl e r ( wh o ha ppened to be noth in g short o f excep­ ti ona l ) I thi nk he has g reatly outreac hed his experien c(' a nd comprehension. It was too ba d tha t the c riti cism which Mr. Halvor­ son levele d at the taste of the audience in his latest. jo urnalistic. effort srem ed to someh ow a lso besmirch t.he :lhility a nd ta str of Mr. Siegl. ( Con tinu ed on p age four )

295. [rn-.inB !he IUj<r fum CI the SIlO I" '. th. rOIl/1M

l'I ~ \1 i.l c... .""..,d ~: (~unlnbibt ..6. (~' not. l<) & " ••, «('\II'!" to


(j) a


~. fl1.Oll.".



,,,I In no

1"'.1 01


"'Y' , E[~~ '

corwm tE 0,",_


Friday, January 16, 1959



East rn, Whii:wor h F·ves ac PLC This




eek a


Eve 9 u







Page Th....

Savages and Pirates invade the Gladiator basketball scene th is w eeke nd as Eastern Wash ­ ington and Whitworth make an effort to end the Lutes' dominance over the Evergreen Con­ ference quintets. E as tern will be in Parkland tonight and Whit worth tomorrow :light. Both contests are <'c hcd ule d for 8 o' clock. The Lutheran Junior Varsity five steps outside the City League in the preliminary con­ rests each night as they face Capital Chevrolet of Olympia Friday and the Centralia Scotts on Satll rday. The JV tu ss les beg in at 6. The ' EWC Sav:lges are currently n top of th e Evergree n Conference with two wins and no losses. Both FLC :. nd Central an' also unbeaten hut havr only won onc league game:. Eastern slammed Puget Sound 69 10 5:? Saturday and Western Vashington 54-44 on Friday. Th, Savages, coache-d by W. B. R<:e!l', come to Lut evill e with a well ba lJ nct'd scoring attack but no one bi~ man. Their starting lineup includes R ob nd D I'" Bo re . 6-2, from Moses Lake, and dther Don K eiso n, 5-11, irom Lamont or ''Valter Hartman. 5-9. from Coulee City at guard. Ccnter is 6-'1 Dick Koford of Cor­ ·:a llis, Oregon. K en t Matheson, 6A, also of Corvallis, and Ga ry Roberts, Ii-t, from Colfax, are fonvard s on th e Eastern first five. Tht' Whitworth Pi ra tes knocked f CPS las t Friday, 66-65, a t Spo­ k.lnr, in one of the' most di sputed games th e E\'ergreen has seen in many years. The final out­ com" was in doubt for fiv e minutes aiu'r tJ1C game ended. Officials cou ld not decide if a ~hask c,t uy Whitworth was shot be­ fore or after the final horn sounded. Finally the Whitworth timekcper declarrd the bas ket counted and g-avc the Pirates the game. On Saturday night the Bucs were downed by Western Washington, 72 to 65. Whitworth's big men arc Philip Rich, 6-7, from Seattle, and 6-8 Al­ len Rolf of Westport. Both are start­ e rs.

Other starters arc Ray Washburn, sharpshooting 6-2 forward from Bur­ bank, and guards Larry Reid from Spokane and Jack Alzina from Santa Cruz, California. Reid and Alzina a re both 6-1 . The Luthera ns, who clipped the Uni\'ersity of British Columbia 72 to 40 las t Friday, will wdcome back Chuck Curtis and Jim Van Beek to the starting lineup tonight for the r t time this year. V a n Bee k was named to the All­ Eve rgree n Conference first team last scason, and Curtis has been namcd to it for th e Ia~t two seasons. They ha\'e been kept out of action this YC'a r because of football injuries. Ard ee n Iverson will also be ready fo r some action after b 'i ng out three wt'eks with a sprained ankle. Besides Curtis and Van Bee k, Lund gaa rd said he will probably sta rt Roge r Iverson, Bob Roiko and Bruce Akxander. hr.rson led the Gladiators with 26 points against UBC. Rog hit 13 out of ~O shorts from the floor for a. .650 p'~ rc e nta ge. Sophomore Norm D:.hl led the re­ bound department with nine, was second in scoring with seven. All I ? PLC players entered the !coring column with at least two points. Ralph Carr and Larry Poulsen led thl:' Lute JV's to a 53-46 win over Acoma in the preliminary game. Ca.rr bucketed 12 and Pouls~n 11.

Profs, We tern Lead 'A' Loop



The fa.: ulty and W..:stern Park­ land kept their unbe<! tcn n~ cord~ in·· tac t thi ~ week a nd arc still tied fO!­ th t· lOp spot in :h e "A" Int ram ural Basketball L eague. :"iorth E\,fTgr ec n-B and the Stubs ( third floor Old Main) arc first and second respec tively in the "B" loop. North Evergreen has six wins and one lo~s while th (' Stubs have a five­ one re cord. Ted Berry of the Sa ints continues to lead " A" league scorers with 143 points in se\'e n games. Roger R eep, DeJ a rdines, is sec 0 n d wi th 129 points in six games. " B" League scorers are topped by Roy H a~c rman of North Evergreen with 122 tall ies. STA..~DINGS

"A" League W L Faculty .. _------­ .... ... 5 0 Western ... _-­ ........... 5 0 DcJardilH's .......... ... 5 I Saints ...................... 4 3 Clover Creek-A ...... 4 3 ·J.r h Floor-A ....... ..... 2 4 S. Evergreen-A ___ _. . 2 4 Hesters (::lrd Floor) 2 4 Ta.coma .... ........... ... 1 5 2nd Floor-A ............ 0 6

PF 288 278 388 362 359 2 70 243 277 256

PA 24 7 251 290 317 318 272 298 263 390 319

"B" Lcague

PF 34·2 190 262 243 226 177 132 116 242 122 65

PA 159 142 205 212 195 148 143 163 255 319 134

W L Evergreen-B ...... 6 Stubs (3 rd Floor) .... 5 4th Floor-B ............ 5 2 Bounders ................ 4 2 Colts (3 rd Floor ) .... 4 2 5th Floor ................ 3 2 2nd Floor ................ 2 2 Popes (2 nd Floor) .. 1 2 Green Boys ...... ...... 1 6 Clover Creek-B ...... 0 5 S. Evergr('cn-B ... ... 0 6 ~.



W L Eastern Wash .. ...... . 2 0 Pa cifi c Lutheran .. .. 1 0 Central Wash ......... 1 0 Whi tworth .............. 1 W es tern Wash . ...... 1 British Columbia .... 1 ", Puget Sound .......... 0 3

PF 123 72 46 131 11 6 135 167

Games This Weekend Friday: Eastern at Pacific Lu­ theran; Puget Sound at Western ; Whitworth at Central. Saturday: Whitworth at Pacific Luthcran; British Columbia at West­ (,1'l1; Eastern at Central.


Pacific lutheran's Bob Roiko, 44, seems' be watchinQ intently While silting an 'he floor as 'he lutes' Denny Ross, bcit­ 'om, and British Columb ia's Norris Martin, 41, figh' for possession of the basketball. Other ide ntifiab le players are Dav. Oamare;q, II, and Barry Drummond, 1 S, of UB C, and No rm Dahl, 22, 01 FtC. The Lu' es, w ho hos' 'he Ea stern Washington Sav­ a ges tonig h' and Wh i'worth tomorrow ni ght, downed the Thunderbirds, 72-4 0 .




C. Fred Christensen


Charm Beauty Salon

Blanche lingblaam ­ 413 GARFIELD ST.


932 Pac ific Ave.

BR. 2-4629

Tacoma, Washington


TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT Special Student Rates


1610 Center st. MA. 74801

PARKLAND GRILL MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. SHORT ORDERS 528 Garfield St.

DINNERS LE. 7-9937



121st and Pacific Avenue

12173 Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garfield)

LE.7.o206 We Deliver




L 3820 South Yakima


Flowers for All Occasions


Rcsult.~ Last Week Pacific Lutheran 72, Brit. Col. 42. Pu gct Sound 65, Whitworth 66. Eas tern 54, Western 44. Eas tern 69, Puget Sound 52 . Western 56, Whitworth 53. Ce ntral 46, British Columbia 40. Britis h Col. 55, Pu gc t Sound 50.


We provide Checking and Savings A((oUllts ii:~: Old all other I·STREET bank servins BRANCH for college LINCOLlf students BBAICB





Parkland and Vicinity


Phone GR. 1-3371



Phone LE. 7-3171

-_£ ,,-g OFFICIAL

Cust om made to your order PLC BOOKSTORE Gle nn Campbell

Expert Dry Cleaning

Laundry Service


One.Day Service Mrs. Jo Summers

Parkland Center

PA 96 40 40 13 7 119 168 190

Phone LE. 7-4300


PHONE Li. 7-7100


3·IN·l TO BmER SERVE YOU 5tandard Heating Oil. - Heating Equipment Heating Service Enjoy That "PLUS" Service MARV TOMMERVIK'S


120th & Pacific Avenue

Phone LEnox 7-0256

Page Four


Friday. January 16. 1959

Saga Photo Deadline Nears


Fleming Era at PLC Nears Conclusion

S<:niors arc urged to stleet their photos as quickly as pos­ sible at Penthouse Studios, ac­ cording to an announcement by Tcddi Gulhaugen, Saga editor. T h e photos arc needed for completion of the senior section of the Saga. If proofs arc not returned to the studio, photos for the Saga will be chosen from negatives and best results are not assured.

Early in February, Penthouse will be open evenings to accom ­ modate students who do not have free time during the day.

Further infonnation may be

obtained from the Saga office.

(Continued from page two) Two years ago he came out of retirement and played again for the Saga Carnival which resulted in two huge blisters, one on his thumb and o ne on his little finger. ("From my ligh t touch.") Also two years ago Bob and Rolly Opsahl did an act which featured a program of interpretative readings by Mr. Fleming. ("In keeping with the public demands we quit.") Bob is a genuine member of the, International Brotherhood of Magi­ cians and the Pacific Coast Association of Magicia ns. ("My most famous trick is turning into a drugstore.")

This yea r he was elected president of A lpha Psi Omega. ("I was the {'nly rctuDling member."} He may be caught at his office almost any time-third table on the right in th" coffee sqop. His official capacity is vice-president. ("In cha rge

c.( vice naturally.")

Delta Rho Gamma Plans Tala Plans for the Delta Rho Ganuna Valentolo arc underway. The annual dinntr party sponsored by the off­ campus women will be held on Val­ e.ntine's Day. Co-chairmen are Mar­ ianne Potter and Carol Morris. Jack Holl, president of the newly formed Political Science Club , has announced that two delegates from PLC will attend the biennial k gis­ lative seminar in Olympia. The Feb­ ruary 14-16 session will include lec­ tures and round table discussions in addition to being present in the House and Senate.

Constitution Studied

terways, Inc., entit.led "The }';laster Element."

A three-member committee, COI1­ .mtmg of Connie Thompson, Bob Larson and Neil Thompson, was named this we~k by Don Douglas, student body p resident, to check the­ ASPLC constitution for possible rc­ ,·ision.

Lady Lutes held their monthly meeting Tuesday night with Mrs.

S. C. Eastvold as guest speaker. Her topic was "Women in Foreign Mis­

sion W ork."

National Magazine Features Dr. Ford

Featured in the January issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine is Dr. Lee Ford, professor at PLC. The article about Miss Ford is

PLC Propellor Club Sponsors Compet ition

"Strength of Adversity" and is about Timmy Snecback, a blind Tacoma child. Miss F ord provided Timm. with a short-haired collie (the va­ ridY that she is experimenting with for seeing-eye dog purposes) which is servin g him as a pilot dog.

An expense-paid junket from New York to Hawaii via the Panama Canal on an American flagship is the prize being offered in an essay con­ test sponsored hy the Propdlor Club of the United States. PLC's port of the club, according to President George Green, is spon­ soring a local contest. The winning entry in this contest will be entered in the nationa l contest. "The American Merchant Marine and Its Importance to My City and to My State" is the subject of the essay contest, which is open only to rnen. Closing date for the local contC'st is February 28. Further informatio n may be obtained from George Green or Mr. Harold Tetlie, club adviser.

Miss Ford worKt:d with the Snee­ becks last year also, and sh e has assisted the youth and h is mother in working with the dog. Since 1956 Dr. Ford has been on the PLC faculty as a b iology and botany teacher. She has studied at Wittenbu rg College, the University of Minnesota, Iowa State College, Ohio S tat e University, G ustavus Adolphus College and the Univc:r­ si ty of Alberta.

LAURINAT·S apparel

W e Outfit Coeds



The nine members of the APO Albert Schweitzer Pled ge Class have another proj('ct undt:r way to raise money toward their initiation fees. Kext to the mail boxes in the CUB and the donn are boxes marked "Please put commemorative stamps here." If you don't know what a "commemorative" stamp is, ask D r . Utzinger. Dr. S. C. Eastvold will be guest 5peaker of the Tacoma Port of the Propellor Club 011 January 20 at the Top of the Ocean. Other activi­ tin of the Propellor Club, Port of PLC, have included a tour of the St. Regis Tacoma Pulp Mill, a tOlir of the S. S. Hawaiian Planter, and a movie put out by the American Wa-

Deor Editor (Continued from page two) There arc two major objections that I hold against t he latest review. One: as a member of the audience (alw academically quit.e removed from the music department) I resent having my musical tastes expressed by such a musical neophyte. Secondly: it makes me inquisitive to ask just how Mr. Halvorson eval­ uates a cold performance of some­ thing that, according to his review, he cannot appreciate to any great extent? It was a lso too bad that Mr. Halvorson did not notice that there were two perfonners On the stage. Mr. Mignon did an exceptional job

3.'! well. ( E ven the page turner had an unusual flourish).

All in all, I fed that the Moori ng Mast could pick cithn more quali­ fied personncl to undertake their re­ vi ewing, or perhaps out of deference to tota I lack of taste, tact, journal­ istic responsibility, and public rela­ tions quit inflicting Mr. Halvorson's opinions upon the world. -OR IN DAHL

""What will it cost me to

wait and buy insurance later?"

Young people getting ready to take on new re­ sponsibilities often wonder if they can afford to postpone buying life insurance. No one can say what the delay might cost if you died, but here's an example of what happens to premiums as you get older ... based on our most popular policy, the Brotherhood Provider for $10,000:

Age 20 25 30 35

Pr..... Annual


$1 56.90 180.20 209.30 2 45.80

$14.10 16.20 18.80 22.10

For ...,b d.llar M.nthly Income paid I. you at age 65' (Male) get back at 65'

$1.74 1.56 1.40 1.24

$77.20 70.90 64.60 57.40

* Based on current dividend schedule Free on req uest-beautiful full-color reproduction of

Editor's Note: According to modTn journal ism standards, including ch ldi n Kc reactions is a part of crit­ ica l repo r ti ng . II&!vorson's musical ha ckg rm:nd inclu d es bdng- a me-m­ b, r of h i \,(h school a nd colic g'~ bands, til co llege ch orus, study m g pian o :lori \'o ice dnd se rv ing as ('hu r ch o r­ gaML. The comm ~n t ~ on t he accom­ p anist . included in th e or ig ina l rc­ vl ~w, IV~ ,-,_· left out b, Ca use of SPriC ,. ~h or tag .. .

Note that during the ten years from age 25 to age 35, the annual premium increases by $65.60, or 36%. And the amount you get back for each dollar invested by 32¢, or 20%. Now, the Brotherhood Provider is an outstand­ ing value, no matter when it is purchased. And the net cost is even lower than the premiums sug­ gest, because of Lutheran Brotherhood's substan­ tial dividends. But these figures do emphasize the advantages of buying insurance as early as possible. Why not start your own insurance program now, before your premiums go up? Give interest a chance to work for you. See your Lutheran Brotherhood representative, or write the home offiee.

Lutheran Brotherhood's Reformation Wind ow at right.

N g oblliation, of course. Send name and address today.

LUTHERA N BROTHERHOOD 701 Second AT"ellue So.• Minnillpolia 2, Minn.

L ivi11lI lx!M/itR for Lutherans through life


LE. 7-5317

Freshmen Planning World's Fair

PLC will be the scene of a World's Fair sponsored by the Freshman class on February 20. A feature of the Fair will be the crowning of a Miss Universe. Each organization, class, and dormitory may elect one candidate to represent on . of six regions. The places are Africa, G ermany, Italy, Mexico, thc Orient, and Scandinavia. Aft er the student body votes on the candidates, a panel of faculty judges will m a ke the final selection. 11iss Universe, selected on the basis of her beauty, tal­ ent, and scholastic ability, will be crowned by Pastor John Larsgaard. Each ca ndidate will reveal her talents durin g the program .

Booths, repre,enting each country, will offer ex.hib­ and games of skill. A style show featuring clothe ~ from local stort's and Lakewood will bt: presented. Food will be f('atured from each country. it~

The executive committ..e is composed of Ray Ho, Aldis Ott, Jerry Phillips, Jani Rice, Neil Thompson, and Bob Zimmerman. Committee chairmen arc: Central display, R a lph Cars kaddt:!l; contest m a nagcr, D a n ErJand r r : Public i!}, 'fudi R ogness; (,p.terta inment, Za ne Wilson : sty le show, Aldi$ Ott ; art work, Dea nna Haugland and Roge r Paul ; food, Jani Rice .


" moorIng

SEMESTER brings these typical "" I!ege activities. Above: Fronk Hanson, I.. ft, and Dick Christen.en, righi, slrug­ !lIe through final tests with confidence in the;, va.t coll .. c1ion of knowledge.

Volume XXXVI Prof. are caught In the next step of the , eque n ce. At the right, one of PlC's p rofeuo rs dig. into his end of the se­ mMle r t05k-correcling lesl. and term papen;.

George A 5 O p ns piTitua T.

T""n, at 10.1, the rewarding-or dll as­ trous-resulh of a semester of hard Wiork and conscientious study a r.. r.. ­ vea lnd, as shown by the g rode cord at low r rig ht.

Eric- t t:um To Lead or

hoir tudent Congregation

Jim Bra ndt, graduate of PLC, has handed over the baton of the Stu­ dent Congregation Choir to Eric Uttum. "Eric i~ a fine musician and is of ',n character--two rea­ sons why t ink he will do a terrific job of directing this group," Brandt Lomroented. Eric is a sophomore, majoring in literature, His musical background will help hi m in hi s future pMition a~ a mInister. His activities include Choir of the West and the Eighth Notes. He says of the choir, "In my esti­ mation, this year's Student Congre­ gation Choir is one of the best ever. It has shown improvement both in numbers and in quality ove r the previous choirs. "My job of filling Jim's shoes is not guing to be an easy one, but with

------W;; -' .'

Nordho/m to Talk At Drama Meet

Parkland, Wmh.

the coopc .... tion and help of the choi'r and congregation, I think this com­ ing choir may surpass all others," he l'oncluded. Jim majored in music and w~ " ~ ry ctlve in the y m' sical events on campus. He participated in thtc Choir of the West, wh ere he was student director last year. the Ambassador Quartet of 1957, organ guild, and various music committees. He wishes to thank Prof. Gunnar Malrnin for "help and under­ standing which he showed CIne in helping to organizl' the music for th is year."


Dr. G eorge Aus of Luther Sem­ inary will open Spiritual Emphasis Week Sunday with the morning wor­ ship service and as banquet speaker for the kickoff dinner sponsored by th l Lutheran Student Association that cvening. During this wl'ek Dr. Aus w ill speak daily in chapel and to the stu­ dent body and friends each evening. Tickets are on sale for $1.3'5 in the church offi ce for the kickoff dinner to ~ held in the newly dedicated Chris Knutzen Fellow­ ship Hall. A catering service will Rerve the banquet. Dr. Aus will speak on his general thenlt' of "In the Cross of Christ I Glory Because ..." Special entertainment will include violin selections by Sue Berger and vocal numbers by Dick Fisher. Sennon topic for Sunday morn­ ing is "Jesus Christ, the Light of the World." Chapel morning talks included in the general theme of "In


Friday, F"b:uary 6, 1 9 5 9


eak S nday;


a Sl s

the Cross of Christ I Glory Be· cause . .." will include "There God R cn ' als His Heart to Mt'," "There the D t'cisive Victory Was Won," "Thl'l'c My Score Was Se ttled" and "There Brotherhood Is Born." Each evening at 7 o'clock the chapel sermonettes will follow the general theme of "Jesus Christ the Lord Summons Us." M 0 n day night through Thursday night, these will include "To Commit­ ment," "To Discipleship," "To Vocation," "To Concern." Dr. Aus, who is vice president of Luther Thl' Seminary, is a, native of Brooklyn, New York. His euucation includcs B.A. from Wagner College, Biblical Seminary of New York, his M.A. from New

Eig hteen senior nursing students returned to the PLC campus last wcek­ complete their last semester of classes.


For two years they have been in the dini.:al area receiving training and (,ducation at Emanuel HO!Ipital in Portland, Oregon, in the departments of nledical, surgical, operating room, maternity, orthopedic and pediatric nurs­ ing.

a Incmber of the speak ing pan­ Since they left duri n g the middle of their sophomore year two classes r the Region Three meeting, be­ aud many new students have come to PLC ap.d the returning nurses can be ing held in conjunction with the heard voicing their lost fecling. ~orthwest Drama Conference, EI';c "It's just like we' re visiting," said Toni Grimlund. "We're enjoying Nordholm will speak at a Children's going to classes again, but we don' t fee.! like part of thr campus," she added, TheatIT luncheon next week. "Being ba ck to C'olkge i~ a nice change from the routine of hospital Mr. Nordholm's topic will be "De· work," Carolyn Randoy commented. ~igning and Staging for Children." Region Three, which was organ­ Three girls are looking fonv::trd to graduation after four years of solid ized last year, will hold its annual schoolin g and training. unlike the rest of the ,pniors they will not bt: fin­ meeting February 12, 13 and 14 at iohed by May but must return to Portland to gain thr.:c months' advanced the Univt:rsity of Washington. The L1inical experience before receiving their bachelor of sCIence degree in nurs­ sessions will be open to all intt:rt'sted ing' next August, in drama, from community groups Besides their training in POltland th ey have a lso spent three months in and grade schools through the col­ psychiatric nursing at the state hospital in Salem, Oregon; from there they lege level. were transferred to Firland's H ospital in Seattle for six w eeks' experience in The Northwest Conference em­ b'4ces Northern California, Oregon, tuberculosis nursing. Washington, Montana, Idaho, and The girls stated that after all of the movi ng from place to place that Canada. Professor T. O. K ll. rI has they've done, they're beginning to fed like transients. "It's just another a d­ been a ml' m bc r of the Board for four jt:.stment," added Bev Rauh'Ust, years. The returning nursing students are Lois Anderson, Jeant:tte Bergstrom, Mr. Nordholm has directed many Sue Christensen, Margaret Ellickson, Jacqueline Fisher, Lois Grimsrud, An­ successful perfonnances for PLC 5 toinette Grimlund, Charlot! !;, Johnstone, l\'aomi Kdler, LaVerne Lewis, Children' s 'Theater, including such Marilynne Miller, Norita Neison, Irene Nilson, Eunice Peterson, Carolyn favorites as "Jack and the Bean R.andoy, Beverly Raugust, Sandra Running and Janet Ulleland. Stalk" and "Aladdin."


York University, Gt:ncral Theologi­ cal Seminary, Ph. D. from !'I:t:w York University. He was ordained after graduation from Luther Seminary, St. Paul, in 1934 and he received his D. D . from Wagner Collegl! in

1949. ChairTnan of the board of trustees of the Lutheran Bible Institute is another service of Dr. Aus. He is also the author of "Forward with Christ" and the translator of Berg-gram's "Man and State." Students and friends arc urged to attend all the services during this special werk of Spiritual Empha~ifi and also the special kickoff dinnn' by the LSA. This is the major project of LSA this year and according to chainn.m Dan Witm er, "the biggest and most challenging event this year with th:: dynamic speaker, Dr. Aus."

Join in the activities planned for the all·school S now Weekend on M:lrch 6, 7 and 8, sponsored by ICC. A movie presented by the Tassels on Friday night will start the fun. After breakfa st Saturdav mornin g everyone will leave for Papa John's, 30 minutes from the ski tow at Para­ di se. Further p I a n s include a game night and a church service. Non­ skiers are welcome, too, so bring your tobogga ns and slt:ds.



ICC Snow Weekend Slated for March 6

• 1 ursin f dents ack for Last a (,nd

Number 17



Delta Rho Gamma Tolo Has Hawaiian Theme Ddta Rho Ganuna, the off-cam­ pus women's organization, will hold their annual Valcntolo on February 14th. After thc' game between PLC and CPS, the girls and their dates will gather for a seafood dinner at Bar­ CoU's. In keeping with the Hawaiian theme, all the girls will wear artifi­ cial leis. In charge of decorations are Joan Cramer, Gini Dryer, and Nancy Lut­ ter. Co·chairmen are Carol Morris and Marianne Potter.

The cost for overni ght is $3.85, plus meals and ski rental. An eve­ ning supper, breakfast, and a turkey dinner will be served. Mavis Everett is ch airman, while Reubt:n Lahti and Nancy Rdnvik are co-chairmen. Also for you ski enthusiasts, the Portland Winter Carnival will bl" held at Mt. Hood on February I;:· and 15. Portland State College presen~ the third annual intercollegiate Win­ ter Carnival at Timberline Lodge in celebrating 0 re g 0 n's Centennial Birthday. Races, fashion show, sleigh rides, and other non-skiing events will be indudr:d. Toni Erickson, a sophomore at PLC, will run for queen of the car­ nival. She will appear on TV in Portland, and the carnival will also be featured on Seattle TV.

Page Two


friday, february 6, 1959




mooring mast

Au ·eChoir Gives CI r"ty; Dishroom Choir Clattery

Edjtvr...... ....... .... ..... .......... ....... ............... Ani:a Hill esland



S po rt.~

Ecl itoL ..... ............. ...... ...................... Deanna Hanson

by Dick H alvorson Last Sunday eveni ng a. la rge audi ence was privile~ to bra r th,· Augu,tan ? C ollege Choir of Siou>.: Fall" Sou th D a kota.

Edi tor................................................. .]ohn Hanson

Feat.ure Editor.............................................. Carol Morris

Bu. mes. Manager .................................. Mary Lou Engen STA . F-·-Barba ra Isaa cson, Reta Rcmpt, Jack Holl, Car. 01 F rench, Ann Haggart, Martha Edwards, Ca.rol Tes­ low, Ba rha l a Brinkley, Priscilla Hutch"son , DIck H:I­ \"orson , Audry Hart, Ba.rbara Becknl'r, Karen Toflle, L('p Tumc r, Sharon Van Rooy, Mary Mc;>c, .Pete Jor­ dahl, Ba rbara J ackson, JoAnn Hudson, Vickie Rue . Adviscr.. .... ... .................................... ... M r . Milton Nesvig

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Thes.. slud enls, lefl 10 right, Alan Broo ks, Russ Christensen, Joa""e Brunet and Elaine Benson, are a ttracted by ,omelhing­ the object of t:,air attention is pictu red at the bottom of t he page.

IIlustriou I Historic Voi e Adds Gusl:o to PLC Cheerin by Sylvia Fylling

I s Washington Slipping? Education, so vital to democ racy, seems to be slip­ ping backwa rd in Washington. For example, in 1953 and 1954 Washington ranked th ird in the 48 states for teachers' pay; in 1957 it was only seventh; and this year it has dropped to te nth! Eycry two years when the Washington legislature meets they strugglc with the problem of appropriations for education. At the present time they are again facing this problem. Superitendent of Public Instruction Lloyd Andrews has pared the education budget to what he considers the barest minimum. Recently, Governor Rossdlini presented to the legis­ lature his recommendation - which was $12 million lowe r than Andrews' proposaL This seems to be in con­ trast to the philosophy of a man whose birthday will b· relIlembnred next Thursday. Education w as extreme­ ly important to Abe Lincoln and he cherished his lim­ ited one as a prkeless treasure. Citize ns of Washington today apparently value oth er public services (for example : highways) more tha~ e~u­ cation. To p revent Washington's rating from slIpping still farther, highly qualified people are needed in the teaching profession. To get and keep them salaries must be kept on a par wi th their education and trruning. Cu tting the budget by $12 million does not seem to be the answer.

PLC SPOrtsmanship Sportsmanship is an intangible thing, difficult to describe. The word is onc which can be ddincd ill terms of what it isn't more easily than what is is, but c-xamplcs are readily identifiable. PLC basketball players have demonstrated sports­ man-like conduct throughout the season. Wheneve r a member of the opposing team fouls out PLC's players always go over to the bench and shake his h a nd. In­ jured opponents are helped as much as possible and "Fudd" Templin hurries_out to help any injured player, whether from the home or visiting team. The cheers and applause for opposing players who have fouled out show the sportsmanship of the PLC fans, as well as the yell leaders. These people are to be commended and PLC should be thankful to have such representation both at PLC and at other schools. Furthermore, Dr. Eastvold has several times stated that he has received letters on theil' exenIplary behavior while the team is "on the road."

.\ new Voice is now being hrard in the cheering section at PLC's home hoop games. Previously it has "spoken" only at a few very spec.ial occasions, including Commencement laH May, the Reformation Rally in October, and the Christmas pro­ g-ram, bcsie!p the "sneak previcw~" enjoyed by students who have so faithfully give n of their time in the restoration and care of the new ar­ riva l. It is, of course, none other than th e mighty Wurlitzer Th('at~r Organ ill PLC's own gym. It has come to PLC with a glow. ing and an illustrious past which be­ gins around 1914, when in Holly­ wod the golden days of the silent screen were at thcir height and such ~rcat ~tars as Gloria Swanson .,nd Rudolph Valentino were attra cting' theater-gocrs :reross th e nation. At this time th ere was no such thing as a sound-track and to make up for the missing "ear appeal" producers experimented with the idea of eon­ ti nuo ll' musi c throu gh u t the films. With this, realistic sound effccts wert: only a step away. This was nothing less than a gilt invitation to p ipe-organ build­ ers and, needless to say, it was accepted, in a way which will never be ~cell again. AlI of the many and varied changes of mood, both in personalities and in the weather, were open to the build­ ers who proceeded quic.kly to lay· ish unheard-of tone colors and impressions IIpon them. This was indeed a frontier. Competition was high when the Liberty Theater of Seattle, which was to bc the biggest and best of anything yet built, needed a pipe­ oq; an of the sam e I-ating. The con­ tract was awarded to th e Wu rlitzer Organ Company, in upper New York State, who, in a supreme effort for "th,. best," imported Ro 'rt Hopc-

J ones, a n Eng lish genius, who de ­ si!<ncd the instrument which was to prove that it was forty years ahead of its time. This was obvious at the ope'ning night at thl~ Lib.. rtv Th, ', ater, when the organ stoic the how pe rmanently from the stars of th~ silent screen era. Orders flooded the Wuriitzer Organ Company' of this one organ, and among thl'tn was onc which requested a duplicate for the great new Radio City Music Hall in ;>;:cw Yo r k. The original stands in the gym of PLC! A ?\('w Voice is perhaps a mls­ (Continued on page 4)

Profs Must Teach To Stir Response From an editorial in the DAILY T R OJA:\' of South('rn California, which commemorated the inaugura­ tion of the ir new university presi­ d ent, come these views on education: A fa culty member m u s t focus clea rly on his own course. and view lht" SCOP" . of in td lcctu a l ch allenge whir.h he's offt'ring the student. Oft­ I'n a professor gives the appearance of ro nd ~ sc('nding to tt'a ch a course, a nd this reflects in the attitude of th e students. T he teacher must teach-he must take his knowledge of the subject, spice it with enthu ~ i asm and then tr'mper it with a fair amount of wit and p e rsonal approach to th e mat/'­ rial, a lon g with the practical aspects. Then, if the student d()('sn' t rt'spond, th e professor must not be afraid to let the axe fall . Recently it was pro· posed that in order to solidify spirit among c.1asses and the alumni, the tradition of freshm en wearing bean­ ies be (""instated. We believe this narrow scope of thinking is in the minority, but it must be wiped out altogether. It must be realized that thrre ~re more important problems to be fac ed .


Dear Editor :

Reader Wants Cha pel Va riety I am a student whose studies have been concentrated in math and science. Why isn't the wholt: student body given the chance to became acquainted with these pro­ f('5sors through ou~ chap,..1 program? We live in a world of technology and scientific de­ velop ments. Surely th~se men are acquainted wi th these developments and their effect on our lives and the wa ys in which we should and have to live with them. I think these men have a responsibility to give us information from their knowledge and experience. Lct's hea r th em in chapd! Sincerely, PAUL CARLSON


now lranlplanhld to the PLC gymnaoium, i. be­ in g played by Dav.. Dahl. Th is booming voice adds to the <pirit at PLC loop garne •.

The choir featured a hard, b rilliant, open tone that was unusual, and at ti mes ap red to be rather ha . h to some, but till d a certain fascinatiOll "il b it s e1. ri ty and {If'netra ilit-y. T hi~ ty~ of tone qu ality wa p3I't icularl .' effective In the fi t p art of the program whi ch included thret: mlluber s ta.k,:n from th~ liturgy of the Church, "Hodic Christus Na tus Est" and "We Pra i.;; e Tht c, 0 Lord," both by Ja.n Bender, a nd "Lamb of God," by Kalin­ nikof. T h e remainder of th e p rogram, ranging from Bach to several Christmas hymns, Neg ro spirituals, and fill 1 . ending with :\'icolai', k ing of chorales, " W ake, Awa.k~, For ~i ght Is Flying,'" wandered fr om good to c. cellent. It was a treat to be able to h~r a choir from th e iidwest, a nd C!;pecially a differen t tonal quaI­ ity than that which is lUIually heard in this part of the W est. Dr. Runni ng e\'idently uses his own tech­ nique, which is eveTY wrector's p rerogative, and his fine ch oir responds wcll to his trainin g, ghiu~ the desired effect in a professional manne,r. The other musical event app~aring daily at Mis ~ Q's Balanced Diet Dining Room is the All Dishroom Choir. Starting with a few Christmas <;arols last semes­ ter, the "choir" has extended its repertoire until it now includes such hits as "There Is Nothing Like A 'Rattle, Hold It, Crash, Clatter'." (Remember, half prjce i, ('harg('d for all brok<'n di ~hes. ) Other hits are so obscured by the background . accompaniment that n othing r~ches the ears ~l- the diners except a few di&torted chords and lUufflcd words. Occasionally, these ' "stereo" sound!'> have a tendency to unbalance any balanced dinner, tben, we can't always expect perfection. K eep it up, fellows, maybe you'll get a raise yet. By the way, letters to the editor are due .on Mon­ day evening.

flemi By Bob Fleming Heigh ho. Here I am again at my trusty tripewriter. Know anyollr wbo wants to buy ]0,000 Batista buttons? . . . Say, you know Mr. Faulk has added a trick ~d novelty departm ent in the book store and guess what he sold out of first. You gu essed it. Trick dice. (tish, tish) . I recently appeared ou a recent amateur hour and I don't want to brag but alter the show the director came up to me and 5aid, " Bob, you're a real anlateur." ••. Oh well, I can always go back to myoid job of d ipping. sparrows in peroxide and selling them as canaries. Speaking of jokes (who was?) my parent.~ ~err alway> playing little jokes on m(:. Like w hen I went to grade school and I came home from school and they'd movcd . .. I don' t like to gripe, but boy, are we broke. If we weren't receiving care packages from Euro~ I don't know how wc'd make it. NEW I~VENTION DEPT. An upside down light.­ house-for submarines . . . Neat thing about this col­ umn , you 'll find all the news that's fit to tint . . . lst Soldier: "Captain, Captain, I want to go overseas. Please give me a gun. I want to go o\·e rseas. Please let me go overseas. " Captain : "You're nuts!" 1st Soldier: "Write it down . Write it down!" Red Skelton finally figured out why doctol'5 wear tbose lit tle white lnas.ks over th eir faces--that way nobody knows who goofs. NEW SONG DE PT : WAS IT MALICE ALICE WHEN YOU STEPPED UPO;-"; MY CALLOUS?" . NEWS ITEM: The p eople in Cuba are rev.oltin p; .. . A ord of prai.~ e for the Art Dept'~ latest. showing . . Personal to Dr. Eastvold: 1 hope your books art:' sdlin g fa s t e ~ than mille . . , Also w ith all the money being sp nt on th " new addition to our campus it. seems to me too bad that something can't be dom' a bout the windows in the coffee shop, eh? Sa y, h a ve you read th latest copy of C a pt. Billy's Whizbang ) ... Wh a teve r beca m e of Sonny Tufts? ... P O 1E: Rests are red, violets are blue, it's raining out­ si de an d I!ly pen's run out of ink . • . That's all for nnw . Y0urs till LiE St. -Cyr appea rs on the student a rtis t se ries. Un r k Bob-Bob.

Friday ,February 6, 1959


L Five ravels East;

Deflate ucha 5 78-65

JV Q uintet


Pacific Luther an's league leading eagers packed their bags yes rcrday and headed over the moun tains to the other side of the K H r where they will meet the Whitw orth Col lege Pirates to­ n ight in Spokane and the Eastern Washington College Sava ges to morrow at Cheney, Last week the Parkland five extended their four year Ever­

Pacific Luthe ran's junior varsi ty­ basketball team still holds on to fint place in the City League with only one conference game re ma ining. The underclassmen h a v e eight wins and one defeat and will close. out league play next Thursday when they meet the Clothie rs .

~re "l

Conf"r ,'ncc record brca.k ing ",ito strr'ilk to 32 games w ith a 75-64 . innr)' O\" ~T Wl'stcrn Washi ng ton an d a 91 -69 drubbi ng of Pl1 get Sound. For the first tim{' in three ga mes hi , yea!", the Lutes dropped Bu­ tun's Bakers 78-1),'; last Monday in LC', ~m. The B;~kcr5 had bounced the Glad­ ;., to n; 79-62 and 101-74 earlier in he ,eason before Jim V~ n B ek and C huck Curtis joined the collegians, r

P LC now has won seven out of 'l1 games with the rs.

,..,'hen the Lute cagers meet the ('i ratt, and the Savage$ this weekend th ey will be facing two teams they brat by more than '10 points earlier th is st'ason on the Glads' home court. Whitworth bowed 58-89,and East­ ran into the Lutes on their hot­ lest night of the year for the Park­ III nd five and fell 91-57. PLC hit 37 of 72 shots that nigh t f r a .514' percen tagt'. Whitworth has one of t4e tallest I c<'! ms . in the state with every starter '.'inS over six feet. The two o!T{' Phil Rich, 6 -7, and Al Rolf, 6-8. Eastern's Savages are currently in ' co;- d place in thl'. conft'rrnce with wins and one loss, and they ha\'c a wdl balanced scoring attack. LaM Saturday night against Puget ,-'mnd. PLC 's C hue k Curtis, the L ut('~' hig center who was kept out f the carly part of th... season bc­ Dr , 1 g in jury, broke the a ll­ tim r school career scoring record. Curtis scored 20 points that night ~nd 22 more against tht: Bak ers for JI. new school record of 1,827 points. Th.. old m ark, 7,785 pointll, was 1" b,· Harry McLaughlin in 1950.



e O u t ••

I i

Cu rtis Breaks School Ca reer Scoring Record A nine year old school basketball record was smashed by Chuck Curtis last Saturday ag3.inst the College of PU'iet Sound when he sank 20 points ~nd passed Harry McLaughlin's ca­ r,-fer scoring mark of 1,785 points which was set in 1950. Not including any games against non-college teams, sueh as the Bak­ ers, CUl'ti5 has now scored 1,805 points. Curtis adds this re cord to a list of othtrs which includes points scored in one game, 44; field goals scored in one game, 16; field goal percent­ age for one game, 76.9; free throws attempted in ant' game, 24; free throws scored in one game, 15; con­ secutive free throws made, 16; points sr.ored in one scason, 627 in 27 gam '5; field goals scored in one sea­ ~o n, 225; and free throws attempted in one season, 285. His se nior yea r in high school he was an all-statt- selection, and ha s hee n All Evergrecn Conference and All-Northwest since he came to PLC four years ago. He has been Little All-American for two years and a member of the NAIA All-Tournament team, along with PLC's R oger Iverson, in Kan­ sas City h is sophomor.. year. That was the only time in the his­ tory of the tourney that two players from the samt' school made the tour­ nament tcam.

Smoker Scheduled Skiers to C ompete

Nobody likes anything better tha.n a win, and M onday's win over the Bl.chan's was doubly sweet because it avenged two earlier losses. The PLC q uint showed some superb ball handlin;; in dumping the Bakers for the }('l,: t'nth time against three Lute losses . The Letterman's d u b t~ hard at work on their annual Smoker. to Paul Templin, club president, the event, scheduled for M a rch 20, at 7:30 p.m., will be bi gger and better than ever, featuring two heavyweights from the Fort Lewis Boxin g Club, and a tag-team match that p romises to be quite a spectacle. Local talent will fill out the r.ard of events.

BOB ROIKO DRIV ES FOR THE BA SKET against Central Washin gton as Bill Coordes (44) of Wildcals tries to check the drive. Looking on is the Lutes' Chuck Cur­ tis (30) and an unidentified Central player. The Gladiators beat Centra l 87 to 63 and cont;nued their record breaking wi nning streak. This wee ken d PLC's cog. rs travel to East. rn Washi ngto n 10 play Whitworth tonight in Spokane and Eostem Washington College tomorrow at Cheney.

• Iverson Way Q ui: In Front • In PLC Basketball co ring Way out in front of the Lule! in the scoring column with 236 p oints so far thi, season i, Roger IYerson, 5-foot, 9-inch s('nior guard. His total is for 12 games against college opponents and docs not in­ clude the three games against Bu­ chan's Bakers.

Another Letterman project is the Minstrd Show held during the Saga Practice for the bi g sing will begin soon.

During the past weekend, eliminations and time trials were held at "lI rr~1 \Vashington ski a rea s as the skiers worked shape. The group is well-balanced :md has good cxpcrienc I;, boasting an Alas­ ). ....11 . two i\orwe gians, fou r & ki-pat rolmen, and a sk i jumper who has h ~d ' :-..pnic:1cf' in nati onal competition. The word for the day is "Good Luck, ki n s! .,

Avg. 19.7 10.6 15.1 14.3 5.7

FG IT .............. 53 39 Poulsen ............ 55 32 Carr ................50 25


Gibbs ..............50


I ')'>

Campbell ........48 Selfors .............. 41 Haner .............. 31 Hon:y ... __._. ___ ... 25 Dahl ......... _......21 Jacobson ......... 14 Jackson .. __ ........ 15 Stubbs ._-.-- .. -----­ 3 Larson ____ A. -,'J Womack -_._-----. Rudd ---._.---------.

15 15 9 17 20 15 4 0 2 0 0

111 97 71 67 62 43 32 6 8 2 2


Flowers for All Occasions 12173 Pacific Ave. LE.74206 (Foot of Garfi eld) W e Deliver


Thirteen PLC skiers have taken a hefty project upon themselves by ent ering the ski meet at Portland Sta te's Winte r C a rniva l. The C ar­ nival will be beld at Mt. Hood, February 14 and 15. Coach Gabrielsen has been working beyond the call of du ty wiLh b is skiing team.

.690 .750


Jim Gabrielsen, football and baseball mentor, is looking for b;ur'ball l"rs. Anyone interest('d in turning out should drop into his office a t the IPj m and sign up. Gabrids r n also exp"'ct, to sec the football players down at the gym w n-, tling 'a few weig hts around, now that s('m e~te r finals ar,. over.

TOTAL POINTS IT FG T R. Iverson ._...... 18 109 236 B. Roiko ........ _.43 42 127 C. Curtis ..........4-2 32 106 Van Beek ....... _16 42 100 Ross ................. 22 - 23 68

The following is the individual scoring for the junior varsity:


3820 South Yakima

c~ ~

20 18

On Saturday n i g h t the Lute!; avenged an earlier defeat by tlu­ Che ney Studs when they beat the former college stars 76-69 in a p re­ liminary to the varsity game against Buchan's.


The APO beard growing contest is we!l under way, a nd the many fuzzy to be seen a round campus arc ample proof of mod ern man's cavema.n ir.~ tincts. Many of the O r egon students insist that their beards are for Ore­ oo n's C cnUcnnial Expo!-ition, but it makes a good show. The jud ges should h;\Vr quite a choice of fur to look at.


Dahl .............. 29 R. Iverson .............. 24

L as t weekend they almost UP !c:1 Heidelberg, the second place team in the Northwest AAU League. Hei­ delbe rg ca me from behind in the last five minutes to win 61-69.


Avg. 13.2




8.:n 10.1 9.3 9.0 5.5 4.8 15.5

Iverson, who is averagin" 19.7 tallies per game, is followed by Bob REBOUNDS 3.3 Roiko with 127 points and an aver­ N o. Avg. 3.2 age of 10.6. Roiko ................... _........ 117

9 .8 1.2 Two more Lutes arc avera&ing 1I1 Curtis ...... _..................... 85

12.1 1.1 doubh: figures. They arc Chuck Cur­ Williams ........... ..... __ ...... 75

7.5 2.0 tis, lOf) points in seven games for a Dahl ... __.. _.. _....... _........... 59

7.5 .67 15.1 average; and Jim Van Beek, R. Iverson ........ _..... __..... _ 41

3.4 100 points in seven games for an PAINT P LUMBING FORMICA ROOFING ave"age of 14.3. GUNS &. AMMUNITION SPORTING GOODS ELECTRIC Top rebounder on the squad is Roiko with 117. The followi ng arc the top five GLASS INSTALLATION - PIPE CUTTING AND THREADING men in each department: FIELD GOAL SCORING 1215' and Pacific Avenue Phone LE. 7-3171 FGA FGM Pet. R. Iverson _.......... _236 109 .-t64

J. Van Beek ........ 85 42 .·494

Bob Roi ko .... _...... _107 42 .393 YOUR LOCAL LUTHERAN MUTUAL AGENT Chuck Curtis ...... 86 22 .372 Williams ........ _..... 50 24 .480

P. O. Box 2275, Parkland, Washington FREE THROW SCORING Phone LEnox 1-0826 ITA FTM Pet. .656 42 Chuck Curtis......... _64 .581 43 Bob Roiko .... c ••• _•• 74 .564 Ross ..... _.................. 39 22


ea rnival.




"life 'nsurance is for Yo""' ­ not just for youth, but b est for Youth"


a rkland and Vicinity An Old Line Compa ny

* Phone R.l-3371


Page Four

Friday, February 6, 1959


Men aise Beards

Illustrious Voice Mrs. A. W. Nelson For Competition

Joins PLC Root rs Rites Held Yesterday (Continued from page 2) leading name . Actually there are many-direc.t from an y street, barn­ yard or movie. Included in our or­ g an arc the followin g : bdls, chimes, drums, xylophones, marimbas, tim­ pani ~ , steamboat whistles, triangles, tra in bells, tra in wh istles, bird calls, auto~ obiJe horns, d oor belh, thun­ dt"r, rai n, wind, horses and for- that fa tal moment-a .45 revolver ( which incidenta lly is supposed to have been pointt'd th e wrong wa y one evening, shooting a hole in one of the big cymbals! ). The .45 revolver was stolcn from the organ some vears ago, however, and until another is a cquired this particular "effect" will have to rema in unh eard. The more recent history of the organ is written ·in the never-ending (' nthusiasm and effort put forth by Dr. R. Byard Fritts, Associate Pro­ fessor of the Department of Music, who has bee n serving as the "Chief Engineer" of this unique project. Unde r his able leadership, most of the work has been done by students. The work included everything from re-leathering pn eumatics to install­ ing the blower and wiring hundreds of elec trical connections that operate the pneumatics. During the time since work be­ gan on the restoration of this bit of his tor y - and "everything" needed restoring-there has bun no outside professional help, and the students who have worked and learned on it can honestly and proudly say "our organ ..." With only student help, the completion date had been set far ahead in the future, but because of a very con­ tagiolls spirit of eagerness to fin­ ish the task, the crew is now three years ahead of schedule, which means that by the end of the sum­ mer of 1959, our organ will stand just as it did that opening night in the Liberty Theater (now torn down) of Seattle. To quote Dr. Fritts: " . .. And when it is all finished, restored, and installed, PLC will have a mighty organ capable of Bach, boogie, barn­ yards- you name it! It is a museum ~rgan, but a model capable of work­ ing, and is one of the last of a dying race. Not only arc these organs not built today, but most of !hem have Jx.-en taken out of the theaters, brck­ e n up for the scrap pile, or been chopped up and installed in pri\'ate homes of organ hounds. This is one of the last, and is the gem of them all."

AWS Heads End Term; Candidates Selected

Funera.l serv ices were held for M rs. And rew !'Jelson y.:s tcrday at th e SL Pa ul Luth era n C hurch in \ Tancollvt..:T .

L ois Nelson, dining room hos­ t('$5 a t PL C, and an a ct ive memo ber of Trinity Lutheran Church, died last M onday a t a local h os· pi tal. A na li n : of Louis,· ilk, N ebras­ ka, she came to PLC from V a n­ cou ver, Wash. , and has lived he r fo r 2Yz yea rs. H e r husba nd, An­ drew Nelso n, is custodian of Old Main.

PLC Alumni Dedicates ew Fellowship Hall The Chris Knutzen M emorial Hall was dedicated last Saturday ni ght during the annual alumni reunion banquet. About 300 members of the alumni, fa culty and student body attended the banquet held in the new sociaJ­ education addition to the College Union Building. T. Olai Hageness, superintendent of the Clover Park School District, who was a member of the PLC class of 1931, officially ded icated the new structure. " I expected the building to be im. pressive," he quippe.d, "b u t th e beauty of it is truly a wonderful surprise." He also recalled that when the CUB was dedicated about three yea rs ago it was thought to be more than adequate for the future. "1 am concerned about the United Sta tes not because of Communism or Sputniks," he added, "but because 01 the prevailing desire of our people to receive rather than to give." Then Hageness explained t hat Chris Knutzen appre ciated the value of the old adage that it is better to give than to receive. Knutzen gave the entire $100,000 for the annex. H e gave the first $50,000 to the col­ lege, and the second gift of $50,000, will to the colJege, was presented by his son, Einar Knutzen, at the board of trustees meeting in December. President S. C. Eastvold also spoke briefly to the group. Noting the posters marking the various points of the Eastvolds' recent world tour, he commented that the great imag­ ination di splayed by the present-day students proves that the college is getting "better and finer students every year." People attending the banquet later went to the PLC-CPS game and then back to the CUB for a coffee hour.

AWS m et F ebruary 4 to nom inate ca ndidates for new officers of the Associa ted Women Students to serve the 1959 term. Pla ns were also discussed for a tolo and the Mother's Weekend set for March 12 through 15. Elections will be held Tuesday, Februa ry 10.

by Vicki Rue " Why Fidel around when you could be H avana grea t time in the APO Beard C ontest?" Th e contest, which began F ebrua ry 3, will con­ tinue until th e last home game on F ebrua ry 16 a nd 17. Contestants are t.o sign up in the Student Body of­ fice. Rules: ( 1) A clea n shave is re­ quired upon registra tion. (2 ) Girls a rc inelig ible ex cept with parents' p erm iss ion. Pri zes are being given for : best full bea rd, best trimmed bea rd, most colorful beard, best mus­ ta che and goatee. Curtain Call Club will go to Se­ attle February 7 to vi ew a Shakes· pea rian comedy in the round entitled " As You Like It." Lady Lutes will be bringing their husbands to the Lady Lute mee tin g on February 10 at 8:00. Dr. Kuethe will speak on "Problems of the Young Married Couple." All PLC marri ed couples arc invited to attend th is meeting. An annual conce rt will be p re­ sented by Mu Phi Epsilon, national music sorority, on February 7 at 8:30. Numbers will be Ruth Berhow on organ, "Sonata II," by M endel­ sohn ; Gwen Thomas on piano, " In­ vitation to the Dance," 'b y Von W eber ; a soprano duet by P eggy Byington and M a ry Lou Engen, "I Waited for the Lord," by M endel­ ssohn, and "Evening Pra yer," from Hansel and Gretel Humperdinck; Sylvia Fylling on orga n, "Introduc­ tion and Tocata in G Major," by William Walord; Sheila Knutsen on piano, "Sonata," by Schubert ; and duet by Audry Betts on viola and Sandy Shierman on violin, "Sonata in G Major," by Loeillet. Valeng rams, anyone ? For only a penny a word and 10 cents a verse, have the Spun deliver your valen­ tine in person at dinner on F eb . 12.


We Outfit Coeds .406 Garfield


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Fr,da., . February 1 J, 1959

Number 13

Two Productio ns Set for Spring Sho.....s and casts for the spriug ~t"Inestt"r drailla tics season we re an.. Iloun ced this week. Two shows will be prese nted in early March. The t:hildrr:n's production w Ill be "Alice in Wonderland" and Alp h a Psi O mega will pre s r: n t Cht khov' s ~hefTy Orchard." The high ly imaginative and fan­ tastic story of a young girl, "Alice in Wonderland" is expected to be "the biggest technica l show evcr pre­

s("nted on the PLC stage," according tll Eric Nordholm. The children's production will Ix­ prc ~ nted March 12, 13, H, 20, 21

.,t afternoon matine s. A sp('cial eve­ ning show is scheduled for 8 p.m. on M arch 19. The annual thcatl'e-in-the-round !Jresentation ..... ill be A I p h a Psi', "Cherry Orchard," sch cd ult:d fo1'

March 12·14 in CB-200. This is the Erst Chekhov piay to be pre.ented at PL(;. Cast membe rs include Jane Ross, Delores Nirns, Janice Dahl, Hprb Dcmp;ey, Do u g Anderson, Walt Schwei ge r. Bob E. 01 ·0 n, j \ . .k PelLrs, Mickey And erson a nd Mari e Martinson. Playing the lead in "Alice in Won­

derland" will be sophomore Judi J ohnson. Jae.k Holl will have the !Jart of the White Rabbit; Bob Zim­ Ii 1<"1711" n, the Frog Foo tll1' n ; Gar­ I,Hl d Ber~"r, the I i ish Footman; ?la. y DUI.laV, t hl~ Gook; Syh ia SlI­ dlTgaard. th e Duchess; D<:l orcs _ irns, thl" Cheshire Cat; Dean An d erson, the March Hare; Larry Ive r>on, the M ad Hatt!.:r; Mavis Evcrette, the Dormouse ; Ardelle Dun g a n, the (Ju ecn of Hearts ; Zan.. Wilson, the K ing of HL·arts; Jon Olson, the Knave of H earts; Kent Tekrony, the Executionf'r; Blayne Perleth, the Mock Turtle; Charles Mays, the Gryphon ; Bob SW;,\fiSon, Twecdle­ dum; Rod Rapkingson, Tweedle­ d ee ; Nadine Bruins, tht: Red Queen; Meg Evanson, the White Queen; Darrel Hines, Humpty Dumpty, and Wall Hall, the Caterpillar.

Twelve Graduate At Middle of Year Twelve seniors graduated at the f th e: fall st.:mester. These grad­ ua t" s may re turn in May to take part in Comm.ncell1f: nt exercises. The st udents who gradua ted with ; Bdchc.lor of Arts in Education arc Mr~. Viola Gretter, Douglas Lond­ gren, Ri ch ard Londgre n, William E. '\;dson, Mrs. lana Oldenkamp, Mrs. .\1argarc t Pederson Glaser and Ferne RusselL Those who graduated with an eco­ lIulllics and business adrninistration degree are T h omas Henry Hoover, Carol House, and Robert B. Olson. James Brandt graduated with a Bachelor o f Arts in Music and Nan­ cy Sinclair with a Bachelor of Sci­ ~ncc in M ed ical Technology. Thl: graduates had a wide variety uf inte rests while in e.ollege. Jim Brandt was the dir~cto r of th e Stu­ dent Congregation Choir, Margaret Glaser was a member of Tassels, Dick Landgren was editor of th~ Mooring Most, Bob Olson was in the Concert Chorus and Ferne Rus­ ...11 was in Delta Rho Gamma . t' nd

P C Students To Join Mt. Hood Festiviti 5 A contingent from PLC will participate in the third annual Intercollegiate Winter Carnival sponsored by Portland State College. to get underway at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood this weekend. Eighteen colleges and universities in the Northwest have ex­ pressed desire to participate. Students are expected from Wash­ ington, Oreg on, Idaho and Califor-

Ku the e ceives an orth Grant: After completing his fifth year h,::rc at PLC, John Kuethc, profes­ sor of philosophy, will leave for a year of study at Union Theologica l Seminary. The Danforth Foundation recently pn:scntcd Mr. Kucth e with a Danforth T eacher Study Grant. Th;s will pay fo,· living expenses, tuition and fees for the year. There arc 73 of thes(~ gra nts a,·ail­ able and are prol'ntt-d o n the basis of sc holars hip and th e recomme nda­ ti on of the college d ean, to qualifi ed people from all ove r the country. The Ku e tht· family wiil move to York in September. On their way they w ill spend a we ek at a camp in :Minniwanca o n Lak.: Mich­ i.e;a n. This wiil be a co uples' confe r­ l'n(T d("\'ot~d to th e 73 pe ople who han· re e.e ivcd g rants from the Faun· d~tion, and outsta ndin g lecturers w ill be presl' nt to guidt: the partici­ pan ts in study :md worshi p together. It ;, Lhr· Danforth Foundation's aim to p romote a Chri stian atmosphere on college campuses. ;\t·w

Noll Thami' ,on w i" ld t kn i!e over th ~ head of Jan; Rice. Aldis alt. a Uired in a Spa n ish c~sh,l me, "".!::'I t cne s unabashed. This is a sample of activities p:anl1l' d fo t .ho Freoshman k J.. ~ 'N ,"),"Id ' ~ Fair.







Foods, Fun

Vi,it AfriL a , I aly, S,,; tzerla nd , M (:.xico, "'< or way, the Uri ent. a nd vari­ ous other (" 0lllltriL's via the World's Fa ir spo nsored by th ,' fn'shnlt'11 next F riday. Stcward,·,s awl pur",r will bL' pres ent to weleOlllL studcnts aboard to bt·g in a n in1ag inary t our' of

t~l(" ~,,·orld .

An Interna t ional Cafe will fea ture F/'t>/l,h poin('on, Italian minestrone, M"xican chili, Swiss sundaL's , Scandina "ia n pastrit:s. and U. S. h ot dogs.

Students may take part in a Mexican feature, the "bullfight," or try tl ,eir skills at otht!' booths. Further entertai IlIiwn t will be provided by the Fi !!"hth Notes, a univt: n al band, a fashion ~ how, slides of countries, and tal­ e nt displa yed by the six Miss Un;,·crse fin a lists.

Anoth e r highlight of th e mi, will bt: tht: cro..... nin g of Miss U nive rs e by Pas.tor Lars gaard.

Medical College Test Scheduled for May 2 Candidates for admission to med­ ical school in the fall of 1959 are advised to t ukt.: the M t.:dical College Admission Tt·st in May, it wa; an­ nounc ed today by Edu ca tional Test­ ing Sen ice, which prepares and ad· ministers the t('s t for the Associa tion of American Medical Colle g':s. Candidates may take thc MCAT on Saturday, May 2, 1959. or on Tuesday, October 31, 1959, at a lo­ cal center. Copies of th e Bullt:tin of Informa­ tion ( with appli ca tion form bound in), which gives details of regis tra­ tion and administration, as well as sample questions, are av~ulable from Dean of Men or directly from Edu­ cational Testing Service, 20 Nassau Street, Princeton, New J ersey. Com­ pit-ted applications must reach the ETS office by April 18 and October 17, respectively, for the May 2 and October 31 administrations.

LANDSCAPING was slorled between North and Wesl Halls last week. Ed Hinderlle. left, of th. PlC maintenance staff, and Ron Baylor, PlC lunlor, are shown spreading humus on the plants that are part of Ih. changing PlC land­ leape.

W ork in g toward his Th.D. degree, .\h. K,w t!. .. pl" " s to finish hi s resi­ uenee n·q l,in·mc nt a t Uni o ll dur;n.c; hi s ye ;~ r's leave of abse nce, Before cornin;\ tD I'LC he taught Capital Cnivl'rsity where h,' re­ ... ·j' ·r ei hi . A.R. and B.D. drllrf'es . H,' n- o ·jv,'u hi~ S:I .M. ti c ':l""'" a nd di d g radu ate work at U nion Theo­ log ical Selllinary. F ClI'illty , I'r ,b,.,-, from t he other at

d!'parlll lt'nb \..-ill sub~titutc in the.

philoso!J!'y departmen t while f:u eth e is away .


"I feel highly honored about re­ ceivi ng the. D a.nforth Grant and a.m delighted a t this opportunity for a ~.,.ar of scholarship," h e stated. "Vic ;; re h~ppy a t tht' pro;;lJec t of return­ ing to I'LC in JUIl C of 1960."


Events included in this year' ~ C3 f'­ ni\·al arc downhill ski raceS for both m,'n an d women, s(,lec tion of t ht; quecn and court, snow tug 0 ' war, snowshoe races, flying sa uce r races, old fashion ed horse drawn sk igh rides, bonfire, dance, and ski tan h parade. Church se n ·ic(:.S will b held on Sunda y. Trophies will bt' a wa rded tu non­ cla ssi fi ed racers, and 1lrizcs to tna non-ski ("vents.

Winter Carnival ti cke ts arc bt:ing made available to students for $5.00. The tick e t tntitks the stud e nt to­ admission to the Carnival, access to all operating' tow s and lifts, aU dan ccs, fashion show a t thc hl' a t. ·d Timberlinl' Lodg c', outside kiin~ rnatcrial, and .leig h ridl's. Locl gm g and meals an: not included in t he prieto of th e tick e t.

The }'LC co-ordin a ting comm.i t­ «:(" for the Winter Carnival h as , .. ICl' tt'd Toni Erickso n as I'LC's qut-e n eandidate. According to WRlly Harding of Portland Stat," College, dir(' c tor 1)1 the carnival, thl' mai" 1"Tnt.s will Iw tclevis..·d in Scat tie, Pol"tland :lnd Spokane areas.

Rep r('s('IJt ing PLC in the skii ~ events will be race rs Al Blomqui l, Ch r is Crondahl, Pete Joh nson and VCl'"II Sathn, ;tnd a lternates O p t.. 111 Gaashort and Chuck Lorentu n. Further d etails conce-minl( tht' ki t am af! illcludcd on the- spo r ts P'.l I'.

Orchestra To Present C neert February 22 under th e din'nion of Prof. Gor­ don Gilbertson, th e Pac.ific Lutht-ra n College (~rchestra will present a CU D­ ",·rt on February 22.

Th" prog ra m includes ; "Concerto

in G Minor," by Paulenc, an or n solo by Meg Eva nson; "Concerto in .B Minor," a viola solo, played by

~-1rs. Willi am J. Betts ; and "Con­ ("crto :--';U1llbcr 2," by Handel, .ITt organ solo by Dave DahL Th e orchcsu·a will also play for th,' M ay F"stival in th e Spring. This will be one of the few times wht·n t here will be a 11 "live" musi c fo r this folk-gamcs program. Thf" ch oru s will join with the orchrstra a t that time to sing a medlcy o f Rod gers and H amme rstein songs, "S,' n'n adr to Spring." Siner' they have played for tlw Reformation R a lly in Seattle I t fa ll an d for the Christmas conct rt. thl" orchestra has become w ell·know n in the vicinity. M r. Gilb.' rtmn r.­ p ressed himself by saying he ,.,at "quitt: pleased with the g roup."

Former PLC Student Killed in Collision Former PLC student irene K och wa s ki lled Monday on h.:r way to work ill he r home t own of Canbv. Ore gon , when th e car sh e was rid in!'," in was hit by an oncoming freight t ra in. She attclld.~d PLC during th 1956-57 and 1957-58 school t('rm~ . Irene was engaged to James Ha3­ land, who graduated from PLC last year an d is now a medical studen! fit the University of Oregon, and is a brother of PLC student Dave Haa­ land .

Page Two PLC MOORING MAST Friday, Feb. 13, 1959 ~------------------------------­

Chinese Student Flees Com munist O ppression


mooring mast Editor... ... r w, Edi tor ..... ..

by L inda llridenbcckcr

..... ... .. ......... ... ........ .. ..Anita Hillesland

The fact tha t C hao-Lia ng Chow had fl ed from C unisID most of h er life made me immedia tely inter­ ; !.tf"d t o iLarn mo re abou t h er t'ltp cric nces L'1 C hina. r et C how j Llst three weeks ago wh en she c = to PLC a nd mov.: d m to North Hall, her roam bdng 10­ '-:ltcrt ;oCT 0 5S the ha ll fro m m ine . Si nce the n we have ~ h ~l'...d ula n y inlen'sti ng d iscuss ions a bou t C h ina ud

.. ......... .... ......... ... .........Dcanna H a nson

p o rt! Edito r ..... . _............................... ..... .... __ .John Hanson



Editor.. ....... .. .. ______ .. _ .....___..... __ ... ...Carol M orris

~~~:~s . ~[.an a.g.c.r __ :__ ________::: ____::__.·..:__________:____:__ __:ii~~il~~u ~ ~:~1;

Li coin

Jf}I·nC..1 ,

1I.Iaga.<inc s, ncwl papcrs, tel evis io n, schools and even lhe l.T . S . O\ (' rnm l' nt (by m inting a specia l se t of Lin­ "oln p nni t" \VIii h w t'rc to be issued on his birt hda y) JI ~. gi\ ing :;[)cc:a l a ttent ion this yea r to thL seSi:!u iccn­ t.. nnial t"icbra ti o n of the President whose bi rthda y the n linn n '!Ywml 'r'.:d yes terday. Abraham Lincoln was bQrn 150 years ago in a Joe eabin in Hardin County, Kentucky, moved to

with h is fa mily while still a )'oung child

and then to Illinois where he lived throughout his

can'u as a lawyer until he was called to the White


M.any of his ideas, bdieis and ac tions arc cited fn:­ (IUI'ntly, bu t OIH: tha t was extrem ely unique durin g his lif tin1\' was that the conquered South should be treated 1 in d l) a nd readmitted on a basis of "charity toward all a nd ma lic e toward none." N ever did he utter an abusive word aga inst the people of the South but hoped eontinu­ ua lly for a reunion of hearts and minds, not just politi­ cal rru nion. Althou gh hl' is called the Great Emancipator h e was relu ctant adopt a prog ram of mass rclease of the ~ Iave~ . kn owing that neither they nor the people, nor the " co n; nIY of the South were ready for such action but prde rn'd to meWl' sluwly, convinced th a t after a rea­ sonable- time s!:l",;ry must be erased, but through peace­ ful m t'a IUl. If his plans fo r the abolition of slavery and re­ construction had been followed through our nation would be more united in spirit than it is n ow. Inte­ gration a uempts in the South probably would have proceeded more smoothly as a result, particularly if Lincoln's gradual app roach had been adopted.



SOIllC of th e ma gazines with current features on L i n­ -coIn a rc the February isSll c of Reader's Digest a nd the }-'ebl'llary 9 copy of Life, which features some new "finds"--pi ctul cs, ml'mentos, sou\'e nirs of Lincoln, his rd a tives and nei ghbors. The form er ma gazine includes many anecdotes froIll the witty, sa ga ci ous Mr. Lincoln. For instance, this example is quoted by Carl Sandburg : An clde rly wom­ an in a reception room flashed a question, "How can you speak kindly of your en emies when you should rather destroy them ?" "Madam," he sa id, as he gazed slowly into her fa ce, "do I not destroy tht'm when I ITk'lk ... th('m my irie.nds?" Lincoln has g rown from the most cl:iticized man (durin" the Civil W ar) to onc of the most honored, rcspect~d and love d figures in the Unitt"d States and throu [~hout the world, rivaling \Vashin gton in fame and popularity. - - ANITA HILLESLAND.

Student Defends Modern


by Neal Slixrud Listening is goin g- great guns here at PLC! One indication is apparent in the: number of hi-fi's. In Old Main a lon' there are approximately 45 of them and ov('r $2,500 worth of records. Another indication of this t.rend is show n by the fact that an interested collegian can hear "Bach Prd· udes" in room 309 and "They're Rioting in Africa" in 306, or from "Bach to Bunk," as one who is prejudiced has put it. lt is generall y accepted as true, that the music of each era (as well as literature, painting, and architec­ ture), is a reflection of the attitudes a.nd temperament of that period of history. Whcn we classify modern jazz and modern "long­ hair" music as "bunk" we arc, musically speaking, liv­ ing in the past. Incidentally, Mozart and Beethoven were considered "degenerate" or "radical" in their timt', too. Much of their music, when first played, gave risc to rio,s and street fighting. If the concert gocrs of Beethovcn's day had decided that they had had enough music, there would have been no Wagner, Brahms or Schumann. Paul Hindemuth, Aaron Copland and Dav{' Brubeck arc some of the known musical represent at ives of twen­ tieth Ct'ntury feding and thought. None of us can tell who the Mozarts and Beethovens of the future will be, but wh en they come, they must be given the chance to be h card a~d understood. "They were not ahead of their time>; their fellow men were behind the times."


copy for an ear:y dead line are Oean n a Ha nson, ri g ht, new s eciitor, and Carol Morris, feature editor of the Mo.)ring Mast.

Key Perso nel Direc

oorln Mast

The production of a newspaper is J complex process, need­ ing tb e help of many people. Even the four page Mo oring lv[ ast requires tbe constant efforts of J large staff. So me of tbe key peo ­ ple involved are tbe page editors and the financial mana ge r. .. Planning and .lssigning stori es, scheduling phoros, wntm _ headlines and editing stories arc some of the r, sponsibilit'es of thl' sports, fcatun: and news editors oi the ~[oorin g Mast. Working in conjunr.tioll with the editor, these people bear the burd en of producing a newspaper which satisfies hi gh journalistic sta nda rds- or share the' blame for an inkrior product.

T he showea st' of the Mooring­

:lLlst, which is the front pa ge, is

under the supervision of Dea nna

.Ihnso n. This H elena, Mont., fresh­

ma n be gan her duties as news editor

this sem ester.

Carol Morris heads thc page that

offers opinions, personality sketchf:,;;,

reveiws, humor and other feature itclIlS. C a rol , a junior, i~ a gradua te of Franklin Pierce High School. PLC sports n ews is handled hy John Hanson, who also keeps the official statistics of all PLC games. John, a freshm?.ll journalism major, was sports ed itor of the All-Ameri­ can Lincoln Hi gh School newspa per.

CHeCKiNG 80 0:~S are thc , e two mom­

I:>ers of th e Mooring Mast staff Sports

editor Joh n Hanson, above, mark. Ih.

.<orebook durin g a PlC basketball tilt.

Bdow, business monager Marylou Engen seeks to bo'ance t he financial books of the newspaper.

.J uggling the budget of th e Moor­

in.", Mast has bee n the job of Mary­

lou Engen ior the past three years.

She supervis es the sale of advertising

space, distribution of the newspapers

and smooths out all financial m a t­

ters. Marylou is a ,,,nior from Yak i­ rna.

lewis Calls Average Man Conformist by Barbara Jackson Conformist. 'Vhat connotation does that word bring to you? Today it n fers to that body of people opposite from the Ikatniks. In Babbitt's town Zenith, during the roaring '20's, the conformist was the fine, upstanding !lIan, married a!1d moral, in a steady business and belonging to a club. H ow­ enr, if you called him a confonnist he would bristle up and say, "No sir! I'm bigger an' better than any 01' conformist," a typical reaction of the b.; g, blustering busin essman. Babbitt seems to be pretty satisfied with his life; he has lived up to the outwa rd standards of Zenith; but an unl'asy feeling creeps into his thoughts from timc to time, especially after the cool reception. from his ga ng, of his best pal, "01' Paulibus," who doesn't fit into this conventional world of nine to five jobs and small talk. His artistic awareness of h is sur­ roundings alienates him from the rest, who mistrust him because they don't und erstand him- the plight of the artist in any age . Babbitt's increased restlessness, a feeble rea ction, against his shallow ~I nd mechanistic life, finally kads him to questionable activities--making f!"lends with an attractive widow and defending socialistic movements. The of this rebellion of one man a gainst a whole town of narrow prejudices demonstrates the crippling effect of our modern complex society on its democratic principles of freedom of speech and thought, Sinclair Lewis, through the character of Babbitt, presents quite aptly the following dikmma: to conform passively to be accepted by the group or to be true t t; oneself and be tagged as a non·conformist. Which will it be? Editor's Nole: "Babbitt" is only olle of this author's novels satiriz­ ing American conformity. Sinclair Lewi5. the first Nobel prize winDer for literature in the United States, studied and observed several p rofes­ sions before incorporating them into separate novels. As a result of his , novel "Babbitt," th is name is now synonomous with the typical Ameri­ can businessman.

As the .oullJlu.nists entered Chinn, many of the people Vil e; a:rl their home ~ entt.r d Hoag K ODg aud fomIO"..a . Ch o . and he.r family ere fon:ed to IDO~C from PelplD J;" to Shanghai. LatC'r the COlll munist5 took eon u ol of Shanghai, <lh.. r wh ich the Liapg Ch ows kft the ma inla nd and en1(' J."l' d (J Irl g K png . O n t h e m al rJand C ommu nism rc. pom lblt: for t ill' loss of their fou r ba.uk5 ::m five fa tt1fi" ' , not to JlK l1lior: th ~ ~wo ~ s[ a t e s t he') ha d . In 1 0 11 '" Kong Chow j oin ed the U nited Lutheran C hurch a nd a..t t~ ~dcd the. E n glish n ,b le class. A cousin in Ame rica Brn t h er a list of colleges w hich h ~om­ m e Jed , a nd she: t ho,,,, P acific Luth eran College with littl" h (' sWlion. H er major is eng ineeri n g. C h ow w as afraid to come to the United StatC&.

She s."id Ul al in Hong KOD~, the Ch.inese people a re ,' cry rarely ~poken to by the farmers (the more weal thy peopk ) 0;- the " white" people. It was sur· prising to her to fin d thut t b.t: people on the college campus and other people whom she bas met have gladly spoken to her! W hm I ask d h er if th ere were any striking differ­

ences lll'tw( e n the impcria li5tic government of Hong

Kon g a n d the d emocra tic repllblie form of government

in t.h o:- t..:n itl' d S ta t, ,,, sll ,- cxLlliinwd, " You' re free, every­

thin t; f c . you h,, \'c free dom, you arc free !"

Chow id her people aJ\Y ay~ follow and rarely qucstion w hy. In t heir uaditions, for example, II g;rl <J ·a. deni s h er lave for a boy u I " 5 she ill. 21 ,'ea rs old. Also. till married, people wust be call~d boys aDd girls .DO lllOltter what age they may attain. Aftee the age of thirty, women wear dark clothcs; and a large woman m ust w ear dark clothe& o r be laugh d a t. Ano th rr traditi~'n is that the C hines,: move r U~e theil' Ie f~ h ane to w ri te with. Chow had h urt her right hand onc day while working, and when she wrote in pub 'c with her left hand the people laughed at her. When I aaked her about the Chinese custom of binding the feet to make them stay small, she said that that has not been done (or about 40 years. orne of Chow's personal interests were enlight­ ening to hear about. She is used to ric.e but not 50 .. :uch sweets; thu&, she rarely eats d essert at meal­ time. Elvis Presly and rock and roll mu.sic are bot.h pleasing to her. And she insists that most Americans are rich becauJe many have incomes betwee n $350 and $500 a month. III China a person ha ving such an income would be: considered wca.lthy.

,fleming z: By Bab F leming Heigh 110, everybody. Since tomorrow is Valent' e's Day I am devoting my entire c.olumn to love, girb, lib­ erty, the Wall Street Journal, girls, Fidel Castro, tbe l.:SS !l.'autilu5, girls, women of the Amazon Delta , and (lest we forget) girls. So, now in keeping with my theme . . . there was this elephant in the middle 'of the jungle and he was very thirsly 50 he went down to a nearby water h ole for a drink. Just as he. stuck his trunk in, a crocodile came by and snapped it off. The elephant said, "What did you do that for?" SHOPPING TIP: Promise her anything, but give her-me . .. SONG TITLE: I Don't Mind Your Get· ting Under My Skin, But Did You Have to Bring a Friend? . . . Dr. Eastvold suggested that next May, after graduation, I should go on totir. W ell, he didn't ("xactly say it that way, he said I should hit the road. My but I have trouhles. Even the spring on roy watch has dandruff . . . I hear Dave Beck is so rich he went out and spent $50,000 for a nt'w yacht. The. old one got wet. Fellas, give your girl a box of candy for Valentine's Day but caution them that, girls who eat m-cets and like to wear ~Iaeks, should be vcry careful and not show their backs . . . Advice to the Lovelorn It is bet­ . tt,' r to have loved a short girl than never to have 'loved a tall.

Friday, Feb. 1 J, 1959


Page TIl ...


PL Five Dumps

est: rn


Lutes C n W·n i I Wit: Victory Sa ur y r'on f( T nr.t: cham pion;;h ip. Sat­ n ip:1 t tllt" Lute$ can wrap up I". t il k with a win ove r Puge t


,.1H nd

- T h .. (-: ):1(1, W P IT k~.ding by on ly -j r rnintswith 10:2,5 left in tile ',onlcst wh en Rog er Iwrson stole the Il~ l! J nd scored a quick la y-in. Th a t ~('('mcd to be all the Lutes nl'f' r!cd to start thl"m rolling after an c.- cold ni g ht from the floor up to lhat point. In the first half the Gladiators hit m ly 12 of 46 field goal attempts for ~(i pel" c'·nt. Th ,: half time scon~ saw th~ Lute$ In front :'6-33. Western led all through the first lal f ulltil with 5:30 remaining, Den­ 'W Ross C3me off the bench and sank a 10-foot hook and added a foul shot ,,, push the Lutes ahead 24-23. In the ~,>(xmd half, after Rogers' Ily-in, the Wildcats went five min­ Iltes ,,'i thout scoring a point. M ean­ ,·hilt- PLC was fast breaki ng at will. With ,):';0 sC(-cmds to pby, Chuck C urti~. \\rhn puHed off 21 n'bounds. .. c> i\'~d h i5 f i f t h personal foul. t .ha rl i" might haH" b r 0 ken th,' .eb ""l H'bo ll nd ret ord of 2,t if he rld h c!"'n :Jhk to stay in th e gan1c a hi t lon .q n, Iv~r.i() n scored 22 points to lead 11 ~(' (l :Trs. Twelve of his points c;uuc in thl: last 10 minutes.

A third Lute starter, Jim Van See k, also hit double fi~n's with IB tallies. T op score~ for lVestern was R a y iZyc.. k with 17. In the second half the Gladiators ,; wrched the net hitting 21 of 44 :Jttempts fro:n the floor for 47.7 per '-'·nt. That upped their percentage tnr the game to 39.

We st ern san k 21 (,f 73


FG FT FTA P F TP :) 1 2 .5 7 2 0 :3 ~, 4­


Vadst't Thompson Rifr Saltis




D,'Kubber Fromm

I 0

o o o o o

5 2













o o


0 -I 4





24 8. 17 19 56 Other Results Cent. Wash. 77, Puget Sound 59

New Hoop Slate Out


Th e No r :h Evergrccll team has ,,:on:d 507 points while holding thcir o-poncnt~:

JV's Win Title

by Z anc Wilson Mark Salzman, PLC Athletic Director, has disdosed a new set-up on th~ Evt:,rgreen Conference basketball schedule next year. Each team will p lay 14 lea !\,ue games instead of thc 12 contests in past years. Bot h CPS and Western will meet the Gladiators four times during the season. Over the m Quntains, Eastern, Central and Whitworth will have the same type of Kh~d ule t.hey nQw have. The system is not entirely new, as it has been used in the Pacific Coast Conkr('nce for some time, but it should help the home conference quite ~ bit. Nrxt season PLC's first !rag-uc basketball game will be in Dccembu ~ ~pimt the College of Puget Sound. The JV's have brought home the first bacon of the year for Lute

trophy C.'lSeS_ TIley sewed up the City League championship last week,

and last night's game couldn't have changed the outcome. The Junior Gla diators play what will probably be their final game of the season Monday night as a prelim for the Montana State game. Spring is getting closer, and the track is beginning to get some use. B(~twe("n ten and fifteen fcllows are turning out three times a week on their own accord to work into shape. Noth ing forn1al is undenvar yet, and probably won't be until March, but those interested are encou raged to go down and make use of the facilities. Tomorrow being Valentine'~ Day, we would like to donate some space to John Hanson, Mooring Mast sports editor and basketball statistician. R('merrtbc,r, John, that whcn you're keeping the' basketball score book and , t disagrees with the scor/'board by 12 points, give the c.,xtra tallies to F LC, and we'll still low ya.

to 257.

INTRAM URAL STANDINGS ";\" Leagut: W L Faculty ..... .._.... ___ ........... _.. _ 8 0 Dc](a'dines __ ______________________ 7


Western ... _... .. 6 Saints ....... ........ _ 6 Clover Crct'k _.. .. _....... _... __ 5 'i,th Fiool' .. _.. . .... 4 South Evergreen _._.__ ....... _ 3 11cstrrs _________________________ ____ ~ T 'acorna _________ __.___ ____ .__________ :!

S 3

:.'nd Floor _.... _....


5 6 7 7

.._ 1




"B" League

'\ol'th E verg:reen _.... _ ....... 9 Bounder~ __________ -. ___________ ____ . 8 TW O BIG L0TE FO:'!W "! DS are . hown obove . Bi il .t'-Vhaey" W i' jio 5 is a tiC! n S­

fe r fr om Lo, Angeles Valley Juni o, Co!­ jese w h o stend s 6-4 and w "ighs 200 p o'm c! . J im V a n Seek i, a th,~ ,, -y.a r letterrna ~ C1~

?t C a nd iwo-year AII-E·.'er­ ~ree n Co nference cho ice. C !tta!1ds 6-4 els e; w eig hs 198.

18 26

7:, 2 5


a ni ne and on( record.


FG FT FTA PF TP PLC (84 ) ____ _1 2 3 4 Roiko o o 2 lJ Dahl ....... ..........0 .'j 1.0 6 8 Curtis ....... ........ 7 18 6 7 Vnn B""k ..... ... .1') 2::" 2 2 Iwrson .......... .. IO !1 :1 Williams. I o o o 2 Hamlin. I ~) 7 2 Ross :) C arr __ .__ ~ o 1 o } o o n 'J POU h .'ll ,,\lexander.. 0 o o I) o " o o Camph.-ll



In th !.~ "B" Leagut: • orth Evt"l'­ f re cn cOIltinut--,d to lead the way \vith

Th e L utes ddini t~ l ~ contr"H.·d the hoards t"king 70 I'I' hnunas 10 \'1( ~t ­ crn'stti. In the pn'lirninar), game Pacific Lutheran', junio~ varsit,) racked up 50 points in the first half a nd went on to down Puyallup fi8-83 ill a Tacoma City League game, The JV's. led by Larry Poulsen with 20 points, have a lready sewed up the City crown.

WWC (56' "V dd Wright Kycrk

Profs ead

Through last 'Ycancsday the Pro­ fn sQ l"s had won ,,:ght g~mes while 5<'cond place De]arcli ncs had won se ven a nd lost two.

:13 per cen t .



T h e Faculty is the only team III ci the r the Intralnura l ; ~ ,\" or "B~' Leagu e s tIlat can still cla jal an un­ def eat ed record.

P acific Lutheran 's h ust le an d d rive pai d o ff in [be b sr t en n i'lu tfs ( f the game las t night again [\Vestern \Vashlnglon Col­ leg" and the Glad iators ran aw ay from a lirl:u Wi lckat team to rake an 84-5 6 v ictory in the L utes' g)' m . T bl' win stretched P LC' s E verg ree n Confcrt'flcc w n n ;ng H ca k to 1 5 ga m ('s, and pract ica lly cinched t heir fou rth COIlS ',. u­ I v

4th Floor ...... .. .. _............... 8

Stub, ... _...... __ ......... _..... ... __ 6 Colts __ ....... __ ................ _... __ 6 2nd Floor .. ... __ ..... _... _._. ______ 5 Popes ..... _......... ................ _ 5 5 th Floor ...... _.......... ._.. ._... 4Crel"n Boys .............. .._.. __ .. _ 2 Clover Cn·ek .... ...... _....... _._ 1 So uth Evcrgrcr.:n ..... __ . ___._ 0

6 Lute Skiers Rae Saturday Vl"ith only tIUTt' days kft before the Portland State Intercollegiate \-Vinkr Carnival, the m wly formed Pacific Lutheran College Ski Club is 'vaxin~ its skis in anticip~.tion. Th e ski club was formed only this year and Itlany things are still in the urh~('ttaill ~tagt' , according to its ad\' iso r, Jim Gabrielsen. At present the skiers arc not ;<n off icial college team, but all participation is purely volunt a ry. So far the fellows who have tried out for the team have made many sacrifices, mainly financial ones. At pnsent they are trying' to find meth­ ods to raise finances, The six raccrs who will compete for the Lutes at Portland this week­ end arc Pcte Johnson, Christie Cron­ dahl, Al Bloomquist, Vern Seather, Chuck Lorntzen, and Oystain Gaa­ sholto The SJ); racers from PLC will be among ninety competitors from fif­ tccn Northwest colleges and univer­ sities. The races at a mile and a blind corners, and speeds up per hour.

Portland will inc.lude half downhill with treacherous bumps, to 30 and 60 miles

The slalom race, which will be sct up by Pepi Fable, well known racer and skier throughout the country, will include from 50 to 70 g'atcs. Mr. Gabrielsen had this to 'Say about the chances of winning at Mt. Hood: "We have only onc fellow who has had extensive racing' ex­ perience and on the whole the team is grccn, as far as competition goes. But I believe we have fellows who have the ability to win against any­ thing at the Carnival. It won't be a cinch, but we may win or place high."

Ice age

Lucky us ••• today is the modern ice age. Lots and lots of it in refrigerators ready to ice up the Coke_ And what could be more delicious than frosty Coca-Cola ... the real refreshment. With its cold crisp tast e and lively lift it's always Coke for The Pause That Refreshes!



BE REALLY REFRESHED ___ HAVE A COKEI Bottled under outhority of The Coco-Cola Company by




4­ 4­ 6




Page four

PlC MOORING MAST friday, feb. 13, 1959 --------------------------------------~

New LSA Officers Attend Workshop by Vicki Rue LSA r('"ce ntiy held its election of officers. Those elected to office are D a v e Gaenicke, president; Paul Holmquist, vice president; J ean Of­ tcbm, secreta ry; N e i I Thompson, treasurer and ICC representative. M arie Sa lveson will scrve as food cha irman and M a ureen Udman will be in charge of publicit y. Attending the annua l LSA workshop at Camp Menucha, Oregon, this weekend are the four mr;mbers of the ex ec utive comrnittee a nd Dan Erla nder, repre­ sentin g the Deacons of the Student Congrega tion; Dan Witmer, pres i­ d~nt of the Northwest Reg ion of LSAA; M eg Eva nson, na tional vice president of LSAA.; D ca R eimann, Lifc a nd Mission of the Church cha irman for the Northwest region LSAA, a nd J a ne Ross, secr etary to the. regiona l president.




LAURINAT'S apparel


We Outfit Coeds 406 Garfield



Special Student Rate.

LE. 7-5317

UNDERWOOD CORP. 1610 Center St. MA. 74801

B()OK S1'()RE has


A TED -- COL EGEMAN ! Nee d student wit h car to work 8 to 12 hours weekly, at $ 1.25 pe r hour. Call LE. 7-027 1, E.C. 21, 1-3 p.m., for person a l interview.



Spring Bargains on Emble med Clothes, Jewelry 1/3




Cust om made to your order

Shop early for yo ur ch oice o'F size and style

PLC BOOKSTORE Glenn Campbell

* * * All interested students, fa culty, and members of the Sociology and Psychology clubs a re invited to hear Dr. Wesley D . White, superintendent of Raini er Sta te School for the M en­ tally R e tard ed, spea k a t a joint meet· ing of the Psychology and Sociology dubs. Th", d a te is next Thursday at 7:30 p.m . in CB- 200. Orin Da hl, speakin g for the cam­ pus I a n g u age organizations, an­ noun ced tha t next w t'",k, February 15-2 1, is N a tional F oreign La nguage W eek throu ghout Americ a . Th ~

* * *

Tyro Forensic Tournament is undf' l"w ay th is weekend, F eb. 12, 13 and 14, at CPS. There will be en­ trants from PLC in both the junior a nd se n io r d ivisions. Last year the PLC d eba te squad won the sweep­ ~t ak(' s.

Reading Skills Class Will Resume Tuesda y Dr. Kris ten Solberg announced th e resumin g of the readin g skills dass next Tuesday ni ght, February 17, a t 7 p .m. in M-l. Tbis non-credit class, which i. open to a nyone, is d esigned to en­ able students to inc rease their read­ ing speed and comprehension. Some ~ludents in the past have d eveloped speed s up to 2,000 words a minute. Those who plan to join the class a re requested to bring along some light read in g material to the first n1ceti n g.

STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions 12173 Pacific A v e. LE.7'{)206 (Foot of Garfiel d ) We Deli v er


528 Garfield St.

DIN N ERS LE. 7-9937


C. Fred Christensen

Why the man who h ires you w ill

ask if you own life insurance:

When you apply for a job, one of the que.stions usually asked is, "Do you own life insurance?" A well-known personnel director explains it this way. "We always ask whether a man has life insur­ ance, and we ask how much he owns. Why? Because the answer gives us a pretty good idea whether the fellow is well-organized, is handling his financial affairs wisely, and planning for both his own and his family's future. "If we find a man with a wife and two small chil­ dren and a thousand dollars of insurance, we wonder why he's taking such long chances." This shows one reason why so many young men today are making Lutheran Brotherhood life insurFree Upon Request. Beautiful full-color reproduction of the Reformation Window at right. Complete with historical legend. Large size (18' x 24"). Heavy stock , suitable for fra min g. M ailed in tube. No obligation, of course. Se nd y our name and address tod ay .

LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD 701 Second Avenue South • Minneapolis 2, M innesota


932 Pacifie Ave.

BR. 2-4029

Tacoma, Washington

Living benefits for Lutherans through life insurance

ance a basic part of their financial planning. Lut heran Brotherhood-with low-cost plans such as the Broth­ erhood Provider-makes it easy to avoid the rbk of putting a severe burden on your parent ·, family or dependents. 1.i he low cost also makes it easy to start building your insurance program right now while still in college. This means you can have full prot.ection t hroughout the years of heaviest family responsibil­ ities, and then at ret irement get every premiu'm dollar, plus a substantial ga.'in on yoU'( im 'estmell . Talk to your Lutheran Brotherhood repredentat ive about the advantages of beginning your in::;ur, .ce program early, when the rates are lowest-or write for details OIl Lutheran Brotherhood policies.

• IS

ebate Squad Wins 6 irsts A CPS ee I I l ht' t}'ro cbate tournament hdd last wee kend at CPS, the PLC lor!: nsic squad won six first places, '" I r:ond places and seve n third p lace-s. DO'l D o ug la3 and Orin Dahl took firs t place in the senior debate, Jim rra ynor garnered a first in senior lin pl'Orn{Jtu, Herb D empsey won t op' lton or~ in senior discussion, Bt:ttelou Macdonald ranked first among the sr n 'or wom en in extt"mp and Don Douglas captured another first in IIl Ln' s cxtemp. In the junior division Jud i John­ sao won first in the wome n's im ­ p amptu . Vther places wor. by t he forcn. ic squad in the tourney we re the fol­ lowir.g : Judi J ohnson, second in jun­ ior worm'n's interpretative readir.g; Judi Joh nson and Karcn Hegstad, third in junior women's debate ; Jeris Randall and Herb D empsey, second in senior d ebate; Bcttelou Macdon­ .lId and L ou ise K r;.abcl, third in sen­ io r debate; L en Erickson, second in onc-man sen ior debate; and Louise Kraabel, third in senior women's rxtcmp. Also indu ded in PLC winnings were: J eris R anda ll, second in senior discussion; Herb D empsey, third in se nior impromptu and third in sen­ io r m e n's extemp; Jim Traynor, sec­ ond in senior men" extemp and third in sen ior inte rp ; Orin Dahl, th :I in st:nior impromptu; and Dav!: Stua rt, third in senior dis cussion. The University of Oregon won the j llllior ivision sweepstakes in the [Qurn3.mcnt open to colleges and uni versiti es of the P acific Northwest.

To e

Th e winniug honoree will r eceive many gifts from loca l m e rchants, make publi c appea rances and com­ pt:t iO in the" " Mi ss W as hing ton" con­ t~st slat, d for May 9 at the Uni ver­ sity of Wash in!:lo n . M iss Washin g­ ton and fivl' other w inners will n:­ cc'in: sc hola rsh ip prizes, with Miss W a5hinf{ton he rself a ttending the "Miss Ame rica" o rnpe tition to vie for the big title in /\ bnti c City in ScptcmbtT. Miss America 1960 will n : " 'e a ' 10,000 scholarship prize awl a n cstim:ncd $75,0 0 0 in model­ in g and pnsonal appea rance con­ tracts. M a ny other sc holarships will rJso b awa rd ed a t the sam e time.

T o be e1igihle, con testants must be between the ages of 18 and 28 on Sept embe r 1, single and a h igh school gradua te by Se ptember 1, 1959. M r. H a nak, in a recent Moorin g M ast intervi e w, explained that Mi ss T acoma lnay possess taler.t, eithe r trainrc-d 0'- pott:ntial,of variou s forms. 1£ she wishes to pursue a p rofess ion­ al carn')' s·h r· m a y prr ,ent a three ­ minu te ta lk on her r easons for se­ lec tin !:, uch a career or on her tra ining to da te and her aims in Ih a t prof(:s~ion. "The merits of such a pageant are plentiful," Mr. Hanak con­ tinued. "Each contestant gains poise and confidence by appearing before an a udience. Public atten­ tion is drawn to her talents and

e se Win e r





Miss Universe will be crowned tonight durin g th e frosh spo nsored \Vorld's Fair, to br beld in CB-200 from 7: 30 to I F inalists in tbe M iss Universe contest are Sue Berger. Mis Finland: Karen Klienr, Miss Canada: Toni Erickson, M iss D en mark: Audry Hart, M iss United States: Marge Kru ge t, Mis Belg ium ; and Diane Roscd:lhl, Mi ss Spain . Thl' six finalists were- chosl' n U the student body from the 18 ri ,­ il' ill candidates, two o f whic h w 'rt' ..keted by r.:~ch dorm. During t h ,­ <Te ning activities, judges Miss R u th Moe, Mr. D avid Black, R ev. Stewart Govi g, Rev. C. K. M a lmin a nd Dr. W a lter Schnackenberg will m ake their dt' cision a fter each girl h as tak c n part in tlt e program.

M:SS UN I ERSE condidales ore, le ft 10 right: row one, , on i Grim:ond a nd Susie Olson; row tw o, Gini Dryer, Sheila Kn u!.(:n end Diane Allison; row three, Ko ren Kliever (finalist), t ~oji Alt l ~,a;n and r,largo Swend ; row four, Irgo Nilson, Sue " 9"r (firolist), .,r;d Karen lundun . Nol pictured are finolisls Toni Erickson, Audry Harl, Morge Kruger ond Dione Rosedohl. Other candidates not pictured are Rita Altpeter, Judy Held and Marie Peters.


" oorlng Volume XXXVI

Porlclond, Wosh.

Conce rt Su nd ay The PLC o r~hestra will pre­ se nt its annual concert this Sun­ day a t 8:00 p.m . in the CMS. !\" umbers will be " Concerto III G MinOI-," by H:lndd, with Me g Evanson playing all organ solo; "Concerto in B Minor," with Mrs. William J. Be tts featured in a viola solo ; a nd " Conn'rto No . 2," by Handel, prese nting Dave Dahl on th ~ organ,

Prof. Gordon Gilbe rt son PLC on: hest __ di rct:tor.


LC oe s oug for' issTa om

/\n invita tion has been ex tended tv a ll PLC coeds b y the Tacoma J u nior Chambe r of Cc'rnmcrc:e to p,lrticipa tf: in the forth coming "Miss Tacoma" cont ... ~t. "An cxcdle nt op­ portu nity for PLC girls to d isplay their varied ta le nts is being offered in this p ageant," a nnounced general con test chairman Dona ld Hanak _

• nl



ambitiolls and may provide a step­ ping s ton e toward her career. ElIlpha is is placed on character, poise and intelligence, as well as beauty. And, many valuablc schol­ arships are presented." Miss T a coma prdiminarics will be held M arch 19 and ~O in the Ta­ coma usa a udi torinm where th e winne r will be crowned by last year's represl' ntati\,e, Mi ss Jud ith Williams. Appli cat ion blanks arc available in the PLC bookstore. For furt he r informa ti o n con tac t the Mooring­ M as t offiCe or Mr. Donald Hana k, GR. 5-0520 (Box 12 2 1, T acoma).


The prog ram will be, divided ill to three pa rts, with the first la kin}: place from 8:00 to 8:30. At this ti me numbers will bl' presented by t hr Eighth 1\"otes, Diane Roscd a hl, Ton. E r ickson an d Marge K ruger.

ma t

Fridoy, Februory 20, 1959

F rom 9:00 to 9:30 then, will be sdcctions by Audry Hart, Sue Ber­ f~cr and Karen Klicver.

Number 14

The program from 10,15 to IO: l5 will include th e c r owning of M il;s Universe by Pastor L a rsgaard, an ori e ntal dance by Chun Hye Choe. harmon ica solo by Chong Kim a nd M exican H ~ t D a nce by Linda Erick­ son.

hoir of West. ill epart:

March 7 on Pacific Itinera ry

Pla ns a re und erway for the 32 nd annual Choir of the W es t tou r, when th e choir w ill perform throug hout Ort: gun and California fcoll1 M arch

7-2+. Grea t sa cred songs of the 16th cen tury will be featured, including "Ch ~ruLi n Son3," by GLinka; "The Spirit Also Hclpcth Us," by Bach; -'I'll 1\"ot L e t Thee Go," b y Johan Chri£toph, and " Bc[lcdictus," by Padilh e. In addition to tht'e, the group wi ll :'lng 'oiuLh COli t "1 JPOl .u y lrlu;)i as J aCGlb Handl's "I Assen t Un to My Fathcr" and F ran c i s P oulane' s " Te-ncbr"" Fac tac Sunt." Sin ': in g- u nde r the baton of Prof. Gunllar J. Malm in, nuw in hi" 23rd veal' a~ director, the 60-\"oice cho ir is a pioneer or ga ni zation in the field of a cape ll a music i. the Pac ific !'."orth wes t. On its concert tour th e- choir has visi ted ci ti es throu g hout the w estern h alf of thl tJation. 111 1930 and ag'a in in 1930 the ehoi,' took ('xtc-nded tours of thc- Midwest, goini5 as far cast as Columbus, OhIO. In th e sum mcr of 1939 thl" choi r

r"prest"nted the State of W ashing ton a t thl.: San Francisco Exposition on Treas ure Island. This yea r ' s tou r will end Tuesday <"" ening, March 24, with th e prese n­ ta tion of the Hom reoming Concert at Trinity Lutheran Church here in Parkland.

l\:umbers by the band will inc.lud e " Around tht: W o rld in 80 Days," "}.ficlni 'ht in P a l i ," " Fill iculi Fi· ie.ula ," " L i(' ("hl en~ t /' in er Polka; ' " South of t h r Ri o" and "};f ex ic-an Hn D a nce." The 36-rncllIbcr ba nd will bc' ai, ceted by Pro!' Gordon 0 _ Gilb e rtson. o rld', Fai .., t o Adm i~sio n to the Ix emcce-d by Z ane Wilson, will be ::>5 cen ts. The W orld's F a.i .. comm...m o rnl I nll' rnationaJ Wee k, which is th IS w(O(·k.

Two new ml'mO<"r5 have becn add­ ed to PLC's Am ba ssador Quartet to rc-pbu- u utgolrl g se nlors D ick F o: '~ r.: and Bob H od gl . P , oL G unnar Ma l­ rBin announced. Sidney Sh e-Ivc r, a freshma n from Concrete, Wash., will t.ake Hodge' s position as first tenor, w hile P a ul Carlson. :1 junior from Clarkston, Wash ., will replace F(wge- as fir,t ha ss. H o ld over ml"mbers of th e '1ual tet "f{' jUlliors J erry Erickson from Port ;\nf!clcs , Wash. , sf"co nd tenor, and Die ' Giger o f Canby, Ol'r-., ~l'cond bass . TIt r: g r oup is chost· n on the basis uf pe rso nality and speakin g abi lity as W t II as singing ta knt.

PLe Hosts Annual Hi School Deba te

Bae g round

T h ,: d c,i g-nin (( of th e sea l uf th e st.ate of W ashing ton has a ll intri guin" ba ckground. Shortly before the a d­ mi.sion of \-\'ashin tOll to th e Union, a committee brou g ht thl" ske tch fol' the suggested sea l to t hree brp­ thers in Olympia, who owned the oldest jewr-lry <tore in th e sta t,·, to be embossed .

On th l" 27-28th of February, PLC will hos t th e six th an nual W ash ing­ to n State D eba te- Coach es Associa­ t ion high ~chool d ebate toumamerrt. .\bou t 350 h ig h school stud ent a l" l xpe ct(-d to compete.

T he- (" ., nls in the tournament an: and two-man debate, im­ promptu sp 'aki ng, extemporaneous 'pea kin g. oratory, and inte rpr l"ltin rl'ading-. on ~ ·ma!l

With a g la nce a t the com pl<.:. desi g n, Cha rles T al­ bot e xclaimed that it was too d-tai led an d the meaning would bc:comr.: obsolete as the state progressed. Incl uded in the sketc h wcre sheep grazing at the foot of Mt. Rain ie r, whea t fidds and th e port of T acoma. With an ink bot tle and a. sil ver d olla r, Mr. Talbot traced two cil cles and printed "The Seal of the State of W ashin gton, 1889" bdwce-n th em. Th en he p a sted a postage stamp pi c turing George W ashing ton in thr.: cc n ·· teL The committee was impresse d with the ske tch . When the first leg islature met in November, th e new desi g n was immediatdy st'kcted to replace the fanner.

W ashing ton was admitted to the Union in 1889 along wi th Montana and the two Dakotas in the Omni­ bus Bill. President Harrison issued a formal procla ma­ tion declaring Washington a state on Nov. II, 1889.

J\·lod ds for th e styl e show between ta knt pt-rforman ces will be F'erni ta Albrecht, K a ren J oh nson, Nan c y J uhnson, Aldi s Ott, Judy R asmussen . nd Sharon Van Rooy.

ew Members Join Ambassador Quar ·et

ea l Design Has Interesting

Because they ha d n eve r prepa red a picture for e m­ bossing, th e three had a difficult time in cutting the die. W ashin gton's pic tu re was r eproduced from a n ad­ vertise mt:nt for "Dr. J a ne' s Cure for Co ugh s and C o lds."

Six booths fea tured w ill be an I ta li a n novelty booth, a Scandina­ "ian pastry booth , an Oriental for­ tun e telle r' a nd games of skill fro m Mf"xi,o, Afri ca and Germany_

GEORGE W AS HINGTON is honored in this officiol bro""e seol of the Stote of Washington. Posing beside the seol, locoted in the rotundo of the copitol ot Olympio, is PlC coed Judy Bechlel. The nation's copitol besides this Stote, by weoring Woshington's nome, honors him whose birthday we remember Sunday. (See story on page 21_

Even ts a r e sch,-d uJc-d to sta r t 0 F riday, Febru n ry 27, at 9:45 Ol .nL and wi ll ("ontin w' throug hou t [he· day. On Sat urd ay the events will I' n from 8 a.m . unt il the prC5e nta­ tion of awards at 6 p.m. T he two full days of eve nts will Jlro~ ide no t on ly excep tional compe­ tit ion for the p arti cipants, but a u:ood oppo r tunity for P LC studenH to bc-comc acquai nted wi th forensic~ ac tivities. The tourna ll1 ~n t w ill giv(' ,I chance fo r any intt'rcskd studcnt, to judge th e li5lcd events. With _0 many contcsta llts it is n ecessary to have a large supply of persons avail­ able for judgi ng assi gnments. All interested PLC stud ents an urged to contact Orin Dahl, H e rb D empsey, J ohn Olson, or the speech depa rtment office.

P__ O9_e__Tw_o _ _____________ PL_C_M __O_O_R_I_N_G__M _A ______________ ST F ridoy, Feb. 20, 1959 _~~



mooring mast

Varied and by Sylvia FyUing

Editor ...... .. .. ...... ... .... ....... ....... .......... ....... .Ani ta Hillesla nd

Th e tra.dit ioll of ~hnpcl a t PLC has an cxci tiIl g pa st. It is one which bas S(TO II.., car l pUS in it · stagrs of :ufanc r

News Edi !or.. _ ... .................. ..... ........ ........ ..D canna H anson

Sporn Edi tor..................................................J o m H anBon

Ft"lllure E d ILO r .............................................. C ar01 :Morris BII inf'!s Mana ger ................................. . M ary Lou JI.n!l;en ST AF - 'BarbDra J s~a cson, R eta Rempt, J ack Holl, Car. 01 !'n'rl c''', Ann Haggart, M art ha Edwards, Carol Tes­ lo w, Dar bara Bri nklt:y, P r iscilla Hu tcheson, Dick Hal­ vorson, Au dry H art, Barbara Beck ner, K a re n Toffle, I.•. T urn er, Sh:non Van R ooy, ~1 ary M oe, Pete Jor­ dah l, .i:la rb:ua J ackson, JoAnn Hudson, Vi ckie R ue. Advllll'r ............ .. .. .. ... ........................... Mr. Milton Nesvig

Au os L as



" I" 'k a bri gh t ora nge post suddenly sprouted

it. the- rn id dl' of the sidewalk leading to South Hall from


t" r Strcet. This senti nel was cvidently p osted to discourage

the lazy and irresponsi ble drivers wh o used this idewalk as a drive yay to the front door of South Hall. Pre \ iously th e d rive between the girls' domlS had to be dosed off to save the lawns and to clim­

inat a thriving ra.:clrack. Also, the exit at W heeler Street was a dange rous inters('ction be. C41 1~ dri cIS p :::d out disrc!{arding traffic and r.l "trians. These are a cou Ie of problems caused by havi ng rurs o n camp us.' A nother problt-m h as b ' (' n t he parking along Whe.:el­

r 'tr..c:t At thf' beginning of (he dlOOI y" a r the collegc tri .u to sup<:rvisl', according to Pie rce County reg ula­ tions , the on this street. D espite ch apel a nd ~1 a s t not i c.~s and the i~s uan ct: of wa rning tick­ ets, pa kin g regula tions WL:re fl agra ntly abused.

M oring

Co nsc-qllcntly, control of Wheelc r Stre,: t parking was r as~u m('d by Pierce County a utho r iti l'~. But th e n UID -

of can whi ch park in front of the CUB is evidence (hat th is problem till exists.


T he olleg e admin istration tates in the catalog that it "does not encourage students to keep an au­ lOmobile while attending college." an y other col­ leges and universities have adopted more forceful policies regarding usc of a utOllJobiles on campus.

Whitman Collf'gc. for instance, will Jiot give finan· em id to any ~tud('nt ownin,g a n au tom obile . :l\£any colle 'l'S, especiall y in the East, do not a llow any car-; on campus. PLC h as provided seven;. 1 large parlting lots to ac­ commodate the students ow ning cars. Comp ared to the la rge universities which prohibit driving 0:1 campus, the distance fl om PLC pa rking lots to the buildings is rda­ ti vt:l y , light. Still stud ents feel tha t they must drivc to the CUB rather than walk one or two blocks. Then they complain about lack of pa rking space (direc tly in front of th c door) a nd park illega lly wherever they find a vacancy.

If the prescnt trend continues p c rhaps what remains for PLC is to build a fence, or better still, a wa ll, around the campus, joining the ora nge , c:ntincl to save our lawns and students from the onslaught of the automo­ bile.

Stal:esman D ulles Thc p eople of the Uni ted States we re i nformed last weekend tha t Sec retary of State John Foster Dulles is ill with a recurrence of cancer. This hard-headed a nd resourceful man has had an important role in steering th e course of our Union for many years. especially during the Eisen­ hower administration. Dulles is one of the growing number of m e n who are makinl; a career of government work. Long hours (his Donna l work day has averaged about 11 hours with few weekends off) and hard work, combined with a sincere devotion to th e welfare of his country h ave m a de him an o utstand ing figure in public life. Evcn during periods of illness, as during his first battle with cancer two years ago, he continued his zealous drive to fulfill the enormous responsibilities of his j ob.

I t was in 1953 that Mr. Dulles became Secre­ tary of State. Consequently, he was thrust into the middle of a world crises-the "cold war" between the free world and Communism. His deep hatr ed of CODIDlUnism has resulted in a vigorous and unre­ lenting fight against this menace to the free world. Although his foreign policy has been vehemently crit icized h e dcserves the respect of a ll Americans for his genuine concern for and continued efforts in behalf of his fellow countrymen. His career has b een marked by hon esty and integrity and he should be ranked with the American statesmen of the past. -ANITA HILLESLAND

e vices Bo sl: Exciting isl:ory

SCENE Of THE FIRST re al homo o r cho pe l e ice. 0 1 Pt C. this buil d ing . completed in , 9 12, ow serve. as the Art Bu ild in g .


Many ides of Nation's apital Offer History. Culture. Beauty by Wi lli(:na Boone "Washingon, tht: fairest city in the g rcntcst land of all, named ior onl' of our country's fathers who first answered f [(,,' dom's call," go the first lines in the offi­ cial so ng of Wa shington, D. C,

To m,., a s a rt:sidt: nt of Wdshington, D. C., the city is so ma ny wond erful thin gs. The nation's capital and the city of tht: President, yes, but th at and much more, too.

Ther v'a5 th c picket fe nce w h ich onCl: cncornpasse-d U ld • I in and c-n­ dosed th,~ healthy three fee t I ig h "law n. " The kicking-post w a s then lo catccl where th ,~ swim ming pool is n ow a nd the st rcl!t ca r n BU sy carr ied wood and coa l to th- \ ("ao­ ('my. Professor John A a' ! r, who serv~d here a~ a bio Ol;y p ro[,- ,sor for 38 years and n tirrd in J to, !"ccalls

If you have never vis ited our c" .p ita l city perhaps I ("an gi ,'c )'O U at leas t a gli mpsc as I have sern it.

It is a busy city; governmen t pffi cials hurry h ere :lnd th er e.: . ;\ many-sided city; the grea t w hite govern111' nt buildin gs a s '.vell as th e slum areas have a vicw uf tl ... capitol in thei r backyards. A large percentage of the population in the city is • ' eg ro (which h as presented very few problr-r L' in integra tion p ocesses). Many peo­ pic- li,,!.: in subul'bs either in M a r yla nd or across the Potomac River in Virginia.

A city of c ulture, W as hing ton abound, with theil­ ters, libra ries, museums and collq,;r-s, A c ity of diplo­ llla ts, onl' notices :Ill the cars with " Dpl" tags and is duly impressed wh ile driving down Massachusetts Av­ .::nuc:, known as "Emba ssy Row." A sit<~ of m emorials, tilt: city makes one stand in aWe at th e fe et of Lincoln or J efferson, or gaze with craned necks a t th e huge Washing-ton }'10nument. ~ear­ by krc the hi storiol residen ce of Georgc W ashi ngton and thl' home of Ro t- rt E. L ce .

Perh aps these h istorical po in ts impress tltis grea t, great, g real n iece of D anirl Boone a lit tle more than d o othel' aspects, but to me what the (ity exemplifi es and re prese nts is thc mos t wonderful part of all. Though one dot:s not mee t the Pres id ent, th e Vice President or eve n a Senator ("\"tTY time one turn~ a cor­ n cr, when one do ~ s have the privilege of meeting and ta lkin g with such persons one discovers th ey a r e quite huma n. Also, the M emorial Bridge is ::I. symbOl of the unity of our country because it connec ts L ee's mansion and the Lincoln M emoria l, which a rc on the opposite sides of the Potomac. Th ere are m any other interesting things about my home city, but p erhaps these brief glimpses h ave h elped you to seC' it a. littk be tter -a nd maybe wili encourage you to visit it some day.

flemi se


By Bob F leming H eigh ho. W ashing ton's birthday is corning up so the kast yo u ca n do is send him a card . . . Quote: Br th es there a man with soul so d ead who never to himsdf hath said, "Why in tht' world did they put those bars ~cross the coffee shop windows? "

STUDENTS RETURN ING from chapel fil e

up Ihe hil l from the gy mn asium w he re ,ervices were conducted for five years before the completion of the CMS .

these vivid m emori,.s of wh en th e school w as a young and struggli:1g insti tution. H rcia tf' s t the h om e of chapel exeTcises found itself in th,' "Ir d now oCl-upi,. by the offices of Dean Hauge, the registrar, and Dr. Sjoding. It was here, a t 9:45 a.m., that the ~tudCllts gathered e vcr y Monda y throu gh Friday. Thursday wa s re­ se rved for student bo y chapel. Sun. day m ornings found the students a t worship along with thc Parkla nd congregation, who a t this time was witJlOut a church building of it. own. Durin g the wec k stud ents we re

cailloU to w orsh ip b y the m Uli c of a n Clt. rgt"ti r ~I ud en t m a n n i n g ' l lw nd-b 11. 011 Sunda· the ~.sp nsi­ bl li ty w as p laced on t he indi,·idual. 'tude nt effortl a nd fu nds p rovided Ju' n . t chapel aud itorium which was COtlStruc t~ d IJY the stud" Ilt3 di­ re ct ly behind ld \ 1ain. It served as " p lacp [or hoop garn es, reci tals and cha pel. i 5 I'ro[e~.or X a vi e r dc­ 5cr ibe.s it : "Thi ~ ed.iCi ce w a no more tha n a roomy, perhaps no longe r thau titt' width of the pres­ (, nt classroom IlU ildin::; ." It was in­ tcmlr:d to be on ly tt'mpor;uy, as the struct ure n o w known as the Art Build ing was then under con tn _ tio n. It was c ompleted in 19 12, an thc chapel se rvice at las t ha d a p C'.c 5uitahl.· nou gh to call its own. Bu t a growing campus resulted in m,wi ng to a nc,t h u fo ster h (lnu~~·-th .'fym na.~ill m, wh ich was located on Ihe si l,· now h" ld by the classroom 1m ildi n ~ . This old 1I:)'1. ;nCl ,juw w as built 50 th:lt the spccta tor$ »itli ng on Iw n r h ~ s, which were built in a c ircle above th e floo r, look>- d st rai ght down on " ga m e. There no bleachers at :til on the sides of the floor. H~ it wa s that speakers stood in the middlt: of th e floor, literally ca llin g up to the 3.Sscmbly. Th is building came to a su dd (~I1 cnd wh it burnf'd in 19{ . COJlstruc tion began in 1946 on the .'0'mlla, ium on I CT campu s, a nd it w as complf'"tc d in 194 7. Chapel, r " r ra ll y a wa nd r rer at h ea rt . moved

dowl\ th e hi lL Theoretica lly, com.

p u lsory clta 1 was in effect, but any a ttendan ce check was impossible be­ cause of the seating a rrangement. T his wa s allO th er situa tion where th e speakn had to speak up to the a u di­ ence. Without ei ther the Casavant or the Wurlitzcr, Professor G u nnar J. Malmin led the worship in song with th e aid of a piano which was usually out of tune. In 1952. the eMS was completed, and Ln }Yby of that year it was for­ mally dedicated . W ith th is, chapd C"xerci,cs came to rest i n the build­ ing where today's PLC family m eets daily to join hea rts and voices in prayer and praise to God.


Critic Tackles Storm y Task by Dick Halvorson The function of a c ritic is not to inflict his opinions upon the world. His. functi o~ is to stimulate thou gh t throug h a p rsonal critical analysis. !~IS analYSIS should be based on one law: Is the work accomplishing what It Intends to do. This is th e m ai n body of the criticism. The othe r p aT is m ore personal: H ow does th e critic lik e it. A critic writes to help h is form a moT(' clea r an d concise picture of his own eval uati on of the work.

Ther e a rc those who contend that only experts in the field of music or elrama should be allowed to write upon these subjects. Is music written only In keeping with MAD's campaign to bring back the for experts? If so, then the doors of the "onc~rt hall mi ght just :IS well be term m oxie I shall or will ( depending upon the Wie of dos'd to all but a sci,",·,t group. Much the samc is true with drama. Basic­ all~., i.s nO.t .th~ playa means of e ntertainment for the audience? The jour­ th e adverbial d a use and the placement of the prep osi ­

n~hstlc cntlc IS not a teac.h er. H e is a printed m('ans of helping the audience tiona l phrase within the context of the superlative con­

junction t::xcept in cases of either or and neither nor ) to attain their own eva lua tion . ma ke generous u,e of the te rm today . . . So here goes . If.a writer dare makc a defini te sta tement, the battle of lett~rs begins -moxie--thcre. I did it.

m,med:ately. Lett~ rs begin to arrivc, and all the w ri t s are putting them­ sd~e.s Ill. exactly tbe same position as the critic, with one ex ception: Their Say, how a bou t that post sticking out of the oplluon IS the standa rd by which all must be judged . sidewall. between North and Wcst Hall. The person who thought tbat one up ought to be congratulated. I d on't know how lIlany times I've gon e by there and said to JU}'self, "there ought to be a post h ere," and I'm ccrta inly overjoye.d to see someone has finally done something abou t it. This ay n one of those big trucks can drive up and down the side':I lk creating a public hazard-instead, while walk­ ing, if you're not careful, y ou may get nothing but a nasty stomach injury . . . moxie .•. New Song: "The Red in Her Chceks Has Gone Away, Since the Dmgstore Burned Down That Fatal Day" . . . There is absolutely no truth to the rumor (Continucd on p age four)

These letters usually h ave. many of the samc characteristics. There arc the big words and the "cute" phrases which arc in tended to show the ~tu­ pidity ?f the critic and the intelligence of the self·named "cxpert." Usually the wnter of th ese letters is not content just to criticize the critic for just one aspe ct of his review. He branches out into other fields an d take s on his style of writing, his taste, implying that his own personal taste is the stand­ ard by which all should really judge if th ey arc going to be a r ea l intellec­ tual. Interestingly enough, the criticism seldom comes from those who are r ea lly the experts in the field. They have the intelligence, while usually not br:-ing a .self-a ppointed intellectual, to recognize a review for what it really :s: A wntten means of thou ght stimulation. Objective criticism is always welcomed by any writer. "Cute" criticism also stimulates interest-interest in the writer's column.

Frida y, Feb. 20, 1959

'Cogers Play in Canada nd Sea t:le This Week



ac ific Lutheran's hi gh-steppin g cagers hit the hi gh wa ys hIs weeken d as th ey face the Universi ty of B rit i h C olumb ia' s

T hu nderbirds' tonight in Vancouver and Seattle P acific C ol ege .omorro w in Seattle. T he G ladia tors will be aim ing for tbeir 37th strai gh t Ever­ br'l:n Conferenc e victory and their 14th and 15 th consecutive ViM

th is


ca s 0 n a ga ins t colk gc

ellD s.

PLC a lready is assured of at lea5t 3 t ic for th e conference crown, and s on ly one m ore le a gue gam," after tonigh t. That is with Central Wash­ in g ton Jt EllcnC'lburg a w eek from ·.1 tllrcia y. La5 l :M ond ay and Tuesday the -\-ul s p la yed some of t.he best bas­ tb.. 11 " V r to be see n in th e PLC r;yID as they downed "{on tana State Colic ,·c 86-65 a nd 99·86. . Th, Tuesd ay contest was the last hf'du1cd home appea rance f or five PLC senior ba ll playe rs, R oger Iver­ >fl, Jim V a n Beck, Chuck Curtis, Buh R oiko a nd Rich H amlin.


Iverson, V an Bee k, Roiko and Cu rtis art: starte,s a nd left a mark the ir sterli ng play last Mon day UII1 Tuesd:,y in the minds of Lute fnru that will no t bc fo rgotten for q U: It: a wh ik.


In the two game series Curtis cQrrd .,) 1 pOLn ts, Van Beck 4.?, Iver­ <on :15, a nd R oiko 23. . s a team the Lutes ave raged a

Iwid ~oa l pe rcentage of 50.3 by hit­ ting 74 on 14 7 attempts. The Lut..s a lso out-rebounded the Bobe;) Is 9 to 91 o' ·t:r th e two eve­ nin g .. Cur ti, shot 57.6, Va n Beck 67.9, Roiko .52 .6 a nd Iverson 4 2.9 p er­ r ~ n t.l 's i rom the fl oo r in the ove r­ .l! stati stics 01 the battles . Throu l!hou t the s~ a so n the team n. s pJ ayn J ,(ood ball a nd has rightl y ca m , d the a dmira ti on of the co l. I"ge. L A TE M ODEL



Special Stude n t Rate s UNDE RW OOD CO RP. MA. 7-4801

1610 Center St.

Pag e l b r. .

'\ '



Pacifj " Luth eran .. 10



Eastcrn Wa sh. ...... 7 Wes tt"r n Wa sIL . ___ . 5

2 4

563 544 571 588

Wh itworth -----_ .. __ .. 4




Cen tra l VI'ash. ------ "~ BI·it. Colu mbia... ,., 2





478 558 613 720


Pugct Sou nd

District A lA Hoop Playoffs To Sta rt Feb. 28 Only two weeks remain before the ' aliona l Assoc ia tion of Intercol­ l~gi a te At hle tics nationa l basketball champ ionship t ourna me t b gi n s, a nd P acifi c Lutheran's high-flying Gladi ators hope to be representing the Pacific I\orthwest for the fourth st raight yea.r in the tourney. But before a ny tea m ca n go to K a nsas City they must win t he dis­ trict tou rn ament. To d o this the two top team s on the wes t side of the Cascade Iv! Olll1­ ta ins a nd the two bes t. nn the east si dc off in a one game seri es on F eb ruary 28, and the winners of those fra mes me et in a best of three ga m rs ser ies !vfa r. 2, 3 a nd, if nec­ essary, 4 . Th e teams tha t will m ee t in these pl ayo ff~ w ill probably be selec ted Su nday. Poss ibilities on this sid e in­ dud" Scatt l.. Pac ifi c, Western Wnsh­ in gton a nd PLC . T eams eligible in the East are W'h itma n, Gonzaga a nd Easte rn, Centra l Washington and Wh itworth Colleges. Th e fin al best of three series will be played in the gym of the team fr om the oth er side of the moun­ tal l1$ ,incc la.,t vea r it was played he re at Parkland. T h N at ional Tournament is J. 32-tcarn single elimination event, a nd it will ta ke pla ce March 9 to 14 , in the K. C. Municipa l Audi­ torium . If PLC's successful year is ny sig n of thing to come, the L u tes w ill ma ke their fourth consecu tive trip to K a nsas City.


Custom mad e t o your order PLC BOOKSTORE Glenn Camp bell

3·IN·1 TO BEnER SERVE YOU Standard Heating Oils -- Heating Equip ment Heating Service Enjoy That "PLUS" Service

Games T h is Week Friday : E as t e I'n Washi ng ton at Western Washing ton, Whitworth at Pu ge t Sound, Pa cific Luthera n at Br itish Colum bia. Saturday: Pa cific Luthera n at Sc­ :1ttlc Pacific ( non- conferen ce), C en­ tral W ash ington at Bri tish ol um­ b ia, Whitworth at W estern 'Vash­ in gton, Eastern Wa ~hi ngto n at Pu­ get Sound.

Skiing Made Official Minor Spol't at PLC Dr. S. C. E a stvold a nnounced !:ist week tha t skiin g is now consid ­ ered an intercollegia te sport at PLC. a . ha dr ives in fo r a ja y· in la~t wee k aga in st W estern Wa shin3 to n Colleg~ ;n !hi> Lul" s' gym . The o the r PLC p laye r is Ra ge, l~ e nG " . The G l a~ i,,!ors d efeatEd the ' i!dccts 84-56 und Cu rtis added 20 n,ore o lnts du ring the g a me to h is lC care.,. scoring record. Tonight the Lute s are facing t he Un iver5ity 01 Briti. " Columbia Thunderbirds in Vancouver and to morrow flight they take o n Ih e Soottie Pa cific Falcons in Saattle.





Sen io r Ca ge rs St ar Skiers Put Up Fight Fac ulty Riding High

by Zane Wilson M o nta na State fou ght gal1ldy', bu t the fin a l two home games proved t o be the frost in g for PLC's Three Musketeers a nd D ' Artagnon , in the form of R oger I verson, Chuck C urti s, Jim Van Beck a nd Bob Roiko. The four senior st;,rtcn> we re ihc bi" guns in the two ga me se ries, but don't forget the other sta rter, T orm D ar,l, who C3 l1sed the Bobe lts more pa in than a f1 1C'u thfu l of wisd om tee th. T hi s i, also a good time to acknowled ge the Gladiator reserves, includ­ ing PLC's fifth diploma can d ida te, R ich H a mli n. These ball players don't receive the publicity given the first five, but nevertheless, they carry a big share of the load and account for a lot of points. Skiing has gone intcrw llcgiate a t Pa cific Lutheran and, though fa iling to b rin g home the bacon f.rom Oregon l a.~t weekend, the skiers are looking to the fu tun:. The Lutes were buckin g too mu ch experi ence a t ~ft. Hood, as Oregon S tate Coll ege pa cked home th e trophi es. But PLC has by no means slowed do wn. W{'ekelld p rac ti ces have bee n resumed in preparation for a meet. a t White Pass, March 1 and 8. The Faculty is running high, wide, and handsome in the intramural basketbaIl league. Only DeJ ardine's have really p ressed them. Basket­ ball eoach Gene Lundgaard, and Mark Salzman, a thletic director, are both playing for the faculty , but it is a foregone con clusion for every­ one a t th e gyIll tha t some of th cir cr azy, a ft er game a rguments arc even better than the games themselves.





Phone LEnox 7-0256

120th & Pacific Avenue



A CCOI ding to Athle ti c Direclor M ark Sa lzman it w ill be consid ered minor spo rt such as tennis and golf, and thero: will be no coach as­ signed to the team.



Checking Dnd

SDvings Accounts

Dnd all other

~= baak services /_ for co llege







", f.w' . "

'-0 £11 .. ..

P A fl ttn4G

. " o . 1T ,:o ., UIII""':'l! co ".o"



121st and Pacifi c Aven ue

Phone LE. 7-3 171









and Vicinity

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PHONE LE. 7-7100


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3820 South Yakima


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Page Four


Friday, Feb. 20, 1959

Infernatio al Sudents Are Org nizi g

New lub;All PL( tude Is Welcome

by V il:ki Rue The first mee ting of th e Interna­ tional Students was held !::l st Tu es­ day. The me eting, open to t.:vcryonc, was to acqu aint them with the plans of the newly organized club, whose purpose it is to help us lea rn more about other countries, customs and p c-oplt'. It wa s stressed that this or­ g:lOization was for the America n stud l'nts as w,,11 as fo r the forei g n students here on campus. Presently workin g on a constitution for this club are D ong Hou, Karl M elkevik, Peter Won g a nd M ing Yec Wong.

* • * MENC, Mus ic Educators Nation­ al Confe rence, will send delegates to the regiona l convention in Sea ttle on March 4-6. Del gates from Wash­ ington, Oregon, Ida ho, Montana a nd British C olumbia will compose a Northwes t ban d, orchestra, and choir. M eetin gs of the MENC are held eve ry second Wednesday of every month. It is a branch of NEA, a nd anyone interested in the musi c t'dul:ation fidd is invited to attend.

* * * At the first election of the newly fOimcd Veterans' C lub of PLC, offi­ cers elect ed were Pa ul Benson, com­ mande r ; C a rson Clandifer, vice-com­ mander'; Bert Freeman, adjutant, and Dale Homes tead, finance offi­ cer. Dr. Dona ld R. Fanner is ad­ visor and parliamenta rian. Thc club, formed as a s.;n'i ce group, is open to all students. men and women, who have had 90 days of active service in th e Armed Forces.

• • • Past and present Spurs on campus n:lebrated the 37th anniversary of the Nati ona l Spurs Organizat ion this


pas t w e('k a t their annual founders d ay banq uet. The orga niza tion was foulld ed t Mon ta na Sta te: Coll c g~ in Bozema n, Mon t. ..• on F ebrua ry 14, 1922. The re arc now abou t 3 ~ chap­ te rs in 12 states. Miss Gra cl Bloom­ qui st, th e first PLC Spur advisor, a nd M rs. T. O. Karl, pn:s,>nt a d­ viso r, bot h h onora ry Spurs, were p reS (, f

AW S Plan ning March Mot her's DayWeekend "Ain' t She SWCd " has bee n chos­ en ;\5 tht" theme' for the annual AWS M other's Day Weekend to be held on the PLO campus M a rch 13-1 4 -15 . Pla ns whi ch are unde rway for the prog ra m will gin with re gistration on Friday, the 13th. The weekend schcdul.. will in­ clude seeing the Alpha Psi Omega play, "Cherry Orchard," on Frida.y. and th e children's production, "Ali ce in Wond erland," on Saturday after­ noon. During the Sa turday evening pro­ gram a moth er will be crowned qupen, a nd two other mothers will reign as princess s over th e weekend. Alice Jessen and Jane Ross arc eo-chainnen for the e\'ent.

Old Issues Available Copies of back issues of the Moor­ ing Mast published this yea r arc ava ilabk. Anyone desiring old copies of the newspape r may stop in at the Moor­ ing Mast offiee on Monday, Tuesday or Wedncsday Press r("leases giving further infor­ mation about schola rships and travel progra ms are also on file in the Mooring Mast offic., .

by Bibler

icket aleSars Tuesda

For ICC Snow eke d

(Con ti nlll·d fr om pagt.: two)

th a t Dr. Eas t\"o ld ha . app roa ched me with a pla n for a pad:age d eal. Wi th (' ., I Y copy of his "Aruund thl: \\'o rld in 180 D i1 Ys" We" indud l: a copy of m y book, " Aroun d th c C offe<" Shop in 3 Seconds Flat ," or as it otherwi se is known , " The F le min g Scz Y,"arsbook" .. . I k now you' ll pa rdon me fo r br in gin g it up, but I j ust thou ght th is type r story should be clea red up . . . rnOXlt.

Then cam t> the wa r with th e Mau M " llS. A native sped r hit me a nd pinned m t' to a tree for fiv e days. It didn' t rea lly bother m e, thou gh. Only wh en I laughed. Attl·ntion. Girls! Mr. F au lk has some terrific. shock· in g re"d n ile-cs in the book sto re. Stop in and ask him tu mod el on e for yuu . T ell him I sent you . I just signed up with a na tio nal booking a gency. It's nice to know tha t now I'm not only out of work h ere but all O\'cr th e na tioll. My, my ... As I Pu A R eco rd On The Old V :c ' r ola, She Dropped A Mickey In My Pepsi C ola .. . Goom bye, Uncle Bob-Bob.

Ti (' h·ts for tht.: ICC SIl UW Wcekn ,d, ~'I arr h "-8, will go on sale next Tun d ay, ,tn no une eJ chai lOa lVlavis Eve rette. The S'LOO ticket will cover th., ni gl1t's Ibdg ing, . spaghetti dinn n Sa turda y n ight, pancake breillast and turkey dinne r on Sunday. Pa n icipan ts will leave the PLC campus S t u rd a) morn ing for Mt. R a in ier. Skiel's are urged t bti ng ·lon their sk i equipnu' nt, while tobogga ns a nd sleds will 1,1(. a va ilable fo r the nOTl-, ki er:s . Gam es, food and d evotions will be off. rcd Sururda) ni gh t a t the lodge, where accommoda ti ons w ill b" avail­ .I.ble fo r 70 stuc tcnts. Kappa Rh o K appa will take chat !!:t of the Sunday morning church ,en'icc at th, lod ge. Committees arc: ti cket sales, Propeller Club ; Jevu­ tions, LDR ; poste-rs, Art Club; refreshments, Stul:n H:lII . circulars, Iv)' Hall ; a nd clean-up, Eve rgree n Court. ICC hopes to make he Snow Wee kend an ann ual a ffa ir. Students are asked to brmg along their own bedd inl!' . Transportation will be by car.

High School Pla ys For March 7-8


Nine area hi gh schools will par­ ticipate in the one-act play contest March 7-8 oh the Pacific Lutheran stage, sponso red by Alpha Psi Ome­ ga, honorary speech fraternity.

12173 Pacific Ave. LE.7'()200 (Foot of Garfield) We Deliver

One hundred dra ma students will participate from Fra nklin and Roose­ velt in Sea ttl e; Bethe l, Eve rett, Ort­ in g, Renton, Puyallup, Ballard and Clover Park. The one-ac t play fes­ tival will begin with registra tion Fri­ d ay afternoon and a banquet that evening. Contesting plays will be presented on th e CMS stage all day Saturday. PLC students are invited to the contest without charge, a ccording to committee chairma n Arlen e Halvor. Also on thc pla nnin g committee arc Dan Triolo and Lyle P ea rson.

Flowers for All Occasions

LAURINAT'Sapparel We Outfit Coeds 406 Garfield

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One-Day Service Mrs. Jo Summers


__P_a_r_kl_a_n_d_C _e_n_t_e_r_______P_h_o_"_e_L_E_._7_-_4_30_0_ _

Mrs. Edna Gabrielsen Kirled in A uto Crash Mrs. Gabriel Gabriels ·· n. mother of PLC foo tball coach ,Tim Gabriel­ sen, was killed in an auto accident last Saturday n i g h t near Fargo, North Dakota. His fa ther, the R ev. Gabriel Ga­ brielsen of Wyndme re, N . D., is in a hospital in Breckinridge, Min n., where he is still on the criti cal list. H t.: is suffering from a punctured lun g combined with a ba d a ttack of asthma, and severa l brok en ribs. In a ddition to her husband and son Jim , Mrs. G abrielsen is survived by a noth er son, Paul. P aul is a pas­ tor in Frankville, Wisconsin. Th e funeral £01' Mrs. Gabridsen was held Wednesda y in Trinity Lu­ theran Church, Moorhead, Minn . D urin g the a bse nce of Jim Ga­ brielse n an d his wife, both of whom left carly Sunday r1.lorning, PLC coed Faith Kuball is taking ca re of th ei r three children. SUP PO RT OUR A DVERTISERS PERMANENTS THAT SATISFY HAIR CUTTING AND STYLING

Charm Beauty Salon Blanche Lingbloom LE.7-7475


" Well Dean, for the la •• few days we've b.en d iscussing theories of revolution­ and then about ten minute. after clas. took up today . . ."

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Need student with car to work 8 to 12 hours weekly, at $1.25 per hour. Call LE. 7-0271, E.C. 21, 1·3 p.m., for personal interview.




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Q .-. .- .D.

Yes, it's been demonstrated time and time again, that for real refreshment it's Coke every time! Add up that cold crisp t aste, that lively lift and you really have a drink worth going after. So whenever t he crowd has a multiple thirst, make the high sign of good taste __ . pass around the Coca-Cola ! Quod Erat Demonstrandum!

BE REALLY REFRESHED ••• HAVE A COKE Bottfed under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by



High chool Debate rs Invade Cam pus

PlC DEBATORS Orin Dahl, left, and Dave Stuart check over the schedule of ac!iviti"s for the high school debate tournament hosted here today and tomorrow. Contests will end with an awards program tomorrow evening.

l:ude ni: Chapel Program Says This Is Your Life, Dr. Hauge The Student Council presentation uf the chapel program last Wednes­ day hono t ed PLC's dean and regis­ trar, Philip E. Hauge.

financial position, both agreed to postpone it one year. It was during that year, 1920,

Emma Hauge, Dr. Hauge's moth­ er, was fluwn by the student body from Canton, South Dakota, to b e wi th h Ull . She w~s accompanied by h l:.l d'lUghter, Esther Magill. The two will remail! ulltil Sunday, when the! w ili fly back to Can tall.

The Lute population htl'e at Pa­ cifi t Lutht:ran College has increased by almost 800 in the past five years. The 1953-54 school year saw 1331 students (including the "sun; mer only" group) enrolling. This figure included 669 women and 662 men. The addition of 796 more col­ legians to the student body since then has carried the total enrollment to 2, 127. He re the w omen exceed th en in number by 91. This fig­ ure also includes the students who attended only during the summer "eSSlOn.

1111: reg ister for t h e present spring semester (1959) includes 1,519 stu­ dents. In this number we have 736 womt~n and 783 men.

Deleg a tes Chosen For ElC Conclave Karen Abt'" lson and Tudi Rogness will represent PLC at the 42nd an­ nual ELC Student Conference to be held March 6, 7, 8 at St. Olaf Col­ lege in Northfield, Minnesota. T h e thcmc of the conference will be "The Learning Which Leads to Wi&doIT1." Del egates will be present from all ELC senior colleges. Karen and Tudi, both freshmen, were chosen through applications made by ELC students to the board of deacons of the student congrega­ tion.

According to the general d;1'ccto1" of the tournament, Orin Dahl, PLC senior, a. tight ~3C <! for the honors is expected. Both M';TCp.r Island and North Central High School of Spokane will bt· out to repeat swecp,ltake vic­ tories. Dahl and the steering committee made up of Be tti-­ Iou lvlacdunald, Don Douglas and Jim Traynor will be assisted by PLC forensics squad members Herb Demp ­ sey, Louise K raabc:l, Dclores N:ms, Jerry Olson, Jeris Randall and Dave Stuart, all heads of committees for this tournament.

" moorIng r

durin.:; ch". pel W C'dnesday we re his wife Marg rd he ; his broth er Law re nce Hauge a nd fa m ily from Portland , On' go n ; dau g h ter Janet C arl,,)n and fami ly from Astori;l, ~ cno n : son Larry and family of L a kcw< d · the Cliff O lson', of Ta­ coma, lOrIm:l" PLC athktic director ; a nd P rof. and Mrs. A. W. Ram;'lad.

800 Within 5 Years

All the schaois will be divided into eastern and west­ ern divisions to fa cilitate matching' a nd also to g ive all learm th e opportunity to m eet schools t11:l t are n ot from their own area.

Parkland, Wash.

ma t

Friday, f e b rua ry 27, 195 9

Number 15



PLC Enrollment Jumps

Beginning at 9:'}5 a.m. today the contests will run till 9:15 tonight. Tomorrow's events sW.!"t at 8:00 a.m . and conti nu e until the aWaI'ds progra m at 6:00 p.m.


Vo lume XXXVI

t b e r p eople w h o joined Dr.

Durin g the chapel program, D::-. ILw ge was presented with an album containing script a nd pi ctures of his life. The id",1 for honoring Dean lfauge ori ginated \vith the Student Cuuncil to show appreciation for t he fine work and long years of service that Dr. Hauge has g iven PLC. In 191 6 Philip H a u ge e n tered St . OLer's. U pon graduation, he and a friend planned to go on to law seiLOol, but becau:ic of his friend's

About 350 h ie;h school debaters invad ed the campu~ today as their sixth annual tournamen t at PLC got under \vay this n10rning. This event, sponsored by the Pi K appa Delta organ­ i:mtio'\ at P LC, e:: p<~cts contestants from over 35 high schools in 'Vashington and Oregon. Also, this tourna­ ment has been chosen for the meetin g of thl~ 'Vashins ­ lOn State High School Interschola.:; tic Activities Asso­ ci a tion, as well as for the debate m a nagers. The contestants will be com po ling in oratory, ex­ lernpomncl'us speaking, impromptu speaking, interpn:­ tative reading and debate. Tht. topics for extemporan­ eous speaking are "Current International Rclatiom," "Domestic Affairs" and "Current Social Problems of High School Students." The impromptu topic is "Inter­ natiunal Control of Nuclear Development." Those de­ bating wil! discuss the subject "Resolved: that the pub­ lic elementary and secondary schools in the United States should be fundo.mcntally r e,·iscd."




res ar "

c .. ' o n I I :Jn

F'<-~ r i. · o\v,

C~l nadiall



p.m. " , on i' of th e two concluding ,\ rt "st St r i('s p n 'se n tation5 tlli:s year.

Dr. Hauge and l\lolher

C)n. · of Far rov/ s n lost engrossin g­ b~t' n l,vi t h t h e Bach

!'u i~ G rou p :n t he ::'I'w York area. H,.. i , th onl y si ngu to h aye p " r­ funnc'd w ith tht" gruu p eve!") ~f' , son "inC(: it s oc" in n in ::; in 19+7. Other f:~·.InoLrs ~: ~n g ~rs inclL~d ~t d ia this g r oup a n ' lvl a !'i~-].n .A.ndc rson, Ja n PCt'rcc, Jenni t, P eer-ee, Jen n Ie: T'ourel and E !t-anoF S:ebc.r.

activi lie.j h a:i

th a t Hau.'!'," ca me to PLC. In 1922 he IlHl rried t lle II1 U~ic t["3 cht' r, h-fa r­ ~rcth t Jess{· n. He received his M.A. fro m th" eni. ersity of Washington in 192+, and his Ph.D. in 1942, the year h,~ clliistt; d in the D. S. Anny Air Force. When he was discharged as Lt. Colonel in 1945, he returned to PLC as dean and registrar, the posi­ tion he holds today. While he was attending sc hool, he was active in sports, choir and for­ ensics. In his senior year at St. Olafs he was runner-up in the forensics National Tournament. During his teaching career, he taught English, psychology, and in the education department, and was debate coach and timer of athletic events.

La st DC'cernbcr 1-fr. F " r tow madc his r-:c-w York Philharmonic debut w it t"" he appeared as soloist in the Bach Magnificat with LeonardBern­ stein conducting. Mr. Farrow uri ,,;inally planned to be a historian, but a fellowship to Julliard Graduate School of Music changed his "singing for fun" col­ lege days into full-time music study. He and his pianist wife, the former Dorothy BlOhm, have tourned Eur-

Beards Will Be Judged Tonight "There's something about a beard, it kinda grows on you!" This seems to be the motto of this year's a nnual A.P.O. beard-growing contest which is now in full swing. Man' Jacobson is general chair­ man for the cuntest and he is being assisted by Bob Ohen, last year's general chairman. The rules for entering the contest state that boys must be clean shaven, non-A.P.O. members and that girls must have theil parents' pennission. On February 3, 22 clean-shaven boys si g ned up for the contest and began to diligently grow beards. Th e contest will end tonight with t h e judging of the beards during the half time of the PLC-Western play­ off game. Judges for the contest are Miss

Patricia Thompson, Mrs. Rho d a Young and the Rev. John Larsgaard. Prizes will be awarded for the most colorful beard, the best mous­

tache and 'goatee, the. best trimmed beard and the belt full beard.

According to Bob Olsen, "Some lJoys will keep their beards after the con test because they w ill fi nd that they arc very much attached to them!"



he w as at th e Uni n ' n ity of Acadia in Canada. A rccC"ption hO!1(, r iag- Mr. Farrnw and hi.s pianist will be held in So uth Hall lounge following the con ~rt Students and frit:nds arc invited by the Ta5Sels who arc ,ponsoring the

reception. Th" C0nuTt is op.. n to student card h olders and fa cu lt y withou[ c.harg:- . Ticke a ls o will be sold at the door. Dress for the concert will be dressy dresses for the girls.


t()nc, ",;,ill p n '.;;r nt a co ncert on t h e

PLC :. ta " t: ne x t Tllllrsd ay



Norman Farrow ope, South America, Bermuda and the West Indies in addition to our own contment. Recital programs range from Ger­ man lieder to American folk songs, and he has sung in many ope.ra per­ formances on the stage, TV and radio. One of his most popular oper­ atic appearances was in the CBS production of M enotti's "The Tele­ phone." Other opera performances have included Eugene Oncgin, Don Giovanni, Cosi fan Tutte, La C lem­ enca di Tito and La Traviata. Farrow was once the pupil of Prof. Frederick L. Newnham, when

that will be among tho .. ludged In the APO beard growing Bob Erickson, center, looks on a. lob C. Ol ..n, right, adml... Jim Albers' beard.

LC StudentsPlan LiteraryMa azine A new venture at PLC-a campus literary publication - will be .dis­ cussed at an organizational meeting scheduled for next Thursday at 7 p.m. in Old Main, room 1. The proposcd publication h~ bcen tentatively planned and is a result of stu dents' desire to fill a. long-felt PLC need, according to Don Glass, PLC junior w or king on the Ii tcrary venture. The student group seeking the: publica tion has thus far r ' ceived ap­ proval from the English department and from Dean Hauge. The group i., now g<1thering reactions from PL students and is scekicl g information from other colleges. On the agenda for Thurs(b y' ~ 111t' ~ ting arc a su mmary of planning, fo r mal adoption of a plan for the publira lio", and election of editon. Positions presently proposed arc ,·ditor-in-chid, fiction editor, poetry editor and non-fiction editor. Nominees must be an English ma­ jor or m inor and have the app roval of the English department. Nomina­ tions must be submitted to D r . Rcig­ stad or Dr. Ranson by next Tuesday. Following Thursday's concert, the Roger W agner Chorale will be the conduding Artist Series presentation. of rthis school year.

This group of 28 singers comei' from Los Angeles, Calif., where the director, Roger Wagner, is active as choral director for most Hollywood films.

Page Two


FrIday, February 27, 1959



School In Session -- All Types Ca rs Jam Ca mpus

moorIng mast


by Bob Olsen

Editor ........................................................ Anita Hillesla nd

N ew Ed itoL................ ..............................Dea nna H a nson

Sports Editor................. _................................John H a nson

F ea ture EditoL ....................... __... _..... _......... C a ro1 Morris

Businr-ss M anage r ....................... _.......... Mary Lou F.n !1;cn

STAFF--Ba rba ra Isaacson, R eta R empt, J ack Holl, Car­ ol Frrnch, Ann H aggart, M arth a Edwa rds, Carol Tcs­ low. Barba ra Brinkley, Prisci lla Hutcheson, Dick H a l­ vo rson , Audry Hart, Barba ra Beckne r, K a ren Tofflc, L ,' c Turn e r, ~haron Van Rooy, M a ry M oe, P ete Jor­ d ah l, Barba ra Jackson, JoAnn Hudson , Vickie Rue. Advi~,.' L ........................... _.................. Mr. Milton N esvig

Th e occasiona l visitor to the PLC campus has DO tlifficu lty in tcll ing whether or not sch ool is in s·ssion. D uring vaca tions, one misses the ca rs that fi ll the park. ing lots across from Old M a in, next to .Ev.. rgrec n, and ovcrflow down Wheder Street.

Publishcd Frida ys of the sch ool year by the students of Pacific IJutheran College, Parkland, Wash. O ffi ce: College Uni on Building Phone LEnox 7-86 11 , E xtcnsion 4 1 Sub;cription price $3.00 per year.

Berlin Crisis C omm un ist a ggress ion has p roduced many c ritical a reas in the globe today, each of conce rn to the free world . R ece ntly, the spotli gh t w as a imed at Berlin . After World W ar II, defeated and demoralizcd Germany was divided into four segments, according t o the P otsdam Agreement of 1945. East Germany went to the Soviets and West Germany was split into United States, British and French zones. Ber· lin , in the heart of Soviet controlled East Germany, became Allied headquarters and was likewise di· \·ided into Eastern and Western ~ctors. The pu rpose of this occupation w as to prep a re the Gt:rma n p pople "for eventu al r econstructi on of their life on a democ l'atic a nd peaceful basis." Although the occupation was to end when penna n­ ent plans had been made for G enna ny's future, the country-after 13 years-is still divid ed . This is a re­ sult of a "cold war" betwee n the Sovie t Union and the West. The western zones of Germany have united in the independent and democratic Federal Republic of Germany which received its sovereignty in 1955. The Soviet Union has not lived up to its duties in helping the GenJlan people reach peaceful reunifi­ cation , according to the Potsdam Agreement, for it continues to dominate the government of East Ger­ many. Utter fa ilure has marked all efforts to reunite G er­ many according to either Soviet or W estern plans. Frec elec tions " throughout" Germany is insisted upon by th" West as a step toward reunification. The Communists, fea rful of defeat a t the polls, d em a nd ra the r a " confed­ eration" of the two pa rts of Genna ny. This, in other words, would be a union of one free government a nd one communist. A lso, such a merger, say the Soviets, should be negotiated by the two "Gennanys" th em­ selves. If the free and commu n ist powers ca nnot now a grl'l: how could such a union accomplish anything--except the a ims of the Reds. During these years following World War II the Sovi...ts h ave continually sought to gain control of Ber­ lin. For instance, in 1948 in an effort to force the Allies to relinquish their control Stalin attempted his Berlin blockade. Because Berlin is located w ell within East G ermany he was able to choke off shipment of a ll sup­ plie.s by land into West Berlin. A gigantic U. S. airlift brou ght in food, fuel and other supplies throughout the duration of the 10-month blockade. Rccently the Soviets proposed tha t West Berlin be­ come a "free city"-independ cnt of both West and East Germany, and with no Western troops to protect it. The danger of such a plan is that it could remain "free" only as long as the East Gennan regime chose. More­ over, postwar G ermany, now in two sections, would be divided into three parts. Despite denunciation by West Gennany and the Allies, Soviet Premier Kruschev announced that Moscow would rega rd the change as made " in six months." If the West then used force to maintain its position the Sovicts would fight . The six months will soon be up. Then the West must back up its reply to resist or else vacate West Berlin. So now our attention is directed once again to this hot-spot. The anny chief of staff, Gen. Ma.~· well D. Taylor, stated the opinion and firm belief last Sunday, Feb. 22, that the United States has the necessary strength to resist force in Berlin "if we .are willing to mobilize and do so in time." Weat Berlin is important to the frce world as a val· uable post from which to observe Communist activities and is a "showca se" of delI10cracy and prosperity for the oppressed people of E ast Berlin and East G ernlany. Thus its fate is vital to all cltizem of the free world. -ANI1'A HlLLESLAND

P hone O peraf=ors •IS For Bef=t:er Co m unicati ns "The bus ier the better," say opera tors Sa lly .'lixon, left, and Bev Ben­ son, both pi ctured above, speaking of their c.ampus jobs on the colk g" switchboa rd . " We would like to clarify a few of the situa tions the sw itchboa rd en· counters in its handlin g of nume rous ca lls enTY d a y. Th ese few helpfu l rules w ill lead to bettcr serv ice for everyone con ce rned," sa ys J a ne R oss, head opera tor.

I. D o not ask operators for their names. T hey arc not perm itted to r ..­ l"ase them . 2. Do not call right next door or in th e same co rridor. In most cases, you can wa lk there fas te r. 3. Do not jiggle the hook on your tl'lcphone to attract the a tt ention of th e ope ra tor. When you lift your phone off the hook, a li ght registers on the bo;,rd, and the opera tor takes care of it as soon as she can. Your jiggling on ly makes her wa nt to let you wait longer.

Nearly 50 per cen t of the re5id ent oys a nd possibly 3 per cent of th e Kirls h ave cars on campus, bringi ng t he ota l to around 150. The cars range fro m a 1928 ,{odd A to at least on e '59('r. T h a t sam e }..Iodel A, a foot off th e g rou nd a t the lowest poi nt ( tires not coun t­ rd ) eontl'asts with va r ious " \tad s le d~ " tha t have: tIOU­ hi.. r u n n ing over man h ole cove rs. There a rc no real " h ot rods," h owever; the student's car is for th e pu rpose of brin gi ng him to the ca mpm, tra nspo rt in g him w hi le h ~ is h er ... , a nd ta km s him hom · T he caf> a rf' generally unspectacular, though th 'Y in cl ude a f("w V olkswagc ns, an MG, two Fiats and about five conve rtibles. The la tter, whilc excellent soc ia l se­ curity, arc impncti cal considering ou r ai r·conditioned p a rkin g a ccommoda tions . Th e ca rs a rc n early a ll used . T he m ajority are p ur­ chased hy the stud ents themselves, and th e ave.ragc: liCt'mr fcc is $ 1 L Chcvies and Fords sCl"m to oc the fa \'orih'~

W h iI..- ther a rt"" som e p ar king probkms (you must arl mit, howeve r, tha t the stud ents pa rk be twec n the " no-pu rking" signs ra thcr tha n in fron t of them ) can a rc ce rtain ly lifesavers as far as ma ny campus activities a rc.: con cerned. An outstan ding cxample is the group of 150 stucif'nts wh o drove ov er to wa tch u s bca t Whit­ worth and Easte rn ea rl y th is month. More recently even large r crowd s went to the CPS and SPC games, so many that the rooters for the home teams were outnumbered. U ntil th e administration finds it necessary to build a helicopter pa rking lot, one of the ou tstand ing fcatures of campus life will be the autocracy of the collegi' -e car.

4. D o not try to make long distancc calls from the board. Use the pay phone. The boa rd ca nnot take care of the charges, nor can it acc.ept collect cha rges to your room .

Capitol Theatre Presents Entertainin g Foreig n Films

5 . In plac ing outside calls, the board is charged for a call when the -:;'aled n u mber a nswers the phone. Tha t is h y ~: must ch arge you for tb,. c.,11 when the number answers, even if you do not gct your specific party on tl: c other end . It is the samc principle which is involved in using a pay phone. 6. Wht:n a n outside call comes in for a donnitory room, the caller does not hea r a ring when we ring the room, only a click. Don't worry that your call isn' t getting a ttention because you do not hear a ring.

by J oAnn Hudson If you should c:ver become tire of the lame type of entertainment and long for something new and very different, why not try a foreign film at the Capitol Theatre ? The Capitol, locatcd at 4803 S. Yakima, is Taco­ ma's only showhouse that presents the best in foreign films. It is unlike other theatres, being a rather homey, friendly place. But it is also necessary to dress warmly because often it is chilly--maybe it is for that rc.ason they serve hot coffee at intermission. The films are from many different countries. The actors speak in their own language, but there is a writ­ ten translation in English. It is challenging fun to try to follow the dialogue in the foreign language. I t is also refreshing to see a style of acting that i~ quite unlike the American type and usually extreme.1y good. Some of the outstanding films that have been pre.­ sented there are: Stendhal's "Le Rouge et Le Noir"; a version of a Zola novel, "Gervaise," starring Maria Schell ; and a Swedish film., "The Summer Winds Blow." If you arc looking' for something a little d ifferent and very enjoyable in weekend entertainment, cons; " cc a foreign film at Tacoma's Capitol Theatre.

7. Contra ry to popular notion, the operaton do not listen in to your ca lls. Th eir jobs are a t stake if they do. Only in placin g an outside call do they listen unt il the party answers. 8 . If there is something wrong with your phone, contact the board right away so that the difficulty can be repa ired .

fleming sez:

By Bob Fleming

H e igh ho. I just read about a rich old lady who died and left her French poodle $200,000! Can you imag ine that? $200,000 to a pet? And the funny pa rt of it is, the dog didn't ge t a cent. The old lady's parakeet broke the will. I've just heard of a new type tranquilizer. It doesn't relax y~. It just makes you enjoy feeling tense .•. I just saw a funny thing. I was passing the traffic signal on Airport and Park Avenue and I heard the red light say to the green light: "I wonder where the yellow went?" First man: "I won't say she's odd, but all day long she just sits in a corner and files h er nails." 2nd man: "What's ~o odd about filing your Other college newspapers have observed Rusaian na ils?" Ist man : "In alphabetical ordcr?" . . . Is there any tru th to the education. These quotes are furnished by the Associated rumor that this collcge is currently being investigated by the American Collegiate Press. L ..g ion for refusing to recognize G eorge Washington's birthday? I tell you Union College Prof. Curtis L . Hemenway got the it brings .a tea r to my eye. "red carpet treatment" in Russia. The Schenectady Special advice to girls: If you're looking for a husband, find an man told Concordiensis that Soviet hospitality wa.5 so archeologist. That way, the older you get, the more he's gonua be fas­ "overdone" that he and his party had to wait two hours cinated by you ... FOR SALE: Twelve slightly cracked Gardol shields. at the airport for limousines to their hotel. The RUI­ Inquire Colgate, Palmolive Peet Co. sians wouldn't hear of the Americans riding the avail­ Did you hear the one about the auto mecb anic who crawled out from able buses. under the car and told its owner there was a short circuit in the ignition? He emphasized: "Their efforts are really intense in And she said: "Well don't just stand, man, lengthen it! Length en it!" the direction of the science." A science student hM, Here's a reminder that my book is still on sa le . . . IMPRESSION OF among other privileges, his own room complete with A 90·DAY WONDER ON HIS FIRST SHIP: "Hcy, Sailor. C'mere. How good furniture; a language student shares his room with long you been in the navy? Six weeks, huh? You know, if the captain ever four others. caught you ca lling that deck a floor, he'd throw you ri ght out on e of those U n ive rsity of Pittsburgh Chancellor Litchfield ob­ little round windows" . . . It doesn't ta ke much to milk a cow-any jerk served, a ft er a recent Russia n tour, that in the Sovic t can do i t. Union the hard-working and. superior student is gard ed as it " h ero ." . . . .. . I just read where L eonardo Da Vinci spent almost two years working on the Mona Lisa' s lips. Man, those artists really know how to live! . ... . In .Too of~c:n o~ V. S..c~p~es,' a~d. more partiPliai-ly dosing, what happened to the ba thing suit bit at the Miss Universe contest . i~. scc;:mda'ry : 'sc~!>ols, he " m~y he ' raerred to ~ a last wcek ? "i~ind," 'the chiliice\lor said.

College Newspapers Observe Soviet Education Emphasis


Friday, February 27, 1959

Dis ict C




Lut s ace W estern

T he first step on th~ stairw ay to the National Association Intercollegia te Athletics National Bas etball To urn ament in Kansas City, Mi sso uri, will be tested by Pacific Lutheran 's Ever­ green Conference basketball champions toni ght when they face W estern Washington College tonight at 8 : 00 in the PLC gym.

Basr-ball coach Jim Gabrielsen an­ noun ced this week that practice will begin M onday, Mjlrc h 2, for Pacific Lu theran diamondme n.


The winne r of that series will rl'p­ sen t NAIA d istrict number one in •he n~ ti onal tourney starting March 'lth. Th.. Lut c ~ will be trying to make thei r fourth C'onsf'cutive trip to Kan­ '<1S City, where in 1957 they placed third after losing to T ennessee State hy o ne point. Tennes5<'e w..nt on to wi n the t itle. PLC wrapped up the i r third 4tra i~ht undefeated season in the El'ergree n Confc.rcnce with a 92 to 1;1 triumph oYC'r Central Washington Wednesday night in Ellensburg. Tht, Lutes' record for the season ow ~t.ands at 19 wins and two losses , inst collegia te competition. Both of their beatings were at the h ands of NCAA nationa lly rank~d ortland University early in the sca­ o n bdore high scoring Chuck Cur­ us and Jim Van Beek joined the .quad . Sin ce PLC has gained the services ()i thc;se two pia yers, they have gone u ndefeated, winning 16 in a row, in­ cluding a 78 to 65 victory over Bu­ c han's Bakers of the National Indus­ trial Baske tball League. Tonight's meeting between the Wildcats and the Gladiators will be the fourth time the two teams have met on the hardwoods this season. The Lutes have won aU three by sco res of 66-58, 75-64 and 84-56. PLC coach Gene Lundgaard will robably stick with the same lineup h e has been using all season. That is Bob Roiko and Norm Dahl at for­ wards, Chuck Curtis at center; and J im Van Beck and Roger Iverson at <,;Uards,

This is Gabrielsen's first year aI' PLC, a nd he will havl: the services of 12 returning letterrnt:n and a promising young crop of yearlings a round which to form the nucleus of his ball club.


(AU games are doubleheaders)


Last year the Lute nine finished in a tic for second place in the con­ ference, a nd with the new men COID­ ing along this yt'ar it looks like the Lutes might have a stron g club again this year.

4-Ccntral, there.

April II -Gentral, ht:rc.

April 18- Western, thert'.

April 25-Seattle Pacific, here.


2-Seattle Pacific, there.

May 5-Puget Sound, there.

M a y 9-Western, here.

May 16-Puge t Sound, here.

TRACK April 4-Pugl- t Sound, here. April t l-Qpen April 18- Seattle Pacific, there . April 25-C PS, Western at Western May 2-Ccntral, CPS, St. Mar­ ' s, he- re, Ma y 9-WWC, VBC, CPS, here. M a y 16-Central, he re. May 22 , 23-Conferencf at Whit­ worth . May 3O-NA IA at R enton . TENNIS April 4-Ce ntral, there. April 9-Puget Sound, there. April II - Seattle Pacific, there. April t 8-Ccnlral, here. April 25-Western, the re. May 2-Puget Sound, here. May 9-Seattle Pacific, here. May 16- Western, here. May 22, 23-Gonfercnee at Whit­ worth .

GOLF April 16-Seattle Pacific, here. April 23-Puget Sound, here. April 29-Western, here. May I-Seattle Pacific, there. May 5-Western, there. May 8-Puget Sound, there. May 22, 23 -Conference at Whit­ worth.

Western Next Powder Puff or Not?


'S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions

GLADIA TOR CAGE STALWARTS pidur..d above are Denny Ron, left, and Norm Dahl. Ron has one of the top shooting perc.. ntages on the squad, and as a sophomore in 1956 he received honorable mention on the all·conference team. He returned to PlC this year after a two year hitch in the Army. Denny stands 6·2 and weigl" 187 pounds. Dahl has worked his way on to the lutu ' starting five this year and is one of the b .. tter rebounder. on the squad. Norm Is also 6-2 and w eigh. 170 pounds.

letter Questions Powder Puff Game

(Continued from page four)

LE. 7-0206 We Deliver

LAURINAT'S apparel

We Outfit Coeds 406 Garfield

LE. 7-5317

This action camc as a re~ul t of a­ letter, signed by all th e members of the PE department, questioning the prescnt Homecoming girls' football game. Because the game violates national standards for girls' athletics, the let­ ter s tat e d, a different Saturday morning activity should be selected or a n approved girls' sport be sub­ stituted. It also suggested that the chosen sport should be organized and offi­ ciated by some of the senior women P.E. majors.




TYPEWRITERS FOR R~T Special Student Rates


1610 Center St. MA. 7~1





Our Advertisers

12173 Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garlield)

A committce was appointed this week by the Student Council to con­ fer with Athletic Director Mark Salzman about PLC's annual Pow­ der Puff football game.

SHORT ORDERS !528 Garlleld St.

by Zane Wilson Big event on the campus r ight now Is tonight's playoff game with Western Washington. The winner goes over the mountains to take on the ('olstern playoff winner. The games will have no affect on PLCs championship as the Lutes wrapped up the conference last week by thumping UBC. But, these playoffs do make the difference in another Kansas try. Several coaches been quoted as saying how rough it is to play in front of the rabid PLC fans. Make it rough for Western tonight! A lot of qut5tions have bee n sailing around concerning PLC and Gon­ 1aga University. The Lutes won't take on Gonzaga this year for several n·al'ons. The Zags have played too many games in the "big" school class


Diamondmen Start Work Next Monday

At 8:00 in L Gym

TIl(' winner of tonight'S contest will farc the w innt> r of a game be· 'veen Easte-rn Washington College ~nd Whitworth in a. best of three­ ~ amc series starting Monday in East­ rrn V/ashin gton.

Page Tm..

932 Pacific Ave.

BR. 24629

Tocoma. Wa,hington


Foolish boy-the best way to make a bottle of Coke disappear is to drink it! Yes, swallow after swallow, that cold crisp taste is so deeply satisfying ••• and the lively lift is so bright and cheerful the whole day seems happier, just like magic. So open sesame! Just uncap .the bottle and get ready for The Pause That Refreshes! 8E REALLY REFll.ESHED ••• HAVB A COKBI

Custom made to your order .BOHled under authority of lbe Coco-Cola COIIIpa.., III PLC BOOKSTORE Glenn Campbell



Page Four

Friday, February 27, 1959

EA Meeting To

arne Dele t s

Attent ion, all SEA members! An emergency meeting h as been called for W edn esda y, March 4, at 6: 30 p.m. in th e C U B Lounge. Nomina­ tions fo r state officers will be made at tb is t ime a nd delegates will be chosen to a ttend the W estern Region Winter Confe rence at Centralia J un­ ior College March 14th.

. . .

AWS had a n informal get-together for new women students this past week. This meeting enabled the girls to get a cqu a inted with other new students and meet their "Big Sis­ t e n."


Lettennan's Club announces that rehearsa ls a re und er way for the Minstrel Show to be presented dur­ ing the April Saga Carnival. Bob Hod ge is directing the show and M a rge Kruger will be the accom­ panist. The show will include such N egro spirituals as "Ole Man River," "Dry Bon es," "The Battle Hymn of the R epublic" and " Climbing Up the M ountai n."


(C ontinued from

pa ~c

threc )

to b~ eligible for the NAIA pla yoffs. Th ey also ha\'c ga mes scheduled during th r playoffs. Ti ckets for toni ght' s g3m,~ with W estern are b ' ;ng sold in the PLC business offi ce. Studen t price is $ LOO, genera l ad mission is $1.25 a nd re­ served st'ats ar $ 1.50. The physical edu cation cl p :trtmcllt has recommend ed that the Student Cou ncil drop or re pl ace Lite annua l Powder Puff football game_ Both men's and women's PE inst ructors are in fa vor of this action he­ cause they claim. the game does not conform to national recommenda­ tions for college wDlllen's activities. The game has becomc a traditional part o f PLC's homecoming, but many of the girls have shown disap­ proval and havc expressed a wish to change the game. What docs the student body as a whole think? L et's hear your opinions.





$2.95 Sheaffer Cartridge Pens-75c



PLC Decorated Items

The Rev. Chorles B. Foesch, Ph.d., President 2770 Marin Avenue. Berkeley B, Colifornio

LESS 1/3

To PlC foculty ond students, greetingsl 1959 college groduates, hurry your opplications to us. College men g rad­ uating in 1960 will olso do well to apply now for a ploce with the clau in­ te rning September 1, 1960.



.. ..

Spurs collected $ 31.25 during the blanht t oss for th e student body March of Dimes d urin g the MSC­ PLC gam( last week. Other activi­ ti es include the h osting of th e C PS Spu r chap tf·r a t a backward s par ty_ This wee ke nd the group will be helping w ith the H igh School D e­ ba te T ou rna men t .

.. .. * lllC Moorin g M as t wi shes to ex­ pla in tha t some of the statements abou t M iss Chao-Lia ng Chow in a nt issu e w ere m islln cl rstood and rn isrn tCTp retnl bc·ca use of a la ng uage barn er between the Mooring Mast rrpor ter and Miss C how.

. . .

Applicat ions and entry blanks for the " J\-liss Tacoma" contes t are still available in the CUB bookstore. Any PLC girls inte sted should sign up before March 1.

Aud ry Ha rt N a me d

PLe Miss Universe Audry Hart was crowned PLC' s Miss Universe a m id World's Fa ir festiviti es last Friday ni ght. One of six fi nalists in the c ontest, she was entered as Miss United States. A senior education ma jor, Audry is active in Tassels, Eighth Notes, Mooring Mast and was n amed in Who's Who in American Coll ege~ and Universities. Other members of the Miss Uni­ verse court were Sue Berger, ?\1:iss J.' inland; Toni Erickson, M iss Den­ mark; Karen Kliever, Miss Canada ; M arge K ruger, Miss Belgium; and Diane R osedahl, Miss Spain. CB-200 wa s a lt ered from its usual I ctur .. hall appearanc.e to portray French, African, O rie ntal, G erman, Sca nd inavian a nd Swiss scenes. Suc h mu sical selections as " Around the World" and " M idni gh t in Paris" r.c.uld be hea rd by th e ba nd in the ba ckground . F I a g s 0 f countries around the world were displayed overhead. Entertainment on the stage during thc~ evening which included num­ bers by the Miss Universe contest­ ants, was supplemented by style shows, and opportunities to test skills and win prizes at various booths. The freshman class, who spon­ sored PLC's first World's Fair last week, hopes it will become an an­ nual event.

Does a fellow really need life insuran ce

before he is married? We won't give you a flat answer, because we might be prejudiced. After all, we're in the life insurance business, and we think it is extremely important to see our fellow Lutherans adequately protected. Ask your banker, your doctor, professor, or any adviser whom you trust. Chances are about 95 to 1 he will say yes. Any young man should have at least enough insurance to cover final expenses in event of death from sudden illness or accident. Even more important is the fact that your premiums will never again be so low. You'll see what we mean when you look at these premium rates for our most popular policy, the Brotherhood Provider, in the amount of $10,000:

Aie Premium


Monthly For each dollar paid In you lIet back .t 65" Monthly Income at age 65" (Mile)

20 $ 156.90 14.12

25 $ 180.20 16.20

30 $209.3 0 18.80

$ 2 45.80 22.10

1.8 7








Note that the annual premium goes up 33% from age 20 to 30-and you get back about 20 % less on every dollar. One further point: when you marry, you'll have lots of other expenses_ Get started now on your life insurance program. It makes sense from every angle. See your Lutheran Brotherhood representative, or write the home office. • Based on current dividend schedule

Free upon requ 8$f-Beautiful full-color reproduction of the Reformation W indow at right. Complete with his tor­ icallegend. Large size (18" x 24"). Heavy stock, suit a ble for framing. Mailed in tube. No obligation, of course. Sen d your nam e and address today.

LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD 'TOl Second Avenue South" Minneap olis 2, Minnesota

LivinZ benefits for Lutherans through life insurance


Lutes Wi n egional Playa f; Kansas it:y ins Hex Goal Sweeping the regional playoffs in three straight games the PLC bask.etball squad for the fourth year in succession won a place in the NAIA national tourney in Kansas City. After grabbing the Evergreen conference championship with­ out a defeat, the Lutes trimmed Western Washington CollegC' c(


PlC ROOTING SeCTION cheers the team on 10 Kansas City during the first play­ off game against Weste rn last Friday nighl. The lute fans were treated to a 104-58 victory in thr. last home game of the season. The Gladiators the n earned their fourth consecutive trip to the NAJA tourney in Kansas City by beati ng Whitworth Monday and Tuesday nights.

Children's lay Starts Tomorr w Members of the cast and crew of "Alice in Wonderland" have fallen into a "rabbit hole" of activity in preparing for thl! most expensiVe" .hildren's production ever presented at PLC. It will be presented March 12, 13, 1+, 19, 20 and 21 in the CMS. A combination of imagination and ingenuity have been used by techni­ cal director and designer Eric Nord­ holm in transforming the CMS stage to a world of fantasy. The audience will see Mavis E v­ erette, portraying the dormouse, as sb "'" sleeps in the teapot at the M ad T .. party. Also they will see Jucli Johnwn, as Alice, grow to an im­ m ense size by drinking the contents of one small bottle, fall down the rabbit hole, a nd observe with her a game:: of croquet played with fla­ min gos by th e members of the royal couIt of th e Queen of Hearts. H ead in g committees for th e exe­ cution of this large undertaking are Marlene Eva ns and Judy McLean, costumes ; Harry Sannerud, techni­ cian ; Carl Muhr, electrician; Dar­ lene K elley, props; and Dea Reiman, bus inc manager. One even ing perfonnance will be giv'n next Thursday at 8:00 p.m., while th other presentations will be afternoon matin ees.

Mothers to Converg On PLC Next Weekend "Ain't She Sweet" will be the theme for the annual A WS Mother's Weekend hcre M arch 13, 14 and 15. A ccompanied by their daughters, mothers will attend the Friday per­ fo rmance of the arena style play "C rry Orchard." Another stage p roduction, "Alice in Wonderland," will provide Saturday afternoon en­ tertainment. Marilee Anderson will serve as mistreas of ceremonies for the ban­ quet held Saturday evening, w hen one mother will be named queen and two oth e rs will be princesses. Dr. S. C . Eastvold will greet the moth­ e , and Miss M. Wickstrom will aho speak. Aftn the banquet prog ram, moth­ ers and dau ghters will retire to their respective dorms for an evening tea and devotiona l mee ting. Pn:c t:ding Sunday church services !Ina th conclusion of the M othe s Weekend, mothers may be treated to breakfast in lx:d. Girls are reminded to send invita­ tions to their mothers. If it is impos­ ~ible to ha ve your mother here, bor­ row one. They will stay in the dormi­ tories with the 'lirls. Alice Jessen and Jane Ross are

co-chainnen for the event.


of Edu ca tion by a record-break ing 104-58 score in the first playoff til t. They cl inched the Region One NAIA title by ta kin g two straight from Whitworth C oll ege, 97-65 on Mond ay and 97-56 Tuesday night. The Lutes, who haw' compiled a 23·4 rr cord a gainst a ll oppo!ition and 22-2 in collegia te play, w ill now journey to Kansas City to play in a tourney including the 32 best small college teams from all over the na­ tion. For further details on the playoff games and the KC tourney, turn to the sports page .

ring mast

'Cherry Orc a rd' Set: l or CB St:age

Volume XXXVI


Parkland, Wash.

ee en


Seventy PLC students will journey to Mt. R ainier tomorrow to take part in a "Snow Wcekend," Beginning with a 7:30 breakfast in the CUB tomor­ row morning, the group will leave PLC at 8 a.m. for Pa pa john's Lodge just outside M t. Raini er N a tic>na l Park. After dt"positing their sleepin g bags th ere they will continue on to Paradise a nd the snow. T it day of skiing, sledding and toboganning will be interrupted u nly by lunch, which the students must provide for th emselves.

Friday, March 6, 1959


Nu mber 16

r row

ski equ ipm ent in front of the CUB before 7:15 tomor­ row morn ing so that it may be loaded. He also ('xpressed the hope that this activity will be succ(,ssful enou gh to set ~ pre Ced en t for tbe year to com... .

When th e skiers and non-ski ers rdurn to the lodge tht: Papajohns, a Greek couple known for their w a rmth a nd livel in ess, will w elcome th n With a spaghe tt i di n­ ner. They will rdax that eveni ng w ith refres hments, garnes, son gs and devotions until 10:30. A pancake breakfast will start Sunday's actlv:tltS. Mornillg worship w ill begin at 8 :3 0 with rnur. ic by Al Ostroot and a sermon by Ron Kittel. At 9: . 0 th t: group will again leave for Paradise, there to take pa rt in the available sports till 3:30. Their r eturn to the lodge at 4:30 will be climaxed by a turkey dinner. When they are full th ey will reload the cars and re tur n t o thl eampu\ Those studen ts registered are asked to bri ng th":lr own ski equ ipment, sleeping bags, bedding, w a rm cloth­ ing and ukukles. M oney is also needed since Saturday's lunch and ski tow tickets ($1.50 p e r day) mmt be pro­ vided by each student. Also, riders will be ask ed to share the gas expense. Cars are needed so those who have cars are urged to bring them. Chaperones for the weekend will be Miss Bakel' and Mr. Black. Reuben Lahti, co-chainnan of the weekend, asks all people planning to atte.nd to have their suitcases and

"Che rry Orchard," the Alpha Psi Omega play d irected by Bob Flem­ in g, will be presented on March 12, 13 and 14: in CB-200 in arena style. The setting is the estat of an aristocratic Ru ian family just prior to the revolution in the carly 20th century. l\.fadame Ranevskaya, por­ tra yed by Marie Peters, has just returned from Paris, w her e she has bccn for several years. The es­ tate, the Cherry Orchard, is to be sold for payment of d ebts. This con­ flict and its effect on the people con­ cerned weaves an interesting plot. Chekh ov, the a uthor, treau this ,: ra of tht: emer ge nce of the bour­ geois and the passing of the aris­ tocra cy, with an air of comedy. Through the play h e criticizes the contempora riell of this era (or th eir sentimen ta lity. T hi s play therefore j . a rea l challen ge because it be­ com es I:omcdy throu gh i ts ~c rious­ ness

Choir of West tarts Western Tour Today

ti, w axing h is sk is, Cln d Mavis , lending oid a nd advice. The Snow Weekend .tort. tomorrow morning with breakfast in the dining hall at 7 :30 . After b reak'ast the PlC group will deport for Mt. Rainier.

PLC's Choir of the W est will em­ b ark th is afternoon on its 32nd an­ nual ·onc"rt. tour. Enthusiasti c choir members have lon g been looking forward to their two-wl.'('k itin erary which include~ sunny C a lifornia . Much of their enthusiasm may have been instilled by Prof. Gunnar J. Malmin, director of th e Choir of the West for 22 of its 32 years' ex­ istence. In the middle of hurried p re para tions for the trip, h e paused (Continued on page 4)

Alpha Psi Sponsors l-Act Play Contest Students from nine high schools will arrive on campus today to take p:ut in the Alpha Psi Omega one­ a et play festival. Schedule of events will begin with afternoon registration and a banquet this evening in the Chris Knutzen Fellowship Hall. Plays w ill get un­ derway at 8:00 when Puyallup pre­ sents "High Window," by Verne Powers, followed by plays by Roose­ velt and Clover Park. Plays scheduled for Saturday will begin at 9:00 with "Riders to the Sea ," by Everett High ; "Senor Free­ dom," Orting; "Gloria Mundi," Ren­ ton; "Strange R 0 a d," Franklin; "The King's Threshold," Ballard; and "The Running Tide," Bethel. Presentation of awards will be at 3:00 o'clock. Students are invited to attend all or part of the festival free of charge.

CHOIR O F THE WEST which starts its tour today, includes th e following students, left to right, row one.: Mary Howard, Ka rl ene Brandt, Pat Isensee, Carolyn Brand ~ , Rosemary Spitzer, Muriel Swenson, Solveig lerCICH, lor­ etta Toft, lorelie Ihlenfeldt, Karen lunden, Gloria Mitchell, Prof. Gunnar Malmin; row two: Diane Reed, lois Hellberg, linda Johnson, Jane Ross, Marilyn Tetz, Virginia Fluke, Na ncy Fan l, Karen Swindla nd, Margarel Hodge, Martha Stoa, Ida Batterman, Mary lee Skriva nich; row three: Sid Shelver, Virgin ia Dormody, Serena Hopp, Mary lou Engen, Sylvia Sanders, Paula Fendler, Jim Harlor, Virgin ia lee, Janice Coltom, Bonnie Hagerman, Ruth Berhow, Barbara Mesler, David Smith; row four: Gary Smith, Robert larsen, Warren Willis, Eric Ottum, Jack Davis, Phil Erlander, Bruce Vik, larry Reienon, James Nyborg, Robert Le Blanc, Robert Hod ge, Gerald Erickson, Robert Gross; and row five: John Olson, Dan Erlander, Ronald Hylland, Gary Mahllin, Gary Stromme, Richard Giger, Ralph Cankadden, Karl Rein, Arnold Olson, William Ostenson, Orville Jacobson, David Dahl, Tim Forrester, Byron Scherer. Not pictured are SGndra Schierman, Carolyn leininger, Diane Rosdahl.

Friday, March 6, 1959


Page Two


• In Ii Coo I, am s ormlones


mooring mast

. ...... ................ _l\n



hy Ruth WilleT

Hill sland

T inlr n:_,l il1.::-.wd tht, t el·:c '

n o .c ' I'ti nn , ,,) eep io s--.\

~ .n

llamed :>1\, r: " Ii 11 : Hrn:

t: t. h e

ut1.cs the dormitori s In clc".! f I P • ny "'YII­








ffi : C 11 ·1;11 'r ; ni un B\lilclin Ptllme LEt x 7.13 II E ' ·n.,iun·}l


dcno'.. the pleasure experienced by Ihue .tuden.s as Ihev re ­ cel"•• he r mall , Jim VonSch,iltz, r"r•• Joyce Ol!on and Ken lohro ollchense happy 100 s upon finding 'heir mallboxe filled,

Sublcriplinft p rice "l .OO r er ycar.




fa l '~ aI, !" oi l :1' his IOr;' ·..... hClllg h ll'( . ~~ary, th l Y huve cwsrtl co nt !'o\"('rsy throu.o;h out h istory . laxatio n w one of the" CHlSC.' of the mer i\:, n Re ' l u . ion , a ll n ow IDx.ll ion is ";> US ill g' a. m inor Tn oil in tht" statr- of W:lSb.itW·tOIl. A rcvolt, v i:1 \cr buJ and w rillc n protest'S, started a$1 o f tbe ult/untain: afl r Governor Rosellini rec­ co Imended that t he lcgislature in ercnse Lucs in orde r to p .y for sta tc ~o\'emmental services. Now t bowls of protest a bout increased taxes :lfe , prt.'lding over th e st a t '. n , 'uternalj\ , in thh' roblcr.t a re t incre. e t.txcs or to CI ,t d own on gov(' rnnw n t s "rv i c~s . Governor os.. iii n: mn in ta ins th at the j Uc-c.'>' S of the Democ ra tic ,lrly a t t he poll: ~h ows th a t th,. p eapl..: of t h e S!'lte wan t marc governme nt servi ce a nd , consequ en tly., in­ cr ~ ta (' ~. Th. pcopJ oppp c:d to t h.: ta.'( in cr"as(; say lha.t som 5C f'\ ices should he CUl'ta ik d . b tl \' of the SIIlt< StTle. s an, m.- cess'!i,'s. Sta te a id to cduca'tion, for i nstan ce, is especially \"itll in th is era tht·, st:rvic('s, such as u ild inc: su per h igh ,'a)s n d ('rc;alion of a n ,' l.. lluralc w<" b re p rog ra m " 'ld ra isin!:: of unrm ploy na 'nt cumpe nsatio n b enefits, ..ecru m o n o likr. luxu riC's , State t.:l..'tCS in Washinl.(t IW caw>illg another problem that H eeLS the canonry f the whole litah:, New indust ries a re rclue lunt to come La thl: stale llC:CRUSe of the ta."{ structure , Washingto n , relics

( 00 Dluch on one in ustry-nodng-­ nel:ds much 10ng·~t dc\ eJopmeDt of this t-ype. 'Yi th the j,.~ i sla t i \' e sc, sion Ilea.ring: l;ondu si" ll, I.h ... tl\. prou!t-m should soo n b" sl' ltled. Saml'" po 'sibilit ics (01 l ,,:sin g lh c " dd itiona l It' \''',lU C for stJ.te services are 111rrl"as i !l\~ the sa les tax 10 t p er ce nt ane! includ in g mort: item!; in this tas, ,' stablis'ling f13l or gra cl ua tt'd in 'orne tax , c re a ti ll ~ a S:'ne-ral p rop 'rty tax or w crc::ts ­ iTlg us i nt·s~ and occup a tion taxes. if t"x;,s a rc raise d, th c m ost likel y im mediate solu­ t ion will 1 a n i n cte:lM~ in th e sales tax . But w h, t wiI! h"f!p,' ll p rob' Ily df pend _ now on th e gro'wing pe ople' s lI ·volt. -A. 'IT H ILLESLA



At present, acti ity is going on in an equally im­ portant but 1 ·s ~pe ctacubr field, Since September the Library h as a cquired over 500 reels (nearly $1 ,000 wo rth) of m agaz ines on mi cl'Ofilm. This is g()ing to save. a grcat deal of space when it replaces the printed copies; for exa mple, a whole year of Vital S peeches or ten days of the New Y ork Times take up only one roll of 35 mm. film, fitting into a :2"x4"x4" box. Eventually the reader and all the film will be located 011 the 6th level of the stacks, where the typewriters were until rccently. "We won't have any trouble filling the space this film will leave," says Mr. Haley, ehief librarian,



b)' Carol Morris

"I r ally hea r some interesting' cor nmcnts b a k h ac,' she sta tes, " ('s­ "', ;,,,11), f urn tlll" \-etC· !"<lllS . If thl y ~;d t h eir chcT! ·; on time the y th ink I'nl f "ally nt'at! " T he fi,st d .lSs lIlail i. lly out by 11; 15 a nd the 1 tIe fun b "gi ns. '[ h is l't: porte:-, sp,' nd ing on hOl rr bel lid the scenes w ith L rctt:J, collected :,{Jrn c int( ~H'b t i Tl g- c:x cl3rrw t.ion s. 1 C:nn iliar 0 Co. is: 'II( y, Lor t,. is th a t let te r [FIr m c? I for ~;t my kt·y." A c! o,;.: second to thi s is ; " I know it' s not f or lie ." "He y in t h t It·, is the m:til 0, ,1 ? -, shou t, a pai r of fan k 5S li p j thro 3h " mi ehll ' bflX Both fa e,jlty :md stlldt Ills oft~ n d ou blt ch l' cK t o sec that th ey WI r <" n' t m isse d in tI,t: :th uffi'·. ,\n a nonYnlOU5 sp" Li, prof s:or remarked , ':'Ijo .ackagrs: , on m a rion ­ d t l '? 0 jl UP P ' b J 0 r;;crn ,slip!i fmm tlll' ani" "

"O m: [.-Ill", ~c; < : It-W'r n ' y day from ' t " i f! baek home" , C( D\ls L C>l tI", . b,,. h i~ goi n" ..... ;th i rl from sch JOI H,· al 1\YS .u if he ot .1 !c Ue,' f ,om -hiS 01'. 1! I. " , ,) 1 Wl il ,· .L U\· H th" ,,,1 II", nH \J1l" ,"

S,t C unc u' \'r n lw n a l thi ll'! ; (OlO t th r,),. h t he m,l il nt t:rr.('G, s,~ c h as the coconut w hich P ro ' <. or RIa, rc , r iV('d from a fri "nd a fe w w oks a "o , A t p r ,,' n t SO fIlf'n nt' ! ~. Il, n ' li tt lt- p.'lcln' f R i" Krispi s tha t h ave re­ IlLinc' d UnCIail ll'd in UiS si ne Y,k lt in"-s D: y, S OInL "'lhn randum xpc ic.n,;\ ( . " Hul r,l , r lom'y 'rom h oroc:!" "lIoly SIno!.e, ino! ' at ;t il the md il teday!" .~ mt~ , m ine , mi ne, .!lot mi llc,


for t [(' hI. It I{ of 00 50nnl td ephoncs!

Adc1pho n Hall, 10 te in hu e!. of tht: busi n ..s cla.'s­

rooms , W S ~, I so naml'd by t he bo vs !ivin, tbere , "h e Greek w rd .. delphos," name.­ i, lkri,..f' c;! from m ra ll in g' "brothe r" T1. er«' w ~n' n p robk m~ i n n ami n g S ttlf' n Hall ; , it is nnm cd ilft,cr t hc~ Stucn fa miiy \Vho form erly li\T d Ll! Ie .


Th" ncwe. t a d d it ion to Ih e ram pus is Evc l'gl-ce n Our (, j ust drri i 'ated th is , ear. T he J):l mc Eva l rf-'C:l was mi " inOl!l y p icked by r, E a~ t old for what is n ow <1 11. ince it w ....s n ot us... d !her , he felt th Sou th llf' W ': 3 t rn ..n ' , d orm sh ould h n\'c th is name. "I tboug t ',v e ~ho uld h a vc someth ing to represe nt our statr," ~ ; , "si n c ,~ \\';1. 'li ngton i ~ th l': E C r n 't'n State."


Magazine Needs Help by Dick Halvorson PllblishlOg a litenu ffia!f<!ZlOC IS a !ar " ta!k an th o " who , . v(, ori ,inatc I t hr idl'a deser' a ' b , VO. " How('''l"r to be th'~ type of publication that is w:lftted­ and n eed ed-the und nt:l.king must hav{' th e support of III rt: tha n just:; fC W. The I st Wil y to ;l ch ,c VI: stab ili ty is t f orm oln or:o-ani78liol! wh o .. rnai _ respo nsibili ty ,ill the p ublinti on of th is m aga.zi ne . W itho u t such ;> cont im in'" f?c tor, the undntaki ng will imp05sible,


Tenlati\'cly, the proposed Ill.agazin will b< com­

m :nc . .."

"Llh no, I c;tn' t bd;"V2 it. Sbr w rot e; to me l" "Somd l dy .C(ot a lov ... ll Gtt·." " ,i u ..! h,' tilt'" k.. y." ""\ h~ t d id yo u l;ct?" ,. oth in<>; mu ch, j1.L,l a che ck for a million dol­ L!t~ f;'onl rery d t nr !1C') ,"

" "Veil , t here's S ()mrthln '~ Il\ th, re h ut w h<"lhn it's fo r ro t: or not .. D id , FOl !;e, III-'s n ot in In) box !' A"i c l'['ma rk that occur" 0 \" 1' 1' a nd over <'I t tilt: begin ning of t he ) i 'ar is, "I-If"}", sOIncon L's $tuff is in IU)' Tnai lb ~x ,! '


ny llob

by Bob Olsen

A t Uti: begi n l ing of the year the old ·tinu: rs found \.he L ibrary's 'ca tacombs" t ransfo rm ed in to 3 beautiful = d com fortab le ~tu dy arca. After the Thanksgiving holiday th oy wer' fi lled w ith b ooks, nd the resc rvc cc. ti (ln lad bet n r eloca te d , And after the Ch ristmas v::tn ti on ~ me stude nt!> Wl re mildly surprised to fi nd one whole w all of the m a in 10 by missin g a nd the card c::tta logue m oved in to th room thus created.

"Olt, nuts! ) ' 0 mai l tud a r ." T hi , i~ u t:omm ~ n t (" rd frequently by I LC Illa il clerk, Lor,·lta Jacobu Hl. Bd,ind th ... mad be _ t5 if) the C1J B Iud ~ til> fOrmtT su ng k adr r "w h o kno'.\ 5 ) '1, n y th i ngs for sh e works by da y."

Libr ry Adds New M icrofilm In ur rapid ly ch a ng in g world onc tit- part ml'llt of PLC in paricu ' is k 'Cpillg up wi th th e times so well tha t tlu· ~ udf'n U h ardly kn ow w h a t to expect.



H,> i ~h

ho, I rt' ~ li ~f" ' Oll p robably won-t b- lievc this hut I once p er­ fur mt" d with Anita Ekbe rg, a nd b UCYC me it wasn't ea sy! E very tim I'd Itluk a t h..-r Jines I'd [or;;l: t mill( . . . LATEST RAGE ON AM PUS : T h e Iv y League ki ss. A bel t in the m outh , Th Olnk you, Jay. , • w!to says I ncver give a nybody cre dit. I'm gonna sn eeze . . At who? . , . Atr1l00 .. _ Oh, Reply to lctta 'ed a t thi s offi ce in w hich I was n ' ferrcd to as a low-down, wor th less, ig norant skunk.. Dear Madam: \Vdl, no m an is perfect ... H e : You look like a million . . . She: You n cvCl' S:IW a million dollars , ' , H e: That' s what I mea n . You 100 like s mc:!h in g I n eve r sa v before , . . Ddinition: College Bn ~ d-A fo ur yea r loaf with pop's d o ugh.

p05Cd of \.hrc\:' divisiolU: liction, non ·fictio n, and pO<"try, All ",lAO are intertsted in wri l .n~ will be able to inlo one: of these division.~, The editors of a p ublication are not the writers , 'llie ~cce5.'\ of th m a!(n,tine wiD depend upon the manuscripm Ulnt a c sulsmiu e:d (.or publication,


WorIl il m a nUsc ipt i3 submitted , it will be the job o f th t.: ed rt ors of tin - r('spe ctive d ivi,ion.s to d ecide whd lu'" or not the work io accep t,l ble. T h is W I ll be dont: on th , b,l Si~ of a r c '"P ~cd st::ln d:trd~ of ~ o cd ,,·riting, t is the h op!: of an (·d itor to et all g(lod m::r terial, but so rnC' l i rrlc~ rev ision l~ n("("c~. oar)' for va r ious rc, ons. '>u ell a pub icati on a~ this will ~ve tile writer an cx Llknt 0 por tu.nity to wor.k direc tly w ith th editor t rt:vi e bjs manuscrip t: 3i the case may b T he bcst way to learn to write is to w rite. In a qu a lity m agazin e, the mater ia l sub mitted 5110uld not be expect ed to agree entird y w ith a ny sc t phi loso­ phy. The manu scrip ts should n either be expe cted to ubscribe to any obscure sta ndard s of w!.tat is " nice" to ,rit abou t, nor sh oulc1 th y contain an y elemen ts f mode rn trash. T he editors lllmt be able to ~el .. ct on the b is of litera ry st.andards wh :'! t will be publLi ed.

lL Cf'i

T h e w ·t.e l' mu st be free to txp n'.ss his ,>motions and idea s, crea ting as an artist a picture of l ife a s h e sees it, not as the ideal is t would like to see it.

ay, I h ' ar tell th ere', a te'rrific p lay corning up called The Cherry Orcha rd. (Why f::J ke inn ocence. L ~ t' s fa ce it, I'm di re cting it.) I've lined up a great cast a nd I think it promises a lot of chuckles. It's bein g d one in the round. In other words, w ith the audience sitting a ll the w a y around us, in 00·200 next w, ekclld. I h on "" tly think YOldl enjoy it and r eally, have J ever steered you wrong yet? If you've never seen a play done in this manner you owe it to yourself t.o take it in.

One of the leading educatol"S in leri ca t a y, the. rcsid" nt of Yale University, recently stated th a t he regard.!; college sch olarships for athlct~ as a "racket." Dr. A. Whitney Griswold's opinion on athletic sch olar­ ships is the same as that held by his school; therefore, Yale d oesn't give them. "All kinds of stated purposes al'e offered in justifi­ cation of such scholarships," declared Dr. Griswold. " , _ . For the most part, the traffic constitutes one of th~ grea.test educational swindles ever perpetrated on American youth, Its aim is not the education of that youth but the elltertainment of its elders, not the wel· fare of the athlete but the pleasure of the spectotor,"

Att ention, D'-. Eastvold! How many accident cases reported to the col­ kgt' infirmary have bt' n directly attributed to that post in the middle of thL sidnvalk b etween North and Wcst Hall? Remember, sir, you read it here first! .. , You know, to get along on this campus you have to be deb­ onair, sophisticated, suave, That's me, A debonair, sophisticated slob Well, why drag out the agony_ Sec you next week. Uncle Bob-Bob.

o At hletic G rants.· Says Ya le

Friday, March 6, 1959







W ft , d"c,ppmo " 'on tl r by nc p 'n l he. r, .,(wtl ch'lmpiu 'J 1 cnnr, ­


(' St ·. \ • nil ..,

h trson, .md Cu rti all rted th~t }ca r for the Lutes, an , 11rtl nd lvcr;/lo ade the .J.1­ TtJumcy quad . Ttnrw 9rc State <. Iso w on t he • U1"wunr'nl lust 1'1":l.r a nd is r eturn·, ,in to d d"nd l11. titlr this in vear. rile _!:attn 'Ire avera in OVI r 100 • 'nl u 'arne th is 5t" '0 and h 'c .nlv lost one game. III 1 t y~ar'! u cy PLC :lgain ,t .1 ont: uin tcr, this tim\.. to ( c-o rg' to 1'0 U n L\·t"rsity in th. ir ~t:c.­ oml ' . nl, . G eorg .tow n will not IT · turn thi year. T r on, &m:!l\t"l!t ma n on th r te1tD , onl lnU . to hold i J ~a J the 1000 t · I po ints depa rtmen t fo/' the Lu · theran.'!. ROf; has tallied 4.52 p in ts in 2-i .I1('S n ,.,lt1:' 1. ('oll(',,;e teams for a n 18.8 ,'arne 3vt"..ra~ (' . Til!: jump lot. r cia list h zer ·d in on 2M ou t of ~. 4 atte pts fr om the floor for a rr pt"ctable • +4 crrcntClIT,C-. h ri ie Curti s I 'ads th.- teala in \ 'rage pOlJlts fJc.c g;un. with 19.3 , - Chu/'k ha. only seen ac tion .in 19 , tn.' h ow "cr, II( cau " Qf a brok ~ n I !': tlw! didn't hul till Janu:lry , anne k. thi rd ml' mw of th ( tor rid t i • i ~ a vera .ng 16 POlllts :l.

Ho ,/ d .!pO I IS !IilIS rt ·(,.ognize th~ PLe rooting­ .c-c ion ? By the stl't­ 100< , ' J "Itl' Court st aw hals anti C ladiato r t: ." hade. ; by the bel­ I()wing • Rat' In up .. . Lt:TES!" ; by the p:p band's "Wh ~n th(. L ntes Co l\;,arch i n": by the chcerll-"dcrs ,,, h,'n th 'y g i ." three ch~ers for the o ther tt'.am )TId then each onc drops :1l1 imag in;.try spidu to th e fl ool' and .1 I on it: and la~tJ bUI n ot leas • by the "ar-splitt ing mund effecls of T,;l ry 'jchlrr\ a ir-m id si ren a:1


PA 600 129 626 689 6 99 836 63

PCT. .928


.642 .571 .466 .428 .307

PA 390 48 1 -42B 5'Tl 601 596 593

PCT. .92 .769 .666 .461 .384 .250 .166

PA 555 611 471 601 539 4sr.J 718

PCT. .666 .615 .500 .642 .285 .153 .076


Flowers for All Occasions 12f7'3 Pacific Ave. (Fo~t

of Garfield)

LE.7-0206 We DeliVer

PA 155 1 1657 1362 1417 1810 1464 1592



Ce nt W ash... __ Wh it", r tb .. ____ . B . C ..... _____. C. P. ......... __


l 'P3

I:l 9 10

1697 1317 1456

4 4 3 2

comblnotlo n maneuvers toward another baslee! as Chu ' k Curti s (301 tart, 10 dri"" aro\l1ld W~.!em·. Bill Wrighl (51 and Rag r Iv ts"" (111 evts pas! on unIdentified WD5lorn dofendor. Ivorson, ",oring 30 poln... and Cur1i •• wiln 28 ....1 he torrid PlC playoff paco a.s tho Lules racild past Westem 104-58 . The $cor. . .I a now PLC gVm record and pul tho Lule. on Ih. flNlI .Iep toward K..".as



Ka sas

ity Next

M re 'Mural Sports

M ON DA Y THRU SATURDAY 7 :30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Whitworth also L It th e G laLliator wrath by falling tw in: in a row, 9 7-65 , nd 9 7·Sti. But thr. n .ted I'T' It rn:ltional ditl.ll' t ~ee fit t r. te PI.C in lht . At stlLnd mt;s. ~Iaybe ka nsas C ity will be a good place t o how U I t" cror of Iheil \\'a) '.


I1~ 6~0

UCenter St.

Spec ial Student Rate s

D ER W OOD CORP A. 74801


Spe.:J. illg of Ka ~as C itv, !BailY tudt:nts ha ve c"1Jrcss<.:d a de)i ,. to " ' up­ por t the


am in p erson." Last Snl t/rda y, the he ~h Irtl pionsb ip pi yofh


culty voted a gai ns t c.xcllsiug

~hl<knt$ to alta d

T hirty-two Luth erJ'l PT OUPS in the K C a rea have b"cn ask d TO support l'LC, an d th rc will eve n be a pcp-band presen t to root the L Ults on to vir 01') , ~o d n't f ear for lnd, o f fam.

3820 South Y kima

I ntramu ral bask..:tball is com ing in to thL final stag-" s f the season so !\th ctic Dirrc tor ! b rk Salzman is a nnouncing the n <!xt er i ~s of l. vcn on t h .. intram ural roster. !\~ soon

who h ear it-so m uch so tha t in som!! '0m! Roger h as lxcn askt~d nM to blow It 10 3. 'oid confusion wit

the starti ng b uzzer. Rogcr a nd som ' other E ' (~ rgrcl' n llrn w i I'd 't up i I iB a trnctive rr boo aEta ge tting it from a junkr d Mack truck ror a to­ tal investmen t of 50 cents. I ts PO \ er comes from a ba ttery borrowed from a ar Ion" enclU gh to u ~c in the g:1mc. " T h ( only tm uhle wi th the horn," says R oge r. " is tha t it weighs f)vt.' r 'In po md s." RO OF I 'G EL ECTRI C

b· kctball is 1]\'('1 , th f e c throw ('ompe titioll takes u p. Start­ ing .March 17, all f('\lows illtl'rcst~d a rt: invited to tum out In the Ml'morta l gymnasill n to try tllt·i hand at p;ift sh ots. The competitio n will in dud ~ C'!t:ry inturnu 411 district, a nd ..a ch e ntry will ta e o ne hundred shots. The ii,·c best seD eo will be dt:c1areci winne rs and the top ma n will be champ.


Some spirited table t enn is ~' ompetition will <:li·n . this week w ith t h e ('nals. Sam Gange and Jon Wcfa1d arc m eet ing au g J ackson and Bob Edc _ son in the d oubles, a nd J im V on Schriltz has reached the f inals i n singles. The: L Hennen ' s smoke r is coming up soon, but the club stiil needs par­ ti cipan ts to sign u p for boxing and \ {'stli ng matc .'. Anyone intereste d shoulrl contact Bill Holliday as soon as possible . PAI NT PLU MBIN G GUNS &. AMMUNITION



121$t and Pacific Aven ue

Phone LE. 7-3171



I Ie



Parklan and Vicinity


Pone G.1-3311


To PlC faculty and students, g re.-tings! Call g e women planning ca reers Q1; diredo rs of Christian education may now a ply for ad mission 10 course leading 10 the Master'. degree in Christia Education. THE EIG HTH ACAD EM IC YEAR BEGtNS SEPTEMBER, 1959


En joy That " PLUS" Service MARV TOMMERVIK'S


Custom made to your order


Phone LEnox 7-0256


The Rev. Chari B. Foelach. Ph.D., Presiden t 2nO Marin Avenue, Berkeley 8, California

Sta nda d Hea ti ng Oils - Heating Equipment Heatin g Service

120th & Pacific Avenue




V ollq ball intraHlU Illls wiiI begin , !a rch 23, so n.o w is tlle time. to start funn ing t ·illB'. Get a gwup togc tht:r ·arJ y and prac tice before t he season "gins.


DI NNERS LE. 7-9937

SHORT ORDERS 528 Garfiel d St.


Zane Wilson

Last Friday's ba s (, tball g~ m t ~w PLC not only annihil ate Wes teJ Jl, uu t rl", hum iliation went de 'per tha n a simple 10 s. l ne hund cd and four r aInts i j tlw l1ighest olal l'\'er $(; 01 d in th .. PLC gym, edipsi ng the B t:hnn bah cs' 101 a nd the Lu t,·s' earlier 99.


itA" LEAGUE r. M W L PF ulty ...__......... 13 1 927 DeJord;nes ........ 1 1 3 910 Sa int. (5. Evor.) .. 9 5 683 Clover Creok A.. 8 6 906 4th Floor A .... .... 7 8 71S' We'lorn ............ 6 8 760 S, Everate n A. .. 4 9 540 "11" LEAGUE rEAM W L PF N Evergreen B .. 13 1 755 Bou nders ...... _... 10 3 6 61 4th Floor B.......... 8 4 478 2n d Floor B........ 6 7 533 Ii ~ te rs (3d Iloor) 5 8 539 fccoma ... _.......... 3 9 444 2nd Floor A ........ 2 10 543 "c" LEAGUE reAM W L PF Stvbs (3d Hoor) .. 10 5 595 Pap'" (2d floor) 8 5 555 Colts (3d floor) .. 7 7 491 ~:h Floor __ .......... 5 9 588 Green Bays ........ 4 10 516

S. Ev rgreen B.... 2 11 323 Clover Cree k B .. 1 12 414

I'F 99 168_

0 3


lu a c" m dIe GladJ arc a ver Ting­ 81.7 P. in ts an 1lutin "- wh il' h"lJin

Intramural Standings


C . .....___._ 12 Ea.~t. Wa.h ___ 9 WI st. W .-l~h . ____ 8

-\nd I:;o n' s ,l or n , actuan y two ho rns, c()tnnnnds th(' attention of all


tbe- op ponrn t: to 62 .7. Tili r:lnk s hcm am ng t h e top ) mall eoll egc~ of the na lion in lC h d partm cnr.

r. L

PLC BOOKSTORE Glenn Campbell


Page Four

friday, March 6, 1959

AP ToGive Prizes To Top uartets APO will sponsor a Barbershop Quartet contest to be held Saturday, April 11. Quartets may consist of either male or female members, or both, and will be judged on the basis of two song presentations. Prizes of $16, $ 12 and $3 will be given the three bes t quartets, Al Dungan an­ nounced.

.. .. ..

A few students h a v e indicated lOme interest in organizing a "Vrit­ ers' Club on campus. Such a club would afford an opportunity for those in tl" l'ested in writing fiction, poetry, plays, essays or articles to read thcir works and benefit from the d iacussion and criticism of oth­ ers. Students who are interr.sted in ~uch au organization should give their nam e a nd a sta tement of their particular interests to any member of the English Department staff as soon as possible.

.. .. ..

free-will offering received. Faculty members will serve as chefs

.. . ..

a t the annual waffle supper set by Delta I ota Chi for March 15. It will be served from 4 !30-5:30, 5 :30-6 :30, and 6:30-7:30. During each dinner hour ther e will be a program consist­ ing of a skit, trio and reading. A St. Patrick's Day theme will be used.


"Tammy and the Bachelor," and Walt Disney'S "Bear Country" arc scheduled to be shown tonight in CB-200 by the Tassels. Cost is 35c stag and 60c d rag. M ovie time for "Tammy and the Bachelor" will be 7:30 and 9:40, and "Bear Country" will be shown at 9:05.

. . .

Lady Lutes will m eet next Tues­ d a y to hear Mrs. Rhoda Young speak on "First Aid." The group will also sponsor a bake sale next


day in the CUB.

Larsgaards Invite Students To Home Pastor and M rs. John Larsgaard r.xtend an invitation to students who are interested in any phase of par­ ish work to come to their home next Monday at 7:30 p.m .

51 Stud nl Teachers in Area Schools Fifty-seven PLC students have been portioned out this semester teachers ill the school districts surrounding Parkla nd. The grad es covered range from first through twelfth and the subjects fro an to shorthand. \mong the schools hosting PLC student teachers are the follow1u : elementary-Brookdale, D eLong, Downing, Elementary No.2, awe ett Fern Hill, Harva rd, Kapowsin, Maun, Maplewood, McKinley, Parkland. Park Lodge, J a mes Sales, Sherid a n, Spanway Tyee Park and Whitman junior high-Ba ker, Gault, HudtloH, Hunt, Mason, Puyallup and Srcwan seniol' high-Auburn, Bethel, Clover Park, Lincoln, Franklin Pier ce, P uy­ allup, Stadium and Wilson.

The invitation i$ open to fresh­ men through seniors, and will pro­ vide a good opportunity to learn more about professional lay work in the church. T eac hing on the elementary level are Lois Gundelson, Carolyn Hu tkol, Various vocations within parish Barbara Johnson, Joan Metcalf, Margot H a milton, Charlotte H eins, M ar­ work include director of music, di­ lene Lorenzen, Elk n McK anna, Mary Moe, Carole Hurst, JoAnn Johnsar.., re ctor of education, parish visitor M ad ors Dawkins, M a rjory P la tt, Bettie Rice, Judy Heide, G enyss Vau.g h n, and parish secretary. Richard Claire, Richa rd Goodwin, Glenn Arniv, Anita Hillesland, Harry Dr. and Mrs. S. C. Eastvold, the Sanncrud and Beverly Swanson. Rcv. and Mrs. R . E. Christopher­ Chuck Curtis, J oyce Hansen, Eu gene Hapala, Audry H a rt, Jim Hill, son, th e Rev. and Mrs. Stewart Go­ Norma Hoines, Rona ld Jorgenson, Karen Knutzen, Phyllis Pedersen, Ray­ vi g, Dr. and Mrs. E. C. K norr, the mond Selby, 'Ma rdcll Soiland, Paul Templin and Arville Whitt are workin Rev. lind Mrs. J. G. K uethe, Miss in the junior high area. Margaret Wickstrom and the Rev. The students in senior hi gh schools are W esley Apker, Raymond Bab·· and Mrs. K . N. Roe will be there DeJardim:, C amille Emerson, Robert Fleming, Kay Hol m, cock, Richa rd to discuss and counsel interested stu­ , . Alice Jesse n, Lois Juedes, Patrick Lars, Beltelou :Ma cdonald, Betty Museud ents. Wade Page, Sonja Simonson, Robert Singleton, Duane Steinle, Mal'y Ann Those planning to accept this in­ Teasley, Donald Teigen, Connie Thompson, Joan Torgeson and Jay Tron.­ vitation should indicate their inten­ dale. tions to Pastor Larsgaard.

PLC Auxiliary game night has been sc.hedukd for tonight at 8:00 p.m. in the .h ris K nutzen Fellow­ ship H all. Everyone is invited to par­ ticipate in the rccr ational evening. Refreshments wi ll be served, and a


Charm Beauty Salon Blanche Lingbloom 413 GARFIELD ST. LE.7·7475

Choir of West Starts Western Tour Today (Continued from page 1) to calculate how much time he has spent on choir tours, both as a stu­ dent and as director. The result is an accumulation of about four years. Audi ences in the Pacific North­ west are awaiting the arrival of the choi r. whIc h will give its sacred con­ cert in both churches and auditor­ iunt~ t h rou ghout Oregon a nd Cali­ fornia In addition to Oregon cities, the choir will visit sueh in Ca lifornia as Lodi, Lon g Bea ch , San Diego, Los Angeles, Glendale, Fort Ord, Palo AllO, Sa n Francisco and Eureka. The p rogra m will vary from 17th ce nt ury Lcisring's "Let All the Na­ tions Praise the Lord" to contem­ porary selec tio ns including "I Heard a Gr.-at V oice," by Paul Christian­ son, d ire tor of the Concordia Col­ lege Choir. Prof. Malmin, the 60 member ch, ir, and Mrs. E. C . Knorr as choir m othe r, will make the trip in the PL , buses. Housing will b~ provided by th e va rious host churches. Students of PLC w ill be able to welcomr. th e Choir of the West home on March 24, when its Homecoming Concert w ill be presented in Trinity Lutheran Church. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISE RS

"Uf. Insurance ;$ lor Youth ­ not just for youth, but best for Youth"

An Old Line Compa ny



Prom rotte


P. O. Box 2275, Parkland, Washington Phone LEnox 1-0826


C. Fred Christensen

Expe rt Dry Cleaning

She's. the queen' of the campus, and of course she favors you know what - .• t he cold crisp taste of Coca-Cola_ She knows that anytime, everywhere, Coke is the real refreshment. We don't say that the secret of her success is Coca-Cola o but it helps!

Laun dry Service


932 Paci fi c Ave.

BR. 2-4629

Tacoma, Wa. hingfon

LA RINA 'S apparel We O utfit C oe ds 406 Garfield

LE. 7-5317




One-Day Service



@fg~ . •

.." 1Ir' • • . · u



Mrs. Jo Summers

Parkla nd Cente r


Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by

Phone LEo 7-4300







Member: FDIC

our ban k

84 th & Pacific Branch



mifi I





moorlHg ma t Voiu",., XXXVI

Parkland, Wash.

Number 17

Ge rgi



judi Johnson plays the lead role uf Alice with a supporting cast of 21 t1ll'm lx,<,s. Alice, foll owi ng t he White bbit throu gh the rabbit hole, iii [.\ced with :he p roblem of ge tting (jul llgalll . As sh - a ttempts to do this ;he me ts th~ fa scinating crt'atun:s uf Wo mle rl .md. o rdin g to dir ctor .J.lld desi gn­ .nc I ' o rdholm, " Alice" is the bi,q~ . t ch ild re n' s p roduction to b~ " rr,tlv" .. ,j hv th.. ,f>LC Spee h Dr­ C'



PriGCS for tht'se productions lire btl ,·.. n b fo r <,dult s and 35 ('("nu .or dtiJd rt II a nd ·[uclrnts. AJ"ha P, i O mega's up('nin g per­ iur n.l.lUll't of " C hary On hard" was

Iln.,,·n t,·d h"t n igh t a t 7:15 and will con ti n ue to ai ht and tom orrow ni ght ,It 8 :3 in C B-200. The t hLll. lre·in -th e-round, in an ;UUlilo. tyit: Seitln g, sta l Iar ic P et­ a. III M a dame R anevsk ya. V l'lde'!' t!]I' d ir ' c tion of Bob FlelIl­ inl;, lhC" c ht'k ho,' pby p o rtray an ea rl y 20th century Russia rt aristo­ cralie fa m ily abo u t to 1001." he C ha ry Urch ard 'Jt'cau e of d ebu [he y had il curred. A corm:dy, a ch ieved because the allthor J.llays on the ,eriousness of 4hc plot, the settin g for the play is J e p eriod j u st b efore t he Russian levolution.

(Cont inued on

"1\ be-chi\!· of activity" describe • the PLC campus this we ek e nd a~ mot hers swa r m here from all p a rts of the cOllntry for M ot ht:r'~ Wet:k ­ end,

Ente rtain('d to the tun e of " in' She "w eet," th !.: mo t.hers aTC invitt:d to "Alie in W nderl:and" n "The C he rry rc hanl" ; a t.tend d e­ , 'otions, churc h sert c('s_ and a ban­ quet in their honor; ami will r rriv br(" lkfa , t in he el.

"i, \\'

Dick Londgren, last semester' s ;\fooring Mas t editor, graduated summa CUIll laude w ith a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree. By go in g to summer ,chool Dick was able to complet" four y ~a r " work in th ree years.

Craduatin g cum la u de with a B.A. in Educa tion w ere M argaret, Doug las LondgTen (who < Iso completed hI college work III three years) , a nd Fem(' Russell. Dick Londgre n is now on th" staff of th e \ Veyerhaeuser Magazine. Doug Lond g r cn is SUbsti tute teach­ in >;' ill the Bethel School j, tri ct, whik F erne R ussell is teaching at Ilrown's Point and Ma rgan l Glas~ r a t Shrrn) n SchooL To bt' di giblc: for scholastic hon­ ors a student must have a cumula­ tive g rade point awrage of 3.30 or bette r for cum laude, 3,60 o r better for m ag na cum laude a n d 3.90 or better for summa cum laude.


to I • team is th" intention of PLC sports fans, I ft :0 rig ht, Ron Kittle. Dione S a~to " an Marge Krue ger. Many . tudent. have oelde d th ir com­ menh, well-wishes a nd n_$ to Ibis roll .... n! to th. team in KanlCls City this w.ek.

n P~iri quad W ins Two Linfield irsts eater

h un

ce U. of Lon

at the Lin fidd d .-ha te tOUf­

n:wlt' nt last w ek, two uf the d eba!:­ ,-rs an.' nt; w prC[x.ri ny tu mrct op­ ?or.... nts fr om the Cni\o t" rsity of Lon­

dar. at a n inter'nation Ll d ( ba t . IO U1-­ mll"cnt h .... rr- .\pnl 2. in i h · C~S. Fr.-dail }· W illi a m Cl awford and E. C. D alr,'mplc-Alford from the Univ('f>rty of London will d eba te "!-,:.linst PLC's Don Dou glas a nd Bcttclou ~"cDonald. Crawford i, a call, R'~ lecturer and is also doin g resca rclt for his Ph.D. Dalrymple­ Alford is a college instructor. Crawford and D a lrymple-Alford an o n a tour of the U . S ., sponsored by the U. of London, and will be ma tched against the top d ebate rs of colk gr. all over North America.

Tim -b er-r-r ... Crowd Watche s Maple Topple

Board May Change PLC to PLU

A capa city audience in the win­ d owi a nd 011 th e stairs of Old Main viewed the felling of an elderly ma­ ple last Sa turday morning.

PLU , and the date 1894.

Dead 25 fet'! from Its bast', tI.e Iree as a constant threa t to all pedestrians. Afte r the college offi­ ~ials condemned it, a commercial finn sa wed it d o wn last Saturday worning. When it finally hit the ',round at II ;30, the entire u p per rtion of the tree disint ~rated. All that remains are logs (now being taken away), layers of saw dust and a stump. Ken Black is pe rfectly satisfied with the situation because he now has :m unrestric ted view of Mt. RaiTLler.

"Who cares a bout Mt. Rainier," J udy Anderson. "Now 1 can see


Old M ain!"


Du ing Weekend

According to an announct'ment by Dea n Hau ge, four of the 1:2 mid­ y a r g radu a tes r eceived honors for the ir grades in college.


p 31,(

Mother G esu

Honor radual:es

m ong t il oth er st ude n ts w ho f(radu ated in tht" rt'l:ent Pdst w ith th is hono r are G t' r a I d E U'l'c n t Schilllke, 1955 ; Janet Madin e Klip­ pen, 1954; and Wi lliam 0 , R ieke,


oe To

Toni !!;h t at 7 (broadca' t tIme) PLC facl's Fort H3Y~ St ~I' of K" n­ sa.s, who knock ed off second S(~e ded West Virginia yesterday. TIH' other two (('ams left arc t d Ten­ n eSSee A &1 S tc and Southwcn T l·xas. Toni gh t\ game will d" cid \\'hc th r'r the Lutes w'lI be shooti ng for th " cha m p ionshi p or th ird pia'T


h is was the first sumIlla c um laude "u m ed in t he Education de­ paron nt ~ in ct: 1950, ",ht n Edna Vi ola H al;lund graduated with tha t hemoL


Pacific Lutheran College moved into the NAIA sem i-fin Is tonight by trouncing the Georgia Teachers 97-65 last nigh t. The Lures grabbed an early lead and were never headed. Chuck C urtis led gam\: scoring with 28 points, followed by Roger Iv!?r son with 22, Jim a Vn Beek with 18 and Norm Dahl itb 12.

Two plays p l.: ned 10 th ir firsr performances yesterday, with the " Alice in Wonderland" matinee and an evening per­ torlllanCl' of " The Cherry Orchard." Ancther imaginative and fantastic story of the children's worJd W J S po rtrayed yesterday when "Alice In 'W on derland" made its debut on the PLC stage. Curtai time for the split two week P l duction will include

D a n Announc




Wee en Activities Feature , 'Cherry Orc aTd' d 'Alic

" :nlH in n at '2 :30 tomorrow aftcr­ nOon. N ext wee k on Thursd ay, .\1a r{'h 19, a matinee will be: giVen at I :00 p.m. and an evening produc­ lioo for cullege >ludents and a d ul t. "t 8:00 ~ .. CH . The followin g day, Mardl 20, thL aftel noon m a tinee will begi n at 12:45. Final curtain will ri) c at 2:00 next Saturday.

Inscribed in the arc abo",: the entrance to Old Main arc the letters Pacific Lutheran College may re·adopt its original name of Pacific Lu­ theran Univer'.lity, which i~ still on the offi cia l records in Olympia. :\ faculty committee made the recomlTIendation after studying the uni­ \ersity concept. Their n 'solution will be acted upon by the board of trustees un April 2. If the resolution is approved, it goes before the annual m eeting of the PaL'ific Lutheran College Association, when it meets here June 8-11. R ea sons given fOI the namc change include recognition of an ~xpanded graduate program, a need for administrative reform to accomooa te the school's rapid growth, and that university is a better description of th e level and charucter of the educational program. Prt ,ident S. C. Eastvold said that the fa ulty has been studying the unive rsity concept for five years. The recommendation was made now be­ cause due to the merger of some of the Lutheran churches in 1960, the insti­ tution's articles of incorporation must be revised. Students ranged from "I like it" to "The idea of a university is okay, hut the name wouldn't sound right." As one student summed it up, "The standards of the: college are on a university 1 ~'c1, and we m ould be a uni­ versity in name, too."

I.;" t w ee kt'nd 12 st ud en ::, from PLC attr'nd" d Lin fid d Co lle e:'s }' 'Jt h ann u d debatl' t OlH n a m~n t of .: harnpions, v,h" i'} 3 7 schoo Ls \'.{e r e rL' prcs('ntr' d from \ VI i,ing tun, Ore­ e-on, ~lo"t:lna, tah , Id.iho ::tnd Ca l­ iforn ia. Hnb Delllp se y r r ct'in' d first place in sc niur Ilwn's in!:(, t vit'\v, and L ouise Kra abd rl'cci w'd a first in scnil',r \\,OIIl t'I1 'S salc.s rn(Jrls hi p. S,~ cond plac ~ wi n n(' rs Wl'rc H(~rb Derrlpscy in senior IIlen' s visual a id" Dave Stuart in senior men's sales­ manship, Loui se K raabd in senior wnm,'n's orato ry, and Jim Traynor in senior nwn' s in terpret.a tive read· ing-. Third place winn e rs were L o uise Kraabd in senior womcn's inter­ view, Betteloll Macdonald in senior womcn's salesmanship, Dave Stuart in senior men's visual aid, and Herb Dempsey in senior m en' s salesman­ ship, Also third place winners were J u d i Johnson in junior women's salesmanship, K aren Hcgs ted in jun­ ior women's impromptu and Bette­ lou Macdonald in senior wom en's extemporaneous speakin g. Other students attending the mcet wert: Don Douglas, Orin Dahl, Jeris Randall, Jack Lensing and Janice Dahl.

Va n Gogh Original s In Se attle Exhibit One of the largest Van Gogh col­ lections eve r assembled, with 84 paintings and 71 drawings, is now showing at the Seattle Art. Museum. The exhibit, which lasts till April 19, is open from 12 noon till 9 p.m. daily except Monday. Cost is 75 cents.

S(' rving as chairman of t h~ ban­ que t. w h ich will . the highligh t of th ;· \ nd , is Shirk y Christopher5t' n. ~.'I " t n'ss of ce n: mon ir, ~fa ri k .\ndns.>n will introd uc, Dr. . . G. Eas(vold and Mi ss MarglU'·t Vick.­ ,trom, \\ ho w ill slXak to t.h fIToup . (, h,' 'S P!'r[ormiD" w 'j\ 1 u~ llerg-n, '\udry Hart, Dlant: ~{oJlk and Ph) \l is Stt v:tlm . "Pop~" MaJ­ min from Evt'rf,'Tcc:n C ourt has the h l1nl1r of crowning llnf- mo th. l' q rfCJl ,HId two p ri n n'~ . Prizl' ~ will aha hI' gi vcn fo r tht m Ol he r C'nrni nll: th. f;' rt n t' , d i t met· ; n d ~ h r mother ,,; itl! tltt' mO!it ch ild rc.n.


59 aHodii loat To a lute A laska "Salut(' to Ab sk a " ha, bl co rho!­ ,'n as th,' !.h('m ~ fo r he annual aI­ fod;1 Parad e April I l.. T Iw p arade.. one of the k ey a ttrac tion 01 the Daffodil Festival sponsored by Tll ­ coma and Puyallup, is the lIeCOOO la rgest in the N o rthwest. It has becom e :1 PLC tra d itioll to "nter a daffodil float in thi! !land competition. PLC h a.., had the h onor of winnin g cither first or s coad place in mo,t of th.. contests in i t f class. This ye a r's float, "The 49th State," was d esig ned by Jay T rons­ dale in connection with memba, of t h t· Engin ee rs Club, who will <:on ­ struct it. Don Sc hultz is the gene,ral chairman of th e float, G eorge FislH: r the m echanica l enginee r and K " n Olson and Jay L eqlle are the t r ue­ tural engineers, -Co nstruction h as begun on tht. framework w hich w ill be 17 V, b y 30 fect. At the back of the fl o, t :\ large globe with a star on top -ill represent our new sta t , Alaska.. 10 front of the globe a largt: unfolded flag w ill be held by two girls. During the week before the pa.­ rade much help will net:ded OD the final construction. Girls will be able to help as long 33 they because no hours wiD be set for thOlCl working on the float the night of April 10.


Page Two


Friday, March 13, 1959


Dr. Nodtvedt Recollects College' and Arm y Days

mooring mast

E d itor........................................................ Anita Hillesland

L 'ew! EditQL. ..... ......................................... Dcanna H amon

SpOTU . d itor.. .. .. ............................................ John Hanson

F eature Editor.............................................. Carol M orris

Businesl M anage r .................................. Mary Lou F."lgen

True Easter


V ari ous th oughts c om e to people 's m inds wh ' n the word Eastr r IS m en lioned. Some thi nk of new clothes, East r I:~gs or P l'ter Cottonta il. Many college students thi nk uf a h oli day from books, going home:, sle (~ pillg la te :llld cating lal·ishly. T his reli giollS h olida y, lik e Christm:1.s, h as bee n rommerciali zl'd to tbe point that many people forget what thr day r .. ally si gnifies. Ea,te r, as w e know, is the day when Christians cele­ bl ale: C hris t's rew rn 'etion from the dead. According to th e Bible this a ct ion m eant that the sins of the world hat! be erl p aid for and that salvation was available to a ll who wish it. Think for a few minutes of the signifi­ ca nce of this event. It suggests a miracle---victory over death, sin and the devil; it implies power and strength --unprccedented and incomparable; it demonstrates un­ m a tchabk love and unsdfishness; and it demands our attention and respect. Jesus is credited with many miracles during His life, but this one is the greatest of all. Therefore, Easter desCl-ves more attention from Christians than an hour spent in church Sunday morning March 29. The pur­ pose of the L enten season is to help Christians focus their attention upon this miracle that is so important to man today. It helps man realize the full significance oi Easter and prepares him to receive its blessings, Do not let vacation plans fill the days ahead to the exclusion of tiII}e spent evaluating the reason for the va cation. Let's make this Easter a holyday-not a h oli day.

Income Tax Time The income tax deadline will soon be here. PLC stud('nts, and all other people of the area, should take a recent Tacoma incident as a reminder to pay their taxes on time. This Tacoma incident occurred in a federal district court. A person named Dave Beck was accused of cvad­ m g approximately one-quarter million dollars of fed­ c.ral ineol1lf> taxes. Bec k was convicted ( he is now appealing to a highr court ) o n si x charges and was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $30,000. Furthermore, if the federa l autho rit ies bring civil suit a ~ainst Beck, he may h aw to pay about a half-million dollars for back taxes, intcre>t and p enalty. R eme mber-April 15 is th e deadline. -ANITA HILLESLAND


Neal Sl rixrud, I II, Meg Evanson, and BJII Lee live it up a t Ihe Beat Generation party at Ivy Hall last Friday night. Beatnik. in Ihe 'Iore­ g roun d cor. Roge r Hi/dah l, lefl, and Dave Carlson.

Mott: of Beat enerat:ion 'We Goi:i:a Go-Bui:



by Carol Teslow

Editor's Note: The Mooring Mast, despite requests f()r front place placement of stories, cannot guarantee preferred position to anyon e. Positioning of a story de­ p!~nds on its importance and timeliness. In addition to judging articles by the above criteria, !"' ·ery newspaper must edit material to m eet journalistic ~tandards. A few of the things that must be considered that the news story must be elear, free from opinion :and trimmed of verbiage. T h erefore, m a ny stories must h e changed. The Mooring Mast was unaware of the promotional campaign plptted by APO. Perhaps the best solution for APO would have been to purchase advertising space­ then their. material could have been used in whatever way they desired.

The most exciting thing that happened to him occurred when he wa~ in charge of the loading of bombs goi ng to h is next post. "Everyone worked, chap­ lains, officers and enlisted men. It had to be done at night so that even the neighbors wouldn't know that the bombs we re there. These bombs weighed an a verage of five hundred pounds apiece, but during the time I was there we never had an accident."

"We gotta go and never stop going till we get there."

Dr. Nodtvedt, who in addition to St. Olaf College, HWhcrc \VC going, man?"

a ttended Columbia University, Luther Th('ological Sem­ "I dOll' t know but we gotta ~o."

These are lines from Jack Kerouec's "On the Road," a nd help define inary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and received his Ph .D. from the University of Chicago, is adviser of hi!­ the id eas of the Beatniks. tory club. This current of " go, go, go" swrcps the "beat ge nera tion" from one (oast to another in search of life , Nucleating in San Francisco's North Beach, the group of notorious oddballs have t'xtrnded themselves from N ewfound­ !.md to Mexico. Basically people who get no m eaning from pr.-sent-day lifc, the Beats arc a picture of rebellion a~ainst the prevailing social system. The Beat ~ppcars to be a rebel without a ca lise- a member of a World War II "lost generation" search for life. He wallts to be mor e than a "maintainer," but finding nothing better, is waiting for a solution. The word Beat is used to Im' an on the beat or with it rather than tired. They can be described with many adjectives: filthy, bathlcss, reeking with bad odor, beal'd cd, smoking, drinking, users, and seeking for ki cks. ~·fany arc possessed with loose: morals and freely experiment wi th s"x. All th csc characteristi cs are cmphasized in the writings of th e Beats. Jack Kerouac',; " On the Road" is ca lled the Bible of th ,' Beatniks. Bohemian in their manner of life, most of them differ in showing no t:llent, culture or intelli gence in their abund a nt but meaningless prose and po('try. In many of their pointless writin ~s, punctuation is omitted and words run 011 and on until it ~e(' m s conven ient for another paragraph to begin . They appea r related to Buddhism in their immorality as the lif~ of the hipster revolves around self and sensation, Although a few are married a nd have children, eve n that situation docs not appear to be permanent. They live either on mon"y they ha\'c borrow ed or t'arned briefly as neces­ sary. Their primary goal seems to be to exist until th ey figure things out. Th e National Student Association's !';a tiona l Student NEWS says, "To call th .. beat generation a movem ent is giving it more credit than it is due. Movement, when ascribed to group action usually implies direction and force . 'Beatniks' 1110 \'" in multi-directions at once a nd lack of force is their wa tchword . , . "If wc may say onc positive thing of th.- ' B"ats' it is that they repre­ sl'nt humanity strippcd of all that civilization has given them as a h eritage - -both good and bad. They arc mankind stripped to the marrow, trying in vain to find some place to start again. "

ear E ditor:

want to thank you _on behalf of myself and my orga!lization for th,' "stellar" article in your edition of Friday, M a rch 6, 1959. It was not only just what I "didn't" want but just ·what I was afraid would happen , If you will recall, I m ade a special request to have it put in just th e way it w as written because of advance publi ci ty which con­ sisted of signs in every dorm and notes in "every" mail­ box on campus. Of course, you saw fit to do just the opposite which "('a used a waste of time to mys elf and money to my organiza tion. It wa·s my opinion that your paper was for the bene­ fit of the students but perhaps that was a gross miscon­ cl·ption. In th e future, if l~ver, we wish for furth er pub­ licity, 1- hope we will r_ccei\'e more consideration than what was ·givcn at this present time . ALVIN DUNGAN, Chairman, APO Barbershop Quart,.t Contest

"The present system of grading leaves much to be desired and classes are full er than w e wou ld like to judge each student's ability," comments D r. M a gnus . ;odtvcdt, "but then, no ~ c hola s ti c system i ~ p erfect." A professor of history at PLC for the past j 2 y.:are, Dr. Nodtvedt has l"d a li fe of vari ed occupat iom. T hey ra n e from h is favort ie boyhood hobby of trapping Ill u"k r a ~ a nd se lling the furs to se rving as a. rhaplam in t he army. Born in W isconsin in 1893, he spent his grack ,.choul days ncar C al ary, Alb rta, C a n:lda. In high sch ool a nd late r in coll ege, his m ain interest was de­ ba k . While in college, h e coa ched the St. O la f A cad­ em y d ebatin g teams. Soon a ft .. r his g raduation fro m St. Olaf College in 1917 h e e nlI sted in the army. Dr. N od tvcdt feels tha t th e ti me spent as a chapbin, a lthou gh in a dis3grc/:':l. part of the country, was in many way! m Olit r ~ ardin g, and believes that if he had b ee n a yo unger m a n h e might have remained in the servi ce.


Farrow Presents Pleasing Variety by Dick H alvorson The recent Artist Series presentation stands out as one of the fine~t in this year's g roup. In his varied program, Norma n Farrow showed perfec­ tion of style and complete control. His command of · his art was especially evident in Bach's "Jesus ist ein Schild der Seinen, " Mr. Farrow's selections, rangin g from Psalm 130 to the modern Ameri­ iean "Witness," by Hall Johnson, included G erman lieder, gra nd opera, and I'reneh songs. As the evening progressed it was obvious that the artist was equally at home in any type. Karl Svedberg, the accompanist, was equal to Mr. Farrow in every respect. His brilliant technique provided at all times the right accompani­ ment so the p erformance became a duct between the two artists. M r. Sved­ berg, who also accompa nies PLCs Profesor Ncwnham, is truly a soloist in his own ri ght. . Tht' enchanting baritone voice of Norman Farrow will long be remem­ bcred by those who appreciate good musi c. He is a true artist with a rare voi ce. His delivery is faultless and his technique marvelous. It is a privilege to be able to h ear such an artist. The next Artist Series presentation, which promises to be most out­ standing, is the Roger Wagner Chorale. This group will perform on Thurs­ day, April 9, and be the concluding program for this school year. The group of 28 singers comes from Los Angeles, Calif., ..whcre the director, Roger Wagner, is active as choral director for many Hollywood films.

fleming sez'

By Bob Fleming Heigh ho, again. This is Uncle Bob-Bob coming to you over station S.E.N.S.E.N.-the eyes, ears and breath of radio. And now we bring ou L u lubelle of the' Ozarks. The story that asks the que&tion: Can a nine year old girl combine marriage and a career? But first a word frolll our sponsor. J\.lcn, try Humphrey's H a ir Tonic. Here's a letter from one of our satisfied uscrs-"I've been rubbing Humph­ rey's Hair Tonic into my scalp for nigh onto three yt'ars. I still dOll't have any hair on my head-but three times a day I have to 'have my finger tips. Signed, Yul Brynn er .. • Also word for insom­ niacs! Have you tried D eze SI cp ing Pills? If aU night long you toss and tum, don't just lay there and su ffer. Take one of Deze and doze! News Flash! K im Strudel, popular young movie starlet, was discovered by a movi e scout while .<;he Wall working for the Ajax Safe C o. M ea surem en ts, L. 38. R. 26 L. 34 . . . POME: The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, I'd worn them for m on ths and they needed the air. Philosophy Dept: Women have so mu ch to be thankful for. There'. so many modern convenien ces, 50 many marv el ous m a chines to help them in th e kitchen. Electric stoves, electric mixers, a utom2tic dishwashers! Nowadays you n ever sec a woman with dishpan ha,n. . Push-button fingers! Say, don't miss the Children's Production, "Alice in '\'ooderland." It's ~-ery good and full of surprises • . . Important Item: The library is now open till 11:30 Mon-ThuTS nit es. Altho the stacks close at 9:30 the gravel pit remains open • .. G lad to see the good aud ien ce a t the play "The Cherry Orchard" last nite . . . I p ersonally h ope you all can attend because the proceeds from the play are going towards a very worthy cause. Providing a bigger and better cast party than last y ear . . • (tee heel. I have h eard criticism that I sometimes ta ke undue liberties in this column to plug certain things which I may be- remotely connected with such as the play " The Cherry Orchard." I believe this criticism to be unjust. For instan ce, although I p ersonaaly think "Tht" Cherry Orchard" is one of the best plays produced h ere, with one of the fincst casts, 1 believe it would not be quite cricket to plug "The Cherry Orchard," which is being presented tonite and tomorrow nite at 8:30 in CB-200, penthouse style, in my column, whether I be connected to it (The Cherry Orchard) or not. So there. Well that's .all-for· now. Until Louis Arm­ strong appears . on thl': 5tuden t. a.rtist le ries, U nele Bolr . Bob. . .,;

Friday, March 13, 1959




utes Hum Ie Georgia;


ays Next

(Continued from pa ge 1)

iht K a nsas City tourney toruor­ row ni g ht. , After a rr i\' ing in Kansas City last ol turday, t he t hird-seeded Lut~s got dav. n to ha sk, tb II business by trim­ m in' the Ves lt: rn Montan a Bulldogs ' 8-6 , 10nday aftel noon.

L C had d ifficulty downing the unr' nh d Bull-logs on the opcning


minutes without a firld goal in the s(' colld half. Cu n is led the PLL a tta ck with 23 points and V 'll1 Bcek trailed closely h ehind with 21. Ive rson wa s a lso in do uble fi gures with 14. Domination of the ba ckboards helped the Lutes ed ge th e Oklahoma t('am and move into the quarter­ finals a gainst Georgia Teache rs.

of th e N' 1A classi c. The Lutes Ii "lim 5-30 lead at halftirue b u t uroke aw ay for the fir,t eight I)cl in t! following intermission.

I t:ramural Hao

A ri"spec tll ble .461 shooting p er­ ntage from the floor, compared to .359 for Western Montana, helped tb ~ I,utt'~ in their initial Kansas City (Juling. Jim Van Beck, hitting 10 of '20 shots from the ficld, led game i,;oring wi th 21 points. Roger Iver­ •on and Chuck Curtis also scored in l o ubJe figures. Iverson had 17 and Curtis had 12.

The title !"ace in all three intra­ mural basketball leagues has been settled as the scason nears conclu­ SIon . In the "AH league the Faculty team was asured of the champion­ ship last w eek as they edged past the second-running DeJardines. North Evergreen B team clinched the "B" division title with a com­ fortable margin 0 v I' r the second­ place Bounders. The Stubs ( third floor Old Main- grabbed the title this week in the tight "c" league race . Intramural hoop competition will be completed after Monday night's games. According to Gordie Gradwoh1, student director of intramurals, an all-star squad will be chos en soon. A few of the many outstanding intramural scorers include coaches Gme Lund;;aard and Jim Gabriel­ s("n, T ed Berry, John Mitchcll, Jack Lensing, Roy H a gcrm:ln, Gordon Turrott and Roger Reep.



Following thc first round victory, Lutes ta ngled with 14th ra nked C entral Oklahoma State Wednesday m orning.

d lC

Shooting a cool (for PLC) .377 p ercentage from the field and mak­ ing only 10 of 20 from the free throw line, the Glads had a tough tu ssle before taming t h e Broncos irom Oklahoma 68-57. PLC had a narrow 34-28 lead at midway point but increased the rgi n to 15 points w ith three min­ ut"" remaining in the game. The Lut~s surged ahead when the Okla­ b amans went for m orc than eight ~J

e Out• •

it:les Se tied

Thanks Lutes Ba seball Openings

by Zane W ilson Congratulations, Lutes, for a successful year, and thanks for the excit­ Ing an d entertaining basketball this year. YOI ,r showin g at Kansas City is a far ery from the gloomy prognosti­ ('a tions from many corners durin g the early stages of the season. Last De­ cem ber " lot of p eople were of the opinion that the Lutcs would never get p a ~t 5(' ond or third in Evcrgn:en Conference! ]la d io has temporarily replaced television on campus. On Monday and \Vedn esday, students with portables in hand were not an uncommon sight o n cam p us. Some .-xeited student teachers even sauntered off to school Trned with radios . R umor has 'it that Dr. E astvold declarcd that he would fly back to Kansas City if the team reached th e finals. K ansas City was somewhat of a homecoming for PLC Coach Gene Lundg-a; rd, H e played there on the Lute team of 1951. Also, Bryce Vann, Cen tra l Oklahoma player in this year's tourney, was stationed with Lund­ g.-a rd \vhik he was in the Air Force at Ardmore, Oklahoma. Has the age-old gripe' died at PLC? Or are people afraid to express - nsclves in print? Plenty of vcrbal comments have been voiced about the '~o n trovlTs ial girls' Powder Puff football game, but no one will go so far as to be quoted or send an opini0n to the editor. Corne on Lutes, speak out. Fleming took the liberty to plug his show, "The Cherry Orchard," last w crk, so we think ("qual time should go to "Alice in Wonderland." Eric -o rdholm is coaching the play and the crew and cast work as hard as many Iln a thle te , Don't miss "Alice." It has some technical feats to match a bO-y ?rd touchdown sprint. Jim Gabrielsen's bas('ball team is shaping into a smooth unit. The PLC l'Line h as 28 fellows out but the team has been plagu ed by ineligibilities: It' nty ,Ji room r('mains, so don't be afraid to turn out. The Letterman's Club Smohr is next Friday, March 20. The annual I"\'c nt promi ses some great sporting entertainment, so if you likc box ing, wn;stlin g and so forth, don't miss it. Have you ever seen donkey basketball? Corne down to the Memorial Gymna sium March 21 and get the laugh of your life.

FIVE SENIORS will complete their basketball careers at PLC 'his week. Left to right are Roger Iverson, Jim Von Beek, Chyclt Curtis, Rich Hamlin and Bob Roiko. Both Iverson and Curtis brok~ into the Lute starting lineup during their freshman year and both have beltered the old PLC four-year scoring record previously set by Harry Mcloughlin from 1946-50. Curtis now holds the individual total scoring mark. Von Beek loined the starting five when he "1105 a sophomore and Roiko, a transfer from Grays Harbor Junior College, "1101 on the starting lineup lost y o r. Hamlin h0 5 bee n a r"serve for the p ost two seosonl.

Sports Editor Comments on KC

by John Haruon

Editor's Note : John Hanson, Mooring Mast sports editor, is now in Kansas City as a represcn­ ta tive of the newspaper and as official PLC statistician. He air­ mailed these comments following Monday's game,




••• •

~ ~#\ pUGETSOUND NATIONAL BANK TAaOM..·. . . . . . . .OLY .AN.

Gtenn Campbell


TYPEWRITERS FOR REf04T Sp ec ial Stud ent Rat ..


1610 Center St. MA. 7..04.101

PARKLAND GRILL MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. to 7 : 30 p.m. SHORT ORDERS 528 Garfield st.

DINNERS LE. 7-9937


m W. pr.vid. Checkilg and

Savings Acconts

and all other 'i JI-:mtE.ET baak services I W &R for colltg8 lIWCOUI studllts BWCII



The Lutes go t off to a ~Iow start in this afternoon's victory ovcr lvlon­ tana. But, as famili:u ' to PLC fans durin g the season, a strong st'cond half gave them a good cu sh ion by final buzzer time. Valuabk experi ence gained by the n ·Se during the seaso n paid off today. They gave considerable aid in this toug h opener. Spirit is hi gh and the team is dc­ tel'lllincd to bring the championship trophy back for the PLC display case . The players are all healthy yet. Much of their time, if it isn't taken


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up by playing basketball, is devoted to loafing and resting for the next game. I have been working with Earl Luebker, Tacoma New s Tribune sports writer covering the PLC con­ tests, so I know that Lute fans at home are ge tting a full rep ort on Kansas City activities. Basketball players seem to be ev­ erywhere. The competition they of­ fer makes this tournament wonderful for spectators. There is no weakling amon g the teams I have scen so far.


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Pave Four

Friday, March 13, 1959

Trinily Announces

N rsing f dents Ian Waffle upper

by Vicki Rue Delta Iota L'hi will serve a waffle suppl'" r this Sunday ewni ng. Serving times w ill be 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30. During ea ch dinner h our there ill II. twenty minute program con­ i ~ting of a f.-ading, a skit and a trio. Menus will be posted in the CUB "lid the Kiosk prior to the dinner. The dinn ' I' will follow a St. Patric.k's D ay th eme.

" " "

West Hall is having an all campus ice skating party Saturday, March 1 1, from 10:30 to 12 :30. Tickets will be sold in the CUB next week for 50 cent•. ...





G uild will hold it~ t! t' xt meeting on Marc.h 19 at 6:00 in the Chris Knutsen Fellow­ sh ip hall. Present at t his dinner meeting will Lut hera n nnrses and pastors f th i~ an'a as well as PLC sen ior nUIlIi n f( sIn crlls. Th - program w'll ~ t..1rt <I t 7:00 p.m. when D eaconess Oli ve H a nson, iield secreta ry of th Lu llw·r.m . urses Guild, will speak. Sh. wt ll h" here th(" next d ay for t1U )(IC i n tcr ~s t('d in speaking with h rr. C urtain C:l1I is planning a trip to

All-Stars To Perform In onkey Basketball Du nkt y bMketbalI, with sports fPlt b riti c' wrsus radio and TV per­ . o nal it ies. will take over the PLC gym at 8:00 p.m. March 21. u~r k Kings, a team composed of 11Ieh p laye rs as Jim Van Beek, Chuck Curtis, Jim Gabrielsen, R oger Iverson, G e n,~ Lundgaard and vari­ ous h igh ,chool oaches, will oppose the D usk J ocke . ~ , a team of radio and TV personalities includ Dou g M cArthur, KTAC sports announc....T, Bill McLa nC', KTNT TV ; C I a y Hunti ng ton, president of the Ta 0­ rna. Athh'u c Commission; and Ta­ coma Tribune rcporters Dick Kilhan, Di ck Mona,Dick Stans­ fi Jd anJ Pat Win kle r. Ch uck Curtis is captain for the M u"cle Kings, while Dou g McAr­ thur w ill or captain for th l; Desk Jockcys. Pia) rs w ill be mounted on live donkeys wea ring protective shOf:s. Admission to the seco nd an nual donk ey basketball game, sponsor d hy the Tacoma Active Cillb, will be 75 cents fo!' students and $1.00 for adults. Pro ceeds will go to the Re­ tarded Children's C amp. Last year the event was held at the CPS fie ldhouse.



3 20 South Yak- a




Parkland and Vicinity


Bach Concert Date

Seattle to sec the University of Washin gt oE's production of "Diary of Ann e Fra nk" on April 18. Other activitips planned will include visit­ ing KTl\'T television and radio stu­ dio on April 8, and a trip to sec: Vi ctor Borge in th e ncar futur e. Anyone int erested in going, sign up in the spc ec h oHice or on the CMS bulletin board. After mid-term, try­ outs will be held for the a ll-school play, "The Matchmaker."


'Trinit v Luth~ran Church's ChOll will pr e s .. n t J. '. B eh 's • it. ;\1atthcw's Pass ion" this Sunda,.. lOll 7 :30.

Dr. Fritts will be the orgn I [st . Alld ... ill incl ude M r,. Vance

~ ulu i s ts

. .

History Club is sponsorin g the Consular Agent from Great Britain to speak to all PLC students at 7:00 on Thursday, M ar c h 19, in C B-200. He will talk on interna­ tional affairs from the Briti ~h stand ­ point o n R ed China and th e Berlin crisis. Everyone is welcome.

Science Hall Dedication D edication of the Scienc e: Hall addition w ill take: place dll1'in g th(~ chapel se rvi ce Friday, M arch 20, wh en Dr. W. L. S mnk will give th e d edication address.



Mu Phi Epsilon recently held its installa tion of new officers. Installed w ere Ruth Berhow, prr sidrnt; Shei la Knu tst' n, vice prrsident ; Au d r e y Betts, recording secretary; Sandra Olson, corresponding secretary; and Gwen Thomas, historian.

. . .

Dr. A. Ewald, presid ent of Wort­ burg Seminary, will be here April 1 to meet with students interested in attending Wortburg. R epresenting th e American Lutheran Church, he will be available in Pastor Lars­ gaard's office from 11:00-12:00 and 1:30-4:00. D r. Fendt, Dean of Capital Sem­ inary, wishcs to remind all students planning to attend Capital Seminary to con fe r with Mr. Kuethe as soon as possi ble .

.. .


:\ationa l SEA president S. Wil­ fred Blalock fro m North C a rotina will speak a t PLC nex t Thursday even ing.


President S. C. Eastvold will be master of ceremonies for the d edica­ tion program. There will also be ope.n house durin g the day in Sci­ enc e Hall. The addition, whi ch is already bei ng used, provides added class­ room~, laborato ries, library rooms and offices. Total cost of the struc · ture is $175,000. Constn:ction on the new adm ini ­ st ration buildin g is sch eduled to be­ ~in July I. This building, expected to be completed by 1960, will cost about $875,000. Plans for it includc a two-story st ru c tur~ with 53,000 fe et of floor space . 1'f flMAN fNTS THAT SATISFY HAIR CUTTING


Charm Beauty Salon Slan.he lingb loo.. 413 GARFiElD ST.

LE. 7-7-'7!



When the T acoHu -Picrct: M embl'­ ial H all I S complct<:d, Uld l ain will be " "mod eled to inc r ,lie dorm itory capacity and r c: n am~d Harstad H all, in hOllor of PLC's found er, the R ev. Bjug Harstad. S UP PO RT OUR ADVE RTISERS

R ev. Christophe rson and the R • Govig. The choir will be IICC~ panic'd b) a st ring quartet . [(.IrL PLC, und er th e direction ot " r Gilbertson. M. mbe!> are Autin:'}' Bttts, Su~ Bergc r, Sh,·ila Kn 1I,nll., Ann Lokt:nsgaa rd an d Loren To,,·c. of

rillit)' w iil also port ray til(; sto . p assiOI t with the r

Chl'i~t' s

producti on "Christ in th.. Can creta City" '.1 8:00 p.lIt. on Malch _ and 23. llu.i noli uffi .. wishes to an nOu.u <­ th at the: sc 'ond th ird f the reAl" '-XJllnse1 a re due: a ll Nfateh 20.

UlNArs apparel We Outfit Coeds LEo 7-531 7

406 Garfield



C. Fr d Christensen

Flowe r5 for All Occasions 12178 P'aoific Ave. (Foot o( G arfield )


L E. 7~206 W. D liver


932 Paoi fl c A



BR. 2-4i2.i

Tacoma, Wa.hlngtoll



1215t and Pad fic Avenue

Phone LE. 7-31 7 1


The Rev. Charl ~ B. Foebch , Ph.D., Pre,idellt 2nO Marin Avenue, Berkeley 8, California To PlC faculty and stud en , greetings! Our stude nt body is growi ng; 70 undergraduates from 35 co lleges this yeo,. College men of stalwart spirit and inquiring min d' are invilad to send for catalog and app lication form. THE EIGHTH ACA DEM IC YEAR BfGlNS SEPTEMBER, 1959


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Laundry Service


ne-Day Service Mrs. Jo Summers

Parkland C enter

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moorln ma t Volume XXXVI

Parkland, Wash.

Friday, April 3, 1959

Numb..r 18

ments as a le cturer on choral music for concert presen­ tation and writes songs for motion pictures. Included in the program for PLC wiIl b e "Ave Maria," by Vittoria; "Magnificat," by Schroeder; two spirituals and two sea chanties.


To Perform Thursday Duri ng their fourth coast to coast tour, the Roger Wagncr Chorale will appear in the CMS next Thurs­ day night at 8:30 to present the last Artist Series p ro­ ~ram of the year. R oger Wagner, the F rench-born di rector, founded h.s chorale in 1946. Music has ranged from son gs by George Gershwin to Handel's "Messiah," with 16 to :!25 voices, depending on t he musie to be interpreted. The group has performed with the Los Angeles Philhar­ monic Orchestra, the Hollywood Bowl Symphony O r­ d lestra, appeared on radio and TV, toured E urope a nd _" lorth America, and is under contract to Capitol R ec­ orw. The Chorale was invited to England to part.cipate in London's Coronation Festivities, and was the only AUlerican singing group to receive such an invitation. Heard w eekly for more than three yean on the "I Married Joan" television show, movie goers have h eard the chorale singing in movies such as "The E gyptian," "Desiree," "Day of Triumph" and "Back from Etern­ ity." Din'c tor R oger Wagner is also choir director at · two Los Angel,·s churches, director of choral music at th e University of California at Los Angeles, head of the .:horal department at Marymount College, fills er. gage­

arolee Chindgren To Reign as '59 May Queen

Senior coed Carolee Chindgren chos.:n las t wee k to rei gn as queen over the 26th a nnual PLC May Fesli\·al. WaJi

H e oun will include two r':pn:­ , li t tivp h 'm) ,-;tc h d <Js. : Senio r, L i, G nllls ru and Teddi Gulhaug­ .. n ; jun io r, Di a n .. E ckr.:m and Jan S nyder; ~ophomure, Judy H ille and .1lld M a rge Kruge r ; a ud freshma n, Li • . Blomqu ist a JaIl Gull k!on. \150 ill th e quee n'! co urt wi ll be 20 " 'Dior worn('n as ribbon bC'a fers, a \ rown b<'arer, two flowe r gir ~ a nd a (r..u n bl.'a rt'r.

wa s pr<'5l ntt d n the la wn in front of Old M aill, but h. IT. t ':l OS ­ k r d in f en nl .:tIS w the gym. It is now un dt'r l hl di n'ction of Mrs. Rhoda Young-.

On 111('

11 .1

of .lc('u mulated

\luinL'i fnr thr.: entt'rt: J . n ts, PLC wa.\ awar< h'd thr: hi gh!.'st supcrio r rating in Ihe won! n , w<'~ pS k.. ~. is wa~ t ilt first time PLC has I'e­ ,,'1,·, d th is hu nor. [ I I rtlv'r hono rs W el'C' :n\larcl c-d t o I'Ll: wht'n Don Douglas wOn a good nuinr.; in utd tOry, a nd O rin D ah l • a ned ..1 .,;ood ra ting fo r his C'x tem­ \Jor l)('Uus p <;,.king In ti!: ba tt", D Oll ,Inu )ri gut a • tin g of good. PLC rau'd (·l!.cdknt III m ..n·s sw eepst akes, with a ran kin g of eigh th.

. pp roxima tt'ly 190 schools w en: " 'p (' u a t th i. tournamt"nt.

will includc'


nt('d by PLC stUU;-T b in costume,

:'Ild musi<.: by th e eolll: t' orchestra.

(ii llwf

"'·fr. (; I)rdon


Co·cb:lirmc n for thi s ('\ ent slated for );lay 1 are G crry D ryt' l' ;lnd IvIc!!, E''anson .

ndi a es Camp

PLC Chorus Leaves

For Weekend Tour

T oday thr; PLC concert chorus kaves for its weekend tour of Ray­ mond, South Bend, Grayland and Aberdeen, accompanied by direc tor Frederick Newnham and manager Milton Nesvig. Their program will indudc "On­ w ard, Ye P eoples," by J t'a n Sibdius ; "Benedietus {'s, Dom ine," by Eric Thima; and "Judge M e, 0 God," ta ken from Psalm 43 and written by Mendelssohn. Numbers by the girls' chorus will be "Were You There?" by Burleigh; "Lift Thinr.: Eyes," by Mendelssohn, and "Evening Prayer," the due t from Hansel and Gretel. "My Lord, What a Morning," "Steal Away," "Everytime I Feci the Spirit," all a rra nged by Bur­ kigh, will be sung by the m ixed chorus. Concluding the concerts given in th e churches, th e chonls will sin:; "C redo" from the Mass in C by Mozart. Conc rt s g i ve n in high sc hools will finish with a Meloclic Caravan by Wi lson, comisti n>( of "I'm in' th e Mood for Love; ' " It' s a IvIost Unll~ual Day," " Don' t Blame Me" and "O·· la hom a." The- chorus will be gonl' today throu ~ Sunday. The schcduIr.: is: Fnday, April ~~, C at h] m elt. W a,h .: , a tu rtby, Ap il 4- Ra ymond, Wash. (Hi (h Sc haul auditorium) ; a nd Su n­ da y, April 5, G rayland, W ash. (a£t­ nnoon) , Ab ~rrip,'n, W a ~ h. (eve­ n ing ).

i I e


Bob R obertson, - T~T sportscast­ c r who covered PLC garnes, h as been si gned as the fea tured spea ker for th eve ning.

Annual Saga C rnival Set for April 24-25 PLC s Sa!Sa C a rnh'aJ will come to life. alPi n on the campus April 24 II

~ 5. [Ii ," h l i ~l

ting thr.: ('.trni ., I wi ll be the corun l t1Ol1 1'rl oay n i" ht a nd the mim rel show n a tu rda' nighl. fo llowin ,,: tlw coronati ,n an J m in­ tn -I show the I!VTn, wi th tht !radi ­ lI o na l ca mi, a l buo th , w ill be tht; sn' n ~ of activi ty. ,\ 11 orga nizatiuns p:1.ltirip atin g in th,. rarn i,·,, 1 rn u ~ t bt· orr any spe cial l'q uiprnt' n t, but th<' p rize, and b ooths wi ll be p rU\ ided. G" nnal r.:h airman is Ar E llick­ son. M eg Evanson au d J ad.. Hull a re co ronation d la irmt'n, an d the L l' ttt ·n nan's Club is in chape of the lI1inst n ,I show.

Special a wards will be gi 'en to Chu ck C urtis and J a h n Fromm. Curti s will ,('cc i,' Little All- meri­ l' a n honors for baskr:-tball. Fromm will r('ceivt: All- m erica n reC'ogni­ tio for th e na t ion:l l collegia te javc. lin record whi ch lit" se t last year.

Thre e f or me r win ncrs of thc ~ward f or outstand in g ron ­ t i butio n~ t PLC athlcliC5 w ill pre'sen t. h cy arc Torn C ro~ , John Sch mid t a n C lay H untin gt n Ben C hcm'\' a nd f nt.l ~l I I1s. a150 awar wr nr1l.'ni, wi ll be u nabk t o a ttend.


E uge ne J apala is ge ne ral chai r­ man o f th ,' even and R oger Rt:'ep wi ll be toastmastlT. \11 in terest cl p ersons are invited to attend this '\SPLC 'ponso d ba n ­ q uet which w ill start at 6 p .m. Mem ­ bers of lhr boa rding du ca n a ttend without char 'C bu t will b se rved at 5: 30. Admission for others is $1.50.

Candidates for president and their qualifications are: Paul Carlson-A two year m em­ ber of Choir of the Wcst and Eilf,h th Notes, present m ember of the Am­ bassador Quartet and Blue Key, past m ember of Toastmasters, p t Lu­ ther Leaguc presid ent, leader of fire­ fi ghting c rew during summer 01 '57, Jerry Donahe - Vice-president of junior class, chairman of Old _ ai n devotions, treasurer of W illame tte Circuit Luthcr L eague in O re gon , president of Luther Lcagu". head church u sher, executive council of th, student ody in h igh school, president of senior das~ and L e tter­ man's Club in hi gh school, and Sec­ rftary-trensurer of K ey Club in h igh school. Bob Larson - Freshman Student Council n 'prcsrn ta tivc, sophomore class pn:sid cnt, student body Ircas­ ur"r, stud ent congn:gation board of dt>acons, Blue K ey, LSA executi e committee, co-chairman of the lr:ad­ ership r etrea t, past Luther u-ague pres iden t, treasurer, vice-presid,>nt. high school fr eshm a n c1as! p 5ldrnt, Boys Sta te alternate, high school ·tu­ dFnt council and choir president. John Olson - Vice-prc,id cnt of Old Mai n and Toa stmaste rs, dD.s~ n -presl'nta tivr.: on Alumni Board, de.. bate, ml' mb ' r of the national s1'Feh frate rnity, c hair ma n of all school oratoric" I "on te st, leader of c.unpu! devoti01 > and a ll- school pra y. r IJl("1 nhcr f tl1<': B aTd of D aCOlIS, t'''' [It I or Augu, an.. L II. t h L pa gu t: f t) r 1956, di trict Luther Le a gu e vicc-prl'si<Ir-n t and prt'sidr'nt Lc, hm; ' n class cou nl'jj at tlu- L' I i­ ''I' rs ity nf SOllllwrn (....J.ifo nin, hirdl schoul sl udrnt coun cil ('a b intt. <


D;,;n \ "itmcr--ICC rr'prcs 'nlat l\'c L,·t tcrm:m's Cluh, fo ·.. n5i(~1 SCl" il , ('di tor of th,- rn ',hrnan y"arhook ior 1958, p a' t prt' sidc nt of L A, re i­ d ent of th e P.l ific Nortll wst R,·­ !{ion LSA, d~lc ga t c fro In PacifIC !\'orthw('st Re giOll to the National LSAA C ou ncil policy m ,lk;ng St'S­ sion 1950, chll irman of LSA banqud for SI,iricul) E mph ll si 'vVcek, (klr­ g' If- to C aliforni a B"YR "ta : ... a n d .111­ school , pl',' ch w inn er i 1 j tll. ior and s(,nior year. of hi gh scho,)I. Oth r cand idat('s {or offi " r~ .ur: je'''-p rt', ident, R on liar 'I ur, ~JJ ' y C arruth ers (";r:nrge D oc kr. Juhn Jack$on and Shiel .. K nl1 sell ; lrea '. u n: r, Art flltckson, 1'a E ril,\ and Peter J ord ahl : secre tary, K u h E vans, J::mct H alr·v, J : n (1ft br , Joa n H.uud a!ld SII .. II 1 horvil'<lO.

In addition, presentation of ath­ It'tic awar ds is on the schedule for the e,·e n in g.

The inspira tional player a n d the honorary baske tbal l cap ta in will a lso be a nnounced at the ba nquet.


Campaigns for ASPLC officers for the 1959-60 school year Jrc now und er way. After the candidates arc introduced in the chapel program next Tuesday, and presidential candidates reveal their platforms and policies on April 14, the student body will go to the polls. April 14 and 15 to select the new leaders.

Rl' ' ogmt ion wiil b... given to a ll Pl.C a thletics next ·Wed c ·day night a t th, an nual all-school Athletic Ba n'lUt:t in thc dining hall.

CAROl: CHINDGREN w ill reig over the 261h annual May Fe stival . " U's hard to imagin.. bein g a pari 01 Ihis event afte r watching it lor threl! yea lS," she said. " Th is honor makes me leal very fo rlun­ a'" a nti hum Ie ," she "ded.

or P C St dent: OU.ices

Athletes, Coaches H nor d Guest:s at:

PLC ebaters Wi

In National eet

R atl11 gs of ~nu d , t' xcdknt and su­ ,.1" iu \ve re g iven in a \1 .vents. Ikrtdou lIfncclo nald a nd Lo u i s e Krnab I wc n: one of six te-ams rc:­ u i\ ine: a ~ uJlt'r io r r atins in d ebate. ,/<-rIB R a ndall w on a 5u p,· ..ior rfl ting I1I dis ,m i n, r ttd ou r ~ c t' i\'cd a ratlO~ of 'ood l or C ~ teOlporo nw us .pc akine:, and l. ou lse g t :\0 excd­ I, r 1 • t i n~ ' n (,I tory.


IInrl' l th,: rl;r. ·cti nn of

l'he Ma Ft'~ t i\" al originated u n­ dC'r the (h n'n iun of Mrs. Ad <Jh D ap­ per in 19 3 1 For fourteen Yf'ars it

At t he: i K appa D e ta national <1 , b t1:' tou rp~un ~nt nd conventio n ltd la. t w,'('k 10 B W 109 Gre-cn, ) I ·..." PI.C took top honors.

T ht' colorful p rt:lllr

folk ar t from ma n , t'ountri.. s pre­


Sophomores Pre ent J Combo night T !,,' " S , 'n~; JOHN f~OMM, who graduate from PlC lasl year, will be honored at Ih is ear', alhleti<: banquet. Fromm set new lavelln -eCOId, In both the NAIA a nd NCAA lari summer. ~on58quen Iy, pre­ sentatio n of his mod reCD... t awards was po.' paned t ill thi . spring. " R ""'r"at io tl~

m! l,t b.. m ade in of puLl ic rt'la tio n~ by r' lJI phatlca lly Ma ted Ha­

tIn­ ()ffic Monda),," r e in . Committee "h li lllltn a r f ' J 3 Y Trollidale ;t n d Jilll Sl(' W; rt , dreor.l­ tio ns ' Aud! ~ Ro ,i nvi t,niofiS, Nan ­ cy Olson, p ·t< r; Dan Triulo, cn­ t e rt ~ illm r nt · n nd Gordon r.radw ohl, usher,. T h,' Spu rs w ill Serv,; as w ait­ resses.


s.i '-P't


hI nd (!omoo t hat won c Village b,,!.l C,onr, r t at tltr U lliVt'~ilY UI ,\'\'; "hi n!, tC>ll h is y ar, will l h II toni~ h t

nt 8 :30 in the Chris Knut­

",'n F owsh ip Hall. Th ei r Ih n1lt: son g i~ th' ~wn...' t h,1t of PL .,-"W h,' " til( S, in t ~ C;,) Ml! rehI ng I n" - a speci al rl''lso n for a ~ kinr; t he rn 0 t' n here. "~{iUn's ~1 1 'n, " It pro"r.:, 'l Jau ins r um r n l. j Troup, a nd the .. ri­ TO I1('S ," a fe- malt. vo, group, wi' he incIudr'd in th, p rogrnm.

T hr.: soph omore c.J ass is sponsonng thl' informal affai r, vll" re ,,:atiul( will be on the fl oor. Admissio 75 cents.

I'ag" Two


Friday, April 3, 1959



Now A!ic , Did YauG ow?

mooring mast

by Dick HalvOnlon BC~.<1U ' C: of the clement o f

tim!", it i~ prob~.b I1 ~~t o f the pas t slip b y w ithou t n otice. Howe ve r, I wond e r if the lat t <:h lhlr..n'a p r />o d u nion, "Alic(' in W onderla nd," \va5 really up to par w i til til(' previous per forma nces in th e pr od uction!. \ Vas n' t there some adva nce adYr.rtisin" ann oun ci ng 1h o.t Alice would g row a nd g row a nd as toni sh t he :tuwr:JWC? LUally nnw, Ali ce, d id o u grow ?

Editor_.. ______ ______________ ______ ____.._____ ___..•.•____ An iw. Hilk sla nd Ncws Editor._.._____ ___________________________________ __ __D cann a H amon pona Editor __________ _____________________________ _..________John H a nson Fel\tun: Ew ror __ _________________________. __________________CaroI Morris Bu!ine M nager __ ___________ __.___ __________ _____Mary Lou F,'lIrcn

to let some of till' eve n

·STAF - n .l rhan 6 a ;-,cson, R t'ta Rempt, :Ma ry Rog·ers, C " fol 'pn ch, M a rth a Edwards, Ca rol T ·Iow, Bar· ba ra Bri nkley, Prisc illa Hutcheson, Dick H a lvo rson, Audry 110.11:, Ba rbara Beckner, K a ren T off! , Sondra Beru n, Lc ~ T Ul"nt> r, Sharon V a n Rooy, P" te Jordahl, Ba rbara Jackson, J "An n Hudson, VickiI': Ru e, P h otoqraphe r_________ __ ______________ _.___________ ____M cK awen Studio AdY"iacL _..___ ___ ___ ____ _____ __________ _____ ____ ______ Mr. Milton Nesvig

B sid es th e rn isk di ng advertising, there was cr:r­ t,1i nly a n abunda nt; ,f di310gut· fo r a childrcn' play and I no ticed that even r,orne of the a o u t alld iencr. wa.~ gt' ttill ; I t llc5s hdore the curtain fi na lly ame d awn for good. Th., s;l,·ing fe at u re of this production was the 1!.ctm<!' wh ich was usually more than p a s ~a bll'! and the CAlstumr , wh ich w" rc t"xcdlcn t fo r tht' t yp of drea.m· fo r which " Alice" w as intcnd t d .

AssIstant A d viser __________ _.__ .____._________________Dick Land gren

Publlihed Fridays of the school year by the students oJ hciCic Lutheran Colll:~, Parkland, Wash, Olfioc: Oollege U nion Buildin g Phone LE nox 7-f)61I , E xtt n sioll 41 Subttcription price $3. 00 p er year.

Co gral:u al:ions, T am! B latc: d hut si ncere congratul a t ions a rc due the PLC brukrt ba ll an C oach Cene L undganrd , 'he t('am p lacrd h ig h('st <' c-r for a P LC team-a nd rOl' a ny fr m the "'lorth wes t-in the n ational SlTlall c(Ill rgc t u nley a t K an5rt s .ity. After a n u phi ll stru ggle, th. L utes lost in tll(~ cha m­ pio n_ hI game. And the T enness ee team which P LC lost to was ant of the f i=$ amon g all c o ll ep; ~s iII t he U l1 il~d SlatC's, big an d small. C huck C u rtis w a ~ p ic k!- d on th e all-tournament a ; Rogt'r fvt'rson a n d im V an BI·ek were: selected for the se und learn; a nd Iv~ rs on w a s also named "Mr. H us tle." Both tht· tt am a nd C()'1ch Lundga'1.Td have devoted much time a nd effort to this season's ba.sketha ll. The c mi re student bod y should b · proud of its n :p,'t:se nta­ tives in n at iona l limeli gh t . Stud"nts will have an opportunity to sh ow their a ppn:ciation b y a ttending the All-School Ath letic Ban­ UI t nt-Xl Wednesday ni ght. Show your fedin gs b ' going to this annual event.

aHodii or Hibiscus? D n' l rally ' round the flag rt, boys. The • tar Span ,It'd B ner will probably undergo another l:hange aoOTl . The speeul a.tion on how the -49 sta rs w o uld e ar· ran",ed had ha r dly stop ped whcn C ong ress opened the way fot' tht: 50th state-H awaii. Datil A\;15ka and IIawai i a re n eighb ors-distant, llUJCit ·- and dcserve a sp ecial welcom e to th e federatIOn. Bu t this Cft'at a p roblc-m at PL C. W ill tht:: theme of t he P LC d'lffofi i\ fl oat ha ve to be chang d to " Salute to laska am! ,I ybe Hawa ii? " And w ill the forgel­ me-not and h ibi .(Il'; dl'mrmd ['qu a l billing wi th the w lffodil?-A IITA I IILLESLAND.

NATO Boasts 10 Free Years en Y"ars ago, on Ap -I 4, 1949, the United States hro -<. a tradition that h a d ('x istcd , i n~.e tLtc foum.1ation of the .-epublic. DE'sp it c the gloomy predictio ns of a linorily the United ta t ., j oirlFd a p"a ce-t ime m il ital:)­ allian ('e-NATO, tlit> '\orth Atla n tic Tre t y Orgo.niza­

A MAZE OF WIRES showing Ih e mechoni'm of th.. chimes _ ms ~on f usin!l 10 PlC (oed s Sandra O I.5on, 1,,1t, Meg Evan so n, Linda Bridenbocker, sealed, a nd Sy lvia Sande rs. Dr. R. Byard F rill~ exp la ins how t h~ (onlrols, fou nd in Paslor larsg.aard·s office , a utomaticall y ri n g the chimes .

Tht" play itsdf was a n a r tific ially m i.xed v~ r sio bo th " Ali ce in W onde r nd" and " Through the Lookin,:­ Gbss ," w ith a n add ed m oral tho.t I'm u re Lewis CoU' roll ll t'V.:: r i ntended in his novels.

Chapel C ·mes

The p as t and future musical events o n campm p raUl­ ise som e go od lis te nI~g a nd fon d Tt'rnem b r:l.Dc':!. O fl the T uesday bc.for(: E astf'r acation, the Choir of the W est pr= 1tcd its a n nua l h omecomi ng COllcert a t Trin ity Lu th eran . W ith a vai n attempt to dism iss any p rcjud ia: we migh t h: n-, it is certai n tha t all who h ea rd the ..xcellent concert will say w itho ut a d ou bt tha t i ~ w t he fir1<'3t ch oral p rog ra.m tha t h a s been o n th e 'Hnpll this ycar. A sincere BRAVO to Prof. M a lm; n a nd the choir for their rna rvcl ou~ wo r k.

m Elli.

NATO in no wa y conflicts with th e U n ited N a tions. fh ey arc not rivals. Both serve the cause of p eace. On its 10th anniversary NATO stands a s th,' hope of the fre e world.



As Campus A a m Cloc

by Au y Hart "The bes t !iift n 'c r gj \ -I:' ll hy a grad u,lting· ( las5"_" T hi s is the way D r. Lastvold d"$(" ibl's the cla:;s gift of 19,0 wh ic h w as a pledge of $ 7,000 for the I h apd tOW ," I· and th<' chimes. T hese a re ! ish chi m.t:s mad e b y Strom berg Ca rlso n of • ew Yo rk. T h is pa rt icula r typ has thl~ tonI' 01 indoor chime bells ra ther than thc loud ou td oor bells. Passe r by can h l"~. r a d efi"ite ch ime and then a sof ter stroke - this is th e E nglish over tone system. Our chimes consist l lf 25 tubula r steel ba rs ra ng in g in two octaves ill te nt' . E ach bar has its ow n ind ivid ua l m ic rophone, a nd :ill 25 a re h ooked up to fi ve a mplifi(-rs which, in turn, are hooked up to four chapel tower sp rs fa in;; 2'\ortli, South, E ast a nd 'Vest. When our chi m es al·e t urned up to full volum e: the p eal can be h ea rd fo mi le" away. N ow they ate at c·ne-th ird full pOW l" !" a nd can be h ea.rd one m ilt, from th e campus by our surrounding r; ommunity. O ne mi ght term our chimes as a sort of ca mpus alarm clock, and not on ly d o they serve the purpose of an alarm clock b ut ds o w ork some­ what a s one. Th lcl' an) four c.ioc ks, each of which can set to -au tomntica lly playa tu ne a t the set ti m mu ch th..· sam e a~ an alarm lock is t to ring, E ach cl();'k's tun e is se t for a particu la r ti me. C loc k one is set to p eal out t hrr'c chi mes in a n upward scale h eralding the bt " innin g of each pe riod . Clock two is set to ch ime out th e samc three ch imes in a downward sea l ) tellin g us th ' period is Q ·c . Clock threr; is stl to pla y thf' do 'l110 icc. a day, on ee in the m om· illg- at the end of chapel, and a gain at 9:55, signaling th e cl05c of d ay. Besides thl's(' o rdinary tim es, o u r chi mes arc played a t Baecalau reat.., at the beginning of the year for lQt' [acuity pro~ess ional and at Ch rislma~ time. Onc<' they w ere played to anno unce a com ing marr iag of a PL '"' coup lc--suddcnly a t II :30 p.m . a cross ca mpu s cam e the p eals of chime sin" 'n g " All Day, All Ki t... M aria nne." As ca n be im agi ned th e. se ttin g of th ese chimes js no sim ple: matter. Dr. Fritts, our offici,,1 " chimt' man," is our tech nicia n . After much del-­ Ir o nic experie nce: and musica l ba ck 'round and the thoroug h reuding of srvc-r m anuals, h e tackled t h e task. I n 1955-56 du ri n g Dr. F ri tts' abse nce our chimes brokt· down in th e middle of the ye.u- ,md we h ad to go with­ out th ei r p ea ling warn ings and si g nals unt il his rcturn.

Ie ing sez:


T he- threJ.ll of So\' i .t a g t;r(' ~io n t o E u ropean co un­ ITit's itnd its impl'l1 d ing affe-ct on th e W e<;t'-m lIt'mi­ 5 IH"n: has b('(' n the m ajor n ason fo,' the formaLio n of this lnlrmat ional p ",ce o rga niz at ion. Bi ttcrly rcvi l ld )y lhr- SOyit:l.s-as a bur'lar mIg h t revile a tou g b po· lice m~m --;lIId (h!, targe t of rt· pl·a t,· d a nd fe verish Soviet o1ttr·mpl$ to wca k" fl tJ r i5,'01 c it,. T has Lecn and still is th!: great and i nd ispem ab le hul wilr k against ag~ r~ ssion in Euro p ( ~ or ~ m th A rm· ri ca Tn joinin g rAT O the U l1 ited Sta tes united with 11 olh,.r free r!.4ti on~ - Creat Bri lain, France, C:m" d a , Bd­ Mium, The Netherlands, Den mark, P or tug·a l, It(lly, I cc­ nd, LuxcmLo rg and No r-way _ (In 1952 G reece and Turke y became Inen1~rs of the a lliance and jn 1955 the F tkral R ' p ublic of G~rrrumy .) All of these natio ns plcdS"d. th at an a tta k upon :my one of them would be ("gamed lIlI a n a ttack upon all and would be resisted by "~n o U mos t a lliances in the past, N ATO i:! purely d efensive In natu re. Like all free d emocratic institu tions, NATO i c:o ntrolled by civilians rather than military


By Bob leming H ei gh h o and off we go. N E W SOJ\ G DEPT : I W a, A n U sh , r at t he M usi c BOl( T he-aler o r A isle C. You in .M y reams . . .Ope n Letter to Dr. E astvol : Maric- P.. t,.r.; h as come lip w ith til,· perfect flolution to the prob­ lem of the bar s on the coffe.; shop wi nd ows, H igher cit Irs and la b le~ . im ­ pIt-) W h en you ch a nge t hem, please give la ri e th e crr'!\ it . . . Thi nk h e <l ·tu ally will ? I dou!;t it . . . T H INGS I MI , S DEPT: H a dacol . . _ TBI I DO, " T l'1'\ D ERSTAND D E PT: P sy h ia tr iw . T h cy p lay word g,' m cs with )· o u for 5 5 minu!t:s, cb a rge you $25 for the ir t ime--Lhen the\' h ave the ne n ·c to ca ll it fT r , ssoc ia tio n . N ow th ey' ve got a sci,'nct' c2 licd p:iycho- cn:tm ic . I t te a ches y() U how to fix cra cked pots. . Boy. I m ust go now, mom. I'm putting on my u niform a nd k avin g . 10m : N o, please cio n' t go. You'll be killed . Boy: D on' t be silly. Who's W estern Union fight­ in g ? .. . Every ni ght she goes throu g-h h el" beauty rit ual·- aGO' ream; van­ ishin g ere-a m, cold crea m, ho t cr eam, bu t she can't sle{·p . K eep s slippIng out of bed . . . . Say, we h ave a cC'lehrity on earnpus- D crm::l. C a rlson. K ING radio had a co ntest for th e girl wi th the m OS t kissable lips and gu ess who came in third! That's ri ght, Dcnna. N ext time you sec her ask htT Co r a free d em onstration. T ell h er I sent yo. . , . Bet she doesn' t evcn ge t men ­ tioned durin g awards day. W ell, that's life. . .. 1st man: My girl friend's a twin. 2nd man: How do yo u tell th em apart? 1st man : Her brother's name is Sam.. . . Boy: I love you terribly. Girl: Relax. You might impro\'e . . . D on't worry. There' s not too many more weeks of this left . Yours t ill Cha rlie Weaver appears on the Student Artist Series, Uncle Bob-Bob


T · flight we wait in anti ci pa tion for th e. musk of th e " Saints" in the fellowship h all. T here is one t:.X.­ p er icnc c in the past that some of us can r m emht-,.r ith a cnta in popul a r qua rte t.. Seriously, it is good to h a\ " 311 types of musical ('ntcrta inment a nd student.; 5houkl avail them sc1v -s of t hl opportunities to take in all WI$C' 's ,·nts instead of sitting in the dorm a nd gri;>lug t ' ~re is nothing to do on th,> f w tim rs th at there i:; ~ e­ thing to do. 'ext T !-lu n day, the fin a l p rog ram of the 5tude nt a rtist eries will prese nt the Roger Wag ner Ch ora k . 1 he atte lIdance so iar at this year's ser ies hall not been n a d ) as good as in forme r years. It is h'l.rd ..0 say whetht r it i~ the p rog ra m s them. r.lvr's o r just the atu­ dr' nu who w ill no t go because th"Y Ol1"h t n a t like it. This is particularly noticeable among the " n. Wili up, you guys. Th ere a rc still a few lega l things that ou ca n do y et.

Dear Ed · tor: The Powder a nd the Glory As ! und er.s ta nd it, the athk .c. department ha, <iMed the student bod y to do a.wa y with tht Home comi ng Pow­ cln Puff foot o::l ll g;llnc on t.he r;round~ t ha t it i, "too rou gh," a nd tf) subst itute specdhal l a r ~ 'lInr. ot her "s-'ll"'" spo rt . i.e., one- fo r which t h f."T'~ arc nati ona l standards lIO thzt, p re,u m"bl y it could be r oached 'm el f fe rccd by gills. I be-l in·Co tha t suc h act ion is unn ct·~5a.ry a nd im­ p mcl ica l, and that th e pri ce is too grra t. F irst of a ll, I th i,,1 that Lhe P E p eople s lould ul. the boys who uavc h ::ld . l cdb:lil in gym c1as~ whether it is a k~s , tn nuou s g. me than t ouch fOOl ball. t'! vorse l Whereas in touch th e actio n f or c greater p art of th ,. tC::lln ddom ia st.> i r m"ce tha n a mi nu te o r two .:. t. im r. 'pclCdh<1 ll is one lon g scramb l WLrrt'as t i, little d a nger far a nyone bu t th e ba ll carner in to uch to run into ma n th:m two o r three people, in speeclbu.l1 thr. p i.>)' r.:, a Ir all 111 a :n ass, all fra ntica lly kicking at on li ttle ball . Com p3re d to C\'en tacke foo t all, I t' S m urder! Al.!o, th e girls h .3 Vl point ed ou t th a t ~ome of them didn· t really kno," what foot ba ll was all about until they pl · yt· d it. 1 rom 'w a y up on th e sid of the ~ tad i um noth­ in ~ ('xcc p t sp ec. tacular passes and ru ns looks like mucl effo rt. • nd a.s to "rougb ncss"- if boys ca n sta od to get " "c.venly bruised" c~rr d.,y for thre onth~ ih prac ti ce, t he gi rls ca.n live throulfh o ne hou r. T hey're not as [ru gile 3 S they look. But mast im po rtan t t con si der is w h a t it would do to h omecomin g. I' m a ll for p rogress, but C\'cry rradition l ich is ne..dle3s1y scrapped m ea ns a link c\'rre ~­ twrcn the college and the al umni . nesi d c~, th r whok co!lege tu rns ou t for the gam e. N ow that hut i~ nn para d e, it is the big cvrn t of Homfc com in g asidc from the Big G ame, and recen tly (h eresa y!) th girls hav!' made a bette r showing than the varsi ty. I hop e everyone will think over ve.ry cardllU ' whether conformity to somebody's standard i, wortb doing away with one of our best college a Ciivities. BO B OLSO

Friday. April 3. 1959

Sprin Sport:s Get: Si:arted To orrow

hird Floor Wins Free 1h ow 1 tle

'prmg spor ts get und erway tomorrow afternoo n at P ac ific Lutheran w ith the baseball and te nnis tea ms travel ing co Ell ns­ hurg to meet Centra l Wa h ington College, and the track tea m playing host to the CoUege of Puget Sou nd thinclads . The ""eather has been a real handicap to the a thlet ic progra m >0 far th is year and none of the coaches have had a ve ry good


Third F loor Old M a in walked o[C w ith this year' s in tramural frec­ throw co n test as th,'y set a n e school r ecord of ~198 hots mad e. i\ext in line in team standin gs was Second floor with 368 points and D e J a rdines with 351.

...h:mre to look over the ir- materia l. C()~ r'b Jim Gn bri d st n hM L' r,.\ urnin\; let t.q m l'n a rou nd wh ic r to bu ild th l'" bas t'ball squad this ye.n r. Rrlum inc­ re Todd CorniBh , Gle n Campbe ll, J im Kitti ls by, Bob Kupt r, R. (l n ColtC'lm, Frank Watl'nvo rth, J . D o nalH" Gary Kirk , Ga ry Pet­ ~n;O D, and C huck Cur tis.

S tartinr; tomorrow in E llensburg {or tlH Lu trs \ ill be Don K eppler 10 h~ mound a nd L arse J oh nson h in d t he plat,·. A t firs t base w ill I')t" Peu·non . second bas!;, ona li rd bast-, Ga ry \ e!tal and eIther Ca mp h·1I Qr Denny Gugal at sho rt­

. °ll·

Tn thl . tar(n~ ou tf ield wili bl' rail\( '''':l.tenvor th , Kittl b y. an d I Blomq uis t.

l)uw rs rna ki ng the trip WIll br Charlie H obbs, S ta n Fn-drjckson, up"", 'altom, ,\ 1 BrO!' kel, D uke H(\ l1in ~wor th , a nd Ki rk . <JIlt' morl' posi tion is still opr n on the: tr.l n "li ng tcam. PI. :! thinclads h ~\T only five let­ t ml~ n (('tu rn ing after the los~ of John F romm, on r of the natIOn's top j:u,,.lm t h ro wcr~ , a nd Tommy Ci\­ mrr. Fromm, however, will throw the; javrlm in a n (,x hibition tomorrow fj u ring th .. m r:et. Re turnin g for Coach M a rk Salz­ man aft' Johfl Jacobso n, hu rd les a nd lay, '\ onn D a hl, 44 0 and r day; Rogl' , R(' 'p, pole ,'a ult; D an Wit­ "lC'r I}O ;,nd rr lny; and C arl Sea rsy, lhr t pU l a nd di sl~ u s . F reshmen looking good in t he ".arl ' u rnouts arc Dave Bottemillcr, 80b L tBlanl" Dave Barker and J ohn H a nson . .Barkn, from Iss aquah, was nne of the top ligh jumpers in t hl': ,ute durin' th(' " VO y ars "-nd !an., gone a s h igh a s 6 feet, 3 inch es. H.'l. ns n Ia n OJ] the sta te ch3mpion 88 0- a rd rclay team for T acoma's Lincoln H i gh last y(,ar. T mon ow', me("t will get h rtrn ~l 1 ::W In the a ft"rooon with the fi, Id ~y~nu a fl d t he rar;es w ill gd u nd rway at 2:00. 'h(' tennis team , under COdch , u nr.l.;"\ard , h a fo u l" ' turnces f.-ntn LlSe yr:l\,'s t('am in L arr y P et·

I-M Basketball

All-Star Fiv s Announ ed J ohn Mi t chr ll, C lo\T r C ree k, l~d a ll score rs in th t" intramur;1.\ askt:t­ ball leag u,:, and led thl' " A" L gue All -Star t('a m as a nnounced th is week by intramural directors l\fark S"lzman alld Go rdon Gradwoh L T ed Berry, Saints; D ave Bo tte­ m ilk r, fo urth floor ; Jur y Schet'i , Dejardines; "nd RO\jcr Rec p, DeJa r­ d int'S , W <"rC a lso nnmc d with M it eh­ d l to the­ "i\" All-Star team Th e second team a ll-sta r.; for th~ "A" Leag ue i ncl uded K F. n C ilill, George L ec hn'T, OrsC)n Christenson, Day" H aa la nd, a nd R od Hu mble . Mitrhdl sco rl'd 293 poin ts in 1:'1 ga mes for an ;1Vf'rage of 22.5 pn contest. Rtcp wa s Sl' co nd in scori ng with 286 points in 14 games Io a 20.4 avera ge, and Berry third wi th '2 72 point~ ~ nd an avr. rage of 20.9 in J 3 tilts, On th e "B" L pagU<.' All-Sta r tean1 w (' ce; J ack LC'n sing, Nor t h Evcr­ .« rcen; Gordon Turcott, Bou nde rs ; D enny L1tia nd , T acoma; Sterl ing IJ aala nd, Fourt h FloOl-; and Ro y Ha german, Korth Evergree n. The seco nd t t' a m "B" L eague squ ad c o n ~i ste d of D ick Schlenker, Du a ne Johns oll, Bob Eri ckson, G ene Aune, ,nd Je)h n Dack1a nd. T he " " Le agu e t ea m w as made up of Lambert Peterson, Popes; L or­ (' n Hildebra nd. Stubs; Stan Fred­ rickson, Colt~; Cary Vl;"sl:a l, Fiith Floor; a nd R 0 g c r Hol te)'., Sou th Evergree n. On the second team "C" L eague All-Stars w ere Terry Su tton, Don Keppler, Howard Anderson, Mi ke Taste d, and D a rn"\ H ines. .. r50 n, Lo, " n H ildebra nd,and D ar~'l a nd D cnms Tro..dson. Othns who a vi ing fOI" the r e.­ mainin g two spots on tht' lin g squad for tomorrow are Ken Gaal. BiH Willi ams, Jim Dola n, a nd Kc n Rud,l.

Fromm to Throw Baskets a nd Ring s

Page Three


" I ,, ~ vO IH... U Co , l> .,. _ ap,..a'~n' ""P'''_"'O'' .", , ne Lu'~. Chude Cur';s as he !J,abs a rebo und agains' GeDrgia State Teachers CDllege in 'he rece nt NAIA no· , ional to urname nt In Kansas City. Other Gladiato pir.tured a re Bill W illia ms, 4 0 , Roger Ivel'$o n , background , and Bob RDikD, 44. PLC w e nt Dn to the tD urney', f inal. befDre drDpplng a 97-8 7 decisi on tD Tennessee A a nd I. Cu,ti s w as named I,,", all -tDurnamenl firsl five.



urtis Drafte istons



Thl 'e contestants tit'd for th.. most sho ts m a de out of 100 :tltempU. T h ey w(Crc K en G aa l, Wcstt rn P ark­ lan d ; Gary :-lorman , S xond 1<'1 or. an d J e rry Sehed r . D eJardi ru:.s, with 86 ch. F ran k WntCITw orth was a clOie seco nd with 8 ::1 free-thr.ows made. The f reT WI'OW c ontest is an an­ nu al ,'v!"n t in PLC intramu r.Us. SU PP O RT OUR ADV ERT ISERS


Flowers for A ll O ccas iof\S Chuck C urtis, Pacifi( Lu theran's hi ghly ta lented cage star. 12173 Pa ifi c A ve. LE. 7..Q1!06 w as the eighth draft choice of t he D ~tr o it Pistons of the a tional ( Foot of Garfield) We Deliver Basketball Assoc iation. accordin g [0 an announcement m ade ear­ lier this week. ------~=============:: Cu rtis was named to both th e As­ so cia ted Pr ess and United Press A 11­ Amcri(,m firs t tean.s th is year and was p icked to th e fi rs t team KAlA Ail-Tournament squad last mo nth whe n the Lutes placed sc<:.ond in the na ti onal tourney. Curtis, PLC's 6-6 center a nd four time All-Ev erg re ~n choice, b Itered the Lu te all- timc scori ng- record thi s season when h e ra cked u p 2, 173 points. This topped the old record of 1,785 set by Harry McLaug hlin in 1 50, R oger I v(' rson a lso p asse d Mc­ L Elu gblin's career record this yenr yuar with 1,818 p oin t> in hi s four Y l'a r~ a t PLC. Curtis wa s ha ppy to learn of the dra ft but d cdincd to say whether Or not h e would accept it.


. .L£ .ci. Custom ma de to your order PLC BOOKSTORE

H f' is majoring iE t:ducation and wa s interviewed for a coachi ng job a t Burling ton-Edison H igh School n ~" t yea r . Burlington placed second in the sta te I A tournc ' thi s yea r. C urtis says he might p lay ba ll in the Na tiona l Indust ria! Basketball Leag ue ncx t year. .u rt is' teammates, [verson a nd Ji m VanRe-, k. also took in a share of post S{',lSon hono rs fo l' the Lu tes . S"th we re placed on t he S(,(,OlId te ~Jln N AIA ~4uad and I erson was t:riVl n tht' tourney' s hustle award. SU PPO RT OUR A DVERTI S ERS FOR OFFIC E SUPP L IES

by Zane W ihon on . P~ in a dual t rad. me l'( lwr", tomorrow, and bes ides the f:nr- ~h ow t"ha l is a l rt"~ d y on the a l:(enda, a spt'ci,,1 added att rac tion ,,, ill be thn ' For thos. · of you who ha\'1! nev'r se'e n John Fromm throw a javel in, litis i! n('wlI. romm will demonstra te the powe r tha t won him a national (ilk in 'P<';l, t1lrowi ng. Ir th, !1"TTl donn't get them, th,. girls w ill. Our ba sketball team is get­ t.; ne' doml'st icated . Han' you cW'X stepp ed to re rilize how man y of th e hoop­ ' .. rs "I"~ .,Irc-a d} m arri (' d o r fai rly close to matrimony? J im Va nB"ck, Brucc Akxander and Rich Hamlin are ma rri ed. Roge r tvrrstln, nob R oi ko, D ennie R oss, Ralph Carr, and Paul T emplin are en­ gl:d By now the number has probably gone up. (I, nr' Lu ndg.mrd will br putting away the basketballs for a while and I placi ng t hcnl w ith some smaller projectiles. Lundgaard is heading 'u p both '{olf an d te nn i" this spring . Evcr see a lay-in on the ninth hole? A tt ~ lltioll, students-do you know a high school athlete who might hr int ~rr'ste d in PLC ? If so give his name to Mark Salzman, Milt Nesvig, or c. nc of the coaches. The whole coaching staff has that lean, hungry look :u Ih,.y a r p rf'paring to beat the bush~s for prospective Gladiators. Who knows--you migh t even get to fin a nce a free ri de for someone!


t~l( .. ~

C. Fred Christensen BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER 982 Pacif ic Ave. BR. 2-402 Taco me, W a shington



TYPEWRITERS FOR RI!IitT Speolal Swdent Rau.


1610 Ce nur St.





What a happy man he would ha e been if his man Stanley could have brought along a carton of Cokel That cold crisp taste, t hat lively lift would certainly hit t he spot with any tired explorer. I n faet, after Y0\U' next safari to class-:-wouldn't Coca-Cola taste good to you?

. !- -



@p~ ... ..........


7: 30 a.m. to 7 :iO p.m" SHO RT ORD E RS ~

Garfield St.

DIN HUtS LE. 7-9fJl11

Bottled under authority of The COca·Cola Company by


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fri day, April 3,1959

Style Show Tomorrow to Honor Seniors; Coun il Picks May5for' lean-up' by Vicki Rue Gamma Alumni's annual " sew it you rself" style show in honor of the ~enior women will he tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. in the Chris Knutson Fel­ lowship Hall, when Mrs. Arthur Larson will be the commentator. Re­ freshments will foll ow. Ga m m a Alumni is an organization for wom­ ,'n in the Tacoma area who have attended PLC.

•• ••

MENC will hold its election of officers for next year at a dinner meeting n e xt Wednesday in the small dining hall at 6:30 p.m. All interested students are invited to attend.

• • *

AWS will present a culture series in the three women's dorms April 6, t 3, and 20 at 9 : I 5. In the se ries Miss Quast will reveal the proper way to set a table attractively, Stella from Stella's Flowers will talk on flower arrangement and plant care, Blanche from Parkland's beauty shop will discuss hair care and the M erle Norman Cosmetic Company wi I I ~how the proper u ~ of cosmetic.~. Nancy Rcinvik and Nancy Walker are co-chairmen for the event.

busin S5 organizations ha \'c been the gucsts of the D epartment of Ec~ nomics - Business Administ rat ion. These rcpr~sentativcs have been in­ terviewing seniors for prospective employees. The W. :;r. Grant Com­ pany of N C!w York, Meier and Frank Company of Portland, U. S. N ation­ al Bank of Portland, Continental Can Company ot New York, Seattle Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Fredrick and Nel­ son of Seattle, and the Bon Marche of Seattle are among the firms which have visited the campus a nd have indicated an interest in PLC grad­ uat('s. PlOOFI N G ILECTpt lC

l SA Group Awaits Retreat in Oreg o n Camp M e- nu cha has bel'n chosen as th (- site f\O r th e spring LS.\ Re-­ Ireat sct for April 17, 18, and 19. The $2.00 regis tra tion k l> should be paid to N eil Thompson befor;: April 12. Tot:11 cost for the weekend is $8.00, which includes traniporta.­ tion, meals and lodging. Rev. John Ku ethe is to be the main topic speaker, while Rev. James Burtness of Albany, Oregon, will be the Bible study leader. LSA'ers will attend from PLC, CPS, University of Idaho, Univer­ sity of Oregon, W.S.U., Western Wa,hington, Central Washington, Eastern Washington and Oregon State.


harm Beauty Salon Bla nche Lingb loo m

413 GARFIELD ST. LE.7-7475



URINAT'S appar I We Outfit C oeds

406 Garfield


LE. 7-53 17



The Rev. Charles B. Foelsch, Ph.D., Pre.iden' 2770 Ma rin Avenue, Ber keley 8, California To PLC faculty and students, gneting.1 Our library is growing; by gifts of friends and purchoses we now han mot. then 11,000 useful theological books. Our new library building will b., In use before summer.


The camp is located 22 miles from Portland, Oregon, overlooki n g the Columbia River.




121st .nd "adflc Ave"ue

Phone LE. 7-3171


* .. * All Campus Day is set for May 5, announced Don Douglas, ASPLC p rexy. Campus cleanup in the morn­ ing will be followed by the usual picnic at Spanaway in the after­ noon. Blue Key and Student Council work jointly in organizing this day.

* ....

During the month, a number of personnel representatives of many

Kittleson Di spla ys

Art in CUB G all e ry

N ow on display in the student a rt gallery in th e C L'B are oil pain t­ ings, wa tcr colors and d rawings done by Prof. L a rs Kittleson of PLC's a rt d epartlllt' n t. The de rlopmt'nt and change that has taLcn pla ce in his w orks si nce he came to PLC in 1956 is shown, wi th ~ ubj "c ls rang in g from representa ­ lional to abst ract. P ATRO N I ZE ADVERTISERS










We pro vide Checking and

Savl gs Accounts and all lIt er halk services

fo college stud e Is


M ost y oung men with spir it Jik a g ood deal of freedom . If t hey h ave energy and confi J.ence, fh ey like to think they can get a hea d a s fast as their ahility warrants. That's t he way we get our best men. Working with Lutheran Brotherhood , a man has a ll t he i r edom-and practically none of t he risk-of a busineEs of his own. It is h ighly s a t i~fyin g ork, too. After thorough trai ning, a L u the ran B ro t herhood m a n is ac u aliy pecialized counselor. H is s peoialt y is showing fell ow L ut h(lrans how they can guar­ antee m ont Iy in come for L e ir wi v a nd child r en . .. h ow t hey call m an g€ to p rovid e s ou n d , comfort able r et irement fTee u pon request - B autiful full-color rep rodu ction of the RcJorm a\lon W m do w a t righ t. C om p let e wit h h ist or ­ i cal legend. L rge size (I8 N x 24V ) . Hea vy st ock , uita b le 0 oblignt ion, of cours e. fo r fra min g. M ailed in rub e.. Se n d your n a me a nd addr ess today.




Why a career with Lutheran Brot her h o od is lik e g oing int o business for yours elf

• " ' EHDL" BANK

BROTHE RHOOD 701 Second Avenue South. Minneapolis 2, Minnesota

L iving benefits for Lutherans through life insurance

incomes for the mselves when they a r e r eady to qui t world . g. Now, we know the danger we r u n. WI:' a re s o t h or oug hly convinced of the value 0 insura nce cou n !?Ilng th a t 'Ie :nay tend to over-em ph asize -tile j oys of u career in 1I !e in s ur a n"e. That's why w e recomm end th at y ou get ncq uainted wit h y our local Lutheran Brotherhood man . H y tt are cons id eri 19 a career i n life i ns uran ce, he can tell you whnt t o e)· pect.• V" 1l if you m a ke 0 ler p lIms for your a racr, ti c SUJ"1:) to et t he ben t of t he kill a nd eon..<;ide ra t ·on of a lllghly tra ined fe ll ow Luth eran in pla nnin g y ou r u li fe i nsurance program. l ou can't iose, and of co rse t here's n o ubli gnt ion, I!lther wa y !

Float Work Starts at 7 Tonight

Daffodils will soon cover the pipe and sted skeleton of PLC's flo a t en­ try for tomorm w's Daffodil pa rade.

All students aI''' asked to assist in readying the float beginning at 7 p.m. in back of the gym and contin­ uing through the ni g ht . . . girls will be allowf'd to work, too. A total of 40,000 d a ffod ils ne r d to be stuffcd into 'he ch ick l:n wire of the frame. Traditionally, th.· night before the Daffodil Parade is th ~ one night be­ sides Horm'coming thz,t g irls may tay out all night t o work on th e iloa t, Proced ure will include regular sivnin.~ ou t a t the d C-Ifn i and signing in a t t h t' secno,' of the fl oat. P;lI" ific Lutheran's float will hon­

or "lns" a by the tht-rne, "The Forty­ n in th Star," with a la r ge star upon

floats will be judged o n appearan ce, originality, conformity to theme, a r ­ tistic features and detail. Seventy.. fivl percent of the float must be cov­ ered with flowers. The pa rade, be ginnin g at 10 a .m., a t Broadw ay and J 7th Street, will follow a route through main Tacom a m ak ing its w a y to Puyallup. Mare lt­ in g in the pa ra J c will be the PLC ma r chin g hand, led by Sig Lars,,.,,. P:H ad,' TOute w ill c onti nue no r lh G il Broadway to !'i w th , t reet: cast on j tnth to P ac ific A \'t:n u,' a nd oo utit on Pacific: to 21 st Strt'et, ..... h t r ma rching un its drop o u t FlO;LU Jnd ca rs w ill c: a nl in u!" to ')rlut h 25th S t n T l, "<!D t on 25 th Ie. Bay SttP'cr, Ih, n out ~ i, cr Rond to Pll)':1l1up_ S t'H tin " tim e for Puyallup is 1: 15 p .m .: SllIlltH"' I', 2.15 p.m.

a world globe representing Alaska. Two senior nursing students dressed in white, Jackie Fisher and Eunice Peterson, will ride on the float, hold­ ing the stars and stripes. Covering the frame and giving color will be the famous daffodils-some dyed to give a patriotic air. The Daffodil Festival is one of the la r gest festi"als on the ' Vest Coast. This year, "Daffodils Sa lu te Alaska" is the festival theme. One of tilt' offici a l .!:,lles ts and g rand m a r­ shal fo r the parade i;: A la ska's gov­ ..r nor, \Villiam Egan. Second prize was awa rdl' d t h Lu te f'nt,· y last yea r, whik in p e­ vi ous y ,' a rs it h as r '; ceived fi u t prize. E xpa nsion of ~hc p ara dt· a nd festival last yea r e nlarged lh ,. d iv i­ sio n PLC 18 in consid erabl y. T he






DA FFO DIL EN GI NEERS, Idt 10 right, Don Schultz, Ted Johnson and Jay La q ulI p re pai.. the fra mework for P C's da ffo l'li I f loat. The n '>at w ill b e cove red w ith f low­ e .. tonight and w ill be in the annual parade tomorrow .

G roundbreaki 9 W ednesday Starts T acoma- ie ce I Gmund-breakihfi ce rcmonies for the newest PLC building project, tI· ;: Tacoma-Pierce :Memorial Hall, tuol, the' place of the chapel program last Wednesday mor ning. Dean Hau ge officiated, g1ving the aGdre." in th e CMS and breaking !, round a t til .. si te of thr' buildi n g. In his address, D t'. H aU}l:e com~ pared tllt' life of th t: ceollcge to that of tbe b - -y ea r-old maple tret- whi ch wa ~ ['(' (' t'!ltly taken frorr: in front of Old Main. The years of a tree' s lif" are recorded in tJl t: rings of the t r e" trunk; sonlt' of t h .. r ing s are large aEd som" art· small. Some of the

years have be en dry and compa ra­ tively un yielding. He went on to enumerate some of

th e ('v(' nts that have ta b -n place dur­

ing the life of that maple tree. The [rn' tru n k had a diamet er of a fe w inches fo r the first 25 yt'a n of its life. Then the circle! bega n to grow la rger, until the last 16 y,-a r" th e t ree Ie f t an indelible record of g rowth and d'velojJlIlt'nt. " Bu t this is not a tim" to lOOK b:t ckv.,rard," Dr. Hau ge stated. ~ ' We must look forwa rd to a 11ew chapte r in the history of this instituti on; a n t w cha pter which is about t ~, be \vri tt f' n."


Volume XXXV I


Parkland, Wash.

Next Tuesday n Wednesday The "big day" for PLC voters d ril w, n ear! Next Tuesda y and Wednesday ASPLC offi cers will be ,dcctt'd from the candidates who havl' be-cn (';Jlnpaigning for leader­ ship p o ~iti o ns for the 1959-GO school year .

'The Matchmaker' O pens May 7

Honor ea Sunday AEternoon

T a ssels a n- spo nsoring a tea t h is ' unday ill h onor of women students wh(, had a GPA of 3.110 o r above bst se lDcste r. The tea, which will be gi n at 3:00 p.lII. in >Qu th Hall loungc, will be lentt'l't'd around a South American till'rw· . Miss Schmidt, a jUlllor high sc hool t"'teher, will spl'ak on he r travds in the Sou th merican coun­ tries. Purpose of this senior women's honlJrary is "to serve as an incentive to the wOlllen of Pacific Lutheran College, to stl'ive toward higher ,cholastic achievemf'nts and to rcc-

o[(nize high ~ch olarshi p a nd kader­ ship in social and cultural activities of this school." -Membership in the club is limi ted to a maximum of 25% of th ~ 5enior women of PLC. To be qualified they mus t have a minimum GPA of 3.00 and a unani m ous vote is necessary to become a member. This y ar there a rc 25 g irls in th,- club wi th Joyce Hanson as president. Among the many activities of the organization are the sp ring and fall honorary teas to give recognition to scholarship and achievement, Artist Series receptions, movies, A.W.S.

Numbe r 19

o f·ces


L:l>t Tut·sday th i' candid a t( s w <'n ' introdu ced in th e chapt:! progr am, tUl d next Tue,day presidenti a.l can­ d idates will speak on th eir p olicies and p latforms bl' forc til<' s tudent body. Last w ,· ,·k qualifications of the p r c,idcnti" I ca ndid a tcs we re listed. ! \O \ \ l(oac1y fo r r c lroa st: arT the pres i­ "The Matc h m ak r;' '" fa rt:e in ",sista n t clerk , F n 'd Bindd; Molachi d enti a l platform, of t h,' following Stack, iack of 311 trades, Bob Flem ­ thre e" a ct]; by Thornton 'V iLder, is can d id a tl·, : in g; Enrwn g~rd e, niece of M I". Va n­ the all-s chool p la y 5d for M ay 7. 8 Paul II rlson-"I fed thnt the ke y d er Rdder, Ma r ito S:!lve scn ; M p; . and !:I . to succu:sful s tudent g ove rnment is Dolly Levi, a professional ilITa ngcr, T lu ,t0ry cc'n te r s around a r ich a ll illfo rr ued " nd alLrt st ude nt body. :,:[a.r ie P e ters; Mrs. Molloy, ;) 1 \'W old <" I'ch an t of Yonk,-r-s, who d e­ T o stn ng thcn this kc')" I plan to YOl k m ilhnu, S.and r a Hei r n ; Min­ cides to " wi k <\.n d employs a t ' nc(')ur 31~T a c os~r wo rk in g relati on ­ nie Fay, h l ' r emp loyee, K athryn , hip bt;twl't' n the stud e"t bod y, the y oung w omlln :.s iil m atclnIlukc-r. K nutson: a cullln3n , Stn '!' G off; Ru­ Muclc-nt cou n cil, an d tht administra­ ' umpIie;,tions rioe whc:n the ffi ale h­ d olph. headwa iter at Ibrllloni c<1, ti on. 1 0 build this rela.tion sh ip, I Gard e n~ , Julin Ti c l z; August, a makl:t bl't' omes invo" t'd w ith t w o of w ai ter, Paul Wold ; Miss Flora Van plan to stress the rt's ponsibility an d tit. n1 fl'h, nt's mt' nia l cl er ks. sl'n 'ie \; of the stu d c!lt body to stu­ H u y, e n, a frie nd of Ernlt'ngarde' s CaJit for t he p]a y , • 5 l n osen last m othN , Connie :M Ul ray ; h t'r cook, d en t i! OV rnm cn t and Illy t irn c and w I. H OliJ ~t' V.tlldt rgdd , r, tht~' T ud y RO~ nI's5 : Gypsy nms icilln in talcn t;, to the r espc' ctiv(' office of Mcrd tntl! of Y unk.. rs, w ill b · p ol'­ \ SPLC prl' sident." H a rmonica Gal dells., Walt Schweil ray..d Lv Z a ne W ilson; Ambrose: Dan Witm e:r--"The office of PLC g ~.' . i ' aupt-f , a yOtw g ;lrt i ~t , ' "il Coopstudl' nt body prcsidt>n t is going to Sandra O lson io; th t: stud nt di rl~ c­ T, J oe Sca n hm, a b rbc r, JOt" S m it h ; call f /' lllore co nsc ientious service tor of the play, tht' tl'l~hl1i( :iJ l din'c­ Gert ru d,·,. au d cl cJ'ly gove r nc:s , Oilla a nd dfort this coming year tha n lo r will b(' Mr. E r ic Nordh olm and J o nes; COl'llel ius H a ckl, chi,'[ clerk, eVl r fw fo re in the hi:lto ry of our stuth e direc tor is Miss Jan e Sll1ith. Robert E . C lson; "Barn a by T ucke r ,

assels Hoi

Friday, .Ap ril 10 , 1959

Culture Series, serving for the Wash­ ington ,\ssoeiation of Wom en D eans ~ nd C(lu Dsellors, ushering for vari­ ous activiti,'s such as the Homecom­ ing play and helping w ith Mothers' WC'ekend.

dent gover n m t'nt. Man y advances w''I'e made in the area of student­ administra tion-faculty rf'la tionships, but this door is allen to a fuller stu­ de-nt participa tion in arl.·as such as student sclf-d isriplinc, w hie h we must IT cognize as o u r own respon si­ bility. T lw fru its gath r ed from last fall's Leadership Rf'trea t must be greatly




coming school year, follow ing tht· next Leade rship Retreat. These <l fe just two a t ,' as in which th " stud e nt body prcsid<' nt WI ll he hi gh ly in­ vol,...d. I fcd p c-rwnally qu~ lif i" d for this p sitio11, fu lly r~ali l ing' its sig nifir:anc ~~ a n d inlportallce." J ohn Olson-"Thcro' is no cloub t ha s m a dt! trt'm cndous th e ASPL a dvance'S this year, large ly throu gh the effo r ts of the S ud c nt CounciL Such ('vents a s th ~ E asb old H ome ­ coming, T his Is YOUT Lif ·, tht: Lead­ e rship Retn·" t and lhl" I CC Snow W et·k-cnd Id t little to be dt' ;ir d. There is, however, posslhl room for improvem nt of PLC's soci a l p ro­ ? r a m with less e m p hasis OIl money­ rnaking and rn ol'c ("[npha si :~ on t h e q ua lity of act iv ities. I w ould c udea v­ or to continue Don Dou glas' , policy hy making m yself :1vailabk to you, th e sludents of PLC, as muc h as p os. sible. In short, I would lil,c to ma in­ tain and furth e r d evelop t hl: polici es of the existing student council." Jerry Donahe-"Thc poli cies that the present Student Council have be­ gun will be carried out. I fe el that these policies will continue to d -­ velop a better functioning, matur Student Council and Stude nt Body. I would strive to elaborate and im­ prove these enact ed policies, and to initiate these specific polici('£ of my own for improvement of our college as a society and family-increased student pa rticipation in student gov­ ernment, increased interest in world affairs through lecture series and chapel prog rams, a follow-up pro­ g r am for the Leadership Retreat, and a more effective social activities program."

Bob Larson- --"I believ ' t ha t a shou ld have t wo obj cctiw in mind: h r mllst a ct a, a kadt-r of student go\'crnnwnt in furni:;hi no; initiative and drivc., and he should serv e as a c:o-ordina tor of i w act i",,­ til'S> I pledge mysell \(j thi! ('hal. len p ' and would like to Sl't~ fli rt her d c vc1opnll'nt in the: social I, k Oll t he C3111pUS, icadership re treat, assoCIat­ ed rl1f'n stll d ('nt~, sorne n :visio n o f th" ICC, excha n ge p rugr:;;m; w ith o ther collr'gcs 2nd part icipa ti on in n~ t iona l and lot al student con rer­ pr~ 3idcn t

Candid ate, for iu ·-presidc nt:.; _.n t! th,·ir main qua li fication s arc: Sheila n-Chai nnan o f . tu­ dmt Congn'gati on Boa rd of D t' acon­ ' c$(-S , lllcm bt r and historian of Spu r,. winn l" r of Girl of t h e Y ear A w ard in hig h sc hool, p r esid(,!1t Junior L u ­ ther an Datl~-, h t ers of Ih., R. forma­ l ion in her honll' chu r ch ~n d vice­ prrsidC'llt of Mu P h i Ep:; iJon ( Ill ll ic honon ry).


!\Inry Canut h cr.; Dr "IOOnt· , '. S u­ d e nt Co ngrr-ga tion, trt'a.~llrt·r f the i';pu P, . ",,' e rr- ul r l of Phi Dt'lta Lp­ S110It (Pa r islr ' 01 ker:; ) , srcn·tary ~ nd [ ,<. rc-pn:sc n wuVt' LSA. jJ l1:' .i­ de nt ;md \"icc-],>Ic,i d. nt o [ Tri-Y j hi gh school a nd p r esiden t of Luther Leag l1C in high sch (){) L R on Ba rbou r - () c: i ;, 1 a c tiviLie5 chairman of Everg l't·,-n C ourt, p rui ­ d ent of German Club in j un ior col­ k g-e, trcas urt' r, vi r -president ;lnd p n' sidl' nt (2 years) of local Lu ther Lea gue a n d g r oup leade r and COlm ­ sellar at th~ last Int,"rnationai _:rm­ wntion of ELC YPLL. John Jacobson-Membcr-at-Iargr, Student Congn' gation, mClllbc'l" oJ Blue Key and Letterman's Club. co­ capt a in of football team, ddcga lt' to Hi-Y You t h L e g islature in h i ~h school and high school class pn;;si­ dent for two years. George Doe b I e r - LettcrlllJ,n'~ Club, president of Jr. Exchange Club in high school, home Luther Lea g ue vict'-president for two years, preSl­ (Continued on page 4)

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Friday, April 10, 1959


moorIng mast Editor.... _ ..... _ ........................................... Anita Hille,land

Mewt Editor................................................Deanna Hanson

9por1lll Ed itor .................................................. J ohn Hatuon

Fl!Iltwre Editor.............................................. Carol Morris

Busine.. Mana ger ..... ............................ Mary Lou It''l(en

STAFF- Barba ra Isaacson, R e ta Rcmpt, Mary R oge rs, C a rol Fren ch, Martha Edwards, Carol Te ~ low, Bar­

bara Brinkley, Priscilla Hutcheson, Dick Halvorson, AudIY H a rt, Barbara Beckner, Karen Toffle, Sondra Benson, Lee Turner, Sharon Van Rooy, P ete Jordahl,

Barbara Jackson, JoAnn Hudson, Vi ckie Rue. Photograph.. r ..................... ~ .................... MeKewen Studio

AdYiler..............................._................ Mr. Milton NClvig

Assistant Adviser ................. ..................... Dick Londgren P1Ibti.hod Fridays of the school year by the student» 01. Pacific Lutheran Collere, Parkland, Wash.

Students P repare Float

PLC's Night: Wat:chman Is Second Fai:her i:o Girls " W henever th e women of PLC gath er to disc uss the more vital subjeets, like men, the name of James Elsworth Baltzell is spoken in reverent tones .. . the girls of Old M ain all agree that if we ever had a second father, it's Pops." That statement appeared several years a go in the Mooring Mast. So many years ago that the MOllring Mast was printed on green paper. The subject o f that article, as of this, was a PLC institution that stands on a par with the traditions of the Mooring Mast, kicki ng p 0 st and Christmas Carol. The suhject, the night watchman. His n_me, Pops.

He remembers the time the fellow ' ept scaring the wits out of the g irls in Old Main. When he caught the fellow, the culprit was taken before M rs. Holstad and Mrs. Nicholson. ~o one is quit · sure what happened, but the fellow still shows up at PLC a nd calls ou t the traditional greet­ in g, "Hi, Pops!"

Daffodils abound at PLC this weekend as efforts arc direur.d toward producing another prize-w inn ing float for Tacoma's annual Daffodil Parade. This year over 40,000 daffodils have becn ordered, almost douhle last year's amount. Besides this the float will be several feet longer than last year. Because of the extra flowers and a dded length more help than ever is n eeded. All stud ents are urged to take part this evening in puttin g the float together, even if only for 30 minutes. (It is hopl'd that you will stay lon ger ) . .\Ithough some students have worked all night in past years to comple te the floa t by para de ti me, they stea fastly d es cribe the fun they ha d w hen doing so. Sincc this is an all-school project, the wor ' should not be left to a ft-w fa ithful students, but all should take an a ctive p a rt. By way of added t ptation the cha ir­ m a ll has p romised coffee for th . work ers. M uch time and effort has bee n spe nt on the plans a nd COll5truction of the pipe-and-wire form. Th e rest is u p to you, the studen ts . L et's win f irst p rize a ga in thiS yt'ad -ANITA HILLESLAi\'D

fleming z: By Bob Flerni H eigh ho. I lICe the boa rd of trustees met 1\1$1 week. How m uc h do you want to rl that the coffee shop window issue wasn't e-.(: n h roull'ht up ? .•• This wee was . ead emy . ward w et' k in H olly woo . A ctua lly the bc:st actin g w . don e b y thos P "oplc:: in the a udience that ni te wh o didn ' t win . . . Ht:ard on th e ra dio, " H ow can we g ive a ll tl is f r such a 10 " low p rice? T h e 1n5\\,,'r IS obvio us-inf. rior nwr handi . r !

Then I got a jllb in Shakcsp .are's Jul ius C aesar. You'"e bea.rd of Fla'o' ius, LuciJjus and Cassius ? I was Nau 'ous . .. I won' t say wha t the hamburger onwins in. the coffe shop b t it comts in th r e grades-win, place a n d sho\\ . . • (Ona, I'm only j oshing!) .. • D id you hear about the IlnibaJ who a t the missi nary? ru bet that W~ the fif$t real I.;Urte of religion he eve r had! I 'U!t boug ht - u d a r . nd talk abou bargains! It & e ight years ul ;m d n l'VC'T lJet'n out Cl f the sa gel W owne hy a li [tl r~ old lady w h only used it to car­

bun rtlonoxid.. hu.sbrui'ds . .. Did you h ea r the 0 c a bou t

th a icia n w ho in\,· ntt.d his g reat t tric k? Hr tosses

a huge bJllowing 'lk over a Li n coln Co nt int: n ta l; there's ., hlin i n~ rlash of light; thl: silk i, yanked away--- an thc Lincoln's ~on ! n e'd ma ke • fo r tune if it w asn't £(11' nn l" d . w l>ac k-you can't cxnmine the silk. D id you hear the ODe about the penny-pinching girl who bou ht herseU a oue gallon C onoUl)' siz caJl of spray deodorant? l'n .'SSCd t h butlon a nd blew ber ann off • . • How about the missionary who was captured by c.anniba and ju t. they were about to kill him, he held up cigarette lighter, !licked it Df, and a ri h t dancing flam e pop ptd up. The IUtFes wcre a we-sm c n and r Ie bim on th.. spot. "It' a m iracle!" cried the chief. "That's

th e Ci r~t time I've e r I nown a lighter to work the

very fi rst t ime!" Or h ow abo t ill(: ilmbiti ous p!ychia tri t who be­ 'nnw 0 si<i ll",d, so successful, so fam ous-, n the world ne of t he best bent a p sychopath to his door? . . . thi n s to ha ppen latdy is th e library bein g open till 11 :30. The only chance some of the men have to get a little studyin g d one without those freshman girls both­ er ing them. Oops . . . Would it help if I said I w as sor ry? . . . I think I've over-stayed my welcome. See you next wee k. U n cle Bob-Bob.

honest answer would cover the png::s of several books. A major p<·.rt c.f PLC's history has een r·~ c.ord ed . There has been the rise and i.'.11 of the fortunes of the country. Ther has been a change in the f.,,~ uity a nd the addition of a n umber of buildings. W e have gone through a minor

war and there have bee n majal'

changes, but Pops still makes the rounds at PLC. Experiences while a t PLC are ot a subject about w hich Pops talks frecly. When he does talk, the li~tener gets one of the rare glimpses be· hind the scenes given by the voico; of time.

r th e story about the girl who w ent walkin g in the two or thrc<.: inch es of fr ezin g sh1sh. Vhen she :"ot into th e- dorm she w as so n early frozen it was difficult for her to hold th e p~ nc il still e nou ~h to sign ;n. P ops a sked her why sht: hadn't told th e fd low sh e wanted to come home and h er reply was one th a t is as t imeless a s Pops. She said, " Oh, no! 1 just c.ouldn't do that."

POPS BALTZELL, campul night wal,h­

man, checks 10 see that a door is locked. With his t rusty lantern under his arm, he makes his round s seven nights a week.

Pops was born s n:nty-nin e yea rs ago in D"rr Rid g • Mi ss ouri, a nd earn to PLC in 1946. J n the int rum he le d a Ii ,,.Iy 25 y 5 as high school princ ipa l a nd superin tender: t in }"Ionta na . L ocking d oors and closing win­

dows a rc a primary duty of Peps be twec n nine and ekven. F ollowing this he patrols he ca mpus, including Ivy, E verg rct n and the gym. An v s ll spi c: io u ~ goin l(s Oll art! observed by this noctu rnal inquisitor. His m ai n task is pl"e \'e n ti n ~ outside va ndali , m an I t1u· ft from occurring on c?<mp us. W hat has h a ppened in the [: J n~ Pops has b. ~n at PLC? The simple a nsw er would e dishonest a nd th .::

Ander o

Wh en a skeo what was one of the m os t me morable exp erien ces w b ile h e wa s at PLC, Pops replied that it w as difficult to say, but that th e party la st yea r in his honor at South Hall would b,' the fi r [ that came to m ind. M rs. K ut"the ( then house ­ m otht of South HaU ) a s.kc P op s to come and speak to th e girls. Not an avid public spra ker (and lit tle suspec t ing that a birthday party was pl::l.ll ncd) Pops declined. F ventually he: gave in and went ; at lc:r, a s he ~a)'S, " My wife callc-d Tm' .l stubborn old Missouri m ule and told m a out the party."

The Saints March In,

PLC Applauds Jazz

by H erb Dempsey PLC plumrnelted into the 20th century la~t f'rida y when the Chris K nudson Fdlow h ip Hall played host to the Saints, the Triton es, a nd othe r~ of Seattle. Part of the g roup w a fr om th e Uni ,t'fsi ty of W shington.. All were musi cians. PLC enjoyed the Saints. That w as evid nl by the applause. Tht· Sa ints enjoyed P LC as is evinced by their s " ternent. "You' re t.he best a udience we h ave ev er h ad. It w <u a pleasure p erforming for you. We look forwal'd to the time when our schedule will allow US to a cc ept the jn­ ~' itation

to return." This was a rare concert on the campus-the music \Va, played for the fun of it. It w a s youthful mu: ..... It was uniquely American music It w as eager and vibrantly alive music. The mu ie was played by a group of young musicians. The audien ce, eager for a new ex­ p erie nce, was waiting and enthusiastically recep tive From a torrid rendition of " W hen the Saints Go Marching In," to the cool to fn gid interpretation of othrr of tb e ne we r a nd newest works of the "American Soul;' th e. Saints ra n the whole gamut of human ex­ p eri ence and emotion. Here onc could find no mouldr di a pas ons. H ere there we re no ri gid, ironclad conven­ tions. Frcedom, und l' r the ca reful control of the indi­ ,·idual a rtist, w as the key of the evenin g. This freedom as well rect' ived by a n audience traditionally free-' a n audi.. nce of .tudents.

Dear Edi tor :

Too Many Past o rs in C hapel? ' I've be n thinkin g a lot about Pa ul Carhon's lette in the January 9th M ooring M ast, wh ~D he ask ed aboul. va rie ty in chapel speake rs. Especi a lly Since a ('ouple weeks a go when two of our science profe s~o rs !poke.

According to mv stima tc-, of tht t~v ·Ive cl c~ III' on our fac Ity, a ll bu t two have spo 'e n in chapel thIS yea r, and most of them have spoken twice. All thost: n ew this year have spo ·en. Of the 59 otb t:r full· time facul ty l1H:lI1bers, eight, includin g one new thLs year, ha ve spok­ .-n, Now of cours.r I don't m ea n to imply tha t t.h.i.5 i.1 bad. C hapel is a w orship service and a s su ch it is natural to h ave. p asta ! speak, a nd we' vl: rrceived a lot froul all the- pastor! w e' ve h eard th is year. H owevn , Dr. Holum's talk on th e n ecessi ty of la What d ocs h e say of the people f' a ngclislll is one of the most ,·al abil; th i ng~ !' w heard a PLC? "A wonderful bu! eh of ,,11 year As lo ng as ove r 80 % of ou r gradua u:s arc d 1­ p eople and I ce rtainly tonjoy my as­

tined t o be laym en, one of FLe 's major objt:ctlvn, socia tion w ith them."

if no fhe b lt'ates t, i to hel p the m c: C I) m to dedi­ Wha t do th e p eop le of PLC say ca ted Ch ris tian la 'm en. Sure-Iy every membe.r of !.h. of ops ? ia u lty h as u story of h o v Chost affects his work, a nd few studen ts cv~r get to kno", t hem all. 'hrist is Lord Mrs. Ni cholson: "He is a vcry fi n e in ('vcry fi eld of e nd eavor ; Ic t' s he.a r from more of them ge ntleman ." By th e way, p lease th row another log on the proof­ Mi ss Rouze : " We couldn't get re ad ing machi m I ' n ow tha t th e sp irit o [ a n ar ticle '. a lon g without Pops." 1110re impo rtan t Lhan the form , but a typ ograp ruCSlI M rs. M a rqua rdt: 'l' '''ps i ; h eld in ll'ro.r on you r p a rt w hich c anges my word "h er sy" to th e hi gh est estc"m, :)oth 1:. )' tho 'e of "h 'arsay" d ~ ' t roy5 hoth . A is , wi th a ll n ue r"3~l~t tn us in the a dministr·u:()J). w ho kn ow bo th Dob 0 1s ns (just th ink-i n J une I' ll have the name h im and b y the girl."

all to m yse '!) , 10"11 the proofrea de r I prefer to fer ' n

Writes of



b y 3 arb' a Jackso 1any book' han., been writt en n thr' stn a ll A merica n town, and Sh er­ wood Andrl'son 's Winesburg, O h io is no exce pt ion. It is ac tually a colle ction of sh ort , tor ie' of var ious inhabita n t. of W in" burg, t ie d togcth r by a ctn­ lr.ll character, you ng- G eofl,.'t: W il b rd, w ho is working his way into a dult· hood, bC'st· t by h is own p robltrn a nd tho'e of the oth, r townspeople . A nd er~ o n d wl; fit)t on l w ith tht' urb et ac tions, bu t dig1; in 0 inner p syc.: holo!pcal aspec ts of the charac tpr tha t m a kc hi m <l et as h e doe~. H e ick~ (Jut mos tly those who h.i e been wa rpcd h v the ir cn vi ronmc:n t a nd w h o tn to rom pensa t<: , rcsu lting ill unu sual m anife sta t ions. III fa ct, aft er rc:o.ding a le w chapters, one begins to wo nder if everyo c, inclu ing hi ru~dI, i 'n' t a likf'ly prospec for the psych ia.trists's offi ce.

ummer Sessio OHers Variety (J nc h undrt d a nd e igh teen cou r cs in 21 d r.p a r tments vill be offered in the: PL C sunun.. r sessio n which begins J u ne 12. C lam., whi ch n lc rt e\'e.ry da y at a sp ed ('d up p ace enable a studl" n t tc \:a rn up to 10 credi t h ours curin g th t: summer session. South Hall h as bee n set aside for the usc of w om en a tten di ng the SUIII­

IU('r session. Everg ree n Court will h om e the men.

R egular students of PLC are admitted to the summer session under the

rules that apply for any semester. Catalogs arc now available in the Reg­

istrar's offi ce.

BOD 0 1. EJ

Kicking Post Rep laced? Is South l-lall loun ge r.. plac in g the k i('king P05t? 1 w ondr- r how ma ny p~ o p l .. know th" I t g~ nd of thl~ kick i n ~ pos t-o I' en that er i such th ing. . Perha ps its or iginal pUI p O.l· could on ce a ~am lx r " Iizrd a nd utiliz.. d if it w('cc m oved into Sou th H:d l \0 ' nge ( Iikl a cprtain orange os prrhapl> tr ir d 0 d{J and failed) . Wr.; r ea lize that he frl'sh a ir, gn,r n ra r p t, gc nth· b. bbl~ of tht· brook, and the , ~ i tu d.· of M othu Na t un "'s natu ral selling ca n hard ly compare w ith th(' com fo t of t h e foam ru rr di -- ns, th .. w,rm a trnosphr rr alla ine-d by th e collect i 'e dfor ts of mnny cou ples, aDd th l' gen tle wh e!'?:..- of tht ai r vents in H uth ym c- H all. AI. o, only in such a p ubli c phce could these C(lU­ p ies gt:t sut h an apprec ia t ive a udi en ct-typical of PL • stucir J1 ts w ho are ea'<;l.'r to Ie rn n ew methods a nd t ech ­ niquc 3 in all a rea s of lif" . 'ow th a t i scr.m s spring i, I e Iy he re we hope that these able " pe rformers" wilJ not a bandon their stage a nd m ove to lower ca mpu' whn l.' ..h ir only audience would be the birds a.nd tht" be(''' 's oJ arc already masters of the art. - Na me withheld by requcst

Lute Nine

OveT C


Friday, April 10, 1959


3 PLC Cagers el ~cted For All-Evergreen

ral Saturday

Out to get even for two one-run ddeats handed them last wer In Ellensburg by Central Washington College of Educa­ ion the Pacific Lutheran nine will again take on the Wildca ts [. morrow afternoon, this time on the Lutes' home diamond. T be doubleheader begins at I :00 p.m. Don Keppler, w ho was expec ted to be the Lu s' num ber Q n~ mOllndsman

and a strong out·

{td d r this year, will probably be out for three or four weeks with a ullf· d kg muscle.

TomorrOWj Golf

Opens Thursday

e •

The Lutes' "Big Three" tagen piled one man' honor on their stack of distinction th is pa>t week ",bCD they were named to the Ever~reen Conference a ll-star basketball tt'am. PLC:s Roger Iverson, Chuck Curti. aod Jim VanBeek, Wh,tworth's R:\y Washburn a nd Eastern's Walt Hart­ man w(,l'e selected for the h ono r.

SPC Te nnl·s Foe

Ji m Gabrielsen's debut as PLC's has"ball coach was spoiled when Ce ntral scored three times in the I~t o f the seventh inning to corne from tw o runs down and win the first The PLC tcnnis team will journey l; ame of the doubleheader, 9-8. to Seattle tomorrow to face Seattle Ron Coltom started on the mound Pacific College. for the Gladiators a nd held the In the initial outing last Sa turday Wildcats to two runs through five the Lutl'- racket squad droppe' II innings before Central knocked binl matches to Central Washington CoI­ II the hill. le e of Educat ion a t Ellensburg. Al Brockel, Jerry Donahe, a!ld C hu ck Hobbs all attemp ted to p u t CPS gave the Lu te. their second O H the fire for the.: Lutes, but none loss Thursday in m a tch!'., playf~d a t f them had much S1!CC.CS" il S th~ Point Ddia ncf' Park . E llensburg nine scored o"ve n ru ns in Co~ch Gene Lund ga;lrd has not ne la:;t two inning;,. the lineup yet fQr tomorrow's 51't Bob Kuper chucked thc ni ghtca p matchr •. Mrmbe n; of lhe team in­ Ilnd ha d a shut-out goin g t ill tiring c\1J (}.- Larry Peterson, Lore Hilde· in th r sixth. Central scored all eigh t of thei r runs in the final two fra mes. b rand , i m Dola n, Bill Wil iams, Two PLC freshm en, AI Blomquist K l' n G a a I, R on Barbou r Darryl nei Ga ry VeHal, topped the hitter ' Dcttm ::lD, Allen Morken, K m R udd, r th e day. Bloomqu ist smu<hcd a a nd D :lrryJ and Dennis Trocdson . home r . two doubles and a si ngle, a nd Jim Van B ~r k , player-coach of Vr~ ta l hael two doubles and a si gle. last yf' ~r's t"nnis squad, is unabl. to First Game

111ay th i. t ~ r becallsc of ('mploy­ . 1.. C . .... .....002 201 3-8 10 .~

mr· n t. -r;"ntrai.. ... ..... 020 004 '\-9 6 'I

The Lute golf squad is not s t (.oltom, Brof'ckcl (6 ) , DOn;! h,' yet, according to Coach Lundgaard. 7 ), Hobbs (7) and Johnso n ; St. R e l \l rnin ~ e ter.ans are J im Hi ll, C;p" rgr , Clark (5) , Ba ker (6), Lind· D ave H aa la nd and Stan Sta ndife r. ntlrg (7) a nd Sloa n. \-V- Li ndbu rg, J 0 h n "iit chdl , P LC juniol', is L- Hohbs. Hom" runs; C nt ral­ t urn i n ~ out for the squad for thl: DI"~an, Townsend. first time. Erv Marlow, irosh from Second Game Lincoln Hi gh oi T acoma, has indi­ P. L. C ............. I00 150 0-7 9 2 rated hy ea rl y eason fo nn t h <tt he (;f'D tral ............ OOO 006 2-8 9 5 will be- a help to the team, Kupn, Broeckel (7), H obbs (7) <U1d Bloomquist; Caton, Bright (5 ) T h,' golfers halce- been ou t prac­ Qd ali kyo W-B righ t, L-Kupc: r. ticing but players for the first meet, H om!' ru ns: PLC-Bloomquis tj C en. scheduled for next Thursday, have raj- Jordan. not been sel..cted, SJjd Lund gaard.

Sprin g Sport s Sta rt Minstre ls Short hande d

by Zane Wilson S pri,ll!( Pfl rlS , l'C- in ~ ('a ~ o n, as m,l Y b wi Desse d b y he (,Hil t · d ur in g tb pa <t wc,k. Jl C we t C PS in a d ua l tra ck mc'; t la st 'aturday a nd proved 10 h~ th e on ly G lad iator Ie' rn to b r ill.« horne the bawn. The L u tes d um ped he- Log.::.... h ;) 5 or' o f 77- ~ 8. I.C t rl nr ed t ight fi rsts, n Lnc 5t'conds ad d~ht th irds to :;uccc-s,J'ul h' d nmin a te th e L OgljelS. ' By thr· wa y, Joh n H a nson, Moo rin " Mast sports ('ditor , showed that ••1n r:I m Ol( tha ll just wr it abou $J)OTt, J h n won til the 100- a od ~O·'· rd dB<he ' . Joh n fromm , nat ional co llt g-ia1c j3wlin ch am \ ho grad uatt'd from fiLe I.u t }' fr . t h .... w th spem 235 fee t in :I n r·. h.ibition Satu rday. H e had l(I stop brl' u~c o f a sore .. rm. I' {om m i I leeping in shap<. for' the nt. t I !pnpl(' t Qu I:; . Hl$ colll>giate macl-- mar be.: in jeop a rd y n ow tha t a ~ pea r­ hmw r fr()m K:l nsa; - ni \C'rsi t · 'las uno rr j(- i ~ ll .· hcttcn: d F romm's ma rk lrc.IU . this t son . Se fnr, thr· h;lsr- ba ll tram ha s t"n unabl · to ('om~ u p wi th a win, dr p ­ pinl:f f ur 10' L S it-5 in t rnw . E~ "'h loss h a b,." n by a onc-run ma rg in onun~ la t,. in tn" g;' t· Thr- L u l" s h:l" " bf'('n ou t-hitt in Lhcir opponr o ts, o:"ttin~ a lot f !'xtm ha~!'s , but pi tch ing has p roved onc probl m hal' to ..... hij . , il1 n-u p for ~prj ng intl'll murals no\ bemg p tcd. ,hoose your spor t • nd Lt) oul Golf, trn n is, ha d minton, 'l od ho e-, hol. throwing :lre a ll on the ~hl"' , Til,. L c w' cma u's Mins trel Sho i ~ ha\'ing it probk-ms. P a ul T empli n, • r~ i dt nt , h ns stn tr.d that all m en arc welcome to ,ing, and dub me-mber ip , not.l prr r 'qui it,·. An>'cHlc \ ith or without a voice is wtlc omc t.o t ak~ a 'ael< at it A v OI(' fl f th;juk sho\lld go to M orley Brotman, prcsi dt'n t of the T ncoma th Ie-tir C omm isslon, ' i'ond Stan !\'accarato, cx('c utiVl' director of TAC, for he r"c(' nt TA C ba.nqu et whi 'h honored the PLC hoopmen. Congratula tions are duc Arthur M . Hobbs and Man: Tommcn'ik, whe r~c:c i" e d ASPLC athletic. citations at the banquet Wednesday night. These 3 \\ards go to ineli\' iduals ho ha\'e contributed to athletics in the T acoma area and PLC.

Pas- Th....



Jim Kittilsby, left, and Jerry Donahe, both jun iors, w er. on the starting nine when Coach Jim Gabrielsen's team opened against Central last Sa tur. day. Kittilsby Is an outfielder and Donahe plays second base.

Thinclads Beat CP 77-4 8; Fromm Sets Field ecord After rack ing up a 77-48 victory over the College of Puget Sound in their first outin g this year, Pacific Lutheran's track forces take a r"sr this weekend in preparation for a clash with ~ea tt le Pacific's thinclads nex t Saturday in Seattle. The best showing in last Saturday's meet with the Loggers was turned in by John Fromm, who graduated from PLC last yea r bu t rcturm·d last week to throw th e javelin in exhibition. Fromm, who holds th c' ~AIA and , CAA records, t ossed th e- sp,.ac '235 fee t to brea k his old fidel l ecord. Two Lute freshmen, John Hansoll a nd Dav{' Barker, led th e Lut e vic­ tory. Barke r, an all-around fie I d event ma n, took second place in the hi gh jump, pole vault, a nd !tha t p u t. H;jllSOn fi nish ed first in the 100- and '220-yard d ashes. The Summa ry Mile- I, Ellis (C PS ) ; 2, Paul (PLC ) ; 3, Wc inerth (PL C); time, 5:08. 4-+0- 1, Pyle ( CPS ) ; 2, Gaashold (PL C); 3, Witm(T ( PLC ) : time,

Barker (PLC); 3, H a rrison (CPS); hei ght, 5 feet, II in ch.;s. J avelin- I, Havel (C PS ); 2, R c('p (P LC ); 3, R u ud (PLC ); d istance., 1Gl fee t, JOineh cs. Pok vault-I, R cc:p (P LC ); 2, Barker ( PLC) ; height, II feet , 3 ill. Discus- I, Searcy (PLC); 2,Mar. tin (PLC); 3, Franklin (CPS) and Francin (C PS) tied; distance, 129 f,,(; t, 5 y, inch es. Broad jump-I, Steeter ( PLC); 2, Bottemille.: r ( P LC); 3, H a r r i ~ 0 n (CPS); d istance, 19 feet, 50 in ches.

The three Lutes and W ashburn we re unanimous sciecti(l!"s. Named to th e second team wen: Barry Drummond of the Univc n ity of British Columbia, Bill Demick of College of Pu g" t S ou n d , K au M a theson of Eastc rn,and BiU Cordes of Central. R eceivi ng honorabk mention wen: Ken Winslade, UBC; Nt'llo Mor­ ganti,Ray K ycek and Wendell Weld. WWC; J a . k Alzina, Whitworth; Dave Danielson and Dick K ofon!. EWe; J oe H enderson, Jim Castle­ beny, CWC; and Bllb Roiko aDd Norm D a hl, PLC . T he squads were dt'eted bv each I am in the confen' nct: piel~ i'ng a4 all-opponent fir st an econd tcam. This is Curtis' f urth time 0 the ,,11-st'-1.1· If a m, h 'f'rson ' thi rd, an V a ll Be,'k's s('cond. LATE MOD E L



TYPEW ITE S F O,. RMT SploOia l It u~nt flt.l.t.N


1110 Cent... t. idA. 7

52.5. 100-1 , Hall on ( PL C) ' 2, H eadrick (CPS); 3, Cowli n (CPS ), tiflle, 10.5. 120 high hurdles - I , J acobson (PLC); 2, H eadrick (C PS ); 3, Bot­ temiller (PLC); time, 16.5. 880-1, Sdfbrs (PLC); 2, Ellis (CPS ); 3, Halvo rson ( PLC ); tirne, 2:06.8. 220- 1, H a nson ( PLC ) ; 2, Pyle (C PS ) ; . , H eadrick (CPS); time , 2:U. Two-mile-I, Ellis (C PS ); 2,Paul (PLC); 3, Ross (PLC); tim, 11 :+2 .5.

220 low hurdlt:s - 1, H ead r ick (C PS ): 2. Jacobsoll (PLC) ; J, H 'T­ 'ison (C PS ) ; time, :27.2 . Shut-I, Francin (L:PS); 2, Ba rk­ er (P LC ); 3, SC;l rc (P LC ) ; d is­ tance, -!2 fee l, 4 % inc '5. H igh jump-I, Ross (PL C ) ; 2,

Vo lleyball, Ten nis, G ol f, 'Shoe s in I-M In tTalllUra l voll .yb311 concluu r.d its second WC c·k with D t:j a rdillt:s, f acul ty, Bn'we rs (3 rd Floor ), ani C lover Cred ' '. ' bat tling for t h ' k a d. E ig ht teams a fe en te red in tht: intr3mu r; ,1 volleyba ll, said Gordon m 1wohl, studl'Dt d irector of intr::t­ murals. Golf, t Cf' n is ;lnd h M c-shoe p it, ­ in ;ta r t next , 'ee k, u l stud ..nts ca n sign the regist rat ion fom1S posted n bulletin boa rd s in the clonus and t he CU B any time this week. So! ,ball will star t May 1. T

Ice age

Lucky us .•• t oday is the modern ice age. Lots and lots of it in refrigerators ready to ice up t he Coke. And what could be more delicious than frosty Coca-Cola .•• t he real refreshment. With its cold crisp taste and lively lift it's always Coke for The Pause That Refreshes!

....... 'J?rink



BE REALLY REFRE SHED .•• H A VE A COKEI lkIt1ted under authority of The Coca-Cola Company b,


Friday, April 10, 1959


Page Four

Students to Choose fr m18 Can idates In Elec ions Tues ayand Wednesday (Cont inu ed from page I) de n t for two yea rs of Luther L eague, ALC . The f o ll o w i n g randid a tes for presid ent, 19 56-57, Ski C lub, ICC lIome·of their qua lifi ca t ions : Art ·ElIick · n- L u th e r L ea e ASP LC lrt'asu rer an- listed, with feprcsl"nta tivt: a nd p rf' sidc nt, Sa ga b us ines ' mana gr r a nd student couni!. P aul E ricks -

D evut ional chair­ sident n f C olurllbiil C onft'fen c L u t h !" r Lcagu r . pres id ent o f juniur and M:n­ io r ci a 5 in h i h ch ool P eter J ordahl- T r!'am rr r for two

'ca rs of Lu thl' r 1..·a Ill", prt'si d ~ nt of

h igh s('hoo! sophomore c ass and v;)Tious • III bs. Cand id ates for s,·rrf'ta • fC : . oan Ruud - Ju n ior ( la ss s('c rt ­ tar , scefl t;u y of 'V:llther L ..a gue {or two Y' an., de 'ot ion al h a irrna n o f North H a ll and treasuc('r 01 Stu­ d .. nt Cn n!1;rcg-atio n. Shari T honrilson - Sec.retary of Board of Trustees, St dent Con grc:­ ga l: n, ' t'cn: ta ry of the Lutht' ra n Da ugh ters of th r R eformation, prros­ idcnt of P h i D elta Ep, ilon, prc~ id ent (If loca l Luther L t'agu,' . ma n of E \" f'r~nT n Co urt , p

JO:Ul Ofteb ro-ScCYf' la ry-treasure r of Ivy H all, p resident of Educa tion

LAURINAT'S apparel We Outfit C oeds LE.7-5317

406 Garfield

C lub at Hartnell College, president, s 'c reta ry a nd t r('asurer of local Lu­ thl' r L t'. Janet H aley-Treasurer of Delta Rho Ga m m a J 958- 9. sl'cret a ry­ trcas u rC'f, sophomo re class in hig h school, treasure r of church youtl

STELLA'S FLOWERS Flower; for All

12178 Pacific Ave, LE. 7-4lO1 ("oot of Oarlleill.) We .Dellver



3820 South Ya ima



. .. _£


C ustom ma de to you r order

h. thy Evans - J unio' ciass pulJ.. Ikit)' h a illna n, secretary of lora l Luther L eaF:u<", secreta ry of sopho· m ure c.I ss in junior ('oll 'ge, 5f"Cre­ w ry of studr nt bo ..,. in h igh school.





Leaguers Here Sun day


Parkland and Vicinity

The Re v. Chari ... 8. Foel"h, Ph .D., Predd" nf 2770 Mor in Avenue, Berkeley 8, Ca lifornia

Seven h nan d stud en ts from Au­ gw,ta n;J , E LC a n d ALC synods in W:I h in g-ton, O /"!'gon and Idaho will assemble on th ,· PLC Cz.m p U 5 t his S nd ay fo r .ll iher L eague D ay,

To ptC fa culty and . t ude nt., g ree tingsl A man of fai th a nd eage r sp irit can have Ihe lime o f hi. lif. serving a . Q PQs· lor In our church in the Wes!. PLT5 Ira in. coll e ge gra dual" . ill the Wesl- for Ihe We.11 W rite for oo lo log .



hone GR. 1-3 71


Expert Dry Clea ni ng


En joy That "PLUS" Servi ce

One-Day Service



, 20th & Pacifi c Avenue

L und ry Se rvice


Standard Heating Oils -- Healing Equipm nl

Heatin g Service


O CCO $ iOn5


Phone LEnox 7-025 6

Mrs. Jo Su mm ers

Ptl rkland Ce nter

Phone LE. 7-4 300

--------------------------------- - -----------------------------------------------------------------------


The Air Force pilot or navigator is a man of many talents. He is, first of an, a master of the skies-and no finer exists. In addition, he has a firm back­ groun d in astro-navigat ion, electronics, engineering and allied fields . Then, too, he must show outstanding qualities of leadership, initiative and self­ reliance. In short, he is a man eminently prepared for an important future in the new Age of Space. Find out today if you can qualify as an Air Force pilot or navigator. Paste the attached coupon on a postal card and mail it now,









Aviati on Cadet Information, Dep A -94B Box 7608, Washington 4, D. C. Please send me details on my opportunities as an Avia tion Cadet in the U. S. Air Force. I am aU. S. citizen, between the ag l'S of 19 and 26 ~ a nd' resident of tb ti U . S. or possessions. I am interested in [J P ilot 0 Nlivigator tra ing-. N BfM_ _ _ ________ _ _ _ _ __ ___ _ _ College_ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ Street______________ ______________ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Cit/J'___________ __ _ __ _

Zolle - . State _ _ ______

L rson, J aco son, EI ickson



Bob Larson, John J acobson, J oa n RUlld a nd Art Elli ckso n will h ead the Assoc ia ted Studen ts of PLC for the 1959-60 school year. T ota l \'otes in the fin a l d ec tion l1urnb"rt'd I, La rson won the pres­ id en ti al po, t over John Olson 387 to 1l 7. Vi ce-prexy J ohn J acobson received 404 votes to George Doeb­ ItT's 3 17. F or tht: sec reta rial pos i­ t ion , j oa n h a d 467 to Shari Thor­ \ ·i lsull ~ 2S0, a n d Art Elli ckson ga th­ a ed 409 \ oto wh ilt" Paul E ri cs h ad 317.


Bob La rson , Pres iden t

Jo h n Jac obso n, Vice Presi den t

Bob Larson is a junior soc iology m a jor fr om Billings, Monta rm. He comm ented, "Whe n I p ic ked up th e phon e I w as sca red st iff, because I h a d rI O id ea h ow the results w ere .,{oin g to COJrl l! out. I f.elt very grate­ ful a nd humbk wh en they told m e I h a d won. To my opponents, I want


Sago Carnival " Step tight up and sec the great­ ,·St &bow th is side of Clover Creek," sa y~ Art Elli ckson, general chairman uf the Saga Carnival. "You won't want to mi ss this year's gala twu­ day event, because it promises to be the I)('! t on e yet," he added. C arn iva l a ctivity will start Fri­ dl ~, April 24, with the coronation u1 th e Saga queen a nd king . Ar­ rangement s fo ~ tht: llish t are being ma de by ~eg E va nson, Jack Holl HId Bill Oste nson. Tacoma's Mayor Ben Hansen, a PLC a lumnus, will e I' <) W n the ca rn ival nobility. C a l Capener will be th e Me for the cor­ onation l'lltertainmellt. Followin g the coronation fcsu vi­ tie>; everybody is invited to parti i­ pa te in ca rnival activities in the gym. T he rt: will be shooti n g gal­ leries, a professor-student dunk a nd a jail to stor e your hicnds in. On Sa turda y n igh t, Apri l 2S, the Lettermen will put On a Minstrel show und er the direction of Bob H od ge:. Afterwa rds the carniva l will rebwne in the gym.

Tetlie Receives Aid For Cornell Study H a rold Tetlie, PLC' s economi cs and business adll1inistration profes­ sor, bas re ceived an assistant-;hip and ... schola rship a t C orn...ll Universit y in Itha . N. Y. Tetlie, who will be working to­ w:t<" d a d oc tor of philosophy d egree, WI (sta rt a t Cornell next S" ptt:mb r in tbe Gradua te School of B usin ...s s and Publi c A dm inistration. A. member of th e PLC fa .ulty for the past two yea rs, h e ha~ a mast~ uf ~ degr e f rom the University " f D enver, a nd did his undergra d ­ uate work a t St. Olaf .a llege.

to say it wa s a tough race a nd a g reat l' xpnie nce. I wa nt to thank th e :;tud en tS for puttin g your confi­ uen ce in m e . I will t ry m y best, with your help fi nd support, to p erfon n the job th a t y ou have g iven m c." " It is im po",i b!t:: to put in to words th e though ts and grat" tude I felt upon rr>ce iving lh e news of b ecom­ ing your s("crc tary, and be ing give n th e opportunity tv sen·c y ou, the st ud ent bod y. I si n ct:rl'ly thank y ou. I w ill do m y best to carry out t d uties of s(' u etary as well a s th· y have bee n this p as t yea r," J oan Ruud statt'd. J oan, a junior fr om H illsboro, Oregon, l ~ majoring in lit n a ture . "Nee dless t o say, this is indeed a

surprise, but a vcry p leasant on.;,"

Art Elli ckson said. "It's h a rd to ex­ p ress ('xa(:tiy h ow one fer ls a t receiv-

Art Ell i<k50n , Treaiurer

Joan Ruud , Sen.lary

Next W eekend



" moorln Vol _


LSAer's J ourney T o O r ego n M eel: Forty-one PLC t udent!> will lea ve t oday for an LSA weekend re treat at Camp Men ucha, tw enty miles east of Portland on the bluffs ov~look­ in.,. the Columbia river. Re gistration w ill be from 7 :00 to 8:30 tonight. Partic ipating in the prllgram will be Rev. John Kuethe, wbo will speak on "Love Is God's Way and Ours." Study kader for the retreat will be Jim Burtness, pastor of Faith Lu­ theran Church in Albany, Oregon. Additional activity will of slJiritual study and ftllowship. Those a ttt ndin from PLC are Nancy N ewton, P a u I Holmquist, ~{ary Roger-s, Don Anderson, Allen ''Vahl, Nei! Thompson, Tim FOl,t stt:r, Bob Olsen. D a v e Gaenicke, Dick Fishe r, Bill Wi ll iams, Bob L eblanc, Ivan La rsen, M arvin Knutze n, Bill Weinerth, Dave Smith, Katy Kol­ kowsky, D ca Reimann, Jane Ross, Ma rie Salveson, Dan Witmer, Mau­ reen Udma n, M a rgie Morris, F ra nk G earhart, Sing Johnner,Ka ren Abel­ sen, Tonette Eri ckson, N ancy J ohn-

Parkland , Wash,


mast Num.... r 20

Friday, April ' 7 , '959

Ma ntova ni at CPS M a ntova ni, M as t c r of the Tu mbling Strings, w ill a ppear at tb e CPS fiddh ousc tom orrow eveni ng at 8: I S. The forty-iiv .... piece orches tra will present about tWellty num­ bpr , ind"d i o ~ "City Rha psod ," U :lln my," " Se ret L ove," "Song of Indi a," "Fascina tion," "Can C a n,." HV (' n e t i ;l n Carnh'al/ ~ "Jeanie with the L ight Br own H air/' "Carnpto\vn Ra.C~ S311 HC ar­ amia" and " Fantasy of Opera." Tickets, wh icb may be purchased at thl: fit"ldhouse, will range in pri ce from $ I.S0 to $2.S0. This con ce rt will be sponsored by th e M emoria l Stad ilU11 A s~o ­ eia tion, Inc., of Tacoma. Purpose of th e. organization i~ to raise enough mon GY to r estore the sta­ dium downtown at Stadium High School. son , Don Schultz, D a n Erlander, G erry Fosen, Joan Tousley, Margo Sch wcnd, Frank Barnreitcr, ] 0 a n Oftebro, Shirley All('n, Diane Sax­ ton, Dick Dietsch, Carolyn Randoy, Sue Christianson a nd Susie L a nnen.


ewMema,ers ue ICe

Blue K ey, PLC's cha pter of na ­ ti ona l senior m en 's honorary a nd ' en. ice orga ni za t ion, has selec ted 16 new m embers. One of 100 chapters from m aj or u niveJ> itirs and eollege.:; acroSJ the lJ. S., Blue K y lx'ga n at PL C in 1951.

Sine:-: then, t.he organiza tjon h as been responsible for a. number of worthwhile proj ec ts, includ in g the annua l spring ca mpus clea nup a nd campus Christma d ecorations. Blue Key also fllrni,hcs u:;hers yea rl y for both the Artist Series and baccalaur­ eate. In selecting new members, Blue Kry looks for leadership, ch a racter, scholarship and service. Goals of the orga ni zation a rc to stimulate intellectual a chievem ent on campus, to be of servic e to the stu­ dent body, and to mediate between the administration a nd the students. Initiates will become official m em­ bns when they arc tak 11 into Blu<: Key at an init ia tion banqu et to be held soon.

m g , u ch an honor. Th e quali ty of m y opponents m adt' 111' fed very um;as),. I know th e y could have dont:' th" job as well as I hope to dc>. I'd li ke to than k you l or t1ccting DlI! t the offi ce of t reasurn . I w i i] dr.. the job to th best of my ability." John J a cobson, ckc ted vi ~ ·p resi­ dent, was n ot 'lVai!a bJ. f')f om­ J11" nt. ] oh n is a juuior irom L ·­ wood. The new officns w (; r r chus(' c from among 18 "lOd i da te~. S ix 01 t h e G'! ndid a tes com peted in the fi nal d f'ctions on Wednesda y. Saga (a nnua l yearbook) r o-t>di­ tor\ fo r next yea r w ili be M , Iv:. Fuhr a nd Gra ce Hc!grl'n.

Fa mily Clinic Due A pril 27-29 " Stahility in An Age of Constant Chall be" is th e gene ral them for

thl: th lt:e-d a y F amily Life C unfr-r ­

cnce scheduled ior P a cific Lut .-ran

students ,md fr iend s Ap ril 2i . 28

a nd 29. Two guc~ t sp<~ak, rs, D r.

Evc:lyn Duvall a nd D Gran ger B.

W ,'stbcrg, will conduct Lbrte Ice­ ture and di sc ussion sessio '-.aell

cay. Dr. Duvall, serv ing colleg ,uni­ vcniti f's a nd communities, is d istin­ g uished a s a family life consul tant a nd author. She has writtcn ' ·The Art of D a tin g," " Fac ts of Li fe a nd I. 0 ,. e," " F a mi I y Dcvdopm~nl ," " Fam ily Living," "In-Laws: Pro m d C a n," "Leading Parent G roup,," " When You Marry" and the sy ndi­ cated "Let's Explore Your MincL" D r. W rstberg served as consulta n t for ast yr :lr's ac ific L u {" e ran Fa m ­ ily Li f,> C 'ln f<!rence. H ill llS.'Iociatc p ok sse r oCreligi on and h ealth , F<."<i­ crated . ' h colog ica! F a (. u I t y 3Jld M <'dical School Faculty.. at the L ni­ vcr~i t y of Chi ca go. .lore ae rvmg a s a h ospita l chaplain Dr. Wt:$tlx-r g served as pastor of an Illinois p a.ri h . H e is past presiden t of the Ame rican P rotestant H ospital Chaplain's :\s­ soc.iation, a nd author of the book, "?Yurse, Pa stor, a nd Pa tie nt." T OlJi cs for chapel wi J 1 includ e " Youth a nd the Church in an -\ge of C onsta nt. C h a n g e," "Getting Ready f or M a rriage in An A " c of C onstant Chang{:" and "E ducating Christian Lead ers in An Age of C o n­ st <lnt Cha n ge." Titles of Jccrures and discussion periods for the afternoon arid eveni ng sessions arc "Fl1JJ1i1y D evelopment," "Psychiatry a nd the Ch risti a n F a ith," "Wh at Kind of Sex Edu cation fO! T oday's You th ~ "The Fa mil y U n der An alysis," and " ,"Vr, a t Youth ''Van b to know: ' Dr. W es tberg will cone 1I e with " ,wn­ m ary on W"d nesd oiY eve n ing.

Comm itt e e St udying Men 's O rgan izatio n

Martha Stoa Re ceive s $1, 000 Edi son Award A ,.e ry SU I pri ~c d freshma n ( <K d f r U 111 S'>a ttlc, Martha Staa, was .lwarded a $ 1,000 scholarship y KING-T V W e d ne ~ da y rooming . Marth a w as chosen by KING-TV a nd the Seatt le ~ ch a()1 b oard wi thout h,er J.:nowlFd gc a nd n ot ified last Sat­ lI roay . T he scho lal"Stup which can b pre nleJ to " a ny deserv in g y o:.tth" " as Kiv" n in connection with the [,h oma.' Edison Fou nda tion in K ew }t-I"$l'Y whi ch a n n ua ll y gi. ("s awa rds to th l- T.V. sta tion w h ich h a s th e est programs for youth over a en ­ lain pe riod of tim e.


A con1mitte-c ch ose by tl e p kdents a nd vice prr. idcllb oi aU the men's d orrru is H OW titttd yi u~ the p ossibi li ty of a n Associated M en Stu­ d e nts o rganizat ion .

Tbe cQmm ittee w ill submit a COD­ sti tu tion f OT the p roposed o~·garuz:a.­ tion at a Wedn esd a y n igh t In<' bnl(, The •• til e cons titu tion will be miml:l)­ g ra ph ed a nd lat,' r ted on at a g'll­ ( fil l m eeting of all wtn ~tu d cn t5. ; elu d ing th e ma rri ed m en.

are, front (left to right), Frank Barnrieter, Ken Gaol, Gle nn Campbell, Merle Martinson o~d Ted Johnson , In the back row are Tim 0150." Norm Dahl, Bob Jae~h. "n , (.:""''3'' Doebler, Ted Johnstone, Joh n Olson, J. m Kit­ til sby , K n Ga mb a nd Paul Eries. Not pictured are Paul Temp lin and Dave Dahl.


T h e A M S structu re i" expect 10 be simi la r to th a t of the A WS, but the new g roup may include a stud nr disciplina ry b 0 3 . r d and a credit unlon.

Page Two


Friday, April 17, 1959

----------.- ------------­ PACIFIC LUTHERAN COLLEGE

Ranson Reveals Life 's 'Tr gi

moorIng ma t


by Bar a ra Jackson and Jo

Assista nt Ad viser ...... __ ... _..... .. .................... Dick Londgren

Published Fridays of the sch ool year by the students

of P acific L uth era n Collei:'C, Parkland, Wash.

Office: College Un ion Buildiug Ph one LEnox 7-8611, Extension 41 pric ~

$3.00 per year.

Ti e t:


Tibe t, t he little country on " top of th e world," mad,· fr on t pagt h ca-dlines all around the w orld recently when th Tibeta rose in revolt a ga inst Communist dom­ ina nce. When the Communi sts enter ed Tibd several years 'Igo h ese na n nally pea ceful people submi tted m eekly. As Ion;:; as their god-k ing, th ~ D ah la i L ama, w as undis­ tur bed t he Tibcta ns wt:'rc placated a nd he r main cd in - his p a lae a t Lhasa, Tibet' , capita L

ABSO RBED IN a book from the Modern library she lf in the bookstore is Dr. Ran ­ son , head of t he English department. Sin ce 1940 this professor has been in­ spiring PLC students in the field o f lit­ eroture .

The sum m r s of h is l:oll egr· yea r, \w n.- ,· pr n t in va riolls W:J yS: traH linlo( w ith a C ha u tauqua, a n e ntclta ining compa ny ; w orki n g up in .l wood mill indu st r y from : Iut" hoy to pla ner's assist­ a n t: touring- Europ.: on a se cond h a nd motorcyclt'. A propo ed bicycl!" trip to On ta rio wa< h a lt~·d in St. Louis w he n th e mc·a ns of tra nsportation had to he sold (or l h.· w s tp n ~ n':,· of th~' rider. Settlin g down to more g" ri ous busim·ss, Dr. R anson wen t on to [!:r hi s Ph.D . on a Lordt>l D e nny sc h olarship, tcachin )r a s he work ed on it. In thc mea ntinw ht· 111<' t a nd ma rried hi s w ife. H ele n. H e consid ers this a c rown ing poin t in h is life. T oge ther th, y p 'p rr"st n t lh e British blt:s, he of Irish a nd English or igi n , shl." oJ Scote!: a nd Welsh . D t:sp it,· th l lack of Sr.1 ndi navian hlood, Dr. R a nson took on a position a l i' L C. H e d id it wi th th ,' intention of staying temporarily to SC[ up the English c\ ("pa rlm r nt. H e (ou nd th l' w.)rk so enjoyable, espec ially with t h e studet;:" in th e refres hing atmo~ ph e r(' of th" l'io rthw est, that he h as remained to tht- pre r nt day. E n during th e lea n yea rs of till" d e r " io n, the En glish D epa rtm ent flouri sh <,d ; !1(·cdin <;" onl y book ~ . p en and ink, a nd p a per-and Dr. Ramon's vita lity a nd intellige nce to inspi re> his s udents. A n unprete ntious ma n, Dr. R a nson , who q ui t te nnis and pia no a t '~ 5, bas e-nriehed the live".' of hundred s of studcDCS by dn d oping in hem lh > a ppreciation for lite rat u re a nd a broadCT insi ght into m an 's place in th e un ive rse. Trag ic a mbiquity! ( We simply ha d to get thi in! ) --l. & B.


Wag ner

Takes Seven Encores by Dick Halvorson

TI,..· currcnt Studen t Arti sts Series cam". to " thunderous close "I h u rsda y w ith th e pr 'sen ta tion oi the Roger 'W a gn<:'r C horaie .

His p os ili on at Lha sa h as been so da n ge rous rece ntly tha t he wa s forc ed to fl ee to IJld ia. Commun ist infa ntry a nd even p a ra t roops sco ured th l.: rugged te rra in for him in a d espcrat(, attempt to destroy th ~ Dahlai L ama d ur­ in g his two week fli ght. But h e reac hed a sylum in I ndi a

I n th is ht:'ginning- section, th e " M ass in G M inor," by the la te Vaugha n Will ia ms a nd the "Magni fica t," by H e rman S c hroe d ~ r, sh a red the spotlight. Th e M a~s combined th e old plai n;on g wi th the new in an int~ rf"s tin g com­ bm a tion whk h was both ullique and perso nal. This used a double c.horus and fOllr solo voic.' s. Perfec tion w as th.: keyword h e ce .

~a fel y.

'Vith the " ~.{a !; nifi ca t . " th e du o-pianists, Stcc.hcr and Horowitz, made th eir entl a nce on the s taw~ . The well known, bea ut.iful words were st"t to a mode rn stylc, bllt not dras tic, still pleasing and worshipful to the m ost con­

According to th e bel ief of these peop le the D ahla i L :llna is the reincarn a t ~d Buddha and tht' refore worsh ip him. T his revolt, · in one of th e sma llest countries of th e w orld a nd una ided by a ny outsi d e iorces, is a n encour­ agin g note fo r the frt !" w orld . T he Wes tern powers have w a tched th t" can ce rou s g rowth of the C om mu n ist pow r in C hina , Hungary, Germany a nd other places. So far th t free world h as ta ken no p ositive stand a ga inst this for c~ .

How fa r will Communism be allowed to sprea d be­ fore oy d efi ni te act ion is ta ken ? ANITA HILLESLAND

'Huckleberry Hound' Rates

Top Billing with 'Vidiots'

by Bob O lsen Th e fourth floor lounge of Old Main has a wonder­ ful view of th e c.a mpus and southcrn Parkland, ton-eth er wi th Mount R a inier and its foothills, through its 5 xlO foot window. But the ~ce nes u sually seen h ere app€:"a r on a 12xl8 in ch serer n; for this is a TV lounge, one of th e indispensiblc rooms of the campus. Your r eport€:"r interviewed a typi cal rl"fin ed g roup of viewers during a comme rcia l last wee . As soon as th t"y stopped wrestling, he asked the qu~stion, " Whal is the most-watc.hed prog ram in this loungl" ?" Opinion was about evenly divided be tween Maverick and Huckk­ be rry Hound; all runn ers-up we re oth er w es terns. Some o th,·r programs which ra ted a ch eer from the audience wh en m entioned in Cha pel recently are Gun smokc and L a wman. "Maveri ck," was the con ce nsu" " probably win in this loun ge, bec ause we're on a highe r I,.vc l than Second Floor. Besides they can 't gct it down th ere ." The misadventures of th e g re-edy, cowa rdly (and proud of it!) Mave rick brothers, Bret and Ba rt, has a certain kindred appea l to contemporary viewers. There w as no sure sta tement on how lTla ny hours th.. average college man spends as a " vidiot ." Estima tes ran from six a w eek to three a da y. One th ing is cer­ ta in, howeve r ; the lounge, which serves Fifth, Fourth, and most of Third, is seldom s:mpty d uring th e good viewing hours. Thert:' is no d oubt either that Hu ckleberry Hound is the fastc.~t-grow i ng prog ra m as fa r as PLC viewers an· concerned . " It's almost as good," said one of the m en, "as Dr. Schn ackenberg's lectures." Hu ckleberry appea red on a few posters in the rece nt ASPLC eleclion campai gn. Rumor had it tha t he was runnin g for office but this gossip was soon proved un­ true . Obviously, he couldn't run b eca use of his ciass-­ caninf.'. This "adult" cartoon, heard Thursdays at six -p .m ., also features Yogi Bear who Boo-Boo-Boo-Boo's through hare-raising experiences ea ch week. This show definitely tickles the funny bones of PLCites.

n Hu dson

Wh itman cr- Sha kespea re, .' r- w.: mea n Rcrbnt R a nso n, head of the E nc; li ~ h d epartment., came to PLC in 19 '1O a fter ha vin g com pleted h is Ph.D . in E n gli sh a t th e U niv ersi ty of Wa~h ­ in gton. Dr. R a m on di d 3 yt·ars oi un der-g ra d ua t(, work , t Empo ria C oll..·g(', J=omplc ti n g hi. B.A. at the Univt'rsitr uf K a lv s, w h nc h r· wpn t on to rt"cciw· his M .A. in h is to ry. W hi le the"", h e w as ele cted to Phi Beta Kap pa . a s holast ic honora ry, . nd belo n,c;ed to P h i Mu Alpha, a music SOG ic ty, a nd th t" Q u ill C lub, a n organ izat ion for crt>atiw w ri ters.

Ed itor. ..... .................................................. Anita Hillesla nd

News Editor..... ........................................... D ea nna Harrson

S ports Edi tor____ ................. _ ................... _ ...... l ohn H a nson

Feature Editor.......................................... .... C a rol Mor s

Busin M an<\ger ............................... __ .Mary Lou F." g'en

~T. FF -Barba ra Isaacson, R , ta R cm p t, M a ry R oge rs,

C a rol Fre nr h, l\1a rth a E dward s, C;\ rol T eslow, Bar­ hara Brinkley, P ri " ,i lb Hutc!leson, D ick H alvorson, Audrr Hart, Ba rba ra Beckner, K a ren To ffle, Sondra E, nSOrl, Let Turn" r, Sha ron Va n R ooy, P (~ t e 10rda h l, Ba rbar;). Jackson, JoAnn Hudson, Vi cki e Rue. I:'h o togrnphl" r ......... _... . _.. _._ .. _..... _............. M cK ew en Studio

Advi sa.... _.... ...... _................. _.............. Mr. Milton N <:svig

S u btcription


se rva tivt..: ca r .

" V a ria tions on a Th t'me by H a ydn (Thr S t. Anthony Chorale) " startrd th e second half of the evening featurin g in solo the duo pia nists. Stecher a nd H orow itz showr d p rec ision an d style from tht:' slow a nda n te m ovem ents t o th e rap id iva ct:' s.

Kidnaping Joi stuffing

AsLat sf Colle ia e F d Swa llow ing goldfish m ay not Ix· a p opular mil a ctivity toe ay, but oth!"r bi za rre- stunt.s a n · in vogu'·. All ov(" r the Unitrd Sta tes studt' nts art:' vyi llg to


how many pcople they can ja m into a tc lrpho nt:: booth . This coll egia te c ndcJ vor h as even ca ught on in Canada. Th e reco rd is in Ul'· vicinity of 50 stud r nts in a booth . Like a cha in n ac tion, the next cha lknw· of skill ix­ came Sluffin g humans into Volkswagons. Studf;' nts a t Portland held tht' lat.·, t claim to th is pa.cki ng r cmrd-­ a bout 30.

The second in the series, "Trois Beaux O ist'aus du Paradis," by Ravel, featured C a the rine G ayer, soprano, as soloist. Shl:" brought to the waiting audienc:e beautiful high notes which we re literally spun out and the ultima t ... in control in both this number and lat('r on in " M a ry Had a Baby." Aftt"r seven en cores R oger Wagner su mmed u p the feelin gs of the en­ lire audien ce wh en h e sa id, "We've enjoyed sing ing for you tonight, you' e Ix e n a wo nd .. rful a udit: nee, but I'm sure you a ll h a....e- homes to go to." Thc only c. rit icism tha t was n oticed was th l' occasion al sloppiness of a ttacks a nd rdeases and th e ra rt" exp<'rience of having on voice sta nd out a bove oth ers. R oger Wag ncr showed h is grca t ta lcnt in building th e vocal imagt's. Th(· Cho ra le went from a strai g ht ton , to the full rich tone of !flature voi ces as he p a inted his pi c ture . Their stag e pr sence was fa ultless. On the whole, it w as a magnific .. nt. prog ram, bringing excellent vocal music to those who have thc b.,-st, Prof. Malmin a nd the Choir of tht:' West.

fleming sez: H eigh ho. Have you heard about the Indian h ypochondria c who's switched to filt ered smok e signals? .. . If the Light person bumps into th a t cute littlc ora nge post I bet they' ll get rid of it. Cross your fin ge rs, gang ! . .. I one.. kn ew a glass blower who got th e hi ccups. Turned out 700 crystal balls before we could stop him! I feel like doing something dangerous. I think I'll open up a lin ge rit, shop and become King o f th e Undi eworld . . . ( tish, tish) . . . I'd like to congra tula te Mr. Kittleson on his fi ne show ... Spea king of art, l a y Trons­ c alc tells me Mr. Roskos draws flies . . You know I think I'll learn to play bolL After a ll, I know most of th e words a lready . .. Attention: Zippers will never take the place of buttons. Who eve r hea rd of putting a zipper in a collection pl a te ? I finally found a summer job. I'm a spotter on Lookout M ounta in. Every time I ~ ... e a nother mounta in comin g, I yell: "Look out!" . .. Newsy type item: L as t w ~ek H erb Dempsey ord ered dinnt'r for a party of ei ght er. n! DGrl't fee l sorry for him tho, sh e didn ' t eat very much. . Then I gave h er a g ree n rin g. Turned her finger gold . .. R eally I think it's rem a rk able

w hat prog ress we' ve m a d e in the last 30 years . W e've learned to m a ke· cars, ships, pla nes, t empers and money, all go faster. D a n Triolo et a l ( the horsey se t) say tha t if you d on't know how to rid e a horse th ey ca ll you a Te-nderfoot. Whot:'\- r nam..d it tha t had a misra ble se nse of direction . .. How ca n a nything filled with hay be so h ard? . . . Any truth to the rumor that a w ell known musician 011 this ca mpus used to play first pizza with Louis Prima? ... I'm th!' emotional type.. Some people cry at movies. Some people cry at plays. I cry at. ground-breaking ceremonies. -- Uncle Bob-Bob.

TH ESE TWO .lniole r looking, ny lon stockinged villain. portray the MO (that's method of operation for non Dragnet fans) of the PlC kidnapers. After wrapping the scanticly dressed victim in a blanket and lying him with a rope, he is whisked -'fSY into the night only to emerge from his cocoon in totally dif­ ferent surrounding l . Thi. new fad, collegiate kidnaping ~ replace forme r ones of swallowing goldfl.h and stuffinll peo-­ p ie into small places.

But college students thrive on ori ginality ou tside of th ... classroom. On,· recent, rainy night, some time after th e witching hour, a group of creativt:' PLC thugs COD ­ <:e ived a new fad--kidnapin g. According to unrealiable sources, this m a cabre t rend in collegiate antics bega n when a dozen (accordi ng t o the fri g htcne-d vic ti m ) asked ahdu c tors stealthily con­ ve rged u pon a sleep ing studellt counselo r . In typical TV ga ngland fashion , th ese villains hur­ riedly wra pped the confused counselor in h is own bla nk· cts, ti ed him with rop"", a nd sh oved him into th,· idliD~ getawa y car. After riding, unable to ,toe anything because of thl: for hours (so the victim thoug-h t) t h r displaced counselor wa & removed from the car.

~ t ra i !Zhtjacket,

Finishing- the stru gg-le with the bonds thr victim found himself in skimp y attire on the capital p; round~ in Olympia . Will this fa d spread over thc' conntry? Or will the: FBI be called in to ~quele h this ? Already two oth('t student-napings have occurred at PLC--onc victim wa: shangha ied and left in Lak ewood a nd another in Puy­ allup.

Larson, Jaco son, EI ickson •

And Ruud Bob L a rson, John J acobson, Joan Ruud and Art Elli ckson w ill head the Associ a ted Studen ts of Pl.C for the 1959-60 sc hool year.

J olin Ja cobson, Vi ce President

T ta l votes in the final elec tion ," ll11ben ' d 73 1. La rson wo n the prcs­ id ·n tial po,t ove r John Olson 387 to ~3 7. Vi ce-p rexy J ohn Jacobson received 404 votes to G eorge Doeb­ ler's 3 17. F or the sec reta ri a l posi­ ti on , J oa n had 467 to Shari Th or­ vilson's 250, a nd Art Ell i kson gath­ ered 409 vo te s whilt- Pa ul Eri es had 317. Boll Larson is a junior sociolog1 111a jar from Billings , Monta na. H e comrn':nted, "Wh en I pi cked up the phon e I w as sca red stiff, because I h a d no idea how th e resu lts were going to come out . I felt ve ry grate­ ful and hum ble wh en th ey told m e I had won . T o my o pponents, I want

Joan Ruud, Secretary

Saga Carnival Next Weekend "St(:p right up and St L th" great­ ('St .now this side of Clovt r Creek," sa y. Art Ellickson, gt>neral chainnan uf tbe Sa ga Carnival. "You won't want to m iss this year's gala two­ day eve.nt, because it promist"s to be the best one yet," he added. Carn iva l a cti"ity w ill start Fri­ dl v, April 24, with the coronation uf the Saga queen a nd king. Ar­ rang ements for the: nigh t arc being made by M eg Evanson, Jack Holl :m d Bill sterulon. Tacoma's M ayor Ben Hansen, a PLC alumnus, will L' row n tht" carnival nobility. Cal C ape.ner w ill be the M e fo r th e cor­ onation entertainment. F ullow ing the coronation fcst!"i. tit,. ev rybody is invited to partici­ pate in carnival activi ties in the gym. T hrTc will ~ shooti ng gal­ leries, a professor-student dunk a nd a jail to store your friends in. On Sa turday n igh t, April 25, the Lettermen will put 0 11 a Minstrel show under the direction of Bob Hod ge. Afterwa rd.s the carn ival will reswnt: in the gym.

Tetlie Receives Aid For Cornell Study Harold Tetlie, PLC's economics and busin ess administrati on profes­ sor, has r cc6ved an assistantship and .L scholarship at Cornell University in Ith aca, " . Y. T e tiie-, who will be working t o­ w,ft' d d octor of ph ilosophy d egree:, 1 ~t:1rt at Cornell next Sep tember in the Graduate School of Business Ilnd Publi c Ad mimstra tion . .1\ mcmber of the PLO faculty for the rXbt two ~nrs , he ha! a m aster of am d cgret!: from the Unive rsity u f Dcnvl"r, a nd did his und erg rad­ uate w orl a t St. Ola f C oll ege


Student: Posts

to say it was ::. tough race a nd a great expCI ienee. I w a nt to tha nk the students for puttin g you I confi­ den ct' in me . I will t r y m y b':st , with your help and support, to perform the job that you h ave give n mt'." " It is impo~sibl e to p ut into word s the thou ghts a nd g rati tude I f elt upon rf'cc:iving the new s of bccom­ iug your secreta ry, an d being give n tht" opportunit y t o serve you, the , tucient body. I sin cen Jy tha nk you. I will d o my ho t to ca r r y out the <!utics of sce rdary as well as th ey have been this p as t year," J oan Ruud stat ed . Joa n, :l junior fr om Hillsboro, (Jrt' gon, IS maj oring in literatu re .

"Nt'cdkss t o say, this is ind eed a surprise, but a ve r y p h;asa nt one," Art Ellickson said. "It's h ard to n ­ p ress c" ac tly h ow one fcds a t r eceiv-

Art Efli ckson , Treasu re r



" moorln Parkland , Wash.

LSAer's J ourney To Oregon Meet Forty-one PLC studt'nts will leave today for an LSA weekend retrea t at C amp Menucha, ""enty milt's east of Ponla nd on the bluffs ov look­ iIl!r the Columbia river. R egistration w ill be from 7:0 U to 8::30 toni ght. P a rticipating ill th ' p rogram will be Rev. John Kuethe, who will speak on "Love Is God's Way and Ours." Stud y leader for the rdreat w ill be Jim Burtness, pastor of Faith Lu­ theran Church in Albany, Oregon. Additional activity will comist of spiri tual study and fdlowship. Those attending from PLC are Na ncy N ewton, P a u I Holmqui st, },fary Rogers, Don Andn,on, Alle ll W ahl, Neil Thompson, Tim Forester, Bob O lsen. D a v e Gaenicke, Dick Fisher, Bill Williams, Bob Leblanc, Ivan L a rsen, M arvin Knutzen, Bill Weinerth, Dave Sm ith, Katy Kol­ kowsky, Dea Reimann, J a ne Ross, Mari.. Salveson, Dan Witmer, Mau­ reen Udman, Margie Morris, Fra nk G ea rha rt, Sing Johnnc l-, Karen Abel· se n, Tonette Erickson, Nancy John-

mast Friday, Ap ril 17, 1959

Ma nt ovani a t CPS t.fa ntovani, M as t e r of th e Tum bl ing' Strings, will appear at th... CPS fid dhouse tomorrow even ing at 8:15. The forty-fi ve piet l' orch<;stra will present about twenty num­ b"n, inc hld'n g "City Rh apsod ," .. a rn my," "Secret L ove," "Song of India," "Fasc ination," " Can Can," "V e n l" t i a rJ. Carn iva l/' Ii] t'a ni e with the Light Brown H air/ ' "CanlptO\.. . I1 Races,u HCar­ amia " and "F:mtasy of Opera." Ti ckets, whi ch mHy be- purchased at th e fieldhouse, will range in pri cl' from $1.50 to $2.50. Th is concert will be sponsored by th e M emorial Stadium Asso­ ci a tion, Inc., of T a coma . Purpose of th~ organization i to raise enough money to restore the sta­ dium downtown at S tadium High School. ~o n,

Don Schultz, D a n Erl:md er, G erry Fosen, Joan Tousiey, M argo Schwend, Frank Ba rnreiter, J 0 a n Oftebro, Shirley Allen, Diane Sax­ ton, Di ek Di etsch, Carolyn Rando)" Sue Chris tianson and Su sie L a nnen.

Number 20

16 ew emLers E er ue ey Blue K(' y, PLC's chapter of n a ­ tio na l seni or m en's hOll ora t y and se n ic!' organiza t ion , h as sd ec t(' d 16 II CW m embe rs . One of 100 chapte rs iro!T: m ajor universities and c Ih:ges across the U. S., Blue Kt:y l> ~an at P LC in

1951. Sine" then , the org:mization ha ~ been responsible for a number of worthwhile: p ro jec ts, includ in g the a nnua l sprin g- campus J ca nup and campus Christmas decorHtions. Blue K ey also furni shes ushers yearly for both thc Arti st Series and baccalaur­ eate. In selecting· new membe rs, Blue K ('y looks for k adership, characte r, schola rship a nd servite. Goals of the organization arc to stimulate intellectual achievement on campus, to b e of service- to th e stu ­ d e nt body, and to m t:diate between the administration a nd the students, Initi a tes will become offici a l mem­ bns when they are taken into Blue K ey at a n initi a tion banquet to be held soon .

J ulm Jacob son, elecre d vice-p reii­ tle- nt., wa not a\'ailahl for om­ m ent. J oh n is a j u nior f rom Lake­ w ood . Th e new officCTs w e T (: clio. t n from among 18 t :mdJdato . S ix 0 tht: candidates competed in the final ele ctiDns on W cdncsda '_ Saga (allll ual yearbook) co-..di­ to r, fo~ nex t yea r ",iii be M , I,,:. Fuh r and (;ra"' 1- R elgn'n,

emil y Clinic

Due A pril 27-29 " Sta bility in An A ge of Con~tan t Change" is th e general thcm for th e th ll~e-d a y Fa mi ly Life C onfer· cnce- sch,~duled for Pa cifil: Luth ' (-an stud ents ~tnd f riend April 27, 28 a nd 29. Two g uest speake • D r E vely n Duval! and D r . Gra n 'et B. Wntberg, will cond u ct three lec­ ture and discussion SCSSJOllS :ach ct. y. Dr. DuvaU, serv.inS' c(Jteg ,uni­ versiti es and communities, is d JHtn­ )', uish r:d as a family life cons ulta.nt and author. She h as written "The: _,\rt of Dating," "Facts of Life and I 0 v e," "F ami I y D evelopmen t,' "Fa mily Livin"," "In-Laws: PI' a nd C on," "Lead in g P arcnt G roups," "\Vhcn Y ou M arry" and the syndi­ ('a t'c'd "Let's Explore Your Mind." Dr. W es tberg se rved as consultant for l a~t year's ilc ifi c Lu l.'leran F am ­ il} Life Conference_ He is associatr p rofessor of rdigion and health, Fcd­ l' ra teu . hcologica l F a c \I I t Y and M edi cal ~chool Facuity, at the U ni­ n :rsity uf Chi cago. Before serving as a h os pital chaplain Dr. Westberg ~erved as pastor of an I llinois pari\h H l: is pas t presi d en t of the America n Protestant H ospital Chaplain' s \ ,,­ ociation, and a uth or of the book, "Nurse, Pa sto r, and P a tie nt." T opi cs for chapel will in d ucl c " Youth and tht: Church in an . \ ge of C onsta nt C han g e," "Getting R ead y for M a rriage in An Age of Consta nt Ch a nge" and "Educat ing C hrist ian Lead"rs in An Age of Con ­ stan t C hange." T itles of Ice tur s and d isc ussion periods foJ' the afternoon and ",veni ng sessions are "Fami ly D evelopment," " P sychiatry a nd the Chr ist ia n Fajth," " W h at K ind of Sex Edu ca tion for T oday's You th?" "The Fa mily Under AnalysiJl," and "What Y outh "V a nt~ to know.' Dr. W es tb erg will c:onclUtk w ith ;) 'WD­ ma ry on W"dn t'. sday I"vt'nil1g.

Co mm itte e Studying Men 's O rgan izatio n

Ma rtha Stoa Re ceives $1 ,000 Edi son Award A ,.ery su rpT i ~ cd It h ma n coed fro rlJ S ea ttle, M a rth:) Stoa, w as .•warded a $ 1,000 scholarship by K I N '-TV W ednesda y morning . Mattha was ' h o.q r' T! by KIN G -TV a nd th e Sea tt le sch ool board wi thout fU'r knowledge and not ified las t Sat­ urday. T h ,.. sl_hola l'sh ip wh ich can be prr-st'ntl'd to " a ny deserting you t}," was g ivcn in connec tion with the rhorn:u E d ison Founda tion in K ew Jersey wh ich a nnuall y giV('s a wa rd. to th T .V. sta tion w h ich h as the best p rograms for youth ove r a . r­ ta in period of tim e.

ing su ch a n honor. The q ua lity of m y oppon~nts !!lade Ill!; feel VCI)' ,meas), . I know th ey coul d havI done th e .iob as well as I ho pe to do. I'd like to tha nk you fo r dccting me to th t: ofrie" of t «' :1S1) [('I". 1 w ill do the joL to th ~ b est of my ability."

A com mittee ch('~ C'n b y the prr. i­ d t'n ts a nd v ice prt'sirk nu of all tht! m en's d om 1S is n ow Btudywg the pussibil ity of a n lHsociated M en Stu­ d en ts o rgauu a tion . The comm ittce will submi t. a CO I;­ , ti tu t ion for the p ropos("d or ganua­ tion a t a W ednesd: y n ight mcetinR. Then th t consti tu tion will be mimeo­ g raph ed a nd latt'r vo ted on at a W'n­ eral m eeti n g (ll . t'O ~ tuuen t~ in­ clu ding th L m ar ri ed m en.


are, front (loft to right), Frank BamrietN, K n Gaal, Glenn Campbell, Merle Ma rt inson and Ted Johnson. In t he back row are iim 0150", Norm Dahl, Bob Jac,bson . r;" 0 ' ge Doebler, Ted Johnstone, John Olson, Jim Kit­ t ilsby, Ken Gamb a nd Paul Eries. Not pictured are Paul Te mp lin o nd Dave Dahl.

The MS st:-ucture is expected 10 be sim ila r to tha t of the A ¥IS, but tht:: new group llla y in clude a stud !'nt d isciplin a ry boa r d a nd a redj, union.

Page Two


Friday, April 17, 1959



mooring mast

. rag­ · a son Reveals Life' 'T

by Barbara Jack.4;I)n and JoAnn H udson Whitma n ('f- Shakespea re, CT- we m t'a n H erbert R a nson , h of the En glish deparJ.ment, came t o PLC in 1940 a ft er ha vi ng com pleted h is Ph.D . in E nglish a t the lJn iv('fsi ty of Wa~h­ in gtoll. Dr. R a nson did 3 yea rs of un der-grad ua t,· work a t Empor ia C:oll"ge, ,Fom pk ti ng hi, B.A . at th e Universit y of K a nsa" wh r' p' hf' w", n t o n to n·Cf· i"c b is M .A. in hi story. " "lh ile, h was elected to Phi Be t ~L Kappa, a scholast ic honora ry, and bp l o n ~e d to P hi M Il Alpha, a mu sic soc i(' ty, a nd til<" Quill Club, a n or,c;an izat ion fo r e n"ati (. w ritcH.

E d itor. .... ................... ...............................An ita Hillcsla nd

,!I,,,ws Edi to r.. ... ......... .................................. D t a nna Hanson

Sports Editor..................................................John H a nson

FeaLure Edito r .............................................. Ca rol M orris

Bu,iness M a nl\ge r ...................... ....... .... M ary Lou .F.nl1;en

STA FI· -Barba ra Isaa cson, R,:ta R empt, M a ry R oge rs,

C;, rol F re nch, M a rtha Edwards, Ca rol T eslow, Bar­ hant Brinkley, Prisc illa Hutcheson, Dick H a lvorson, A udry H a rt, Ba rba ra Beckne r, Karen T offle, Sondra Benson, L ee Turner, Sharon Va n Rooy, Pete Jordahl, Ba rba J ackson, J oAnn Hudson, Vickie Ruc . Photographer.. ..... ....... ......... .. ................. l cK cwen Studio

Advi ser ......... ... _... ....... ........................ Mr. Milton Nesvig

A 'sis ta nt Adv ise r .......................... ............ Dick Londgren Publi~he d Fridays of the school year by the studen ts of Pacific Lutheran Colle~c:, P arkland, Wash.

Office: College Union Building Phone LEnox 7-8 6 11, Extension 41 Subtcription p rice $3 .00 per year.

Tibet R volt Tibet, the little country on "top of th(~ world," mad,; fr ont page headlines all a round the world recently when the Tibt,tans ros(' ill rrvolt against Communist dom­ lnancc. Whe n the Communists mtered Tibet several yea rs ago these norma lly p eaceful peoplc- submittd meekly. A~ long as their god-kin g, the D ahbi Lama , was undis­ turbed the Tibeta ns wen: placated a nd he remain ~d in his pa lace :it Lhasa, Tibet' s capital H is position at Lhasa has been so dangerous n :n :ntly that he W ;\$ forced to fke to India. Communist infantry nd e \"(~ n pa ratroops scoured the rugged te rra in for him in a d espera tt: a ttempt to d estroy the Dahlai Lama dur­ in!! his two wee k fli ght. But he reached asylum in India sa ftiy. According to th e belief of these people the D ahl ai L a ma is t.h e reincarna ted Buddha and then·fore worship him. T his revolt, ' in onc of the smallest countri~s ()f the world and unai ded by any outside forces, is an encour­ ag ing note for the free world. The W estern powers havc watched the ca ncerous g rowth of the Communist p Clwer in China, Hun gary, Germany and other places. So far th,· fr ee world has taken no positive stand a gainst this forct'. How fa r will Communism be allowed to sprc:ad be­ fore any defin ite action is t ak<:n ? ANITA HILLESLAND

'Huckleberry Hound' Rates Top Billing with 'Vidiots' by Bob O lsen Thc fourth fl oor loun ge of Old Main has a wondel·­ ful view of th e ca mpu ~ and southern Parkland, together wi th Mount R a inier and its foothills, through its 5x1 0 foot window. But the ~ ce nes usua lly seen here on a 1?, x18 inch sc ree n ; for this is a TV lounge, one of th e indispcnsiblc rooms of th.. campus. Your reporter interviewed a typical refined group of viewers during a commerc.ial last week. As soon as th"y stopped wr stling, he asked the question, "Wha t is the most-watched prog ram in this lounge ?" Opinion was about ev<', nly divided between Maverick and Huckle­ berry Hound; all runners-up were other westerns. Some oth er programs which ra t d a cheer from the audience when mentioned in Chapel recently are Gunsmok e a nd Lawma n. "Maverick," was the concensus, "probably win. in this lounge, because wf"re on a hi gher level than Second Floor. Besid es they can't get it down ther e." Th e misadventun:s of the greedy, cowardly (and proud of it!) Maverick brothers, Br't an d Bart, has a certain kindred appeal to contemporary vi<::wers. There was no sure sta tl'ment on how many hours th e average college man spends as a "vidiot." Estima tes ca n from six a week to three a d a y. One thing is cer­ ta in, however; the lounge, which st; rvcs Fifth, Fourth, a nd most of Third, is seldom t mpty during the good viewing hours. There is no doubt either that Huckleberry Hound is the fastes t-g rowing program as far as PLC vi ewers .are concerned. "It's almost as good," sa id one of the m en , "as Dr. Schnackenberg's lectures." Huckleberry appea red on a f"w post('rs in the recent ASPLC ek (' tion campaign. Rumor ha d it tha t he was running for office but this gossip was soon proved un­ true. Obviously, he couldn' t run beca use of his class-­ canine. Th is "adult" cartoon, heard Thursda ys at six p .m. , also features Yogi Bear who Boo-Boo-Boo-Boo's through hare-raising experiences each week. This show ddinitcly tickles the funny bones of PLCites.


ABSO RIIED IN a book from the Mode rn Library she lf in the bookstore is Dr. Ran­ lOn, head of the English department. Since 1940 this professor has lIGen in­ spiring PLC students in the field of lit­ erature.

The summo:; rs of his colk gc yea r s w (" ft· "\) , nt in various wn .'S: t J:."1 vding .- ith a C h a utauqua, a n enterta ini ng company; working up ill a wood mill indu. lr y from glu e b i)} to pla ner' s a.'Sist­ a nt ; tourin g Europe on a sI'C ond hand moto rcycle . A p roposed bicyc\(' trip to O nta ri o W a~ halted in St . Louis wh en tl u; m,'3n, f)f transpo r ta tion had tu 1)(' sold fu r th.· sus rf' n ~ n c<' of t h.. ri der. S(' ttlin .,\" d own to mo!' c s~ rious busi nr ss, Dr. Ra nson wen t n n to get his Ph.D. on a Lorc:: tt" D (~ nny sch olarship, teaching a s he workt'd on it. In th ~ mean ti m" hr' mf' t a nd ma rncd his wife. H den. H e consi de rs this a c rowni nr.- point in his lif". T ogeth n th , y r('p r~st' nt th e British bk., he of Iri,h a nd English ori gi n, .~h ' of Scotch il nd W elsh. D .:~· r it,.- th t' lac k of Sc-.1 ndina v;an blood, Dr. R amon took on a position a t PLC. Hl' did it. with th,' mtention of sta ying te mpora rily to st't up the Eng lish de partme t. H r found the w,)rk. so enj oyable, especially with he studen' , in the' refreshing atmosphere of th i" N orthwest, tha t h e has r >mained to the present day. E _,n durin g th ,> lean ycars of the dt pre.ssio n, the English D epartm ent fl ouri shed ; needin g only books. pen and ink, a nd pa per-and Dr. Ranson's vita lity :md int ell ig n .1: to inspire h is sl uden t". An unpretenti ous man , D r. R a m on, who q uit tc nnis a nd pi a no a t 35, has \'nr;ched t he live.; of hundreds of students by dt"\'doping in th,' m thr:' a pprec ia tion for litpraturc and a broadC'r insight into man's place in the univ(' rs . Tragic ambiquity! ( We simply ha d to get this in! ) -J . & B.


W agner Takes Seven Encores by Dick Halvorson TI1I' cu rre n t Student Artists Sni.·s came to a thundero 1 hu rsday with th e presentati on of th e Roge r' Wagner Chora le.

close lout

In thi s begi nning sec t ion, the "M ass in G M inor," by the late Vau g ha n Willi am s a nd the "Ma gnifi ca t," by Herman Schroerkr, shared the spotlight. The M ass combined th e old pla insong wi th thc' n'w in an interesting· com­ bina tion which was both unique and perso nal. This used a doubk ch orus and four solo ,·oi <:l:s. P!' rfection was the keyword he r .. . With th.. " M agnifi ca t." the duo-pi a nis ts, S tt'c her and Horowitz, ma de t he ir 'c'n trance o n th e stag". The well kllown, bf'autiful words wal' spt to a modl'rn sty le, but no t drasti c, still pleasing a nd wo rshipful to the most con­ sl' rva tive ear . "Va ri a ti o n ~ on a Th eme by Haydn (The S t. Anthony Chorale) " sta rted the second h alf of t hl' evenin g featuring in solo the duo pianist~ . Stec h!'r a nd H o rowi tz showed p rec ision a nd style from the slow a ndante movements to the ra pid vivace's.

Kidnaping oins Stuffing

As Lat sf Colle . iate Fad

Swa llowing goldfish may not lx, a popula r coll.egt

ar ti,"ity

t od~ y,

but othc'r bizarn' s tunts a re in vogu!" .

All over th e U nit('d States students arc vy in g t.o how man y pe ople the y c;m jam into a T h is collcg-ia tt·

c nd ~a v or

tcl e ph()n~

Sf '"

boot.b .

has cv<: n ca ught on in C an ada.

Th e record is in tIl!" vi c inity of 50 studl'Tl ts in a boot h. Like a ,;ha in rpa ction, t.he next chalkngt.· of skill &> camf' stuffing hum a n5 into Volkswagons. Stud(,' nts a t P ort la nd he id t.h e latr"t claim to this packing rr·cord­ about 30 .

The .ccond in the series, "Trois Beaux O iscaus du Paradis," by Ravel, featured Catherine Gayer, sopra no, as soloist. Sht' brought to the waiting audien ce beautiful high notes which were literally spun out and the ultima te in control in both this number and lat r on in " Mary Had a Baby." After seven encores Roge r Wagn r 5u mrned up the feelings of tbe e n­ tire a udi r nce when he said, "We've enjoyed "ing ing for you tonight, you' c b('I,n ~ wondr rfl1l audience, but Tm su re you all haY,' homes to go to." T h e only criticism that was noti ced was th l" occasion al sIoppinf ss of a ttac ks a nd rd eases and the ra re experience of having one voi ce stand out a bove oth ~ r s . Roge r Wagner showed his g rea t talent in building the vocal images. Ttw Chora le went from a straight ton(', to the full rich ton '- of mature voi ces as h e pa inted his picture . Thei r sta ge presence was fa ultless. On the whole, it was a magn ificrnt program, bringing excellent voc.a l m usi e to those who have the best, Prof. M a lmin and the Choir of th c W f' ~t .

fleming sez:

Heigh ho. Have you heard a bout the Indian h ypochondri ac who'. switched to filt ered smoke signab? .. . If t he right person bumps into tha t cu k little ora nge post I bet they' ll get rid of it. Cross your fin gers, gang! ... I once knew a glass blower who got the hiccups. Turned out 700 crystal ba lls before we could stop him! I feel like doing something dangerous. I think I'll open up a linge rie shop and become King of the Undieworld . . . ( tish, tish ) . .. I'd lik e to con g ratula te Mr. Kittleson on his fine show ... Speaking of art, J a y Trons­ cale tells me Mr. Roskos draws flies .. You know I think I'll lea rn to play solf. After all, I know most of the words a lready ... Attention: Zippers will never take the pla ce of buttons. Who ever heard of pu tting a zipper in a collec tion pia te ? I fina lly found a summcr job. I'm a spotter on Lookout Mountain. Every time I see anoth er mountain coming', I yell: "Look out! " ... N ewsy type item: L as t week Herb Dempsey ordned dinner for a party of c.ightcen! D on' t feci sorry for him tho, she didn't cat very much . . . Then I gave her a g ree n ring. Turned her fin ger gold ... R eall)' I think it's remarkable wha t progr(:'ss we've made in the last 30 years. We'v learned to ma ke cars, ships, pla nes, tempers and money, all go fast er. Dan Triolo et al (the horsey set) say tha t if you d on' t know how to ride a hors!' they call you a Tenderfoot. Whoewr named it tha t had a mi s­ crable sense of d irection ... How can a nything filkd with ha y be so hard? .. . Any truth to the rumor that a well known musicia n on this ca mpus used to play first pizza with Louis Prima? . . . I" m th e emotiona l type. Some ptople cry at movies. Some people cry at pla ys. I cry a t ground-breaki ng ceremoni es. - Uncle Bob-Bob.

THesE TWO slnitler looking , nylon stockinged villains portray the MO (thot'. method of operation for non Dragnet fans, 01 the PLC kidnapers. After wrapping the scanticly dressed victim in a blanket and tying him with a rope, he is whisked -flY into the night only to emerge from his cocoon in totally dif­ ferent surroundingl. This new fad, collegiate kidnaping .-y repla ce former ones of swallowing goldfish and .tuffin\t peo­ ple into small places.

But college students thrive on orig ina li.ty outside of the classroom. On(' recent, rainy nig ht, some time after the witching hour, a group of creative PLC thu gs COIl ­ ce ived a new fad--kidnaping. According to unn-aliable sources, this macabre trend in colleg iate antics b~gan when a dozen (a ccording t o th e fri ghten ed victim ) masked abdu c tors stea lthily COD -· verged u pon a sleepin g student counselor . In typic al TV gangland fashion, th ese. viIIa ins hur­ riedly wrappcd the confused counsr;Ior in his own bla nk­ ets, tied him with rop" , and shoved him into tht~ idlin;:, getaway car. After riding, unable to , r'C anythin g because of th,. stra ightjacket, for hours (so the victim th ought ) th ,.. displaced counselor was removed from the cal". Finishing the struggle with the bonds the vi ctim found himself in skimpy attire on the. capital grounds in Olympia. Will this fad spread over the country? Or will the FBI be called in to squelch this? Already two otha student-napings have occurred at PLC- one vic tim wa.~ sha nghaied and left in Lakewood a nd another in Puy­ allup.

Friday, April 17. 1959

Lute T racksters Host P Falco 5 Tom rrow


Spri 1M Pro ram To Beg in

Scattie Pacific's Falcons come to Luteville tomorrow afterto face the Pacifi c Lutheran thinclads in a dual track meet <;checiu\ed to get underway with the field events at 1: 30. The Llces will start at 2: 00 o' clock. The meet w as originally scheduled for the Fa lco ns' track.

ut has been switched because of conflicting event in Seattle.


"the Lutes should be ready after 'J lWO WCli k re~t from their last m C-f·t ,·h,,·n th ey downed Pu g!' t Sou nd' s ,·ind,' rrn.: n 77-+8. L ook ing real good in pra c.tice h3 ~ ') . e n Conrad Sclfors, a freshma n rom Bainbridge: Island, who has l){"f" n running the 880 for th,. first rime in his life. dfors took first against CPS in 1:06.8 and has be en steadily impro\'­ jag in his daily workou . Another Lutl' giving his first crark at track and doing a good job is Oystein Gaa,holt fro m Norway. I-;aa~holt took second in the +4 0 ac:a inst the Loggers but is coming don g- well in practice and may ha".­ thl' q ua rkr milt- down to 50 seconds l>dorc th. · sea son ends.

The schedules will be posted on aU the bulletin boards, h e st,Ved.

Af!,: r downing Sea ttk Pacific 5-~, • Pac ific LuI cran's ' t'nni, squad will tab· on erntral Washin g ton tomor­ row aft 'rnoon a t .I :30 on the Lu t ' rourts. LUTES'

Peterson, Hildebrand, Williams and Dolan each won thpir singks matches a a imt t.he Falcons, and Petn,on and Hildebra nd won their doubks match.

Fans G et Seats Golfers Ready by Zane W ilson Tomorrow wili see Seattk PaciIic invade Lutl: lerritory as the SPC 1 ac squad com tn Parkland. Th,' fidd rwnts will begi n at 1 :30 and ru n­ in,lf will start at 2:00. PLC will bf" gunninl' for their second win, haying ,'rl"a d y du m ped the \fOss-town rivals. Gene Lundgaard w ill send h is tennis team into action at th(; same time romorrow whC'n the racquet IT)cn m ee t C entral Washing ton a 1 :30. Traveling t.o Bellingham tomorrow, the baseball team w ill be seek­ in!! a pair of wins after a rough season to date. As the only t.ea m on the roa d Saturday, the ba.seball team will be looking (or traveling (ame. On(' of tht" big problems in baseball to date has been strictly for th... ·" Olt. Athlet ic Director Mark S~,lzrnan h tak'n skps to sol,,!,: thl" troubl.· , .\\ th e nt'xt home gam" plent), of blraehers w ill be availahl .. so th l'r~ will bt' mo rr th an standing room only. T he intramural softball schedule is going up and the season begins l1ext Monda.y. The rest of the spring intramurals beg an today. M a rk Salzman h as been busy arranging athleti c schedules lately, and ha~ some of them complet!:' through 1964. Could it be that he's planning on • ..,,,ration? PLC's golf team was established last Saturday wh en nine candidates played a 36-holc rou nd for the first six positions on the squad. Jim H ill won medalist honors and number one spot on the team by shooting a. 69-76--145 score on the College course. Others making the team and their respective scores are Erv Marlow, 148; Nonn WC'.stby, 156; Ard('ll

Munsen, 156; Louis Melang, 161; and J ob n Mitchell, 163.

The alternates arc Dave Haaland, Rog!:'r I\"ef50n, Dennis Fatland and

'Matt Ernst.

Patronize Our


C. Fred Christensen BOOKSELLER AND STAT/O NEil

932 Paoific Ave.

Intramural badminton, ten n .i horseshocs,and golf begins this wce~ and softball will start a week from Monday, April 27, according to In­ t~nu ra l direc tor Mark Salzman.

Tennis Squad Faces Central

L a rry Pcten;on is tht· number on.' man for the. Lutl's. He has IX'hind him Lor e Jl Hildebrand, Bill Wil­ liams, Jim Dolan and Ron Barbour.


Page Th....

- -- - - - - . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . - - ­

SPRING SPORT MENTORS are shown abo vein Jim Gabrielsen, I ft, and Mark Salzman. Gabri. lsen heads the baseball squad which opens Ever­ green Conference pl ay tomorrow when th.y dash with Western Washington in Bel lin gham. Salzman is PLC athletic director and track coach. Th. Ihln clcrds take on the Seallie Pacific Falcons tomorrow a llllrnoon at 1 :30 on th. Lute tra ck. In olh. r a dio n on the Gladiator athletic fr ont, the tennis tea m hosts Central Washington tomorrow afternoon at 1 :30.

Baseballers Play at: West:ern In Confe rence Opener Wes tern Washington College will host Pacific Lutheran's baseball team tomorrow aftern oon in a double­ h eade r which opens the .Everg reen Confrrence season for both squads. L a st weekend the Lutes divided a r with C en tral Wash­ ington, losin g the first game 3-2 and takin g th e ni g htcap 5-3. Th<: 3-2 loss in the first gam!' was the third straigh t one-run loss hand­ f·d PLC by Ccntral this year. Ron Coltom started on til<' mound and pit ched two-hit ball, strik ing out seven a nd giving up five walks. Two of the bases on balls led to Wildcat runs.


Hors('shoes was won by Ted M.cs­ ke, and John Mitchell won the golf ti lle.


Final Standings 1959

First Game Central .......... 002 100 0---3 2 2

P. L. C ........... 000 002 0---2 4 2

Mainor and Sloan; Coltom and Johnson. Second Garne Central _ ....__.UI0 200 0--3 4 1

P. L. C ........... 120 020 x-5

Las t year Jim Van Beck w on th, badminton title, while R ich Hamlin w al ked off with the singles tennis ·harnpionship. Bruce Alexander a.ud Dave Be rntsen teamt'd up to tab: the ten nis doubles.


Amburgy and Arney ; Coltom, u­ per (3). and Johnson. W-Kupe r, L-Amburgy.

W Western .................. 10 Brewers (3 rd Fl.) .. 7 Clover Creek-A ...... 8 DeJ a rdin~ s

----- .- ---.­

Faculty ._----- -----­ -­ --­ Tacoma Mcsogalnists .----.-­ -­ Evergreen-A ._----._-­ ~nd Fluor ------_ ... _--­ ____ A

EVl'rg-re ~ n-B

R on Coltom also pitch ed the first three innings of the seco nd game be­ fore being relieved by Bob Kupn' who rece ived credit for tilt' win. Lars Johnson was the Lutes' lead­ ing stick man in the sec ond contest as he collected two hits and a d ou­ ble. Short scores:


7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. SH ORT ORDERS 528 Garfield St.



'nsurance is lor Youth ­ "ot just 'or youth, but best for Youth

BR. 2-41D

Tacoma, WCJhlngtall




An Old line Company


Custom ma de to yo ur order

Ipeoial Student "at. .


1118 Cent... It.

LiHle Arnold


~!!!!!!!!!~~~ l~iT£

1''1 (,Owe. TO

ATTEND lllE WEfl1Y MEHiNlr OF til£. 'U1JTUI'

(OU'(;iL (STUOENT em'T.) lllE"Y REP2tStNT u'. STUOENTS. W' W.


4 3

2 :2 ---------­ 0

The Lutes scored both their runs in the sixth wh l'n a Central e rror allowed PLC to ,core.


7 5



L 0 :2 3 .J

5 7 7 8 8 9

Pet. 1.000 .777 .727 .700 .500 .363 .300

.200 .200 .000

Friday, April 17, 1959


~e Four

Accreditors Due PLC Dele a les At PLe Monday Go to Model N

Linne So iety lans Tri April 14-16;

Judg Bertil Johnson10 Speak May6

by Vicki R ue Jud ge Btr til Johnson, youth judge of T a.coma , will speak to the P sy­ choiORY a nd ociology Clubs on May 6 . Th is m eeting will be held in C B-108 at 7:30 p .m.

• • •

<\PO held a n insta lla tion ba nquet h on or of its new officers last n ight. S peake r of the eveni ng was Lela nd Edwa s, the District Scout E Xl"cu tivt:. Th <: new officers a r e: president, K en Blac!.; first vice-pr s­ ident, C arl H elms; second vi ce-pres­ . d ent, J err y Mitc.hell ; treasurer, J im H a rl or ; secreta ry, M ar'! J acobson ; ;lnd histo ri a n, Bill N ewcomer .


• • •

M embers of the Curtain Call Club w ill go to Sea ttle tomorrow to see fhe d isplay of Vincent V a n Gogh p:tintings a nd th e production of " Dia ry of An n Fra nk" at the Show­ boat Theater by th e University of Washington . N ext Wednesday t hey wi ll visit a TV studio.

• ••

The Moo ring Mast a nnounces the en­ gagement of two of III editors, Anita Hillesland and Dick londgren.


Linne Society's annual outing is ~ " t for April 24-26 at Rain bow l.odg in Brenner, Wash., on Hood Canal. C ost for the weeken d , whi ch )Deludes tra nsporta tion, lod ging and food, is $6.00. T ickets may be ob­ tained from Li nne members, D r . 1\. n u d s e n, Dr. Ostenson, or pur­ ...ha3cd in th e CUB. Anyone is in­ vited to pa rtici pa te in the outdoor ",-eekend .

incn'ascd from a total number of 260 student. in 1943 to 2,127 students for the year 1958-59. These fi gures ind ude ummer session enrollment.

ed ucators w ill meet for a conference here . The title of P ac.ific Lutheran University, which gocs into effect September I, 1960, w ill officia lly acceptt,d at this celebration. PLC's school budget ha s increase d from $1 28,000 in 1944 to $1 ,700,000 for next yea r. Financial help was g iven to 450 &Indents thi s' yea r in th e form of gra nts and aids. Tuit ion will rema in $550 next year.

To provide for th e continuin g growth, the Board suggested inc reas­ lUg d ormitory capacity. Ivy Hall will beca me Ivy Court, and h ouse 48 more girls. O ld M a in will have space for 80 additional me n students upon th e completi on of the new admini­ stration building. This b u i 1 din g will be dedica ted a t the 1960 Home­ coming, clima xed when the distric t

"The most important factor on the college 'A"l mpUS is th e facuity," Dr. E as tvold sta ted . "Ten additions will be made to the fa culty sta ff next year, in the d epartments of art, busi­ ness administra tion, psyc hoi 0 g y, wom e n'~ physical edu cation, Ger­ man , history, mathema tics, nursing, philosophy, religion, c hem i s try, Norse and Latin."

During a specia l chapel session this morni ng President S. C. East­ void reported on the a nnual spring Enrollment prospects was a main discussion topic. PLC enrollment has


Junior-Senior Banquet In Winthrop Thursday Juniors a nd seniors will gather in tho: Crysta l Ballroom of the Win­ th rop Hotel next Thursday a t 7:00 p.m. f or their annu al ba nquet. Dr. P a ul Vi gn e-s5 will be the guest <peaker for the semi-formal affa ir. Ent ertainment will be provided by the seniors. Tickets are now on sale in th e CUB for ~ 3 per person, but will not Ix: sold after April 18. Juniors and .eDion may invite a ny guest student, hUiband or wife. Co-chairmen ar e Bill Halla da y and M ary Carruth rs. Shari T hor­ vilson and George Doebler head the publicity, J 0 a n Ruud and G erry Dryer are in charge of seating and Karen Sa ndstrom and Ruth Tryg arc planning table decorations.


Five membel s of th e P oh tical SCl­ "nee Olub will le:l' c for L os An g Ie Saturd ay to a ttend th e ni nth annual session of the M odel United atlO [ to be held n c-xt wtt."k a t t ht' t; . 'ersi ty of Sou th em alifor ma The PLC group will J"('pn:sel1l the c(}u n try of Libya a t th i '{' n t hi t is pa ttern ·d a ft r the UN a nd pon­ 50red b y th( Ame ri ca n Associ tiar. ! r the U ' . Membl'rs of the d .lega tion the commit tees to wh ich th ey have been assigned include: J n Wcf d. political and ~ce u ri ty ; W alter I-bll. economics a nd fin a ncia l; J ac k H oil. socia l, humani ta ria n and cult ural ­ Gordon Sleth aug, t rusteesh ip ; :l Chris C rond ahl , specia l political. Dr. Donald F a rmer, hC:ld of the: Politica l Science D epartmen t, stat that the PLC delega ti on h a ~ studying Libya a nd U N procedu for seve ra l mon ths in pTCpa ratl Q for . mod t l seui n. ' MMAN ENT( THAT SAT/IN HAIIt CU'TTIN G AND STYU NQ

Charm eauty Sa n Blanche Lingb loom .. 13 GAl!f lElD ST. LE,7·7435



1215t and ptacific Avenue

Phon LE. 7-3 171


P. O. Box 2275, Pa rkla nd, Washington Phone LEnox 1-0826




The Rev. Charles • . Foelsch, Ph.D., Presiden' 2770 Marin Avenue, Berkeley I , Ca lifornIa

Q.E .D.

To PLC faculty and students, g.e.ting51 Collese men with love for God and peopl. in their hearts and red b lood in their veins are invited to write for application form and catalog. TH E EIG HTH ACAI!> EMIC YEAR BEGINS S!f'TEMBER, 1959

LAU INAylS apparei W . O utfit C o ds 406 Garfi eld

Northwest Associa tion n-presenta ­ tives will include: Dr. aymond T. Ellickson, U niversity of O regon ; Dr. F ra ncis G. GilchTist, Lewis &. Cla rk ; Dr. Leo n H . Joh nson, M onta na Sta te; Dr'. Robert Stevenson, Idaho Sta te ; Dr. P aul J. J ackson, Whit­ ma n ; P of. W ayne S. H ertz, C entral W a~ hin gto n ; a nd D ea n T . S. K err, Id aho. N CATE n :prese nt tf t ives will be: Dr. Irwin O. Addicott, Fresno Sta te ; Dr. Lloyd H. K in g, College of the P acific; Prof. R . N . Bush , Sta nford; Dr. Wendell C Allen, Olympia ; M iSs Adah M iner, Seattle M i"s M a ry Quarmby will rep re­ Sl' nt th e nursin g group .

LCBoardApproves ame and udget

meeting of th e Board of Trustees.

For their May m eeting, LDR is planning to give a party for the chil­ d ren a t R ema nn Hall, a home for j uvenil e delinquc nts or children from broken homes. it

T he PLC Student Educat.ion As­ sociation annou nced a cl inic . chcd­ ulr d for t.omo rrow. T he cl in ic, to be h e I d a t Wo odrow Wih on Hi gh School in T coma, will co,'c r th e p robk m of ca n or ca nnot J ohnn y re ad a nd h O\ ca n Johnny b, h d p l!d in h is rca d i g. T his co nference goes by the fit ting title of WORD . l Is goal is to h lp tea chers be tte r unders ta nd th e tech­ m q ues oC teachi ng reading. It is ope n to any int erested person, but a fcc of one d olla r will be asscs. ed fro m e" eryone atten di ng. Registration i at. 8 :3 0 tom orrow morni ng and the sessions will con­ tinu e throughout. the d ay. A noon TIl"a l will be se rved .

R epr.:sentat ives fro m th ree ac­ cr ed it ing a genc ies will visit the cam­ p m M on day throu gh W edne sd ay of next week . Or ga nizations sending d elega tions to inspl" ct the facilities and acad emic program of th e college includ e the N orthwest Associa tion "f Second a ry and H igher Schools, the N a tiona l C ouncil for Accredita tion of T eaeh­ {'r Educa tion , a nd t h N a ti ona l L eague for Nu rs in g.

LE. 7-531 7

Yes. it's been demonstrated t ime and time again, t hat for real refreshment it's Coke every time! Add up that cold crisp taste,

that lively lift and you really have a drink

worth going after. So whenever the crowd h 2S a multiple thirst, make the high sign

of good taste ••. pass around the

Coca-Cola! Quod Erat Demonstrandwn!




Flowers for All Occasion s 1!f7'3 P acific Ave.

(Foot of

Garf le l ~


L E.7-'lm

11 802 PACIFI C AVE .

W e De liver


PHONE LE. 7-7 100


8ot!fed under autflorlty of The Coca-Cola Company by PACif iC COCA·COLA BOITLI NG COMPA NY, TACOMA, WAS HINGTON





Membe r: FDIC


. . . Our

yOU Vv'AN T.


84th & Pa cific Branch



" moorIng VolulJle XXXVI

PClrkland, Wash .

ma t

Fri da y, April :1.4, 1959

Nu mber 21

nd t:o Give, 'New oun Sunday at 8


wi:1 be chosen from th is group of candidates. Left to rig ht in the front are Jean DePree, Alona Jones, Tommy Oman, Arlene Cartmell and Karen Heg­ .tad. In the back are Doreen Grimm, Janet Gullekson, Signhild Johnner, Susan Berger, Sandra Tynes and Mary Howard . The coronation is scheduled for tonight at '8 o'clock in the CMS.

Dr. Olsen will attend a six week ,ummer chemistry session at Oregon S ta tt' Colh:ge, while Dr. Ostenson will attend Stanford's Hopkins M a ­ rim; Station, where h e will study marine biology for the summer. Purpose of the annual award" p n ted by seve ral summer institutes f. olleg~ teachers, is to increase ..ffcctive ncss and enthusiasm for th e: ~cicnc" program, :.. n d t>ncourage 1Il0re p articipation .

50 Students Near End Of Work for May Day

:"/('\\ offi cers will he dec.ted at the a ft e rnoon b""in c;ss session. Ca m ille E m erson is the current president of the s t:l tt' SEA. PLC's Carol Johnson, .!unior~ wa3 elected \\Tcs t ern regional coordinat.o r [It the M a l'('h rC' gional mn:ting.

KI NG will be one of t eoe men. In the front row, left to right, are Bob Roiko, Darrel! Hines, R<!uben Lahti and Roger Holtey. In the back are Fred Hanson, Dick Peterson, Bill Ray, Ken Gamb and Dave Gabrielson. The coronation will be to night and the minstrel show tomorrow night in the CMS. A carnival in the gym will follow bol h nights.


D :scussion g r (J ups \vill center a round thC' giftt·o child, the blind, crippled or ,p" c c h handicapped child. Allyont' mol>, alter..J the .t illU$.

3- ay Family Life ConE b Opens Monday N ex t Monday the three-day Fam­ ily Life Conference will get under­ way with its first ~ession at 9:50, during regular chapel time, with Dr. G ra ng

I" I'

Westberg speaking on

"Youth and the Church in An Age of Constant Change." L"cture periods, whieh will be held at 9:50 a.m., 3:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. daily in the CMS, are de­ si gned to strengthen present and fu­ ture Christian homes. No registra­ tion fec is required, and the confer­ ence is open to students, pastors, par­ ish workers, counselors, social work­ e'!'s and pan·nts. Following each afternoon and eve­ ning .It:cture, there will be a 45minute discussion period. At II :00 a.lI1. and 2:30 p.m. each day, prob­ lem clinics will be h " ld for pastors

and family couns('\or, in Iht· campus loun gt' 5. Dr. Evelyn M . Duvall and Dr. Granger E . 'Ve~tberg an' the speak­ e rs for the family clinic. D r . Duvall is a Farnily Life Con­ sultant, serving colleges, universities and communities. She has her B.S. (summa cum laude) from Syracuse Univrrsity; M.S. from Vanderbilt University, and her Ph.D. (Human Development) fr om the University of Chicago. Dr. Duvall does summer teaching at eight college5 and unive rsities, participates on natiofl.'l l and local TV :lnd radio prog rams, has written "The Art of Dating," "Facts of LifC' and Love," "Family Development," "Family Living," "In-laws: Pro and Con,." "Leading Parent Groups," "When You Marry," plus the syn­ dicated "Let's Explore QUI' Mind." Dr. Westberg is associate profes­ sor of reli gion and health, Fede rated Theological Faculty and Meuical School Faculty, Uniwrsity of Chi­ <:a"o. He received his B.A. and D.D. fr;m Au g us tana College, B.D. fwm Augustana Thr'o logi c31 Seminary" and >t"IYed a pariE h in Bloomington, Illinois. Dr. Westberg is past presi­ de n t of thl AmL·ric.a n Proteslant Hospital Chaplain's Association and author of ". -u rsc, Pasto r and Pa­ ti('nt." H e sC'[y ed as consult a nt for the Family Life C o nfe:rence last yC'ar at PLC.

About 50 students have been pre­ p;uing since last October fo r til(; :!6th annual May F ..stival :iet for hiday, May 1. Cc,stUlm:d students will e nac t talk art from different coup-tries. All thl. folk gam,·s will b(' done to live mu­ ,ic provid ed by th(' Eighth Notes, chorus and orchestra. Each class will be represented by two girls in the qw;c n's court, wear­ ih g different colors. Includ~d in the queen's court will be 20 semor wom­ en as ribbon bearen , a crown bearer, two fiower girls and a train bearer. Carolee Chindgren wiJl reign over th~ festival, which will begin at 8:00 p.m. Adminion cost will be 25c.

Students fro m 17 collcgn. in \Vashingto!1 will converge on the campus tonK,rrow mornin g at 9:30 for the annual Student W:lshing ton Education A,sociati on Convention. Bob Myers, national pa.rliamen­ tarian and pr~sid cn t of th e Oregon Student Education Associa tion, w ill speak at the mornin g sl'ssion, while Carl Fynboe, pres ident of the Wash­ in g ton Education Assoc iation and vici' p"incipal of CloVI?r P:..rk high school, will speak at t.he luncheon.

Ft:aturc:d in the first part, "In

Dr. Robert C . OlscH and Dr. B. T. Ostenson h a v e accepted se i n ee awards for summer study from the National Science Foundation.

"Je-sters Jubilr(," has been sdec.;t<'d a, thl' coronation th eme.

LC Hosts State

E on ention

Gla~sic Style," will be "Fairest of

Science Awards Go To Olsen, Ostenson

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. the: Saga Carnival will get unu erway, hi gh­ lighted by the coronation of the Kin!; and QUl'rn by Mayor BC'n Hanson.

This will be th e g roup's second

"The objective of th e program will be to provide as much variety as possible in one hour," sa id Mr. Gilbertson. Th.; concert will be di­ vided into th",e parts.

th e Fair," a m a I' c h by SOUba; achet Auf," a chorale by Ba ch; and "T,al"s Bride," an ovcrtul't' bv Ri ms ky-Korsakov. "T h t' P ot! tic [dea" will include "Farandole ,' from "L' Arksie nne," by Bize t; "Ein Heldenleben," by Stratlss; "Inter­ mezzo," from "Jewds of the Ma­ donna," by Wolf-Ferrari; and "Pe­ troushka," by Stl':..vinsky. "Moods in Rhythm" will present "Caribbean Fan lasy," by Morrissey; "Bolero," hy Verdi; "Glory of th~ Sea," by 0,· terling; and "Jamaican Ru mba ,' by .Benjamin.

--rnival Tonig t tar s Wit Crowning a

Entertainment fm' the co ronation will be suppEed by the Junior Kin g­ stons, a sti'ing quartet, and th e "Clef Dwelle rs," a group of 24 ,'ocalists from Tacoma t hat spcciaiizcs in songs froTn Broadway ln usicals.

PLC's conce rt band t:tkes o n a >,ew suund as it pr('pa.n:s for its a n­ hual "prill!! concert ne t Sunda y at 8:00 p.lll. in th e C~{ S auditorium. The IIl'W sound is t h e result of an arrangcmvnt of iHst rume nts into r ­ "peeti"e gro upings for better produc­ tion of musical sounds. According to Director Gordon O. Gilbertson, the band will playas a series of united entities rather than as a mass. In this way, the individualism of e:a h pen;l)lI and each !cetion will be pr­ , ,,rvl'd .


G('nnal thenw of the (onferenre is "Stability in An Age of Constant Chan.;c_"

Dr. Evelyn Duvall

Other Chapel topics :lrc " Getting Ready for Marriage in An Age of Constant Change" and "Educating

Dr. Granger Westberg

Christian Leaders in An Age of Con­ stant Change." During the afternoon sessions tht .It:cturcs will be on "Family Devdop­ ment," "Psychiatry and the Chris­ tian Faith" and "What Kind of Sex Educa tion for Toda.y's Youth ?" "The Family U n d r: I' Analysis" and "What Youth 'V a n ls to Know" will be discussed at th e evening ITlcd ings on l.,,[onday and Tuesday. Dr. WcstbLTg will conclude with a summary on Wednesday evening. This is the second year that PLC has hosted a. Family Life Confcr­ cnef::.

The books written by Dr. Duvall and Dr. WestbC'rg, whic h are bei ng displayed in the colkge bookstorc showcase, are on sale in the book­ store.

appearance at PLC, a nd again ior a Saga carniv a l. Trio Jerry Erickson, Dick Gi c: r and Eric Ottum comprise' the .T LI.n ior Kin[!, 'tons. The string- q uartet ('011 ­ :.ists of Sue Berg 1', Audry B(· tI S, Sheila Knutze n and PI' f Go rd on Gilbr rtson . Bob Hod ge is directin g th e :Min­ st rd SliDW. After the corona t.ion, studcn


go to the gymnasium for' Ih (' carni­

val fest iviti es. Among th t' 2' boo th, will be the Senior E gg Throw, , h e Bd l Bong and til e M al'l'iage BOOlU, where "make-belie ve" marriage and divorc ccrllficatt' ca n Le obtained Also sla ted for the carnival 3l . [b" Dump Tank, e nablin g student to uunl" "(-" e ral fac ulty membe rs :ln d ,tudnlts, a nd the B-B Shoot:..t JC turn of th e faculty. R,·frt'shments will Ix; sold and there will also be prizes ran.l~ing from ba lloons to hats. Saturday cv( ning the Letternl<:n'~ Club will offe r a Minstrel Show at 8:00. Aft" .. the performance students may again attend th e carnival activi­ ties in the gym. This moncy-makin g evcnt is iOI th,' bC'ndit of P LC's yearbook, the Saga. Art EllicksDn is general chairman for the carnival, assisted by M,;q Evanson. Jac Holl, Bill O stcD5on and Alk n Pesch ek. "With all th t: planning and p a'pa ­ ration th at has gone; into this ycar' ~ Saga Carnival, it should be on;: of the best," Art Ellickson stated.

Cast Readies

'Matchmaker' For M ay Debut "Loud, slapd ash and uproarious," werc the: words used in the New York Times to describe the Broad­ way hit, "The Matchmake r," which is now in r~hearsal for PLC' s all­ school spring play. The madman farce, written by contemporary playwright Thornton Wilder, takes place in Ne w Yo rk in 1880. Curtain time is scheduled ior May 7, 8, and 9 at 8:30 p.m. in the CMS.

The three-act play centers about Vandergdder, the merchant of Yon­ kers, portrayed by freshman Zane Wilson, who feels he is now rich L'nou gh to take a wife. Sophomore Marie Peters is employed as the m:..tchmaker, Mrs. Dol I y Levi, a woman who subsequently become~ involved with two of hi~ men ial derks, pl:tyed by Bob Olson lld Fred Bindel. Various yo ung ladles L'nta the plot - sue h as Sand ..", Heinen as miJlincrcss Irene ~[ollo y.' and K athy Knutze n. To further complic.ations, Vantkr­ gelder's niece, Ermt:nga.rdc, enacted by Marie Salveson, runs away wi th Ambrost' K emper (N e i I CoopC"rl 'lga inst hc1' uncle' s wishes. The 1:?S t act of the play ii nd eve ryone completdy conf";sed a.. they try to ill1p l' rsonat~ one anDth T Mrs. Lt' vi, the matchmaker and p ro­ fessional arranger, helps everyone to W' t. romantically untangled. O ther cast m embers include Ja.' Smith as the barber; Gina Jonl , Gertrud the gov<'rness; Paul W o ld, the waite r; Walt Schweiger, th~ g yp­ .y musician; Connie MUI'l'ay, Miss Van Hueyscn; T u d i R ogness, the cook; Steve Goff, the cabman; Bob Fkming, jack of all trades; and John Tietz, headwaiter.

I'oge Two


Friday, April 24, 1959


mooring mast Edilo r ...... ... .............._...............................An ita Hillesland

" 'W8 ErlitoL ...............................................Dcanna Hans on Sp ort. Editor........................................... .......1ohn Hanson Fea tu re Editor..............................................Carol Morris Bu In $I M anage r ........... .......................M ary Lou F''1,j{en

Ph uto p h l· r... ._....................................McKewen Studio

A vilier............................_........... .......M r . Milton Nesvig

t\.sSiltn llt Adv i " I' ... .. ... . . . ..... .. ... . . . . ..... .... . . .. Dic.k Lond gren Publbbed Fridays of th e school y a r by the studc:llts of P acific L utheran College, P arkland, Wash.

Foul Spring Air Spring feve r is evid en t at PLC as studen ts stroll

w une! Qmpus with tennis rackets undn th eir arms, golf bags over the ir shoulder. and books conspicuously absent. Starting a summer tan or relaxing in the pool have a lsu beeomt' very popular pastimes. And in the classrooms professors are a gain being bar­ raged with that familiar springtime request, "Can we bave clallS outside today?" R ecen tly though the spring air has not b~ n so appeali ng, and demands to go outside have lessened. Tire reason for this is that PLC's sew ·r has suddenly and quite strongly declared its presenc<:. Al though the whole camp us is bothered by the stench, the girls in South and West Halls especially have been annoyed and must suffer in airless rooms because they clln't bear to opcn the windows. This stench appeared about three weeks ago and nOw is definitely a campus problem. If the prescnt situ­ a ti n continues prospective students may conclude a visit hen: by saying, " I'd like to go to PLC but it

A rt Building Features Numerous Intriguing Student A rt Project by Ruth Walker The a rt building at PLC is unfortunately a not too well-known pIau. Many students have never even seen the insid e of it. T hey are missing a really fascinating cxp\'ricnce. Th e first floor of the art building is lined with pa intin gs, m a inly m od­ ern. Some art' wild splash es of color while others are d one in ~tark black and VI·hi tc:. The tables a nd shelves around the room a re filled with -pap r roache fi gures of ma ny kinds of anima ls.. Stude nts work on assorted projects a t th e large tables fillin g the room. In back the lockers revcal much of the. student wo rj{ . Lookin~ throug h the pa intings o ne ca n find e e rythill ~ f rom land ­ . capes and sti U lifes to wildly modern work s. wh ere th e pai n t is cak d and dribbled in bright colors. There are even a few pieces of art on which a re found such materials as broken glass, torn sponge, terry-doth, sticks, maca­ IOni, S.O.S., and toothpi cks arranged in various patterns!

The dow nstairs is even more revealing. Oil paint.ings in va.rious stages of comph:tioll arc propped up along the walls and eascb stand all about. Ahnost cvery kind oi art is reprcsent ed---sculpture, oil painting, POttC1·y, cia ' mod eli ng. In one coruer an intricate mosaic design for table top is being ?rranged. From the ceiling hang strips of leather thn'aded th rough deli­ cately de.igned porn' lain rectangles. lust going throu gh the art building is a liberal education in art fOnDS a nd a good experience. for those who cannot appreciate the modern fonn~ of art. Courses offr:rcd in the art department include introduction to fi ne arts, fundame ntals of art, drawing and painting, creative design, oil painting3, clay modding, poster design, sculpture, and ae-sthetics. The catalogue states that th e aim of the art department is "to offer instruction and guida nce to those who d esire to give expression to thcil c!·cative ability in the a ctual practice ot art, to those w h o wish to !ludy art tor the cultural value, to those prep:lling to teach in elementary, junior, or st nior hi gh school." Th ' a rt building c<' rtainly fuliills this aim.


The Mooring Mast joins the stude nt body in ask­ ing, "Wha t is to be done about this problem ?"

Accr d it ors Be neficial D u nng the ea rly pa rt of this we ek .represen ta tIves [ I' m three ae rediting a gencies were visitors a t PLC. T h r~r ag-(; nCw ~ a rc the Northwl st Associa tion of Sec­ ndarv and H igher Schools, the N a tiona l C oun cil for ALcredita tion of T "'acher Edu cation and the National Lcugue for Nursin g. T h ese' people did not come to cri t.icize PLC bu t to inspect the faciliti es and academic p rog ra m of the eol­ )"ge Th en they ca n make 5ugg-t::stions beneficia l to the g row th of PLC from a college to a Ullivc- rsity. T he insp· ction includ ed confen:n .f'S and evaluatio n

periods w it 1 groups of students as well as with college

offi cials. This was an opportunity for students with su g­

gesti ons or compl;, ints to help in the " V uation of th eir

~c hoo l.

P eriodic evalua tions su ch ~s thi s arc necessary for

th l· guod of a n y cuUege:. PLC at th is t ime of g wth

from college to university sta tus sh ould fi d tIm eval u­

a tion es c ially appropriate and va luable.


Return of the Shirts "Me n are growing in importa nce as primary edu ­ ca tors," states a headli ne in the C ampus C ier of Cen­ tro l Washing ton College of Education. Quotin g from a national bi-weekly pic tori al maga zine, the a rticle str cs the inernsing importance of men in elem entary schools. A few years a ~ o, it was considered " improper" or "Peculi ar" for men to teach youn g ( h ildren, the article said. Today one finds men at all kvds-including kin­ dcrg.a rten. Improyed salaries (which still h a\'e a long way to go) are not the o nly backbone of th rebirth of m en in the elementary field. A ntw breed of m e teacher is (·me rging in g rade schools, the article says. This new creature is a tough­ minded young man w ho "knows w hat he wants and

doesn ' t ('are what anybody thinks." If nothin g else, the article brought uut tbis simple statement--some people d o teach ~ cause they e njoy t eaching. Little by little, society is placing a new regard on the male instructor. His mast.ery of child psychology and di £f: cult disciplinary problems influence many a

doubtin g dad. His e xtra activitics--school board, PTA class room p resen ta tions-show that he is interested in children and their problems, and that's all mom and dad want to know. The ma le t eacher has an important place in today's · elementary system. Slowly but &lIrdy, the shirts move back in. - (T aken from the CWCE Campus Crier)


the Art Build ing con tains a variety of interesting art efforts. Carol John.on, left, Jim Stewart, and Kare n Kn utzen are shown in the midst of some artistic creations.



Heigh ho a g·ain . FLASH! There is no truth to the rumor that Charlie Chaplin was eiec!t;d h ead of th e American Legion . . . I used to work on the ra dio. I ust:d to do girlrasts. You can't say "bwad" on th e rad io. If j ou're looking for class you're reading the wrong column. Glad to see Hawaii finally lxcoming a state. How can you go wrong

in a place where one word, aloha, means hello, goodbye and I love you.

I also like the way the hill girls wa\'e g oodbye w ithout using their

han ds • • . (tilth, tish).

It would set'm that on this campus we have a definite talent for rumors. I'ye never seen so many people with a knack for fiction writing. I hope you' H remember tha t half the lies people te ll about me aren't true ... Silly Advertising: T a ke an . lka-Scltzer for a headache. Who wants a h adache ? You should see all the invitations to dinne r I'm gdting. At least plenty of people sa y they have a bone they want to pick with me. You Im ow that old bit abou t never saying anythinv; about anyone

unless it's good? Well, overheard on this campus th e other day, " You

realize, of course, I wouldn't say anything about h er unless I could say

something good-and is this good! ... Whatever became of Mr. Peep­ ers? ... Washington's new song-DEE P IN THE H EAR T OF TAXES . . . New perfume for men, and the women arc crazy about it. Smells like money.

It is true that this is the age when all men will be cremated equally? .. I feel bad about knocking the American Legion-they don't do any­ lhi ng . . . At this time I'd like to come out in favor of women's suffrage. lf they want to suffer, that's their business. The guy that sa id "a. bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" never he-ld one . . . No matter what you hear always remember that there are :.wo sides to every story. For instance, no one ever com plains but that doesn't mean all parachutes arc perfect. -Uncle Bob-Bob


instructor of art, ad justs hlo expr...lon· h Uc paintin g e ntitled "Squ are to a Circle ." Th is a nd ma other of h is w o rk. are now o n d ispla y in Ihe art gallery .

EmotionsKeyto odernArl, Say Instructor Kittleson by R uth Walker Recently on display in the CUB gallery is a one­ man art exhibit by Mr. Lars Kittkson, art instructor a t PLC. The display shows paintings which represent the various stages in his art career and inr.ludes still lif • portraits, and many impressionistic works. To undrr·. stand the value of these paintings, one must und.. rsland omething of Mr. Kittleson. Alth ough he was always intcrc.;;U'd ill art. he I1~r tra ined in it until afte r he had se rved in World War II An examina tion for ve teran, showed h a t his int'· ~ was highe t. in art, so he d ec ided to take art edu cation a . Milwaukee Stat~ Teachers Colll'ge. H e en joys all kinds of a.rt, but hi, fa vorite i.• p ression ism, or as it is often termeci, " M odern Art." Though oftf·n misunderstood, t xpress ionisTl I is m a inly t' motionalism as opposr- to impress ionism . ··R3t her th3n ·na kin g the p <li nt work for you," says Mr. Kittll'son 'you mu st le t the pa int k a d you w hrr it wall!.'; to go." H e agrees that modc.m a rt is of ten difficult to ap­ prec ia te. " Either you d ig it o r you don't," he wd, quoting Life magazint:. Understanding art dc-pends Qn personal experience. In order to get to a stage of en­ joyment one must learn and observe. "1£ people aren't uSl'd to going to g·a lleries and museum., then ab5trac.t ill1pr('ssionism isn't going to br: casy to ale a.t fi n.t' he ('xplained. ';\'hen it comes to jud ging modrrn at"t, it is a matl«:r of what · the artist communica tes. H h e can get aCl:OBS to the viewl" r • nd conve y his emotion, his painting ., good. Of course, Qriginality a nd techn!que p lay an im­ portant part. Speaking of the art prog ram at PLC, M . Kittk D ~tat fd that "art is ery closely tied to the emo 'onal life." For this r eason, it is nr.cessa ry for edu cation rna , jors to study art not only for the va lues it imp<lrt5 tl) th em but also because he s tude l~ ts they will work with la tt'r will be aifc et,:d. " We t ry to gi e prospt:etive teach ers an ide-a of what to expect at certain age leve ls,' explained Mr. Kittk son. Too ofh'n teache rs sct. an adult sta nda rd for childre n's work. This se rves to discourag,. the child and make him w ithdraw from art. Everyone has some talent in art, said Me. K ittleson, but ma ny h ave h ad their free e'xpression d iscouraged in childho< and are afra id to try later. .. The pUI-pose of the art el MS is to opr:-n up that an,. to help fulfill an im portant part of t.he emotional make­ up of an individual. Speaking of his paintings, Mr. K ittleson explained tha t he b~gan with impressionism and gradually roo d into more emotional arts. Ont: of ho:: most. notic ab l of his paintings is "Square to a Circle," which is a striking work in brown and w hite. "Pain tin g like that isn't planned," said Mr. Kittleson.. 'it just happen<. The thing is to realize when it h as happened."

azards Harass Daily Commuters An icy stare g reets a latecomer and a professor sighs, "flat tire?" "No sir, hit all the lights this morn ­ in g," responds the off campus commuter. Even after setting your watch with Al Cummings (the Bob Flem ing of K OL) in the early a.m., by the time you see Dr. Eastvold's house whizzing by on your right, the bells are pealing the downward signal that first period classes have begun. But you really have never experienced humiliation quite like gettin g the siren on Whecler Street at 7:48 .m. You were doing 28 m.p.h. in a 25 mile zone. The shame of it alII You thank your lucky satellite that the roan in blue did ' t sc<; you yesterday when you we bitting 45!


Friday, April 24, 1959

Baseballers Host:


SPC alcons T mOTTOW

• II pn wi ll hurl the ni ght cap.

Tennis Squad Goes to W WC To m 0 r ro w

V ..sta l a t third, Gkn Campbell at

ortstop, and Frank Waterworth, "im K ittilsby a nd Al Bloomquist in Ill'=" outfield. Chuck Curtis was charged w ith th.. loss in the first contest last w eek.. Cu rti ~ sta rted thr arne but was reo Ii!:""d by K upl' r in the fourth in­ ning when the Vikings ralli-::d for h r"r: rum, The Glads, who only ma nagt: d five hit, in th.. game, scored their only un iii' th,: ~ixth fr ame. In thr nightcap the Lu t'=" picked lp 12 h it.~ in scoring the 10 rum. ~I o()rnquist was the leading hitter or the Lutherans. H e slammed a :!Du bl... a nd two sin gles, F ra nk \Va ­ trrworth had .a triple and single, 'lnd .lim K ittilsby ;llld Gl enn Ca mp· ,.,11 ''"l(''h had :t p ir r,f hits, f h,. short SCOfCS'

.·irst G ame P. 1., C . ........000 001 05 f"t r rn .. .. ,... 302 311 x-IO 11

The R

Ili 11 a 17 1'3 2 . uper (6) (6); Hol­


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ul t~

Sin!(lt·s-'- Ba ll, CW " d d ralcd llil­ rlehrand, PLC, 6-1, 610, D obl ·r. e w e, d df'at('d P('lc rson, PLC, 6-0, 6·0: C usic k, ewc, d('fca t"d D olan, [,Le, 5-:), 6-3: N,-are nts, ewc, d e· ka tt'd Ba rbour, PLC, 9 -7 6-1 ; er­ \'ieh, ewe., rld .'at,·d lk ttmnn, PI. " 6. 2, 6·0.

C urti, Kup...r (" ) and John50n, p07 <lad Taubemheim,

Second Game

P L, C, ..... . :;02 001 Ol ..r n ....... 3':! I 083 xolt om, Pou\;\'O ('») , nel m""'Jnquist, J ohnson hroo a nd Taubnnhf' im,

Pacific Lutheran College dropped its third tennis match in four sta rts w he n they bowed to the Cent ral Washington Wildcats last Saturday on the Lutherans' courts. It was PLC's second loss to Central this year. Althou gh many of the matche~ Wf"re c1o~r, th e Lutl's w c re bla n ked 7·0. The brst mat,.,h of the day was t he first doubles mat c h b,:twec n Larry Pctf'rson and Loren Hilde­ brand of PLC ~nd J erry Ball and Dick Cusi k of ewe. The Lutes t ook h,- first set 2-6, then dropP"d the n'-X l two, b-3 and 6·1 .

D oubks - Cu:;ir-Ball, ewc.. df' fra ted H;jd,·bra nd - Peterson, PLC , 26,6.3,6-1;:--rcarents-Dobl(,T,CW • <:Id~at (' d DoIRn-Barhollr, PLC , 6-:.' and 6· 0.


to Host Lut:e

CARL SEARCY is shown a bove putting the shot in last week's track meet with Seattle Pacific. Searcy took a second in the shot but won the discus throw. The Lute s lo,t the me"t 68-62 and will t ravel to Western Washington CoUeg_ tomof· row.

Gladiator Golfers Beat Seattle Pacific P acific Lutheran's linksm en d e­ kat d tht' Seattlt: Pacific golfers 101"-412 last Thursday on the C ol­ 1<,\ c Cou rsc= in the ir E rn outin g of the s,'ason, John Wa,hburn of the visiting Falc.ons was m r dalist fo the: day with an ('\T n P'll" 70. Alth ou:;h n ont' of th t: Lutl' golf. , rs could lup this >core, t:vcry me mo 1." 1' of lht team ., hot in th e 70's.

The rf"sults: "eattle Pacific Washburn ........ 3 Williams .......... 0 ";ood m:ltuon .... 1 V. La pasin ............ 0 POiJpino ...... ...... O

Lute cindennen jou rne y to Bel­ lingh1l.IT1 tomorrow to take O il the Wes "ro Washin gton Vikings,. the College of Pu get Sound Loggers 3nd the Univt"fsity of B ri ti sh Columbia Thundcrbirds in a qu ad ngular trac.k meet. L as t Sa turda y, Seattk P<lcific C oll egl' slipped by til,=" PLC s uad when the y won th e ruil r rda ', the final cv 'nt of th~ a.ftcrnoon. n d th.. meet 68-62 . Don Worrell was th e bi g gu n for til" Falcons a3 he lacked up 19'4 point. by winning the JOO-yard d ash , the pole vault and the broad jump ~nd placing second in the di eus. Worrell also ran a lap on tht' win­ nin g relay team. The most exciting race of th ' af­ ternoon was the half mile. PLC' lreshll1an runner, Connie Selfors, Jed tht· Falcons' Don Cannon by two or three steps all the way lill the .last 60 yards when C an non pulled along. side Selfors, The racl' was neck-and­ neck until Cannon pulled a wav in th t· last 20 yards. Carl Searcy hurled the discu, 130 in wi nnin g his specia lty. H e also took se cond behind the Lutes' Da\' ~ Ba rk· er in the shot put. ied, I inch for th e Gladiato

Only two othtr Gla d s took a first in the meet. They were Ri,:h H am­ lin in th e j avelin, and G eorge D oeb­ I I' in th,' :'!~O-yard dash . D oebler' also toolc second in the 100. SPC 68., PLC 62 M ile-I, Cannon, SPC; 2, F rbes, SPC; 3, Bates, PLC. Time, 4 :-45.3.

440-1, Johnson, SPC; 2, D ahl. P LC. Time, 53.5. IOD-l, Worre ll, SPC; 2, Doebler, PLC ; 3, H anso n, PLC. Time, :1 0.5. 120 High Hurdles- I, Anderson. SPC; 2, Jacobson, PLC; 3, Klatt', SPC, Time, :15.8. 8 80--1, C an non, SPC : 2, SeHon, PLC; 3, Halvorson, PLC . T 1 Ql ~.

2:02.3. 220--1, Doebler, PLC ; 2, Hanson, 1'LC; 3, Johnson" SPC . Ti me, 23.6. Two-rr..ile - l, Forb es, SPC; 2, Paul, PLC; 3. Jenkins, PLC. Tim~. 11 : 12.7. Shot--I, Barker, PLC: 2, Searcy. PLC; 3, Mi i!er, SPC. D istance, 42 icct, 6 inches. High J ump-- I, D ouglas, SPC; 2, Barker, P LC ; 3, Gangc, PLC. Hgt., 5 feet, 8 inch es. 220 Low Hurdles-I, Andenon. SPC ; 2, Klatt, SPC; 3, Jaeobionp PLC. Time, :23.5. J avelin -- 1, Ha m lin, PLC; 2, Gan se, PLC ; 3, Johnson, SPC. Dis­ tance, 160 feet, 7 Y~ inches. Pole V a ult-I, Worrell, SPC; 2, Rcep, PLC ; 3, Ba rker. PLC. H g .,

13 f ed, Discus-I, S rcy, PLC ; 2, Wor­ rdl, SPC ; :1, Brooks" PLC. Distan<:r, 130 fe e t, I in ch es. Broad Jump--I, Worr ' l1, S1'C: 2, Strc-:ter, PLC j S, Dough;, SPC. Di~· tance, 21 feet, 4 Yo inchr s. Mile Relay -.1, 'fattle Pacifi (Cannon, Johnson, Klatt, WOlTcll) . Time, 3.3 5,7.

! P ac. Lutheran I Hill .......... 0 I Marlow .... 3 I W('sthy

I M l.\l1s


n ... . I Malan 3

Coach One Man Sho rt Kidnaping, Anyone?

by Zane Wilson The L utes came out six p oints short on a 68-62 ~cor(! to drop a clo e tr ('o n t~s l to S.. a tt1c P acific last Sa turday. Coach M ark Salzman m oa ned th .. f;,r t that hi ~ tt'am wa.s missin~ Da n W itmer, who had gone to the LSA R.. rf'~t , Said a lzma n, "With Wilm er ; n the mile ff'lay, I think we could I\a 'I' won," Jim Gabrif'h f' n, ba$cball T(lr:-ntor, is still hunting for players. Said Ga­ ricis('n, wi th a grin, "I'm only one m a n hort of fu ll strength. Things arc ~rl"' at."

LAUITI AT' appar W . Outfit Coeds 40' Garfielcl

LE. 7- 5317




The 1'LC nine hosts Seattle Pacific in a doubleheader tomorrow at 1:00. If the diamond isn't in d ecent shape by th en the games w ill b e pla yed at \lllM'ica n Lake Hospita l. g roup of fa culty and students arc taking on the Clover Park teacher~ . , ollr-yball game Monday night. Seems the tcachers bea.t the Lute squad one h dof', 4 ·3., and revenge is in the offing. P laying for 1'LC are the hne coaches plus Adc Spandc, Norm Dahl, and Bill Williams. T ha t game ..ill be played in the PLC gym. Anyon e inte rested in forming an inter-collegiate kidnaping team should ,cporr. to Herb D empsey, Clov('r Creek Hall, before next W ednesd a y.


SpeMa l aW4loat ~ U N D E"WOOD 00"". 1110 Ce nter at. MA. ~




3820 South Yakima

Custom made t o your order



an d

Gtenn Campbell





CindeTmen TomorTOW

Pacific Lutheran plays host to tbe Seattle Pacific Falcons in , no n -conference doubleheader tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. L as[ weekend the Gladiator diamondmen opened their Evergreen r onierence season by dropping two games to Western Washing­ ron's Vikings 10- 1 an d 17-10. Ron Coltom will open on the mound for the Lutes in the ir ' r game against the Falcons and either Larry Poulsen or Bob Johmon will be bf"hind the plat.e lor thl ' Gladiators and Gary Pete r­ on \I ill open at first b ase. Thl' rest of the lineup will ~ee - ta n Fro.·d rickson a t second, G a ry





The R. v. Choria • . Foelsch, Ph,D., PresidIO"' 2770 Marin Avenue, Berkeley 8, California To PLC faculty ' and students, g reetings! 1959 (ollege graduate.. huny your applications to us. Colle"e men graduating in 1960 will also do well to apply now for a pla,e w ith the clan In''ming Septembe r 1. 1960. THE EIGHTH ACADI!MIC YEAR !EGINS SEPTEMBl'R, 1959


DELIVERY SERVICE Parkland and Vicinity


Phone GR.1-3311

Foolish boy-the best way t o make a bottle of Coke disappear is to drink it! Yes, swallow after swallow, that cold crisp taste is 80 deeply satisfyin ••• and the lively lift is so bright and cheerful the whole day seems happier, just like magic. So open sesame! J ust uncap the bottle and get dy for The Pause That Refreshesl

Oriuk . :



Page Four


friday, April 24, 1959

LC Hosts AAUW,


Science Educator

Standard Heating Oils -- Heating Equipment HeaHng Service

En joy That " PLUS" Servi ce

Two education g-roups will meet o n th e PLC camp u s tomorrow. Tacoma's branch of the American ssocia lion of Uni ve rsity Wome n, headed by Miss Anne Knudson, will hold its monthly m("eting here in the Chris Knutsen Hall. A . tea, musical entertainment by students and conference reports are scheduled. The: Pu get Sound Science Teach­ '·I"S Associa tion will meet for its semi­ annua l conference in the Scie nce Hall. This group is composed of high school science teachers from the area between Seattle and Abe.rdeen. Dr. Willi amson, Oregon S tat e College, will speak on "Important Problems in Science Education" and discussions will cover the fields of biology, che m istry and physics. Of­ fie.c r; will also be elected.

t udents Leave Today For Hood Canal Trip



120lh & Paci fic Avenue

Phone LEnox 7-0256

Expert Dry Cleaning

Lau ndry Service


One-Day Service Mr$. Jo Summers


will be featured entertainers tonight during the annual coronation of the Saga king and queen. The Clef Dwellers are a noted vocal g roup from Tacoma and have received enthusiastic response in previous PLC appearances.

Parkland Center

Phone LE. 7-<4300

Several carloads of 5tu den l~ will 1 ave this a fternoon for Hood Canal for the annual Linne Society outing. Tht" three-day excursion w ill pro­ "ide opportunities for fishing, hik­ ing, and dam digging. Instructors will lead various groups on field trips to collect specimens. Last year, Dr. Knutsen, instructor in entomol­ ogy, led a group collecting insects. This year this group will collec t rep­ tiles and amph ibians for his natural history of vertebrates class. Accompanying the group of stu­ dents will b e Dr. O stenson, Dr. Leraas, Dr. Knutsen and Dr. Ford. The Linne Society is organized pr imarily for students interested in biology. Activities throughout the year include a fall outing to Mt. R a inier, various speakers, films and the annual Linne banquet. This year a new program is being iust ituted. A symposium on endo­ ('finology with four student spea ers will be held o n May 6 in the Chri5 Knutze n Fellowship Hall. Kirk Fritz will serve as chairman for the p ro­ gram , and sp eakers will be Jerry Sells, Seth Andl'rson, John Jacob ­ w n , and Jim Freishiem.

-etJ ~LDR recently held its dection of officers for the term 1959-60. Those cle tfd were Susan Leedy, president; Sally Nixon, vice-president; Maureen, secretary; Diane Bohn­ en, treasurer; Barbara Isaacson, ICC; and D ian c Erickson and Donna Woberman, publicity chairmen. Propeller Club, Port of PLC, held dections April 16. Lief Dah l W aB ..kctcd president; Nicl Standal, vict: president; Dennis Gudal, sccretary­ treaau rcr; and Allan Johnson, ICC rr:presentativc. Arrangements were discussed for the group to go on a cru ise to Dockton on May 9 aboard the yacht Diane with Mr. Angus Williams, coordinator between the Student Port a nd th e Tacoma Port. ?fembers Inust have reservations In t.o George Gree n by tonight.

STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowers f or All Occasions 12173 P acific Ave. (Foo t of Garfi e ld)

LE.7-4)206 We De ltver

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before he is married? Age

We won't give you a flat answer, because we might be prejudiced. After all, we're in the life insurance business, and we think it is extremely important to see our fellow Lutherans adequately protected. Ask your banker, your doctor, professor, or any adviser whom you trust. Chances are about 95 to 1 he will say yes. Any young man should have at least enough insurance to cover final expenses in event of death from sudden illness or accident. Even more important is the fact that your premiums will never again be so low. You'll see what we when you look at these premium rates for our most popular policy, the Brotherhood Provider , in t he amount of $10,000:

Annual Premium Monlhly For each dollar paid In you get back at 6S" Monthly Income al age 65' (Male)

20 $156.90 14.12

25 $1 8 0.20 1«;.20

30 $ 2 09.3 0 18.80

.35 $ 2 45.80 22.10









Note that the annual premium goes up 33 % from age 20 to 30-and you get back about 20% less on every dollar. One further point: when you marry, you'll have lots of other expenses. Get started now on your life insurance program. It makes sense from every angle. See your Lutheran Brotherhood representative, or write the home office. - B ased on current dividend schedule

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the Reformation Window at ri ght. Complete with histQr­ icallegend. Large size (IS" x 24"). Heavy stock, suitable for framing. Mailed ill tube. No obligation, of course. Send your name and address today.

LUTHERA N BROTHERHOOD 701 Second Avenue South" Minneapolis 2, Minnesot a

Living benefits for Lutherans through life insurance


rt Pr

/, pril I l. E,'{1--"Th!' first May Day festiyal in the history of Pacific Lllthera n College will be sponsort"d [hi s sprin g by th, Delta Rho GamITL."l. girb. .. Prelimi nary plans revea l t h. l the event will be held on Ih e front lawn of th.. $chool and will be l'C 'ign('d O\-er Ly a quet: n and he.r a ttl'Hdants ."

Scptnllber ~3, 1938-"Succ cding Mf\. Ad::!1i Dapper as din:ctOl' of the [f i r I ' phy,kal educa tion is Miss Rh oda Hokel1 s t a d (now Mrs. YOlln g), :t graduate of th,' liberal Ir ts d"pat' tllle llt here in 1935. Miss F!okenst~l d contiuul"'d her wo rk, ma­ joring ill ph '5i(" 11 educa tion , at the U niversity of 'V a ~hington . where she 1'1 "duetted last Ju n '."


Pod",.on and Jerry Olson, back, a nd G race He lgren a nd Bo b l ar. on d monstrate fl alian fo lk art, which wi ll be part of t ...... t. aditional program lo n iliJht.

u e ven ~ , as recorded ;n of l'ust yea rs, a re the Lasis for the "ven t that take! place luni g ht in th e: t;vrn . In 19 8 the fe.~· 1I\"al wa, rn ovC'd fro m t be lawn in front of Old MJi 1 into thl' gYIn and i n 195+ W ,U e h ~nL!(' d from afternoon '-n u::SC"


~.·f oo rin:' ~ as ~

r a Pastor G ther W ekl in eMS

Fo eminar 0 on em oray rob e s

t u t'vcni n g-.

u ursday morn in g fro ill !I :un iLlI1 ulI !il c haj)(: l tJl"Tlt', a g roup uf p:1lI tors from the w rroun d ing ... a cODg r !late in the .h ei, Knut­ Z< /I f IlQW h ip Hall ' a ~t'm in ar Oll <onlt'mporarv probkm of Christian­ ity. '1 he g nHlp consists oC 2U to 3U nwn who ~ • a ll pIl!ilurs o. the • -a­ tiunal I.uilicrall .ou ncil amI ynod­ if J COUfut'llce . d by D r . W alter Sd nacla:nuel'g, tl le W e ll cover v:lriou s cont rovt"rsial )ubjet:t, ami f r ely br m g out id ea;; j or d is,~Uf.. ion withou t fC" •• r of Lmo­ tioll al reac tion. Durin g t11i: fil'!t seme~ti:r, pertin· we ough t up and ~ Wo '~ withuut ad.. . a nce noti c,', bl1[ this sCDlt's ter a r esearc h project W all elmst /l b ea h m an and is reo pu r ted <In p eriodi caJly D r. Schnack­ enberg prm-ided ("ach p astor with a t ~!1I ;lt i Ye bihlio gl'aph y to aid in re­ tarth. W1t pl'o~krn g

itet <:a ,It repVl t, tilt lTl~ n e xam­ in, d i5Cm j and cri t icize. With the I.( r~ _t

\arie ly' bf to pi 5, Iht'y (o\ :r 3!rnost t h. whok mnge of Christilln­ ity Jud be-gu n this year, tll se minar {'<"pl,lces ;, weekI h reakfas t which W IU h eld do w ntuwn. D r . Sch nackcn­ . 'rg- m ade a rrangemen ts w ith the ,ulr"llnistration to make the facifi tics o[ the college avaihtblc tu the men who ar ' actua lly at t he fordron t of upport, AI Pn stor T hompson of Trinity utbetan , urns it up , " We know the '1Il[l()rtance of $ou nd cholanhlp . All

Crews Ready

L~ s t


m;t r h d th t" .,dditio!1 of

th ( r;u;t! tQu d'w s as tht: m usic SOl.lrl':l ~


m w ish that we. h ad m ade. m o re OIJf oppor tuniti es Wht'll we. weTC in :I n acadfmie atm oslJh erl", hut we: ; . ; " . ! ~ flll "::I.,,t e l a ll h l'P up IIOW h. ~C" ttti n g rh t"~, go:d : .

d w n.ged h a nd , fro m a reco rd playc r l: con rol an d di rec tion of Mr.



1"011 1

I! id's

Go rdon O . Gilbertson of the rnusiG d epartment. Second among th e ca pstones ad d­ ed last year was the li gh ting effects dir..c:ted and produced by Mr. Eric l'\ordholm I)f the drama. d t"" partm£ nt. The n<: t result of these additions w~,s tha t the g-ym eased to be a g ym <lnd the watche r w a~ transported in spirit to the cou ntry which the art­ ists wcre illustrating. PLC's 26th a nnual May D ay Fes­ ti" a l will be plT 5{""nted toni g h t at 8 p.m . in th e gymnasium. R . ·i~nin/1. over the event will be Quee n Carolee: Ch indgren, to c crowned by ch;J.i nn;m of th board of C 0 u n t y commis sionC"I' Harry Sprinker, ~ad C arolee's court. Under the d lrt"ction of Mrs. Rho­ da 'lllln ~ and assista nt Jitt; ctors P hyllis P ederson a nd P a ul Temp li n, th e 1959 M ay Festiva l w ill in clude 0 \'(' [ 200 participants. Pri cr:: of 3d­ rn i6, ion is 25 ce nts. Sbl{" d fo r hi. ,,,.T ni oI;' an :t ~1ay D<l:' Procl ama ti on uy . S PL C Presi­ d en t Don D nug as, th e: t 'ad'tiona! lolk nr t, flUI lb"rs by PLC's G erman ba nd. m usic by thc o rch<:s tra under II", d irectio n of Mr. Gordon .ilbert­




so n, ,md selec tion s by the Eighth Notes and the chorus. The prog-rarn, wh i h originatf'" Q rn England, will include autlv:nti fo lk :'ames from Sca nd in:w ia, Lithu ania, Ge r many, Au stria, ltaly, Polan . Holland, Portugal, England , t h (: Vai ted Sta tes a nd oth.. rs. Pa rt icipati ng in th~' folk art p re­ st"ntati()n a rC" 'M ari lyn L ee Ande 5.on, Judy Bcc:h tel, Jalll t C hnstd, Jeri Duba Il , Tonett e ETkkson, Grttct: Helg ren, Joan K C'\ se)Iing, Ddorcs 'N i m s, , h ureen Pearson. P hyll is P"de rsr- n, Diane R epI), Kar~n Sand­ strom, G wendolyn Thoma." Yvonne Woern er, Barbara Johnson , D onald A r~m~ in , R ( nald Bar bou r, R.1ym nd fi os, Je rry Do nahe, Gp n y D ryt"r. R og.. r I n'no n and a ry R icland. Rubt rt L arsol1 , J 0 h I Mi tchl'U, J rrry 0 I s o n , Richard Schlt- nkl"r, Roh,.,-t Tal.l rin~, Paul T ('mplin, D an Wi tmer, Ri ta Al tp l"te r, K,H("n Bi rd, .Tt:.11:1 D a n id son, Cn m ilie E lDenoD, j)hy lli . Fis h, al rie!" M u lkn , 1" n ­ 1 ham, Di:m" Rosdahl , ,lin­ lee t n,l Wdis, C h J rl,..s C llrt i" . eo E lia­ ~nn, D rrm is Falland, John J a('Clb on, Duane , 'ewton, W illiam R ay, D OIl­ a id S la ttll l1) and A la.n Stang.



T 01 0 Season O pens At pte To o rr w In th .. spr ing a ~'Oun ;t (urn s to . . . tol09.



fa nc,

of the w UIIlCn· ... dunn ,; a re

Loldi ng th ir tolo> in May. Sou th Ha ll w ill tart tbin g" off with tl-:.t"ir tolo tom o rrow al Grayland Beach. Two toIos a re planned for May 9, '1'1" ~ 'o n h ilill i h ~ t k'ng cr uise to V ashon Island. "Sea Feye r" l!:l tht t h e:n u: for th e ir oUling. hy H all h M a lso set their t oll> fo t 9. Their plans are to go to W stport a fter a special bn-akfast.


F ini:.hing off th e to10 St'ason w ill l.J:: W est Hall, with ' trip to G "y­ la nd on May 16. Pn tor L a rsgaard w ili be the :;peaker and W arn~ a Wil­ lis will lead st-ngs arollnd an ,e­ ning c<tmpii re. Plt.mty of food a nd reen'atiun will be furnis ll cd by the girls. J;dlows are ,,"ked to bring cars, and reIllcmber, the: girls re paying fo r the gas. Th's " Sad ie Hawkins" type of ac­ tivit y gi v~s the girls a eh"nc e to rc· ver'S!! the d a til1g p td,:cdure. T olos h a v e bccome all annu al c\'ent a t PLC. B ,sides the donnitory 101 s, a n AWS tolD is held ever f all.

Vol um" XX X I

Parkland, Wash.

Frid ay. May I , 195

·one rf Coru ffers arie For I Performa ceHe e u, ay


Chorus will sing "Lift Thin Eyes," by Mendr>lssohn;"\Vcf'l' You Trt' I'\: ?" ~:rraIl g:(' d by Budcigh; and " E Vf'I jytg P raye r," from Jbnscl and G rdcl ~'nd composed by Humpr'rdin rk .

T he: fi rst p a rt of tilt: program will cc'n"ist of the (·,. ti re chorus wh ich wil l sing HO nward Ye People," by Sibdi us; "Ber;"d ictus n, Domine," by Thirnan ,: "Jut! 't" M e, God" ( Psa lm 43), by M end elssohn; "My Lo,d, VV hat a r,,10rning," "Steal Away" and "Every Time I Feel the Sp i rit," arqngcd by Burleigh .

l'vIargllrct H od ge, Robert H odg(", Audry Hart a nd Rich~rd Giger wi ll solo as th e complete ch on ls sin gs Moza n's "FifOt }VIas5 in C."

Afte r a n intermission, the L a dies

r Play Thursday

Conc.Iuding the p rogram wili be Yet Awhik; ' from tho M a t· th cw P<lss io n by Bach, sung by the chorns and M "drigrlJ group. "Hr'I"C

The pi a nu accompMli,t fo r th progra m w ill be Betty Muse us. O r ­ gani sts will b.., Rhod.t Bloomq u ist and Da\"id Dahl.

Ted Hellma Receives ar for Sculpture Ted H !"lIl1la n was o n e of

Produ cti on rt'WS f r t ilt: "j\.fatchmakcr" a re I"lill­ ni n ill "higl g(!lJr" aJld th wheel s of p rogr 55 are mov­ ing rap Idly fo rwa rd i n preparation for the fi r~t per­ fOl"ll'lanct" of Ihl" play nex t Thu nld ay,

' to


winn ers in the na tionwide: art con,­ test sponso red by th .. Luthera n Bro­ therhood . H e will receive $ 150 [or his c.ulp ­ tllrc: f"n titlcd "Job."

Chai nnen o f the eommittt:es ar Roh\"rt E . ) h on, ha.nd p l OpS; Iarit P~ H' rs, m ake-u p ; CafJlyu K t ck, cos­ lllrnt's Mi e .("~' An de.rson, IL h ers; D ou glas Johnson, p ub­ l i~i ty SfJ Ivc: ig L I't":t all, ])rognms ; an M uri 1 wt"n~o n, ttl kl"ls.

Art dep artments of th e fou r col· k,!t'S tha l tl1e st"Ve U winners Tepre· ,.r Bted will s n rc: an addi 'onal $1000 in a wa rds .

A Dut 'h r' rch~ nt, pol t ra )'ctl oy ZaUl.' Wilw n , Itas nude n fu rtu flt:. Aft r' r d e ,d ing- Ite's n ow read y fo r ma r­ T; I{C', laC" emp loy,; " lTIat 'lunake r, pb.yn i by M arie Pet ­ ers TI" p Ic.t weavc. into ~ COtT i~ \ sitU <1 lio n invo h·i ll" many l"L lnt l\" s, f ri end s and em ployec8 of the m ercha l Va n de r<'(,.ld, r.

C ompt"l ition if' the' co ntes t inrhul ­ d 400 ro t ries [rolD st uden t :H tists ill Lllt hcnn ~t:hool s th roughou tht: U n ite d Statts an d Carladu.

t:url..Jin li m e or th e performa nce will be 1l :30 p .m. ill Ule C;\IiS on T hursday, Friday and Saturday .

All of th<. other P LC stude nts who cnt.l:n: d arc listed as h av ing t heu' pie ces ~ CCl" p tcd f nr sho\ving.

Written by T homton Wilder, th ~ three- ct farc 1;, the au di ence back to 1880. The setting is in N ew York.. M i~s J a nf' Smith is dirt"c ting the play. T he fall all­ , chool presentation was "Diary of Anne Frank" and "A M an Called Peter" was presented on the PLC slage last $pring.

. -h ese entries :ndlld.: " sr'u!pture, " N udt in Burl," by Carl Ben(, a nd pai n tin gs, "Kit en." by Delbert !-lamen; "The Bog," by Kitti Mur· phy ; "Empathy;' by Jim Stewart; " Waterfront" and "Still Life with Bottle," by Mrs. James Hopkins.


Mari.. Salves.on , left, and Mario Peters rehearse a scene from the all-school play, "The Matchmake,," opening next Thursday evening in Ihe eMS.

la ss Plan

O riental 5 tting

T his Sunday at 8 :00 p.m. the: Pacific Lu,th cra r, Conce,t Chorus, un d'.' r the baton oi Fred, rick L. . " 'wnham, will prese nts its annual co nce rt in the e MS.

"ext on th e Jrogram will "Sana,,, p. J 6 i for Clarinet," by S:ti nt-Sac ns, and played by Alan Sta n~ and Dave Dahl.

Numbe r 22

·'Tr.. It OU~f' of th" M a y Moon" IS the theme ui the party to ight fol ­ low ing ,he M ay F I' l iva l. A pa go da- s l yl ~ ten n i court next the s tt ing for to the <;ym wiil the 0 ienta l p~trty, in llld ing co trr­ tninmcllt, food and ga mes. Admi,­ si,)H will (' 10 t"~nt s. Ent ertainment will inclu dt. a K or­ e;tn na I iona l d a nce by Chun Choc. ha rmolllca by C. J. Kim, p iano by Sam Shen, vocal by }VUng Yec Wang li nd :, flw n '. g ru up--Ch uck Hobb , :\ciI Thompson and Ke n G a a 1-­ , ingin!; Chinese and Am erican ;cln gs. Other enterlainme nt wi ll be tram· polin~ a cts and wrestl ing by Bill W illi ams 3nd R og n R pcp. ]\;a,l1 c y

Walk .. r is general chair­

man " f the p 3 r1 Y ~"onsorrd h) the TU11ior class. E vtryont in\;reJ. " I t is a n occas ion to add to the JDtt!l ­ nati " 1:11 feding nf the May F t, :md to !five stu d t-Ilts and I r it·ncl. 50mt-­ Ihi u S" to do following 1.11 b l,l( re~tl­ va l,'" com mc nt<.'t:! John Amt:n d, jlln ­ idr C s pr t' sidc n t. Should the: \\'e:uht" t um to i-ain, th e pa~~oda will bl: ru 0 v e d into CB-200 cmd g-l on :, . ,;rit(",dulrd. C omm itte,' hllimll'n :1n: Howar .1 " lid P a u 1 0 rison, CI'l Il' 'tructio Sh ud T borvilson and G.w K i lla n 'd, se tti ng; Jan A II • I and ?f ry na nail, con r' ("sSJon : Mar I a JI LUgo', ath teli, program ; Barbar:L h, :1" 50 n, L'ut/,lta ' nmt"nt a n d PIJb­ lici ty , ' cil Stix rud, music ; H a.rland O lson and Kn l hy Ev., m , clean up. D('I1 I P ~l' y

'Writers t o Hold Meet A mectin g will Ix: held for ail those interested in creative writing, a r.d in es tablishing a crea tive writ­ in g publication at PLC, lOn Tuesday t:vening, M ay 5, at 7:30 in M-I7.

Pag_ Two


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Friday, May 1, 1959



mooting mast

E di tor.........__ ______ __ ____ ._.. _.........................•••An ita Hillesland

New. Editor.. _... _..__.._........._... __...................D ea n na H amon

Spo rts Editor....._............... __ ...........................John H anso n

Fu ture E d itor__ ._.... ...... __ .............................CaroI M orris

E lIli n css M n.nage r ....... _.. _.......................M a ry Lou Jl'. ,;en

Photog raph... r....._............ .._...... .. ...... _......1vlcK e w~ n Studio

Ad vi,tl... __ .... .... ... ... _. __ _............__ ._._......Mr. Milton

A s~i 5t a nt

Adviser _._._. __ .......... ..._._.. ..... ...... _Di ck Lond gren Published Frida ys of the sch ool year by the stu dents of Pacific Luth eran College, Parkland, Wash .

Offi ce : C olle ge Union Building PhL1n e LEnox 7·8611, Extension 41 Subscrip ti on p rice $3.00 per year.

P LC Pranicsie rs Pra nks ters ha,-c been a p a rt of college lift for m a ny long y~a rs and P LC has ha d its fa ir share of them. U su ally th ese O" cr-enthusias tic students relea se their cne rgies in h a rm less wa ys but when they cost the coi­ I gr m o ney a nd embarrassment their ac tions become q ue stiona ble. The p a r'kin f; problem around PLC, especiall y the C ollege Union Building, has becn a problem for some ·. Fo r the safety of pt destrians the Pierce County Ih f'ri ff s offi ce des ig nated ce rta in a reas for " no park­ i ng." Numerous signs and frequ t' nt remind ers warn...d tht stude.n t that these rules wen: to be respected. Eithe r from fo rgc tfulnc:ss, thoughtkssn s o r d d ib­ law-break ing the parking' in front of th e CUB ha s w nl i nu ~ d. Warnin g t.i ckets g iVl'n by the school seemed ust:! s a nd the ~h e ri£f's office threatened to take a ction. E videntl}' 50ITlC ti cts w ere given o u t last w e k a nd so rnt: very displ eased students rea cted. Bendin g metal sig n posts to t he g round is no w a }' to get a law ch angcd but only rd lc cts t ho u gh t! 5 n ess a nd ig no ra nce . N Q ma tter wha t action the students take Lilt" law remai ns th" sa me. If a n yone h as a l~g itimatc gripe: 0 1' ca D s U fige~ t 'J. good rea son fOi <"h a ng ing Ire la.w lhrv lw u l go to th e p roper aut ho ri t icB ; in Jj is cast·, thc school adm ililstrati o n::--, , TIT A H ILL£SL l :n.


fie ing


I'l eigh h(,. YOu'" e h ea rd of the ki ckin g p os t? W e now have a cussing post • . . W C ! m ay joke about it b u t a ' ~Ila ll y o ne fair young thi ng la st w eek had a run-in wi th it :l.nd had to be sent to tht: infirma r y. H owe,'e l , r ut sun ' it's ther ' for a p urpose howeve r ob scure it may h · Possibly to fi ll a h ult: in til· sidewal k. Possible . .. H ats off to Neal C oope r a nd h is Imper ial Art ist f~ n ttTpris e3 sta ff fo r the play a t the ca rniva l last cd :. Dcelitdul! . . . Pw plc d o n't m ake sen. c . ' guy'll ~ p eD d $ 15,000 l OT a n ice h o · -th en $3,000 m orc for a ea l' to " " t a way from it . .. F AMOU S S1' Yll GS D E PT .: ,. rue lov{' nt:\'er r UIL.~ sm ooth." It pulls ove r t o the si de an p a rks . . H E P W AN TED: Human ca n nOll­ ball. Must be willing to tTavel . • • I' m q uite up set th is w eek L t week in th is col um n I}' mad e sn ide rem a rks about the . merica n L~ " IOn a nd hen it is a whole week l.:tt r and I\w ye t to app aT o n th e f ront p a ge of the N t;w Trib une brand ­ ·d a5 Un-America n or even s b ersivc. W h a t' s the m a t­ I~r ? Is it. p ossible tIll')' don' t ca re a nd a r ' letti ng th co u ntry run itsd f for awh ik ? . . . Fla sh! GIRL SLIPS O N E A.' NA P EEL. BRUISES HER SO M E WHAT .. i\D SL GHT L Y N J U R ES HER OTH E RW ISE . Im rnrn . ou nd3 s(Tious . . . D ear M r . Flem ing : W hat m ust a gi rl do to have soft . wh ite h a nds? D t'a r Miss: N oth ing . . . Thefc's a n v boo k ut you d efi nitd y sh oul d b uy if you' re i nter­ ~stt' d ID stimula ting , provo tive think ing. I t 's written by J ack Douglas an d is called "My Brother W a s An Onl y C h ild." H ave I ever steered you wrong befo re ? O K , so I'm sorry I asked . . . New Song: I KNE W T H E BALL P . RK WAS HAUN TED WHE ' THAT O L D B \ T -'P O K E T O ME . . . N ew I nventio n : Putti n g p ropell ers on p izzas a nd ;cllin g them for bea nies. Actua lly I go f r those spicy Ital ia n dishes Ilke ravioli, past3.fazool, Soph ia Loren, Silvan a ~{ a n ga no . . . Are you rea l good a t kecpmg 'ec~ t? W ell, there a re still some copies of the Flem­ log S(·:/; Yearbook on sa le in the bookstore . . . Is it teue tha t this school is planning on giving Mort Sahl a n ho norary d egree a t g radu a tion? R em ember you r ead it h ere first! .. . Whatever became of E lm o Tann er? e ),ou ilext w f"k . U nele Bob-Boh.

ndust:rious U nderg rads Work for College


by Dick Halvon<on In t.he everlastin g confli ct be tween stud cn t3 and lhc bu~ in e s! office, some s tudent~ find it n ce:ss;t ry to work d u rin g t he sch oo l month s to fin an ce thei r ~d u ca ti on. OD a r college- .:Hnpu thr s<: ind w t riou, m d rgrad ua 1\ be set'n wa iting for b u~ sr f, to ta kr th~ rn to the hu~­ lI CSS ~c'(' t i o n of the ir respe cti,'" c it ies . o r w ork i n ~ in vari­ o IS pUSilions on the - mpu s p lOp r r. T h is last situattoo is !'spt·c ia Uy notircabl " o n the PLC " mpus. O ut of th e many students whe do w rk, two ba~ l w ~ n ch osen as typica l ~ ){ arnpl" ' 5 of the working on th is ca mpus. Th ey are J im Bcah, a sophom o re from Pc hTsburg, Alas ka, a.nd Joyce H a nsen, a scruor f Fowlrr, C olo rado. J im wo r ks frolll five to scv(' n hOllr~ a day in the boo].. Jto n.: wh '~ rc he cheeks and ma rk$ n ew supplio:e, make displa ys, h dps trim th e windows and wo rk~ on th e c a~h register. B c~id e s d oing a ll thi.s, h e also wor in O ld Main washing a nd waxing the stainvays. N le S5 to say, this tak es a large pa rt of a ny day awa y frm:a stu d yin g W hen I asked him h ow h e fOlll~ d li m e to ~ tu d y . h rep lied w ith a ti red g rin, " L a te at. ni gh t." STUDENT EMPLOYEES J oyce Hansen, le lt, o ll d J Im Be als are shown a t the ir This tilte at nigh t ofte n m ean s u ti l early tn the mont­ dutie s in tho bookstore . Both a r_ familiar face s to Ihe regular customers and to ing, a nd m an y t. imes all n igbt. Ihose who "just look." Jim'! summer!! an: always spen t in . 1a.!ik.'1 where he driv(,s tru r ks for const.ructi on compan ies a nd works in FROM WHERE I STAND the sawmi lls. When I ked him about Alaska, his only answer was, " W h ere tlse cau you make $3 .50 an h O\l T?" Joy ce a lso works in t he bookstor e on the c ve~ , hift a[t~ r she ret urns from student a ching a t- Stewart by D ick H alvorson unior Hi gh and Faw ce tt Grade School. She t,,1I.CheI ,C'vc nth grade a t Stewa rt and a foul':h a.nd fifth· The annual con cer t of he PLC Ba nd got off to a good 5tal't last Sunday bina t ion a t Fa wce tt. The bigg.,st tcachi ng probkm ri ght (" cnillg in th e C MS with Sousa' s "Fa i rest of the Fair," T he band showed 110W is tha t she is condu cting a unit o n W ash m gton .,nprising precis ion a nd clarity in the first two numbers. Special not ice apples in the fourth grad e while the fifth g rade is should be giv(: n to thf' <,xcellent crescendos and decresce!ldos in this fi rst learnin g about the Civil W a r . nunlber . .'\11 too oftf' n the ten de ncy in mar chc is to blas t th e whole time. " W o rk i::JlJ is a rdief after seein g al l th ose k id~," ,he The ba nd ca n Ima, t of a full w ood vind section a !ld thi s was ""ide n t, jokr d after I asked h er if workin g cu t. into h er d ay very c<pcc ia ll y in the p ft' d omina tinf!" woodwind p" ssa g~s when' th e full richn ess of mu ch. J oyce wo rks o n the ca sh rr:gis lCr from ,ix to " (' olnpk tc , ect ion '.'la' mo re th a n (:\"id"' llt . Ba ch 's "Vvac, h t Auf" sh owed off seve n eve ry ni gh t. In ad dition to the bookstoIT', she J' ' 3 th is .richn r ss of f,u " lity to proba b ly the best ad vanta ge in th e: wh ole p rogram. prc·.'ioU5 ly w o rked , a c;hcd, , r in the cafe teria a nd al!o Th ,' !',: W.1S (" ,",edlt-n t bJlanc c and beau t iful con tras t in ttu s nu mber. behind the co unte r in the c.o £fc~ shop . st year ~lm In th t: m orc iffi cult p iec es techni call y ~ uc h as R im sk y - K orsa.kov' ~ was ,J. cOtlnsdor in 'Vcs t H a ll. " Tsa r 's Brick" a nd Wol f-F errari 's "J ewd s of th e J.\{ad onna: ' th e woodw ind H er anr:lInen have been spen t i n variou ' waya. Th~ sc n ion cspcd a lty " " ' Ilwd to bog down in the ra pid, a nd l.xtrrmciy difficult. most interesting of th ese ha \'c bew thr t imrs spent M I ,~ \("! - . Thi, is all u.nd('r~ t a n da b lc dcfn t in a n o rganizatio n whe:rc the " lo ng d istante oprrdtor fo r the Ld r-phone com pany ia ',,~ ara of priva ti' tT;). in ing a nd s(: itoh n hi p a3, ista n cl::lr not abund:l.nL From Ta ~oma . B,.sidc:~ thiS sh ~ has br cn a \Vaitn ~s both thc m ore thlUl ca pable l[[rcc tio n of Go nion O. G il r\50n, It br, o m ('~ obvioUli in T cemp and at hom... in Fowler. that all r h i> nrgnnt7;ni nn n..eds to h' corue tops is more pe onne l an tbe In add it ion to working.. these stude nts, a nd muy llI "am to attra ct 11ll" m o rc expe ri cno-d and (ra inted rnem b.. rs . otlli:.N I i\; ,. the m kn ow w h at it IS to buy an eclur.a.t.ioD.. Sc h ool is a fu ll time job . a nd to a d d ano thrr full time On the whoi<- , j \\, 2 ~ a wr . t" njoyablt· t'vrn in g fo r both this reviewe r job Lo t b is rna cs e 'ery da , double. a nd the ;\lI d i" ncc, wh,) called P ro fessor G ilbn tson :llld tru; ba nd back for Som r of the other j ob. around the camp u~ m d u d three e n c.o rr~. C o n ~I. l t u.l.:lt i o n s on a j b well done, and I'm su re th at we assistants i n th e , a rio u. offkrs, d riving b u ~ se s, wo rldn can t'X j)('c t more fint' w ings from the b alon of Mr. G ilbe o n . on th e grounds, work in g in the dini n g r om a ne.: so O!l.. In addition to th ' band, la wt:'I'k~ d also fu rni shc.d om e enjoyable W ork in is an experience ha t cnri c h~ college l ife as "-lUsic a t th e S:1 [;'!l c o ron~ tion from the e kf Dwellers "..ho sa ng h its fr am Broad wa y m usica b. ~fa ss p anic swep t t hrough the aud ien ce wh en it was It h elp s the student gain va lu abk rxpcriences while ge t ing an ed u callo n. So h at's off to ou.r working nu­ rt'alized that Jim G ib,o n, the vice pre;; ide nt of the Alumni Associ a tion, Wa3 de nts ! !,o in g to do a sol'tshoe routine from South P a cifi c. T ,. - - - - -, sct to thr' musi c of "Hon,: y Bun" was real p rofes siolla l stuff. .'\t least "th ma­ jl'ri ty" of the a.udienc · e..'1 j oycd it immensely. By the wny , I wonder if I.;e' seeki ng re-ek e-tion?

Softshoe Routine at Saga Sho w

Racial Tolerance Prevails

A t Most Lutheran School

Don'tHide That Lucky abbif' Fool Ever wish on a fall ing star? Or b ulldoze bad luck w ith a kn ock on wood? Ever change c ourse when a bla ck cat crosses you r p a th? If },Oll d you're not the o nl y 0 11 1' . Thou gh no e ne admi.s it, practic., lIy everyone h as at le as t o nl" Plt sup" ti tion . The idea of a lu(:ky st ar dat es from the Nativity -- ·th t: Star of Bethle hem. A nd why a rc blac.k cats omi nous ? Beca use OUI' medi eva l a ncestors w ere positi,'c the devil and his witchcs-in-w a itin g p ro w d the t'arth in th e ga rb of b lack cats. Knocki ng on wood com es fl'om the Druids of ande nt En gland wh o believed t rr:es wcre inh abited by god s. W h en asking a fa\"o r, DrUId pri es ~s would tou ch the b a rk of a tft:~. If th e god w ere in a good mood, he wo\1ld return th e knock. Th e Dible is full of fr iday ca lam itit::> : th e fall of A n ~ nd Eve, th 1iood, the c n fusion a t Babel, the death of h ri8t . A nd w hen you ad d to fat eful F ri day the fcar fu l numbr r " 13," tht r~s ult is a comb ' na tio n rh 'l,t awes m a ny a supeClllltlous citizt' ll. No less ~ p e rsonag'" tha n W inst o n Chu rch­ ill refuses to rav.- on F riday the 13th. Almos t a ll of u s hav~ the h ab it of c ov~r in g our m ouths when we yaw n.. not a su p crstitu tion, w!" say, but j us t good .!J1a nners . And y t it ::I ll bega n when our foreb'>a rs wcn' a fra id th a t yawni ng w ou ld le t an evil sp irit ente r t.h " ir bod i ~ s . They w a c afraid of " los in g their b rea th. " F rom being th e m usty old relic that man y people think it is, superstition is as Ii ely, con­ teropor:Lry and quick-sp ro utin g , IS a garde n weed. l',cw ones a rc sprouting up " ll the time. An est imat d 20 million of u s tote lu cky charms of one sort or a no th er. Presiden t Eise nhow er carries a five -g uinea gold piece. ~"'rdy

H a rry Truma n can' t bt ~(' para t ed from 3. m iniature piano. So ins tead of buryin g that rabbit' s foot in your p ockel, tak e it out and show it to your friends. Th ey might turn out to be fe llow fe tishists! But be can-ful. A gust of ill-wind might blow y our lu cky chann unde r a ladde r or across a black cat', path . All the four-k af clovers in I r ela nd couldn't help you thcn.-Takcn from the Texas Southern University H erald .

" T o the crrd it of ow- L ut heran schools . .. peo Ie of other cul tu rrs a nd <"<>lo r3 have enjoyed norma l ae­ C:~·P Gt. nce o n Ih.. part of their fellow stud en ts and fac­ ul ty ." So says Dr. Alf M . Kraa bcl, ~c c r"'t a ry r inter­ cultural ou treach in the Nat ion::ll Lut ht:ran C ouncil's Dim ion oI A meri - n Mi ssions. He relr ascd res ults of a r ece nt survey, wh ich sh '" «I ;orne 4 00 to 500 ;tuden ts of 1.0 mi no rity cult u res '., 00 colo rs h aye studied in Lutheran colleges a nd scminari sin ce 1950. J ewis h stud (' n t~ led with 569 a cad emlc years, follow ed by N eg roes w ith 501, M r-xica.n.-Ameri­ cn ns 5 5, In d ia n-Amer icans 54, J ap 3ncse and Cl1inC!!f' each 48, o ther Orienta ls 12 2, Pue rto R ica.ns 3 7> and 9_ others. Sixty institu t ion.~ rcp h ed to the survey. Of the$c.• 56 reported nco I'lIci aJ or cultu ra l d i or im ination, one wi­ lege ad mitte d d iscrimination aga inst th _ N~g ro, and on e said such m a tters w e left up to its commitl~ oa adnl !Ssion s.

Seve n G ove rnors A re Luth er ns L u thera ns are now I!: rvlll g a~ go er n Or5 in o ne- v­ en th of th e nation's 49 s a tes, a ccording to a UlVeV ma d e recen tl y by the L u thera n Broh erhood Bond . T h f' arc a lso fou r Lutherans am on g the 98 m embe rs of the U S. SC'natl' . Current Luthe ran governors are : J. Lind say Almond, Vi rginia; J. Hugo Aro nson, Monta na ; Clinton A. Clau­ son, Maine ; John E . Davis, North Dakota ; Orville Free­ m aD, Minnc30ta; R a lph Hcrs/"th, South D a kota; ErnOJ-t F . Hollings, South Carolina. The two Dakotas. M ontana and Minneso ta have had many Lutheran governors, bo t seeing a Lutheran in the s tat~ h ou se is a rare-if not a fi rsr-in Virginia, Maine "nn SnOlth C a.rolin~.

Friday, May 1, 1959

hi clads o os Ce tra a dCPS

Lute Baseb II Team Vies With Falcons Tomorrow

C" nt ral 'r\'a shinglon C ollege and the C ollege of Sound come to Pacific L u theran's cinder t ra ck .ome>rrow to ta ke on the. L uthera n t rack fo rces in a ru. n,ul:lr mu t. The fid d even t ar schedu led to star t .r 1:3() p. m. and th e runn in g eve.n ts a t 2 :00. L ast week th e Lu le.$ w ere humbled by a pow n u l W"~l c rn Wa shing ton squ;ld at Bell ingh a m in a th n ..• way mee t. Wes tern racked u p 105 ;1:: poin ts while PLC -n a!la ~(' d 30y~ an d CPS collected 2 1. fhe V ikings ca ptu red every first place except when ' he L utes picked up half o f a fo ur-way t ic for first in 'he hi gh jump. Sam Ga nge and Dave Ba rker of PLC · jed wi th two m en fr om Western a t 5-7 . Gordon Trethewey and D ave Page of the Vikin gs (1lrned in rea l good tim es in the mile and half-mile re­ u ~~ t

Pa cific Luther2,n's long overdue baseba ll squad takes on Sea ttle P acific College again tomorrow in an effort to { ven ge th two defea th e F a lconJl h ,.nded th em last Saturda y on the PLC di amond. Tomorrow' , ba ttles will be fought in Seattle on the SPC field. Seattle Pa cific had a five run second inn ing in the first game and downed the hapless Lutes 8-3. In the sec ond contes t tht: Falc ons nipped a prospectivt: Lutheran rally in the bud and t ook the gam e 3-2. The opener saw PLC score their fi rst time up when Al Billomquist sin gled and G a ry Vesta l brought him in w ith a triple. In the wild st'cond innin li the Lutes' pitcher, Don K eppler, couldn' t find the phte a nd walked five Falcons a nd gave up two doubles before be­ i ng relieved by Bob Kuper, who put out the fire. The Gladiators scored first in the nightcap. G a ry Smith opened tht: aec:­ and inning w ith a single and later scored.

~ti\"el y.

Summa.ry Milt I, Treth ewey (W ); 2, Fros tad (W ); 3, Milland ' W ) ; -t. Ellis (CPS) . 4:24 .2, 440--1, Phillips (W); 2, Pyle (CPS) ; 3, Gaasholt TlLC ) ; 4, Dahl (PLC ) . :51.4. 100-1, Joy .e (W); 2, Dot y (CPS) ; 3, Deibel (W ) ; • L adcncs ( W ) . : 10.3. 120 High Hurd les--l, D a\' is (W); 2, M artin ( W ); " J ac obson ( P LC ); 4, H edri ck (CPS ). :15.8. 880- 1, Page ( W ); 2, Trethcway (W) ; 3, Halver­ ( PLC ) ; 4, Bat es ( PLC ) . 1:5 7.6. 220--1, Joyce ( W ); 2, Doty (C PS ) ; 3, Pyle (CPS ) ; ~ , D oeble r ( PLC). :22.5. T \ p -mile-I, Jones (W) ; 2, M illand (W ) ; 3, E llis 'C PS ); 4, J enkins ( PLC) . n o Low Hurdles- I, D avis (W) ; 2 H edrick (CPS ) ; ~ , H a rri so n (C PS) ; +, Jacobson (PLC ) . :25.0 .

Two eam ed runs in the third inning by the Seattleites off PLC chucker Ron C oltom and one more in the fifth gave them thei r margin of v ictory. With two out in the bottom of the ninth PLC's K t:ppler singled. Two more consecutive sing les by Coltom and Glen C ampbell loaded the baaet. Chuck H obbs drew a base on balls to score K e ppler, but the rally ended wh en Frank Wa terworth went down swing ing . Following :m: the. swrunaries:

First Game


otpllt- I, Boed c ( W) ; 2, Ba rk­

"r (PL e ) ; 3, S .. ar c y (PLC ); 4, f ranc in (CPS) . 45 fee t, 7 inch e5. Di~cus- l .

B a rr i n g er (W ); 2, .>Car~.' ( PLC ) ; 'J, D unba r (C PS ) ; 1, Shdt<)O ( W ) . 140 f,.",t , I y:, i n c.h c~ . J aveli n- I, Pearson (W) , 2, M 3r­ ( W ) ; 3, anc;e ( PL C) ; 4 , G raw ; V). 20 7 fee t, 2 inches.


PoIr '3ou1t- l Thompson ( W ) j '. H Il nw30Y (W ) ; 3, Reer (PLC ) ; I, Da\i.. (W ). 12 fee t Hillh J um p­ fou r-wa.y tic, Mar­ 'n (Wl 'ills ( W 1, G a.n ge ( PL C ), nllrkcr ( PI_ C ). 5 f('c t, 7 14 m chc5. Broa d Ju m p- I, M a tin (W ) ; 2, I Qrg~n (W); 3, treeV; r ( P LC) ; 4, Hall ( W) . 20 fec t, 10 %. inch s. Rday- 1, Wes " r n (M a r tin , W:u r, F rosta d , Page ) j 2, PLC ; 3, C PS.

'29. 2.

Patro nize Our Adve rtisers





fo r (ollegl stud.I"




La rs J oh nson holds d ow n the top hat tin ~ ~ Vt:rage on the L ~ ltc ~ quad "ftr r r igh t ga mf' ~ th is season. Joh n ·· son ~ a w a ction in only seven gam es

b ll t is !wmg in;(' a t a .467 di p with

sew n hit s in 1.5 times a t ha t.

T he on ly ot er bdia or hi tti n o T t ht: 400 mark IS !horts top GI n Campbell . C ampbch is h ittm g a re­ sp ectable 411 wi th seve n h it s in 18 tr ip~.

Kuper --_.- .............. 5


C oltm l1 ..................5






Ki rk -_ . -------- --- . ... ...-f

[0 5 27

Fn' dnc kso ll

K it td sby

-- ---- _.- _. .

K," ppier ... ..............1 W a tt'rworth .... ..... .8 C orn ish . -_ .. _-- - ..... ....'1.


H ere is th way the sta ti stics 100 :

G AB H Avg. Pitehillg G .Batting 1 .500

2 Hobbs . .. ...............3 Kuper ........5 7 .4 7

Johnson .. ... ..... ...... 7 15 Coltom ......5 7 .'l·ll

C a mpbell ..............8 18 C urt is ..._.... 1 Bloomquist ......... ...8 28 11 .393 Hobbs _____ ___2 7 .3 50 Poulsen ...... 1 Peterson ........._.... .8 20 4 .393 K eppler .... 1 VI'.5ta l .. .. ................3 II


Second G ame Seattle Pa cific College........ .... .. ............................. .... ..... ..002 0 I0 0-Pacific Lutheran Col\ege ........ .. .... .... ...................__.......... OIO 000 1--8





Blowers, Knaplin (7) and Mogg; Coltom a nd Johnson. ..OOF I N G E L E CT R IC






.2 50

12 15t and Pacific Avenue


.2 00

.2 15




.14 8




.2 50




.33 3

2 6



e ud al IJ ona he .. .._........ ....'1 __ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ a . __



Weed on a nd M ogg ; K eppler, Kuper (2) and Johnson. L oser , K eppkr.

Jo nso Leads P ificLu hera H" ters

.a hy ,467 Battin Aerage

O\'c r th e C ollege of P ll gct Sound last

T bu rsd av o n the C ollegt: Cou rsf' . Buck M ca r hum an ' M a r low 3ha rcd mcd aJis h onors with two over par 72·s. This w in ga e the tea m il , eas n r ~ cord of t wo w ms and no losses J ga inst .olLeg... oppos ition.

R esults :

Pugct Sound M raeh um .... 2 Pa\llu ~ ........ .. 0 M cDonald ....0 Stei chen ........0 F erguson ..... . 1;1:: Fo rgey .......... 0

I Pacific Lutheran I HlU ................ 1

M arl ow ........3

Westb y .. ........3 I Mu nson ........ 3 I Mitch ell ........ I Y~

I H aala nd ........ 3



Total............3Y2 I T otal.......... H Y2




'I"cL ILU,UITOUGII ""1'10(1"'3 • . ~ ", .. ,- !;!I "''' II 'T . ..

tomorrow w hen the Lutes taka on Seqttle Pacific Colle ge in SeaU! . Last weekend the Fa lcons swe p t a do ub le bill fro m the Gladiators by scores of 8-3 and 3-2 . Campbell is t he s.c· ond leading hitter of the squa d with a .411 averag in eight games.

- II



GLEN CAMPBELL, PLC shortstop, will see a lot of action

Erv M a rl ow led Pac.ific. Luthera n' s golf team to a 14Y2·3Y" triumph

prov/ci. Cit ekin g Qad Savlags Acc.alr, and all ot her I ·SIIEIT link se rvic es


Seattle P acific Collt'gc............................. .........................050 01 2 0-6 Pacifi Lutheran C ollcge........... .." ........ _.... .................. ...... 10l 000 0-5



.. _. -.-'"

Phone LE. 7-3171





.1 00


22 10 4.09 1






9 .00 0

.50 0 1


2 9.00 0 (j

2 5 22 .50 0

2 4

4 1

PlC Golfers Whip Puget Sou nd; Netmen Drop Match to Vikings


, I

Page Three


"'''C 1!: C; C'''' O . , . ' L'';! o<:


!lS2 Pacific Ave.

SR. 2.... 29

Tecoma, Washington

Gladi ator nctmcn lost their fourth match in fiv e; starts last Sa turday to W estern Was h ington College by a corc of I to 5.

Th e lon e w inner for Pacific Lu­ th n 'an was Bill Willia ms who w on a two hour m a rath on Inatch ov er Ron Th omp son of the V ikin g,; by !CO l" of 6-4, 3-6, :md 12-10.

R esu lt; :

S ingles

Tom Erickson ( W WC ) defea ted L a rry Peter son ( PLC ) , 6-1, 6-0.

C hu ck Bertr a nd ( WWC ) defea ted

Jim D ola n ( PLC ), 6-0,6-0.

Bill Will ia ms ( PLC ) defeated R on T hompson ( WWC ) , 6-4, 3-6, 12-10.

Arnold Th ompson ( WWC ) de­ feat ed ROil Barbour ( PLC ) , 8-6,

3-6, 6-3.

LeR oy J ohnson ( W WC) defeated D a ryl Dittman ( PLC), 6.1,4-6,7-5. D oubles Erickson and Bertrand ( WWC) ddeated Pet(,rson and Dolan ( PLC), 6-3, 6-1



~- -


MadisonAven e~ ..

Yes, up and down ad alley you'll find the smartest account execs call for Coke during important meetings. The co d crisp taste, the real refreshment o-f Coca-Cola are just what the client ordered. So up periscope and take e. look into t he situai ion. Ad men of t he future!- start lIIOur training now-climb into a gray fta.nnel IUit and relax with Coke!


IUl:ALLY REFRESHED •.• HA~~ A COKE. Bottlod undor allihority of The C1ICQ-Cola. COI'IIpGIIY by


~ :~ -?

Friday, May I, 1959


Page Four

Clubs Elect Le dersfor Ne Year; APO Prepares or PLe 8100 Donors

by Vicki Rue Curtain Call held ekction of offi­ cers last week for th e comin g year. .E lectt' d to office w ere Fred Bindel!. presid e nt; Solveig Lcraas, vice presi­ dnt; Lenea Schmidt, secretary; o.r­ olyn K e c k, tn:asurcr; and Janice Dahl, lCC representa tive. An instal­ lation ba nquet w ill be held in the Chris Knutzen Fellowship Hall at 5:30 p.m. May 13.


. .

1\1'0 is planning a booth fo r the (Jut ExpositIO n at CPS. The th eme w ill be "Sen \.:c from Colle L Age ,-Jell." A pa per drive. and a b lood drive will be held in the near future . Anyon... in t.-res te-d in bein g a big b rother to an inmming frc 'hman boy Ilt'xt year should contact J im H arlor in Clover Cr rk Hall.

" ...

Delta R ho Gammn, he off-campus women students, art p lanning an outin g n"x t w eekend. Friday n i,g ht w ili ~ $pc-nt at Ocean Park, and on Saturda y the .g roup wi ll trav("\ to Sl'asi cir, O re"o n. M rs. Peg M iles and M is ~ Ruth Moe, c ub ec.'hldviso N, will acc ompany the girls.

Fulbright, lACe A wa rds Av ilable Abou t ni ne~ hundrt:d F ulb ri ght ,·hoiarship. for gradu It: stud or pre-doctoral r('st"nre.h in 27 diff" rent coun tri (~ \v ill be ::I.\"ailable fo r the 1960-6 1 ac:ad cmic y e::lf. In 3 d d i t ion to the Fulb ri)rht . wards, scholar 'h ills for study in L atin Ameri ca u II d , r tht· Intcr­ •\m(, ric an Cultu ral Con" ention a rc :tlso off.. re d for 1960-6l. The F ulbriqht scholarships cover tn.v, l, t u ition, books a nd ma inte­ nan ce for on e ac ademic year. Nearly 50 count r ies partic ipate in the pro­ ··Tanl. C""eral t·\igibility requirements ior awa rd s arc : 1) t.:. S. citi n 'nsh ip at time of a p plica t ion, 2) J bach­ elor'!'; dcg r("(' or it~ cq ui\ a knt, 3) knowkd g-l" of th.. Iangu agr- of the host country .uHie;en to carry out the proposed study project a nd to communicate with thc people of the ('Qlmtry, and 4) good health. A good :leadl'm,c record and demonstrate capacity for indepe ndent study are also necessary. Applicants will b e- required to sub­ mit a p lan of proposed st udy that a n b,; carri d out pro ft tably within thr year ab . oad. Those who plan to take depe ndents rna) be a sked to mbmit a statement of thei r financial .1bi!ity to provide for thei r rou nd­ tl ip transport::ltion and m a int enann·. Those interested w ho a re now en ­ roll ed stud ents "t a co !lege or uni­ vcr ity sh ould consul t their campus Fulbri ght advi,ers o r write to the lnftmnation a nd Counseling Divi­ si on. Institute of InternatIOna l E d u­ ,'atio n, 1 Ea \ t 67th tre~t, N ew York 21 , J e w York.

MENC elected three office rs for next year. Ron Hylland is the new presid f' nt; Al Stang, vi ce president ; cwd R alph Carsb,dden, ICC repre­ st'ntati\" . The rest of the officers will be e-le ctcd in the fall. Their nex t m e" ting w ill be for prospec.tive mem­ bers _ ...



• " * L a;\ t w u·k SE A held its d ection of officers for the next term. Jan et Aust is th e new pres ident; Marion K,' !ly, vi,,- president; Loi s Ander­ son, cordin g secreta ry; Carol Pfan­ neku chc n, treawrcr; }.iyrna Hall, Col respo nd ing- secretary; G ary Pet­ ~rson , ICC n ·p rt:scntative.

Freshm an Officers Chosen for 1959-60 Ele ctions w"rc h('ld last we ek to detr-mline th e 'IOp homorc clas offi­ en s for nt'xt yea r. Jerry Dod gen will hea d the group a, plt·sidl'llt. O rcup ying the other positi ons will b" I Blomq ui, t, vic ,' p n'~ i d e nt; J a n G l!lick_on, :;ec. r "ta ry: R a y Ho, lrca , urer; Tudi Rogness, , tud ent c[)un cil representative ; and Sandy l\rn css, ICC representa ive. )utgoin g- offiurs a n, Bob Zim­ ll lt' rm:1 n, J"rr ), Do d.c;en, Dan Er­ la nder, Ray Ho, Jani Rice and Neil Th ompson.

R cr.c nt amendments to the Se kc­ ti, 'c S"!' ic r: R, ·gulations provide. ior F'r~ ater recogn it ion by local b03.rds uf servic e in th e Reserve and Na­ tional g uard, sai d Capta in Chester J. C h a'itc k, USN, State Director of Se­ lective Servi ce for W ingtoll. U nde r thl' amt"ndcrl regulations, men who a cqu ire deferments or ex­ "mptiollS nn initi a l entry into the Nati ona l Gu a rd or R eserv" ket"p th ose dderrncnt s or cXf" mptions on tr:1nsfr r to ,tnClth (" r compom'nt so 101l1! as they rontinue to serve satis­ fac torily. Some init ia l enlistm ents in th e Re­ ,rrvc pr ovide tha t men ca n discha rge their m ilitary obligati on by l~ i g ht y,·a,., of satisfa ctory snvice includ­ in g not h- ss than thr . month s of a ct;, " dut), for tra inin !';. Tlw amend ­ (~d n gu l. , tiom a lso provided for thl:: retention of t hi s opportunity On traIl. fel". Th e a ml'ndrnenb to thl' reg-ula­ tion.' 3150 z,ulhorize th e dde rme n t f Clla rdsm t' n or Reservists for sati sf:- ,'­ tory p ar ticip a tion i.n the St3.ndbv o r R et ired R,' sp. rve. P reviously, only s ati ~ f. l c t o ry p a rti " ipation in th e Read' R ,.sl'fw · was baSI' for defer­ 1Tw nt frorn jnduc.tion. An ot hct a m,:ndm,' nt providu that. a m a n who ("casrs to be a 'm embr'f of any R r r (. c ompo nent aft cr six y,.-a rs of ,ati,fac tory R ea d y Rcs etTc ~tTvi c t' sh: d J be consider d as h avill " com p lct ptJ sr ,ie f' .

ccepted at Med School


Foul' PLC students ere accellto::t! at the nivenit y of W a shi ngt School of ~I e.di c i nc for entrance this fall , Dr. Richa rd j. Blar,da u, assislllJ d e3.n, :lIln,)Unce:d . These studwts

"n, Seth

Andenoll, John F r itz, Ed Rockwood and

L E.7'()206

(Foot of Garfiold)

W. De l'ivet'

u~liv e rs iti e s.



MONDAY THRU S ATURDAY 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m, SHO RT ORDE RS 528 Gar f ield St.

DINNERS LE. 7-9937




FOR RENT Special Stud ent Rate. U N DER W OOD CO RP. 161 0 C enter St. MA. 7-4801



Beauty Salon

Bla nche Li ngbloom 413 GARF IELD ST. LEo7-7~75

LA RINAT'S ap area

We Outfit Coeds

406 Garfield

LE. 7-531 7


P. O . Box 2275, Pa rkland, Washi ngton

Phone l Enox 1-0826


C ustom ma de to your order PLC


Glenn CamplHll




Th Rev. Charles B., Ph.D., ' ,Miel."t 2770 Marin Avenue, lle'rkeley 8 , California To PLC fac ulty and stvd.n.., greeting'!

Colle ge wome n p!anning coreers os directors of Christi an edu cation may now

apply for a dmission to cou..e leading 10 the Master's desree in Christian

Educa tion.




.....ife 'n541rance is for Y qat iust fo r you,h, but b sf for '

.,t"­ u


An Old LiJ1e Company




Seventy-five student ~ wen, selected froDI +14 appli cat iON, but this d uo ='ot m ea n that only on e-sixth of those w ishing to en tt;T e m ediC pr"fe­ ... ioa are a ccepted . "Actually, the chanc l's for you ng ~ op lc who wi sh tG entl r m eil i<lDe h:;"" im proved in l ec!!n years," Dr. Blandau s:, id . "Each pc!"Son applies l. ~ <: V('ral medic3.1 schools. On a nation"l b, sis, m ore tha n half of th ose It :tpply arc accepted," h ,- ad ded. The entain g clas> will be composed of st uden ts from lU colleg('s .tnd

Flowers for A H Occasion s 12176 P ac i f l o Ave.





I ~AVE A G ~,WiN Cr ]rCH·IN£s.$ DEEP WiT~iN ME ,... SOMnHi G­ f'JE



Kappa Rho K a ppa has sent 14 books to a mi ss ion fi Id in Sudar. We·.t Af ric a to be u sed in its scm­ in 'lri (' ~ and sc h nols. T his is the fir$t such m a iling in wha t is hoped t o be a pe rman ,. nt, ycarsrQund pro ject.

Draft Law Amendment Changes Deferments


" moortn v.....


PGriolGnll, Wash.


mast Friday, May 8, 1959

Number 23

Students Rehearsing GRAB A GUY

Historic Kic Existenc


On M a y 21 and 2:! m embers of It's tolo time. th e d irecting cla ss will give the plays whi ch tlt.:y have been dire cting a nd Beth Erkkila shows how It's producing . donll , w ith puana The Thursday ni ght plays will be MUle r as he r un­ prese n te d in the ro und . "Workhouse sUlpoctlng victi m. Ward," direc ted by Bob E. Olson, This is a Mml­ annual opportu n­ h :1.s a s its cast Sandy Ols on, N eil ity for capturing Coop e r and Art Finley . tho t special fel­ "Uncle Bob's Bride," with Dan low, since AWS Triolo as director, stars Marie Pet­ bolds a 1010 In the fall an d the e rs, Mickey Ande rson, Sylvia Soder­ w o me n 's d orm5 gaa r d, Di a ne Repp, J r an Danielson, sponsor them In Lin da Effe nge r and Bob Fleming. ,the spring. North The third pla y to be presented Hall takes a Thursda y ni ght will e Cal Capen­ cruise to Vashon Island to morrow, er's production of "Suppressed De­ and Ivy Hall I. sire," starring D an Triolo, Louise planning a trip to K r aabd a nd Ginn i Karlstad. Westport Bea ch. "A Sunny M o rn in g," directed by Sa ndy 01>0n , with Wayne M a rtin, M ick(· y Ander.on, Bob O lson and Meg Evanson a s th e cas t, w ill be one oi b ur plays t:lla cted on F r iday

ost Beg n Te ephone ole n9

by Bob Ol~ f: very un t" a t PLC seems to be cx­ " t~d by pos ts, such as goal posts, IJa rking-sig n posts, posts III the side­ w:J lks, post -season bas -e tball. All but t he fir st of thest arc r a ther recent develop me nts, bu t there is on!: p ost which is a s old as th e college it self: the be loved "kicki n g p ost." N obody knows whcn or by whom th~ ki cki ng ~) o. t. w a s e r ected. Dr. • avie r, t to college fa mily'll senior 1l1l:mber, found it h ere when he came to t ea ch in 1902. At that time it was ,', telephone pole and was located at the west e nd of the collt' ge property, at a time when, of cou n e, all ot h e r activity w as carried on at the east end- in O l d Main, to be exact. There we re good reasons for this lo­ cation . Athletes of those days were suppose d to run out and kick the post eac h day before breakfast ­ he nc!! the n ame. Also, it was a good !ipot to visit w hen two people w ant­ ed to be alone, to sit on the ste-ps of the style that crossed the fence next to t bc post a nd-well, one tradition ~ays tha t the boy was to walk around th t; post three times, k iss it, a nd kick th e gi rl. H o w often this wa s followed to the lette r is open to question. rh<: p ost was morc of a n institu­ tlOI' than un object, fOT, like: most por table landmarks, it was subject to theft. A wccessioll of post s, sm a ller tha n th r iginal, stood next to the tyl and w ell! covered w ith carved ·nitials. W h ;:-n the la nd b eyond the le n t: ceased to belong to t he collegt:', the p os t w as moved a le w yards cast s m o ng a group of tree-connect d ben ch e. ( remains of which art' still • isible be yond West Hall) w hich had on ce belon ged to the Pacific Dis­ tri ct's Bible Camp (ELC) . It wa.~ here that your author fi rst ,aw 1t, thou .'l·h n ot from a business stand­ point- th l' uprig ht 4 x4's alternate­ ly black a nd gold , connected in a . lep arrangement and cover ed with initia'" It held its place on t h e fro n­ tier as tht' college began t o push westward. The coming of North and So uth H a lls, however, broug ht civilization too near the post, so in the fall of 1954 it was Il!loeated on the lower campu.t, beyond the trees just so~th of the swimming pool. The lat est in

For Plays May 21. 22

th e li n .. of histori c posts w as los t the lumbe r which ac com­ panies constructio n; thu ~ th p rese n t memo ' r of th..- fa m ily is a sh ort con­ c rete p il · r, l:!S ti n g b ut in capable of \ 'in ~{ ini tia led . Th i~ m ay d e tra ct lrom its hi 5to ric va lu e, hu t it is p os­ sibly lcf. S emba r rassin g for the fcl­ low ~ who foll ow th e a dvi ce of (l u r F a m ily ife sp":lkers a nd "plav th e fi eld ," T h e sett in g is ve ry nice: t wo people ca n sit on t h ~ bench b y the post an d listen to the ba bblin g of the creek and the chirp of til! c ri ck­ (t9 and the wheeze of thc \Vurlitze r organ's bellows, and talk, a nd-t alk. 2~ n~

Landmarks fade away: Lutcfisk Lake has been fill ed in; the "Build for Character" sign from the front gate has vanished with its thieves; the blackberry jungle on the hill h as been cut down (for the present, a t least). But the kicking post plays such a vital role in college life that it will never pass into oblivion .

I ~i "h t.

\ a lt Sch weiger, Lyl e P eal,on, Bob Ulson, and Sa n u} Olson make up the <"ilst of " Th" Diaboli Cir­ dc,' ",h ie-h is d irec ted b y Mickey A nd .rson . D o n D ou glas' s produe­ tiOl!, " A Li ~ht from Saint A gncs," St.'lTS J ohn Tietz, Rollic Wolf and M a vis EVI.:rclt. Lyle P ea~so n is d;rect ing "The Fu m(' d O a k .' Th e cast consi sts of Z a nl' W il'on, D elores N ims, Gi n i rye I'. ~nd Sondra Bc n~on. T h ese plays wi ll be p rCSCIl t\:d i n . 15 cen ts sta g­ a nd 25 cen ts d rag.

C B- 20Cl, C os t wiB

STUDENTS, PLEASE NOTE Beginning May 18, all return­ ing sophomores, juniors and sen­ iors are invited by the Registrar's office to ma ke oppointments with their advisers to plan their fall prowa m•

Play Debut: Last Night; Curtain at: 8:3 To nigh~ Mix a Yon k.-rs merchant in se<lrch of a w ife, two cle rks in search of a.d­ v~ntur a nd two wome n trying to ma rry the m e rchant, and the result is "The M atchmake r," by Thornton Wilde r. All these p eoph- are d issati sfied with the lac!, of adve n ture in their

School Opens Jun 15


Sum me T school r 'gist rntion is cpcn now in the R egistra r' s office in Old M a in. Classes will begin fo r the first term on Monday, June 15 and the second t erm will open on July

16. Vi siting faculty m embers will con­ duct ciass,"s and speci a l workshops for education students, Thcs( faculty m eIllb"rs will include spe cial ists 1n their field from the arc a about Ta­ coma, Seattle and one from Illinois. Two week workshop s will be a R eading C e nter W o r kshop, a cli ni­ cal study of n'ading probkms and su gge ste d co rrective: m ea sures ; and Directed T 0a cj li n g in R eading ':en­ tLrs, the teachin g fI[ rt'm cdial classes III public sch ools. R e~ i.'!t ra tion must bt, made for t h e R eadin:; W orksh op before J u n (' I, p referably bdori." May 15. Oth o:r w orksh ops incl ud e a L ab ­ Ol a tory W orksh op, dcaE ng d irectly with children to overcome specifi c. IJl'obl(,rl1s in a c.l assroom situa tion ; C lassroom Art T ech ni 4U('s, PTA Lead(' rsh ip Con[pr,. nce; P a ul Chris­ tiansen C horal Sc hool ; T cac hin g So­ ('i;j Studies V.'orkshop ; J unio!' Hig h School Bloc k-of-Time, S um rnt' school stud it's a rc for thos" d eSir ing spl' cial or g ra dua te >t ud ies i .. libaa l a.r t. ; reachers wh o a re workin g for ce rtifica tion a nd a dmin istrative c redenti a ls, u n de r­ g r aduates includin g e ntering fresh­ me n, and school admin istra tors see k­ ing pra ctical courses. South H all will be open as th e women's dormitory and Eve rgreen Court will be used for the m en stu­ dents. Tuition for summer school is $1 5 per credit hour. Boa rd a nd room is about $67.

Lifeguards Give Volunteer Service Fulfilling an extremely important need at PLC are the: lifeguards at the swimming pool. Thesc stud ents, who have volun­ t('['red theil' services, a re certified lifeg uard s. All of them hold e ithe r R ed C ross, YWCA o r YMC A l ife­ saving certificates.

r,pringboa rd to be in stalled at the pool; th e first three were wood. For safe ty purposes, state regula­ tions require th;:,t wome n wear bath­ ing tap at ::lll time! while $Wimming in t h" pool. a nd also that no tee-

shirts or other exct:ss of clothing be worn while swimming. No se rious mi sh a ps have occurred at PLC ' s pool. But should any trou­ hle ari se, the li feguards are ready to meet it.

Any play is n ot w ithout unf'x.. pecte d ci r cu mstances . On,; of these i n ·'Th... M a tch ma hc r" is t c sub­ Hitlltion of D ennis Knut zl'n for N eiJ

C oope r a s Ambros K em p e r . A n­

cthu reSlllted with Walt cbweige r's learning to p la y the acco rdion for h is pa rt a s the gyp sy m u sician . "The :Matchma ker" a~ received in man y ('it ies and ,' nj oycd a long ru n ;'IS a hit on B r oad w ay. D ire ction ' 5 by J ane' Sm it h a nd scene r y dcsign is by Eric N ordholm. ~n thu s i a' t.ic a lly

L ast n i /!: h t till' a.ll-3chool p lay ope ned in t he CMS w itl, the fi t of its th rer: prcs~ llt a t i() n s, C urtain ti m' for toni g ht a. nd tom orr ow evening is 8: 30. Adm ission cost is 50 cents fell' studtn ts and 75 cents for adult~

WS Annou ces

Awards Thurs a, M a ny wome n of PLC will tapped for S purs., pin ned for T aJlsd s, a w a rded a sc hol a r nhip or g iven SOIllt othe r hon or a t the A WS Awa rds Pro· gra m nt' x t Thursda y a t 7:3 0 p.m. in til( Chr is Knu tze n Fellow&h ip H a ll. All womv n stud ents, facu lty rnem­ bt' r. a nd fac ulty wives a r c urged to aU(' nd , ac o rdin g to Esta Swa nson , g('ncra l c ha i rm:m a nd m istre.$ of CC r f' J11 0 n ICS.

Th is trad it ional affai r h as been eh., ngt· from a n a i tcmoon award. tea to a n cv~ni n g p rogra m bcca us of t he increasin g number of women st udf~ n t~ .

Busy m a kin g prepara tions for the ('Yent a rc J a n Ehrc nstl'om and Barb J a cobson , decora tions; M a r I c n 0 E"ans, staging ; Susan Leedy, clean­ u p; L ea Turne r a nd Adams, prog ra ms; R oxy H a nsen, e n tcrtain­ m e nt ; M a ri on K clly, invita tions; and T eddi Gulh a uge n, hostesses. In addition to th e presentation of a wards the prog ram consists of a welcome by Mi ss Wic kstrom, a read­ ing by Mary Rogers and tw o musical numbers.

Organist, Pia nist To Perform Sunda y Sylvia Fylling and Sheila Kllll t­ ;t:"n will p erform in a III sic rccltal e n Sunday at 4: 00 p. n . in the eMS .

Sylvia is a sen io r soc iolog y major, w ith a minor i mmi e.

N eil T homp son a nd D a n E r land­ cr, appointed by thc Studen t Coun ­ cil, a re in ch a r gt! of all swirnm irlg acti\'itil's t PLC. Life-saving cou rses have. bCL:n of­ fercd to inte r ested stud ents both las t se m ester and this sem ster, with J e rry Mitchell as instruCtor. The course leads to a R ed Cross life-sa v­ ing cc rtificat<:. Students interested in this seme st~r's cours", which is in its second week, should contact Jerry The pool sports a new aluminum" sp ringboard. T hi. is the f 0 u r t h

An unexpected condus ion evolves fro m the situation s created, p oi nting up to the moral of the pbY-'every­ on!" shollld h ave som e advr n t u rc: a nd q uiet home li fe. but not t oo much of ..-ither.

S ylvia , ;'I.n or gan ist, wi ll play "In­ t rodu cti on a nd Tocca ta in G Ma­ j o r." ' by W alon d ; "So nllta I (Tri o )," by Bach; "Fa ntasia: Ada gio," by W . A. M oza rt; "Prelu de hn 'Hyfryd ol'," by Wil1 a n; " Ch o mlC" Prelude on a M elody by O r lando Gibbons" a nd "Prel ud e on ' Old Hund red th',' by Willa n .

Student life guards for this year ' are Sor.dr a Be n son, Nor t h H a ll ; M a rta Hau ge a nd R ita Al t pet er , South; Nancy Joh nson, W est; J oa.n Ruud, Ivy; M a rv Jacobson and Bob Zi m mer man, Old M a in; a nd J erry Mit chell, off-ca mpus.

~itch c ll.

lives and set Ollt to find it in New York.

Shei la will e ntertain with piano num bers, "Come, G od, C reator," by J S. Ba ch-Busoni;. "I n tcrqte z zo. Opus 117 C S hal' p M inor;' by' Rrahms, and " Sona ta in D Major , Opus 5," by Schubert. A music major, Sheila isa junior thi, year.

LIFEGUARDS Nancy Johnson and Morv Jacobson demonstrate their life-saving techniques. They are among the eight st"dents who volunt. e r their ..rvlus at the poel.

Betty Museu s, a senior Jhuaic ~tu­ d ent, will give the final recital of this school yea r . H e r perfonn' ce as a pianist will be Friooay, Nay 29, in the eMS.

Pog. Two


Friday, May 8, 1959

---------------------------------------------PACIFIC LUTH ERAN COLLEGE

GI Has Double Role As

PLC Student and Soldier

moorIng mast "

(Editor's Note: M/Sgt. Whistler is stationed a. Fort Lewis and also attends classes at PLC. Here he presents some insights into his combined rol of being a servi ceman, a student and a fam:ly man.)

Ed itor.. ...................................................... Anita Hillesland

News Editor... ............................................. Deann a. Hanson

Sports E ditor........... ....................................... John Hanson

Feature EditoL............ ..... .............. _ . ..........Carol Morris

Business Manager................................ Mary Lou y .., ltt!n

Photographer........... __............................ MeKewcn Stud io

Advi ser....................................... ......... Mr. Milton Nesvig

by Bob Whistler B('in on a ctive duty as a GI every morning and a ttending PLC every afternoon requ ires strict bu dget­ in g of timC', with so much s t asid e for m ili tary duti~ plu s a ce rta in amount for c.!ass attendance a.nd of wu rsc wha t i · h oped to be sufficient time for assign ­ ment' g iven p eriodi cally by the p rofessors. c

As~is t ant

Adviscr ........... _ ............ ........... Dicl· Lond gren Published Fridays of t he sch ool year by t he stu ent·; of P acific Lu theran College, P arkland, Wash.

Office: College Union Building Phone LEnox 7-86 11, Extension 4 1 Subscrip tion

p ri c~

$3.00 p er year.

Line-eras ers Unpopular D o you wa nt to b" unpopular? Become a line­ crash er ; th at is the surest and fas tC'st w ay! Since th e fi rst of the school YC'a r the line·crashing situation h as become quite serious . Some diners hayc n' pol ted that as many as 50 to 75 students crowded ill front of a li m: within a space ot five or ten minutes. M ost students a re willing to let pass a couplc who h ave impurt ant meetings to hurry to, but eve.ryone is hungry a nd the digestion is not a idcd whe n so many p copk abuse the gcne lOsity of th eir fellow stud ents. Inst"ad of hav ing ,ix peoplt- in the r ne ahead sud­ denly the re arc 30 or 40, and frequently m ore . The t h ird line ct:ms to h