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\Rev. Lutnes To Be Installed Sunday







Ch eerleaders Students Take OffIces Homecoming 10 Be October 14-16; n i n a r. e.Ne� c �. dJgJJQmDlJtle�s !�� ������ ! �.\:.�!�;��.�� !1:{l.���Ct� :��_;;;�In;'��kf�;;l�� t�� ���. d:.�l t;�:. . ' •' ."Jtu!1@IJtt.' �s you should know, PLC's Home.. lhe'��tt1dent body '�Ith -the Home- dust bad settled a"nd ,th� 'bailotii �.Ir..�g ..

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fOTt.-··I�I1t" .5.:-( VTtt ' :..� �vt.-i-">""� � r'.;;;.' '''-." oomlng Is slated for October 14, 15 coming chairmen. were cast Rit'a Berg Dana Blount [he E. L. C. Synod. Dr. F, J. Ahrc dt of the A. L. C. Synod. . and 1("ih7rlng that weekend there There are 9 commatees, air of T e r r y Brown and' D-n e laeel; and, C. ":N ..Sod �rgrcn of the Augpstan" Sy�od offi.ciating. Th,e will be two football games (Slad· which hav'e chairmen, but are lack- emerged vlOLorlous as the new yeli chou will smg Go Not Far from Me -Zmg�rclh. All of the Lucheran Churches in the area have been invited to attend. ' lators and the Hustling BUI;>t1es). a Jng in per�ons who will asS'lst them leaders. and an asS'Ortment in their tasks. That Is '\"hcre you as Dana Blount, a son�leader last ��parade, \ abonfire I�C����::. n � C E d a member n . Make of tit A.S.P.L.C., :i yeRr, and Rita Berg, a fl"1?sh, sUIl ;' � yourself a part or campus activities. ::h�:: a :i :::i: .'lrlng a !:leanie, tried out as a trolled and student correlated. They� ont.l' c t the chairman of a commll- we team and w"ill yell together the reo depend �olelY on the cooperation of tee and telI him that he can rely on malnder of the year. The girls were you to help him. Hemember-PLC both cherleaders Hlghllne High wants to ·haYe good Homecoming. School In Seatle InIntheir ye�r. Rally Tonight and we're counting on YOI1 to do just Cute 5'2'" Rit-a giggled senior she told � how nllmb and excitedas she Attention all Joyal PLCHes! Here ��t..��c� 1�\�I�l o�eCh:!.��:l�l:n�n co�� was' GuilHl.ugen, a visiting pas­ is YOllr chance to compete against :'Itain for your surveillance. O when she received the news. Dana, ...._ .. rr;om Sacramento, Callfoynla. Cl�. Join the caravan leaving PLC who was a songleader last year ELLEN HE:\TRV at 6:30 toda)' for the third annual 'here at FLC, could onIy come ont TERRY BR OW:-'pep rally \i\ th CPS. a falnllng Da-! Dana Is In Homecoming Co-clmlrmcn wrth a few llYDlIlS.Those present signed Spurs and "'as a flna:list In the race Students trom the two schools eharter member applications tor for Saga Queen las't year. Rita plans will meet on ·the opposite sides of church membership If Uley desired. 10th between "A·' and Pacific, nol New Members Of ,to be active ill- the C.S.A. nnd sings ,\It ·thls time the consUt'�n was In 'the student congregrutlon choir, to fight .it out. but to yell It out. accepted and ofncers eJecte� The F B Y Let's see ]00% ·pal�ticip<'\.tion so that acu Ify· egin ear Terry Drown. homecoming co­ officers and members or the boards tomorrow our football team will Twelye new teachers have joined chairman. Is a hold-over from last push the LOggers back into the the fael.llty of Pacific Lutheran Col· year's rally squad. Terry. a senior. Is local product. He bas been Yery woods. lege. Remember! The cara"an w i l l :".'ew faculty members Include Dr. active In school arrnlrs. leave PLC at 6:30 to meet the po. Vernon Carlwn, English, EduCa ' Last. but not least, Dave Jaech lice escort at 96th and Park at 6:45. ,lion ; "tiss Ellen K. Chri�tiansen, (20·20) Is a Seattleite. He attended Artist Series 10 Concordia College In Portland ,to Spe you ·there! mils I c; Oscar K. Dizmang, eco- obtain his high school diploma. His nomlcs. business administration; a tivltles -to date have been too Begl'n Oct.ober 24 . � sci Farmer, Dr. Donald political nefarious to mention. numerous CSA Activities ence; Dr. Arnold J. Hagen, educa- His Qwck and Tom Householder, sen. wit Is attested to by the Two years ago the students of lor;Trustees: CSA. Christian Students Assocla· ,tlon; Dr. Harold J. Leraas, biology; many Scherer, senior; Larry scars he bears! Thl� Is Dave's PI..C voted strongly In fa.vor of a. Eggan.Dave . tlon. sponsored a picnic on lower Rev. Robert W. Lutnes, pastor of senior; Bill Foege, junior; campus last Sunday evening at 5:30. the PLC s t u d e n t congregation; [tlrspromises 1 experience aJt. cheerlead lng and measure designed to enrich the cui- Larry Shoberg, junior; Dave Knut. to be an amusing one! t ural ofrerlngs of the entertainment Bill Ketelle was In charge of the Frederick E. .L u d.t k e, Industrial Ison, sophomore; and Oale Neilson, affair which included group games. arts; Dr. Eugene A. Maier, m�the.· our campn·s.As a result treshman on rogram p ' . Congregational Councll: tood and a short devotional· pro· 'matlcs; Mrs. Ruth ;'.loe. physical A W S Teo Is the Associated Student Body Artist Anne Stewart, One.lla Lee,. gram around the campfire. educaUon: Eric �ordholm. speech. Series was born, In ils first year senior; Kathy senior; senior; Members were encouraged to sub· drama; and Florence Quast, Dirce· featuring four." fine shows by na- Salim l\foItrl, sen!" Gulhaugen, or; Elizabeth Omle, scribe to the "F'rontler" magazine t' or of Food SerYlces. tionall)' famous artists, Gerard Sou- junior; and Janet Emilson, sopho v Success u E ent f I whleh Is published on a national Two faculty members, R. Byard "September Harmonies" was the za)� Ferrante and Teicher, Joseph more. Frills. assistant professor of music, theme for the Big.Llttle Tea, Schuster, and.the Sigmund Romberg These officers wUi be Installed at scale. �ext Sunday evening a light sup· and �Irs. Walter Young. assistant which was held :rhursday at 4:00 Festival Chorus. each o( these met church services Sunday mornIng at so 11 :00 o'clock In the OMS. Pastor per will again be served by memo professor ot physical education, are p.m. in the Class room building. The witha suchp succe·ss aud alle were u: ��� Lutnes :;:;��: this year d o l n g graduate mistress a 5 l of ceremonies. Thelma �y!�� ��� �);:::: :� :� :� :! will preach on the theme: t I . "On ReturnIng ��� :: �l�:�;���d �n � ��'e�:�sP���; did an excellent job In ma!i:- ure to hear al d seel-them .l that from the Dead," and agam ,the cbolr will sIng a nominal charge. Supper wll1 be Mrs. Irene Creso, who lefot the gaanl. l ing the Dig-Little Sister Tea a followed by a short devotional servo faculty in ]953, has returned as as· cess. The following are the commit. this season the Associated Student 0 1\1 S J"-M II"Bless the Lord, A ti i :�: :�C;:��� of the lnsta' llation sen', sl;t::.�\:�o�:=�r :f ���::r r l Lutnes, ahout �raduate tees E\nd their chairmen: Food, Mil· �,7� ��:l :S�; ��l!rir��y :f :�I;I�;' =: �c:or::g ,tothe;:st::' J tirst service of the work and is also assisting in tbe art lie Van .�j.lren and T h e I em a !\y- fe\�' have the opp6rtunity -to elljoy� 600Cattended t a ) !::�ds;, �������' Dr:��el:!: ; ��c��: The [irst In me serjes Is to be :�y ! ��:I�l��0;�7: ��:::esrt ��:� AWS '�Showboat" deparullent. tions, Ida �o Gronke; publicity. Dar· B]anche Thebom. one or the nnes.t The "Showboat" wJll dock at the expectations of both Rev. p.m. tomorrow night In the upper barn. Granke; entertainment, Li� .mezzo-sopranoes of the Metropol!- above and Dr. Eastvold. A choir [ tan Opem Company. Andres Sego- ofLutnes OmlL CD. Admissions is 25 cents a head. Faculty Fl ying abon t 80 valces eang under ,the Internationally renowned director This promises to be an enjoyable Jean Condray, .presldent of via, the guitarist, Detty of tAJ.r. Paul Lucky. Rev. wlll pre3ent the tnes urges evening 0( entertainment and reo T o C on f,e ren ce the A. W. S.. opened the program classical all students to �e freshments. Co-chalrwomen are B. Twelve members of our faculty with a welcome to all the girls. Mrs. second program. The. th1rd Is Agnes Lu. this your congregat.1on by attending J. Condray and Mary Lou Biery, are OW � attending Eastvold then extended a greeting, Moorhead, a ·person famous' not "Church -services �egularlY and sup::: Minneapolis In �I with Phyllis Brandt· In charge of conference to determine whether after which Janet Smith performed �;: y �� � e:l���w�lO :;!d :! ��: \�� porting It In every way possible. f I r O publicity. Connit> Hustad and Jean a Single Lutheran Unl· a, cello solo. 'The guest speaker, the, bdramatic arts. The tou·r-th perChristianson are collaborating on to establish The f·lve present colleges Miss Wickstrom, spoke on "A �ew. formance nU ols· Form Neww i l l feature t h e Eger n:II. ol�""n II.he s c r·j p 1. Marlene StuhlmUler versity. would be changed'to schools of spe- Look for 1055." The big and..II!tle· Players a string ensemble. heads the refreshment committee clalJzat:\ , sters were entertalned by Jean 'Circle K Club Here si o n. · and Sylvia Johnson Is arranging for President S. C . Ea.stvold and Roy Christianson net Wlndeker. 'I'hls series is· presented to you, A CIRCLE K CLUB: f�rmed of . The o[flcer andforJ·tahis the models and clothing. of PLC, In tudents and friends the E. Olson, Director of Public -s ' students interested· In Ki.wanJ�; ,wiU year s B gs ' The "Three F1a1s and A New tions, left by ,pl!lne I�t Tuesday. Little ::;lster Tea have accomPliShed the sincere hope that It will, In. som. e hold a charter meeting in the Norllh Dr. Philip a-Hliuge. Dean of the much. They h a v e worked many measure, satisfy your desire for Hall Lounge at· ·7;30 p.m. OD.,�MO� College; Dr. E.C. Knorr; Dr. Mag- -hours to make this tea the most really fine enter tainmenti, and make day, September 26; A 'Committee nus Nodtvedt; Dr. WdlUam Strunk; successfuL The officers were� Pres- you better acq uainted w t, h the fine from the sponsoring Kiwanis Club D,on,on9 Hall Hours Dr. Kristen SQlberg; Rev. J 0 h n ldent, Betty Jeau Condray; "Ice- arts an (I cultur� which are available ot"Parkland''''�lI be OIl the meeune to obtain a llst,ot.charter members Breakfa,t, Mon.-Sat.. . .7:00-7:45 Kuethe; Protessor Gunnar J. Mal· preSident, Thelma N · ygaard; sec.'y. 'tq those ""ho enjoy them. Lunch, MOIl.--Sat.· .11 :45-12:45 min; Anna Marn Nielsen, and Anne Gerda Nergaard; �trea-sur�r: Betty· It you have not alr�adY received ·for .the new_club.All studep.ts Inter-' Frl. -5a t. ............5:Q0-6:1� Knudson departed yesterday. eve- Anderson; I. C: C. representative, your Artist Series ticket, for whIch ested are uM!;"ed to attend It.·hls first Janet Wigen; publlctty chairman, you paid when you registered last' meeting �o thaIt they may becom� Breakfast, Sun. . ...8:�:OO 1'tl ng. All the faculty will return to the Palrlcla. Bondurant; social chair· .week. it will be given to YOII in a charter members or the first Circle . . . . . . ..1 2 : 30-1 :30 campus Di nner, Sun Sunday evening. . t· ew days. man, �elen Jordanger. K Club in th� state �f Washington. 'gl't'!';it"t


•.Q.. A,








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Friday. September 23, 1955

the MOGring Mosl

PLC'er Enjoys Mountain Air

Each time ,the new year beging There are also a few on campus People have t. heir in- there are new and excll1ng things w.ho have new room-mates, and so di"idually peculiar avocations, but Ito talk about; the summ.,er job, the perhaps' will be fleen a little less one breed · that has, so rar, escaped -summer romances, and thelsumrner around camp1ls. Among these are � ::'::: =_ definition is t· he mountaineer. In general. It , seems .that the sum- M;. and Mrs. Dean Hurst, Mr. and _ ___ ____ When I asked Sheldon Brooks, mer brings aboll't -these new things Mrs_ Robert Olson, Mr, and Mrs. student here at PLC, '\�hy he climbs In Itselr, for It one looks about the William Anderson, Mr. and Mrs, .mountains, he was rather nonplused campus and s this attitude of Sven \Vlnther, ·Mr. and Mrs. Art · back," one can't Getchman, Mr, and 1011'S, Dick NodtWelcome, Fr�shmen! That. i s enougr said after the ·man.y wel- at first, as he well might be, for "it's good ,to the summer Is "edt, Mr. and 'Mrs. Jack Sinderson, that realize bot melp which to ,this QueSition old an Is . co�es and Kreettngs of the past two weeks.' " back Is better. and Mr. an� Mrs. LangUe. but , "'being good a glvtrite swers been many have' ij . t : q hope 1 that everyone appreciates the ua ity of the f od now . . :proba:bly "in exasperation. When we do rel·lm. we see that . We want ,to give our heartiest bemg served at the boarding club. It is aJar cry from that which en we have beep served prevIOusly 1 belteve we all owe a personal She1 don, who with tive others made various t,h I n g s have ,ha'ppened congratuiatJ one to a:1l ot these peovote of thanks �o the di etICian, MISS Quast. who has been do1Og 'Lhe 'first ascent ot 15,030-foot Unl- t hrough the summer that are a b it pie, and wish God's richest blessa commendable and praiseworthy Job 10 fulflllmg her position. ver-sH,y. Peak 'In Alaska this summer, unusual; howe, not I;lt all un- logs on each ot them. . , .�ve Y .��� t:� � �·. l?ro � �!,y cH�bs tor the �xpected - ,the engagement:s and ".... .::"-l c h��¥-� WO t tng uq?�r .dlffIcult (01)d)Jlons, sheJ��s served F _ � _ , _ , - - � e ' � e t . . to ;o o u � e :[ rove ou; .,. • ot hapdetails you the these ot a.U are. wldesp ead, ough th , tlaln�rlng, dmu�g hal.beh�vlor. I � sur� that Miss Quast sometimes has her � Fat:u ty . doubts concernmg the bIOlogIcal heritage of some of the boarding not the usual thing. To the dedlcat- ,penings, -blIt.,I can' -give you a. few none are e and ho e that p club members. Troughs seem to be in order on certain occasions_' ed pipe man it is calm, blue seren x- A new .personality in the faculty . d ty watching a c'l o ud ot scurllng f . If you don't el sure of. your table etiq�ette, at least use your . Hne.up this year is MaJ:rlon Read word-pushed smoke, or J.t Is the ex- Let us begm wIth those who are who is working here on an asslst'Sllverw?re. Try �o the meal a pleasant one for others. just beginning the race to t:he altar. D on t crowd mto Itne or have �omeone save you a place. If you perlmenter's exhilaration in a new tshi b ' with'M Rosk I h It seems that the road trom Salt t de aren.'t landed o� your ear for [hi"!: rude habit. don't think you're taste that is the reas�n why. To the n'L Mr. ad 'h w e cUmber (we may theorize, 'but per- Lake C Ry, Ut&h.. to Palo Alto, Calif., is not new to tWs cam �B, tor he . getttng. away WIth som�thtng. . " s not too tar to travel, tor Anne Be pleas�nt to the kitchen staff and assistants. A smile is the haps not geneflLUze an all-Inclusive -i w-as raduated trom In 1950. g rule into existence). as Brooks went Stewar,t is now enga.ged to Warren He Is the brother ot 'Stan Read, best seaSOnIng for any food. Meyers; and the ring was not senf Be courteous and considerate of others' rights " feelings and ap- on to sa.y, moun:ta.lneering Is out·of well are c tI ie h ertorts w ose a rt the day-by-dayness of ordinary lite. by mail. you can be sure! Distances known on this petites, You'l l enjoy it! , campus, ______ .;...'-. ___ ______ _______ The peace ot all .that space and the don't seem to make such a real dUgI'aduatlon, Mr. excltitlg taste of each new summit terence thol:lgh, tor Joanne Poen-cet Following his years In the U. �.. enliven the of.t-tlmes routine In th& and Walton Berton (who was In Read served two J stationed.fn a.pan and Korea. Alaska all summer) are enga ged Army rest ot each year. also. There are more: Janet Towe Atter his discharge he taught one Sheldon has been climbing since and Bud Lester, Mike Grlfren and year 1n the ar·t department ot the the ninth grade. This -summer his Hallanger, Ordetta Bechtal !hIgh 8c'hool In his native to�n ot grO'Up, composed mostly ot college 'Agnes If you read in YOllr history book This year PLC welcomes in-to Its and Paul Hovland, and Marlys Sol- M1ssoula, Montana. This past year that .the Lewis and Clark Expedi- family nine new foreign students students, with the aid ot "bush ter�eck and Ron Pfrimmer. he studied a:t the Unlv�y of ,. Uon blazed ,their way through the '\"ho have cOD,le from as tar as Ha· p I I 0 t s" and air-drops of f 0 0 d, Not to be lett out are those who Stockholm one sem..ester and Northwest to the tune ot Davy waoil, Iraq, Korea, and A 1 a s k a. cUmbed three Alaskan p, eaks-Unl- are attending school apal1t f r o m then traveled !through other parts Crockett, you would think some· Though a llttle frjgbtened at .tirst, versity' Peak, 16,400-tt. Mt. Bona, .thelr , fiances. for June Sather, Do· ot Europe. 6vendlng some time In . thing was mighty amiss. However, aU soon learned to join -the hub bub and hitherto unascended Peak D o s k Margaret Canis are Paris, Florence, Plsa and near the first one. If you asked any one of ..he descendants of that great of actlv:lties of eol'lege life. t t leader of the group is gaily singing These newest additions to the one of ,them why, undoubtedly you _____________ __�_________ this ballad as he 'blazes his way PLC f a m II y are Loretta Tester, would receive six different answers. through the fresh initiation this Honolulu, Da'hu; Jane FujII, Kapaa, But· . anyway, here Is a salute To people who do �e dltterent week on the PLC campus. Kaual; Sylvia Fong, Ka'Paa. Kaua.i; 50 mill ion This "MerlweLher Lewis is the Berj Martin, Baghdad, Iraq; Chong things. i ====. == . J Seoul, Ellen Kim, n Mary Korea; great, great grandnephew of the pri- l times4rJay vate secretary of President Jeffer- King, Barbara Lyons, Hardy Mor­ , son and explorer of .the Northwest. ten Hafstad, and Frank Hanson, all Q at home, work He was born 'in Independence, from Alaska. 3, 6 Missouri, but resides now at Clover Here are some of the replies that· or while piay Creek Hall. Though throughout his 1hls curious repol'ter received when nineteen years be has been very she approached them with the ques­ fond ot ·the woods. hunting, and tion, "How do you like PLC?" Jane: "1 just wish the weather he other aspects of the rugged life, he a'lso takes an enthusiastic Interest was as warm-hearted as ,the smiles in the acNvl.ties of the teenage boy of the students; then I wouldn't be I:' SO of today. : :'The college Is very nice True to , the spirit of his ances­ tors, this boy :is I ntere�ted in the and everyone acts like brothers and STELLA' S FLOWERS si new and wlde-o'pen fields, such as sters toward each other, put {he aviation, and has 'a large collection weather is very wet�" I(in;l: "I IIke1t very much!" of model alrpfanes. 12173 7463 :\Iary Ellen: "It's different trom I expected, but 1 like it here!." ""hat ERS ADVERTIS R U E O PATRONIZ -Published every Friday during the school year by the students of Pacific Lutheran College Office: Stu-d ent Union Telephone GRanite S611 year Subscription Price-$3.00 per � -'--:"": ':":'-':"::: � _____ __

h,' . tr



... r

Summer Engagements arid Marriage,.... Increasingly Popular in Student Body

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t95(r-G����ii-�-f-. '



:� :t::;

� : �: : p�


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at at

ueen Petitions Due

Petitions for Homecoming candidates be duemustOct_bequeen p.m. 1he pwill etitionsac­ companied signatUres andturned five 9ver dollbyars.tofifEltyThese should len Henry or Terry Brown, chairmen. as soonhomecoming a8­ :::=====1 Flowers for All Occasions Pacific Ave. GR. " (Foot of Garfield) We Deliver




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..--;:....:-;..""'';''..........i!!';:.i::.:::.=-:.-:; .-:. : -::...-:. -�..-=:::.:-.�... .:;_�::

Intramural Sp6rt� To· Begin Next Tuesday

Many Injuries Pla9ue PLC Football Team

I . .

The shining light of tbe Lutes' torch -has dimmed some­


by Walt Ball

---r-, 'Once agaln prog�ostlcators Seth Anderson, Jr.







Now for a quick summary.


themselves but bere's 'hoping I'll be Lutes' first eleve� rates up near . an exception. · the top in league standings, but the




Lute lack of ex,perienced reserve depth In key positions could -hurt. It Is

at ,the


.prospects for the � eason. The Glad-

what, due to ,t he rash of injuries


end In of distrIct touch 100tball rosters to .tones,· Old 'Main and In Coach Salzman. ? 'Monday, Sept.. 26. Harshman's nCKlepth position.

ankle. Curt was the No, Others

on the



Hst In-


the s-chool year an









<town could be

lng guards are back In the persons


G e r r y Kluth and Walt

patrick. Lynn Calk<lns, another string lineman. Is back, this


fought ot the season. Here


,teamed with letterman Curt Hov-

is the tentative starting line-up and

I'll pick the Lutes over the Loggers



6 'Dolnts. LE, Ron McAllister.

tackle slots. End positions. I oCOnsidered by many t o be a derInlte


weak spot, is shaping up fast. Roy

Elliot, letter wtnner o(last season,

is fighting for one openIng and another




spot, Is looking sharp:n i drills.


"up frontt' are Jim Jacobson, Hugh �tarsh, Dale .storaasll, as well as





freshmen who


good"-in early scrimmages,

1ncludlng Kenneth RIIs, Curt Kat­ st.'td, Walt Leininger. Bob BlIIs and

Dick Patrick.

In the backfleld-only time will






Quarterback. is being pushed hard

with .touch football, b&."ketbalJ, ten­

PLC from the sen-Ice. Probably the ,brightest

spot at this time, other

,the -hard



line. Is -t he running of Jack New­ Jlart at fultback and John Fromm

at half. Both of these boy-s are show­ , Ing mid-season for"m.

backfield open,










Nusbaum. and several others trying to


It down.

look llke




proS1>eota Include

Jimmy 'Moore, Cp.rson Standifer an�


been establIshed. probably





Ivy Hall and Nor _th Hall are this

The overall champtons of

LH, Galen Nusbaum.

for each time .they parrttclpate


Ivy Hall. Eaeh

-============. FB,

John Fromm.




receives points

well as does each player. At

Jack Newhart.


awarded to

the district with the

most points. The !f.op ·ten Intramural

point winners in the student body



awarded Intramural medals.

Student's \\"1shlng to otflclate


earn ten points are urged to con­

mel :1\11'.

Salzman._ Each distrIct

to rurnish an ·offlc lal.


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ot the year a traveling trophy Js

Our game tomorrow will be first TV cover­ age of a PLC football team. Don't watch it!

Standard eatlng Olla - Heating Equipment H.atlng S.,.'..


a day with ·the fIrst

starting at 3:40 -p.m. A maximum. of

yea.r's defending football champs.



be eligible. The games will be

RT, Lynn Calk-Ins.

"We..IP ECIALlZE IN FLAT-TOPS Located In New IG� Foodtown PHONE GR. 3434 1 12TH 4. PACIFIC AVENUE



'Played two

RE, Roy Ellllot.


Enjoy That



Announcing a New Barber Shop ..


each district wlll have one team.


Gerry Kluth.




C, Gary Gale.

by Al Cartwright, who returns to


There will

eight and a u;t1n1mum of five players

QB, Tom Gilmer.


��::::;:��e:a:�tI;; ::��: � be dJatrJots men..interest� jn touch football be

nls, golf, free throw contest. table tndlvI�ual must par:tlc1pate In the / Al Carl- tennis. volley ball, h.6rsesho6S, track district In which he l1vee. No var­ ... and softball. sity football player or 16�nner

-=-=';=-=-==----=---.:....---;. -;---,---wright-rib Injury _

Coach 'Salzman'lias asked that a

o f' eleven dlUerent sports· in which

·the men can par, tlclpate, starUng

RG. Walt Fitzpatrick.



-p u II e d back musocle;


of all

LT, Curt Hovland.


who has been switched [rom center Other boY'S expected ,to

one of the


active and hlgilfy competitive pro- roster containing the names

elude: Dave Nordengren, frosh halt-

the ergreen Conference. B o.t h Whit­ son, guards-badly spraln 'ed ankles; Gary worthworth and College ot Puget Galen Nussbaum and Paul SjennGale will be back at cen,ter poSition ound look strong agruln this season. sen-pulled groin muscles; Chuck tomorrow afternoon's contest Robbins-knee injury; Dick Patrick as team captain for 1955. Both startline



since turnQut start..ed. Latest casual· Intramunll sports at Pacltfc LuRules and an explanation ot the will 'begin Tuesday, point �Y8tem and dJstrlcts wlll be from Yakima Valley' JC. who sur. tb eran eptember 27 . with the submission on the bulletin ·boards of the dormlH S fered a 'broken bone above his le

-ty was Curt Kalstead. soph transfer

latar first eleven wi'll be made up my opinion thatt the detensive force back from �llard-broken shaul· ·gram Is c�rrled out for both team , In the Ev­ der; Dale Storaasll and Len Finlay- and Indlv-Iduals. There are a total ot nearly all lettermen. Up on the is one of, if not the .





Fast, �conomical Printing and Lithography

A Complete Modem Printing Plant in Tacoma's Fastest Growing Community'

I 1 802 Pacific Ave�ue


GRanite nOD

Linoleum - Tile - Formica - Cablnetl: - Paint - P.' lumblng - Roofing Electric - Venetian Bllnda ... Window Shadel -� �i"E INSTALL

n · · !J � §

HARDWARE FLOO.R COVERING "We Give Service and Sell Quality" Phone GRanite 3171 121at and Pacific Avenue




- -Stop at

Centre Cleaners Signed,




Frld.YI Sep��.1M511 ·-

Frosh Initiation Climaxed Tomorrow This much-revised freshman ini­


tiation program, instituted to pro­ ,"Ide












Bo)-"s: Panls rolled up above the

' I --








g I a nee

planned by Skip Douglass and her





socks, Girls:



Long 'Socks on


hands to


rese-mble $'Joyes, earrings made of

-. ,���:::-::,;:..:_:�_�·_7_::=_:__- ::�_ 'heeled shoe and one loafer. _



Crockett Day--FlII, a sock


with paper and pin It to the back of your

beanie to




Crockett·bat. Upon the Inqtrlry of


sophomore, "Who killed

a b'ar



he was only three?," you niust an-

swer loudly and clearly the words,




Crockett, King of the

Wild Frontier,"


Hair combed down the middle and

a dlHerent type shoe on each foot, Wear name tag arollnd your neck

on a string or pinned to clothing. Boys: Wear


pajama top.

Girls: No make-up.


Wear name tags

b. and



clothing (skirts, -shlrt-s, blouses and '

!trousers) backwards.


Frosh initiation \\ill terminate on


Saturday morning at 10:00 with a

Black and White - 5.95

traditional session of the Kangeroo


Soap 'n' Water W h i t e Bucks - 7.95

Ross Goetz will ornclate' as

judge "ith John Moon appearing as derense attorney. Nell Arntson "ill prose:cute.


Moe, Denny



chosen to

-eet. a -Seattle so-ph., wtJI bestow his


title of the "mo9t repulsive frash"

t ·



frosh at the time of excell-


n ! ", the popular sophomore

-saling at this time,


not be soon

torgotlten by this year's freshmen.

PLC Alumnus Visits Campus

campus las't Monday evening, showed slides and spoke to



years she





in ,the CB Building. F'or the past been teaching


--------:...-- ..--���-.•.-------

,uss Dorothy Meyer, '49 graduate




furlough tram her work as a m.Js­ She



of PLC, .bas returned (or a year's slonary to India.

1 0.95


Dress Pumps 9.95

execute all guilty frosh, .lerry Poen­

to a


b. FLATS -'5.95

D u a ne

are sergeant-at­


arms. John

five and

working with the natives In India under the A.L.C.

Arter visiting her family In Ken­

drick, Idaho, Miss �'reyer plans to



the ·Blbllcal Seminary In

New, York,

sch601 ng



w·h e r e she









MaS'ter's D e g r e e In

Christian Education.

----------------- -- -

Miss Meyer's brother, Ted, is a

sophomore at PLC.

Parkland Shoe St:ore





41 1

Garfield Street


1 0·6





AI and Malcolm 50lne


, "



New Songleaders Chosen speaker for the




We ek, October 'WIll be Dr. An,dr6w S.Buriesa.


Mission Emphasis 9-l,.2,


Of missions at Luther Seminary, st. P a u I.

Theological Minnesota.

bave twenty-three


HAving served. 68 a mtN'lonary gasc&T'fOr D


to the Impractlcallty of this

In ChIn. (or two years' and 1n Mada·


the sound tlhe "PLC FJght

Song, "On, You Lutherans" -and "Hodrab. for LU'tilerana" r'ngl� In ears Jut nlgbt. the Judges fl· came ·to a colICluelon - we

e, be comes.oto us with

rich background of 'Unique person­

a l experdences. He has eerved as

bath field representative tor foreign missions (nL.C.), and direc tor of mlsslonary educatIon. Since that time he hae tra y · elled enenBlvely on

Omer, frollb.

The judges

foreign fields

and ha.a wr1tte o six books on mJ8810n 8.ctJ.vtty. Dr. Iiarge88 wtll open the Mission Week w1tb. the Sunday


aer:v1ees of ¢he 8'ludent congrega-

w:l.1l hold two eerv1c8a o n Nonday. Tuesday. and Wednesday tion. He

---cha-pe) senic�, includIng :r'uesday, and a



A.P.O� Slcating 9:30 Tonight Come


Come all!



A.P.O. spDn.eored "All Sdhool Skat'·


.elected r..t night from among thla group. They are, left to right: Back row, Willamae Andereon, Bette MacDonald, .Jane Wolk, Carol Bpttemiller, 8ylyla Klr. kebo, Patti-Finn, Mo Swan.on, bee "Deua. Third row,

Raclio; Dram Debate Plan Active Year

LDR To flbld First Meeting of Year

9: 30 p.m.

Tacoma Bowl on Highway 99 at 7455 South Tacoma Way. T ickets �n still be purchased In


and n ov.lce

The members of ·the Alpha .Phi

Omega u

e &vel"'fone to attend and � h ' ave a ..,04 Ume!


stu­ lUe of

to select and pa.rt:ic1pate In


D eipbple Danteleon, Arlen!�� . Sylvia JOhneoD, and IJiI816en S � la nd. The girls �re ably' aMlllted by a four-pl8ee .pep band compo,ell of Lind .Karlsen• . Dave ltn'll'ttoD, . Gerry Bayne, and Norm Flees. the posltioD here at PLC. They

'have a difficult task ahead one whloh <they will all

of keeping fSplrlts

action and tt.s membere.




IInappy rouUnes and 8mWng faces.

No matte� Wlhat �penll during a

the spirltual

game, they wtll 1)erform their duties

try to inspire the W'hol e IItudent


According to plans made. at are·

Bar TbeQdore.().H. Karl. Inv1tes stu· oent cabinet meetJng led by

the hall of Old Main. The pride Is th e activittea of tlhelr choiee. fifty cents ·per pel'Bon.

from tIbe �ulty. Student Judges weer Dick Bla'nwell, chair· man of the eelect1on; sieve Bra.ndt.

of them, '�ut

. This organtzatlon emphasizefl

m ssi onary both

dents. The depaJ'ltment head,


enjoy. T·helrs Is t he responsibility

and lutJng

until 12: 00 ,p.m. , at the


Min 'Ro.tb.

eludes only one returnee - ,Jane .


ing Party," to ,be held this evening beginning at

Bondurant. Marlene Karev, . Colleen Hanlin. 8�cond row, Terry Brown, cheerleader, Dana Bk)unt,.. cheer· g h a e . -::I� h r�. ;��� ::,-:: �·a�� a!� eC�h ��::�::�: � �I ����e:d Corky Hautala, Betty Toepke, Pat Ahren., and :June Sather. Not pictured, Norma Knutzen.


O. H. Karl, and Mr. G. O.



for queen are now

ebould be


:wIth 8PlrlL During foOtbaJ i games' you will


In to lIee them eloeb.lng around In


co-ch ••",... Ellen Henry or mud jurt Uke the playe . but a l1t. Brown, by 'Monday, October U� Hghter on ·their feet. Our bue7 Each petition must .bave 50 IIlg· basketball schedule will keep th&m



•�.�. OnlT



by jumpibg ... fot: joy, .",e hope . Their debut


wnt be at



1A!�,.:._� �.




.'-J,.-l'ot·, .. , an< t -



oCtober •.

.;..... :10.

Lhuie Oiittrac. -Footbal,l Pad� U" _ Grq.e, .,






Friday September 30 1955 I

flooriDfl f':

Published e"ery FrIday durl�g the scho�1 year b) the students o f Pacific Lulb�ran College


� �.


StUdent Union

Telephone GRanlte 8611 Subscription Prlce--:-$300 per )ear





. <"\""...

Mess . ('10

EDITOR ............. ................. ........ .................. ...... .WAIlI"ON BERTON ..............._.................... MAGQ:IE GLOCKENSPIEL MAKE-U P EJDlTOR... FEAT URE CO-EDITORS. ............AGNES HALLANGER, MlKE GRIFF&.V SPORTS EDITOR..: ........................:..................................FRFID MILLE.R . BUSINESS MANAGER... .........PAUL LUCKY . ..... .DOUG MANDT AD MANAGER. ..'........�._. ..............................,... ....... CO py STA(O�F .... .......JIM BROOK'S-, COLLEEN THERIAULT, �lM GIES P . . R E ORTERS.: ... .. ..Betty Lou Bronice, Carol Btnchke, Sylvl'll Fong, Joyce Hansen. Gayle Henricksen, Darrel Hines. Dave Jaech, Stu Morton. and ve � � £�t��o.n". � ��.�... . _. : . . ... . � � >"4"" r. . � ..' . . .



., . Edirorial




Som ething to Say

By Mike Griffe"n Upon a caretul look a.t ,the year It Is evident, to anyone us before who carea to express an opinion 'and ti111S qualify as an unqualified ex· pert. that' ID1l1nutriUon and boredpm ar�ot likely to ,be such a ,problem as they have bee.n .In' ot·her places or otb�r times. Some people say tors. some -say �at, and OCQ.sionally we even hear sQmeone say "Tbank you" nowadays. but probably the befJt cure 'for ,both. Is c�kers and' .�� �betM:.-�"J1,..a Jood .�� -:- as ShIt11 .se.e - ·�" �- . ' . ' . • . ... ." Boredom, , In small dOH! taken dally after dinner, �ay not: be 80 temble or Indicative ot a. decadent (dek'a-dent) state of mind as we are led to ·be)teve: Hog.UOttiayed .brldge 8.nd Julius Caesar, evidently a CODsf8tant winner '(Remem:ber "Ven1, vld!, viel" . . . I came, I saw, I col· lected ?" ) ; also found a remedy for boTedom dn a little fut shuffling. COlDJ)tU8.tlvelY lately the ,individual 'has taken 'these signs of boredom tor IndicaUons.of J)Oetic Inspiration,

"We of CPS think 'very highly of PLC . � . the school s'pirit, athletic squads, and student government. " So spoke Chuck Ar· nold. SBP of CPS. With this thought in mind. plus what Dave Wold . our SBP, said yesterday morning at their convocation, it is only fitting that the students of both schools join in a co pt;r\ ative effort toward an "exchange of positive ideas." \' The childish vandalism which has resulted from the "spirit" of both schools has been both sham-eful and embarrassing, not [0 say expensive. It is a black mark against both schools that this' is the only way they can show their allegiance. The're is a movement underway to have -an exchange of talent and entertainment. Plans are already being made to have competi· a.nd we get Fat Lo t Ambling , tion between (he championship intramural teams. & nowhere .tbTOugh CPS and PLC are both liberal ar� ctll.leges, private instituthe upper' town they kick (ions, and of approximately the same size. It is only logical that their way through combining our efforts in a spirit of true cooperation .will double l! our. potentiality. � a�:� :aPle ffiaves -:J g ���p ;:�:,i�;b�;;: N9tlling to do. Hot cba! .Many of tbe scenic and h-iator:lc LuxemboUrg celebrating her birthch fragment of a poem by Wll· 'Places over the -sea became a source day, and Queen Juliana Of Holland WbJ l am rlos Williams a.y or may Ca ot much enjoyment for MIss Knud· driving with Hame Selas1e, empe... .i m C9'IDe under the- second part of nat -son, 'Miss BlomqUist, 'Mr. Ne�am. or of Ethiopia. Sbe witnessed tbe cure: Whioh all goes to show our ) ' eo ( these Police Pol1zes P s ple as The Yolks Dr. Pflueger. and 'Mr..Akre, tbat being bored can 'be an (ncentive members of our faculty traveled pladng wreaths- In the Soviet Gar. arCh for the truth In great ab�:. ::: ;( Remembrance in East Ger· : : ;e 1 d n Bloomqullrt. of the English However, It is doubtful that such ·She observed the ottlclal with. Depar.tment. ba.s spent the 1954·55 academIc year as Girls' Counselor fn drawsl of American occupation with �:;:.�k.F,:��:O:::I�:a�I��:a: Dependent American High School the 91.gnlng of the Armistice this of any pro�lse by Sir .Arthur Coin· In Frankfor.t. Germany. A ca.educa- Spring. She noted the buUdlngs a.nd and Hoyles learned study In com· tlonal in!JtituUon of 350 students. It lands formerly used by the U. S. paraUve logrc ; ' and it seemB rather rn Ger· the Government to tu over A servilce ed ot erican children serves m and diplomatiC personnel. On sever- mans. She especially noticed the unlikely -that a Searching Shatt of he Light of Truth should be found al short trips she saw Pope Plus -concern or ·the "pleasant, hard work- t n a theater wbere mo!rt cannot erti· XII on EafJter Sunday in Rome, working Gel1Dlans" over uDdficatlon ,I ently locate the Mouth to Pu.t PoopQueen Elizabeth In s1.a.te robes In of tbe coun'try. In the. churches, ot- <:t c rn In, or ladles · may come borne !preparation to dub two Knights of ferings are taken for the "brothers" o C�g��� 8�g.��:n�k�r�:I=� (Continued on Page Four) .the T·hlstle, tbe Grand Duchess of e s enough to raise above the most sod· . . • den gloom, and 8lx.. . t will no doubt alleviate your borel -<t ..,..� By dom mlgbt we suggest that maybe When our school year opens up wIth: this host of actlvitt es and the old·guard. -like Chaucer, Sha.k:e� events, Jt fs 1mportaJllt tha.t we take a look at them and see Just how they peare, Goethe, Do8toyeV'8k7, and can affect our school lite. There are such a battery of activities here on Yeats ·have -sometbJngto say to you. this campus, that If one wMe to take part In each activity be would little tIme for trtudying, which is the maIn reas�� for attending C9l 1�e, and hence. he would 600D be seen no longer. Well, the reason f dt the 1s aetlYlt1es not to force veople out of liChool. but to' give entertainment tor them whUe they are tn schooL We can't ·be caught In th1!I rush of "doing," for It would prove Q.u1� On &ri.urday. October 16, duriDg disastrous tn a. few short !Weeks. So. in order to make ·the moet of theSe HomecomJng week-end ..� .two playa actl·�·itles, we abould pick those we are most intereeted' in And take an will be 'presented the OMS at 8lC'lITe 'l)&IIt 10. t4t a.cttvlty. We can't go to eTery meettnc of all the 8 :00. Tbe tll'8t 1W1l1 be a drama en· org&niJ:afone, but we should be able to be counted on'· in ·the feW" orga.n1· 1lI.ded ";"The �," ·d1r�. by DI· ane Bailett. T.b.e· oUt fOr .1h:ta Jiu' _UoIlS we ue tn. In ll«ht or1hese few remarks : �t"! --..lAt'8 £e onions to thos� who ·take n� � In ten "! Eugene ,?'NeW, .'� � :1m. acttvitlea. Uona. ool oJiii,Dta U8"1&I plot w:tth & .thrllIf.i:i« jiji'prise Ordd" -so to the hard·worken of all the edl Football ta � gruellng aport. which takee much practice and. � We ending. 1\he eeeo.lid )tla7 t. "lira. d'oIrt realJ.l9 Ule 'm&n7 hours of Qr&cUce :t.hM. :takes p� before the O'Leary'e Cow.t'. Tb1. wU1 be d1reet-• • ... • ed obT. Dk:k Brown &Dd the (B8( wUJ. game; 80: 4 'Mardel ·8cJ!lle.nd as Betsy; We give an onion to the ones no atay home, and ... II&!T .All<:. DrUeI. lInr. 0'L0arT; Orehida to ·the game-goe.... , Tedd.1" 0UlhauCen. )(n. Dou:a.hae ; Bravery 1a a virtue; Bar.bara .10hna0n. .Dene; Twila Gl1O!'ob.1da to .those who baTe read the eoJumD. tI1la far. Omons to the man ,who' eomplaJns ' aboUt Ilfe, and doeI nothlnC lis, Uda; Gene Bern. lDmmett;· Bob T riolo, P. D! Famuin. about It l !


Travel, Study Attract Profs

. s OrChid



Ludtke, Minnesot� Grad, and Moe, PLe'53 Grad, Join 1955-56 facul�


Frederick Ludtke

MI.. Ruth Mo'e .


Frederick E. Ludtke Is ODe of be celved her degree with the clan of

'new �lty mem'bers of PLC. where 'he ,teaehes Industr:lal am. He received his bachelor of sci· ence degree in 1953 and two years l'ater his masteT or science degree in education , from Winona �e Teachers College, Minnesota. Mr. Ludtke enjoys ft"hlng and !hunting in ·hls spare :Ume. When asked how be likes PLC he sincerely replied. "It Is a. great ex· t t this =�:�ul �!�7a:::::e.� "

MI •• Ruth Mo.

1953. Durlng her college days Mias I Moe was actlve -m the "SpUl'fl," the "Choir of the weet,'.' and Delta Rho GaDllD&. Later ahe taught � Cen· tralta IDgh School and Ju.ntO!' Col· ,lege, and ·M.9Gn Jull'lO!' Fl1gh School Ibefore COming to our faculty. Aside from her "girls," Miss Moe enjoY9 swimming and sewing. Last 'Summer sbe traveled through San Francisco, Los A'ngeles. and Mex· ·

,'°0_. 1 ...


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

DON UT BAR ur O �:::e�. � ::o�::r:::

l s & Ed���o�Ur��:: i�: ��� � coman. She gradu8lted from. Stadium The Best in Donuts . High School berore entering Pacific from 8:00 Lutheran College w h e r e she re­ :! = = = = = = = = = :... =::� :..::.= .: =-: -= . .:... :.. : ..::. :::::. ..:: .:: = =


7:30 to



50 milljon

times a day at. home, at 'Work or on the way

J There's nothlng like a . . .1

un Showdown

Stu Morton

Plays To

Be Held On Oelober ·15th


WHO�MI! . . . , I .N�� OWD � I · ;; � I 3. ....·. · '


1. PVllII )AND


not 7et fbee��� .1'� �P�.



Flo�... for All Occ.-Ion. 12173 Pacific Ave. GR. 7463 ( Foot-of Garflel�) . We. Deliver

Laurinat's Apparel ,

·Permanent..:rhat 8atl8fy Halr'Colorlng Conaultatlon

Z�lma ..Ll:u"nat 409 Garfield as...'. �R��I"'.. �ll , Parkland; W..h. .... ' ,' ;< ': .1 ' .

a.lanche �ln"brQOm.. .. ... 413 Garfield 8t. . ,GR. 74;75




. •







.. . WASH." 0 1955. ntI cxicA-coLA cwW.v.w: �


.�' �






">" il:"" -� ����������� CPS Downs Tacoma, Central By Frl?ddy Miller

L...-Lo---g-"" C-.-'-,"' m ,-''. ,,. ro " ' -' okIn b 'k the I week , game I n Iw the p per h ng football. but Ia'9t Saturday afternoon's game with College or Puget

L utes, 14- 12



to bl"'ing your ASPLC card to ' the UBC game at the Ll n oln

1 �� �:.

deteated. tlhe Paelflc Lu:tlleran Jators 'by a 9COre ot 14 o 2,


Bowl tomorrow night. Thue




Barracks and East Parkl and PO.St W· . Ins"

College ot Puget Sound Lo�rs


card, entitle you' to free adml ••lon at home gar:ne• �nly.

e day. Septembe 2 The double round-robIn Intramur::a r: �: at touch foo.fba:ll tournament got 'unSound shouldn't p�ass without comment. The Lutes were sbort on the o �&�� s � : e Wob good tor the Llltes, w'.b lekl. g y gers'�ome8·f derway beneath cloudy sides at 3:40 scoreboard, came through on top ot the statistic column. A word of 'P dt .t Dodds and Don Paraons stood out Monday, September 26, on the blUI� h d e g praise 1'8 In order for the sophomore nueleus of an "l nman" backf:leld, CPS. for ; . : pa :ped � ;m e n . fl�: � �:n: ball field. T�mmy Gilmer. The game by a etele s Lutes' two-yard Une and giving.. u� was v::l ed:' S In the opener, Tacoma w a x e d Now to look ahead t6 tomorrow nlght',s game. The Gladiators meet the ball on downs, Wally JohnfJOn attle staUon, KOMIQ, marking the West Parkland, 2+0. Chuck Robbl. the University of British Columbia Thundel'blrds in their Evergreen Conre vered a PLC tumble on 'the 14- first 'Ume a Pa'Clfle Lutheran Col- playing for Ta.ooma, conneoted with ference debut a.t 8:00 p.m. M Lincoln Bowl. 1&:'9t yeaT's meeting the co marker. CPS bh�n proceeded lege game has ever been shown on three dltt'erent receivers for three Lutes edged om the Canadians by a close 6-0 score. The Thunderblrds to score with Rich Dodds going tlbe television. of the tour talllee. haven't won a game tMs side of the border for many a year and It Is not last two Y8Tds tor the touchdown. expected that they will do too much damage on tomorrow's ·Invulon. The second game saw North Hall Don Par90ns cOnverted to make the We'll the Gladiators by t:-v0 touehdowns. (2) lose a "right to the rinlsh" to score 7-0 In favor of the Loggers. Central Barra.cks. DeDll'Y Ron, CenPLC came out about even-steven with the teams up trom Fort Lewi s Late in the second Q.uaIlter bhe . tNl Ba:rracka, ran Cor two Tn.'s In Garfield Street Tuesday a scrimmage game. The first string didn't see any acUa:n and Gladia,tora started to 'move on TomI 'helping 'his team win, 31).20. was all for the benefIt ot the second squad. my Gilmer's passing. btrt time ran REPAI YEING Tuesday. North Ha41 forfeited-to THIS AND THAT-Will the U. of W. do It again, thl. time with Ore- out before they could ecore. L � � � � � � � � � � � clover Creek e.nd East Parkland gon State-Maryland'. 7.() win over top-ranked UCLA-Bi l l Rigney new Gilmer took the openin.g ldckoff played De Jardlnes. stu Morton's be.t Stud amateur of the • • ecOnd New base- ot 'the second 'ba.Jf an4 returned tt pilot York Glant.-Cheney opassing won t'be game Cor Ee.8t ball team In U. S.-Lynn Calkin. sidelined with a heart d leorder-Wl li le to rtIhe PLC 37 yard line. J 0 h n EXPERT DRY CLEANING AND Parkland. 24-0. May• •mack;ed hi. M .t home run-Freddie Hutchln aon named the PCl Fromm, Galen Nusbaum, and :rack LAUNDRY SERVICE



r.: '










manager of the year_And Daye Jaech gave up fa i ling off Itag'e-the Newhart then combined talents to fre.hman and aophomore girl. warming up for the Homecoming Powder carry -the ball to the CPS 9-yard Puff game-Ea.tern over We.tern lut week; � line, from which Gi er scored on activities Is not .to torce people out or school , but to give entertainment run. T.he conversion falled when but .thls will be subject to change at t ha.t time : Whi tworth, CPS, P lC, made an unsuccessful drop-

=:::;;;� ; =======::::===:=:=========='l l k k Announcing a New B arb er ShOp -stern, Central, Western, U . B.C. Ea

ic .

marly 1n the fourth Quarter CPS


drove to the Lutheran's two-yard line �1he," Dodd, once ...In wen.







RAPHS d • RECORDS Magnavox Headquartef'l



1121-23 Broadway

B R 321 1


Clover Creek Servic:e Clover Creek TEXACO Service Friendly, Dependable Se�lce TIRES AND BATTERIES SHOP SERVICE


, ,


Fast. Economical Printing and Lithography

A Com lete , Modem Printing Plant in Tacoma's .,f�test GroiVing, Community


'nts, tor six ..

Pal'Sons Idcked

point arter touchdown to �ve

Loggers a H-6�ad. " I ?,!;'"; bl


. . . .

�hon You Want Bol?�

C. Fred Christensen


Home-made Pies

Book.eller and Stationer


932 Pacific Ave.

8 : 00 a.m. to p.m. Week Day. J. unday : 9:00 a,.m. to 10:00 p.m.

, and Jobn Fromm looked



Short Order. - Dinner.


Ron StoraaaM.

JOin t1be Intramural

Bar·B-Q Burgers 35c


attempted dropkIck

tho.e living In the donnllo"'e.,

If you bave ,not Jl&1'IlIclpated a. yet,


get together with your district and

Located at IGA Foodtown .. 112th and Park Ave.

PLC and coJrtrolled the ball until ·the end of ·the game. Gary Gale.

GR. 4300

�===========� I

I I,

The Loggers then received the

klckotr ..from


Mr•. Jo Summera Parkland Center

The eleven Intmmuml dlBtrteta . (1) Tacoma, (2) ' W e 8 t (3) East Parkland, (4) Faculty, (5) Clover Creek. (6) Cenrtre.l Barracks, (7) North HaU (I), (8) North Hall (2), (9) NoN.:h Hall (3). (10) De'Jardlnes, (11) Ivy Hall. The dlatri ctiJ are dIvJded to Inelude students ott' campus as well include:


of the day on a 10-yard run by

Fromm with three mInutes lett



The Gladiators scored their tlnal

=====�==========:=�iI T:D. l::� r ��;:::::i= �: J PHON





Tacoma, Wa.h,

SR. 462t

. .

. . � . . . ·.. . . . .. ... . . __. ... . ..�• ••·• • ' e . e. ':. • . . _ . : . • • e• . . Joeis G: S.",iot.'t �is .,..� and. come • ., ' :• June, a� graduation. he'l be sIDrting .' ' .




Tn.eet TGE -


his c6reer os a Life Insurance Represen-' . '0';\/8 wah LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD,

H� O��? TMlis.. o woac:t.fuI. opporo­ . "fOitlng for Lu� . con.,. .....·in.. Glllilih1te' ""AI\-:cH'""'�,F'.�t:-=�;i-·;..;a --hMity this U�'.'hsuran� � '''' �..-ont. . :



.",. ,Ite HeNne, 0.. 'toO. " , you IuUJ partkular..


- .e'U



elY• .

, ;JCuthcranrJ:rnthtrhood: ,




......... _ UIIIBAJIS ' � P; ---. """"

_ _ A..

� '"

' En�AlIWl:oT1N TE , ,G�nerid A:gent



'� 2, -


--J .J

312-N., 85th,Street, SeattJe�.



U. S. POITAGE Bulk Mailing




Applications for Fulbright Scholarships Now Taken

American college seniors and graduate students can compete for Fulbright scholarships to study abro�d during the 1 9 5 6 · 1 9 5 7 academic year. Opportunities for foreign study in� 35 countries are .. . .:. �".CI�;,,�?. -;..�':.�.;. ·m.:···V.·�� ··�..:..·i.;.......�•. ,:.:!'UItX�&�; .: exchange program . .....-


Countries where U. S, graduate

fI.ludeDts may sludy under the Ful­

bright 'Program Australia, Aus·


tria, Belgium and Luxembourg, Bur ma,

C e y l o n,

D e n m a r k,


land, France, Germany, Greece, In­

dia, Italy, Ja-pan, the Netherlands,

New Zealand, Norway, the PhHlp­

pines, the United Kingdom, and for

the tIrst, time thi s year, Chile.

II;! Burma. Ceylon. India. Japan ,

�:::;;:;::;.ij;1!�!r,!:!�:r'f�'·1:"�:r�" �.�;"'::'f:.��"'?:'::9

Campus Show Features �trle, Entertainment last

' Ed La.-.on and Keith ,Ho'eft lIaten to a ,fruhman quartet compdaed of (left to right) Diane OJane••, Ray Gallle, Marlene Karell, and Selma Mlchael.on give their rendition of "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier."

Saturday n 1 .g h t the

Challenge from CPS

the Phili ppines, and Greectl only a

Um1ted number of graMs are avail­ dates are ,preferred. The



able and mature, graduate




awards offered

University or Ceylon. Countries

Proposal 10 Pac:ific:;Lulheran

by the




success. Nat


were we emertalned,

(Reprinred from CPS "Trail" of Septembec- 27)

Buenos Mres Convention program ,but educated In the m0S'l 8ubtle way are: Bolivia., Brazil, ChUe, Colom- on what "cr1.cket" In camllUS at·


The Trail. in view of the recent outbursts of vandalism be­ tween Pacific Lutheran College and the College of Puget Sound, would like to make the following proposal to ,the student bodies and in particular the student governments of both schools.

bl�, Costa Rica, Cuba., the DominI- tire-for every:thln.g trom picnics to can Republi c, Guatemala, H a I t 1, formal occasl.ons. Many different Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pan· types of clothing were modeled; ama,

Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, many were beauutul 'and expensive.

Closing date

fat' application

October 31, 1955. Application

Because of the desire to , continue inter-collegia�e athletics with PLC. the Trail would like to suggest that the loser of the November game between the two schools have their student body on a prescribed date walk to the winning team's campus.

is The show wtt.S seasoned with an ar­


ray of talent. Jerome Kern's

and a brochure de6crl,blng the Ful-

cal. "Showboat," was the bT1gbt and BueDos Aires Convention Yery well chooeD for such an programs are available at the ottice sion. All of the musical

of the Fu lb right Advl'8er on campus. requJrements for

were from "ShOWlboat," wNb. the

the ception of two numbers by "The Unit· Three Fiats and a Spare." Other vo­ spent 1n Wantage, the ancIent An· Fulbright fellowships are: gIlcan city of Alfred the Great, and a college ed States citizenship; (2) cal artists were the girls' trio-Ruth anolher lour days in Amsterdam degree or its equiV'8.lent at the time Haugse, Janet Towe, and Donna with Q. cha.rmlng �lIy who enjoy ,the award 1s to be taken up ; (3 ) Giger-Pat Bondurant and SI g Tol· guests from America, South knowledge of the la.nguage of the lefson. Africa, and IndIa... Visiting Norway <:ountry &uWc1ent to carry on the This style show Is somethIng that where she has many relaltives and proposed study ; (4) Bge 35 years or we as a family have needed. It Is close friends completed her trip In under; and (5) good hea1th. 'hoped that the familiar Levi's and Eliglblllty


Final selectio n of Fulbright gran­ sloppy g,weatSlblrts In clau and din­

tees Is

made by the Board or For­ ing hall will be eliminated. eign Scholarships. U n d e r t h e BuenO'S


Convention tinal


lection is made by the cooperating coUDtrles. The a.w&rde cover trane­

OOJ"ltatJon, tuition, and DlIUntenance.

North. South Halls Elec:t Dorm OffIc:ers Recent electionl

resuhed 1n



Miss Knud on commented on the

i mprovement, both





Mooring Mast must have ibtm in the Mut office by


Tuuday nigbt

desiNcl pablication.

hetl'''' .

materially and

morally, of the people. Europe, she


Doted, do.. Dot tear CommuoJ,m

with the 88.lDe excitement. we do, but ts waiting for the to make the

Anyone wishing to have




Ceylon are partial only and supple­

Un1ted States

first political mofles.

'Mary Lou Biery. prea1- M<iss Knudaon conc ltded bt sayIng Smeby. V'ice--prea1dent; that & large respoIMbillty tor 'form·


' �, .-,.:


-.rer: j......




reallatic ottl·

At the campus of the winning team. the loser will be feted for their untiring efforts with a buffet dinner and assembly. This will be their reward for [he long walk of some 10 miles. The losing journey will be the penalty for losing the foo!ball game. This editorial has been written in advance of the King's-X game and the Trail does not profess to know at this, date, who the winner will be in the first encounter between the two schools. This offer is made in the good spirit that typifies the students of tbe College of Puget Sound. In view of the one-sidedness of the football games in the past. the Trail surmises that Pacific Lutheran will be a bit wary to accept our proposal. Because of this face, the Trail would further like to propose that the loser of the basketball series walk to the winner's campus. Washington State and the University of Idaho have had this walking contest for many years and it has been a big success in lessening hard fe€lings. and in cutting down vandalism. We see no reason wby PLC and CPS could not Tti3il's proposal and start an everlasting tradition.

at tJho8e � wID be

;0.;...... ..,


you .ailer PLCi"s? If you have to go rampaging at €PS, su",ly yo'; will staU an afternoon's walk on the outcome of tbe Nov....b<r CPS-PLC fooll:>a11 How dod Ibis sound ;

a b o u t our oauD:trJ in the enougb spirit


Le s see a few opinions in writing- CEditor) . .




establisb the

By Bill jo�iis61) ACP "

.• co

. ,1


oe c et:, S 'ewart:, a d T I I fs I IS o In •

V O L U M E 33,



FRI DAY, OCTOBER 7 , 1 955

H omecoming Week nd Activities umerous FJ n u l plalls are undeI"\\ ay o r :.he l�:;r, PLI.J Fi omeco m l n g, to be Oclo· b . 1 , :til TItl 0. JE'. U,'iti S M I bdng plUllnect for the s udent bouy •1. IId a l 1U1lIli Lo t.he theue, " -�urser) lllJyml<s llnu S to ryb oo k Times , " b e · lIming \v\tll the r:t110n tion, pep rally, ml COUf'8 hour for Alums all



I'rlday Itv6ning.

will play tile an t ral "'ash· W ll d.'" t s in ] ,hl\;oln Bowl . Tlle B and an d drIll tpam will p ro· vide lla l f·Ume entertainment. a t urd a y eVtlning followIng tht> Al umni SUPll81' In the ern. Alpha P j O mega will present two one-act 1)1 :1. .' 3 ill I hll '\1 al & : UtI. The p l ay:; an '. "The Rop.- .. by Eugene 0'. 'ei l l, • and ' }Ir:!. O'L a CO\\ ." Sl1nd y ruornln , ' 11e AluDlll i and guests will j o l ll the Sll1,ll!lll congregatio n I II or hl p wItl! til p!l!ltor R v. R. , �. Lulne� l ea d ing tile \\ or s h·Ip. � � u nd a.y a [t rmOO ll t 1 lere will be , " 01 en lI()II�E' In a of the do rmitorl e ii. iators


!' l u rda}' mowing i ' alIened ..-hen HI' [T· 11111111 1';11'1:1 meet 11 e up!,er· I.u; girls on Ihe glidlro.1 OIl lower ' m pu CUll ' n g the fre shmen are T nllll; G I I Illt:>r < ni.1 JOM Fromm ; .1 d h ip ng th e u p per e1 ass womell • ., DellD Rodin : ntl B ob '\1arvouek . lnuneilla Lel) fOllOwing t11 grune ( P i c t u re on flack Page) 18 our l l urueeomtug paralle. T h e 110 t.'l wlll I\n!:: up by the gym a t How to P'l ck Horses 1 1 1 a.m. T h e Qarade will b egiu at I I�UglU La rstlll, junior 1'!"�fI p rE's l· 1 !.;on· eet, t � 1 ; :11 , go d o \\ n G: rrleld Unitt; dO) 11 Pactflr AVfn ue, r:ircle tlPnt. is it prel ty good .ilH1.�" 1)( hOl'"P, t hrongh the ma i u bu. ' n ess uistrlct ne�h . He �,arehll, girl s ! At II '('cent 11 hE ttl II a I()cal ,, (ore, ,it 'I a 'oDln and le rm tnate a t Li n coln t' E spd tliE' \\'e igh t or a U03 1£ :11. DII 1 wll,·.re lhp willnlr. g II ",ts wi l l





of grol eri es .


s Plans n ampus I

Fi a lists o r H me ami 9 Queen Ch s e


,T oan n


Hope;fiu I Quee,"'s lLalel F; rO m Nea'r an�·I Rar "

bvet" ye(ll'. orAlill z· t io ll� nd I n· Lf'tes ell people 011 ·;j,D.JIlIIS subm l ' t o tht> I Ionw l'o ming C lll mHt e a IJ e· lltlo n IIsltng R 'andldate for R om e· oil n unes C IU l lg Qllee l . T h is ye, w'{'re t urned in a n t! are I l < tl:'d a s .matden,


Spu rs a� th�ir

sion work. He will show these reo cent fi l ms when he vIsits PLC.

Th firs t appearance of Dr. B u rg S1' will be Sunday morning when he '\ 111 pre ac h at "hip or the stud en

th e


a.m. w a r·

Burgess' Themes



e en

t l o llt!d

tions. r Ii gious ceremonies a.u d mi s ·

� tl l (len t. arfa.1rs, "erving as s etL'I ry. pn) .. [ pm, of \.h " Rt.mlell l Hod t h l ll sernes l e r, as wel l as hein� (lU t h e Homeeoming 'O rn W 1 Le tl <lnd Un tJlfr•

I Saga Candidates for 1955 Homecoming Queen were, ieft to r i ght, seated : Anne I Anne tewnl't, a p rodUct of alt Hy, r t· It,ll! " I�o a senlllr, tewa rt an J oa n n e Poencet. Standing, Thelma Nygaard, Sandra Standal, L1tke Sl gr id To I I .fson an d H I J ord angel . m ajoring in .0c · olOgy. AnnE.' f!,

liel ell .Jordan ge l', a fai r,coillplee·


S altle aud 1

clul!tl lion. S h e Is active


rollrl\fl; :

Jilal aya , �nm atra, Ind a Pakistan, S yri a and lA'1>anon. He <:tu\lletl m l s <: iona y melhou s alllI P fll C U C8S in th s e countries and a"sistE'tl the mlssiona rles in pl anning future s tra 1 e gy a oll expansion. During these travels 'he took mally re el s o f colored film, showing th flo we rs, ani m als, ancie n t civiliza·

t'O nes !rom

ma jori ng in

dltbmlt l'id by ( &uulu ate, Sh e

claims gOlll

p He en b a l l s frum




bel' a n d





lill y a�'companle d


Me er�,




her firuJuc',

a n d 1I.0i;

sml l fl for everyone.



Sigrid 1'nl ll.·fSOll h; a senior n'm;. t\l,lent. A f I r � J1joylIlg h£" fr�5hman .'ea� here. slle hn� opem I the I 8 t l' 0 " . ror a t 'I�n ...1 10" i s j,P'l' i PIU, I in Portland. Sig hall::! �row J;'air!lelll , • Ion tan .

From Seattle (' O JU(, � a hl ul'·pyell

lilt! lItan<ls fi ve tee l. sevell 1 Iu.:IJe s t all , .Japan, Okin a "a, bUl'mos a , n 'mg h � prelt) gred � e an l l i gh . Kong, The Philippine I sland:>, N \\ brown ( e a. , n te bal l' Phil ) . l o � GU i nea,


PO (, I lC e l, Ana.e St 'war . a nd Sigri d '1. ollel'son :.rf' the fhla l < anu.!d 11'8 f{Jr nome 'omlng QUI;P. I • ft is hoped thut al l the st u d e n ts wlll xe 'cise t heir right to "ntt� fOI' the /!irl l iley \\ I l ll to r U la o v I' HOOle­ .Toa n n e

i ing I


mI ' " i n the p e rson of San Ul a ( SaIl ' d y ) 8 t.1.11dal . Aflp T t wo . ea l ' I t Emanu�1 Hosp i lal in Porlland, Sa n· d y ('a rn e back 0 P.L.C, to get lIer n . s . d eg r e e in nur. ml1;, Al mos for· go t, s h e has \lark·brown llalr. he layfl g of Ill e O ffi c iati n g d j Fru m the :'lormo 1 capItal of. the Co l le�e 1:nion the [or f'orner8tone h wit gn ilracllve a world ( o rne s a n a sout h em til', wi, nrunely Aline Buildillg, 'I h n r:lday, 0 ' l Obel' :", " I S t ewl\ rt. She sta.u ds 3. p e rt five bp Dr. Or lIIe D ahl , directo or high­


E..L . C. l s a gra dUate 0 S t . Olat h l � Ph. D. i ll "FUnd li ght·bmw!, hair and w ith a sole m n an d reCleivp ais i n g" f r o m l h e Ull iveral ty of Ver­ Jounne Poencet, rrPr� kl �f a()e , I e u- l ook 0 11 he r f::te e says tflal s Ol! lology R m ont. Ht': taugh t at S L Ol,u lUl(i thl3 her m ajor. 1I � Is bPont;or�d by a gr u p o f I n . igrld Toi l !;'!. o n , a studen t i n U n ive r i ty o f CaW'atll.i.a herOff' al.'· k nO\H l a tlm i ren; ( eartOl', no t e ) . .To. l sent pos t i n 1051. rume stands II. G utEf"flye fe e t .s ix i n. nu rsi n g i s nur la L candi d a te. Sl g llu J'lllg his pre ft bl ,' he s ha yes a s . 1Js t s her h ome to w n as Fa i rfi e l d , Hii! wi f e , the form er Jean Me · ue o ht d lig n s , b r o r PLC's g b r own 'h a ir. S n e cl a i� s Sea t tl e a s Montana and in the same breath G re Ol', wns a m em E.' e t·foul" in· s pilech facul t.· from 1948 to 1953. ell fe five that Is she s t i jo J her h om e to wn and s ma r n g in T he layi ng o t the COrDt!rtitone ehes and has light bro\,'lI u air. Cor ed ucation. proved here to I \d ll ta k e pla c e follow i ng the Thur�· eyes observation ful Thelma Nyg ard , formerly the s e c reta ry o f th e A .S . P. L . C ., i s t h e ,be grey. Blue Key oiE rs Sig lUI d a y eh p el service. The Board 0': T rustees, and Dr B . I • . hE'lr can di d a te. c a n d i d at e or ilie Ski Club. This mlt1l! T h nrsdaY llfier Foss wi l l b e presen t . T h e PLO bant! n this began g Yoti f mi s rk o brow eye a n da .ha s the s am e c O lo r . Ea� Stan woo d e.h apel [end final wil l b e ,,, ill add c o lor to th� ceremony. lle1d on t h e following T u e s d ay after �h pel. T h e two pr i ne sses a n d ACTIVITY S CHEDULE "Schnack" on T.V. 7 q ueen w i l l be announced and i n t ro· t ow n of

Or gon an d I. m a j o ri n g e U I1Cation al P,L.C. gl'n e,

Bu. feet·five in c'h e s and <;aYII th at her i ll e y e s a re ha z el i n rolor. Anne

el' ed u(' a t i on fO l

Dr. D ah l


" GT o d Has a Plan" will be D� . , BUI'gp�Q' llif"me : t t.he 11 a .m.�. IV o r· Or. 'V. C . Sl'll llllck enberg, !l«S' 0' du cd In chapel on J;�rlt1ay , Oct. 14 . .Tuniol' ('lass mise, 7 : 00·1 2 : 00. Ill'. And re" S. BlIrges s is pl an- shi p service oC l e s ludent congre8 t'\a t ]Jlofl"':i or o f history, wlll be:Jlllg u (\iverslfied program for the gat t on. Linne O u U n g, 7 : 0 0 a.m.·x . OO p.m. STUDENT Hi" ('hnpe l them s wl l l be "T h e gi n a series of ROMIJ ·TV ( Ch annel fOUL' \lays he will be on campus to F'a lUlt :. mee l l llA', 9 : 0(1, �m<luct t he annual mJ lilo n emp11a.· ,C hanging odd," Monday ; " Chang - 4) teh - vislo n Monllay. CON GREGATIO Footbal l , Pacl!lc 1]" R : 00, Forest \\ ,,�k thifi Sunday through next ing l\letllo ',' Tuesday ; and ' Th e O(' t. 1 0 . His sedes , as y t u n titled, w i ll inG rove, Or gon Clw n gele"s Mission," We!lnesday. \ dtesday. lUl lJa�h 'J II"! L u t u e!' Seminary (St. Paul, I � on-d AY Bvenln.e: he will show a , ol v!! an exam nlllioll or )l Is!'lon Empllasis eek. PI' Bur· rofe"!l or o f mi .. ,,10 � will {O]ored m otion lli c tl1r�. " Spo tH gh t t'ulwrul premlses, II history ot IdellS, \I J II ) g SS , 7 : 00. Imalc at thE' morning l'h a p e l serv- on Japan an ti b ina ; " a nd T uestlay and : m nnalY5is r the men \"ho

October October

t h ose !lrelll!i!eS I Inve re ll l' :;enlll and iii as. E ach �"'londay from Oct. 10 to all(l i elud i n g Ol'L 31. t he halr·hour pro­ gr:>'n1. \\ ill be telcvi3ed a l n . 30 'Lm. From l\ov. 7 an d o n tll e y w i l l take hi� plate I! :o.fOllday a flt:'rllOOIl d !! 1'1 0 '10:.

,'o ndu£:t c' l1n d table di sCu · nig1!t. h e w il l show " S1) o t l i gb t o n In Ul e , rt rnoon awl show col. l Oew Gu l n e a il ad In dia ." "The 'Vol'lc. ,Vi oll' fI'ls::! i on' wi l l In,ll motion p i c t u re s HI th e ('vening. Or. Bnrge s ha� j u s t returned be r. Burge. ,. �, ubjer tot the Mon· rom . ruur munthl-;' trip arotlud the !lay a fternoo n disclIssi on ga t h l'ri n g ; ant! " Th e Ris� of ""aUonalism a.uu



1.�U!erall C1Jur..: h . He

Ind lgeuou'



T \lesda)

ReligiOUS" \I'l l! b

toph .

WORSHIP SERVICES SUN DAY-1 1 :oo A.M. Dr. Andrew S. Burgess Guest Speaker M ission Emphasis Speaker Rev. R. W. Lutnes, Liturgist Anthem: "God So Loved the World" by J . Stainer Paul Lucky, Choir Director

October 10, 11, 12 October 13 October 14

Laying o f C ornersl.o:le, Dr.

Dah l .

October 15

Homel,om J n� Coronation . Homec'om i n g parade.

P ",del' Puff foo tb;" l l ga.rne. Ho m ec omi n g ga m e , Cen Lral Wash.

Pag e Two

F r i d ay, O c t o b e r 7,



1 95.5

'.I III! Moo inO lY IlSI


evprr Frillll!i dllrlng tlle s 'h ot ye!lf l'ac![(c Lu .heran <. o l ll'ge

, tllr!e nts n

Olli e£!: S tUller t Ll 'ion

r the

ni le

Tel e (llionL G



Pres. Wold Speaks On Ou r Gov'! _

EIHTOfl. . .. ._ " . . . . . -. . . . . . . ._ .. __.. __ . . ._. .. . .____ . . _.-._.._ . . . WALT • BE.RTON flr.· t l'AI{E·t l' El DT'J OIL. . . .. .. .. .. .. . . .__. ..... .. . .... . .... ."'[AGGIE GLOCKE ·SPIF ...L ER, �I IKE RII-'FL-r-; F ' A'l'l! RE CO· ' D l rOlU' . . . . . .. . . . �\G .'iES HALLA POHT8 EDl'PO IL._ . . . . . _ . . ._ .. . . . . . _... .. . .___.... ' . . . . .__ ...-FRFD !\11J LER BrST. 'E'. ::; 1 \..\; '\ GL . . _ . . . . . . . . . __ . . _ ... __ ... _.. . . . . _ .. . ... . _. . ...PA · L LL' KY



. . .. __ ....... .

that LilA in i tial fru>!tra l 'on


an d jnevttable hue and ClOY of t ho

TIll · t . ve

TIrE' into Um te d ium of il ally I .fe . Perhap� taii! lhen is an app ro priate occasion to make a bold inspe d ion of lhat are o f 0 lr activi ty wI ld W(' r('f'� r to '!flu n gOY rnmpnt. " \\ e e k ,.;

.s l lmabl�i



s c· t t e oUI'Selves

artments Music, a hemalics II Add aier and Christensen to Staffs


(19 1

...... ______ . .. DOUG MA�I)T Ul', JD1. G IES REPOR T ERS. _ . . . .n tty L 11 Bronlce '1l!'ol Bu!;cbk e, Sylvi.l Fong, ,Toy ' . The vt!ry 1 Ltzlre of . e tllle w II, n"e l l , Cayl " l Ienrkk:-;en , Dar . 1 Hi n e ', Dav J'\eeh Stu ,\forton' s lIg· 11 ve Conlf'.rr(1U upon lhis ar L i P t rson , nd B ev Sv n i n gse . II l ' L ATl( t ' S'l A FF I�vplyn l': ri ' I{ son. Pnttl l" i n n , Lol: (l und r"Q n , .g SlS we are all I n olved to a grea . chwt ndl, Il r or le.'lle r d egr e. Wh ther WE' L u i " Jill.' j �, Mn,h"lIe L I'enzo n , & 1 11' )'II.'Dnnald. I la rlen\; no Dono Zlmme1rud. lear! or foilow (which is often t Ie _____ .

........ _. .

K , e OI.I.EE_



- - Editorial - -

Tb>! purpose of th e Mooring Mast i the same as that of an y other school pa per-ro reporr the news :l nd re flect the opinion of the Slll cn t bod y . 'Rd leet the oowons of the student body "

. . do s that mean a n y th ' ng to y u , or is it just another nic so u n d ing phra se thiu 'ou con i d r to be a part of college life ? l'vla bl! the word "op i n io ns ' should be singula rized-' pin­ ion ' l ' bt'l" see m s to be l i ttle, if any, diffLf nee of opinion on our ca mp us . Don ' t tell me th t all of au haye been "b rain­ " as h 'd ' or thorough l y i ndoc t r; n a ted i n to wha t we sometim s " The I\ mcrie n Way of Life. " Certainl)' we are all nllsnam cfcare d equa l , bue lh t doesn t mean that we are pla ste r images of ome w hcre tbere is a spark of intelli eoce which a nt ,l nother. '1 \lI d m a l O tain ou r God . .gran lc i n dividuality. We h a ve concluded 1 0 eth ics class tha t " i t is p.irt of o u r divine xercise y ur in te llecr. O J t ure t think. " H w can wr negl ec t i t ? onclusions . but by actually form i n g your own not y ju p i ng t CO'lvlccions and then standing by the m . o rne s t u dents are able t mak their o w n decisions and use the i , m inds t cre ate new thoughts. The M oorin g Mast is dedi­ cated to the e pressio n , if not the support, of these thoughts Opi n ions will be prin te d i n this paper, If there is no response i t io; no SLret h of the imaginatio n to conclude that everyone agrees 'W ith ev er yt hing that is printed. Do you? In a n sw r to the PS proposa l , I pose one question-" Why waste the ti me . ' What good will it do for the "desire to co'n tinu e inll' r co l legn t c athletics" w ith CPS if the loser of the game walks C l ' > can pus ? 1 0 the W I on sidc r the situation here. Our student cou nc i l o�rates on .10 c lr m ely l i m i ted b u dget . I can just piaure our deficient trea u r r :lft r fe ding 1 2 0 0 road-weary Loggers , Fina nc ially speaking, , II! Just a s wel l discontinue o u r student govern me n t for th ..

a grou p for whi ch 'we are �·gel y

es s e nt i al is a hi responslb' e. . Uta t I' ,; qU Ite general ly ov rlooked

altd if we are ('ollfron l e( l 11 1 1 i t f:-; alt ogether too of

,, ' th

I t at

ell viewed

i tem can cert ain ly b marked 10\\ n il l' ' L maj r I.o ntrlb ut hg fac r t U e i mllo IH' y or ul t i ma t e 1'01. I ll pse of s tud en t !; v rnment I t sh u l d be o·b \ I liS I i a t j :' t h o s wh o



tlosel y ,'ol1c ('rned " lI l t


oug-h euthusiu...nn to elim

of In differe nee,

i n a te an a tHurle

amount of le.L de rsh l p o n t h '! ex. c u.

l i ve level




h a lthy , t a I E'


tl u·

yearf ItSh .

verst' ly of

pote n Ll ally

M iss C h ri st e n se n Gh rl ten"';lln, a l � o



'his PI" D. in 19fi � . Thl bar �

ft ' ,. o ru .nany


' Ig

d o i ll '" ,.,

J a co bsen,

pa '

y ear h e

ne ,

Oregon .

t u sen tau ght. p i ant > an d organ at Ann i e WrIgh t em inary in '1 acoma lhl T>ast s('hoo] v. aL T ill" Q so mmer s he rec e iv e d her maste r 's degree r u

\V o rke ' l ;HI a ;Il a Ustlcl an for a l um·

Ou ts i de o f lea,'h i


he rn ... l -

ft e l' vll[\ � re IIe fA "" regon Il' h a '

g a rlaR!! or t w 1 n fonne whi le at · n a 81. lan t<. h l p basi on group. l ending- t.h e u ll l v�rll i lY. his w o r k Thi s imml>u l atel y !'RIses the'le he re Is hi fi rst teachfng exp€>rlence. quesUoM : 'What are we ' s a sl ur! nt re l[ajer's "endion .' to PL _ I r. body or 'ouneU a t te mp tin g to do ? very favord-ble. Both h e dnd his "ife \Vhal a tUtud ;3 a['e '\I � ma i ntn lng were mueh lm'Pre9s� w 1 h t b e ( onlinu d on 'pa�e ::, col . ·1 ) , arm we lt'o me given them by fae· ulty am t 5 lldents Mr. Maier states that he enjoys be ng a. me m b e r of a C h risti a n i n s ti t u t.ion after having around" in state bchools " kno ck e . for ·s o l o ng. an d

Mi 's

E U ' Ilor thwe!! l ernel" name!! l lo(/ulam, 1 l" b'th Washington, as her horne town. ft· • a 110 ' gene " a l e r, a nit ve 0 ;enlral r high school, she alt nd vesL , born in Till ' I . ook, Ora gon , I wen ty-sb, years BJl:O. li ege of Education, nglon \Vashl raity of .A. tlegree from Ll'am�fe rri n g to the l;ni !Ie rett'ivNl hill ra­ Ihe r n i ve rtl i ty of O re�o n In ] 950, Willlhinglo n \Vh re I n 1 9 53 1 1 g e. e a rn i J , d ma. t l :l Ol<gr _ In 1951 calvefl her Bachelo r or Arts de re 5 11"" a Wh i le R l I c n d lng tn e 1. nlv r�lty . " A ltftr .' ' from the . amftc· !' nstltu ll' ou. llnder Up-rllte Po n r ork a t P ri n \.eiOn , t lltlled pian e o e men t .0,f . PI �

tile of �tudf'n t nl�t l vl y , nam e. y ar f gmdnat " � 1 to ' l t' " fur " lIe rei u rll". . � , "tuclenl. ll1eml!/' l ve,," , (·a nnol l '.


cl l retllon Iy. the


0 r. M a 'l e r

New to tllt' ma t hf'Il1iI.l loti lleIlart·

PS Cha l len e Hashed Over

wo r k a



nl versl y,


l\'l is:i ·hris·

As wel! as teaching lug organ h e re at PLC, s h e is also athiser {or Mu Phi E ! I on. he wa" :t,·tI. I n the t' n i v e t':ll ty,

p lano , th f>o ry, and begin

member o f P hI

t ha t o rganJ z a tlo n

a n d w as a l s o a

KilIYP .

a. l t h e Un l ver

)1isb hlk n , and

As an ou side Intere;· l

ten s

n anjDY


Be l a


to work wi th l'ha mber m it· In her spar e time at h o me she j t ying to kp fJ up on her 0 n Pl'll.\: · Besides his work at t h e college. Lice a n d squeeze in an occaslonal At len tlon a l l s t lll i nls ! CPS h n :! MI'. M aier i s d i to r of P a r t I I of the 1E'!>son w i t h .'Il'. i S R Jacob. on a t the p resence,t us >;i h a real (' h a l l e nge : Northwest u ppl emen t of the L u ­ ( Ilil'erj;i t y in prepara lion for a r . f the year. mam C n der another aspect . . . what would one thou sa nd en­ They have p opo�l'll the i d a that th e ra n W i t n ess, a publication of -the 1'1 tal h erf> thia \I I n ler. d ! d strians do to the traffic situation on South Tacoma the 10Sl'I'S of lhe Xovemb r fo otball �I i . -onrl Sy n od, Al though he I of. hrl. tensPIl la m u ( . '1. 1m .:Iol l !; a g me betw en the t wo sch ools ha ve fi. ia e d i to r, Ill' works jointly with C n ' t you set? the res ulting confusion ? hrl Unn a tmo"· Ill , pre. ed wi th the Lh ,ir ;; u<ll'nt hody walk to Lh'! " I n · ,h i s wife, LaVi\ l t o, who is a jour of those who are in favor of this idea are the ones who . 1 pilerl' of our 1 ' . lUpUS a n d is al o i nn i ng team' campus. U pon arriv al i !l m grit uate of the r niver s i ty f li me c nvenien t ex,use f r O u t b ing prese n t whe n f spi reri by the h i gh caiibE'r or lie: n regan , ime is he re. CPS has many town studen ts who will u n ­ 11 . Lhe c' mpu!l t.h !o;;el' s w l l l b I Inning te!Utl with t.he hJ l uer rtal la l t l!l:jp n t..<;. S h e staifs Ull\' sbe "L s , Da\i Includes y fami :'l ter Mll r. "f t not think too h igh l y of walking through the city a b uHet dltlller alld assembly. The 2 yea!'!!, <In.l �Ial' tln, 3 lUon Lll!l. v"ry happy 0 be work ing Ilere:' many weary hours. Th y'd rather drive. f I., who have been carrying o n this ellUre ehal le n ge apllellred In l:(�t )r WSC and U. why copy them ? We should be able to thin k of some­ " eek's " � oor! n g Ma"t" a c i t was ICh more al uable to both our schools. The afar m en ­ written in the (' P $ . . r ran: '

eal to you How doe ' this i dea a h ols hav a much different s i tuatio n . They do their A re you \\ i l Ii ng '.0 in a more or l ess rural area, no t n a main h ighway. The eage r PLe tte s leo;s and the results are not what I would call p romis ' o g . a 'C pt 1 nill c h' ll lt nge a � d mak i t dition ? s e n futu re in this proposal, other than many blis tered an eVtrlnll t i n g a l '" (;o m m en .;; !rom Here ar >{ uld :l ccomplish nothing a n d wo uld not lessen the a n ­ e pirit. What we need is a program f cooperative efforts, the g! Is I I "lng in Old Main " 1 lhink it's a £'00 i d e a . Ie gives ries of childish penalties supposedly to replace childish the sch oo l m6re 1 centry to win and L e t us hope for a more ma ture a n d profi table u n dertaking to win a g me tJVLr ollr most a rdent ri val wlll b e t he greatest." han [ :I t which has been proposed. ?



'or A l l Occas i o n s

G R , 7463

1 2 1 73 Pacific Ave.

We D e l iver

( Foot of Garfi e l d )


Located at I G A Foodtow'l 1 1 2t h and Park Ave.

Bar-B-Q Burgers 35c Short O r d ers - D i n n e rs F o u n ta i n

Home-ml d e Pies

8 : 00 a .m .

Sunday '

to 1 1 9 : 00 .

p . m . Week Days

. m.

to 1 0 : 00 p.m.

Laurinat's Apparel

"W E F E A T U R E T H E F I N EST" Z e l m a L a u r i nat

409 Garfi e l d St.

G R a n i t e 53 1 7

Parkland, Wash.

P e r mane nts T h at Satisf y

H ai r C o l o r i n g C o n SU l ta ti o n

CHARM Beauty Salon Blanche

4 1 3 Garfie l d St.

L i n g b loo m

G R . 7475

W h e n Yo u W a n t Books

C. Fred C h ri ste n se n B o o k se l l e r a n d Stat i o n e r

9 3 2 P ac i f iC A e .

Tacoma, Wash.

B R . 4629

-Dor!' n Za uske





rrien d l l e r I' latl oll .�

s chools

It wil l promote belll'een the two

antI 3lrengthel. our school �ptrl t:'- '1 ,ml 1 1 lliland. ' Gr al id a I LE-t'" do H ! "

-Ro s i e Ness

think t.hi'! walk woul d be a grea t Ide ! It'" all in flln and i t'd "I

rea l l � show \\' p ' v e got Sallie spiri t .


U tie more C', erdse rtH a l l lhal (l rl {oorl \'4�' ve bl'E'h eatmg. B s i des I dou b t j[ ws'U be th e ones w lkin g ! "-Pa ti Flnn. "I I hili'; the . tullent b od y of j he l Olli ng te" m fillould walk to t h e win n l ug Ii a.m'- 'aml.Uq b I au , I ' C \l UI win naturall y. Ge , w llnl. did 1 S ; ? h . m y a chJ ng feet ! "-Dollna Ison !Jaa . " In ; I I for i t ! "-Evf'l yn We c

l1se :l



The Perfect Match ­ A Courtship Coup e


I The bride and groom are a perfect match and so are the beauti fu l ly handcrafted Courtship Master­ Guild weddi n g rings they wear. Whether pl a in or most intricately carved, Courtship "couples"

are exactly alike - and from the 50 dif·

ferent 14K solid g ld pairs, there's sure to be a design to please your taste and budget. Select now for a lasting Courtship.

F o r the CO U RTS H I P


wei er nea rest

you write COURTSH I P, P. 0, B o x 1 9 1 4 , S e a t t l e 1 1, W a s h .


! , l.

P a g e Th ree

�dger turday s quad \\ I I I t r ve l

I L 'S

O regon, to m ee t

·ulger ,

tlnrl a t e "

a urc1ay


pro v



a 2 In, 1 r· . t y ar the Lu tas th�

v-ictory over



19 11n up



wul last

In tends to play



The g



much improve

un ssecl i n Levis a can h! (. aller . had L t ruly





y It ever he


IDnt;d I n th'J h ea d l i ne this on·glant of football


land, Calltornla.

are m ny organh

.o\m rk


. ent of the fre h·

bal l Is (en teraL

.ions held Monday

The lei hmen say tha fabul!;)tI , "OIlrage, strengt}


Thfll'e are fifteen men

b/lll . but It can b

tty la t year, and

to .

, t ball tl'/l.ffi.

dr Ibbled I i !.

el ected . on day in.

the Irrounrl.

P lerBon,

One poi nt is s c ore d for kickin.

lu rJ l ngton, trea n rer ;

from Ihe United st ates in the !

'e, LOM A.l1g les, CaUf.,

coun II


Washingt on b a d a n undefeated .· t r ak ba� ..

I C tlv ied 4-Play of t he �eek ; Les RIcht r's " ".;� •. . v the . St eei l'rs 0 r Rams , 2 7·26-Whi lw ort downed W e s teru . .. J' .v maintaIn nil) Hugh Mal'S I"B b l oc ked llunt-Co ul d anYOI1 t e l l m e the :wor o f the ' 11\.0 • • e,. ros!!ing O- The ssential per. G i l m e r th ., game l a t Tuesday ?-oyehu t Prep 7, Copalis seven � t lOll and le aves nothing to b de. inrlialll� al'e sfll l I ourni ng-PLC over P.lI. by two touebdown -Wh o 's v r. Ion on a drop ki c . h extr poi n t tile Lutes have chalked I sl recl . As we ar a grOwing instltu. hlrthday was it at last Saturda y's game w i th l' .B.C . ? . . . ] 9·0 Lules . li on t he re are certain c hanges and up in five attempts 1.hl s easo n . El1Jotl' toodt o w n to k car oC r visi o ns wbkh be com nel:e s· ry in

J{8.Ille8 and

thl' gJ

Announcing a New Barber

Shop . .

tb e

" W E S P EC I A L I Z E I N F LAT·T O P S Located i n N ew I G A Foodtown

P H O N E G R . 3434

1 1 2T H &. PAC I F I C A V E N U E

scori ng




'the j .t h


bal ance Is Jesus Chrl�l who is oll r

L i no l e u m · T i l e · Fo r m i c a · Ca b i n ets · P a i nt · P l u m b i n g · Roof i n g W E I N STA L L E lect r i c · V e n et i a n B l i n ds · W i ndow S h a d e s

....... r e . e r § !t



V i s i t O u r H O B N O B Room


D i n n e rs

P h o n e G R a n ite 3 1 7 1

1 21 st a n d Pac i f i c Ave n u e


S h ort O rd e rs

The Best in Donuts

" W e G i ve S e r v i c e and S e l l Qual ity"

O p e n from 7 : 30 t o 8 : 00


�eil.' I:. Thor§en







����:��:�i.�::;���� ����:��u:��' "

Ph one MA. 4861

!L6 I :; B roadway




H e ati ng S e r v i c e

" , ,,' '" '11

p�;�� : ::��:if·OiL SERVICE If

G Ra n it e Sn2

Garf i e l d St. I

guid(' a


affaJ rs .

ert ainl y

labor i n vain .


• • •





• • • •

. . ..



• • • • • .






wi th ou t Hi m w e

l go v ru ment to

pro\"e ou rselves COnlIletent mell and

I making a vital ontrl bnUon to ur coli ga. We can, by the merciful Iidance and d l n�c. tion r God a n r! by utilizi n g th gilts oC int liect He bas gi ve n li S , make Ol,lr go" rnment one of which bot h our

we an


col l ege

the student coune ll .


3820 South Yakima



FREE PICK·UP and DELIVERY SERVICE Parkland and Vicin ity •




Phone A. 3372

'an be jnstly

• • •• • • • •••



Garfield Street Q U A L I TY R E PAI R I N G - DY E I N G



1 1 2th ( Airport Road ) and Park Avenue

P H O N E G R. 8684

• • •


• • .


• • •

. ..


• • • .



• • • • • •

. .






• • • •• • • •



Fast sl Gr lv i n q Comm unity

GRa n ite 7 1 00

1 1 8 02 Pa cifi c Av e n u e ... ............... . ...................................... ....................

Ta omu'.








M o n . - Tu es, - Wed. - T h urs. 1 1 : 00 a.m. to 1 2 : 30 a.m.

Fast. Economical Printin g and L i thography . lvlodem Prin ting Pla n t i



.... .....

'P� PR I NTE S, Inc.

A Co mplet

of o u r

womE"n, capabie


1 20TH &. PA C I F I C A V E N U E

..... .... ....


We have a magni fi cent OPllOrt un' I ll' i n ollr s t ud




'ounsei o r

re1lres entatlve ;

J ack Boll, Everett, l'epreaenta.

mai n l DAnce of a hea l t hy and

p rogre ss i ve government. Ln e� never pushed the ball pa l visi tors' 34 d uri n g the remaining At this polnl we must also be very ( hree qu a r te rs, careful . It Is ex tremely easy to be. UBC threalene to sc re only om IIver·zealous and misguided MO t Wice dUring lile bal l ga me . Early tlla t we l os e our balance. Anrl t hat




ec retary;


ThE" Irishmen are. accordi n g to

Bug-en .

d E' n t ; Patri l l a Finn.

nd t h r e po i n ts a re l aUled if the t team�


l i ege.


the Oakland JUgh

.mall) (·f>lIturies.



mtense prac tice

Wit" a r e a l



.......... ....................

F r i da y 1 1 : 00 a.m. to 2 : 00 a . m . Saturd ay 9 : 00 a.m. to 3 : 30 a.m . S u nd a y 9 : 00 a . m . t o 1 2 : 30 a.m. 1 1 9th


G R . 221 1

M a ki n g s for S u n day Nig ht S u p pe rs

II t

9- 1 1 week d a y s , 1 0-9 S u n d ays


Independently Owned and









. .. ..

. .






. ....



.. ........

..... .

. ...

....... ...

















Page F o u r

H a ndso, Crow ne( , Sa lun'lay, Oct

max of the "Ha

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t.est. During the

. i gh t !

Pull " foo LbnH gr

\t(:h V

ed " Han dsome



c rowne d

Queen . The t

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, conlesr

l'AlUllUS except


ood fun. just

FrIda} you wi

moonUgh l SE-t on

.ant stars ? Rod ,0

Denny a vole. Ym on your s c11 0 01

of '5- .


In t he past, A.P


ards and 1, manL w i t h t h e rn

HilI' by .




tha t

10 I mpl'oy .,





ou. ,

!l tnden t facllities.

oxample of


,, 1 \

ac tion oC, by,


• t· 'I I!

n eophytf:

m o n-th e-Job

ng.,. l ing antI €' I l !'o uragement. This Frid a y ', [Iss Xiell!an is


thr ee !

')'hat wil l

suffic e !


A l lar Gllild mem. leglans. I wou l d enl' urage PLO st u- day with ts to attend thIS meeting an d c ouyel·. the pastor d with mnch of h i s cl erka! work. In- bear :\Ir. Young's ex'p ia tion of the �regat lon, s uch

TV "Emce e " Jo,' ns

be.l'sh l p

Stu den' B 0 dy




al!. is tlng






Ciral meet ing new program."

Wils the el ec tio n of officers, t.h e fol-

The C ivil Service Commission i s

lau dle r pladng I ts numerous college-level l owi ng girls b i n g chose n : an, you llave p ro b ably S traUb, Iluau[mou I y eleded. accept· exami nations al mos t enU rely by a hea1'u D eyrol A n d erson announcing ed th l' r o Je o f president ; Anne S Le w- single Federal·Service E ntran ee Ex· ov r K I f:;:-'I TV. 'Vi th 700 h urs al- :u-e ,,-Ill !le r v e as'esi d ent ; a mi nati o n . The new exa mination rl'ady to his t redlL on tel e \1 s10 An· keep e r or the b oo k s and money w l l l wi l l est ap pli 'ants for a large num· d ars o n Is ruajorlng in sp e e ch and be Ruth Myrwang, s6('.retary and ber of e Jeral posts and will be

If y o u a r e a L ife o f R i l e y o r a C i t y


Jea nne Frleske in Vau·


pu bl k address fo r ('omlU rd al TV.

treas nrer ;

e orres pond l ng s eretary opl'n continuousl y to those who wis h

Thia PLC sophomore who h ai l s from Eatoll ville, W a�llington, i A a transfer from Hum!bold t C O llege ....h . re he was e l e c ted the most pl'omi s ing freshman in the r a d I 0

M a rilyn Boe. T h e ParIsh workers wi l l meet the first and hiTd Thursday of e very the first meeting be i ng a di n· mo n l

past ye ar ar

fIrst pia Eli.'! in Rad i o


th e

s e co n d m ee ting will be announiled.


Ot h er honorg


e arn e d


w i ll be Greta Johnson ;





Sardis Hand Cream .

B-19, N o rth H a l l

which will be presented

active atudent l i brary c o m m i tte e ?



De p e n d a b l e S ervice

B B Role- Rite Pe n



) I� � i




Stop in at for



( R e gu lar $1 .29)



O l d Fash i o n F i s h a n d C h ips H o me·ba ked P i es and Cakes Full




comple ted ,

'! I

� � :I

2 for $ 1 .29 P E R F ECT F O R TA K I N G N OT E S



Lutevi l l e will

c alUper out of boat ha ppily wondering wher'


tw o hundred a n d rorty




P A R K L A N D- ( I N PA R K L A N D C E N T R E B L D G . )


. 2 for $ 1 .24



For Yo u r CAMERA

1 2 7 Fi l m , 3 for 7 9 c 1 2 0, 6 2 0 , 3 fo r 8 9 Cl S N A P S H O TS





Walgreen Toothpaste . . . . . . . . . . 2 for 4 Bringate Shave Lotion . . . . . . . . . 2 for 9 Aspirin ( 1 00 in bottle ) . . . . . . . . . 2 for 5

Aspirin ( 2 00 in bottle } . . , . . . . . . 2 for 8 Stationary ( boxed )

2 for S


SALE ENDS SATURDJ � HURRY! H URRY! ��� I ....................................................................

F o u n ta i n S e rvice PA C I F I C


Tooth Brushes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 for 1 9c

Clover Creek Service F r i e n d ly,

Perfection Cold Cream . . . . . . . 2 for $ 1 .09

S h o rt Ord ers - D i n n e rs

C re e k T E X A C O

V . l isslon

dro ppe d at 1 1 : ()O, and ! kIds

P H O N E G R , '*

Soap Boxes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 for 23c


C l over

the " Gall nt Lady" t o n i ght.

"It's Time for Fall Cleaning"

Tidy Deodorant Cream . . . . . . . . . 2 for 46c


K N O W that we have an


llrs. Ru,

M R S, J O S U M M E I

I n H a n d y S pray D i s p e n s e r

"For a Trim Top, Stop at the Shop"


on their chaperone mL sion a b



SOc a h ead

in November.

First Mate and wife, Ml'. and Gilbertson, w ill a ,'company



O p e n W e d nesday afte r n o o n a n d Saturday m o r n i n g




ell eVening.



Heins-Romo Clip Joint

You w lll be seeing Deyrol in the


a f t er


a �\\




Pacific Tournament.

C rucible,"


i t i� c rl n i n tn be a fI , L

t k liet to

to ap p ly .


nla, and In Oratory at the S eattle


and I.C.C. ,

in the ner m e e t i ng. Time 'and pla{:e of the

Tournament held at Chico, Califor-




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utes went.

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fie l d.


WIth :.\tate an ' " I fE', Dr. I

meeting, Laetl tla Busehore ac complished ill mlth in Colfax. 'be done tb ' y ar anI], in the Iuture. �styold s ta te s, Thul'l!t1ay she was w l L h Alice udn ul of lhe "Hllllll some Ha rry" can- TW a y e r the gro u p wil l work right "'rhe federHI government is turning i n Kennewi ck, '\i edrJ esday In Gold· test wm emel'g better men, happier along i t l] the at lden t c on r allon to col l ege me n and women to fill its w g g endale with C harles FOI's i and an d i n sl\Idents. and a more progressiye ' h Iplng .to earn- ont the man y hOlles rallJts, and Is li beralizing i ts exam· W 'l1 ongal w i th M arl o n (LeoTiard) college , anu pl ans w e n i l have for we con· I illati on pro gram to nrourage col- ane! \Valla ce Rogelstad and T nesVote


breal h

:\le Ie li.'1nson has his hand in

' I and I tile h­ or th'" stu dents, and we heartily group. Sill


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Cal lfornia II

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o Lec tive o c eani c breezes, lind an

A.r.O . want!! to sp onSOl ann

t on ight, wlLl make


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ri ng st ude n ts are IJI'4H perly aut! J)r<>rullt l . at

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to begin rour


the l as t

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at seven ,en

wny \\ I t h the crown


get SoUl

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ev enlr


contestant. By t n, llr "Jdent ( l'3.t h

all I t t

A.P.O. spons, Hal'




be crowned at .(

QU EEN AN N E I R E I G N S 11tMt 7� *



* .


On the far tight il Prince .. Joanne of Seattle, W..hlngton.

. Pictured .below I, Prince .. Sigrid, of Fairview, Montaria.

ELC -Buys B reck School For E;cpansion

The Evangelical Lutberan Church

(ELC) has announced the purchase of Breck- ,SchOOl In ,St. Paul, as


In plans ,to expand Luthe�


Theologieal' SeJ;Illnary.

. Breck School, an Episcopal p�e-

paratory school for boys, 81multa:p.-

eously announced ,plans to relocate





In Minneapolis to more adeQuatel�

NavCa d V•IS.d •L

PLC OCt:. 1 8 .







rCeS ,·Ive H. omeco .



. mlfi

serve its



. g. Un derwa y

T the Queen, '�U1t Nesv lg wj�l




.l��, .enjoyable features oNiomecomtng. "

The Naval .AvlaUOn Information Capt Eugepe 1.. Lugiblhl. U.S.N., , d,ucEl: .the f90t,ball team. "The. flares The program Includes the band and . ()ff1cer of t�e U. S. will lead you to the pep rally a�ter t;!le girls' drill ,te,am. . t r u c k display of avIation equip- CommandJng t . ment, pIctures, and aircra ·t models N a v a l StaUon In Tacoma, wJl1 the corona.t1on.': ' ,_ _ . to PacifIc Lutheran campus on Oc· crown Queen Anne I during Friday One ot the h1ghlJghts of Home. night's Coron8ltlon urogram to of· All alumni and faculty are InvIted tober 18th. coming w11l be the alum banquet n the 1955 HomecolOing. to the Informal coftee hour In South The trUck, which Is painted lIght tidally Saturday evening at 6:30 In the a Uon will be a t 00 In Hall following the pep rally. Joan'!1e new College Union 'Building. Under blue, Is a moving display of rati&r, The Co Poencst and .c.D �-the.r ElUckson hava hydraulic system,s, ,,"vlation survlv· the CMS' audltorIurn. the dlrec}lon ot Marlys 80Jterbeck ba Lo by planned a pleasant geHogether to arttended: be wJll I Queen Anne al equIpment, and a Naval AviaQnd riHe Hetty a splendJd ntor's tught gear. It has pictures and Princesses SlgJ'Id Tollefson 8..Ild Jo· >the theme or quet haa 'been planned for the Alum. alrcratt models around the Interior, anne Poencet �corts wlll be War· nl. On the menu Is chicken. Meyers; Jerry SlaUum and so that It should be Of Interest to ren Saturday morning at nine on low· , PLJtV8 Dave Wold ; and Walton Berton. everyone. Saturday 8'Y1�niDa two on�t Also on display on campus will be Tbe crown bearers, Gary ana Wes· er campus, the frash girls meet the ley Fink 'Will, add ·to the �UonaI upperclass ·team on the gridiron. At playa are heiDI presented for you, _a twln.rotored helicopter trom the ' al of the crowI11nS. · Thete halt.tiJne ot this ' iame Queen -bY) Alpha .pill. The two plan are Naval AIr Station. Tht. helicopter foim lt7 rrY. Tbe "The Rope." by EuleDe O'NeOl, ued. for &DU. laoys va the aona ot Mra. Grace will erown Handsome Ha was one of the by be .ubma,rl QeJf.. � -H• nnk, of the alum Ue s t ev e. are an ebaJ�en na of iht !!� Barbara IWbJdl 18 co c %JJd Team 'from SeaWe Js bringing a

tlr'i ��





'lie e,�ent- wnr feat� . K;l"cDo1W.4-a.nd )(6JHq1l1 W8ltell�

sbould be of lDtereit &leo. t team 'both ..umn1 · aud s udent talent In WhUe on the campu. p r 0 I" r a m plaDDed by VlrstnJa wtll at..... Naftl A.'riMlon mental ex. a J amI�Uou to yOu:a men "ho are G� H Interested In ' tlDcIb:I&' out if · they' coltmJJttee� ' have ttae HCMAi7' apUtade to, be;VerDOn Le8tr.u 4, elen

the Rh)'tl1met�, Lucille

t..t (46 m1D_> -'lIpatlai .".....

- .cepUon teet (10 mJDUtel) - and .. B1�phkal Inventory . ( DO t i m e !,!mJt). The �t .1. tile 0nJ7 wrt�D � teot Nlqulnd tor._0010. to Nanl Ji1l.lit TraIDlnI'. 0 .· c 0 _ �t Deed ..e..., be takea _ aad there t. abtol u te y DO obUcatloD.


l The Homecomtn& ,..-ade .w ll



ordancer and their . Bl n I n Park.1&nd a t 10, whieh II n· der t21.e -dI.redt.tOD. of Jack Boonr '61 sraduate, and and c&rol Bot,lemJUer. Many COOd

lArson, �qme rq.... w&.v1atore. � u:am1na· Uon conaJatJt 0( four Jjarta: An... Lavonne Datt480a. and. Diane au. Uon QuJlftoMlOD T· • • t (to min· strt. wUf be � of lbe oa.t.t&a.dln& ,Utel) - 1IeabaDIoal 'oomprebenaJon nuiDben on th1I eVliDlDl" prolt'UL


'Polly Put the Kettle POWDER PUFF BOWL


.!7 _ Uld







noate have been .p�ed to . the

HomeeomlIll' . theme of "Nui'Hry R h 7 m •• "and tttDl7tM»ot TiDi•.

Queen �e. a;qdt h� prlDcu" .Jll

�t ed: DiaJl� O=1_Co:W._ � ��RJ.�

'cated at

300 8tUd�tS. It Is now 102477 Como Avenue near

the MJnnea1)Olis city lImits and lles



Juol a block and a· half.w est of \he roperty at 2375 Como !: ::�

AnnouDced purchase price ot the Breck School was $800,000, whfch


ELc will seek to raJae from Ita.


congregations during 1956, &a-

a portion of

$1,500,000 being BOught

in the Luther semInary Develop. meot Fund.,

Remainder of ,the

$1,600,000 to



sought ''by �e ELC wlll be �ed to ", Jac;1l1Uea on t.he


� Itlng

(Cont:in1ied on paae

Sem:lIlB.l'J'� 8-acre ---:.---t /

h a I�C il' col. 2)

-. . -

H,IW., al.lan .L·UIQ TqI. 0. - �




,..1 . .


by ' IWf ..


.1' A�,�

Aa the breakel"8 of the b tu :...

cln ' c c

m; :&w!il·;r; . 'beaeh of Watk.1kJ :' aDd · the 10ft pltar e&Il be heard. ot:' trom n a �tor -a.,bert ,LutdH. � l� from some where In the dlftance: the mornlns worsbJP Mmea 1!uJt. th� ·'br;e..� from the ocean .Ura da, at 11 LID. In ' the OMS. Alumni; the branches of 'the ,palm ' tNeA on trtenda, tuld 'fa�ult7 will 'be ,petta the JalaD.4 of Haw&tt. Tb1a � m.ood ' of tbe student "conrreptlon at this Is ' 10 .Umlll' that it f. brouslrt senice. 'I;he student con&repUon acros. the OOND to 'the y� · e ote : 0brlIUaA'' !.U.ocJMt� cbolr, and �e Cholr' ot �e Weat �A W o .

. ,


' )V0RaH IP aERVIC'�

', · )JolUcIII\C. at � irw.: �� '... All - these ' �v'IU.. , h, . v. a� *D., tbe.l ,j.ajod&ted...:- WOJDu.,� Stud.... ' . ,MAIlCH planned- tor, �� �umil1, ; itudeDJe,.- of P.adtlol LuthtraD COJl... . are ' BA�D( DRIL.L_ . , Halt-Ume e� ; ��eDt has been �!,!d., �d �t7 by �, .�bove -haTlD&' � Ba� IAI&1Io planned fOr iii. Bo"'!""DI}DC ..... l lI&;l"ecs . �,..- and 1II\f. BoUT. .. . H8J.. � .. tIoe 'ebaltaaJl ' to I:bIcoto, �l thI •. Baturda:J. .u- and :rOl'!7 � BOIIl� Co- � !&ft &ad l,alpIq bor. .. 0_ be til.,. to .Iead '" ... �� Ita �U and J� Wolk ha.. . .�_ �e �t .an _� chaIrmeD _ iIoaJ Wettaa; ' Doa& • ' and ,.l1I:I. :uter a f... wOi'1h froiD plau� � to be OD. of the 1DO1t week eDd for 7OUo on pqe e. col. 1) PEP


. •

lmJDedII4el7.. folJqWJDc the .coronaUoD of JJle Qu..n. sbe' will thrqw th� to_rch_ tc? llcbt ,the .bontJre which -CIDa ;th• . pap laIiT. Tho chee... load.... 10", ��.... and' J>and. will

'lo cIrI••• I.,. .....ottiI>I... ) .. will. II....:

alao the r�d:lOJ;lC

leaden.- :J'

�!l_ , TQ

- fl:P.t

.. :.



.�••-;;.. �M�o;;.

r I',

....., � ... . .Ibe IC"booI ,_r by tbe



.,' � t Ah�Q Collep

195' \

... . . . . . ..

. .. .

U 00 fM:'r ,,'('ar ......_ .


AGSF:'S UALLA�GER. M� GRIFFEN ......._.......... .. . __..FRED ?tULLER' .... __.

To Say


.Tf'hrphone- GRAnite �Gl1


...................._PAUL LUCKY

I Oscar

Something Phil




Dismang, Eric Nordholm

Add ed to PLC Teaching S.taff

It requires some mental agility. a sort of long Intellectual step with I the eyes tightlr closed, to advance ' from a much attacked point or view loosely enptled supercilious sneer to a respectable journalistic soapbox such a's this. W�th tongue In cheek and both feet planted nrmly within the carefully fenced In mar· ket place or sate Ideas, respecbble philosophies and accepted (albeit rigid) concepts or · what-have'YQU critics and this essai

�_ , act

In -.their respective 'capaclties, this as ad. aside before actually commencing. FJrst, probably, the allegation that the shoe size Is such that the teet won't comfortably tit wtt�ln .thls arena. 'l\here mq,y be After &' muiUtude' of varied ex- years as head of the Department or somqthlng to this. especially It ' the 'Perleqces, . '�r. Oscar Kirk Dls- , Economics and Business at Whll· area Is as well marked and tightly mang, now In his twentieth year worth College. . ..8Ilrlcted as, for example, Walt of teaching, comes to'PLC to serve In 1946, he ·became the DIstrict Kelly ·saY8 the typIcal American bu­ In the EconomicS. and Business Ad- Price Economist tor the O.P.A. In mor of today Is. Ro.gardlng the cr1l· mlnlstratlon- department. He ac- Spokane. In 1947 he traveled back Ie-s, however, a ipOX on them. Qulred 'bls undergraduate educa· to Springfield, Ohio, to be assistant soon as the crItlca.l lip Is curled In tion at Kansas State College in professor ot economics and busl· a supercilious sneer re­ Manhattan and received his B.S. ness atWlttenburg College. In 1948 sults. Naturally 1he critics assumes degree in 1927. Working on an as· he returned to the west and worked he Is superior to what he crltlciles, slstantshlll basis, he earned his In BUllngs, Montana, as a reolama· the SS Instantly reveaJs thIa as the master's degree In 1928 from the tlon economist tor the Bureau of �g lie and the critical mind thus University Of Chicago. In 1929 he Reclamation. Wben that work ter· must be Ignored. taught tor one year at BelOit, Wis.; ·mlnated, he returned to Spokane We are �olIege students now. Pro· one year at Fenn College, Cleve- and was, succeedlng)y, manager tor found, 'isn't it? It Is interesting to land, Ohio; two years at Hanover a motor · treight coml/any, manager speculate what percentage of thos.e College, Hanover.4I' Ind.; and one tor a transportation club, and man· enrolled realize this elDlJlle but year at Kansas State Teachers' ·ger ot a building sUlIPly store. After found trutb. The naive giggle, the College, Pittsburgh, Kas. In 1935 working In the Ottlce of Price Sta­ • • Immoblte mass Is indifferent and Mr. Dlzmang moved to Spokane, bll1zaUon, ·tIrst as' economist and • .. ... 'some misguided souls study--tb.ey Wash., where he served for 10 (Continued on page six) ...... .,.....ea ... ..are but DUm..are'of course miSSing the ... _ • ,.. ...,... unemoUon· Lite seems but a continuous tu· are In college-this means I ... ,,4, titt aod d r l . d mult .2: Ideas and ·mlxed·up pur· of ourselves as Qulte mature ... .... pale or poses and desires and with every- krnow the words), It also Involves .. .... ., Du.ben, _... . ... one trying to tInd hIs own little excusing ourselves as kids when we ....... ..y to our· place. To ponder upon the purpose don't· shape up-we very easily ex· ' � .. 4ed.ucth·e ot our lives In this contusing world cuse ouraelves. may appear like a.\ tU'tiIe search for Brace youI'8elf, we're In COlleget I _ .... IIOmething abstra..c t and unknown. to study : ''BALDERDASH,'' comes ....... ..... .. ... for IDe ." Yet the a.nswer lsn't abstract or U- the loud, contused, emphatic reply, _ .... .. fl ,.... tbe MarchlDi Iuding. The answer can be found "we're In college to run and scream, e.tUUent· to han withJn ourselves, outside �urselves wa:ve banners, sing, engage In bUR. at �pl of tbl. and all around where the Spirit ot sessions, win trophies and lurther ... ...... ,...... IlCallaUea. God ex.!sts. We aren't limited, stag- I leam to decelte otirselvoes." - ': I ....,. ..... I. 1O rin you nam pools brooding upon our own Balderdash is probably a pretty __ ...... aull proceed existence among dead pines; we 'good word for the hodge podge we ....•• took • aoclal are succulent w e l l s overflowing generally accept as education It .. ...... II � .... 00 campu. � Ith the spIrit and love of God in consists of large shIny trophIes, . .... ... M... '. • u.... Nelds illumined by the brilliance oC ta.1king glibly aQd g o 1 11 g I through the motions, and eventual. l __ ... .. ....Iy IDH, His grace. Out at this conclusion erupts our �y comllietely kJddlng ourselves It purpose has been reduced to a sImple tor. as the chlJdr6lJ at God, _ ..... . .. ...... .. doth our many yet one. The ways of God a�e mula (produced In HollYWood or . ....10 constructive, and such also must posslbly !Madison Avenue), It's .the ....... ... II _ ... ,...... . a . I. our purpose be. We must start with· easy way--quite simple (too aim· .. el ves be(:ause without knowing pIe). oursel fact, ID the r"'; ... .... *\ Sometimes we have ·to realize we I4 not be ourselves how are we to know oth· .... ... (OU ... ers? Here, however, Is where the can't just learn the . words bout t .... . .. . ... .... . to .. ne he ,...... lb. 8opbo- rlrat conntct arises. Some never go college, we have to get the m�at ot ... ,,- .....,. : .. beyond the point of knowIng them· the thIng. We can't just accept the -.. .... ... ... "1..-. uth. 50 .elyes. Tbey spend theIr lIves think· propaganda and neatly boxed tf ...... - .,..s al.o.t 1 .... .. ...... Ua1t. ....... ana,. In, pr�tty thougbts about saving Truth, algebra, and 19th century lit. don't come • � tir..ta c .... .. ' DOt In pllls nicely &baped their own lIOaIs and pertecting their beIng �1 giving an lata Rt and easy to swallow. These things tIi!t....... thought about how ;to save others. we glibly enunclate-"We're dltfer' Thi. i. bui. an -Imoui:ture reac tloJl.. of ent," tor exam'ple, are we really? our bewildered culture. Philo80phy What It we'bave just commltted to I. an euenUal to satisfyIng think· memory' someone's thoughts but Inc, 'IIrb1ch we all sb"oWd be, haven't thought t h r 0 u g h. It (or but it cannot be the essential to. a tought through It) ourselves. . · ... . ....... u4 coutruct1Te living' opUl'pbse as it is i contend l:hi� is personal, ilie r I. SO BRIGHT IN •• . . . i ,primary faundaUon. God put real Du811.ness about being a. college . notbioB like it for .... ... ....... lilt .. earth to help others, not oDly students is "fought" through In the sparkl .... taaaJ , aoodn .... t . oiane1Tei. C h r: hit's."11!e was ODe ot Indlvid�al mln� and· aS lo� as you " ..... . ..., - .. 2. SO QUICKLY IUlPRESHlNG . ... brine for, and ·the main atem don.t reaUze this' f:Ou are simply a .... ....... ,N notb.ina" like it for . of Bla teachJng was on't faith and ,tlcldng mechanhu:ti:� ·.the word stu. • bracing bit 01 eaeqy, . ' .. .. .. .. ...... � but love, u Paul 80 erpUCI.tly .dent can't ·be •.properly' allPlled." wi� as few c:aloria .. half . .. .. � .. .. • "'DU � Ion for God aDd I••e ' " .' . an ayenae, ju.ic:y ; . .. .. � .. - "'. our '!�1Iow m&l!' Thl8 . reooin� • LauE!,nat's Apparel -_ ..- .... . . ......... ...... . .... or . put- "WE FEATURE THE F INEST" I .. .. 01'. ..... No.. ... · faee another confIJ.c;t. ' .\ . ' ... ....-: i"el; Laurlnat '_ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ � _


trI A 'ACT

The Purpose of Christian Life




at a we .... aad NH or �_ " "" "' _""'U· a ,,'.MlDaUcUan,


� � .. .,.,...






lI l

,"A'S' '






I ' I


WItt >

..... ,..· ..• • • • r . U'


50 nUl/ion

tim/s a day

'\ at home,


Or on ihe· way



like a .



on1)' a on

- .. ..-1. . _. .. "* 1M



d u rin








.. _ Chrtotlaruo 800m to thI n � _ the 01117 Important thing

(Oontloued aD. page flTe)·






409 Garfield 81. " GRanite 5317 ....... Parkland, Wash. ,







I .,


Frida", OctoN' 14, 1_

Conyersaf�on Parly

'Ever One God Reviewed by W. Berton

From the depth of agnostic dis-

1Uu &Jonment


to. the pinnacle of

Christian faltb there Is a gap versed only by the grace of the

By Agna H.. I.......





stands a. a moat vita) aDd

Jnnammatory 8ubJect of InfonDal

debate amoq,r the ASPLC. A many Informal debates on thle

HoIY� .spirit. ThJa gap Is narrowed to the dletance between tbe covers of EVER ONE GOD.


written by

Pastor Robert"W. Lutnes. This


Is an

Intimate wr.

trayal Of . the tear and confusIon

of postwar Europe. It 81ves ODe an

Insight iolO tbe turmoil of the dis­

placed persons who have escaped

. from



hand : bebl'nd

SOf'tment of documenta, tiles, and

to eliminate any dlsOlusloned and

Is strengthened only through their

ot PLC are Indltterent to anythln"

pessJmlstic views that the students

l>l certlflcates. Their Insecure position

whether weather, theoriea ot stu­

ChrJsUan bellet.

dent government, treshmen i1rl.,

and even Including, we hope. the Irreverent behavior to Ta1kers In

The Hand.ome Har ry candldatu are: back row, left to right, Bill Foege, Merle HanlOn and Dick Farnell; front row, reft to r.lght, Dave J aech, Rich Hamlin, and Dick De Jardine. agnostic, Is tbe resettlement

Alumn i Holds A.nnual Affa,'r

er who handles ZI1Ja's case. It all begins, on a Spring

We Alumni are looking for\\:a-rd Our Pacific Lutheran College Ing . . "; (what .book doesn't?). In reality, the beginnIng ot the story AlumnI AssocIation Is anticipating to coming back to campus. It wlll be

Is 'far In the past It Is but one coming back home, back to the a new campus to us. To the gradu-

ot the tatherless offspring of man's PI...(: campus. The annual Home- atlng class of 1935 it will be a surprogram, along willi Re- prise to see the .buUdlng develop... . lust tor power, his cruelty and per5ecutlon� culmlna.Ung In WAR. The union In February, are the two an· ments, This class had a tbree-bulldsetling Is the D,P. camp a.t Cham. nual affairs at whloh the AIUmnl ! lng scbool-Qld Main, the old chapet and " 'ScleIH:e-Gymnaaium buildIts surface tranquility Ie· merely get together as a group. bewilderment ot the refugee� wIth- Is to foster a spUrt ot loyalty and

traternity among the graduates and In, The central characters are well former Eitudenta and to ·promote the ·presented. and developed. Although welfare ot the Coll·ege. The strength


some Incidents are seemingly Ig- and growth ot our In-atltutIon 18, In

nored, the book Is a well-balanced part, the result ot our ezpandlng unit ot human emotion. talth, and Alumni Association. Our programs, an Interesting ·plot At ·Umes, the activitIes and memberehlp are keepmetaphorical expression ovenha- Ing.. stride with the growth of the dows the circumstances, but the College. W J t h larger graduating light of the story shine! through classes each year, our membership to the end making It an Ulumlnat- Increases, our actIvlUe! must ex-


As The Date Draws Near By Tom Reeve.

trials that became hysterically eplPacltk: Lutheran College bas long demlc In Salem ot that time, the been noted tor Its dramatic and cul· drama revolves around Elisabeth tural pr6!entatlons to the audJences Proctor and her husband .John., who, ot the PaCific Nor.thweat.· Tb1s rear ratber than support the vicious ticthe college has ·the extreme pleasure to ·present. a. producUon from the eoul-stIrrlng pen ot Arthur Mm-

. ·



·� 'set 1.n the Sil:em ot "1692. ibis new er'e "The CrucIble" will come to llte plaT brinta to poweifnl Ute the · I� �e 0l4� audJtorium.


.... an.-

wblch b. bad .

generating SpecttlcaUy, he a table In the center ot the room four students congregated. tor tar �rom purely ornamental Uves, Every weekda.y evening


his wJte. Tb. � ....... _ that the onl, ..., Ie -" .. .. _.

. ... ..... ward, to ,.t IIIIKk I.e t


his w rk . . . 10 etreet. tIIIe ...,

to live a .� tit. .. . ..

w1l1 gather to dlecuss

operate, to

topics. Quite

III"• •• ,.. ., lM ..... ......

ambttJolll, to

want him to ." to ....... . ... en that lb., do .. .� • _ that thI_ ... a ..,... CMftItf!t For It'be I- to Ii"• ., ..

to _It I. co.�

Ing .othei.,1t b.\ .. te ...... ...... and c-9mpl�c-..I' .u....--: .. .. .pride .. aD Indt.,.U,I ,. ___ •


l Homecoming Henry aud Terry Brown and committees have completed a

.,.,.,...... ...... Ii

lOin, to n..... rw .....

the deaf or the dead could sleep( a made, but Mea.... '" ... warning of .... ...... ,

Come In to See Our "Old Main" Tiles -and-:-

. !'Ch'a pel" Spq�ns in Sterling

.�� '� . tJtIt Si¥


.0Ived In � ... ......., gether with � ? • t - ...

of 80ul aD4 1D1Dd..,

IM ...--...

1 ------ r,; ...;.;;; ,;,;;,; -....; ;;;...... .. . . .... .. ,... P.rM.... Now -- . • M'n.: �.. .,.. :... __-.. ...'s r-lIIi . . Your Sewfne , "Let Me SOlve partment plaY'S. Su.nday serv1c� In ... . c..- ..., Problemal" the beautlful Cbatisl wU1 be a � · t,.,our the Central .ga�e, (onowed. by • A1um.I dI•• r and the Drama , .de-

tiD« climax to our a.nnual "ristt. J �

the Reverend Rdbe� Lutnes. '43, an Alumnus o( -whom ,.-e , are duly

. . .



"Lut,s" In their 1UUlual

Ing eveDt on Oc�r 29.

take In

"BulldOie ·the BuHdop."

theme · for



bomecollllDa at- Co Con..... October %O-U.

cue8ta of

cla.s ot 1�.

Year's eftJlt

..... � _ ..

_ _ _ _ _ _ ..-

paclilc ....... c:....,

Wee:tern Waah1n&ton ·

Uke a great pme to

J ' I'-:----;...-__...;.__Iof .


WELC()ME 'to



__ ......

: -::I L-:--:-::


ham wtl.l plaJl- boeta



DMrat ... _ ...

fill The eraetal JUt. l. Ing his arrival. he would be torced to notice In tbe crowded room a polnt ofth ....... .. ... .. I1fM large number of bealthy, poten·. In which JI.'. ....... .... tlal1y-alert, an� lively groups, all In tbe boIpUal ...tal

great generosity In Classroom 'bUIldlng. Even the old - oiced ; that's aU opinions v tootball field now has a. beautiful AddIng to this stimulating green lawn, It might be noted that that &ocial nd .a the Parkland Pebbles that surfaced . called the math .the tootball field In tront ot the mlght ·be tound In busy conterence ·present Chapel-Muslc-Speech build. with others ot hl�lnd. Certainly Ing helped make the aqua.4 01 that one could not throw at our students year at national tame _ the only the . alarm clOCk a c e U B I n g the team to practice on a rock-strewn ASPLC of elum:ier. eurtace. The enrollment ot the col: } For In ·the Library, It no where lege, Including high ·school students, was the size of the pres�nt gradu- else, we are al� awake. The Ured. atIng clas•. To many ot the AlumnJ athlete has revt�ed and eomeday-

!, a.(6 no,,: 1':1 tv.ll-eca1�· �r!UoEl as 'totellan tormula tor lraced7-c. .j proud, wtl.l addreee: the the d&.te draws n�. The �tu.mea, th:ara.Islhroua pity and .terror. by the W'l.1", are to be hand·JiU&de The -preaentatJon dates an No- lion.. Our expectatlons wtll t1lled by .beln& back at ItCbool «. eure be � . an , of vember cut for tile went;y-one to depIct d 4 2 3 n with .uthenticlty this 17th century to mlS8 one of the dra.mat1c bl&h� our fellow .Alums, the ta.e:ultJ . • _ d�L . 'lights ot the ,ear when Arthur Kill. the 8tudente. •


that M.r..

pOssible exPlanation for a tew exceptionally Immune cases)? 1n the program whIch will make our a pleasant and memora,.ble one-the face ot the engrossWlg conversa· and debates that are r8.gmg tions ecotrqa g tion of some exh!bltloDatic girls ant\- coronation 0 t t h e Hom round the room, wbo could :.wlsb, thus save their necks, stand fast Queen, .,ep rally and cortee hour, ' dare, or even try to study? wlbh the t r u t h-and · send John the big events on Saturday: · the .:. -"---:...•• Proctor 110 the gallo;ws, Here, trom Powderpuff Bowl game, th�plirade, ;-

er, tbe cre&tor.,of "Death ot a Ba.lesman" and: '.·�I : "MY ,�D8." The �t� the tJ� ID)p�vl�ed. tabrl�De of dent coat, ..hO .. 1iI sI.. but four the adOl.... ... throug� the In. weeks of rehearea1. have been work- crea-alng v-lolence ot their acc\lAlng long, hard e"'�I14- h�� .' tn' !11)�.� �E! c�t1c lJC,!ne o( the " 'Preparatlon for doe e Y � n t. The· ·trla1 1tielf� .nd ·I�· Pim aftermath," · stage, .1I«h�D&" and c.ostume crews Is <frama that the great Art


Should our president 'some even-

&J"D»--deeeit ... ..... Hy - with •...,..., .. tor co.,er : . . ...... .. ..... crowd pand, and our purpose must be .. .. cand"Jdat'es poetpone 4Ielr a plUable ;-.I.t.oc.. 1" It wJll ,be 'a pleasant surprlse to see stronger. _ ...._ ... the bUilding progress and to learn beauty sleep, Even the stlld.1ers traitor to bl. c""" .. -. .. Mat ,., •• ble to and aU-night recuper&ting .from who, problem ot guJlt by assocla.tion.. In of the upanded academic program I bope that 'IOU� •• lie ,.... . vigUs with the books, may be seen this Instance, the association Is, ac- ot the College. see this pk:t..... I MIte ... _ ...,. . The student Body has arranged at times· to slumber In their Quiet cording to' the accusers, wIth the It I• •ell m...... because And restively a.wake. are dreams . devil. Based on tile actual witch an Interesting program for our visit. " '" Co-chafrmen· E l e n In the College Library" who but standIng), acted

Ing experience.

. .


1. � ..... ,.

Ing choose 'to venture Into the .he .. naSal.. .... ...... Reading Room, w�th the awtnglnl and ......... .... ..... ... doors: beblnd him loudly applad- belpln, &ad � ...

The purpose' o� this Association Ing located at the slte of the present

a camoufiage for the contusion and

.. ....... IltM.

the Silent Sanctuary Of Sc:holara.



" ' . . -11 PATONiu YOUR ADVER;rIKRS - ·_ · _ · _ ' _ ._ _ _ :_ _ ,_ :_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ � _ _ ... .,.,. . '


HOIlECO".a 1_


Page Four



C'l ubs

Friday, October 14, 1955







' � n an effott CO simplify the matter of whom to contact in Meets: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, Stormo. connection with the various clubs and organizations on campus. 1 :00 p.m., North Hall lounge. Trombo�ce Amy, Ken Ditty we of tbe Mooring Mast. with the aid of Phil J'J'ot;:dquist and PARISH WORKERS' CLUB Ba.. : Norm Fless. Betty Lou Bronice, have compiled this list in the hope .lhat the President.. ...................Maudle Straub Tympani: Paul Lucky. students will file it away so that they might refer [0 it when Vlce·presldent.. ...........Anne Stewart CHORUS PERSON N E L Secretary ........... ... .... Ruth Myrwang the occasion a ri�. Soprano: Donna Arno, Roberta

I.C.C. Rep. ...... .... .Dor.othy Hickman Corr. Secretary ........Greta JohnSOR C. C. ............................... Marllyn Boe Publiclty .................. .Gerda Nergaard CURTI\ I N CALL \,I<-e·presidem. .... . . .Phll Nordquist Wors'hlp Offering... ..... Lorllle He�ty Presl �e n.t..........................Tom Reeves Se(·rctary ...;.............. Oonnn Swanson Hostesk...........,..Marlene Stuhlmiller ' .�ldenL..................Dave Jaech Trea!iurer...................... Merle Hanson · M.eellng : 1 st and 3rd . Tuesdays, v }la QI !llt S�ct:� t.ary --= .:;:...............Tw SP.J»A ;,.c .Jae�nep_� _-.• '



President ........................... Dave Wold

.. .


Roxie Berih, EUJene Bern, Roberta Blrkedabl. Pat Bondurant. Steve Brandt, Donald Brunner. JulIa Brnn·

ner, Margaret ylngton, Muna Carl· son. Sue Chrlatenson, John Dahl · berg, Drl1t:!e Dahl, Elmer Danielsen.

Brodhun, Alice Brunner, oLIs Erck· Del'phlne Danielson, Yvonne Deitz.

vam. Pat Gahrlng. Anita Gregersen, Kenneth DUy, Charles DonhoM'e. A n i t a Hlllesland, Lois Hellberg, ' Doris DuMouchel. Carol Edlund, Ann .Jac·kson, Charlotte Jobnson. Lawrence Eggan, ' Janet Emllson.


Nova Mary Egen, Jame� Frelshelm, Pat

Lois Jued s. Jan� K�lght, �

r ��andro\\ Lucas, » arba � Lf- Gabrlng, Theodora .G,!I!taugen. .Jo· . _ Le..!i _ I ! .J..;u-.['Xv �a.n ,� Q...m. l!J: E'u.� �J:tQw.-� 1'l..,.... . �� -:���-r�iiEi' · · �� ';::Y. �� ;; ;. !l tta;,�;: 'I : � . ::� _ ..:� ' pr'�·SP·�RS··�· �'-" � �� lcA�. ' �i;��{ �;;���,- -�. i.u_l\On� Mt4ity._��_ _;:� ... _� �... !J�Rq G'hTI .:1: "·�.... ...�:-e-:iia 1 I Nancy Helland. Robert Hortge, . Freshman Class Rep...........Jack Hall President . .... ...... ...........E\·eJyn Q�aas . C. C............................Janet 'l.'urman man. �oOnna Olsen, Eunke Peter· ' San· �Nell Howell, Delvln Ilutton, dra Jacobs. Sylvia Johnson. Ed Lar· son, Onella Lee. Bolvelg Lee. Mil·

·Meets: -2 nd and 4th Wed·nesday. son, Irene Rea. Leslee Rosenquist, Saga Duslnesl')lgr. .......larry Helm Vic·e· presldent. ........Roberta Humble 30 p.m., Sue Smith, MarJon Marl· o.,tS sta·ge. . Mooring :\last Ed ..... �Walton Berton Secretary ............ . .......Janet Emllson 7 : . CI RCLE KEY lou Selander, 'Joan Shaplra, Cbar· Treasurer ...... ....... ROsle ........... Nes Turman I.C.C. llep.....................Janet s . . Presid.e nt ..................... Gonlon Strom lotte Tollefson, Paula Tranum, Jean Meets Tuesday nlghit. at 6:30. In WHoI' ......................Mary .Lou S\\'Ord


alne Marsh, Ruth Myrwang. Donald


H.lstorlan ...-. . .............Joyce ....a.farkert Vice-president. .......Tom Swlndland Willoughby, Qarolyn Welnz. ...... .iStan Hulsman Firat Contralto: Lois Beckemeler, 1. C. C ....... ...............Vernlta Bllesner Secretary . . ...........�.....Ddane Romo ·Carol Bertrand, Janice Campion'. :'I!eets every Tuesday a;t 6;.15 In Treasurer President ................... Phll Kordqulst .... C C. Storaasll Dale ........................ Evelyn Erlckson, Marlene Fa k, Vlce.presldent ...... Kenn)· R'oblnson >the 4th rloor lounge. Old �faln . Patty Finn, Sylvia 1o"'yl1Jng, Lois ALPHA PSI OMEGA TASSELS Recording Sec'y ..Dorothy Hickman A.S.P.L.C. office.

Nelson, RaYFOnd Nelson, Roger son. WIlliam Orme, Virginia Proch· nor, Richard Rbae. 9t.anley Read.

I. C. C.

Parllamerrtarlal)... Monday

M eet

John Reay, Joseph Reitz. Kenneth

B Grlmsund. Arlene Halvox, Barbara S le' Myrna She s b, ...l 'h, RoDa ld s Harvey, Paula Heldelman, Carolyn Hoff, Marilyn LeRud, Marlene Lor· Spencer. EugeIi:e Stormo. T e r r y engen, Jo Ann Morud, Beverly Rau· Sverdsten. Roy Tribe, Janet Win·

............... Maudle Straub Presldent... ........ ........Tom g-....-.J ndland ...i:'llaurlce Hillis Vlce·presldE.lnt.. ......... Ruth �Iyrwang ALPHA PHI OMEGA Se ret ry ................. . ..... Ginny Grahn President . ........................Oean Hurst c a night at 7 :30 In Trea!';urer. ....... ...............;Myrna Berg BLUE KEY C. C ...................Robel·ta Blrkedahl Presiden t. ........... ......Topper N ielson CLASS




I �:�: �':::: �!��:�:���.�:.::: :::: N�:� ������ SKI

�;=:�� �

..BQob StuhlmllJer

· ·���i'i .·��





Loretta. -rart.


ron Hagen, Marl·



Le Wls.j .David





care of,

are encour�ged



worry, that all our needs wl11 be

frlencL' All


to' "cheer up.






leads us to' expect, therefore, tbat when the ·Ume romes for PLC to be represented by Its band and

���:!�: : !������;:;� �::

!: ��;::� ::� Sail Clarinet:


According to a recent cha-pel ad·


........JoAnn Jackson President... .


Woodwinds Wanted





·Mouchel. Virginia Proc·bnor. John Reay, David Sannerud, Dick Selle.




Carolyn Anderson... Margaret By·



�;� ;

;':�:I�Y e

RObinson, David Sannerud, Richard

gust, Nancy RlChardso�, Darlene SchWindt, Olive Sellers, Delores Meets 1$t Tuesday of each mont h, · F. T. A.President .. .... ...... ......Jerry Slattum Preslden-t .......................Jack Hoover Stenberg. l\l'ardell Solland, )faur!ne Vlce.presldent .........Warren Meyers South Hall lounge. Swanson. PI K APPA DELTA Secretary ......__..: ...... MJllle VanBuren V I K I N G CLUB . Second Contralto (Tenorl ) : Pat T rea.surer. .... ..... .......... .Delvln Hutton Pres ident. ........ ..............Stu Gilbreath Presldent ........ ...........Topper Nielson . C. C. .. ...Glnny Grahn Vice·presldent...,......Tom Swlndland Other organizations which ll ave Arhens, Betty Aune, aJnat Fryh Student Council... ....... Larry Eggan Sec'y·Treas. ....Beverly Svennln/sen not yet ('Ie.-led oWcers arE" Whl!te ling, Marilyn Force, Janice Gould. Rec. Secrertary ............Coonle Hustad C . O Barbara Gronke. Darlene Hakala, aps J U N I O R CLASS rgan Guild, French Club, A. W. Carol House, Roberta Humble, An· and German ClUb. Ide t Edgar Larson P President... .............B. J. Condray nette Jensen. Marlehe Karell, San· v pr sjdent. .....:·.�·Di·c'k DeJanline BAND PERSONNEL Vlce·presldent. ._ Nygaard Flute: JoAnn Bayne. Miriam Stoa. dr-a· Kenworthy. .JoAnne Knutson, Secretary. ..........................s herry Lee Secretary ..................Gerda Nergaard Delores Larson, - Eialne Magnusen.Treasurer ...............Kenny Robinson E Flat Clarinet: John Reay. Treasurer ......Betty Anderson Student Council. ..Rod Christianson B Flat Clarinet: Dave Knudson, Sbaron Nlehol, Lois PeterSon. Oon· I. C. C. .._. ..................:....,Janet Wigen Sandra Jaeobs. Nova Lerum. Judy na. Sebleru. Beth Turpen. I. C. C... .. .. Bob Stuhlmlller Social Chm ....Helen·Jordanger F l l B..a: Dick Foege, . D I c k Nasman. Mary King, and Paula SOPHOMORE CLASS Advertising Chm.......Pat Bondurant Halvonon, Delbert Hanson, Darrell Tran\l m. President ...............Ross Goetz . Hines. Roger Holte,-. Karl Knudsen, CCUB Fla't Alto Clarinet: Oon LUes. Vlce�presldenL.. .. .......-.Jlm Haaland




..........Janet Turman President...

Corr. Sec'y..



Lunde, by Its orchestra, In this matter too, ' th e e � r : w r t e aln cer. ,ta'ln needs In tbel5e Instrumental


:;: :�! � : :: �:! �:�

dale. Armla Vogt.. 1. C. C..... Balloon: Arlene Klnared. .. .........Ro'bert Aust Treasurer .................Dean BJoreosen I . C. C. ........ Ro'berta Humble e o nd a... : R,. dne,- Adler, Jim groups. It Is our purpose here tD FRESHMAN CLASS GeraId Mee ng Brooks, RIchard l',arness, Rodney make these needs known 10 order · / . b Tuesday o : -flt ti t every Bayne, Larry EIchler, Glenn Hull, .......J30b Bills PresldenL.._ Kastello. Norman M cCullongb, oJe -tbat tbey may be met. LaVerne Lewis. tay Williams. Vlee--presldenL___..Rlcm.rd Peterson montb" 7 :00 p.m. Horn: Charles Tucket, Myers, Jerry Olsen. Donald Peter· The most presaing need&- are for ......Pattl F1nn RHO Secretary__ __...Nonqa Knutson Pl'-esldenL.._ ................. Delvin Hutton Treasurer Eric Jordahl, Dave Heliesland. �n, Larry, PetentOn, Raymond Put- woodwlndl. We muat baye' two Student COunciL._._... .. .... .Jack HaU Vlee--president ..... ........... Bruce Dahl Trombone: Bruch Amy; Ken .oit· vin. Jobn Rorvlk . Cbarles Tucker, dboes, one more ,bu�nl st. two . Bryan Wall. ...__.�Marilyn Force 1. C. C..... more eaxopbone players and an 'ad.. .....Ken Robinson ty, Doug Lozier, Norma Haines. I. C. C. . Sec·y·Treasurer......... .'Maudle Straub NORTH H L L Baritone: lJnd Karlsen. JIm GunOfficer. : Prealdent. Rlc qrd Far· dltlonal drummer. ' We could aleo ness; v.p, Daniel Triolo ; secretary, add t'o our clarinet eeetlon. Pre.ldent ........._...._... ._.Tore Nielson Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of every derson.



Trumpet and Coronet: French



Vic&presldent.. ....._ :. ...Gordon Husby month, 7 : 00 'p.m.; Tower Chapel.

Secret&ry--Treasurerl.:....Ken Torvlck



I. C. C. R� ... __________.... Gene Pe1sker Presldent.__...._.......Rlcbard Scbwlndt


-[Meeting: North Ha11

at 10:00 p.m.


Pre.ldeDL.__ .__.........__.¥ar,- Lou Biery Vlc e-preefd.nt .... ___ . .Janlce S'meby




Fiess, John Buck. Barbara Se11en.

__ _ , Tympani: __ _ D1ck DeJardlne Elected officer.: Preaident, Dave . ....._.._.._....Iames Knorr Knu� 80n ; V�P, Norm Fien ; Sec;r-

Treasurer ...._ . I. C. C........___ Meets :

2nd Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Treas.,

S a n d y Ja cobs;


Appointed: LIbrarian,

Doug Lo--

Plaul Lue�y; Cbaplaln, Don Ulea.,/"

� \ mal

2:ler : drum major, Darryl mu . . MeetUap. -SOuth Hall lounge at Vlee.opresldent. ... . ... _ . . ..Bob Sebo sen, drill major, Cbas. Tucker,

10:00 p.m..

Cbaitman... .........


. .!Maurice HJllla jorettes, Mary King, AIlce Jessen.

Secretp;y_ --._-_. �n &in&e r



SecNtarJ__._.. .'..__Lorri.'ttfe �c;»�a ._ ��: ,!itonday nlgbt, 7:10, L-117. IIfJJ - ·AMERICAN CHEM .. SOCI�TY PMIIc1t7 .chm. __....Barbara ronke Presldent..._........_.....Douglaa Kandt � Chm. Knutson Vlo.pr8lIdenL_... ._.pick Pretmore DretPUonal Lea4er__ .• .lrIiuilyn Boe ·See'y-Treuurer__.....:.A.n.lta SebeU


Tnluu-er........._..___._._ .._....Anne


Grace Podr&tI,

P.L-C. ORCHESTRA violin: Solvel� Lee.

Preei4eaL--.� . Bechtel Treaaurer � �olllOn ') FI� vtee..pNa.. tC.-C. �. Bett, 'L C. C_ · ,--.--___,ha rg Prey. SJodlng,














�: 141l8kt Llbrar,.

....�LETTERMEN" CLU8..C"'"_ L. D. R. , - -····-·-_ llKk·St.ndenon · . __._Olen Henry Pre.ldent · PrPi..Dt....!-._.._ �denL._. � CiIrt1a irA�d WIrIdMt Y Vl�d ___ Secre4(U7_-:.:..�--la 0.11 �7·�-�_.� � De


. :._..Oale '1!bO!IiplOn Trasurer_________.BoDDte TroecIeoa. 1. C, C___• ___


FILC may take pride

at tho..

who are

In the work

.iready de.,otlng

their nne ,talelita to a · pod cause.

·It remala.1 for other. to add theirs,

Oarolyn AndersoD, Diane Bassett. that we may. rollild out our instruB a y D e. Ordetta Bechtel. men tatfoh and do the

job -oI1«trL




oUeg ' . ,


cm � . -P'"

: "f

(Tbe followfn; statement was written DWiJ' � , '&&'O W Dr. Charles

W. Gtlt87. thea. Dean of. the A Ilock�ener M:emorlal 'Cba;peJ at tbe UDi- ...,.


of Chtcqo. . J{ 1fU rePrinted.' In The C;'rt".'ft· Cintury



Septon, Yvonne Deitz, D1ane Hagen. 31, 1965, '10 th. lf�·.ti.tem� trom the pen of BtmeoD· �). · ct vloll,,: Ordetta �bteJt "A ee�n Fre.lrman went trO-;n ho�.'''tO con.n ana .be fen mong a LiD.III Lono, Ire'ne N1Ieen: Margaret c�cs ,!,hO �Id .that the .W n<»- �le, that ber manners were aWJ[,ward, Murdock. SylVia JohnsoD, }�ckle and. th� sH_e .bad an una�ve ·peno�t7. Then

I. C. C.�__ ._�___.___.Jlm Clifton •• Gloria Spaklle, Lind KarlP:NaldeDlt _____. _ _ ."ht lMeetI: 3rt! Wednesday Of every len. ·lfl'll. Wm. J. Betts. V"'pres1dent._...Kathy �- mootb, '1:08 p.m., 8-10S. ianet saifth. Da l . Ra&...:. . _ . ....__._Ob.eU& Lee • Tnitaurer. mUllen; Oo.e11& Lee,. Shlrlej Tran· C..... _ _Delphlne DanIel.,. Prealdent • _____ . __ . __ ..Helen LUbke Upi, <ieor«Sa LAreeD. . ___ .. �.._.....-..�......Betty. AndenoD. Vlc&prealdenL.__..__�tb7 � atrlng 8... : Joa.nn Jones. " 8eeret&ry.______Be.,erly �. Flute joAnne Baine. and Bette ..u..m S6Cf'8tary and I.C.C. - . ." '" Duttce 8]JeDeOn 1'reUUrer_.JlarilYD Stob:....g· . Johns. at 6 : 30 Hlstorlan___...... _.;_._...:BeI:tJ .u Lola G�ins�d. I. C. j::._____.:..•._••__.lAvern'e IA wll' � Dave KnudlOn. Jobn p.JIL�e fDCteftaJte.-•"




_. .__

Secretal'Y.__.._..:._...8andy et:anda'hl 8·10S. HluDmeratrom ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA I.' C. C........ .�..._----.......Joanbe �yne .Presfden,t.__._______.._____..Lan-y Lahe



Percu..lon: Schlrl Rickert, Don . low er loung. Vice-presldent ... .'. ._._..__HH Foege Brunner, curl Hall Paw Lueky. Seert'ftary __._..__.... ...Gerda Nargaard



a... :

ner, George Lovtang.

they .tripped her Or

'her eelf-con.tldence, -her enthulum aDd M ir COUl'aI'e. and departed, leaTIng ber·burlo lonel,- and halt-4ead.-

"And whea. the SenIors ""eaw- It, ·theJ'''Were

good job the Sophomores are by on the other aide. •

when th�7 eaw- It, �8d and. said, mak1Da or a I'OOd eoro'iity �rl'; and

" In like m&l1De� the JUniors, .&leo,

.he hath Dot the tbey passed by on the other side. Yea" verlly, tor

aaueed. � "What & atI!d th.i puaed

do1n& 00. that Frea!mwl'; '



''But a c:ertaJD -.pec1al �udent. &II she went about. came ..-here the FJ:esbma� was, ed when she law the ,Fresb.m& n 8he 'W'&8 .moyed with · to her and bp�d u p compasllon, and came her wounds, ·pourtn . In ._. -J'" Reay, NOYa pa.:u" U ._ and WlderattndlJll' ; and sh. . ' the to 'her- room. and. /1._ " ./ Arlene KlnAred. eet her on. ber feet apln. and her In'to ber OWll ' was ' and. B aY·rie, Larry a ftiend to ·ber. . . ; Elcbler. ��cb. of these, �nke18 thou. proved a netch.bor· to 'ber that fell ' Horr.: Cbarles Tucker; 'and Gene among the critics ! Go and do thou UkewiMl" . ,: ' Y � � . .. . . . ' .

f?boe: Clarinet: .


aaMoon: Trumpet: :Gerry







I ELC Buys Breck School omue Dahl [ For Sem. Expension CoDege 1111i•• c,mentolle

i<�d 1'UUH E7(t.

(Continued tram .page twO)

remodeling a 55-year�ld dormitory

buildIng. ex·panslon of library faell· Wj::Iy is It that notions of beabty Illes, remodeling at existing homes, r·orrespond 80 perfectl)' within . and purchase of additional hOllslng The cornerstone for the College m�Jority? Recent reA-ding and mediUnion Building is firmly In place. faculty mem'bers. tatlon on an article by S. I. HayaThe newly-acquired Breck prop. With the support of the band and kawa from the spring Issue of ETC, erty consl�ts of sIx buHdlngs sltu­ ('Jllitled "What ·Every Young Man .. ted on 39 acres at roiling land, and Should Know" brings home a little will assure accommodations for insight ·Into tlte. lite of the· ·student antlclplIled future Seminary enrollhody at PUC . . . I hope not! ment 9f 600 stu4ents, There Is no doubt that Individual Dr. Raymo�d M. OIl1on, ELC stew- . beha\'101' Is related to social beardsW p dIrector, and also 113V'ior In general . ot the' Seminary

save the soul. It mUst be admitted tbaot this Is: the mOM Jmportant

make It easier for us to believe.' He

f genu1ne concern tor the well­

�Ing at mankind.

PrIme glamour girls who may want

dO keep things .as- the,: are ) , Is that age glance, or even several. does

not provide a .basls tor deciding w,hether or not a girl Is beautitul. Young men also need to learn more

about their own emotional lives. They need to learn that any man's deepeet. needs are �mewhat ob-

&cure to hlmselt. and that there are

not many girle in the world who

can meet ,those needs.

4,. When enough ' y o u n g m en are trained to think along these Unelt occasionally, girls w ill b e g I n to have a ,i)rhtlng chlUlO\! Ior, lIbera-' tio,n, to d r� to be ;varlou8 and In· dh1dual and Intereat1ng--even In.






Sho� Orden Dlnnera OPEN SUNDAVS


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


. ,'


.�. .



tIon, and he Joined. the Unlversliy HIs

as �an ot �dmlnls.

'has Included



. caUo

.""' lc e

tions of higher fdu




and Get a Burger Made to Order








1I!d.�.Ii".1IIIy Owned, and O� � ,

�oUN�a of 7a a.,Hd Older !��I,.r ,w:ecord"':'

, 1 5e each


, J1arfield Variety Aak for

If You. Don't a.e It, ' Houra : 8 to 8 GR, 8101 Aero.. fr� PL.C





.. coileges, Junfor . coll_e�.

. .



] 0 for $1.00 ,

Large Group 331/3 long Play Record� at 1/2 price . " Hundreda of 45 apeed ReCordl

'present position he was vice preal-


--1 ,, � ------, _ -_ � '' __

n tn A.mer·


...!.!===========� ,

d techni l an ·Pr'oteiislon8J. In· or to· accept1ns the IUtUtiea. call ot bis · Church 'to usume hi;'

: 9. l.I w.�k days, UF9 Sund41iys

GR, _

_ . . L� � ��;;�����;;;

to vlrtrlany

Welc9me , H ome; -, ' - Grads!'

129th 4. Pacific

Ti e Formica Cablnetl PaInt · PlumbIng . Roofing· Electric " Venetian Bllnda . Window Shadea - WE INSTA4L Kire .e r�8 FHARDWARE '--.... OR CO R 'NG ' nd 8In 'Q t I W u c l • rv Glv 'II • :l , . " Avenue , PacifIc 121d and Phone QRanl� 1171

lca; the private and church liberal

' arts






-= :: ::

. all ot the various ty·pes at InaU\u.

Making, for Sq!1�«IY Night Supper'

and Steven. lnslltute 0' Tecb.nola gy' HJa aervi cs were termJn ted da Q J In anuary I9,: " wi th commen .

Vennont ::::�::�I ot tration.






rna College, University of Dubuque,

� t�) _d PCirk Avenue .





'1 1 21h' l

chairmen Include Jon M. Eric· son, local tour�ament director; Leslie O. Eklund and Margaret Wick·

strom, housing ; Anne Knudson, reg· I straotlon ; Stanley Elberson a n d Eric Nordholm, judges and rooms; , Milton Nesvlg, pU'bllcity, .and Florof editor the the also Is Mono secondary of system the far·flung ence Quast. ·dlblng. schools and Junior and senior col· S e r I e s of the Department of leges at the Church. In addition to Christian Education 01 the ELC.


�1.8.A� .

Lutheran Herald.

publication, Dr. Dr. Dahl Is executive secretary Dahl Is a m e m b e r of the dlvi· the Division of Higher Educa- .glon of higher education of the of The Evanglcal Lutheran NaUonal Education Assodatlon and In this position he has the Is secretary of the National t 1e respeDsiblllty of supervising theran �ducatlonal Conference. He

The 'Handout


. .. t :· · · . ;:·"

ployees an annual wage."

PLC taculty 'members are head· He Is the autbor at numerous ar· surveys and r e p a r t s of lng up the committees, and will act higher education and Is a regular as judges. Tacoma professional ,Peo· contributor to the Church's weekly pIe wlJl also act as Judges. Commit· tlcles.

In his capacity as secretary of ! this duty he Is active on the na· Airs {lanai level. In educational assocla· the Division of Higher Education ·be._ provldes Ad.ldsory and consultions of varIous kinds. -Garfield Street to and service tatlve schools the His professional experience has .been almost exclusi vely In the colleges of the Church on academic. I I bn� relations a su 'PUbllc area of college and unlverlty teach- .flnanclal. The Luthenin Educational 1 ..:========== Ing and administration. WJUle a jects. senior at St. Olaf College he was Aid Fund, LElAF. orlgl�ated In his r .4' ortlce and prOmlj'eS to give a new selected as t he assistant . to the proance at the' . dedIcation servIce at dean ot men. Whell he graduated 'Perspective to , �holarshlp grams In Am-erjean ;churc.b bodies. the Muskego Church, wb.lch tormer· from that Ins tlt'UVon In 1935, h� In Iy was located near Beloit, WIs .• on was appointed to the faculty and Hb otflce is also responstble tor l iaison with the IP1v�810n of Student .c March 13, 1845. siaff he e e. where admlhlstratlv . rv1c � o f t;he N4t1onal Lutheran It Is expected that the ELC will walned, serving In various capac!. Se · ouncn . use the Breck buUdlngs tor class· ties, until i942 when he was given C Dr. Dahl receIved ·hls B.A. trom rooms, housing tOr married stu- a leave of absence to become fl. Olaf College and his mas-ler's denu, and ather services related to nanclal advisor to colleges and St. and �octor's degree trom the Unto the academIc ute at Lurtler Sem· universities through the asencles lty at CautornJa. ·He's married, nu Bureau. y t American i C at the ry. Ina a son and ,two dau hters and Ca1l6d-to serve the U.s. Navy he ;}Jas I l nneapo ' M istrative reslae ' ln .:: /Was placed on the admIn :.:..: II . I : :.... _ :...:. _ .: .:: : I starts o( V·l2 units at Mass'�ChU' 1 l1� -:::, .• Linoleum . · l · selts Institute o r Technology, AI·

at" tellectu


and Unlversl·

lntelIlgent _men are

du9trles should guaraniee their em·

someone to photograpb for a poster. wh,c'h operates Breck, that the two They see.m to tWnk that the way to Christian Institutions could arrange pick a girl Is not to please oneself, Lhe transaction. hl lt to please everybody else." Thus A spokesm�n for Breck said the , the choice Is fol' all . . . Isn't this a school may complete as reloca.tlon thoughtful gesture! In Mlnnea�lIs ,by September, 1956, This makes girls . better ? . . sure although the agreement with the it doesn't. No--The Girls "m u s t ELC will permit Br�ck's use of the s t a I' \' e themselves, overeat, pull premises through the 1956-57 rhemselves in h·ere and p USh themyear, if necessary. The new Breck , S•IV• " out there. They put th m� will bealocated on 1 3 acres of land •v • ,i the mercy o f fiery cheml. · on Elast 42nd-S$re91 and West RJv�r . cals and burning Irons to achieve Road -fnMinneaW . lis. that sJuface bri lliance, that pre" Breck wa-s naniell' a �ter the Rev. packaged and pre-fabricated look ames Lloyd Breck, a 19th century t h a t preva,mng taste requires.': J Episcopal missionary w,ho later heThese are truly the gIrls that became bishop of the diocese of Mlncome "popular" . . and why should. nesota. Records of Old ' Muskego n't It be so . . prev'atUng taste reChurch, first EH..C congregation In , Quires such. t e presently located on the "What young men need to know,- ll u. �., grounds or Luther Theological Sem· and wbat women might help to Inary, IndIcates that the Rev. Mr. teach them (with the possible ex. J ames Lloyd Breck was in attend· Grade A. Number . One ceptlon


To Hear Speech Tili

compe le oratory, ex- . medIcine and theology. Let us tempore, Impromptu and Interpretheretore, go out with the love ta·tive readlng. · �'Since there Is a Christ In our hea.rts and live con. ' numerical IImltatlon on entraM.!:I:. structlve; purposeful lives tor. the we expect a registration ot about beltermelYt ot mankind here on 350, Professor Karl stated. ' eQl'th and the assurance of an etern. The topic tor deb8lte will be: "Re· tty with God - To�e Nielsen. solved that tbe n;n.agrlcUltural In·

�ty" in the 'Semh;ut-ry!s problem seem either to be f:lnd ways lo "expand lif.s....campus to afraid of, or i.ncapable of. looking at meet demands created by a student girls for themselves. They look, not enrqllmel1t which has lnc'reased with private eyes on wbat should from 127 �n 1946 to 450 at present. be a t.JlaHer of private choice, but He said It was to the "mutual ad. wl�h public eyes-as If they were v:antage" of both the ELC and ,the picking a prom queen or selecting Episcopal diocese of ,Minnesota




thing, but aren't Qur badles also the Pacltic Lutheran College will be temples . of the Holy Splrit? · It is hoat to 'tbe annual. · forensics tour· confusing the' ,purpose of Ood to nament of the Western Speech As­ deny the Importance ot the body. sociation, Nov. 21-23, it was an­ He would not have created It It He nounced Sa�urda.y by Prot. Theo­ did not warn Jl.s to keep It, and keep dore O. H. Karl, chairman of tbe It clean, healthy, and whole. speech departmem. did not perform miracles only




Oclober 14, 1"5·

Christien Purpose

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Richle Heina





3 fOr $1:00

,..,,... Group of\� �nded Plal''t, Recordtt at' 1/2 pr tce , "" )f�_ � ���� � � � � o ����_� -:.UY VOI/R c:HjjlaTlI� " II 'CO .... ..ow

,) �'A�D:.8A�E�'NEY ' � <;,;••1<.I. : ;< '" '·B. A. �G MUSIC GO T� -r � -:> / - .. ·�OS " 946' !� OADWAY ' . .:,," ' . " ��: ��i:t . PHONE aIL '1.181 .

." ....:


__ __



Open M�nd.y Till. ':00 P.M.J






,fI ,

Friday, Octobe� 14, 1155



' �:WS. "ftai�· t:�t ·j= �·7'�-· :,-:.::� ��:=:��=.";: ��"PU·i1

, . � ' I . (CopUnued from page one) WIlUams, Carol Bottemlller, Peggy Through the turn of a phrase, or mere drop 0; a 'Pun, C Harpster, Carol Hoogner, B. J. ODsome �""as famous as old Glnp Dun, . --. gra,.,Ruth --Haugse -and- Sklp- Doug� , uiffO(l)U n � �d.treet) . . . Ius. WUh their wits sharpened to a rib-apUttinc edge (after many dUllfb lOWS of some slow·mJnded sledge). The tickets tor the Tolo are $2.50 a couple. For .thls there Is a din· They advance � office, the factory. the bar, the classroom, the party.. to Heaven Go.WI whar! :ner consisting ofHawaiian Punch They nervously walt for that oppofltune time. ,that moment of silence, that paUse in Ilbe ebJme Curry Chicken over Rice Chopped Nuts and Coconuts Ot the yo'lces resounding Green Salad from celUng to wan. Hawaiian Fruit Plate When they can Insert. Fruit Bread trom their store vaet and tall, PitL8&pple Cake A choice remark, Coffee I a tidbit of verse, As for wearing apparel, the girls a twist of a word (a turn tor the ·worBe). will dreBs up In their best Ha· Then a jab oIn the ribs, a slap on the back waUan Hola Mus or Mu Mus. The (a qu)ck explanation to.take up the alaek), boys wlll 'wear bright print shirts And as each one remembers what he fOrgot and alacks or cords. that he should be dol�g A program wlll also be given. ("Or else I'll be shot"), .Att�t�� program the pool will be and 'hurrles away to do what he should, / opeaed for swimming. There also Our word·wresUer stands there alone on the wood, 'Will <be other games -played tor kisses his elbow and thinks, those not Interested In Swimming. "THAT WAS GOOD." Tickets 'WIll go on sale Mon­ n. day morning for � $2.50 at South But all are not such, thanks to God's Intenention. . 'Hall in B.J.'s �m, or In Old There are the ,erts and' .the gnashes who, wnh good Intention, Main from either 'Corky-Hautala, Can recaBt the language 'and play on ,tbe words, 306 or Skip Douglas, 413. And 10 makJng a pun� get more than two-thlrd..




(ContInued .from page two) then ·as bustness analyst, he worked with the Atomic Energy Commlsat Richland, WashIngton. Last year he served as a8"8Qciate profes· sor or management at Armstrong College, Berkeley, California;. Here at PLC, . Mr. Dlsmang, Is teaching accounting, markeUng, and ·statlstlcs. He Is very much 1m. with the friendly attitudes the people on. our campus and wJth the wholesome atmosphere or the college.

by Bill johnson. ACP ,

slener and technical dlr&etor for the. Chicago TribWne Miracle, of ' Books Show, for the Comlfl.unJty Players l� 'Michlgan City, for the Dunes Arts Foundation Community . Theatre Festival, and for the 1..6. Porte Service League, La Porte, In­ diana. Shortly before coming out west, he designed two children'. shows, one ot them being TIt1�. which opened In LaPorte, Indiana, October 1&tb of this year. _ Mr. Nordholm came to the North­ very much unaware of what 'Would find. EJ:cept for the rain, he Is learning to enjoy this fair

Lutheran Bible Seat­ tle will begIn Its bweltth schoo] year on October 1. In Chicago, having earned " his B. F. A. degree In June, 1953. D u r i n g the years 194$-46 he served as entertainment director for the Army In the Atrica Theatre of Operation. There he waa 'charge of all 901dJer productloD.a , among other duties, handled liaisOn work with Red CroBs Service During the summers of 1949 and m. . 1960 he was a860clate to the deIf I had my choice of living ·with blokes signer I of seventeen produetlons of Who laugh unfa411ngly at their own jokes, the MIchigan S u m m e r Theatre. Or else to a'blde In the land of Alaska, From 1950 ·to 1964 be was .the d&Ott on an Island with me and my nask'C BICYCLE R ENTAL signer and technical director for to drive ..way all fears and care!, (Ha4&col) � productions of th'"e-..Mi,chIPn GRanite STI2 , Som6tb1ng Garfield St. I think I �ould chooae to Uve with the bears. . City Cblldren'8 Theatre WOJ"kshop. L______�____' Thrift is Part of 1 ....__________--, Also during this time he ' ,b uilt, and took on tour two Your Education .LAUNDRY SERVICE EXPERT DRY CLEANING for the Grace Price Our HOBNOB Room • of ·P1ttsburgh; he helped di-

dimes in time will grow into.








Open from


7:30 to 8:00

"It's Time fot Fall 'Cleaning" -. '





'PHONltGR: 4300

Clover CrHk Service

. Clover Creek TEXACO 8ervlce

, , 1 1 802 Pacific Avenue


' ; I"

;<)01 g.�YS anu gals".. -

GRanite 7109




.�� ,

Home-ma e



a.m. to 11 �..,..1)¥"k.: D�: 8:00 •.m. to 10: � p.m •

IT'! Tacoma's .


Bar-B,Q Burgers 35c

. 8:00

Fast, EconomIcal :priiiting ' a�d Lithograpby

Fastest Gro�in!i' cOm;"unitri


Locate.d ,at:IGA· FooCitown 112th and Park Ave.

Open a SavingB Account N()W

Short Ord� ... - Dln·.n e,.. Fountal'n

1J�. PRI �T� �S, Inc. . A Complet�' Nader,,! p,inting . p'l/!nt


Short· Orde�


The Best in D9nuts


Pacific Ave.

SA. ...

Taooma, Walh.

_ 12e07, �Iflc' Avenue

.... : t-



'� 5 !�p.�..',)ids "

larg��t: S�le�tion of

Open M�'itZ �.ri� �i..m. to • Porno ' O�n ..turd.y. 10, &om;- to • p.m.

¥.' \ ..1<

......... General Agent,



' ' "A ir:.�ltl�� of F�ithf�fate�""i:Jr.� . ,, BOX 275, PARKLAND . PHONE. GR. 1I2I �

WELCOME. AiJJ MS: '.'�". : '

It'. Go od to �See Yp�r Faces Acjai� ,

405 �arfjelc!


Phone GR., 3833-

- j

PU Badgers Clinc�

Game, Score ' 1 3-0, From Gladiators ,

By Fred<:ly Miller

To J?ake Paclrl,c Lutheran Conege the winning ball club that we all want, take much more enthusiasm (rom everyone than has been 'Scoring tw.o touchd�wns ' in the !ihown thus far. second halt Pacific University de· � YOIl, the student body. can make or break 3' squad that bas the po­ feated Paclflc Lutheran College by tentiality to win ball games instead of making them tough ones. A little a score of 13·0. The game was beuer attendance at the games could do wonders. If there are more -pee­ Saturilay, Oct. 8, on a rain· p! ('present than In the past, the song leaders and -cheerleaders can lead drenched flel� at Forest Grove, them in Lutefisk and FIght Team Fight to let the leam kno'w that they Ore. ;Ire behind them all the way, TI�e squad Is lacking something when the� chips are on the table. 'J'\\"ice last Saturday nIght the Lutes were In scoring pOsition but failed ...!.!le t�a]ll )l.a.s the 'abll1t) but noLlhe desire. It l� . ' · . �.... iYe" sCti<f' eh 1 b'6d:( �WOlmr ·step'7tt. ::ar1niat opportlint�b trieri i�·a;i(r- i!·t E learn know they want them to Bcore that touchdown, sOmewhere, � someone will catch fire. Let's see e.veryone at the game tomorrow afternoon to cheer the Gladiators to an Impressive victory over Central. II "t',"c],do,wn


. !l l�r� t�;�te"�!.��J)E..� ��



1������_ �� , d���&��� ,��r� I· ������ ������������::� ��_______ � V I ley <:;,'rls Meel . . , R','ver Hal' .

. w;:.��iMl��iII'�l�

The AI, Fo'ce Academy won thel, foo'ball debut In a 34-18 win the University ot Denver' Frosh . . . SeatUe lost their Western Hockey League last weekend -to Victoria ', , from the 19th to 10th .pot In the A.soclated P,e,; Poll afte,' last Satu,· day's upset of the year, 7 to 0, over USC , , • MlllLkan Sl, Elmhurst. 0 . . , Three deer hunters died tn Washington on last week's opening day; here's 'hoping shotgun toter.s ·have .better luck In Sunday's duck . Oklahoma hasn't lost a contest In 22 staf1ts and Pennsylvania has lucked out i .n the last 16 games . . . Army is the only modern rIval' holdIng a series edge over Michigan . . • Fred Hutchinson 18 sUll Jockeying for the controls as pilot- of the St. Louis Cardinals . . . The teams from Callrornia were picked to end on top, but look out tor the :water�logged Huskies; .they are on their way . . . ,Jack Rabbits, West VIrginla, ran back a. 99-yard punt return to help' pave the 42-12 ·vt.ctory ONr Virginia MiUtary . . . Babe Zaharlas played her first nine holes since her opera-lIon . . . Whitworth knocked over Central, 21 to 6, ror their 12th straight win . . . Al Cartwright is back In ·he groove, giving the much needed depth at the Quarterback slot . , . Everyone be out tIi the morning and watch the 'FroS'h anp Upper Class women tee of! In the Powder Puff Bowl.


Frosh " M " ,. ,u"ds'p ots ,

Lutes to Face Ivy H' a II Lea d5 Central 'Cats' I n tra mura l Race :; :",: � : �� � ��:; SaJ..�. Afternoon, l ,th� .come Saturday .' . . Coines Doom

cats. Who doesn't want to win a

homecoming game? " . . , the Glad-

lators are no exception.

PLC will be shooting ror its sec· ond conference win. In thek only previous league game, the Lutes blanked the University of British Columbia Thunderblrds, 19-0. The Lute-Thunderbird game was nothIng too fabulous but ww'h Homecom... ing in the air Lute spirit surges upward.

quarterback, Central also has · an Hall. Last Monday, the \battle between .experienced tront"'nn&/ �.<t"..1 .... .p ' Clover Creek VUla,� and Eastern Gladiator e�d ' Rdn McAlll8�r Is ' onded In a 12·12 tie. DeJa" acoma 1 Injury , recoveclng feam an ankle diDE;s'iorieited to Ivy Hall. �ut Coach Harshlna.'n sa.)"8 that. �he . Tacoma slaughtered North Hall sophomore 'wingman s li o u 1 d be on Tuesday, October 11. �a.dy , tor Saturday'S joust, with the (I), 64-0, huck Hobbs .�ed" flbree times Wildcats. OtherwIse �e L� �e s I? Corey IJlld '�oger Iverson Bob while seem to tte in good eh&pe/.'tfrsieach scored twice tor � a c o m a. ;'�'- " �' , callY. ' over <?reek Hall def.�ted Clover The 'game ior the' .rr.da Ia.. .a� Cree"; ' Vlllage o n a safety, 2�. proaching; :th� wu�ts 'i.r.� These Intram�:, S8:.mes ot·ter encroachiJl.g�ut on our toot� , n1l - 7leld' to� recre� on and a,ch�nce ' to rU� ott

, �" ijK�r;"OD� �, )

-"II, , Cer:tai . f i e l d, tb.e 7 ,







..... extra; .� S�rtmDaDahip S. , IlibIW _ eD �

:,:, .'l. , ..;!� bec �ho;;'. . -;, Anl1J,OI.(�Cing a ' W; : .

. �ng.


�,�:' �u:


r :-

., .�



"�J- ,t'




�, '.'A'B...,.. IER ·SHOP C'�,... ' . 4jW�E·:.P.:�t:i�LI�E .I N t:LAT-TOP.S · .

��� 1�?iJ.w IGA Foodtown

� P�CIFIC ",VE!iUE ... ¥




- " -


y Jim Glea


upper,classwomen, coached Bob Marvonek and Denny Rodin, been o n the neld at 6:00 a.m. morning- this week tor scrtmmage and your scout rewrts they look good! Moni Wetton, junlor, looks es-peclally " promising. L a 6 t year Man I proved a real.a�set to the team. Norma Kempk,,:, sophQIDore, played for the trash last year, but this year she'll be in the 'backfield for the uppercllLsswomen.

Under'the coaching or Tom Gilmore and John Fromm, they may turn out to be rough compeUtlon; atter all, look at the University at WasbJng· 'ton!

Don't get the Idea temale tootball" can't get rough-these girls know !IIlore abOut" the game than we give them credit !�r ! Be on hand Satur. ' day morning a·t 9 :.00 on the lower

-campus for the klck-off and aU the

The girisl seem dlsor· thrills that go wIth the Powder Geh,t. .:onfu.ed. Pu!! Bowl. "'t".'ec l ·��----'--=-.,--:'---:- ---



"" .

P!,,! O Nfg. GR, �

Drl'II T'ea'M"T' 0 .B'e






Nokh Hall

Trim Top, Stop



the Shop"



Motor Tune-up -:- Brake Servlc,e. Parkland, �.�':'

GR, 3040





b1:�:":';� d�PO .a,'"

." .

' ;

. HO�RS: i'· '" Mon. -t'T.ue," :# Wed, - Thurs. . ttlGO a.m. to: �2:� � . !





''''' '


9 : 00 a:tn. to S:30 a' T'



9:00 a.m. to'l2:30 a.m. ..

- ..



25. Linda Hurd. 26. Ro.e Ann Ja""b,on. a �g. 29. Jo Knutzen. 30. Laura McAdams. elmer. M f i l 33. Lois Peterson. 34. Linda Phillips. 35: Eve.1yn Quaas. . 36. Car�lyn Randoy. 37. Irene Rea. 3S. Barbara Rlx. 39.. Bea Scheele. 40. Marion Schurman. 41. Darlene Schw1ndt 42: Ja1;fl'n Smith� 43, Sue Smith. 44. Janet Towe. 45. Joanne Tranum. 46. Janet Turman.

;!: �� ��::s;,�

Ma If Time Feature

o Clip Joint H�ins.i'om "'r ' - " ' SOC, a head O. en �����::;y �:�r�:on and , m



in Bo�.r Tang'Ie

b ! U o 'nteamueal touch football I. In 33. On the flcat play ""ff war foe the ,T,D. 0 lull swing, Ivy Hall. last ye,,'. e,ed all champs, look like they may be on 'Put Pacif1c into the lead. Roy I their way to another championship. Hughoc kicked the extra point and ' They are undefeated In play to . the score stood 7-0, ' Neither team thre,atened ag�in date, L " he PLC Drill Team for, 1965-56 Mondai'. Octobe� 3, De Jardln:es until midway In ,the fourth Quarter T ...0. At when Pacific drove to the Lute 1'- season bas been worldng hard predefe::lted Clover Creek Hall, 12 the Slme time Ivy Hall defeated yard line from where Gatyas paring for the Homecotn.1ng testlvi-plunged over. Hughes m1ssed the ties tomorrow. The drUiers, In their West Tacoma, 18-0. Tuesday, October 4, Tacoma out- attempted conversIon and minutes ,black at;d whIte outfits, wm peras ·the tlnal gun went oft. form during halftime at the Lincoln later, tilt 26-0 played Clover Creek In a The second game, between Eastern the score still read 13-0 In tavor of Bowl where they will torm a large the Badgers...· "A" for the alumnus and' perform and Western, was a forfeit. Fromm carried most of the load other tormatlons,to the music of the North Hall (1) had six eager men ---on the field October 5, waiUng for for� the Gladiators, gaining 134 band. yards rushing tor a very fine av�r· - ''The group Is smaller than last North Hall (3). It is understood the 'Cellas on third ' floor, North Hall age- ot· 5.9 yards per. ..carry. . - year,f ,but Is ma:de of more ·expertThe' 101tB gives the ' Lutes o�e ,enced people," says Karen Melsen· couldn't find the field. At the same the heimer, driQ. leader. Other �fficers time f:lover Creek Village's .(Mltton victory agaInst two defeats to\" . ot the team are: scored one touchdown to defeat 'Season.

Central, under new Coach Abe Pof[enroth, lost to Whitworth 26,-6 in Its lone league starL The Wildcats rnn off the wlnged,T f�rniatlon DeJardJnes, 6·0. No g.unes w�re played Thursday, ari.,tl there Is no lack of backs. In oOn TroQlb�ey and Don Pierce, the October 6. North Hall (2) forfeited Ivy HaU, for lack of players, and to fastest the of two -have Wildcats backs In ,the league, and Bill Harry· Western Parkland, for the same man Is a three-year letterma.. at reaso.n, fortelted to Clover Creek


The Lutes kicked orr to open


Saturday mornin the annual Powder Puff Bowl game will underway.. Rain or shine the Frosh MUd§pots and the Clover Valley Gi�ls are ready for action. The game is a tradition one of the highlights of the Homecoming f,stivities,



for the Central . WasbJngton Wild·



,there on a fumble ,by Fromm. The Badgere started' their only scoring threat ot the ftrst halt after r.ecovering the tumble. Led by two 25 yard runs of Bob Gatyas Pa· clffc moved the ,ball to the PLC 33 betore the Lute defense dug and took over the ball qn. downs. In the second qual"ler � once again threatened. With Fromm and Jack 'Newhart . carrying the ba!l, __ __ __ __ __ __ __ _ __ ____ they penetrated to the Pacific seven __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ -..,yard line where the Badgers h-eld them for tour dow�s.





GR. 2211


:!: �:::� ; :::�

Presidez:t, Dorothy Hickman. Vice-preSident, Kay Wise. Treasurer, Janet Smith. Sta�dlng attlcer, W�lk. Members Include: . 1. Marton Adams. 2. Ruth Ambruel: 3. Ingrtd Benson. '4. Jaq, Bon!>urant. 5. Robe,ta Brodhun. 6. Helen Charlson. 7, spa.ron .Cole. S. ""Ardyce ·D8.n,lellJOn. 9, ·Ma.rle�e Elchmeier. 10. Janet Emllson: 11. Jpan· �alg. I 12. (Martlyn Force.� 13. Janet Fri-h.Ung, 14. Dow Giler. � 15. 1ean 'Gradwoh1, · ' . ., ' 16. Lols .GrlJlUlrUif.

11; Darien9 'B,a.JmIa:

: n. \!�: �.,�' a�:"bn.. l8".,¥ lo,.C� 'H&tPlln."'

11.. ; lt1sHerDs....

' 2J.�is, Hellberg.

23. . Dorothy t:pckman.

. 24.' Roberta. !Humble.

47. VIrginia wey�rts. 4S, :Margie Wilkins. 49•.· Kay Wise.

Notes From , APE)

, t,'�

are getrttng'tnto1Un Ing the lQ.1U8Itlon ot the new mem­ ( nto,_�ur orp.n1zati.on. At the meet1n& 'o� t h e c l p. b last we had eighteen prospec­ They will be, Inltiat­ week-.with . the formal ' cere­ on October 20. .After thi.t we start pl&llQ1Jia" for die co-ed

party. '






;";- -nate. .to all the me be ot;the . .t�d.nt' �,: Eat all ' of iii• • t�lron pilla �t' 70� can po_�l" get. FOR BLOODV 1be . W',E ARE . ; bl�d � ' -;-Ul ' be tn

OUT · �

ea.rJr Dec.e��.

co� · uP.

. , �e sur, � r get ,.our coPJ'..... ot the ·S tudent' Dl.reotory, ThJa Ja .. handy " IItUe boo� all PIXUes should have.




S;�a st."



Friday. Octo.,.,. 1� 1111

Outraced By Other- Creeds,

'56 Yearboo k II Ann�unced



• • t ;ran.t Wlg.n . . . Junlo<

,provement or all 1-,J� B'!.�:.!.;����I_8.'.glln8 1n- ships.

!l."'"'!�.II!-��l1':_,: =

• 3. To develop a'gt'eulve clUaen·

In b U l l n e l l admlnIstraUon who tills the usoe1ate ed1to�s. - cba.1r. Maklne cure �e books �e balancea financially are the problems or Business ,M-anacer Larry Helm and his understudy, : Ad Manager Rich­ ard Sehwtndt. Both are biology ma­ jors haJl101' trom lOu91weetern , Washington, Cathlamet'" and Ca!Jtle Rock, respectively. Adviser tor the book Is 'Mr. MHton Nesvlg' ot the department or public r�!aUons. A yearbook of approximately 250 ·pages Is not prodlfed by tour tive Individuals, though. It Is the Ureless work ot many, such as the following, who work throughout the year putting what they believe to be their best Into the production

ship and spirit ot semc", tor 1m­


human relation·

elude a .to a , 4. To give primacy to h�an and traternal program In . the missions field, and the eBtabUBhtneDt ot na- spiritual rather than to the matel1al tlonal c�urches In Japan, liidllj. and values of life. Afrtca. 5. To encourage the dally IIViDC ot the Golden Rule.

6. To promote higher .oclal, busi­ ness and protesslonal ethics.

, The Circle K ,has already held two meeUngs. At the iniUal meeting

I 0 c a I Kiwanis ,President Harry

Chambers. district Lieutenant Gov­ ernor Heoo Socoloteky, Professor Ramstad. ,Mr. 'Eldon .xyllo, and the club advisor, Prote89or Axford, met eighteen prospecUve membdrs. At that time an application for charter was made.

available'. America'. Lutheran., a 64-page booklet selling tor 50 cents, being pubUsbed by the Wartburg . Pres early this �h, � Contents ot the booklet tirst appeared In ONE, ,youth magazine publlsbed jOintly by tour Lutheran groups. The .reprint voJume Is edlted by the editors or ONE.

ot a book:

Copy editor-Beverly Svenlng­ sen; Administration, Faculty edl­ -tor-Joyce Putrert; Classes�Mil­ dred Van Buren; Campus Review -Jane Wolk; Fine Arts-Esther Elllckson; Rellgfon � Dale Schim­ ke; Organizations, Honora.,!'les, LI�-Ing Groups-Joa'nne Poencet ; Student Government, Publications --Gary Schulepberg ; ROY,alty-Syl­ via KJrkebo; Sports-Louie Spry; and Index, Snaps-Marlene Stuhl­

Each or the 16 Lutheran bodies Is plctured-lO ot the larger bodies In Individual chapters. Six smaller groups 'Ire dJsc1tssed In two chapters. Every church Is described by a rJpresentattve or that group. The N�t1onal Lutheran Council, Synodlal Conterence and Lutheran World (FederatIon also are teatured�


miller. Assisting these section editors are: William Anderson, Fred Brew­ Itt. Don Brunner, Peg Byington, AI Cuttahey, Diane Glazier, Ida Jo Gronke, Theodora Gulhaugen. Au­ drey Hart, Carol Hause. Lorraine Jobnson. Paul Juliet. Sbaron Kin­ zer, Karen Kubblank. Gale HeUsen. Diane 0lsness. Dick Peterson, Dale Storrasll. Betb Turpen. C a. I' 0 I Urlle. Carolyn Weinz and Les gen.

Pictures, diagrams and charts apon nearly every page. The Int· available stlllllstics (as of Jan. 1965) also �re Included.


In the United states Ind Canada.

From An A1umnum

. FRIDAY EVENING· 8:00-T . ,..tJ;"coton.t.can "l o�r HomecO'�'II"g " Ro)'alty_


'. ' ·tII. tNdl�"u l:Io"fI....�· � .�:.,. .� .; - . ·1:..3:O--Co'fH' ''our fOr A lu ma, �". th. tolleae, ���.on£...Ulldlng.

I:&:-P.p Rally-wtth': th. Qu.e"' throwlno: tIM -torch to light





'- ..

I:OO;-PoWd.rpuH Bowl with the upperclue wom.n · meetlng

alron. th', ;to_ on gii

" ,..,

'. .


. •

to:'3o-Homecomtn'a: ParMe, beg)nnln,,'on' 1ireet. . 2:00-H,omecOmln" Game at, Lf�If BowL:T!h" ,PI.<;f "I.dl�re : vei;8u. the - Centra" , WlldGli�1u. , -" �Ingto" '8:ao-Alumnl euPlMr I!, � , f�a of CU� _' I'l. " • Pl� ' 8:3O-Alpha !8I O�e@ will pnHnt- tWo O




: J�.'"


-' ,


", ,:,,: �._ - ;;.

1 1 : 00...-Hornec:.nti... htvJc. In ,thel q,... wltlt) tIM � of our t-


..... .. t �oio. ' Ro.; '""-f W•.

. _Ip. ';110 C; ....lf' of tit. '''-_lrwUi..,.. ··

LutItoo, · -'!Ii, the

Wool .ncl. the· ...... .........



. When the charter has been ap­ proved a charler 'party will be held at whJch members w1l1 be sponsore<l by Individual KlwanJans. ClrK pins will be awarded at this However, any students joinclub before the charter party be charter memlferii: Any Interstuderite are , Invited to attend the next Thursday meeting or. see • Pro(essor Axford in L-120. At the ,eecond meeting the following omcers were elected: Prestdent, Gordon Strom; vice-president, Tom Swlndland ; secretary, S t a n Hulsman; treasurer, Duane Romo'; ICC rep., Dale Storaasli. Board or directors are: Stan Reed, Don Sev­ ereid. Dave Berntsen. and Chuck . Tucker.

Written In popular style. each pictures briefly. yet comthe distinctive spirit, hJstory and \l\vork of the group being Because tire Circle K Is an Inter­ discussed. The authors are .sYDodl- ·d"p.. · tmentol ol'8'anlsatlon, repre­ cal ortlclals, editors and professors. sentatives (rom all depa.rtlnents are hIghly respected In American n�ed. At this ,Ume ProCessor Ax­ ford Invltes ..the Interest ot..J.tuden.., America', Lutheran. may be or­ In these departments: Engllsb, In­ Arts, 'MUSic, Psychology, dered through any of the Lutheran Speec�. publlsblng houses or supply stores


Taking the pictures tor the Is primarily the job ot Studio but whenever Wes are not available, tbe or student 'photographers, Nieman and La Verne Stough, . called upon.

r _


pac.ltic Lutheran Colle,. DOW em· braces tlJ;e ttrat Circle K orpDJ_· U'Oo In WUhtnctOD. The hrklan.,.d Klwaniana spon.or W. junior KI· wanls project. The purpoee ot the club Ie "to, ·proTide a.uooJatJol1l with regular KIwanis Clubt and CODt&f.!.8 with business and iprofellional men The professor ot mfsslons at Lu­ or the communlG-," ther Seminary, et. Paul, made hJe The objects �t ,Uie club-are: remarks dunng Mi8slon Emphasis 1. To provide eduet.tlonal oppor­ Week. Octo�er 9:1�. tunities for worthy youbg -mep. the prinCipal reasons tor

With the idea ' or �enBlvelY using colored art work tor (he ttrst time In the history ot th� coUege yearbook, phLDI tor the 1956 Saga are well under way it WAI announc­ ed thll week. " Boldine the thll year's-



Formed Here

CblI18tlantty baa not kept pace with the world's growth 10 popula. tlon and Mobammedan.1am 1. mak· Ing great strides In A,trtca, Dr. drew S. Burge'ss said 'TuelMlay.

...'� •

Circle K Club

Let me tell you how ,[ have mined 10ur laughter, rour ,dampl1 qool mornings . and your problema• •

T h e bQ m T o G ive Co n cert Monday



A. w. s. Tolo Tomorrow Night, 8 o'clock

VOLUME 33, N U M B E R 5


Dr. Eastvold To luther Fi l m · ···'rrayerlblf�� R;,: " T�·.Bic -sh��n"' . - .L 8 �.L President C. EastvoJd will be

one of the 30 college pr�Jdent8 J " on l�e a� time 18 approaching. from all over the nation who will InReformation view of thIa fact, the etudent con· parUcipate In a visitation to naUon. gregatlon Blanche Thebom, mezzo-soprano, Is presenting fIlm, al corporation leaders ne�t week. "Martin Lu'thl:!r." This is the will be featured tn the first ASPLC qUite an Artist Series concert at the CMS The college beads w1ll meet in Inspiring movie. depicting the ch:; audltol'1um, 'Monday ntght, October New York City, Sunday through .cum8tan� which led up to the 24, at 8:30. Wednesday. White there th&y will Retormatlon and the events which be divided Inlo teamt ' of tl1r'ee to took place during the upheaval: The MJss Thebom, one at the tlnest tell the story of higher educ&Uon in background music, composed mosl­ mezzo-sopranos at the M:etropolltan Opera Company, Is presented .In America to ibuslness execuU"es. ly of "A Mighty Fortress," Is per· From New York the delePtlon of formed by the Munich Symphony concert by S. Hurok. college preSidents will tra�el to oth· Orchestra. Well known tor her experience In er major cities In the East. For the The purpose at this showing \s to the opera, radio, television, and con· remainder of the week, Dr, Eastvold help the rInanclng of new chancel cert world, Miss Thebom has also will be In Akron, Ohio, and Detroit, furnIture for the student congrega· made numerous recordings tor RCA Michigan, tion. It will be held at 8: O(} p.m. to· The program Is sponsored by the night In the CMS and fUty ,Miss Thebom will presant a. pro· Commission on Colleges and Indus· admission will. be charged. gram of varied selections, among try at the Association of the Amer· them some num'bers from the opera Jcan Colleges ot which PacWc Lu· "Carmen," by Bizet. She will also theran College Is a member. sIng some Straus! selectIons from The PLC president !lew to Min· her Teportolre. neapolis, :M1nnesota, this Wednes· This Artist SerIes Is part of a pro­ da)', where he will attend two meet· gram to enrich the cuItural offer· Ings prior to his New York appoInt· Ingll of the entertainment program ment. Thursday he was to meet Homecoming this past weekend on the PLC campus. . with the Board Education at the welcomed home about 250 alumni ot The next concert on January 27 Evangelica.l Lutheran Church along PLC, who participated In a full feature Andres Segovia:; in· with presIdents of other .E.�C. col· w�e!tend . Of. .activlties, beglnnig,g -= ::... --" = .-'..c.. . '-''-. ternationally renowned clanlcal leges to work out appropriations tor with the coronation of Queen Anne gultarl,t. GOal of $350 Set scbools. PLC annually receives I on Friday evening, and concluding Att:e�i:ion! . -----close to $100,000 from the E.L.C. with worship service In the CMS on For UGN Drive Sunday mornJng. The U'n I t e d Good Neighbor Ipha Sig5 Phi Epsilon drive, which la now in progre.. A special note to students who throughout the nation, reached One-Act Plays mussen of Parkland. The class of are plannIng busIness career. On PlC this w e e k. The student Hosts Visitor 15, five prominent busi· '55 wall the largest class present November hal aet up a goal of $350 nessmen or Par)dand w11l present a council Resalle Speciale, province gover· with 23 alums; Class of '54 was rep- panel Great S.uccess for our campus. This Isn't much with the topic, "What does when one considers the goal of nor of Mu Plil Epsilon, wJll inspect by 21 alumnI . It Is Inter· Making the homecoming an even resented business man want In a business g ea for Pierce County. This the local chapter, Epsilon Sigma, uc s education?" This Is an excellent op· $848,000 ;:�: �: �:��h���\�� H���:���:� portunlty money,-whlch Is expected to be next Sunday, October 23. Miss Spe· :�::�:e� �;: , o�::c� :��y����' were for to students concerned J R. the Mrs. and ohnson Rev. ' collected by November 8, will be "Mrs. O Leary s Saturday night. clale, also NaUonal First Vice-pres· Montana; and Mrs. get flrst·hand Information. distributed among Z7 research Cow" and Eugene O'Neill's "The from Missoula, III scheduled to arrive at the Rope" \;\'ere both well done and well ����U�aTJar��yer of;Or�m::�:gO, a�:�f� Ph�h��g::�Z:��as�:::�:::s ��u!:: and service r g a n I z a t I o n s IIident, Seattle-Tacoma .AJ.rlines Terminal throughout the country. Th�se received. O Washington and Oregon. It will be held In the old T.V. lounge Include such groups as the sOy from Callfornl� and wlp' be met by The s-taglng was simple, yet effec· came fromalumDI the C.B. from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Scout., lutheran Welfare 80- Miss Ellen Christiansen, EpsIlon were guests of hon. in On tlve, and the acting was comparable orThese Novem'ber d"irst at the regular clety, and the Cancer Society. Sigma's at all activities planned Alpha faculty &dviaor. who will to that of professJonals. Those 8� them this the 7 p.m., Mr. Sig at meeting Al and weekend. mni pealling in " The Rope" were: Dick drive ber out -to PLC. They should will give a brief biographl· were entertaIned Uat the alumn( Axtord Barnwell, as Paf Sweeney; Jerry u1ty at about 1:00 p.m. cal sketch of the background and banquet Saturday night In the dIn· careers Slattum, as Luke Bentley;' DIane ing BI"ery. .Talks · I. arrive of these men. The membiri, 'of the local chaP. hall of ,the CUB. Nearly 40(} Panelists Olsness, as Mary Sweeney; Duane w1U Include: Man Tom· ter, led by Pat G&hr1ng. feel .t ar;Be e Schryver. Pos Abraham ntley ; and ::� ���:�n:�:��:r!:I� mervik (Parkland Fuel 011), HOwie S""l S·tud" 4,onored to have.� .:with them;�. � Jeanine Spencer, as Anne Sweeney. �:�: Snowden (-Mgl-., Parkland Branch according to her;requWi a., DiOdel dent of the Alumni Association, was of National Bank of Wash.). Peter PLC's Mission Crusaders were pledge t10 "Mrs; O'Lea 's Cow " an Irish m odel imtia n ceremoD.7� ' master of ceremonies, " and Intro­ Coleman (owner of' Patty Ann Bak· bl�ssed with the return of Kathy ceremony. ti b ld� Mary Ance Drex. J;:Omed , InClt u'a1D. Bo m� q 'a.hd el, MardeU Bolland, Tedd1 Gulhau. ·duced. the Alumni ard, guests of eries, Parklan4.1,and Lakewood) , Mr. Biery this Tuesday evening for musicale p�rt,g'r&tI1o · fPriJleD,ted. i ·�Win r.JHj � gen, Twila Gillie, Gene Bern, Bar- honor, and Dr. EaatTold, who saId Brown, pubUsher of the Times�Jourbe w l !)a�. �t ale n a report on a "European Study Proj. T e mUlI ) ban. Johnson. and Dan Triolo. a few wOMs to the �ums. n8.1), and lMr.-"' . lp e frer (iMOrUCI-', cL" K. ath1 wu one of. twenty' stu.. �ring e pe,OII&h1D:�.�� �. �� vocal���i p�. &lido <?" -,- .- I · S.



Returning Al ums Guests of Honor



_ _ _





'. W�shing t,on Lea.9ue of Nurses 1-101&119 � ' ,A , I' h ' .. 'L I. �Ch' on ' M. a-.;erna · IO ld" . H C. onl'e"ence r ' a t. H .:t. .


Leaders In the tleld nanlng, �xperta in and c tId and educaton are at. te�41ng the convenUon of the Waah· In&ton League of Nu.rw1J'lg now In on The convenUon beCan, ,.eeterday wIth the Cgeneral topIc be1n& '''Marternal and hUd Health." The morn·o · Iila. Ruth d.l1ICU8slon, led a lor, -NW'SLDC se�on, Dt· e of H &ltb 8emce, and Ws.

obstetrics local


progress theo campu.. i lng by T y CbJet, vision





. ...


,' . e 'Mart GoUt , Regional 'Nunlng an Klnne�, Mias G: proU . of n erned the naUon-wide tH&on, MJn Taylor and MUla 0011[. trends In maternal and hild e red &round the The afterDOoD. eeae1�n COQlI�ted ma. of an ",lDfOI'JD&1;iOD PleaM" concern- ternal and child health.' #m �n« QUHUOU brouaht the Thunday:. d e� wu a no-host 'K_ben of th18 panel Included Dr, event wbere �II. P.earl McIver, C U� S. Health X. SoIbtJr&, Dr. E. , Knorr of the .PLC facultJ, Dr. Robe,rt HoHman•.. Service, wu honored gueaL e SeatU p8cuab1elan, Dr. D. Mcm· -Mrs. Wne Klaa.t)e l Morken baa ' �7f'e. usi8taDt of o et· .In C'har,e of local C li M..I8 S . arransements. es and QIl., U . 'of

sultant. co c




pror-ior W,;

C · ReIIS, W. health... Ttle;d1sc�lIlon � nte nui-II8's 'place InHhe .program of . group. -chief qune, Public bst been chC1rman

n�.- : t;::.: :: : �:: by the Lu .. ec



theran Stu·

aocl&Uon af America. wh1ch

the divIsion of student o ks . v ' n J: Lutheran er 1ce of the NaUo a . . . . t y CoU?-clJ. The �urpoH w� o stud . C church llte and hr18.uan student ute in Dlrope. Thou . present 8&W li l t d e ll of historically...... f a 0 U 8 sta.1n glu8 dOW8, 8now-capped mounta!n8, and 'be utlful Europe general. was trul a wonderful occuiOD a.s lItH Biery shared her experience or a counlrJ. creat time In &

w r "Ith

chu.rches, beautiful a In y It'�.t



r= ::=;J:i:'': :� p •.

o � hour lanned 1ij.� �d a eoctal ii ti &r b )Jw i ce . enae w1 , nn:gthe .d SpocIal + � e ,rlll •• n I<! a cl.... ·� at South BAll Sund.ay 1Hi ' ... ataytnc e enlnl' before ID:lpecting the Ta­ m.. .A.JuJDnae C b; hap r on co d o Phi hon red Pic.""Da:r musIc' ,t i�­ c d ta ntcen'U7 at .. coke ti. Fo �owin& t "elce"me '&7 Pat ��, realdef. the groUP. enJoJ:ed Intra­ duc1D1' Jhefr partne� In · a mUe� &nil � compol8r8 b1 their O A n a p.m:e. Betty nderio toppe4 the u.t 'With he ...bnttj tb reeosnln thea.'

v IMu


win. p



. '


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Page "Two



Professors , Hagen and Farmer Teaching of PLe" thi� Year

To Say




:world, 'We may be .lble to, draw some

' Success is that which crear£s the difference between PLC and othrr school s : last week's Homecoming celebration was the mose successf ul in PLC·s his(ory, This is not merely personal opinion, but is actual fact based upon the remarks of alumni �nd faculey who have observed -many homecomings. We owe a debe of than ks and graeieude to Ellen Henry and Te-rry Brown, homecoming co-chairmen, who made the past week end what it was. Naturally, it was impossible for them to handle all the details, but chey were responsible for the coordination and arrangement of the activities. The walk·happy Loggers have come up with a new idea. This is to establish a "peace P,lct" between our two schools. Ie wou be an agreement to live harmoniously, etc., etc. The signing would take place ae Lincoln Bowl during ehe halftime of ehe PLC-CPS game, November J 2, The pact would be renewed annually. The dollar you spend for your student body fee is the best investmene you've ever made. For one dollar you are en I ) membership in the ASP.LC, 2) the right to vote in all Body elections, and 3) frec admission to all home games. As you well know, a dollar doesn't go very far ehese days. In reality, it's worth only about fifty cco(s. In order to overcome thi� problem, ie might be a good idea to invest one REAL dollar, two dollars nowadays. or even more, With this added inceneive, th.e Student Body would be bener able to perform' its function as an associa­ rion of the smdenrs of PLC, and not just something to put on a lenerhead. What do you think about i e ? J use for practice, how about puning a dollar into the Uni eed Good l'jeighbor Fund?

W·nlat Is Th,'s Th,'ng Called Jazz? By Tom Reevel

On the evening of October 23 In


Seattle's CIvic Auditorium an un- clans





introduced progressive and usual production is to be presented symphonIc 1azz whIch wa.s and Is

to a sell..out audience of eager lIs- preseD'ted in the nation's greatest teners. This Is the tenth &nnual concert halls, DimItri Shostakovlch, tour of Jazz at the Pb11harmonIc" Igor Stravinsky. George Gershwin, Only. recently we became aware of and Darius 'Milhaud are among the

the ,fact that very few people had eminent composers who owe much made an acquaIntance with Ameri- to jazz. From California came the

ca's only art form and that many pulsating, throbbing dissonance ot

others were firmly opposed to this a young genius named Stan Kenton , Corm ot musical expression, while From San Francisco came the Ima.dmltting at the same time that provlsatlons of Dave Brubeck, a stu·

they had heard very little of II

dent o( Darius Milhaud, who recent·


conduslons fro� the Idea

above {f a situation to which It per­ tains is presented.

A Mtudent, hopeful In many as­

pects, arrived on...ihe campus at 1\ ChrIstian college, . True, he bQped

fOr- a. ' good-opportunity

for educa·

tion bu-t there was something more Jmportant to him rthan that. He had

this !chool atter an examin­

ation of himself, the thIngs he stood

for and desired, and. upon realizing

school and church groups had

U'ttle to promote higher values





ment. A Christian college seemed like a good cbolce.

ter life and chose the church·sup­

ported college because he beUeved

It would be a help rather than an

In obtaining It. S u c h a

COUld, besides oilher thIngs,

help him to Improve his mind In

such a way .that It would help him to 'better understand himself


One roore strange, upsetting, situ·

jazz' soloJst must fundamentally be Philadelphia PhUharmonJc, F r o m meanwhile they would c a r r y an . a good musician; he must be able all over the world came composers their own mUe teuds over who had to compose on his teel Some say and musicians Uke Russo who "the truth." or who conducted them· that jazz, like poetry, Is impossIble says, "The jazz spirit is the feellng selves properly. Some would maln-


attempts are taln that the campus wasn't spJrlttolk art, which made at the ·more organJc concepts ual enough and tha.t there were sprang from the Negroes at New or music , , ° at working out aome- those who wertt�ot helpJng it grow Orleans. It was a type at primitive thJng that 1a unltled trom beginning but ralther opposed such �..rth, ot Improvisation, 'My


musical development which evolved


end, while usJn8- a variety of new Others would say the lfiudent's lite technJques and chordal muS't become m o' r e educaUonal, more social or what else have you,

trom the emotions and personalities themart::1c

ot , the °lndlvidU&l playen, Through structures," th� long years it gre. up and proIn IMarch, 1953. a then to

New York and In the

20th century b&d stirred.


at all

world. As time PUaed.


the ID9tru-

, over the a certain ex-

STELLA'S FLOWERS " Flowe for AU �a.lon.


12173 Pacific Ave.

(Fo�t of· Garfield)

GR. 7483

We Deliver


even Used. tho archool ne,;apa­ per' to chuUJe each �ero ' Just betore Decoming co!Dpletely 1bad a atrkt reputation tor adhering dla1llu810ned and bewHdered our to the esta'bl1shed classlcal Instru c- e tudeDot tound: 8Ome�g w h 1 c.h (Continued on page 4. col. 1) (Continued on page 4, col 2)

gressed, "1t spread to ChIcago and l�ts


tew jan enthus-

Dave Brubeck In a whlch

concert at Oberl1Il College.


Laurinat's Apparel



Zelma Laurlnat

409 Garfield 8t.


� 5317'

GRanlt Parkland, W.ah.

Kellogg Foundation and In education, Intending to teach so- under the clal studies In high school. How- dId his thesis as a result of that ever. he became Inter sted In politi- experIence.


During World War II Mr, iiagen cal 9Clence and went on to work for his doctor's degree In that area, con- served In the Army as a special centratlng In Russian area studies. a g e n t In �ounter Intelligence In Mr, Farmer began studying Russian

In the Army and, besides .being able



Germany, Luxem­

bourg, Belgium, and Norway, After

the war. 'he assisted with the de­

mobilization of the German army In

Forestry being one Of his main NOrwtly. Mr, Hagen's teaching experience hobbles, Mr, Farmer bought some c t-over land in Mlnn&8ota after tbe Include;s tour years In M.lnnesota, u campus such a would not be hree years In North Dakota, five Ideal as supposed. Almost Imme· war, replanted it a.nd Is now devel· t yean In :Montana. and tour years In dlately upon arrIval he discovered oping his own private foresl Also Albany, Oregon. group after group and person after lIsted among his hobbles aTe "poltHis cb1et outside interest lies in person demandIng his attention. tics" and studying f o r e I g n lanhis faIntly, which Includes his wife gua es with concentration on Gerg Each one had something to say and two sons, aged sl.x: and ten about how or whart be should think, man, French, Swedish and Russian. years, :Mr, Hagen states that. "be­ From 1948 to 1949 he traveled beHeve, act, 88:Y, and do. tore she caught me," his wJfe was a T his situation was alarming but through Europe and studied there, a teacher In Los Angeles. HIs Inter· not nearly as much as his next dis- mainly In Czechoslovakia, on ' ests also Include mUSic. p u b I I c covery. For 10 and behold, he found scholarship. Two years ago he was speaking, and chnrch aetJvIUes. that If !he dared to Question or doubt given a teachIng tellowshlp at the While at Bllllngs. 'Montana, he was what these groups and Individuals University Jt MInnesota by the on the MIssion Board at the Pacific were saying, the poaitlvely moat Ford Foundation and last year he Northwest and at Albany, Oregon, righteoua ra th would be Inntcted history In a Minneapolis high organize a mission conupon blm and he would become the subject ot much dIsapproval.

contrasted rhythms. Improvisations, Duke Ellington, who, Hke Stan Ken- upon each oMler, Like a famtly, they or on-the-spot compo9ing, Is also a ton, has written for the New York banded 'together to defend Christian distinctiVe feature of jazz, A good and Paris BaUets as well as for the e d u e a t I o n to all outsiders, But

Early jazz was

Dr. Farmer

to speak It, actually uses It In his and study of Russian political scIence.

On definIUon of jazz Is that It is Iy was on the cover of Time maga- aUon awaited his eyes and ears, enough these one-minded a kind of American music charac- zlne following the tremendous sue- Oddly terl.zed · by clear melodies, strong -cess of his "Jazz GOes to College" groups and I �dlvlduals were also emotional content, and emphatic, record album. From Chicago came showering seorn and Indignation

, to defln&-it must be tell


Mr. Donald Farmer, associate proAlso bullng from fessor of history and political Bcl· Mr. Arnold Hagen, who has joined enee, COmE!8 to PLC from Mlnneapo- PLC's education ' department this , yeal'. He rece1ved liIBB:-A�degree' Ils, Minnesota. Moorehead, Mr. Farmer gained, his college from Concordia College, his 'M.A. in Edu­ educatIon at the University ot Mln- �lInnesota, In 1931, University the rom 1941 In· cation . .! and nesota received his B.S. In Ed and earned ucatlon In 1944, In abaentlal: During of Mon�na In Missoula, from the 1955 In doctor's his degree World War II Mr. Farmer served wo.k­ for three years In the Army Inran- University of Oregon. WbUe try In Europe, and ' in Ger:many was Ing on his doctorate, he partlcJpated tor , the program the In ooperative (' awarded the Purple Heart. After the war he did some .graduate work study Of educational ,administration


Vlalt Our ·HOBNOB Room Dlnnera - Short Ordera

The" Best in Donuts " Open from 7:30 to 8:00




By Freddy Miller Tn regards to last week's comment on -school spirit and enthusiasm, if Ihe student body will continue to put out and turn out at the remain­ ing games as they did wlbh Central, the Lutes will be right at the top a t the climax of the season.



'Ve are now at mld..geason and things are begi nni ng to shape up this

\\ay: 'Vh two h, as a pre-season favorite, has rem ained unbeaten and il looks as though they will be the same Monday after their

meeting with the Cniverslty of British Colum bi a. PLC will have to really dig in 10 ,'orne out on top In their remaining games and they have a good [ltart \\"Ith two conference wins. Let's hope that the Gla�lIators' onl taste of y defeat will have been their two on:con fe ence games with CPS 'and l'acifi c - U. Although CPS has dropped one game In " .." , lhrp.p' Aia.rt.a...... th st rtl ftr� M r it�'�� '"OO w.t �� r



PQ'��r; &"it..:�e p..�Aijl,�iU�;




.-- -.

afternoon. E as tern, a one to one contender, might .very ,well get a few more-marks i n the win column and will give the Lutherans a real tussle tomorrow. British Col umbia was the SUrprise package of last weekend in their upset a'nd first conference win o'er 'Vestern, 6 to O. Both Central and Wester.n have been on the short end thus far b ut they should pull Ihrough before the season' s end.



� :�


he Air Force Academy Falcons rolled to their second straight (oot. ry, beating a strong Colorado A. & M. freshman team, 21-13 _ . . ball Did rou ever hear of a football game be1ng cancelled on account of rain? Three eastern games were last week . . . Harvard won their first game on Baker Field and their first from Columbia since 1948 tn a 21·7 decl­

�Ion . . The Soonel"S of Oklahoma continued to roll as they downed Kansas 44·6, sl!ttlng two national records, the longest winning streak and the 99th straight game In which they have scored . . . Toug.h luck Huskies, but good luck with Stanford . . . Tennessee State 85, Paul Quinn 0 _ • • The average bettor at Longacres during the last season lost $7 per riay . _ Bobby Dunn returned to the U. of W, squad atter recovery of pre­ �eason Jnjurles . . . Paul Anderson, world's heavyweight weight litter,


l i fted 1,130 pounds . . .

Southern Calltornla over Wisconsin 33-21 .

Wasblngton didn't ha\o-e a pass interception 'till In the closing minutes last Saturday . . Coaches Fromm and Gilmer better hang It up after their Powder Putt showing; Muds.pots WOUldn't have won even if the coach&a had played . . . Tony Trabert, 1955 Wimbledon and U. S. amateur

champion, turned pro In signing a I6-month contract and a chance to earn $100,000 , . . Tom Gala, LaSalle basketball Ali-American, broke his Tight hand and will be out for at least six weeks . . , Eddie O'Brien was

North Hall Hits Losing Streak, Drops 2 Games

A m i d an enthusiastic 81denne

In the Intramural race North Hall named as freshman coach at Seattle University . . . Take PLC over .East· has been baving some pretty 1'00. ern In a tough game by six p ints. � luck! October 13th they lost to

Clover Creek Vl1lage, 60-0. Monday

Announcing a. New Barber Shop .


r�;;==========:===:=iiif============j Located I n New IGA Foodtown PHONE GR. 3434 1 12TH 4. PACIFIC AVENUE


Frye's Record Shoppe


12607 Pacific Avenue

HOURS: Mon. Tues. Wed. - T h u.... 11:01 a.m. to 1 2 : 30 ••m.


Largest Selection of 45 r.p.m. Records

.. . 1 1 :00 a,m. to 2 : 00 a.m. Saturday 9 : 00 a.m, to 3:30 a.m.

Sunday 9 : 00 a.m_ to 12:30 a.m. 1 1 9th &. Pacific


Open Mon" Fri., 10 a.m. to 9 p,m.

GR. 2211


Open Saturday, 10 a,m, to '&-p-:m,


they lost .to Eastern, 6-0. It would

appear these


,howlng ,Ign, or aging.

Fastest Growing Communiry

1 1 802 Pacific Avenu e


GRanite 7100

fgr guys and �!!


Ivy Hall lost, 12-S. to Eastern to

crOWd, the C I a v e r River Valley Girls ran to an easy win over the

Frosh Mudspots In Sa.turday moa:n­ lng's t\nnual Powder Puff Bowl by

Playing their best game of the a score ot 9-6.

year 'before an enthusfastic bome­


coming crowd, the Pacific Lutheran





Monl Wetton, the upper.clall8 girls

C a I I e g e Gladiators defeated the

scored their first touchdown In the

Central Washington Wildcat§, by a.

first Quarter with a. take handoff


score of 20-13. The game was played and a left-end sweep 'break ber winning streak and put Saturday, Se mber 15, at the LIn­



Johnson. The extra point was made Tacoma in the lead October 13, but coln Bowl. with a smash over right guard. Tuesday she beat Tacoma 30-24 to For the first time this season the The Clover Girls got their other p t herself back In first place. Lutes showed a strong offense, Led DeJacdlne, lo,t a 12-0 battie to by the fine passing of qua'her-back two points: on a satety. The only frosh score came later Tacoma and North Hall won over Tommy Gilmer, who completed 14 In the game when the Mudspots Clover Creek Hall, 24-12. of 21 passes good for 152 yards, and pushed to the Clover River Valley 'Strong running "of halfback John PATONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS Fromm and fullback Jack Newhart, five-yard line and went over on the next play for a TO, The try for PLC wae in command all the way. poInt tailed. Camille Emerson was Fromm gained 88 yards In 17 car· at Quarterback for the frosh. rles to average more than five yards This game was the third straight per try. Victory' for the upperclasltWomen. Arter kicking off to Central to Coaching the CRV Girls were Bob open the game, the Lutes held and Marvonek and Denny Rodin. Froah forced the' Wildcats to punt. .Then coaches .were Tommy Gilmer and the Gladiators went to work, Gilmer , John Fromm. completing three passes In the 56

dimes in time will grow into

Fast, Economical Printing and Lithography

.A Compiete Mod�r'l Printing Plant, in Tacoma's

Powder Puff Results: L utes Defeat CRVG 9, Mudspots t.. Central 20-13 At Homecomin g

Thrift is Part of Your :Education

Open a Savings Account NOW .LINCOLN, BllANCH

PUGET SOUND .. NATIONAt BANK O""O''', I.tU....C• .. ....... .llt� ...."

f'UtUL . "Ot

yard drive whicb took just seven

plays, set the ball up on the Cen-




game In the third Quarter. TakIng

the kick to open the second balf of

tral 12 from where Galen Nusbaum play, the Lutes, led by the tine run cracked over for the touchdown. nlng of fullback NeWhart, moved GiImer drop-kicked the conversion , the ball to the W.J.ldl!at 6-tr.J;rd line and the score read 7-0, trom where Newhart carried It over. Early In the second quarter the

Wildcats tIed up the game 7·7. Aft-


Gilmer missed the extra. point

In the fourth quarter Central re­

ftr recovering a Lutheran fumble on covered a fumble on the PIC 4-yard t h e I r own 43-yard

line, Central


lIne and In three plays 8cored. The moved the ball to the PLC two trom attempted conversion .was mJssed where fullback Jim Thrasher then a few mInutes and. at the tInal scored. Quarterback Bill Harriman later the score read 20-13 In favor passed to end JIm Baggett, who ot the Lutes. was ' all alone In the end zone, for PLC 'had -two more opportunities the extra polll't.. . . to score rbut ·they were 8topped bY' A few minutes later the Lutes be- the clock times. [n .the !irst _,

, ,


gan to drive again. Atter moTing balt they were on the WlIdcat 8the ball to the Central 29, Gilmer ya:rd �e when time r&n out and In completed a pass tb end Ron t;ltorfourth Quarter the GladJ.ators


aaslHor 91x pOints. Once again Gil· mer dropklcked the' extra point and Gladiators were ahead at half· time 14-7, J

reached the vi"!Jltor�' one'just before . 'the. game ended_ ...... , The Lutes now share first �ace

in the EVergreen COnfe{ence with PLC wasted no time In 'scoring thf> Whltworth"Ptrates, Neither club winning - touchdown


the h�'s lost a league game this season. I



--- Friday. Octobe;-21, 1K5 '

T H E MOO RI N G MA8T Page Four -






Wh'tw I Orth SfUd en t Translates Book Info Thai D ialed

In erpresslng thanks, it Is alwan difficult to put Into word!P'"wbat • I one fe'e18. Our .feellng Is one ot deep hu�llIty and gratltude to you-:-tb.e 8tudents. faculty. and administration of PLC. The job that you did during Homecoming weekend displayed a wonderful splrtt through cooperation By Leland Wllahlre and participation. It tilled us with happiness to see the endeavors ot one People ot ThaIland are reading and all come "ito fruition In the varlau!\. acUvIties ot Homecoming. Billy Graham's book. "Peace wlllh To Quote an alumnus, "It's great to be back and see how PLC bas God," because ot the work In trallS­ grown, both In size and In spirit. When we arrived on campus, the 'old latloft done by iMaltree Charthurut, feeling' returned-a feeling ot being ..,..elcome and at home." & new Whitworth student t r o m The committees did gplendld jobs and we wish to compliment them Lampoon, Thailand. in their work. All detaJls were planned and from the Ume of coronation After reading Graham's book he to the end ot the church service, everything proceeded according 18> schedfelt "the Lord had called me to ule. Everyone did a great job In fulfilling their duties and the weatherman translate It Intoj.he language of the , "" as aven on our side, O ur appreClatlO gO . ��_e���r.. e.stud.en.t, J��.qQt{l:.�� ,')� ��.��, ,,,"h.P��. � � ';'/�-" ._ . _�..lVt��.U.g �OIn�cO:-J� _____ _ ,. 1 . . . . . , --")" , . , ..bodJl. !�;!J>-!.:IS wo_ed lrum. $...a..m •. .wrtlL2: a.m� � ''':''�' . .'-� ,-,Our: tiran«s JA--ROt-sn-�r-tG..ti:e��tldEUlts. 'faculty and adDill'lTstY'itfon, the" two. weeks of 'spring /Vacation, but also to the Alumni Assoc !atlon and eS'p ecIal1y Mrs. Ramstad. who put but -he' tound that he had only half n .neee.. tor lbe college and tor eIflSh hours that m k O lb ea ;;"d-to give up, yet he ' e y " felt the prayers ot Christian peoELLEN HENRY AND TERRY BROWN oui two weeks of he so 'pie" Homecoming Co-Chatrmen.. _____ lIehool and. wor�Ing some nights I without. sleeP, finished w h a t be Jaa7 'thousht was a job beyond hl. ca· (Continued from page 2, col. 2)· pllclty. "No credJt belongs to me," (Oentlnued trom page 2, col. pleased him and seemed to be the tlon ot music. The conoort was a IM&Jtree commented, "The Lord was thing he was lookJng tor. Here was huge succe86_ The quartet held com- just dotag the Impossible." a protessor who seemed to be still p}etely under Its control for almost. Hia translation was published searching, one 'Who was humble and two hours a large and varied audt� jt!8t Ii few days before he new to • yet br1lllant, :Inn In conviction, yet ence, many of whom !Were Conserv- San FrancIsco on Sept. 6. gentle and honest In doubt. He did· atory lJtudents- a1most enUrely un- ChrisUan people In this country n 't demand tha.rt his classes accept educated in Jazz. When the group oftered him a personal scholarshIp 'bls conclusions but rather that tbey left the stage, the starving crowd, to come bere to study. He plans to had only been par- go to Biblical seminary In New 5 h 0 u I d "find their own plot of whose appetlte tially satisfied, stili wa�ted more. Y9rk to prepare for the ministry ground to stand upon." A few aays later he met a group As a Jaz z Clu� was actively tormed, that be might serve his people. of students with the same spirit as the musical world knew that mod­ the professor be admired. They dls- ern music bad found anotber .home. PATONIZE YOUR ADVERTIS:ERS cussed many experiences and prob- This Is a new, exciting type of lems In Jlfe but demanded no ae- Ameri.can art torm, sy-mbollc of the ceptance of the truth that was lndlviduaUstlc t r e n d In musical theirs. They treated each 0 t h e r communIcation. True jazz (not to sympabhe't.llcally, with understand- be conf1,!�ed with popular Ing' and appreciation. shall continue to present its expres· So his new world grew with a stu- slons whether t'hey be up-tempo dent here and a professor there who Dixieland or Bartoklan classical '\ wIshed his company In order to constructions. As Stan Kenton says, _ Js-hare experiences �nd understand- "Jazz wllJ l 1ve and grow . . . Its de­ bg. With them humility was a word Signs have only begun." with deep meaning, They were peo- From tender soft sounds to crash­ * * pie who 'with kindred spirit and ing dissonance , . . this Is modern 'hearts know that there are yet few music . . . thIs is Jazz, finished men.

:� �::�?

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"Gu ci b l e"

I ,

Be G ive n Nov. 2, 3, 4



nts . Present



te�di:�'9'�·' U�S�·<�Pfay " .. ...

t. i-



Pacific Lutheran College is proud to' present Arthur Milli'c's

"CJuciblc" on Nov. 2, 3. and 4 . Lou Schaeffer of the Brooklyn News called this story " A play of granite and fire that rowers and

flames over the cest of the season's new plays." John McClain of the Journal�American quoted : "A play of enormous strength and intelligence." In 1 9 5 3 the "Crucible" received a n Antoinett� Perr}"

award for "distinguished contrlbu· lstence or witches, or 'persons en· tion to the current theatre season" dowed with supernatural powers of and was runner-up In the New York evil, was still taken for granted on Drama Critics Circle ballotin��to both sides of the Atlantic. During select the "best new American play" the spring ot 1692 some Salem chll­ or the season. The "Crucible" also dren. Insistlng that certain Indlvld­ shared the Donaldson Award with 1Ials whom they named had be­ William lnge's "Picnic." 1 witched chern, began to act Queerly, With these national recommenda· 1 even having... or feigning, lions In mind we're sure that no fits. Soon. not only In Salem but elsewhere in the colony also, min­ night performance on the C-M·S islers and magistrates were giving stage. This contemporary play, writ· serious attentiOfl to these accllsa· ten in 1952, Is being presented in a tJons a n d w e r e demanding that contemporary fashion at PLC. The something be done about them. The Kenneth Deyrol Bruce JoAnn Wayne production crews, under the direc· Hebraic law had accepted the Idea, Torvik Anderson Oahl Hudson lion of Mr. Eric :Sordholm, Rre and in the Old Testament (EX Olsen ered\'ng five sets for the presenta· !���: 1����e�e �a;.L� ���t ���: S T� � :s I I Ice Skatin g � e the play director, said ber. 1692. no Ie" than 19 peesons ley Elbecson. Pa rl:y Ton il:e Calling and all goblins ghouls " Is very proud of the had been hanged and many ot.aers � n g ' recently, n I I l I a �����e::��d �u��a:� ���:e�h�st :�reP:�d���IO:a�io��: '�;�; Im���:::�'Of th; play, which repre�:,�t���� al =::t5;:I'1 �� ���������:� ;::� t Call have combined their etforts to amateur releases of this play." sents many different departments.... skiing followed by an lee-skating party Organlzatlon Is the keynote of ��:;��t �'I�a��o�:�; h�:�:u:���: The background of the produc. on campus, consists ()t: Theresa Linsay, Duane Peterson, Virginia . The Ski Club has 'Planned an eve· ·success. No team ever won a ball lion's setting is "The Salem Incl Thompsen, Wayne Olson, and Ellza­ ning ot fun and entertainment for game without organization, or as �!s:�. s���� �sd���s���iclt�/�C d:�: dent," one of America's shadier pe- beth Ziehm, Sandra label This coaches teamwork. H, winter sport fans. Tonight. ski films Tlods ot history. Toward the end of acobs. alldof Tacoma; and .,arty, for everyone Is included In the Jo­ Howar Jeanblanc too close concen- JAnn anson, produced by the Union Paclflc .Rail- idea ot teamwork Is essential If we the century, 17th 1 Invitation. Pr�zes w1 l be awardall of Parkland; Dey­ road, will be �hown at CB at 8:00. are to have a successful season In ed for best costumes, male and te- tration on what many called the rol H ; Kenneth Eatonville Anderson, sports. At 9;30, students wlll meet In tront "wonders of the Invisible world" a1. Torvlk. Karen Knutson and Ger· male; most grotesque, most humor- most swept the little settlement of aid Bayne, of Seattie; Diane of Old Main for rides to Lakewood Following through on this idea:, ous , and most original. There will all. Ice Arena. The lee arena has been we, the pep staff, have come upon be entertainment, Salem Vlllage, �lassachusetts, from Ol gameii� and' food. aness, Spokane; B r u c e Dahl, reserved for PLC students .fro m the Idea of having an organized Its moorings At this time the ex. Great Falls, Montana; JoAnn Hud. rooting section. It wlll consist of 10:30 until 12:30. son, Mount Vernon; Myrna Berg Admission will be $.50 and skates any and all members of the student ST UDENT CONGREGATION AWS ll Tolo Is and Bruce Mestord, both ot Port Fa Sunday, October 30 $.35. MJss Nelson and Mr. Farmer body who wholeheartedly want to Angeles; Rodney Kastelle, WInwill chaperone the party. The· Skb yell till their voices crack and their Bible Study, 9 : 45 a.m., Chapel Event I dom, Minnesota; RiLymond Men9ch, lungs burst. Our noises wtll be Div ne Worship Service, 11 a.m. Succ.essful el u nv Ites a II s tud en ts. Long to be remembered In the Colfax; Marilyn , Los Angeles; greater than that of tbe trumpets of S P�:��l M�a ic�T;u���� ·�:I b'� minds of many Is the A,W.S. Fall rd Tolo which was held last Saturday and Oharles Tucker, Oregon City. ld a n , Joshua at Jericho, tor with this en. l Prayer"-MaloUe. Janet Turinan, Puyallup, Is an unAPO, Cu.rlain Call thuslasm on the part ot the students Sermon, "The Burden of Unan- night. roles. Patricia we will beat Whitworth and CPS s;ered �r�ye�' pa�Or LU�ne. Some ot the most outstandlng and derstudy In women's and show them that "We're the St � c To Sponsor Party ye eo- memorable events of the evening Ann Bondurant, SeattIe, Is the stuassistant direetor. dent �le� Jea� � Ibe��: New pledges tor Alpha Phi Ome- mighty Lutherans, Ya sure, you Reformation FestIval, 3:30 p,m., were such things as the colorful The main production s taU Inbetcha!" d ll I l !� � �'��o�:r�� �:I�� �::���� Upon entering Lincoln Bowl you Luther Youngdahl, spe,aker. ��:ssb��:u�U�a;e�!�t�:�u:e: t:: eludes: technician, Jon Sarne; elecEric ' Jordahl; properties, Johnny Ratteto. Scout Executive tor wlll notice a s�ctor reserved tor the ��::, ��: h:�� �u:: l�s ::; :!:. trlcIan, Marlene S�hlmlller and Barbara t the Northwest District and a l s o rooting section. The band will be- l v o ko h s e t M acDonald, furniture, Nell Arnston l ings ec Scout Adnsor for the local APO -seated on your right and the smll m a k i n g the room feel llke the I st1an,. costumes, and D a v I d Ch r <hopter. will be present for the Ing faces of the pep staff will lead Islands Beverly Sveningson; make-up, Mary you through the songs and yells ceremonies, I N eW Off-Icers Every couple that :was there. one Alice Drexel. Following the formlLl initlation, a during the course at the game. We in join . meeOng to first Its seemed held all, In Club iking hundred V The play Is November 2, 3 and 4 pledge party wJll be held at Camp hope that this plan wlll add to the on campus. . of the year on October 20 At this wIth the performers and set a mood at 8 00 p.m" 80 plan now to attend Kllworth near Brown's Point. A pro- spirit . These plans are by no means time the elegUon ot ollficers was f;he for the evening', Group Singing ot one of PLC's tlnest presentations­ gram Is planned and there wlll be l main topic o!>"lb�siness. This year' s :the Luau songs tilled your mind Arthur MIller' s dynamlc Cruclb ,.... games and .retreshments. Clarence final. Conclullions will not be drawn omcers are : president, George Lov- with dreams of the Islands and you Protrat.z Is chairman for the eve- unW the game Is underway, We are hopIng fer -Ule best and you, the �ng; vice-president, DavId Lunde; c o u l d pracUcally see the palm ning. · Music Guild Elects students, can make It just that. -secretary-treasurer, Lois Erekvam; leaves sway. r FORMER PLCITES TO MARRY Let's all come out to the games and and led rep�,:�ent;aUTe, RosIe Ness. Dave- Knutson 'began the enter- Officers For Year Mr, Rlchard S. Kent, former PLC yell our.,heads ott. Show our team Last night the club advIsor Pro- .ta1nment with the Boost Woogy Organ Gund met last Tuesday student. announces his forthcomlng that we are'behInd,them 100%: Win 'fessor -Svare, invited the grOup to and Bobbie ·B1rkedahl g a v e her nJght and elected their officers for marriage to ·M.iss G e 0 r g t a Rae or lose. they're our team and our 'h ls home. The new officers took reading ot the Big Hunt. The 4PO the coming year. These ottfceTS are : R hoades at Port Angeles, Washing- reprellentatives and we want every- over and P'Jans tor the year were Q\lartet Jntroduced theIr newelt Pres., K a r e n Misenheimer; vice­ ton. The wedding will be at 8 p.m. one to know that we are cheering dlscusse�. song that Is tlure to be a hit on the 'President. Virginia Prachnow, and October 29, tn Port Angeles. Dick them on. All students at ScandinaTfan an- hit parade, "Ron Ho, Kine of the ,'eum',W ODella 1M. attended PLC during his freabman THE SONG QU-EEN5 . cestry are cordially invited -to join Islanda." The tolo ended with an The. next meeting win be. held THE OHEERLEADERS ·the cl1l'b. ... . -: and 8Opholllore years, '53-'55. hour or IJWtmminc. November 8 In the 'Music LIbrary. __



-'- _

l �t?a�:nHold i�:I���X:?�t�fti��;f�f��t� :���? �: � :I� :;:. ;.:: ! PLC

__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Pep Section To Be Formed for Cheers Next Home Game




b I









I r !

I Two


Frid ..y, October 28. 1955

Concert: Nohs

New S faff Members Ha il from Washin gton and Pennsy lva nia

'1 he Mooring M ..,

The eoncert at BI.nche Thebom last Monday was very well received by a full bouse or students and guests. This 'was undoubtedly one of the most listenable concerts we :have had on campus for some time. There are several feasons tor this, the first 'being the programming. Excellent dlscreUon in the choice of songs was shown. Although classic. they were familiar and v a t l e d enough to be eully enjoyed. The listener never got a chanee to lose Interest by too lo'ng a siege or ODe type ot D;luslc. The. Jdea ot Poach . 'group ' �ou"ldiin5 oi..' &U�"' : v; one co.n1Poser, wlt..b va:rl8ty within,. the group, was a refreshing cbange. The "second reason WQS the stage Editorial personality and interpretation ex· hlblted. There was llttle Question ot Last Tuesday's concert was not only a fine performance, it the wondertul Interpretaijo.ns, lin­ was an example of what we, as students. have made possible here guistic fluency and audience conat PLC_ I,t was said at the concert, "We ,have been striving spiritu­ Miss Tbebom had. Her facial ally and academically, but now we are devtloping culturally, too. " Miss Florance Quast, adminlstra- Dr. Vernon Carlson was born In tact This must come from within the student body. It cannot be ad­ expressions acU�elY portrayed the In Marys1908 and grew up was in Pennsylvania born Uve dIetitian, ministered 'by the faculty or the board of controL ville, Washington. After receiving In Pennsylvania and Delaware. Alt· m�n:er:a:lrOeU�:�:(e���:�taZ:u��: Cultural development is not a series of lectures, indoctrination l e s e e a t n and the deep, well-coninto fine arts, or compulsory attendance at programs. It". is an ap­ ��v:�;;t: o� ;:�h�n:;Oe:, s:! ��: :, ;n:�: �ol�!�eBi!';hl� :e �:�� era I stars. preciation of [he finer things, where man has risen above the petti­ Delaware ele- :!I�d :::;e:!���s �:e:::s �;: Pennsylvania In manand Ins.tltutional In graduate work ness of society and the monotony of existence, and created a unique o a h et h o A brought equivalent talexpression of his being_ We have brought ourselves the opportun­ :!;:, :t I:�.� ;ta�:J�:�:!�, :n;�� :::�� at:he ��tI::r: �ity ��I� could have ity to appreciate this through the Student Artists Series. This was _ lege ror some time, he served as an �:r�:eI:h;e:��:��v��.er;h:r:O:;� the University of Washlngton arranged. advertised, and sponsored by students, primarily for stu­ At Edmonds High School and at Instructor at John's Hopkins Unl- combine he gracious manner, the dents. Its success is a t tested to by the applause Miss Thebom re­ Mount Vernon Junior College she I verslty during and arter the war. speakfng tvoice and talent to give ceived. taught in the home economics de_ ln 1949 he earned -his Ph.D. from the superb Quality pertormance preWe are proud of it. partment and ran the school lunch- j -that unIversIty_ sented. room programs. From there Miss In 1951 he moved to Tokyo, Ja/ n a v t h S s t A CAME L Something ng that evlc I • •om:ti,{ ��:;�e�s� �0 �1 � ; e �: J;:�r:��: �; int:�n:�:�:� ��:c���o!� �::I� ery",pAodyel....want. I sit here alone to h .. ve re..d .. nd where she was In charge of rood 1 953 'he was In American Service un-assisted To Say service and taught courses In Inst!- serving all consultant In the Inst!- nobody wanta to read help-less tutional management. At Syracuse tute ot Educational Leadership and without aid by Bob Lundgren UnlversHy In New York she served (Continued on page four) PATONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS Chrlet had somethln·g to say to Hark, someone cometh f tor 19 years as head of the Departeveryone, excepting those who un- Ahhh! a lady on camel. ment or Institutional Management justly judged HJm; and even to Help this Kingdom lady and Direj;:tor or Food Service. Wblle 50 million times a day them His silence sounded louder and you shall be paldthere she set up one ot the first I than any spoken w 0 d s. Christ A horse, centralized rood servIces on a colcould speak ....ith a clear conscIence A horse, at home, lege campus, complete with bakery, because He knew whereof He spoke A four-Iegge� horse, butcher shop, and storage houses. -Rod Basehore and He could not 'be judged a bypoat work ,or In 1949 MJss Quast returned to crite because He lived wbereby He spoke. We students who take t�is employer will expect something ex- the West to be near her family and while at play apportunlty to speak cannot sty tra from us, our community will to serve for ,three years the first this, nevertheles�, wJlb justifiable look to us tor leadership and we director or scbool lunch programs cautlon and with reallzaUon ot our will assume responslblllUes ot a for the State of Washington. At limits we cast our Ideas berore the home. The ract looms berore us that Marysville she planned, organized scrutinizing eye of the students in we will be held accountable rOI' that and opened a restaurant at Cedar There's hopes that by reflection and discus- w'blch we should have accumulated Crest Golf Course, a ramily-owned , slon what is written might be of and developed while at college. Ft.t enterprise. Last year she was dlrec· Reed at Col service tood the ot tor l value to some Individuals. nally we knuckle down to good l ard nothing All over the country we find rU8- work In our waning college days_ I lge in PorUand, Oregon_ tic little plaques In souvenir shops. However, even it we get " )Uss Quast states that she Is bapsticks In my The one that eternally TOO LATE SCHl\fART" we at least py to be back In the state ot Wash­ like mind Is 'K\VlTCHURBELLlAKIN' ; have arrIved at the state or mind Ington and that ,the rood service op­ but this summer my eye came to whereby we are enabled to make up eration In our College Union Bulld­ light on one that had something to some lost ground; but roost import- Ing when completed will be one of a say. The message on that varnlsbed ant we are able to take the best ad- the most outstanding In this area. slab of pine was this: WE GET of the future. Whatever our It is 'Planned to utilize the best TOO SOON OLlYI' UND TOO LATE vantage class or whatever our state of mind Ideas In food servIce operation. to SCH:'.IART." It neither " . . TOO nor save Jabor and time, and to supply Homely as this phrase may be It " Is TOO LATE" to SOON" re-evaluate the best food possible for large seems to fit our complex college our s t u d y bablts, attitudes and groups -----life. As freshmen nnd sophomores goals. keeping in mind that the Cu'1\ ,e do not recognize the slgnirlcance PATO N I Z E YOUR ADVERTISERS and value of higher education. As ture Is as close as tomorrow juniors and seniors we see that the If You Are Willing "long haul" is really rather short and that college Isn't just registra­ By Ardl. Cutts tion lines, "Go Get 'em Gladiators," If you can take time out tor somehne each day to help them, and coffee dates, "gripes" and cramming you are .wllling to sutler personal deteat and 108S of pride lor God;s for good grades. We now realize uke; then'be happy. that the time Is coming when our U you are wilting to sUll help someone wbo has let you down over and over, and do it with no misgiving: hen be happy. are wllling to glve mercy. treely, wlthout ...!orclng yourself to L FOR TASI'B . .. Frye's Record Shoppe do so,If you to ·those who have wronged you greatly: then be happy. briaJ>t, b...... If you are wIlling to try to understand others and it you are willing 12607 Pacific Avenue eTet�fresb spadde. to let God walk with you and you with Him: then rejoice and be exceed­ PARKLAND 2. FOR RllFllI!SHMENT... ingly glad tor love, patience, mercy, understanding and the Kingdom ot • welcome bit Go� are all yours! of quick coer... that

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·Cob" U 0 NgI�tw.d �moR.




October I5---PLC over Central; October 22-PLC over Eastern; to-­ Western? It the I morrow-PLC Have you ever wondered when and where Intercollegiate footbal!---�, Lutes continue over '--to play the way they began? It had Its beginning back on November 2. 1869. The tlrst game In the last two games, the A left footed drop-kick by quarter. ter-back Al Cartwright and rambled w�s between a Rutgers team and a crude men. It was Monday chapel service will com· back GUmer vms the deciding 47 yards for a touchdown: Sullivan's played soccer style and there were 25 menlotonora Princeton side. This spectacular mence with an tor another tactorTom applause as Pacific Lutheran Coliege kick was no good: this proved to event took place before an excited crowd ot one hundred spectators. Rut· Gladiator Victory. gel's won the kIcking game by the score of six points to fOl,1r, but Prlnc� PLC will meet Western at Bel· deteated the Eastern Washington be the deciding point of the entire 21.20, Saturday, October game. ton Immediately challenged Rutgers to a return game. This tlm� Prince: Iingham tomorrow afternoon with a Savat'�� at Cheney. With only 51 seconds to play torr won by a score cf 6-0 and thus American Intercollegiate football was 4·1 season record compared to the 22,Gilmer, had not been too suc. the Savages made an on.slde born. . Vikings' record of 1 win a!1d cessful onwho x ttempts recovered the ball. On the rlrs.t and point Just as we know Georg� Washington Is the "Father tra a e his " or Country, losses. However;, Tom GUmer and " eason kIcked three play quarterback LeRoy Fallng. we should know that Walter Camp Is the "Father or Amerl:our an Foo ba�!:� .c2��aHY_�·.I.!Lr!l.c�."' !I!rQ.B,,,.lrJ"'��·. �� f� .thl !,. �: ��!> =.:��?I��!b ..-.:...- I_;':.�� .� : � ;::::.=!�_ t"';:�'i.� ...;.;..;,... ��� · !.'l"'Y.!" te y.��;-�-!...7...:!!:;- ;:;:�.:.�.:.:;. rJ ".-....; 'CI·· !,..UO .Tnlt �. ,ut"O"t'" 'll Y'Ri.'m as '{b.� f)lggeat .une .fn· :;;; t -� () -P d or w touchdowns to lead test's final touchdbwn. Sullivan's collegiate game was tilayed. He played halfback on the Yale squad ror tfaci conference which will certainly kick was- good and. as the game the Lutes to ;'lctory. fou. years. When bIs college days were over he stayed on at Yale and b.e- lbhee the came their football coach and this was the .beginnlng of a new era in year. toughest PLC has m·e; this PLC. who held a 21.0 lead before ended, the sea-e stood 21.20 In tavor football. He took the hodge-podge game th.t It was th a.d ,.t down La,t -Saturd.y the VIking, galn.d the Savages scored their tlrst touch. or the Lutes. --r-----'--' I a set of rules that were to remain little changed. It was Walter Camp their tirst victory by defeating the down In the thl,d ou"t." "y who set the otticlal number of players on a football team at eleven men, -Southern Oregon, 19-6. AI· lost the game as the Cheney team no more, no less. Walter Camp Invented the scrimmage method ot put· though still plagued with injuries, struck twice for scores In the last H a I� OW minutes of play. tlng the ,ball In play, the orderly �ssession ot ·t�e ban. He Invented will be out ·to make a suc· twoHaltback John Fromm scored the "team signals." guard Interterence on end runs, as well as haltback and . Western cess of their Homecoming. cut back on end runs. He was al"sO' the originator of the long pass from Coach Harshman, regarding to· Lutes' tlrst T.D. of the day early In I n TOp S pOt: I n center directly to the punter, the "T" or· tackle forma·tlon and the cross cr .s game : "It the boys con· the first quarter, on a 15.yard run to climax a 50.yard drive. Gilmer I ntramurals checking on the line. The Idea of having an All·Amerlcan football team mUnuerow' to play as they did last week, booted his first extra point ot the The seven s left the Intrato honor the best players of the land at the end of each season was also our chances go " od. are team In day and the Gladiators led 7.0. thought up by Camp. His every day was· tilled wi th trying to Improve race are "ba..ttllng hard In this, the game of football and he died while attending a session of the Rules PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS In the second quarter PLC coun. mural tered tor their second sIx points on the last lap of the football tourna. Comrmttee. . an eight yard pass from Gilmer to ment. Tommy Gilmer has drop·klcked the Lutes to victory In a couple of These past few games have been -Ron Storaasll; once again Gil. hard end tough games and here Is something for the sophomore quarterback to on Clover Creek Hall. First, mer converted. wOl"'k toward. Probably the greatest kicking feat known to football his· losing Eastern Tacoma 30.18 and to Lutes score The 21 0 then totoIvy raised the tory was performed by a sophomore for Montana State, Forrest "Frosty" Hall, 66-6. Dick Foege early In the third period. Galen Nus. Peters. Frosty was told by the Montana coach to kick for a field goal three to.uchdowns in the all cored baum Intercepted a Savage pass "SEastern game every time the team was within the forty yard line. All he did that after· while Dick Peterson and ran It back to the Eastern 21. noon was to boot seventeen drop·klcks acroa the bar, for a total of 51 the lone taIty In the Ivy Hall The Gladiators then moved the ball made points. ame. Munson t.ossed nine touchg to the 9, where Gilmer again threw down Here Is how the teams stand as ot last week-end: Ilasses for Ivy Hall. to Storaasll tor the six pOints. Gil. North Won lost (1) tied De Jardine's mer drop.klcked the extra polnl Monday inHall 0 Whitworth . . .. . . . .. . . . . a 12·12 battle. Bob Rodin Late In the third quarter the and Gary Schulenburg Pacltlc Lutheran ... . . . . 3 0 were on e Savage fumble recovered the a on ..... 3 Puget Sound . end of Roy Schwartz�s PLC 31. Arter moving the ball to receiving . .. . t t n (1) for Hall asses North P ' the 9 yard line, Dewey Van Dlnter ��ltl·'� C:�::��: :� . . . ..............::::-: � passed to Ron .sperber for the tally: I2·��0::� �:��:�I�:gI��i����ma ............... 0 Central Washington . . ... 0 Western Washington . :�e ��:�a�1.;.onverted, and the De Jardine's forfe�ted to ERs'tern Thrift is Part of RESULTS LAST SATURDAY a Eastern suddenly came to llfe Your Education Pacific Lutheran 21, Eastern Washington 20. with two minutes to play In the T�:: �nOWlng table Is up to date Puget Sound 15, Central Washington O. .fourth quarter. Sperber nabbed, In as of .Monday, Oct()ber 24: Whitworth 48, British Columbia O. W l Pet. Gal. the all"', a fumble by reserve qual"" Western Washington 19, Southern Oregon 6 (non·conterence). Ivy Hall ....................7 1 .875 O'Pen a Saving8 GAMES TOMORROW m 1 ;,.·�° : Pacific Lutheran at Western Washington, 2:00 p.m. l JA.: A.ccount NO W : v u. , : . . : . : . . : �4 � 3 . : :6: 7: 1 Pug.t Sound .t BrlU,h Columbia, 2 : 00 p.m. lllag. . 21> lO�����:��Gp� �o:�:�wn Central Walthington at Eastern Washington, 1:30 p.m. r Whitworth. open date-. �::: : :r��e�l� . :::::::: 5 : :;: !% LINCOLN BRANCH Mlllel"'lng Around: Colgate handed Yale the first Ell defeat of the De Jardine's .. .. . 2 .286 4� Bar-B-Q Burgers 35c win over Yale In 40 years I year In a 7·0 conlest and It was Colgate's first Games behind leader . PUGEY SOUND a real hard fOllght I . . . California (Pa.) Teach�ers 7, Slippery Rock 0 Invictory Short Orders - Dinners Your reporter owes an apology to as Oklahoma game . . . The Sooners racked up their 24th straight Fountain NATIONAL BANK North Hall (1) tor mentioning their Tempo VII won its fourth dropped Colorado 56·21 Guy Lombardo'sannual MAIN OFFICE UNCOLN of aging-after the recept!on signs . Regatta Madison eIghth the Home-made Pies straight 1955 vIctory last week In Saturday to bl"'eak his streak . . : k STREET - LAkEWOOD , to 11 p.m. Week Days >this remark received It would seem Fromm only fumbled once last OUO:�IU!::��;:: 8:00 a.m the tello· ws aren't nearly as old as 'John t any . 00 a.m. o get these kind mOre Cen re 53 Georgetown 0 . . . You don' t hardly da;Y;:;9=:,;" un;� em:..:c:..: g� lt..:r::.o:. ;=== t='0== :00=p=,m=::!. . .:".:e�g�.�v:..:: .e th::::: Huskies drove 93 yards but, _������������.!:,;s; ': .::d:: ' be::..::. : 1D: ! !_ Ballard 0: Queen Anne 0, Seattle . .7·7. The with Stanford . . . Michigan I couldn't make the last two in their 1 hottiespot Maryland and this week was dropped from the nation's No. .Jackson goes for his tenth : slepped bark up . . . Hurricane Tommy ' JOE SEZht bout with Jimmy Slade . .. .. stral ht victory tonight In a heayywelg 1954 defeat 'by Purdue, 22·7 . Notr: Dame rebounds to avenge Its : has played 100 � k G t kl 149.pound center for the Cleveland Browns, '!'i,V"""", ",..... Ore· . . . The Huskies are favored to take orr::sl,,: ;ar:,es without relief stay . title . . FCC the tor In contention "Va know, Bill, I use d to think life in· , on State and need to "",in to untied teams atter last: weekend com.pared �here were 39 undefeated and svrance was just for olde!" guys - but to 53 a week ago . . Take the Gladiators over the Vikings, 14.·13. I've su e changed my mindl I've already 0 4


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Gilmer's Lelt Foot Decides EWeE Game

WWCE on Sat.

By Freddy Miller


Fl"'lday. Octobel'" 28, 1955

PLC To Meet













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dimes in li,me W"III grow "Into

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Th eboni Th rills A U d·lence H ere

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(Continued from page two) was a member of the American Full· bright and SmHh·:\lundt scholarship . romm1uees. He was also a guest " One .plct�re .I�.\�orth .a th��sa��. NqJ:�':-w... �t..educathm l-tJ.,:n"'-<l,-l�,\ 'ti'ort:s.'·· �: �, � . !;..?:.r. '�al�. However, rnh'ersity and' a' leciu;er at the. from my thIrd row va.ntage point.. SlIzegamlne College for 'Vomen. pre·performance pictures of MIss ....rom 1953 to 195-1 he was In the 'Thebom seemed lackfiPlg In vocabu· employ of the Japanese ministry 111.1'),. Her"'charm and stage appear· and served as a foreign lecturer on ance are the finest that I ha\'e ever education. seen on a stage at PLC. Throughout As well as tea,chlng two education the entire performance she beld the courses the graduate division at undivided attention of every memo PLC thisInyear. Dr. �arlson Is also ber of the audience. teachint!' three PI<.:tur�d above i', the ca8t of "Crucible," which will be presented November 2, 3 and 4. SUndlng, left. to Blanch Thebom bas been in top CompO;ltlon. classes of Freshman right. are Rodney Kastelle, Wayne Olsen, Bruce Mesford, Kenneth Torvik, H o w a r d Jeanblanc, JoAnn billing at tbe ).tetropolitan since H",dson, and Oeyrol Ande'r.on. $e<lted, left to right, are Virginia Thomsen, Bruce Dahl. Duane Peterson, \� ;; :le:�� i� �e::l::\�n ��� �\�:1� few, at tbe :\[e ropolitan during Its and E l izabeth Ziehm. l rs a 4 winter season. to\'cd by millions of people due to ),llss Thebom and her llUsband her teleyislon and radio perform· ====��= n e �======;j := t r When You Want Books PARKLAND GRI LL am'es. Her screen career includes C�t��l���: \::. ��t:!��:�n� t: Clover Creek Service �.�::-�;e:a�a���;: : �.d �:i�:� �'no:te�kithat. Clover Creek TEXACO Service C. Fred Christensen unlike lUany stars opera , 1 9c BURGERS n Bookseller and Stationer ),liss Tln'bom has had all her train· Friendly. Dependable Service Short Orders - Dinner. 932 Pacific Ave. SR. 4629 TIRES A N D BATTERIES :�:s�s :�: oi��:�:la:de����:;I:�: ing in the T.:nited Stales. When OPEN SUNDAYS asked what she liked most about Tacom .., Wa.h. SHOP S'E RVICE leading recording artists. Pacific Lutheran she said that, al Her performance at PacHic Lu· though she did not have an oppor·· i� theran College is one In a tour e h DON UT BAR which she Is making throughout the �:�;ll)���y� ;h� �,.�:�.��; ����:,:�� ART'S SHOE SHOP Visit Our HOBNOB Room !\orlhwcst. Her next concert stop with the C.M-S and especially Its .QUALITY Din ners - Short Orders will be Richland, Washington. plano. . REPAIRINb - DYEING Besides her vast concert tour ror Although man}, artists have ap· , The Best in Donuts Garfield Street tbe 1955·56 season, sbe will be ap· peared on our campus, Miss Open from 7:30 to 8 : 00 pearlng In "T a l e s ot Hoffman," born has set a grece-dent that will "Aida," "Carmen," to list only a remain for a long time to ('ome.



__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


�:��!��� �:��t l;:O;IT��: : ���� o� S h���: � �� I N��1 �� e


"'"' -.c - re ft .. e r � ""


t -


g '

0 1


"We Give Service and Sell Quality" 12bt .nd Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 3171



Fast. Economical Printing and Lithography

A Complete Modern Printing Plant in Tacoma's Fastest Growing Community

I 1 8 02

Pacific Avenue

GRanite 7100


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11�I�il�i��li �===========�

�e...' -.:. Tbor§en



926Y> Broadway

Phone MA. 4861


129th 4. Pacific

GR. 9915

Permanenta That Satl.fy Hall' Conlultatlon


CHARM Beauty Salon Blanche lingbloom 413 Garfield St. \

GR. 7475

F AS H I O N CLEA N E RS 3820 South Yakima *


FREE PlCK·UP and DEUVERY SERVICE .Parkland and Vicinity *

. *

Phone HA. 3372


Motor Tune·up - Brake Service GR. 3040

3.�::�",�,�.I..::�� ���:�q, :�� H ••tln. S...



Enjoy That "PLUS" Service


Parkland. Waah.

SIN••• �



PHONE GR. 8684



1 12th (Airport Road) dnd Park Avenue COMPLm SHOPPING CENTER Makings for Sunday Niglit Suppers 9· 1 I week days, 1 0·9 Sundays

LOWEST PRICES ALWAYS Independentfy Owned and Operated


e ra n s




VOL U M E 33, N U M B E R 7






t dent s Ass mble or A Dual oDgres s

.I, my high school s tudents �rom thi s done they ,\' ilI go to either the over Wa shi n g to n " ri l l arri ve on HO ll s e or Senate s e s s i o n to d i s c u s s mpus thi� Sat urday, � o y e m b er 5, t h e v a ri ou s resolutions d ra w n u p i n J participate i n t h e a n n ual Student t h e commi ttees. '.Vit h only one break during the lOmgress.


and th a t for lunch, the s t udents ri Kappa Delta, :1: nationa l hono r· day, i l l t hen a t tend the Joint Session w ' is , n sponsor tio organiza .;peedl ) s e a n d Senate. T h e rew­ .. thi :iev e n t h a n nual eve n t i n or the Ho u l u ti ons p assed by the Senate a n d l i w s t n e d u l t s hool c s igh h aI 'n o u s e will be d e bated a n d laws w i ll . ' !! thiS OPpo!·tu nLty t o ti e e -the p a J- H em eT ge. T h rough t h i s long process s Congres ates' t S nited m or tlIe U

h re q ui re m ent of the S tudent Con' lion, a n d they w i l l ha v e a n op- ·t e g ress fo r ·a c o m p l e te h isto ry of a erathe ce op n e ,. '!llity t o experi b i l l w i l l b e fulfilled. I of om nationa l government.



monlbs ag()

T he

P a c i f i c Lut.heran

a dvisor

Karl, invi tes



e v ent,

Cha pionship ut At Sta e Durin


Whi worth





a memb€!'





· IJublican party, i t h e w a r. ts to be

a Representative, and

Senator or

LL Executive I Board Res U Its

. \�Ilkh commi ttee lie w a n ts to be- l <

h igh



i c

D i strict

s t u d en t s ,

will proceed to

t h e la t�er part of O c t�ber to disc uss

plans for the next D r s tr i c t Conven ·

as 1ecretaries 8.11d guides , a re i n

due delibemtion, C e n tral Lutheran

S P U !'s, who also are a ct-


l,,'t of t�j� co fee hour' i l \\ � i c h . . lob . high school s tud e n ts \\, III -

, They w i ll try -to get as much

pOI .

as p os ibl � f or 'their resolu -

before t h e F'i J'St Committee of

'.. Whole



" Iclmled in


9 : 15 a .m .

t.he program

. t C o mm i ttee Of


t he

t he \rV hole a r e

'; . 1\ b y Profes50r Karl, D r .

nd the

E a s t-

pres i d ent of th e S tu-

B o dy, D a ve Wo l d . A t 9 : 4 5 impOl tant

wil l

Sta t e of



U n iOn


b e d e l iv u e d by the lora·b le S e na t o r Henry ;VI . Ja Ck-




The 3tudenls



d l a w up


r es ol utio ns .

mee t·

Eger tso n ,


Pre s . ;

Willa.m e tt e

C i r cuit.

Pre s . ; S t e v e B ra nd t , D istr i c t Tl'eas-

I I P i ctu red above

1' 185


C h a pp I e G-Ives Con ce rt: , _

Taco ma C i vic Orc-hestra. dire c ted I

Iby the world-renow n e d Dr. S ta nley

' I


Tp.e PLC c h a p ter


· "'-

of Cireie K W i l l i

hold i ts charter party o n


No v e mber


j'es o f four. Season ticke t prices are :

adults, $ 6 .00. O n e eoncert t i c k e t i s : s t ude n t s , $1.00 ; adults, $1.75. 'P i ek e t s are on sale at .. ., 4.0 0 ;

the Bon Marc'he or wt the door.


_�___ �___



C l ub. T h €>. new m e m b e r s will be pre. . s e n te d Circle K members h i p pins.

T o a s t master


H erb



To l l efs?n

a n d the m e m b e r s and t h e i r da t e;;

w i l l be ente rta i ned by the Tacoma

.���II I K i w a n i s I


Giee Club.


o f the

:; t a t e


111 ·

T h e chai rmen o f the vario us co m .

m ittees wOI'ki ng on t h i s e v e n t are :


rel a ti o n s ,



Don Seyereid


S w i n<lIan ct ;

O s terloh ; and D u a n

hOllse commi ttee,

�11.' pear·



S tan


t i c kets, ROl1lo ;

Read ;

progra m s , Chuck ·P lle k er.




the. big a,t LinC(lln

Sing At La dies Guild of

Re pres entatives



f r i e n d s and r e l atives. T h i s prac-

H e lations Depa rtment o f PLC


Church l a s t Tuesday night






n eyed

espec i a l l y

H a l l . It is not t h a t we

indivi dual

not be m a i led. T h e


PLC and S-teve Brandt

Post Office

this a


to pre­ Gulld


The Madrigal S i n gers sang va J'I�

1 6 th

C e n t ury

ehoral m u s i c .



I s tile

u s i c


l'el igiou5


" Th e S i lver

Month of


Mayi ng" anll

"Thus Haith �fy C l o v i s , " weI'e

fai r. E a c h st u d e n t is e n t i t l e d to


O N E paper. If y o u w i s h to h av e

someone e l se rece i v e the p a p e r,




�'I a d r i g a l s .

lYJlIt h ey sang. One or



briefly a bou-t the ('ollege and S a n n e l'lld




a varied part

wi l l take care of the mai l i n g . T h e

Flame," Steve Brandt spoke

s c r i p t i o n and t h e M oo r i n g M ast

U s i ng


$1 .50 a s e m ester, a n d $ 1 .00 fo r P l ease h o n o r t h ese regu l ati o ns






District Con - I

fer e nce fOI' Boys w i l l be h e l d th i s ! wee k e n d.


elude boys [rom

co nfe re n c e

,.va s i l i llg-ton a n d . . I11 gs \\"1 II b e h el d


i n- I

the Pacific: Dis trict,

Oregon. T h e meet. th e T o w e r C 'h ap:n el . S a turday and Sunday. T h e rlele· ga tes wi II sl ee p C o u n selors,

i n the


work leaders w i l l

up p e r and

spea k

will be several forums.


b o y s'

an d there






f or

SPl'(,Rl l l ng

to the



Members of thi s y e a r ' s

S i ngers are Oarolyn



M adrl""I "'.. Anderson. �l al'-


V l l·gini� Pro c h n o l

: D I tty, D a \' 1

JO�lll Rear. Ken · D u M ouchel,

rI :::1 a n nerur] . Die:, Selle. ,_____________ '


Student Connreftatl O -:r ':J B i b i e S t u d y,





Chri s tian E d u c a t i o n .

I netb

ELC Holds Confab


or the



sta m p, or e l s e buy t h e m a s u b-

t h e rema i nd e r o f t h i s semester.



numbers ranging from their typieal

in t h e



Lu t heran

sented by the Madrigal Si ngers of

retu rns t h e m to t h e sw it c h b o a rd


Phi nney Ri1lge

abo u t PLC. T he program \\'a � pre­

papers c a n -

w h e re t h ey are d e po s i ted


sen t a Ilrogram to the Ladies

subsc r i pt i o n price i s $3 a y e a r,


ni g h t

I Madriga ls

send t h e m yo u rs-with a 2-cent

t h e orchestra.

concert i s t h e firs t of a � e r-

. M a n y stu d e n ts have been m a i l -



ti me, m o n ey a n d e n e rgy, it is u n -

0 11 I

G. O. Gilbertson, a s s i stant profesSOl' of mllsi c lilt PL>C. is a v i o l i s t in stu d ents,


Let's see every PLCite at

i n g t h e M O O R I N G M A ST to t h e i r


w i th a


ci rcu l a r fi Ie (wastebasket) .

Ha yd n symphony, through tb e Ro-


Mailing Re9ulations · Are B elng Violated

g ra n ted,

in g from the early c l a s s i c s , w i th a

Th i s



i n g p e r m i t w h i c h we have I: e e n

cal gro up mad€> up of loca l d tiz en s.

at 7 : 0 0 p . m . in t h e d i n i n g hal l . w a l ll s C IU b � a n d Mayor , th i s t i m e t h e c h ar te r w i ll be-. IH"e· 'o � T �c oma na ve been e x t e n d e d I v l ta.tlO n s . s e l l te d by the T a e 0 m a K i wan i s


s tr i ng o f n i n e c o n s e c u t i ve v i cto ri e s

p a p e r, b u t d u e to t h e B U L K mai l-

bers by Brahms, R i m s ky-Korsakof,

i Ci rcle K PI a n s I1 Ch a r-.;:er Pa rt:y I L

to win tomorrow a n d begin anoth er

do n't w i s h to have t h e m read t h e

The orches t.ra, a 6 0·me m ber musi- ' tic era to ,the M o d ern

A p ker,

S w;!'etary.


T h e year's 'best playing and gr at­



m a n , Ol ympia C i rcuit Pres . ; T w i l a

G i l l i s, District


t.he same two

:hea d the P i ra tes' attaek . .

Fincher, C o - Copeland. T h e gro u p w i l l p l a y n u m-



e s t exel'tion w i l l be require d of PLC

is G a ry Gale, Capta i n of tn e P LC foot ba l l t e a m . H e w e i g h s po u nds a n d s � n d S 5'-10". G a ry i s a s e n i o r a n d a f o u r-y e a r l e tterman n . -at t h e c e n te r pos i t i o� -- �--. -----.. .. . . . . .

and Handel.

C i n' u i t ·Pres . ;

seek r e\r e n g e for W hitwor


::-:.P. Sound Cire u i t P res. ; Betty


1 953 .


over '."hitw orth . Out s tandi ng I'r



Harshma n ' s

<'on the P i m t. es fll'!l� Will over the Lu t e s i n ten rn�Un 5 be­ t w e e n the t\\CO foo tb a l l .t, ams,


an son , Di s tri c t PTL H C hairma n ; Dave S a n n e r u d , T a c oma C i rc u i t P res. ;


i1 has

tea m s met in the champion s h i p

Il re r ; J o A n n



t e s t ; that was


, Pa s to r Gientz, D i s trict Vice-Pr·es. ; ' will present a valied program rangH olte,

w i1 i

s·i nce the Lutes downed

w i n l a s t year when

1956. The

D i s trict

s t reak





P a s to r

a t temp tin g

an u nd e f e a t e d P i nl t e team i n

A s p e e i a l note to Leaguers of t h e IC happle , w i l l pl'eseni its firs t conPa c i f i c Di s t r i c t : Dar Ro a, a w e l l , 'ce rt of the season at the C M S a u d io o i m N o v embe r 8, ttt k no wn youth e va ng e l i s t o f t h e E . L . t r u , Tuesday, 'C . , w i l l b e v i s i ti ng the leagues i n 8 : 30 p . m. L ie u tenant Charles Green, tenor" t. h e Pa cifi c Dis tl"ict some time i n A p r i I . F i l e yo u r proble m� a way w i l l b e fe atured a s g u e s t s o l o i s t w i t h the o r c h e s tra. [ no w !



te r m i n a t e Wi1i tw0l1th.,; 14 ga me


theme fo r th e curre n t year . " Co m� . H o l y Sp i ri t ," wi l l a b i de ov er the

T ho :; e pr ese nt at t h e m eeti n g :



ho wever . PLC will be

pl ay :

w i nning

s cen e a nd a tent.ative date

8-11 .


B o t h teams are u n d e f eated in �on­


m ilch considera tion and ,

was s e t in November


fighting twice a s hard ,

Chun' h o f Everett, '.'fa shington . be-

r a m e the

will then adjourn to ' Pastor

I'e lIe c ti ve


tion .




South Hall lounge for a L�otfee

. Om


P a c i

League Exec u t i ve Board of E.L.C. a r- , gathered their bones and mental a . m . , w i I I first regis· powers together on our ca ll1 us in

s e- hoo l

,log a't S: 30 and then they


T he

ev eni ng,

Dowl-Pacll'l c

Was h i ngton."

went on to say tha t fifty to finy-fi ve


U n coln

Lutheran v ers us \Vh i,

es·te d t o visit this a n nual event. He ( Co n ti nued on page 4, col.

8 : 00, i n

l n55


cross-s tate ri v a l s vying for t h e t i I e

1\f r.

College stUdents


raee coming u p ! Toman-ow

the Pacific Lutheran

L u theran


'l'h e d e c i s i ve contest i n t h e


'Stu d e n t Body a n d all others i n t er·


4, 1 955

9 ' 45 a . m . 1 1 : 00 a.m .

M o r n i n g W o rs h i p ,


"0 Bread o f L ife" -C h r i s t i a n s e n S e r m 0 n : " E co no m i c s i n t h e ' K i n gd o m of God."

T h e Lo rd's S u p per, 8 : 00 p . m .


P a g e Two




F r d ay, N o v e m b e r 4, 1 955

'l l.e tloor'''' 9



b l l s h ed e\'ery Fl'i day d u ri n g the school year by st I d e n t � of Paci f i c Lutheran Co l lege

��bs <..:l'l Ptwn

O!fif'e : Student Emon


_ _


Te l e p ho n e GRa n i te

. . P n c e- 3.00


per year


1 Luther Youn gdahl Speaker for Refo rmaf,' oc Day

t he






B y N. M u nson

A st.a n l i ngl y


EDIT . . . . . . . . .... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . ... . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. WALT ON BERTON !lUK E- U P E D I T OH ........................................ ....... ... :\iAGGfE GLO CKENSPIF';r." C?-EDITORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AGKES HALLAKGER, M IKE GRTI"j,'EN I Sl onTS EDITOR. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . ............. . ... .. . . . . . . . . . ._ .. . FnED MILLER DC'Sl:," E. S S MANAG ER . . . . . . . .. . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ... . . . ... . . ...... . .. . .. ... . . P AUL LU� KY AD . u\ A • R .. . . .. .. . . ...... .. .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . .... .............. .... .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . . .DOUG MAl'iDT !I>i j"I' nt Ad M:lIla�el'. . . . . . . . . _ . . .._. . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . ... ... . . . . . . Bett e Maed o n a l d

('('Th e Cruci ble i n Revie \v �

Lit st S u n d a y a f t e r n oon the week· . l o n g senes of Helorma tlOn s e l'\'le s

in t h i s area brought to a drama t i c

a n e e of Arthur :\'liller's


I eve n i ng

\\ ho a tte n de d . T h e

b a nd

m i nd s o f


A l i ne is ( h a t which sep arates you from your snpper . Not o n l y t�a[, i t I S t h e scene . o f m a n y rude, u n� Ch ris �ian acts. How m a n y


Y o u n gdah l.

A l thou gh

C ru ·

t we n ty -o n e


ta l e n t e d

a t h e r two day�

w e i'

t ho s e

oC en j o yable . . ':\IlI(;h credit I S due

e \7emng

a nd

J on


t h e



a l l t he


rehearsa l ,


i n eid

om n

w e i gh t of the p i a t , t iter

1 B ayne ,

o n e w e l l p l a c ed L: omi(: relief las t


i ll G era I d

a m n s i n g portrayal of the i nebr'iat

.J o hn \Vi l l a nl .

K o rd h o l m

Ce rt a i n l y

Soine <l. nd their crews for

more severe cri llcia of the I

the b u i l d i n g and .h andllng of ex eel·

than coni!! be d e a l t. any

du e to t h e sto r m , waH. thO\lgh s i m ·

pOi n ti n g


p ie, effective. T·he music, too, p l·O·


was som",wha t differe n t than many hea.rd on this day, the real "ig nifi·

an i nt e r


sling complement to (;Iose of of t h e action in ;,)l i t e

the d ra m a t i c s u s p e nse

W '1. �

t il e

t h r n u gh

snieker: l\ It i


h Ol l s e







each of the first two SI't-1I

o[ t. he s t a rk

on s t age. C o s t u m e s , "rhieh 5howed . tll'O part5.

pathos of lho

hours o f h a r d \l'ork and the \Ve can o n lv as ' lI m e that thi", way be d i m i ni shed. T h e t.hlngs i nge :lll i t y o f t b e I:ommittee respon- w e l l as the g� n er a l attitude of L r unes have you waite d for twen t y m l D u tes 111 the long queue of J u d ge Youngdahl h a ve been I i b l e , were excellently a PPO i n t ed a u d i e n c e , m u s t have had un adve I . pe pI e o n ly to �lTId that the o n l y ones makmg progress are those " ai d before u ndoubted l y ; the an d p l e a s i n gly authen t i c!. ! afre e t upon the pl a y e r,; , and I . who c ro w d I n tron t of you ? i m p o r ta n c e l i e s in tile f a e t that o ne As far as the m e c h a n i c a l a spect for a m o re r e l i a b l e aud i enc a l It I t seems that no m a t te r when you go to a meal the rest of i o C t h e most i m po r tant figures o n i s Gu l l ee r n ed, a ll was qu i te good a.nd su pe ri o l' performanee to n i gh t u the s tudent b o d y has the same .i dea. If �h e y would keep i n l i ne ·the American � c e n e toeJay would in order un l es s one c llaneed to no· the third and fina l prese n t a Liol1 1t w o � dd not be h a l f as bad, b u t It looks o ne person from each s ta nd before a gathering s u e il a s t i ce the oeeasional qua k i n g of a set one o f the most d ra ma t i c pl ays d I m ltory goes over to save a place for hIS or her fe l lows. this a nd profes" his Christill nity a n d w hen a door was closed. which i s ' T he foot b all p l a yers wetl� prime examples of this type of b e- ,;tate I\'e " n eed" to pray. p ro babl y morE' to be l a i d to ear'",' STELLA'S FLO\VER.. haVIO[, b u t t�ey .h ave �ow been gran te� the nlSh t to go. to the ud t J g e Y u u ngd a h l ' s s p e e c h C OV' l l e S sI!e»s of t h e a (' ors t h a n to any froo t of ( he 1m: I m me d ia t e l y a fter prac t I ce .. T hIS means Just the F l owers fo r A l l Occ a si o n s e e c h ni c ia n s . f ered three points a n d t h e nee d s ! fa u l t o th t pf yers, n o t thelf roomma �es, foo ters , .and t n ends. Ho�v c a n s � u · were e de perfo t n e rmances l l Exc " H ea r t h " ; t h ere found. I" i rst t h 1 21 7 3 Pa c i f i c Ave. G R . 74 d en ! ' p c t to govern thelf own affairs when they stdl act bke . .here was e m p ha s i z e d the tremeu. l i vered by Deyrol A nd er s o n as Dell· ? ( F oot of Garfi e ! d �. ) D el l' va• We un nl Iy C h 1 ld ren . nty Governor Da.lIfortil, Wayne 01· d o n s need fo [, a s im p l e, love .fi lled I a ke note, John . a s Jo h n � rodOI" a nd T heres8 t :home rather than the em p ty fo rm


<'anre a n ll p r o fo u n d meaning can i n no




feer A Free Course



f t e n equate d with ho m e a n d fa m ·

il y. Next was t h e "flag," t h e co un·


Ch n s t·lans ' i n p l a c e s o f respon s i b i l i ly in go v. I 2 3 : 7 ; e r nme n t. C h rI" gtlan� h ave a r e � p O ll· , :; i b ility in t h is area t hat can n o t b e " I o ve r l ook e d. Judge Y o ungdah l 's e x. •

B y Pastor E r l i n g C. T h o m p son


the I;l'ying need for


man v

I Ii I I


L l . . d s ay a R E l i za b e t h P I oc tOI'. Als o com menda b l e w a s t h e work o f Rod·

n ey Kas t e l l e , V irg1nia T ho m s e n , Jo Ann Hudson .



50 million

of th e Christian

d s refuse to -s teer. Th i s

Some ml


t he






alre a dy


t'igl d


comfort I I h





son who uses the right w ords and .


p h ra s e s may sai l t h ro u g h c o ll ege t I1e trou bl e d \l'fl· e v e r enCoLlntel'lng .

tel's w h ic h forte h i m to see h i " er·


1'01' before


i t ill too L a t e .


i de a l



tes ting




Each de pa rt m e n t




can b l o w i t s o w n

\\'inds a nd produ<.:e i t s o w n t ro ub l e d

wa te l"

a ga i n s t a ba ckground of �ta·

a nd ser e n i l y . 1" 0 1' always i n t he ba l: k of t h e boat is the }.!a s t e r. bi li ty

T he




a[r<1,id on




S ea of Ga l i lee when the w i nd and


not a

fe l\ such Jives are b ro k en

lIle raging storms.



secllri t y and dogmatism is not fai th.

�a i l h


never ties



u d d e r-i t

t ' every dt'cumstacnce ho n e s tl y

as [l np \"

I' hal l e n g t' . . .

A \ t hOUgh the weakness of the pun 1y � " CU !R I' ed u c a t io n i s t ila t it. .til ' t o I Ut. the vision of the s tudent to tile "rea test and ultimate goals of li fe, It fs the s tr engtlt of OLlI' 3eculin' i n" tituli on o f l ea r n i n g t h a t they fOI'('e a dogma til' p e r�Oil to rethink thtl ideas o f <.:h iJdhood and to p u t. I Jl v i c tions to t h e t st . . . Some may be lost to the church ill t he PfllI' j :< :; , bllt those who comp o u t

al l




La urinat's Apparel




tirn e ':

k e n






agains t dogmatism a nd s t erile fol'­ m a l i s m than .Tesus Chris t ? . . .

Is i t n o t the strength of

1 t i a n s c hools in general


hi sl.Ory


uncompromisinglY ;



and PLC in

particular, t h a t t h e y 5 e e k to gllide


stud e n t s




waters to t h e u l ti mate r eal ities o[


t rllth-the e te l'lla l goat or human ex· i s te m e 'i . . . To be unal'raid of a l l

truth I'!

t ru th is the r ig h t o[ every ehl'is�ian

a nd t he pllrsn i t of the U l t i ma te

·i, t he goal o f C h r i 8 ti a n education. . ( T hese llre ex c e rp t s from a ., er· . mon g i \' e II at 'f 'i n i ty Lut he ran I , C h ul'l:h, O c t o be r 23, 1 9 :i 5.-E d i t o rs l . :



at tlJork or


on the way

Z e l m a L au r i nat

409 G a rf i e l d St.

G R a n i t e 531 7

P a rk l a n d , Wash.

dimes in time win gro into


at home,

Du rant.

is a l s o the s trength o f the

T hey th i nk e\·e r.\ t hin� i s t he waves thre a t e ned d isa.::;teL'. But Lluder G o n t ro l tha.t there j" no 1 l..t e re w a s Jesus to quiet the storm, . n d to ldjutit to !'h•.lll g i ng condi· to gI v e tanh a n d a sense ot fre e do m I o own. His t Ilvestitor no is re eed n lh tions ; gation :l ud se rutiny. Wll o h ad allo wed the storm to de· To f. ,ten �lle r u dd e r i s ·a danger.. " c lo p ancl threaten '! FOl' that m''lJt· II det'l s l o l [or I.he !lUlll an m i n d . tel', who w a s it t h a t preaehed 'the To be inflexible is to be bl'i U i e , a nd m O:i t ['adical and u p s e t ti n g religion arrived.


I n t o J o A n n e K n utso n o r J a n O o n ·

Ch ristian se h oo l that it can pro y i d e bhe


or ,-----

Ch ris tia n i ty. For the dogmatic pe l'·

dri . 'n g

llr ngh life, t he re a m m a n y others i l ll " 'logma�lc" i n ' U n a ti om,. T he,e hnVf! bel':n tau gilt o r ba.vI". decided uDon u I>'l IJ I , b u t on(;e hil v i ng point· flU tilfl l.>oal in t h e gellf;ral din� (' · tion, the y fas ten the rudde r ! . . . 1lte)· reel Hure bel'fl u s e there a r e no new ,le e l slo ll s t o m a ke . In r e a l i t y n o w h e re to go beCl,I.U5e boy IhlV tit


nen wave . . .

nu t j [ some p e o p i e are

co ll ege

m i gh t be tempted to gi ve

I :r


Mrs. White's Sewing " Le t Me S o l v e Y o u r Sewi n g P ro b l em s l "

T h e re were in dica tions, a t t i llles,


}pe f me n t a l i t.y is adri ft, has l e t Ul 'udder s l i p out of h i s hands. He u l t i m a t e goal. He is ' no " � of n II '"rned only with i m m edi a t e af· hllrs C 1m waters d em a n d 110 l o n g· range d l'i s ions. Rough w a t e l' s JI .. a 1 a Cra n t i c a t t e rn [J t t o ge t



L u k e 8 : 2 2 - 7. 5 Jesus calms the storm ; P r ove rbs t h a t some of tile actors were Ull .. u re ' . L1 man thinheth in his heart, s o is he. " . " of th em s e l v e s a s th e y w a i ted [or . Someone has said, thlnkmg � s mostly a matter of steenng. ! a m pl e of C hri s ti an service in a ffa i rs i As a boat on a body of w a te r , so bfe moves ahead. The past never , . 0 f s t a t e I· S on e 0 f tlI e very LP'i n es t. retur ns b u t what we learn bcc ? mes a part of ou r present. L 'lf e i T he last a rea \\·as the n eed for . . n e \' C f mo ves ahead, however, W i tho u t offermg u s a chance at the ' . pi a ye l . helm. ti'OI' s o me, d e c isions at t h e I I -----" rudder" re burdensome, fo r o t h · w i th C h l'isti'an faith e n te r life wi t.h I L u c i a B r i d e cand id ates m u st be ! 1'S , a u adventure. But the v e ry ua · II t l' 0 n g convictions i n a flexib l e sel ected by Dec. 1 , prefe ra b l y before i lure 0 ift' is "tee r i n g . 'fhe re sul t s m i n d . a h a n ksg i v i ng vacat i o n . T u r n names · d 1I no mos tly on how we steer. At the same time, it is the d ange r

-I· .'X



a n y p ro d n c l i o

lent s e t s . Lighting, i n spite of dif· or cre w membera m u s t be levi f i eul ti e s i m p o ed by 3 pOll' e r f a i l ure upon t h e 1l111l ien <.:e. Rath e r d i sli

. a d d re s s




u n fo r t ur.a t e

bo n n d to o c c u r

I wa s o e t the eu teL·ta i nmenL I !'.-I r. . a c to r s

e n t rances,

and -th e l i k e . Some of these couJ




surely have be e n eliminated by a:r.

be po r trayed, t h e p l a y p r v id d an

music and

th is



the many compli<.:ated c h a ra c t er;; to

If ;

· l Ed tiOTla ·


su[[l ciency


C PY STA FF_ .. . . . . .. .. ..rn[ RltOOKS, COLLEE)i THERIAULT, Jot Gr E S al mo;;t ov el'po weri ng S i n g i n g of t h e ern T'LAT I O :'\ M AN A G E R . .. . .. ... .. . . . . . . .. . ..... .. ... . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . LOIS Gl:NDERSOK massed Luth e ra n ( ' h o i rs c o n t r i b u ted C i r" u l ati ol1 A s s i s ta n ts . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . . . . ·• elyn E r i c l( �oll. Barbara .1 aekso n a g e r a t d eal t o \\':l l'd t. h e m ea.n i n "'· REPOR f ERS .. ....... . Betty Lou Brtmi.ce, Ca ro l Buschke, SylVia Fong, Joyce . h lidl e s s 0 f t lli' S R e [orma t'I o n s e r'lIc e . Hansen, G ayle Henricksen, Darrel H i n e s , Dave J a e c h , Stu Morton, L is P(' t e r tion, Be\' S v e aingsen, Tom Reeye3, Skip D o u gl a ss , R i c b i e I 1.' 11e e n t i re s e ['v i c e bu i l t u p to the . H£l lllS. u d cl l ' e s � by Federal Judge Luther .

- -


l in e

T iIo ug h hr lll d i c apped, as are m a n y amat e u r p e r fO t' lll a nC e :l. a n i n·

c l i m a x b y the sp e r; i ;l l s e r v i<.: e h e l d i n o u r o w n C:\'l'S b n i l rl i ng. T h i s s ervo i c e w i l l fo r s o me t i m e s ta n d q u i t e v i vi rl l y i n t h e


p e r [o r:n ·

dram a ti c



I •





There's nothing like a

Thrift is a t of Your Education •

o en a. Sa vi1lgs Account NO W






IoiE:1 1 - a FI"""S' U, L DliPO!.1T I�St.JU.HC( '-Or.K>R.'TlOI4 - HO\i Q..4 L a;.s,.v( SUH"



bracing, ever-fresh sparkle.


. . •


2. FOR REFRESHMENT . . . quick energy, with as few calories as half

ao 8\'crage,

juicy grapefruit.


C O C A·C O L A B O T T L I N G C O . , I N C .. TACO M . , W A S H .


i s a registered tr... de·marr.:. -




1- ·-7�-j�-··--·1 1 � :t�::U;�:k i;b'; ;

By F re ddy M i l l e r

L..._ .

... . . . . . .. ... .... , . .........

1'hl� .

I.In h�� beea

'I' •

it! !


............ .................................. ,.•..• ..•.. , . ,•. .•. .• "




Tomorrow night's game w i l l t e l l t.he t a l e . N o t to o mu e b

s a i d in



of Paeific

A t different-



C o a c h .Hars hman's

s easo n

e l ev en

O c to be r




ur" e on t h e Pirates. T·h,:, re w ill ila � e to be a v i s u al and audial �e s i r e by veryone on t. he squad l!. the GladIators ar e to come out Of tllJ.';; Olle on " )r. Team s p i ri t i s like the mE'a s l e s in that .if someone in t.h e gro up or I'!a m has them and ra d i a t es a r. d c o m e s i n contact w ith the entire s qu ad , loon ev ryone will h a ve i t. There i s a n e e<l for a few playeps to show tb i s Bp il'i t af; it is pr ' s e n t but wOllld s e rv e a greater p u r p o se i f felt by aU <1m, emed. It w i l l take more t,han the eftorts of t h e r: o aeh es and the te am �oue e rned It w i l l take 111 0re t.han U,e efforts o f the ('oaehes and t h e tea m . The P i ra te s were i d l e l a s t weekend a n d have h a d two weeks to get , ,. -eady. T h ey are t h e lNTo. :," passlllg team among t h I' n a , ron s sma II co 11 eges with :J. ga me a v era ge o f 1 6 4 yards. Th e y ha v e the b es t offense and det'nse in the l e a g u e a s the y have scored 1 0 1 points to t heir opponcnts' I �. These fa cto r s not o n l y s h o w w h a t a to u gh squad \Yhi tworth is, b u t 'end to s e t the goal for the Lutes. looked like' Ule team to beat a n d they w i l l be a ll of th at team as thev

C l over


co m a





















Resu l ts Last Sat u r d ay :














dl I



the 3" u :J. L 1 ed




P a r k l a n d , Wash.


2 · 20 ,

lo s t ,




t he


h i ghl i ght

Denny Ross one.







go od m a n , pa s s i ng two . [01'

Parkla nd ,'


De Jar(\rne's ''




DeJa r-

(1) ;


. . ...

1 2607 Pacific Ave n u e


3 2 6 Ga rfie ! d St.


Pho n e G R. 8 1 0 1



O p e n M o n . , F r i . , 10 a.m. to

nex t pl a y .






Ho m

the i r


the wa y.

go all

meets Will a-meLte


C e n tr a l , ] ii·O.

t.hey (\cJ\\' ned

Lu t e s

T he

ha ve til e ad \7a nt.age o[

h ea \'i e r line and CPS

is princi-

c r o w d iii

" .\l igh t y


li ne

the fourth


dow n the sideline for

s t oo d


back a·nd threw to h al f b a c k scampered




get bac lc


. tl'ymg

b a l l to the PLC


" ",0


desperat e ly

t!he game,



. but tIme ra il o u t

they could �core .

;� Clover Creek Servi.:e to

re turned it to the 33 b e io l'e he was t a c k l e d . O n th e first play Gilm er who

14-7 .

W es te l n , .


C l over

-the Wes tern 43 and Ron .storaasli


th e game wIn-

ning to u c h d own . Gilmer again dropkicked th e extra point and th e BCOI'e

b u t th e r e

Qu a rter, Stoa punted

a n t i c i p a ted

L u thel'an s " on wa l'd to a n

E verg reen C o nt' e l' e n (� e ti tle !

for t h e s c o re O il drop .k icked

Gil me r

CIO$63 th big chee ring the

loyal PLCHe. T h i s game

fOCt t Lall season, so a n especi ally


With foul' minute's left to play



t, t

9 p.m.


L o (:ated at I G A Foodtown 1 1 2t h a n d Park Ave.

B ar-B-Q Burgers 35c S h o ,·t Or de rs - D i n n e rs Fountain

Home-m de Pies

S u n da y :

Lutes w i l l

. a

yards and s e t the ba l ! o n

to th e "Ves t e l'n 7 -yard

! �t


O p e n Saturday, 1 0 a . m . to 6 p . m .

8 : 00 a.m. to

l i k e the


to Fromm w h i c h

Before t h e hal! e n de d

I t! !

4 5 r. p . m . R e c o rd s


12. Ri gh t

C re e k T E XACO


F r i e n d l y, D e p e n d ab l e S e rv i c e








for guys and gals!!

1 1 p . m . Week Days 9 : 00 a.m. to 1 0 : 00 p, m.


, ......... .................. . .. ............ ..... ................... ........u........... ..........


Use Our Convenient

v em be r


the c onv ers i o n to tie the score.


G Ra n i t e 5772

Frye's Record Shoppe

P H O N E G R . 4300


........... ,

La rge st S e l e cti o n of



a pass

A l T w id t ca rr i e d to t h e

Ga l e n

B I C YC L E R E N T A L G a rf i e l d St.

pa p e r

g a m e a e ro s s t.own. '.f h i s might �esuit i n a Lo g ge r l o s s . Las t Sat llr'

F'ro mm gai n e d a y ar d, Tom Gilmer


f a ded




o n t b ei r own 3, Stoa go t off a poo r ' pal l y a run ning c l u b. '£l1e Glaus h p u n t w h i c h carrIed onl y to t he 23 - s o u ld he a bl e to stop the Loggers. Coach Hal'sllman c a n b e o p t l uu,;yard l i n e from wheTe Roy Elliott returned i t to th e 20. After Joh n t i l: a b o u t the game and so ca n e\' ery

c ou l d m u s te r


" Do n ' t Be a D i rty B i rd ! "



I n t h e third quarter nei t he r t eam


a bs ence


Tomo r ro w


c o u l d not score.



w eek i t i s neeeS5<lry to make a longrang e previ ew of the C P S gam!:! �om a ny " i fs " c o n n e c ted, b u t it I O<lk

t,he V i kings stiffened an d tbe Lutes

( 1 ) vs.




then buck ed over


S to a

I CPS Ga me I s I S eason ' 5 F-I Ra I

s e c o n d qual·ter w i t h t he ba l l i n t h e Vi k i' po s s ess io n


the com-


H al l

.. . . . . . . . . . . .


sto re fo r y o u fo r C h ristm a s . . . o n o u r

l ed.

E a r ly i n

the 5 .

1 8 . 1 f'; ,

.J i m


8 : 00

We w i l l b e p l e a s e d to h o l d a n y a rti c l e i n t h e

' ern

ga i n e d





o ff t o e n d


r f h " e nt t e es t o the way O T th e s i x p oi uts . Ra nda l l co n v e rt e d an d "Ve s t w

i n to



M RS . J O S U M M E R S


Ha l l

!----- . -.





I f ART'S SHOE SHOP 1 1 tI + I tf Garfield Street fI II SWEATE RS I

S h ort O rd ers

O pe n from 7 : 30 to


-rig h t

cre. d me. ' s v s . Vllla <>

The Best in Donuts


a nd

Clo . v e r C r'eek H a l l .

I� nd


PIr a t e s , wh om they play n e x t

l la terale rl

De.J ar-

o ver'

T h u rsd ay, N o v. 1Q--Eastem Park-

Visit O u r H O B N O B Room

D i n ners


. M o n d ay " Nov 7-V'j lIage vs • E a b t-


P O N E GR. P AC F I C A V E N E T H H 34 = = 34 = = = = = = = = == = = = = = U== = 1= === === &= = = 2= 1 1= = == := =r;= .

Motor T u n e·up - B rake Se rvice

roll ed

gobd te'd.mwork


Located i n N ew I G A Foodtown



H e l·e i s t h e s e he du l e . ing week :



For the haircut you like . . .

ties them w i th t h e ". Vhi �'\'O:th .

R sus tained drive a nd ' , Q t 'ne ga m e d ev e i ope d 1I1to " a See-_R\\ ine' .J 8-De v. ard s vs. 1 Tuesday, . N o wi t h eac-11 t r v i n g to out-punt ' Ta c om a ; V!llage vs. North Hall ( 1 ) , affair , •• , <the othe r and wait'ng f o r a b r ea k Wed n sda , N o v 9-Clo ve r Creek


T ake PLC over Whitwo rth, 14- 1 ::.






. Good luek, H uskies, as they play win l ess Cali-


C re e k


o ne T . D .

sou l'i broke a seven game los i n g s treak by d o wning Colorado . . to ' . , Kan s a s, has rac.ked I)f" E mpon a up 20 2 pornts



on 1 [on cl ay. Zarn(\t, for E a s te rll, w as

IInbeaten col l ege e lubs . . . "Ve stern has only seo re d o n e to uchd own i n . , . . , , nterence play thiS year a n d that came III the openIllg m lll u t es of the .

eampu s ,


th e



l a s t Satm·d·ay


Ea.-stern and Tacoma tie d ,

g�ored by t heIr op ponen ts as they remained Olle o f


muc h fo r our fello w s Oil f i l'St floo r .


T h e vi dory w as the Lutes' fourth . league play against 11 0 de f ea t s ,

I a l: d

CI over

H t roll Llah l o s t t o Ivy HaJJ,


[�m e



Munson's six touchdown p ass es and



[orf 01' l from


gam e . H e to s s e d th ree to nchdo wn pa s s e s with .Tim Glasser catching

Oklahoma moved another step closer to an O range B o w l date a s the • loners :a eked up t h e i r 2 5 Ul stmig tate, 4 0-7 o ver Kan s a s o � t v i c t ry Pnnce .John, a 2,1-1 outSIder, won the [(rniata 04, Susquehanna 0 . world's r i c h e s t horse race by a n o s e and pocketed a cool $282,370 in the · Garden Sl a t e S tak e s . ' . Do n FaUl O t, c.r · ea t01· 0 f th e sp l I" t-T fo l' l ila t !On an . • • . 9 "- , [' 8 I la .v1l1g ' U ' . lootlJall coach at t h e T . I1lverslty 0 f " '� lS�OUrJ s1l1ce 1 9 v a I umnl' trouble; "\1-12

A fourth quarter touchdown gave the Pacific L u theran Col lege Gladiators a 1 4 - 7 victory over the \Vestern Washington Vikover i n gs , S a t u rda y , O ct . 2 9 , on a r .l in soaked gridiron in Bellin gha m.

the y rol l ed ov er the h i l l t o

pas s i ng

14, "Ves ter n \Vas h i ngton 7. Pllget S o u n d 33, B ri t i sh Colum b ia 6. Eastern \Va shi ngtoll 1 9 , Centl'al ·Washington 6.



1 6

Cl ov e r C I'ellk Y i 1 l ag e. Bob Mit t on's

Pacific Lutheran




4 4 4



Spanaway Lake :




bo y s

d i ne s ,

Ii 0 1

Pa c i fic Lutheran ... . . .. ..... .. . . . .. . ... . . . . __...................... . 4 Wh i tw o rt h . . . . ... . .. . . . . ...._.. ... . .. . ..... .. . ......... .... . .. ... 4 C o l l ege of Puget Sound . . .... . . ..... . .... .. ... . . . . . . . . . . .. . 4 Eastern \Va shi ngto ll. ... . . .. . . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . ... . . . . .... . .. 2 B d t is b Columbia .. .. .. .. . ... . . .... . . .. . . . .. . .. . . .. ... . . . 1 Central Was hingt.on . . . . . . ...... . . .. ..... ... __ . .. . . .... .. ...... 0 \Ve s t ern \Vashington ....... . . . .. .. .... . . . . ... . . . . ... . .. . . . . . 0

w ins,

Ivy H a l l w on ' . 1 4 -G , an d V'I l l age,





T eam


. 'e o T h e t eam o f I u son a d d, s rw . urday n i ght, for fi rs t p l a c e i n. the Jl < . .\l un!)on t h I . O\\_l llg, S e l \\ ol d on t.le E vergre en C o n ference. receiving end, won the game o n . p laymg b e fOI'e a I arge homeCOlllWednesday for I\' y H a l l . 12-0, over . ' e ro w d, "V e s t e r n, e ,1T 1y 111 'he. E a s tern Pa kland . Ta coma was heh1 f I r s t quarte r, s cored th e open lll g " coI'e " s t h _ " 'am� da ' b y ('lr ' . l e� , )vel" � . " toucbdown of the day. Wi t h the ball . C ree k VIllage I n a 6-0 t1t.l t . r e s t i ng on the Vi k i ng s ' 28 , Br u c e iNT O I't l'' H a l l ( 1 ) I'o l l• e d (' ?) De. R a n d a l l broke a way and caiTied it .J a rd i n e ;; 1 -0, O c t o b e r 3 1 . T h e N. H. up to the midfield s tripe ; then he




C I'ek'

Cr ee k Hall .


f T es

S h e h ol ds a.

Page Three


ll ed



w ins, 2 l os s e s .


can get up for t his all i m p o r t a n t gam e w i t h first place-shari ng 'Whi t -

worth .




l o s s r8co rd . T a com a fo l l o w s witb


Qnference champio n s . The Lutes can and w i l l weal' th e laurel wreath i t



vember 1.

1955 E vergree n

l,utheran being the

�� ;� :� �� � � �:� �:�





. .

. ........ .. ......... ........... ......



+i �+





+ i +


1 1 2th ( Airport Road ) and Park Avenue


, I =:r;, I


li t



If �



' t






M a ki n g s fo r S u n d a y N ig ht S u p p e rs

9- ' I w e e k days , 1 0-9 S u n days

LOWEST PR IC ES ALWAY Independently Owned


nd Operated

:.. . ........... ......... ........................ .......... .............................. .......... ........ ... ............. ... .





... �

Lutes Fourth In Nation's Foo ba II

Hagen Travels For 4-H Meat

Ron Ho Gets Prize II M a urie Hillis Becomes "Lega l Eagle" I At Cos tume Even t T h e Alpha P" i-Curtain C a l l Hal·

h e ld last Satn !'· Hagen. da u g htel' of . r. 10W E:El!1 party ( <'p ri n te d [rom O � E magaz i ne , in the u pper C D . and ;Y! r·s. E l m er J. Hagen o f Gl as.'!ove mber. 1955) fo r t h e outdt a n d i n g gow, M o n ta na. was seleclted as s t a te w e re a w a r d e Wha t Lu t h e r a n Coll ege foo t ball h o m e improvement w i n n e r to re p re· c o s tu m e s . "Begt m a l e costume" \'.'as 'teams 'have thp. m o s t streng t h ? n a ti o na l 4 · H wo n by ROIl H o . a n d " b es{ female � e n t MOl1t a n a a t t h e bet w ; e n .J a n e t e w i ll a t t end e o s tll m e " \\ as a. h S eago. i h C n i ngress o c I t h i s co ngress from � o ve m b er 27 to T urma n a n d V ll'glll!a 'I hompson. . . otten posed by 'People JIl ,t e re s t ed I II . a r'en K n n tzen K the . Decem b er' 2 . lh l e tl ; a t L u th ran " r I r. " t I' t I e anl.' t 1i e M iss Hagen has b e e n a c tive i n I mo s , , . , . . ., . .' II s PI dty h,u d to deCide b) lOok· . . I" w e nt t 0 " T h e T Iuee .t·H aetiyities for the past ei ght " mose, ongma . . ' Illg ll t won·lost rec o rd s . S o m e teams • b " '" gra u a�t e of Gla s gow �"" ra s -l, aom l I\.el\er, DI a n a G laz. . Years. S h e is a . ha '" major colleges on the s c he d- I . High S chool where s h e was saluta· e l', and A u d rey H a lt. Ken TorYlk . \.. 1I1E', others m u s t. scrape to . I e l d a " • . . • e " m o s e gl"Ot torian or her gradua ti ng da.s s . Sh,u-- w a s- th squad. The en tertainment included P a t 011 is now in h e r sophomore y e ar a t • , . . . Abou{ hal[ do mee , o t h e l Lu ,her' I1e , Pa c ifit: L uth era n College where s h e B on d' uran t s i· n g i n g " B e"clte ,'In o u tfits o nc e or twice a year. e h ; " a n d rna . t B Bewildered red and , o S . majo r is a music edu c a t ion he ther and Wartburg ,i n Iowa , for in, plays an alto saxophone i n t h e col· gici-an Ro s s Gu e tz. Halloween fare stanc e, a r e Ileal' neighbors and rug· donuts w a s lege ba n d and belongs to the O rgan o f a p pl e e i d e r and ged ri v a l s who usually b a t l e it o u t served. Cor the conference erown mo e More than 3 0 blue ribbon awards .

S h a ro n


l' r izes

d·ay night


How �:�f:':r ��:�����ti���I� u::�':�I�s�l���




sc hools.


.1Ullloro n s



was awarded



· t

' .ha n


SpO I·t.


W l tenberg

l ong'standing Ohio.



a v e


re v i v e d

foo tbal l



r Guild.


C� .•• pltal




enough of t h e s i s t er squads




county fain; f o m


also receiyed




lng ouUlt places LUltheran schools.

T h e Williamso n Syndicate, a Tex·




gai - ned

all which weekly ranks . the co u ntry,

erews in


1948 to 1 9 5 4 w e re

t ip r


f o r three te

honor s

i n judging, Rnd

c lub c on gr e s s . H e r re c o rd ahows a n unusual number of club

l ea ders h i p



r e s p e c t in H;cent ·


res u lts .

s co r n g llrst pall'.


talent in w i n n i n g their

.p h u s

i·b ie average.


dIana, Luther or \OVa



�:=:n� h��l� :t�(�� l

) eu up

. l;



t he

Due to mid·semester exams, there wil l be no Mooring Mast next week. Next issue will be Novem ber 18.




I Speak er

( Mi nn.

. ...

o [ the S e nate, and T op p e r


{ .


w i ll




0 u s e

the mo s t Oles,


el evens,

. ... ... .


._ _

gliJttering r e C O l' d.

� But t






they 'd amass ed a grand 85 po int s i n . th oae two Will S w h ile ho I tiing oppo . en t.5 to no ne Conco rd ia of Mi n ne· sola and Upsala also showed plenty


I ;�

T h e Sergean ts·a t·arms w i l l be Go rdie Strom, E l wood Riek e , S tu M o l"




� ��� �:r::d��:�hird p

lace win-

Fastest Growing Comrnun ity

' :



P a cifi c Ave n u e ...... ......... ..

.......-..... . . _-_

Stop �R�-;S!I

. __ .

GRa n 'l te 7 1


... _..._... __. , • • •


for a D E L UX E H A M B U R G E R I Old Fashion Fish and Chips Home-baked Pies and Cakes Full Fountain Service N I NTH :'-:'AC �� J



•_ .





ti i �

.... .... ...-...

John Ho lum, H e eves.

S h i rl ey Fre eman, a n d Torn By 6 : 1 5 p . m . , the

C 932

s eventh


�;;:� ��;;: t:�;e n ·

�::�:�::� ::::i; ::�62g



1 19th &





South Yaki m

+I I. I1 i+' t



FREE PIC K· U P and Pa






2 1 i l.�.���: .�:.��!�. f

(33 1/3 LONG

identical wedding rings.


land and V-lc-. n-.ty


Limited Edition Vol. II

(Us tom. particularly when vows are seald ,,, ith



enn Mil ler Alb u m




HO U RS I' ]I,1on. - Tues. - Wed. - Thura. 1 1 :00 a,m. to 12:30 a.m. 'I t, �rld." It 1 1 :00 a.m. to 2 : 00 a.m. II t! Saturday

: ���;:�::�,:: ;;:


double ring ceremony. It's a

Lu n dgre n ,

Bo b

so n ,


'I � F A S I O N LEA E RS 1 1t. 3820

uth Heino, Deyrol Ander·

i n so l

More a n d more couples are entering life together


I i I




i dI


A Complete Modern Printing Plan t in Tacoma's

1 1 8 02

d w i th the Oswalt!

M aurie i s a


Fas t , Economical Printing and Litho gra phy

several other Lutheran !


B u s i n e s s A d m i n i s tra tion. and speech w i l l be his



' nco


��j��c�:�!ao���::;.� s�:--Oi'�f" � t 7. S t Olaf


j u ni o r who halls from Corn el i u s . Oregon. His major i m i n o r The ToastmA. S pea l er tel'S elected h i m fi rst vice·president of t J1 e i r organization. IM aurie is 31. P L C studen ts J o h n H olu m , Co n- c h a i rman o f the B oa Td f o r t h e B u s i n e s s C lub. nie Hus t a d , and A n i t a S c hne ll a re m emb e r � of tl F' "Stee I. ' I g C omm ' t- . l 1 , " L ners, w h o have been ra ted i n d vi · Student B o d y Congre-ss will au . • - at tiIe I s """ r. . I 0f I tee" pho \ . , 11 e sa u allY and placed accordillg to the jo u rn. \Ve expect t.his to be an eVeD t ho s e c'. o n ,. n er·lle·1 u . E l l e n Hen" " T ' e l '" "I - 'highest accumulative record, will long remembel'ed by participal . m a .N )'g aa rd , N am' y He II'U l'. d an d . s and b y t; re c ei v e tro phies . There will als o be i n g hirrh school student . Arl ene Bake-r a r e the dEW."ks. T h e I certifi ca t e s aWa!.·ded to o utstan d n g er�on: who joins with them to l e :l . Rea d ei'S al. e D ave TIT " 0Id and .J e n.y lhigh sc hool pa r t i c ipants . Judging mo re a.bout OUI' outstanding Ame' S1a t turn, St u G1' l b r"bl th . \\" . II be t h.e will be held d ur ng the c o m m i ttee I' can Congress. . 'C ha.p I am, a nd. ". n el'1 � o n , Al S y· -1- meF't muns .< ings an d th e ses�ions � . l u dg e s ! ..-.. -.•-- --.-..-• • • • • •• l_mg, ' . J'1m F1 orence, .J 011 S , o i ne a n d a re to be Stu Gilbreat h, B e v Sven· ! l Ken Robinso n w i l l be the C abinet. g l , R �ielson

� �::2:�:?£:��i��� )mlfj;�p�mR-S;-1 � �l:;::::) . :�:� )(�':=:.': . ;::: !t


fl Y lng l e ssons. It w"& L a s t. month h e o b taine,

Fl y i ng Servi c e a t Tacoma Airport.

T o m S w i ndland w ill also p re s i d e a s

.. I I

r·t.blll"g III t 'o p ten t eams u s u ally mted 9 5 · . . ' . Iow a . Conco rdIa or Dana m the C e n · 9 s· . A s of t. h e s e c o nd week of play tra l C h u rc h C olle g e l e a gu e h i s se a s o n Luthera n squads w ere rat d fr o m �6 all the way dow n to 3)(. Here's the l i sting for the top ten




who o w n e d an an'port l l1teres ted h I m In taklllg

to M o n ::.ana S tate College n o t lor.g before Maurie made h i s first solo fligh t. , co nse e llti ve years f o r the S w i ndland and T o p p e r N e i l s on. hi s private flying T h i s lad i s now a s s o e i a, t

LutheTan Leams w ere fayored �0l' . c o n s l' d er,; evel'Y . 'v·,T I· II lamwn · . . . ' tI t l e s l o t s In at least SIX c on f e r· . angI e WI I l e h cou Id. nave any b eanng . . . enees. Best bets : Pa CifIC Lut h e ra n , on a t e a m s caliber, c o m e s n p w i t h . . • m t,h e Evergree n, Gu s ta vu s A dol · h I' g.ll1 I- ' Y accura t e . . I n the 'Mmneso t� , S t. Ola f III "(T llder t h i s sys tem 100 is the high · . . the :'.l ldwes:t , Valpara i So J!l the 111eli! 'po . The na ti on' s . much

( Co n t i n u e d from page one ) w i ll be a c u v e lY par tici p a:t i ng . . T he c o·di re c tor s o f tb e S t u d e nt . ar e Conn i e H u s t a Co n gr s T om

l i S t e d among h e r achievements. She

t r a dequat.e c om p a ri s o n Thus i t' s a fun to s e e how a p ro fessio nal r a n k . s t


Student Con9ress

f o r exbibIt ions of her w o rk at the


Those waiting to tailspin i nto Maurie H illis' airplane·topped cake are. I. to r., Ray Reep, Dean Libner, Bob one·lens Monson, Maurie, Don Li leE D o u g Mandt, and AI Sylli ng. I . . . . . . . . . . . H I l l l � was J u s t SIxteen �n � I l lsbO O , � re�o n , when rnen,' :







ir' HI

\'{fhether your taste runs to the simple, or the most delicately carved, there's a Cou rtship Master­

Guild pair for you among the 50 distinct designs,

all of 14K solid gold. See Cou r tship « ::!1:

8« :J I-

1: t/) «


For the

al l


he m today




It e

Reg u l a r p r i c e

through life.



jeweler nearest

O. Box

191 4,





$ 2 5.00






Pianos - Television - Appliances 945 BR OADWAY P H ON E BR. 1161 __



_______th ,


P. l.C. Hosts W. S.A. Speech Tou rney



Welcome, W. S. A. Delegiites


18, 1955

Speakers , CO'n vene For'·· Alfll ual: IVleet

...., .

A t che latest (oune, 4 8 schools will b e represented J t {he 1 9 1 5 Western Speech Association TournJmenc. The tournament will be held November 2 1 · 23 onoPLC's campus. More than 300 dele­ gates are E'xpecred from the I I weStern states. coming from as far as the University of New Mexico. The Association is in its 26th year !\\ n e !mln d ng in S a n Fran- (

c Its

cisco In 1929.



n and

l It l gel y composed ' th non-agricultura.l Industries women in the college I of the Cniterl Slates Is



should guaran·

and IIn!v-erslty level or the speech

teach ing profession. but a I s o




peop e





w ag e, "

I original

an n ua

employee!> an




dudes '1lrose, poetry, and dramatic

e s level. dy Dr.iv Coordinator for in previous com· in Is s vi oo i local made rlirel'tortheofgen· the eral m m I entrant will chairmen indude: willt I speech


S' I

on the high schoo! and elemenL:uy

re;uling. The con t � ta nt


must use only ori ginal wo rk ,

o rator

Lo orations which have not T. O. H. Karl Is the 8pe ec h I l i m i te w on a rirst pla.ce Aat l t l e s the \V petit Th e general subject for e;,;· ion. A. He er ng his final year the three.year· term at omce. Prof. temporaneous �p eak ln g Is "The Fed· Jon Erkson is

tournament, having

eral arrange

Pictured above are the PlCe aenlora lIelected for the Berg and Onella leej atandlng, Elwood Rieke, Dave e�:n;�:y,��� :,��:,' ���J;e s��:!��: ��e�:�to���:rr:'N�e�!� n�o;! y e �:�� , �::t� !�a�er;; �� r '.:' ��: � ;: :!��i;� Jo Gronke, Ruth Heino, Roberta Blrkedahl, Myrna Gilbreath and Tom Swlndland. 1 16


entg . The co m




i ttee

Ea ch


Judges and



Our Ec


10Ph'. The




co n t es


have an opportunity to read terlal

n m





Stanley D. El· aloud to the judge. The general field

Eric �ordholm.


Pu b i i ty : l..'lilton NesV1g.



covered is "Racial

Integration in the Public



of Lemon Gr ove,

California, Is president ot KRK and tine religious leader. Another Sal·


committees In a1l fair and

at PLC

we have the busiest man on ca



In ·this




of Cashmere. who Is




t e,·

of the 19� Saga.


te ens, vice-president of the student "Who's Who " body. The senior class prexy Is s.tudent who has not appeared be· one of the Sa em. O rego n fo'i-e In the publi cation. Iast It Quite an honor to be in cluded year's s tudent body secretary. is

to select only seniors, Or a grad

lab. Finally.

assistant In the

mpart a l

.a manner as possible. Some schools Include ju l o� In <their cand d t es,

memb er

seven cam pus organizations and an


contribution to

8 : 00 a.m. to 9 : 00 p. m. , Monday and

Dining: �lIss Qua!t1..

T u esday.

There w Ul be 1 2 0 judges pre�en t



po se


a c u lt y


ou ntry.


8 : 00 a. Finals :

and ' professional

t e

be represented by

ni e Hustad. Anita


Janet Turman.




6 : 00

. to

p.m. Wednesday.

1 : 00 p.m. Wednesday. Banquet. Wednesday

nin g. . PUBLfC lNVITEO.


breath , Tom Swlndlllnd, Oeyrol An·

George Roskos, head o t PLC's art

derson. Tom Reeves, Bettelou Mac· Donald, and Betty Lou Bronlce.


recently had

a aculp..

ture purChased by the S eattle

The tournament ..wlll be composed fou



Woo 's Who Candidates Chosen m c m d.. at f Sixteen senior students were selected this past week as PLC's men trom the various areas of h ar s Del Hutton, representatives in "Who's Who Among Students in American (' U n iversities and Colleges." The selection was ba�d on four fac· Cn PLC will [Ors: 1 ) excellence and sincerity in scholarship, 2) leadership and a Schnell. Virginia Ida Jo Gronke, of participation in extra-curricular and academic activities, 3) citizen· emlte Gil· ship and service to the school. promise of future usefulness to Art Prof Honored zoology m s business and soc.ety. The choice was made by student and fac�lty I i president Elwood Ricke, Dave Wold, Seaettleite. D<n' 's lert hand man editor a Is PhilASPLC. i n of r S · h i s Is PLC's m Nordquist, but it ha-s been the practice ua . This is who! J erry SlSlattums. attumt Thelma Nygaard, l . The Student Body of PlC exIs presst' Its sympathy toof Dan theolo"death his upon Triolo trom r fat"er, Dr. Tri i n Eugene, a Oregon, and to Dorothy Johnson have earned this honor upon the death of her father, Onella Lee, h i _______ _______


hav� one hOlll"

to prepare his

Margaret ant!:

WlckAtrom a nd L. O. Ek l und . Reg s tra tor Anne Knutson. berson. assisted

Governmen,t and


dlv1sions: Junior and



The "Eternal Sentinel," which


group of outstanding atu·

trom East Stanwood. Qul-te active all o,'er m e i ca. We in ll musical affairs. Including be­ can be justly prl"ud or our students. Ing past president of Mu Phi, los










Includ ng w r

t i n g and directing.

Roberta Blrkedahl, and Nlel variedaen,actlvl· ties, Including Topper : Hall, a

daug hter of

I;'rut h Lu-the ra n Church in Portland, Ore�n, has many


Tacoma, ",hO at .present is president

�f : �ue ���' ?\orlh l g C ;the

and the


the of




a Tacoman. Tom is president at AIphs. Psi Omega and Stu is president Kappa Delta.

Maudle Straub, basan

Va ncouV"er , B. C.,


Gale, cemer ;




Ends-Bob Bradner, Whitworth ;

Ward Woods, Whitworth.

Tackles-Linn Calkin.. PLC;

Dick Hanson.



member ot Kappa Rho Kappa-the worth.


southerner from



Is president of the Associated





Cent('8.1 Wuhlng on



Educa tion 'rill host the fIrst annual Evergreen Conference Preas CUnie

.begtnntng two weeks from today. The two-day meet cember 2 and



will be held De­ Ellen-sburg. The

Evergreen Conference Press ABao­

elation was formed as an Independ­ ent ol'&anh:aUon last

�pring at Bel­ during the &DJlual Student Government ·Con.terence. The ed!­ lOrs of the ,two PLP publicaUona, 'Walton ·Berton and l!Iwoo� ·Rleke, Ungba.m

i , will be 6.ttending, ox:ne purpoae ot



the clinIc

Backs--Dave Martin, Whitworth ; M.. F. a t. e a, WhItworth; Rich

only to Dodds, CPS,

. -. "

Is to'dJaCll88 the ' at the various aspect. newspaper and yeJbooJt tlon. Tbere be a 8eri. of pane ls and forum dlacU8sioD} eulm,in;ating w i t ,h ' t h e preaentation ot



Betty JunOakland,Condray, Quarterback-Tom Gilmer, PLC. The PLC delegatee to the WSA Tournament, aroe: Suted, MeDony r:r�::�d�.n�:�c��I�d��:d�a�e:y;��annje:::�I�����:: , �:�v�:� Thom.enC���I: and Stu Gilbreath, '

Greek'S. nla


and JerT)' Kluth, guard. The second

team Includes Gary

Roy ElUot, end; and John Fromm,


the outatand­

'ing h 0 n o r of being a



are: Linn Calkins, at

Tom Gilmer, Quarterback ;

Win- mention. a three-year veteranl at the The fll'&t 1rtrtng looks like thi :

debate s�uad;


Three PLC players are listed on

the. 1955 Evergreen AIl�onference

tee.m. They

speech department has three I back. Jack Newhart won honorable

Ruth Heino, representatives: lock, Tom Swlndland, na· Stu Gilbreath,


alls from Fern.

�:��' ::� ��������:: i PLC Places Three I On All-Conference

their scholarship an d c ti zens hip.










�MO;':;;::inf;';"M:;;·' 18, 1955 1 \ l

Page Two


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2�.1.�.�.�.�.::.. .. .. .. ·�����:�gg.DUSINF�SS ", EDITOR.. . MA..'c". ·E'-UP F'Dll·0R.... ..... . _ AKAGER....




.. . ..'!A ,



C i rr'u lat i oll


. .

by Roberta Blrkedahl

While lookl ll,g

\ er to


for the an

enigma of ,lrt, I





appealing. or more







s ignificanl ·





at 8 : 00 p.m.

ec ember

whleh centers


son, according

The b eau


amund this day lends Itself \\'ell to

an evening of real Christmas pl eas ure.

The traditional Lucia Bride ap.

pears In a white dress tied at the waist ..... lth a crlmson sas b. O il her

head she wears a crown or white

candles. She carrles a copper tray


cannot feel, or on the other hand can not



December 2.










sha ll o











rage, one with

spring, It Is rather bOldy carved. achieving the effect or contained strength ; with an Interesting utllizatlon or the grain of the wood.

The selection of those to be pur·

chased must have been a dltrlcult for the commlttee 'as this Is a



very good exhibit and the "top 12" were all very fine works. The whole show, as a matter


fact, Is one

\\ hleh Is out.standlng for the bal ge one ) Contin ed from representation of - l ance ot types, pa u ( selected and recommended by the






pnrchase consideration

of these,

are numerous rooms which


have on di'splay portions of

i ps










YOll may remember this piece as


carat emotion. The


I n 0th er

d s, trash . Th e

t h e r Individual does not under-

;: � :;����; : � : : �


e h' h

r f u d


n j t





home, at work or


the way


and experimentation must we cling

to bowl, of f1owen;, kllten,. pa; n ·


fully photographic watercolor land-

scapes for� the aesthetic record of

our age? There are those who would devise a rigid ruler to mea sure the

au i l

50 million times a day


stand it and therefore It must be


cellen{ s 'h o w of which Professor

Roskos Is a 'Part. .------


and therefore It I"s a conglomerate



It was on exhibit here at PLC last

one person does not understand art



He has

abandon a nd random reck­


Blanche Llngbloom GR. 9945 413 Garfield 1 29th Pacific G 7475 '===========��===========� a.

with his friends. This in·



his brush hand . . Eureka!


CHARM Beauty Salon

really e n j o y himself talking "n(l

would remove shoes

and sox or close his eyes and wave

and 8. Names of



It one

produced modern art in all of Its

candidates should be turned I n right

away to JoAnne



The election or Lucia Bride will

be on December

He pmduces


-pictures will be taken on tbat date or



for 1955.

nor g 10

considering "the of life. Sometimes one can ' t recog. . 80 as additional on nize anyt'blng that resembles a "sen- works' potential value , sible" representation chuck full of to the Mus eu m's permanent coHecWe recommend that you visit the tlons." · Seattle Art Museum and see thle e:-rmemories and associations. "Alas,

deadline for turning I n names of Is December

never a smile

bright spot of our campus nn!l

fund donated something that really looks "for Through a purchase the real." But what then of Modern Art? 'by several Northwest groups, six It departs from the homey things Museum Committee purcha-sed

Any girl wbo i� not a n active Spur

PLC's Lucia Bride


takes his fellows on a sentimental journey at representatlonally load-

ber gifts o f charity.



ed objects or forms

and ['offee service. She Is known tor

may run for the honor of


the "fall' haired boy"-or girl. He

"portrays that whlch his less gifted, J Or possIbly more Ignorant brothers,


word to !lay,

laugh, cal, ('orne In -the ev n i


significant. T h e artist tben Is quite

Swedish tradition.

le g en


things appealing (to what? ) . and that he or she can separate t h e mun-

and It marks


a!< w"lk!< en


around campus a l l d a y w i t h n"Vt� r


dane trom the more than ordinarily

:the beginning of the C r is tmas


At PLC, the very per�on who

Uon? We can safely assume there.

The real St. Lucia Day falls n n·

nnally on



from tha-t an artist is one who Is


none Is

tlon and an occasional hearty laugh.

peculiarly sensitive to beauty and

nual Swedish holiday, will be h el d

the fine Instltlltions in

last '�;I't'erion If p�ettY' -

Infinite ramifications of the deflnl-

The Lucia Bride F'estlval, an an -

at PI.£ this year o n Saturday,

of oui- defiIilt+Dn,

dln.,lIy ,lgnlflcan L But what or the

by Arlene Baker Let us carve world, oeta happyfingers, saitdh thehis pink-stain�rI wi D . and his fl y ing thoughts. Letthe'us river put a. little blue InWash the skies D romanc�cl�anto and bring sea- everyone. h La ti I d Id 8:i� ��ec:::�e::ae:::rfUrIy�:rhis · heavy suitcase, fill e d with words. Let feed us teach the illiterate and hungry. the and Let us talk to work and bring understanding everyone. Letd usthebuild a tl. a. n world sai llI'eacher bookofofhotruth, wiandth hishissong . pe. being Let us love one another. LetoveusGodabove all L his miracles. and bring them to everyone. And from above God blsmiled and essed J them all. prefer men with PATONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS 99% of women hats, or without. ,-----------1 ermanents That sfy on I P Hair ColoringSatiConsultati Milk Shakes

Festl" val Nea'r



'girl s are consldered_ more than or-



that which promotes good conver!':'\.·

e t1efinllloll one mtlst concede

s..,��:. �e�;.,'!'. ::::'-... :,--;-:-,-_�_�':.�.����;;.. !"'.!zt�:;-· '�;'.l:q a-l1er�a ." . . . . l "4p� the.

Lucia B ride

A Very Fine Insi:ii:ui:io n �he coJl<}ges.

h n IISU-


llansen. Gayle Henl"lcksen. Darrel Hines, Da.\'e Jaech, Stu Mortog, that "calendar art.. fulfills the first

��:� )'.;�:-um, fi{w .

.- ., i.l�I71s. ·


Etern�1 Sentinel



] l'fuge Ir th e stIHipnt s friend 1 he .. D ' . ...... .....PAUL LUCKY American C o i l p )!; e Dil-tionary: MANDT which statt!s that art Is . . the produc... ... Bette Macdonald lion or {'xl)ression of what is beau.

MANAGER... ..............OOUG A��L"'lanl Ad :\Ianager EE N · �.�.���Ut�'NJ6�R�I5� gg:�'�.�.:��i;�· ·�f·A·�·����\::�1��?OKS. COLL ..�;-\" elrn. E rlck !'on, Barbara Jackson A:;s s ta ts... REPORTERS . . . ..Betty Lou Bronlce, Garol Duschke, Sylvia Fong, Joyce AD



: �

ALLANG���:G��� G�I � r���

................... ........ ...-_


'-� ('10

... llV \�


Some.i:h ing To Say

"value" of a work ot art, whether

. it Is the rul r of the naive real s t � or the dogma of any set c I lca criteria. The only dogmatism in art

is the dogma of no dogma.

Art is







ath e r Is


statement of the very being of the





a law wIthin Itself. Who

can measure the sou.l or Interpret

oft? Let's face it. modern art is <-'Qn­



I� ---6- �; . �TIME . ..: ::oLDIll.4" ±" tf.o..;:..., � .t a c...t.IoIp . .

f Don't

' � e



lor tile cou� � ...... r- "'" COUnsHI''-'. O.loa 1 P..... s-m. n,'w_


be too quIck to "sit In the

seat ot the

scornfult Art. for you.

can be a �Iuable Insight into the most


age to

the one In which

understand • .

you pve.

Poor LOMers !

'PLC 1 9, CPS 0

........ ... --.•.

� ...... Aa ol.- ....Il-lI.d ...... oE _

let's find out about I t -

fe�c� but not.. from the bac!\.yud .. try the llbraries and galleIi� Know the art of the age in which you llve

Laurinat's Apparel THE FINEST"

. "WE FEATURE Gjlrlield St. GRanite 5317 p:arkland Wash. 409

Zelma Laurlnat



1. Brigh� bracing taste • • • ev�:.&esh and IpatkliDJra 2. A welcome bit of quick _gy . . .


brings you

mb" ...I



�. t


By Freddy Miller The weather has always heen a , ub)ect of l ast ,eso ct , but this I", w('f'k it has become the main topic of almost every conversation. Il all last F'rlday with the unex pected early snow fall and sub-freezing tplllrwm tures. Saturday afternoon the game th-at would decide the 1\0. 2 - po;.;ition III the Evprgreen Conference was postponed because of the cold wp;t ther and the condi Uon of the fi eld. The game was set for Wednesday night . hilt this was again changed .to Thu'rsdar, to b� played In the afternoon at 1 : 45. The Lincoln Bowl had. o\"ernight, turned into an outdoor Ice arena ;nld it any game was to be pl�yed. it would be a game of hockey. The f1eld had turned to Ice with a rocky, rough surface which would have caused many ClltS. sprained muscles and possibly broken bones.

,, : ;1. 1'11'11

Friday, Nov�mber 18,




Lutherans Take Second Place


Page Th,...

Casaba Turnout: Ivy Hall Hea'ds ,nspirationol L00 Ie, Promiling 1. I n�ramura I 5, A ward KIU th •

Coa e h �Iarv Harshman



('onli uctlng" iJaf<ketbali turnours for 30 \"an�i t y hoperuls. Ou ')lu1I1 fro m



Jerry I,hnh Is the winner of the Hugo Swanson Inspirational Award, la!l t Yl'ar'f; Confer(>ncp t'o·('hampions bl'gnn In 1947 by ex coach Cliff 01 An e �e \'en win, one loss, record are the entire first fi\·e. 1,llIs four !Ion. His slxty-mlnllt tJerrormance of Ihe Sel'OI1r] fin'. S talwart s ba ck put �\'Y. Hall In the champl� �lshlp ha\'e been a Inspiration, to the Ot l !ght [or the III � ralll\lral 10\Lch �l · Include IInanlmollS t'hoi � e All Con team. Jerry Is a tremendous b'Of!ker ferenee forward 6'5" Phl ! Nonlq uls f , Football finals. Ivy has held the I and tackler and can rightfully be . ge('ond team All-Conference Jack rec�:d fo� sev eral ):ears, this ye:�r called "/1 footl'all player s football . a ver�·� · ', .. . ;' � .' , "'��;., ��:=-:: :�� .;��r-'bHd��· T '('�II�ilg�, 1m,' we' �Ul��i! !"'1ijl'� i;· �� ::P�:":��:';:.:;: ;:." .�.:.i� ;� .Titek: : 1 t\ : ' :. 9 t . ; � , He was All-State at Bremerton "Ctlce. furnlng out In the snow was somewhat new to most ve l'. 6 1 fo n\ ard , 6 7 Nick Kehler�l ne x p e ct.e o pra man , �enter : and AI Gllbrlld. 6 foot storing 123 polnts _ Other results nhd las't year was selected a� AU, f th c f<Q l;ad, bllt they' made the best of the trlgid situation. For the bene0 follow : �guard and third team fit of those ,,-ho were sitting In a warm coHee snop or IIsteni�g to a radio guard. OCler lettermen are Dennis I Conference I I th(> ir rooms I would like to describe the above practice session. The l i" � 'I � ttl� A Il-AmerlefIJl. This season's Tacoma . . tl ; J t�d p ayen; wore every warm pI ece of clothing they could find. Most. wore ream team" has not yet been nnC. C. Village . . .. 7 1 a t least two jer�eys and many had three and four. All wore long stock- Storaasl!. J ounced, but J e r r y has a good . C. Hall ..... . . 3 chance of a berth on the first team. Among the neweorners present, Ing� in an attempt to keep -their legs a Httle wann In the temperature of 36 The football captain for the 1956the low 20's. Towelll were another thing that wa!! used by many and no one fluds several prominent names I' i s .... 1 10 57 Gladiators I s Curtis Hovland. 1.wo players the same way. Some had tbem around thelr necks while from last year'!, prep drcles. Two N. Hall (2) ...... 1 1 Curt halls from Canby, Oregon. He Olhers around their 'heads In the shapes of bandanas and turbans. Stock- All-Staters from Washington, Chuck We�tern . ..... ... 0 1s 6 pre-engineering student and jngs were converted Into hats and many ot the players looked like little Curtis, Rkhlanr.l, and Jim VanBeek, Roger Chuck 'old Sen Curtis and " takes time out in the fall to Quit F"rallklln P i e r c e : one Ail-StMer elves. There was no contact work and the squad ran through their orrense from Montana, Virgil Huntoff. Sld- tied for high scoring hOllors. each pushi ng his "B" GPA and plays a. with punting and passing drills. Thill was again repeated on Tuesday and ney. Also pres ent are All City Hay scor i ng 72 points during the season. Htle football. Curt Is 6'3" and tips Peterson, Lin.coln, Tacoma ; Merle Denny Ross scored 66 points and the fortune machines at 235. His No. lasted a little longer. This was written before the game was played and so the results Mlkelsen, All Sp�kane; All Alaska, I\eal \Vehmer, 6 0. Chuck H o b b s 47 Is seen constantly on the bottom can't be Included, but with the determination shown by the Lute squad Bruce Casperson, Juneau : All Can· made 3 6 points, Roger I verson and of the pile a9 he stops all traffic {he score is obvious. With the postponement of the game came many terence Bob Mitton. Plfe. 0 t h e r Tom Uhlman each scored 30 points. through his tackle position. He bas Twenty· four points e a c h were a job ahead of him next year as opinions afI to whether It should be played or not. Not many of the play- trash turning out are Lloyd Erland· ers want to play on the Ice but they didn't want to call off the game as son, Larry Cook. F'ranklln Pierce: scored by Don Zarndt, Gerry fled- captain, but we know he Is capable burg. Dkk Foege, Bob Mi llon. Curly of it. there was to be revenge tor their non. conterence meeting at the start .Jlm Glasser, Orting; Don Olson. Congratulations, Jerry and Curt. of h season. Then came the Idea at playing on the Cf'IS field because It Olympia; t�lel Lockwood, Puyallup; Berger, Duane Moe. Roy Schwarz. Gordon Hofrenbocker, Roy PeterDennis F'atJand. Lincoln. Tacoma; was in better shape and tbe grass might offer satter landings. Virgil son, Weed, Jim Corey. Bob Bob Corey, Chuck Curtis and Duane Dy no means Is this meant as an excuse of the outcome of the game Jim Gardner, Portland; Art Nerby either schools but it Is something that doesn't happen around here .h elm. Oakland, Calif., and Addle Glaser, and Dick Hanson each made Moe 1 . I S points. Deyhmd, Anchorage. Alas.ka. Each year three all star teams are very otten and It was telt tha,t it shouldn't go undiscussed. Twel\'e pornts each were scored named-this year's first team inThe transfers given the best Olld Arden Sells. : Phil Nerhelm, Art by udes t All· N.W. the on nominated being Tommy Gilmer and Jerry Kluth portunl y of cutting the varsity Ends-C h u c k Curtis, Jim Vanbut as last year 'sQuad are Hugh Marsh, 6.6, Seattle Munson, Bill Slat tum and 'Fritz SolStar team . . . the Huskies had the Bruins of land. Beek; guards, Oary Markham, a.nd (21-10) they need jU'St one more point or a Httle less time . . . the West 1;., and Rogee Iverson, U. of W. Two Twenty fellows e a c h scored 6 Duane Moe; Center, Vlritl Weed; Coast and Its own 'hydroplahe circuit . . . one of the hardest fought can- other transfers who are looking tests of tihe year, Ohio Wesleyan 13, \Vlttenburg 13 . . . J . Luther Sewell good but will be Ineligible until the pollJts. This group Includes : Stu backs, Denny Ross, Roy Schwarz, as Seattle's new manager. The game or the year to look for wllJ be Okla- spAng semester are Richard Hem- Morton. Jim VanBeek, Don May, Arden MUnson. The s e c 0 n d team consists of: 'ooma and Maryland in the Orange Bowl . . . Howard Cassady really put lin and Dave Hiatt, both from High. Dave Peterson, L o u I e Spry, Bill Johnson, Bob Gruber, Ken Gjerde, ends, Ray Peterson. Neal \Vehmer; on a show as he stormed over Iowa in his 169 yards and three touch- line, and the Unlverslty. Larry Shoberg, Jim Gardner, Bruce guards, Don May, Gerry Redburg; downs . . . Good luck to the UW In their homecoming with Washington ' Coac h Harshman �ald that H's Casperson, Moratlo Hause, Daryl ('en·ter, Dick Drown; �acks, Chuck State. stili not too late to turn Ollt. TurnDougs, Walt Ball, Dan Ro�e. Duane Hobbs, Don Zarndt, Bob Mitton. ut S '�r I eld dal y t 3 : 1 . T e Ramo, Jerry Olson, Ted Scheele and Roger Serwold, Bob Corey. Phil u tes f ra g� me a J. ovem er g. For the haircut you like . . . Bob flodln. Sells, Gordon Hoffenbacker, Ron Since all tne other Conference The record tor the number of Hase'H', J!m Glaser, Ray Nelson and sehools have been turning out now touchdown passes thrown Is held by Bruce Casperson make up the third for over a month, the Lute� W II I Arden Munson. He tossed 38 scoring team. have two turnouts a day dUring the s I Bob M e N 'Xt I II n 3434 Thanksgiving 'holldays I 1. hUC bb t h r e a f rf \ 'a touchdown passes and from here on It better. D the record appears thus: Basketball Is getting under way_ Don Zarnd-t 9, Denny Ross 5, Gor- The games will get In full swing don Gradwohl 4, Stu Morton, Dave right after Thanksg!vlng vacation. Steen and Jerry Hickman 3� Roger If football wasn't your sport, don't The Best in Donuts I iJverson, Roy S::::harz and D:ck Foege I miss the Intramural basketball seaPhone MA, 4861 926 ' ''2 Broadway Phil Sells, Gordon Hoftenbacker, ! son.



All S tar Team


I Il<'� I :' :���: : ����� �� �=::? ���t . I �::��� ��� � ��: C::;I��O�'l�:� � 3L ; F�r. �·:S (] �� C. I �� �:;� ��


� �

: �

: :


��� � � � �: :

Vialt Room MAGIC JOKES Dlnn�r8Our -HOBNOB Short Order. TRICKS COSTUMES - TUXEDOES - SERPENTINE o p n f om 7 3 O 8 :OO ::!.!1 2, /' ;:::-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=It 1:====, =,c===:===.O====

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1 1 802 Pacific



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EINAIR BOTTEN, General Agent 312 N. 85th Street, Seattle, Wash.



Page Four


Friday, November 18, 1955 Thirty-seven Members

Happy ThanksC)ivinC) from the StaH

Hoop Season l ���(�::: 7:�::�:;C�:; Begi ns wit:h s (h�;:cif:� 'hactec banQnet foe (he Pacific Lu· Utecaa Cotlege Clccle K Club Thucs· lAC Tourney the college union.

S Peech Depa rtmen t 0wn ' s

Inducted Into Circle K

L o ng Successtul History · When one thinks of learn or a i bale sQ1l:"Hi . h :l� n�yer been Hmit,ed I day evening in •


. F' l Gladiator shots or basketsquall. �rv,-..,a !'ollege C:lIllIl11S. lilat to one actl\'lIy either. Out of Its Thlrty-se\'en c h a r t e r members ballirswill be fired November 29 and whirh �es to mint! Is 1I�l1all)' ; ranks b a \' e come three Student f were inducted Into the organiZation 30 at the Tacoma Athletic Commls· ('onne('t�� athlelit' acth'itie::·. Rolly preSid�I�t;;, noted campus ara- whic h Is the only collegiate Kiwanis sian's Invitational Classic to be heJd ._==--===-�==---':-'-'CC-, But at PLC U \term "f'QtllHl." lllay , ma per50nalltH�S, .as well as partlcl- group In the state .of \VashlngtC;Hl. al the College of Puget Sound F'ie\d­ � be applied with�Ql.lal f�\lllg of panls in many diverse campus ac- Proressor Herbert M. Axford, head 1101W'e.' W i t h eX'perlence-plu8 tbe 'Unity amo_ng members to the For· ' li\·itie!'<. of the EBA department. is advisor l.l1tes look like ,the team to be-act :'\Ir. Karl'!' word�. "Anyone who to the group and was the main drive Ihi's ensiC' Squad. year. The PLC cagers won the I l is or cham � a fin lonship ma behind the organlzatlon<\1 activity. affair last year. be'.ltlng the Jo�ort a Q Perhaps this best explains the ' kf' . growth and development of our de. � Quality." best e:.presses what real Herbert G. Socolotsky, long·tlme betterment of Indi- friend of the college and often re- Bakers of the l':orthwest AAU LoOII. I I,,= ::::= bate squad ' and tht> determination rlctoaTY is-l tithes and :: ::::;:: :: :::: : = : : :: =:::::::;: ab l t_� �:> to _bes� ....!,!!,� .�":. �. --'· �\""���·, <;)�·:,J' C'-J�1!""'-"" A�;;:;';-�-;;�; "\"ts me\l"�""" 10'''1''0 ...u�.� ,��,:�� \"� d ! l. Ql��. i. f " ·;-� 'fj� '1ilJ � e_ l:t1d i ( . :;::::c::: l Lhe tn[P.res� C'_! i..L.e ,,,hOIe hmd," was toastma· :.\lbl.':" -�e Is Lt ('allege ·"'1[\'ti'1·tty of- ....-tri.:-t. au.,. stu- _r\'£' · lcPS IAggerS. the Eastern n l I ·e ernor of �he PaCIfI rtbwest IOlt Savages and dent :an be prouc1: 'the Centra.l W!lsh. for. a DELUXE HAMBURGER ��:r t ��:� �.;�r o:�:'o ���:� \:��:\\�� C:O" �:�. Dist c�, DiviS KI\\anls Old Fashion Fish and Cake. Chip. . . The PLC Forens\e SQuad .;-amt' ;nothin,!!: . ing-(Oll Wildcats wlll compete In the Home-baked . 1;1!�,I!: i ble and vet with lon g Pie. Service and . old, a memEast President I S. C, \ I I.\\·o.night affair which should shed . .- tb ro owinto being In th(> Fall of 1940 under . Full Fountain determ . natlOn Club, Kiwanis Tacoma ber of the .the d lrf'ction of �fr. Karl.. T'h a I ;'ang-f' reflection a come little of things 1.0 \1 c�am- I a greeting. i'ol�� /la\"e co�e 01has squad and the one the following � g seaPre:;Hlenl in the Evergreen Conference race. NINTH &. PACIFIC, TACOMA E.'lst\oid oflen brought Dinner music was provided by the This year's Invitational will not year axeraged twelye members. The gpIons. and never " A a Qllith>r wins, aid. PLC strlng en!:lemble Gordon O. Gil second year (-the ·�1.'42 sea!=oll) winner \'lin as a tournament. PLC and never Quits." The Pacific bertson, director. The, PLC Awbas-- be three trophies, to be r�l1owed by a Luth(lran FRYE'S CPS wlll go liP agaln!!t the visiting Qua College Forensic S d Quartet and sador G e sang, r 8. 1 d Quintets separate nigMs and will large number of others. came back Bayne played a trumpet solo. not play each otiler. to campns to prove the philosophy II stands as proof of thi� belief. RECORD SHOPPE Gilmon O. Holstad. pastor go..verof ollr squad was not only an Hleal . \.mted tbe nor, Kiwanis District, pre. "" but a practical reality. Those firs.t : PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 12607 Pacific Avenue proud bearers of thE' bra�s were Hel- i ��:i\�;n�� \���:; �::be���c��e� PARKLAND P I e STELLA'S FLOWERS ident. Parkland Kiwanis Club, pre�:b:������n:s� ::;��:� ��d l��;� �:�� i sen ted huge cloth Kiwanis banner Flowers for All Oceaslons Student Congregation Pastor. and Largest �elec:tion of Nell Hoff. Washington State Sen- ' President S. C. Eastvold was hon- ��c����;Wg�!_�bili�t�:��on��.lsman, 12173 Pacific Ave. GR_ 7463 45 r.p.m. Records , ator, ored at a sllrprise recognition and l (Foot of Garfi' eld) We Deliver a an s In the years from 19�3 to 194i 60th birthday banQuE't helrl in the ;�� ����:�nd t':e: :::.��:��� I the rorensic sQllad grew and began rUB �lo11day t>yelling. T.h�ee hun- In��� ed Kiwanis pins to the 3i charter :======�===� to e:'tpand into direct ser\'iC"e actiYi- tired Lutheran Chnreh offICials, pas' members. Professor Axford spoke DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR WATCH ! ties to the student body and 1 tors and church members from Ille ,.- _ the pin pre,;entatlon. munlty. In 19H the All School Or-a· Pacific :-':orthwest. and the college after _ ________-, tory Contest was begu.n. in 19�8 tl1(' I f a (' II I -t y antI Blaff. attended. PARKLAND GRILL High School Congres!I. In 1952 the The He\,. :'\{r. Anderson presented Spring High School INhate Tonrna· a book of 1 00 letter!' from chllrch 1 9c BURGERS leaders and friends and a. girt of menl. 1 Short Orders - Dlnnerll The Ylctories that followed can be money to Dr\old OPEN SUNDAYS attributed equally to the excellent Gus H Kleman Spokane busl Leave it at leadership and close knlt SPlrtt of nessman gR' e the mam address I ;:====� I those squads ho-se diligence made When You Want Books t h e s e ins posslble The record ARTIS SHOE SHOP stand, QUALITY C. Fred Christensen II




















. .... 51-52

25 .

. ... 52·53

. 54-55 ]53 total F'irst piaceg, Includ!ng 22 sweepstakes awarded at tourna­ ments to the school whose squad as I a whole does best. Being on the debate squad is not all work and no play as one might surmise. :-'{eetings and tournaments afford not only the opportunity to .meet and make many fine and last­ ing frienc1s. but some have even found that perfect guy or gal. A fIrst dale at the 'VSA Tournament In Fresno i n 1950 termlna.ted in �he Spring of ]95� when Bill Rieke anc1 .To Ann Schier became a permanent team. Janet KlillPen and Phil :-'r)-hre also met \'ia "the Squad," Tbe scope of interest of the de18

RUTH'S CAFE Located at IGA Foodtown


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1 1 2th and Park Ave_

Bar-B-Q Burgers 35c

Short Orde'" - Dinner. Fountain Home-made Pies 8:00 a_m. 9:00 to a.m.p_mto. Week Days Sunday: p.m_ 11

1 0 : 00


FASH ION CLEANERS 3820 South Yakima *


FREE PlCK·UP aDd DEUYERY SERVICE Partdand and Vicinity .�


1_�_ � _�--' I

1i \

. Let HGypsy John" Repair It


50 5 1

38 .


I 032 �::��:::::��:::: ::�c4629

:: ::


Surprl'se Ba nquet H onors Eastvol d



Phone HA, 3371

R G ;;::;;:I� -S�;:


RICHFIELD SERVICE Motor Tune-up - Brake Service Parkland, Wa.h. GR, 3040

dill1es in time will grow into

linoleum- Venetian - Tile - Formica - PaInt - -Plumbing - Roofing Electric Blinds -- Cabinets Window Shade. WE INSTALL HARDWARE !l ... e r .... FLOOR COVERING -.c re .. "We Give Service and Sell Quali ty" GRanite Phone 1 21 11t and Pacific Avenue EXPERT DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY SERVICE .....







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.,.... ....

• COlf'O




C. (I.rellT I••U nu ' Inn'" " O Il _ nlll nlO



1 12th (Airport Road) and Park Avenue COMPLETE SHOPPING CENTER ,

Makings for Sunday Night Suppers 9- 1 I week days, 1 0-9 Sundays

LOWEST PRICES ALWAYS Independently Owned and Operated

Theme For Monday Evening: "DECK TH E HA LLS!"




2! 1955

' Trees Fall As Construction ins On 'West Hall Dorm

�' ,j;O""""':!"" �" " .:;ew 'dormlrci,'y ;;irlfdlrlg··ltiTli·if\Ji't� aan \\"m'be- '. for women -will begin In December, that \�11 will have o;lfy one . -Rccordlng to a recent a-DDoullce· large lounge Instead of two. This ment by Dr. EastvQld� alteration will facilitate the ho using A $500,000 loan has been granted of 16 additional sludents. to PLC by the Housing and Home Wben West Hall Is completed in :h�w

Finance Agency of tbe federal go\'- September of 1956. it will form, a Quadrangle with .:"\orth and South The do r m, to be temporarily llalls, and all . three buildings will known. as \Vest Hall, will ho use 130 be ol"cupied by women students. students and will be of tbe same Old :\laJ�whlch now houses 252 women, will be used I as a men's design as Nortb Hall. Two stud� will OCCUflY Sts. Architect.., Lea, Pearson and Rich- dorm. e bids have to ards arranged opened �� h room rather than three as conby :-.l"ovember 23. \Vhen this Jl u bl!- dltlons now require. u ursmg . a es ucatlon callan went to press, no In fo rm a' Arran ements have been made g 7 ( 1400 tion was available about the firms with the telephone compa�y to In· arne ew ree o nvenes oar to be awarded contrracts. stall telephonE'S In al l rooms of Old . of the PLC A t a recent meetmg . n' lI x (� l nd t e u t ;s o I Dr O i e Dahl. e e u lve l\"urslng Club it was v 0 t e t1 that to of the Division of Higher so ��n�r :e :-!I s :c��o� :� I �:::�: S y :t : �. ;::se �:��::�e� along with a change in the eonSlitu- cation of the ELC , w ll arrive on ,b e completely fire resistant. The ments '1\'111 tie completed during tbe tion, the name of the club wouhl be campus Monday. He will meet to' study-bedrooms wlll house two stu· summer months. cbar.ged Crom \Vhlte Caps to the gether with the chairman of the ;1 · denUi eacb and will be furnIshed Calls to and from Old Main will Greek name Delta Iota ChI . ELC Board or Education, Dr. �Jorrls like t�e rooms In the other two ne..... be handled through the switchboard The name was suggested by Re\'. Wee of :\I adlson, Wisconsin. This i s dorms. in SOllth Hall. Old Main switch· Kelmer Roe. Greek professor. Using the first of their travels to the T he one difference between the board will continue to handle (jall\ . many Dible references, Rev. Hoe various Christian schools . of the ----' � � -,----- -.,__-- :. --�,.ad Lnke 5 : 17, "The pow", of lhe ELC. Lord was with him to hea\." With q u a ucceSSTU e a�e I n ! S Reinertson Wedne ay, l G ilf this as a basis he used the Greek \\ords Dejnamls Iasthal Chrlstol, business manager of Lutber sem' L meaning "lhe po.., to heal wltb Inne) I n Sl P.u), Mlnnesola. will ron I ce a n ac ona I rs � In speak In Chapel The message Will Christ " br h t h debate against Los Angeles State time toophles were glved to the de· s from ore than 450 debator "Christian nurses,' Rev Roe stat' :v �:nd\ �:I:O�:o , U:::t�� M 50 colleges and UfllVerSltieS In CO ll eg� . Miss Bronlce also won 3rd serving schools. Individual awards ed have the greatest power to heal H Luth·erl!'l Ohureh n MI , nnein or to ry artd 1M I s s Macdonald or jewelry \ vere given In the form the I I western states convened for their mlods and bands are Hi s a��s I here dUring the ThanksgIvIng came 4th I n extempore. of key chains and tie clasps for the and tbrough them He works .,,;Jth A fi fth team. Virginia Thomsen men, and pendanUi of gold, slh'er suffering h u m a n I t y. hristian �l'cess for 3 days of �ompetl(IOn I I tn bronze for the wome . debace, oratory, Impromptu, and Jane� Turman, were unable to nurses"'bave power to heal with II debate o\\lng to the recent car accl- "This Is the finest showing our and interpretative reading. Christ, Delta Iota Cbi." dent encountered on tbe Pullman sQllad has ever made at a WSA PLC may well be proud of Officers elected for the coming 4, 1955 II the fine manner i n which our journey. However, Miss Turman tournament," was a recent state. year are Ruth Haugse, president; competed In Individual events and L o i s Bechemeler, vice.presldent; 11 I faculty Jnd students alike com� received 6th place In junior worn· ment made by Prof. Karl. Adonna Bondahl, secretary; Janet ! bined their efforts to host the en's Interpretative reading. We would add our congratula· W e s t e r n Speech Association Smith. treasurer; aod Kay Jerstad, The tournament was climaxed tions and best wishes for continued ICC represent!ltlve. tourney, one of [he largest i n BanQuet at which success In tbe future! Awards with an Desir· the nation. The PLC squad of (Ive teams was I -----�----b nn 7 ar d � g ae:; ��l:::�r f l 0 college or universi ty In the touroa

Pictur�d abov� is the architect's conception of the new West Hall, due next (all. Seen from Wheeler and I LISTEN TO"ocy PLCF,'d.y HIGHLIGHTS N P''''nt.d C/ b T k I ELC Ed · night p.m. over KTNT on your" N G kN IB d C dl.,). iret·, The program under the co· dEdu, 'r direeti on of. Myrna Berg and Pat Bondurant I . t features student i . talent and a calendar of campus in· Thi week's and program I tone elnews. udeshorn, Linds Karlsen hi ' bari five ,selections from the PLCplusquartet�


j I


I Ch, .. doco,.tlng b.gln. on

Be certo ..elnato p.m.:� �Monday i n t��/niI:g��ht, gr:�; � :� ; :�



I0 l iB �);

b L S

Student Congregation

December Morning Worship, a.m. " Thing, Sermon by: "OfPastor Lutnesto Come Choir: Jesu, Joy of Man', by Paul C. Ing-Baeh. Dlreeted Luoky, Lord-Men. the Knutzen Solo: delssohn.RestByInDave . at 6:3 tlonal Meeting CongreQ .. , p.m. Coffee hour following. 0




d S






� :.�� �

r i WSA; Id W- F-



� \�O :�: �: �: �


U. W. Dea n Will, Be Speake_r At

· e ith. t ;:�7��I�,,�e�d����'e\h::o:��ured the Linn e Socie y Chrisfm�s B�n q.u ef ge. Let's this a succe"'1 chful..,evening. I Sucb success may be attributed One of the outstanding scientists I '---'--- 1 in a �arge measure to Professor of the West coast w1l1 be the speak· er at the Linne Society Cbrlstmas Theodo<o O. H. Ka<I, speech depa<" banQuet, tbe evening ot Sharon Ha ge n WI" n s $300 ment bead and Speeeh Activities Decemberto8,beatheld the Viking Cafe, Coordinator for -the W.S.A aDd to Soutb Tacoma Way. M" Jon &IoSOD, coacb, aDd local The speaker Is' Dr. Richard J. Schol arship at 4-H Meet tournament director. ,Sharon Hagen, PLC sophomore In the senior men's division, Tom Blandau, assistant dean of tbe Uni­ from Glasgow, Montana, has been Swlndland and Stu Gilbreath reo versity of Washington School of Medlelne. The title of his address attending a naUonal 4-H Coogress I II b e, "The Challenge of Re· In Cblcago duri the past week. with a score of 5 wIns swearch." Sharon was awarded an all expense paid trip because of her outstand­ H u s t a d and Anita Although only 44 years of age, ing recor� In home living demonsecond only to the Dr. Blandau has had a un1que and of Southern California brill1ant career. Atter obtaining his strations. Or. R. J. Blandau round of senIor women's B.A. In 1935 from Linfield CoIl?ge, Sharon's records were entered in competitIon with home living lead· Miss Hustad also placed ,he received the Ph.D. in bIology Dr. Blandau· nas been a member of third In Impromptu speakIng 'and from Brown University In 1939. In the t' statts of Brown UnI­ ers for a $300 scholarship, which . �948 he received the M.D. . degree yerslty. Harvard University and the fifth In oratory. she won. W'bJle In Chicago the con· Representing I'LC In the junior with high honors at the University University ot Rochester. His retestants also attended demonstra­ division were DeyroI Ander- of Rocbester, N. Y. He came to the 08earches have( made major contri· tions in home lIving and visited and Tom Reeves, who eompet- University of Washington. In -1948, butlons to many branches of medi· leading department stores, In this ed In the qualifying round of d&- with the rank of Associate Profes· cine and bIology, and won him way learning more about their field. bate. Reeves placed thIrd In junior sor of Anatomy. In 1961 he becam� the praise of major scientific socle· Sharon�s whole faIDlly Is a 4·H men's oratory and competed In the Professor ot Anatomy and in 1955 ties both·In this eountry aod abroad. famIly. Her ·mother Is a leader and was promoted to the posltlon of As· Dr. Blandau Is consl�ered by his tlnal round at extempore. she has a brother and sister In high Betty Lou BronIce and Bettelou -slstant Dean of the School of Med· many stuQents to be one of tbe out· scbool wbo both take acUve parts standing teacbers at the University ' the 4·H work when Macdonald teamed up to take the fclne. In 4·H projects. Her father runs first place trophy In junior women's In addition to the above posItIons, of Washington. their 1,400 acre wheat rancb and .•




Page Two




Friday, December MooriRfJ Mosl ·



2, 1955

Somet:hing To Say ·


A l ttle reflection on the past two months brings us to the , realizatton that we all owe a debt of gratitude and praise to the fooball squad, the cheerleaders and songleaders, and the band., I feel that the band has come the furthest. Their rousing rendition of "Rock Around the Clock" activated many a spectator from his state of vocal inertia, Now that schoo) has been entrenched in o�r minds as a nec­ �ssary evi l-since mid-semester grades, class distinction has risen Its misbegotten head, This distinction is not discrIminate, but rather the effect of being indiscriminate. The "joiners" and the "wor crs" were indistinguishable a t the first of the year, but now I t has become evident who are the worthwhile members of the 40-�d o rganizations on campus. Usually everyone who joins , a n organ,lzatlon stays a �?�nd at least long enough to get in the SAGA pICture and chen silently steals away," They have worked on .one committee or one project and think that they have done their part for the year, Some are not so silent as they leave-'Tm afraid I just don't have time since I ' m in fourteen clubs and three honoraries and need nine hours sleep every night." However, it is rather gratifying to the leaders in our campus groups .to find that there !s ,a dependable nucleus of persons who . , have .!lamed only those actiVitIes for which they have the time"<lnd energy t o do a creditable job. These are the members who will accept responsibility and. make a n honest effort to support the ' group, not merely their name.

The So und

by John Creighton


That pernicious individual r o d e, The murmur of neeting clouds rough shod, over anyone or anything on this campus that would The crackle of

twinkling stars

stand still for a sufficient length of

:::'i.":!, �::::��r�:!�, :�:��� ::!I�:���� time.

His efforts were



interest, but, we think, t9 fill space.



of his vagarious attlicks

The peaceful hummIng of

upon several defenseless constitu·

an August sunset

ent8 of our society, he did bear one And the Omnipotent Stillness of mark which Interested our slightly philosophical mind. That mark was

�!� : :� �:�:�::� ��: �:

his frankness.










we 'happened upon a remark made

'by Day ca". . -. I

a gentleman called Des­


this busy world, especially In our wlld·eyed confident litUe corner, Is so covered w banners,


� fog, N. Y. Yankee Mard, Harold's club

stlckers, horse power, sex and sad. Ism that we mistake this peculiar type of smog tor the true-blul:! of reality. It may be my 20-20 vision has !teen dimmed by sealed-beam



ble features so that this soot filled atmosphere






imagination." Nevertheless, as



Inexorably continue this grim race , in our 600 horsepower automobiles we never seem to get·any closer to the (too otten lII·deflned) goal. But thI; Is ridiculous, Everyone knows that all races have winners and by golly we're going to have six or seven, So with eager stride we continue on Gur way, balancIng all the adjuncts of Ufe In one hand


a Winter's Night-


ery variety of opinion, and study­ Ing all modes In which It can be

We've Just Moved

looked at by every character of mlnd,"-John Stuart Mill.

A brand neW store with a bigger and better line of clothes for all your' needs,


of I 'fe, and "100% Americanism." My., If only the rest of the world had

headlights, TV and marathon dou-

would call "a mere fig newton of my






economy and our beautlful Indoor , plumbing we wouldn t have so much unrest. Enough

reflection though;


to the grim determination of this terribly Important race.

Ap a re l I Laurinat's Across theCorner Street--onp the



���-----'- =::;:::======== ---

- ,,50 mt""ton

times a day

at home, at work or while at ptay

.chorus with the other. e

"let Me Solve Your SeWing

proach to knowing the .whole of

and attempting to direct the world

The Roar of the

Mrs. White's Sewing

"The only way In which a hu­ man belna can make some ap­

We're loudly singing, a little off key, the latest juke box hit. It just happens to be one of those emotion filled "I tound religion" songs that we so proudly

claim mark a real

back to ChristianIty movement. We look about us briefly and with a Ilt­


tle nostalgia and· much enthusiasm

--:-':=====z:==-'--===��==�':':"::=----='-' This Is. the Sound that Time makes.

carte s , (pronounced by the erudite,


by us, phonetically) , He know how much the

judgments of our friends are to be suspected when given In our favor." This statement seems to be In curl•

ous harmony wIth the attitude of that now extinct, praise the powers,

, Ghost Rider. ThIs thought notices


'blemIsh upon the face of our so­

ciety today.


does not, certainly,

tell us that we should doubt every compliment paId us, o r, cularize, brIng many










to Ught the t a c t t h a t the necktie!\, worn on thIs would

shine rags, but






It Questions




glad band and Pepsodent

(with chlorophyll) smile, when both



1. so BRIGHT in itS hooest, ever-frah tute.

In a word or eIght. Is a virtue than



3. SO BRIGHT in the bit of quick

My, that's a nice looking shoe

shine rag you're weuing thIs morn­ Ing


. make

It yourself !



"DECK T H E H A l l S ! "


2. SO BRIGHT in its brisk. frosty sparlde.

not sincerity more



. -COCA.-C OlA



...,. it brinp





. .




_F_T_;da__y, _D_e_ee_mb_e_'2-'_ ,-'_9_5 5__---"'

.e Three p_a_

t s De t E.W.C.E., I ��,?��",�o,:lt!�� ,_ lu D r p p e d By Wildcats Kluth Receives

,,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

�:��;"���: :�::�� ::� �� � � � d






th a s To ol gh' 'he We" Centeal League will put 00 I" �noual p'e-season , sho wing wben the class A schools and the class B schools play in an sodated Press, it was announced Thursday the Ta.:oma News-Trielimination jamboree here at PLC. starting at ; : 30 p.m. ' Undefeated and untied Oklahoma not only won the 1955 National bune.


The Pacific Lutheran Gladiators


Tacoma hospitality was complete

rolled over the Eastern Savages last Tuesday night as Centl'al and EastTommy Gli mer, our brilliant st)phWednesday night In the tinal game ern Washington Colleges prevailed O'Donnell trophy for the third time in five years They were tops on the omore quarterback, received honor· of the Tacoma Athletic Club Tour· o\'er Pacific Lutheran and Ule Col. AP poll with Michigan State second and Maryland third. able mention ney In the CPS Fieldhouse by a lege of Puget Sound in the openIt s too bad about all the trouble going on up at the U at W and Kluth becomes PLC's fifth Little score of 57·76. The Lutes were led ing doubleh�ader of the Tacoma Coach Johnny Cherberg The papers have smeared the family fight be- All American. Marv Tommervlk. a by Cap�aln Phil Nordquist as he Athletic Commission's second an. tween coach and players all over the papers for the past two weeks and two-time choice In �O and 'oil, was dropped four Ield goals and ;1 tree nual lnv.ltatlonal Classic at the CPS � something 9r someone had better step In before it does lasting damage our first one. Tommervlk coached throws through the twine for' top' Fieldhouse. to Husky football ' t. :J.&>,?Wl, is Do.W . a;. �:lor!:l"·"o�- �r'to:t-:�:aient'" witli 1:)" a.. ml!d �"'�� �]': · � ··;:'i:'Jt�IDiLl!.. on� bee;; _ Parkl and' ·bu irlnessman. - Don D'A�' p·oints. . .• . _. _ . romping -to 8. 70-53 decision over nation's top· teams will. tee . off as follows: Rose Bowl-VeLA. (8-1) vs. drea, 285-pound center on .the . t Pacific Lutheran In the first con­ Eastern took the tipoff and he Michigan State (8-1); Orange Bowl....r ..,."\fa yland (10-0) vs. Oklahoma championship team, was next. In '5$ball went back and forth for three test, after which Eastern registered (10-0) ; Sugar Bowl-Georgla Tech (8-1-1 ) vs. Pittsburgh (7-3 ) ; Cotton auother center, Rick Daniell!. mad'� minutes before Jack Hoover potted an expected trium"ph over �et Bowl-Texas Christian (9-1) vs. MJsslsslppl (9-1). ' the -second team. Another two.Um� one and the Lutes were on their ·Sound by a 65-53 margIn. was Ron Billings. He made the dePhil NordQ.uist got PLC otf to a way. The Savages made the next fenslve team in '62 and the second two scores and this was the only 2·0 lead against CWCE and once I te f S f r d 8 t I e I rs o l worth cenr � l I! o se e or d ter, made the second team aiong soon then pulled went even and utlve free throws and one Ueld goal with Kluth. They were the only to put the ahead to stay. Lutes ahead 15.8 ill the Can Maryland avenge Its HI loss to Oklahoma Northwest players At the half It was Central by on the "dream first quarter of play. The ntargtn two years ago In the Orange Bowl . . . For last-minute dramatics, tops team." Others receiving honorable of score was slowly increased with 34·23, 58-33 with '10 minutes left. of the year must have been at Denver-score 0 to 0, seven seconds to mentlon were: Willis Western Hoover and. Slnde;r.son leading the and 63-45 with five minutes play. ;play, Wyoming scores field goal, then Denver makes the winning touch· guard; Walt Spangenberg, Whit· way PLC Is defending co-champIon In and the Lutes led at the'-ha\!, down . . . USC 4 2, Notre Dame 20 . . . Nashua, Beleir Stud's champion worth g u a r d; and Bob Bradner, 9 the , Evergreen Conference, and walJ 1-31 three-year-old. was named "best horse of the year" . . . The Boston Red Whitworth end. the installed as the team to beat M P C took the ball at the start of Sox have bought the San Francisco Seal; . . Looking back-snow and the s�cond half but a fired up East- upcoming games. Even after Tuescold didn't stop the Lutes when they brought the Totem Pole to Its rlghtday hopes down. ight aren't n ern team stole the ball Ilnd came tul resting place by beating CPS ·9·0 . . . Wooster really walloped OberThe Lutes showed a weakness on their closest to closing the gap a'S lin In their final game, 47-6 . . . The ban on Wes Santee, U. S. mile king, they scored from all over the key tree throws, hitting only 7 out of was lifted by the AAU last week . . . Just checking. what happened to . r 25, as compared to Central's 16 out and atter seven minutes we e exthe goal post at the last game . . . This Is " farewell to football week" C o a.,ch Harshman and a twelve plred the Lutes still led 35-39. Be- ot 25. Also on field goals the Lutes and all look forward to a "prosperous hoop season. man GladIator basketball team left ing pressed, the Black and Gold hit only 23 In 73 shots. College rootball champIOnship but also brought home the Father Hugh

o":-:'r ":':-:�' . '

iae./o.c bq'wl ·ti�'.

J�rHHI. �2h���-



�i� " �d-"t��'

This weekend college basketbal l rollsStanford. with the� U. of Into highSeattl geare Universi W. etraveling to Pal o Alto, CaHf., to meet ty will :t:: J;::r���:�: !e����o:::r,L�:�t�s�r�s:lut�:I:���: ��II�O�: :: � are defending champion. Next Wednesday PLC will meet Pacific Unlverslty. Millering Around:

�::::- ._�-:;,� ' !:.�, ..

�7t ��:�: � :;� ::�

--.. C�·�p.r'!:'�J:



�!::. ��� :�:� :: �� :\: �: � :� : �::: !�: ���� �: ;��: �!




For the haircut you like . . .









A Complete Modem Printing Plant in Tacoma's Fastest Growing Community

I 1 802 Pacific Aven ue

GRanite 7100

al1d galsU SWEATERS . . . for , guys -


PLC, gin wa-s widened, 64-44. The Lutes nected for 15 and turned in a good


Western Washington College ot Ed- just weren't the t�m to be stopped ball-handlln� Derformance.

'Ucation and the Vancouver Ellers, as big Hugh Marsh and Chuck curtop independent team of Vancou- tis jumped into the scoring column

ver, are the tour teams partlcl"pat· and when the final gw1 sounded the





PLC Encounters PU In First Home. Game _


Ing. The drawing for "who plays ' Parkland warriors were out fron l Scoring tor the Lutes was widewhom" takes place at the tourney. The first home game of the 1955Last year the Lutes came out sllread with Nordquist leadi g the n 56 basketball season Is next Wedwith the tournament trophy, beat; squad with 19. Jack Hoover had a nesday, December 7, against Pacitfc ing b o t h Western and the UOC good night and tallied 15. Jack SIn- I University. This will be the tfrst Thunderblrds. As In the TAC clas- derson and Hugh Marsh each made 0portuDIty to see the Lutes In acsic, the Lutes are the favorltes- 10 points and freshman Chuck Curtlon for those students who are too but what will happen? We're with tis was close behind with nine and lazy to leave the campus. Roger Iverson had eIght. you, Lutes, so tight! It is a non-conference tilt and an


Fast. Economical Printing and Lithography


the floor with Hoover and Phil Nordquist scored 13 points " night stand on Canadian soil at the Sinderson scoring on free throws and Roger Iverson, a transfer from at British Columbia's anJ"set shots from outside the mar- the University of Washington. con­


8 : 00

fD� PR I NTE RS/ l nc.


Luteland this morning for a two- took

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to in

Stop in at







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Clover TEXACOe Service Service FriendlCreek y, Dependabl TIRESSHOP ANDSERVICE BATTERIES


Tue�.. - Wed. ...... .... 12:30-Thu 11':00 a.m. "2:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.Saturday 3:� Sunday 9:00 a.m. 12:30 a,m. 119th Pac.ific GR. 2211 Mon. 11:00 •

. to





PHONE GR. 4300


forOlda Fashion DELUXEFishHAMBURGER and Cakes Chip. Home-baked Pies Service and Full Fountain NINTH PACIFIC, TACOMA •

Dirty Bird ! "

Lm. ·

attemDt to revenge last year's double setback I n Forest Grove a t the

hands of the home refs. PU was

quite a power In Oregon last year. although losing out to Portland U_

In the NAlA eliminations.





1 12th (Airport ROad) and Park Avenue

COMPLETE SHOPPING CENTER Makings for Sunday Night Supper� 9- 1


week d ay s , 1 0-9 SU,n,days

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cor;n3e �t;��d IS

i Cho lr Faces Busy

�i���J,¥���: 2��:'��: �: i ��!���!. ���!!

: C v e, lhe r e�� � 'has schedh DT a t of Mr. Malmm, number of engagements to the PLC I \\,ant to be any\\here but at tbe : atlendlng the �h]t: House Confer- I November Issue of "A Mighty Fort- directIon uled a number of annual events for on EducatIon He was one �f i ress." publlcation of the National December. The first will be an aftcampus. fo'our girls received dla- Lm!!e banqll�t. . IS. open to 1e�ce moml rings over the holitlays. two I This occaSIon, whIch 20 fro the sta r.: chosen for this Lutheran Council fOI" service per' . I I . ernoon concert at the Anme WrIght . the sonnel. �: conel, e to diSCUSS f r o m fortner PLC studmtts one all st.ldents. faculty. and friends or � �nQ needs of American Caml's picture appeared on pago ,I �::���y of the Junior League of frotp fellow PLC·ite Ted Scileele. II the .('ollege. has generall.y b�en rec- i.77;�� d and one f!"Om "the fellow at home." ogmzed as �ne of the .hlghlt�hts of I d�catlOn. . ' elect. - one of the publlcation, with the December 9 the group will go to )ear and this year � ban- Last week Dr. Eastvold was Janet Geldaker. senior educatlon the school lowing copy: the Western State Hospital at'SteilS n e I n o o O q �� ;:�; �� \!� � fro Prtlan! Orego re- � stJtde�t m a concert is sciled t �� nne ��:�::; �t ��IU�:t�:: o� �� ����h:�S��S�: I In nomlnatmg Carol Leonard acoom wher!? i e am Mans, HM3, of the U Naval·Hos- �\�� g�v�e �o�:I��!U:aY�r�:::m:hnO�: �:n\ � 95� �;�� g��: Rae �;adul :�:�l tempts to hold tbe banquet at some clation of Secondary and Higher I plt restaurant This was Schools He is one of 21 on the com- II a..l at Oakland California, writes �� statlo; KTN� Pof Tacoma, In Buslne!ls AdministratIOn aud IS outstanding again this yenr \\hen, The I mission which Is a policy making us about a signal honor which she , on no\\ "orklng In Portland Janet an achieved VIKing delightfully uniQue restaur.. and accredltmg body of the associa- I has earned a scholarship which beg1 !Dg at 0 3� a nounced her engagement at a birth a canlocated on South Tacoma Way tion InstltuUons m the seven north she received at the Internatwnal I On the 13th of December day party given for Karen Johnson ant western states and Alaska belong Luther League Convention of the cert Is scheduled for the Pierce .... a!> chosen as the site e t r ELC held In San Francisco last County Elementary Teachers Assn few highlights of the evening to the group ��u::n �"'r� ���I:: :���:�I�I:��� WillA be Sales address by Dr Richard The busy preSident Journeyed to June She IS usmg It at PaCifiC Lu elation meeting at J a mone sDecem­ Rae and Janet bad recorded them I Blandau,theassistant thera ge, here she Is .now Scbool In Parkland, and conference a on for Francisco San U the at Dean . eehes "as their e a n s 0( an- I, Of Washington School of Medicine, November 21. Corporation leaders studY�ingColle parish education and Jour- ber 15 the group wHl present a half nOllncement. hour radio broadcast over station of light entertainment and Cor from all over tl1e 'nation and 'some I nalism. A prominent Junior couple, Jane I ayoubitgotlrmets-a i KTAC beginning at 6:30 p.m. and presidents ollege i thls Cram (two " c smorgasgenuine service of area Carol's her in . n bordo h ,, state) attended the Pacific Coast b a m e church (Central Lutheran, origInatIng in the WInthrop Hotel. ��1�:� :��a;:��e�� �:I: \�::�� ::� on Industry and Higher I , In Oakland. the Rev. Walter One of the big events of the you noUced. �;;ere Is a wonder- Conference tomorrow. Both hailing from East- CuiAsprogram The purpose of the par- II C. Gravrock, have been as month . for the choir will be the parfor those o( you who Education. ern \Vashlngton, Janie comes from Iey was t s tudy means bY "'h'ch church schoolpastor) teacher -.l . dislike eating or an excellent meal Indnstry choir mem- t c patlan 'n the ann'llaI Chr,stmas a a ro a educa' bel', editor of the Lea�e paper, and Concert on campus with the chorus �O� �f ;:oc:�:te� :as" �:�:�� :a I for you who dislike programs, Since tlon. can support higher as secretary of the "Ambassadors," and orchestra on December 18 with o( us like a bit of both, you South Hallites on Sunday evening most a newly organized youth group." both afternoon and evening per' ('an't go wrong. Be sure to get your proclaiming the event. Each month a girl Is picked (01" (ormances. Cheerleader Dana Blount also tickets Immediately. To conclude tbe busy December � this bonor upon nomination from schedule. passed chocolate!> to her Old Main members of the friends on S u n d a y evening, an- Debalors Mee t B d Saturday, December 10, Is the service men. !Maas, by the way, also choir will local sing Christmas Carols o is a freshman here, Dounclng her engagement to Gordate set for this year's Lucia Bride a b a a d the yacht "Thea Foss," :o � !��c:�t� :·h� :�tended PLC as Luc W k ealh er At �:��i:a�;!��:I�� 8:�s�:e�5b�e��: Johnson is the candidate from Delta owned by the Foss Tugboat Comfe at e . Tacoma. Beverly Krampltz, nursing stu- Pullman Tourney for singles and 50 cents for couples. Iota "Chi ; Old :VIaln's candidate Is I pany of----dent from Burlington, Washington, " ullman, h e r e we come!" In Candidates nominated for Lu�a Marlene Eichmeier; and the Viking I . Club's candidate is Lesl ie Rosen' PATONIZE YOUR A�VERTISERSIs wearing a diamond from Law- spiteP of snow, leet, rain and fog, Bride thus far are: . T B , C , qUist. s Dye, arol reece nominated by una Sedro Woolley boy rence ten-man - debate squad. ac· class; now In the army at Fort Lawton In 'PLC's AvhIJd Romtvedt, "Ollie," These are the candidates the , Companied by Dr. Solberg, pressed ior Is a small blonde educatIon major runnIng for Lucia Bride. Soin pick Seattle. on toward Pullman for the speech from Ronanza, David Nesvlg, former PLC stu- tourney there, Nov. 18·19. AlUwugh Oregon; Twila Giilis the girl you think W1Ill best sym­ dent and brother to �r. Milton Nes- they lett one car In the ditch. the is a'freshman from Silverton, Ore.; bollze the center of Uie tradltlonal Grimarud Is the candidate (rom �� ��Sh Christmas story ot Lucia vlg of PLC's public relations departcases arriVed unharmed. An- loisF�sh class; GI',"1 Grrhn Is a � ment, Is now on his way to the debate derson and Reeves, the junior men's the senior student In education, halilng United States. He is returning Cram team, were the first to arrive and .hls stay with the U, S. army In Ger- consequently were (orced to enter from Seattle, Wash.; Julie Johnson candidate; North Hall many and plans to carry on his division. Tbey remained Is Ski Club's studies 'here In the spring as well as the senior Js Georgie lee, the only e t t e I �����: o : ';!� !�:I�lr�nce, Jean ���� t�:: lo�� � �: se:�= !�':� candidate with red hair; Barbara nso , pions, Our remaining tour teams !'egistered too late to Qualify awards. but won every round "DECK THE HALLS!" DONUT BAR teredo Visit Our HOBNOB Room We are glad to report that Vir· 3820 South Yakima Di nners - Short Orde Thrift is Part of glnla Thomsen has recovered. and ,..----, her car 18 back on the road, The Be�t in Donuts Your Education * * I










Open from 7:30 to 8:00


�;�_-w���.w��;� of



.. <








I1 I





(0 1-

luc,'a Can'd ',dater


< :IE


I 1

45 I".p.m.



FREE PlCK·UP and . DEUYERY SERVICE Parkland � YiciDIty *

RICH F IELD SE.RVICE Motol" Tune-up - Brake Service Parkland, Walh.


Phone HA. 3311

dimes in time will grow into

Open a Savings Account NOW ' •


. NA�� TIj)tW. _ ' MAlN .oFFICI k $TRW' •

LA�� 11lW�' ...


'.1..1" ,.01..... 01_ CO.lOunOIl • ",,&10&. ...,.. _...






V O L U M E 33, N U M B E R 1 0







F R I DAY, D EC E M B E R 9, 1 955


I Senior, Two

t:. Lucia Fest·val Sat. N ite The

will take


urday. De c

The three girls who enter the fi­

Tw i l a be


tha.t day is t he darkest day of the

traditio nal

Rride �arries

L u c i a.

to light the

candl e s



,p ro g ram




the entra nc e of Spurs dressed in S'i\





th e program Janet



Traditio n

IAk en her


Lu cia


ha s


with her at t end -

the stage. The president of he stU e t bo dy, Dav e Wo l d, wi l l d n

1Il 'l on


then crown



s l ec t i o ns





L U C I A B R I D e: ca n� i � ates are : front row, I � ft to r i ght, L o i s G r i ms!'ud, J u l i e J o h nson, � arbara J o h nson, O " i e Ro � tvedt , TWl l a G i l l i s back row, l eft to r i g ht, Betty J o h nson, G i n n y Grahn, Georg ia L e e, M a r l e n e E l, c h me i e r, L e s l e e Rose nqu lst a n d Carol Breece. � _

h a l l.


p ro v i de d

,1ldant s .




dini ng



I�Iusic as

s elected fol' a pa rt, he retains i t for


t h e e n t i r e period





Pac i f i c to



m e m­

ha v e

e n jo y ed






b e gi n s





8010ist in




H e ed



the \'lind.



0 Come , Im­

manuel. Paul C, Lucky, d i rec-

Ghost o f

faces Rod

S wi n dland,

Presen t ;

Cl'a tehit's

Duvall, girl.

I Leonard

wife ;






Ida and

i n IDe c a s t t



8 : 00

Chri s tm a s



son. 'l'his money will be contributed

All s c hoo l Christmas caroling in




semester rus h. 'I here will •

It you de si re to h av e a pic ture

o f a n organization, a.ctivity , or indi vi dual, we must hav e one week's

I nOtlce-

be I

regIBtratlon d u ring test week.


. . . . and DIck NIe ma n Laverne Stough

'Staff Photographers

Romtvedt, beUer known

coul d be nothing but a

wi l l be



Chri stmas

!. de-

p re se n t e rl b y the m

be repeated at 8 p.m.

The Choir of the Wes t and the

Chorus wi ll combine t.heir tale n s i n


presenting a large portion of Bacl1's

Christmas Orat or io. Profe ssor Mal­

min will conduct.



The PLC orches tra, with <MIs

accompany the feature






"Past oI'al


a part of the same work, performed

under thE> b a to n of Mr. Gilbertson.

Mr. Frederick Newnham, bas. so-

I Bergh






ill p res en t i n g duets from tha

oratori o.


vi 11


i l oi s t , will j o i n with Mrs. R

'' I


l e n Christianson a t t h e orga.n, will

Bot.h t he


an d the


will present separate numbers. The

, l a t ter group, under the direction of

.\'1 1". Newuham, will also feature t.wo

songs by the ladies' section of the Choms.

Dr. Eastvold wlll r ea d the Chrlst-

mas Go s pel. During' one part of the program,

the audience will 'be in vi te d to join

It, i t wlll have to be postponed



The first performance a t 3 : 30 ,,-lll

Peter- I

Ile circulated today, I'Tiday. If Ithe Parkl and area will fo ll O W the stratioll is not com pl e te d next 'Play.

he idea of this is


A h igh li gh t of the Christmas Sea­


Bev. I

to charity.

stra,t ion will be h e ld the s econd i n J a n uary with t he fro sh

belongs to


Kalispel l,


is a member of the



The price w i l l be 25 cents per per- !


b Ion de

ian, hailing from Bona. nza, O regon.


1 hi s i


ng up the t hi rd week.

Lois , another freshman, is a tal l,

t o r.

reader, ,I

c oll e ctor ;

SYeningson, girl and Duayn e

nday, Dee. 1 2 . The schedules are

I afte r Chri stmas.



LSA-6 : 30 Su n day EYening


Tom Re e v es ,



I The new , I year are :

ji;Jcond semester r egi s tration Tor and

Sc roo ge ;



u pon

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




�vlorning Worship 11 a.m.



Dave Wold,

Scrooge's Gi rl fri e n d ;


egist:rat:ion ext: Mond y

Ghos t ;



ere and that God's r i c h est bl ess-



C h ri st ma s Past; Jean Christianson,

ers of t h e E L C Board of Ed uca­



Ol l i e is the can di da t e from the girls

Sla tturn. Fl"f" d ; Jerry Fa rme r, Miir-


hOIl who are meet i n g h e re t h i s W e h o p e that the

s po n s o r


partment on Sunday, December 18.

o f h i s careet· at

S p en c e r Aust, Bob Cl'a t c h i t. ;


th e


of South Hall.

east are : D i c k Barn well, Scro oge ;

h e i r a p preC i at i o n to


hol d ov er s

Dep a r tment,

of Ha ndel ' s "�'I essiah."

Atlmission for this f e s ti v al, one PLC. Vacanc i e s a re created only t the blghlights of the Christmas th ro u gh graduation of by students ,[SO wi l l be �� 5 cents for sin gl e s leaving ,school.

lIt eran C o l l e ge

fre shman

Christm as Concert . i By MUSIC De t I Slated for Dec. 18 ,;; ;;; �;;;;; �;;;;���;;;;�;;;- I ICOl1Cel't ��;;;;�;;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ��

the University of Nev ada to appea r

The c a s t of t h e pla y is cho s en in

m a n- a unique ma nne r . When a per s on i s



cut e blonde. She is another Oregon­


l\fr. Fredric N e wham, of the PLC



Refre hmen t s consisting of Swed- Madrigal S i ng ers .





wil l


l ub .

name. she

._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

T he play is sched u l e d for R: 00 in the evening, after the 6 o ' c loc k '

h and Norge\\ian food will then by


education_ With her Scand ahoovlan



be Syl-




Kastelle. Kay \Vi8e, and Wayne Ol sen.

dt wi! l I e ad In a singspiration.





as "Ollie," i s a s e n i or, majori ng in


.,.: '.,. '

Dickens' {'{'Carol" Due

)h ia Johnson after which Steve



i Chi. The f ros h are sponsoring her.

The annual productIon of Di cke n' s "Cbristmas Carol" is n e xt Friday, rey Had, Richard Rh ea , Don Nel ­ December 16. This year's present ation is u nder the direction of Myrna _on, Gene Burn and B o b Hodge. Ac- Berg, Mary Alice Drexel, and J e rry Slattum. A s s i s tant directors are Rod


T wila

, (' horus

"I;, Joann Han s o n , Bev Smith, Au­

evening w111


.\l o n t a na L o i s

,�tltes, which consi st of Pat Garh­

:, anist for , th e


grac eful


!iii Fylling.

Voting will commence after chap­ el


Atter the cpowning there will be ,Qme


, bel' of LDR and the Parish WO rkers

Lucia as the 1955 Lucia Bride

Tllrma.n will r ea d the LUcia Bride


retary of Cur tain Call, and a mem­

i ngi ng ot the t�'aditiona.l aong

01 PLC co mes in

rep r e s en t


t radit i onal festival.


�nts wi ll then come in follo w ed by

0( .


from S i l v e rton , Oregon. She i.

att e n d­



an d

through supper in the CUB.

' arrying

e d i s h costumes and

� n d le s.

Bri de

Gri msrud,

as attendants in tomorrow n i ght' s

ber every year ·because they belleye



Bride and the other two will appear

Sweden on the thirte enth o f Decem­




G i l l i s,

A l v h i l d Romtve dt. O n e of these wlU

S at­

in the


upper CB. This festival Is held i n




p l ace this

1 0 t h at 8


Freshmen I n . Lucia Finals


a.n nual




in th e si nging of Chri stmas carols _







the Dormitory Auxiliary wil l spon-

. . D E E P PU D O L E S a n d m u d dy swam p s are ty p i c a l of o u r fi n e road k nown as W h e e l e r Street. U n fortunately, most P LCltel are not q u i t e as w e i l p re p ared as t h e o n e p i ctured here i n front of the Nesvig h o m e. C'm o n i n -the water's fi ne !



t h e i r annn al Christmas Tea,

I is


musicIans he publlc : cordIally lllvited to Jom th e m in

'honoring th

the auditorium . bUI lding.




Page Two


PLC Students in College Who's Who Ora l a Sy mph o n y :' [ e As t tra e I a 'pleasant helpers. theme hallowed ::; t I Ida 1 around a suddenly the

Frid ay, D ecem b e r 9, 1 955

".I. lw Moorin.g M IlSl Pabl i;hed

ve FI"iday during the s cho o l year by the mdents of PacIfi c Lutherall College

S lJJ den-t Un i on


T elephone GRani t e

Su u scliption Pri e e-S 3,OO per y e ar



8611 PR e S S


an d

'(.0 co n c e n







, , man ye a r B e t t y Jean ha.s been on






Dean Eklund's



c o u l d n o t be rea c h ed .

R. . ... .. . . . .. . . .. . . .... . . . . . ..... . . . . . . . . ... .. ... . . . . _ .. . . ...... . .... _ ......... WAL'fON B ERT ON M RE- P EDIT O lL . . . . . . . .... . . . . ......... . ....... . .. . . . . . . ... . . . MAGGIE GLOC K NS I E E P L FE 'l'T RE CO'·EDITORS ...... . . ......A GNES HALLANGER, M IKE GRIFFEN SPOR' EDI T O I"L. .. . . .. ._ . . .. ... . . . . . . . . .. . .. .. ... .. . . . . . .. . . . . .... ... . . . . _ . . . . . FlREDDy MILLER HI:' L'H. ,fA ·AGER .......... .. .............................................. ....... PAUL LUCKY . AD .l1ANAGER.._ ..... . .. . . ............... ..... .............................. . .............DO U G MAND'l' EDIT

r y i ng

I sat

--.,.,. , South Hall ; nd this year she I. presi dent of AWS. Since h e r fre sh·

answer w as befo re me,


and : ! .

J o ' s ·a c t i v i t i e s h av e centered tile


ra:ther be·

c a pabl


art ancl d r am has



in the

pa rt


' !lual C h ristmas Carol and i n till that rhy th m ic l a p· s. the ro g o f the breakers on n ,pi ck This week the Who's \Vho spot· O m n lbu5 and has hel pe d w th U1� a nd for B u t waJt�t here w eTe n o break er s , . for 'school p l a Y l i gh t turns s lo w l v a I'o u ud aud fo. publicity or for that matter, no roc ks, but c uses i ts beams o n Be t ty .r ea n -the Dra ma ;Y!usic l·'est i val . She ll.nJ. Ass i stan t Ad Manager. . . . . ... . . . . . .. . . B et te M acdonald . o u ly a te devouring a c u p C on d ra y from w a y dOWll south ill ' been artive in CLlrtai n Call and thi! . COpy S·rAI..F .. .. . ... JIM BROO K S , COLLEE N THERIAULT, JIM GIES , . , year is a member of Al p h a Psi Orne. LO I S GUNDE RS O N o f coffe e and a dough n u t , Th'IS ", a s . .. Ca l lto rm a, a n d I d a Jo . .. .. . . CIl�'CULAT [O.' ]\,IANAGER.. . C I ['eulation A ss i s t a n tiL .. Evelyn E ri c ks o n , B arbara Jackson, Patti Fin n ,the ans w er : th e b rea I(ers we r e sl m· Gronke, from no t q ui te s o s ou t h e rly gao Ida's other act i v i ties include REPORTERS . . . Betty Lou Broniee, C aro l Buschke, SyLvia Fong, Joyce p l y w a v e l ings of co f f ee and th e eSA Sa lem, O regon. B etty J ean, o r B e e Lin n e 'Society, AWS. PTA. Hausen, Gayle Hen icl{sen, Da rre l Hines, Dave .J a� ch , s.tu Mort on, d t h e stu dent congrega tion, A a � ro cks t h l' hard pallet. Since that n tain , J ay , has been ac ti v e in C ur Lois P e t e r s o n , Bey y e l w g s en , SkIp Douglass, RlChle Hems, Jo anne th ree·year h Oll o r roll student, Ida 18 eve n ing I have noti c ed th a t no · C al l LS A , FTA , Cam p us Devotions , , Petprson . . , . ' where have I heard such a s ea S he ll ' and fo r the past two yea s ha s also a member of the senlOr g1 rI r , s y m phony o f succul nt coffe e drib· d i splayed her folk art talents i n ho norary . T a s s e l s . Both Ilia Jo an; bli ng ov er the tonsi l s i n a stea dy the a n n ual ,;'vI ay Festi val . Whe n a B e t t y J ean h ave been a ward . d 0 nly by the c Iea I' so p homo e, she was slurp, stymIe vice presi d ent scholarships t hroughou t all o f th�" r With a sudden l urch and the damaging "scrunch" of his c hom p on a doughnu t, the powdered I, of C u rtain Call and ICC re p re senta' four years at PLC. xhaust pipe, another PLC driver parks his car on Wheeler Street. ugar a sim ile of the salt spray. s tive for S pu rs ; as a junior she was HI! ca u t iously opens the door, swings on to the front fender, ' T hi s same roo m·m ate can attack devo rlOna I I eader for h er fl 001' Ill , S TELLA'S FLOWERS c r aw I s aver thc h 00 d an d 1 eaps I,it h e I y onto the Sl' dewa lk m 'l dst a simple sandwich i n a mann er that th heers and applause of a group of adm irers which has gathered wo ul d make F l owers for A l l Occasions the p oor Earl sorry he I to watch how he will reach the sidewalk w ithou t wading. e ver suggeS'ted the idea of putting Eastvold to Speak 1 2173 Pacific Ave. G R , 7463 S in ce the county " rrail breakers" were here , th i ngs h ave Q om ethin g between two slices o f P re s id en t S. C, Eastvold will gi ve ( Foot of Garf i e l d ) We Delive r changed, We have a ditch of awesome depth whicI1 tests t h e mett1 e b re a d. Th e two slice\S of brea d in . an ad dr e ss and sho w m o tion pic' �============� of anyone attemp r m g to span .It. 'r he pro d UctlVlty 0 f th a t group t " I h em s el ves offer great po ssi bi li ti es . . i'" is somerhing to behold. C'onsldenng pot h 01 es-wIlere we h ad for mo uth watering eaiing, but put t ure s on his trip to t he �ear East at , . . a m e e t i ng of the Puyallup P a re nt · DONUT BAR but one , w e now have two or more. The t eats a f rna d e r n eq ulp a p i ec e o f meat, a slic e of cheese, a Teachers A ssoci ati on Monda.y eve· V i .it O u r H O B N O B Room mcnt and engineering are wonders to survey. wad of l ettu c e and a p i c kl e 01' two D i n n e rs - S hort Ord e rs Our "Drain Lane" is unsurpassed in its ability to obtain a n d tor good measure into the b rea d duo ning, m ai nta i n an a bu ndant water supp l y . O ur friend across the street J u net RU n ?eck, a s s i s tan t profes ' Il The Best in Donuts and you have got enough noi s e to ' S Ol' of educatIOn, gave an addres � to IS eriousl y .:onsidering stocking "Milton's Lake" with lake tro �lt. a start small riot, a diet riot, no less. I p e n from 7 : 30 to 8 : 00 th e 1i'I J'C rest Pre·Sch o ol orgalllza· ":: For hllnrrry pedestrians, it is indeed a n enigma to deCide i nu ==O= ==========�] b , e c o ugh d rop or S ti l a si m pl e I . w hethe r to chance certain dampening a nd poss i ble drow m n g J ust tion Wednesday evening. , ,' a n a f, ter.dinne r mint affords him a Laurinat's Apparel to cross the street to where the elite meet to eat. 'chancEl to r ea ll y sound his h or n. He It m i o h t n o t be a b a d i d e a t o f e l l s o m e of those trees ( w hich ca n take this tiny dro p and magni fy LADY L U T E S TO HAVE PAR1'Y " W E F E AT U R E T H E F I N EST'" a re i m pedi ng the pr gress of West Hall) directly across the s tr eet it t suc The annual C hris tmas p a rty of h d eg ree tha t e ve n a child o Zel ma L a u ri n a t ---s i dew a l k to sidewalk. 409 0 1 1 a n all·liay sucker over a m i c ro· t h e La dy L utes w i l l be h e ld Tues· Garf i e l d St. G R a n ite 5317 A more practical solu �ion m .i g h � be to see if we cou.1 � get the p hon e soun ds like a fl ea lapp i n g rl a y en.ning a t 7 : 30 o ' e l o e k i n the Park l a :,d, Wash. road b u i l dl"rs out here agam. But tbmk what another VISlt would o s u p at a s wine-dine , The th roa t a nd l o we:' IOll n g-e o r � o \lth Hall. d t o us . teetp p l a y a ve ry i m p o r t a n t part i n F r SL ien ti fic proof of the ba si s for this argument-se e p age 1 . h is li tle enco n ter. Tossing t h e t u t 50 million timestiZ,. dalU hard piece fro m the r-ront teeth with J 1 81l1� racing a n i�sti.t �te of Chrl S tian t h f> ton6ue to the la17n ' a nd t h e n . ed ucation. o r ec)lU �e th e an',l l0g Y r o m e-.; bo u n di ng '\ i th a Imrp gives a at home, at work or while all'hla'll doe. no t il0ld in a ll sillla ti o ns bu t 1 mos de l i g h tfu l a ntI n8USea t i 1l 5 e t'. , r J . tbink it i.::s valid here, 'We have s e e D rpet. 1 can see the >!POFt in t h i . l i l o eti \I here p are n ts M:e f O I. tie ga me, bu t to h e a r it at the m sa c; I il ollRtanC , w(;d modern ativlc:e n o t t o Inh!blt by J o h n H o l u m ti e III �olnet h i ng else, <\. i1ro blt' m p r e � e n li.l its elf eantin· I o r res trict tl,l e �Je.r :;on� lit� dll\,�IU �' l 'l'oo a b l y my hig,se�t gripe is the ..




s i de me ;


. . . . . . .... .


... . .....

it wa s

. . . ........ . .... .


.. . . . . . .

.. .. . . .

. . .... .

I I,




....... ...

- - Editorial -












-. .-- -- -----


..---- ------·--- 1




l.heIng ay


There's nothing like

. l Iy [ 0 t h e I'ea l m of. C, h nstian ellu· i m e nt of t he l l c rull! . COll s e q u ell Ll ) , gw o w i th w h i c t h )1 e M.tacl s a poor, (�tll) 1 . I 1 1 e m n tl y problems i t s ' upon mu m l'ing tha t child fiuds h im· h !:' l p l e�,; ,T o m�,tha n . Win a p r lIe­ ,'allie Hell not in the hope r self i nCa pa?l e O f djllsting to I he 1 1 i ei OLl S. • I n ny can make ' r. c k e t at ' , ring UH, , oll1 tio n but rather II I' e (;· demands of SOCiety . much l e ss ht t h e Ui sl , r ea. t ' g an app l e, but a: th e prClblem eXi s tq" li a n p r i n e i p J e s : �·O b b l )'. t e tb s n m e ti m e no one clln eomp",tc . t hu t 1,; a 'd[(l one, and then eon· gl ea t e i:l t ,ol lin der hel e I � th el t \, hlle in the e';ent . tlJ my l'Oom·m;�te. I [ ' nui n y tile strnggle to approac h t he ()ne lll�t le t th e c: h l l d Choose , e v e n if ll e hall th e ;.urllLorium of . l or h l m s e i t, In o rd e r t o d e vf!lop , oh,tlllll. l OP' , the gl"l�at .\t o rm o n J e mp l e on Il l" . T 11 e problem i s n o t a protound ! el'1)i, th e pa re n t s fo rge t t h a t n o " ri · sid e , ,. the o n t I' e p ide r'm i s of t h e on III faet. every par nt, beir.g ill t -ria ita, e b e e n Offered, wil i eh . t he "forbidl.if>n frui t" crac\ s antl the ! lit potlllion t o influence ehIldren [' 111 1 (1 can u s e a s a b a S I n to m ak e J u ic e s prin g s f rth, tiaid l oom-mate I


�j8cov' l

C��i " ,aYiUg

()gnl%i n� thal


� �


till younlf p e o p l e . is i nv o l v e d in it t il", right


in L1t�l alll e "ense that Christian Should we sLlppose that by the IJ Chrt, !.ian pare n.ts a ge of 18 a student hati the best · dncaUolI is. . ",1 C It I. I t i a n educators have, c r i t e r i a wit h w l l it:}l to mal' e his lllong otll(�rs. tWQ mportant ce' I' UEci S i ons..? If no is ,it. n�t necessa ry , (,(J[L::il blliu -' , First it is necessa 'y t hen that all l:l�tl tlltiOn , and ItS : U t If Y train th e young lleop�e ill ed u ca t o r:; , e�pec.'allY, on e ,111 W l ch


I I!

I is


rig-ht in i her e

l oo

k i ng



J3ites Ute size of l a r ge p e b· b l es 1;(11 Int o h i :! oral "avl ty and get pu�hed around am o ng teeth, t o n gue.

,,'orm ,

I and

inl a y s. I knolV they gilt p ush ed with I.t's month

a,ro llnti-he clle\\s

o pe.n

� nd o n E' c an

y i e\\' t he

whol e

UI t ruth!' .!.ll d values that they nave I h e re IS u n i ty In C h n s tta n I. 'lI til. roe ss. e p i n the i r own l i v e s . Sec· · present that which it be l i ev e s true ' d l�'Ov Ac tually I' m not eOrfijllal n ing oml !) , ' rulc doin g 80, th ey must in a, f i rm " d e o nYi neing ma n ner . •l bo u t my r m m te's ea ing oo · a iLab. t m., ke a constant effort to develop On the ot her hand, we h ave seen i ts ; I am su re he e o ul d wri te a the individlia.lity, leadership, and h ose parents wh�, b e l i ev i n g i n th e s i m i lar piece IlItf>grH y 01





trai n,

th ey



lmp Or! a ce of the!!' OW11 va l � es . way of I l re, deman d tha t thel!' clul·



s1:l Ould


on my bad hab i t s , b ut

he read t h i s anti t..Llte it to

wo uld be reached, rt my . 'Wha t '? " , J oi n you i n a n a p p l e ? en '" every d ec i s ion a nd value tha t t h e y i \Vhr. of course, I d l o ve t o , I can . w hy we sh ould concern ourselves , present. Thes e paren t s too roo st n o t. compe te, but I ' d be happy to w i th lh i � situ a t i o n. S o l�tim e in the likely will f�i l in r ising a r s p o n. f rn u is h an accompaniment. " � , , . be sible ChnstIan clt!zen. TheIr ac · {uture the responSIbIli ty WII!

mORt o f ll S a r e nei ther par· nor t eachers on may wonder

Si nce



un q

lles tio ni n gl y



e re





l-rega rd l e s s of whether w e are tions can I' e s u i t in one of two bits, attitudes, and va lue s, e v e n llart'ut s or teachel's. T h e responsi· t hi ngs. E i t her their c h il dre n will be though devel p ed i n the s tu d ent, bi llty IB a Chriotiall o n e in WhiC.l too w e a k to rely on or b el i e v e in are without real s i gnifi can ce. The problem now s hOUl d become w e a" st uden t s are partieipati ng. their own de ci sio n s , or they will But where is there any pro bl em , rebel in order to develop their own clear. Each ac ti o n and d ec i si on of one might ask? In just this : by i n d i v i d u a l i ty and may possibly reo a parent or educator. involvIng a oYE'r·emphasizing elther one of th", · fuse the truth of w hat their par· ehild or s tud ent must at o ne time responsIbilities, the e n d gool of a ent» offel' them. permit 'the individuality to appear T s po n .'n ble Christian citizen will be The mistake here is not in hay· and yet antioipate certain disci· [ .a; eli. ing a fi rm convi ction but rather plines, unders landings, and apprenee the situation of a p are nt in the aMitude and method O.r p r e· eiations, We as s tud ents are fortu­ n isI ng a c hi ld is mor e familiar to s en tin g it. It m·u st be seen that the nate to att e nd a coll ege where this tI W I:: t a n examine it an d then ap. element of free choice is necessa.ry, s i tuation e xi s ts, �vh�re d is Ci pli n e as ply som e of our co n rl us io ns to pr o b· i fo r wi t.hout that th e desirable ha· · well as fre e dom IS Important. ours, i


I !






1. You feel hi


2. You





You experience





C O C A ·C O LA B O TT L I N G co., I N C., TACO M A, W A S H .


i s Q r-gl,tered trade-mark.


1 ; :;5, TH. COCA· COLA COt.l�ANY


.. .. ..


7� 'B�

.. .. ..


By Freddy Miller



. dQ'o. s

-t C agers Beg i n I e r

. .."'.. ..




th e

m i nute



quarters .



Ro un d-H obi n Tournament. got un· k a n a thll? t i c l e tter s ta nd for ? Wh e n you s ee a m an wal ing WI ' I derway Monday night. Dec. 15. A and campus w,.il ri n g a black sweater sporting bright yellow letters of d is tri c t or h a l l can enter as LC you aUlOma tically a s soc i a t e him with pl'll.y ing 'R varsity sport. He is a s t hey wi s . E�ch team k ed upon w i th a n eye o f admi ration from the women and envied by . m Ign ei gh t men and IS respons ' t ac n s v i on i ion of the player in men . A pe rson recalls the s po rt a d a. s i ble tor furnishing a r e fe r e e. a lie ll. scorekeeper and ,time keeper. A l etter winner hl not just any ball player on the squad-he has 9 M o n ay Games are 'pl·ayed participate in a certatn sport all season and play i n a designated numnight. in the afternoon when the r of varsity ball games. He has had to fight. one way o r another. up the varsity does not practice. and at 7. der until he has secure d a s tArting or s econdary position on the t am. 8 and 9 on Tuesday night. A junior varsity ball player may win his letter and wear the same �Ionday night Ivy Rail M-is­ l er w ea ter as a varsity participant. A J.V. player suits up for most sionaries cOllverted -the Ivy Hall dw varsity ball games and all the .T.V. gam e s H e i sn·t able to get Mo nks to their way of t h ink i n g ugh time in on the fir s string but accumulates the time through .T.V. a 118-15 victory. Neal "Wyhuer

I teams .







I ,







with I and

• ii and thus is awarde d hi,s letter.


The members of the track squad also receive this symbolic letter






ANOTH ER,TWO POINTS for PLC as Jim aVnBeek puts one in I Wedn e sday night's 84-66 rout of Pacific University. Other Lute players curtils(25) HUllilh Mareh. V isibl le d .


\Vyhmer with


' IG a


,lrd. The track letter winner has t o work o u t a n d practice h i s individ- Moe. 2 8 . Munson w a s close be h ind . during

the week and

with 25 p oi n ts.

then pal·tIclpate in a meet on Saturday

Gordie Gradwohl offered a II' ttle

The "chore boys." ?r managers of the differont team s . are also r a- inspiration to the Monks with his ed a letter for their work. seven ·points. but in this type game Why Sl!OUI� SO many p layerS Of different cali ber and from different

that was h�rdlY

rts. along w It h the managers. be put on 'the same le.vel ?


Page Three


i I ntra m u a l F st I

... . ............ .. ..... ..... ..._ . ..._........ . ........... _._____ .�.... ........ ..... ...... .......... .. ..

Friday, December 9, 1955


a re C h u c k

la to rs

co re m p re ss lve W I n


I n Fel rst H o m e G a me. F rosh Sta r

( i f YO�'l1 pardon

III the buc-

l the expressIOn) a drop Weleome back to the To tem Pole and here's I ket.


, margin and came the closest In the

The Pacific Lutheran Gladiators

In a nother one sided tilt. E as t.ern scored an impressive 8 4-66 Victory half with a score of 64-56. Iverson over t. he Pacific University Badgers and Curtis returned to the game ednesday night. It was the Lutes' an-d the Lutes played as if the s core ' W ff H . 5 47-1 Base. d n a Air of tune enbecker oi l\fcChord o the Force k 34 p nts in the Lute .Ja yv e e win o v e r was tied. Roger led the way and at 1 84.-'74 . • • Willle Hartac k's 404 wins before his suspension . . . 130 Zarndt were high for Eastern : Hot- i fir s t hom e game. nts , rs ago this week Madison Squal'e Garden was opened . . . Ii);Iankato fenbecker wIth 12 and Zarndt. 10. The Lutherans took the tip-of! the bu zz e r .it was PL C by 1 8 pOi I any JC 81. Concord ian. Moorhead. Minnesota. 80. i n overtime . . . Olsen was close behind with 9. and started the gam e with fresh- 8 4-66.

aping i t stays around a couple o f years . . . Congratulations to Tom my

took Wes'tern (Johnson's Annex ) to

!Imer and Jerry Kluth. Li ttle AIl-Northwest--AIl-St.a.te. Chuck Curtis.

here has been a lot o f talk about the new 1 2-fQot free throw l ane . . . Llmpion Bobo Olson meets challenger Sugar R ay Robinson tonigh t . . . �p Lutes -are idle this we e k e n but open their conference pla.y with CPS I!X'. W e d n e s d ay. Dec . l' . . There were abont 3 1 . 0 0 0 Thoroughbred • ',. T his la at year but the one th a t still stands out is Swap V B . Nashua rhi cago ' ", \Va,shi ngton Part, . . . H e re' s pi ck i ng th e Lutes ov e r t he

for Johnson's Annex man s tar'ter Chuck Curtis breaking It was more o f a scoring duel be­ hlgh scorer for his team with 7. -t he ice with a jump shot. PLC took tween two Gladiators than PLC V S . The schedule for next week reads time out with two and a half min- P.U. Curtis took the laurels with

' I Monday. Dec. 1 2 Jorgenson


d .



:For the haircut y u like GERRY 'S ARBER SHOP


"WE S P EC I A L I Z E I N FLAT-TOPS" Located in N ew IGA Foodtown PHONE GR. 3434 1 12T H &. PACI F I C AVEN U E T R I C KS COSTU M ES

926;h Broauway







PARKLAND C ENTER • t . . .. ...... ... . . . . . . .. ...

PHON E GR. 4300 1




1 1 2th ( Airport Road ) and Park Avenue COMPLETE SHOPPIN G CE TER M a ki n g s for S u nday N i g ht S u p pe rs

9- 1 1

w e e k days ,

1 0-9

S u ndays


Independently Owned and Operated

)�'o(�;u:r a;'� (�e:; j .


Jar'clines heigh t ) .

(Vil l a ge )

( DeJardines






f , i




[ t � ! ; +

I i i ;


t i ,



....... ... . ......................... .... ............. ....... ................. .. ....... .. . . .. . ...�

��:I� ����� I


::�2�i� h(� ���r ��g�:� Captain Phil ::-;o rd'luist wilb.

th e ir bigge s t , w as the and last l e a d. 1 4-10. It l ook e d :IS if eight tallie.s. I the Lutes were in [or a tough ni ght , a s b o t h t e.a s a l corners ------ --it

De- all. before P. U . took

S ; O O P. :U .· CloveI' La ne vs. Dul ls. ( nnll s l a tlen o n Clo Y er w e hea r. ) .North Hall (3 v � . Eastern. 9 : IlO P;.\1 .-----.J o hnson·s A nn ex Y S . Scb l m k e's <,Vestern ) . Facnlty VR. T acoma ( Redbul'g l .



I':ood une ! ) Oec. 1 4



� fr�m :





PlJC "gain took the t i p-off and H o g e r lI'er80n. sophomore gU�tI'd.

s a nk foUt s tra i gh t points and the , erell' t to be s topped. '1' he steam "was turned o n and Nick Kild e Ilna. n




game, against first Wedne day, g a mt' 1 955-56 basI season. all at the gym cheer the team hhelr f irs t game beat 6:30.

1' e- 1

I, Lutes

sho u l d

�l��� a ".


5 ,1 · 3 6.

Reserves hit for the n ex t five min-


B ICYC L E R ENTAL GRanite 5772 St.





PLe D ro S Totem To u rn ey to U B

Clover Creek Service


at IGA Foodtown 1 1 2th and Park Ave.


Bar-B-Q Burgers 35c

Short Orders - Dinners Fountain Home-made Pies

a.m. to 1 1 p.m. Week DaYB Sunday : 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m .


nec-. J 7-\Vhitlll<l n . Ke nnewick.

Dec. 2'7-�8-Li.u[ield. h ere.


3--College o f Puget Soullcl*.


G a rf i e l d

8 : 00

. The

ys. I .

Clover Creek TEXACO Service Friendly, Dependable Service T I R ES AND BATTERI ES iI SHOP SERVICE i ! ! + ; ;


Dec. . 7 : 00 P.M.-C Uo n Pickers I. Vil- of the cour t. \ VIth SIX IDlllute s P L C 's n ext h o m e luge) v s . O mega s ( Norlh Hal l 1 ) m a i n i n g the F'o re s t G ro ve qu i n te t n eXt i s the (This might be the end o f the began t o r 11 b e h i n . Ji m Va n Beek cofere nce of the C o tt o n P i cl,e rs ) . Clov8r C r'eek "S. nn d l'�sel've Hugh Marsh each h i t ketba t t Let's be _ t l)nk� ( I vy RaJl ) . ( T h e M nks t w o field goal s and the Gol d nd to on to s corin g m arl o oked pre t ty humble in their ll l�\ Ck llad Wi dened co nfe rence w j n . JV . Ii gill Lo the tune ot 3 , -",9 a t the l.talf. ril'Sr. g a me ) g i rl S

. .. ... ·· ·-...·.. ..·•·..·····

·...·•......· · •....... .. . ·



:;SOO;�dt�h�e:�r::�:a:'��!dt��. ��::;

u t e s with Kilderman and Dcuuy 1 4 . 3 0 F.:\J.--DE'.J arui nes VS. CoHon Ros" ' cori ng c on s tantly In an attempt tQ repeat as cIuun­ Badg­ Fick el'5. ( D J :l.l uines took the ers tried d e s p en,tely to llan'ow the pion,; uf the Totem-Pole Tourney. I t.oumam ent l a s t year ) . F'ac acifi c College '\ya s de­ uI ty . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ...... Cea ted by the University of Britlllh (If we s t i l l h owe a 101(:C o l u m b i a Th.underbirds. 51-'6. The 1 955.56 Schedule tm.lTnamen t >lras he l d Friday and Dec. I I-C o l l e g e of Pnget Saturday i n Vancouver. B . C. i Sound*. here.


i rty Bi rd ! 1 I




I Wednesday.





• -

i �� ::�

utes elapsed in the fast-played first 23 points coming from 10 fi d goals half. Curtis and Nordquist hit. aJ.t er- and 3 free throws. Iverson hit eight

like thi s :


Jan. 6-7-"\'.o'85te1'l1*. there. Jan. 9--:--Univcrsity o f .B r i t i s It Columbia. .J a n . It-Cen tl'aF. there. Jan. :; 6-Cell tral*. here. Jan. 2i-28-Ea s tern * . here. .Tan. 30-'Vhitwolth� . here. Feb. 3-4-Universi t y of Brili8h Columbia"'. here.

F'e b. H-Centr'al* there.

Feb . 17·I S-Whitworth* there.


20-Eastern*. there.

2 3 -C ol l eg e Sound*. tht'l'e.


l!J.alf uer'birds

Irom that pOint on

I at

P u ge t

Evergl'een Conference Game

the Tllun­

were never behind. leading

halftime by a score of 21-18 .

High point man for t h e Lutes , . Jack Sinderson 10 points ; hs was followed by Jack Hoover with n ine . a.nd then Phil Nordquist and Roger Iyerson.


The by






Feb. G-Western*. h e re.

li'eb. Feb.

"PLC took the l e a tl early i n t he game a n d hel.d i t until UBC gained control it bout mid way in the firs t


Jack McLeud with 22 pOints. ......__..·..

•• • • • _


attack was led





�����l�. �.t���



Linoleum - Tile - Formica - CabinetB - Paint - Plumbi ng - Roofing Electric - Venetian Bli nds - Window Shades - WE I NSTALL HARDWAR E FLOOR COVERING "We Give Service and Sell Quality" Phone G Ranite 3171 121st and Pacific Avenue





P e r m i t No. 5 1

E C Board Of ducation Meets Here

Astoria Has College Day

The As to ri a Cou ncil of C hu rc hes

instituted something new on

Members of the ElLC Bo a rd o f

S unday as Church C ollege Su n day

and Invited representatives from all

PLC campus early this week to hold

of m eet i ngs

parts o f ,the NOl'thwest.

,throughout the

Those attending [rom P LC were

Mr. M i l ton

eek. The group of sixteen men will d iv i d e d


sect ion s,


edu cati o n. is


Tom Householder.




S un day' s program b e g a n with


mo rn i n g w'orship 'services delivered

In the local chur c h es by college rep­

el se where than at headquaI'ters and

res entati ves. M.r. Ne s v i g, Tom and

t · he be gi n ni ng of t he i r travels t o the



the Dave spoke i n ,the Lutheran Congre­




During t he

week -the



s i c .to

been housed in the South Hall Dor-

We d nesd a y e ve ni n g the Board of commi ttee



the faculty, t h ei r


s mo rga s bo rd dinner

gue sts



husbands and



chairman ,






e Boa.rd of Educa-


Re in er ts en ,



"eer el a ry . Rev. Oscar M.

Du l u th ,

Minn . ; Mr. P e ter

r h e a d , ·:\1i nn. ;





'Nh ite h al l ,




Minn, ;

Halvo rson,

\Vi scons!n ;

T . Dahl, Saskatoon,

Rf'v. Milto n

Milmea po l is ,

S. Johnson.


M i nn ; .



'U lil Dakota; R ev. Harold B. d ahl, )r i no t, �' o r t h Dakota ; Mr. Harold , I idtbo, D rookl yn, N . Y. ; He\. Edward W. Nervig, Aberde e n ,


Dakota ; Dr. Theodore L. N y-



l\Hnn . ;



qua rt et

i n s t ru me ntal s .



and Mar-

was also favored

with a s ho rt tall{ by Norman Thom­

candi date for U n i ted S ta te s .

is t

program, i nfo rma tio n



axd, Wi s c on s i n Sta.te College , Bau laire, Wisconsin; Rev_ Arndt L.


Church Pari s h Hall w h e r e man y

Grimsley, An de rs o n ,




booths we re set up in the Episcopal

Roev. O l af G .

Canada ;


as, fi\'e ti m e Soci After


Ch ri stia ns on, Portl a nd,

Oregon ; Rev.


the presidency of the

Chairman Dr. lMorris Wee, Mad i s o n, Vice


school. The gro up

aU' nd i ng the meetings are :

Wiscons i n ;



dell Soiland e ntertained with " 1\1'al. I' t d e nt repr e se n t.a a g u a lll a . " "",h .I;.d C 1 S U 'tive ga ve a. short s u mma.ry of the ir

M.inn ea polis , :Minnesota, gave t h e a.dd ress in c h a p el on Wednesday.


Tola. Vows. low:::., a n d t he di re c tors,


,their p a rent s vi s i t e d . All participants

€".. x periences


s tudents


a greed that




and worthwhile. M a ny re a li ze d the effects



Chri st c e n te red


A special rec o g nitio n sho uld

. Gordo n S tora.a � 1I



for� in � aking Church daJ p o s l .Ole.

Schoo ls represented be sid e s PLC

we r e : No rthw es t Bible College, Se­

attl e ; N orthwest N a z a ren e, Nampa . Idaho ;

gon ;

Li n fi el d , Md:\,Iinnville ,



North wes t Christian


tor, and

Minn .

Universi ty, Fo res t Grove, O re go n.

W n e n You Want Books

C. Fred C h riste n s e n B o o k se l l e r a n d

932 Pacific Ave.


Tacoma, Wa.h.

B R. 4629

:---e........ ......... . . . . . ........ . . I • •-....

p u bl i c

rela t ions office of the Ev angel ic a l Church

Lu the ran

The gleaming s tar above

C1\1S bu i l din g


tha t

th e

was put



Internation al


seek to r a i se $75, 00 0 dur i ng 1 9 5 6 for

. Fund, a dn v e bemg carried forward

by th e $ 1, 500 000 ,




the school's fa ci l i ti es, was m a de by

the YPLL's boar d of directors and

an nou nc ed by th e

Ron Storaa sli Congrat ulated A w ord o f congratulation

Rev. C arro ll M.

Hinderlie, YPLL director.


request the body's Board of Trus­



bi e nni um . At present, the


of the C urtai n Call the R adi o Engineers.

the Church.

The group's to

leaders also

CPS. \Vi th

lClCI e d

tI I

Sta n d a rd H e ati ng O i ls - H eat i n g E q u i p m e n t H eati n g Service

.to s natch





under their I the

why he wa s chosen "the mo st-

est" by his

teammates this

ye ar .

When a. dog bi t es a ma.n it Isn't

uews. \Vhen ·the man bites a dog-

still no news. But

when a s t ud e nt ,



dimes in time will grow in 0

F l ea s : Ad a m

H ad 'em


L a ;'gest S e l ection o f R ecords

1 2607 Pacific Ave.

ex p e cte d

to att e nd the convention, Mo n tan a State University.




. . . . ...._......... .... .,





FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY SER I CE Parkland and Vicinity


en a Savings cc unt NO W


1 29th

& Paoiflo




G R. 3040




G R . 9945






Motor Tu ne -u p - B rak e Service



Thri i s Part of Your Edu ation

45 r.p. m .

Milk Sh a ke s

F S ION i C N E R S It *

&. P A C I F I C , TACO M


degree as Ron has-this is news !

s ch e dUl ed to t a k e pl a c e on the carn­ • • ••


Wi th Ron's c ontagious spirit., on

An a n ti c i p a ted 7,000 Leaguers are .


and off t h e gridiron, i t is easy to


3820 South Yakima

. . . . . . . ......... ...... ... . . ...................--r ...

his help w e out-snowed

frozen Log gers

. .

I " B ui l d on the Rock in the Rockies ! " I


be an unde­

trophy Totem-pole fro m

hold the YPLL's next biennial

pus of


peeially at the To te m- p ol e tilt with

i l iary not receiving budget support,





e t t h i s s e as o n and es­

though it has been under the con­



1955 .


Luther League Is the only ELC aux ­

trol of


O l d Fash i o n F i s h a n d C h i p. H o me-ba ked Pies and C a ke. Fu l l Fo u ntain Service


tees to pl a c e the YPLL on t he gen­ playing hI fi r s t year of college foot­ eral synodical budget during the ba ll , extends his E'Horts to su c h a

und e r

were the stage and l igh t crews


t e n de d to Ron Storaasli, our match-

hlr. HinderUe also revealed that the ELC's youth organization

Stop in at


less thrill-provoker on the gridiron

I the


H a rry Yu i l l , U B C ; Wa l to n

L e o C h a n d l er, E WC E ; J a n e Marti n ,

worth, a n d Tom M a n n ey, WWC E . - Photo by Johnnie Walker, CWI

n i abl e a s s

E LC during 1956 to p ro vi de to

rig ht, D i c k W i n i n g , C WC E ;

Ron Fra n k, C P S ;

Ron has prov e d

in St.

P a ul. . Dec ls l. on to s uppor t the Luther . T he Olog lC 1 Semi na ry Development

the direc-tion of Mr. Nordholm. Those


m em b e rs


ton , P L C ;

0: convention in M i s soul a, Montana, erJuly 17-21, 1957, un d er the theme : C ol l eg e Sun­

gr a nted to Mr. . the CouncIl of Churches for hiS

r. Preus, Ex e c u ti ve Dj rec- Eu gene, Orego n ; Lewis and Cl ark, Dr. Orvi l l e Dahl , Execu tiye Po rtla nd, Oregon ; 'WiIlamette Uniecrctary, both from 7vIi nn e apo I i s , versi<ty, Salem, O regon and Pacific



Luther Theological Se m i na ry


fered " C a rn i val of


A r e c e n t release from the

I a re, l eft to

wher e school talent was p res en t d

P ac.i fi c Luther an, Jerry P ay n e o f-

.T R e v . Arn dt L. Ha 1 vorson 0 f day a uu



E LC Leagues To Raise Funds For Luther Seminary

Young People's Luther League will





each of the three Lutheran

cons i s ting

"iv e s all a t t end i ng. S.

I N E W S PA P E R E D I T O R S o f t h e Evergreen Co nference are sh own I at the a n n u a l ESPA Press C l i n i c h e l d i n E l l e n s b u rg l a st wee kend. T

In the afternoon, representatives from all the colleges con g regated



�he c o l le ge union with the members

Mr .


ch u rch e s .

ing di s cu ss i ons in th e lower lounge.



Sollalld bro u ght the offering In mu­

mltory where ·t he y have been hold-


the Publ ic Re­ d e l I Sol­

land, J erry Bayne, Dave Wold and

Christian Ed uc ati on Board to meet

va ri o us

Nesvig of

la.tions cl&1Jartment, M a r

the an d

l ea rn i ng

h i gher


d1vlsi o n s

pa ri sh



day, November 13. They set aside a

hrtstian Education a rrived on the



Non · Profit OrgG nilotion


a series


B u l k M a i l i ng

" I M �) U F f tl U IAL Di'OSIT I N S U AANCI C:OilPOIiI,\TION - HDtel"'&' AiSEAV[ SYSHH

P a r k l a n d , Wash.

I NTE RS, I nc.


I .!.:' I


Fast, Economical Prin ting and Lithograph v ,

omple;a':�:.� �::::i��:�:�i;� Tacoma', c ! , I Ii.:���PARKLANDvFTUEiE(i'ILB SE RVI CE I ,� ���::'�,:�����, , �����,��.,�� ,��O��, ,�,�:, ��!� ,I I, ,I ��,2, ,���:�;�,�:��,u,� , , ,, , , , ��,��;:,8, �I,��, E njoy That " P L U S" Service

, , , , , .. , .. , ,








A Blessed Holiday Season to Everyone



l ii::·===:u=::=-====:::=::.::::::::m::;' Ann�a__________ l PI-a PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF PACIFIC LUTHERAN COLLEGE

Ford Foundation Q[!lc �qcllnin�l of 'QlI1ri!3tmlls lu r.. ' t: Of �;::;i *'" V���:VT" " , '. ' o:.·:�::�:���:�;.:,:::::::�::=;�: :��'o�': :: Wh:h� Ch" dmend. IIghta, upon us,andW.sparkling c.nnot h.,p but b. ch.."d nd·by S184,500'to PLC the tlstmn.el, bubbling _$184, 500 �4IIra cOlIn no!theh�lpfriebut Iy f��lings. th� happy�r�. Our ornilmente, ....




Our school Is now richer due to a recent girt from the Ford Pountlatlon. News at the gift was . I'ecelvetl last M 0 n tI a y morning. Throughout the . nation colle�es, OIl li OIl unlverslUes, and hospitals were In· (ormed of similar grants totaling i million. This Is more than (or every man, woman, and child In the United States. Tacoma hospitals received almost.College of Puget Sound � aw.. profited by Other Wash· ington schools whlC'h became richer·· are: Whi tworth, Gonzaga, Se..ttle IJ., and Whitman, In the words of Dr. r:!astvold: i . ·"l-�aclllly and stutlellls at PLC are enthllsiast!l'ully appre('latl\'e of lids splendid and generous finandal �llP' Ilort from the Ford Foundation." You may be Interested to know that the Association of Non-Tax· Supported Colleges and Unln.rsl . h t ie ' � �:':n���� �,�� ��;tv; �;��:;7b�� ...'''..,.'Oc . i''itiiDIili..* ... i' \\i' . ...'CJ on as a result of recenl 1iIt...'Qii...liltirWirWirlaiiD..."'..1ii...QijeQijeQ .f U ' ilr'"..;.;e'Qre';'''!F ',. 'II' 'Fr'll' -'Qi;Ir'M''Qijr*'lI"iI'''lI"iZ''!Ii;iDliltiD!JfeQl:''ljli ___ .actlon taken by 'Bhe General Foods "' ' Fund, In" DI,lded among g ,choo", k 0 '56 II s t>ach share 'Is cc.....---'

� 500

aenli� Olvollr toc�,thewhich ar� rala�.ed...on.In .ong OIInd the nolaes wAlch OIIre pecull Chrl.tmas : Much of the splri t of .... however. la .uperfl c IOll ! . To many persons it is about mer�tyChriatmaa ho dOllYbutOIIne!'notnot..boutHolChriat, y day, about Many p�ople arenotexclt�d holly but holiness, about presents but not prayer, The bois are being worshipped incan ateadweofchange the aymbollzed. Only Ifsym· we ment .. l y eraa� the symbols Xm ... to Chrlatmas. It i. Indeed a aoul.awakenhfg eXperience! Our eyes must infocus the WeBabmust , wrapped in theddlin" andof God's lying thevalupon manger. understand sig.ia : .ctothes nltheflcance arri on earth i n the form of man, HereMan· very basis of our Chri s tiani t y, To lose the Christ of the gerWhen is to lowe.e lpursue ife. thla direct line of thought we find that it assumes gigantic proport too/nsth�Theeteemphasis of Chrisntmas th�n , . It_becomea .hi f ta from the te�poral· t merely � � � ainltiOll celebrati ted byon,Chributst,rather a participation in the work which waa With the knowledge OIInd� power whichbrigishterimparted through of ahining than thetostaru.of ofeXI BethleChri hem,stofiwerishareingcapabl highert than the very gates of heaven. i' ::::�:a�l :; �:�::i:�. S:��: �� Savior?



$194,900. $14�,700; $208.100: $432,900, $249,200,

$2. 500




Ma ier, Wife Edit . M on thly M agazlne

I Class f G"Iyes I Christmas Chapel

l'nder the direction of Jean Chris· tianson, t:le seniors will present the traditional Tuesday C h r 1 s t m a s (,Ilapel. . CQmblnlng both Ulusi(: and acting Jean tells U!-l that thl i! progra m should be very Inspirational as well as in the spirit of Christmas. Tak· ing the program from the story, ."Why the Chimes Rang," she has adapted It to narr:atlon.


I Dr Carro Spea I 'A '• Mon day Ch apeI

Dr. Charles Carroll, admlnlstral.lon I assi!"!tant for the National Lutheran I COUIlCII, ' will speak In Chapel on , )Ionoay,' Later that day he will �on·

16, 1955

"i, e. _�ll. _ ���' t ---i;tltes�:o�rWe'eftena

� __






_ _

"Carol" Tonight



Tonight is the night for the an nual presentation or 0 I c k e n s' ! "Chrlstmas Carol." It will be In the I Chapel.Mush'·Speech Building at I p.m. The perfoiman�e r e a t II I' e � many actors of long experience in this play. .lean Christianson, Tom Swlndland and Jerry Slattum are four·year veterans. Dick Ida Jo Gronke and Dave Wold are In their second and final year of the production:




The chfldren selertec\ for the cast are Pam Thompson and Rh-hard Holmes, w i t h the reader: Drew Thompson, T (n y Tim ; and Paul Olsen, Peter.


The performance promlsel:! to tbe best ever. ')tany hOllrs of hard wor.k have been expended by a num· ber of students, Including: Cheri Mason. Darlene Schwindt, B e t t y Macdonald� Joan Meland, )1arletta d n n r I o ��� ���� ;ell����c:'s t��es � ���� en Knutzen, B e v e r l y Swanson, Gayle Henricksen, Richard Clifton, ll d Dave Jaech-publlcity: Ma,got Phillips. Duane Schryver, Deyrol Andeeson, Dick B,own, Diane Bas· sett. Diane Hagen, and Elizabeth Reule--make'lip; 'and Wayne Ols�n -programs, ·An AIl-8chool Caroling Party in the Parkland area will follow direC't. Iy after the play.






_ _ _�


Concert Sunday

A highlight of the Christmas Sea. son wlll be the Annual Christmas Concert presented by the department on Sunday, December 18, The first performance at will be repeated at R p.m, The program Includep- the follow. I ng numbers : "Pastoral Symphony r r o m the Christmas Oratorlo."Da('h, by the College Orchestra ; "Now Le t. All the Heavens Adore "Glory to God"-Bort. nansky, and "Glorlo In E'xcelsls"·­ Mozart, by the ('omblned and : A r I a, ":MIghty Lord and the Christmas Oratorio , by Frederick L. Newnham, baritone; "Sing Glorla"-Oavls, and " Evenlng Prayer from Hansel and G I' -e t e I"-Humperdlnck, Chorus: "Hodle--Today Christ la B 0 r n"-WIlll�n, and ·�Marlenlled· Song of Mary"-Flscher, by Roxie B e r g h, soprano; "C a r 0 I of the Drum," Czech CarOl, and "Advent Motet"-Schreck, by t�e Choir of the West; a choral duet Lord, Thy Mercy"-:-Bach. by MrslfBergh �nd )1r, New.nham; "This Endrlg Nlgnt," Old English Carol, "As T. Walk'ed In Bethlehem"-Anderson\ and "The Holly .and the Ivy," Old !)y the Chor'us; and. Choruses and Chorales from the __�mas

music 3:30


by Girls'

EngliSh Chris

ProfessOi' Eugene A, Maler, As· dlH 't a meeting of the Pastors of the '!zistant Professor of Mathematics Paclfk Xorthwest which will make al PLC. and his wife have been !lon. _________--; "Ian,.; for the coming \'Islt of the .-_ ored In the \Valther League ,�lessen. . Pres gel' [or thell' work as editors or,a , ltlent of the Lutheran World i" Bisho from Hans ederatloll, Lllje, p district edition o[ the Lutheran WII· Christmas- Festive Hanover, Germany. ne S ou no �: :��tor :r s:�e ���:I:;' district : Lllje will come [or the Service regional theologh-al conference ;; to 1 1 : 00 publlca-tion. Maier lends his IIterarv be held under the .t ll Splces ot the talents and Insig-ht to chu:·( u work. "Yuletide E'choes," Kar· , I LWF III i'�ebrual) and March, )laier took his 'lcadetnic work at en Misenhimer, organist. Or E.tst\old ,llld Dr K uethe ,lre " 0 Holy Nlght," l\.lona Cal l\ the Unherslt) of Oregon gettillg ' ,l isa on the commlttees his bachelor s �faster's and doctor's ' SOil. and Yvonne Deitz. These conierences \\ere last held degree He also look olle year of '55 � "And the G1ory:-' for the evening. Other perc·Ia � U cllmpus Septembe on our III r graduate \\ Olk .tt Prlll('eton Unlve\ "God 's Dream," sonalities involved are Gunnar .I. LOIS Grlmsrl1d of Kalispell, �Ion I \\ tth Dlshop Lllje and other leadl llg # sity "A,ngellc' Bells." Afalmln. director o[ the Choir of the rlde theOlogmns from Europe Mr Maler is helped In IllS editor l lana, .... as cro\\ ned as Lucia n WJest: Frederick L. Kewnham, dl. tMrd annual Lucia Bride Pes· _ _ _ _ -:-______________ rector of the Chorus; Gordon ,Gil. __ shl b hi Ife .... ho \as t a ined at the _ _ _ 11val held In the upper CD on Satur (�ont:n�ed on pag� rour� ,hertson, director of the Orchestra; at 8 p m t ____ day night, December • ErIck Nordholm; ' stage manager, h e I l �nd Theodore Karl, announc. � Br\�: ;� �u: . I �:�n:�':�:� o;��� . She and her attendants, Twlla • Between the two performances, Gillis and 0 I I e Romtvedt, we'e the Dormitory AuxJliary win spon- . Commissioner J. M, Swing an. dressed in white formals. ' sor their annual Chrl�t�as Tea, ('osSwedish their In Spurs The I Immigration nounced today that the honoring the muslcl.ans, Tne pubUc · and Naturalization �ervlce expects 1umes sang tbe song of Sa?ta Lucia fa cordially Invited -to join ,them In some aliens to report their aHer which the royalty entered. the "auditorium of ·the Classroom' Lois wali crowned by Dave \vo'I�. · addr;;Sses in January unde'r the SBP: Janet Turman narrated the AUen Address Report ,Program, The Immigration s p o k e s III a n legend of ,St. Lucia. Others on. the rog'ram included the Eightnotes p t · Pointed out' that every non·citlzen sta· slnglng.--1l m e d I e y 'of (except persOns in songs, and Sylvia Johnson playing tus aDd foreign' representatives · to -tbe United Nations) In Scandinavian songs on her acC',or.d­ the::Un.ite"d Sta,tes D)UB,� !.�por.t �hls !on, accompanied by Janet Emilson. 8 address to "the · Government eac'h I The progr�m co�c1uded with a sing­ �. �plratlon o, ( 'favorit� Christmas year In ·Be-' af4 eacb QUen flll out ols. led by Steve Brand.t. 3 : 30 .a registration avaUab.l � U. S: I Refreshments of Scandinavian 18. e t P�st Ottfee.!l�or. at"the nearest iDltnl- 1 delicacIes were served following the � 2 Dec. 25. . program, " gration ofnee, .Glllla �

is Grimtrud I FLorosh C wned I L roBride .




Non-Citizens Must Register




19 56







I l

�:; ! I


19 54


Sunday, Pre'Jude. Duet, Ch ir, Sermon, Postlude.



ME ' Campus Highlights, KTNT,Madri­ 7:"00 p.m. Fri d ay. featuring gal oJSingera. Choir: theW.lWe.t. Kt.Hotel AC, Con­ a.m. Dec. r:t hrop Car· certatmaa rebroadeast.Chrlp.m. Concert. K}"AC. Oec. Liv " l.UC iA BRIDE begin. her tradltl nal du ies aa loilosok.Grion.marud poura a rcbro'aq'cut p.m. broadcallt; c p of eoffee for Ollie Romtvedt while Twila ' ..._....",_..,.._____--'


dIplomatic as-

.raDuary. must card at



P.age Two


year by (he st u dents of Pacific Lut.heran CoJl.ege Orrice : SUldenl Cnion Telephone GRanite PGl j Subscriplion Price-�3.00 I)er yellr Published e\'ery Friday d u ring the !jchool



EDITOR. ............ ............ . .. . ...... .................. ... ........... . ... WALTON BERTON MAKE-UP EDITOR .... ... . ..... . ......... .... ... . :\IAGGIE GLOCKENSPIEL FEATURE C:O·EDtTORS . ............AGNES HALLANGER, MIKE GRIFFEN SPORTS J-�DITOR . ..... . ....... .. . ..... . . .. . .. . .. .. . .. ... . ......... . .. .. .... .. FREDDY MILLBR BUSINESS MAI"AGER .. . ........... ... ... . ... . _......... . ......... . ........... ..PAUL LUCKY


AD MANAGER. ..................... ......... . ............... . .. ................... _.. ....DOUO MANDT A$!ltst.1.nt Ad �Ianager .. .. _..___. . . .... . .. . . . ..... . ......... . ................ ..Dette Macdonald. COpy STAFF...............Jnt BnOOKS. COLLEEN THERIAULT, JIM OlES CIRCULATION MA:--; AGER GUND:ERSON C,irculation Et:ickson. Patti Finn REPORTEHS.... .... ..Betty .Lou Bronlce. Carol

. . _





. .

- - Editorial -

. R.


Iii "diiltortioll."

The fllt'es of Josellh and :"Ial'y aI', · elongat CfI . flat, dehumanized and expresllionless, like Egyptilill Mo· sales. The Christ Child Is not :1 healthy. not e"en a normal-looking Chilli. ut rather a s(·rav.-ny body with a sic kly 111\1101' thltt J'esemb]l's


nemi c I"allt to tbe entire Ilalntlng, which I� t.y pifhid by a sick· healthy


ening theap blue that shouds the

At long last .1 positive move has been made to bring J closer relationship between PLC and the College of Puger Sound. Last Tuesday night our student council was host to the CPS board of control. their stu,dent governing body. Jt .1 banquet held in the small dining room in the CUB.




n r>.lary.

an aC(:lI fllte rcp· resentatlon of Ollr modern Christ· That painting ts

Aero.. a wijumbl ed counter, crowded th paper .and atring and reachi n g hands, Iincana window see thediapl BabyayJe.u. nestled In astraw. cardboard crib with .hepherds paper The stand nearof w�th eternat expressions wonder the fotds ofAI canwoman theirseerobes. pudgy hand, weari ng a with largeasickl y green ring, handsgrabs me brown paperoutandof my goldhand string. She heroffparcel and dashes . . . and wonder Where is Jesus in a Department Store? tn my heart. A. Baker

mas - distortlon-unhealthlnells.

gift or rhe

After J del.ectable mea l . we dealt with the evening's business -the signing of the Pe')ce Pact. This document is a sign of good faith to insure Christian behavior in all dealings between the two schools. Perhaps it is only .1 superficial act. since it is no more worthwhile than the student body behind it. but it is .1n honest endeavor to demonstrate 'the kind of spirit necessary to avi'r[ ,l n y incidents such as OC(U ffl'd earlIer t h i s fall.



m gi to the Christ-Chlld .

has been twisted Into the commer· cialism

of Il cartoon of your ravorite to that relative to whom



must a

�h'e- "!wmething." The


('ount of the n lvlty hilS been senti· menUtlized rll to a harmless little story for !'\lildrcn.· The props have the feel of Ill·tlfldallty. The angels T.he CPS students were greatly impressed by our food. dormi­ sepTl] to be made of cardboard. tories. and other facilities, I hope that our future conduct will not Sweetnesl! replaces II o w e r. The . a l ter this opinion of PLC. straw is too sorl. I t seems to 'me that there is still .1 n abundance of " Scrunches" IJe('allse of thil! lIit'kly Ilallor wUh ' Jlong Wheelef Street. I t ' s doubtful. but maybe we will find some whidl we h< shl'Oudefl Christmas. improvement upon OUf return to the campus next yeJr. it a\1 looks a little silly in the midst of today's tension and real lItrug· I ,g,es. A ('Iassil' ('arLoon hus jelled Laurinat's Appar�l l i thl!' in('ongruity by pl t-tm'lng a i � tie man slTl�lng as he works on the by assembly IJlle llIrning out l ock · GRanite 5317 409 r..,_...._ . _____....""'__""'________..._'� buster bombs. The eaptlon reads . "00(1 r('st y e nlerry gentlemen. Let 413 ;475 1I0tliin,g YOIl tl l s l� ay ' -· lr tills III j ChristnHts. then it" sah'e begins to by 1 irritate the sensitJivc in!ltl!ad of to ":'Iler-r}' Christl1la:<': Bidl. hum· pel of Christmas. :'Ilarley ' s Gho ,;l i � I !loothe. I f this is ilOw ?hrlstmas1f­ bll,g-: ' That SOUI1(\"; like a stt'aIlP' I it symbol of dil'i1l1 .'::race and the I fe('ts liS. tl.lell 1Ilc onent<ll hordes . to atlack. on it Yul('tilif' spirit. Yet each anti ('l'ery t it r e <.: Christmas Spirits are the ('hos(' r he nj1:ht. tIme one of us would rc('ognize this QUo, working of that graee throuSh the Christian h?liday.' In whit-h we can way only The I example, ·y. itgcIH'les memo of \)h-kf:]ls' s e I r a II C f r o III a nd i tat[on r s{'issol' lhrongh lhi!-l sott mesh of "Christmas Carol" arHI instantly liS' 1 fear. I worldly lienpment, the only way In sOl'lale il with tlip famet! mb('l'. , . I "With this ring, I thee wed", is But DI!' � �ns dlt! h.<lve � theJ th,an I \\'hirh WI' ('all adjust the quh'erlng Ebenf'zer 8('roo,g-£'. So legendary has 'I I thi s chara f: ter bf'(·onw. h i s \: Ie' I' \' _ p u re y rell,gloll S moti ve;; l l� Il l S por. ! lines of distortion and b ring them doubly sacr�d and the words i� finite­ S O r r r name is a ('ommon fi,gul'(l' of spe"I'I�. ��il:�l� :� \:::;: gr� \ ��l : ;;l :: t'�::� �l:� ! into � roJl � r fOclis Is �y ,"urnlng to n r l l 'i I Iy more meaningful when his Court­ I the h l storH·<l.1 an'ollnt which neither This f i r s t and be;;t of Dic'kens ' . r . lla l , e r Christmas storil's ha;; had l·ontinl!· �:�r�� (l':' i:/t\:�::gl�1 �� :� lli � �i��: ,(!Io�ses O\'e!' nor disfigures, but 81 m- . ship Master-Guild wedding ring is � g l ply re('onl" the event that mater!al· l ing- poplllarit\' f'\'f'1' silwP it" ill tTO· iI with ". . hte . , li. mited . . hi" entrrp to ('ash I iZ(>f\ that ni � ht. This was no mlllio an exact duplica !e of the bride's. . e ri" i dll!'tion in l ,-:,;;J . a l � r��I,g:;'�� �\ ������; �� I dollar Hollywood 1' 0 d u c t I 0 11 i Ho \\·c\·f'r. II I o n � acq1laintance :��f';e :l� l ,� g s Si of mlllds few the a in with this story llIay be dangera::!; in ·· .. 1 b ' " 'l -, � I '. l el•s . .. . r rhoug-ht 11\1 U' ith a flare for tI�e dramatic. T�lere Selecting the rings that are "just right", is a pleasant that il may e\'Oke the tenlierw}' to o/ Ue:�ol�I��li! ," �h : el�l����:���l : familiarity dim - Ollr per('eption , of all the p u re materialist of tile Wit:; 1.1 0 I]!�man (1 lre� tol· cal li ng .off let experience with Courtship - these 14K solid gold bands � . lel lm en ti ng \\ Ith es . •lIld e�J and it pp reciation of 't'l�e true worth soc'ie t)' of that tlay. And perh lls UI C t il a are hand crafted in 50 different designs. Choose now of Dickens' literary powers�e Hra · Scrooge's ('ollversion portrays/not ! � he spotlIghts.. Even thoge people ordinary humor. Imagination. and only the lrall3fortllation of a slngie ! InvOlv�(� Wh.O could have mad e. UP. for a lifetime of Courtship. s trong characterization-espec ially I h man being. hut is also an image embellished and capJtallz.ed could U as exemplified [n his masterful ere- I of the chang e of heart which D14k. only ponder and acc.ePt that which happened ill them and to them and atlon of old Mr. Scrooge. ens hoped for aDlong mankind ;- and For the COURTSH IP th · t : Because Dickens leaves the sur- especially In his time, a hope for ilng of that e ven t God le.w eler lurest tace action and 'behavior of his social reform among th e inc rea sIng· made his In,:islble, creation visIble r e s g . t x k Is It e Iy sometimes· g s n cla clear, E o in wor ploi s so ed characters J " write COU RTS H I P , ro r one shImmering moment. In the dlttlcurt to reco gnize the story ot land. setting of that event God chose the P. O. B o x 1 9 1 4, Scrooge for what It Is, a simple ut Scrooge's transformation may all' things and the c haracters , which subtle allegory, In the gradual trans- pear to be 100 sudden and radical to most closely typified the warp and Suttle 1 1, WISh. "ormation and enlightenment of Eb- be psychologically convincing, u t the woof of life. in which He was to st be realized that the "ChrIst- play such a tu.ncliona) part • • • the of the whole Gos- It .enezer �cr�oge, -;:;;:;:;::; :;; ;:;::;;:;::;::;:;;:;:;:;::; :; ;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;::::t masuCarol" is re lly a semi-serious ;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;:;:;;:;:;:;::; :; ;;;:;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::;;:;::; ;:;::; warm shitt1ng bodies of sleepy cat­ fan tasy ratlier than a strictly reails· tie, the rugged ragged ' bodlf,l:8 or l ·tic play. This dream-like nature reo flea-bitten sheep tenders, the white vealed In the atmosphere and tone spotlight of a star, miUtonB of mUes Qf the story, plays a role of great distant. I n the 'mld!t of tb 't Godimportance to the allegorIcal nature given setting, l,n God's chosen time or the characterization, and In ' God'! chosen . way� tbroUSh . . � . � I the pan B and travaIl �t hUman

"WE FEATURE THE F NEST" Zelma Laurinat GarfielParkld St.and, Wash.

� !

by Rev W. Lutne.

Jr one word {'an lIe�crlbc till' ef· fecl of II. certain IlaintinA of :h.· natl\'lt�· !'It'ene O!l the 1"0\'(,1' of a JIlt!, ! I!'IRUe of magazine, (hat won!


Hansen. -Gayle Henricksen. Darrel Hines, Dave .J-!Q! s. p�terSQn,. n.ey_S\·�nlng,se.n.._S, . - -. -. -. - . .. ---- .. � . .

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The ,Straw Is Too SoEt

'I he .+loaring 1tJ081

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. iU4£ ta'£5t of aI4ri5itmt5 fnit4 �t5' �l£s5ing5-:

' I


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Flowe. for- All Occ..lon. P�flc Ave. GR. 74e3 (Foil of Garfield) .We Deliver.



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birth, God chose to become man, to be bo rn of . woman, to be bon> un' der ,the law, to redeem. them that a're under the law. ��I' :"; h�t-

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Friday, December 16, 1955




Page Th,.�e

! �\Mural HOQpers Lutes Down Logger Five I ! Keep Active


I ' Ti ll-ofr lime TUPsilay e\'elling, De' l -1.1 be' ti. "'''' " .'he baltle be. ! l Last week when I stated that the \'arsity letter;. were lllealYlnl! le;:: s I \� t;>e� ,Ill: Ollll��'I � ,\.n�t the C1ov�1 . . . e the feI10 \\ 5 I and less to the holders. I stated that JV ball players gOt letters. I have I Lane l s . : he Omegas ,�t Pac i f.iC L m heran College won their ftrst E crgr�n �o n fcrcnce b�en informed since then that they do not. I also received comment;; !I on the f] l':o;. t floor of :-';orth Hall .tnd ! (ill Wednesday as [he CPS Loggers couldn �[ rally In the !.lSI le e are Ihe from from letter winners in each category and eaeh stated their opinion. :\IOii t ,l : �� Village. against a hot home [cam a n d if was PLC 6 1 , CPS 5 2 . agreed that some distinction flhould be made. It would Ilrobably be of l ommy (.ll mer. noted for another I minutes . The Lutes took the tip-off to what little cost to those concerned if an emblem designation or the Sllon was I s l)O r t . � nd Hon :\Ic Allister, led the I became only the beginning of a Iy at two different times and with Ome a o a to enny put on the letter. This way all would be happy in. having a letter of the I g � T t;4 -15 yictory o\'er ! l'Ioflely played ball game. Captai n eighteen seconds remaining D the Laner�. Tom had 20 IJoint:-l to Phil Nordquist -started things 1"0 11. Ross, reserve rorward, scored tbe same size.' ,. hi� ('redit when the final buzzer J ng with fifteen gone by· and the i (lnal three points. Another thing whi("h hafl ('ome 10 mv attention is the intramural I,' rang Hon hall 22. Vlrg Hund· I l.utl*> were on 'lheir way. Nick Kel· , Scoring laurels went to g u .a ' r d . activities of the men and women. The m�n hal'e an excellent program topt (and th�ugl.l for the CI?ver ld erman hit a rJ eld goal and three Roger Iverson, sinking eight field headed by Coach Salzman. Included in this program are football, baSket I ers' arne �� I�" ..�o f�b��I, .traS.k. ��.<! .�p:'I)X.'Il1��Q.I.: S'pOF��. ��rpclpation in the!je. s!,)orJs I: �!� . w �t� 1�. .1)�I� t �.. . .. . . , h:e�.. tlJ.t o,\:�and ��e . r.U,-¥:�.l�d :J!l;�.., �l� �:�a. .('��.,U�...!.�.���..,.&� ot.l;1�t ""'!' .. . 'by most g( '(fl.e .Jl).e.n"stude�tf. U'h8""1. il:bouw.b.�.)i"o.nll\n.'£ :UHll): -:.1It1 �IJ�n��.'.,-,.,.r.,::..' OK!!r��� ,;(ffllll!f1 . ..�a tlu.!"\ player8.-bt'Ok� Into the double scor.- _ Is�enJoyed wo��� like t� play b��ketball. volleyball and softball bm-Where-can lI;ey �orth Hall (,2 ) (so far these learns In the first balf. Phil, Nick and Rag· Ing column, Phil with 14 and Kel- . . have no names ) on !he other halt er Iverson eaeh hit successfully on derman with . .13 points. go to play. Thus far there has been very Iltlle opportunity for such par· of floor. \VJth Jacobson's .1 6 ' field goals but It wasn't enough to ' lIcipation outside of gym dass. After talking to many of the feminine pointtherally in the second half, East· keep ahead of the husllJng� Loggers athletes I think that they should be given a {"hance to ("am pete In some ern \\'on, 19·H. Hovland scored 1 3 and with seven minutes lell In the · sort of an intran:mral program. points for N . H. (2 ) , Tobiason and first haI r the score was all tied up, 8as e a . qua M ILLERING AROUN D . Capelll followed with 9 each. 16·16. Roger hit the twine fo!' six . Bribes Jun'e already begun 'lO Infiltrate the baskeLball picture . . entson Eastern scored thrOugh�Ber· points but this dldn t equal 0 a c.e· In Ie Coach Tippy Dye was the first 'Vashington coa('h In 40 years to use the the game ",ith a final total of 1;.1out more , that of CPS and at the half the) zone defense when they play.:d Baylor last week . . . San ,,"'ranCifl(:o �·on· The S 00 O'dOCK game dua sa\\ \\ere tinued to play ",top of Ir-oS pole" which is no survrise . . . The L. A. Rams, North Hall (3) dump De Jardlnes, to 29 on the short end of things 26 I man,. \Vestern Confereoce ("hampions, will meet the Cle,'eland Browns Decem· 5930 and the Tacoma Bulls gale Tbe Luthelans came out a tiled While most stullents are taken D bel' 26. for the national pro Title . . . The 1'. of W. Huskic!! 1';"0 back to Johnson Annex somethmg to beef U minut('s Kansas for one game Saturda IlIght Tuesda) Ihe� meeT lhe St LOIu"S about 10 theIr 4 ? 26 upset The N H n p quintet and it took three \\}th vacation, Christmas, and the Billlkens and they play Ohio �State on Thursday the nu mber one (3) \ De Jard�ne game "'as made ��:i�a� � ���d=�:�� ��d2:h�h�� ��t Ne" Year, the Pacme Lutheran Col · oddll) of the past football spason \\ as the miSSIng goal Ilost at the Pil l lip mosti) of fouls but ne\ ertheless 1 re� lege basketball squad will be very West " Irglllia. game and the fone ran \\ h� bought gl.lI dstaud ticket r� r Hlchle HeJns em�rged .... Ith l� tal' :: �� �\ as ���Ckl� ��:� ned t: S �;e bUflY attemp!-Jng to, add four vlctor� g l n l a t a s the snow'and'lcebmlll(1 San Jose StHte·Washlngtoll State game F�x lJes follo\\ ed dose!) by teammates � I I�s to their season s record at the I heaxyweight champion Joe"'Louis will referee at the T�H'oma A rmor.... to :"II erie Hanson \\ lth Ii. and Bill �;r::::f;,�s;e�5 t;eem�����s c:n�: I expense of rival court teams I lt night . . . Costawba smothered [�inoy[)e 91·-15 . . The Lute:; pia) fOil! Qlme 1 6 for the !' H ers Olsen 50 50 Roger and I PhIl hit re spective Decemher 1 7 the Gladiators \\111 games durin,!;!: \·acation. bllt I'll pick them on tOil all the wa ) 1, Ild 0\ er J and T l !llm eat h had 6 points for tra\el to Kenne.... lck. to take the I CPS in their first game of the year, by 12 [JOints. the Jardines ' -· . Whitman College. The with 17 oints followed by I court against The .8uIlS· SCOtlllg was le� by Xu· I1 faculty , from Walla 'Valla, will pro(this bO�� may do all righ t) \Whits 1.lan WIth 20 points . »i of whu.:h were Ericson for PLC, and cO ide tough ;:lpetitJOn ' h H ail L � E ! 10 f'0 For the haircut you like . . . free th/"O.WS . Ei('�ler . and .Jorganson ::dthwltil the Lutes game exper!· 1 ; \'':ege s'CO I:1 1� l"=�� I s hould give ea d l e l t t e l h h GERRY'S BARBER SHOP . ���I;o o�c��;� �i���)\l : tl�� �:�: Bills 14 . ! �Il� � f�;: l:���\;�� ;��r��::��CUo�� f�;� ··' WE SPECIALIZE IN FLAT·TOPS" I! 1011��elPleke 'V ednesd afterno the th ay on 7 . . ence race. l's against the Redburgs Located in New IGA Foodtown and Ihe Fal'ullY aJ..:"ainst C I 0 v e r the Ivy Hall :'\lissionaries defeated Soon after Christmas, December PHON E GR . 3434 I Creek 1 1 2 T H &. PACIFIC AVENUE mentioned, Clover Creek. 48·28. Moe led the 27 and :18, Linfield College journeys Hall . In the finn i I lhe Heciburgs took he Pickers. 60 :�ii�s)::����e�3 \��l:l �� ��l\I:.tSo E:·: � to Parkland for two games. These t . n l games will be the last in which to TO a:t R lI>; Hall"e led the- ·Pickers . . f with 16 points. followed by Dave I �ame . blll. the North Hall. ( 2 ) boy s Jlollsh the Lute !'!' attack before they .,., 54 the 2�. five, beat SChi.m. Schimke 'gg OU :\\ay . 2 1 with Wigen led the l Into conference play perman",,� . P·R 1 ,N· TE RS, 'I n c. with . 2U I)oints. Hedburg scored -- ---7-·1 2. ke Ie� hI. S t�am with 8 POlllts. �or swing 1 7. ently. l l,he 1"\.H. (2) ers, Hovland had . Clo\"er Crel'k took the Faculty for College or ,Puget Sound will pro. .n 6 es are posted for the com · i \'ide the competition Fast. Economical Printing and Lithography tor the Gladl. "1 ll:'4,�·e. :. :�" ,,o( I.".3I�,O·\\�"al,:," �ona:l.,,.".. e(a, ' e��?u lt'",,."e In;�\,!::� ators' first conference balle or 1956. The hated Loggers from a c r0 S S A Complete Modern Printing Plant in Tacoma ·s ART'S SHOE SHOP tOWII will Im'ade the PLC gymna­ Fastest Growing Communit y sium January 3. in an attempt t? QUALITY . .. .. R'EP�'IRING -- O.YEIN.G . di!feat the Lutes.' efforts to oncl'! Locate.d. .at JG" Foodtown . again ('op the conference title. With 112th and Park Ave. ·· · 1 1"802 Pacific Avenue Garfield Street PLC determined to better even last year' s record, this should prove a Bar·B·Q Burgers 35c fine game and one certainly wOI·th� Short Orders - Dinners DONUT BAR while watching. Fountain A HAPPY NEW YEAR . The lovely Christmas carols heard M ERRY CHRISTMAS AND Home-made Pies from the .C MS every evening (rom The Best in Donuts 8:00 a,m. to 1 1 p.m. Week Days 7:00 to i : 15 are through the cour� Christmas Gifts for all members of the family Sund!lY: 9 :.00 a;m. to 10:00 p.m. Open from 7:30 to 8:00 tesy of the Organ Guild. , BROWN &. HALEY, RODG· ERS assortments..69c · $6.50 �Wo�:�'; GiftS;ts j ALMOND ROCA .....69c - $4.00 MANICURE KITS DUCKLINGS MAKE-UP KITS 1 i COLOGNES . ..... $1.00 ! PERFUMES.. ...$1.oo - $1.98 Men's Gift �ets BATH POWDER ..89c .$1.50 Shaving " . "GUNSMOKE" ..; Seems like the only money I can really Acce..orie... .... .$2.00 � $3.00 . Coro Jewelery hang onto these days is what goes into MENNEN Shaving Cream, I my lutheran Brotherho.od life insurance Lotion. and Taic............$1.00 . NECKLACES program. But# man, in 0 few years I'll EARRINGS . $ 1 00 Ronson Lighters have a couple 0' thousancf dollars in my PINS each . " BRACELETS 20 pay J!fe policy," By Freddy Miller



n Last Q ua rter S·urge







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RICH FIELD SERVICE Motor Tune-up - Brake Service GR. 3040 Pukland, W..

( Continued (rom page Qne)

in journalism, She too Is a gradu­ ate or the University of Oregon. specializing



to the entire D'ersonnel or the College-Its administration, staH and

have been skiing. your C'hance coming right after the

each Issue. He also handles all cor­

We have ·been most favorably Impressed with the eagerness of everyone connected with the College to make our stay pleasant. to

Christmas \'acation. On January 7,

respondence and financial matters.

1956, the Ski Club will sponsor an

I co�ile and write the stories and overnight trip to Stevens Pass, leav­ e 1 e c t the pictllrp.s. We usually


Ing Saturday morning and returning work together on the layou\." Sund.9.Y en>ning. �fr. Maier has also had experience This Is one of the best developed in acting as editor as sbe ,headed ·'The Spectator," the national publl- areas In Wp shlngLOn Slate with two caUon of Gamma Delta. She also chair lifts and rope to\\:s galore. held Important ofrices In tbls .organ- Overnight facilities will ('ost $2.11. If YOli don't have )'our own gear, Izatfon. The Maiers, married In 1952, have you can rent it at Quite reasonable two children, D a v I d Eugene _and rates at any of the Tacoma Sports Shops. Fellows and gals, remember Martha Helen. to bring back a signed statement permission Ir under twenty-one, as it's a: college requirement.

Come along ann jOin the crowd!

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your reservations before Jan­

uary S \\ith Bob Stuhlmlller, Ray

Osterloh or any other Ski Club am·


students-for the friendly manner In which tbese· have provided for ollr comfort and needed facilities for the performance of our work.

If you've never tried It, you have

cation and decides what will go In


Lutheran College. It Is moved to give a testimony of appreciatlon

Wby. even a few smart Californians

letins and letters sent In for publi·

dimes .in time will grow into

tberan Church concludes Its meetlng on tbe ca'mpus of Pacific

Have you ever tried winter sports,


She saYf;, "Gene checks the bul­


- Tues. - Wed. - Thu....

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assist us_In getting acquainted with the College. and to p"rovlde

the conditions assuring tbe success of our sessions. Speclf

kaily, we are thankful for lhe fine food service offered.

for the excellent housl�g facility arranged. for the meeting places

supplied. We are especially appreciative to the students who ga\'e up their rooms so that the Board members .mlght bave the use of a sectlon at a dormitory wing. \Ve are grateful to the College for furnished tran;;portation from and to the railway stations.


9:00 cl

We are astounded and delighted to observe the development of the College over the years. We sense this is not a weakly strug· gling institution. but a forward-looking, robust college unafraid of the future and accepting every proble'w as a cha ITenge. \Ve experl·

ence joy and pride to recognize that this -college has attained to

such stable maturity and such honofed respectability among col­ leges. For this fine development the Church owes Dr. Eastvold and his dedicated co-workers Its genuine thanks. As we have lived in the atmospbcfje of this campus tbese days, we experience that there exists here


splrll of good· will, or opti·

.., •

mlsm and of Christian outlook. We sense thal this college commun·

�tlre area. It has been a

ily makes a Christian Impact upon the e

faithful agency of the Church. So tbe Church wblch we also serve,


thanks God for Pacific Lutheran Col ege. Tbe Church thanks God for the senants laboring In this area of His Vineyard."


For the Board of. Cbristian Education,


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December 8, 1955

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thoy hit at only al·u� � ....q.! IDe » out of 11. �� ��'" PIIl: IA' bit u · he·cIroppOct In . oa� . HO . . ....' .. . ,'''l",.'!''' ...!

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'S upp-o rt , Y�Jlr .c I95,6 Mar'ch .�£ Dimes Slide�, Cakes , In


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edre aa well _ the �re ban· mal .crayings tor. pro,telnl; fM.8, carbobydratee. m�t . be f.1 1 1 e d. Therefore. Dr. Pflu8,er wtll Int,ro.. ' duce for the flr8t time on oui pus his slIdes and Int.r]j""t&t,l,�ne: of hJlI past summer's Europe and the Hoi, that our cur1o&J.ty and 1o.q1ni' tor adnnture &rid. 8d&8 co b8 eaUlt;led.


1 anee of IUeb. things and 8YeDt. wtll cause extreme windon h7drocbJortc 8cklfncatJOD of diRe,' pylOric. and ddodenaJ. ' 11Dtap of resp90uye stomachs and Intel- E. We'.. Un_) and bue cU.e. u..t win aucUoned to the h1&helt bJd'd�r by two competing auctioneen trying . to outdo eacb other.


For thOse JndJv1dua18 w·Jtb roman­ tic ·tendeDciea ana �.Ue 8 0 u 1 II eDL of th�re' wJll � ,00_ , n.t�.�� QliaII tT, ' . .. IlIdi1lcftl"'bl�'

aaneori confe... here with. .. ehe I.y. pTa"_ for the marionette program ' � be held In .y�:� 1�������� h� to n� m '� Ii � Ud � � i � � r lu'.'� _ �..�r� d� lg� " ______ . I

be... lure to OOZDe ' to ton1&bt' at 7:'0... It will ooet • • mfldmum... Of .i6c,. .J6c Jt 10U

IChOol� )':ear.


70U briDe • membelo of the� I&trer tex', "" _Te �tb �d • lltUe more 1t 1oo .& blOUcloui. �C· ;



Lady Lutei :WilLMeet ' "uel��y�iri S� HeI(

Thel'. nruIar �aW, . ' ' . Lad. LI>Ieo will ' lit'" held evenJq at .,: sO o-'elock tn : 1oIuIp of· 1Ic!a1ll . HAu. wUl be tli� )('etilame. W1Wam denoa, anc1.,J.m. BeUleJ'. �

_ A� , ; .. ..:...\ ,,:••



Stampolis, Farmer Active In-WerJd,·AJaJ �� .

lAdJ811 .nd l'enUemen, &Dd Itu­ dent8• .lor·the 'be«�eiMerl&tnJD" and m o . t. �ward1lll�TenI� of the





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' Who�s� W�o

�ev;ew;ng �' 'hd -.� 1:IOI�rAna"

Musician, Scientist etgnizea �

Cors RemOdeled ill

. ' , ..,.'I'�� MO�� . - to be The �1Il. � 18 lIl1ue t,o-r. aereeclupc balt. � on �.�.of t1!e �terut1D& tack lnt,j)',potltiOIl, t.Ii.lJ:I&I that happened to tile �T�- and coiattn'ue4 - �.D hi. � �den.� o� o� coU..� It �uat wu U:n.�ttuJ. uc '& fe.., ,� -m�doD!Ml .th&� the thbip. IUcll u: &, bloW'oOut. & IgOt: of the..,�eDta "'U . D, ot . �eaUle en r1Da' (ule4 elPt quarta of"oU In of ��e lnCl.Pl.bIUt1.. of ,the dr1�J:S. 600 mllea) . the d1aap�c. of . 1:""�Th. __ . but In za.oat c,uea" � . rather be- eecUon Of. the .�r pumP. tDin, c&un of uT,ene ....the . r. C9u41- .tops for�dr7tDl' the drowned. motOr . U,011ll. 80. 1!1thout · � em�- (the water was above tJie aDk.te.). .:.. -,.;. �-"--' :.;: men� 'on the � of the unfortunate and.of count. the fact that the trip, �"n of �eee .nhlc1ea. here a� whIch u81l1JIy takes 18 to 20 houTS, . 'the a�rtel of thl'ee of the mishaps. was sped' tbroq,b in 38 boun. If you baTe notice the ablanca of change our dlrecUon. eo rew of • blUe Mercury, year 1948. on our ,To . W�re you re11eved to our .tod�ta took a. triP to Mlnn� yoo will





be calnPOa. know It Is - resting peacetulb" tn . tront ot Jack' houe In CalJfornla at the pretent tlme. The trip !bat Jack Claver a:perienced. In thi. gal. taDt automobUe t. one to be remem.

bered &8 heart rending. . For with ao many happenJng to one car, it eea.ais unique that It did oarr;y Its .riders to· the fInal desUn.a� don. lack ".. dri� aloD8' 8.n Ore-po road. not excee¢l..n« the speed



limU, bat at a IIteadj 66 MPH. wilen � Tillon w� suddenI7 cut by a large btu6 object. h1a OWU hood. Not _ _ --,. --.:. _ _ _ _ � _ _ -_

, Are .... StU ' d.ena.

,.,"";-i",""" ,, �"---: I .

from an accldent wll1ch . oar, their trip WIUI alao uneyenttuI. The mechanics ot t h i s acoiden.t are Interesting. It 8eem8 that both sldea <!t the Tehlcle were 8lDa8hed. How this �ppeDed in flo ODe �, accident Is dirtlcul� to u�ilerstand, but It seems that It 111 pou1bte. The accident w�nt _so!;D&on dry thing 1 1 k e- this : Montana hi wAY. road n Icy, Icy .ectJon appears, 8pln a 1;. U D d- cras.b. _pin in oppoel�e d1rect;ton':'" crash. come to halL Atter & tew necessary repAi�. Pttlll.n.g · tendera the wh!",la, etc., Bob continued � &� .,"!��. �te_r: �t�ed �e 101!Dd. Hi, c8:r In .-b6di-and· fend,r shop,

Bob Lun�n's



I """",·':'''red '', to Ii. �u8:bea�.


(1�-����I' �f.i������i�l��:� k����;:!!�.

or t1!-e: art

h t th.t ,� �D held eota tor the holidays, and aside lb1-

!then · �t lwo wee� , .Art BuJlding-or, - tor that� are you aware _ot the � · Bund1Dg,! e Nortbeut c:orner �t Located on , _ _ It 18 the brown ex­ the campus, chapel 'building, the basement of -)V���.w'" ca�� reminds i wh e h one of the I combs. ,: I ,



Who'l. Walter Hoo� T' A .etel>tl.t at the atomJc- EIDerc7 plant In R1ch� . Ialid, be ..... an �,t by ealUng. When ·he wU' uked to tOllOuIa 1.0 liMd the-art' departlDent:1n the hlih

&ehool there, "'be .u:cepted the Han. FrcrtD. ·there he joined tM depaitmeIit or the U.n1ver.tty

'�:;:;: I I :;;::;�;:=.;::'#;:�;;�I,:I:, ::



-. '

pl&a,,�'j."'.iJ!laai-! l

:��'[������������I=iiiii���t f�

The .p�rpose at this arUcle I, �y , let you· In ,On wb&t � missed and &!!ISN lpeaking ot the aN m.1 81h: ut :'trathe!_,ot --bi:gr at ·the Art Building, r e enral 8 of Walte at U;hiblUbd th \ - , ,� Hook', 'Water eolo�.


m. water colora � variet7 of i a·c-h'n I

, . , "

unbeknownat to the.lntel11aeDc1A

arOund quad I. the Na11aUoil P,LC 1. m&lntalDlnt-u bod,. and aplr1t-tbJe Beason. I),ot tile DOnul

two baa�et�ll Jeaml. but al.o .. makeshitt outfit of "caatott..,', who I .. ; .-.�-.-

to. the true .trad.1UOn or Wil lJuttItu­

tiOD. Ie alao found. Upon ning side of the marctn"'

the win· . nl�t, '1&DU&1'J 9•. af .1 The � 1fu:.� Jhe Bird., The olifeDt&t10llt titl. of Ws out.pT8 tit mar be acquIred by & quick . o.t� &Ul, to. .. conference Wt that atr&l«bt win in the servation of the City ,Leap. atand- PLC their fifth Evercreen Conference. �he Glad_ of .t&nd IU the only undetMted recU,. . In .the conference. -' T.... . 'reterenoe

Due to the Prea«drt ' not take �t1me :to <terend'however, 1 . .-w1l1,8tate, the man ..rlth' furrowed.':'bfOw. ·tb&t we Intend the aCQUislUon or first 'plue before the .uil ' ag&in. 'Dur1� the PUt... eeven seaton. o f the gr�n and w� �tol'7. many names t.&m1llar tb tJil. campus have f o r c e d l&ugba back down the tbroa.lI of o�l�e� and. defended our fm name. Tht� rear �t1l!.. preeent&Uon of an ��Pi£ � "" Wlth th.· u.::�on one- Who pln� entrance by way of the back door), and the c� otficlala. m a dire need of an addltlonal group' to fiU up Jts nnk.ll, (bere came a beckon In our dlr&cUoD. · .. :� .� ..� ._,;>�"""

� oC

The only


The Lutes led' J6-H at the half. but abortlJ after interml••lo.n the Bird, raIDed. to a 4.0-39 lead In 11 mlnuteL ft. lead, w.. sbort,..llved PLC surged forward to regain their lead and stayed in front the reel o f .the game.-

Ph.u NordQwlt and Qhuck CurtJs led the scoring with 16 pointe each. Jack Hoover oontrtbut84 10 polnttl and Roger Iverson and Jack Binder-' son each added ellht . Tbe Binil' .oorUig "'&II . ln the hands of John McLeod with 19. while Eddie WUde had 10.

old bealdes the

uniforms are ttwo: memben. wbo h &1' e swea ted to�ethe jor tour



y.m.:. fa iS8 iUreme� tioned Dcep Uoo.. fo'r he la .. senior at: a..ou. ;.r ·'hia ii6ltkli, ' ol'h'l.sli • r learn:1q. Our �Is the other penon - well known ' "to tile line-up, and Don � 1. In. We HC> ond year bere.

tng � nn �c;(., !]���r :fi PD Ud


,.. ,.., __ " -", •_

clUI also �ntr1butee 'two pl&yenJ in the penGDII ot 'lllerle-lD.D:ion-and Larry' Line:- 'Th.·'�-·anci cot ';"m

boYI" \re two


Pacific Lutheran fa it pf f

._ . ._.._.

6 8-10

.. a .f.:4 __ 6 6-10 2-6 ._.. ._ . ....- 3 2-3 .-........... 0 0-0 _ .... _ -_.. 0 -1l'O ..._...

--�-.. .. . -......


gl ___. 3


Brltleh Columbia __


' 2-

fa ft pf

..:- 8 3-6 __�_ 3 H


1 '6 2

3 '� 9-0 2-2


'fp fs



learn_ will 'I�e. :a.m•• .:a1read7 p�e4 will eowat t 0 � � r e . wiD, 'and los. it p1&784 with 'the teau. In" the aame leape. The ·· leasoe d!vlalonl Inelude :


"A" La_aue:

1UHiolW'1ea (Ivy Hall), Clover Creek Hall, Redburc'a (Tacoma), Omepa (North " Hali'l) , DeJ&rdJne'e, JlJutern Parkl&nd' (A), North Hall (2), North Hall (3). �onka (Ivy Hall) , "B" Vlllalne . (Clover e r e e k 'Vll4P.), Western Parkland, JohDson Ann:u, Clover Lovers (CloVlr Creek VU­ lage), Cotton PiCKens "(CIov:er 'Creek: Village), Facultr, Campa. Trotters (North Hall 1), Eastern Parkland B) "(' . Gamee played beto;; F8.tber Time deParted Include these fro� De�m-




13, 1955';

' .



��������: I :��;r!j�;:&���!;i�J.��

Tokyo After Da rk �!:''::':=�-'':'':'''': ':'': ''::' :: '''' '' -;----------''::';': '::'': Fo' r m e r coa c h Fin o n C ioJ A ,'d-- I H a I ey A va''Ja ble for · A'ssisn Foreign Study 1' •• , Fou .


One more Imp.rovement bas bf"eD



t.e PLC lib ..",. Ste,.eo

C." "opb.,. wbo Is .t ,,"seot wo,k· log towacds

M.". .·• Deg,ee In

Library SclencAt lhe University

ot Washington, bas joined the facol·

ty as assistant librarian on a part· time basls, Twice a. week he com·

to , mutes from his home In Seattle

.work In our college llbrary to "learn

,o,e." In ,..p".Uoo 10' hl, (uture career here as full time as· " ln� . bill" u \: :: ...... 1 "\.!;\ �r�l"o. pIllol"D t�.


. .. I

.. ...



degree f r o m the University thIs


. Actually, Mr. Christopher got Into

llbrarlanshIp In a round about way. i A 1933 graduate o( Wasb ngton State a.t Pullman. he majored


education on the secondary level.

but dldn't begin teacblng until after the war. Before and during the war years he bad worked I n Olympia

and In SeatUe. spending some years

as a timekeeper at Boeing Aircraft.

Then trom

until 1965, he was


athletic coach at O rcas Island, La Conner, and flaally. Clallam Bay, I ii the m a s t northwesterly scbool district In the

which, Incidentally,

United States. Here he became In·



the famed salmon

that area, In

library .....ork.


c1am-d,lgglng. and In

He became so loter·

F" day. Janua ..,. 13. 1 956

I. m n · ��: �:: : ::�� :: �: ,. a d U ' . oatety cootemplated .od go"' ,ed, Wben his arms tired, Nitta called

on bl. gue". to cbU'n tbe CO" .. tube.


spend one month doing field

not ogly because at Its s imilarity to PLC In Cbrlstian objectives and size of student body, but he hopes, by observing the very progressive

lIbrary at the Los Angeles school,

to glean some ideas for possible �'turther Improvement of the PLC library.

Mr. Cbrlstopher bas already not·


.the spontaneity and naturalness

of the "PLC st>lrlt" and apprecia.tes the

"!tense o f



especially In our dally chapel serv-




HOURS: Tues. - Wed_ to 12:30 Lm.

11:00 �.


�rtdo, 1 1 : 00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.

Sunday 9 : 00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

GR_ 2211

Q. How Ion. do.. the ,,,,t'ction given by the vaccine lut? A. The,e .aao't beeo enough 11m.

rortbcomlng March of Dimes camsince tbe vaccine was developetl The g r o u n d beans are passed l pSlgn. Margaret Canis and Beverl to soawer this Question. On 1\ Gue," ace Den,oD bot• ••ve heeD vlcllms 0� Tbe lostitute 01 lote,n.tional Ed· >laceh 01 DImes ....nt. 0,. Salk asked to .dmi'e .od Judge tbe col· In l.n llle mo," commonly ucatioo. 1 E." 67t h Street. New I. conllnulng ..udles tbat will O" Dg.. tne .roma. thelloe"e 01 the kDo Wn as . polio. . York City. announces fellowships grind. pcovlde ",. knowledge. Margaret. a junior In education available at the University at CeyNow the brown powder Is nipped who has lived In Tacoma for thQ Q. Does the vaccine prevent nonIon and the Free University of Ber- Into whi te cloth filter and water, past (our years, was stricken with pa ra lytic polio? lin, scholarships for summer study brought to the boIlIng point on a pallo, In 1947 when she was about A. No. But polio Infection w i thout In Austna and E n g I a n d, study hlbach.l, Is poured O\'er It. Eac� par1 1 years old. She was I1vlng in paralysis does not give an indl . awards (or artists. muslolans. ac- ticipant adds suger and cream tn G eorgia at the time and rortunately vidual a permanent handicap live labo, uolon membe". and othee hls cu, as des"ed Past", I, " so vee)' close to the W"m S,"ngs P9t . lPt"",�, . • n!!, awards admlnlnlstered by t"b.e Instl- 6ery:x+ � .I � _ � _ . fl..... io"6ot16atro,J";' tIn ;'I,'it-:. ? bealUi prolH:em Altbough SM'r.e . tut1f.' tbese "6ava been' o rte'red 'by Wby'tbe coffee ceremony" Nitta George, Is the ( a m a s hospital cases of non.parlytlc pOlio C:luse universities, 'private g r o u p s and . feels it Is tIme to shape the Tnk)o founded by Franklin Delano Roosaextreme teml)Orary dlsl.:omrort, governments In Europe, the Middle Ites ' fondness for tbe Kate Klats h c \ elt for -tbe rehabilitation o( polio most are not diagnosed. or reo Eas t. Asia and Latin 4,merlca. )lore into a ritual tbat has form and pallents) ported, being so mild as to be detailed Informat ion on these grants meaning. Where otbers ha e added \' C pon the advent of ber Illness sbe p89sed of( as a cold or lh p. Is available from the Institute In the modern vulgarities of strippers. went to the hospital and (or nine grippe. New York or from its regional 0(' models and trumpeters to ·tbe bean· _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ months took treatmenta. While In flces In Chicago, Denver, Hous ton, eries, this man o f unchallenged the hospital she took her 7th grade YOUR ADVERTISERS Los Angeles, San Francisco a.nd taste has turned to Japan's past to of elementary school. "' Washington. bnng order to tbe coffee cult. Margaret bad "s p i n a 1 pallo," The Institute of International Ed· "We' re a.1I too busy and nervous. ut;at!on ad�lnlsters exchange pro- The coffee ceremony lets us relax wblch aftected her arms and legs Is now well recovered. She S&)'8, and grams for public and prIvate agen· and forget our cares," Nitta said. she was very lucky and has mucb cles In the ..U. oS. and abroad. Each What prompted the coffee cer� rvlce e Motor slnce .'!he year app'roxlmately 4,000 persons many ? Nitta Is frank enough to ad· tor wblch to be tbanktul lived so near the Warm Springs (rom 80 countries study or train In mit that GR. 3040 his uncontrollable pench· a country other than ·thelr Own ant for bric-a-brac 'Started the chain Center. When a It k e d about her future through Institute programs. I ts. He bought tbe oopper cot· plans', Margaret said sbe will be GeneraJ: elJglblllty requirements der In a curio shop for 5,000 married in June and wHl move to f o r t h e tellowships and scholar· yen tben buUt the coffee cere· Pennsylvania w!.Ch her husband to ships. designed mainly for graduate live and to finish her education at students, are U. S. citizenship;





... u

�ngu' l


. . '2,.1\




Summer study at Brltisb ualver·

sHies Is open to American students

in 1956. ClOSing date for appllca· tions is March 26.


Westminster College.

Beverly Benson, a freshman from

Lafayette, California, and chairman

of the March of Dimes campaign on

Professor Theodore O.

was one of



delegates at



recent National Convention ot toe

Speech Association of America h.eld

In ws Angeles. This org ll I?: lzation is Six-week courses wlll be of,ered 6"J..organlza· composed of several « at Oxford, at Strattord--on-Avon, and tiona ot which tbe Western $peecb at the capital c1ties Of London and Assocla.tion � a member. Professor Edinburgh. Karl, "bo hsa been speech coordl· British Universities bave com- . nator (or rtbe WSA for the past ·blned annually since 1948 to organthree years, announced that Pacltlc ize a spedal program of summer Lutberan College will host the an· schools. Courses are planned to nual oonvenUon o( thIs organlza· serve the needs of post·graduate Uon to be held at the Winthrop Hous � il students. but highly quallfled un · t 29, 30 and 31 . Sp c le i , Aug dergraduates their junior or 8en· (acul-ty members (r(\ID 90 colleges 10r years will be accepted. Many and unlvensltles In the 11 western American universities allow credit states wHi be Invited. This will be for attendance at these sessions to the first time tbey have met bere. both graduate and undergraduate






be offered next sum·






bethan Drama., the University

Bl,mlngbam cou"e given


mid-18th to -the mid·19th cen tu rl�s,



intellectual b a c k-


ature, Politics a.nd the Mta In

Uruvere1ty of



Oxford : and Tbe

opean Inheritance

gt v e n


venlty of Ellinburtb. of







iD� ,

by •





providea a e:xcursJons to plac::e. ot .



to the general public.


Sev ;===========�I .t Eur- Clover Creek Service

ground to tbe RomanUc Movement. at the Unlverslty of London;


Interest In Its area and very otten

arranges visits whIcb are not apen

. 9""' the ford ; Literature and Art from

:=======� eot.eoth·Ceotu", 119th 4. Pacific

Two young women on our cam us � • ve", deep I Dte,e,t 10 .he

.",un? a ,ecood time.

ested In this latter field tbat In the proot of good academic r�prd and summer of 1955 h e and his wife and capacity for Independent s t u d y ; son moved to Seattle. wbere Mr. good character, personalIty . and Christopher began his studies in adaptability; and good health. AbU· the graduate school at tbe Unlver· Ity to read, write a.nd speak the slty of Washington. language of the oountry at study is In early spring, Mr. Christopher a requirement for most compell· work at Occidental College In Lo s Angeles. He selected tbls collage

Ca nis Answers About Con q u er Polio Salk Vaccine

I B enso n,

Garf·1eId Street

Clover Creek TEXACO Service Friendly, Dependabl0"8ervice TiRES AND BATTERIES 8HOP SERVICE


Fast. Economical Printing and Lithograpby

A Complet.e Modml Printi�g Plarit in Tacoma's Fastest Growing Community

, ' 802 Pacific Avenue



campus, was stricken with polio In )951 w b I I e a ( In high school. She had bulbar.spinal . pollo.

whlcb affected the






muscles (rom

e x c e p t (or her

very f o r t u n a t e I y,


the disease weakened her

lungs, was able .to stay out of the " Iron lung." She took ber treat.

ments from Hlgbland HOSPital and the Kaiser Foundation In Oakland, California,







lelo, CallfornJa. The flcbool eh e missed she took . at home by tut0l:..., and was able to return


public school her senior

year In high schoo l. During her sen.

lor year and during the 1955 March DImes



chairman of Pallo" for







17 hlgb schools In

Contra Costa Coun.ty, California.

When asked how I!he I1ked PLC,

Beverly said, "I couldn t have chos' en a. better place to come. Everyone


I O be P I . U� l 'S '� � ' � � � I� I: _ ''

FASHION CLEANERS 3820 South Yakima *


FREE PICK-UP and DEUVERY SERVICE Partdand and Yi�inity *


Phone HA. 3372





1 12th (Airport Road) and Part Avenue COMPLm SHOPPING CENTER Makings for Sunday Night Suppers 9- ' , week days, ' 0-9 Sundays



Independently Owned and o�


���?��� �'�������I ���! ��!��r ., 1 1

y be treated to a concert by the a late 18th century composer. InI "greatest living guitar player," An' eluded In the second part w1U be a dres Segovia. Bacb number. SegovJa's arrangeWhen the lIghts have dImmed, a ments of Bach have been favoriles man, a guitar. and a chaIr will be I � his audiences tor many yeanl. seen In the middle of the Irtage ; and are transcribed w i tb a tine though you may be used to, and skill. Rameau and Greig will also think you preter. the room-tilling be heard trom In this section. swells ot a symphony orchestra or Concluding the evening's varied a 'POwerful vocal soloist, we reel you entertainment wtll be works at sevwill rind this music-in-miniature, eral contemporary Spanish composplayed with such ama..z1ng perrec- ers; Tarrega, Cranado.8, and AItion or technique and feeling, ror beniz. Man): m o d e r n composers : _, V'." �-,�\,�t,v�J�.I,. as s�t;1.s!y1ng. !j.�,!e written pIece!, or permanent . Vatife_!or wti'-6� . . (Thk Is not editot1aUc.fiLgl_ .but tb.e collected opInion or many music many of these numbers, whose aucritics everywhere). thOI'S he collaborated with, dediThe program will open with a cated to "Segovia. Suite by Femado Sor. Sor, eonsid· For ·many years Andres Segovia ,.';111




h � e, over the world. One of his most re­ cent large enga&6ments was his part In the fourth InternaUonal FeBUval ot Music and Dance presented In Granada by the OrQU6Stra Na­ clonal ot Spain last m�ember. At thls li'estival be shared the program of six concerts with vlolln1sts.,Plan­ islB, and vocal1slB, as well "as two orchestras. In addition to his mus!­ cal tours, he Is still workJng on his Bre-Iong research In his Instrument. Recently released was a book or modern· works ror the gU.\tar and


i.j2L:�t';Y;':--?·;:"'- ..... �.; ;:'::..�::,' �

composItion, "Estudlo sIn luz," model of the errective writing seen in his original pieces and 1n- his classical adaptations.

Th e �oor in _




� "8t Si:ude ni: Nurses Leave for NU�BE.R Two-Year Sfay ai: Emanuel



Stddying under a new program o f nursing duc��on, twenty... three PLC nursing studentl will begin their clinical training at Emanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon, on January 30. Under the new system, girls in this program spend their freshman year, two sessions, and the fall semester of their sc1phomore year at

berore beginnIng their traIn­ Formerly students spent only year here, entering Emanuel In


. The touring Augsburg College Band rrom Minneapolis wlll give a. concert here Tuesday, February at 8 o'clock. They will also present the chapel service on the same da.y. Under the direction or Mayo Savold, the Augsburg Band has become one at the outstanding mUl:llcal organi. zations in the Midwest.




��n¥���r:Ji �:���� PLC Alumnus wUl teature, RElv.

Pictured above are the atudent nurse. who will be leaving PLC at the clo.e of the .e'!lellter. They are, t� �i���t :O; �� ���� ��w�� ��n�� �::lt��:et r I I z e � ���� Dorothy Johnson, Maureen 8wanaon, Rose Ann Jacob-

.a n, Margie Wilkin., M a r c I a Leln, Joan Shapiro, Beatrice Scheele, Virginia Wyerta. Row 3: Charlene �::�r��� J��a�;e ;:: �:o�C�::na ���e�' :�IC� ����: i, t , I u a hn Joan Flaig, Abient: Jean Gradwohr, Karen Malfait.

::: -r:===::::i:== ��;-:;: =-:�� -:-=-� So Yau Want ToTHAN KS To Whom It May Concern: Be a Student! I wtsh to express my apprecia-

Enter the course as late I1S passible. By changing your mind about the curriculum atter school starts you should be able to avoid classes until the second or thIrd week. 2. Do not bother with a textbook.

: ::;;�;-;��----'-.---;;-===::::=

TWO Korea n S fud ents

I PLe Sponsors


tlon to the perlOns who helped Lutheran College the 1956 March of Dime. Drive areWep at PacIfic to have In our mIdst by contributing their time and l manyrlvlleged foreign studenlB. Included In talents. The drive was very sucare the names at Chung ceuful, PLC'I donation being i the 'Ust and Chang H I Kim, both My special thanks QO to Jln Kimorea 3', P'U" yo.u' .OCl.l l 'fe �he.d :� $218.50. K . T heir arrival In our Alpha Sigma Lambda, Blue Key trom eve y h n. l.e, I f nece. y, cU I I and halls Ivy" was the culmination at " l for ling Iota .e Chi Delta vate a few frlendlhlps In the cia... tickets to the marionette pro. ot many tortunate twists or tate. ���:r�:ti;!:�n:�;7t!0���:O��d �: gram ; to the .tage crew for all In 1955 both of tbese young men h e t ror a Christian col· their work on the program, to I weree searching le��ub� Tas.els ushering, and to Mr. ��� ��t�:�io�t ;�sh�Pt�:e��he�� serve how seedy most vro- �� b:�Ofor n ��: :�: :e:��;- :� Ican Embassy Library In Seoul at fessors look and treat them accord. m t ge m : r Jngly; al ring ; to Mr. Mc Kewen the time and their search for a cal offe ' school was ended. · 5. 1M a k e yourseir comtortable a i n e :� � ! �!; :�: ::; � :: when· you 8tudy. It posB1 ble, draw 1s 1Il'teresting to note that the s ���� twoIt Klms e ; dt up an 6Uy by a window. not collaborate on collection at Monday night'. bas- their plans did 6. Have a tew friends handy durto come to America. ketball game. Without their aid, ing the study p6rlod 80 you can cha.t wasn't unUl they arrived on nothing would have been accom. tblsIt campu when the work becomes dull. s that they _becam" ac' Quatnted. Chun Jln, already a vet· 7. It you must 8tudy, try40 lump pllshed. Beverl Ben. n, chairman, a � it all 'together and., get It over with. eran or ODe semester, was on hand 1956 March of Dime. Drive to greet Chang HI, who will 'be The JIlO8t suitable time would be the 1&8t week of school. P.S.-Thank. to Bev for all her etarling his first semester shortly. Chang � bas spent the last few S. K"p your atudy. table Intereet· woriderfUl work..-the A8PLC. week s audJting classes to familiar· Ing. Place photo"raphe, magazine., I goldfllt(bowla, lIa�.. and �er examination and conflne,thla to try· lze himself with the language, and devt. aroun' d .you�whlle Ing to gueal what the teac,her will American educational methods. reatJonal Both students are receiving PLC a.k. atudylng .







11. Stay up all night before Im-. 9. Never interrupt your rea.d1ng by checldD4" on w h a t .,.. 0 � bave J)Ortant �ODII. Y o'u' C &'U -learned. RecitatJon 1.8 n o·t· ie r y ..pend the tint h&lf 0'-the e.yeillng

scholaishlps, and they 8J:pect to I8pend ·many years In school to prepare themselve8 tor the t u t u r e. I)I8ua.nt a.ny1Ir&y Blnce tt·Ih"'" up dlacUAinC )'Our dete�tJpD.· to {}hun Jin Is studying to enter the "bon"'� aDd the latter half .4rfDk1ng 'Oledlca1 protes8ion, and Chang HI ·your deflclencles. l 10. Review only tho nlght-·before eottee.-Qre. state Oa.Ily Barometer plans to enter the field of bueineu. •


reen Swanson, Duluth, Minnesota; Janet Towe, seattle; VIrgInia Wey· erts, Richmond; Margie WllkJns, Portland, Oregon. Arter completing two years or clinIcal trainIng at Emanuel, the t PLC III t i d , n �n:t-c�lnlcal �o� ::e ::::s::r work. After eight more weeks at advanced traIning, the girls grad· uated with a Bachelor of Science degree and. are QualIfied to apply ror the Registered Nurse's certlftcate. •A surprise going-away party was given ror the nurses by the sophomore girls of Old Main last week. All the students leaving were given mementos, a prayer written in gold EngUsh script on parchment paper. Cake and punch were served. Ruth Haugse, post president or Delta Iota Chi, 8P��k1ng tor the stug o s :��I�:';:;':S�, �,�8iJk�Pt::�� !:t e r r ��: ::n :� :�::��:�!��le:�� :� have made, 'but we are looking rorward to thIs new and challenging experience at the hospital. Wlll see you again In two years."








A banquet is also planned.



Dr. H. 1... Foss. presIdent of the PacIfic District, Evangelical Luther· an Church, will dedicate the nl!w College Union BuildJng Sunday att· ernoon, February 5, at 3 p.m. The public I. Invited to thl. ,vent, to be held in the new building. "


PLC's Choir at the Weat, under the dIrection or Protessor G. J, Malmin, will travel to Kent and Auburn, WashIngton, ror s e r v i c e s there, Sunday, Jan. 29.


The 'Mount Rainier Councll or Boy Scouts or America (for Explorer Scouts), will hold a "CIUzen Now" conrerence here Friday, Jan. and Otto T ·'n' ll,eld 'xechUUV" 'h, Io c I councl , WIU e ln • charge. Dr. Robert C. Olsen Is a rganizauo . :�:!�:� ���: :....

218: 0


Edith Dutton, senIor from Great Falls, Montana, became engaged to Jerry Prior of QuJncy, Wash., last Monday night. They plan to marry in ,December when JerT1 g&ts out ot th e service. Tuesday night another ring tound Ita way fA) -the correct finger. Dick Barnwell, trom Coeur d'Alene, Ida., not to be outdone by his rommate, "stoned" J8llIce Smeby ot Ab or tes. For the thIrd nJght in a row an0 t h e r couple W&8 engaged. BeY SvenJn«sen of BurUn,ILIDe, CaUL. became the betrothed og Deyrol AD.. derson, Eureta� Callt. TheM nra: juniors plab. to be wed in A..�

ac .

T hlMf Sundary After Epiphany Bible Study, 9:30. Worship 8ervlce, 11 :00. Cello 1010; 'Simple Aveu"-Fran. ce. Thom.. Janet Smith. Sermon:' 'What<' I. Thl. Thing Ca411ed Faith?' (Mati. 8:1.13). PO Book Exchange dpen. today Choir: 'Wake, Awake'�;8.lIaCh In Athe 1958 Student Dlrecto... P. Chrlatlan Lucky. director. Ie. willCUB: be on Nlo lOOn. /

Page Two


'l ite Mooring


Something To Say

� & " I

Who'. Who R!lviewing Stand .

Scholors Are Active, Too

PubHsbed every Friday during the school yea.r by the t n acif Ig "CONQUEST O F TIM E" ' . ' '. ' , Offl�e: St::::1 ��:: lC LU�e�::oC:� �:anlte 8611 e . "� j: year. . Subsc ription price-Ia.oo per year .. " Th::n�;���e�n�:.� ;t�:s been ' Phil cooperat In all �.ge te• : , ". EDITOR.... . WAIJI'ON BERTON ..'d, "between a high "hool 8enlo, c d t � G K -�J ' , . �;��::·nt�:n� a�; ;: cha1r�a: :c �1ffu��1�RS· �ro . .-.·.·.·.·i·(j"N"Eis··HAL·���� �E �s:k� �no�t:s c:l�::�iO���Sh�:�w::e,th�:: .� " He Counc)1. b this year's Inter-Clu SPORTS EIDITOR . . .. . . .FREDDY MILLER nly dlfrerence between a college BUSINESS MANAGER... . ..PAUL LUCKY (l co-operates In clan. achi8;vlng a " AD �N!" · ····........ .. .. ---. .--OOUO MANDT freshman and a senior Is that which . . , a Pa·· ' high grade point average. ge at t he r Basketball Is all r;t A s t ��d n during his has · he ba.s had � acquired student e � th cUlc Lutheran College eo, when you To prove hie humility, COp� :r.:FF ����-:··iiiioOK·B:··COLLEEN T��;� .�� nstitution the In on aca experience as a Janitor In Old Main. unani· D1. a Is It I me ion Who's Who, CIRCULATION MANAOER..............................................LOIS GUNDERSON �:v:�:e�� u .. n mous vote for Phil Nordquist. star :�:I::�: Pt�C�lr:::U���:; ;:� r R��.�� ������;S������;����· :::::�, J:¥� �:i�J��� The time that one spends at PLC le e . , . ' .' ���� �y;� �·�����c�I._H)!'�i_�!i;����:1"\ ���:_�m��:p��;::.�:�r�"'bl.:� :;.�;���'�=� :;��!�"' ... . : --: = -= � will be returnable to" him rater �n Phil, ;"ho �uld 'be . mistaken Cor Wome·o Students and aeeretary - of ·life. Spiritual, moral and ethical Abe Lincoln. In the dark lnyway, the · student body, One girl waa - - Ed,Otor:al blendlng of knowledge Is PLC, and 'has what It takes to make a Jood overheard aa,yIng, "The re&lOn I - ., for PLC, I returned from Humboldt player: length, sportsmanShip, co- go to chapel la to see what Thelma At long last, after many long months. the long semester IS . State College atter one semester. is going to wear." Thelma Is also an and humlllty. endm.g. Only one small detail (finals) n�mains. January 3 1 IS What a student may gain from operatlon. He has length-of activities. AI. active mem'ber of �ture Teachers the fast day of a new semester. Every student will begin new "depends In assets, these however. 'P St La da a .. M D ot ha gma mb , ram ualc AmerIca, and Lutheran Dau&h­ classes. face new challenges. and commence new activities. NOW Us entirety on the attitude and Festival, Lettermen's Ohorus, the ters of the Reformation. Tassels Is is the time [0 decide what those activities will be. fore81ght of the student." French Club, Blue one of her acbJevemem.. A major Toastmasters, When you enter PLC, you assume a responsi bili ty to en ter times You Itave heard this many K in elementary education, she baa a ey, and the Mooring Mast and support student affairs-theore tically, at least. Most students i el l :_ : : ::�:e :; 0 l ots of opportunity to GPA ot whtch to be proud. How He has had attend the athletic events and lyceum concerts. Some even pay � �;:n:: :d :.:: a have y atention to the student government. But how ma n y contribute worn crusader&-a n d w e l l y o u �::: �=r:"::·t�:a�:�p�n�a�:� :�: �o;!� :e�:� .un anything to the paper? mIght! for they are repeated orten At present tQere are about four dependable reIX'rters. two on enough about these Ivied halls. Peoth€ ad staff, two on the busines's and circul-ation staff, and four ple should stop teUtng us not to Cb ris t Died . . by Paul C. Lucky members in the editori�l . department. This could be improved sharpen our basketball aim by Le-greatly. but only by wtfli ng workers . It is not the intent of the ing a crack shot to a ref recepSo the soldiers came and brokE: the l egs of the first, and of the Mooring Mast staff to go out and draft workers . Only those who Ucle with a milk carton at 20 paces. other who had been crufided with Him ; but when they came- to see .their obligation and are willing to do a little extra for the People shouldn't tell us any longer Jesus and saw that He was already dead they did not break His school are wanted. that handles are put on cups to dls- legs. But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear. and at As it stands. there is too much work for anyone to do a cred­ courage ambldexterous coUee drlnk· once then came out blood and water. - John 1 9 : 32-34. itable job. Ke�ping up. the present trend is a struggle and improve · era - proving two hands, two el­ Last SunO"ay, while I was listen· 1 then come out feeling a t t l e ment but an l�eal. Wah a larger staff of willing and able work � bows, two forks on the table at one Ing to a recordIng of the Luther stronger and able to travel. WbJle ers, the Moonng Mast can become a paper of which we can be given time are unnecessary. Really, SemJnary Choir, I noticed that in 8earchlng for somethIng to clear proud. rather than just a habit to which it has degenerated in the chant of the Nlcene creed the the ·matter I noticed the phraae (Continued on page lour) past years. fact of Christ's death waa nat men- " . . According to the 8cr1ptures." A few students and some faculty have offered suggestions. tioned. This, of course, aroused my Now of couMie when one checks Others have made nasty remarks. Worthwhile offers of help are Poem Interest enough to check with the with the accounts of the Gospel one too few and far between. There have been no unsolicited articles, Lutheran Hymnary. There. too, the 1 will find rtbat He definitely died. by Roberta Blrkedahl no lerters to the editor or students. No student opinions or even death Is not mentioned. How can This to me still does not help the I perceived a scene of ghastly augur normal interest have been displayed. Lounging 'neath a barren tree. this be? To me rthe fact that Chrlet matter. A creed is supposed to be Maybe you don't have a mind of your own until it has been did DIE and that He rose from the a br1et summary of our faith. ThIs molde-d (or moulded) by others. Maybe you don't care where I saw a. man of hoary mean Sp e w rorth slander. I1ghtly weep DEAD hi ODe or the basic ·teachlnga Is one of our basic beliets. I teel your money is going. Maybe you don' t re.1lize the opportunity ot our faith. Here Is the euct that It should be included In our and you have neglected. Well. I do, and I feel sorry for those who Lightly bra.g and Ughtly show his Quote: ". . . And was crucified allO creed... All ot them. don't. for us under Pontius PIlate. He sutLack of that sweet Quallty fered and was burled; and the tbJrd 1;:=======:; WhIch he struggles to dIsplay. Due to t he fact that we will have semest" finals next day He rose again, according to the u.'eek. and that the new semester does not begin umil Janu� FRYE'S , Quallty?-Plety! Loud cymbals scriptures ; and ascended Into heav· ary 3 / . there will be no Mooring Mast until February / 0 . Timbrel, harp and voice strain en . . ," No word In there definJtely RECORD SHOPPE Good luck on your tests. and B"tates or Implies dea�. It Is con­ Largeat Selection of 45 r.p.m. II __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ � r St Record ceivable to the mInd thq,t one could L ei's Do It Again . . . by Valerie Hayes ��f�t::e ::�: :t�h�::�h�: are hang on a cross and then be Laken 12607 Pacific Ave. . Parkland just It for orld! bought the had I deaf. Have you ever made a snap-judg· , wsak e of buying It and there It sat, down alive. One can recall that He was taken down early because thE'cY ment? I must admit I have and did. I! neglected: a museum piece. A spard: DONUT BAR did not want IDm there on tbe SRbTHAN X To tell you the truth I made suC'h l of courage caught me. I found a bath. One can also recall 'the fact DInners - Short Order. t an error on Friday las . An error tor : knlfe. three to be exact', and a �ter The �oorlng Mast wishes to ex· that He was burled in a cave-like Vlalt Our HOBNOB Room which I mean to make amends. , mucb. debating on w h I e h should I tend a round of applause to Dorothy tomb rather a grave. It Is also The Best in Donuts Hearing that Dr. Pflueger was go. : strike the savage blow, I cut the Johnson In recognition of her falth­ possible thatthan one could remain In = : o: pe : = " ,,,, = m : .: 7: ing to gIve a lecture and show some cake. I counted three, said a sHent ful service to your school paper : 0 : t : O : ''3 8': OO = � ::; or the many slides he took this I, prayer and then took a bite. Believe throughout the past year and a halt. suc� a place for three days :lnd := summer-also that there was to be me when I ·say I was surprised. Far' After much hard work here with l a cake auction. Paying IItt.le atten· it was good! Not just plain com.:n.on the staff, she wlll leave next semes· C over Creek Servic:e Mrs. White's Sewing tion to the latter, I decided to go. good! But wholesome and delicious- ter for Emanuel Hospital at Port· Clover Creek TEXACO Service "Let Me Solve Your Sewing to continue her nursing career. Friendly, Dependable Ser'l(lce Well, I went. There In front of Iy good! It was indeed worth eat. land Problem.I'· Dorothy b e c a m e interested In TIRES AN D BATTERIES me stood , a table plastered with Ing. At once I took back all my pre-- journaUsm at Roosevelt High in Se-EAST OF GARFIELD VARIETY SHO P SERVICE cakes-aU manner of cakes; True. vious thoughts! .... When she arrlved at PLC she they were attractive-1m the out- I would therefore lIke to take this aHle. was immediately placed as ass1st­ side-but {bat did not prove a thing. opportunity not only to thank the ant editor and has worked long and At least it was one way to make futUre cooks of PLC. but to praIse well in her position. She was also PART OF YOUR some money; orIgtnal at that! Th&n them on theIr work of art. their treasurer ot Delta Iota CbJ and a all too soon the bitter truth dawr.ed masterpieces, to say the least. Also member PRESENT AND FUTURE of the Ski Club. Oood luck on me. Like a stab of Indigestion, 1 I would dare to say, "Let's do it at Emanuel, Dorothy (alias Maggie awakened. The Blue Key had again" (-the lecture-Dr. Pfiueger Glockensplel) ! Lutheran Mutual appreciates made theae I W�th the sole help of and some more of bJs 700 slides and. the opportttnity of supplying your ·Mrs. Nicholson, their protege, tJ::(ey ot course-the cakes). And In the ,free textbook cover'!- Through ----, Whe n You Want Booq q � experiment. to . le alone words of o uni ue presIdent we !had 'been tt them. w. play a small part In I shuddered at the thought. The must "pull ill Olll' resources" first C. Fred Christensen your today. �!"enJng pa.ssed very pleasanUy aDd On bebalt of those who sampled the Bookse ller and 8tatloner Our company can plqy a large when it was all over I went my wares, I woufd like to t.hank the N2 Pacific Ave. QR. 4_ role in your tomorrow with a weal'J way back to Old 'HaJ.n. carrr· Bltle Key for letting � haTe our T al;Oma, Walk. life insuranc. plan design" ... s nd t lt too .-cially· fo, you, security and t -----, 1:============:1 .. .::�=� '-7::... :...::::. =.... cak ::d:::;�� ='t��� �d�: r happiness. bargalD. I contemplated. hIlt .t Laurino!'. Apparel STELLA'S FLOWERS least the money had gone to a good "WE FEATURE THE FJNEST" Flowe,.. for A l l Occ . lon. . .. Laurlnat ::�!!:;P;�:n!:e":a c;:�� 409 GarfiZelm GR. 7463 eld 8t. GRanito iS17 12173 Pacific Ave. on 'my desk sometime later. (Foot of Garfield) W. D.'I.o. ._ ._ alone and forsaken. C r u e cruel, L..______ .�_ P_ '._ "_ d. _ W ._ h. --I '---_---__ __ __ _ __ ..J . .

.......... .................................. ................

... _......


. .. .. .. ._ .._ .. .

.... _. �.--'_ _

..._ ....



.. . •













__ __ __ __ __ __ __

__ __ __ __

_ __ __ __




_ _ _ _ _ _ _




__ __

__ __


Missionaries Top Intram ural Le�gue


Test week and the Unt week of

the new semester

\\lith a forced rest b�ing incurred by test week, the 1 7 intra mural bas ketball [ea rns W i ll get back in action t he week of Jan. 30.

. .The ":\

paper, hen ee, no report on games

pla.yed during that time un UI tbe

I vy Ha � l Missio�aries still are undefeated and top the 10th

rk an



r m ,

��: !� ::: �:��:� : ! : :�7e e.:�





Eaatern. Whitworth, University of

Brltish Columbla,

WeB te r n

hoopsters on the home cour

L get ' out of the 'B' League cellar The first of theBe pmes will be nlght stand against Eae tern, seconda, with the MJaslon- when they met the Campus a tw � Trotaries do n by two points. AI Tw1dt ters. The Trotters, led by Dave January 27 and 281 As ot now, Eastpili in a field goal to tie \If\ the. iJ(.t'\Iltotn.... ........ r:.a. '" �� �\� g.Il;U'1;>,. It<



game w'as close all the way. In the




ot February, Tlils (woo-week

gap will see the mighty Lutea meet

league standmgs . bU,t It ook the clutch shooting of AI Twidt � . and Ned Munson to rn3tntalO that perfe't record. Tuesday night e d Eas II s lO ' arl d e n h h

�: � � : :� � :

be wltbout a




game. Bout"!'eams played. deliberate I �t �8 bl\11 during the three-minute over· tor the



I "�!fo4P.. BIV'.Q!'-rt



Page Three


Friday. January :zo. 1958

Lutes To Face Eastern Twice

Split with · CWCE Is Firlt CODfereDce LOll

After thelf first conference toss to Central on Saturday night. the Pacific Lutheran College Gladiators turned the tables on the Wildcats Monday by an 8 4-6 1 margin. The Lutes proved to everyone that they are tough to beat on their own home floor, The win put them on top of the Evergreen Conference with a 6� I rec­ ord, Eastern moved into second place with a 7 1 -5 9 victory over Western Washington and Whitworth moved into third with a 6 8-58 w in over University of British Columbia. -64i1il-Ay:'f J' \'" ';J: ,, - r . . 0 \ ' . � • �de··.a... 'l.tQfa mrt1td in' rlsm wner!'



points and Jon Ericson 1 2 �n Conference, trailing the GladThe WJldca.ts trom Central Wash- they 18ft ott In the tInt halt, an� tlltors by two games. The Lutes wiU Ington proved too much tor the betore the end of the third quarter Faculty. r time period allhqugh botb..,.outfits have the advantage of their home Hou.holder High Scorer Lutes as they ,handed the G1adla- It wasn't .. lJall nme. We hear that ·missed several chances to s o n d Tacoma spUhid North Hall ( 3) In court and with the spirit and drive tors their first conference loss, 6i Central'a bench was depleted somethemselves ahead. With 15 seconds an 'A' League game' Monday, 57-32. exhibIted up to this time . "hould to 65, ,Saturday n1ght at Ellensburg. what as they left one of their mem. Eastern's 11m Jacobson Most of Tacoma's pOints came on surely emerge victorious onr the A tew minutes before remaining, the half the bers downtown, following a fracu pllt up a shot that missed.. Munson fast breaks. Richard Ambuehl and Savages, score stood at 81-a.ll, but then Cen- at the hotel.



grabbed the ball and ·put In a long Jerry Redburg hit In the double flgThe WhJtworth Pirates will trav- tra.l hit Beven lItraJ,ht points and aet shot as the tlnal horn sounded, ures for Tacoma, but Tom Hous- el to Parkland to meet the Glads lett the tloor at haltume with a to give the �S810narle8 the victory. holder topped the Individual scoring January SO In a conference tilt. This 38-31 lead, Jacobson t o p p e d the individual with 16. will be the first tangle of the season In the flrat 15 minutea of the secs eoring "1th 19 points, and Roger In the ' ' League, the Cotton between the Lutes and Whitworth ond halt the Wildcats scored 25 Servo·old led the 'Misalonariea with Pickers beat the Campus Trottera, and ehould pro.-e a g0f'4 game. The points and the Lutes 7, 'What did lS. He hit 11 foul shots whUe mise· 26-21. The Vtllalns took ·the measure Pirates are third In the conference their coach tell them at haltumeT Jog none (before he fouled out). of Western Parkland, 58-44. For the with theIr win over UBC Monday, The Lutes were behind by 25 pOinte Eastern's 108S put them In a tie winners Bruce Casperson hit 25 and January 16. at tbls time and never could get with Tacoma tor second place. Jim Gardner got 20 pOints. In anFebruary 3 and 4 wlll bring a two close again. Tacoma, DeJardlneti Wi n 'B' game scheduled tor Mon- game seriea with the University of The Wildcats were red hot, hltIn other 'A' League games played. , the Clover Loven forfeited to BriUsh Columbia visiting the Lutes ting 29 out of 60 shots ror 4.8%, Tuesday, T a c o m & oul8cored the Eastern Parkland (B). here at the college. The Thunder- Roger Iverson was high for the LuOmegas, 52-42. Larry Lane led DeThe two lea gues are set · up so birds have a 2 win, "' 1088 record therans with 16 points, followed by Jardines to a 4.0-34 victory over af ter the flrat rOu nd, the top and wlll be out to avenge their re- Chuck Curtis with 16, LltUe Don


Clover Creek Hall. Bob Bills put in


for the

losers. North Hall

luroed on their friends from higher


North Hall




poiots for the winners.

Villain. Garner Victory

10 'B' League games Tuesday the






found Johnson Annex an easy


get. winning 56-11. Berentsen, Ca.e-

person, Gardner, and :Menick all hit




Into the 'A' league and the

bottom tea In the 'A' league will

them 56-38. The turning poInt in the

game was when Bob Ward fauled out leaving the third floor men with only four players. AI Twidt hit 22

. . . . ..

teams In the


. .


._ .._.

. . .... .

... ..... .....

North Hall (3) ..._ Omegas

.._ .


Clover Creek ...

"a" League





RECORDS Magnavox Headquarte,..

BR. 3211


Villains .. -............ Clover Lovera




1121-23 Broadway

Eastern Parkland



1 1

Faculty .



PleIl'ly ot good fast ball, with the



by !venon, NordquIst, and

1 11.

Hoover wIth

The Lutes


and Sinderson with


plenty of scor1l1S

as they hit 32 out of


shots for .

average, Roger B r a n l n e r


looked good for the Wlldcata as scored



polnta, but Roger lver80n

looked even better


he held Cen-

Meyers led the Central attack with tra.l's high scoring guard, Don Me,.

with 17 and Bill Coordes with 14.



In the preliminary game the PLC


Stop in at . VERN'S


the early minutes ot the game

laat Monday nJght. Central ran


quick 15

to 10


lead and It looked

for a DELUXE HAMBURGER Old Fashion FI.h and Chlpe Home--baked Plu and o.k.. Full Fountain Service N I NTH & PACIFIC, TACO� A

real sad n1ght for the Lutes, be played whUe atu- Then the roof fell 1n on the Wild· (lntelllgenUy. we cats as all tlve starters began to hope) through exama and a week hit and they left the Uoor at half­ ference,

dents a t


�mb I e

This weekend sees the Lutes idle,

2 but other games being played In-

1 elude:

Friday night:




Garfield Street

Saturday nlte:




Bar-B-Q Burgers 35c Short Ordera -

Di n ner.


Motor Tune-up - Brake Service

8 : 00 a,m. to '1 p.m. Week Da.y. Sunday : g:OO a.m. to 10:00 p.m.




· ·


Home-made Pies

GR. 990$6



Va know.


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GR. 3040


Bill, I u�ed to think life in-

surance 'was just for older guys

Parkland, Wa.h.



I've sure changed my mindl I've already 0








How abou, you? Wont full Just writ. UJ.

Fast. Economical Printing and Lithography

GR�nite 7100

Located at IGA Foodtown 112th and Park Ave.



A Complete Modern Printing Plant in Tacoma's Fastest Growing Community



Milk Shakes 129th & Pacific




2 UBC vs, WWCE.

P R I NTE RS, I nc.

1 1 8.02 Po�ific Aven ue





1 of getting ,eady for the next aemestime with a 37-27 lead,




now and will surely be determJned an abrupt end.

1 ter.

���� SHOP

H eating Equlp_ment

season by





..... 1




4. L


....-... 2



Enjoy That "PLUS" Service . MARV TOMM ERVIK'S





C(lltrth quarter wit1l 21 points, tol­

19 pointa followed by Tom Oxwang ers, down to only

4 results ebaplng the Evergreen Conlike a

Johnson Annex .. ..... ...... ._... 2

Western Parkland

3-IN-l TO BmER SERVE YOU . Standard Heating 011. Heating Service


... -


the cellar as ot Monday, Jan.

the same a real game Ia on hand,

.. ...... 0



trouble stopping Weatern, but just

i o two digits Cor the Villains. The Colton Pickera .... .. .. _.._.._. 2

faculty, even with the addJUon ot Ca.mpus Trotte;s



will move to the Lutea' War Palace Cen � played a good defensive Jayvees remaJned undefeated In February &th for a conference game. game, forclng the Lutu to hurry City League play u they downed

..... 2 ._



quIaL Curtis lef't the game

1 to win. The Lutes should 'have no Monday:


.. 2

North Hall (2) .. . .. ........ ......


In grabbing

bounds. The old mark ot 20 was set

their shots. This brought the Lu- the AII·Stars, 62-54. Larry Eggan Western has nothing to show but 0 conference losses this S8&son up to therans' 9-game winning streak to was high scorer with 21 po1Dta.


.......... 4.

Eastern Parkland DeJardlnes

_.. _ .

cent losa to the Glads.

Freshman Chuck Curtis set .. new­

school record







L IN INSU ....NCE fOl LUTHERANS CARL f. GRAN IUD, P,.tident Minneapoll. 2. Minn.. 608 �ond Ave. South

312 N. 85th Street, Seattle, Wash.

EINAR BOTTEN, General Age�t .



U. S POSTAGE Bulk Mailing



Permit No. 5 1

we have heard this so orten. It Is becomlD�


MAIH Or:J:ICli K STA�n -









Life of Christ Lite of Christ

the tuture holders and bearers of the fragile glas8 limbble that Is the


�5 tIltB

dream of all the world. We are the �c�tlJ�sJ th�; (\d� c_���� st. ' ;' . ta.te�; 1l1en, Uie al' ,


the businessmen,


the ' respected

Dot suffer us to be tempted beyond that 'Yh1ch we are able,



History Christian Church Sh.....

History Chrlsthln ehurch Sc... ....

. .,. ,• •





. •

• :,-.!, L. .•• �..... H '

7..: SO-First period classes meetiJ;lg T.Th., T.F.; T.Th.F., DaUy

. .

1 : 3 o--Frtshman Composition I-all sections:

Sa, Sh, Sc,

Se, Sg

Sk, 81,

Sm..._ Sp ..

Sn . S1, SJ, Sq . Sh, So . Sd,

all that sort of thJng?




1 0 : 3O-Thlrd period classes meeting T.Th., T.Th.F., M..T.W.Th.

Somehow we will become adults­

Short Orders - Dinner.

. ......... L-I04

Introduction to Old Testament Sc .... ... _ .. ...1,104

.... .Ms.YI.'l'h :! �_� . �,f·ro


you know, "boys wUl be boys," and



. ........ 8-108

1 : 3o---seventh period cla{!lses mf¥lUng )l.W.F.. M.T.Tb., M.W..

• •'1

all work out alrIght



.... eMS·B

. ....... CB·200

Sa. Sd...

10: 30-Introduction to Old Testament Sa... . . . .09·200 . Introduction to Old Testament Sh... .. ......... $-108

us a way of escape . . . Somehow



-Be... . Sd... . .

History ChrSetian Cburch

rfere d

sUtution ot higher learning. We are

.. .......... OMS·B OMS·R

Sa..... _...

Life of Christ Sh.. .

through the curriculum of Borne in­

"We Give Service and Sell Quality" 121.t and Pacific Avonue Phone GRanite 3171

nOUAl 011'0111 '''lu''''CI COI..o1tA110" • nDIUl "IUVI " "'"

7: 50-Life of Chnst

of the 4% Intelllgencis of the Unlt­

linoleum · T i l e · Formica - Cabinet• . Paint - Plumbing - Roofing Electric · Venetian Blind• . Window Shade. WE INSTALL


·home--we are f' becoming a part



All examinations will be held I n regularly scheduled cia • rooma, with the exception of Freahman C�mpo.ltlon 1, and Religion 1, 2 and 13.

appeals to UB. We are no lODger at


� ... .. ... _


:rhe use of such old stuff no longer

Phone HA. 3312



Gentlemen or dIstinction! Please do

FREE PlCK·UP and DELIVERY SERVICE Parkland and Vicinity *

mediocre !

think of a new glmlek . . . entertain


Open a Savings Account NO W


sophJes . . . that's It, try psychology!


Thrift is Part of Your Education


(Continued from page two)

us with new methods, Ideas, phllo­

'::=--Ir: =����Aiiiii;::;:;::;:;:�::;:;:;:;:;:::;:� F AS H I O N dUnes in time CLEANERS will grow into 3820 Soutfl Yakima WA8H.

Conquest of Time

.. . . .

. .... .OMS-B

. ._



.. ........L-I04

.. ..CB-200 . ..OMS-127


.._ ...._.

. .. ........._.....



7 : So-Flrst penod classes meeting M.W.F., M.W., M.'r:W.Th., Dally.

I O : 30-Second penod classes meeting T,Th., T.Th.F., W.F. I : 30---Fourtb period classes meeting T.Th., T.Th.F., M.T.W. 3 : 30-Flrth period classes meeting M.W., M.W.F.


7 : 50-Second penod classes m e e t i n g M.W.F., M.T.Th.F., J\.I.T.W.F. M.W.Th.F., M.T.Th. , M .T.W.Th·, M,W',Dally

10 : 30 -Thlrd period classes meeting M.W.,



M.T.W.Th., W.F. 1 : 3O-Slxth period classes meetlng T.Th., T.Th.F. 3: 30-EigbJh period classes.

FRfDAY, JANUARY 27: 7 : 50-Fourth



meeting M.W., M.W.F., W.F.,

M.T.Th., M.T.W.F., M.T.W.Th., M.T.Th.F., Dally l O : 30-Slxth period classes meeting M.W., M.W.F., M.T.Th., . W.F., M.W.Th., Daily. I : 30-Seventh

period classes


meetlng T.Th.,



T.F., .

E)(amlnatlons for all special cluaea will be given during the regu­ lar clau time during examination week.


SKIRTS Sizes 10

Reg. PriCe $ 5.95

to 20

Sale Price


$ 6.95 $ 7.95 $ 8.95 $10.95 $ 1 2 .95 & $ 1 4 . 9 5 NAME


$3.95 $4.95 ...... $5.95 $6.95 $7.95 ... $9.95


Reg. Price $3.98 $4.98



$5.98 & $6.98 .. .


$9.98 & $ 1 0 . 9 8


to 20



Sale Price


$3.98 $4.98 $6.98



to 24';'



it with



1311t and Paclflo Aven".

. GRanite






"Take a look at yourself'" PARKLAND CENTER

PHONE GR. 4300



1 1 2tf1 (Airport Road ) and Park' Avenue


�'� AP�AR(L


Pho1\i! MA. 4861

.......... $7.98

REDUCED 25% To 40%

Cut out thi. ad and bring




Sizea 5 to 15




COMPLm SHOPJlING CENTERMakings for Sunday Night Suppers





5:30 .,.m. DaUy (Except Sunday)

9- 1 1 week days, 1 0-9 Sundays


IndepeIIcIHtIY 0wiIed. cIiid Operated .1

Spiritual Emphasis 'Veek Starts ' Sund�y

� . (jA 74e . . :;:�.l���===,�� , �OLUME





� lit there was ' go i ng t� "A year ago ·today. we had no idea d be such� a thing as [ e College Un.ion B.uilding." T.mse were t�e , .wo�ds ?f Dr. Eas[vold at the ded.lcau.on of the_. new CUB. ThiS . 'dedlcatlOn was not only the- blessmg of a budding, but a thanks


FRIDAY, FEBRU�RY 10, 1.956



.natlona) drama.ties organ!zallon on campus, Is..., agaln 'promoting this con:est. The date ror (be event 1'8 _ February 18. w i t h s e v e n hl8'h

E� hasi: W�e� �h��b ��[� S�nda a�:��n�inu�� Thu �sday evening. The speaker will ce� ter his messa e& the' general theme: ."Wanted! Cross-Inspired Student:."

Dr. 0s



C H n




·to God for ·the great work pu.t fortb Dr. Hanson's key text will be by Dr. Eaetvold In making &uch a tor of Luther Memorial Chureh; the Bethel. Franklin Pleree. �yal1up. Galatians 6: H--" Far be It from me . Choir of -the West,�nder the dlrec- Rooseve)t of Seattle. Soutll Kltsap, . � lI um. an� Toledo. OroU'lld was broken for the new ,Uon of Gunnar � Malm!n, sang Sta:

building possible.


..... rt· · and "Advent Motet." b.y Schreck. Preus, execuUve secreta'", de � Union. on May 6, 1955. by Dr.

C. K. " Our



schools being represented. They are


In hJs address• Dr� Foss said that · . Under tbe able leaderahlp of the the new bulld}ng had not only the Northern Construction Company. greateS't funcUonaLuse, but also bad great splrUual use, that of bring. general con.tractors. the - work of

m,ent of Chri&tJan education, ELC.


raising the building was started.


1ng . groups of people together in U The greater part of ,the bulldtng Chrlls an tellowshlp. . was completed to the point of beThe el06Jng prayer and benedlc·





Lf r.a r.y Recelves G ran t· O' f 54 . 'Grea t Boo kS· ' ·

Ing uaed by September. On October tion were 13ald by tlhe Rev. Carl R. set of "Great Books 13. 1965. the cornerstone wa."9 layed. Rydell, pastor of FIrst Lutheran World," as a glU f under the 'hand of Dr. Orville Dabl. Chureh, Tacoma. Ion Foundation. T


De lta Iota




ti ut








Boy Scouts Offer . : Job Opporlu I'tre .

:::: � :;: :: �:�� : �:�Z:�:

fellowship and eenlce and t. 'help

. n I S,

th"'!' devel.p an underotandlng .f , patient s spIritual needs. '

�e -

The Boy Scouts of America' It· Ie-expected that a ohapter of Interested In employing twelve j young men In the paClClc NO"hWe&t the Guild will be o,rga.nlzed dur ng tbe meeting. The members ot Delta who see the cb&lIeng�.of .youth' . leada eS Iota Chi wtll be h06tesses Ho·t the · ' enb1p' e amon g .the,great t needs . meeting. of today.A ·lItetime of wol"tby service 15 g


� Boy Scouts of America. It you feel

peace and .lnderlJtandlng U.. with youth and that <the development of thai. ilie long·ran,_ bope ot world


Ing at 7 'o'clock eaoh night. His themes follow :



Scout E;xecutive Include: (-1) Ase: . up to S5 )'eara. (2) Education:


lege degree or Its equivalent. (3) ScotrUng

experience :


· ltr, or both. La needed. (4:) Health: CandIda.tes must have good 'health

experJeace as a Scout or -Scout lead·





1. members







'Rainier Council,

.the'" National lkty Scout \lon-w-tIl - 5it ln Tacoma &


later-n ... Boy !!§outo of Ameriea may be nacIIOd • �et �111l, · :



Psi Omep. intUIted seven new of ceremonies, kltroduced the gueet Berg and an original play presented


·the 'Mlnneapo-u., sochool. of the group was 'ncludl:ng


Handel's overture to

tiateB �ere : Deyrol Anderson, Rod .Buehore. Patricia Bondurant. Rod by the lAlpha 1nltiate9. The inland Erie Nordbolm.

Nen'. MUDltOn. Wa.yne


, Rozsa'e Trtumpti&l !larch 'V adIS," openms Dum· the 'Iatter halt · ot. the pro­


sUrred; die a.udIence, and. aet m004 (or . eeriett of' bom�c



. ····==.:: h�i�w;:.lo ....... . .


In four years, Director Mayo Sa� void &S produced a verea.tile c�n.

'''''_�wu speaker of ·the evening, M 0 r r i s

9�uUp.g Her,bert R. West, Scout Eleeu­

nounc"a ;that

one or the .foremoet Bible

1 1 : 00 Solo: "The Twenty-third Paalm" Carolyn Anderson Sermon: Marked by a Cro .. Cholr: "O Bread"'of Life"

'ter with. favorable pef'89D&lIdes' and b Interested in a career ' t servlee in

. tlve ot the Mt.

Is known ,throughout the


and be tit phxslcaHy. ,(6) aeneraJ:· - "(�ndld&tes moit be of 'good cbanlc­


or the EvangeJ.tcal Lutheran

Student Con



staff of the DivIsion of EvaDge-

Dr. Hanson. who Is a memJ)er of

1 .-..= ..:..; ==;,..:;= ; =...:..::; :. ::...'-. .;;

leade1'9htp. the Boy Scouts of Amer- -sllon. NaUonaJ MU8le Sorority. AI- welcome. Tom 8�ndland. master with a dramatic reading by M:yrna Required QualificatIons for Boy


i_ .n __"'Uh,,,

or today is wort!b your matic -Honorary. 'and .M"If Phi � tenor T. O. H. J:ta.rl extended the School.

lea would �ke to !hear trom you.

p.m.-"How Should One Plan lor



sound character, tood eJoti:lenah.1p, was an Important night t.or both "Luigi's" reBtaurant. A f t e r t h e Hendrickson, a. former PLCite now and 'p'hysical fitness 'n th� Uves of .Alpha Psi Omega. National Dra- 'blessing bY Dr. S. ElIlstvold. Pro- teachJng d�a at Puyallup High the






' k

nlng at 7 p,m. He will give the Thursday--

· ' M U Ph', EP$�·'on Rece,ves Four More M us,c,ans ednesday


Chapel talk Monday through Thurs- a.m .--"Is It Just Ordinary?" day and speak at the evening meet· p.m.--"Wbrat - About ·My Future ?"

�; �: !�:.:�:� ::..::��.��� Alpha Psi Omega Initiates Seven New, Pledges; a






' I I be . th

the Student Congregation wor· p.m.--"Am I Wea'J;'lng the Robe of Sunday 81t 11 a.m. and that eveChrlst?" -

by a. Cross!" of ,libe We1Jtern o m the Domin- p.m.-"Wbat A·m I Doing with My Sins?" ere were 16()()

30.000 different school IIDr. Oscar Ha.nson the speaker Ing was February 6. 1956, the day brarles were contacted. h In w ich the building and all that for Spiritual Elmphasi'8 Week, will There are s.t volumes �n the set, fa withln the walls were given to address nurses of the Gfea.ter Taco- Including the unique Idea-Index, the rna area Wednesday. February 13, . God tor 'Hls service. Synopticon. Mr. Haley says, "The I The dedlcaof.Jon servIce was held at a dinner meeting to be held n Synopt�eon Is .a Jewel for anyone In the dining room with a.bout 250 the email dining room of the College -studying phllQ,80phy. theology. so­ people preeent, The p'rogram watJ Union BuIlding. clology. · «?r. doing reeeareh work." opened w I.t-'h: t.h 8. hymn, "Come. Of vtta) interest to the speaker ." Th!; complet� r,or.J.t �as prOduced K.tng.;"� The ·scnp.J'Ii the- work of the Luther. ! T'hou Alml,ht y by , -t� EncYCloj)edto BrJttaniea lit" ture .nd ·the �nl� prayera wez:e an Nurses Guild, and be wUl bring collaboratlo.n.. with . Ule University _ a message which sbouId chaIIeDge read by the "Re . . J: ,.Molte . . r, ot Chicago. The Aineriean .Llbrary y u � Z Association Is doing the dlstt:ibuth o a ing' main" purpose or the Guild Is to (ContinUed on. 2. col. 3) . unite l..utheran nurses tn Christian though


The visiting evangelist w1ll speak a.m,-"A.m I Quiet Before God?"

Our library has just received a

� �:� ��: � ;: ���:�� ;,:�:. :::





, ,

;/ .


'I he Mooring Mast

Page Two

Friday, February


Cadet: TeBchers Lflarn h, Doing

10, 1968

Who�s Who Rey.i.wing Stand

Annual Editor, Ta$S�ls Prexy Honored

<:omlder 'her way!J. and be wise." Provo 6: 6. AJllhouA'.h El .....ood Relke Is much Interested- In bugs. he cer· I hafJ not turned In'to an ant, but he does possess some of the characteristics for which the picnic raiders are famoue-1ndustry, effl· clency and cOOperation.

by BeY Svenlng.en Education to most, Ql ue on cam· pus Is a process where we 'are the Otf(ce : Student Unlo,," Telephone GRAnite 8611 , reCipients of the knowledge of oillr Subscription Prlce-S'3.00 per yea -'_ --' ""':' -'-__ en. But to ·the lenlors In the Edu� ;;;: =�....-:N cation Department, the ..... _._ .. ..W EDITOR. _ . _ . .. .. . . N BBRTO process Is seen', through experl. ;g· .:A;O·N"E. .. ·�.... I r o a I . ...... . .� . ...... . . ...� ct l AD' ,K:&N'AGI!lR... .. ... ...._...•._... • . .. _ • . • _ . • .• . .._.-OOUO MANDT student the -cade for teachen or t d . thIs area. In schools � � �it � ·T iLLE c( . CIRCULATION' MANAGER......... .. .. ........._ . _ _. LOIS GUNDERSON . OIrculatJon Erickson. Barbara PatU n.nn C6ro\ Pubuihed every FrJday <hiring the school year by the ,' : "�tudent8 0) P�clflc Lutheran College .

_ ==��:::::-: .: _ . ._ . ..._. . ._ ALTO .= ._................___...._.--: .._

��:.. Hii�O�= =U�����TOR.S·:::.-:: :��=��'ioER:.: �:.. .... . . . . _ . .. . .... �...��f� �� ::ec;' �; : �:: � ;:: !:C �; :� .. . _ ... . .._.._.....:._ __ � � liERif� co�IJ�:�_�_�.:���·BROOKS : ..:. . .E� ..... ... ..

Elwood Is at present busily in· volved In the industry of publishing annual. This 'is practically a full t1me job. and one full of res pons!· biUty.l' since tt Is 'qulte Important to all Lutes to s·ee their plotures in . I�te-r:ests range

(Linne Society) . He of subject :Qlaterial. one of ' (.he ma.ny . fine lnlramurel 'Spor:UJ, BlUe Kef, have contri� few weeks the cadet db- women at PLC who been Mental Health Drive chair· 'much ,to this campus. She baa attributes of a. kOOd Chr}stian man, on .the Honor Roll• .And on tne On February !4. 1 9 56. a great thing took place, a tbing that sincerity, lead)f8Ibl� Intel· Moortng, Mal!lt 8taft. most of our student body knew nothing abou.!. A man was honand wUllngness to work. ored. not just because of his n'ame, but of the great things he Ma\ldle bas neid many leadership has done. positions. She president of Tas· president of the Parish Work· and efficiency. for usua}l)," people The program went something like this: -There were a few school level ers' C I u b, .secretary-treasurer of entrust their money to someone people who talked and got a great deal of thanks for their words. Inlly leeson plans are made by KRK. and treasurer of the student know wHi cooperate with their there was some speCial musIc that th� people liked . and then there each student for his class, This , �ere other thIngs done that meant little Then there "arne a part cludes the presentation of material congregation alms and use It wisely I In the line of Intelligence, abe ' m the program that had been planned for many days, 10 fact and evaluation of the cla-8s In term!! -by Pat Rankin -----;----, won school wide recognlUod by r �any months. A man got up and said somethIng to thiS effect, of teacher and pupil accompllshb e l n g the only girl present at We are very proud that tomght we come to honor a great man. men s t --aurtnat s AppareI ' b ' PLC to get a two year letter In a man that we 0111 love very much, not only for what he has dom Eac� student teacher works on Greek. Knowing the terribleness of "WE FEATURE THE FIN EST" for thiS school 10 the past 36 years, but"fur the great love he has the elem ntary and secondary Greek, thIs }.s alone enough Zelma Laurlnat to wIn shown to all that have come 10 contact with him." A paper was both � . level, with maJor college concentra- her, esteem. . read, there was a great deal of applause and then the Dean of our ,409 Garl I�e 5317 � �� Uon used for c I � s s presentation. All the committees and clubs that .1 college got up. and walked to the speaker's stand. . d. w � k The fiudent who parUclpat�s In .Maqdle worked on prove her He did not s'ay too much, in fact what he did say is not im- t ws program finds It well worth the willingness to work. AlflO In the TO- r portant. Th�re is only one thing that really hit home. After he 1 time and effort expended In terma mantic whIrl ahe has not taken a STELLAIS FLQWE�S had said a few wor;ds. he said. "There is only one thing that I of actual experience and personal back seat. She Js engaged to a stu. ! cab say." There was a long wait. and then he said from the bo[ Flow.ere for A ll Occ .lon. growth In th educational world. dent at Luther. Seminary In St. P�ul � tom of his ,mar[, "God bless all of you," 'and with all tbe emoT u n hIS. be married In the not-. a S 12173 PacIfic AYe. GR. 7483 �: � : :� : : � �� [ions that are in a man he sat-down. � ::a !� : �; n J ll ( l f f t e. , (Foot of GarlieJd) We Deliver I - It is·-now· time-for all the students on' this- campus· to know "Go lO t.:: h t h:. ug e a d a g O :: n ...: � t ._ � ::: .:: U_ :: 9\: � :: ::.: '::.: --': ' = just what happened. A great man 'Vas' honored _by the alums of = = = = = = = = = = � _

A LeHer to · the Edit:or





PLC. It is now time ' for us who are here to honor him. Let us stop and have a look at the whole matter. He is not only the Dean of the collei-e, but he is also a great counselor, will listen to any­ tbrng that a person might bring to him. and will try with all his . hean to give an answer that will"be of .$ome help. in some respects the "father'� of u's all at college. It is he who will tell you right to your face that college is not tbe place for you, ·or that you will not be able to do so m-uch outside work. and spend more time at the books. or will tell you with a smile on his face, "You . are doing much better. Keep it up." Dean Hauge. you are a God-send; not only to this college and to her stu'pents, but to the whole world of Christian Higber Edu­ cation: You-have··oon-here a long 4ime,� but yet you areo not old · stuff. yeu are young in-. your icteas Qf just· how a col1ege· should be run in,the lines of learning. ..' ,God bless you in all the days you remain with us, in any of­ fic� you hold. We love you 'and respect your ideas of college life and cottege learning. It is a blessing to sit at your feet tlot only as an educator but as a great man of. our God. God bless you, Dean Hauge. -ALDEN McKECfiNEY



Stu. dent

o n Exh ;b,it pamhngs . .

by Donna Swtn�n U's about,. time!. Student art, a phase of oampus euHu-re too otten neglected, .ts' now being brought to

the attention ot . the student body ,Ilhrough cUsplaY'S tn otlle new CUB. Previously, the only opportunity to view such works was at the annual



study In blUes and greens of turn ot the centu� butldlngs. The main empbasls ot Jeannlne Spencer's work i8 on desIgn rather than a pictorial representation of the subject matter. A flE"nslUve portrait of & �n In p a l n t e d by M;yrnaLNodtvedt 'browns. yellows, and greens Is the next ' canvas dJsplayed. ' A painting knIte was to create

exhibit In February. . The current" dIsplay of canvases were doz;e by first semeet�r students of. oll painting. One may find them located tn' the collee shop. emtlll dining room. and lobby. T·he. asual observer may looeely clasalty. .works of aI'lt1as the tradl:' .. �'prettJ' ploture ..or · 1lhe mod� 6I'D ·'monetro.ity." Aotually there ·



(Continued on page 4. col Z)

je • -fide ecale of varlance between · tb..et1;ro mremei. dependlngupon the 4ecNe � . 4!he pro­ l� bImoelf '1p!o hi. worlL In the pO\nttDaw' DOW' dIopla7ed, th_ cUt­ twencee -of projeoUon are .pparent . :: · Ai. the studeDta ezpree. tliemeelvea . ' media of thrOuch The tint Patnt1�, dFacadf:t:' li found In tlb� Cott..· Shop. It !s a


whlch artI8t





A: �n.ckr!ng;

! g!e: �

' Great Books"




� ��=� '"===========�



It .contalns whole works, not ex· cerpts, and complete'works of 21 of the 74 authors. It 18 tile only publl� cation In Englllrb, aside from mre In<!nuscripts or printings, of key works by Aristotle, Hippocrates, Galen, Ell:�l1d, A:ichlmedee. Ptolemy. Copernicus, GalUeo, Harvey, cal. Deserates, Newton, Kant, tesquleu. Lavoisier.....Fourler. da:o and Freud.

l'he one ;"eak spot In the collec· tion. and the reks0,9vWhy Mr. Haley refused rOO purch&se It when ap­ proaohed prevlo'ush" is tbe tact that . the book s Includ� none of the wrJ.t1ngs of Luther: j"f!.ow can you have a complete concept of Man without IncludIng L u t h e r's con­ cept1" asks our.'Ubnu1,an. � It Is', the 1294 8�t kJ greatly appreciated, and ie • welcome addition to the library. Tbe 'books . aheh�.ed In the Reference . !,'OOm � the�cau.


number is 028.3, 0790.: . • -





. (Conttnued from page 1)

by Ruth Heino



The .et contain.' 443 work. of 74 author., .pan nlng W e . t e r n thought �f r o m Homer and the Bible to the 20th century. It to­ t.l. 32,000 pages, comprising 25 million word •. Editing the .et re­ quired the work of 100, �cholar. for eight year. at a co.t of two ' million dollar..

cUrlOIl.' child. raising ' . .. hIS votce .lD quer urgent, sean:h1ngc pleading. quean.",," "Why?" , Witl l out � flicker of hii eYe.. " " . ..· . Then stands and waits � Patient. Jntonl. �ewiIa�d:_ YOII lo� IY' mllrD\ur-. Sigh. � . . '1{hy? For bll": there .mUir bt • replyl ._




T';" soon \be child shall le.:n. -wbtn grow.;' that numberless hy{ are never- know,n. .



���Sketch Book � a;associa ard � life Martin Luther.' Created tedfoi'J1th 1.utheran .

an winning collec- ­ closely the of especially Mutual by artist Menzi) van pic� ' beautiful and IIl4table for' framJijg. The text ' ls in. teresting and autheritic. ' : �rlte b, the HOme OffiCe • • • .or better t . . see y� local�tiVe. He has a copy for·' you. lion



Esveidt. the







Central Wash. First Foe on Road Tri EVenJreeft Conference

with Don Hall

LEAGUE STANDINGS W L Pacific Lutheran ........12 � :' �:r:�':.;h: u Eastern wa b . 6 i . �� . :�:: U. B. C. .. ::::::: : �:�:;� wash:" ::::::::::::. � 11 .;: .

rp �


",.7-th angIe W l ,." W l-ldcats � uesday .



Sharpening up for their coming road trip, our" u�e are taking the Whitworth Plr&t:ne�t Friday advantage or & 18lte seaSOD lull before begll1ntng Lthe ..n.important trip ·Saturday. The tollow'lng Mon. u n g e o n �!: p�ay Eastern :.:: � ;!��!�� n :n:��: : l r:' :� :: ::, � � ��� : :::�n:� '�: :: h r ::�o;: :e�::i��.� . 1'he finale tor the regular season Is'tbe tr.dlUonal fray with College of guns this aeaeGn . Centra.l's main. Cor of Pnget Sound In the Logger fieldhouse. "Coach, liaIrshinan's Q.uintet C�l'bee n' Bill des at eenier. �::' �}$���e l�Kue�$;·�Ilo!� but'!l���:�t�t ��s� U... " ! IQI.-ar.s..· ;:: -r�r.":���������1:.t��;�"���.I ����;fff7n�!,;:lt':�· ��i�; � � �� �:.� [:���1;'\x�U� ;,!:��"".-t; ., ·T.he eastern squads are ail formidable·hurdles on their home courts �-·-�· - k' T7-:·'_...,.. Central proved earlier jn�the Se&:80J;J,. However, tbe Lutherans have' SIn added considerable polish. smce ,uiat encounter, and should return home ' " l. �, . wIth four scalps Qn their belL The next to the celle.r Loggers also ftgure' 95 41 :II to fall victims to �he .Lute steamroller, as tbey have done In the two , 1,�. On. pre\1ous encounters .thlll >:,ear. The HeiDrick boys bave had trouble with ,the whtstle-blowers this season. averaging nearly 30 (ouls per game. Thus Overw11elmlng .the Western Vlk. .far their .ol;>ponents�ave taken advantage o( the trips to the (ree ,throw fogs 95·41, _the ·Lutherans _f ro m line '\\�hlch has of·t.en proved to be ,the decldlng (acfor. Parkland gained vietory number 12 T,h Kansas City Tourney looms cloSer with each win. The. road Isn't In their quest tor the Eve'k-ireen as long it appeared. the fJr9t. ot the s8&80n, but J.t sun bas its bumps League title. SparkUng in both 0(' and chuck.holes to croS'S. It wo\j.ld be nice 1f tlhe ,team would be greeted fense and defense, the Lutes dom· fJeld' goals in 70 attempts for a In Spokane wl·th loyal, foUowlng ot. rooters ,to shout their encul'QgemenL Inated last Monday's tilt from the rid �7.1 percentage. PLC .team In a pre-season tourna­ It. feels mIghty good to hear a ahout ot joy 1'0 -the midst ot a foreign opening "ti-JK)ff ,to sink Western fur· .Mld....ay .. In the first halt PLC led 'ment In the College ot Puget Sound crowd when you dunk one,in. I-t takes .the ache out of your lega when you ther in the league cellar. 23.6 and Inereased -their lead to fleldhouse. hear a tam:lllar voice ring out,' let's you know that "they" want you t.o�l. Running ROger Iverson led t'he 401. 13 at the. intermission. Western The serie! against Wlhltwort!b. will . win just as badly -as you do yourself. way for the Lu\es, hitUng nine field threatened 'at no time through the �:�ll-�:oar:at��1:1���!l��n�::UU: goals and two free throws for a to· game. You don't have to go t9 Seattle or San Francisco to see a good ball .te.l ot 20 points. 'Every member of The preliminary game saw the Pirates will be ou.t to avenge tbe Club. We've got one of the flnellt right here on our campua. Their win· Coach�-arv Harshman''S squad hit PLC Je.yvees surge trom behind In �: :::![�: !� '�!: � a g���:: V l k a . h m n c o g �oo.... ':::�, ;�:� ::.1��:�:O.;:'�:,: ::t7;1::.�·�:tl:�:�:7h.Bt��� ��: :�:::,· �o ;:�:�,:'re�:rv".:·;:: ��;e�� :�: A�;.�:: ���� �:, �:: r.:::���. �:� ::: �� =-;:;�A�::� I te . itself, the men who make It up? It Isn't unuaual for a college to reCeive needed experlence. Jack Sinderson Beek led the Jayvees, garn�rlng 19 �(oot. 9�.lnch guard. letters commenting on their team', behavior on ,road trip•. But it i. un· Phil Nordquist each netted 12 points, and Don iMay was 'high for sen, road trip will be the up .. Wfndin'g . . usual for the' letters to contain praise for the team In.tead of reports of tollowed by Chuck Curtle the AlI Stars wttJ;l 14. o e h s e a r ' I �� �t= ��=: . t� ::::n;�� :w: ��--� -'-1; ;�::����'v�::���:n�: :h�:��:r:I��: ��: q::��; ::; t�: �e:�� j�:�'  -In the seas&n In the Parkland pm. is where Pacific Luheran team. have the �dvantage. Yelllr, a team we Luth'e'rans' Qo'n'quer . Thunderbirds can be prou4"'of, In every aensev0t-- the word. ::��:��;:!t�u��::�r6��� . . Over Weekend 83-55, 83-63, In the Plrat.. home court. l CHATTER-The �.m1nute jInx UCLA held over the UniversIty 0( ' . y free rows compared to t?e Birds' The .finale tor the eoh�ul� .... b Jim G es Washington-in foot-baU seems to hold go,od over the cagers too. Last Sat· Friday ni&1ht j son will be against College ot Puaet . 3. 1 ,the Lutes came up urday Willie Naulls tipped Ule ball In' as the buzzer sounded to gtve the on the Loggers', cQDtt alter sharp performance to shoot Jo)in McLeod' 'hit 31 to make him Sound B�ulns a 61-60 victory. At an Evergreen Conference meeting between with the t Birds, 83.55, In game high pOint man tor the Thunder. ne PLC 'Squa.d return! from the athletic directors of the various achool. held In Seattle lallt week, It was down game., birds. Lute fan worrying tor rported that there were aome protesta over the new 18-game basketball that had noAfter r---------....-, .:. eeven "minutes of \ Prei ImI nary Games achedule which hal replaced the old schedule. thl. year. The apl myinute. led o VERNIS . PLC 17·2. It took the tlrst PreUmmary games both nights St p in at Pirate (ootball team got a Mot In the arm last week when lt was an. 10aminutes BU ot play (or the Birds to saw, �e Lute Jayvees viotorious. for . DELUXE HAM RGER nounced that AI 'Paul&en, a promIsing 21()..pound full-back at. Washington &t field goal. T·he �ar· FrIday -;'Ight they met the Motors Old Fa.hion Fleh and Chlpe State College, would trinster to Whitworth tor the spring semester. Con- score -thsPirrtlrgap ee e of the game came ot the MUnicipal Le8.8'l\e.and waxed H������n:'�: ::��:koe gratulation. to. the_ Jack Hoovers on the arrival of their aeven-pound rawest perIod when the Lutes them, 77·51. SaturWly night the Jay· baby girl, Jill Anne. The recent low soorfng game between the Unl¥.:er- thebysecond PACIFIC. TACOMA a 50-36 margin atter the vees edged the AlI·Stati, 5'6·55,-ln a 'slty ot CalHornla and the unlyerstty or San Fra.ndec�, 33·24, -brought to CltY 'League lame. 12 stra·fglbt points. '-'-------'"'"'--"-...,: mind a story I my column when Sports EdUor at Wbltman The rallied Lutes' hot 8coring showed In College. Welcome HJgh School In Welcome, Minnesota, entertained Sher47.8 percentage compared ' burne Hi In a conteet that saw Welcome stall with the ba:ll after Shel"- theirBirds' LLOJD DlLUNGHAM' to 26 pe�ent lor the eve'only minutes, 30 tor ball the controlled They lead. ·2 a to _. 'burne jumped 9 Sherburne team became so dIsgusted the,y walked RICHFfELD SERVICE trying three !!hots. The Lutes scored In double (Ig· MO:tor Tune-up - Brake' Service -to the sbowe1'8 and lost the game by torfelt. Chuck Curtis led the pack GR. 3040 Parkland. W.'h. wIth 26 points and' Rodgef Iverson �=:::=========1 and n lJs lnh'amural St i 1�. Nordquist !had 13 t with followed . "Ii "A" League L and Denny Ross ac?-red 11. W Mitll10narles ... ..... ... ...... 6 Scor1ng (or the Birds was led by s:.root. &.lnch John �Leod. with 21. : :::::=::: ::: ..::=::: (�! .: : :Fr-aeer, anothe :) 31:1: sJxer. and Mike In ''B'' League gamp' played on O ega'S ....... 2 Lyall Levy each hadr10. oQday. the Clover Lovers fell be- Dm Jardlnes .. ...... .. . 2 .�frQre e A near capacity crowd o( ardent tlbe Cotton P!ck.ers. 65-30, and and alumni saw PLC wax UBC the Facult,. trimmed the VWalDs North Hall (2)3 .. .. ..+.. 22 the tUDe ot &3-63 tn the second 3820 South Yakima ' 52.27.·'Rusaell H a u s e lletted 19 �:v�r ��e� .�.�:�::::;:=::�� 0 Thrift is part of Points in 'leading the Colton Pick· . W �ur .Education y "B" League ers, nea.n 'Ubner and Harry San- Cotton * PIckers .......... .. . 6 / * nerud �h garnered 13 pOlDts. In /. .. 6 the Faculty·- .yUlalns game, Mark Campus Trottere .... ____ .. .. 4 .: aina PlCK·UP FREE Salzman wae' hJgh poln.l man with VJll Open �,saving8 . . 20,·tonow� b,. M.arv Harshman and 'Eastern (B) � .:_.. , 33 . ... CloTer LoTe:! . 4ccou�t �� W Jon'�80n with 11 po�t8. __ � m The HI,jsJonariS!. top."ln,th� "A" ·Monks .. :" HOURS: DELlVJRY·SERYlCE LeagUe, :"ob. .their !fxth . victory WelteI'D.n -------. . J 2 ----. . ex Ann ' johnso �orth N.... Tuu. .:. Wed. Thun. _CH· ,��NC:OU. �onda,. with torfeft over . z· ft* .....· to 12:10 ...... · '....iid aiiiI YIcII. !fy Hall (3). Nofth.BAll. ·(2rltept from Faculty . JoInln& CloTer. Creek 'in the cel),af . f� '. '"'" .: � ; . Se.l&PU6n. SOUND 11 :00 a.m �. 2:00 a.m. or the ,i Leape' by det.Un&' the teat i� doWDiDC We.tern 51.40. ' nst.tlnl' JS NultT: the led' man. . HOT� Curt 4N1. Bo,.. ,. ,.. ala 8, ... Creek . CloTer MADOIW. . .. �ered .:� ..m.� to a:30� ..m: land was the b&& ia&.n lor. N:ortb. COUIltA!l"L. JlIta OiiIldenon UNS'OLH .....N . oma (!I) DOHd' out � lurJCfay Hall (Z) �tb 2;l PotD�.-:.,!; . <' . U polnta " Eutern' K STR'" - LAIC&WOOO In another low" �rn. 12:30 to. a.m. ':00 ;&-p. Monka he t humble4 Vlnatiii the P'rlday t r...a ' t1ut �r:tnl'�tUt. die Co!-toD' Picken deGR. 22114: �clflc the- Campaa TrOtte... �Dt.� -' I.,.... Facuij:y w�n �elr 'fll"IJ� l�e �D- tea� .1�,�D80��!": J�.Z�. ...,.. .




rlad · -j> •








InLra' m'u ral Ti Its P Iayed






............._... ..

. _...


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_ ___._..





___ _ ___















,. �


_ _ _

,� _ __ "":" _


I I ,�._


Page Four



,.56[LeagUers fl

n ( thl �::: ::�!;=:'�:;I1��:�e�

2 �� �e:�.!!r:



Student Paintings

Cad·et Teachen !::

· .c����

F,'.ay, Fe """y 10,




To I


pos1tion. <Forms are reduced to an- CUB. The main purpose ot tbl5 Janet Geldaker, 1 st, De Long; Vir- gular planes and softened by the meeting Is to discuss and lay plans ginla Grahn, 1st, Whitman; Joan glow ot the moon. One tlhlnks ot a tor ·the Dhrtrlct ' ConvenUon which

, Gubrud, 1st., Arlington ; Kathy Oil.l· child's kalied0scope made up ot or· will be beld a:t Whitworth College, haug,:n,




Nancy ange, blue. green and brown pieces, June 15, 16, and 17.

Helland, 1st, De Long; Ellen Hen· ,,",ben ,,[ewing the scene. District President Jobn lUlbrea1h rl', 3rd, Horace Ma.nn. Roxie KIng, Mike Griffen created Ill't.eresUng expects the session to last Into the 2nd. walnwrlght� Barbara Macdon· pa.tterns with his "Crane," one o wee 'hours or the morning and con· flld, 2nd, Parkland; Rutb Sather, the more abstract pieces.• Palnt!d siders It essential tb make the on , c · . , 3rd. Parkland, Myrna Shelver, 1st., In a free manner, the startling \'entlon a success. Dls-ulct ortlcers Larchmont; Marlys Solterbeck, 1st, white crane stands out from 8. cool, are Eh\ood Weke, treasurer , Ea· Whitman, Loris �ellmer. 1st., Ax- dark background of greens, grays ther Keller, secretary , .:- · · ;:. H u ...".....'-��.:: � " S��...ulter,; "_ t - · _r��r� and.-Re."Bob. · . eatu&.1� .. Carol Edlund, 6th, WllIard, Donna "City L8.�d8cape s h o w s t h e advisor I' 'Swanson, 5th, Fern HIlI. steamlng IndustrIal dlstrlcts In The Federation presld'ents In this Barnes, bookkeeping and vivid tones oC red, yellow and or- dlstrkt Include several PLCitss' ci v ics, Sumner High School ; Rob- ange Vertical lines nre used by Jane, Smith, Dick Foege and Chuck erta Birkedahl. art., HudUotl Junior Sue Hatch In creating an 111uslon Tucker. Ot!her presldentIJ Include High. Ruth Heino. literature and or power. Fred Cochran, Baker, Oregon; He composlUop, F)'anklln Pierce; BarOne 6teps Into a friendly hallway rietta Stolte, Gifford. Idltbo; and bara Howard. English and socIal ArdeUa. Dungan, Wenatchee. 9 In Hope Hammerstrom's h 0 u e I · studJes. Stewart Junior Htgh ; Glenn scene. Here - we lind ttie rea.U8tjc They all comblnmg their eCHull. choru� and band •. Bethel High; and te.m1l1ar done In & nat. smooth forts 40 assure an enjoyable and Henry Kraner••. mathematics and tenure technlQole This 18 altlb true profttable convention. One of the woodshop, M. a s o n Junior HJ�h; , of Hope's other picture ot the small 'highlIghts of the June meeting. will Sharon (MorgaD• .biology and 'girls be an address by an officer of th� town landscape. P.E:, Bethel; John Reay, physics .. " The Three Magi, by La.rry Pet- International Luther Leagu�. and general math. lJnc�ln; JOl!leph



anrl �.w� ��� _...:t .....




. t



erson, brings to mind the work of R e t t 1:. biology and forestry, LlnThis year all the hens are going certaIn Mexican artists with its colCOlD; Ruth Rickert, composlUon and or and -the figures outlined in black. to Miami: it seems U's much health­ Uterature, Fite ; Jerry Slattum, art. to lay In the aun. ler ' The defi'i:tlte balance a n d multiFrank..U n Pierce. hued background add to the over­ Spring Semester : Margaret Am· buehl, 4th. PuxaUup ; Betty Ander- all effect. Two cont.raet1ng styles are locat­ eon, 6th. Franklin; Walt Ball. 5th, Mary Lou B t e r y, lat, ed in the small dining room, D9n


Dick - Brown, tit:h,


Mary Lyon;

Loete, subtle blending of color.



Since the exhibits to be treC l a..·r e n 8 .- 01son, 1st. Q,uently changed, ob8ervers w1ll Sales; Beverly Pine. 5th. have ample opportunity to become


Stanley ; Elizabeth Reule, 4th. Bor- further

ace Mann.

Terry Brown, chemistry llnd geo-





Miss Quast, the Art department

man, speech·radlo and compoSition, ·blblts are to be sincerely com.mendf(:::lover Park; !Mark Freed, biology ed. ..

- and general math.• Llncoln; Low

_ .Geisert, . wood�hop;..lJncoln; . .lda Jo. FranklIn Pierce ; Barbara Bedland,


0 j c e - music

gert, Social studies. Jason �e Jun­

tor High; .Jack Hoover, boy's P.E. and healUi. Bethel ; Jimmie Leath­ ers• . pneral oo,lness ' and typing,

North Thurston HIgh; Oliver Mah­

nuson, e8Deral science and general

' Poenc t. EDgUsh and glrla' P.E.,

math. Oatllt Junior Wgh;



Stewart Junior Bleb; Al-,.hPd Romt·

.ed� I\rl.' P E. �d, Hudt� loll Junior Wch; au. 81q1e, typ1nC aid Illorthand, Bethel; Ew¥ce · • SW.n"i-.... »'o!ogy and :fllrl.' P.E.• Clo'f8r Park.



: ' . . _ll'l'ake



> n 0 II: >




. .. ....... -= ....� . :�_


That 8atlafy Colorln � Con.ultation CHARM lea·..... - 1 Salon Blanche Llngbloom 413 Garfield 8L GR. 74715


When You Want �oka


BooklMlller and ltatloner BR. 4121 pacific A\!e.... Tacoma, Waah.

C. Fred Chri stense n


P8.ld Adv.)

_.� .. r _ ;.....;:.. . �.. _,�.. �_ . ;:-":-:":



Parkland CYCLE AND .I,(EY

Largen Selection of 45. r.p.m. Record. 12807 Pacific Ave.


:=:::=====::j�::::=:::==:::=:::� For



-"�1 •


1I ·look lit yourself"

PHONE GR". 4soo


Fast, Economical Printing and Lith�raPhY

¥odem Printing Plant in Tacoma's Fastest Growing Communit!l

A Complete


I"'�I " --


Pllcific Avenue





1 1 802

. .


C (9.� �

.,.. -.Y" ...,_ �... ....... -....� � .... . ....

and En.gUsh-drama.

IStewart Junior Htgh ; Henry Her·



metry, StadJum High ; Frantzel Cor- and others responslble tor these 8:1:'

Gronke. biology and general math.



:..... -,!W__

Clover Creek TEXACO 8ervlce . Friendly, Dep."dable Service TIRES AND BATTERIE8. SH9P 8ERVICE .. ,

2nd. Stanley ; Stan Jacobson, 5th,



Clover Creek ServIce

Foloom; 4th. Mary Lyon; D l a n e ex'reme. Vern Hanson'. portrayal Hagen. 5lb; JeUereon; Marlene Hov- of some of PLC's first buHdlngs Is land, 3rd, Manitou; COnnie Hustad, done In a ree.lIsUc manner with Fern



Open from 7:30 to 8:00

Jean Condray, 4th. ManItou ; Ward


��,.. _ .

The Best .in DOnuts

Betty ·gl ves an expressive mood to hie " Man In a Helmet?" .In . Lbe othe,r



Dinner. - Short Order. Vl,lt Our HOBNOB Room

Parkland ; Alberta BaI:tels, 6th, EdJ- Kvamme's UBe ot sharp color and Phyll1s Brandt, 1st, 'WbJtman ; line agaln6t a soUd dark background

· lion;

by Jan

n d n . �:i�� �:t �h��:�� �n:tC:�dY, St, Valentines is almost he�. This year '(will be a dandy. The Spurs are: working extra hard To make it a success. So if you want to get your gal Just give them her address. A Valengram they'll bring to her With verses sweet and pretty. Or If yOu're the romantic type, They'n smg a slmple ditty. It's guaranteed [0 do the tnck. Be ye Harry, Dick or Sam. So don't be shy, step up And buy yeur gal a VaJengram'!

�:!i� ��

nd, Parkland; Louise McKay's modIfied cubls· Luther League will hold its general Barbara Breuer, 2 Jean Cogburn, 1st, ArlIngton; Shir- tic landscape 113 triangular- tn com- Board meeting this evening In the ley Freeman, 1st, J a m e 8 Sales ;



GRllnite 7100

for gUjs a�d gals!!



Located at I.GA Foodtown 112th and Park Ave •


Mrs. White's SewIng .

"Let Me Solv.e _You.r Sewing Problem.I" EAST OF GARFIELD VARI�TY


. Bar-B-Q Burgers 35c

Short Ord.... � Dlnnera Fountain Home-made Pies ' &:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. W..k Day. 8unda.r.: 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. �-



Road) ". Pen Ay"... .

1 1 M (AIrpaIt


Makings for Sunday. Night S�ppe;1 9- 1 1

week days, 1' 0!9 �undaYI


...p•• . •...,. .


. .. ' . �. � :O�tecI


· L u te

Cagers Vie with Pirates Tonig ht



A red and whit�' Valent1ne theme will be earned out at 'the Viking ReBtaurant tomorroW' night Delta Rho pre.antS tts Dual formal be.DQuet. the Valentolo, at 8 p.,m. Dorothy Kell and Deanna �ud� �re CO-Chalrmen lor tbe dinner. The commltt'ees are: decoratlona-Joyce Markert. cbainnan, Joanne Morod; EJlabeth ZleblZ:l; program�rl· \ )yn 8tollenburg, chairman, Laverne Lewis, De\oree Jordan; pubUclty� Gerry ronr, chatrman, Ru�h Han· sen, Prilcllla NBlKle.

C A rudlng by Janet Turman and a duet by Ooro'thy Kell' and Prlecilla Nance will precede the Inatallatlon of new-offlcer.. Toalltml.tre.. I. Joanne Morud and chaperone. for the evening are M� Peggy Mlle., club advller, and MI.. Connie NellOn.



. �rludenlS '1 nVllcu �J

league crown. In �n earlier cootest . � season In Parkland the Lutes . trimmed the Pirates 96 63 to- set a · i new scbool scoring record. _. RI<li;ng on ·the cres� of an elgbt·· g a'm e winnIng streak extending . from January 16, when the Lutes On .Saturday, February 18, the dumped Central In the PLC gym, the LJllherans face tMlr 'arch rivals PLC student body Is Jnvlted to at­ tend, without c h'a r g e, the IDgh ----'-----.L--:;--�- I from across Ute state In two games promise to be acUon packed. School One-Act Play. Contest. The schedule Js:


T AHen� Con:1es' 1 0

guard, are the stalwarts for the Pirates, with Adams etrong under the boards and Theissen a deadly from outside. CUM'ently lead· L U and Quarter.tlnat· t 1 ,.t dlm , ...•�:e� lats. f . � �!:�::8h�a;;::!� When the Portland Town MeeUng Debat� TourD8lDent convenes Feb. _ I n the encounter. earller this sea. 20 and 21, PLC wJll be represented son '1\0" h e n PLC amothered Whit. by Stu GUbreath, Tom, No�t earnered 29 �ta &:"tb.7'o.. ,.•a. .....", wti ..·. rill. . ... .u , .. beat, a1Jl&le came eU9rt by the topIc : Is current criUelem ot player thill year. ' In ot the publ1e 8ch9011!1 JtI!Ufled! Deyrol (' Continued OD page 3, col. ) . I Anderl!lOn will b.e moderator. This tournament Is unique amona college s p e e c h tournaments. for each debate · Is. among th�ee speak· ..., each Bup..rtlitg hlB ow . ......r to the quesUon. bother uniQUe fea


Thoee planning to ...ltend Kludt. Dorothy KeU, Iyn Stol&enburg. R1)th Hanlen, tra Abollna, '0 e r r y Cra.ver, Lona, x..Verne Lewlll, Z1ehm, Joanne iMoruct DeJores IOD, BiltrAn""denon,o.wdlne nilatuen, P:rJ,.cllla" Nance, Shirley Carl· , lon, Joyce Marort. Donna Kludt. and JoAnn HanlOn. -

I:=�;:,!� I :;;;:.;.



S<tking to nail down the undispu.ted conference title, the Glad. iators from Pacific Lutheran College invade Spokane tonight for. a two�game clash with the V{bi��orth Pirates. Coach Marv , H'arshrr,>:n', squad goes- into (onight's fray needing only a singJe . win 9ut of �ir final four games to gain sole· possession of . tJH






Jon Wefold, Portland .Tow Meet)ng

,'i. ",, ·

RegIstration .......... _..............10: 80-11:30 Lunch ..... ..... ._..............._._11 : 30-12: 3 0 "T�e Valiant," Bet;beL._......_l:30 "Dear Lady Be Brave," Toledo...:a:15 "Casanova Jr.�', Fr'nk'n·pterce.. 8:00 "The Valiant," RooseveIL____._..8:45' Banquet ..... ........ ...._._....._....:.._6:00-6:00


"Eli zabetb," South KJta&P..._....:..:80



"The Valiant." Stadtum...;...........7: 16


For thOfJe who are� lntel"Mted. in -t:he art of drama or are IoOkID& for a gOod Ume,- thJlI contAtat prom· ·il!les ·to be interesting. Feel frM to come at.'any �e. "Love Thy Neighbor,"

P'ya.lhqL8 :00

Oratory: Sentor men, Stuart Gil· . breath, nrst place; JunIor men, Rod '" Also, Glen Simona, Bob MalthewlI, Kutelle, seeond place; Junior wom· AW: S' E lec tl·. o� N'ex t' T. u �-�C d a y Dick Robei1.J, Joe Myers, Jim 001· en, Betty Lou Br'Gnlce, lecond place. . lnterpretl be.... Bob Elmer, Don Roberts, Curt )...� ve Reading: SenIor men F o u r t,; r .. .si d ent m· t F �1lt&d. Paul Schwelkert. DoI. Rog- and WOlDen, 81.0'" Gllb,eath, first ere, Reuben Kvamme, lOng Corr . �Iace;- Junior :·men, Deyrol Ander· · . o p e e o(P e. ··--··manrJJm- Glbaon,:-Dlck Delardine, ... Be . cond.. plac.e. ....-. _Lure 1a...that� each... ev.8DUa_�esented --l=uesday-of.-next -week- is-the--date-set: .for..:... dlt-.foc,thcoming �er Ollon, Larry �uCbamp. and Extemp: Senl�.r women, Anita before a different audience and they AWS election of next year's- officers� l?erhaJis all girls on campus Walt Ball. 8c:hnell.� thJrd place; junior -men, determine the w1onera. do not realize it, but they belong t9 AWS or, as' it's kn9wn by Reeyes, secon� place; jUnlo: Previous records show that PLC its formal title, the Associated Women Students. ------,-,-- . Twom 0 m e n, Virginia Th.omlen. first has won the sweepstakes s; w a. r d This organization, which is present in all co·educational colMacDonald, third four times in sIx rears: our,",ey. place; Bettelou leges. Is at fiLC compara.ble in . . place. scope · wlth- the - Student-Body al· lard 111gb, a IQyat No�9' and a . though most of� the work It d088 fSwell. peraon. �t: but parhapa baSit Impro�Ptu: Senior men, N e I I . 0"19 �i' . MS MUnlO.n, second place ; s�mjor wom· Sem �ster GrodS goes on . behind the scenes. Occa.- --8ylyl. Klrkebo,. another Seattle ' slonally, however, the women reatly girl who dJlUngulllhM heneU last \ . en, Connie Huatad, second place. t Seven eonte.tants will m a t c h "come to the surface," 80 to year a s pr8lJdent o f SpUl"II, the or· Debate : senior wom-en, Connie B On wollie:. wind and wit tn the ftnala ot H eg, Teach ,Ong d durIng the school year. FQr p.nJsatio� w h 1 c h · .clalm. aU the and Anita -Schnell, Ue for a � cal eonteat . e all·.choo l o ratori to- third .place ; Jun!or wo�en, Bettelou tlJ. ' ''r'' beginning ot-the new presldenUal candJdatee u u-mem· There were' seven seniora wbo ,,"CI"''''' niebL The flnallBtll wUl begin. com- MacDonald and Betty Lou Bronlce, the BJg·Little Sil' bera, ." wfj!ll as 'belng �ve In .were able to cOmPlete their requirepetition at 8 ·p.m. In the OMS audio many other .tudent acllt1.t181. place ; Junior men, BrYln .menU for graduation by the end um.


Talk T. T . h.L C' tQ[I



• -.-�


. �




_ _ _ _ _ -==_ _ _ _ _ the tlret semester and thUI have be bee� .plac� In their flelds. .Al1 .ev·

8eDJor Stuart Ollbreath wlll d.ten41nC the champtooehip ·be won Jut year. H1� foes will be·.1x of the fopow1nc �� .: De;yiol :Anderson, � Betty Lou Brooke, ili&rpret O&n!!.

�n Do�, �p.ard.. ErtcUoD. R� Heino, Rodney Kastelle, Earl LeHnert and To�m �V8l. T tJ.

w i r e detenn.1ned tn, pn.liIlomary robda yesterday afternoon in .the radIo RudIe> and speech clulJl'OC)lU.


.A perpetual · tioph, · is aw�ed. &l1D1l&Il7 to the wlnn.r IIT' th. PLC cb&pter ot PI. 1t&1'Pa D ed.. epon·

1Ol'. 0t· the a1HctiOol · atr&ir. mAn Bob L� !a.. � arrWemeD:la tor the e....nt,- b&a;

. euNct two ' well.qualltled JDdpe determine' the Dumber � PLC

tor• . AttorDet: /� a-. B1D.D8. �

- aDd· Prot. tt-t. T.� Bt.ttID, CPS and foreuIce ooach, . wtJl cto ·dec:l4bla-


Nominees ·for- the others offices T·ben, ,ear A,WS went all out are: - Secretary, · ;'oan Keyer, Ver· ..... en of the lenions"" were educaUon and _ had the big' Fall. Tolo, the Ha.- nita BUNner. An8'ela Slay, aDd Pat'. �jors and thus have teac:binc po- wallaIi' . Luau, t·h a t everyone �ho Gahr1.D&; ireaeurer, _tiler· EWclr:· altJona In the"'"Tarloua'lschoole In the I.partl(�pa.ted enjoyed very much. son. Mary Ann Jiloa, aDd J&Dice Rin· l ; ICC, DoreeD-:zeua�,).orra1ne· Coming up in the near future AIWS dah . Tbe "Ten uDiora who hal-e com· 18 lponeorJnC .the Annual \ ciEtl. Schmick, and Ma.ry· ·Lou .Swtrd; Iiopleted t h e I r � 0 r k' are: quette .geries WJhIch Is a group of plal chairman, Vlr;pnia .T·�n. . · .. who DOW" baa 'the opo.IUon ot InfonDal dJlculllons .on campus de- Pat RAnlr:fn, JoAnn KnuUen. ..nd Syylvla Heman; PUbl1cttY.,:Barbara , an et«htb �e teacber. at Wood· corum. . Of the can3Jdales tor president of ,Gronlr:e, MoniQue Wetton, and Hope . . thr7 School In' Panllbp ; " bave, i-eadJog alPbabeU. Hammerstrom. ' •• who t' teachto:c ' . --�-. ----.-....a Junior (u rpoade Kanltou�



....In.!' n,


_ ooelal i'rankun P i e rce;



p....ld••tJaJ candldates) • . Student of th e BO na leade� and In tlie field of 6c!uUUOD. who 18 at 'lluon . I. Tacoma and II known as "DannJe,".w ho crai1e; Gle" • the Oholr, til In educaUon, UOn of tea.ch1n& "'rmon: obu a-h1endly Smue ·for. eT· Oit\ at' B8tb.e1 Hiih SIIIn, no"" ,� .Jxth crade at eryone, and· i. usually accompuiled.' _ G0 . ' y: n.

wito' ,1e




F,.brua.,._11; 1"'� .... ...... ... lhtlphlne DanlellOn. DIVINE· WORSHIP, 1 1 :00 a.m. �Io b)l.aandr. Ja��1 "Failing." l�': IIMake A... Joyful N o l l t o d"-Qlatbln. Steve. Jl"raDkUn' �erc8; and, He...,. K .... by . taU. handlOme ·fr1encL CaUt)l Brandt, director... . Ie nen, a 8eaWe �, .,tit ....... wbo II a auMUtute te.cher � hj.I"" orpftlat. . ..-... .. prell�ent of her &trl" club at BaI. T&COIDL ... Blano,

.. ....;___....� _ _ _ . _ ......

... .






----:- . 1,

Frida,. February 17, 1951

Page Two


ooring M 08t

�bll.bed M'ery

FrIda, urlng the 8c�ool ' Y_1'\b1 the eludent. ot pacific LutheraD College �

Office : Student


Telephone ORanite 8611

.Sub8crtptlon Prtce-$3.00 per year

. .................... ..._.

. ... ... ...... :".1•••_

BUSINESS MANAGER. .......................... Assistant

:Manager ......



• �_ ' "'

, "

Don Kvamme.

� .1 ."�

.... .... ................._.... ..... . . ...... .. ........_ ....BETTE MACDONALD



MANAGER.. ... _.:_.........:.......... ....\.... .... .._..... . ..........PATTI .

��� ���


Outstanding Artist, Debotor Are .Chose n �

• .1 cert.Mnly

by Bob Lundgren



- Who'. Wi•• Re" Stand ,

Somethin g To Say




tlh1'8 18 a trtgbtenln, word

and it


b 1 s .t o r y

. We to and to man , and "'�Dl"bIHty God 1 .throu,b

n Y. Tom lO)Dethln, to uy

men," to quote from Sbake8peare 6&&ln. Ute Mark A n t Swtndland

'bow JOllQb ned trom bls · re-



and 18 not alratd to say It The criteria of . • good speaker Is to 'han " to 8ay, have cbaracter

l el'(.. Uv.'y. Tom hu proved bJ.maelf

and torment 1t caused

abd know -bow to say It

1����t��;������ I�rc�����:��:;:::�7�'::���;:�'�.�� . bj outstanding �r·

In con.nection" wltb our

'" Is there a dating problem on our campus? You figure it out. .There a're approximately 400. women livins. on campus. Accord­ ing to an unofficial reckoning about 70 of these are engaged or setretly- (ho ring) .engaged. However. tbi� leaves:a balance of well over 300 single, 'unauached PLC females. This in itself is not bad. As far as choice goes, the' men have quite '01 field tQ choose . from. Then why don't they? . '. One oft.repeated complaint I have heard is that the only . "social" events of the year are 'sponsored by the girl�he Tolo. for example. Thusly, they have dates for that. What is done to reciprocate? Nothing! Why not? Many excuses are given-no money, no car, etc. It might be a good idea (0 take inventory of what you. do have and then use it. One of the most common weaknesses of a small school is a lack of privacy. This can be expected, but sometimes it is carried to the extreme. If some male member of the student body man- Jng point In penon's ute. He ages to save up 2 1 cents for a coffee date. he is beset by a problem feelt hIs responslbJUty and e&meet-whom to call? that pereon mtglrt He decides on a girl in Old Main. for example. Unfortunate- y desIres that . ty, she is busy with a meeting. reheatsal. studies. or some other bave a normal and useful lite. activity. Old Main is out. Our fine friend doesn't dare try again. If he does. his name is mud. He'll be branded fickle, a run-around, a rake! If perchance he does make the mistake of as�in.g someofte else in Old' Main. the poor girl (ignorant of. his first unsuccessful call) will be set upon by demons as-soon as,slle returns. "Did you aDd an enllgbtenln« experience know he already called -'- --.-? . .. and on and on. Same teatcome to the p1ac� w·here we real­ in South Hall. ize that: we have t·rom. � to 6.0 So what's a fellow to do? years out 01:. one lite tha.t t,,'ouz=. eole One other product of a small school is the fact that if a couple We mold has.(wo dates the same week. people w'iIl be asking when they're respomlblUty..and' make it What. we' will. for getting married. Three dates in �row is practically a proposal. ute most part. hat ute. ot couree. After a fourth date, breach-of-promise is impending should the own. We may not be a moth­ out with someone else. fellow go or, socIal worker; but Therre are any number .of opportunities for dates' on our cam­. doctor. we sbow any J988 interest since pus. Just studying together might be helpful. We �ll eat th..e we are dally dealIng w1.tlh 8. lite that meals a day in the dining hall. Do .you shy away fro,,? the op· posite sex? We've h�d:J4.1!"ee_h_ome basketball ga.mes [h1S_se �n. FraU}many f.llows took dates? The coffee shop IS open until 1 0 each evening. Well? The ATtist Series Concerts are also free and well-attended. Were you alone? There's stilt TV. The Student Body and the Administration have provided �etl for your needs. It's up to you to take advantage of these oppor�unities. •

"FrtendS: R8mans . and CoUDtry·


that ·haa caueed man m ch am:· down

DetecUve Story." He baa been ac­ tIve In APO tor tour years.

al.o directed the "Double Barrelled

Congress tbts year and a member ot Toas tmasters.




wbo wouJd ,'et up

that early

week for tbree years. de-



. In the Une of dramMlc;" he bu


four yeare. and allO bai bAd

been in "A ChrlalmU


I)&E1.I . "Joan of Lorraine. .· "Winlenet." . 10 the 60th AnnIl'8ra&r7

�. nDan e w.. · ilhll,ht. of lbe pa:ceaut. the Ib '

HJs ettectin perto

carrlee tile ball





Class president and F.T.A. treuur­

er. He has been In "The ChrIstmaa

Carol" for four years. In "Joan of Lorraine" and "King Kole's Kourt,"


Wish You Had A Date?


''Tbe social ute on the campus eeems to bave died." according' to tion can only result games Roge: BJerk..




and.-- someone


to direct the

as to encourage everyone I

in a ltabillty to tbe 'school and the to take ·part." remarked. Wlnn.l.e Mitton. '"Why not ,han m.lIed students:' he exclaimed.. no social problem." r e m a r it e d murals 1" stlA"gested. :Mon1e "Hopeful Mnd," "but I sure wish "Maybe ' Old MalQ. e.nd somebody w o u l d take me out!" CIonr Creek could play


TheM &rf' two· oppoeMP . ends of riaII7 a probl.m,

opinion. 11 th.....

and it there II; &bo!It itT


can we do

On the bumorou. side. Marpret ea.n1e eUU�fed a gigOlo · (paid e ... cort) eernce, ,""We wouldn'L haTe to 1)& 7. them·mone,.," tbe muaed, "we

uld ctTe--t.hem tiom. The,

mlPt learn 80metJl4lC �71N7." Bob' Sebo ....t.e4 a toto, aDd DoD ;-:' KTaJlUDe· tliOJlCht we mlCht mo.,.-e . co

'McChordJi81d'thi:e,e mIl_



TO' be ....;..-p;..U••I. .� ,x.a:, eae. ... treahmaIl .trom 014 � �:

m.lIed. team from


·When &eked it there



'.m, S.lna Berrian ....d,


tAlk about' u.. why not be think of eomethlng c1enr



do ''', Ml11 Wlcbtrom "rm ' the 1n«entiiti wa,s amued


studenll," 9f

c1ulia : hi.�e ldt!" I would :l"e1come them and: be glad ' den�

have. a. a "tew

SOIDe of

. ' to see wbat poulb1UU_ ",!"ouId be 1D .pUttuic . them the-


. (Con�ued an �pace,4.

: '


t it. � r . on the


. ��.n yOu W••� � b

,, '



- poted b e t t e r .O� .. ... e .• C . . Fred Ch';sten�en niibta. -we cOuld �n NereM aDd 8oobell ... ..... "tatIon,r m1xen and eien refrelh.menta. for ' 111 .. " ftc v . BR. 4121 A e. _ .f .: ,Dil..n1mom tee 'of, 1&7: ten cen�." Tacoma. W� . \

''Oome _to n.... a 1lttI. nrI•• ' ..." ...._ . _____�___ ,

· -� �


Y!--' Pollver


Located at lOA F.oodtown 1.12th lind Park


:Bar.B-Q B�ri�rs · 35c; '


8tiort Ord�" ;-. Dlnne,. ' Ji;'ountaln


•. n.

Sund.... :

Pies" , 11' p.m.. Week Oa,. 9:00 ,10:00 p.m.. 'to

__ __ __ __ __ __ � � �

__ __ __ __ __ __


: ��

. .�




Evergreen Conference ... k....

FrIday, FoII"'''y 1





T"- ....

U St·��;�'� Lutherans Nip 'Cats

Taking ,h. hult hy the ho""" our Lui. cagere ·hav• •aaured theV'. . . 'selves of at least a tie for the league crown by whipping tbe Central .467 �Vildcat9 last Tuesday evening. Due to .unexpected help from the We&t.Supprusing a last minute rally by the Central Wa�hington' .. . .. 7 10 .412 �ldcats, the Pacific Ludwran Gladiators edged the Ellensburg . ern. Wa9hlngton Vlklngs whe..,.n they edged Whitworth 71-69 Monday night. the ,Gladiators only nee<ted to defeat the second-place WUdcats ",250 qUtnt�t 7 2 · 6 8 last Tuesday eveni �g in a down.t�-t�e-w�n: tb�l ... I ' . -to cinch their first place standIng. .214 tc. With 10 seconds to go, the Wildcats pulled within two pC)1nts . of Western haa prove.n' to be the lion killer ibis season, setting Ellatern --=== ==.--__--:-:-__.:. ::: : e Lutes" but a Central foul on PLC forward Jim Van BHk :..:,h :;: Wuhlngton on Ita ear two nighla In ' 6 row, and tb'en upt!lettl�g tbe high17. --:: �en.bled the Glads to aeore �W'O pointe via free tlbtows .'nd favored Pirates. Ex-ceI)t for ,l·he Lutes, the rest of the conference teams seeQl to be talrly w:ell balanced with the cellaN1welUng teams being "able the pme. � . . , , , . ' to beat any of.-the rest on a -given nlgbt

. . . . .: : : ':::: In. Thriller Finish, 72 . �68 .

� '-i�� �': f: ::��e��' �'t �ri � ��tr��';jt

team agath this and ·to look ahead to the tuture for a moment; It aeems ,that next aeuon will tilld the Glads leadlilg the way again. Jack Slndel'llOn, Roger Ive�r­ eon, and Ohuck CurUs will he returning to tbe etarttng rive. On ,the dark side, the 1088 of Jack Hoover and Captain Phil NordqUI�t can't bell' but hurt the squ4ld. Hoover's buat!e and NordqUist's tnsplrallonal leadenhIp . 'will be hard to replace. However the bench holds comtdertl.ble strength thia year and Jim Van Bel!lk and Denny Roae may -help to till ;the aboel of the gradU&t1na 'Seniors. The Japee squad as a w·hole has a aoUd ball club and h.. g�lned valuable experience this year in City League pIa;.

.. Coach Marl H&I'Ihman upreued �,. apU,!f��on.o-.:er his team'. 'vio­ tol')'\-and felt ,that the etroq PLC defense' wu the d'etermln1D.1 factor tn tbe outcOme. He aleo felt that -amall n'oor hindered the Lutet.. Leading by a 4.1- 33 ha�ftlm, ecore; the Glad, maintained f h e t r ,lead throug·bout the ·thIrd quarter.. but • ....t itanu. uprillDl' by the Wll4cata narrowed the ecore tn the final. miD­ I ute•. The vlCJ.OtY gtves Pic •. two to QUe advantace oYer CeDtral in ·the " leacue cOntest. WI year. The Wild· : cat. handed the Ltitherana their only conference· defeat earUer Urls seaeon� The Latee noW' aport • 1�1 record in conlnLat W'ith trhe WIldCat. ·who are tted', wlth Whitworth tor seCond pJace with a 9-5 record.


CHA_TTER-The Untvenlly of San' tFra�lsco bead. the .A8SOClated Preas polr again tb1a week for .the naUon's beat basketball team. second pla� DaytYOB F1Jere are t&r behind· U;:JF; the only other wen cout team to �ppea.r In lile top twenty I, UCLA, currently boldlD8' down _ the 20th -spot.. Giant outfleldor Willi. MQa again m.d� headllnN, not,' fo",


baHball thl. time, however. H. wal etopped for Ipecdlng on tho New Jer.aey turnpike, pal� hi, fln'e, ,and hurried on. Later It w.. found out he waa on �II way to hll wedding 'n Northeaet Maryland. Looks Uke University of Waahlngton may be ·headed for a �I&' fine .or posalblJ:

even a year'. suapenalon from vanity football competltlon .. ·a rnult ot the Stlnk· ratled over the downtown "slush fund". organIzed by 8eatUe buslneasman Torchy Torrance. Hope many 0' you wlfl ' bo reading column while Ipeedlng on your way to 8po�ne for the Whitworth




Eastern 'Mura l Cagers Move 'Into First Place'


3820 South Yaldma

- After- winniqg their first six league games:, the- Missionaries of Ivy, Hall slipped to a tie with Tacoma for second pl..e in the "A" league,_with Eastern moving into first place sporting a 6 - 1 record. The Missionaries l05t t o Tacoma: 42-34, and to North Hall, 47·45, to slip from the unbe.�ten ranks,

Tacoma - came from behind Tuesday to drop-the "Mdsslonaries as Don May began to hIt for the vic· tors- tn the f1nal stalWL to garner a toW "o! -i9-POlnj;.-Nell -MuDSO� led the losers with 10 counters. In another game played Tuesday Western defeated. the Clover Lovers 36-33 In: "B" league competlUon. Dale Schlmkt! was :high for the win­ ners with nine points and the Clover Loven' Doug lktrser got 12. The Campus Trotters took East­ ern 53-4:7 Tuesday. Tied for high point banal'll were Roy 'Schwarz of tbe Trotters and Dilrrel H!nes of Eastern, each making an eyen 29points. 'fIhe Faculty e d e e 4. t h e o , led Monks 38-36 Tuesday &tternoD. by Muk Salsman who &arnered iO points and Jon . Ericson hltU.n;g 1.2



connten. Stan Jacobson canned 21 points for the lo�ra. The Villains �owned the Cotton Pickera by..-a 46-31 score, to them t:belr first defeat for a 6-1 record. The Vlllaina are breathing down their necke with a 6-2 record.· In 8. game to decide fourth place In the "A" league, DeJardlnes and the Omegas battled to the wire with DeJardines winnIng by an eyelasb, 4241. BUI Foege was high point man for the conteat with 21 eounten and Larry Lane-led DeJardlnes with 19 \ points. .


I Follow:1ng the �day . Satur_day (Continued from page I, col. 4) nigbt tussles In Spokane; the PLC games the Pirates bave run Into boopsters travel .to Oheney to meet getUng over the lower dlvi. the Eastern W:ashlngton Savages slon clubs, lOsing to Eastern 63-61 , next Monday evenIng. In a twoand to next-to-the-cellar Western, game serles agaJ.nst the Savages 71-69. However the Pirates always here in Parkland, PLC outclassed figure to be tough against PLC &I Eastern 73-55 and 8.3-68. they proved Iast year when, in the Next Thursday nIght s,ee!! PLC play-off ,tilt to. decide the entrant to clash w:Jtl\ cross-town rlval'College I �e 'regional tourney, t:h e y clob- of 'Puget Sound In .the Gla(ls find I I conference encounter. bered the Glada 89·72. I

. It



. Parlda,nd and Vieillllhr. l




HA. 3312


' • • • • • • • •, • • • • • • • •.• • • • • • • I • • • •

ik!' . ..

"Ya know, Bill, I used to think life . surance ..was IUit 'for· older guys_- but" I've sure changed n,y-minclt t've alreody '0_· : started my insuranCe • program , with ROTHERHOOD - and " M. LUTHERAN' B


"' !


HOw �kut You? Want'full �Iari?

, J.... write ....






jEut�(:t:Qn.JS rbth'rhnnd

fOI LUTIIIIANS ... CMl.'.OIAHlUO. .... ..�.,,III ';' MiNI' MlR : 601 � Ave, South ' '312 N. 85th �t, 'Seiittle, WUb. BO'M'EN, 'General Agent Llf. INSUIANCI




Frida" FMnooIy n, 'NS

WIllI YCMl HacI a Date7 The Fable of the Red-breasted Robin "- Fou. ,



. (Co.Unued !rom _ I)

Upon a cl_ look at the Red-i>.....ted Robln 'lt 10 .... 1ht ......ed oaIeadar. � DOt coee forth with uclw ILIa �teDted eb1rrupIq t. the etale .out of the Innterate p� Yhler. Not. Indeed, to thIs etolld triit. but rather to abow the eome of your f4eut" of the . III &III"'" to -- Wlcbtrom'. ettect. tt�bu 1I:Ph the true maD, "e ehOllld DOUce a rew aspects ' ctWlenp, Syh1& �D• •. jaIdor mlddJe-epd �blD. . ' . . . d a o s u e the -aested presence of 7 ltudent. 8bort. pudQ. q .a. a naloal la Roman d& trangers n can· dinner. She thoaPt tt would be edu- not arrec� hi, aecarlq. we aIIIIt .a:r.. Bot Dote mUit &leo be taken of eatJonal lt we plamted aD. affair pat-- <coorae of the eplDdly little 1... � .upport him, the eaJculaUnC bact· t.erned after tile old lIom&a pppere «roDlld to the careful sood·h--.. .. Ill. eyes, and the llharp HtUe bMk aDd �'cUd &I the ao..... 4i4." WhIte which gotJ«ell pronnder from the earth and saYII lIuch genial DOthInp eheeta could be 1Ieed. tor robes. and concerning a1lY1h1nc at ..U. There are a rreat many, Red·breuted Robina but a tale of one :w1l1 the ' South Ball lower lounp could be used" The hiltory of ch UsaUon euttlce as they are an very near.,. the 1 on a diet of worms, toot -torty· Alter leaTine Kh�where he student8 .hould be Just watUog to three counell (In "The Oatehing of Worms," ''The Preservation of plan eometlltnl llke tip.. worm�i ' Johnny Rea1 brought up the Idea ��s:" ' 'The �etlc . � . .!"lIO" ... _� ...- -::. � --. \�- ��'-� ��-=-��t.lflt:<�� -",:---'�'. - College Unlon lounge around tht! of the ""DIet of Wormsm pracUcal laraguace--;he �ed.latelY ec � s::! , e as nreplace. -"Sounds bomey, doesn't get married. Now, U all 1* robtna are �ear y U a ee it?" he laughed. It could be same it really made DO great dIfferen: wh1c one he to two ; d o e Frtday night with coffee (rom �e ...: �u:� � . an eetCoffee Shop �e d�W1l. Rita will make me a good, respectable wUe. ehe'll be # able to Two ot the ns up run my 'home reepectably and .be a COOd holtelS, IIbe'. nice looting in brought w:hy the tellows� don t �e But more and 1 guess I'll be able to put up with. her e1l1y singing leuone r s were they don have any her way. even. cbange her mind about them). I'm Ured of this tnsecur81 � t money, retailed. of(and ma)rbe or 'they have been l'. llke to lmow where my nat WOl'Dl Is comtrig �frQ!p.�_ _ _ ty. rls was un.a mo s mo the - SO be got maTrled and lIve4 secureIJ ever after unUHhe day be cUed, n m n a ng 81 asted that they would rather go to Thill wa. the whole Ufe ot Roiy Red-breasted GriffeD: 10metbJng tree on campus with a. . . . student than go to the Inte�o with I Permanenia' That Satlefy . . someone wh? �sn't from SChOOl. Hair Cqlorfng Con�l�tlo" . As .to being retased, W�nnle M1t�n '. . . , . remarked bhat there may be some .. .. special reason why a girl retused Members ot the Lady Lute. , other t:han the tad that. •he just , find out. "WiIlo's Bo.... wben they doe.n t want to go out with the tel· hold their annual Sweetheart Part.y I�w. But It not, would you be the this FrIday rught at 7 o'clock In the tYpe that, If given the job ot eell· ' h ot Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Knorr, Ing..Ji'uller Brushes, you would quit 12l11t Streel . It t ed away from the flret three They've Invited their h�sband. doors ? "You mUM seU yourself reg&rdlet18 of what situation you may along this tlme, too, 80 he can find come up agalnat, whetlher It should- o.l!!.. <as It he didn't know).






Lad, Lutes HoId SW th· rt s::n�Uth


be aopplylng tor a job or making Dr. Knorr, prote.sor of eoctology, 800d �Ial relaUons, " she conchft1- will ehow a marrtage lIertel mo.Tie,

ed: ..,. ' ·Many people 'bave lIucgeeted haT· lng a western Party. .John ·)lOOD ad· vocat.ed ·healthy, faculty ,poneored square dancine. ')laybe general mix· ens lUaJI. .. 'llbe lriIrb ,Wuher-womau and ·tlMI Bob7'Pohy eQuId be used., U you 11&... h....-.! pltler-patler I. the college illnton: M. t.· Dot rain, tJt is ping pong. The ·00,... froiD. lower campa., with LeI WIgen as spokesman, have put tn a ·reqU8llt tor a _I tabl •. Thl. probably 1I[ould help 1IOO''' .CO.dltIo.o, h""•• er; beca... IlIrla uoually are not too good at POOl. .JoAnne Bayne wondered, "Why can't we have a llpeclal dinner rught Uke they do .t "\W:Utwortb and at Washington State when everyone Is requJred to dress for 'dlhner. "If you do.'t take &d.a.I"«. o r the acU1'1tlea &Dd opportuniUes that


""Wilo'. Boss:" and will follow up the showing · with I19me comments which no doubt· will be veiled. Mrs. Knorr "9(111 be there all hostess the pot·luck. dJnBer meet.lnl". Program\lttee merpberll are the .Mesdamell Robe� �t.on, wn· lIam Carr. and WaJDa Be..... The wive. ot all PLC Ittudentll are invited to attend this meetlng and to bring along their husbands, to shoW"" them "Who'. Bolle."


Clov" Ciiek s,rviC. C.eek TEXACO ae,...,l.. Friendly, Depend.ble Service TIRES AND 8ATTERIEI SHOP SERVICE


::rt��: ::=���: �: !;��

: �:�: ��::'I:rvlce

GR. 3040

Jon ot Beverly Benson.

Stop III



for . DELUXE HAMBURGER Old .,....Ion I'teh .nd Chlpa ...







P.rk:!•n....""..... .

".n '."me will .... grow into

'd."mes . '

Orpen a-Savings Account NO W

o� _



.... •

.,",.. ...MIIA*- "101fT I.W IIC. Mia..,. "'"If cououno• • 'P'I


C E NTRE ' C L E A N E R S '

';n. JO SUMMEIIS . "Teke � look at yours�lf" . .

PHONE �R. 4111! ,


=! ; H� i : H�====:;:;::;===� - 1'�' p�I �T�.Rs/ i�c..

, �J81�: t

� g

II > .

Economical Prinring �nc:\ Lithc;>graRby , . . i . . , �': . A : Compleie Mo.dem 1facoin(l. ,


. '


:: . . ,.

P.rinti�!l. P{ant)� FlJ8t'e.r- r:;rowing Commfn1t�

1. 1 802 Pecific· Avenue

,;" .




".nih� '7100

- ,�---=-

kHP. the <*olr trip aHve and interesting Betore the tour he worD concerts, �rosram. hard a � d promoUonal matertal, and while Ob1 to"f me.tee a bfg contrlbutlon In

'n memberehlp; the. clarInet .eotlon h.. profIted- mOlt by the addItional player.. but other •.etlon. h a v e �g filled o� aleo. However, we �I II need oboe playe,.., and, etrange •• It may 'eem, we need at 'e. three buildInl cho!t aptrtL ClJmax1nc the day on tour Is the more trumpet or �rnet pi.,...... .nd � Pro- one French horn.


concert unde'r the direction of f8Nor 'a. J. Malmln. Mr. MUmtn 1. not only well Uked aa a dIfec::tor but Is also an enjoyabie pefaoDAlIty wIth the g r 0 u p. T.h8te to making the choir great."

The following . .. U.t ot the peo. pie who ,bave . joined the band, or are prepa.!1ng to .do 10, thl. Beme.ter: Twlla G1IUI, Joan Meyer, Oon. nle Thompson, Nancy Rlchanleon, Dorothy Plum. Roberta Jacobean, Ardy�e DanielIOD. Colleen Therrl. ault, Darlene �hwlndt, A u d r e y Rook, Norman ,McCulloqb, Ropr Weetber&". Grace ltn.cen, Dav. San.

choir will begin their toW\, will . take them- through Oell. tomta and. parts ot Oregon, on February 24th and will refurn to. PLC Dunnn, on March 11. The annual homecom- neMld, Dlct Barn�eli. AI Grace Podrall, and Tom Reev ... tng concert will be presented. Tbe dlrtcere electecl . by the memo , Bunda foUowi . y. March 18 In the berahlp are: Pre.lden!, Dave Knud. ' 1lI' C-1f.8•. . Tic.prealdent, Norman l1en; Joanne Bayne; chaplain, . ." • members include the to1. JoAnne Ba)'"De, K 1 r. l a m , John Reay, Dave Knudao�, Sandra Jacobs, Nova Lerum, IUeh. arcl HaIVOI'lOD,P'a1la Tranum.,,1IdJth Naeman, Don Ln_, Sharon Bacen. Annette Jensen, .JIarIanne Chrflten. een, Arlene K1Darea, o.laJ.d DQUe. LaVerne LeMe. Rot. WUU&mI, llric Jordahl• .Dave IUUelland. B.r·.Q. c e Amy, Goo..... Lon."., UIld Karlsen, Norma HolD... Jam.. GaDder, Norman . ".... JOb Baeber. Schirl Rickert. Don Brunner, &Dd Paul Lucky. The drum major " .Dar. rell Rumu....a IUiif" tb"-twtr\en are Allc. J..... a.d IoIlu7 KIna.



Saturd.y 1:00 a.m. to 3:$0 un. lunday 1:00 Lm. to '2:30 Lm. :I1tth .. P.clflc QR. 2211

�STR'cTr� U�D

���....�. .. �� � Jftirust ���t1:-v4lfi�" :"" "" ";� another pereonallty that "We. a':' happy to not. In Increue



...... ON

be a number of bandlm�n IOlnl t,:" Spokane to support the ballketball team &plnlt Wbt�ortb thl. weet.

"tops" with choir .o:tembel'll.

1 1 : 00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.


. .. � . . != .


M.... _ Tue.. _ w.... _ nura. ft,. a.m. to 12:10 LIft.


DlIl!n r-.,..

CM-8 and .. concert appearanee at Weetem State Ho.pltal February 11. Plan. tor "1he epriq Include ap­ .pei.ranee. at 'f'arlou. hip ICbook and a w..t'. tour ot Orecol\ and Waahin«ton. In �Uon. there will

ieIcI Gad .

p� .

TIt. PLC BIuld. Dder Ut. d:lJ"ec. lion � Gordon O. Otlbtrt.lon. bu been :&CU1'. reetlnt17 y1th ttl put1el. paUoa ta. the nablrallaUOD cere­ mom., held Febru&r7 10 in the


Thrift is of Your Educa on



Tn,yeU..lDl' t b ' . J'eaJ' with the Choir of ' the Weal ill their 8prtq tour II lin. E. C. ItDorr. wife of PLC', 8ocloJocy prof....,r. )Ira. Klatt'. role wtth Ule claolr 1. DOt pertOrmtD& l1I. eoncerta, bat raUler operform1nc tM lOb of "Choir )loth. Elr." lin. Knorr III e;,xperi,ncecI In thll trpe ot wOrt ud. enJoYi it a sTeat deal. She baa tra led lfith the choir tor four coneecuUve ye&rII.. Mrs. Kn�rr'. abtub' In UDderBtaJld. Ing ,.uy sltdatlon bas her

�a;t!I;�f-N;'ri«' I;

.!.��). ��

"I�;�:::: :!tU���7tz;n:�:'t :. ;.�:;


Knorr .Again . 'Band Expanch, ' ••.L_� Brail 0n Ch Olr · ' -T.O Ur "..u.1


-I A.R

- Dlnnel'l - '.hert oPel.,.. VII" Our HO.No.� _

The Best iIl' Donata

I�=+=:;:========!:===.========� \ . Open from 7:io' to 1:00

- I C A� .







� ._

,. 0'. . '. 0 ' D' 'T ' " IA . ' . WN 'V_

_D E. '



1 12111

" AIrport R....), _ PW!r A� .

COM)PliIE �. ·C�


l" , ' '.

_ _ ._

Mekings fo�:. �undey �iglit SuPPers , 'l. l l we.� d.y�o I ���. S,un·d8.ys , '. ' . '









Choir Departs Today . On 29th· Annual Tour

"Choir i.... <>i.. the W..t" will of Washington, Oregon and Gunnar J ., U"V".V':':' choir will nncI 19S I .


, I

churc:h mUIlc> clumC8 arrancementa of . f� m l \ l a r . .. byaiD!. . .I"� Varied Program Fea In the Dnt ....."" ..m .be on". ,of JOHD BebutIaD Baoh's'" VOLUME " PACIFIC LUTHERAN COLLEGE, areal Yorke. In Ita enttlet1, "J••u�' . . Prtc.feal Tte&MU'e.'J "OUr rit.lher," ' b7 . Gretehanlnoft, . of Uie modern .- . . ; I h , ompl.�tlii fliit I �� �f.'G; · � J� tJeSa('V I f'� =!� ·· ""I � C0.n S,-; · . .' To, open the lI�ond "lI!up �8 eholr dlvlde8 Into two croupe aDd slnl8' J�cob Handl'. :':A11elula." natJvlty number. follow ... "RoeMe, Born Toda,," by Healy WJUan, oon­ temperary C&n&dJ&D. composer. and clflc Falcon,· on ·ttti Falcion.hom, (Cont1nu�tt .on" pag� 4, col. 1) . . court. The game wlli be the de. ' , " . '� " More thoin 360 ,tudenls from S6 cldlng conteet to determine'whe Washington hIgh schools are com· "Food, fUn and frlvolltyh will be I will face the wlnn'er of the Whit· petIng here this weekend In the worth-Gonzaga ..rle.. -. the keynote for (bls year's Saga o S d Game tim,' " 8 p.m., but a lot Carnival. The annual arralr ta .cbed� �::: ':�:�d:�:n �;:rna " . of action wIll precede the game. uled for March. 18 and 17, Friday , - I, . n e PLC chap. Downtown Seattl, I, to be the an� Saturday. :; �t ��pr;: l The Saga Queen and King, a Debate topic for this tournament fresbmtln woman anti senior man, "Is-Resolved: that educational prlv wOI retgn , over this ailOuB) year- l1eges granted to veteraoe of the l'"'). book. bene�.t. A n l t � . Schnell and Korean War be &4:corde. d to -all th� t Gerda . Ne�aard. oo-chairmen , or lIuaUfled youth of the United Stales . • II-· the .alec,UoD and coronation, an_ of America. Many students are alao . DO�Cf ��t the:iC �,ro�.l:l� �n�_� takJb&�-p.ut In 1"!P,l1''''' ��u. . "",� ,,,�, �eld. l� tlIe CM8 on ,FrJ�lY DlghL te'inp, speaking on racial . It will be h1,hUghted by St.n Bore' lion and 1966 pollt:!cal iBsues. . • . eon, KING personalityI who wlll . Tournament director " Virginia play hIs'ac�rdlan and alDg between Thom.en. �rofeNOr Theod re O. .... Jon.. . . ROOMyelt preMnted an' excellent Karl " coordinator. Anita Schnell, Letterman'. Mln.trel Show .,erlormance of "The Vana!l�;' with Margaret Canl., and Tom 8wlnd· Saturday night la the nll'ht for 'and comprlae the atcerlng commit· .tlan YhOmpeon MHl'actreu: · tlJe IIInl�l.S�ow presented ,by tbe Kruznen aleo ·reee.vlnO f�Nt tee. · Letterman's Club. Jerry Bayne, let· pla�e'honon. -- Comm1tte� he}'dB are Connie Hus­ terman'l. choru. d1rector, baa only tad.. Janet Turman, Stu Gilbreath, "Casanova Jr." . the pia,. of· , one mlaa1vf�that a lot of hi. Topper " NelllOD and !!"om 'Reeves. matJc wrltJng will be Interested lil �7' 'FtabklJn Pteree. TIlfI pla7 · 81nae� will be !n KaDeR8 City. lIgJlt comed7 aDd aIIo pro:. . JudPnl the contestants will be hiJ'h "TV' .to Broa�way" Productions, a lOme winnen_ Jor JDdlnd1aa1 Construction of clU1Uval bootb.s .choot C(Nlchea and member. ot the new producing group. The firm was ... Head Now Cholr: "O 8 a c r e d Walkinl' off wtth I8CODd w1ll begin the pree�d1ng ..II'hurllday PLC debate .quad. 01'l'ao1184 .to present plays In the Wounded!' Directed by Oraci awarda were . Rlchard Smithe",enilll' In the' �um under The tournament Is scheduled to various fielda; fIrst, on .teleTillon· Podra&' � RollO. , the lupervilion of Dick DeJard1ne end .t 6:80 Salurday wIth the pre- and subHQ.uently. on the Broadway DutataDdiDg pJa,. wtuJ and Nlel Knrn. The 'old 8tandby­ �8. All events are aDd le�tJmate stage and/or films. 8ermon: RI.'n�Matt. 115:214 O u7aJlup BIl'b 8eboo1. y tIte 8enlor Spluh-wtll be In opere :::��O �h:>P:��: s Solo: '"I Walked'Today Where . ....!""·ted b P The. demand for ,Qualft7 d ...... " LoT. Tb7 Ne1i:hbor" ation aptn, 1.8 will Blue ' Key's Je.", Walked," Day�' Knutzen_ TV"" haa groWD tremendoully an orllllnal play wr.!tten .by . "aho.c:ker," the "darto" rames and Increuod d ic i P"" I '------,,-...,-"' 1 B.ndrlcbon" a PLC poad. the Vl:klng food booth. Lee Rose­ Olear 8. Lerman, who VV c,r.:er's 1 bere. prise BOllcltor" hu arranpd "TV to Broadway,"uys, tor many worthwhile and valuable Intention of our flJ:m. to rewardl. A recent meeUnc of IOCtolOBt etu· Sap. buslnell8 manaaer and c0- denta relulte4 In the formation of a ordinator for the whole event la Larry HeJm, ,who promIse. that-"lhll 78&1". cUnl� wUl be btuer and ,better thaD ever.

Ch - , .9· m ps. F. ace

Stan Boreson To High�i�ht Saga Carniva

C rO




Meet Here ' l �:�:�


A. :w, �,�� of tile Al_ -'"-

One-Act: Plays Are SucceSsJul·

;;: �


Students Form Sociolog, · elu"

Mrs. Ra;;'s.tad �oes East· for Alum Meet


Drama� Writers hlee.ded fo r TV



rS;;j;;�;;;;ij;;;l l







Friday, February

rrtd&7 durlDc the school year b1 the rrtudent. or �cltlc Luther.n Col1e«e -


s� 4\�'t � ';iIti«4u Ad

Moorillfl MIU'-


Page Two

Office : Stud�Dt Union

• ,

Telephone GR&nite 8SU

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Top O,.to�,.ChOHn



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Sabecrtptlon Price-$3.00 P&r year Currentl)' on .dlspl..,. tn the CUB -'-''- Is the lecond e bit of Itudent�art. EDITOR. __.._..._..._....... ___.... _..__. _..._..... .. .__.. _.WALTON BERTON Thil collection oo it _ _ na ta primarll7 C().EDITORS..,__.....-AONES HALLAN0El!. MIKE 01 Character palnUop. •

by Ginny Grahn

He hU been

and Here·


.'-" "'-' ." !=r� �!�:�=rf �� :� =I:;: �� :.:�·� � � � �: � � �he �tigma of it 'Uniform of

u s has IcquaJnlaDc•• , lri.nd., o r lo"ed o n..

our country', armed. torc...

DYtnc war-tim. this pmenta DO Ilrobl.lD. PAtrlotllrDl I'tlD8 h1«ti and the hlhla Inapp,. u1l1tonn Net.rb' .very ODe

1'"lnS In tl


liero. "Sut



tb. "sltulUon suddenly acen•.

rOt' lOme �r..aon our aenlce men and bo,. become 10w-crade crea· hu a .p1r1t·l1ke.. qlWJtJ"_ ln U. tUl'U, 1lnJ'e8pected, untrusted, and otten ta.ken ad"ant.ace of b, Di.rebaDta colorlq and 10ft ' bl'Ulh cbancea.

and c1Uuna In the cltlell In 'WhIch the, afa ,tatloned. I. thl. what we clvillani .antf Do wo" want our broth.", arid frl.nd. ecofted 'and .co ed ? 00 we want them tr.ated like anlmal. " of a herd, rather than Indlvld�.111 O'ur anlW.r"l1l "no," of course. We trust the boys who are our rela­ Una and trlend.:We know tht.t they ,,111 matnta.1n· their morality and standard. under aDY conditionS, becomlnc more the men tor the uperi·


..Oph.U.... b7 Jeuun. 8pencer,

pecia111« 18 · the quautJ" of the attn. Th. two "t'elrd companlolll the dark ·...eQround

IIlI' by Richard Rhea. of sh&dlDl creates . a mold.ed



In thel' faces. Thls.paintiq JI rem­ enee lbat they und.r«o an� endure. We knOW" that they dele�. the Inlac.nt ot Go1a's "Saturn n.TOUr. , In« BII Children." bt«best respect and regard wberever they ma, be. Our tellows don't have a cho'lce ot belon&1D1' or not lbeloripng. Th.y M:rrna NodtVedt'1 "FamIly are called upon at a vital time hi theIr lives to postpone and leaTe baa tip-rei upressed In prJmlttve Uon, ma.n1.age and famIllea, business ....ntures and all other lamillar .tyl • ..-hU. the eoloriD« II alter the triendly tin. I, thJs not enough! .The feelln,s of uncertainty and seCurity provld& enough streaa without our adding to the duress.

Naturally ther-e are bad egg. In the eervlce; any group Include. many human elementa. We might even find undeelrablee In our PLC group. tn moet cale.. however, the lervlce, a. college, II an educationa' and matlolring experlenc. At an,- rate, thIs sttUa"uon warrants objective and Christian thou«ht

�ea' 'I:. ""Or.eD

palette. of Van Gogh. Th. on1, 1andsc&pe on view wu created b, Nick Keldel'lllan of basketball tame. The , lubUe .hado... Inte..IUng lollege . n n Ught Sk b vu 01 eomber mood.

926� Broadway


Have You Ever Spun Dreai!'s? '

10 Man 'The Power '

aro und \ .


be a man, my 80n."

Ueves. the man deserJbed by Olltego Gos. How many have b e e n keenly set as the Selt Satisfied, The man Have you ever spun dreams? Bat tew could deny that they bave never aware of thes,e fabrications 0( our who auerta as good whateTer he

llved In & world ot ImaglnaUon, mind; of the boundless force and finds wlthl.n hlmaelt; oplnJons. pref. . Perhaps for one moment they may Influence they exert � man's ur�! erencea, taates. He no longer.makes

ha�e ai-denUy wished to be some- For In greater or leuer degree, each great deman:S upon htD:uielt; he bas J one else. somewbere else. d o l n g I of UI hal been endowed with the lost his spontaneity, and In his jg.

dent mar. ha"e yearned "� be a The though� we mold ; the dreams reached the�•. But I am en· «enlus; an Irate tanner may ' haTe w� 'wea"e ; the creaUons we may �ed an9 lIuIpired that In thls something elae. A� exasperated stu· ability to thInk, to dream, to, create, Dorance �ue,!es hIDiself to have

- longed to be In the legtlliatin sea· produce are In our Mnds, our re-. Society ot X&n there exists the In· alon. and a. cltlftn · ot the Paget spollllblllty. Han. yo� reallsed the d1?jdual who 111 dletlDct from sucb . rolbl... To h1J1l apply the words of Sound area m&7 hue dealred to be gravity ot" ....klDg In the w&rm. bright sun 01 Llghl ly' E....m.. ' . Fun..../(, .Oul of my •••• hung.r'



that If I were to gtve great dream. g�w.� Th!se dr� an Inherent part 01 human. nature. you anytblni< 01 n1uable natUre In are • "._I<. MtUng oR a chain re: i ADd nre17 It baa enrlched man, a ,our ytet m•• you would probably �cUo� p� a &0&1, a result The dull moment lD. our 11.,.... __' not d._troy, ruin or mlnae i -Yet dream.a � b! concentrated 10." You know"

wbJ" do we ..teem 10 llpUy, "aloe 1D&D7 chaaDeli i the ..Ith.tle ; phil· bofound Meaning ......, al;l fa,. froM 11m- so lltti.: the iImAte ...ets� that have oaopbtc, .c1�DWJC. uUUta.r1an. But . . , j been 11"e.n to us. �t : ban 70U it �ut be.united with fafth, so that � f'Il!:D' moment; we will .. dou �th . the power that 11.: In .t.n a ... .. be ltedfut, determlni4 ' 7OU! W � haye. been"' C1?ell the abJUty to Bow IIWl7 woald be.."CoDYtcted ot Locate&t at lOA Ifeodtowit , m.1aU8e � If ' we 'cou14 percei!e the �llCeI.••. that man m1&ht pro.per � 11. and Park Ave. . . ca,,� � JUD." JIllD4 "e .w0uJ4 Pl!fft.;�w !'"f'I have "e dI.. tortecl We parpoee. I behold lISe - pe� thoqhte, �.T. � Now I. thf ·Hour No;or II the hour tor ••II-ocruUny.' FU)viERS STELLA'S P"oUfttalf\ It • the MUOn .to prune and cut Flowe,.. for All Oeculo". away that ....hl h.Ja


1: " tI: RU'TR''S' \;Ar . t

But 0",.

" sar-B-Q Bur,geri

1:00 a.rn. to 11 p.m. Weei'" Da,.. Sunday: 1:00 ...... to 10:00 p.m. .



12173 Pacific Aye.\ (Foot of Gakl!ld)

QR. 7..., We �1I.,�r

"Han J Itrt.,..d enci1l&h'" �' I tra,ltion. '"It J.

-,. ,'

_ _ __ _ _ _ _ -,_ � �

Phone·MA. 4861

ulldlng a Wall' of .

' Ited to luch caprlcl,oul fancy and malice, aelttshnen: . thougbts that wishful thln.kl ng. Beyopd the casual. are driving man Into the mIserable amusll:lg, t b e y acquire profound state ot "rat." by Ruth Heino , meaning. We could cite InnumerEqually as tragJc Is bow mucb ea­ R.udyard Kipling once wrote the able examples : the weRry soldIer, lentf&! power Is 88 yet unused, u'u­ ianUtlar lines: "It you can dream the retormer. the dlctator-each bas developed, untouched. How many of and not make dreams your master, . a dream whlcb compels him to act. ue would be convicted of being yours is the worl\1, and everything Wben experiencing sorrow, despair, 'ulled Into a atate of lethargy: dor­ that's In It and wbat Is more, you'll a dream ot hope consoles and re- mant, atale. We would be similar to .




� :� �:r:'::!t: : :!: I !:===.====::::;==�=='---

and discussion. Our prayere, lIkewlae. should petlUon for our In the lobby; Js Larry Peterson's here and abroad. ChrisUans must speak out on thls l88ue. Who else will palntln«, "Bus S�p," an ' e:J:p�sbe conc'erned with tbe best Interests of this grouP. belittled 80 unneces· slonlst ...�rk ....lth tilt elongated.flg· . ..rUy and so readlly!"-Barb' Howard. merging - I.nto the ba.ckgro1d.

UawaU. SUch maiDA" seems to be.



hinderin, our e the hoor to queet.!on.

(!)anUnUM on._ �. eel 'l)


Protection _



., • ...... ""-



My· Famny·. ·F,,dure .




/.,., b� .'."'•• m� name fod.,i· •


• •


lust by signing !JOU1' name on a � Mutuil anee app�t you Can Pfovtde an eDduDog Wan 'of

love4 0DeI.. , What other form of 4lveltlDeDt can' ... . iDake with ,-such complete coaActenre? YOu, � teD .. �tJ · forty yearS fIOIJl tildayyoUr ute � piaI{;wIIl ' be .' AI .� -.: it II DoW. ' .. Let Lutberul llfutual bulId ill jUI& _ clay tile itiCurUy. it.mlght take yoU a � �. tD�;-,. .5 protectloD for your


":i�;;:;;;::;::;-;:=:;:;;;:�;;:=�=�;::;::; �

f"".:7��'-:-:-.... . : � i.=='===-::7""':-':....


10 :-:.1'

'; .. 0-'" .

, :::�-::--7:':":;'�:::":";:"3,-.���::;�t:::�::::���"':::�,....;."":"_4 �'�l ...:.. ,.,... .." .... -:� -

--''--- " I

Lute bu rge rs Give C PS l �d'i g est:i o n


S{Wet4 taa with Don Hall



'While the cat III &WILJ'. the mice do p.a7; and' 'Wb.ea. baU 1. turned, atri.n,e thins. do happen.' Tbl. I, Dot 'an attempt at ,prOte or poet..r)", just . lummatlon or the I.teat rull� paUed. b1 the k»cal dlatrict committee of the NaUon&1 Auoclatlon 6f JntereoUestate Athletics. The rullDg? Wen,-here It I,: Up until et,bt- d.,.. ..., the pro-

Luth�rans Drop .I;.ogge rs E�er9re:!N6:�ference ;: LEAOUE ITAND

Pet. .8&3

Lutheran .__.15

Whlt� ____.13

6 eeatlal Wub. ___11 Eutenl WUh. --- 8 -10 . . U. B. C_._--- .. . 7 U C. P. S. 14 ----.-.--.-.

e i�:;--;:-::-;;;:;-;;;-;-;��;;��i: ; �:�� ;:; �li�i:�;;; ! · Cage"";'Q' �Tlrp . '· '


PLC battle .... In the mak..I.q, � " eatt1li& tIM .....r orr' tor ....... . of the Itate'l more amblUOU cluk A m)M.ln&: na cilled: and the llirH meaWen decided th&t th. .,iiouJ4 be pIcked b)' Ii four team timldi.Uon '19u,rne,. between the tint and. second ,kce lCTerp'ee1l · Lel.CUe 'aDa t�o top 1Ddep'�eat teama. Thla opeD:eci the door10r StatUe Paciftc � WhItworth or Central to ,et In �Oll th ahow. A Ible'-d illoTe by ebr8wd people. Who ..... OD the COD:ua.1tteel CbatnDan w.. nOD-ToUo.& Leo Nlcholiob..-athleUc director at Central: Ken Fore'm.a.n. coach, seatUe Paclnc FalcoDe; Dr. Homer Alder, from Whltwortl:i, 'aDd John Helnrlck, tti.e old ere1 fox from CPS. I'm aUl1Ptlle4 dld 't Tote PLC oat of the p1&1.ortl. The1 can put more teaml Wt_eeli 118 and lti.Dau City but they O&D't take . .,. our 'billty to beat them. See 10U .t Seattle Pactflc Tuesday evell1l1C.




HumbUns the CoUace of Pupt Sound LoI,en, 88-78, la.t rulht at

the CPS fieldhouse, the migbt;, Lutherans' from .Parkland UDY eUe4 their .617 . NTJ' .. freshman center Chuck ourU. rammed. home 16 polDta b ·144 for the aetHwn's best 11I1Ile pme effort b,. . Lute cacer. In . conference 8 .3 9 finale for botb SQuad., ttie Yietory boosted PLC'. feeord to 154 tor 1 .....


" 1 e m to th. N 4 :4, ;:;�' .��:- t�W�"C7.te-:",�W:::U:<:.b2·,,-;<:.;....:-,,' ' £0 . �:;������AlA ".-"i����.����::.��:a,uv !:,�_:;;;. !� Der or th, EYercreen· Conference W'u to meet leading Independent team of lbl. dtllrlc.t"'In •. tW'o...out-of.three lerlel; the winner 10111& to th� tDurnamenL .. _ .M the ee&lOn pl'Op'ele8d, lt became , more obY1oWl that a Qonup.-

Into ' Confe·,ence. Cella��


• a





' 2"' 91"1-8 '..L


Whltworth ' defeatedC"entral


ith f I'f8 �' •b.� tO &ilI18��Olead w ut.. kone:. PLC puJled &head.. .. . 21.n, h , li% mInutes ,ode" by 'f1rloe it w the Eutern WuhlQ- of . Up.hi b1 pu.rd iloier [Tenon . ton CoUece Sa.,..... '1-82 tn an The LO"eri • i iLl n 'ar&bbed the UuiU r ...t IIondaJ' DJabt leAd oilty to had· Jack 'Blilitenan the Paelflc Lu.t.beraD. iWlab a -3�rooler to,-a -one jOliit cUDthed their UDdlapot- marsln. A ' free throw enDed th� eel claim for the 1.66- �erveell couat. but with f9ur I!eeoudi to &0






CODference balketbaU cro..n.

grabbed. 'a 43-40 balfUme lead. Ealter'D led 16·73 with 48 leeo da to 10, but c.ptaln Phil Noi'd.· quilt tied.. the coot wUh .. pair of rree- throWI. Center Chuck Curti. led the Glade with Z2 palata: fol· 10w8d by NOrdQ�t wit)! 20. lTenQn...c&.D.Ded. a Ihort push lhot to




falco'ns Unexpected . Tuesd�y "ig�t· .

AcUon mOTel to SeatU. TIle.daT nJaht .. the Pacific Luth�ll COD­ ference champion. take on the s. . .tUe PacWc Falcons to a Im.t. play-off to decide which tMm -play in the rectonal NiA1:A. ft­ nat week �ere at PLC.

73·56, lalt night to �tn

The winner of the Seattle Paclfic-PLC encounter will meet the nctor between GO�ga ' �nd Wliilworth fn-the PLC Om March 2, 3 , and. 6� City 'for �h� single ellmlp.ation toume, be­ tween 33 teams whlcli II held March ia..17. . One record whloh the Lutea are working on, I. that thu. far thle

FalconI are the 'l e e 0 n d Independent team· hi t.h1s � havins one _of their belt this year..The,. led (b;' . Anderaon, a , IcrapP1 guaid , ....ho I. currently ranked fourth- In the Northweat ecorina race. In J3 conteSts A.nd,raOD hu scored a-total or 426 potob ror an .Ttlrap of \ 18.6 co1in.ten per Center Ka:I: ked. 16 with a tot&1 of 1& ran ID 28 gamea for a 16.1 aTerese.


Thla winner goes to Kansaa

year they are undefeated. on their ho."e floor. Looking b�ck to laat year we ace that Phil Nordqul8t w•• named to the AII-Conference' flrat atrtng at a junior and that Jack alnderlOn was' placed on the .econd te.m. Also th" ye�r before Phil made the aecond .trlng during hla sophomore ��ar,

Pirates Sin kLutherans Twice In Spokane 77-6 1, 94-85

Game ttm.e baa �D teb.taU'f8l7 4 lIet for 8 p.m., to �' preceded by a­ . downton pep rally at 7· p.m. COacJi:

Sparked by center Marv Adams. the Whitworth Pirates sank the Pacific Lutheran Gladiators two in a row last weekend. 77 - 6 1 and 94-85. in a series· played in Spokane Fri<!ay and Sarurday. Adams' starring role was under the backboards where he grabbed rebounds with monotonous regularity.

PLC Au�S'" Take


Marr Barahman erpreaeed hLI .... priM' at the ch&D.ce whieb ' n. eeu1tates the Se&tUe Paciflc pme and atated that be bU; Dot beD I able to ..atch the �1lII tD .�I!-


Poor marksmanship In &1l depart· menta wal ' the Lutes' blS trouble, hltuog only 16 of 61 shota from the field and 31 or 47 free throW!.

Losing to the Fort Lewl. Chiefs, In Frtda7's ,_conteet. MarT Adams 85-48, the PLC All-Stan took ·Iee· ied. the Icoren with 29 countera 'ODd place ,In ilie Pieree CoUDty AAU with three Gladl to the double fig· I TournamenL The champlODihip Wt Urea: a . p.J'D8I'8d 1'1, I .'R;lehla",d!. ''ltaoli!"!I}�.�' Cbu� OUrt1 wu pla7ed at < Bolter JlIII10r Hla'h Pbll Nord4a1otlwltI. 11 and Roger '

School lut lIonda1 . ....ll1ns. . Th





heTSOn with 10.



Wuhluton/ wt Wubl


D pi " RKLAN �

!1-.'O tiut tho - f"'A»p,« haIld. ..ieril � tlJil__ Mtore , the P1rate�

.urpd. ab� �tlltthe �t two m1D=of. tIM' P.'D., Wb� a pair of Luth.'"'\'.'- throwa tIed, the . 811-81. Tho l?lrateo rall1ed for PiIDto Iii iii- 'iIiiil Di!fttM. boldl.. ,.. . ' .


. � dian for PLC .... " ... 8hort OrdeN � ... D:I""" . 14, .JaCk SlDdel'lOD and Chuck CUrH T 11. " '. er OO _1 tb'D.8tte4 It,-and J�' _ _ L-__

. V_ A. _ � N..: �_ Nr)_ U.,. P I!._ o.;...; _


. ,

wi.i.-1;';... _,BOoa · 1---

,3820 SoatII

Intra mu�al Basketball Starts Second ' , Of Schedule'with Lea'goe Changes .


...."R ILl .-".- � I:::. ��.

� 19c' " IUR��

F A S H t O N' ( L E A N E,I S

::I �::::: I ':::'':':� ': '':'':'::;'= ' ::'': :'' :'':= : ::'''= ' =-----�-:-:--;'-:-

. Det.rmlned to a..... the tan b. u,., Fo · Le s capra in check the tint half, but . . ' . � lb.e � a,quad -nou. ,nl&ht:• "'f . _ a oecoDd balf uprllll.. n.tted iii. rei11l11ed ' Satutda7 ...n1I1« with · Cblef. 64 polDta eompar<)d . to th. . re bustle and fin 0017 to 10.. With the' $tart .:t the ;"'on& ro�d of play in: the intram�al �.etan· . 21. Larry EI!"" � 1� 1ll a rold-MOd _. A total biskettiall scbidule: se 'Vttahbingea 'have hOe" made in the line-ups ",!Ulltere to 1..- th. loc&l · Q1I1lllOt, '01 ' 59 pOreilUi foul. caned. • Both t e a ID . of tlie twi> leagu... -n;e-COtton PickUs •and the, Campua Trotters I we to reprellent ...t.....- "A" L-crn , rt" 0-' Pierce coouil7 iii a toain.y wltb the A fter: 11 mlIlutN of play PLC . ' led bave moved up .... :f t9ii1 . .L _ ' "B" 'I..._ gue lOtO .UK'

two top _ f r o m ,South;'Ost t'b the wUialr of tb&t �Te1. to s.We jpr DttOii'.AAU n. W..teni nail _ 1-10. " ' .


lead.. "lUi � b�c�et hi 'center Bob

Thll I. the fI,... year the Glad. have gained undlaputed po.....lon of the conference crown. Laet yur they tied with Whitworth and In the precedlna .Ix yeal'l of the Evergreen Conference'. exlltence they have been .econd, four time.; third, once; and fourth, once. PLC h••' been In the etate NAIA play-off. eight out of the lut r:tlne ye...., .nd went to Kan... City In 1H1 where they we're defeated In the first raund and eliminated from the tournament. second place In' the conrerence race.


1lDk tb Lollen deep ln

Batui, then the lead lwitched �d' aedral Uib.ei before cPs .iitPd

Tt� '15-'16 at the eid of the fourth quarter, Uie i..otea aufied. &head In the overtime period to. capture that nctol'7 which wu neceuart to 'w n the leque champlonahi,. The fint balf ..... a ...aaw f)aWe We're'a U ptUng a touch of tbe tournament fever now that the Lutea ..hlch the ICOre changed haa.di bave clln-ched the league tIUe. Here are some facta on our team's past timel before the Lutherana recorda and the tournament Ichedule.

die, D



i>la�ing' Clo:ver C...k HaIl: which dropped into the lower league. T e trott.ere. received. .: eool '�elb into the ·i�'! � �whlll the' IIfJ1dOd .th... a 4� dar.t DlShL . Tom GllDier led tL� . with 18 polnca. .'NeOma d&- '





' ..


�!.:" � :: '

In "B" LealUe competliio�, the .Wlnd 'D.� Konday'. actioD.



,F.RiE PlCK-,",

, '-::' . ' .. 1Dto HCOnd; �tT 1DO!M lMatln& JO .�. • � hIP dat. ,IIfarIt _ J5 .,.lnca. Leo BowOlJl led _W�"' De.J�_ � 1ll aDOther.;. to a 3I-ZS. >lctol)' liIuten\ and 41'f1l1oD COQtelt wlU I; bJCh the Vlll&blI . 1I..ampecl ... the lIoDu. · . boncira ioI.. U; .Taeoma·• 6J,3i ,to retain th� liad.rebl 1ll 1 21 th.- "B" '1.Ncue. $Jlo�er Creek R8c1burC • . defeated the CIonr LoTera fI-U to 1 -

. .


� .. 'DEUYER-Y � ... �" . n-s,

.-:...... _

. , . .. ... .. ... ..:.. ........;. ...,t .... � r� ·�·r !""",

Hall :,



�, �


Ph �







one HA 3312' .




'The Power in Man' ,Jo hansen s A S W ; Choir Le�ves . Graduate Work ..... ' EI'ed B'0tt'em I-IIer ...�-� "ed' V. P :.I b I Ma de Avalla e -�-----"7'"

'a.. Fo_ u r_ F_ F b M-AS l ._ E_ T_ OR N C_ H_ T MO _ _ '_ _ _ _ _ r d_ . _ ._ ....'Y 24, .1151 _=-; •. .



(ConUnued !rOm pap I, col.


6) "iMarI.nIIed-Bong 01 1lar7." by Oarl AU&"Ut Flecher. Nut comea "Thy Kingdom CQme," by J e a D Berpr, t&mOlY tor hJ. "Brutl1an Pealm." The PowertuJ. Entrance Beene from GutaTe Schreck'lI "�d" ncl dee the group. tet ent Ko ," eo :a T AccordJng to ProfeallOr Malmln, hil choir 111 one of the f�w, and POSslbly the only. choir in America. today w h I e b IItnp: Peter Lutkin'lI "Nuc D1mlttlll�" LOng out �f Oriot, . by pbed copt,el are u �ed �eo� the cboir, wb,en learnJng th1.�.Belec-

Graduatln« studenle 1Dtereeted. in further study are !nnted. to attend the InternaUonal Graduate SChool tor EI1IUah'BpeaJd!I& atudenla at the University of Stockholm. Due to the continued euccesl of ita oneyear coursell, the UnIvenltty baa an· nounced that the Graduate Scbool, currently in its eieventh year, will .dmJt 4-5 etudents during 1956-57. . No l Fee


��� ��t � .. � � .;,. ����;:I� , " -' . nu,ally at PJ.,C for ewer ". deeade· �tUi7. Lutk.ln "!Vas head of , the lllc de-




�ent at Northw.elltern Un.t� sity UQ,tl1 .hIlI �eath ItOmfi yean ago.

Flna' Group

(Co.U.�ed l",m __ 2. ClOl. S) lor ••" CO.ceptiO.... ' • • . . .' " awake to Dew hO,P8ST" "Have I tried .. • 10 mat. Ufe more bea.Utul. more 'Next y."'. A,WS ortJcera .... , meantngful1 Or han I used �8 elected thl. week after .. rim�tt Alban . Qrelvn, allG • IOphomore. power as a detriment to . other. ? elecUo� held Tbunda7. The new ue.·. ICC Repreli"latlve Have I .perit Idle houn in 8xce811ve president of the PLC women 11 Salem, cla1m. the newly. escape, into . a world ot flL!lwy? a junior 'rom S. elected Ittter-Ciub CoUDCU repreHD. ... Have r I AWe, of tati,.. attle. an. ' my I Cathy's aecond-ln-command will Qther IIOpbomore: The penon reeffort be Carol Bottemlller, aleo • JW1lor, .aponalble f o r t h e' eocla1 acUvJty have I my In.nuence trom wbo hall. from Milwaukie, OreCOD. next fear is oAn to The gLrl selected to be bolder of �e Arl1naton. Wub. Soclal .chairman. pen and keeper of the minutes 111 111 an important poI1Uon, but Jobe worthwhile?" B l e e , a Iiophomore from Anne, � eo�bomore. II eater to try at 10 the Kennydale, WashIngton. Have we, �orlOtteo th , her �nd at k�Plna the women ¥ , . �· -c1aL .... · �'-�IA�.• ,,�"' .: _.: � �� h'!...�as � v!n d.t ..."..; ir.. . · , --- - ..,. -'...-' :---:-,iitt n ' �.t. Dar.e, w e' -=-!iW4L li:ild� .� ='f�.: t. � . . , hrbara Qron o Ii n e :.:. t :rear's to peglect thIs pOw'!!' t Qare we to. be tb� money-ebanger. �er. Job as pubUclty chaJrman: Putting, the aclrea . -. abuae Itt will !eep b�r busy. mall- UvlUell ot Uie A:WS' C!n the PLC map surer · Can we then apply the words of l og sure that the expenditures don't ",iii be her reaponalblllt7. Barbara KtpUng. to ounelves ! �re we war- exc� tho' receiPt.. Eether III troQl , III a 10phomore:from. BIlem, Oregon. thy of hIs WOrdll : "Y011l'l . Is the , ' , , t � Pa Tl � worid, and everything that's In It, WE IN TALL . .811,.. .. W.I ic . E and what Is more, �ou'll be 'a man; been

The nom1na1 $100 fee for the regu l lar course makel this one of lri .""� Ip · ti1D inWtii- �� o"uY


Cathy Johanaen, not gralPed that cannot know what can product until hal �n put forth? And then· reallied that may exte� throughout genera i n. or no further �t.-an mYlelf, and IIlIlI Vernl�. l an r ... JWlc l.<l!!'

enLi schokLrah1ps are Su available. - , . ' F1eki ' trlpa are an. Integra). part or the .cours.e.. and are deslgIH3d to students with many IIldes ot S�tsh Ufet Tbere a�e also excellent opportunities to participate all klnda 01 sporta and · to .njoy the privileges and ·entertalnment oraUon won second place In �All-Behool Oratorical Contest offered by the Swedish: Students held last week-Editors). Union.

Another well-Jmown aeieoeton the ti.nal . group la WlllaP'a "An :Apoalroph. lo the Heavenly Hos..." Others include "Chap Your Hands," bY...:.,the late_ F. ClirtsUanaen, the reno.J{ned Norwegian·America.o composer "i;Dd. ..J..0�der of the St. . Olaf chOir; ". wm Litt . Up Mine The 'Fllther 'Fell.J: Varela FellowEyes," by Wllllam C. Steer��, mod-- ship tor study In Cuba Is open to ern American writer; and "IIi ' Heav- American graduate stUdents. This en Above," Norwegian tolk hymn, for study at the University of ar:ranged by Chrlstiansen. Havana during 1956-67. Mrs. E. C. Knorr will ,accompany The a war d covers tuition and I The, PLC debate 8Q� Improved the group as Choir Mother. Terry most maintenance e:i':penSeB. The lh:elr record at the· · Portland rown ByeMelen and Doll Brunner, botti applicant must provide funds for Meeting, held last � 0 n d a y and choir members, w111 drive the blUe his own travel, and Incidentals. Can- Tuesday, by grabbing the syteep­ and whIte PLC bu",ea on the 3,600 dldatea In the fields of plilto"\ophy, stakes trophy tor the fleven� time mIle tour. Don also doubles &8 prexy Spanish and Spantah"Amerlean I1t- to nine years. The tournament.waa attended by o! the choir. Mslatlng him are vice- eratura, hi.tory, education, social 15 schools, e�b ach�l represented president Steve Brandt and secra- sciences, a"nd law are ·preferred. three speakers and a �oderator' by bOth a tary. 'Myrna Shelver. Steve acts as of thele More Inform tion on . .tvdent director as well. .HIs ·maln ' available In the -MOOring Malt Each speaker appea.rec) before nove t'nDction Ie to warm. up ihe 60 voices ottlce. audiences composed of high leb001, betore concer.ta... but he occasionally college, ·Rotary, KiWanis, clvlc group•. There were ·ten takes the conductor's etand alone. cast b e · C �ilk $,h"kes th. o e ba�ra. .

Cuban Award Offered


Motor Tun�p - Brake Service

QR. 3040


,Large. ,

8electlon of 41

. -. ReoOrU


P!l"kland' �

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Ander.... ae.. f"0derator


ne KnLlhfn.


Linoleum .. i e Forml� .. Cablnete in - PJ.umblng .. �OOflnll �OW ah.clH lectr : Venetian H"' RDWAlIE e r � § FL�� �.OVER'NQ K re A .. . - -- ,. --"- uwi: -OIYe 8ervlce """incr "ll QualitY" Phone QRanlte 3171 1 218t and Paclflo Avenue



Enjoy Tht "P LU S" Service



I ;:==:::::=:::==:::; PHONE GR. '"



. CENTRE CL,E A'H ERl " rlike



When yo� Want



look lit yourself"



1J4't4fJfN1 PRI NirE· RS, Inc.

Bookeelle, 'and atatJoner

Fast.. Eco"omical Pri"ti"g a"d Lithography . .




Gufield' Street

orecoil; DOreen ZUNke,


Of the .46 Places ·\possuile, p.I,.C PARKLAND CENTER won: 1st,. Tom Ree e·s; 2nd, stu � Gilbreath; 5th, 'Tom ·Swlndland ; beat 'moderator, Deyroi Anderson. , Booka This Is indeed an adintrable record. C. Fred Christensen According 10 Jon Erlcaon. ''Tbls Is the tlnest thhig- we do InI foren.alcs • •" an year!' BR N2 Paclflo Ave. " Tacoma, .Wah, The meeUng Ie under the cUnc' Uon of Mr. Frank Roberts, debate . -=::'--:_..... ...,.coach at Portland State.

- "1 "1



' Gil. tMI

M O I� r LJ A r� y ' P "I


Debate Squad YOU . 3:IN·1 TO imER SER� · EqUipment Heating Olle Heating standard Wins at Portland Heating Service


12tth & Pacific


1Thrift is Part of Your Edueatfo!, e.

'The "Children's Theatre," under direction of Er1c -Nordbolm, Is v••••.·--_ "King MId,"" to a .". . invited audience Maroh 6, 8

In the old SUB, wIth maUnee


: '

.. zeI_ �rI'"

,Apparel' �EATU,!f\,THE "'NUT"

.-'CIarlI.,tr It.'>


' GRlftl" IIt7

""liclalfd" W.....



1 1 80t Pllcific Ave"ue



pe,",o. ...",... .. . tor the "1ItUe ODeI." .. and Rod Buebore ""' "'" tor Georg. Bernard COo "ArmI and the 1I!&n," �hJch be ProdUced '!larch 9 and 10.

Dlnnera ;.. ahort Orde... --: VI.1t Our HOBNOII Room The 8ftt, in Donuts . Open from 7:30 to 8:00


A Complete Modern Printing , Plant ·in Tapoma's Fastest Growing Community

Children'. Theatre

- GRllnite

i .1 ,



_ • .. . _ . _ _ . _--....,-.

for ' NAtA Berth �.- . � " t,4{U

Dr. Hanson I0 "C9 n d


' " .�

p 'h ony ' Sym Howard &n.on will conduct Dr.

the 8eaWe Symphony on' oy,r cam­ pua March 16. ml perform&llce hez:e � be, an opportunity -tor all tp �! ��tlnt appearance In � r w Dr. HanlOD 1. world·famou. aa�.. • conductor/ composer and -xeneral promoter ot . cl&aIJcal mualc. He is the ,p1'891dent ot-the Eaatma� 8ch�l of MUIJo. ot whIch two of our facul· :ty are Welas and Mr. Fritts. Mr. Frltta Is now ,tudy­ JD8' there tor hi' doetor'. degree. Mr. Hanion '11 most l1kely the lTeateat American penonaUty ·' lD the field of music · and the mo.t -honored composer and educator. He has received doctor's degrees from fourteen colleges and unlversltle•. 'Three ot t h e . e degres were be­ stowed upon h1m by Lutheran col­ legell. He hfmlelt II a graduate ot a

!':!e:: �t!����:n:rl�:�: : Pulitzer.d�!lze In 1944


In 1944 -l1e....received . the Pulitser prlM! .tor one of the &everal 'IJIIl� Phou.les.� � :,::��:�In !� addJ. � ·lion to era! national al

Jb o


I n


� �:�:w� :t:l1e r:,�It:� s��s:

The enUre SeatUe Symphony has been engaged for the concert and '���: :; :: :a� � :: l 8 t � : S�o::: that the studenu and .people-ot coma wJll lupport the concert. R�.onable PricH The Uckets ha,!e been priced $2.00, which Js extremely'" able for such an ennt. Mr. is arlo appearing In SeaWe maJorlt.;r of Uck:ele for that are priced between $2.50

monoy." . Tlcketl for the concert may be purchaled' at the 'boko store or busln.1II ou'tce. BOlli students . and faculty ��U!'&ed'to attend.

. AI"' '''''.$.tf8es

G. " ShaW".'''Anns' '·"Arm. aDd th�� M:ai.-r-. : by Be� 81>&w, will: .bo, . next weekend, Much' . the CIlB.... Tb. jIaJ, A1p�' i>.....O...... Is 50 The


Gonzaga can field a mighty tall team !' s� Page 3, Colc4

'Fabul.ous Redhead' nct., -- y"': ���c;3� u -�e l :"'�L'� iiWHlaf�'�� .





... . .

� . --


.., Agnes Moorb�ad, one of tbe .tage's outstanding performers, the recipient of tbe International Acting- Awar'd; a tbru·time Academy Award nominee. and winner of the New York Critic<' Award. will appear next Tnesday nigbt at 8: 30· in tbe CoM- So

---The third of the Artist Series per· l<o'manc'''.. Ml .' .. ..oo...'ne••a wllJ. be Dr. John IF. Moorehead ot the Pres· b,-tertan cler",. Born 1n ' :oOeton. MallJ.i she resJ4ed tn WJscouln. and ·�ttended· . llusJdqum .College in New Concord. Ohio. At the Unlveralty ot .WI_consin. Miss Moorehead won her Malter'. degree In EDgUlh and pubUc' speak· .lng, along with leaching achool In Soldler's Grove and coachlDg the Jocal drama "club. After receiving her degree, abe left tor New York and the Academy of Dramatl�Arl8. FoUowlnc gradu­ ation 8h� tmmedlatel7 WOD stale success In several leadlDI 111&71. She joined Orson Well" u a reg­ ular member of his Mercury Play· en. In hli first L11m. '"CIUsen Kane," she waB well recei'Yed, and til thetT _ _ _ _ -, second fllm. "The .Jli.cnulcent Am· --'---' ....; ---' .;:.;.. ..,.. ties, and joined forces to put �getb· bersoD8," she. was nominated for the er II. compendium of drama, expreBl- Academy Award as weH as the New York Critlca' Award lor the ·beat ly tailored for Mias Moorhead. HlghUght of the 'Moorebead' lhow acueaa o( the year. memor· Sh�L ht.6 _ slnce ... been" nominated 'Wroug t�.!.tc.'deDi7:...�i-dB. U best v�':=-:-:-::-:� : -:::=--:::7..:::-:::==· I ;:, .� �::;=.� whlcb won her the ·a� eupPortJng acqe•• of the year-for line after leaving ____ , ,_ ...__ .__ of -a. naUon·wlde audience. her performances in "Mn, p'uklng· FaUs. Oregon. � which haa been on the alr elev- ton" and "Johnny Bellnd&." . . The aQbJect of was by demand.. . a l g .,------ 1 Is the daughter of the Rev. Siucl8nt C�n :;8 !t�;::rl�����:%· see �;o: �� first time since leaving FLO. Of 8unday, March 40JH course. Calltornla was also the tint O,vlne Wor.hlp, 11 a.m. Ume chains were required. "tor the Vocal .010: �'Beatltudee" - M .. busses and alao the f1r8t tlme Jt lotte__ By M .... R. W.�Lutne.. t D m t Sermon: "Wandering." w::e��� ;:: �fi�� ��e:e� ��:;, 11 :�� where they will compete In the 26th ' Coaches AssoclaUon Tour. Choir' �Lord- of Lla.(leJd Forensics tourna· )leI"b'e•••. DI. eeled bvI -rGo e e I;a',1 weekend wao held here ' Podratz. astounding success. Sponsored the PLC -chapter of Pi Kappa 5:00 p.m-I..8A Fellowlhlp lunch In Student Lounge. the e�ent Jncluded 375 stu. trom 40 Washlngton high 7:30 p.m.-Pre-Cornmunlon Illent meditation, Tower ... Chape:J. of · the Division A 8:00 p,m.-Commu,.},l.n ,Service, LENTEN SERVICE w a s Kent- Meridian Wednuday. March ?, 7: :30 p.m. Sermon: ...the Compuilion of the Cro.. Through It. Indlonttle.." There are ·many evenL8,. mOlt of Solo: "He Shall Feeil. Hli�FIOiIt"" contestants 'belng entered 1n -G. F. Handel. .By -Trudy Ober--' : �r · five. while Stu Gilbreath LIr�.,I�'�ugl.� R o b e r t .er. · rt; hi. IkIU ln .Is eTeDta. Thar" 1��.:!.�'��.1�:��!:�: �; (A): and Junior and aenior din.lon•• both men and. women. In oratol'1. aWry Debole--Dh1.1on B: Tie "King Mid.,- At < lemp;--�ervJ�w (job). In: 18JJJng• .o.ex flnt; Charles Bn�and Roger . . terpretaUve radln&. lnterprep,Un ·..-a..;,...:- f � Leed. Ed Faker and Jim Simms- K •"" ...-,. ""II•. " __ acting. atter-dlnner·""peul.lig con· all of st. Marttn'8'; Division A: Kart- The Ch11dren� Theatre.te: etailD. &aleamanlbJp, radJo. and. a · lyn SchUma<:h�r. and l!arll� ).a.m Charlotte B. C'IlorPennloa" "KiDS ihow. . mastetly sh�dlogs phere,� North Central. ' . _ . Midas And'tlI:e Golden Touch" nut beauUrul coloring and � Extem�DJvl8ton B: 'ROger Lead. week."; The Pertorinaacu IWU lbe itT­ tourni.ment luta unW ·con�l .ln , dltflc'!!t · pa88; St. Martin's. DI�sion'A": Tom ae£1! en �edD� eyentn,. lJI'arch !J.� . '\ . ..... ... Le�11 ,!Dd ClarJc tn Spou.e,e. . f 1 8 :30 ·P:m.: Thun4ay, ·Frtda7 · &ltd. Impr.omptu-PJ�on"'B.:- . G�l81 Satu�r .t. J.I �.�. ma�. · :� , Gayl. Hendr)clteon:WiU be Hen'" Bllel. St. MarUn'l. Dh1a1on -A: � bara.J:lader; �auu�. , fl./t �,... .ct�le . Al'len�H.lvor aa �" · lnt.rprett-' e-DtT !�1l B: � h�k Wlnnle.Mlttol,? " Lady M&r7-" K.� er. �� KartJn'.. Dlmlon �:�_� T�� -!' !PDI .. � � � _ Staley, Kennewick. . : .-;....W; .}=. DubaU .. Alcll].a. Pflrdiu. wtll be Ol"ltory--.I)bJaIon B:':.:"��� ,)a1M b7 .-,.j,.. .foll.,.n; � SL KortlD'o. DlTlllon- A: 1lo,'t\d'II&� !'t GI..... A...... . ed' Chol4.. '7 •... .' . ,,� 'n t'1 : : , \DArr. ....... t .' ' ban, Caahmere.

P':��:e;�::�! �r.:'i��';;�::'

Debaters Enter LinfiEtld Tourney-


.. � ' .

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... Two 'I

� :;:;;.., ;;:;;rc


p,._ ""orr l"ridaT 4_ IICbooI 7_ by the ot_.", of _ Loth...... Otf1oe: Itt1IdeaIt UnIOD Telephone OR&mte 8111







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Prle»-P.OO P8r1" JMr .


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. ..,

LAN mR, MIKE GRiFFElN FEATURE co.!lIlITORB__ .AGNIi:9.HALG SPO&TS EDITOR-.:_____.._.___•.._.__.._._.__...DON HALL .PAuL LUCKY _ .__ ..__ BUS� JUNAG_.______ � G IfANDT · ·.._ _ ___ _ _ AD KANAGBIL______.._ U E7rI' .. . . ________ r e l Dt Ad ·}fa.naa E Il.ACDONALD Aaatlta _ B _ _ __



� .Jj-.�


COPY tn'Aft'_COLLlilN lll TBmRlAULT. SYLVIA FONG. PAT Ol!lHRlNO _ CIRCULATION KANAOIllR-.. · _-----LOIB OUNDIIIRSON _ -_ �tJon Aulata.uta-___.PATr1 FINN. i1VELYN ERICSON Chrtat pya ·


� �IilR&-Belt7

a.,;nle•• 5,1.1& Morton.


Don KT&lIUD8. Btu Dave IlaDktD. Dan. Scherer. .S.,.6Il1Dgeon. Donna

Dol onalIT!

RIehl. Phtl

:'Sfuaents T(, PresenfSerious Lo,medY: Shaw Attacks Romantic Idealism




Ba$is for Progress

. l-<1&7 couep .lu· of··p...... by T .. Neiloon � ,� J Il l • ••Idom thlt I place I. found where �DatnacUon can bq1D a.ny clearing and leTtlUD,J' lIle, dO .. ...' " sround. Tht, presuppQaee tbat .b,.",oeaumoa la belna removed I, of leu Talue Falth; .. -_. to •..-old, ...d lb&n thai whleh will be builL aomethlna ' of wbleb we ,40 not .poak. U lbIo ta..., our CII1UIIaD faith)"", become nolblDs more than an emollonal anct'1lQ'ehololicaJ. � demonellDe IiolblDs CC!"lIT of .... .h I . oannol be C\u'IatI&DIIT. tor .


H1mHlt 'tor ttl. II thIa

" :::�fAS'"I�O�N­

. W. kilo."


. .�


by Agn.. Hall.nger In � �ri1liant �o,,:,�Y. -kim and the Man. Georg� Bernard S�w. Ul .� usual- mcwve .tyl•. has gatheftd the of his .

sa_ and WIt and through the mouths of the different characters aD. uclUnc

throw. them at , the often unsuspecting theatre·goer. Combined

C�Uca1 �

ea::' �": ��

plot, ShaW'a deep l · wlsht into the lack in DW1 pm,. . the author make. creat de. e' _ao ..... t to be o a p r o p e r respect tor reality ·mande o.n. �th aucl1ence and actor. 'We &lao sutter' makes this play. one of 'hie tIrat For the actor, the stase ettect de' we .� Ple&led wlth1n an unfavorable connoattempta at a '�pleasant" play, both penda not only on abol'e-average Y9Q mUlt Dot.J>e critical. You entertaining &nd provocati'f8. � but. in GSS', own D o tear dOWll th e ' C c makln;: us fooliah : tor 1 ••UItolm...eut(ertnC e Ar n ! n mean life to 11IT on the PLC ,tag. by an all-student of �4 which .uu seem Cyn.lcaU)' our prayer ehould be: Lord I I .cut. Co-d1rectors now working with perverse w·molt people, a.nd on STELLA'S FLOWERS UI weak that we might' be the playen are Myrna Berg a.nd good.humouredly contemptuous Itrona. Make UI fooll.h that we Flower. for All Occlilon. Rod Baaehore, both members of AI. profoundly plUful atUtude towards might be wise. Make u. poor that plJ.a Pal. Leads .in .the play wlll be etbJeal convenUons which seem to we might be rich. Make us nothing 12173. Pacific Ave. Oft. 74&3 l;loted by Arlene Bilker, Jerry 8tat. them valldly heroic or venerable," that we might be eolJ'ethlng. (Foot o� Oarfleld) We Deliver Warne Olson, Jo KJttelson, This must be achieved not only Alden ,McXechney, Henrietta Flske, . through "an' artIltUc beauty ot cuUon unattaInable wlthout long and Dianne Schryver. DONUT BAR DInner." The scene at Arm. and the Man and arduous pra.cUce," b u t a 1 8'0 " t e through t" r o Intellectual f �n Is J�d.1n �� the home of the wealthy Pettott falnlly, from whom y.hich Shaw's oomed!ell, to some the taiher hu been called to tight people, may nqt s86'm • e r i o U 8 In the war which in la18 188� was enough to call iorth. belog waged. with the 'Serblani. A.a But In its theme and underlying the play" opeIl8, the mother Informs purpole, Arms and the Man 18 a ser­ RaIna, her daughter, that the Bul. 10u8 and. general "onslaUCht on gartana haTe completely routed the JdeaUsm... To 8 h a .... Jd.tallam 11 Serbi in the BaWe or SUmba; "only . fiattering name'or ro....... 1 lea.dlogthe cavalry charge ba.4 been in'-pollUcs and morals , , • a Ralna'8 own "hero" and betroUiea. heresy to be swept oft from We-the food of modern Sergtus: and the bane of "modern Chocolate Cream Soldier But In the moments rollowlng, RaJD1L 1e&rIl8 the truth that Uea hind all "heroic Ideala," patrloUsm, and chi....lr1c waging or gloQoua . wars. In through her bedroom wln- Iclsm or uoreallst1c m o d e a 0 f dow cUmbs a bedranled. man in thought and conduct la an Interest. the uniform of a' Serbian artWery log subject on wbJch to apeculate. ottlcer; he 18, In reality, a Swla8 .As Goo]ge Beruard sum. it up, "the mercenary who Is neelog from the tragedY and comedy or life lie 1D pursuing: BuIgartans. Raina 18&I'1l8 the CODa8quenCell. aomet1mes ter­ supply or rtble. 80meUmea ludJcroua, of our . that Captain Bluntsch)1's he • carrlea persiatent attempts to round our in· chocolate creams, wbJch ' ammunl· atltuUons on the ideala suggested or fn ble holster in place a Saving8 llon. baa run ouL A 101dler, W.! to our .I.maglnatJOIl8 by our balf· 'WhY was he on the alde or the eatlefled paal1ona, 1natead. of OD. a . \ACI�OUllt NOW h1a­ natural 8c1enUfic _ pnu1ne17 on Serbs' '"Beca1ue they came flret the road .from SWitHrland..It ADd tory." (One ItlIttent bU iuUeited may be • erIi1cLOm 'Vpu. hi. crntcal acooul of til. BlorloUII that ,LSha w hIDiaetf. WIIai canllT cb&rp led by the hero. 8eJ'- cabl,. to ' " �1'). ..... • . stUI! . ' � . . � &UdJeuce : on to "the ftIPItf � eal. 1 o 4 ho romanti ' the r P81eUlT � • . . . PIa7. the the d ... prefIIce Wi' lot, RaIna, the Iowan come tam- � reac\ of the a better bUo.c flown. The nut two acta are th tilled with .._104 _ . and .... cIIaloIu. _� UIic:ou4OD ·. . , t:' LAIClWO _ Ie � Hou; . II8OOD4. keep awakel ' You d1a11lulonlD&' reye1aUou of cba.raoo ' ::-' -;:: ...: � w1U �rse C � . &1...,. DOt , ter, &Del IdMlL �4entaDT• . Iiiild- � Ia tIlo cliiit-.peiitOllll&ll . for GBS"a OWD polot 01 1'1.... ..... A_ ....... _ In thIa ..X�E.RT ·DRV:CLEANINQ pIaJ'. &I JD all � Sha....

techDJ.ca1 r:� :: �� :�� : :r::Dt�� :=:b�:�:e::��u�:�r:�t::

. L_...;:;:.:::s.:':;;'::L::::i:��:::_J

" ,

..... WWt;t!i • :.. . -•SewIIIg . ...... .... ...w.- v_ ,_ •




LQT Oir -AWII'IRLD vARlm, -r


."'" PU6ET souND ' ""� BANI ... -

OI!lE-DAV URVlca "









Phone' HA. 3311

��'· �"':f .at."

�;;:�:.:::.. -.._· :-..;��1¥..:::::::�:t:��, 1 PA�KLAND CE'!fER",i'


<\\�-� � A�

Thrift is Part of Your Education


PlCK·UP and ":: :� ,:=�:::�� �:�: ::! DELIVERY SERYlCE 1,----"----'"----,1 Parkland and Vicinity



GR.· ...;..


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__ __

Three senlon will make their final home .ppear&Dce In a PLC form thl8 weekend lUI' the Eter«reen Conference champion. take Qonsaga Bulldogs In & two-out-ot-three aerie•. fn the PUt fout Jean three have ctnD treel, of their Ume, eUom. and. .blllUel, to help Pacific LuthltI¥ Coller� lluU; u weU u the balktlball team. 10m.. thlD3 ...h1eb we u Itudente. faculty. or alumni well be proud. - )(�n .uc� .,. will !!"..,.- :'y - Nol'tlnrete .' &nd bATe reprelentatiYN .u� u theM fOr others to .. 8 and Judp U8 bT. AI Gubrud t. In 'hi! fovth leuon with the Lutea, ... are all uue. senlon. Hili lecond and third Tear. with the sqUad, AI 'W" a nl'Qlar iltarter;, WI year ''Oub" hu had to work d.urine the week aDd h&.a bot been able to de?Ote hi, full Ume to buketb&ll as be would Uk.. He baa been VltI'J' valuable to the team and 10U wlll see htm In aCUon tonlghL Jack Hoover Ie "Milter HuaUe" and baa three ,..ri' at hi, forward. spot. Watch Jack under the baaket tonight. be has the abWt7 to make leemJngb' lmpo8llble Ihotl. Jack. lupplles the pepper that pulla the'team throuah the touah spota and leans big shoes untUled. when he graduatel. Hoover wu ginn honorable menUon on lut year's all�nter­ ence team. Captain Phil NordQutst wlll be remembered many yearB tor his pl&:y here at.PLC. Ph11 was the Lute.' leadJng ecorer lut year and .. moul all-conterence choice. Coach Marv Harshman call. Phll, conliltent rebounder we.....e bad at PLC." lJe hu been the Iteadylng nuence tor the IQuad t.nd haa been a true ca'ptatn·1n every sense ot the word. HIs·lou will be a 'lenre one to the team.





In a talk with Coach Marv Harahman, he exprnaed hla appreciation at the way the .tudent body 'haa aupported the team, and It wa. quite a alght at-th� 8e.ttle Pacific game to aee two-thlriJa of the apectatore ...etand up and cheer" for PLC.

We heard QUIte a bit of talk Jast week about Loren An<leraon's abil­ Ity to 'fake and dribble. I think that he was outshone &t hil specialty ' TUesday night aa Lute Roger . Iverson lett several SPC -players lying on the fioOr groping tor their Wlleons. ... "......".



Don Ha!1

. Break1ng the .ame wide OE*l at the etart of the HCODd hAlf w'tth' a torrid ICOrtnl" 'pree, the Ola��n from PacifIc L u t h e r D. Oo�.. smothered. the SeatUe Paclfio Col­ lege .Fa1COD.l 81-63 lut TUllld ,. eYe­ ntuc In SeatUe (0 advance Into the District I, NAJA tInale agalnet Gon­ up Unlverelty. Startlng IIlowly. the L�te quiDlet tralled 11-16 at the lo-mlJiute mark as the 'Falcons kept the Glads pn the detenslve throughout the tint quarter. Up to We point SPC had. controlled both Oackbo&i-dl which denied the PLC cager. &Dy chance tor Up-Ina. With nlne.and ODe-ball minutes to play in the first ltansa: & tree throw by -center Chuck CurU. put the Lutes ahead 18 to 17. The 1-.4



·The Zags boast center Harry Wat· son, 6'3 .... who has scored In double figures In nearly all pme., aa well 6'3" forward Turner, a frosh. Also In actIon will be senior Bob Mttchel, 6'2", and Hetherington, 6'5" hlgb lcorer. Common opponent- to botb PLC and Gonza a tblll leallOn haa been Whitman; both teams ·beaUng the 80-66, and PLC,



CHATTER-Chuck curUs' 36 'POint effort against CPS Jut week came wtthln i polnta of Gene Lundgaard', PLC record. It Is the best Icore for a treebman pl&),,"er, however, anc) st&ndlJ(&l the hJghest eln&:le game total yet WI equabble

,.ear:The Whitworth'. Dr. Homer Alder etart· ed over the play�ff echedule .eem. to have tieen In vain aa hla Pirate. ch"ml,lo,,.hlp were aunk, 78-eO, by Gonzaga.

BOX &CORE . FO . FT Nordquist, t ____� 4 6 Hoover. f ' ____ __ 1 3 9 CnrUs, c _____ • :- ' 3 -Ivenon. g 6 8lndenon. g ____ 4 Van Beek, t ____ 1 R o .., 1 ______ 1

Pacific Lutheran


8eattle Pacific



Aubert. t __ "_"�""_"_"" Anderson. 0., f ___ Jerman. i! _____ AD.denon. L.. g ___ George, g _____ Manton, g _____ Robblna, g Mart1no. c _____ Hugh.., g ______ ToW.





J 1 3 4: •









8 o.

I 0.


to" oro.. In RuuI& theTro • photo of Perr7 -C 0.. 0 wltb. .. ""_, aa4 ir � .,;.-.

tul tho1'll

�: :��"


. TIM 'f1ctOry IiY. -PLC • JI.6 ftC> at; tar:, tor the Muon and. � them to ' tho, DDaI. 00_ to be hold Io!dPt"

oiIftll,.�. ....i!!!nj"�Io"I 'opI_PLC I7IL


GRenift. 7100 ".

Clashe& «;i th Eastern ' 7""" �=-�1TacoIita �� ; ifu;;Zr1iasketbillt - s�t�:nb �!'�l�;3�� ·: by Stew M,orton '4A:" unique ,

With Tacoma. Eastern bling for the league Eastern i\t -4 : 30 l09ms as ule. In , other le�gue games [0 k 8 e on at 3:.3 0; and DeJardlnes coillde • North Hall (3) at 4:30. , Tuesday the Mi.8slonarles won by forfeIt over" the '.Omegaa . and .the Villains dropped ·Western 43-39\ BUl Berentaon and Jim Gardner paced the V1UaJns with 17 and 16 points. respectively. Eastern "A" dumped the Cotton Pickers 52·41 •. 88 Russell Hause contributed 17 talUes for the losers. In Monday's action North (2) fell before Tacoma' and the Fac­ ulty drubbed the Clover Lovers•. 47 to 21. Gerry Redburg, Don May, and Ken Gjerde hit nrdouble figures in Tacoma's 43·31 victor while Gor· don Huesby was high for North Han with 13� 'Mark Salzman and Ma.rv Harshman score(i 39 points betw'een then rin the Faculty vic· tory: Games played 'February 23 saw ,North Hall (3) whlp North Hall '(2) l 66-33. �Je.rdines crushed the Cam· pus Trotters' ,86-�2, Eastern edged Johnson Annex 33-30, and Western beat the Monks 37-29. .- _ _ _________,


and the Missionaries all scrambetwetn Tacoma ' and the intramural sdledthis afternoon. the Cotton

:!� ;� �!:! :: ���::: .;�;;-�;;1' .--'-INTRAMURAL STANDINGS

(A. of Tueaday. February 28) "A" League Won Lo.t Tacoma _.................... _..� 9 ...... 8 Eastern (A) Missionaries .... .. ..... 8 Cotton Pickers ................ 6 Campus Trotters .. ........ I) North Hall (3) ........ ...... 4 DeJardlnea ..... _....... ... .. .. 4 Omegas .. .... ..._.... .. ..... _ 4 North Hall (2) ................ 3



CHAR� Beauty Salon

Blanche -Ll ngbloom . Qltc 7475 -1--4.''--0'''''.'. 8L


RICHFIELD·SERVICE Motor TunHp - Brake h!""lce GR. 3040 �arkland, Walh.


Largen 8ele'Qtlon of 45 r.p.m. . Record.

12t07 Pacific Ave.



llterature. h e r e a r e .. from a" very conte�Porary N�"h. Th�.e ,POem. are " y (J'l1 r. enjoyment. a In no let order. .poems, that'. all • . :


8 8




Some prImal ermIte knocked on wood"'_ \' . tasted it, and �oulld It good, . that Is why your ,9Ousln May Fell through the parlor noor today.

FIN.aT" Z"m. Laurlnat 40t Oarfleld at. GRanite 5317 'Parklanc;f, Wa.h.



at loA .���" 1112th .and p.rk Ave.

.Imonls�d both ot his parents. Initial expense," remarked. "Is Imme;nse, But I'll save It on wearauce and . (earance." •



9- 1 1 week days, 1 0-9 Sundays /.

\ Partdand CYCLE AND KEY


Makings for Sun ��y N!ght Supper.








1 1 2th (Airport Road) and Pan A.....

6 4 4 3 3 2

"Going once, go,ng twice, gone ! " IS the cry that will echo _ � the Low-er Lounge in South game. Here chance, fellows, to get your tor · whatever you are to pay. 'Brlng yourselves and money and call out your bIds to "auctloQeer'o' Janet Wigen. can compete to havei'our shoes pot. I,!hed, rooms .cleaned. can wuhed, socks d a r n e d. clothes mended, shirts w a s h e d and Ironed, and slacks pressed. Coffee and don wllr be BOld tor a dIme, too. Bee you in South Hall ar�er tile tame!





South , Hall Girls OHer Service.


noticed ' 80mething our scliool paper, namely, the , Interest in · llterature, both and Quoted. Not. to· be dU. not .to otter 8Ome and 1et re-


. .. ..

VJllalns ....... ___ ______ Faculty ·..... ..... WesteI:n Eastern (B) . ....... Clover Lovers .................. Clover Creek Hall ....... _. Monks '.......,........................ Johns,?D Annex . .............


Permanenta That Satiety Hair Coloring CQ ri.\.Iltation

. ...


2 2


srams for tha NAW.. witb Go.n&ap. You ca1l...8Upport the team o Uiell' way to Kanaaa CltT by buyln« . program from your Ite letter-wearer.' Tfpketa tor the Gonsaga. are now on sale at the pubUc reI. Uon. ofUce, Jolmeoo'. 8ton, and the Torf. Priee. are $1.25 for ' reserved (760 of t b e •. e), $1 for adult. and ,.76 for Itudenu. .

C (911;rn Coy 1


; ' ,..

lJ ."


.� ,...

'-: .


� and O�

'J I

------- - -------

L'u theran s On '- Way To, Ka nsas Ci-ty





Dr. H.anson To Dired: Seattl

. '<'�S ym:p�l1;o'fi�Y' " ilarch



been given an Impretelve number honon. _ He bu conducted most the leadlnc orchem.. In this try •• well a. in Earope. Dr. Hanson will beetn the day by Henrietta Flkae, Alden McKechney, Arle�e Baker, and Wayne Ol.en. 8peMIn& In chapel, .. f t e r which there will be .. lunCheon meetIng of the Northwest Alumni ot the Eastman School.

Once again the Pacific Lutheran College forensics �am came home with a truckload of hardware. The las.t trip, to the Linfield "Tournament of Champions," saw our squad win the Grand cue

"...--:..--:..---...:.-- 1 ' Stu Gllbream"'tUso� �k jun. place. in SenIor Men�s � temp. In

are the three- lWeepltaku including senior and

lor debate; the talent show trophy,

for the comic opera; congress




p h y.

off with

and woman's


G i lbreath

the senior men's

oratory award, Anita Schnel l


· I

Junior Women's Impromptu, Bette· lou MacDonald tied for 2nd. Oratory \u n d Ruth tor Senior Women t o H eino In 3rd place, · and ' Betty Lou Bronice tied tor 2nd In the Junior

prose, and Betty Lou Bronke ac· Deyr:)1 Anderson took 2nd in Ra. qulred the women's interview gold. ' dio Speak1 ng and a 3 rd I n JunJor nered the senior women's extemp

\Vomen's division.

i ;\len's I n t e r p. Virginia Thomsrn The winning record.of our learn took_second placo_ in Junior Womwas: DEBATE-Senior men, Stu en's After Dinner Speaking, and Mu Phi Hoat. Tea Gilbreath and To m Swindland, 2nd ; Niel Munson tied tor 3rd In Sales. After the afternoon concert there Senior women-Connie Hustad and manship, will be an informal tea In South A nita Schn�lI, 2nd; Junior menOur acho,o l can be jiJstly proud Hall with Mu Phi Epsilon, National Tom Reeves and Deyrol Anderson I , n t h a t Stu Gilbreath a n d Tom Music Sorority, acting as n",�••".",_ p"'d;' JUnlor_WOIneJL-:-Janet. Turman I ' Swindland received the flrat bid to At the tea Dr. Hanson will discuss aDd V , il'ginl Thom sen Betty LOU ' national de ate tournament present music education problems. aron e e and " aeUe ,au · M acDonald, attend The Seattle Symphony Concert, tie for 2nd; Llncoln-D.ouglas De· at West Point. Repreaentatl,!,e. from with Dr. Hanson conducting, will be t St u Gilbreath , -3rd ; Women' s C rs and Pacific U n iversity were at 8 : 30. The teatured work will be Con gress-Anita Schnell, 3rd, 011.0 cho.en. _ _ _ _ _ _ n's Dr_ H a n s o_ _ _ "Roman'Uc" symphony, the second ot his symphOD'•• He composed the - during the 50th anniversary ot the The Saga Carnival has finally ar· Friday evening. Marcb 16, w'1ll Boston Symphony, and It was per­ rived. Fun. trollcklng and foolish· feature several varied' activities. At formed for the tirst time In 1930, ness �itl reach their peak on March 8 p_m. the c.oronatlon program will Tickets tor the _ concert. may be 16 and 17, when this exciting event begin, at which time the king and purchased at the C o l I e g e Book wUI get underway_ The hum of ac· queen will be revealed, Following Store_ It is hO�d · that the students tlvlty can already be heard, thus the coronaUon, popular Stan ,BorewiU avail themselves the opportun· everyone that thJs year's SDn ot station KING In Seaitle will Hy of hearing tbts great American wUl be, as tn ..previous entertain. Afterwards all. of the compoaer and co-';1ductor. · e ntertaln1ng, exciting and brave and the stalwart wi llhead In thorol:Jgh}y enjoyablj .! the direction of the , for here, assembled under one roof, will be tound remnants of "The greatest Gordie strom (SpW'1l), SYI- sbow on earth." It Is certain that (.viking Club) , and. otb. t�e king and queen, along w1tJ;l hi· , I l�rlty and la�ghter, will ret.go supreme. ware.

ba e-


For the past rew years there has been a general desire to have, s fac­ ulty-student directory. TbJa project hu been undertaken by A:PO and Henrietta Flkse and Alden is again nearing-Its completion. Tbe Keebney will act In the supporting dlz:ctory Is In the form ot a small. roles of Raina's parents and Nicola. attractive booklet which conta ins ' the faithful tamlly servant, w1l1 be the Dame. and a ' dd'..... 01 the . and· an. atudeDu ; DOD-real· acted. by- Duane ScbQver:J- M y r n a Berg, assl�ed by Rod dent as well ,as resident. Bath home , and school addresses are included Much work has gone Into Its "mak up" by the members ot APO' in 01'-


Student COlIC)re«)cition Sunday, Ma ch 1 r 1 , 1 956 Divine Worship, 1 1 a.m. "The


Lord's Prayer,


Sermon : "Su rging"-J ohn 6 : 1 -5. Choir: "Give Ear to My Plead· Spence Aust.

ingot-Bach. Di rected by Grace PodraU.

6 : 00 00p _m.-LSA cost.r unch" �tu. dent lounge.

LENTEN SERVICEWednesday, March 14, 7 : 30 p.m.

Sermon: J'Th.e Compulalon of the G r





It. Forgive.

ne..." Special Music: Choir of the West

�!:::===========' I : :: �=:'::=::" :::::===�::::::'::::": Saga Fete Next Week; Frosh Present Variety




Saturday even1nc, March 17, the March 13. The couple polling the moat votes will be crowned king wut spOnsor a. s.&ow . Queen on FrIdAY evenJng. The called " FOOtllght VaneUes," .Every. . polling

c8n of the

next h1&hest .in the thing trom Il!1l8lcal numbers to pan. tom1l:qes wffi be featured.. Perform-

Saga Carn1val.

en wfU Include ·M a r d e l Bolland.

i ec

Basehore, ..wHl d r t the pJa.y, with Stan Elberson a8 advisor. AlDIia Pal Omega Is the sponsoring group. Committee b es d 8 are: bouse, Spurs; publicity, lA:w1 ZelJmer; pro­ rams, Bev SveningiJen ; atap: man· ager, Jon Solne ; eleetrJclan, ErIc Jordahl; properUea, RaJ Mentch ; costumes, AudreJ Muhr; mate-up, Mary Alice Drexel; and backdropj Roberta Blrkedahl.

Diredories Here Soon

Speech Team Takes Honors In Tourna men t o f Champions

The trophies now on display

an organ s o n a 1 a composed by George McKay. who is at on tbe faculty ot the music ment &t the U niversity of Washing­ ton and also Is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music. Also par­ ticipating In this arternoon's pro­ gram will be the PLC Band and Choir. The PLC Band will play a � number composed especially for band by Dr. Hanson.

Preseitt Shaw's - ",... ,' lag ,!.ai��l. .

In . t b I s light·hearted d r a m a. George Bernard Sbaw bas woven a deUghttul "thread ot ·Iaughter" Into a QuJte serioul tbeme, the need tor a reaUstic outlook In lite. Tbe anti­ thesis of this point of view and the object of Shaw's attack Is embodied In the girl Raina Petkott, tbe ideal­ Istic daugbt9l' in a wealthy Bulgar· family; she will be Interpreted Baker, As her tiance and


of Music at Roehetter wiD. be on campus on Match 16 and maeh has been planned. tor . tW. . day. Dr. Hanson is the greatest

Special Program

•• 1M6

an outstanding comedy in [hru acu, will be presented to the public by an all-student-cast this Friday and Saturday evening. March 9 and 10. at 8 ; 3 0 p,m, in tbe eMS, Admission is 50 cents for students, and 75 cen[s fOf adulu.

Lutberan eonege. Dr. JlaDIIOD, wbo I. director of the Eutman 8ebool

At '3 p.m. a apecial musical pro­ gram wlll be presented to which the public Is tnv:lted tree of charge. At this time Dr. ·H. Klyne Head1ey, rector ot· the CornJsh School of Arts,


�.�� kms and the Man,

can truly be 8atd to be

Hauon Day" at


Lutes Face Stiff Competition in KC See Sports, Chatter


Gloria Stokely, Patti Ahern, Jean WUloughby, At·ter this show the spotllgllt will again tocus on the gym_ As on day night, script will be sold at the .door so dirty money wo·n't have to be han-died during the act1vtties. Any donaUons tor the prUes (up to $500) wlll be accepted, of course that the donor them to the .gym. Any meI\lber ot the �tudent body wbo does not attend at IftUt one evenJog of Saga entertainment will be t r toe d for PenaPJ.ty 1f tound gullty: torfeiture ot-one cbap-' .el period, or 3 lOllipops, paJ.ble to the dean ot men. . attend Protessors WWo wi�h to must take the loyalty- oath, thus ,as· suring everyone that they are not, nor nenr were. members of the CPS facultJ.




l •

- --


der tbat it may bQ as accurate as possible. Since last year, the cost ot print-

ing has Increased cona1derab17 ID4 tor a time, the though't or publJsh. ing a directory was almost aban doned. BY soliciting advertisements, the pri ce has been brought down' to a level everyone can aetord. The directories wlll sell a1 40 cents per copy and w1ll be sold the CUB hi starting Monday, March 1-2. . a T he directory's good for many · thing,

like awattlng flies and addreAlng. Not to m�ntlon name. of teacher., Eligible gal., and futUre preacher .. SO don't delay, get I n the buying, Or you'll be one, left.C)ut and c�lng. � P, H,

¥ 1



"'.ge Two

THE MOORING. MAST Friday, M.rch t, 7.- Moor;." M...


4\& \. �..





' �

T0 Say

.� '1«-��· �' ""'bY

Jim Ol"

Gracioul and glamorou. Mill AI" or , . Dea Moorehead presented a program . MIt.1 l.terp..taUo. I. the . d....UC 01 . , �� Read the deacrtpUon ot the tol· Paul Gre«ory production, "T h & ,t 8 1l�rtptJo� Price--$3.00 per year lowlq man and gue.s who h� WU. Fabuloua Redhead," Marcb 6 In the "i ii -fo: iL = = = = = = = = = = = :::: :::: :: :::: :: ::W :: iL iro iN" iiE iiT ON ! He Is a �uge man and trtee to ap-· Cbapel.Muafc Speech auditorium. FEATURli:I CQ.EDlTORS_______.AGNm' HALLANGER. MIKE GRIFFEN pear more hU&e by over-eaUD«. He tty1e ntl , A capacity crowd ot PLC s the floor forcibly when he SPORTS EDITOR.._.__.________ . ._____........_.. . . __.._...._ _. .. . ____ .. ;._...._ ...DON HALL taculty, and trlends ap� WSI loa If he were ·an otficer of BUSINESS MANAGER.___..._._..___._..___......_......______-::-_.....PAUL LUCKY Moorehead through a a e r 1 e s of AD MANAGER....._··__··.._·..·· Middle Ages. In aplte of all this, _ _ .. __·_......__..._...___...._._.. __..______.DOUG MANDT works I by Brooke, Proust. Lardner, Assistant Ad :rttanager...... ..:_ .._____.....______._. _ .._._..BETTE MACDONALD head Js s�1l and delicate. H Thurber, the Blble, 'and her COpy STAFF..COLLEEN THERiAULT, SYLVIA FONG, PAT GEHRING 70'4 when he epea.b, Jng "S , CIRCULATION MANAGER.__ ._._-----..- '-"--"- ._.LOIS GUNDERSON you .n & eort voice .. If it were the O;enIq with a recipe from • Circulation Al!Jslstanta..._...._ ......... PATTI FINN, EVELYN ERICSON voice of a .dull. careful man. Wa . cookbOOk.and other ancient REPORTERS-Betty Lou BronIce. . Richie Heine, Dave banda are slender; .�e hands of Jaech, ' Don Kvamme, Stu Ph11 NordQ.uist. ht hintil', MIN Moorehead He .ahavea. h1a face, . Rankin, Dave Scherer, Bev

PtlbUahed evf1JC7 Frida7 ' dlll'lnc the acbool year by the "_.Ie or """,nc Luth..... 0011... · otftd!: 8tud.Dt Union 'I'elephone GRanite 81S1�

by aallm


::::�:� ;: ��-:.�.w� . ....i:-:i�=--...=-,:..�


,... �, :�

- - Schools Assume Dou C6U e g es Codd·'e · S t u d e n •• I· '

' �

by To'rc NelllOn

· There is no doubt" that the American school system is infer­ ior to the European with refer�nce ,to the. education ?f t e gifted child. We wonder why' we don t produce an Einstem or a . Schweitzer when the fact is th,at we never offer the ..opportunny f'o r s u c h individuals to develop, There Is an old Norwegtan saying midnight, then the epltomy ot mis­ which s t a t e s : "Den maa tldUg placed responslbll1Ues haa b e e n • krokes som god krok skal btl." (He reacbed. :has to be early bent wbo Is going Parcnt. to ge a good fishhook). A change has to be brought about

This applies to education as well. The fruita ot such training may not ripen until late, as ",&8 the case wIth Einstein, but It will never ripen It It lan't given ·the soU 1n which to grow. However, it Isn't only the kitted child who Is neglected, even the average high school s t u d e n t ia cheated out ot a good education be· cause he Is coddled. He 'is given every QPportunl� to be lazy and irresponsible by teachers who are trained' to maintain each stUdent at , a mediocre minimum. "Johnny wt!U adjusted," Is a cQmmon saying. In remember correctly trom Nor· wa" there were fewer 111 adjusted students back there, but many more conscientious and superior 0 n e s. They weren't "coddled" ; if you did· n't do your work well, you OUld C Just throw away your books and get & job at 1 4 years or age. I person· ally studied harder in my tlm--year in gymnaslum- (elghth grade) than I have at times In college. I. Now the Q.uestion Is raised: i. 10 pro.perlou., ao far ahead of other na n.. If the e u-

Why America Pro.perou.? Why America tio d

Mu.t Bc Reapon.lble

at borne, where parents mUJtt be taught responsibility to their chll· dran. Then we bave a chance to develop a publlc school system that will pay as much attention to the superior cblld as to the Inferior cillltL


By the ,time the stUdents reach high school, they can be _encouraged to higher achievement and more re­ sponsIbility by stricter requirements.

When publlc schools assume their obligation to develop each stUdent hls- ma.x1mum, we may expect stu· den'ts to come to college for a high. er education, not only to "get away trom home" or to shirk other reo sponsibllItIes. Then, perhaps, our colleges will become something else but glorltled high schools.

lr-�-----, When You

Want Booke

C. Fred Christensen

Bookaeller.. and Stationer .. . 932 Pacific Ave. BR. 4629 _

orry Wronll Number."

ten, and led b.r climu1n& portrait of MrI. Albert BJDJthe BteTeDher'. '''80 1' r J eo•. In LucWe Wroq Number, for '"blch .be ,..ndly� accl&1med.



AHend. Recept"'n


FoHowiJ:l& t4e performance )(JII Moorehead greeted. studentl and friend. at a 'coftee hour In South Hall. Here ehe commented on the five films' she has JUlt completed, her frIendship with Jerry Lewis, her trip over the p&sl from Wuhlngton ....:.. ..We gUded atu. IIdew&ys."

Momenta" and . some pubUc1tj plctur8s that would not make her l�k ·the 108year-old woman ahe W&II portral1ng. Thil, the thIrd tn the ArtIat Ser­ Ies, was e!lJoyed by a:l1 who attend·



ed and Mias Moorehead's congenial wit and sparlillng pereonaltty left a

lal!ltJng imprel!l8lon wIth pumc Lu·

He- Is -alw'ays reatlsl!I8 and he said that God Is angry with him cause he doesn't rest where he 11, N6 C n i t n Wearing an Empire Line gown of He has no conviction nor purpose, f m C tor his motto Is: He .. ter 10ve :� ��� c��:r c:� C::���d:: who dOCin't know whcre t 110. tirst portion ot her production' -Sometimes he pretends to be the a character sketch of Madame servant ot God, and sometimes the Swan, by Proust servant of his country, and someAtter intermission Miss Moorethe servant of_ his. king. But head returned with Lardner's 'Sonie country and kIng mean noth· Llke -'em - Cold,'.' _ a. collecUon of let­ him If they' don't serve him. faith In God Is a peculiar he doesn't believe In Chris· and does not believe In Love the humanltarJan prlpctp.les of Jesus. He has made himself God. and bas asserted that �i his decl. SiODS are divIne. He knowe: no love but the love of his tam�IY, but he destroyed the happl�ess Qf his own

o v c io Nor Purpo.e· gou f o

. FRYE'S RECORD SHOPPE Largelt Selection Of' 45 r...... Recc rds 128p7 Paclflo Ave.

:===========� STELLA'S FLOWERS

Flower. for All Occa.lon. OR. 7483 Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garfield) We Deliver �::.::.:::::: : :.:::::.: : ::= : :..:...=�=========�;:::= 12173

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Mn. White's Sewing

I II-------, 1 "Let Mc Solve Your Sewing


b===""==�=�,,;==�====,,! 1


DlnneN 8bort Ordere I, Vlalt o'ur . H08NO� Room The Bes( in Donu� Open from 7:$0 to 1:00



"CellI'" II . � �

.O.1� THI COCA-ColA �t:DMiAH't




WIth Don H O II _ ---. '--_ _..1 _ _ _ _ _ _ nsas City, home of stock:ra rds a.nd buketball toUrnamenla. We're eated primarUy In the IR't.ter right DOW, as our ETergreen Champion Lutheran! are knOCkJng on the door to na.tlon-wlde 'Already- {ated by the NAlA as fifth In tlie nation for �maU colleges tn defense, the ver­ saUle Lutes also boast a. league leading scoring aTerage thia year. Kanaaa City offen a challenge and a chance for u� to show the rest of the nation that Dot only are we � In elae and numbera, but alao tn ablllUes. I'm proud of our team, and. am �ure they will be a credk to PLC both on

Friday. M.�h 1,1He


Missouri bound. Coach Marv Harsliman. his 'I O·man basket­ ball t e a m. and manag<r Bob Marvonek all hustled aboard a I NliI,waluk,,. strumliner yesterday 2 p,m.. on .�ir National AssOCiation· l . ' i C' I �A l a't hlTourna� .J 1{';J\�) i!��� t� l! Mo"

. �" . :-=,� jI,

that . ' lot depend, o n the outcome o f the drawing for flrat opponent-, �hlch la very- true. '

the '"squad, 'wlll' ,t&7 State Hotel. A. "TIP-off. Ban· , at' 7 p.m, 9uqday wJll' etart off many acUviUes planned for ' th�

Coach MarT Harshman elated ' that this Is a much better balanced team than the one be took �the tourney in 1951. "Then we Jost had one scorer, Gene Lundnard," be sud, "and we relied mostly on defense. This year we've got an evenly balanced offenee; when one man Is cold, there Is another .to take over the 10&4."

parUclpatln& teama. The actual


Intramural sports are reaching a frensled stage a8 basketball neara tts season's end next Wedneaday with A petSsible Ue or two for flnt place In the otting. Director. Mark Sallman mentioned that the tree throw con. test w111 start this afternoon and that the schedules are now posted on . the bUlleUn boards.


Volleyball team registrations from the varloua dlstrlcta sbould be In by nert Thursday, March 15. 8.8 play will Blart the follOwing week. Sall. man announced that each district may have more than one team, and


Monday and eJght Dlort! for �..

day. After each £eam :haa pia7e4 once, 16 teams wUl be e!lmlnated.

9.8 a single deteat puts the team out

will play Friday evening. Saturday

varsity games. Some fact. about playera and team. Ing in the NAIA Tourney: Bob ReIgel of McNeese State College boasts a healthy 34.5 point average per game this year. Weat Tech hu

the finals are scheduled for 9:80 '


Wonderwho beat them? Nortlfwest Nazarene College, Nam­ a 13-5 pa; Idaho, has_the best team defensive record, UmlUng rIvals to an aveT'' age of 67 .21 points per game.

fana. Eight games are scheduled for

eight teams In the contest Thora· day the Quarter flnala between the remaln'leg teams will be played, Um­ Itlng the field to. tour ,teaml whloll

CHATTER-Manager Bob Marvonek has been with the varsIty cagers three years now, plus Olle year with the Jayvees. As well a.e takJng care of the equipment and players' JlIs, Bob Is the ortlclal PLC scorer at all

Virginia counter. per contut aa a team while sporting

play will take place In the Ka�... City .Municlpal Aul!1ltQrlum, a mod­ ern 15ports palace eeatlng 11,000

of the race. Wednesday eight more gamea will be played to determine th�' final

that each team should have at le.ut"nlne men on the roster. Teams will � use six men, and a .minimum of three may start a game.

"orcd an average of 102.7

Pa•• Ttu' •• .

Coach Harshman Takin g ' T�n Men To National Tournament

arid ott the court. . In talking to eome of the p,.yera before they, left, Lute Jeratad aummed' up the moat frequent reply' to my quer y about their reaction- to , the ,com Ing that


p.m. , Opponents for the first round of

play are, not chosen untl1 a Sunday

Lute Quintet Trounces Gonz�ga T " Twlce , 0 S weep r r.1ayoII Sen"es

night meeting between all parUci­ patlng coaches. Running concur­ rently with the tourney will � a clinic sponsored by the NAtA for tootban coaches plu. many meet,

, Ovecpowering),he Gonzaga Bulldogs 76-6 1 and .80-72. in a t·wo-6ut.of-three series here last weekend, the .Paciflc �utheran basketball team climaxed their m�t successful ,season 10 recent years by winning a berth, in the NAIA Tournament, to be held _


"-'. coming City. thi&.,


sweeping the first two games

n I g h t's contest the Zags were never a serious threat \s the Gladiators jumped to an early lead which they never lost.

Saturday night saw a'much closer b!LJI g�e, wlth.the l�d .cha,ng1pg hand. throughout the n... t halt ot

Ing. ot·the NAIA group..

wUl be the "Parade of Champions,"

a parade ot the 32 teams In colortul uniforms Monday evening after the attempts for a. hot 42.2% ,completed. flrat day's play, before the sporta The Zags m.eanwhile bIt 24 out of tans. 69 shots for a 3.... 8% average. The 10-man squad IncludelS Chuck Saturday nIght saw a closer and CUrtis, Al Oubrud, J a c k Hoover, more exciting battle 88 Roger Iverson; Lute J'erstad,-- NlcJ [' Ived .up--to their.-name'-68 thel'-hung Kelderman;' Phil Nordquist, DennJ. . on llke- bulldogs, not letting PLC Ross, Jack Sinderaon, and Jim Van ...... get a 'sate lead at any Ume. Beek. Neither team was able to get a The game wJU be recreated over lead substantia.l In the first half radIo by sta-tlon KTAC, Ume to be wIth PLC gain1ng a 39-38 , edge at announced In the papers. the-tntermlssioDT The second stanza

saw the Lutes get a !lve-polnt lead play. The second half was more onewhich they 'protected with ontstandsided, with the PLC squad maln· fng defensive play led by guard Jack <aIDIng a .mall iead during th. la.t Sindel'llon. In the tlnal 16 mlnul minutes of play. of play the Glads: netted 30 counters •• Freshman center Chuck " CurUs whil e holding Gonzaga to 18.polnts. set a new school record Friday evePLC again coIl'trolled the boards as he ,grabbed 23 rebounds to and Curtis garnered 27 points for previous best eUort of 22 ,bIgh point honors. Center Harry earUer In the year. Lute Ca'P" Watson led the Bulldogs with 18 also gathered In �l Dts, and proved to be the outto give PLC complete ' itAncl1ug performer for Oonzaa a on over both baaketa. Curtis both nights.

M'lss'lonar'les Lead Intramural Cagers "


BatUtniJ for the top l\lOt In the

ern and Tacoma sUll are tuck In the� for fim ·place. "A"


the Mlsalona'Hea, East-

nip' and

The MJsaSonarJea now have th tn­ DIi8 track. sporUn.« a 10-2 r'ecord Tacoma have wb1le ,



and 10-.3 Hcoldl, relpecUn17. · , had' time to pump tn 32 points Coach Marv Harshman's crew In the "B" League compeUtlon, lead all sco�' again proved themselves ez:cellent the Faculty continued. on their wiDmarksmen, hittlng 42.S% from· the mug ways by ' routing ' the Monu floor. and Go..... sanIt 38.2% 01 7s.30 last ·, The !'acuity, their, attempts.. who not Ion&' ago 'were 1D: the

_ durability. � resilient .,..... rilakea it an. . outstanding ball. Piicod at $11.40 a 3 for $Z.II5.

tyi :":yabil !Ougb.

1'I.I'rU. like

' popular' all SpoktiDg golf boIIo, ia:made with ' True.:TeIIIioD 'IriIidiIig for a bIg­

er.inoreactivep!De.TRU-PLITES cIo&e!> or

""" pricod at $9.00'. $2.25: , . 3 for


� "" "' I.



''P� . PR.I NTE RS, :Inc. .... .... .. -

-:- ... , ' , Fast, Ecoflomical Printmg and Lithography




' ,A ' Compl t�' Modem Printing J'lant in Tacoma's -/il18teit Growing Community .

, i 1802


One of'the tournament bfghUgbts


the Bulldogs, the Lutes I�rt no doubts In spectators minds 88 to which teams should represent Dis· trlct 1 In the annual tourney. [�_


'Pa"�ifjc' A�-:enue .

�Ran� 7100


;I&ee wi� & 11-4' record. The '

cellar ant


DOW but In the IJIlDl1cht of

second plaCe v�i?a are toUowtDc , I c1o.e17 with a 1004 record, plaelq them a b&U same ,b.ehIDd-the leacue -, ' , .... leaders. i ' In the T&como..North Hall (I) COIl­ test Pta78d Tueld.ay, Tacoma' bad a !lTO·polnt b'!l&o III !1Ie 'lo� Q1I&J'o ler, but ap a.ttempted .taU backtIred ,


:: �:: =J�;lo:� ����

wllln.... wlth'20 poIIlta,'foUowed. bT

(,Coiltlnued, o� pqe 't. cOL


,1 J •







P..age Four

Wo en Outnu mber M en,. 887 t0 806


Something to

Truste.� Meet to Discus.5 Problems

On .?iafeh 1 , the Board or TruaF1nal enroUment statistics (or the tees wUl hold their recular apring school year have just ·been 98ml-e.nnual meetIng. T h e y wIll released from the �g18trar'8 o�flce. meet in Dr. 8. C. EastTold's office of Mrs. lJnka Johnson. to dJaCUIS the varlou. matters of grand total, 1693. shows tbat admfnllrtnLtlng collep attura 8JJ.d outnumur women slightly dur- I&ler will mee� -the Bludent bod,. (or the school year, but summer cbapel sernes&. gives the females'" sllgbt the There are 18 membera to 806. In only the special. Board of Trustees representing the . and -part time categories three 8U� varioUi dlltrlcta of outnumber ml!D. porting 'fooda (ALe, ELC. and Austudents and the four gultana) along with the AlumnI As­ a largl!r number ot eocla.UoQ.. Dr. H. L. Fo•• .will caU women. The


n e r v 0 u 15 and reactionary thinking.


Who Waa It?

you know who i t was?


And do these Quallfications apply

to a. gree.tJ.eader?

' These were the Qualifications ot the strongest man ot the nln�teenth

century Euroll'e. who unified· Ger-

:.{�!���i!:W�l}; � i�r.:1If!;;�f!;�fut�

]i ia Impoaslble to predict or pro� .pheey about a lea.der betorehand. You cannot point to a child and Bismarck.

eay: "This cblld will become a leader," 1P spite ot your observation and


care ul study of bJs qua11fications,

c b 8. r a c t e r -and capablUties. The cliare.eleristlcs




unique, personal aDd individualistic

an� It 115 hard to define them until the leader Is in his oUlce or leaderabJp.

a leader Is ODe that requires anal,.: Tbe question of what constitutes

writing this article. the question came to my mind •• to why ruler.


thou�hL and refiecUoD. WhIle

8uch as Nero, 'Hltler, Napoleon and

them, who ruled Bismarck,

and many

others like

by blood and iro�,

should decide the destinies of many

w h i l e Socrates had to drink �e hemlock and John Huss na-tJoDs ;

was burned at the IIlake.



82 (179) ; junior clasB-112 to (.206 ; sophomore cJaaa-164 to


]15 to Grow" : Dr Alvin Rog-

(265) ;


president of' St. Paul Semln-



inspirational meeUng a.nd dis- of ·the junior class at Luther SemLauren Is treasurer and Jim will be tbe activiUes for to conclude the meeting Lokken Is secretary and Ecumenl-

win be beld on Saturday cal committee chairman. OUo Tollefson Is the new mana-

;; 1 �:::;::::::::::::.:::::::::::::::::::::; :: •


for a DELUXE HAMBURGER Old Falhlon .FIIIh and .Chlpe HomHaked Plea and o.k.. Full Fountain Servloe N TH " PACIFIC. TACOMA



3820 South Yakima



OPEN SUNDAYS Short Ortle,.. - Dlnnera




Parkland and Vicinity

HA. 3372

BR. 3211


. HOURS: " Mono Tun. - Wed. - Thura. 11:00 a.m. to 1 � :30 Lm_ "rtdo, 1 1 : 00 a.m to 2:00 a.m.


Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.

Sunday 9 : 00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

119th &.



GR. 3040

Laurinat's Apparel

"WE FEATURE THE FINEST" Zelma Laurlnat 409 aarfleld 8t. GRanite 5817 Parkland, WathA




8�ndard Heat�ng Olla H.otlng a.nilc•. ··

�eatlng EqUIPmen;

' Enjoy That 'jjPLVS" Service . MARV TOMM�I\VIK"

Gaifield Street

' . ..

..... .. .




Open ci Savings Account NO W •

Loc.ted at lOA FoOalown 112th and Park Ave.


Short Orden - Dinner. Fountain


Bar-B.-Q Burgers 35e

MAIN OFFIC' _ LINCOLN K STR'" - LAK;WOOD ...... , nDUA\. D",oi" �111;"""'CI

Home-made Pies 8:00 a.m. to 1 1 p.m. Week Day. SundaY :· 9:QO 10:00

....nOM _ no,aM. lU,.", '",.11




C E N T R E C lfA N E R S



GR. 2211


Thrift is Part of Your Education






· I.G.,A. i<,.






I'O.O D�e� •


Parkland, W..h.


RECORDS Magnavox Headquartere

121-23 Broadway



GIL ..-

dimes · in ' time will grow into

Motor Tune-up - Brake '-rvlce

::====: I

I.::===========l l ,.

61 (133) .


Milk Shak••





ger o! th O bOo · k oto re.__ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ..,

1t1th & Paclflo

grads-72 to

from- La u r e n

Believe" ; and Dr. OrvUle Bloom (Luther corr88POnd� via director of higher education Dave Wold) atates that Erv Severt80n has been e}&cted vice-president "To Believe Is to Build."



ber. in the following; senior class-

Grow be

who wIll speak on "To Be-

Stop In at


. Men have the advantage ot nu'm�

Three of the speakers will

To Believe la



_1 12fh (AIrport loadJ and 'cirk.A�eriUe. · -







Makingi' for' S nday Night ·Slipp.r� . �

9- 1 1 week .days, · 1 O�9 Su·nday.

LOWUl PRICfS ' ALWAYS .. ..;y � ....,.• . _d o. �·

"- �--�----�-

Sag a Co ron a i: i o n, Ca rn iva l Ton ig ht:


I 1\

Sunday evenIng at 8:00 the Choir of the West w1ll be teatured In con­ cert In the Chapel-Muslc-Speech au­ ditorium In their HomecomJDg can­ �1'It. The choir returned last Sun­ day aftp.r a tour ot 20 cities In Wash· Ington, Oregon and Ca1ttornia. \ Professor Gunnar J. MalmlD Is In bls l�' year as director ot the a capella choir; He t o o k over the

baton from Josepp. Edwards. fOUDd­ er or the ChoIr ot the �est. Malmln Is known In church music circles for his arrangem'ents and tor his own

compoeltIons' lnclUd1ng �e Christmall cantata. " Bethlehem. For SundaY'9 concert Malmln baa chosen a program which includes (Cont'nued 00 page 4, col. ..

LADY LUTES TUESDAY M<>mbers of Lady L_ will be guem .tn the home of Pretr1dent a� Mrs. S. C. Ea8tvold tor �1r moDo ing a at 8 p.m. ym I eet �Uesd r Dr. W ll fJh 0::0tion plotures .n ve a comm ry on a.' a trip to A1ask WiYe8 ot students automaUca1I � belong to Lady L�es. �nd are In· vlted to attend.


Student Council Piclc. Nominee.

'StadeDt council nominations for the 1966-57 student body officers were posted by student body �ecretary Donna Swanson la8't Wednes: day. PresidetrUal candidates are Wally Berton, Merle HanlOn and Ed Larry Lane and Dave Steen ar& In the running for vlee-presldent. ... Those seeking th8-ottlce ot eeeretary are Carol Bottemlller, Janet

EmlllOn and Helen Jordanger. Rounding out the lIet of candl· dat.&!s are Dave Knutson, Dun Lib-ner and ROle Goetz, hopefuls tor th ��=:': =t:::�:� m a y 'b e o ::,�;-::��v:�� �o°;'::::=:':. by a petttion ot 50 names. The pett·


Six fre:shmen women and five sen· lor men were nominated for the Saga crowns ot 1956. A district hon­ or awatt� the lucky paIr wbo poIt the highest number of votes tonight. The sophomore clas8 ,bas as their candidate tor Queen a cute blonde by the name or C..rolee Chlndgrcn_ Her home Is In Molalla, Oregon.

will rev resent. APO. San Jose. Call· fornla. claims her as a reslde'nt. Steve Brandt, king candld&te rep-­ resenting Old Main, Is acUve In ·many fields : KRK. APO, choIr. etc. This likeable gent calls Aberdeen his home. Richie Heinl, pre-s�m barber from North Hall, has been nominated by Marlene ' Elchmeier, representing the s6phomore class. Rich Is from 'h''''' ,,,I1 '''' Ivy Hall. Is from Vancouver. Wash. Albany, Oregon. and ·Is a tranater In the Saga royalty I are, I Strom, She Is a cute redliead (just ask 8tudent from Concordia College In lene Elehmeler, Carolee Chlndgren, and .sob Tlmm. . D. 1... ). Portland. • The Viking Club presents Sylvia From Berkeley, Cam.• Stew Mor· Fyylllng as theIr able candidate. ton has been honored by the fresh· ThIs t a I I, dark - haired fresh�an man class by being nominated tor · halls from Seattle. Saga king. Stew Js president of the , student congreiaUon and actin in many PLC acUvJtJes. His bome Is In Berkeley. Callf. Circle K desIres to see dark-eyed Gordy Strom, popular pre-med stu· 60 ned queen. dent. has been chosen · o represent J;:�:�:::. E. �':n ��� Mrs. Milton t Gunnar Malmin. Mr. e the Spurs. He hangs hili homburc C. Knorr, SUm. blue-eyed Lellee ROlenqulat In Everett. Wash. 111&. In spite of a brief with .the fio, the memberl enjoyed evf.fr1 overlooking the Rose BowJ. "The Bob Tlm"!., likeable ' man-a.boot­ � ho'me had three baths upstairs and mJnute ot the trip. • -:."2I.. campu/ • 'has been' p!clr.ed by 80ath Eight members telt ¢he change of was ,two houses from the, Gambelli .. March 18, 1956 Hall as their candidate for kin&,. weather and cOl;ltacted the fiu in ot Procter & Gambel." Divine Worahlp, 1 1 a.m. Bob. who Is a pre-dental .tudent, the northern p a r t ot CalHornla. Oon Neiaon t h o u g h t the San Special MUlle : Bob Hodgel claim, Ever.etl as hts home. Jerry Bayne extended hiS: vacation Franeisco concert o�t�ld anything, SerfJ'Qn: "Contemplating," Luke In the choir had done. "The choIr :26-38. a.nd spent several days In bed 1 . sounded better ·than at any time In Eureka with the virus. 6 p.m.-LSA Fellowlhip, lunch, Two freshmen who m a d e the the three years I have sung with i n nudent loung e. .. . jaunt were especially Impressed· them. Wedneaday, March 21 Teddy Gulhaugen thought that the Ken RoblnlOn � li e all the Call- 1 : 30 p.m.-Lenten Service. choir drew such marvelous crowds fornla members. enjoyed the beau· Special MUlle: The Ambauador Dr. Stanley... Hlgh. well k n. o w n and !I.he enjoyed vIsiting the many tHul California weather. Carolyn Quartet. writer who vlsrted P.LC WedDeeda.y� new churches. On the Ughter side, Ande�n, a good Washingtonian. w¥ Impressed witli the collele'a Sermon : "The Compu l .lon of the Peg ByIngton was excited with the also 'commented on the warm sun· growth and its physical .plant. Cro.. Through Ita Fredom." visit to Disneyland. shine. but at the !lame time oouldn't The senior eclltor of The Reader's Palm Sunday Sandy Jacobi was thrilled with forget the sand stornl' that ended Digest stated, "I am d e e p I y tm. Divine Worship, 1 1 a.m. the bus ride. She thinks that � was tbe picnic at Santa MonJca. Ken aDSpecial MUllc : JoAnn . H anlon pressed by the near mJracle which almost the' highlIght of the tH' p. preclated the grateful hospitality tbas taken place on Ole caDip� III and Dave Sannerud. LarlOn Like. Manllon extended to all the members by the 'the past decade." 6 p.m.-LSA Fe l lowlh l p lunch, Eddy LarlOn �njoYed bis stay in congrega.Uons and Carolyn can't .tudent lounge . Dr. HIgh continued, "or all the the beautiful mansion in Pasadena forget the breakfasts ! /' schools I have visited on Wa trip

U.. ppy, Ch orIs ° ters I W eary Bu t � IRet urn trom Cal IO t oro lO a T·rlo p


Returning horne after the two week tour the members of the Choir of the West had .many happy and eventful experiences to relate. The whirlwind tour saw �he members with directOr N�vig. and choir mother. visit miljor Cities in Washington. Oregon and Califor�

e-.� Con'I)'.... . ..-:-



Eger P I ayers F. ea

t: ·


d '



- 4

H ere A Pfl I


Gilltr.8ath Wins. A.... 6. Con••t

The Eger Players w�o will be Mr� Eger Is a 90h0lars�lp graduate here on April 4. will give a concert from Curtis Instltute ,n Phlla.delof rarely heard musle. It l� the only pbJa and a.lso did funtber study at . ensembl� of ·its kJnd In the world, -Tanglewood. Since 1�5�, Mr. Eger and 18 compoaed ot Joseph Eger,' baa been active tiiMlilio, televialon, trench. horn ; Gideon Grau, nolln· ana motion ple�ures, especla�1 with ; Jat; · Aar9n Shapinsky. ceIUst, and 20th Cent�-Fo�. and 88 a. soloist. G r a c· e 'Harg rin ton, pianiSt. Each He a 1 8 0 h a e �mposed for the member -Is recogn.1&ed . as an out� frencb {hom as well as making many standing eolohst on or her own musical �ements for horn, luatrument. In their programa they Grau Leacle Baltimore Group t�ture the french hom. with .piano, Old�n-Grau, TloUnlst. recent· violin, cello. play1l1& 00100, BOo \y a member of the Or-



many solo recitals as well 88 cham· ber groups. He was first cemst with L'eopold StokowskJ at the New York City Center. and later was a memo ber of �e NBC Symphony under Arturo ToscanJnt. He alao baa a� peared'8S tJrIrt cellist with .,the �� burgh Symphony under Frits Relrter and the Dallas SympbonJ\ under Antol DoratJ. In 19� and 1951. be toured with the Sadler's wen. Ballet. . . . � lI&rrIocton, pianist, � a ' Gra , L a . t Sotll!ira;r. · eftlllnc-at the ....... trIoo ud quartet In • nrlety ch....... baa ct- 0010 · redtal. In wmner of U.e PhIladelphia _ "TOp ot ib:� 0 c e . D," . •� OU: of C9m�lDatIoDL They Include In. NeW York. CleT� .n4l1net He PriH ot the · t -Ftmd ...aIk ed- up · ... .tIIe .�e"'. their _p&IIUI "orb fn>m Haydn Idbe leader of _ _ Cham- Conteot. She haa. 0I>P'!U"d u ooI!>podiu m can7In&- th.i colo... 01 tIIo" ud ll� to contemPorarY com- ·ber. .JI,\JIIlc sOcIei7 ,iiDoemlile, and lsi w1tIl u.. Po_ �""";" 01-

!Jon muat be' turned In .to Dave .. Wold by, 6 p.m. nut Tuesday. \ Cam�gning .will begin April 4, the Wednesday following Euter va· caUon, and will continue unUI Tuee· e18O!t10n day, AprJl 10. The will be April 11. with the final on April 12.




and CJe_d,



.I PLC IUId won the ___ , 1Iu atu4Ied _ m leru1 aDiI at cheotra ud tJie' NBC 8Jm�_ "tint place tropb)"' In· the · Un.. -Joaeph �� who Ja _the the ,J'1tWard School lll �"" Yort.: He .hl! ,won echola"';'l;' ,.,. ' nl� coft. Ana I 9pooch � Tll!a Ilo !:!M _ � .. a _lot lUld � PJene __ � i rom ·tIIe Jull� 1In' ''ep l_nc to U.e llUrDallOD- -.. P\II1<Ir UDder _ _ IIaiiteoIz. � 8teIn� aDd ---·Y -' . 'I • al oouloo\ w1!Lch InlOi_ U.e . tOll .. �, _berC.. 0rmIUI- GoOip, IjooIL . , � � of !ft!ol.o �'I!I-�; clJ. lI�cb.. Roda1n.U1 othere. �D �p1Dak7 :has t he eehool'. hl�h" hoMrL . TOUItJDuten In the worl4,




�Dd_ u, n d e r


���I�::� seen better bu1ldlngs and tl:-wlde 0n � na The i "' ;� � !:t.

f r g u :� �� for � �:a : on the cOntrlbutJon of tbeee schoo American way ot ute. .. to the .

It Dr �gh stated tbat he � w= \ ·with 1t:0 the clarity in : the � t \be CommeDtin

on hJs Tiett wi th


th y spoke ot



" speak:in& tn ' cbapel, atd.. " � �tIIJICiIa 'he I Jon

CoUec1us are 80 rwpDIDaIn. Tbe7 . oatch • w4� ,� ." halTJ' 'j ' • .00 DOIIIlng toni __ a _ wi.....-a. on the 'other -. " be . ' , � ...L � ' HIe 'WoId tIIOII coBep ....... ....

_ bo� ud _ 1Di.oNoiecI. . Beca UM of

mw..� .--.

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Moor;... Mal

Noh. from E....�u.1 Nun•• o

The Du..... to ·7 Th e R"19 ht DOW -;.�

E_TH R:P. " e _ G M-A-, M;OO TWO ---;;;-;_ T__ ;8;M:::. ld= ay� h '. Fr;. _ :;; ;I N ___ ___ _ . :::. . rc :::. :::.:: ••...: ,. :.= .. ;--:


PubU.hed eTery Friday durin. th




1e04 .. to ourU� io&I f . decroe. do.... and "WHh oar Door 'lrOrk. . -��.-Y. .......... U\HII .ept .. i.ct1Ti-U_ we are • Erlra. ounicula.r aoUTitlel tnelUde

Dear. PLC:

Here w e are, the two PLC clu8el baTIng our ttrsf get-tosetber, kind students of Pacific Lutheran � 0 (.i A short time from the stu- ot crowded. but loads of fun. The U . • otrlee : Student nion Telepho e GRanite 8611 � dents on this campus will go to the Jutdors JUBt got back trom' 8t.lfnD:. Sub9crl:ption Prlce-$3.00 per y ss polls and vote for the candtda:te ot all present and .accOunted for. Th.,.. ..... ........WALTON BERTON their choice tor iltudent·body om· reany liked Jt at Salem and almCHrt EDITOR. . .. ................... ._. . . .. .. ..._ . FEATURE CO·EDITORS. ._.. ._...AGNES H.A.LLANGER, MIKE GRUTEN cers for nen year. Before that day hated to teaTe there. We Just witnessed a very serious ................................_....... . ......._..DON HALL you will b8 exhorted to"Oet Out and SPORTS EDITOR ot BUSINESS MANAGER........... .......................... ...._.....PAUL LUCKY Vote! and a great number ot people ceremony.. The otticlal hangtq will exercise that · which we have ' the name ot the building that AD MANAGER. .. ........_.......... ........................ . _ ...DOUG MANDT Assistant Ad ·�Ianager..._... ..................._.:.. BETTE MACDONALD' learned to call "the CIUzen's Right." houses the Jun�or CIU8. U became COpy STAFF..COLLEEN THERIAULT, SYLVIA FUNG, PAT GEHRING And perhaps most wlll be aware at the. Delta rota Chi ,house. The sign" GUNDERSoN the significance which It bears with painted on cardboard, was hung by CIRCULATION MANAGER..... ._..................................... Circulation Asslstante....... ..... .... .. ..PATTI FINN. EVELYN ERICSON .regard to the opera.tlon ot the- col. Shirley Toepke over th� telephone REPORTERS-Betty Lou Br�mlce, SylVia Fong. Richie ¥ein8, Dave lege. with the " help of the heel of one Ja;ech. Don Knmme. Stu Morton, Dave . Nesvig, Phtl Nordquist, Pat . One might be ginn cause to won. green shoe. . . . • e v ven wan .! �ow Man),,,, af t�, .Pe.o- �1!pi� tor the new degree otau ������!!:� !�,�.;; ':"'::.::r::- � �er:L l?-9.'5!!.� � � ., � iJ.� "':,, '� �.���� E����!�: �� � -:








.. .. . . .



-Sa·mson W�she��Df;h��

Old .


. ""




For who then among us does not

ran in such a soft trap . . . we are like ants . . . we run a!ter the honey and we tan and sink ,into :lt.

Man has horns . . . hJs arrogance and pride, ,and the woman knows well'how to pull him by these horns. Have you ever tried to understand the woman? . . . you cannot . . . and . I ca�ot . . . r-....




Tbey caU ner the weak sex • • • an d the truth of the matter Is that .he " the atrong aex • , • ./ h t t ffectlonate · . d e p t a h ia dreaming · . I! a a h l , � :� �: �:'he hunted I e n . You undernand her better when. ever ¥ou view her Juat the �pposlte.

� :: �� �: ::: :: � ���� = :! ��� �:�� :�


·. 1




:::: :;! man's stomach leads :her to his hearL



She &)so invented jealousy to de. prlve man of his freedom . . . she.ts jealous ot both his mistresses and :his friend. 'ot his • , • and his books . . , and bis musical Instru· ments . . . she 'tries to sever his r4r 'lationsh:l� wtth bis triends . . . and it she taUs. she turts wtt.b them . . . She wants to lock the door behind . .h1m &8 he locked the door behind her . . . only in a eklllful manner. What made the woman use these secret meana? To this secret, there is<; a long atory . • . fA thousands years ago . • . the �man wu cheaper thaD. the slave. /'I:he Jew put �er with. b1a oatUe. BJd ordered the mother who gaTe �Irth ,to a girl to .ur1f7 ..twice . • or to lIght a �dle • • • and he wed to pray da1.l7, -T1D&:


=..:� .!:�.ith��=tIcu:: · """""'-

Nietacho-"""" to adriao iho IIWI .wlth.hlDj whon he . '..,


Ito talwlli.

h1I 'd aoes ·to; e�... • . ' Tho, ,. � :na .

' .1. ...4., . . t:

W�nt Boob



n:ed ChriSt�rise';

. -800_11.. :_ atatto..r � ,(\' !P( Paolflo Ave. . .... . : 8ft. ....



·�� yoU



. • •

T_ W.....


:��� PL��:::: �:;��� . �::�;-=;;'!:: :::::�i·���;:; I;!!I ��;.���:��: =� reveal tlhat many ot the voters bave As Iii'any ot the Juniora as ponlble h••� fro� artY�ne from achool that

r. pUling tJrrough Portland. \ little BOund basis tor their choice ot wi!} be there, too. , --Th, Emanuel PLC'Itea candidates, A g.,oo triend, or a nice ' The "Mooring Malt" I, alway. a guy. or even a friend's rriend ' la welcome eight around hero. It I, more apt to �lve a vote than the· about our only contact with PLC - person best Quauti,ed for the. posl· and It I, good to know .bout tho ' She was only a 11mb trom his tion. actlvltlet oven If we can't partlclLarge8t ••leotIon of 41 r.p.m. limbs . . . .�� fttoOrda The J)Qint ' ot all thle is the fact pato In them. Moat of ua are 'aOlng Freedom waa exclusive to man, thta there is' something I n the back· to tl')' to come up for the weekend, 12807 Pacific Av.. Parkland while the woman l,Ived under per.,,- ground of the election system with. of the Saga Carnival. It will be good cutlon and oppreaslon, and nothing out whidb .the "Cltizen's Right" has to be back on the campu, again. !"'ved her except her giving birth to little meaning. This I, the duty to The sophomores have been work· aol d�eu who prov ided ammunition right; which Is the uae of aome roC- lng' on the wards tor ,three weeks. for war. I son and d lacretlon In voting. We can We are all thrilled. wLth work!Ug HOURS: Was It then a revenge from her probably an remember trom High wJth the p'atleIJte and all like it Mon. - Tue.. - Wed. - Thu .... part that she became deceitful in School tha.t ,the tootball hero was very much. It seems good to be ge1:. 'Uloo un ;- to ,2:30 Lm. obtaining her rIghts ? always a cinch ro1r an ot!lce when tlng actual experience whIch wHl . ""!Illy No � It was 'rather noble of her Ite chose to run, and many m8:Y reo r-f---�-1 1 :00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. ' tor she has made a husband call the sltuation right in this et&.te ' Laurinat's Apparel out of a man and she kept him at a tew years ago when an unknown . Saturday "WE FEATURE THE FINEST" 9:00 a.m. to '3 :SO a.m. home that he might tend .to the wei· was elected to state office by a tare ot his children . . . and she large majority, apparently only beZ"'a Laurlnat Sunday forgave him hJs previous sins. 9:00 a�m. to 12:30 a.m. cause he bore the same name a'8 a 409 Garfield 8t. GRanito 5$1 7 The woman remaJned faithful to popular publlc figure from a tew' 119th 4 Pacific ' GR. 2211 Park lana, �a'h. her home until the peopl� around years betpre ·that time. When such o changed, er and dis· be­ she day e 8'PPee.r this as occurrences it p. \h covered that society had become a comes rather ,vldent that the vat· big tactory tighting with checks, in· era have ceased to ,take 1fhelr right vadIng her children a�d robbl� her seriously. and that they have neot �er tood • . . then she deserted gleeted their duty completely. her -home and went to the street to As this article Is jwrftten. the _ ' c . · � ., . fight aide by side with man . . . n�a of the candIdates tor the h f h c t , . / ow�e� ;:�s::I:c�a:e:;e�:r ::� :�� ��_�s ::(e:� th��o:' . , . she moved trom the slavery of tha.t 'bh1'8 w1ll not be ' viewed as ,the home to the slavery at the work· ema�t1ng r.r 0 m th� sUmulus of shop . . . names fn tha't Ust. When the list Is The house �'ecame v,acant, for Its made 'Public it Is sincerely hoped t O V a e r �! :o� �:: . der e t n , a rl �;':o �::� In hla amoking . . • his debauchery ::; �= :u :e

by Salim Mltrl

Poor lx?y . , . . He Is a goat with red tlr . . " and his beauty I s attributed to' him tals4r Iy . . . tor there Is nothlng.beaut1ful about him . , . and he knows this well . . . but he believed . . . belIeved . . . that he had tortured the girl and caused her sleepless nights , . . and dragged her behind him . . . the naughty boy . . The handsome boy was tr.apped and tumbled down . .

LSA, NI1I'HI Chorulli. bl-monthly �tlree.ldell. btrth· moTlee.' �UoW'.hJ day dlnbera. Ore�n -'State 9tudent NUl'888 A8JOC1at1on, and eludent body meeUD.p. KDJtUng ,MemI to be the tavorite paetttme .. r 0 u n d ·h e r e. Sixteen ot tbe twenty4.wo fSOphomc;»rea are, :working on eome ' kind of knltt1� Pt:Oject. We ar:e very p�ud of the PLC team, too . We .... nt .. them .�k�tball ito )mow that ....·11 be wl.� them the beet o( llck at the- NAlA. toorM· I ment...t �Cft.:r. ' 1 ' .




You are very handsome, �ir . . . in fact wonderful . . . speak more to me . . . your harsh....voice tickles me . . . Oh what a nasty teaser,'" . you make me run aft�r you . . . you make me sleepless . .

r... .





. . . . .. . . .. . ..

1 year lege



' I :===========� ' · LA I PARK ND XXX




:� :�:� ['°t: ;=: -:.�

�;'���� ��: :�: : �� :�: (Continued on page 4, col. !')

r27 � M� A �� E PE FECT




-N. Munson

TCH . . .


" � � A� . � . J1 -� . .�

'.J.;. �� II

- 'l.lEiI., 0- --:· Q.oe6'M, M,.




NordQulM., f ..._. ._.. . . 7 . 1 '_---t 1 6 Hoover. f __ _ 7 6 Curtis, c .... . _____ 3 IYenon. g . .. 1 . Sindereon. g . Appearing on the local sports. calendar«:J of events, will be the Van Beek ......____. ......__ 6 Sports Award Banquet, which 18 scheduled. to be beld in the college_din­ _ . .... 0 Kelderman ........ .. Ing ball April 11, at 1:30 p.m. A rull program has been planned, Including entert.a1nment, guest speakera. and the preaell't4ltion of awards to athletes. In talldng to Dave NenJg, the �T ______ organizing force behind the event, be mentioned. that __ 6 the purpose of the banquet was to give tbe student Schram. _ G.. g _____________ _ 7 body an opportunity to express their gratitude to the Talbert. ..._.. :. 3 Rl�. g . . college lettermen for their efforts In representing our Nleke.vleh - ------ -- , _ , echoonn the .various athletlc events. Bebrens ._._.., ...... ... .. 1 2 . _

Westem IDiDois Nosel Lates' Oat of NatioRai f. Basketball Competitioa


20 8



r�:��;::��:: : ::F�

flag. Th,..




Nosed o t 72-67 by a rangy Western Illinois basketball squad. the Pacific Lutheran Gladiators wet. eliminated from tbe N IA National Tournament last Wednesday afternoon in Kansas City. 12 The top ...ded Leathernecks controlled · both backboards to edge ' . �... 4 the Lutherans and advance .into tbe quarter fin�ls of the �:::.:=: -..:..-..:..------'.:.:: ---'� ::.: ===::::.= . =. 2W reco.u . ' . . tor t �f8,( EYere




r: The 1088 giTes PLC a. 'whlCl1 l1lac.e8 .ihe ". .. -� ':. t � � ;: � �·-:; p said th.:t he h.u 'aIM contacted several out. . ' . ' . stand1.I\g �figures in sporta from the Puget Sound area to. speak ", the nation. WWtern Illinois b&� all before the group. These statistics do not Incluc!e ,the gamea played. in the N� Tour- 10 playen back 'lIbla year from the .. .All varaity lettermen wIU be gueats of the student body; hOWeTeT. nament in Kansas Clt7. PLC played 29 ramee• wtnnlng 24 and 10000g '5• . teamthat placed thlrd In ·thIs same . d nta l tor a .828«-. tourney Jut aeuon.. The Leath8J'o to P urc� ··· � tckw·lts· The Prlce and- t�m t ' � � �� � . � HAYU � G roA. roM FG% PTA nJ.l. n% IU ,., I'TS Ave. necks average 6·feet, 3-1nchee. and " WU· lbe a ou e.... .-a.-I..r_ Pre.. tauo llbe mad. .to all....O �: IU re .. ... .. . U . ..... 28 s 141 . Cur .. 15.8 340 311 41.5 159 230 93 I 69.1 . H e.wa.rd. winners and trophies w1ll be presented to the various t'86ma. Not Iverson ....... .29 442 183 41.4 86 d3 73.3 62 . 63 429 14.8 boast an All . Amertc;n tn � only will the basketball and tootball teams of this school year be hon· NordQuist Lupe BriO!!. 29 274 125 45.6 169 120 71.0 281 81 370 12.8 ored. but also the track, baseball. golt and tennis SQuads from last epring Sinderson ..... 29 In the firSt halt Western mal� 66 68.0 135 252 100 39.7 97 9.2 266 61 talned a sUght edge. over PLC 1rith Hoover ..._ ....29 166 59 35.5 138 ' 86 ' 62.3 204 6& 204 7.0 the About this time each year speculation runs blgh as to the make-up Van pulling wtthtn 2 . pointe, k . ... 27 108 38 35.2 54 38 70.4 86 21 114 4.2 42.40,Lutes a.t IntermiIJ61c;m. The 'helght ot the all-conference basketball team. Each bas his own oplnlon-see RossSee ........... 112 ... 27 30. 82 74 32 43.2 4.1 48 58.5 85 vantage became more apparent In how this fits yours: Kelderman .. 28 104 32 30.8 79 36 45.6 94 39 100 3.6 ad th stanza as IUlnols increased ' Firat Team . Po.. Second Team Marsh ... . ..15 44 21 . 47.7 25 10 40.0 41 21 62 3. 6 theeirlast lead to 12 points with eight NordQuISt, P.L.C. ... ..._.. orward .f .... _........... Mc.Lwd, U.B.C. Gubrud .. . 26 72 19 26.4 24 16 66.7 57 36 64 2.1 minutes -to JO. PLC tougM back, but Brantner, Oentnll ..____. .torward ..................... Ox"'o8, Central Geldaker ...._ 10 50.0 10 j. 7°- ° 4: 11 1.1 were unable to c10ae the marz;l.n to 13 4: Adama. WhItworth __.______ cetl!teT..................:................... CurtJs, P.L.C. Jers'tad ......... 15 22 ..i 22.7 14 0.9 9 8 7 57_ 1 lese than five poJDta when the final Ivel'8On, P.L.C. ..._........_._..�._._...guard..._)... .._........_......... Stnderson, P.L.C. RodIn ....... ....19 A 16 13 0.7 gun sounded. 20.0 16.1 16 Theisgen, Whitworth ;.._...._.._--P&rd_.....__.. ......_..... Burkhart. Eastern Others . 00.0 25.0 Ii 1 0.2 Center Chuck Curt.fs high P. L. c ....... .. .29 1941 762 39.3 1020 657 64.4 53.2 2182 ru- lDlan tor the game with 20 talUes. The coming ot the four spring 8ports puts an increasing load on our Opponent. . .29 1798 606 3S.7 874 590 67.5 622 17e6 · 61.9 C ,h u c k Schra�, I1UnoJs center, small sports staft, with the burden a.lrea.dy plaOQd on too tew shoulders. was nen wtth 17. 'Schramm was the only man to leave the game TJa. per-­ It there are any ot you Mudentl who are experienced in sports writing eonal touls, �Ing out wfth eight and would Hke to share In the Joy of creating this page each week, you L minutes left hi the conteBt. may leave your name in the Mooring Mut orrdce In the C.U.B., or else YO' can contaot m. dlrecpy; at GRa�e 3890_ 9uarter.Final Round . � ou n A n.ld ot.32 play.... baa been uar. . rowed down to seTen In the table Crushing Soutb Dakota State 79-64 Tuesday in the first t.nnJo <ournam.nt .. pit, .otera . rourtd of the NAIA Tournament, the Pacific Lutheran Gladtators the quarter-li DaJ Ron Kittel plan moved inca the Second/round and face Western Illinois, the tour� Ferry S.ells. Art Nerhelm meets Bob '1ley;s' top seeded t.eam.7 Led by jump�shooti-':lg Roger Iv�rs?n, the RodJn and Dick Elm� tem ChanA' ( Lutes burst forth in the second half of tbelr encounter With the m Kim for the rtght to join Jerry Jack Rabbits with a \ �rrage of Larson In the eemI·f1oa.1s. In douBOX SCORE polnta to eUmlnate. South Dalrota play. the team ot Rich Hamlin. F: 7 T� bles P. L. C. trom com·petitlon. and Dave Hiatt 18 in front at the _ ... _ , .. . ... .. f NordQ.ulst et· Botb teams started slowly, g present. 2 9 r o �:�;:':;.� �:.:.;;I::��:�:�t=. �'::. ·/__:=::::::::=::=:::::l� �� ':.'::'�&�-::Ii _..-... -. but PLC was able to gain a ' 11·4 Iverson, g ............. Uon wUl Mart TueedaT and th&t , g...._ .. ..-... 8 17 lead atter six minutes ot play, wl!tJl Sinderson there is etill room tor a few teama _.........-.-..-......... ! fresbman ceIl'ter Chuck Curtis sup- Ross ...eek : In the 8cbed':lle. . the Glads' tlrst seven points. Van S ..._ . South Dakota whittled a.way at the ________28 23 79 Lute lead and went .Qhead 32·31 with Tota1s FT TP FG 17 seconds to go In the tlrst half South Dakota ThEsE 1956 Regjsrenrl Spalding with a pair ot tree throwe by center Wley, f _...._._._..... 4 5 13 1-2 2 Antoine, f .. � . . __ 5 TOP·FLITES. are the sweetest­ Kent Hyde. lvenon 'trled a des� 7 13 playing clubs in the book. Plenty ation s'hot as the gun 8Ouod«l but Hyde. c .________.. 3 11 of gollen are lowering their ball bounced away and South Sutton, g ... ..__..... _... .. 4: 8 handicaps with them. Eisenbraun, g' . __ .. 2 held the OIt&point half-tlme Scbrelber. B. ..:.: ..... 1 The secret? 1bey'reSYNcKRO­ Schreiber. C. __________ ° 22 DYNED. Oubs - scialI1ie4lJy Huska. _._.....:..._..... . 1 1 and eudly coordinDUd 10 $IIIin, _ful aIilt<_ Totals_.___._._.19 26 What's· more. these beauties one-banders· trom out- .----__--�_:_--, willsilly haDdsome and DeW 1ook­ the k.yhole. Aft.r e!ght mlnParkland ing. 1be irons feature a DeW and had .Iap.ed the Glad. led 48 to Thrift' is- Part of exd..... tough a\Ioy oteeI with CYCLE A'ND KEY 810wly 1ncrea8ed their lead high-polish finiIb that will � I! 26_showed on the clock -Your Educatio� ' BICYCLE RENTAL I and last. Jack Rabbitl bad pulled nin - I GRanite 5172 • G r d8 e 1»Q1Dts. at 71-62. How�� . :.� : lI: P. So The ".:" Spalding PAR. l=: and Jim Van Beelr; '-==== ::::�:::� 1't-lTfS,. olio 6oe-qUality clubo. Open a Savings same ....-tth .. pair of field ' a � pirice. 8reioffered at 7 . 8



�-�::.:r.�fiu-:;;�t.;.;";b";i-i,i;N;ftt;,;r�ii'i;i-'-.i"�t · -Scorifig --' " ,cSfatiSft����> �
















. .











p.T C W ins First Game I NAJA "" rney, 79-64 _




. .

=1 :=


. .. -....._..







. ._.•

The iroao olio loatureSpoIdinCI ..... touch a\Ioy oteeI ___ ,,!th higb-1JC)Iiob __ Ub the ,..... PL11'1!S, they'�ooId tbroucb Golf

Pro� "" .

.. .. -_ .. _ : ,


:: =�,:! ::; 18 coin.t.aa' 1n tbe eeoond

11. K.nt B;ycle

Ud Virp BUoy led ._

. . -




Sin4eNon n. nat with

�uth _ with 18 each.· .

Gu1ieI!L l!ti-*' _




. _

.Locatecf. at I� ...� , 112th and PAril Av,:

� ,,�_ � � .....,

, 8hort order..



- �..."

llome-iD-.,_FJS FOU�'"

.....:. -...

11 I?"""

Sundayc '·:00

dimes in time will grow· irito <




. W.",..�

..... ...

10:00 .......

4,ccount lfOW


THE MOORING MAlT Pale Four -Friday M III'Ch 11, 1_ � ---: -,::: '= . "":":":'=-

Don Ogoord Talks ' Choir Concert

, I't'y Hall Takes

To Sociology Club 'tt . TeUs_ ' A ' - L ' ' Spaking to �e 8oc!olorts'l8 nut by eJlgue TI e chorales March It. will be Don and Mondia1'. ohurch he cut"hl. hall"', and .he gradually Of eo fe r n e e By defeatIng North Hall (2), 61 es and o� ac-nt. a 1963 cn.duate PLC. . eluat IvY became a mletreea Instead of • 43, the MJeeJonarles hymns. Don'fs now enio1l¢ lUre UD1verand the family began "It W'8IB ObTlOU8 th&t the atudeDt:s Hall won tbe ",A" League CroWD, mother . -Blty of-WuhJngton- rradu.t.e eehool Bach Featured . The Win pye the M.I� of the large challenge were to eollapae. In the nrst group will of eoclaJ:aswork.s He will speak onl Pregnancy became dangeroua to higher education In the ELC and 610nartes a 13-2 -record. a game bet· beFeatured .chea ch" vuJousaodpect tor she works aU day . . . so haTe bett,er serute ot vocation in ter than second place Tacoma.. The greatone�rks, "Jesu, Priceless Bareaeal work &�era1. bave Faculty Tet . andTheon meeting to Dr. Villains and the ahe started to prevent pregnancy the· ELC colleges," w1l1 be held at 7:30 "Our Father," by Gr ch In North Hall lounge. Kuethe after returning share the "B" title ainee both . fin· ure," and to control birth . . . and Re!reshmeota .two-day c nfere ce at lJuther Col· ish'ed tbe see.son with 11.4 records. aruno!t. numbeT' of cblldren decreased.' and be served. Sociology T·he F'aculty. atter dismal etarrt. To 'open the second group the willothere A new order appeared . . . the or· lege In' Decorah. Iowa. Into two groups to attend. - tDtereeted are urged to marriage . . . mamage He also said that tliey were verj t its last 11 games to overhaul choir will 'Without license . . . without expense much intereeted in the coming mer- he Jacob Handel's "Alleluia." Two all <the way over....North natlvtty n\lmbere tollow "Hodle, Lutheran . . �thout borne . . . and without gar with tp,e 1 ...---------....:--. D O N U .T • A. R and had collected otter- Hall (2). �e cblldren . by WlIlan, an ' !' D !:l�� � Moe, jlnd Dinner. - Short Orderoe 7, . �.__...� Mat7,",bl.J)scber. E� �·� f-reed hers�LfrQl!\. Ing tbe n�'r� �ll;,'t.\l�e�_ <=211�� Ard� :-:"m.yVuj;:rio.lior�"w� -m ; ... CO gei..:lierwfit �Jtf. ...v;--;::� ,,::;, ���:r.� ';u' c..";;U�---..- . .... .--'.... ... ,. ':" ..."). ..... ,... - o '"-- ='' �� Wedn98day, �unson scored 18, M'oe Berger, and tb� entrance scene � The Best in . Donuts 800 Attend Mee.tlng was lett without heart . . . at pumped In 17, and Bervold 14 . Curt Scbreck:s "Advent Motet." The wo�an today ieI' eager to have There wer�1) Ope� 7:30 to 8:00 I dropped through 15 tor ' Choir I. Un', ue Dr. Kuethe was one ot Hovand busband-f 8be never torget tbe 1 -':'===========� also I�clud· NoI!tb Hall (2). tbe greatness ot motherbood. . . . the four speakers ! the � to Tht Satl.,)' . trom' ed Drs. Dahl, Rogness �d Hulme. Barnern (B) epurned theTbeClover Tbe modern man runs the few, ..pGsslbly he Permanent. Lov- choir Is oneInofAmerica Hair ColorIng ConaultaUon marr:lage for bis wite .offers him Campus pa'S'tors Gerhard Frost and Love!'!, 50·4.0, Wednesday. toda whicb nvthlng special , . . He has retired Robert Jenson conducted worship ers' Gabrielso� was top ecorer with only, cbolr Peter Lutkln's "Nun: Dimit· 'CHARM &ea , . uty.. Salon 16. . slngleship . . . He depended 68rvlces. p r In.t mlmeoUs." Long out • Hall (02) -handed Eastern on hie ever Jncrea.slng relationshIps Blanche Llngbloom At the banquet on Saturday a 'a r grapbed copies this used e plaque was given to bonor·Dr. J. (A) its secon etraight defeat Tues the w,blcb. saUCy his passions. O R. 7475 wben lea�lD the 413 Garfield "at. Tbe wbeel of oppression has come K. Prens and wife! Dr. D. B. day, 34·33. Elwood Weke, Wendel- by work, which .has bee sun an�uauy 1II';!!!:==========� the Lutheran stakkestad, and Wchard Schwindt back again crush the "great . Preus, as tounders ,tofhirty : � f PLC a Lutktn e. eca a years scored 11. 10 and 8 points, reepeC'- was. bead of tbe musIc department STELLA'S FLOWERS a.tudent movement mother' . . . band of tlvely, fort North HallTro(2).t Tacoma But the woman Is intel11gent . " The Lutber Symphonic i con. dumped he Campus ters, 53 to at Northwestern Ull'iverslty until Flower. for All Oco.alona She went out to the street. en. 100 pieces played a ba t from t bel 35, as botb fin1sbed tbeir sea· hl�d�!b som�1 �ears ago.. cert rte tered the scbool, read books, GR. 7443 12173 Pacific Ave. h the �l:a��::p ���;: ;�:;::�·1: ( Fo�t of Garfield) We Deliver ::;:6 :ll�� t!�:: e: Apostrophe :OO�� � :::�:i ��� :�: s:�:n���e:�rt a �::� ::�x!:� : � �:� Hosts." H�venly the by Galen Nuebaum with 1 3 Bnd with the zest of an obstinate and play, "Afraid In the Dark." 12. Eaat.. StOp In at , , VERN'S who garnered MayLeague· blIzzard Don cllma.x the persistent girl . . . wblle the man play Tuesday, "B" C t9..£pm &. struck which marooned -some stu. ernIn (B) sat Ured and yawning . . . 56-28. for a DELUXE HAMBURG ER clobbered the Monks, f'A P n rll i\ " T The men then awoke to find out dents on the Luther campus tor two Richie Chip. and Flah Fa.hlon Old 21 -points tor up Heins that t�lr world of old had changed days. Home-baked Plea and Cak.. Eastern (B) and Art. Nerbelm led ' and that half of the woman I. In Service ·the Monks w1tb 16.· Both tams had NINTHFull, "Fountain ,I... - '�'i the offices and the other half I. In PACIFIC; TACOMA t bule finding the ba:Bket In the the .Ieeplng room• . . . and .he ia . Annex Johnson Hall k Cree Clover going out to the atreet. atep by atep F A S H I O N clasb. suppreeeed a Clover . �"UNDRY SERVICE In fact .he la �eeo_mlng the �... seco d bal! rally by "the .annex to EXPERT DRY CLEANING In the long run only.the old pea- I 17-12 led ver l 27-26. wIn. pJe will etay 'bome washing dishes C L E A N E R S at tbe b�lf. I and clothes and drea.tjtl,ng 'a-bo"'ut C E N lRi · C1 E A N E R-S· FINAL STANDIN GS1 tt""I· Iil. Info to ..n ,wllo _ Yakima _.-L r "820 . cut ·lrlllf haJr. Won Loat ONE·OAY SERVIC'E "A" League � .3 MRS. JO SUMMERS 2 ...... .... .. ......... 13 I The'more I Wnk . . . .tbe Tacoma ............. ..... ... ........\12 3 PARKLAND CENTE'R becotae-' oonvtnced ·that the * * PHONE, GR. _ 6 . . Eutern (A) . . . .. ..:..... �O dId not atem from man's body but 8 Cotton P1c�e", .... 11mb of beT ,tha< m n I. r,::::=::::==:::: ===::===::= ::=::=� FREE PlCK.UP Not'Ith Hall (2) . .1 limbs babblIng the Ir (3) ...... �=!:��� s and 9 . ;LC�! I. w;:.: a::: ct:��!::U1��: SWEATERS for guys and gals!! 10 e o�� DEUVERY SERVICE �;:::I';...rt;:;�; .::.. . .. . 10 �b�:n�� '::f;.:�: u: :7; tians PLC and the Christians ot Parkland and Vicinity "B" League Won Loat the world. The famlly bas io be ro. F\lcutty .. . .... ........ ...............a1 &!ored and strengthened;. The .....11 .. .. . job at bome to an bas * * Western ..._.... . ..... ... ... 8 accomplJsh . . . Train your daugh­ stern (B) ...._.. . ... 6 Ea est ters to become fa:1thtul. Clover Creek Han .......... ... 6 "mothers" and not "lIi.istresses" . . . .... ........... 5 Clover them up acCOrdin8- to the Phone HA. 3372. Monks Lovers ... . ............. ..... ......... 4 Word of God . . . tor a nation's rise ... .. .. .. .. ... 2 Annex Jqhnso� 1s depen�nt u�n strong . beginning in the Home.

Ku O!t!� hi. paoanli1m and In the way

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M1ss:1onaries trio of �or.n Today,"







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of Johan SebasUan


the John a


contemporary co m

compositions poaers, famo'ls ·mullic ramlUar








( ContinUed from _e' I, COI. I)








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PLC . t


or over




meeting a




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more woman






.. _ . _.._ .

becollllng a









a .tremendous





Make your EASTER a



c til • E. "

· ..

... {) r: 0 . f t .. . � .. . . ;. . !. � f ;- . Q .. f· - 1

! ;S·



with Cards and Gifts' from

GR. S040

·� l ..






"D ':'





· .

_........_ _



. = . "...., -. " . ,


_... _._



'P� PRn �TER.S, Inc� , . Fast,

P.rinting and Lith�graphy - ,

A C.0"mplese, lrIcxf� P�ring. P.limt in T���n:4';f" .'



)..Fllftff,r Grdwipg COr71tl'i/mitij , . . tJ

1' 1' .02 P,acifec,Av.nJl.. ..:

',� •






".riit. 7 1 00 . \


Concert Band G oes On · Six-Day To ur

This afternoon the Pacific Lutheran College concert band. unde� the d�rection of Gordon O. Gilbertson, leaves on its six·day tour Of Onigon and Washington, Their first appearance will be . in �o'rtland this evening. ,Folfowtng th Is will ,be CODcerte Lebanon. and S a. I e m. and Lind Kerl90D. bar1O::loe. T·he closing numbe� on the pro­ band will again return Monday evening they gnLto 1'9 the powertul "Chorale and Castle Rock, Tuesday tn Alleluda," writlten eepecially tor and Wedne&day ai lIoeo- band by Howard 'Ha.naln, one ot Amertea.'s leading contemporvy .




<; eon�

March Dr.

played' by Jer;' Bayne. trumpet. pubH

Presidential Nommees · Give Their Views' VOL:UME





Saturday's Smoker. Stars Socks aDd Shocks

Hear ye! Hear ye! Fight fans everywhere ar� encooraged to reserve tomorrow night for a slam�bang event which is scheddled for the PLC gym. At 8 p. m. sharp tpe leather will starr flying and when it stops nobody Th} referee, Rev. Lutnes, was picked because of his greart to take punch-when .these pug!. li9ta fJtiLrt n-ingiog, even the firBl roW'. b8Joony, w1ft-bave to dUck. Jod,cei• . Mr.


The . two

('8eo Page Two)


Oleion, will � t'heir boo" .� _.."

Poll Results Sh w HospItable Re.ulta of the poll taken beat e hO t t e or f k "their room. available for vlaltlng group•• An overwhelming 257-58 vote make. it obvloua that the majority of student. wish to be . hoepitable. The two group. concerned are the Auguatana Synod Columbia !Conference Luther League and the regional 8�dent YMCA. The Augustan. leaouera, aboyt of them, will be �ere

:::: �� :::�� :: : �: :::




Old Mai ners an d Dates EnJ·oy CIndere IIa T � 0 I0 .

. •






will COll'SlfJt

'NIe eV.enJng of flgbts, 'With three one and mInute rounds per ftght. A taw ��. match '!'in &leo b9


�, wflh NUs� Joe ��n and Drop--klck GI�r takJng ·on .the .:..

cember 19 to January 3. l:::::::::::::��:::::::


:;.�:.:...:.:�ro�;v =.�= Firs t Spor ts A ward Banquet 1"98traln from an,rohing ' larger than poi> bottle i_ tile p ' ' a.ys Tr10 bu· te to' Athie tes CINDERELLA'S . here are' tho committee. ' Dr. Pepper wIll be band, April Old Main Tolo. InJront, left to right, are: Ordetta Bechtel, Bev ' . however. in case anything gets out A PLC "first" in the form of the First Annual Sports Awards Swanson, and Eather Elllckaon. Back row. left to right: Janet Cheatey, of b&pd. Banquet, wil� beheld to honor all varsity athletes next Wednesday Lorelle Hefty, Teddy Guihaugen. JoAnne Knlltaon, Sheila Cumming.. �programs wil · be banded ou at 7 : f5 p.m. in the CUB. The inaugural event will be spons<xed Barbara Gron �e, and Twlla GiIIl.. at .the door and will I luae the by the Associated Students of PLC. . Tonight seventy�five couples. chaperones, and guests will en� welgh,t. exper1enee, and Sports celebrities. spores wri[ rs and sports-casters will be pres� [ec into the lano _of Cinderella- and Prince Charming, when they ot each fighter. sent t. 'PAY tribute to Lute ath!etes ;{t�";:'::":":': :'::":' :" :"':' :'::":' = '::': =': � the annual Old Main Spring Tolo which is being held at = :'" attend basket· All boxera a�e to b e at, the gym cOaches tor thei hard work � e � rootb&kll tand Ntttie's Cafe in·Puyallup.r bas e ball In9pl1'8..At 6:30 dinner will be se ved and l"' --'--------� at 7:30 to have their hands taped. and .t,he laurels they ha ve won. In b8\1 certifichates, y the tropbY emGIUls was .the' ·head ot the menu program will to ow later in the Remember, the· eeats are on a -some 300 Studeins, altmmi t10�� trop b le the Taco� City League evening. committee. Tbe committee chairI boosters PLC 91thletJOS will C�..,,\piO hI•• won by.the Gladiator men ,i n turn gave jobs 00' other ..tend. The basic plaruUng tor the Tolo· girl$ ot Old· Ma1n w,h have all ,I Tassels Sponsor I ' �ng the lIat 01 -. -. Jayvees. 9h� the work 01 t.his ';1'010, , Two ...,.aI .,l citations will be glv· was done by Lorille H.�. Honor Roll Tea 'I �bl6'B ""Ql be the C1eTe- .en to Ben Cheney Tacoma aud chairman, with muab gujd&nee and Paul e by Kin Rouse; advisor T� Fred MIlls .Ken ewick. Mr. JOlIs aM1 )aDd Browns. La V �. senior will' be Ih_ at the "",,1101 Bonor 01 tho W�n ���. � will be recocDtsed lor' hIs o_d· lor the Tolo .1ennlng. CommJttee Candidates' Face. TtIco1D& golt pro, Chuck to PLC �etea beads w e r e Ordetta Beobtlel and. �U>T_ for WOmen. SundaJ' afleroa








. name.

__ __ __ �






al -COn! ren



n:iat1c of




&'lrlls' IioDolVY.








for, 'bJa (!OoataDt

Ing eonti1but1on





inter· Jc:et Chesley, publlcJty,;


58 ' .. Elect" ' lon , .

est In ....d s.,ppoit <If --e. In Knutoon ami SIiIela CummI_. dec. ' ornt g� of st:udettt � wor Tacoma and: the � Soum! � or.c1one; Barbara Gl'ODlte and BeY- The, ldnp n n ot tIJ.& .�. : ltU.e the atte Uo t erly Swaneon. tlekets; and.. DIther: mep , Lively Progra"dtlannecf Bo d dy S week. TIhe e� .thl1, tu ent A. 'll�elY prosram war foIknr the Ellfek80n and Ted.cb" ; Gulhaugen. and Twilla ,tion ot ne:mt Yea.r'8> SB_ortlceN, � awarde' van: of the banquet. In ad. \ �, . . who w1llotftcl a l l Y '� �.&tu; dWion· to Hewins' talk. trtndeDt tal- , ·�eev1«. Aae�ng\;.< � are dents In· 8t:o.cleDtl atra:tn, 8.!ld: �n� en:t wfll, nt��n� tbe-JueI!M. the govet:nmentaJ.. �P, ,;m Will be the Dk:k :Landgren• .pcMftai'a ; .Betlty Jean lng. ,musical ., . '·E:lpdi' �Ote�"', Gerry�Ba.ine,. .Roile Condray, decoradoa . Programs � bel�: " �tmlor·men staud "ae prell� be done .bY � nndt!r. the Berch. �ve Sann�ci anti _�el Birkedahl' dentiaJ' candidBtes. All ot them �ve SoJ1and. Bob Flem1ng'·wUJ ' contrl� cbaJrmanlllDp ot, ll' e sl� or ·:band. and Y1rg1n1a. Gra:lin. i6.Wf!J 'will ban-· ex�eUent �ni1c 'rebardS: __{w ute' wtth Tt . �� -; s�- as ac·QUatna�-witb ertra Tickettrmf y -be �'uecJ.' In "th'e Dit ativl· go e!'lllll e busineaa oUice. Prlcee are ·$1.�o f?r vl,eel by Patricia Bondanurt and, a and • . . >bo:&rdlng e . b tsCudenta-' ud '%:00 for Barbara. Gronke. 'F&VOnl w L be ties"" . made 'by SPur&> under the (tiI"8Cltfon Walto� Berton, an dua.tlon majo� ' adults and Others: ( ContInued on Page 2, . col. 4) Paa event ie of De.Iia Bl. oun and Je.n Bondurant. ' sentatlon ot awards, ' which 1nelude Chairma.n tor and Chene,.



k Hewina, well ci&lted Press, wiH be evening. Other �r be Blooin. ,e� ·present e






quiet. Roberlta �rkedehl,





DOOD, 4 :00. in South Hall I.a:mp. GUr!ler. former U.' of W_- ,.aod pro-Tbie eVeM gives reoognItion 00 bon- 1,,\,"lonal buketbaD -... Denny or, TOll glrIe of lUle Jail eemestIr. Me;ver. fO!Dler H,.k:y" Drller and two lira. Nel'Bon, housemother, and ?hss �Uer, and .Bo b J'O!I;LDeo'n and . BlooId'Qulst, TaMe'" wv1aer, �Ul WIs , ex-baeeball major leaguers. A.P. Writer Main Speaker pour. ned out In bouQ.uets of daftod1&8 Jac knowh � the main ·aDd.eeason� ,;reeDS. Wl'it. of· kbe ,A SboI'(t informal ltrognl.m wID In'ElLrl Leubker .. � 'chIde e�.Dt by HIss and ,Ruth � Ed Honeywe}L of the T&ooma l! John · Diotwed Newe' Tribune an Myrwans. mes. SpoI't9oasters Commmee cb8Jrmen are: tnvtta. of t�e Seattl tiona. VIr8J�'G� and Jean Cog- bong McArthur, or KTAC ud Clay burn; food• . fl'bebDa.... Nygaard · and _Hun�ngtou witt attend. " Fo ,owtng the e�k�n �r, the �ld� Van Baren; j and deeoracommence . with pre. tIO.., Ro� Blrked&1l1 and . Ruth

The sprl'" � WillI be car-


a nd

l program will



programs' Otter- Dave




.�c .1id

Roberta - t&ble-4earrat10iiif. dl�r .. th1t






iater T� lr


student v e




Page Two '

Friday, April 6, 1956

Mooriq Mas..

'I. he


Berton. °'l, A Hanson

PubUahed every Friday during the

students ot Paettlc Lutheran


0 .,

pttice : Student Union


(t, (


Prexy . NQl@nees Give Views: Conetltutlon: Larson I

Student government a t PLC i s Tne ,three ,topics w.hich have been sound in p i nciple. but woetully chosen tor diseu&6lon could all be Jacking In practk:e ot these Included ·in one, but brera.1dng It



ptinclploo. From AlIt. I, Sec. 2 ot down, we tlnd many part:.Jcular probthe Con!ftitution ot the ASPLC we lems comprising the general Inade• read; "The pUTPOse ot this org&ni· Quaey ot our ASPLC. zartlon shall be to band the students For want ot a hetter reason, I

by Increa.s�ng th�umber In council by an a.dd1�oneJ. . member trom the day stodem group, there wUI be a ,better r�ell'tatlon of

ln� an organIzed unl(t. SO as ,to. tos·· Shall 9tart with the moot general ot t:he ell't1re studen:t body In student

;�;'�����f :��:��;:.m��I be;r���i; . .' .

�; ��';'.���,� t�;�;���;!i�;'j� -


.. �ment.

. .

. '

" Ccnterence student 'A3800�t1on In ' ,Is our sludeDt body banded to- Ellensburg, Qr. 'SamueIeon: Dean Ot gether in an ettort to "toster . . . cWCE. �i88sitled etUdent govern-. active pa�clpa.tlon tn student gov· ments of" col1eges 1n It:hree . general ernment"? How otten it happens cartegor1es. One 18 &pat1:r8tIc to the

that no active in.tere5t is ,taken In problems. one Is

nmited In itB scope

with more coopera.t1on from all. &eg. menm ot ¢be . • udent body, I �nk

this one new member will tend to Cl"'e8te a better teeling ot b8.rmony

the ·fJtodeDt coun¢l which "Sball so �at it -1s Nl1a.t1vely fUDCUonlestt, ! Alao .1n respect to the con6titu acfe.s rthe body and one work QUlte tion, feel tbalt the IDter-club Coun directing the aftain ot .the ASPLC." Independently and yet. in should -have a more ettective .and ot the meanJngtul organ!lzatlon. Ra � 11 e r In the tlrst <place, wh8lt can stu- tion with the 4lban ha.vlng olub re-presen'bMJ.ves 050 .that obHgations are What dents govern? dertaken and experfence gained by merely receiving a.n O.K. from are student affairs?

Is alloWEd to

all arotmd.

conjuno- en admint�

un· �� Student affairs, those which d,o n"!t· encroach upon the . a"ea gOY· the students. Rather lt·ban being cod· died through tour years ot coU ege, erned by the administration.

' In reality, this doesn't leave much, but the aiudents can do a credit· able job by Just ettckIng to tha:t.

TryIng to '�orn �n" on -the adml�•. tratlon and bad fe.eHngs. Alter all, t he s.tudeIrts can go only so far. No



causes needless trus-

council. it it Is In disagreement with

ma.bter what Is decided in fltudent

- the admintfitration. tt can be throwu out. Hence, stick to yoUr own. b& Our' student governmen.t has


paymaster (in a very come just lilirited senBe)�and a system ot auto. ma.tlon. Nothing new baos beenrd

ad. We

oar:rY on

In the tootgteps ot

prevJous et.udeDt: bodies. That whieh seems k; be nothi·ng bot an

we do obligation to the something.

they :had i.t tast year, eo I guess we'd better do it a.gain," .T·he 6l>lrlt ot


· ·








resident o Tlbree YOUl1g � wom�n · have been :' ::: a prere clas 'Domina.ted tor secretary.. Dean ot Women tor d:a.�es tor ftri- '8'9m1na.rlan from Ta coma., Is 1unior and. ous eyents, I thInk the ICC ahould clasS" -president a.nd 'bILe been a choir after which one Ie expeoted to be a meet regula ly, scheduling these All three 'b e. v e b e e n OV J " tor th ree yea.n!I. b s ls by member ers to are· not. 8I' ey tlh :rational. m a t u e adult. varying eveD't8 �ter due con9ldel'8.t1on by 80 no mean'S an e:ma.ustive I1st ot the Spurs. amounrts ot responsibiUty are given all mem'bers ot the group. ;the mass ot work .that needs doing 8.IOCompUS"hmenta a.nd a.ct1vitles ot b d wo e me body. fiudeDt in rt;he � :n �= : : • :bheee me . s t The keeping .ot Itlbe ASPLC fun�s At ,the present Ibhe 'Student Two candl�a.tes tor vlee--pre&tdent grea t a.nd, exy:I. atlter election . will be done by one l In· a Council ·ha:s l�,ted authorl/ty over haye been selected.. Th1& job becau"Se ot this, there Is :ded room Sopho· these men: ot being ot. · marlJte� the ot n-aibiliUes res the would I eludes like finances. . roEJt po tor expanslon ot budg and p to emend this Mmit a .tiny bilt. I .second·ln-comm&'Dd and ·atleo head· more ClaM president; r m g a . rep . "COUncil BtudeDt Sophomore wou1d Uke !l:o call it the "Greater ing Inter-Club Council, :where th'8 . The fi nances ot ,the student asso- PLC Fund." My plan would be to e ot Toast o al calendar 1'8 drawn up./Larry ll'888ntat1ve; or cia.tton are very important in my brf ng worthwhile entertainment to '8. dweller ot De 1f!oTdlne house, � ' appraisal ot rthe wor:tb. and merlt ot the camp , outside ot the Lyceum Thls 1 s not to say Serles, and perh&ps more ot a local said t I would ex t to our g· nature, ·givlng bud pec tha the students and out. et expanded eame elders aJike a tine evening's pro­ times within .. year. Nor In !;Ive. gram for a very nOJiDlnal tee. The But do feel that a cont:Lnued. ettort '1tkle, would be to hold :tohree or tour on rtlbe part ot adm:in18t:r&tJon and ot ·these prognune � .the echool studenrts throughout a p e -r i o d ot upport. theee , yeaT. With prope(e many years would brtng a.bout a ra.ther profit. events coul!1 �p. necessary situa.tlon ; tha.t ot a more ' return. able Carrl ed ibhrough each . active and meanIngful etndettt. voice year, the fun'd , would grow Jiarger In the affairs ot the college. and' larger. A goal could b9 eat, per, In comparison with an. expand:ed; haps a sW'imming pool, or some obh· long-range program, this example er 8 u C h lmprovemeIJt, end who

� � activities ar:




� ���� � n�


Eddie Larson,



temiller, Janet Emlleon Jordanger.





see ten to twenty

Carol Bot· Helen

Roa Goetz, Dave Knut.

Dun Llbner,



litT.he student ai.mcll has very Us respect with either studeots or adm:t.nteua:t:l.on. Perhaps this is Clhe ay appear Quite I��cam. bot knows, It the students- sb.ow interest fault ot the counCil, but it can do � it Is :lIrdt<:a:tive ot :the antiquated In such a cause, -then pel' some nothing alone. Leadership should be procedures under which we ope� . outside -eources ..mlghl. CODt.ribJJte.. lt


(Continued from page 1) ' is an EBA etudeot &Dd preatdent ot trom Portland, has served as Moo r· Alpha Sigma David

�D:g edttor thi s' year and hae .. re-ttein history .major, bas been the student CouncU. been ott1cer> and has served on a ' ASPLC treasurer tbifl yea:r, many' commtttees. . also • _ , f Ithe Sopho-

' placed-In the· 'hands ot Itlbe leaders, Alter a recent stru.dent-flllO� would give .the s.tudente a. chance but .toootten student oolIDCll mem. conce:m. on campus, 1t was necessary to help the ecbool, rather than hav­ here are seleoted on ,the basis ot tor a student to write a check on Lng the. school have the cemplete personality, frlendahi·p or "He (or his person� a.ccount tor payment ot worry about additions and improveshe) bU�'t 'held an ottlce yeLt> he performer beause the business mente. "Wbat Is a lea.der Qmong 1,000 O'th•• ¢: o tl , w.h ch our er leaders? Who can tell the ditter- ! ce through i a.ll transactions p&88', was ckleed and· the ence? O what are 12 leaders '\V,hen Fnnci.1ons : The StUdent Councll not <himself was treasUTer they have no followers? It is not. ASPLC ha� two types ot tunL(1tfOlr8. One, dra on every do their r86ponslbllity to they must act u an uD!l.t � ' o thIng, even ,though they should �e As uc " . tor the trtudente of the ASPLC. In a say, s h on that .things get done. cond capacity, they must �, deed be emall in �tself but, added, se The ·main lunction ot the sto.dent lDlUlller, rep­ magnified. , in an Indirect to eim1lar ones, ILt council should be authority and 'l'bee the college outside ot our resent . e drcumetances can be recon. delegation ot reeponsibility. Until campus. cUed, blK only rthrougb much work this Is 8coompUshed, w e Methode . : I teeUlhILt ltbe only, way neither studem: 80ftrnment nor & and method by wh10h studtmt. gov­ responsible student. body. • tlhe' coDllttt'atlon. 1rith w1l1ch I On the subject ot limited�, £O.ln& to deal onI,- in a thora very broad thw Dade etf.ecttve H. �s only too obvious how , . .. . pon1b1e ouch back!Dg ot-- ttbB .eDt1re et.1Id.ent se_ uSmc tt be accompUshed the pJ"88eDt to an end. lDcnreou:y. tt. CODC91'D8 bc:td7- aDd wit!b. the cooP8",Uon. of . _ent body too. N..."•".ny ...,. mom....... . ww. otud.nta taJ[. t h a t poltlOi1 of ..... _" creue or the Is viewed whk:h -epecHtes. Jng tbJe acti.Ye � atDdeut IOvem� 1ri!h no .etudent SO....... taste. _ lrilJ tIleD. .... _ added need moMyJ otftces. Dtreotb', It CO Cftr'M the BOJIleItbiq



=:coW::: ��.:s� i

StUdent Government:

h a T e antl- coope to · ratn. .Thls bringa'me tu tbe t.hJrd toplc'


�nt. WhY �d we Bot


� can




:tlhe Pi'ocedIll'8 fw .......b.tmc .....udotai tor A9PLC

ernment can be em� &Dd. Ie by

all Ita

it .Deeds to� ftmotlon .. D ftloai _� .iutI..!. ot" tile 11"' _ __ -_....... . • lmportaJrt tb&n the 8tD- PI\8 . -- 'l'II� , -.I � of _ I!lDGAR J.oAIlSON deBt body otl'l<:8r8 .... the otudeDia Ml9wn in ... � .... enbehiDd tilem. • lIl oo...I_n. let.. all realise .-

even more




M. Solve Your ..,,1118 Problemal"


d___ _ �" -



tui..ed III fof - .iiDSte __ upodIeDt IlIIIt cIIaD&M be ,.... 11> tI.r Omce, _ .·p)' l n c. 'l'IIrooqh � _ aad I _ _ ',� "" _ · b�... of the ,,- b7 _" 101 & ""�P In CIIL? PlLrm. DOIDtDM:I..q �, �e .rIaht � .An etteot1Te �· _ be � to _ of � d_ body .muot .... _ _ . _. __ It . � _111!.. cd ••pport of both .. __ '.

etfolt aDd- �

tie .r:ao.W'Il Oll-iOmeoDe'. pP.l't. It !a

me� that iIOme -<


-" '�


aD4 � otficen.

�";' �i b,-.

c�� !NC;" T,�M� WAa�

Bottled Und�. A_�. of tho COCA-COLA ��LI�Q

� II � ....... .......


0; 1_, lMI'CQCA.coI.A CCIMI' AHY . ,� , . t




Friday, Aprl) 6, 1956

Cont.s�nh'in "'Hermen·. Smolcer



...... He graduated trom Waahington State College I n 1931, w1t.b a in ipl&,n t pathology sately


away. He apparentty quiekly. torgot all abo:ut that. as be took a job with the Pullme.n

tQ.ltake a

Jack Hewlna ]n 1937 Jaek joined the Spoka.o.e CIironJ.cI� Btatt, W1'ft1Dg neW8 again. In i939 the Aasodated Pleee 8-rabbed. him and he stayed. 1-0 Sl>Okane until 1946, when he moved to his preaen:t Job in Beea....

at:tle � the A.P, purillglo>the paat 10 years lbe has covered aU the ma.jor sporting ,events In the Northwest and ibas written 'bls column, Northwest




Thia year he will celebrate hte Silver Wedding AnniTeT8lU'y and has BASEBALL SCHEDULE two Ch:Ildren, Taylor, 20 years old and in the Afr Force. and Lota. Lynn, April '-cent. WaslrlnArton..t:here 14 years old. April I7-central Waehfqton


opinion ot t!b.e .status ot the amaH college In April IS-West.. Wuhlngton

6pom, paJTticuJarly In this area., '�I think that the quality ot When 'asked about

he put tol¢h aome very good thoughts. April .27-0011. ot Fugel Sound ball played. by the small colleges a.s a A'pril 30--Unlv. ot Br.l.t. Col., . 7-Weet.. WaabJngton there whole, has improved.. steadily in .the pa.9t. years." As an example he singled. out baf5ket.�I, but ea.ld that tootball or any other spor1t could be May n-Col1. of Pugtrt SOund t!J.ere substituted instead. " he smaIl colleges have been pickIng up good



talent l&rtely where they weren't 80 tortunate in earlier y88.I'8." TRACK SCHEDULE The reasons for th:le, he explained, could come under .two major April ll-Sea.ttle Pacifie, ere

headings. F1rst he telt (hat t e Paclfie Coast Conference rule that denies tree hmen the chance to play vareJoty ball has -Influenced many .to the s.lllBll 'coUege where they can play tour years on the varsity. .Also tlbe stress that the �arger coUeges put on big men almost to the point




April 21-Open Apr11 28-Western Wask., there 5-Central Wash., here

May 12-0. ot British Columbia & Vancouver A. C., here w·here they �gnore anyone under six feet.. pll't8 the small coNeges 1n a t position to grab up ·the 80meUmes tJUpeti.or but shorter players. May IS-19-Conference Meet Western Washington FOr more ot bls vie�ln1s on 4:!b.e various aepeota ot o.tb.letlcs, buy

'a ticket .to .the banquet Wednesday night tor a good ment.





Baseball Squad . OpeDs Central Tomorrow Opening their schedule tomorrow afternoon in a doubleheader in Ellensburg against Central Washington College of Educatio"n, the PLC baseball squad coached by Marv Harshman opens the spring sports parade. Conference play does not open until

enterteJn- May 27-DlstnO't NAIA 8It Remon ---------------� -� ·� � � ---.�AprlI 18 when �� ���n -�


Cindermen Encoun ter , , ) S.P.C� Here Wednesday

Building a . tea� arc;>und a �uc1e� a� six returning letterm.en: Ca'a�b }...�a�k Salzman 1� :eadymg l?is cIndermen far the coming meet agalnst Seattle PacifIC Collegl'to be held htte next W�dnesday afternoon. The always strong Falcons' Invade Lutevt11e to prov:lde tlhe tte68On'& opener for Clbe

::�:a e




pbi.Y-8 here. La:st year WE8t.ern won

the tlItle the .:hree preceding sea­

t:he conterenee erown, .and PLC won .thougb't ' that OentriLJ. would··be "the team to be&t tbJe ;year

sOns. Hara'hman

��:: -:!� ::� ID8.IlY bold-o


"""nd place equad.' rs '

r¥ trom l t yBU"'a

. . A teotatlTe Hne-up whiCh Harsh. man baa been working with t1rls put wee.k In�kldes : :nay Reep, Bob ve

: t �t:'=:-ne week's pro.otioe n PL HamYn, s-w:t'�� he d:l.scus and the shot put lut Ol'aon, which to limber up, satzma.n both t t i t base; Don May; Kent-Merid.tan High Scholo . OJ' t re for 9taIted. ,thBlt he et1U needs sprln.ters, base; Denny ROSH, W,rd. �; � hurdlers and inIlers. Galen Nusdeen M u n 8 0 n, shortetop: -Ge.le baum returns this year to run the Ron McAllister, Ron 100. 220, the pole vault.. Tom Storaasl,l anil .J.aci: . Gilmer, another etandout tram laet LY'DD CaJJdne, Wut , :£ •....•.w •pec!aIlz In the ,,-r, and Dave In&tt, _.....; lump, " ihl&h 4Ump, and low &lnklng 86 out of 100 attempts. and Jerry LareoD,




Free Throw Contest Won by Duane Moe

and- Rich,

Thompson, '


'Ne-. __

fielders ;

John Froinm.. iu1d J Duane Moe won the Intramural free Ron Colton, pi.tcllet"8.' Storaulf. win be baock tor Ulro coIl'te8t for the eecond year Ba.rahma.n. hojJe8" tJ:&t storaeu w high jump and stan JILCO� In . r'OW'." ' . " oMly be ..,le b.elll the moun� crew. . Roy Schwars :return. to S'1lD tile . dlstanc and the mlle. JOlm aIoO returns to throw F'reabman Carl 8ee.rc7 will Dlnnere ShOrt Drd.,.

.------...;,.---, I D O N U T. I A R -


,The Best in'Douuta Vlalt Our HOBNOB


OpOn 'ro., 7:aoifo '.'GO . .

VETERAN8 ARE WELCOME . TO' ATTEND' RhodM. Poot NO. 2, . The American Legion : Meetll each MO.;c.�y, 8:15 p.m. M.otor Tu....up r B�. "rvIoef GIL _ , \ Parkli:nd, W.....


Gain� � '


4t11 South -Q"" Street



PARKlAND xxx ·

HOUR.: . ....... - TO ... - Wed. - T....... , ft ... .om. to 12:10 a.m.

� 11:00 a.m. to 2 :00 a.m..


':00 Lm. to 3:30 Lm.

8aturday .



8unday Lm. to 12:30 a.m.. ' QR. 2211 .. Pacific . LAUNDRY SERVICE

( E N lR E C �JA��,�-S For Clothes As -Sweet As Sprinq . . I1RL 'JO aUMMEM ' / . ONE-DAY 8�RVlCE . PHONE GI!- _ , PARKLAND. CENTER



1 ,.I ,I



P'�.;.;,;FO�U�'===T�H=E�M=O=O�R�IN Q MAST F Laurinat's Apparel �i:::.:.::.:.

' " F ld " P' II ._ 9_ 1 _ ' -, 'Y :,:, '_ :...._ _-,, _

_ _ _

Dar Roa. Minneapolis. Minnesota. yoUth evangelism coun� ), of the Evangelical Lutheran Chur�h."" will participate in the " DIOIK (lrJ e se!or circuit convention at Our Savior's Lur}H:ran Church. StanwooH. Wash.. to b. held Aptil. 6. 7 and 8 at Pastor Lucky·s church. a

·WE FEATURE THE FI NEST" Zelma Laurin\t 401 Carfleld at. parkland, Wa.h.

dimes in time will row Into


The meetings. open to pl nned to "teach youth to reach

U. are


Largett Selection. of 4a Record,

Dar Roa Featu red Speaker At Luth er Lea g ue MeeteIn g

youth for Christ," accordIng to Wes a Alpker, preetdent of tbe North Pucet




A nwttve of Eau Claire, Wlecon­

Roo. 18 a aln, and


veteran ottbe.U. S: NaVT.

Thrift is Part of Your EduCation .

gradu.te ot Lawrence Col­

tnart. 'He continued. etui:UeB. BIt the lege Bud Luth'er Tbeologtoal Sem­

On ,'l'hu.reday the

' Open a Savings Account NOW

11 t e 8 Nielsen, a

executtve board of the Northwest AesodiaItlon for Stu­

�mber of

OPEN SUNDAYS Short Orde�; Oinnere

Chapter of the PLC Alumni Ano-

STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowe .... for All Occ.�on.

Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garfield)

GR. 7413 We Deliver

Mil k Shakes


QR. _

129 th .. Pacific

The teacher.a w1ll return thIs �ve-


3820 South Yakima



FREE P!CK.UP and Partdand and Vicinity

PttONOQRAPHS and RECORDS Magnavox Headquartera .





SR. $211




HA. 3312

Linoleum · Tile · Formica · Cablneta • Paint · PlumbInG - Roofing WE INSTALL Electric - Venetian Blind• • Window Shadel �t�g:��� ERINQ "We GIVe Service and Sell Quality" 121at and Pacific '"Avenue Phone GRanito 3171



Located at IGA Foodtown 112th and Park Ave.


a.m. to 11 p.m. Week Daya SundQ': 1:00 'Ln). to 10:00 p.m.


clle.pel Thursday and .is wtlllng



N a b Four Firsts

Pacltioc Lut'lieran College d.ebaters "the




Pi Ke.ppa Deka, na.-

College by

Provtn<:e of

at W&BhlnsJton

,t'hree-da.y the

No hw l't etrt

tiona! forensIcs fra.tern.fty, over



peting, PLC won tl.nrta in� fout out

\ ':======================= 926� Broadway


Standard Heating 011. - Heating Equipment H •••ln. S•...,I.. Enjoy That "PLUS" ,.rJlco


Thomas S�ndland.


::::"B :: �:i::: � b : �



&Il'd Anita �hrlell, tiret.

Extemp: Swlndl arrd, tlraL Wo�en'a E:rt.emp: H d

Schnell, tJed. for first.



'Women's Or&tory :

land. tied tor t!hlrd.


Hu,tad. sec­

Prof. Theodore O. H. Karl was.


eleoted governor ot the Northwest Province by .the PI Kappa. Delta.

~ IU..... . ---



I :===========;:::=========:::

� . and I f





Women's lDeb8.te: Con&lB.1lce Bus-


Phone MA:


or the eeven dtvielone, pkked up e.


. ........ ........, ""nil

·�ea • .:. Thor.en ·




1>HONE ·UR: .

iD� PRI NT'ERS, lnCe

Fast, Economical Printing· and Lithog�a:pliy A Complete · Modem Printing Plant in Tacoma's 1 802 Pacific Avenue

Fastest Growing Community


35c Short Ordera - Dlnnera Fouhtaln

Home-made Pies

MAIN OFFICii - LINCOLN k STRliliT - LAkliWOOD '"MI" .. ,..n "H)IIT 11I.1I....1tC�

be e.ot PLC next

spend the rest of hie ·tJme coun·

Bar-B-Q Burgers



and Friday. He will speak.

W.i'lh 11 Northwest colleges com·




�ia1:!l.on at Q dinner meeting.

!::============aning. 1��73

dent Tee.oc'hi ng, addreeeed the Delta




' I'OOD, i!� D"




'I' �'i

1 1.2t:it


H;-H· •

(AirPort Roaen � Pcirk-Av_ ,





j -

• . " , .. J


I ;; ,




" "

,.. f.




Makingl for Sunday Night Sup per.s

9- 1 I week .days, I·O-'� S"uitday's .

,• f •.. '






• I ..

· · ..... . . ..d� oWiied .d O� "�-r"""' . , . . , . . . . per , . .•



,, '

.. .. ..

,�. ...i '


, ,· 1


-� .-,----.-... --

Hanson· New p

ent,· · St:een . · Is. V.�P.





I ) , I


campus A'Prtl 19 to debate our own Weet Point representatlns, Stu breath and Tom Swlndlaod, to rthe 61th Inlerna..tlonal Debate �ented at PLC. ,In .previous years Oxford Unlver· 'Sity of England nu been represent­ ed. This year,lti1e Ine.t7tute .or Inter· natllonal EducatIon 113 spontJOrthg ,two Scandinavian representatives.

Dav� Steen Is a ,pr&-aemlnaMaD from Madl80�. WI·sconein. He Ie a -hIs.tory major and baa been actt...e in class atte.lrS. Helen J�r from Eugene, Oi'efon. Ae ie'a fotmer SpurI a..t was ICC .�n­ taMve for a s t year'" �1dore c1a'h. ,�;;r , Dave KnuUen, n,lf, A!9PI.C creaa­ , I. lrom Eli'.!o'ioiio.,. Dave, • �.oPbaino,re, ••riOd an uv-­ council tble,..{""r and cbafl'lMn of the at dent'Artist Series commit·

Law Graduate

The activity record which these two setl'llemen have a.ccumulated In -past years Is long and impressive. Harold Uncas Serner ", 24 Ye&l1l old end studied at the Unlvenrtty of Stockholm where he obtained bte l\lw decree In 1964. He bu been president of ·the Stock'hobn branch of {,be Unked Natione' Student As· 9ocl.Uon; president one Jear, Swed· �sh UN9A; president, Union of Le­ gal Stud�bts of the Stockholm Hop·





te&Ult.s of yesterday's run-on

show Les Wigen a.s pres1. of the ela8 ot 1959. Vlc4f!Presi. Is 'FrM Brewttt. lecl"etary 1. t.

nual conference of .the . �::::����::�������������� tI �����:��:��I-���g,������������-�;���'�.�·�Ir� :':'� -:�:�� $tudent CCtncl'.!CIclt'icm ( :':;; ;;;::::: ;:u��� �:..:!:= ' �!�::�e � � :��:S�; :::.,

.. fU ttve. . rt.oi:he Plenary Senlon of .the 'Wor1d SU"da�. April 15 for God" Is the t heme tor the banquet fea.t�rtng PLC talent is on Federation or UNA; t f a v, a i a d hi Servlce� 1 : oo a.m . l ed· p W!''' vergreen e of Following rally evening. the F schedule for th E a'broad every summer 8'ince the age · de "I Call To The e, Lord , Oller 0 ... of 1 7. His -main lntereete'" s:tudy 1 eratlon Luther League or the Amer· that wtll be a stewardship program P reJel ulus :Christ." . of criminal law and social research jcan Lutlliernn Church. The confer- conducted by Elwood. A e You A Pa l l m p l s t ? rmon Se : e r Peace Lutheran at beld be ence will (ConUnued on page 4 , col. 2) Sunday worship services "'ill ...... Church. Puyallup, April 20, 21, 22. .beOn " H e Shall Give His Ange ls heM and Jater a tour of the Puy· Solo: . recreational program at 30 Final compilation ot the faY aeCharge," by Eugene Bern. A : 7 'Top' at' lles T I ol all up Lutheran hospital. EilecUon of mester� grades 'has; been' relea---' � Stamp J a on Frlday will b e g I n (he spring officers for the next two years will Po stlude : "Piece Hero iq ue." from the' regIstrar's ofnce. ge'ftrn.. ProfetlSOT Anthony Stampolis win rally. The purpose of this program .be one ot the main things tll.,t will students came up with a per . speak .tbls evenIng at 6:30 at the Is to get everyone better acquaint- 'be brought up In the afternoon ct 8 e of 4.0, moetly &emOTe. Top of the Ocet.n tor the CPS Inter· ed. April 17, at 7:30 p.m. In the lower le neu s�lon. . � . ey 0 'national ,Relations Club.'T-hii speech Saturday's program will be a Lu her eaguer of lounge of South Hall. MIss Blom· TbSeniors: Carol Edlund, Kathryn l Quist � sea."'e' t J topic wUl be "International Human mornIng tour of :the daffodil fields. w1.Jl comment a.nd 'Show sUdes Gulhaugen, Ruth Heino, Delvln Hutn m, b , " Be ma, Port An g e l e s, o ll I Relations." PLC studellt8 1Dtereated At noon l1le conference will begin Germa�y.. Hostesses for the eve- ton, Howard Jeanblanc, Horlta Mill; in a.ttendlng are requested to notIty wIth Elwood Re tke of PLC. tressur. Mount SI and ·the Vancouver nlng are "t'rs. Harold Sandberg , er, Myrna Nodtvedt, Thelma NyDr. StatupOlts eo (.bat the club may er of tlhe' Northwestern dhtlrlot. 8S will be present at the rally. gaard, Jerald 8lattum Ju.,lo� Donbe Intormed bow m�ny to e:lpeot. ' .Inspirational speo.ker. A fellowa hjp. t 130 are ex�ted for this Mrs. Dean Hurst. Elizabeth ; - 1 a id Ray Hall, and Anita , --:" ..:.. _-:--:-'-

Luther League Convenes 'in P"".Uup I

B aoU' B 1.1_ 17�.'''''' _


_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -:_ _

; r ��n� � ::��:::�:::�£���Ki:�: ker; Freshmen, Ruth, Marlon Han­ tonlgbt. n rbara Margaret .Jac:keon,

Horse, Sambo, £n g ine Da"od�l . FI�al: Features Tomorrow morning the ning t'he wooden framework �

!'aciflc Lutheran Conege daftodn no.t will <ma;jestJca1IJ winiJ-...its way throuCti .the � of Ta.coma, Pu;rall�.

aDd Bumner.





ARTI.T'. CC!HCiPTION of . tIi.e PLC'·CO,ri�_ � �· Daff�l �e8tIwith . val parade 'I, Mown here. Conetructlon' wm- tannlnato'tonlght . the '-'dltJon of 40,000 daffodil..



From the general' theme Ot the PuJdUp Valley �tfodll , Feat1nl. tIo&t. we !h�u.1d com� o� with tOp t �non.. �� Beck. Myma B e r g, ela" w-hJch. ii $tory Book Times In - -bonors IF .the students help .. Barbara Arnold Bt1eker, foon-/, J PLC 'ha: , created her de- much In prevtow iNn!. · (Co.ntln ued on pap ., coL 1) ellD- COmblnlnc the three stort.·, Riding on the nod. wfll be.: :Bobthe "Bone of 'l'fqy." "LltUe Bl&ck Ble Birkedahl, Lor;te i-enmer. 'Carp) Sombo," ond ",!;"", LltUe EDgIne B,eece, Joanne �" Gl&dJw GeIcIc*.... . by' .....I...ed. JOOn8On. Jhrll711 lARtid. Jw.npe That COuld," one �.--• _ _ � .... .... . ...., .. r'-. .rJ 8tJ'onc. b1ock7� ltDea torm. the � ·BaYne. Georgta. , and Rutti na.. . elected' 0_ tor ' tbe _ . • • . lan tJmee:" wldch'ied ·io-- _· !IOri· Vall. soDtaJ ptaDeB Or the' "'LIUJe EDi1ne In 1956. PLC woEt .f l r st'�� of 1958 .,.. · CllUek Geitt.ab.-.I T-hlit '£9.�", �'l tti.'.e.. of � ward in ilh«! DllH:Mio-.f D!i1I:ion. presideDt; Ke" ,H� "Y1ee-Vreet­ .noR,are the � t1� ifIltch whtoh w. Wm be eDterfD&'. dent; 'HUo" treuonr; act clrel.::".JAttle Black Sambo." R.eal1. Float antri wUl be Ju� accOrd.. Chuck Sla:ter, ICC �...e. ,. run-olf _ � !!Ol 00 . ct . o! omoki, iIabt. a..i 00i- IDe IX> d.u.; �,oiIiI _. , Call C�"'D Ud " 0117' . or .... ' inciiltlali a.e cO,cirfuJ _ '/17.," lor .deDt cOUDdl �l. t2da in p l e h 1Jho'u� t" EYe� � . • ' '\ '" � dilL • '1' D . and DI.Da BIoaDi'. � .,..' Thfs noat la tRdk eatlrely � wolthwhUe project-e.lld remember. for secretary. stud.eilla. �th 40,000 dattodlls do� &1l1s, you get to staJ OP late • . .



�: COnlrtrucUon Is headed- Robert � ' � Nordeen a.nd Donata Severeld, ari1d �ldde = °.'::.t !a n �er�d. ' _ t:pe art work' Is belug ·handled by ot 3 30 or �r ..::"�. sracte �Dt ' Sue Hatch aDd Jerry 81&ttnm. AcCOrdtne. to .the ' chairmen ot tIIfe Wle;-::.r. e� B_et.t:'Y Ann ADdenou,.

.... ....


:-- '






HOeft .. �' ''a.I-: ..


Friday, April 13, 1956

_____ . . ... . .. .

. _... .


_ .

, _




.. .

Those riffle Green Slips'.You ReceIve

are not eharge4 on t.lnt brUt_ ". trust y�� will: cona"" r. �hl' reo fines ot el&peed Ume bot. on the. bul. of mlnder helpful. Fine. for ove.rdue the of notJficaUon. Or.- more coat atee book. can become ... rather R o b e r t Louls "'meien n ao ltas charge. Po..lbly you ca" huatl� into eimpl y, 00" how much it costa the warned t us .. b al Li e Ortlce: StudeDt Union dUl. u Is . ... f " . Telephone G \ help and ma.teoverd�e book. Itbrary. In etudent we are all apt to�� the liltedlibrary lowwlanhd the ...11 fur- rials. to get you to retuTD your overe Subscription Prlce--$3.0 O per yell; ave you be , due books. I u veY ae." ... EDIT6a.. .. ..... .. . . . . . .... .. WALTON B� . TON ::: r;:O� ::� b · t�e ��a��!::: :f":U� ther expe" Not again '' As tor retP8"e. books, tlbos. elusFEA�URE CO·EDITORS...............AGNES HALLANGER, MIKE GRIFFEN tom.'P. This ,is a le6son whtch many i�e volumes wbJcb . Va always In t u A N of e · demand the nigbt before the great � ::: .:.:=::p;,.� L� ::!�:�;���.�=: �1::� up �:e �;: ::::tc: !ro:�:: the usignme�t :�:!.:���GEi=�=��:::::::�·::: :::................... Is due, the charge muat , AD MANAGER._..... . . DOUG MANDT 'Step back and take honest stock of f o r t h e second. Mean,wlhUe, "black liat" ot delinQ.uents grows be greater because the demand 18 that t . .. . . . .BETTE MACDONALD 'Situations Aulstant Ad Manager. . a great migh find . t ° c r f :� topy STAFT. COLLEEN THERIAULT, SYLVIA FONG, PAT GEHRING, number of, the co er. � grea longer and the student wonders tbing-s which we do �:� : d:'�y :� a;..: CIRCULATION MANAGER. GUNDERSON are :the unre&80ned income goea. ,to, this per our, LOIS product ot cus. w:here all this and 60c �axi�um on Circulation Aaalatant8. . ... . .. PATTI FINN, EVELYN ERICSON I t otradMion, or eoefal nicety! money wrenched. f r o ·':Il the now· "overnight.," om.: REPORT�Betty Lou Bronice, Sylvia Fong, Richie Heins. Dave Ev th thi ihi netd empty palm of tbe always Insolvent two-hour reeervea, w!� th&t levied h ose en are Jaeeh, Don :J(va.mme, Stu Morton. Dave Nes�lg, Phil NordQ.utst, Pat , , ngs w. 100. . . ' w another noUee. On our hi the librarY at Itbe U. ·.of ..W. There Lute. No k •


k The- I m

] he Mooring MaBt

Page Two



. _ ._


.._.•......................................... _..._.. ._





. .

��-_::; .",:�, ;����;�>�::'�������� ?!;-c�����.��'¢!:+.''','c �:;;J�:i�l�::�:�l:.';� . �i�:� ����:; :��-i�}£� � '·-'·� ·Ih., 25e ::� .I �.:d:��·�r�Ou::.:.::;;l1�nth:. Quartet Features Fine·. RepertOire $4.(�)! ,

e t rm ....r . Seco such, 'but actUally redue. doer ( . ) nd__ DOll .. , Just for some dry -Old ,to the 9tatut5 of an .fnstrumetrt of no each. ast boOks, taken out l ' ln 1932, .and larger. campus w h e r 'e privileges pUllJ)06e. ' op- could be abueed-[QOre' eul1y now only two weeks late. ' to reflect How IttUe <time 1t takes . detection and books WOUld. be 800n pression. upon what we do. and to ponder the lost in the shufne. Becauae the stu· whl' of our aotoiOD-S, yet how often dent body at PLC ill sm&ller and · we D'8gleot. thi6 in :the doing, and But wale Transport your:aelf to ahould n� len restrictiona, the allow respeotabtltty•. and cb&raoter, and more Imper- library service can be ot more per· and judgement to be Wlholly campus, the . . of W. say '8OruU and helprul aaa stance to the l inated. or at best. redueed to meanboob belong to the l brary don't 'weep when your -ingless &ppe&mDce, devoid ot �er1t. The profeaaional pro- m&t.lbox cOntains. that unwtlloome Itbtle otdlougbt. W 0 u d 90 oflten nounC8S judgment; 16 boo�8 two l ttle green slip signed atfecUoll'&te­ change' a line ot aotlon. and 10 weems �. By rthis' time you 'have ly by .Mr. Haley. Just take the hint. much might becom'8 end , had receIved one notic d are nert and with your late book8 hulrtle been only result rn line for a bill. at before your ebmpuJilllory 'ContrtbuIt the writer ' �y be perllDtted $10.00 18 .. Lucktion .to the Iibrary'a Jnoome exceeds again to draw u;tan ·the 11y. tt's by a narrow shave that on your weekly allowance! proves Ithat ·they are not 10It. 80 In· - .,... - .: _ _ ..; _ _ _ _ _ _ _




U. W. Finn 8tJff7r





most string quartets or our. day. the

scheduled to opertorm April 16 at 8:30 p.m. tn ian of the greart. Hungarian etring· blundering, which 'is so often subHall. Wright SemInary, 'playing -tradltions. h's repelltoire in· etltuted for a reasoned e.ction. is


:has b1e.zed trans



thoSe of



..: rontumely for the God.. c t re n as eludes all or .the great classk: me.s

Au ,ters: Beethoven, MozaJlt, 0 others.

and 'oth'8r compatriots ot the past. JeooHllbay. Leopold

H;aydn, MendeJ.seobn,

The Hungarians-ZOltan Szekely.

.10I1n; Denes

Lutes. · ·So




the flat rate of, for loat book



Sehabet.t, tiea which dlettnguish man


where tor

book-alromtbe staCke l

Booh' uTl'OODCide b u s e y. lower anlmills. Dvorak and It Is also d'eeply ered action, we not O y frequen.tly � oon<:erned wIth (:ontemporary mu· fail to pursue a best course of etc and plaY'll sueh moderns B8 MU· tion. bat we also depAve1 urseivee 0 !haud, Horregger, Stt:av1n-sky. Hinde- () .th e Tery essence t human befng. Kodaly. Varese and Maehon. So much of lite �n pa6I!I, unkyo


, first violin ; Alexandre ,Mbakoweky, oJoa, and VJl�OB Palotai, C'8lla---are



"To do anytt\lng bec..uae othen do �, It, ..nd not becau.e the thing I. stead of ,160 (plus or minus actual r" Launnat's' Apparel good, or kind, or honeat in' Ita .own retail price of boob) the. tine 18 right, I. to re.-Ign all mor..1 control onlY-'ILCcumulating at 10c for eadl "'WE FEA·TURE THE FINEST." ..nd captaincy upon YO\olraelf, .nd to da.y overdue'for Zelma Laurlnat ConseQ.uently, the r i a n go poet h ..lte to the devil with the H0'l!"ever, We :Ia PLC. where the 409 Garfield 8t. GRanlt. 5317 Quartet regards Hselt a'8 the guard· greater number." Such tneeneM'8' -policy la In favor of the stUdents, . Wa.h.

QUARTET appearinG. Monday, ' 18, Semln..ry, will pre,en", a pror..m of cl ....le � one of the foreGu ..rdl ..n of Tr..dltlon



Korommy. vi·

extremely proud of their muekal



The performance 13 under the noticed, by tihe ·babit..oclouded· glan ; time. . J�eph Joachim and Hubay dual sponsol"!Jh1-p or and Annie 150 mu'ch of love can wither and die. �re. not only great soloists. they 'Wrlgl�:t Seminary. Tickets are now unfelt; so much of oure'elves can be 0&. I 8 w e r e pre-eminently dJstln� on -sale in ·the .busineea offl<=e T:he I oguished ,pedagogues. And, though :price is $2.50 for adults and ' $1.50 hldden ,torever from the llgbt, t:hat we mlg·ht as well have been born Aue�e rtea<:her ot HeHetz. EI- for Wright Semin. man, Zimbalist, Milst'8tn and Qt:her6 a:ry is located at 82'1 "l'a<:om8. dumb and without reuon. .. -Ja ltlhought of 8;8 a Rusaian masier, Avenue. -N. ancestry. Hungarla'n v i olin virtuosi 1bave T'&nked e.mong the top of a11



students. Annte

setrt.led in RU9SIa to teach and there

aotually 'he


a Hungarian whO I

Ihe developed <the dazzling group ot pupUs who dominate present-day



_ _ ____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ---'-


- fD�

Fatth, hope, and charity

For:m. grace, and cblvalry






torest and lea

Dickene, Hugo. and Dante


Burns. and Goethe

.Beethoven, Brahms. and Tcbaiohov·




and Da. VJooi

SwJea. prawns. and


'Women, sWeet, .true. a.nd pretty KI.nBbIp, tl11end8hip, and All theee crowd ,,1888U1'e 1Dto the beaJt of the eeJlllv llf!ti e man. .-Blll �enon.



P.�.k ,A¥�

Bar-J1.9 Burgers

TL. perf.ct match : . th. Lnd, and groom and L••uti£ullY handcrafted Court.hip Ma.ter­ Guild wedding rinlt". plain or mo.t � in�cately carved. Courtalup ·couple' are' e�· · actly .1iL•. FroV' tho m.ny d_iff.ront 14K lolid gold' pain.'l lur. to L• • d•• ign to pl•••• y"ur lui. and Ludget.


t -IQI\, F...,dto;.,n

� ..

11�r .nd


·1 �.'Fou"taI"


SSe .

8hOl1: Ord.,. - Dln"a,.

'.: Home.uWIe Pi.

1:00 Lift. to 11 ..... W"", "-

.....,,: .roo ...... to 10:" ......





Friday. April


with Don Hall

. And 88 we turn over a new page QIl ports calen· we are met with a wide array of activities; baseball, tarck, golf

. Comes

Qn� tennis.




Page Three


Seattle Pacific Defeats Lute .· Cindermen . Her.e Wednesday

100: Duncan, 8pe ; Gllsen; sPC i

Presenting 8. strong, well-balanced

\Vo_l, 10.2. Action �ears :the three-nng circus &tage in mId..tternoon. In one team, .the Seattle Pacific College Kl&tJt and Roy Dunoan 880: Fef!. SPC; Tucker', aPe; 011corner, the 8l"9 sharpening up theIr approach shots, while next track SQuad overwhelmed the PLC high point winnere tor the Falsen, spe; clndermen, 2 : 04.3. 90 1/3 40 '2/3, Wednes10 the-gyin the tennIs squad vies w.ith the rest of the day aIternoon on the local ov�1. T·he with 10 'points· eaC'b, .ta]dng Low Hurdle.: KlMt, SPC; Reno student body tor use of the courts. QlLt In the Falcons ,proved to be ea26.8. 1n ,both .the low and ·bIg:h Ick..8PC; Hedgere, pasture" the ba,'seball squad Is ehell 1n the running de-, And the 100 and " 220 rard 220: Duncan, Ohler, Sre i from dodging bad hops oft ot the Infield, while dubee. \ at the oval, the high ,ump crew is playing In tbe saw· . PLC; 22.7. , SPC ; Johnson; dust. a javelin whiaUee through the aIr and a dlscu8 . 10:37. :t�ds �n I\!he tnrt. Aro�nd :?i8' m�d house of






.trot the eeeming�y 'Urele88 distanCe men.


The otber "ll ig h t

.. whll� I 'wu eMlng at the banquet

Don Hall my salad, a 'Pretty young .thing cam� around to collect rthe tickets which were necessary tor admJaslon. Aft '1 gave her mine 1

noticed 'HiM

-� -'r


m't pink

ticket was tor. ouinumbered by the w.hite ones, the. '-'----'---�--:-kind gIven ·to the gueets and a.thletes. As I looked up I 8llW that 75% of �e <people tn .the room were guem�where was the paying pu,bUc?


p�����e .



a;, ����o� .. _.

DltcuI: Searcy,


SPC; Goodwin, PLC ; 125'.



Javelin: Ivet"&On, SPC; FrOlDllD., p�; M:il1er, SPC; 190'8". Where wal the Intereate� Itudent body which could .have filled up F"ole Vault: · WorraJl, SPe; Nu&t he oth�r . ha If 0 f the dining hall? It II very 'lanllng' to lee thla apathy Mum, PLC, and McDonald, 8Pe,' on. the prt of the Itudentl about thll lort of activity. It 'I .only becauN tied tor 2nd; 12'. of the dfom of a few energetic lOull around here that anything geta Broad Jump: Schimke, PLC; Glldone. You, the average Itudent, are going to have to get off of the .eat Holding no punches and f1atliI\g like windmills, 22 contest..' P� l Hedges. SPC. tied of y'our pintl If you are going to have the kind of things you want on ants participated in last Saturday night's Lettermen's Smoker, ' '" thle campul. i.n the Memorial gymnasium before approximately 200 fjght fans. lie Relay: Gt 1 8 � n, Andrew•• It's the doers who get a'head In (·hls world; ,they are the onBe Featured mIdway tbroug,h th� · Ohler. SPC ; 3 : 31. 8

I.L,l:�lt4Blrl,.,, ��lrl

lPLC rops 0pener

fonn robe :pat<terns w.hleh the roMS seems 8 eager to tollow. U you bouts was a .tag team match 0 eo&ttatl ot ,the man in tront ot you. during Y l.\r U�, . M8.s�8d Maulers agln;' C T6m 0 (ollowing rtbe trail 'hundreds 'have worn emootb, you are cert.aln�y tT&1n. and Joe ' DBni�leon. :Amtd. 1ng .yourseU well. No matter w,hether it is sPorts, religion, or aettvnl g and gru u ity, you ,bave «ot to live it. not just think U. _I _ 'u. a' D 'UI.RI' body � � n n wo : � !'fl .... .. Come aut of your shell; each and every one or us must take an a.ctlve 'I'bt!I Ma'lked ·Maulera won the


Ito hang on to·the





.8nde 0 eo

Lost both t . ng second tall nth an airPlane spin, er to Central Washington College ot Gilmer - b' e I n atrplane. The Education laiJl Tuesday, the . Lu· t seemingly could do no evil 8. rtberan dlamopdmen gat ott to mind ot the reteree, 'but . . low start 1n . their 1956 ba8eball -s wae Gilmer and Dantel90n campaign. The 'Oats won tobe o-pener I dl.",ualltled to give the Ibb1rd tall 4-0 and thumped ·the Lutes tn the ma.1.db to Itlle Maulera. s me, 11-1 e wo ond 6 Wi � the v ileyball season now well underway, the Faculty MUl'8 euttered the only knoclt eec . Th t ga team renew action Monday w h e n the in • match has become the team to beat as the Profs stand on top of the "B" of the t don'blehere a Wild vel OT" ca ts tra Freddy :Muter, but tJhe blood no with "A"

'PArt in our student attairs. Make this




Faculty Leads Race for Volleyball Crown With Undefeated Record �


League six wins and losses. In League competition the �'iilains are leading the �rade w;ith. .five wins and one loss. 'Flndlng the Bulls easy preY' Faculty dumped them 16-2 and 1'3-15, 15-11. Dave Berh�n, La-rry



16-6 18.8'1 'Monday evening. Stan El· Rass, Dale Storaasll, and Jim Van D o n eo 1 d

MArv Harehman, Raymond Klopacll, Fred Ludtke. Mark 9a1zman and Anthony StampoU" made up the undaunted Fa-culty tOI{ter. Eastern knocked Nor:llh Hall (1) bereon,


Beek (.'OJD;prlsed the Eastern outfit

and' Paul Hovland. ·Ron McAllieter.

Mel NoV1lllney, Bob RodJn and Den-





���, !b�:��gbe�':n�y�r�tlh�h�Z:� =�

fiowed treely tn aeJ'era! with one ending in a dralj- Bfter 1:.1.1& will be 1 : 30. CoaCh Marv Harehround wben both {Igluten were m&. &ai th . , d at he may elart. n d.� �..l Y C ut. Jim Johnson or Don May on \ ReSults of <the matches: \ mound for the Lutes. . . Dan �oJo over Gordon GradIn t'he Ellensburg coMelJtl!!l, wo'b1 Fredii� 'Miller over Bob Billa he day on o only t run r a. Lee Wigen ov'eT" Jerry OI80n. Dua.n�


lIet in both coD'l.e8ts, not giving Ull In ot<her gamee Monday, the sec- Ray Reel) In 4lhe ti ale. . u ,Innings Duane SchrYVer and VIrgil Weed e.ny runs during the ond place Rat Sluggers prevatled over the Rebel'S, 15-11, 9-15, 15-9, were eacb awarded 18. epor"te lIb1rl ce .PitChed.


an4, dum� Noryh Hall (3), 15-10 a.s thelr'e Judged the bewt bout. ·Second Don Ma� and 15-9. The Bulls be&Ft the Cotton Reterees were Pastor Lutnes and Itwo elngies In the t,1:rst game tor bait ner. of and Spanaway defeated th� evtn Frentzel. ...� . . o� pe � � �



Thrift is Part of Your Educdtion Open a Saving. .AccOunt No.W•


. . :: = : _ = � _ . .. :: .. . : : . :.: . . . . :::�.;;;�


... ... 5 . .. (1) .._...._. ...._ 4

: ; =:.,:arn�:=-�=:=:=:�::::===::: �

Nord> Ba11 (2)

Won "8" League Fo.cultr _______.__.. 6 _ _....------6 _..... . _____. 4 _. ____ 4 _ 1_ _ BUlle



:_ ------ 3 North Hall '(S)

· ;JohuOn AuDu,_" PIcken



_ PU6ET�'" ./ �NATIOIIAL iANK ..






_ _


4 ..

o 1 2 S S s ,S


a 6 t

'0 . 0



1 1 ,

:. .: ::.:.:.=:_ .



Motor TUn"; "�;8...,k. ..�tc.e

�OYD D1Il,1NG�

OFACl lM' �. • $T1tGT . , - . � I .. "'M,'I ........ ..�. •"su""':. COI_11OOI - � """'�





The Best in Donuts 7 :30

tb __ . P_ LC _. �.h� u.�::' - ln �� ba.8�




Phone HA� 3312

used to think lif. if>. , ... iUl' for older .,.,. - but I'.. sur. cIIongod my inli.dl I'.. olready • storted my, i_ _am with

i.uTHERAN' aRoiit� - .nd ,.1Ii

How .1oavI yiHI? wont fun porticulon? "' ,,


. .... ./



"Vo know. Bill, I

Just_ ....


Partdand and Vicinity

,uranu WQJ·




. . . . • . . . • . . • • . . . • • . . • • •' . . . • . • • ,



3820 South Yakhna


ny Roes roade up the losing squad. T,be Vtllalna taBted deteat 5, Schryver over Vi!'gil Weed, Larry !bome run In the eecdn� tnning ot when ;t)bey INCCwobed to NoI¢h H8.U drew with Ket·th Hoet.t, Ad� ,the 'Second by Ron StoreasU. 1 and 15 , 1 n 1 T 'he (1) -6: yUl� l' ros- ,lard Beylund o v e r Art Ner,betm, Joh�_ Fromm p Uched ·�e tinrt nTe 5:- . from tirst place in "A" Le&gue eom, �nn1ng ot ,the fIrst tlh, aJlowing tour petition Monday by �nn1ng 15-5, ter :includes Fred Brew1tt, Jim G6.rd- Dennie Daugs over Daryl Daugs _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ner; Dave Hauge, Russell Hause, Dave Hiatt over- Ga -, -,_ ry Ldndbo tn a rune. Don CoUom IJtarted :the nlghtand Bob Milton and Adt1a.n Spande. U oh m c sp t de lslon, over cap, and Jerry Larson served tn r& J n From



Dinner. - Short Orders Vlelt Our HOBNOB Room

Open from "=== == ===to====:


I gat )t8


D O N U ' .' 8 A R

Agal'nst Cent, Nl'ne >


\! I� � I

p�ge Four


Hono r Roll

• • (Contlnu� from page 1, col. 5)


Brown., Jemea Cberleton, Clifton. Jean'())gburn.

'I' e r r y


Condray. LaITY Eggan. Ga�

Walter Galusba,

Fr�day, April 13,

Janet Geldaker, Donald Gray, Ida Jo GropJre, �Ian Gubrud. ncy Helland, Marlene Hovland, Adrtan K�en. Lundgren. Barbara .An� Macdonald, Raymond Magnueon, Salim Mitrl. Beatrice Mulford, Ruth Myrwang, Tore Ntetsen, P h i oJ I P Nordqutt.t. Joyce Putrert, John R. . El­ wood Rieke, Myrna ShelTer, Sue Maudie S!J'aub, Gate Tbom�


.0 ,


m ftae Bechtel, David Lee Berntsen, del'llOn, Arlene Adele Baker, Ordet·

Dane. Kay Blount, Elizabeth Loutee Bron1ce. Mane. Karlene Carlson. Shirley Jea'n CarllJOn. Bnloo Rose casperson, James MelvIn FUorenoce, Norman oiaf-Forness, Janet Marte Fi-ybltng, ROM Warner Goetz, Grace AIm Hawkins, LorUle Jo Hefty, Da-


son, JanIce Elatne Rindahl, Barba:ra Joan ,Ristau. MHo Winston Scherer, DUane Benson Schryver, Wendell Jay Stakkesta.d, Mar-By.n L o u t s e 9tolzA11)urg. Frederick Lee TobiaT a

=����� ;::� ��� ��.



Caps t



Portl a

th c&:!







����������r:I�����.��db;��l��'Z�ii�lr.�tt::;��-;o, . U

, ( Co,n nned

froID: I, col.

Ie originally from Seaside, now re10 Po d. Bette, Who halls

organizing d19cu8slons and admin­ Isterlng organlzaJtlonal work.


Law Student J. Svan'holm 18 22 yeam old




trom Kalispell,


school ( gymnasium) unrtn 1952, and Is now studying law at the Unlversity or' Copenhagen, He baa been cbalnnan, Council of Nat1on!L1 Un­ ;ion of Danish Studentl8 ; since 1953 member or ,the ,pres,ldlum of DanIsh Itl1ternait:jona� Student Com· m:lttee ; member of a study tour for dents to ,the UN General A'S­ law 8embly in Paris, 1952; representa­ lonal Union ,to an tn­ U ve of the ternatlonal courae arranged by the nivemity, Weat BerUn, 1954. Free U HIs m in dee.ire 18 to become a bAr­ rister. Ot,herwlse 'be writes on stu-


,-----..:...J.....;�--- I l 0,"45 t'.p.m.

were Introduced, and Nordquist



STELLA'S FLOWERS Flowerl for All Occa.lon'.

Old F.-hlon FI.h and Chlpa Home-baked PIe. and C.ku Full Fountain Service NINTH .. PACIFIC, TACOMA When You Want

12173 Pacific Ave. (Foot of Garfield)


Bookl�lIer 1Jand 8tatloner PacifIc Ave._-_ Tacoma, W.lh.

Parkland CYf:LE AND KEY

BICYCLE RENTAL Garfield St. GRanite Sn2 = =

�I �����


I.G.A-. ·

poo, D�oWN� '

fW4t441M'" PR �'�1;E RS,:,I'nc:!





, .

. .t_

Ec�noDJi�l 1?rin'ting and Lithography / .�f l; ' � \- .. � ... �4'1..· ,.: . , .i . , . . -.. ' . • . . )[ CO!l1plefe. , M#em lPrinting floot in Tacoma's - - ' �M' �- -.-.--...-'r. -"'--�n _ .... �..!.��




... . :-. l i 802�Pa�ffjc 'AV.�ui'


Fast�t 9r�ing Communit!l .


. iltlinih 7UtO.


' . au Pen 'A .. COMPLm SH9PP.�N� ,C�,., .... . '.


t OR.' 7413 We Deliver



1 1 2tft ( Airpoit ROad . ," )



CHARM Beauty Salon

C. Fred Christensen

1--�YD<aT DRY·Ct=E.A NING . . . LAUNDRY SER\'lcE� Frelhmen: Seth Eli Ander1l0n' Ronald Stanley Berg, Geraldine Lu­ ella May, Lloyd Clark, I Geraldine Marie Flnltuen , Twlla For_ Clothes As Sweet As Spri.n Ann Glllla, Loll RaVllh lld-Grimlrud, Jamu Oddvln Gunde�n, Richard ONE·DAY SERVICE MRS. JO SOMMERS Bruce tfalvoraon, Audry Jean Hart. PARKLAND CENTER PHONE'GR. 4300 Charlotte VictorIa Johnltone, Ron· aid Alan Kittel, Georgia Ann Lee, I ;::::::::: :: ;:=:::::: :: ::: �::::::: :: ::::::::::: :: ::::::::::::::: : ::: :: ::::: David John ' &-nde, Bettelou Mac- I I Donald, Conrad Irwin Mandt, anne Lavina Morud, Betty M Uleua. Loll Cecelia Peter'len, vln Richard Radmacher, Clifford Jerome Sella. Sonja Joan Slmon�n, Miriam Irene Stoa, Joan TorgelOn, ' Janet Marlene


Ie engaged


LargeR Selection Recorda 12607 Pacific Ave.

Garfield Street


Pretty senior, Connie Hustad, Is :taln for the last year. Hareliman !then showed the trophlee tlte team engaged ,to '8 e n l o r tncludink ·rna.sslve Cl,ty SwtndJand. This couple plans trophy wblch married In a year from June, after Varsity team captured Tom ,has completed a. year of law school and Connie a year of teacb. this year. ing l-n bel' 'bome- Itown; Belle e, � ' -' "--' ----fY� "" 'P. mTh.t 8.tlIWashington. Tom 1& from Parkland. HaIr ColorIng Con.ultaUon Another 'Prominent PLC girl, Ver­ ru1ta BUesner, "stoped" by PLC jWlior. Howurd Chrl'BttaD80n. How­ Blanche Llngbloom ard i9 from SeeJt!tle, VeroUa from 413 Ga,-(Ield, at. QR. , 747&' Wuhlngton,






·hle talk on diree prin­ be feit Wl!hleties were ,to develop tn an lndtYldual­ 'patlence, dlscipHhe, and frlend&hlp. Chuck CUr.tls, Phil Nordq and Roger I v e r 8 0 n, All·Confe nce choices from t!he basketball lCluad,

.to Jim Johnson, another Ka.ltspell- tlwa.rded the Insptra:t;ional 8;W�!d and also elected as honorary cap·

was born In Alborg, Jutland. Denmark . He attended lbo high



Le.ura JoAnne Knutson, Earl Herbertt Lleeeoer, Jamce Irene Me· Keehney. Duane 'Slgunl Moe, John Benedict Moon, Roger Norman OJ­ son,.


nuretng eduoatJon depariot the !"'II..... Thl. event wUl Ginn. _I deoerv f re«>gnttlon place .fQ the CM.B aUd�r1Um to the athlete. and to su.ppoTters 3 : 00 p.m, on SUhday, Allri 22. dent, YOUlh 4nd pGlttlC8l mattert5 for ('f Paclftc Lutheran College eir etJoc 1'be students who . recelY� Danish newBpapen l s, ,the FJret Annual Sports caps ,,111 have juwl completed 12 Awards Banquet eld lut Wednee· We d. Point Ah ud of clini YMre of two r i eeks he w l According to Mr Karl, the ong evening <bel-peel to focus the I attention on the rlelng , .,merie]'ce and the ex<:eHent record educaoUon at EmaInlel Hospkal and. Gilbreath and Mr. Swindland of PLC athletics. indicate ,that �ey will otter 'rhe banquet. held In the College keen competition for the gentlemen nursing education. ta In charge U on Building dining ball, was &t· for the from Scandinavia. They ",til deba.te Itbe r range men by 160 ple w.ho'were tlrst question of wage 8ecurlty for program. with a hlcken dinner, en· orke on the In· T,be 'program w:ill include an ad· with music ..nd magic, by a �ri1ng by President S. �. Eaetvo ld

'7;�:::'�::��:! 'V


vtd Stephen Hilleekl.nd,' Lind Bernard Ke.rl-sen, David Rbmlne Kn

To D�bate


t W age Sec uri ty


Walton Frederick Berton, Margaret Anne Canl ... Gillo Jam�. Capelli, Delphln� Elizabeth DanlellOn, Pa· trlcla Ann Gahrlng, Yvonne Audrey Oeltz, WIlliam H e r b e r t -Foege, Thorn.. M ichael Griffen, Agnea Marthe' Hallanger, Hope R.Ob� Hammerstrom, Merle ' Arley Han­ .,n, 8u.. " Margaret Hatch, La�r-­ ence Henry Helm, BeatrIce Florence HItch, Curtis Arnold Hovland, 'Hel­ en Lorraine JOrdanoe�, Lawrence William Lane, Loulae Marie McKay, Shirley Ann MacIsaac, Darrell L_yle Markham, Barbara Lee NellOn, Gerda Marie Nergurd, Wayne Raymond Olnn,'Dorthea Joanne Peter. .on Virginia Wilma Prochnow, Jun� Ilene Sather, D a I e Gord"on Schimke. Sophomores: Aage Bernard ·An-

H ono r Teams !::'�':.� � �tl;: :;-� �':-n�: At: Banq' uet: Nurses

' Dane Here

Q ues







. •




' J'

" �� ;': ,�


•.,... 11




Tuesday. April H is Campus Clean·up Day. Plans �re being laid for a successful and event·filled day. A better than .:,.0:.1 breakfast wilt be served from 7 : 30 to 8 : 1 5 and work will'begin when 'groups meet their chairmen at ' the designated posts at 8 : 30

... clean...p, Tbe roll will

to ala

be 6) Busina. Ad BUilding, Lut.aeI' before work .arts and an- ( � 4.0 residence and AdelphoD. Hall, for later Ie .alated . Morton ; (7) So,uth and Nol"ltb Ball..."

. Gonll. strom; (8) CUB and _ . �ork wlll continue until noon Home. �wood Rie e; .(9:) mriade e (toward lower cam:pns). Merie IfAn.. In -tbe col�ege cafeteria. Stu- &OD and Eddie unon : (10) l.cJw'8r win th�n leave for Lake Sp&D.- Campus, Bill Foege and Stan Hula­ and an afternoon of football, ma ; ( ) 11 Gym, Ivy Hall and tenma n volleyball, swimming and courts Da ve Wold and! Nord, o ltiaa Q� and her etaU qulst : (12) Clo,ver Creek Hall and "rve a dinner at the lake In VU lage, Larry Hetm;

wh n . a :picnic style lunch �l be



FOUo.w1ng the capping there will co­

:Membere ot-the claea-to be capped are Allee Brunner. Ardue C u lot 8, Joan :'FJalg; D'o n n a. G I g e r. Ruth Haugse. Rose Ann Jacobson, Betty Johnson, Dorothy Johneon. JUtlanne


. and tleld. GttJe Thompeon. • annual event i's sponsored by Workers will 'be: grouped a�ba.national honorary � posted In l :be be and y will Hsts tica J Romo Qnd Wally Berton are e CUB -Monday in title same area eo-obeJrmen. T,he group rth v he ng machines were standoU and work areas Include : '8.& t ing. Maps showing the work wU) a-)IIO go up ·MOnday a.t toca.I ;' on campU'S. Class Blltldtng and Bob Tlmm; (4) Art Tools and equipment will be turand Llbrary, Tore niShed. Wear w: o r k clotlh.. · . n d

Arts CI� ... ;L W,i---II�ocIiI nningDa�, · Float '

. _

Johnaon. Beverly KrMnJRts. Marcia Lein. K r'e n 'Maltatt 'Janice Me­

'(13) Buetlell PhU

be 8. reception and tea. hoporing nursIng studeM:8, with seniors

Je�d and Sigrid Tollefson as chaJrmen,








k � ��k ����!.C Di� -points �(3)' i


is the organiZation responsible for Kechney. Charlene Peterson, Bea.­ success in this y�ar's Daffodil Parade. Due to their, �trice 'Scheele, Janet Smith. Helen (5) .Llbrary (, lArry Eggan ; 1!Ome 'Pre,pared to .have • .Pod time, indUStry and took first place in , the EHucaverance float PLC's ' Sollie; Maurine Swan80�. ' J �.IJ: e t . "( I , ' �rk�nc 'tor .the �eraient·ot CMp.• , tion and Y�th qroups.. division., , _ " Towe, Vlrctoia �.,.ertB, and � " • ·pus and the school. . � . -' ' 'C' The �up waS org&nizect last, rau' caret Wlllno lf . . . -.., _ 'and __ •� ' _ 0<1_1 • '. wI� �r\ Industrial Arts Club

'1� : "4)1 ' ; -t:'" ' 1 , fIi J!�r8 , .,. O' ,, 9�§ , m�i,- AI ns� �Lu� .\. o :: :r =.�� ::;�: : = l : ';! y-: - ' :;: ',V ee-p n-e ' e e ' L : ,;,:,: Don t rs! :;' ; . � il s t, r" xY Soi ' , SUOCe88tu1, 'l'bey aek t'hat theee ,&re 50c a month. They meet the

· }"'rM�� < o • •• �o·��. P PUS . ' 8m ot the Call1 , Visit.. ' Monda, Apr.1 23 "'':'lot ,



I , .' ot 4e ""�PC'preseDt9Jt:lve Ii re


ton _. Personnel _ wiD be on campuS" MondaJ:. Ain'tl to ten 9tudents about employment oppartuIritjes in the etat& government service. ,

sta.t1tJtdcs. ..otl1ce

Jobs in eoclal work, accounting. Dl8.DI.gement, recrea.'f:Ion. engtneering. fisheries an� public 'heahb are avanable.


on g iven ,to hem before Installation ceremonies for the ,newly-:elected off�rs of the eetl e be g ' PLC Toastmasters Club were held in the coffee shop at the regu- Mon�daY morning. lar Wednesday meeting. Those installed were Don Liles. presi, dent: Jon Soine. fine vice.presidegt; Dean Libner. second vice- Tacomjj-AAUW' Sroup Robert Nordeen serves &8 presl- pnsident ; Tom Reevt:S. sec'y-tr tas. ; Doug Mandt, sgt.-at-arms,

ep e n h. ur,f;!J, mo t Tih -group ts to .prom� inn hetr l ld 0 and g !e / ro- t t .nd.....,r. . pole

Monday ot

d_ with Don !levereld as second· PLC ha. the , dlstinollon 01 beln jn�mmand. Ray Sodeih�nd f.s the 19 ne of ,!!he few colleges, it not the r r ther mem Becretary-treaBtl� . O 'bers only couei-e. in :the world. whtch 'hae indude John AndersoD.z..PBvid Pet· hart red ToastIts April 1956 entOn. S t a n l e y �eodore �tere�:::a:o�al a m. ' Holy Wor hi p 1 Soheele. ou&ne �, James OaLittle known by the ,aVerage s - 1\:OO . Ch r : "M �Od H W wo nd lrU pelU. Louts oaeert. Stan lahnBOn. PLClte 'about .this club except that ;� u � : . : A. a r. 'd by �v.,� o an Christian. • It IZ\eets at 6:15 in the morning, by, and directed by S. Lothalre .¥notig other things the group set W'hen most people 31'9 et1l1 asleep. Brandt. u.p the. Bbutneboard in the' CUB Howeve[" Toastmasters 1'5 not. just game room. They worked on the an early , morning clu'b or an exSermon: "Can a Teacher Have An Unexc uaed AbaenceZ" etudent con�on a.Mar f.Urniture elusive grOup who wish to avoid -John 16:16-22 and repaired �e atu.deDt body Mfe. ,everyone.lToaatmasters ha.s e. pur-

Rea 'T,







�===========, Meets Here , Saturday Student ConCJrecJation 22,

Mr•..M&rvln -Ruud. r:eeruttlng techto live pnnloan, wUl be on enU .into�n, tbIrd period in OfllatJ,apment a n d Praoti�ee fice CtW �n BAd 2. and tourth period In Cempua Day will find them., bU811y pose, o�e of speech improvement. d19ma.ntUng �Ur 'winnIng � � ,Mr, Haley'a, office tn Hh�_ Most &tude n<ts are' awve of tJbe ' n e e d of .aeJr-expreftSion and, ai' �. .thougbllh. lI""rn8ttonai le d.slgned



Solo: "Eye Hath Not 6een"-AIfred . Robert G a u I. By Janet Windecker.,

TomolTOW afternoon � 2 �.m. :tile

Tacoma Branch of the American A.&:sociation of UnivereJty Women w11l 'hOld «:S Aprll m�tingin South. Hall. Dr. Eaatvold will epeak at the tea.

MUI!Ileal entertainment w:lll be




the' Ambusador Q'a:vtet


composed of Gerald Bayne, Steve Brandt. ' 9tan:ley' Huisman �d



All, n»lor women are cordially Invited. u ia � board ot �e' Gamma.


Chapter ot tbe PLC AJ��ia-

'= 'Revi'ew· Seniors P, Ian :C'ha- 1':"MI -; ' " . Banquet Ti�keh:.On ����,:<N- o�, E:a�:,;r.':E=� Float Chair�en _Say.,Than�' -



' '


, for the , buslne88 e:,nd protees1onal


Sa!"rdaY. . Apnl �8:. � the da!_ lOt for ,� senIOr Ir.!n- club 'hu a �k 0/ * own. , We. the co,chairmen of ,d,e daffodil fi t ;';"'Id very �i�Cftt"qaet to bt held at Ln&g1- a. Co-chairiDm. J�' W'lIldahl and Stan Th. PLc olub 00... _ 8tx vacan· Iy like to ,thank tbose who gave of their lime. tale.t'u. musy': and f� ' Huillna":·.ncoUrag. all sen� to, buy. ticktts �whid" WPI go_ on cleo And' wiD be_nc n.w m.m, ingenuiry il! makil!g Pacific J.utherin Co lleg.·.· daffodil fl""t lie­ �75 ibis week in the dormitorioa _and the CUB... , .' : ,ben ,eoon. The onlj:.,,__ come a reahty. Wll 531((or SI hout your supPort our' float would npt,bave' i ...





� [


;:.���=. �� :: nUt' ''''; ==: �:!! :-'a:.. e::; =,,� 'and lltimbmuOr dUo .,.,.


.... p� .,..';,toe

ev__ JU:ia" �N �� s.:o crad


th _ .ut _ to ta 110 _

oa;e .:; � �

!Iu&lly 'Dave W� ...a' � • IOpbolllOre ... ' that )"OU ��CO�y abieto get . 'r. up for til. "'_. It you - !P, i: oi!IioId. ilde � IMii a .tree',� come � the ·1rtd dl BeutOi

�rwted. f�� � @.1. ti. ,�:.n- "til

TOllefeo.ii · �. � � .ii.clob

eel tit "e' end' or tile ,.,..' otI.tin adon . i __ , _ � , Dm meeetnc· !'ar � u ta be-� ""' � _�� . - e_ _ _'O'Ill 000I I __ ' ih,, · ,.;ar! , ." . ' '''Iibo ...�... n.n.,'of � '. :NIeIi.o JIani daII "ke 1i'ofk e.n' , . An�ne wh�� ha. had hi. pie-n. cb&tnIIU tot. be. o J , SeaIOr � n.7. � 1ItftmI _ .8te1' tu-:e I" the .�oo� n� M� thl�: e ' . 8wen. year.11 welcome to pick up the \ 'PlaDI!: ,tor'Cblt lMt 4ll:r ted by Br&a en.�yl�g In til. �oorln. M_ _ lIIelde "'.... . ' . ' offl!!'. HuIIman ..... '0/ UNt,

';.� , �-.�


.omOno. J_ � , · i


� _ .�IJu,� DlaIie IJlo..


Jr� ���&���ii�iikhcfth�nk

LUdtke. J�Ha�.

on Mr. � Stan Read. /"aVel:\le Staugh. and thi lP.Clustrial Aria Club' foo",tb.t �ny hours of very .bard labor pu� f.ortli on itS �ructiOD. To the,girls who froze rbroughou� the joum_yr w_ say � and ' , are only sorry we couldn't provide electric blankets! .. 11,1.0. we w,Ould publicly like to thank'borh the: StudOnt- BOdy, and' the college for financially sUpporting this project. W- are in' : deed indebted to you. . ,� " t t, . - ' > '� . these. and many other.s whQm we could meD�oD. we say tha�k you ! G.ur hats go off to y�!: , ' . $ "...',....�



Smcerely. the co-chairmen.




Sue Hatch. Bob Nor.deen. 'Don Severeid. IJ. •ny Siattum •






I Two



Frlda.y, April 20, 1M.

PabU.hed Office:

every Frtday dUring the school. yee.r by the 1J't000Dte ot Pacltie IAltheran College Telephone GRaDke 8611 Student Union Subecnvtion Prlce-$3.00 per year.

Last night's debate was a ..fine example of what the competi­ tive spirit can do. It was a baute of both wit and wisdom. Our pro Scandinavian friends .overcame the handicap of speaking in a foreign language and showed a fine command of our "tongue" even t�ugh they have had' very little experience with it. The question they debated was not familiar [0 them, but they pre-

C. Fred Christensen



Bookeeller and' .tIetIOne�

P:aclflo' Ave.



BR. ..



now It·halt. ,they have flO either Located at IGA Foocft.o�n equa.lkthat or go beyond It. We .araeat Selection of 41 r..,.;n. 112th and Park Avo. mlglN. even apply It to :tIhe awanla 12607 PacificRecord. Parkland Ave. won by our da.trodll tloe4e every I r= ' ===========l Bar.B-Q Burgers 300 year. 'mle men in eooJKe know that I I Short Order'll - Dl nn.... · Laurinat's Apparel to win they 'have 100 equal or go beyond paet. doings and they jU8't "WE FEATURE THE FINE8T" Fountliln aren'<t _i1sl1ed unless Idler do eo. Zelma Laurlnat Pies ' Ho�e-made any M �:;��n::::tloeo:::;:n�re- 409 Garfield 8t. · GRanito 1317 8:00 LIII, to 11 p.m, Week Oap The thirty-two team competition begins Monday with the P d W h . k d S t m .== .teams starting a r�und of eight debates. Later in the week, the top In our own lives Itlbts} e.tsa ·per- ,,====== . ,== '.= "== , == ""=====�== U= "= = Y"= :=9= :OO == L= o= 1= O= : OO=p.=m. � r h18h goaIs our set we It tams, sixteen teams will be selected for a "sudden death" elimination, cUlminating in Saturday's championship. The best of luck' to enough we just aren'lt f �lng to l!!JIUt1efted 'With doing a�;t'Itb1n8' 1_ Tom and Stu, as they represent PLC. �eill' .:. Thor.eo be

"()" 'P� S� '" M "'1IIit, �� lIIW '1,7 "


a 'meC'banleal Time tells of lonely and 'hadn'¢ a hiend. He worked in 'his shop clear up on the top ot a mountain drat we'll call Big Bend. To the moUll'tain 'he new in Spring '32, In an eHort to work undisturbed. day that he It 'had been <hie inteM, the went, to stay <there wrtil he had curbed The awtul desire to ·meddle wtth wire and all 801'lts of pistons and rings, To .try -to cre&te, Ithrough PhYsics and fate, . a (DYNAFLOW-DRIVEN. SUPERPNEUMA.r[r C.� SELF·STARTING AND STOPPING, GUARANTEED-FOR.sIX·MONTBS) robot wi·th non·ruattng 8P�. 1., But be was unabl�. thl'Ollib work, re&t, or fable, to rid the obeeesion 'be bad. . And mall7 yeara -paased. Then one �y.:!t. a metal tmLOh1De called him, "DlM1" Isoard ""'oped wiUI a tIWt and ..- to t&a thing be had fiDall7 done, When;, armed wII:h ... amUe, his Pltere, !nd oue l.nard,




IKt 10_ _ tt. "14 So..." ,decided to r&18e bla 80Il 1D.

Ute ...,., he bad reJeCted.'

b1c1l of the For he' � a pa�" �d

' . wocid ...

,';;d !do


,. I>oy _ ".t, be � .. ..


care like .' buinan. clothe8 and'8 and hooe .. and took Rob to Bee the old eboeman. Il!boae It was Q.uite a great teat -to


; ware tbathemllittake-Is�"".


.-i hi.'son tn

.be, flnIt. tboucbt of I


. -



which really were eafety tu.tte tire3, But the sboema.n wee witM 80 that no one'e were able to see the chrome wires ..... or Ittle Hollywood hubs, or the chrome-'cOvered luga and rthe 'Proudly displayed w.bit,ewalls had Whieh Rob bad Inei_ed and then - persisted In makJng hie fat!ber ,install. . \ yose a.nd ,tJ;lat was ::e One more problem . carded eihMMt to the air. .th8t You couldn't con�t. the smell would rev� fLnd to Rob Ii juSl wasn't fair To &ta1¢ h1m In lite, tull or troubles and 8trUe: . with socially frowned at B. O. So hi6 r...tber, concerned. with That fuel Robby burned, determJned to make things just 80, up a And returned :to his lab of eometb:ing to �;';e- the odor� Ui tact quite ea B� 1t wasn't euccetul, •

to mix


m� wit!b the trouble tt awed. Ito h18 motor.


decided to look In .hie college-&ge to see 'WIbM to do tor biB boy. He found a;>iJo!uitfoD 'frOm an old I2;




1__ . bJ' 107. aI¥1 W¥ "Qutte QOme There '. DO .need,.to ·bkl� ttte: amen

o" ... that .... fact diat lIIs ,!lOn ..... J.u,t _�"" . Ho .... him � pipe, 10". _ ou\d q_ . .

" k� 'OOU'- &D.s "6,�---- 'WheJ!�� ' . to _ _ _ ariao ln _ I , from colles8'men', �.� Ith� RObbie ' It fa toUDd dle emauat 'wbh::h

tIlDe plumee

young W88 sweeter, and'mucl. lees a erime�' -:W. BERTON

Linoleum - Tile .. Formica .. Ele�trlc Venetian Bllnda .. �


"We Give Service and 8ell Q�IItJ" 121at and . F'��lflc Avenue " ..ItoM GRanltll l171

Cent:. ral ' Derreat:S Tenn i s Squad 6-I, Her�Th urs a •


April 1_entnt


FrlQ1, April 20, 1�

r.t i>Lc

:: "-=:£:,;E=

Luther. Hi.e Divides Westem Doab ' Ieheader

GOLF SCHEDULE ,J im gunderson. frosh tennister. copped his singles match against . ntral Washington here Thursday to keep the Lutes April 2D-MCChord at PLC from heIDg shut out. The veteran Wildcat squad. " with their first A'Pril 25-Weetern M. PLC · Atour men back t r o m laM. year April 2&-CPS a.t PLC ky h arm of pitcher John Fromm gave Pacific Luright T � � Lewio Fort '" -JkCbord 3 . April UC 7 6 1 Tlctory OYer P , LETTER TO EDITOR swept to I';S flfst baaeball Win of the stason WtdntSday at Bellingcheran We t 7Beil1n&bam 6't ern e MIa,. EI. at 68'ln meet will teams The Editor, Mooring Maet. &.t ham. With 1 1 � knocks [0 support Fromm's efforts, the Lutes . lensburg Saturday. Alp"t 28. 'l'lhe May 14. 15-00nference m e e t Dear Sir: ' dump,d. the Vikings. 10 to 4."'-----'-------Belltngbam a Lutes',next home tenni8 ma.tch �I v:l It would •

return nert year. However. there is

" wbtch W'8.8 hOt e�dned: 'Se1'er8.t per:t1nent que8tion. !have a. rt & e n e1nce that 1Blk among !\he male students of the



these are u foUowlI: 1. Wba..t its to. 'be done about the


No Smoking regula.tlon In Old Main when the bon move tn'! Wttl ,the

fetlo\\'15 1tave to go out on tbe 'froot !'tepa, e:verj olIme ;they W'ieih to b6ve

a smoke? Surely thte regulatlon cannot be entorced tor Clhe bo)"8 w.ben

It was not entirely enforced. among tbe glrls' . 2. Wobat basta, if. any, is Ithere to the eeemingly well rounded. that there 1$ to be a 12:00 curfew for the boys?

to . G"a. ds Lose Twlee /· ymp.e JC Neffers ·

O e :::t:: -o1""!��e�:i �.�:

reasona.ble rquests made upon boYB.

In "Jew of the general commotion tt w () u l d.

that bas been created.

seem .not only ntU;tI' and proper, but downright ne'Ceee&ry t!lat.a.n eJ:pl&n&tion of theee matter6 be made

-U-.-A-!. L

Gol fers Hos t

rlf.l'{;·onOi:U=: v";: ·"-7:::-".

meet lut S&turday dternoon beld on tbe Lute o...I. Dale Sto

. ..... ....U New Leagues Formed In Mural -getter for top . �:l'l:��g.�: ,:��:!�:� .::..":!: Vblleyball-PlaYi N6rth Hall i Leads ' otle:

by identical scores 1ast Mon-

Frtday. In obbe rhome and he , OIYIDJlie "POSted two s WI�



c�nl7 � n8Ce.alT aDd but .ttl.ere eoJDelt a time in

(0), 8-6, 7·9, 6-0 ; Ken tJhe Rebele. 16-1, 16-14. In the " B" Leo.gue the R&t 810«' (0) defeated Spencer


atll downed Weelern 1�10 7-16 (PLC). 6-3. 4-6, 6-3. of every pereon "rileD. iI:h6' Slugge1'8 100100; Bob Do u b i e - Johneon-Van Seek 15-lZ. s . I"8MODB for 4;he ebaDcw eeeme Ronald Bel'1' WUter Hall . (PLC) defeated WUtenfeld � Strort. ��uuiLly ______ to aid in t un Walter Leln: (0) , 6- 2, 6-2; Elner·Prien (0) de- R o n a l d




are ext:IJ&tned aDd .the underl1iD.A' pro1)!eIM are aired. al8o. Ltkew1ee no IItor7 fa complete wttSlout both. std.. bank re?&&b!td. and dtecuwed. Re8peoUUlly J'�

Ne8TIg-8chlmke (PLC), 6·2, iager .OO Clifford Sells. North Hall (2) forfeited. to the

................ ... .7 ..... ...11




. . .. 8


.._ ._ ... _ ..........____._.







,HA� Phone .... .



3312·, j


Cotto. Pickel'll ......... ...._.._. 6

::=::"-:-::: :

Scribes .....:._.....__.__ 6

�820 50IIth Yaldma

Cotton Pickers and Salnta.





"",oti'''' 'rh"_. I ,,,_._


� Centra I D�.ah Lute BaSeDa L II .n _

. .


for ftnrt:in the hJ&t1 jump.

' '; an too


a thlrd in the broad Jump. · Fr bman Carl Searcy al80 did ee weH for the Lutes &8 be took

fl1'8ta in both �e shot put and diaCU8,

weU .. .. eecond

to tJie low

lburdlee and . third. tn the jI..velin. Point. 8umm.ry as

MII�Burk!hart. 0: Etsel, ·PLC; Schwan', PLC: 4:58. ng both Dr �Zarn�, PLC; J a c o b . o n, c =: :�!, t e he head PLC; 'F1nlay, 0' : :54.3. WUdcarIAI Wrt Monda atlternoo n the .. - $to,...U, PLC ; t.b � lf-i Ded Pac c Lu eran n n, PLC ; 'Ifam,eo, 0: : 17.9. t .b e f r home eeheduli at Chenet Job ao 0: N�. PLC ; 1OD--JanuaJ'7'. Field 1o8ln &-4 and. 10-3 wee Schooley. 0: :10.6. In 'both ':omeN ' :the ·ieeu.e ___Burldraflt. O' Juobeon, PLC•· dectded In t!be ftnal inn.1Dc- Don ZArndt, PLC ' 2 ''10'' y. L e Hurd oe - etol"M8U. PLC; ut . 88CODd baeeMla e and e p cbed 2" ' Q.-- PLC ' lIansen 0 th tlrK pm oman, k �:" � ; � ...d dle GladfJ �eadtDl' 3-2 until the �a.n ry, O; N 86,.eotb inniog when t.he WUdoate nnlay, O; :23.0. . ld enore, a PLC; Soh,..,., ca·pltaltzed on. two Infie .tolen bue aDd. seTeral bite to !pUSh PLC : Meckelburg. 0; 11 : 26. l'OfII8 the plate and II6'W u�� Jump-Tie. Stor .. .. PLC, :, : -: m . and Roee. 0; Jtumary. 0: 6'10". Central 8COred �ree I'UD8 in the Shot Put-searcy PLC; Gabriel-




Low Hurdl



TWCHn Ile-Etsel, High



8.nd six more in the seventh. eon. P.J.C : Ollen, 0: 40'S". the n1gbt�'P game, to erase a - Searcy PLC' Schooler. PLC lead. ' 0: Olsen, 0: 132'1;. Ihurltng, May hit four for J.velln-Fromm PLC' OllJen ' O.• the day. and batted in three Searcy. PLC: 179'..... ' . Ron StoraaaU collected th� Pole V.ult-Nusbaum PLC' Han. ' . and rucb.1e Helna picked U'P .en. 0: 11'3". htt8 to lead the Lute sluggers. Jump-JanuaJ'7' ; . 8cll1m-


Box Score.

P. L. C............__...030 000 1-4 ton.





ke. PL(:: StoraaeH. PLC: 22'6"'.


-' '. ... . .. -

Lutes Rank IEIgIdh . . ' . In T.... .,...... .

9 5 6 OoZI.�d·��DI:":;-;:'d T10

010 0-' 3 ... .... 6 .. . . ......... 6 P. L. C....... ........200 Central ......___..000 103 6-10 haVe been added to t Iaraoo, • bt a toar tbe ms for Duff and ThOmpeon. ' "


the Gla.d�



New leagues have been formed in the intramural volleyball The Faculty has moved into the "A" League and is for first place with North Hall ( I ) . The Rat Sluggers new king pins of the " B" League. Each [earn will play

ell tbe

a nega. eoo is determined to tive stand. towvd chan&ee if

"Out tbe

Firat ·ba.eman 'Dennl� Ross got .. College cindermen, 79-47, in .. dua.l

the Lutes.

g 8. m e s In the eeoond round letterman BIU Johneon to be t.he big gun for PI..c, w-hlcb etaIlted. .Monday. one Hall (1) made a doub'e number e Nortb Btll spot. -th killing Monday be& tb e VUlal ruJ, was v:lctoPiOU8 In bath matches. to bo)"8, be they on or off 15-1 1 , 16-12. and. Elutern, 15-8,\ 12-16, ·MO�Y'8 reewta : i.. Surety, the contoued good campi SlD«les-BUl Johnson (PLC) de- 1�. BpatKlwtLy's B I I I A�l'8On , wm .n4 teHow8hip between tbe taco Dick Elner (0), 6-2, 6-3 : Btll Donald DoUlla�, and Ne1I · 9tandal ulty, adadn1etratore, ud Btudenlte (0) de�eated. Dave Nee-- dropped DeJ&rdine'8 Rod i?hrt'Bttan. outcome eDIOUI'h for dde would 6-� 3 , . Ken Short (0) eon, JamN Huknd and 'lt e.Hh ! explana.tton.. not to. mention the tn� Bee� (PLC) , 6-2. Hoeft; 16-10, 16-6. The F,acuky CODBl«bt Ut e boys 'W'OUld pin on .tbt� Schimke (PLC) defe&ted. tlnued the� wlnning W&,." beating matter. Improvements

o 70tter�BItuAItin � �

�_re- TUDe ��


Trae k5ters Ta ke Meet: . .

3. Why weren't Ute 00»1 consu):t. ed betore tb... ebangeB, It �ny, o were made? ['m eure that if both o m ';' ':. �� �";:n !,,



ble to drive to tbree nnw. In the opening tilt of the "'OUbl&I . nl)ltcbln« the fll'JIt Lute W'in, ! ston Ibeader. the Western Wubin . cl ub trlpped the GladJaton. 10'-6 Fromm struck out el&1rt and "...ked. Ron Cottom W'M the IoalD.A' chucker. but two. Alter aJlowln« two home • Bingle. four rune io the first two Jem lA.rson came on the hUl .oV1!-��t(..!1£UGWGt 4�f��� :=;.... __ � . np , h'.... �� =m!�_·�. ·hut . - - � lIeve -bI� �!...�. f ffl �� h -!n: ou BllI"iJhDeou (PLC) 6-1, 6�.:; 6:2. r -; tbe 1"6IC: wt-"',�. Vlk" 6Ct'088 ions five a Poured ' the V1te . Bob Allen (CWe) �reated Dave 'Dbe next home "ppea",oce for .. , Entertaining Itbe M«lbord F1sld the Rlat4!. Nesvlg (PiLe) 6-1, 6-0. nin Marv'e e Will ob Ever- Co. the tim • j dtvoteere, the PLC 8'O'lf team plays in Tbe t were Bob LaLonde (CWC) defeated 2 Cheney at . A'Prll FrIday. next be 7 afternon o at It!he College Golf rgreen Con Uta t'erence lJta.y tor both out. Jim Vatt Beek (PLC). 6.0, 7.5. I eld where 4lhey wtlI take on CPS ,teeln� off 8It 1 : 30. N e :r. t flt . rn FJ l5 Western le defendlD8 weste . In a pair of league games etarttn« - BUI P e a r s 0 n (eWC) defeated the golfen t&k:e on Weet.ern, division and league champion. Oth Dale SchJmke (PLC) 6-1, 6-0. at :30 p m. . a ret �rn ma.tch with Me- er clubs tn the dirielon are Puget. 1 Jim OUndel'9On (PUC) defeated -----�-. on Wedneeday, 'J'Ihurt!lday Sound and BrttilJh CoI\Bllbta. ' Oon Dawson (eWC) 6.1, 6-.J. the was Stonsa81t Ron Outfielder Double. Frtda.y the Hnntera downed big stick In the lArte offeDse with ·F'rederlck ahd Allien (oWC) de. ' Junior CoHege. 13 %·1 �. 00 lour 1Itnglee tn l!IeTen trtpa. to t'be fea.ted Johnson & Van Seek (PLC) course, led by Bob Spar- 'P18Ite. Outfielder Ron McAllister, 6-0. , wbo obot a 74 ahortatop !,-rden Moneon. catcher the pJoay moved to BremlArry Lane and Storaa.ell collected Coach 'Mark Salsman'8 PLC track 'Ilhe 0 I y m 'P 1 c squad . · ¢:he defeat with a 10-5 vtc· two h iie eaoh In the eecond game. '81.ere swamped .the Olympic Junior

seem, In . ew of k t Wedneedtly'll Shop Talk by Dr. Elaet. be against CPS neEt Friday at 1 :30. ,old. :that m.ny new and wondrous The results of Tbureday'e ma.tch things will eurely St'ee't ue when we follow

t:''''' ,ag.�OU�! • •� T,�< �


82.3 p:lIIot.: per con· 1 1 avera«e of oniJ"Luthm m D Ho\cllng lllelr , oppo.eDIa" to

00lleC9 Padftc JoIm8onand'r.M;.Scott. � toD. emaH ranked et:gh:th tn the DIIIt'.


31 I1.-- - -n. � � I ::��i,;.c.:�::�::::�111��::1:::�---;;;;;�� •• tt.dht .. Hiatt WIn Table T.-is � ' p��=,:::,: _ :Dr 401_ .!I=, IQUI.. ' QIioD« deie_ m _ _ __ � HOURI:· ,W KIm won tile _ tab\& • 68.0 a�__ 10 lip _ oc.w­ ......-...:"ru... .. W.... ... nuts: ._ clamPloDoldp _ CiIem. WOOl V1rCIDIo TocIl led Ute , U ..

..... to 12:.10, ......

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. -.


8a1li;.qy ':00 Ltft. to' .:,10 A,:!!!.

':00 a.m. to 11:80 80m. QR. 2211 11m & P.aoiflc. , Sunday



0Ndn � � '

to end. ��. �W'eek-«m.c oo� tn ...... ...· an .,.eraae . , of 100.5 � . Per ..... TbeIr (, . . of Rldl llam:l.Ln a.od. DaTe' mirk Itld. ,..,. .... 1& droQ tiom the 107.6 are- !hey _ Iaot �. , . . .....oIled Tvm UbImo.n The top tndlvtdoal .eoorer .... BtU. D&up to w1.n the doublee twe Reteel, �KcNeeee State, who ·aTet'. Sool'9ll of 21-' &nd 21�15. . """" 33.9 points per ..... d_· .. ,

I P"TI'O'N"'�



tough 3�gam.e echectule.


. Pal_ Four


by Bill Johnson, �¢ p

. As one lD&f PJate ,brue 'WKh vUre ' " .may one clo�e hle'eoul ln h = = = = = = = = L = = = = = = = = = = = ::;:: Monday's chapel w1ll coD8tet of a L: �I � �� which never re&lly be� ;;;: t � .�e cOncert presented by tile ,.. of this lJOul. r IOld Lutheran doee not value E. Koch (ALe), PILetor ibrass .K.aelf• .nor does reUgion· . 'Inglewood. C&l1t., win talk Wed.ntSNo. one', eoul. � Clover Park 'b4gh 8Cbool day. Wordswol'tlh advieea tbat band wUl perform Tburaday. Dr. . Charles FoeIach. or 407 This- pbrase may be very apciNe Lut!b.eran Semtnary at BerkeIn.teIlPreb!d .to. refer to a. ley, wUl sPeak Fr:fday durlng hie conc;Htlon on this eampus. The prev: tour of the Padfle 8ynod. alent concern tn these envlr"OD8 18, undeniably, religion and the punpuk and study thereof.

t,:!U:Wye:�:;��e!==.!�. College band.,

Henry TIle






VETERANS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND Rhode. Poet 2, T e American Legion Mcete each Monday. 8:15 p.m. South "G" Street EXPERT DRY CLEANING

121th & Pacific

GR. 1M6

For Clothes As Sweet As





Standard Heating 011. - Heating Equipment Heating Service Enjoy That "PLUS" Service . MARV TOMMERVIK'S


n ... ... I


Open a Savings AccountNOW LINCOLN


' 'P�

..--. ....-

.i"u• COUOUTtOII •



___ tnn_.

CjlrietJan1ty; the"pl&t1ng weare well, but when a real teet comee, .he might be quite shocked 110 d1eoover (bat the gold b.aa worn ezeeed.lncly thin, and th&t he Is lent with na1Jght but tarniJaed. bra'Ss.

It these cil'Cllmstanoee. all too ea:ey tor one to be CtlUl'ht up tn rth1s whlrlwtnd, and teel .that be a ,part ot the source ot the a�, when, In reaUty, he only those traces of CbrlfJt1e.nlty wbicb. bave Inevitably rubbed ott on b.1m trom 'hls repeated co t w1'tlb. it. It tben

is, under


TOeee cOJlfllderat1one gIve weicht to the PO·el'. advIce, and bring to Ugbt the ·1 e a t h a t l)el'bapa we should �mmtne the BOul and try to determine w.hether it Is merely




clot·bed in .80metbJng

thin and unreal, or whether ·it � eoHd. 24 K Cbt1stlan\ty.



is your last

chance to order



FaSt, Economical Printing and Lithography

A Complete Modern Printing Plant in Tacoma's Fastest Growing Community

" 802 Pacific Avenue



ot tboIe con-





where One en· In th1e Counter.'Yely few

fHcot:s which co� a rM1 � or

"Bee what thy 80ul doth· his



Thrift is Partof You.r Education ·

T·he enhance t'he



Milk Shalies


Dlnn ... VI,lt Our. HOBNOB' Room rthe Best in Donuts Open from 7:30 to 8:00

becomes eMY' tor to dece.t.e b1mHlf and othezw. and to ...J... baopll1 ·hI. tbI.i1 plMlDC o" . ��., and to be completlely tpor&Dt of tile real Mate of attaJJ'8.


GRan it" 7100


FOODTOWN ' 1 1-2tII �

(AIrport Road) .... Pen Av.....



Ma�ings f,or Sunday Night Sup'p.

. 9- '


,� ';"ee� d���1 1 000 . �u,! days




l.d.p.....eIj, ·.Ow.ecI , II!'"I .-<',

O� ,


Th£ Entire Future

merely �y

What Is not,done today can nev�


� , �. ' be'rxaciIy dUpl,lCated at any

other tbne. Have you 8� to c:onsJdei Wbat jOur f8mlly's financial future woul4 be If your tomomIW'� 1D1Ved? 1btire Is a Lutheran, Mutual ageDt �. to that your Older fQr lOIDCImJii ii protecIIoD ii, tueD cue 01., WlIbOut delay. " ' . '''' ..: ..� :--


------ .----".�-






Annual Blue Key Initiation Banquet On Sunday Evening'i

"Magic of Mu si�" Evening . of Mu

Next Sunday. May 6, at 5 : 30 p.m.,

BoUlevnd. 'Coffee Bar on stel\U�

Q.e ,program. Brt.I"tok � au· . IIIIjlaI1an 1\Jlk moJ6die. .. for his compoett1Ol18. TIde his moe1c a unique � ,beautJful and brtllieDt.

I!<>ule....-d In La�ewood. I · The banquet, ltlanned solely by njoy­ IIrbl e. The menu tnc1udes�barftecued 'POrk chops, Julce, toeeed lad, bot NIl., -whipped 'PQIt:&toee arw!' duee"rt.

.the Initiates, .promleea to be


De;Iphlne DaDJeIeon .. ;� o f Eponon !IIpa aIId Pot � and Roxie Hersh are .CD�"",,:aad tor tho COMer<. TIeUI.. .. t II Ji6 available dOor tor �:5G.'"

Daft KnutJlon,

Geldaker. BoT 8ob:wan. Dave

..._ _ Ooeta. Dale _lui Dale IJ!GnaaU .... 1aD4UDc tho SJ1UII and .CIIIUf'!>•• n , lI . In .


�u:.� =;::u�: I -::o�=':'�:n�-=: I MIUiiC DeparbDeal To Preseat Lee 1!II. O 'R-=taI III '1"_. " . rOr,nSIC r: • Squ�d --'----'':'''''---�-


Wins Sweep's'akes


Four, Lose Four

Representing PLC and the PaelflIc Noithweet, Stu GII_· and Swlndland wore one of tho· WJty' two debillte teem. c h o . e n bUn across the naUon to iWe&t P o l n t InfttatioDalc Debate Tou�ent held la8t week. AcoompanYing was Prot. TheOdore O. H. Karl. In the ,first eight deba.tei. 9t.u and' Tom were given a spUt 4�ont 106l four• .!hllit a eopbomore from. w nDinc tour and or -. e t tee tk8t 'mov� m�Dg them. ineUglbl


Washingto!' , will give her ", nio."piano recital Sunday. May 6 . at 3: 00 p.m. In ,the chape-l au�h.tonum. ·PLC .peaker. won the SweepShe will o�n ber program with -two choral preludes by Bach. �ee award M the recent 9t. Kar..A..... the V<*e COmmaDd... _


,tin'. Invitational Debate To� Beloved. cbJii&ltane." . ment: Wiil eo�. :s8et:boven·. ';80n&ta 'n By winDing dae eweepMak tor B Flat l.raJor." '"&t.t , he thtrd ....thne in tour Y�. PLC nata II" and Llut'a 'Anneea de .ga.ined. rman poMeIIIlon �t � erinI\I'e" wtll complete the prog:ra.m. 1tr'OphJ. In eq.-l � ODella nwaled that ahe eapeoIaDy" :tured the Wo.qea.'. � CJro. �,. .tlh, laet dumber. Ph7 arter WIDnID&' - ...... In T!w ...urc . . ; . .... _ . . _ ... et:clI. ot their five eTeDtL .n,. tban one tor oMIIL Tbe retuka were as fol)cnra.; :wID be wearing a red fol'lDll Llncoln- DoUSlu De""': (011:8by ber mother .no will be man) Tom ReeV88, firet.; Deyro� All· along wttb. her fat:her, and her derwon, aecond: meters. Anna and Solvelg. .Anna. and , Women's Debete: Bet t y ·L o u Solve1& w:tll UBher along whb Betty ' BroDice and Bet:otelou MacDoDald, A u n e and Eunice heneon. Also first; Jane; Turman and Virginia J\868 nt will be Q plano teacher ot p Tho....n. eeooud. . OneUa'o from Ferndale. Oratory: Deyrol Anderson,




ad.�D, the




Tit. __ �

.,.....- of





She iaid t:bat


them w·hen she played the an�" by Aaron QopS ce ;then ehe has won many Nt1ncs and. a four-year muBCl10larelrip award.

· I-"'



compete at the

.. ..


I;;jI it � �I


� � ��i�J:�.����: �:��: . ���.IIth:'_Ft:!�"t "�p

1UII:. lNT. 41!JIecI � �I\ . ....- _ _, ·jI.... I _. ,· � .t... ,,,,. ,,J eroary ot 1l00000's ·bJrth. biB appreclaUOD ot what tlteJ' teJmed,

...... 1

Student COIICJ · --'on . ....,..••

May 6, 1156 SIble Study,·9:45 or

being pertormed through. ". remarkable tournament

,nuf .tb. world tbIe year.

Point men Ih'ow the �In"elt type' of are Bela Bartok'a T� K o n d o s, obedience to dlllClpllne • • there played by Eunice Swenson, will ..,one better In the country." . •


. Bartok I. Finale

l 1





I ·





a.m. Sch· nackenber.g Is Lea d er Morning W sh ip. 11:00'a.m. " Like. "Cat and 'MouN" n!en's Women'. 0........,. : B e tt y Lou Onella ,ald ohe hae taken plano Evening Communion. 8,00 p.m. Of EI'l-Popean Study Project Bronlcs, tiret; Janet Turman, sec- lessons since ebe was tn ... ., Confusional Addren, Dr. Eaat. school. She remember.. t h a t ber ond. void. Dr. Walter Schnackenberg, national- adviser of tbe LSAA, bas new grand plano , 'Women's ExteDlJ)Ore : ' Betty Lou temUy bought -' 1 been appointed leader (along witb Mrs. Schnackenberg) of the 'Bron:i<:e; first; Janet Turman, third.; Just before she entered a certain 8 European Study Project for 1 957. Twenty students from the r••c., Mandt: W o m e n'. 'ImpromptU: _Iou contest. She .m1led and admitted Uniti\! States will be selected to go to Europe during that Summer.. a

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

MacDona14. ftnJt; Betty Lou Bron· that moSt enjoyable ex;pertence tce, second; Janet Turman. third. ot ber mwrlcllJ career w In the �



. �Ma.' yt'... me' Theme of Awar(]s a ')

Tea", . A W S Officers Installea .

AHend W·AFTA ..

"Avenues for ' Teach1ng" was theme o r the· W hlngton A_cl... tion of 'F\Jture 'teachers ot America conference EM; Ch ney, Washington, whore EWCE played h_ to future teachers from throug�ut the eta.t&.


Every year the Division ot lege and University ,Work of the National L�eran CouncU, with hesdQuartere f n Chfcago. 8ponsore the ESP. In ,the past these groupe :have gone to Germany, Austria, France. Ffoland. Norway. England. Sweden and other countries.

..n'P r

Schola ...hlp Offered Douglas Mandt a.nd Carol Breece "May(ime" is tbe theme of this year;s annual A·.W.S. Awards ... Tea to be held in the Class Suilding. ) : 30. p.m. Wednesday. repreoeuted Pacfffc LutD""", as The 'group "'11- go by -"" votin« members and J?r. Hagen was and 8pend'1- to 14 weelut according .[0 Helen Jordanger, this year's general chairman. 2 . The-tea�is an. important event !>eql\SO oL th�. ��PP�K �11!1!'!"�...,'1't\.� ,4!>10C!'.�. �rt that SclIo_po> are ,,��

Carl' Bo�en of Eaatern WIUI elected of the .tudenta to belp Ploy tor put president tor the nut Y-.r". of their traneport.t1ou. In Earope . T·he del8IM8B were dhid� tDto they wtll ..llsten tc Uecluree .T8n by three I'fOUDli and the lollow(ng top- Dr. SClbn:ack nberB and lcs wer8 �Oa..ed : '''Speciel �. outBtaDdlDg wOrM "GuJda.nce- tUld Counaellng," Lutheran Ch�. · f tiee ot the IJWF.,.e.nd .greetlng and' will &Dd\" 'Audio VJaual Aida." two number&. Onella Lee w1ll p..,. Carol Breece .that Eut- ettes. It •• � tibat " P� 11910 �d b!c;�d mue1c ern'. 'hOsp� waa eepeclalIy ..nn be cent8red<"' �bnd

or the spurs and the ¢ODin« ot the, ..... who will be chairman, and Barbara Groue. pubTaesela. No one tapPe4 or pnneCl; the �-� be lDICalled. \ bel"8bJp of .e. two cro�• .Alao two " hetel m&J poles will decorate the 8cholanllllPa > �·..: on n e e d ¥Ii .room and a vroaram wUl be. P� I wortbbi�, wm b8 Pf'888nted, by Kl- sented. )(tItS Wlcbtrom wlll a



memo lleJty

Vt:�. aDd the ,Rotary another w1ll be

liven: aDcJ , pouIbly

Rosie Bergh

pla.,.� dmt!1&" re�enta. H"� .ber

New· Offlc"" J�lIed 'l'he new ottlc.. of � W. �.- wUl be o.thy J� �deDt; �l � � aa Bottemiller· vl�n.tdent· V--. E . t h e r EUkboit., refriehmeDta; BHeaner. 'lan�' ��. �DmeDt; .Joeon, t.reutiret; D o r e n- ZuMke, &DDtt PeterWoD, patiUclt)'. and Don- I.C.C. ; JoAnne Knutson. a o c ! a l D& S1raDeou. pJ"Oll'aID8. ' .

�rimu-,; ��' "EIik:i.



gift tAon,"


�rte Al1pe �, tormer ma.t1o.n prof.-r wbo � ..... In affafl'Bt

PLC .peeC.h.

c.halp ot the



"::t��::� I.

bl � "

.... ,; 'DweDty tltndeiita

1D� ••""" '_ tI!> 'aI

. ' : are eelected

pro Walter- C. achit.ckenberg caDhtte


Dr� ��. Pastor A. CoMplete report of application. ·KMI1iJD J'OW' � otflcere or by ence wtll .be� fealtured at Ute nut graduate ot 1956•. WM one T · 'to LSAA.", Ohk:aiO.. • student8: eOted ...r.> .... ' Wl · I'IU '''' FT..4F meett!1&". '


;�ery. ·tor the


" .


' --i Page Two


PaMI.hed eveTY Frfda7 durinc the BCbooI year by the , Irtude.nts of Pacific Lutheran OoUege Telephone GRamte Sell

Orrlce: Student. Union

A Mark of Immaturity


Su.bttertptJon Prlce-!..$3.00 per year

A. Andy S... American Women

" L· "I mpa-.;Ience


person'8 patience JaCM one teet

bad mT lira r.!' <:oDWlt with .. ....1 1 bid met caeually and ..ted !her out to When I ,think or Amer10an ute. I dinner tor tbet e"nIne. When aha r rl ember Decembe 2, agreed 10 1'0, 7 o'clock ".. set for CUla Y �


...nS in.. I ealled' .. h Amer


another. None survive all, On that day I wu still a new Jt t.h088 ,which may bave a. to the Uni·ted. 9ta.tee and rl,�.eo,\O . •ca,,", are excluded. Arimy ability tto tit. i nto said .tba.t anyone can culture. Ute In k'6q � not angry; <th�t 16 eaey. but to he e sam .. ·bere. tor we liTe in .. angry .t the right time, in t iplace. tor the nght ca.uBe, Moslem world. where a woman no tndependenc . In comparleon. rlght way, tba.t 18 earemely � On that sunday In December I

_nd Studen.... _ Au.·


�����������������������:f��ti������ '�������..������� �k;���+ ra ther" 66 a . .

. "cc�



DUE; perhaps in part to the recent student exhibits in the coffee shop, there seems an increased interest in art . the students. "The Great Exhibition," from the Walter Chrysler. Jr.. which is at the Seattle Art Museum


the bell


girl'. whom [ had not met. She rtold me t.hat her daUB'hter ;bad left after 7: 15. but 8b.e a1Cl He

would chec'k and make I -.Id I was eorry, 'but. it wa.n't my , te.ult .u.t 1 wu lata. At that mu-

mem. ,the Itrl oame downstal1'll and .poke to her mother _out paring ? anY &t�Ddon w me

iili:iit"'mtT wa:.;...; ..!'� otb�-: ....���ii

. tlhere, ftc Luthe ran COllege � weH t.h.,- girl. 8u&ipped at me J'epreeented at a student goY.9l'D- that [ shOuld fiX my watch . . .Is do�bUu,1 if an)'thing ·has ever m'enot con �renC6 'held at the College t ['exoplained that my oId car COUldb e e n gained by impaItieDiCe. Puget Sound. saturday, April 31. 't I g.�t a. l •. II' HUt ke Capi n ma the harm bUJ'ta the 'l'Ibose w·ho journe� . &C1'06I 'Push. m1eunderwtandtng it hae Ineluded: Dave Wold. Phil . T h t s cHdn't' &'PP8U8 hero- eo r . tor the antonym, CUB Merle Hanson, Dave steen to leave but eIle melted tn arr'Oll,q I Ue:nce. gatns everything. It fa the Helen Jordanger a.nd Dave Knut. etarted At otIhe end of th�e enning hUIlI'Y. a ing zeD. of :human underStand he aa1� that aha toe. s eee nd r se seminar he e, e et . .t P. �p a The group met In . 'l'bls" lb.eJoped me to form the idea human wisdom," �ld .s Kay 27, comes theretore at a v.,'1'1------ i of lons .to discuss the iproblems of stuo Amerlcan. women at61l:t rea· opportune time. dent government and retrurta.ted. tha.t n fuUlll expeotations �f a beau· Ttle familtar names of Rembrandt � a:ble. The,.. demand and expect <several 1lCtiong taken at previous ute, �row Impatience away .&8 m much. and PlC8.S90 mustrltte the w i d . eetIngs concerning the Evergreen too . ·throw 0 t rh e r ehlldlsh baMts nwge covered by this show ; ;people Co0ferenee. (An exchange atudent M PLC Wee ·to every !rrttatlng occaof all rta.stes will here find some­ Jack Lybyner f�m Central waa -� year. Andy Is now a.ttencHng the tr. a maFture &.ttltude, rememthing personally dnterestlng. But When I was young, I loved elected new 'President or ,the Everor W. This article is reprinted from .that nothing in the world Is more nnportant than this is the op­ to see <the gloved reen Conrerence �udeot Aeeocia- th U Ed.). . of W. D&ilY. b,. losing your peilience. .An .g e poIltunlty to eee the great classical . coot hand or fall. ,Uon and EWCE will play ha&t to inebriated person is· not any worse and modern In .their ol'li· I loved J.t all, e group at their nert spl'ing meet- ,. rth st has' pa lo who his than a. man inal works : There IS a d1trerence the russet leaves Ing. tienee and In anger e_.ed hie between oa. fIve by eeven ·inch Ma­ tbe amber cast on every Evergreen Conference basketball iChildishneBS and Ilueness through tllea e' '�prlnt" and the work itself in Flowere for All •• on . bough. ' foolish acts, .thougIrts and uncom. awa'l'ds were PreseDted � rthe eveita six .by ten I foot monumental rung ,b a n q u ,e.t. Paclfic Lutheran 12173 opl1mentary language. Ave. vigor; Matisse. as well as Rubens, The birds flew south a final rererence, the words or ,boasts three men on the rim strine Galneborough, Monet. Cezanne, and (Foot of Deliver in droves. The whole nd wO honora·ble m e lo Paul otter a good 'Proposal : "Put on a others, are 'represented,. ::: :;: :.. :: <:.: :.. ::: ' :: ::: :.: :: :;: : :::: . :::: wide countryside Dt :: :: :: = I1lI ' . then. as God's chosen ooes, holy a.nd I! you are one of ·1lh06e peoJ)le looked . beloved, compassion, k:indness, low· "Who say lthe Y "1l. ppreclate aJ'll, but do .toward winter. I1nese, meekness, and rpa.t1ence . . ." 80 ollly in a�narrow sense--the ones



the time. a l'i tMi r v

late. Not IthJnk1ng about I I rang and .. w:atard! 'let � Mlb"I the !pOther,







th8lt !s



Yet of






town "Nord.-





-;;;=;;;:= :; =======�


Oce l Pacific GR. 74eS Garfield) We �_�===========::!


B\lft years have flown

'Wlho 'PIck a painting here and there,

period and 'refuse any valIdity to

. or w,ho settle comtorta/bly In one




. . . haTe grown

love 10 see

--'1;,hen here isa fine chance, to study other 'Periods, styles. and techn1Quee

My eyes no longer

I sIt and w:aJt

ib e 6 t. Unhindered by diminutive .. representa.tIve �xhlblUon or the

'tall come, and

eo m p a r e and crlUclze to your

tor the 'birds to come .

prints in dlstomed colors you


and t1.\e green,

heart's con·ten't with the Idea In mind or either confirming your

warm hand ot sprlng.

T,hen I am

taste, 'or, we sball hope. of coming


away w.tth a broadened outlook and


a.n appreciation of the values in ev­

ery deservedly 'recognized artist's work. If you are one or t:he- humble



Art may be der:lo� 0.& a BiIl&lea·ttempt to render .the hIgh· est kInd or justice .to the visible .

universe, by bringing -to light the

its every aspect.--Jos�ph Conrad.

truth, manirold and o\.e, underlying

Laurinat's Apparel

F � ATURE T H E FINEST" Zelma Lau rlnat 409 Garfield St. GRanite �17 Parkland, W..ah. "W E

Ius manifested In many ways, here fs the opportunity to fOllI1 many ·who bow, 1nte1l1geotly. berore gen­

hitherto, probably. 8U8'Pended judg­ ments-end a ehanee to spend ' a thoroughly enjoyable atternoon. Tolle Art Museum,

Volunteer Park 4n Se8Ittle, ,Ie open which is


from twelve noon, to wne o'clock 4n the evening; there 1s an ad'mis­

118 not miss this ,once-ln-e.·Utet1me

ston charge or just «tty cents. Let exhibit ot great opaint1ngs,


Largeat Selection of- 41 '""""'" ..








Located at lOA Foodtown 112th and Park Ave.

Bar-B-Q Burgers , Shan


-:- Dlnn,,..

- Hom�made fies __



':00 iI.rn. .10 11 p.m. Week Dayo 8UndaY: 9,00 Lni. to 10:00 . ...,ii.



'Iba(, wbae lbe' Pi- dtar ii:e<oId Coke bepL>

eoioJecj fifiY �. Iima.-. dar. - be � IIO ir. AIIiI �, is; ioNoLl c:oc:.:c.w.. aad _.• • . • _,

....... wilh

Now it,

IICmim iINDII � Of 1111 � COCA-c.OLA BOTTLII'4Q' CO,. l�iC" TACOM� WMH. . '"C.ob'" " . � � , O .� 11tI.. �LiA cOa,,�

'eo.lMf�_'2. '..:

�e ���b��:r i:��:rs'"Nip'·Lute:-·

SfPnU 7� wIth Don

ettting meeting


ng ort ,

)a8t inning · e �:n:;a: WICe n :!o=:s� ::0�C T·he College of Puget Sound diamondmen swept both ends of a In UniverMty behJ� doubleheader from the Pl--C nine last Friday afternoon in a twin­ bill played at Cheney Field. The Loggers won the opener. 6-3. there rtom behind the four#bit pitching of freshman Jerry .Burke. Charley compe-:the Goa tossed another four-hitter in :the nightca:p to win 6-2. ·belp ·f m PLc WUh .the score .tied going '·Into .the l1li In' the eventh tnnlng, P!.C's Ron Coltom No... L BaD _ . the sran Into control trotrble and allowed. l Tide the · three .runs to cross the plate. Denny VoUeylaal . .






under t i



I Lea'gue PIay '


Spokane PLC to come lLD.d the _second -game Harshman's HelM 8ta.tement, . and H echools .. 0 . . . P. o,f




one run·. ' Dick Jarvis CPS 8e<:Ond! collected two �les �n the ll nale w three ·runs . Lute John Fromm got off to 8. good etam .in game, etr1klng out s nd of .the first six to face Jarvis etaJ1ted the Logger rally with hts trl"ple. The double loss PU8hed Ftc into' t:be cellar wJth ·three ·losses. Western leads Western Division .wlth ,three wins and one defeat, and CPS Is second with ,& ·2 record. wIll to Belling· ham 'Monday .to play Westem In a league doubleheader.

drlve'tn the eco . four but then l:him,

¢ramural 'V9Ueyball "Att MOnday. North Hall (1) beat the 9tubborn It.eachers 16·12, 16-14, to end ftohe eeason with "16 wiDe and defe&.tB. The Faculty' ohalked up a 14·1 record. . . Oharies Geld&ker, Paul Dave Ron M�r, Dennie itOiJe teamed. up Ro . dJ.n for NoI!tb.· Hall (1). TGe taCu1.t7 t e a m included �Y Donald Raymond , Frederick Ludtke, Mark 8alli� and' Anthony sta�poU�. In "�he "B" Sluggere won f.trst 'Place altlhough rthey lost rtbeir la8t game to !the second place Bulls. The Sluggere a'l'e Ronald' Berg, Walter Hall, Jack Holl and Walt LeIninger, Wihile the formidable Bulls consist of Newhart:, Ge.len Nusbaum, Dick Patdck and Ron Storaasll. An ail-star team chosen included Jim Van Beek, Dave Bernsen, Dick Foege, .Charles Geldaker, J1m ner, Jim Haaland, Rich Wayne Johnston, NIck George Lovrtang, J.aek NewhaN, Dan Rose, Denny Ross. :r;. -I Q Y !I , Sayer, L a u y Slioberg. G<>rdon· ·Solland, AdI' Spande, Nell 9t&ndal and Dale Stol'lUUlli.




Hovland, Bob

Knuteo'n, and

one win and the

Elberson, Klopsob


competMJon :the RM. Golfers Defeat h PS 2 The Lutes travel .hadn'.t ,been tor ,the SPC track U W Fros , C I meet, the tracksters would have been three weeks without (:om:petf.tloIi. Rat Detea.tln the unive I f � as a result of CPS drowtn« their scheduled .tra-ck meet this year. R H Ington fresb,man squa: ��: ,:va; 0 � Ek.x Score. Com"petJ:t1on is necessary to build a good team. Let's not destroy the 0-3 . 4 C L. P. Monday, the PLC golf tea r� �'PlaY ed SQU1"C6 of some or the best competition avallable In rthls area.. Jack 3-6 6 . .. .... .... ·thelr ·last home ma.tch 0 'l.Ue sea.- C. P S'" . L. C team son. links e Monday th P VETERA NS ARE WELCOM E VERN'S Stop In at moves to Bellingham to take on the C. P. S... 303 0-6 . TO ATTEND for a DELUXE HAMBURGER W81Jtern rive. Rhodes Post No. 2, d Last hursday . t he Lutes swa m ped The American Legion T Ge..rd ��m';!':�:� �::: :�:.g:��: CPS 131> - I I> to up,e' " highlyr&<- CPS Tennis Squad Mee.. each Monday. 8,'5 p.m. Hamlin. F 11 F I Se I ed Logger squad. Medallst for !the Street "G" Kelderman, South 407 NINTHU &. o;:�.I;IC, ,r;:�OMA CPS match Lute Jim Hill who Do wns Glads, 5-2 carded a 73 followed 'closely by Bob T.rlmroing the Glade 6 , the Col· · p S arling and Don HaU w'f"h 74'.. lege or Puget Sound Loggers sucPLAY THE .R.IGHT SPALDING BALtl Agaln!Jt the U. or w.Jteam Hall cessfully d n va d e d LutevtUe last ·low with a 73, followed by Tuesday atlternoon to !take dual Sparling with a 76. . atch "played on the PLC courts. m FINAL STANDINGS P. L. C. I u. o� W. . Results o� the .ma.teh are as fol· Won Lo. "A" League Sparling . CQOk .:. Y.a 15 0 Hall . . . . . 3 I Geidt ........ .. -to;��g!e.: Blll Johnson' (PLC) dEl" North Hall .............. .......... 1 .. 14 ·fearted Joe Ruff (CPS) , 6-4, 6-1; Jer- FacuLty ..... ....... 2 HIll ..... LarsOn .__.....J. 1 Bere"""n . 1 Jarvlw , ... TY ,SchaUn (CPS) dereated Jim'Van Rebels . . : . .... 1A. Seek (PLC) , 9.7 6-3 ; D&.ve Jennings Eastern ........... . .. Nerhe1m . 2 lA1 Schmidt ........... . ... . . . Burke Swlndland (CPS) defea.ted, Jim Gunderson V1Ila109 : . . . away .. . ... . Pl£)) ' 7·5,rea2-6, ·6.4; John Davidson � · TotaL. 1JA. <(CPS De Jard·ines ...................- . ;. TotaL... I0"h de ted S p e n c e Aust

that PLC bas tha..t ·th1s

.tlce against tim opposition. If it

. ... .-.. ...-...



.. ........100 002




201 000

.010 010 0.-2 .000



















.. _...._... _.


., __,,_ ..._.

Munson .






...-......... 2 Y.a




_.. .

.,. (PLC), be :


. ... - eon


gi_ an

of playability """ duJability. Its tough, iesilieIit co_ makl!8 it an . outstanding long-service at $11.40 a 3,for



SpoldiDg golf is with TrtJe.Tei.iod '..uId;ng for a Ioog. er,more activ.egame. TRU-PI.l'I'ES are at $9.00 a dozen or . 3 foi'$2.25.

t.o,.. , _









. .. ..



_ ..



..... Sa.1nts ..


.. 8

7 7. 7 9


. .




whll • rou II". with . .

... hi -�


SPALDINGsm ftE'.rn� . ..


$4!2s0;OOO 10 its living · policyholders-nearly 4 tlinn tho �owU paid in death benefits.


boIIo. made

�-- '-.s.w�0iIY�"' ���;


Rat SluJgers ....._._...........11 Bulls ". ""._._.". _ _" ..._._ 8 PickerS .•__.. .._.• 7 Scribes ... .... ...----.- 7 Nor1.h Hall (2)_. ...._.•._ 8 WeBtern ....-.----- 6 ...... . __ . ____ 6

enjoy. benefits

Spalding's _1OIIl,:-l>ric:ed popular

PLlTEe. like an


___.11 10 . -r _.__ . __

'fB" Leaguo ·

D u r i n g 1 9 55 .







_ ____. __






(PLC). 6·3, 6·2 ; Don Shepardson (OPS) defee.ted. Bud S w-a n e o n .__,,_,,_ 21> Name, . " . . _ I 6-4, 6·1. Dou l . Ruff·SchaUn (CPS) deSorenson .. _ 0 . __._... 3 Beren:t,eon 2Y.a Paulus . ._. _ t,s fea.ted Johnson·Van Beek (PLC ) , Studebaker ...• Y.a 6-4, 2-6, 6·3 ; Dale Sch1mke-Gunder_.._. 2Y.a (PLC) defeart:ed Jennings·DavidTotaL__._13 TotaL_.._.l2,S eon (CPS), 1-6, 6·2, 7·6. P. L..


. . . -!�==���ar,.:'i��1!t1lt�gttE-������!�[!J!J'�[� d- .;�����lK{I��c:--�j-", . . .....


meet "fIrst

PLC ·the first



rallles 1D:

" Curren-tly in the Evergreen Conferenee frying pan, Pacl(1c Lutheran College may eoon lind itself the fire atter the coming annual doubleheader Monda;y against the conteren.ce to be held IM-er this month. T,he .reaeon tor being of BritIsh OolumblL tlh <'hotaeat" Is a 'Praotlce our -tll1®ladfJ held I Lutee took the fIrst game 5-3 w ith Sea.ttle Padttc College earller thte ee880n. In tlhe the ipW:cirlng of freshman Ron Co1-eyes of the league thia was a gro6s sin • .'and edged. Thunder.birdlt that 1s a ruling 4n our conference aptllet tlItb.letJc finale with Ron St 11·10 in titlon -colleges whl-ch do not field teams tn aU 11 w:lnmng·hls tint atant this year. ' m$r IJPOrts. ro Cottom needed. a� ' Seattle Pacific does not field a footb811 team, thue ·John Fromm ,the opener ae (:omes h s clanlficatlon. �cheJI, 8. 'Birds acored two ruDS .tn "V· member of the con.terence board of control, aa:td th� 'E!nth ·to threaten Lute lead. ill called W . . was ott by an artlcle "'flthout fn,rth,,: de.'Dl&ge. .. written by sPQr:tswrlter Bob �obIl'Son tor the 'had from behlnd Chronide. He called the "a etrlet vIolation of the ruI�" de- twice in and won scribed as the school to viola.te the rule." by "pushing a-croee a .tally lin an Q. _ This $t8ltement lit a fire In &thlstlc director Marv eye. tra inning of 'PkLy. Sfuraasli al60 Being to admit thlLt i-t was wrong to have scheduled (he meet, belted & trl.�le and Riehle col. Harshman tOok oUense at !the re!!1 of the saying, "we're the leOted a double. ' last school tn ,the league ·to do it. I tbJnk we can 'Prove &1." BOX SCORES E · ·R know ot at least three other who have played. scrim· P. L. C..... ... .......004 01 x- 6 5 4 mage games wHh SPC and Gonzaga ·in ba'Sketball." '0. B. C. .._...._. .l00 000 2- � 3 4 It seems th&t as long as these games were played under cover nothL. C... ........200 222 21-11 8 5 thing' was said. The league ortlclals seem to have carefully ignored these U. B. C. ...........31 2 004 00-10 10 2 instances. Several 'SChools have long wan-ted rule to 'be changed, and I reel , .been chosen as a '''test case" in an attempt to amend the � ruling. I feel rule denies league 'schools the op-poJ1tunlty to prac

,EIN:,AR BOT':!:'EN, GeJleru. Agent ' J. ,

' !:: I V I N e B E N E � I T S


· L U T H. E R A N

701. Second Av•• So.. Mlnn ••poll

.. Minn.

�;' T I:1 R O U. "! tI L I F E I N S I:I R A IllC E . 312,'�; 85th Street, Seattle, Wash.

. .... .-;

Page Four


.,.:o:;,;���=:�;:'IS ' iiiif,rPisy ��ca'Mar iiliir� 7ownea� ';70 � MflV 'A� -.' y'tire l 'J 'J. J

7 �,,-•

"ounc.. annual Hole-4n-One Conte.t next week, Monday through f.'rfd.y, Nck of 8oUth. Hall. ,

s " Class Sarvey

Thrift is Part of Your Education Open a Saving. Acco"nt NOW UIIjIOUi 811AHCH





M a y D a y f�'fWee have cesB of the evenlnr;. MardeU SoOaDd.


co me and gone for anotber year, but and <her 8parkllng tingere reeuJted.

the dI· band Wednesday evening to witneaa recUon of MI.. Coonle Ne1eon, ... the ,fIuperb enteM.aJnment and the selected thJe �rojeot as .. royal coronation, and 8llpeared c&-pample·of group bebavior. . ttvated., as .the folk da.n�nt wove

cood ex·



cooperate with tbis



Motor TUne-4lp - aNke "NIce


GR. S04O

Parkland, Wuh.


Hart., and 'Martlyn FOree.

ty Toepke. JoAnn l�pon, Audry ' SeDlor rlbllo.

Blanche Llngbloom

Oarfleld st.

""I" -



tn fine form


Book..ller and ...tJon.r Tacoma, Wuh.



8R. ...

OO : ' "' OC :l ", ",I " od O










Garfield Street



,Phone HA. 3311

I.G.,A. ,


FOOD�O·WN ' ..



Fast, Economical Printing and Lithography

A Complete Modem Prinri';g Plant in Tac9ma's ., Fcutest G�oYli!lg CQmmunit!l 1 1 802- P�cifjc Avenue

p....... ... VlcIIIIty DELIVERY SIIVlCE

:: : :;: :: : :: ,-= =: = :: : =



.... PlCK-I.!P

- 'hort Onl.,..

guys and gals!

, 'P . � PRi·' NTEAS, Inc. .


The Best in Donuts



Vlelt Our HO.NOB Room

and Loria .

C. Fred Christensen 132 Paclflo Ave.


1 1 2th




3i20 � Y�

Crown bearer wu RJchud Ho� ; ked.·hl. Barbar'4 Breuer, Jean eo..· fioww &'Iris, Oarol lacob1 and Die", bUrn, Carol Edlund, Vlrgtnia G�, Schaackenberc; and traln �,

When You Want

. . .

O"anlte l772


Rod ChrieUan.

Marlene Hov}a.nd, Kay J"lLI'8tad, Nor-


'= ===========1 t

J e r r y OI_oD, Ray Oeterlob, Ray R_, Dan . Rooo, Jlerald _m,

, li b Pr tc Ruele, Ruth I hard E sa eth. Sather, Myrna Shelver, M:11dred Van



eon, Merle HaMOn, Oelen Nqs�,

tt !litHer, Thelma Ny-pard, CarolYn


" P� ...... CYCLE �ND

Berg. Marylou �, Roberta Btr-

T ·be PLC band was

PHONE GR. 4300


t>eaI. who boroerecl

Oarf eld at.

:====: 413

!Maudle'a � were : MJTD& and D&.vld Steen.





1'"',," !

.. SaIoiI CHARM .... ...... J Permane � te That Satllty Hair Coloring CO�lIUltatlo"




w'hlch was no thing ehorot of -perfect.


For ClothM As Sweet As Spring



$pu. .. usberJDJ' aod decoraUoo.. ,_ -,



ful Queen may well remember thl. ton, JoAnn Hanson, Teddy Oulbaulcome to t�e lower lounl"e tn South event as high 'POint of her ool1e«e en, Oene Bern. Robert Hod�, Don. H&ll at one of the following tim..: dayu, The queen'. &tMndo.nta were aid NollOn, and Rlcllanl Reay, tru�day, 12:30 - 2 :30; 'Wed.needay, decoratlvely atlUred 1.0 various pasThe folk dancers. w-bo presented 2 : 3 0 - 4:30; Thursday, 6 : 3 0 · 8 : 30. .tel shades and ip08ed e. pretty pic- folk art from many count.r1ea, p.Te The list will be posted 8OOn.�lt ture as they 8&t. I n royal splendor. a flawless IPerformance as- t h e y will take ooly a short .time for the RoD81d Oou,1&8. prealdent of the moved gracetully "- b 0 u t to the students on the nat to go to the PLC A.lumnl Association, of·tldated. atraJns of HawaJJa.n music They . lower lounge and till out the Quae· in the crowning of ,the Queen. Dave were : Carol oBttemlller, Betty Jean otIonnaire. In the Intereets ot the Wold made the ,May Day proclama- Condray, ather Elllckson, PegI")' E effort etudenta baTe put forth, (4on. Harpster, Gladys Johneon, Helen Claas atltendaDte were: N&Ilcy Jordanger, Donna 'MIller, W and alao to enUg-hten PLCltee on . tn..n!e vottng 'Preference, it Is boped that Helland, SilUrd Tollefson, Joenoe iMiUon, 'Xlrgtnia Thomaen, J a n e Petereon, �ope IDlmmeratrom, Bet· Wolk,. Robert Bille, everyone will

dent bOdy, Tbey will 'be expected. to



on a v 0 c .. l

,J:telll nd-tll..e .c Dw

·lected sa


ctY.� &.

Delphine Danielson and '8111


Many fine -commente and .pratttel' One hundred Mudants were ""' their ·maglcal pattern in perfect were heard coneernlng .t h 1 11 tine an unbiased crosa-eect1o n motement an dcoordJnartlon. duet. 'l'he Eighth Notes, aocompa. of the etudent body. TheJr namee The central event of tbe evening nled. by Dave Sa.nnerud, were very were 'ehoeen arbitrarily, oot ae tn· was, of coune, .the crow-nin« of the well received.. Directed by Rone.ld .dividuals but u members of the atu· Queen, MaulHe 9tra.ub. The be&\JIIl,&.. Smith, ·they were Marpret By.1nl"-

!��=�!:=��=���:::::::;::::::::;::::::::;::::;:11: :;;::�

. ::::",,=�� ":'.,:,'::

8ted&l tb&DDr' aie extended to WOrkers - 8Jt� Neu week .the Social PeycholoQ the memories wlll nger tor a long, In two $iDe Dlano numbers which Herri&a, ,Jon 801ne. an-an&emeDta; li clUB will be ttaJdng a 1MI11 on votJDg long time. A large crowd ' WIl8 on were enJOyed by all. A1�. Phi Om.... construoUon ; .

�d added i

preference. T·he «rOup, under

dimes in time wnl grow into

' .

mmeasurably to the nc-'l Cheryl 8&lsman.


by Paul Hovland

Ra,.it. 7100. .

�� 'RoacU

" .'en Av....

· Makin gs, for Sunday NigJd.·�u PP�rs � ./ , . ;':.. . :� J. 9: " w.�k days, 1 "9 · $�ndi s '


-LOWiSt� PRIC�S�LWAYS�� . '.

Awa rds Day O� rva� ce "I n' Chapel -V OLUME




Sunday 1\"111 be the climax of our


member may do aO by

� macher. Six seniors !bave been for graduate study attne. l,Jnlverslty Berg, Robert Birk('!dahl, Bet. Ws-&hington Medical School : Jean Condray, Stuart GHbreath, Anderson, Beatrice Mulrord, Ida Jo Gronke, Ruth Heino. Delvln

N:lelsen, Gordo�

Hutton, Onella Lee, To� Neilsen,

PhUlp NordQuJ st, Thelma Nygaard, Elwood Rieke, J e r a 1 d Slattum,

Graduate Studenta

Nordquist wae a_rood the

'Fisher Memorial Trophy. Daffodil Floe.t &wa.rd 'went to

Seveireld and Bob NOrdeeD, coSut

Spurs, did not e:rpect to win her a re Stella Anderson, EBther from Ule women of Ro- Delphine Danielson, Yvonne Deitz, SiOD who" will - upend , These scholarships were given Pat Gahring. A g D es Hellan er, eummer wotklng in opar18hes or the , Hope Hammerstrom,Bea.tr1�e AmericaD LutheranOhurch thioough� tor l.eadershIp, wontbineas and • out· Unlt.e tDclud" .Agnes-IhiJaaBer ''W'U awarded pa ed in or the service are": fl'asBela .oho]anthlp for outstaDdlng Gahring re- Barbara Nelson, Larry Shoberg, D t c k Schlenker, IIcbOlareblp, -a n d Pat calved the coveted ,Mg Phi EpsUon Joanne Peterson, Delma Roloff', Janet Windeeker, a I now, ADitaSchnetl, echolamtp award for m u Barbara Gronke, and 'Loia Meier. LouIse La1'8On, J�nna Lh,de&loom, . achievement. "T·he annual meetJng of the con· Ann Nlelson;- SbJrley Toepke and . The cUmax of the tea was tlb& gregatlon w111 'be held t'mmed.ia.tely PaulIne Ziemke. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,._ -, _ _ _ naming of the "f·ive little. ten lMltle. _ following the wonthl·p service.


Buildera thia


.9ia r tes:·ThOie

Speoch Trophy

stu Gilbreath ea r r: l e d off the department'.

,t.lI. I��� I : '=����"'e������I�;!:�;;;:'��;;;�I:tt,;�Ri� i;·




; ;' 1

� � � � ""' � · � ot� v . �



if.or Lutoea states that the eervft:e II. w e n t. 1. .llttle Spurs. Eaeh Spur oamed !'''Iied "Oh's" trom tbe au· will not be any longar than usual, The annual Box Social wlll be d.tence. Alice Jessen wa'S the first "'eld at Spanaway on Sunday after. girl "0 be ".pum>d," After her, Mar · noon, Pictures wHl be taken at this garet Byinwton, carolee ObJ.ndren, M.arlen E1chme1er, CamUe Emerson, ,time for Llte Magulne, P8IDU FInn, Marilyn ·Force, GilUa, T e d d y Gulhaugen, JoAnn HellHanson, Joyce Hanson,

( Mn.

��.::: :�!d5Jn:��.:: "

the art work.


Lady Lutes Elect

Carr,President Dig'bt


Hall, · Other . omeera chosen were : Mrs. Merle Metcalf, vice-presideDt;

Mrs . . Wayne '.M. B e r g, eecret:ary�

treasurer; and MM. Jack SlDdereon,

AIp ha . p5',., p., Kap In,ha ' · Ie PIe dges " In Can' d/e/�'9 hi Cer'em-o ny'- La-5 Fr·,.


I' Tbe Dr. WIlHam a

of Christian SocIal AoUon , presented to

to Beatrice Mulford.

1'he graduating DUrses w eented with the College n� They are: Adoona Bondaiil� 'Borgford, Laurella ,

I n an impressive· candlelight ceremony, "pledges to forensics and dramatics honoraries wer� installed lase Friday evening-prior to the formal banquet at the University Union Club, Tacoma.

Fra.Iter Krug" � Carolyn p� Jlary

• Thpa8 :received into Pi Kappa berg, Evelyn Hyder,Delores Jordan, Delta, natioDal rorenaiclt bonorary. mtion. 8t8.d, Marilyn \ Arlene Klnared. Karen Knutz en, were Bettelou MaI'tJn, MaeDonald. �y . The three pledges to Alpha Pai Bet�elou MacDonald. Sonja : ... honor. Velma Harmon Sackman, �ronlee, Don DouglaS, Nell Omega, national ; StaDdhl,' �tsrtd Tol� eon, ·M i r i a m Stoa, and: Sandra Tom Reevea. , . Lindsey, d i ary, were Mra,' D a v , a Spurs n med Swanson. were lefson. Solberg was awarded Duayne SOhryver, and Charles "Slat. �•.�. seemed as Jt :this was .the most T·he Rotary Club· of prealm, or the speech Eric Noidh (0 Pi Ka.ppa �ertul day of their Uvea. ·honorary made · aD was or ilia �ontnbu. department,


'M'rs. WJlIlam Carr was elected pref51dent of (·he Lady Lutes at in South meeting Tuesday



or the etudeDt

Straub, Thomas SWindland,

DavId Wold.


that Sylvia Heman, student

The servlee will include a eratioD seniee .for elx Parish



Adrian K11utseDf BrotherhOod scholarto the presIdent

The May time tea of A.W.S. was a dramatic event with the suspense of the awarding of the scholarships setting the mood. Georgia Larson, counselor from Old Main, won the first' scholarship from the ladies of Kiwa�is. A stunned expression showed I ,,"""n,tsbJp

Conaecratlon Service




Among Student. In American Unlveraltle. and Coltege.." They are :

Awards Tea Reveals New Spurs, Tassels, Seholuship Wiuers



theIr nlect10n to appear In the awaroed by the , ChemJeal Rubber e d i t f 0 n of "Who'. Who Company to Alvin Richa d R&d.

the coming year are, front row: (left to right) Jol"dan, Carolee Chlndgren, Bettelou MctlOnald, Miriam Stoa, Patti Finn, Evelyn Hyder, and Alice Jeaaen; bck row: Camlle Emel'llon, Twlla Glllla,' Hellberg, Joyce Hanaon, "eonJa Simonaon, Marilyn Force. Karen Knutaen, Beverly Swanson, Arlene Klni!'lred, and Marlene Elchmeler.

or her name to the llst tn

�:: :�:


and placed in·the lobby of the eMS.

Anyone who desires to be a


' " This q1orning's ailDual obstrvance of.Pi.wards Day is a"'tribute thosJ students who have won special recognition for themselves ���:�,:::::o r I [0

will be (be ·rl�l service of the year, excludl·ng Baccalaureate Service.

Student Coqgrega.:t1on &.ct:1v1t1es. It

wblch wHl be on 'Irlay 27. It




of t:h1S

� �:���, � ::�

er. lIr;�.

I Thompson, and Jf0JDe8



. lnstaUs ,Circ'e K .O, ff.r.�.r� l




Convention to "l beld lu _en, P!IIWelphla.' W. O1IIIUIe I .,

jun)ore, �etTy HaD8on;

oa.pIKllna,re.; J.,m' Oloon;


r are l betD&'. mad. tG eelid a Robo" 'l'epreeeBtatv t e to the tkM' lDterDa-

ICC, Ragoar BeDlJOD; �

of Dlrooto1'fJ :


_1>8. ,








.. ..- "'oorl.. M ..,


-'I - 8 -'1'

,.� .,.ery 1'Itda7 4.muc the acbool year bJ the • KllideDbi ot P'*cltle Lutheran OoUca Otflce: 8tudeDt Union Telepbone ORufte 8S11 Sabeertptlon Prlce:-U.OO per ye.r




A h. 01:


. if .,...��, � . � "',"",. "" . � ml_ � � "'"�.�'!t � 'let aI01l8 � .

Warning" Encour agement

__ by Aa I look __ � and f.ees t.b&t repreiIent oar cradUatlng Molor cl...,1 "'004*. When I gue at QJ, CIacIII. 1 eee many tine tblDip JNt � 1mI)reMeB meI'�7·. � tho8re are ' etuIIen'ta who many 'P� ..;.. "'ad1111; .. mlnt_ eters, dooton, -lawyer'll. ahd bustneetnDen and nc 'hone ,bu an ad. mln.bly '1deaU,uc outlook towards the tuture. Ji)&ch 0,Jle. In 'hie larg� or email w.y, 'hopee ;to � � QOIIlmuntty or even tile 'WOJ'ld to .. eel'" Wn degree. _ _ .




But. there ...,m .. .. ''''' who will 't: Take a deep breath and let', W&Q.'chance dill., �1&bl7' in their • ' der Into tbll .n1uck of tbe .tv 811dr�_ EDlTOR.______. __ commumti A _ • _-;- __.. ' Orl ..aite.' ,�- 'te our tond. __ W LTON �Elt.TON er'a o,,-n :l� w . �d. '-" _ hope tbat _, wC8 produce I'EATURE Go-EQ,ITO�___ · .'& IU.LL4NOER, MIj!:K �. !I� rl?�. �,.• . ror til. !'I/ce � will . 9"Ir jIiotIo. or ..... SPORTS EDITOL..... ______._...___.____.___...___.._...DON· lULL minor pbYSfOloglcal twMcIatng tb&t :the world. BUt,. lIfI:ter Ie BUSINESS MANAGER.....:.-:--.__.•__.. _.. • _.__..._._...._....._. . PAUL LUCKY wae mistaken tor a sneer of deriBion a r ho t ot a ,m�e and at most a AD MAN'AGER..... _.._.. __ ._ . .: _ _ ._ . ._ _ . ._........._.___.._._.•_....DOUG MANIYr by the aIbat? been ,: - AHlAtant Ad Maoacer_._..._ ,_ aUm .poeetb1JttJ. __ ..__._...___ .BFYM'ID MACDONALD ehemy of onrushing «radualion i . D&o OOPY STAFF_COLLEEN THERIAULT, SYLVIA roNG, PA.T GimlUNG Now I do � ""*e· thta 'Intending nco ntrollable muecle a aerles u CIRCULATION MANAGElL _. your high td...w and _ .... ... ._..__.._.__.•-;--L019 GUND N spums .and w i t d guticu lattoD . to rob '�u . ClrculaUon .A8sI8t&nt8___ ._... ....PATTI F.lN N, EVELYN. �CS cher1aed A�_, l1ft ndler • ON T-bree things : 'I teel [ am able to REPORTERS--Bett1 Lon Bt-onJce, Sylvia )'ong,' R.1cbte HeiDe, DaTe dlaCern grea.tn_·or ,progreaa or all w�m you th.t en _ � r - . _ __ � e_ B. '!,,_¥... > , -• . .Am!». , I!w., !I QIi.��_� "'j'Jjl1 ��'O�.� 7Ji "'_-': ::"� �''''� . .. . ..... � _ . _ . . . ,���� x .;,;1ti�. .-" .- .... - - "R&ri:iir,It U e ;;teiieret; .. - ' ., ' · " · [ � ':t ' � : � o w, w · bat I:m ,wonder:fq fO .. .. n "llave v.;n be �.. Ib' .� "1t'1UJ tbe . when 1 -;-e e th em7 -. . . ? . long :we ate "IOIng to maJutaln oJr lStream of �lety� lJI!T .purpoae Ie to bave tb. . es e th I . tnto ,my hiBd whell [ ee& �De ldeaUetlc outlook �n. the � of .enCOUrap you tn your enhe any ad wW 10U tilat of 11tf o� deawni and hop� tn· . TeraJUeI Dl 1 "don't h&ve to bave theBe t . . ... conlJtanitly drummed. into my ot .th� 'Previouely Itbeltered. c� volr: � God's promiite of lIfs I'rwence •. ot a Chr'ilstiaD pOIIDe and & � and power. 1& When ;':' preacher has sun," . -, .Is a constant 1a.borlng to preee College. Ute· is (borny P4 �; of , .... truth in rhis b<cause God has created •. '''''7 Laurtnat s Appa!el point 110m... I become ....n '' �•• are � us say then that all and tm human dubioulJ. It 98eID8 to me tba.t and. ma¢erialIete, and &bo� au, err ate certain which basic of 1M) 8uper�lo9S&l-lterrtf1c set olD their ways. Enu the � Zelma LaU"rlnat ·to CODtlcl008 tlfe on thl8 small to· eHcLt conetant 'Praise will be AIDlerica are many.AbDM �. . 408 o.rneld IlL ing globe. The indl"V'iduaJ. coneciouaGRanite 5817 notlced. even by my poor, Uttle tired. ageable. [n fact. to be �e. yr� ne88 of the human betng +a only a other people, or one Parkland, • eyes. II would rather 5(luiIrt to view wHl be fortunate and reTOlutloJl&r'1 .epeclal>n ot the esseDtial operaGn, tor 'the rest of bts life. scene than accept. the proferred. elements ot the buman mlDd and. wlU find a comtoIlta le <pattern and ot rose-colored glasses. .soul ; .tIils comblD1lItion dlrters In evIt. number twQ 1S, simply, I '"" e lY pel'9On, ,both In QualM.y and But "pro�" never comes thaIt ne8lt little persuasive arguqUilnUty. Although actually quite :way, nor does the DlaItUrl.ty which complete with much tavorundefinable• . theSe elements ,may be resu s in orlgln-altty. Progrees can &tatl&t1ca.l 'lIlMerlals _ you temloo, tor -purpos� ot dtscusston, come only by the a·ppUca."tion of the F�st, "Blng-blng-bing, th1e adele'up reason and emot:!lon. They are 60 separate and individual consciousequals .tWOS! What a closely aasoolated wrtb. the p'hys1ca1 ness to the ideas of the ,P&IJt and You see. don't and . A Complete Modem Printing Pla';t in Tacoma's elements of the human .body as to thalt In union the "creMll.on" of I don't care to in this way. I don't be almost 4:n8eparable. something that is original because really care it 95 1)ercent of 1920 col­ Fastest Growing Community · the combInation ot rthe essential ele- lege grads earn more ilha.n those is difterent. poor suckers who dld�'t gradua.te I 1 8 02 Pacific Avenue GRanite trom .high schooL Thirdly and brletly: I don't .think serving his own lndividuallty He it 'has been a super4.remendous Because the Bnnblnatlon of splr- must be conslsteIJtly true :to his own year. I don't think the great mono­ i.tua.l elements dUfel'S In every per- origi l na combInation ot <the given -lithe structure tthat exists here on 8On, each on� Is essentially an "orlgelements ot the hUman IJPlrlt it he Clover Creek haa been chinked. very 'nal" creation. In th,e process of to crea.te an)"thing that is ·'new." deeplY. Co.m:placency J� .groytJl�.!Wflcvliy Is .iD.- remainFaulkner summed tt up ltWs -hothouse .tmoePhf.r� and I'm ing true .to on6'"8. own combination. when he the not absolutely sure great mono"Iithlc Because ·man is socIal and muet be t'o str-uotures and complacency are m oontact with other ,human beings, things to IfCrea.m abo�. But then he -canrht escape -borrowing or lmI[ don'�know. I'm just a: flustered., ,� bUng . ther IindlVildual comblna. nearly complete end result. f-act, .this is neceBElary to tions. turlty and to keeP peace definWon might well be ap-PARKLAND GRILL erstandlng ·between men. and to every person who s�ks maDuring the first "twentY' years or and orlglnaHty through the BURGERS , education consists almost development ot .b.'ts own mind borrowing and ·imi1atlng, soul, ot the gifts w·hiC!h' God has search tor maturity, 'h i m. rs



�I 'I'

:_._,t,OJ:.!k..Qy� �

se.,.'ST8n'(tf�-[kJnn �D80n.--



aL III n-dual OrOWm Oa · '�di by AgJle HaUanger

The The Christian


said. "T�re is nothing new under (he he believes Let there elements are"

. by Phil Nordqulat

transtormed ot




Braye New World.


. -.-:.:� �

I temp_o








Economical Printing and Lithography



deftned "everyone who hOle tried aomethlng which wa. not before him, with no other tool. material than the uncomme,... oneil of the human spirit."

· .-f B : .s each Individual being is different, one mu.t and doe. Infuae the pa.t In one's own way. A per80D

you." No,

However, It la the development of the eplritual elementll that, In the end, bring man to· hili full stature and uniqueness of being. If'I'Iltatlon

e i nto ·hIs own conscious· of the ideas ot the -past e been ' aecumuJerted by nee through all hliKory. develop ·wif.thln himself as race baa deTeloped as a



'P� PRlNTE RS,- lnc.






�=-.::::::. : ...

\\� � � A� .


� � , dnu,.;t �."



_ _ _ _

must. take in :these ideas or ex-perl­ enees of!Lhe past, wbich are onlY an

aocumw.tlon at the "o:r I g i n a I" thlnkJn.g of d1ft8l'ellt and .varied.


I' -._.-.'


dlvld�. P h. mu8t apply epeclol cioml>lDatlon of vplrltu.! meDta which. eoD9Ututes - biB own <OO��.. to· thoee tdeu.. It .Is tn thIe proceee- that tun, IDILturit.7 ·a n d iDd11'i4uaUty o f >b e i n g 4:a a.chlev� ADd tb.rquIb- Wa IJrocee& 'the me$l &pi of_ Ule race ma1 .4_� da;f.




'men, arel�-to 'e:ome '� Bot let IQl

d_.dl,. "" tJ>ei ..... of �"'!i<>P' m.lll ot � ,� _ _- ..... -._ _ tlier,....:, T\l. oI!'UnI� ID - � � U4 _pi" � . IJ' (•• Iot .. It la �bI.: tilr�. ·_) .. much toO dlt,!!_ ... .. onlIIIor7 'wlll ;'-'- '••arIloIjly 110




- t)aer �. "'� nt mental the raCe, If 'llle. .-. ·that far. Be bd it 'most- JCIOnv.emeDt ud eate to .. � ,_.t � .



ilo! '

Weite", '"eeps . Meet; 4' lecor_ Set

THE MOO�INQ MAST . ; • is' • ;; .

ew ' Mark Set In Track Meet

��" Club HotHn� port· Wlnnln« tbe

' : Western W..hiogton Call • of EdDca . wttb· . on• nan.",, ! a" able radio with .. track meet last Saturday 00 PLC ova , a,,!"*n� J I � IJOUI.IS,. Ia two laoO.. or tI!<> cup, eoll te�".· 1 while PLC and the Vaocouver B C �Db. dolly prlseo. he ...roered "i� C OIY"}ptc 42 points apiece. Four field rec�rd; : w'e st unng 440t� meet.. In �P1U5 8� ot the loot. . the javelin. shot-put. discus and Y u . Rod Castella won eecond priM, PLeta John Fromm hurled the. 8hlrt 8weat a and radio, model table . jaYeHn 20'\ teet aDd 1% tnchet to (W). 2 Col (PLC) ; S. Inwood as a rnult ot ·bls cloeeet. to the pin establish both a � and ecaool (VO (:).'• 4, lIey (voe). time :26.7. shot on Wedn e sda y whlcb 'Came to record In that eTent. John PaveUch I Mlle relay -I, Weatern (whan. wtthin ll1Ji Inches of the cup. ot Vancouver threw the shot 50 teet girl waa wItbjn tin teet Kalkang, Nel8o�1 r·hJ�pe): 2, Van1-3/4 Inches and . -the "discus 148 feet, COuver. Time �: 30.6.




�� : �


' ftret 'Place for

· tl�; 1,

8bQt-l, Pa?ltch ('VOC) ;

Schlmlte (PLt).

H_t 6

The Summary

doubleheader from the Lute bueball nine last week, 5-0_ and 14·3, In the nnal PIDle on the PLC conference sohedule. Low hurdle _ JohnMon (CCH). 3erry Burke burled the first win he LoKen. 0pJJ08lnl' Lute Dalila (NH2). Curtis (NH2), Jor. tor ,t . (OCH), Gradwohl ( Ivy) ; rpitcher Jo'hn F.roumt Ron. 9tonMlf t· he only PLC bit m tile 001leoted ' 15.2. ' tlr.t game, Iet'tJnc a elnrle in Ute '


Dtecua-1, hVUch' (VOC) : 2, a· lie (W); a, Bwahrell (oW) ; 4, Searcy (PIC). Dtatance 148. feet. 10 (new field recOrd). Javelln__l, Fromm. (PLC) ; t. (W) ; 3, 9t.r1ckhLod (W); 4. (V�). Dletanee 201 feet. H i (new field record, new school

Pole vaUlt-I, Thompson ('W); 2, Nusbaum (PLC). Height 11 teet.. Broad Jump-I. Schimke (PLC).; S80-yard run-I, Swan (VOC), &: 2, Nelson (W) ; 3. Gilmer (PLC); 4, Balo (VOC) tied ; 3. Drlber (VQC ) ; Nusbaum (PLC). Distance 21 feet. 4 , Zarndt (PLC). Time 2:00.7. 1 � Incbes. ·Mlle ,run-I. S w a n (VOC) ; Claik (W) ;' 3, Wade (VOC) ; 4, zel (PLC). Time 4: 44.8. Two·mile run - I, lAude W) ; 2. Wade (VQC); 3, Etzel (PLC). Time Milk Shakes 10: 45.5. 120-yard �Igh ·hurdles-I, Langley THE HANDOUT (W); (" Kendrick (W); 3, StomasU (PLC). Time : 15.8. � • 220·yard low hurdles-I, Langley


The tournament was hsld from 23 -to May 7. A'boat 25 coeds participated and were placed on the ladder according to numbers drawn when ,they signed up for the tour· ney. When ·the names were placed ot them, and rthe game wag 'Played within 24 hours. Is 'hoped that anotber tourna· can be 'held neXlt year, using three ladders 0.0 a single ellminat.!oo basis. U enough interest Is shown, It may be possible to es· ltabllsh a girls' tannls rteam for in· -tercolleglate competition.

GR, 8M< 1 h Pacific ;-�:.::..::. . .:... .: .::.: . =-=-..:-= : ::::=�=====;:======� PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS · ' VETERANS ARE WELCOME The secret-they're SYNCHRO-DYNED I TO ATTEND Rhode. Poet No. 2. The American Legion They're called the sweetest playing cluQs in the book, and for good reason. Spalding's exclusive SYNCHRO-DYNEDCI Meeta each Monday. 8:15 p.m. 4f1l South jiG" Street '\.. , club process. a scientifically exact system or weight coordi· nation. gives each club in the set the identical swing and "Contact leOi" to help grOOve YOUT swing.

, arkham 22()"-"'M u n a 0 n (hy), M (Tac), Jo'bnltton (COR), GradwOhI 2of.6. time y (rNH2); (oI'( ) , DaUI' High jump _ JOrreD80D (CCH), Seek (EkM.), John9ton (eCH). (West.), Johansen (Ivy) ; - 5'


Located at IGA Foodtown 112th and Park Ave. Bar-B-Q Burgers



Home-made Pies

8:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. W.. k Daya. ':00 LftI. to:9,0:00 Pom.



For .Clothes As Sweet As Spring


and more

I!flIduat<s c:antbant' their paRIIII

., �


.for inveitiIl& � for their educ8IioD-witb : l.urHIIaAN BaanIBaiKKD ,lIfe � i ·






[ytheta� Br�therh�d 701 8eoond Av•• 80.. Mla".....OII.. N'nn.


· " LlVI N G BEN EFiTS FOR LU THE�ANS · THRO � GH� L! J. E I N S URANCE. ' ::BOTl'EN, General ACeDt Seaitle, , .812- N:, �lN�

..::.v����,l;� �:�"�:'�.'� '.'-� . '






Every year





i . ;.

35c .,

Short Ordere - Din,..,..

1 1 :00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to a:3O. a.m. Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 .a.m. GR. 2211 119th • Pacific


Second Game

... ._





Oharley (}Qe �ttched. eec:on4

Firat aame

HOURS: Mon. - Tuu. - Wed. - Thura. ·11tOO a.m. to 12:80 ..m.

If you're interested in whj�tling strokes of! your game (and who isn't?) see and swint the 1956 Bobby Jones SYNCHRQ. DYNED clube at YIll1!" Spalding dealer's.

ftret inulnl.

win for CPS, o?er Gladiator hurler Ron Cottom. Jack UmhrJaeo bJt & three-run homer tor the Lonwe in the finale. clearlnl' the lett field . tence ,at 376 feet. Shot Put-Markham (Ta c.) . Moe (NH2), Harshman (·Fac) , Salsman P. L. C. .... ....._._...000 00() 0-0 (Fac) , Keldennan (Ivy) ; 37'11". S FodtbaU T·hrow - Cur.tia (NH2). C. P. S. ...... ..._.._...000 104 --6 3 Markham (Tac.), Mitton (, . Van Beek (East), Harshman (Fac); P. L. C. . ...... _...011 001 ()- 3 6 C. P. S. ..._ ...403 331 --if 11 166 teet. Broad Jump - Jorgenson (ecH) , CPS went on to defeat Weetern Munson (lvY),Mjtton (, Van Tuesday to win the western dhielon Seek (Eaa-t ) . Vogt (Ivy) ; 18'6"'. champlooeh:l-p. T o d a y they meet 880 Relay-WOO), (hy); 1 :50.4. Central tor the league .utle.


And this new BoPhy JODes set is as'handsome as they come. The irons feature an exclusive tough alloy steel with a glisteping high·polish linish that lasts season alter season.

• c,


' Col1ege- or 'fiU�et

enda o't a

Dale -8chmke took '\be Lut.. In <be broad Jump wlltle ( W) ; 3, 8""", . (PLC) ; ., Tommy Gilmer tied tor first tn t.he (PLC) : DltStanoe 60 feet, 1'" lnebee (new field record). .hIgh jump.

l00-yard da8h-�, Kalg&ng (IW) ;' 2, NUI"baum · ( PLC) ; 3, I n w o o d (VOC); 4. NellJOo (W). TIme . : 10.1. 220-ya.rd dash-I, Wliati (W): 2, Kalgang (D); 3, Nuabaum (PLC) ; 4. Inwood (VOC) . Tilme :22.4. 4.4O-yard duh-1 , Wban (W) ; 2, Phillips (W); 3, Andrewe (VOC); 4, Zarndt (PLC). Time :49.7 (new field record)-.

high jump, Ron Jorgin­ to highlight the linn­ led in tbe team scoring, by Clonr Creek �.11





�rld.,., Ma, 1, 1"


P... P'our

ReceivetslNorth Hall �2' Places Firs t __

'otprD- IIn Intramural Softball

(n the

�IM allowing the a'PPl.1cant

Univ�rslty wi·th


Six ane-Act Play. .

This. Weekend



padd. Clt.8gea w111 enend from

Nation'. Belt

1 to August 11.

Twelve of! the natton's beat bot· wHl be lectureI'8 at the UnI·


VeNit)" .The profe880I'8 are E. C.

aDlets Abbe,


E. . Ball, R- Bandu","', �. R. E. EmersoIli ·A; Galeton, Gifford, D. R. Goddard. H. L.

M. ��, K. Thlman� and D. S. Van ·neat. Some of the






cou.reee that 'Mrs. Creeo wJll be ing up are




metabolism. algae. lion, Ught effects. &'PPltca.t1on of BUrglCaJ. techniques ,In anatomy I)IU8 lectur­ n1trogen

ing, laboratory work Qnd field trfOP8.


Largtet ..leotIon

12107 Paelne· An.

of 41 '.....



dimes in time will . grow into

Thrift is Part of Your Education .



Open a Savings Acco�nt NOW . .



MAIN ,oma . it STU" -



11.11... nDlUl. ••KI.I1' ,".ua.uecl COIKlllA'1011 _ "DIM&. H...... ..... .. .

RICHFIE"LD 8ERVICE Motor Tune.up "- Brake Service Parkland, W••h.

When "lou Want Boo kl;

C. Fred Chriitensen

eS2 Pacific Ave. TaComa, W••h.

Flower. for All Occa.lon.

====� ;::====:::: 1 1 12173 Pacific Avo. :::::E;::==== PHON�� RAPHS (Foot of Garll.ld) D O N UT 8A R d . BI-FI RECORDS Olnne... - Short Orde ... Magn.vox Headquartera

1121-23 Broadway Oyr HOBNOB Room

BR. 3211



The Best in Donuts 00:8

� 08:l. WO.Ij


926Yz Broadway

Phone MA, 4861

Linoleum · Tile · Formica · Cablnete • Paint · Plumbing · Roaflng Electric · Venetian Blind• • Window Shade. - WE INSTALL ' !J _ . HARDWARE ", . -. _ FLOOR COVERING " 44We Give Service and Sell Quality" Phone GRanite 3171 1�1et: and Paclflo AvenYe

� re - e r !!it

�::� �� �= �:::! :��


. .a H.atln. Servl..


Enjoy That "PLU S" S ervice




� . -





. I.G.A .





·POOI)TOWN 1 12111 jAirp.t

\.. :� :1



� ) GncI p� A...... .


� . r· ·

COMPLEI'E SHbPPi N G ..�.:. .

. . •



3820 Souttt



� .' . , ;.J






. " " "'- '"



GR. 7483 W. D.llv.r

for a DELUXE . HAMBURGER Old F••hlo" FI.h and-Chi.,. Home-baked PI" and C.k.. FyI! Foyntaln Service NINTH .. PACIFIC, TACOMA

Slop In at




- *-- �

ParIdcmcI and VIcinity




*- .

Phone HA. 3112 ON m. p, / )'ou �Idn't put


Th, goal of every Lu1horon

Mutual agent t. to remove p'M,u,e from pollcyholde,. -, not to create ft. He,. are only a few of the problem, 1hot can be .olvO<l by Ufe Insurance,


Prori.ion for fund, In the .. . .... ... ... ;·''''ncllootI... RetllemeDt Income • . • PouIbIl1lJ' "T _ ..

� eclucatlcm :from pade

Whetber k" �' SeIector PI.m, the 8ecarltJ "-t ... oae of _ tbaD lID other· pIaDa," Lu� )(ataol· � It • baa oae 1hat COD nIIOft of � _

1 70'

W·il l · Receive



�",;,..t2�!!;!IMI.�� � ;"" ,"";'. "" ' ' Gi�duation .exercises "{ill �lim;x the �ctfv�ties of senior week for the "class of 1 70 receivIDg diplomas Sunday afternoon in the Memorial GymnasiQm. Dr: Morris Wee. Madison. Wisconsin. will give the commencement address at 3 : 30. .

Wee Is pastor ot .Bethet Lutheran Church, Ma.dI80�. and is preslder:-t

of the Board ot CbrhrtJan Educa.Uon Salturday at 8: 00 p.m. in the ot the Evangel1cal Lutheran Church. 8 n Four aots will be presented by W 1 l e I I 1 5 senior class, including personal·

Interpretation, ·pranks and col­ Uve secretary or the Division or lege ijte, comedy and serlOUB events. Studen·t SerV'ice. Na.tional Lutheran

An admission of fifty 'Cents wUl be charged.


Dr. Wee was guest secretAry to

Asia ,for the World Student Chris­ Co-chaJrmen of -t'be e v e n t are an Federation tn 1952, and a mem­ Mary Lu Biery, JeanJe Ohri&tian80n d ber of the IrrternaUonal Seminar on and Eunice Swenson. Tak1ng care ted Colleges- in Toronto 1956 Church-rela Of- ,the props are Norma Borgtord, 1 9 , D n Brunner and &.ndra Sandahl. tn 1950. o 20 21 n _ !o P Tom Sw lndland_ w.U1 narr&te._ eu� __ _ _� � ,," r. I. ,Y�_ , ••- � 'the college band, Kittelson and Soine 'have appoint-v ,Hetty Is being handled by Rdchle ed Helen Jordanger ' and Gerald alumni banquet ; and Marilyn Force of Mr. Gordon O. Gilbertson, wiU Heines, programs by Conn Je -Hustad Bayne chairmen of coronation ; Ja-play the processional and recessionmusic 'by Deloree Canrtensen and Jane Wolk, hall.t1me entertalnal and Mr. Me.lmln w.nt direct. net Chesley and Esther Elll�n. Ellen Henry. ment. ' Jq coffee hour ; Mon ue Welton, girls' football ; C a r 0 I . Bottemiller and

Homecoming: ��Disney l and"


�: � ���� �;! ��!:g:x��� i

"Disneyland" is the theme chosen for the Homecoming, announce co-chairmen Joan Kiqelson and Jon Soine. Occober and have been chosen�� daces_ fQr cbe .FQundtJ(_D�y�!.r.

��"::: �:�;;:':�:: 'k�

merllJtrom and James II""" ; Keith Hoeft and

din, campus 'decorations ; Gulhaugen and Sylvia Klrkebo,



College Given Gih II, St.el Foundation - ,

annouIiCea- thilt the college- baa

celved. a $1,000 gUt from the United States Steel -Foundation. Inc::

Ambassador Quartet Leaves _ urs day 0n SummAr To ur lh ¥

Next Tbureday the PLC Ambasea�



dor Quartet will leave on its annual summer

During the three months of travthe quartet will give concerts 100 citi es in 10 western will travel 1n ,the college


a.nd "Will give 'their con-

in- Lutheran churches- of all



·Members of the group are St:an1ey

R. C. Ty.son, vice cbaJrman of the HuI-aman, first tenor, senior f m - CorneHus. Oregon ; Gordon Strom, toundatJon"a f{� pollcy mi-ttee, stated that .the Kilt Ie .un- second tenor, senior from MarysvdUe ; Stepben Brandt, -barttone, iJ"e8trlcted as to P!JC'e use of it.



foundation's afd - to - edu.oatI9n "pro- senior from Aberdeen ; and Gerald gram for 1956 included over &00 of Bayne, bass. sophomore ,from. Seatthe country's colleges, UDlversWee, tIe. itechnologtc&1 1DSt1tutlona and med1-

eol acbbol..

Eisenhower Sweeps Poll , A

eampte of "VOt:lDC

erencel of .e:adeata. baa


. . In UIe �.�:::

on _ <:amP..

race. El8eDbower ,lie over

_elate. Tbe poD

_ ta-vorUe

First etop will be at PeniD1JUla



Gig Harbor.

;!: :��::

Arizona, ,California and Oregon. Incl�ded on the program will be




Corner.tone Laying


Include 67 M'JC1v1ents of Bachelor of Degree. In mO_OD.


Margaret U. Ambuehl, BetItJ' Ann AnderBOn, Walter Bail, Ramon are

LeRoy Barnes, aherta Jean Bute1•• DelOres B ec k Careteneen, Mary Loui8e Biery Roberta Jean B1�e­ ' dabl, Phyllis Rae Brandt, Barbara.

Alice Breuer, Richard Lows BrowD, Terrance R. Brown, Jean 'M:. Obrietianson, Jean Marilyn Coeburn, BetIty Jean Condray Frantlei . Carol Jean Edlund. and Jean-Marte -Fowler Fenander.

':��. ��:�

' Immediately follO Ing the service �� � e W • ey 16 numbers, varying from arrange- 'in .the ,CMS the graduaUng c1ase, man, Wa ter . G&1 ba, Jr., s ments of tam.Jl1ar hymns to Church s peakers and guests wlll proceed _ 'l J ue Loui eorge Geisert, Jan9t Arlyne Gel­ music c1as-slca to s"plrltuals. Gerald to West 'Hall for the laying of the G daker, irginia Adele Gr n, da J Bayne wilJ.- Play trumpet selections. eornerstone. Dr. S. C. Siefkes-. -prest: V ah � , � o n The men will alternate giving open- dent of the Nortbwest District of G l tng devot.ions, giving, a talk on the American Lutheran Ohdrch, will ry ( n 'lJ'&« t ) Co ti ed on e our and bringing a devotional message. co duct the rite ot the cornerstone p . Tbe :tour w1l1 e!ld September 9 1 laylnr.: MUaiC will be furnished _t ern Wash!ngtoo. tile � band and til. Cbolr - the West. Dr. Eastvold will pres:tde. ,.. . Mezribers of the gra(l�1ng class

_ -

ler tbe degr....

Baccalaureate servtces will beld. •t ll:OD Sunday In tb� Dr. S, C. Dl8tvold will be nIght. June 1, they win be In Cash- er atld his sermon wiH be I n tlhe mere. Other datee are ' June 2, Ritz· t h e m e, -"'There They Go and ifill- Forth. Rev Robert W. L ville ; June 3, Spoka n , utl\es . " � wood ; June 4, Coeur d Al ene, Ida.; tor of the student congr&gati n, wHl � J,une 6. LIbby, Mont; J,une 7, Kalis- be the. liturgist Bnd Pa.trlc ia GahB pell ; June 8, Cut ank ; June. 9, FaIr- ring w ill be the organist. Music �Il field ; Jun� 10, Great Falls (twice) , be 'presented by .the Cboir of the and Co.nrad ; June 11, Btg Sandy. Wes.t The two numbers will beThe tour wUl then take them into "Our 'F a t h e r," by Gretchenanoff, o nt M tet," by Gus ve 0 ta o �e; : �::� : ;S �:�!:�� d n

_: __,.__.



: !�: �=:1:. ��::��

_--.:� . =:::D\1 :::.::...::...: .: = : ::...:.:=�_



Pft,Deger .Awa'rded· Honorary ,Degree

A. nOtable figure in the Iteld of Chrhrtlen: -h t c b e r · eduMtloD. Dr.




i I


Po.e Two

';H�;;'�;;' M;;ty


p,,- .....,. J'ftdo;r .- tho - y- by tho .,odente of Paclnc .Lutheran 00IIepi �

Offtee ;.

9tudeDt Union

Tel.pboa. GIlaDIte 8811

SaMcrtptlOIl Price-$3.00




a. 11M


. �....



Fiddle FADdle

Somethin g ,T0 Say

byJlm GI"

by ·Me.le Ho__

WOUld � tbiIt It .. &'PJIU'-

to all tbat Cile aenerwl


FRATURE ·C<>-EQITORS__....AGNES llALLANGER. MIKE QRIFP'JIN one of gross fndUterence. lJolnll'W, _..______. SPOBtl'B EDITOR_... _. _ __.___.--OON HAir. tt hal been wkneeeed. by eome that __ ._..:......:. ._ EDITOIL-.__

WALTON BERTON Otthe BtudeDta at tble lnatttuUoG ta

PAUL LUCKY & heretof0f tDtler"e8t fa M!ANDT aroused on occasion only to fade . AD MANAGER..____ Aaalstant Ad Manager_._.__.__._.---BETrE MACDONALD away for 1 ac k of .. oon,t1ouoUl COPY STAFF..COLLEEN THERIAULT. SYLVIA FONG. PAT GEHRING "arousing eparlL" AWlOUCh · _




== =:== "OOUG -=_ -=--= --=-=-=-===-

i ;J

.'BIrt," I oe!d, "mo� ....l'1OD. CIRCULATION MANAGE'R...____ .--!... �]9 G ERSON sible to clllltUl or coDtrol, �bly wears them and I don't want m be Circulation Aaelataota_____-PATTI FINN, EVELYN ERiCSON with lUfd&nce,' 80me lutin« good without.'! REPORTERS-Betty Lou BronJce, Sylvia Fong, Rtchie He na, D&ve might stem from it. J ".. Wedoeeclay September · •.-.-c-=� . : :� : � , l{:f � � � �.P! !.:i� �' �_���--:� ��- � , :. '.o.k'�"'��1 � .� n, Dave Scherer, Bev venlngson, Donna Bwanaon. · , 'ee8n' ' 'P a .r lt ;;��ua I collldnst b,lt out the ittmes around DltlIly 'struoturea on wiAOOwe 8ad eee wbalt



ODd ollly coDf_ I .... _. at aot � � wen _ .. loud . _,�In. _> •. _ In part, for _ .....- ...... I .. t.! � _ _ _ eir ace. aJl7W'&7 let a AllIe OO!'" th on c.mpua. Ore.t .... ti. � W'h�D tel· Tile .tory beslIIII ju8t "tore lAo Ibor Dq whIG I .... �1dD&' to :1u s t a r t e d tile Ct'Uy come Ib) ooUece. I found ttie Wop 1)I.Dta" with kIlee eocb dunn« the and. eTen to In my ctoeet '&1ld put. them. 'In. tile Te 00 ege Wbat doee •. � bottom 0; an .a.dy t.e.piq «riP tIilDk of eueh .. mo..�! It taeul�' Hom from laugbe &mid Jeer'll and appe&n!I tbat one tblnl' etanda out (0. and Dad.

Leap Year Casua It'les Reach New · H'•1ft� h ·


n, a er a wedding In tle Berto Jt Seat 'place d.n the wtdely eca ttered states the evening of May 26. Our eJ:�tor In of Oregon, Nebr&f5ka and and bride wHl reside in Pe.rkl�nd Madras . Oregon. on August 19, frosh whl1e Wally tlnifthes his eenJor year r P iscilla Nance will marry James here. Parker. OUr '55 Homecoming Queen. . Senior Ray Reep ' surprised his Annie Stewart.. w I I I become the triends by coming 'back to school .brlde of Warren Meyers, gnlduatlng this week with a weddIng ring on senior. In Salt Lake City. President t:be appropriate finger. �orence Eaatvold's secretary for :thts past Magnuseen, clase of '65, ;became obis year. Trudy Ober-meyer. wiH wed bride on Sunday, May 20. In Sea.ttle. , re:sem senior Del Hutton In Carlep Bev Pine will become Mrs. ' Bob ton. Nebraska. h n d e On Sunday, August 25, Marlys � � :� := ::;' e Ib ro Mia- Salterbeck will become the 'brlde of ome-town eweetheart t m Ron Plrlmmer in her hometown of soula, Montana, In Bethlehem Lu� Mt. Vernon. In LongvIew, Washingtberan Church in TacOma. ton, freshman Cheri Mason will wed June brides this year will be : Mike Wills. Nur81ng student Eleanor · Martin, Ruth M'yrwang Bnd Bruce Dahl, who wJll many Sherrill J. Bender-


:::a;a� ; ;


PhilHpe'Plan a wedding In LaCro�e, will enter Luther Seminary. ·Fatl weddings are -In the plane Washington, .for June 16. FollOwing

be sophomores Ordetta for eIght PLC oouples. Freshmen Paul Hovland in Palo Joyce Reese and Jack Ctaver will be Bechtel .. Alto, June 1 7. Both are returning to ·marrled the first day of September,


and Robert Sopkovleh .on the 23rd. ScbnaibJe, cle.n of '65, who is now T J'une 2 4, 10 Amerioan Falls, Idaho, at Wartburg Seminary. his event BOl1homore Kven �1seobe!mer will .wdn take place In Vancouver, :Q.. ....ed Stanley MoIUJOn. now teaching on September 2. A1ao on that �at FrankUn Pierce mgh In Tacoma. day, Junior pre-eem etudent PaUl

:M'a1Y Ellen King ts re- Lucky and Anne �. eopbomore, wtll be married in their ho�e town ot Stanwood. W�n. Paul will cootfnue ihJ1l atucUee at PLd. On September 8 1n till; Rlcbi&Dd Ldtbor. an Churcb. oophomore Bob Wan! QInny w1Il marry Con.J. Priicb&nl who at,. nIon •• D.r by p-od_ . Greho 'and laoEJt. Geldalter. Both are tended echoql here lut �. NO'W" PI&DnIn&" -lD&i llly 14, GInn7 opIanDIng to _ tilolr ....or· yoar - :wUl 'Wed lver Baucen, Lather Sem� at We collece as "Mr. and. , Hra.". · 1....,. �.d.lIt and PLC p-oduote ot AcD,,!, IIoII&Dpr and lIUObUi Qrlt. '66. In _We. Ray _.. oleo ten w1Il be IIW'I1ecI In - on ·clu. ot '56. wtlI marry Janlt QoIo Smula)';_Septembor I. In POrt An: nlor Joan Ooatoarn will wed ,,"lee. .. ,<Iak.r ID POrtland. The om:; other · Iul,. wedding is .. ...... , ....... �\anDed by genIor ·MlmI Reule. w1lo � . .nt 'Wed Dave. Sch'WetDlv in H111a-,



Aupet jt the povular �nth tor

boro, OrelOD, on the

21)th of


honeymooners. it seems, with teo, possibly


..;(�Co:: otln ::u:ed::On :..::·�: .to:ur�):....

�uples , m.aJdn&

preparat.lone tor wedd1oga. Auguet Ird In _e. junior � 0mII , Mcome the'w1fe of ASPLC U-Pre:Q' Dave Wok1�- L1a will flnleh her stud; I.. .t IIa\nIID u. In SL Paul wblle


'� �niD« ;";..ed ....: r..,:i� ... iJ! ....""'�




y -


the Onb-

.penJOn on ca.mpi.

W'bo wore Bermuda I!IIborta !



".. S"-,.

the mu·



richt conaerv&t1ve. Of COUI'88 ptting

JDubold when a palro Dro Eutvold, .

penn1t the ehol"t8 to be more than Juet • paeios tad. When ,,-ed it he "W"OQ)d 'be eeen in Bermudas the


"With TlJ:!' t1sure1 Why I'd look lIke � 'barrel OD Itootbpleb!" W� made DO further comment.

COOd n.o


Pastor Roe ebaree the opinion praDta ac- that ,t:}le ".borta are �u5t a fad. He oepte<l was another thing. One night 1'608l18 how (!be tim pair he laW JPofter Jerry Bayne came home from wallt Into ihIa olue. tdm laUCh. ,


sen iors Give Grand Piano- for West Hall Represen-tlng


Il 1

m&'ht we celebrated .by wearing our evening gown to. go to a concert:. sborts � the ooftee 8hop. (I haV, · Mr&. Jolm&on ot the EngUsh de-


the ' clus

learned that such.Wnp make bet- $Iartment tbink�


Warren Meyers presented a , grand plano for West Hall to PresIdent 8.

C. Eastvold. representing the col·

lege. at the annua:l Senior Day con. vocation this �rn1ng.

Following the ·program in chapel, Jerald Slattum. class preslden.t, as­

slated by Mlldred Van Buren, tree.a­

ter ImpressIons in pairs). This time

the ahorts are tine

(Continued on page four)

\\� � ilik .Cl·�. $E)� �?il

� . . -�----

I r:===========j Ii Laurinar's Apparel

"W.E FEATURE THE FINEST" Zolma Laurlnat 409 Garfield St. GRanlt'; 5317 Waah. ==== ===� '====Pa�klana. STELLA'S FLOWERS

Flow.,. fqr All O'f:ca�on. GR. 7483 t of =Oarfleld) == ' (Foo -= \ ==: ====W=�=Dellyer .



;= I

0 T.E R S I�


prote<i your right to work . .



. INlTIAnYE 198 SfJO!lIIOnd· by the Committee fat: 0 Strulmt Dmicicratic Ntion. '. 10

' '!!;:;::=;::;:::::;=;: : :::t:;:: ;:;::::::::::;:;::� , (N. .&4••/






. For Clothes As Sweet' As . Spring·



Wet.s ulted Dr.

CE tt T R.E o C LIA:N EOR'S- , .


Dean J!)ckluod. th1nke t b a t the Swed1ah blood in the etud.eDta W'OD.'t

· "Wen," 1 tbouI'bi. "if that Itt the (I wu � tbe �ptIoo p&D1:e and. aocb) are soJDc to get. -ck to the drawer JOU SO." A lot baa changed atoee tbM d&:y and today 1 can wear my Bermuda ehor¢a BlrJ' place oil. campua and be


C., 1217' Pacific Ave.


,-.n," .tatee Kr.


radical-dared to be diUerent. That a Bermuda tUJ: .�t1og a girl in an

either Is manifested.

PLC· In the fall to continue studies in Pasadena, Callforma. 8 e n l o r here. nrat Lutheran Church in Ta· counselor and 1968 May Qlleen, coma will 'be the scene of the wed- MaudJe Straub, ·haa :waited .many r dlDg ceremoDY ot Marpret Canle years tor ber wedding with Norm

turoJog to her ilome !town 10 An� .bo..... Alub, wbore .be w1Il become Mrs.. Geoe 80ulee on Inne 30. BuWI. Do7 w. nOr w1Il be ..,elebrlotod In an atraord1har7 man·

-.:o:.a';�.�lilti!v..� "

NCtJon and guidance, at leaet In a shoppiog spree he ebowed the He tblnlta ¢bey are crest fUn, but part. neR year. The stl'eogtb muat winS ,his new Bermudas. Everyone will not work 1nto every fella'8 come from you. the students. wu amued--e:s:cept me, I was haP" wardrobe, lea8t of all as evenJng It W'lU be Intereetl� ,to eee U py. At laat someone e)8e dared be attlre. He cannot tmagine a feUa. 1n

urer, was slated to plant the tra.;dJ.­ of SeatUe on June 2. Suzanne both graduMIng this week. are plan- tlonl rhododendron. In wedding SIlsummer mng late a Skubloa will ·become. ,the wlte of This afternoon .the gen:iOI'B will Carl Lennard NelsOn In WallaWalla vana, Washington. They will reside have a pIcnic at W&opato Pe.rk. .on June. a. Ruth Salther and Jim In St. Paul. Minneeota, where Bruce


suit will

0]1 tocuJty mI_o ""I'bta , fa the. m o a t eeoea.ttonal Wq .t!bat hu Mppened in �nty

our ....UtI. True, /I... m..... de, .... .... 00 I .lIt _ on b. ...ollld don .truotlo�. but ofteD autlqoo.ted \mIIl1. ODd <!ro . to Froebm&i>. Ilo1L� _ It ill oaI!L .\Ulled wby17 �d turned T . be rued in order • aurprtae Bee the etarea aad baoclt 10 an .cdemlc converaat!oo he build more U8elul OD9S. However, laa&he- -, aatually �en ,.... mvolved in. �

1966 .. eurely .. Dl&rt')"iog year for' to IJ1I!iI need to this campus. With 38 weddtngs Dave ts at Luther Semlnarf. pt:ann� for the months of May when is one, thlnf a co eeke n th is d it .. atroJJed t · th The nd in his mo w trbrough December, PLC .students wl)l be a busy one tor many people. rire with .. d�ftnite end tn mind. It are ehowlng a new spirit of unity. Beverty Sverungeon ,...111 wed De:rtol lis tor¢unMe Indeed ,t:n.t. eome of the Delo'rea . CareteItBen, nee �eck. Anderson in Burlingame, Oalifornla., ill-fa.ted names dJed, _Ince deetrucwill gra.uate tbJa weekend. with not on August 18. The eame day In Se- ;tion wa.a .thelr ooly purpGrle ; but only a B.A. in education but aloo a Mlary he e ed e, Allee -Drexel wtll become l!JODl -oi l'8 were at T81� but dJ tully accredited ·Mrs. degree. Her lack of support . Mrs. Dick Btown; whUe III Randall, from w d log k pl e In Almira, Wn., ac ed too Washin�on. Sue <Slagle will 'become If .tb1u In�erest and entbu�aem on May 1 he oin her hus. S wm j · rtbe wite at Ray HOlltOD, her home- which .fs -latent in the studeDt body d, e mer In b&n. Richard. this u:m Ger- rtown sw&etbeart. Also. In �cor- can be channeled coITeCt1y, much many where he �u stationed. .tes, Dick B&rnwell wiU wed Janice neceSSBry and inevitable prog:reee Joaone encet ive her Po rece Smeby. former PLC-tte. The tollow.. can be accomplished. 1 and my 001d J.ploma this Sunday as Mrs. Watton 4 ng day three weddings wtll taka. 1eagues hope to 'help 'Supply the dt-


c� . 11


·�R8. J; �UMMER. PHONE GR. 4300

. \.._........_ . _.;..._�...._ . __........ . .... ... _.... .... ... .... . .... .. .... ... .... . .,.J .. I



�. .


S{wet4 7� '


�':i���:����:cr�w :�


- Eastern Washington Savages literally out-ran their �pposition last Saturday in the Evergreen Conference tra�k and held championships at Bellingpam as t��y scored 87- POInts. wlth � 9 c,oming in the distance ruil . Pacif� Lutheran College came 10 flfth, S . scoring 25 � points. . . ....

tinhthed third

Gilmer, :hl81l jump; Dale SchImke, broad jump and tllgh tum,p; Galen 11It; Do. �dt, N...balim, 1>01. 880; and Carl Sercy, discus. Track coach Mark Salzman stated be 1.1t that would have the


m!;���gM��� ::

Fromm al.o l••Har from th• • e 2 � ;:1l � to ::':."�=�.�: !� �:...t to Sa. Dlego'Ix> compet. l. the national cbampionshlps.June 8-9.


ed To Grant Award Former PLC , Student




Bam Brown Art N....


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Eastern IIlnd





1E��:�W:::':: �::-=f:�:� �,·'��; �.epeed. NWC

. Quade, ' Whtt. ; 26.2. Two-mile- Wllson. ewe; den, EWC; F r u i t. EWC; RIggs. EWC ; mnch••, CWC. 10 :12.1. ; ; Speer, EWC; .- Broad Jump - N e � a on. ' 44G-Wh&n. wWc , WWC, for third; Woods, WIllI.; ' and PhlIIlp. PLC. denon•. EWC; O'Donnel. EWe; Grleaon. A.... feet._ 8 tnehee., 49 6 EWC; Ward, Wliit. ; Nebr, WWC; 48 feet, 2� tnehee. Singley, utte. CWC; Fruit, Mile . owe; EWr. · Riggs EWe' ':33.7.

Wh1t. run-9ch H&ll Tho�., Fiwc. tied , Riggs



Whan sctl1mke,

Whit. mebee: I�P l e re e.

mw;ed �ult--FarmerEwc " m;:.

. . IIOrd. Whlt.; and Thompeon. WWC. �

CWC ; Balderaon. tied lor fourth. 13 feet. 2% Inch•• reJa7 - WsoIem. _m. ' EWe ; KoUi&na, WWC; ,Wli1twortb; PLC, CentroL 8:88.8, WhIt:, 'tiil6r,' WblL lOA. .



,i'" ldII. Iii-mO ' 0-

ARr� SHOE SHOP Garfield


for ' g"UfS and galsf!. _ .

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. lltng trophy. · WlII

�:�VI.d:�'. ���.��'�.�." ..,846.6 Dua•• R.dbur erry g .... . .. . . . . 1. G -. - .- 7� 4

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: : :�;�;n �:�;��'i; -.lO ::::::::::.14

0 1 6

In KI , Ro rut .1 m : t . Neal WeImer ................6 5.7 Doubles : Dave Haitt and Rich ;aamArgen Munson _ ........ ... - __.___.......614.0 lin. Dennis Daug'S and Tom Uhlman ........_...609.0 . Tom Uhlma. . DIck �.roWD •••••••.•••••__••••_. • _._•.:5!5.0 Dale Rog.r Sen.:old _... .. .. ..... .. .._...6.2.0 •• n �:k l:ra n:s= Walt Leininger ; Roger .westberg . , T Chuck \CurtlB ..._ ........_...._._._...469.0 U ' Eaohl of. .tbe top 10 indivldU&l wln SIngIes Rich Ham ' n • GeJTy' ,Red: burg. ners win receive a medal. . FoUowing is a !dsting of the top Doubles : l>fck Brown "nd G erl'7 R burg Eggan and Jerry ; ed team� In each ot the events .in Larson. h lch\ intramural competition was .

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.. ....

Cha g


Bi - hns nBadminton Schimke U Jo o ; Horae.ho en" . Le..rry Golf

Art Nerhetm,. Bob O�n

Football ..


Rhode. Poet No. 2, I.;egl�n . - -Meete eaeh-Mond.y, 8:15 p.m. 41:17 South "G" Stra.t TO, ATTEND

-' 0

.The- Am'.rican



Motor T�ne:up - Brake. Servlc\ Parkland, W••h.


�R.nlte am

Garfield 8t.

I.G.A FOOD·TOWil.: • .,

Open ,a fJ,aving8 . Accou,nt NOW,

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..__.... ._ ..

QR. 3040

Thrift, is Part of Your Education

.. 7 '

.. .. Free Throw Conteat


� B&I­

PLC; E1U�• . Pole ' ��velln -. . WWC, S__, EWC; 1.0_ WWC; and _ 210 feet. 9 eecond; �helleDberger, OWC,.'Kum . Wo o 4 e. .

Fro m m. Wbtt. .




Dtane Moe •_......._..____.___. S8 Jim Qardner .......•...........•.•.___ Ro. Coltom . ... .. . .. ......_.._._.._.. -


Dick Nicholson. graduate of 1955. HIgh ·hurdles - W o o d s, Whit. ; b . een Bwarded a research grant gt.o Vellbeck, EWe; Nelson. WWC; 'the UniversIty 0I WaSU n n Goodspeed. EWe; Langley. WWC l . Medical School by the. Ameriea.n 15.2. Cancer Soclety. The grant Is for 'H:ig,h jump-StoraH as . PLC ; 011- summer study thre8-1eBrs with mer, Ptc, aud Carlton. EWC. tied the micro microscope . Nicholson is last w1th three -poInts. second; N e 1 s o n. WWC, and attending the Medical School at Dale John Fromm �raaeU Woods. Wh!.t.. tied for fourth. 6 ft.. present time. : eld �s. year. \. were the big gUns the Lu,tee -as '2 � -Inchee. Touch th.y """h took · tlM . in Ivy Hall . .........__.._ .. ...11 880 -Wha., WWC ; Cummings, even�. hurled the javelin .. _.._...._ ._..,._ .. 8 UBC; Willison, EWC ; effO� Whit. 210 feet.. 9 inche8, f�rthe · Zarndt, pLC. 1 : 58.9. QUALITY of hie Storaa.eI1 cleared. the R�PAIRING - DYEING . WWC; Ellls, Swa1well. D1S�U8 ,bar t 6' fOet,- 2\0 - Inch to tab. ! . WWC ' N.hamm.r, EWC ; the high :lump. One new record. waa eel. at the ewc ;' .Searey, PLC. 143 feet, 5� 'II Bob F a. r m e r �nehea. meet as . P 1 e T C �, 13 feet, 2� tnchee to win . 220--Balderaon. _ erue-the ol� CWC ; Orltnn, Whiot. , Speer, EWC. . - ' the 'pole vault Western Washington snared sec-e, g '· ·••r.lng . 76" o.d pl· .... .. -.... pol. . Whitworth with 57'.4, 1011owed by . Ceotral Washington ,with. 35%. PLC was and University of British ColumbJa was


. ..._,,-:-,_ .._____.11

V.J1lains' .. .._..•....•..•..•..:11 Weetern .•.. ___..__... 8

: . . .. . belm. _ North lHall (2) _. .. . ...... _ ....387 . Dlatrlct Stand in g. ...880 _ ._.._ Ivy HeJ.l- ______..! 1303.6 Western.. "' _ .. .. . _ _ _._._.115•.0 Ivy Hall . ;:;��k.-...__ .a" Cr••k Hall.... _ . 861.6 .. . __ ... .__._.....37 84 7 Ivy Hall 2 �-' �1!:·······-.- ··- ·-···-·· !· 2. 8 Clover Creek HaIL._ .. .. _ . . 17% _. ._ c a . 8'I Ul . oo.ud ..._ _ . ._ .-.......J1 .ii�ftb;ii......... T acoma 09.3 ....:. . 8 . VlIl&g•..._ Parkland ... _._..... 653.5 tou.rnam.'"






beat chau-ce to bring !home a flret


Eastern Ins League Trac.k Title, PI.... C Fifth

III competition .j�- .OOlDpleted. the badminton . waa won by BiU Johnaon ; horaeshoell 'by Walt Le1�Inger" teDDle \dogIes by Rich . -winner Un a�d the doubles Iby Dick t i t l e W. and Gerry Red-burg; and the golf

Joh lI'nmim


IatrllDai'alsi Daaae ladividaal WiDDer .

Jim Van Beak are elattbe tenn1a tourneJ. a:nd teamnwill Bend eeTen DieD,

by the conference


Ball Tlkes Cron

and, 00�tr7 01�b: Blll

near will be played at the . Ten small colleges from the State of Washington will Knd' representatives to the meet. all scbO()ls in � Evergreen Conference except the Univ sity of British Columbi .a. q plus Gonzaga University, Seattle Paciflic College, Whitman q:,�. lege, and St. Martin's. Neatly 200 athletes are expected to partlCIpate in the three spprting' events. The winners at the Renton affair w.ill qualify for the na� tionals June 8 and 9 in San Diego. . The field e�ents will start at 7: 30 p.m. tomorrow WIth high jump and the javelin. PLC will have participants in both of these eVE:nts as well as tbe 'discus. broad jump. and pole vault which are sc;heduled to start at 8: 20 p.m. only other event in which PLC will have an entry will be the 880-yard run which . will start at 8 : 50. . e n all three sporf will be made at the S conc u t

Don Hall


Friday, May 25, 115.

Athlete. NAiA


1 1 2th (Ai� RoacIJ-and p.k Av.... ".





�unday N!�t Sup�rs . 9- 1 1 week days, 1 6�9 SunClays

Makings ,

. -.. '- L'iN,cckN BRANCH

� ':.'.-


,; . LOW[ST . .....,. . " . �



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Inc!!Pin,dentIy Ownftl

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..... If4!ur

"rlda•• Ma. 2lI. 1111


aid J. ItnDts, P.... o ; " i u .. 1-. WI� H. Ludwtc. Jr.• Robert

More Gr'ad s

Luncl«ron. Aither M, (OoIIUnued from .... ...,) Hotft. ....... x-n. mcn�iI<I. mond P.ul lllaln_�

iM'<lIJeo. RatA.

Sum. mer Session Wor'kshOP$ .

<IIl,%:��::II:: O;::


ou.e... are Cart Wt.rren 'lIe)'el'O, a.u.nd, R_ 'K. Heino. Nanq Jeanne 1.. MJ�h, No Ellen P. Heol'7. HeDf'7 R. H....ert. . rtta D. .-Mlller, 4tam& Ve dle �l. fMturee l of Jek 1.. Hoonr. Marlene C. Hov· Saleem .... MUri. J:JoMld MIIrr1e. t.b. 1116 �er . OD: · eee.t Dooakl O. 'llorteuoa. � JI. . •


1&Dd. ' Barbara Howard, Glenn Hull, Oon. Morton, Audrey -Muhr. Be&trIce A.. otan... Hu....d. _.J A. J..._n. 'Multoro, R� a. M)Twonc, Tore It; K1TIl& P. No4tTedt. 'PbUtP Hcnrard W. R o x i e J. KII18'. Henry W. Jtnmer. Jf:. Jlm- :A. Nordqullrt, Robe,rt B. 01a1'Won. :awood N. Rieke, H. Duane Romo, J Le Lea.thenl, Regina e m e M, MeFadd�n. Barbl.ra.. A. Macdonald. OU· Daniel C. Roee, Leland R. Roeeberg, DavId JtI. ver C. M_tnueon, Sharon L. Mor-- Marjorie H. ndt.. )(ar. ri n et gan, Thelma Constance Nrgaard, .scberer, W&lter D. B




Thb'tMD. �iltlb& faC'Ultr 'W111


_'itt In""'_ PrIIlclpoW. h rte'nd. nta and �,. MIIb ..... •


H c �ts ot ot BIlker JUnior HIP. JIo:n'te J'Onl ot Franklin

tbta � 1'Ii't'ft iiii

Pierce � J::IiIIItJ1ot. Gray of Clover Putt JBP.


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Flddl. FADdl.

bO" to lIta7 U' )OIIC .. W&nIl � _ .lan . ....1!her_.·H. hI _, meny 1iIIIu , win wear '" ....... . &Orte to ._; In for Jual that. 81>. Ion ' Iioo 1m- apltA! ot the IlooI itlIoot lIT. Elbereon th ed a pair .t plol7 prootkle lao! with banne them WW1l to rZler masH. bu