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Drill Team Audi ions Tryout:s •

Eleven New


Faculty Frosh

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Next Tuesday

Iven on October I



F ift v lucky girls will soon be stepping smartly to the music of the L ute band aft~ r drill tcam tr}'outs on Tuesday, October I, Uctober first, next Tu~sday, rom ~ix to seven o'clock in South Hall lower lounge. mark the date of the tryouts for th e An invitation has been given to all PLC gals to tryout for first play of the ),("al" on the PLC cam­ :he d ri ll tcam. Those girls chosen from the audition will be an- pus. 'Ibe pla y, a coIlledy, is to bc pn . n un(c in next week's Moring Mast. ~t' nted "oumber 6, 7, and 9 as part l ndtr


5kat ear P ty I Tn et .. ' HeIdo I e

dirt'clion of Marilyn.

uf thl: Homecoming ac tivities. As soon as the play is selected, the title will be pla c ~d on the bulletm board in the C M S and copi~s of the play will be placed on r~serve m the library for the use of thmc interrsted • • m scanmng t h t: parts.

Tht: parts are ope n to any m!:mber f the studtent body and tryouts WI'11 (> be hdd next 1 u(' sday In the RadiO . StudlU. . At the san.l!: tmlt' as t hl" tryouts. '> thert' wilJ b.. a meeting of the stu­ d e nts interested in sta. in!!" makeup,

and Cli nt en.. Wells, the d:iI1 It· I i~ ch~ kd to pcrfonn at Lm­ ( In Huwl d uri ng the Homecoming fllff





I'.lrnt \w... mber 9. Plans arc; I bt·· ing ~tlld fo r the g roup t~ dIsplay Its pr t'I\lon iUon :mt; nts dUring . h 0 Tn ~ I n, .vi the IJ kt tball season. . . :I 1 , (,r Ight · the local chapter of AP ()

.. !. arc... r ports th a t thIS I IS ,l IS . spumonI . g an a II ·school rol Ier sat· k . f , LrI lvn ' , D np.....rtu m t)· fur gIrl> to ha, e it ot . W ...­ . ' • tilt party at the Tacoma Roller Bowl. I j n while npannc-'" and l'thearsIng .. . . ~ AdmlSSlOIl Will be 50 cents plus a fee . uiow r ou ti ne' to wear a tnm a n d , f f LS cen ts or rollar ska te r e nta l!> for ,It, I' tl\ ~ u m funll, and to gam a r!:al thuS(;: who du not own thei r own r" p rid e in parti cipating and sJ.: s bootllru I C'l-B 1i,C'htin l!, cos turni o)f, or a ny of thc , hi' .tIi . . pil'1 t of our sehovl ;, r,d I T h grou p WI'11 assem bl e at tilL 11 ,1 .. t. tr ams. . . i • r.d will leave at 9 :00 sharp. Students techn iea l staff lIe1:C'ssary to th e pro· \\ lcit n rXI we tk s Mourm\! M ast I . . . . . . . I wlshmg to attend who havc not ob-I ductlCJ n 01 the play. ''-' ' fl' 'l lu uf til e tT\ u ut Judgm g. [ t;> ined ti cke ts !flay do su at thc table .- -- - - - !u tbe lutby uf th e Cl~B dunng the TTF."i'D T HE PEP R ALLY ,lu ncb a nd d in n t' ours,





. I







PL uildin Art: Gallery

- - --_._---- - -_._-_ ..­

E LEVEN faculty and staff members have been obtained for PLC's f il ii semester which opt:ned las M o n· day. They are: Dr. Jens Knu dse n. bio log y ; Dr. Vernon D. Utz.ln ger , speech; the R ev, H, M. A n d erso l1, socio log y; M iss Ja ne Smit h,speech; Miss Patricia Thompso n m u Ie: M ies H ele;" En ll er, physic al ed u ca· tion; Mrs. Riel a rd M ayficdd, E n g­ lish; Mi ss Alm y r a B al.; er, assl5 OI nt libra r i a n ; M r . A g n eli Ku et he. Sout h H a ll ho usemotn er; Harold M , T c t · lie, econo m ics a nd busin es ~ a e/ ml n· istration; and D r, Katharin e or· dahl, langua g es.


ac tivity around th e Southtast ('orner of t he C r B heralds th e dn·d· " pHl<:nl of th e n<:wc'st addition to t he campus: PLC will han: an art gallery. For a l'amp us that has a small ar ek pa rlmt'nt, PLC is distinctin: in hav· in~ many fine- a rtists. For the past SEPT. 27, 1957 f, w years thl·ft has b~cn no place wher e th t: PL( art work could he:

nVI· es In t: eres~L d Men It.. J en Meeting Th ur day P


I ,t o [ UO " fl[ S In 'rcs "t. in ( l lotn tn Ai'II O mega are invited to Juend a!l o~ n m ti ng of the Iota

hapt.:r be held in CJ. 1S-1 2 2 n~ ·r. Th ursda ,October 3, , [ 6: I :; p,m. APO ll> a n ational service frat u nitv with ch. tus on moot 'v

it ) a Id wile

" arnpu

. It ~

- -'- - - - ­

"5-1 ver C


exhibited. Mahshift galleries wert th, coffn ' shop walls, CUB f0ye r, and othL r plat; 5 . [This year will m a rk thl' bt·gin ni m · (If , n<:w <Ta in t t hi.tun' of th ~ . PLC ~l rt ists . '1 h l'h a n~e d ('\'('ry month and the m a in of the: items to b(c displayed will bt­ from the ranks of the: "local talent."

am us ulletin 500n Rea y

Occasionally there will be t"xhibits f a more professional nature as tht'y an ' available. In the setti n g of the ,, nr w )(allery, students will Ik able to ,njo.,. the offerings of the a rtists .

oar e

Most e\'ident on the PLC campus i ~ th n 'W b ulletin bOilrd, _ • purp<>st' I' tIi r fo ld. 'T o as (mbl •I ('vlle:)'l' n .,·" II til., fello,," h ip "f t he I now in it... final stages of comr rllcti In. hich w hl n fi nish il c () u t (Jat h .111d L:.w, ~ dt .. top 'ach ab<l ut twenty.' feet in b ~..,.hth. n t neluding the ' t. IU • b O f end Ill p . i lll" tv prolOut, Stl 'ir~ to which has yet to be chosen. i "UIJ",nil\' : I II ur (' u • I' I l lIl1L,nu" , "C p t('lllbLr 28, th. fTlo. . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . Started in the middle ot AugusL most of the w ork 1. .. I l id d Welcome to th(: first 195i·'58 I - ---nt·s uul I a t u t sL'u enL~ . iu t. p I(' ) I ', '1 h, Silvt:.C C ha lice," I durin g the 5u mrnC'r. 1 h r board was1f-- ­ 'y I t.·\ Any criticism, sug· ' Mooring. Ma.\t. J th • fl, t'.1 III tnoaJ, ~ Or"[ I W ul t . i11 I sh uwn in th, CB-200 at 8:00 constructrd irl K i o~k styl" w h ich i,1 . t gcst ~ , ;nld oDUuenb will iK a pl"O}U >. p.m. dm illioll to the e....ent, spon· Turk, c>r Iran iF :> ~tyk used for . . preciatc:d You can help make your ']lle tl rt{ I C 4 l l~ ts lor mtm· t. r l C b \ Blu t· Kq', will be :is c{'nts , bandstands or newsstands. , . o\\n pap- r ~ t1« . L>lrship [l r'; , I ) pr \'IOUS trai ni ng m IWll it ., r.d 50 Ctn ts t:oupk. "'ocking with Lea, Pe-arson, and lvutm . · ('! ) sa ti!sfa ctory schoI., stic ~~-.-------------.J Richards, Architects, who also conI,. m l' W. nd (:\ 1 d ,.sin t r~ndLr structt'd tht' dorms and chapd, w('r{' ·,tr\lCt tv uthers, Th" Dlcrnb<-rsh ip is Fro m Mr. G. Roskos, Dr. W. C , Schnackc n. , "inc t; clock tomor T( W • (un ' ne " i"1 Iirm tl d I h~ rdoH th o. st'ekin:~ Dll mberg and Mr. F. Hal, y, who a p pr O\ cd mark t he day o f ju of'mrnt for t hl; I r.,h·p art: urged to a ttend t h e ope n and h(·lped draw the plans and r~pre· d"'d~ and misdl'ed of the frl·shllla. t /fl' tih nt xt Thur d .. y tu I~ar" mon stnll·d tht. colkgt: during the plan. class. The trad itional k; r , :lroo (;0,"1 l~ut tII o r gullization, 10 ask tju ' • I nl n ~ . will ronnn ~ li t Span ~ wa1 I d . th,






at:ur a y



I ---


wtU'unt;/ rilin g the fro temity and it! I;. iii , and to ~, eh (' duk • n int., /" " w ilh tit off ic('[; before Ix !lin· i • i P ric.d o f p ledgc:ship.

Ca I Lea 9 ue rs



arry 0 Long r Foun at Sfuen; Remdell"ng G l· r '~ Cha geAtmosphere


Fr s an




Th( board was built with fu nds du· presiding jus (' , L arry Joh n 0 1 C Iasst's 0 f 1951 . , '' 5" ~, '' 5" " , Attr m ptin( to defend rhr ! rc hr-:.­

1 nate d b y t h I'



by Did K raig c r t u t il t warmth uf th l'ntl'riol " nd all and ' 5 . u "" , you ~ an't go upstair. and s'e thr n :sid Lnts a re 100 in g forward to In the futur!:, the board will bt: I Ln,." These an' the fan,iliar W Old. ni , we ,.h·nd when the barbequt. in used for posting the PL( announce· of Mrs. Pete rson, tht' ncw h u,~ - tl e backyard can be utilized. ments of clubs, org,;nizations, faculty,

( th, n ' won' t he Il.U h d t'fi- n' fn shmc·n '.\ will b" . t to rn n D T rO"dso n, and a bl) p ro <'cu tin Frosh will br Bill Ham,fI

mOl her of Sl lI c'n Hall, to ' 1\; I C' IIrIT \ Stu, 11 certainly has a domlitor~' ,te. This yt'Jr somcthin ' m " II", 1' 1 a.<. well as the hom~ touch. Tht:

D ue to th e l outball ~ame beiDl' h i :d a t 1;30 ltt C PS, it i n t'USSll t, h Id


I nuwatl " ys.

Convene Sunday 1111$ bren added to Stuc n . ...>'I rls.


L ast y"ar tuc n was ca m pus huus­ ifon,li.l Di triet PLC'~rs will i in ~ fo r lllm, but now it is home tu r.·t Su nday , It.-moon at 4:3lJ 1D Old 112 wry felllinillt rooJJtns. Despite .1l111 luu n !!' f"r a >1lC'cial sen·ic l: in prtoblt-ms that ot' 'asiollally arise, the tiul . with Cal.ifurnia Dist r i.ct atmosplJ/'rc is .' ' nhaneed.. L uther Lca gut Day. 1 h e program WIll I "ot only al'e the inhabitants Im'e1y, . p.lannc-~ by TIII'm be rs of th e ALC but. also is th,' stri~in~ job of reno. 1.lnl·l ... ffleLl . ViLUVn completed tins summer. All thl: . It.uc.. .In conjunctIOn .. T I,r l'rog-ran. wII roOl " are d onte'm warm pasle Is, an d . C'a I'f . t Iit" Iou ng(: IS . set 0 ff b y a c ream co· I "" ',h .tll the I l' a gu t'~ In I ornia, An· ~ c: Mexico, who will ob. ored, and very homey fireplace. Tn th is day in honor of the fort h · Stuell st:t'ms rt'ady to take its plan

E Worles


Kit leson

f.. . tUI


f-X.'rson p robabl.y most responsiblt: is the annual F n ·sh man· {I homo .t· pi t ·­ the la y affeetlOnatt:ly rdernd to a;, n ir in t r I lorn inl(, l(lp)Jecl )':1. pieme : "Mrs. Pete." Mrs. ~~ tl' is. a waml,

lunch at noun . plt-asant woman who obnously has

- - - - -- - - - 1 1lJUCh expt:rit'nn· .as a muther. A for. ,

well at the Washington 1 mer teacher, she IS p.rt:5.. nt~y ("nrol ~cd tate F ai r, held recently at Puya llup, ", d n '~~lar stud.. ~t, Inknu mg tv pIck w,:re Mr. George Ro~kos and Mr, Lars • . ~p ad~ltl.onal ~"dlts for prese nt t(cach· K lttll'son of the PL~, .facult y , In !\, rc q uI mt' ts. Mr. Roskos rxhlblted the awald· . . So , if yuu han'n't bet'n to Stuen b ron z ~ a nd trpl Tryo uts for cht rr-learlIn Will 1 . . wI·n n l'r,.>~ w~ld~d , \.'~t, drop over, but d on't a ~k fo r scu Ip t un) "Th(. , "-,. • ..... c, '. an d a n oth·~r held r xt Tuesda momin in Stu H arry, he isn't tht' T(' thi · year. ,culpturr uf thc' same mat.. rials called dent b od ) Chapel. .. _ _ _ ... _ _ _ _ " Humihty. " Mr. KittklOn , h(>wcd a 1 hoSt" interl'steo m ut art minlC D ist ri ct COllventiun to be held with l'\orth, South and West Hall~ Students art' rt'mlt d d tv use Ihe painting. to I.· if\''' names at th( luth Hall .Ilnnr, Ih!: Th nh h ing \·acation . with all their cornfurts. One girl com · 1'0 swal -'twill a \'CrI aecidents; a nd . A. PLC. graduate, M. ike, ex· L f I d <witchboard . Student~ may tr) out in 1 r p"'g ram will Ix- planned '10 JIl("nu~d, "Vcry nie ," and another, It<: th ~ id e ~ alks-' t\,, 1 ,(void poor h 1b It(" d 10 t M pro fUlona 1\"1S10n to




I Cheer-Leader Tryouf Staged ThIS Tuesday




:~ ~~ :~ ~:;I~~~ctt~~ the L SA

;; u::

!:tah::~~ ~u::m('~U~i:tle:d ~::._

.. _ . . ....


i~a~h:n ~~"1v~~.

Slu d m t in I



of two, three or fou r,



Page Two


Friday, Sept. 27, 1957

Know Who



Serves You?

A Speciality, A Spirit

Freshmen Get Welcome In Royal Manner I

Each of us, e\~n th sri rls, knows the ('ouns,.)or of th" fou rth floor { I Bu tton Frosh! Firc ! Fire! Double whistle a s Ih.. hoys par:ad l'd around Old Main, since hl"'s Dav(' Knu tson, Bulton! still ri ngs in the ears of all wilh th(' ir sh a pdy leg5 e xpo.ed. and pr"sident of thl" student hody. Davc the freshmen during Initiation W....k, I\udy 50rks T)rotrudin lJ a bo~'(' th ri r hails fro m Clarkston, Wash ., a nd wh ir h was set aside to welcome and shoes. C omplrti m: the hoys' e nsem J.. for all confused frosh who haven't dehonor the new comers. wI.·re- sWl"at shirts and t it's, cid "d on thei r majors, D ave's been Howcver, as frosh think back O\'e r I \Ithough the g irls sta rt d u t with her.' four r ean a~ a math major and this we.~ k, the is a little doubt in I the long-torso look with t hr ir blouses hasn't yet chos~n a voca tion. thei r minds a~ to wh a t honor n'ally hanging O\'rr thrir sk irts thry rnded .\fln ~raduation h~'11 eithe r ta ke ml'a m . up with a 50mrwhat rrvised "'!'rsion by up o:raduat., stud it's in math. or c nte r Wh!'n th~ fatal hour of an,' o'dock adding .. brlt arou nd the middk. thr- '~' mi ~ ri'. He. s",'ms to be l1IUS~- arri\'f'd last ~[onda y the po~r frosh Th ~y al~~o .rt'~rm~led . nys wi th cally Indln...d . h av lO lj pla yl'd the cla rl- I ra thr'T rduc ta ntly donned thrJr at ro- th"lr I) htlle pIgta Ils poktn l\' oul In nl' t in PLC's ba nd frJUr yea rs, b.-ing in rious 'torking caps and breamr ridicu - all di n' ('tions :md making bt-a n i.· the .\mba.~~ dor Q uarte t, an d playin~ I lous_looking students with cads that : look qu ite weird. somewhat r~$embled gold and blac k · Filia lly on this, the last day of inihI' pia no. Da\ ': was \-i " '-p res id ent of th e Stu- (Jslri r h " !{Il"S. That wa~ thr brstinnin : tialion, the frosh haY!' turnl"d \'f'r y dent Co m: n, a~[ ~.... a r, a nd is a ,' of a w ry humiliatin g W I' k. : patr iotic. in . howin g- t~ c ir ~chool spirit mr mber of Blue K q ·. .WI-d~lt'sday s~w thl' ~amp~ . t' nmc and .'~an b~ sern runnin g a roun.1 ramalive WIth ove r JOO walkin g blllooards pus In thl~ lr gold and hla!' k ulftU and D on- PLC ' s Veep . . ,. , I'IttI ' f I h I CI)I or.- d !'C 'k ., U ' II D . a til D o you l I e popcorn, ne, on , nd whi rlin g dlrnshn enshroudr . . d. ... oows 0 Ill' ,SC 00 kl

C' 'd t d pi 110. w ras,. ~ a nd sc rea mIn g hk., fl rl' rattn g "ach pr rson 5 an "s .

C orne II , "''SPI VICr -pre'l1 e n , oc::;- f '11 h t . Alt ho uo:h th(' rosh WI " p roc alffi ­ n , t. I n fact, h I' 'd rat h er not cat any 1'IH{mes. ' d:J ~ IS lhr ' year. H e was a mat h at a 11 t h IS major .\11 de'krd out in a tennis shoe 11 i tll o: that th,. soph . omor,. , . . d a "D" as a qua rter on(' foot a nd a flat on the other thl!: fw-st of all durtn . ~ rhls day .thry Will II'11 h ,. TccelV . their bl' 'ath. grad r . .,-,ow D on, a pre-semmary stu- students f.. 1t as if thry had . o n(' foot all bt~ mumbhnlt undrr ' , . ,m speec h , a n d pIans on campus a nd the other In th dent, .IS lIlaJOrlJUt . . g.YlIl tha t thr da5~ of 61 far. f' a n)' . Ic _· •m C 0 I um- d urin ~. thl"i r second day of initia ti on. I olh('r cla . s on campus. H a ll the nl l h ty to allend Caplta ,:x:nunary :'\ow th,' -ri rh had chant' to I frl'shmr n! ' bus, Oh10. _ _ _ _ __ _ . ______

Important people receive special attention. Fer instance: Pres­ iden t E isenhower's home has 107 rooms. 40 orridors and 19 ba ths-s mew hat larger than the average home. Here at PLC. you. the students and staff are the important people. and you lre now reading t~ first issue of your specialty: the 1957-58 Moorin g Mast. Almost every Friday of the school year you will be getting you r new and better Mooring Mast. in which we of the staff wi ll be aim ing to support PLC. inform you and entertain you. alw ays k 'eping in mind I Corinthians 10:31. " do all to the glory of God "--a good axiom for this year at PLC. I n that spirit. we of your newspaper staff greet yo u--proudly wekoming you to this y~ar ' s Mooring Nlast. --Dave Crowner. editor.




Mrs" Kuethe; Mom of South Hall, Finds Lively Spirit in Dorm





Wit h the arrival of ~lrs . ,\ I{nes itud... is simplr wonderful !" :\Irs. KIl.-th r, ou th Hall has acquir d a Ku eth e I:lnphat ica lly d~c red that .-w h"UsrlllQlbrr nd PLC a new fan. ' PLC had the- fin e t dornt anyon" .:ould Ir .. - u('th.... ~ho is tempo.t.lrily re- I wish for. ~11l1I\' M r.. Clara :"lelson. I, attrart-, Thl" fl"ding ~·.1S mutual a t South lit a rathf' r lar,It!' numbr r of fa ns Hall and Mn . K ut' lhc has b",'n wartn­ h!'od , no t th e least of whom is IlI' r Iy rrl ,- iwd . Sh,. plans to rl'ma 'n until II, M r. J uh n Kucthc. asso.:iatr pro , Mrs. N t:lson returns, and the'n retire. Cornell Works ill l:tah I,' sor uf ('t·l i,l! ion and philosophy. Don sp~ nt this SUlllln.. r as a student Mrs. h ut'lh ('a nt(" to OUI' C.lWpUS I oastor in Sa lt Lake Citro H I' wa. , LOST ! Onl Fond de La.:, Wisconsin. wh,' r ; Pair of .glasses in tan case, on lower iittle out of his habitat, coming origSrnmg PLC

for I }I'al' shl: W all superintendent ina lly from Port Angeles, Washington, ­ throngh C h ri"i n or upper campus. Finder please I H • . . d d k ' " k d h uS(' of £r(''' p r. IIJ M t rol I f tht' Luthera n Hon...s

leave at switchboard in Old :\lain. e s ~ctt\'e In rama an ('meee wor. La5 t Sunday s pICniC mar e t I' lor A I'd. ar give to Andy Nelson, and IS a member of both Blue Key beginnin g of anoth l."r year for PLC's T he chan ge of f' nvironluent gavc L...._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ - l and Kappa Rho Kappa. I Lutheran Studt'nt Association. This E.DITOR ...... ... .... -D,' VE CRO W tI", : oulh Hall h OllS nlother quit.., .1 , h b h t f a traditional YJIIPn\i_llift, ,h r nth usiastically remarked Want ads run in the Mooring Mast i Patti Keeps :\Jinutcs as . ('.I'n somcw a LS d AI n a tlw t thl" li\" ly spirit of the .a irls madt" for 5111al1 charge. Leave at office by The only student body officer not b,'glnnlng Ll"_achfycadr or A'dad h tc I T __ .I f F'd • . a mem b e r 0 f BI uc K ey, f or 0 b VI'o U,.• I g n"at numu.-r a stu rnt. . atten e , ' "Th'" ,. h~r f ~r I you n'!' a ~ln. elr ~plfltua uCiUay or rl ay s ISSue. . Pt' F' t y I picnic and had a glTat tllne playmg all Fraturc Editor_.... M[nR;i'iD;;~I!. - - - .- - - -- - - - -- -- - - -- - - -- - - -___. ___ _ __ reasons, IS a tI mn, Out' seere ar. . This brown -.~yed junior has been sec- klllds of games,

R"port~rs:' CoII~11 rNary of her class, \'ice-president of So far e\' has run accordi n ~ vraas, Rev. Lutne Ola MathiS. Gina 1 Xorth Hall, a Spur. and treasurer of to pattern. If things continue to do Cunningham. the Student ConJ(TI' l(ation. If you' re so, we can expect a fair-s.ized crowd

Sports Editor...................G ~ wondcring about " Publie Relations," for this Sunday's meeting and a little

.,nd~m.. ~ ~'l!llln Patti's the I!irl to I e . . . she works smaller one r next Sunday's mc:et­ Rrporten: im son, J erry Douahl1~r Larry ~ V\..... ~ in the Public R elations office for Mr. ing until, by the end of the y~r, there

\... n J ust as thl' old school hdl died out last spl'ing. wedding be lls began to Nesvig. She a b o sings in ~hl." cho~s w~1I be a handful or &tudenls who Published Fridays of tm- school by students of PLC. a.t Parkland, lhilllt'. Ma ny tudents and fl i nds of the college marched u p [he aisle to hI" ~in I and the Studrnt Congregation Cho~r, faIthfully attend I."ach LSA m~e t'ln~. Washin!{toD'_ a fit w Iif,. tOl,lcther. O thers he an making plans as they announced their en- I .\ tru,. frit' nd of freshmen, she diS: That is, if everything runs In the Officr: Colk!:'!" Union Building. /01. ~I·ltlrnt. . likl's intensely the "57" beanies, PattI I usual pattern. Phonr LEnox 7-8&U , Ext.. 4 1. is a chemistry and biology major and '

J ohn F rollllll and Arddl Cund..rson were married Auguil 6. An ne C ydrus plans to be a ml"dical technologist, Won't Follow P'atteru

'iuhsrription prier ~ 00 per ),I"ar, aud J o W hi t man spok.. th"ir \'ows '\ u \fust 31. MaryAnn LO\'etanl( and Shes iooking forward 10 taking her However. it is the hope of the LSA .___ _ _


lSA l eo pi"ng To '57 '58 Act"lon





,ltt 1 r UIl









clinical trair:ing n('xt >. r at Sw('dish . C mmiuee. which work~d d uring thr fe r('nt programs. are Ex-in~ plannrd ftlt C rrrr Ba rn., made AU l\ ust ::!5 their oi day. Barbara Jensen and Jim Jepp tied the knot July 28. ,.\ Sep tem ber 20 Hospital in Seatd.., summer to help reorga 7!r' LSA. that LSA thi. yr a r _ Th rouc:b. t c p{'o­ edding was chosen by Lorraine Omdal and Dick Gunderson. . . this year may not run trur t the pat- I;rams I. hope to j"", L,)A d p ir;, B"~ Pays BIlls . tern of pre\'ious years. I nstead, we ' and p" . CJna lity of it~ <nl'TI, .with C hr ist Bells chimed (or I./'Ilee Post"nquist and Ray Allven, July 1:1. Alice HamAnd, pre~ntlng James Roocrt BIlls, ho.... that this year LS \ will surge I h f I _

L 1• 1 S II d Bob' I r ' . S 1..1" k , lid the R ...\,. Bob Evans wc r!" married eptelllut'r :>. ,",not leI' " ptem- more commonly t"3 e .•"'s our forward with rcn('wrd stlTn h , bold- I as t (' oea IJOInt..

Iyr wl'dding to Ii; pIaI" th 7th for Paula Tra num and Let' Hill. student body treasurer, he has troubl," n("ss, and va n,.ty, Paorl Herd , a day a • aJ!MJ _ 1. _ I " hIs, . S und a y W I' start our f'I . t 0 ffiI" Although the reporter was unabIe to get t h e d ates the f 0 II OW ing were si."u nin ., checks - he ca n't rcml'mbcr I IWlrried this SUllllller: Dick Patrick and Yvonne Peterson, Ruth Loeffler and h is nam(". He was president of his LS,\ Can Lead rial ml"cting of thr yrar with a n'port ill LSA is at a critical crossroa ds this and dl'sen •• '"0 Ul - < C hrl'stl'an a rra l'rs I'n Ca roIyn A n d erson and class during. his freshman year, and Rus Hunter, \\,'i1lie Anderson and Bob •S tu hi mer, to t.lJ'C_ pr~'~ ' . ~ nt-cf hy som,' of Walt Lin inge r, Dee Duey and Terry S uercisten, J ~n W 1'II au ghb y and J erry now belong's to Blue K ey. Lettermen's yrar. It ean continue to be just an- Europe' . , · h" _..J S an dra Club, Frrnch Club. and Ski Club. He's Oltl f'l' religious organizations on th-, PLC ,-tu-Z-nts who ha•..·­ .. J'u t f l' ­ Poenat, Nancy Richard50n and Do n Bohe. J allies F rlCS enll a.... > U" a lso ou.r football Ct'nter, number "50," p Ull that a few faithCai studen t.~ at- turn-~ Jacobs, ~(ary Reinertsan and Bob "I n. fr~ ,_ a summer on the C onti'" unson. and, as wouldn'bI" (,.. rxpected, ('n- t.. nd, or it ca n become a dynamic ncnt- 11v panel promises to be ar: ", Olll~ of th- new ,'ngaaements w(' re announcrd hy Ardene ~Iynllo and d t h t '11 ot onl UI'",C SJlI'C " > ~ '" gage . mO\'em('n t a WI n y., • - int!"rrsting and infonnati~ pros:ram. Douglas Lari.on, Sharon Slethaug and Don Schlitz, Anne Mal'ie Juntuned This summer Bob was a reprcsen- itual nourishment tl> ~'eryone "ere at a nd F ra nk Johnson, Sandi Dibble and Ed Moor", and Charlotte Johnson a nd tati\'e from the Californ ia district of PLC but also beeome tbe Irader and .\t 6:00 p.m. a cost lunch will br K en T a !'\'icl'. the ELC to the Lutheran World Youth rallying point for every LSA in thl' se~ rd in CB-200, foJlowrd by th,. ' · ",,' program. R ,.mrmber, thr IU C.t' of MallY ml~rl.' happy e \~nts took place d urlllg th (' summer mont h s as oth I."r Conference in Onamia, Minnesota, ,,~'orthw~st , dlstrl'ct, He's an cconolllies and business maLSA depends upon you, thl' studen t. . I t was not p SSI'bl C Pacif ic Luthn n students became engaged and marrll."d. P PI ned New rOKrams an L,.t's not fall ~('.k into tht' sam!" old to ioclude a ll of these announcements in this issue, and the feature sta ff J'or, minoring in (for this wr'lI prob1.. d . h M ably he strung up) coffee shop and How can this be done? Many int:r- pattern. l would apprrciat ' it if naml's of the coupll's would"" turne III to t C oor- TV lounge. ('sting, provocative, and we h"p'~. dif- I - Your LSA Commi tt




~ast~o~f~f~ic:!"~. ___::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;~---=::::::::::~--_;::~::::::::::::::~::::::::;;;_~;;;;;:::::::::;;;;II..~~::::::::::::;;~~~~~~~~~ j~! 1O~



Bill Johnson




1HE: (,RiND;NCr

pmsu~ (1 MI.~i !I:


Frida y. Sept. 27, 1957


Lut:es, CPS Await: Opener Tomorrow


o ¢ I .

Grid Rivals Meet: at: 2:00 p.m. j


~;:t~:;~t~~~~9~~~t~~d~~:~~;:~1~,~u!~,I ,____ ~ap__'_4_~~~

IISeek Spot:s

_______•___b_Y_E_U_G_E_N_E_H_A_PA_LA __

0 n Squa

nual King's X football game. Saturday. SCPL 28. at _2:00 p.m. Food)311 is the major topic of most colle g' stu d"ll ts as they retu rn to The game will be played on CPS's Baker Field. Bak~r Fidd th eir n'spt'ctin: in- colored walls, and PLC is no exception. Lull' Coaches lS .1 new gridiron. located in the same area as [he old field. ~\f.ll\, Harshm;lll <lnd Mark Salzman 113\'0': been working their squad o\'ertimc Coach Marv Harshman h as \ 3


turnin g lc,tt e rnu'n and :1:) jun ior var­ ..ily and fn',hmt: n rouncl i n~ out the

."17 PLC football team. 1 0mm y Gilmer, an ,\Il-Evcrg rcen q l,trtrl'ha ck the past three ~('asons, hM hee n shittN j to fullbac k to give Ih du h mo n speed. Rangy (6-3) OpiwIUOL'f· . John Jac:obson, is in the si!.\'l1:l l callinS' spot.

G f on::" Fish e r, another soph omore, i, <1t left half, and anoth e r AIl-Ever­ " rc" n back, John Fromm.. is at ri S'ht hal f. Ge m : Schaumberg, a fr~shman from F ed""al \Vay, is showing promise co.t ri g ht half. Dale Homestead, a '5l lette rman. is also adding depth t.o the PLC ba ckfield.

Vctn:ms of previous PLC teams are a ddi n ~ th .. fo rward wall for their hard runn in g backs. Ron Mc.\lIister, senior t hr!"e }'C3I' , ·ete ran, and Bob Bills, jun­ ior, an' the pivotmcn. Dick Goodwin, \ II -En·re, rt en second team, and Jim ..apelli, are the guards. C aptain.ele ct Lynn C a lkins, and L a rry Ross, both 22ll pound seniors, .Irt' the tackks. Sam Gange, Lew Bl:assi, Dennie Rodin and Curt Kal­ , tad arc hustling for "nd spots. In the past 10 years, PLC has been on the short end in the win column, ha\' in g won 4 and tied 3 in 2ll tries. Tn the King.'s X 1956 game, PLC I J I' rn )ll1 behind in th~ closin g min­ ut s to tie CPS 19-19. In the 1956 "Game for K':eps," PLC lost on a wa \l' r soa ked field, 0-20. The scores of the past 10 years wne as follows: 19H)~PLC

19 !7 ~PLC 19 13-PLC PLC 19{'J-PLC PLC 1950- PLC PLC 195 1 ~ PLC

PLC 195.!-PLC PLC 195:;-PLC PLC 195t-PLC PLC 195,j·-·PLC PLC t9 36~PLC


13, Cps 19, CPS 6, CPS 6, CPS 0, CPS 0, CPS O"CPS 13, CPS 0, CPS 0, CPS 0. CPS 7, C PS 0, CPS 7, CPS 6, CPS 7, CPS 12, CPS 19, CPS 19, CPS 0, CPS


- -- - .

·~---­ I all w eek in p r" paration for the annual Kinc;'s-X clash wilfl t heir traditional , cr05s-tO\Vn rivals, the Collc~1'" of PU ~Tt Sound Log-g eTs.

Last Y" a r" c;ame t'nd~d in " 19-\ ') ti e to spoil the Logger; oth"rwi;e . unddeat " d s.-""on. Both teams lost \'aluabk material via graduation in Junt', but new faces also arc sprinkled h"re and there to add new dep th for both . « rid machines. On pap 'r, the Lutes appear to han' the l'd.~ (' in the backfidd this year a s \T (('rans T ommy Gilmer and J o hn FroIIlm team with sopholl1ore let termen Pcrh', p s the: 'h()t ~t" pro~lX<'t on John Jacobson a nd Geor.lle Fisher (0 gi",~ the Gl adi ators an I'xpn ienced back- t he Lu th e mll forwaJ U IV II is Mike Edd capable of providing an adcquatt· ,cocin g punch. Th!' Lute forward wall 1',.<1 fro m Oak H rbor_ An _ \ l1- Leagu~ should bt' quit e forrnidahk with Captain "Lumbering" Lynn Calkins at ('C'nt Lr in hig h s('houl, t h... bulk, Crc,b. tackh-, Dick Guodwin of 1956 All-Conft-r"nce secoIld tl'am fame, and 'Tkr man has U c-n convcrteu tu L1dde b~ aIlS Jim Capelli, Ron ~rcAlli,t('[, Bob Bills, and Larry Ros,;. c.:o<) ch :"ohuy H anhman. J Im !::sau, a The bi ~ question mark of the Lutt's will be the untried reserves. Another se n- le,· INu r m'!' 'Uld rmn,fer hUIII Au. question mark j , whl'lher lettennan Curt Kalstad will be available for an tclope Vallcy J. C. in illomia-, i, end berth. Kalst3.d sat out the major porLi<m of the 1956 campaign with a I anothtT stand-ou t a~ tht: tackle pust. knee injury a nd submitted to sur S'er)' last wint,.r. Kalstad's full-time a\'aila- , " •. ~ TI'us corner b l' I'l('\'('S t h cutes L '11 i. Guard :--;pot I hreatened \Vl I)1·1'tty C t-}ll I d he I p the I .. utes tll no enu. . 1 I . 19-6 d h d 'd' . , ,\ nothcr O ak Harbor '"'ad Onoll present a lilUe h stronger startIng; c eve n t Ian In .), an t e eel Ing- pOInt ,+', _ ' • • ~~ t '111 h '1 b'l' . bl . d h i d C hlls,[,lllSon IS thn a t ~nJll" to ,""b .. Wl )" t e a\'~\l a l lty 01 capa e reserves to step III an r arry t e oa . 0" I'ROMM BACK FROM EUROPE start~ng posltlon a t .guard fl'lllrt ~orne .. . ' f I of hls upper-c1;Us rJ\'tlls. A llood hr.! Lute ]'lvclm star John Fromm contlllued to make the sports p ages 0 , . ' • . . f h . d I to "rab the other P OSl tJOll .ll guard the country thls SUIlIllll'r as he toured Europe wlth a group 0 ot er mtl' " . . , States track. an d f'le ld stars. Th"IS trIp no d OU b t Wl'11'III fl uence more an d more II sp ot IS the bIgges t of em :1.1 1' .!3U. . . . , b . I pound Leroy H o lmes !Tom Ever..... n . "'. I pronllSlllg athletes to th,. PLC campus. Hats off to John s super ShOWlllg'l W Lute Tldck Coach :\-Iark Salzman should also be commt'nded on his tirC'less ashlllgton. "fforts to help develop Fromm into a national sports fj uTe M a rl" l'lI Joh n Dean Stcks C enter next week. Moving to th~ ce nt ~r slot we find IXTRAMURAL PROGRAM TO START SOON th.. best frosh prosp.rct to be J irunl) Pa cific Luthnan studc;nts will gath­ Keep your eyes on your residence bulletin boards for the start oi the D e! a n (not of movie famt) from cr aruund a bonfire down on lower I intramural footba ll program, fellas. The intramural program will soon be Bethel.

campus tonight at 8: 00 p.m. for th'~' underway and it is the hope of this department that there will be 100 percent Currently the sole bao;t rated any

opening pep rally of the year. cooperation from the student body. Intramur,ll Director Mark Salzman puts ch ance of r.rackin the L u te:,' ~lrong Players will be introduced by Mr. in long hours to bring about a successful and interesting program and It IS backfield is Gene Sch anbu r g-. n fleet. Milton K e-svig, Public Relations .-\d· only throu ' h combined cooperation of all mt'mbers of residen o ' halls that footed half from Federa l W 3Y vi ~o r, ant! ba nd membe! a nd eheel' he C U I Illak, the pTo g, alli a s u ct~n. I t g n od plaC1: to mak n . l.." ders will be down ;(t th,~ rally to quaintances, F rosh, so don't be bashful~··sneak up to the bulletin hoard (with build the spirit. beanies on) and si~n up for the intra m ural program.


! I


I ' .' ·I

First Pep Railey Set for Tonight

September 28 ­ CPS .. ......._.......... ......___ there 5 ­ U BC .. .. ................... ..... here October 12 ­ Pacific University ..... ... _...there October 19 ­ Central Washington ...... __ here October 26 ­ Eastern Washington._ .... _.there October November 2 - Western Washington .....there *Novemb er 9 - Whitworth .. _.... _.......... _.. here November 16 ­ CPS . .. . ......................... here *H omecoming Game

Tie 13-CPS 27-CPS 2O----CPS 35--CPS 13 ~ Tie 2O----CPS 26--CPS 7-CPS O-1'LC 20-CPS

Galloping Gilmer


1 :30 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 8:00 p.m.

(The first in a series of arti es on PLC's football players ) Galloping T )m my Gilmer will b.· t·lI te rin.e; his fou rth S/'350n in l ' L e spangl"s in a pos it ion somt'what re­ moved from his familiar quart("rt . de w)e . C O~i."h Mar" Ha rshman ha: sluIt­ I'd Tommy to th~ fullba( k pllSitioQ in an attempt to gain mort' pred irt the backfi..ld.

(All home games at Lincoln Bowl, Tacoma)






19 - Ti,:


Long-Silent ueen ofthe Wurlitzers Finds New Thronein Gladiator Court

Tommy Gilm er


Another champion will soon be playing in the Pacific Lutheran gym­ PLC students having th eir Student nasium as tht' queen of th .. S"att k Liberty Th 'atec, th~ Wurlitzer·Hope-Jones Ac.tivity Card will be charged 50c; IJrgan, i, slowly b~ing put in tip-top condition. those not having th"ir card will be Most of the work on the organ ha~ been don(' by students, under the chargt'd $1.25. . . direction of Mr. R. B. Fritts, who is the main fa ctor beh ind bri n gin g the . Players workmg out lor team pOSJ- i org'an to the PLC courts.

lIon~ :

Flowers for All Occasions 12173 Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garfield)

"With hundreds ot !ittl.. b.. llows carefully blown ou t and cleaned; with Ends: S. Gange, L. Blassi, D. Rodin, ,witches rebuilt with y:uds of new silva wire; and a gr~at deal of cardul, C. K a lsta d, A. Broke!, L. Robinson, p ipe-voicing, strai ght.. ning and tuning, the 'Qu e.. n' is com m g to lif" ," stated R. Bakl:,-n . " F fJ'tt s. .nr. Taekl<·s: L. Calkins, ]. Esau, A. It that ior the histori c momt"nt of the first sound after un silent Can trell, M. Ted. yt'a rs, a particularly important se t of pipes should be ch osen . But sht:: was a uards~ O. Christensen, J. Capelli, gracious old organ and did not mind playing the harp for the first oC C"3.Sion, 1.. Hom· ·. L. Ross. ]. Miller. D. Good- the ,'xcus(', oi course, being that the harp was hooked up d .e ("asicst and win , K. Ca ll. q uickest, and did not have to be" tuned. ('nlers : R. ~cAllister, B. Bills, J. In :l few wt~eks a~reat d eal more of the organ will bt, rt'ady tl) play.

LE. 7-7863 We Deliver




H alfbaeks : J. Fish ~ r, G. Schaum­

h"rg, L. H ill l, D. Homestnd, J. Vie­ brock,


~ll tchcl 1.

Fullback, : T. G il mer, D. Wyndham,

J. Mirr Quartrrb;\ . strmn.


ja....obc;on, ]. ~ y.





. . . . ' .




L"d by a couple of ! lO·pound ta('klt- prospects, s('n ,r.11 II~W omcrs to the PLC ,:aUlpu5 lhre;1lenin tu break into the Black :lnd GQld .u­ sity lineup. :\'0 less t har, five Iinemcn and Olle back are included III this :1!.q;:ccgation of fl" tdh and t rufer


LE. 7-8101


Gilmer has bern nameu to th~ .\u. Conf<'ren,'; team the p ast three yr.ilI" and gained Little-Am cTlcan lloQorabh: mention the past two $t"a~L>IU. Tommy i~ a gradualt' of F.:dc:r.u Way High Sch vol Wh"Tt h,! Wil1 ~~­ leeted as a m ember of t he W ashin gton All-Stat.. squad, Social studies is T om', major at PL G and he plans to ' II t t'r t he fid d of education upon grad uat ion 'n Jun~.




528 Garfield St.





Formica -

Paint - Plumbing - Roofing Ki rsch Rods - Window Shades

Elec tnc

PARKLAND HARDWARE Glass Installation -- Pipe Cutting and Threading

121st and Pacific Avenue

Phone LE. 7-3T71

Christ', ministry has room, right now, for strong, gifted men of God. Students gra duating from co ll"ge in 1958 will do well to apply now for Senminary enrollment. Write today for catalog and application form. THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958 Charles B. Foelsch. Ph.D., Pr..,ld"nt

2770 Marin Avenue, Ser k" l.y B. Calif.

Page Four

Friday, Sept. 27, 1957



, I


Th ere's many a talc. to 1)(" told by I run~ PLC students who traveled to I IlTOpr. this last summer: Jim Flor- i cnn:, • 'orm Forness and Roger Bjerk I nn the Lulhr: r:m study tour ; a nG Roy ! Tribe, J eanette Olson, Linda Hurd, Ga.,"" Mahn in, Charles Donhowe and i j oh nson on the First InternaIlOnal E .L.C. W o rk-camp.






Dr. an d Mrs. Schnackenberg led fift('C'n L . the-ra n college students from i rro~s the.- nati on, includin g jim,Nonn ;j d Rog r from PLC, on a study tour in F inland , Swcd en, D enm a rk, Gn­ many and Franre. U'Rvin l,' for Europe on june sc\"­ rnth . thc' !l"roup return ed to N ew York : ia !tc·am sh ip on September 2. U nder tht sponsorship of the Ka ti ona l I.u­ h ran Oll n eil, and suhsidizt d by the LUlhrran Wodd Federa tion a nd th e Luthl'r.. n Stucents Associat ion.. the tta\'r1l"r~ r on' red 20,000 mi les.



ronfu en cl' s, r.n e e t in~ pe o­ pit, tud yin g h urch hi, t ory a nd tra\,­ , ling ; bou t, th students have info r­ malion uvnfl Qw ing, some of whi ch '011 will be· a It- to rea d in the M oor­ ; nl:


{;, ; t.

W{lrking a t th r- camp in L otcn, ~ or­ w ), 80 miles north of O ; lo\\', from Juru 14 to J ul y 16, were the other L u tf's .




Twrntv-tw0 United States stude n t$ ram si x Luthera n colleges, under the Jndc;r ~ IUTJ of P rof~ssor nd M rs . A r­ nold F lat~n of St. O la f Colle ge, teamed up wiill n ft ~l:n • orway stlld ('nts, who wac Una!" f T oroh- Blomstrom.• to help ( ~tnl'l",c t . ,h ap e I on th( , :tmp­ r round . Vh l'n work wa, through " t the ' all the stud..nts wrnt th eir ways wi th m ost of PLC' s young people tra\"­ di n' th rou~h. Etlrope up until the middle of September. You won' t wan t to m is the u n­ ralh led st"ries to be, mn in th e M ooring Mast on our stud en ts' find­ i n .ll~ in Eu rope and thC"ir fee lin gs on Eu ropl. Starts next Fr;day!



Student Church Begins Activities


PLGs all student congregation got ff tn an impressivc beginnin[ with i the initia l wonhip sc-r'vice on Sunday mom," , Sept. 22, in the CMS, with ove r 700 s tudent~ in attendancC" . L nw~ r c:a.mpus was then rove red WIth a ~wa rm of energ etic students w ho !l'allll:d , atr and sang th eir wa y lhrough the cvcning at the LSA pic- ,


he ongregnlJo nal Council, ma de up (If appl oximatdy 40 students, will H·t in motion this year' s activities, bc­ qin ning " ith a membe'rship visitati on, thr iniliatio n of Bible Study g roups, tbf' all-student choir, student deputa­ tion. a nd th._ stewardship program. T hr- n("wl y r<'"-o rganized Luthera n tud('nls :\ ociil tion, now spomorcd hJ' the ('ongr("gation, will be in charge r th d , unda . evening fellowship hour, as wrll al the ""Rional retreats and the layin g ( If plans for the International A~h tam which will be held on our C'am pus next summer. T hoM' co nn rc ted with the planning r thl' congregation' s activities hope th t the spirit and acti\;ties of the con <:regation and the organi1.ations wh ic h it sponsors will make visible on ("am pu~ a n a tmosphere of excitement, spiri tual adw'ntuTC and Christian com­ munity, the lik<: of which has never hrfon: bet'n seen at PLC.

3.95 to 5.95


8.95 to 15.95










Boys' black or white BASKET­ BALL SHOES


White Lace-to- Toe GYM SHOES

3.95 SOlNE1S PARKLAND SHOE STORE Just % Block East of Old Main 411 Garfield Street

Sizes 3-10

Open 10 to 6

Drill Team, Cheer Leaders Are

h n After 2-Day Tryout:s

mern- I

Fu I)-fh PLt: g irls brea m,. than in pre\ious yea rs, and it i, h oped Iladt'n in Ih,· fn sb n,a" class. brrs of the: (:i i-58 d ri ll learn follow- that the team wi ll Jlto rform next seEig ht Were Finalil>t~ in a uditi() held in South H a ll on lllo te, a t bask" lblt ll games. Ru n nin g i, tb e final;; bc~id S ih e 'J ut,day C\ ~nilll!. Pract ice: <essiuns for th,' furty-five winn e rs werl' X o nnan }vfcG olloue;h, hosen by judges Clintena Wells w ill bc)!in soon. Art Elli cksvn , Jan Sn yd(-r and J<!ck i a 1<1 M a rilyn F or e for Ih g roup arc Aust, Effinger, Reep, Smith Bjornscn. . Ja net Aust, Lind" Effin ger, Roger O the r co nt t"st2. nt s who tl :t d out Ihe fullowing gir ls: M. J ilyn L t:L Anderson, Shalon Bar- R··' ·t·p a rl u" Jo··, Smit!1 hav··, b""n -, nt bod y c h T ues­ -" chos···n d un' us stuut apt'ion lilli, Lau rie Bee croft, Ba rba ra Bra ndt, a s PL C yell leaders fo r this yea r. This day but w e rt eli m ina ted in that day's J a I k i ~ ~jo rnse~j , Carlen\:: .Cari:iOn, quartet won out in the final ~kc ti<'111 Yvt(' were : Sh a ri T ho r\'ilson, John :\v­ J.w t C h;ISltl, Carle ne ~ hnstt:ns(m, W ednesda y over four othe r finalists . ba kk e, L arry '"hlt' r, Dolor~s ::'I1 im~, h::.rlvn L or!"y, Doroth y Edstrom , D,- . Thr"~ fr"shnlPfl Ch~~n IS onJa ' J aco IJSOr1 , "'" on na C ' h am, ~, ~ ~ v~ unmng ,'lr tiedril. b and Val a rie Frccld:ind. . ' . . J a net Aust IS a sophomore from F n:d Brewllt a nd M a u ree n Pear~vn. A~o B Oll t it· Gr~ g g Gail Gustafso n . . . , . , " . ' V ancouver, Wasilln g ton . Lmda Eff:nAl so 1<Ia rgu VI, a ,ebt:rg, Sandm D lbCharlene H anse n , BOllme Hanson, . f h f l ' _ I bl C . I 'I' h . J D . I • . . _ . gf' r I S ("{ res man r on1 acom-:.l . anu ,: C', ornll' .,u nan : oe anle son , 1.11 H .. Ike L,z Hcms Judv I·hlde- . . . . ' , . Roge r R Cl:p. also a frcshmar. thlS H "J. r, Ba rba ra J ohn son, Phylhs Pedersen, tn_nd D Ian.' H ollenben!, K a re n JOh n - , . . , . . , v. ha ds from Mount V e rnon . Joe Sm Ith Carole(' ChlTldgren, Jam,,· Eng e 1', un; ~)' Jul~ns t u~ . Mar ge ry Krue g<:r, CUlIles to Parkland from Seattle and I Wendy Cydrm, J ean Trzil a nd Walter un,_ K.; t h y K urtUla . . h h' d f h f II ; H II Abu, Myrtl e Lyuns, Marilynn Me- ~~~~~~=!~_I_.~_~-.o\ ll l·J .M cC a nnnant, V"rmille McLaugh lm, ElSIe McLead, Doren.. I 1151.>0. M :. ril y n ::'I1ickebcn, Riehelle I ( Jldll", Joa n Park, Jtan Peders.:n,






Dllrl("nt· Heitz and Diane Repp. A b o Mavis R owky, Jull e Simmons, M r 'It e Sn ivani c: b, Jac kie Slater, L ct: '\un ' w:m so ll , Ann t.: t t e Syve rson, Kdlh ryn Thurow, J oa n n V a n Lierup,


i>n~:il~~:a:.,:I~~~:;appearance w"ILCI VOL.35,NO.2 r Homecom .I n9 v e n~s, L n~xt ommlti:ees Announce PARKLAND,WASH.




OCTOBER 4, 1957

hom C.Oll lillg fool ball gam e ::'110­



Perform During Half Durillg It If t inlt: th e gi rls will go throu gh m o\ em ents learned d unng th· f.;w we e ks . Ma r ilyn Fon ;r:; tat ,d th a t sh e a nd C lintcn a :ir C" plan- I


MARILYN FORCE and Clintena Wells, heads of the drill team tryouts, some music preparatory to choosing candidates to fill the POSI' tions on the PLC Drill Team. Tryouts were held Tuesday evening in South Hall lower loun g e.

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Navy a oAppear At LC W nes y



The United States Navy Band w ill present concerts in the , Pacific Lucheran College gymnasium this Wednesday. Ocl ber 9, at 1: 15 p.m . and 8 :00 p.m . for PLC students and the public. The afternoon matinee is bein g p rcs.: nted mainly fo r the ~tudents of the great;::r Tacoma area . Of the 1500 stats. only 300 arC" b,:in

<old to a dults, and


Annua I AW SfyIe St dT ·t OW age

some i~tcresting a nd .uniqu e I Hittin ~ th t· spoll ight in the h ome- ill:' hard to rua kc this year's hOlllc- pro~ram wi ll co n. ist , f po pula r. cla!-I 1.1 r. ~mon nHHcllln g and fOln1at . I an d ~O\'(" It y fUUSIC . sea I! . ~. . lOns. . . t'OIlllng ""'ct' k e n d • 'N 1 TOV . 8 , 9 } an d 10, <: om' n ~ n a Uy ~ ea t. Sica, C"( to a 1 '" ·co rdlfJl.l to M a nlyn, thI S year·, will be foo tLa ll, dra m a, th (' l{ueen's (;u lll mi tl~t" h, a d~ for the homcrom- tUlit- nt ., ud,,·nr. 1 dn ll tea m is (0 b.. C'lllp hasized lUOl e I co ronatIOn . , a pa n-lUC'. -' a nu_I many 0 t'h er ing en nts , r: l< ronatio n, V r n a F..Hon m . g C onent I' reS('Dlc d --·~- l t'vt:nts, dimaxed by an inspilational Robinson ami R on I ;.lie,,; coffee 1.0Ul , At tl1<" 8 .' )(1 p .n •. r rf rm a nci' th,' O~,­ worship seryict: of th e PLC student Jan Ll h,·lcv. a nd D,'I\,t})1' R Lr:l\l · ba nd will o.!":\" ' ." pro",raUl \.I nt ed 1 1(.[" ".';;ltIlW! 'c. I " j , th e th "n>' () t ht' ;\n OU,,' gn tion. P' wdel' p uU I-f fI Kan n K IllltZI /, 1to\v ,I ' r r'". I 'r,, ] T IIhl i," ,I ! .1 II n ll al r.i~ h illn ,how wh ir h w II II<" pl'l'­ . I " Duley,":. Broadway comedy by und Ardd l, Du n. an: pa rade, Ri dl IIH" ,," " I ta~ t'"'. I s" n tr d r ridar r\"I'ru n v; in D-20ll. t · . K C. S. Kaufm an and M . Connely, will H"lnlin a nd DOh SI,, ((um' Tt""i ' ll,lIwants SpollSOrs '" I b ' I' k' · --I r ' 8 \ · l o ,~ '1), tlw As orhtrd \Vom 11 Th' f a II senu:stc r' s en rollment be the all:scllOol pl a y direc ted by Miss tio n of .1Iumtd. l arok c Chindgrt' n : Spn'lsnr.·( ,. h it· "r · , .U! U arc a fil­ h' h f P T L Jan,' SmIth, new est staff nlf'mber uf p ublici lY T~mrs SI< wa n a nd Ali ce: wan; , C lu b, thi! w ill h,' th e finl p I r- S t udc. t<. . . .

IIW II Cd a n eW Ig 01 a CI Ie u- h i d 1 . ..' ." . fonnancc of t h.. a\")' Ba nd in 1'..rJ.. All st. u.drnlS. arc IfiYl.t~d to 6t .yIe Lh ( II t I f I 104 t t c spree / epartm tcnt. il. so III store J e S~("I1 .ran ..0 ese a s a to a"o :' 5 u- will be the Powder Puff D e rb\', tht" , . ' . land, ;.nd is th~ l ~ r)!c ~t en'nt t V(' 1 ~ ow .... h,eh IS fo r tht ft"lIow .1 .... 11 d~n b beg;H' th e yea r . lhe !reshman .. Uther comrmtt, ,, he1<<I. ar,' : ram pul> a ~ t he ~ ir l s, ;[c ordill~ to Bonn:. anllual tiff betwet:1I t}),~ upper class . u nd('rtr ken by th e lorn I K iwanis. Llau, with a pproxIm a tely one hundred . de coratIOns, Kellh H ft and John 1'" L~ TrOt'd o n, ("nt: ra l I".bai .. man. She stat. men and freshmen I! l rlS . I kets cost $1 .50 and I lay ,..: \Ju r­ more cmbu s than last year, also set , " " :\mend: alumni supper, 1:. . th er Elli ck­ c ha sed a t the books to fr or at th, cd that th e silo,", is "'ped•• ll • plann d reddl Gulhagcll a nd Karl Fon wdl SOli a nd J e r i Dubail : half time enter­ .1;. \'JTl (or t he fr('s hml'n ~ncl TW ..... ~tudl~nts. " I (,Gor d with" tota l of 497 frosh. h d tl h . ' tt d before p"rformancc tim" . f the 1,+0+ en rolled at PLC. 190 "" Ie om eeomtng COJllml ("CS , all ta innocnt, Marilyn Force and Clintel1a T h . st yl... m odd ed } t he )lud..nt . both have hopes that homecoming will . Band Created in 1925 r part-ti me .tudent~ . be ('Ycn better this year. According W ( lis : P. A. systl:lTl, L eon E ncbon; President CalYin Coolidge Ilffi i a ll~ w ill , how the typ('< ( j f ,Iothc~ wom TUI : Is :.ccording to classes a re as to T t:ddi the comm itt ee h eads hav" a"d ad\"ison.. Mr. ~fjlt X {"s\"i g and u{"atcd thl band when on Ma r ch .1, at Paci fic L u th C' ran tht· }'ear 'round fo llows: , . . Admiss illn will be J ( tont' p.. r J 1'­ ~n Women Total somt" t"xecllent ideas, and a ll an: work- Rhod a Young. . 1925, through an act of Co n "r ~ ss, th, M~ son or 50 tr nts f()r ,·ouples. R efresh­ 250 497 \\ ,, ~hington iii a \ )' Yard Band wa s I d d ' h d ' 'I·on Fre shmen ._... .. ~ ...... _.247 " IT' d S v mr nts a n · Jn~ u C" m t t: a Inl lucm e d 0 ff :Cla L n lle ta tlS -, a \ ~ Y f 3 12

Sophomore ............ .. 159 153 a nd. I Cf. 270

J uniQI' ... .... ...... ... 139 131 Soloists Will Mood 239

Senior .. ... ~ ..... .._..... ... 1+6 93 Sr ' c ial mu ita l n umbc~ w ill dd t Ur.wu.,te __ .... ..... ..... 35 71

3G Ih ,' theme, which i~ divicicd into ~t'a­ 1-'i

Special .. .._........ .. ~ 7 son•. J ohn D bon will dc~cnbt: lilt: win·

I· '

nWII; for'



t: ro II men t:


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Loss of Mr. Karl Weiss Is Deeply Felt: on PLC Campus

. by Teddi Gulhaugcn t kssly of hi s t ;UJI' ;;.nd wlt-nts to the Many students re turned to th e PLC i growth of the C olle:gt: a nd its musical <.: awpus thi~ fall, sa ddened by the news a nd c ultural d r·nlopmcnt. As a v'lIl'hof tht: dealh of Karl Erwin ''''ciss, di­ <:1', he instruUe( mall v talented qU­ rl'c tor of musi c at the wlle~t:. His d t:n ts a t the p iano, ~ha rin~ with th em Bo~es death caml' in a Seattk h ospital Sep­ h is s(' ns i tiw' nr~ s to alld lon' of musi c. ft tnllbe r l a ft e r a month 's illll!'ss. As a classroom instructor, h e /-!ave !' trUl strt"SS Olive Tra ynor uf the A man loved and ;" dmircd an this his fine arts .. hus,~ a glimps intl' t hr' LU Is tvda y rdeased tht: fo llowing campus for his love of musi c and the world of a{"stheti..: and beaut)' th a l pmtn n t about th t people wholll she beauty of the other finc arts, Mr. was so mu ch a purt of his l i fe~ Iri to Sl:nT. "The y d o not seem to Weiss was a pia nist of th e fin est order, He Gave Students Art realize that th ~ re is m.o re than on e though hc taught more than h.. played Much of the planning of the e MS Jlr~!l in th" box a nd in man)' cases th': instruIllent. Hi" interests included w as shared by Mr. We ISS, and he Ihey d t! nut give their box number to directing choirs, ehOI1J ses , o r chestra, .wa tched it grow for th( dual purpo~ e thost: \"ho write to them. " lecturing, and ucca~ionally he gave of tt aching a nd for p resentation cf T o help gct tht: mail through at a progra ms of readings. school and guest artist prog ra ms . The (ast"r ra t<:, it would htlp if thost: who sucn:ss of tilt" Drama-Music festi vals As a member of the staff of Annie find mail that is n ot add ressed to them . IS' 'r h d was a result of hi~ tirde.s wo rk. and \V ng 1t emmary, ac.ornu, e serve . . ' . in their bux wuuld r e tum it to the as director of the choir fo r fifteen he was a lso mstrufTie ntal 10 sl"~'~n g uux and not d rop it into the slot . When the :\rtist Snic> on camous. ~l\, JO C yea rs. I wcnty-ftvc years we re sp e nt . " it IS rellun"d Oli ve mu st just put it as tht: direc tor of t he First Luth eran j stud..nts an opportumty to see c uhurbULk into t he Lox. This slows down Ihe L hi' h' . Th h al prog rams they may not hay .. vth e1'· C Hun: , a so In t IS CIty . {Ju g a n . . ' '''n'in: . . ' .. M W ' h · d wIse ~nJoyc d. InaC U\T orga Ol za tlOn , r. ("IllS ca - , Sh~ .Ih" rr-qu"sl s you se nd the nurn­ d h. S c.. r CI b G h It was his d ream to 111111.<0 I'L C a u..r of YOut 1.10>: itl the eV B to your r t e t. e eel:1 ,u oru s, a u ltural center fo r Ibe nort hwc:st. • • \yW113m ensl mUle in T acollla . p.-II-p:th. rhi~ w rll spct"d sen'lec in W as Privilege to Listen that Uliw' will not h ave 10 look up 1 J oined PLC in 1941 We hav 10.1 a gIO t :man Crom lir )OUI :tddn'~s tach lime ont: of your :\orr. \\l'lsS cam, to PacifiL L uthemn c, mpUJ, b u t our hf:arta should t hank 1I1d1l)" l"II~1 ' ()IIII" to 111 t l '8 ill I Y I "nd )in'f: that t 11If: gave' Ilrt- 1God tll t we had 'h~ ch:lIIce to liuC'n


'- ­ , 1'104

He Ip Request e d

On Mail

., .



- - - ­ -1

tel' months w ii h a \ oc al solo a~ hI" DlOd t Is, a nd Al stroot will :;how Lhe ,. t }· lt~ fo r hI! wh ilt: bc sing!!, Tt'd M I'Y' ~ will part iciplllt in the "Prin' s~ason with son)t as he modl'ls his . p in g-ti rnr outfit. Seven H C'ad W or k A ssl~ti ng- Bon nie TrUf dson arc Drn­ ni5 T n"K'd son , a sis t:.nt chairm3n; P al­ ti R oth ow, d.'coralion chairman' L m ­ da H Ird, nar.rator ~ M ar), Lull Sw o rd, rdrc hmrnls- R ind...hl, pro rnm, D ick Lundgren, postrfS. Stud,.nts p aIti ip:lI i1Jg in th" :Ln ­ Tl ual S h oo l st lt" ,ho\\­ im.ludc Ka ren Sanstrom , Sharcon 51 thaug. J oy. I 1­ son, , ' anq' IVeI'lon, D orothy Riarou. Ju li~ Renhart, G rae.. H,Igrr-n, Mcll{:t f uhr, and} D ibbJr-, Audrry H ~ 1 t, T wila Gillis, am I M ari lyn Foru:. Karl Weiss Aho Barbara J ohnson, J" Ca.IlI­ to a nd lea rn from thi s mast r of pion, Cn rolee Clhimlg r n, sthcr EI ­ bea uty, for In h IS qW(·t bu t p urpose­ lid-son, J oan Knopll, D lI'b:!1"lI RillLau, iul wa.y. he h as made P L(, a colkg.; D orolhy H idunan . L,z H in~, P~lIi well n o....n for iu mu~i cal a bir l\· . R Olhkow, G "o~ D ·lIlc ..., 'rV.· And for t h. studC:llts who.!' liws be tc-rworth, l.arry olnid, Davt' Knut­ ttlUI hf'd, hi< ml'mor)' will alway_ b. 'n, UTyJ T dlO, Ted I'yrr. alh.... for not c:aJ1 t.aJ.t· aw"y (jllll Juhll Oi on, _\1 ( stroot, M"rl Mar­ wh', h l,e I.: i .,t·n us. r'mon, a nd Dc na.s Tl"ordson.


' . .


Page Two


Frid ay, October 4, 1957

FhA f Soph' ros re DbU 10US 0 s ('Am erl-can Justl-ce' System



"0 or die" is the of r hea r statement: but if this q uot w r : carried ut li tl: rally in every instance , underta king w ould soon , become a booming business. For carrying through on personal goals takes work-hard work. I Ancient writers knew the ideal of ]oyality, and wheth r K 3 Court, .the n 'c nt which t~nc d to sit on a cake 01 ice until I Then the re was a regular Jerry 1 called stick-~o-it-ivencss.~eeing tl~ings through, or just plain guts, . d reade'J by all freshmen, is now a court adjournment. ! Lewis with the ha ndle of Roger Reap, loyalty IS stdl the same highly prized character. thing of the past. Howevc\', a fcw Th,' n tI1l' 1'<: was Jan En N , who : alias Clyde, who had charges too nuIf you plan to sing in the student con gregation choir, It 's highli ght s still stand out ill the minds was chargC'd with incitin' a revolt : m('rous to name . Althou gh h,~ luckily loyalty which keeps you faithfu'!' If you consent to fulfill some­ of m any. ag linst the lOpholllore clas~ and War- I ';sca ped his punishment, which was to one's request, it's loyalty that assures your making good on the The presiding sophomort's on Scp- ren Willis, al' s Henry, who didn't ! be a pi c in th,~ face, he put on a promise. If you make an appointment , it's loyalty which bring" 1 mlJl I' 28, John Mit chdl,. frosh . ?e- have any specific cha rge a~ainst h im. 1clcver act exclaiming as a blindfold you to the meeting on time. fr nM' .ttom y; Gary Keirn" balhff ;! H . S " d Iwas .put OWl' his cyes-"Hdp! You're To continually cross the gap between what you plan to do . d d B II H au tarc e ff h . I' f . ,. . . 1..arry J <> h nson, JU ge; an I anc uttl~,g 0 t C Clrcu attOn 0 my "Y~ - I ~nd what you do IS ~h e difficult Job-but ~'hen accompltshed na, p rosecuting attorney, ga\": many Found I{u ilty, the two were sen- balls. IS most worthy of pralse.-Oave Crowner. editor.



und rdassmen II. bad time. For instance, the young man betler known a:; Paul Engel \'/115 found guilty of not re~pecting sophom ore boys' property, freshmen girls. He was sen-

teneed to a thorough washing of their hair with tarch. Although ther put up :l great fig-ht, they lost, of course, a nd suffered the consequences of 1:><:'­ ing ullcoopnatiH' frosh.


Choir Gets Wanderlust Frosh Invade Choir Ranks


The Choir of the West is busy get- I Tenors: Bob Hodgc, Byron J ' nsen,

I tin g in shape for il h ea\-y scason Of,' Joe D. anidscn, G.-raid Eri ckson, Roger IScrving P LC

I si ll ~ ing. U~der till' abk and com~c- Olson. 1 through Christian

tent of Gunn.a r J. MalmUl, I" Bass: Pa ul .Cilr lson, Karl us,' oi fret· I th,. chOIr 15 plan",ng smg 1l1 ~ engag... - I Illn Olson, JIm Brandt, DIck GC1 ~ 1', P"E55

trlt' nts throughout Eastern WaShing-I Vince :'\O\-ak, Arnold 0 Iso n, Roy EDITOR ............. D \ VE C R UW!'fER

ton and Eastcrn Oregon plus many Tribe, and Dick Selic who sang in th" :-';('W5 Edit('lr.................. H ~Tb J)em se

I appearances in the loca l. a rca. , . choir two year a go. RE·port.e l'ii : Tedrli Gul lulllF; o: n, ar The pe rsonnel of thIS year scholl' Th e new llwmbers to th e orga nizaStuh ill1i11el', Jaf'k Holl, RaI'Dal"l. . d . . I R'HICSOIl. Di r k Fi sl ll' I·. T oo I" W I II inclu e tWl'nty-nme rcturnm g tion includ~: Sop ran os: G lori:! tvlitch\V t I E:'r. sin gers from las t year's o; roup. They ell, Mary Lee 8k rivani ch, Lon'li e IhlFeatm Edito r...... M ar il n D onud -on arc sopr:wos: Peg Byin gto n, M a ry Lou cnfcldt, Carlene Christensen, B ~verly Hepol t el . : X 0 l' 111 a f'un nmgbam. En gen, Let' Ann Swanson, Lau ra Tip- SC\crt'id, Diana Fuller, Marilyn Tet z, Gina .lol1 e ~, Sol pig T.<f;;J'l1RS , .ro PY pic, Carolyn L ci nin c;cr, Julia Brun- Solveig L<:raas, Di ane Rosda hl, V irDa n ie ison, L an') ,]OI W::;OD . ncr, Mona Carlson, Arlene Hal vor, g-i ni a Dormody, Katherine Knl1tson ,I Spo rts Editor........ .... ... .f.• cn< p: I " RE:' por tel's : Jim K ittelbb)' I i a r r y J oAnn Hanson, and M arilyn .M a rk ert. Altos, J~n(' Ros~, Carolyn Coltom' l Gentry, . Tim '''yn(Jham, H u r ['~.\Ito,: Solveig L pc, ).·larddlc Soi- Pau la Fcn'1i<-r, K are n K ohnson, Jan yc.r Sann€ , l'lld. land, Anudry H art , M.a lil yn Bo", I' ~ I' L III ' d a J 0 h nson, Barba ra J I Typi~t. ................. ..... ..L aurie Beecroft ;; S('\' ,


dll't" ;~lOn





en- I

T cddi Gulhaugrn, a nd L ois Hellberg. scn, Pa tric ia Isensee, Carolyn Bra ndt, Bll sjn€'~s _\J anager.. ,lary Lo'.! - n gpn 1-·- - ..,,~- ----------- Sheila Knutsnn, and Ros!"ln a ry Spit- :\d Soli citonl: Horj f'ati r-r,.o n, ].01.

! STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasion s 12173 Pacific Ave. ( Foo t of Garfi e ld) DU E PROCESS OF LAW brings upon Jan Enger, disobedient frosh, the p UITl shment of a thorough hair-wash of starch, administered by Bob LarSO n, sophomore cl aSS pre s id e nt. Warren Willis, a nother crimina;, a m(lousl y awaits his dousing in the stiff stuff.

R eporter _IVeecls N o

Scope to JdellJij)! Kn.u(lson,

W,~s tl'rn

LE. 7- 863 W e De liver

:===============: I






------= =







Tennis S oes -- Bu ks -- Flats .- Oxfords

Q uality Service

Opposite Po rkland Post Office

Laundry Service



T Ill' Vil:in'( from W'ashin gton lilllprd ae l'os; the ficld. sUdol t il(' sidelines a wcll-arm"d Cbdiator bu rst iorth, charged afl" 1' 1

his foe , • nd sub dued him, Then, towering OWl' the prone XOI':;.'man, he p ro­ claimed his \ ir t<>r y. Ouly aftl'r the combat w as the idl'lI tity of this Glad- . iator rr:n·alt·d. H t' WClS J ellS Knud sen, a Pacific Luth eran Col k':(c yell lead er, ' and Ih., nC ll t look pl act' bclwt'('n bahT> of th,' PLC-W l'~ terll Wa shing ton fOOL a ll lUll.' . But this weart:r of the black and ~old made time for more than yell , lcadill~ and capturin~ Vikings. He was a collector of biological specimens for our biol ogy depa rtment. One might say h e had bugs on the

brain-not only bugs, but also plants, mice, mol , and caterpillars. He

iound tlu: setting of the Linnt' Outing, Hood Canal, a delightful location for thi.\ project.

W r heal' some biolog)' studc"nts complain about ha"illg to draw what

----"- they rr in thei r microscopes. It seems that this one couldn' t s et cnou l{h d • W lO g In class, so turned to othel' sou rccs. He was on the art staff for th...

Sa • i" th )' _ rs 1950, 1951 , and 1952, and the artist for tht: 1950 stud':nt Center for

ha ndbook.

'Vilh an eye always on the practical side, he selected from aUlO a CAMERAS AND the many feminine Lutes, a wife who was also a biology t udent.

PROJECTORS Aftn gradu;tting as a biology major in 1952, Mr. Knudse n too ' up g raduat. studies at the University oi California, when, he did research on LEICA NOMAD mnr illt' li fe'. KODAK POLAROID Such a rt' a few quick glanct's into the past of our newly-acquiled biol­ ZEISS RICOH 01{ ) profc~sor, Dr. Jens Knudsen.

Complete Shopping Center


Expert Dry Cleaning

deoiy, from


And en,on , Tom C1J rt i~, Jan ice Fn Jerry Viebrock, Edward gen. L e nn ell. O:, u anherg', l .r n !'l,~ . Scharf. Sonstq:~ard, J err y D ry"r, L,'s Gu lbrath, Sandra Schic nrwn, ~nd Ruth D?o k keeper................. Ca:·ol HO~ Bt'lhow. Clrr'uia;lJOl1 ................ ... ..P atti Finn . • . . \' Puhb, h,.d r rio a ys of tlv ' 5c h.)()j yr. r~ Bass: D ~\ Id D :Jh.l, Karl Rl'ttz, E n e by studl'n ts o f Pl.C, at Parllol1d, OttullI, R IC h.lrd FI,;her, Dan Tlmlo, Washin;rton.

La rs Odman, Bru((, Vik, Larry T owc, n cri",': Collt'ge Cnion BUIltii

Bill Ostr n,on, and Phil M cKinnon. Phonr LEnox 7-8611, Ext. H .

'iubscription pric.C' $3.00 per , c

zero Trnors: .



Mr• . Jo Summer~ Phone LEnox 74300



UNI N STATION I 12th and Park Avenue

Headquarters for:


Friday, Octobe r 4, .1",,57

Lutherans, U

Page Th rae

c To Open League Slate

Intramural '7Iap'4 '71~ Grid PI ay Is,,_ _________

ITGlads Upset CPS, 7-6; Play Tomorrow, 8 p.m.







Hoping to avenge a series of defeats dating back to 19H.

hat a diiference in the 1957 Lute gridde rs from recent years. Last t h e UT' . f B ritish Columbia Thunderbirds wheel into ntveCSlty 0 . week s game ga\'(" the faithful Lute student body and alumni just a preview L of what to expect the rest of th e season. Coach Mar\' Harshman's insertion uteville to match forces with Gladiators at Lincoln Bowl PaciJic · Lutheran Coll ege' s intra- of thre e freshme n into th e starting lineup against CPS no doubt had much tomorrow at 8: 00 p.m. in PLC's home opener. mur"J football schedule ope ned Tues- to do with the impro\'("d hustle and team spirit. A. UBC team has never beaten PLC on the gridirion in seven d3. y with two g ames played oi the CALKINS INSPIRES OTHERS AI tries. PLC played the Birds in 1934­ round -robin tourna m e nt. Captain Lynn Calkins appears to be a prim~ candidate ior All-Confer"'. a nd 1935, then some 17 yea pa d E 5t Parkland m e t th e fourth floor ! ('n ee honors a gain as play aft.. r play he made c rushin g tac kks to inspire th e I' . beJ~ort" the , quad< lIld again; sin e of. Old Main. on the intramural field m~~v~ollll' rs ~lId help hand the Logg~ rs th t' ir first d efeat since th e 1955 ca m . , 19:> :!, the t,.a m5 luye llIet a uuu:llly. \"lIb o tlt t r'a m s sco rill s o nc tou ch· pa lgn. . , SCO I'es of th e games wac 5 1- 12.4-1-0, duwn to ti t" (j to 6. E as t Parkland , In h is first sta rting ro le 3,5 si gnal ca ller for the Lu tes, John Jacobson 4 1· 7, 19·6, 6·0, 19-0, and :H-D, w i.1t 5. on·d it5 lo n<' tall y '~ ~ a run by R o y ," nd cared himself to th e stu~e nts, alu ~lIIi , a nd squad membe rs as hc authori. D BC a lw,l )'s on th e .hort end uf the warv . G h uck CurtIS pass to D o n ! to tI\'ely led th e Lutes to theIr upset VI c tor y. Tommy GIlmer ag ain pla yed his ' score. lattum prm-id cd th,: F o urth Floor \ usual fille ga I.n e a nd it was .hiS "magic to(," th a t pl'O\'id.e d th e slim marg in o f Two L osses So far TlU'[I 'lith the ir TD. SUCC ess. U BC, with a n c nrollrn~lIt uf I)\Cor I n he o ther intram ural game billed T o sin ;;k out a n y more individual members for glory is impossible. The 8,000 stud e nts, ' n reCco t yt.·llS bas Tur~d. y, De nni, Tro,.dson' s p a ,$ to I c'ntire G ladiator team tllrned in a n inspired, wdl.played gam e . be(" n the wea k 5ist~ r Ihe E\.'I:rgr en ~ecolld Floor t~aJTlm.l.t(" Gco n:e D oebThe L utes n ow prepa re to take on the role of the favorite in tomorC on fc- rc nce, Last }I t'll I' t h ' Bi rds ha kr pro\'~d to be th e winning: phy as row nil{ht's dash with the Unjversity of British Columbia Thullderbirds o ne win-si" 1055 ",·cord. I n their openat Lincoln Bowl. Will t he Lutes relax with oyer-confidence after last c r th is year , tl: ey W(" IC d ub~r! by llll~ N't.nd floo r Old :\.fain ed ged h -y Hall . to O. week's win ? We don 't believe so. , Un i \(~r' ity of W ,~s t(" rrr U n, 3l1t! ' I PR EDICT SCORE I' lu st w ,' c k tit,·}" w ete humbled by o fl IClalhlsli fo r th e two :<a m eS WNt" Tom a nd R irh Ha '~ lin . I ntra - I Coac h :\.farv H a rshma n' s past ex pe rie nce h as tau g ht hi m t ht: ca tastroph e '. u ut f" 'l n O rego n, +4-U.

lIl u ral :.pmes will be bi lit'd fo r :":4 0 th at ca ll hefali a t('am swimming in their P3s t g lory. 'Vith complete confiI Bi rds Have Three Ve lC: . n,

Il.m . Mondav tluo ul\h Th Ol~da ' 0 11 1d ~n e III H a rsh a nd this year' , inspired team, this de partme nt will go o ut C oac h Flank G llUp, in his thin!

h.. tnlr,lll' '~ I !cld ·l!,'hi nd I vy ' H 'J ll l OIl a li,mb and predict th a t t he Lutes "',ill come out o ~ t?~ ~7 to fl . . . year at l.'BC, finds thi, yea,' Iraw

o n lawn cam pus, . ,'\ .. a i, ~ ook for C PS to bo unc t:" oar k after thl'll' IIlltl al def",,, t to 'd ge John Fromm , la c kin g in '·" pr' f it- nc, ' .\IId in depth. ' •. . 1',a5tel1l W a ShlD!!toIl C ol\" 3e of EducdtlOll 13 to 12, a nd fa ithful W as hin ~ ton I The undI'rdo~ B i r d .s, howncr, do r o, m" ln'~ ~a nH'S t or 111 1 1:1 - 1, .0 f 11' . Sta te hu mb le th' Huskws Ii- to 7, ' ­ l ,()I a na o wer, WIll wItness O h IO ha w' t hlt" H·t,·r:ws rc tu rrulli\ who re· _".ES _' S IS _ BR,\\' E.'S _ BOOS"rER c..,,·ca me nt IOn " n Ia t ~'raJ S 311-( "n­ rnurn Sfj tl ilu ,He : I . V·IGN T uesday , Octobe r 8, 3:40 p.IlI ,: Dr. VI~n" ss of tfll' rdI , \lOn d epo r tme nt no d oubt will be hoping- for third fere nct· tC UllI. TI,ey an 175-pound E. 'I n P.1l U aad \ s. 3 ed Floor Old baseman .\nd r Cal cy of tht" N ew Yo rk Yank!'"t's tQ haH' a g ... ·a t SCI it's. Dr. h::: lfback Ja d . II n wood .IOU cO IP­ 111 11 . V igil"" n ot only h ad Ca rey .1S a stud e nt a t Al a m <" d a Hi gh School in Califor- \ tail." R a y J ol ,ovie~I, n !10.pound ( ;lm·..r C rl'f'k ,-so D eJ a rdin e's Il ia, hut a lso was an ins tru c to r to Carey' s moth er. I tal xle, a nd Os car K n:1l 7.1){f"".I, ISO· D~spitc this dose r ('la tionship, Dr. Vig nt' ss IS roo tin g, for the Milw Cl ukie pOll,nd g·ua n i. \ \ rIDICMlay, October 9, 3:40 p.III.: , d FI 0- Id M . T I Bra \'("s to upse t the Yanks in tht: World S(' ri {"~ . Coach :\-Iarv Harshman of the L UIer. ~n . 001" a In v s. oCOJna. B ),' tI' . . , lIS tl m e It s no sec,',ret to . th , looks for the Birds to .... 51 rong 'In the . ) T 1L Il ' so D l'j;lrdin,.', , PLC ~tudc."t bod~ th.:l ~ th" Ch al 'Plon-, cent. t r th lint , ~ JJ<thl!) we • I Thu -· J lY, October 10, 3:40 p.m ..' I 'II o ur '1n Ia st IS ]ave IIn th rowel J 0 h n year. Although the Lutes won t:ll5ily ro ml\! wh o toun:d Europe last sum· I last year, 34-0, they were u oahl.: " W", t Park land \'s . 3rd }'Iood Old ~fli n . n~l' r as a m~lbel of an all·star cast ' penetrate the Birds' forward wall, so f,;1, t Pal' 'Iand \'S. Clo\'c r Park. . ot track and fidd stars they resorted to paM;ng and running

SC he dU Ie d













Ma kes -,

European Tr l­ P I Th-ISS U m mer I






Jaco son Tak es

.,. iF


Ctartl-ng Posl- II·On


(Th . second in a .•e ri es of orticle. on PLe'c Football players )

Charm Beauty Salon



However, few students h Cl v e the "low down" on John ' s tre mendous \ pe rforma nce in sp reading the fame of PLC as well as bolstering· his own I t ta 'IOn. n :pu


doutside. The Thunderbirds' line U1 boast no giants, but haH' a n abundanc~ 'If 21O-pound bckI '. Thc line average for both teams will be around 195 pounds.

l'romm Represents U. S. Harshman was well pl .1srd w ith th.· Shortly afte r the Sationa l AAU line play in thl: upset win over CPS i T rac k and Field M eet in June, Fromm Thi s week in practi ce, the Clad]at\> was c hosen to be one of the sta rs to h a ve been stressing oHertst". p arti u­ represe nt the United States in Europe Iarly passing. in an o t.tempt to promote inte rna· LUTES DUMP LOGGERS tional good-will. underdo g PLC tu rned th" Llbles 00 Fromm Keeps Winning the qu a rterbn r:k pod tion . the experts last Sat u ro ay a s t1u L U1c1 BOOKSElLER & STATIONER Fromm d e pa rted from N e w York m ed ged the: favor ed P S L OS,g-crs 7 to 6 Jake Takes Over 932 Pacific Avenue BR. 2·4629 la tc June with such well known stars John spent last season as Tomm y on the Loggers' home fic-ld . L ute quarTacoma, Washingto n . , . as Dave Simc, Arnie Sowell, a nd Hal Gilm e r s unde rstudy and unproved so () d Wh'I' E F I te rbac k John Jacobson intcrc'"p tC'd :l much that Gilme r was shifted to the John Jacoblon b· I' c r . I e In urope romm ost Logge r pass late in th e second quaMer . . LIt two m eets. Both defeats we re by fullba ck slot thI S season so as to !!lYe was na med to the All Conference foot th· F h . I h . h and strea ked 75 yards to give the: h L d h' h b k . e re nc natlOna c a mpIOn w 0 Lutes their lone TD.

t..cld utes greater ept 11\ t e ac· · ball team and selected as an alternate set a new r ecord of ove r 2. 65 feet.

hAil S d Tommy Gilmer's perfect dropkick f I~ on t c. • tate. squa. ' Fromm and his Americ.a n teammates plovided the Lutes with their 7 t u 0 f BeSI d es Ic tte nng In ootball as a downed some of the finest competitors . G ams H Ig h Sch 00I H onors . . f h PLC J h . . half-tlIne kad that later p roved 10 be l Jacobson IS a graduate of ArlIngton res man at , 0 n earned a var- I In Europe on their tour. . . 406 Garf ie ld St. L E. 7-53 17 the margin of VIC to,,' . . . , . , j g;.:h.:....::S:.:::c.:.:h.:::o.:::o.:.:I._':.:V..:h::.I:le:..a:t::...:A::.r.:.:II~n~g~to:::.n::,~J~o~h::n~ Slt y llumeral 11\ basketball on the Lute! Fro III m returned to the United , ~:...:H:..:.:.:l ' . chan.lpiollshi p team and :erfonllcd as statt". s in August and took t.he a membe r of the track team. step to the altar w her e he took hiS

J o hn J a -obson ne eds lit tle introdu c· tion to th " football fa llS w ho saw hi m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ master.mi nd th e Gladia tors to their ;: _ _ _ _ _ upsc-t vict o ry- ove r CPS lC1s t week. , " Jake" is ent,: rin 3 his , ceo nd season F O R OFFtCE SUPPLIES of \'arsity football, and this year is Coac h Man- Harshman'g choice for Blanche ling bloam


c. Fred

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at .

The 00 STOR

The old adage of football playe rs I being just a little de nse in the classI room dot'S not hold true about Jacob1 son. John compiled a 3,34 GPA hist year in his cho5C n pre-med course.





college sw.,etheart as his bride. John and Ardell now resid e in Parkla n d.

Besides the honors John has gained

fo r his track prowess, he has also lettered in footba ll and baseball.

for guys and gals!

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PLC Clubs

Friday, October 4, 1967


I:uropeau§ ~§k et · Dee Q ue§tioD§ !?A GOl,ng by Larry John8on This is the first in a series of stories !o be written by PlC students who !rov­ eled . hrough Europe this post summer. In this issue. Lorry Johnson gives uS his fe.lin9s on thp. impressions we give Europeans).

PARKLAND RECORD SHOPPE We Have a Fine Growing Selection of " 33's" and " 45'&'­ Fast Dependable Service on Special Orders 414 GARFIELD STREET

Student :\ational Education Auo­ 'eiation, formerly Future Teachers of America. m"t for the first time last Tuesday.. October 1, at i:30 p,m. in CB-200, Meetings schedukd fur the first Tuesda y of every m onth in clude refreshments and ha\'c a time limit of onc houl'.

PHONE L E. 7-0440



Why can't you live with colored people? Why do you perseCule the -egroes? How can a state governor act against federal la\\ ? W hy do you spend so much time o n elections? H w can you call your country a democracy and at the same Camille Emerson, Sl\EA president, l ime forbid communist thi.nking people from holdin g' office, or statcs, "an in\'itation i, giv'!n sp,~ cifi­


LEnox 7-3434




'\rn p'(\ Ie whu innocelltly wen' onc.,"\.1 tlmut.-ly conn('ctC"d with something or ' he best induct'nll:nts to anti-American mrMnr (·omlTlunistic? fcelin~ wcrc m.·my of our own newsHow ('lin your gowrnml'nt be d­ paper headlines, tourists and soldiers.

cally to freshmell and sophomor~s, be­ cause we do not want you to let O[lC· half of your college career slip by I b l' f or e becoming active in SNEA'I

{relive w ith the ex('cutivc branch of The l\('gro problem in the U. S., on" pmty and the legislative of an- of course, has crea ted many of these o rr party ' bn't there a lot Of. party bad effect producing headlines. And ia\oriLi~Dl shown in gi\'ing offices? the an' rage blazcn American tourist

Frankly.• we're looking for: potential ~=============================== leaders; truly professional teachers; the finest colle ge chapter in this ~tatci LUTHERAN and growth in active membership." THEOLOGICAL


Located in IGA Foodtown 1i2th & Park Avenue




I wCheques ith a t hie k, book of T.ravelc:s' spendmg and talkmg bw

Phone LE . 7-3434



CURTAIN CALL Al rcad'), C UI·t· . ' , . , "" am C a II CI u b'IS p Ian­ Unlv.rsity-!roined faculty; students from 34 colleges; Bible·emphasis; '!uolity

leaves anythmg but a good ImpreSSIOn, ning ah(·ad for an active year. On Or- i Libro,y; new dormitory; equable climate beautiful campus; modest costs.

Some Soldiers Do Harm tober 9, at 6:30 p.m.• there will be a , In Europe, the V, S. soldier's star­ meeting on t.he eMS stage, followed THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958

vation pay-check suddenly becomes by a guided tour of the stage, light Charles B. Foelsch, Ph,D., President 2770 Marin A~enue, Berkeley 8, Calif.

worth much more, and m any of thl:" room, sound room, make-up and dress- I soldiers spend it in the wrong way, ing rooms, and radio studio. Refresh- I 1.-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _--' affaln, Few take advantage of the g reat op- rncnts will be served, (,."',.'",",.',.",.',.,.,.',.',."",."""""',.',."',.,.,."",."""''''''''''''1 Youth Are Curious portunities to learn and travel while I On the agenda for the October 23 ~ ~ The re is, esp ec' lIy a m 0 n g the 1 ~tationn1 in Europe, . I mect~ng is, a .make-up d('monstr;ttion, i ~ ~ :ounger genc. .I'ations of Europe, a genInstead, they can be seen standIng showl,ng different types of make-up uine- ruridsitv and intellec!ual inter- on street corners or wasting time in used In drama work; and on Nov, 13, ~ ~ ~ r. t In hoth the internal and extemal bars, ending up in situations which a drama talent show is bt.'ing planned § .. d d· ' f S S • (flnr~ of the U.S ,A. Tht' people <Ire bring dis-reputt.' upon our arm e <I lor Intereste stu ents, wuh per orm­ ~ ~ int.. r~st~d in America, whose leader- forc es a nd nation, General Mark Clark f'l'S workin g singly and in HnaH groups, ~ ~ :!hip, alth ough wme [('sent it, is nee-I altributt,s a lot of this to tht: large SENIOR CLASS ~ ~ " Mar)' . percentage of men with grade school Se niors held their fir~t class meet- § ~ Hard to Generalize llIenlairtles, Iing last Tuesday night, October 1. to § 11802 PACIFIC AVENUE 'PHONE LE. 7-710 § To go beyvud this point and speak These are. a few ,of the impressions orga~iz(' \:arious commi~tees for ~he ~ ~ C' f E.uropean thought in general is wc as Amencans give the Europeans; year s proJ ects. The takIng of semor § ~ pr rurally impossibl.., bu t I feel . £c- b u t 0 f cou r S', ( th~, I'eal dfeets of these c Iass P!C . t ' d, ~.."".".,.,.".,.,.",.",.,." .,."".,.,."""."""",.,."".,.,."",.,.,.""".".,.,.,~~S . . ur('si wasd a so !Scusse ('ur,. In 5:1.)" nl< that 3 pro-AmerI(,an imprrssions are not so obvious, but opinion is dominan t, will brcomr cvident only through !he I I orn.e n·rd. however, that ~ome of I passing of time, Questions Made Me Think , . and (I the r S like lh.C'm were tltrown at me on several • asions th.iJ; summer by inquisitive Europ,.s ns, T hey made me stop and think and also realize how little I l.oow about the "hows and whys" of Ul)' own government and cOllntry'~ Thr~c qu (~s tlOns

I /1






ermu as




?"_,,.,nr,,,.,,,,,,.,.1""""";:;;-;""''''''''''''''''''';'''''''';'',."""" .,"',.'.~ Lute Ey

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~ The saying goes that anything COn­ ~ trov('rsial is news. Well, is there any­ ~ thing more controvt'rsial than Ber­ § muda shorts? Here art some campus ~ opinions on this national issue: § Jim Johnson: "Being a n ownrr, I ~ have to support them," ~ Tom Gilmer: "Well, th<:y'rc difft:r­

w hile have


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rosh P t: lassm n n allot:

Marie P eter s Heads Cast for ("Duley'

Song Leaders Are

Chosen Tuesday

Altpeter, Carlson, Helgren, Jondall . Le nn in g S omir. it ted last W"dn eJliay t \'cning b .' th e freshm a n cla~; for its cia.! Rita Altpeter. Denna Carlson. Grace Helgren, harmain Jon­ following people, who daB ilnd L or tla Lennin 5.; weI j udg\::d to be t.h h igh-stepping " ill JJ (' ,"oted upon 00 "Vednes d ay, '5 7-' 58 song leader a fter~rr y uts held Tu sday n igh t in eB-ZOO R n Hvlland, band presiden t. brought toge ther a few of the Octubtr 16: . . President: Bob G ro, _, P a ul Eri c~, band m..mbc.-rs to provide music for '" J crry 'ieh roe I:, Y\' ar n :n W illis, a nd I th o song leade r (" ' ndid ,lttc:<. f hc Jud .'- T hon lI<on Jan Snyd. r, J!lCklr BJom' il1g commi , t L.m p<.lstu f fo ur f:le- Sl n alld J oan T ou5h· '. Art Ell ic b on. 'arkne Cinrison , ,licki .\ndt"rson. Vice-president : D a I e P reun inger, ult ) me mbers and five' tudt-nLl. )( vi(·",...d t hl' c-i rls frolr i: OO I I) 9:00 J o Mn R Qh c . ugh, I. r Ann SIV:.n:on, Ron Soilll' ., K a th y Knu Lson, T ed John­ p.m., cOlingCth~m on a paint syS lI:m. K a y J nhmton Bird, Sltirky stone, T ed K essel, a nd L a rry Towc. J ud (:,. wcr ~ M IS .'\ nn.' K nudso n, C nstoph('r;OD, ."hrin!!" J ull<: Secretary : M eg U lson, Na ncy Gun­ Dr. R. Bva rd F ri ta , Mr. ordo Gil- R en haTd. J oy Nd;o!\, u r r$.':, ~lld de rson, M arie P ette n, Betty PatH-non , be rtsOI~, Mr. Th fcodorr Karl, Dave Pa ttIe Bf'T, ' J an( \ C hristo, a d Ard is Arn:stron g. Xnu iwn , M a r. arC' t Eva nson, D ana I Firs t p t'rformancc for Ih. t:i Is will Treasurer: C raig J uhn son, :-; (> r m Turcott, J ( r r . Bn 'm' ; nd \fanlyn I br.: al Pacili(', Lu th.:rtln's (:oIt hOnl<: Dah l, Dianne R osdahl, T ed B('rry, Forcl' . rootball gam,. whid is , gain!' C 'n­ M a rjorie Hu gh " a nd D ave Savage. tlal Wash ington 11 O ctObcl I~l . Those girh, besides th~ winnu s, ICC: 0 r So n C hristenson, J ackie Till: new song I ~adl r will be tlcl'ked Slat Er, L o ll i e Ihlenfeldt, an d Pa t who tri ed o ut W(, I'C : Jud y Bechtel, Jo out in swc::utcr, p un:h.'llled with UIOlll r Ar. n Apker, M a v i s E v er ett, Shari from the Stud rnt C undl. Student C ounc il: Dave G~ e nicke , "WHAT'S MY LI N E?" is the problem at h~nd a~ (from left to right) ~an L. a rr y G ..·ntry , Bar ba ra W ool y, P a ul T u rman, ass ista nt director; Miss Jane Smith, dire ctor; Rueben .;ahtl a~ En e-t:i Pauliw. Math ias a d Ca rol Go rdon Smith, a nd Marie Peters as Dulcy rehearse for the play, Duley, . , ,, , ,






}lr.· c'nling th

Hro. dway play, "Dul·

h du Ie iII5Ce

A nnounce d

y" a ;trt of th h omecom in g fl:s­ li\'i t iesi n !\ov he r . he play w I II hc presented on VOL. 35, NO.3 PARKLAND, WASH. OCTOBER 11 , 1957 Wr'unc$d:i y nn d Thursd ay, Novcmlx:r FRIDAY, NOV. 8: . . tJ od 7, at !! :3{) p .lll., and then on 8:00-Coronation of the Homecoming royalty In th e CMS. Saturday C\enIng of Homecoming a t 9 : DO-Pep rally led by th e cheerleaders about the traditio na l bonfire 8:00. AccOI di ng to Miss Smith th e at the Memorial gymnasium. lon.p,my is follows: 9: 3O--Coffee Hour for Alu ms . South Hall . Duky.. .. .... ... ........... Ma ric Pete rs ( Fr. ) SATURDAY, NOV. 9 : (; ordun Smith ........ Ru eb<::n L aht i (Jr. ) 9 :Oo.-Powderpuff Bowl with the uppercl ass women pitted a gainst th e Wilham P arke r.. .... .. Bili Hanna (So.) frosh on the lower campus gridiron. Handsome Harry crown ed T his SUnil. ' t 6 :00 p.m. in CB- ~OO Dr. W alt r chn:lf.kenbcrp:, P L L. R I r Forbcs..... .R ollic Wolff (Fr. ) at ha lf·time. the gue t spc:a l.rr at tht' Lu theral Student .>\!Isoda­ histOT) p rofessor, will M· . F OI b. s.......... . ..... Joy Price (Fr. ) 10: 00-Homecoming Parade, beginning on Ga rfield S reet, to down· ti mt ' " N II' t tin~ f 'h schoo r . y , .Ma\;~ ~Y' 1<: (So . ) town T acoma. D r. Sehullckt'u ber!,( ",cen t y re tu rned from Eu rope where lit! :!pCJI ~ the 12:DO-Ga m ma Chapter Luncheon. . ~ 5U mm tl' m n th~ a<- the. I('ad r of a study g roup of students from mnny LII­ S 'hu\)c Van D yke . .L. h 'erson (F r .) , om ~t..rnt.. . . .... ... ... .Joe Smith (F r. ) 1·3o.-Homecoming game at Lincoln Bowl. The P LC Gladiators verSus j tl II tit h lit th ~ll'O . leran LO l' I!C'5 rou 0 ' e n.. n , Whitworth College Pirates. .. ' • Ik ' l be "T h M " f h 'inc"I1 t L ...a,:h .. C huck Donhowt ( Sr, ) Blair Pa tt' r ' un .... Bruct M esrord (Sr.) . T.h~. top IC of D r . ~cl!.na(·ke nb:rg s ta .. ", . I 5:30-Alumni Supper in CB·200. Price will be $1.00. ~~I()~ n II co ' th e CMS . Ch urt' n,' T r purpose hiS talk Will be t d ISrn..t£S the rolt oj t Ie Chute 1­ Henry L\'le Pt'arson (·Sa ) 8'DO-The S peech Departmen t ' s presen t a t'I on 0 f "D U Icy II In . ...-.. ........ ..... . ' .

. .In CB . 200. in the world, in /Imeri ca, and on thr ollt'j((' mpus , • s' t Di n: tor. ... ..J anet Turman ( So. ) 9:. 3o.-A !umm. receptIon F 11 wi g Dr. Sch nackenbc rg' s speech the au d i e~ ce will b r ak up into Sla~c T ce ni cian... .Tom Rorstad (So,) SUNDAY. NOV. 10 : Ekclricia n . ...... .........Ca rl Muhr (So,) 11 :DO-Homecoming Service in the CMS , led by co llege pastor , Rev. ix d i ~ ( us'i ()~ grou p so tha t the stud(,nts ca n ,'xam lllc and (i< t.. rmlnt' !h,' Faculty -\dvi sor .Dr. V c rnon U tzin ger R. W. Lutnes. Music will be prov ided by t he S t ud ent Congre­ rolr- of the Ch ulch for tht.oITls('h (;,s. Tech. D ircc to r. ..... Mr. Eric Nordha lm gation Choir and the Choir of the West.

T he foll owing students haW' bt't"n r losen as d isc uision lc.'i en: D av, 2:00-0pen Hou se in all t he dorms.

Gaeni ck", T ed Johnstone, K a thy Knut,cm, Bob L a rson, Be\' Swan on, and - I -----­ T om - -d~on. Sh( ila Knutsm will op~n th e eeting with de\' tioll l. l



North HaII GaIs h LSA Retreat A WS Style S ow ·

EIect Offleers. ITo ' Be Oct. 25.26 D·ISP Iays Fas h·Ion St u d en t Congress t 0 Mee t 0 t b e 26 0 n PLC Ca m p usc 0 r T ht mer tin!!, will be followed b y a twenty-five em! lun h .

R ccr:nl u cc t illnsfour.d thdolluwmg virls d l·l:.ted to the offi ces or North . . H all donnl tory for the eorrn n~ year: P rr)1'd t'nt. Ba r b ara 5 tu hi ml'11 er; ve(;p, Carol Pfao.nckucht n · sec retary Ruth ry ' g ' wing chairm~n, Tell' Boveng, SIUU'lI/'1 abo, D ian e Newsham, Gunnil!

, .I "Born to St' rv e" WIll be the th eme . . . , .j . f th LSA a nn ual area r l.'tJ'eat to b P a n flc Lutn cra n tudent s \.cwed 0 e . . h. eld Oc tobe r 25 and 26 at Luthcrland , . . ca mpus . fash iOns on pa rad, lMt Fnday . en-mn g a t the a n n u a I ASSOCIated Th ,. nin th annual Student o ngr(,5S for high school stullt-nl of WoUh­ Bible Ca mp. Students from the versity of ~ashington, CPS, Central, ! WOTIlL n Stude) 1.5' <t\ It' how, "Show­ in ~ton a nd O regon, spomored by Pi K appa D elta, will can... /'Ie 1>n PL '6 and PLC Will att'nd. I boat.' " Ft'a tu r"d W([t IDc n and wom- ca mpus on Saturday, October 26.

Um- I

I..aci5tcin, JackIe Bjornsen, and Lois An opening mixer, Bible stud y, key· >\nd erson' :oc' ial co-chairmen, D dort'--\ nOI" address a n C h ristian vocations, '£ms and Sheri Thorvildson ; publicity discussion groups, rec reation, M om· ha.i m lan, Rosemary Cerny. lIlg Mat ins a nd Evc ning V espers w:ll - -- - -- - -. - - ­ I be hi, g h ligh ts uf the rc t rta t . ~ ., 0 Lutes The cos t is S3.00 This includes reg· d . t ra t'1011 f("e, th re ·1 rst eetl ng u es ay " .Ineals a nd o ..• t rIS :· Fint meet ing of Lady Lutes will be night lodf'i n!-', . Reg·istration muo t be htld O ctobe r IS, 1957, a t 8 p.m., in completed by Su nd ay, Octoocr 2 . the South H all Loun ge. All PLC wive's and wives of PLC stu d ents a re All PLC students are invited to at­ tend . in\' it to a ttend .

La dY



W II H Id . T

Artist Series Begins November 5 ' illi W an g, French pa ntom imist Iras all ove r th" na tion anti in many aDd comcow enne, will be p resented for parts of the world.

tht: !iNt progrtlI n in the ' 5 7-' 58 PLC Student Art ist Series. She will ap pear on campus 1 llt:ltd ay, November 5, III ber [lrst SUI tllw st n.ppen.rn ncc. Luboshutz and :'IIemen hoff, one of Amaiea', tap due t tt:s.m~ , will 11<0 tho:: ~ccond ullrnction on December 5. Pkrn: Luho~hutz and Gl'nia • /em ­ nhoff (Mrs. LUUo~huu in prl... k life) ha\(' appeared with symphony a rches-

The Seattle Symphony Orchestra , under the ba ton of Milton K a tims, will bl: the th ird attraction of th e art­ i ·t series. This fi ne mu sical orgnn i ­ tion neetls no introduction in t he Se­ atlle-Tacom a a rt·a. A ,;onc",r t by M .. ttiwilda D obbs, colorntum soprano, will of tht' ~crit::$ presented on

the finale Mar~ 18.

Students of ma ny hi~h sch ools have becn in\'l ted to participa te in th IS ongn ss, wi icl i, 5(1 up according 10 th<: ~Iandards of the Tnited StatC:5 u iJ . . .. Con!!",ss. Bill. ill be prescn tl d bv the rep rese nta tives. a nd scnat rs. T hl' I illl: "Th e (!utht ~ moul!t.u by th( fe llows will LI:' d e teu and \ cd <7. in commi ttee, in the smatc a nd hom .., a nd io an d the girls \\rill help c vc rv Ftudcnt . , . J tJm l Sr S10n . at PLC to know exactl y wha t IS III Aerord in !l to D on D ouglas, ge nn al chairma n, a noted public ,,(ficinl of stvle and wha t to wear to p articula r Stall' will de·liver the State of the r nion addrt'ss at the fil'!t <1ctivitit's," sta tt'd Dcnnis Troedson, W ashin ...[on ... co-cha irm a n, when qu 'stionpd abollt joint , esUon. the show. H e a lso sta ted tha t thcTe T e Stude nt ongre; s is an f \·ent a lmost entirely organizec a nd d irected ,"• ,," s ,", lot o·f interes t shown in the by stud Ilts of PLC. _ _____ ._ _ __ _ .__ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ I . b d sty I! re,rIew y stu ents. ln ' styles fllr

C'\ ery 01'

:t$iQn on cam­


. . ..

M odeh , pil'kt"d at ra ndom, wore th(,ir own clothes . Fi\'e m en student s add ed va ria tion to the show with se\"­ e ral musical numbct's. Al O Stloot sa ng "Aut umn Leaves" for tht' fall season ; for the formal win t ~r montha, J ohn Olson sang " orne En chant d E e­ nin!!,." The infurmal sprinq: months brought Ted M eyers on .Iage . ingi ng " Isl; lId iTI tht Su ," wlJi le, Darryl :lnd Denni Tro«:d50u acC'omp nnir n the­ bon o d runu. USE THE CROSSWALKS

PLC Board of Trustees Will Convene Tilursday Thursd ay, ( nob! r J 7, PLC" $ (". mpus will be 'uited by n inctclfi 1D<"mbcn . of !l,t Pacific L utheran Oll·gr B I'd f T rustees. T his g roup's fall mcetin~ is scheduled to begm a t 9 a.m. in t he Faculty L ounge. In CU B. Ml:mbcr.s w ill attrnc1 morning r hapel exerci~tB as a group, { Uowi ng: wh.ich Ul( Y WIll th( r for a ( ofk hour. L unch will be served for them al 12:+5 in the smaIl d ining foom. -\ mOJ'gasbord has be n pl ..nnrd for the board for thl' evening . I :30 in the D B. At this lim!' board m!'rnbrrs and tht:ir wives ,ill entertain the fll<:ult~ and wil" of PLC.

Page T wo


F riday. Oc tob er 11. 1957

Campus Draws Students From Around the World

Due for Decision WHA T"S THE BIG IDEA? It 's JU over but the shouting. After two weeks of announce· ments, lryo uts, interest and elections, the new yell staff has jumped mto action. Now at the Gladiator athletic ~ vents 'four ch 'cr leaders c:l n be seen ... come to think of it, why four cheer-

How far did you fDrne to get your C".. ilia Hu, whose original nam,~ in I al affairs and w It a t is happening college education ~ Did you know tha t Chine~c is Cissy( mea ning a 'i!ld of th rollljhout the- world , \,' r day. Wh,.n leaders~ we hav stuci 'nts who have como.: from a ncient Chinesc musical instrumen l) , as krd what he thou ght thro bigl{l's t dif · Nl!ver before has PLC had so many students, and it might tht: other si de of th.' l:arth to go to is a nother one of our forcign stud~nts. [errnce bctwren K o n'a a nd Ameol I be safe to ay, never before has such a host tried out for the .:heer­ PLC? One of these students is Petn Cominl:( from her home in Hong is, he repli ed, "I think it is the wa) h.'.ad~r posil io ns. Du,ring the short rime between thl.' announcement Wong, who finished his sophomore Kong, onc of the most important com- .-,f living, in that in K o n'a we a.r of uyoucs ;l nd final elections, :;ome of the:;e many students, plus year at Tung-hai Un iw rsity in Taiwar., I mercial ccnters in the Far East, Cecilia ' still li\·in..,. under th... . Id'tn di ional studen t body officers and cheer-leader candidates, suggested that Formosa. is attending PLC to major in mus~c. r' ustmTlS of strict folkway. But, o n thePLC grown large enough to merit six leaders. But that was Peter travcltd to America a nd is As a freshman, two of her hobbles contrary, in .\merica most of th e pto­ .I week ago . now attendin,.f PLC as a junior major· arc playing the piano and drawing pk lin' at their own ways and al their H owever good or useless the idea of six leaders, the time nec­ in g in physics. When questioned about dolls. She had her seventeenth birth- own intf'rf'sts. It is that idea of Jrce-­ essary for a constitutional amend men t rUl:d our any election hi~ childlife, Peter replied, "1 was day on the plane when flying over dom." chang ' an d now the new lea.ders are busy With routtn;s: St.~denr ?orn in Chcfoo, a (:ity in North ?hina, here from H~ng Kong.. Coun ci l ~as gone on to o.ther matters, and students ar~ c:onlccned 1111 1937. B"caus l: of the aggressIOn of After leavmc; h er home m Hau gC- I~J. vlth their regular work. the Chinese Communists a little while sund, a town on the west coast of . '~~7 Ti~ e will pass, a,nother ye~l lea~~r election ~vill roll aroun~; ,aftt'r thc bell toll,.d the victory of Norway, Kari Melkivik has come to and .a g a ll1 someone Will get ~~e, Idea, Why not SIX cheerl:ade~s , World War II, my childhood was study at PLC as a junior. The main I ----l , gam the answer Will be, It s too late to change the I.onstltu- spent under \"... ry unstable and change· reason she chose PLC was because of lion. " . able circumstances. First my family a recommendation of an American . P erbaps the issu~ will cC?me to.J head v~ry soon. What ~o you moved to Hong Kon g and threc years cultural attache in Oslo. Serving PLC. , tblnk? Should PLC have lour, five , or SIX cbeer-leaders. lat er to Taiwan, Formosa. ! Because she wants to g-o to under- through Chnsttan I







Over Rour Score · In · PiLTC Ch orus Slng



An cncrg<"tic, strong-willed, and developed countries and do social use of free press. sf'lf·confident student, he hopes that work, or else work amon,g the youth ! he ca n su cceed in whatever h e tri t"s in Norway, she is majoring' in sociol­ to do. og y and minoring in psychology. Some News Editor..................Hcrb Dempsey Reporte rs : Teddl Gulhauge n, Barb of the hobbies whi ch she hopes t o ,:onStuhlmiller, Jack Holl, Barbara

PI ayer S ees


I'tinuc whilc attending PLC are sk iing, sbting, swimming, fi shing, and mountain climbing. d' E r hr·· t f· /ter stu yrng "n~ IS It' la ure 01 ~wo years ~t Kol ~ok College of Seoul { I!l the capItal of Korr'a , Dou.c; S . Hou I has come to PLC as a j'unior to maj'or inIJoliticalsci.. nc(' . In February of 1956 he left his par(' nts and broth er and sister in Seoul

Fros h Prof I ''\' ,

\ Valk by t h ~ band room any week day dLlfi ll.!{ n m th period a nd you are bound to he r the 9 t PLC Concert C horus m,~mbers pcrfec ting some of. " th,. musk unde-r the dir~ c tion a f Iva. R, lIyatd Fritts, or first importance to the chorus i~ it p"rfonnance at t.he newly b uilt

Lynn W a ltns, First Alto: M a ry Ann Bayne. R ose'­ mary Cerny, Earleen Ed berg, J a n!': t As I was strollin/; throu gh the gym . Fyi I'm g, A qll a rtn a fter thrc~ , Emilson, Patti Finn, SylVia Twila ""1" ,,,1 lts, Al11ta G rege rse n, B ar b ara I rt'ally had to stop and look Gron ke. Anita liillesland, Lou i SCAt what's a head of me. Kra a bd, lon e Rodne, Beverly Swa n· , .• . son, and Diane Wicklund. I N ow usually girls don t laze Ine much. Take' m or kt " m Ix C"flttill I~uthera n Churc~l in T~coma Sce~nd. Alto: Lois _A nders,on,. Ja~et . :, , : ': ,.,' pr' as a pJ.rt (.If the reformatIOn Srrvlce to AU5t, Sal It BIe rman, Carol Conti, Lm- , But thts. [ute httl'. fr..,hman h . ( 1)(' "rid on Sunday, October 27. da E,,~finge,.,. Bett y .. Gahrin. g, ~ ,. . arta Was qUite somethmg to sct'. . " G ayc- H ugT h t s, C a I 0 I 'N·I l'utu r/' plans for the singers include H au,,!., " son, Now I'm a man I play football CUTi~tmas concI-rts, a presentation at Delores Nims . And 'I just thou g'h t I'd b e '

to come to Ameri ca to study. His bro. the r is now srrving in the Korean ,. .. Army and hiS sIster IS a tcndmt; Ehow "'omen's l..; niversity in Seoul. Dou g' s chid int ('r"st is int"rnation-




C,"nderella Flees Ha II a t M"d " hI • n'9 !

thL' ucdica tion of Central Luthe.ran, First Bass: Ragner B ens on, Bob R eal good 10 h" r, ~o I walked up and of niuLh inte rest to ma ny. a n orig- Erickson, Kenneth Garnb, Frank Han- To let th.., g'irl meet me. inal chorus-opaa being written for son, :\-filton Jet"r, Gordon Lewisan,·., . I " ".,' thc PLC h orus by Thomas Canni ng, 'I Dave: Lund e, Bill Ormc, Richard Pa~k, " HellO; I sa, ,~.I, pal: scz she . , noll.'d from New York . Dick Peterson, Byron Sehner, MIlo I pia) football, sez In!.. Th I k t k 'd ' ht d C' "GI d " h' red f' C OC S ru e ml OIl\' an tn· Voic!:s i n the Chorus are: Scherer, J ames Von Schriltz, Wendell a to mee t you, s t: rep L , d II' fl d . t th d k . h t a d • ., . ' , . . . . "You sec I teach P.E ." e ar OIg n ere a e tn 0 F lTst Soprano: Martlyn Belse, s a n'j Stakkestad, Jam e s Stewalt, Gary was gone! d D ibbl.c, .Sandra F.l'eishimc, Linda Strpmnu:, Jay Tronsdale, and Carl I More than one person h al mistaken C·m d ere II a h a d \." . . .. ajestt c ucen ru I'mg Sonuncr.t, Diana Fuller, Nancy Iver- I Zlllgier. ' PLC's new ph)'sieal education teacher a II wee k' f rom h er th cone In . th cIobb y ~O!l, and r a ~ucas, Sue ~[andeen, Second Bass: Paul Aasen, Ro~ert Miss Helen En ge r, for a noth er student, I of South Hall (previously captured 1 helma Nelson, Sharon Omdal, Verna .Aust , Dick Ballew, Frank Ba rrll'CI tel', so this football n 'cdn't fed f rom h ,' r k''mgd om S t.orage room for . pla}'rt· ­ R obinwn. and Beverly Severeid. I Neil Ber "ner, Dan Benson, Don Brewe r, alone . h · · d ' t' - Ho c omecomtng ccora IOnS). er v rSecond Soprano: E\lcn Brewer, Del- Donald Etzel, Ronald Ho, T ed JohnAs a PLC g radua te, she knows hcr whelming beauty radiated throughout la D o ~ndDff, Ddoris Engen, Virginia stone, Robe,rt Larson, Blayne Pnkth, way around the campus. She wa5 a. Lutcvillc until it weakened, horror of K ildst:u:l, Arlette Knudsen, Bctty Mu- and Gary 10kstad. , songs ter in thc Choir of the West at h orrors, the stronger sex. seus, Diane Newsham, M~rilyn Nick-I Tenors:. Roge~' ::nderson:. Spence r the time new r~~rs were purchased, At exactly midnight Saturday night, dll'n, Ba~bara Olsen,. Jul~t" Rt"nha~d, I Aust.' D:vld Gat.!lIcke, Clate L edum, and on the ChOir s a nnual tour, that October 5, the "Ivy League" marched ! antt R Clenon, Ros.aite Siercks, MI~-I DaVId Ndson, V,lctor, Bob 01­ year throu gh the midwest, she man­ up th... h ill to South Hall and seized ram StOOl, Judy Tnnncr, Jean Trzll, son, Jerry Poencet, Dick ~tedtfdd. aged to ,get sick only once. A few th e ir idol of majestic supreme.




Formica -


PARKLAND HARDWARE Glass Installafion 1215t and Pacific Avenue

Pipe Cutting and Threading

Phone LE. 7-3171



See the Choice of Stones Jon Soin..





Following h er last year at PLC, duri n g which she was Homecoming Princess, she tOl) up gradua te studies ,' at the University of W ashington. Now, back to her old stomping .I\'rounds, she's a teacher ins tead of a student, and th... reason football players turn g ray.



528 Garfield St.





PHONE LE. 7'()2.56



Cil'c:ulwtion .......................... P a.tii Fhm

'Published Fridays of t?~ school years by ,tudrnts of PLC, at P a rkland, \'Va.hingt-on.

Office: College Union Building.

Phone LEnox 7-8611, Ext. 41. 5ubsc.ription price $3.00 per year.


8 a .m_ to 8 p .m. I



Paradise BOWL

Fully Automatic



Tuesday - All Evening

Wednesday - affer 9 p.m .

Friday - All Evening

Flowers for All O ccasions 12173 Paci fic Ave. ( Foot of Garfield)

LE. 7·7863 We Deli ver



THE CHURCH IS ON THE MARCH! Wanted: Men of faith and real stuff to heed God ' s ca l l and to prepare for His ministry on the West Coast. THE SEVENTH ACAD EMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 19 58

Charles B.

Enjoy That "PLUS" Service MARV TOMMERVIK'S


10707 Pacific Ave. Tacoma

A member of the Fou rth Estate, she " too much "Ivy" from the coverings of wrote fo: the Mooring Mast and th eir little h~ll. And .please keep her : Phone LE. 7-6012 worked With Mr. JellS Knud sen o n !.he I' out of thc ram, .. pamt runs! I 1950 stude.nt h n dbook.

PARKLAND GRILL Standard Heating Oils -. Heating Equipment Heating Service

Die k Fisher, TOO't.'Ii& \VE'tter. I' Feature Edito~ ...... Marilyn D <;> naldso n ~ 0 r m a CunD!tngha m , , Heporter's: Gina Jon es, Solveig Lemas. J oey Danielson, Larry Johnson. 'Sports Editor.. ..... ... ... .......Gene Hapala Re"orters: J i m Ki-ttelsby, La r r y t' (;'entry, Tim W yndham, Ha r ry Sannerud, Doug .Marttala. I ' f Typ 'st ............ ............ Laurr ~ Beecro t

1B ' ;\:Ia "M Lo E lIsmess ,, ' nage r .. ' sry u ngen Ad Solie.i,torg: Rod P a,Her &o ,:, Lois Anderson, Tom CurtiS, JanIce EnI gen, Lenn ea Os manberg, Linda Scharf. Bookkeeper......................Carol Hou5€1


A mist of gloom has se ttled over otha organizations she belonged to were the Vikin g Club, Phi D elta Kap­ South Hall; not just lonesomeness pa, and Future Teachers of Ame rica a lonr, but fear that C inderdla w ill (now called SNEA ). turn green if the "League" feeds her

MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


I. Isaaeson,

I I '[' .


Paint - Plumbing - Roofing Kirsch Rods - Window Shades





- -- --




Ph .D., Presidenl

2770 Marin Ave nue, Berkeley B, Calif.

Friday, O ctober 1 t , 1957


P a ge T hree


ladiators Meet Pacific U. Squad Tomorrow Night

---------GRID STATS P.i). Hosts Lutes I For Practice Tilt


EVERGREEN CONFERENCE W L T PF PA P o d ic Luth . __ __ _. 1 0 0 26 0 We te rn Wash.__ __ 1 0 0 20 13 Pug t So und ________ O 0 7 7 Ea,te rn W ash .• __ __ 0 0 1 7 7 cn tra l Wash. ____ 0 0 0 0 0 Whitwo rth .______ 0 13 20 Brit. C olum ______ .0 0 26


R esu lts Saturday Paei fic Luth eran 26, UBC O. PS 7, E aste rn Wash . 7 ( tie ) . Wr:st. W ash . 20, Whitworth 13 . Games This Saturday Wt:st. Wash. at Puget Sound, 1:30 Pac. Luth . at Pac. Univ. 8 p .m. (Non-conference ) Whitworth at C entral Washington East. Wash. a t British Columbia .

Intramural Grid Action Continues The Lute sixty yard turfs have been burnin g- up under the fee t of the PLC touch gridders . The second round of th e intramural foo tl II season has evi­ denced some ve ry tactica l tra teg y on the part of the intra mura l pigskin cngillcr:rs. On O ctobe r 3 Jim Haaland led the D ejardine's to a 12-0 victory over the third il001" Old M a in club. H aaland carried for one TD and passed to Dick Focgc for the other . On the pa ra llel field Clover Creek over pow­ cred Ta coma 12-0. Jerry Curtis threw to Lt:O Eliason and T ed Berry for the CC scores_ Slattum Leads Attack Turf No. I is still sizzling from the hot fee t trails of Don Sla ttum on O c­ tober 4. Gallopin' Don carried for





,~- - - -- - - -- - - - - - ­

In a final tune-up bdore matchin g ., alT having cud and lineba cke r prob­ forc es with the eonCt-renct: powers, the lems, Harshman commended the sec ­ PLC Gladiators travel south of th e lond string bal~ kfidd on the ir play in border to ta ngle with Pacific. univcr-I tht: UBC game . sity at Forest Grove, Orego n, tomor­ A new addition to the team is Keith row at 8:00 p .m . Creely, a fullback-linebacker, who Gladiator g rid strategists don't turned out J\![onday. know what to expect from the Oregon The Lutes expect to be in good GEORGE FISHER ( 42) SCORES in the second quarter of the Gladiator­ school, since no advan ce scouting was physi cal shap.: for the coming en ecun- Thunderbird football game at Lincoln Bowl last Saturday night. Other don t·. Th e Congregational-ow ned tl:'r, with the c:.xception of halfback Lutes seen in on the action are Jim Capelli (50) and Dennis Rodin ( 80) . school of 550 enrollme nt ha, a fin e John Mitchell and guard Jim Capelli 1 1- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : coach in Paul Stagg, son oi Amos ~Iitchell h as b.-en laid up with the flu I Alonzo Stagg, the dean of American and may not sec action and Capelli football coaches. So Pacific U. should will definitely be in the grandstand not be lackinS' in strateg y. wh en the starting whistle blows. The by EUGENE HAPALA Even Record Made doc tors have: ordcred hilll to star off This will be the rubber game in a his injur..d left k g for the remainder We don' t know what th e officia l attendance for last week's PLC-UBC rivalry that goes back to the pre-war of this wee k. yt:a rs of 1939 and 1940. In 1949 the PLC 's Lutes ra llied for two touch­ football game was, but it wa s far under the expec tations of this d f' partmc:nt. rivalry was resumed and continued downs in th ~ third period last Satur­ Aft.-r th" Lutes' 7 to 6 upsct vi ctory ove r CPS tht: week before we expe cted until last yea r. Each tea m has won day ni ght after a slow sta rt against to sec a largl' turnout of both stude nts and local fan s. We- have att(' mpted to find out wh (' re th e- studclIts we re, and it four games, with one ending in a tic. the fired-up Uni ve rsity of British Co­ Previous scores w ere Lutes 14-1 3, 26-6, lumbia Thunderbirds at Lincoln Bowl, brou ght up a problem that we repo rted at Tuesd ay' s Studen t C ounCIl m" t­ 20-20, 19-0. 12-20, 25-33, 6-19.26-16, a nd then sco red again in the fina l ing. The a nsw..,. most oitt' n rt'ce i\'ed when qu estio nin g the studc:-nts.u " a nd 0-13. sta nza to win the ir opening confer­ why th ey had not attend ed th e game was tha t th ey didn' t have tr:1n~'pona­ tion . This p ro bkm nl't'd ~ to be w Ive d now. P.U. H~ 1-2 Record

e nce game 26-0. I The Lutes boast a 20 record for' The undrrdog' Thundcrbirds twld SOME PAY BUT CAN'T GO the season to dalr, while Paciiic is th ... Lutes scorekss in the first quar­ . 1-2, bowing to Chico State ,16-7 and t<-r, but early in tht: second peri c)d I W e, as the ASSOCIated Students of Pac ific Lutheran College, a ll <-ontrlb· thl' Seattle Ramblers, 26-7 , a nd post­ George Fisher plunged over the g 0 3 1 ute to the lany l'. tra -curricula r aetivties throug h our student activity . rd. ing a 25 to 18 vi c tory over P ortla nd from the fiv e-yard line to score the :md other lees, so as to be a ble to compete in or witness a worthwhile: g".lm.., State. Lutes' initia l touchdown. conce rt, or pla y. Yet, we find tha t many of our fellow students are bein ~ Lute Coach i\larv Harshman COOl­ Tommy Gilmer's drop-ki ck made negle cted bcca use of lack of transport a tion. mented that Pacific teams of the past the scort' 7 to 0 a t the half. Lute Our a thktic teams a re not sponsored for the cnjoyn ll'nl of the lcarn have been strong offensively with good g uard Orson Christe nson t3i1ied th,. members alone. It is your, and mint', and your roommate's team a bo , It I passing and speed. Under Stagg, .'u~y second Lute TD when he fell on a canOt set: a gaUlt:, I feel cheated. So it is with the students that do not havc han been known to run out of as blocked kick in the third quarter and transportation . many as five formatiom in a game. Tommy Gilmer posted the third score PROBLEM HAS B.EEN OPENED UP D es pite th e one-sided win over U BC , in the same stanza on a paS$ from It was the effort of this department to pose this problem to a mem­ Hanhman felt tha t the line play was quarterback John Jacobson. PLC fin­ ber of the Student Council in hopes of remedying the plight of the many less effecti\'(: than in tht:: open: ng ished their scoring par a d e in tht' students who cannot attend the games because of a transportation prob­ game. The centel- of the line h as fourth quart!"r on a pass from Jacob­ lem. Something can surely be worked out to the benefit of all for this looked good, but, Harsh says, the Lutes son to end Lou Blassi. season, but let us propose a remedy for seasons to cODle:





HOW ABOUT OUR OWN FIELD? Wouldn't it be great to play the horne football and baseball games here on the present field we have, and include in the plans an adequate baseball field? We already have the available land, but it needs to be railed and sloped to provide drainage.


A-Ids Football Squad

With Sparkling Up-Front Play

three TD's of the 48 points collected by fourth floor Old Main as O.M.! bowled O\'l:r West Parkland 48-6. Neal Wehmer scored the lone 6 points for the Westerners. The III n of Ivy Hall One main factor in the early sea­ and the Tacomaites held tight to a son su ccess of th e Lute eleven this fall 0-0 d raw. has been the " cxplosive" play of M a rv Curtis C onnects Hanhlllan's rou gh ' n' tumble linemen. On O ctober 8, though in a drizzle, In turn, ont: of the key men in the Chuckin' Jerry Curtis connec ted with PLC forward wall has been guard Leo "Sticky Fing~ rs" Eliasori Jnd Jer­ Dick Goodwin. ry Viebach for the Clover Creek 12-0 Weigh ing an even 200 poun ds a nd win over th e Dejardinc's. Simultaneously J;]rrin' Jim Van towering 6 feet tall, Dick is returning Bt:ek sparkt'd Eastern Pa rkland in the for his second year as a Lute gridder. trouncin g of third floor Old Main Although he won all-conference hon­ 30·0. J im packed the pigskin for two on a t Shelton High School,Dick chose D's and passed for a third TD. to stay away from the gridiron during Glenn Campbell scored t w i c e and his fr eshma n yea r a t PLC.

The eost of renting Li.ncoln Bowl surely is not making PLC wealth y. L et uS look a t our cross-town CPS rivals. They have a re-built field this y r that has untold advantages. Just compare the number of fans at the ir ba ll game1 and our attenda nce last week. We venture to say they had twice the (' owd we had. We belie\'c that a new field could be built that would be an asset to thc PLC campus.

\Ve nt:e d not venture illto the thousands of dollars in cons truc tion cosu immediately, but propose a good turfed field with prm'isions made fo r u tiliza­ tion by the baseball and track teams as well as the footba ll team. T emporary bleach ers would suffi ce \111 til the cost of the field had been rDC and then plans for perm a nent bleache r facilities and iield lighting could be drawn up. But until thi s is donr., let us all tr y to see that the fellow across the ha ll has '-' ride to the game.


Lates t word that I ha\'c from th.. Student Council is that the p roj,-ct of setting up rid("s for everyone has bet'n turned ove r to t he ~ he r-Ir.ade~ and song-leaders.



Dave Be rntsen picked up the other Turning out for the squad last year ,:ou ntcr for th e Easterners . as a sophom ore, he soon found him-· self holdin g a. starting position a t I

Thirty Glads Enroll .gU;:~~cntlY, someone besides the PLC In Bowling Class I coa chin g staff was awa re of nick'$

Be sure to watch th e bu lle tin boa rd and the Mooring Mast (o r m ore information on tht' subject. And J ca n put in a plu g now tbat you (, 1J0w~ and gals wh o h ave cars, be read y to sha re rities and take a .n ! Id 10 our next homc .<;- ame.


. .

. I talent a gain st opposing lineme n, as h > fhlrt y students enrolled III the new- ! rece ived sec ond-team a ll-coni~: ren c ' ly formed bowlin 'g class which was' menlton . .III t h l' E " e rgree n C,on f . renee ' 1 • I . h tn ~ ot III t e gym area introduct>d Ihis semes ter as a re gulal' last y'a r. Thus fa r in th t: cur nt ea- . PLC s par.. I L _' f d d h P.E. c.l ,~ for thost: wh o h ave fulfilled son, Dick is living up to all cxpcc ta ­ lS present y uclllg rcsur ace an te '11 b e d ou ble d III ' SIze . by the ot WI rr-q ui red yea r of ph ysical cdu ca­ lions · d . . b I a n I~ provlllg to e one ot I he latt..r part of next week. I! Lutes' most depr ndable linemen. hon ac tivities. This wurk is being done in COll­ M .,f'ting once a week, the class goes j . , . ' B i d th I d h' , DIck s plans for the future ll.elude junction with tht: new county road t " P a ra.dlSe ow un r c ea en IP 'I elementary school teaehin !O( ulJon grad- that is now under construction in ' I d af • 1n. R h ocl a Younl{. P h YSlca e u-I . . t t d th th t ua tLOn from PLC . Gladiator fans ?lso I tlOn tn. . rue or, an . . 're . e s u- ho e that Dick' s lam includ e a n E,'­ front of the ' ym, and which will soon be re dy for p:wing. A face-liftin g job en ts recr-Ivc expt rt tra lJlUlg trom Mr. 1 p , p . . (j rd J - tr I th II a grecn Confere nce champLOnshlp for is a rso in store fo r the ground$ arouI\ on un~, IllS uc or a t c a e_y. l hi~ 'ear"; s ua u. Mon' s cllons of ,,,ling .lass WIll ) q h I' H a ll a nd t l (" olf course eI b­ be aclwdul next semesler if sum- - - - - -- - - ­ hOU5~, accordUlg to iafonnatio re· USE TH E CROSSW A. L KS . ,.i\.. from r. public relation QIIi ,. rit"lIt iutac: t a pp.n·n .

Parking Lot Doubled C

TWO FOR THREE We' re pa cking a .667 average after st:colld-gut'ssin g last w ~ck's ~l'Id re­ sults. Only the CPS-Eastern Washin gton 7 to 7 til spoiled ha' uthc-rwise would ~lave been :a pe rfect day. ~LC came out on top 2.6 to 0 (we predktt'd 27 to b ) and the hapless HuskIes took another drubbtng loUt week at the . . hands of th e Buckeyes from OhIO Sta tl', 35 to 7, ait..r we had pr..-dictcu a l'i . l to 7 Buckeyt: Yl ctory. , T h i s wl'ck we'll take PLC 19 to 14 a gainst the Paciri~ U niveflJi ty Bad g-­ trs . Th e Ba~ gc rs have failed to impress us, but the L u tcs w ill hn e to play ~ mo rt: inspired game than the y played last week to eke out a will.

! 1'


A d.-fini te In - of d rive was noted in the Lu lt' ..kven hut w -k a!O<lin5t th.' Thu nde rbi rd s ompa red to th e fi r d -ll p dub they were whcn lhey met Coli ·> of P ug.:t Sound. I look for thc Huskies to have sln th.. therr losing oSt!'-, to thn' :l fter a 2 1 to 14 loss to U e L, . PS will .uso have liut" t o ,' happy ahou t :Jfter II. 20 to 14 Ju. s to he WcstC-Tn Washln~ton V ikings. The "'Iun', po ted an i pr...i, .. v ir torr O\'er Whi tw rt ll \:tSl \w·,·k.


Pa ge Four


e e £h Harri e r d 8 To T ip

F ri d ay, October 11, 1957


by "Dick Bible r (Secon~

art.ide by larry

J~ h n.on,


hIS trip to Europe this summer).

HId k -, O\~' many anguages 0 you s ~a ' . If vou rc an avera !; Y\lun Amen can ,th; t qu estion lea,:ps y ou p u ttv cold ; b ut t h to aVl ra ge European ~tude nt wo uld a nswer with "two, three, or , four." Certa mly h e has a grr:a ter need for them because of th e meager size of his own count ry and th L limits of hi ~ own la n gua g' ". Also if ht· wishes to t1 avd or hold a good job h e must have a w0rkin g knowled,o;t- of two or more basic lan­ gu a~cs. It is not u nfam iliar, for c" em pll:', to hear a Swede a nd a F' rcn ch­ an p I a king En glish or G erman to­ gc·the r. En g:lish is bu ni' used mOI' C and m arc a~ a. un in:rsal lang uage in Wcst­ C1'n Europe wilh G erm a n :Ilw much taugh t and used .


I I "

P owder P llfE Start Train in '

Ihimself frantitall)

recalling ewry fol'eign word and p ile c he's ever heard in a film or r('"ad in a book for use . m a railroad stati on, restau r:lnt, 1>.uber sh op etc. ); at beine:: able to n,a <1 h eadlines concerning you r home stalt', 01' high ! way directions on' a confusin!; treet I art: frustrating expaiences, but it' s also fun, for instance, to try to read a Mickey Mou se comic in N orwegian. Forced to Learn " . . . . Trawhn li( n a auto- stop (hlt ch-hlkI I~g), ~o they say, I was lorced many times to karn words vcry fast and try to answ~ l" qll esti ?ns-:-u~ually the same. howewr , thus :;;lmphfym g" ma~ters. It was worse when I w:s a skm g the qu"'~1l0 ns and then trymg t understan d the a nswers.


Which Way Out? Scandinavians Proficient The Scandina"iam ar'" proficient :\n lxampk of this wa, the hour linguists; in ?\orway one out of four and a h alf I spent trying to fin d the people speak English. Th e Dutch a nd way out of Genoa, Italy, to tht road I G erma ns hold their own in this r e­ wanted.

Sp l'ct. too. Here again the F rench Pc.oplc Still Friendly ~how their notorious indifference, not But this langua ge ba rrier never held bothering much to encourage learning bac k th e fri endliness, hospita lity, a nd l a nguage~. Ita ly, too, and other south­ courtesy of the people. Everywherc, 1f1ft 1/ ern countries have a small percentag('" 1/ 'Yf!~ £ -76 help and direction were at hand, a nd = ---:-~. . -~----~~---"'=". . of English speaking people. - - - I readil y Jea rnI'd the value of askmg "Good morning, Professor Snarf!" English Prefer En ""Iish !questiOn> a nd trying to ask them in Strangely enough, the English, with a ny lan gu a ge-. their highly g raded education stand­ ards aren't especially good language peopl e. They seem to prefer French Follow thL mt ~rc stm g stories bei n g Are you a good listener? The aver­ the battk ," they say. "A good listener over German and their own En glish written by thuse PLC students who age per.on is only a "half listener." fi ghts distra ction. H e will dose a door ove: all, particularly over ollr Amcri- !toured Europe t hi s summer . Next . ,. w l't'k the M ooring Mast will publish Ln-n wht'n 111: t ries, he retains only .. . move closer to the person talk­ camzcd vetslOn . about SU pl'rr<'nt of what h e hea rs ing " . . in tnrupt only when it is Visitor !ries ~~membering . an article writtert by a noth er of these nece ssary to clear up a point. fhe Amf'DCan VISlia r soon fmds travelers. rjgh t after hc hears it. But there are adva ntages in being " O ne of the reasons for paying close ' - -­ ;a good listcner 5ay Dr. R alph G. attenti on is simply that it is courteous • • • •1!11• • • • • ~ 111[1• • • • Nichols and L eona rd A. Stevens of the to do so. But then~ is a selfish reason, IDivcrs ity of M innesota in a n Oetobel too. I n telligent listening on your part R eadcr ' D igest article, "Arc You Lis­ h elps th e speaker give you informa­ tenlng? ' It is m a terial from their hook of tbe same title being publish ed tion that yuu m ay ne f:'d . How you lis­

Plan wer drawlJ Lhis Wl"t k for the .Powd ..r p.uU I~lb~ g~ wlndl w,ll be h eld m onl un~t)on WIth the" H omecolmng festivities on -0­ .1111: u ,11




~o- ("hail lDm Ka ren K u uv'cn andAr­ I d clle Dunga h a YI ' na med Bub R oilto and ?\'ea l A rnstQn 10 coach rh~ F rom squ ad a nd R I!"er Ive on an d 11m V an Beek to h~ad th e Uppe r OJru;. " gir:Js.' · C oa ch Roil: o s ern ed h ighly optimistic of n. r ro~h w in when h e wa q ueric: this week. R oik o promises "som~ t hing diITer­ t' n! and tr ,cky" f r om the l' rosh, hil... l."pper Cla s~ ,o;lt h R oger I rson w a" worr} ing abeut t he poor ondition r hi squad . Iv! tson ,wd Va n Beck bo~ [0 t rim th ir p n sl' nt mammoth weight problem down by a con!:enlrated ef­ fort of m ore p ush-ups and k nl. ~Dds .


T he game is Fchedulcd for Satllr­ day mornin~ on lower campu. "hdorc; the Lutt;-Wh itworth game a t Lincoln B o w I. Following the Powd.,. P uff !!ru dge battlt·, the an nu al Frash - Soph ­ om ore tug-of-war will take lac, on I wcr campus.

IIBrigadoonll To ni~ht a t 8:00 p.m. in CB-200, "Briga doon," starring Van Johnson and Cyd Charisse, will be shown. Cost of admission to the event is 35c for: individuals and 50~ for coupl . The 1II0vie is being spon­ sored by T oa!.tlll<15ters_

How Are Your Ears?


by M cGraw-Hill "COlluntration


ten has a direct bearin g on what you morc than hall learn:'

lAURINAT'S Apparel


1!1•••• •••


We Outfit Co-eds


406 Garfie ld St.

L E. 7-5317


OPENI G SOON Look for the New

College Drive-In 123rd and Pacific

IGA FOODTOWN Complete Shopping Center






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Bucks -- Flats -- Oxfords

Opposite Parkland Post Offi ce

We Feature •..







With a Typewriter! See the new Royal or Smith-Corona AT THE


"In re this matter of Good Taste," said

Mr . Funk to his secretary, ''take a definition'"

"Taste: sensations ••. excited •.. by the ••• action of the gustatory nerves ..•"

"And add this," put in Mr. WagnaDs. "Taste:

the faculty of ••• appreciating the

beautiful. _."

"That," said Mr. Funk, "m aps it up. Mr.

Wagnal1s, will you join me in a Coca-Cola?"

"So good in taste ••."

"And - •• in such good taste!" SIGN . ) r 80Hled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by









ue n

Names Due Oct. 26 Saturda) . October 26, i; the deadline se-t by the Homecom ing Co-Ch ai rmen, Teddit' Gulhaugen and Karl Forsell, when all petitions for Homecomin g Qute n must be turned in, Every class, organization or donn on campu s has been invited to submit the, name of the; junior or senior girl they wish to n ominate, A petitiO! with fifty ~ignature s is required, along wi th $5.00 whi ch goes toward payin g for Homecomin g ex~nses. The co-chairmen, T eddi Gulha,uge:1l and K a rl Forsell, remi nd the groups

to \(.'Il 't th eir irl fo r brr h Ruly. pa is.., and p< rsona litv, The r- :trt: t.h< ('ss('ntial qualities fo ro H omecoming Q UI,(" n, AI J a td ine the only orjtllnization to have fil ed a petition w as Pi K app. D<:lla on behalf of their 3rtdldat,., 1Jan.. t Turman, More groups, re uCl!Td to parti'lipate in this import."l nt part of Homecominjl!, Petitions mu st he re­ turned to Teddi or Karl. Campaigning begins Monda)', 0 ­ tober 21, with prelimina ry votin g on October 29 and finals on O e toocr 30,

October 25th, 26th

Marks LSA Retreat

This year's LSA Area Rnreat w ill be held Friday nighr and Saturday. Ocrober 25 and 26. at Epworth Heights. Theme o f K nee lin g In front are the song girls (left to rlht): Rita Altpeter, Denna Carlson, L~retta Lenning, Grace the retrea t is "Born to Serve." through which emphasis will be H e lg ren a n d Charmain Jondall. Cheer leaders standing in back are (I. to r.) Linda Effinger, Roger Reep and on Chrl'stian vocarl·Ons. Jan et Au ,t. Cheerleader Joe Smith Is not pictured. , Mr. Vern Rcike. professor of law at the University of Wash­ ,

FAMI~IA~ FACES AT THIS YE~R'S a thletic .conte st;s will be the new cheer le a ders and song leaders. '

to, n, P astor Hu ltg ren, LSA Pastor ~Ir----------------. Ii atin gCPS, and Rt·v. R . W. Lutne~, PLC

Marienburg Will Be Site of Work Camp

Competition Begins On Handsome Harry

Student Congrega tion pasto r, will be' featured speakers. j


Bound for FraI,cc and a four-we ek pe riod of concentra ted work and study lin t ~llInmer will be 16 college youths from six Lutheran culkg<:s thrOUgh- I out Am... rica . Their dcsi nation will be lh e E van gelical Luthaa n Church's VOL. 35, NO.4 Intt rnati onal Work Camp, at M arien-



It's almost homecoming tim e a gain, and time for each camp uJ organization to sponso r a Hand· some Harry candidate.

Students from CPS, University (,f Washington, Centra l and PLC w ill join togeth er in a m ixer at 8:00 Fri­ i day ni ght, led by Mrs. Rhoda Young. R ecreation Saturday afternoon will be OCTOBER 18, 1957 led by Miss J ea nne Rdl\...inkd, LSA cou nselor a t Ihe Univcnitv of W ash­ ingtoll . Cost Totals $3.00



~~:~. near

Strasborg, in Aisacc-Lor-


b" group uf - tud ents, mung which U' '11 1"\: ...... ~ nt<:J, will 1m,'

~~~n:r~~:~~as~~~): r~~~:Id~~g E~'~r~~:li~~~


Play Cast Chosen for I 1<-FI-hb 1 ert ygl-bbe t' Story " _ .




" .

As in past yea r s, Han d ~o rne H a rry ill Ix- cho!= from the r. k, of til , Junio1'. stRlor u assmcn and crowned a t halftime of th e Powder-Puff gam e on lowcr ca mpus,

. $3 00 ' I d ost 01' t (' retrea t IS . • me ­ ling r g i~tr3tion f e " l odt?n~ , nnd C



! t h n '(

nl! ? is, . "

One-Third Due Sunda)

I ~rc-rt'giM ra tion fee r is $ i .00 to be

paId befo re Octobn ~ O; Ih<: bala nce

to be pa id at the, n tn'at. . . *rekased later conce rni ng th,~ story and Ea ch pnso n IS to b n n g hiS own author, a ccording to M r. X ordhoIm , bed din!O, sport:; doth es, a Bibk, a nd Th e kad rolt-: "Flibbertygibbet," is a n ot<:, book, 'T' . b Y, PLC b use; WI'II p I a y e d by Dalt: Pn::uningcr, and J ra n' po rt a tlOn H,' ath" , Stroup will pl ay ~anni, ' be a lTangcd for a nommal fee.

\Vork on f·hbbertyglbbet has begun. Fhbbertyglbbet IS .m tbe" site has been used as a barn, t~e title. of the PLC Children' s Theater's. fou.rth play producand WIll Ix unce; more rededicat ed as tlOn , a tantasy based around an old Scottish talk tale. •.• 1 pc.l followi ng this summer's work, Since the rehearsals just started. more information will be .\cadt"lnY a nd Blbk C amp. The: chap d


Ol'ganizations should p lan thf'ir campaigns and turn in name of th eir Handsome Harry eand id.1.tcs to Al Dungan or Bill Newcom ,r.

Th... Hud y program oi th ose w orkin ~ un the re- in:at will b t: si m ila r to Wl'tl k a t th e Eva n geli ca l A cademy , !tu l('ht, fr om Europe chosen for this will be speak ing, in addition to Em:lish, German and French you th . " R t' I'.glOn , . Ih e tOpIC f or an d J azz'., IS Pa. wge for th e trip is planned tu ' d this Sunda y's Lutheran St.ud ents. AsLI(' n stu ent ships, soc ia tion m eeting whi ch WIll begm a t I T he: youth participa ting w ill pay 6:00 p.m, in CB-200, their own expenses. E xa ct dates h ave "ot 'xc r, dt: ttTmin ed- as yet , J u ry Bayne , D a\'e K nutson a nd l-1t' Ulben; for the s um me]' 1957 San , G an,!"ft: will demonst ra te so Tn (' 'II up will b ' ch ose n thi s fall. An yone modern mu sic. They w ill also j in intl"r< stcd in sha ring in thi , cxpeli- , with Meg E\'anson, 'footsie Wetter, t'nee ill asl1ed to ch ec k for details oi 1and Proft'ssor R, B, Fritts of th e PLC pphc.:tt ion ;It tl,,: Stud.::nt Con ):'t't:ga- music d ~ partrn t' nt in a pan el di sc usLJor office , sion of tht: topi c,


V otin g fur H a nd (1l11e Hi IT) will I", hdd in the UB, an u lle vole may be pu rchased w ith a penny. A n ; '01'1(' may \-ote- .I.~ Ion a.s his or her ....raJ.let holds out. TI! monl."'f from the votin g w ill ], lI~ed t r~pair and purchase w,rn" room eq uipm('nt ,


Jazz To Be Topic For LSA Sun day


It i; up to the orga n.izoltion t o O lh e r chara( ten a rt' : G avin, Jay 1 Stud(' nts an: uro' cd b,' those who " J u sc their own method (Jf choosing C.; lah alIl. Ada m , T~d K ess..! : Bess, Su- ha\(: " on e in previous, )'cars to _pl;>.,.n " , a Handsome Harr y candid dlC: . II' Lannt'O' Katt, Jane R ms: P eg,Bar- to a ttend fo r an expe nencC' of C hn sb a ra Stuh Im l'I ler: and Gra n< Ipop, Bob'' tian g rowth a nd sharing through the Last year's kin g of Iht' mpus F'me h . Some , of th e cast ha\'(; had pre- Bible stud y" d iscu ssion g roups, ; nd II was se nior Curt K alstad .' \ iuus ac tin g cxptrit: nce, whik :;orne fe llowship ,


WI'11 p cr f arm f or t h C f'Irst tllne,

Th e fi rst p erfof'tnan c~, att end ed b y ' n\' itation only, is on :\o\'emhl' f 20 at !l:30 p.1I1. Followi n?' the pI' \' icw, oln­ t'~ pc,rfo ll1w nch wil! b - giyen on the ~ 15t a t 1:00 p .m. , and 22 nd a nd 23rd at 2: 30 p. m. ,-.. - .- --- --

Second Radio Show from PLe Now Underway In Radio Studio I

-- -- -_._- - - ­


e aters Host econd A nnual Forens·lcs TOU rney P" dfic Luthuan College will host ill ,,·cond. anll ua l practice de-bate nt. !\oH l1lber 1 alld 2. A ccurdin g to Mr , r. 0, H, K a rl, dIn'ctor of the lourname n t, th ere w ill be 15 gehools pres n l, rrprrcsent ing three states, .\. ' ~is MI'. K a r,l with th e tourn,a mr-nt . n: J a net Tu rman a nd Dl'. Ver~101l ~t~i " g(' l', in ch.a rge of rooms and pd In • '\Iso h elpmg are professol s flUut f O U l uf the compl;' ti ng schools. AccoTdin'," to M r. Karl, M r, H, A. n M. H Y of L infid d Colkge, Mr. H. jfinf;8to.n of Pac ifi c Uniw.rsity: M r. I,.ul Rlch.LCd ~lr the Ll n ll'l "SIt)' of WOl~l.i llgt(Jh anJ i T. Bell P ad re. of Port13ncl Stnlt: Unin tsity hay e all I I tv ,'erk fi n tb e oum<1mc:n t (Ufllflllth"!', •flu:rc: will lJt' oIl ly fac ~· xperieJh'l-Q judvng this yt'ar Ther hn uC:l"n a larg IUlIlout o f


Ifr~hmc ll

dcbatas a nd mc,st of tnt; followi ng people will sec action in the prac tice c,'ontests: Tom R eeves.• , Don i D ougb., H erb D empsey, J errv Olsull, Ri chard Kra iger, lkttelou M a cdonaid, J eris Randall, C a l C a pner, Jim ITrayn or, Ori n Dahl, D a~e , S tewa rt , John Olson, and DI ck H alDes. i ~o b Wa ~n,.r, R od Nordberg, Bill W eI nel th, G ord on Schnell, D on .-'I.lne, J oe Smith, Luuis(' K ,-aabd, V erna M at: Rubin son, Jud i John son, Delores ~ims, l ont, Rodney, C a rolyn Bloomfidd, Joyce Alton, and J ack ie Sla ter, Bonn ie Hamon, Arc is A rmst rong, T<'l Bov'nll;, El mar it L oop, J oan ne \ an L ierop, Sh ir le y Pearson, . ari lyn




UIJia p , L ~ rry

CI (,u'j',

Jerry Krt·,s. Ce It! Ri tv'r, Warrcn 'ill',. nd Klt-nc: Mil !Ilium

A lso, a 'pecia l performance wi ll be " in n a t. 10:30 a, m , (}l th e 23rd, . p onIsore-d bv the Amc-ri can Associa ti on of ( ' n ' n 'rs'it y W Omf' D, The Children's Th eatcI product ions 'tfe mainly given

If(·r ~hildr('n of th" ~u,rroundin g area,

R.-ders to



Gh t entriti to

();,t root. OM­





" B-6.

H i!!llligh~,"

a weekly ra-

' rescntation prod uct'd b y t h r. radiO sp"f'ch class, will soon he h t'ard

1d iu

o\'Cr? local T a coma [ .utio st;)tion, :,('to l ding 10 Don D ouglas, P L jun-

T hose not hadng rides to thc' PLC- ! 1OJ', th e a nn IInceT'. Ori ginati ng in ~hc rad io fac ilitics a~<1 tho~(' ha\'ln ~ can a nd room, for i of th e C MS b~lldm? thl' ~hQ\v w ill nd el'S WIll me et on front of the: C U B I p resent Il1U~J(', mlr rvl cw', Ulmpus tal· ' a t 7: 15 p ,m, tomo rrow. ,'n t, and .news of inltrCllt tu thr g n­ An yone with a car and room for 'I eral pubhc . S,OI,ll[, Gla diator is requt,s ted to Th,' m,"TD b:-rs of hI' ladio 5ptech sl g-n u p wlth an} ot th e chen k a ders class, wh Ic h llIc.l udcs Lu th O' J('·T!ltad, or SO ~ ~ ka ~~' rs , Those who can be Don D ouglas, Brya n ~ all, D 1 W!l­ (o ntaded <II' , k(' n, and Herb H "uhlt'In, UTIcjtr M us 1 R o3'l'r R ,··('p, OM 20.5 ; J oe Smith. ' J ~ nc Sm ith , th e facu ltv advisor, arc I OM 218 : J a ne t Au st, • 'orth C-20 ; d ](:dulin g m. ny thinJ.l:s for Ih show. . Lin da Effingr ,. West B-12 ; Rit.J. ..\ It- In t( ,,· iews of sludt:nts. i ute-rpretativ 1 p~ lr r. South A -I ·'\- ; D enna C a rlon, r :~di ng5 , an n f'WS .of I ~\' a~l(:tic ~ (\rth B-15: G r;t c(' Hdgr 'n, , .... ," s I t~'a ms arc.. slat d for In IU~I(\n 1Il Lh C - :!~ ; Cb a irm.1in Jon I, ]'(on h B-19' flftr-en nunute shoy" and Loretta L ennin!!" West B- I 0, "(.:l1npns H ill:hlh: h t,;" will he Llle If ),011 hlt\ t' 110 n d,' t tomorrow' cOl1d radin program to lie: prescotrd gam!', vou are ur~!'d h~' th,. rally \\,C' .. kly frcJln PL G, the other being quad 10 1"(1 10 the (olkgr nion to- " PLC Chap,·I .' broade'asL over X1'AC UIOITOW night. at ':30 . undo r !,\·I'ning<.

C('~tl'al foo l bal~ gam e tomorrow night,


for entries for the Student Arti~t Series program design contcst. Winner will recei\'e, .00 and have h is nam p rinted on the pro~am.

" C ampus


To M ef: a.~L CUB

. b~t 111 t Ilt: p ast h a n : mit!' sted IT.any aa uits . I n 195 0, in C hi cago. th IS pla y was premiered, Because of the technical diffiW.lties. thi s play is rarely done by IIroups who d o not ha\'e a sla ge t.h a t ,,:ill, be a bl ~ 10 hll nd lt: a ll of th e problu lLS.





Page Two


Friday, Oct ob e r 18, 1967

Gilby', Group Gets Going

HERE WE GO AGAIN! If I were in this editorial to begin xtoling the virtues of PLC, telling you how good you have it, how much you sh uld appreciate the the school and Christian we are, if you f~el as some PLC students do, you would mutter to yourself. "Oh, n here we go again!" and wish that you really weren't seeing what you see. Why? Because even if you have tunnel viSIon, yo u can still see that there is an amount of dishonesty, poor instruction, and non-Christianity on our campus; maybe you k now of vera) students who drink it up on w eekends. So, some of you say: " PLC is poor because it has this fault or that fault ." May I ask , w hat part are you pla ying in the cor.· rection of this fault? Some of you say : "Quit being so optomistic. " M ay I ask , what would you be instead ~ Some of you say: "Our Christian faith isn't expres lve enough. Here we are pampered." May I ask, how do you com­ promise Christ and the world ? D v Cro wne r. Editor

L'nd cr the direction of Mr. Gordon O. Gilbertson, the Pacific Lutheran College Concert Band began its re­ hearsa ls the first week of school. T he " cne ral obj ectives of the ba nd ca n pe rhaps be summed up best by the usr of thr words, "musical activity and Sl"rvi~t' to the college." While then' is never a complete scparation of the two, th.. re may be a shift of (:mphasis. Activities Varied Purdy musica l a ctivity comists of thl' reh ea rsa l and study of sta nda rd mu sica l compositions, the search for n~w materia ls, playin g to relax, a nd givin g co ncerts. The se rvice, or fun c­ tional usc of the ba nd includ es play­ HAM MI NG IT UP with impressive looking radio gear are, seated, Jack Gjov a9 and Jim Cornell; standing, left to ri g ht, are Oliver Larson, ing for games, th e homecomin g activi­ ties, pa rad e work, a nd a ssisting with Pete Jordahl and John Amend. colleg" cere monies of v ariou ~ k inds . Social be nefi ts, while of some conse­ qUl'll ee, a rc in cid en tal, a nd a cc ru e fr om the trips ta ken by the group, Teaching While Playing

Agent: Suspect:e y Spy from Sput:nik

The y :llso try to ac hicve a standa rd of performa nce which will se rve as a guide to those goi ng out into teachin g fields as dirt ctors of school bands . At present the band is engaged in .collaborating with the Speech Depart­ ment in providing band music for a series of broadcasts. To this date there h be t h e 0 d' g sc . ns ave en wo suc r cr m ~SIO. N ext month, in addition to the homecoming kstiv iti t's, PLC . will be host to a number of publi c school band

T o the Director of Sputnik Spics in U SSR: Upon my p a rachute des ce nt to earth, I found I had landed the CMS building at the Pacific Luthera n College. I entered the buildi ng through a window (it was good I took acrobratic lessons in Moscow ) and immediately encountcrcd a m a.n who is a supreme dan ger to our cause-Professor Verno n U tzinge r. He is a staunch supporter of th is Ame ri ca n ideal of democracy. . f h d' f This man seems to have planned a campaIgn or t e sprea mg 0 propa­ ga nda a long th e entire Pacifi c Coast, After a ccomplishing his mission in Glenda le, California, h e swit ched his location a W ash ing ton a nd began work on the PLC campus.

Radio Hams Make

World-wide Contacts

by Joey Danielsen C a Hi n .\ustralia , C a lling Austral ia, H d Jo Sidney ? To the novi ce this may sound lik e a j ok . but to those who know, it is n o thl· n ~ ,_ . TI I~ ca ll of the. ,uI'ld, wI'ld ::, . north, the ec ho of the sun-bak ed south, th e music of th e magic, mysti c Ea st, the: lud icrous m canderings of th e wonF


O livt r La rsc.: n, sophomorc, h ails from P asco, Washi ngton . At the pres ent time his equ ipment consists of a N a tiona l NC·8 rece iver and a H eathKit 120-1 50 transmitter. H e h as h ad his ham li ct' nsc for two yea rs and has been working w ith radio for three and

I a half yea rs. When asked what was th e fa rthest

by Solveig Lcraas

cirous wes t are a ll in a da y's work for point h e had evc r received, he a n­ d irectors in the area in a Musi c RcadAppa rently finish ed in thr. immediate area' o f his Parkla nd residence, he th ,s - 1" 11 . Who an: they? The hams, sW' red Seattle, beca use it was clear 'In « C II' n I' c sponsor"d b y the T ed L k is ... " , buildin g a new a nd definitely Ame rican-sty le home in the nearby a e· o C cou rs ,'. M I'e Comp~ ll" of Tacoma In around thl: world. He has also h ad B . .. be1 t he ChrIstma . ' wood he disgui A ham in this sc n~c of the word confirma tions of conve rsations with D rown e.eem1x-rustherc WIll sarea. . Now, in the midst of painting, , . h' ses hi self in old ov rallJ . . r SC h so e\'cn hIS own colleagues wouldn t rccognIze 1m,. r "f rs to an amateur radio ope rator. oth er ha m opera tors in J ap a n, JA 3BB, C oncert at the R :llnIe 00i 'm . . . ..

M a k. I· n g a caII anywIlere, perIlaps a nd ,\ ustra I'l a . B UC" kl ('y, . a s w e II a s a t rIp ' t0 M C.!N el'1 I He has e nlisted his entire . fa mily . in . the mfiltratIon of. hIS theologIes IOto

. I san I d s, I d . Th e b an d' s a nnua I to ur IS . s·t the minds. of youthful AmerIcans: hIS WIfe teAches school the Clover Park Jim Cornell hails from Port An gc ­ I san C .111 , . to Japan or the Ph I' I'Ippl11C long thou ght and still imagincd by les, Wa shington, a nd is th e younger for March 8 and will extend for about district, his f~rst son teaches part-time ,in ~ , t u e and ~s wo rkl11g to~ard h... . no ch I d many to be an absu rdity, IS a - broth.:r of D on, vi cc-president of the ten ' ays mto easte rn W as h'm g t on, Doctor of PhIlosophy degree a t the U mverslty of W ashmg ton, a nd hIS 3cc.ond It' n a t all for the cap student body. Jim has been active in Id a ho and Oregon. son is worki n for the g mIl .in thc army T h e six ham-operato" who are n ow radio for seven y ears, a nd received Band Roster I find Mr. Utzinger himself has held a government position of great ,I t PL arc as follows, with their call h is ha m radio lice nse three years ago. responsibility- that of handling United States mail. Evidence of his politiCAl A L t a t'o OR ' g 0 f two T acoma P ost Off'Ice SU(J-S letters: 0 I i v e l' Larsen -- W7WI ....., Since tha t time he has conducted In s and ..... .N'a mcd to the roster of this year's influ ence is th e h UI' Id m ' d UrIng . h IS ' term as ac t'm il' pos t ma st er of Tacoma . _ '. P ~.te. J o_r- his own ra?io station, the la rgest a ma­ ba nd membership arc th e following : a nnex p ost 0 ff ICC J ames Corncll.-'.·V. 7ZGC H e, as a speech professor, h as now returned to his task of prop aga ndiz­ dah l-W 7WAH, J ac k G J 0 \ a ol g tc ur one 111 Port Angeles, h as pur­ Flutt' and pi ccolo: Ann J ohnson, W 7 KI, J ohn Am(' nd- W7UIY. a nd ch ased th e la rges t tran smitter in POlt Jud y Nt'vel. ing A mt'rican you n g p eop h:, a nd th ey see m to accept his teachings. He planb J I H offm a n . An gt'ks, and at present has the only E flat clarinet: Connie Thompson. the s" cds of fa ith in man , God , a nd the United States government.. This , 3.S -----. one a t school. B fl at clarinet: J a ne Brev ik, Hildred you know, may become extrem ely da ngerous for us. . J. His equipme nt includes 3 H alli · H a nson, Larry Iverson, D avid Knut­ D o n ot let his countena nce dcce ive you O utwardly lit: m ay d ispilly no cra ft n SX-IOO rt'Ceiver and a H eath­ lon, Lorraine Kositzky, Jerry Kress, emoti on. H owen :r, wh .. n h e spea ks you w ill Jea rn he r:on t inu ally ughs in"it AT-I d o transmitter. H e has Sa lly Nixon, N a nc y R einvik, Mavis si d e himself. v



~ ,.





tra nsmitted a ndrec ived calls from all (\ O Wl' th~' w orld, especia lly So u t h S rving PLC q.(<' AIIl<'ri c-an a nd South Afri ca, ZS4DG ' through Christia n ~ John Amen d, fro m Seattle, h as use of f e press. ~_i:il~-.V~~I· bcc n ac tive in radio for five yean. H e PRESS rece i" ed his ha m license f oUl: y~a rs EDITOR . ............DAVE CROWNER ago and has spent mo.~t of hIS tIme


Rowley, Edwa rd Seeber, Ala n Stang, Yvonne Stc\'('oson, T ootsic W etter. Alto clarinet: Arl ene Glasow. Bass cla rinet a nd oboe: Jean Vlle­ 1 la nd . Bassoon : Arle ne Kin a red a nd Roge r Wes tberg .


E flat alto saxophone : Marianne ews Editor ._.......: .......Herb .D empsey sinc~ the n t::Xperil~e~ti Dg with nc~v H po rters : T eddi Gulhaugetl, Barb equIpment, a nd bUIldIn g mu ch of hIS Christensen, Sharon Hagen, Elyn Ras­ S tuhlm ill e r, J a ck Holl, Barbara ow n , musse n, Rosalie Zchm. 1 a a cs o n , D .i c k Fis her, To<rt.sie H e won nation al recognition w he n B flat tenor saxophone: Donglas We tter, M eg Evanson, nAl D un gan, D ick Kra iger, N a n ci Son: n on, Bob h t w rot e up his circu it conelrad J ohnson, Coleen Therriault. Wol, nn. a la rm, in Q.S.T., the amateur radio Baritone sax: Robert J eskey. Feature Editor......M a rilyn Donaldson Illa gazine for world-wide a mateur ra­ Trumpets and cornet: John Amcnd, Reporte rs: Nor:m a Cunningham, dio enthusiasts. C cr.ild Ba ync, Daniel Shaflund, Allen Gina Jones, Solveig Leraas, .Toey Jim Hoffman comes to PLC from Wahl, Ron Weaver, Roy Will iams. D a ni Ison.• J eanette O lson, Mr. Gil­ H orns : Elmer D a nielson, G r a c c ocrtllo n. sunn y Salem, Oregon. He has been , ·port.> EdItor......... ........... G e ne H apa Ia a ctive in ham wor for fiVl: years. H e Enge n, Elaine W ac.ker. Report. 3 : J i m Ki-tteIsby, La r r Y h as done most of his work w ithin the I Trombones: Rodn ey Berntsen, P a ul (kntry, Tim 'Vynd,b.'l.m, H a r r Y confines of the United StlI tcs. H e h as Hinman, Ron a ld Hyll and, R obert 01­ Sa nne Id, D ennis Mu r tta la. had conta ct with W5B.PN, Eastern son. Typ ist -:-La unc: Beecroft, Arleen Hix- , T exas, W7 PQB Sa lt Lake C ity, :md Ba ritone: C a ro l Johnson, Pett' l' Jor­ .flfl , Guw JOlles, J a ne t Yer gcll. W7TJ Casper Wyomin /!. These are d a hl, L ind K a rlse n. Bass: John Bu ckner, Al Dun gan, BlliIln ltR ~rallagel' ..Ma ry Lou Eu.g ~n onl v a few 0/ the place ~ h" re:ce ives. J'ac k G j ovaag· com es from Marys- Norma n Fiess. d So1idto~ ' Rod erso~, LOIS And l'son. Tom Curtis, Ja.m ce En- . . S trin g bass: Olive r Larson. g n Lennea O s man berg, Linda \'lIlt.:. W asilln gton, H t: h as been w orkP ercussion: C a m e ron G a lbreath, h~rr. l ing III rad io for ten ycars and has had uookk p eL ........._.......... Carol H ouse h is ham li cense for five y ears. H e h as Shirley H age n, Sigfri ed La rson, Billie 13/1 1 n ..._.__........... ...._._P a tt i F inn bu ilt a ll his own equipment, and h as Ph ipps, Schirl Ri cke rt, M a rtin Schar ­ C irculoltioll assi: tant~: T ele Bova ng , spcnt much of his time experime nting fer, JoAnn V oldal. \ rdl A rm strong, Earl!,ne Burr h am, with U.H.F.. I P ete Jord a hl came to PLC• ovcc t h e ,J oy.~e w i , K a re n Kla n.' Thdma N, 1'0(1 Del . . D o rcndorl, Ba r b a ra. p apoose hills of Parkla nd a nd IS a kn~t . P ub ish ed Fridays of th e sch ool years sophomore. Hi. equipment includ e:s Flowers for All Occasions by stude n ts oC PLC, at P a rkland, two rece ivers, ~ational NC 57B, H a ll­


T his man bears wa lching. a3 he , ta nds for eve rything o ur cause does not. If many Americans b ccome iike this V e rnon Utzin~e r, we will have diffi cult y carry in g out our plans. H e appe.ars quite popular with his co­ workers a nd d e clops thinkin g in the minds of h is students. Thought i . dangerous thi ng. But, p ka se, may I ma ke one request? AsJi l(n this d u ty to someone elst;. and get me out of here!


IGA FOODTOWN Complete Shopping Center 112TH STR EET <Airport Road) AND PARK AVENUE



Make your Homecoming la st with t he




W:~hington. . . , orricc: 'OUt'1; 7-86 U llIon BUildIng. 11, Ext. 4 1. Phone LEn.>' ~ b~ rlptIo ' :!u pn'ce S3 '00 . .-- r year•


Flash Bulbs One-Day Developing Service Albums - Supplies

Or any Photo Equipment







crafter S-76 and h e has a H eath-Kit 12173 Pacific Ave. LE.7-7863 h am for •__<_F_O_o_t_o_f_G_a_r_f_ie_'_d_)_ _W_e_D_e_li_V_e_I"_1 L_ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.J

Itfoura nsm _ ltt .... H e fhas" .bee n a r a nd onl"-1Ial ) e:us.

Friday, October 18, 1957


P age Th ree

Lutes Seek Second Conference Win

EVERGREEN CONFERENCE STANDINGS Pa.cific Luth. .... 1 0 0 26 o C,'ntr;! 1 W ash ...... 1 0 0 7 6 Pu ge t Sound 1 0 I 20 14­ East . W ..... .. I 0 I 52 13 West. Wash.. .. ... 1 0 27 26 Whitworth ........ 2 0 19 27 Bri t. Colum . ...... 0 2 (l I> 71 R esults Last Saturday CPS 13, W f"stt" rn W as hington 7 Ea.,t-. Wash . i 5, British Colum. 6 'c'n t ra l Wash. 7, Whitworth 6 Paci fic C. 12, P a cific Lutheran 0

Gamcs This Saturday

C ent ral W ashin gton at Pacific Lu­ thera n (S:OI) p.m. }. CPS at W hitworth ( 1:30 p.m. ) British C olumb ia at West. Wa sh. Carroll C ollege at Eastern Wash­ ington ( non- conference )

PLC, Central to Clash I n Tacoma Tomorrow



Don' t bl~ surprised if you r Nick K elde rnm n's name in the Seattle sports pages soon. Last year's L u te bas ke tball capta in is n ow doin l\' rluduatc work at th~ University of Washing ton and has been approa ched by s"vel" 1 coaches of th e powe rful AAU circuit in Seattlt-. Keldn man's absence will be noticed as the Lutes begi n th eir 195 7-5S ea ge w as on next month. T~e TAC tournament is Theduled .~ o r. N ov.:mbe r 29 a nd 30 lit lh.e turnm g lettermen, st:rvlce men, Ol ud n - -..- - - - .. CPS Fleldhollse, so our b asketba ll seaso n l~ Just a round the corner. PL I junior college t:ansfer s, is the dark Lut:s' passing attack. . . tarbbe? as the thir~ ~ trongest college ~agt". aggre~atio.n ill the state. O nly the horse of the conterence. FIve Lutes an., on the d Isabled hst, " ashm,g ton HuskIes and Sea ttle Ul1Ivc:rslty CIllcft a ms 'a r'" pIcked ail d of In th eir 10 confere nce game, they the result of injuri es and the flu. Dick the Lutl' S. L ocal basketball fa ns ca n look forward to a re al battle betw~cu squeezed out a 7-6 win over Whit- Goodwin and Coach Harshman are the Lu tes and th e highly tout ed Chiefs on February :! S. Th.. J ame is 51' hed­ worth, pla cin g them in a tie with PLC thc flu vi ctims, w hile Sam Ga nge, uled for the; Sea ttle U niversitv fl oor, but n o d oubt will dra w llIany P L for top honors with 1-0 records n :- Lynn Calkim, and T om Gilmer are stude n ts and Ta coma fans. spectively. In non-confere nce action, I recovering from injuries. The latter HERE GOES th ey walked over Whitman, and fell three, all first-strin ge rs, are questionMy mother warned ru t that there would be weeks like la t week . O nly befor~ powerful Montana Statc by able starte rs in tomorrow's ga me. the faithful Washington Huskies came through to lose their third iOIt raigllt only on~ touchdown. Tommy Gilmer is currently leading . game 19 to (we predicted UCLA 20, Huskies 14 ) to givo: us courage for PLC and Ccntral ha ve clashed an- the confe ren ce in punting with a 'W.S I this week 's prognolt ications. nually since 1930, with the exception ave rage in eleven kicks. Tom is also Pa cific University comple tely turned the tables on the stumbling G lad­ lof the war years of 1943-45. In the fourt.h in pass rcceiving with fiveliators as they handed thelll a 12 to I) defea t at Forest Grovt: after we had 2+ games, PLC holds a slight 13-11 ca tches good for 70 ya rd~. Sophomore favored the Lutes 19 to 14. CPS finally got in the win column by defeating ed ge in games won, thanks to a seven 1qua rterba ck John Jacobson is fourth the Western Washington Viking" 13 to 7 to spoil our 20 to 14 prediction. game winning streak starting in 1950. in passin g, having cornpl('ted 11 for We're going to pick lhe Wildcats over the Glad iators this week 13 to 7. Last ycar PLC won 19-1 3 in Ellens- 32 for 115 yards. CPS will run rough-shod ove r Whitworth 2 1 to 6, Washington will be burg. The starting lineup for Central: treated roughly in their 21) to 6 loss to Stanford, and Western Washington , Halfba ck Lon Bridges and quarter­ LE-Joe Komenski . will defeat the hapless Thunderbirds from British Columbia 21 to 12. back Bud Snaza, an all-confe rence LT -Gary L ec 1 With the Lutes minus the services of Tommy Gilmer because of a k nee LG-Darrel De Gross injury and many of th e team members fi ghting t h e flu b ug, the edge m Ullt choice last year, are expected to spark the Wildcats' offensive attack, while I C - Gary Fredrick go to the Wildcats. Gilmer may "See some action, but it is doubtful if he Joe Komenski is a standout at e nd. RG- Dale Lanegan will start. The situation could suddenly chan ge, but as we sec it now it's 13 C entral has experien ce and good RT-La rry Maguire to 7 in fa vor of Central. sizt'" in th e line. Offensively, they will RE-Mike Finnegan At press time, regulars Ron McAlliskr and Dick Goodwin are fightin g probably run out of the single ~ing or QB---Bud Snaza the flu along with Coach Marv Harshman. Lynn Calkins is still assigned to t~e unbalanced T. On def~nse m preLH-Lon Bridges

limited duty d ue to an a g-gravated ankle injury and reserve center Jimmy VIOUS games, they were USIn g a 4.4-3, RH- Dan Sch wisaw

Dean and end Sam Gan ge are nursing injured knees. which may be changed against theFB-Jim Thrasher

Gladiator bench strength also took a setback this week when freshman guard LeRoy Homes withdrew from school. Homes had seen limited a ction, ~~e , I ~~e but his bulky 230-pound presence will be missed in the Lu te line, ;;J W.: r.:ceived 3. lot of comm ent on lan we In prop03 1 fur the- possibility of a long-ran ge renovation program to provide the Lutes with a multi-pu~e by Jim Kittelsby

Striving to ex tend their seven game winning streak. against Central and take over sole possession of first place in the Ever green Conference, the league leading Lutes play host to the Central Washi ngton Wildcats tomorrow at 8 p.m. at Lincoln Bowl. Coach Ab Poff~nroth' s aggregation, bolstered by several re-I






Eastern Holds Lead I In Intramural Play


W L Tie 0 'J Eastern Parkland .. ...... ...... 3 Hh Floor OM .................... I 0 Clover Creek ...................... 2 1 0 Dejardine H ouse ... ........... 2 2 0 Western Pa rkland ............ 1 0 T acoma ...................... ........ 1 2 2 Ivy Hall ..... ....... ...... ...... .... I 2 0 2nd Floor OM ...... ..... .. ..... I 3 0 ' rd Floor OM .................... 0 L ute intramural pigskin packers .lIld to.sscrs juggled their leagu e st a nd­ ings consid erab ly th is pas t week. The lower campus " twin 60's" were being to rn up (literally) as all but one of th" teams were in action . uri number one evidenced a Ta­ coma 6.0 win over second floor Old


i ['



'Me L....... Ign .. 1"

Earns Week's Greld Honors

on O ctober 9. Bob Mitton threw Gt~rald R edburg for the Tacom;~


w·n . Lo w ell Sheldahl a nd Larry "The bigger they are, the hard~r Fl lTnoc packed the ball for two Ivy they fall." That's the motto of the Hall TD's and Dick Clare's effort in TD pass to Tom Sahli was not ,tlough to equal th !., Ivy pun r.h; thus, h y 12, D eja rdines 6. T hird floor Old Main e ncountered 1 reviwd Western Parkland team on etOber 10. After a heavy loss the WI sterners had last week, the 20-6 ': iewry over the m en of Old Main was \ rry impressive. N"eal Webtner intercepted for the \ · tem ers for one TD and took a


Lutes' hustling sophomore halfback, John Mitchell. D espite his small stature, 5'S" and 1 155 pounds, "Mitch" has proved to Coach M a rv H a rshman and the entire Lute tea~ tha t he can't be . pushed around. HIS frosh year was marred by injuries most of the season, but thus fa r this season h e has seen a lot of action in PLC spangles. Mitchell is a 1956 g raduate of Marysville high school where he let-


~~:;e~i7o~~:f:~I: ~::~r~i:~t~~~. s~~ ~~::~ ~:a~o:~b;l~a:::d ~::e~~~~lrsf~~ _, >rdie Soiland-Gordie Gradwohl pass baseball and a single numeral in track. "counted for th.: lone. third floor He was named to the all-conference co re .

O c toba 15 was a brighter day for th e two -timed D cja rd incs, who, ~ark e d by Dick Clare, knocked over cond floor OM 12-6. Meanwhile Ra y Schwarz k cpt the Easterners in fi rst po~ition with h is two TD passes to J a n 'in ' Jim a nd K a rryin g' Kall­




to be in favor of the proposal.


IBadgers Upset I

1' '


' . I

.. John M itehell

Paradl·se BOWL

10707 Pacific Ave.



406 Garfield St.


LE, 7-5317


6~3· ....'"'~~. ,;. 2L~.u", ,.~. _"";X~" j :I~~d~~~u:I~I~~~~ !;~:ill:~~r:~~

L " "..


Pacific Uni,'eI"!!ity's Badgen h a nded the Lutes their first grid IOS!I of the season 12 to I) la st Saturda y night at Forest Grove in a steady downpour of ra in. Th e favol'ed Lute~ held the Badgcr< scoreless until the second quarter




We Outfit Co-eds

Lutes 12 to 0


. Jo~n h as ~Ieked educatlO? ~IS Fully Automatic voe.a t IOn an. d IS pr ~c.nt Iy. mal.orIng I.n I d O sOCIa studIes a n mmonng m phY~lPEN LANES ca l education. . . . Tuesday All Evening I~tramural actIVIties kcep John ocWedn e sday _ after 9 p.m. cupl{:d afte: the. football season as he compe tes With hIS Ivy Hall roommates Friday All Evening


field to a ccommodate the football, baseball, a nd track teams. The f inancial problem appea rs to be the only drawback as mo t ;tudents and faculty ~ ecm



second team in football during his sen-

011 the twin t.urf Jarrin' Jim Van ior year. Bf"t'k w a s at it again and led Eastern arkland to its tS-6 defeat of Clover -ck. C .L M d 0 be 1" b I I 1 on a y ,. ct? r '1', rou,g It .t Ie I., \\,ue kadlllg Easterners out agamst Tacoma in ;) hastle tha~ ended in an IS-1 8 tic.

h II


0 n mite e

mit e

i Lute line and raced 65 yards to score . kick for extra point wag wide


i and the Badgers led 6 to 0 at halftime. I

Bob Burnside scored the se cond Badger touchdown shortly after the I' second half kickoff when he d rove l over from th e 3-yard line aftc!" a con­ sis tent Badger drive . I




Phone LE. 7-6012

932 Pacific Avenue BR. 2.4629

Tacoma, Washington


Ir""""" " """""',.""",.",)"""",,"""IT"'" """"""

By Bernie 8rotman Ex-Franklin Pierce High Sehool star Bruce Alexander will no doubt see a lot of action in PLC spangl ~ be for e he graduates. Alexander turned out late, but turned in a very promising performance in the BC· Lute game two weeks ago. Again last week at Forest Grove'., Alexan­ der came in to help spark the Lutes' 12-0 los i n g p erformance against the Pacific Unive n ity Badg­ ers . . . Lynn Cal ' ins, Lute cap ­ tain , j, doing his student teaching at Puya llup JuniOl' High . .. Dale Schimke, 1957 PLC grad and track­ man, is now teaching at Franklm Pierce High School. Franklin Pierce was Schimke's hi gh school Inla mat'~ r.




'[Rlff£ .ROTMAN


1130 Broadway


A ma n w h o has a good mind a nd body and soul, devot e d to His

S a vior, can have the time of his life serving in th e

ministry on the West Coast, THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958 Charles B. Fo e lsch, Ph .D., President

2770 Marin Avenue, Berkeley 8, Calif.




Charm Beauty Salo Blanche lingbloom 413 GARFielD ST.

LE. 7-7475

Page Four

F ri day, October 18, 1957


Acti"ities Vary From Music to Greasepaint


H08teler 8ee8


h i

(by Je.anettc Olson, who shared in the work camp in Norway and then traveled through Europe t his su mmer)

Expert Dry Cleaning

Laundry Service


Delta Rho Gamma hdrl a candleSo you're a tourist in Europe! "Why did you come to Eur- light installation dinner Wtdn aday, I Ope? " was one question that shocked m<- into thoughtful reaction. IOctober 16, a t 6:00 p .m. in South 1 T he answer I gave satisfied the situation; but u pon later refIec- Hall lower lounge. Gues ts of h onor I really did not know what I w anted . wcrt: the followin g- recently dected Ob, to see things-meaning famous museums, important his- offIcers: J oan K r am e T, secretary; torical landmarks, c.athedrals, the peo_";'- -_'_ J an e t Haley, trea su rcr ; Marianne Ie's h omes. True, the old buildings sonal l:xperience whi ch crowns h ostel- Gregerson, historian : a nd Mal'garet told ou . ~1Ue~ of past life, but peo­ ing as th e .b~st way t o see. Euro~e. I Murdock, I.C .C. represen ta tive. pie are hVIng m the pre nt a nd hop- ha~ the privIlege .of t.ra\·e1lllg with a L a~ t spring Marilyn Stolzenburg Ing f r a better future. ChInese nurse whIle III Scotla nd. Of was elected president and Carol Mor­ This thr ee-fold respect is conveyed course, we used hitch-hiking and cn-I ris was elected vice-president. to fhl" hosteler. In the cwnings you joyed it. .ather toget her, usually in some hisFinding the hostel (not the one we MUSIC MAKERS ELECT Epsilon Sigma Cha pter beg~.n its torical pIa ~a castle, an old manor hoped to reach that Saturday ni gh t) " h Oll e, even an old mj)) - m ec ting w~ had the climax of our hosteling musical year with the initiation of four

ouns people of that country Qr your d ays. Everyone visited that evening ' til junior gi rls fol' membership on Octo-

cigh bor from home. our "papa" chased us to bed . I' bel' 17: Peg Binygton, Mar Lou En­ The opportunity to ge t a better un­ But Sunday was not a usual Sun­ gen, Sandra Lu cas and Sandra Schierd entanding of our fellow men is much day; however,. that sho~ed ~e man. gtt'ater here than in some forma l ho­ the essence of hvmg together tn umtY' Risa u c Spcciaie, National First t I atmosphere. Hostels feel like a The 40 of us young people had a 1 Vice .President of M u Phi E psilon, will hom!' where you havc come to visit Bible Study together out on the gree n ; be on campus October 26 to inspect ith cveryone. M any timcs you find then we walked a mile to the stone the local chapter. I 0 n th e.MPh' u I E pSI'Ion ca Ien d ar Yo urself conversing with a few and countrv. church to worship our Maker. gradually your group increases to a Christ unites everyone the world of comin g e\'en ts is a "rush" party for family circle. ovcr-only if everyone knew the Sa­ all girls interested in music. May I be permitted to usc a. per­ viol'. Officers include:: Mona Carlson,



Mra. Jo Summers Phone LEnox 7-4800


Don Cey's





I r 2th and ,Park Avenue Headquarters for:



president ; Janet Emilson, vice-presi­ dent; Sylvia Fylling, secretary; Mar­ dell Soiland, treasurer; Betty Muscus, ward en; and Lois H ellbe rg, h istorian. Miss Patricia Thompson is th e ncw a dvisor for this year.



Located in IGA Foodtown

112th & Park Avenue


Phone LE. 7-3434

'-=======================:: OMRICRON DEVOTIONS MU ALPHA ~


Off campus men arc invited to cam- ' pus devotions Monday through Thurs­ day nights at 9:50 p .m. in Old Main ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' 17.

ART'S SHOES AND REPAIRING Tennis Shoes -­ Bucks -­ Flats -­ Oxfords Qua lity Service O pposite Parkland Post Office

IPHIGirl.DELTA EPSILON int tcd m ch

•_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _....J '



FREE movie tickets wit h ea ch five gallons of gas purchased during these two days 36 MO. BAnERIES as low as $14.95 exch. Free Ice Scrapers

ork ar<: to meet every second Wedn sday at 6:45 p.m. in Miss Wickstrom 's apart­ ment and every fourth Wt:dnesday at 5:30 p.D!. in the small dining room in the CUB.

GREASE PAINT Rod Kas telic is giving a make-up dtmonstration for all intt:r~ stcd in the radio studio at 7:30 p .m., cl obe r 23. His demonstration will include some wo rk on the Duley cast and .. a rious types of characters in dram.. ork.


C u rtain Call has a Drama taknt show planned for November 13. Jane R OSlI, ptt'sident, invites anyone inter­ ested in skits, dialogu or a ny phosc of drama to begin now to plan to pa rticipate. Sh e says, " We aren't look­ ing for profp.sionah, so dOJl't worry a out bein g criticized:'

irestone Town & Country Winter Tires

New a nd Retrea ded

"Guelranteed to Go-Or We Pay the Tow"

$5 .00 paid on the tow bill if you become stuck usin g these tires before May 30, 195 8

10 0/ 0 OFF on Shellzone Permanent

A TI·FREEZE Firest one Deluxe Super Champion Tires 6.70-15....._.......... _.. _....... .......... __ .....$1 6 .40 exc. plus tax

7.10-15........ _..._..... __. .............. ...._..... 19.65 exc. plus tax

6.00-16_...__ .. _............ __. ..... _........ _..... 12.95 exc. plus tax



3820 South Yakima



Retreads as low as $12.75 exc. & tax "ACROSS FROM BI G BEAR"

13221 Pacific Ave nue

LEnox 7-9997

OfTwoM- d


FREE PICK· Parkland and Vicinity




Phone GR. 1 371 i

On the one hand, y ou have Thirsty G. Smith. Good taste to him means zest and zip in a beverage, sparkle and lift and all like that . _ . On the other hand, T. Gourmet Smythe perceives good taste 118 the right, fit and proper refreshment for a Discriminating Coterie. So? ... Have it both ways! Coca-Cola • - - 80 good in taste, in such good taste.




Bottled nder outhority of The Coca-Cola Company by


Million Dollar 'PLC

Rules Are Defined iosk

Expansion Okayed

l:,rt,npr·dl.r' h~ Ix ... , t. t th postin", (·f lilt nt in tl.( K i05k.

A new classrsoom-administration building for Pad f; L l! ~ theran College is to be part of a one-million dol ar r xpansi n program which was voted on by thc board of trustr at its a n~ nual fall mc('[ing at PLC, October 17 . Included also in th is pn)· gram will be [hr conversion of the grou nd and first floors of O ld Main into dormitory rooms for 80 men students, and thl.: rcm()d­


r t • uk is te- m..l.t· <u rt tt ,It the , .' r t to ht- a nnOUDH' h· OCt. n p r p­ tty ", h~ du k 2nd 1I(t'd!'d • rrange­ It nt5 lur f' c ilittcs made before po t ­ t h p uLli,j!y.


lit fuT~ tUlIling in any I ti,. , tht l'f rson su bm itting th 1(1 IKf' me III m u st r ill I. is name and rOQfTl 01 phvnt: numbu' (.n the bad: , ·1 tl. (· I,otic~, plu~ the naffit of the . po"" ri g or~ ...n ization, if any. Thr hut:l n,ay then bt" left a t tl.e Id M ..:n ~ wtithboard, th( ."'.S.B. of- CAUGHT IN THE ACTof acting all co na l leade rll are (I. to 1'.): l,c£ u ring (h t: regula rly scheduled J an et Turman, Jerry 'Olson, Cal Capner, Don Douglas, Betty Lou MeDon· u!fic~ hou n of the. ICC president, vr ald an d Herb Dempsey. Th eBe PLC studentll make up the steering com­ rroittt:t: for thE; Hi gh School St ud ent Congre.. w h ich will be he ld at Itl. the fullu'\'ing students in chargt PLC Tomorrow. , f d,e bulletin hoard s~rtion : "'P~t h "IIC !..fusic-C12.!l. L ed um'l '~" )' 1 "- - '8 • 'uux 30-, . APO to Gerlll.." Club-P:..t AllIem, ..,.. th B :; . 1;( to V iki I,' Club-Ka th· Aim· .; 0 , SOUI~. A 5. a~ 'I I, .~(' ~ludenls will po,t :.n n(.uoc~­ • . . " . . m('nt~ and !'t'/n O\'e them after th e Tnc ninth annual sc!>s~on of the \Vashmgton Statc Hlgh ·;·ht-uul. d twnt has tak er. plac~. . . 5 hool Student Congress wtll meet on thr PLC campus all day . t ... d.-r;I.~ ~hould b~corne farm har I tomorrow. According to Don Douglas, general chairman from PLC. .tll t hf ~(,c:t i os that pertajn to tht:m ,d (vr"u!t thun uftt·n. ! ;.pproximatdy one hund red high school students from fifteen --­. --------~s('hooh in Washington and Oregon will be. present when the CongrcM officiall), o pens with the first joint 'ession witl. Congressman Tl)or TolIdson dr\i\'ering thl:. State of the Union addrUiS.

H·Ig h SChie 00 ongress T0 Convene L PLC


t-lin .c: of th l' prrsl'nt cl;ts~room build- , . e­ U St. by th': science: dep~rtm('nt. I ministration '~'ill ~1a.H their Authori7ed by the boa rd hn been rooms and offICes m the n. w plant.. an apP"al for onc milEon dollArs to Pla nnt' d a ltog.·thcr aI'(, :!5 d a 'rOOl' • financt· this t"xpamion . Th,. ),tar 1958 , and 30 offices for prok~ml'S . will S(·t· the prep.tration of tht appcal. · A Icclun' hall, counseling and f _ ",hid, will b~ dir~cted to fric nd~ of cep tion room s, a . "isitor:s loung~ , fac­ the ('olleg( m PI"r I County and ulty loun gt', a vlwal :...ds r oom, throu~~\Out t~\(. statl', and to the a puulica m and m ..iling center . "'. Alunllll A~soClatlOn. to be ad dItIOn al fe«tu ffs f thr bUIlt V 'a, Pearson and Ri c hard~, T "'- 1in!;'. ('oma ;< I-chit('cts, h a, (' been (ng. ((cd to ~fon Board. Decisions plan the nLW acministration build­ '11 . I In accordance with increa~ir\O' mg, whIch WI eo\'er approx Imate y " c t! 16 (),000 squ a re fed, ,1nd i~ to loe 1(.­ of living, the board vote d tn rail"" fac-' catt-d octw('('n 12lst a nd Wh~cll'r Sts., ulty salaries beginning in $/'pteI I1OCr, and Park .'\vc nur and Yak i a . Pre- 1958. To financ( this incl'(' ~, tuiti r Iliminal').' fl oo r plans may be seen in will be rai~ed and intensive ltppeal~ the kiosk, and the propOlt.d exterior will be directed to cHporation~. : \'iew of the stnlcturc has Ixe n posted frie nds, and churches. . I in the C U B . . Eastvol rrport Ii til t ! Offices of tht:. preSIdent, the dean thIS fa I . student en rol me nt rcached (If the colkgt, the registrar, the:: deans .. new high of 1,427, which an of men and women, tht, department of th~ t(,tal for the acadcmir ycar w ill public relati ons, and the b u siness of- I be over 1,700 students. H e also ­ fice, all presently housed in Old portc'd that th e budgt't fo r th,' Main, will be contained in thc pro- y .. ar would be about $ 1,500,000, a il( po,,:d huilding. that the total ssets of th~ ('ol lt- ~e The depArtments of cducati n, art , reported by the auditors July 3 1 W ;I' nUl'si ~, ,·conom ies. and bllsint.s a d- ' $5,4·6 2,19 2.

Iing for




. .


th:rh~o~;~~:·cs;f i~h~:t ;~it~~a~!~t~:: \ with the di"ision of political power

--------------------------1-9-5-71 ~~~~nc:; ~ach Committee . VOL. 35, NO. '5" OCTOBER 25, I

Cross-W aIk, 'Par k·In9 S·19ns Go Up in Move for Safe"'~

~7 Following tht joint ~tssion the Con" . Xo P ark'mg signs an d a nr. cross· no-pa r I'nll; I'l·.trict' ons and J', v_",:Uk­ I g ress will bual. up into its "anom for nt - walk lil(ht will mark thl to I,tt 011 0 ' tl . 11"'111 " n of a newer ill the S.' L Y ro~r .1Il! ~ I tiun of bill . ( , ittel:s tc he repr<:- ._ , on Whu·lc r ~tr(:e t. The loca tion of .te· s f In a ~ u r\'{' y of tI. ....ct) Iqenkd arc . d Means, Foreign th(, si TIS and li,p ht the- al,a pos{'(, l " wr.Q o\ff.. irs. AppT(. I~,·, . tion . • Arm{'d r r,·" , illlm(;di~ t,.J)' in front of CLll. ill front of on<or i,,!; r . fr o ­ ·tud /.·n t C(,uncii. 1 hat from all Ices :'nd Pubhc \ .or).... k h d _, T,. o ne . H~ ngin,1,; 0\'('[ thl efnlC r of WI r d-I t"'..... n car- pa r .~ on t . 51 ! II< L .. tt rI S et: em Bu d y C b nsti tuti fA Ir} uut, th is co n unittc will 5(,­ Aftl r tltl CO 'Hl! ittc<' nlect 10 ,Its, th!. 1'T Stre<:t in front of th e CCE ..... ill bt \\Thede r Stref't. 1 h,' ur" y ' c 1­ .1' bHou gbt 1...·101'(; thr studtrlt~ a t ti r htcen peop k to COlllpete bl­ scss;on of tht Hl'us, . ,.f Rc-pr~scn~a- I a li[;"htl'd p' dcstria n sign. Thl f( w illl1lu('trd by Pierce Count offi('~:tl aII­ I~ll' ye , tl'rda~ . du 'n!" tilt lirst offl' ft. r tilt studt-nt bod y.

Il i\{S and the Se natl WIll convent. WIth I d ' 1 !, ( Ihe ' ol k<;e n·qllnt{· :I. hght b " r, st"rn n g as . be no MOp a n ~o si gna s. I .IlIstalled at the cro~~wal~. I 1 p u il .t· Urt"t" li n!; of the.'\ 0 1 tl d

.. ' Th~ numbt. r of cht-t.r kadcrs 'r Olll R~(;n,s, PL( ' st:ru shall ktc ra ise d from the p resC' nt num­ president of th S.· n' tt: and J an et ! :\ ftl r thl light is in, t h" f{ "ill All wor~ on tli[ proje. t i.~ hcing ~ropost'cl - mtndn,e-ms :<. PJ't - , I.. , "f fl.ur, tv a tot a l of six,. corn- I Turman, PLC ' h iOl , .1' Speaker of a t1!!htcnint;' up NI t: nforer nitn t of the dun t b}' the cou nty .

,,'r·d Ir. C I < pc I TI u rs ay c: I . ~ C r thr N bovs and thr~e g irl . tht.· Houst:. !


Y I be


I To Go Be1"rore Student: Body 1


·rb.. t

., d imil ution LOIt I 'ttc, fo r t:tl fur th p lX" of • •11 l 'com c_ndld at< s lur c eer leadt'r. 'fh..( tI ·t!t·t- will ( wnpos( <tud "pp un c by

inemascope film

I , <,ti ag will tak t

Willis Elected Prexy Of Freshman Class W a l n 'n Willi~ wa, I'lt-ct..d p res ­ of Ih t Fn .tu • n d a~s after b. IUli llL <,n Onollt"r 16 al .d 17. .... r ; h !; on the , bi ll (·t with him .... ,11 be: Ted JuhnslOn l', \'icc-pl'l'siU. ,!: Anii. Ann q rong, sc·cr.. tary : D i••n ,' R o d ah l, t n ·,lSuP·r ; Onon C b~iH c ns e.n, ICC r.. pn·s<·n t..ti\"e; . I'"ul En ..~el, ;tudl' nt council

.. I I.. kl b< wi ll lv hDw rt tum ght . •. "l..-r ~.'i , i!1 Cn·lon a t e :ulJ p.m. A .pt " i., 1 p roj. ctOI' an d le'us will bt ". H p ruj, .-t thl fil m on twv I /l UI. I ;.. ~ d, (' ns. AdlO i s..~i ll i~ 50 r pll $On r 75 {'('n ts pn cou I. i 1,J(!liuLti m. i. .. nR 5pon• If J h~ tht· • nio l' (;1 ' I .

0 lbl' r5 on the' final ballot were : p . u l Eries, ru u nin. fu r p resi de nt ; K .. t I,} Knutson, "icc-preside'nt; • :..nq Gundt"rson, <ccretary; ~or­ I/I_ n Dahl, tn' a<urer; Jackie' Slater, ICu . eprtst' nta tl\·< . and Car 0 I stud.. nt council rl"pres{'n-

i I

T , , ,(.nuw n i ~ ht, Octulrer ~(j, :. l'0v~ , how iJ bd n pre ~ .. ntt-d by the unTu' Cia . I'ht lll Q\'i" "Abbot and l -tdlo \rI., t th(' !\o{umrny," will b~ _"",'n a t !'!::O! p .m .. but \'\· ~· lly H ' I\ . r I , ,'vmnu ttt have u r d td that . h., L r uf borro l ~" I(,ust h, f(Jl ' 5t1 ing' thc filu .

, f."

dl '".r pta. I


rdy : 1)0\ I·, ' .

11 be :3 ,)

Gu• ~









~. \



The conI< will bt judged on tlleir pt-dorlllan c. in committc~s as well as in the ~e~ ion uf the Hou se :tnd Senate.






b,.1 I


son. g{'n~ra l an . n ., me nts ; Lin d a Hurd, resolutio ns' Ja n!'t Turman, a1­ lots : a nd D ick k r ige r, in cid(·nta ls.



All , i :tOl , £ w..-leo e to any or I ,"ll of th,. t <siofl.<, a nd Don Doug!:.. Ure t a nyon~ intt n :stcd to take a d- 'I . ,'an t, gt of the. oppt:rtunit y to wa tch these outstafl( IIlf! llI: h school \'outh i putl m " d" mo, r It principic-s a nd I ideals into practi I



Eastvolds Plan I Half.Ye r Trip Ea~I\'old

Dr. S. C. alltl his ifc I han btt:'n a uth/): " 0 by the Pa(,ific Lutht'ran Coll<-~ boa rd of trustees to mak< a six mon t . trip around ~h{' worl d f(ll th p ' r pose of .tudym, hi .!.\lwl' l'du('atiun ; "Iitlltions. :,t tht" ':nd of th...


Mu Phi Initiates Four Juniors Mu Phi E psilon national music mrority on campm, rr ntly in it:at. woown into its Sigma Chaptl r. T hosr h 'I1PT' d wcre. I ( I. to r.) Mary L u E n gen, ,'ocalist ; Sandra ~ch lrrmall, violi n ist· P u : Byin .­ I ton, vocalist; and Sandra Lu('a~, pianist. Tht qualitit·s which m~,rk eli gi bility fo r member. hip in II ' ,rority include rnmirian~hip, scholarship, lharactC'r, a 3. ' . r point ; vrragc: in mmic, and a 2.5 c:rud r. po int ;wcrage in a cad t:mic c u r c . G rrl lI TC I hos m a t diff"rr'nt tim' . du ri n/! th .. .'I'lir and an: pkd ~I' f t tl , \I r.1 months hr(or

IfOUl" juniOl


1958. Tn , two uf . tudi t'


p., ra t t (~ t l.J

i: ( Of 0

o. in



\ t(

no , ~


Committe chai mlL n for the affair ilrc: Don D uug\a . ' nl'ral ('h..innan ; , C al Capnt-r, n ~ iH ' tion: H('rb Dtomp­ Is('y, p ubli rn tion ot boo let; Jnr)' 01- [


S ook Show Movie

Set for Tomorrow



I I - ___I r------..,----------,

pl<l.ct' at th(' secvod I .....A"." 'L.. L usm~ . 5S m ~r \l. nl! now s(' h e d u Ico1 '. . . , 10 I u,··.(\ay, ~ow rDbc r 5, d urI n ). <h I i.

sTonight, 8:

, 01



he~nnint<: in~I'n



P:age Two


Friday, October 2:;, 1957


Vive La Hare!

ARISE, AMERICAN YOUTH! PcrhJP ~ you b ec am e JS worried as i did if you read t h~ recent JlStu rbi n g news f r o m M os.:c w wbi.::h .lnnounceu that th.: youth Jf Ru s i a .He b.:ing ~ ldi,t<:d and enco\lTaged to raise rJbbi{~. This '~ part f the C.lmpaign of Nikita S. Khrushchev, First Secr-:tary of the S viet Communist Part y. to catch up with (he United States in meat production. Khru.~hchcv lu,S said th,lt when t he Communists can produce .lS much meat as the U. S .. it will be lih firing a mighty torpedo 1l the foundations of (,1pitalism. \Vith this in mind, I beIie\'\~ it . our duty as routh of A nH:rica to rise in this hour of decision 3n d pCO\'e to the world tbat Communism cannot outdo democ­ ra"y . We may not be able to aid o n diplomatic levels : W~ may n t be able to has ten our missill' d-:vdopment; but we nIl '[.lise rabbits!

"KomsomoIsk.a}'.l Pravda," th.: Young Communist League '''spa ' ' ~ per, d e\'0 t e d a t- u II pag~ t 0 ex t0i l Ing th e virtues 0 t' ra b ­ bi ts , and exorted its re.lders, " Young rabbit br~ders. l e t each col­ It<; tj e farm h.we its own rabbit farm ."' Russian youth were in­ .$pired by Nikita Khrushchev himself who said that rabbi[ meat i. ra st)' and tender and that many persons prefer nbbit to chicken.


L e t us fi g ht fire with fire. Let us be the guiding youth of -\ nerica and begin raising rabbits heri! .n PLC. Thl'r.! i'i plenty of r oo m on lo w er campus for ;} collective effort of ;ll PLC stu­ den ts. and it has b~cn rumored that thi: money for the miIion lIar expansio n program is g oing to be diverted to t he n ob le i :lbbir raisin g project. Let us beg i n now ; and may ollr efforts multiply:

DeEd. Jve

us)' Doc


B ugs

'Ilo c

rowne r ,

----- --~- .

~--- .----- --- .~---

Honored oph Gals ·' ~!~~,t~~:::;~,~~tp~~~: Are mili 9 Spurs

Baker and Books hrary .

.\1:1) " B" ' r , ' h,' '1 ...... ;\>­ sison[ lih 'lfi"o who h;), found th~

libr", y n 'l im'1(,rt.lII t P" rt of h. I' li Ce ;i",'" sh t" ,.,.o.l"d :1 ; • ; tudcm librar­ ia n in hi"h ,.h<)ol .',,~ h D ' k 'f' B k .B orn In _.... ort ..t ot:l , .\0' Iii,; . a tor boast, th ... bet th t she i, .l bnn gi rl. But thrn . he mrK the city .. . ZU1llbrot., . :\[innesota. to Ix: t"xac t. Sh•. ~ radu:lted from St. Obf C.)J1egr and th.. n b"gan he r t~ ac hi n ll: ca n 'cr,

Is a Bit Shl' d a r s haw "

W et'



t l ---



It ChI u n pr

Ewr,. ::;>r1 in th .. rlass is .:arct'ul\y :\IId p ray.·r full y co'nsidncd whQ ha ! p,o"..d ~ h., has ~ood " ' hM>1 spirit, charactl'f, pc onality. is in tc restrd in t c ,c1lOol, its acti"itles and policies, ;l!Id maintains a ~rad[" point '''T r. '•. of 2.j. , I t rakes n la ll\'~ month s to srlc!'t th.· n ~ w e;roup, n o onc knowin .: lh .... choin" . !



1\"" 01 I e

Only ;OphtJlllorl" women .or,' ' Ii"ihle for rnt m h"r,hip in this natiOlul o r ~~ni7.ation, of which there arc 3 ~ ·haptf.' in t he t:nitcd States. Herc' a PLC. :':O to 25 womcn art: t:\ pprd :H ' h,: a nnual Awards Tea in the ,pring f tltdr f""shman year. Thi~ a rran~" m (" ot . <'rmit the new 100'mbcrs to or an i7 ' hdolt, school is out , 0 that in L'l" f.. !1 they Can b .. ~in to wo rk imlllt:diatd cl

Seek Top.:\'otch Girls

bit of .\'or. LI ~ _I .. 11 f fh d w" ~I:l n O. O I.tO. :-1, d.J our 0 cr ~wn t I' ,• . r" J.KITt· f) 5 Call1(' ronl .. ,,()r\v~ \' . l\~ Y(':lr.'l . t I I ' . [h t" r c· I :1 ~O ,..; tH ' ,Pf"rl ., \,' to " )!r. ,r o \C"r "jmt h:l\·;n·" tun." Sh" Fi. I..-d, hik,·d nurse, on hi " h mo u n t un" a n d ,t.· Ih"ir ric h a half foud ...\'., h i~h hn'" o r lipst ic k fur in t..ed Il ll " , on"\' II... r(','· ',n JlUll net'r! ~[i,s B'ikc r, "bllt I wi<h r""1 Ll k" n iL lllore (·.IS~· by th t:! nIl [h., food. 1 C::lin"d :l f, 'w !l,mncl, ."





~nr , k

Ii ~ in. th e.. l1pp~T r(,5~ir~t~r: s.ystem' j ~'i':l lt~ rcot" r: it n~u.s~ he fullowed. H;tS Ple nty to D o Rr " Its an. headacht,• 1<. \i e I. son 'Don t kt ~' 01'1'11 "CIl\'ltl l.s come ...,h"ad ' k' I' IrUfr wTltJn~, . . ... HI ' lfl ,t.!.', tr:ln' l n ~, If It tou!;h and l/ n~ c e'. D r. R anu · ., If . and pt'"opk an' I lirf ,h:l t (I"llIy p' t lo; , . , r .e· . ·n r .... J II" t I, a. I' \I Dr., : . R:ndolf~ 1··:lI.lIp~lS :h?'slclan; I ~I" . ~(i) , will push pi n ty of pills up her <"aI's. .. 'sid, hOD' • tha t is. ,'(In h "'gll!;sts st Idtl~b a lot tJ '1 un ~'ou If th... docto r ordt:15. hut do ]\[:wy fri c nds k ,'('p h.·j' I, tn , in the t. L:llo d food n nd lOamtam the bes t Y'lU r hnt to (;oopt:rate with th" health mail almost comt.:..ntlv, Tr''''e1in<; includes 'dl'i\'in" h t r I)\\,n ,.-ncrd l conditi~n po~sib1c to combat. , t:lff by t3ki"g them. An ,n'crag'e of h nru s. . 50 io 73 patients a day is kct'ping c:ar. ,' h",'~ \ ',d four: ,\mo-" Carl"tt.:.l On!"!' thl' , }ltlptOIllS .In: re C:Of.(niud t tH'rn hoppiug . Better yet, don't set ( lots of p",s" n,::c r, rod", with hn ) , .tuOLnt should te , e !).spirin a nd sick! Good h ealth cOlldition ' indud~ H,me y- lx'H, ;lIId 11<.'1' pn:ien t one. \'ilk - - - . - wrarill g- coa t, when it- cold and kc:l'P-, (,.ft, r :1 .. h.ll " e t' T a nm" I wh o J. l'Mn~ I illl; the ItTt d ry. an old ,hn'\\' ... ,h.' h" Il' l b,'ell ~. t·


Spurs. Man)' qf you m:\y Ix: " onde , inC!; :lbout thi ., ~roup, a king w hat , ' artl~· dof.'S it lIleans to 1)1' a !lpur. It mrans m~. ny thin ::;-s. but h en: a n' it I ~ I h;~hli ~hts of the OT!:(:lni7.ntion .

P I-llS Phd

. ­ US e I lte

Gut th,' bilK ? If I1l)t, sv nny. you're .~!.I to b~ d. :\I rs. l'~g ~(ik" ,u t of it! Of cour,,', it you" it I a dds. this docs lIot m ea n ['Jr \'/1 ' \ ... kinda. out of it, 100. lour. but t.lke :lspirill and sray Tht· bll~ goin?, around campus. i~ ill ' till yo...·rl' t:ompit-tt"ly wr:ll. Ie lon n of a I lrus that cau. s ml<:cOne,; nlt'dical 'Id\i.,c i (in:n

\ In

.\ bright mi lt-. Ih willin ~n'" ) work. and a ,..hit ,: uniform .1r ' tlu·. t1n~ tell this call I'U' ophomor' woman i> " mj~mber ot

~ h ·, .,·.lctcristics

whid, indurl...d libr'l rY w')c!.., s a unit. Studied in Min nesota Primarily " e'Tie,' on::"ni]Jri!)", lhis ; wup of wom.· o ,tar, ri qht out 1during' Urie nta t inn \'icek to sc rye it, ,chool and it.> , tud e nl' , not stop jn~ . . ' Th,en b:. ,,,hool " lo r :1 . I ttlc. un til . 'thr .. haby" Spur' arc 'appr ~, c Iwxt sp nng. . l1lor~ ..ducat lon. 1 he L OI vcmty 01 . MiIllwsot:l was the pbc,; 0f he r ;; r.\d- I Lon; Li"t of Jobs llalt' work l nd ~(i " Bake r ohtain,..d .\nd thl'lr li , t !)f :ll:[ivitin i'llmo,t liOlitl... ~ • fo r thr: Spur< en: .l.~' - d h .... :\b)b r d" ~ n'" from Ihe Uni"' r­ ush~r a t concat~ ami pJ:.y., TUn t he drction booth) for crta in . l ud 'm ,it)' of ~Ii c higan. boor ,·ot in.::, art .1, Aujd~s fo r COl'" ntiolls o n carnpu;, se ll uch hi n ;) Back to [he traching prof",;ion, hn' m,"n<; .It HO((l"comin,<;, 'po osor the Lucia Bride F"stival at Chri,tmas, ' ',.1,,"_ on Valentine' s D a y, a nd tak e pa rt in the Saga Carni,·a!. To q"l all work was onCe as"in "'r\'in:::- in .. c - ' '~T I ondary schools \5 li"rari.lIl , 1..1 r, , Unl­ , hest: thin.':s cl')O!"", it means sacri fi ce hy each gi rl, and lots of it. mcr ~(iss Bake r took ad\,ant;H:" "I' a scholarship to th e University of Oslo, No One ~all App): !\orw;)v, .:in: n tv t\l'1' by SI. Obf Cql.\ ; tl ... !':unpus look. on th. · . 3 1 r I~ wcann" th.; black ,lIld gold S pur I .: ~ . .. t'rnblcm "hno<t ('\ ci yo",; " ks : H o,,' 0 thry Ix" ' otnl: m~mb"rs? f i · t lh,op­ b{('. ;)hc , tudlcd Norw c'"an htcr:.­ , • t " f '" ii n.. W.I ), yuu ca n applv or n: qu,.~t, 1lV'lllhn,hip, f'Jr the Spur. den tn' . • t Uff", t IH ~ ('I,.JUC;ttl f Hl . . ys ' "Ul l) _",Ol'W "l j I and ad\'anc•.d \'o rwe :';'i:m.

j fp',lllll'lli c:: irl, thl') wi,h tl~ follow lhem.

,-­ -­

B -

by T ·ddi Gulhaugeo


.- ---

LSA Pa nel Gives

Iti ,, ~ ~,,,,d I

lni (, ;I..['·


,\1 ii' Ih k.. , h." two

d. y tlllTli

' ~ ... ith :'arh ~tl~cr .. I.. ~d n~ost ~f '11i: l in H,s ." n "h'lh tv th.. PLC


.-x~.~ri~llCing. t~e pUb h

joy of "'orkio~ for GO<! mo t Importa nt .



I , i



F?r Your Chl)ice In

: I

Jon Soine

Authorized PLC Rings

" t :-;ilk ). \'------------------------------' ~oll n \!'t" r ,i,t<'I'

w hO'll" ;rad\l3tt'l1 fro m , { Olaf, ~ ncl , " don't COl ~d," ,I.,. 1dd" "my to'Ji· .

ILatest Info on Jazz Ij ni,''''s :~{WO n~ph. \, ... ·_ _ of Lou i, \ ;U on:; . I J:t", .~g~1o I:.lod R.· Iy Gootll11"'n 'IOUIII ' d out of PLC's Christensen, Q,

flfr nl' w Spnr, lIntll th ,' TC3. S urs is ;t grou jJ of PLC womcn who h~ \'l: the chara c teristi c, of jin­ err ity, purpose, undcr.tandinll', res ponsihility a nd ':rvi c,'. Th ' ' Hmwn oitt:n do jobs that are n't n()ti rr d by th.; "tndents, a nd m~ny tim.. , th,'y n :e"i \ .· lit tle n'ClH(n~tion for th.. ir con tnnt ac tivi.ty. Thl"i~ reward lies within th':.m: ~" I\'l's, kn(l~':m ll, they hau' don" n .,;~oo Joh, .shann.~ thr work and the tun

""l' :





\ 11

eckner Get Awards

LB-:WO hI' " \ ("lI in!,; of October 20 RI ll I (} ......... " ... D A Y'E C R O W NER luri n' th.· LS.\ prog r:1I1\ on j .• l7, and

rdi~ion . , Ibrbara Becknn .l nd ~larian n.· 111 Guill m~ tl, '1'1 l f tl I J I Christ.. ns. n. t wu P:.cifi c Luthaa n ] .\.Ck Holi. 1 rb41.ra Il 1I1l'1 1i )':15 0 It' JI. an _- I'ny ' . ' Is " r ' h 01- d last we,·k'· nd b v I .ll C ,m. D i e e. on . . - . : I k Fll;uer, T oot.s1e Bayn.' , :\rl'~ f.\·;)lIw n. Dan' K llut.m n, \ " tr, \'rl "1. "1; LV. non, .'\ 1 Dung n, Sam Gnll){'·. Tootsi \V tlt' r md Tom th.· ~x("c ~ tl\.c t;OImmtt(·.· of t h r Ca\:· f)' ek ' r.t C', . .mci Sore nson, B b I R. ('\'l' S, with Pastor R. , ... Lutn , ' as forlll a Dbcn c:t L·,th,"\' Lt·a ~u .., \LC, \"a~n' . modt"l ... tor-t>III~ !II"mh"I oi the ~u-I wlIt'1l th.. }· w ... r~ pre,,,"t("d l1 ;ft~ IrOG] tli nee' carri("d o n a dis ussion on jazz th ... Gt" ncr~oI BO.1I'd. The ~ifts, in apprec iat ion fur ;cn.:­ a nd its place in our society. Docs jazz brin~ out the " a llimal" larial WOT' which the ~irl, rt.:ndt· rt·d ill m ~ I j :\7.Z illllllor",l! TI.. ' .lnd last Yl':"ar work in::; for District Pr",i­ thr. ~Udl qU~5tiuns were bruu!!ht up. d,;ot Bill Ra y, wr-n' pl'cscntt'd h y Di:;­ ,. tri ct first "ict:-urcsident G e or~(" D oc ­ I hen .It the close 01 the pro 7, '1 m, the c r ...\1 so'ntf rom C'DL"\...0, . a t I h ... rhythl s could once a ~:Iin . III: ard , llIecti n t; w ere Barbara 01-;':11 ,\nd Bar­ , in the b uilding. bara }s:lanoll.

LIfE INS U ANCE ;s for Y



ART'S SHOES AND REPAIRING J ,k k e lIer ...._.... .... _...... Carol House


( h ul l1i Llon ._... ....... ........ Patti Fl nn Ic"lal lt n a i tants: Tete Bova ng, \ rnl. '\ 'Tllstron ~• .Earlene Burcham, 1m' N c .. i~ , K a TI''l Klan, T helma "Ison , .. II.... ~orc ndorf, Barbara

Quality Service

Sh ') s -- Bucks -- Flats .- Oxford

Opposite Parkland P05t Office




11 ( Uln.

Comple te Shopping Cente r I

112TH STREET , A irport Road) AND PARK A VEN UE Ii ~--------________________________________11 \

Fri d ay , Oc tober :!S, 1957


P age T h r-ee

ladiat:ors, Savages Tangle Tomorrow

Fourth Floor, II

njury-Riddled Lutes Leave Today for


i Eastern Top


Dorm Play

Flu virus

a mitting. t he PLC GladiJtors will field 1 { I!..l fll I a big, experienced E Jst"rnWashington W it h tll,' b' lttk fo r fi rs t p b ..:e SlllWChen l!), in (he first con te r~nce gJ me Iv na rrowlIlg to .1 two-team la.Ct', COnt­ o n the road for the Lutes. 'r::titi o n still r ~i rtb "ho t and h t:a \ .n At last count, the hea lthy utnumber the .lfili.:ted 17-12. P .!; ') l'1C\.'~n when they meet '~ am tomorrow night in



',u t th t: fin :,J tabulati o n could go il h", wa y by "p m', timt'. Th,' Lu tes' ~.<rly wct' k pra c ti c"s wac limited to e liist lw n ti l'$ , since t h cr ~ "':lSn't I br~l' (, noug h turnou t for sc rimmagr , E\"t: n " h..a lth y L ute sq u :!d wo uld fi nd t h f" g- Q i II g ~x t r,: mely roug h 'l l'a inst :1 n 1':3 te rn sq' lad 3 v ~ ragi ng 2 1 ~ poun ds from .... nd to "ud .lnd 19') , in !h e bac Hi d d .

i G r id IIl,'nto r .Ed Chissus, who ,il- i rrtrd t h,' Sa va[l"es to . :; -2-1 ' ecoml I plaC, " fini , h last y<"a,r, not only has h.· hi r:qe, t :lnd m os t powe rful backfield in lbo, c unfe rt: nct' in Jim Ball r, Ci.lrk \[ yrn , D ew,' y Van Dintc'T, a nd Pt'l · .'elson, b ut prob;,bly th e f 'lL'sr: 0 " th e line, Eastrrn has tw o of it" fu ur a ll- c onfer ~ n c," vc h:r ans r<'lurnin .:; in cen te r D ick Hu sto n :I ud guard R un ~ I .,singer. E..l\te rn, prin1a r ily a runn ing t e~ m "''l r kiu out of th e split T, i. u n ­ " [ca r d in fou r 3anll:~~. 1 a e Il ly ')I... nish on th eir n ;co rd is <l . j -7 tic

with CPS. Th e}' rolled ov~r ha pk' L'Be -15-6, ed ged a stron g' C olltg·: of Id' ho team , 13-7, :md a nnihibterl

in t he m "n's imr:lnlural foo tba ll loop. .


W T L -PF ., 0 0 27

C"a lr:! 1 W;"h. .) C . P. S. E.I, c....n W~sh . 1 \V,·'tt'rn W a \h . 2 P. L. C, ....... .. ,.. 1 Whitwo rth .. .... .0 Bri t. C vlulJI . ....0





:J J

66 26 :J I I".,


0 0 0

P,\ 6

-I', .)

.•3 _0 ~;

11 0

R esults La t Week C PS '.'! O, Whitworth I~ . C,'ntnl Welsh, :! O, PLC O. Wo·,ta n Wash. :1~ Brit. C IUlll. 7. EJ-> tc I'll \VasiL 59, C:tlT•• ll Culle;e G ( n o u-co n fe re n ce). Tomorrow's Schedule


C c n tral W.l:;hiu lj(on. PLC a t Ea :; t,' rtl Wa3lring tlJ n. Briti.; h Culu!Jlbia at W hitworth . Hum' o ldt "rJ. t,· lI t \ .... <:5tern W,Hh­ inlito n ( noll- co nfe rence ) . . It

Cen tiT fa akes

ICo nfere nee lead


Chu d; C u rt i, kept his F'o urth floor . . ' , squad <tIll HI cOllte ntlOn (or th .. title '" h t" tillli"d two touc hdown; hint ~df



L3st w,·..k', hu m ili.1ting loss to Centra l necds no It 113. been h.l, hed and re-hashed. W e need to 100 - a head to tomorrow' game. Ye~, I . 'd \ ' \ . . , " .. ' sa l 'i E , Vht'n the team IS Wlllmn.' W e say, WE W O ll, Wh e n they 10 c: " Th f b II I " ga Ill t: ~ve say" c oot a tt;3 ~1l 0 5t. • • La st wt'ek s gamc was breWIng before th e LBC-Lute gallle thn'c eeL I " . . • I' ag o. \Vh:!t have we ;lS the stude nt body dono: to Instill a WIll to WIn? J. o lh­ . " mg, A p ep r31ly was held before th'~ CP:s dash ;l nd look at the re sulh ( PLC 7 (' PS 6) 1\ II' . h . be' h Id .' ­ , >' . , 0 pep ra les a',1t c n e , met. , . We, the stude nts of PLC, ha ve elected what we thmk are able ch t'" leade rs to instill the proper wiuning spirit into the athletic teams. It is o u.r duty to back our team, All is not IOKt, W e have just bt-gu n the conferc:nce season. Th e fault of last week' s game dIY-:i not rc~ t soldy on the squad 0 the coac h. How m a ny of you rea lize tht' injuries and ill nr s< that plagu..d thr t('am all b st .....eek ?


a nd p assed for two othas in :l '2ti-6 win ow r CIO" c r Crc~ k last TU~5day, Dua ne :\"w10 11 ~nd La rry G olni c \vere o n th e rec~ivin b· r and 01" C urtis' s.. orin ~ :ri ri Gh. Clova C reek's unly tuuchdo Wll c;imc wh" n T ed Bt~rry Many Lut.'S Were Out cunnn: t,·d with D.-all ~[,~ rri son for :J. C oal'll Harsh lll:1Il hi mself w:!, a yi c tim of the flu-bu g a nd was bcd-ridd.. n .ix-pointe r. The vi c tory ti .~ht c ll,~ d th e t it!.: r:, ct: bc tw t·t'n "fourth" and East­ most uf last w n' k, Di ck G oodwin, Tommy Gilme r, G <'orge f'isha, O r) ... Chri, tl'nson, Sam Ga nge, a nd L ynn Ca kins a ll wr:n; nursing' th~ lu a n n P 3l'kbnd. :!,s"rted injuries. It is tru e th;,t so m e of th ese fellows pbyed, but why? Ttl,' In "Hotlwr Tu <·sday afte rnoo n ba t­ got up Ollt of t hei r ~i c k-bed~ be"ausc they had to. rl.. , l ''- Y H:oII rom ped U\','r ,m undc r­ \rhcrc w"re ' we to instill tha t ~nc-ouraging pat on the: back, that o 1ll .lll nt'u ~ 'iua d front \V",tc r n Parkword of appreciation? Way out in left field, This can' t happen again. la nd, +'2<!+. .ht ~{'fht'illl of Ivy hit , We all, and especially our chef!r leade rs, hu'e a job to gr:t the Lute back . ior fOllr :;roring" pas,,,, in his squad's . on the winning trail. Let's sec something new. A pep rally ,a bonfire, a os(' ve n touchduwn assault. L:l rry f la- , . team ~nd-off and meet them when they comr: back; win, 1(]6I:, or draw, IUl)e' and L owell Shelda hl <';Jeh p1lll,'d Student> Jlave to Work ; in tw'u six-l>o int ~ aials whi!.· Ru,;.-r . 1'1" d 'V I d h' ff 1. . I d G '(. . I d .J C I llS IS :, 1,:00 kam . r t.: la,·" a goo coac rn g sta . h,'n' IS not h ,n < I I ' . \11 ,·rso n. :! r y ,,1t' ;1n :, n" > ' r I' I k d .. I . d ' h d bod ' • ,S . I d I I . wron ;; ,ut t It· :'I e ':1 a lsl ca ;, t.lltu e 01 t e stu .. nt \. T"Sltn g on t h·1.





..-:t rey co mp ete tI t \'y .>co nll., . , Th,' ' ·'Jlubin.ltion of G ary ~irl. to ' :\:':11 W;, hlllt'll :!cco."nkd .~or CIght~."lI u l W.. "e rn' , 2-f pu",ts. KI r k a lso ltgllrcd in the otha scurr: J S he ,:on­

post,.riors w:'l itin .~ fo r th e di~its to be added to th e win c~lum n. Bdi evr: mc. we wo n' t ., ~.: any wins c halked up with this attitude. La§t Sunday you rc ! o n tilt' ba rk IXl gC of YOllr stude nt congn:;pt ion bulle tin that, "The g reat fi" I,1 I' t,f ha tk is in th.. Iwell't and mind of nt:lH," That o:xprt'~ses what wc netd to .' now .

~e.; tL'd with D~nlli, M a rtt a h flll' the Let's get behind our Lutes and let thr:m know we apprr:ciate their hard work, ForjC~t lout week's gam~, TOlIlOrrow is anothr:r p me. and . fln;,1 tally. LEAGUE STANDIXG..; remember, Lutes, we're behind you one hundred perceDt from Coach W ' . n til<' two te ~m s smc," 19 J 7, PLC . s i" t he w< n co lumn 8-7, two C .. n t r a I Wa,hi ngton's \Vild .;a t, I .t T i Hal'SJu~n down to the last DIan on ~ a 1_ tea.I.U, n m{' resulting in tics. Last vca r Eas t- . rolkd t,) a n easy :2lJ to I) vi c t ury o\ "c E :lsk rn o but remember, they have to pull thdr panb on the :same way you, .... ......,.. 4 " r n 'as \'ir toriollS '27-7. ' j , lt· lTi. plt'd and II -bi tte n Pacifi c ['oun !. n FOUR. FOR. .FOUR. Coach ~,bn" Harshll1a n L, ho p in." L ut lll'ran Gb dia turs last 'atllrday .tt : T ar'om ,1 .... ........ ,.... :;

I 2 O ur football foreerut prodll ced a p e rfect four for fo ur a flrc Ia t w ee h,' flu rloes n' t cbim any 1ll000e vic'- L i" ,'o in Bowl to t3 k.: oJ\ or svk po ·- · h y Hall ..... .. ... .. ... . '2 ..! football wars we r e OVe r to r:lise o ur a verage to .700. This wed we'll b e if'" to ha ndio p th e :l ln':ldy injury- '<'<'i~n of fi t plac ' in the E\'c r.;-re,·n C IO\!'r C r Cl,k .... .. . :1 ~ ) bn:ath e r :lnd not d {'I\'e into th e c rystal ba ll dll e to b ck of 'pa l.'~, - -­ - - - - _._- - - - - ­ - ­ l'id d" n tea m. Tom Gilnu:: r, Lut e full- Con k renc . D,' ]a rdi",:s ........ .... 'L \ck, i, \~ o rkin ~ ou t bu t ;uay no t be Lu te C o;,ch ~lan' H ., ", hlllan fid d - : W.. ' h'rn I't for a n ion. Fr<"shllla n .:n d L ou I" d a,· -~hitt lineup th a t ,aw tht: U 1.,.. ,i ., \ <' rdy sp m ined h is a nkl " in Wikk "t~ ;.;orc touc.hdowns ill t h.: fir; t I) Th ird __ .. .... 1 h " n l r:,1 ' a m. a nd will d d initd y :lnd ,('Lo nd q uart r:; to ~ lt jo y ;I 1:; ·0 .,. out of a cti on for a couple of we,: k5., h.l lftim e )..-ad. Th ,; inj ul Y I id d kd Lutn w,'r~ ab l~ tll h,) !d the Wild,',l ts ~corel e s, in tit R a n gy Curt K:lls b d, thul1g h hawV­ third p"ri,)d , but again in th l' fourt h nl'd b y iu j uri...; l:r , t ~T. ·r, h 5 hUIY/I I j t:l ll. I t he \Vild , a t ~ prod u ced .. > j ­ 0.; 1'<' ; ' t impron-i lll'nt in h is fina le 0 ll l' d. d 'i\'c 0 st te h :heir k 3d t o PLC football. As :l sO'nior, ( ur " PLC\ TOlllmy Gillll r c I :IJ, th .. I '20 tu IC,' t he )tall Ie . lending h is ability :lnd infl u,',·,c.. to PL(.' , L d t, rnl<:I1 ' ~ C I,b held its PL C W:IS minm the 5rrvi ccs of hal f­ E\",·r.~ r("t"n Confert'lIl'" p ll11t"rs with ::l ' pa rk th ,' Lut.. ' In Tn f"~lIt hi i ri.. ht +0.8 y:!rd a ,,(' r:11;", a t: t: o rdill ~ to Llltf' , ,r I mrl', ill l( of th,: it' :lr T ue:;d a r h:.ll·': ,?,'orge Fish"I' who ",:t., bed -rid ­ .. nd ,I"t. nl,hl. Pn'l ill1 in:J I,)' plan; w..-n · 11wn d t'I< WI t h t he fill, :rndlullback TOIl1!ll}' , t:tti , tici:>n Loui,' Spry. Th .. Lull" s C urt c. une to l'LC in his oplto· . h 1(" 1 t l .111 d e n d S'am G a n~e wltnessc . d .;p ni o r fullha ek is well Jh, ':.d o f quar­ , t.) p r~sent :t mi nstr d sh ow III t t' 0 >l lIlon' y, ';, r aft.-!' a tt f' Il Jin~ Y~kiuu l nn r l utu n·. P r" sidellt C urt ' ::rlst"d' till eoJ n ~ , t frQIll the siddim', with tf: l'i,ac k F r e d EIIll'rson of \V"s tcrn J .C . :I, a fr",I11l1an, At Y.lki ma ht· let · . r,·d ll ~<" . G !Jard S .D 'Ie,;I. G 00 d W>ll ' Was h i n :~ t'J Il C oll,.,,,t· who has com­ '" '(,:d t klt this i, to b"part 0 f tI1" .II Ju . ., _ " t"rl'd in fuothall :llltl t ra~k. fi o,'1 to rr ll 'W int" rest in the .L r le r- Cl nd U rsun Ch r istl:'ll, en "aw ac tio ll d e­ piled a . , tJ.J ycl rd :l\·c ra.:!t' I,)r 15 .\ g r:lduate of Y.lkillla Hi " h (.h("11, 'p ill' nu ....ii n~· t h e flu-bu " , u s did c,'n- I punts. - n\ :Iub . C urt lUod,·stly sp"aks of his scict'tio " [n t h... past t h~ IJl'tten~ ~ n h:1,'e t<' r , ~un ~I <":~1l~ 5 ter. ., 'J:he ;')P "· ~·<'ll . r~ul.'t"r; tl,,: EVt:r · as an honora ry c<lpt:t in of th, : Y;rk :, ' 11 . " III attl'lldln..,; mectlll ){> ,uld I f 1 I ~ 115tl <:.) ho....,. I tllt~ Lllto's .. rtt ll Conf<'f' n l< ludlld ,. 1. Ill" t"a ln whi c h took the (,., lumbi I , I '<~ p in ~ 'In a c ti ,'c int ere~ t," states Ka l- , with '1 minu s I:.! yard~ :lnu four fir" I'unts .\...~ , ; Basin Confne n(:c c hampionship I~ h i. , , d , " hut in th t: futur.... th, 'l''' will be' d,] ,."". T ommy Gi lml'l' ...... .... .. .. . II W. S srnior yea r. Thi s WilS :I n u dubl., dri, l' tn make tht' club Hlor.: ac ti ve ." : Fred E rn'-h on, \Vest. ..... .... 15 :Hi.:j :lchi ~ \,"I1Ic nt , since h.. turn..d /Jut fu r Bob .\u stin, CPS 1.3 ::5 .5 ,\ p rllposal to dis('oura t:,~ tht~ wear- I football ill lti l(h school that o nL yr:lr. in~ 'If high ~choo l nu m e rals 011 swea t- . C o r k y Rridg"" Cent. .. .. .. .. II :H .J . Curt h:ls kttnt'd ill ba r. ba ll .1 ~ W J ; m ad ('. In th e future nu on·: W:IITC II Llshu,1., \Vhit'th .. .. I:! :;:0 ..1 : PLC th p bst two p ·a ls. In hig-h ,houl ... iIl h,' pt"rmitt"d to wcar it-ttt'Ttnan ROll Sp... rb,· r, Ea'ltl'fn .... .... 7 '2 7.7 Curt t' 3rlll:d OIlC I('tler in t r:lck and .., aten with J n y hi g h schuo l ktte r Look for the New Bnl(' o: .\I l' C :dl ulll, l' BC .... II '25.9 / Curt Kalstad two in both baskdball a nd b "b. 11 ,n it. i ~"""-"""""""""""""""""""""",,""""""", HI: i a llIt'lllbo ' r of ' ~F.A . th.. ttl­ \ U kttl' nW' 1l wt' !' ur <,rt'd I" wa tc h dl'llt cO ll o,: rcgation, ;llld is JI£old t'nt oi !h,' o ll lk tin board fur futu r e ntt'" tin g- . 123rd and Pacific tlw Lute L t:l tl'fnt" n's Clull. CUN ;, I,··.. .. 1lI:·,j o rill g' ill ph ysi c'l l educ:ltio n and I h"" l1h with a lIlinor i n the b iolo gic.ll LUTHERAN I leh .l nd C

rol C olle gl' o f Monta na, 59-6 .

I.n the


ga,lIlc s





,Veteran Curt alstad parks Gladiat:or Line Pun ters


League Led by Gil mer

Hold i I First Meeting





Beat Eastern!


College Drive-In






THE CHURCH IS ON TH E MARCH! Go ",petent teachers· growing s t ud e nt bo d y - Christ-devoted program · hi<:lh standards - attractive campus· low r: osts, TlfE SEVENTH ACA DEMIC YEAR


S. f oeb

• Ph ,D.• President



2no Morin





Ca lif.

PHONE LE , 7-7100

. 1\'1ON DAY THRU SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. to 7 : 30 p.m,



3:!8 Garfield St,

LE ,

7·99~ 1

P gr Fou r ,

Frid a y, Oc;t ober, 25, 1957


-=oreilin __and­ l'Te", -=rien by Linda Hurd

1 al w a ys rh ught tha t a E uro JX' a n tra\'c1rr would nl" ' C'r hav c

Clubs Busy with Organization


ACH! LES SIE! U ndt r r. k" d' rship of n ('wl) , I,ctf'd pre~ide t Da w La It' r . th( C nL.tll lub is mak lh>{ pl ans fOI' an i ntt~ rt:~ t i n g se ries of meet ings during the com in g year. App roxi ma tely 100 nltJl1bers will be karning more abl'ut the pcople of Gc' rmany a nd the land ' g Germa ~ I itsc.lf. as w('11 as expe n'encm n 11-- di tiom through son gs a nd gathn.". ' ch as 'the an nua l Ge rman ! (lI~hg~, , u " , , n~ tn 'as party ,

t r o u ble makin & (onvc rsa ri o n ; a nd ' ct I ofte n f i nd t ("!li ng a h ?ur my Su mmc r c xpc ri n ccs vcrv diffie It, P e rha p bc.:a usc C'vcr y time . atte mpt I f d t h at I can n e ver qm, t da r J11? co unm ak 5u(h an • h l ' t' , Cl or [ c p eop C .IllS Ie\:. " , I rceall{'d many won d rful t h tn £ & a trc r r ,a dmg a n t~ld le rter . , d 111---- -- --- ·--·- - -· h.ld wnttt.1l thiS ~ummt';,?n • f '. ~ .J J <1 h tha t \\ tli nrsd a" O c tobe r 30 ha s been would I .( te. usc CXCt'TPt~ rom I, to m<:-:!I was so ~OL'U " t( J lr I " , , ' . h ' I' f t J . t ' :d' ch SUI as tht' da te fo r tht fall med­ ~'I\' yo u S()l1lt lI1" g.t JIlt u I e l f .; .. I , ' " ' ,' b' . hytt ~, L u ten, · ", orw,y, .. ~ 'f I Coo un) I r.~ club ' whi ch" \~ ~ d\ \Sed \. Rudo Tu n~t nc3UU U ' c,f the . b


. ,


liaum f< n'mon ) f Itow d b ~ I h p it d!;. l.I rt~ h. It! 1 ;\ (lut {'a mp on Brown's P , int. Tht pre' li t Iota Btt~ nll'mbc:r ta kt thi s opportu n it y t( publirly s; " "wdCOlTl e ,

to a, good ycar, t~ge:'thc r In APO, with ~ .. P"' C(: to the .ollege a nd commu. 1lI't )., " CONGREGATIOX CHOIR ~t'wlv ticc tc'd offi c<'rs of Student , C~ngreg' a tion Choir arc Pr('~idt' nt. " Bob Erickson ; \'icc-prcsid en t, frank , Ba rnrci tcr: C haplain. j oe Dana'lson : ' . . H' clI.' ta ri es of til(' ha ll~, Lonnie Ste\'' . ('mon, Carolyn Erickson. J can L-llc-


wbrr~ I sl'rn d .! t th( Lul i1 e:'ran " ou th Wt h,,\'(: ha d the opport unity to I ~{n, Llttl~', ~hc m('~tlng wlil t: a t " worlo- tamp II I< I t an d wo r J.. WIttl w e le rn'f'I e"' QOp.m , m, Xorth H :< II lounge , QS7 ' I d ' h O tl' ('r ofhn'rs recent I" elected are : I ~Qr"'( pan ~oun s peop C, a r. . In t t: ', ' , ' J u IY 9. , I ~ ' Barb r Ol- Stuhlnu lkr " secrctary-treas· t . t h(m'l('~ we h a\'c \1"~l tt d wt:' v( b een '" t, IUf' on ou r Iast wee k h (' f( . . 1 II I Id d U ff'f a nd ICC R r prcscntatl\'('; and ' d ' . . 'I I d · , . Budor, n :t o('so t Sf.( 01 PC'!M) t tn a t coo rOYIl y, cou go on n o n , n h b ! b ' . f h' · , t d R u,'b<: n L ,htl Sandra DIbble, and toda) IS J uly ~t , a m: t t 1(' eauty Q . t IS cou n ryan · ' " , ' I h f h I TAnl' t ~{cnsch. SOCI al C ha ir me n, Tht. wory. h" s bten h rd but fu n, . tht' C ~, rm 0 t:'r peop f' , . . \"', h ave sp< n t all ou r tim digging h . th e mountains and fields the:' PHOTO PHANS t.he bas!' ent a nd the progress ground is cm'('fed with the most beauCame ra Club rec('ntly d ected Don bt, u vcry sic.... cue to the rocky ti fl l w ild flown's imagi m.~le. It i!. so I Schu~tze as ~residcn t ; ~fart i n Scha d­ g round , If you could ~t t: me with a pt'acC'ful , and w', e ( n ha\ c our own n, \'\ cc-prcsldc nt ; j ean Ostra nd, sec­ ,hm'd you'd III \'('1' bdic\'c it. I'm ' rry special ba ckground ffiUhic- the retary-trcasurr: r ; a nd Stan H askey, r l ally lookinr; "rt·~t--scrape~ up k gs, SGft ti nklt of cow bells in SlImmer ICC rt·presentatin . e' ut hands, and 1 m dC\'dopmg som pastuffs, T o c reate intl'rf's t in photogra phy Il' u~c k~ that are ~o ugly I'll probably J wish you c Id hay" M en is the p urpose of the C ame ra Club. haVl to \H a r long den TS fo r the rr t mouse in tht: corner a t ou r Nor· So far it has 12 members, but Presi­ "r my lift'. wt' gi;lI .•Amcrica n fourth of July. We dc:- nt Do n Schultze invites anyone in­ Si nce a rrivi ng I ha n gotten used tool.: tax1s into Ha mar for a second terested in photo/l:raphy to a tte nd the 10 man . things, Fint, it ne,'r r gets ra te American movie. No ....onder our m t ct ings, which arc h d d every first dark, and I st ill find myself wakin~ Norwegian friends remarked th at "you a nd third Tuesday a t 6:45, The place 'J p in tht m iddle of the night th ink­ Ame ricans a rt:' crazy but wonderfu L" will b..· posted on tht" bulle:'tin board. 109 it is tim e to gt't up, FO<>d i· r. I'm loc.king forwa rd t o D f' nma rk, I Programs an~ being plannt:'d which rasci natmg topic We'\'e had ~om!' G erma ny, Austria, I ra ly, . witlula nd, will aid photo fa ns in taking Uer IOH'ly concoct ions , ~u I'll list a {('w: F.;mcf. a nd G re?t Brita in with great pictures and learning of dark room tm Whale a n t :('ip~ t i(!I1 , but I th ink you a n see pro('(.durc, which will be prac ticed in P Whal{ meat, oa t meal soup. fish p u.d ­ w i Y it i, goin g to bl' w ' ry I a rd to the da rk room of CB. D on urges all to come, " r-;-o matter d'l: g. ~p inach soup a nd puffC'G ri(.{' ~a )' goodbyr te> Budor Tu risthy rt a nd ror de:'ssC'rt , Bw a ctua lly the whale :-;(1rwa~ , wh at kind of Camel'a you ha\'c, if a n y,"





LEnox 7·3261

APO TAKES PLEDGES A PO ;;, nn(, unC(' ~ tha t twt"in ; n t'w plt'd gts werc r"ce rotly rc<:"iH:d into its organization, "It p roves to be one of [hI' 1,. t group' of fello,,"' thi r hap trr ha s en ' r had , Ir. re ga rd s to scou tin g back!;round and leadt:'rship a bility in h igh ~ehool;' says Hal B ken. APO p residen t.

I ~===============================; ! Formica -

Paint .- Pl umbi n g Roofing Ki rsch Rods W ind ow Shade 5.




P pe C

Installatio n -

in g a nd Threa dinQ

1215t and Pacific Avenue

Phone LE, 7-31 7 1

~ ~,

3·IN·l TO BEnER SERVE YOU Standard H eating Oi ls " Heating Se-rvic ~


Thr' pledges, Bob OIH'n, Ted John­ sronc, J:'r,'d Miller, Ch uck Larson. Rill !\', C raig jol'ch!cln, a nd Si fi R a li~(1n, finisf. a wt. k (.f init ia l pkdg­ ing tooa y, Mt mbe rs will be. taken in in the m idd le of ~ove:'mbe r at the {ornlal ini-

Eq u ipment


PHO N E LE. 7.{J256

120T H &. PAC I FIC A VE N U E

field riLiJ!

" ,,",. art the h :h t c>i th ( " orl '( know th way; th rd OR. ~ l (' hl'lp in the ,~rt" t cOJllma nd (lur ~ord of ma k in,~ d isciples o~ " n",· 110m: ~ut a "':ltn"SS of ~hn~t , n u d t(1 I:, \\, II I CJUlpp' d . Bt'sides h I pro­ fessl,o n , h( n ( t d s , a ""('n0 1l.1 back. I f!l'Ound a nd a workmg knowkdg r c! I God'~ Word," R c\' , Landsve rk add f'C

As ~I id('s 'of his mis ise' f1 field ",etc





Ishown, R C\·. Land\'(~rk p om ted o ut the n('cd for w('11 educated peapll' , , I d' H' d . n la., U)J~ I('oneH'ryo f \'Ol'atlOn Id cst b e Iie f s, l~ ' tht worI d ' II'.



la nd. K a v R/:ckord, T w i I a Gillis, great handica p to Christian wor)..

4{)6 Garfield St.


STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions 12173 Pacific Ave. ( Foot of Garfield)

LE. 7'{)206 We Drllver

I , d ( L • jo(' Danit:ison, only tw ent y-fl\ ( thouslI n aTC n n~. , [H:ry Thunday th t chOi, r merts In tian , ' , , , H e compa res th e red, whIte " nil titc eMS .,t 6: :,0 p,m . IIndtT tht· dl, rt'Ction of j erry Ba yne fo r rehcarsal. , ~r('en striped fl ag of Indl to d.e . ., MISSIOT CHU RCH ES rdigions o f the coun l r ', R ed ~hO'O.'! R e\', Obtrt L a ndsw'rk, miss ionary that Hinduism is tlle lar f: st reJigi(,J1) to th e Sa nta ls in North east I ndia , was today; white portrays Christialll t~ , th e guest speake r at Mi3sion C l usad - I green indicate·s M ohamme danism, t h o en last Tue~day "n:n ing, sel'olld la rgest sec t , H e explained to the group tha t, I T ht'se colors af(' also used as < though it isn' t far to the fon'ign field m,ot,to of, misisonarics: R(;d,,, H ah' from (.ur ai rport: today, we can be \\hllt, LlsIcn: and Grec'n, '\-\ltn .





For the Ghollls, Goblins or Witch s on YOllr List


Look first here for your choice in




What is the relationship

between Lutheran Brotherhood

and the Lutheran Church?

F ort y year~ ago, at a L u theran C hurch convent ion in St. Paul, .. prominent lavma n sto o d up to persuade the grou p th a t Luth ­ erans should w~rlc. together to h elp each other in lime o f troubl ,

A few davs I, ter the org anization n ow called Luther n Brotherhooiwas incorpora ted by church leader_ . It p urpo were "to aid the Lutheran Church ; to foster justice, cha rit) an benevolence: to provide educatio n , . , to encou rage ind try ~avings, thri ft , . , to f urnish re li ef a nd protection to its­ t-ers. the ir dependents a nd I-e nefici a ries , through the payme n t of be nefits in case of death or d i a bility," While its prim a r y purpo!Oe is to give protect ion to meml rs bu ild c hurches bv lo a ning m o ney , , , helps train church leader~ h) p rovidi n g s~holarships , , , h e lps churches g row by giving mone} , n d s upplies .

of t be Lutheran Churc h. rhe Brotherhood al ~o he lp

The Lutheran Brotherhood is a worki ng p a rtner of the hu rch , m ffed b y L u theran s to serve members of all Luthera n Churcbe~ .

lutheran Brotherhood 70 1 Second Avenue South • Minneapolis 2, Minnesota


LakeW"ood Ice Arena

~ Call JU. 8·7000 ~ ~ ~ ~~



Fully A utomatic

Li'/11:ng bt M/ i ts for L1ilhera ns throuuh life t:nsuraru'e



Tue sday -- All Even ill9

Wednesday - ofte r 9 p,m,

Friday - All Evening

10707 Pacific Ave .




Phone LE. 7-6012

, Toot.~;(' \Vett er. Arnold Ols In, and . th e th rcc and a Ila If ml' 1)'IOn . a n l-'" .....

and her children. T hat would be, in effect , an insuran ce contra ct."

We Outfit Co-eds


S 0

At that timr, many still thought insura nce wa!> un-Christ ian,

LAURINAr-S Apparel


rrL"ic'n~l i rs n a miss ion h rf' a t h ortl. ,

So to make his point, he used a very simple illustration: " Suppose two brothers made an agreem ent: he said, "Ea h romised that if the other died, he would provide for the wido

E n,io y That "PLUS " SerVi ce


fe llow~ , W t 'R 10~k in ,'I' forw~rd


............­ .'



isi: Wang

rles T e •



o l 'll' l. \','ni ng of Tu es .>o y. l 'o .oT ber 5, al :30 p . m. in [be I C" . . . , Lh( fi ~s t p~.o~r;::111 of (he s rud~nt artist sni.:s will be prc- I ~:. " nft:d hy ;vhss Ctlh \\fang, ). , il L ,Va n g ( pronounced '} sii! i \Van g) is a smal: Vi ennese pa nLOm inllst who, perhilps, rin G; the d<'s igners of [he Sputnik ur ~.'" i m. Q \ IOl i n ~ fro m th(' :\ ( w ~··V a 1. )~tW ~3 "~1i ~ "\' a n~ j ~ a p ~- pr uph- ~I . ( n d \ tr ti .si n ~ !-!r:i rIl(Jphul l.'.' 11,,/{. , . ' 1 ff, . O il uwl, il pail' l,i I, ('f' rd , . ,! u a t ir,~ ill front of art o ld- I , crollat . a flowe r pot a nd two ,: i\·.il - ::J ,r.;OCII d [~, ! kin'\ mal'hint·, ~Jqt :, .. ,,1- 1 .11 Uti cun " Orl l l l ! lg fur I J1 ;~ i. · Y o f trJ t:" : ud·d u\! lJ .;; t t !lIn g- to Irlv d c f n raJ !o I W JI<I. A HI. I~r l1f l0 tU JIlL :H1 r1 ~illl· 1 and {"r flI llIa t i n~ a n o pin ion of h :s I lIIick . h. is " PUPP,,[ witholl t " ri n.L I U\, 1". .. nu \, i,lt ;~ ddi1!htfully \v ~!c hy 1.min .\ ft t J I I i n ~ thi " littlr' actH' :'o-~ c .. in ~ ~ ill 1I ,. he.,tL I h' ":o rld a nd its folli es as 1, " raw C ' ll i \\"" ll~ will tell a pt rso n th a t 111111"\ id. 1. thr' pun led spcctatOl' i, b T \."kn t fil >t bl/lllll in hrr p Iay ,u )JOll [, J tl' as k, "'Vhat ~ hall we ('all I d til cl . SIt< lJ"'gar. by sa t il fy' l, \; lilt th i. [" li n of a rt :,,, All he, tricks arr' Ut ' JI' to " n form fai r y ta les and the' hr l . <; [,<1 I,,' r comic dfect is l3r..,ely ".y'ni' cili ld has t m a ined th e sp•. rk p m GlI c, d by th t' unexpected-by that lJf !n p lr;,t:on \\-'ithi n tht- (' o n ' e ~(Ju f.l" which ~"t rlls to contradict the h~\\ \ of na rur.... t in !..! ....·(.J nan.

.\-l i, s \V:lIW will be co-starrc1 on

h 01lC of hl r lill m be rs. ' H i~ M a~, lit< C(o rgt: Gobd TV Show, :\BC­ I. I \'uiu ," sl... purtray ~ not th·. p "p' T\', on Dr ternhr r 3, 1957,


~t .d·


• QUITE A TABLE SETTING are these ten PLC junior and senior girls who w ere a mong the thirte-en to be nominated by various campus clubs an-d organizatio'ns for Homecoming Queen, Seated (I. to r,) are Barb a r a Johnson, Bonnie Troedson, Georgia Lee, Barbara Ristau and Marilyn Force (finalist), Standing (I. to r.) are Patti Finn, Esther Ellickson (finalist), Colleen Therriault, Janice Rindahl and Janet Turman ,Not pi cture d. are A~~rey Hart, Patri.cia Ahrens and Twila Gillis (finalist)" .__ _ _ ._,,______ ___ _ _ _ __


Elliekson, Gi iii 5, Fore Com pete

1_,1_"' 1

PA_R_K_LA _ N_D_,W_A_ S _H,_ _ _ FR_I_",N_O_V_, _VO_L_,3_5,_N_O,_J.;;;,.6_ _

PLC Hosts Debaters In rac L.e e TodayI SaL "&;


:For Queen Honors in Final Vote i rt d t Bd I I prli~ram, ~pccial J U en 0 y.Hea d I



junior and st'lliur

PLC p.m. Studtnt wlt-nt will plTfonn at ~'-

were numin"ted for QU('t'n of tht' .19~i Homecomi ng, "Say It With MUSIL ' .. . . I h .. y , n I'atnr::o Ahn"ns, Esth~r )',ni d"ulI, p"t " i: T 1" Il, M:, rilyu Fun,., Twila Gilli" Auclry Hart, Barbanl Johmon, G,·urt: i,.. Let', Janicr ~illdahI, Barbara .R i ~.t a u, Colleen I hnnault, B li II n I(' 1 roc<1son, and J'llH't Turman, O ;..:o..Ulx·n ' "Ill10tH1CC d r' rJ'd ay WOlllell

I t":lt and "\'.I'nt' will' be included, such. as the k"i~hting uf I th .. football captaIn for tIl<' HOll!t cornInc ,,;n ne the "na cia\'.

th an way "nd tomurrow m ol' a C omp(·titio n ruunds will ope n d)/" I! ('(JIlt- t' squads will be ' to t l~ g-<IH:ral public, and stu d •• I S 1 . . . <:illl1 puS fur the s('cond annual P L C w i "L,,~ tu ul),U\',· dd.';J tc tlf '" /:_ Quecn Crowns Harry fJ rac.:tict: d"b;l\t" tournament. :\Cte r iu)! ruu",l, can dete n ll .II" sp".I..iog :\Ipha Phi Ollll' g<l has ha d its anr ,:st",tiun this morning at 8:00 iiIIJ('; "nd plac es f!'OIr! tilt' buIlt-tin l "llaI ., ·ketion of a Handsollle' Harry . d l1. , the, fint COlllPt' litiw.. rou nel be· bU". ni ill .th<. CCB. [ WhfJ IS, t.o bL .cn:wnC'd. b Y . the H. omt·· W !IS at 9:,;0 and "vents WIll conclude In :,ddltlOn to Mr. Karl, till' tOllrI' "Imnl.: QUlC. n .11 tbt Powd."I" P~ff It Ili,~ht ; t 10:15, ..teordir,!! to the lit l'olllrnittt-e " :1U l(mrnted by I Bowl gam!' on S:l t\~rd3Y mornmg, I\oAct Ion ' a ,iI .IL!!J.f 1t l ' urlnan antI D r. \ i crnon Tl nrnbn 9th . Voun1;' was hdd .on ., lll . u.£UlU .••.• t st''h t" J U Ic . ~""\ 1Ou up,-n II,; t'. t. D'OrI O ,,", a t 7:45 a .ITt., and ttcnoin' l zin".... of PLC, M.-. H. A. M~Haift- y FIO I11 the aboH: list, F thl'r Elliek- Wedn(:sda~ and at t,h~' proce ;.t · w l:h :lw:rd ~ a t 7 :45 p.lI!. , vf Linfitld C ollc.·g;. , M.-. H . Hin gston "" n, Marilyn Forer and Twila Gillis uf 1. II ntl·l \ot( . 1 hl' mon.' ~ .\PhO ., " . f p. " f' l ' ', . <; • , .< ~, 'I R ' 'I . . n"n'I\'cs WI I ~' O loware 5 repal!"!n)! t c Prof. 1. O. H. Karl, dlrt'clor of the jl v all It , flO\( r. .n·, l Vlr. G.ll It 1· w('ft· ,·!t-ett·d as tilt· flll:' h~t~ un Tul'~- , , ,.,. . d f I L" . f W ·1' old n en'attOn a l lmltalals III the CUB 1 ul11'llartwnt, ". y s that th(" fC;renSlc.! :l1 (0 t H' lIl\'n "ty 0 as l111 gton, d ;,,' with c, final vott· hdd on W 'dn,'s- P , ;" w, II a s pur~hasing new matt:ria ls. ' 1110'( till~ i< bt· ing ht:ld a l-lnil this ye ar l " I1 eI .,IL Ben a(in, of Purtland Uni· day to d en th... Quet' n. :\0 Olle will The junior and senior men nomi,t tl!l' H'y""t of th~ s,h Qls partie i- . "'" ity. be inforlllcd ' " to who was .. \eetcd nat..d w (. r t': Robert Bills. CharlLs l).l till ~ :: r,d rr ~istration of schools (I,]Y ,'xpnil"mTd or Y1I a I i f ird (2un'n until chap..1 tim (, un :\lwcm- Donhuwt. R 0 ~ e r Iw'rson' Rud><: n I •, h ools· 'It th·· pr"st-nt'l jUt.! !; ., will be .ust·d in thl" tournam!"llt,ocr ut U h " I · n(ls ·,t u " , Lit' f I , 'lV·1ar t'In~ a 1 I, (".ral- Y L'In db 0 ,. ' l\' t'I" f.' "pn" "nti ~ th ~t;> <talt·,. w ith a. few , [ Ill . ), (' ;'1', to lllSlll" t h e g-n·:tl!"st d t', C l-h E . .. . ere.lJlon), at verung ,on, Don M a ys, ilnd Gene Rei,ker. 1: te , !'ri\'. I. I xJ)<'ul'd . "n, of f"i m,-ss ill decisions, Tht.' PLC Th a t "" nin~ th,' queen will be Hand,ome Han'), will be ,,,,nounced f ll nal ic'n. ol d t:b.ttt tupi c this Y'" r ' pt', d , d "lJartmr nt t' xtends a ll in\'i­ nowlwd at th .. curonation ('e n mony to t\Ie ,tuclent body at. Tup.d::ty chap­ .s. Rt ,' ull d: 1 h a t tht;> 11 quirelfwlIt of I to t io to a n\' stlldent who wisht..s to todd in th.. eMS :t lldi((;riutll a t 8:00 el on :\o\Twbcr 51h, .__ _ _ _____._____ _ _ _ _ ir K' •• Ll'rship in :t I bu r or ni L~tl iun ul" ,.r\'(· any uf tl,.. ,'venls "nd [xr­ ., l'onditi{Jrt (,i I . t h· 1<1 11, ,111; k a m ;o onethin~ about th e labor • n ip uym(:n s uu I, it ua riun. bt illt- ~aL This qu. , tiun emGudil S lh , 'I'll! . choo\., PH'slTitly Iq!,istl'l'cd for I "'T " t Ii L/h t to wOl k I(·)!,islatioll a nd I tl1l' tOllm an wllt, acco rding- to ~fr. I:.bor COITu lJl iun iteItls which han ' i Karl , an' : Lewis and Clark, Purtland; · ;.... I ,atl en t'·Ivn , In . th c n ('""S ,I En 'rt'tt JI. Cullt'g'l', \Villalllettc UniIIt- Id na t lor ' . h () f d d b i \'to ity, St. Martin's, Whitman, Gon- , The Reverend Rubert W. Lutnes, I into mO\'ie form so that it may be I II a dd Itron tu t!:' X ur < .Itt', I T " , f () L' f' Id ; . . i . , .. . . . '.. ' ' . " ' . za gH, '- no\'('~s~ty l: reg-on: In It , I PLC student pastor, '~ a\'c.s tilts Sun-I StTn by all lell'al congrl'gatlons ~f th.r th .. n. be t H nts of mtuprt'tdtl\( I S" a ltk Pac,fl(' Coll!:'g", College . of I d"y n'cning, followin g tilt: Student ELC and be pn',,,.. r,,,"d as an 11l ~ tort· H a dlIl E;, 0 rat 0 I' y, eXlt'mpora ncous! PlI!='l t Sound . Idaho Coil" ' e, Pac lfl( ' Cun~rt'gation COIrlmuniol. Sen in'. for cal dOl ument. ~( ,11 in<- . alld imprumptu speakin. ! Llli\'t·,"si.t~, Uniwrsity of Washington, I Minn(' apolis, whert· he will cunkr, Not Certain of FOfm --- ---i al!(j p , Clf" Lutlll'fan College. I with Dr. F . .'\, Shiotz and Dr. O. H. I As tu th" t' X;,,"1 form of the pag'






n' •




"Jump" To Be IlIuw, p,,:,stelt-Ilt and sec~ctary, respe~Skatin9 Party Set ,IIWI)" the ~\'angelt~al. Lutheran • hI: I ChurCh., con. c('rt l1 n g. prdLl1l1nary plans n ym onlg Fo N b 15th T I G r ovem er I for a pag-eant whleh Pas.tor Lutnes


cll:11 ('.

the Studt;nts: During the next w 't:J.. m anY f inal plans will be made, plan~ t at h<1"( progr . scd since the beginni n g f th, y('ar nd plans that have lxhind thrm '.1' an Jnu u tl ' OUS, \,,'or k'Ing group. nn bdwlf of the ASPLC Student Conncil I invited YQU to pa rt idpnte in th e 19.57 Homecoming Ft· livitit· " to bt- hdd No\,emb"I' 8, 9 and I ll. . . . I O~r m~ltatlOn dot's nut ('Oll l' ttJ manner' II yo u m tln<" , that you •<ht'uld ' come to Homceomin.c: fee h ng an obut' t 'th t', th t: St u d ,'" t 1)~ '~!y we- I­ "g-a Ion 0 "1 fan" or to the Hom cl' omill' commit­ ., t d tl k th t t h h p 0­ (TS an 1 wor' a r y ' \',. r duc('d . No, rather comf' I n au." "\1 fed that these events win I, ,'nu'r­ tainin g, "njoyablf', and of intH!: I ttl you . Wilh th i ~ in mind, m ay IJ , I 57 Homl'com mJ.; offn to you, t ht' Alu­ dents, a maximum of q u. nlit quality of entrrtainmcnt. Sincercly,


DAVE K~llTSON (si l;ncU) ASPLC President, ____._ _ _ __ __

Spurs to Sell Mums • Dunng Next Week

eanl, Pastor Lutn('s is no t crrtain, althou~h ht, feds that if tht: pageant is Homecoming- mums will be; sold to a ccomplish its purpose, "it will denext week at $1.25 l:al:h by the Spurs. Ola nd not onl',' a ."rasp of the ,"enious P"ddy O'Callaghan, chainuan of " " I f has been rtqunt,·d to wnte for the of th .. ELC as we think of it rHophet· I I d h d PI',lIb, ' lrl' I-,'ng rnad," or th,' t!C' sa I"S, announce t at stu ents ~,' ~ final cUll\"t'ntiun of th .. ELC before I II I I k . I did ically, but will also clnnand a severe rnay plac(, thr'ir orders allY tim.. nt;xt Its eurnin~ IIH'rll el' with other Lu­ ,,, ' s.: 100 s 'aung party sc I~ u e fOf :'\o\'crnber 15 at the South Ta- ,,'kction of materials, and a creati"t' weck at th," tahles ~et up in th t ' UB ! COli.;, Roll.. r Rink. Tht' p" r t}', th,·mn bodit'5. Ilnpulsc as wdl as a danng a d" mlnI- or Old Main, or hy contactin ~ indi~pt.mur ..d by the wphornurc class, I':IKeant in l\.finneapolis "trati\'!' or,(,(anizing of subject m atter." vidual Spurs" wili b.. fro", 9:30 p"m. until 12:30 Th.. pageant, to be giHn next JUIlC. BC8idl's having written a full length ;, . l1l. in the Minneap01is Auditorium to an nonJ, "E""r One God," and being ......--~----......".,..".,..--......- - 1 I ' 11 JI{:ar compktion of a second novd, ANNOUNCEMENT - The Monday Tick, (. will be ,uld in titt: C B audit:ncr of ten thousand peop t:', WI Pastor Lntnl's wrote "The Eternal chapel program will be a chalk talk I' louL) , with rates at 50c pel' perdl'pict the forty·year liit, span of the Sian:," a pa!!eant g iven on the (' cca- by Michelangelo, He will be draw­ on plu~ 25e fo r shoe skates. EL(: <ince its b gi nnin!i in 1917. Dr. ~i on of the sixtieth anniversary of Pa- i ng on the ceiling. HOH' plans to convert the pageant t:ific I utheran College, ul

"CIIII J U/. l1>," iun night in lilt: ... ) '''":lsium, is being sponsored b }' ~orth Hall tonilltt, :\Q\'ernbn I, at •no p.m. All :. Iud.. nts a re invited to attt'J1~, r tht' rntin' 'H' ning or for just a. ,hort while' . Tht' a. ffair is trietly inforlIlal vollq ball. mix, n, J;amt'~ _ so r«'&s wi ll bt:' pedal push,' or jt:am . Food \ \iIJ ht'NJ , and there is no ad-


Past:or Lut:nes Will Writ:e Pageant: of ELC Hist:ory


Issues I"' t' nVI a10






Page Two


F~iday, Nov. 1, 1957



An Observation

You Name It: and We've Got: It:!

Tuesday's Your Chance


by Solvei;: Lcraa.;

nl'lit Blar k, and Delbert, Jim a nd fatal. Thry can bl' trans forDl"d from ' T e ' I T \ , ' Brown arc the sole pi" fficnta- ma~clllinc to ft'mininc o r vi'-I' \cna ::l I f l ' . I I t . tinns. But WI' can rc!'ulate our wea th- by a revolvi ng of their ca tnl's. or (l'C(>r~ tlon" CtTt;lln)" Jut 0 .;:,

, ctlstrnU:UI:S :.. . I1 us t' ron} I'~~C I1 ot IH·r. '['I1;1 t" ~ ,'I', if th~t's I)Ossibk in Washin~.ton, I, Wh'y' h.H' some ('wor,I<- IIch I· rd ,

~ .,1 II f'tnl' ' COil( . I (an I d y. , b,\" "It.. rnatin;:!, T{')otsi c Wette r and i to-rc·ml'nd).','r nalll'" ~ .Wh.Y ·.",-n ' t thr~' But ",hcot of thl"" wh>.},,' names arc C.·ny Dry.·... "II "'''y, I", ... John Johnson ,1nd R ob­ Seven Bergs , f'ft Roh"rtson? llll' sa Ill' . For ",:all:pk, Ted might , , B U HE" <aYo "I'm taki ng Car\ronc Carlson to, Of our s<"n'n sturknts llarn,ll erg, Snabblc sing ng ( . h thl' qa nl ~ S;ltu rday ni g ht::, Inull.edi- ' OtH', \Va ynt' B,.:rg, Ct)In,'S from, :anI,t .•.v..ould be int('f(.'sttn,~ t tJ SCt' ' I'" at I d f h I . atL'ly Da\'" will xplode With, "But "da. But n:adllnf!; ,:\Tn farth<:r Is th' ,rldlllltions O IlC could liS up o r t r sha ll consist of one h undred votes, sill' >;Iid ,he'd .go with III"!" I n this Hanson so:!, ten' ill all, drawiu,,- /rOIll ! skill 'En g .' At PLC on" cO!lld put SO, althourzh an overwhelming number of students may think th ~ cas... thcv'n' lllcky hecallse Carl,'nl' Colorado to Al aska . sUl' h kn owkd gc to us ", Runnin ~' " it insane to have m ore than four cheer lea de rs, one out of thir­ C I· d K I c-' I '11 . , h Pi C f h I "rSOll a n a1' ,' n,' ar son ,pc Only Twenty-four Johnsons ' campu, a r,' f 0 u r Engeos- ·D dun" , teen or to~rtcen pc pie e~e at -,_' ca n v.. ~" . or t e pr posa n:lrl1 h dif fe' n ntl " This do, :s n't To demonstrate lIIass mO\ "ulI.'nt Grace, JaniCt', and ~fary Lou: wo h f h ) J d H'ld l n d have It p a ssed , Or, ,'JSICr Y ' t, It only htty-one of you stu- I I .. Id h . b d h d I 10 l oug oe t t· two u V I "­ just sland up in c hapd a nd shout, Eng.'rs- Virg-inia and Jan ic.t ; a M ar} dents are agatnst the amendment. rOll CJn an toget er JI1 , I · 'I I "h' - h . I . E ,. h PIE PIE I ' d i )(ane 5 , )ot Ir(,s rll l'l l. "!-ky, Benson, J e,hnson, Christiann3'<1;,:' au ~n g, a au ', n~ , vote It own, d L' d E l i Just reme m ber: ii rOll don't li ke Tuesday's decision, you Name's the Samc SOli ! (;('t Ollt of here! " and you'll have, ~1Il a In a ng\i\,

h Thnc an', howe'\', r, Son1<' on this I'i ght Bensons, twenty-four Johnson., He's a Fisherlllan

b d your c ance, Dave Crowner , Editor ('"mpus who art' dOOnll! ti to constant 'lIl d nilll' for Then w,' han' those namrs that Jr..

- - - - - - - - - ,cunfusion with othns of the sallie th(' door. self-cxplarI<ltory, lik e Di ck and Georl;'·

"all1,·. w,· h:l\t, two Ken Olsons, two The chapel will still be far from Fisher and ~faJ'\'i n Fish erman ( th," I' Jim John sons, two Bob Johnsons, two It' mpt y though, Twdvc Pctersons, ,2D . ha\T h Tn pns of the truant uffictr "' I .-i Boh L,: cs, two Boh Olsons a nd a Bob I I I Larsons and ,en:n, En,,· sinn' kindergarten), Bdt Ball, D o r­ Th\: amendments raisinQ .... the numba of cheer It'adus and ( anging the method of cheer leader dection o .n . , 1" willd' be 'voted I an next 1 uesdar s s ru dent body chapel. hIS e. trona com~s • ' merely as a herald ot that fact. the ' reason ' I to-WIt: d I n order to pass a PLC ' constltu(tona amen ment a twothi rds majority of voters present. is required, According to my c unt, those 'p res nt at the last business meetinrz, held October ~ 21. numbered approximatei v 150, SUfJposing the sa m~ numba ' . to be present for nl' x r Tuesday's session, a t wo ,thirds maJority


\\'hy do


W /.'

h~I'\"f: n.'lncs~ ~ot lllf:l'l" - I





Christianson~ ht'adin~

i e e rale C I b Why Do ':~::l.~an illla .~int' A R eif.0 r n l atl-o . 1l Fe"·S tl- v(,ll?.. I~:I:~;~ T~o,,' TY7e

with half,alike th clmcl\-.., lucky: those Irk., Lois aile! Loui,,, :\,.jSOIl, Mary and ~larilu ~Iilll'r, :111<1 ~'larik<: Andersoll ; 3nd "'[aril"n L'T .\nderson...\nd WI' i mustn't OI;,it the thirtl'cn othn And"nons" nd the thirtc"n :"\dWIlS, In one SCIlSe PLC isu' t a terribly r olorful place, Georf!;e GnTn, Kell-



Y"sterday was the day. which is dnll,"ed indlll?t'f~~'~ ,a nd, ,p,.:"~nce and I lo.l'li forward to by all Witches and .:~'~tt d ,I:.'lth,",," \ a pal~ ,of l,wI" tats in th.. coulllr)'. Howt'\·c r...1, hl .~lnnln~ 01 the ,,1t.aL t rllrg-It ntalk.. d sOlllethin\( far g rea te r for : iou~ !t' fnl:l1 a tion of all (inlf'. lh.. 1I1t'1<lI )!'rs of Prott'stant churches, i 1 he ! d~nllatloll_, h,,!pcd rl'stor~ t~l' t l"LQh!'T J I was :1 time of n'joicillg I t~'Ut' It' :u: h,lIlgs of Chr~st to th Chft.i­ tlan rdl,!{lon and bnn~' tho: church . , R eforma tion Dar· , . hack to th t' . PI'Oph-. It made possibk. 011 t ht" cve of All Samts Day. Octo, i1:1 d' I'IH'.d th ,. transb tlOn of the Bible so thai. h, r :~l 1.;-)17 :1 1lI:U1 w h 0 , '. . I' Tl'n th e lowl's! pe";;Jllt could read with ill tl t prole'ct"·,, wall 01 a mun- G' d' d " I d d .. . I d' d 0 S \1/01' a no Ilot l;'l\'{' to epen stery fo r lour years unobtrusl\'C y I I . ' . . , 'I h k d h ,on lh e tra nslatIOns and t(,3chln({s 01 nm",t h mq wh Ich at<'r s oC' e tel . . en taln IlI'ads of the church. riti7.t'lls of Wi ttenbur3 and the p eopk III the R.outun Catholic C h urch, LuTod" Y, ~)c·ca u, .. 01: ~la:till .Lllthl'1' tll'r nai led his ;'\iindy-fin: T b,;ses t ,'nu IIIl'n hk c hml, tn" Blbk IS eom­ " I Ch .,t , 1I"lIlly found in hOlll"~ all O\'e l the, tbt, tloor 0 f the Cast C U I " I. I ' ' . , ,,otld a nd Chnst 15 t he \<Ty ce flt e l I II ,. Ibe~..', which mainlr con, 1 01 tht' C.hri,tian bith,



--~-- - ­







% -

Fuily Automatic



l ~t" ~dol1!l .. tion i

Tu t!sday _


We nesdoy ­ Friday -

fro'shman . y"s, we ha\T a little of cveryt hinl! ~t PLC, We're IlOt all :\orwcg'ians by a lonl[ shot. W" range' from Ingnard Gjov::t~'l and Paddy O'Ca lla o:(han to i Mik.' Czyhold and Chun R I' Cho. ann we mustn't skip th" m t unusual of all, a fdlow named J o,' ' h II S ' mit ,



Complete Shopping Center





All Evening

after 9 p.m, Ail Evening


10707 Pac ific Ave. Tacoma PhQne LE, 7-6012


U I' m a

tu ltv,'





f eti d! GUl haug n, B arb .' Ihlull\10r, J:ll' k Holi. ]3.,'\!"bara J:aacaou, D j K F i.s lt~ r, Tooi.Si eo \Ve tt"r . { 11 E , an on, AI D unf!an, DIC k K , i ,,. " :\, 1\1 ; Sor~n~on , Bob Wll:n r. F('~tul" Edllt)l. .. ... ~liil·ij rn Donald 011 ,-





I Jl1't i th;)t ",til


E.O ITOR. ......... ....D.\ \'E ~RU ' NER :-.It ws E d,wr.. ....... . ....... Herb Dem psey


" .kiJl.ltl'~

,\Iways to beglll th,. school year "-,re sOllle stubbor~ proks~ors .who inSIS! upon confusmg onc s fIrst and laSt n"rnes. i Who's \Vho !" ' In some cases it's impossible, but in oth'TS like Diana Paul, Bru ce Amy, VlTa Albert, Darlenc 3nd Marion ' can b e K- elly, :mel J'1m FI 'OlTI1(T, 11


CO'1tIllU~ /1 '.."" ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,""""""" I

ten'in ,. PLC throullh OhmllMl Ibe of i .. press,


TIllS I, th.· R f.'fbrll1 atlou


Paradise BOWL


J. IMn"l

Olsons~ tht' poor ~irIs ; ~~~:'[w,:I~ch~~~nts:~~o;:v:I~:~d\~~~h :~~ ~:;. '~'~~~:' J::nn ~~::~, F~~~}:.~~G~a:,:: nallles sho~Id ; ninety-eight stude~ts. , and Bill :\cwcolllel'--Qlwinu3iy "





JonE'., , ,o l" ei L e i'alle, .To~y D.llIit·! "', Itlel .J " nd\( tlL-Oli.


ports. Edihl _ .... .. ...... . G ~n' Ha ala. fl"'lIOrI 1'S: Jim Kl ltelsby, L a r l' Y I


fi1'lllll·Y. Tim \Vynrlha m, H , rry ;1110 Iud. D" lin' · M a rttalu , T pi t -1 un" B ecroft, Arle n HixHI, 'ill. J >n.' ·, Jan.:l Yel':,en, I


;\I'\Unt;eLj~ HY l.ou EIl~en

d SOli It l.: R od Pa t t er<> n . Lois \lIdarMIll, T m CU I' Iii, ,hwice EIl­

~~.h' r~an.1





"r,;. Jo Summers



Ph ne LEnox 7-4300


u\~ae ['/;t'l'u .""'d "''''e''''n''''t'ls'.'''''''.'''.""'."'''','''''1'''.'''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''..' J

.-..;...~ .... fi-.. .........,...... ...·. ;:~.'I.••

wan he t'g , HLir O '

'ookke J,lu......................Cal'Ol ~ ~ t.:lrl.l'1lllllUon ......... ....,............Patti Finn ~ ("n Ilat· '1 .1 iSistants: T d e Bovang', ~ \ rdi , ,\ muLr nt;', E arlene Burcham, ~ J ') [WIS , K'l r n K lan, Thelma ~ 'rL Ill, Dd la D orc ndo rf. Barbara ~ cckncL § P'IU\. hi'll 'rid.),s of Ihe sc hool F a ~ by tud nU of PLC, at Pa rkla nd, § W ashington,' § l )ffiC'C': CCllleg Union Building_ §

Phnnt LEllox 7-8611, Ext, 4 1. JII p l'ice $3 ,00 per year,

Sub.oicr p '

:§ ~







Ch rm Beauty Salon

I§ .\




It's been said that the atomic submarine "Nautilus" stays submerged so long t h at it only surfaces to let the crew re-enlist. Perhaps for this reason, th e Navy has taken valuable s pace aboard the "Nautilus " for t h only soft-drink vending machine in t h e en t ire sullmarine fleet. Naturally (or you wouldn't hear about it from us) it's a Coca-Cola machi ne , And n ot u nexpec~edly, re-enlistments are quite respectable. Rugged lot, those submariners. Great drink, Coke!



Ice Call JU.

~o o d

r ena


$25.00 Flat CharCje


~ "

We dnesday thru Sunday - 8: 15 to 10;30 p,m, IIla n,h. Lingblaa'TI . § Saturday and Sunday Afternoon - 2:30 to 4:30 p.m, LEo 7-7475 -Il l GARFIELD ST. ~____________________________~ ~"" " '~/"','~'IIJI',""""""~~~~",I""",,',,,,~"""~",II_ I



up r Subl


Drink ,

~~ --, .... .' ' •




BOlllltd under authority of Thlt Coca-Cola Company by


Friday, Noy. 1, 1957


P age Thre e

WWC Host:s Lut:es Tomorrow, 1:30

,;:. ,.­

G ladiators Seek to End Lutes Stretch Gridiron Losing treak Losing Skein I


[' oo r pass ddemt' pron-d the down·

A homecoming m em o ry of the past should be .1n ad d itional ' {,.II for the Pacific Luthc l'an Collt:ge ince "lt" vl! to win this veekt'nd when the Gladiators invade Vik. l l~bd lators ,IS th.t'y dropped the ll' thnd in g t a rito r y to mJtch (o rees with Wesrun Washington. Satur· str'l ig itt ga llll" , this tim' to tht' Eastnn day J t I: 30 in Bellin ha m in Weste rn's Homecoming, W:lshin g tnn Sa"a ges a t Chen.. y last Th.: Lutes h o ld J dl!~is ive 14-5 edge in (he ga mes played Saturday,

Wha t a difference in the Lut e; lin l' p ia ,' :J!{a inst W e' lI·tre ,ompared to th e i!' bck·luskr paforlllan c,· in Ih t' Cnn m l cl as h. T rul', the Lutc~ 1000t. 16 to 0, and thereby strl'tchl'd , trin !{ of ~('ore kss t;dnl (, j to IM'e, but on th .. otht'!' h and they prov ed to th,'ll1,c!w's that thf' y could hold the higlL scorin>:,; Savage a tta ck to a minimum, •• tw ,'~ n t ht' tw o s(, hool ', but one o {-,--- Tht' fiu, anJ injury' uittl'n Lutes Lutt- Captain LY1\':\ CALKI1\'S showed th e sa!ll':~ hard c-Iurging tn"tic, !\c'sc f u loss('s W;)S a 17·0 , la ughte r ""Tk' , g=l<' bccalJj" of injury, B~ck- held the powerful Savagl's to a sc.ore- , that he displayed in th e season's opener a,~ains t CPS: M IKE TEE L pla~, .. d 1,,(Ot " PLC HOlIlt'CO!l till <:!' crowd, field ~ ta r Tom Gilmer still is a au es· less fint half until Eastern's Ralph i a steady ga lll!' at the o the r ta ckle- position: ~'nd ," u;:,rd DICK GO D W 1N T hi" ~,'o.l' the worst def'-a t in Lute ti,)ll a hk ,tana bt'callS(' of a I,.; in. Orq' kit-b'd a field goa l with on e I broke into the Sa"ages' bac1.:fidd time and a~'ain to halt Eastrm'~ ~rounJ hi torv , 'H,d tbis will be PI. .'s oppor· i:~ry, P r:lc t; ct: t his weck alllou nl<'d to I min u te remaini n g in the hali to !five a ttac k, nih to ,:w'n the ,co n' . littlt' mor,' than drills hecH"" of th t: E :lStt-l'l. a 3 to 0 halftime lead, East· : Eastern's inability, to score a '~'D in th e firs.' t hal~' (>ro," thr (uel rh,,' flu , . all .~aincd 23{i ya rds " j" the ail.' lanes, I tl)!' Lutt's \\",'re a dllferel1. t tt-all~ I rom, tht' we,'k lx' t on:, , C 'MI'lII:S M.-\RV ' , . " Vi l<ings in Third Pla ce , ' Coa c h ~I ~ rV H ars hm:l!I. w h ... 1\ whde PLC cou ld garner but I h yards 1 HA R SHMA:\ and MA.RK, S:\LZM:\l\ had hlll'h pra. Ise for t h,c 'ffiprov("d T ht It a ppears little cha nce o t a "sked what was bl'jn ~ str(,,,,('d this paSSIIl , , 11 W Nt rn , I I k' \(, . (l ay a nd arc 00 'Ing optllll!sttca . y toward tomorruw, ga lll!' W ll h B II' h r ut" Oll<'·., ided "ictory thi. \"<':1[ , h ow· ;

W t·,-', in pra .. t ict', said,. 'W,,·r..- loukin g Ron Spaber hauled in a '~8·yard at t' lll,!{ ClIlL Th I \ '-T. :~in\ (~ tIl(" d a r k hors e \- i -tll gs~ un­ "Y wel should, as th,' flu·bu .,,- s('nm to be ,'acatin g tht: ~qua and for a w ay to make a kw fir st dC'wns," pass ill the I'nd ZOJ1( ' from John Sande, dr r J o In Kulu"tskP, ha n' pro " e ll

' . lib at' k· l. ' l.),...... GILM t h " return 0 1' lu .YUH Y , ER, hal f back GEORGE FISH· H :lr hman wa, wdl pk ased with to tally th " first Eastrru 1, D in the II)rlngs thealS" ,. , to be one of t it" ka din:;

E RO th,' performance of th ,' Lut,; line- ill third period and again in the final ' R, and end DE:\NY DI1\'. SAM G .\:\GE may also be on the tra\'dinl;\' conte nd I'S in th... con Ct' rt'nct' , They tI E :J.!I ttTn garllt', partl' c u Ia r Iy L't' • 111 ' ­ "',lll' .'~, CI',lrk '.~\' l"I.' r-.., pun,,· h,'d (,,"'r squad. i t' ~... I .... I u rn':ltly occ upy third plac ..; with a T di" idual play of g-uard Die!, Gf'od win, froIn the one yard strip" for th " final he nightman: of injuries and illne,s that h as;u cd th.. L ut('~ thJ: ~. I u 'cord , and "rc :1 ·1 O\ ·, -r·~l\, La :; ~ , East t; nt tall y, On'y made th c place- past thre" weeks has produ c{'d one bri!{ht spot insofar as ft ltshnl('1l halfbacks I , I BRUCE EX ."" \"DER S(',H . I BE' R G han' g.u' neu .\n\ aJ u..hl week' th" .. wnl' sc llr'd ul"o to lac" I, PLC' s ban d Ieaves sc h ' 00 tomorrow l1lellt "ood an' d th,' Sava''-('s hdd th"'r A I ,~_ ~_ an d GE" "E . \ U~ ! rumbold! ' out wh en ~ O Vik in~' carne mornmg- at 8'00 1 ' ,~ L Ish'r tht, (]~ I' ' dc r of the­ , a.m. f or t h(' f ootba1lead, t'xperll'llCl.' to ,,0 adlator back f', ~d corp> ror the remain !/\w n WIth tht' lIu. t h.. ~anl1" w a s go a III e at \,.. " ,

. ,estern. Th e I ,ute ra II y P I~C had a couple 01 opportunl!tcs ,e~tSOIL ,'~ll('d oft, , squad expects quitt· a fe w r~tus to to sea:',' in tlte fourth quarter, but , ':ol1lorrow's f(~I," (, '~ill fin~ the Lut es. ill bette r shape .than the y ha\e. hl'~n Short on Defense makt' the short jaunt to BeJhnO'ham. co uldn t break mto tit" e nd zone, 'II s In ce the PaCI f, c Unl\Tfslty garm', Only freshman JIMMY D E '" wtlJ :\ 'lllltipk offcns<', led b y a hu g ,: - - - -- ..- , ----00 1I1i" tomorrow ' s gamc becau se of an injury. DE'\.\1, incidentall y.. will br Ott(



I "

I '


J-1m Cape11-. Prove, des HUSl:LI e In • GUar d Spot:

fo.- th" rem 'linclvr of the ,'-ason because of a broken sternum that occurred in Ia,t weck 's !{amc, With this rosy outloLlk on tomorrow's gaIl" we will p ro'diet a 11- to 7

li ne , ind ud in g a nO·pound tac kle,

, nd a )pc'r:dy backfif'ld s park,. d ,by a!

' n i\'(" it;- of W <l]h ill\(ton Ir nsk r,

ha"c c;,rri,'d

h" Ill 0 ,·ino ri <,s, w hil t ,llOrtcomin33 h,\\'", p ron'd to Iw Ih..·i r big pmbkn ,. Jun ior left halfbac k Fred E.mrrso n, ,\1Ihou<;h hc' is ac tu a lly listed on :0 t ri p le· t hreat star, is c llrt't' ntiy k a d­ th,' rost,',. ;IS a reserve, it ;!'I: ms as if : the conkre nct' in ,c.x in;r with:) 7 i': nior '1U;] rd Jim Capdli ca n always ip. b : llt; d o ffclls,' wi th 5, 7 y.nds: 1)<, spot it'd in tht' thick of action bnd i pil~sin ", ",-pinst Lut l' '-'ppom'nts thi s fall, Hciorc .col1l in..C{ to. tlt e GI:Jd!ator J 1,1t, " it ua tion ilI . t~" G ladiJ t~ r rall~p I ' ~m IIllPT "rd mudl m.-r-b" " ,~" w mpus, 1 m l W i" a ha,lb;l ek .It Kent­ \'\1th a t It'a~ t three Lu tt'3 to miss ln ,S ~r.:rid ian Hi !{,h Schou!' DUl'in ::; his first tw o ~q'al'S on the PLC squad Jim !.lYc'd at th,' ba.kfi, ld position, but fa ilr-d tn earn his I..tler. Tit bi ' sw it ch was mad,. last St'a· io n in Jim's j unior ) " ~L Th e chan:>,' to Ih, ' "u~'rd slot pro,'eo to he' prof.t· L::,7·531 7 -106 Garfield St, lhlt, hut h to Ihl ' squad and to (\l fll'ili , '- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' 1:1 .; lit' tu rn "d ou t to) b,' one of tl,," i

rj ,'fn"i,,~

Lutl' "i cto ry OW'I" th .· Vikings tomorrow , W ashington should win th<!ir \rr.ond g-ame over th t, Southe rn California Trojans :!O to 13, Eastr rn will polish off Ce ntral 27 to 1·1, an d CPS will ed gl' Will:lllld t t' I:l tLl 12, I ELON UNDEFEATED Did you notice that Elon ( North Carolina ) is spo rting a foul' wi n 3nd no loss football ITcord? This is th,: sc hool that tht' Lutes beat c, II) 1 in th.. NAIA basketball tourney ope n e r at Kansas City la st wint ..., INTRAMURAL SPIRIT HIGH You wouldn't belicve that the Third !-'Iom Old Main trJn! " :l~ till sporti n ~ a goose·q~/l: in tbe wi n co lumn if you saw the hi~h spHil!; disp1a~,·n on the f,eld, Sixtl!l' n Third Floor m en were on hand last w", k ~o 9;!Tlicip:uc in a gam e agains t Easkrn P,ukland, CHUC K M YKLEBl ST, GOR DIE SOILAl\'D, WAYNE CA);{PBELL, and D,\ VE G ,\BRIELS O \ h ' p~J sp. rIL tin- Third Floor attack, 'I


ILAURINAT'S Appar~1 We Outfit Co-eds






Located in IGA Foo dtown 112th &. Park Avenue

Lu tl·.' most dq>c ncb bk linerfl{ II, C :tpr!l i h· S Sf" n a c ion in a ll of t he PLe " ~"!lU this ,<:Json and h as be" Il I i ~l d .b d l\.' st<) rt ing­ gu ard in o ne


t.!a IlIL

Jitn i.s pn'~ t 'ntl l~ doing hi s stu dent t,·" d u n. " nd p bns to t('a c h next. year I Jim Capelli in llt ~ I n ' ;J of industlial arts and wo rk - - - - - ­ in t it " eo, chin~ fide!'

I 1903 Pa cific A venue

Whip Western

FOR OFFICE SUP P LIES I,IFI" / ', ,(,h rw1arv Harshm an

lJ~ ·

IIlll ,. hp 11),5!< ()( tr,,:im, J Jim· m y D e an wb Ilr o lil' iti . "re rnu m , 'he f"\~ ern g ilIIl ' Dean wa.:\ t"tilI~ i1i ~ linn ga Ill!" au d had

rIllY" "

,.. It ill~l)i r e d

tra nl€

C. Fred Christensen BOO KSELLER & STATIONER 93:; P :leific

AyenlJ ~

SR , 2· 4629

Tac:ofn'l , Washi ng-ton

Ilrar land Cycle & Key LOCKED OUT?

~~~i~: Y

11021 Patific Avenue LEnox 7-5772







Rugged Christ·devoted men are wanted, to prepare for His min ist ry on the home m iss ion frontier.




f~ r

All Occasions

12173 P ac ific Ave. (Fcot of Garfi e ld)




LEnox 7-3434

10:30 a.m· to 11 :00 p,m. Week Days

Charle. 8 , Foalsch, Ph,D" President

2770 Morin Avenue, Berkeky !i. Collf.


Week Ends 11 :00 c.m. t., 1:00 a,m.


L E . 7·0206 We Deliver

Malts Coney Islands Floats


•+ ~ ~

College Drive-In

l.. ......................................-.......-.......-...........................


1130 Broadway

Len x 7·326 1


I ~I========================~


U{l tl!

hp I lIll" o f h i~ in ju r y, Ted Si~k. st:II' 1115i Lute III i ! L" r alltl .J.Jso ,\lo(l t'lng ~\r ,,~i 6pons edito r, \\,:-1.;; rlloli ll ';;' "or t he Lutes at Che;;ey l a~{ .5alllrclay, Siek iii no '.,' rt ing cl"hl IHlIf' '.H)rk 011 a ~d! qlal':lhip i'l 'VS r. Jack Sinderson, g uard 011 th e lilij i Lu te l'h a ll\<pio ll ~h ip " 'l~ " " ag r ega t ioll. is no ',\- t.loin~ h I., !lLU. ! nt te a(' hing,\ \ I \\' ill ' I'l rj>g n hde p e n llen t ba : ·" tba il n iH)' ;hh wi nt er. Sinderson used 'jP Lis e li~ibili t.y la st YP.<l I'.

Phonr:! L E. 7-3434


French Fries


19c Burgers

Page Fo ur



_ P_L C _ _M _O _O _R _ I_N_G_M_ A_S_T_ _ _ _ F_rl_d a_'1_,_N_O_V,_,_,_'_96_ 1

p eiA







CIare Le ads Team in Win I h .. f.a I.n p Ih, i.·


JII"r havt" 1II.U1""'.·d to "olumn el, . •1 .lnd ' n


By Chllck Donh ow". PlC ."nior. one of thp alude nts at t he Norway Wqrk Camp this n 'in" on flil" t u !' of th e- m" n's 10111 1-:.1 lootl :\\1 !fag ot· u nd in !!:, summe r, who a h a trov.. led in E.. rape follow ing the ca mp ).

intra ­ T hr' As I I ok back o n this summer' s exper ience. a multiplici ty D,.ja rri i," , who mO\ ,·d up a lIutd1 of's and {' ven ts (a mes t (l mi nd . To confine these to a th l. wcd., lOrn, dllM" to Ea 'r rr. un fc\\ ~'or ~ in n ~ wspa pt'f co lu mn is almost impossible. T h ere- I th, .:?3rd a ' Ih,'y knlcd Oil," ;11 ,"1/1, r ~ re. !i 'ketion ~e(r.)m {'s necessary , and the probabil ity of ge neral - i ~I 6-6. . za I 11 creeps m . T ht '" ria l ;l tta('k~ of D"". , - M'Jo' l ~t m ~ p reface my r~ m J rks b sayi ng- if yo u ever ge t su ch to Di , Fo(" ~r fo . Dr jardi ne- " nd UaH' I • "PI' IIU ity to tr 3\'d , T .\K E IT . ' • - I Bu nts!"" to j il1l \ 'an S' l" k fQ' .a.l<.Tn h,r,' ',' ilill':; tha n tbl Louvre in with a ," a n and h is wife, ~'I lai n I lIi"hligir tf"l! tJla t ~alll' " :1<'tion. 0 11 r ri, or r1, mn" nifin 'nt ,t. P"" 'rs in tltOll ch ts a nd illlpn·. sions b"j'"a n tu i t '· twin t urf T al'Ollla ('d ged t~ (· \ V, ~t­ Rnrnr ' IIlOIl' a w r Onl l' lh.m t e fj ord f, 'rrnulatr allli yJlth('~izl' in nw mi l,d. ' rn "8" (a full fo rce fo r ann ' ) 12-6. 'ullntl') uf :'\orw!l}' or Ill!" n1'ljes Lic q ui, t mOIr", nt in a "at:wdr::;\ in Gil. y K irk' s pass to j im G ibbc'I'" I Ips; InQrr .timuhlling th a n ' Ill .l· 01 : ;o.[i\;m , a n owd ... ·i It'ain ('0 ' :'-, ,, w1" nl , put W.'s!t·rn in thr' kad, hut an int .... - I )..~~:.2d~~R cc plion T D by Lynn La.. o n and a UNDERDOG SECOND FLOOR upset previous ly und e feat ed Fourth Floor the' 111.111 (HI... r tuuri t a llral'!ic.ns arc tIl<' l.lI"gga r of Paris, th .. upP" r . ' 1.1 ,lit. pC'op k yo u n\(·,·t in tht'S, coun · h m . in ()xtr·d, .1nd thl' a l'tllr In Lon­ pass from Bob Mitton tu Lln yc. 1-: .- Old Ma in 14-6 in int r a mural a ction on October 24. Identifiabl e players uin. don addl·d imp'·tro . to th!'w m "nt:tl I. ndson ga\ T acoma the w.. ar e : Don Slattum (left foregrou nd ), To m Sa h li, referee ( bac kgro und , To t:J lk III t h"1ll (as IlI.H· h :I, lan - pund.... in!{~. Ch uck Curtis who shO\Ho t", it" tow el a ro u nd neck ), T e~ Joh nston e ( b e lo~ Sa hl i), Blay ne P er let h (r ight k h . ' d 'd ' foreg round) . and De nniS Troedson (far right ) , . gl';'~ :r llaws) , to set: h ow tlJ n ' kl'l \ T hr nsult : all ,"l' er('a turcs of God ; t h I. WIT l' IS goo on the gl! Iron . • nd think on cn ta in i ~su"5, to try to all han' sinned ; not all arc in a sav­ a~ wdl :\ un the ba~kt'tabll CaUl t.\ ' .' h ' I' . I . I ' h' . h G d 1h . d h . k' f h I 'rD 1 Ds and rN','I\"'d a pas, from La rry un d c"tanu t ell' persona Illes: t H:St: III;; .T a tlOns lp Wit o . ,. :In· r.a rrllc t e pigs III or t e onl" ., , 0 ? . H ,. K irk for the third tourhdown. . h FL oor, ct. _ T. own er.

cn,'Il"nl'·I' .U T most m,:mor:lblt· to lilt' , ~W"l to cn' ry man's need , be he tra\,­ 0 f F OUlt Whilc' wal l-ing th,' stree ts of Ge-­ d n or sojou rn"", is J~sus Christ. T o a fi n ·d-u p Second Floor tcam handcci Gl'or).:' · l' and Fra l1k Wa ll

nnil with" " 'ra l German youth a nd know H im is to tak!' a n " d"I'n ll, l(' 4th its fir~t loss as it overwhdm('d pat'n! S"fond I'- Ioor to vil'tory o\'el"

I ~ th, H to 6. T hird ,~'Iu~r on O ctul)(·.. 29, 3 1-0. T he wh.l .. "nj ,yi n\( a \·i(·w o f Sal/burl!; wit h God . .-----------------. 1 • 'IJ>;U ITYIII..., D 3 \ l' Haaia n d scored i ut. hn... 60 .,wasC' hth ('k pl"rforma nrc sta l{e C . h . I 10 1' EV ERGREEN CONFERENCE 1 b '11' f ') d FI d 1 C a !(ry . uc" urtls, W 0 Wil l o n a n lan t run or ",n oor, an W T L P F PA R 0 1(" " herson, Don Slattu lll, and I " pass fr om Frank Waterwo rth to D .... I d ., h ' f I ' " ' a-h . ... . 3 0 0 52 13 ro • • • f I l" ..t to Its ourl' l ' , . •• 1. (. " al'Y K alllitn alon A" With a a ety to- I 'uancf "h"wton, , "

E,, ~t. Wash . .... 2 1 0 68 13 IWill U t t' st'Q.lon. .

takd thl: 2nd H points, 47 51 T";,0!~1a, . u.nde ~ th ~. rl ('~cl grnt'ral Pugn Sound .... 2 I Simultane ously, Ivy trounc,·d Third Floo r 20-0. Ar t " Th(' Ann" l'Ie rhcim Bob J Itt'hlll Mlttl'n , Mitton,. took West. Wash .....2 0 66 33 O nl ' T onlm} G ilmn and Joh n J a­ P. L. C . .... .. ...... 1 0 2 26 36 p itched twin' to Lowell Sheldahl a nd thr short (' nd o~ a 24-1 2 cou.nt III the • obl'OJI Cram P LC a re Ii te-d in the 53 ont'('o to La rry Flamol' for th(' Ivy ,·nt·ou llt .. r . .Bob s perf,·('! pltl'hel to E\I rgr("(' n Conf('rence sta tistics re- Whitworth ...... 1 0 3 85 FREE PlCK·UP ti .r-d TUl'sday from Lute ta tistician Blit. Colu m .....0 0 4 19 164 TDs. A safctv ac<'oun tl'd for thc final Todd C orlllsh and Lloyd Erlandson, Results Saturday th ree poi nts. ' though in \'ain, kept the gam(' spark- I Loui" Sp ry, G ilmer still kads tht· Ira!(11 punting departmc.n t with Q. Ea~t"rn Wash , 16, Pac ific L uth. O. De-ja rdines wne out to hI'lIer their in~. DELIVERY SERVIC E "0.7 ) II rd :lvrragt·. J acoblon is listed C(n t ra l Wash. 25, Pugd Sou nd 7. leagu e standings o n O cto\x'r 28. AI­ LEAGUE STANDINGS a~ 5('VC'n th in league passing with 15 W L Whit worth 54, Bri tish C olum, 6. 'I thou gh they m(·t an undennannc.-d ('ompirlion in 45 au('mpu foJ' a .333 Games Tomorrow

" a1C31ll ) W I'$tt'rn t(,am, Dcjar d incs EastlTn Pa rkla nd .. .. ..... .. .. .. of (I ( t h IS Pacific Lutheran at Wcs!t'rn Wash­

.. ' ('ra!.:". imprl' I'd the- 5JK·etaton (thru wc.-re Fourth Floor Old M ain ... ... 4­ I Wl'stcrn' FI'r d E r5011 continul's ington, I :30 p.m. ,oOll') wit h a :i6-1 8 O\"'rpowe-ring of Ivy Ha ll .................. ... .. ....... .. 3 to hold :I monopoly in almost c" cry WiIlan1l'ltt· fi t Pug,·t Sound, 1:30 CI""cT Crl"('k .. .. ............ .. .... .. 3 th.. .. d si :' I othl'r dC'panmt'nt as hI' is rated fir t p. . (non-r onfer-cncr) . H omc-­ Dd a rdinc House .......... .. ..... 3 .2 'l Di "CI y Ian put 0 a orn'­ in ('Oring a nd tot31 ocrl'n c, !r('ond in (·ollling. Se-cond Floor Old Main ...... 3 3 0 n n ahow b~ running fo r two T D I, sing and punting, a nd third in CCTr t ral Wa h, a t Eastern Wash. ................................ 2 3 .2 Tacoma pa_inlt to Jim Haalamd, D uanc Moe, Lewis lllld C lark a t Whitworth nlsh in/;. nd M c-rl,' M artilUOn and ree-d ving Wt stt m Parkland ................ I 4- 0 (non-c onference) . a pan from M . for th(' sixth Dcjar­ T hird Floor O ld Ma in ........ 0 6 I ! TOTAL OFFENSE Pla y. Yds. 1 Br iti. h Colu mbia at Portla nd State d ine- TD. Neal Wehnlt'r c nnrilted 1. F, Errll'rJon, Western .. ... . 73 59 7 I ( non-confen 'nce) . wi th the Kirk twina for two Western 2. (;orky Bridg("s, C ent. .... 11 4- 549 SOINE SAYS: :3. Bob ust in, CPS ...... .... . 92 467 of. V ic Frrguson, Whi t. 78 4 16 HAND-TOOLED PURSES, SHOES, BILLFOLDS AND BELTS

5 . J ohn Sa nd ", Eastern -46 409 FRIENDS WILL NOTICE


n. W . .\ikl:n, Brit. Col. 76 338


I I I :\





Gilmer Leading Pack in Punting

3820 South Yak·.rna





a nd



11Parkland and Vicinity ;1

Phone GR. 2-3372




1. Bob Au tin, C PS ........... . 9 1

2. Cur • Br idg(' , Ct·nt. ...... 3. F. 'r on, Wl'dern ...... ... J im Balli , EaJt('rn ........ 5. D i k Pruett, CPS ........ "" 6. W. Lashua, Whitworth .... PASSIJliiG 1. Ff'n: m CIII, Wh it,

rso n, \\' (·st. J. a ndt", Ea~t. ....... . D . Prier, Whi t . ... .... . Aikt- n, Brit. C ol. .. .. C. Bri m'., CPS ..... ... j ac(,bson, PLC ........ f




6. 7.

88 46 52 55 H

Yds. 467

405 269 228 2 17


Tennis Shoes -- Bucks -- Flats -- Oxfords

Quality Service Opposlt. Parkland Post OHlc.


• • •

for guys and gals!

All , Camp. Yd&.

61 27 28 59 37 23


26 12 18 22 9 12 15

463 :i28 3 17 292 261 172

P U l\TING No. Av~. 1. T ommy Giln1l'r, PLC .... 12 40.7 2. F. Emtnon, Wrst . .. ... ... 15 36.3 3. C orky Brid ge-5, C ent..... 18 35.9 -t. Bob Austin, CPS ........... . 19 35.0 5. W . Lasha u, Whit. 13 33. 7

TD PAT Toe. SCORING 5 7 37 I. Emtoon, 4­ 34­ 2. J . Baur , Ea5t . ............ 5 25 J, " an Dinter, East .... . of. 25 4.• 'iksieh, Whit. .. ....... . 4 1 19 5. h ua, Whitworth ... . 3 18 Bridgr-" Cl'nt . ............ .2 6 16 7, C ranston, CPS ......... . 2 4­


Don Cey's


I 12th and Park Ave nue


No. Yds. R ECEIVING :~OI ~o I. Dan . ' ihicll, Whit. 6 170 2.. am Ma rti n, Wcast. 3. B()b AII. tin, C PS ......... .. . 7 162 -I, B. Me allum, Brit. Col... 6 143 1 S. Rcm Spe- rbr r, Eastern .. .. 5 132 6. Jim Ba ue- r, Eastern ...... .. 5 126 1 7, Bill Turpi n, Brit. Col. ... . 5 11 6


Headquarters for:

~ STUDIO {3tved4 THEY'RE A RIOT! Check now the choices of GIFT JEWElRY



Magazine Subscriptions




("Say It With Music' Theme for Weekend Festivities'

Crown Will Grace Queen Esther I st I

Homecoming Schedule



EVEJ\'ING 8 :00-CofO na :ion of Hom ecom ing roy;;lt y in C-M-5. 9 :00-Pep R ally k d by the d w erlead e rs a bo ut t h traditional bon fire, a t Memoria l gymnasium.

.. , , , I crown thee Quee n Esther' 1.." With thes.. ...'o rcis Ihe 1957 Homecoming, "Say It With Music," will i be o fficially ope:n ed . MT. Fred Mills of Kt.nne:wick, W' ' g-ton, will ervwn th e que('n at the }Jl"Og ram which will b~ hdd in tht: CMS tonig h t at 8:00 p .m. Mr, Mills I 15 a prom ine nt ch urc h layman and a long-tim e friend of th e ulkge ,

9 ::l0-C offe (' Hour for Alums in So uth Hall. SATURDAY 9 :0 Powd e rpuff Bowl wilh th,: Uppc rc1as< women pitted agai n~ t th e Frosh on the 10\\'(:1' camp us g ridinm . I1andsonI Ha rry c rown,_d at hill­ t.ime.

On h a nd to "lltertain the quee n a nd I"".' court will

l>c a varie ty of stud,m t performen includin g Hazdddl H amon, Bill Onne, th e Ei gh t h N o tes, an imtrum e u tal nacmble led by J t rry Bayne, a violin quarte t, and the 1 r oU ~c orche , tm led by Mr, Gordon Gilbertson,


I O: OO-­ Holl1 ccom ing p~<r a dc, beg in ning on Ga rfidd. st r<"C'1 tu downtown Tacom",

Past Home.cuming quee ns will be on hand to help I In,,] e th is coronation a fes tive occa, ion, as will be Mr, Ron Do ,!!Ias , pre&ide nt of the Alumni A;sociation, who , will bring . grce~il.g from th: al~rns, Anoth, r highlight r t h( t:\'enItlg wIll be th e kTIIghtmg of the foo tball ca p­ tai n, Lynn C a lk ins. fo r th~ Homec oming game tomorrow,

12 :00-Ga mma C h a-pte r lunche on , 1:30-Homccom in!!; ;!<line a t Lincoln Bowl. Th PLC Gl ad ia \ " ' rw ~ ,"Vhitworth Cullt'gc Pi rat s.


5: 3[I.-;\lull1ni Supper in CB-200 (fo f' r Stude nt U !lion Bldg ,) Price fo r t.b (· h uffet i $1. 00.

Aftu th e

or na lion, the quec n, princesses, a nd Knutzon, Merle M:il tinson, a nd Darrell H im: will a tt,"nd the r;;lIy on lower campm a nd th e alu.. ni r( ct: pt ion in So u t h Hall.


D ~ \'c

T onight' announcer will be: Ca l C a pene r, who also t1id the a n noullcin.g of th e qu een ill toda y' ch;;pd pro­ g l . Tn, Verna Robinson "md Ron Tally ar _ the co-chail'­ JDrn fOI the eorona tion a nd Eri e Nordholm was in charge of th e . taging. Ad mi bsio n wil Ibe fte e.

3 :00-- - Th t­ Sp c,' c!, Dl'pa rtm ('nt p n:'st:nts the " Duky; - in the C- M -S a udito r ium .


IO: O(l-Alum n i n 'rrp tion in CB-200,



SlJ:\lDAY 11 :OO-H omecom in" Se n' in: ill th.· C-M-S, II·d b y [he pol k g(' pa tor, R ev, R, W. Lutm's, M usic:: by tit" i Stude n t C ong-rega tion Choir a nd th.. hoi r of the 'Vest.





Es her I HasLed Active Cam sL-fel

sv d w bate ro hi



(Ju ' ,' n E Uler E lI icl<5b n I will n:i , ().... r th " H umc:roming 3(' tiyiti "" fo r LIt, ,,'ar 195 7, Dr S, C, E astvold awa rded nin c ~ Born in ieitartiton, N o rth Dakota , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - of the: possible 18 first pl.1(', III th' til pH tly ~!'/, i Ctf i\ m aj oring in dt:­ VOL. 35. NO.7 n.<llt r , , UIJ a ti n . M. \' nl tll ::.,_ PARKLAND, WASH, FRI., NOV, S. 1957 two-d a ' lun d i, tourn ill I nt h 10 <I !I ( alllpu < last w, " kt ud to p", ifil L uli\'ili"1 UII tll C:lI11 PU lO 11:< "'" a t un t: tillll u b ud, d Hlt' lnb tr the I the ntn r.ollq .;· d "Q::. tor" I, Fift, '('n ('011 g" s from th lee no rth- I -.;; lrirl wh u no w is a wa rd ed th!:' ti ti t". "Ht r e gal M aj c;t y," wes t sta tes, mad e a~I, 'lgg r ega t.e of I ,Tomo rrow a t 8 ,00 p .rn _i n the OMS. il IO n : t ha n 200 pa rtI Ci pa n ts l!l the WIll he the last opportulIlty to SI'( th,­ 10 fOUF ye;;rs, she: ha~ bee n ~ , to urney, In Ii ' ht of thi s cumpetit.ion Honl er:omin,o. nlav., "Duk ," , th e past a('tLv(' tn: " l a y Fes ti va l, HonH'comi ng " r thl' wo rd , of Prof. T. 0, H, Karl,. The: setting of th.. play i. W es tl hdl('hai n nll n, LDR" F.T. A" Curta in Call, I S"'ga, anel t hC' a 'tivitil' of the Asso­ M erl,' M a rtinson has b':<' n chose n I ,p':I'l' h d"pa rtnwnt he ad. "W.- cap. tel', - 'f W York, The k ad Qf t h t ph YJ outl" , \Yom ~ S tu d e nt s of wh ich -he to rei:rn a s H a nd solm: Harry for the r(, ally be proud 0,[ th t' PLC ~quad," w r itten by G eo rgI" S, K aufm an aDd nuw pr<:sidt:nt. She: \'Iorked in the I Cl 5 7 H om (-(' l.m in g, IIp will follow the LaL. ' o n rea l m ea nm g-, I l\hn:: C o nnelly, is played hy PLC Bu>i ll<:~$ Offic ~ dUI iug her firs t three 1956 H a rry, Kurt Kalstad, int o th e F o ur T ake Six for Six . frosh Marie P ete rs , ycan a t PL " . position that is th.- lIlak Coulltt'fpa rt Donald D o uglas a nd Tom Reeves ) Dilley is the stercotrpt of the s<: t ­ '-f ari ly n (lI n, a junior born in &f thl' quee n, I of PLC won first pl ace in se nior nwn' s I, rbra ined socialit(, and humorous mo{a l im., lIIm ois, will om f t Hand soml' Harry will be crowned i el l hak with a pl'ri('c t rc cord of SIX m"nts stem from th t: a ntics of tilt" prm n: of th court, Ma 'Iyn i. JIla­ at th~' Pow dt-r Puff garn.- tomorrow wi ns, J a n e t Turman ~ nd Bettdou wh ole cas t. ". , . Dule ha~ no t yu jllri n ' in d CllI C'lJ ta ry education. m OTOl ng , I Macdun a ld of PLC copped first hon- learned the difference betwt'('n a SUITh~ third mem be r of th t court will E ~ ~ort to th e 'Ju t e n at t~l' offi cial l ors ill th t se n ior wOlllen' s divisi on with pris(' and it shock." functIOns of th... Hom t'collllII g wcek- I be:- T wi la Gi llh , ~ ho a junior in "perk,' n' cord also, Sinct the {'aH was rde::lS<:d in t he.: Haines, Olson Win ' Doring M ust of Octobe r 11 , 1957. DltT IMy educa tion , Twila wa~ burn _nd , M .. rk will occupy the positioll ! of king of tht' PLC stud e nt body, Richa.d H a inr's a nd John Olsoll fh er e has bel'll on e change in t hr in Po rtland , O regon, M erle. from Grct: nacres, \VashingWOII Illen' s junior di\'isio n d ebat, for ra nb , Melvin Jangard has replaced «,tI, i~ a philosophy lllaj Or. Activ(' in PLC, a nd Orin Da hl a nd Herbert Bruce M esford a s the d lUfac tC'r 111 I th e \\lo r of tht: student eoug regatioll Dnop" : y, PLC, took ,,,(' olld place in Blair Pi-Itt<': I'SOIl, I ;,nd th r:: jun ior class, Merle is a dl:'a scnior lI1e n' s d,'ba t", T h l: ca st,. whi eh h;u; hen. pIa led cull of t he student churc h a nd viccby tht' flu , and Miss mith art! hoptn~, Ree\'('s Cops -fhm pr( sid u lt of the class, M e rle is a lso A thnT-timc winner for PLC w as i the la,t ni ,~ht of tht: play will b. Ih R d I f' , , ; yet, J im Bullock, SAGA busin.. ss rna n- , ac ti n ' in ; purts a nd play, for th,. I t TV( "S, who ad f~ l Ii-,H S In senIor a"c , al:noun c s fOI the be nef it of juniOl \'a rsity baske· tb.11I ,quad, <" x tl.' mpore and imp romptu to his d ~ ­ nrw -tu d e nts a nd spec ial we ek -end batt: win, Douglas d oubled, ",king ..u~ 't:,--Ihc a llllllS-tha l ther e IS a fil'st in seni or ortatory, . ' . li m ited number of 1957 SAGA y ear­ Others Take f irsts.

boo (s a\,a ila ble fur purc hasl'. Miss Macdon al d a l ~t1 collected fi rs t I Tho ~ int tr ·sted ;hould contact Jim

in se nior (·~tn~po,r" for \\'ur~..-n, a nd On sale now in t~c Pacific Luther l in R oom :l::l4, Old M ain, or a t the Dahl was fIrst In JUnIur llIc n s l'xtem- College Bookstore JS t h" n e w St u AGA offi ce in the C UB, . F loat ~uildin ~'fol' Home eomin g b<. - \ it~, f1~at ill t,h,' D~jar~in"',s g',lrag"' 1 ~orl'. D ~' I11~"-Y pla,,('? seco nd, in Sf',I1- d c nt-Facu~ty D. irccto r y ,p ublisht:d b ) ! g ills tO~lIght aftn tht: pep, r.llly and Sn,'ra l of tht floats WIll be bull~ un lo r m e n S IIltcrp. rda U,'c readm g , cal l Alpha PhI Omt'ga, men s campu 0 [· ' curcma tlO n , And tOlll ght IS t h one lower ca mpus around th e g ymnaslUlIl, I Capenc r (~onn('(~tcd twice, ga rnning ganization, ni ght (If th e year t h at PLC g irls arc A defin ite timt' that girls must n:- firs.t places in both ora tory and inter- I Scllin.r.: a t the nominal price of Mrs, V a lborg Gl c': tn Holstad, th e allow ed to stay out latC'r than I a .m, turn to the dorms has not been set as pretativc r eading for junior division tw('nty-fiv cents, the book indud u studcnts' name.~, borne add re~ 5, a nd "LTIIder e\'e ry li ght-post a roulld the dean of wume n, l\1iss 1\<1. \Vic \;- men. huuse rnuther in Old M ain for t e ll Others w ho placed for PLC were campus room numbns. Alw in the ),C>1 rs ( 195,..-1955 ) , p as!>cd away No­ campus" it is expected that floats fo l' strom, has b(:'(' n out of town, Th,: \(:,n bu S at a Minneap olis hospital. the m a ny organizat ions will be deco- hOuselllOthers advise girls to watch L ou i.., Kraabd, who t.ook third places book will bt, informat io n on t h ,. fa~­ I nlemJ(~n t w ill at Madt:lia, Min n .• ra t('d a nd made n :ady for the Satur- donn bulletin boards for a nnouncc- in junior womr.:n' s impromptu and ulty of th, collegr cxtc'm pore; Joyce Alton, s,' cond in Th, re al 31 pa ~s in tht: boolll"t, lud a y, M rs. Holstad was 75 ),ean old da y 10 a,m, Homecoming par ad c me nts concerning Frida y ni g ht. T aco ma , junior irnprornptu ' J a mes TI-aynor which is similar to last Y" ar' ~ diTcc­ rut h act bC:t"n hospit;;lized November which will trav.,) th r ouuh <> In tht' p.a,t ycars the n : has been a Th e Spurs will work on their float - . , 51' cond in junior impromptu and third to1'Y. also publis cd y A ,P.O . N ew :l rd. h" s"n:t:d as p resid ent of tb" Wom en', M ' ionar y f 'ed ration of in South Hall lower lounge ; Curtain cmtom that the gIrls check out of the in ext'-mp on" Dahl and Olson tied ideas, how" va, ha... t: b cen i n('orpoT­ thd'.vnngdi · I Lutheran Church for Call will ust th e r oom behind Ih" dorms and check III with someone :U for th ird in junior impromptu: D; \id att>d into this booklet, and only ' 50 m,an Y Y (lr - , CMS Stll!.t(' : lilu r.: K ey is construct ing ~ t' float sit!'. Stua r t tlliJ'd in junior ("xtl'mpo rC', ill ~ so ld.

1 '0 U 1c ' FIe I I a aLur day Eve



Mer Ie MartI-nson Vote


i (lH d H ' 1957 an some ar ry Ii




'57 Year b00 k

Aval-I a bl e Now I


Club Float Building ProJ- eet I IC T - h I T o E 11 ] I V en .amp us 0 llg t

Former Housemother Dies in Minnesota

IBeing Sold Now




0 Directory .




Page Two

Friday, November 8. 1957 CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS

Lutheran Church Votes To Issue Encylopedia

Tune in "Campus HighJjg hl3" Thu day at 6:45 p.m. m'er KTNT. The show deals with vari­ ous phru;es of PLC CIlmplL\ life. C~mpu~ Highli ghts will feature a cuttin.I\' from th Child..- n'~ T he­ atr,' production, Flibbertygibbet, on the next wee show, ThuRday, at 6:lS.


Th Lutheran hUl"c h i, p l.lllni n ' Ho: h'~ n procc'cded to comple te the to i ut' a " Lu thc 1 E n clopcdia." \li'; [ of wpie; to be can ed in the ~ccordin~ t PTOk 'sol' J. BodcMiec k, ,""cyclopedia a nd secu red prom ises of t'ditor of th,' book, f m W' rthur ' !eolbbol".1 tion from Luth \' ran perHJl1S ~' 'minary from all O"l"r the world. The phn to issu a n e nc yclopedia I In :Hld it ion to t he work on the at t he Hanover As. book, the editor has the demands of was inaugurat 5Cmbly of lhe Luther-.m .. orld Fed ~ ['- hi it'aching activities a t the Sem­ ali~n in 1952. inary. For this reason it is im possible few years lat"r the eXec utive to work on mOl e than a narrow field commiuee a ppointed Professor Bro- oi a rti cle, a t one tim e. Thus man y PLC p rofs arc on the list of those who d nsled:. a.. the editor. The rece nt will b." asked tc1 contribute.• b ut the r' nncapor Assembl) f the I.WF. nam'" arc not a vailable due to the wa y In whi ch 1. work must proceed. allproved (hi'> appointment.

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The switchb<>3 rd for PLC'a­ tor iI's wishf"5 to mak," a public tr· ment to its man} user;. First, it wishes to thank tht>l1"l for the coopc. tion they havc giv n ~o fa r .. Then it ....ishes to cnumeral(" a ,erics of rul~ !.hat will get bt' tl Pf (Tvic(: for a ll con­ ('('rBed. Do not ask the ope rators for heir n"mcs. They ~ . not pt~rrnitted to Icns(" thcm.

but. don 't ry The ooard cannot :\c. n'pt collen c II. mad!' 0 your I'O\>m D o not "isi t wti the operator! th,' board or over ,be p hon.' is agai ns t the opera tOR ' rulr~ .


D o not 1Ir. lie me.Hage ....ith the 0 ­ " rato r to be del iverrd a t a lat':t d te. D0 it yoursdf. Be origiTUlt.


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Friday, November 8 1957


• • •

All In A Weekend

IIIJorda hi l1ews

This I. Homecoming ~


The ,accion {)f wa chi ng J a ke shoot pa 0 Rodin : or Gil ­ l\'c had quite. a nomadic existence h' kl ." . While the carlter Homecommgs may not haY~ n qU1t(~ so . I b r . 'th M m r t rowing ~ uc ' e ... • pm>&ive as ours in 19 57. they certainly bred nama nt of l:Kc~'nhs,~c(; J rdegha}n ,"!vmg ':11' • ~ T he laughs g lorcat the :ow der Puff h assle. ,. . 'I 'I at enne 0 a . I ()U 61:.., m JI,.,. T L~ I ..J d t Y>r f ~ · drCltnnent equa to t 1C m ore recent ones. I an ordinary mouse' I'm a French U\:' sp c n uur a n pa~ n~ l coro "on . . • For in p~oo:s years the .'week: nd 1l1~ s mad~ them. Iv e t mous.... I met Mrs. Jordahl the year T h e plcasu c of r ·Iaxi g and drif tin g f into the laRd of home on(c more Itt Old Mam. Reservations were sent m. 9nd ~he went to &Chool in FraDcc, and "Dul . . . . . room pnpurd. 'Consldering the num. - - - -- - - - sort of . ged alon g with btr f rom The bit :f x citemen t hen p ' ning be tif , s t PLC ber 'of Stlld~l\h wh6 }i\;ed OIl campw out two girls from north Ttcoma u d th mum to t s pe ia l outfit for t t cia! t ••• . " h . h lit t en on. The: j'oy in l' r and ting le in your s nin.. ..... n t Ori<: )'ear boiarted thiMy m n nd wehre on t e_l~ d-Yh to ht e ..stet: (]llr I ~ w,,' born ill Indiana as Kathr ' ... t L :­ nine woi1i1:n) one can r~adily ee w en one a....t l e ot er, ay, ' at gather and sing praises t o God at student - n gregation J~ , . ' h .L_ I'd la _.1 e,mt: Stout, but be~me Mrs. 01 S d lM re ample space. ComtDg' 'by ~J>(:nt more tOnl~ t u ... n p nn~. . . un y . . . . . !OOde Do you suppose you could Joan ·m e JoMahl !;liter a time spent at the UruTIlis is.r 195i Pacific b utheran Col H . St~ca'r, the milln of transpor- . ?" vt"rsity of Wisconsin. Both ahe and .. S J W' h M . ., e ome«mJlJlg.






'!~, = e in

h: ;~r:~r


5Ui:~ Iflf~~: :::or~;~a:~uth

10rdhahldl.eecivedhthci~ DMOCadto~

t~~ks ~~c'T'f'ddi

dropped Mp ' hri!' ()f! ilY nCd Gulhaugm a Karl F o 11, home­ o~op v egrees t ere In lSon . h' f k IQ~ ' . g, ~DOY'ib music and he gasped, "I _~ jUJlt ing to •d ' . d' '. commg ( altmcn. or t rhri lltn unn!: thr- eprtSSlon. ' bl " The H . , a ivi - eoasIst- 8,k you lh e thing." They ar - ' . . e.

td·of a or play I 'ri y t rived safcly back a1 Old Main .. . ,.t ~e. pent some tl~ III E\-anston, _ _.____ ~ __._ _ _ _ _ __ _

dl 'l)"1li, n excursion by strtttnr 15:00 a.m. with sore fet-t. ~lImOis. where.they added to the fa~, y 3ftel'1lOOll to see the big Of couest: then h VI: always been Ily. By thc tum:. we rcache.d Park- ,

thosc who ha\'c let the dock beat, land, t~c:re w.eTr-. Ifve ~f us. il h~d a game, a party Saturday evcning · ill the gym. and services Su them. Some climbed the. fi re cscape Im~st rn~~t('nm: "~~~ClCI1CC ,:hcnt':vt!I' ., ~. ow~en , ing at Trinity Lutheran Church. on the chimney. One girl went to he Illm (d. She nCHr planned room Halloween ntght can be r 1 fun. L ooking back on 1t, man y · The Homecoming Queen tradition c\'m grc:lter l'xlr..-mes and used the for me. , and I always ~ad to sneak of us sec the joys ,of an evening s pent ru n ning aro u n d enjoyin g didn't begin till 1941. As for the old I ivy that used to CO\Tr Old Ma in as a i m:-sclf In s~lT1cwherl' Just as they 1oursel~cs and .thinking up mischi ~f. N?w consi~er the Hallow n · ~ym, it was a ~ place. BeUdca tho laddu·. wtnt ou.t tht: d(){lr ) . of a hfe devOid of the fun. ConSHlcr. 1 you Ill, th Hallow 'n Qbvious use, plays were given t here, I Soon our college grew to such proEric, her old"r son, is onc of the ! where there is nO running around. T h e Halloween wh re- m isch ief a nd all-school parties. The basemen t I portion.~ that it couldn't house aJl it~ I first tw o ,students to complet(: their I will be met with punishment. If you will. you will ~'t som e hdd the chemistry and biology labs. ,students in Old Main, and the girls first three years at PLC under the idea of the true value of a task u nd"rtah en by som of the W est It hurned to the ground in 1946. took oVt'r the entire building. You can 3-2 l'nginecring program, and is ill Hall girls and PLC fellows . Th st.reetcar gave any.thing but in~i~c Ihe excitcme~t the day a rat ,,rst year, at S.tanford University. I nto ~hc lives of the kids who are k ept w it~in t~ · walls ~nd smooth Tide. It W. 1S more ilke a stump- was dlsco\'ered on third floor. H(I S( cond son. p, ta, IS ~ sophomor e barbed w ife fences of Remann H all, Tacoma juveml e det n tto n dc.d gr.r than a car with "mooth ~ow lh.~ feminine percenta ge of the I at PLC . : center. come some of the old fUll of Hallo w een-from t h ese did t ," The last faithful, or more cor- stud enl hodv has outgrown even Old Sh",' s l\ol'wt'giall by association ! PLC students . n:ctly, fa teful, t ar for Parkland left Main, and is straining the sea ms of only, and j;, «Iway' busy. She', con- j We w ould lil-..e to thank , through tht' pages of this papt r. , 1("WI1 at mi dl~ight. T th e thrt t: new d orm:. , I tinually k a,\'i~g horn e to. o. tt(~l\d ,\rncr- [ those who gav~ of th eir time for others on Halloween . Ride aDd ' \ aIk . With thl' expansIOn of O UI' SChOOl l tcan .\ssoclatwn of Unm:r ty WomThanks : Carol Ann Ness, Bev Swanso n. 1vlanlee A n derson But at Qn~ o'clock a "Larchmont" has COIltI' an (·xpansion of Il ctivitics. t n activities. In 1955 this organiza- Shirley H a r mon, Es ta Swanson. Phyllis Fiske. Sally P iel . h i rl cy r a r (' rot as fur as eight y-fourth street. .'\ dded to th e Homecoming a gc nd:t i tioll n:,m('d its , ,,hola .ship fund fo. Christopherson, Shirl e y P earson . C , \ KI a Ld. a lley W . lkt:· . If on" neglected to watch the time he, hnvr bel'l1 the Hnmccoming- courtJ ! h.·c ' B o nn ie Hanson , Ph y lli s 'y b.1kk c. )rna ones. G.ui Ha , • ' ane}, a qui tl " ,, ;\1 ah ead of him . Powde r r uff D erby" Homecom ing pa- I lIer Ph. D. ;n French w<.:ll qualifi l's I R e in vile. Sally Bi erman, Maureen r us , ~ ilol> 2£. Paul It W U$ qu; tt a w l , too, as, two fel- rack, Anrll: a l Pla y, and sej'vi ~(:s h.. !d i tu t c ~,c h F r~' nc h, :IS wel! ;-I S Span- , Sig ueland. J erry Scheele, Roger W I1 g , an d J erry Crabtr ~. loWl! adl cl , 0 ·'·I'(·d . They d t .... ken by our own student congregation. I I~h. at PLC. ' H -rb D empsey, news xhtor. n:


Play iD GYlll


,m I




M d H II H II a .ween. a











ood luck onyo r Homecom'ng • • • I• LI FE INSURA CE is f o r YO

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4'~ r F il ~


• • •

Page Four


Friday, November 8, 1957

.Roy I eauties Active, as ell

As eing Extremely Attractive

Float-Worker Gets Wrapped Up in Work Writ r\ note:: Ii}' receiving brain .... ...'le5 from a busy float -maker, we: prt nt to you th inside story f Ii 10 • I (?) Pacific l.uther·all Colle~ gal working on a Homecoming float. T ime: 12:27 a .m. Place: behind the PLC gym ) . . " H ere's some more crepe paper. Don't you want it now ? ( Uyou don' t, I'll bash you with the box). "My :mns .aJ'e getting tired of holding it." (But not too tirt'd. to m lWi this box over your headl). I'ni AU Sbook Up " Hry, grab the paper! The IItep­ ladder's . tipping. Somebody h e I p! Ec: tk- l'm dead ! No, I'm not, I IfUC:SS." (Nu, I'm not dead. Ob, no. I' m just sprawled out on the muddy, cold Old ground and entangled ill bla k and yellow crepe paper strips. nw is fmc, just grrat. Crepe paper around my neck, m y legs, my head. How dandy. All I have to do is un­ ....i nd myself). I'm G reat At Floa1:l . "Won't someone please hdp IDe up? You what? WeD, that's j ust too bad. It's strewn all uver tbe ground. Wh didD't you takf' it whm I tried to hand it to yll\l, aDyhow? Okay, okay, I'ln piclr.iDg it up." (They w ed 'would you like to work on a float Friday night?' Su I would. I'd be happy to. If oI1Iy I'd knOWD • • • ) • Here's Some Pa per .'H ert's your loury crepe paper. It's .ill di rt y and wrinkly now though. What ? You don' t WaDt it? You'd bt·tter take it anyw:ry . . . oh, tha nk a lot:' . ( It's about timt' you took it. ~ I l o w It on flOll Fri­ d y nigh t ? Would I like: to g t sid? "00 you WaDt mt to help you .

Paradise BOWL

Homecoming wt"c:kt n i fin ••lr upon and everyone i IIXI ' n~ f rward that win-? What are we going to do to thc grand caron tion of the royal with it? Ouch! I'm stabbed! Stop pull­ court whi ch will be h ld tonight a t ing at it. You're snagging my sweattr. 8:00 p .m. in th C ~{ . Thr youn g Eecek! G1=e, dad. it was a sweakr. ladies who arc specially excited about Oh WtU, it was aD old OIIC. 1 never the coronation are Qucer.-e1ee t Es­ did lilIt it." (Never liked it, huh! I th er Ellickson ; Prince ~ T wila Gillis, ollly got it in Septmlber, aud blue's and Princl"8s Marilyn F ret . always betD Diy favorite coIoI'.) Queen Esthtr Hey, get off my foot. Awonerful, Esthe r Ellie-kson is well known by awonerful, my poor big toe will never all the girls on campsu si nce she is be thl:' same. Moan, groan. president of AWS. This senior, who originally is fronl Ob, Tomorrow! I'm getting sleepy. Aren't we al­ Albany, Oregon, is majoring in ele­ lIlost done ? No, it d n't look very anentary education and is student finished. In fact, it looks terrible." (('aching this 5emest~.r. She teaches (So will I tomorrow for the: homecom­ speech and drama a t Clover .Park in)lj activities. I'll be all baggy.eyed. high school and fourth grade at Park and I'll have to drag mysl'lf all ovcr Rid ~e elem.:ntary school. the campus). Some of hu major activities while Oh ish! Now it's beginning to g t attending FLC have bem that she has damp." (My hair's getting all straight. worked on Homecoming for th ree P ooh, who cares? III jut it into pin­ y"an , was Student Council Represen­ curls when we finish this. Oh, no! 1 tative for h('r freshrrum class, has ~en can' t. I loaned all my bobby pins to in the May Fl:stival for the past thIee Carolyn. How charitable of me. I yC' al"S and has be n a member of wish I'd kept them myself ) . chorus. At Last Es th ~r was also treasurer oC A WS " You mean we're actually through? last year, was fine arts editor of the J. it p<05sible ? It really looks like Saga whilr a sophomore and has held something, but what ? Er, I mean, it's office in the Future T ache of Amer­ just lovely." ica and Inter Club Council. (Never again will I work all Dight All this adivit)' didn' t top E. ther on a float. I on't. I WOD't! I won't! from holding down j i the Busi­ That is, not tiU Dext year). I n e5~ O ffic.... wh irh . he plam to do

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again next ~c mes tcr when sh i n' t I tend ing PLC a nd receivt: her degree t("ach ing. in elementa ry ducat ion. Princ:eA Marilp1 P rinCt'SS Twila Twila GilIi ~, a p~ rt 5-foot, 2 1h -inch ) Blond!', junior M arilyn Force grew junior with sparkling gree n eyes, hails up in Minneapolis but grad uated £rom from Silverton, Oregon. In her fi rst a high school in Los Angeks, Calif., two years here at PLC she has kept in 1953. Following high school she qui te busy with extra curricular acd\·­ attended the Lutheran Bible Institute ities as well as her studies. in Minneapolis for two yean, gndAmong other things, Twila has uatin g in 1955. Her .presc:nt home is " 'orked in the library since her fresh- l in La Cresce nta, . Ca~f0rm:" . . • man year, was vice-presidt'nt of Spun Some: of Manlyn s actlVJtleS are. last ye:ar, was treasurer of her sopho- Spur as a sophomore; yell leader last more class and a member-at-Iarge of year; M ay attendant fTom the f the studt'~t congregation last year. man class; member of May Festival She also is trt'asurer of A WS and was for two yean ; and a member of the an attrndant at the Lucia Bride Fes- chorus. tival and seerctary of Curtain C all in ICC representative for her freah­ man class and working with the chill her fr...~ hman yea r. Twila sings fint alto in the chorus te~l are also included in Mr past and student congregation choir and at PLC. This elementary education major plays flute in the orchestra a nd band. Camping, sewing and playi ng the works in Dean Hauge's office and in piano arc listed among her hobbies. her spare tillMl lilu:. to sew and go out Twila is engaged to be married in with ASPLC President Dave Knud­ February a nd plans to continue a t- son . ~tude nt

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Frid ay, November 8, 1957

P age F ly

Glads, Pirates Play Homecoming Tune

1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -·--------:

~4p'4 ~~



It won't be 10llg now until we will be reading about the selections of • ndid,l l\;-; for the all-c;onference team, inspira tional award, most improved p layer award, next year's captain, etc., that always iollow the grid seasoll. ~ot all ~chools go alon g with th" policy of electi ng th eir n~xt ye~ r's cap tain by t('am voting·. H e re a t PLC it is the policy to d ect t he captain by the: team members, ;l1ld well it should . T he' pla ye rs all know who has th e leadership a bility and can lead th em to gTe:l t r feats of perfo nnance on the fi eld. In th e past the selec tions have ·llways wu ra nted praise and this yea r is no different. Of COUf;i e , there is always the f who turn on the captain and coaching staff at the end of a losing ~eas o n, What these few do not realize arc the sc<:nes behind the scenl'. Injuri c~, illhess, a nd lack of ben ch $ta :ngth .ire what hurt our Lutes this season: not lack of (fo rt or knowledge by the coaching staff or C a ptain LY~N C ALK. i'N. db sive tape and a pirin have pb.yed a dec isive:: role in fiddin g a full (,-,am a t times. W~ would lik e to commend Coa ch HARSHMAN o n his judgement o( \x'n clling pla yers who were nursing injuries, yet w a nt,~d to play. A few of !hese men m ight have made the difference betwee n a win or a loss but in th p roe; s r o uld ha\'e suffered permant.: nt disabiliti t:s. HARSH us ed 'his h~t judgement a nd was looking "Jtcr th e tea m, not the win or loss column. The late Grantland Rice's (the g randdaddy o( all sports writers) classic ,.ayin!:", " It's not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game," ,:.;an c.a:>ily .fit into HARSH'S coaching philosophy. Hats off to COACH H.\RSH M!\N and CAPTAIN LYNN CALKINS for their able leaderllhip and judgement against insumlOuntable odds. When next year's captain is an­ nouna-d, look up to him as a kader. That's what he is.



N~.R~~~~LE STARTING LlN~:!:,~ " IGridders .Take 86 DAN NIKSICH ..... ............End I

71 67 50 64 72 87 10 35 41 34

On Foe ·In Tacoma


DARYLE SQUIRES ........Tackle BILL SLEM KO ..............Guard i ' ROY ZYLSTRA .. _..... ....Cent er !

Whitworth '$ puzzling Pirates. featurin g f o u r o f the top md i­ GARY TURNER ........._..Guard PAUL W ARD .............•Tackle ! v~d ual ~ rfo.rmers in the co n ere.r;ce, yet able to rewrd but a ingt~

DICK BRA HAMS ..............End I victory m SIX games, w dl provide the competitio n f o r L to­ VIC FERGUSON .__... ..Quarter ! m.orrow at 1 : 30 p. m . at L ine In Bowl in o n~ of [he hIgh ligh ts.

WARREN LASHUA ........Ha lf: of the three-day Homee m ' g f s t iv lties .

BERNI E RAKES __ _.. ___.... __ Ha If i Th ,~ ~ d Buecnnc': N, " halO'-- -- - -- .

RON LOCKHART .... ._Fullback lead the. confeITnce in. three p;1Ssin.!! I scon: five t imes [his yt,ar. I ts ofi~rue

I .





Na me

Po. ilion

80 DENNIS RODIN" __. ___... _.. End 71 MIKE TEEL ._._._.__._.__....Tackle 60 JIM CAPELLI'" ....__ ......Guard 52 RON McALLISTER" .__ ...Center 62 DICK GOODWIN ___.. ...Guard 75 LYNN CALKINS* ...._...Tackle 84 CURT KALSTAD* .____ __ _....End 10 JOHN JACOBSON .___ Quarter 42 GEORGE FISHER . .-­ .- Halfback 30 JOHN FROMM" ---. Halfback 21 TOM GILMER* - . - • • • -. Fullback .. Starting Sen iors _ __ _ .

Oorm Teams. T-Ie -I n F-In a I5

DEA.,\, STILL BEDRIDDEN W~ sopped in to see ce nter JIMMY DEAN aga in thi. week. DE ,\N is . h a h ro k en st ernum, 111 . f'hCk d during the In the last round of th e Lute intra· Stl·11 con f'tne'd to t I \ C 'III f'Irma ry W1t Eastc m.PLC iootball gaIe two weeks a.c,,". o. H e would appre,".iat>·~ visitors, a nd mural ~,ridiron conksts the Eastern "'pecially m embers of th.! football tea m. It is not known hnw long- he will Parkbnd tea.m scored a 36-6 win over . dn· den. '. I' its West side foc, the "sad six," to 1><: b ,~ Lcin ch a first place tie. Simultaneously TH I llD FLOOR NOTCHES INITIAL WIN . .. "Iv}, and Clover Creek, realizing their , Th~ Flour's "l1e\'tT·say·die" foothall t eam f!nal1 y .dd ed .a bJg one ,Iea~ue sta ndi ngs were a t ,t",k~, ha tIn the W1.1l f" olumn a~ the b oy, d d eated Tacoma 12 to 6 111 theIr last sched­ tlt-d to a 12. 12 ti" . uled g ame DC the first round of football pla y. All team m~rnbcrs unanimously In the Eastc rn-"Vcstcru <rame, East· ~ ;.gre.,.d th:t t th,: y couldn't stand an')ther win this'season after all th.. cOllg ra tu. .: rn was It:d to v i <: tor y by Roy l.ltion h~d been poured OD them. Aftcr the game the boys announced that Sch warz, Jim Va nBee k, and D ave the gam~ had bt'e n their " Iittk home("oming.'· and GORDIE SOILAND wa s BnllS t"n , In thl! Ivy-Clover Cre k (,) reign a, their "little kin!:::" from Third Floor to ~ o rth H all. frJ.)' it W::IS D ea n Morrison passing to J erry Cmtis for Clover C r~c.k and for ON MOR E We-'ve tmded in uur battert:d old crysta l ball a nd ac cepted ddiv ery of hr, Art " The Arm" ;"\;t'rh" im con· 3putnik type sphere that is guaranteed to p redi ct e\'en the route through fll· ctcd twice with L{lwen Sheld;) hl. the Kio k ( don' t bet on it, though ). Anyway, we will try it this week in i ApP'lfently th e bewitchin g­ ladi ' hopo's of r coveri ng from th e horrifying results of last week's pLOgnosticat.iom. i on the broomsti cks removed the he); Look (or th e I .utes to end their losing str~a k with a 20 to 12 vi ctory 011 their day to ride. Third Floor came ov r Wlutworth tomorrow. C PS has a n open date tomo rrow, but. Washing· through wi th a 12-6 upset over 'rd· ton'. Husktf will chalk up thei r sixth loss of the Sl:ason a t tht: hand. oi the coma ! Bob ;\If itton's pa~s to Llo yd E r· agu -k.1cl ifl: Oregon Ducks 1 to O. \ Vestern W1 hin gton's Vikings will la ndso n was all Tacoma , though un· I ,1\e little troub le with British Columbia tomorww a they roll up a 2 7 to 6 dc rrn a nnt' d, could score. O n the other . ictory. a d in the b ig ga llle on lowe r campus, pittIng th e uppe r class girls h ~ nd, Gordie Soiland', to be exac t, { ? .:I.g3in~l t it frosh : irl ' (? ) , we' ll gin' th e ed ge to the u pper class women. Soil a nd found Ri ch Hamlin and Dave H~Vl' ~llly of you not iced' the fi nc display of pictures uf th is year's Lute, (;abridson for I'D pass recci, ers tbaU pll'lyt'r~ in til 'find ow ,)f M cK,.wa n' s Stud io in P3rkland ~ A fin e T hird Floor. di~pla~ .1 community in tere3t to PLC. Fourth Cinches First On th" twin turf, Fourth Floo r wa ­ trackin g· its wa~' to first plaet: under ! the sure a nn 01 Rog r Iverson. Iver· son p it ched to C Curtis once ami i, Pete rson tW Ice as Fourth ove r· powered D eja rdines 18·1 2. D u a 11 e ~Iot" s a nd Di e k Clare' s passes to M erle­ M~rtinson a n.d ~ick Foege. ac· .:uunted for th e DeJ~rdllle 1 ~ Pl.)llltS' . Passers Gary Kamlm, Denm" Troed· son a nd Bill R a y a nd r eceivers J erry I Scheele a nd " Hurryin' " Haaland bolste n:d the win of Second Floor vel ~ + Clover ,reek 18-12. R on Lerch, Jen 1' Viebroch. ::md T ed Berry led the CIO\'er C reek scoring. Roger " Jump and Throw" I verson 123RD AND PACIFIC ~ kl"pt F outh Floor ,In th... victory tmil ~ i..................................._ .........-...........................................i

which cin hed the fir t plnce tie. Fourth bowled o\-e r Ivy 28- 12 o n the la.5t day of contests. I v"rson r:w on~ TD a nd passed to Chuck Curtis, Don Week-ends Week Day s Slattum, and Larry Peterson for 2 ~ 11 :00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. 10 :30 a.m· 10 11 :00 p .m . of the poi n . Th e last four points w ert' collacted on two saietv traps . gain>t Ivy "The Arm" Ncrhcim's T D pa5 to R ge denon and Dave .lVage were both i vain. Western flop ,thoug oDly three

a:e lookmg for. , h.·'I wa ~ neHT stopped cold, but ddentivC'

tlmd straI ght W1I1 over the GladUl lO , w,:a kn"ss 5 , p ri ma rily in the Dtel:' of

who will be physically fit for the first the line, p roved to be its downfa.1l.

! time in fiw weeks. The Bue-Lu 1t: ser- i Scoring.wise, Whitworth is averaging

it's da tes back to 193 1: PLC swept the better tha n tlm::e touchdowns ;l. ga.Dlt'# first nin: ga~es, but Whitwor th has ! There j , .1 look 1)f optimis m for monopol~zed III t~e last thr.e '. Last cha nge in [he Lu te piet re. Til fill \ T ar a fIdel goal III the cI 05 I1l g Ill lll ' jsicg .l llpears t o be over and th~ utes b~'at the Lutes 23-:21. . ! lads sLould be nearly a' hei r full WI~Itw~rth h:~ a. n~w I~entor tht, [stre ngth , includ in g the iled yt:a r III "31Iy Uph otf, who Introduce retu rn of star fullback. T om C limer " nn: system at th e school, the spli t.T. J Gilme r B3(;k · t in . ID espIte th... 10" ·1 C' ·lilIl,:r, d'm the Pa'lfl' .. U - . . . of thln~ all.confc . illJure encc stars, Wh:tworth retalllo:. - d all· gam e, unuO . 1 ub (cd Iy WI'11 see much c-. conferenc e halfback a nd capt aIn, Ber· t Ion · t olllOlrow. "rh C trip ' Ie-threat sen• 1 Ill '.' Ra"es, halfback W:llfl'n La; hu a' i ' . 1 d' h f . and tac kle Paul Ward. ~or lS • e.a mg t e COil e rt'ncC' In P\.W.t, I109 WIth a 40.7 average. H is prc-~tn(' fccJ;:uson Solves Problem . th I' '11 be . III e Illel.\p WI pa-n1llular v no· , In. the pre·scason outlook, the ' a bl e on p as; dl'fr-nsc . chief t IC Whll concern was the lac k 01 d ' p th . ' a t quarterback. T acoma's Vic E·ergu · Three GI. ds Out son has more than solved the quarter­ Larry Ro!S, Jame- D ean, and Curt back problem,· he has developed into K . ao l s d ere the onlv L u tes on the one of the outstanding passen in the mJure d. I1St a t p 55 ti m , K als d lu, confe rence and holds a substantial a possIbl e br ok e n h and , b ut x-rol y lead ove r his nearest rival in passin " ha"en't detennined the cxtenl or the '" IllJury. . . off"ns e.



. I


Niksich Leads Receivers / The H omecoming committee is I ho . th 9 Wh itworth has three of th I norl 1 47 Lut e ·h seven score rs in Dan Inosbnta, a :0 7 ~\ ent undefeated. M anv of the a lumni speedster, L ashua, a nd D an N ik5ich, lrom tha t team .. re ..xpec t d to'" 'D I tt d h a thrce·yt>ar vderan a t L'nd who It'.l ds a en an~", at t e gamc. In last 'a r's H om c ming gam.,.. th': conference in pass receivin g. . Whitworth, in 1900 a cross·town Ea!lern trapped t he Lu te! 27· ' :n the rival oi PLC hen: in T ::Ieoma, h a> only H omecoming loss dl.\ring the found itself on th,~ short mel of t he H arshman regime.




Letters Four Years

............. . . . ......................................................................

I College Drive-I" I .~



Iht' ill g

f~ w

lt tt ~ r rn:l ll.

SIc.\ l1":itn , bt;!tCI 'mown

35 'Bald )" n ;l sharp offeIUi,'c bloc ker and l S . nd-out at hi ' defe n· in Iineba .. post. Stand­ in ~ 6 f"r' t, '1 indln md 'ipping the sea It-, a t 2 14, Ron' , !ize :l ml power ha \ ',> tea '-fl"d hiIll a lut I")! • I CS p Cl:t • :.ll th. pivo t position.

Ia rou nd







R Oil ,Y£ t'.\ Ui· r i U!lr .,i Lu tt' :;.-nior! who will be .-nd­ PI.C !rid .: I~' r .I~ :l rUllr-ye~r

<":u,l<' r



McAlii fer, , enter,

Ron McAllister 1 - - - - - -..- - - - - - -.



W L Fourth Floor Old M a in Easte rn P;trkland .- ..- ... ....-.. Second Floor O ld M ain ...... Clover C r ek ....-.-...-.........-.-. hy H all .- .... ......-.--..-- ...-.-.--.-. D ejardl ne H owe ....-.. -.....-..-. T acoma ........ -.. .. Third Floo r O ld ~bin W·.'ste rn Pal kia nd

1 .) 5 ~

0 3




- - - - - - - - - - - - --

~Ulp l1, ,


At Lin coln H illh SdlOOI in SO:;\Ul~ , M C.'\llist(!r cI rned I 1I r! in football. blUkclba ll, an d ba!e all I n his year he was honored by being Damed to t he all·.:-ity and a ll· lat leJlm.s in football and baseball. Mo mg to the Lute campw, R on though o nly a n "eshman, lettered T sity in th~ ,a mt two ports, gn:ining <l starting p osition 011 the diatO.r 31horsehide squad . H e r epeated th.e l eal 0 I in his sophomore a nd ' ullior years and :': 1earned startilig p ts in both ports . .! Ithough he is a talwart at h IS cen. tC'r post, last !,<oar ". c" took .l brief .! wing t the end p ilion. \ flU s rt­ ! tng the firsl two ~:lmc, uf the season I I nd, hI 1\ s ·itch..d b k t eCI­ Ie I' wh~" hr wa "1Il,,'drd thl! DI t."




~ h<"


'* U -




""'cst sickrs cant(: oul to W1tlJes into the ccllar slot .:u it forfeited 0 'cund Floor. 1 lit "no slww" of Wes · em pu t Second in the thu d place !Iot fOT the Qll;on

\n J ur at ion majo r,!\<I( ilLtr.r i.~ concC'lltratmg on lIOcial studiC'l and mlnorang in ph)' c:duc3tion, Upon gmdt.l, tiM in J I,UlI" he ho~ , l enl"r Ithr tc:ach ins profession.

Page Six


Friday, November 8, 11157


W T L Ct- ntral Wash ..... 4 West er n W ash . ... . 3 Eastern W ash ..... 2

Married Duos W es t ern Du mpS Eat from Pot IGladiators, 20-13 ~~i~:,,:~~nd.: PHI DELTA EPSILON











46 Tomorrow morn ing, the 9L I of ' o-I lkttc Lou (Bop stcr ) 33 ,'('m r, footba ll hist ry will be made MacDonald ........ .... .. C







Tne Western ":a~hin gton Vikin~s P. L. C . ........... ... I




:~gl~~~ .~~:~·~~I~_::~:no~f~~~·u~~~I~a~l;~lt~~lap.t~~~~r.)





third period on a IO· yard tou chdown ....- - - g a II 0 P by Vik ing fullback Denn is

; ... . .

Sh(·pard. Emc lO n 's





I -

. 0



Thin ~s arc relatively quict in the ," Pos H gt Wgt . \ frcshman call1p. Coach Hump Am ton . . 194 rcfu sLS to givc out any vita I de tails Cammy Emerson ..... F B n·1 Rip And erson ... .. ..... .... Q B 4--3 123 10n his squad, except to say, "The J ack ( Rou g h.neck) Girlics hav~ all the curvC's and the Bjornson ............ ...... RH 5.9 201 coach has all thc angles."

ca lin this wl'ek by jump will be:


Darkn.. (Sock 'em) Kdl) .. .... .................. LH

Helene (Biff) Neilso n LE Barb (Ca t) j ohnson ....LT Rosakc (R Z chm ...................... .. LG

T h,' frosh will probably fitld their 5- 6

5·10 2 19 th ey han ll)'thing to match th big­ 3 ~ 0 bO/H·d bonn i(" of the Wonde r-W omen \\'(-' 11 h,,, to be at th.. "S' ga c: 6-0 265 I tomorrow.

LOfe Insurance Company LE.l·0826

P. O. Box 275, Parkland









BR. 2·3211


Jon Saine




Th Lutheran Church is on fire for the Go. pe l! God won.. men of mental brown and a le rt spirit to serve Christ in HIs ministry on this West Coos, home mission Ironfipr.

BUSCH'S BASKET-for rE-OI convenienCE: and for extra good eating, have a BASKET AT BUSCH'S


ZT70 Morin Avenue, Berk.el<ry 8, Calif.


!...~-z-z-~,,-:--z-Z-Z-~.,I.;-Z-Z-"'-"'-;,:;z ~!T.,I.;-Z-Z-Z-z-Z-Z-~.,I.;-z-:;,:;-z-z-z-~,,-z-z-z-~-:;,:;-~,,-z-z-z-z-z-~,,-z-z-z-z-:;,:;-~,,-z-z-:;,:;-z-~-z-z-z-z-z-z-,'I


§ §

a '- II






Walgreen A gency

Garfield & Pacific







~-=--. ~ ~ ~ §~


~§ ~ §

Lak eW"ood Ice Ar ena

§ §

Call JU. 8-7000

§ §


405 Garfield Street

Baskets filled with French Fries, cooked to order, and Toast

BUSCH'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT OPEN 7 a.m. till 2:00 o.m. weekdays; 3 :00 a.m. week· end s

Tacoma, Washington


Welcome Back, Grads

§ ~





Hand-tooled Purses -- S oes .• Billfolds and Belts

elcome, Alums ..• to See Your Faces Again



§ §

$25.00 Rat Charge ~

Wed nesday thru Sunday - 8:15 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Afternoon - 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.



~ ~ =-~ ~§


Supervi sed Parking Lot

38th & South Tacoma Way

't,.I,.I".I"".I.1.1.1"'.I.11.1'.I.1.1',.I,.I",.I.1"""",.II",.I.1" .1.I1"""""'.I~

It's Good




'I Student ... !

Box 144

LE 7-7135

TED BROWN MUSIC 1121-23 Broadway

Pacific Lutheran

u~llal strong team, but to find ou t if


·6 ..1

Ma gnavox Headq uarters

Welcome t o


Th," gaml", which is schedukd to Hgt. ,Wgt. start at 8:00 a.m., should be a thriller. jan ~ t ( Whispering) Aust .... 8·9 I II Th e W onder-Womt' n under the Kitl'" ( All Around') Murph v 5-7 44 ' T 1 abk coaching of R og (Jump ) h ·crson. E\'('I'n (Fox) Hyder .. ......... . 6-0 233 a>sisted by jim (Wonder-Boy) Van 1'wila (T iger) Gi11i~ ......... .. ..5-3 87 Beck, will fi Id the strongcsr and bi g· \ C a rol:(' ( Cowboy) gest team th.. y haw' h ad m m:my Chmdgrcn ......... ............... 5-3 88 sputnik. jerry ( D ,"amite) Dubail .... 7-7 112 Camile: Emerson, thl' a ll American These a re only approximatl' heights girl, will agai n hold d W I1 most of the .' and weights as the actual one! are pa~sing chofl's whilt- Mal'il~ " (R ip ) hard to track down, but most arc :\nd,:non will. be doing thl quarter· within an inch or a pound or so. backlrl" The: Ime.'-l\'t'rages an astund· R og an d j'1m we re q u o t ed a. say. " ,. in" ') 50 pounds all muscle . " 'f h ' d' t · tt ~ lilt!. c y n : roun l!l g ou p re y The tentati\'t' starting linc-up for g~~d, but if they d.on't corne through.. th ., Wonder-Wom<:n, as announced wc'll sell 'em for SIX cents a p o und.


Chari• • B. Fouch, Ph.D.. President






annual gridiron clas£ic, the Powde r· Phyl (Philp) Pederson RE 621 ' • Puff Bowl. Ddt'llsiw' ('hanges will inUude:

I ..



...... ..RG 6-0

56 cbss gll'ls Will meet the Gallopm£ !\ancy ( Mauler )

164 Girlies of the fn~$hrnan class in thl:' I' Rcinvik...... .............. R1'

. D I E 'I h II' I plchd up two qUick touchdow lIJ In Brit. Columbia .. .. 0 + 19 Ph " ta DSI on e ( Its ast . II d' . tht' opnllng quarter and a.nother TD Results Last "'eek . . h ' meet'" \:: Ul t e ~ma lIung room 'd l) be '>3 t 5 \\0 In tilL fm al frame to hand the PaCifiC. Wt·st. Wash. 20, Pac ific Luthn;Ul 13. W e d nt·s :1I:Y' c\.~~ L I' - • a. k:' p.rnj'·1 Luthrran Gladiator th(~ ir f u r t h Pa~ tor R o ,crt 'W. ut nn po 'e to tie . . . Central Wa~h. 20, East. Wa5h . 13. "S h straight loss before a VlklOg hom ~ - W'll 35 CPS 6 ( f ' ) ervmg t e cOlllin<r crowd at Bellin~ham by a I amette, non·con er ce group on tl)(; t.hem e, " " " Portland State 33, British Colum bin C h ur~ h . ' ')0 1'3 13 ( non-codncnce). T he club will be in charge of st'!l­ ~C Ofl 0 1 - to " i ng onu t and coffee, Friday evening, W, &t('l"n"· Frcd Emerson scored the Games Tills Week !'Iio\'cm r 8 to those wh o will be init io I tally for tht' Vikings a!. he Whitworth at Pacific Luther an, I :30. w or ' in on th,; Homecoming fl a ls. kick<·d off into lhe end zOJle and ...ced Central W ash. at British Columbia . Tlit' !lI~ . ·t meeting will be hdd on downfield to drop on the ball fo r an Western Wash. at Eastern Wash. , "dnt:sday , :'-lovembcr 13, a t 6:15 in t'a'Y TD. The pla('ement was wide of Coll~ g of Pu g!"t Sound, open date. All glr . IS tht ri~hts and the Vi ki ng) we re off - - - !"Iis Wick-trom's apartment..~ intnt:, tt'd in church work are COf­ and running. good. cl iall y in\,itt'd to attend. Th.. Lutes WC~l' unabl~ to ma.k.~ a Lutl' ,fltshman ,nd Al C"ntrtl~ rJPLES fllst down after' the se:-cond Vlkmg on

a \\ estt'Tn fumble on th Vlkmg " . l\[,\RRIED co e: 30 h ki ckoff ;l!ld lost possessIOn of the hall "",·yard lin .. in th t' fourth stanza to "Iomonow night at u : . p .m. t e on their own 30-yard lin It tOQk the' _. (,~( n thl' Lutes' fim,l scorin~ drive: married coupks at PLC will have a H ome om in ;.: potluck dinner in the Vikings just thl'c(; pia to grind out FIShel and Fromm h elp d move th, ana her TD with menan a gain sco r­ b II h d r d ar t Trini ty Luthnan Church, Whe.del' a to t t two ya r me an q u cr­ ing on an II-yard run. The conH;r­ ba ,:k john jacobson ran around end and Park A\'('nu~; and after "Duley," . d h" d h V"k h L . Th : t 10 p.m. "off, (" a nd dessert will be sia n was goo t IS lime an t I ' ­ to clos ou t t ,. ult stonn '. c ,' on\,('rsio11 wa~ wide to maJ..e the in gs led 13 to O. M' 'cc. "0 t ." T Il!' l'ommi tl('(' working on lhe: din­ 1'~l' L'~t<.~. put up a sub~tan tia sco re - 0 -). 1l<:l' is Mr. and :\f rs. R ay D easy, Mr. sconng d\"!\'c m the ~co~d penod aft, The Lutes Olltrushed the- Vikings - Ild l !:Or john J acobson h ad Intcrc ptcd a J 66 to 142 w hile both teaI1l.\ wen' a n d ",,·.. n. B0 b S par I'109 a n d MI' . ... ., F' k .i.M al·k ~ (LE . • I 0789 ) . iirst dowm. 1\'1. )1; , "" Ian , Vli·: m j)'. us on the: We5tcrn 30. John pickin g up II __________.___ i frurnm romped around end to rack LSA TO MEET 'up the L tes first TD since th UBC WELCOME, ALUMNI . . . M e.· tin e; Sunday C\'tning at 6:00 gam a month ago. Tommy Gilmer EDW ARD FLATNESS, General Agent p. . is th ... PLC Luthnan Student A ­ drop-kick ed the extra point. sociation. Cost lunch will precede the W , tc-rn a dd d the clincher in the I Luthe ran Mutual

I. . .



Phone LE. 7-3833


Tennis Shoes - Bucks - Flats • Oxfords

Quality Service


Opposite Parkland P.


Frid ay, Novc,"ber 8, 1957 PLC MOORING M AST P ag e F iv --------------------------------------~

PiratE!~__Play H_~~ecomin9 Tune


1 Gre.dders DAN NIKSICH .... .....".. ."..End I


No .

86 71 67 50 64 72 87 10 35 41 34


e:uily fit into


machin g , phil,oso,p,h y. Hats. orr to



Position ' tim.: in fiV(' weeks. T he Bue-LuI': 5er- Scoring.wise,

Na ml!




D0 rm Team 5 IiT-Ie -I n F-I n a I5 I


.. '


I~ th,~ ~a~t lOund o~ thL L~ltt. Int~:l-


ImUl al




g .. III the IJl1cup wlll be panieu Lar)' DO­ tht p~, ·season outlook, the dud ! ti ceab l on pass defense. Whit conct:rn was the lack of depth I a t quarte rback. T ac oma' s Vic FerguThree Glads Out I' SOli has more than solved the quarter· I Larry Roo], Jame~ Dean, and Cu r back problem; h" ha s developed into ~~Istad :-"ere the o~y L utes on the one of the outstanding passers in the mJur~ ~ lIst at p re. ti me. K.illst;ad Iuu conference and holds a substan tial a p osslble bro ken hand, bu t x-ray lead over his nea t ri\ I in p assing ha\'en't dctermw ed the cxtent of I"

offcnst" injury.

I I~)

3nd Judgement against Insurmountable odds. When next year's captain is 3n· , nOllncoo, look up to him as a leader. That's what he is. I DE AN TILL BEDRIDDEN . We . t pped in t~ s~e center .JIMMY DEAN aga in ~his we,-k. D~t\~ is su ll con f,n..d to the mflrmary With a broken ste rnum, InflIcted dm'lllg th l" Eastern-PLC footba ll gafe two wee ks ago. H e would appreciate visitoD, nnd ";pet:ially m embers of the football tealll. It is not known how lonll' hp will he bed ri dd ' lI.

¥h itworth is a"cragin!



H.'\~HMAN and , CA:TAIN LYNN CALKINS for theIr able leadership


80 DENNIS RODIN* ... ..... .__ .End , ies dates back to 193 1: PLC swept the be tter t ha a t hr " o uc hdowns a game 71 MI KE TEEL . .. __ .............Tackle first nine games, but WhitworLh h 5 Thcr,~ is d look of optim isnl for 60 JIM CAPELLI'" __ ____ .. __ ..Guard rnonopol~zed in tI.le last thl'.e~ . L~3t chan~e in th~ Lute pic tur . T he Ilu 52 RON McALLISTER* __ ... .Center , year a fi eld goa l In the cl OSIng mIn' 'l iege appears to be Ovt r, an the 62 DICK GOODWIN ... .. ...Guard ; utt'S b.c-at the Luks 23-2 1. . i Gbds ,hould b nearly at their full 75 LYNN CALKINS· ...... ..Tackle : WI.lltworth has :l ..ncw ~I.'nto r thiS streng th, incIuri In.g the long-awa iled 84 CURT KALSTAD* .... __ ... ...End ! yea.!' In W~lly Uphotl, who 11ltrod~(;=d r turn of sta r fullback, Tom Gilmer. 10 JOHN JACOBSON ....Quarter a new system at the school, tho: spIlt-I. Gilmer Back '\ in 42 GEORGE FISHER __ __ ..Halfback D espite th,. loss. of three Gilm a , injured i n Pa i!ic 30 JOHN FROMM" __ ..Ha Ifback rn cc stars, Whitwo rth I'dall~"d all- game, undoubt~dly will see rou h ae21 TOM GI LMER * __ __ .__ .Fullback c~nfertncc hallback and captalll, Ber- tion tomorrow. T hl' triple-th reat en­ " Starting Seniors flIe Ra kes, halfback Warren Lashu a, lior is leading th onferencC' in P\,LDt­ i a nd ta~~~,-, !:~l S~:::· Problem I ~ng wit~ a -to.7.average. H iJ prellencc

Wh.) t hese few do not rea li ze arc the scenes behind Ihe scen.. . Injuries, illhess, a nd lack of bench stre ngth an, wh a t hu r t our Lutes this season ; not lack of ffo rt or know ledge by the coa ching staff or Captain LYNN C ALK. IN S. Adhesi e tape and aspirin have playt d a decisive role in fiddin g a full tcarn at times. W.. w ould like to commend C oach HARSHMA.' " ou his ,iudge ment of lit I.hing p Ia 'crs who wen' nursing injuries, yet wanted to play. A few of these men m ig ht have mad e th e differenc.e between a win or a loss, . but in process could have suffered perma nent disabilities . HARSH hi s bes t iudgem nt a nd was looking afta the tcam, not the win or loss column. T lu! la le Grantl and Rice's (the granddaddy or all sports writers ) cl ic ,;tying, " It's not whether YOll won or lost, bllt how you played th(· game,"


Take On Foe TomorroW In Tacoma


DARYLE SQUIRES .,.__ __ ..Tackle e BILL SLEMKO .. .....,.......Gua rd : ROY ZYLSTRA . ...........Center II W

GARY TURNER .__ .__ ......Guard . hitw o rth 's ~uzzling Pir les, featuring f u r o f the rap II1di­ PAUL W A RD ... ...._...__.Tackle v~dual ~rfo.rmers 111 the .co n f er en ce, ye r able to rewrd but a ingle DICK BRAHAMS .___ . _____ ..__ End vlctory 111 SlX games, III ~(ovide the com petition for PLC to · VIC FERGUSON .__ .. ...Quarter ! morrow at 1: 30 p. m . at L~nco-l.n ~~~I in n e 0 [he h igh ligh t'l WA RREN LASHUA ..__ ._._Ha l f; of the three ·day Homecon g estlVltlCS. BERNIE RAKES __ .......__ .__Half '[ The air-mind,"d Buccanee r<, who.l;t--- -- - -·- · RON LOCKHART ......Fullback k ad the co nff:renct: in th re'~ passing SCore five limes this yea r. I t s oCIensc ' departlllents, a n ' looking foJ' tI\i'll wa~ ncver topped cold , but def~ive PACIFIC LUTHERAN third straig ht win ove r the Gbdiator ', w<:akn,;s;("s, prima ril y in t he cen . of PROBABLE STARTING LINE-UP who will be physically fit for tht' rim th.:: iille, pco\"ed to bt, its downf lL

HAP ',:, R \PPENINGS It won't be loog now until we will be r eadin g about the sd"c tions of ~~andid.iI.c s fo r tht, all-conference (,: a01, inspirational award, m os t impro\'ed player awa rd, ne-xt year' s ca ptain, etc., that always follow the gri d season. i\;ot all oc hools go a long with the policy of electing their next year's captain by t • m -oting. Here at PLC it is the policy to d ec t the captain by the team m embers, !l nd well it should . T h e players all know who has th e h:ad~ rship a bility and ca n lead them to grea t'r fea ts of perfonna n ce on th e fi eld. In the past the selections hav e :llways w: .frJ nted p raise and thi s year is no diffn ent. Of course, there L' alwa ys the few who turn 00 the captain and coaching staff a t the cnd of a iosi ng season, No.


Na me






" ndlron cont. sts" the ~ as tclfl Pa rkland tefl m ,c(lrt'd a ,6-6 Will Ovel' its West sid e foe, the "sad six; ' to ('inch a first place tic. Simultan e ou ~ ly

Niksich Lead.~ Receivers Th e Homr.comin~ commiuec 1 TlUllD fL OOR NOTC HES INITIAL WIN Ivy and Clover Creek, realizing their Whitworth has three of t h,; to n honor' 1947 .loUt rn ' h Thir Floor"; " nn cl'-3ay·dic" footb all team fin ally ~dd f.!d a hig "one" league standings were at sta ke, ba t­ seven scorers in Dan In ollta, a 9:07 we nt undcfca tL"d. M a nv of th e 3 ullmi ill th\; win rolumn a s the boys defeated T acoITI:I 12 to 6 in th eir last sched· tl, 'd to a 12- I 2 ti c. speedster , Lashua, and Dan ik.5ich, from th.J t tram ;',1rC: "xp cd to ill ult'd galllf: of t he first .round of football pla y. All te.:l rn member:; unanimously In tht: E astern-Western ga ITIr, East- a three-year vetera n at end who kads at tendance at the game. •lgn:~d that lhey couldn' t stand another win this 'season after all thr eong-ratu­ .-rn was Ic d tc> \' .let 0 r y b y R ov In last r's H ome oming- giUlJI", lat' n iud bee n poured on them. After the game the boys announced that S L J" v B . k . the conference ill pass receiving, L-d b . " I'ltt Ie horneconung . " an d G <..·)RDIE SOIL .'ND Whitworth. in 1900 a cross·town Eastern t n pp ed the Lu tes 27-7 lD the:­ th ['!: <l uu c,; n their ... ! was Bc uwa rz, I 1m h an Ct:' and D ave t.... ~igJ\ theil' 'little king;" from Third iionr to :-<orth H"IL ! c rn stcn. n t t: hy- 'Io\'er Creek rival of PLC here in T acoma, has only H omecoming 10" durin!!: he fr :.ty it was D ea n Morrison passing- to found itself on the short end o f the Haaiuru regime. J erry Curti s for Clover C ~ ek and for ON C E M O R E in our battered old tT ystal ball a nd acce pted delive ry of Ivy, Art "The Arm" N n heim con­ putni' t" pe sphen : tha t is guaranteed t o predi ct even the rout e through n" cted twi ce with Lowell SheldahL th ' 0 k ( 'on't bet on it.. tho ugh) . Anyway, w e will try it this w(:ek in I Appa rentl y the bewitching ladies ho 'S of !eCOvuillg from th ~, horrifying results of last wee k's prognostications. on the broomsticks removed the h e." Lor k for the L utes to end their losin trcak with a 20 to 12 victory on their day to ride, Thi rd 1'1001' ca:u l.' \" r Whi tworth tomorrow. CPS has a n open date tomorrow. but Washing- through with a 1:l-6 upset over T a · ton' s Hu loe will chalk up their sixth loss of the season at the hands of the co ma ! Bob Mitton's pass to Lloyd Er- I I Cr' nk r Ron .\-I.\lIi ~ r i. or· Jf lr.,\gu.c:-letl di ng regon Ducks 14 to O. W estan W a~hing to n's V ikm gl will \;llldson was a ll Tacoma, though un­ ~he f, w L~ t l.' senion who wi ll be end­ ruu-e lit " trouble with British C olumb ia tomorrow as they roll up a 27 to 6 dcrma nn cd, could score. )n tlw oth (' r Ifl '.! a PLC q n r.i '·.l reeT.l a four-yt:.:Ir I . 'i tory ,\nd i n the bi/f game on lower C3 rnpus, pitting the uppe r class girls hand, Gordie Soila nd 's to be exact. I l d lrn na ll, ' ) g~in t tilt" fr ~h ,,' d s ( ? ) , wc:' ll give the rdge to the upper clas women. Soila nd found Rich H a mlin and D aY<' M cAll i t, ·r. betl~ r known :u 'B dr' H ',' ~ n ' of you not ie d the fi ne display f pieture~ of th is year's Lute, Ga brielson for TD pass n:cci,,:rs I a.rou ad lh mpus, I be: 'n ,h, rp football playe rs in the 'findow of McK ewan's Studi o in Parkla nd ? A fine Third Floor. oCfcDI\[\'e llocru. nd a 5 nd-out at di~pLI\' .f ommunity int e~ t to PLC. Fourth C inches l!irst his defensi, linebacker pOH. Stand. On th e tw in turf, Fourth l!loor waS in g' 6 f<"e! , indll,'s 'ln d tippitlg th" t racking its way to first p lace under s.- Ilr s 3.t ~ H, Ron', ,i7.t' ami powu th e Sure a ln ) of Roger I ver,on. InT' hn,·..- ,-'a rn' him a lot t· rope ·t' at s n pitr hl'd to Chuck Curtis once a nd the p imt po~itioll, La rry Pct<:rson tw ice as l!ourth ov..- r­ .\t Lincoln H ig h 5. !tool iu 5 tlle powt' red D ejardines 18·1 :!. D u a n e M eAlIis er .ea r u:d It tiers in football Moc's 'l nd Di e k Glare's passes to basketball, an b;u a ll In hU .senior M'Tk M artinson a nd Dick Foege " c­ I year he was honored b y bring named R on McAllister counteu for th~ D ejardine 12 point to the all-city a nd all-s te tcams in Passe rs Gary Kamlin, Dennis Trocd­ football and :\ScbalL son and Bili R a y an d J'eccivel1! J er ry INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL M oving to the L ute camp 5, un Scheele and "Hurryin'" Haaland bol­ LE AGU E ST,\l'iDINGS t~ou~h o nly a freshman , le tte~ vu­ th ~ win of Second Floor o,"er stered £ i L T SI Y U\ t he lame two sport~, gaming a C lover ,reck 18-12. Ron L erch, Jerry 1 1 starting p().$iti n on the. Gladiator Vicbror h, a nd T ed Berry led the Fourth t ' loor Old ~bin ...... East"rn Pa rkland .. .... ......... :; o :i horsehide squad. H e repeattd the feat . Clover C reek scoring + ;.­ in his sophomore and junior yean .lIld Roge r "Jump a nd Thro .. Iverson Second F loot Old M ain _ ._ 5 i~ 123RD AND PACifIC i kept Fouth floor o n the victory trail Clo\er C reek ............._ ....... :3 '2 3 tUned ~tarting post in both sports. + + /\lt hough he is a Jtalwart at III c~nwhi.:h cinched th e fi t pia e tie. Ivy H a n ............... ................. :5 . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . ... ...... . . . . ._ . . . . . . . .40.........• •• • . . . . . . . .•. .• ••••••. . . . .• . ... - ­ Fourth bowled o\e r I vy 28-12 o n the D ejardinf.' H OWIe ... ._... ........ S 3 ::! t",. p ost, ast y'~ ' I' " M:lc' took a bri i ~ 21s\Vi n ~ t the e nd po iliotl. After $tartlast da y of eontc.>t.s. Iverson ran OOe T a coma .... ... ..... .... .... .. Third Floor Old M ain r) 1 ing lhe fiNI tw ~urnr.:s of the 3eaJIOn TD a nd passed to Chuck C urt is, D On Week-ends W~k Days at ,' ud, h~ W~ wit.:h·d b ·.k to CCII' <;Iattum, a nd LaITy Pete n on for 2 4 Wl'stt:.rn Pal 'I ~ocl 11 :00 a. m. to 1:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m· to 11 :00 p .m. tel wl wre h!' " ol "J1('cdc Ule m t." f the points. The last four point.;


,McAliister, Center, ILetters Fur Years I I




- -

..... ............. ......... ...................................... . . .................

. t

College Drive-In 1 ,




:; :! ,

- - - -.-- ..


we re collec ted on two safe t y trap' Wcu sidl"r~ calli out to vit it, 'ain t rvy " The Ann" Ncrhrtm's IDlO the liar slot as it forfeited to T D p ;B s to R oger ,\ ndenon ll1ld "(CHId Floor. T he "no ihow" of West· D ave SlIvage were oth in em put SeCOtltl in lh third place at W ~ lC'm flopJl d, though onl) thtt fOT the Cil.on.




uca ti<lII 10. jor, M l: AlIi t~r j on social sludi~ and nUnorin~ in phy u:'al ·durarion. Upon 'rad ul tion in J n h hop . 1 \ nt r tht" [ ch ing prorc:'~:!ion . \n


Page Six

Frida", Noyember" 1"7



EVER-GREEN OONFER.ENCE W T L PF PA 25 72 ntral Wash . ... 4 0 86 46 W~st~rn Wash. .... 3 0 33 Eastern Wash. .... 2 1 I 81 51 Pug~t Sound ........ 2 1 1 4-6 53 Whitworth ... ....... 1 0 3 85 P. L. C............... 1 0 3 39 56 Brit. Columbia . ... 0 0 1 19 161 Results Last Week






RECORDS and PHONOGRAPHS Mag navox Headquarters


f or


ItTED BROWN MUSIC IL1121'23 BR.2-3.211

LE. 7-7135

Br oadw ay



Box 144 -

Jon Soin.



e t lltheran Church is an fir. for the Gospel! Gad wanb men of mental brawn and a lert ' pirit 10 serve Christ in His ministry on this Welt COOIt ho.... mission fro nlier.

BUSCH'S BASKET- for rea l convenience and for extra good eating, have a BASKET AT BUSCH'S


7770 Moria Avenue, Berkeley 8, Colif.

Supervised Parking Lot

v,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,,.,.,,.,,.,.,.,.'--'''''''1 W elcome to

Pacific Lutheran



~: ~ -<

'I Students· • • ! § ~



~ Lake~o 0 d Johnson Drugs ~ Ice Arena


Walgreen Agency

Garfield & Pacific

Call JU. 8-7000



Wednesday thru Sunday - 8:15 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Afternoon - 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.


38th & South Tacoma Way

Tacoma, Washing ton

OPEN 7 a.m. till 2:00 a.m. weekdays; 3:00 a.m. week· end s

elcome Back, Grads






Hand-tooled Punes -. Shoes •• Billfolds and Belts

Welcome, Alums ..• It's Good to See Your Faces Again

405 Garfield Street


~ :==================================~




Baskets filled with French Fries, cooked to order, and Ta ast

$25.00 Flat Charge



§ ~






Chorles 8. Fo. lsch, Ph.D., President


Studio Phone LE. 7-3833


Tennis Shoes • Bucks • Flats • Oxfords Quality Service


Opposite Parkland P.



'F i re


Pay x W e kend o

} li b bc nygibbt t. a fam a s from a Sco tc h fa tak will b~ l' I CMS T !>entcu In t le n xc h ursday Frid ay and S aturday. N ,'ember 21. 22 Jnd 23. in rh i rst prod llct i n of (h 1957 PLC Children's Theatl:[ ea s o n.



Pn f rrnan( t"~ will be "I J :00 p_n..l;1 ..._--.._ - - • o'lTnbu 2 1 and :!:30 I d f.. UI lhe Pre mir. gu, F libb.-n vgibbt t: J ay Gra'.!nd a nd <';; I'd , with tick e ts :i\';;il.. ble I I • G' \'i,, ; 1 td K<·~,elI, Adam ; u- ' r a r<:.. nvw fo r:' 5 c.ent'> for children ' nd 0 SI.t L a rlll.-r. , nCorp" Ja ne:. R OS5 . .... l ,J!. fo r adu lts. i B;.rba r,,- tu hlIT i 1t"1, Plg; Bob F inch, . I r' - IT] Ix I Gr~ 1 pop: "ud H e,, ' lw r Stmup. Sa,,'p('ua 5 lOWIng ot ') ~'~ Iu- " " . IW I ii! I,,' sponscllt'd by th e T2.L WD~ ~I a g" mana l.:(. J ~ Arlene H a lvo r.



a ud 1:00-4:00 p .m. OIl Friday.

I be ttn membe rs o f the PLC debate squad .

Tlw eLH w ill lJ, do s~d during " a la tiun, 'NC/pt for th ', (~fe teria IJcinl! open f r m('al , fo:' the Wa sh· in!!t(,n State D iabe ti c. Associa tion ­ I.,n F ri d.) \' " 'cn iW' , Saturdav and

' l r fc.r til( _f~l1la~)', undu .Ih di · ~ ~ andi l1l!" of lo\' ~ Iv ~ umanity. The set- i I.on of M:r. Lnc . onl holm , I~ : D ak IHI " J< ~,mo n. col li I farm-foil:. I I


Those earning: the honor of attendi n g the Calif. r fila m\:cr arc: Orin Dahl , Don D o u g las, Tom Reeves. Cal Ca pi! er, Jim .'Tray nor, B, t t ( Ma d nnald, J anrt 1' urman, J' . ' rn bb L U nOr 0 e ns R a n d a II, L l1'~ :md l'krb Dcmpst'} . ! lisinK th e sta ff car a d ,)nr: or the I PLC ('arryall s the te am "i ll n: l uru " y (;UO d wrn - S PPll'·t'r. 'J' arom a II f[{Jm th e 2200-mik trip on D ecr,"­ Dl'lt ,\...itn, will hold all a u to!(ra ph p ar ty 11wr ]. . t ] H' PLC.' n0 00 k·s torf' to d ay f rom -: 9 00 In .\(' compa nying- the lcn sl ude nts Iii ' W 'T'r)u : _ ,p.nL Sh ,. w . ''11 ,a,.,:to ~['ap.h caples lw ~fi,s J ane Smith, (If t he sp (!

r)I 1le, i - 1If'\\ - - \\01, - k rf B B\

H' . Ig ow dep a rtment. ~v1J·. T. O . H. K arl, dl'­ l :P. " a ~.:-or:- eonl'erning .the .~l'e, t b.. l!· "d"iwr, will be unablr to tr:w d


t G·l ye


A utograph Here

Th<: nr,, ! issu e of the M oo rin g :-'1 as t will be publ i,h" d on Dect:m­ h,r 6. D,, ~ 1,0 th~ coming ",cation an d ttl<' dosing of schoo l no Moor­ in ~ ~'[a ,b "ill bt priIlt"d on th, ~:':nd a ll :!9th of X,)\·tllwcr .

(''T ,:of th" American ,>\s'" _i."1 li or 't; ~.t t.dmi ciaJl if R od Kast(' ll•. and 1.. n l\lCi lY W om n at 10:30 ' ,lh. df Lt riLian ~ R on T ally, uri a t urd a y mc,rni ug, ~ owm~ r 23 . llibl'rtygi bb"t i! ~ n ,Hin ehara ct< r t, [UJ' IJ il h\ !\l' VI' Iha tlc playing I n rt u n salt fl Jl a no t!.,-!, " 'orld whl..> is ginn 01,',~ ' . ' fI(-IllJ,' rs on y. IJan chan e" to brin1o( th (' tru e undc r­


L J ving Pacific Luth T'J n College on Friday. N lVl ber 22 for debate compltition Jt Pcpnt'rdine C o lleoc in Los A n ,des ill

;, r,d 1>< c1t,:"d until Vl onday mornin .". ' "'" pt ff n ~:(JO-l~:OO a .m.




r v • In o mp

; t thl' mel,,1 tim' un W('dn,,"~day


I •




Aalen from Norway"

~Ol' tll,\'(:'~t ti re Q: J!J1J9 \\',h lCh Wiped CIi I'; "Io'H!ra] ('omHHlllities. Th" writn spot,· thi s murning a t th(' V.r ashin~ton Conference of th e Prof. Dr. L ei, :\al,n, representing .'\lIwri,·an Di a bl'li r s Asw iatiol1 hen' th,' D epartm en t of Edu ca ti on of Nor- I on c~mpus.


To Speak Here Wed"


I to C . lifornia heca use of • fa ull : BIn ti n~ dt:rin!l ,-acation.

C a l.l'~"rit'!, of rOll1p,·t ilioll will b,.. "xt empor:, n" olls "lid in, p r m I u spc'al-in)!" o ra tory, d..batr· ;. nd interi pre ti\'( n ·ading.

SIave A UcL -10 Prece des I Roller Skat:ing Part:y 1 ~~~L,::' i lln~~th(~:~~;:ll:;::~: c_~:~~:~:: I01 son alks ext: e k Probkm~ At: Co cordia olleg lm 1;


D r. Aa kn, from S orway. will speak T o ni g ht from 7:00 ( 0 :10 p ,m, in CB -200 fr eshmen slaves \' i ll b ~ auct io n ed off to t h e h lghc _l hid dt:r~ with Linda Effinger in cha pel on "-Princi pa l of d Bob JWSS wiel ding au I - neer 's gavel. 1' ,,'sm t D a y Scandiml\ ian Theol g y" .'o ll, w ing th l': slav auc(J o n will be rhe all-school ska(in g ar.d w ill aho s a.k in some classes un W dne day. par,y l th e Tacoma Ro lle r Bo"1 from q.) 12:30 p.m . ~, (\ ie,·s tiC frcsh rneu fellow! Dd.t~'------­ ~ •• I rar th h un of I U:OO t,_ ! ~ : OO I tumurro v. ,

Girl. e ll ;shu buy k\low~-j u t ,. t ;: party tllni ght-- ;, nd "

Pasror Roy Ol so n. PLCs Director d Public Re1 a ti n' will b e o n ~ of the tw o featured speakers at the annual S p iritual Em phasis \\leek at Concordia College in M o rhe a d . I 't m n('so J sc heduled to begin Monday morning. 10 vcmber 1B.


VOL. 35, NO.8


Hauge in Minneapolis;, Deans Re


DA Mee s 0 n Cam us

N om in ations Ope n


Sharin g the week long program of preachin g and cQun!>c1ing "ith P",to r Ols on will be th, Rc... er- ~~'----­ end .\rndt H ?ln'(son, pastor o f Uni· i licit,· will b,' thn,. aI m, ,r-rsity Ll1th, ra n C hurl'll o f Hope in I D"an PI,il ip H au!:(' lefl LC y" ­ ~\'I iIln('a pllli s. i I , nlay to ;J tt, nd a ('on!, r~ l\ cc [0 the I',"'to,- Olson will sp" "\: for th, " th-ans of the ELC .: ollegl~ togethtT ' Iurninl.: ('h pd r n -it:n and Iht· ~\'l'- with the: D 'Tla rtmt"nt f E d u!3(jun FRI., NOV. 15 , 1957 . n~ v. Ir h P Sl n : (' I , n ~ tl ) . ith' r th , rlHlt! :n : ,.,., 'l!lC 1,

For Lucia Bride

and fent I( lav,' will b ,' o n tl. , blO<. f",r th. OQ\b., lJ " a m .. tOlJlOlI UW. . . D._, ,I nid: e is Lha:lmall of iht I D"' tmbt r 6 " , ll marl: th.. I.:Jn­ .tunion, wit h l:k lly Patterson pul,. ni n ~ uf tilt Chri,tm"s 'r-a,on on cam­ ' ! I S" I' f Dil't itiaus (rom in stitutions all ovn ' lic'it}' , h l1i J[ );HI. fJ U", WIt I t"lt· pur s pr e~l:'n a tLOn () tIll Luci a llr id . F"stiv;JJ. tl ... s!dte will CL,m" f\ '" Oll rampus to­ 'OIJlwl1Ivrr du~' is spons(,rir, ~ tlte . I' h 'J" _ 'J !1i," ' ,_ ,'lr1 .'l rlrlual Sw~d'."h - " c··.., I,'U ra­ d ;-, y an d tomorrow fo r tlH a nnu ~ 1 krll\[\~ " -nH [lInI!! 11 III , oul . . w hICh . ' B n'd c i!' t ra­ W a' h i n ~ ton confcr"ncc of the Am cri · , ma . T iel.l t, an 50 Clnt~ and iU HVTI In th e- L uCla


P a HOI'



H aln-rsvn w ill condul't n gubr i !h confcr('l1fl is slat('d for IOd.'1Y. d" ,-o ti ol1> in the colk )!;c resi- ' F "day, ~ l1d th .. d · an w ill tum on­


ct, "(,(, haJJs.

H a, ·in!.( l.we n a li f, lorl)!; fric'nd of ILO\ll'!.~C' Prl'siJ,' nt Knut son and a freqU"llt 'p,·ak,.,. on th, ' camp us durrn gthe to 'n un' of I' n', id u 1! Brown, Pastor Uison l'X!J<' cts th~t th,- Cum'o rel ia \'isit ' WI'11 IIt' "n ,.xtra p I "asan t "XP' I'I< Ile,.. Followin l!' thl' stay at Concordia , ('au Dl l'lt~ tic~ }\sS()C ialioo . M,. Olso n will go to :\1 inrl('apolis for .\fi ,~ Flurt"l1re Qu as t, dirl'ctor of , ;) nrw -dny "onkn' nrC" all Friday, :'\0[uot! MT"i(n, ( is in ('harge of local 1 w lll h.-r ~:!, of th,' directors of p uhlic 3 r~ll~ ' n,,'nts lor the concla\'L. rr-lat;""~ of the fi, c ELC C"ollegt's . M r. Ft":tlurnl sp,·a k,.,. will l>t' 11rs. Be5- . :-.r iltof1 .\,, ·s, -i<\ , PLC Director of Pubsi, Brool:s \,\r"H of Kansas, o ntinuing: ,dtll'atiol1 ,,'n ·i... , eli, enOl for th (' .\DA . :-'ft'l11 b, n ol tht lo,'.t! t:oInlllitlu in- I


day m.t"ht. .\ttC'lIding ;, ..onf rt'nn of t II men's a nd wO/llc n' _ deans an.: colle t pastors ~nd h c ad~ of J.. lr g/( u '"Pan­ men!', \\'(- 1'(' Mis, M. ' Vi 'l<~t"OIllJ Mr. L. E klund ;ind thl' Rn·. R . L utnt;8. 'rh e con ferenc, w; 3 I1C I III M'IrII,f. np oJis o n Monda,' and 1 u~.u v, N ,. In cmhn I ;rnd 5. . I P urpo,,' t)f tht C"onf··.. Il~' ',U 1 : cxch~nl! l. compa rr a n <ilS('uss ideas 'D nd t go "\t'l p robh ms in"ol\'ed in th e celli , c,' wor k. ­


IJ" . , ,il. bit- ill th Ct.· b unt il tt. ' iI , ",1I~ a young d au g htt r of th t' tum' of Jq,.lrt ur<: a t 9:00 p.ln. 1 i.tIlI ·1 • who, with a w th uf randl~s · '1 h t ' 01 n 'r to th t parly. ' d t (" I..-r head . ta k s c Hec and ca kt"s to · n d rivc-r 8rt' to meet in front 01 I vtl.... 1 ll1t" l1Ib , r ~ ()f t!, e housdlOId ..arly ' thr b ,It tll .. t tirn.. . i ll th' JUorn.n g, (, 0 \rt' H i . \ik, .. h airua n ,A IL.~ PLC' , LU l' ia Blidt :tnd two a tt tnd­ · ff•• ir announ cd that, "If you sltls" Ill; wil l Ill' r 't il kd 10 the public a t ",Int a d· 10 £0 1 th t: l:atir. g pi"t ­ ; pruf! ran , in the CB n .... ~ h uy tht lJ' ,.l tilt sian: lIultiun .. ~, .. ntr na"lar. ,ostUII illg, fooJ, .w el 7·(1(1 ( .!tTl tma~ n lmic. ' .r . ' _, , . " I u d , MISS \fnrllLa Roll, r , p", 's,d tn t l,n]('ral Cha ln ll;W D arlenl' Ktlly vi the TacvUl~ Di t: ttli Ls Association: . tlrat clubs, cla ss e s. 'I'h~ I dd ene d b y the death t- DC of a 10 r OG cas~ ,' rfllnd u , 'd.. !Ud'-n~ I II I h ' Mr,. M., rk HOWtrs. program ch air- I c campus was rece nt y sa ;1.11 . ) ,. ' 1. ' li Co' la. ~rt to e e~t l ell' . . , _ , , _, .. ' ... the sophomore swdents. Alll?n Schackel. On the ninth f N em1. Ul'll Bndt candidate:> a nd b""In pub- m.In, ]1.1 1>. L~ \\IC. lll J. MI)n, k, r"g-: b ' Iy 'In t h e morning, . Al E verett Sch ac kel d lc d f h I ateGlI I'" " _ 'bl er, ear len U . TI d ' h Ity ~: almv I m as uon :5 P OSS! ' Ie. isu'ation: ~IIId Mis, Quast. lobar pnrumonia . Funeral services were held yesterd a in P Ort • eXt tun a v . q ua rt er our MJ T" Ir t XCl'pt an au" e :Spu r I' 1­ _____________ _ pu H '" 1li~lolS radio progTan, ,,-il fe _ \ ' illi ,- . C .. ndi .. te~' naru,-s must be sub­ II ~ngelt:s. Act ing it PallbCi rr r~ w .. r . . 1 M d " I • L' I c·· L annen, C',- 10" . , f,H' PLC 'Iudtnt~ • nd on.. fonurr tu r n. crt: eriC,' II ,tt,·u III "'U >It . " ortn I1(' ~ rnl\ lU !!: (, · Iwnharn of th.. PLC mu"iL d<p,ut- I ll all, U\ Saturda v, =" oncrnbl'r 2::;. If a ny kind suu l who has an exPtc student. lilt. It. II;) army bl anke t would donate it Born in Pa k{ r P rairi.. [ innrsot, T it, \"1'oad(" . t i, on sta tion KT~T , tl, Band Director Gord o n Gilbc rt­ on LIl y 2 . 1~:;8 , All! n ann lis par­ UO. fruw G:'IS to 7:(j0 p.n ., will .'lIn for L1~" in the band and orch".,"nts ,onn I/I(l\l'd to Port .'\ flg I , n E rit: kw:1 ;,nlloullci, g. Ir" rOCHn, thti r ,,,[\'ice would bo.: W ashin~[(lll. WI iI, in hi g ~rhl)l')1 All, n bt" ;uw iot< i" sk·d in thC' work 'ItI( p r 1!rJ m for Thursday. S on'm ­ l! rea tl " appn-cia tl'd. 'I'h(' mon' thL r _8 w ill bt a shurt Tha llk ~ i\"ill of th(' Lu tb"r 1.1'''~'' f n I ' oon I ­ l.J<' ttt'r.. \bou t fiftt'n, or twenty are De oJ th' rno l activ(, members II< l'(kd to soln th e acoustical pl'ob­ III p ro " "uteu by On Sunday ,-n n in g, ;-';ow'mbn ~ L of th, k n!(11r '1f H oI) T rinity I 'huTcl I, 1fI, ;H' , ordi n" to CilbO: ltso n . J ohn Jo.\I<: th(· n li '!:iuTI profl.:. 'ur, ",no lhr Coll'l(l Choru > will prt'sellt a pr 0­ in Po rt i\n gdt~. tire l hVlr l'f th,- W 'l l am of a rrcd rll ll, i<: for the d ed ica- I .\ cOllfinm d L uther"n . "' 'n Imd l i(.HI uf tht' ( , ntml Lutheran C ltul'c h , lon g l' xpn_ ,'cI h i \\ i.h '0 . Ilt·nd P ..­ cifil L.!t lr ('r~ n C ,II, ,. nd in l' fj as a f '. hru.\l1. . ,. 'ordi/ll! to Director R . Hyard ' 1'1.( ' 1«.1 adru ini ,,,tivn Fr itt,. th,' "arid), IJf ,"]t'ctium will 1n­ ."ho ut 4 :10 T aLon!a a rl'a Boy Scout~ 1tl"II~' _\lId wi ,,' t~ n h l"'l1' U r . Pau l Iu d, , i 17th ('ru tll" Ita li a n cornposi ­ ' will, b, on campus Sa turd,:t y , "!'ovc'n1­ III! P hIl u- ~ I"U : "H,jH My I'r .. y T . by M cr.d J­ b,'r .~O, foJ' a patrol I, " dl'1> ('onle r!:n" c I , I I", I W tl R I \' . . I d:.. l, t n',r ' 010' pOII.o n .:d y tb e M II II n t R ai nit·}' i , ,,.. tl'fTipor: ry '\lJ1CI iean uLic Coun('i i of tl.. Boy Scouts ot Arnrric.<l . I I «('>lI1llOSl ti(l!1 h) Mr. 'n" '~~iuns "III b, held In Mrmol'- j hv J:,nl" \'\'.ldol1 i I ';'Dwu_iunl, n<l the wul~ will ,'11 , \, illl "U[ lUur thl' PLC ., IllJJUf. J I'll UtI , I mrr~tld by John IIIoon,

· J,,·'·i~1

d.l. R d• A•Ire d Th rs d a ys

A I e n chack I, Sophomore, Tacoma I Passes Away ·I








Donate Blankets


Chorus to Sing For Ded"leat"lon

I'"'" .

'-----------------..! T coma Area Scouts eet Here Saturday

StaH Invited to CPS F r Lecture Tonight



Pag e Two

F rid ay, Nov , 15, 1957

A Pre view




Cilrist' Will Be Given At L'hristrrlas

Students Speak

Questions Presented

c;:.~: .':~ ~:~:~:~.~ :~:~;·;7,:~ '~ II ~O~V~~~m~PI~'~~~~,,~~!~

T ha ksgiving, w hich seems to be turning into merely the h raid of Christmas, but which comes .1S a short pause during the yea r to ponder and give than ks to God for all o ne's blessings, is Yl!t a few days off However, we can still do some preview pon­ de ring, oratol'lo hy En CU,rtlS, It ",til b pt'r-I can we Lmprove school spirit? Is chapel r.-ally worthwhile? What We think so much of ourselves and take so much for granted formed by the chOir and chorus and I do you thInk of the Kiosk? t bat many times we shamefully can think of little for which we th,: PLC orche, : ooth nr«an a nd T he answers to such questlons ' ' ­ [he , b I' . " , could be forthcomIng, s hould be thankful. Oh, perhaps one's Thanksgiving thanks will plano an: to t: ea tufI:d ~ M ' M 'IS (onSI'd' , a senes , of student-facul ty " . 11 oonng 3st enng running incl ude: for hardy, Christian American pione,~rs, for a nice mom Vocal ,~olo ~arts Will be p,: rlo,rnrd \ opinion polls in th" ne a r flltl1re, .\;-- - - -- -.-..--.....- ...- ­ nd dad, for school. church , friends, food , .. by ~Ir. I" L, :\ewnh3m, h;us -h3 ntont: . ".., ,() L b' f h oYS n. glr ' I . 10 Itnd out lust w it ;,t ;tudt:nts tacI n tile (;U vet 0 s, Well and good ; but this Thanksgiving, and beginning nDW, an d R c\'. R ne ben R . . d al, te no r: chellr . '. . .' . adrmmstratlon art: mtcrestcd two people expresser! mtncst. Two . . lIlty :Jnu why not do some real thinking on your blessings ? Raise yourself rncrn IlL'" ::1IT panned I tor th e ~Qp rano I.n, thiS rqlOrtn took ~ poll ot 72 II sturI . ent,' ' WI sh, 'd t.o he ;, r I. d C' a. s on above making blank statements that mean in effect, "It's fine an d alto ;010;, C'h' . , 'I' . . Innnb("rs of our cn ll c~c iitrnilv askinrr 1 • n~tl ~lnlt.y V:'i . 30C la actIVJtH:":S.

that I have this blessing." Instead, make your thoughts on l11is . concert will lIlark the fint t 11> questIOn: "If t h ("· ," 'I oonng.. ' 1M·' 'I' h" chapd tOpIC . abo ran h~ hrokast Thanks-giving leave an impression upon you; perhaps cause <1 A III C ric a n performan ce or "1:be ' 0 f stu d ~ nl- facultv ,"n down. as two w anted to k u . to run a ,.:nl's change for the better in your life. For instance , be thankful that Christ," The work is 90 minutes long w,'rc.. II s. w I,at ~ll I)Ject< . , I' ahout (' hapt· l speaker:;, two thought It . . . . opllllOn po or top"" you can be thankful. There are some people who are never s3tis­ and Will constltute the enttrc program Id YOll I'k db "

. .to, . . ' WOU I '" to n:a a ant? proittable find out how to Impro\ f' fie d~ould one of them be yourself? on December 13, ,\fternoon and c,'e.. .

. f ! 1"ftY-"lg ht of tht: <J ns\V<;'rs co\ered ;Ht('ndan('c at stud ent ch a pel. and OIW Take rime to become a better person; take time for real nm!.: pcr ormanccs an: planned. ' . . ,. . ;, \·arwty of 17 sub"'n; with I '~ of w!sh"d a poll on compulsory chap-I t han ks giving, Curtis from England I " ' , . " .' Ih,' pulkd havln" no opmlOn, Sub­ aUen d ann', Dave Crowner, Editor

I' ,


II'. .' j

~Ir. Curt" I;; a natl'·" 01 En g land. jcch sU.'(l!;('st,'d for pollin g indud cd. in Th,' thn'''' divisions in the Wodd and has been cO I~duc tor or. SYIll- l o rder: social li fc- 19 , a 5wirnmin,,· Affairs topic art' Sputnik. NATO. a nd i phonv ~ r:-h estra I~ .\ustraha Las~ pool ilnd football fi l' ld- · 5,. 3chool spir­ ~ third world ,,·ar. Likcwi 3c tho' far: ­ :;""1', a lrlf'nd of hl5 hl'ard tht.: PLC it-.~4. chapd- +. rnisrdlancous-1·. ulty-administrittion clas. can ll'" di­ concert here at P:lcifi c Lutheran a nd \vorlci "t"[,"I'I"," - ,')', "o<t ,"1' sl"hool-3 vickd into tests. most difficult suoj en• .. -d . . I b h'nd US I t tit I • , t 'UI III passing cave e I ;JrOUIlL t: g ass, ,u~S.. st<-d tl!!lt a ('opy of tht , work be ki()sk - 'l f~c It . . I " d ' · ·t .. t' ' l oo t print:i in t lte sands of time." !\111.'11 did not want 10 die, Xot be­ .. "a.1l ~ am d ll11nl., rit IOn ;md chp,'rfuln('ss of faculty a nd arl­ .lent to the colk~t" , 'J d .. () ld ., -Long fellow (';lUSt' he fea red death, but because o f . . . . ._ ': stu r n t gO\Tntrn(,llt-.). mlllistration .

T wo 0 f t I1(' pol I"cs WIS ' h ,.:d. a po II on 1 hus bn;an a ll ,'"ten. 1\' 1.' ':0 [[1.'- 1 },1aln-') honl" con1 l' n" float5-" and -, ' . ~ , . -, t h ,. t: ff eet on ot h <: rs w I10 must b I.' I c f t I ,. . . , Now we sec through the glass behind. . ' polldcnlT bdwcl'n the composer and I maturity of , tud ~n t '-2, tfll' 't re n~th of student gove rnment. a rkly, then face to face," - St. Paul , !\olr. G. 1- Malmin. MI. Malmin l'S- I . 0 d d k h If': " :\lIen knew h e h:ld left hiS m ark on d h' -'h · · ! The d cslre for a poll on social life n'~ stu cnt wante to now t (" _,C , II Th,. mows of the d ea th of Allen ' . t ,' SlnCCl'e L l'l sttan \lCI'I" Y notc tllllt: and that ht.: wos now to mo\'(: humilit v of the man in his kttc rs. ran way out In tront. Fl\'(' Wished a position in student go\'crnmrnt. dl:~c kd left all of uS with a n cmpty fOlward to some thing betkr Allen I " • , poll on ,ocial life in gt':tlf'ra L Ten dt'­ ( t hn;; rr'c<: iving singular mention fedmg, Some of uS b,egan to ~eep. kft his mark on the hearts of m a ny. Story of Chns.t, 1 sired a poll on dancin{(: 8 Otl dancing' wen-: a home economi cs course, a dcfIII'n' wlOro:' empty ci1all's a nd solitary IThev ;,rr th e ones fol' whom he felt The preface .to CurtIs 207-page I in "('nnal I folk d~n cin<T I for ,I i!1iti A n of a bin- word, current prob­ . h H _ . , .. . f II "ThO k I ~ -, .." . nla \.' ~ wal s at mg t. c was a m ce guy sorry. Th e v must be left be hind. composItion IS as 0 OWS: 1<; wor - , d"ncin~· , krns in ,'du c~tio n, and "iris' .;mokin~. ;\IId we {...It the loss because he h ad Allen kn'ew ht: was gOi.n!! to die. H e is Iht~ silllple and sublime story of the \ -- - ' - - ---- . _ _ _ _ . __________________ h- f' hi s m::1d, on 311 w ith whom he told m~ny. not with f~a r~ and trem­ life of Christ, set to music. that ~in( Ill into contact. Some began to hling but with a fa te -the-facts atti­ cerdy endeavors to create a lI11lSleai ; \v " p Allen never a I' tltat h" ha d tht' sickness unto setting whieh, while never intruding' jl ril:mcc tu hvc , H e died at only mne­ dt'a tho He ha d lived his lift', but he a I way s su gg-csts. a backg round or t, .-n . worried that others would not see framework for the 1111l1l0rtal story. I h., port p ictured life as behind a that he was not being destroy~d, "The words arc adapted from the 11oIn" of !(Ia ss overed with frost. W e . II ... wa, only to underg~ a scpara­ Nc~" T .CSI.ament, ~llt , unl~kc most ?ra­ Sl':rape 3.t the fn>et with p uny human (IOn Irom all of us . H e did not fear ton os, thIS story IS told III II contlllu­ , {, r t urltl , W e' , inall) 5tt tn ,is nifi­ th, $r-piJration-w did . Allen asked Ollli. UJJhro\..e n n:nea li,'c frolll hegin ­ , nef;' of lhin vs behind th e glass. tha t our world not he allowed to stop ning to end, t)l1l ' f.-It Allen had time only to beca use h e- wa~ c huse u to leave, Thi "The comp r h a.<; tried to place d,'~u .l sma ll spot of the frost. There faet hecomes one of till; most import­ the ~lllsie. within the rca? h of 'E"c.ry . ~ Jrlur h ",('{'ping and ;{nashi ng of ant lcs.c)lls of h:, cl('a th, L et's not f o r- man, As IS Ihe story, so I t h!' mUSIC, " ..-tlt. Till'\' arc those w ho have foc­ gL'l tht· h'sson he w,lnted us to k"rn, 'not for the r" w, hut for the m y'," <>;uttc'n that Allen was able to stt:p I - H erb D cmp"-y , Ori~inal Par L~ U cd 'vir. CU,ni; h'IS ~t' r~t: wi l ho_"t CI> t . J. l'Mn~--, 1 '"<xal cd ltlOn s for I'L ' u C' , fh o: Of­

._- - - - - - ­






, ,





I ,



('('Meet the Author" Todav., amy


this afternoon will visit and autograph your copy of liThe Big Blow Up."



~ .

0(jJl' 0',..v;r~t I

('heslTatiun i., not ).,.\ in p n nt and lhe \nstrufllcn l a li;lts \viU 1.".. u in~ th,· ori!:( inal orchestra pa rt:; .


S m n PLC through Christio n .~

'OR ..............DA V F. CROWNER


Schad r.

ports E dlW L ...... _....._.....Gene Hapala UepOrter s: ,Jim KiUelsby, La r r y Gil try, ' 1m Wynd ham, H a r r y SllnnC:l"l.ld. D .:nnis Marttala.



HiX_ l

urie Beecroft. Arleen son. G ina Jones, Jane t Ycr gen. l: llSille8" . f aIlllger..Mary Lou Engen Ad RoUcH j ' ; R od Patte.rson, Loi5 I Andl'u-oD . L nn a Osrnanbcrg, and L ind Scha rf.

Bookke IleI·...... .... .... . ...... . Ca rol House Cl r ,uln:t o n __ ..__ .........PaUi FInn l :irculaLion :lSsirt. llts : Tel Bovang, , rdis . Iflls tro Og. E arlene Burcha m,

Joy LeWiS, Karen K lan, Thelma


NtUio u, D dla Dorendorf. Barba ra • .. .•.... Mr.

M, Ncsvig

i I

Pub lished Frida)'~ of the school yea y 8t d c-ot of PLC. at Parkla nd, I Otlir.. : ColI~t. U n ion Bu ild ing_ Phcw.. LEtlox 7-80 1 1. L '{t, 41. Su\),qcriptum price $3.00 per year,


rfl!' LOJ r cl!1 r)r.l\ y, ·r - ·

I ti nco:,

;to'y ' "





fo, nUege






';~I"II),wrr" .p ""'''''f!lQ C-OtII""'DA ATlo.I ..

_.,. ...s;:


NOW $1.00 and weights per wheel O~fer good only through November 30 1 1957

on 10




11 2th and Park Avenue

LE . 7'()206 We De liver

:1== I ===========::::==: F OR OFFICE SU PP LIES •

el Balancin

Regular $ ,1,50 and weights per wheel

Flow ers for Ali Occasions 1 " 173 ?~cific Ave. ( F oot of Garfield )








found in ~L L"k," , ~, -

tist. Pa rt II d':als ·.vi 'b t h ' ll· rtI~l. ty,

d':al!. ~ nd rt ,urJ" 'l, t ion oE Chri I , I Th,' L ord', Pra;-,. r i'; Oflllln SUl]!1 a I

,.In epilogue, thi, tinlt' ill J p"·....... rr,t1.

majestic ett i n~ ,

Cu rtis' rnusi c [$ roman til in spiri t,

OC"3,ionall Y d i,m n" nt b'J' m 'Iodi,)u:; ,

:lnd sin ~ab"' . It should prow to b a I spi"itual b ln, inlJ and 1 r 1 musica l tr,'a t f~r all who h ea r it, ( InCl d .:'n ~ll y. M r. ,lalmi n m £n rm. us th .it thr: lllU'li c wa - , hip p' her. in a numb" . of packa l!~ ' ; i\' t ,\. Zr aland H.lm p all:: a \·;ul" oJ,. in his oWec for ,t hc ;-.( w'ho a rt" in tt"rt'~' ed \






~:;~f r


:\o Lr'yn



st udents



Wi" l I ll'" L h rht ­


We pr vide Checki 9 and Savi ngs Auounts and all ot her bank services

... . . . . . . . "i.DIi....."'....... 0

Part I 11,· ,in

11"" 1; it f<l llf) w ~ t h e Bihlie-,ll ,' ,' IlnU li p 10 th.. p r", ~chi nc; ·)t J oh the Bap­




" Books Ma e Lastinq Gifts..

O p ens w ith P ray er Tlu' rnu~i'·.ht: l{ i'" with ;, p l ob<\uc­

I rn as


News L dito L. ...... .. ... _.. H erb D e m psey H~pOM.erH ; T t:'dtl i Gulh a ug en, Barb f{ 'Ll1hlm lllet', Jack Holl, Bar bara r~Ita '. on, D i e 1 Fi sher, 'rootsie

W,· w ·r, Dick K raigTI', Nanci 5 0r-, LAKEWOOD "nson, Bob ·W:' gll p.r, Larry J ohn;on, BBAJICH Fe-atu r Editor......Maril yn Donaldso n !{t"porte'r. : .'W Jones , Solvcig L e r­

aas , ] OC!y Dani elson, and Martin



.__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

usc of rn:c pres"

k el n 1. \dvi. UI . . • __ . ..


GOOD SERUI E•• rlt(Q.a'l4 PHONE L·E. 7·5951


BOOKSELLER & S1AT/ONER 932 Padfic Avenu

SR. 2,4629



F riday , Nov. 15. 1957



Sen iors Lynn Calkins, Jim Capelli, Curt Kalstad, Tom Gil­ mer, ohn Fromm, Ron McAllister. 0 nnis Rodin, and Larry R o <;s w ill be donning PLC jerseys for the last time tomor ro \' s the GI.~diators, trying to break a five gam~ I sing streak, emut:lin th e noss-town CPS L o gn, in Lincoln Howl at 1:3 0 p,m, ' in th,' nIlllal T ;)t,'m Bowl ga mt'. Thi~. the season fina le- fo r the Lutl's, will b.. th" 35th meeting betwee n the two an'hriva ls, CPS has won '10, PLC 10, with four ti~s, For tht, season, CPS is :2-3-1, while PLC i~ ~-5, How­ 1'\ c r, a n t' of the Lute WillS Gallle at the l'xp'~ nsc of tht' Logger ' earlin in th.- sea.:;on in the Kin,t (s -X battlc, 7-6,

th.. coni.. ' <'IlCt', thr Lo:, ' c rs h ave ... hard runnill ll' uHe mi".. a ta ck p; r t'li by li. o f \V, tr;\I1skr Bob .'\ ustin, who is among- tht' cOllfcre nr e k adns in pa>5 rec"i\' in),!, rushing, a nd otal offenst' , Th.. Log!?" r, will stick prr d ominantly to tIlt' :;round, althou:o:h Gary BrilH~S h:l s thrown well 011 occasion:;, Oth,' r individu al sta ndout ' for th e I.ogg-(' rs includ' h a lfbac k Dick Pru ett.


W T L p}' PA Central 3S :5 0 0 liS by EUGENE HAPALA Western . , ..... t I) I l\.l 52 C, p, S, ....... 'J I I 46 51 ! '_----------------------------------------------------~ ~ot cw n the return to action of fullback TOMMY G1LMER or he I ~ 87 60

Easl " rn ........ 'J Whitworth ... _ 2 I) 3 10+ 60 large hom ecom ing crowd seemed to awaken our stumbling Lutes last - atur­ d::lY, Th c Lutes just plain didn't ha\'c it. The only bri g-ht spot wa, the inspir­ p, L, C, ...... I t ~6 75 ") ational playing of TOMMY GILMER, Wht'tha Tommy will be 'h n tu U, B,C, .... " .. 0 0 5 '­ :!I 0 the ;)11-confl~ n:nce tea m a ga in th is year is a nxiou sly a waited, Results Last Wed; Ce:ntral +6, UBC 1:-;, GILMER was sidt'lined for th c' bc tt<:,l' part of thrce conft'rcncr me'S \Vhitworth 19, PLC 7, due to an injur;'d knee and this will no doubt rdkct on wheth er he d oc'S or '''e stern :n, Eastern 6. docs not mako.: the squ:ld, III our e ye~, GILMER is the outstanding fullbac CPS, opt'n date:, : of the EVl'l'g ret' 1l Conference and ~hoLlld !ll<:'l'it ro'C'ol( nition on this y e a r' ~ tt!alll Games This 'Week . t'\'l' n thou1{h h,t: has sel'n limitl'd action, CPS and PLC (S:OO p ,m" Lin­ BASKETBALL UPON US I B I) co n ow , BI-fo rl' We go to press a t:ain th,-: Glad ia tors will have pia r ed in th.. 1, C Wrstern at Cl'ntra l. Bas kctball ToufIlan1t'nt (T acolT!:l :\thktic Club), The Lut.·s .un t'd :w 87 to 75 loss a t th e h ands of th e Bucha n Ba krr< 1;1>t vea r ill their first llu·!'tin' Ea tern a t W h itw rth, , ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' in the TAC tournt·y on tho: PLC floor bllt Cam,' b:lck to upset the 19:i6 '\,\l I' 17':t7titOolli7.II.Ch:tIllPS in their otfH'r two m,:,:tin~' s dUl-ing the sea;on 80 to 63 ilnd 1 '


Coach Harshman dot's not 'p(h'n.,tlcyl"'lR",ti",.h Hamm.' rm:lster, ;ond <' nd [.·d th,.t this upsd win over CPS 1 . howed till: Loggers at their prese nt Loltgc rs Seek Second Place tl'eng-th, "1 don't think tha t CPS was John H cimick's club was firrured

r~:t dy

to play, beca use they wcn~ in poo r shapt'," ht' COllllllelHt'd, a nd as­ sis t:lnt :Mark Salzman added , "They did n't run o utside to OUf., but ra n outside to OUI' streng th, .. , Biggest Conference LlDe " rwa rd wall 111 Led hy the bigg-cst lo •

Page T hl'e l:

inal Game Tomorrow


Lutes Seek Grid Win After Five Game Drop


Twenty Men amed Dorm Itory AII-Stars



This y,'ar Ih •.' TAe tourney is sc h,-'dukd for on,' gam!' at tlt;- CPS F 'eld ­

house. a nd on, ~'"m' o,~ the ~L~ m a ple, ,It w ill he interesting to see how the to be a kad ill.., confercllce contend,' r, hut injurir-., and .ic kn ess at crucicli Lutes and Baknli fare In thcll' Inst IlI e t'lIIl~ , times dilllill3tl'd them from the title I , ,.. ,I PLC will has" thn:.: of last year's starters hack in tht: line'up whtn it rwo ,' "tll'kv-Ima:ered '~ nds ' J.m., Van b" glllS pract.ce play fo r th.c 19.)7-.)8 - - cag,. scason !II ' .-:I' , E,\' ('r8Tte: , rac e, although by SWt'eplll~' two ~3 mes ~ dl'IlSe 01, Its P L C an d "BC ' I' CHUC'K ~ER IVERSO'"-', an d JIB' '-' , t h ey CC>U Id w 'illeI Beck , 01 Eastn n Parkbnd. and , Chuc C.on ferCllC(' Gh arnplOlIS "P, ' CURTIS , R() l., ,,'. t'rom " 'f CurtI., of Fou rth Floor Old Malll head , . .. , , 0 up WIth undISputed possessIO n 0 c­ , _ _ V AN BEEK a n :, tl,, · n ' turnllH( starkrs alan": WIth h-u,' rmt'n T M S HLI, PLC, 19!J 7 ,-\II-Intra lllural lootba ll BOB R () IK-0 ,GLE" "T C '{PBEI J 1'1CH H\"ILIN [)nd pl:t c~ , A1V ,.," " v 1, LU'I"E JERS""-AD .• , ,





sq ua d . JOHN JACOBSO:--';, a nd CHl' CK GELDAKER, Sophomore lctlt'mlafl R Ro ~,' r Ive rson (fourth ) and Roy DEE~ IVERSO;\ will bt: forced to ~it out tht' first part of tht' mpaj~1I Sd.w:rz (Eas tern ), runnin g matl'S of b('ca ll~e of scholasti(' ineligibility, ' Curtis and Va n Bec k, also rcc>:'in:d ___ _ ___ ____ . ___ _ _

Meet the Team


George Fisher, Halfback, Bolsters Lutheran Backfield

I:~,':.tTl,strinfr honors I Du a nt' ~I o(' .wd

Eastern Wins Grid Crown

on the mythi cal

Dick Clare, both of th C' powl'l'ful Dejardillt! s qua d, ca rtlt'd top ho nors as did Lyn Larmn o f Tacom::l, and Frank \Vaterwonh , Fourth Floo r It-d the list of s<:cond I t.·a m honorees as Don Slattulll and DIl:J nl' :\.. ",1011 w"n' hoth u.;o ... d to tht' sqU;1 d, Oth.. rs n'e" l\ 109 seco nd te'<1 "1 positions wnT: J e r I' y Curtis ( CloH'!' Cn:t'k), G a ry K:Jmlin ( S"c­ ond Floo,' ). Lluyd El'iand5011 ('1'a('oma ) , :\('a l W ehme r, (W,'stern P a rkland ) "n d Gordi" So iland (Third Floor ) .


Playoffs 01 the intramural pi,«skin Fourth F loor's pow.: r in the 1 ,sue: ka g l1 t: g-o t underway Novemher 6, was not to bc- denied as th e ID " froul George Fisht: r is a good examp le l1.- -' -- - -· - - -- .. ' Da\'e Bantse n led th e Easte rners to top-side o\'crpowered t it' D ejardin" of ehe br-J in with brawn >(ridder of 1 " IS-I'L victory over Ivy , Dan: pa.s.-:d 30-12 , Rog r-r Iverson, thl r ifll<'s, .•tld .- ~ll" l;i alt' foot~all" George g raduated to Roy Schwarz twice :lnd oncl' to Jerry CUl'tis, twice , ,'ormtcled with wIth (;o-\'alcd,ctonan honors f I' a III , ' Jim Van Bt'ck, Art Naheim and Rog­ Chu(,k Curtis, twiet , Eu (ne H PIl la . E\"ergr t il High School lIt'a ,' V.,,,lOU-; .'1' Bak kl'n pitched to L a rry Fiamot: onct:, and Don Siattul , twice, fo r par n ' r. H is leadership w~s appn:ciated and C a rl S.'arc), in th e h ' y a ttempt. I dirt p igskin passes, For D e-jnrtlillc's hy his fe llow students to hIgh school "Cagc'y" Cnrtis found Roger I"" ,r­ counllT-punch it ,W 1S tht: arm or '\ he wa ' ; tudt'nt body pres idl' this . son tWI Ct' ~~d Duan.. Nn~ton onc>: m Duan.. J\,I~e throwlO<; t u M arve 01­ .:If"nior yt'a r. I ra n!!,e for ID pas~es as I' ourth Floor la n~ a nd Jml H aala n d, Fisner, who displa yed hi5 athletic .'d~·,'d a spunk)' Clovt: l CI'l't:k t<,am ~ovt'rnbe , 11 (.t is not 010\ r a bility in th,' hOl:nc,"omin g S,H1It' Last ~ t-IS, Ro,!,cr chucked a fin a l Fourth Creek 's numbe r ) Ivy WOn ()n I tr't­ Sa tll rd,l\ , 15 :1 de! 1I11 tr" IW , ' rt In the Fluo r score into tb,' ha nds of Don feit by Clover Creek, E:lst(:rn a ain " 1·1 ' E:1 rnln,t.!" hunura) " ilH n tlon \V'c n' " • ~ " . ~ ~ ... PLL: hac kfi d d, H I kttt't'< , in \ ;J I'si ty " I' (I H II \ -I'd B lattum, Dean M aK e "111 hu,tlr: led by fuu!' Dave Bc: rn ht'n I D P,l,SC: ,\rt " ", r ll' lm \'V a ., l' c-r r y . I ' 1 (" 1 \ ' d I ' , . rootb~ lI L"t yc ar as a fl'o ., 11 and in . , C ' "k) 'B I 'I' (1" ' I \-l o nlSon p ac", til(' C O\'c r .. I','C ' continue t \l'lr wm <If< k uy tI'Oll"'­ I C IOHr Itt , OJ _vUU OIl aco- I . TD h r d 'lllg D' d' "0 JV h.. k, t h"l1 as wL'i1. I 'nn ) D aw' B~rntse ll (E·:tslC rn ) :llld 'F'Il ~' S atta k With trw to t' i ep r 1 1I( ~ ,) -1 , Stars in High Sc h o ol , , H i d ( D' d") BelT) Ta r), Cu tIS, a nd LO'O Eliason, Dave P ,I, sed to R o v S hwur;.: twin; ] :nnt' " :1 3 an CJar lnt' . J • • _ _ _ ,_ : \' 0 \ cmbe r 7 (no t a lu ck, nUl be l' a nd o ncl' caeh to Larry ('ntry ant.! ( ;('or",' .,. \v,.s . a left hal fback II. h i, , I : for W I' st Tn ) Second Floor put an- , Jim \':m Bn' k, A TD i'un by wi" Li 11 I h,..-,I g rid car.:cr. At h::tt po ­ l nih ,... fOlf" it under th t>i r belts beC::l Us'-'j Kallbcri' accounted for the final Ealt­ tion I Ii £\'(' r g rel' ll Jim'up he w a~ I (Of Wes te rn ', "no show," And "up- e rn TD, Duane M oe, K t' ith H odt , ,kct"d u S a Clark Count' All-St::lr and-at-'r'm" Third Floor bowlr-d over! .lint Ha,aland, and a <lI f. ty ~ th Tacoma 36-12, Dejardine 14 points, B asketball, Track Also ( ;'ordie Soiland put on th t' hno's Chuck Myklebu st, ,\ 5 a flll vard h t: w as capl in of the _

hat ,,,fte r running one TD and passing' run, scored tht: "lucky Geo rge Fllher t"am that 'i '.If a nd w:u' to n ·c.:i\'(" Dan' Gabrielson, Rich Floor as the thirdcrs u!Jstt nam .1 Jlle mb I' of the Southw~stc rn \ . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , Hamlin, Douf[ Ande rson, a nd Wayne Floor 6-0, W ~sh ill .. ton All-Star sc;cond team, ln C a mpbell. Dave Ga r idson ran the Eas tern a nd Fourth Floor d his prep ) . lI S hl' ktt("red threl." years I fina l " 6." Bob Mitton pitch..d to R og- ' ' ght ra ct' until Dave Berntsen " Grid­ in foothall, two y,'ars in b::lskc tball, By Bernie Brotman ': 1' J oh n on and ran a TD for th,. del' of th.. Playoffs" in te r t <'ptc:d a ;lod !wtl years in tla ck. Tacoma scorl'S, Fourth FloOl' p ass a nd turned it int Gl'OTLI;C' - objecti\"(~ i3 to ~ontinu<,' GIl:l l'd Dick Goodwin and l'en­ Eastl'rn, showin;; its suprema cy, a TD, Chuck Curtis too tlw kickoff m tel' Bob Bills will be t h e only re­ his! .I ill in:-: in his 3-2 ,'ng in ('c r ing p' - ' t.llrllin!1,' senior lettennen on lle xt ,o\'l'Twhelllu'd CIO\'cr Cn:ek 20-6, No- and ran it fOl' it Fourth floor SI On­ . nln t Un ,I\on tat" C Ollt'Sl ~, lter I n',II" 5 Lute football team, , , Jim \('lI1h<' r 8. Dan' Be ' nt"e n, Jim Van: as tht' top-side men l i lcmll~ dear h is Jtmior ).......1 ,t PLC, Hi.; prese nt I' Van Beek helped ,-;park t h e F.las't­ Bt"" , Di ck Ol;;on, R oy Schwarz, a~d the field fO,r ~hc fket ~eet oCC urti' , , inte f(' t j>; nwc hanica l en~inct:rin~. P l'll P ;u'klantl intramural football The dccldmg TD II the I h II .llln Johnson sparked th~ Eastlrn WIn, . ,\ nllabl ,. Fishe r is I?C, n:prl'Sent::l~ team to tile irrtrarnllral ella pion­ s hip, Ea s Le rn Parklancl had only TIlt' IOllt' TD fo[, Clove ,' Creek W3S was a perfect pitch b \ D avt' to L , rI) 11\'" fo r tI ... Le ttt'J'Jllt' n s Cillb , nd he th re" ties to hlot their record, , , nn ::t pa .. ss frolll D eJ ll MOl'I'ison to Gentr), who w I' nt tht n H of thr. wa~ ~m d hb wttl' a n; me mbers of the ~farWa I I y St encel. 19ii; fres hman .I.. lry Cllrli. , for th e 1:!-6 E;Htnl'l 'iuof >' , ri..d C o u pk, . ,llIb, L ure baseball [li tche r. e nl'o\1 e-u a t Clark Junior College in VancOll­ yer, \\-a~h ingtoll, t his tall . , , Pa u l Templin, varsity athletic man age r, is wOl'king a:> an a 5 ' ist­ aut PE in srnH'wr at 1.lIe Ptlyallllp Y~r CA in the ""'?lling.,;, Fu Ily AutomatIc From a Juicy Hamburger to a Broiled Steak Dinner, you















South Ya ima










have your choice at OPEN LANES

Parkla n

Tu e 3day - All Evening

Wed ne sday - after 9 p,m ,

Fri d ay - All Eve ning

10707 Pacific Ave,


Phone LE. 7-60 12

and Vi cinity

-BUSCH"S­ OUR FRIES (cooked to order) -

h ne


OUR SHAKES (thick, creamy)

For Real Ea ti ng Pleasure, Dine At

. l~


-----------1130 roadw



32th & South T aco ma Way T a coma. Washi n gton

Supervised Park i n g A r ea Prompt, Courteous Servi ce


Pag · F our

F riday Nov. 15, 1957


Upp rclass Grid-Girls POW er ros , 12-0

Der ungry Five lay for Su per nd Spre dCheer ,'I

The oycr pow crin g stren g th f the \Vond(1[ \V .m ~ n pro ved Was in da, ? \V,s da," Del' o f a ch allen ge for th t: game Gorgeo us GHh~s In .la st I Hu ngr y Fi, c of PLC, cia, ist was. aturday " P o wder Puff Bowl. as t he upperclass girls defea ted the I n th eir pr':m i('f •. p('rf01~naJ1cc ~c~a'

100 m 1 h

Frosh Frills 12 to O. ~ \Vo nder \Vo mcn . L 11 (!


bel' 3 1, durmg Gm n< r In the CC B, . mlSSID O





their o rea t fullback, Camm y thr: n<cwl y or gani ze d G erma n b a nd <>



' pl ayed such cIaS8tCS as "s tewe d a n d Pi ckl E-d " "1) 0 \\' n i n t h e Cella'!"." ' • . " .. " Hf'" l'I' . H ere . Come w ah t he. , C h eer, • .. .'


£rW'TbOn ;Iud thll r h3 ~d n:nm~g h - 1 ., , '_ Ii'll k J \ k " R c,uc:h-;\" ck" BJ or nwfl, outstand In g tras h bo th on offen s-c a nd • , ha •,i n" " wtth . the £iu, t ok dd,,,,,, . She passed f our tt"mo, CDm "olh bout rr Iwo : "and ~" c-n · th f~ ,l! (anl ...... at~ Ri p plet l1ed 4. 5 )'a l'd s ,"(lffiJ'Tlu n d (.:at Iv 10 . t'n t. .... •1 . ' p( !'' ~arr v' wi :\nuCI n , prm tc' d a' , foun d left l' nd fo r I . th tilt·' ball . H I-I' defensive .


I~ nd

ar, Qcc a~,(m,, 1 splmkltn g



polka o r wa ltz.

six poinl§ On a t" n y:rrd j a un t cul- " ark wa labu lous as '( " !.'fal tl mc-s ~h t , mirlilinl!: t!' t W or,drr ' ""omen'. 65- was t ~(' on ly one bt- twce n the ~"'~n_

Five: Member~


:\ot wish ing to do a h a lf-way job ,

"ard d ri"c. dfl' '\o m (' n all d p ay-d Irt. Her dTl v tn ., till fi \'L ll1cmbe r> of th( band, ~ o nn

. The . iri ies mad e O:l C ~usta ill("d deflTbi\'(' p lay h~d the older gals .com- riess. tllba; ] l' rry Bayne. tr um pe t ; AI Suitin g up tomorrow for their final f Qot ball ga m e in PLC uniforms are drive down to the ' Vond er oml'n's ; plc· t< I)' h~ ffk:d th rou gh mos t a t Ih,. ~ t3 n g, cla rinet ; R o n H ylla nd, Irom­ the followin e eight seniors: ( standing, I. to r.) Tom Gilmer, fullback ; Larry Ross, tackle ; Jim Capelli, guard; Ron McAllister, center; Lynn fi,'C:, but wen: un able to push th e 1I 1 ·~r:lrn(. . bonl': a nd D an Knutson, c1a rin u , Calkins, tac kle ; Curt Kalstad, end; and John Fromm, halfback, and O"U·. Anderson Stars h ;1\ r obtai ned costumes conslstm g o f D en nis Ro d i n , en d ( seat ed, I. to r., respectively ) . The ''''a nd''1 W om!' n' , r c'(md TD \ . ~r ati h f ( Rip ) :-\nd p rso~ "',as. thp l hl'rm u da sho rts, h andl: -bar suspt nd­ . t h ~ II u' roI aua -\n- hll£ 4" am In _ rt er wh en • .t" UIl for the: \'\ ond er \'\ ome n.. he r " ('!' , k IWI ' Ox. . a nd a lpll1(, h at ~s, com­ LUTHERAN Iffson p ass,d to K itl y ~{u rphy w ho ~a S5w <: wa s su po b, a nd 11fT pl a ~'-ca ll- I plde mit fl"athcr. THEOLOGICAL 'rt d ~"oU n d I,.ft lT,d for s"v,' r, "ard s ' 111 (" was o ne of t h e m a in fac t ors 111 th e P layed f or 0 pen H ouse ~ k 1 t' . u . . THE CHURCH IS ON THE M ARCH! nd th t· TD. g m e Kitt y MlII ph )" t akmg 0' cr for . . • E ITw rson , prot'ed hcrs<"lf \'a luable On T h, y pl a ~cd a t ,anou ~ places on PLC graduates now studying here salute you fondly and i n v ite Thernan Outstandmg I,.ffens, a s w ell as defense by havin I the campus dunn g Upen H ouse on you to co n si der the Holy Ministry as your life work. C anad a 's Corn ill Th erl'lan wa ' tht I ('\!Ta l good runs a round cod , and: Sunday.. a nd ha,'e a h o been ~s k ed to










Dt·c, 2- 1',-\(; Tourn ey, CPS, DN·. :;- T A C To,lrney, here. Dr .... ·I- Seattlt P acifi c.• h ere.

o (',

7- Buchan Bakers, her-e. Il.·f'. 1{)-Pu .!."el ~ (iUnd, here. Orc, J 'I ,I ~ - H umbold t Sta te, he re . D ...·. ~O-2 1 -(.onza _ , a t K t' nne­


(1\'(' 1' the pl ace. T he outstan cl lnl" play of the g~ m(' "'H, O L"lurl's intl'rcepted pass w h en sh e rom p,:d +0 y a rds before she W ;l S ca u g'ht b ~ flw rna n. . , f '11 h a., ·c a ro u gh I .\ ('fxt. yeJlbr s rosh WI h II I go 0 It , ("cause 1. e>,' WI ) ,'c t o b h d • d f wo rry a ou t 1:1: sta n o ut~ .. ,n er son a nd also Thcr n an.






LEnox 7·3261

'1 2TH STREET (A i rport R o ad ) AND PARK A V EN U E



~, l't'L

,ntrai, hr n.

Ff h i -W r tun, Ih(' I'(·.

r, b. 8-l'BC, t1w n .

leb. 12 PU!l 'r Sou nd, he rt' .

F, h. 15--V\'hl " OTlh. htre.

J , fl. 2 ~C ('n tr a l , the re.

T"l h. 2~ -ERS(c: rn , the re.

Feb. 24-- 25---~{ QI1 t. 5!a te a t B


Complete Shoppi ng Center

I-BII :h. Ii B;, kl'f> ht· r~ . Jan. W- 'Be. h u (' . J; n. II- W..-!tC'l'Il, here. J. n. 1 ')-PIl 'f I Suu nd, th er'·.

J.IlI. 17- \-\ h t"'Prth, t h ~n

",sit J n ,



J:. .



play i n Stud en t . C~: pd, a. , u b]ec t sllll i Chari ... B. Foelsch, Ph.D., Pre~ident u nda d e-bat e b~ G r n na n). I 2770 Marin Avenue, Berkeley B, Ca Uf.

A fi ne >oun d in g grou p, the Hun gry L....._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. F ive " 'pel't o;r" r <lng<> f rom w ngs ta k- ! i (' n O llt oi Broad ay sh ow's ~ uc h a s "Dance 1<.{(' Loose; ' to p opula r songs, " D oggie: i n the "',' ihdow," to classical waltzes. such as L d lU' < "MI'H Y W id . ow '''''a h z,''

I 1903 Pacific A ve nu e

" irk. c. lfi.-O"n\t' r ·l.b ic? go 1 ruck­ .~ ( \ A l. hl'TI' .




;::.=====:.::;:======~ ca tch ing P<lss{" s .a ll



FI b. 1-


Tenni s Shoes -- Bucks - - Flats -- Oxfords

Q~ality Service

O p posite Parkland Post O ffice

~======================~ OP EN S I X DAY S A W E E K . . . GERRY'S BEAUTY SALON

I t'



hb. :!1I-- 5~ .. ltk

c., th er.


Charm Beauty Salon Blcllch~



LE . 7.7475


We Outfit Co-eds 406 Garfield St.

LE. 7-53 17

:==============~ A PLC RING IS A LASTING GIFT see Jon Soine



11 80 2 PACIFIC AVE.


PHONE LE. 7-7100

I; ;~?~.; ::?2~~~:?2~&~~~2..2_~;.?...?_?'~~~:8e8?.?'.?,,2:_~ !



1fIeded! !



Frida y and Saturday Specials November 15 & 16




Tale of Two Cities!


.Among Western Hemisphere cities with the largest per capita enjoyment of Coca-Cola are, interestini ly enough, sunny New Orleans and chilly Montreal. When we say, "Thirst K nows No Season," we've said a cheerful mouthful. So don't take any lame excuses about its not being hot enough for Coca-Cola. Forget t he temperature and drink up!



r,.. · -,.':.


SIGN OF GOOD TASTE 80ttled under authority of The Coca,Cola Company by


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Traffic Safety -


Traffic afety -

The Problem PAR K LA N D, WASH.

VOl. 35, NO, 9

The Solurian

FR/., DEC. 6, 1957

C ebalors Show make 1 957 Among West's Best 'Who's ha'

PtC Dorms Form Plans w nly S'rs IP '1-'0


Assist Santa Clalls West Hall

North Hall


With the appl'Oaching Christmas According to unofficial estimates, PLC accumulated th(' m ost st'a:ion, th, air is fillt·d with ,'nergetic : points and took the sweepstakes at rhe Western Speech A ocia­ plallnin fu, a Christmas party DeTwt IIty P" cifir Lulher~n Colk gt: J I.ion Tournamen.t ,at Georg~ Pepperdine College in L s Angele (. C'mbcr j4" The 'entire part) of the", nio,s h,,\(. h«'n sdcctcd a~ "Who's dUring Thanksgl\'lng vacatIon. E"'ITtt l~ llIldrt'II's HOIlle wili be th,' I ' • • PI C d f h f I f h . h lundwoll g Ut'sts of the ':\orth and ,'\ ho ,\mong Students In Amenca n emerge rom t e Ina ~ as one 0 t e top rig t co ll eges Uniw,rsi tics and Colkgl S." The indi- I'll th,' 'V(',l<'rn Unit,,'d Stat('~. Indud·... ­ ant! is for the underprivileged ehil­ Stut' n Hall girls ; a pro~rarn and light I dn n .md the junvr:nik !.klinquents of n frohmcnts will folio\\'. ,iduals in thi, brollP were chosen by in til<' tournament wCrt: IIlost of ' preliminary round, the rumpC:lilon "'re't , C-.·ourlt\'. a ,'oIlJl/I.itlt',c of stud.' nts , a,"d faeul,t)' , the school, In the ,",';'stern 0, s, went into, the flnal rounds of th r tour­ PI , Chainn('n for the party ale Lois 111<'1/(1'>('1';, and W"rt' cOIISldntll lor I 1'1 C" " ' k :l 'b '. D 'I d Ilament. When qual'tcr and semi-finals Hdping- wi th a nd attending the :\ndnsoll, Corm' il Thl'Tri t' ll, and Bar- t h"I' I qua I't'" . (LIt a to", 0 n .1 ' I .Sd I l('atlOlls 0 f S'c holarshlp, D T " R , d h 'a d tnmmed the contestant' to lll~ party wili be : P atty U 'CaIlagan, Di­ bara Wooky, . oug as all om Ct" ''-',. score a . " _ M ' ('haraekr, alld ('an,llms kaderstup, as f' hi'" pom t whe re there could b, a sin"lc: Irst as t e top d.- )ate lea rn m :SenIOr . ;,nd Ekn: m, Sh:l.lon Uwdahl, ' ar., e II ' I d I' . I , ' .. Rulh. Pa t TllOrgildsun, Salli Biron-a n, a I n " ' " as lutur!' ea cn; IlP pot,'nlla . 1vIen's division, Janet Tnrmal1 and fmal round of a reasonable nu mber in '-;hir!t-y Harrnon, a lld Phyllis Fi,l...,;, This ChristlClas, '" has b'Tli till' Extrl'm<'iy active in music activities Bctte Macdona ld copped fir~t in the each section, the PI.C finalis ts were' Bette Macdonald a nd J and Ul'­ Alst.o Ona Kroll, Carol Cont i, Jo tradition in thl' p'"". Ihe Int'l, of Uld ",hilt- at PLC has been GERALD Senior '''''omcn's D"batc, . , man, Senior Women's Dch:> te' D on ' .... . .'\rd,'II<-' Dungan, Harrit,t Main will sponsor a pany for a Iwed), B,\ Y:,\E. Ht' has partiripal ~-d in band \ IndiVidu a l hOllors went to Cal Cap- D i ., d h f 1 'h d T R S ' , SIt a Wl ~ :-'["'1'35, Ric It t lie Obon, 1\<[arilyn fam il\' . Th ere will I,,' an ~nformal IT· an ure ,'stD or" y('ar" wa s III r 01'­ ' J ' 1\<[ , 0 ' I ou g as a n om ~ C\'C$ • • en I 0 . h ,II't's'lllr"'11t h e,u r ,v,tl .. I f '0 'I, and Choir of th" West, and is cur· nn 111 UlIlor, en, ratory will" Men's Dpbatl' , Cal C'a nrwr Juru'or l\-f our .. , :\fa r.~ a ll I 1 hieson, H ea t cr I " l a ul t ' pt gralll ,, tl ' d t l' " t' Id ', . St CI' ,t'con d p an', a n to Be tt e "[ n ' ac d on~ Id " ," I d',.....~, d ''. J,"n ',. BI'k • •-.'I'.tt' St.'lr,'_' '.,n.. d I of Ch ris tlnas Carols wll<'r~ the famih,' ",'n y • u ,' 1\ .OngT"l(a IOn IOIT , , . • .!\'~cn sTnterprctatlvt! rca IOg.ln r . . , I With a s<"('on d III Srntor ''''omen's Imi , 'l. ' 0 J T JunSt rOl' R J I ' and tlt t' IH t 11 will h a w fdluwship to lITetOr. rof ,n cn S rator}' ; anet .tmlarl,

r , _ _________ _ )_ ' _O_ l_ t I_S_Jr__, _ >!I'thn, . ;"L\.RILY:,\ I:IUE h", also b.-:en a'.'­ promptu, Senior Women's Orato ry ' 1:1 ttt" ::"f:H'~

(. 'b " "I h ti, ,. in the Stude nt Co n~ rcgation, The group of d('bators from Pacific donald , S" niol' Women's Im promptll ,

--:ontTi utiOrIS an' g i'Tnflo"I"IC 'It t,', wo,king as it; s. en:tary ,htT junior II LUlhl'rall Idt for Los Anl(~ks on Fri- and Tom Reevell, Senior Mcn'~ 11 ­ purchase uf I( ifts fur th.­ allll y, h.. , . • " ''('ar and S"I\'1n!,; as I:II !Jh, study It-adr r day, ~on' mb"1 2:!. Aftrr two d a vs of prOtnl,tu, ,~ ifts . 1(,' put IInd,.:­ the trn' at tht, ,til I wars. She' was p n sidellt tI f Phi part v, D..t!'1 Epsiion, :IHd has for th,' past DON'T DRIVE HOME FOR A FUNERAL (YOURS I lwu \'(~r, h'Tn a Ill('tllber of th... C h oi r THIS CHRISTMAS!

Following an "n n u a 1 t,'"dition. (If the \\' 'slo This ~ "' :tr\ Student Body "i('('-plt:s­ \ SOllth n ail will play Scwt" Cl<tus for I th" Tho rn psull d,ild1l.'1l 'I ~ai,! thi s id, nt and pITs;denl ,)f ICC is DO.:\' '! I ,dit ional Lu cia Bride h sti":;11 Christmas , ,\s in past y(,ars, th,' tTS'­ C( )1/.:'\ ELL. He has IXTn a lfit ' rnbtT of wiil hr ~rk br a,t< d tunil(h t a t 8:00 dnlh of SOlltl. Hall will contribute s., KRK, Blue Key, a m! is a p ar ti ~ ipant Jl ' I II ( : B-~nU, .. dnr i , ion i, (jPl' lI W that 1-!ifts lila' he ~i\'(' l1 to ,'"eh oi the in PLC', <lrall,' tic IlIvd ll'l ioll', in­ ,til tud ell l a t ",.) n 'nls lor a <in e t~ ' 0111' dllldn'n , duding ",\ Ch lt. tl nas (.lI d , .11\<1 hI) r en~' per ('ouplc, 1)'1' id. D. 'W, P ;lII wi;, , ,Ind Bn'}..), ESTHER ELLICKS(l:'\, tht' i 957 l u ""\"> t Ile n, CI d ~tIna s i"i c~: i( uratc:d Ii, (' with the ir lI(1tIH' r, Mrs. Thon1p­ HOIlHTI J!lling r~u (-'('n, h ns h" ('n .lcti"'t> 11101ll Dt·,:" ll1b,'r 13 throlll!h J " nuat'Y ,o n , In 1' ;t rUalld , !\ofr. Tholllps n w,,' ill LUll.., alld was a S a~a st'ctllJIl .-di · J I' , Th. ~ l1 \'al i, h,vw!l " " til " f' t ... (Ill h .. I'L l: fa.-ult\' wh .. n he died in tor. L,,, t y" a r Esth .... \Y.U AWS l1 .- ,\s · 1I. I lJf Liifht {ro lll tIll' L .. tin word 1954:1,,, t " Idt ,,{ " n autolllob ik aCl'i­ uro'r, and I . tl o\\' '' I'\'ill ll Jl ' ,\ WS [>1'1"­ • Luc.ia for l i~h t. Lu cia occame a di nt. :- il." th: t ti lll' ,' ullth H:tll itil'llt. Sltl' ha f OI th. [;.st thlt:e Yl''l' , th , Chrislrn:" t /l't p~lrti('ip'lt('d in d.... ~lay Ft stiv ~ L Llu '1i,1lI and I,du,cd a P;,\{a n ,,,itu!'. It" Wa nt<nl· ,'d tv bl' bu nled at , fur Spur, hn sop hmnon· y :I", She has th t .tU.kl', At th e fc sti v" l th ' ( b!:lpklt­ 1..,;1; will he 1" ':; <.1 bY .l :\r .. R 05S , b·"" in II Il' chuJUs, choir, a nd orches .. tr~l, ~:nd is ciJ r n'ntly vicc-presicirnt. of U llt . r th e tI l"" trirls wh<J m adt.: l b, fi nal in , u tilI' ('ompi titiun , Tel e :"[u Phi Epsiloll, .Ian"t is a llwmbcr of T;1..;sd s ~ S('n in,2,' :lS s('clt· t;~ry. Eo'·(n!.!, H ta tllu SttuUP, or H azel Dt:!1 SuphOill or., cias' presi dent Jnt! pll~S ­ R a m on . will UI.: chosen as th~ LUl.:i:. idt'llt of ()ld Main:ll among the Ht idc . he ,viII rr-p rl:')el! t Sai n t Lu(' ia . :\ t :1 l'('Cc ' nt Pn 'ss l'Onfr lT Ilc(' ill offi"", held hy ROSS GOETZ. He 1-: " , t t- I n W",hin~' ton Coll l'g", tht

I Hall will sponsor' Chri,tlTlal party for the youth at Remann H a ll 0 11 December II. Gam ' will be playcd .:uld nl,eshments will be ~erved du!'­ ing (he eYt:nin , T ht H a ll is ncar the :\arrows Bridge





Old M .



"on Ton"lte, Celebratl Festival of Light To Honor Sf. Lucia

South Ha ll


oorl"ng MastRates High inCompetition

Linne Ba nquet Set for M onday PL( :! ;tu drll t body i ' invit ed again LU lhl tracl itiulla l L i n n <.: 'ocicty's <;h rnll~ Ba nqud .It the "Viking" " t:'UI.ll lt this ~louda)' .-vtn in ', De­ t'rnlb.-I 9, at 7:0li p .m. ~I I IIl:1sbord dinner will he en- ell; ail u Gin t'at wi ll cost ~ . 50 p er f"..-'!ClTI. Ti c kets wi ll be s Id in th e CCI:I thi, noon and l ve ni ng ami n exl :-.1ollday noon . T hey n lllY also be PUl ­ l !I a~("'tl frorn any Linne 111Lll" E:wl. ) t':L . in add it io n to, rra ngi n g' t hl banquet at om- of Iht' fillt ' (t~ ­ I.t 11".1Itt;; in th" area, the Li nnL Soc illy p rnt' o ts ;j~ till.' main speaker an outI.\ndin~, ,:ltlthorily in somt: iidd of > ironr, T h is yt'ar, th l' weir·t), icds fort a n_,I", In ht'in!l, able tu plf'M,nt Dr. I ( m a Id of the Friday Ha rbor fi sh 1_a boratory, I n past years lh" speakt'r5 lIaH: i.u n li d . lll('n as Dr. H. Stanley lk nnet, l:;xr r utin, Ofti('(~l' of the D"partlTII nt o! Anatomy at the Uni,'ersity of Wash­ lIl ~toJi S hool of M edic ine, and Dr. R ic.htU'd J. Bla ndau , Assistant Dean of th.. School of MI didne.

~"lo(.)riIL f! ~·I.!;-, t




d prals t .1S nnt' \':a~ a


11olncTornin;~: Con1mittce co­

oi IIIl' tor 11\,' lIt' \\ 'p.lp' r" of til< (L.t:! 1ll:1t1, and has ht','n n rncrnbc l' of 1 (f . II glUt K," his junior and ,ellior yenrs., ... . \ t'rt;.n! ' n .on ron n('t' ( ' 0 n:.!,C"'s. . 1 'L' h" Id , . Ed'" f h BA, R BAR,\ GRO:,\Kr~ ha, bt;'r n <1C-1 , Itor 0 ~ to E~( I Itc lIt' • . "l'W ~ Spohsman Revi ,ew (,)ne of the:. I~.. rge,<t ' ll\ t ' 1« A \\ S, WOt king 3.' Its pubhrtt) I

of the Ea~~!'rn \V:!shington and an',' :l


. ,


nS"t':~Jr'\" ~dl,l t'al'5J Upllullb'''I'ic','i't' <y''<' r'(.'hllaldirrsrh,a"nh"o't:'

', '1115"0'1 a

' L

S d t: U en LS to 0 ec rate 0 II ege For PLC hr·l stmas Season "l;


paplrs) .. did Cl'itiqul'S ior all the pa ­ p, '!'s .a rid had h i,d , pr"i,,' fo r Ill'. l'horus Old M ain, R:llbaro i, " thl't'LO'fYh'.·',lJ",' ' 1I 1l~rIl lwl"". wa , ~(,(Tt'tal"y ~.{UOrJ I IJ_ 1-I;1~t. an:ordlnp to W. R. . . . . , t reshTllan cl::;", a n,d IS activo.' m t h e , . Ddl of £'I'1;, ' Stud~Bt COll~ ... '~:ttlOn. Angels, Chnslm as tree's du:oralcd . ' f' , f' Scures tor tIt f" l l-:- t (, ' t' p a p t' l ' ~ wc te : . . . . '.. ' . ' ,. . . , ',\',M ' . C 'f') , £"\' " ')'F, "\'1' ," L Actin", as a Spill' :l1ld preSid e nt 01 With li ght s, balls, tmsc:l, stars, au<l all \ ,C" LJ _, l~ , __ J, llt\\Ortu" L h I' h "h ' ,) (' L''1:1(-' ,', '17, , :I 1'1 ' . ,)(,' U llld:\of al « her sophotrlof(' ""<II', OR- l at ,s ymoo 12<'S t ee nstmas season, _l.!,, I ' '." L 'I '• anl '~C, [ '_.'t,' f n DE ,TTA I-l OVLA?\ D was also k ept W I'lie h'IS a ImoSI upon us, WI'II bI' sn'n tht., JU( 1-!ln ~ 1)~,t1~0ts , th 1'" (IOnn ,e, J . v a s . ' . btL'S " With orchestra. choru a n d chair arou nd till' canlp"s wh,' n the studenls . ,h ' ' ­ eovemge. " , , " , \" f . U 'Id' w as Illg" est III m, ws _____ _ a ct'~ ItICS. Shl' " prcse ntly a llIc.trtber !oln ore.:, to d :'c,oratr: till: , "I lngs ul I :,~sds ,Hid Lady Lut C' ~, In Ihe hullday splnt on Monday night. Lli"D.\ IIVRD w,'" also a ",('nlb(', Dn'(' rnbn 91h, Tkginn ing :1 t 7:00, members of tht' uf Spun, She panicipaLPd ill dcb:1 tt I. l' !' fl 't·shman y,'ar, and was last year! Bit... K t'Y will b" stationed in tht' "i('('-pn'sidcnt of Pi Kappa Ddt". She eMS. library. CB·200, !<ci('l\ce hall , Mich••d Griffin's " Eagles D iffer- ha s wo .-], ,,d un Student COn gIT~s , the : a nd th.· filst floor of Old M a in to i (nc,," a nd J Danit Ist n' s "Despair.' Arti,t Series c0111mitt('O', a nd IS a TlIeffi - i hand out s\lpplies and or,~ il nize the : sludents in Ihi< a nnual Campus Df'Cwt" I'c :tmon the poems. written by 1:)('(' of FTA, FUlll' )f,'an of drama participation oratioll .:\'ight. stud,'IIt, and .<Cet fl ted fOI public '<l ion En-ry ,tudent on campus will b,. as­ in the :\n tlu,tl Antholo,l(Y of Coll,,!~t in tl .. l pacitit's of adoI', director, and staW' manager h ave headed the acti,'- .ill'rIt'd a building in which to work, Podry. Th~ Antlwlogy is a. c mpi lation of it" list of ROD KASTELLE. He has and Ihe l'O-chairmm for Ihis event, Ihe fint'~t poetry written by th e col­ oc('n OJ member of th r chorus, and now Bob Bill> and DOli Hall, have anlege men and women of Amerirn, rep­ belongs to KRK . Rod wa~ Irta~ur"'r nounced that the assignml~nt shects post~d in the CUB and on the resentin g eveI)' section of the country, h i. jUllior year IUld is now prc &ldt nt will Kiosk this wcekl'nd, The list IS alpha­ S{' \t-t.: tioru. were Jll.\dC' from thou- of Al pha Psi Om~ga, ( C onlinupd on page 4) bt·tical, and "''''I)'one is to report to antis <>r pOt'ms submi ttft!,


Da nielson; Griffen Rate in An th ology





Ith e two o r ilirc c Bl ue Kl. Y

ICUli" rs • . ' . . In charge of that partl ~u\; , r l111IJdin~, f I ter a .l tlte work h a 1'1' "" ~on­ ' p Ietc d . all arc inVI , . ted to <".o-~ n ?t.lO for . .~ , , ldreshmen ts eonsistul 01 CC)(Cl:t am] ' d ou gh nuts, an d some enttrUlnm',lIt by the: students, I ncluded an':: o\udlY Hart, N orman Mc Cullou gh ant I Ful­ ton L t ic, a gi rls' trio consistmg c Gloria Spoklie, Joann R olubo.lE:'b, a nd Sue Mandeen, a skil led b y M k E vanson, an group singing of Chri<l­ m a'oh led by Jerry Bayn e. Jf~ rry will also act as rnas tror oj ceremonies fol' the evening. Heading this committee arc: C:uolee Chind­ gren, chairman ; nrleen So~nson. Barbara Johnson , Bar am Beckner and Helene Nielson. Christmas trees will Ix: "l up a nd decorated in the libra ry, C B-200, I nd in the eVB patio, TIll: s. n ior c1as.q will d,·fora l., Ih .. C.UB.



Page Two

F r iday. Dec. 6, 1957


Mistakes: Necessary?


s . • • Death Comes Driu h g a

W at's The Resul' Everyone mil k ~s mista kes . On~ mi sta ke mi g b t '\:' Ins l nifi­ c, nt. on.: mig ht be ruinous-one might mean d eath. One mistake migh t be u ni ntentional. o r it mi ght be intentional-but either mIght m ean death. A mistake m ight b~ your own. or it might be someOD\: d Sl" s--but ('ither m igh t mean d eath. In 19 '56. 9 5 .000 peopJ ~ die beca use of mi stakes, or what we call "accidents ." and s( a l istic ~ proved that the auto ag ain cau ,.ed by la r the 171 os [ acci­ de ta l rl eaths in tbe U. S.: deaths by Jccident--cieaths bv mistake!

Th ,· hiuhw;IY was :.\ ;,t rili.t(h t nlac-k li ft ,. I n'l l' hin ~ .. ndle" l,.. i.nt o t r r<oaches o f t he w 0 rid. T h,: el rin-r tho u 'h t to him sE"ii "Wh~t ..\ fin~ l ift:' H ,' ('mild sn: th,. wonders of life, 10\'1: , pro.ipni ty stre tr'hing out before b im on t ht' bla l:k trJP·


But everyone makes mistakes in drivin g, so al l, who have broken traffic laws at one time m arked up as traffic fa[alitil's ;ll1d laid in our auscwe haven't made enough mistakes? Is it lakes arc not deadly enough? Is it because our q uite gotten the best of us yet ? T

neglcct to signal for turns.


why haven't we or anot he r. bcen grav'l:s ? Is it be­ bl'ca u s~ our mis ·· mistakes haven't

S" d(k n!y hi ~ V("f'domctcr n: r;i,t,'rcd 85 mph, but h,' didn't ,n' th,' li l.llt­ Vol ksw3'; l' n move nut on th,' hi g h "a. I ' n frnn t nf hi , bi.:: Po ntiac - h " hit th .. hrak," h~rd bu t it wa too late. In o ne sin [! lr· sl"cl udc d sec ond a ll hi, dn';<"" o f li ft·, lov!" a nd pr05pcrit)' ou t. Hi s jife w<\, go n('. So it ~() CS.


drive at excessive speeds and

p s t pone mechanica.l repairs can become dangerous habits. To '


jay- walk and cross against red lights can also become tragic pract ice'S. Perhaps your week ly total of driving and pl'destrian misrakes . is an a r '~ o mL' number, but yon go on unto uched by trouble. The ques tion is raised. when wIll your mistakes add up [Q an accident? W hen and when:, will you m ake perhaps your last mistake: in Lro n t of tll" PLC CUB . at one of Parkland's famousl y danger­ o us in tersections, or n a highway on the way home for Christ­

In 1957, rlri\' ~ r' 2,1 )wars o ld a nd u'nrJ "or hel d on ly 17.5 pn ce nt ()f the li e,"",," s .1 m0 J1 <:!; t h,' drivers c h<" , kcd, I but they ....ere ITs ponsiblc for :J6 pel' ('<'n l of thl' spet'd l~ w vi:Ji<ltiC'n5. I If t he' people In thi S g-rOllp w en: m Ot<' r~ r,.fui dri~'l'I'.,. TI"arly half of th,' traffiC :atahtl ~ In any on(' year




Or !ked your mistakes ever com~ to a climax of tregady' Do YOll hav e to nuke rnistake~'

- DJve Crowner

T~'o Headli"'ht~? "

WQu id !,.. d o n' a way with. Fifty p~ r

('I'n t o f lh,' traffic violators stoPP"d Hl 19i7 w nc under 30 years of a gl" .

.."., II


In Dcr,' m hn of last yra r t hr prc·

I domin a nt rlrl\ c r \'iola tiom wcr'·: 1. E:{"' r ding rl'asonabk safe "fl" "d, 25.h IwrrTm .

2. Fail in ~ to yi dd r ic::ht flf "'''Y·

I 13. 1


:;. lm p rop 'r hrw


F')II Qwi n~

:J. Irnp f'o jll"

1,.;1 \'1·1 ,

1:c .2 Iwr­

tou e1m"!y, 1 1 'I pc·\"­ P""" " ":, .1.,1 1"·r('<· nt.

fl. F ~i lin l; to si ~ na l s!t!,na l, :=. p tTr c nt.

or ilnp n p .. r

7. Dis n <::I rciim: traffic control ,, (!n~ o r IIU'''!. , :(,:! p, ·n·' ·n t. I n thr state of Washin ~ t on in 1')5 1) th,',,, wr'lt' ;:'l:'l proplr' ki lled as a di · n 'n r, 'slIlt o f hie;hwa y accid ,'n b , a nd '!~ , ::! 8 2 p(·ropl · injured, 7ti,nfl:! t/jta l I ,-il~ ('id nts re ported, t! nd an C'ron~Itl ic : I,,,, of ~.') :.,'lr,7,9fiO. In our own Pu·rC'· county 28 rwopk w" re f:1tally ,n jul'/'cl in 19 56. ' IS w t i st i ,~~ don't lie ', ~Cl don't b·'­ FAILU R E TO STOP at a stop sign caused this accident at Park Avenue . conw.J lat i... tit bv IYIn)! do·.... n on ur and 119th Street h ere in Parkland. Four people w ere injured in th e tw o. I job." Dri ve s" rd}" [h, l ife you SilV' car crash . and dama g s came to almost $ 1,000. ! may h,' min r .. or yc>urs.


O NE STUDENT was covered with a white sheet and carri e d away de ad trG m tI pile-LIp, nnd two other students were injur e d, Tearin g down e Ea tonville Highway, the dr iver lost control of this '39 Plymouth and hu rt led into the embankment.

an by Solvei g Leraas

(Editor's Note: \Ve transport you 10 classroom 462 in Hades l h e;:! r t1 lec ture ('ntitl~d: "And it's all my fault! " delivered by SJ n hi mself). "This week we'l! study th e cas,' of Otto \V reck. . Otto was gene rally ;l cut-up, so I had to make him thin k he WJS getting with somr thing . I wa s alrt'ady ~ --- --"- ._.. in h~' fro nt ~t:, l t of his Ch \'y wh en h " 'Illd ;]c(deratl·d. That's when hl' saw o t in , bu t -ali i.llwa ys with humans- tn " oncoming logg in g truck . hc' Willi t<>o P II:oc c upicd to notice IIIl'. " It wus hila rio us! A regular h ell on " In , hi, type of pnson I plant th e ea rth - splendid! Otto swenTd off the d, sUI' fu r n f,',· ing of power. It was road, slid ovn th,· left sho uld,or, and I wh<> " r gt: d him to lay rU!Jbc- r <it th e mlkd down an embankme nt. firH .lOp s ign and to ignLlfc the sec.' "Patrol ca rs, spl'cta tors, and wouldond. H f' made troubit: at a yellow foe help..: ..s swarmed almost immedilillht, thoug h . H e I\e:trly stupped, but ately. Otto, or wha t was kft of him, I I.(oaded him throug h by pointin g out wa s peeled from the stcaing wheel. ~h.., absence of patrol carS. COllllIlcnts lik e, "Crazy teenage rs!" "Finally, and most thrilling, it was a nd "They rca lly Oil tghtn' t allow these I w h 0 cO:J xe d poor, unsuspec t ·lIIp () t t 0 'pee d -crazy k'd '1 s on t h C h'19 h w,')'s, "


illto it ganlr of tag with a sharp-IookV·U. Wha t a joyful rid e that w a. "Then we can", to the open road. Eighty m.p.h.? Don't be nain·. We \,,"r..: just approaching 110 whcll we C',UlIC to a curve. But stubborn Otto could n't bear to have that ernptyh"ad,'d V-8 wax him. He pulled out

it " Ii t1


!Traffic Problems Around be iSI: sse By Highway Palrol Sgt., Deputy h rift I

(Problems of pedestrian and motor traffic at and around PLC are diseu e d herc in p ar of two interviews takcn by Da"e Cro wne r . Watch for the coutinuation next Friday in which till: two officers report on solution; to the problem). 1 wish you could han' b,'en with me a t McKcwcn's photo,~ raph y studio a "oupk days .las t "'... ·k when I inter\' i... wecl S,: r gt'a nl Rob<: rt Rupp of the Washington S tat ,. Highwa y Patrol and Deput y Shniff John Lawkr of th e PiaCl' County Sht:riifs D epa rtment. On" oi the first questions I put to Dl'puty She riff Lawle r w as, " w hat do you think of th e pedes t ria n r.rnifi c at PLC?"

w e re musi c to m y tars . It was truly "That foot traf;1 delllon', paradist'o fi e i~ t~rrible," he " Th e satisfaction I get from bt'ing a ns .....ered .."E.v!.: n respunsihle for such an occasion is tnotho u g h It IS a lIlt"ndous. After a few practice Tuns s c h 001 Z 0 n e I'll scnd you up to earth to try your jt'~ ,till a fast street. hands at this project, perhaps in the An accident isn't far from h appening \'icinity of Pacific Lutheran College. either." I call it 'Opcf;<tion Collision'." Before I had ked Sergeant Rupp


p"d"tl iam I,,· Ir pOJ t, d, ",\, I f(JI th, rnntinuin g ... nforcemrnt this fa r a, th, colk,;:, " o nu'lrled, t he \l·ar. worst thin.~ is your pedestrian traffic. , (n he pa r king quo'stion, Sn'V;/'ant Thcn: arc proper crosswalks. It' s hu- i ' " R u p P d isc'J st d man failure as far as tnt' lwdes trians." rest.ric ted p ar ' ­ H .. said that til>' on,~~ wh o l)ff~'ak thr' ing on Whee\t- r law art· those who have n' t been propst reet. "Jt\ th t: "rly trained. only proper thi ntr Questioning th e deputy further, I ! to d '). 'frV h Y ask("d him if the student p edestrian sh0111d we aUr, ,. problem was rcally a d a n a:r r. "More cars to park then' tha n they l'I;a lize," h e said. "As indiso m uch public traffic? viduals it (jay-walking) do,'sn't m ea n is not a wid," one. It kr, much," and he told how he has had visi on for Jlcdestr!am and ca rs Co t() stop the patrol c...~ r to let groups of. cross at the sanw lime ." pedestri a ns cross Wh('dc r street ilk- \ .\nother concern is for the ::tco:ss of gaily. He rcrna rk~d tha t the cross. , f'l1l('rgc ncy equip ment sue h as fire wa lks arc conveniently located, but trucKS to 't he college buildings, and "there th ey si t." ! for lo;)din ,~ and unloading at thc I Sergeant Rupp thumbed throu gh a I' (GrillS a n d C -B . bookle t on Washington's traffic ac ci- I I h"d heard that the intrrscniolls dent statistics and informed m e that I her" in the Parkland area :lre (' spe­ I th .. n~ we rt: 1,623 r/, ported pedestrian .-iaily dan,,!.crous and f?u~d out from I accidents in 1956. From 1953, this the two off,ce rs that thIS IS tru .... Law· , 'J 7 d . T Ir r sai d , o'The Parkland area. is terriiic ,was a _. percent rtrease, a SIg-III 1- fOf accidents because they (drivas) cant figure, for 1956 was the year in don't yield the ri~ht-of·way;· and which thcre wa5 an enforcem'~nt of R u pp SUFll:Csted. "We nCl'd t ra ffic pedestrian laws. That is one reason 'm lrol d evict's out hert' in the county .


F rida y. D ec. 6, 1957


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all uintet



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IHarsh Tri 5 iGage oster Bl'~i(ks

tlll' \('n returning- I U('nnr:n

[mIll last yl , ,-' s championsh ip lad!· Wi th three wins already under thel[ brlts. the [ut b sk t­ :l tor bask f'lball team" C O:,cll M:I r . bailers take on the Buchan Bakers in the PLC Memorial G ym- ' Harshman enlisted ~w ("h-e n, ' " In nt· nasi u m at 8: 00 p.m . tomorrow night. nUl' champion L u te bas ketball quint is off "I nd running, b 1'5, Pa cific Lutheran 's Gladaitors opened what probably is the a noth"T ",a;o n lik e last p':} r whe n th y r"ck <: d up 1111 a m azi ng 31-2 r ecord? Tho:ic h ead ing- the list. after th e fina roughest schedule in the school's hisrory b y taking tw conv\nc­ Th,' Lut<' s aI(- uncouhtedly tht" st ron ~ nt quin t\·t in the lea g ur, but to ('xpu :t r <! s t-r r t r immin g i-ndud,' fre hm~ It in ,,, vin ~ al. th, · ... xpenSe of the Bu-J;!.

a noth e" nc oI'd !il:e Ltst yetr is a lot to ask . Let's la' ep our fingns crosse d as Bnrc., Akx3nd,.r, l';orm D lIhl, Ralph (' han Ba k('rs and th l: 'Vcstc rn Wash­ • th ' Lut 's play eac h galllt' . t"s tod:l\"s gallw that counts , not tomorrow ' s, Carr, Ron HO\T Y, Ga ry Kam hn, L ynn ins to n \ ' ikin ,l,'S by the n'specti\"[' scor", R ESE RYES DRAW PRoUSE Larson, D'-an 1-lorrison, K('n II ag,~. 7fi-fi5 and 80-67 in the TAC tournl'y. Th,' 1')5 7 g r id scason is hi ,tory now as w.' read of :III-confen' nc,: sckc­ ~LJ1(.1 C;enc Schatunherg. Thes(' ga lll l"S wac part of the fiv e tio"" nt'x t year's ..,aptain , dC, but how m :l!ly of us !'L'alizc what a ll important Sophomores still turni0 ll' out includ<" t.i'; UII tr1\ itational \",,"ann-up nwet held ,ole- th ,' rC'f'l'\TS ha ve pla~ t: d thi~ seaso n withou t g" tt ing- a w o rd of p ril ist" for Todd Cornish. Sam Gan gt:. nd Don :I t CPS On ~onday c\TninC( and PLC Carl S(';H('),\ lay-in with fo ll't t'Cn " job well do ne , Lut ~ r~ ' '';''5 RUSS R.\LISO:--l , TI~{ WYNDH .'\ M, WAR­ Schultz,' . n n Tu "by, Colle ge of Pu gd Sound s('c onds kft to play ,.., \'t' h y H a l; ' ~ REX WILLIS, K E.,\ GA,\L, JOHN K ALIV .\S, and JOHN ~lEYERS all Coach Ha r~hman and juni o r H ll'5il)" 8 mj Fort Lewis wefl' tIll' othn tcam, "B" u'am a h a rd, fa ul(ht i9- 48 m n'­ ,icser\'!' a Pelt o n t h e hark for thl'ir const-i"l1 tiou, effort" i'\i~ht aft, ... ni g ht coach M ark Salzman will be c1 03d~' (om r,· t in \.(, tina' \ 'ictory 0\'''r Fifth Floor in an th"Sl" [[It'n ,"'1111<' >ut to prat'ti,'c in rll'i\-ing rain and Illud to oftl'n form just watchin ' to see just which two nc:w­ Tlh" Lut<'s blew a six-point lead with Intra-Mural basketba ll thrilltT as t t" nou ,>,; h m Fn to a lluw :l :c rirnmagc for an injury and flu-rid d l: n ,'arsi t)', L as t COtn'TS will be m ow'd up to tlw \'a r­ t h re e millutes r(,mainin,,, in the Bu' y ear th ,' r,. w:1S little h a lfba rk JOH N MITCHELL who took th e knock s on sity, "han \til lllt', and had to rally in the Ttwsday. \{Cll 1I0t makin g the varsity will ,-losing moments to forc(' th t' "a m !" Fifth Floor , pbying' with o nly four the ' ·[[V'.tt squad" and this Y"'a r :MITCH w as one of tht: mainst a),s in tht" into O\'ertimc, Despite tile los s of m e n, led Ivy for most of the Il'a 111t: , l.KH:kfi"ld. Thanks, fellows . --\, ou·!'" an impo rtant part oi our Luk griddns. compet e Oil the PLC junior varsi!) vhieh is again clltcrl"d in the it}' Chu ck Cmtis via the foul route early h oldin g a 24<!O lea d a t hal -lime. A NEW SUIT FOR H RSH? in tla' fi n ' -minute overtirn,', PLC Ll'aJing the potent Old ~1ain atta ck How many of you noticed that Coach M.'\R V HARSHM,"S wore the L ague after <I second plae,· finish la~ pu~ "d through 16 points in the ovC'l'­ w:)s Vir.~ Hunto fte , who t oppe d :\11 same suit to ALL of our b~ s k('tball ga n",s yea r? Doesn't he h'N(' anothlT yea r. City L eague play is s(h ~du1r.t1 powerful Bakers. scor",!'< with 28 points. Grabbin ~- ,cor­ suit: Yes. hI." e;o t other d othes, bnt 1-13rsh stic ks to thl' sa.nlt' suit as long as to gH undnway n ex t weC' k. Gallle t ime to top Beek Sahli Score Hi,..h ! in ,; h o nors fo r Ivy W,'rt· D on .\r<t('in th e Lull', h an: " winnin,I!' ~ t rt" a k goin g-. L e t' s hL1pt: his wife has to p atch and will usually pn:l'l'd" Lut t" v a l It)" \"()n­ Buc h a n's,' th e lcadin,<; '.~~A.U cage,' with e ig'htt"l"1l and S~lJrcy wi t h S<:"['[l­ n '-patch that ~ uit. -------- .. - - - - - ----------; '1 u :. d in t: )iorthwl'st, eve n with the tl'e n p Oints . In tft<' season's 0p" ne- r tl1L' day bl' ­ " dditio n of SHc h ,tar, :.I S Larry Beck' r orm ico - -- Poi nt ~ Plumbin g - Ro ofing El ectric " i Wo:> _, D irk :Stlicklin o f Seattk U., io n', Ea , tL- rn Park land's R oad R un ­ Kirs ch Rods Wi ndow Shade s e I f Btlldt of U, o f San F anrisco, and 11(' , ran 0 \ '1' 1' \Ves t('rn Pa rk land by a Zip RllOck-s oi Nl on ta na D" could not sc o t'e oi -7-3+. R o>' Sch w a.-? and combat lbl shootin .:; of Ji m Van B" l' k .\ rni., Kallbn,« hcad('d the E J, tnl1 Gla ss Installation - Pipe Cuttmg a nd Th reading dri"e, colle c tin g fou r teen d thirt n C hu c k Curtis Itnd Jim \ an Heck I 121st and Pacifi c Avenue Phone LE. 7-3171 points, respcl' ti v(·l y. :<\1 . \llf e ~s \\' JS tht' ~ p.] cTl! l'd t~H' i.ndi';idual ..'tt:.ol in g k ..t.dt'rs top scanT for thi: JO:<ers w, t h twd\'c ' III thc' 19::>7 Illtramura l l ootba ll raCe, --l

adrunners, Ivy Post Dorm Wins


~- -----



Curtis, Van Beek; Led Grid Scorin g ~





poi n b, Tht.' scorin'; for the LUll"

V a n Be,' - and C u rtis both had thir­ touchciow ru iollowed closely by Don Slattum with dc\"·n .




punch, \\.'i th eY{'rY!Jl1f'· .~e l ti n ", in to t h t· ,r OrLrl" column, was too mil c h for th,' Wr te- rncrs,

G ERRY·S BARBER SHOP locat d in IGA Foodtown

112th & Park Avenue

Phone LE. 7-3434

eep ChRist . r1- y,-'lUR CtmistfllOS PACIFIC ~








First-rate L u theran min isterial training; also courses for coll ege

grads (men and women) leadi ng to Master's degree

in Christian Education.




2770 Mari n Avenue, IHtrkeloy S, Calif.

Charies B, Foeltch, Ph.D., Pr81ident

We provide Checking and Savings Accounts and all other K·STBIET bGllk services BRAHCH ~ for college U LlllCOLJI stud..ts BBAKCB







WJr ~

LEnox 7-3434


ART'S SHOES AND REPAIRING Tennis Shoes Quality Service

.. Bucks·· Flats •• Oxfords Opposite Parkland Post Offic.



YAC. . . P...............

"t( Cw'a:rolotUt p~ ..... " .1: . . . . . . . . "'..,. o . ~o ••,


eM..O...' .....

See a ll[



in the true spirit of







P age F"Our

Friday, Dec:. 6, 1957 err.

~un r. t'niar d a·5 pl'T . drnt (0. 1957 is


continued from page 1 CE.·f.


PE ISK f. R He was . Studen t " ng.r~~:I ! j(1n d("3ton his soph<Wlorc I gn·",.tion, ~" LI in ~ a Inl t I: f r twu and J UflIO . \,1 ai', :Iud IS II " Pr:ry r yrnl>. Ro) lIas pa.rti,· ipalcd in int.,,- SI'f',' in k a d! r. .! 11< is II nll'mb"r of muml sports, an d is " member of th r BIII~ K , y, a nd i , a ti\ e in K R K, ~t'I'VLdt"!' m'"i's Club. , in K ;;s \'iu'-presidcnt his junior )'car. D :\:\ .'\ TCRCOTT has sernd PL C ; Outstanding in the fit'l.d of s?~cch as a son deader. ch" tTlcadu' and Spur. i~ Pi K appa Ddt:, pn'"dcnt rOM Sh e wo;·kt:d as ' a Saga section editor, REEVES. He ha~ parti cipated in de­ and was sf'cn·tary of her junior class. bat.e for four YI'ars, wa. C urta in Call This year ,he is ac ti\T in L ady Lutes pI<. side nt when ~! wph omore, a nd has and TaFM,I<. a role in "A hristma s Carol." om Pi Kappa Ddta \'icc- pn'siden t is is a nwmlWl of Toast~nast~rs, and was .TAXET TUR~{AN, whe, has b ~ e n ~t'creta ry-tr~as urt:r ot thIS o rga11lza­ ani\T in drama and debate. She wa" ti on IRst year. a Spur, m.:mbn of Curtain C a ll, and . JAXICE RI-"DAH.L ha s been. ae is n ow a u Alpha Psi Omega membt'l'.1 tnT III LDR and Ph. D elt a EpiIl lon. J anet acted as Student Congress diree. She is presently t~("asur(' r ~f T assels. tor las t Y Clll", • .T nn was Student Con greg.atlOn .LCrl'­ S( n .in <r PLC last y,' a r as Student I ta r), during her sophomore year.

.\l so :, mrmb. l' o f r" s~cls :s BARB \ RA RI S AU She hll$ worked on i h ' Sa!(11 .taff, and is a member o( FT. \ lind L D R . Balbara is now plcsiIl'nt of hrr d orm itory, South H a ll. MILO SCHER ER has b.~cn ac tive in APO all dlLring hiB college career "nel has b~e r: vice-president of thi" onraniw tion ho th thi year and last. H ~tarrrd in the Children's Theatre produ 'lion :md was class trt·,,~un:r his junior }'t'ar. Milo is a membt~ r of KRK dnd ..rv S (If! th e Arti,t Scri,'s cornA 1m' K ry rIll'Inbn sinn· his soph ronOn' ) "a r, R Y SCHWARZ is now d ec· president of tbia organm..rion:. &. ha. he n acti",: in th e Student Con-

Body trca5ur('I',. and t. his yea r as ASPLC pres ident is DAVE KN U Tso.\". HI' has b.'en .H:tive in th( b;wd

was a member of the Ambassador Qu"rtl'l,. Toastmast~rs, and has for

two years b""'n a m ember of Blue Key.

I D ,1\T wa s "ic(,-president of the Stu­ dent Cnn ,,;n'gation la t y<'ar.

through Christian usc of free press.

I :




("m ng PLC


DEA.\f LIBNER ia a member of KRK, Blue Key,. and is currently scr\"in!l on the Student Corigrcgation Boa rd of Deacons. La£! year vicc-pres­ idcnt and this year prcsid,'nt of ToastIIlastn,. D ea n is a lso his scnior da ss


EDITOR .•' ..... .....DA E CR W N ER 'cws Editor........ ._.._... ,.Herb Dempsey r eaturc Edi to r......:Marilyn D onaldson port! Edltor....................G ene HapaJa




I i

Parkland Cycle & Key



LE.7'()206 ,

( Foot of Garf'ield)

We D ellver


Charm Beauty Salon Bla nche Lingbloom



C O LLEGE DRIVE-IN 123rd and Pacific Avenue

C. Fred Christense BOOKSEllER & 5TA T/O NEIt SR, ::/·4629 932 Padfic Avenue Tacoma, Washi ngto"

Standard H eating Oils - H eating Equipment Heating Service






MONDAY THRU SA TU RDAY 7 :30 a.m. to 7 : 30 p.m.



528 Garfi Id St.

LE. 7·9987



PH O N E LE. 7'()2.6

120TH & PACIFIC AVENUE See Jon Soine

Box 144

EE. 7·7135

for guys and g Is!

W e Outfit Co-eds 406 Gar fi e ld St.

tE. 7·7475




to the new



11021 Pacific Avenue LEnox 7-5772

Flowers for All Occas ions 12173 Pacific Ave.

19 57 GRID CAPTAIN Lynn CalJ...ins (center) con­ graru\atcs next year's Co-captains-elect, Dick Goodwin. and George Fisher. Looking o n are Freshman Award ' mner Orson Christenson and Inspirational Award winner T om­ my Gilmer.

LE. 7·5S17

Par Fully Autom atic

OPEN LAN ES Tu&sdoy -

A ll Evening

Wednesday Frida y


after 9 p.m. A ll Evening

10707 Pacific Ave.



W hee l Balancing

Phon e LE. 7-6012.



3820 South Yakima

Driue Carefully

Good Only Through Next W e ek







NOW $1.00 and weights per wheel

Christmas is a time of giving Don't take a life ...

of a

Regular $1.50 an d weights per wheel

R mi nding you that





ey s


112th and Park Avenue

GOOD SERUICE •• ,,4~'4


PHONE LE. 7·5951


SPECIAL ~,_","

@Pdrt! .


• •


••• '

.1 •




Phone GR. 2·3372

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Bottled under a Ulhorlty of The Coco·CoIa Company by·



TOO Y·S ISSUE: Traffic

fety -


The Solution



ee Today·s Advertisements VOl. 35, NO. 10


FRI.. D EC. 13. 1957

, ris m s G I' I I 'The Christ' 0 ai:or·o Premier

Far ad e da Bighl In y nasi m rid y, 4 p.m.

A new .lnd Jiffer~nt effect will be seen on the C'vlS ~ta5(~ This Sunday at 4:00 p. m. in the PLC ;-. \ '01 rial ym na iu m ~I;1--­ when th e C LlClJin Call Club presents irs Jnnual production o f the [be College Choir, Chorus, and Orchestra will pr ' TIt. til Am eri . fami liar stury of Dichn' s "Ch r i ~tma~ Carol" on \Vedncsda Y CJn prcmil'rl' of the oratoria , "The Chrisr." co m 0 05 d by [ric ighr. D c e mb~r IS , at 8:00, Admission will be 25 .1TId 15 cents, ~ Curtis of ~ c w Zealand. Admission i, free ,

CU B Sets Up

' £11 "


a uni t



ue used


I' CI<.l union uf the ,play, ilnI,lOUnl't:d , k\Jd B." , bon', 'U[Jt'f \'l\Or of d,r e tor" " , curt,.1I1t w ill be, pulled throughout , tI <'(jIll " prl,du f'l lOn ~'I1d the 'c, W e • t. al1~'" will b., 11l~1(k 011 a totally h

l l.u: k ~ t:.t t;t" .

• .. H M eet T rip to .... A warde d 5 tu dent ' I tres llTJalJ


D OI1~ Ia', J (J Iloson, at '" L utll: I 1 an C 0 II t".~.:W-" fL'lUITl Cd Iast nfl(' ~-l (Jor!a,' f, o ln th e :\:uional 4-H Club Cllll ~ e ~s hdd in th e Conrad H ilt on Ho lel in Chicago frolll :\on'mhf'I':3 ll throu !.; h D,," 'mo,"r 6,

' tlu' " lci! " ,(' nc wi 11 I.... 'lu ilt 011 I "' I t, y.uyin g hli g hts JlI~ f< d in d ff H'.t IJOSItlUl1S on th.. Uk'( " , "Ilt ll Olll s<,<'rlt' curI1~~ UB, ' " , , I' k ",n , a ward r t! th t: tnp fur I llS um\' th"t , I,,,d :!nu pall ut tn t: stage h l uut't;' nd1l1 ~ wo rk In th ., H orllt; Im"lit br h j/, trd , ll t tw, 'rn Sl' nes, [ ,Il " " pru' "lJwIlt Project and wa s offlCla l IV'., wil l u. contInued b} the l(~dll, '.", ,', . II ~1 u"t. ,n., dd ega t!" to th e Congn ss. R d K a t<, " " pomo l' " I I )y th .' Sears R Ot'buck FounEn ryc:ut: w h u ,knows CI:fi,trlJa, tfa ti<J n, tOrH ' WIll b. falfld,a r wilh th l< popu­ :\t th, ' 11,. 't' t in~, t he th"rn:' of whi c h lur nt : ,n oo1'l., b:. l-k rb " ,' rMni iy an d ComUn"~"" " Ito j" ,t" C .. ns tlllll , ~nJ a 1\ IlIumty L I\'IlJ~, hI' I'u,np.. t ..d fo r on t: 11 it 'l"nd ~ fur In lon' an d ,,"'lng , (;f th ~ " Ig-h t ,.'HJO , s(' h b .rsh ip, in th ~ Cr. tf'il it, L yk Pe:lr'Ort, i, S iUo!Se'\ fldd of HUlIlt' I rnp,O\('"wn t. Lu~inr Iw l)Jt"C who i im ll 'Uflll'nt al in v, lIill~ S C'l OIW t lu d l ni;t' Iti, ru incl, .• nd t1l , h nsts uf C heiq rnas P a 't, p" "1'1. "'Id Y t to Corn, .relieve rOOI(! ()f I" br it tl , shc ll <I S till-y n ­ ,. } , ,I P' <Jf t h" P, ISt. Iud .It th ,' t ... net c ,.1 .. w i l ~ pp n in (U llII!' if li t.: ~ r ps u p th" seD ilL . rtf ,()Jllt" t iI !l~ uf thi -uUi-"' a f C'hin!;" I,. ;\ t urT! ,d (J U l ' ( agai n inlu :t hUfrl:J.I1 I in" \" itl! " Iwan that is w aLl" aCId f II f jO) ;It lh, Christlll:!' s,'a ><JfI.

1" " ..dr. t


.': f


I " _', .'j







A pploxi ma td" 150 singe rs, d irec ted I by f'rl)f~s,ur Cordon U , Gilbc r!.w n of


,­ - ­


tIl<' PLC ~1 usic D ~parlm e-;:ll, w ill pn-­

See Ya

s, fit th i' mo,' i n~ wry in song 01 [he lii,' of J" 5US fmm birth to R l uI"I'('('­


ext Year!

"e on the ~Ioori n!.! ~ Ia, t ta ff wi~h all of '. au a happ"J and ~afc Chri~tnoa.~ and ilic\\ \','ar', holiday. Yacation bc~i n.s next Fri day, Dt­ ('(',"ber 20, after classt.~ and ends o n ~londa)', Janu ar)- (), Your next ~roorin" ~Iast will be :JUt on Frida,.' morning, J aouan.' 10.



,Th u rs d • y tVClulIg oardinIf _, ext I h f (' II. o v. \ VI'I I \,"ca r ~lJU . 3nd 1h c l iuIl. Cli_' " irI s tin 55\ dn'ss.' , for the :lIInu:!1 Th,' ,oun' ' ' J( - JI pa gt' UI. ton"o w a', C hri,t m3~ ha nq uet w ~h I h will hr. " 01l1[K'S"d hy ~1r. Curti- whi lt- :1 pr is­ st'l'\'<:> d at 6 :no p,m, l!J th 011,' g" orl<'" in :, :\t"W Zea la nd p'" n tiary cafe teria. for [\v,'n t\, \'(-ars , "Thr· ChI-i.!" is dt,­ 7 In ord n to ,,,',;onl! ,od: tt all 11 0 'nilwd bv thll'" l',hn '! part in it :.5 11 r k ,. ," , , "',' ,'boanit-r, or the roa t IU ,y ullin r

fJ O'''l'l'ful work rdIe",ti-w til< '11;ritu al , , " ' " ' ' ,,'atin~ will b, ,'''t<'nd cd ii'll tlar ~mall

,'IJIOLlon ('xp',[I t'nc('d hv th,. co mpose r I ' , , ' • u.inins n l<ftn and tht: coifee ,hop. dillOn ,'"~h" urd,,,.t ' . , Lirb " ill be ;(,f\ in!\, punrh :n th,. Snloi ' b ror thr l!.atorio a n ' ~.f' r- I ' stud e nt 10 nge from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. ",rd Byin'"ton, sop,a r",: ;\ udr" H art, ~f ('n (If Cirrll' K ~ nd ,,00lI'n v.h.. rontt, tl W: t h ' , R,,', Rrda l" i , olu n tl'Cft"u. th e-if 't' ' i( t' will b(· ",·rv· "II (II' '!Ild PruJnso r f nderocl L' ! i in c at thr b n nq u('( , .,lt1l(>u~h lb.., :\. '\\'nh:'.'~L b,llitOfH' , ~f3rd(' l1 Suil:Jnd , Rad i,o St;,lio ... KT ,\ C ",i t b~oa d c"'l ~ r:1;lin rour _ of ,Ih U1';.I " U hr. ~iv"n 'f th e P;:llIlH , Il\ l' t t olll th,' 1(1)1> , (,f lh, " ' n ti ro p IL \1"t.1 " ~t~ lC'n " sty le. H(l t d in T :lcurna a it"l f h Ol r hri,t - I \ fllo.,: mll1 . '\It \ " r short hI'can,,' !l1a, conl'l rt by t ill PL( ' C hlO tt' of th e; r Th llcula a l d I',dOl • hein/; rt'~III:lr , ,"v r'" rH Xl 'T'h'H,d :,y """ni nl:: , D eccm- ! ~('h uol <I.:,," " will h. IH,'Sf'Olcd: Amollg I I)(' r 1'1, fro m :):00 lIntd 5:3(1 p .1I1. th e h onC>J','d ,~Il<:'t< viII ~ Dr. . S. For the s., (' n Ih • 011 (,{,(IIi,'! ye a r East ,'uld. pr·, ld ot of Ih 11 g •• ml KT\(: ' ,v"t1 ,<.I i ,, · . ,.. " lon~ ih' " i f. I. ('on, '11 . tht hot! I r .•­ till i n~ hi~ h ~(h(tol "nd ,ull I( c hoirs f,'OJ'" t h, f a COlli a art:, This , " ':ll S 5' , '",S ',£i ns next ~ hJ:l - i





Ch olr t0 Br dcas t I!


Ch rlstmas . Concert

R' ~h,n







iOpen Dec.

d" ... wi th the e lmlI P~rk H I h S.-hvo l ChoiL follow ed b)' the- C olI",:;,' ",f Pu - I " ,'t Sound ~{ a d r i ,tl~ 1 ~in.'!('[ ,. th" L in- i

Dlr ,: lUl: fur tho' ,' y, niu)!' " per forlll ­ am" ,Ire K alt:n KlLU tzL'n, l'a triej,oJ. Rull vW, ,;uu Rod Bas('hure, (Ir.l} Ii\ ,,' VI .. h_,,'a,'ll' r w ill iJ, see n OIl ta~r i } r;ll', .tor th e r t uf th~ ca.>t \\111 lh.. ,ltrJ{ ~ !a l year. As tlim!: W IW lian' IXC ll to tI p rodu ction be­ f, r W Il l ,11, u:JCt u pa rt ha, bu: n :, t hat II, ' I huId th e part t ac h ,.~r t.I 11 ill~ hi s ur ro n coile!!e It-I'\, t illl' Iudn:

Sp J n~ r,' i q ,H i, n



p,., irk L u­

coIn H; g~~, SI':1OU! C hoir "n~ fa, i- I : i; (l'." >iud , 1l ~' 1)( ·il with Ih - ,i~n­ I.'" ak PL{ , C}'(>' l flf l Ilt' \ "' .. , t, ,'nd t n ~ lll' (Of JUno v". ' " mel ',radu­ dose'S wit h St. L co's H i it S('h ool G lt"t. 1:'11' q"elt'fI t frull ~ I(jnd 1\ D,-r.t"l1Ii'It'T Th l! pro~ram " ill .J,,) r" Lroad ­ hTistmas 1 \ ( : nd ( hrjstm 't" n y,

Saga Progress


10 D,." rnb, r '1(1 S"plwlIIolt w ill "1 '('r h .. 1\ Jall­ ullr" 6 to I I , f r"hntl'u flUJ! j,nu;ary , ! :I- ! 8 ~ nd 11! w stud tits troln T','hru· _I 1-1, ,Iud, n ts ,bould (,ODlpl~te : rn ,,(ration (illl'lL! ing d. aranc'" th... hu ,, ' u' 'S dried . " ('('lint :-

~ uti .. t,lIl' , I ' adcl'; Hl'l'b " ,. II, 'L~I P' a'(~0n, C l atchit ; ' .T ~, nuill".. '!5 ,AI.,tcrr,iwationfcr.will L' I, t il k~Ol1, Coll rClOl; Jerry K rc~s. : IIH' rh" IJ.:(' d ;,fl,'l' t'l. I , IIIC. ht"d' D OT! C rn 11, :\1,Jtlr y's GllO, t: Jim Bu llock, bu in', ;:n,,<: r ,> F;, .. u h v ad \' j,or \\ 'II null . " il­ RYd ;\urdlx r,~, Ghl!, t of ChristI" -- th .. Sag., P"c: fi, L utht' . n Yf'a bock, ahle for re llistration ['onier n 'es hr.­ I'l.'!: J an"' t Tu rnlan , .b.,lIe; Th umas rr' port, til.·tt th e ~a~.l i.e prO\(rt~sll ' , t\\ r n J anu a r ,' 2i <lnd 'HI (fin. I .-);­ f{.,(\ O , \ vl n ~ $UU()1-; " : William Hall­ qlIi tl- \\ l' il lh l. ~ ar .llthoul!h t hfr I" ,u' m, tion ",u k ), ;1\. ilabl. . "", G IIU,t uf Cf ns l rn;" PI t'St'Dt ; Gina an , f, w problt !TIS, kc g-ist mlinn <. rd ,

"h ' Y \dl lint tr

.I ()nt·~ , Ghu~t 0 e ...: n tl1ms l't to Thr bi q< cst traubl, stt in S from til _ _ __ CIJJn fa(' 1 lh a t th e book h ' b,'r n Ill llnin C' Jan< it i_. C l~ t"hi!" \'~ife ; Arkn~ \' " T it" Fuur FI' sh me n,': yocal a nd I h,l\ t ' \.;, t'll clo osen b y b,oth D ownbeat in the "reci" for " Cltll h, r of \'f.,1 rio, Ii. hI , ~fallha Cl'a tchlt' C "rol Hurst" Ifl' tl urm'nt.,1 $tars of C? p'tol R n :Qrd" " ltd ~re(ronollle .'vIa).'.allnt" a t he' tnp In hop,:", of rum in u o ut from :oodtr, IS r uda Cl'ah:h it ; Marilyn Anderson , w:1I "ppea r in till' C MS of Pacific 'oca l ,tlrOll p ill tht na tio n, th l' S; I , 100 d, br rrom I ~s t 'Ulr, tit" ' h ! d,' wif" :, ~1avi' E\':'r~lt. sist,<:r ; J oe: I Luth~~~tn Colkp;t" J anua: y 9, at 8:~O Th," Frt', hllll'n h3'-'- btT!} associ"t.l.'d ,taff is plannin g- to :)('c: omplish s,'w ra l , \) ld un , ll>pp( r. 1 hI S yea r S chII- 1 p,m, Ill:lets an- un sa lr: 1rt th" Pubh c with tilt' Stew Alkn , T e nnr'sse .. E mi t thiu."s, I () "l' r ,lOll ,ud rnts and \'isl\l\n 'It' p a rt s lo a \' e not bt:t:n cast ye t. i R oIl> officI,': $ ~,()O for rr:serv(..d h"J and S t ,, 'n K (' ntun television '\ ' " I , , ' , b'O', d " , t',nwdld th· Cl. «mom Building F ri· _ . _, r ' " ", " , " " mOil", t 1(' ~ 1,.< I"g~r an , t I I ,. ,,' , D I G 'I I ,tv l. and ~l.:JU 101 ,,('ntr,ll ,ldnnsslUn ,!" .h(J\v, frorn •:\'\' l"rk ',nu' wcr<,' Ica- Sa .. g;. C,<lrnt,-a, , ' I w hi C h w ill 1..'.I", on ..\ pt '1 da} (, Hnll1 l'-, , tollxr . ' I :iZ[' v < Each lIlt'mber of th e combo servcs I tured in tht :\1-G-M production of 1 18 and 19, 1958, Jim said , "We a r c Dr-II H anson! a J,d ll<' and Jow'ly blu ,­ in " t Il"l.> t " dual capaci ty Ross Bal-I"Rir il Youn g' and P rt' ll\'" The\' wc rt' b ' I'wd blond lrom ' ; nt~ R a hfor· .. ., ' " " .' , n(,!;otl a t!ng to nng ro ou r campus : d PL(,' L uci B 'd bhLlr plays drUlII. and dO\1blr. on th,! aho I",:" d on th , so un d track in t h t some fille (lut of state l' nt('Ct ~inmt nt nw, was crowne to lJ I' llUlllpt.: t. Don Barbour, Ross' s I.>ro­ Paramount picturtc, " Lucy Gallant "las pa rt of tlr" Carni\al, " i e ! 1957, , , th('1' play. gu itar and sha rt's yoca l s tarrin ~ jan( Wyman and Ch a rlton ' As Swcd <h -r 111111' d • f \II snll!; Albl'l" who ha ndks Hr,Wn, Editi n); the book i, Du a n(' Moe, " Sa nta L ucia ,' H a7. 1 Ddl and at· , l r t.1a n Hmshfl13n, head athlet,c ' <;010; w ith llo,l' h <It PLC, will be pc e ntin, a trum pe t, bass a nd m:llophol1c, and .'\ mo ng their list of best sl:lIers is t he with a~soc iat<' editor beint.: Tcddl Gul­ t"ndant~ H ,:lth.-r Stroup ami Trlr. r Irlll -Ill;lIut, tt'k\'isioH sports broad- , Bub F lani ,gan plays bas. and trolll­ :t1burr. "Voi('('s in. MoJ..- rn": "Day by h a ll ,I<"n and ~ d mi'nll~('r,. G e 0 r 11; ' Bon'ng, clad in whitt, walk d down ca I nTry olhn Wedn esday nig ht at I bo o", D:i\'," which sold ovet' 350,000 n :c­ DOf'bkr. thl' a islr. a ppro..1.~hing a festive. f "d II "() , ' I 13 1)t"glnnln~ ' ' g 1 '! 'Ilt y Wt' r!' "disco\'c n-d " bv] Stan or d ,". "Charma ine'" ) "In This W hole Steni on ~ dito" art' : fa ult)', M .-l\• a ' throne, OWl' whi h w. ' proclaImed "I'" p . ll!. l ' Ui.! onl' . . , I , , K, nton whil.. book t'd at th r Esquir Wid.. World" ; "Angle Eyt')": and Fuhr : cl"ss('s, Liz Htins ; sports, Jml "God J ul; or {rr bnstm, S III n, xt W~d rtt'Jday , Dt"ct'rnbl':- 18, L OU IJ ~e in D a yton, Uh io, Kt"nton took "Lon I s Just Around the C o rner ,­ Haala nd; orga nizations, P a t A h r('ns' ~wtdi sh , 'I iF Ill-w d .l) show will Ix: a part t!arlD to Hollvwood to cu t th IT' first The J.ew( t F lJe F r , hme n alb u IS rcl it.;ion, DiAna P a ul; acti\'iti , D or­ Da\, - nuf o n, ASPLC p r.... identJ f l 12." Huntitlrton' , rt l!'ul.J r 5ehcd-, id ~ f r tht, Capitol labe l. \ <OF ~ u frl' n1C" n and Fi\', orn­ oth) R i~ tau : ;,nd fine arts, J oAnn lit t h( f.a ndll'~ n tbt: crown of the For thr.... comecutiw:, yt'an t bt'Y L uria Bridl', the " Br ingt:I of L igh l_" 1 r ( ," Apk< r.

'Report Given



resen an ua ry 9





H I aze Dell Hanson N d Lu . Bride a rn e cia


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Harshman To Give Bi-W eekly Telecast






P ag e Two


B AI rt. Save Money, Time, or Lives? . e e. I What: Price Safety? FI rst: Need ! r Drivers · I' I O

F rI day. Dec. 13, 1957

We didn ' t learn until SI X h o urs later that ni flL how it h p ­ pened , for three bloody bodies could tell u~ o nl y t ha t somebody I or something had g o n e wron g . At the hospital another o ffic e r and I g o t t he story fro m ttl\! drive r who miraculously esc aped death a nd fin a ll y re g a in ed CO :1· sciou~ness, H e told us that h e saw on e h eadlight co min g dow n tl'w highway, bm when he reache d the junction and p re pa r ed for a le ft turn he c o uld see no light. A s eco nd or t w o late r h e st a rt~ d to make a le f t turn , . , tbat's all h e remembers. As we le ft. the officer comm ented t c m e, "Onl y pe h ea d ­ light, and that on e in his blind s pot. It's n o t th e fir s t t ime ." Patrolling the hi g hway two nights later. I noticed tha t on.-: speck o f white light comin g towards m e in the distanc~ didn ' t separate as did the rest , but remained a~ one beam. In a mo me nt the one-eye d car zoom ed past. I sped around , quickly caught lip with th e car and stopped the driver. " Do you know that y our left h e adlight is ut )" He raise d his voi ce 3bovl' th e noi s e of a passing car: " \Vell, I kind o f figured it must b e. I w asn't t o o sure, though. " "To drive at night witho ut all your lights is askin g for trouble. And wi t h tonight' s little haze of fog, w e a ll have to be e xtra Icaref ul. 1 jus t stoppe d you t o let y ou know abo ut y o ur I

(Fr.olll the interview by Dave Crowner or Washington Slate Pa­ trol Sl'r~eant Robcrt R u p p and Pierce County Deputy Sheri£{ John Lawler is taken this discussion. which i~ a follow-up of last week'~ slory on tra£fie prolllcms).


P rohlems of tr a ffic s~l fcty ~ n ' nat­ u l a llv only h3if th e st ory. Ser.'; eant Rill''' ;tnd Dep u ty Lawler had some i ntl:n:s tin '~ n' ll1a,rks on soluti o ns,which co mpkt t·s th e story. tvlr. L:! wln prl' tt ), well co\~('I'cd th e subj"n whe n ea rl y in the inte rview 1;1<' offt-n'd th ,' fo llowing : "The re ar.,

GUI-d e I a GI-de HamB SafI IY~~[l:~ :;l~~~~"c:f \.~~::;i~:,~ts,. : l;(~~I:II~:t::

li g ht. Do you have en o u g h mon e y along to buy a new ooe?" " Y es, s ir." "The re 's a service station d o wn the highway half a mile. G e t a new light there a nd you'll b e a lot safer ." " Okay officer. but. ah. I'm in a hurry to get hom~ , I' ll get it fir s t thing tom o rro w morning on th e way to work." " Y o u can't put off a thing like this. It will take only a fn\' minutes, and y o u can't mi ss the station." "I'll drive ex tra carefully fr o m h e re on. but I just can' t gel that light n o w. I'll d o it first thing tomorro w." " Driving carefulh,' won't make any difference if n o o n e c an .. se~ y o u . This is mor e seriou s than you m ay think. Y o u'll ha v, to buy that light now."

"Do n't g e t me wr o n g , of fice r. I d o n't wan t to cau'iC an y .. I b . h tro llble. But look , I'm in a hurry . ' and If u y It at t e s ta ­ j" .. Y k d' . tlon at hom e II save twcnty - hvc ce nts , ou ' now, a I,>cou n t : j" 11 .... save tw e nty-tlvc cents. . . . Ju s t tb e n a radIO call Illterrupted the convers a tIOn. cn o u s . ' E ' G l L..~ wreck o n hI g hwa y Illst west of ~ atollvlll c . JO t o sce n e , ' l ay uo: f I ' .. ' 1 J.ta Itll' S Davc Cro wn er, Editl)r

f l;. \"<· you tak en you r personal SClr.-3. D on' t be a t ra ffic fig-htlT. T es ts traffic and pedestrian. In a ttention is 111 t'ht"<"k y.·t? Before k a\' ing- fo r h on l<' 1 ' :lOW th at tra ffic ii:-:ht('f s don' t save fon 'most. S,'("ond is di srespe ct. Third t Ill ( ,hris tlllas holid a y sit d own a nd n"arl), ' IS I' ".wh tiIll" as they thi.nk they wuuld h, ' down-ri gh t [azincss : a nd ('otlMdr,' Ih,' followin g- It'n safet y rules do, Ri sking one's li f<- for a ft.w Ill , lt-~ I fo urth would Ill' w illfu l disobcdi ,· n c,·." -It'.t th:'!Il Ix yo ur gu ide to a "'fe . a n.'.' ,minut e ~, just isn·t . worth iL Sa'." H (' sa id, " If th,'y ( I'LC stud enb ) hTlSIIll::lS. 1\C<1l a nd t,<lt Ofl n" ltS a nd dl SPOS1- 1wou[ d pay ~' t te ntl<) n Clod l.( l\'(: respec t I. D ri"" a nt' way .. . tilt: ri .e:ht W:1Y ! ! tion and d on' t fi g-ht tra ffi c, wfw/'!' it is du ,', eHTy thin g' would Tb~ , j ha.. ic ~ri \' in g ma ll/ 'll\,,, r, you ' 6. Be cI"ar a s t~ you r intcntions. l work nut j us t fin'·... ,.. 1(01"111 Innst ottt'n an' : tUl'Illn g-, pass- Do,, ' t fo re, · oth' T dfl HTS to <: Ul' SS I'our R S S . . . ' . .. . '" ! upp . a ys , a m !: ' 109, s op p m~, parkln g, b ra klIl !:(, a nd I(('x t m o n· . L,,' pr ope r Sl ~rwb. C,I\.,. , f h . " I . IIl!'s!' l. e tll a , T U- ot heT dn \'C' rs plt nt)' ot wa rIlln g- a nd .. ' wo rd s b.. .. "nH· " II , til!' morc I'llt.. r .lll /,; t r :t rr'It' . P norm • ' \ . . I ""nlfw a nt wh ~' n I ", b·d Sg- t. Rupp fa l, ly ,. "'TY tlIn,:. , Cl'ur~t .-, pre- tllt l!' to und"TSl;)nd yOll !' Cl t:!llJns: th"1l . . . . ' . . . 'd " " 1 how wc '.- ould TtllprmT our dnnn g ... i~lon drl\ in!: is :1. sU' e W:l)' 10 a\'O! . Pl(' (" "'d wltn ..a utt on. I d "B I ' b" . ·,nd It dnSW (' f( ' ,. , tu t e nts ( ln g I' . ' I' d 1 . " ,id .11, . 7. rk alt-rt for sudd,'" sto ps. Con- I ' '(~ 'd I I f II K I J" ,t ., Ilttlr- mon .1 l' l t 3 n laVlll" :... ,on~. " 1' t 1(' ot ll' l' t' ow. lTp ­ .~ , , t("(1 tr,dflt, pl' d"s t ridns, shpp"r~ nou" h ,"'t h, fo" d n \ l n ~, ;\lI ow in",;, harp ioc,kout for tfl'" d r;\'er wh o 1'.11 ' tlll'll t, " dOl ed \lSl bdl lV, h(lIs, l tC., If t' t k. .~. 1 :I ' l ' \' OUI :\t H IO [I Ill\( 0 J n ~1 t VOL r u tS ­ (CIt'SII' t Nfl O \\ or <o'-·on· t ca re a.oou t a ll n 'lj uin' difft'n' nt sp,"'c\; a nd ,p~ -I ' . I I' t h Lr' fil(" .If I (" n prot ect you nnd h im tlnati on In ' t,':1 ( of 1<1\'111 0: " n rry. r i,1i p n L luti o ns, Be p n p.lled to Illt"l't n ,i " 1, " <lily, with ' " a k ga[ spn d a nd I 11m " 1.11,1 a cc id ellt. D"in' I"'ads up th, I n, It', \V Ol th YOU l IIf, tu do .' t '. \ UU .11'< Ill;m' lik..! )' to make, \' our lid : dju.t lD th t;; (Jt ha fellow ... h e . I R. D on' t h ~ \ t t t'ln p c r t ;] nt ru IlIS. tit s tl na tl OII.· ' : 111.1)' not !ldju: t to you . . . L ".. l \ ' t your' 'l otTie.s in th e dorn'.:. \lI {~ t t b .1 pIl llU :tc (Id ( nt ('d ll St L \ :XotiCI" h ow t1-l (' n 'ConlIlH' n rt atio n s of o m.1LII'r how m uc. h wod ; pre sn L"" rn to co ntro l ) OIH ' lIl otion, I)(" h ind tl1<' two offiec rs r oi ncicir-. the ", til" '!. \ ·b n\' ~ hot ' '' '' Il<' T h as l, [}' , . .,..., d I } " , U 11(;IttL"1 h"w ).•d th grndrs , .' . ~l"hoo >a.-.,;m g ;, (:(" t'( . h · ' bce n <:oo lr 'ci off I n ; 1(1 : 1('C lcif'nt. ' ; . ,1 II .1[ .... ~. 'u 11I'\'t'r LUlprO\l t t sltl!::ttwn . . " G d tin<: lllore 'p""ifi c, DqJU t;· L:",'Sa I n is lInab]" to present hi, sehC'oul"d h- rt n', " I Did It !ta m, to­ o • 1" ~ ,' -" , d ' . ~', . \ V(l I(.1 " clo s(' s havt."s. A n ea r ;11 '. I . . With an aCCIden t. ,\ OIl[CS a l e !>tract - I . . '.. . 1,'1' stntcd , ". \ , tar as thr' pC'd, 'stfl :dn , d ,,\,. H , lS suff" in!.! from" snl're c: Sf of ,,[tBna t' frustra tIOn. . _ " I ' ' . ' tl ' <T ab 'I .. ,dl 'nt \,'h ,l,- o n nrw; (s " warIll n.l( tha t IIIg, lIIU 1I 0 U t (rJ ,Ill > an " . out . . . .. ([afL ,·. It S h;rnl tu Jus t ,~ o 'll d" d pc .' 'VI"lt- "tl " !l ' ot l n ~ to [un' Wtll R. Sa· fr. B1 1n .l" ywalkln 'l', h,' was rc"'ot( ­ , , ·, I " · h" th \ ' "Ilr <:uard " down. hnd ont wha t I JW II W III . ( rt IIlg p u t t etlt ,n " ,~ ' . . ,,,,,.-It' t.he [)I'O p ,l(·. .1.he unl y way yo u "i / ,·d. ' 'I' ll [ h' ,d a. ric::. , ch;m c... .. no S:1I' ;,k ~ pat rnim3 n W3 tCh.iD~, n o far; . '! h \,' ) \1 Old \v n } n ~ ~Ind co r rect It. r ' . . . . . . 'Ull untJ >ou g. t .01 • _ . . . ' . ,'u utd cl1a n o;" lt wOlll d h, to h,l\ , t H COrllln " I()\' " hl uck III cll tl!' r dm'coo n, Rllt t h ~ll srubborn fe- How q Ul .. t !} " ItI , I, Know YfJ u r \TJtlc:k. 0 0 tW~' car 10. R " [( ll'n ,IJ(,I , lht' l:rws of (' h'''~ C''' 1 sc hool hehi nd Yl) li. " "C;n tlw(' b.. h ind " ..., S:H~n.... [t:'111 k the sanl' . wl an v of vou wi ll be ~ f!ai n,t YO li. You ga mbit- wlth Chc( k .\ul.o Li ~hl' I So Sa t:l n c·" t h" hind hirn ~' nd tr:r d I n p ush him off t h,' nub, In~lc~d flf dri\'in~ t(:lU,,!C or u nfa m iliar _. can .I (k:lt h \\'1lt" 1l YO ll t:lk... Ch a .nCl'3 . with . \Vht'n \ Vl' rit:,w , ll ss('d the' autr)lllo b. . . .. .. .' ..... . . , \·V·II' k 'd b,t· · h'I. I"1 .i.P · ,-[ If T\<~.1 ~_ h~• I-'-.. d d l'~ t ,-d-: l r H.~ th, ( .I S) h . l ~ .H l OS .' . I l U O c.. l. un ..... .... 'A..... 1 ri tlIIa s Bdo rlnnDg "; our IiI','. Lea,.,. ,·ham·,·· Llb!l'" out of I I . I f ' I f 1 UUIt" lu ' al l S , . ' " ' 1 CP' 'It PLC s ,,·t. K. u pp sll~'~' c,te d IH' ' :l W ; , IT'H,,,,:d k h,,[f a bl ock a wa y. " nonn.:; t 11" r3 ntl c p t'~S 0 t I ' ti !lW t 1C:1I n Lbe r::a.r yo[(r lJ-,- jy inc. pattl'rll-a litlle ch an c,­ · 1 , , ' .' " . , • . ' ., . " .. . .1 , .' [ 'd . ~ ' ,. .' ., [ "Yu u sh o u ld gT' t (Jilt (' \Try h ·w da y:; t (·" c h t.T, ' f l. 5,til ::i.11 1ntf nc dn\\I1 .Inc I t ~51' .. on .1 :"' .I, f" n .-. 11., n,.. . hI}" . :n;d;\'" a big c rash . I to (' hec k th.. li .~ ht s. " - h 1. h b d { T h is wa, S"d, :1 sho('!.: (fJ Sa ta n tha i 11 ,' "" 'nt II g I uom.. '.I> 's , ()




'I '


















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- - - - --

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ale t Cost

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. 1~ t at il)tl hi ll.

Ill S '- _..I

f lh' r woultI l>e Iea_ d th a t h e mu. t.:. kell hl~ 1950 m udd au tomobi le in

1 5ai 1'1' hr ck bd ol\ ht~ 't3!'ted . :JO() ml l~ dn\T . Ilom (" (r om coIIeg.: Ills fur tht Irri,tm.lS h liday. Wa rrrn' , da d, a n in<ur:l.n ct; a les­ I1la n , h a d a lwa ys tn st d sa f,' dri,-.jn , • his fllnil ', E , rh membe r of War­ rCD ' , lamih' had , a t one- time or . 11­ th..." hr;t. n"p'~ favorit , saIllon, " R C'm mhn -, kids." lie would say, "undrr thl' hood of t ha L 3.u tomobi e I, \'I! tUO h Or,L'5. If yu u k· ep .J. rinn hand on th.' r,im and ma intain 'lOLrOI ", r ra(h m tl e very lonc, the: tr III ,.ill II ) ju, t ' i },I)U din'c t , B u (01

T h,' fn .'n",,\, <,

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will not

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n tht)\l1 11'1111

hi, W rll

''''rite to COlllluissionc rs

"s k" d hi(1I nOw it wou[e! be to w ri tt' to th e ('ou nty a nd n 'q ucs t t h.. c O IIHn i'!-iS 10ntorS t el kc 0501111:

a c tion :-inc.("

"1 , jus t ha ' n't hlT n du m·... Th l' Scr­ gt·a nt s;d d , ' ";\ \Try good id{~ a . '1'I";\f­ fi t· co nt rol si !~ llS ,, 1'(' 'lI'c(kd at th e in tl·r.sectio ns wh e n · :HT ldcnts arc ha p ­

[J r·n int::,' · \vhi ch h t· d c fill (-d as


th of th e r ulj,- ct" withi n a square In:lr f;:1 d ius '" nO I

w~ s ju st ;, littl.. d mp from tlw ra in I (n p~ rklllg a reas fo ,' tud ents. Thou­ n"


11l· n ' in th e county

C o m nH'(lti n~ u" sa fl'l ' II 10\TS wh ic h I P:'lr ifie Luth "tan h 8 S a lread y m ad e,

both me n ha d ]lrai sc for thl' work to

I PH)\ i(k }x :lrkin g. F roln S g t. Itu pp : Hi

. , 5t r;l i.'u ht. Th ,' roa d th Ink th•.. ('"IIt-.'l"· na s COlll' a lo ng wa y •

tf ll' ni!:h t bdu n ·. W " r r

;'Ippli(· d

[Ltl :l "H 1d d \~:irn~. "


11 . \," \tapp y L... ..a u e lu: k ne w

~t('riclr nts

"C,,"!'!;" I,', ])<'ck stri:ms rwrforltl the' rilo' " f j ",yw' ll:inr.; hi' fo un d in t hl' d n \Tr:; o r r- quiplw: n t. u n.d Il~ . (" \'("n if it dot' s [JIl· rit : j t tTI cilJlI ;l r finC' I" tC(l n ,,~r1 . . . at.':'l n . ill,t , ." "'.. ("T tl traf fi .. co nt ro l d l' vic.., S" k .. ha.rac t 'r is hope!t·ss!"

Chri~l as w a s g in.n t o be e x pe o $iv c o r 'N n en. He h.l d already spen t 4 6.65 o n'" a g i f t fo r his p a r e nts . T he p r e c t . .• I imsclf! h~ ~ 4 ,6 'i c v en t ma ny tl in g : a brake reli-n e, S2 1.5 0 ; 'I [WO tire retread " ~ 1 5 . 5 (: lube job . 2 .00 : five quar t s 0 f 01 , 'I.flll tl1r.'.· lit w 'pa d , plug. , . 3.1 5 ,~ ' st Ull<'. 0 r !I. lOS( ' Jl or't'S gt;; t d • ...·IV wind5 hicid w iper , . 1.50. .d 0« (1' , Ju h 1 1 ·n ' t itl"j lhi It~ had h is Iigh ch eked ou t u co n tro[~d n t e w 10 e tea m. Wl.. {\r ftt>t. ' il IlPt'd c , p uJ lIn g' you to d st ru ctlon " W,lrren had mixed c rn otioru; when ,\ , \ V:>rn 11 '. La rt l-ci honw for h,S \ ,1­ . 1ll ' f ( I t h ,. d'1d n ' t 11..<"\ \ ' h . luukt'd I t Ilt' Sl' I\· iec· station bill '· :It.ll.m t ' re a ': III" \ ,add -ned becausl" the $ '1 6.65 0 ope n :l ,i n~ k t" xl book during ti l!' d~nL ill hi , b',. nk hoiid a,. 's .:In ti he r("t,:i\Td " lr · ~ t '·r f roIn WI> uld IIlil kf' 'lUI, n ~ . . D" d , a Vln ,,- he' w() ulci 1):1 " tht' . .... \"1 ('1· \ OW11 . .. .


sol u t ion to soerl('

! Il l<" I' Jrkbnd art·", " ,id

ho '

H,' "a'ed I'st ,..,,iTH·a..'I t thei.r bits ..., " d own

on th e ac cdn::tto r a bit to g ive them tl,,-i r h pad .. , Wa rren', dad sat looki n g at Wu­ !'I.·n', d osl'd books and the :S ~6.65 sn\'icC' sta tion bill an d h e too h ad mix"d (' moti ons. He W ~' S happ y beCJu sc his S011 ha d thouf.{ht c nlJu !\"h to I'( I"i a s"iety che ck for the car. H e W ', ,;) ddl ne d twca u;.. Warr"n had for­ \lo tte n to t;<'t t l... It'ast e xpe D ivc .~Ul' t) d ,t'I' : o f .. Jl . tlr ' , nr o n hi m elf.

'I :ln ds 11;1\ (' I>:c n '{Wflt. ~h a t way, ~'," r' a ll ' o f[ tlw Illdl\va)' 3n(. shoulde rs. From Dq llltr La w[ " r: "There ('cr­ la inl y is a ckqua tt' pa rking. They've ( the ad!llinistrati on ) d one morl;' tha,lI tln:ir shart' , and all it will take is co­ op... ration from th e participa nts ." .'\nd, from S g t. Rupp, the WIH!nen t a bout PLC wh,ch we probably lih 1.0 ' h" :n, was, "We' ve becll p a troJling the a rl'a. ,\ s fa r as the colkgr is co n­ ,'('til 'd, w c ' ,,: had \tTy littl" t rQub k . _\ s 1 ~l jd , it !rOC! back to lh t hi ,!h r' r c l libn of P"opir' wh 11:0 tho:' : '

Trouble at PQrkland Intersec:tio ?

Is so m~tbing bothering you, budd y' Do yo u have a p rob ­ lem? S o me o n e just cr u mple your anterior ~ Is that what's b o t h erI' g n i'ou. bllddv.:' '-'ou thought YOll had the rl'g ht of way ? , I n The important thing is n o t t o insist o n your righ t of wa f if there is risk of an accid e nt . You are n e ver jus t if ied tIl d rivin g fast through all intersection or failin g to notice o thl~ r cars despi t£ the t echnical s tat u s of right o f way. Our friend s pictured a bove s hould have abided by thes e t w o rul es: I) At unmarked inte rsections which are not __ n t rolle d b y tra ffic device s. the vehicl e on [he right has the right o f wa y r >:­ gardl ess of whether it e ntered the int~ rscction fir st. 2 j At th e intersection of a road with an arterial hig h w ay , t r affic on th~ arterial highway has the rig h t o f way. V ehicles e n teri n g r cr 55­ l ing m u -r yie ld the r ig ht of wa y.

(Information from 1957 Wash. State Drivers' Man u a )

Friday, Dec:. 13. 1957


Humboldt: H~~pst:ers To Meet:f PL Here Tonight:, Tomorrow


PL C s undefeated CJgas will b... going after their sixth and nlh st raight victori,:s o f the season this weekend, They pia,Y hos t to [be hoopsters o t H umboldt State College of Arcata. Caht _rn i.! , .to night and ,tom rrow at 8:00 p.m. J I ht' \· \< ,tlllg LUlllbe rJ acks com,~ t01 i

\ 'V



by Eugene Hapala Buchan Coach FRANK FIDLER'S comparison in b,·orin.'l' thc Seattle L'ni"'~ rsity Chi!'ctains a s a b etter than our Lull's dOt'sn' t pa ck too much pun ch aft'r the i troun cing of th e Bakns this season. FIDLER was asked

if) r th eir seco nd gam of the ,'aSO" . f h,:y .we re ~own:d b y S outhI " Ort',\on III th"'r onl~ 5ta r t th us, oH . ,

. .


Lntlt:: mfo rma tlOn h ,,, ("ome; from ,h.. Nor h... rn C a liiornia sq ua d, but Ih~. mu n lor the Lutes to wa tch could l,r Wa rre u Bilker. Baker w a , t ht: 'Ja ck> !--Jd i ng r :bounde r and sco ra las t " c:l­ ,on . Coach ed by Fra n Givi ns, H UUl ­ nid t ha lc n returnees from la st year',

':a rsit)



Baskctba ll rs have a few rule ehan.~ es to possi bl~ conf~s, ' th elll this y~ar as they root t o r thclr favoritt- houpstcrs on the mapks, SOllle of th ese changes, as outlined in the Officia l Basketball Rules by th e :-':ational Baskdl)<!1J

CO,11llnitt['~ ~f


l'\;; x t weeke nd tht, Lutl'> w ill t ra w l L mtt.' d Stales and C,lnada, an. as fol­ ,) KCll n ewick a nd Spoka n,· to take o n lows:

(h,~ nt.lp k-n wn of G on za g-:< L" n ive r­

.. Many cage fa ns wn.,' ~ighly s~["ptical ,as to'. .strt.n.::th of :he. colkn"d It poin . C !t-nn A m. y led Lut.-s a nd the: Lute bench IS fas t ktllmg thIS sk eptlc,sm m tilt' bud. S O:: lll Ol the GUlln crs' sc orin~ with ~ llOllIt.-> . RICH HAMLl~ h ;l$ r ea lly COlllC into the picture as a strull g, vc- rsatik n '­ hy Broiled onT tht' St ul of 3rd ' s"r\'1' fo r thi~ year's Lut es. HAMLIl\ has turm'd in ontst~nding p Cli o nn:ll1c('S Floor 29·17 . Roge r AnJeT~on I, d. tile ill a ll of the Lute ~a llll'S a t bo th forward and g uard a nd will undoubtedly 1i<.. Iv)' sm n'!", with 9 po im s while Ghud; eallt-d upon a ll s"ason long- to kt'l 'p the Lllt,' s "up th,.r,.'· wh cn th ~ regu lar Mykl hu st tallied .') fo r the 1 t'r,_ sta rte!"s l1l'('d a brea ther. S(' n :ral capable fres hm en a re added insurance for Roa d Runner~ w o n on a forf~it hy th e Lu te streng-th :l nd will fi guro' gn' ,ltly ill Lut(' champi o nship hopr , I The Bra in, . THIRD FLOOR FOOTBALL BANQUET . Hcsler~ Top Clo"cr Creek 'I Yes, y ou read i t co rre ctly, Th e nll'l11bns of till' Third Fl oor intr:ll11ura l Th e 3,'d Floor H,'s l r 0 '~rpowernl ! foo tba ll t" ;'lln staged a " hallqui'l" in th e small dinin J;r room of the CUB la L tht' Clowr Cree k B lll~ n .B -20. ROD wee k. Thi s is th" sa me tea m th a t had a n uttnly miscra bk. year as fa r fas Lb,; d J nson was hi gh pow ' man f r win and 10_5 ('o lUlIln "as cOllce r n('d, but no t a s fa. 3 S the un pol tance 0 ~ l'o H es tn s with 1+ po illts foll ow, d el~ _ . , " b y d ly by ,TeITY Vi , roc k w it h 1310mb; spOi tsmanship a nd "ju,t phm fun' wa ' COll cl'lncO. I hI"d anqud wa . I 1 s sta' a k er complete with '","Il l' ' n ' fi s!' '' d r~ ss, (' lltn tallllnt' nt, ;lll tI t' usu a sp(' <: s. for the CC tea m, . I d' .'" . VIS C E NOVAK sc rVl'd as m u; tn of ce rt' m Ol11 es :.nd t 10: mna W,lS <Jl g" ,l ­ Harsh, Wyndha.lll Hit 12 ized bv C;ORDIE GR ,\DWOHL. Trophi es "," n' bo nght b y individu:t1 m n n· C 03c11 Mar\' Ha rshman 'practiced 1

' -

a fter 9 p .

All Evenin _

Frida y -

10707 Pacif ic A ve.

. ...

~ I . " '· )\l ·\ K




Phon e LE. 7-6012

~a ll l

fl i~ ht., o n th e r lltl" th, ' c \'ltnd 'T \basl:ct 1. ' , . It 'In OPP(ln"n t p la v.. r vlObtr:s the ' [. 1 . . : ru k ~J n all t o l11a tl c :-;( o r c fJ OOl nt I (I l l"<' th ro w ) o r 2 p oints ( fid d ~oal ) will h.. award'.'d tl1<' k ;U!l or pl a y'··r


. ,

on ib .o.l o w nw a r.d III .



"tt elll pti Il 9: th ,,' shot.



' <. :, ."


! Inc! to tou ..:h th" ba I:n or the



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4fl.e a


Have Your Car

* * * * * *

2770 Marin Avenue, Be rkeley 3, Calif.


123rd and Pa cific A venue


Parkl ndFuel Oil Service


Clover Creek Richfield Service

C H UC K CURTIS' ! ! t /tolmos aga in st I:\uch;} 1\ ', a11l'r! Y lIil!'ht I' d os,' 10 th ' l'L C n.'cord 01 _ . hd:! by Cl'R TI S .. BR U : .\LE. - J\. ­ D ER, T OD D C u I H, ',M G ,\.\GE, R U ~ HOV EY, RUr.ER IV E RSU:\, L Y .\); LoO RSO , ', nd J1~,1 VA'; BEEK , Ii daim ;I' hOll'" 0 " n . , . , ORM D :\ H L, D O i\ S L'H LTZE , 'nd R .\LPH C.~\RR a n ' ·h.. Lute- (':!I{CH'> h a ili n.; C a liforn i.1 cit it s .IS th eir horne tow llS . . . Conch . IAI ll:\.R.SH­ MA:\ i, " n lt'rin s his 'IJirti III e 011 of bas knha ll play o n an orgl:Wl.'d tl'am. H \ R SH (.l I,. ndin hi · t ,lem, II ! hi.' Y' a r to th ,· l..h"I\t:): 'Iud our T ;,cOJl\;).

Ow ,,.

I j

Bob's Shell Service



(lg' .


Needles - C.arrying Ca se - Racks



WI NDSHi el D Wl PE~ S







POllllS Or I I..:



Adolph's ichfield Servic


\\' 1t





~lS t j" Y



FREE ( w ith purcha se of 5 gallons of ga s)


,·'0 11 lnn


t ... the new








5 ll -+ ::' . D lw nr 10<' I~d th.' winners' I 1'" h'l C Id ,(' (JI rr m~ 1 - POIIIB a I I ' I \V I ('. ~ t' 1 " . \Y ,h !PIIl' 11 1( I POlllt /I n . ! 1'. l' i P .. 0

ChriJI' m' nI , try has room, righ t " OW, for st rong gifted men of God, Stud e nt. 9rodU<lting f rom coll f!1:j e 1958 "'ill do well to ap ply now for Seminary e n· totlrnent W rite todo)' for co ,,j,0 9 and applicatio n form.

8, Foelsch , Ph, D" Pre:>i.eM





hi s p na chip.g" ; , h.... I t! t I~ llCu ty wi th I ~ po ints " h ' •..vCTwhdrne lh e -It h Fl oo r fro h .\6 -20.Tim \ 'mi­ . h ~~m 1. 1\;l ' c!t"d tit, lI·h Il l I t 'Clnn~ IV lth pl1 U1t.< l "r tht Frosh . r ' jardi I . ' , .. '- ;nlo the- 'Wi I h '--. h P .. D

1 afJIMI ad I ' ''''''.t (3'/ ~~ e n'tutma4 j'­


FE yeH





I n,d~.


AI! t V fl ing





Auto m a t ic

T\Jesd oy -


)L'rs anu l'rt' s('nt l'(j 'Y " , . ln .k es t h,' bo nus free .thrl.lw d oes "~ t G O ODWIN GAL ' 5 ~10RE HONORS ;t pply unt il " fuT th,' >txth perso nal IS DICK G( ) OD\VI:,\ c()n t i nu'. ·~ to gOlin mon° POS t sea son footba ll a ward ;. c tl t" d , ..." inst the 0p ')(Jnc- nt m e ,ther . . d .. ' f . ".~ ' . 1 t s G()f) DIE has bt· n , ', ' " J . .\[o n [( w,th hc ,,:,'" n;lltll' rn- c~ J: ta m u . nex t ) ~ ,'r.~ ~u, na m ed to th e Ilrst tea ltl :\Il-?\ o r thwe, t, E"'>I[( ll,n C o nf' l l llCl., "L.d larlll:cd ~ 1 he ll1;ll~ry'ng tor :t ltdd goal IS h ,'no w hJ,- nwnt ion On thl:' Little :\ll',\lTl<'rir a ll tt'am. Con !!: ratulatt o n: . DI K . f tIll' on I-' "bvt'r o n tlt l' court au thor­

Par dl"s OWL

Wedne3d ay -



I' .

Fu lly

Th i rd Fluor BreWt'r.i, kd by "Brr.,,­ wi th J b POtJlts, . romp"d o,'c r Olov .. (,rrck r\) 43-41 as th" int ra mural ' '-ge r, 1 IUTlIed \0 th,' SEATTLE. .I ac ti o n on the m aple , Dec"Tuber 9. Jer­ colle g,' c asab.1 club : r y Curt i; bolstt-red thl" C ' ('ff",rt w th Lut ~' second ;o~l1ld 17 poi nts, by P.I sports edito r Freshman Marlin R osemorc: dumped

to comm(' nt on who FIDLER was the better 17 points for thl' Cd. in , of ball club . thoug ht that th f Chidtaills should gam the nod (' ,,: n 1-1001' a < th ey d owwd Dqilrdl~ClI ~lthou g:h Buchan's had dcft-ated them 70-6i alld PLC had beat the BjJ. kas til 18. Ma n' Bolbnd !t:d the D -Jardlnc th., 'I~'"'C . T ourney. MR . ' BROUG . H A:\I[ went on .to COlllment that th!! Bucha n I sco rin ~ witL 11 ,· o unk,.,. guard duo of CHUCK KOO?\S and RON PATNOE W , I> probably tll.- b~'ll l~i{th Floor Wins in the :'-iorthwl'st. Has MR , BROUGHAM seen Lute ~ Ia rd s ROGER IV ER - . Fifth Floor "g- unn"d" lhe' G unnen SON and JIM VA:--i BEEK pe rfonn? I d oubt it. of :l rd Floor ~8-::!3 in a ti lt led in 8eOl'­ . HAMLIN IMPRESSES FANS ing by Hoh Eri cbon of 5th F loor, ",ho

:'-iulllcra is on th e- pl~yers' jerse ys arc .i " T hr. e hig hly touted · <I . ~ e rs a re il legal :ll1d subject to pc na lty (t{'chni­ 'd by Ie Cll1 C la ud,. LeFebu re, th e- 7 ('a l foul) if they an' madl' up of the 'lot , n h fr" shman, sin gh- di gits I or 2 or if the consist Duri n ~ till' C hristllla s vacat ion the of a di ~ it g raa tcr than 5 ( i,c. nUll", ral (, h'd i ~ . \;; will sc,' actio!! ""l'a inst the li 7 i, illl' g-al, 55 is lega l ) , ,..os , TI1.. D ,'nve r-C h ical\o T r uckers ); 0 fllT throws a rc a wa rded in th e .\.\ U l ,·ill be' on the C:ll11P'.lj conrt ",cnt 01.1 doub'" foul. i ' , Ie ga I .f)/'c,'mbl"l ')­ 8 and th l' n III tIll' lIeW ,\itCI a (l oa I h t' t lrOW-ln L~ ''I I 0:' J anua ry 4 th" Lutes wtll sCl' k [ , ". b " did b ' ' 1 l OIn <l nv po mt r am t I' e n o un­ ' 1,I'lr third w in a gainst th e ..\ , ' Bu.Inc~u ' . lI'ln g t I11" ( ' '{t ~ ' n d (' d f. (L l f \ ~ 1L'l'­ !M n B k.. r s th ts scaso n ' l I' d h l .k , th row l.lll' ,HI'a 0< nn t (' )a t ­ Tip-oft t im e to r t o n u~ht',; l\a ll lt' IS "' :'1 n o fJ,m . ,I boar d, . . ' .- - - -..- -- - -- - - - -In coll eg ia te ts 0 t' C)- O mmu te l .- - - - - - - - - - - , - - - - - - , i

'mural Teams C nti u alian

I er" G ordi ,' Soil.l.lld

'57 '58 H 00 Pi; Ru Ies Change IROYAL~BROUGHAM FIDI~ER -

Page T hrecr


1130 B roar§ w::;;"

Friday, D c. 13, 1957


Page F our


buies Bounce Bakers 92-78; Troulce C S f r Fifth in ind ividual p~ rform- .5 11l pU 'l'ntagr.·. C h u ('k Curtis and R o ge r Aftl'r the openi n!!; m inutes, t he Lute h r.Hon, \\ 10 can nr d :)3 and 26 pomt s, ka d w a, m:w:!' S(',-iou J y lhreatt: ncd, I f }J" n h dy, fJlu s the over·a ll shooting and it m'a rly turned to a mut a, the cellence of the Lutes gave FLO " Gladia tors bui lt up a 26-point lead, m'ine-ing \\ in 0 \'('[ th e AAU Sea ttle but th e loss of starte r Jim V~Ul Bec k Buchan Bakt r, het( las t Sa tu rd ay I a n d Tom Sa hli on fouls hurt the Lutes, tOI ~ part' n sta nd ing room -only a nd t~(:y '1' <::.1'(: una ble to m ain tain this ('f( wd 280n. . m ar. m . 1 hI Bdko::r<. who •.m ly a few .nigl: ts I' Lr,rr,. R:unm, star fro m U . of \\' ., b " f n r ,', had uf'st' t the nat Io nally Ie d the B kL r with :! I point s. CUI-ti s. f . , k~d ",'aLl lt LT. C h if:ftai n s , could n' t Sa hli , and Bob R oi ko w('n: outstand ­ rna t,lt th•. rorfl n ' hoo t , ~):( p ac<' of th" ing on d,:f"",jn' n:bounds. 1.111'>, who >< o rt'lwd trw ne , fo r :\ i Tn th e a nnu a l Kin g's-X pr~ -It'aguc {Jul'!. ndiul%


Expert Dry Cleaning

Laundry Servi ce

406 Garfi eld St.

STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowe(s for All Occa sions



·--------1 J.


t ::~di;~ t~1; JL;::cs~\'inlling

0!fll/1A/~~ v;r



t J"\-ins PL {~e


EDIT OR ..............DA V E CR OWNER 'I w Editor..................H e rb Dempsey porl5 I .<litOr.. .... ...._ ...Dennis M attala




We pr ovide

Checking aid

Halft im e Sl' ore was 57-2 6, a nd the GIFTS Savings Accounts

Clad" str f' tch.·d the k a d in the .('cond , . and all olh er ! h'1 lf li p a s hi gh a, ·11 )Joi nts. '·STB£ET ba nk services L u te sco rin g was "\'C nly di st r ib· BWCH u ted, with Roge r h e rso n netting 18, "'~ for (ollege ':t' maiL! C h uc k C urri s 16. Rich H a ml in 14, I studea ts ~£Jl ,'en d J im V a n Bn ·k 12. ,---------------­ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...J streak



- I ..

- - - - - _ . _....

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.-_ .


_ - -- -­

The Ultimate in Fine Dining Fo r Reserv a tiol15 1



Phone GR. 4-0535





Ma gnavox H eadqullrters

TED ROWN MUSIC 112 1·22' Broadway

TA.&O.A ' S, f'A.l:iNDLY "'11 11 f "l





• 4 ,

! O ~t: ~",. <I

-"-11010­ It ,.. ''''..... ''''1 <:.(;

0 ....- ,04 _




112th Street (Airp ort Roa d l a nd Park Avenue

ox 144

EE. 7·7135


S ee if you can answer this

question about your own fu ture:

How much will you get back

on yo r insurance dollar?

Many people thi nk it costs them money to have in mance

Books a s Gifts

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protection. The facts are quite different. For example, if you

lcake out a $10,000 Brotherhood Provider policy from Lutheran

Brotherhood when you are twenty years old, you will actually

receive $1.74 at age 65 in return for every dollar you have paiJ

in. That's a profi t to you of 74¢ on every dollar you inves t - Ilnd

'Oll have full protection from the day you sign up for the insur·

once besides. A t 65 you h ave a choice: you can have $12.255 -·

or you can have a monthly income of about $77.20 for life. This

figure is based on current dividend rates.

Protection for your beneficiary increases with the yeurs, too.

n starts with the $10.000 face amount, and rises steadily to

$1 5,979 if you should die at age 65.

These are some of the reasons we say Lutheran Brotherhood

gives "I,iving benefits for Lutherans through life insurance."

Y u get the protection you need during your entire producti\ e

life, then get back much more than you have invested.

T alk to your Lutheran Brotherhood representative about the

advantages of beginning your insurance program early, whell

the rates are lowest.



What Makes Pop Corn Pop? Popp ing corn contains water. When the water gt:U' hot enough, t he kernel explodes. Result: popcorn.

lutheran Brotherhood

We're not passing this information along as a public

service. Actually we're up to t he same old gamf'.

701 Second Avenue South • Minneapolis 2, Minnesota

Livi:ng benefits for Lutherans through life ·iU8ura.fI,ce

.·· .. ·· o






through Chris ' n

me of



ba ttle , th.· PLC Gladiato rs a nnihila te-d the C PS L og-ge rs 87A 7 h e re Tuesday,


L E.7-0206 W Dell v r

Mrs. J o Summ.ers P'hone L E nox 7-4300



LE. 7-5317

12173 P ac ific Av e. ( F oot of Garfi e ld )


I ocI


O pposite Parkland Post Office




We Outfit Co-eds

Ten ni s Shoes -- Bu ck s -. Flats .. O xf ords

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COCA-COLA BOTTLING, INC., TACOMA, WASHINGTON - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -. - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- _ __ __ _ _

Ende name Fun Ch irma

F r Pb a pu Ex an io

I.r r ri r \'''lId, !" 1-, nd. , p resident of



lht P.••·lfi[ I ir I F.-del " l ·a~·j Il I1. '" d

A "vOalion., has b,·...1\ flanlrd '<' una l ciJainmm uf (h i; ne w PLC, f t fund , I h.l$ fund is a I [illion doJlar appeal dl I.. U at busmc <"5, i nd u tJ ks, a nd illdhidua h "f T tl rna anu f' i , . C 'OUIlt, to provide a I,ew busi ness ad­ 11111 'ua tion and '. L0f1 m ie a nd du­ ,; lion bu ilding a nil additi0 ' 1 ~(' i(n ce acillljr.:s. AlsQ n,'uo\ a li on of the: lint OWl uf Old ~1 illTl in!t> m en' s dum,i· tor o orn~ a nd l <JuIlg ("~, ::md an a ddi ­ ion 10 th.c CL'B pro\·idin ~ ;, large n" ( lJ~ room Iw r ,: an bl ,u bdividt d illlU \JlIa ll, ,. J illllw tl)orns. \n vUB t;.rn d ij,~r Lusi ncs."t '·x ·c u .V~

- - - ,---_ ... ----

assi tane( in this pru"ram. hI:

fu r m d " L m mitte.t of It'n to l\';' ,1\, ol!bt a nd inc I ·a d r < f rot T a­ com::.. wh o will '<:rn as a d iy c ti n lr


.1Id l (, ",muni t,; k: d ..· ! ·. Mr. V ander End. ). the pn·jid.. lI t of th t: lar, c t ," ,in b mlo. in tll, P aci fi c l\"orthwt's t ;'JlIl ont uf t he te ll larllC,t ill t h " cU'ITI­ tI].

De a Dr e SP

F r We ken , umey

n ,m m iillO' fur th ,. c m paig n . '1 h... first p h.1St: of the d " v~ l op rll< n t fu nd .!Or un derway thi s W' I k. ", h, Il tl", fir t ph d gl' w eTC mad,.' by th t' admini,t m ti\'l' official s. A fa c ~I I t v !T\I" tin will he htld tol1turruw ;" a kid; -,Af for w licitdt:ons of in d i,idual, fa c ulty mem bers. Dr. K I'istin Solb... r ~ i, th (~ cha irman of this comJllitl ~ ~ . As a qat'! .. I towards this Ul'velofl­ me nt fLlud , whi c h is intcIld cd tlJ pru­ \·iu .. "duitiond fa ciliti" , for b,.tt~- r .. d ·· ttl' a tiol1 :it PLC, an initial. g ilt ul ~5 (J (l




Cecil O. Vance

Uance Takes I New Pasl­


h as 1:lI'cn rnad e b\- on e of the s tudt n b

Tw('nt\ · two Pa c ific Luth" r;:m nw nt " i\h. K tI i, I"t ·. lignin hi tor; w,rc schcduled to Il :l\;" t hl~ learn i n man" n" w tomhinatio/l i.:<r I l n ornin~ ell 7: ! 5 :!.. n!. fo r tll., pr:1din lhis pracli {'.

d..rla t<· a l SC:llllc Pacific C L.lh t<" to·· P a rifi ,' L ut hl' rall d It. tun. wh will cia y <1 nd tomorrow. be comp e ti n: in 1111 , Iivi~ion~ of )u n­ D l'~i" ned r 'pcciallv for junior di vi­ j'lr ~Hl d ,,. nior r tell e atc:, junior sio n , 0Illpl"litcll'S, thl' tourrll \ w i.11 w (> me n's drball. , Ora tol1' 'xu:mp., draw "bo ut!.') or ~o scllOols fr om rh e: aftL'r dinllc r speaking, dm:ussion, ra­ :\or thwc,t. Srniol' division m en will di o and impromr>t u . re : :1 lso ha\ (' <1 cha n ce to practic e, :l nd D iuJ Aln e, J ovce Alton., C. roJy PLC will haw ~om .. oi her uppe r divi· Bloom fi ..ld, C. ap ncr. riu Dahl sinn debators jud gi,, 1'Z , Donald Dou glas, M Iy Dunlap, Judi btl, BC!ltdou C (, rn nw ntld }'1r. T. O. H. Ka rl, Johnson , Louise PLC d, ·ha tt· in ~tr u('(or , ;ow(' h a n ' wo n .M:acdonald, D eloy ) N i :md nob the S\V (' t.psla kl" !' ('\ T r y "Yea r t11('''' h a y ('"' Olson. g i\ "1'1 " ~ W l-' p \tak l's." The Sca ttk Pa­ Joh n Ols n , J l!ris Randall, OfT! cifi c tourn amen t ha,; hrcn bdd ,inn R ves, Cordon: mel , J; rklt later, 19 49. D a\ e Stu a rt, J im T . ynoJ', J:lIl' t Tur ­ In t ' xpl ' rirn r' nt i n ~ for futun " tn u rn:l - lIlan , Bob" agrle r .lJJd -:mCy W alk!'f.


who w i,!led to n:'.rnoriali"' ,~ room in th t· a dJltIoll tv Old M a lIl. 1 IllS rooJll 1 \\'ill b, dl ci icatl'd in hOllur uf thi s stu­ dl lit an Ll :t bI Othl'l', both of WhUll1 ,","W to l'LC's aU lll illi.; tra:in: staff I a tl! tit' , d PLC. ' thi s w('['l; is C"cil O. \"ancl', who will :In <t, :t <>i, t;lllt to P n sid,·"t E ast\'o ld



eg rhammer To • Duri 9 Em as.s

---_._--_._- --­

tn ('h ~rg! ' of financi 31 uperations ~lnd

:: u xiliar r cn tc-rpriscs. \ ?a n n : was purcha:\ing agnH a nd

pea eek

din'n ur of auxiliary l'nt ~ rpl"i s , :.s j,t fin i<h-nt of tlH I ;illdill(" ClliVCI'sit\'. St. Paul, Minne­ , " td, ~ 'II" 19 ;13, IS " '~ Iadu a tl' of ,'\ ".I.C usta na L u thera n Chu rc h. wi ll lie sp<'ak 'T fo r .Pacific L ud"," .\r'~ rin'".] II :l JllJI1 rH', \Y IH ' I ( . II t' 1·C( (' 1\ to d J'I'IS b .:it II ­ F.IIl!Jh a~i s \\',", k \\ hI( h I" ~ tn s o n FI·b ru ;,,·y Ii .



, lor uf .:rts d, ·!!' \'[ , III huslIl css adlllln. , Bl'g Il1I!ln t!' Mondav morl1l nl!', th e 17th. In ch ap.!, ':t1i r . i:rrrb.:Ullmt 1 1I :.lI OII f' . ior to thi, he 'I'n ed l i\, wtll ;, ddrfs, the <tud,nts in I1ICrn lTt' c ha p' I ta lks..\1 <0 fou. e"eninl': ",ssiom y, ;' I, 111 th, i"l,,"t r y dUrin !.\' W(JIld wtll b, h,ld at 7. 00 P !II. ~ n d h(" wtil <prak ,It \ariou orm d . Ii n nou VOL. 35. N O. 11


FRL, JAN. 10, 1958

lI.. will I,,· :.l \·a ilahlc fnr l'nu ll" lin A ;dl W I I k until Fri d a~ nl n. t' l)fll:LI1 W:l r 1I. c hie fh' in Europe. H .. is a 11I(' llIlw l' of Pi G:. 1Il1ll:1 }.oIu, 21, ",h"n h,- will le a \'(' th ..· campus. nati o n a l soc ial scie n cl' honora ry, and Dr. SC ,l!I' r hol ll>t IH'l' W'IS for se\'fTal ),r'n r, lh l' p: S r (If .\n!o:.liL L lllhe-rnn [h...\" :\ t; o nal .\ssoc iation of Edu..,, · Churl'll ill Lo., ..\n~.,·k , 'llld nm, h ", fli s Conf,' rcnc, · lit adql1n rt rrs ir, thal citr_ ti o n;)1 Bll\,('1". :\ f1Il'lII IJ"l of th[' Lurhl.'lall church, }'1r. \ ' ntH t nuw lives with his wife - " .. - _. ---1f PLC Ski C lub I"l< a ccqJt<'d th ' ;lnd ri\( o child n n at IIO:! 5uuth I '~Oth im'ita tion t'J participate in Portl~nd St . t

0 Statl Culllgt':"s St .ond Winter C.uru ­ ree . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Pbe Ski lub,Accept Inuitatian To PSG Winll arniual Can IS 'B anquet T Honor , 'romural A th letes /I

.Iunday, J a nuary II;, all men wh o Ira , tah n }Ja n i" the in.trlJInura! po rt, p ro: ram f PLC will be: h on !'p·d at a spo n prr>gnult bei o g ' 01 ,t! bv L ctt c rm n' , Club and th M uunn ~ Mast. Th~ "banquet' ill be ; t 7· 00 p.n .. in CB· 200. 'l wo E I.-West football m oviei and _.. r WI' 11 I' ; g u,st sp .....e 11/1: hi 'IS' ht tl'~ _ ,'n formal program. Refreshm ent; will be

\ ~:~~,to~l w~

at Mt. Hood F"bru::.ry

. I

S un\'

g.l r ~ ,



Fall Se mester I 57.

\ 11 examinations will b· Iwld in

AWS To Hold


Sc, f.'l' 1.1 cull,"!;t's in Wa shin gtort ' "nd UI'<" l!on han accepted th ~ invit.l.· I , ion. . E:,.c1. <<:hool may enter a m~XmlU~ll of SIX male racers fur compc-tltlon III Tn rll o.rr ow , .Ianu ;n'y I i. till' PLC slalum and downhill rac es alld [TO­ :\ WS wil! ho ld its ,1 nllual rulllma~c phi l 5 will he awarded. l'\on-,kiin,' ;Ii ,' frollt 9 ::1O a.m. to :;::lO p.llI. at ('''''nt s such as a snowshoe race, tu~ ISI(i Jdfccw n An'ntl!", in Tacuma. I c,f war " nd snow• sClllptunn ~, ~I Sdlint< thr' bdies', 1II1'fl'S .a. nd. .chil· . ' . planncd for th no\ d n'n', cl olhing Will h, ,",: orn"n ul the , .--\ pnnl'css rq)J't:sentl~!!, each, sd~ooll.\ WS. Most of the clothmg has bun L tli e t\'("ut I' ,· st a g o n It·. I Will II ! ,'J..~ up the Winte r Carlllval don .a t"d bv, .students of PLC. ('Olin, the quee n to be chos~n by thr~e Pll)et'(·d. from thl.' sale will go to jud !!,~,. PLC's candidat was to 1)<: the :\W5 rr;oasuI]·. 'I'll< cW'nt is h.>ld 1 ('ho~(; tl .t t the first Ski Club meeting in Tacnrna for tht' :Jd,antagl' of those ' I10 I'd . t h (. city. . I a ys. If l"IVilIS' III a rIl r ttle

Rummage Sale


~ ,-n.(.d.

Examination Schedule

' I


10:30- Fourth pl'l'iod classe, nwcting

Mi D ia na " :. ul, PLC sOl'hvfllorc, .....:u a .....nrd rd a . :l00 scholar~hi p at a 'J '(I U("t htld fe-cently in tht W inth rop Hotd . Hon(,l'in s ~\-fiss P.. ul with tht, scho~•I l , h ip wa s tbe T 3<:01l .3. Lllmbe nnard t.. lu b. Thi was th .. fil.t lim.. tho1t ,i fic Lutheran con".~e and a f... mal... \ .....wnrdt'd t he Lum cnnan' s grant .

I n " " tr'rn sc h ual.i!< th e w ~,n ~ of ("uU'·.L(1: , j ewdlv . ' IS thl' ruk ratlt,!". .th:'l! th ,·](..... "tI 11, an d tile trad.ltl on al o

t'Le r

. ,


l.'~ if . oTi n ' a~ain

IL' Wll lt

d.w . 'I hi

COllting' .

, un v-f ur Ill ll~. (flU '

;,J S





into d to

s ; . " tl unly


'" I-'Le.'

'~, nd"1

Prokssol' La r. Kittlt un, adi:;or, anJ Jay Tronsdalt-, p resident, tIl l' Art Club of PLC nndFlto I< the Ul'!urnti o n, c('ntt"l·in~ its efforts n IS­

I \

to I

-Ipl,;y:-M r .in Juhn til<' kiosl: ·windows. Rlchaxd" on e

1I1< v ar I ~6 2 whm a mark oi f ift I ht was n .,('hed . .... I hi \'t ' r'a n ng I the brst stand­ . . . ".ii I., d ;,11-, ollcg... Jewdn- m P L .. . . • . hi,t Un o rl Id ~ IS :nlald tbe C h... pcl~. 1 ulil·-Sp · buildin ~ and n h,' "Ih,' r th~ t. ()lI~K CII t and m otto, " Suihl fvl C haracter." It is c~ntercd with a Slone: of Ih... w 'arer s ch oil't.' whit han ' ngr!wcd w ith a cross


1" rH"'tiO n.

. Col tl,c

I '

I e . .

h 'I' .\11 stud~nts nrc II1vltcd to the ell . . h af . . " . . kl'd in CB-200 tomorrow nrg t tn I t ornphnw ntt>d the Art Club n Thc . b k I II .. d' th" PLC-WesttTn as ·(·t)a ~ame. way m which the eco ratHln was . dun... " bt'.-au;,· it didn't dc-!ract freom Sponsored by the Jun.i or, cost tit, I ' ITn of th, kiosk but added to it ." w ill be 35 c~n ts for SIngles and 50 acoltla Ch amlx' r of Commer l' , t:t' nts for ('oupits. Se\ I numbers ar C · ",ltal D i t ric Go1 rd('n Club and T a- plann,d for an informal prog ram of LOma. Cit y Li ght spo or('d the con- t nlertainmr n t. Chili will lx, !'ned.

. . archl cis who

. . d(,s1!~ ned t h ('

. k , 'jO ,

1.·1 i­

period dass('s rnecoti ng TTh, M TTh, MTWT

7;OO- Cl a ss('S Iq ;llla rly meeting on Mondays::.t i:OO. Tu~y, J anuary 28 7:50-·Fil'>t ptTiod c bsst'S 111l'f"ting TTh, M WThF, MTTI.. TThF. IO::30- Third period da sses meeting MTTh, TTh, TTh F , Dail')' . I ::1 0-Lif,>of Christ 101: SI, S~ & S5 in CMS-B; S3 in CB-200 ' 4 in I..- ll~. History of tht: Christian Church 112: 51 in CB-109 , 2 in M S-227 ' 53 & S4 in S-108: S5 in 1\·f-\. 3:0(}--Eillhth pITi od

cla SSf'~

m et·ti n

4:30- Cla. ('\ n'gularly mel·tin g on 7:00-Cla~ t· s



Post-Game C iii Feed 5 t f or Tomorrow


4:30-- Class!'S regularly mn'tin g on M ondays at 4:30.


: ' . d d "acI'fic Ilua~ dt'coraUun was awar f' r I' CIl l" lS'tn'M I' L lIt Iw r;lll l~,(j II tilt· (llnng ....' ; .

MWf, W F.

1;30--Fifth period dass('s mel'tin ~ M, MWF. M T ", WF, M \\ . 3:00--Ei~hth


(..I t"'iS"I, stud,nts will 1)(" in trueled and .t<iv!·n the controls for closed eil'­ ~lIit nr .. loll n s of th~ flrf liminary COTl­ , Oi.;. t"st Thus th, stlld,'nrs will ~t't on· . . . the'lob 11 <t illing, 1 ut t' Jerstac.J D(m DOlle-las D,,\ c I '" ~: CIII istl a n a nd H, r b H"ublt-in al l' thos( "hn will be imtl u ('[t'd.

~J W ,

M WF, ~lT \' r h•• 1, " P,

7:.'iO-First period class", meeting MW, MWF, WF , , {. D a :1

Lutes To Learn TV With KTVW Help

Sale of College Ring IWin s First Place o 1952 Record I'ilst plac(· in th.· 5(·hool di' pl.. y Reac hIng . . . di\ i,ion uf tbt Tacoma lighted Chnst-


1O;30·_·T he: Bible - Uld Testament 201: SI & S3 in C.M". B. S5 in S-108.

Lute News Rated Tops

Ca m

, d r d tll..d d.. r inS, With f t .kim. )(11 II:!. 011 2Ul

I :30- Se\l;' nth p''I'i od classes mening TTh. 1'F, TThr, MTTh. 3:00-Fifth pe ri od class..s mcetin~ TTh. Monday, januaI]' 27

mis liPaul Wins

Scholarship Award

~ ularl)

Friday. January 24 7:50-5('(ond pc-riod das s m!l,ting MWThF, D a ily.


C(l·chail'lnt·u of tb, 11IUlma l:c sale 3 11 Anita Crt'f."lTSOn and B a r b a .. Raled by the Tacoma News Tribune J3cks0n . as one of the top ten T acoDIa new~ storit:s of 1957 wa:. the coverage of Pacific Lutheran's victori at the l l\i\Ii\ basketball tournament in Kan­ i sas City. }'hkin.~ their tdevision facilities ~t\ ailabk foJ' instruction of Pacific l Lutl)l'I-;\n'~ ladio ;;nd tdn'i,ion stu­ ! pUS i dent' is st~ti()ll KTVW, Channel 1:>. :\t hom!' basketball ll ames to be


th, , xf c]lti (Hl "f Fn's liman ('(J[II!Josi tiull l Or a n

MW, M W F, W F" D aily . Tu~<days

at 4:3 0 .

n'gularly nH:('ti Jl !: (.n Tuesdays at 7:00. W ed nesday, january 29 Composition 101: ( Miss 'Blomquist) SI, SID & SI 8 .. ....... .............. . .S-IllS ( Mr. C'ar!soll ) 52 &. S5 .... .... .......... .............. .... .......... ... ' J\{. -227 (!ii I'. Klo psch ) S3, 57 &. SI6 ......... ...... .... ....... ............... ... 1..-10+ ( M i, s Knudson ) S6 & S 12 ..... ......... ......... ....... ..... . ... ........ ' M S-8 ( Mrs. M a yfi(·ld j 54 , sa, 51 4 & 517 ........ ... .... .......... ...... B ( Mrs. Danford ) S9 &: ~-l:-l .................. ..__...._ . _ ... ..... . ( Mr , Simmons) . ! 1 &. S·15 .... .......... ...... ... ......... .

,11lI 1<tn

1O:31.l-Sl'l·ond pn iod d a m's ll1!' etinp: 1\fTThF. 1Th. TThF, M1'·h. I :30-·- Sixth pniod cl:mcs mc[·tin.L ~.f. MW, MWF, WF. TW1 h, }'{1 \ f, D a ily.


3:00- ' \T n th p( 'riod cl asses stlllt"ti ng lIf, MW, MWF. ~ITWTh. 4;:W--Class,'s l"c 'lulurly m t·r ti n.\l: on Wcd nt'sdays at '1;3 0. 7:00· ·Cla ~~, rc-gnlady rrll'c:ting Oil Wedncs. days at 7:00. Thursday, january 30 7 ~5 ()--Third pniod c1 ass('s sJJleeti ng M W, MWF, WF, MW1 h Jo' , M F. 1O :3 0--F urth period classes meeting TIh, TThF, MTWTh, M 1 V, TWThF, M1 fbt', MTTh, MWThF, Daily. 1:30- ·Sixth period da~st'5 nlC'clin!{ T, '1 h.. rfh, TTht, ~i.T h, TF. 4:30- G13 e.~ rt'gularly t· (·tin~ on Thur,days ; t ';:30. 7 :00-- ,Ia.\~ !, < rrgubrly ITlCl·t ing Oll T hur. dap .tt 7.0n.

P age Two

PLC MOORING MAST Friday, J anuary 10, 11158 ---------------~----


Time for Action

Be It: Resolved

Siaff tood-ap Because Libr y Dates are Overdue

~o1ibal!5 ~{inS @llt

'~Q1 ~nsaselnent5

. Man comes up wich the idea that che onset of a new year. '·C~ming as a new librarian . full o f great illusions concern­ Christma5 bells a ft·w ge t mix('d up g lv everyone a clean slace on which all events of the next 365 mg thIS college in the W est. I was hopeful. Now after fou r a nd ~ tart th inki ng- of othe r bells. This Ja ys can be grouped as another slice of time. So what could be months I have been disillusioned in some aspects and on the o ther beeler when starting life anew than to make some resolutions? hand I have not bee:1 disappointed, eitbt:r. In th is instance I am r~sult. in sparklinK left hands a nd In keeping with the tradition I would like to make these pessimistic but I d on ' t want [0 tay t b at way." From the libraq' chorusf's of " a round thr' ta ble" a t n'SolutioIlS for PLC and bope that they are acted u pon very conws his voir.: of Mi.5 .\Imy ra Bak- I;l - ­ r ach mea l. r r, As i tant Lihr ria n at PLC. s'00r tl y: : I 'ow a t a gla nce in t h .. fi l..s that it Som.. of our p rospectors t r ae e d I. Complaints are mounting concerning the sick sign on ~Ii i Bak~'r find. d i,t rn s a nd d i-i l- j , O\',·rd u(' . l Oon.. along- with step . 1. down a few of the diamonds and re­ PacI fic Avenue w hich is supposed to say so.m ething co th"...... "ff"ct lus,onllll'nt In thr' countless kh.ou rsd and Ii. Rr:fi k th~sr ca rds ha ck into the triew'd a fl'w of the facts. d chat Parkland is the home of Pacific Lutheran ColIege, Please, oh ,J1:00 Jt1 nr'Y spo' n o n tldr '.IU A' own fit.- s a('o rd int( to th.· Dr-we)' O r e i a l p ic se, whoever is responsible (student council tried to find out I ~tudrn l who wa lk a round In a dau, d ;lSS("S. (T a krs a t l~t two hOlJ ) . John Olson. sophomore, camc back w hom), replace those lights! . 1m a ~a }-dream of . fort:t· tfulness a~d 7. Wlwnthcovcrdur a r~ rrturn"d with th e nrws of his en gaf{ement to a re blinded OV the hsu on lh., hullrttn tha t 1 d t' h Id L _. '.M' J Saturday and special occasions h .d . Ih d h­ S U e n ~ na me s ou '''' rro SC" ISS ane t Thomas of Auburn C a li2 , R eso Ive d t h at except· for bel' ' oal ; '" ot n wor s, t e who off the li5t. f . Sh . ' . aroun ere s e t elr oved leVIS for m ore appropriate 'rr ' "' 1 . ' orma. c 15 a fr('.hman attrndm g­ ys d h h d h bo coHco.! dress. If you esteem levis that much you '-an go ba,-k to '.,non I)\lllII< hooks a nd unpa Id 8. If the book oV I· rdue. w hr n rc, . fin ". . ' f> _ ~ tur d ' t ,'d f bl f' W aldorf JU/llor College of the Evan­­ reli ve your high school days, nc • IS no IMI or. a ue Inl" 1 . Fon'5t "It i t~ responsibility of the stu- 1 slip is made out covering nam e of g;- rlea I L utheran ? ' h ureh In 3. The kiosk w ill be a glorious flop unless those in charge dents to watch the dates due." ex- uudent, address, author and titlr~ of C.lty, Iowa..Thc. affianced couple plan of the boards keep them up to date without fail. How much faith plaim Mis.'i Baker, Lists of ove-rdue book with call numb,' )". (10-15 min. , to be marnr d .'" Augu~t at the Los ~a n one put in the kiosk if the "important" announcements arc ~ooks are posted each Saturday and per 5-10 books). ;~ ~t:dl".; AngelIca Luthera n Church till giwn in chapel and Christmas parties arc stiIl being adver ­ m extreme c~s for the long. long Total time spenl for a series of } R('v. Raymond Hl"dburg-. ti d on January 8? overdue materials. ph 0 n e calls or books overdut' for one Wednesday un­ Christmas En was thl' nig ht Esta 4. Resolved that those with the urge to scribble carry scratch written notic~s are given_ less the PLC stu d e n t s read this Swanson, a nothe r sophomore, bccamr pad~ and keep their cotton' pickin' hands off posters and notices Costly Procedure and are alerted, is eight to nine bours. rngagt'd to Rod Christiansen of Hiltsw hich arc put up anyw here on campus. If you think your re­ . Th.. followin~ is th ,' proet:dure the r (At 70 cents an hour for student help bor~ •. Or~gon, a nd a '57 gradulltt- of mouks and diddlings are that ingenius mak.e your own poster. "brary ~Ol'~ th.roU f(h on oVl' rduc ea ch . it makes a bill of $7-$8 each week)_ PaCIfiC Lutheran. S, And, those of you who are so gutless and lazy to cheat on w ... ·k: ., I Dates due are n!'t'dcd traffi. , igna l. sPaul Bongfeldt and Mary Carruthtests and other school work , take a good dose of the fifth com­ I. All ca rd,," th.. fll:~ an' p ulkd ! in the library. Returning [llat.. rials a t • students at PLC. returnrd to Ix mandment and take your deserved grade like a man. If yoU' can ' t out for that o,n(" da tt'o (I ak,'s a stu- , a sct dat~ allows a nother !tlldcnt thr se renad ed ( t'sp('cially hy th,' Spurs) a ~ proud of that, it's time to change your ways. d r nt two to three' hours). . opportumty to get th ese booh , m a ga­ r ngag-(·d. These are just five resolutions I'd like to have PLC make, . 2. All due books arr filed a lphabet- zincs, a nd rcading matt~r. Anoth"r campu, coupl~ took th.· .1nd make good. Let's sec some action.-Dave Crowner. "'ally hy surnames of stud,·nts. (Tak('s Renewals Sa"c Trouble hig step: Sa ndra Lucas and Bob Olson.




one-ha lf hour). 3. Typt· up lists of ovcrdues-about :\- ~ page.~ long. (Ta k('s three hours or more on that bi g-print typewriter) . I. !\{"k,' notation on each c.ard that it was put on lists for bulletin hoards. (Takes a nothl'r hour). 5. Clip a blue tab on each card to

Recollections of Mr. Tetlie Come from Scout Leadillg

II is possible to have an (,xt.:ndr-d loan on whatc\'er . a . ·tud~nt , wl'she te h,, \'I" lon.g rr, providt'd no onC' rise has rr qu" stcd such materials. Rrn("wa i5 via tclrphonc caus,' l'r­ rors, 0 students are askl'd to brint: materials to thr library if cxtensio~ of time is want~d .

• f"ltim: off for if call1pin~ trip in the' mountains of Ydlowstonr Wa5 Mr. Harold T r tlir w:th his siz('abl,' herd of Boy Scouts. Pads on their back ~ , they St't off. Towa rd ,vrnin" thry call11'' to a n empty mini ng hark and d..c ided to •h'rp thr.n:. 51 ep? Their slurn brr was disrupted more than once that ni);ht by one of th.. scouts who ha d laid his l eepin~ bU)1; ill a mOHse trail.

When th t y at Icnl{th reachl'd the lodgl' thcy collapst'd and enjoyed fully

Etzrl h~ also be('n roya lly • ,,'n'l" 10 in rr ro nition of hi n:cent , "o~a'l"l'm("nt to Linda Bennet. Bonnie Treed.on flashes a diamond rr rl'i\'ed from Dave Miller who is I prrsr ntly in thl' army stationed at ! Fort Benning, Gr:or'l"ia.

Paradise B WL


Fully Automatic

myriad, of 7.00mi n~ mosquitocs. I Mr. Ha rold M. Tetli,', who holds such 1l11~mories liS these from his scout- : iog leadenhip and is a newcomer to our bUli ness administration departm ' nt. I is ,\ grad ua t" of Saint Olaf Col1<:-g ... H .. received his mast .. r' d egree froru the nivnsity of D e nnr 'lOd has taught in Montana hil{h schools and a t Mil~.s I

OPEN LANES Tuesday - All Eve ning Wednesday ­ after 9 p .m, Friday - All Evening


'ity Jum ol' C ollegc. E\'id .. ntly h" enjoyt·d h is previous experien es with Boy Scouts, be he is now the Assistant Scoutmastt'r of Troop 133 in Parkland.

H;l7.d Ddl H a nse n. b"ca usr of ill­ nr5S. couldn' t make it ba rk to school aftrr \"ilca tion but scnt the ~ood new of her rnga ltrmrnl to Chri, topher Clr-g 'l". Hr is attending- On'"on Statf' I Collt, ~t , and tht'y plan summrr wed­ , din ~ .

I Don

At unr Vl'n intr rva ls hI' woke h owling as a mouse would scurry over his hrad. Would h(' mOH' his sl~.. ping bag? No! H e was too cold, or too sleepy. or loo just plnin lazy. Its so much more pleasant to have mice tracking over 0111."5 head . . . Morning arrived extra ea rly a~ usual, and thr boys s.. t off on ce more for rllowstont' Lc;>dge rarrying their fifty-pound pa cks. Crossing the snow fidds wou ldn't h.1H: posl'd any problcm c-'tcept that the added we ight of those p acks , ~,.IU· .-d .h(:m con.H andy to sink into the hard-crusted mow. tht· a tmoophl' rr' of no mice. no fri){id riwrs flowin g und,'r tht'ir fet'!, and no

Norm McCullou gh and D a rne II announce d t h' C'lr (,ngagcment over the holidays. She is now in nurs!'s training while h" is atl(' ndiu.l! PLC. .


10707 Pacific Ave.


Phone LE. 7-6012

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3820 South Yakill'lG



PHONE LE. 7-7100




• •

for guys and gals! I


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Parkland and Vicinity



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* Phone 6 .1-3 71

Friday, January 10, 1958


Page Three


Campas Squads Scorch Ma les

p n II. p Drivl • Then WWG


TIlt' Road Runnt' ri of Eas tern Park­ la nd sq uea ked past the Clovn Cree k

PLCs Gladiators will open their Evergreen Conference bas ­ drive tonight against the University of British C o lum bi I in tbe M£morial Gymnasium at 8; 00 p.~. i The Lutes, who are tabbed as the conference No.1 wam, 3rc strong favorites in the contl:'st. However, the. Th~nderbirds offer

'A" fi n ' 52-50 as Ted Bary dumped

• ketball

ir. 20 points fur Clove r Creek. Roy Schwar/. pac ed

th,~ Eastern score rs

with Ifi. J e rry Scheele led his 2nd Floor Pra irie D ogs to "ictor y OVlT the 'Hh



- - - --'t1 notabk oppOSitIOn

Half-fame Telecast II

Floor Bra ins 72-33 a s he poured 22 <"Olm tt'rs throu gh the cords. bumped thr Second


FI~r C~ltics

T0 Pbl"" U ICIZe Ptc


two se cond team

:\II-Evc rg rcen Confe re nce retu nees, Ed Wild and Lyall L c, y . , Wild, a . ix-foot g uard with j ersc: )

' \ 1rd Fl oo r Brcwe rs 41-36 as Ron M e­ I: number 22, and Lcvy, a 6-ioot, 3 -inc h forward with jerse y number 40, w ill .\lIi, tn wa s game and C dti" hi gh point lIla n with 18 , . . be the two me n on th e UBC fi ll' tlu.t . ' i ,_ R og:cr Misterik pumped ill 16 points I . : ". : ':: I e n rmnlltc half-tlInc telecasts dur- I Marv Harshman's h us tlin" GladIators fo r ~he tth Floor r'rosh :IS thL' .Frosh Chuck Curtis (30) goes high for a tip-off in Buchan Bakers-PLC game. ing five coming home ba skt,tball ga m es will have to ch eck c1osd y, Saturday n i g h t, PLC nlf;e ts the d owned the 3rd Floor Gunner. 33 -:H. Other Lutes pictured are Roger Iverson (11), Rich Hamlin (50), Bob will be a ired over KTVW, Channel h ·v ;. \ " ('rubbed the W estern park - I Roiko (44), and Lute Jerstad (35). The Gladiators downed the Bakers I ," , I'n orde r t e> acqu,'II'nt thc" .'ludi e ncc W tcrn Washingtoll Vikings on the ' , 81-60 ;n t he encounter on Saturday, January 4, which was the fifth' .

. land five 55-22. Roger Bakken racked straiaht victory for the Gladiators o ver the Bakers. witll Pacifi c Luth e ra n Collegt' ,

campus maples at 8:00 p .m. The L utes up 22 po ints for Ivy. m e t the Viking, ea rlia in a T A ' This coverage Third Floor Stubs tas ted defeat at . .. of the collc.~t' will bl: T ourney contcst whic h PLC won 60 n. ~ th e h a nds of Clove r Crce"k "B." .'.·t I

sh own durin,"~" the ![anH'S ' of January, to 67. flt:dlund led ga me scoring with 13 1 10, II and F ebruary I, 12 a nd Li. ; Two Weste rn forwaros a n ' t.he po­



.-.-..-..---­ ._. - - -­



POlll tS .





' .



by Eugene Hapala

u f '26 points for Ta coma was in vain ,'

Unusually fin e l'\orthwcst fall weather has ke pt th" PLC golf links hUlfl- I __ ;'> J e rry Curtis sank 32 for CC. ming and PLC's Everg reen championship golfers have take n good advantage · Ivy " ,\" edgt'd E astf: rn Parkland In 0 f I' t . , l ' h c L ute go If team too k' ' I1Ip ' "III !lint' yt.:a rs. Iast a ha rd fou g ht conteH ~36 -"Q t , FIamb oe ' Its f irst I'm'k S c hamplOlIS ' h onors spnng' 's . anot h er c h.amplolls . h. 'Ip t I1IS . s~nn . g WI'II rcst ' " nd Gettl c sh:'lred hig h pomt a t po k-ane , I .utl' h ~pes lor wi t h 10 !.:ach lor Ivy. largely on ~hl' sh ould'T,; ()j letterm en BOB S:ARL~!,<G, DON HALL, JIM Roger Lundblad scored 18 points HILL, ARf NERHEn.f, and DAVE BERNTSEl'\.

/ IS a definite contcndn for n rcpc.a t post-season selection to th ~ All-C onfl'rencc all- stars.


Thes e <>"alrIeS, as well :1$ othcl' hom.. be televised on Channel 13, KTVW , Tacoma. .----


th .. 2 nd Floor Warriors, who could no t equal the overal l attack of 5th Floor, .I nd 5th was game victor with " marg in of 33 -::~9 . D cjardincs class}' mapIe-men, led i n <c oring' hy Duane Moe who had 15 po illt~. W UlIo 'd t h t' _!-th Floor Brains 13-:16. Don Cornell h it 10 points for Ih, ' Braim. Lars Odma n. h igh with nine point; for tin: '~rd Floor Gunners, a nd his r, "Ull-mates bQwed to the :ird Floor SIuhs 3 1-25. :'-kal ' Vc!uut'r, Arley Fadness, and ,\1 Ahre ns had 16, 15 and 13 p o ints, rt"! pec ti':eiy, to k :ld the W es tan Park­ I i\ nder~ tQ a 55-54 win over th e 2 nd Floor Cdtics. The Pra irie Dogs of 2 nd F loor got by the 3 rd Floor Brewt::T,; 50-48. P aul C a rlso n of the Do&'S, led w ith 18.

T h e PLC hoopstt:rs end ed a three­ gamc losing streak by drubbing tht' Buchan Bakers 8 1-6U last Saturda} night. The w in-loss column for the Season now stands at 7-3, l'rank Fidler's Baker Ii l' VI' 'nt down to defcat for th e fifth strai~ ht t ime to the LUtl'S, who had thC' gam. u nd u l' olllpkl<' c01ltrol all th,. way. O nly ph"llOlw 'nal 28 fo r 3 1 at thL foul li ne bopt t h. Bakt:'rs as close ~ s they w n:.

A s:l g,t.;'ing defe nse on C huck rt i~ backf ired as R oger Iverson too ad v:H1tage of the situation :lnd set a per­ sonal hi g h point game by scorin'l 3 1

While at Corva lli. we .sa w ROD HUMBLE . H MBLE, as yo u r('mell\­ ber, was the versatile Lute, fr ('s hlllan basl'hall play,· I' who , aw a Iq t vf a ction in PLC spa ng les last spring . ROD stakd t.hat h t' hoped to be back a t PLC nl:" t fall, R t'Se r...c Lut.. lluart....back JERRY DO'.'AHE wag also ;ill inter­ ('sted 3pcctator al til<' Far Vi ",t C las;i... I

FRO~IM CANDIDATE FOR SEATTLE'S ATHLETE OF THE YEAR PLC's ,\lI-Amt ri can j a n 'lin ch a mpion JOHi'.' FROMM wa.' a kadill g candidaI<' fo r S('~tt!C's. , ~thlrte of the Y,'a r: FRO~[M ha ils fro:" Seattk ~:"I.d, therefore, was eh l1;lbk tor the a ward, which wa s wo n by golkr JU A~i\E


; points,


Iholidays, I.n non- conf......ence action during the the Lull' five hit a season's


low in shooting pacentagc as they WI'IT' stopped twice by th .:



Th e game in K c.l1l1nvick ellded in


, ! the favor 80-64 ; tht' Spo­ T he a ward is prescnt,.' d annu a lly by tht; SEATTLE Poi ill conjun c tio n ka lll' g:une found thc Gladiator last with a sports awards banquet alld is the hi ghli !{ht of the soup ll' fish circuit minute rally almost " nough to win. in the Northwest. but the "Zags" ed ged a 58-57 vic tory. Gu~ speaker was the faln~d STAN MUSIAL of th,~ St. Louis C;ud-I CHUCK CURTIS, PLC center, now Th e 23% shooting dvt: rage for th~' ina !>. Con 'l' ratui3tions. JOH:'-I . :,o~t only sho~lld JOHN. be congratul a ted, bu~ leads . all Northw est seorers. AII- Lutes wa s too great a handicap to also PLC Track Coach MARK ~ ,-\LZMAN for htlpm.\( to d .;vdop JOH~ AmerIcan Elgin Baylor is in fourth a ttain victory. into the champion that he i~ . spot. j Six former All-American mapl..-m"n


" ~

1, HIATT and R ICH HAMLI:,\, took top hono n in tht ' doubles ,





I 1" : - ­

NATIONAL BANK r "~."'DL.Y . . ." ..... t C U .. lO pJ ',", ......... 1·





xpert Dry C eaning Laundry Service




Mrs. Jo Summ e rs

Located in IGA Foodtown 112th &. P ark Avenue


Pho ne LE. 7-3434


1 1



One-Day Service *






We provide Checking and Savings Accoults it PONG TOURNAMENT SLATED SOON m 'I PINGPLC aid all other ' s intramur.11 pin (~ pon ~ tourname nt is slated to begin soon, ;lceo rd­ id l.< bank services in g to illtr;Jmur:l1 di r',nof :VL\RK SALZ;\1.\:\ . Pmcti,'" p,la y was se hC' d U f: I for thi, wee k and all intn,:s ted lllt'll a re e ncoura £:t:d to s l~n up as soon as for college IJlCOL! !I poss ible. D,\ VE LJ:\DSA Y t"aptured the 1957 sing le s c rown, whl'I ,. DA \ ' E students B~CH

".w.,. IIt...~,.,.. .VopNT ... ~.,. .."

Fives Stop Lutes

YC" th a t is what we sa w , A Il-AulI'rican c:l nc! iJat " ,JOH:\':\. LEE con- I tribute tQ Ya it: Unin.Nity's l o sin~ ca use al(aillst On' gon State in thc Fa r I ~ , W es t Classic a t Slats Gill Cohst' ulTl in C orvallis on- r the holidays. ; . I An outstanding p c rform:lllce such as this a gain HressC's th e Importance of making iree throws in crucial co mpt·titio ll. H ow man y ball gamcs an' de cided by one puint and h ,)w of tell d oes a miss ed fret' throw fi g tlr~ th" dif­ fe r,-, nce i~ a will or a loss? Ju~t ('h,~ (' k the da ily 'ports jJages for this :lnSWLr.



Gonzaga, Truclcer




~. ames, will

INTRAMURAL PLAYERS TO BE HONORED 1 TIlc Lettermens Club and the Mooring Ma.~t Sports Departlllent arc presently in the process of completing plans for a progralll to includc a pop­ ular football movie, a local spe.akcr. and l~offt:c hour in honor of all lIIen who participate in PLC's intramural program. The "stag banquet" is schedult'd for Thursday, Jannary 16, in the Classroolll Building and admission is free. .

)0 1'

I i I ' I

Inc.!udt 'd in th e films, na rratt'd hy t"nt pUll c h of its a ttaek-Bill WI· H. K a rl. spc<'ch d"'part- (fi-:.! ) a nd Leroy .N eIsQn ( 6-3) . W right me nt head, will be " .. trip around the is a V. of W. transfer who, accordiD~ i to those who saw the game, show d campus to!ll g- ht and cove ra ge of PLC W" II ~'r: alllS ' t t h c L utes 1fI . t h e T ..... 'C forensi cs, the field of a cademi cs a lld '['OUI n ! : y g ..~ r', 1t:,.1lId •N'cl5 011, the 1'k _ PLC of the futu ...·. in l.{s· k:lding Sl'on~r of last year' s ri\'(',

~h, 1'. () ,

Liltl Jon Widald of tht' :lrd Floor I I1cstn 'S scored 26 points ag:linst the ! i th 1'1001- F ros h as th,: ll estt: rs W,' I I vi r tu .., 59-·W. Clo\,('[ Creek ",\ " troun ced Ta- I r o ma 58-42 , Lloyd Erl a ndson's ... fio rt

Tennis Shoes

Bucks -- Flats - - Oxfords

c ..... O .... l'.;:I ..

Quality Service

Opposite Parkland Post Office


Phone LEnox 7-4300


' p ace d

the AAU Tru c kers ove r the PLC team in a h I'd fou ght battle, 93-8 +. Chuc k C urti , whum th e Trucker c oach ca lled t h e

finest college baskdball player he has s"cn this year, put on a great iudiv id­ ua l pe rfo rman ce as he cann 'd 3 1 t' Ounh.T S .

(n a

twin se ries with Humbold[

prio r to th e vaca tion, tht' Glad,. p ick d up a pair of wins. Th.. open\" \ .5 , L 33-fil PLC vic tory a nd t he u.tcs I r,"n pcd uv('r th e' LUlll hl' 'j.lck; ' n t lr " 'r' ond ma tch 7~- -~ 8 .

Parkland Cycle & Key LOCKED OUT?


11021 Pacific Avenue LEnox 7-5772

Friday, Jauwar y 10, 1958


P a ge ro ur

Gavel Soundings

MENC Club Org- l'tize(l;

LSA Presents l( Illulsen

Ramstad Meets

With Fraternity



'\ .

W. Ramstad completed


Complete Shopping Center 112TH STREET (Airport Road ) AND PARK AVENUE


his work d m'i m; Christma vacation as ddcf(at.· at a conCc ", n . of Ph i De lt a Kappa h ~IJ on th e can- I P U $ of the lr niversit v of Mich iQ;l n.

MENC. cssirl'ed I ci1()ir rl" pn ·s('n tati\·~ . Lynd a 'I homas : Pfuf, Ol R amstad I pI 'sl' ntt d th, P... ifir Lutht ali's I 1.'1 tly (lrgan- I "'i d \ oed "it-mr nt (lry , Jane Bl'I: \·i k.

.\~l'h~ Beta Fidd ~~.hnptcr of Tacoma .. 12' d hr.... eh (.1 the lusic E.ducaton !\'f "nll t P a t. lar. ( indudt· ~· [ o n' D Istn ct On e of Phi ap pa D c ta , an • I i, n.l i onk rcnce i, a u ) , rap· C ll-l. 01' . \' ir"inia Donnody, M arga ret int<-rn,ttiollai p rof £sional r.ltt'rn it y PL



lol\' Q'0\ '- n "r.. ani zati0n, :1 ' c tdin!) Byi! !! to n , nd Ma r } L Oll En g""\. C01.lpOSe of some HHJ rt"' t han V,uon 10 '1 ~ bit \ et tc r. pu bli ci ty secreta ry . LS.\ TL R;'\S TO :'\ . TURE educa tional lea ders. I ME. <. i, ;m or ' an iz atio n for tu· "Lord G od Almight y. all tl,,' works Th fraterni ty' s 26 th .B iennial Coun· I


Jon Soine

d,IlU who h,I'" aU in tcn' st in var ious ph: Jit', (IC m usI c education, th~ P rp. r ' !1)!' to tc-~ r h in th , publi c ho< I . 1 ht d tl b m,l'ts un th,: third \\ "dfll' d ~ v " " \' I'Y month a t. 6: 30 in <...~1·· ·~2 !1.

togu h cr more than l50 ! . h,1l1 p m', th y name, in l'aeth and ,· il ,k Y ;l nd <ra;' is th e tht' m,.. of Sun. (eprL l"nt <\ti\, .; of th ,' 170 Phi Kappa 1 cia:, L ll thnan Student Associa tion Delt" chap tns in th,· L . S. a nd Car ·

Plan for C n"t:ntioD ,\ : P Mt' U the 1<1' p is making 1'1. m to :Ht<nd 0 co nw ntio n in Yak . irn , W a in"ton. d u r ing the la tter p. rt of F brua . !'.fENC organ i ~ • lion from W ashl11 (!ton will attend· n (Ifficcr~ ,f the' PLC :\<lE :'li C , und er p'o. C. roan G i l ~ nso n. ;l d \'isor, :n : h; ron Ha. n program chairma n, Harri~t lIf «'1'a~. corre pon d ing S( re· I rv and hi. tnri:m : G ' ra ld Bayr., . ,·d i· uw : nd T t it Wetter. p"blic ity , 'r . n la . •md rr p r tn. B lid H' n ~ ... nt"'ti\'e is R on HyJla nd ; reh'lI . ,. pr« ~l'nt~ ti ·t' ,A"drl'), Bt'tts;

For th. · pro c:ra m Dr. Jens Knudsen will show K odarhl'om l' sli cics whn on ,"i(' nlific (')o,peditions from .\Iaska to



pro." ram to be- hr:ld in CB· 200, beg-in. ada. nin.a- ,1( (;: 15 ).>.m . wi th a .:ost lu nch. \Ie R a mstad St'l'ved as a member Knudsen To Sh ow Slides ' of thl!\fcmbcl'ship comrnitll'f.









Univ e rsity·t r ain ed fac ul ty; s t ud ents from 34 cclleg er.; Bible·emph a· sis; qua lity Li b ra ry; new dormitory ; equable clim at e; b eau ti f u l campus. r~odest cost s. THE SEVENTH ACAD EMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958

Charm Beauty Salon

l n rlud. ·d i.n th .. pn IC ntat ion will b, wild li ft pinu rr ~ takt'll in Alaska , and undp lw~ t ('l' m ari ne life' p ic tu n·s ta kr'n D .'. K nudse n will n he p a rti cipate d in .• ,ki n·di\·jng " Xpt' u ilion t'xploring ~ 'ndnw at<T lif,· off Iltt · roast of ~I"" 'I

O,arles II. Foelsch, Ph .D., Presiden t

2770 Ma rin Avenue, B rkeley 8. C lif.

Blanche lingbloom 413 GARf iELD ST.




Flowers for All Occasions

CH i:\ \·CO~IJ\IU:'\JS~I· , Rl'~:\D£RS

Foll o win ~ is th t' I purt rc cr'iwd from " lp hornon Joh"! Olso n tell inf( of l'l.t. ~'1!. ion Crusndl n prof!: r:u 1. la t - , mo tit Wh l n P asto r Sli rpstad, ass stan t J. jJ,'Ior al '1 rinity Lutheran Chun'h, 1 '~~v;r ",hc) w," h nr n and raist'd in China, 1'" hi. \ iew' on C ltina. ~~ :(1JIIIllIJ nisrn h a, a wav of l'rt'(' pin ~' ." II • en lil t ry willc h I ()uld be ex·

~ .



~1 c),ico .


t 7YJjh A

12173 P a cific Ave. ( Foot of Garfiel d)




:/ I

. "(

We Outfit Co-e ds


406 Garfield St.

LE. 7·5317


I. i..,·<1 in thi s ,,·.!,,-nod a h" a d, ' a head, and ,hop a head. W,' f'II d tlwt chddrcn . . par· bl:tray thclr u (' 0 ree ff' SS. ~ ~' . .. nt <, th, P,.opk's Cau l"! is not , fail EDITOR . ......... .. .DA VE CPRES!; ROWNER 1 11 I.. an d t ~lat t h e chu reh hl'"a down . '1" '0 f. I ,. hr h.. cL: an' , .. t up ,.' n", Edllol'.................. Herb D empsey I. adrr. in tht church. Rt POI'I. ~ : Tedd·i Gulhangen. B-J. b "It is it dark picture of terror .md "ru.hl m lller. Ja ck Holl. Bar ra Is n.a e llOll . Die k l<'ish r , cr tgle c:od lr 'O{'s~, but tM Light is th(,fJ. " ttrr, Di Ii Kr: is''I', N anei 'or· C h ristia nitr has nev r I~en stamped • mew , Bo b ,,'agner, L a.rry J ohrl~on , . li t. a , Witm r. "The climax f th ,. l1)(' C tm g C;J mo; . BOOKSELLER & STATIONER Arporten: iDa J ones, Solnlll' L er· w hl'n P<:'t l'l' Won!;, PLC's Chin 'se stu· .Ja, JCl y Danielson, and Marti 932 Pa cific Ave nue BA. 2·4629 delll. wa! baptized in tht' name f thl' Scharf, r. Tacoma, Wash ingto n Fath r, So a nd Holj Ghost." port F.d it()I. ............ D,·llfl i~ M an tab . PL 'IVmg


Ihrou [>'h Christl"

, 0




0"'< ~






C. Fred Christensen

Raporters: .Tim K itielsby, La r r y \' Gt-n ry. Tim Wyudh::uu , H a r r y ~annC!md .

Typists-Laune Beecroit, Arleen Hix­ n, Gina Jones, Janet Vergen . Btl n . Ma.nagel'..Ma ry Lou Engen Ad Solic itor.: R ed Patterson, Lois Ander I U nca O~m anbe rg, and 'n a SCharf. how r:lph CJ' ... ..... Mr. W , McK cwcn .'\rtiRt .................. .......... D iek LOlld gren

Bookkeepel'...........__.... Carol Hou:ee C1roulort.ion _ ..,........ _ ........... P attl 1lll ,ttculation • <!iua,nts: Tele BovanS', Ard i -'\rrrutrong, E arlene Burcham, J ny L I-wi s, Karen Klan, Thelma 'I.' on. Dt"lla D orendo rf, Bal'banl

elmer. . dVI r.. ... .......... ........... Mr. M . Nesvig Published Fridays of the school years by students of PLC, at Parkland, Washington, Ui r e : Colle!c Union Building. Phone LEnox 7·86 11, Ext. 4 1.



Paper-bound Books .•. Easy Reading. Inexpensive Course Supplements CLASSICS


IAbsent-minded Professor


Not so absent-minded when you get

right down to it. He remembered the

most important it.em-t.he Coke! Y •

people will forgive ou almost anything

if you just remember to bring along

their favorite sparkling drink-ice-cold

Coca-Cola. Do ha 'e another, professor!


See College Outline Series for Your Course

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Bottlod und.r authority of The Coca-Cola Company by




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.. _

- - -- - - - - -_.

De elapmanl Fun la s as Washington 6 !Chair Will Taur n hlUes

be aeu Iy, Sia ledge 0 Win Stay uring e kind of Can s AI orId FIlr.

'hn·nt) ...a\ dnc,- jJkd ~c~ tota lling' :Vb" omme n. ik, :l fo n ner a thlt> tic 22,81 1 have bu:" 1'.I:c: ivcd frornmtm-I st;;r of PLC a nd a WI'Il -kTlown Parklx'r u{ the fac ult\' and admi nistra tion for rb' I' L D l'n lopme ut Fund , T h e 1 nil inin JlU'mbtrs uf thl: facu lty : d ,tail .JL now being soli citeu as IldJ t "f Ill( 1',, _ -, 'rt" rs D I\' lSlUn. Thr 1': Ct -setl r Di isioll includea all or lnt" collc!{t' l a rnily ",roups t hat w ill 1lllI~r t1~ir if p riO! togc;neral 'oh 'Uli,. in fa com a anJ P it: rc , ClJUOlY. . AdminislI'ativt. uffictrs I.nade .~hc fl 1 plcdl!!~ tu th l" l:alrljJ3lgn, _ m e It tut.a llinv $U, 5 ~5 w e.- recei ved om 'HCra!! J/;ih of $1,391. The 1.\ It facwt) m "/l1 Ll' ~ ",h an: e r.'­ in IU olkituu mad e ple d ,Y~s totalling $10,. 2 . n uv erage of , 939 pCI' giver.


land Lu,i nl'\~n,a n, wa s named chai rman of e alumni divisi on of the d"i,· l'. NIr. Tu.nrn,' n ' ik is prc~(:nt!y . formin .'S a 11 "X<:t:uti\'(:.I.~oard of thc, out­ st;wd,n <; a lumm tu assIst In th ls .-tfo r t. A t:oa 1 L1f S:!OO,OO(J ha s b",: n se t [Qr til!' :tI ulllni, faculty, staff and tfll 'UTS. .'\li a lt:mni an.: "skt·d to 'li " r: ifts t o tlwir- a lm a m 'ckr r" 11<'1]) th i, g~t:at prug,'am "f ,' xIJ".mion and dn" lop­





B( c iOJ.i.lL! T Ltu p;da\ , Jan l ar) :iO.-V-­ Choir of t h e \\'('st win I1l11 kt a , wl.t'k(nd rc, llr in th, :\ort lm r- 't w h ich , Six \Vashin g ton YOlIl hs ;:J re in for a will, nd february'!.. I t rip to Brllssc- l.< , ,Belgium, to wo rk as Thursday c\'Cnin g the Choir \\ill i' t:llidt·., ;wd (:t'," on:tra:o rs at , the: U, -, g i\" R.. conce..-t in 3t hl ;'U.ICl , 10 at~ d P::\\llr on ~nC1 .\ud]torlul11 1 heatn; m n PH),!'L! I sland, Then th .. C huir Wi ll . . , Brllssel~ for the 1958 Worl d '. Fair. en, s, t!w Cnlll mb ia rin:r o n rhr f" [I'Y I L omml'm ng n PaCtflC' LUlhrran'~ T!)/" LI will br' !.hr' . i). l iflalists to ilnd .t!i,:I' tw o c(ln rer" in O"'· gNl. I d" b:Ht wins :-I t t he Scattlt: 1" clfic Cot~ '"l'\(L in til<' Youth 1O llru"ds com­ F'lda} t 'c"'n ~ th l pro (: rarrJ will b(' l l'!!. practl tt" toumam nt Ian wt:I'k­ ]lI'tition spuIw.)],"d by th, L;, S '~ (J\­ l prlS'nt'd In .\ 6tori a, and in , [" eTton lroft",-< o r T. O. H. K .1J·I. )l<'rcj• , . nnwn t ::lnd th .. S.ta t' D cparblC nt of Sdturdav''',!lin g Sallllda\' , fh~rn (JolI d <panm{·nt hea~ , ~;ud •. ur dcbaum; Com(Jw ~ ('( ,1nd I" t unOIIl'C DCH' lop­ th' Ciro.r WIll :t tt,'nd th( \\'ldtlllll;: (,f I o:ok .~;\J morr t nan t h. Ir ,hare of tll m,"t . TWILt ( ;dlis, PLC junwr, III Sil (·rton . i W1lI.S, Youlh Will l-lt: "Ambassador, " ! [ n Sl'ati.: on Sunday "f tf'fllOC>Il th, T m R p Vf. and D M Douglas 8:\r\ 'Irc, ini" llUIIIsick, '~"( i ,, [ i1 s<;lSt;,nt ,i ng-t' n will pn form at an c\·a n L(cl i. tic Ilrrt d top h'JDOrS in senior debale "llh to the def':l r tllll'nt' , di r~ ("tor, , a id th .. I "a lh-, ;]nd Sund:IY c \'t' ni n' '~'iJl orn' • r ecord of £i t:': wins lind \0 I... ~s , \'O'"ll(stITS will t: " am assadon of. ~Jktl' tIll' tO il!" WII.h ., " on crt In E nu Ul ­ Re~vrs also tied f<.rr first plan in "X ­ ~··o(Jd will" to tire world ;'lit the ili r I d ow. Th l' Choir wil: h I' hack on Gnn­ t1"Tllp OJ'l' Sp"akin~ w ith BellP]QlI 11:.. ­ ,:,'nd w iE hdp uur lOwn stat<- wh en it p us Snnd ",' nillhl. d<.ua ld, a nd D ougJa, .uppnl fir t III hold.' it , '\'\'orld's F"i1' it: Stattk 111 - --- -.-­ oratory.

Ith e

te e ators Swee p H onors




!\rcllit l'(:b an' now eIlg't!; 'd ;11 IJeI'­ ke tin g tht: fi na l pla ns for tl l bu si ll css " d ll1ini5tra tioTL , co norn ic and t·duc2.­ titlll build"n " ;",d the :.tdditioIl to thl'





Can f ab , a Hear

Tndi\·idll all~. Cai (..., \pllrr "'til! firs in ra d io 5pfolk i ng and lOok run­ rn r- Ip ,put in Tntl rprttach' n-adin , J " "ki<:: tt'l, who w -11 her wlI, J\! Ue J ~( i, Randall f ed {til' ~1"'QHd "I::- c t in dpba , t,·, WI·t.h J oyce Alton '~'ld y" ,~ 'w L'JII',' ,< l' J:.. ~'k tlll'rd I'n I'nt.r­ • ·•• ·,l bl,·., r'~

I lJiil. Applicants II lust : I I , H :" l' l'. S. citizenship. .

2. J{, single and without d epcnu­ ' t nb, U1' '1'11(. Snnphonic Band (,!, PLC wiil :.. If nranieJ,. bOlh husband and lli' ).!lI C5 t pnfonl1l'rs "t tb' StJrt!~w"st ' wik '"l1st bc' qualifi,·d and il,'ai bblt" l'omTl1tion of the- E\'an rrelica l Lu­ \ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.­ . for t' .OplOYlll,:n t. thITan Church in Seattle OIl Feb. I . 0 , 12 PA RK LAND, WASH. FRI., JAN. 17. 1958 ' j ' .{. Be betw""'1 tlie. .,,«cs uf . 19 and __________________________________ " ," . . . ,(.. . . ,. i. 1'111' pro~:r ;lln W I'11'Inc Iu d (' "J ( ~ $U, J uy


Symphonic Ban


pre tat iq-: n ·adln.<;,

'f' ' d 11l;ul ' - ,

;\ I ~ ~ an t.1"' II -p 1aced t tT -). Er',tt.wt.s llIU,t h",c ,,:,t h td thtlr , of Man's Des irin g," " :\1I Glory Be T o ri fle ~p 'aki nI/,. Doloft's. IlllS platt:d 19th hlt·thn" ", bv :\1)1''[ 1(" C"I OC[() d d J m r ra.... 1II'Ird ,'n _ . ., . n L[' l l ,g I I, ,, ' ..)II d~ a C h lira I ~ '' Vl t h ("on;tn "~ ,11ol ;), lb \'(· at least two years of col- I,) l"ass so I Lusts ' f (':HUfl' d fron! ' h h ' . t c " t)l r v."Olnf"'n S nn (~n S ol',a.con: rcspt (­ kg!' it aining or the equiyalent. loft of th, · church uscd for tilt (on - I tiy t'i\", D ave tllun i nd C; pnc-r ow-

ew Directory Will e Adde To bibrary he UIS far Students



Ii. H,' sufficiently fluent in f"" I\, h -' b aiC • wntion. Band will be con du(·tcd IJ)' p iled l creditn b Ie rCl:o,.. tl n "" to cal ry on " cOIl\Trs~lti on (,olll:cTni n ~ Gordon 0, Gilbntson. four wins and two losses, if inlcn 51 to I,.",chel s, cu ll (· . rt studnlts ,mel p r,jf,'s.'or" is :ht· "Imounrc- subjects of Jnuderate difficulty, _'_ _ _ _ -.--_ _ __ JII{.nt b nit. d ,'a ncr'ml:nt :inc! P lau'm ,:nt lll st itu., of th,~ publ ica ti un uf 7. Ik ;}.,·a ilablt: fen lrnployrne nt fur


."Dtpl( 1..1" ,':'.cw aflll (:x p a,ndl'd [.9?8 W o rld -. \ViC.'!' S UM ME.' R PLACE ­ ~l I _ DIRFC1 ( )}{Y. T b Dlr~Clot y I S pr t part d a~ :m ,lid t" thuse who wi h nt-w ideas of ways to earn w h ilL they vaeat it' fl. '1111. nrw Di rl l' tor y .!4i" ,. d --s<:rip tior;, of ttl< t \'p<'S uf work anilab k . 1,1,., l :.. n'" 0 nd nu m, 8 I1 d a dul t >! . • of ,Tnplo \,er, requesting '; U!IlllllT erTIIII.. r


dura. tio~

of th e .HIlIS',.., \Vorld I t!l e full 1',lll' from Api'll III thIlJllo;h O;.:tobn ·~O, 19:; 3. );0 ""cep tions will be t:'in·n. ' 8. Subm it a photot:'1 "ph of hi", or h 'Ts,·If. I 9. Prne nt a dodor's (,(.rtifi ni te of

Campus Rad."a Sbaw T F atur. Ban d nexl Tb u day'P s ragram

P" cifi,' Lutl": "ll1' S Cullrl\'· Conl'nt Balld, und, r t w di rt,t;tion of :!.ir. G orI I II I 1• ( III d I'd :1It" .~o nil flt" nta 1 pmitions, st ;un.hip nf d o, dud,' rand"", tran I \ "XI'" "nt If'a t I. telW "~Cllc! auroad, w url ( ,' uP', " nio- pHjJ ' Ct~, <"'<I'ni n ' fre t" trip; to 1.111- 1 Iu. ~Ullllllt J .JmJ-,,·{uil, "" ,,), UII Gil' " ( fW11 JIl . will e h eard nt'xt "ulh ( S \>l'11 ~ r ,[.,,.u"',d ' tip<, nat iCtlw l p;ITks, sumn. II!, r ca m ps, theall"ts and resorts, Gl llTr trai n t'e- op,p.{Jr- . ", , a~ . ~u , I' ., ta t . ·.1 GaI n r om it . ~\'. ;.',t h: 15 p.m. on "Camp us .•- a I J o\~(r t IIt" \'t'u r Id :J.n d IIlHn y Ol IH:: r s. Th (lus;:tn d ~ ot JO b .~ \\ UI Id S LL'.l l r . . . . H ll!' I1I 19 IlL", I)rO"J(.1c ast on. K'f""J luntUr .... ~t ~ d y a warlUl - . 'i ' , t. .

Th t ' 11 ul. ~ T !ling le..IUn. of K T NT, i! broadcrua



h sted trum O H r 20 countrif' and all +8 SltaeS, Dt:a dlme Is Ftbruary 1 At the Tt'C[\Il':~ t of many , tuderHs, a special n t w s<,etion ha s bcC'n add ed :\pplicants han' unly two wr:cks ill Co tlH,'t ,.tudtnts wishing to US(c their wlI1mer in trainct: prog rams for future! which to apply for considt"ration since , i all applica tions must b.. n 'ce i\'Cd by ,ar,'.. r uppo rtunitit"s, L L \ f PLC WllO L Po iti om a ~t\·aih.. ble in hu ndn Js of firms in mort' tha n furty Ldds uf r"'",ua ry 1. : nyone rom is inte rested in applyin g' for the trip li \, fit'" ndu try, gun'!'lIrnu,t, seienet. . r~creation ar,d cduc:Jtiun, ( U rl Cnt u p to dat e World-Wid SUM MER l:'LACE M E);T DIREC- should sc" Roy E, Olst'n, Dirrc tm' 0 f '1 )RY is p ublish ed annually by th i. ,I:lff of th e Ad":.f1n'Tll(,Il t a nd Pia ce mcl1l Public R ,~ lation s. So far only two ~t ll­ Innil u l" w h ic h has been a. non-fee professional ~.(h i'OI y and ad\'~ nclllll nt I dents fmlll PLC ha n : appli ,-d and t ",it fur t h e fi ..ld of cd\1ca tion sinc e 19 52, ! morc studnlts are urg,.d Ie> take ad A ( P' ma y be examin c-d withir, th,' m-xt th. ",. w..-d,s a t the library, I \'allta g" of this opportunity. Ea eh College Selects Entry E:ld. colko;e in tbe si d e will , d ec t young man ur wow an I as I chOlet'. The fin,, 1 jud g ing for tile six will be conduct ..d by a pant:! now bein.c; appoinlt"d by Go\'. Albert D. R sellini. All expenses will be p aid b y till A nd h . told th em mar,y Ihil. ll~ in pa robl, ', ;"Y!1Q; : 'A ,OWtT ", .. nl. out to suw , T c Para ble o f the Sow l~r n'cord" d by ~1atth('w. ~ark , arld! ft-d"ral L(O"ernmcnt and the ~tat'- D ,,­ Lu};" in the wor d of Our L OTd will t'ttrn t- to m tan m ore and m or t; te. Pro- I partlnr:n' t of COTnme r r t' >l n ll Economic ft sor R(d' o~, :.s he studi t"s it tirn and again du. i,,!- this yt' ar. H L wiH b<~ I D cn.'lopment. t ryin),' I~ p u t the .'ta rrati\'(; itself, w~th man as h, is rep n :st ntt>d, intO a stone i Thc delega tes ",ill leave fc.r the lI ,ural fl~ t: itt,t hi gh and 18 ftd wal", Fair from St"ttl,,-Tacoma .'\i.p on em A,ppruximatdy two months ago Prof<:ssor R k s was a pproached by i\ ril 8. P;u.w r Th Qmpson of Trinity Luthe ran Ch urch in P a rklan d with the id ea p _ _ _ __ _ __ __ an-


Mr. Roskos el cted to Create I~11 .ulltsta~dir;·gMu ral fo r Trinit:y L t:heran



Wh ee Ier Street 'T H L· h ! 0 aye 19 15 I Four neW lights on Wheekr street

h i h wa ... <·~mposite of tboug hts of his own, ~h e b~ilding c:ommitttc, and til.. a dl ,t!"c! ui tht: church now under constmctlon, One month ago Profes- j ~ur Rosk u' prt'sl' nted a preliminary sketch to the bu ild in.. cOlIlmi tte ,. and he .. ' told t o &0 aht·ad and as gi""f1 a y'~a r to finish the work, :\-fural To Be Above D()()r~ T h t C!1ur;tl, cal d" bao.-rdief, will be plan:d just a bovt the d oors to t he ch u r ch's main entra nce, Before th i! is done th ou gh , lIla n y months of h ard work will go into the mlll;.1. There arl: thr(-I: main prou' sses to cornpl<::tt, First, th... whok thing must be modded in clay, Then hard plaster molds n: 10 bc mad e from t ht'st, p anels. Concrett' will the n be pou r('d into thJ:SI: mulch, w hich will most likely be done at the church lx cau~<' of the ('(JSt of u 'ucking the' heavy finished product there, Parable Condensed by Roskos I'wftssor Roskos states th at he has condl"nsed the paT3.ble to Hs m ean­ lIlgful phrases and actions and that he will depict the four ' roups of indi­ \ id uals r('prt:senting the four different fates of the sown seed or Word of Life. A b o pi(;!und will be the types of soil into which the seed fell. The Sower will ~ em thr ltoft side ~owing the Word. W ork has ju5t begun, but by this time next year Trinity Lutheran Church w ill .ce tht: additi~n of a work of art which is expected to be truly inspiring. For- ~5CriptiOD of Mural See Page Four

, tu dnll o r!!il n,sL w ,ilI ft:aturttl at II III ga o ,, ~ t h I , ('ral numh, fli •


~1 .., fr a nk 1.1. alcy, l 'arn pu , librarian, !' a n "nd Da\T ,h ristlRJI, radio 'n ­ was the featu ••:d gllt's t o n PLC · own liU'r<: D a n ''''ilken, :> rT'3ng,'r; :l n d radill show bst night. D an ' D a hl, a \f i-, ,T a ne SllIith, "H vi ~or.

Every-Weekend Co-recre lion Progra

For Students B gin Tonight at 7:00

B"gin ni n l! to n ight. January 17, th e1;f.----­ PLC gnnnasiu m will o pen fo r corecreation from i :00-9:00 p.m, CH f1 Frid ay and Saturday night. :\ny studmts,




There has been a change in the final ClWll schedule. All English composition 101 sectioos will be tested in the CMS maio auditor­


•• • •• • •


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an 25 Is lose • IOf e-regi.tratian !


f~llows and gals. who!

Those p resently !. orent'd in ' <SI want tu , tr(' tell th eir IIlll K le s in vol- «t PLC mUH comp], tt r t'garration lty kyball, badmint on, basketball. and thf" J 2 nuary 25 or lat(' registration f lil:r·, arc fn·.c \(l work out in the g} ffi will bl cha r.'1:ed, at this wCI'kcnd time. The nly ',-x)\0 registration will bl- done: d urin . " L, h bask leSC week. Cl ptlOn to thIS w.ll IX W l n 'Ct- I SI u d en t s rCglSterulg' •. f or Ih c first ball games are schedule d , time will do so. F b r uary 1 a nd 3. 1


Th is crrrecreation pla n is no t me a n t I' ft." is one dollar ptr day . to compet!' with any oth er F riday and Saturday activities, but is s( t up to

Next 2 Weeks Closed

... Test Schedule Change

Knu t1"n Studiu in the

14 00 OIl thl' ra dio dial. I Th, programs ; lf~ :ura,uwd hy tb TIl<' prug n'll1 will h,' ~rrang<: d by I mnllhns ~f ]'"dio-speech r1al1~(>'l I .. JI D D I (lJ1 ou g liS. I Erichon is til<' announ u f, A l D un­

make available to those students who wi l bt a forthcoming ad dition to the wish, tht: fa c ilities in the gymnasium, PLC campus. They will be similar in design to those now in u sc elsewhe re on the campus, This is not a city project bu t is hr­ B"cause 0f final exams. both in!; fi'nanced by the coIle ge. C ollege coming we..ks of Janu a ry will be p....sonnd have participated in the "dosed" w ..eks for PLC. Xo extra­ installation. curricular activiti('~ will be held,

......•.... ,

fl H TI th,. Ch it< C3.fS building.

January 28 and 30 the gymna­ sium will Ix: o~n in the ('ycning for those wishing to use it, and be­ ing planned is a free show in g f some films in the library, Wednes­ day night, January 29, for all stu­ denu.

Professor Awarded Sculpture Honors Associate Art Proks8or {> < <> r g ( Roskos recently recf:ived two h ono for his sculpturin r efforts. Last week he was infomled thlU two of his 8culpture. wt-n sr.!t-ct..d 10 he sttn a t t he" Con nectic ut A cademy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibit d u ri n g this entire month. He recrive'd honorable maltion last month for a metal sculptu R" f"ntitI d "The Bull," at the; 'onhwest A " n ua! Exhibit at the Seattle M usrum, 1ft l.1l probability the work will he displayed by the' Tacoma Art Lea"",,. in its up­ coming exhibit at the C PS Jo~s Hall.

P a ge Two


F.I.'"J• • , ,,,17, 1958

Good Deal! m'

n, f~.~:~·!tI!~ '~~~Ii~nl~:~::d~

Man Wants to

ICampus Sports Fashions


That Have the 'Ivy' Look

If yO" read


Ia ,Corh::r~tuiallOns on yo~r flO." : a pl" . I ~ c hOlcc of staff. Don t tlllnk I m tr':'I:.g,. t~ PU~T~o~"n . you r papt'r ~~} h} .t; I'IIl S wg>;< ~tlum, but I rn."t ask

the s~ory 0 page ?ne of this issue yo~ know that .our gymnasium Pacific .L ut ~\:ra n students. ar\: s orc ing th la ~st in ' . mpu beln aue aVJdablc for (a-recreatIon every FrIday and SaturfashIons tim WIn t ' r 'Ieh C hr suna w ardrob ~ ud der. w h cJ elr day n igh e pro\'iding then:! is no basketball game scheduled for stylish , but practic I fo r th I lIows an d g irls livin<T o n th e P ark ­ thaI tIme . land campus. r 1 I' d PLC I h . Onl: favor. Th b the matching we t'T'S • J' r as ~:)fig ~s _ ve. ~1tten · ed h.1V\:, eard the complamt. I You S('I:, I haw a prohklll. En'r\' .• r vl:ry btest In \ ea l rs ~ m vllch I belteve IS JustltJed that PLC n 'eds to h ,lYe more oppor­ . 1 . I h 'f Ind skIrts for th, '~Iri; .lOri thr bul,v1;lL---. . . ' . . SIng c nl()rnlng a\"c to get out lum tle at which students may meet (preferably bCd' ,an d t 0 t'op I't 0., f' I .t Ii nit sI,i-typl ' sw<'a ta fo r lh,' m.. n lin in a nd po li, h"d hla k r.o u ih mus now '0 . M boys. with girls) . In f orm;) 11y. casua II y an no pressure. j any tImes thiS t 0 e Iass. ' I' h IS' rna k·('s my II 't: fmlsc'!"ao ' l'l ·onIt· of thoM' ><:en porti n. t h,. i ,- \,hit" i UIT . r uffs and collar. I bl .. I". I " d .under I am so frustrated. Inlla ,I. , slrip"d hulk\' . uro W ' \I' T !H. ('011,1 1" i d l" f.t sh 1ona hfy WT:

bce ca II d t I1e PLC SOLla pro em, If the stu duH body takes advantage of this co-recreation pro­ You arc th.. only on,' who can h, lp thi., wuk wnl' Ron ~[c.\lIi. t " . knll - typ. · .m d Ill "} hI' ,'onwrl, rI inlo an

gr.1m '0 th t it is worth-while and does not evolve into a n intra­ illC' . I want to 'IS,' th,' pown of you r It' d in 1,1" d: with th .. r" d trip,· nT I ,h.' r! hopei fo .. II.... 'I. hin~ton

....... k C,tb,ll nl'qht 1 bell'D ve th~< s't up "'1"1 do ..' 1)[ to nal' ] pn 'ss to fekas .· my frustrati on fJl with. th,' whitt, slrir."·', .Tohn I t II I w, " l h,·,·.

nlura l b.... a ". < ~ '" 1. l socl'a l pt·o­ w nwt h'Ill )::. Wh" n tIll' L k TTl" 11·,'·,. ·I \'O·d ~I hu Iky-kmt ·., h llt 1'1111 r ' . ·'t .h ~ n (f'r) ( , '111 1•• og "~ tll r lh·'. now shak~! bo a'r-'s U of PaL'I' t'I'C Luthvran'o ~ w orld rna'n ' I II ,• \, c·ln, u~am. D \'"... C r \Vne L. r f( ' ( ' I Iower th::ln thr' Jnln(' . r \\' h ' k , ,w,·a t.. r With the r ,'d, oh". and I r\\-"'O (. 6&1 (I hIt ., II" 1 ("H. ll o'l n ' \\ I I , (' ou Id n . w , ­ IS






Id Ch




d B G· e

I) ,,,

• bb .. k d ", i'! r\ hOlIl hi s ",i r l. China. I want tp ta k,; pcn in hand , ,lnr! with th.· motto, "PE .' MIGHT­ :\'[alchers Top Li,,1


IER ,:n'IA:\ .. . Pcn Mi~htH''' Tha n .

~ \


Iyen .


I I' I h ',Ir '" 101.1 If , ;o r ' f lf' f P O Un' n",.. CO ;j · .. Bi ll", i, a ... h3 r·.0.1 1 \ 001

DYI"(I-to·rn at<:h skirt ;<lId. \\''':11. ' 1 '.hi l'" Lan ) s i, II ;;-h t tan pr,li lh' J cnt­ allvwa v. I ('olllhIIlatlons :In' on tht" top ,-,t lh fhl n.

I'm 5 0 frllstrvted. I want to u,,' th,' for th,' PLe ro('d thi, WillI " , 0 ipD;n .· Ch"i,ri a n .11.,0 Ii WI' nn e. a :\'[ OOlln", ~Lost to rryc·vr my tensions. 'ta~r,·, . j a n Snyd,'r rC" oj,,'d a Sp;) \!- new gn;. (';or .nat ; D" , . :1 Wa hin '­


V\'.)u ld :t Ill" advisable for th ,' Student COllllcil tn Illak.· a",.lId d. pd PI() ~ 1 ;1I1 1? This qu e · tion was broug ht to th ~ Student Counr il TUf'Sd.l} I i hI w' h th e idea of r: n colll llg in<: interes t in StUlknt Chapel. DcaI' Boh:


c .r

We Ii,

I for' the I



1 hank you,

nolt ,klrt and "",·atn. ' tolll a n, " '11 0 pn:pa u' d l or th .. wm ­ Th(' Italian i,nport"d swe~l"r is If'I' raim as hi is r, '\1 r i ih l b ,hion"d with thrce-qua rt, r Jr n\:( th jackie's In ~tyl



I i

I n f 51 ~ .: r ', " :"d~ding t~lt' last two, a pt"rpctual t.roPh Y was aw:trded Yours ,s. ound. s lib· a definit.. case of <1,':'\"(" an~I a :'-~l1'.cl.. fol~l~m' l'r "0!!'1r: ! For srJl'('ia.1 occasion> J a c::k ic Bjor Ihl' dasll or on~al!lzatlOn whIch produ('cd the best pl'lJ)!;ralll. I sotnl'lhin. . You undoubtedl y had ~ n ! the t.n lon d ma tc.hllll~ ski. t I S ' tr.] lI~ht " n c'hose th,· dr,·;s which she o~ (or ' d g .in .\( Irll..'{nt l b t: d'ff' · t una t , . h onl(' I'1f to, vton wcfen ' t i wit h a kick pic-at in rh,>~ In, ].( . .i chuI'c· h I,.. ot S'lnda v .. 11'" I,l h lu r fa' nd t W :H- noh- t Lat JU 1 leu I t I)(:'C' ;:luse ot. t I11' IHcHl), tYfx-s un for

I i



.1 pro <r:nus , s uch as re\i~ious, rnusil'a l o r humo rous. It wa~ also pointed out IO\"1'd?, YOllr moth.'!" was a cha in I Lineb Vorpahl n·... ·i\"(·d a matChin.::II t 1l ni Itt h,- cl iffi nit for a jud~in~ committee to he present at a ll chapel :Inoi.;l'r J , .';ou W"l"!' th,' for.~(~t t'. ' n .one (';.~hn.lI'rt. sWf':'lter-s~irt clutiit th': P' , ' r-UII S. In a fanll ly of 17 ? Somt'thlllg must skIrt I' th .. popu lar I\'y-Il'a<: u r styii' at IIh r qUr'stions aros('. hut th,' "-"OtTal eonsc' nsus determincd from opin, h a \, ' h,'c'n wron g- hut e nou gh of th a t. pink . and (' h n rc:oal 'tri?~'s with ~h t' th I h Id I)(" I'("VI\'(" . ' d . tl lerf". b y 1 Your (';1,.· is not the •fir'. t , hown'!'r bu("kk and br-lt rn hack . I he matchln >{ · Uf\5 p i ,. cnt(' d , \vas t I1; t :l\vard I n , r o C ' t rop l y iii ou .. hci p in ' t in( f"as th ' IIU:t lity of Tlu' sday chap"'\' The ide'" will be di scu,s ·d i I re ca ll the sym ptom s I~ one (~f I~~I nOH'!ty sweater is fashioned with a (urlher f tC t wc"k. ),. 'ar's ' taff Illember. : ~lu ltl.' a LIt Itkc ' V-n"ckline and thc> ('ollar outliner! In . . . \'ours. In hout's th a t both vou and the ;0 d,'"p pink to m<1tch the skirt. Two annual spnng e,"cn t. , the l thlet.c banqul'l and th t: Daffodil float, . '11 h' h f' I ' '11 I '

,--n . ,

" I ..' . . . .

1 «ray pbid cotton with a silv..r metalIi I' 'tn'.. k run~in!: th\'l~ur,:h th" ( b~i"', It was f shlOnt'd with a fu ll . klrt. puffy button sleeves, an op" n ' nr whi ch may hI' worn button! d a nd a point,' d r o llar. Th,' dr 5 S i n ylr d with • ","tchin.<: li .'\"ht blu" r Irni1rr­ b und.





. ,. " . papl'r WI (' "ne lto-t, WI' WI rt i Sha ('IS n 'a~hlOn found In F ool wear ' a h o d n c·wscd. I he Student CounCIl ;;aH' power to th e p re~ .dt'nt t o . ' . , rp .0 ors ,CC • , • . • ~O!l wntr for tbl' nl'xt ~Ioonn\:- Mast I . • . L ' \ 5 .' d t h f • p P Olll l 'h;umlan lor eac h ,.vcnt upon .lppro\'a l of the- ~ov<:rmnf{ body. ,. .. . -. ! lone Rodn.. donned a strtklll~ skirt (" , nn w;tn<on r t u r n r n 00 ISS"", whll'l~ w,1I be publtsh('d feb. 7. . and swrater 5('\ this week in th,.~ latt'st w('ari n a n a UI'acti"l; pai r of Cal" zio If :In)'tiung- has powc'r to change ("0 I or--oranw' toned h eig-c. l' h r s k' il'l hl a~k fl,t<. ' suc·.d,',. 0 . 'ad~rnn...l ' ' ' ' ' wI·th ...' n'L_ " li"c" it is tht' written word , You is slIlalI-print wool with ol)('n box bo n how: th...,t' sho,'s ar(' pr.I,· ti.. I for know, Bob, that "Th" P('~ Is ~i g~t . pkats: th(' sweater, a lir fibH' hl,' nd, dn'ss or for school. Gord y (. I'lId woh I in Th an . . . the pen IS nug-ht"~ I' w~ , styled w ith a boat ncr kl irll.' w it h I .d. <) sporte d [!I'W shol·\-dt's.- rt tha n .. eonfl>tl nd cd pro\·ab. B d a lIl"t ching- bow in front. w rt h c u ffstha t turn d own.I 1\{ U( t n ~ 1",,,," ,aid about th" poor a ttt nda nl'l' at th e Stud"nt (I y I You' rr ,,'('\comr" ­ L Gil' k . d n t:'w k Ic) E d i t o r ' I (.a riccn Ca rison spo rll'tI a nn \' li g ht a r ry 0 nl e rl'<:I' I\'" a ..h., pd r \'. ). n yOlo ~ n ' ,' JI'hJl f od . a d I' ', . P .<:rl',·n hil(h neck novelty SWI' trr with s~ort~ jack~t fo~ C hri,tmas I ~ hi Ivr up ,I "" tte r meal to come a ft!'l' th, · poor iood? Th.. answer is :\0. a matrhing tie which shr received I:(lri to C a ltfornta . The coa l IS c h ar­ Y,' t that is, by simple analogy, the id~.l that sel' ms to be firmly lod!;f'd from her fi a ne ,; whiI .. in r:alifornia coal gray and black striped- t h.· coat in th e m in of t h e plann ers of the Tue day prol{rarns. Tha" is a rrat deal for Christmas. f r many an occ.a. ion at PLC . I>f ti.lcnl r u nning 10 on this campus, .lOd' programs haw: b,·c II SU pt' rla­ Tim Wyn ham is 0 0 " of Ih.. m An) Flowers for All Occasions Miss Ellen Brewe r is w... ari ll ~ a lh ,·Iy -;o" d . At least two in th o: p ast who rr cr'i"cd tit', from San!" (; Im . 12173 Pacific' . Ave L E. 7'()206 (' har<:oa l black sh jumper w h ic h Tim ' , new ti,' is a dark hlue si l . w th On.. Q thes~ two w a s pr('st: ntrd by th.. junIOr (' Iass last u,· da), . The (Foot of Garfi e ld) W e Deliver she houg ht bst fall to the collrw' ci t­ { t.l ff ( t h i ~ pa ptT wishes to t'x press its h t'artfelt thanks to th... juniors or

1 hb' k d,'si l!" n. " "f Berkeley, California.

1>1'0\' i ll l{ t ('. old ari d shop-worn phrasc', "This is a f(rra t school." Thanks to .­ Casual f ootw ear Y et ! If'rlr M artmson, and "".. ryon,' on th e t'xcdknt program. Thc jumper is styled with a ;'ll.l P ' Iwck in hack an d front, in fron t . for 1lI.0rr. casual 3p par< I- footw 'nT DaYe ' n u tson callcd it a "~poof." 'V,- would like.: to "all it Olll' of the' with tht' bark of the hodi ('e:' box pi _ I In h<r"i d O rlll S h a tu rn ~ tel th h I , st studt'(l hodv chal)cl pro,"rarns in the past st'\'rra l years. It showt,d C' h' . h I' . h h 1 - IIs-t ': IpP"r WIt I ('d, ilnd a sma ll hdt across t ht: b " r ' 1nt " iuiha t i\'1' , tact{ I <atirt', a nd insill ht into th.. trut' h:\'.-\ of the acad emic eorn ­ U I S ;It the waist trimnwd wi th t 0 ,mall ! · ·hiq -toe r Ofll p~Tt n\l:nt ..


\ ' " 1'1'

Hats Off!

Great: Chapel, Juniors!





·-----------------·1 STELLA"S FLOWERS




'-::===============::! I LAURINAT"S Apparel W

muni t y,- Editoria l Staff.

0 tft C


406 Garfield St.

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.."..,p. -:$ "



528 Garfield St.

LE. 7·9937

t ,.

t' )ur )"'an ha,·,. I smi lt d, pol ilf' ly. wh en d m, g in g in~o




Fuur ~ a

11 VI: I 5w,' " ,d . ~[ra in rd, wq l\ bittt'r l 1I0pin' ollIy to pass.

38 0

\ tld I o w ;J ~ I approach rulC illll ll m " Illy dn'am l en Ir rrtp!.lt,· Illy las t

* K·


,,·uu·.slrr, \ nd ••5k m y ,·If wh a t ha n'

I , To t ll in k only whl'll spoken 10 . ~ I(''' p bt ,'rc' and th roll .' h nn



('0 .,l war~ thin k of thin?;S to d .

r., nr




We provide Checkiag aa d Savings Aceouats aDd all other I ,STREET baak se rvices BBAtlCB fo r college "" studeals



Parkland and Vicinity

not too

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- j , D a [lid



.13371 f Pho e




mT EID BWCB ....


Loca t e d in IGA F oo dt own 112th &. Park Avenu e



P l10 ne LE, 7-3434


PLC ookst:ore fo r

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ro .. II) <:It. th rru .

e ifr , I)h w hat






I \'·;Irmd .


outh Yakima



'~~ ~. ~ ~

I n Old ~fn tn, jun B,'; 1 r ' iw:d" pa ir oi p.l ja rna , for C hristm ~. T h, Car CoaLs Beal Weather I: Pi' :HI w hite with h tt le n 'd fi rr ~lany new coats w cn: n-r ··i\'" It t ru cks. 5 " 1 rns John. \·n<\· k.· nu SM; · Chri~tll1as to kCl' p th,' ('01 nf I ~ ITa I fdl ows haY,' fall , n h plr to lh~m :\'o rth from hiting tl", L ull' ,. Z n o! in >ur, ,.,,,inn. F o r oml' rra~o n Ihl'.' D~ '- 1"3 11 is sportin,\, o nl' of l h ,. many r a n't iind a permanl'nt I)'\, nl " ­ » ', _ n ' t anyollc' lik e liltl,. ro·d fir t m It, :­ ,',Irroats on cam pu s. H er. i a qu ilt bllttons.


:J ,(t.




t he ,. h'lllowed halls



7: 30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m,






,'E ' l OR L I\ME:\'"TATI




.. .~D&.y



C ampus Color Postcards

Boo ks for you r Li ra ry

Gift s


F ri d ay, J anuary 17, 1958

Lut:es Meet: Pirat:es


Lutemen Take • Opener erles

Spokane Court:

Dump UBC Five 78·48;


Co.: b Marv Harsbman' s high-flyin g Lutes rake to tbe road [ hi~ wee kend as rbey travel to Spokane to tangle with \Vhitworth to morrow in Evergreen Conference conrest number four for rhe T utes. Th..- Gladiators will be led by LirtIe All-American Cbuck C urti,. Curtis will ream at forward positi-ons with Bob Roiko, .

·-~ Cl'nt.('f


iLTS jA"UARY 8-13

sco rin s <Ind rc \>oundin ," of 'huck


Tom Sa hli. who dot.'s a bi g

t;ut F r ida y a nd Saturd ay nights in tllo: ] PLC g y nt.

p("ctt' d to fi1'·ur,· in aB a slt·on .!;' board walker in thl' PLC·Whitwo rth I!llme . RO .~ t:r I \"I.'[so n and Jim " an Bcrk will lw at th,· !,( uard spot s a s the L u te> a ft , ,. Llwi!" fourth strai f!: ht co nf re nCe:

\)n th t' campu; m a pl", II . LUl ( roun ,·,tl I ll<' "(:Be Thundelbirds 78 to +8, a nd th e fo llowin!\ ,'yt'nm< t urrH·d !m" I-; t h ~ WW C Vil-; illg"J, Bl -'i--I

,,0 I

-:i cto r y .

· I

Curti Drops GO In Two Night..

P irates Took Second Th.. Pira te s w ere th " secund pla ce o int : Shl'lda hl, lfi, Ivy. squ3d ill the E\"l: rg rt' en Conf'n' ncl' I , \ ",\, ' l B, Pra irie Dogs ~t.i. ra t' \:ist sca son with ::t 8-+ record. A H P ' R (H;cr Bakken , 10, h T . wIn 0\ (T th ,' Pir,)t,·s would giv,~ the I " tn s 58 , S tub . 18. Lut("s th .. ir fo urth confcr"nc," and HP: Jon Wd,tld, 16 , Hesters. i tt' llth se aSOn win . R " ad ..u nnns 10, Tn('orn:l 28 . Whitworth Loses Adallls, Martin I-> 1 R I' d R Whitw o rth lost ~br\" Ada m, a nd H .. : .larr y . OSS, '1 , Del unn c fS"I . _ . W . " 6 C' C ~ "B" " 6 D ave M a rt".' lrom last season'S squ a d . ··.IITI')!·' .J , ,~lOve\" IT t' : -. Both play e rs Wt'I",' se le c ted to h1s t HP: R og n LundbhLd, 1 l, Warriors. year's All~ C nnft -Tenc t" tl:arll, and th ~ ir j)'-Jjrdines 68, Clov<:f Cre c k "A" 44. loss is l:>'pcCll'd to h:unpl' r the succ.·ss

C u rtiS , ic adi n .~' war r in th PaC!UL ,\(., thW (l t, boost..d his to al 0 POUll, b , ' d Ullkin ~ 28 a ~ a in s l 1.. B( and 3o! 1!;<1,iIJ.>t WW C . l'y in!! th.., ' l'h001 1 0.:­ o r d of 'c:'; n:hound s, whi ch hi reviou..· Iy se t. ,t wa s mu ch m ol' than a shoot­ i r. ~· , x hibition JS Cu rti s "ruleu the board8." LUles Hit .+08



HI': M e ri t' Martinson, 17, Dc-], r acu lty 19, .J th Floor 40.

of tIlt" P in'ltl' squ ad,

H P: .Mr. Salznlan , 23 , Faculty, !'r"iric D ow.; 62, Tacoma 32. HP: Pa ul Carlson, \6, PD. n, .'jt h Flool 3,\ Clover Cre~ k " B" .V-r .

by Eugene Hapala In their only lc1gUt' start this Sea· I'LC Lc ttcrrnr'\l', Club Pre-,sident Cl.' RT K.\LSTAD dt·finitely d r-sel''"'', , on th l' Pirates lost to (>ntral W as h· :l plu ;:: fo r th,' fin,' juh Ill' is doin g to help put nl'W life into th,' ,)r3:1niza' in>:to n 7l-·[j5. __._ _ _ tion. L 35t ui~ht's First Annu ;)1 Tntr~mur31 ·· Ba n q ue t'· w:l s br.! {dy brou ght about thro ugh th t:: consei"uti" us .effo rts of KALST,\D to reco g nize th,; intra· mural progra m and prog ra m dire ClOr M ,\RK S i-\ LZM ..\ N. It is hoped that this "bal1qu vt" can Ill" sta!:(,'d ac: a in ne:« t year. Tha nks ior :t job w ' l! don., W L PF I'A ClJRT. PLC ATHLETES TRANSF ER TO CALIFORNIA COLLEGES Pacific Lutheran ..2 0 159 10 2

Ct'nt. Wa ,; h . ... 2 0 131 101

PLC' s golf, baseball, a n d o nis tea m s will each havc one less letterm::m this spri n~. Golfer ART l'\ERHEIM, first hase m a n L AR R Y GOLNICK, and PU~"l So und ....... 1 1 132 128 W" .s t. W."sh. ' .. I 1:!5 1.8 DENi\IS TROEDSON of tbe tmn is t"3m han ' a ll indi u ttcd tha t th e y w ill t ra nsfer to California schools wh"n this s(" mc~tcr 'nd, . ... East. W:Jsh...........0 +fi~? Sophomore baske tball kttt'rrll:l!l ARDEE':\ IVERSON has hi g h ho )JC. of Whitworth .. . ... 0 55 T b' I ' II l' 'bI I' . b' h' emg Sf: h 0 astlea Y I" Igi e or ,'a rsrty cas::! a actIOn as soon as t '5 semeste r Brit. C o lunt bi' .. .. 0 " 1115 I t·:1 (' nds, IVERSO:\ has consist!'" ntI)" b~nl iu rh J onbl n.>! I , in ,cvrinv: f r



Basl<e' all Standings

HP: Hob Eri c kson, 18, 5t.h Floor. Ith Floo, Fro,h '1 6, Stub, 19. HP: Tim W y nd h a m, 16, F\'COsh. li n t< f9 , 'V ~ rri<ll " :,5. HP : Ton \Vdald, 1fi , Hester;. L It; ,·, :~, Ta corll:J ( fo rfeit). W(·'tnn :J I, ra ins 41.


HP' :-;" 31 W e hmn, 16, W r·stl"rn. D " j 3 rd ines 5:'., Road Runners ·U . HP: Du a ne Moe, 22, D eJ. h'y " ;\" 110, Clover Creek "An 67.


HI': John Mitchell, 38, Ivy. Pl'airie- D ogs 46, Western 33.

L ost

Won fi 5 5

Ivy ",\" .. ...... .... .. ... Dejardincs ...... . Roa d Runnel'S ..... ........... + C r·ltics Pr.liri l' Dogs ... ..... . .. . . --l Blt w e I S . . _ .... ... ... _ .! CIO\ er Creek "A" "2 i ! Western P u.rkland Brains .. . ... .......... .. .. .

H P : jal'Y Schek, 14, Dog- . Br ains 2, Tacoma 0 ( for ieitL Warrio rs 5 1, Gunnt: rs 18 . HP : Fra nk Wall, 18, WalTior ~ . Ro"d RUt1lItTS 62, C c- Itit:5 +5.


'::'S :;' 'LE,\GU E


HP: Don ,\rnstein, 9. h r ·

HI - I


Won ... .... .... .. .. .... .. ... 6 Faculty .... .. .. Ivy "B" .... .. .; +th Floor Frosh . ----_ .. _.. --_. - .. -. ~) 5th Floor

B R. 2·3211

I~::~:i{ :: ::~:: .. .. . .. ........ .... .... ........_ ..

Charles S, Fo elsc h, Ph.D ., Pr asid en r

BUDGET PRICED Se e Jo n Soine Jon Soine , ........................... ................~ ................................. ..... . ..!

College Driue-In


1 + ~


. -..................................................................................




a nd C), is usu:!1 at hom e gam "; , made I tlll' ir scoril!l{ splurg" in til l' ,~o:ond h ,dl.

2770 M:Jrin Avenue ,




Lu I" jV's split "­ pail of garncs pt<'iiminary to th rSI contl!:St:> , They d l·f,·all d the' Acoma fi~" 6 9 -1)2 , a nd bowed .&0-5 7 to th.. L ane i It thriller. D":1rl '~I o rri so n and Bruc e \ I(·xa.nd~r wn' PLe ; !lndtou t i.



Lo.<.t I)


n ~ By Bernie Brotman





'---------------...j IGunn ers



; - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - . , I Holt>" RECO R DS an d PHONOGRA PHS Magnavox Headqu a rters


The Church is on the m arch! Wanted: Me n of f ai th a nd real stuff to heed God's call and to prepare for Hi s min i&try on the West Coast.


H P : Ji.m Ruff, II, Dejal'diw's. 1 \ Y " 8 " 36, Faculty 32.



Th,' Thund erbird s of l.'BC surprisi n g ly strong in th " first half, b UI S l'n th e Lutf'< found th, ra n!{C' a nd took a never·threatened lc:ad . The .408 .hl)o tin g pc: rcent agt' i 0 r PL ­ agn inst L' BC's . 3 :!~ o: ffort W j ' d cci i\'t", bu t domination of lC:bound, by the Lutes contributed to their ictOl1'. Ed W ild led the T.Bird 5~orirlg, whiI' ROi{t' I' IverSo n with 15 poin a nd J im V un BCr'k with 12 count.en I L . W"Id .) SUp p OI' I: tIe ut.' WIn. I canne.. I:! poi n t . (cia" . 'To W ":C 8 1. :::,' I U'. p.. ..rr Th d .. f' I . 81 . 5 ' e ecclvmg rna scon: ot would tend to g-i e ed dc ncc of n run· a way by PLC ov,; r Wc' tc.rn . T ht! V ike· 'D~ pI v ed a IUD h be lt'·, floGJr '11111 than t hr score ind icat , b u t ... .291J , h ooting .". rail!: again.t the L u te .43;; PITc,,'n t."l \!;t' ' !H dfoll ill vain. The Glads held a 36-'21 ha lft ime JlliU~in>

lJ.----------------------------------, I



HP: R oy Schwarz, 28, R R , D"J~rdin '" -10, Brewe n 3 1.

1121-23 Broad wa y


th e ja).'. V ....s. 0.lId wou ld ll"" a , d u lie reser,.·!" fO.r the Lut,'s as t he" baLtI" . to re tam th,:lr E\"(·rg rl'l"rl Conl< 'r<: I1"" c ha mpIOnshIp.

Intramural Sta ndings


romped to easy vic Lories the I lis, l ' lIi WTSit y of Br iti sh .olumbia and I W "ste rn W",hin :,rton u.rskcLu:Ul fives

pa rt of th t' Lut e rC'boundin g', is e x·

Ivy 'A' Collects

Sraight Wins

Page T hree

1\AI:\ s tandin ~s sho w th.: Gla di· a t"rs in c i ~hth position among the co ll l'i:(t's of the aS50ciation throu g hout th" nation. T hey a r e classifie d 17th in defe nse a nd 10th on off(~ s,' , P bns art' in th e m a ki ng fo r alIot h,.l' annu:I! a thletic .n'fa rds . anqllc t. T be ge neral c hainnan is now b " ing ap· pointed, Spr cLat o . who watched the ,\coma ' PLe ,JV prdi m illary to t he UBC·PL ' 3'"m,· las t F J'irhy ni ght saw Lut g rads Jack Swdprson and J:1 C k j cwha r t a rno lll:; t ho,," hat.tlin ,;- t he JV·,. C a m pa; in t r:.tmurals fo r Ih<' "oed _ will be."i" at 7:00 Th u rs d:.y, Ja n. 10. Thl' Lut ladies will \) 1m th.· p r e.. rt<lrlI wi Lh G irl>' ba~kt" tb" ll ,

UNO S 11 2th and


ark Avenue

Attention, Students: See Don eey for Your



* License Plate in stall ation * H eadlight aim a nd bal a nce ch e ck * W heel bal a ncing c heck

Page Fou

r rlday . Janu ary 17, 1958


Box ocial Planne for unday; •

uSlness Majors

ear Ban


R e t h e I tter s o n a ge 2. th e M oo ri ng Mast IS r eo ceiving i 1n t 0 i ts penci · j:lus n in g , type-dizzy c rew , wi t h wh at you w ould n ot exactly call "ope a rms. t h is very SUccessrul, b ut mod est , report er w h o i s a ..... a n without a country' ttl at is a wr iter w ,thou t t hto Mooring M ast.


A lp ha Sigm a Lam bda is a dub for Mr. Ray Hart, 1957 pres.i d nt f i box soc ial. sponsored a~i Bmin,'ss ~ajGrs. ~ffic("fs .are Duan<: the- Tac~ma Cam! ra Clu.b, ""~ PLC ! juinll) b) th Fn . h m . n c.L ~ a Dd Lu- "(",, to n, pn:Sld"nt; JIn) Kltl1l~by, \"lce· dub adnsor R. Byard F n tt> will pre· th~'r"n , llJdr-nt A!<;C'(:ia tion, will be i pre5ide nt. ~nd Audry R ook, stcretarY'1 se nt the program. hdd III C B-211(l. . und~ t ,-enin g, Jan· rh e next lIl ec'n will be M onday FIVE LSA'ers GO TO OREGO N II:Uj 19 . a t 5: 15 p.m. n ight, February 3, a nd will be a busi- i Ardi~ -\rmstrong, D avc G ni eh-, Tn d diLiQn I lhe Il'ood iooci prom· fl " S lTn ,tin g. Su,i<: Lann en. Da n Witmer :m d Ken i d by til ,pomo~, lhrrc will so be . CAMERA CLU B CLICKI NG . Gamb were d ec ted ~: last w("<:k"s ~SA pri1M it, \ arioll~ boxt s. I me-eIInS" to be PLl. s n: pl r' entallv(:s -"ext meetin T oi tbe PLC C amera nt t h e P aCI'f it' ,,"orthwcs t Re!1;ion LSA Pa~<t:s 10 ;1 d nvl' -in mO I' ie, free halT­ t.ut ( 00<1 pro" t i. t' for R. Re:cp ), and (: 1 th j 'L h. duled fol' Tu<:sd ay, Jan. Workshop to be h.-ld this v t ar at I) t. bhx..' "onl:t nin._ on" dollar bill n:lrv ~ I, at b:30 p.m. in L- I 14. Ca mp 1{"nur h" on rh .. Colu m L13 ri q ·c I I will he intenlllnlrkd ,·. illt rhe other Th. haH h our presentati o n will h.. in 01"·I~on . bco I n hr-$. a sc r;I'S of priu wi n nin~ photo!,r rap IS Purpose of I·h,. work shop, 10 be hrId I WALKER ADDRESSES A SL lJ rociuc{ci by membr-rs of th e Ta(oma I' F" bntary I·t-H;, will bt t h.. lp the t'OI rtlr' r a urg:,nization. E a c It pic tu re- d,.Jr· .l{n tes Irarn more abou t ..tll asp ects f rClflomJ(" IT' \ w of 19':,7 an Out­ snows ~om ( ' pha,.: of "iood aftfr-d nrk of the W() rl.' oi LSA rt th.. n;, ri onaI, I 1 J for 1958' w. " lit t pi uf Mr. ph t )1 ra p hv. Tr.u:iona l and 10<:.l l len'\. R . K . \ alkt r . as iuanl ("ashie r and - - - - .- - ----_._--- - - -_ ._--_.__.._ -_._._ - -­ he:. rI l,f public n lr tiom f or Ih X a· ill. IOn , wllt'n he tinn,,1 B:lnk addressrd Ih.. BlIbim'ss • dm inistr.uion






«' \\

1\111 I..

I ~r "nd<.

Mural Depicts




IGA FOODTOWN Comp le te Sh opping C e nte r Srrving PL C rhrollgh hri. tian

112TH ST R EET ( Airport Roa d ) A N D PARK AVE NU E

u' hf fr e ptOl<s. OPE N SIX DAYS A W EEK . . .

EDl'T' II\. ... .. .... _.. .


Charm Beauty Salon Blonche Lingbloom 4 j 2 GARFIElD ST.

Fo rmica an· T)"pin ...__ ... ....... .. ... .... Laurir Bc~ roft 811 Inf'. ,, )fanag .. Mary Lo u Engen Ad ~t j citO I',": Rod Patterson, Lois :\ Il dc~ on .

LE. 7·7475





LEnox 7- 3 34

SR. 2·4629 93 2 Pacific Ave nue Tacoma, Woshirrglo n

Pai nt - Plum bing -- Ro ofing Kirsch Rods - Window Shades

Elect ric

PARKLAND HARDWARE G lass Installation 12 15t and Pa.cific Aven ue

Pi pe Cutting and Threodin£l

Phone LE. 7-3 171

L nne Osma nbergj I .in­

da 5rh rf.


lioto~rap h l"r,

.. .... .. ' I r . W . • ! cKewc n \TlIst .._.... ... . . ... Dick L ond gren IJookkee per..................._.Carol House Cl.reulatlon ._...__...._..._...... Patti Finn Circ lJla tioll assista nts: Tele Bovans, Arcli Annstr ns:, Earlene Burcham, .10., L t'\O is, K att'n K Im, Thelma N,.I50 '1 , D d l Dortndorf. Barbara B kner. .

ARrS SHOES AND REPAIRING Tenn is Shoes -. Bucks .. Flats .. Oxfords Quality Se rvice

Opposite Pa rkland Pos t Office

Par dise Fvlly Automatic


T,Jesdo)l - All Evenin g

Weclnesda y -- after 9 p.m .

Fr'day - All Evening

10707 Pacific Ave.

Expert Dry Cleaning

Laundry Service




Phone LE. 7-6012

l-IN-l TO BEnER SERVE YOU Stal'l dar d H e..t ing Oils - Heating Equipm e.n"t

Hea ti n g S ervice

Enjoy That "PLUS" Service MARV TOMMERVIK'S





One-Day Service

PHONE LE. 7-4256

Mrs. Jo Summers


Phone LEnox 7-4300


Not really. 'Cause if Coke had been around in Caesar's day, Caesar would have treated himself to the sparkling good taste, the welcome lift of Coke! Caesar's motto-"I came, I saw, I conquered." Pretty good motto for Coke too-the prime favorite in over 100 countries today!

SIGN OF GOOD TASTE Bottled vnde, authority of The Coco-Colo Company by PACIFIC COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, TACOMA, WASH.

loc P aced Camus oon osfs Deb t:ors Cross C·t:y

for Tonight: I~/~;';,~~~:~~~r~~~~h~ For Week nd et


r-'L " ~, set nd annua l all ·campus auction will be held tonig ht Tou rnan1l'nt. Jt 8:00 p .m . in lh t, C"L1B dUl ing h all ~pons o red by Inter-Clu b DI t'

. .




. II ·

Council .:1S lilt of the Ihrel: ('v('D[s offered o n campus t hl - pnng . ' .--. . '- - _ ..10 riUSe mo ney l o r the . a m pus Ches L. an o.' q Ulvalen t () the Com · . (' h '


l ato n

r on} [


" 1'

t' _,, 0 1' I1\\"C! t area

I l I '11 cornnete . 'In e" ( n t~ 1 ~cnuo !o \ V l I II , . , L.· .1' L W ( DUtil on tIlt ca m pus a Ile I n tIle m u n HY - . I?Sr. Ir d t··1 . I' 'r' t L t h ' d I I b'd J II L uCOt LOIla umr 0 nm \'~ II Cl-a n AI I \ tu ents are Wt' corne [0 co rn L anu I on any ane a Church, Bettduu ~1"cdonald , tou matl ciC's, p nz{' a nd v tht r sur p l 'St'. to v-­ rntIJt dil"t'ctor.. invites " all nlt~mb(' rs of I" "fl , tet.!, ,il, !l IJU IIU'ci gC'YH:rai chair- I I ',"• r", t' \I ~ n , n~, as Wt: II ;'S M II J.Iey 0 f ­ t h~ sruQc- nt b ody an d facult y to feel . r. U);lfl Dant' ll IJ iru.' let in H hi !"( t: rcation r oorn f O I an eV t': ­ . f t ree to atte nd a~ m a ny 0 ~h {~ C"cI1 t s ~'lin 1. :\{; 'i"" oth er i tlln~ a n' ;,:..1:'(1 ("X­ S u ch priL" " a " fu,-, d from pr t, k,.(>1 IJI"ctc d [0 be u p f OI bid . wives a n d b"kC'ric:s, dot h,.! and J I-f(~ rb Denlll~t'y~ head uf the rOOln:' . ' . . E" tt'na1l1UH nl at t ht· . UeliUIl will and jud'J asks th a t _all . ' s _commlttl'C . _ ' 1.1ItLl stun '. will hr. put un th,· b lue!· , bl' pt \J' id t d by q\l tl~ n t ~, w ith Boh at the' tournamnlt '- _ _ • 'I e) lin n up til t· fbI ;, iries, latr Fit III m~ , '56 PLC ~ radu;,h ', Cl i n ~;, who whh • tc, Ju(i{T(" '·untact 1mB Dr flll Ol1! one ol tt. e . . . _ _ I dtl.l t-' ~ , g i rh t t j dear! ruu rrJ~ .an d H l asttr u f Ct'l'tInuu i r' '1 . AuctioIl l c-r L<ld ~ lrps that \\";]1 be passed out In cha pd to' ; r"'. a. p r () [r ".stH· ca r fur a cJ (lU~,. an d llut b u fI a nn uunced a t pl t'~S t im l . :;-0IiW tiIl l l - next \\-cek. 'J hI 111aj uri ty uf rll,· p n)(' t' ~ d s gu i n ~ f'" n _ .ki t n p SJJun son:ci by a lITeJU l' (Jr, Il ,, · ,lip w i ll be "" , ta ' Lb n b ( i.,I.ul ty l/I ·mb, r.' wi!! !k l1 \' :1l1 ab J, ~ tu tl.. C amp us ,I a ·. will ,'U io lh, -1 1







UI' IJiJtiin~ .

Htlrnl:JI h ~\

Ill"Cll uperlt'd COl

t u­

T wenty PL C debato r wi ll (ake part in th.E: Ty ro (beginner o Tournament at CPS I . . February 1"3, 14 an d I J. Then \dl1 C:l !



. f('w sClllor catego nes. -~



1 he Oxford and One-man (LIncoln- D o uglas ) debate stvle~ . . .. ' . p ~' '. wIll b,~ ; used In the compctltJan for whIch some 0 C s :>eruor ., ' . .. d(·ba tor ~, WII, ",~ t a, Jud ges. P r oles!Ol ~.----­ .

T, Karl 3nd Dr. V. lT tz tll" LT of PLC wiIl.. with l.-" I<" otn ,,!' professor , help in the JlI lic.'ln,l! ,,1;0, Folinwin ~ :~n th e team en trlC S in th..... Jnni.or \len' s D..i\. i'.io,n: . ,.lilT.l T, " l. ­ _ ,-­ llUl, (lpll fhhl: C" l Capnet., Da\ C C' • • t B 1· \\,. . r J.u h 11 (>\<ur' ·Ir d : ~ .. uar: _ 0 ,) ,l ~ nt: ~ _~ ~ 1 ".1 ii C'__ rUIGtlI1 ,', S . ·11, D 'd t'l ~"Inl . It -.(-I·lUt.. - 1 Sf'l'i ­ ior " 'D'" WH' rl S lVi.Slon a f e D \)11 D OU~·~I 'a,~··d n l '1 1

I Kr a" hd,

Dolon'~ • -jms, X :\nry W alk­

Il'r. .C:ll'oh- n . Hloorn fi rld .


Exttlllpor<,neou£ S pe a k in ." : Jim ~ Tra vn or, <-) r in Dd,I, ('~I C"I"Ilt'r, 1) ,,\, ~ Stuart., Bub ,Va !-! n~r, Dau AIm;, J<lckif ' Slat.. r., .T n is Ra nd.ll. L , u.i~c KT "C ~ \1 tO rt , D OO(lS J _ l'aa h t' i .' ,Oyl .. .. "nn!S, ,. l,' y,'" a I')llT ,l'. a rt) I yn IOOD f'Ie Id.


. • .

Intcrpretl\ic Reading: Jl n Tra)uDr Dc'mps"'" ar,d Die\.: Kraign is Cal C apEt"!". Bob O lson , J a<.ki,' 'latcr': I .. i entered in th,' OIH' ~Lln Sen ior Dl\" ­ LOllis(" K ra abd , Dolorc.> :-.ijllll, • 'ant)' i ,io n . ¥ialker, Carolyn Bloo m fi,·ld.

i Herb


T ;1l~ UI~K1 C ommunity ~: hes t. .. . It.' \" filInl in . TI." .. a,.,' t. wiI: '!"' '' Ill ' for. th",[ u~lior. Worner; s Di- Imp~o. ,mp. tu . S pcakwl!: (Irin D, hi, A, ,, " " It D : rn' 1l HttH'< lI. =ngmg\ lJ, ma dl ,m d th, hn a! potbon 01 th, ';"lOn a i" ' :' · Sbt'T, Je," Ran­ Bob Wa gne r , Joy( ' ,,\!too.

(]'nt. ,1\"'0. i!r,d _\Ji I 'Vi (.k.~t !(}j tl h all t! ~' ;1\tlliutl;'" \ ~t Elli c h (l n , C; ( ot u pill U1J fU f au u ion h er n pa.rtment Cor 1 1shr n"d Jon 'OIIlI:.

irj~ll : Ju d i J (}h mon, ~:oui ' l" Kra; l~fter dinncr spcaking: }Jot 011.1n, JU\CC .'olton, lJu lo]l· s ."\llns: and _ '\an<')' J e n s R <ll1da!1. W;:lkn, Ca rolyn Bluomf.idd. Be:!, lou SENIOR DIVISJO N 'l.LlCuona ld w rll lOl llprtc in the' Orll,· Imp r ompt u: Dick K i~r.I' HI ttt lou \VU !ll;i n Scnie r Divl , ion. M acdorll'lld. I Otbn ca (, ·? or it·' :;r,d PLC \ t" nt lI LS Extemporaneous S p (' a l. inl{; DII k :J.n" ;-i ':;' foHc)\v,Iioi: K rn i.ger. Don D ou glas , H erb D"flIp­ JU~lO R DIVISIOi\ C)'.' B,· ttc! nu ~fa l' dOnll l d . lntcrpreti,c Reading: D id :b. t.\i~tr", Ba ck [m' th ei r fina l ~f"ln t,l ,' t Oratory: Jim Trav[!O!', Ch in Dahl, " iCc Lutheran afte r t\VO }T ars of lb-.i il1- C al C;-t P~l~_~~:._._~~_:~"~ St(\'.'di"t, Lou i"C"" H erb D,·mr"n -. ical \vork a n : th e ni n ctCf"Il l nCIYl , e r~ - - - -- - - - -- ­

IiI' \" ,ill \" . rr tll Tllt"d to


urses R lun For Semester


Se niCH" nursin ~ CL1:; ~ .

(I f thl"

In February


1956 th e itirls left

PLC to cuntinut" their (-lh lc1ti(ln at 1,:nlfll.. l nUCl. Fiosp ital i.l,l Pu r tl a n.d, c)rC­

L a :.;t sur ' l Hln" ~ fi e Tl\l1'~( " 5 "'p r fl t h t"l't" HlL)Iuh:;: duin~..:. lli nie::t! \,\"or k ;J t 1 l ~ l' t h- , ·.~on Sti'tf :vlental Huspi tal ill


S ;ihllL

l ]J () n cOIr lpktion of thi:; .... rn lit.

th, ,1



t t"f

.l I U!' \\lJl c,!.tdu.. :, "till ~f lt l" B,ltI " lut 01 S," Ile,· rn • IITSttt V.

[I ' ,

---------------------------------I I For 'dac and he I VOL. 35,

NO, 13


FRI., F EB. 1, 1958

ll lu_, : 11' , I"" 111 1\ 11 , \ ~ , I i I' B:ru n iit 1 ~ J o an F bl ~" Ruth IL1. u~_t , Ju li t J o h rL u n lktty Juhn so l~, :Dor·· l

'-',t ~l\' Jonmo. n, ~bn~i:l L " in, B(,\l"II, K r;trnpltz, J d n (-' t I U\,V(' and Janet



Cast members for the second Children's Theater production

CharkIlt" Pd,!'OIl, K;ll"' ll },'falfait, of the year. "Jack and the Banstalk," will be ann ounced tad.1\" Donll~l Gicn, }"l aur inc Sv,'a mun, Vir­ or tomorrow on the stage bulletin board in the CM~. Th~ show e:ini" ,"V"Y"rts, Bt'"uicc ~ h t't'k, Ruse will be orcs need Nlarch J J - 15 on the eMS stage un der [be din~c­ ~ .'\nn J"CUb~OIl, J:lr1ie e MeKt'clllky t ion of Eric .'\o nlholm, o ri6inator uf~- --'--- --tu handle and ~'L. rgaret \Vilkinson. th,' PLC Children's Th ~atf·r. I Th e M;)[, in th. M oo ' I II JIl k ~

" Ca tsup Carnival" Set for February 13 ' ·e ..l1 u p C ", rnival" tim( will ., n be. • "mi n e( tu PL C ' (Clrnp us , "" • PO · I I LI ._.J I tl"rJl IJt:tS IJI C P UCt... f or- t i t annua Ul lUU.. . . . . . u n \ ' , 1,_ b t J-eu , \J Irotn III a .m. to , V III, Du n u t'S mu,t be 1 tl )," a rs

blcJod ru\.llJi k

is ,,:llI"dukd

fr om J(, to 14. pe ople pe r hour. In­ ,nulliun ,' that no food except • •• • bla ck coUcc, hurt .JUice, and wat<:'1 IS tu be take n :l hours priur to til L duna ­

~Id Il ion .



Contest Goi ng -­ Beards Grow ing

w il h ,t h o ,; ,18 tll 21 n_qUIrIt,g T h is blood will be pu t into tf": PL : Ikards are bein g- g roomed :Hld musWI tt l<:, p i 1l . II SSlO t! Irow p ,u': n ' . bloud bal lI, to be u,ed pnmanly by ull'h ~ , trimmed as fdluws ( Ornpdt: in '>t udt'Ilt, 'Nishi!',1( tt:' g iVl.; bloud rr::J.v ~: olll't'>; f" ·I u lk nts. Infor m ation r egard­ tht: :trrnual APO b.. ard-~:rowiI1Q' eoniell UfJ fln- "11 a pporntlTj{' rtt the lit'l l I lll !l lt~ acc("ss wh en n t Ct S a ry ma y 1:e ll-'st. ~\ c nJrding to Ch;lifllH'Il Craig pa n of ""xl \,,\:,.1> in thec C U B. T he bt, In. d thruugh the dean's aUice. Johnson ,m d Bill Olson, tt lmination uf lilt" ,'Olltlst will be dUlin g halftin,c u l th e Whitworth l(anlt" on Feb . 15. i A t tillS tim(' PllZ, swill b<. g l\ Ln in



New Housing Opens in F II

PLl will 1;1: upenin~ fo r tht" fall IIlcs trr a II, w b(JY': dormitory which • ill hUllS" 69 wen a nd a. h ouse-father. '>t


l'l.lfI lIt·d f0 r 23 t (Jorw , w ith thrt:e r oortl; tht hou s('-iathe r w ill U'Tl1py the last t o · II ,. E a.d l room will I 1~tx2U fn·t, e ach w ith a IJriv <ltc MIL :mel ,h"w,' !. The rt: w ill b e cicc­ Iri( beat, rhn ltlostatiLally cuntt oll!:d. T he norIl' will he constructed in a n 'H" ~ h~,pt with the "nels of the "H" « 106Cd uff. 28x40 foot luun ge will l""~ 'Pl' ! Ia,' ll1 iddlt !'ction uf til '·H." hn lf"!lll l"l tt.! thl~ rooms will be: made Lv p"ssing throu gh tht: lounge a n d. ,\ IIt.W ' .1dt·1 iur fi n ish will be givr n b, d urn. a.nd the i nl r im will h . ~'C a III' \\' t ile fluonllg, O ne u ru t j., to bt (.m)J1 tt'd iJdor tl l~ do~': uf t hir setl1<'!tI:'r which w ,ll allow t be m n tt•• c:e: "hal l h, y will have in ti,t \'. ay of \:: w li" i lJ~ quaJ\t'r~ for next fa ll.

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th,. courag'"" in one sn"nc o n thi;~


r(ln a fnur-p;:J"~(, feature and p tt 'tu lT

Climax of the well-known Story IS stnrv uf th e histu,'y uf the Childre n's tlI<" chopping down <If thl' bt'dllAlalk­ The,Itt·,' her< and uf "Flibbcrtygibbet," with G iant on it. whic h was the Fall SCrtJ(",t rr produc­ M n. Chorp!: nnin 's tailor·nudl 0. 11­ tion. diem C$ L. t tlI( GOodUliill Mc m,m.1 I d 1 I .\11 s, b alld ( ostutn("s arc ttl. ! , Jy T ht'a tr' in Chicago ta ught h~r to r ite for all a ge s. It was her philo.o­ ' I'Ll' students lind, r Ihe dirn ;; tio;l ,pf ~[ , . "rdh"I!'1 w ho d tt t (ts ,lnd CLI- p hy that 3.dults who attend this pr\~ d u ctio n w ill enjoy th e pln'Ys as mudt .. . stg'ns t h t: ~hows., . P1I1DS a n::: now" bein g rna de for i fOllr divisions: as the chiidn:n will bt:caus~ of tht' th ,o t on>tluctiull of a Daffud il P a ­ ; . 1. .Best ,goatee and lIlust"ct,,· "ntten by . deep adult o\"t·rto n.. ~ Iluou"hllu t , blnatLOn, L. most colorful b, ard, ,J. ",[a("k .1I1d th,· B/'a ns la lk . w;! S wntralit- fl oat fur Pac ific Luthcran Colkl!t:, best full beard, at,d 4. smooth,;st f~:e tm for the Childn'n's Th"ll t("~ by the Jay Tronsdak. g-rnt'ra l chairrna n i I .1(., tl,u~(" tuo young to. sha\~. 10 . late Mrs. Charlotte Chorpennmg whu ['" te, l Ci ua t, I,a, appointed Jerry II <lat ,' w',u ly HO stu ci r nts ( g 3 . 1was une of th. (" fuunders of the Chil­ n"ported six girls) have lq; isttrcd .in drcn!s Theatf.l~ nl0\Tf:1t:nt in AIIlerica. lIar.l!' on a'\ co n slru Lticul cha.i ruJdn, tl" cornp<tir ion. Jud gi nl,l will lJe clune I I I k d d wit h :I I t cha irrr: an still to be chos... , . Mr. Xordho rn, W 10 wo r T un er D a" id Knutson, PLG 'tud c:nt Bodv b\· three , q uaiIlll"d coli 'gl:. professors, . .

\~11O 'H" as vct unannoullcceL Mrs. Chor]lf nIlln\.( for s[,veral years, p cn icit:nt, and Don3.ld orndl, vic ­ I-=================-'-'~.~~_. rcmalk('d that "this play prom ises to p reside.nt uf the Stude.n.t Body, 'will he quite interesting: bcc"use of its pop- attend the Eve rg reen Coofr Stu­ e llIlarity with child n :n." He also st~tcd d r:ut o ciatioll W inLer meeting 3l Univc rsit i n Sp okane n th"t p ublic ity in the T acoma sc I100 Is G onza"a " ,would b t: highlv accelerated for this F ebr uary 7-8. Ar, ,,"p,: r irnnltal systclII. will b e pro ~"rarn of th... month. l Main function £ the mtcting will This do cs not mean tllat t h (" C Iass I; play, a dopted Ly tht st ude nt body in an wil! han; to present the plUgram, but be to p lan for the Spr~g C onvention a t temp t to improve the q uality of the Thrc(:-AcI Play b h Id " h 68 d that it will be: rt'sponsible for the p r o . . , . ' I b d ! to e e .narc - o n IC campus Tu esd a y J lapd prog rams. f , . 1 flt· pia\'. whlen ",Ii l" prest'nte th T<' I' t ( f B ·l, · ·h 01u Illb,' a . . _, . . 0 (L; Ill\'er. y J n F o r th e coming seml'stct" tht:' four '( ra m. I he class can arran ge for :m y- . 1t1 rlll'(·' , sctt 1tl ~S on tilt" PLC stagc, IS in Van«)U\ r . 1 one 0 p r csent th... r:h ape. I · · ' . . t class n wi ll be in cha rge of the meet­ At thl cnd of th.- s"rncstcr a ("Olll- full of ru",t';r-Ul'ginning in the £tn t Tlu I' Ll d rh ; lilm tu the: aU ing £ fu r t.ll·h TUEsday of the- month. n".,. tin<: h ,I8 f ( \'ir.~d t he constitut ioll Will yot(' " on t h e q uality of th eart w h ;r h OJX' ~ hi'lh up in th... d ouds m itt('c T h e stll ior cilU.' will ha\ c the fir. t pf Ih E( S \. Tilt p ropu I·d I dSjull T uesday, j un ior clus~ t he second, soph ­ pruqrdms and tht' c1a,~ which h.a!. the v. hl"T"l' thl lll;l. 'icc ruakC'r is h untin!! for will b prl' I n t ~ d at tn w inte r m~t­ b/ t r l o rd o f t:onsistr·ntly good p ro!omeont to la e h ili ma~ic thing away OIltU la~~ tht tbird and fr~hman in~ . frorn th ' Ginnt, tlass v. ill h:l\c charge o f the fourth ~m will be a w arded th e: trophy.


U \ '<; r ,

a c ciairll

PLC Childn n' s Tl"'atcr la,t WCt k I Jack pre" ,' s hi, CO\l rn qe by mana i.n when th e Lutheran Herald, the E\·,U\­ 1 0 j("SClH' tht Giant's w lf VI s hilown mothtT who was be i n!! c1u'atcd b\ Qclic;:!l LuthrraE Church Ina,£! azirw~ Raff Heywood, the " HI'lin

I Making Float Plans








Office rs Knutson, Cornell Go to G.U.


Classes To Plan Tues ay Ghap


P age T wo

Friday, F ebruary 7, 1958


Vein Drain

Roll Up Your Sleeve

by Bob b~ writing thi, thi n'

It'" nir't to

Princess Julie Chosen

For Mt. Hood Carniva

I beli~Vt, yo u ;111 have wbar ir t ak es: na m ely, blood. iall:tiTl , I wouid' \"!, "ta rtI'd soo ne r but Next 'f hur,da y . February 13 . lph a Ph i O mega 1. sponsor - J hJ.d a bi of bad luck, J hurt , mr }'Ii " Jul it, iR,'n hard, 19 -yt':l HJld b "i ld illl~ to fashion ,hows, an p bnnrrt I n&: t hl. an nual blood u r ivc a t PL C. I n keepi ng with America'" bac k, One (lI lfht du nn ' lllr' h oh dav blond ,' sopholllore in f'ducation, will for t il" w l"'i;r' ll d ·.vh ichvill begin al famed urgt' to have t 1(' bigges. a n d .gn: ing wit h PO lh a!:. t he s .lson ] eml" hO~'C, saw a'pidrrQn climb the slope5 of ?it , Hood thi~ [B onO ;1,111, ;I tll rdal', Fr'bwar' 8, and hlo d dri ve i' a \ . • Y wo rth y c.:llI Sl . r be lieve WI' should n or on ly till' Ct' ,l!n.C:- ;lI!d tr lt' d !(I stl'P o n h ill. · ,',"'k"ll d to r cpr, 51 'rl t PL ' ., can d i- " lld with A \);.:rlqW' t ;It .j.;~(J p ,m 'l Sun· tOp IJ st 't'.:lrs tota l (w h id1 W as well b 'low <J n~ hundred) b u't P( )M E; R?,,'s arc red, \ iolrt, art' ,. b tc fo; 'I ''''' n llf 'f". ,,'umcl "nnuu l . cia :.', F,'bruan ~ , er 1 lIeW <l11 t ime h igh fo r l'iu t~ don dted , blw' " ~,o r mo t I, stl't'P <In ri m y sod; , I l ntr'rroll,"~iat [' Win tt' r C~m i\ .1. I (: h ri,ti,' o nd3ht, R od Bernt'len Thl:re should b(' no cxcus ' fo r no t g ivin g bl ood A not i? of . IIe rud)'I... , ,H,l\ l(I U h"<JI.'d TIll' l' J J' , I Ro n Harmon, Ji m .J:.lhn " >!l ~Ild h n . " , " . . 'J ,'I1' l')1 1 nqur ' n t.t' ump, ' T I' I :>,'att I' I , nl)w U I> ~ bome , hilt .'TI cl l ""Tl ( ) ·Is'-J·. t' ~r. ' ,J'" UI'i'rJl.' lI "' )/lfC )( J l lor [h( )w (," Y"ar~,J ( 1( ai'" lt 5ft .It "h e ~ (). rp ,_ • • ~. , Lx PL ·,~,.il ... t tJ.u·... _r ~ I , ).'?IJd ._) / ,,~ . ~,t; 1 ,.l 1! U\ 111 . 'ln a II '\ f r onl , . ·\V J I " Y lIt I P chf' emlll leCTu { '-i.'s ln'Clion 'I h'c cn t irL pro eU U1"\: is p inll'ss tJke~ d l' II! ; ' till' Sabr,. Dil nre o n ly wah I'" .' , f ' wfH" w ill ,· nll'l' tiH down hill n ile! ~b, .' " R c · ., ' 't I "J I I ,.. ' ',-,1 s('~ h, 'r '1 11:1 IIlca t lOns Or q 1'( ' 11 St" '1n ;lU r q'lat.. I 1· h C' - 1

' n I Y J , I.'\\- m ln U [ C ~ LIt l lL: ~d r oss loodtn obde and CJI1 be: SWI c ,'U ~ U'~ ' \ " ', now , a Juli .. h ~ s ;'I" ' n l;jin~ fflr i, ' \ <' ars. (Jl, l r\'f'n l.' (), I ,. .;In, ,, ,, , .

done at you!" CO '1VCt le ncl' .. H you ca n ' l s(a~d s etn g b lood. ,-lese ~ ;,t':,nc~ l n " on'l " til wllh till' Wl11d b~o'.\'- PLC's Ski l~ luh, whidl ~ . ~ p0n;u rin~ I, Ponlanel Sta l,' C ol ll'l.!r " w ll1 d . ;_

Vour c"'es If "O l\ 'I~Sl don [ h kc 1I"\. Idca~ c.! don a lln renl"mb~r ., ,n.. ~ nr,' 11,11 1', alld ,1", too P1'(lUU [f) J I' IlI' r <J rOlllo l! tt ' out fi,. t of ! '"'nd tn~ Ih,' f,· 1." 111(. ' ,,11 .15 Innt"d _J

, I ' } J ~ . rr 0' .... ' ' . • '. U lI' . .,,-:< j\T ~ m' thy you I11 i"h r he \vishiwI 5('1111'0 111:: 11ld donJted f0r vou ,.jI<B!' It , , , P lca!>C , please don t nllnd i I,:. j , . ' ," 'lJ l1t~n of t h, p, 'c llir );orth wI"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I . . . • , p~l r rl\ .l . pant~ ~ln( !\W t' <ttr r \vtlH'h WIl[ PL 'h w ld b~ ~,]bk l(l. t"-(l IV" S( re~. of p Int.'s o f", bl,'oJ I ' ld' .). \ n on. (.on w lJ, He Isn t 5;uch a bad ~ y,I) l(('n '1 tlca ' I to t Il l f,(' () f h,. nt h!",]" :It.l:orl, I' m~ PL l., I.J _ ll1('rnb('r; o f II, _ .. . . 5kt L II h !>I",:, d I: P, : ' h ;"[1 .' H Irn rol l np ou r slee ves for t he R,ed ross : Le e's give W J ( it ta kcs: IInll l j '. ou !:ct,to,~ ~OW h\~l, ' " ,.\ ~m C 'I.,d id atr'" i


I' , , I' '





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blood. _


DJ 'e C r ownl.'r. ed ito r.

l HE \

I \ \h. O fE DE[ l.-SU" G

Ta, 0.1' a, Sod .-Jerk--­ With Ell1'lJhasi · O I L tIle Sodll

I ;;;!lld

f: n'.'c r ,lod L 0 T1 1l 11 ~, ' I;Q n of tlv' \ ',.,..iou:. "\Tn ts, f r n III SHow-mar. u lt y to be ofli e ;;, ! ['h n p rro n r's .


T() BE SL" ,;C TO T H E Tl 1'fE (IF i YO U \ R E ~1Y S t' ,SHli\" E : WI,.. " I I 10\'(' y ou , 3n d you gav\.' 1I1e a

, lulk of ' CO U" h ai r: 'Vh f' n J said I n ('(' d \' O U , ;I ud vou 1.!;1\T II)C ' 3 loc k of your I h:lir You :~a v,: HI l' " lock of your h air, I wh" n J ~sl.('ci h uw TIluch "Ull did {.ll t " , by Danny . J\l\'U\ R Y ') 1 I('ars D TO ' · , . " r -. . ' . _ IT Rut now, dl';u, I don't want yo u at :,.11, ~ -' , . ." -. . ' ( Jn n' upon a urn, Jon~) . g fIlt) etn , . • ~et:dlcs.' to sa} I ~ot , " " " b IJ b ' II' d b II 1 wO majOI ltl nh o t . l' h t 1 j . (. . . (u 1. '> a u tt. .. 5 ~1. u ~s a 1 rar a .I h.ld th(' ldc.~ op lnto n t ,l( t Ie o n y t i C Joh WIth a sh~llt drop m wa~es) ' If Id tl t I tl t t l "S D .lffodil flu "t ,h;U l'lI ldll ',' 1 . • I I I' f d dId d .­ I, ) ou (Oll SIng lCl tl It' lInt' l l . . limn 01 In I to lan' w a s· t tat 0 so a - all sell c own to the hie of an aver· y V S I'D oj tl1<' <l thl"tl (, hanqu et to )<"k. Wi t h I'rnpllas-is on th e soda , But a~,·, if not sOl1lewhat neuroti,' 00' l HI ,\ rc ,10' • uns lInl', contact r. ,

New Table : New Lights?




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<.'xpc rinwnts




n 'portcd


.. tJU oln "SS wcr tit!" PIJOIIltllll' nl'i Jf Jay l ron d II ~ "n d J o n Sain e 'l.Iul E wl'n(' H 'l lJa la as ('o -I'!, ol rnlcn ' r-' ( 1)(' h ·Id h is sp rinrr ' " JIlinut es a n d no u· . . f rom t h e E vr r ~n T n Con r(:rt' nl~~

il t lilt: r lt,.. 0 1.1 in, buddy, it ain' t jerk. n ext week ) I used to bl' u npopu - Student Bod) I\ ssoci " ti o n fa ll conf .' If'nl'' h a d <lni ,r. , ,Hid drk 'l''ttcs frnr:1 wh It i'," ,t eked up , to Iw, . ' Ach. Hilllmel! !ar hut J !le\Tr knew wl1\' , Then las t PLC whn "t tt-ndcd the nI<' c ti n!,; WI'IT to r{'vi se t h e ECSA " 0 titu tion, D a~" xp':rIt'n cl' as sod a-Jerk ~1 y first clay Ull til<' j ob h appe ned - " f: this colullln, I Knutson , ., ' bl' PL G , s re presen tat". , . ", "t thr ECSA Wi n , ~l " y tit .st' ~" , .. , , ." " . ' ,. . ' YI'ar J sta rtl" d wntill an d Don (.orndl wtll W.l III .1 K " tchI Ka n, AlasLl, b, Sund,l\ .1I!{ht. \Ol , know wh :Jt " I' '11 I l I I t f ' S · L r I 78 . _ . ''" . 1' ~OW In st\ unp ODu ar )u t at ('ast ('r ('o n ('renee In p OKaw' r' C- JfUary - . . r nl In 19:>+, AIt, such fond m em ones that mea n ;: . . .~o 1Il 0 rH'Y, h o n!'y: no, I' I (' I d " I d'i ' ·r: F BRU \RY 4 . • .. l'~no\\.r w ty . . . )v('r lei:) r : IC n t (lit" Job lasted (,X3ct!y sevI.' n h o urs at 1 toad , funny! .\{ v f,rst thou g ht on . " . f • , ' , '" " !a lOW sh " lwd an upper plate untIl 1t ' 'vI' , ' , I, -f l ' ,'I 'J" f '.' , \ hp 'h tln1r the bos~ COInt:' in a nd s tat- SlT\ tll.!,- tlH~ 11l.;tSSes .m dlrn ~; 111. till" :;acrt:d _ . _ ... (r, lItJn \ V. l:-; 11 1;-)(' l U t H f,H'J,",SI; 1 11." n , puttin g hgh. l5.. on the .t (' rulls (" 011Yl , Glllll' n ut In thr' l'onv('Csa t lOn ,· , ' , , th' PLf ' . - , ' , t' d l' rd 'Try mu t h to Illy disrrwy, "'Dannie ~,() llow , of ' ., Ole C tlffr.e :'ihopp was ' " ,I> l \.... , Crlt'8t lo n "qu lpr11l'n t i1l1 W3, t 1<"' ,1." " d , R f' po rt W3 , [11; d ... IhiL' \ ,,,," S()~G: SI1l' Stok Mv H ...nt III h ' f h' II ' h ' ··B ;I n ' soon to b (' .-rplaCl'd a nd ;. 110', )Iou j us t don't h an: it," and pro. " L n IIl1 ' Ollt;( h c't ' , , ! " : , . t , tops 0 t " rln,>pon~ ta ) " s In t r' (. 1 ,1 Suh",,,>. \vh ,,, I Got Cp To Ci\ r'[ ' llil d ta hl,' ,1dd,·d BIlt I• stayed; worl;('d li k e a • d og; il t I ~\1 \ ;:"Il r rd~d to fi r .. Ill" ) , <' II'Ie S ' I '• c it· , () t . . P ll) • crVJce , ., ' '01 F ate of It All and whd e everybody rushed th e ir or\1 h J h 'I 1 h, Counell ck('l(kd to 11<1" th,' dcl,' "atl'~ t" thl' ECS<\ l'on fc p ' oCl' ail( . tun":. t uug 1 t c nInon l!'i on y one · . ' llu t d o you th ink th 8 t sto pped ole Litts a t IIle, no o nll SCCllI OO to nollce 4". 1 I . ' f I I" f h (' nts PI' C mIll' pill S ClII'; :\ I' XP"Il "' , ·\nd 11 \\~" rf'l ){)r:('d th ;ll Ill' ,.,. ,.' isp d EC. . :-1 1. 1 1 ll' :-;Jze 0 t it: eart 1 , It IS 11rt l'r 1 " . . '1 Ilfn tt('JU'? Yo u ~\Jess c d it , ' . So that li p an r('aching low into the iccD h I comtltutlOll h;" 111'I'n n1il lH'd to t he E n rg'!" T O schools, a'way. . lIt ' to t c hu,g c popu ;:lnty 11Ir' , lono: ytD I'ii later, which vetc :I en 'am rdrig-nator I didn't {,Ollie up nf lIly CO Clt("\t );,st ,,1. a t 10 fi"d th,' ,~'id r""'d with hea u t iful en emories of be- for" full ' e n mi n ute,. , un (,~ltl1 Pll'" with th (' prctti('Sl ('(Irs (Ed. matk r . lS, a ll d \0(1 ' _ cntnt ':-; , I_ ;Hl) gO in ' g- to r u n It ' in' nr>n -rmpl o ¥l d ct1 l1"I{<' , tudr; nt, I . T h, · ltuth of til<' " 1'1. , , lleel A [Juint whi c h ,'vl'IY pour col­ (cd I slHJ1lld deal' It up, IS t llUt my ~l!..'Jlln . ' t l liS ' V t";Jr, S . - I II you h :\\'l' 0, f.{ l r S, a 1'1/" lich"hr r," "hC5- J r"" l izI'rj in my hl';1n W;l'5 st tll" k, 1n tIw Rod, ), l oad. t J d o tr ( n Il r t:\ ''-0 H ' i n tu Ill\" uHit" tup of [h:lt I hat( · RO('kv Ro d, 112TH ST REE T ( A rport Road) AND PARK A V E N UE tluirt ' U lr lin~" "' ~ly tfi :Jt 'V:l f i ­ Ull . ' . III tlH' cotl I ' , hop "wi J Will person­ , II rll'b lly (w b:J.rrn' ,'d, 'Jr in t h e wo r J~ ~"'(J. ;l!l)'\\" a y. t h(,i~' J w;: , a nd a s soon {·,ltv "d .- your (' ~Ir:,; , " \1 II k , pI . . anyl2n'", "I Ihal Imm Oll,al b;d l.ld , " '1' ,1 Gotta :l~ 1 ~ ot of"f work I \V"t'nt hornt' and "' for th e vppof"tUIl it y to \vrit(' thi~ col· l'!. , \I ' , UIl " h in g in tht Fr:1ll k," took " ho,,','!·,. , hllt to this day 1 UII'" a 'i, DOH .. : ~ Ith ()ul< h i l' ~ e, 1 re'l li lnl l h ere was only one an­ , Itli h,l\" thc' s tm n~(' fl'l:IilI\; tha t T ch::nc), joh,and it In;:d~l's ;) l TI. lfl w:l!ch­






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kid (s igh) I a lmos t the words, ' ~ I ha 't' to t .l job' !I nd r ru ~ h"d out befon' I ,h. n ,j m v m ind, D in a c \{.' r-iay·d ic-hard 1 dc­ cd 10 a pproach myoId friend O na , .. tit .1 propositio n, "Ona," I told lll~r, " I ~t:d a ,jtlb but I can't see working for thew lousy wagCll, I think a buck


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sfllr 'll lih Rn r ky R oad, ma inly be­ ful and n Jiltl.. Ionclv. (si ~h) , so In ;i ny do'..!.:.: lick IIU' \V"ll, th"t' s jus t" h r id n'S llIl1l' vf ()I,' Coif,'" S hop p<' l ifl'--all the Iwd WOl l , : but I wouldn't tlad t, my I' xpni ('lll' l> in i t for a!l Ihe WM IT in th., Mojaw' D es,.,.!. 406 Garfi e ld St, LE.7·5317 Speci a l note to Mi ss QUiist: I think I d ,'se rve a raise.

'I C ;lll t\ ('


LAU INATIS Apparel W e Outfit Co-e d s

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Complete Shopping Center

See if you can answer this question about your own future:

How much will you g back o your insurance dol ar? Many people think it cos them mon y to have insurance p otection. The facts arc quite cliJIerent. For exa mpJ , if you take out a $1 O,O()O Brotherhood ProVIder policy from Luthera Brotherhood when you are twenty year.; old . you will aCluall) receive $1.74 at age 65 in return for every dollar)' u have p<u J in. That's a profit to you of 74¢ on c 'ery dollar you invest - and you have full protection from the day you ign lip for the insllr· ance besides. At 65 you have a choice: you can have , 12.255 ­ or you can have a monthly inc me of about $ 77 .20 for life, T h~ figure is based on current dividend rates. Protection fOf' your beneficiary with the years, tl)O. It starts with th $10,000 face amount, and rises steadily to $15,979 if you should die at age 65. . These aIe some of the re~ons we say Lutheran Brot herhood gives "Living benefi s for Lutheran:. through life Insura nce ," Y u g t the protection you need during your entire productIve life, then get back much more than you have invested, Talk to your Lutheran Brotherhood representative about the advantages of beginning your insurance program early, when the raLes are lowest.




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~nd rou n d out th l: road tour agolin s t t hl!

u n iversi t y o f B ritish 11lll1 derb irds on Sa LUrd y n ig h t. f h e L UIl''i have beale n borh of t b e q u in t in car iil: r co ntes ts ------~ft) I ti ll" I'Ll: "''' pk ,. t. Be. how l" d In

'TR UWR,\L "

by Eug ene Hapala

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,'.\,. Leagul"


The best news of the W' 'k Se Ill" to he tht: a nnOUIlCt' lfIl'ut by the r qns ­ , til!" IJl i\!;lt t , · d ial o rs 78- '18 in t h ', t r;lI ' , off icI of t he " 'h o lest ie ..-li t:ibi li ty of !\opholllore h oops t,' .- ARDEE>; L I f0 Iowtn:;I' . ~ I\'ERS() ' . I I . I . IIl'S t o utl n1! " neI Ill' t'V" llIn .. " ' . l\l " ' R .S()" . , 111 0 d ( t.IlI' till' to ... fi.1 11' , Llty \\ilt 1 a t " ' d l " t l;J rt)a " . '. Ih ' L" lc tt'<J 1ll l,oUtH'C d vV\V C > .1-'> +. P'O[1 Lut es . hut W,IS lo n't d to SI t ou t th r hr, ! P,tI t 01 tfli S Y' ,\1 S "'"lll·hu g n T o rn S3hl i wil i s t;trt ;It ,'(' ntr r fl)1 1 rl" ,' to " h oLISti c dd, c inl c i", . hn",,"', ckk rrn iI! ('d ,·[fon paid off Tu,. sda y ft .., th l ' Luti1 "rn ns \vhik Bob Roiko ;"l nd i whl'n th e- ,]nn CJUfH',,' n H' llt W ,H tn :Hlt- tha t hr' W ;-I,S ~u.!- ;-l in l' li !. ':, ilJk. an u lt o f lh l' l~ 87-fiB druh il in,o C .u ('k CUl'ti'i wil l le a ln at. f Ol""\vard s . (; P .\ PL.r\1 ~ \ '11 :\<Iany pl'tl p k h a\T cOlllnlt'ntcd clo wn throu"h the )'('a rs on "/ay s to help ·)1 f. ;" t,' l'Il end :'i7 -i 5 w in 8t the ..~x· .l im V ;I[1 ~ l .,. k ~1I(1 R oge r lV (, lSol1 w, hoh 11'1' t he "ttta ck from t.h e ir gUOI'd ;,th!t-t~s in th c ir studi cs , b ut lew p l'o pk h avl' do rn: a ny thin g to rcmedy the f' n. ,. fTf tb. ,' pown ful en t r al 'Vild· pmiticms in !h,' w t.,.k .. no twin bi lL situ~tion. A P ortland daily ca rri r'd an art icl t, from W a shin g ton State Co ilcge 1.1t h ~ t W", kc ncl o n the PLC n13plcs, Viking~ Seck ""in last week in which som l onf' is t rying' to help th e fr lt winnu . til!' Lu tL 's ton k OVIT und is puted [losses­ \,ikill ~( C oach Ja ck H uhb;Jld lI'ili He a d footb a ll coach JIM SUTHERLAND has initiatt'd a p la n wh('feby illtl (If fir st p l:1<'(' in th., E vr.rgn·cn fit'lel his u5u a l fiw in iw ,cs o f stop - a thktes who are ha"in g- d ifficu lties will report to th e gym a c oup l... nig hts a t'}u i£' r,'fl(T. pin ;~ th e Lutcs' jou r ne y to an und,, - wcck to rt'Cei\'c hdp from ot hcr lIlcrnlxrs of thr' sq u a d who boa . t a n impr('~ The L U\t"s, ser·kin::: th,· ir fourth con ­ feilll'd COnkl'l· ll('t · rhampionship. F o r- si,'" GP .\ . Thi, p lan cou ld ('asi ly b,' ineprporatcd at PLC and othe r ·c hools. ,r uti"e E v,·r.\!;I",,·n ('row n , c h a lked up wards Bill \,\, ri g ht ~ nd V'Roy I\('lson E ac h "" a r many promisin >: athlete s drop out of sc h ool aft,,.. the ir fi r st 'lI' ir J !lth and 20th consl: cuti"t' COIl­ wi ll 'Try likdy Ite; th e co n cc ntril !<'d ,('rn(' ~ t c r bt"ralls," Ilf scholastic deficiencies. Inst r uctors can oftr n h..!p the stu t e ner' , ·il wries in ;) streak Ihat o ri g;­ I a t ta' k for Wl'sttTn. dt'nt, but usu a lly ,t stud, nt will not bring it to the profs' attention until it Inilf" d in the '55 -'56 seaso l1. Wild, Levy Lead VBC is too latc. If such a pbn a s COACH Sl.TfHERLAND propo;;es w a s put into Coordes Lead~ Ccn tntl On lheir ho:ll<.· floor in V~ n(ou\'e r. ;.Jction we belin '\' theft· would bl: less talk of incli !~ ih k a thkt,.'s. Ct · n \'·~ l, who wl'nt into Saturd a y' s B. C., th,' Thulldcrbirds of VBe a l s,~ I Mayh,' th" us,' of hy Hall ~s " dormitpry for ;]thktes . cou ld b,' a n a n · ~ m il' WIth an lln bkll ll shtTI record, will bl.' out to throttle down the swcr to ou, own proble ms. A s<'mor counsdor CDu id work WIth til<; men ha\,r.lhed ill \'~,in in the ,,('('I nci h ,, 1f aftel (;I<1ds, Pby-m a king '-; U 3..I'd .E d Wi ld, l in g .d.iffi Lult iCS and the rr·by PI' 'vr'nt th e nu ny WIthdraw a ls a ft er only one Ihl fir t plTiod fo und them tra ilin g by wh o kd the B. ' . punch III th e fi rst ~t 'm t'S tLT of coll egr . ., 'lI ur'h: 15- i. Th,' h r i!li ,lIlt sh oot- "" m l' a g:l in st PL C thi , season , will ANOTHER ll:\,DEFEATED SE ASO!\' n o f ,\ll-F I l'rg n:TTI. Hill COOl·de. " ~. ,, i n \V'i t h hi , It';nnm''tc, cente r Lyall I lItbllY L ute fan s a lT ta lk in g a bou t an oth ' T llnd(' featL'd cont'c-n:ner:' baSkel,,,,,.!,In 't :lt nn t· f(l r th e lIr.< t h al f ddlC 1t ' L e\')' lea d th,· l ' BC tr'31ll in i ts e ffort ball 'L''''')1I a nd th r' prcss ill " Ctll1tLml tS to b uild up. \Vt' must keep ill mind f(\u_"d Ih e W'.ld l''' !' h itti n g' on ly tu bC:UIHT II,, · L utes Oll t of th e; " c le a n I th a t th, ' Luu', just :I t till' m idw a y lItark thro ugh t ill' scheduk "n.d . _Ill P' I trntof th Cll s h-ut~. ~ "'t slol. t' \'C'r y team h as ;mprovc ci. Centr:'! ' zu n I; dcf r'n,<, to SOllie: ~" LOf\'!(el~ Tackle Lutes H ere ':\ :0 nne knows lwttt'f than (oach l\,t;, rv Hanhman th <l t "" unck fnl ted l I1 t h t· ld .d'Hvn COI.l krr. m .,.. "'''nn " ()n \'Y l' dlwsd" y "\!e ni n l\, Fchl'll;lry i ~ L'rt Son is hard to ( ' 01[1(' hy., ;tn d h ,' will Ill' lool,in g forward to (Hl ly th... n f'x t I !ld. , C !tu lk CurtiS, but "Iun the 1 ~, the Cla cl i;l tors wi lli". h" ,.. k on !:h t' ga n,,' a n d not t he >:am,' t\\' o \\ vrks ho n, now. loint ' . "".·re tnl tkrl, tlu- r Cin gy Rl c,7 ' C,)tl t\l IlS CO Ult II> L,e,' th ,' ClUS., -tO WT\ II L,u d J\l III<)[ st tl l wou od up ""lh _I i r i, "!', ( ' ('<;. Tht· L ",' .'r~ h:ln: lost t o points , d ,' spitl' fOlllirw out w,tb. over I.'L<': in t W 'l co nt"st s r :.,-1;,· .. thi ~ ,... . !lIn t· "unu l c's jI·W;) lnrn '.( . Io n . <;t'nior ~ u a rd, DOll Mos 'id, WIll & rtl<' d ..f' ·ll siw' hlltk h" twn'n Ill<' f". t!lI' Lo gg e r Ih t· Ih L' Lut,', t" ,' Ql1t lr, Jt t' t1l1ft'fI't\c(' ('(\-lr- " c!t-rs re sulted 1[1 twl. dr cn'asl in field <;1)3 ! l)t' rcL 'nta~c Posin ~ Illu n ' 01 " Ib n';ll th .HI n ;I ,n1 t b ' norrll (If th ..· t wo squads: ptTt ed in p rc -sl'a son fOI ·l·;l st, . th" I' u- ' P Ll: h i t on ~I of .1 1 for .:1h'! whi le ~d S oulld t" ;lI 11 now ho lds a . -3 w in (e n t r;,[ ea nm·d 18 of 5 1. for . ,) 'i :~. loss ,,·( n rc.l.


Lutes 0 e alo · ,S N·1 h Dover



":h~' 11


I ."

3 1~f'

~,,:.H"U" .


for guysand ga Is.'

i i I

W on

h y . \ ., ...... .. .


D l,/a rd illc..­ .... .. ... ... ... I R oad Runners .. .... ... C r-h l l'" Clove r Creek " A" .

7 h


P!"u lti. , D oS~; s

Rn '\vl~t "


. ...... . ,.' . .. .. . . . .

.. .. .. .... ..... W..s.t.t:t 11 Pa rkland .... .-.. ..

I ~nllns .

5 ~


7 .. ... ............ .. .. aCOma .. ........ .... ... ... Il " B" Lea.g ue 'Von L ll!it H ester, ...... . 8

'Ith Floor Frosh ........ .... .. 6

"faculty' .. ..... .. .... .......... S

"Warriors ....... ... .... . f

Ivy "B" ..... .. .. . ... .... ........ ~

5th Floor ........ ... .... .. .. .. -4

Clovn re t ".Boo ..... ..... 3

Stubs ........ .. .................. . I

Gunners .. .. .... .... ........... .. . 7

1• 1 ;:rame rcn13.ining·

T I,,: ba,ketball t<·,uu.

a r ' windin g' up th.. j fin t r~\l Dd ;lnd

WIll be ready to Oil the fma l p13v­ off round when a ll te m~ (omp!.:le

1 fi n t rOllr:d a c tion.

T h ,' "'>""1(' o f the week" Wtl Ill! ' , t w ee n Ihl!' I vy and t h e • I J~rd1n e clu D. lh,' n a. h y D r J anh m 'l. l ·Pf a ~ooJ p a Ct.: wi th the Ivy team, but in th ,· ...n.d J ohn :M it.lw ll ' I pOInts :donJ! WI t h a. s u pn:.tnt , ([on (I all th h ')' rn ~n pm d to h too rnu c l for th ,: D c] r d;. fi~. h ' C-IUl Ollt o f the con I Sl as ddinite ,ic t<Jrs , c rushin~ th,·i.- l'Un lll'r-opS b ) ;, +6-:; I s"o rl·. T h, E:lstlOrn Pa rk lund R oad RlUl­ 1""1" (' ;nci"'d a :i,·,;or.d p ilie, Ii., in Ih... ":\ " It-a '''U1: by squt· akin..-:- 1}.l~l t l... r" 1\" n. ':; 0 - 1'1 and "d ~ i Dl: thr Prairit, U UI!' 19 - !lL Larry R L ' p umprd i ll II) count. rs in t he Bn' w er ,·n('(junl.. r w h ii<.· J t.'ITY. S.·ch'.·,·I•.· cill " It'd ~. () P ., ~ I'1l


:'Y' ~quad


Lutes Du m p Eastern f\ E R (' RI'.•: F" ,'- COl\·r'"I'RF''''('E 1 0,,1' L ut es sco r ing- in dOli) '. '." ,n ' "" • , II 1 ' 1 f ·1; tnn lr-d PL(; to " 87-(:;8 victory U (; 1 , STANDII\GS in the' Pra irie Do g- g-:IIllC t) ! aU th r , \,.. rn Fl id~ y t" T ning. Curtis dl.ln~r1 \V L Pcl.. PI-" !'t\ R oad R unne r wi llS. I n th,' " P," k 8 '.2. l!(' Iht' H .!tr.r t.1I' t c " Bo!' Rni ko ~nd .Ji m Van B(~(' I{ h ad P .L. C'... .. ... 0,.. 0 1• 00(1 460 336 I :.----------------,-:================~ ., 11 " n<l Iw rs" n hi t for 11. 'C WCE .. 0 1 .857 4tl :':36 FOR OFFICE SUPPLIE S ' 'jth Floor I.j-35 in both ' final r h,' Sa' ''H:n ha ttl,,'d the Luk$ b: R- C. P. S......... 'I:, .50() 4 00 :,98 tin t r u n d ..f-unto . JOIl W dald t uml'd

1,(' I. iOI-baskct in th e fir st h a lf and t EWer: .. ....... .~ 4 .+29 109 ~56 ill anoth el' hi g h scort' for titt· Ht Ue'~

1) 111' po int rr il<-d <J nl y 39 -:>7, hut the WWeE ...... .. 3 .; .429 456 469 BOOKSEllER & STATIO NE R 3, hl' hit fO I' ~7 markers. T he i nlpl' ~

G-IJldi ,l\(H" pulled ~ w~ y in the se cond 1... ·il. C ... . ... 2 ') .286 ,~, 7 4 70 932 Pacific Avenue SR. 2·4629 si\'l! v i to ry g av' the H e> t,r a dl,f"Of­ Whitwo r th ....0 6 .000 411 -02 Tacama, Washingtan Jess sea son ..Il1d "B" kag" c ch ampion­ h;t! f.

C. Fred Christensen


1'111' ,isitors o ut shot t.he Lutl'S pe r· ,., n ;),! , .. , isc , . 1·19 to .:,\ 75, but the L u t"s 10 0 1: :!fi m UTe shots ;;r nd Icd in l'"I) (lllnd, 52-::;9, with Curtis pullin., in 20 . I\. r n t :\101thl'son hooked in 2 4 for £,,, t""11, whilt- Di ck Kofo rd chipped



MONDAY T H RU S A TURDAY 7: 30 a .m. to 7:30 p.m.



528 Ga rfield St.

LE,7·99 37

By Bernie Brotman


with 1:1. 111 pn·!irninary :H·tion last wl... k ~ n d , the .lV· s tfllrnp L'd 0''1'1' th e Motors i'8· 50 as Ardccn 1''''[so 11 scored 20, h \!~ 'VIT" edged the followin~ ni g ht hv Lam" s 66-6:'1 in a. thri ller, although


Won Lost Che ney Studs .. ...... _.....__... ...... 12 0 Pa~ific Lutheran JV .... .. . .. .. 7 4 7 R"y Rid ~ c' Motors 5 La ne' s Ci ~< r Store ._ ._ ~... .. ... . 7 ~ f'Ul.(et Sound ]V .. ........ ... .. .. . 5 6 .\ rom:! Car R enta l .... ........ .. ,1 6 \l r ~(' i l ........... .. ................ I 7 H"iddbe n( Brnve r y 8 li<'rnl~ 's Clo thi e rs 2 10 2 :\faclilf:rll H o'pi ta l PLC .-chedul(' : tud s a t Bethel Feb. 6-PL , J

3001 South 3 8th Street

GR_ 2-2772

Transfer to South Tacoma Way Bus (Westbound) at 38th St.

I Paradi eBOWL

sta.rters scor<' d in d oubll' [i1-:·1



Gl a diator AJI-Amnican hoop s te r CHUCK CURTIS w as sekctl'd by

th .. Tacoma Athlc:tic C I u b as the

"Athlete of th,~ M on th ."

Intr,lIlllJral direc tor MARK SALZ­ OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK. _ . 10:00 A.M_ TO 10:00 P.M. :\-fAN will be enjoyin g home slid e

sh owi n({s with the porlable': screen and

projector ~ivelJ to him a t the Intra­

Fully Automatic FOR THE HAIRCUT YOU LIKE •••

mura l "Banqud" on J a nu::try 16. Mr.

S" Iznw n was t h e honored ),"lll'st at the


affair sponsored by the Lettnm en's

Club and thl' Moo ring Mast. Tuesday All Evening

"WE SPECIALIZE IN FLAT-TOPS" GORDIE GRADWOHL is doin g Wednesday - after 9 p.m.

Located in IGA Foodtown the duti,." s of assiHing Mr. Salzman in 112th &. Park Avenue Phone LE. 7-3434 Friday - All Evening

the intramural baske tball pro!(ralll. A big h a nd of th anks is extended to ;::====::::::::::::==========================~ 10707 Pacific Ave. Tacoma 90rdir'" fo r. ~,is h elp in ~aki ng the rou nd rohm a success thIS year. LUTHERAN




Phone LE. 7-6012






Parkland Cycle & Key LOCKED OUT?


11021 Pacific Avenue LEnox 7-5772

A man who has a good mind and body and soul, devoted to His Savior, can have the time of his life serving in the ministry on the West Coast_ THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958 Charles B. Foelsch, Ph.D., President

2770 Marin Aven"., Berkeley 8, Calif.

P a g e l"OLJ r



F riday , F bruary 7, 1958

Th at s Not Bop, It's Just Eury thTt" ics W orld MORE FOR THE M USIC P EO PLE pm llrMll ,!.lei will a lw . in g at tltt· l'on- V A LENTOLO SCHEDUL ED .\ l..,rrouP d coJ.: ncd pri mar ily for cl ns ion. (r5 of Delta Rh o G amma w ill ;\ dmissio n p r ic e ' t 75 c ent> pcr l"xpnirr"'nt ,. \"itl-: a 11('W functi 0l1 of th <o mu." m jon-E u ryt hmics- wi!! have it. firs t ml'l: tin g '1'" 'sd a y, F"hruar' cOlJ pk nr 50 (cnt s for Si:lp,lc ticket, . noodle r'on,,10Illcration, 'pa.l/h( t ti, a t 7:00 p.m. rebruary 15 at th!"ir a n nual 11 . r, t 7:30 p .m . in CB-~fJO. E MI N ST REL MEN Y akntulo. They m a y be t yin g knot s, '/li5 '1 0 UP will be pn:scn tin g a ne w T HBq . . inning- next 'rucsda:..' , t bru a ry approach to one of the musicians' or 11, th. L •." ttc·rm t" n· s Club will he pra,~. figura tin 'l y speaking. . . Th is (,,',' nt will tab plac e in Via. ",usi' trac hns' o lde st problems: How . . tl emc' for. It s !vImstrd fore . s I ta I'ran rcstaur:JlH, Th'll"u~ t A"\\". Show to . hI' prr.. to show p pit- (~ tlld(:l1ts) 10 feci Sl· ntc~ Sa turda y l11 1!:ht. AprJ! 19". I n '('rIU C and Di"i sion Stre(; t. rhythm rath r than jm t see it intd­ th" (,;\15, a s part of th, Sal!a Car. . . ~ C a rol j'\,[o rns and :-1argilr l."t :MurJ u ua lly. I1I \ "al. h ' f ff . , , . do.· are co-cha IHnen or the a ".Ir Simi la ' to intl'l"prr·ti\"(· da ncin g it is Curt K a lstad L ,·ttnmc n s P'TSI'. . , h' an d ar(" a,slstca by C0111n1ltt ce chalr' h (! \, no t r d ated to th e d a n ce at a lL dent, statl'd t h at t I: cm p as], now ' . . . "I. . m en .J~n Pak'!.f f. entcrta m m t"nt ; Joan h 1,('tte rIllt' l1"S L. lO,'llS [ K A, Pa t ricia Thompso n, instructor of will hr' on t, ... 'K ' I I I ' ' ranl(' r~ Innt a.t lons: 13 n d ", yn thear )' and f"ll.rythmics, s a ' s, .. t s practic.... ' I ·M a rk e rt. d c- coltiuns. rasi"c to say what it isn ' t th a n w ha t . . RESEARCH TO BE STARTED I W o rking under these heads ;}l"(: )1ait i.I ." Sl"\ er;,j fPscarc h projects h ay! b e. n din(, Johnson ;!nu J(·an P edersen, in•\ nyont· int~r("stt:d ma y contact 1-.1iss launched by th e Sociolo g-y Club, un- "ita lions: and Carolyn Colton, SolThomp ~.on ill eMS 22 8 . d er th" di rection of :Mi ss C . .:'\clwn, n·i g Leraas a nd .foyc!" 1-.1ar.kcrt, d ecT ho wii! also bt~ a lwthc r d aiS Dr. E . Knor r, a nd Mr. H . Anderson, o ra tions. ?.farp;arr-t M.l1rdoch will be hdd at 7:30 Wedn<osda.y nigh ts for of tht: $Oc iolog y department. t o ~stmi s tr cs s. tho, wh cannot a ttend Tuesd a.ys. At th e hist ll1 crt ir.g th e membership Speci al gu ests will 1)(' l...I i" Ann . {r~t i l1<;s will be weekly. c hose th r' projects of special intncst l\,' ls on and Gknrny CrU\Tr, and 1-.1r·.


Traveli 9 Professors Settle At Pa eific lutheran fo rTe h· a c In9








~fr: C . r~.~tcrB50n, 'T l~'tTsp('Ln~ng cthk~ v, sp >,C \ mrrl('a n ,I.V. u rc a u a '. ' ., ('1n th, pI<" " '''' ha t Is Publ:c R ela · iom" H e ex plair:cd how public reb.dom G ill t!) busin ess and indus try nd jl lu~ttatl" d hi s poi n s wi l lt somc (,<1<(" is C .5 . H,' rondl.ld.·d with :, qlwstion and n.\' r pt ,; o.] .\ftc r :h..· prugral1l a nd a . hort blJ~in.·s~ llH·" ti n g a coffe e hour 'as h leI.


a" nd AttItud es (fr. .Anderson): and . Problem s of AnnexatIOn In th,' Park-

land Area " ( Mi ss ~el$On ) . The proje ct groups will hI" nwctin g d' ff . I h . ;> t . I..en·nt 11111"S t lroug o ut. tnc COnlin" moths in orck!" to formulat e th •. ir ' bl d ' th 00J 5 0 f In'-cSd' ~ " pro ('Ill S , . C \"lS C nlC cation ,,~d r~rrv out the' research. Any . . . stu dent, intnested in such <Jctivity may conta ct the memlWl"s (if the de­ p:lltmcr1! or attend the p r oj l"ct me ('[ ­ in .CIs ,c1l1'dukd fo r Mo nday n ex t w eek : "Dating- Patterns at PLC;' 8:00 p.m. in L ibr ar,,; "Ethnic Ba cl:g-rounds an d



stlIl1ul a t c

int('r(' ~t


tl w

SOCI Oiogy





Blanche Li ngb loom

LE.. 7·7-47::.

Pa int - - P lu m bi n g Roofing _.- Elect Ie Kirsc h Ro d s Win dow Shades

PARKLAN D HARDWARE Pipe Cutting a nd Threadi ng

1215t and Paci fi c Avenue

P h one LE . 7 -3 171

Laund ry Service

Expert Dry Cleaning 11 superb Roan" tn, World Tours. 30·161 Days. by air from 51998; by ,t.amer from 51398.


PAtlFlt Dc~~'~~am $998


R.egu! ~ r [Scotted


frc':71 ~

Cal if. thrll tit. u", poiled Pa· cine Ind . Ha'....aii, Tat'llti, Au!.­ trallA, Japan, Kong I{on~ . etc. _

35·75 Days 'rom





$1 998

See t!t·

bOsl 0' Alt ica our Cape 10 Cai,. "" a:r i~. By air 'rom N.Y. b timos Y" rly . S

more, spend leu. Rat pS fr N.Y.

m-. ~

EurOD t D:~:9f~om $648 Join Me of our filmou, " Od,.· sey Tou,," thru I II pll'lS or Europe, Nt.'Ir EaSI , fl c. Say.


a .

M r s. Jo SummCI"S


P ho n e: L E nox 7-4300



Orde r Your ...



' .,

ow -­




• WA

Jo n Soine

3..IN· l TO BEnER SERVE YOU Standard Heating Oil s - H eati ng E quipm ent He:ating Servic e

Enjoy That " PL US" Serv ice

1309 E. 45th, SeaHle -- EV, 2006

r----------------------.;...;.;.;..;..;.....;;.;.,;..;;;.;.;..J. ~ ..•-....... ... ...... ........................-.........................··•·........



La rry Joh n­ Reporle : Gina Jones, Solveig L er,la, J t>f') Danielson, M artin Sch ac - I f,-c, J oh n Am 'nd . f raturr E itoI .... _.M'a rilyn D o na ldson ~port5



University Travel Service

Reporters: Teddi Gulhaugen , Barb lu h lulil1f.'1:- Barbara. lsa acs,on, Dick


Charm Beauty alon

I up to 25 ~. Cn 011·\ .a~n d ~ • ­ parture!. No great. r .atu~ I ny· Hr,tion at 7:10 p.m., th is W('C' 's LSA ! where. Rates fr am .Y. :;-'J p rog nml will b, a ell" otion;!l ill th.. STUDENT TOURS, low. cost ad••",.,. I $n"dy T,.ip r l o"'E••rywh., ': 60 Day CCB loun ge at 6:'15 p.m. European "ips incl. steamer f,. $575. ! Sophomon: Al Ostroot will give the Oro Ih YOUA, cl All A,,,· .--J dn·otions. WDRIO UAVll,I"t. Fi, (' PLC ml'mbers will b e attt: nd­ ing- th" L u th eran Students Assoeia tion Gen e ral Ag ents ('n-mg PLC

'\'orkshop at C a mp Menuc ha , nea r through Chri~tian

Portland, On'gon, F e bruary \4-16. u.s of free p re'55. P R [; SS The\' an: A r dis Armstrong, Dave EDITOR. .............. DAVE CROWNER (;~I"nickt-, Susie Lannon, K en Gamb

'ews Lditor.. ...... ......._ ..H t; rb D W lpsey I and Da n Witme r.


G loss Installati on -

So~~~d~adliga.1 Si r,gcrs will open. the IaD~~~~!?~~u~~~~nA~f\~~tE~:~~c _ _ __ _ _.._ _ . t 8:00 p.m . th is Sun a i', with regi -

~~ !)Ji/lAt





Fo rrn ica




'o ll ege in \; e bra~lt:.., ?\o rth wcH ~ rn I ,. I" .. ' . . . • .. (}W~ , Il a ~ gl Ve'1I us many t illi g, n ­ l n" I CSltV. D CII\ er Umversl y . P ort- I" R H. M ., I 1'. . ,. [ C ul1lIH.! C\ '. . . '-\.n( r:. rso n . l)\\ a 15­ la nd Sta te C ulle!2:e and Cololado ' te. th I -- . t t f th f ~ I to 101ll ~ "I 0 .. nl:w pt o ; ur A ga in rn«kin g USe of h er sumnl crs". . J d t . . . III ou r SOC IO o gy epar n:cnt. she has acted in Sharon, Connecticu t. d 'II (' d W I 'I h" This D a ne h . tui kd ~ .. r Louk- .t' ali )t"" r ta, . . ana a. 11 e t eac 111 r Gra I'd V, ·W COI le.,-!'" ra nd \ 'l ew in P or tland she a cted a nd d irected I : l . ' . ~. : • . '. 'S t' l J . [W h with the tek vj,iun w OTh lt op t he [ emmar y, lie lllVCI"Sny 0 liS Ing ­ , tun :Hld lh~ Unive r~;ty of ' W a~hin1;\ IUI' ' Ponlan u Ci,'ic 'I h r:t tre . !o.l"adu:ttc: 5c hoo!' H t· has been a pa.slOr " * in both South Dakota an d , \I ll- hi n gton AnothL"I" lra n lu- on our f acuity is a nd now ha, ~l ct,n gn :g-ctt ion in- nut Mrs. R ich ard ~1a y fit.:ld , wh o h " s Bud:1c-y !·_·_·F.. roullldaw, wh c'..-e h e Ii \'~~ tau ght in Orit-am, Fra nce . A natiyt with his wif~ : nd t[m·,." hil d n- ll. of \v.' ,t Vir'l'i nia, , h t: t:arnt:d both her

Flowers f or All Occa ~i ons 12173 Pacific Ave. LE,7-0206 (Foot of Garfield) We De-liver

Tic a~l i\ ; t ,('s f ~1 u Phi ~U<: pn - C lu b by dir ertin" clu b 1U.'m b u-s to lmld l" onn I n!'d with p rom oti n J.>; Tnu· pmr tic;:l " ppli l"; ti'~> n of rl.lsn oom t hc1". I ." ti · t ) ,·ct ""lUpUS :.nd h ei "h lt.' n- I "ri l"~ . Ln"l.'rs of th e clu b hop ,., th"t it in • Ih .. qllulit} of p r- rfo r rnancl"S hr'nrd.! \\ ill h '.' rum I than just anoth..r o rga ni- I Jan"L Emil~on will play :1 piano l7atio n. in th a t it may prove ttJ bc of rOllcr rto and S ~lI ia Fillin l(. an 01. a n help in tl11' solut io n of or·ill l pro1.Jlc m< <,nilti. I m'hlded also ",']1 bt: a p la no on campus nd in t he comm u nity.

dUl't O\' Br.tty M wcw and Ma.rd ,


I lladH'ltJ r'< ,HId M "loll, r', ue:, H'C , En .~ li s h horn: £.11 hall Cull,!~ L I A. ft, ·r inst ruclin ~ if! hi 'h 5c1w oh ill , West Virg.inia and in F rn nct:, ~ r . M ayfi('ld tau g bt E ng li sh at t h e C ol lege uf P u'!c t Sound.



MU PH I TO . GIVE CO N C ERT i,.' th e eVB a t·.12::)0 nOon: . . Prohle ms o t Ann t' x;ltlO n lfl the Pa rk. i u [ hi E psilo n will pr"s('nt Jl ' anI d A ., .In t h t' ( '• r'n . 7 :.J " (J p.Ill. . . , ;JJl Tr-a, v at lIual o n( Ht F rida'", febru a r t-l-. "t P f h d . to . ~ ~' ,. . ~ urpo ( G 5 U(' stll )' g ro ups IS 8:30 pm 111 th,' eMS rnJ1ld1l1 ~ . . . . .. •


to them: "Dating Patte rns at PLC" ,and Mrs. J a m es Miles.

(Dr. Knorr ) : "Et.hnic Backg rounds I ------------.

L• ..! th b ' \1Tl h a S 'ol gn13 all1t.rua ; e USlness . H.' d d IUI) , HH't I a:-.t n'f" :H' 5\ a y a l -I: 00. p.lll. 10 t hr .u Ut·cc l'nion 100m " c.


I l.ln a bk y( I.. h u ilt f' r-{) \1P~ , t ime l out for ? n'cCJunt-OIw , PLC. S d ~tfJ Ja prof' 5~Ur. Mi ~s J ane Smith, spe nt a 'sunllI;er t(J u rin g EUl·upt-. All o'r ' UIn frltT Mn: :l"(J bn:J.:on,:d , a nd Ihe r ' ,be we nt. ". SIlli. l 11 IlaS tu d'!t:' d a t H. a s tIngs . ....Vll SS


College Drive-In 123RD AND PACIFIC







! ....... ...... .. ......... -.-...........-................- . .......................... i

F.diw r........... _..D e nnis Martta la

PHO NE LE, 7-0256


R porIr I'll : Jim Kiuilsb y, Tim Wynd ham, Harry Sannerud, D ick Good­ w in. Typist ....... ........ .........Lauric Bee raft usill e.~ ,M a nager..Mary Lou Engen Ad SolictterR: Rod Patterso n, Loi s

A nd l'rSOll , L e nnea Osmanbe rg, Lin­

da Scharf. P hotograp h Lr.. ........Mr. W . M cKewen rust ..... .. ... .............Dick L ondgren



Bookkeep.,r................._...Carol House CIrculation ..........................PRtti Finn Circulatio n assistants: Tele Bovang, Ardis Annstrong, Earlene Burcham, I

J oy Lewi" Karen Klan, Thelma

Nclion , D~lla Dorendorf, Barbara



B c.kl\,cr

Ad"iSQr.. ~........ ..............Mr. M. Nesvig Published Fridays or the school year b y stud en t! of PL , at Parkland, W lUhingt n.

OCfic : C o ll ege U nion Building. Phon.. L E nox 7-86 11, E x t. 1 1. J~~>=lJ;::t~

~ ~(Jeelt9 :t

FEBRUARY 7 & 8, 1958





Complete Stock of Shoes -

Reliable Re pair Se rvice


Opposite Parkland Post Office

LEnox 7-8771

~ ~

~ ~ ~~~..?~~ ~ ~~.,

Seger M ets at PLC Set to IF r oday, Tomorr AIJoJu t (j W S It ~ders f"jlll 17 ! muuity Life ," a nd "Spiritual EnrichW'5 h in .L(ttJll "olleg will h · ml'~ lItlC I ment oi C ulle!,'" Wonlcn:' un th t: P LL ( allIp US today and lomo rC onyc.;ntioll ~ch.edul e IUW, F ~L nla ry 14-15, fu r th e: a n nual S~ht-d u ll .f Llt lh~ cOn~('nl'On OD Feb-, 'I ~ : rt!p -tra tJ o n, 4 :00-5:45 : , .\ (Jciated Women Students con""fI ­ ru;::ry llOIl . din ner in th(' ca fett" ria, 6 :00: and th' I PUI pu,,' of th l onvention is tb t Mll Ph i r silon Conent with cofft ,,' WS WI1Il! n from th e State of W, h ­ h ur follow ' n g, 8:30 p .m. mglOn , an men lO d iscuss common n akfast (m Fridav i~ from 7: 30­ 1.1 hlen and wa y ' of illlpro, in g and 8: 15 ; tlW I I t rq ( strati n, 8: 0-8:45; I r~ n ~ t lyn i n!! . WS. T h is will b one Ilew ra l cUnf<le nLl, 9:00-9:30; d lsc us­ mainly th rougll conferen ce hou rs o n ~iun !!TOU , 9,30-1 L:3 fJ: luncheon , •n tl nby.

1:00-2:0 0 . ; r d a losing 5en("r31. con­ l\I any Topi - OUt rt:d

. fll t-nct·, ~ ;jl1 - j : :) (J p .D!. •\mong th e trJpiCI te be d iscusse d L. o-chainnl'l"l for the (Vent an: J oan b~ tht wenlen . re: "Ain , Pu rpo eS, BnlOwn ; 1 d Kay Holm with other rill bject ivt of AW ~ ," "Hc.w a n. commi tt< ,. tw d s bt-i n ~ M ar), Lou WS R each All th e W orn n:' "Th l rd, Eo r ba ra R i~, t;,u , J u dy Hdd(., R. Ie uf A WS in Preparing the om· Madem L ore nzt., J anice '.nnp ion ..n Stud"'n for Thtil L a ter C om- and Bar bara j acks(jn.




9 y~an uf t .achirJ ~ at PLC thi ~ spring, will ])I" a trueSt f honor a t the banquet. 'fh program will includ e specia l musi c, an will b(; o"er wdl before 8:00 p.m. sr... that all m a y ilttt'nd th e b ket a ll nit with Whitworth in th e gymnasium . Ron ald D o ugla!, alumni presid ent, sta tC'$ th : a ll senior, are welcome to attend the banqut.t. R"s~ a tion9 ma y h e mad t lit the dinin g h a ll. Tht cC"t of t he meal is $1 50. Aftl:r the gia m tom(>rrow ni gh t tl.t rIO ' 11 bt a coffee hour for d e a lumni . SunddY m o rn ing at ) 1:00 a.m, tbe: \" iIi "I ni 'ill w . >hi Wi lh th. Stud en t olllleegatlOn.

lttic>, will Ix ft a tun speaker at tnt t;.n4Ul"! Saturday "",;nin g which w ill Il,hel in thC' a nnu;;.1 Alumni R~un ion . The even t will start a t 5:00 p .Ul. in III Call gc Un ion dining hall. Several hund red alum ni irom e ll t!l t· Wu t are expec ted ior tht: Iwu-d... event, according t o MI . A. W. Ramstad, a lumni executi e seere­

u \C' T

\ " y.

T h( cht»tS uf 1933 and 1948 ;, 1'1" lin'in ' p( cia l runions, :,r.d ' special • £fIJ l l ha~ t l n made to get as Inaoy UlMnu. vf t Ole cl ass,", b a d ' on • ro­ pu n p o IUI<_ nr_ J ,}>flut , pr...f ilLl on ;;ml pllliomphy, w h o c omple t~ s

ea ee!c

peclal d!apel talks and four ",w'lIing VP~PCI!, with Dr. Carl W. Segcrhamm er , p residcn t of t he: C al­ jfornin. C onfen: nce of the A ugus­ tana L u theran Church, ' uest speake r, will m ark next w eek, Feb­ ru. ry 1;-21, as l'LC's annual S r­ itual E pha 's W eek.

VOL 3-5, NO. 14


FRI.. FEB. 14, 1958


cui d s Be , I n

To ngli h, Our ing taffs

o m in5 up t Pat ifi c Luth e n from h is conference h ead quarters ir. L o~ ng.-I , Dr. 5cgerhammer will 1)(' sp caki g on th e followin g tr pies in chapd : "He I , Ahk; ' .Munday: ".I\I(' You Accept d;' TU!'sday; "Wil0 l (l rm~ Your mions " \V ednes­ day ; "R ' 5U"\'e) f r Crealiv Li­ iHg; ' Thursd a ~ a nd "H i~ 1\1" ~sa ' -- My Mini bU-y," F ·day. Vt"sp r topic" a re: "The R tla­ tioll of Truth to Frefdom," Mon­ ( a y: "What Arc You D oing W ith Your Life ?", Tu _,day; "Carl YOu Tell M, Wh .-r I Live?", W dnes­ day; and "Rea ching for th e T p," Thursday. Pastor S gcrhammer w ill aho be li\"a ilabh. d u ri ng the w eek f r oun­ St'ling.

Tw fu ll-rim e faCttiry members j oi ned (hc college faculty at of the second semes[cr last w~eh . . /liss Barbara Jane B erk o f Sea nle and Mis:> Mary Olson r T acoma w er appoi n ted as instructors in English and nu rsing. rl'specrivel ', it w as announced by President S. C. East\' Id . thl,;

Mi s~ Bcrk r" (( i\Td a ba(' h lor ofr-

MU Ph·I Members

degre-; fron th e U i r si ty of ' Washi ngton io 195 1. 51 ,! I S a candi­ d ale for th ( m. , ItT of .Hts dl' " lTt: in ,ut

..----- ..-­

Perform Tonl-ght

Engl i h fmm th . univt'r;; lty at t h ~ ('omin ~ .. rin ~ c ommcnce lDcn t. '"' h a d it graduat(" assis tantship :1I the', !\·{ u Ph i Epsilon prt'scnts a ronc. rt uni,-ersi ty and has ta ught in publir: at 8:30 p.lJl . toni g ht in th t C is for all h igh schools, studc>nB. Mi s~ Olson rt<:~ iv,'d a bach"lor of I J,m(·t Emil~on will play B~ cthoven' s ;H-t d'gre", with honors, in biology, "Sonata in C Minor," a nd "Rakaszy fr om PLC in 1954. She has completed March." by Bcrlioy-Hutt:hc. on, will he T work in the fidd of nursing cdu- be the piano du et played by M ardell cation at th e Stanford Univl r ity Col- Soiland and Bett y Muscus. I lcg t of Organist Syhlia Fylling will Mi" Olson is th e da ughter of Mr. "Caesar Franck Chorale No. :~" and a nd Mr;:. Clifford O. Olsoo, who liw' t~c P~C M ~dr ig~ l Singt";s, ~tnder thr l one bloc k from the campus. OI~oTl was dlrcctwn 01 Pro. ...ssor F. Ncw nham, . a nd director of .ath - II will s in ~~ s:;\ numbns. 1St cau;t' 0 f the AIumnl. banqu.-t ter coae h 0 f a th l c' t'JC.S . . I . f R "fr.-shml nts w,lI. be served follow­ monow c,'em n t:, member of th e PLC etlcs herr: rom 1930 -48 . I . . ' . . l In'" the Tlckels can be ob­ ck ~f,' ss (-,I5On is t lac hin" in th e din- ~ d i d f -0 tht BoardIn g- C I u b wIll receive " ' " ." I tam(" .or SIU ("nts or:l .:(' ntS :1 lun chl'~ for t I vltning rue - . ical d i,' i~ion of th l' D t'partmc nt of 1door Slud nt~ will be sen'cd 3 regubu . I' bnakfast, a full h ot I n c.:h and I'll b :"oIunin t: at E man uel Hospital In P o rt- 1~----'------------, rnlt tt< pid: up t c ,ad: Iund lt"s o n i lanci. !

Banquet Set to Open

PLC Alumni Reunion

:Mar\' H arshman, dil ec tol' of nth­

m mer

Students Get I Sae k Lune hes II.




Class Deadlines Set

1.1-"~urn gsl

:~:.~;I~t ~0l~;r:;t~~tiu:~~~-~~~~5~/~51 Eastu

Paci!:c Lutheran's fac ult y h d ec id tho t ll " new r l:. ,'c n 1x I I ta ke n up hy . stud ·nt a('lr the i ir't two .... ~ ks or clas:! • VI' been L .. ,., it", In nrd to nl""~lall ,i th, ' :"IUI l.a..nq ul t ton: ur 0 '. ,

romplcted. Thus, students will no t fo r ~5 ("I'nt ' _ Dirm~r ill L.rv\ d P" . nt S. C. L Ol~ tvold lea y I be all owetl to TC,{ister for an\" II- t 5: n p. an will ueo, ' in lim"' IPI. nr this tv(' ning for the 1\1idW.I", t · 1 da ~,('S aftu M(·nday, F rbnt TV 17. 1 tu r tl r I ",'arm: . H. wi ll l on d u f.' t th e' fun (-r. I ;('rv IC S sin ce th th ird week of sch ool be­ StJli on a'l nrling tho h~l1 q 1('1 WIlli for M rs . C . K . Malmin ill Pi;: on ; gim on till" ei!<htl'e nth. not br isw('d a sack lu n h and arc FR II~. W , tomorrow. Also restated W;l.S thr fact tha' ur 'ed to nl:1h; th ei r r~St'f"\ lion.. .\11 nr '. t we d , III w ill b,> in , in-I st.utlent> .Iff· ~, bk t(. d \l1P da$.~" _Mrs_ C o rneliu s K . (C hrisllne) fvialm in. 64, beloved h usc - l'ar !) ' . pussibl Ittd.. Tht~:; CI ~ll n"lpolis wht-rc he ill a ttl'lld ; ,('riC's anv t irm within the first f(lur \'tI~ ­ mot her in 0 d Main. died Sunday of cane r I a Tacom Hospital. \\ II b, paid the tinll uf the ".an - lof cunfu':llCe ' in hi< rolt- of first , -iet'­ of nllOrtin .!.' Yo' thrmt heln!', chal"Kt!d M rs . 1almin and her hush nd. the R v. C. K. Ma lmi n. had I Ul t. . pTe. 'dt'nt oi th e v. ngl'lica l L uthu n "ith g t a d 1 m, u n lil M,;u'h ~ bet a h Olls mother and ho usefa thcr or th e dor i ory in ce ep - : ' h1l1 l·h . H( will re pn cnl Ih c<Jlk g" cl,ue can be d upped without. D}' lem ber 1, 1956. Rev. _1 1a1,!,in will I:: ntinue h is du al rol e !" th. Bo;,rd of Christian Education n:':l.rc ncr ll' \\'0 to th~n. IJl,u l· t'r ; rid tca<-h..r or !';• '" m l' tine: a I, o.

midwest Tonight

l·n, Housenlot her , Mr s. M . aI m

· I




d t Cancer 11 ay ro m



as /' Prowler Re port Brings

I, County

IN dh m

I rinit y_ U r b 'I"old n mdllCkd m et l \ ill" du Ji n ~ t ho rcgu l.. r h. "cl .. 'e f\ it W,,·dn (l Y· fh L" hoir o Ult W e:. f' ,an' .

Rt , 'M ahui n wi ll ld urn fto m

1:,astvol~ p kr .J.t .. L l h h P tOO R. pon (Ii " p ro d cr at Ihe wind(Iw H oly [ rlmt y ut,\(' r" n ure: . 0 I \' d F'L/ " of nc "f lht gi rl ' l oom, .1t uth :\ I ....'t' t'~. . ', un a~' .... J n. p3 t t" I 'Ie ... .. 1 l' h I ean5 ~a H a ll bought Pifr(" C oun ty hc:ri ff s lr~. d J r &!a"t I It ac C!ress a t I r annua ri< p u lil to L " s !:. II pUS S.. turoav Lincoln D:ty ' n ner of tht" R 'pu hlican \ " ltIc'd I, the r;'~t uf tlr I'OllIinlr ni ).!.1 t. \-la rt' r rn: in T~ Cllma, Child /" I " T llt' lt JIron (,tiu ', J, rttr I , p h on' l 1I t noti f I Till sd" e\ . John K u he, phil­ a Id t l.' il, ~ t1~I,l lk: bv D irrc tor ti J uthnrit ics. th, "i Ii, ,, 10 h, () bu n ".oph,' ; lntl ro li((lon proft SOl'. to I: :\clrd holm a .. : challtn~'l.d hy Ib " a, n t urn"u to tb.. hi m dow n to M :u:-k burg-. regon, Gkn. rl1CY, Cni Dub '1, ~L 'd It · '. \ t rdt.·.. J vI C I ham, Lnda I u~d, r ool w fin d Ihe tr.In,,' r gon . Th t: I• \\ h t ' t h ,.. r"_I' n /1:3 '.. two c C u re f onduct d i eu ions on e ch:LIOI­ Soh-~i " L cr :\>, Rod No.dbrr·, V inr lighl ill um inatin the ou th ~id .. uf Ihr d"rmi torv • t n; cll [ h ad bu rn' d OU t. ol'Y at thc , \ m fl. ra n L u th , r n •,-,' hurc L,, ":\ o\'ak, J_ [,J'I '.' R ittl r, ] :t n R( :~, H II' all th u1 f uah. li n ;;. tM PI' w I, r ttl IIppr()ae h _ Ton l\Wt 51 'HI D"Is tnc t P out r. I l .'o n- Sa nnr·\,ll d., II ';uhn StlOUP and f Tri olo. lI , t iJ 11ui ll ~ i n I I." ;"r : . tnBC'; . C omm ilt <·,· rho irmt'n fOI bntk,ta

(urcsill l- riJru"ry 2'L Dr. D o n a l d 'n'iug" U ld ~bin hOI ~I. iI, h i. b . II. :

I"OJrtllli tte,'s includ , Barbara Stuhl­ llI ' lkr a nd Sll~it L aln rJr., pr p~; M:H­ lem ' Eva n., (·(., tumc,; A lew.' H alvor.

PI (!itiem S. C E nstvold wi ll cOIl­ ,I,.,:t f"nl ,.~1 ,t· I 'U tu .IlOlTOW ;n ih u ' u ~

I I i,, ·1 I. there n 'hurch. Pi g e o'n

U 1.'11.'; \\ 1' co rl.ln ('\C. 1L.lmin wa~ p.1 lor uf h.1l ch ur II from 1939'-50 . I unc r. l C onducted Tuesda) I un. ,1 r i{ W I no. con du<.\etl h, n T u,' day iI. r ei! it i L ut!u:r..11 hun it h~ II' R ,-\'. Ed ing C. 'fhm pa.l>l - ~f !. Ma hu lIl wa a rnem bt'r of

. tr . ~Ld m;u • 1111 m' ut. : ,III J



PLe Deb e t t CPS a tars ompe e a


In Jun ,·or Taurney This Weeken d

! i




I " YalenCJrams"



I ..

! m" I

W ind om, . d .'"1. L .v,. ,< , I In PL"'-> , db' 'I't)- "f C rt",n.~ on, Pa cific l.'l,;, "r­ Ula -r II" • I a I ~q U d L'lna ' , u~ ,hIr­ - l ' n l' it! 1" \ 7. II t·\" , . r r: In lS. lOn,\tleA . t Mrs. C. K. Ma lmin Jay , lIlIp {ition ir the yro.D hate sity, W illaml: t h ni\" r ',v, and L in­ IUU I naIIlL n l ,pons TI' d by '0 k~1 (If fid d. Co t mi, rs (or t : troph" th is I 10 0 , Al.u • fl Oll1 19! 7-21. They LIlto I v ·d IJ ril.h, in H': roll L!,kt 1- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , 1Pl: >!. t Stlund ys tu day. Mo Ih an 2 ' YUH : n' LSpt:( It·d to he thl L n ivrr­ \{j nn , " t( hi l. a ll Ia ka ; Floren e!:, 0: 11 ges and universlties tbrougbou -. it, of O rr n . PLC, :lnd L infid . S, D. R U'.'lflon d . Wa h . : P igeon F ;llIs. Was.hing ton, (Jr .-gon , C ali fO.rn i .' on.­ Di vision ' of th ·· "lilt l inclu c; the "Vaknl(r:uru. " Spur-. " n t ,:a!tn­ ..n u (jU· . Wi coruin. Id a ho ~ r c mp<.:tlllg m thIS O,J ,ord ,,~.1 "l n~ M' Ie" d ta na a Ild ti nes, w ill bt: ddiverc to ruorn, _,I ' .~ u Li n col -Dou "" Sun ivoB \;"sid"J h er husba nd intwenty-fourth annual tou rnament. I' . 01" ,ung "t d'nna tuda y by th orat I' ), "x tempOl-<lll" 'OtiS ~p.: a ,m,,!,, lll­ dud" tlUT( chi ldrr n. M r$. Co rinne " cont st, w h Ic h is pri mar ily a Spurs. I d b tcrpTf' ta ti\ . rcad in .~, impromptu ;t nd Jon"$ of -\nch(Jl ag' , Ala skd; Mrs. M il­ Orden tan madl" in tht; CUB junior toumame~t, WIT' I I,m: u L a out drctl S tebbill of Minn<'''polis, a nd 200 student! wah PLC ~ squad lX­ after-dirmtr , pc iog. . W·15- I t:ntry after cha pel throu gh the dinI t b cau, , 0 f th­, Man,' of PLC's d"bators will bt p ee te d to tl Ie arge5 Joh u K. M a ltn ill 0 f Men omOnie, n _r h our. P repare al!:Dgrams I . k . f orui n : two sistt'fs, two brothcr~ and relati,'c distan ce. wo rkin!; next wee on preparatio ns or cost t en ~ on' v erse batc: T ou r~L\Ctl g rand ildrcJl. The three. chil­ Winners of tht perpetual trop l y in t he annuaI H'19 h S c hID 00 C i~ d .IiHred at one cent per w ur u . PLC ,t'r sp<,.nso r d b y P hl K app' D ('~. It' fT;'n.l.1I tt nded PLC. the past eleven yrars includ e w


L .,\\ Sl! n(b" Dr.


II 0 11 :1.1

rn in

Sheriff to P C






,tu dFnt bU \/ll C s mn nager B. rh.ll • Lc 'c I saa r>on and R uss hrisrcnson, sound. R t'gi,tratio totals for th pLl sprin g" St'tl1f: t( r aTe' no\\' beinJ.:. lom­ pi led by workers in th e I'('l!istrnlion <..1­ n c.:,. Co mplete s .. lis tie'S will nOI h a\;lilablt mail Iwx t wn.:k •. nd \~i ll h~ p ublishtd in next week s M ast_ Inform a tion wili a150 h.. p rln I'd concerning the a nnoun~ IIIl'n t fron the re1{iSlra lion office th at Ix-~innin with th e 1959 fresh n a class th,; 01­ lege: B ard entrance exam will be n' ­ q uire-d. ~.'~1"'

••• ...,..,..

P ag!! Fo ur

Auction ets Cha ity boot

Friday, Feb. 14. 1958



I.l nd ar.. ft' d toward annexation, Va.riollS committ'Ts hav been a r· \-\ r ! Hall sponsor d a V rtkntiuf ra nge·d to wlv<>diffe ,l' nt pI blems and party a t R rmann H a ll Thursddv (' \ "C- I prepare rnateri~ 1 which will be COl nin • 'an , RI invik W M in charge bmed lat' T. 1 he elly a ttome" , has "f I II" rdr('sh mtnts ( ice IC:lm ond b'-Tn contacted for infonnation on Ihe hr art . 00J kin ): Jo:tnn c Van Li('rop, process of a nnexation and \'~riow; in('amc'~ and Maun'e n Fe rguso n, g l' 'I ten'u'w> 1'1 3:\ ' , bee n cond uct d. rl I .ha' ma n, ' T he re£u lts wi ll be a questionnaire "t! . ndi n~ thl' p:ut , f I () m PLC which w Ill be giv .n S 'btematica lly w W('T!: D ori Me-Camman t, Sha ron Ju- p('opl(' f Parkland in llOjler. 10 fmd Ii, n. fk lt l md a hl, K a rt" n H \' ndrirk· answers to th questions, H.n, ( h ri, ' lr ', tia nson, M:-.u n FerThc' various cornmitlc('~ p I a n to


.Iri liS PI' lid PL " r Rrr 10.... ' h" of su,1I t .uU I< ~I da)' wit h U I t K,Jst<l d, a date with L u her Ell ic boll, ,I k,teh in charco'i by Mr, Kittthun and Dean M, Wickstrom's a partme. t. ' T hr auction, 9;JonsOI t'd bst Friday ni g ht by th e Inltr Club Council, colkct( d • tot;, I of \ 52,00 w bf' co u11.libutPd to t h~ Ca m pus Ch~st. TI is :lll ction w' the first of t rt"l proj( ct 1':,.;' " Ill()f.ey fur th e C h st, T h · United ~ood 1 ·L-ighbor. oi T aeol na , ,,ill br th r . 'ipient ()f th . maj o ri ty UY, DCI"

"all work and no pay .. ." is h eld i n mind, Duri n finals we ' k, at a nippy II :00 p,m.. th e w hole- conn went i. to the en·ch: One- by on" (he boy~ w ent off th( b d l:~ ' Somt we nt voluntarily., o thers h a d , to b i~duC(.d ro try th eir luck ~... it~ the ragm!; and fn g ti tor nonr. fh,;, ! pro\'ed exciting as well :11 edu ati na l: ea ch Ir- a mt'd of th e cold of the Cr Ie a nd nt" er to go nt'ar it unless it beI'Om cs nLcessary, Ft'bru ry 5. 1958, markt'd th e d att'

-I I



uf tln TrIon! ~.

H ig-b.-st h id l " le11 \~," b.50 which was J.laid for twenty· lou r li n ' L bowlin ~ "r the Villa Bowl, in \ '111 Plaza. L()w< ~t pun'hase pri L '''as :!5 'fOut which bought forty "45" u:te- n.l..d play recurds, Two tlinl1 rs at Tup 0 ' tht 0 r .Ll' nd a !at k a \l' W t'J'.. :1ui' ti unn l oil lor I , 5,(iU, an d :l dinne r cookt:d by trn 1 ills fron \-V' l t Hall, and nt· ('oo kec by ~ i, I."irls irOlTl l'\orth H :.II g:1\ ',. it d o ~ ~ C()rt p<:eu lion,



I - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --


Students Entertain At Prison Banquet

\(lIsorr K ulh ) Knut,on , Joannt' V a n I1wct again in two w r lCk , to report of th t "kcrions for tht' n ew Sl'mc;~ ter, Lirrop, . a lh y Alm grl' n, M ~ \' i~ Ewr-! and com L"ne matl'llaL Russ Chr ist enson wa :'!,"O\in <ieu cd ) II ' 'M ' K II 'd f h d \. " R PLC • ntlftainns :1IId gULSts W , re D.. n Danidson , aeeol' Jioni~t, and u) ­ f')', CURTAIN CALL "VISITS" CHINA I P, r(' SI ('nt o t t ' arm., ., sSI~ tln g U,5S a mon,!! th e fll-st to ev~ r ~3t at thL ame ordi1l3tin th p.t' para ti ons at PL , tl<" D C11 1 l (", I weln, .. a n o n • ; nc)' R 1'111\1 k' , ,T . anet E h renstrom. '" ' I" l' lll Ih(' marr:J ge mt"nt 01 the- Jl,rlll will Oil" Kroll, Roy .lohmun, Ed K ran lz 1h., ChIncs(' '" all. a co~t~'l1lp~ r - bt : R on Thc'mpson, ..t' retnr), a.nd vicc: lable with inrn,i t s in "U nit ed ' te W:l$ R oy T ribe. and J inl Bullock, :H)' dram~ prC'sf'ntfd a t th e Umve: TSlty presid ent ; Ron Le rch . trcasurcr : and ft"(kral !,enit ,nti a ry as tI,ty attended Aboul 20 IlllCSlS irom all 0 \"1' th~ Playh u 'C in Seattle on F. bruary 8 Dean Morri,.)n, athletic director , Rich th .. first ' nnual banqu et of the "Seli ~unhwt::st werc resent f Cl[ I n c ban ­ SPURS SPONSOR 'SPURSPEC!IVF was S(:cn by 35 mernb~rs and gue ts of! Bentson \\Ia$ d~c ted to h. 'ad the ni il'ht­ JrnpTOVtlllt"11 Grou p " ,a t :\-fc:>\ei l h- qnet, Tt." Self Improvem ellt Group I " \'Ull t fol" ) Spurs ~I rn Call Club. Th ~ ' 'group. tra\t'I· Ir d t'vutwna ' I programs , ' land Fe "ral PUlltLntlar)' on n tur­ an orga ni:Z:lt ioh of many of thc' prh ­ ," -,~" a th~red 1 hun- , Curt , , , : cia ' '" ning for :1 fO,u,ndc l"s D ay Ban- Ill /-; by cna r:crcd b . u~, forst \'lslled t,he day" f on el s wi a LUme toge ther to 11~r ~a ' qU/'t In the' ,mall dmlllg room of th.. P t"nthouse l l1<'atn:, notcd as the Irst TAKING BLOOD AND PLEDGES I As p"rt of the t'ntertalnment, from CU B. The banqul't wa, gin 'n by the building of it~ kind ew l' rl esigned and Ju st comple ted was th e Alpha Phi PLC w( rl" th e "Eig hth )Jotes," Ross sptake ls from thL' outsid<· ire ordn toaC'l iH sophomore Spurs for a ll past built for t~,e prescntation of pl ay "in Omega-sponwred ann ual PLC blood Guetz, ho perfonnt,d as rn.'l gieian " become better men, mrmbt'fS ht:re on canlpu~. th, ' round. dri\ {. AP() ll1crnb rs h ad lookt-d for - -----­ - -- - F Ilowing a welcome to "spurspec-l The slud('nts, accom panie d )' Cur- a re cord turn out at thc' bloodmobile, ___ ••••••.- . - - - -..- - - - - . , rives" h>' ~rcsident ~eg Evanson , a lain Call ad\·isor Miss J ~ nc Smith, . Preparations an; nOw be ing made. ~ . ocal selcctron was given by Peg I then ,tollred th: ' the Iota Beta Chapter, und er tht, merton. GlIc~t speaker wa the: founder J th e <ampus waterlront, msptctw,C: Its I dIrectIon of Dave Lunde, pkdge- r n a s - . ~ ' d I' SC st~g~ f acr'I"Itl!:S, , t.', 123RD AND PACIFIC '.': of the ~LC Spur Chapter, Mi s~ Gr a.c.e I revO l\'lng~ , tl'I:, for forming' the pledge ~rou? for Blom qU ISt. Sh" spoke of the cad y FollOWIng Chmese and Itahan dm- ' thI S seme~t(:r, An open meetm g I, s e t '~ ! --..... (' haptus h ere. Blue and gold Found- ners in Ihe University District, m ~ m-I for Monday evening, Ftbruary 24, in NOW SERVING IN THE NEW ·s D "y ribbom wen; then prese nted bers of th., group Viewed the prcrntcrc I thr' Old Main first floor lounge for all to w"rtivt' m"mber, by Mrs. T, 0. E,n~lish langll~,gt' production, of "T~e fellows inter('stcd in joining APO, - rl, Spur a d visor. Chmese W all. !hc production , WI ~t- , . t the program several m. embers uf FISH & FRIES -- FRESH PIES -- SOUPS -- CHILI - DOUGH NUTS

ten by Max Fnsch. , a German,SwIss I A.PO will ('xplain the club, an e! visit­ AND PIZZA-SOc

SOCIOLOGISTS BEGIN SEARCH ., ,playwright, h as hem termed " a n in- ing fellows will be gi\'en a cha ne· tu "Anncxat~on of the P~ukl"nd Area I tdlc:tllal fantasy." and. eont.aim fa 51 ask qur.stions aboul Alpha Phi O m ega, ....:Js the tOPIC, chosen by ,tht' gloup of lnm' rng. thought provokmg I:ncs. Following the informal me!"ti ng re­ s 101o,~y majors and ITnnOr5 led bv i frr'sh en ts wi U br' sr' rvcd. . CLOVER CREEK TESTS ' . . .or' ¥, IS ",~. I son, TI' lIS f,roup ml t M : ?n d'a"v PI(:dge~ WIll be taken after thOM:- \10­ ni~ h t in the CUB for organiza tIon , CLOVER CREEK ! terestet! in joining have been inter­ Thr- put pose of this 1'1: cr. rt' h g roup 1 Down bl"low th e hill ancl across the : ,icwcd , ' :- 10 \('a n ~"'st'a ~h nll'th~d~, ,nd it ~i ht· ~orrl'nt, of Clovl'r Cl'f'<: k lie~ APO m ~(' t$ ncr)' Thursday l VI. ning 18 tin IUOUpS pro,wet r~ a nd ou t aIl Clo\'('1' C : Cl Hall, a, ha\! of ~ mt , 19 1"16:15, wit h H :. I Bal. k"n pr idin g , II< pruhlclUS of a nn( xdlron, RUt'arch I me n st'~k rn and gc:t fln ,' an cdu atton " '.ill I rr iru ou t tt> disc \Tr two 1 at Pa l ific L utheran, They happily ac- ' MORMAN SPEAKS AT LSA thWl: • how ;J nitu d•• :Jr, affret 'd by , cpt th e warm fe llowsh ip of the 12 LSA's program for this Sunday evc­ fThlS lo, di a. in pa rticu lar the news- 'ingle stud e nt ~ and the man)' marri ed fling will be an infonnativc tnt-ding paver , .,nd how p('()p \e ' .. the Pa rk- ('ouples who live in the units of the on the "Iormon religion, with a M o r­ \' illa ~C' 3r u nd thc hall. mon layman bt·' n ' pres nt to gi\" the:



t C0 IIege D' rlue- In ;t

~howboat n~t"~lrt ~nl b~ I

.........-...................... . . . . .









I i







o r tu na!el .'. it i, no t all w ar ' down M orman ,·i.:"", Th~



W Ill

-tJ!::!!}rMA~ I"' ~:E:~~ ~::~m: :'E::"~'.I p~.,d,d by ."n 1mb ., , 0 p .m. -en'lng PLC through Christian usc of free press.





:!IQ p~ ~




LEnox 7-3434


£ D IT O R _ __..__ __ .. __ DAVE CROWNER E d' t r .. ___ .... __ .___ H erb D emps y I'pOrterR : T edeli ' ul bau , e n . B a r b :nlh ln iUrr. Ba rh ra IS3: '\(,n, D ' ck Fi h.. r , Too<ir W tter, ry John­ 'on J);t , "" itnter, f !"ltu re dj·or.. __ .Ma ril yn D ona ldson R cpor tcl'l: Gina J0 11es, Suh eic: L er­ :" , Joc y D a ll ie r-on , Ma r tili ~Lh :\e­ r( • Bou S' ll ', pvrl F Ij'lo r.. .. ____ __ .. .. D ('n n i~ M artt;Ju R cport~rs : .l im Kittilsby, irn W n d­ ham, H~ r San rud, D ick Goodw, I, r.U ~t ll ~ H .. III



I ' W~

Typi t.. -- -..._, ....__ .L auric B .en oft BUlflu " ,.Ianagf:L. ary Lou E nge n Ad ~Il 11 01'S: Ro I Pa'ter ' n. Lois ndrTlio n, Li nda Schad. 1'hotog • pht'L...... M r . W . Me - ewell .\ rtlAt ..__ ... . ____.... __ ____ ..Dick L ondsren BOOk -~e p r .................. ....Carol H o u ' e (: lr<,'l1W,lio __..... __............... P a t t Fi'nll P,le' han~c: ._..--....... ..... --..--...10y wis A vi or.... __ ....... _....-.M r M. 'N'esvig PubJj~hcd Fridays of he school year by atuden ts of PLC, at Parkla d, W ash ington. ffic:c:: .tllI~ge m on u ild ill . Phone L no ' 7-8 11, Ext. 41.



PHONE LE. 7-7100

~~Y~~?~~~ "';??~ 2~~Z?.z.~~...?...:e:2~ ~~~



Faculty and Personn ,








LAU INAT'S Apparel

We Outfit Co-eds 406 Ga rfield St.

LE. 7-5317

Com petent t ea Che rs; g rowing student body; Christ·devoted pro, g ram; high standards; a t tractive cam pus; low costs. THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBEIt 3, 1958

Chorl.,. B. Fo.,lsch, Ph.D.• President

2770 Marin Avuu., Berkeley 8, Calif.

Is it ever I vy! Why, Coke is the most correct beverage you can possibly order on campus. J t look around you. Wba are the college social leaders going for? Coca-Cola! So take a leaf out of their I vy League book and do the samet Enjoy the good taste of Coke r


Bottled under oulhority of Th. Coco·Cola Company



Prof-Staff Pledging De ai:ors - -mpete re ears Com letion linTwo- ay Tourname


PLC' c Dn dopment Fund is eon·' tinuin z to ozrow with the comple tion Nlorc than 400 high scbool debators are the guests of P LC o f th e" f:tcuity.,taff so licit ,~tiom. A to- for the si Xl}] an n ual Pi Kappa Delta -Washington St.1t~ H lgb t::tl of $ 75,007 in cash and pled g~s has School Debate Coaches Association Tournament being h eld on b"" n ITceiwd from the faml;v and cJmpus today and tomorrow, Febru ary 21 and 22, _V_O_L. __ 35_,_N_O_,_1_5_ _ _ _P_A_R_K_L_A_N_D_,_W_A_S__ H. ____F_R_I._ , _F_E_B_,_2_1_,_1958 _ _ _, t,,if In break down, th e heul'ty has Ii Abom 40 ..schools, ~hosen ,on a selecti:~~ __~~si ~a~ expecled I pledged ,')iG5,84:l, \\ hile th.! staff mem- for th .. toulnaITlt nt. Thls u,arks tht


E am WI-I,I r "ede Enlr i - 9' -.-, " , . I f tudent


b<r' . tlll ll l rcaches :)9,16_1., , first y,:ar that Seattk. high schoo ls basis 'Jf, th,' inc reased nUllIUc-r of ('(m­ 1'1 , ~ , ! .' -,' - I . f I ha,-" t)l' 'n auk to p~rtIClpak ~Ild a l~o t" ~lant', but also the n'strictivc na­ _ ,Insa n, no\\ )trtl,~ IIlMC or. a HITl' j is thc first )'tar lh at <1n out of ;;tate ture, rna kin !:, it a tourn a rl1cnt of ham. nr ,olrutatlom undn the charrrnan'l I I ' I ' . . S.I SC100 IS I'Xpcct('( to particIpate, ,an( pionship ca liber." ,hlP 01 ivI an I onllnervtl;, of P.ukland. I p' f I I h h . d' d I' JO Int 0 . (a 0 as In Icall_-- "- ('SIIT The quality of th~ t ou r a arut'll I is i .\ dircnin g- cOlf.lInittcc of twenty out- : to comt._ ,landlll!! alumni has b"en fc,rmeu for ,tlso point,' d out strongly y G l'org" lk~ i lt tl!IIK in the i' a Jl of 1959, ;1 aloinatic'n is a nation:'! s.-llOlas tic ap· tlu- puq:"'sc uf approaching' «ll lornlt' r Prncn'T uf t!1('SL additions is anlici. Dr Bell C', preside nt of th e Washil lglon uU r: ,..,.u c E ul "lOCC Hoa rd ['xanrination t itude tcst and can be take n "t " ari ­ student s in th e De,-dopnlt'nl Fund pated b\'- tOllrncv) officials to incrcase Hi,~h School D('bate Coac hts A"socia' thr· alnrldy h igh d",,-:rec of ('omp.,ti. ti Oll, \ ho savs: ""II b, · Il"'1', uircd of all ;ncomin..~ In . h- u us t <-'s ting center; throu ghout thl carnp;tign. l J1' n to J>LC. Thi s t" H resu lt will b" , y'-'ar b y hi , h schooi st' n iutS or oth(' cs tion_ R, gistra ti on bbnb had jusl b e· "The df batf-: coac h es ('on, ider lhis I 9 7 Solicitation uf dO\,·tiIltOWH ~t.('('ounts ­ UII' I-a "tur (" -·lIS·I·I ,·re(l , o n a dm it-' wishing to opply to PLC. In I 5(i· ) , gun to arri,-,' ;11 pr('ss timt·, but Bette· tourna'ITlcnt o n(' of th e h iHhl1/{hts Qf ulll, ~ D b 7 will IJl'c,in durin;: tht' luiddlr ufM~ r'ch. ' . . te sts were offered on ceCIl! ('I' , lou, M"acd, oll~ld, taurnanwnt dinT.lor, the y,.·ar.. W e apPI,,'e.: iat(· t.he 'plrndid lance' or no admIsSIOn ell t-off h !1t. J I I I' b U M I 1~ b ­ b . . I :LI1ull ry , ' l' ruary 0, r arC rl ,J " ,;"0, Wr' expect the " st p a rtrnpa· J organizatIon, wl1len IS a tl l . ut... to . r ha In:<r t'stabbshell y d, i :--'{ay 17, and August 13, and being a tion ("\r: r, qu a lit,uinc' ly :,nd qUantita./ K arl and his a ssistants. T ht" tOlUllil­ ti,·,·!y." IlH' nt is outstanding' br.:cau r it d ra ..'_ , dl o la. ti c achicn:mc:n t In h i .!! h n~tional test, it c~n b,' tak~n in a ny ' hurtl, h"t::tdrr r lI rl"'. pl' " ,ta t<: Or a t anv c"Tlter that is ~tJst'st Pwf""or T. C). H. Karl, spl'et h of til,. fi n er ('omp titi on thrnul!h­ ;I~m) man} o thu qualifiut ioru will still to the "ppli c;lIIt' s hOlIlt;, P LC will pa r trnc nt h.-ad, <'omIlH'nt eri til a I, "this out th e sl.He" ~ onsidc rcd in t il, sl'Quol's chuic(- b . t . H" h' . I' ~ nl to o[Jl'ratt· a$ act' n c r 1I1 pronlisr's to ht~ the bL~t tourn::UTIcnt t'a dln g up t ~C vano~s (:omrnltti 'C~ u, Dr\\' LUcient-. 195 8·551 tha t we- h a'-,' had, not unly OTI the ia n': stel'ring- commit: c:, D 0lI Dougla~, I" lh - fa ll of 1~58, P au fic LU'I ApplrcatlOns tll tal. e th" Collt ~". ' J im Trayno.r, J a n Tu m lan : fI:glstra, , . f) ' , tiun, L o.uis(· Knabe!; o~fic e pcr!<On­ tl rrrA u Coil, gL wr ll str(m~ l y l~co:n. Eutl.1r1<,(, Boa I'd exam can L, obtaillt'd l ll<'nd, LIlt w rit 1I0 t require tlut In- for SCllOU], ILl' :hl' high school prine: i. I (JlI'lgn ,tuden" 0 , I LC wlil "TV" nd, J ens R a nd a ll: equlpmC'nl, .;,1 • CIm inI{ f n- shrnen tak e. th e test. It willi pal a nd must bt' ;ubmitt t.d by t h t as hu:>! " for lri e nds and visitors in 1 Capcnn ; -"',:ncra l "rra_ngf"ln~ntl;, 'jQUI lIot b. r equil ..d '~ntil th". foJl~wing. s tud'-nts OrI,C IrI0~Lh priUl" to ,the 1t'S! ­ South, ~a!1 b,-twcen :';::W and 5::)0 Clp<:ni n~ for a ll qucknts int:.r.cstcd jl R ee ves; rooms and j \I d ~ \ S, H rb Y"ar uf I Y59 . All mlonnatlOlJ .,,1 11 bt· rn;; date, 1 hnc IS a fee: of $7.00 n·'llJ.llI. tillS Sunday ')S " part 01 tht' 1 Ill jncr('asl n,~ therr n :ad ll1g' .--lflcl<: n cy Demps('y; "'Tn ts, Lmd" H urd, prt nted i n. ~h~ Coll eg;~ ea~alog "-,,hen quin·d to tab, the. test . but test n" l'urrHI,F(iendship Association Fric,n.<:" is. thl' Rc:,dill l;. Effi cien~:y dash "",hieh I' The tOt1rn~m t' llt committee i... l ~dl! 110 'C P elfl(' mfonnatlOII " ob[al ned. " ults CHI h" SllbII1Ittcd to as many ,hip 1 t~ ,tS durlflg Brothe lhood Vv, ck. 'wIll han' 11, fIrst ITlcctm l( next 1 u es· . up of Art MIlicI', North C n tra l H lli(h The CoJieg > Entrall t Board coll ege> a~ the student desir.-s. .'\[ ~"n utlrf~r pb'TS iI: the Tacoma day ('\'Coning, February 25, a t 7:00 p.:11' 1School (Spo~and; Ann Mon lg(.)UI an'a F l'l,·ndshlp J "as wtll be held at in L.I 0·1. Oaksd,llc Hlgh School; G orgt: D ttil<' sam.· tiIlw this Sunday. The meeting will lasl for un t hour Bellc, Bf·IJ\,U;:· High Schoo l ' J arrll"





PLC H0 Id i n9


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IReading Class 0 p ens . I Next Tuesdav Evening I,



Thinking of Europe?


Travel Council Offers Students Aid


Thi s is th e first year that the Asso- and is kd b y Dr. K. Solberg. The', Carlson, Olympia High Sdl()ol; Y e ­

cia tion w~ll h;1'T met at PLC or the class will continue' Coll,' ,,,c oj PUKe! Sound, whi ch IS also terlll. llip to Europe f"r Ie, s than work cam p saud ;ll:cn:dited study h olding its initial t,·a. Eal'h year dur­ I,UUO h 'lT1 New York is a pc,s, ibil- toun , in~ Brotherhbltd Wet-k the Associa·

Ilv nut ~~ u-'I "'JITI , . d ,-,pend. tilHI ST)onsor< the It'as iu th,' hOIl1(,s

.. , . _. , , for nlost " Am('rica. 'n ,I If students WIsh to t!'O",' I :n ,tudul ts. <' ntly, tht·y arc ad"isr:d tu do two and otbT piatTS wh ert: thr:re an' Fur th is fi gu re they may e nroll in : thir, to s : s<,c url' " li,t of th e uational those of ,-arious religious , cultural, an organizr d gruup pmgram or may I student unions abroad which offer as. I:cci"l a ud nation,,1 backg rounds. tr.l \ I in'kpenclt'lltly, us ill g st lld~nt! sistanct: to student tr~l\elt'fs: and pur­ PLC ,tlIcit-nts an~ (·o.-dially im i!('d .li.t;c..cuwt, U\' 'I' C;lS. d :ll" ' ':' t u c/t-nr Idtnti}' "a ni 12'ld bv tIll' TF to all lid any or all th, ' · I ' llR home In . or d er to ta k.•~ hOllWS the. t will be huldi ng tea ', for Cc Ik ge ,ludc ht' or. lu w budge ts b ('tore ca\,l . the PUlPOS " of th,' ("T nt is tu prornut.,. I ll d hi~ lr h o pt's fu r lravt' l this SUIlI' d( I"anta ,~c 0 f stu d ('nt I" te ..,s on h OUSlrl."., d I the 'pi ri t of "impl t· frIendline ss ::lnd mrt nay !C.lfn abou t lh,,'''': upportUrIl- ,ITs taur:tnt.", transporta tIon • n ClI' . undefH:ln di n,,- :lInon !! l'itizl'ns in the lit uy wlit in ::; Ju t- the lrt:t: booklt't, tu m l ,','(' nt.' m. Eur-op". '1'1'liS Id entity •.


(. spring



nOli lItzin!{er, Ted , K arl and Bettl:­ Iou Macdonald, PLC,



"C , ink to Eu rope '~ " flllbli shed by t h e lII!


Card Illay be pUIch ased from the )J:r. ­ , I ;\l;urna area. ,tucil'nt Tu d, a lIon - lional S tudt' rIt ASSLlciation , 70 I B'-sides P I.e: , "op" n IllJ usc"

U I1

S",· I


11\' 1

traVt, 1 ol'ga!lizatio n (,!ltlt A. " ~ l1\l e, i\l' '''. York %, ,,,.t th" hUIIJl". 0[: Dr. ~nr~ M rs. Jcrrdis .....ith \ ,'.1 Loast 0 [('(:'" a l 240 S lac k· I Th e i fonnation ,crvi.:cs o f the K a ulmams, ·jOID :\0 . JtHi1: .M.-. and lUI . ITl'et, S.a n Fl a n ~ isco, Calif. Comlc i] a rc 8"" il" bl,> to stil dents with· MIS. D a , ·i<t R ow land , S07 -0, Y a ki·


' d,UC. l itH, a!


. .:( oi n ' (u Cur..o ~t"~" ( .. ~cr ibc s the' ddk r"lIt t)TJ"s ul 1IJl' X P'rIS1' 1; nlu('a. ' lional tla\'r l p!O gra m UP'" , =d (If'l Itt assi;; t, nrc in sr lccti n.e; hOlll Ifllll'C tlt:m 10 uiff~nllt t li,ps, r.ClIl g ing £ i ·hUr l I1 .~ ~u ur:oi, to bu.: yclt · trrps,


RING To A.'"'r

uut ch~' I')i.t' in tl.ll' in!'~n-~ ts of foslni n lr ~"~ ~Ir. 1~'Il.d Mrs. , Il n \' ~erghl!.:~, wld rr Ill lt' In atlOnal "uUl'<HIUnal <"X-I- (II .\ u .• ro: tor. Mr.,~nd M r . R .• ­ chan gl·. ,'\ number of Iuw · cost book· uld l'vfuss, I ~ It) Hmtirl VII"". lets (2 5 Cl l1t') ;lrt' ,tlso <I,-ailable from -\Isu 11 1'. a nd 1\1 n: , Hu:d L, mknl, the Co~nci!'s ufficr' to h, Il~ studt'nls ~:i:.i8 :\0 _ Shirley: 1\1 . 'lfid MI :;. AlU~L tn t 'll tlInl'" and 1I1CHLt'Y \\'ISeIy onT- fn'd Carl sun, 18 i ~ _ ' 0. L.. nion ; Dr. ~GI";.





"w : ' .. "


I I::>U t e. I :! :()(J, un /l.iea 8mj L :.tin .\Tll(' r;(':" a; well as E urope. , II ' bt·i ~ d (\ ~J t ,·d I ._ , I ' ., - ' E, ta h mh ni U-I tl... J: It: I ~h U :; wltn VI ' (, t , dlU(L\; in the th e r~\ i, :d of intnn ,lti (l n ,11 L'x('ha n!!t uf u n - I a ',' Su p p orted . ~ 1·llovraDls d u nnl:' the P°slWRl Ycars. d nd l' " lIr c.t III \'\..j h" 1 . the ",lo ,1l 011 Studln t , \ , t , "r .. _ _ t1.< tJ" "I"1 ltltU'{''' $ (If ,tUri l'Il!' HI

r' " Ii, il (tlll

l· \isiuTt diann. I rh ,'.


II lUll .





enny 00 man Sh owing Tomorrow • 1111 1:1 1If1) (.oodr:lli.n Slury ' .n 1 J r !"vlr,r, ! , ... rr l ,l' Sll'. ' linn ,Inti Do lUI R«:t1, wil l i" hO~'T1 tomorrow, J- l a)' 2'<, t 7 :10 p ,llI" iTl CB-200. It" ,ill I ~:; ccr, i · ror sin~k : nd 7:J C"l1l lUI c<JufJlr'S. Spun II l ;puuslJrirtv th is film. a s ,101Y of OI l! of Am ·l'iL'..L ~ foce­ :l 1.lrill'! ,tillt T he "tru~-t,-,·l i ll n ,, ' uf l ht: ",Bl'n· t:ootll1l11n Story" wa P' rhaps t il•. Tl::1 OrI for th n1f>~'i'$ p(.)pul ritr _i It


not long

jt ,1,1(0


cross t ht:: COUIllrv

~\'f l"~.


Gj ~llldro n(;',

D ~ sh

Point, 9~ J M adrtma Drin' (fils t ri g ht turt! Clfu't' brid ge); :--·1L find ,vIr,. Fn d J--blt-v' introciut'in",'"' Andre: and Genr".'" ..,s S- nford. :jU 18 -"0 , Pug<"t Sound; A nd at tlw Budclh is l T empit-, 17 17

L 'vIOl ': than 50 ..ducation:d im titu ' tion> and religiuu s or c ani z3tiolls 'haH~ I~l III - -In ecI III ('recIt .Ing LlI ~ C" oun cl-I ;-, nc].Ill tJ_- \ ~ 'C't II I t I"r .:. : . L'u!t ' . .. '''1'11 b~ , .JO II hirl'htL' d u n 10 1{ Olrllll llt!l1}' IIl;Jki n~ lo w-cost 'd u Cllt ional t r Clv,' 1 , ' rI bop" II '". l f rid .,y Ifl Uf'ni m::, h·b - : oppor;ullities 'I\ a ilablc-- in ,'\ ,i a, Af­

fawl t' !l \"(,l!U ": and :It C PS, :\rukr· SM ILES O F PLC 's speech departmel1t wi ll be ou t for h igh scholl I de­ ,o n H a ll ( Ft,n ',"-11 ,! \Jtkn l pn'su ltnl ba t o rs f ro m th e Northwest as Pac: ifi (' Lutheran Coltegc d~ atora ,por)sor hy lh,. CPS TntL ' n.ati un cd R d :r.t lom t h e a n nl la l hi g h sc h pol tou r na men t o n campus ,ext Friday a nd Saturday H d' Ip t' k a r II t o r ) ' Don Douglas Bctt e lou Macdonald. ChJh ) . Jeer~y'~~s~1'\ a ~~ ~: Tra;n~': ~i ctured ) , •



1. - -----·

(OU «[lll' CUll',n ud th.L t t ht IJc> t w ay tu en P' (" i&tobrm r.; " ()lLrl!.: P"CJ pi<Thi: al lLrn"UlI -I ) ,30 p .m . l h. l i l(,l l j ,[f.'n nt (o " nlrit·' t u{fl'lh , 0' t:lloir of the \-, .''! I, ~v, s fur a sho rt I th~l t,h q : m.1 V I~arn ..h~w cadr li\'t:~ W -~ l ncl . tou r of :1/1_"" . ,:on« rts: , t o· :lDJ \', tJrh: th.' _:nd lb U H m· i n 1< hI : t S,III UUr, Luthi r n 11'1 r a r<rllll lOtlS "ift r WW",'ost and' :1 un 'h rn , 1-"'1 <1"t n, :,,,tI.Hd~ "yc' 1occasionall Y. SUb l ran-1 tu h·'!p run", : t Holy r ri t' lt ~ L ilt", r-' n I -\mnkan I{t> ('rvt'.,(", ~ «nd to b r ing ; l. ' It WC" ;n POI' -\r: g , I<: ~, "nd Sunday ",tad.:n ! [lOIn a broad htrr, !' " -rIlTl " : t O ur SLtuou l. Lll th~l'1 rr I Church if! Sr ·merton . -11. C h uir wi!. r<rum '::Iuncl,,), n ig ht. 01 ,i t<i fIJI thr' tOLI I \\ill I.,.. Peg ( ~irl of Il LC ar<: [t'qu :.ttd by Ih.. \\1' rs t o beg-in in vitin?; t h.. ir molhcn; to th 'acific Lu· un t ht'riill C'3.lllpUS for the w e end of M : n h I -16 Co r the annual l\lo • CI air i! und«r tilt d lrectinn ol t r!. \\ eekcnd, ,ponsorcd h } AWS, 1- Malmin,


Girls to Invite Mothers ,me

,- ---­

Ch olr · to P resent I ba Dr Cap re "P Swe u Three Co c rts (, Psi

" Kill'




~)ll r

tu d, nt, \,hOSt " I l l T 'llltt.! If' t :d C: "pr'ncl-, Lt 111; c,·. I' LL' "pq,1; louo ,I t il Ji mTr:1\'flI".Jrd pla, . J (·batc ("o(,rn. lI'llt cn Febnrary 1 :-:,! ~cmorl)i __ isJOnJrujlrumptu: J ! Clod I') ,Ur a f lIow'; B.' t ldo" ~1i\1'l.ltm lW , lu pI (r,

Sl'Dil. (' n --'fau (L;ncolll ' Dout:la,,) Junio r \\ o~,en', l~pro u ptu:

lDehate : L(1IlIS'> Kldd I., _nd p h<',

l n:Cb ",- , i"" J H t't\' , ,"n p. " bl ," I! ior Di\'iri n EXlcnlf"

p I I, tit:: . Hnb c m pse' , ::.nd llbu,

JUDJ . -ur \\-olllt'n~. Dc ale: Bd tdClu ~ a rdon.aid :lTd pl' e_

LouI ' K I,rI" l Jud i John,oll, l t. Ju ni r " 'omen': 1--", mp: , .I.. , j ,' R , nd. II, J.. tl.;1 ,. 1; tt r: li e _[1(1. Louist' J-:1nbf i, 2nd p inel:. JunioT' i.-n-s Debale: ! Jad(ir ' hl< r , Jlldi Jolm (tn, IJr 3rt!' () In I .IJ Jill! T . ynor hL II Juni r l\ t'D ' ~ ~ temp : D • 'S tll:ut . :a1 C pen< : til" 3n L I Urin Dah l, lot plan', 5 "llIor ll....j~ioQ Inter p: j n" T 'IYIlI' , ) d pl,II:,". H. ru d'-n [J I }', ~ ntl pial' , J unior Women'. ralof')- : Jun to . W omtn', Interp: DelOT'S ; illl', :lrd 'lim: . C arolyn Bioolll[i.ld, :hd pia,... jUllIor Men' O rato ry ' J unior 1\It::n'" Inlcrp: '" C:lp mr, Jrin Dalt!, ti :lrtI, I

I i



P age Two


Friday, FeD. 21.

19"\Student Service

Have a Seat

Is Mai Object Of Books~ore

Should We ContriLu e?

Every Pte: s[udmt should be at studl nt bod y chapel n<tx t

Is Spiritual Week Needed On a Christia }, Campus?



b y is there a . Spiritual Wee k ' I PI. ow un somerbin o already presenl be emphastzcd: \ n yt hir. ~ (rort ' lU P 0 Mts, ur Thes. and simil ar qULstions are pTObabl y in rile milld~ oj ra l h r. ' , om di tion Tiro, to toothpaste <! numb r of peoplt: arc md campus. Dr. Carl W. Scgerh mmar. ·l I 1 .;<" f, U 1 in PLC', III d m ,l nd f L 'ren~ I"lf 1m. Au ustan.1 Lt· W( \I "lIu.ipP,·d IC-'''I\ ife hODk lor . T c sidt!!1l of [he J.1"for ia Con ~ Chufch :lnr] ~ 11 l ~p aker tor to. ,) ·1 ( fl J k. m.llla", ..r and pur­ ".pirilu;d fmph' i W ," , . n I'd ' f l for lit' , ollrgc ,kp:ut­

uesd.1 ~

o r b e busi ness m l?c tin g JL \\ hich lhos~ prcse lH will d ,ilk wbn b r ( I n t .m y form o f giving r l.l the Pac ifi Lurhllran Developmen t Fund 'Ivi ll 'c uncle: ta en b y II (. S( UdenlS dl£01sdves. Fr·...m th"~ "'r" b",olnnl ng rhis idea 113 been brourrhl abou · '" ~ , ~.., b bv, tile stud"~ o t . O r Its 0 n in ltl tiv'c ch' Student C un~il talked o\'l~r lh~ Ide:! w it o L Ir. Pelerson :lnd n w is bringi~g tbe idea before {h~ slutknt who shoul d m ake rhe decisiun JS LO Laking part in til L3mllaign .

I -----­

'Ut- lh boohtol ' Tl~ , tell' p"rp" ' If th a(,li, ' Li ,~ th:ll "Iii to Iud 15: wI·L r _ . ' -rr IDb ,'I!tlll pamllo.-j 1 tu I mll ~ 1 r.h ri ·li n 'f,Jr. If u ha'!' :l g)od r~ ,l~on bclit!vin 1 til l,au hould not I l\, ,I d" orn 1111« any IJUok ill pr, n t, . . . . . h I \\hll l U. olllln1i tl d hI "'h . . t-' 1I d b b f ha 'Spmtu.11 f,rnphfuls D 'Ii on t: I " p.ltllC1P, te, me. OWC\Tr, J not vot nu ~ JUS you avo; " , ICIt fl OIl ,t. I to t wo weeL or ' . . .' 1· . pre~5ion to thr. l lui t .IN raith in t' 'CI" ,,' "t t1 J l 1 T ' . ~ . L orh ' [ 1 Ie . 1 I ,. l ' t:lI fllpU d .• ('h rbtl. n 011'1(" . , C' I I .1 gr \lege a".11 Il, ]I;! .a. 10 IS r" 0 .. ,1I. I1 Ilas n .. mg . ' 1\ f'r~', l~' I , . 'r I"'~ UI: \ a ~ will 1­ Iik,' lIUlI Y aradox s then: is real I. /. i, f1k. lif,·, II do wah Ih" adm l I1 ~tr Ion. ['1' " d o not have 11':117 hog rs 10 r,II'll 'Inti photo t:op~ m ~ are pro­ '. PI 'd • h th.. f . .. 1 b I c.l ' lb ' ' . ., . trlllh n n . !'" n SI , f, . I',' r . p w nh il t 11 rIC. an, yo u I,vo n r ~ all lI1g.l pu ne 1 'f Clsung J n gJU IC. ,",'Ir d. ~LJDy 111·r. Il wS ',n d t n it rt. ,m i . . . . . I ", I I ttl .. ,' 0 ' 0 til , '\ll('~tio! y l her~ wi ll h n . r.lCLI1 Y or adm inistr:Hjon m embers pr.:s... n t Inc. It rm ~h alII ril."p iay<,d lfl tll: !draWrnl< a n analrn;y. I" , II htJrnan .. ffo '1. . I ' . 1 !' It' , U f cc J yo ur ~IO' .M Ol I' ' . ' . . • t i hOlt." ('hr ' li;m ,..nd an :U I 1 e mettsng. t S S Lfl Ct y 'ou r CClSlon. .. . .. . rv nftr'n st i,.ntiI it ~roufJ , oQ ion Il> w. a nyt h ing , yotc o n Tuesc.lay -Dave C rowner, EdlCor.\, :\[ r. .I·aulf.:I h '"nth1 u"t- aS ll t: a hollt ill · .' . _ ., . . . , . ':1 1 h'. d .'" L( om rpun ity .vh r' Lb o:. Cbri­ b d ' ,1'1"'. or o r .~, . nlziltlon, . "., 3\/' 'P( ­ n. ,a ft, ! tt.. y or po per ou n . . . . t t 'h d th .... of Il'f ;. r-- - - -- --------------------------" h,-r"on:lst: k~~ . T'n ,~t' It xp t'." nSlve I"Ioor-.:.s I • ".I:1l Ill!" tll l!; i to whIch a f, liow 5CIl'Tl IiIn ru, an d ': wa , . ~ arc In . ' .. . di h







,vii i be tnvltcd io sp,·a·. All t h View" nnt ('n y a; ', I) Irln~ II I . d .

m"mfwn of th,' ~ro up ~t , prt'5UITIa - ,. ttn"

. .. . ' . . hl), a t hom e In til:: 11 ld of sCl~ ncr·. W, Cil nno: he ilc l.ltr.d at l h l ~ I' tnl, \ But tl,," appCilranc e of this ~ucst may I for nl'u tralism ma k(~, way fnr ~'Cubl' brin ~ a fro'sh interest or IlI' W in. i~'lt i:;rn, .md SC.CUllHi;;111 fina lly Til , k ri, to th'-'i r thinkint'. n"J< r:.c:;, ;.s w(· know II, "'<lIII ' t. ' ; " If I £' d f d " In sirnila r In:1Iln{'~~, ~pirit ua l (~l n"l ('ave '30 out 0 OUT t ' U" p has is days o n a c hurch- re i t l'd c'-1m · ca.tion. nll r customs, and our wa~ a ll tudeut 50Iic.itation. ,,','m hig h br·ca u..-· students and pro'd . f . I of life, we are teachiW1; that. for . . . . .. .. f("ssot' s insi , t on tht: Tlew and lat t pus p ro"l cs opport~l1lty or .rf'new ll1 ~ Tlu~ : lov e ts unl)' pl"!rn~lri-, to r the fwai Judgw Ol 1>0 mthe power of .. ,[. h k . ,nU're, t and prov,dIn <?: ' If"W In' l!(ht .. ! mo,1 pc Ipk and at m ·t time;;, H" . d ' . .J 'f! . b' '11 b I ' f b ' . publ,catlons. ~. to ..s have yet to th c 'nltn: Iu ("Ilt bOu y. us oll Jec t WI e tIe 1Dll 1l1 cou r~e 0 USll1 <" 10 I Dr Sc"erhammar and his wife dON not ("oun1. 'We are h"ginnlng 10 p lh,' ' UnlID..;· ~* Ildl'nt cb -'pel. The , t ucIenl body r:.lll either aeCt' pt or n'jr ' ~t ~o up III pr o orI 'l1u .to so~ D~ l ei I'. I R uth' ;r~"l)arcnts of fOllr d ;'i1dren' r cng·niz' Ihat nelltrali,n ill iudE . . . . .. cCJ n~ ' lml"r ·t'Tn , B y ,flOpp,np; ea y I ' . ansa' an- d ;r . unn,-utral. thl& Id.-a a mi In Wt I)v['nt uf an ;l. C l~t: ptance ,t " ,Il be str~sst:d th ut till' .w l, c , -" . h ~d 1 . 1. H,' ' ''a< hO"n ',n H I "ho i~ not fn r ChriJ I " ! . , s..tlldf'I1ts n13 y :1 \'e on t L' use LJOO,: ." ~ • . -_.. " tatin lI' J pkde;Ill C: wIll be CUIlIr)lttcly o n . 1 "oluntary bas..IS so no on" would h b k , _. _. ,. R b g raduale of Rctbany College, Li nds is amtinst Him. Thr:sc nju.eo; arc 1• . I Id lU ~hI'de I) . m " ·C) ·'·I·tv "111 .. t at the 00 stem tu<.; s to hOt ",. 1.1; . . tl d d b ' d' 'd - , d LX' I ~ -~ ~J.. ,L . Qr d'ls, Qf ' nil .....'. go to p!lbli -11!'fS bo r~, Kan.~as, and AlI ~UlI!a na Semurgen Y nee e y ID 1\ 1 Uru.> an T he C.oun cil \',n. d dinitdy <I(.:;J iTI, t pa ll. ' patlon in the [.)rrD tl f an l~t hL r than to USI'e! book dt"alers" inary. Rock Isl a ld, Ill inni.,. The hy sociNy. "til' n p lar"J o n e<lch studen t. T ll ,q bas e n d on ' at Olht r ol\rge5, P rofiB Go 'I !>'c.hool L ni\t"rsii)' of SOU lhern Cnllfnmia "T h ·.... ill 1(' )" r n whi, ]' ,1 ~ ill "r hy the aut hori ty of dt<· .ldm ini str.J.t iun 0, Illl ~t.udcnt3 th(~l11~ekl s. but The book,loTl' mllkes ~'.lmc profIt School of Religion w· the l ocation 'Chn-t OIt lh,. r'O)" of lif·· ~all caPI'In' lh" council's 1c.d in>; i, to pb c!. rh ~ dcc is i" fI ,,[ ~i,·; .w· i '\ th .. h:, t,d~ of ,a(. h I ' f F Ik J "P f' of J r. S 'gc·rh ·. nrrn· r'~ OTr adu te l fl"" inl\rlll ""() ll f" " ~ fur ' mi' .1\<:\ )ut ;n r .a u \.l\te , to Its :\ . r',\: I tJ;,t iQn 0 f I11 n, '(-" d t tuuC'llt. , ,Vi)r -. 'f nuh··. ns !TI 1I( h 3. p:lTt 0 1 lh c oilc 'e lll co m ,., .; . h' . ' . r10m ~ 0 , cl om;llton..,. " B'·5it.l~ hi, rl'.r.n t p05itJon be- ha III " w, .1 ~r ' .w W i th ' ,,!,efl~n{"e W Icll The" pro~o" d w ill II.: p ,'<"I.(t'd to ! h.~ H\I dl'l'l bod,· ::t ud if Clcn' o lrd it 'lS rC: Cc'lp 'I f ' I d . ' . -. ff . . " . I ;:'''''ri ro n", I' ~'llio ns in C31ifornia' c ,," , I r () rn . t. II"stl.IT ,It 1 an I" WIll be lUg\! 'sud lh:Ll the pi dS ' be DL d., on '. th ..-.·-yt'. ll [ll:", . Imp,lIgn dlflln« club and h,' cn ,·t· shuI" , _"II .. ,. do 1nd I.. Wi l. HI' h" nne 'x - ' tlll ' LI~h l ·<11r> Ih u, ' flt llhl " , . t lh delail, will h[ n he i n WI' hands of tht:: Studc'nt COlJIICI!. ! O peD Th rou ghout \Vt,ek 1,'m i'T a di .., work a nt! i. "L~o ,in au . ~n",(h 01 m div:d u;;b WIth ~ \ i.. w {1~ 'I'h,' boo torr, wl ieh secv ~ stu- tJwr )ne o f his hooks, "God Lif ~[y Ii i 1Ii ;'l h. "". I pn,n II ir!1n' 1'.1 1;, dI'Tl I:, ,'VI " kr!. .), from 7,30 a .m . S i h he d _ anci 111·1t id.. ~ 1 fir I iIi?,. " hp. until 7:00 p.m. ,nd on Snl urdo' from .. r '11 . C h ri.t-c( nt" ' c,l .,t\·ll­ 9 :00 a.m. to 12 ,00 noon , a im rnplovs pit. It i, in one nf th, ~' ,

l io n Will g:i\T pnr os tu t ruth and ~tudf·r!tS. Pr "nd ' f"lnp loycd are Pat D r . 5."', r hamtn3 1' ;ta l Ps

al·,r .. inll: 'n r<ln ing for li fr .. , W I' l1l'ellS , ~f;~ry .\nn Bayne. R oberta conuT n i n~ Christian cd ucation and I li t I;) Ihl h ' igltls "h en ' Ch n, t i, Inri By BOB Brodh un, J ohn Coe tts he, Ri chard cn ll "~1"'< such ,:is P:j ~ ific ran .

" u d~ ' Ie thrnUl1;h Hi s COl li' j') .n H i b I c , c: \ " ry bod\ . I ><'V, a rc 'C)u th.. r.. J I Jolly wdl h'.lpr )'"u '1 r t", t Hllh orson, Barbnta J ackson, J 0 h n for i£ you H 'n' t how Me yOu ~(Jin" to read th.. I"r 't of Ihi lrlo- l > col nm? ' ~ bakke, J ann'! Rolubau rho D o ro thy


dl"Jlnnd for e l:h. suppl eme nt" r ccrl:"'~"Ai'~ ,1" I .1 .' . _ . (J '~''''II'· ~ ~ dtlon •• ,,:lC ' .a ,>.If" re p mt.,. .) ._ ' ,. ) . • . I ubl"hcr SLls } nce . _ I . 1~ th · . ~,~ I~"rn:" no f~n--~ ~us~ b.)llght my >ern' stl'! ~ books-t~p<. 01 Th " Stu d ent Counci l has tal-I'n a m::tjor s ep conq: U1in ~ student p il rticl- >tudt'nt Mr. F"ulk ,·"plain". "Boo k ~ .Mllon In t h ~ PLC Dt" ··I opmt: nt F und, Tun d a y ,t appro \"l~d Ihe Idea O[ an I pncf" an' s<" be' Ihr' puhll'ihen. 1 h ey




, ,


Council Proposes Student PledCJes •


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J..: '








Sn~ del" and Patri cia S tamp . M rs. Rob-· hank the ma ny girl, who h3 \" ; pp roachc:d tnt: " n Olson i, f' nlploved full tim,' a nd w , hlllg to ('uter my conte t and ha n ' TIl t p ick the,r ,··al'S (p ~h L The rt.spon $C i ~frs. J,lm(', T -avnor i, hea d of the ha, brcn n .. rriric· that I'm afraid it will tab, m.' somc t ime to ~ct a round C;l mpll~ posta l sr.rvicc to ill of tOu , L ll t don't gin, Ul' . 1'111 sure I'll b.: ailj,.. to vork yo u ,ill in 50rDt:­ how , ~om wlwn', som l'time. CfIltlt' p ill (Ii- ,'Olll" ihin'·, you'll " Iw ly bL' mine I"w, lo'r . . hI''' I'ml off, I"d IiI;'


Ex p e rt Dry C leani 9




Ne\\ r~cord out: "It's on the P oljce Label. Buy il. Be the only one in ! your d aml w iLh a Police Record. . . . . ' ... w m ovie: out, o:-a11l'd STR,\~ CE LU '1::, liT M ,ITjor ic ~l ai n a nd Tab Hunte r . . . A ~u) walk · in! a hialJi5l- ' oU;u: an d SL"2, " Doc, you g O l to hdp llIC, E n ry mght fo r he la!t two Illonths I I"" n d ream ill g I w as gO illb to POlt land. It·s te rrible! E ve r oil" dream 1 m going to P ortland !" Doc se~ , "Don ' t worry bout it, ,,11y La t nile T drt urI I W:J' h nnw a lom' an d who should walk in thc' front d oor but Maril yn Monroe :md Jayne M ansfield! An d th t was I all " lone with !h,'! ' two b," Itifu l wom cn!" G\1) S1:.7 , "Good hcan'ns! Why didn't you call 1111 ~ 'Do !e~, " I did. Bu t lom"budy ! y ou w"re Q :oin g to P ortland."'

WO:>'llER OF l'iATI'R.f : C a te r pillars can be txain(:Ii


p l~\


:t\.JOUl til" eu'" who wh en .h, saw tht' btandi n>; ira r! sa id , "This look, l ik" 3. hut lllllUb('l?" • . • bl ffi<J n: " 1',' go t !:J. j)'m'; li• . ' 2!l d ma n: " Then why ;ltrn't '!UU wbispuhg"" I t ma n: " I fs no seC.! d."

O ld Y,)LI knl)w Dc)n Dou g hl , middle n :lIn" i: fi% ? His bth r pidu::cl hi

n·nu. ou t o( a hal. ... Say, ' le );loorinp: :vt:ast office is in dir" nr ed of som e kind uf old Ill'. t up l~dio. W e pr mi ~ not to ESI"'ll to p OpUW I m u >tC o n it . () if any I 'nt:' 'JI yOu 1 .I S an old beat up ~ d i(J y ou·c\ like to get rid of a.nd don~tr to ;, \" 'r y wort hy r;tusr. dro p 'n by. Fiut Ont in ill II, aiiorded thl! npporlunih f Il Uiu.S' the dilor in no u m:rll n tnlll, wh , my column hould Ix Il,tcielcd . Si n ,·r. r ·Ut· , BoblJy FI ~lIlinll' . \ nll J a}'5 rememher. it s rocker; to slip a rOZ7.~r tht" dropsy in 5nid .


LE. 7..Q2D6 We Deliver


932 Pacific A anue




Taco ma . Wasmngton


Jo n S oine





Charm Beauty Salon Blanch... lin.Qbloom

I I;






W e O utfit Co-eds 406 Garfte ld St.



4 13 GARF IELD $

H e . nando's hj (ka\~ay . . . : Th e on ly twuul ' wi th Russra n Ruul ttc- .bl·t ' are n' t om! RUSSIans playmg It. . . . Did YOLl h t"; r th(· nr" \ Ilull

Mrs. Jo Summers P hone LE nox 7-4800






C. Fred Christensen

dive' Ho,"" o:r,

_cd, In LP, "II.' p s. Yesterday , it jumped 12. fjroo\"c~~ I s th is the! corti ? S' g n';d, Ax I () loul , W' It'f., :\{,lJll '· . . . . D C'''f SIr: . lh ,. I"cord or IlTQOq; Jump­ in' i.5 Ii clt!. by 3. D <l u ntlcss H- I':l- J l(Jlw-ann . On D ~CI'mb{' r 'f, 1951" it -u mpt d 'i7 '(moves on a r cord play~ d by C lyne: P in ~ ll S of H itOr, Miss. SOH)'. , . , Purn,': lie s',i l with a nct t, "W ho is Em ily Po ~ :"', <\, he' wiped hi m ou th nu lit $1 (If h i" host . . . . ur, th t: bu llfit;hter' s f a ns aJ! holk rcd ol e ! As

Flowers for At! Occasions


no c:llcrpill:tT ha~ ever pCl'forDled tb' athletic fca t in puhlic-as caterpilla Ita,·c JlJ) h ip-boll.:s, and their swiDlUlin' tru nh.;; keep falli ng do" n.

Hi l·i D ep t. D ear H i-F i Ed itor: \oV!u:nc"cr I


12173 Pacific A ve. (Fo ot of Garfi el d)



La undry Se rvice


. 62c Regular SOc Abrams Art Book . . ...... 25c eg ul ar 90c 3 -tab Spiral "i ....

Reg . $1.00 Foste r "How To' ! Art Books .. 65c

LE. 7·5317

Ask for BarCJains on SheaHer Pen and Pencil Sets

c o


Page T hre.








ee tis

Savages Challenge Harshmen;f obca~

utes Wing To


Coach Marv H.ushman \ III he. lJkUlg rhl! Lute hoopslcrs l the air afl'r u:e Lao;lcrn game in Cheney on Satucday. February 2.. , rhc Lut,'lUen will fly fralT' Spokane to Bozeman, i\1oJ1laIl:l.. here thq wil l tangle with the loman;) C:;ra, ' Bobcats in -g,lOlE "'ric: on the even ings f rcbru r~ l4 c:n d 2 '5


~ cJgene


lwcl. Curti> was "1'J:rr~r It" by thl! Puget SOUJ,ld pon­

tit'!!' We


wrh 'r J nd • 3sten AS$o('iatiun in . n d con 11 :':\'1 ' In n oil,tnl un LIt!, po~si b 'lil: " r C oach t it '1' :\1 llhl\' In ring. Chuck \\'3$ JI Ihl pI l the (lndi:.ton ha, ·" \ l;Jn H:t,shrll .1Il ht'iil;! lJ:lIJ u:d h ',ld h s ,,·th;l ll roa~h . t Wa hingtun t"lr. ltosl!n ~ lu~aJ. of such h(jopslel'$ I. cl fI "u qh l imr on lit . ~.I~ lt rl1 Cull., ,;,'. \\ " .• pru;,,'h(' rl I· h <If I til« 'lIbj t lilt" othlf <1. ' .IfIJ I" off ,,·d S~ II tkC'nt\;;n;l y' E lgin B ylor :md lill'jt "I' ' ollr t. In lit fir-t ,l\il.n'trc Ih ,' ~. IlI1' i" foTm:l li'm tlW I h t~ a pp""j'~ t! ill ~"\' r. 1 utlll.l !1 ~wsp:lpers la t h ', l'lIi, l&it ) of ,'\" ,IUII'tlll1 stamlOlll I"a.<o 1 t}r L ute s mart<J f;w d .IT! 111: in i"o lul',l, on .i th:lt lu; has not at ,1ny t ime' Cull:Jet ,t! W$C " thl,.tir hu kt· tb:J lI r. Doul( SlJl<tlt. h, ' local m ,ll' lr ~ 0\, I' off" iar" b ut cl "'rllt'St'llt ~J ti\( ' lim" '0 J:' JI\l il , d Id ,c'nt" t !liln . bou t l wu L ute" "' lJ l i n~ -iW:It:1. thi _ t'AJOIl •• the W(' , L a~ u to fiud uul if hl' \\ ou ld b,' Int" C('s tt:tl lll tht' h,':ld joh b"i n ~ V' l"'Ltv ,~ Iwpm ,, for ,I n hi J ac k Fr id who ha , bl en at th,· hellll for ') 2 y .U PL C q ui ntl·t 1.1 )rokcn tlu- By rl\rt: 11 oame ,A Ih(' we~k " on the rtl TI , ' t (l\'f'I th !:' L LJ tc~ a~ h" pDt. h i$ . Th " " 0 . . Harsh mdlcated at that tlmc that h e w ould g Ive the lIlatt ~r can:luJ con- (.. ollkrcn r:r: , . ,one w<JJl I'1:CO. Ie ~ 1 marllr" I, lttnbu(cd t.o the I I .," " t· d d i 1. . " ~(S Oil tnt' Wlll' pAlh. Re r '~C h :u a InframUi . . . . "deration prOVIded the propn lernrs could bc dcclclnl upon. He a so emp 12.1­ tJ J orwa r CXtC'1I t( ul. se:uon to· ln,' D rH:-D (' Tar Jmc en cou nte r In . • •. . L I" 77 " h ' • rr'.!hulDn forward, G;:ll y Rabt'J1,S, who r ra , . '. ' I Ilcall y stated that h e IS prc:;cn lly domg- h iS ulmo"l to h r u ig thc u les throug 1 ta, to ~ . p OI n ts Wil le III Just ntne Do," IlHne( hack . . " . . I £ f .. f '}O h,' ;iads w ill ha n: to r.n nt rol. TIlt' wlll e h. the Tlndcrdo'" d ' . '" d ' f' <) • ano ther su ccessful scasun. a nd that IS foremost m hiS nllnd at th lS t III1C. S LUrt 0 lw <; o n " 1" I l" r 'coru 0 ,,,u . . . h Id ,. I' ,Mh ' L . .... th,. I11···hlv to ut" D eJ AI' me lye 4 . ,' r(1 It :1("" ~cnl'crl _ I· p oint ,; last Sa tuT' ," . '.. . "Vl' h:lW' not}(,t'd m a ny lwople cnn g-'. at '"'T n t h e thou"h t o! Hetrsh . e u y or rrw r , It wort.. slM', ...... r\ tn :-;8. P a ul Ca rlso n lod the P raml'i . . . . . .' h' f d~ a1laim Vi t"t" J'll i n Ch,·ncy. . . , ' I k:l\'ln g after ~a lrttnZ su ch Widesprea d f~ ml' tha t Ill': h a.s brou~ht on Imsd Ad ams, who ~"I the r cord mst 5t230n. - " . ('.u r tl.5 h as .Il kast ll",: C' If l t<> }[ill.lllllafl will s"tt lc fo r ~n ',,",:n Do ~ ,HId ga T111' sr.orrn n wrth l·t 'lC>lI1tl'l • ' . .~ , I, bot h a s an al" hlr:t,; and coach, :Many people- . cel tnat h e h~l ; ,m obh ga t lOIl ~.unc.. ,. I . . h h " 'Scon-r of tflr' wcck ' w a, Vlr g .. . . I hi f h b ' fI ' J " III t Ie senes Wi t t u l\'lonLJn a . to rema", a t hI S alnt a' wlll'l'e nl' has ben) a ble . to work rllll1sdf up. \Ve pa y t 5 year, two 0 t m em HundtQftr whos(' :\0 pOints led th (' . ., .. . I TI h B B I t,II' .ral, 1(' n},·.at: nVl'rpr,w· '.. ... _ , bchr\'(' thiS IS a verv selfish att i tud e , It would be uufalr to put pressure on cag ue em·QUll tc." , ;'/O - 3 7 ,. .. , ' .1. : l' b . " d 11u' Ea tnrl "Vils hin \l:totl ' \'a'l"~ .~ .thF!OorOIClM~lH~ulrttl'tt() . H 'lrsh to ha mper hiS oppo rtun1l! ~s to a d\'anrT to :l h l!a d coadlln g JO) ot su c h he Lute net 11mbel' jJuurcd In rr In· fil I ,,~ t :...f o Id~y ni~ht. If compar­ netory O"('r til .. GlInnCl's, , . AT poin ts ,rl the Whit\"u'rth game 1""[ " l" n;C' Institution as ".SC, 'ti ,,' '·' H '" mnrn "nythin!'. thr LIl It,~ r Ihn '1a ll1f'S Ihrou gh r ·btuary 17 Du ring Coach Ha rshllHi n', th in("'l1 ,, ',IS O Il S at PLC ht' has done a ll out· ~'ltU1 dai' lI.ic;-ht to come withln olle ".1 , ., j"h cu t Ollt fnr tlll'r" ,,ft" r th,' ju·:r:- kd the le;lr(ll(; s sta n d ings fo ,- th e ,(" "din'!' job as bo th head roach an d ;)(I u(' ti,: el iTe .tor, and h:ls ri g htly ,'a m l'll point of till; past,n a l pOi lll~ per gume t' I ~h ! tn B 0 7l ·ID .1 n. ,~cf)~d ro un d . ? 'h c W" rri~ r, l iOHm:<;d l'''t't ~ bi t (tf T ,pt,(·t displaY"d by sport fal1,; th lOug h o ut th. SWk a nd co unt ry . r(,(,o rd which is ilc'l d by anolh"r for-­ TIlt' r('gu la )' f i " will <~ " n in <I ll 1(1" ~tuhs 18-.1.) a, .l nhn.,:\ l'~ "11 Ill t '2 :\llW t h ;,t th .. ~ol d"l1 oppo rtunity fo r a d" "ncl' llll"f\t has arri vI'd It wi.ll h,' up m C' r \Vhi t w (Jrtl Pilat,·. Jim Dolu:t y. t''''' n,·ount,'r... ! rcn tn c , nnwrs . B ob (.ettclpwn ped tn Thr " h to dl' " wl1<'tl1\'1' to t;l k" , ' er th,' rein, of WS h~) kctba ll ur b, T hi s ,corine( splu l 'lc better dIllS own . . ' in '!O point " th,' I v " :\" fiv" conl(' nl WIth thr' ;;cc n l'lt\' u,r ' a [on" 11'1111 position . . ' 1",lIC S J I"t nord ot· t' I wh'lch I,· .<~oT('d ~""l'n'[ . tani n ~ L .tn l' u J1s fnr F.'\·C-PLC as n","t ur 0 f a tr! ~ . ""''' '' F:P FLC do wnrd trli' [I n'WL'l'S 110-39. T h r t: e 'o j PLC G\.l IUCl'';;) st sra'u n. ,,1$lcm ~. r. .. "ill.' s[uf" I! d tl,,· rl! 1S \ ith I I ointsl '" '. . .. . .. . , . . . . .. " C·' · 'f , .. ,I, d ' I , l'Y R." " bLft.S .. .. 1- ...'. C h".- " [.u rtls " . Tl " " I.f 11<' sho ul d c!t:clde tt> ("h, tht' 'IV (. PU"LtlUlI, Wr' h,1\ ,. •ti l th, (uni ldt'l l< '

U! ti S, \ \ 10 .wa.> ~( ,("te' . ~:1 m 1 [Jon I J.' B I R ' kG ,·,,,·It '" Ih.·'.' fl\ TrpOW I I', ' d Iv \ B ' Ih rId tl . t t i .. 1'<1b" <lull lUI; lor tht Con,,:I[', w ill t:t k' .In u pswin l.' her o f thl Ll uk \11·,\01 n<;an SC ­ ~

1.,,1\ p!'o'

111 . 1

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ralne og arn

am of the Week

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.vLlth" on C ....... . l orn ~ Ii ~. .' . ,·' nf1 j ;, ,,, wtll a.;:t lll !lock tu ~,. ,. rhe , ou ~3rs of fer top-tlt ~ht COII1p .-tl t lOn. r onel t l ~Dl fu~l ' S~>II~ IS III .l ~ tu rJil k I\.oiord . C .. ., .I iu l Vil n 1 , " k! ., n il i ,' mr ll 1·lln ,·~ bo l,t! red the Bram I' tltr' other h a n d, if hr r main, .1t 1'1,(, h r' will b,' na] ,. t'nl to th .. h".lfU of! a cCind lu:ur for I sllTul r poltJon I \\:;h 1-1 ~t rnan _ GRog h 't"n<n ll I ': orr n. ,,11 Lu tL' fans- past, prCB n t, a nd futu l'~ . I ' r :lr, eh,,"!.. w;·, ;, ]50 nol.nwd t..' th - -- - . The "HI' ,Il lS . f'halk!,(i ,m o th er win I W, \\'Ol!ld be the laM to t' couruqe Harsh to kan:, IL would be l1C t to ! I'\;\ 1A l OUi n.l1 ll t'n t fi\. 1,1 l )'t ,. .uun·



ver reen Conference 1 1~1. th~' . ~:aYlr:l.


y b ..l, t~le Cd· im p ibl e to find another coach \\'h(~ <'<mid earn the l:~ p~ct that Ha.rsh has wI~h Ro:.! I I\C:'r~<lrl. as t l.' > :lh· ' : w rltl }l~ ab nd . ''',''10.';. 17,\ for PLC down through the yt':lrs, Should Hars h deCIde to leave h!s. ::t.1n1:I. ,huck Wet, lIluth ;Ulllln.:- tl t' Ie dC r t· '. A ' ];'u g h l,' .cd th.· maler, we think he shou l be !-l'ive n a royal s~nd-of£ excelled by nonc JJl th · in~ sIXm-n oi the nntion'5 mull col­ Qj -I' t1 B h" lro u g h Thu n.da} l()rmng' ) . ,,'s t!'l' n t~aHl :In· > I S . ". (' try past alld w isb him the ';t of Iud' on hi s promotion. 1",,;,, I ~"t \\' 1: I w tit ,LU 3~ r g r \V L P et. PF F A l() fnT t he C C ,::,: n~ , [, he lr p rotcgc" Co<)ch l brs!trnan ". pl'!:ls to ~ i , it th e COlJ <:"l.Lr c~mpu , tod ay if tillle PCT- '!:J.') poi llts p e r >!;:UIll·. ' . L . (: ....... . 10 0 1.00il 77 1 584 (: ~(~v(': <./ 1"'1'''. 1~.' '<;l~~:1<'d the (; ut~ - I mits. The WS ~: Board of R..:~ct1 ts is sch eduled t o m eet ~{ Q mby :t n~ a 5c re~ - 1 - -- - - - - ­ (. \' E .... .. .. . <:) .900 fi'\4 508 l oI. I S . · )'l'-r~9 with J,-~[) \h~mpso~_ toss- in g of all a va ilab le cand,dat~s Will be ('ondu cted , Th... notice o~,t11e llanll ~g ') r . ,5. f)f) 611 65 2 II1 C~ 1ll , . !.Ollllt< rs ,' )r t I Winn e , s, . of the llnv coa ch , hould be forth colll ll1.g 111 the nea r future,.h a te,""r· t c

\\ 'C'" . .r, .......... ~ .4Pf) 6 ','0 68~ In a nothe , Saw_,' of cl. uc recognition, : choi ce II ay he, W I! kn ow Harsh will g i\'e his an~.wt:r in 1(,>ntlernaT,ly, Chri s-

t '. r, S... ...... .. ,, ~ v I I I cl h 11 ?_ R -,7c l It ow y .ra ll· ' J, t " 001' Ive ca" , e , ti an m a nne r whi (~h will o r' in tltr: bes t i n t('r~5ts o f a U conc('rtl l'd. Following E\'er~"n UOfi., rence 7 7 '"q rc f. .... - . .:HJ') "I h f h B I Iii G :,' 9 .2 0 6~H 809 t 1 ro ng WIt 1 " \"I rt!:) y ov':1' t c , RANQVET PLANS LA1D 3t ;lt ISlICS. in cludin g' !\,\lI1t:S tl roug 1 "\'hr~:" O!'~h~~~~ ' J 9 18 J i 68 8 68 ka g-u(' Irodd s, It lt FI'Jor J~rosh, Pbns for the J9.18 ,\Ii-School Athlt: ti c Ban quet :1 being formulated Sa turd ay. Feb, 15, w~rc lea d b Schedulc Thi~ Wf'~ kcnd nm ::; %- 26. Bob En e son kd 5 th prr'se ntly by co-chairm.Hl Jim H a rrland aud you r> truly, Th e' date has been! the PLC Xcw< Bun ,"I th i, w<:ek: .", I.t lip to· .'\pr·il 10 from an l'arlit'r date that was announced hI' cause: of " cqn TEAM OFFENSE F ri da y; PUgct Sound at Easte r n floor wi ' h 12 points. '.\ .. h inlllOfl, W"5tl rll W ;' ,hin ·ton at Eig'.'t g am(: s wen: d o n M l)n- [liet in the' ,chc:duh: of th e athkt ie d e partment. " G F G % PT S VG '." tll t w 'rth , day.. F .' hruary 17, T I)I' Fro;h bumped! P rese nt plans call fur a wdl-kIlllwn 'ports pn:sonalr ty a s th e feature,i p, L . ........ 17 . 111 1.:107 76.9 a lllrd y: Pa cific Lu theran t E nst­ th e BrainS 45- 35 as Ron W eaver hit spt:akr';' ,d o ng with g-tH"sts from th.-- tete 'isi on :lnd ra.dio field who, 1'C ('O ll- C. P. S . ............ 19 g8 ~ 13j~ 70.1 m '\' ~h i ng \On, P m;tt Sound a t n· 15 for th.: fi v,' fn:shrncn , The W 1r. "('rrwd with athlr:tics a t PLC.Anyon <: plannil.'g to ':tte nd (othe: . tha n .s tu- I Whitwo .-th .. .... 2 .1 .'1·11- 1617 67. 1 W . hington. riar:; w o k over fin t place a.~ th ey beat d ents) M uST make n'se ·~ tioll' :lnci obt a in tlckds lCl the Publt R elatIOns Wr' tem .. ........ 111 .3uO 117' 5:i.:! Easte rn .. ,...... .. '.!:l .372 I-US 6'.1.9 thl' FaCility 36· 25 unde r th e ,corin g Office not bte r tit"" ,\p ril 8. Ti ckets call be p urchase d for $ 50,




I Clo ,', \ "




Basket Tot: Is



wm- I I

of 16 hy 1- r ink lhd!. - -- I\y "X' wil ll op'd W"tcrn 59-39' a.' ,p""d y John Mitchell ca r I~ throug h


New Stats

Se t h y Lu t es

ox Edge Gla d J V's -..,

C r nt rat .. .. ..... __ .19 1.:. B. C, .......... 13

.J:i7 ,:.IJ7

ll, I


7hO 58.5


Pra irie Th e p l'd Hnilla ry to the Whltw llIth - ITl l<. n th,' .Bbt.:k S OC k5 tna n,!,'d two G l~G% PT' 'C: D 'J!-;> h a nded thl H~~io'rs the ir £i t PL C g'd m e la,t Sat uld .1Y w as pnh ap s L:l,kt ts ~o take t he k ad a t 8:2 -80 , ~\,; Ct' ntra l ......... .. 19 .326 to.!;}

;13.8 I,kf;.a t of Ih. vith a . 7..38 II" th r ;lIer of tb e \ t:a r in th PL C , . It clol b show"d 011: rcma lll- I p, L. C . ... .... ... 17 to t 5 I

fin al m ar ill. 1 rank Wa t 'r worth led ~yHl rhe JY l u illlet of the GI ::tdia-1 m g in ti,(' b r:t 0\' '\, UllIe J ohn J acob- E ",tl'rtl ...... ..... :.'3 ,'j82 1 80 6t, ·' 1.e G Iadt3t or, w rrt' n tIL mllrch the D OQ;s' win w ith 16 p<)inb. lors w:lS harely ed ge d out !)i victol." son . shot ".-, ~\~;shll wh ll'h , q l.l:ll kc.l the ,"V, , t UtL .... . .. ... 18 .lIl l 119!

66.3 ~. , r/ ,.w f Icord~ fot ~lte E".er:;ncn Tlw S t uh.< Tot back in e w in col- I ",hl'll .1 Iu ll1!l us Boll Ros du m ped III 1.lal k :It 8 _- 8_ , . ' . B. ....... ... ... n .381J 90 I 69. ' on l'rc nr ,' ast a.1ur a y Tug as I Il mn i\ . Art Ik dllln d led thrm to, thl' w inniu I,> bur ket in th ' sel;Qlld and In th e sl't..on cl O\'l'rtnne ,n" t82.:; 7ti .O I q l'Xtrnde . titrir " onf~r('ncr: w in :19-:1 I vi cto r ovrr Clover reek "1\-" ""lncn rk:l th oVCltimf. R o,,' o Ut 11and dcc b n: d tl)r' sudden d t:.Jm ru k in I')lll to HI ~ga lost no IO'i.!le.. tillS se;:l - i Ivf a dip R osc:norr: h it 20 to ka d th p ush sh ot ~.J.\e th l' :Black S u x . he whi It th e fi rst tc . I ' to scm-!.: wou ld INDI VIDUAL SCORING LEADE RS I'T S ,,-VG OIL _. . Celtir:s to ;) 5 2-3 7 ',',lin "( th e B (j W- 8 1. 8:.! derision , be th victor. T h,' J V fi \'c m ade dt:s111 " 97 - 7.) Wi n over th W ltworth: CfS. Th e ' arne: that WI'nt down ttl t ht:, With spcondo to ,TO Lu te JV G lt-n I]J 'm te effort> wh it h a lm03t p id rf C , Curti..>, PLC ........ 17 ".'0 2·U p, lI tr. c:a.VI th~ L~l:CS :'l-straight w ire was h .. twl'I:n Clo' · r, .n: k "~\" Cnrnpbd 1 sank t he "gam(' tie r w hich n\'i~('. . I('n Ro~sJ who ' how d hi~ . ~O I1. 1-f os jd, ~E S .. .. .... 19 :Ho 18 _ /Clrl", III , o n f h n u. (omp.' t lt lo n OH l I an thl' R ad R unn" rs. 1 h e C ' f1V~ knotte d the sco r..: a t 78-78, Goi n .~ in to p ,Ht PUlOrnlRIlCCS ~~' " C lad were 01 I ~. C o orcit:1l, ..entrtl. .. ..1 7 28L 16.6 II,. pa~ t t!UN: , "3' ()ns . TI llS mark b t- edged th e R unners 48-47. T ed B<: rry thr.' fir:;! un:Itime the JV's scored t he \·.alU! , u n 1)1 ~,.'t~mpmg- "lound" pa t- I K . ~I[a~hrwn, E.Is tt! n..13 35:') 15 1 , H·d l ha t of the 0 d record held by sco r,'d 16 for tJI': winne LI. first ba5kct to mo e ahead 30.78. t i l ' 1/, t il o m, l1l'r. ! L , • l bllll, Wes(~nl ...... 18 ::!6Q 14. I- , t ntl W I h inutllll ·,\'ho llrld t h~ 2'\ _._._ . .,in tn t"1 duri n\. UV" p;a - O. 'il scason . I ---In hr hrsl si~ m inute; of th .. enn - ' it look as though the Pirates 'Crt u t f OT hatt l! v)c to ry o Vl'r the Fully Au tom atic , I. ,rl in to ~ . hut th ell th e Lutes sta.r te d 1 1~ TH STREET (A! rpo r t Road ) AND PA RK AV ENUE '" dir k n d the' W hitw r th on5 1 au ~ht OPEN LANES

'1. ()\ rr for th,' l'vr Tuesday - All Evening

Cla d f r'lr.... ard hur l C 'Lrti s nntinurtl t hI record l11;1 kin nud h ,"akin" Wednesday - after 9 p .m,

l~ 11( scorrd H Jloints t o Ir.~d /!' me Fnday - A I! Ever1in

nd L n ,. i(:nrinj:: . K ~tje l,.d thr Wh ' tworth fi ' w ith ~'l oinK L ute 10707 Pacifi c Ave. Tacoma

lI'ud ogrr ] V('Ispn pOPP"!d in 17 In 15 Phone LE. 7-6012

I Irr the P L C w'n wi tli 2..; t:(lUn tr n. for

Ivy. T il




~'H 2

I i i

vic -I

i I














Compl ete Shopping Center


PI ids to choose from -

$ 14.50

Pa g ~

Fo ur

'Aa , 1t

F,;d. y, Fob. 21, , ..


Sets IPI C NInth


Spurs March for Dimes; Senzors · IIonored at 'T' ~ ea

sINew Women's Ring


Survey Underway Bccau~c

there is no offic:ial PLC

\\¥on rn' s ring on Cri nlpus:,\ a u rve ~ ~ wiil b (' t a.ken to ('~tahlish tht: fa t of SPURS MARCH whi ch Wa t he n t ht' :,irls' dorll lllury, whdht'r 01' n ot it i d esira bk to inT he Spun' b b n p,n lJ y-pi t ch W'/.Ii W I-; t Ih lJ fr", h rrun counselor;. Ar . A s the se ason draws to a c!ost", t' YCS tl·A' .du e"• ,' uc I,L,' a. n '1 tl.·ITI to the ,_ ' amp Ull. h ,. Id u"u nIl ' !.!; Ila 1ft'I mt: u " l" I ' . , ' PS I ~' " n ... , - , ) = ­ :t:.t G I t,C!' r on, Sy h ' ia Fylli ng . B<"'Vtri) are t u rm·d to the le ading- collt'gl's ... . I' • b J' ' j ' :teross tlH n a tion. Th e m ost r ece nt <,Ju (", tlOnnalrcs ",lIl b c p~ t . m the:. k"tba 1 ga rr\!: a ll F.. r uary .t:. he Sw"nson, Gay K ina r d and H,~.lth'J ,,·irl<' rrnil box," , ~ nd a!tn ' fl ll ' ll " out annual ('vent, J,u.: (,rd ing t o t h e Sp u rs, S tro UjJ.. crvt·d bro wn ies :md c ook ie , . '" c, . ' , II -. · · d b" d d sta nd ings rele ase d by th, N a ti on a l As- ,-, .. . . t h" fo rms t h e gI rls Will pl at them was W,· l'te el Ve • ilu c nlS an . , HU"':"" I tht' I S ;\1 r, . A gnn K u c l h~ III soCla t Wr. o f Intcrcolltpa tt' A tl.le til' S . ' , . . ., ' 1 ' f I ! • • I w ith th e out"OIl1 " m a.ll In ea.rh hall. oth er sp orts ent l U> JaS l> 0 t it: ar .. M,', . H.. lt n X ic hulso n SI'l'H d core • ("'I' t ., \AT ~ II ' a'd Chuc]..· uru' < (:\A1A )' last week sh ow ea some f I "' . , c . . . I ' . . .. . . J' . . " ," . IR tJl" 'y'- S •. l! , . . . . I nc " " 'T \" whl ch W I ll con sI5t of, Prot: t:td s, tht s ye ,l r I Ul a l!1 ;'; _8. 4." I n tht da ff od il b dc, ked lO U D,!!: o~ annou ccd t heir c n >ra m ent aiter I th r· foll OWIng statI str!'. . ' -- ·ct M' .. h . : D d .• ~ " ~t n'ra l q ucs twm to b e answered bv; ~o le>\\ .1 . s th • a l C ut Imcs nvc . \Ves t H a il H· of th t: ori.g.i n a l 11 tn W h il w o rth gamL b t Sa tu rd :y PLC ' . hr ' I . hlh t ' , w a s p ,a c,' d I1mt among til l ch cd;, w ill ask thc t;(i ri wh c thtT r not BOY MEETS GIRL " O ld Ma in" , iris wen> p re S1:. nt. liar. collc!,1 s Of,. th '.' NA~A . Whea t on 01- ~h ' w ould be in! r, ,(f·d in p un:h, ing 'fh, SOl iulu¥is ts, lind r t!Jt .'-Suid­ ba . R istau h a d a fl oor plan of 01 . f II I h h II d .Lut e- golfers, Bob parling an d I J im Hill, a lo ng w ith .tu dent golf ,,,gl·. 0 . '~~ ~.l~. w .lIc. as TO e ut a rolle;;,. r in g , and if so, dUl"inl! prob- a n n ' .of D.r. . K norr, ~n: p rt'p.arin g a M ai l! wh ic h l i~!t'd th ~ girls a et'ordm r oarh . Don H al l, h ~\T bn~n out on. l>1t1 l m p r e SSI\ { , 8-0 n cord so far lb.s ab lv wh at vc?or. qu.-> uonna lre o n D a lmg P:H ll' rn at 10 room . t it cam" u s "rrt:r t1~ .. nd t Cl'S ,,,,cUin g I.('awn, was s;rin: n th e first p os ition in .' I' d h ' Id 1.. . PL C' .Th ,' IJr ill "' l'v ' ,u r'p r i, t'J , ' . ~ At a .al er a te t e rm ~ w ou I.JC" . .. 1 ,.. lSA MEETS WIT H LEAGUE ' e-ad y fur tit, Sl':lson of co mpe ti- Ih l' ~tand m ,Y~ . . i ckc id c.J u po n , but ~ampl~ of sizes I, :nn "scarch lilt th uds, • r: d been.nuly \I on o n th ..· 1mb . 'I"' " I ' l"A . 11 b I .S.orn.c. (.,f. ,t.ll<' 0. ther .schools a nd. ~h c!..l_· 1mil be "T n in th e C U B di splay t:<I S"', 10 discover' wh a t tit t" stu d ,>nt; ;JttiillS "u ll oay g ..~ lTl(:ettrr g' Wl And All-Amt~rica n j vclin tar, , I f II S t I I d . hde! ill thc Fl lluwsh ip H a ll of T rl ll ;t· I oss I Ccurc S w ert. a s 0 ow . lI l' a ne the l in" w ould h ~ si m ibr tI.' t h e- me I:' 'H" towan a lln ;;,:. Juh n Fro11lm, has been out on t h I Wlll- '11 f O ' h ' ') 1 I R oc1. " 'c OIHl 'P rI ce \" Quld br- f l'orI1 1\";l..' n"I'" . '11 t~e n Lut h""an C h u rch a t 6: 00 p . ll1. Tll b en \, l (" 0 10, ~:1'. ,{ 1'\'.1. Inc n ls ring. t IL qu e:snllfl U:.1U i" W } ('(I\''"''r I r . r~; fit-ld Wa lfll in f( np for anotnrr "'.·n of M o nt. an,~'" , 18-1'. Te n n essee ty to t I' f' d o11~ ars. . ",',.,,, . !J'II',u rJ .." I ""1'j r ac' ' r,'st cs u' I' <+'" rtltTtin g is bt', ing- hel d in conJ'cll\ctior. " u rt Y-l"f.: .~ ~ • .• • 'siul"l o f spear los> ing . ' 1,ltc, :!1 -2, ( d efen din g !'JA1A ch a md ,}.tl·.t )"!!,· ofd" t , t irnt.-km,·· n t d a t- Wlt.1 l lllll t y.s Jl.I nI,)r Luth t l' L . 3,U lip out thi ad and t.ak" it to pions ) ; Gra mbling of Loui sian~, :20-3; : in:;; imd ma tu rit y, mat rial a sp n, whi ch is p la nning" f ull 'uunl chT ro i l 's. H e- " ill !It(';}Sure

(' s t V irginia Wc·sl yn, 20-3: W es t PATR ONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ! lea l, mOrley, , ·t ,..j . sc holarsl ip, n u m - I t eed With. "Ju d, cu I~~akes. ":I.ilk .l~d dil l rtf' ( h:t rge .

Virgin i:! Tech . 18-3 (cu n L·n tl y fi rst ---· 1b. r of d Ol I s. emotiona l i n vol \. Ccn ll:nt,; c off~e. P. .t. of tit" o rnn .r .... ,11 iT. (








.... , . h

t :7Yh'nA ~J.

in offe nsl:' wi th an ,l\ f'"r;l\!, of 105.3 po in ts p e r ga lliC ); T n:as Southe rn,



10 " .. I



r on f~ T'I'"n ct s ()f tht· na.t IOEl are


1, w eeks.

d UI:'

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un dcrw av.' wi t h in th e n ext few

PLC'~ >. th rou gh ChnBtian use of free prcSi.






o j c, nt> .

T~II:: ~.,SA pro!,; IUlt' w ill . O~I.~IH (J{ , rnone, . I he March 01 faith, ' a ward,- d Ih,' 195 lX; it rel igious fil m ,-d ltlO th t.:r . h 0001e-([ S<: J)lU , I: lfl & Wit h a Th l n will :J.I (J he a short r ~p on or t(',l S lII ld:J. Y , ft r rnCl{) n , Febrlla l 16. Ih.': " L ~A R l 'li.on a l Worksh op b v th ' : "I Thl l! irb W,~ rt· t hoSt, w h o had been d d,-~,a t from P L( tha t attt:!\de . ') 11 '. . la t w tk ' or kst op ta l{ th t'!' " l! l'~hru c-r, In t ( .. Li m '

" I.






IEDIlrOR ........... ...DAVE CROWNE R

I 'T~



Located in IGA F oodtown 112th &. Park Ave n ue

Phone LE. 7-3434


Ed't I or.. ................ H cr b D~pse ~ 'u Y

Reporters : T e ddi Gulhaugen, Barb Stuhlm ilkr, Ba rb ara I saa cson , D ick

Fi sher, Dan \Vitrne r, Je rry D o n a h c, Me g E va m on , Di c k K ra ig<: r.


,, ~ ws

Rugged, Christ-devoted m e n are wanted , to prep ar e for His ministry on the home mission frontier. T~E


1770 Marin Avenu • Berkeley 8, Calif.


Sports Edi t or......... .....D cnnis M a l·ttala R~porte rs: Jim Kittilsby, Tim Wyndham, Harry SarlOcrud, Dick. G ood­ w in, Eugene H a pala.

~ ~<:'~ .-e:?' ~~~~~~; T Y J>i ~t ........·..-... ......••...L.:.u ri


Charles B. Faelsch, Ph.D., Pr...ident

Ola Mae M athis.

Pipe Cutting and Thread ing Phone LE. 7-31 71








Feature Editor......Marilyll D onaldson ~ R epotcn: Solwi g Lnaas, J oe y Dan- I !dson, Bob Elli s, Ea rlene Burch am, I

Paint - Plum b ing Roofin g - -- Electric Kirsch Rods - Window Shades

Glass Installation -1215t and Pacific A venue





Formica -

\ .



FO ND MEMORI ES! Ni l" J nd.. R OllLt , ~~ I H .•JI h.ouse-


C'T Vln"



~ II~ ~

P layo ffs t horughout the. sma ll Cal- I

! kgc



l' stal us all d ,~g'll'Sti')'" fo r d .tt iug :;",II! n".






I Bllainess 'Manager..Mary Lou Engen Ad Solic-itort;; : R od Patterso n, Lois And crsL,n, Linda Scharf. Ph o tog ra phcr..........Mr. W. McK ewcn

Art ist ............. ......., .......D ick l.ondgren

1 Bookkee per.................._... Carol House


Ci : 0U! .;l; tio n .........................P a tti I<'ln~ Exchangr ................_ .._.....Joy LewlI

I Ad visor......"... .........Mr. M . esvig Published F ri d ay, n f the sch ool y ear by students of PLC a t Par la n d,


11802 PACIFIC AVE. ,


PHONE LE. 7-7 100



W shingtou .


' Offi ce: Co.Ilege U n ion BuildIng. v=O:~._~~~~~:;.;:;>~~~--~i:~;?" ~ ~ ~~ Ph one LEnox 7-86 11 , E t. 41.

o s 112th and Pa eadq a e



ey's I

D on







We provide Checking and Savings Accolla's oed all otne-r K· STBEET hank services BRANCH tor ollege UNCOlJf studllts BRANCH






I ""' .

egusti us non st disputandum -and, quite literally. there's no question about i t ­ when it comes to taste-, Coca-Cola wins hands down. In L tin, Greek or Sanskrit, "Have a ,oke'" means the same thing­ i 's an invitat ion to the most reireshing pause of your Jiff.> . Shall we? T


SIGN OF GOOD TASTE Bo"Jed \ITIder a uthorily of The Coca-Colo Company b y


Devel pment Fund Registration

COIllIll ·ttee Chosen Reaches 13 2 P,,(, ifi c (he I<'"d; til.·





I,.. por tla t ion '1 en le:Jding Tacoma business me n w ere appoint 'd (0 ~c heo l l n roll. {n r l hi 5'­ D lrectinfl Commill('c of (he PLC D rn>!op ment Fund , announced l1J<lH€ ' I' Illt h a lo tal 0 ti ::: men at­ ttnd in ", cla s, n T h iS nun, b"r is con­ G .rril \ a nder Ende, genera l chairman. In an no uncing the c o mmitt~e, Vander End~ 'aid. "The PLC ll ,. (1 d with th., total numbu of wom - VOL. D 've l o pm~nt Fund is one of the largesr community-improvement (-'n rl'~ istrrl'd mar ' In If lh 650 p oin t. pru~rams C \ (!f attempted in t he Pa- .t;~'------Wilh th t'" tota l <tud e nt bod )' n UDli~lr. , 'or t!l\\t· t. . To b: ~ll cc(!ss [ul it , o ut pI bl ic ity <"ampa i)m whi ch w ill ht' Ii n!.( 1 3~1 :! ,tud,nts. on ly 19 1 .m:: \ IJI I lc ~d tla (I~l . t ttn~ of . Iead er- , pn:p:lre . tlw communi t y fo r a g~ n ,.ra l c1.. 5sifll cl pa rt-tim e stud , nls ( t k­ ,h lp. 1 am t n\weed tha t t h IS Lom - sOlICItatIOn. i n ~ Ins th a n 12 uni ls ) . The w on I' n i DIf

S:>, NO. 16 F R I., FEB, 28, 1968 --------------------------------------------------I


wiil !ltU ·idt, tku IFad"r, hip w ill Ildp inj ure Wt; I<::a r h ou r '11' II ' D t:t':t I f O lI t" ;.I ll Ion d o ..I n. 1 h. c­ · I . b I I I d ~ "PIICTIIt ull WI Id Jlpl~g Inan:, tn,' ­ .Hi I ' to alOfli.1 a n Ili're " Chiouhn ty, I It.a"ml( It a tlrl" fJ ace In W C to




),of"IY TomrntT\·ik an no un'Td

h,'~ c

Ih r


Colle e Presents

0 r L"t h estra


th,' lead :n _t h is gro up, t ta lin g

. . . . ad\'l~ory conllnItt rr In r th . Alum nI I I 1 to th , 111,' n s 18 .

Appeal In('lude >: EUh'l!tl M And. ·) ­ St" " nt\ -onr- n, \\' studell t, "nroll,' d ,on, '50: R on Dou g la', ' 5'3: .'\ I vin D . f( II th.. li" st tin ... this s rncstf'l' a nd aciftL LUl hl ra r .oll('!j"t ·s o rl'lw sI" . E . Ford. " ' h Sl\t ra I Ut ' IfI b tr 0 I' ' In It • '"3 :J : , 1or llS 31: CJbl'rt !l"" I\- or" r('(u rf/ ed after De)t a tlr nd­ lra a Io n,~ wt! J H :Ia\ I'1'3 " mU ~ i. C: d "p!l l rrIltn t W i"I . :, 7.T. CJ 1:". Hageness, 3 1' Inc th' , fed I s,"mcsl•.'r. ('n e of tllf" new PLC.,' l gt. \'{ It II .. and work , . I r;t'ur,£! Ih,t's, '34: Ell gen e 1-. J a k, slud e nt · tJ'~l\el .. d w PLC fro m hi s fiTSI concer t uf Ih,' , ra,on 111(1.. ), I rnb. r ()f tIll' III \\Iy lu rm .·d DI-_ , ·:37:. L rl in,~· . T. J ~cobson, '~9 . " ' iIulIl, in li ong Kun g e h, in " Oth L'rs M ' rch ~, :I t :l ::'\O p.m. ." line. c.:urJl nt ilt,·" UI UUt : R, " 0 lJd AlSO Erlin g B. Jurg' !l"'n, 3' 1: Dr. n, w on C" I!lpn; :In' Olll" Irom !\ i ~SS2 IIr pI .idcTlt, [' u lI,d Sound. " t iuna l Rich ;nd C. L angtun , '~f7: J '"I":> t. cb usl'l ts, o n, ' flOIn Ca n,trL , OIll from TIll" co nn 'n " I'p" n In tIll' puhl;c " J I I I' h'Jll lp., P I'l'SI'd n t, _ 01 ­ M ill s, '~8 : Mrs. E. :\.. M OIhn, Spo­ !'.iichil!"fl . fl'"1 flOm () ., >.10 , r- ;gh l a nd thc-n' wi l! L rlU (h" l e.· fo ~ !trl­ D.lfI: : v. I n llIJt[ t B· III ,f 'Va hi n~lon: Ro rl !..a ll' Colk S": Hob Sluhlmill.. " '5i: 110m C,Jiifornia ,(fld 1-'15 fi'v"l 'V ", h­ III i'5io l1 , IChtt , vitI pr 'idl'H ' am.l!lCf, Th" Murra A, ']';.y/ur, ' ·f3: J u hn 'fen­ inulon . .., liClc h' , n ::mdc nbl' r; Conn·rto "urn­ '1'1 ' I h.-r F i, (, P"I f(H IlIn! . II 1\ o[ ('.' Ia fur niil ~ . .'\ .: 1- tc d U. ­ wirk, "f() .' Harold ( .:. 'j" ' III,on, "."_J . J • b\" lI. f i« Pa tricia . 1 HIres lr'n;lfl l ' a s~ oulnU01:) 1") an' I' rnldr:nt, • orthwr:-stcm D nlg Ell'," H ,'.uk,', ".1 '_).' .~~ ,r"I·1 J. HOI'f', '11 I 1 ' 1 I [ ....."(') I Th olllpsoJl OT! th .. p"HlO. \", I! 1)1' th e ot H '( one l" :-t~S \\'It 1 H lut ~-t Q "1 I . ," . . (,Otlll", IlY. J Th t offi cia i Lrol'hllI'C 1"0[' tht. D ..­ fi r I nUlllbc- I. I h... orch.. I ra 'ol(l1>t£ - ['ir.' t-\'","· ,tlldl'nt,;. b llt th t· cia" ru r.s '.1,0 J O\ .., .h c. l;;".dnIlLln, Jr., s(' c­ " ~ I0 1Jrrlt'n t T'und, "Th,' "[' rl's" .'nt Illlpel'­ (o ntrro!'v 10 tl1<' m il' with 203 men wi ll \:H' : "iolin , Mrs. R.. Lu ll y "n d

I. I


Hu !-rIlt, 1! EI,, ('[t ic t'JI'{" , In .. ; a ti\ ,.," tdls thl' 'tDl)' of tl.... I:: ri· U, r UWI , district IIln na g( r, Pa · pr, ' se·nt~ i'llture pbns of the oft('" Trh p hone Dad T...t ("g r:'ph C o .; det"i l. J t will be distributed t.... MorTi ~un J IIn sun, pfI' sid,' nt, 'ckllt., a nd fa e-ult" wl"'n it inl!ton ~Itd Pl'OduLts, in c,; - -eJ H. prtss. .

M "l!lI u ul1, t[("as u r r, Io,s La un ch ,md

l! UII "


:':\7TIH' .

'I'llior WOllwll total o nly abou t Ollt -t bil d o[ t heir li7 rncmbt:r cia,;

Junlors . Ch cose CI ass PrOlects .

' l uI!' Co.; T UIll C. Stl.rnc, vi ce prr:si­ drn t. ni ted Pa ·'fic Ins, Co.; lc- rnt:st

[ " un, T il Bay C om pany. -\ hv, a n tizen 's curnrnittt:t· l,f OPOI1.or i I1UW bl in r f'Jrmcd; a g roup elf ,,/)ou( onl! hundnd of Ihe outsta ndm g t \"I C l caders of Tu<:ullla and Pierc·" l '(.Ou n t who will bt· :l<k"d to I ' n nllffiI'S a sponsors and end orsel of I fa' vd oprntnt Prog • n. ~f nt.h I J <linn r will be held in Ih ' l B for th e spumor.s, at w hich tilll" thq will b, infonIwd of the fu­ t UTt· pi ns fo PLC and w ill h ave a fin.l hand uppo rtunity to 5e tlIte p r<lgI ' , . lhat the CCill g<: has made. T h is dinnl!r wi ll b!! the signa l for a n al1­

Fund and and :!:-l:~ WOlll ,-n. T h,' ,oplloll o r ..: cia , t'o lle.Il,' · in t~,', t,:l I S ~8 \1 sludent s. "'.ith 1-15 1n/ ' 1I u nd to a li stu­ I.JJ Wtlllll'!l, and JUI1lor m e n outnUlIl­ is off th. b t'f' Ih"ir WOlIJ"n l ~lO to 10 7, totalin g.


).l is< Pa l Isens,," ': fiul r, ~'! r.'" l rk, ' ' .In:lll i " toa;l ll d ~M n . H . p rn~rr . .' r 1 L I", unun I C'II"u CI' t ,'ttl " I'll pll I lh, H and,l ( ,omnto ill minor for Vi ol" , !,o:C llll I InO\'L'rl\, nt. .,\" Xl WI th., pl'Ol( ram w lll be a ~, <"I in l' frum Thr t'as,] I l.~ntal~ bi' 1 B.ICh, cntit].-d 'C 0 a d F..llo...... n, JolI ,," 5<1n~ h y lIfr. l It df'rid 1 .;. ,'n h:lln . ba l'ito rlt'. Ti lt ii;al work w ill b. t hr: r 1I . . J Co!H~I· rto 1'1 C m.J" h~ P. H aydn, p l'I forlTwd by P ruf,-s, It r R, II ' ;} r d I rit t,.


r . Eastvold Att.ends on f erence · n M· west


ID S('

I 'prest_ dent, spent ;1,( 11711'1('1'1. ' " r. L: .. E'_ast \,'O Id . PLC - . cOI , eg" d ~A I d I Fou,' I"t'n and thIfT WOlTwn an: d O-I ~n III IvltnnCapO IS arlen Ing . SC\ C:,} conteren es, . ini-! g raduate st ud y un th l.' PL ,~ ca nl-I , PreSId ent Eastvold }rtet With ~ne B?ard o f E d ucat ion pu s tll is O(·In,'stn. I Evangeltcal Lutheran Church which dlscussl'd the fu. fe

witht; ()w o Ill<'Il~nd

_ _ _'_'__ _ ...


r I!~~-

f the levI:! opmrnr of a ll E LC colleges. Committees wert' elected o n fu nd

..,_ _

Un ~er thv di.!·,-c.tilln of it, ("hupd .omnll\t("c the JUnIor class has "'1'1t­ t"n to "6 of th -~ lead;n ~ ' " , " IlnI'\"'. rS' I' ,' ,.1too·s IJf the co~ntry. Purpose of ,tht's,-- ktt.ers., accordIng to th e comm Itte <:, IS "to a hi c"e il· r und t:rsta ndin g and f ludinl( .. haritir s, for t lgn I111SSlOn;, insight into the social and "u!tural T lo r Iph- P: i 0 111 .\ w ill h " 1lI " , " i In . i" 'H ' 0 11 a d t ill aspects o[ lift: on otl.... r .'\lIlN icall (',,1­ Ii . on the PLC camlJIIS WI n lit: uu hu.t n..arly 1:{.:> drama stud ents fr ill fOllh cnm in .!.( Christian lib · . 1 3rts cul­ k g" campuse~'" Tht' class hop"s to Mjn, trcl Show as Lettt rm n'~ lub I:" hi!.(h ,chools at its annual One- n k g(- to 1)(' huilt in C,diff,rnia. iIl corpura te th.· r esults of thi, proj,:ct Tht' ('oli t''''' ,viII h,' 100'a tt'ri tw("nty r evives the. tradition on Sa t urd ay e\·r· Pla y Contest in Ih ' P LC CoM-So into ils future studenl body chapel . h , cl V I ning pdt 19 ill conJ'un ti n " ,th a -" , Clow!' Park Hi l!" h Sc houl will lead mdes w(,st 01 the Sa n Fe nian 0 programs. ' h '111: h wa)' tu "anta " lJ b ara, the Saga Carnival. 011 ttll' .uar 1ey ~ c hools written to include the wdl thl' day's aCiivitics will. a 9 :00 a.m. The last Minstrel Show, prl'3 ntr.n kuown h 'Y League Universities, mid- i perfo r mafll'l', folJow"d by ollt:-aet just. o nt' hour from Los Angt"it:s. An annuity g ift of " [a rn1l'r provid ('d 135 in the spring Qf 19 5, was n port"d wes t state uniwTsitit:s and other frl- I pl ays by Olympia, .Frankliu P ierce, low Lutheran coll eg('s throu g hout the I and Bethel. Aflt:fll(oon s~ss i on will be- ;Icrr< of thc sit. and 70 IlIo rt' .... n :s to h ave bl!cn a reat SUCfe". ' . Ch J CI ' S"T country. , gi n ;11 1:00 J,!.m. and wi.1I includ e pre- h;", btl'fl p" rc hJ,,·d . Making up the show III h... th,· C..a p t,un es tc r . Ia ~ tek, .~ , f' R I Lett 'C hr ' d mimt I . b d " I ' S D' [ S I Requested spt" cifiLally in the It·tt.TS st:nta llons y stu ,'nts 1'0111 oose\'e t, Pn'sidcnt F. as!\·old i nt ....,·icw..d :l r e nncn s o u ~ an In::ctor 0 r ee­ . . . . . . , . , . I' d t it 'th N . 'tuaJ ' n a ,rn ~ l n l a t ~ was mlonnatlOn concermn g stude nt- I Ort1l1g, HIg hline,. K e nt -nf .< rtC Ian., an nllinbcr of pruSpt'l' tT\T tl'ac ht rs (rHost­ scnp , comp e WI l egr o p tn d d t i" St-r iet', Iud ~y reminded coil gc Th . f J produe,:d e nkrtai nm ~ nt and c I ass Wes l Valley. Ariinglon w Ill begm tht: J ly PhD's ) and staled th a I " w.- h a \ t: a n com e }'. c se rvI ces 0 ('rry t udrnLS th at th on ly Sdcc tivc Serv. , B I' d f d' , f fund-rai sing projec ts. Ie,' ning round of pla ys, foll owed by ' nt'''' 'I' lI ad b..ttt'r pro'peets fo !' neW ayne were en Iste or JrcClIon a I I Q UdlifLr.:.a tion Test lor the 1957-58 . K ru c,:'t [" VI' Il h d IM al-gle A copy of th.. colle ge p a per was I Franklin, Shordine and Everett. , t('a('hns. " He ,,"ported Ih~t there wi ll the torus, all hU(lI year will be held un Thu rsday, b . also requesled. It is hoped by the PLC stud.::nt' arc irwiled to a tten d J b(' scnT~ 1 nnv tl""che l> /l<xt year in C accornpalllsl h~ 1, 1~ 58 . I ' A pl ic..< tions fur th .. tellt must be class that thi~ information will be of "n~ 01' ,all o f Ih e~c pe rformance" th.. ficld ; o[ sc;" nn', rdi~i(m, p h i!­ Cal Cape n,. r W J.S choSt'n If, 11< in­ t utmo.s t \.·a lLI ( 1Il. the tutu!'e, not .only 1(0 • whIch w.1I1 I.)C hdd I!.I th e CMS and If oSCJp hy, psy.. holu!;\ and sO(Iolo!!,y. tcrioculor for the progr .nt, :lml 'Fnd f.KI< III a f .: d n o t' r Ih a n TIl_idn1sht, th .. JLItll Or class Lut to til.. ('ntm: stu ­ an' ttl ht' dllnax,·d WIth the pH scnta­ ml n" posi tions are \\o idt open, accordI m Ja r . )Jl'il 1 I, J 958. --- -- ,'! lIt bod \' t' f d t 10 f)O ' n --­ in," to Curt K alstad, L t nnen' [l l C ,. iOn a awar s a : p .T, " Bullt:tin o f II f OHU tiOll regarrling id n t. til, to 5t, (,oll c.' L Qualification T F 5t 'I'll<" purpose of Ihe tout nament, ApplI ra t ion .;t rds, and College , !ual­ I hl adc d by R od Basehon:, is that high Empha sizr:L Curt, " .In tb pa t the 1-{in< Ll"ci S how has b n ~ greal tr dl j ic Ion T ..,!:t T ic kets of Adm i "sion " h 00 I tu d ,'nls may n more a b ou t ' • lion, 50 let' r - -----"":'-, ­ Iy SU PPOT( it on, J{ if thL peoCl'. of },. in g -prinled and I h e f'It: Id 0 f d rama an d come ac- R · w ill bt availabh: ill a mple litnl.: fo r di sq u a inltti with oth.IS il1t~rt"stt"d in Ihi ,; hund red p erce nt." l.-iuUliott by local S Ic Cliv," Se rvice Anotl c r PLl! b!ood clrin' will . I "I nw firle!. J> ra l·tice sessions for the how IU lIoald wdl in a d\an ce of the rn al held on May 8 ~ollowi~g Ih e suc r e.'55,1 ,JUri g lIlf( th" . o lll'-act prl"s,· nlatiom The pre-Christmas Iraffi c sa ft:ty I held al 6:30 p .m., Monda,' throlq:h dut f J ubnli ssion of ;,ppJication . ul Ihr- tTCt:nt <in,',- whIch Ilt·ttt"d 3::' w>ll h, 1.ofr. Stahley Elu., n;on , R drivc of th ~!ooring ~ast h a; paid Wednr,dav, in th .,. t)ld M ain loun e ./ h,_ t(sl ing pwg rJ\lI fUI ' the 1957­ pints of blood. Ka stdlt-, :-'frs. Lucilk J ohnson, Bob luff i'n anothl'r f atll< r in the (ap of for all ilT'tn't'sll'u in rlpin· in -8 ']' he bl . ' ' r. K , S 0 II,,-",rg. ,, Jth" !.chool p a per. i. pro."~.,al11. l' WI'11 b e a d" rtilrllStCl"Cd to Ih,· T a- 1L'" IHllng, ~Ill d D

) ~ c I100I ' ood was gIven 1I • b S itnr Re s(:;,U't:h A,sociatt ·, luc., ('utll3-Pi<.: ICt· County Blood Bank and. , .... AccordIng to a Ieltl-r a n d fl'rlI't" 1_ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ 'b lC g o lJIinois, a nd will be th e only cledited Ie) Pa cific Luth eran College. ratl: from the Lurn nne n\ Mutual I I'sl that will bc g iven for Ihe 1957-51$ This blood Ulay be withdrawn at any ' ;,lsualty Company, whi ch spomon:ri ' to sdlQol a r, Captain Chaste!: emph a ­ time by an y m em ber of thf' colle3F I tbe college Tt CWspaper safe t y cam•n family in nee d of blood. I pai~n, th e ~1oOl'ing Mas l placed with Congregat ons In . a n Honorablt.: 1.fe nti on in the division TwentY-IhI " n v , :t~ rl gr tioll lJr. ,V. 'I'olllli uso n of t h Ri Mo of non-dailies. ,will bt ~s tabl1 slt ed dUI in~ 1958 b) d epartment a t CP • spoke on Asian First priz(, of $!:IOO ior a n 0\ lOr-all The E n t lical Lul llt'mn hur h counr ric t th, meetin g of th e newest ca mpI gn in t ht non -daily fidd went (E LC ) , accurding t( (, '''P'""1 r I, d . I' LC IUd,.' t,. cho~t't! to attend l~(, E~C Voluntc r, St;n·iees Work Ca mp 0 1 gu,niza tion on ("ampu • l lll History to th t' ·' i. Stude~t:" p~blished_ by last mo nth hv t I! R;t"v. D r. Ph ilip t/III unuul r a ft Bc\" Swanso n and L IZ H ems, ~nd PL(. alumnu~ Stan R t:ad. tub. studt'· nt~ Cit MIamI ll1l\'(' rSlt ' m Ox­ Dyb\ t ~. executa\(· dln~tor r Ihe I ­ 'J!I, l . lIl1P prol( ralTl, whilh indude ' the build ing of au E van~:dical Acad emy In hi~ topic of Asian cou ntrit _ Dr. ford, Ohio. T h e "D il} IIIini" from 043,2:J O-lilI:IJlbt'r IJ H I! • {i ­ :.nd 1<11< ...1, will be hdd July 14 to Au gus t 9 in Alsaec-LolTaine, ncar St ras­ T omlinson inC'lud d Iht: fa't that he the Pniq;"lty f Illinois in Cham­ iom d rpartntt.: nt. bona: F u m et', j o r)l anizing it tour of th (" countri es paigl1 too top honors in the dail )' The EI.C will beg i ll new pari it Ho u nd for Englu nd :md another of the ELC Young People's Luther thi5 summer anti is 100 in !!" for peopl~<"go r,', in nint. stat s, C ana d a, M e. I 0 . nd Lt...I UC sp onsored 1m rncltional Work Camps will be Susie Lannen and Bar- i D I~sted in th trip. Ninety-o ne col1e~", and universities Norway through 1 fr< en it~ h urd b StuhlmiJlcr. Destinatio~ is HOlho~pc Hall, ncar Rugby, England, whl!r c T?m Reeves is . the newly elected from 37 states, th(, District of Colum­ E x tension Fund, I!nabJi g I'n:ction of a s· . wet k wo rk pro gram WIll be ('arned out from June 10 to July 22 w ith preSident of the history club and Dr. bia and one Canadian pro\incl! c n­ parsonages and first u ni o f w UMhil' oth L u tht rlln $tudt Dh from the US, Africa and Asia. Nodtvl!dt is the advisor. red the cenll'rs, Dr. DybvI_ w d .

Selective Service Anno unces Exam

One A d: Play I;:;'::~:~,~,~;~:,::,~ : :,o :~::'~:::f:'~~lMinstrels evived Fesl:ival Sat. ;~:'~"~lht~;,~}:7,~::C~ :,I:'n'~;i;;u~~I;;~~ IIAt Saga earn-Ivai







APD BI d D i O r ue R'-epeated may


M · Mast ecelves Award

I oorlng




New History Club Features Speaker

Pile ludenls etDuer ea Rales






Build 23 New i . •







P age T w o

PLC M OO f\I_ N_G_ M_A_S_T_ _ _ _F_r _ld_a_y _,_F_tb_,_2_8_._1_96_8

Thinking Positively

Three Reasons

For 'No' Vote n This Tuesda y

The Issue

Important Ballot Scheduled!


by gl!ncra \ 'kcti I Conside1'llhk djsC:-L1 ,ion cn T W'sday ,. T ning'" Slutl.. nt Cou nrd he A :;socialed Stu - 1'111 t" ;:Jrc t I I( . • la .! ll r . ) • .Ind l' ' <If"': oUl of that morn irH!'" aCli!)n tak"n b}' Ih.; ~udt' n~ by whid\ mo 'nn dents of Pacific Lutheran Colleg w,t" ipate i . thl? Pacific Lu - lh,' r;ll11ifiL'"ltio ru of t hc~<: rt' son , [h'l ',Va, pa ~ ,.,li lin.; for a " errt hall ot vol/' It , later datI' a, 10 whelhc:-c or cht·nm College Det;e[opmenr Fund by m dual con - . . h '. f h h not pI.e a.; ' l 3tudent IYJ,j" ~h"'.1lr! r nt .. " irHO a so li e; atirl[] campaign ior . earlS of. indwl - d ' 'J g lY w rl g t to t tJt ' \" tCr50 0 t OS<': 'v 0 ' tribul/on thr ough an organized s [intall o n. Th iS rn It/c Uet[ n:){] - Op pf' " thc adop ti n of th,' ~olu t iQn tho- DC \'l' lopmc nt Fund. cributlon hall be on the basi;; of a three y- ear .o[pdge ... · D'15CU,:\S lon, . h' I . I d d Ctl O SU It~itlon ' . h lh ,. IW fSOrt h fJ mtJ'" d .L pre ,c n tc d before tnt"'" ri:15t' mbit' d stu \V Ie 1 1111 U e \,I t UIC: l ouay thar Jr e approximately 1300 op Je Jttendi n g PLC de nt body l;:I>t Tut'sday Jlloti'm, ce ntered around c1aTification of th,: rnorion in ,."d,·r to 'stabliab what Xl Tuesday you - tu de nts will decide vocinn :n the lIB v b e ther o r not" hat .0

1 ' ,4 I '


because ( b~y have faith in the sc boo!. T!1ey hJve faith tbat the Th "sI" OXc' the ~u hjo;c t of: 1.\ llu: ~<:tion should be taken.

educa ti on tm y g e t at PLC will be t ca.tio n they. want. T he y resolut ion it,,.lf ; :!) th ' tuition J nd It wa s ,ot~d unanimously by the C,Jun c.iJ to put the d. c:i.s ion of par lei­

f ai th that [he degrees the y rccelve wdl be valtd. respect~d. I th .. propos<:d tuition ri ,i e; ]) th ."· pa lio n as a stud .. nt body in a soli ci ta tion o":unpa ign .m 'l h ree ·yc-ar pltd .. c

and h el d tn honor. strain on pal·... nts in the ('vent of th ei r basis on a ba llot th is Tuesday, M arth -l. Thi s will hi' n ge n.-rat ('kel iol, with

If i t hen onl~' logical and natural to expect thoscwho hav e soli"it~t io n. It is thE duty of thi' ,.r- ba lloting in the CliB . faith i n the college to be i n favor of the b etter.ment of the college, tid e to consider thl" a.rgurn,' n l> adAnion was :akt"n a t the mectin <; to sri. ct Da n Wi tmt' r 1S editor of Lh and v.:n e ready to h e lp b e tter char college . \·~1nc.;d on onl y th~' side of the que;' 1953 stlldent handhook, on ' of th.: pi r~" of li l'raturr. wh ich fal ls into th~ The faculty. staff. Park land businessmen and residl:'ots, Jnd tion th<,t OP[)(''''s lh t" adopt io n of th.· ha nds of fn:,hl!Jf'n in th e fall.. Diln i" a wph omorc fpJm Sail I'ranr i..,co who Tac rna bus inessmen and res idents have and arc pledging to the resoluti on. has just rc c('ntly bu:n el ected ;'Ifonhwc< t Regi onal Pres id ent of LSA. Ht w'lI P LC D evelo pment Fund. Whe n the students look around and Th e wordins of th l" n:sol utio ~ i, hegin hi s work on th,: h<l ndb(lpk this ,pr in g. . . , . see sup r t for development coming from all about them , it only such that 0"" co uld su pport the Id ea 1 The handbook is no t ody a n lIlforma tl\'e , uldl': t.o the campus l or In­ foll o w ~ th t the students. those who could hardly b e more inti- th at th,' student bod y eflaor,;, the corllin~ st ud ents, bu t trea ts also the <: ustom.i" ruks and traditiolU wh ich .. _ mate wi eh the college, should support the de ve lopment, or better- fund ca.lllpa ic;n. This is fin c, b llt if brace life at PLC . The S tudent Cou nci l l'cgarcL; the handbook it u!eiul m~ , m'nt. o f the college in which the y trust. It w ould b e unnatural that p"rsnn fclt th e pkd gl" s shou ld be te ria l, sinet' for on L" reason, it contains the ASPL C Cn nsti tution, p roba Iy th" to _'pee t rherwise. ,·olanta .. y h,' would b" Ollt on a limb. only copy to which th e ma jorit), of the stud"nt have aCCe5, . The pportunity to help improve, or develop, Pacific L uIf the resoluti on is adop ted, it. w ill John A mend , in charge of tlk rc-cn'ation "quipml' nt in t h~ 'CB n·· (bera n. C~lI cge should challenge both students and alumni. If one Ill" adop ter! in \Vh.Ole ::\[ld thcI:e_ .wlI~ b L" portt:d that on Friday six new pi nr; pa ng pad dlr-3 had b f'n placed in th~ has f J a h III and loya lty enough to attend PLC . surely one should" thI',."-)',.,,r prO~{raOi of sol",ltat lons a'crea tion roolll ;, nd on Tu ,:sd~y w wrr ~ I.. Ct, wan t to h el p improve the coHege. Illad e: to the r ntin: stlldl'n t body (even " · . b d d i d ' f I I do nol wi sh to have a ny 0 t course, It mu s t e un erstoo t 1at a optIOn (). t 1e r eso - thos!" who .






Let Us Do Photo­

l u tio n d 0CS n ot mean that you must pledge. Again it is a per - part o! the p rogra m). . so n al d\:c ision. You do not have [0 give. But let ' s not kid our- I It is true that thi, la tter g roup can MONDAY THRU S ATU R DA Y you 5clves. be purp e o f th e resolution is to brin g abollt stude nt sa' no, but. th~y. are pla~e.d under th e I' 7:30 a ,m, to 7:30 p.m, body p.1r tic ipation in the development fund as J stude nt body! eye of, the m dlVldual soitCllor. and the SHORT ORDE RS 0 1 I ERS CERTIFIC A TES throug h individual pledging \vhich shows rhe h ody's substan- ! COlllllll.ttcc and aJl who come mto :on· 528 Garfield St. LE.7,9937 tilll suppo rt. i tac.t ~th t~" rccor.tfs ~~ the campaign, CON TRA CTS 'T' . I as navm O" " IYen a no answer, Ther BOOK PAGES and P successes C of fund- I'IS no {'11M" ~~ ~ to S~. \". h(COcl ' ,ld·' n ",aff 01 ··d . . bro ugh "years of I aLtempLS b " . fadur I es f r.ll'lng G'l rn DJlg ns It US een lound t lat o r a large groU!J ( L . . V/ IH'Il t h r e~ [f' .. . . . I .~-. . COfOS atT ,V W. 'Vt.' (~ sonIc DRIVER'S LICENSES \:~ .r1y ,qua,IIllec ). w e ll orgamzed . carefully pla.nned indtvidual so - . tillw btet. . ' Flow ers fOI' A ll Oeco- ions iI{I[a'~on IS pro b a bly the b est method ~f secunng th~ money. Tbe I "11 . i\~s~d t la t men\..1n City B u r eau was asked to g Ive an lclea ot what Il1lght ! 1 hI MgulI,' nt h." ) u , . • . l 12173 PacifiC Ave. LE, 7-0206 , _ _ _ h bcst pa~' I f so I"lClta[ LO . rt. It 'IS OIl I Y reas o na ble and p r3C[lCa . I ,I tl .... f-'c (C" W e D-Ilv,l (e ~ ulty , arc , 0 [:tvor ot the mt:a ­'ur~ .0 ot of Garf', ,,l - d I' ~ ~r 1 lh.ll studen t .acc~p r the .ldvice offered b y rh e BUrt'au, for it I so mu t h tha t th q· voted to su ppordt il '-===============":"::==============~ · A ecor.j'Ul g to 1W I su gge~ t;>u t h c so I"IcttatlOn , l it" wtt h "Olll nhutions. It'f IS not ,;), " Il' \:Xp'rt.1 d \ 1I:e. . . ' I wOllld nroccctl lS fo l o ws : how the facult y" to al ord It W lI"n ~ som(" of th"ir ki d " p la y in the st ft: d "'

f b IT'nd:d lha lr man w o uld be se lec ted b\' the St u dent ( ,o un-Il'h e anSV~lt' . r .t 0 '.. Il C p rO 'I)1e l." I', t'l ' t

. .' d . n oJ. I hI: gcncr.lI chaI rma n w o ul d cb oose ch ::1! r me n t o r m en. te l en 15. t0 i}( ~ ro.,d SC j rI t lI t:':s." 11· trY of . . . n a':tu I , r ,. _ dent , \ . l\.. wou ld ,Hl Lu r n appOlr, [ u r m, ) SC'l"falnfthe5I' p'op!t.:. 112TH STREET ( Ai rpo rt Ro ad ) A D P A K AVENUE housmy heads. I he se h l'.1ds would d ,vlde the st udents under more . h J f ' . 1 I: f' A I. i It IS proposl'd t at lh" "tud " n , : I':Ju~rs, or tn t::tnce. m a c o rm , Jy iOo rs. n y mor;> Wo["ers I would b\~ d lose n by these ld ' t hcad~. \V ben all the chairmen and slwuld >upp~ rt the Pdfoo1ralil; .J ~ t Ie 'b · · is . cs tln1ate . d [0 ta"e workers w~rc chosen , W I·llcll a Clllt one to two rt('xt , hrca ' th Jt l ' hI S state ' 1 t .lat . tUit ion 'LUTH ERA N . 'd be ca I'Ie d f or a 11 t Ilese stu d- cnts at w b'iCLlt . to t)~ rals,'d " laclI ty mo WC k ~,a mee t tng W OUl . , '. . II ff IS dg IV"1l I I' te: THEOLOGICAL . . C·I y B ureaL! WOll Id f u 11 yex , mone r"resc n t a t lv's o t' t I1e A mencan " - · and,.IS 3.) •.. to a (.I e t 1(; so lC1 ­ TH E CHURCH IS 0 ' THE MARC H! · 1 I'" dId . I t:ltlons, wrule th e :;tudents are sup · 1 pain L 1C su tCll a li n .111 Jan o ut maten,1 S. . d h t ' .. ' . .' pused to un ergo t t.' S.u1It: treaJmt;;n Th e Luth e ran Chur ch is on fire for t he Gospe l ' Go d wants men So letl r~ wou! t.hen go o u r a n d With cxplanatton o t th e yet under a I t:~5c nin g of a,'ailabk m ental brawn and alert 'lpirit to se rve Christ in His m inis ry on this We st Coast home missi o n front ie r . proc~dn~~ J. d .H~.~wenng" ~f ,qt:estID I1S presenr the s tudent wl~h m oney since more will have to go a pledge (;)cd whIch the st.Jdo.:nt w o uld e Ither ftll O llt or not ftll '.'''\HI tiH"ir ,'due~ti o n s, THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEG INS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958 out. It i a p r sonai d ec ision. _ . , h' . .. The [rnal a rg llm,.:nt IS th al t en: Ii Charl e, B. Foelsch, Ph .D., President ~no Marin AnnUl!, Bark.loy 8. CaUf. Any pledges ar e natu ral! v hel d In a bs o lute conhdl'oce. and r.o way of Lnmvi n,., if p arc nh of 5tu- I ,He not :I1c d to an y v nc . rhe PLC pledges w o uld be known de nts art' to be soiici tcd . 1t wou ld h., I ani) by ch~ p.lcd~l:rs , (.1fri ci a l ~ of rhe Bure au ,wh~ send o ut ,tbe ~ sclfc g "L" to v.-n tur" th at. the rna · ~u.~rrcrlY rem l ~d l ~s. , and rer~ I ps ~? WI. b) >th,~ ~rsoll .. \\ l~o jorit )' o j stl1,den ~ dq)cnd ,fo r SOUle soliCIted r b e P!~ gc . I "s~y p~L1apS . for If th~ .:s tudent ~vIsh~s. "'ppurt on tnelr pan· nts. It the stu - l Sta!"1dard Heatin g OllIS -, Heat i 9 Equi pm ent he rna) s :11 hIS p1e d~e. tn an e n v elope Jnd have It g iven In that de nts all ' to b,: oolicit'd th at is on e i Heat ing Servi ce way 0 t , B ureau o t f l\:e. OIlC thing. If Lilt'ir p n 'nt' are t b.' i Enjoy That " PLUS " Service D ot l.:t your min d b~ clo uded by irre levant m atters. Thin . soii cit('d, t!,,'t is another. For th ~n we lI: r} Jbout tbe rcso lmi o n and d iscern what y ou r position w il l will b,' u 'uly " h lt: ... ding a ln an th roug h ~ for (hI! vote on 1 uesday. Da v e C r o w n e r. ditor. I",th nost riL. " I n OJ'de f" to be :l good M A RV TO MMER I II< S C hrist ian wit h th,' br'st inte r!:.t r hi, col! ., ~ (· :1 t h(' art th" tudl" nt wi ll be fon (·rJ to ("o ntributt". In o rd.~ r to h" " ;':' od pan' lIt with lh" b.. t in tCf"; t. i20TH & f> ACI FIC AVE NUE P HO NE LE. 7-02.66 of th.. ir so n through hi s ""' hool It ht"Olrt th f",re ne wiii b... lar e. d to By BOB



Copying for

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Co mp lete Shopping C ent e r

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;::::=============================; I 3-IN- l TO


H'i h-Ho " ,,- ry hody ' I wa, ,'oi llg W dnr)\t" m y I:O lullln th is W':ch to :l t: t)ut r ~but~ ·. The pa cnt will ligned l\v tliuhuw I 11:1\'1' writt n but insl" ad I fi nd tha t I Met 3. ('han'e lO prQd ucc it lind recard " in .;hapd next T ue5d o.v. , Q', 10 show what a littl, mD rlcy in plcdq'l"s 1m an und isclose d ' um and thr nuht pl.lI"~ wil l do l Sa y, 'III you ' 'p iri ll g act o r~ o. nd ac.trt'ssc'<- _ Ir. ~ 'o rd· thlT..- is tho d ouh l, ~tra i n (In i-bank holtn iI., un opcni np; yet in tIl<' play he is prod"ci,,>:. I t's to p Ia till" t ';).1' ~ nd book of tui t ion. and J r\ dOpDU n fund I , row. 1-1.0' prOlllisc; V OU won't. be t\·pt: cas t. It is '~f ' to <I,!' that if 0 0" ': ar.­ .\D\·l{ E TO THE L U VEL ORN D E p·l'. Dt'a r M r. Fkmin .-: : I'm in 11Ilt , ·olr: fo r both of lh,- part of tui~ i I. v with, \ 'ondnful .c; uy but th"n:'5 a bi~ d iffeR nce in UUI a~cs . R e' ~ 1 ~ resolu tion, he votc t hat the resolution: elM r llllw :Ite . D o you think we should :!l't ntatrk d? Si rn.:d, W orri d be " ol<:d down. T h,. desirahle p, n of p, . t'l/I (l ~nd he's tOI ( hut h ~ d O" sn'~ look i t l . . . . D ear ," onied : ~I ak Ihe rc ol uLion ct,!", be brought up at a "ure i"~ mon: than just a physical lI!tracl ion you ft:c1 and th a t yllu are ooth later dale b the action of the st u· mature e nuf for 11 marria!1:f' rdationship.





] k 1 iJ U. H t'IT Idst Sa tu rday w a~ Was hington s birthda y and I fo nrol hiru Jln\ thin~. . . I Iin'd in a sm:>.H towa. So ,mall if yrJU u d a n • "'rtrk T.IlOT the strl' 'l ligh u di na'd . . .. Is i t e th 1 Don D ou glas j . pcr" t"l1tl~' malin//: fo rtullt' pulling o lltil0ard mnton on floating Jddney!? • •• ( . ,1£ I NT ( ) 1 H E PAW SHOP,MYRTLE, I WA , T TO GET ). I think with t at bit of melancilofu I shall I.l'Ik my mr.mb r wh t )"ou r nl'l ' Bob (::l , "'1 hat"! Show II' I " vl7.. tI


Regular 90c 3-tab Spi a ls .. , , .62c Regul a r SOc Ab ra ms Art Boo k , , 25c Reg. $ 1.00 Foster "How To" Art Books, , 6Sc Ask for argains n Sheaffer Pen

and Pencil Sets


F r ida y, F e b. 28, 1958

i------s B ItI GI---ial

• I




L eme Seek AlA Berthil Gonz ga, Centra Vie Also



finnI~ in Wa~hi ng ton. Ga m e time is IV ikin s-s- 80, 6 7, 81-'l{, 65-55, The ' :00 p.m. Saturday ni t;ht . ! last o f !h~se " m ' s w a s a ti.g ht m atch

L~ st of the ascade~ t ht' Gonzaga fllllld og5 will1'll ~e t the .., 'meal W ashht'lu n quilltd in the East'~rll Di stri c t \113~ o if. T he winner o f eac h t;amc WI ll mel t a t the' court of t lw 'V~ s te rn D ' \"i~i o n winn.. r in a btu ' IVO of three f1(, ~. [ hI.' , ·ic lor of the t wo oi ision "lil ,,,ffs wilt mak t the t.r'p to t h .. n Linn .l l IUM at K <l n.a ~i t.y, M is'olin . Tn th r .... "I,cou nter. to date this ~<o n Ih.. lads ha\'~ rQl1~d ove r tir e



W eI n

h H r I




... 12 i"li,r" romp l d ov r til... E n Ir m W CWCE ...... , .. . 10 i ,TH ill Sa\·"g>"' 811-50 . T h.. o p -si dcd F.WCE .... ...... 6 ',c lot \ g3 \.f" th(' Lutl·S a r .cord of 12 C. 1'. S, ...... .. 4 .... n. w ith nn 10 " .~ for ;. rka n ,Iatc W ,VOE -4 , . .. ....

_____ _ _



1.;. ,

lJ, B. C. ... .. fi~ jff;


w~ek l Doll


, na ,. .1 th.. hi '.::h for PLC wi th T r;"dlill ! (J!i t Chene y tlH~ Glad - p , L . C.

HI'. fflur L lILl'ntC n scored dou II"

next wcrk .. L,,,t year Ivy H a ll t"ol; tt>a l~' honors with 3:~5 o~t of 5 00 :t tll'lnpts.1 por~i I ' ,t~c S,~at~I~, ~eall~ ~"',ill "5U~~ 1 C HRIST I. E .,. CRO"lD.'\HL duuked a out 01 100 tor [fidl\·ldua l hon ors. n~t~ d ~.(.n '~5 Jell) Fnzztll, Fran~:1'

DUANE ". HIE'S 83 O.f 100 w a s Illrlll c'f.-UP. S"und, 1"'S .C ha rhe B rown a~d Jml TRA"CK .\S P IRAJ.'I:TS OUT ALREADY Harm' .. 1 horn ton Hum p h .,,'$ :lIId

Te1"1;:Ll e ., I

Ttl!' official d,: t(" fo r track and baseball is sti li more than a nw ay, hut om· can a lr eady n ot ice seve ral lllen workiu l; out iot' the spring' I la li ir's, C ur t i, sun k 2+ coun te rs whi l,' <ports. Trackmen DA~ WITMER and JOB!,: FROMM haw b"~n work in )" Boil Ro iko and R Oi!,'r .r\t·rson',d ou t for two wed :s, whil e- JIM K J1TLESBY and JE R RY CURTIS ~I:!:an tI1<' l:lark of 15 ~<l ,'h. rom Sahli lIlt un.limbcun!.!: their arms this we·k fbI' the coming baseball season. I fOJ 11 pnllu, ;-" 'J Eastern Sa.V'3b-es blo];,· :nto Iht" scori n g c olumo w ith I dnubl,·, n umh .-r, . CalY· a n d! n,, !. h.oford h, ;l cInl th, ~ a\'a'l; <cor, In~: \\:it h nUH" I·a, ch.

,·jlh "1 'I' Ih... \'i ilric at stoh lh~ how h orn th l' 1.u cs' (" Irti , w h o

hill p ir.n

So::anle L nivt: l'sic-y's 'hidtairu Me by Eugene H a pala th ' foc, of th~ I dbto rs t hi cenin~ !.O th l" 'VSC ragr coach question b,:in g ans wered n o" , posts G Ie t im', i, 8 :00 p,m. ill hI: Ch'l here at hallie. Wh o will b ~ named to guide PL, t h le tic A u d i t or ium in Seat tk. hopes I1<"X( y,'ar? Th e ;)nswlT to this qu,,;titJn will probably not be answered Studt.·nts who did ne't h VI the ap­ fo r som,· time , but In us make a suggestio n. In st of Olle c oac h be in rt

portunit:; to purchase ')fit: of the tick. named to the a Lh letic departme n t, wh y n o t two? PLL: has grown to th e ex­

f"tS in tht' I'LC rt· St" l~ ed "lJlu( k" - II tent th<I t th l ' full t im es coach ;:> arc definite ly n eeded. Coach MARV

pureh;lSr ... gen<' ral a dnussion tidtel at HARSHM,\:'-i ::tbly handl,'d the H e rcult-an t :lil: of coaching in t hree In<i. jor

th C i ,. i ( \ud:i torium. B l'~nllillg SPOl' ts, acting- a s athletic director, all d still sc';era l classes to tt:ach,


Central Dump East:ern



plnycd in Be ll in g-h a m on the W est rn

fl oo r.

L 'Roy . '"bon alill Bill Wri lih t, wh o

had i h;1\'<: led thr' Vi k ing at tack in th e

The bulk of the othn- P.E. coun"·' fall on th ., ,houldas of l J. ·k cO; promptly ;J.t 1):00 p ,lU., F r iili }', 200 previ ous c nc.C)untc ,will h I! the con ­ H'fI .}\. RK "\L,,-,1 ZM .-\'" J OCS t I 1. .. , g e'. nera l a d mission St"3t.s w:U • LI.' mau.. " S. _ ~ ~ as 1t' ·JOO 01'IXOII1lS ;lSsl5t an t CO:lC I 1. ·Hl l I.t rc-, flla]Or . ~"

.. . . . av;uL1ble on d 1u-st ,'O IlW first ~el"1i1! c('ntrated . fIo rt of dcC,'nsf: on the part 'ports and co nductlO g- a h lghly sUCl',·ssll.ll IntraIIl \Jfa l p rogr a m. 'VIlh the pro. •

. . I [ . . ,.. . f basiS at th e bOlt offi cc- then: of th ~ Lutes.

posed <."xp;' nSlOll 01 tht.: col I:'gl.', th . .· !JI"t'sl'nt systl'1ll 0 tW O coac h " , wlll uC ae T he H arshmr: n slated to :;tart the initcl y in ad t.'quatt". Lt,t IL' hop,~ rha t whell th,·· board of d irenor, lUee t they ..:~ll -Ar:lc rican hoops!l r Elgin "R~b . , a turday nil!'h t !!"a m c " rc Bob R oiko will \'ote in [a,·o r of adding not one, but two new (oa clll's. I bit BaYlor will Ue k :ldlttg the lur:! · i ;wd Chu c k Curti at forwards, Tom FREE THROW CONTEST TO BEGl!\" I taim' awtck. H.l yior is l'haps DIU' · Sa hli at [T n te r , a ne! .Jim Van Ber"k Int,·arm,ra l Dircdo r M i\RK SALZ~L-\N reports 3 t a ll di,trict intra- j of th e mo r public:i/.cd f" gu s in bil l and R o,!!"""!" I"enon a t gua rds. Illural karns should get f>"ariy for r.h,· frt"· throw (Ontl'st which will begin ketua ll t hrol.lghc>ut the na tiun . S up­

Conterenc ,

, ()n th ('\, ·n in g nf F···bnJ"T1 20 th r ,ladia tor s cinr h ~d t he Evcrg rl.'l' n n"frrl' nq' C1<}wn ,, ~ ttll'Y ed.:;cd th e I .. n t! ~1 \I;" l~h i ll~ t on Wild cat- 44-42. ('hurk Cu rt } dumpl!ti in tI", wlnn in !l I J..r l N l " driv in . . . \.;)-;n with 11 r,.,l1d r. rn.!lrtmg. iU L Of1 t"dl , i,Jd t lI t, g:l nH' scnno(1'


3 3



0 1.000 2 ,833 Ii .500 8 .:133 8 .333

9 9



"PI' 906 736 737 784

796 694 850

,----------- ------


W .p

r ;\

Pa.-ific Lutheran st ucknts , Llculty

the p ~sitJon 01 ., .' )a, rt );1 , n,..Jl, tOI "'("\"I..-th eiL-,s , the mcmber, ot the: g09 I Lute famil y wi,h ed Ib rs hm a n a





___ ____ 1successful st~ly at tnt· Pu!llll~H\


C ilrTl-

will be fillin g til<:

!t' t

" ,d onh to low 78-77 in Li usina; !I.'comls d roppeu rue Pa­ Coach Marv Harshman cific Luthl.' l<lll axil in two "knoclc d own "we! dra\!; OUI' conleJt, thi of t h ree Lute se nwrs. said. "w, w eek . Th e PL Glad iators werr ('d~e 63-59 MOllduy n igh t :l.1.ld a:- ·82 Tu ~­ ;u ,,- ly halt" hinl leav,: , but it's tOY good ;J. chance' for him to pass up, day evening h) the M::-C Do\)cat il. I' ve 1<-a m ed lots of baskc tbali a nd it's Bou·ma n. M on!.:lna.. I In th e first tilt the L utes cou ld II0t h"C'n a rcal pleasure t o work Or find the rang'" o f tht: for ign houp. Harsh, " Chuck Curtis sta ted, " It', "- goo<! The: Bobca ts u sed t 'i l" Iamiliarit: mow for Harsh, and if h e i' ~oin~ 10 w ith t h e h om e (,Ollr-t to an ad~";U1L (' chan ge this is a g ood t ime for hilll to as they out-pcr t r u t l~ ,lad in do it. 'Vr· know that h e will do a l" al shoo ting .:1 97 to .28b. g'oo d job. and w,:'11 ~II b~ trying- " ue T u esd, IY nigh t th.c Chlu.. were till I)t' st OV<,r hne for t ill: neW con ch. But , out o n the pre' n ous limb on field wt:ll .t1 'o be l)Ullin l\' for WSC. " goal a curacy, but tliLI. manag ' t R ug. r h" l""So n ,'om ml n tt'd , " I'm come Lhrough with new records .1 e;lad to _" him go , WI" n tht: l'.;s " th e luul lint:. T h ey hit .!4 Ol 26 ("l1t1"­


1 ~·~:I:'.);ltC;~c:,jt;dbO:" ~~~k. r;·~~~~v,~o~!

I. I I

to ,,,.


:. ::::: ..

::: :::~:: .. ,... ,. .. ~.


wh ic h ..tlP"lll ·1 1,,,, l·d ' he SeaUI

(.hief tain~ I;,!t

· . bl'· l . 1,·;) \ ll1 l; th.- pos t of a ctlv e coacJung a t I " IC k In A" 'II p u lelt . )ut n ot 1Il ~ ·1· cl ., PLC' . 1 · .1 \\ ashrngton State to aSSUlHe' " pOSItion '1 I")1 It}" 1"f T'1<" < S ]"(' aU\'(· , u n - . · B b G . h ! o f a:;SOClate proff,sor of phYSIcal cdu­ k"rlf)\\'ll \v rr-st IIng sta r,.1o ....Tro! ~ t C i . , I : l ' h . f M I (";!tlOlI thr··ft' . 12 · -prHllll [nt ,l~ tY-fl1l tr; rom ou nt ~ r 1f1 il lllul"ai h oopstcrs WI " >: coreh· V fTno n. I II th e past thrCI" y,.',its Gross W SC Athll:ti.: Dirr-ct.Ol S ttlO Bates ;r. 'hr· ntapll'~ ~n d nr'l. in roll n d rob in ha , aclli "\'ed many st at~ and national .<a id, '·W e 3re [·xtrcmdy pit-used tu . • . . . . . ,~ " . m 'l n -)f !vL.lrv J-Iarshrnan ';i "HTIpI·1111 0n ' h" W " k. St·1ndmg' lIld,- hono l S In tht· ,"natru r FTlll1t n g roan ,' 01 " ,I , ". . ' . ,. tt· t h a I ' h lcagu", Ii I' 'eltin,1!; spor l. . c lt;Il";r ct ..r ;;nd abl hty on LlLl r stalf. .Ht: t ,lj~ ht"l" ~ I h~. ~(·a. on d ra ws to ".. clo;c-.I W ,,'s tlin!! for rh ... Ta COllt:l YMCA. I has demonstrated not on ly outstand l~g: ~ , (l r> r of thl we-I·k· · wa, little John nob h a" a fi 'v '· m atc h win nin K ,trea k coa c hing talr-nt in hi WOl !,. a t Pa cll IC •. fit ci rr II whp pOPP,·d in '.; I poil' " fo r to h is ~r<'c1it this yra r a ft.; r losine; two LllthfTa n but h~ s done" magnifi cent T . ' . \ .. .,~ t h h Jl m I n played :lec' in t h ll in tou rnamen t r.ompc tition. Il,h t hen' III IllS PO; lII OTI 15 .l lhklK .. , k ,..'\,. W1 I0I · . , d dllr ('tor an hea d of t it· (n un· ll1te r I "'lfl h ddl,' to Clo"'r e r.... I HI., la tt'st \t (" l ory last ~atll r · ay came I . TUy YUU ) OW", 'uu like to Set him ..L. I:I. unqannn . p rOl(ralll. . . H r was lUO r ".In 6. - ' ,'. -I d B prry nw ItlJ~I ' u~ -.j I f01" I O1t t h r' ,'xpI'n' " nt' t,,," na- , ('oll n\ il k snorts r l li mb . III h is prot Si o n . I I,en L,,·'·\.. I tlon al I'h.1m pwn whf) wres!l ,'s fl)r th,' ·'E ,·, ryon ' co unl'cLcd 'Va sh- tha n a cu;a·h . He w· :J. fricnd. \Vt·'!i INGS !...t "itnolllah .\ thle, ti c f:l ll b of r lO nl a td . ill'"ton S t ~ t~ w ill give !lUI m·w coa ch m i' h im , but w~ · Jl tlo 0 ,.1) ." IN TR .\, I RAL ~TJ\ ND T, Tn 11\t. of hi, las t SL matchl'! Bob :rll h ,' u p]1nrt h l llt'~ds and UrSl: n ('s . 1- .' rsh has d o nt' :, t e rr ific j ob at

\. L<,a~u': \ \'on 1.oo;t it a> ,,"o n nTl ;, in s, ddr ·.[i ll g ~T;'ppl l·r.; We knC)w Ire wilI dn an ou lst a·n d inK PLC. In the past 13 " ';u:on th, Lu l' s H'·'II" '..... , .. ,"" ,. ',., .. ,_. ,_. 11 2 (I·pn·"r· n!i n r, 'o r thw(·stnOl ("(III" ' t·' inl fOl' liS." It :l.H' Ill'\( r finish ("'d It: ~~ tha n fou rth Dr lardilll ,., .. ,,,,., . , ...,.. , . ,.~._ ... 1 1 :I. ntI at h lrtil' d uhs. :-; 0 51ll n's>or h as b,' n nJm ,~d \Jy in ("onf, re ll < cUlllp",ti tiol1 uu d,·, hi \{o:ld .R uIlO'T'i , ._..... _..."."._.. ,, 11 4Tn !;, ~t yr-:;r' s Jtlninr Hion;.] A;\t' th,· :r d ministra tiU!l to replan- U ;l rsh· tutor in g. F or 1 i se~, on s th e. Glads 4 11l'" t Bo b finishe J ,,"·()nd in h i d i\' i- ""'P.. Hr i, expect in:." to II a n, l'LC h::rve bee n in t hl~ 1)1, t("ie t • '0. 1 pJay ­ (.l'lHr re!:k '. ' .. , .......... " ... 10 sinn, d l k:tu·d on ly h,' th .. Pacifi c a holl t April to ta l f' o,,;- r hi, lWW po.i- off" incl uding thi s y c r M a " M,tr 4 C"",! C·h.llllpion. t; "n "t (;ou g ar\' iIlt·. dOll, · Harshm'lI It a takt n t hree o f

.,\ ' ......... " .. ,' , ....... .. . ..... .. 10 P,·,i ,.·,· '1g~ ... ..... .... .If! 5 _ .-.- .-, - - ~h . Harshman h imself had thi, to h is squa ds to t he: ' \1.'\ nati o nal fi ru.lls

I t~.:~~ '


O <;orck will a lso clcliall. Sine•., 19-1 'i thr' LutL's h1l\" W()II 10 'ga mes a~ai D~1 9 los5 S to SC:1llh:. Lit­ tit All· riean Ch u ck 'urtu will lead tJ I~ LU I a ll (,lllpt to up r.t the hi "h i)' to uted and fm'oTt'd C hi ftalm . T h ,· · ·'lI ll '· i, ,. 'pr'CI ti t be n ei th e r w;" n' nt ' \. I hou h lUI.. spun'lli n r;!,"or th e C hiclmin . i

676 .ltld st',ff W I IT 01 f)' to brar t ll' 'tn ­ :>98 ' W lHCnI<lil llut .\th l. tic D ie t tur, 80r. , Coach Jvb r\" J !arSl id d Hllan 10 'l u· c p tt­ illS . . lAlSC 1 k l II

te Wins Campus Maple ' I,IMWighty-Mi restling Honors els Scorched Y Dor Teams


Curt ·s eels

'Rabbit' Chief

i\fter winn in g t he Evergreen Co n ference crow n for th e third

<eas n in sllc<:ession the L u tes will be making a bid fo r the Kan ­

,a . ity tr ip as th ey meet the Wes r rn W .,hington Vikings in Th e a n swe!" tbe \Ve te rn District p lay ffs. The local mAp es w ill be the stage another quc3t ion

(! , II(" p relimi nary m a tch of the


__._.,_._- ­


Paddle Flappers: ~~~~:!~o~~I~j~~.:d(" ~~;~~~t;'Iath~~ct~(:~ I ;~"K~:::;c~it~~a:~ i~tC~h~n~~iO~ I~ld 1~5I, DearlD Playoff

ity shots to se t .. new g Illi: record for: the schooL .h uc k Curlls Wall c:adly '15 III pm h ..d in 15 11i. 16 gift 81­ tem pI'.

-In :M o nday' ~ tunl '~ t rr) Chnnay 3nd Al Harri~ sha red ~tn~ seorinl;' hon01s, !e;ld' ng MSC with 21 poin~ each . Ch uck CUrl is mnnagell J b for t he L ute high. Ro~e r I VCTson eanllcd 14 :lnd Bob R oilt:o hI 12 for PL '. G Ul'tis got" buck on tile ~coring tr:.lil Tu sd, fo r the: L u1t' :I' h veil d the mark Il t 31 w itb Chanay of thr Bobca' ill the. '("rHmr:; g mc . Halri .::am.~

through wi :b 27 counters


tl '~ bi.t; · ,: ~ t ITlzn· is !cavil jO" the fill e r TO : VTl • H,s l nrm.·r t\' ams to ma~C" such M SC while other L u tes to score in " un c h o f kid $ that I hav," worked " ",.-r,. thuse of 19.J!) , and double fi g\lr ~ W~l" ": Tom Sahli, I!l. " 1 .. Lea.~lJ(· ''''on L ost wit h bl"Tl: 1':J:J 7. La t YI':U' h, !!Ulu("'d tb ., G lndTim V an Bt'ck, 11 amI R Oil; r her· \ <lni t. . .. .. ,. ,. , .. , . .. ,. , .... •. , •. . 1 1 4Intr amma l p in g pon g h as adnnr::cd " I hate to leav", but fcd that this ia tllr, tu J third plil'·'· ill l ilt" hi.' tou r­ s n . 1 L Ir lt It'(1 r.F r 11 ..... ,',.. ... ... __ 1 4- tr , th l fin·,1 stal1;CS lIS the p a d d le fl a p- is too good an opportunity in m y pro- I"Il_'·_"_._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- ,

\ .... 'r rn P a rl:lar..d .,.,', ......... 3

12 .

r l(lor '~...... .... , .,., .... ..... .. 1n I· ) Ill lt ) L!r\\"('r I\'y B'

4 6 9 q 10 11 12


I\mrm . r.llnnrn luh . ' ...........___ ........ '2

pr:l'S m' ; t i n s i-fina l a nd fina l lllatr lr t~, Final rl'Jm p ctilion i, sehedulr-u in. th~ near [Ulllf ·. (11 onl · ., r llli-fln<lI e;II 'TIt' Jinl Van rlt " anLl D.lW' H"ml~c l1 out-paddled Dunnr !'o [ oe and .T im H ~'llancl ~ I-:! 'Pld ~I- in ' <I'rit' of IW(I.

ft.·"ion to pa s it up. All my life 1 hn"·' w ,u1tt' d to b e :t coach, and I , W:lllt ttl takt a try at a big coil, ge jol ." H i ~ players rrlP'!:l the loss. bu t E, .. II thIlt it i~ \"hat a filiI' l'1);!C\l Jilet." H <lNh- I 1 TIIan d",r:Nf', am S,hli, -pel ing






Page Four

Frida y , Feb. 28, 1958

Psychologist Hypnotizes;

Studellts Are in Trance I




lough ChnrtulD

Dazed studrnts ware l'd the dazing n' ults f hypnoti m as Dr. Perry London. cl inica l 'ychologisr at 1 adigan Army Hos ­ pi tal and instructor in ps eh log ic I rcstin on campus, gave a dem n tration and lecture on it at tbe last me rin:y of th Ps ho logy Club. He was :lssis[l'd by Jim B 'an \ 10 has his M.A 'I Pry t c:>l c:>g v from tht U, i"' T" t of~ . -.- - -

use of fre e press.

PRL~ _

EDlTOR .............. D AVE CROWNER News Editor.. ................Herb Dempsey Reporters: Teddi Gulhaugen, Barb Stu h lmiIkr, Barbara Isaacson, Dick Fi~h, r, Dan Witmer Jerry Donahe, ~" g Evanson, Dick Kr iger.

aJijornio a d 15 al 0 of t e ps c. 01­ :t.s. oC!y divi. ion a t the h osJlItal.






PH ONE LE. 7-7 100

U S( ' a ~ " pa rlor iock" ; the p rimn . D r . Lon d 11, who h:u. },i cgrrl d :m ( r bt-ing from a p ~sibl e conflict Fl"a tur e Editor......Maril: n Donaldson !!,ges- R epotn., Solvei g L craas. Joey D an· irtllll L uium ' ,\ Uni\"! rsi t : , cg 1 his crc:a tf' d du to po.t·h ypnotic id ~on, Bob Bilt..., Ea rl De Bu rcham, Iretun' n "M"Wl i,m" a~ M l·. Bryan 3 • fat· M a this , B(lb I mi n ~ . • na ll y r lax( d on som.. mroTt:lbl hair !Jro\'id rd for tht d t monst.r.1ti II . 'spor t, Editor..... ....... ..Dc rm i! Martta l' I I Reporter. : .Tim iuilsb " Tim Wynd. \ ~ th, sooth in ~ lec turt p rogr" ,­ d, ham, Harry Sa nn erud, D i 'k Good· m, n' notin 'rl thl \ , ry rt I; 'cd • ~~ I · win, E ugem' Hap aJa. nt. I in i. hing. h is 1 ctu re. Dr. Lon· T" p is t ... ....... ............. ...Laurir B ccraft I J it turnl d hiA all nt ilm to Jim, who B siness ilIfanageLl\Iary Lou Engen qui t('" ;10 e . pt"rl in aUlo· hvPllmll " fnr into ·'drc<l m la nd.' Ad Soil . tors : Rod P tt raon, Loll! ONE-DAY LT int.:: ,t P ("I. I rn !lIb<' ~ ·,Inn, Dr Anderson, Linda Sch arf. SERVICE 1,llnuon J, .. lied 1rom Ji tha t I'" Ph ot .l!T3 ph t:"r..........Mr W . {eKe en , s undl' r h vnosis to "34 ." AI tist .. ... .... .................. D ick Londgren A :nlia l nnesthe 'ia ,.as dfcmoD' Bookk"eper..............._..... Ca rol House. ;::::::::::::::::::::_ _ - _ _-_ -_ - _- _- _-_..-_ _~_________::.==::::::::~____ ---------.- . I rat d a l the U1ee.tin~. · N exf. thr lr()ulation ................._....... Pat.ti FInn II ,ff.. c~ of a "re·li> ed" athletic came E.: nge ...............................J oy Lev.:is « r ( > dL11loDstratcd re5u lt in~ in Ad\·lS0 L ........ .. . ... ...... .... Mr. M . Nesvig !

EX ERT Cleaning at



much pl'r~ irati n. At this . J im was askl:d if he , Otlld like 10 " " ilK out,-' having bccn in a Itan ,.

and Parkland and

"nu \\ ..

;:! ssistrd into a tran< . b •f Bf' an to 3 depth of about H o . Lun<' on bdien'd much d cp r). -\ t thi t ilm ·~. d Ian'l on i t h e ~e· ninl!". r. London said that C"ver '011l'






p rima ry purpOSr or bene1it



from ~uch an evcning, ~u ggested by Dr. K. . Ol beTJ,:' of PLC's ps}'ch olog d part n t. " as the removal of the "mysticism" concerning hypnosu.. Thr many Iheorit"s on hypnosis wrr


LEnox 7· 261


---..... __ ­

I C?



fo r llbou t a n h o u r.

i~ t h~a:~:~~r::c:~

t 903 Pa cific Ave nue






3820 outh Yakima




P blisbcd Fridays of the schoo year by studen ts of PLC, at Parkland, Washington. DUite: ollege U nion Building. Phone LEnox 7-86 11 . E ·t. 4 1. ._ _ __


aturday is




Day at the Bon!



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LAURIN T'S Apparel


We Outfit Co-eds 406 Garfield St.

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Tuesday - All Evening Wednesday ­ after 9 p.m. Friday - All E eni ng 10707 Pacific Ave.

Tacoma Phone LE. 7-6012



W. provide Checking Gld Savllgs Ac(,ults Gld all other balk services

for (olloge studilis



It was sad... when that

e t. ship went down and the

las thing to leave the sinking ship was





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e !

Glads ake I 3 in o n I Cham s T r ay

by Dennis Marttala

KANSAS CITY BOUND for the grand-daddy of all basketball tournaments from March 10-15 are Coach Marv Harshman and Rich Hamlin, Bruce Alexander, Norm Dahl, and Ardeen Iverl on (who are not pictured) and (I. to r.) Lute Jerstad, Bob Roiko, Tom Sahli, Coach Harshman, Chuck CurtiS, Jim Van Beek and Rog Iverson_

Pacific Lutheran College's "mighty" Lutes will be in the air on their way to Kansas City to the National Association of Inter­ collegiate Athletics tourney tomorrow morning. The ann ual NAIA gathering of 32 of the "cream of the teams" throughou t the nation is the biggest tournament of the hoop sport. On their third consecu tive trip to the "big one" the L u tes will be seeking the top slot of all the 32 t\'ams 'which start oom­ petition Ivlonday morning, March 10. The Gladiators won their trip to KC by downing the en tral Washington College Wildcats in two "wild" contests last M a­ day and Tuesday, 54-51 and 72-50, respectively. The m eeting between PLC and CWC was the NAIA District No.1 pla yoff. The Harshmen will be leaving Sea-Tac A irport tomorrow morning at 7: 00 a.m. on a United Air Lines Flight. They w ill arrive in Kansas City at 4:55 p,m, (CST) and will be taken from the air terminal there to a hotel reserved for teams in the tourney. Sunday evening the hoopsters will be honored with a banquet. '//"1/11",1/////1////7-'////1////////-'/",,,,,,,,;,//////fIlII/ILIff/fILIi

AJI students are to mcet in front of the CUB tomorrow morning at 5:30 to form a caravan to Sea-Tac Airport in order to give the team a royal send­ off! Especially those who have curs should be at the CUB to provide rides for those who need them. Heading the gaiety will be the song and cheerlead­ ers. It is hoped that hundreds will turn out and top last Yl'ar's crowd!

APO Quartet Contest Scheduled for April 26 On April 26 APO will sponsor the ,("('and annual Barber~hop Quartet .ontest w hich w ill be judged by mem· !"' TS of d u: faculty. The committee j n dwr,~ of tht! event urges all members of [he PLC Stu de nt Body to st art now " r,d form a quartet to compete at the "Vlnt on A p ril 26, - -- .- -- ..- -- -- -.

"""'//""""/""""""""""""~'/,i""""',"'" /'""""""""

Last year the L utes took third place in the NAIA single elim­ ination ~\'ent. The first place team. Tennessee State, edged PLC 71-70 after the Glads had won their first three outings with im pressive 91-72. 105-83 and 76-61 scores. In the tilt for third place the Lutes knecked over \Vestern IUinois 87-85. VOL. 35, NO. 17 PARKLAND, WASH. FRIDAY, MAR. 7,1958 This is the third straight year for the Lutes to enter the l our, _____________________________ narr:ent .. Curtis.] , V c:r:, Beek and .Ierstad wil! b~ mak ing theIr thU'd annual L'lSl t to KC as members of the Dlstnct No . J championship team. The ten men who will make up the squad North HaD to Host cO,ill be the same ten coho Finished the district campaign Tuesclac; Men Tomorrow Night mght. Forwards on the tou(l1e~f rOSIer arl!' Chuck Curtis, B ob Roilw. Ardem iocr50n and Norm Dahl. The centers are T om "Tropical Holiday" will be the Sahli and Rich Hamlin, AI guard slots will be Roger iverson. J im theme of a party given for all Van Beck. Lute Jerstad and Bruce Alexander. PLC men by the women of North .-I Coach Marv Harshman believes his squad of last season w as Hall tomorrow, March 8, starting a team more likely to take th. top slot, but will not discount the a t 7:30 p.m. in the m a in lounge ability o f tbis yea r's t( 3 111. HarshI:1 a:1 saiJ, "The tourney \~ iii b· of No rt h Hall. tough with all the champions competing. This team should do The girls say, "Such a casu a l le,tic Commission n etted PLC thr:e ()~tstanding athletic ,a,wards. 1 1 he o nly Tucom a area honor of Its klIld each year. the 1 acoma occasion calls for casual d r e s s, as well as we did last year. "Our outcome will depend a lot upon the draw. If w\. can 50 now's the time to sport those A th lete of the Year, went to John Fromm. And awarded places in the Tacoma Sports Hall of Fame were Bermudas, j e a n s, and flashy draw a Tuesday game, the rest, as well as a light workou t on Monday, will make it easier." Marv T ommervik and IVl arv Harshman, the "Marvelous Ivlarvs." shirts!" •_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...J11 About their showing in the playo ffs Harshman stated, "for for th Lir "'r\'icl' to PLC during 19:19-J;l·- ---..- - ·--------as tired as they were from th" tough schedu le recently the m ~n i U foot b all S,'aB On S, .'\wards to the 7 played good ball even though it was not their best Hall of F :1ITll' Girl only be giver, 10 "7 he tough schedule actually should be of value in prepara­ y~an after the year of the service or tion for tournament play. it creat€s good condi tionin9 for I hI! outs ta ndi n!!" ~,thktic: accomplishment, trJU9h ones to be pla~fed." Sets Two Records He went en to say, "} onl y regret having to leave the tea m JoHn rronnn I'f" celvcd an e ngr~lved when most of [hem have a year left in wbich they can com(! o ut pbq u ,. as thi s y ear' s Athlete of the F estivities of the second annual itors lYlay attt"nd either of those two on top again. " Y ilf UI' th e ba,is of tW() national rec­ Moth ers' \V cl'kend on the PLC cam­ pnfonna n ce s of the Child rC'n's The­ Last year th2 Lutes brought home one of the four custom m ade oHI ' 11<' set in jawlin throwing last pus hav(' been scheduled for wiarch ater production of ''jack and the trophies which are presented annuaJly to teams finishing in Jun.., 1+, 15 and 16, with all the moth Bea n stalk" in the CM S. Abo during top four places. Nlc m bers of the championship team are giYrn ()nL uf tht-~ l" rcc0rds h e- made i!1 ,,,it h daU L~htcrs atte nding PL -' cor~ the day tours of he ~' anlpus \vill be miniature diamond studded gold basketballs, while the second S; n Oiego, Cali fo rnia for a throw of dially invited. schedukd,. Silturday pro"run ' ld I . _ ' . ' _,mght ,- ..a , " p 1aCL team receIves go . ones. Th e [ h'Ir d- an d 'tourt h pace (I:ams 2·13 fee t , 11 inches til set a new n;:t­ Spunsor ed by • the. A'" soCIatl"d \VOlTl­ will !w held III tht, LB-2lJU m honor ' 'I J' , • . • • I arc gIven Sl vcr rep !Cas. l i~lll' r '~ord for the j\ ational Asso­ t'n Students thIS w('cke nd has be t" " l oJ the motllels, follo\ C'd by a coft"" '1'1 K r't, J '- Cha m b,e.r o.f C ommerce al.';IS. t S t bc , ' . . . . :. "' .,, Ih o ul in. ('ach of th e thn'(' dorrns I 11: . . a.nsa s. _I " ~ unlur c ia tion of Interrolle ll ia tc Athleti cs , >e t aSld, for the pUi p OSC o t bll~Gll1,,., I ' . - .'. . NAIA otfiCials 1Il maklllg the stay at Its City a pleasant om.'. T he l' romm tossed his sec ond lon g O Ill," in nwtht'[s to the campus a n d giVIn gHert· tl1l rc wtll. b e .a mother chosen KC JCC assigns an h on orary coach for eaLh team in the to urna'\ustin, Texas, at the National Col­ t il "111 a 100" 1'1 to tIle' "('ol len ~ II'f" of as qu ee n of Mothers· \Veekend, The 'h . goes. H e I . ,,, '<­ ment. Th'IS ,,<coac h" accompanies I: c tt'am w h erever It kg i"tl' _\tltktic Association';; m e c t their girls. busy th f ' days will______ clost· Sunday. . . genera I a compaIllon . acts as a gUI'd e, an d 1Il to h'IS team.

h, Tommervik G et: Hall of Fame Awards r

~:~:':hl~~P =I~~ar~!~~~~~ ~~T~~1~~Ull- i Mothers~

W eek(~n{l Set

For March 14, 15, 16


wit lt a


Qf 248 feet, 1 inch.

• farvs Gain F ame T ht fal11 0us Pacific Lutheran duo of t b~ "lvl a r\'clous i\1arvs," who put !'LC on the football map, were them­ ',~ I \'l' s put on the "map" at Monday ni ght's banque't. Their names were linked t ogetha in PLC gridiron tac­ tics bctwcen 1939-1940 as each made recor-d upon record in passing and St' orirtg, b ~ corning nationally fa m ous as a passi n g a n d scoring team. Both Are' AlI·American Tommervik was the A.P. Little AllAmerican for 1940 and 1941, while Harshman was the New York Sun's All American in 1941. Between 1939-40, when the "Mar­ ,'elous Marvs" were operating, PLC w o n 20 straight games, losing only two in the three seasons of play. Harshm an and Tonunervik were co­ coaches at PLC between 1948·1950.



Barbara Johnson, general chairm an for the {'vent, has announced the schedule of activities for the three


.--.- - - -


I Theater


::t~:'n~~,:i::~=t~a~:;!I!y~ewl;:~dar~i::~ One Week Run in South Hall Lower Lounge on Fri- l On Tu esday night at 8:30 p,m. thc day evcnin~, follO\:e~, by refr.cshments. f~r>t curtain will rise fO,r th e Children's

I Do gas, eeuas Ta Rapresenl

PbC .-n ansas "'-Iy InUI-lall-o al


PLC's hi ghly accredited deb a t (' noted invitational this year. T here 'J:1ck an~ the squad was honored again this year to will be eight preliminary r ounds and ha\ c been ,.1 t aSld, so that the \ ,_ mght wIiI be reccive an invitation to the Kansas four rounds of elimination. Last yC'JU' - ------- -- - - - - --- - - - - - open to Pacific Lutheran's 3tudents University Heart of America Debate PLC contestants went into the q uar­ this year, Conference to be h dd from March ter finals. The following schools have b etn Pt'rformances of this show will be 13 to 15 at the University of Kansas chosen to compete t his year: Pac ific PaciHc Lutheran's conCE'rt band givcn (:a ch day at I :00 p.m. through at LaWlenct'. Kansas. ity, U ni. leaves tomorrow mornin g for a 9-day Friday and two showings on Satur­ Only the outstanding teams from Lutheran, Harvard Unin t.our in the NOI~liwes't. ~ncluding day, one in the morning and another representative areas of the country versity of Southern C a lifornia, Wi, ­ stops in Or gon, IdaJho a nd Wash- feature at 2:30. The public is invited are (·hosen. This fourteen col­ consin S tat e, Univcrai ty of Notn: ington. to all performances. leges a nd universitie.s will be repre­ Dame, University of Oklahom , U ni­ The show, directed by originator of sented, only five of which are from versity of Houston, Southw(' t M i•• Final pl'esenrtatlon for the PLC ni­ organization will be in t he Edward the PLC Children's Theater, E ric west of the Mississippi. Th is i s the souri State, D a rtmouth Colle , versity of Illinois, University of F lor· Nordholm, includes many experienced second year the conference has been Markham S c h 0 0 ~ Auditorium in ida, Augustana of R ock Island, U. S. Portl&nd, Oregon, o.t 8: 80 p.m. on r ast members. The leafy bcanstalk, held . Senior debators Don Douglas and Military Academy and the University Sunday. MarQh 16, follov.1ng which about which the story revolves, will Tom Reeves will represent PLC at the of South Carolina. the band will r ed.'Urn to the college. grow on .t&ge.

S.~tUld'l) s ,m~1 r~lll:" , and, after. no.~:~

11Beanstalk.· heater f~:·odu. ctlO.n, Opcmng

Musicians Leave


Pa g e Two


Friday, March 7, 1958


Another Decision

• • •

to the Editor Give It the Old Col/ege Try

Swimming Pool Assessment?

Dear Editor: \ F or the time I will ac t not as a mem r of the staff of this paper but as a student who was at the ('ouncil rncetin.'l' where the matt"r of the pro­ posed assessment was dis cu ssed, In this capacity I w llUld lih to ask a few questions and request some con­ crete amwel·s. I would ask th com­

Again this Tuesday you students will be called upon to make an important decision in student body chapel. Being brought up 10 the commg business meeting is the proposal that we students o t P aci f ic Lutherzn College assess ourselves six dollars per semes­ ter in rder to raise S I 00,000 fo r a college swimming pool. A cording to prese:1t estimations by those proposing the asC' m~ l. it will ta e approximately s ix [Q eight years to achieve lhl m netJr T goal. It is not known when construct:on would begi n o n the pool. No stlldent would be required to pay the assess­ m nt for m ore than eight semesters, according to the proposal. Til t: day's motion may be to refe r the assessment proposal to ge neral election in the CUB on next Tuesday afternoon , But ha t ·.vcr is do ne, it will be up to you, tbe students, to either pass he proposal. refer it to a gene r 1 election at some time, or defeat (he en tire idea, The Moor ing Mast as a paper and staff is at this time taking 110 sta nd o n the issue, The Mooring Mast is urging only thaI: you fuli ill your duty and attend Tuesday's cbapel to voice your opin­ i n wit h yo ur vote.-Dave Crowner, editor.

Excitement Caused by Russia Causes Concern with Professor

Way to Go!



:~::e to answer these simple qUl:s-

I) If thl~ students saw fit to vote! no on the measure to support the de­ velopment fund, why should th ey go farth er out on a limb a nd vote for th e swimmin<; pool fund' 2) Is it not true that if th e mca­ ,un~ is passed, there will be no way a st ud ent w uld get out of the added asst'ssmf'n t, a s it w ill br com.. a df'bt w,ich will he added to the bill whe n he en ters PLC?


:I ) Is ,t not tru e th a t th ose of us who rt>ly on our parent5 for support will he for cing them under the added burden of tht: asses;;ment a nd rai,ed "Russia has put America into a sad state of excitement," states tuition ? Dr, J, p, Pflueger. professor of religion, ethics and philosophy 4) Is there any g ualante~ that the a nd a member of the PLC family for the past 28 years. pool will b e fini shed within, say, ten EXPERIENCING THE DILEMMA of the crutches were temporary one· Several ideas were expressed by Dr. Pflueger in an interview years? footers Dorothy Johnson and Don Schultze as they stop to figure out the la st week concerning America's reaction to Russia's scientific 5) Your figurcs a re based on 1500 next stair-climbing move. Dorothy and Don are only two of t h e almolt achievements, "Russians want us to waste money," Dr. Pflueger full time students. Is there any but an dozen students who in just the past few months have been disabled via saI d, "but should we waste it?" ~lI--------outside ch a nce that thc quota w ill be skiing, basketball, stairways and other assorted enemies, and have be ~n hopping around PLC on the wooden legs . H I" strongly feds it is not achieve ­ man IIIl:am nothing and is u se d only full ? mrn t t o gd 3. sa t c llit ~ into the air if to advan ta ge, Beca use of our way of 6) The re was mention made of out- 'I WI can't direct it to bring it down, li vi ng :lnd respect for the human be­ side help , How rcal is this chance? ntil such control is ach ieved the in g. we ca n never com pete in like 7) Arc then: no other things we Uni ted States is wastillg m oney, mann~r. nCI·d more th an a swimming' pool? I When he was in college some 45 "~cca\lse of t~c dec ep tion of the If there is morc space next week, y lirs ago, Dr. Pflueger adds, thc sci­ Russl a~s w" don t know how many th ere an; a few more poi nts and the By BOB ..- nt ists could havc performed t he same launchmgs they attempted before suc­ arguments to support thc~e qucstions type of cxperiments but they didn' t cess," hc wa rns , "We don't know when whi ch could be as ked, Heigh h o, ,, \,t:rybody, and congra tulat ions to the t m on its trip to hi! 'r the money to do £0 to believe.: them, -HERB DEMPSEY K a nsas City, I\-e also b("('n askt:d to gr t out of tow n. , , , I'd lik to kccp you "Wc lllllst go ollr own . way ' keep - the p rettiest , People Panic up to d all' on my conkst for t h e gi-rl on camp us WIth ears, I'd P flUt'!,;lT comme nud , people :lre our powder d r y and strIve for use­ I I Il k.. to em ph~ s l zc th.- fad th a t thiS 15 not n ga ' a nd th wmner's a rs wtll " , ly p a ' cked, which is a major rcaa fu I f orm." 0 f d e f cnsc. What dot'S Dr, Pflueger think con­ R.e,. l1Hs of the tud n t bod y el ec-! r('('('i n' :I n all (,XPt' us,' paid trip to Hawa ii hy parcd .post. n f r the quick ac tion of American I've had a few people come lip and ask mc when our radio show 's going ~i,'ntis ts, H e believes this excitem ent ceming thl.: present d emand for more tlons held laM Tnesday al'e as Ilows: to, be playe d back, which :lmazt:~ ID(', I'd, to thank those who cooper~ted pile p oliti cs bas been disadvantageous, ~Lientists he re in ruerica? n' poli t i,' a l par ty blames the other "Whole Man" Needed J ,The ame ndm e n t to <:ha,nge ele."" ":'Ith .~s ~nd, made thl.: show posslb,I,('. , : . S!ttmg he N" a t my loyal type~,ntu. if such s •· .. n tific advancem ents a rl-n't ' I ' h I Illlo. n d a,te of the clas s ofrI('el"~ w as I m l<IDtnded of th a t old sayIn g-, :\ bird In the hand gat.hf'rs no moss, a nd ' b I' e levt:r m I Ie 'w 0 e ! \ s a f Irlll ' . Ik ' h . d I' d I-k , _ " d h II d d " passed, Y eg 274' No 17 -tC pmg t at tn Imn I-e.: to rem Ind you that there are only approximat,.ly m,dt:. " . _ ., , ' llIan all t e we rOlln e cItIzen . ' ' orne kd th a t Europeans began to -, , d I . The a.mendment to ch:lllge the 13 we.:,· k, bdofl' fmal exams and now's the time to buy my Do-It-Younel! D r, Pfl ul'gcr IS a!,'(a mst eve opmg as ' r>h ' KI ' I 'I h f I , confide nce in Americans when H ' I " '." ~ bl d eadline date for nomina tion s fro m ,. I.'atm ~ It, wil e 1 In C ud,'~ t " 0 lOWIn g Items: one ScI of ~r able c uffs lIl any stnct y sCientists as po 1 t:. ., ' ~ , . , ' us la launched its fir s t satellite. the Lvte rary Boa rd was pas ed' one pair of bmoclllar contac t lenscs, a t.wo-way transistor radiO elks tooth " b " H. t: f"0: I8 sClcntIsts are eglllntng to ' , Howeve r, when Dr. Pflueger visi ted · h t t d d b d d Y es 277' No 12 I and. a t no ex tra ch arge, my pamphkt "10 1 Thin ....s to Sav When Caught," rea IIlt t a s u ents l1t'c a roa e u' ", ' - " , '" , , Eur p a few yea rs ago he felt that cation and are sending thcm b a ck to The resolotuion til3lt the s~udeTht (E d_ :'\0t.1: : ThiS produ ct has not. rer:cl\'ed the Good H Ollsekcf'pIng Seal of tht' E urop ea n were much Ie ex ci ted the liberal arts colle ges of body paI1ti ci'p a.le in t_h d evelop­ Approvnl) , , , However, rumor has It that Don Cornd l h .l~ uscd one sur­ und worried abou t RUMia than the , I"Izmg III , SCience, . nle'lt fllnd throug h se If so"1·1C1't a; t'IOn ccssfuil)' 311 yt'a r specla A erican public is worrie,d. " Science doesn't know about mor- ' was defeated. Yes, 177; No, 325, Sign seen on pilssing Vol kswagon, " Don't stcp on m c, I eat ha rmIul in· He pointed ou t wh y Americans ality and tllC well rounded citizens," sec ts." . - - I lin- in one of those quiet neighborhood. and they'll do anythin~ should not be ashamed or w orried I ~nd concl~dcs, tha t fo r real , success, to keep it that way, The Fire Dept. has an unlisted phone: number. about scientific progress: "We are man can t dJ ctate the currIculum.". In closin g, did you evr..- ge t the feeling this is just one of those Cl' turie, I(ctting control over guid ed mksiles W~l('~ evcryt,hing goes ~rong,? (Coming next week : Comp ~t~ text of W ...bster· and should wait until control is PATRON IZ E OUR ADVERTISERS DIctIOnary 10 Norw g l' lll dIalect, Watch for it !) gained before spending man e y. Today seven PLC lllembe l's will Take pro,qress in stride and do not arri e a.t Augwrta.oa College in FOR THE HAIRCUT YOU LIK E . . • lead on in foolish spectacle adven­ Sioux Fall". South Dakota. to rut· tures.'" tp nd .lhe arulU.a I ELC Student ConRussians Use Slave Labor fl:'l'enl't'. "WE SPEC IALIZE IN FLAT·TOPS" " We ca nnot try to outspend Rus­ Miss A. Bake-r, PLC a ssi at li­ Located in IGA Foodtown sin.n5 because they u e slave labor." 406 Garfield S t. LE.7-5317 brarian, drove and is the facul'ty 112th &. Park Ave n ue Ph o ne L E, 7-3 1 0 the Russians, h e explains, the hu­ 'cha pe rone. Attending from ark­ land are IM-iri-a m Stoa. D lalla Paul. Jim 1~loren(;e. Glen Campbell, and at • • • BE'\' S\\~an8nn.






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Friday, March 7, 1t58

PLC Competing At

Lutes Top Western, Central

LT.~~~~~, !~~~"~!! "{ .,-1


a lr for junior a nd senior division 1 hom e maples as (b ey soundly troun ced the handicapped Central d! ha tors f ro m PLC in the Linfield ' Washin gton Wildcats 72-50 before a .packed house. It w a the r 11 1· M M· ·11 by E un ene Hapala A .... 0 c~, ournam-: nt a t 1 C mnev! e , " second .lnd deciding game of the thr<'e- game DistriLt No. 1 N AI - regon . Th ey compe ted i~ th e twelve Wha t o ther ho~ors could you win in this . leagu e if you w er.c Coac h M a lY playoff S<Ties, after th e ed ging out of~V'------------""cn ts y esterday from 8 .00 a .m. to H a rshma n? O"r 19:> 8 Lutes h anded H ars h hi S fou rth co nsccutlve league fl ag a 54-5 1 ve rd ict in the playoff ope ner lowed by Van Beck with B.. The l I :00 p.m . a n d li ke sch eduks a rc se t las t wcrk, the TAC na med H a rsh to the Pierre C ounty Hall of Fame, and M onday ni ght. closely checked Curtis cont ributed 12. for toda y and tomorrow. now in H a rshma n's fin a l ga me on the h ome cou r t, th e G ladia tot· presented The Lut " who overra n all compe· Th e Lutes' well-worn path to the Thirty·five: sch ools a nd ~bout 7~O , him with his third co nsec uti\"<: .trip to the NAL\ Tournament in K a nsas Ci.tY· 1tition in Eve rg reen Conference pl.ay, foul line was the d ete rmining fac tor " rt~'tants 3re Involvf'! d thIS yea r III The events of th., p.ast thlrtcen seaso ns h a\·.c brou ght a.bollt ~l!a ny thrIlls earne d th e play off berth by d rubbmg ' Monday n ight . E a ch team gained 21 the: Importa nt tourney. PLC has at- t e, H a i'sh, but we d oubt If many ...,,11 com pete wIth the h ec tIC a ctIOn of Mon- \V estern, second rankin~ tea m west of bu cke ts f rom the f. icld, but the Lut I-:nded the lIl ee t a total of twelve d ay a nd T llf·sd ay' s ga mes. the Cascades, 85-62, Sa turday. C en- con rtcd 12 fre e throws out uf 2.2 il" ' rfo a nd a nnu a lly si nce 1949. Since Th e Lutes leave via a ir tomorrow for K a nsas C ity in hopes of brin gin g t ral, a surprise entry in the playoff a nd th e Wildcat:> 9 of 12. Cen tra l held a sli ght 30-28 halftime 195 1, with the exception of last year, hom e th e champ ionship trophy that eluded thl'" ir grasp las t year by a single finals , ed ged out a 6 7-64 win over PL C h a s won one of th e ;wccpsta krs game . A turnout of more than a thousa nd stu de nts a nd fa ns should bc on heavily favored Gonzaga. ed g", bu t C ur t ils a nd Company 3wa rds . hand to sec thr: Lutes off from S,.a·Ta c Airport in the morning. L et us off~ r Lutes T ake Second, 72-30 ma tched th e vi sitors basket-for-basket The Un iwrsity of Oregon will pro· On beha lf of the student body of PLC our con gratula tion s on anothe r Ever· Desp ite th e luss of th eir forward, · in th e second h~lf a nd fi nn lly pullt' .. the biggest competition fo r PLC 'I green Confe renc e cha mpi onsh ip a nd the best of luck a t K a nsas City., fellas! Bill Coordcs, th e Wildc~ts stay.~·d with­ a hL"ud with :!: 12 remaining. T he spark -(jain this yea r. In othcr tournament..s in rea ch of th e Lu tes III the Itrst half p lU brs of th e Wildcats, Coord es and till y/"il r the two schools hav!'; broken 1 INTRAMURAL STANDINGS Tu esday, tr:;l ilin g olny :!]·2 1. Coordes Kominski, who scored 22 and eight ·.url ), even. At Linfield they will sc rap (Through M arch 4) suffered a n ank le injury in the first points, respectively, left the ,rome vja fo r the junior and senior sweepstakes "A" L ea!,'lle \\'on Lost :10 seconds of the playoff open er in th e fuul route in th e dosing minl1tc"> nd especiall y for the gra nd rotatin g H este rs ....................... 1 t

3 attemptin g a n off-bala nce jump shot. wht·n th ey wcre ll~t"d.:d th e iJlo~l. wl'l'pstakes whi ch PLC won two years PLC c: indenn cn a re readying' for the Roa d Runners ............ 13

3 Curtis sparked the LU lt:S with 20 Lutes Top Western l1JO when it was first given and which m eets to be held this spring. Eleven DcJard ines ..... . .. ..... .... 12

4 ; po ints a s well as 20 rebounds. Roiko, In the semi.playoffs, the ti red Clad ­ men have been working out fOI' the Clover Creek '1\.' ........ to

4 Sahl.i, ~nd Iver~on ~ad . 1 3 , 13 and 10, ia tors, playin g their fourth game in .1 r("gon U. won last year. Professor Theodore O. H. Karl, the track a nd field events. Prairie Dogs ......... ....... 10

5 1respectIvely. ~onlln~kl ~ad, 13 for week, easil: to.ok the m.e~sure of t he deba te coach and head of the speech All-American javelin s t a r John Ivy 'A' ........................ 10

5 Centra l and Blcloh canned tl ll. W estern Washll1gton V lkmg s, 85-62, Celtics ............... ......... 8

oJ . g agam . m . 8 . The Lutes found the shooting ra to qualify for the playoff finals . rtment, reports t ha t PLC ItaS a Fromm will be spec ia I'IZIU 'll!pa Brc\ vers ............... .. ....... 4

wd l balanced squa d" a nd "they have the spear toss while Keit.h Crelf!Y, a h III the last half aud wound up WIth Th,·. Lutes got off to a slow start 12 U pro\"(:d t h ey can h I. ·t" H. e pom . t ed b Wester n Parkland ... .. . 3

12 ,. a . .4. 55 ,per,centage, topping that of t e but were never seriously th r :alentd. freshman. , will · c h,s un d erstu d y. C re. e Won Lost \' Isltors .288. PLC out - rebounded and turned th e game into a run-awllY I)ut the junior division sweepstakes ley also has ocen hurling the discus. "B" win ovcr Oregon U . at the College of Carl Sc.arcy has been hefting the Warriors ........ .... .. ........ 11

"~I Central 53-36. in the second half. Curtis drove for 4th Floor Frosh ... ... ... 10

4 "Red" R eese, Eastern coach and 28 tal lies and Roiko bu cketed 18. Puge t Sound Tournament recently shot-put alon.1! with Orson Christian­ 5th FI 0 0 r .... .......... ...... 10

.:lod a lso the senior division sweep- 'o n and Tim Wyndham. Runners in­ 4 District NAJA official, presented the Rollo Gould s:ored ten for W~.tern ~ • F acu It y ........................ 9

6 Washin gton NAIA championship tro­ BI·g COD-L.... ta kC5 win at Los Angeles against stiff elude Bob Lee, who will be trying the ,,_ 'l'ak-~ Small CoUe""e CI over C ree k' 'B' ........ J"

9 phy to PLC Captain Tom Sahli in a Th e n_ a t.·o na Ily ran ked S~ one-ha lf and on e mile distances; Dan ' A ttle Chl·~r ~ _ l) mpf'ti tion la~t fall. Ivy 'B' ........................ 4. 5

9 I brief ccn:mony at the end of the tains overran the Lutes 94.60 in SePrafessor Karl and Dr. U tzinger, I Witmer, 220 ma n; Lowell Sheldahl, ~Is '" of the speec:h department, tra v· 1sprinte r, aT'.d Bill Weinerth, sprinter. Brains ... ................ .. .... 2 11~_ g3m~own Central 54-51 Monday auk on Februa ry 28 in a n on-conCer­ Gunne rs ­ ence game. l ·d with the teams to th e m eet. 1 D a ve Jenkim and Gary G ebhart Stubs ....:::::::::::::::::::::: 2 12 The initia l contes t in the final pl~yPLC held an early lead, b u t cou ld The following people a re PLC's have bee n turning out also for the .- -- uff proved to be nearly a re-creation not find a defen~e to stop All -AI enr nte~tants : S!e n i 0 r Division-Tom track practicing. of the final conference game in EI­ can Elgin Baylor, who dunked 51 Rce'-e ~ , Don Douglas, Janet Turman.• j' . Organized practice for ba seball be· U knsberg, which the Lutes won 44-42. points. Chuck Curtis, suffering from :I­ Ikttd ou Macdonald, a nd H crb D cmp- " ins when Coa ch Marv Harshman Te­ The scoring dud between all·conf,.r- SCVI:) chest cold, ~cored 19 for the .~)- . Junior Division-Jim Tra ynor, " , . . ence Bill Coordes of Ct:ntral and the Lutes.

C,ty.. H owever, iIl­ · D a II Ofm I , C a I C' apencr, D ave S tuart, I turns . . from Kansas . I equally honored Lute, Chuck Curtis, .-_ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ _

Jacki e Slat~r, Jcris Randall, J u d li dl\'ldual pra.etlce h a.s been gOing on resulted in a COOl·des victory, with FOR OFFICE SUPPLI E S I for seve ral daYi. The Hestcrs of Thil.·d Ho.o r Ol.d 22 points, but Bob Roiko, playing olle ' Toh nwn, and Louise Kraa bd. Maiu managed to retam their POSI- I of his greatest games, took up the JOOICSEtLEIf. & STATIONEIf

tion as league leade rs in the "A" di·1 slack and popped in 17 poi nts, fol­ vision. Thq held on to the lead with ' - - - 932 Pa~ific Aven ue BR, 2-4629

a slim m~lfgin over both the DeJar­ Tacoma, Washington dines a nd the Road Runners. When the intramural hoopsters took 112TH STREET (Airport Road) A N D P A R K AVENUE to the maples last Monday the R oad i Runne rs knock"d o\'e~ th e He~te rs 43 Intramural singles and doubles pin~ I to 33. Jon We.fald hIt If pomts for p~n~ playoffs art: to be played off Fully Automatic

I the Hesters whIle Bob R os.~ conn ec ted wlthm the next week. ; for 13 for the winners . In th e sin gles semi-fina ls Bob Aust ! OPEN LANES

I '·Game of the Week" honors went will play Dave Bernt.sen for one fi~al r Tuesday - All Evening

to the Faculty - Gunners encou n ter I berth. Jon Wdald WIll meet the wm- I Wednesday - after 9 p.m.

which th e Faculty barely won 29· 28 ner of the Rich Hamlin vs. Neil Weh­ a s Salzman hit 15 for the edging win­ mer match in the other ~ emi-final Friday - All Evening






F- Id P I Ie men repare ! F T Ie M t: or


ee 5








t ers DeS T H





I SI OOp ot,


C. Fred Christeftsen

.-------------------------------.1 IGA FOODTOWN





Ing- ong eanng T F· I ournament Ina e

Complete Shopping Cente r


Paradise BOWL





ners. The underestimated Gunners playoff. 10707 Pacific Ave. Tacoma squad was out for victory, but fell In doubles play Rich Hamlin and short as the final whistle blew. Sam Gange will team again t Jim Van Phone LE. 7-6012 In the game be tween the Faculty Beck and Dave- .B erntsen fo r the title:. a,. aernle arotman 1 and the Brains, Mr. Salzman led the T .h e PI:C. b~5e b I ~eason opens Faculty to a 49-34 win over the Brains LUTHERAN agam~t U.\\'. 1Il the f lrs'l. week ot h' ped ill .)') points This s~orApl"il. as c pum -~ . . THEOLOGICAL ~w .. • T h b -, d '--" in g splurge by the mtramural d,rector here a.s eeu Uu . a roun t ......,. " f W k" h MARV TOM:MERVIK migM pOBsi. netted 'Score r Q the ee onar.! THE CHURCH IS O N THE M ARCH!

for hi m. bly coac h the base baH team. PLC graduates now studying h ere sa l ute you fondly a nd invite

COACH ;.\ IARV HARSHlVI'AN was Coming up on the intramural (.al­ you to consider the Holy Ministry as your life work.

over at the CPS Heldhouse yester· t"ndar is the free throw contest. Each d ay scouti ng for. btisketball talent rontcs tant tosses o ne hundred frc c­ THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958

at ,the Clas s A hIgh schoo l to urna- I . . . men t I wo nder for whom lle was 1throw·. IndIVIdual and dorm honors Chorles B. Foel.~h, Ph.D., President Xl70 Ma rin Avenue, Berkelll)' 8, Canf.


We prOYill. Chl cking aael Savillgs AccoDits alld all other I ·STREET ballk services BBAH for college studtllts

\V~ C ?


~~~~~e:~~~3i~~i8~~~;:a~~~;a~~~~~~~~~~~ or 1..-....;;;-------------' · ~

5COtttillg-P LC or i arc givr:n. HARSH:'dAN a n d his squad donkeys a nd "De sk J o ckeys" suf­ . fe red an 11·8 defeat in t.he b enefiJlt I <Ion key basketball gam e 'held over LOCKED OU T? in th e CP S Fieldhouse last Su nday !Iigh t. Some have a t tr ibl1,ted the losR to weak defensive 5 e t·'lr~S by the donkey,;.

Parkland Cycle & Key CALL ME!




N il

11802 PACIFIC AVE. -N. ~


' , . ~.,

1130 Broadw3\'

PHONE LE . 7-71 00


Paoe Four

Friday, March 7, 1958

Mission Crusaders Learn of China; Preparations Now Underway Nurses Elect New Semester Officers For Saga Carnival in April CRUSADERS CRUSADE t thr' last mcetin!'" " of Mif~i0n Cru­ <'ld~ l>, Da\'id Shen pre~pnted color~d ~ c ~Iides on student work in Hong Kong. Accordi ng to David the Luthcran hu n:h is ad\'ancing slowly; its pco­ pic han: their meetin g:; in small build­ in~5 because they have no I a lrlg e hUTC hes. C ollege students hold meetings just like thei r brothers in America, along with ca mpus witnessing, weekend rc­ !r(':t ts a nd social sports. Ekmentary schools have little con­ nection with God's Word, but the c rnl'ssl'o narl' c~s a r"~ gradually pen.·tratl·ng their walls, stated David . Brought up at the mee ting was the International Voluntary 5 e r vic e s, · h prcscn t s a c h a II enge for any w h IC . young co II ege gra d ua t e t 0 b e a witness _ f' . lJl a orelgn. country u~der Its .gov­ ~rnmt nt. ThIS year's assignment IS to " 1 . . d h t (" CIVI sel:vant-typc pOSItIon un. er the IndoneSIa n Government covenng " . d a two-year peno . . _. . _. Appll' ants must mtc t cel tam qual-

This year's Saga Carnival promises ' at Pacific University, Forest Gro\ ,

Iifications as only

the high est type of Christian candidates arc selected. Nec­ essary characteristics arc: leadership, depe ndability, emotional stability, pos­ itive Christian living, cooperation, in­ dustriousncss .• ability to adjust, pa­ tienee, ability to share and a compe­ teney in at least one professional a nd / or vocational ficId. Pastor Lutnes is to be contacted by interested students.


Tonight skates will hit the icc at the Lakewood Ice Arena a.~ FTA's party gets underway. The rink has been rese rved for PLC from 10:30 un­ pm til 12'30 '"

MISSIONS ARE AIM OF LDR E h h ac mont the Lutheran Daugh­ tcrs of th e Reformation send money .... to certam nllSslOnanes. At the mcetlings eyery second aDd fourth Wedncs­ . day at 4:15 p.m. vanous programs are .. L' . . gl\ en. mda HUld has shown shdes of her Europea n trip with the summer ca mp proj ec t.




The spring tea for faculty wives is I now being planned by membe rs of WAR-MONGERS! LDR. Clo\"Cr Creek Hall and Village h as agai n withstood the vicious and atro­ cious assault p erpetrated by the warmongers of Old Main.


Council Members Head for Confab

Serving PLC through Chri tian use of f ree pre~s.

to bring some finc entertainment Oregon. fore the PLC student body du ring the The Rhythmaires will present " Carnival week-end, April 18-1 9, ac­ progTam of popular favorites lU wcJl cording to gene ral chairman Jim Bul­ as several of their famoU5 comedy rou· tines. The quartet is composed of th t lock. On Friday, April 18, at 8:00 p.m. following members: A. C. HingstoD, i? the CMS Auditorium the corona- tenor; Ralph Shumm, I e a d; E. L tlOn of the Queen and. King will Cooper, baritone; and George Horner, take place wlt.h the. crownmg of the bass. . . Que~n. Crowmng WIll be ~one by Mr. Saturday mght, agam at 8:00 p,m., G ernt Vander Ende, preSident of P ­ in the CMS Auditorium, the LetterVOICES SOUND FOR HELP cific First Federal Savings & Loan men, whose president is Curt Kalstad , Jerry Bayne, Student Cong regation [' Association and alsO. general chainnan will present an old PLC tradition, thl!' director, extends an invitation and of the PLC Development Fund. Le ttermen', Mi nstrel Show. Joe Danplt:a for voices to heIp beautify th e Elections April 15 l' ielson and Jack Holl are in chars .: of > . P'lacf1 cs e . arc a t 6 :30 p.m. 0 f th e semor ' mg an d th e th e S . a t urday m.g se rn.ces EI ectJOn ' . k' . ht show. TIIe L e.tter­ every Thursday mght m the CMS. freshman queen will be on th e same men's chorus WIll be under the du'ec ­ day as student body ele\:tions on Tues- tion of Jerry Bayne. NORTH HALL SELL WARES day, April 15. After the shows in the auditoriu "Anyone for a Tootsie Pop?" was M EV e.g vanson and l:rna Ro b'Illson each night all arc invited down to the th(' North Hall slolva n for a last week . C h arge 0 f t h to show F " re III . ri d ay evc­ gym to join in the gala carnival gatn cJ a~ tht'y practiced their salesmanship in ning. Cal Capener will be master of and entertainment. Door prizes will be offered. the CUB. Gwen Thomas and Gun­ ceremonies. bjorb Ladstcin chairmen of the proj I Rhythmaires To Entertain Main purpose of the Carnival is t " . .­ ect, report apprmomatdy $11 profit. For ('ntc-r-tainment, Saga has ac­ raise money to help finance the cos. North Hall's treasury will receive quired The Rhythmai.rcs, "male quar­ of printing the Saga. Jim Bulloe} • this profit and it in part will be used tet of distinction." They an~ the host .ays, "remember to save your penuie, f or a mIxed . party the donn has quartet of the All Northwest Ba rber­ for the fun-filled weekend of the Saga planned. . shop Quartet Contest held each year Carnival, April 18 and 19. Secon d semestci' has b rought 5ev­ era I new nurses to the campus and th erefore many new members to Ddta Iota Club. New leaders of this group were recently elected: Janet Towe, presidcnt ; Marilyn Nickelsen, vice president; Donna Giger, seen~tary.; Betty Johnson, treasurer; and Julic Simmons, ICC.



(fIi/JAt I





Student Council memb ers Patti PRE SS

Expert Dry Cleaning

Hing-queen Dames i Due In on Apr.-I II

Finn, Lois He'llbel'g, Paul Engel a.nd EDITO R .............. DAVE CROW NER Jim Bullock leave this Wednesday News Editor.................. H erb Dempsey evening for the Evergreen ConferSAGA Queen candidates' names Repo I'f:ers: Teddi Gulhaugen, Barb en ce Student 'B ody Associaltion an- must b e turned m . to the Saga office S~uhJm iller, Ba rbara IsaaCllon, Dick Hnal spring confererlce. to b e held fl. her, Larry Johnson. I. _ _.. o~ or before April.llth~ accompanied . M reh 13·1 " lilt tJ f' T l1lvennty of WIth t r ' 5.0P re O'ls '~att fcc. r eatu re Editor..... _Marilyn Donaldson British Columbia. 0 r ~amzatlOns . . . d IVI " d ua Isca n I and m R r polers: Solveig Lera as, Joey Dan~'I ' f t ~h it'lson, Bob Bills, Earlene Burcham, • am eat ure of e three-day best do this, according to Jim Bullock , convention is the discuss ion groups . Saga business manager, by means of )Ia Mae Mathis.• Bob Fleming. Another i tem on th E: progl'am will a roving petition or the fee call be Sports Editor............. _D en nis Marttala be the EI' ergreen Confel'enee bu si­ taken out of th e organization's treas­ R .. porters: Jim Kittilsby, Tim Wynd­ ury. The Queen candidate must be a ham, Han)' Sannerud, Dick Good­ ness mee ting. One })urpolle of ~, he eonvent.ion is fr es hman women . wi n, Eu gene Hapala _ King candidates' names do not need T ypist .......................... Laurie Beecroft to break n e w ~tudent body offi cers in on stude nt governmeIlJt affairs. to be accompanied with a registra tion usinoos ,Ma n R.ger .. Mary Lou Engen Although P ,a cific Lul·heran has not fcc, but candidates' names are due at Ad Soli tors: Rod P att9l'8On. Lois yet had student bod y elections, the same time as the Queen candi­ And ..n n, Linda Scharf. -those who arE: not seniors are being dates. The King candidates must be P hotographer..........Mr. W. M eKewen sent. senior men. A rti~t . .......... _...............Dick Londgren

Bookkeeper............... _.._..Carol Hou se iN'ul31tion .........................PlIIttl F.ln~

Exchange ................. .......-.....Joy LeWIS

h l .. Ch- rk.. ...... .. .. ............La ni e Ha cgar I

Ac:lvi.or.........._..... _........ M r. M . Ncsvig P ublished Fridays of the sc hool year by students of PLC, at Parkland, W hington. Office: Collese Union Building. Phone LEnox 7-86 11, Ext. 41.

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D.y. •.:::... ...... $998 ,"dud. toll_l/_ .,.di' ArlO 'OW.tOI' "ipi Me.lto 51~ up,Sou,hAm.ritaU"up, Howoil Study Tour $498 up ;,.... A,ound ,he World 51398 up. Alk You< T'o.e' Ag...'

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Chair Taur SII Far April Illh

ea In Final Au Tamarra 'dack and Ih


anlwild Dabbs erlarms

Cance He I ext ulsday

M .t tl iw Iicb D o bbs, co lo r.ltura sopr, no, will appear in (011 ­ eal a[ aci fic Lutheran C liege nex t Tuesday. March 18. at 8 . 30 p .m . in thl:' CMS. Admission for srudents will be on the Sr Idem Artist Series ticket. -I he Atlanta-born suprano made her widely-haikd debut at Mdr politan Opera in November. 1956. The first Negro to sing


Two of tht! forty R oc ·ic let Bro­ t h l' r s' Thl-ological FclJ uw hiP'> 01 15; 1iOO w .. rt: awart\"d to PL ~ nio Da,·id Knutson a nd R oger O lson. T hr .11 La Scal~, Mi, s Dobbs h,,; ,,1,o~lJ-----· . fd lowships a rc to any seminary ir Th ', Unit" d Statp, and th , awat tend lot ed a t tbe Glydt bo urne :lnd Edin- C tt~ talt (' n: ' .\n 3 ri n f!'Om "Lucia di only ,WI'l' a p erind 01 nn, yt ' r a nd :>[1 r u -"I. cl.nd ill f"eit I, ope ra La rnmt·Tm uo r . ' by Donizr:tti, will con­ FRI.. MARCH 14. 1958 not lT n(·w:l hJr. . PA R KLA N D, WASH. VOL. 35, NO. 18 tla .. Ill l!h l.iu t W stl.m Eur- du de th e fil'st half of the prog ram. Thr 171 () will l"OV' , ,,'" , h.· rd F lIowi n, th,' iutl'nnis ";on, the:- pn­ ,.<1 tui t iu n, II 1 h. m. n " It h 11, r \. s u p' . lie Lu t ion llam t w i\! co ntinue w ill l hh l ' )Jl.m to atte nd U" i o n The 10 ·CO.! F ran d scu Opr·ra ill the "S ; In S WI ' a"aient dt" ail " a nd em inaT) in N ew York C Ity. T it nfter J '[urni g IrOIlI n " Rnni, ":Uh a u ss on'~ "L" ~ P apille ns," amount wiJJ 110w $300 for e t' t ms\<: co ncert tOUl of :\mt r:'l lia. " I.e CI·IillI i" and "La Ciga!e" ; and spendi nS money.

h w n 10)'al l eCo1;; nitiun when "he :-\ic'!s"rson's arrangt'lnt'llt of two Cn'u ,t oJ. Comlll ltld Performa nce i rl th ok s(Jn~; ', "Li r Itl' , m a ('hon' :Jmi, " MOTe th.Ln 25,(01) ~cholanhips fOT There arc lips on sdec tin.g you r B th Dav e and Roger will leave in Lf b I' () I Am ri ' IU who wish to study abroad school in a nother country, an •" plana­ eptcmbet of 1958. R oy 0 III r • ou ~,· e o re ._ U ~ tn ,' a nd " Mi ehi,'u Ba njo:' EI W1 be th, tilt British R oya l f::'ICJ ily A ftt'r "I-l i~ Mama Do Lon:: di " ~lnd for fo rei gn stud~nts who want to tion of deg re.e and credit n:quirenlLnt, . nd the ' i. itl n~ K ll1 .p.- :lnd Qutw of Chil,-," L) Jam e" the ('on c It will fill- ~tudy in th e C nited States, Te listed of bOlh U. S. and forei gn ('du cation al weden S" ,·d< n , Ki ng Gustav d<:c-I i,h w ith " M ::! So ul's Be,-n :\nchond in Ih.. new 1958 edition of th e Hand­ .yst,.lllS, !on'ip;lI tu. ency. ur~lo:d h t w ith his country's 0 dl_r ,' if, dl' Lo rd;' by P ri l'c. , book on International Study I'{'ctntly !:lleS, alllt a n CXl enSI\ C lllbhOgraPh Y ,' L th . '" D bb I l b ' . publ ish ed uy the: Institutt· of Int("T­ lrl Ihr field of international ed ucation . o t til • or t ar. ,nlS, O . s, W IOI:1S t ( n acclaImed ' A sprcial sf'c tion con rs summ er tudy . The Pacifi Coast Poe try ssocia­ I n h el' Ut; da" n igh t pedO tmaI,Ce bv (' ritic thr u ~hu"t h country h a s " " li unal Education. ' D 0' bb ' \Vl'11 ope n ,\vlt . h I C:I I'$;0 bt'e- It ...:3 II (' d' '" tIle L cna H orne ' , uf The Handbook, now in it~ second abroad. . tl' on a nnoune,· tha t ~ ".. n tholo'"' of t PLC , "''''I 15 . . . , uatro "_, [ a d Il ga Ias "A rn a I onos. · ' "b \. I Ih L con e r t staRe " " I!;Uld This sec 0 II d edition of th IIE outstandl·n.'"fT p o'try 011 c..~ny .mh'CCI m L tnuute to h rr dltlOlI . ' IS a h ow-t, . . ' e on mtcr­ . .'W .. Rod ri e . Followin that will b t f' u" aPP'cU':mce. : lIall o n. 1 educa tI o n WIth mforrnanon H a ndbook has se\'c ral new features, composed by stu d en ,i PacIfic Caul . . E, nlZu eC. . . ran 'Vi. lH! . Iu d'mg 31st I' 0 t- U . S . co 11eg es an d schools is be ing pn'p:ln' for pub IIca­ It n l<m Jro m Schu ber t: ~, D ie Sl" rt <,(·ntly mad" he 3.dh n,'s when ' .from.. whf'n'. to !iitud)' nuclear lIle ., "s I' k ' t ' .. . h t I . d T. J I ' '1 L..~ In Sweden to th e exchange uniwrsitic s offeril"'"" 'pedal English tl'Oll thl's surl,mer. ph) lUll.!; an L aun • t: Ig r 1 , at . II IUafT1(, n "ngt anson, a CC' u mms t . - ' and " L I ' ·bhaL· ' ~~ II c n f or :l,<;:[ (I .A lly . , !'nt"I"'sted t ud n l ;we t ht • " d l ' ,,:nc., t ' l- m :, h 0 I 111,S wet I"n, nnv gp ape r. ralt: of th e Indian rup'-': . It not onlv . la ng-u:1 - . gr.' cou rSt7S to foreign - students" "' , li slS tli t" :!.5,OOO awrrrds nnd g rant. of a t~ tl stlcal r~sume of "xehang-ccs bF­ opportunity to have t heir work pul>­ . _.




new n Farei n tu Haw Au ilabll to All Stud nls




" .

PAth I aelrg n a ogy ea dl-Ine march 31 :., ...

It. / I I

A S·,mple

Accou nL ror You.. 't; r

Il l:lU ' o nrIicting rumor. any vf th e (\lnls of th" a ccident saH .1bout th c ' f1d ay, M arch 7, I 58, wha t has been told them by the truck driv, , an d Patrolman Ku ight of th e i\ebm,ka ' ta lc Highwa y P atrol. C lenn Cam p ell, in t he . rig ht hOllt ~eat at thc tim, of th r: accidull, C J!l tt) consl: ious!l e ~< four rt tlw cumplr- le hours aftt~r in ~ p ulled o u t of the cnr. Ih. anj d"111 n rece i, eu fron, The roof of tht: car had cav"d in on mu~t rtli.wlt ,ource3. W e h ope thi s hi s h -ad and ('ar, givi ng him f.,cia l will ~ n'c to u fi f a nswe rin !;" arl' e ll ts and quirin'S stitc he ~ in hi, caT. tlu!>t Ul1b h i," mi .. h t • din~ ctl'd to Ji m F1uT nct, also .b\erp, n'('(- ivcd ,II. ;; • f tilt' ~u"i\'or!> of the wreck. fa cial lact'l <Iti ns, :IS d id Miss Baker. 'fh. .1[. d,i n ' n by Mi,s Almy,·u Th,' y both became aware of the wreck Jerr, PLC s~ ist a nt libraria n, was when th(' y wc rc outside the C;\I, and p •...,., 'd mg a t 20-25 miles p e l' hour then frCl'dl'd into a sta te of shock and hr.u h n I.. a v)' mo wfall .With very , UIl C(JIlSl.iou>IICSS. not being a f I Y ad ' nd lti"n.~ . While going into any of th.. incidents of th tragedy. ... cu rve t he . r went out vf control, Tht'ir fit £! unconscious reaction to the: fu rni 'll' ,-om pl"" ly around so that the accid, nt, while in shock, was one of n It rt·.u I n del ~as hit by an on­ p rayer, as related by the Nebnuka um i n~ 5t~m i·t ruek Sta te Pa tml. Thl thn'(' girls were in the back Th( Hi ghway Patrol said th e inci­ ,('a, all .id c(·p, Mi riam Stoa and Diana den of t h, eck werc unavoidable u l w en- IIltd i n~ t , ntly with Jean­ due to tht, bad weather conditions. dte O lson dying moments later at th e Pastor N orris Stoa, father of Miriam, s,'l'ne of t h e tragedy_ fcIt that the accident was "the finger NOD of the survivors remember of God." D UI




l 'I:~~::~a::,nb:)t-Oaldl J. so' 'ff~rstt~ sntths~h~~aq~:~~

llIcnts for these p rogram s, describes 1.\Ultrkall and fu n -i n education, and oi" m~t: ; go\Trn ment n ' ul tions a f­ (c<' tilll the internati unal student. d!oi rship pro ~r'uns listed range frou, {[rants for the mature special ist 110 a w ' l d, fo r ttr" 1fT d~r. !

twr-,'n th " U. S. and ther countri c.s for the last 35 ean, an d a chro nology of the m ::. io r evellts in in! matio 3l education. fh. p rirc of th e H a ndbc'ok i, $3.00 . . and lJIay b~ obtarn cd from the Instl­ tute of In.t ~rnat i On 'll F.d.ucation, ~91 G eary Str('('t, San Fr«nclsco.


lished. C on tributions II1llSt b the ori .inlll work of l he stu d..nt (who hall retain literary I i I! ts to thL ' ,I), sub-­ mitt..d to D. L vman C ox, Lx..cutl\ S ' c ~ tary, P ac.ifi oast POI-tTy . 5SO­ ciatioll, BoX' 302, D k l 'y, ,. lifoml·, • with the entrant's ria c. ndd n :ss and school.

Entries which a r(-' n t accep for pu blica tio n ca nnot be a cl.."IIowJ,:dgc:d nor can the ASsocliltion mpcnsat students fOl the try pub1iI1h ed .\ 11 I gw en of Mothers' Wtcke ld will b e entries must be postmark.-.d o n o r ~­ crowne d in a fo rma l " e l~emoIl y. cof­ fOrL m idni ' ht, M .lrrh 31, 1 58, to be fee h ou r w ill foUow the Satu rd ay ,,"e­ consid.-rcd. a nd the d ecision! of the ning p rollTa m . Festivities will close :\s50ciation judg.- .n: final. with the Sunday Stu ent C ong rega­ tion worship s n·ice. Assi;.ting th e gu1,ral ch"inna n in preparation for th mothen' coming On M arch 28 students of P LC will are: publicity, Dia ne R ap p ; Frid ay night mixer, Marilyn Greenman; Sat­ be USIng the Tacoma YWCA swim­ urday night program, Joan ne- Van ming pool from 8:00 to 11 :00 p.m., in Lierop; rdreshmcnts, Annette F oeg '; a party being sponsored by the soph­ om ore class. and corsagt's, Diane S""ton. Cost of the swimming will be 50 Invitations, Esta Swanson; W e s t cents per person. Also, ca c:h swinuru:r Hall, Janet Erenstrom; North Hall, is requir~d to b ring a h ealt h Ce.rtiIl­ Margn:the Gregerso n ; and South Hall, cate which will be made available in Phyllis Peterson_ I the infirmary.

eekendOpens This venlng • f othe rs of PLC girl. bcp:in th ' r ·t:tkend sta y a t th" college this a fte r­ noon \\-,th n:gistl-ation to b follow ed by a n ixt r in South Hall lower lounge ·ening. lI rha ra Johns n, enclal eh 'rman, exp d, " We Wtln t the m othe rs to expenenct: a little of th: col1e~ life and fed like thLY aTC a pa rt of the sch ool during their visit. It IJ hoped that the students extend the mothers a real welcome." Girl. wiJJ present the ir m others with cors..gc' at the 1J,>gi nning of their stay. .\mong the a(tivities in which the mother. will be p a r ticipa tin g are liv­ ing in the donus and going through the lunch line. Saturday evening a

Swimming Party Set For YWCA. March 28

Page Two


Friday, March 14, 1958


••• to the Editor

Get Up and Act


Achieve the Goal EfFectively

This editorial ' concerning the proposed resolutio n to crea te March 11 1958 a special trust fund from a six dollar per semester assessment o n , , all f u ll tim e t udents to rais e S 100, 0 for the aidin g in buildin g To the Editor: By BOB a s wimming pool f o r P acific L u thera n College. Now : before you H"lgh, lto. At prt'sent I'm writing' a history of civilization cntltled "From I, and others to whom I have ~pokmull over all yeur Ileg ati attitudes, if any, towards this propo ­ hOdes T .H"S to Toeless Shoes," or "75 Way.; to P ronounce Gina Lollobrig- en, am opposed to the propose man­ sition, let me prese t lbe f o llowing f o r y o ur consid cra u n: ida .' . . . Finally fi gured out what U.S.S .R stand ' for: Union of Silently datory f cr:: for the co II eg~ swimming I. Several stud n ls (they could have been anyon~> w ho real ­ 'wallowed Republics. . .. My solution to the problems of this world-ulcen , pool trust fund. nt.n a us bl "tkdowm, hypt;r-tr, nsion. indiscriminate nail-biting-i~ to do away If we can assess t.hose student; not ized. as docs almos t ever y P L C stud ent withou t exception , tha with all url~ fcas c s! Just think, now Have you ever seen anyone ca rrying a yet attending school, why then can we we a~ students should upport the development of PLC. got to bTidc, sa wne. wasn' t rushing to get sornewllCre ? ... You think you've got not assess tho!!; students that han; gether in In effort to f ind a w ay In which to f u lfill thiS n eed . trQublt's; I kn ow a guy who crilllped and ;aved for five long yean to go preceded us ? Th,;y would have just They thoug ht t h e mat! \! r over very carefully. worked h ours to uUt t CaLifol1lia from Nt;w York. He finally makc3 it ; gets off the bus; as much voi c: in this matter. By mak­ draw lip a proposai w hich hey beli ve w i thout a doubt will do Ihl'i re hold ing l quiz show in the terminal; someone asks ha n question; ing the resolution retroactive we could a t least as good J job a any proposa l. and then l00k steps to b r ing he aU.l.wers it correctly.; and ten minutes later be's on that same bus going pay for the swimming pool, in effect, this proposal befo re the student body f o r an intelligent Yote. to new York-first prize! when we voted next T uesday. First they h a d a long talk with Dr. Eastvold and in ex ch a nge New Movie Dept.: I Was a Teenage Old Man . . . . Say, what'll they As long as the money is to be held for the proposal got the President's wo rd that the pool w uld get think of next dept .: Now they've got chlorophyl! foot powder-makes your feet I in' tlLl. t, I would suggest that an alter- top priority on the seco nd phase. Eastvold stated that it would kissing sweet . ... T acoma's got new Meter Maids and arc they conscientious. 1 nate resolution be drawn up giving be up to the students to accept or reject the pro posa l. The commit­ 1 went downtown three days and got six tickets and I don't even have a car. the students each 'ear the opportunity tee also got rhe okay f Mr. Peterson, and then went to work . . . See where they're putting street lites up bdlind the libra ry, Tish, tish. of voting on the mandatory -ass ­ visiting dorms and ta lki n g personally with peop le to pre nt the . . . Ne Boo Dept : How To Raise Children at Home for Fun and Profit. ment. In this manner r;\'cryonc would proposal to everyone . Personal: Is it true that DOll Cornell's middle name is Oops. When he ha"" a voice in the matter. Such a maj o r iss ue as the assessment. I feel, should co rn e be­ was being baptized they dropped him .... Last nite I dreamed I was eating Sincerr.1y, fore the entire student body in a general el ection , as shou ld a n y (signcd ) Dwayne D. Pet.. non proposal for participati o n in aiding in the development of PLC shl't"ddcd wheat. Then I woke up and h::>1f the mattress w a s g O Il t' . . . . I'll .Jw :I)'S remember 1Ic.1'. I asked if I could see her home so she sent me a picture ___ Each proposal should haoe equal ch(JrJce before all the voters. of it . She's stood me up more tunes than the Star Spangled Banne.r. Some Dear Editor: 2. Up to now the tudents of PLC have been giving thei . ~irb take you for what you are-she took me for what I had ... , I'U never Why did I risc to the floor postenors a com f ona bl e l 1' f e. U p to now t Ile stu d ent b 0 d y 0 f PLr> ,~ forget th first time we kissed. We were both drinking out of the same foun- Tuesday in Chapd when there were has been a "Do Nothing " organization. We have to have every ­ I ' when J turned ff the water. It was ecstasy! ... We went Shopping, I only a. few minutes left in the meeting thing fed to us on a sp oo n, and if we don ' t like the food what is took her to one store.: and she said: "What a beautiful diamond! Lt" t' go buy and take a stand against The Pro-lour action ~ Blame someone ! Criticize : D ig up negative attitude I itl" And we did-right by it. . . . The'n she kissed me and I knew it was posal ? I will here attempt to sc.:t forth 1The song about someone doing somerhing for us that we don t puppy love; her nose was cold. She said I was kind, generous, considt'rate- a few th ill gs Ihat caused m e to oppose Iltke has bl!cn played more than once . but I left her. She forgot pretty. And so ends another thrilling chapto:: r in I the measure. So here is the chance f o r us to grow up. to take some responsi­ the lives and loves of Stuporman for another week. Many of the arguments that are be- r b ility, to do something constructive instead of griping, to get o ff ing used to support tht; swimming l our b ottoms and institute a little progress on o u r own part. It' s pool assessment are irrelevant to the il glorious o pportun ity for us to gain confidence in ourselves . to IGA FOODTOWN issue. They are applicable to the point show tha t e are thi n k ing college students and to sho w others that we should support the devclop- I that we ilre capable of making serious decisions. Com plete Shopping Center lllent fu nd, but they.have little weight 3. It is tn!e that givin!?, from .~he heart is a higher ethical m. o ­ t1 2TH STR E ET (Ai r port Road) AND PARK AVENUE wht'n any attempt IS made to apply ttve than haVIng mon ey take n through assessm ent, bu r thl' '-;;:;:;:;:==;:;:;:=;:;:;::;~==============S them to the swimming pool. proposal is to put a cross a business transaction; it presents he '" I There is a ddinite need that the administration with at least SLOO,OOO in return for a rush JO ' PARKLAND GRILL students support th e Development f on the pool. If a minister asks you to give to yo ur ch urch out 0 M ONDAY THRU SATU RDA Y Fu nd., but I have still to be shown ! love for Christ. that is one matter, but runnin g ch urch dif­ EASTER that there is a n';ed for the pool. I ferent [h a n building a swimming p oo l in an allotted time. Why 7:30 a.m. to 7: 30 p. m, G REETI G CARDS SHORT O RDERS DINN ERS heT' apply the Holmes-Brandais Ra- aren't there near eno u gh church ed Lfices today ? You tell me. tion !,~ and I cannot j~&tiI?- t he ex­ \Ve wunt to help the development o f PLC. We wal1l a pool. 528 Garfield St. _LEi. 7-9937 _ pendxture on ~ po~1 whIch I. not the We want it soon-the sooner the better. So we set a goal. Why now in stock for .==========::'::=::':::::;~ most .needed Item III the present im­ not meet this yoal in the most effective, and probably the only pcrattve. The need f OT the pool may eFfcctit.'e way ? EDWARD FLATNESS your selection b t' c om c changed or dis~ppea.r if 4 . If you just (an not po sibly raise or get six dollar.. ve r a Didr id Agul mon~y ~omes from th.':: outslde~ I do five mon th period and that k e ep~ yo u from attendi ng PLC. then LUT HERAN MUTUAL LIFE INstlRANCe not fcel tt h.a5 b.een proved that ill any I would sa)' YOll h ave grounds for voting a gainsr assessme nt COMPANY I h 1 PLC BOOKSTORE a.s mct tIe ( Perhaps a service club o n campus could h.1Ye a m oney ra iSin ca st· ;J s":'LIluDing poo P. O. Bo. 275, Parkland LE.1-0826 needs hlch. th: p r?ponen~ of the proj ect for such n eed y persons ) , ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'========================::::: measure ay It WI ll . 1.hcrc .wtll also be If there is someo ne w h o just piai 1 d oes n ' t wan t L support th,' expen:f" ?f upkeep whIch m~y ex- this schoo l with .s ome thing bes id es w or <; , th en that IX n would t d hmlt of the assessment de!- d o w ell [0 re- examin e h iS reaso ns an d co n vicrions f or hemg ;1.[ initdy. Pacific Lutheran College . 5. Some people propose so licitat ion aga ·n. I w a n t to s~ :lC­ . S in('~ I dol no t SC'~ ~hc prest'nt and I m mc~lat:· . uec.d, a~ . mee feel the~e tion. and feel tha t through as sessme nt e can a ch ieve de:Iin ite. I, nl) JU5ttflcat.onlor ImposlIlg the WIlli g uaranteed. presentahle. co ncrete result~ as opposed to II solicita ­ of the maJority on the minority (al- tion program which r feel w ould be wishy-washy and in d f ini te. though his is the principle where and the solicitors could not guarantee figures or results f their m'ccssar) ), I must oppos. · the swim- campaign to. students or adminis tration. ming' pool assenmenr. Obviously you see my o p ini o n . This mayor may nOt be H. J. DEMPSEY. yours. But it is agreed that the principle involved is tha t w e PLC:




1 '

I. I





'=======-=-=-======='1 FA HI0N



3820 So th Yakima

students finally a~c?mplish som ething worth~hile. Th ' rd'o re. w hatever your oplOlUn . choose a co urse of actIOn that w ill e action and that assures LOncrete results. And then ac t! -Dave Crow n er , editor

• . . ' . a! I I










Jon Soine

I ~~~~~~~


Parkland and Vicinity


Phone GR. 1-3371



PHONE LE. 7-7100

Hesters Crowned 'A' League Champ; Warriors, Frosh Likely '8' Co-Champs


The Third Floor Old Main Hesters cinched the "A" League 'ttle as tbey dow ned the Clover Park "A" quintet 53 - 37 Tues­ a . Ted Johnston led the champs with 13 poin ts in the clincher. The Hesters were first round winners of the "B" League. This accomplishment permitted them to graduate to the "A" Lc gue. In their initial test in the "majors" tbey dropped the fi rst

P age T hree

G la ds Stymied Two Years by Single Point

rou nd winne rs of th e " A" League, Iv)'-9­ - - - ­ -­ - - ­ - - - ­ They fini sh ed the first p.m. Thursda y to dcte nnine wh ether un d with 1. 8-0 win-Ios~ record a nd there wOHld be a first place tie or if ha 'C only lost thrce in second round the W a rri or" would be champs alone. mJ)(' tition. 5th Floor play; the S tubs tomorrow at The D eJardincs .md R oad Ru n ne rs 10:00 a.m. tied for seco nd pl a ce in the " ma jor" INTRAMURAL 5T ANDINGS I It:; c. Dick Cla re headed the D eJar­ (Through March 12) inc sco rers ith 24 a s they overran "A" Lea gue \V thf" Clove r Creek " A" five 70-54 to H e.s tcrs ... .... ______ ____ ____ __ .____ ____ __ 13 nakc the second place knot. "G ame of the Week" honors go to Ddardincs _.. .. ___ __ .. __ __ ___ __ .. __ __ 1,; 4 h Stubs.. The lowly rated S tub team Road Runn!'rs ____ __ .. .. ____ ...._.. _ I ~, 5 it ack at the win column as they Prai ri e Dogs ... __ _.... __.. _.. __.. .. _.1 2

Time Runs Out I n PLC 's second contest, W edn da y night, of th e a nnual " big () ; ' I • the NAL\ Basketb,-II T ournament, t h e G b d ia tors lost a heart-breaker in the las t two ;econds 92-91. ( Last year the L utts w cre sh aded 71-70 in last e ight seco nds of th e­ semi-final of.1I " with T enn essee Sta te ) . G eorge town College of corgetown. THREE BIG STEPS stepping out of t he L u t e (I. to r.) senior Captain Tom Sahli, Coach Marv Harshm an, and senior Kentu cky, edged the Lut in the Lute Jerstad. Sahli and Jerstad leave Gladville via graduation. Harsh ­ overt ime game which e nded in a 80-80 m a n goes to his new position at Washington State College th is spring. tie at th e end of the n : la tion play. The Gla ds Wl're minus th :;e m 'on :19-26 over Ivy "B " Gordie Gra d­ of C hu ck C urtis du ri ng the last 14 ';A-';.. .vQh l p a ced the S tubs scoring with 0 TIli n ut es of the occond half a nd in th ltlUnters. C dti cs .. .. .. .. .... ...... .. -- ..... --- ..... - 8 9 I ~L· o,""rti me. Tom S..hli left the game ", corcr of the Week" Wa& Rog er Brewers - ..... ---....-- --.. ---­ ---­ - 5 12 L ~ with five fouls with five minutes rc­ B~ ken who pumped in 26 poinh for W(:slt'rn Parkla nd -... -­ 3 H L ;maini ng in the ; econd half. C huck h-y " A" to lead them to a 67 -38 vic­ hy Dennis Marttala I ~a\·t:s for his WS C p os.lton :lS head mana "'ed 22 points while T am h it 19_ t TV over the CeltiC!. " 8" League W L PLC', G ladiators will ue missing basketball coa ch i n April. Jim an Beck sparked the Lute:;' ef"20 or More" scc.rers this w eek Wa rriors .. ______ __ .__ __ _______ __ __ .. ... .1 :! <1 th n: big "wheels" in the Lute hoop Lutt: J c rstad has been a hus ieI' on fort to corne out on top as he pumped m:",; Bakken 26, Mitchell 25, Mr. '~4 th Floor Fro. h __ __ ____ __ .. __ .. __ 11 '~"mac hint:" next ~e as on. Coach M a rv the Lute squad for the past four sea- in 25 counters for' PLC. Bob R oilo - IDn an 24, Clare 24, Paul Carlson *5 th Flo.)r -­ .. .. .. -.. - -- ... . .. ____ __ 10 5 JI;u shma n and seniors Lute J erstad sons. This year the migh ty m ite h as 1got 12 points. 2', G radwohl 20, and Dua ne N ew ­ Fomlty _.. ..... ___ .... ...__ .. ____ __ _.. _.. 10 6 and Tom Sa hli bid fa rewell to Alma bols tered the Gladiator attack s the J ack Gmtt; stole the show from all ton 20. *h 'Y " B" -.. .. .. ..-­ -----­ -.. 5 10 M a tI: " this spring _ "sixth" m an. His speed h , always I scorcrs as he paced the K cn tuck T h e champion of the "8" L eague Bra ins -.......- -.. .. --.. f) II Coac h H a rshma ll is com p leting- h is been a m e nace to the opponents . Lit- I winners with 38 markers. Th e C lover Creek " B" ..--....--- -­ .. - 5 11 thirteenth yea r as the basketball men- tl e L ute d'd I n t h e opemn . g­ tl'1 t o f t h c NAI .-,. ·· . w not k nown a t press tmle. I not enter t h c g<UlIe seol'­ Warriors were leading the league b y · Stubs .-­ -- -- .... ---­ .. .. --...... -.. --­ .. - :' 12 to r a t PLC. Harshma n h a s h a d a n ing columns in double fi gures durin g! Ba sk etba ll Tou rnament in Karua5 C ity '\ ha lf game. The favored Fourth .F loor (~unn('rs ... .. -- .. -­ ...... :! H imp ressive career on th e maples bo th his seasons, but his doubk threat on ., on Monday the PLC Gladiators ral­ From wcre t.o me.ct Ivy "B" at 4: 30 i * Game pla yed Thursda y or Sa turda y. I ali a pl ayer and a coach. While sup- d ~fcnse gav~ the GI~ds spark for win- I lied. afte~' ha\ iug a frigid. first half porting th t: Lute h oopsters a s a player J mng . L~te JS .plannm g to teach after ! aga~n t E.a stern N ew Mcxlc_o to post he pla ced sccond among leading £cor- graduatm g th IS June. . a 76-G 3 ~Ic tory. (' rs ill the WINCO L~'ague for two I Sahli Transfers L oca l ta ns were sure they would be , ' (·aso m . I T S hI' af f ' f welcoming the Lutes hom.. earlier ~m a I, ter trans. emng rom th a n a ntic ipa ted as the buzze r oundH a rsh Su cl'{:s,;flJl Skagit V alley .JC after hiS sophom ore I ,'(1' d ' h I" ' ad . 'f h e South . ell illS' t e .rst pen P- c was st'icct"d -~]I- - ('onie . encc lh. cc I yea r, stcpp~ d lIlto the Lute IlIlcup last Wl's tcrncrs JIe Id an Jmpresslvc . . 3723 ­ of the fou r yea rs h e p .a rticipated. As've ar . This year " Big- Torn" worked m a r ~ lIl . a t th L_ r at ' Urne 0\ er t w: .ourth . coa ch of the Gla ds fo r thirteen Stoa- th.. boards a nd ~ct _a new seh 01 re- 1secd ed N orthwesterners. so ns he h as had .. qu a I success. bound record of :-4 lor one game. T?m Coa ch Man Harshm n who w :o by E u gene Hapala ' • t IN o. i l . ca. me til u U ,II WI th some "(Tood SCOnI>P ­ l ' h roug h th e D Istnt e mmplOn. -" c.ted by som e: as the outstandlllK coach We do not know whether the proposal to a~s cu each membe r Qf the sh ip ." ames las t w eek the Lutes h ad Dlghts to. . h elp th e Lutes to thell' su c- a t th e tourney Iast year, s h w ed h'I . . -uden t body six dollars p er semester to rai se $IOO,()OO for a swimmin p ool compiled 245 wi ns a!'a inst 12 1 losses eessful flIllsh thiS year. A favonte sbot, b '11 ' t k I d "' . . n .an nowe gc 0 f t J1C rnal' 1e SpOlt ·."ill pass or fail, hut v w ou ld. like to point ou t ::l. f"w .,,-ood p oint; for thi . u ncl" r H a rshma n tutoring . H '1 r s h bot~ for 1~1l1 and fa ns, W.ILS hIS hook as he floored a seco nd half I am with _ _ _ ___ rnpo a l. whIch t albed many of IllS counters. . . II . ----- -- - . . . . new splnt as we as compcnsatlDg In student co ngr egat ion services last Sunday there We rr; Ih rec inspiringSa hh Will be eye1l1g a teachmg- Ca reel" offensc

' . \..' n -3 7.

~;~\-: ~~I:;.;k ..

:: ::::::: :::: : :: ~ ~


Harsh,man, Sahli, lerstad F.lnlSl1 . at pi TC "IS Slorlng ·



l'Tl1C'11S d c1ivcrt d by the tri o 0 1 sp!"a kr r in th e form of DUi\:\E M O E. I T M MY G I L M ER. a n d DAN TRIO LO . Thl~s" ml' n arl' a ll eith cr Illcrn- ~ of a PLC \':uosity team or p a rtici in th ' in t.ra mur:;t l pro ~ ra m. T hese ' " f \low who a lon'S w ith h un d reds of ot h,- r . tUelClIt.. iind wholt-some r.rl':rl ion and en tertai nme n t nn our coll..!W g'oIf lillks, tr on i" ('(iurts, and in


Ilers Be -n - ell-U Seaso



a lso .afrer degree recep Altl' '- J t n Dl' ng , a h li l. . tion in J une. . . IOUg h B1'00-"'" Tht: GlauJato will have a big Job tl ' ard f h P IN M . . f h 1 109 gu a te or tll l~ S, . ., next yt.;ar Jll compensating or t e OJ$ . t t _ .l t ak . qUln e ,manngcu 0 t e game SCOfmll of the e th re stalwa rts. IlOnors . . h "~ 5 pOl. n~, t h c: P LC h oop WIt

.o--rccreation program. T h e Par;i fi c Luthera n link men h ad It. fell ow'S Ii e D ua nl", T om my ~ n d D a n and ma ny ot h ers t 11at WI'11 · I h 1h dl W ou Id- th cy ge t b e ne f'It a f th eir first turnout Wed nc'sd ay aftcr­ ~ the pl Op OSCd wmun in g poo w oe a rtc y. school.' H''IO, b u t t h "ya n d m any ot h cr.< :1 1'(' WI' 11'm g nOOll "t thl' campus course. This a ftpo I wh ile t .cy a re III t ~ee P LC gTow both m a terially a nd spiritua lly. " rnoon a t 3 :30 a nd on eve ry M onda y, "d a b (' ttc:r test f or cllaneter t L. _ _ the p Ia Wed W herc clse ('a n vou 1m u.D on yn('sd -ay ' a nd Friday at 3 :30 the.

1 11evel 'r T he students " 'greens" te.a m will m eet for pr3.c6 ce . . tr" lllu ra l, or r~e reatJona . f · Itl, whether o n the . va tty, m . . ns 1)/'(' a us(' t h I ca d ....olf dub h ouse.:.

wno 1('3\ PLC w.1- I b c b ette . CltlZl: I: y haH' rne- the sports- II a t the college .. '" -r .nlike, g" n tlema nly a nd C hristia n-li ke ma nner in the ir work Jnd play ~t Th e.' !.(olf season should be a nother fi L e whr_ ther the y pa rticipa ted in a th letiq, d ra ma , mu , ic or deba te _ T h ese Ollt' of sUCCeSS as fou,- returning Ietterac h in~s ,,-no going to r a ch thousand of peopl e th rou" h conta ct in eve r),- m cn bolster the cha n ces for :mother u )- liv ing rig t n ow and in the futu re of P LC . (' onfen' ncc ti tk and N AI A finish . StuH :l\ t: vou evcr at tended the co-r'-creation prog-r:ll11 in the gym on week-I dent Coac h D on H all, Jint Hill, Bob

n d ? H aw: you seen the p acked gym WI' h avl: each w eekend when both m en Spa rl ing, a nd D ave Berntsen will be

nd WOIllf' n , tud cllts and also faculty members a nd th,·i, fa m ilies COlli(' down swi nging the clubs towards another

I p lay a nd relax afte r a ha rd w ee k in sch ool ~ It will b · thes!" peopk wh o cha mpi onship. D on H a ll won tht: Dis­ will \'ote " YES" for ou r m u ch nccd ",d ~ wimm ing- pool :md a b.. ttt' r PLC and triet )\0. I playoffs in the NAIA \m,.ricil . finale last season. The Lute golfers \ swimming p ool would be a fine a ddition to our recreation and schol- 8ft' the defending Evergree n Conft'r­ a,uc p rogram . It is a proj ec t whk b cou ld b e ull dcrtaken by the students of " ncr: and NAJA Distric t N o. 1 cham­ "'L for a \" ry slight cost P" t day. True. we cou ld not rais(' the fund s over- pions. j ,h t, but if each stu dent wl' re ;JssC'Ssrd $12 .00 pcr y,' a r this would ~ m ou nt t o AI! interested golfers arc encour­ 'Ill ' thrl'e :lUd onr;:-third cents p er day. Figurin on " total of 1250 fu ll time aged to turn out for thc team. It is uden!· w e would be " ble to ra ise $ 15,000 per yea r I hoped that en ough men will take p a rt 'u el y w e ca n ra ise $ 100,000 when w e look at the a lmos t ·S 70,00U tha t so th at 0 s"'cond team ca n be formed ~ by the facult y to the development fund by only 75 faculty m em- I' to pla y some of the sm a ller college8 n. Wh ether or not this measur" will be approved is up to the stud ents . in order to g·ain experien ce in com­ thctnsclvcs, but I bdieve we can all agree that swimmlng pool is d cIinite1y I' petiti on . mu ch ncedr d a ddition to our ca mpus. Let ml go a"~ bein g in favor A f u II se h e d u Ie JS ' p anne d on the

, . • on record • . ' ell d t ' thr. sWlmmmg pool a nd I ur;\t: th e student body to gwe t h IS m easure care- I I aI I ,_ons idc_ra_ ti on oc oth... course as wTh as on I'oa . _nps . ._ __ _._ _ _ _ __ -_ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _IIIQ l•' to ! e pres... nt ltmer-

Pd. ra I e F u II y


A utomatlc .


Tues d ay _ .- All Evening .

Wed ne s day after 9 p.m. Fri d a y _ All Even ing

10707 Pacific Ave.


Phone LE. 7-6012


ace, C hu ck Curti5, it 21 t lead the com eback of the Lu tes. ther L ute t o n ke d uble flgl lr contrib utionll in the ope ne r w ere Jim" .ln Beek with 1.5, R oger Ivel'son 13, T m hli 12. I In P L C" second rontC'S t of the

1 n a l " big cne," the Glad iators .





Magn avox Head quarters

TED B OWN MUSIC 11 21-23 Broadway


BR. 2-3211


TH E C H URC H IS ON THE MARCH! Firlt-rate L u th era n m iniste ria l trai n i ng: a lso courses for coll ege grad s (men a n d wo men : leading to M aster's degree in Christian Education) THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS SEPTEMBER 3, 19.58

Charles B. Foeloch. Ph. D., Preoident

2770 Marin Avenue. Berk.ley 8, Calif.



e oll eJ ~s .


38TH ST.


3001 South 3 8th Street


Transfer to South T acoma Way Bus (Westbound) at 38th 8t.

OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK ••• 10:00 A.M. TO 10:00 P.M.

a: y eaJl~ fo r trips to G~nzaga, WSC,

U8C, and ., proposed trrp to compete

with some schools in Oregon. The firs t ma tch will be scheduled for the latter part of March and the season will con­ cl\ld~ with conference and NAIA dis­ trict playoffs in early June.

3·IN·l TO BEnE


Standard Heati n g Oils - H eatin g Equipment

H eating Servi ce

EnJoy That "PLUS" Service MARV T MM E RV I K'S




P H ONE LE. 7.Q2&i6

Page Four


~~ :II~~

Friday, March 14, 1958

It's Debatable!

e·EDgineers Elect Prexy; L5 Wi) Entertain CPS

Debators Lead a Soft Life?

by Jens R andall I much fur tht.: Beast: it i. abk 0 cr.· Rumor has it that PLC debators d un high spcew (up !O 45 mph. «~ T E D JOHNSON ENGINEERS \. tion August 25-31. i k ad soft life. Proponents of the But we really sh ou ldn ' t gripe, bc:C;l.Ui(! c;'" T .. d j oh nson w as fLCf' ntiy lectr d t~ O .. -;,...-. U~ing the t~~me, "March to Ash-I abov stalem ent point to the fact s that the Beast is a fin e cxampl of eng:­

use of f~ p ress. v >(> pres ident of the n w Pre-E n gineering ram I M arch,' Meg Evenson a nd Bev I deba ton h ave all the a dvan tn es of neering skill that any junk ..-ard would

Club. Other officers are George Fish­ ·wansoll, w h o attended last ycar's I' tra vel of bein tox eused from classes , be proud to own.

EDITOR .., .. ,... ,... DAVE CROWNER c r, , ioc-presid ent ; :Frank Hamreiter, Ashram, will speak. . for lo~g periods, an d of generall y hay- I " D ebators must e subju gated Ie.

Also to bc: show n are color ~hdes ing a good time at toumaments. m otel fare. Perh aps some of you non. NC'W'I' Ed·ItOL" .......... ,... H erb D cmpsey 1trea -, snr r .; dRod Patterson. K ' Gsecretary;

a\ G Ih Ba b . K eIth L m aa and en a , SCl'­ of tlw Lazy F Dude R anch. wher Rep,,~sen ting the forc r.sic~ squad, I d c:bators think it is exci.tin to t ra\· , Repol't he ~1:1 TeB ddi rU Iaugesonn' Di~k gca nts-a t-arms; an. d D on Schul e, III l In1 cr, arbara saac , . till: L SA spring retreat will be held . would like to m a k e 0 u r defedse. and stay in a different motel each an F iilie.r, Larry Johnson. ICC p resentative , March 23. th e tables will be turned Though w e concecd tha t the above every ni gh t. Perhaps you will recon­ "Uncha ined Godd cSl>," a movie on a nd CPS w ITI be h ost to PLC at a facts a rc tru e w <: point ou t that they sider afL I' h earin g th . T UTH about l' TC' Editot.-... .Marilyn Donaldson Bell Y5tems television program 0 11 swimmi ng pa rty in th,~ . PS .pool. R - , do not prov 'that we are blcsged by a motel showe rs. R epolers: Solvelg" L eraas, J oey D an- wcatht:r. will b shown a t the meet­ ielson, Bob Bill-&, Earlene Bu rcham , . frcshmUlts and fellow8hlp Wlll follow . .. oft life." Rather we contcnd tha t Basi a ll y, there are two types 01 O la M ae Mathis, Bob Fleming. ing n ex l Thu day, March 20. • ,. " I rh e life of a PLC debator i~ n ot an motel shower h eads. The first" rie t:.­ Dr. EU gcrlC 'M aier is the advisor of ca~y onc. sends forth a gentle mist that enci r c Sports E d itoL,.... ,... ,..D m nis Marttala. Ihe riub wh ich strin' S t,o unite pre­ SPURS SERVE R eporters: Jim K ittilsby, Tim WyndO ne- t' f th e ma ny jobs of the sophoW '~ <han base our case upon three the: bathel' without eve r n:aJly c ming ham, Ha~ry Sanllerud, Dick Good- l'ngince rin g studl' nts in pu rsuin g their more h norary, Spurs, is se rving a t contentions : T h e fac t that travel ar­ in contact with him. T h >ccond w wm , E ugene Hapala. eh oS"n fi d d. Th e club is pen to prebanqllct£. L ast Tuesday ni{{ht the ban - rangcments are: ofte h conducive to un­ the upposite effcct: it concentrates all Typist .",.......,.............. La urie Beecroft , .. n gj ncn s but specia l programs af( qllet of th e Dt"velopmcnt Fund for the I pleasant dispositil)flS; tile fac t that w e the water in a power ul StT m on ant Bus4ness iManagt'I..?rla ry Lou Engen or"," n to all stud ents. T a coma busi nc~smen was e rved by must be: subj ugated to motel fare, a nd pa rticular spot. th e Sp urs . the fa ct that we mu st ea t in LoffN: Of course, motd s a lwa s provide " Ad Sollc!.tonl:. R od Patterson, Loia PLC !\X"D C P S GET TOGETH ER Anderson. L Inda Scharf. . . A nother duty of the: organiza ti on 3hops the: bather with soap. Motd '011 P Thi s ~u ntl a y, March 16. the PL C was, a nd will be: continued thIS weekI. T ravd arrangemen ts are often comes in eight or ten different aroma Photographer". ,..... ,Mr. W. M cKewen I . . ..' .rl L SA is havm a Jomt met Ilng WI I end , ushering for the Ch ildren's T he- condu cive to unpleasant dispositions. and in pink. grten, blue, su nsh ine yel­ rl jst -, '.""., ",...... ___.Diek I..ondsren th e LSA of the College of PlIgct Soun d d· I f the A<hram con a tre production of "Jack a nd th e It has been ,aid in th e past th at d t'­ low. creamy white and lava It aU BoolLkee per.•.......... _..__... Carol Houae r CJl' _ ...... _.__ ...•••_._Pa.tt1 1l'1nn , to Iscm s pam or •. ­ Br:an stalk.'· baturs just na tu ra lly ha'v unp \c:asant comes in one size, howl:'.­ " * " dispositions. Thi~ is not true. D eba tors cient. Exchange .--.................. -- Joy LewiIi Fil erk..·-" ........ _.".,... ,La nie H aegar STELLA'S FLOWERS ACTION BEHIND THE SCENES h a ve u n pl~asant di§position s b e "ause 3. D cba!O r ' m u; t eat in c £ft:. shops. We: have nothing a gainst coCCe­ :\"ot to be limit~d to a ctivities on th"y mmt ride in th e Beast. Ad Ilor_... _.. _.••__.... _ .,Mr. M. Nesvig sta g<: , C Ufta in C all met last ni gh t a t T ht: Beast bears only th .Iightest or (' offel" sb op, . Some coffee sh ops IU't Published Friday of the school year Fl owers for All Occa sions /): :30 P,ITL to organize numbe rs for a ttsemblance to a n a utomobile- it d oca j inttrr:"tj n ~ ?ecause they have .u.niqu e by stu d(;1l ts of PLC, at Parkla nd, L E. 7.Q206 Wuhrngton. 12173 Pac if ic A ve. \'ariel~ show to I c held at F ort Lt:wis h ave fou r wheels. It was d esigned to na mes, F or Inst an e, We once VISIted ~ . (Foot of Ga rf ield ) We Deliver O ffior- : College Union Building. Apr il 13. scat ei~ ht comfortably, back in the pl. cr~ ca lled "Slop py j oe's." After 01 ­ Phone LEnox 7-8611, Ext. 41. Bob Olson wi ll .rna ter of cere- da ys when the wooden buckboard seat dt rins in lhi p:l rlicula r coffee shop monit's fo r th" show, of wh ich PLC I wag COl .idcred to b e: the epitome of we dlseo,·, red the rea90n for its OPEN SIX DA YS A WEEK • . . students wi ll see a p r(;vicw on Ap ril comfort- However. we will ,:.y thiJ It wa~ n:1ffied aiter th e waitress. 6 in chapel. G ERRY'S BEAUTY SALO N PL C througb Christian




" "







PL'l Im ing committee includ r s Bob



LEnox 7-3434

~::o:~dE:;::sn~a::r;!~~: ~~o:or. roLAUR

AT'S A ppar el

'AIh· W7-ll C Ch I _I) rlca »' l orne to ~p~ _ Via Inez Olson, Missionary eo

M is. I nez O lson, missionary It:a che r, will >peak in C hapel 11(~1 Vcdne da y abolll Inissiun work inTa n ~any ika, 406 Garfield St. LE. 7-5317 E t Africa, which is the location of th e la rgest mission field of tht: Au gu sta n a Luthera n Church. E, a n gel istil~ wor k, educat ion and m ~ dicine a rt the thrl-'t: methodJ of n :achin g the nati\Tcs f friea th rough . wh ich M iss O lson is working. ". Ols on serve d on lh.0 f aCLI Ity, . Vll SS d f ,. hid . f r r ________________a_n_,__or_"'_tl_m__a_s_t_t_l_ea_ m _ I__ss _._0_,

W e O utfit Co-eds

EXPERT C leaning at •••



th e on ly Gi rls' Mi dd le School on lhi mis5ion £i"ld , T o thi s time only onc. lh Ird of th " children have opportunil , to attend school and only 2 p erce t of the: adult, can read or write Of I the one-third of lh e ch ildren wh o al­ tend school. m05t se,:u re onl.y a PM­ mary educa tIOn, to grade [ 0111 . Miss Ols~ retu rned to the n~tcs for fLlriough Ifl May of 1957, spending some of her time in tht Sta Ir . udy­ , . -, JJ N h II mg a t ScarnLt Co ege, l 'a8 c, Tcnness,:~. O n complct,ion f the tour


at the ColumbIa Confcren(:C clJu It· sh e will be p rc-parin lt fOT her return to the work in frica, planning to leave the SUtt' III lhe latter part 0 Junt:.

I 1903 pa cific Avenue ONE-DAY SERVICE

LEnox 7·3261





We provide Checkillg a d D

Savings Acc oullts


• Vrnat's an eight-letter word which reminds you of good taste, • parkle, lift? The answer's easy-Coca-Cola of course. No puzzle about why it's so pulaI' ... no other sparkling drink gives you so much good taste, so much satisfaction. Yes, when you're looking for refreshment, the answer's always Coke!

aad aU other blin k services for co llege studtlls










Botlled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by PACIFIC COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, TACOMA, WASH.




IfJUGET SOUND NATIONAL BANK .a....- '.:oc . .... ", ..u"', .....





u day Aft r O-n

a a


H Ulll.col1' i:'l g COlll; ' r t of tht: .PLC I "Aua gio and Tarantella." by Ca\'aI­ sell Bennett. J en . Ba"'nc is trumpet _olle" ,t nd, und er the direction of hni-'V aIIl . This g r 0 u p closes with sl,loist in Morton Goul d' " "Pava nne." P I'Qf. Gordon O. Gilbe t$On, will be Rimsl:i-Korsakov's w ell-l:nown Polon­ which is followt'd by "BoI,' re,," from r n·~ ·nt('d on the C MS stage thi Su n- aise f rom (h" ope r a, "Chl-istmas ( h~ , ylTtphonie suit.... "Ve rd ialla;' as day, M arch ~3 . at 4:UO p .m. Th e: band ' Night." ;, rld n.~ed by C a m arata. Final number T turntd to the (ullc-gc la t Su nday Ballet llIusic will be featured in the un the program i, "Deep Purple." by hom ;, nine-day tour. during which , econd section. First is the Berceu se P ete r do Rose. H· p e rformances were: give n i:'l w ash-I and Finak fWIn an eady work of Igor ' Pop-u lar marches and nOY"Ity num­ if 1 , to , O regon and Idaho. Stravinsky, "The Fi rebird." This will lwr~ will be, include-d m c.:ncores and T h c l' rogra m for (h 1958 (;,-,nct:l't . f(>ll owr.:d by themes from "Pc- optional selec tions. a&C>H i ndud m a rch ~ s , m I) d - T n tl'o uchk a;' also by Stravinsky; xylo­ PLC's concert band is a'cognized works and ser:u-dassital and classical phon e solos arc played by Shirk y as Unt· of tht: fin est college bands in ,elections . It is divided into. three Ha ge n. L as t in thi s section is the baI­ th , .\'o rthwest. Student. wh o ha\'e let rn us i c fro m Bowdin's opera. I· nr ard th, group only at ~thletic events ... TOU P S: 1'1 t! first, c lioI': beg ins with Mo­ "Prince I gor," divid,~ d ircto four con­ art' u rg,-d to attend the concert to see tn c' variety of tonal colDr possible in zart's ove, ture, "The Impresario." tl"llsting part.. The third section Df the cqnCt:rt is II a cunc r t si tu ation. from t he comic opera. Next is a Bach Th COllel' rt is fret to student. and <hOlal pn:llld(·. "Sleepers Awake"; the.: in a li g hter \Tin. Tpe band will play brass section is featul ed in the chorale a m e-dlty of tunes from the score of tu the 'Publi c A fre --will offering will melody. D ave Knutson. ei:Llinct salo­ :'My Fair L a dy." by Frederick L oew e' j b" taken to help defray the expenses.i i,t, will p erform wit h the band, III an ~!rra n ge ment by Robert Rus- of thl' 1958 cuncert tour.



VOL, 35, NO. 19


Three Dales Se

For Swim Ins

Tonight from 10:00 p.m . till 12:00 p.m.• th e frc shm;.n class is sponsoring a swim party ,,- t the CPS pooL A limit of 10 has been set on !he . ckets

ASPLC Nominatio s Due Wednesday Petitions of nomination to c ASPLC offices are due in to Paui Finn, student body ~e.:retary, or t the student body office by Wednes­ day night. :March 26.


which are 60 cents . F!'eshm. n aqua talen t will featur e Roo,'!' Reep in clown diving. imitated by Warren Willis. In charge a re Ted Johmtone, and Bob Gross. who pre­ diets a " fabulous success." . Spla~h party number two Will bc this SU:'lday. March 23, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.11I., a lso at the CPS poolside. 1 T h,' LSA of CPS is th e host and will entcrtain with J't creation In the gym followin g the swim. Rcfr('~hm(' nts

FRI., MARCH 21,1 958

In order to be nomi l1:lted. can­ didates must ob tain the sigrw turC!> of 50 students_ Nomination forll16 can be gotten from Patti Finn. South B-13. Offices open are: pr~.ident (hao; to be a senior), vice-pre~itknt (has to be a senior). suretary and t reas­ urer. Election will be held on I'll . day, April 15.

Ranch to Host

L A etr at

will also b e se rved.

i T icke ts arc bein g sold a t 60 ce nts .

LSA asks those wh o. ha,<c nus to tab: as ll J.a.[,y stud ~ nt.' as possible Sunday

cwning. ! L~ LY " 1''' Dud... R anch, Ellcn burg, I . Frid ~l.y, March :!8, till: sO~ h o l1lo r"l \V:JSbi ngtol1 , will be th.c .silt uf .the class Wll! a ct as hosts ilt the fa coma i L uthera " Student '\ 5S C.lOtlon c!!,'on­ YWCA f rom 8:00 p.m. t o 11:00 p.m. d R dn-at from Apri l 25-27 . Rq,istl ­ foe P L C studl·nlS. Swimm ing, \'olley- tio n fee is $7.85, a dolln!' "f whid ball and nt hl r rccrr::ltion wil! be:: k . - can bt· paid a t the ?vIarc.h 30 I1ltrlin~ tutcd. of PLC' s LSA and th res on :h ri\ al i at th e ra nch.

HS S-I ngers Meet II I Here on rch 18

"Chan gin g Relationship- hurch and Student" is the theme of the trea t. Rev. K cn Wic g, L A campus

GI V IN G ITS HO ME CONCE RT t his Sunday at 4 : 00 p.m. i n thf, C- M -S is the 1958 Pac ific Luth e r a n College C on ce rt Ban d, u nd er the direction of Prof. Gordon O. Gi Ibertson.

pastor from the University of Or'gon,

;; f~t'n:o~n. ~:dr,c~

~ will be the. peaker.

r! ~,~, j . Bible studi(~s•. di~Ctl!Sio.ns.•

j: ,iday 28, _.00 p.m . l.rrt,. ' UPP' r a L.d at 7 .3d p.m. , conccrts wi ll be g ;ve n on th r: PLC ca mpus by the ''\'e;~ Central Di·~ t,i et ChDr,, 1 Fe~t i \<a L AfternDDn preSf'ntations will be in th t: CMS. )f '1',:ci:11 interest to PLC s l~d cn l; a nd fa cul ty will be the e"cnin g can­ Wit h co r.struction 0:1 th e PLC da ffod il float ge tting- under . bc , crt featu ring' ., mas,,,d chorus. Tl1i, Q l.wen of th e May Fe, ti, . 1 Will way· to morr o w, lho~e in charge of th~ p,. ra de entry are as kin g fo r (; no '. n f ro r 1 th e SClllor .. "I f 111 ~cn (; l'a w;ll .be. Ij';v ' n in l11<:.. !!):m. and a sn ;a ll w orkers ro help budd and decorate the float. d ·'; t!ons to br held ne>:t Wcc]llt:sd ay I "dullSsIOn ~harge vn l! bc m;,.de. Th is Monda y at 8:00 p.m., in L - I 0 4, a m et'ti ng will b e a nd Thu rsd " y, Mar ch 26 a nd 27 . Choral and gIrl' club ","oup:, perbeld to organize h el p for the float work. Anvone interested In r' j ' h " . 1: rom th t: list of gi rls, e xcludin g fo rIelin g will b e 'lram Ui",net Ig.

inst"lIa­ lion of new TI' gl onal offl C:~, ho~ _ I bat'k rid ins (ll t ( xt, . t ), hiking ill the Casc adc~. volleyball and Olhcr ' such attnctions will b fc.'\turc~i.

any type of wo r k is urged ((, a ttend"" thus" d ancing in the F est ival. the schools, including Bethr: l , f i f t , Federal !h~ mee ti ng, a~ many workers will be th re-, with the hi gh est number of Way, Vas h 0 n. Ort i>:<g , Eatonyill e, needed. I \ ott" will be taken from the W ed nes ­ White River and Pen i nsu la . day ballot a nd placed on a final bal- I Memhe rs of th e ch oral i\ro., ps will Jay Tronsdak, h ea d ch airm an of th e fl oa t, emph asized that cveryonc:. 1 . . lo t the iollowin g day. From those be dinn er g ues ts in the PLC '~dfc:cria . h on F n'd ay c\·c nlTl . g. ' e'a m p '"~ to I Ma ry.Let: C HI come d own t 0 Iowel . Sknvalllch, PLC fresh• three will be chosen the queen. Wit . h ' 1 f A ·'1 m an, Will relf-'Il as qu een of the 19:)8 . ' tIt e othn two belll g h er semo r athdp, and e;;pc cwlly t c: m g It 9 pl1 '. < , acoma Boa t Shuw from M a rch 28 I ·I to 31'd'm pu tt'm g on the flower '1, . . tendants. V" k'll t' 1 nost 'vcry ni"ht tD .W a lon g With ht-r two PLC pnn- I o~' WI CO n mtll' a I .' < ; . "h _ I ['esses Barbara J ensen ::md Linda Ef-I Ot her classes are choosing their two until th e w ee k of Apnl 7 "hen t e , d . f ··· h '. . I' 'I ­ .' . . fin ge r and four oth er models from th e atte llc ants 01 t e n ·tnt lTl e ass t ec Job WIll be eontmuous every nd,ght. colleC!~ : J auet H a ley Lind a Myhre i lion s. Th e M ay F es tival will be held Three tht'ml:s arc now un er con- I ' • ' M y l ' th PLC M m <rial ~ym .d - ' b J " St w- rt art chair-! J oAn n H ans un and DelDres Larson. 1 a. m ,e . . ' c... U w .~ I SI " ratwn y un e" . ~ n as lUUl. An adnllsslOn pnc', of 25c I, · . d > f th ' art workcrs Ghosc n by men of th e Pogglt: C.lub, .. . m iW, an Oll« 0 e . .' . , . ("xpected to be charged to help defray "The PassIOn of Uur Lord Ac cordA lice J ensen These are "Thumbehna' a Ta coma. Bus1l1eSSmCll s Club ",tIlch ,.,,, . b · , '.., " '" < .. h B Sh ' b · I ~ xpenscs. m g to st. M a tthew, ' an oratono y .. gly l?u ckh~g; a nd M 0 ~ her [ I" ,p~nsOi m g t e , oat ~", to. C PL C students, under direction of I]. S. Bach, will be presented this Sun­ . o.os :." fhe tltk and plans w111 be hc.ld m t.h e Tacom.~. A:Tfl or" the girls M iss R . YUlIng, will prese nt the event'l d aY • March 23. a t 7: 30 p.m.• by thc ddimt e by nex t Tuesday. wllI be models dUlln g the tWJ days. fT" L h . Ch h . . .. ~ ". . '11 '. ' d . k I ch OIr 0 nmty ut eran ure, a t In flv yt'a rs of competitIOn PLC 1 he roya lty WI appeal an sp ta on d W I S hIT ('r treets. Pa rk a ll has won four first places a nd one seC-I teleV ISIOn and radIO. In"":I All t h ase 0 f P aCl'f'Ie L ! C.0' l ­ . ut leran Also as queen, Mary L ee will n;­ und award in the sc hool division. ThiS d d Ad misSIOn .. lege arc mv:te to atten. y("a l"s Daffodil P arad will be gin from cei\ c a fishin g t rip at Westport. to the concert is frc e. A free will offcr­ downtown Tacoma at 11 :UO a .m. on Washing ton. and a \' isit to this yea r's R ev. Roy E. Olson, PLC Director ing will be taken.

three donut sales. two before the r". treat and unc followin g.

q .

all oes Out for Workers on Flo t

Festiva l Quee n

As PLC Daffodil ParadeWrkBegi s

Vote cheduled I.


To unite th" Pac ifie. NOllhw ~l L .\ a11d to o[f(,r the st udents a pniod ot spirit . .1 and phy;ical r rfn:shrnent i the purpose of the reg ion n:ue-at.


I Boat Show Models IChosen from PLC

- --

assian' Orataria

Transportation will furnimed by the PLC LSA in the fannnf school 'bus. E xpenses will be paid f or b Y

4,000 See I" 8e a stallc' Play ver


e Pre enled


S d , i i I un ay at r n ty




April 12.

Next 'Mast' April 11 Due to m i d-sem ~s teI' tcstir.g and Easter vacation. no M ooring }'last will be issued until April 1 L Easter vacation will continue from Thurs­ day. April 3 until Tlle,day. April h 8t on the Mooring Mast staff


wish all our readers a happy vaca­ tion . and to the stude nt', happy tcsll,!


Seattle- Sea Fair. Th e qu een was chose n by a vote from the busin essm en after the eandiI dates h ad giv(:n two-minute speeches . before the gathering.

Sophs to Screen ·All • That Heaven Allows I "All That Heaven A llows" will



. . Olsons Fly to W e dd" Of S onoInC onnecto.cut

of Public Relations. and wife fiew to W ashington, D. C .• yesterday for a "isit their. son. Da~id an~ to at­ tend hiS weddll1g 111 Connecticut on Malch 29. Rev. OlsDn will pt:rforrn the cere­

mony. Mr. David Olson, a PLC graduate of 1952. now in business for himself be managing the Services Unlimited Corshown in CB-200 tomorrow night at poration in Washington, D. C .• is 7:00 p.m. by the sophomore class. marrying M iss Elizabeth Drummond, Admission price will be 45 cents a d t:n tal technician in Grenwich, Consingle and 75 cents for couple-so n ec ticut.


. .

Record. bl'~aking' crowds filled t~e CMS a udltonum last w k f r thf performances of "Jack and the B ~an· stal k." The Children's T h eatre pro­ tinction played to a total of O\,l:"r 1-,000 adult> a nd children.

I' I




Viewing the first performance of , . . the show W3S an audience en tirely of aduI.ts a nd st.udents. a crowd com­ partlvelv fe w m number but who had '. • • only comphments for th e sh ow. fbe Saturday morning sh ow~ sponsored by the Methodist Women's Gui ld. filled the house including the balcony wit I predominantly pre-school childrell.

Director of the musical program For th e other pcrforrnan ~s chil ­ will be PaHor Erling Thompson, of dren of the Tacoma area were t ran!_ Trinity. and accompanist will be Mrs.\, ported by bus during school tim~ to E. Thompson. Among tho~e taking see this semester's Children's T he. p art in "The Passion" a re: atre play. V· l' M Gordon Gilbertson ' the 10 m. r" The cast and crew of the show at­ evangelist. Rev, Reuben Redal, tenor; tended a dinner given in t eir h onor [Jesus, ' Dr. Eric Paulson; Judas. Mr. Friday ni ght. The menu. to fit the Timothy Olson; Pilate. Mr. Carl Fyn­ theme of the play. was mostly 'ng­ hoe; Claude. Mrs. James Freisheim. lish. The crew presented the dlrc:ctor Caia p has. Capt_ P aul Paulson; soof the Theatre. Mr. Eric -o rdholm , pranos, Mrs. Eldon Kyllo, Mrs. Frei­ k al M with a silver and glass stein e ngraved shcim , Mrs. Grace Fm; tos, rs. C ecil Vance and Mrs. Clifford Ouon. with his initials and a beanstalk.


Pag e Two


Friday, Marc h 21. 1958


Your Vote Will Count


Vote Next T esd y

to t he Editor

With speedy, well h a nd led procedu re it wa s decided unantI mou,s ly at Tuesday' s sl dent bod y business m " 'tin g to hold a d general elec tion on the s w imming poo l assc mem p ro posal , the tIL nt I ' '11 b'e next, ~r ues d- ay, lVL;}rch riA ' '1' , d cctlOn WI ".4, In th~ ~ V B.

To Ihe Editor;

L" 'h ror 300ut a montll now t t "" b I)0d Y Ilere a t PI "J C va! ce n tosse about from pnc side \') tnc other on As w as stipulated in the motion , the resolu tio n w i.iJ have co the_ issue of .;tudent , upport of the pass by a two- thirds maj ority in order to go into e ffe c t. There­ D evelopment Fu nd. Shall w !: have 50­ fore, I urge you all to vo te; and also to vote in fav r of the licitation, or sh3 ll it bJ: a -'w ~. m ent? m~asure.

What about Chri!t:an I,b,'rty? And on and on . ... , .

. After thinking over the assessme nt proposal v ery con.scle ntlOUS I y, even ma~y 0 f those -:v ho f o rm e rly were agai nst the pla n have . come to be In favor of It. If you were at Tue s day's chapel meeting you probably felt as I did that the g reat maj rity . i f nOl everyone present, was in favor of the proposal to b e v oted upon next Tuesday.

, - , '

i_Before. you vote, think the matter over car J ully. Be f u lly I n ­ tor~ed: find out what. the proposal actua~ly IS; r ead Me. P e t er ­ son s comment. on the klo k which he ga~e In st.udent body cb aJ'.'!1 upon In answer to many ques~lOns; . If y U are n o t ~ favor of the proposal. talk over the questiOn with someone w ho is I feel that h~re is our opportunity as a student b ody to act positively. unseltishly and g e nerously in accomplishi n g a v e ry worthwhile, definite task for w hich results can an d will be g uar­ anteed. Let's not drop the ball ! - - Dave Crowner, editor.

Now IIlstead Ol g 01.13 c round a~d a.round for anot'v~r mon·h and spht­ ~Ill~ thf" stU~Cllt b~, ~ y a ~y ;no n' than It :s, let. us Just ti'';~ ." lOok a t what IS ill\'ol",·d. Through lI.S D n-c lopmcnt Fund, PLC is taking- a :;rcat tlep f01-ward. ThinI, ing sdfi'l hly, th e dona­ tions that interested people arc mak­ ing to thl devdoprncnt of our colkge will increase the value of our cli'llomas and lend prestige to PLC alu~i. How can we, who a re so intim a cely con­ (Trned, stand back a nd say, " We want no part of this fund ?"



i\10st of us at tim("s h av,: had our diff''re nces with the Student Council, the studc.nt body, 3nd the administra­ tion, How","cr, to any conscientious h,Y ~So IvCIg . L eraas ' student, h IS loyalty and d ebt ', 0 the SOLOISTS on the clarinet and trumpet in the band concert to be g ive n I sehoul as a whol,: should far outwei gh lOur chapel a garden? l\e\T~! Yet in the eM S this Sunday afternoon are J erry Bay ne and Dave K nu tson. I any differences with any factions o n, !;,st we·k a ~J("a nstalk g-n:w up III the the campus. centc.r o.f the stage. Four tho~sand ·' 'cl I" ' I twenty-ei ght pcoplt watched thiS un­ 1 Ilf~l ore, ('t S Ulute as a \vh o .r and forgettin g c.atch phras;·s and Ull­ orthodox procedure, and no one raised

Recollections from Backstage

I .


pronounceable "rationales':' fa ce the ' h II d I rea I ISsue: S a w e as a 31', cut Jody ('xfTcise our responsihility too u r .I h I f 'bl sch 00I Wltl t e on y casl c pro· gra m, assessment, or sh a II we put ourselves again into the old position of being told that we do not. know what is best for ourselves? Let's .up­ ' port th IS program now,



mer if you're in the n eighborhood to drop in, I' IS IT TRUE THAT part of the money from thl'" development fund is to b," !opent. l'rmoving the boards th a t obstruct OUI- view from the windows i n the coffee ,hop:' Wis hful thinking again. _ •. And now a word abolLt m y two vn y d ar- enemies, Don Cornell and Don Dou glas. I made som e e rron­ CClU$ n:ports in previous issues regarding thei.!' middle names-now here's the true story. Actually Do n Douglas' s middle name is T ing-a-ling, euz when he was born his mother was expecting th e teleplwnl'; and Don Cornell's middle inil i I is "Q," cuz when h e was born his mother luoked at his fath er and §ald. and I quote: "Let', c,lll it quits." unquote, . . . Sorry,. fellas, guess I'm just :l h ::wgnail on the fickle finger of fak, . ' , Well, that' s it for this week a nd always remember, NEVER marry a ifI who looks se nsible be cause a s\:nsiblc girl has more sense than to look semible .



Charm Beauty Salon Bla nche ling bloom


We Outfit Co-eds

Expert Dry Clea ning

eport Given

LE. 7·7475

LAURINAT'S A pparel 406 Garfield St.

LE. 7-5317

La undry Service


On ELC Confab L i\ ing- Cod's Wi ll," was the theme flf the' ! l sl ~ nnll a l ELC Student Con­ fnrn('(' held a t Augmtana Colle ge, . ioux Falls, South D ako ta, March 7-9. T he "wnts of t ht· conference were tlloond ed b y Beverly Swanson of PLC. () c ' r A. Anderson, p astor of Trinity L the n Church, M oorhead, Minn., gav," the key not add res;, "God Shows H h Will." According to th e Augustana l\>lir­ Tor, sokmness fell on t he conference "" hen n , ws arrived of the death of J ea nnette Olson, Diana Paul and Mir­ ia m Stoa, PLC girls, in an accident enroll te to the conference . • The death of these three girls made . 1 tr,:meodous impact on the students at the conference, a nd it was throu gh ;\1> \ p' ril'nce like this that the stu­ d ents reali~.,d the importance of their I hv(;. < in rl·lationship to the will of c d ," $ta tl-d C a rl Guthals, confer<':nce

r hainnan.


Mrs. J o S ummers Phone LEnox 74300


called himself Ra fe Heyfever. And all this happ ' cned while Mr. Nordholnl used a r:offee can for "n, <l,<htray be'­ a 't h ld causp l O S more. The audiences w': re filled with all sor ts of children, Some sat quietly, ~ome didn't-like the one wh o ep t shouting, " Stingy!" at Rafe He 'ood One little fellow, duri ng th e giant's chasing Jack with a club, ran dowIl the aisle to the rescue and jumped int the orchestra pit. 0

Charlie Bra w n's pal Linus wa _ then:, too, and sa t in the aisle with his bla nket, contmtedly sucki ng his thumb.

Raft: Heywood and the gia nt were thl;: favorite (?) characters. A t ast they ro:cei\'ed the most applause ­ when they fell off the bcanstalk. After one perfOlmance a gro up 1)£ Bluebirds Glme backstage. When asked if they' d like to ! hake hands w ith t he gia nt th r y stood still a nd their ey s grt::w bi gger and rounder, but none. of Pitching Practice During the first rehearsals the giant them would touch him . O ne comm en , (Ja son Graham) took careful ai m and "He must be seven feet tall!" bounced eggs merrily off his p oo r lit­ W ell, h ow a bl ou t it? Does OIU' tle w iie (Jeri Dubail). When thl: ggs imagination measure up to thci1'!l ~

- - - -- - - - --Formica -

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Lu ck ily, perhaps, and for the pro­ trc tion of th e cast and crew. all isn' t known th3t go ~s on behind, in front (Jf, and to t:ach side 'of the beans talk. A "('ry few siddights. I'm sure, won' t bring' libd suits ag'ainst me, I hope. OIH' of OUI- favorite prop gi rls is Susie L annen , who made the requ est on MOthcr5' \Ve(·kend, "I know none 01 you lik e Illt' , but my mother is h ere th is weeke nd, so will you pl eas,~ a II I pretend like you do, anyway?"

EXPERT Cleaning at • • •



changed from wads of paper to

something Hlu(h harder, howev!'r, thi~ had to stop. Poor Old Tyb ... whenever Wido..... B"s< threw .Ja ck's ma.-.-ic beans over - , ~ -­ th e wa II , t h cy h I' t 'I' yb 'III t h to h ea. d

a finger-except the s tag e crew, And Rafe Hl;'ywood ( Dan Triolo ) wh ich was vigorously pulling on sand­ even twisted hi<. tongu'> one da v a'nd

bags. Probably you weren' t among those who believed this was a n:al vegetableI just invented a new game. It's throwing chewi ng gum out into the type beanstalk. Even some youngsters ' t r .. t a nd see ing how many Volkswagons I can catch. May market it. . .. would ha\'c been disillusioned to have L;u;t week they were going to make m e a judge at a flower show but they scc:n it closely- for instance, the three­ ('hun ged their minds. Said I didn't smell too good . . . . IS IT TRUE THAT ld h I ycar-o w 0 to d h er m9ther she was l hr' n:nne of the Mooring Mast is to be changed to " Herb Dempsey on Every­ . , gO Ing to t3ke her teapot along to the t hin ,g" ? (sign ~,d) ROGER OLSON "Bea~stalk play" so she co~ld pick I am starting a drive this week and here', what you do--Simply slide I jellybeans. Frihol had blue beans and ll' n cents (olle dime ) under the d oor of the Mooring :Mast office ea ch week. red heans ~Il,d yellow-stri ped beam, This isn't much and won't hurt a nyone. It's equiva k nt to just one cup of PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS but no jellybeans. cofr. ,e p f." r week! The money will go direc tly to the fund to build the ~wim­ A Few Sidelights m i ll g pool. In my back ya rd. And I'd like to cordially inv ite you next sumBy BO B



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Salz Hits 19.6; Ta

Mit: hell Tak

Ie Tennis hamp. med


Shot Contest


Friday. Ma rch 21. 1958

Lute pring Sports Schedules Given

Berntsen Wins Finals 2n Floor Sets Record Jntr.unur31 bas kctb 1I cam e tv a

('J't', and voll ' yha II is ~c tting und cr­ y . 1ond ay afte rnoon. Th d orm hoopsters who played at ,•. H twd \'c of the gamc3 in wh ich thf'ir I Ca n L> pa rti cipated a nd placed mong the h igh. scason scorers werc thr fo U owi n ~- twdve mc n:

GP _. ___ __._13 John Mitche ll, Ivy " A"..... ___ 16 Jerry Curti. , CC "A" ........ 16 p. Carlson. Proi, j~ Dog5 __.. 15 t. Scheele, Prairi e Dogs___... 16 50h Erickson, 5th Flaor.... __ 12 O. Be rnhen , Rond Ru~ners __ 15 G . Schaumbe rg, Ce ltieL __ .14 F(onk Wall, Worriors .. _.._. ___ 13 Dua ne Moe, DeJardines _._ ...15 Jon Wefold, Hru terL ___ .__ _... 14



255 251 28 6 281 245 239 171 212 194 179 201 186

19.60 17.92 17.B7 17.50 16.33 14·90 14.25 14.13 13.85 13.80 13.40 13.33

D ayI' Berntsen is the new campus of ping pong singles com­ pe- tition. Dave beat Jon Wcfald in two of three final match games. Be rntsen won t he first game 21-7. Wdald made a comebac k in the second contest to win "21-8. Then Dave wrapped up the "rown with a 21-13 finale. Berntse n joined the ranks of table t<;: nnis champs whi ch also include the doubles winners, Sam G an g e and R ich H a mlin. Gange and Hamlin eat B.. rnt~'~n and his teammate, Jim Van Beck, in the final contest of the doubles pla yoffs.



Intramural Ba sketball

Th e Lute ba seball tea m tUI ned out for its first prac tice iast M onday aft­ t·rnoon. Twe nty-ow' hopefuls showed at the first o uti n'~- fo r Ih,> d ia'roond sport. Y st -'rd ay th t' boa rd of trU;! tc:es m .:t to m all the dc-:ision O il w h \~ iU coach til.. 1958 baseba ll team. Trackmen ha \ _ b e e n shal-pening th eir a im at goinfl places th is cinder season. John Fromm and O thl~fli will be m akin g the trip to Cou gar\' iUe for the WSC indoor track mee t tomorrow in Pullman.

by Eugen'e Hapala

Coach MARK SALZMAN cxpect~ to enter three men in th ,' W a, hing­ ton Stak College indoor track meet tomorrow. All-American javt;lin thrower JOHN FROl\IM heads the list of entries with fre shman distu thl'ower KEITH CREELY and freshman half-mil ' r BOB LEE also listed for en try The fiddhouse at Wa shington State is 200 fcet long and la ·t yea r it was necessary to open th e doors on both ends so fromm l'oul d a mpete. Fromm successful! threw the spear through the doors for a 2 15-foot tOS5 ! He bettered this mark throughout the season and came through with a t rC­ mendous 248-foot h eave at Austin.• T exas. in Jun e and was ultima tt:! nllm):rl PLC golfers wiil have th ir iin;l to thc All-American track tcam. It will be intnc~ting to st:e how far out of ma tch on April 11 aga inst St'a ltl U . Q n the Chieftains' home course. T h e the building Fromm can throw the javelin next week. first home m atch is scheduled for SatLETTERMEN REQUESTED TO OBTAIN DUCATS u rday. April 19. on the campu~ links All Lute felt winners are urged to pick up their tickets In till: Public Netmen have been work ing n th~ Relation~ of~ice not late r than APRIL 1, .for th e All-School A~hlt: ti c _Ban­ nunpus tennis courts, but us yet n o quet whrch rs schedulcd for Thursday, Apnl 10. All lettermen WIll n gam b'¢ tc~IO has been na med . The t en tative the guests of the ,tudent body at this banquet. Don' t put it off, f Hows, it's schedule calls for a n open ing !erics fn·e. wr lh Sea ttle U. on T ue. day, April S,


I .


The free th row contest wa s won by th~ "mighty mite" of Ivy Hall, John F tchell. Mitchdl tied last year's record of 85 good tosses of J 00 tries wh ich was set by Chri~tie Crondahl. Srcond Flood Old Main, led by ogn R erp and Jary Scheele wilh 84 each, won team honors in the annual "giit" shot match. The 2nd Floor five n llicd a total of 395 of 500 shots. T is fcat bette red the old record of 87 f -00 b N h H II' 195 ­ 1 0 J se t y 1 art a III b. h '\ Hall wa; second in tealn su ccr s wa h a total of 392 good shots. T hird Floor Old Main with 382, Dr'Ja rd ;ncs 368, and Fourth Floor Old I

Page Three

hert. L 3 4 4

"A" League W Hesters ._ .._......___ .. ________ ._.. 13 Road Runners ... ._.__ ._.____ ...13 DeJardines ........_.. .___ .. _. __ .._13 Prairie Dogs ... .._.. _.. _._._ .._12 Ivy "A" ... _._._ .... _._ .. _.__....___ ..11 Clover Creek "A"._..._......10 Celtics _........_... __._............... 8 Brewers ........... ___ .._... _....._. 5 Western Parkland __ ..... _.. S Tacoma _. ____ ............. __ .__ ..... 0

'I Glad Hoopsters

F()lIowing is the schedule for :Ill 'pring 'ports, with the possibili ty of rt'visions to be mad" as announced b :h(" PLC ~h' ws Burl'au:


Receive HODors

5 6 7 9 12 ·1 4 9

BASEBALL Three Gladi a tors made the Everg-ree n All-Confere nce first "six" w hile April 4--U. of Washington, there two 11101C placed on the second five April 5-Central, there and honorable mention lists. April 12-Central, here By Bernie Brotman Jim Van Beck, Roger Iver,on, and April 19-Western, there Chuck headed the list of PLC hoop- April 26-Seattl e Pacific, there The Prairie Dogs cnded the intra- sters who received honors. The trio May 3-Seattle Pacific, here "B" League W L mural season with a 12-5 win-loss was sdected to the all-staJ' six of the May 6-CPS, here (night) record which was good for a fourth 4th Floor Frosh ........... .... .12 4', place. They had a, win streak of ten confe rt·nee. Don Moseid of CPS. Bill May 8--U BC, here, late aft &. ni te Warriors ...... ___ .... _...._.........12 4 ga mt's going as the season closed. C oo rdes of Central, and AI Koetj e of May 9--U. of Washington, here 5th Floor _..... ..__ ._____ ..... _._._ 11 5 John Mitchell headed the scoring Western rounded out the overloaded May 10-Western, here 6 column of the Ivy "A" dOJ'm tcam first team. A tic in votes for Moseid May 14-CPS, there (night) Faculty .. _._ ............. ______ ... __ .10 with a total of 286 points th is year. ..

I Brains .. _.. _._ ......._.._._._....._... 6 11 Little "Mitch" played in 16 of his and Koetje constItuted the dual SelecTRACK Ma in 31:>,. rounded out th e first five Clover Creek "B" ..._...____ . 5 11 team's games and averaged about 18 tion for the fifth position on the quin­ A '1 - W'II R I U''1m' phtcmg 11 points per game_ 1 prj J - ,amette e ays . . ' , . 'I Ivy"B" _.._ _. ...._ ....- 5 13 Tennessee State madc a repeat per_lt('t. IApril19-Seattle Pacific here

I?I.'TRA~{URAL Stubs .-... .--.--.- .. -...-.............. 3 formance as NAIA champs as they Tor.1I ~ahli was given re cognition April 26-PLC, CPS at Uestern

FREE THROW CONTEST Gunners ..-- ---...-...-...-......-. 2 14 downed We s t e rn Illinois 85~73. for hrs frnt work on the Everg reen May 3-Vancouver Relays Ind. ividual Scoring R ecords _I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Georgetown, which beat the Lutes, c_h_ampion team .being selected on the May 10--West ern, UBC, CPS, here "K'!Ided tourn ey ibn fourth P091ac';,- Tbhe second team. . BIg Tom J 0hn }.'{ltc-he II, Ivy HaII .. ... .....------ 8 :>- , ;;; cntuct1kl~' 'rans w~rc eaten 1 -1<:1 Y . ' topped selec- May 17-PLC,CPS A~t Central



Roger R eep. 2nd Floor.. ...........__ ..... 84\ Jer ry S hede, 2nd Floor........... ....... 84 1 oger Bakken, Ivy Han __ ..._.. ....... _.. 8.) Bob Gettel, Ivy Hall... _..... ____ ... _.... ... 83 \

Paradl·se BOWL Fully Automatic

Fir.;t P lace Team R ecord


~~~gdt;~~~pO.I.~._~~~:~:::::::: ::::::::::3:~


~ All




Jerry Scheelc .__ ... ............. ........... 84 Wednesday - after 9 p.m. om Gilmer ._.. ...._. _..__ .._............. _ 80 Friday - All Ev~ning Ted Johns tonc -........ ---....-.--..--.... 75 Tacoma Frank Waterworth .................... .. 72110707 Pacific Ave. Phone LE. 7-6012 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS




Christ's ministry has room. right now, for slrong gifted men of God. Students g roduating f rom college in 1958 will do well 10 qpply n,?w for Seminary enroll­ me nt. Write today for ~a la log and app lica tion far m· THE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR BEGI NS SEPTEMBER 3, 1958


Marin Avenue, Berkeley



Paper-Bound Book









1130 Broadway .~f;it.;'



Chari... 8. Foellch, Ph.D., Pr ) ident

Texas Southern. tlOns for t~c second fJv~. For better buys in clothing, buy at ' Bob ROlko placed hIgh amonlS the Bemic·s. conference hoopstcrs given honorable mention for the i r contributiolU to

4'P fill l(~' ""'11"" ~




~~~ ~ ~~



*" :


We provide (hecking and [1 Savings Accounts m and all other I-STREET baak services BWCB 11 for college ti studuts


'~$ A






May 23, 24--Conf. m eet at UBC


I April 8--Seatt le U., h e r e


their respective teams.

April 19-Central, here


May May May May May May May

2-CPS, there 3-Western, there 6-Seattle U., there 10-CPS, there 13-Seattle Pacific, he r e 17-Central, there 23, 24-Conf. match at UBC

April A pril April I May May May May May

GOLF 11-Seattle U., there 19-CPS, here 26-Western, here 3-Western, there 7-Portland U., here 12-Seattle U., here 17-CPS, th e r e 23, 24-Conf. match at USC

m(~~i~~s o:IS~hew~II~~~:~t ~:;~~~~:II~ ~:~:: ~~-~:::~~n~~~~;~c, therl! F OR OFFICE SUPPLIES

C. Fred

C • hrlstensen

BOOKSELLER & STATIONER 8R. 2- "" 29 .....

932 Pacific Avenue

Tacoma, Washinglon






Locate d in IGA F OCldtown 112th &. Park Aven ue

P hone LEo 7-3434





Memorable Time: Band Trip

_P_a"_e_F_ o_ur_ _ _P _ L_C_ M_O_O_R_IN_G_M_A_ST _ _ _ _F_ri_d_ay_,_M_a_rc_h_2 _ 1,_ 1_95_8

Spurs t G iv St a MemorialBlue Key Sele ts Fourteen

by Di k Fil htT word. ","1, '.naJ. it la I," "pa wond er if n T ryone know; th(: arou nd ," ant! " G race .,100e."


t th e rl'gion~1 con Hntion y M a ril)'n Bol', Eyei)'n tl .)uass, Anna ~ Ohrstr m and C a mille Emerson. Marilyn Boe led a discussion group on th e topic, "Rclatiom hip Between amount of $75 . and will be a wa rded School, C ommunity and Home." t"ach sp rin g to a worthy m(' mber of A grou p of T acoma cia sroom teach­ the i ncomin g Spur group. The pur­ ers, i n ludin g a form er PLC student, pose of th cehola rship is to p erpetu­ will prrs..n t a p:1l1d d iscuss ion a t the tt the m~ll1or y of former Spur Mir­ next FTA mee ting M a rch 25 at 7:30 iam, and t J fu r ther inspire in others p.m. in CB·200. Saga picture will also rut" hi gh ideals wh ich she set forth . b!' takrn a t this time.


ORIAL FUND BEGUK · a I S pur · . A M Irwm Stoa M frIlOrI .. . Sc olarship h;u; bcen InitIated b y t h c Ctl vt: and in ac tive m embers of the "n Le', Sp ur h a.pter. Th"I S IS to t h e

BLLJE KEY SELECTS MEMBERS F au rtet' n sophomores and juniors W I·{ ·· invit ed thi.~ past wet,k to become tn.-mbers of Blu e K ey, a na tional hon­ o rary fraternity for uppercla ssmen. Those selected to fill vacancies left by s;rad uating seniors arc: Ron J orgen­ . Bob Larson, Al Ostroot, Jack H ol l. George Fisher, John Jacobson, ]" n y O lson, J ay Graham, J erry Sells, uchen L a hti, Don Douglas, Paul Jl'lson,John Amend and Jerry Eri ck­

I H llted

p urpose of a band trip? Like a choir tnp, th e principle purpose i~ to spread good will , and, of cou rse, advertise fQf th e- coll e~" c . Altogethe r there \H rC about 50 of us good will ( ?), ambassa· dors, including chief ambassadors Milt 2\·cs \·i<:(~ and Mr. Gilbertson. Wha t sta nd s out in my m emories \"Cry \';\,idly is th(' a ctual trip on the buses; there were two buses, each ca r­ ryin g about 24 ba nd mem ('rs. 1 think r \'('T)'on e should make it his goal to go on a trip similar to QUI'S, for you rannot imagi ne the boring exciting, fun-fill ed hours we h ad traveling to­ ge ther until you\'c been on such a journey.


Wt: p laY" d




afternoon ('on­

c<:rt- f Clr . chools : lid alway. had an evenin g concert. 'Vedn sda ' v. , en played for a len ten 5t 'icc . After ea ch

ARTISTS VISIT THE "U" Art Lea gue will attend the North· west Exhibit a t the Henry Galleries on the campus of the Univcr~ity of Was hington Sunday, Mareh 23. It will Iravc a t 9:30 a.m. and attend church in Seattle. Girls are furnishing the lunch.

con ce rt we wl'n , aS5ig n d to individual homes to spend th( night, where H:­ freshme nts wcre a lways served, td we usua lly ta lked until v ry late. Hi ghlighting m oments of the f O Ul for me, and most eve ryone, were th e devotions before every concert. Chap· lain for these oe asions was Dave Knutson, who rea d a portion of scrip­ tun and led in praye r. This always helped us to rea lize we WC I C not just playing music, but were giving a te~timany to the colle e and t o God. We WCTt a ll sorry to sec the trip We were a ll one big family, and if corne to an end, but were all glad to you come from a la rge family you can come back to th e college grind a gain. appreciate the riot w e had. And just feature spending all that time wi th Mr. Gilbertson and Mr. ~csvig.

T extiles, ecramics, paintings and j "wdry will be tho;. featured work of Northwest artists. Mr. L. K ittkson a nd Miss C. Nel­ son will accompany th e Art Leagu e.

One of the morale builders for the band was Gilbertson's words for the Flowers for All Occasions day. Everyone 100 ked forward to [' 12173 Pacific A ve. LE.7-0206 them. The theme for the week was the (Foot of Garfield) W e Del iver "fceding of the 5000." Among the





J im Haaland is president of th e du which will sponsor the Campus lellnup ait e-r Easter vaGttion. An ice <k.lting part y is pla nncd b y Blue K ~)' for • pril J 1 at 10:3 0 p ,m. a t t he I...1.krwood Icc A rena. HOW MUST GO ON T ryouts "'I' n held Th u rsday in the tadio-:otudio fo r til Saga C a rn iva l m lodnm a . "Th", L ighthou se K cep­ ('1"5 aUllh tt>r :' which i, und er t h e drn·{:tICln of L yl ' Pearson. 1 ryou t;. "'1.'1<: a lso hdd fo l' "The en. of the M issing· H a nd hake." It "ill h,' p n ' 't'llted on TV for M ental II,-uth Wre whi ch wi ll be in April . "I·r. "W:· dIrer! "'1\. MILLE E~mRSON RUN R PRF . ' y A l h,' r giona l conven tion of FTA h ILl ;n E ", rctt on M a rch 8, Camille .nl!'r5on was nominated fo r the office or tr, idt:nt of Wash ington Student E( IIC lion .\ , c ia tion. Elec tions will hi' hrld ;It Ihe ~ta te convention a t CPS <\p rii -1 and 5. lt 3plt r of FTA wa, n :prl'·


Reformation W indow, in beautiful colors on stained glass, as seen in the new Lutheran B rotherhood Home Office bu ilding. It forms the west wall of our Martin Luther library whic" contains works ort M artin Luther and the church., S~Mng PLC th r ugh Christian use of free press. P R ES S

EDf.fOR .............. DA V:E CR OWNER

N ws Editor.................. H erb D em psey Reporters : Teddi Gulhaugen, Ba rb SlUWrniller, Barbara Isaa cson, Dick r isher, Larry Johnsoll.

Fmt rt: Editor...... Marilyn Donaldson R cpotcrs: Solveig Leraas, Joey Dan­ I('ison. Bob Bills, Earlene Burcham, la Mac Mathi>, Bob Fleming , Don ( ~ Iru s.

Sports Editor..............Dennis M a rttala R porters: Jim Kittilsby, Tim W ynd­ h m, Harry Sannerud, Dick Good­ win, E ug e Hapala. T pis t.. .... ' ............... Laurie Beecroft

Bu in6S41 Manager.. Ma ry Lou E ngen Ad Sollc-itors: Rod P atterson, Lois Anderson, Linda Scha d. P hotographer..........

r. W. McKewen

Artiu .......... ..................Dick Londgnm

BOGk keeper......................Carol House

Cf tion ........._ .............. Pattl Finn

change ......................._..._.Joy Lewis

Fi le C le rk ........................ Lanie Hacgar

d iso( _ ...................... Mr. M. N esvig

P uLlished Fridays of the school year by students of PLC, at Parkland, Washington. ffioe : College U nion Building. P one LEnox 7-8611. Ext. 41.

"What is the relationship between Lutheran Brotherhood and the Lutheran Church? At a Lutheran Church convention, 40 years ago, in St. Paul, a prominent layman stood up to persuade the group that Lutherans should work together to help each other in time of trouble. To make his point, he used a simple illustration: "Suppose two brothers made an agreement," he said. "Each promised that if the other died, he would provide for the widow and her children. That would be, in effect, an insurance contract." A few days later the organization now called Lutheran Brotherhood was incorporated by church leaders. Its purposes were "to aid the Lutheran Church; to foster justice, charity and benevolence; to provide education . . . to encourage industry, savings, thrift ... to furnish relief and protection to its members, their dependents and beneficiaries, through the payment of benefits in case of death or disability." While its primary purpose is to give protection to

memberS of the Lutheran Church, the Lutheran Brotherhood also helps build churches by loaning money ... helps train church leaders by providing scholarships . . . helps churches grow by giving money and supplies. The Lutheran Brotherhood serves members of all Lutheran Churches with "Living Benefits."

Free Upon Request. Beautiful full-color repro­ duction of the Reformation Window above. Com­ plete with historical legend. Large size (18"x 24'). Heavy stock, suitable for framing. M ailed in tube. No obligation, of course. Send your name and address today.

LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD 701 Second Ave. So. • Minneapolis 2, Minnesota

Living benefits for Lutherans through life insuTllnce

RSPbC Elections Set for Tuesday;

Four Candidates Se k Presidency

P I'ima ry ASPLC officer election! fOl the I £158-59 term will be held ' "uesday, April 15, at voting hooths in th e CUB and library. Final electioDi will Ix: W ednesda y, April 16, if run­ offs a re necessa ry. It is nccessary that ail stude nts present their student body cards at time of voting .

patin g in the Luther League on a local, federation, and district level. Psychology Club, Ge rman Club, and Hiltory Club (sec.-trca s.) compriJe my cluh memberships.

d ent Body President who is n ot afraid of work and who undentands the machinery of government is, I believe, VOL. 35, NO. 20 wh a t we need. (sigru:d ) JACK HOLL


FRI., APRIL 11, 1958

PbC's 'Thumbelila' Floal COlslruCU-ol 01 "ampus II T B Fh d T hi I~;~~p::!a:~::, :=~!:; a elliS e Ollg

As chairman of the Junior Clan Chapel Program committee, I recently Checkin g through the school calen­ helped put on the Junior Clau-Ger­ Nominet:s a r·c : President, Don Dou g­ man program. We h a ve sent 27 let­ dar, I found no opportunities for par­ las, J ack Holl, M erle Martinson, T om ters to major univenities seeking in­ t icipa tin g together after applauding Unmacht; Vice-president, Be v c 'r I y formation a s to their social and cul­ a n (" xciting ball game. Fortunately, w e Benson, D a rrell Hines, R euben L a hti, tural life, and a re in the proc.ess of won't havc to cool off in CloYt:r Creek J a y Tronsdalt: ; Secretary, Barbara incorporating the results of this find­ : : I Br ckne r, JoAnn Hanson, Con r; i e ing into a chapel p ro.'!Tam. T hompson, l\' a n cy \Valker; Treasurer, I am twenty-one years old, a psy- . or snake dances to he I p blow off Following completion early tomorrow mo,ming, "Thumbel­ Jim Bullock, Louise Kraabel, Bob Lar­ chology major, and a biology min or . stearn. ina," PLC s float will be entered in the annual Daffodil Parade, son . If ekcte-d , I ~hall announce five which begins tomorrow at 10: 00 a.m. from the center of Ta­ I have seriously e ndeavored in the Nomina tions m a de by th<" Literary past to maintain my 3.3 gpa so tha t responsible students who have a greed coma and will move out to Puyallup and Sumner. Main cherne Board for th e following p ositions are: I may be able to continue a fter PLC to investiga te new elements of group for the parade, a part of the Daffodil Festival, is "Fairy Tales a ct ivity to be presented at the right and Flowers." Saga Editor, T eddi Gulh augen; Saga in g raduate school. (signed) TOM UNMACHT time . Portraying Thumbelina will be tiny~---------------Busi Manager, undecided ; Moor­ My best qualification is that I have Carol Hurst. About the main <:harac- work on the float putting the 35,000 ing Mast Editor, Di ek Londg ren. sincerely believe that an active bitten my nails o,'cr this problem as ter on the float will be four fairy- daffodils in the setting. Pacific Lu­ Following a r t: statements from all L exchange progra m with our fel low mue h as th e nex t s t u d en t . "fh e 0 tI'r hpnncessl'S ' FI uw- therau has won fi t prize in the.. amI th t: K'm g a f t llC tht- pr sidl:ntia l ca ndidates and qua li­ neighboring colleges should be en- qualific a tions are junior class vice- ers, The king, Bob L a rs on, will be , educational division for the past ficati on of all ca ndidat es: acted. By est ablishing an Ex change p resident, Dea co n, a nd high school ~eatt'd on the vcry top of th e float, several yean and it is hoped by the Committee this will enable us to ex- J student body pn:sidcllt. raised about 13 fcet; h e will be seated committee that the entry ill be chang e student programs, choruses, (sig'ned ) MERLE MARTINSON on a ~iant lily pad and clad en tirely , completed in time for competition bands, prof<.:ssors, and idea, for im· in silver. tomorrow. provcment with these collcges. Resting on the four corn ers of th e L a te Ic:lns will be rriven girls wh Qualifications Possibly arrangements <: 0 u I d be Qualifications: Membership in Blue f1~at ahout a blue pond will be the will work on the float "tonigh t, as h a This p ast ~u m m er I helped to g uide made for a joint Student Artists Series, K ey, Alph a Sigm a L ambda, Pi Kappa Lll rv-pnncesst's. Betty Johnson, Grace b th t d ' t ' . S L' 1 Id' f , . ecn c ra 1 IOn m past } ~... . tu.HIU direct th e summer ca mping pro­ W111e 1 wou rnsure per OIUlcrs for Ddta , pa st I.C .C, n:prese ntati\'t:; pres· En g,' n, Jan Snyder and K a thy Knut- I . , , en ts a rc urged to a ssist on the fl oat gl a n. at Luth erl a nd Bible Camp on perfon11anc t's while they are in this ent C orrespondin g Secreta ry of Pi SOH, representing ea ch of the four . od Wk ' . i a t a ny Ume t ay. or ' 15 conttnu·· Lak e Killarney. I w orked with m any arca, .. thus.Ul.a" it e cono mical, K a ppa D elta, .195fi-57 Studellt Chail­ classes .. Ea ch of the will be L h . d '. . . . m g on owe r ca mpus a t t (' m ust n al l1linisters of this are a in helping high . d b .tn ena Img Us to obtam e' (" 11 g reater ma n of W ashmaton S tat e Student all a g ia nt gITCn hly pad ttlled to rc- a rts building . "' hool coullseia n h and le u y e r 200 vea l the girls who will be on different t;;ient in the future . Having the Stu- 1 Conglt:ss. J ­ cam pers a week . I rece ntly a ccepted I a m a wa re d, a t progress m stu­ In'ds and dressed in blue a nd white. ay Tronsd a lc is chailm<l n of thi d ent Council sponsor one or two lec­ f0f next summe r the task of a gail1 t . uce sefl'" cOU Id start a preee d t'nt d ent gO\"(' fJun ent must be based upon In the center of th,' blue pond will bt: yea r' s floa t, with as sistants b.:ing Jim helping to lead " .111lping program . which the "ariou' club, could follow, filature k a dt· rship a nd the w hole- a rotating lily pad. Stewart, Ali ce Jessen and Jerry H anA n a ctive T.lJt'lul.w r of the Lutheran By encoura ging fa r m ore stude nt ht'ar!<'d support of eve ry student a t Ton igh t students arc urged to I son. C h~ rch si'lc e childhood in Dubuqu e, pa1"li <: ipa t ion We belie,'e a student go\"­ PLC. I'ma, ' flv fa mily rece ntl y m oved from rrllJlIl'nt could rea lly b,> uscd for tll.. ~ y candid uc y fo r the offi ce 'I l< UIru\ to ~t;Iwn kee, W isco nsin. For b"st intnests of all a nd th e t ud cn t ASP!. ' P id "o t j. I. " 'r! , n " Ilir ~a t y e~ n I h a\'e marntl,lined c­ cou neil " o uld h,: . 1 vi t'U force in the sinu'f< ' lx' ii d til.ll ti,,! rn!'l ~ b ers h ip in my h orne chu rch, p rogress of PLC in the future. it- ad "',, h ip " nd that thl: siu dent bo y L l1 tllfl M t mor: I in Tacoma. ("i" twd) T O M UX~v[ACHT is flO\\' pn'pa rl' d for ~t p ro"Tcssiv,; p ro­ l OT "": past If" r e ye;lI', I h ave 1I ,:" n in Dil field s of st ud en t :lctivityT 11,; lO) 8 S;\GA Ca r nival opcm I and work h as gone in to th.. A-!ill.!ttl t, ught Sunday , ~ hoo l , sung i n the Stu dent Arti st Sni t' s, rcc H:ation, a th ­ Fr iday ntg h t, .\ pril 18, t 8 :UU p, m . Sh ow and it prom ilics to gi ... r an • \1.­ I holr. ' C1"\ cd on \'ariol1> om mi ttccs, Q ua lifica tio lJs: Stu cI to n t C (j ll,, ~ ;1 k ti, "eli, ities, and represetl tation in in th e MS AI; dilOnul11, with tll 1;0l­ uj n~ of r'xcclkm enter tainment. ac­ a~ WlU a~ h d ping t o g u ide thl: youth R t'11 1'L'Se lltati \ t' , frt'"silIIl<1n ('tass: t-ditur, natio nal a 'l e! jou d stu dt'nt co n[, ·n: ncr:i. on ation of rll<" S; ~, QU ~" Jl and Ki n :~ . cordi ng tt, Ji m Bulloc k of tilt· a., . PIO!.!' IIlI u!' th, chu rch, an d parti '­ Stud ent H andbo ok, 1~ 58 : Muoring I pl"d gc mys elf, if ekcted, to fu r­ A top-n ott'h Cj u,t.rt t, T he Rhythm­ - - -- '- -- - - - - -- - ­ eh ni ght a fter the .how. ilL tIL ~Ia s t; Sag ;l : ~ct i \'(> with Citiz(' nship ni;h k a d' l h ip for stud ent p art icip:l-I aires flom Pari fi ,~ l ' ni,·tr,it ), w d l hI" au dit rium the gym will be opl'ned for Clr:a ri ng- Huu s" ( politic a l scienc e or­ tllH! 111 a.ll n a lms ot O u r cull, P. p ro · pn· sc n tt'd: cnt~rl ...iomcn t fOt t he the carniva.l gam es a nd f In . Su~h 1'!:1l1iza ti oll); Bl ue K ey: History C lub ; ~'allJ. (si:;ncd) DON DO U GLAS roya ltv a nd ~ l((s!:.~. rh [' con cer t cilOru {.lvorites as the Seni o r E gg-T hrow, the , pea kt'r of th e h Oll s,' , YMCA Yout h :l nd thl' PI. C drill l<:am also w ill h aY< J,,\I, a m r-Iodram.a, D arTo, and man SCi- , Lc:; i" atll lt·, 1955: !ll a jot , ~ ]J.lrl in th e , how. Cn l Ca pener will othl'l ~ ttrartio n> will 3.\h ilt the r wd ,' nu' a nd H r:; lory, an d mIno r, Plulbe lllas Beb in tlw e-y m. F rid ay night tht royal tv . ter .of ""rf'll llllLi cs, H e ancl , \.Im ual L u th e r' L t' :.l~ u <:, Su np.,y, oso ph y :md E conum ics. fk ll , ' n~ will do " comed y rou tme .l ls a will k at! the way tu the: gym and on "' p ril :co., w:lI attract s('\ eral h und n 'd . ~S·, tu d Cll! DU lJ d ~ VtTlllutllt at Pa­ ~ L,O ()n Satll rdd \' rll~ht 3n old PLC 1I ,1­ S d . h h M' I eh d it lC n w ill .evl\Tu-The Lettera tur ay Illg t t el m stTe orua orthw cs t L ca",uLrs tu PLC fo r an <'!fIC L uth udn College sta nd s on the ;,[[ . I II OtJfi :l nd <.:\I: lIin : o n th e campu s. thres hh QlcI of ~ bri:; ht ne w na. •\ c vcr Fou r Pac ific Luthe ra n C ollt-gc d,.­ men's ~linstrd .Sh ow.. Ti me a nd pl.ace will lead everyone from thr MS 10 RI ~ ist rillio n w ill bcgi n a t 2 :00 p .m. before in the sixt y-fu ur y~ a r his tory of , ba te rs a nd th ei r coaeh a l'<: pa r t ic ipa t- th e same- as FrI day night. N[ uc h t <me! the gym. a nd while i t is goin g- 0 11 , a n in fllrmal Pl ,C" 1l a~ stuu.1 n lt ge" 'c rnm ent h ad such [I' in.g in t he b ienni al prov il.lcia l CO l1\'c' n­ f \ II I f P K D h yum in g wi ll be held in th e chap el. a p rOllllsw g- 1.ltu re. .- s t t' co kge tlUn. and to ur.nam.c,nt a 1. appa, d­ l.c,,~uf'rs w ill Lc wdeo lJlI'd a t th e 1caps f Olward 111 the growth of pub- ta In Pocatc:lto, lea ho, thiS wcek. fh e " " . THE LA VE ND E HILL MO B I"'itf up<:"n in l! 5css io n in the eMS Ii It's punsi bil ity and inter:tal !!Uid - I g-ro u p left h ere by t ra in W edn<:sd ay , hap.,! ... 1 3:00 p .m . h :l rfwdiately a fter­ .m e,·, it becomcs necessa ry tha t S tu- fot th e ('''<"lI b whi ch began yn l n-d a y ' Movie starring A lec Guinn ess ( ,du l"'!' or t hf' A <"llli ', ny .1\.\ ',Inl wJ.rd, a lIl iJ<er w ill fo llow <Jut o n th e ' de nt Co \ eru nwn t k c e p p ace Wit.h an d. CO,I.'l in ucs thI. ' OU~h Sa turd ay lI io tu , for B,"st H' tOl Ild" Y r) , m p us . PL(.. s two top debate teams a n' Th is mor nin g, foll owin g ch a pel, the Spon so red by t h e Campus Chest th ... dynamI C "han ges. U urs iJl (, Oll11'S the challen ge to 1.).' _ ClJI Il i',·t illl, . Th t' \' illclud.. D Ll n a l d P r ice 35c &. 55c- l n CB-200 f oll owin g L:J I llp tl~ tours, supp er w ill rved a t : 5 0U p ,m. .Ln th e l'. '.l f e- COl Ii C a , tro n ,. and inte gral pa rt uf D u",:: las and Thomas R l'!:Vt'S a nd Bd·, Cho ir of th e W est will . stan . on i t:; t'omt-uy ~Ilj Po on ,\ lIilar:o lJS ('ri Sf: m t lIlU . DUI'in" th , urn lll" r t here wi ll be th is instltut ion . Th" d ooTs of oppor- , clOll M a co unald 3mI J am: t 'I'll r n. 1'<ll !l Il:1.< concert tou r wh Ich WIll ta !:c POPC O RN F O R S A E . y 1W V c: b r n I'I I"!!:ht entl'1' ta irlllIt" nt bvI PL C s: udent s lll lllt . 1-1 wy W Ll ' [' CUlllp,·t!.. WIt . I1 I.,'arm f rl)1I( In c eeJ . .. ung ' WId" op en; It ,) -VOICC SlIl '; Il l{ 'roup 'l I\ roUIl IlL I rlU lUll W Il .'; S fo r all to join ill. .lS b ut ,ror us to . t ~ p t h r ou. g 1I '\ 1 1" I 1 h' 1 . I ulem "nti t)le .. :.1 SC 100 S W I t !. comp nse t.Ie L ,q"rn W;,shingtan and Canada. "The P eople of G od" is th,· th eme . . . f f f aC('e IJt m a tu }"e responSlbIhty wluch. "c l I e urtl.lw,·st prOVlllce 0 the na" Fo r ei ght day ~ the Cho ir wi ll b,: .,w1Ild w h ic h tht:' (·ven in...:0 pl og' .un lIll·'1 l!' . d (id 1 1 ' J t or .. !.JUlla IOlc nsICS lOllo Liry, . . , R' '11 'r , will fl· rIler. 1 ' Ie tnu npe tecr; w ill b eS " . . I" I'o icsS"or '1'heodore · C). H. Ka r, J d c- Sln Amt:ndm<n t to the By-Law of . Ie ... tudl' llt li o\'vr nnu:nt l~ 3'0 \ f'ITlIl w nt _ 'l "HI-!' ,'n nen !s lP. ItZ\'! ,', .....aU . ..",,, , ei.n U,e proqram wi th the hymn , "A i ll Ill<' tTIIC ., !. ., n~r of the word, j\ S tU-I C1;l k . coach, i, p ro viIlc!. I go auor of I:.~d~ rott, ~ poka,[lr , Cm Hl ell, RIch );, " rl, "Sl'L C C nn 'ti t u tion lO l.o ' p rn , Mi r l. y I'Ortrt', Is J Ut Go(l." The - - - -- - - . - 1)1 Ka p p. D, lt:l • nd IS lq p re ,cit: OV r \I.. It a \ Valb , St· ;,t tlt- a nd L aw re nce, in SlllU, n l bod v Ihapel on April 15 tilt sa L of thl" ,·ven in!,; will b< gin' II . . . I IJ e lll ' " I W,I,hi ;L tUIl. T h, lru t t llln uuys \, ill 1958, ; nd to he vol d upon OTI Tu ­ ,",1(1 \' , n nO n , i·SSiO IlS whle I an' I"r DI II !. of lh, PLC biolo"'y de­ ' I i [ I 1 ' ll d ' y, prj! 22: '" 1 11< , a t , :' 10 S U it' C o ,;;. , r ("k r them to . ' " w \V e .i t<lIiT1~I'r .Hlll jJ,iltITIt'Ul, and the C onC:" r t C horus Tll ' film ASPLL offic"rs sha1I each In additio n tutl ei" , t t l h e PLC I \ ' n ' t ' ! l -' I \.. ' C ' I . . . <.l nCCU \l r, u.- I IS 1 . . . 0 LI 1I11.1 Lit , ~ n. { will plovid( sp"cial !ll u ~ i t: . r' ""I\,e " srlI I: hip fur tlldr 'Tyke ,.pt·akers a n C01l1 · ttn ~ 111 (" 'u:mpon', 1 Ardis \ , u "trollg a n d Da ve Lunde i . toe) 'md tl' I('\' r~ iO Il , p" llmc . pW I' i . H;" h li 'gh s of the ho u -J:i lus ." "ncer t in officI Tht e seiLolanltip ~ltall b ., " D..tofes Lars on a nd JoAn n Hilllson I,,,;r ;w ( 0 'hainnl"1l of , tud "n t ·' ega­ . ' 1'1 I I ' '1' 11;1 ' :'n <'~( ' h da y m <"iu(i" "de,lIons b} drawn from thc ASPLC treasury ,md 't,'t' n tI! ."rt" pr,'sent, d 150 !:r l1lt~ 1<" l tt t' • • a Ill' \ '\'c nt in w JlI 'I ' ' .. . , ' tiUfl s L u th er L ~-:I!l'u~ Dayan C .unp '. sh all bl paY;lbk Oil lilt; :second srm "­ in-lid bv t } ' V, h in ' tOil C o m:n··- of th, ",:>m p.· titors ~iY, a rl';J.din g b dore f .11I Stl m .l . nt! II.• ell ,lnd a lo;o nIH dhl I h,. con- ,·mpo rary ((If P()~'TS E .. ,ly t( r or Ill! affiLI'Nl tr.rms. Thcy ill 11 - - - - -- -..­ Pan'nt. ;, D d 1"" chl'rg, it w ~ s an­ .. t .. l,"'i, io li ca rm r. . he in tht· followin Illllounls: Pr!!!i­ , r u nn.d h~ dr' AI /lil M art!" I/:'J:,.-O, CA T A L G A VAILA B LE En·ry other Yl",Jt Pi K a ppa D elta \' lIb" and r,m l] . C I Lr i~tia"'nL , College c a t ol o gs &o r the 1 68-59 . huul.. ' 1 natioI 'l1 com e rt l ion a nd ' OUT­ t1ilt' d OI of t I Ie-l nl ul.1 ti o r. n 1'~' u,' 'mg ' I1t'l' r tour, Ih t' ' j 10t1', un­ cit-I. J $100 · \ ie -pr.. icirrt, ~50 ' rrll!­ s chool year a t· now a allable in '1 fw award, arc gi \'cu .. I IIILJIly IU nry . La cl yl' r PLC com .\ . in thi, til r l ilt h; tun of tl",ir d irl'cto r, ' \II ­ III I, $2,;· S('crrtat) , $~:; , t he Re g istr a r"s office, O ld Main. ,·oU•. !:'t.: . "T"e5" sdtol.ll.hrps wt.lJ h 'Comt' m jodn in , duCll­ (HIl t III Brookings, S. D. Nex t year ltaT J, Mllhnm, will p ,ellt It. alllJu.'l1 Summer ca t alo gs h ave a lso b een f rlin- Ilr"'nnin,, in th,. .IhOlI ) tion. Fund for th~ l,(cunl "OIlt' Ironl t ht natioanI neD! wrll b hd d at Q I11 ,onent, ;\pril 27, in t.b ava il a bl e t his w ee k. 1958·59:' !if rm:rnbcrsbip, in the - r I . Bowling J'I! en, Ohio. illluitLlrium ,

Merle Martinson



For President


Tom Unmacht



Don Douglas

I' .



a Carni al O e ns

With Kin , Q

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pril 18 r nati

J a c k Holl

Le g uers V·15 ·t1 ! PLC pril 20


bUI S m ele Ilin Idah meel



ChDI-r laues day n , ur




Ton."ght at 7"30 p m

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Fridav, . pril H , t958



Growth and Time

(continued from



hots Cold Shoulder?

.mc! " P.; H igh Scbool Studl:llt Goun­ t:il pr" sid"n t ; D orm Cou ncil, 2 e rs; ICC reprcs!'ntativf', Sociologists.

Darrell Hines Ac tive in h igh school : sUlio r class president, L e tterman's Club officer; vice-president of Omicron Mu Alpha (freshman ycar ); vice-president and I.C.C. representative from Old Main; vice-pres id~nt of I.C.C. (junior ye a r); chairman for Campus Chest Auction (junior year); chairman of Junior c I ass homecoming £loa t; escort for homecoming this past homl'coming; me-mb r of Blue Key; member of Let­ tennen's Club; baseball letterman.

Severa] weeks ago a group of students, sparked b the inter­ est of a professor, began a movement to put a course in the Rus ­ sian language o n the PLC curriculum. 1 believe the general feel JoAnn Hanson I ing of those concerned was the movement never got movingMusical organizations: Choir, Mad­ due to a cold shoulder of the administration. However, I believe rigals, girls qua.rtf't and trio last year; this is un true. Phi Delta Epsilon ; Delta Rho Gamma, University of Chicago social scientist David Riesman opined.. secret a ry (last year ) ; Spurs; dramatic in a recent special lecture that students are quite realistic about productiom, "Tamin '" of thl Shrew" college life, and form few illusions about it. But one of their and "The Crucible" ; ASB sccrc;'lary in greate3t ill usions is the b lief that they can in no way affect their R u eben Lahti high school; Junior class att!'ndant, academic environment. They don't realize, for example, that fac­ JlInior rlass president; lIlember of May Festival; floor ch;Jirman, South ulties are not the monolithic. tight organisms they seem to be, but St udent Congregation Board of Dea­ cons; member of Kappa R ho Kappa, Hall. are rather groups that are often in precarious balance. This bal ­ Gl·r man Club, and plcdgt" to Blue . ance could be easily affected by .1 determined student opinion. For Secretary K ,' y; hi gh school senior class presi­ Connie Thompson "This is not to imply that I want professors to run their courses den t; Luther L eague president; Old Junior class rcpresentaitvc to Stu­ on the basis of popularity queries." insisted Riesman. "I believe Barbara Beckner Main dt'votional chairman; Sunday Secretary of Orange Coast Luther dent Council; <::o-chairman of Artist in faculty autonomy. But 1 also believe that the students should sc hool tcacher. League Federation, 2 years, (ALC); Se ries Committee; trf'asurer of Stu­ have responsibility .lnd influence over their own fate." secretary of California District Luther d~nt Congregation; trea surer of ASB, is what happened at PLC. Through determined stu­ Beverly Ann Benson Ll'ague (ALC), 2 ye'ar,; secre tary of Olympia. High; music, Band; priv~.te dent opinion, influence was br.ought to bear on those concerned LDR treasurer; Student Congrega­ Alpha Tau Sorority, 1 se.mester; vi ce- sl'cr('tary to Mr. Haley for three years; with the curriculum. But the administration did not give anyone tion coull cil at large (in charge pub­ president of Alpha Tau Sorority, 1 major, Math 'lnd Scitence Education; tbr cold shoulder; instead it was Time, for before an entirdy new department is added it must be knowQ that th2 department li ci ty); chairman of March of Dimes ~emeSl!> r, freshman year at Compton member of Se nate in high school. will not die out after a semester, or year, or even longer. For an at PLC; chairman, initiation of '56 J.C.; Commissioner of Publications i efficient and well run teaching set-up, for a stable college curricu­ For Treasurer f reS h 1"11 en; Student Congregation; and Public Relations, freshman year I lum and for the best college accreditation, departments cannot Linne; German Club; LDR; AWS; at Compton J. C.; membership in I Louise Kraabel come and go. in summer, hold a junior executive po­ LDR and FTA. ~ition; during sen i 0 r high school: Student Council preside nt of high The movement begun by the students did not stop. The fact chainnan of campaign for 17 high Nancy Walker ,choal, junior year; ('ditor of high is that it was a pioneering effort to expand PLC's curriculum, I schools of county; biology assistant to Local Luther LeaguL' presid ent; Cir- school Yearbook, senior year; Sf'cre­ but an effort which could not be expected to produce results over Dr. KIludsen. cuit Luther League ser:re tary, 2 years, tary of Los Angeles Circuit Luther night. The effort was felt by the right people, and the influence r - -.........- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . . . . . . , League (ELC); council member of is still present. But the influence has to be proved. That takes I the Organization Control Board at th e time. -- Dave Crowner, edi tOf. Jay Tronsdale President of Canada Luthera n Bibk I nsli tute Alumni; president, PLC Art L cagu ...; On Student Congregation Board of Trust<' es ; art. chairman of 195 7 Daffodil float; chairman of 1958 D:tffodil float; mcmbe r of APO, FTA.





'I!____ •

~~ ~e~,'




University of California at Los Angdc:s; Inter-Club Council reprcscntatiV(' at Unive rsity of California at Los Angeles; membe r of Welfare Board at



A ....~ .... 1/J A_.~~ ~ ~



IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting n/"xt week all Volkswagons must be kept Lo, An-I on a leash. . . . Also a new idc:a for old sack dresses-usc th<"m to cover Volkswagons at nite ... . I'm not worricd about going bald but now the bone All PLC dorms will be engaged In mOlley-ralslng competItion following Saga business IIlanager; one year on is coming through. . . . Did you hear the one about the ghost who used action take n by the Student Council on Tuesday. From April 21·27 each Studt'llt Count:il; Saga ~, d manager; tu go to seances regularly? Now he just does n't g ive a rap. . . . She hdd up dorm, through whatever manner it desirl's, will ga ther funds for the Campus treasurer for Linne Society; local Lu­ her lips fOI' a kiss and it's a sight I'll never forget. I've seen bettr'r looking Chest, with a prize (probably a trophy) to be awarded the winning dorm. ther Leagul'" preside nt; membership in puckers on half-closed duffle bags. Student also voted to put on the hallot an amendnlt'nt to thl' It's a funny thing about the army . They teach you to mend your own Kappa Rho Kappa: Sa ga Carnival PLC constitution by-laws to awa rd stude nt body officcn, beginning next year, chairman. socks, wash your own dothes, cook your own meals, a nd make your own T holnr~ hips totaling $200. Th is 1110lU' y will come from h<: studeut body bed-all the time insisting t.hey're making a man out of you. Ont" time a treasury. Bob Larson soldier was so absent-minded he went on guard duty and shot himself. He In th" past thf' student body president has always received a present, President of PLC sophomore class; had to. He forgot the password. . . . On day I lost a rifle and they lIlade mt: but tht'rc has never been anything definite in the constitution, concerning a.ny 011 Student Council, freshman year; pay for it. They said I'd have to pay for anything I lost-even if it was a type of retribution for the offictTs, and it was awkward for the p 5ident to tank. Can you imagine paying for a ta nk ? Now I know why a captain gots member of Student Congregation legislate for his own pn-scnt. Board of D('acons; Ivy Hall dorm down with his ship. It is the practice of many schools to pay their officers, and the Council Topical ·ypc story- -Do you know what they call an anesthetized rab­ president, freshman year; member of bit '? Givt" up? An ether bunny. . . . Many thanks to Stan Elberson for the E1ue K~y; hi gh school freshman class was unanimously in favor of doing so at PLC. President Dave Knutson ex­ gag. Don't think it was worth the money I paid you tlto. . . . I used to go president; on h i g h school Student plained that the amend ment will be rcad in chapd Tuesda.y and \"ot~d upon w ith a Woodell Shoe type of girl. Wooden Shoe like to buy n1l' dinm:r? Wood­ Council; high school class treasure r on April 22. and vic.e-president; pn:sident of high ton Shoe like to go to a movie? First man: I've got a girl for you. She' s :!2, h'ls long blonde hair, dee p school choir; Luthf'r L eague preside nt Expert Dry Cleaning La u ndry S e rvice blue eyes, a gorgeous complexion, :md weighs 500 pounds. Second man: 500 (two years), treasurer, vice-presid e nt. I pounds? Look, I go for all the rest but a girl w ho weighs 500 pound.; isn't' ~hf:' kinda fat? First man: No, but she's vc'ry tall . . . . So all rite, I know I u!cd it last year, but I like it. . . . In closing- always rcmember, he who MONDAY THRU SATURDAY laughs last has found a meaning th~ editor has missed . 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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F riday, April II , 1958

l'a!:c Thrcc


• I

----- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------~b

Fro m 'Se s

ew eeor

In the Tf"xas Relays PLC All-Amer­ ic an jaw·lin star, John Fromm, bt't­ tt n ' d his national NCAA record of ..! 18 fp(·t, I in ch with a jaw·Jin laun ch­ ing which tra \"t' kd 25 feet, IOY2 inches. Big John made the giant toss in the "'cond try of the preliminaries. Earlier Fromm hJd set another new record with a toss of 218 feet in an indoor rneet a t tl1/' Wa shin g ton State College Invita tional. This rna y easily 1)(' a new world record for indoor ( (.mpeti tion In ? thrf'c team meet Ma y 28 bc­ twt:cn PLC, CPS and St. Martin's the Lut.. cindermen ran a way with swee p­ , ta kes as they led the field in scoring. The d ay ended with PLC scoring a to tal of 70 0/( points, CPS had 383/4, an d St. Martin's totaled 27%. Lutes Win Tri-Mect In th e tri-m eet the Gladiator track­ m en took eight first places iil the ,'vents tht·y entered. In the 120-yard hig'h hurdl(·s John Jacobson finish ed first with a t ime of 17.5 seconds. Bob L<:t: ran the 880-yard even t in 2: 10.1. Ga ry Gebhard timt'd in at 27.2 on the ~ _O low hurdles. The relay team fin­ ished with a tim c of 3:42 as Boh Lee, 1.owf·ll Shelda hl, John Jacobson and D an Witm e r carried th e " torch." C"r­ Iy Seilfey push ed the shotput 42 fc(,t, q inches. Tom Gilmer hig h jumped .5 f..ct, 6 inches for a tic with Wilson of PlI gct Sound. Rich Hamlin hurled the juvt>lin 15::; fr" ' , Ii inch ~,G arl f'~rc a l 0 h eavt'd the disclls to a first place "f 12 :'1 fee t, 9* inch es. Pa cifi c Luth"ran will host Seattl... . a cific in a tra ck me!'t sc heduled for Saturday, April 19.

Salz Name At hlet ic irector; Foot:ball, Basketball Separate

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11021 Pacific Avenue LEnox 7-5772

Pacific Lytheran Colleg; has embarked on a new era in sport on the GladIator ~ampus: [he era of the Salzman, Gabri els n, and ~und.gaa rd tno . at the reins .of the Lute athldic . '1 hr fIrst da y at sprIng vacatlon at Luteville br ou gh t [or l b the announcement of the new athletic sta ff for rhr 19 58-5,

by Eug e ne Hapala Coach MARV HARSHMAN was gin' n a royal s.. nd-off, sponsored by the Ta com a Athletic C omm ission and attended by sCVf'ral hund red a lumni and loca l sports fans la st week, and onf' couldn't help but notice a not~ of nostnlgia in both Mr. and Mrs. H ars hman' s voices as they thanke d ('Vf' ryont: for th eir fin e coop .. ration a nd friendship throughout th,. years. Along with this t1wrc was a kl'ling of satisfaction from H arsh about thl" an noun ce m e nt of our new coachinJ.; sta ff, just named that morning. H ars h expressed the fact that he doubted if there we re \C'r y many coll eges tha t could boast of suc h a young, competent staf f of athldic men tors in the small collt- g.. ranb. This exprc-ssion was h ea rd over and owr throug hout the e v~ni n g from t ht' many a lumni and sports fans at th t: TAC. The administration ddinitely deserves a pat on the for the outstanding lII('n they chosf' to lead PLC's ;l thIcti c hopes in yea rs to come. The students ha ve se'n fit to asst:sS th m selves for a modern swimming- pool a nd the a dmi n istra tion has r.o ullt('Il' d with id . f th os.. t h rc e COlllpctcnt coae h t h e n:umng 0 <:s to ea t h ~ at hi' e tl c program, but the at.hleti e pi c ture must be bolstered with m o rl" than thi s. Thcloe men will need the (·quipm cnt and facilities to ca rry out their tal­ cnts which can help keep PLC in the championship limeli g ht. With these three aggressive young- men heading th e PLC athletic program we a rc con ­ fident tha t they will spearh ead the a ttack for improved modf'rn faci liti c< to ~ccomodate our future Lute teams. L cadin.t{ the' host of we ll-wishe rs a t tht: TAC was the "granddadqy" of a ll PLC prof('ssor", DR. J . P. PFLUEGER, along with PRESIDENT EAST­ VOLD, TAC PRESIDENT CLAY H UNT I:"IGTON, a nd a host of other loca l sJ?orts fans and friend, o f Mr. and Mrs. H.arshman. !'iewly namt'd Ath­ lctie Dirretor MARK SALZM:\;'Ii and Basket ball Coach GENE LU;\D­ GAARD wcr.. a ls o on hand to bid farewe ll to H a rsh :lnd H'Ccivc the congratu ­ btions from th e many sports fa ns.

Lute BatnIen Meet Central For tht· first time in yea rs PLC will be abl ~ to watch its baseball It'am play

on the PLC di amond as the batmen mc e t Central Washington in a d o u­ ble- head er tomorrow a t 1:30 p.m. PLC 's J o hn HlTge rt a nd Central 's Bill Bicloh will probably be startin/:( piteh~rs for the ope ner. Scveral practic(' games with Fort L~wis, to be played at PLC, arc being pIa lined by baseball coach Man' Toru­ mer\·ik . L ast W t:dnesday afternoo n the Lute-.: split a two-game set with C'~ntral a t Ellensburg. With Paci fi c Luth eran's two Lest hitte rs, Dun M ay and Gknn C:llllpbe Il , pit cher John Hr' rge ll and utility infield e r J er ry Don a he ou t of the lineup the Wild ca ts cash ed In on ddensiv,' errors a nd e rra ti c pit chin g to ta ke the opener 12-1 . H owe \'er, on th e five-hit pitching of Chucl; C urti s, who went the dis­ tance, tilt' Lutes took the second con­ lest 4-1. On Friday, April 4, the Universitv of W ashin gton toppt'd PLC 6-1 a ft Cl' stilrtin g pit cher John H('rgert a llowed the Huskies only On e eamed run III five innin gs. Fort Lewi s a nd the Gladiators bat­ ted t.o a ·4-4 d ead loc k In the PLC open ing practin' game pl ayed at W est­ ern Sta te Hospita l field in Steilacoom.

Galfers Taur

Sauth Greens

This afternoon thc Lute:: golfers will traw·1 to Seattle to compete with the (' attk U. linkmc n at Inglewood Country Club. L a st year th", Chief­ tain golfers wc re ranked first III the nation. Tht' PLC li nk m c n finish ed a tour '1f On' gon college golf greens last Tucsdil y aJtern oon. The golfers com­ peted against thn;c tcams from Ore­ 'jo n schools during a two-day tour of the ·muthlands. At Oswego Laic Golf Course . on Monday, t.he Lutes we re outdubhed I :l %-4% by the Portland University a m. Gladi a tor golf ace, Bob Spar­ ling, scored a two over par 70 to re­ ce iv(' medalist honors for the matches g ainst Portland U. Student playtT-coac h, Don Hall, !ha rpr.ned th l:' sights on Tuesday as h e took medalist honors with a pair of fill (eac h three und e r par ) matches in rompc tition agains t Oregon State- Col­ !" ql' v:usi ty and junior varsit), golfe rs . The OSC va rsity managed a 12 %-5 '12 " ictory OVCf PLC, but th(' Lutherans >quared off thc day by beating th e OSC JV's 10¥.J-71h .



New PLC Athletic Dire ctor



By Bernie Brotman



tramuraI prog ram, we f~cl that tM't' JJlen 3 rc necessary. W e think that ad e­ qu a tc balan ce and emphasis on all h f h h be a.t­ p ases 0 t e program ca n t tained ."

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e r of hea lth a nd ph ysical education. Bdore ta kin g the position at F rank­ lin PilTec, Mr. Lund gaa rd serv('d ' n the United States Air Forct' for f l>l,lc I years. Th e fonne r AF Staff Serg ant pbyed for the Melllphis A ir Porcc­ Base quinte t and was vokd th m o.t \'alua ble pl aY<T in the So utheast ( S)

gaard as head baskt·thall coach and An'a Tourname nt. His tea m took t hird instructor in physi cal ed ucation. place in th.. world-wide Air J··vr ·... Mr. Salzman. present hea d track tourney. Late r he was a play ' r·(·ouch cO:J.c h and assistant professor of phy. i­ at M em phis and the n a t Ard more Air ta l ~ duc3ti on, will assume th!' duties Force Base, Oklahoma. Duri ng h i of Director of Athletics next fall. H e service years, he worked wI·I.h sports will continu e to h ead the intrallJural and supt>rvised athletic progr-.uns. progra m which he is presf'ntly direc t­ At PLC, Lund gau rd was sd CCLtd a m ember of tilt' first tea m his fre man in g. Eastvold Praises Salzman year. In the last two seasons he was Dr. Eastvold had this to say a bout named an all-conference ch iet'. n til selec ting Salzman as Athletic D ir ector: Chuck Curtis, wh om he looks forward " In hi s sewn years with us, Salzma n to coaching, St't new [('Cords, L und­ has shown his ability to plan and a d­ gaard held individu a l season scor ing ministc r a n excellent intramural, rcc­ of 508 and the single game m ark of rt>ational and activity prog ram . With 38, whi c h were set in 1951. the addition of two m en to the staff, For the last thrr-C' seasons he has he will be in a position to spearhead J?laycd with Northwest AA U tcams_ th e expansion and strengthen the vital Mr. Lundgaa I'd has complrted h iS instruction;} I ph:lsc of our a thkti c pro­ fifth year for the general certificate I a nd is working- toward a masters de­ g ram. " Mr. Gabrielsen, :lgt: '27, h as been gret: in edur-ation at PLC. hoeker. track and ffl>shman footb a ll Coaches Will Team coac h at St. Olaf College, Northfield, J n :1ddition to his baske t ba ll w or~ Minneso ta, fo r two ycars. H is hockey he will :Issist Gabriels<:n in {oot bali team was one of the best in Minnesota an d teach courses in PE. college circles. His track tea m finished Lund gaa rd comrnt:n ted, " It was dd­ third in the Midw('st Athletic Confcr­ initeJ y a break for mc since I am rd a­ rnn' last year. Freshma n football was lively youn." for a collegt· coach. I am not a kagut' sport, th e refOJ (, th.> sta­ lookin g fo rward to next year. I led ti"i " wert' of no importance. the materia l should eontI·ibu t,. to an­ St. (llaf Athlc·tic Direc tor, Ade oth .. r good season a nd with freshmen Chcistens(·n., said, "Gabricls c n has the who have gai nt'd ex pcrit'n l'e t his year makings of :1 grea t coach, is a n excel­ a nd the prospective pla Y(-I'S we " ill If'll t techni cia n, :1 splendid stud en t of recruit in the future, I look fo r P L t h (' g :l m (', and a vcry competen t to ha ve .-o ntinu ing success in baskl"t­ tl:ac h t'r." ball. J full y realize that a loss in . i.zc: Gahrielsen rt'(' cin:d his ma,ler of with the graduation of T om Sahli w ill arts d('grec in educa ti o n from l't'w somt'what j.'opa rdizt the team's c f­ York 1.; niversi ty and his bachelor of forts . How ever, J fcel we I an com ptn­ arts degree from Concordia Coll ege, satt: for that. " Mr. Lundgaard would Moorhead, Minn. Hi~ a lm a matel"s not rela te his solution for this height Direc tor of Athletics, J a ke Christian­ problem. st:n, wrotc, "Jim Gabrielsen would be Tutored by Harsh my fi rst choice if we a t Concord i3 H e wen t on to sa y, "since I 1l"1lrn,.d wen' to h ir(' a footba ll coach a nd ba sk e tball frolll Marv Harshman, physical edu ca tio n tcae her t ight now." feci that J will be able to employ a HI" coached high schoo l sports a t similar attack." Rosholt, South D akota . and a t Elbow Doc tOl- E astvold had t his to say . .

. . I L akc, Mmnesota. fhe Elbow L a ke about the appoJlltments, "We feel that team was the H t'art of the La kes Con- . w e have obtaincd two outstand in '7 I fncllec c hampi On> in 1955. • young m e n with g reat futures ahend H I y t' d semI-pro ' b ast'oall III . 0 f them . SIllCt: . e pa o ur enrollment 1$ in­ . South D a ko ta and worked WIth the creasing rapidly and we a r c emba.rked Poli ce Athletic L cagut: while in N ew on a visionary devdopm C'nt p rogram , York at graduate school. to m ec t that c hallenge, we fef'! that Alumnus G ene Lund gaa rd cOl11e's to w h Id' h' d gIve t IS epartrncnt evt' ry e S ou PLC from Franklin Pi e rc e School Dis­ help tha t we can afford. The p rimary trict. Whik at PLC h!' ea rned the purpose of our athletic prog ram is to titl E' " Mr. Ba,ke tba ll," for his grea t teach. With ,.mphasis on coachi ng.·x I d ' pay unng t h e 1947 . - 195 1 b as kT t b a II sports plus running an extensive: i n­

. won I 0 f congra tul a t Ions to form('r PLC Athleti c D irector Marv Harshman and to TAC P rr-s id e nt Clay Huntingt~n fo r winnin g the awards of contnbutlng n · > dmost T to Pacdl!'hi Luth.·ra . a thle tIe:\ a ll acom a a t e tlc s, rf.'spec ti ve ly. Announ cement of the hon Of> was m a de at PLC's a thleti c awards banq u!'t last night. R og Iverson. PLC g ua rd, won fint sdection on the third team of the NAIA Little All-Ame ri ca n squad. Intramural Direc tor Mark Salzman an no unced th e first and St'cond fives to th.. e a nnu T a l campus baskc tba ll "All S tar team. ed Be rry, D ave