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BER 28. 1945

, Choir To Participate In Outdoor Festival Tomorrow. Sept. 29


Staff AuglpeDled by Five new members;

lIordahls, Satre Back

TI l{' C h .... lr o f till'

:\'n t Pili), th e ~ llIdellt ho dy bu t al ~., the ('o l1 t',I{c s t;df c ilang('s its penollnel - nnlt'Wll :l t fr u m ~' t' :~ r to yea l , Th is h it w(' fin d ~ t'\'l'r al arid it io n s and a fl' w ~ u b , tT ' l e t i o n ~ a m OIlf.( the qaff mt'11lbl'r s T he Olle u n iformed m a n on t ht, fa r ulty i ~ Dr, Walter H , Schaefer " f Sail \nt t 'l1 iu, Tl' XiI ,", wh o Il , ,\\' di~r " l1r ~ t'~ "II lilt, c O ll l l' n~l ti"n oi the r ell and the 111 ITK<l Lit, S 01 ,1' 1' I1 l' T\'O l1 ~ ' y~ lt'lll l u l' I, e ~l ll d {' l lt S '11 t il,' hi"log ical ~ r il' l lr t'~, /.(, u l " g \ i~ I' rof Se hal'in', s l' Hia lt y, h t, h ,,Jd~ Ih .. 1'; ,;\ d l'j., rt'c i:1 z, ,,, I,, g y anrl l'rI, UC,' ; '''I I, Iht' ~ I , , \ , ,le~H' t' ill the sa n ll' ri\,I,J , " 011,,1 it l'h , l) (ko:rl·l', all f rom th "! l' n l \' l'r ~ it~ of \ \ " i ~ c o ll s in , Bd' ,rt' CUll ling tl' I' I,C Ilr , S chadcr l au~h t in .1 m i ll)· MISS CLARA CHILSON h n t ,f c ' ,ll q:e~ ' 11 t hl' ~li dJlc \\ ' e~ t I ll' IS a 1l11' lIlh(' r o f s('\' er a l n a t io nal ~<'1lo l a~ t i., h ' >lI"r;lTit,~ ;I u d j~ ;III a "socia t l' I!!l'!ll Ioc r " f I Ill' \II I1' r ~r a n ~ocie t y 01 /., ,, .\u l-! i ~ l ~ :11 111 0 ; th t' l o \\':\ :\C;lIh:I11Y "f S l'i cn r e, I ' ~ ych(l l u f.(y i~ Prof, Alvin E , Fritz's s peci;l h y, I'ro f. Fritz (ame hl'rl' fr, 'm \\ ' arthllT ~ C,:" lle l{e, \ \ ',,\'c rly, 10\1:<1, to he s \1l1l e ll! co un selor a nd \ , r "ft' ~ s u r uf \, s y clwlogy , C ;l pi t<l l l'lli l'l'r sit y at e o hlll) IIl1 ,~ , O hio, i ~ hl ~ al ma maHT , I'Tof, Fr itz h o ld s 11u: :\1..\ , dcgn't' in phil osophy fmlll Ohio S t a te U ni veni ty, liuidel1. ill. s ch o las ti c interes! s P rof, Fritz fin ds t ime fo r ,spor t ~ , and has \l l ay ~' d se mi-pr ofes" iu nal ba sehall in the \\'e~h:rn Calla d.! Lea g ue, The Frit zt'S are ii I in g in ,the ,-\ (;, S al111ertHI Ill 'lI le in P arklan d w hile t ht, ~ allnt' T11(l s an' ill So u t h ;\me ri ca, \1011 I-! wi t h our brand n cw /a cu ity we \\'elcollle ha c k thrn: i n s tru(t or~ Il'h o have loec l1 h e re bd o re and hav e !IO W r e turn cd DR. WALTER H, SCHAEFER ttl 1,' L e. Dr, Olaf M, Jordahl and hi !> w i ie, Dr, Catherine Jordahl, havc bee n _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ n' s i , lil1 ~ i n C alifor n ia th t, pas t ye a r a lld fuu T l1Ionth s w h ilc D r, O lai jurdahl h a~

ht'l' U doi ng gO \'l'Tllll1 c nt wo r k ;1 1 the L' m\'t' r ~' t,v oi Califo ln ia a l Ih 'rk d e y , Dr O laf j o rda h l i ~ p r,)f t' ~ ~Q r o f 1l1allre!n at i (,~ ,lll ti ph y ~ i c~ lie n ", :I n,; [h , C at he r ine J or , d ;lh ] in s truc ts Hl S pani s h.

Prof. Lowell J Satre ha s rorne O:l ("K tu fill the pos itiollS of dean of men and inslrllt' IUf ill religi o n and t Ile cla ss ica l lan guagt·5 . .-\ g raduate of St. O laf. Pr of. ( COll t i llU~'d (,n p a ge t hrn' l

Prairie Now Has Paper T:l e -' rd i"s l1 e of the I'rairi ~ P oi n te r. a lOl':rI prL,duct o f P a rk la nd , puhli s h ed h y till' Beard Pu h lis hin g Co, in tht, h a se, 111e'li t " i I' I. C C h a pl' 1. C;r111 l" o ff the i, r es s

yt, ~ t t.'Tday,


Spetch Department Schedules Activities



-==============,1 PROF. ALVIN E. FRITZ

rh., I '


w ' th

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d ir e,' ·

Registration Returns

Of these 208 students. 46 are men and 162 are w ome n . This meana, girls, that there are still J a nd 12-23 wo m eu fo r eac h man on the' campus!

0jficer ~

\\' l' r~



C h, 'IT ,

l'(' Il ~ i~ t iIiK

" i ,; 7

I. l it'''~

Thl ~ )'l'ar tllt' r l' a r e J S former choir IIlt' m her s an d 22 Ill'W I ' o i c e~, T h(' new m C ~llbc.r.s lIl.clude : iirllt ~oprzn olt, :t.f "ril y n I'ete r !>o n <1 11 <1 Loi s j t' <l11 Pear !>on : ,~ e('o nd ~o pral1os, j o al) S:r teTll arH t j e w e ll h:e ll er : firs t all o , :-.iorm :1 l.(' mkt' : s t'co ll d alto, j ('<l 11 H a ~ht' l' k, \ 'l' ra But h a mi Lo ui se L UIHlt, ; fir , t tt' no r ", I,awf{' nce PC\er so n Em il S loht', \ 'e rl y n K raxhe r ){er a mi D o n ~ la s Hu hbant : ~econd te n o r ~ , ~ o r 111all .\! OOT\', :\I eh'in Cl s tt'rl i, a n d T o m L ope r : ii r ~ t ba sse s, :\rn e A a kn' , Sila :; T o r \'c l;d , t..:elllle th St o raasl i : ~ e (' o n d ha s ,~ e s , S t<l n le y \Villia l ll ~ en, C a ll'in \\'at-


Ch,~ s


~i l1 f,!


Official r egistration for th e fall s emester at PLC totals 208 stu de nts. Of these, the greatest numb : r is counted in the Freshman class which reaches the grand total of 103. Next cornea the Sophomores, totaling 56, then the Juniors w ith 22, and last, but not lent , ,. t!Je Seniors . with 15 members . There are {them q,ec:ial It~ents

Class Officers Elected For Year's Activities


1\111 \ 11 1:T\'at h illg 1\:I ( h , ' t ;" I" I )~H k ( ;-c ll "l'ma ne " -T , ' o l>k, "r'ra lS(' t" tlr {' Lo r d"- F , ' ~1e l iu ~ C h r i ~tj: l ll ~ o n , <I ll,) " 'e Kr" .''''; l ''ri l ll a l ~'' - G I J, ,\ l a l111'l1 , und e r ~ l a 1r l1 'l1 ~ h<l ICHI T h e ch"i r w i ll .. I ~o p artu: ip :r t t ill Ihe ("Ofi l uice J"inl c hn rll s dir t' rt t' d h v 1. 1. \\'rl ii alll~ , w h ic h ' \\' 111 n ite r " T h an ks ne I" Gotl" - IJick ~ nll, a nd Han ,lel' s "Halk lliJah C1r o ru ~ " irOlIl th t' "~ I e s~ i ah: "


t he ne~s, 0111, 1 1 1 ;!r r~' C:l rl ~on ,

i rc"hnran, ~ ophorno re, j l1 n ior all d ~e ni o T


- - - 0 --


Annual Home Coming SI d f S<o<'. 1 ate or ct. 13-14

c lasse" of P I X , W edn csd ay , S('l' k rnOcr


La \ OIlIH' Den so\\', fr es hman 111 LI b , ,\ rt ~, i ~ t h e youll!i:'c s t J!,' irl 0 11 tht, ca mp ll S, L:I\' on n e, wh ose s i xtet' nth b irth d ay I\'a ~ Ia ~t Janua ry , earne d th l' las t o f h er hi g h sch uol fTl'tl i t ~ ;It " Ulll 111 e r sc ho o l in Gent'H'l' , Idah o so t ha t " ht, coul d COlli\.! to p " L , C. thi s iall, The talle~ t g irl 0 11 th is ycar' s ca mpu s is Doru th y :\! eyu , fre s h ma n ff\) m C a m l'ron , idz ho , w ho s ta nd s a lo ft y six feet. S h o rte st o( th e fr es h; e (e m s ;s J ewe ll h:d ler , II' ho ju~ t tO UCh es th e iive foot In,a rk" J ewt'_11 att l' rHkd tll g- h sc h ?o l In i-"rl' rll " n t, ~ l' bra s k a , bdore mov wg !o

\ \ ' ('~ I

lo r , (; l1 11 l1ar J . \1 ;1\ 111 1 I1 , '~ ma ki ng a n un , u ~ u a I J ) ear ly il l,pe;rr :1I1Cl' t h is fa ll a n<l has .10: 0 11(' 111( 0 :1 ~~' r ; e~ of s tren uo u s 're1lt'ar ~a l " t hiS lIel'k 10 he rea d y fp r its fl r q Illilj,-,r conn 'n lo m n rro l\' n iKhl , St' It'll,ht'r 19, T il e o( r a~ i "n is th(' Cl Il ! _ "n,'>1' \ irH'r y '\ I \I ~i{· l ' l' ~ II \' ill al Ro o!>e ' ICIt l' i,' ld, Brt'lII l'rt <l1 1, II I lI llich , III a d /Ii , I'P I! I" Ih(' (,,1 :" l.!t, l 1''' lr , - e ,'er a l rl m rc ir ,'h . ir~ ir , 'TIl :"t' :IIt !t- alHl Hrl' lll'(' rt ''II1 will pa rtll' i!,:' !.:' 1.1 I ~ a lph \\ rlli :rl n" f"rrll~'r .\I rl'rt" r " j lill' l1 a t,,,rl;d i_1 k l1 ,,\\ II l'hlr ag,) ,\h l ~! , F ~' ~II\ , r l. \llIJ I. t, " I ,' h a r ~t' "I tla' pr o ,,: r,1 11I 11 111 <11 \, II I J,~ ~1I 1 :11 ; " ,; S houl d Ihl' \\ l'a t lr .. r h t 11 II i ;:t ' " ra lrk , t he t:" n, ,'r! 1\ 111 Iw j,n <1 t' '' I1t'd 111111 1 I hl' ;,, 1I,-,\\,i II ).: ni g ht

JlI dgll1~ ir'>ln I h~ ",' h edu k tha t :'\li ss 16, at 12 :30 p , m, F",h """ o ' hce" m ',"" e, h ( h iJ:.",n I l a ~ d ra \1 II \IIJ, he r dq.>a rt nre nt \\'il1 h:1I" a I Il1~ v ~l';I~"Il , T h r~e ,me -a c : as li , \.of('~ i de lll: ,\rrw\ ;, k rl' , \'il'e' p r esi, dt'I!.l; Sy il'Ia ~ ta llgl' la l1' 1. ~l'c rl' ta r y : \ c r' 1, l a,\' ~ :He tl' h~' g lv(' n ~O: .r et l111l' lhlri ng' 11011 nt' rl{, trl' , I~ U rl' r: P roi. ,_\ , E·, F ri tz, Ihl' l. alld , ( Ollie' ti le Yu \e li, J,. ~ l' a s n n , :rt l v i ~ l'r : :'\ Il'h in () ~ tc rl i, ~ t' rgt' :r n t-at a \..: hT1 ~ lIlla s p lay w ill Ilt, l lr e~en tl'{1. In :1I 1r1 it;O Il there lI' ill h e sl' ll' r ;d I h rce a ct S"p hOiolOH' " if ict' r " a re \ \ ' alt h:un sI,lay~ ,lur i ng t ire ~' t';;. r , St ud,' nt~ iu tl'H's t- <' hal.:, pH'sidt'li t : \ Var,ren jaec h, vict'",] ;11 r;" lio w o r k wi ll h e trai nl' " ill s n ip t pr l'- idellt : Br it a S k oo g , secreta ry; Dor i. r cad il l).: and I,rl' parl' d fo r r;ul io broa d - St u ra :. ~ li, tr ea ~ uro:r : ~li s s C la ra C hil son , c a ~ tln g adyi"er : l, o l~ To llfc ldt, se r gea n t-at:\I i s ~ C hib u ll w ill al so o r !<: an i z ~ d d Jate a nd round t ab le di ~(u s s i on g r tlu p~ tl urin g j unio r ofi i rl' r ~ :If e S ila s T on en d, llle w in te r. t('.l1l1il11ll',J u n p a ge fo u r ) ! _ __ _ _ _-:-_ _ _- : : -_ _~~--------.:..:..---£. -'""

T hl , weekly " ,w"",,,, I, ed ltnl by

l ; a r fit'I,1 h: it'I, T c x ;r ~ ne w s pape nn ;lll a lld tl ire ctuT o f puhli c rela tio n s a t Te xa s 1.11 tlrl'ran Coll ege , 5q,nl ill. io r ii ve year !', Fn'd \\', Kenn edy, :'\Igr " \\' a "hing to n !\ cw s pa p e r A ssof., Inr" cOlllpliment ed ~I r. Bt·ar d o n th e pa pe r, d eclarin g' it co m pared fa \'o r :r bly w ith an y wce k ly new sp ape r iv. t,hi s st ate The fl ;s ~ threl' is's lit' S were s(' nt to 3,200 p t'op le li\'in g fr o f}} the T acoma cit y limit s ,. ,-,uth as far a s S panawa y , Bill Harri son is t he manag in g editor, ~Ir s , Hea r d i ~ t h e soe ietV edit o r , and A rI:'e n Co rll es , Sopilo lllUre a t 1'1.c. IS o tflCe gi rl. _



:\ ewbc r g-, Orego n , w h e re he r la th e r is ;) Luth er :rn pasto r , ) ;\1ll 0 1lf,! t he n e w p n ' -SC!II S arc E millo Stoh l' uf Gi iio r d , I dah o , Stanl ey Willia lll s l' ll of Sea ttle, A rno ld :\ a kre oi E ve re tt, \\ ' a~h i llg t (JI1 , a n d S ila s Torve n<l o f Sih'l'rt o n, O Te gon , H :t n y Carb" Il, fre sh m an i r olll Port la nd , p ia y etI the fid dle in th e Jun io r Sy mph o n y O rc hes tra , in th a t ci ty b efor t' co mi nl{ to 1', L. C, as a iJ re- ~ em s tu dent, :\I a ri t' Li en , sop ho m o re f ro m Bon nc: r, (Cunti nue d 0 11 p ;q,; ~ fou r l


, Tht, a nn l1al Hom eco m i ng ies ti vi t ies o f I' , I, (, will be he ld o n O ct Ober IJ a nd I ~ , T entati l·c p la n s mad e by co-c nairmen D o ris J ll rge r soll and Dort hy N ie ma n include th e usua l H omecoming ban <luet in t he c o llege din i ng hall o n Sa turd ay e" ening, Oc to be r IJ, H o m ecom ing is g il'e ll b y the A ssoc iat ~ d S tude nt Bod y to gi ve a ll pe r SOll '> wh o ha ve attended p, L. C. in th e past, an o pportunity to re vis it the ir o ld s tanr p ~ ing g round,


']$-___ I

Coming cvents SA T U RD ,\ Y EVE N I NG, SE PT E:\1 BER 29-Ch o ir Conre rt at Bremerto n , ' W E D N'ES D A Y, OC T O BER JDRG I n s t a lla ti o n Ban<luet a t

6,00. S AT U RD AY , OCTO BER 6--:\ S B Bo wling P a rt y at South Tat:o m a B o w lin g All ey , S .\TI; RDA Y , OCTO BER I~, A N D SUN D AY, OCT O BER 14 - H omecom i ng,



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.-..... 1' \LJl-l l

P :\ (iE TW O

l.l · rJ IE!i :\ :\

LUTE8 1:~u~::n,a""


Otrtctl at

parklan~a~:'~~il~~;il9 . ander

U,>,~~I:g"")d 'ov,' ,'O O~','o>O,,:~~

lb. Ac-t of

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. ANITA ST U EN GRACE ELA INE GULH AUGEN EDl'l'ORIAL STAFF .\I ;c(' Urud it. \ \ 'a ll KUll scha:': T t:lm a M etzge r


,1'10,' ,,' ,',',:

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whm 10, ,,,"co, ,','"

;.S\ ",',o>r~~ S~ptcl11h<- r .

' ..... n


6. Sat. Ludlow' ~nt ~rC'd th e arm), in j une, IQJ9, and wa s s ta t iOll~d III t he Phi li ppincs aftu his ba s ic t ra1l1 ; 11 ~ V~ r-iod . I-I c m ;sscd capturc Ih ere whe n th{' war hrokc- out as hr was sellt back to th~ st ates (o r a p~ ri o d o f t wo and a half 1II01l l hs in Dcce m hc r, r941. Hc h ,,~ nOI decid ed wh eth ~r rC'C'nter c(I I h-~('


n'qnir{'d ...('.n ice Iwi llt!l fo r .ti !'c h ar g~. is '1...::01 ;11 (If to ,1ccep t a civ il se.r \,;ct: job. r('laillec1 in Pa ri!' al l} r~S~lI l a~ "('''St'li' F ll Si&n "Chuck Loete, ex '43 . .. a~ , \II tial" to "U. S. J; ~;\·i c('. \\' hen his di ~. tht· ca mpus the finl wt'ck of ~~ h o,,] . lI t" Ch M1.l:(' CO III (' .:'. hi.' p lan!' 1(1 r~l lI rl1 P l C had fmi !' hed d~ ~~ roycr tra;lIillf; ill \ ·i r ·


Lorrainc l{ o nkCI1. Doro- f,' r his Ja s l c(lllc~(' ~t'ar. Dnr; lIg 11t(' S ~II\1l l e r many fo r mer PL C-

Build fo r the F ut ure

itl'''' ill


j;(' r \'jce wen'


O n ~l' aga in we s{ro ll dow n thl' f a m il ia r p a t h of C'OlI ege La n e. And "ll1i lted to oth er a r(',,~ . . \Ill' I"res~nt


or ,, 1\1 -

this yea r the {' n vi rons p romise a g rl'a(er b u zzi n g o( ani v ity a nd a free r ~~':lIal~~~l~II~II~o~:~I~.f :1;:~:::;1~0: :~Ic\;I~;;: spirit t h an h as p rev ai led u nde r the wa r clo ud s o f the p ast fo u r years . it ill In tht -flffice fo r t he !itni c~ file . A s w e look over the cl assroo m gro u ps , we co un t m o re t h a n la s t yea r 's quo t a of th ree m a le heads , a l ~d n ote b ere and thue t he uni for m o f a reo fUrn ed se rvice man . F ootba ll m a ti'r i.ll is p la inl y v isible. a nd m e re, w e h ea r , , A IS 10 the offi n g. nd g lu wing repo rt s a rc circulatin g of t hl' p rowess o f a t I b k b II . d f h b Iff E cas t one as l' t a s t a r. ret u r ning seJso n e ro m t e a rt e rOlll S a uropc. We Jrl' h a pp y a t these s ig ns o f a " re turn 10 no r m .lley" o n the campu s, B u t w e h ope it is m o n: than a ret u rn , O ur G. L·s who a rc f ilt erin g b ac k ha y,: gon e t b ro u g h so m e t rem en do us ..: x p e ri e n ccs d u ri ng the IJst threc )'ca rs. They h ave lea rn ed mu ch in t b e p ro ..: ess of w h a t m OUt ,,(('epl ed W,ly of li v in g


Set- o u.... C,

ma rrying " ~b dcl1l o ; M' II (' Liti' M a~ k o ff " who. h e ('x pl ai ll !', I!' " l{ ussian h)' bir th , F rench and l;c r111,W hy c<h lcat l on. and Allll' ri · call hy I'Cf S1W;; ioll:' 1.1. \ ' al~l1lilll', w ho, il:t:> IIlor(' Inan th l'

Asso\'ialt' EUltor . SIJOrt s Repof(er CluJ, :\ ,' t l'~ . Serv ice Coluilln 5 p~ {'ial \ \ 'riter:o : ;\l1ila R,>I :l, RUlh JO'lII~ l n. Daph ne ·I·i ~i·i~;·~ ·;~." A rdys H~~~fvoll~f.ih BU8lNESS ST AFF :\d\·t· rt i!'ill)o: ,- Iana)"l'f [.oriti11l· I' Uf\' I ~ C ifl'ul;lti~1 1l '-Iana.l.:t·r .. ..... ......... . ..... Bett y Hoyt

SOIi~::;:r~~ i~:)~~~~ :,' ~~~;'~;U~~:i:.r/ L~:::lI~r~tl'~:~~·lg~!~:~~·I~. I.ea.


Ludlow, '37, who .i.eo", -.b1 hn- th~kmttUI t!!rllL. oE strn~. III J UJ; t off t h{' \'o rrl"S I)oJ nd~ll c ~ file i5 a t h~ a rm~d fOTCU of an y ;J.luml\u ~. v;:li l('11 romantic di spatch fr um v~ r ~ l\Iil~ Ed Val- t h~ p us · th ~ firsl w~ek o f 5chool. lI e l'lItl11l', l' X '41 ;;cho ir. ~ I oo ri ng ~la s t . · r ~ceh' ~d hil' ho n o rab l ~ disch ;trge 0 11

4..n. . , . . ... . .1'... . ,

.tadeata of PacUlc Lutbwaa Collq .. Ollie.: R oom I-SO Tel. pbOlle : ORaDtt. 8611 SabeertpUon priee--U .OO pe r Year Eate r ed u secoDd cliUa matter, October 2, 19 25, at the Poet



CUI. I.Hd-:

THE ROO • .l.G RAST IIITH THE _ J>.ub~YOI'7-t___



~;;:i~~n~n1ra~:~~lgt~~~I:~~r:n t~a;lld\I";I~~~o;::; Sh~;~~:;do~::i:~~~X

'45. who look


Ir ;,i llill~

al Camp Ho b\,rt s. Ca llforu ia. rt' cently reported tha t he wa s on h i~ wa ~ 10 Ley lt· ill the Phill ippim:s.

The latt'l' l :>t ud~nt to jOitl Ih (' S~ T\'lce ,~ Arnold Towe who Idt T ut"day l1Io rn ·

for San DiC'go. \\'h('r~ h~ will r~cci \'<! hoot tra in ill " in Ihe U. 5. r\avy , .,' "" ' 0"" " """d"" " . " .ho ,~ .. rV',1 ,."

illg hi ~



'- '

~ .. ,



ar ml'U forrcl' during t he war are no\\" I.a,· k at PLC af tt'r rl'ce ivi l1/o: t hc ir di !' I ~h a rKt·!'. E r nie Perrault, l'X '-UJ, wh o sa ·.\ fl,l.l'htil1K ill t\nrth :\f ric:., a 1ld w:,.. olle o i ,'I ,C ." pn' ,w ar ha s kc t ball ~tar s . wi ll hel p 111\'



AIL'lJU • • ,

.' .

~ t'ccnt \' l sl t or~


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o n t 1~ camllllJ; wer". , r an ll '- I r ~. Harry Burk s. J r. '-I r!'. DUTk ... I Pat K ennedy, e x '4.1.1 wa.' Io: radll 3t('11 l a~t J Uli e ffl'>111 '- I ~ nl a ll :l ~tale l ol1 t',1,( c and t. 11 (1\\ " teachi ll K at Ihe c(l ll ege llllr sny ·c hnn l tlu·rl'. M r. I\u rk .~ i ~ III th e for(' .. try ·~ r\;n· . :\I t{'r a !'ho n \'I ~ it with

l,.·,~aa~.. h ."O, ",.o""" ,.;,",.o',,h' ,'otl l1,',',' ,.iC ;),',.,o,",. :a,.~11 B"o';b'" fr il·mls . Ih(' Bur k!> plan 10 return 10 their ..... hOll ll' in ~I i s!!oo li l a. '-' Ol1 lana . , big respo n s lbi l i£)' be re <IS s tudents of a Chr is- 'Hauge, e:'\ '43. fnr mCf foo lh. 1I s tar. iA "i~i tor ot' la J; 1 weck-elld wa:. ) ,,1111 tian (o llegc. T h e world n eeds t h e bes t t h a t we (an oHer when we leave ab .. ba ck contil1l1 ill l-.' h i ~ educa lio n. Lau l aard .+t, w ho wa~ ;\ 5 13 pn'"i(I.:1l 1 1 ( h is camp us. It ne.:d s you n g peo pl e w ith r~sou red ulnes~ ;. n d eo urage and '-IOr)[ill1 Ibrn j.. k y. son of Ba ron ;,11'1 III hi .. -ell io r yea r. w ho j,a ~ j ll ~t fi l1i ; ht.d fa it h , who ca n ch a n ge t o be tter th i n gs and be ttcr Wa)'s. ~Ir ... Barof ~ k y Iloll1 l\'r a)oJ;iSlanl co;tl-h h I._ ".. e~·o l1, 1 yqT <t t l uthtr T h e{) l og i~a [ So . wh ile w e arc i n eorpur a t mg glad ly t he bes t o f (h..: P,l S!. let us re · ;lII d I'r('Sl'l1 l hhra r y ass ist ant here. r('- :-- l·llIin;uy. :iL I'alli. .1 0 11 1111) i" l-.'"il1.1.: In go aW r y H ave w ( k ept p.Jce w it h t hem b at h o me '

\Ve haw a b ig job an d


member t llar th is terr ib le wa r ca ml' b (eJ use t h e pa st Wt1s n o t good \' n o ugh : that it wa s t rul y won o n l y Lt w~ can t he f UlUr :beul' r .

;1~)('t·/~~I~\~·I:II~(·t~:~I:II:l:~;:~1 ~n~;:O~~~.1 ~;;~~ Lider, e x .... .1. an d Ens, Dick L ang, o n,

·... 3. in Ihal 1I :lwaiian po r t.

Sum mertime Reverie F ro~ PLC

int nn


Ill' \\"111

J, ~,

l'~ j'ortl aad.

;\lIot l1(' r lIt th l· .l.: rl·at i'l C foot hall P erhaps t he most hectic ho u r \.'xpe r il'tlCt'd b y Ih~ coll..:g(' Jnd loc a l pro - 111 .. 11 of t llt· I'a .~ t . Bob T ommervick. '41 h,, ~ rn'(' i\" efl hi~ di~ch arge frllill Ihl' ~t'n'­ pk th is summr r \\'.lS t h a t o f t he ne,lr . burnin l! \) 1 Old M,lin. I,' ,' and i, 11 011' tl'aciti ng al :\l1lill rll I t b~' gJn .1bo llt .1 q u .l rt l' r to ~ .... \'{'n t he l'\'\ning o f Augu st 6. w l1l' n Mar ty Gulhau gen, ex '43. is s lat iol".: d res tdents o f P,l rkl a n d nCl{iCt'd ' fbm es In th e cupob o n l Op o f t h e b uil d ins . ill (;l'rma ny with tl)(· afll lY of OCClIl'ali'''1 In no tim..: a t all the school gro u nds W(n: ' 9\'l' rrd Wllh fire i r uck s f rom '-1 ;lrty ~ aw arll"l1 ill Ital r and Fra.ll cl' Park land . Mid land . Taco m a J nd M cChv rd Fieltl. Al so o n the ground s hd" re lieiug ]Iut illio the army ni oro!w r re hund r ~'ds o f pcop ll'-Inl'n. w o m en. chddr~n - bl cy~ l rs. dogs. aut o mo · I'a l l(lll t h i ~ .< I,ri ll.1.: , ~~~l P.o llil o. ,.'( ..... .1. \\1"., "a .. " " .\lII<I\" l l bi les Jnd J lI thl' ,mIX·Jim,' nl.l that usu.lll\, ,l((("mpa n y .1 fi rl· . Among t hose prese n l 100. w.:r~ thl' TJcom.1 IXJ l ice. who w ere on t h ~ jo b k ee ping ( h e : ~\lr:d IHlIl' " III .i·,uroIH·, b e :'\ I'~CIlII~ \" "l' ,"~ (har).:r.:d tlll~ "'tTk . h ighwa)' clear. J ack Bratli(', fnO I],;1I1. \ 'x '·U. i~ \\ :\il' BUI gelling b ack to t h e L re- i n n o tl lll e at ,1 11 the whole cupola was ill).: ill Ita ly It, /' (' trall,,{erretl tn t hi" ablJ ze. I t is hard t o put into w ord s wh.11 o n..: fed s as h e seeS h is ,) Im a m ater <'l'" l1 tr y I.d"r e lit· ollta ill" h i~ ,h "ch<trl-:l·. bu rn . Y o u r s(ri be t h o u g ht o f how o ft en In t h (' p as t , aro u nd t es t wee k , s h e Geo rge Fa!1s trom, l-:r1d"h·r. l" '41. w ho , had wished for a f ir e o r a n l'Jrlhq uake or ~o ml' s u ch calaclysm : bu t n ow a ll she co u ld m u mb ll' was " P lt'asl' God . I d td n ' ( m ean it. " E verybody m u st

C(,l1trit l

LUl ha a ll

.Chu rd&.

"hef{' Iltl' !{e\·. 0 11011 11 Is ]la~t ... r 111 I'(lrt land fo r 11 111tlllth .. anrl

t lll'n f{'lIIrll 10 th e ~l' l11i llaT~' I1l1til t h,' "I'ri ll~ or ·4i. J ohnny \\' :i " iJ IlH'111hl' r t,i t ilt I'!.C Ch"ir. whi r h he \"i~ i lt'd b ~ t Fri ,lay . J Oh ll brough t lIurd o i I II" (l\h('r Pl. \...' -:r;ldlla tb :! lItn dill '.! tho.' )ol' I11 ; lI ar ~· . Jil l, I'l'll '- b ttc rn . ··H. wi ll inter n al 1I 0 l'c 1.11 t ln·ran Chllrch, '- 1 'lI l1 co ~ ·o l; :>. I<.-,hert 1.11· !i ll'''''. '·u. !,as jll !>l hn'll graduatl'd :ll\d ;, 11 0 ..- ordailll·rl. H (' I,a_ hl'el l cal[t'l\ I " llainc~. O rcgo ll . Raymond P fl ueger, (''( '42. \i"tl''] I' LC th". fir ~ t ,," {'t' k o f ~c h ot~1 wh i l ~ 011 three week" \'acatloll irol1l t hc T lh'v lc''.!I' c;,] ~\'I lIi\la r y o f Cap ital L'lI i,·C'r .; i ty. L'" llIll1lal", _ O hio. l Ie expec ts to 1\, .,: r;;'IU:ltnl :11 '- l ay. \946. la s t yea r Ra y

::;:I~l' 1;:t'1 11~\:t;::li~:I:':~.\\il1ll':'~\':::::"illl i~~r.: ~~;:II~t: I~i!r~:lIa:l~:~1l I:I~~I::::~O i~:l:;I;~'tl:r i~: ~ ~:~::

h aw been o f lik e mtnd. fo r soo n t h e fi re was un d er conuol. I t was all ove r in an h ou r-the lo n ges t h o ur in man y of OUr l ives, A n d so O ld Ma in has to go bareh ead ed u n til t h e o ppo rt u ni ty Jri s('~ fo r thr buiiding of a ne w c u po la . But the im po rl a nt t hi n g is. i t 's h e re, an d so a rc w e .


PAINTS-U, S, On the Mounto in Highwoy




Have Your Por trait Made the Modern Way


Johnson & Anderson GROCERIES



ETC , Por kl&nd .

Wosh _





WEEKDA YS-8:00 A. M. to 8:00 P. M. Sundays- 3:00 P. M. to 8:00 P . M.

- i





...--- --"--'

I~ SEPTE~"BER. 28. 1 9~ 5

J' :\ClF I C

LL'T I-I EI< ;\:\



Staff Augmented

C l ~\"~r - A -mbtt tou,..-Li ke s to ea t

Coac h .c liff Ob0l1 wa s greett'd by g r o up of 34. when he arrived. at The boy':!, Jonnitory la~ 1 Thur st1ay lIi ght fo r

W as h ingtonian At hletic

t he purpOSe oi o rgOln i zing a mt'Tl 's ph ysica l education program for the yea r. Seeing tlH~se fellow s must have been a picas ·

T able ten n is ch,unp

N ew a t P.Le. En e r ge tic 5 k ales dc\"i lll'iy St ud ious

a nt

~ lIrp rue

to Olson. who in th e, pa :>t

two yea.r s ha s c Ou nt ed th e st n' ngth an d total of his !lI;l n pOW\'r a u the finge r s of his ha n ds,


Coach Ol son ex plained t he SPO rt s piclure at ' P . L. C. fo r th e .co m in g year. a s It a p pea.rli a t pre sent. T her e wi ll b e 11 0 foo tb all o n ail inter!Ochool basis, O lson sa id Ihe re w ill be n u lea~11S p lay in foo tha ll this yea r . and t ha t gam es with lo ca l hig h sc hools l'ou ld no t be a llowe d . Conditio n s for ' the


BROOKDALE LUMIER CO. Mountain Hlp;bwa,.



Lundberg Drug 11830 PACIFIC AVE, PHONE GR, 8519

;::============~I THE NEWEST, LATEST


TED BROWN MUSIC 11 2 1: 23 Broa dway

pa rt ici p a t ing ear lllll g p , E, c redil.

meeting w ill he he ld ill Octobe r to c id l' whe th t'r P. L C. a nd th e other gut' me m bers of tht' \Vas h ing toll 11 coll egia te C •.mfercnce will res lI mc act i ' bask etba ll ("<' m llt,ti t ion thi" will lt' r. otht.r me m lwrli of th e con fl'r eu\"l'. 1 la rJ y k n!lwII as t he \ \ ·i uk o Leagl1 .... arc t he \\'1.'" 5h: r1\ . ("(' ntra1. an d Easl<· r n \\'ash ing-ton coll e,,!:s oi t'ducati~' n S ho uld il·agll e p lay be rl·llC\I·l·d. Coach O lson pl;'!I S 10 "ta r l b:: sketilall tnrn o ut ~ ~OllH'; ' timl· in Oct,)ber.

Mak ~

When yo u want office suppUee



( R ose nburge) BR, 46 29 91 3 Paclftc Ave.

Appoint m ent




VIOLET WEBER. Proprietor





Furnllhh"JI, Hats, Shoes

Jetland & Palagruti


9 28 Pacific Avenue Tacoma 2, Washington

for Delicious HambuMJers

Hot DOCJI Jumbo Mllkshakel


French Fries at


9th an" Pacific

lContinued [[QUl page- oneJ Sa t re rcn,jvcd t he M.A. degr ee from the L"ni\'crs ity o f Iowa in 1939, taug ht Gree k a nd Lat in at PLC in 1941, enter ed L ut lH~ r T heolo6ica 1 Seminar y in St . P a ul in 1942, receivi ng Ihe Bachdor o f T hea l-og)' deg ree t here in J anuary, 1945. He co n tin ui ng his wo r k fo r t h e P h ,D, ,Je· gree w ith the Oni \'er sity of Io wa, P r of. Sa tre a nd his wife ,( E li zabe th Dahl, P LC '40) a n d sl1\a ll daug h ter , G loria N~ lI e, are living in ,t he apar t m en t fo r merly oc(" up icd by t he L. A, B, Ne lsons, T he ?leasant smile a nd quic k re to rt of Miu Clara Chit.on. ne w h ea d of the

R~gar dle ss of possib le fl e~ t ing co(',,! refi ect io l'l s. t h ere is no t hing in COlll1l10n between do rm ito ry routine a nd life in a p rison. So declared M rs . Ca rroll H inde r lit' ( Ma r y Aasgaa rd, daug h te r of th t' p reside nt o f t h e Nor wegia n i..AIt h er a ll C h u rch of America) when s he spo ke With I/ : r hu s ha nd, t h e Re\', Ca rro ll Hill" de rlie, at t he c h apel s ef\,ice hel d at t he T rinit y C hu rc h Thu r sday, Sc:vtember 20. The couple ret urn ed last s p ri ng fro m t h e Phi lipp ines, whe re th ey had bee: 1I co n fine d 111 a Jal)a nese p rison camp fo r over t h rce yea r s. T hey wer e en rOllt!! to Chi na as missio nari es w h ~ n they we re ca ugh't ~ peecl l and d r a m a tic s de pa rtme nt. a rc in the Philip p il,es by the wa r . Befo re a lready- fami lia r to - PL C -ite s. A Sout h her m arriage, M r s. Hi llderlic wa s a ssis tDako tan, M iss C hil son w as g r a dua ted an t d ean of wom ell at S I. O la f. hl'f alma ma tef, from Augustan<l. Colle g e. ~ io u x F all s, Sou th Da kot a . in 1939. recl,jved th e M.A. The H illd\' rlif' ~ told of harro\\" in ~ ex , per ienct's in a pr ison barrack s where 5.00 deg ree frol1l North west e r n Un i\'ersit y, America n cil'iliall S werc forccd to oca nd ha s tangh t fOf the pali t six y ean in C I II) Y a b uil ding w h ic h norma lly h o u sed ~ollle of th e large st hig h sc hools in 100 Ph ihpp inos . fo r Mr. Hin de rl ie, t his Soulh D a koI3,. ~fi ss C h ilson 's ~ Iu de nl s inc lude<1 hea t i ll ~ li a nd o th er to rt ure at h a \'c wo n tou rna m e nt s in d eba te 3 nd Ih e hall d s of Japan c.-; c ill teHigen ce off iho no r s in o r al l"l ry a nd exte m po re s peak-

In g , . Anothe r re tllrn1l1g staff me mbe r is Kenneth Jacobs, IIOW assist<ln t hll sine ss 111 a nagt' r 311 ,1 p la ut ma nager. ~I r. ) acoo... was s lIpcrill ll'n de llt of college r;ro\1 l1d s h ere for t wo ye ar s. ha s b een al Iloeing- :\ irc raft Corp . ior th e pa ." t tw o year~.

Two \'t'ry i111po rtan t staff member li in th ... t' yl' s "f t ht' dt..'Tmitory stlldent s arc tile IICW cuok ~ . Mrs, Minnie J ohnson alld Mrs, Anna Moe 0 1 O ;d la s . \\·i 5o\'ol1 si11. wh u plan till' Im'llll s aud prepare Ih e II\cal~. to~(,tl\{'r with ~ I r s. :\1111;1 Fl'lIm·y. who was h ... rl' last year. Tho" l' wh o d id n!)t rdurn 11a' lu de Dr . Gurdon ;\kor ll . iorm l'r proies~or oi hivlugiral ~c il' l1 ct· , wfl " i ~ nOli" at G ray ,; !taroor )1h1 io r C o l1e ~ e in ,\ !lC r det'IL the J{l·\·. L.A.B . ~c l sn n, fo rmer ass istant h\l~iIH· SS manager a n d lkan of lIIell, who i~ ;It pre st'nt ~("TI iug a pari s h in Chinoo k. ~ I "nta!la; \ I r ~. Carol ) o h n lifJ lI , fo r Ill e r ~IH·e .. h Il·uciler : and ~ I i~li ~t' l ltla GlI lle~O l l. now ('m ployed at a dOll"lItowl1 f(' Stau ran !. ami ~I i~ ~ I-\t>lga O lso ll. fo r Iller c ou k ~.

. Mrs. Frisbies Bakery For GOOD Bakery Products 710 So, 38th St, Phone GA. 7591





921 Broadway




Returned Missionaries 'J'ell oj frison ClI!1!ps ' ,


~==~ SELDEN'S First I. FloOr cove~

LJuruI,t.: a part uf l ilt· con fi ne lll t' n! I,eIh(' )avalle~1' a ll owed SOllIe of th ... :\ 111 cr ica l1 adu lt s to Icadl school to t he c h i!dr~lI. but for ba d e the tl" a dllll ~ of Kt'vgraphy and h i:;t(lry whic h wcre 5 111' I,,,sed 10 he III the "mak in g·' and ·'changing·· s t a~c s ~ [rs . J-i iudcr li e n ' la tcd the ' ecents o f a n ;lIl'fagl' day fo r t he 1'· 0 111('11 a t th\' pr ison ,·alllp. :\ 11 a ro sl' wll h a whi s tle al 6:30 111. . dn'ssed ill tl·11lit-rl y patclH' d clothing that 110 :\l11crican wuman in t he S ta te:. wou ld w"':lr. <l lul ate a ~ca ul l)feakL, st o f mu s hr, Iln sw('etenl'd ri t~, with u llt milk ur l"fl'aill. Thi ~ · wa s fu 110 11 l'd hy work in the Jall<tlll·"e Il' getabk ;,;:arden:.. !J\lllll'r a Bd Slipper co n sis ted LlIa inly uf an in fe ri ur ~ t t'a nlt'd r ice , or \"or l1 l11t' al 11111~h. or Oil \·I'ry lucky day s . 1 iod .


··S nhm;tfllle .. ni i... c' · \Hcpart'd with Illo re watn ;111<1 IOIl t,: t..'r Ilo ili ll g pc riuu s [llr f<lllr ~Il l·c l' ~~ i \· e day~. wa s a iami liar b"'\'t..' f;l;': t· . 'I Ilt· .~alllt· It·c hni <Jl1 t· was Ibed to ;:;trl'trh IIl·an .'OIlIJ alit! lea . De h ydratt'll ri(t·, s;I\·cd iro m her par e n t;,," po r t ion. ami jJe a nut bmler m ilk w('r(' h ighly prized by ~ [ aren, s nlal1 riaughll"T of t he I-\imicr lic's . Fl'hrua ry 4. 1945, whl'u ~ I an il a wa s libnaH'(1 oy ~ [ aL\rth\lr· " truops is " ' · it" tory D ay'· 10 Iht' pri son ... rs, acco r d in g to ), [ r ~. I-iin ue; Ii .... regrlTd le ss o f V -) day ;I S we know it N.cvl'r ell(l a n u ~ [ r s . H inJe rlie s tr esscll the power a l\ll good ness o f God in g iving t hem s tre ng t h to face t h eir ord eal with ]l l'a('e in t he ir h earts a l1d minds, T he m iss lo ll arie;:; arrived ill th l U nited St.lles on ~lay I. 194 j, a nd r eac h ed their h ome in Min ne so ta t he ! o ll owing Mo tb(·r·s D ay.






at 13..










c. O. Lyan Co. 117 TAOOIU AVE.



1 ' \ ~lrl l

\l ' TlI~: f{\~




l llt !.r l ,}':


Faculty G reets Students ITh-::-Victim's Viewpoint

C lass O ffice rs E lected


Eldon Ky ll o, 1:' .... '''3. , .. \\ :11(111)( 111 E Il!oC ' ~ Co nt i nu('d f ro m P ~ )H' 0 11(' 1 la lHI ,, > Iw .. h i p p ~' .t ha " k 1(. Ilw ~t;lt~· ... I I" \l r ... .. "l ,' ,,! . l '~, r . ' 1 E lt·i . " n , ' 1\' (' -J)rt" ~ , ;lt' n : rill' :1Il1l 11 ~1 i .... rma l i~ c\l lty r~cepuon l T H E BOYS SPEAK : _ ..- hrlr4 1ft t-h~ f" .H~f(C' ~~m"a ,,",llll " \.\-h_ l~...... . 1.111 ' , _1_-10 IA- !lH~ ~\.b c.u lw'l~ h.~ ~"""'H" IH" h ..... "-·hr",, lJ .. i..u.\ UUV~... 1:..:rd2..r )· . P rof. l.ol\ o:il R ob ~Tt Reit z, •. , . ~!, T('l urned fr om Sal r ,'. a ,h' i ~l' r , T" ,t ReID:. tTl' a ~\l r cr r hH r~tl~ y (' \' (' I1I1l~, :--tp1. 13. Th~ t radi- "1l1~1~ 1H .. ~,<tlk IIIJ .tnd ,I.", II ~ lt p ~ ha..: :" ~l' 111 0r r, tilco:r~ ar t :\)Ol l h' ~ ~ l y k 1:t1I .f Ilnll .11 1' -.: (h al1~ l' .... i I-!rtel ing,; too k p lace \\: ,1' ,1. ,, 11 .' 11 l<tmps h",k .. :If(' the b t e;;! Europ,· ;!oill'T I" 'l ~('ar. ,1' ~ t"rll"l' 111 EnR -

'!I' I"~'<'n

I ll(' iaru lty . th('i r husba'nd;;: a n d \\ 11"(· .. . an d Ihe ~{I1dtllt $. . o ld and new, \I 11(> ar e allt' n din~ f' L. C. this fal! ler m. l)r J. I' P ihl(').!U. proie~so r o f l"hr i .. lian\ l ~ al,,1 IJ hllo""l'h~· . "a~ ma ster of ("t' r ~' lll"l1h'" i"r a i"n, h ~· - .. pon ;;or e d pr "l'( r am . ~ I r. Chil"rd ()I"n n §,!";t\' 1' ~ CV , t'fa l \'o,'a l ~c l ec l lnn~. I ' r c~ . ~. C. Ea .. t\" (, Id wt"kNJ1ed t h .. tWI\' q\l (\ent h lld y.

l 'h ll1 ~

111 11('''.1 .In· .... ;wci ,,,,) .. 11),,111' 1 I~nd and Fran..:\' H(' will hl' ~tal;"'h' (1 Ill' ,Ho: .. id':' IlI , :\n Ha S tue" . ' ." -('- prO:" Hi(- III . .. IH_>n .. \qrl" :l1l d h lhltrk . thl' l, ,I lak(' .. w I )hi(l al l l' r a J IL,I :,y fu rlol1 !oC h . .I~n{" 1 l-Ial1go:. :-e~- r ~t"ry-tr (' a~\1rt· r . ,l{ elliu .. to ,k,ln c t Ik-ll ;1' .. in iti ali.'" .11 1'_ 1.. C. T ho: 1110 n k (' ~' ~ hint .. 1l1(' ''10 r il'~ o f

111 0';('



,,\ ,'r h ILI t he


i:tl1t: \ ~ ll l' " n;vl l il'i, Iho:

1\ ; ~h l (If \\·l·t!lh· .. da y. ~"plt'm her IQ. and Ihr" \1 ~ h oH t I h e io ll ~'ll l1ll': d :ty a r e S\I I! TIl" 'I it h 111an\' :1 irosh .

t;,.,., B •••111 01 T.c:om.'. MUDleipal Electric: a.,••:

.1 \ 1;III111n. d irt'rtor ('Ii mu\\' ~dtl e~da y '1Il l': h t iou nd til t' F n '"h 1l1 ('11 ltd 111 >.:rOl'1' .. tno.:-lrl!O: 1...--" ~ hlmdfohlc d .11 1(1 " !rol htl fl a 1\ 0\ t f w ... rt" ".Pld 10110\1 !llg j ,,1I:t 1 tht\ ~\I ore \I a .. (' \cn 11leh o f t ho: tilt pf<'loo: r alll " h ilt' h.-ult\ allll "tudenl .. ~atnl)II " 111du lhtlK t he g 'l lt c(\u r .. e· 1 h('\

:t n d " f"j , f; .. 1('

f{ tln:·.hI1lCII \ "


a 111 (' h~=-

"I'ttll (" ( ,u"lI l{f"h1e u n H

' In;.: (''0;1


W ho's Who


f O "("

a li I TIl ar(! ..

Rll t no onl' II.'" la a HI 10 111 Ike

("111p la11l t

I l . 'rl IIl111('t\ lr 0 111 \I<I.Ioo:t " I1t' 1

Ihe R\1l1 do 1..(\ It II a" r ~




Ht"I " Ctll ci a .... ' . t Ilt' 11(''( 1 II ,, ) , "h(' r(' 111

~l o1lTall ;l. ha ..

H' I HUll·,1 H' I' . I. C "i l,'r . Iwa, \.. 110<1'\"11 :.ud h o hhcd , F rosh boy~ ~~:H ' . ah~ .. r,( e . ~hl' ha ~ rt' 1 "ol1wh"" 101111<1 ,h(' (' !H'r!:)" to p ro d u..:.· <"(" 1li,kl ,· h er Ir;llIlIIlg !o ' r lJa r i ; I1 ~ I' r n ;1\1 \'()lt~h and ,,' h a l tve r \ ht, I1 ppe r , .. h Il o r k . '·la .... I11<·,1 ,k m,," ,k.1. whde a,hl rc~ .. in~ ,h"111 h ~· lil ll t' . f(· _pI'r l i u n~' a~ '·"i r."


.f\t' r a l

TlHll1'11 1\'

ECAUSE you live in To.como.. you Me d shdreholder in one of America 's g reo.lest electricol power. systerns - Tacoma City Light. As a result of this municipoi owne rship, you e njoy the be ne fi ts of the nation 's low. . rates. You can use more la bor-sa ving a ppliances use them more often a t 0. cost lower tho.n anywhere e lse in the Un ited States. The cost 01 operating an electrical range in Tacoma is o.s low as 75c a mon th - giv:ng lull cooking and ~ baking privilege s and with clea n hea tl Why not ta ke greater advantage of this opportunity to have "Freedom from Toil"? Plan, now to use more e lectrica l labor-saving applidnces which will be ava ila ble again . , , soon)


i r 'Hll t OO l1I\1 ch rl1n n ln).'!', I .. :\l1ne 1I :l r~IHn:II I, L ih \ n .. ir t" ~h ­ ma ll f rolll Lake 51e\,\:11 5, \ \' a .. h., i .. inI l' r t"~ t l'll In "p" r t - \n,1 IIh " \I('\II, \ n' t h~ · \\ ilh l> r" l lu' r .. ~ I.' TI \,' '0; · ~ .! I an, \ :;;' , cr - !


l lll Jr I··... hl~ l o r y .

:-0 l .r .lIl1ll1('fH in




low R.",

9 A. M. ',il 10 P . M.

C~ 1I/tmtmiJ~

C. ~ports ;1 1;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~;;;;;;;;~~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~





R A U' S C hicken Dinner Inn ORC H ARD HILL on Spanaway Bus Line

Low N et Cost. , . liie


is issu(d

to LlI ~r a ll ~ I CIl, \Vome.n . anll Chil d r e n a~ cs from bi rth t o 6:; . The m e m bers of Ll1th ~ran Bro t hc r\HlOd ow n th e Soc ie t y. a nd t h ey a lo ne r ece iv( t he ca r ll in gs. Tht're a re no s to c k h o ld e r s .


U TOU uae 150 Idlo. att boUlll oj electrical en ervy a mOlltb ill yow bODUl the co.t lD Tacoma w

722 Brdwy



The same amoWlt of energy would cost you 56.35 in Pituburvh

S1.58 in F.L Worlb


o.tomee -

'Io.oe .. TuIa

Tuxedos - 80erpemUnea

Neal E. Thorsen 926'1i Broadway

MAlD ta61




L egal R eserve L ife Insurance for Lutherans MINNEAPOLIS 2 304 MED. ARTS BLDG





E. N. Botten


Your Future Starts Today


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,. oI lIi l1l;f.

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(lIl l "' art

t ll\"r!1o ~'I1 .

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11,'111e- 1 \.1. at .!. J II

t hl' ~ ~ 111 ' \ 11(' ,hrt"\' pla)~ ;,T,' "T.lO) :-"l all Y '\!a TY.'· h) t.:,,~c C ;nlll)lo n . . . \

B ,t(' h('\', r' , Ha hy " by " K ;l\ a n:H1gh. and " Thl' l a·(> <Ii tilt' \\ eirel :-; i.! e r," h~ Spcnn'



<la, j

Ilar !>htllan, TIIl,l llla S" t:lhnll. al l. 1 .\Iari an :-'''1:';':'' In " T oo .\ l allY '\ I ar~< ' Sally I \ro l\' ~ Bn ',h'O\II ) L~ in ;a ( ;,rI. ' \ '- :J.d'-IlI Y I1ll ll n,. 1 Joanlll'


r on lumaT,' ,

\ " hiLl

hap lH'll :<





B,~:~~ I~:'~'~~I=O:':'~'~';~:~II h\""o':111

""\11111 1,:: p . lI].

II1\' I i"11lt'4',ll111 I1R ;('~ II \' Hie ~ :-':1I\l r ,lay. f kt"hcr IJ, <l.t

Ih ,.;

! 00

r\ ih' r 1 '10kl1l~ Q,','r Ih .. hlli!,liI1K illl -.

pr''' \'l1I 1'l1 t ... the ;& 111111 IIi Will hc elll e r . ta ll1t·d h ~ thrl'c " ill"act pl:ly~ 111 tht Co l. 1\'.I{e )o(),11111<1 :<-iullI , hcg1l111inK .. t -' :JO P,IlI, Too Man y Marys, A Bachelo r 's Baby. all. 1 The Case o f the Weird Sisters arc Ih,· pt·rfnr lllan f \':- . direClo:'d hy ~I I~ ~ Clar,. C hilSOn . heall 01 tht SJl ~'t' c h an, 1 Ilr"l11a tl e s dt.'p .. rtmc·l1t


rj,h aunt I I'atri c ia I'lIr\" ~ I "ho hell{'I"('S I b=============iJ Sall y has a r 0011l 111<1.1" nam ".! \rar ~· . , .. the ,\c;).(l el11\ , ~ "hal tilt, p ia\" It'll--. 1_. 0

000 V I PI d On urnes ace 1 Shelves Since Spring

D ick Summer~ ~ \\ alt h:u n:-c hak 'i I~ .j( Ihe ,1 :llio ll I." 111t','1 h l~. fi~nct' 1.'_Olli -. l :-\1'ar.IY 1\\1' Ih "HI~and . \"o lume ~ ha\"(; I ,U IIfI{' > w lh'll ;; 111 0 lher \ E.1c:tlH"lr Hell , h""11 ad kd 1<1 t h,' s hl"ile~ o f PLC" s Ii .


the put 42 .yean pasto r Immanuel Lutheran Church, Seattle, and also a former member of

DRG to 3ponsor' Thl' [)kC; :1111 !Il lIal' and prt· .. c nt :)RG l1u'111lwr s wi ll ~pOll so r a juint tea fo r a ll H " I1I"c 0 111 I'r ~ 111111l t'di alely followillK Ihe pla~ ~ al .. ) 0 l' 111 ~Ii s" lr ertrl1d ~· Tiliglesta ,1, rl"pre!','nl ln.: lilt' aI1l111na,'. "lid :If\'


e har!(" Id Ih" Ica

Ill S arm s ( I") i i I.rary ~ill r (' III" ... pril1l{ It' rlll clu~ed la:-I !~: ~~i~ s':!:~~r a:t '!'hr:s~~~e:~i~: Fritz Will Be Banquet Speaker ~IOI.I{'· ~nnnf\ efit""ct~~RI1Il1()hr Irn lhOlU - ~ 1 .11·. [nchul \'11 ill 1111" cvll('clioTl arc se l·· servi ce in T rinity Lutheran Churc h C limax !If Ih\, .b.y w ill he t he t'n: ning Sunday. Oct. 14, h:III'lIh' l I" ),0:' ... eH \,d III Ihe collcge din Rtl1 l. T h e ~ilUal10n o f whal 10 (10 wilh a al )flit. ir"11i iTlt·n" ,;. "f Ille COJ[t.l{I·. tht bahy I .~ iin a ll y sol.... ed. but what l Heiorc 100<l.lil1j;!" j"r th\, East la ,;. t .. 11111- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1'111( hall al r) :JO p .l11 . Profcs ~() r A. E. h~p.~Jelh III tl~~' 1l1C .. 1l ,.Iime fo rm s the plotl1\,·r. Ihl" R,·I . ~likJ..t'1 LOll" . iQf1n~r l' ICt:Frlt l II ill he the ~ IH'aker o f the even in g. 01 Ilachtlo r !, Bah y. pr,·.j,1l-1It 111 c harg-c of CQl1grC,I("atio n:d and a ~ tt1,I('nt . La \ 'erne LinnerSOI1 , 11,1.111111

I" avt' ~


Homecoming Activities



\\ ';d l


The fo llowlni senio rs have bt:en anno unc ed 3S the candi. dates from PLC for listin g in W ho's W ho Among Students in Ameri ca n Univenities and Col. leges: A gnes Mykland, J oan Sat ern. Marion Soh man. Anita Stuen . and Eunice Torvend. Studt:nts are chosen for this honor on the basis of their quali· ries of sc ho lars.hip. leadt:'rship, character, participation in ex · tra·curr1c ul ar ;!c ti vitiu. and izl.. dication of future usef ulness to business and socit:ty.

I li t' I ) r ::' lIlalll' "r,,,[II,'11"11 r ia" IIn,I.:r , li t' ,h rl'O'11"11 " j :\1 h ' Clara Ch d ,oll ,, :11 1, r. ' · " 11 1 1hr \'('



htr bahy


Pres. Eastvold Holds '

~#<::',~':::~:;'~~:":';:~,~': ':;:~'~;~ ~;~~~:: I: :~ \.,: ;~ l:~:~: :~ I\}~ ~:OI:~;::,:;~:~, ~I: ~I,~ ~[~~~:i~~';:I;~~0~~::~;~(f·:~~~;' ~j~: i :';:~:'~ :, :i'~'I·2::~ ~:;:~';~:~ :'I~ ~:':P:~ ~

Ildt'n ~I<lrle LUIH!. Bettie Reil11 an. and Jalllt.~ ~ 1. ..\~hton. no ll',J Tacoma law . :\allcr Fal it. An o ut s idt'r tSc hl1" Gun - ~t.'r. presented tht.' libr,;,ry with a SCI oi law hooks. The re .. rc 0 11 \' Ih u usa l1d 1'0 1" e n S toraas li is in c har.l': e of the ~t<I){e umC'''' in the coHection crew. the propertie~ .. n' ha n dled hy .\notht'f ;.: ift i"s a tll('lIly iiH l'O lUIlIt: EUIl it-e T or\"end <lnd hn COlllllll !tl"!.: · t ·'I[ I ~ lo rl "i :\alloll~·· . . d fr"l11 Dr . E. J . l .d3 \ It,tzgcr take s caft' o.> i the l11 akt' -II1' \ id, lIl" r- ,'I .s~· illl ll". Cft·I' . .11l. 1 Do ro thy S kilhrt d :lIul F.kallu· 1 T he h hra n Ih,· P ;Il' liIO: T heo lo g ica l Ilcllh:lIl111 ha\"\' \.Iallllcd the Co" t1l1110:S I :-;"lllil1ar~ \\ ~~ n'fl"1lI11" pl1r dl;t<cd by ihe • I e"II,·/o:,· Ir"IT l !h~' . \llil" "i th.· latc Dr. I J Vh l1 "lI l1lI1 1.111 .. 1 !"',·aul.· .

d,j\\l1 Ihe Pac iiil" (O;ht i.) r ~tllI1C IllIle . 110: Will vis it Brll :-h I'ra int'. :;pokal1~. Stanwoo.l. E\'t~r~tI, S ill'ana a nd Cen~ Iralia, a ll ;11 \·\ · .. ~ h l n){l on ill Ih~ nt,lf fulitre . Th,' Prn ilit-Il t ha s 'pl)kell at A r 11I1J.{lon. \\· .. .~h: ~I arys ville. \\"a s l1.: Klalllalh j ... JI .... Orcl(o~Sta ltle. POlll shI). \ \ ash .: Rend. ()rc/o: o n : an ti E al1 Cla ir c. \\' i",·"n~lll. a ll "i n':l" S"ptl"111ht'r 2 T"(1 "r Ihft·c ;Iddrl·~ ."'· ' '' ar~ Ibuall )" Ri\" · "11 111 "arl1 p lan~ .

l' l .e 11l ·lrll (\ "r . h,l\l" ."r,I .. : o: d a \\ ili,: -

I ) r~\ h;'~;;~~" : ' I::' t'::'c::;:,:kl~.~n~;:~~~i~::: l1 \:;

fll-r~" 11 1 adds t.) t h e S l or~ .


Et'enlng and Saturday Classes Now Under Way t ll~da~ o:la.~"n

l':.t·nil1/o: anti S .. ,HI' hi:' inl-! o ffl"rel! at thl" ( .,Ill-ge 111 l'I-:I~ ! <In· ft'ro:'l\t fl l'llb . Th\· aTl' 1.("·l"11 io r :

~:1 1~:1.1:~:~1;, .~~:~.'r lll , ;el:: 1~::'h'lt'!::II~,o<'..kl~t.~I:ll}~ .


p;'T1 ~lw~

t ill' for 111..: fo llc/o:c huilding ililld. "hidl 11111" 1I.l1,"':- :dnw~ t OII C half 'li m d li. 1I1 Ik,llar" . F TlII 11"",,, 111' t" t",) thou -

d:l~~l'~ ;l r~:;,I:~1 t ) .1 :'11l "I1. h l>r:HI:lII . 3"~llrcs :,~:~' t~,~:~:;,~~:~"~"~11 ' ~t,ti::.';~l1:,rh,~I~~'::: "~,:;a~·;: ,III ill l l"Tl·~I1I1J.: ,," ,1 , a r lo.:.1 ar r,ly "j !>(,'<l(1

"al1d .J" Il;t r :<- h ave hc,· n '·


in l"ac h

a tll'l1d Ihl' rt' J.!: lIl a r o:la .~H·", Th,. fir .t


"; thl'~"

j.!fI ' U:

rl·:1 .hl1l:: ma lt·r ia l. ],, 'Ih IH'W al1 d o ld. in ,'eel. . t il ,' ':11 Tn'lI I 110:rI"dl.:. d and h.,,,k s n·ti .j ll ~. ~ 1tl~'1 T h\lf.,la~ "10.:111 11 ':. \1 Killin ha. h",'1\ CIl"CIl"d I' I('\' - I!rc~i .


" d"rl',j i 11" I1 l1lt' l! i.• I"r y ht"lh all !) r:1l11a. alld ..\\101 ;" \ · j.s l"ll EI~'- Ill-nt pi th" -lu41 0.:11t body <llld Hoh Il o gl ;IHl"Tlllllt'l1t "i '\\ a~hi n "'I (\1 1. ~Iu ~ i .: I lI ll' nt:l.r y ~1': l hlIlJs .. . I 1I II cr ~1111)j ect s_ Will hl"r;,!" ;rl'~~hl11a n Tl'pr e~l·III;) l i l e . II wa s 41.11 ... I 1 II I tu lll I r 01 1\1 1101l llCCli In chapel T \ 1t· ~ ll ay . Oc t . 9, hy ~.l l·t h'HI~. l~ltt·q, rt'~ ' I"<.· 1<"~'l il: g . .Reme . \;:ll~·~'~~:;,e'~ t ;ltI;;:ll .'t"I"ll 1 t· ~ - Prex y Eunice T orl'end. (hal Educ ;! 1I 0 11. 111~I"r~' ,,1 l\u ,:,s la: 1,1 - I _ _~_---::-::-:::-::~::-:::-:::-::~:-:-:-:::---:::::-:-:~::-::-::::-:-;-_ _ __ _ "",I"";",, '0 I'h,..;,·, 1 " ' ;"",,. U",, -,


., '11"



Coming events 13-

~ \Tl"I~Il:\Y

11 "111 et"oIll 11I)o( I .I ~I p.1I1 l) , I' 1\ Ihlll':'t' in Dorm l to'rie~



Thc Re" . :\ . B. Th.l rp e. w h,) io r tilt: fllll r yt'ar ~ h:! " hl"en pOI " lor o f Tnn· it)" l ,tllhcr:111 Churl·h. Parkland. and a ls u COll t'Kl' I':lstpr. h:l ., re~i,o.:!h·,1 his Pa r k· ial1d l'ast"rilk . ,·Hl".:tivc :-\. /I·c11lher t . Frolll here hc will go \0 Sa nta Barbara. C .. lifo rl1ia, to se r l'e a con g regation Ihcre. Ht'iort.' c,,111ing to Parkland Pa .. lor Th"f11t' ~eTl'ed fP llio-iregat io ll s at Pasad~l1a. HClllet. S;1I11a Barbara ami LOI1';Heach, Calil o r111a . lie I ... at p r e ~ c l1t " icc p re sll1c nt of Ihe I'a"ific Di " tr ic i o f Ihe :-\L C.\ Th., Thnrpcs ' 1""(\ "Oll ~. OUrtOl1 an d lcrro l,!. both atlend".! PLC. Burt. '42. I" nu ll' a lieul cn .. nt junior g radc in Ihe naq' . .. e r ving in th~ Pacific a rta. J e r ro ld 1.' .1 (- ' 44 i ~ a ~l'al11a ll l i e ill the navy. Thc Thor pe,;. also hal'C a d all~h lcr . L o u· i~o.:, II"h" completed jlll1i.) r hig h sc hool in l':lrkland last s p ri llg .

Tho.: CO II1l 11lttCl"'~ no\(,hl)ok "c hl.'dllie incl1ldc s ~ uch 1ll00I1io rahic titles a s "H o li-


, b y 1I1n.·· ··~l1 n \ 'a llc y Scren;ldc." "Stan·

JO \, .111 . 11"lIlccolni l1 g hanqlll't ill l· u lk ..:,· 1I111111\.: -hal l


B E I{ .. .I ~ SL' ~ D.\ Y . . () C T 1[ U I~l-0111111 J.: <,'n'ICe al I rllllty I.lltho: r:1I1 Church. 11 :00 a,lll . Dr. I I. :\. S t ub. ~pe aker , \\' Ell:\ESD:\ Y. OCTOBER 24m ee t ~ a t 3 :43. ~ Ii s sio n 50o:ictt at 7 :00 p .lIl . F K IDA Y. OCTOBER 2~A \\'S Ice·Sk .. tin~ party. SATU RDAY , OC T OBER 2iMeet th e At o m· S m as htr s ~


Pastor Thorpe Resigns !lobI

(a tilCTllle Yallllel!. K~n S to raa s li and .\nita " "th. sc hool l11o\' ie co mmittee, prll111 isl' a year o f "thc best in lIlovie en·

KY11lIla~i l \1 11 \, . 111 .

" ' ill g ive t he re ~ pOll SO: 10 .the wei · (ollegc Pre sidel1t S. c. . E .. s l\·ol.1 (Continued on. Pap: 4 )

iU ot,ies to Be Spown On Campus in Near Future

3 :311 1' .111 . Thr,'t' llllt.'-ar! 1)I.. y~ in 4 :.10

~ I yh rc

I,'y al1d Lil'lll gs IOl1 l"."· "Charley':<- .\Ul1 t.'· "0 II!.' FOOl ill lIe:\ \·cl1 ." "J :t11C Eyrc."' ;11111 " H o w Gn'cII Was ~I )' \ ' a ll ~y'" ~ I o\" io.: ~ will bc :ohOW I1 F riday e " enin){s in the camplls )o(Y llll1as iu l11 at (Iah!s de signa tcd u n Ihe school c .. lclld;!r . \ 'crll o n Berg a l1d VcrlY Il Kraxberge r. bo t h e,xpc r ie nce d in llIo\"ic projecti n g . DORIS JURGERSON arc el1Kil1~erl n J.{ the job T o ~ho\\' good piclll rt's :1 t leas t twic(! DOROTHY NIEMAN.---. .. mon th .a t .. min imuTIl co s t is the OIilll DOROTH·Y NIEMAN AND DOlUS JURGERSON, both seniors in the 0f thi s \,e .. r ·s il1(lyie com mittee. . College of Liberal Arts. are in charge of Homecomins: plana. Dottie waa M.~. TClllat'il'O: dat e for the first 11\ this se· Bu.iness Manager last year and has been treasurer of DPK for two years. Dons. 1 ric s ;s Oct, 19. was - junior dass president last year. Both a:irls a re in the Choir of the W ..t.

- -- . "._----,---

-- ---








Oc to~r 12. 1943



' TH!:blb~~~:~~~~~I~~ST~!!l!u~~~~~!1 'do;~~~,~~~'~G~n;;I ' Ofrlce : Room ·130

Telephone: GRanite 86 11

~;~~~!:at~cl~od:II:: ... Club XOles ... ... ..... J..: a nll)Uii- J..: olUhil)~" . Sen ' ice ColulI1 n .... S vt·dal \\' rill' f~ . .\d\' iser .\dverti :;i ng :\Ia na~e r Cir culati oll :\ Ialla,lo::(' r

8!Uob::~~:S:D :a~f:;:-2;::e:e;. ~::~.

Man .. Harshman.

,'.,Jr -.. Captain .. oi Tinge ls-tad. p r t~ i dtnl : Do rothy

Ha rsh·

P LC's "Flying" Gla diato rs," oi tbe pre· ma n, \' icc-prcsuJent; El\i ~ W e blx: r, SecOttlce at Parkland, Wuhington . under tbe Act of \\'3r foo tball ill '-I2-4J. \'is ited the campu s rt'l uy: and Hetty Johnson. treas u r u . March 3, 1879. ' las t TI1t' ~ da r. aft er r c("(":\·iI18 hi § disT he fir s t ac ti"it y fo r Ih is fall will he EBUDSl1:PINERSS........ MA ....N ...A ....G ...E...R . ...... . ........... .. ......................................... ANITA STUEN c h.rgl' irOIll thc, X;w y. lie will eflte r tlie a tea in t he Day Roo m o n th e afternoo n Entered as

at tbe POlt

....... :.......... GRACE ELAINE GULH,,-UGEN EDITORIAL STAFF ............................ .......... ·.... ·.. ·\Va·I~J i~u~ll:l~;~~~ .. ....... Tc1m a :\Iet :.e gcr .. .. _ Dap hn e' "I cllma n .. .................................... T ed Reitz .\nila I{ol b. RUlh J oh nson . :\rel ys Brcd\'old ·...... Busi~· ..STAFF .. . . ... :\Ii-!l. Ruth ·S. Frank . Lorai ne Pun'is ....... .................................................... _. ...................... Bett y Hoyt

S(ll i~:~~:rS~ i~:}~~~~ }~':~:i-;n f.\~:i~?·· ~~~~l il; r\~·~I\":~ : ~,~~:i~~.

L' ni nn.i ty o f \\' as hingto n this fall to \\ o rk o n hi .. :\ I a~ ter' !i Ilegrec. ~c x t yea r, he p!;in s to r eflll' n to PLC. as as.. iii-tallt a thh:ti c ("o:l~h. ~la f\'!1 hru ther. Ster Harshman. '''3, fornlt'r I:> rid star. is wi th the 3rd F leet in Ihe S<lUl h Pacili\' , pos3ibly IIOW near J apa ll . :\ Ir::. :\ I ar\~ Hars hm a n, the fo r· mer DOfCI t h" i..a r!'oll, ':t2.' is the dau.Ilh· tn o f- ' fhe ~e\'. ' f.~ .\. Larson, Swedis h

L('a, Lor raine Konken. Do ra· inst r lll"!or here. T he cOllple ha \"(' a ·o ne· .. .. .0. J. S we ll y",ar-old :'011. Ri chard :\Ii cha e l. On e of Ollr prest· III !'!udel;ts, La Verne LinMrson, has I~ ee n in the na\'y fo r a l· The ceasel ess hand o f time conti nues to tear 'leaves o ff the cale nd ar. most fOUf Yl·'HS. La \'ernC""collles fr o m and h o m ecomi n g is upo n us' again. F resno. Ca lif o filia. and ha~ attc ndeli . Many n ew things have been added s in ce you visited with us, or w~re Bel hany l.utheran Co ll ege: in "ansas fo r coun t ed among us , at this time last year. There are tm new brick steps oll e yea r. 11(' plalli 10 jill; ,h hi ;' college :\d\'iscr .

. Welcome H omecomers .

of OClo bt'r 13. Thi s w ill be given join?'! ), by the DRG a hllunae and t he prt' sent

DRC. :\Ir. all ci :\frs . Carl ~on ('WaJetta Hom· shuh , '4-4 ) we r e the parent:! of a baby girl bo rn on Septcmber 19. L t. Col. and Mrs. Ri chard G. :\nlirew an. visit ing fo r a fe\\' #wt'eks at the Br6l toni hOll1e in Park land . :\lrs. Andrew i.. fh e former Babette Brottom,. '44. Ens. Orv Da hl, e x '41 , m ade a quick trip ho me fa!'! we ek t.o " isit his parents , the I I. J. Dahls of Parkla nd . O r ... is on th e L':S . . J..:a saam · Bay, a bahy flat lOp. an d is Ih(' assis tant ,.gunnery office r. Lt. Com. and Mrs. 'J?hn Stuen arc \ i~ itin g: mu il :\I OIl(1:1Y al the ho m e n j Pr o f. O. J . S t ue ll . J ohn. '36, wa s recenl ·

;tIi~";;I;;;"~-,"i;";;;d,;i:;,'o;;;,;",;',;;"';,,;,~;;'';;,";;,Y,;',;;'i,;',;C;;O;;,"~ )S '

uca I ion herC' . hd or e e 1\ t t" r i ng t he An- ,I ,';'" le.lding into O ld Main. and fircproof s tai'rwa ys o n the north and south ('d ~u s l an a Sy nod Sem inary at nock h- Ii e nds which s houl d cer tainly las t another half -cent·ury: and upstairs yo~ lan d. Illi noi s. will find t11e fifth fl oor dormi tory roOlns ncaring completio n . But eve n Haryey Tollfeldt, ('x '4.2. s tol)P{'(\ at though you will sec mu ch [hat is n~w, the old s pirit is sti lt here . lodge d PLC ior a . s ho rt \'isit \\"it h his s ister!', L (l lli~e ;11\·1 Lo i~. la s t Saturday. li e at firmly in the walls. t('lI(iec1 thC' .\ SB bow ling party while Thi s yea r we welcome yo u back wi th r e n ewed hospitality , a nd invite he re. I tarny i~ statio ned with th~ :\rmy yo u to make yo urselves at h ome o n you r o ld stam ping g r o unds. We ' ll b e .\ir Corps at Go \ren Fiel d. Boise. Idah o. around, the fa c ult y will be aroun d: and we are quite .. ure a " good time Marv Shaw, e:-.:: '''3, fo r mer 3's~o c i al (" ('flit e r oi the: :\I oor illg :\la st. who ha !' wi ll be had by u s...all " this week end. -f)en t ~t' \'('r a l m 611 th~ at :\lad igan 1I 0s pi !:I1. i,,; .:ti ll wait ing to be di.~ chargc d.

at the

Be Seeing You


Remembe r that Scand in avian so und film shown h ere lase year where two PLC coeds kept telling eJch othe r how well they wegian spoken? An d lhi.>ir chag r in the n ex t day when characters wer e co n versing in Swedish? Which Ii;ds ' of thi.·sc lines-namel y, that we Jrc again going to ca mpus.

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understood the·Nor· Bob Forness. forllla :\1. :\1. s po r t s ll:============~ they lea rned that the w r ilc:r . whu ha ~ hee n in the U. S. arm )' ,MEN'S CLOTHINIi up [0 the main idea io r al mos t jo ur yt-a rs. h.tS rl'turned 10 ·Funl..'",.. H..... have m ovies o n t.h e PLe B olo leit ill :\I a rch . 19-42. fo r Po rt131HI. Orc,Io:: on. \\ he H' he w a~ induc t ed


::~'.~~<: '\I:ai:l~ ~l~.C\~tl~~ :l~ ;:;letro t;;I~~~I~g f~l:

Just think how nicc il wi ll be to ru'n across the campus and see a first g rade picture f o r on ly a few cents. And ."!fre r adding the mon ey you saved Color ado an d :\1i J;~Ollri . he emharked fo r in bus fare, you'll h .we en.ollg h for the ~ext o;how-o r at le~s( a coke at " nr S('a "- dn ly wi deh ilc: gan in .\fri ca. The Bug. lIoh ~ ;I\\' illrthc:r ~ (,f\· i..:(' ill Indi;', alld

l etland & Palagruti '928 p&cltlc Avenue Tacoma 2. WlUlblngtoD



BU( m ost of all it' s fun to sha re ple ,l s urcs wi th yo ur fri e nds . and what ~:i::r~~~i·~tlr~l~i :~· al ~t~clil!: 1~;I;~el:~b:~leo~t;~~.~: bett cr place i~ d;cr~ than ri g hl h e r e on the ca m pus~ So ke~p looking for .:l litl \\;(" n.;t,. .. i).!llC' d to dU ly in Colo rad o. funhe r ann o uncements and we' lI b e see in g you at the ASB cinema. i le \\".1 .. ~I i ~("ha rg~d o n S('p te m ber 2.; . :\1;.! inc C pl. \\" il lt a m C. :\I:t.u cson, II.

Bou,'lers Give,." J-'igorous I(·"lI r ~(·. k t it he II IHl er~ t oo l! Ihat th e ~irl s S. ex '''1. has bt:t'll ;maTlit"d the Bron ze k t L 't S t d I fl'a1l\" hall lhe edge on the fell o ws as far.1 St ar :\I eda l 1(11' h(' rol.~ m in actio n o n Sa i· W or ou as a .ttr ay 3 ~ ~~orC' i - were concerned . Ilowc n:;r, \\' e i an ];. ~ t ~ lI l11 mt· r. aaorrling: to a marine

It WiL~ all out ror ~ )0\\' !t 1l;.!" Saturday will gram that a lew of th e !'t rOllA"er sex. ": vrj.~ a nno un ce m ent of O c to hc:r 5. :\I a tni~I\I. ( kloht' r Ct. wh ell I\\'l) trllck load< ~ t al! \\·i ll ;;IIII,.OIl. ""IIU\' ~ I oraa s li. ::--i le,.,OI1 11:1 .. previo us ly awarded th~ Sil ve r of I 'L~~~e ;; pOllrl'd A1 n~ and crowded t ht' T·o rn" HI. IInh I'- orne< .~ . a~'HI Erl XorJ~Il;.:' :-;ta r (or hcroi';111 ~11 Ta~awa. and, a.l:~ I acom a .\Ih.· y.;. Some really ",p lall c rc(1 the IIII" S. Evange hn e till: .1I1d the I rt:- I had lHa ~ tt' r ("1 Illl' ijn(' art o j hO'.ding hc . . \hn·1H1t ma na ged tn gi\'c t hc occ upan ts .J c: nlla l L Ill t CHallo n f1bbo nJ; .



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fOfl......... <n m: h;lIln't~e\·er yonc had ' ili n~

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la ugh






MountaIn Highway BROOKDALE, WASH.



I1b_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _..0:> ___ MAIn


AND CO. Iroadway at 13th




LK >'. .:;.










. PIlr~le .1I t'ar~

C. O. Lynn Co.


.1 0 (' Il etlchc rt wi llin gl.), sha red hi~ :.lil~::~'~I:~~:::\~~~1. b~:!nigni:ist.) ~~t ~?hi~a~I~~ knowkll,,:e with the lll1 ii-kliled he lIa· ... tl (' lItl\' h", ll>ed Tl.'lma :\Icu:.g er. Grac e <!t·ck. " (;ul h~u gell "lid Do r;othy S kilbre(\ ~c nd It a t ,; o ii 10 Ollr ",tar how le rs oi the t h.-: ball gliding <10'~'11 the alley, (or g ut- (' \"Cuing. \ Iil"s Tingcl stad alit! :\Ii;;s t er. whichever th'e ease lIIa y be). Of Blom q ui n , t ..... o Iruly good sport~. ·



921 Broadway



O ClOucr 12, 194 5



Kampu's Kombings _ "",d",,d.y. O Olob" lh~ .hf,d. but " .. <11_ "4 ' AA1e'A Former Basketball Star ----__ ----Tn~~~~_m~~mw~T1~Y7.11 "~'·i"~'ty~·~M~a~'~jOldm·~R~fc~h~tr..,~a~fr. tc~'~b-~ef~n~~'~__~~~~j~~ ~~~~j--~~~~~~~-~~ ~__-tII>Fl , • . . , un: ...,. nOllues. ICy rc ockel ill. I I t: . h ra ry 11' 11 C U llUY11lg a . ·esumes-Hi ~a'6ft-----"'-""'-

~l~~~~li~i;:ll:., ~~:r:I:~tec:u:~~. ~:~:ill;i::~ re;~~i~~!C:l:r ~::~lIC~~GL:~I:~~:t. Linneraon, ~o~i~,:7~11 E~:;:~:;~n~~'~~~;'n~:li;::II;,I:;~C t~;:; ,...·i'h her s tu dic£ and at the

!ia m~

lime latc com ing SOI>holllo re fr om Cali iornia. tll(.· fo lJo wi·ng peo·llle have been clee te ll 1\~ 1I b; toa ~ t m as tcr at the H OUlC ~o ;l;ini-: to the \\' ..\ .. \ . Cabin et : )' Ia rgic Carl son . ptltti"ll g up w ith all th e \\; him s of her Banquet. LaVern e, kno wn as "Reverend" ,·icC' I're ~ i ( I('IIt: H e-h,tl Pet e rsotl. sec n' ··better h;lle' Hlanc:l c in'fo r ms us th at iH' Tl' . j .. lakillK 19' credit hour s, inc hl ding t ar y : ami RUlli Pflueger. trea s~lrer. It er hu sllamrs fa\·o r i( ~ Qish is al lpl es an t' ~ Greek. ' S po n s lIlana~eflS will be Pa t Pun·is. se r l"ed on ma shed potatoe;o; . Mrs. Borghild Olberg, dO~1Il fre sh·man. '·OI,! ('~,· b;~l~,; : 11,~OI:i.~e T ol,If(>llikt. ba sk'·fetbal.I,' Stan W illiamson s till a rg-tll's tha t pin g n ·all y hit the jack pOl \;ISt :\I o lldiy- :111 ' l:1. -e ) . 1 . .... o r1113 . e m e. go an t pon g :, hoIl1<) be co nsid ered a s an eXIra thirtee n kiter !' to he exac t. hike ~: . Pat Holthu sen. s katin g , bo wling . o.: urri cu la r ·activity whe;l iilling OUI ap- . The t itle o f " t he 1II0s t ambi tiol1S g irl a mi ho rsebac k riding: anc! Ruth Bje rka n, plicatio n blanks. o f the we(·k·· g:oes to Edna Le:e Swartz, t('llll i£. badn iin ton •. al1~ ~wililmi n g. It wa sn't a burglar that was seen Eddy wa s found Th uf <:. day lH1 !>il y waxT he llIte la!'!' i e~ hal"{' :IC(llIire(1 nlllch ~·rawlillg o ut of a library wi nllow, iug he r fl ooI·. with jllst ri·\"(: minu·tes to ne \\' Cljllipllle-ll t, whic h indud es J ba sketn~akl' a n "r ien tat io n c lass. ha ll s. 8 tennis r ac ke·ts. J bal !', 3 soit :\ Iusic Im:er!i ~ a th e r ed rOlillcl in th e ball s._ ba!lmi ltto ll . racl..-et s. s I H\tll~ cocks. l< et'-]{ OOI1l the ;)ther nigh t. The c('nter a nd tenni :, halls. ~ P L C News .•. , u f atlra clion· was Harland Anderson, :\ \ an\' acti\'it ies are be ing pl:l1l1lcli fo r ~ . . but . tmh· a ma ster of the i'·ori<,s~l1l1mb<,r this y~ar. whi ch s l~ ou l d make. this club oll e-man Sl~ the P LC 'h it var:\(lc. I-Ie has o ne of th e 1110St lIet;n' o n Ihe campllS. Ill'(.U· I'i siti ll,l! om· campus :IS a o i ·.\ lrcadv schedu led an: ;1 Cruise 0 11 Puget Louise Lunde. S.oIlIHI .~. a ~o l l ('r s.k a~il;g par ty. and \'a\\oho was th e brilliant iro::.h ga l tha ~ n (\us lukes and IHCIllt'S. . when you wa nt to know what's II';!. '" :u.: t '.I;!.lh' g'OI Il~ to \\·t·a r Ill'r io rma l l The c1uh . o lle of thc la r r;est 01 1 th~ the latest in Community to the rt>rm:-d "pl'l:ill~ of ",~·h Oo P Eleanor Ca ll1 !) US, lIa :, 1l10 r c than JO 'lll'W allli b . activities Hellbau~ p ... rciJanl·c: ?~ d IIH.' mhe r: . who t\ll"~l ou t Tu~sday all!1 ~ Pub.\ished every Thursday for O f C (.Jllr ~c II ... a ll han' alllbition-'~' ~ IlmrStlay allerll oo ns ,rom.3:4;, to 4:-b. t he Midland, Parkland, Brookall l o~·t· to sllIlh· -\\:c halt' to t(,ar o ur- \ ·o lll'y baH is in h: ll SW11lg no w. a mi dale: and S9anaway Communi· !' l·kc " :l1I";n· l·n."n for a se itoo l iunctio n. I('a ms win . he chosen soo n fo r th e 1" 011cy ties. In fac t. O I1~ uf " llr. lll1llll )l'r. Si Torvend, 1);111 tourllamC\lt. $2.00 per year. 'culI:thi't (" · t'li part with h'i$ Greek at t he - - -- - - - - - b'.l '~ 1in.g pari,\" . Betw c('n turn s (JIl t c am..: . Publishers hi~ little: s tmly card,:, Gn'ck on one sid t: . 6ffiee;;oa~~!::n~teL8~6Chapel ("i l (' t ran ;: lation un the other. It·s aU '~..q-,.. Grel·k to \I ~ . Si. Did Y O Il know Ihat' yea r therc·ar c --'--'--'--'--'--'--'--'--'--'--'--'---"----------------------------= I t \\" ('I \'c. ", is tN or IIrot her all d siste r C0111 iJ inatio ll s-inciIHiing IWO !'e ts of t win ~ i ': h' r~ - in Ihe I' LC dorm: In ca~c yon dr,n ·t knOll" Ihem all. 11l"re tll(·y arc. ~1 I.l·t·S iJeg in wiJh th e Sk i l b r ec] s-~or­ c m:. a so p !!, and l)oro1hy. a frosh-· ~ frOIll EU:':l·lIe, O f(·j{n ll . Theil we hal"e 1 )M is an ll \'c m o ll B('r).!- hoth frosh. alHas the Honor 10 Presen f ~ IllCI lI:.: 11 , 'em is .st o.: o nd hali-\~ocom c ~ The First in 0 Sew Series 01 Proaiams on the



l -/~:~;E~:':~ ~ ~

I ~



Beard Printing Co.

Twelve Brothel-·Sister Combinations in Dorn!


Pacific Lutheran Cqllege


I ~ ~a::: 7~ Choir of th e West







I § ~

spec ial 51st PLC AnnivmJlY Progll m

OCT. 16--800 P M.-KMO


OCT. 17-7:30 P. M.-KVI-KTBI Presented as a ~c hool and College ~ " phblic ~eruice feu{ure by


~. §


opcrat ~a rby [he





citi zens o f T aco ma


P. L.c. cam pus is -E rn ie

o th cr ·'grca t s·· as Sigurd so n" II ar£hman. Platt and North, " In Sl'ptember, ·40," ·E rnie told us, after SOllie- pressure · o n o ur part. ,. , decided on a c:areer in the A ir C? fll!'. not to e X~'c('d th~ee )'t:ars. In Februa r y, 43. I began \I ha t wa s t o ' end up as an · ex tem\<'d to ur of the world." Thi"s s ta tcmcnt is certai nly no t far ami ss when w e iind that Ernie has heen· to such places

~:alt:.l,e :~'-Ll ~:~alt,at:lc:;d I.l~t~:,: ~~~·::~;d:r~~;~ IUill ly hi s g loha l .kllO\\-le<1;;e i!' grt'atly all.';l1lentc cl thro ug h ~ IWIl l' xtt'n S;l'e trOll'el- qlll\(' l'll oll !{h 10 (·o lll·ilH'e :\-Ir, F r:lIlc k 10 do S(l1l1el hinK a hout t hat ih coUiplelc in geog raphy! . In jUll c. '4';. it wa s hOllle agaill for Ern il' wilh a n huno rable di sc har)'{e ju ~ t fil" e yca r ;o; and·two day s after e nli ;o; tment. lI1i s~ Ih , . ~l'


hig year s of '-to aud '4 !," as II(· rl'lI1tl1lhers the nallle I'. I. .\. llI ad e fo r herself ill th e ~ Jlo rl S lI"orld. "hut I S(·t' :dwad yea rs tha t w ill HITJJass ('\' (' 11 t hose in ac ti\·iti(,s a tHI ~ p n n s- T;J(' 'yOllllge r g Ct1l'ra tion' who are UOII" m y da s~ matc s sec m to ha\"c_ a mo re s erjo11 !> ol1tloo k th a n w e had. \"~l'\n\·"' s to "ay·· E r nic as !>llre s us. ,· It' s ' t(" l ~· at III be ba·... k:·

~ a ys

Erl1 i ~' .


Emit' ha li hnug:ht a hou se in Park la nu where he is lil·iug with his wife. Alice, thrct·-y(':tr- ol d daughter. A np Lou ise.

and . hi ~


~~11:::. ~1!li~~~·ni~~a~;·hf;~;~~\\~;II:\\"il1~l:!.:~lri;:


Asto ri;!. O rego n cQllIe . 1<1IITlohr and ]: o r.; hild O I1>tr;.:- and ).Ir!". \'a l hor~ Grace E laitie (;."1I1a1lgen . both SOp h5: !~II ~ tad art· al ."o irOIl! Sail Di eg-o, From a llli ir0111 Ilearb y Tao.:o llla we h,1\'e i n 's llln,!,!. D or i~. an d ."opll o111ort', Or na ~-O-...q.~q-.~ 5l1o: r" ( ;tr,,1 and Do roth} EI~f soll ­


I ;t HI lro:. h ~ .. lJectt-\th - Ir c fr011l S. ",' on ' \\'" , h' '' " 'on . Th e '1'011 rt: ll!t t~" I1I S LOI S :lnd Lo uise. haiJ irohl 110' llilalll and lrOl l1 Sea l tie cOllle Te l11la Ill d I cIa \htz ger. Do ri s a nti Kcu ~q.oQ"o<Q»~~'1 S to r:! , .. I, ,Ire fr o m Po rtlall l~ , O r egon, \hct' and Irellt' llrud ie. from Kirklaml, \\'a5hingto n. Bclty ;111(1 Elwood Kenwo rthy fr o m Le ll" is \oll. Idaho, and last PIPER FUNERAL HOME h\11 110t k" " t we h,I\'''' :\53 president 5466 S. PUGET SOUND EII 11i cc and her hi ," bro ther, Si T on·en d, ir011l Sih t'rlull. Or('gon. GArland 5436



I' R dO SIC ea s a 10 a es 0

R2dlO R"oalrs and Batteries fo r Portable RadiOS 953 Marker S[ Tacoma


j llll ](

C arl J . Nelson - FURRIER



Ba ck Oil

. Prrra ult. who. ah ... r file yea rs absence, . is bt"g illll iliK hi s junio r ye ar ·of co 11 ege. P. L. e. a mf a large fol low in g o f g lad fa u!> reljlt' lIIber E rnie a!' a sta~ basket ball ,; Iayrr. In '39 alld '40 he pla\'ed 0 11 thc couten ' nc e \\" illnin~ teal1l wi t;1 such

(St. Helen's Fur Shop)


Ma nufacturer of F fne Furs

124 St, Helen's Ave, -(Med Ar,ta Bldg,) B-Rpadway 2811

First In Flooi' Coverings






OustoD:'ee • Tuxed08 • Serpentines


) .

Neal E. Thorsen" . 9261h Broadway

MAin 4861-








'.'_ . Open Every Evening _Until 8 P. M.





on Spanaway · Bus Line

---- .. PAG I:. FO,UR

Oc toher 1l. 19-1 5 \

Club N otes

HOM ECOM.J.NG ( C ontinued Fro m Page l )

~ul1ll:ly ' IIltlrnin,lo:,

O('\ulkr 14, a t

11 :011

a .llI.

AWS-- Pre ..... Ru t h J l.' n ~ en: V. P., j oan Satl'r n ; Sl'l-.. to he l'h:o.:h'd : T n'as .. .\ftu ll 11j dlll : Publicity dlr .. Caro l Eleiso n : Social chr.. t.., be c1l'cted. .\1\ ice :oka tiug pa rt y a t till' Lak('wooll Tee ;\ rena is ~cht'dll l c. 1 fo r Friday cve ning, Oc t. 26. ~ :\r1l'Y Fa ll t is r hai r111 a n of t hc nl·ut . OPK- P rl' S.. :\nna .\ so n ; \ '. P., Rllth iljer kall : Sec,. ,\ rleclI Corde i ; T n'. ~" Do ro thy " ie111all : Fire \ Varden, Lyd ia Lc ntz; c lass re IH l' ~ e ntativ es-se ll ­ ior. Doris. Ju rger:oon : junio r, Ca ro l Elefso n : SOphOIllOf1!. G ra ce K11 I1 I:O l'l1 : fre s llman . E dna Swartz, OBU-Pres. h 'ar P ih!; \ ', p" S i Tor\'Cud; Sl'l-,Treas., j oc H cndlcrt: Sgt.-ata rlll S, GOl'don Gano : Fi re \Va rden, Ye r non Berg, P ro f. Alvi n Fri t z was chusen as t he ' :< peal.: cr at t he fmlllal ban quet which the boys will h..,ld Friday l' \'cni ng : O ct, 19.

Dr . 11. "",. Stub. 1J:I ~ tor of 1111 l1lan ucl I{l·t;d iatioll or r('vcngc ,) T he fres hme n l.u t her;1Il Chun-h, Scattil-. will he the certainly ' hat! a b ig tlllle Fr iday nig ht /ollf'S I pn-acher at 1'1I1.'ci ai h0 iix ing III' the rooms of the " Ialc-Iea\'c :oen'ice s at T rinity I.luile ran Church. uppercl:u,s l11en," T hei r s logan-"Rcfurbishi ng w hile ,yOI1 wail:', Ra il a un oulI(' ed that t he t ~l ~lI1e of t he I'l ave YO I1 hea rd t he n cw \'e r ~ i o n Yl'ar wOtl ld bc "Look ing U p:' dippin g pig tails in ink well s ? 1 t'~ puttin g LOR-Pres" ' ~e ll ;e Risa: \ ' .P. , Ali ce frogs dow n- 'girls', ncck s: The I';cti mK j c s b II; Scc" Lor rai11l' Lu ndquis t ; Joanne Ha rs hman, For fu r t her d etails T rcas.. Betty ,I. ou Ricke; J-I isto rian, see that fe llow w ho ca ll s himsl'if "COII Do ris Stordas li ; L SA represcnt;(t i\'es, S i ll , Kore nc Skilbn.' ,1 ;Ullt Tci lll il. ~I (' tzge r, Minion Society- Prc:;; .. ."\rlecn Conte:- : \ ·, P.. Rlllllohr Gu lh:u igel1 : Sec,-T rcas .. Uo rot hy Meyer : L SA n.' I>rese ntati ves, Dap hne Hell ll1:w a nd'Ted Reitz. T he Ijuesl ioll , "S ho uld the "Ncgroes and t he \V h'i te§ go to the sallie C hurch ?" was presented pro a nd call by E tta Cla ussen, Tclma ~I c tz/olc r, j oe H eudlert, and I l'a r Pih! a l the Miss ion Soc iety mec ting \\'com'sday (' \'cni ng. Oc t. 10. ORG- Pres,. Lorrai nl' Ak eflU rs t : \ ', P ,. Ruth Bj ei-ka n Il,tI ill c!e \'ot iOl;s and Brita S koog sait .. a !oo, )prano solo. jean K('lI cr : Cor respond ing Sl'C .. Sh irlcy L S A C o u nc il-I"r l·~,. T ed Rci t z; V. P., S (. c,' Georgina Mo rga n : . Recordill lo:' N o r~nc Ski lbrt·d: Scc,-Treas .. Dal)hnc }( ing; Trea s" Do ris Bar nh.rt . He llma n, As thcir par t ill the H0I1H.'comin g

c\'cni ng, O" t. i. in th c rece ptio n roo m, :\n out door s;n ).{,; pir:l tio ll i ~ planncd fo r th c nex l mee t ing , O ~ t. I·t Campus Devotions P res,. Shirlcr M or ~ a n : \ ·. P .. Bett y Lou Rieke : Sec,Treas,. :\ Ii ce Kj cs bu : L S:\ rCllrese ntatins. Leta ~I e tz g('f a nd Yalb{)rg Ru st ad :


bc ult y H i"s Clilr a Ch il soll , Mrs. AIII1 :1 Enge It, d ill th c de"ol ion s a t t hc l a ~ t mcc!in){ Thursda y lloo n, O ct , I I, in th e rec e ption room and a day gi rls' Gospel trio prt'sc ntcd :< peeia l I11Us ical nlll ll h l'r ~, Pn'siticll t Shirl cy ~t o r -

r N~O\' c ry "



rl1~ iOll ~,

kill s.


The QUALITY Store" T aC?m.a

Kennell· Ellis Studio A rt ;st Photographers 103 B roadway Theater Bid, . MA 73 19 9th at Broadway

/i============"". Mrs. Frisbies Bakery For GOOO Bakery Products 71 0 So. 38th St, Phone G A. 7591


-One of Amedca·. G....t Powe.. P .. oJect.-Now In O.,e ..alion

':============~ r When


want office aappUee

C. FRED. CHRISTENSEN STATIONER ( R osenburgs ) 913 Paci llc Ave. BR . 4629


P H ONE GR_ 8519

9&t8 PAaFlO

GR 8780

BLUE RU.STIC OPEN FROM __-"...A .._M.--':'t iL l<LE. nMh . ~-j'




FI~~~!r:o~c~theCi~~r'~=U; Development - Ur now flowing to T ac:om. homa and indum-iu. The largut power producing unit - 'the 40,000 kilovoh-ampere 1A G.-abda ,pnuator - Ur now on the line, Following dOlely, .nd but a lew weeD hence, it; one 2',000 lcilovoh·ampen AJder generatOl'. A .econd .nd, aimilar unic i. now being manufactured for irucallation. Second Ni.:rually iJ designed to double the ener". , ,Foduction capacity of i acoma City LighL It provide, new of continuow,. depeftd.ble power , , • !lot oaly fOl' coday but for genuatiODJ. The two gnu daDlJ at AJder and LaG.-ande • •• the long tunnels throup rock , • , -eprumt gnat .clUevemenu in enginHring and coDltrUCtion - • luting credit to. the enginHn, the CODtrllCCon and the workmen wh,* akill and' effort brought 'ftality out of blueprint!Second N iaqually Jtands . . .nother monument co _ _ _ -tbe...TKOCDa- poIic:y of ~ the I.,.,.. .......... oI ;"k- - c light and power r.tH in America, ..hat electric poweI' may better .erve. Ta a'. cicium , •• in their homea and at their w

for Dellcl... Ha.bu......



Jumbo Mil......... French Friee


at .

aod Pacific

Johnson & Alrderson FLOUR

". HAY "


" ' ETC.



tho Mountain

t l)

pr a inc ~~

ht'a r: ~ E vangelin e ' Ahrend t just l11ill.le a fo,.r

German Clu~Pr e s .. T elrl1a Metzger ; V, P.. \ 'cr!ru Kra :tberger : Sec.- Tn'as .. Lcta ~let zP.'c r ; Soci a l cil r.. Nor ma LClll kt' ; F ac lllt ~· ad vi ser. ~ Ir . ~ 1. Fr&lI cl.:.

11830 P ACIFIC AVE ,

g Ot \


Viking Clu~ l · tl.'~ .. " K a-II"C} F:\llt : V. P , I.orrai nc , Lu ndqui s t : Sl'(-.. ~ I y r t l (' David~o n ; T rea§.. Erli nlo:' ~ o rdel1 g; FaCility adviser, ~I r, Stu en, Th e c1nb is open to :111 ~ t llden t s of, o r interest ed in . a ' Sean din avliln backgro und.

Lundberg Drug





· " It' hy I l c1t'lI ~t a r ; \' L1IIHl. alld vocal l'u nllnil\ ~'(' c,hairrn;: n : ' E \' ;a II ~ e li II e >0 10:- hy h 'a nc tt c Hurz la if and ,\me \h l l.'l1Ilt. illl' l t atioll ~; ' \ ' e.lis I luseboe and ,Ia~' Iril' way Ilack tu Hit zv ill e "jo r " .\ ak fl' , li' l' o lH' lling ill\'o..: at i(lll :11111 d os: Arlecn Conics. decllrat;on~ : Hu th Bjcr- \n'ud in ~" s he ;;;a id . Dra w yOllr ow n COil-

oi them a rc !'O l ill opell to m e mbe rshi p ill iug: pra~' l' r w ill b..: pron o ullced hy Dr. ) . kan, ti r kcI~: Td1l1a and Leta ~I ctzger, c a se ) ' 011 11 ;,,(, lI " t yet mOllie a dcci.:;:io n 1'. Pflut'gcr. l 'n'L Ka rl \\' l';SS \\i\1 Il'ad hamllll·t pro~rall ~ . ~ I iss Grace lIlom a~ to how ami where to eujoy your "ex- a song ft'~ t. . '1 uis t i ~ t hc f:1CU lt y ath·isc r. Ira (· urnrular." pt, $tub to Preach

e\'ent s, t he D RG g irl s are p!a nll ;ng a te a ior Satu rda y a ftc rnoon. Oct, 1.1 F ires ide- Prl's .. G ra-cc E laillc G u1ha u, ge n : V.P.. E"an~e1ine Ahrendt: SecTrt':l s.. S tanlc)~ Will iam son : Cand leiig hcer, Vc rllo l1 Berg: F ircmaker, Si T o n 'en d: L S :\ n ·prese ll tat;\'cs. K e 11 Storaas li a nd' Lorraine Lu ndqu is t. Prof. AI\' ill F ri t z spoke in fo rma ll y -::I.. t he last Fi res.idc I11l.'c tillg, Sundar


Je well Ke ller. lI e r com plai nt-a

~h il' dri\cs .han.' bc-t'n lau nc h ...~ I . act;,' ;· \\ 111 a h.o g:'j'\·c '" .. h o rt 1:111.7 . ( h I the mil ' arc r \'"ch:,ir1l1t'1l for thb anl1ual el'cnl. ~ica l .; rk· n f t he pr~..,: ralll II ill hI.' " piano \\\lr kill).{ II il h t lh'l\1 arc th e (o l!uwinto(

li('~ h:II ,' lIn' u ~c1ll' d ule! 1 a l\d c() n sicll' rah le ;1 111111111 1 o f 1L111!o! r,mile ]ihnn ill g has h Ct't\ donI' III " Ii t he campll S o rga .ti za li oni;. !'o in ec ... "hool opened Sept. 11. ~ t os t



Parldand, Wash.


~"u", T A COM A





. ..... . '

Atom Smashers To· morrow

Come Ice Skating Tonight

. PA(;.II'.It; "''1JTHERA'N. t;O ...... EG_E OCTOHE R 26.. 1945


FIVE SENIOR WOMEN CHOSEN FOR "WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDF;NTS" $650,000 Will Be Spent To Improve College Plant An ex,pam.ioll Ilfogr all1, hn"oh';ng th~ of $650,(X)tJ was unanimoutily appwn·d by th~ Pacific Lutheran Col-


kit' Hoard of T ru Slct'Ii at their annual hC'ld· here \"'·ctJunday. Oc toher 17. Thi s building prOKram will ~cl under way a,. SOOn as ar('hitc~·tural plans and spt'cifico,tlons arc completed . Buildings 10 bt." startet! in 1946 include a flt'W Kymnasium. sci ence hall , new Io:irh' do rm itor y. a st'wage .Ii spo!':li IJlallt. and a college shOll. TIl(' buildit1g fund 110"" total s $310,450.58, of whic h $IOO.()(k) is b eing s pent on lIlodcrni:cin..: Old ~bin . CO lllpietioa of the lihrary will rC'lu;n: approximately $40,001, hili Ihi s projcct will not 1)(' l'= larted unlll fund s an: :J.\"ai!ahh-. lIIn'tiul(

Ikn' lopllle-nl s apilTun'd hy ,h t" hO;lr,1 hIT 194;. or as S(XII1 :il l' pO!lsibh: the-re-"fll·T. inchuk a 1\('W chap...! and a COl1lru l In-a lin~ plal1 l. :'1' \\'\' 11 ; 11' Ihe \·u111\llt·tion o i Ih ... library. I)Of1ni1<lr" ffJOm;;;. n,IW l1carillK "0111 pld iull 1.111 Iii ... fourth flo"T w ill ;\<'CUl1 l1I1 Udate- .4i IlItHe- ;;; ll1d"'"I ~. ;111<1 the- new d o rmitory will lake.' can' 0 1 100 ad ,lit ....m;l] Klrl S. Tl1t~ mah' po pulatiun is CX\H:etcd 10 v ipk , accurdillK 10 Dr. E.~I\lu]d. whclI the- Ill'W Oithlctic program is in s talled at I' 1.C in tht" f:t ll of 1946, The l'tllJel1l (Continu~

on Page 04) .

Halloween Celebration To Be At Lutherland I'Ll' i:ilculty 111000Illhcr s and ~ 111(h-nu ~ H' invited tu join th t "Atom S I1IJd;,'rs, In co"- .... ho Se.'O!'TIl for the presO!'nt to be d uin", nothing more sini stO!'r than dun).;inK doughnut s in cider-at Lut htrland, lomo rro\\' aftt"r nuon. <kt. !i . !.aITle:>, s tories, a t;all1p fire, a'nd even the food " ·ill fit the Hallo .... O!'ell occasion. 5p.o uky activitie!> will begin a t .l:OO when th e hm-fC"st er s will board the Baker-U-Dri\"e tru cks il1 frunt of the s:chool. Afte.'r everyone has arrive-d at Lutherland , Ardys ·Bred,'old .nd Be-tty Kenworthy will lead t.h e games. Dinner will be servcd in the cafeter ia fo r all tho!'e who are hungTY.

I n the evening around tile camp fire, Mi~s Chilson will add to the sca ry atlUos phere by telling a spine ticklillif l'tory. By that time, cide r and do ughnuts


be-fo re they travel home. The L5:'. Cou ll cil is s ponsoring th..!

M. Harshman Becpmes New Basketball Coach

Back o n Ollr (Ampus. no 10nKer al l\ s lu(\ent. bllt a s o ur new b.sketball coach, : i, Man' Ha r.shma n. Certainly he is not new t(1 the sport s' fans w ho followed the g r ea t Lute gridiron and buketball tcalllll of 1938-1942. Twice " Harsh " was namerl by the footb all team a s the mOst inspira , t iona l player in 1940 and '42, and he was llalll~d by Ih e- Tacoma TribunO!' 3.!> Sportsnlan of thl: Year in 1941. Thl: al>pointment o f Har, hm a n as bas ketb.11 cOlch was the- seco ntl big boost givell tl? the sports pic ture a t PLC within a wet'k. the firTit being the ~nnot1nce­ men t that the- \V ink o League would Te,;ume baliket bali com~ tion thi s winter. Coac h Harshma l1 lost 110 time in ASSliming hi:; IH' \V d"tics as he li ste d turnOl1 t , to be hcld fh'e- afternoons a week . HI: was grl:O!'tcd by a group o f fo urtee n (Photo by ;\f)·ron H. Kr e l~ll erl hoys ;, t the initIal tu rnout . Heading the Five .enior women from PLC have bHn chosen to have their namH and biog- li ~ t is Ernie Perrault. rece ntl y released nphies printed in t he 19H-46 edition of WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITiEs AND COLLEGES. Agnes Mykland. J oan Satem. M arion Sohman, Anita Stuen. and Eunice Torvend were re<:ommended by the faculty Icholarship ~nd curriculum committee a nd elected by the faculty. ~t' II ;"r from 1,..;;;a'll1ah, is Jln's;d~'nt of ,Ill " yeJ.,"s ,..t'Hinr da~~. wa s AS H pH'sid.·111 I:r st year , bel o ng .. to Ihe (' hair. ha s p] ayt'd in th~ orchestra, and has worke- .! \ >1 , tl1t· Mooring M ast :11111 Saga. Joan Salt·rn o r'SiIVl·rt,lIl : UreJ;o n, a!s.., a Collt'lll' o f Educatiml s~ nior. is A \VS vi't"'-prt"';;; ;. ll·lll : h a,., l'l'l'n :\SI\ trea su re-r . 1.5 .\ prt"silil' nl and ,·ice- -pre-sidellt. 0 11 thl' DI'K Con ll ci! .1111] 'lIl the Saga husines s

,., \3ff. ~lari,," ~oltILlan. Lollq,:t' of Educ<t. tioll ,..t" niur ffll1l1 Se.'attk has bet"1l outS la nd 111 ),( ill 11111 ~ i(a! ;u·ti,;,i l· s. Shl' is a soloi st \\ ith the Choir uf the \Ve:;t. a llll pla ys in thl· ufI:he s tra ami s tring quartet . S he has abu lin'" :\ \VS pre~idl' l1t anti l't"crcta r)" 011 Iht"' D I{(; cahillt"t, anti on the SaCJl.

Tacoma Concert Artist Joins PLC's Orchestra

.\nita S tm·n. Ubl'ral art s st'nior iroi11 l'J.ddalld, ; 1' t·di\l1r uf ,lit' Moorin1 l'.1alt, wa,.. cO-l'tiitor las I ye-a r. is a I1H:mhtT t'f t il\' .. hoir. hOI;;; ht'\' 11 A \\·S tn'a, nre r ami 1.J)i{ ~ I· ('fl"lary. EUlI iCl' Too·cnd. Co lleg .. of Education se-llior frOIll Si lverto n, O regon, is ASH presid\·lIt . :1 1l1('l1lber of Alpha Psi Omega. was la st year's SaKa e ditor. ha .. 1)(·t·lI 1..1)1{ prt"sidl·lIt. puhlicity Ill anager from th e Army. a Lute basketball creat iur .\ \\lS, L5A representative. all'l o f the 'J9 :md ·40 seasons. Bob Hauge ;;;ol'homon' class pre!! ident. a nd Glenn Keal arc al so former Lute First p ri nted In 1935. \ VHO 'S WHO (Continued on Page 2) . \~H) ~(.~ STU)lf;.~T.S givcs national I'l·CUt<l1II1Ul1 to' 9,;1l'r\"lng stmlc.-nts and e s tahli s ht· ~ a rt'i ence ,·oll1 111e of in for' 111:ltion lin the reat 1>OIIy of :\merici\n s tndents. Sharpen your skates, kids, TOllights the night o i that .... WS ska ting party . T\\'o Baku U D ri"es will leave the Tht· Girls' Chorus , with a membersh ip s<'hool a t 9 ;00 for the Lake ..... ood I cc

Join the Skating Crowd Tonight at Lakewood

Girls' Chorus Organized

o f ahout "30. has recently been o r ganized Arena. Any day students who wish to be p i c~ed up in town should contact drivunder tilt' direction of P rofeslior Malmin . ers Pete Peterson or Jim Zittle. ..\rdys Bn:d\'old is p r esident : Brita Nancy Fallt. commi tt ee c hairman, anSkoog. \'ice p r esid ent, and Betty Reiman, nOllll ces that Oma S telr~ and 4 is Robsec rt"tary -tfl:asurer. N'o programs have. ertson a re buying prizes for the funniest ht"ell sc hedulecl as yet, but the girl~ a re and best skaters. Betty Hoyl is jn learnin g se\'era l new songs, part of a mucharge of tickets, . 1 s ical collect ion recently dona ted to the Mrs. Rhoda Young, P rof. and Mrs. A , schoo: by the St. Cec~lia music chlb of E . f"ri tz, a~d Mr. A. W. Ram stad w ill Tacoma. be on hand to k~ep Heryone in line. Come whether you already know how 10 s kate n r not. Here is ,Your' chance to learn. And, if at fi r st you don't succeed -wham al1d wham again! f FRII) ;\\", OCTOHER viol, and flute, r espectively. The o r chesI c~-5kalil~1o: Party from 10 :00 t~ tr a m ects e\'ery Tuesday and Thursday 12 :00 at th e Lak t'\\ood Iccj) afte-fIloon, seven~~ pe.riod. Arena. \\·orcl has reached this o ffice that ~Ison Passes~ SATL·!{D .-\\· . OCTOBER 27Pre-sidellt Ha rr y S. Truman has awardNews has hUll receivetl that Dr. 1. A. :\tOI11 S ma s hcr ~ at Luthe r land . ed a Certificate u f :\ llpreciation t o Dr. 5. E lson. professo r of biology for a s ho rt 3 :UU p. m. C. E.stvolii. president o f Pacific l..uthwhile last (<til, passed away Octohe r 15. 1 eral! Coll ege-. ;n gratdul re cog nition of Dr. Eholl was a I1le mber of the GUS- I FRID .\Y, l\"O\"E~ t BE I { 2- D J~K u ncompt'ils ated se rvices patriotically· renta}"u ~ _ Adolphus College .f aculty at St. S lumber Party . dC"red his (Ollntr), in the adm ini str ation Peter. Minnesota, since 1925. Last fa ll he o f th e Se lechn: S("o' ice System fo r a pe-

\\' ith th\, all d;ti on o f :\Iice Stoc kton, ·l"acull1. c"nl't'rt \·iolinist. ;lIld eight uthe r new me mbe r s 10 the.' s ubst • .ntial re turnillJ{ orchestra group. the current ~ea s on IOI,k s hriJ'ht for PLCs "Litt le Sym phony:' Alice. who plays first violin. I:; a lft'ally known on the camlHlS. ali s he W;I"S a high sc hool student here in 1940-4 1. H a rr y Cari!§on, Jewell Kelle r. and E lea nor I lcllhaul1l are o th et 'fr eshme n \'iolinists. L;lVonn~ Dens~w supp le lIlents th e c:1arinet and Jean Harbeck the \.iola see tioll . Vera But h, JUlie J orgenson, and Bob Hogbe rg play French ho rn. bas ..

anlluat eve n t at Lutherland. Ken Storaasli vrocured Ih e trucks , Lo rraine Lundqui st o r dere.'d the food, Dap hne Hellman planned the games, Tclma Metzger resernd Lut hl'rlalld, and Norene Skilbred ami Le,.t-d\ ),ietzge r m:ule the puh lic ity pos ters. Dr. Walter Schader and Miss Anna ~I arn Nie lsen will chaperon the ,party. came to PLC o n leave of abse nce front T r anspor tation w ill ·cost 20 ~c"Dt1 each way and admission will be 25 cents. Day , students ..·iII ha\'e to pay an addit ional H ospi ti l in Por t land. O regon, at the lime of his death. 35 cents for the s upper.


Coming Clients


1 .-11

Pres. Truman Awards Certificate to Eastvold

Dr. J. A.

~~5~::Sa b~~ti~e~~ ~:r~l!e~=e ;:,,:~~~:~;

~fOXn":\ y. NOVEMBER 5, TO VI< I D;·\ y, NOV EM BE R Quartt:r Exams.


r iod du ring World War II.

====_=....ilI I

tUo,_ _ _ _ _



and by M o n C. Wallgren, Gove rnor of the S tate of \Va s hin~on .


T \\ ()

I ' \ U FI C

I L'TII F h: \ :\

,Ol.:tQhcr 26. l 'N :;

Cu i I H;E

T.~bll~~!t~:!~~ol!~~n W:~~H~~~R~~~~-S - '\:~.!!;~n~;' ' " ' s tude~s or Pacific Lutheran Colle ge Lt . E ln1er M. Aronson. ~·x '-13 , who IS O!fiee: Room 1 30 Telephone. : GRanite 8611 ill Ih t' ,\ r lllY \ Ir l·"r " . r alk,1 a t I'LC f(' Subscription priee-t l.O,O pe,r Year Ct· llI l~·. lie h:l ~ ,..,',' 11 ,,..l·ni": l· III I': nglalld E n te r ed as second class matter, October 2, 1925, a t the Post a n d F r a nce aud i . . no \\ a t Iw uh' II I (;1':1' Oft'lee at Parkland, Washington, u nder the Ac t Qf ~arch 3 , 1 879, ham. 1 ':IIIL ~' r t' 'I{ l l'fI~ III ..:.,nlillll c h i ~ cu~ EDITOR ANITA STUEN BUSINESS MANAGER GRACE E LAINE GULHAUOEN IIl' :tli oll ill I h~' rL l·:t r ·jL1 l1l re . \ , hl fl'~ "": 1. 1. F I I1I~'r ~1. . \IlI "II"'I~L1 S'I. I{ ~I:\ . \F, EI.'oITORJAL STAFF S\l~l rt s

r~' I Ill :l

1. .. 111,.. 1' T,lili l.l dt. .\ n ;la Rot h.


h'-'lI l(' 111 Cli n tull. \\ · a s.hi n ~ t o n . The h ri< h"~ (' Il ly a tt cnd:!!11 w a s D o ris Stona.

s li. present I' L C sop homor e. Abo I' re .....

l' ll! a t the wedd ing was Thelma Swe nC a lifo rni a . L t. Torg~r Lee. '..\0. \\" h " has ~ I!l' n dut y so n, I'h· .... l· 11I !'np hlllHon' . \I r. and ~I r . . II CI'if"rn ;a. :\ ~'I\ ~k "i,'''. all ,1 Ila w aii. T h ra ~ht'r a rc al ho me III O" k I I"rlJOr,

~I c t z g(' r

R·;;;i;-·j·~'i~;;~~~-,~·."·;\·~~i'y /I~~c!I~~~i:!

STAFF " ...

wa s

d l:'-"l'harged



Arm y

CO;~);g~:1l ~~~n~~r~t-:~ ~~~;~:s~r'n

. .... Mr s. Ruth S , Frank


We See By th e M. M.

arl' se ndin g our an S.O.S, for more stud l' nt news to fill our pages (a[ least Il l"rudt. 3~·~859.s8. Co. K. ht PT t{ [hat space left 1O us by kind .1d · chasers I. \Ve know [hat there are man ~' 1f l. F{lrt Bl' ll1lill~. Gt'or~ia .

\\·;l~h i n g t''''".

'-12. "f

:\J'~' r li~ill l; ~1 :tq'H... l"T L o rainc Purvi s r ect· j\,cd hi !> ~Ii ,,( h a r gc. fro m thc, .\r m .,· C ir n lla t; o n ~1 ;' lIa,t.:l·r ........ .. .. .... ... _.. Ht'tt)' Hoyl l a~1 mOllth . Sn l ic i tl"T~: ~l a hl' l Thorell . ~1.t n J;III ~' Hrl' h" n. 1;la <1ys L ea. L<)r r ai nc \{ o llkc- n, Do ro· A / S Chucl( ' Biliingsley. II. S. ' ~'x '-I~. t hy Sk ilbn',l, J ,,\\~' I I 1' ~·lk r . J,:n"":-I],l' \\ uhl;.!~' I 'l ut h . .... O. }. Stuel: h a ~ ht'en lran 5fl' rn'd from Kingman. \!' i zol1a, III C handlt:r. ;\r i7.oIHI. . :\(Idrt'~ ;; .\ / S C. \\'. lIilling" lt,y, .172 18661 .' \\·il · li;III IS Field. Chamller . . \rizo lla. Pvt. Ed~ard H. Berndt, ex '-I.i, i" ,' 011 Now is [hI.' [Im(' for ..lclio n ins(C'Jd o f wbrds. o r. (Q be more co ncret C', tiuui ng" his trainil1g" in Iht' paralrnOpl'fS. 111 fjvc weeks II(' e xpel'ts 10 come hOI11(, fo r Jssis [J.n cc instcad of cri-ticism in kceping [he annal s of o ur sc ho,?1. W e 01 11 furlough. (\ddrc ss : 1'\"1, Edwar(1 II

~~i~~~~';~' a~r~~:\.~.lrl. l~;~~d""II\I~~l 1;:~il::::;1 I{oh e r ,

L Ht i l c~;; , . '-1-'.

\' i ~ it c rl

th ..

, a1llI,n,.. ;h l" II'e l"k a u d ~I' " k c in th l' C hapel l :t~ t \\ ' , dne ~ d : I Y mo rn in.':" , H' I,t and hi s wif e 1 Be ll )' II an ~" n. c-.; ' ~2 ) a r c " Ia y in,t.: w ith th e ir small dau g h ter . S yl · via. a t til(' J o c /Ian s on h o me in Pa r kland . T h ,· .\· ;I re It'.l \·ing shmet imc I hi ~ \\"(" (" 1. {or 11 in .. ~ . Oregon. w her.c Ro h e rt htfS ,\l'cc pl n l a cal\.

Who's Who

C la " ~

- ----o Il y· .':"001 01 fell ow mpartia l to the ~ i rl.~

Capt, Harald V. Johnson, 1-1 . ~ . .m. halls o f Old M ain n 'r"ntly ~ t' l lI ·hb IH'W addH· .. . ~ a nd addl',] t hl' fo ll ol\'iUI{ nnl~~ . " (;1;111 tn ~l't ne\\" . . and our ple..l goes o ut. not o nl y to them. but to eOt!ryone of yo u.

prospective writers wandl.'ring among the ')tudents in

Jr., winch to(lk pl;u' (, 011 SCI'I (, lU hc r _'9 a l thc' I>r;,I I! ' ~

Lee . Thras he r, Sat urd ay.

~I l'rl" l· d.

\\ 'a l;lil'~'uIII::~; ~~ ~

h: ~' p o rtl'r

Cl uh :\ Oll'" CululI ll! . ;-;j lTi:d \ \'r itl' r ~ . \dvi ,~l' r


of Elaine Smith , (''I{ -I:;. to Chl Cl \{ "hcn



lhclt· m :\l1

-ipllY fl·d hair thru th e ~l n p rillJ..: ~[:t .-; I." . \ddH·S ~ : C <tpt This is yo ur paper and o ur wi~h is to m'ake it representative of the Q - hil{h II Hald \ . John ·,\11. () · '\JI'tI ii. I. G. ~ecl. -{-"a c hcr' ~ pl' ! u.:hole sc hool. not just for the fl'\v w ho Pt\{ I t roget hl'r 11 '1· tlisl' ln l,'rtll~·dial'· Sec. :\I'() 31J. ·- t'IHl crfoot at 1'.L. e. C'o I'. ~l. :\r\\ York,!'. "Our greatest need at prl.'sent is for sha n p.:rsonal it ems fo r the Kampu ~ - i\'e~ in OrcJ..:on Ci ly Sgt. Robert H . R e itz. l' X '-I!. \' j;; il(:01 Kombings column . and like dep..lrtOll'nrs . \Ve cl n't kn ow e\'('ry b ody ~and tlte Coll1lpU 5 fo r thl.' fir st tilllt' in th rc t' no ugh !>aid . this is where y?U come in . year" lhi ~ ""ek. lit' rCl'o rt "d In Ft. I t ' ~ J.!po (l I" han' Ill o ne y and Ihe thin!-: ~ A box has bec n placed on the desk in the re.1d ing roo m of the librar y I.l"\\' i" j"II,,\\"ili g a -I ':'· day· furl ough at nl"IIl' Y can hu y hnt it' s g ood. Ion . 10 h{l llll' aud i,.. 1I0W ht·ill ,l.: H' nl to Ohi o for for your contributions, so please kecp you r pl'n fill ed with ink ..lnd yo ur Further l luty . I<o ll"n ~Pl' lIt two "l'ar s in ,'hcck liP O IlCC in a 'w hil e anti IlIOl\.:C slirc \'Oll han'n't los t thc thing- 5 moncy can 't I-: n.c-land ;tn<1 Frallc(' eyes ope n for ·news. Jack Bratlie, e x '-13 a n,1 Paul Polli lo, illl)' . -CcorJ..:e Il orar c I.orimcr . 1' .-'; '-1.1. I\l'fl' \' i~jtor " 0 11 the catupu s Ihi 5 IHe\.: . Both .l ac\.: and Paul wcre star j~,(>fhall play-er .~ lu:rc heFo re the war.


The Shouting Has JlIst Begun

Marv Ha.·shman

Basketball season wilt b.-gin soon . and this y,'ar PL Cs ~po rt s future (Continued on Page Z) looks mu ch brighter than it has fo r some yeMs past. Sewr.l1 former G bJs pl ; IY~'f~ \\" 11 " ~ aw act io n in till' '~2 "l'a "Oll have returned to schoo l. .1nd lots of visi bl y potential new ma terial is walk · hdnre e ILl ~'fllIJ..: the sen·icc . 1~l' llI rn cd als n ing about on the ca mpus . Thl' WinJ...o Leagu(' has been rcsurrected. and with are ~i'l{ 11l~' l p h ('r s frolll PI .C·s tcam oi its full ca lendar Wi' arl.' looking forward to some rousing ga mes. Which l a~t st'a~{)tI . T he li"t in c ll1d e ~ Fr l ;-": o r · brings up the quest ion-i f we arc gOing to hav e an Jtci \'e seaso n. how abo ul tll·lIl{. la~t Yl'ar' ~ "co r ill/-! leadcr \\"h o found thc hoop 101 :t l o t a l of 30X p oi nt.~. I some yeff , leaders to help makr it one to shout about) Others



[ val'

l'i h1.

Chicken Dinner Inn ORCHARD HILL on Spanaway Bus Line .

l illl

I~cd i ~h. W al t K un scha\.: . \\"a rn"ll J a~c h .

and \ Va lt Log- ~ don. Five ne\\" m en .~ho\\'­ lrlg promiH' arc h: e n Storaa"l i, S i Tor· 'elld. "Pl·tl·" Pe ter "on. Cal \Vatll(' s ~. and ( ;elll' I [arknes,... Tht' joh of· ln a na.c-l'r wi ll he helt! dow n by Boh Forllt' ss.

Let's Finish the Job

Monday, Ocrober 29. mark... the beginning of the last formal Bo nd drive, which will continue until Decem · ber 8. As our educarion isn ' t tinished ( we hope ) after WI.' receive o ur diplomas, so (ht' savings program will continul.' even after rhe formal drive is over. Till.' money is needed for a number o f things -to pay [he cmt of guarding Germany and Japan , [Q pay for [he cue of our wounded and disabled, to payoff and pro· vide benefits for veterans , and to keep the lid on price in flation, These arC only a few of the Gove rnment's needs. Millions of Americans hJve bought partnership in the Government I j which has meant unity during the war. Thi s unity should continue in [he postwar &iys. The welfare of each American is linked up ro the we lfare of our coun try which in turn is linked up to the welfare of the world. Studems notoriously have lean purses. But what we have we must share as good cit i· zens of the new " together" world.



r-------------I BUY ALL BOOKS




R each For The

-'\'R".ire:!PeiN:rH- ~ when you want to know what's

Sharman Bookstore

the latest in COmnuuJity

934 Pacifie Aveuu.e Open Evenings titl 9:00 p, m.

I'::============:=: HELEN . DAVIS Smart Apparel


Look to the Mooring Mast for P L C News . ..


917 Broadwa y


PubU.hed every Thunaay for tho Midland, Parkland, Brookdale and Spanaway Communities. $2.00 per year,

Beard Printing Co. Publishers' Phone GRanite 8436

Office: Ba.ement P L C Ch~PeI

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Have Your Portrait Made the


Modern Way







........ .

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~~~w;:;l _::.

,~--,-~ ~)Io-- - ... - ~- ,>

" ( k lo h 'r 26, 1945-

1' ,\UFl l

L L: TIIEI~ _ \\"

t,:: OL L E C E

War ·Ch est Drive Restll~~t:lafle'-2~ _Fifth Floor Dorm Rooms ' GLADS RESUME . I'l.e ,,,,,1>,,,, ,'0"";1", ,,<\ >6-1.16 " nd . . . . . . . Are Nearing Completion WINKO SPORTS

l anl1t~ II h,' IllIlt"r ~, 5-20U, to t he C OlIIlllUI hen' I~ "n 111l' 11 11 n~ II rOIlg' II Hh the l1i ty \ \ ar CIW,~l D r i\'e , aC l'(lrd ;n ~ to , fl' - l h r i"li :wi t ~, t h ;oI bd';" t Ill' hen)ir. TIll In a d ~l iti "n 10 t ill' .,h 'r111i t o r r rllOlll ." turn ;: Hlbm i Ul'{1 I , ~ O r na S t ('iro a n d Dr, n Ul' C h ri..:,l iall c h nr.!1 Imb t he heroic , Ii fllrlll ~ hl'd in knOIl~ pinl', nearing COIll \I \ - U ' _lIn'i\e ," pletitlll "11 t he flf l h floor 0 i O ld ~I a i n .1- I ', P iltl\"!-:l'r, " t u.le nt aLI" iacu lty chai r - Dr , ,I. I ', I 'ilm·!-t\' r, IlIt'll , !t:~l-'ect l \' dy , " The _ l ' OI h a - :t l \\' a )' ~ ~ t ol.d h. r " l' !,;\T a- \ iki u!{ 1{ (\"I11. t n he hlli lt in till' sl.u t h[)r I'i lncg"r _Ia t l' ~ t ha t t hi s ye ar' " li. 'I1, .llld \\'h\"n ~t , J ohn ~ay~ that t hc r t.' l";I ~ t COrUl'T o f the ii f!!; il oor. Th iS room c hes t con t r ihut i,," I" Ihe la r ~est \' ,"e r Wil l Io l , 110 J1 llll'e ,,('a \\'h(' n we mak e t h (" " ill 11:1\' C a tWel l'C i00 t windo w o \'e rlo ok ili a d " by tIll" ia rll! t y, 1111:11 j Ollnll"~' , hl' n1<'all ,_ th at thue \\, 111 , i n,!o< ~I t. I{ a ill il' r, tht, p , ' L. C. g ol f COU( Se :tu d t he a r ca so ut h and caS I o f t he co l~ t ude nt ~~1 Ii c i t(> r ~ wh o ,Io:a\"e I h \'ir l im e bl' Ih' lIIo rl' "qla r a t ioll" - Rl' \", ( ), L, Je!h~' II , leg e, A s a 111l' Il1 o riai to Ihc :\ o r\\" egian ;t il e! dio n to co \1 e cti n~ iu r t hl' \l ri \"c in dud e ; ,\r ne ,\ ak r (', \ ' \'(11 0 11 Be rj.!, Crac e ~de s s l ah Lu th \'ran Ch ur ch . i(llllili er s o f I'L C. No rwegian mural s arc Ta coma, \\'a s hingto ll , to h e pa inted 0 11 it i' w a Us" Th e r oo m wi ll E lai m' Glilh a u g'{'!1 , I":um o h r l;lIl ha llgc n, "Th l' g n ' ate SI IIiUl SCII \.o w \' r in Ih ~ prnvi{le a p l3CC o ( re creati u n and r e lOlxa ~ ,\ hl1a H el'l1, Ai tn n II j d111 , B,ll) lI l'g berg, J ea n K el1.- r , B e tty Kl'l\ l\'o rthy, Lorraine \\'o r lll is God , Ea.d,1 o i li S ,; tudents ha :'> tiotl fo r the d o rmit o r y H udent s. Lun dq u is t, L o is I{ o hert s.)u , ,"of('ne Skil - -In o hli~ati o n to n ur Gnl \. nnt to let Him RI' 1110 dcli!Tg u f tl,1e cl.II; ;.:-c k itc h ell w a ,; 10\, Ih e gr\'a tl'" t lIllU ~ l' ll l'o1\\' er in Ul1r br ed, and D o ris 5teiro . ,;tart cd thi s s UTlImcr and Pl C will ~OO Il lii,'," --S i Tor\'(: I1 II, Jr .. lib . :\rt s, hc l'q llipPCII with a kitchen with walk-in , I t i ~ the c0111mand of Go d that we rcfri)(c ratioll, s tainl e~!i ~ tecJ wo rking ta RANWELL'S laho r in Hi s !\:in!!do ll1, It is ou r Chris. h lcs , buffa lo fooll c utte,: mixing s tand, OR bakers ta hle, s team pre ssure co ok e r. IME tlall dllty that W I' go a nd labor in the co mbinat ion hakillg and roas tillg o'"cn. 772 OUNTAIM J.(il1!!d 0 111 o f God for it is 'white unto . EATURES applian('c and toaster ta bl e. gra\'ity·fed Brdwy harH' s t," electric s licer. hot food serving s teanl - har Pib l, SOl> h" Lib Arts. tahle s, c hief co ok':; o ffiee. s taff d ining tahlc, automatic Ilishwas her, and on(' dcep (' I t.~ tom co oking top c lectrically op RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES ('ral~d kitch,e n s tOl't', S0t1!1ds like a culMis sion Society-Clyde Ellingsen and inary paradise! MORTUARY 711 PboDe I, l'l;' Nelsoll present('d two biographical TAOOMA MAlD. mi s si o nar" sketdles at the Mission So- the "Great Di\'i sio n" at the last Fire side AVE. 7766 ("iety 111c-:;ting \\"ednesday evening, Oct, Ill cc ting SU!Hl ay ('\'(,!l in g, Oct. 21. held 24, in the chapel. Clyde told abou t David arounli the fireplace in the reception


Club Notes

C. O. Lynn Co.

])a\", a mi ~s ionary to :\iril"a. and" Lee re· room , Nel li e R isa lell in opening dc~' n~ 1'o;, ed o n "Hca'"cn Be low" by E. H, tiolls , Clayt o n-a s tory {Ii the allth o r's expe ri LDR- T hl' l-:a ,;I\'o lll hOllle W;IS til" l'lIce s as m issionary to Chilla, ~ rl'lIl' o f tltt' LDR meeting \V('(l l1 es day Afton ' I ljdm playcd a clari nct so lo a iternooll, O ct. 2~ , :\Iice J.;:je:. hu. \'ict.'~ ;,nd (;utirlln Iloim led 111 de\-otio ns , I,rnifil·nt. c o nductcd "Information Fireside-Proi. G" J " \Ialmin ~ vokc o n l'!ca~I" \ 0 Iwlp the ncw memhers, Marie l "iclI led de\'o lion ,; and Caro lyn Scn'reid Rattery ChangmsOil Changes ~ all ,~ a soprallo ~ olo , ~t n; , J. 1-', Pflueger, Car Greaaing the group 's adviser, ~n s t allcd t he off i cer ~ Johnson's Service Garage fo r this year, Hos tcss es for Ihi s m ecl ing PHONE GRANITE 8197 \\,n\' ~1\·s l l a-ii1 ... s S , C. Ea s t l' .... ld . J " r, B. M. JOHNSON. Prop. l'ilueJ.-:t· r, and V , Hol s tad, PARKLAND, WASHINGTON Campus Devotions- Stanley \\'illi;llll,_ 01\ \\'a ~ elected pre~ id cnt of Ca mpu s f){'\' otio ll ~ to comp let c tht· terlll oi Shirley ~lorgal1, who found it necessary to It-a I'e school. A t the dc,;oti o nal meeting y"sladay noon, ).Ir. Sa tH' , Dean of ~I{'n, s p o kl' to the group 3 1111 :\'orm ~Ioorl' prc~en te {1 a \'oca l so lo,



"""'1"",,)., Hah, Sh_

letland & Palagruti 928 Paclfic Avenue Tuoma 2. Walhlngton




for Dellcl••• Ham .........




J.m'" MII...... k•• "'-<h FrI..



9th aod Pacific


Leo \" ich' hu ll o i C ... n tral \\"as h ill g to 1\ C ulle g l' of EdliCOIti o ll, El1en ~ bllrg, wa s ch osen presi de nt, anti C ha rle s LaplJen bllsc h o f \\' cs tCTIl \\'a s hiT1lO:-! o n Coll ... g e 0 1 E ducat ion, Bellingham, wa s elected secrl'lary ill the o rg ;' lli zatio n m eeting o f the Ilir,erll>T s, C liif Olsoll of Pacili c Luth. ...ran COItCKl', and "Red " Ree se of Ea s t. ern \\'a s hill,l{t o l1 Co lle /{ l' of Educati o n, p:lrtic ir .. tl·fl in'th \' nll·cting. St, Mart in 's' College, th., iifth \\"inko member, was nOl r("pre ~ "llted, hut illdi'-3tions ar ... tha t it I\' ill remain ill - the It'agne,

PLC Welcomes .• MarvShaw

In this column we introduce veterans on our campUI, Ernie Perrault wal interviewed last ils u e and now we continue with Marv Shaw,


" I cOllldl1'tl':.:p ... allY happi('r or morc sati sfying !tolnt'c o ming than com in g _back Pl "C." S o s tat es \lar\' Shaw', a n . o thl'T PLCite ho me iro m the war. ,-\ s ~ oc iat(' ed ito r of thc ~Iooring \(a s t in ',1 2, hl' donnell ci\-ilian clothes carl)' thi s week to res ume life a s a !=ollege s tu. (lcn!. 10

SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS A WS-As a r es ult of last week's d ec· tioll Jean Keller is the secretary anti OOli s S to,raa sl i is th e soc ial ch a i rman , DPK-Th c DPK -has inl'ited the DRG Ki rl s to a ,~ hllubt'T I';trty Friday niKht. No\', 2, Afton Hjelm is in c har ge of th e details,





9 A. M. 'til 10 P. M.


Lundberg Drug

_dway at 13..

PHONE GR_ 8619


Johnson & Anderson GROCUIES

T h... d ... c i ~ ion to r"'!'o U/ll e cc)tl iere ncl' compe tit io n, d ropped dur ing t h ... la s t tw o y l':-\r s o f t!1\' war, wa s a n fl o un c ed ai te r ;. IIIl'l"tinlZ o f the ,\ thk- t ic D ireno r :-. oi th e \\"a ~ hl n J.: i"' n IlIt.'r("o ll cg i;lt (' C Oll ie rc nc e. October 13, A fil ii p ro ,lo:ra m of ~\lr il1~ ~ p 0 rf:, an d the rl'o ]1c ni ng "i t 1;e regula r i uo t bal! ca mpa ign n e:.: t ja il \, :I S de cid ed upo n b y th ... ('l'nien' IK l' ,d irCl' tor<: , T lti " w ill p ut I h l, \\'in ko lea!o:lIe 15a.:k 0 11 a I're.war iOl.till )o(,


APPARJ?,L 921 Broad way

\\';111-.:0 lea~l~e ha ~k t' t h all i~ b a ck o n t ht; ~ clll'dul \"'::""'a- ian wh ic h is I'le :lsant le w s, tn P l C i tl's a nd T :a'o uia sports ian s al ike,







On the Mount"in High';""y

P"rkl"nd, W"sh.




Madsoe's Groceries PARKLAND CENTER . __ DRESS SHOP

-...:-... ~~



'..0:."'''' '

- .... ...--





l'A Ct f l C LUTlf.EH ,\ N COLLEGE

CHOlR OF THE WEST APPEARS ON R -Is It Dr. Harry or Mt.. Carbo~ CclclJr ;ti('!' :utlong II!;: ~Ot csactiy. .Ill ;:! Harry Carlson with hi s impetsona(lOllS of \Vinchell. Roos<:\'clt. all d C hurchi ll. whIch he relld-~ red o\'er th e m i k~ after the Homecoming banquet.

-The Miuinc: Link" When Gha ndi advises his compatriOI S 1I 0t to pay homt' his parents do not wo rry about him." One bewildered soc iology stude r ead thi~ sente nce, dec.idcd that s.ociology mu st be "deep stuff" until she finally discove red that between the words "pay" and home" 32 paa~!I were miss ing.

cak(', '" \ Vhat we nt'ed are t t: achCf s " f'm Idlin~ yOll, it's Ilre lty s t'r;o us when eycryone in the libra ry for ,he evcning is argui ng on that "cry \loin!. :\nd a n yway, w~ don't lIe ~ d 'em, It 's jus t DoUS Hubbard trying to Ret hi s gral~unar le.ison. with a lilli e help, Is it or are- it ?

N ancy Fant hilS made a brand ne"" request o!., the Mooring ~Ias t. "Pleue," she s ays, "Oh pie .... try not to fo ld th e pape rs where the pictures are. I Cllt the m o ut and '!lave them." \Ve'd like to see yo ur sc rap book !lometimes, Na ncy.


Th(' P acif ic Lutheran Colkgc C ho ir of thl' \\'(' ;: 1 w ... '" fea tured 011 t he fir s t "oi a se t;,,. of Co li" ", h'o,'ld"",,, Tu, ~ d:.:a,' _ · ~ .. ., . Oc to ber 16. OYer s tatio n K~I O. Tacoma. The ser;e s. I.:I.IOW II as tIll: "Ca m pus Radio Theatre" is spon!'o rt'd by the Tacom;!l City Light Compa ny. and i!l hear d every Tuesday e"ening fro m 8:00 to 8:.30 p.m , The ColI,l' ge p rog ra m. uudl' r the directio)! of Professor G unna r J . ~lalmin ineluded choi r presentations of "God's Son Has :-'fade Me Free," by Grieg; "Go T o Da rk G~th semane," by Noble ; "Sw in g Low. S weet C hariot," and " S teal A,,·ay"-~'egro spirit'ual s; "All Breat hing Life." by Bach; "Pr aise to The Lord,"' by Chri st ianl<ien, a nd tht" hymn, "S;wio ur. Ag ai n To Thy 'Dear Name W e Raise." by " H o pldn!l. T he re was a lso a conve rsation bet wee n Burt Myhre. vresi-

Proof, .\ hin E. Friu. sltulcn t cm1nCi\uf, the KlleS! spca k':'r al the Dorlll Bo),s ' Cnion Ball'lllt'1. ht'lll " Friday (' Ye!ling .



Oc l. 19, in Ihe r t'C"rt' at io li room. Do ug- la s H ubba rd , frull man, tOa!l t ma ster and DB U President Iv ar Pihl we lcomed th e gi r ls to the U nions fi r s.t social eve nt. Afton' I-lje lin and Louilie Lunde pre"e nt td cla rinet a nd . flute solos and vo<:a'i !lolos were given by G erry Olson and Norm Moore. Harry Carlson read , two. poem$-o-(lne, "Glamor Boy," waa dedica ted to Si -Ton'elld. and the other entitled "My \Veaknen," to th~ collected dorm boys. I var Pih l was KeJleul chairman -of th e ban(juet. Si Torvend planned the pro-

After much tho ught a nd de liberation, Catherine Yandell has decided that he r next Frosh COIllP th eme 'w ill be ' ''W ho _Ob-For Some FilmThe 1\'oode n bridge o \'er the wateTiess Cu t My Bangs?" or "The Case of t he grain al1d \"edis Hu ~eboe decorated th l.' pond on th ~ front lall,'ll at PLC has a Clip Joint." " rec" r oom. dent of the p.L.e A lulUni Associa tion, definite purpose, Hen though it is n't and Sugea nt Harry Lang, fo rmcr used to kee p the passers dry. !t'fi r eally PLC baskt'tba ll star. a r o mantic snap shot setting. _There's No Place Like HomePlace : Gi r l's Dorm, Time: 10:44. It' s just about time to go to bed, ste? You're ~o !'ta r nd that a pret 7.e l would look like a choco late cake, see? A t the Uler= menlion of food yOll c;l.n ba rely summon (,\lough strengt h to li ft your pal e face off the pi llow to see who is. horrible enough t o mention it in the fir s t place, sec: In bounces Betty Hoyt a nd Nancy Fant ilnd w ith fiend is h delight they an -

Laughter and gay reminisci ng fi lled the hall s of O ld Main week-t nd 'fo re last. as students old a nd young ee lebr atcd Homecoming. Open ho tl st' in th e dor mitories. a DRG te a, and three one-act plays in the gymnas iulll kept the alumni buSY until time for the evening banquet. Prof. A. E. Fritz, banquet speake r, pa inted a \,i\'i(\ and in s piring pict~lre of

nOllnc c that tlll'Y spe nt the week-end at "The Chri stian Collegr in the Post·\Var Enumclaw behind a \'(' nison roast with \Vorld, " La Verne Linnerson, sophomore a 11 thl' trlmming s- \\·l· lI-don'l 'eha sec ? pre-scm, made th e atmos phl're pleasant wi th his quip ... as toa stmaste r. It hm 'l~ , Sptcial H o mecom ing sl'rvic('s were neld Sunday m o rning at Trin it y LUlh-Sign Him Up-Judgil1~ irom h;s "prints to !'chool on (,''"all Ch urch with Dr. H, :\. St ub. pastor th e!<e fri s ty-fro!<ty m o rn in gs. track sta r of Immanuel Luth eran Church, Sea ttle, ('Of tht: "eason will unJoubtt"ill.r he our a!< K tle ~ t preac111'r, .-\.dde d attr act ion of this yea r 's cel eown Prof. Jordahl. bration wa s. the r t'turn of numerous -What A LifelPLCites home from war ;11 Europe a#nd 'f ' So wonder t hey' re hoa rse. :\11 they do 11I C P an l C , ;s s it aro uu d and croak all day long, No. 1I 0 t the teachers- th(' frog s in the Zoology Lab,

Alumni Board to Meet Miss :\11113 Marn Niehen. PLCs educa tion depa rt ment head, wi ll be hOHess to th e Pacific Luthtran College A lu mni Board , Thu rsday, November I, at 7:30 p, m, Pla ns for the a nn ua l alumni reunion t o be held S unday, February 2·.. and the poss ible publi catio n ~f a regular alu1I1ni bulletin will he the main busipn' si(lellt, ~Ir s. Linka DeBerry ('38), Carl Coh om (,26). Wilfred Jewell ('40). :\Ii ss :\nna Marn N iel sen, faculty representative; Delmar Mo rtense n (,32) , Gert rude T in gclstad ('391. Mar \'i n S hawpre sent stutiellt lcx-·4J ). )'fr s, Stanley Wi llis ('36). Prisc illa Preus ('44 ), Mrs, In' nt' Ha~eness. A lu m ni sec rrtary ('30), Alu lllni repre sentativ es on the BOilrcl of Tru st ees a r e H,L.). Da hl ('~) a nd Mo rris F o rd ('31),

. ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _....,

-The Vicious Circle--I tell \'011. "\\' hat we need is t rac he rs," :\ W\<' you' re fruit), as a nut

GArland 6456


-- BlIt

For GOOD Bakery Pro4a.ctt. 710 So. 38th St. Phon. GA. 7$91


GR 8780


The QUALITY Store, Tacoma

Carl J , Nelson - FURRIER (St. Helen's Fur Shop) Manufacturer of Fine Furs

WbeD JOG ....ant otflce ewppl1ea


Mrs. Frisbies Bakery

~~~1~1II:1I~~7rdd!~:I:I S~i~;~ru~IlMt;~~e y(~~~~~

1 ...- - - - - - - - - - - -. . . .

.. .





734 St. Helen'. Ave. (Med Arts Bldg.) BRoadway 2811

&TATlON'BR (RoHnburga)

BR. 4629

913 PaeUlc ATe.

TRICKS - JOlIS - M".IC Costumes - Tundos - Serpentine

Tacoma Civic Music Announces Concerts

Corsages and Flowers for Halloween


The annual L)'ceum Series of musical programs has been announced by the Tacoma Civic Mus ic ;\ ssociation., Th e ASB has purcha sed 25 season tickets and each student can sign up for one concert which he can a tten d free of c harge. Ruth Bjerk an is in charge of tickets. The concerts, to be held ilt the Firs t Baptist C~u rch,' at 8:30 p. m., include the foll owing: 'D ecember 12, 1945, Leon F leisher, Pianist; Februa ry 20, 1946, Joseph Schuster, Cellist; April 23, 1946, the South ernaires; and date t o be announced later, Selma Kaye, dramatic sopra no.

255 SOUTH 11TH

MAIN 7113


Paceto 1) body as a whole is From expected be twice a s la r ge a s at present. Members o f the Board of Trustees dir ectly "relattd" to PLC includ e Mr, H.L.J . Daf)1 of Pa r kland, whose daught'f2\ Mrs, Irene Dahl Hageness. is assistant regist rar, alumni secretary and adviser of the Dt'lta Rho Gammas; Mr. A. A. M);kland of I ssaquah, whose daught er, A gnes, is PLC's senior class presidelli, and last year's president of the ASB; th e Rever e nd R. A. Ofstedal, of Seatt le. whose daughter, Dorothea, was las t year's studen t body secr~tary.

Make an Appointment at the PARKLAND BEAUTY SHOP


VIOLET WEBER. Proprietor

Your Old Friend Is Back With Pre-War Goodness and Flavor





MEDOSWEET ICE CREAM Exparision Program

Neal E. Thorsen 926 ~ BroadW&7


\ ~~:;~~~~~~~~~~;:~~;:~~=:~~~~~~~~

TID IROWN MUSIC 1121-%3 Broadwa,



Open Every Evening Until 8 P. M.



Join the -SKiers Tomorrow VOl .


Saga Editor, Mgr. Condidat:es Chosen Candida tes fo r 1946 Saga ed itor and manager, nomin a ted by the ia..:ulty, \\'cre annc uncetl this week. :\ o ll1ince,; fo r editur arc Ca r ol Eidson, Doro thy N ie man, and Marion SOltlll'lll, anu for bus in e .. s mal1age r, Ruth )el1,;CII, J oe Heu chcrt. an d Tcd Rei tz, Rall o ting for editor and husiness ma1lag:('r will h(, held next \" cd nesday, XO\'clll hcr 14, in t he student hody o ffice Ca rol Eldsoll. Colle).:l: n i Education junior, IS pr~ s idel1t of the \Y_A _:\., has ~ l."Tved on th e D PK COlln..:i l a!\(1 wa s \ . i\.;. , lCo l1tinll cd on Page ~)

hu,;i no: ~s

.. _-_._,-


~-.--,..~.:- -

Kactus Kapers

PA(;I"I(; '


I.."1JTHI:KA. (;OI..I..I:GI: N'O\"E ~ lBER

"Bachelor's Baby" to be Given by Drama Class

9, 19-45

No, 4


"Bacht'l o r's !laby" will be IH e."cnkli by tho: PLC drama tics c1as~ , unde r th l· liirel"\ioll o f Mis,; Cla r a Chilsol1, for the I'T.\ program at the ' She rman School in Tacoma, 0 11 Ko\'embcr 19. The "Camp\I;> Broadcast," Oil K Xun'llibe r 27 , wi ll reatme thc dramatics class,


Ski enthu sias ts, vikings and sgow lovers .in ge neral will spend Satu r day, N ovembe r 10, at Rainier Natio nal P ark.


0, PLC

Sponso red by the student bod y., the eve ntful day wi ll commence with a spec ial brea kfast served at 6 :4 5 a. m, in rhe coll ege d inin g hall.

"Ram,;hack1c ' 11111." a m y,;tcry play. was prt'selltl'd by the dramatic s prodllc- . tion da ss a t CPS Thur sd ay e\"l.'1Iing, ~o ­ \"c111bl'r 1. Comp limenta ry tickets fo r the play were gil'en to the dramatic s depart111('l1t. ~cl- rral l' l _e ~ !l1'fe l1l s atte11(Ie(\ till' prndnrtinn

Rt'gular tOllri:-t hu s!;es (thc kind with tlie roll -dow n to p) w ill leave th e sc hool at 7:15 a. Ill. to tran sport the tro upe of facu lt y and s tl1dcllt S to ' the mountai n, The tlircc doll ar s t rall !'porlation c hafl~'e is ill plca .~i n l-: contrast to the te n dollar fl'e \1.~l1ally H'Illlircd for tOllrist s frOIll this

Art Department Receives Gift Print Collection Ex-PLCites Appraised E\'idence of Tacol\\a· s il1tl· re~ t in By Pigtail Critics

L(lI1~lHirc, fiitl:\'n lIIilt,S this s ide of P,lra dise Vallc)" is slat ed as th e first :- top . Ill,\"c will 1)(' ~e r v{' d a lu nch of gradu a te,; f,)und thl'msl'\l'cs fac e to face LORRAINE LUNDQUIST bah'd hea ns, frui t ~a \ad . sandw ic hes. with a 110';\ o i .~ hin)' scruhhed faces, \('I Co-chairmen for trek to M t. Rainier eook i('s, alld coffl' e, prepared by the colwlurh weI l' a ttachcll an assortm cnt of k~e cooks befor eha nd . Day stude nt s will tomorr ow m o rnin g . light pigt.lils, l1nrll ly cow li c k!', a;:;-d al)pa y .1 25c cha n ::e , BOB HOGBERG praising sta res. Ski il1 /!. hiking, anll snow-hall f i ~d lting

PLC's art clepartillent was show n recent \\' illr th~' Il'aring" off o i the :\ugust leaf Iy in an anonymous g ift to the sc hool oi from tho.: caknclar, man y of the PLC '4 5 architecture , painting, and also sOlli e art g ui de hookk t s. Th e sa m c donor ~a\' (' the collcg"e 60 rcprlldu ct iollS I.1f an'h itec, lurt:, paintings, and sculptu rc la st spril1,? Throug h th e eHo rt s of another Tacoman, Mr. Gl'llrge GUI'(" till' Eb,ie S he ldo l1 Tur , nc r collect ion uf 18-4 pril1t~ allli photog raphs oj architec ture , ,;c ulpturc, and painti~g s we re giv cn to the sch ool las', year, The department II OW ha s a co ll e('tio n of 832 prints and photographs . .\li s5 }!erg's present probte m is finding space to display them.

i accoullt fo r much of the aftern oon's cll t('r1"i1l1il e nt. Those wi shing to s ki may rCllt their skii s and ot hcr ('(Iu ipment ahcall of t ime at \ \las hing,fo n H a rdware ill T acoma .

:\lIIong th o~(' IlXlkin).( :llllho ritatil'c \y from the ot hcr ,;i(ie of th(' de,;k arc Nora j";: jes bu (2IHI g r ade ) and Annic Lie n (2nd gr ade), bo th at Pu ya llup: Ri ch ard Bate s (u l)per e1ementary) a nd Ardis Severson (4 th ). tcachlll g t his year at Belfair: "l arion H~ltler (ju nior high ) and ' A lice .h:a:llaI1l1 (4th) a t So llth Cl'l! tral, Seattle : A nnabelle Birkc stol (7t h ) a nd Ca rolyn MAJOR P. E. HAUGE RETURNS l-iaw ley (4th l. at Wood in ville : Lillian Major Phillip E. Hauge, Dean and 'I horle ifson , (3r d) at Is saq uah a nd Grace Registrar of PLC now on leave of ab(Conti llll('d o n Page 3) sence, called his family Wed. night from

San Francisco. He haa just com~ from Okinawa and ,is expected home the last of this week.


F ACLJL TY TO HAVE "SIGNING" PARTY . The faCili t y. according 10 the officf" i~ ha\'il1g ' a '·card part y" ne xt week . Thl: card s , however. arc of the Ch ri s tmas greetings \'arie ty and ar ~ to be sent to PLCites in the se rvic~, insc ribed wit h th e joint holiday me ssages and signatures of facu lt y members, Similar cards wcre M' nt Ollt hy the teacher;; last yt' ;H, and a c kn owled gc lllellt s. "'ofte n in the form o f int ere stin g leiters , came back fro nl all parts of the wo rld , d ah' hook.

Thl' "C hoi r of t hc \Vest ·' participatt'd in ,Ill: Hcformation Festival he ld Su nda y t:\'en il1 g, :\i ovel1lher ~. at the ~Ioor(' TIi.catcr in Scalfl e at 8:00. L' nd e r the cli n:c tion of Pro fe,;so r ( ;Ulln ar .\Ialmin, t he choir sang fi\'e anthl'lIIs and al so join e(\ ill the g ro up singing . The fe~ii v al. SpOIlsored by Churches oi National Lutheran COllie on, you dudes, a nd do n your COl1ncil, featured as ' gllest spea ker, Dr. 1-'1:1I1;ling the affair is the facu lt y so- (Iud s, It 's t he e Hll t of '45, d ust ask the p, H. Roth, 'Pre sidcnt of ~orth\\"estcrn c ia 1 com mittee, chair\l1a n of wh ich is SoPnS) !\ovemher 16 to hc speci fic. KacTheological Seminary ill ~I i llllc :lpol i s. ~~;'~da:a~::~~';lh~~h~ 8,fai~:iI~~;e ;~~~c:I::el: ttiS Kaper s a lia.s t he Soph omore ~Ii;(er! ~ Iinn . Sev~ ral e ngagement s are sc heduled fo r roo m a t 3 :00 p, m. to sign the Ch ri s tmas T o prOve we're not jokin' he re' s th e t he cam\lu s nnlslcal , grotills for the res t card s. line up as to who is planning the "hoc o f thi s year. Tlrt, I<n. C. A, P~llett of the Luthe ran \,, 'cHan' Socie t y of Tac oma ha ;; ar rang~d for thc choi r and o r che stra to appcar at th c U,S . Y('teran s' Hospital :I t Ame r ican Lake, ~I o nday ait ern oon, Xuv. 12, and 'at the \ Vestcrn Statc H ospital a t S teilac oolll Oil S unday. ~OVCIll ber IK ?l l onday nig ht. ;\ ol'(' mbc r 2n, the c hoir wi li take pan :n t ile Seatt le Music Festi\'al at the Uni\'ersity Pavilio n, which is heill!; sp01.lso red by the Seatt le Coun c il of C hurches, T he group will s ing twO

~~;:~:';~:~~' i~~~~:;:~~,r~r';~':~~:~~~;~~~: mer

cOllductor of the Chicago .Musi;:

.Festi\':d , w ho al so direc ted the Bremert Oil Victory Mus ic Celebra tio n, in which the choi r . allg on September 29,


"Eds" Desert Campus, Sophs Promise Thrills Inspect Fort Newspaper Galore at Kactus Kapers La~t Friday fo und " y~ edi tor " Ani ta

!. I


Coming ctJents

Saturday. November 10 ASBsponsored tnp to Mt RainIer Busses leave at 7 15 a. m Wednesday. November 14.1Jhssl0n Soc:ety meets at 700 P m. Thursday,

Nove mber


~~~,g. I~~,p~,:,~n;: ~ak;


and her' "right hand" A lice Brudie o m at Fo r t Lewis 09 an in spection (by in vitation ) of the Pqs t"s newspaper, TH E FL A~ t E. The ·fir st s top was 'a t the Nort h Fort branch which was in th ~


Pu blic Rel atio ns and Education Office, H ere - th e girl,; had' the ir pict ure take n

cheerfu lly

~\~:1111st:I:~:t:~~~1yn~~d(:~~ '~~~~t~o~,u::ow:i;~

bears the brunt of the rcsl>ons lbdlty " It :. a plea surc ' she beam s Sh o/ I~ ahl) a,,Isled b} tho se cO\\ -p unchl i'1\ gab , LonI"C Lund(', Nanq Fant, and )E\angc l!nc \ '\hrendt ) ~( Mb S Chilsoll \Iil l IOU lui/Up} ,Uld hrand under h..;r ,l!rectlOn tl\ O o lle-ac t plays \ tear Jerkin', hair cu rlin ' (exec pt fo r the fc llo \\s with crew cu t ,;) melodra111a ( morc drama tllilll mellow ) w ri tten by collal>o-

unable to ohtain a'copy of th e pic ture for. Ihis issue.) After ueing us hered into a reco !lnais~ a\lce jeep, the next s top was Main Fo rt ami thc main officc of THE FLAME)n H obby Hou se, J-1~re the gi rl s looked with g r een eyes al the traditional "p in;UII S" a nd i.. istlali zea them' in thei r M,M, office, lEd. note: Guess we didn't hint ha rd enough hecau se we came away c111p ty- hanrled,)



After the round-t rip tour of n~arly 150 the hu sscs w ill return to th~ colat 6 :30 p . Ill, ( T he cuok s ha\'c promto keep suppe r waiting tlll til Ihe nahire lovers' rc turn,) r\ special in vitation is g ivc n th~ facu lty a nd their familie s to join thi s g roup for a n t:\'cnlfu\ day a t ~ft, Rain ie r. Ch ap~ro ne s fo r the o uting are Miss B)ollllluist and Mi ss Chilson_ Lorra ine Lundquist and Bob H ogberg are eo - c hairJ11~n, Afton Hj~lm is in charge of rdr~ s hments. Daph ne H ellman is managing the adverti sin g, and Arne :\ak re will supe rvi sc the clean-up.

HUHlo hr


:~,:~;: R~"~~ ,~,:a~::;~ 'n;~':,~:~,,,~~:d~:: :il~~;::;f;i~i,::~~:::at:;~~hd ~;:;:~~!.'r~

eluded ill the progra111 planned for the sight- se ~r s up for a full-tim e jo b, 16: Sophomore

eveni ng, Coin cidentally, folks, t herc' ll be b";\k' ~dh ,dl,':,,'kf,. ,d,"o~~,'ol~ik~lgt',atfhf',.e Pa,L,dC ,'.','ned "_ no chairs . P lall to SIt the c\'ening 0111.......... ..... .... ~ cd it s way hOl1lc, on hay.




N o \'cmber 9, 1945


Receivlls Silver Star at Fort Lewis PublLahed every two weeks durtng the sebool yeai' by s tudenta ot PacUlc Lutheran College. Office : Room 130 T e le phone :· GRanite 86 11' Subscrlptlon prtc&--Sl.OO pe r Yea.r Entered &11 second class matte r: October 2. 1925, at the Post" Otnce at Parkla.nd, Waablngton . unde r tbe Act of March 3, 1879.

EDITOR .......................... BUSINESS MANAGER

......................................... ____ .. __ ......... ....... ANITA STUEN .............. GRACE ELAINE GULHAUGEN

EDrt'ORIAL STAFF A ssocia te Ed itor. ............. :\l i'Ce Brudie Sports R~porlcr ................. ................... ............... _.... .................... ....... Wah Kunsc hak

Club Notes .. _. .... ....................... Te lma Metzger Sen'icc Column Ald ys Bred\'old Spec ial \\friters ............oal)hne Hellman. Loui se TolHddt. Ani ta Roth, Ruth John son Adviser . ........................... ........................ ................ Mrs. Ruth S. Frank


BUBn"1ilS8 8TAFJI'

Adhrti sin g Managcr . .. ................................. .... Rumohr Gulhaugen Circulation Manager ...................... _.................... :......................................... Betty Hoy t Soliciters : Mabel Thoren. Mary Janc Brehon. Gladys Lea. Lorraine Ronken , Doro. thy Skilbred. Jewell Keller. 1<osal le Woh lgemuth . Ex change Editor . ... ..:.................... \' crlyn Kraxberger Ad\"is(:f ....................... ................................................ ~ ... .. O. ]. Stuen

Library Chatter: Consider the perpetual ma rion wonder -s rudent. ( The "wonder" means - I wonde r whe n he gets hiS st udy in g do ne- . ) This modern Mercury dashes back and forth betwee n the bookshelves and h is desk; he flirs :n t he man ner o f a hummingbird fro m table to table. keepin g up a stead y dro ning unde rto ne of co n versation punctuat ed by occasion al lo ud guffaws. He fin · ally subsides into silence and weary tabl e- mates heave an inward sigh of relief- but momentarily . He's off again-backr racking on his hither, thirh er a nd )'on. Such wigglewon s haunt our librar y nightly . And they' re no t altogether missing daily . Ofuim es chey come in g ro ups Jnd by t hei r incessa nr cha trer keep we ll -meanin g stude nls (like us) . from completing their lessons. P r rhaps it will be well to n'm rnd o urse lves th.u we 3rc American stu dents. ga rm.' ring o ur pea rls of Wisd om in America n env iro ns. If we were in China. it would be ent irely corrcct [0 talk as loud. a nd as lo ng as we cou ld . as t he i-dra' is currcnt thereJbout s that th~ mo re no ise ono! makes. the better educ ;:tio n he is receivi ng .

Shown above at citation ceremo~y are, left to right, Mrs. Borghild Olber" Mrs. Valborg Rustad. Miss Arna Mykland. and Major General EU&ene W. Fain. ). 1 rs. Va lborg- I{ustat.! has bC~1l present The most valuable result of all edu cd wi th a Silver Star which wa s award · c<I rion is the abi lit y to make you rse lf (10 cd pOi' thlllll ously 10 her hu sband. Privatc th e ' hing y ou have te do. when it oughl Vernon 1< . I<uslad . T'he ceremony took to be dOlle. wheth er yeu like it or not . place 011 th e aftcrnoon of Oc tobe r 15. - HUX LEY 194 ;;'. at FC)r~ Lewis. wht're )'Iajor :Gencora l Eug\'ne '\'. Fale s rea d the citation. The a\\"ard wa s mad t· for gallan tr y in action :k)!"ain:o;t the ellemy On April 18. 194:;, IIl ·Leipzig. Gcrm::I.Il Y. I n the course of :1.11 armored attack. Private Ru st;ul The QUALITY Store. Tacoma \\"01.<; bla lly wounded whi l{' protect ing his cOl1lra des. BUY ALL BOOKS "" o lly " I~n s tad ha s cOllle ~':i th her s is· tl'r . ~Ir ~. Borgh ilJ Olberg. from Sail at DIego 10 att elHt PLC. They arlO s istcr ~ Sharman Bookstore of Ruth and :\ rue Tow e. oa th ex '45. 93.4 Pacific A VTmle Ope.n Evening, till 9:00 p. m.





Howbeit. Hea d Librarian Stuen and his associates and well meaning stuIN THE SERVICE . den ts (lik e us ) take thj:, OCC idental view in tiiis mattcr . Which add s up to something like this. In the library and ot her de's ignated places of stud y A few of P.L.C.'s fo rmer footba ll Silence is golden. and J o hnnie Jumpups are just a plain n~cl7"" "greats" ha\'e been visiting the campus during the past week. Among them arc Marv '1'ommervik, '42. and Marty North, Happy Homecoming, Fellows '42. both in "c ivvies" after se r\'ing sin ce Almost every day brings another PL C serv ice man home and one of the early in the wa r. Mar v and Marty were first places he visits is Parkland and the PLC family ! He has to set:! for him- atblctic spec iali st instructor s in Sa n self if Ramstad's dog nill follows him aro und. if Franck still wears bow ~iego be fore receivin g their disch arges thi ;; month . Another recen t visitor was ties a nd "bea nies. " if Reed sti ll teaches economics. if Miss Nielson can still Earl Platt, '41. also discharged. A li eufind him a job and ifhe can still find Old Main in the redecorated halls. tenant (jg) in the Navy, he se rved with Among the many boys who have ret urned to "civvies" are Earl Platt. the 71 h Amphibian Command in the Marty North. Marv Tommervik. George. Fallstrom. Terger Lee. and M ar- Philippines. Earl plans to enter the College of Puget Sound' th e second semester, t y Gulhaugen. Alread y bac k on the campus are Coach M.uv Harshman . and w ill resume his tea ching and coac hErn ie P errault . Glen Nea l. Bob F o rness. and Marv Shaw. ing ca reer nex t fall . Lieutenant Murray Taylor. '43. will be Welco me back. fellows! Wi:! hope you are finding us at least nearl y as discharged the end of th is mon th . good as you remembered us back in thosr foxholes .


Let's Hope it's Not a "Cold" Winter Quarter-e xam week. unfo rtuna rel y. see ms \0 have coincided here at PLC with a mild epidemic of colds. be they nose. th roat. or chest. A number of students have been forced· to miss classes and. in some ca~s. important

RANWILi.'S 01 INE OUNT"IN 772 . IA,",IIS Brdwy



Corsages and Flowers ANDERS FLORIST 255 SOUTH 11TH



MAIN 7113

exams stmpI.y because they have felt too mis.:rable to venture from their '::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: rooms. ,. h might be wise . therefore to se t forth a few health inusures to aid in combating th£ further catching and spreading of colds. 1. Keep in general good health-plenty of sleep. exercise : regular meats but not overeating. IrOadwoy at 13.. 2. Avoid' getting damp or suddenly chilled. 3. Stay away as much as possible from persons having colds. 4. If you have a co ld . stay in bed the first day or two. if at all polS sible: drink plenty of liquids. 5. Cover your face when coughing or sneezing. Your Oid Friend Is Back Let's all try to follow these rules, whether we have col~ or nor. and "Keep PLC healthy and bappy'"


With Pre-War Goodness and Flavor



GRanite 7311



,," o H'IIl!,!'r

9, 1943.


EX PLC·ites

"(CMitllruNl- Yrom p~r) Birk(".. w l (1) l"ill1ar~') at Coalfield in IIH' 1.. ~aq ll<1h SdlOQI distrkt Cl ost- r to pl. e arf' Lo renc: \Vil sOll,

(ki!\lk r ~artt· u . at Oakland and \Vhitman, Ta,',lIna, ~la rj\l rl e Ed~hill (lmi) al Shn idan, Ta ('o ll !a , and Belly Ch ri ~te n ~l' l\ 12nd ) at Parkland , A lso mi ssi n g fro III I'L es hall,. t hi s ycar arc Ba r ba ra 1'\cw tOIl, Corin ne Eril'k. son, and Bob L a r son . who a r c attendin g \\- :l~hin,l{ I On Slatl.' Collegt: at Pull m an: ~I argar('t Ellis, a l th l' U nivers ity o f \\'a ~ hiuglon. St>a ttl e, and Inga J o hu s-on ;11 Ihc 5 \\'edi~ h Il ospital, St·;lttk 111 1I11rq'~ training, P o rtland , are In ,l{ ri.1 ~ l artins(l ll Ma r y Ev er so n, Far ac ross Iht, miles art· D o roth ea Ofstcdal , w h o is " 'ork in).,\' a s ~ ecretar y to Dr, ], C.K_ P reus, t'u 'cut i\'c secretary of the board o f (':duLook to the Mooring Malt for P L C News _ but

t ~


Reach For The

' I I;,



~ §


'RAllrE:~jH:rH 'when you want to know what's the lat est in Community activities Published every Thursday for t he Midland, Parkland. Brook· dale and Spanaway Communi-

d c,. $2,00



Beard Printing Co. Publis hers Phone GRanite 8436 Office: Basement P L C Chapel



Make an Appoinrmen r at the


JOHNSON'S Service Station Rt. 3, Box 839 TACOMA. WASH.


'~ l inll(':ipDlis,




Club Notes

\'atio l1 of X .LCA . in 1~'I";-" ll t~"nt-h- ' F~Wf', wfi{.--t,.-ftl' e-ntlil-li(" 51. Olaf Chllcgc a ' Xo rlhfidJ" ~ Ii nncRELIG I OUS OR GAN I ZAT I O N S ~o ta . ;\\ l1earhy Fl . I.('wi ~ . w u r km):,:' with M ission- ~ri .. " SI'lma E r il' k son. m is till' aTllly Cl1jo(IIH'(' r s. is L lll~ Dahl, whill' :<il )l1 ar~ n'l r ~I' 1<. i: ultd.lhd. SCHuh .\frica.

no t far ;lway Sy lvia HltHlle li(' ha~ b(' :·t\ re(, ~Htly "workill~ at t hc ~1 1. l:I. aillier Ordnan,(' Ba;;e Office r s C lub, 1)()wll California way ;\ rc .\glll's Ru le(ler at Ihe ColIcg(' o f Ihl: Pa c ific, Stockton, and Cl'Ct' !i;1 Ganlli u . who r ecc ived a s('holarshi ll ill IJhy~ica l Ih('ra j)y at St :lnford l -nil-cr<;it ,: r P :do :\!tn,





C;,pt ain s ;1Il1! tt'dIU';: ha vc hcel1 ChOSl'11 for th e \ V. :\, ;\ , vo ll<,y ha ll to urnam Cll t w hi c h is I1n,kr way n(' r y Tue sda y and ThIlT ,"!];')' afternoon in tht' gym_ T he tcam cal'lain :-. afl' -l rall1 1. I. o ui !'t' T o ll · ft,l(lt: 2, Il ckll l 'd('r~ "I':"J. Daphne H cll mall: ,I. 1< l1lh " f1l1c.\.!~·r, and ~, O o rothy Ski IIJT (,(j Tl1t'~4 I ay, ( k l"h{'r J ll, It'am ,~ I _ :Ind 2 c la " hl'll. wi th Ihc btl~' r Io:;ul iu/o: all till' Wil y, alld \\-:l1l1il1).:' by a _~r"T\' of 31 -21i Il n T1IllT,\l,IY, :\(HClllber I, t{';ltn .; plan'l l It';'11I ,; , wil li Iht, 10flll('(' nllcrg ill ~ al t ill' 1"11:': ~' !1I1 ,.j ;1 ~G - 2J s('or~', r ht'll T,·.1!1l " ha d its turn il l lo"in g :\ "\~' lI lhcf 6, \\'11(11 il look ,II

l ill'

c!4"St' " i ti'l' gall ,.,_


point Ill a ll

wa" ,I.!Ut'''t -p(' a kt' r at thE" M i ~"i(lnary SoThursday (' \'colling, ~o\', I, ~ I H' Er irksl,n ~h o wcrl ~I id('s t(l illll ~ t ratc lH'f ta lk ahout life on Ihe m iss iOll lit· I,1 Z!nd he r p:lrt in ,\ he work _ The I1n:t I11cl'lillf,: oi Ihe ~'l issiol1 SncicIY lI' ill ht' \\-l' ilnt'''l,b y t'v('uing, Nov , 1~, Noon Devotions _ L{,ta .\I ctzger led Ihe ~ in )..l'"pira t ioll (luring K oo n Devot ions , T hl i r~llay. Kf>I, 8. :\ s ho 'l bus iness meetIII.\.! was ;1150 hell! The ;I/lv i"e r of thc group, .\-l,i" s C lara Chil~on, pr<'senled a bri_(,f meditatio n al t he m ce tin g: Thur:sda y. Nov , 1. LDR-Loi s Pe nni n i a nd A lic e B r udic wc re cle lega tes to the 6t h annual PugC! Soun d Ci r cui t Conve nlion of t h'e LDR lit-hi S Ullday ",ltt' TIIoon, ~o\', 4. in Ou r Savio r '!, I.ll th (': ran ClWf Ch , Brelll(': rto ll . ~Ir ~, ClaTt'11Ce J n hn ~o n o i Tacoma will I", 11ll" ~V t' ak('f at tl;e llCXI LDR mccling \\ <' {il l('~d:,y al(rTll O(JII. NI,\', 2R Fi r esidf'-AI Ilt'xl Sunday 's Fircsid e IIlt'''-:lill~. :\ ov. II, nr, \-\ 'alter 5(' hacfc ~ wdl k:!rI I Ill' f l('\' ot i <\I1~, ;\ ,~ingspi r ati oll wa, ht- 141 1 :I~ t ~\lnd a y <'\'l'n ill ~, ~o\' , ~,i n th t' n-cq, tion roo m . ,jety IIll't'lin K,

.. ~" ~ " ' h" " ione,'" in locr many, will be gUl"st speak. (Or at lhc Gt'rm 3n Cluh meeting Ttle~day I'\- cnin~, ~ov, IJ, at 7:00. in the receplioll roolll _ ~o r m~ Lemke, social ch air IWln. iln-itl.' s all ~ tlldl"nts a nd facu lty members to attend, Rdreshment s w ill he sCfl'ed .

CLASS NEWS Senion Agnes ~1 y k l and, p re sident , rel)ort s that the selllor class wi ll p r ese nt the Ch a p el p rogram Tut' sda y, No\', 20, Dr. \Va llo('r Sc h~('ft·r ·ha s bee n ch osen the class a d v i ~ (': f. . ------

PLC Welcomes Bob Forness 1I 0 11H' lro lll tlH~e and J. ha li years in encle Sa'l s arlllY is H"h For nes", _'\rIllY ,\ iT F orn' .;orpo r a l Ho b ~PI'l1t hi~ hc " hm:tn )'r:-ar at PLC in ,...0 -... 1. \ iter .. ix 111""lh' s trai nin g at ~ h q'l'rd I :l'Itl. Tl' xa " , and Fo rI Lo~an, Coi..r ad .. , "'cTl c a ! ~ch,,(l l , he left for

~ ....

L ike

for mal T h ank"gi \'in l'(' ba ll'll1('1

il' , il1l~ 10 !It'f unlit. T ho.: iir,.1 p:l rt II i Ih ,' 1\ ill b,' hd d hy lilt- DPh: T11l'sday c\'cng:J.IIll' \\a~ ,' 14"l' I,i l il Ihe "C, 'f,' , t .ll1dill~ ill K, : \ (1\', 2( ). i,l Ihl: d ining h a lL ;\holl 10- 10 al 111<, t'l\\1 nl th e kilL Thl'll team J 11Jl'I Ill, socI:11 ,'ha irl11an , has chDsen till' nit I", , ~ " :\ml IWg'ali 10 ch:.J k u p Ih., Toll owill/;C cOlllm ittee chai r men: Ly(lia _-Cll n -, _ I la pl1l1 c Ildhll:lll IS captain (If 1_('111;0:, i,,,," _ Edit)' Swartz. decorali on,.; 1(',0111 .I -;' 1111 RUl h I 'flut:~l'r, tea m 4_ P at E\"I\I;.:t"iil lt" ,\hrl'n,II, pro gralll ,'uni, 1_ \' lIlkyball m a nagr:- f. DRG-,\ h n :1. H ecl1 ha ,~ 101'-;;11 ,'ll(lH'll corrc~l,o n <l in ){ ~ccrCla r )' of Ihl' UR C 10 lill tilt, v a~-ancy left hy Shirlcy ~I org an '~ d l' parture,

HELEN DAVIS 917 Broadway

":,D-I'.~. ''',h,'',ov ••.r..e!,, ,::,, Ea,',. '"I~\1 \'C ,,,,~nne.I~ , ,,:,',


;"1" 1<''''11 J \\a~ \I r rl k 1):lI'i\l,ml wilh 2s DPK- _"\

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E. . \rlhIlT club... c~ad \' ibt"r ..w; I11 Mr-. $.tUC.ll. ~ yr~!.c Oa\'ids(\!l, "eert' la ry. rcpQl,L~ that .'\0 slllden', s oi Scandinal'ia n dt' <.c<' nt af(' :i lready mcmh~rs of the club.


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~~I~',::\:::i!:~l rol~I:':,";~e~;:;~cCh~,h iJl:HI: ~sTI:;~

he ~Pl:n1 III'CI tr-six 111,) l1ths ,ln rilig the bomhillK Df e h lIa and '~\Irl11a , t<dnrning 10 I!H: St",,,,s ca rl y this year, he w('rk cd a" t'l ,-rk in Ih l: o fll cr ly room at Fort LORa n , L" lo rau D, hosp ital. "~ I y go real ,' ;; 1 lh rill," hc sa id, "was Ke llin g th osc disch;:orgc p a per s," Re" tl111ing co llcl'('c life as a sophb lll Dr e thi s fall', Bob is maj oring in bu siness admin istration_

w ill gadltr~for it s bimon thl y me et ing in . ",:pl. George Fallstrom., footba ll, ex '42, tll(, r~-C t'I'liO Il r oc. m ~f o nda y even in g, i~ h o me o n furlough aft er bei ng s ta , :\0\' , 12, a t 7:30, A program w ill be tionerl in Panama for th e pa st t wo and gi \' l"1l and refreshment s serv cd _ The Rev, a half yca,rs,

Jetland & Palagruti 928 Pacific Avenue Tacoma 2.



Lundberg Drug

OPEN FROM 9 A. M. 'til 10 P. M.






PHONE GR_ 8519

We [n vi[ r Yo u--S[uden[s J[ PJcific Lutheran Coll ege




Mrs. Frisbies Bakery For GOOD Bakery Products 710 So. 38th St. Phone GA. 7591


DRAMATIC RADIO INSTRUCTION BOYS-Wane (9 be a Radio Announcer:' GIRLS-Want a Dramatic Career?

Johnson & Andersoll GROCUIES ". FLOUR " HAY " GRAIN " ETCo

Join you r classmates at Radair Rad io Programs - Dramatic Productions. All This Plus Classes in Studios KTBI


On tho Mountoin Highwoy

Porklond. Wosh.


The Dna /\


Open Every Evening Until 8 P. M.

C~I R~dib-{School

Come in or

BRocidway 4 588

Phon. BR 4588

of Tacoma 223 P. S. Bank Bldg.




- ----- ., Jl .-\G E FOUR

1', \ e ll' l t"


*J::.(AI~LI·I"'A ~

--- ~~ ---,-.


~ o \' el11be r


---I Student Counselor

9, IQ4S

Camp-lis TOIry Cabooch Sends Service D itty


rIoeads-Busy'-l;iEe -

. Lyl ~ Call, '4[), m a Tt'ft'llI- ktter tl' ),.Ii~~ \"id~ I' n, ".' I;t in'lIl L,') II' ~ ;Iid Ill' h;ld h('I' 11 ill tit.' 'ht>s pltal fu r 5 1 flays hilt ha , 1"",',>I',·f('ll. \\"ilile I h,'n' , he 1I1l'1 1I 0 h I~rtl){,'r, '41 1, wh ., ha .~ :oi n fC (" .lIllC h Olla'. Lyk n: pc,'I!o I II ii" l\(llllc .by Ch r i:- ll11a ~. \\'hi!<' alll' IHl ing l' l.e. Lylc \\,;1!' 011 th e "ill \ ' !11- YOll ,' ;111 ' , h,'at h im . \" l':-, ~",HI, ~I ~I :- taff and was wdl k nown fo r hi~ La\"E":~I': L!~~EI{:,n\' . Franl.: ]y, "' T lllIY Ca hoot'll." Il e rc i ~ all al"my I I t'r~i"n from " ']'llll Y'_ I wh.d" iurl! <Jl 11 Th,' pnly "Ih' fOil lui 11"fll in ()hin, Fr it i l11(lI"l' d with his "Thl' Tl,' ~ a Iwo k ind :- " j <1 Qulicel s ill f('t,] kId, I.:id~. 1l .,·s:1 \lr,' il'~s i " naL p.Tt·l'~~l,.1 ,,'<'111<"; I" hI.' C.\TIt ER l~E 1 I.II11ily to I~egina. Saskatchewa n. Can· a this army,. T h t'r("s a Ihe s ervice a \ .\~OEI . l .. 0111 · hlllHl lell Ill' III Iwr St · a':a, whl're hl" f('ceil't'd bi ~ ,'ar!" ~(' h,.ol Plillk~ PIl1nl.:! Plink! \"'. not a cat I ill).: . . \fh" fin i,. hing' junior colte~c at ]{e . fu n' t·~ .Mld:t the "omha ts or a l.INE (llll -'" walking .111 Ih(' day r,ll' 1l1 1'1;'\11<' I.:('y;.- Ikrll ard d.1!>! l'n~tlI 1l1e . " ",ead thh ;1\11,g . l"1l1, , a ' )"'11 . ,., lit c nllr ~l'~ I ).:it1:t ht' w~nt It> C ;\l\ital L1ni\' er!'ity at flL" I I'~ a li lt' dlOW jim ', a 11ll' PX lilH', jll ~: 1.01:" I.F:-;'1'1-:1{ and J .-\ CQl'F,ILl ' : <" In :1 . hulle tin fr"111 ~\'ashill""t ol l. l'olllll d lllS, Ohio, ,<'Ill're . he fl'' {'d liis alld a lilh' up, Ib" [ nil' line, Ihe hair n il LI ~ E \"t )~ T ("'1111''''111~ a ;.,'ng. (', ' 111I) . l., II;" 1<'1111<1 tlw f(1 ll o \\'lIlg: II . :\ , dq.:Tl't.' in 1929. :\iH'r t':ITtllng the lim', .,i).:11 n il ;1" Ihi .~ _ !il~'" a line <1 yuu r p('li l;"1I i"T Ha d l. , , . , ., . , . , urSl'~ C"III(' Inl u (a l y n }lIlaCl WIt \1. .\ . il! philosophy jr.'111 Ohio Il'nt "" allil a lint, a ynur :- i g ht ~, lin\! , I The rai;1 \Ia, .I,filll (d., 11,'1 Ia", ~\1l1I .. I I I I' . , .\'our "ho e~. and a lint' ;\ your d Qth,'s, r"<,~'l.' ~1;;I_il~~I~I,lll:11~'. ~,1I0~. I:;IC ,~:~ ..etr~,~~sihle Slat,,' . ill,19~O I(I~ re,tllrnl'tl,t,",I.{q::ina :till: and 1111' ~h"wl'T lill,' , thl' pay linl', th is a _., "')0: "' . ' _. laug \I .a tm. ,rCl", \\"l'r ( lI~lory, ;111 ( It·, I lil1l' , dlow lim' , ;m rl cokr: line. Pas s PTt·p,"Ir ;[ ti o t1 .~ ior ~l1l·l'l'~~f\l1 home. li fl'- alsu ~1'Tn' d a ~ .!I'an o f 111\' 11 a t Regina PIPER FUNERAL HOME . I.: f" ' ~ I II lill,', .1 Iillmdr.\· lilli' :111<1 a lin(' 0 11 yo ur •. :1 .. l.: . a tllall hc', a :O Uf(! in SOI11C 5456 S. PUGET SOUND is prohahly Jli)o.:hl'r than thaI of any pro- Fri,,~ \\,a,. l'alled In \\"arthllrg Colk).:.,. LI ~ E <>l1!fit s " GArland 6436 i"'~~I"n . Th ... office of ~IUlh' nl l'llIl1lSduT wh irh I.yl.- i~ !1)arri~fl t,,;, forllll:T M:\I editor. So lake heart. a!1 yml ]Ire-nursing gals. Pr "f. Fritz fi ll ;. has bc,'\1 l, ~ t ;'lbli~ll{'J to \Ian c ,\l1<1l'TSO II , '41, II'ho i" now teach. _\~ ior Ihe r('st of y o u-too ball! ~"T\'(' all ~ Iudenl ,. s" that Ihc.\' w ill have a ing al \\ 'a lh'r l~ o;1l1 SdlflOI. tldil1ltc a d visor with who111 1,1 lall.: o\cr The P.L.e. .\lul11l1i R(lard 111l'1 at i:30 tll\'ir l'l'r S(lllal l'rohl"IlI ~, The data galh X,.>\. 2, al tht' home o f '~fi ss A IIlIa :\Iarn en. d hy Iltt' off i(',' gil'(' I'rof . F ritz an,1 ~il'l ~e ll, wltl'n: Ihe \\"('ek l 'llIl of thc an· 111,. \· :trioll~ Il l'alb a n npl'"rll1nil~' I,.., r c(Continued From Page I) l1\1a l .\ltlllllli r<'lllli',lIl \\a~ sel fl,t F eb. 8, \·i•. w e:trh ~lIl1kfl l' ~ H'('ord ;1IIt! h'. St'l' 9. alld HI, Th\· Ill'''' IlIt,,'ling will h e hdd witl'litl' r he i~ g('ttill).: the llHht 011\ "f hi" inj.; CIllh I' il- t' Prt' ~i,kllt I"~I y,'ilr. She h;ls Jan . III. al Ihl' h"llll' of I'r is" illa I'rcll". "ol kg\' IiiI'. S l1ltlt'nl s wh o arc no\ l'ar- alsro lI'ork e d Oil (,ollll1lilt ee~ ((' r variolls for DeUclou. M'rial (unctilll1 s . ti ri pating in exlr:l-fllrricu lar acli"it)' an' Hot D orolhy Nieman, se n ior in the College Jumbo MUkluk•• Ilr).:'ed to cl1(loSC SO IliC inte rest that ... ill ANDERSON GROCERY Frenc b I'-"rlee cOllt ribllte 1(1 their college carecrs. A s <If Lihnill :\rls, is f)PK tr r:iisurer, was Parkland, Wash, GR. 8660 hllsinl's~ manager Df the Mooring Ma,,' at I--;rof. Frit z pnl s it : "\Ve want 10 bring :lnd of the ASB last yea r, belo ngs 10 the flk and Pacific 1111' s ln'],'!!1 allli cvlle).!e tngdher so the SCHOOL SUPPLIE8 and , BOMB RE.\lED1ES slnd t'lll will ).:('1 Ill(' mos l out o f what PLC c hoir, and was co-c h airmilll o f H o meco ming thi s .yea r and last. PL C ha s 10 offer. '" '\ ~Iat ion Sollman, College of Education H'nior, \\":t" a memher o f last yr:ar's.Sal.\"iI BERGLAND H ARDWARE CO. ~taff, re('('il'cel tht, "\Vho's \Vho" awa r d this fall, h;J.~ j,e('11 A \VS president and ....... PAGIFlC \' ~1;'cre tar y , aud has het'n o ut standing in Illll s ical actl\"ltk ~ . GR 8}80 GRANITE 8362 DRESS SHOP MOUNTA1N BROOKDALE, ·HIGHWAV WASH. I<ulh )l'U ;'CIl, Colkge of Education oi a\ I1 I~ h t Idu 'll \ ERI.Y~ "1, .\:\1>1-:1': (,I~ R ,lllli I.a \'\,~ ~ E J)E~:-;4 1\\' , I: rc ~ h- I :-; I ).: I \~ III d"fl n i,. II ,1\' ill).: t~'~t \~· ~'\'I, . 111 ~· 11. Ill l "" :1 th~' 1<1,1 :-;l'alla\I:t~: .hll' 0111 ,] SI"l' l'llIg, d,l II I" ,Ii~t\lrh~ 11;\11 I" t'!""'1 It Ir, _111 ]' l'rn llili . Ilwy ril l tdling .\' ,-,11, ~ "II ,'all 't \~ill . ThaI i'.I ~I ..r~:~l1rl1.l'l l "11 ,I lall' I:ain fr"11l a "1\"' 1,1d~'r!111 lu'ek ·,'n, 1 III \ ;\lll" '"U' r, H. L ., mall ,an 't h., I"'al. I)r;\l: " ' 111 - C\l l \ ' 111 -

:-;\l1dl'lI: c<>u l\,dor, I'r"fl S~ "r "f \, sy . ,· I I "l o!.!~ , .,11(1 ir(, ,,,h ll1all . (' Ias~ :I\I"i sllr ;I r(' ;U!i"llg 111\' '.· anl!lll~ .Iitll·s "i I'rol. /\ , E. Frlt 7, II ii" J"ill~'d till' l 'l .e fa"lIlty t ill S lall. I'r, ' f. Fril l. C;1111<' to " ,,' it(\(.1 frOI H \\':11'\ 11111",1,: l"lIq,:l' at \\ a\'crly , Iowa, I 1.~illl1g inl'n,I,. I II IH' T'· f,'r It' ll .1 l'ar, hi' t;\\1"" h l p syc lH'llo'g y \' ot a lo!t u ard- \I .' \I'r ' \I 1 pli le ' ! ' I I ' I 1 f .,111)\\"1"11 Ill- -hul il \l'a ~ ~n"\:' !' , \ ltll~s l 1\ :::~:n . ," '-'0" uSY all< \\, ;IS :\ "0 - \ ('a n 0



~~~'ll.l~ \" ~"~I~l~('llllt~\,~~1 ~~': r~~'ll~ Il~ ;:;~~': .n~ l):~'::





llI~.~l';·I:~a ;~arl;:~g:"I.'~::eal~I11::~ l~;\~~.~c~ :;::::~~'r ;~tll:;~::., '~II~~ i;:t'a;9:;,!.~;at::~~,\~ ~a





Saga Editor



I "',...,. 'B'R"OO""K"D":';""

~============;~ When you want otttoe suppUee


C. O. Lynn Co. MORl UARY


Phone MAJ.n 770&6 .


Ir-_.~~P¥A¥R~K~L~A~N~D~C¥E¥N~~TE~R~~, Madsoe's Groceries



Cu i J . N,lson - FURRIER Manufaeturr:r of Fine Furs BRoadway 2811

RA U'S Chicken Dinner Inn

TRICKS • JOKES. MAGIC Costumes • Tuxr:dos • Serpentine


Neal E. Thorsen 926I,i Broadway




!I~~~~~I OAKES



921 Broadway

Z;.li.l;"\~~:~~~'I:(':;u~fl L~:;~~r~~ BrotlH ril>v >tl o wn the soc Iety,

~~;II;::tI~~~:' ·r:ll;l;~,t.' a :;~~~":to~t~~' h(> I,h-r ~.

Marty Gulhaugen, r:x '43, aftr: r sr:rving 2S month s in Italy, Francr: , a nd Ge r. man)" arri\"t:d ill the Statr:s Oc to br: r 25 and reer:iverl hi s disc harge Novr: mbe r I. Marty d s ited hi s sistr:fS, Rumohr and Grac<, Ebi n e. on the campus last wr:ek. {' Illl, and wi ll enroll hr:rr: hi't1sr:lf next se mestcr,





life inSIl:an('(' i~ issued t o Lulhl'rall M('Il. \Vonlcll, anti

Jo(' Heucher!, I.iheral Arts sophomore, is :1 pre·t lu:o logica l sludcn t and is a IIle l11be r Of , the Choir of t he \Vest. Ted Reitz, junior in the Collr:ge o f Li bc ral Arts , is LSA COlL ll c il presidcnt, junior class tr('asur('r, ha s worked on the \If>nrillg Mast edi toria l s tafi, was last y,'ar 's soph omore c lass president, and is :t lllember of thr: choir.


MAIn 4861


Low Net Cost.

j1ln ior, wa ~ :t s~ istant bus ines s manager (or la-I )"t'ilr' s Saga, i~ a t pr('~('nt A \VS Ilre ~ illenl, 011 the :\58 cabil1 ('l, and h as h"('n "et ive in IlHl.~ i ca! o rganizalion s.


734 St. Helen's Ave. (Med Arts Bldg,)



(St, H elen's Fur Shop)

STATIONER (Rosenburgll) BR.4629 913 Pacific Ave,



bUTHERAIL IROTHERHIDD Legal Reserve Life Insurance for LlItherans MINNEAPOLIS 2 304 MEl>. ARTS BLDG




E. N.








Your FlIture Starts.r oday



~ ' S~ ad ;e~ fJ~

Stead til

AROL ELEFSON and RUTH JENSEN .. both j uniors· in the Calltgt of Education , han betn chosen as 1946 Saga edito r and business manager. resp«tively. a tabubtion of Wed!ltsday's balloting reo vealed . Cnol. whose ho me is in- East Stanwood. has taken an active parr in campus affairs . She is president of the Wcimeri"s Athletic Association and 'vice· president of the j unio r class. Last yea r she served on the DPK Counci l and was Viking C lub vice president.


~ea4 SfVj4



Ruth, who ha ils from Tacoma. has alrea dy hJd experience in keeping the Saga books balanced. ha ving been assistant business manager last yea r. RUlh is well -known fo r her musical accomplishments. and is president of the Associated Women Students and j unior class representative to the Student Council.. In her freshman year she was snapshot contest chairm an for the Saga. Editorial a nd business staff members for this year 's Saga have not yet oon selec ted but will be announced in the near future . The Saga . which appe~rs


[he close of the sc hool year , is one of the main

unde rukings of the Associated Student Body . ( Photo of Ruth J ~n;el1 by Ke nnell-Ellis)

Give Thanks For Peace





2 PLCites Have Poems Printed in Nat'l. Mag.

T his fall a$ 111 funner y ~a r s. t he ~atlona l Poe lry /i.ssoc iat ion sponsored a poetry COllle s\' for s,ude nt s in all Ameri · ca u coll ~ges. Tw o PL Cites, Tehlla ~I e tzKt'r an d Ruth jolll1 so n. submitted pOCIllS to Ihe contes t. Th i" week the fo lkl\\' ing dis palch was recein~d by Dr. H e rher! R. Ranson. Enft l i ~ h profe ssor: DC:lr Friend : \\'e t;,kc plt.'::l liu r{" in ann o uncin g' Ihat the foll o wing poem s. writtl'lI by s tudents o f \'ollr coilegc. ha \'l' heen aC~'t'ptcd fo r l"Il;li catio n in Ih e :\nl1l1al ;\ntholo~y o i

~~:::~~o,~oetr)' :


" S ul1llll~ rsp c ll "


Tacoma C oncert Master Threesome Chosen For Coaches String Quartet Campus Cheerleaders Th e PL C $In ng- quarte t is r eceivin ~




Lois Tollfdd t. an d Jim

~pl'c ia l coad ling fr olll ~tr. Harry Linde n. Zi(tll' ~ha\C hcen C llO~c u frolll a g ro up o f ronn·rt maste r of T al'Ollla Ph ilh a rmo nic U r ches tra, alld fath e r o f E uge llt' l.illdt'n , cO IllIIH: lo r of ~'acoma P hilh a rmo ni c. The rn'c nt h' form ed PL C mi xed ~Iuar con sis tin~ o f -;-:ran cellc Sc hoc h, La Yerne Linll ~ r so n . :\Il.lert Kllhn aud ~I;rialll' Il o pl'. a ccn l11pa Ult.'d o n th{" viano by RUI1[ ohr G I,lha ulo:\'I1, w ;ll liinlo: at th e l.uthc ~ a[l Chllf r h 1. o ng-vicw, at the mornin g ~ t'n· i c~·~. S Ullda ),. De c. 2. The 'luart e' ~anlo: .. I th e PJ. C Th;II,k sgi vin;,:



~Ietzger ha~ll.'I~~.(' li'I~~l\'~;:::~:~ ~:;iCh

. Ru t h ~i. J ohn son Thi s ;\ lI t holog:y i!'. <I. compilat iun of Ihe linesl poetry written by the Col lcge m en a nd women of Am e ri ca represe nting e ve r y S tal e in t he u nion. Selections we re m ade fro m tho usa nds of poems submit led. \ V t" heartil y co nto: ratula t e the SIU den lli 0 11 thi s honor. Tha nk yo u fo r yonr continued illlerest


NOV EMBEJ< 2 1. 19 45




Ihc \ 'c Il·ran.;

rect'II,l y

~c h ool yell s Ih is ye a r. Tryout s wen.' hc:lf.! a week aRO T m' sd ay. a nd a \'ollllll iUe:e cOll s i,; t;[;g oi Ihe ,. llId(-nt COIIII Cil , class Ilfl·s i<i{" nl s. alld IWO melubc rs o f the facIIlty lid ccted the w;uller s. Becau se: ca n· rerellcc compelitioll was dropped during tht· wa r, thNe ha vt.' l1e(-u 110 dl{"erl ead e rs the las I : wo ye.. r s. Pat, Liberal Art s soph u lll o rt'. fro m ~ul\1ner, is S t'e. -Trcas. o f th e Ice -S kating

~ang :·I~lIl~~/~~.I~I.II?:n:lu (:~~ell1:!~~~~'

I los pit a l a t :\mcri can I.a k ~'. i ~ (')1;\)\,<'1\·\1 to 5inK at t he \ Vestern Siall' H vsp ita l a t S tei lacoom and Ihe Cus lod ia l Sc hool a t Buckle)'. T wo Chris t , 11I as ('once rl s will be g iven b y t h ~ c hoir d \lrill).: Ihl' holida y scason, al

III s tudt'IlIS as th c thr eesOme to le:ul the

a nd is ;tc ti "e

l. oi~. al so a Lib. A rt s 50ph .. iro m Il ntjllia11I , \V a ~ h " i ~ serl,{(';l llt -a t -a r111 S o f th e

Major P. E. Hauge Enjoyi'n~ Terminal Leave at HOlle Bac k hOlllc a g;lin is Ma jo r Phil ip 1-: . Hauge. college Dea n o n lea ve, who ar· ri ved ill Pa rkl a Rd Sa turday ' fo re las 1 afte r seven mo nth:o; o \' e rsea s. Enjo'ying l. t('r minal lea ve with his wif ~ a nd two c hil dre n, Ihe !o.(ajo r expects to be placed on inac tive s tatus by Februa ry. Since hi s vi sit to th ~ campu s las t May Day. Major Hauge s('ned as an E xeculi ve O fficer of the 514th Air Se r vice G ro up four m iles no rth of N a ha, O kj· nawa. S ta tio ned there during the r ecent Iyph oo n, he giveli a g low ing account o f its e ff ect. Sin ce onl y o ne tent r em a ined sta nding ,in his cntire g ro up, th~ m e n were fo rced to take refll g~ in tombs built ill the side o f the hill.

Soph . cla ss. a 111t.'ln b('r o f the Choir and "T Ilt' l.ittle Sy m phony." h(' lo ngs to "Our bOYli:' co mlll ~ nl e d Major Hauge, \ V.:\ .:\ .. a nd has "' OIrke:d o n the Saga " we r e s lig h tly uneasy in this atmosphtre bu sin ess s taff . of II rns l'o nl ain ing boll~ S o f d~ c ea se d na· )i111. o r " Red. " as 11 \' is know n. is a I ;,'es. hilt apprec iated th e safe:, dry I.ih. ;\ rt s fr es lllll a n a nti hail s (rOlll O n '- ref uge frf)11I Ihe typhoon. The Amtri can .l\ go n Ci ty . .O rego n. ,'\flU ), had Irin i 10 pr ese n 'e th e to m bs as milch as 1J0ss ible. closi ng th e ~ ntrallc es "no ,,-ith sandba gs. bUI w ilen the typhoo n D t nnis Hartman, Secretary s truc k. the s3ndbagli we re has tily re'[hi , i:o; Tclm a's winning selectio n. L as t we e k the libra r y pro mot ed di :o;Ulo\·ed . " pla ys for :\1ll e ri c;m E ducatioll \ Veek and Th c fo ur da ys fr o ul Nove mbe r 22 Rulh J o hn son's will appear in the ne x I Nal ional Hook \ Veek. The di:o;plays arc "~ati \' es 011 the is land s peak japanarranged o n th e tables 10 the right o f tht' through No vember 25 w;lI find th e PI.C ese. However," explain s Major Haugc. i:o;s lle . ALLEGRO door as olle enters. ~' alllpfl s .; trangely dese rted o f fa culty and '" ob sen'ed mallY tall n,1~v~ s, which is By Telma M'e tzger The Kcneral th eme of Edu catio n \Veek s h,dent s, for "Thank ~ giving recess be- IIOt ty pica l of the japanese race. 111e ( Contil~ ued 0 11 page thr ~~) The Hul t' wave s th e lake gaily wa s e,lu catio n fo r the prollloti~m of gC !I- g in s at 3 :40 p , Ill ., \Vcdn ~sday, Nov~ll1 . e ra I welfare. It e mphasized s piritual val- ber 21" l l'ourtc~y of the PL.C Ca talog). As the y "i e to be the fir st To tell a brief !> nat ch of joyous news ue:o;, fini shin g the war. sec uring lhc This aftcrnoon s tudent s w ill be rus h· iu g iro lll cla ss t.' li to g rab the ir s uitea lic,; T o the sombre sands. peace, and d~ \'e loping good citize ns. ami thc next hil S :lo me. F o r man~' th is :\ a tiona l Book \V e ~ k was s ponsored by " , f'Irli l o,"P,ortu, IIIty ., ' WI , b~ tie SIll C ~ sc)iool Molie re's " Th e D oct o r ill Spit ~ of J! th ~ :\merica n Lihrary Assoc iatio n. d I I I I ith S E \'cry we:e k the re are displays of ill. starte tQ s~e t 1t'lr ta nH y a n( 0 d fri~ Ids Himself" w ill he pr~ s e n t~d by th e PLC a nd 10 enjo y Illot her ':o; hOllle c()(fkjng Dram atic :o; class, 011 the Ca~p tis Bro:td T U E S DAY . N.UVEM.BER 20-te r~ s t to facult y and stud ent s. some of ( with a'lI d ue appreciatio n of the ",rln. CI I hy se nior cia.;;;; whic h a re na tionall y sponsore d. hut d f I I "d I f r \ . I " ~ ) ( a lit O\'(' r KM O. Tuesday, No vembe r 27, a tl~~~lat:~!r;~;1 hO\lr. lIlany art m arie o n subjec ts ju st o f ge n· 1~~o~e S~::~:I~tS I:;~:l It\~e to: orl.l)~~ at 8:00 p. Ill. DPK Th a nk sgi, ing hall (luet . era l int er est. get hom e w ill ulH.lo u ll te dl y be i n v it ~ d to Rumoh r Gulhaugeu, E lea nor ' Hel l· WE DN ED SA Y. NO VEMBE R 21 , III pre v io u ~ di spl aYli since sc hool st a rt- the homes o f th o~c ill Il ea r e r ran ge. baum , \ Valt K unsc hak, Lo uise LUllfle, 3: 40 r. ~1. ,0 MON D :\Y, NOcu (hi s fall , th e a r t work o f T homas H a rt \\'ith so ma ny o f li S gone, Ga rfiehl Pa trici" Pun is, and Silas T o rve nd lII.a d c \'E)' IB E R 26. 8:00 A , ~l.-. Be nto n, Chalie:o; Birc hfie ld , an d Da le S tree t. too, will look so mcw ha t "vaca t- up the cast o f " Ba ch e lo r 's Ba by," a p ro· Th ~i;:'i\' in g recess . Nic hols weT(' ,.llOWh, Durin g A m e ri can ed " WllhOu t PL.<':- itc s trekking the board duction given at a Sherman Schoo l PLC \ \, ED ~ES n A Y , NO \,E~IBER 28 . A r t \ Vcek , :\o\'embe r I t o 7, Sa h·ado r . walk to the Pos t O ffice, the Bog , the pro gr am in Tacoma No v ~mber ,19, und er I.DR IIwet " at 3 :45 1l. III. Dali's art wa s di splayed . Blne H.u s ti c. or' ;\n(l erso n'li Gr ocery .. the direction of Miss Cla ra Chilson. C1a ~s m eet ings at noon. Fro III Thank sgi"ill g to Chri :o;tma s nut come S uufla y e"e llin g , thing s Willi "The Weir d Sist ers" is sc h edlll~j to FRI DA Y E V E N IX G . NO V EM· there will be a di!lp la y depicting wo r ld· b~gin to rctnrn to no rma lcy. and by be presellted at the Pa rkla nd Comnm· B ER .'\O--.-\S B· sjloll sored movie. wide Uibl e r eading whi ch will be pro· )'10l1da y m o r." ing we will ve s hif te d ni~y Club, on Decembe r 13. It i" a vla y ; ~,..q".,._~, 1 mat ed i»), th e A IIIFri ca n Bible Soc iety . ' . ( Co ntllltled 011 page lou r ) written by Vv' all Spe nce. :!li. ;

'''OI'~;::~~II~:' )t::,~,~, o'k

W. l'''CH DISPLAYS ON LIBRARY TABLE Cam/Ju-s- -De- s-e- r-te- d- For Thanksgiving Recess


Dramatic Class To " Take Part in Broadcast

Coming '-...:pent


. . ..


I--~ T HI: ,!!.!t!».!!!:~OI!!A8TIrW-:;~~~~R~~~~-- !II_ A';~~:!!.~!..-students or Pacific Lutheran College Otrtce: Room 130 Telephone. GRanite 8611 Gene A. Snyder. 11. 5 .. '40. dii« har/o:cd Subscrtptton prlce--$ 1.00 per Year , Entered &s second ClU8 matter, October 2 , 1925. at tbe Post irnll1 thc ~a \"y ~ O\"Cll1b l' r i. 1945 is now Otrice at P&rkland, Washlngton • .under the Act of at hOllle in Tal"t111la with his w ife and March 3, 1879. EDITO R .........___ ____ _... _._. _._. .... _... __ .__...... _.... _._. ... ANITA STUEN ::;'I:~~·l' ~.~:.\';;::I1:~~ti;~t · ;~h;I1~;~· ~~;:;;~,eSl~~' ~;~ BUSINESS MANAGER ...._.... GRACE E LAINE GULHAUGEN ,:ion IIDITORJ . \.L STAFI-"' Associa te Edll or . :\ It,, ,, Bnllhl' Roy Schmandt. ex '-1-.3, ami hi ~ wife Spo rts Revorte r \\·:t lt KlIn~ (h:r k Club K o tt~s ........ ..... ...... \",·IIll:1 :\h't zg<-r 111"f , ' rn','11\ \'I" lIllr~ UII the C;\ II 11)\1 "'. I{oy S~r"ice CO IUI1\I1 :\Idv s Bred\"old it :, ;; hn' n ~li~rh:l r J..!c4t ITll lII the ,,\ r11lY :111'; Special \\ riter ;;. ·:·-:::::D~1·I;i;;;~· ·i·i ·~ii\ilall . l.ou ise Tollfddt. l\nit a I~oth . li'1lh j ohllson I,lall." t,· ('lIr" l1 :II tl1\' l· uil cr ~ ity of Ad\· i... cr ' ..--OUSniESS - ·STll~ .~ :\{ rs. Ruth S, Fran k \\"a ~hi Ii Slo n . A (h·~· rt i~ i n~ :\I a na g" r . Rnmohr G \l lhallg"I ~ Tin' I~,·\· . .111t1 :\Ir ~. I'. B. ! I, "f Ta · Cl r~·\I lati n ll :\l all a).!" ~r . Ikttl' 11,1\"\ ," " m;t II,' T, : I'k :i~ anll) ": lrl1 ri~ed Qll e Solicitl'T"; : :\I ahe l Thnn'll :\I.\f~ j al11' n rdl011. (;la(ly" I. ea . Lorrainc 1-o: 0Ilk (' n: I)ur;,- 11101'11111).: ia~t " ,·(·k \\hell thei r $,,", Neil, thy ~kilh r,'d . .1\' 11\' 11 J..:('lkr. I..: 0 ... a 11(' \\oitl;.:el ll1lth. '"' '~2 alld f'--' rm.'r :\ I _ ~I . ellit or. , ailed Exch an).!,· Edit' r ...... \·crlyn Kra ...;t,ergl· r Irolll R ~iIll~" 1!:t1 y. Til,'y clljny\'d a thn'c . :\4h' i~ er . "------. -- ----.-....... ... ---- .. ........... O. j . Stuen ll1i'lllt ,' ,'L\III"(" T"'ali,'1I Io\).! ,.tlt fr. and W(' rc

The World Ne.eds A Thanksgivit.lg \Vhen wc si t down to o llr 10 Jdt'd tJbles on this .Thank sg iving day, 1('[ us no t b(' compl.1ct·nt in Ollr comfort. L (' [ us not think o nl y that our troubles are ove r and that ali is right in " this best of Jll possible worlds." Instead . -think of the milli o ns who arc st.1rving all ove r the world. Re. m ember th.n one·third of India always goes to bed hungry. Remember that there arc people whose troubles arc infinitcl)' greater than ours ever WE'r('.

The war is ovc r. but sti ll there is no peace. \Ve must not think that W(' can sit smug ly back. sJ:ying that we w on. Hurra y: anti now we can rest

on ou r oars. No. fo r already some of ou r ilhis[riou~ world statesmen seem to be in t he process o f working up ,mot h er war . Now, as much JS ever , we

~('e~ to pr~y f orhlX'ace and w o rk fordP'bace'fWII(' c~n b~' til.lnkhf.ul that Chris· hanlty points t e Wa)' to peace : an y 0 oWing ItS teac lOgS, not pas· sivcly w ith lip service. bur ardentl y and ze.1l o usly, Wi..' C:ln .lchieve Ollr gOJI of "turning swords into plowshares. "

Now Is th e T ime to Reconvert RecenEl\' a pctitjon WJS p.1ssed .lround for the " rebirth" of the Ski Club, and from here the proposal sounds lood. ow is the time 10 sta rt reorganizing so me of ou r w.u.c~" Ltahy clubs and rn~ them go i':1g con· ce rns. A f(·w years back . halt th'lfun of c oll~ge was gained thro ugh the so~ cial organizations o ne b? r ong~d' roo Getting back to the SJ,.ii· Club- it \\' .1S o rgJnlzcd In 1939 by nin~ snow, love rs : it grew and flourished until g.1S rationin g called .1 halt to mountain treks. In 194 1 the Tacoma Ski Queen was chosen from PLCs C lub and in th at year (he ski team tied w ith CPS for lOp place in the in· t('rcollegiare mecr at P.lradise V.1lley . That is going to be quit e a reco rd to beat- but time w ill [ell: Another vani~ hcd club j~ the Linne Society wh ich was voted the "most active club on thl cil mpus" in 1942. This was a club for all students en · rolled in science cou r ~c s and the calt'ndar for the seaso n co nt ained many get-togethers, and the annual w.:ock end outing {O some ' nature -lover 's re· t reat. Th~ year a thriving club could b~' o rganized. what with tht' num· ber of students enro lled in Dr. Schaefer's s.cience classes. Ont' of the c1ubs~ that many of us r;:m em ber we ll was the Lute Boos[ ·

{'ud ( Ko\"C!ll1bcr 18) was that· of Ruth

Fosso. ex "l SI and Duane Gi lhcrt son ,); tl.le navy. Th ~ hri(l e's fath er, Rc \' . O. Fo,:so. per(oTlllerl Ihe ce rcm<J ny in th e :\ l1acorte s Ln th Nal\ Ch nrdl . l 're~ (· ! 1t 1'LC students wh o attcmkd th c welhlil1g we re Vedis i-Ill seboe, wh o s a ll~. and :\Ibert Kuhn, who played hi;! \·i"l ill . {;ra,'\' h:.lHlt re ll had cha.rgl· of th(' glle"t h"ok" I' ith :\orllla EIdson. I'X · 4 ~.

Hjordis Rogen, ex '4), w-a ~ married 011 I..k t"J,\·r 1.l I" "]"1\('0410r(' l. alld"~· 111 01 \\ ·o~l<lhl1rll. ()rl' gon. :\l ir ialll 11 011J1 and Franre lle :'~· hock. prt' H'nt ~tll(kn t s . "ern''] t11\' hri4k'~ e;lke.

George Davis. Iligll S\·hool '41 ;~ nd IlI h'rlll ,' d h ~· \:"il that he ""I'(',t ,: to be ('."; '-1-2, was gratiuat('d on Oc tobcr 22 home liy Chri~t1lla s. ff<>ln tho;- L:ll i\'('r ,:i ty of \Va shin gtoll P,F.C. Carl Olson. ,., ·.f2. h;,~ rcce nth ~d\Ool of .\r th it cc turl·. (jcOT loI:e is now _1""('11 :!w ;m l,',1 tl l\' Hrnll / ,· ~ tar. n'('('i\"(' ;\ IcadlinJ,: a " Ia~ ~ ;n fre shlll ;Jn architeC' · f' l f herni "l1\ 011 Ol.: illawa. Car '. ex pecte d tllral d es i ~ lI at th e univer sity. 11 (' 111(, ill .jall~la ry. plam to attend P.L. C. afte r he l!O dl sc harg('(l fr01ll Ih(' :\rmy. THE NEWEST, LATEST :\tlo th ('r "isitor 011 the campus las t wl'ek was Woodrow Arneson, '38. wh o ha~ JUSt n'pn rter\ ha ck 10 San Pedro. a nd SHEET MUSIC Ca li f.. after SPCllriill g a 30·day fu rloug h TED IROWN MUSIC at hi,; hOllll' ill -G i/o: Ilarhor: Ill' i~ ~ ta· 11 2 1-23 Broadway ti llile d 011 Ill\" Baltlt'ship Snuth Daknta· 1!~====;;::======~ Captain Roy Anderson. ·.fl. who left till' l'nitt'd .state ~ in Ft'brllary of '43, l'i~ ite{1 th" ,·amp11 ,: o n NOl"Cmber. I) ~ whi l\' home 011 a furl ough. Ray --; aw action in .\fri ca, Italy. Frali Cl' ~ in . dudin/-t" D · Dny ). and Germany . [)urill,Lt" hl~ wa r nq l('ril'llce he was thc The QUALITY Store. Tacoma r('eipi ent pi 11):111), decora tions. includin g b=============' two fr01ll thc French /o:overnll1cnt. The Croix de guer rc wa s awarded him for RANWE.LL'S work with the !O ul'ply Ilepartltlent of th e OR French 1st army during the battle of INE France. Th e seco lHl is ;J l ,iaisoll an(1 Ue772 OUNTAIN (O ll n:1i~ !O allce award . . EATURES Brdwy


ta F


Un th e cxpiration of hi ,: fl1rlough, Roy will return to France to join the Closing 0 uI Forcers th(·n·. I-Ie expects to return to the U.s.A. in August . , Ensign Art Larson, ex '43, 5011 of ou r Swnli ~ h in!'lru("\or. Rc" . E. :\. La rson, W rltl'~ that hi~ ship is n"w anchored in Tokio Bay. ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.,1






OArland 5436

ers, Inc.. which was formt'd fo r (he purpose of st imulati n g activities a t thel;::============~~===========~~ coll ege. The Boosters bad their hand in every ac ti vity o n the campus. O n e of their h appiest contributions was the famed "Mi rth and Mysteries" show. w it h such participants as H arty Hoff. Evan Carlson, Norm Holm, Hal Bruun, and a dozen o r so of like energy. GROCERIES · - FLOUR • HAY - GRAIN - ETC. These art' just a few of the more active clubs of the past which wou ld On the Mountain Highway Porklond: Wo.h . . be worth whi le revivi ng. A look th ro ugh some of the past Sagas wi ll show many more. A few of these added to our presenr ex tra~curricuIar calendar would make a fuller school year.

Johnson & Anderson



Every Week Is Book Week



Last week books were give n specia l reccgn ition as Naticnal Bock \Ve~k I way at 13.. appeared on the calend ar. As college stud~nts we shou ld make eve r y week a book week and take < advantage of [he knowledge that awaits us between the covers of a book.IIF=-==>F'==IF'="';''''''=7 ; O==~O===><==-==-=9 Baco n ad vises that "Some books are to be tasted. others to be s wallowed. and some few to be chewed and digested .. ," In this manner we woUld receive double va lue for money expended in tuition during our four years in college,


Your Old Friend Is ·Back With Pre-War Goodness and Flavor


GRonile 7311


- - - -- - - - , . - - , - - -- - ; 0


Major H auge (Continued F'om Page I)


:1;:~ i(':~'.~llloln e

1rhcr" .cl1;\r)::(' o j


First BasketbaH Game Slated f.or Next JVee k




S"li~--wumt"rrt"·I",·h;:"-P",,:::,,7;ij:::if'I.·;:"';;:";:."::";:"-C;."'·o::;l;-::l'::"':-'';G''''~a'd'';'''a.+;',"",='''''UallJ."''-'''''='''"=---:+-''tt''''''''''''''il1t'''''l;r""'\\l"ftmn"••;r\1:L:~~\Tj'gf('I~" ,'03miiir--.---­

Ol1r l;;Iundry t(1r~ wi]] "l'C h:a~kethall actIon the wcd: aiter Th :lnk~l-!ivilll-! in a prartl ce game, "The 1~la\ld i;: l1lade IIp chicfl,· o i co r :" pr()hahly at the F o rt. a cc nrding to whirh l)r,,\'('(1 valuahle in th e' const ruc- CO:lch :\1ar\' Harsh m:H1, li (>n of airfit'ld~ thl'rl' , \\'h cn wet , the (In ,r lwriule als .... i<; a ga11le wi!!) E"l'r.

~1111'~~~~I,\a:!~k;~tl;~a::~'.rc"I~;;:1 ,:~:.l;r\k}\hl' S'

i, I\ sed in ett .hllliof ('1, ll eg e ])c('(,l1Ihl.'r 14, jalll!,'lTy 4 and ~ :He ,I .1H.' , of gam e ~ with "The harh0f thcre i.. handirappcd be - :--;l'alll(' I'ariiir Colle p:e, the first b..·ing' C;l.H~e lllally sh ip , ha\'(' h('t"n ;;\lnk in it, held 111 Seatt!r, and the return helng bllt (',·cntll;i! ly it will hc :t ('1:os;: .\ har· 1'1:I\'(' d hl're the next n ig ht. f,n r, X at i"e nlll\lre "i ll Iwndit hy rnat! rile fir"l I'nninl'll('(' game in which ;111<1 draina .~(' ;:y~tl'lIh and le \'C !i1l1!' 01 th e (;lac1 ,. parti,·ipate rhi s "easo n w i!! be 1;l1ld J,~. the ,\r 11lY. 'l jl'h \\ hirh w'->ll1d 1,I<iYNI hne wilh \\"',qcrn \\·;\shington t.ti,(' flily year ... ii dtllle hy thc 11 at i,,(',;," Cn 1! ... !;e J :nUla r y lO- l .?, T h e :\ bj"r ":1;; di;;apPl)illte(1 lli,t to ~('c Coa<,h Ilar",hman COllI!lll'lltcd that he all\.- PLCite~ nn Oki,l ;tWa , ( In thc F.uTO' i, n:Ill't' t in IT. an additional ,) Ia\.'('r to re... 1'(,:l n t heater he 11le( \'ernoll :\f illcr. ex !lIrll ~'101l from till' a r my :tn d two fTDlll '40 "w!:ik rro<;:in~ IIle de~('rt" :111 :1 Ih.' t1:{\' ~. , III~ pa ... s in!-!, "tlggest io ll "to I'rnie I'('rrault, a'rclllly dischar,go:-d PLC k,,/,p an ('~'e nil 'Pe r r :ttdt" wiO ('e rt ~ i llly .I l1nior, ill Egypt ,) He sailcr! fo r 1)(\1111' lit' fllll,l \\'ed hy e\'er y iaH wh o has aion ()et Dher 20 alloanl th(' l'. S, S. Crant. n'all~' Sl'e\) Erme in actio ll. ,-:\I y fUlnre j!liln~ are lndeiini te." The _,tartmg lillell]) as ~"I.'n now will ,~tatt'~ :\1 aj,'r Ha uge, "11 (> \\ e\'er a t pre~­ hl·: forwarrl~, I[arkne~s, Hcdi,.ke: el'n ler , ent I am (,Dll tcnt Simply to enjoy Ill" ':\ l' al : gua r ds , Perrault. Hauge, leave ba c k home aj:!<i in \\';th Ill)' fam ily," "ja('rk, :o-iord inj:!, Pih i, P e ter s('n , l)ollgla,., ;;'IHi J-.:lln~rhak are !lIore hoys who will a bo he p l;tying." the cDach rema rke(1. 'They ' re a l\ good."

.• pri n gs nearhy 1.0;lgmire. .\I1i!l' l silh ouettes III th'c "no \\'\ \ hal' llo a ll the tunllcls go ' rr :lm pillg, sl,iin,l:, c rawling, hiking.\h, the hit' o f a lucky \ ' ikillg~ Col,I , weI bCl'''. froll'lI feetOil, ior jll., t a little heat: Sntlw-.:apped c.:rag~ and Par;id ;"e [nnCTi'~'l'r.o",sed . ",k iis.- hc'l l ne,'er win! ('


Lundberg Drug 11 830 PACIFIC AVE,


PHONE GR. 8519

GLENN NEAL When you want oItice auppUM


9 1 3 Pacific Ave:


BR , 4629

HELEN DAVIS Smart Apparel 917 Btoadway

Ha ck ,,11 t!l<' call1l'\\~ is t ; lcn n :\ ea l, ait('f - o-cning with th l.' Army \ ir Fo r ces for ,n 1!1,)nth~, (;le!ln fl'fcived h is train Ill ).::' a ~ a U· 17 pilo t at \ Ve~tcrn Flying l'r:tinin>:: C 'l!lllnand _ .\ ... ;\n o\'(-r~e as I)ilul hl" \\':t, ;, tt :l rhnl tn th e 8th :\ir Forcc 'lpl'ratillg nnt "i the E.llftlpean - Thea lre. i ll' iI,,\\, 21:! m i"sio n s in a B-li, e:l rni ng the Ai r :\t edal and J o ak lea f c lu s ter ;; and 2 S lars be.fore return ing t o the S tat es ill :\1 a y, 1945. r;'lcnn ;&lI el)(\ell PCC in the ia ll of ' C a t whi r h IUlle he tr an~ f erre ll irom the 5 t:t! e I'l.'ach e r· ,c; Co lle ge at Dickenson, :\ o rth D ako ta.

:============;1 BLUE RUSTIC

Ca rl J. Nelson · FURRIER


Manufac turer Df Fine Furs

(St, Helen 's Fur Sho p)

734 St. Helen's Ave. ( Med Arts Bldg.) BRoadway 2811

A. M. ·ti1 10 P. M,

Mrs. Frisbies Bakery FDr GOOD Bakery Products 710 So. 38th St. Phone GA. 7591



Ch l'lle~',


S kil h r ~d ,) i le:\l1\ 5, In o r de r to fin is h the "o lll'ybal l p la y-

IS-- PL C at Ikl lin ,l:ham ,r;-El ku shu rg he~e, 26-Elll'u"hu r !{ here l - PI.C at S" a\1lc C~llcge 2-I'1.C at Sl'a tt le Co lh',Ke ?--Che ney 1Ii,'ro! 9-C hl.'ney ho! r e 22-PI.C at E lll' usburg 2J-PL( at E lIeu shmK 2S- I-' L C at C hclley 26----PI.C at Chene~' ~Sca t l l" c. )1!I'~e here q-~I'a tt lt' C~)lIel.!l.' la're

;lIul D o rothy

all th e wa y with tl.';lm I threat('ning only ill the last mi n1!tc~ oi p lay, The second g amc was pla yed bc tween tca m s 2 and 3, with th e ior m cr tal,in~ a 411-1.~ drubhing. Ruth Pfll1q~c r is captain oi tea III 4, Hl'len Pe lerson. 2, and Dap h ne Hellman, J, The g am e betwee n tea m s J and 4 to derido! thc cha m pion s w ill he pl a yed Tne s<la y aft ernoo n at J:45 in t he gy m .


Club Notes

meeting \\ ' e( hh' ~day 1'\'t'nil1!o:, No\', 14, in the eh:q)el, I ler themc "Thc O pen D oor to the \\-'orlel" w a s based o n Rev , 3:20, ~fr s, E id(' is t he fo rm er educational sec retary oi the Luther Leagues of the :\ . I..C,,'\ . Be lt~· I.n u Rieke pla yed a "iolin "o lD, The o pe ninR ' k\'otiD n ~ \\'c re l·(l l1du ete d hy S ta nley \\/il li:lI11S0 Il, LOR-The Trea s ure Chcs ts arc ready to he d ist ributed tD LOR members acl·ordinR to ;-'l dlie Ri sa, pres id ent. These

~7t'~~:r:Il;~r h~tI~~(l~r~:~ ;~I~!~~ a~~)~ ~~ t~:

You a dock and arc accused of killing til11e--Just prove that the cl ock u sed fo r sp'Ccial thallk-offering3. stru c k fir s t -The Kuay \-Veekly LSA-The L s&\ Connc i! is s lw n soring a ,Iri'·e ior the Lu t heran \Vo rld Act ion to hel p clo th e alltl fee d the impo "erishe(\ Europea n s during Ihe co m ing winte r. Eae h o f the religiou s soc ie tie s ha!'o been a ~ h' ll to help ct)llcct the funds by the NEW ENAMEL PAINT first wcek in Deco!mher, 126 ~ RFI ELD AVE. Noon Devotions-S tanlcy \-ViI\iamson , pre sident o f the noon dcvo tio nal gathe r ing, cO!Hlucted a Bib le q,uil at the mee ting Thursday, Nov. IS, Caro ly n Sever eid bl{VU~LJJ-\.Lc. ~ allll a sopranD ;:010, " 0 Lo,'e That W ilt Jl\IIRP .... Not L et ).-[1.' Go."




~ EIll))?] J .......n........


ttIt .... P.clflc


Ice-Skating Club. Th$! , I ~e - Skatitlg Club was o rganized T uesday noon, Nov. 6, w ith t he fo llow in g office rs to lead its act ivities thi s year: Ruth Pflueger, pres,; Pete Pe terson, v ice-pres.; Pat Pur vis. s.::cretary· trca surer, Marilyn, Vanderflu teis in ,charge of the icc-skating part y o n Jan, 16. . '




a !lo,me alld hOllle series of two games at each c ampus, For hrc\'it)', \\'I.'stern \Va sh illR toll Colll'gl.' oj Education is rl'fN red to as Be l11I\gham, Cen t ral \Vas hing:o n CoUe ge of Ed u cation a s Ellen s burg, ami Easter n \\';is hingt o n C~ll1e!-tc o f Edllcatit.lJ) as

Elimination ga1l1l'S were held in \\1,:\ ,\, January \'o l!cyba ll tUfilOu t s TUl.'sdar , \ 'ovemhcr janua ry U, and T hursday, :\ o\'l,' \l1ber [5, to ,Ic- January Fl'h fll ary t('rmllle thc rO ll testa nt ,~ for the l'Ii am pionship game which will hc pl.1),o!d Febru a ry J-'I.'b ruar y Tll e,. da y, November 20, On Tuesday, November 1.l, leam I F et)ruary February played tl.'a m .) :tlld defeated the latter bv a score o i 4 ~- 26, Tl'am ,i lead IllOSt of Fd) fUary th., firs t ha li and thc m id-Kamc scor e h,h r uary W:lS 14-14, hu t te:tlll I pa s,.ed them up F,'hru;t r\' :Jnd eontI Il Ue{\ til ch al k lip th e scores , )'\a re ll 1.001I SI' Trdlfcldt is "apta in o f team I , :\1 :lfCh

for -Dellel... H............ Hot Dot)



pl.'lItil'n wi]l thc Gladia tors p laya total o i 16 k,,!-:,uc ;.talllcs thi .. seaso n , Ea('h school wil l play every oppo;:ing tcam :l to t ,,1 oj fOll r times du r ing the n>gular season, these bcing di\';cled in to

( ;:lnH' s with 11Oll·Il',lJ./.lIl· tea ms wi ll al so lll'I>I'I\'cd Thl' schelluli1l,l: o f Ihesc ga!ll(''\ 1.0t~," 1 fun and roo>.\' ;:::a[o r e." IS n!l·t·(' o;,ipleh~· ;n thIS tinll' . ,\11 t lese mel)l'rie;: a nll nlll't h IIlllch 111 0 re Till.' L ea gue sc hedu le for PLC : JJ.1luary IO---- I_h- llill !o: hall1 here janllary II - Bel lingha m here January lif- PI. C at Bellingha m



:\ l lttell.; drying by the fi r e-

~u lphl'r


Have Your Portrait Made the Modern Way PHONE MAl.

~~~''''~~fl;:' a~l\:;td~~li~ ;II:~~ I)<'SC~ T holl~ht II" hU!l1a n~ s li gh tly f\ lIet'r.

Viking Club-Melvin "Tiny" Osterli ,p resented a. s ho rt talk o n the t~ip to Mt. Rain ier in No rwegian at the V iking C lub m eeti ng Tues day eveni ng, Nov. 13. in the reception room. Afto n Hjelm , "The Swedis h N ightingale" sang a sopr ano so lo, R e freshments were ser ved a t the close of the meeting.







Wedn~ 5


Photocenic? I Fill 'Er Upl Doris and Carolyn Camels can do it, So can Lee Nelaon. Seve~id were 0 11 a r('('('nl s hopping tour It'!i no thing for L ~e to s it do wn to tht in Tacoma, their pictur~ was t a k ~1l hy table and {Irink 5 o r 6 glasses of water th ~ s treet -corner p hotogra pher ell1plo)'~d jU!i1 as fa "' l as they'll s lid e do wn the b y a down-town d~ug COIll\>an )', \\' hen hat ch. Ht' says his capa<:ity is IS glasses. th e gul s retu r ned to see the print s, the Pro\'~ it. Lee! cI ~ rk could not find thelll , Furthu in Black-EYM Suaan \'estigati on ~howed Ihe photographe r Grace Knutzen !it ill sticks to her stor}' had taken the pi clure wilh a c1o s~ d shutler, " That was jus t a polit e way of tell- that s lit: obtained those bUlltifu\ "shin in g u s we bro k~ thc cam~ra:' laughed ers" by running into a wall. \VC ' q: heard better.

Dori s, A Ripping Time

\Vhat is s la ck abou t s la cks? Be\'erlt'y Swanson. freshman day stllde, bent o\"er III gym the other day. Be" has som e mending to do.' Action-Camera I "M.J," Brehon and Mable Thoren "l'cllled to havc bcen Ihc official photographer s fo r OU f MI , H.ainier trip. They werc S l'~' n taking bo th mo\'ie s and st ills of everyl iling frolll dt'c r and r,lcoons to Just scenery alld PLC·itt's. A sign 0 11 "M.) ."s" door la st \Vednc sd ay lIight read: "Pictures PII be seen after 10 o'clock. Until thCII, wc're stud ying."


21. 1945


Wild West Comes to PLC



We-II. podn uh!. ~it' s all oye r- b\lt- 1M • shootin '. an d judg'ing fro m the r ema rk s If Martin Luthe r "' ~re hefe today we o\'c rheard a roun d and about, it was well would fil1d no t o nly a man who was worthwhi le Slicking a ro'und the campus in la uch .....ith everyt hing goin g on las I weeke nd ju st to attend that big e,'(:nl . about him. but ill to uc h w it h every· thing from th e standpoint 'of ete rn · of ·4S--lIamcly. th e ill tha r Kactus Kal'er s ( th e Sop homore Mix er ) which took it y, Th er e are many m t' n toda y who kllo w w ha t i5 going 0 11 about th e m. place Friday night. November 16, in the PLC gy m. but "er y few who kllow what is qo· illg on fr om the vie wl)oint o f· t'ter· The gym, -cl~\'(.r1y decorated with a uily ," dude-ran ch motive. was. the scen t' of lots of good c nteriailllllent, includin g two Pas lo r C. Ryde ll hilario us mdodramas, the girls' trio and First Lutheran Churc h. Tacoma the boy s Quartetu. the song fut, folk dancing with eve ryone participating. and " Pra yer ha s mor e potclltial po wcr the tall talc!; con test; in which Lela than a ;lything in li fe . It is th e very Met zger WO I\ the priz.t:. essence of o ur faith ill God, It can Highlights of th e Kapcrs included the so lve e\'t'ry problem we have." flut e solos· ' by Louil'le Lunde, Arne La "e rn~ Lillnersoll, Aakre's \'ocal alld gllilar solos, violin Soph .. Lih . Art s solos by Uetty Lou Riekt'. and th~ " pe r· sonal appearance" of Big Chiefs Ron- : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , l1;n'g and Ranson~ BOOKS FOR ANY Hat ,; off to RUlllohr G ulhaugen and OCCASION her wlllinittces for a job well done.

When It Rains It POUTS "Hail1ing bucketsful" took on a literal lIIeanmg Thursday ni~ht for fre s hman Kenneth Starauti. A ft~r inquiring as to Ihe nature of tbe outs id t' w~athe r, and Ilt'ing r ~assurt'd that .1- 11 was dry a nd seren e, Kenny sauntt'rt'd lazily o ut of th e no rth exit of O ld Main . Came the sound o f a n 01)enillg window, a bucket rattling - alUl Kenny r etu rned with g r ~ at promptne ss to t11l;: in s ide of th e building. Two girl:, were overhea rd all the Min· carrying in his hair and clothes the very wet contents of a water bllcket . I i he neapo li s bu s SUlI(lay nig- hl. " \Vhateher favorite read in' ?" doc s n't bclic\'c in gra\'ity now. he's cer· "POP('lC, S uperfn:ln . and Fla !'. h Gar· ta ill ly "all wct " ! dOli. "I-iowdya like 0, Heury ?" THANKSGIVING " N aw. the nut s gct in Illy teeth." By Anita Roth -The Gusta\;an \Veekly .\ world at war : Thank God . no 1\1Ore Un 'dis ta nt soil and foreigll So ns fig-ht-and dic-a\\";IY

Shannan Bookstore 934 ~dfic Aftmlo Open Evenings tilt 9:00 p,



921 Broadway




934 CO.... ERCE

. Look to the Moorinl' Malt for P LC News ... but



Campus Deserted (Continued Fwm P ••• 1) inlo the high gear o f class room routine. BI1I back 1and maybe not so far back) in ,he Illind s of each and everyone of liS 30

T o prcHnt illk s, use a pencil. is the exhiianling though! - just The Kuay Week ly mort' days til Christmas and home.


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A Radio Program Featuring Students From TJwma's Public and Private Schools TONIGHT. THANKSGIVING EVE. KTBI, 6,,0 TO 7,00 Enroll Now for Rada£r Productions

Dramatic Radio School of Tacoma PIlone BR 4;88

223 P. S. Bank Bldg.

Choir to Present Annual Concert

Annual Banquet Held next Week

1 Ilt\ .. r II! \ ,011.,,,:. II ,,· I '!. ~ ­ ·".r,,_ .II I'! "I, 1' ,·'lr.l. "ii I !o!l '" It, a ll "11,' \ h, I ~ l II ). " . , 'Ill',' rl :-'1111.L! \. 1""(' 111 h , T )" . . 11 ,; IHI I ' III '" r r UH 1 ~ 1.ll l lwr,l iI t hll l' .·h. l11lo lt-r II>,· 'lil..... I ' • •1I "1 I' ror t ; l1l1 lI-ir.1 '\ 1.t1 111 111 \ 1 S 1)[ 1 l' III , I )'.'-'lIt.~· r II>, Ih.· :.:r. ,,1 1' \\111 l' r ,"e-Ill I h. · :l llll· l'r, ' !.! r;1I11 III -{"'II' Ir;d t 11 lh" rall t -1!1 11 ell 111 T :1"')llI a ., h,· '·'\I1 I1 ,kl.· l,r ,.,,:,: r.illl I _ ." 1. ,1],,,, . : ,1to.1I . .Iol~ 0i .\ \:i ll· _ n ('.;; ir lllg l~ l1 l h J ~' lI" ' n I t Ih.· ,'1"0:;111 1-1 .\ 1,'\"('II1t' II I- { ·lIillll _I,,·.1 ! 11,-


1'.1 " 1".

\\,· ~ t·' " ~ ~h l,d h.1


Day (ind Dorm Students To Gather Deco 20th \ 'I ;, !!:!,ill!.! th,' 1., _\ I\' t"l·k o f ~ r hoo l hefo rt.' h (l l id;l ~ \:\ I':l II o n , t h e arllllla l !lt uJ~nt bo d ~ C IlI i- tm ;I';; h:l1l q t1('t will lakt· p la ce T hu r " l:t y, O " c I'ln b,' r _>tl ,\ formal affa ir . it \,i l1 h " IIt·ld ill Iii,' 1'011.,')': (' d ill i u~ ha ll

~ I a tll "

,\lI d ' ''''11 It· re lu r n to th e .Co lleg e, " It. II\' /-.:!ll" t ,.p('ak ,·r \lIi la ROlh. wi ll

:-o ~ lI1\! h 011 ~

1'., ·Io'r :\l" __ .. .. I,a l 'l:\i r I '. I.. (, l.i nle- :-'~· 11li \ h , .'n~ \ I I Il r~' :11 h ll1!o! 1.1i ,' I ) \ \ ,' " d r ""~ T ~ 1'" SIt-,·p. 1101" Ha ],,· I L... h:t ' ,·lI l l. , .,1"1'1 [ 1 " ,,[" , ~" 11 lla ~ .\1 a.!.' .\1., rn',· '\ I ~' F:lllh I.. ",,,. l ' p h ' T h " .,

l'H"' I'I ,l t',1 111 tl H' n " 'lIi ng's el1l er lainme llt \\ il l h ~' " )" :1l ,,'I,,~ h y I .yd ia 1,t.'lI t7., :1("""!lIpa n l' <I h~ 1 ~ l tnl\) h r ( ; lI lha ll l(l·lI. and , ,']'-1 1,,' 11, h ~ thl' ' t ri nj{ " IIt:lrt e t, consisl , iuJ.( " i H,·II ,· 1,, '11 1 ~ lt'k .:. :'\Ia n o l1 SUil lll:lll , !-r·.lI h·, lk ~.- h" ,' h . 011101 .\Ih ert Kuhl1 ,

I a ~ r !o~ "~I

L' lh 'li .. i 1I,,· \\ " l"h l"f ,' h l'I II L: III).,: \-hnc Illl :" 1.11 11.1 1<,

'I II ,' Ih' ll l,' i.'f the C\'c llin!'l:, "\\'intc r 1\ II I h(' ca r ri t',1 0 11 1 ill I he

"\ , ,,1:\ 1

\ 11 .\1, Il ,':\r!

E hdinlot \," '11

\ d,'I: Fi': " I ,' ~ \..·JIlI -l m. ,.

1 ,111, ' F :U lJ .li "

'\I.II-~;:~ n •. "



:';, .11111 .• "

\ llrtlll




F ""II It~



.I a y st u -

:lre ill l' it ed t o ;oi ll dor mit o ry res i,!. I,t _ I .. r I h,· ..... 1" '" l:all'll1et l ick et " ;,n - ~ ~" I"r ,I"rll l r,·_"i.- I1 I. ;",;1 9(k fu r

~ ,l ' " 1

:\ lo!l l\ I, n lh ,'r ( ?-.l:i n"l1 :'>" II1I1:1 !1. ~ "I, ,i·q [ rh " I "rd H k~ " Y.lI: I.l11 kil1 Cho ir oi thC' \\ · ~·~ t Th l' C huir ~aug S IIIl ,la y . J)"," 'lll b,' r 'I.

""·II, h,'r. :1. \\T H

J e"t ~

F or U 10 IIOU I.~ l'o r n r!llS dal/

in (h e CIIII oi DUL,i:!

Christ the Lord,

(I SaL'lour . lI.' h ic h 18 ' y" shull liJJJJ..Jh.e.... lulb£_u.uupp£d

l ,·' I·hair ll u:1I III l'il a rge " re ]{uth Bj e r Lan. ,lor" . .....l'h"llIore. and lie o r g ina King, d;.y ' '']lholll '' ("(' ' Th d r el)lI ll11ittee chair,1"'11 ,' , ' 1111'11 1 I b. ~. i. 'f ~ I' cc ia l 1llt' lllvria l _~~~~~~~~~_~~~~~~_~~~~~~_~~~I " lt' :1 a rt' lire fo Jlo \.-ill /-.: · Ali e,' Brudit,. p r n . :-' ~' n"' I" f.,r th ,' I'i.. r,·(, CO\1ll ly war d('ad I-:r:l ll1 ; I\ li ( \, h: jt:~ b \l, fo<'<I: Leta ~lct7.g e r , rl1 ,· .d . l~ afh' rn " "11 Ih,· rlh, ir ,llIcl (lr , :'\I a l't' l Th o rt·n. Illlb!i city ; ( l"' - \ ra I'n-"I'tl t,'d a pr"g ra m a t· thl' St ;lt,· 1 . "I1 , Io I I1; ~ t . I' roj:!: r a lll s :I ud ;11 \i CI1 _\iHlia l :" .. 110,, 1 al Bu ( kiC' y .\ fl n Ilw II" ~ th . r,·, :11 1 ) t'" Y ikiliR C luh Io(l y~ .' r,).., r :llI1. I II ,' l,;rnul' \\"a,. ta k C'u On ;/, 1"lI r (Ii Ill<' -,'11 ,,,,1" , hll1 i d ( nQ~ :llItl g roll n,b I,,·\t n 1> , ;.:",,\1 \' au~e :'-allt a ('la 11 ' ili • "mi m!', " hu l th i~ IllI1e \n til ,· \'ikin ~ L'h Ii J C h ri~ lm :l_ p a rt ~ " " TUI' li1b y after uM' n, Ikn'lI\],er I ~. I.> jfH"('l1! ~ i f t - tt' a ll o f ' \';1" ' 11 f" f l h\' T;IC, 'lIIa ( ' jv ic .\Iu !'<i e " Do Y" U IOliK j' lr h"lH PI \·t ~ " i o rc hids ,,, " !i ,',HI \' hd tlre n ",,'ial l''' L FI" i, h \T h :l ~ ;' 1'1 1l·:trt' ,1 ., s or ).:ilrtknia li. t n '(' rlp~ n t' rI Oan ;III .IS, coc o 1<[ '\ lth Ilh' \"0.:11" Yo rk l 'hilh:,rll1 o ni c Illlt ~ , taugt'ri r1l" ~ . ;,11,1 fH' ,, 1I pill eaplJle s: " \"h ,· -tr :,. th (· ~ :I !t F r a r h' i ~ f tl Symph o ny. Alicc Fo r,l, '~L. \\' nl,'s Ih:l t t he:;!.: arc 10 ,1I ul l ilt, ( ·hi.... !.! ., ~ } lI1p h" lI y I,t· hat.! ill ah'I I II ~:ltI ~' t' in h:au :li. 11 ;!"'a ii, I' b. ,, - i" r Ilu- ~ " "· 1·... 1.- 1'., rt .I , .111 .I!l IHla l ll.! ;t ll l"" .1 n d :\.. .t ~( :IIl<lilla l 'i:1II l ' h ri"III'"''

-:tr :"'-OO ' f\. Ill . o n 1:f<):if it the C , S, .

('"''OJ'n -

And this' shQII be a S~!l! O


slJ.: ajr({[rn q clo thes . tl/inQ In a m anQi'r ,

Vikings Will Celebrate htle il1 Northern Style

Lt:ke 2: II .

PLC Students Attend First Lycel:m Program

A lice Ford Writes of , "Melting Pot of Pacific"

l.ihrary .4 ssistants To Be F eted at Pat°ty

~:::,,:~~, :,::. i:;~:: ::,: : :,,::::',,::',~~:, ~t :" ~," ,' :~ I~,::\' ; :~ ";,;;: ";;:::,;',: :::::,::,: ;'~,~ :~" :~i:: ' ~ ;::'I~ ' ~',~ ~ ~:.~ ,I,'

'::::' ,\':

'~~'h ril~;:'! :h::,~~,~'~~, \;1

,' I

h,,, I " .

[ : ;:::' I

i, ,)::

~ "~!: ::~'.L!" ,t, I,lli,~ Ii 1~:.I~.l'l :,\';;, i r~ ~ !~.l lil ;:'I:~

i'11 ' ''' '' "h" li d! .1:I'·!lo\ th\' I,art y arlO 1 I1 "I ,d ,(' r ~ l ' I ' ~ ;.! r:l !ll. I[,'r i. Sl o raa ~ 1i. r ~ .. ~. ,lil' \\ .. 1.L! ' ·lI lll t h. \ 1111 .1 .\mll- r', 'n . ! h d l!l:\ :-01\ ' ! I ' t'li ;. ,111 .\ 11 1)" [" ,,, J.,III1' \ nit:. Ro! h, '1'.·1111 :1 ?-. 1'· I' ~:I'r . 1.," _ j 'ell' _,'II . ;,),.. 1. I:rt l;r :-'k ,~"J>.: . E n' I~' 11 l'a l1 l...... n 11 1I1i. ?-.I a r ion L llld q ~·, lt. 1 ""I ' I~lI I ,Y Tl IIO:: . an ,l ~;ra c " E I;(iIH' t; lIlhau,t.:,· n . j:.: ;\III!.:- :tllti O al .h n e Ildlr n: ' Il . ( ; ... r" l,li llt' 111-,, ". \"ir , ... seila nge (I f J.:' i; t ~ . ?-.Ic h ·ill () . Iedi. l ' :t l"'ititl ia 1 ~I· ic k . H b ll .· h ~· D. 1I1.1h lOi'. Emil y 1)" 11 ~ l'I- er l·id. :ln d .\fl u ll !! jt.' llli . \\"ith ~lIch a p r('j.!ra lll 0 1 ...· ,·llt~ , '11)\ Sb (lIH'lh, .\tr. ::: l1h'l1 and .\I r li, Ib rof sky . " lit.' oi ynn \' i k i ll~ Cluhh\·r ,. C III a'f! o hl In l1Ii~ ~ t ht.' C h ri" t1 n a s p art y- fa ,' tl1 !t y 1I\' ·ll1 ('her .• a Te ' e ~p t' c i ally 111 \'ite!\- H I ~l't' =,011 all the 18th,

Active Group Chosen As Saga Staff Assistants

n nC' o j the n :ally impo rtant e H' nts o f Ihe yt'ar fo r " \' t' r~' ·r I. Ci tt: is the appt:ar· aIH'C' o f tht' yt'a r ly "Saga ." And so ' wt: t r ailetl aro und OUT re-re nt!)" c hoScTl ed ito r to ~ ce "whal's coo k in g " th ili ye ar! C:lr(l l con fes ses Ihal " 1( ,., 'Illi te a io h." :tnd s h(' h a s c h O~t'n to tw lp e n g inee r it an a c ti\'e and ""]ll'fI{·llct.'d J.:rOllp, Lois T o llfeldt is a ssistant edilor, \\'ah h:un schak ad\'er' ti s in g.;m~ na gc r . Ken Etoraasli cor culating manager, Arlt'ell Cordt:s is in chargt: of w r ite ' ups a nd Ihllllohr Gu lhaugt'n oi tht: sna pshot contes t. "Takr: 'r:m and save ',' IIl;" R um s ays . T he bus inus Itl:t lla gr:r · is Ruth Jensr:n. Ca rol prosise'S \1 S o u r Sa g as somet imt: in May.

Com ing events FI ~ III.\ Y,

nE e. 1-1 - n a s ke lhall ;': ;1lil t' 1" ' l t' w il h E"t'r e- It .J u nior C" lk).! ,·. i: JO p. Ill,

:'- .\T C I<D .\Y.


I.i -

I.ihra ry

SU:\ D .\ Y, D EC. 16 -

C h ri s t ma s ('ollcc r t a l T rin it y, Ch urch. I'arklall!!, 3 :0(1 1' . 111 . : .1t C ell t ra l L lltller::n. '.r.l r ow:,. X:OO I'· II ;

~[( )!\ IJ :\ Y . IJE t.:. 1i- LOH CK"~s t-

DR P E HAUGE TO ••• RETURN TO PLC Dr. I ?-.IaJor) I' hi lip E. H all).: e. \\'h o h :l ,; hee n :lOme 0 11 t ~ rtl1 i nal lea\'e f-r6fil t ht' A rlllY fo r sOllie w eek., \\' ill relllrn to t he PLC s taff :l fter an ah"cll ce of three aile! ollc-half ycars. P r esident S . e. Ea stvo ld :UJ[IOll ner:d in ChaDel, \ Ve'd n( sday, Dec, =; HI.'; will rt:SUllle his duties as Dean o f the Co lle-g e on Ja n uary I. 19-t6. Dr, Ha'.tgc · was thl.'; Chapel speake r o n n t·,. ' mh('r .:;. Ihs inq hi " re!ll a r '-' s 0 11 the famil iar 12 1st Psalm, he to ld t h e s t u de n l' ' 11'0 're ll1:!rkab 'e in<: illc:1! fr-' 1lI army e- '" " r ;e ll :::e.


111 :1';; P;l rt y al i :30.

Tt;E S DAY, DE e. IS- Vik i:;?l.t(' C .b pa rt y at 7 .30.


TII U R:-; DA Y, DE e. 20\ -

A 1,...: hool C hr ist illa s banqu et at 6 :00 , 111 , Can dleli g ht service a t 8 ;30.

FRID .\\', J) E C. LI- \"a'::llio n begi ll S. ?-. I{):\D\ Y. J .... X. 7 -

Cla ss('s

T liC I{S O A Y. J . \~ " IO-B ;, skc t11:\1 1' RI· lIi ll/.:' harn here, SAT U RD :\ Y, JA N . 12- Baskel I a ' l : Belling ha m he re.

.\ Ii,!, For,!. ,b u gh l\' r 0 1 :'\ I r. and Mr s, :'\ Il)rri , E For,l . prl1l cipal 0; ]':Irkland {;r;uk SdlOo l. wa li a star r epo rter ; n r tIll' .\ I,")ring ;\l a ' l in the la tc '3O's and " arl y ' 40'~, S h e IS 1"-'11' leac hin g on a -!r;,dl' ~l" h "d l Ca ll1\JII S o f .follrteell billl,l in >:"s 1) 11 th e " G arlie- II 1 5 1 ~lI d , " Kallai ( pro no un ced, she s ays, as ;::o..--('ye ). I\ l iss Fo rr!. in a lett er to Ed it or A nila S I II t' n, tk s cr illl' s lu'r fir st da y in h e r .-]a . :- roo ll! o f dea u, well-drellSl!d, b areloul. e,1 c hildre n, ill tile '''melting pot" o f (li e Pa ciii>:. The larges t p er centage o f he r ~ t n d elll !\ an~ J :l p anr:se, Il c r clas sroom she desc riht:s a s ,I '~r a lifyil\f.:' place. T h e s.ehool is progres~ ~ i \· e. the chi ldren a re seldom absent front s("[ lOol . very fe w wear glasst.' s. a nd t:vt r )'0 11(' ha .' beau tifull y formed teeth . Each eh ild m us t p r esent a yea rl y h ealth ce r t ificate . Tea ch er !> :11llJ parents, together, :Ire res pons ible fo r cnfo rcing this rule. Il er living co nd itio n s a re somew hat dif' iicll it, alt ho ug h cotiases a re fur nis hed tea cher s. ~ Ii s ~ Ford gav e, in he r lette r, a so urce ..f in fo rm :,ti o ll o n teachin g in Hawaii, [" h is Ill:!}' be o bta in ed from Anita Stuen. ~Ii s s FOhl w ish es "Me le Kalikimaka and ;t H a p py ~ew Yt:a r to al l."

Don Abnt r, '.\8, w h t) a ~ a gu nnery 01 · Sgt. Robert Kruger, ..~O. \\ ho ta ught a t iicl'r in the Navy has. hcen ill t h e South

Pub1tshed eyery two weeks during tb e school year by s tudents or Pacific Luthe r an College. Otrice: Room 1 30 Telephone: GRanite 86 11


SubscrlpUon prlee - $l.O O per Y ear

l' n i\ t'r~ l\y Pla ,'c SdlOl'\ bd u rc {'n ll'r ing

Entered as second class matt e r, Oc tober 2, 1 925, at the Post

t hl,' Sl'n' iel' , \y a ,<; l ll\ On ~ t ill' h a p p y \ -1.'1 -

Office at Parkland. Washington, under the Act ot-


~farc h


l' ra n ~ wh n arrln'.! H1 t he 1'0 1"1 o i T a coma . ANITA STUEN \\ \'ullc,da y, 0,:1. J l. aho:lnl the U.S .S GRACE E LAIN E GULHAUGEN ;--\' ,1 1-!il' T. Sg t. Kl uJ.:{' r Ii:l ,; ,..n' ll a~' li ol1

3, I Si9.


ASSUl';ate ·Edltor Spo r ts

i~ c p o rtcr

C lu b :\ ,' I,'!. . S ~r \"iCl· Column S pecial \\ ri t{' r ~ ;'rl \" i~,' r

.\ Iin: Hr u<lie \\' ;lIt Kun ,;ch ak . r d11l a

~h' t z gcr

I.. ,,;;\,;e T oIHe i,I'i: :\nit :'L ' Roti~,l 'i~;~h I~~;~l~.:~~ ..... ~Ir s, Ruth S, Frank .. B USINESS STAFF

:::.I);};;i! tL t ., [ell m a n,

:\ (IH rt i~ in!Z ~1 :1 11a~t'T . . RUnLohr G\llhallgen C, r<'lll;l\i ,)Jl \ lallag: l"r Bet h ' HO\'1 So l"ie it('T ~ · \Ial>el Th ort'n ~I .IT \ Jam' Hr,· llo ll, G la (h·-~·· Le :t, l.orraine Ronken: O o ro · t h v :- kiP ' r ct\ . 1{'\\ell K('l1,·; , " ,..,,.. aILt: \\'ohlgcnlu'th, \·crlyn Kra s ber g cr Exe hn n g ,· Edi t('r'

...... :.. O. J. Stllcn

:\d \" j~.-r

"Peace On Earth" " And suddenly fb er,· W ,15 wilh t he JnS!c1 .1 multitudl' o f the heavenly host praising God . ,1nd <;,l}' \:1 ).!:, CII() f Y 10 God in tl1l' highest. and o n earth )X',le c. g.ood will lo w,lTd nwn .·' \Vilh rbl' cn di ng. (I f \V m ld \V,lT It. [bi ~ .. hould be the happiest Christm.1S lh ... worl d 11.1" kn o wn in 1lun r y('.l£ S, t he ki nd of Christmas dreamed .1bOUI b\' m,n on Ih(' f.lf flun g b.lIl1 (' f i dd ~ ,1IlJ bv us w,1 it in g.1t ho mc. Re· unil,' d lo \' ed 0 n,'\ will ).! ,lIlhr ,Ho und Ihl.' C hrislm ,ls tree to f{.'.ld Ihe bC,:llllifu l illI.'S ' ,l g ,' of IIh' C hrl,\tll.l\ Q' l 'iI ' r1. :1 nd I t' w o r<; ili p Him in pr,l F r ,lnt.! song. Ch r l<;{ma ~. I lJ 4') W I.' h,1 \',· Jr"lL1l,'d of thi s ' o f Pc,lee , Yl't lhe end o f tb i.' w ,n h.l S nor brou g hl us its fu JI realiz.)tion, The conquered nation~ h.lW IllSl th e po wer. but ,- ( .H(d y Ill<' will to do h.lltl.-. \Ve h.we th, l.lSk fur er . [he at o m b('l !llb, the armics to qlt ell the h :nred whi ch i" sfill pn'\'a ' len t. Thu s Wl' haw [h .. ",,1m,' kind of Pf.lCl' ,1 5 there W.lS in the R om;!.n Em · pi rl' when Ch risl W,lS bo rn, h is evident n('l\\' rlut there aT": two typtS of peace - Cbrist's Peaee and

:'Lhoul a y('ar, ar;i\' ~ d in S:L lI Fr :'I1Ll' i~ ,'. , ia,.. t w eek , Ili s wif ... \ in Ta ·

I'aeifi,' fo r

I' om:! I



SCl' 1"111 ~i \On

M ay E arh

11\ tht' i'ari rir Thea tro.' and saile d irvlu Le yt\,' early i l~ O c to b~ r , H is wife is the luTIIlCf ~J il dn:'u T ull d su ll. cx '39. ~ ha rlc s \ . Rjdllt'r , l'X : ..'0 . wa, rl! ccntly di i rhar~ cd aftt' r hlllr Yl'ar s; eight 1l1O Tlt h,.. ';l"n 'icc in t he arlllY , lie is no \\' wor ki ng fo r till: O rcgon-\Va shington Pl y w ood (' o llillan), a s a ssist ant to fhe ~ l' Cr(' tar y -t .. ca "' l1r(:r in thl' acconnling uepar,ln Lent. Gordon Husby, '41, aftc~ being discha r g~ d fro m the Navy, has gone back to thl' ..:,)0 1.1, __ oli ,\ earth, lie and his wi fe, the i Orllll'r Arlee \{utila, '41 , arc now farming- in St'l llwood. \Vashin g ton. Ensign Fred H eaney, '38, has been dc· l:tch,'d fr o m hi ,~ ship and is no'" hOilLe ,' II k ;\\ e, his fir s t in 14 m Onth s. Jesse Pflueger, '37, i ~ n o w \"j"itiug !.L i s l'ill"'· H t~ , D r. :Jll d ~I r~. J. 1'. l' Om' gel", ;n l'ar k land, after b ein g di sdLa rgc:d fr o 'll Ih ,· :\ :~ \ y b,.. t " 'n ':", J l· ~ .~ C \\" a " a Ch id I~adi (> ' 1\'c hni,'i;uL an d ha·.1 "cr\'ed off alI t! 0'\11 in the Sl)ulh Pa l' ilic fo r 2.!/.: Yl'ar ~ Merle Pflueger, '411, w il h the .\r 111 Y ill \1 :\llib, hn ,.. I'l·"ll l",'n:ntly l'rOl lLOI,'d to Ih .· r :l ll l.. ,'f S(" q,: ";( ll l. l ie w rih' s " l a 11,·" 1.\l lh l'rali Sn\· jc" L·clll,·r which ha s h,','1L " I'en c(\ with g reat ~\1<' ec ~s ;n :'.lanil:l .

R a d lal1 l

Y nl eudl' . whe n Ihe C hris t

H oly BabeR -epos ed 1 11 a

S luhb1c · T hal'c hed

'M a!\~{'r A t a Bcth! l'h c11l S t:l. b h-

.IVJerry Christmas ToAllof You! from

),,! ,\I3EL

VER 1.Y N.


.JE ,\N !1.. NOR, ! KEN D.

temporal peJce. Temper.).1 peact: may co me about through many fact o rs - by the in abililY (0 wagl' war, by man·s hatred of war. by anri-"wac propaganda. The power and reS0 urc es of .1 nation may keep a worid at peace. But thi s is not the P eace of Be[·hl c. h('m~ Christ's Peace. motivated by love, is the true peace on earth as sung bv the angels lo ng ago . lr is evident in brolhl'r1), love, cbarit )' and Ch risti an fl?lIowship. Thi3 is tht' peace of all time - Bcthlehem·s Peace, The path is dearl )' led fo r us a~ Ch r·isti,lns sl'l'king peace. Genera! MacArthur summed it up in speaking of r('J.Cl' .11 the Jap.lneSI? surrender. He said , " Ir must be of the spirit if we ,He iCI ~.l\'e the fles h."


The Christmas season to the .:-ommerclal world. Jnd somet imes even for us, means a splee of shopping f0T gifts to relat ives and fr!ends, Verr often we are so occupied by the flurr y and excitement of the season that we lose the deeper purpose of Christmas - the giving away of a part of ourselves, God gave of Himself when He gave Jesus to [he world and we in turn shou ld _ and must - in order to li\'c spititually - give ourselves to the accomplishment of His work. . As littlc children, WI? used to ask the question "What can I give Him ~" and answer ''I'll give Him my heart." And now that we are older. let us not lose that child-like simplicity of thought and deed. During the Christmas Season much happine ~s is spread around. But why should the Holida y time with it!i infect ious and radiating joy end with a ' date on the calendar? Why don·t we g~vc Christmas presents all year long ? The hal e things in life which can not be measured by the dollar sign can be given away eve ry day and yet we wil! always remain on the credit side of the ledger. By saying a cbeery "good mornin g" even ~vhen the day isn't so bright. or by being sympathet icall y interested in someone else's joys .and



The BlfG GRAdI~-







everyone else one. Wei!. why don't \ve this We ca n. simp ly by being true to ou r best aspirations, ~ow oftc n w<-' don 't co mpkt e an a~signment as we ll as we could. o r fail to ~(ick -up" for what we think is right. Let' s be good to ~~rselves {hi.s year by havin g tbe cou.rage of our co nvicti on s and by conquenng that la'Zlness whIch "do lh so eaSil y beset LI S,"



sorrows we can carryon the Christmas Season every day of 1946 , Sometimes we f ritI"\! ike giving ou rselves a present sin ce we arc giving c.:

l\iJerry Christmas





1',ICIFl C


Flying Indjl!1i HuillP


Smal"t A pparel 91 i Broadway ,''he n yOIl wft.n t


------- ..

Flighl Offk~r ' )\lhn B, Wttll (k ll (l\\1t a '" Jack ie al PLC) \\'11'1 had li", ilin,!( Ih e ca ll1pu,, on " l oud:.), ami TI1 t'~day of 1"\' \\'l.'1! k he fore 1,, ~1. \\'3011, fornit'r il':.I!tIre writ,cr and s lar rCI','rter for th e ~ l ooril1/ot M a ~ l , a lt ~u; 'etl Ihree .\cll r .. ~;.. f hi/otll !lc huul :lIld Ill',. ~ l'lI t :- " I ,'olll'Mt' ht'h', hciuK '.!r;ul ua ll'd fr u ill thc J u nio r (O\lI;').I.l' ill til(' "ltrjllR (If I ()40. 11(' rt'l.'l' i l"l'd hi~ Iir!!1 fl y-


ottl ce~ .uppll~

C. FRED . . CHRisTENSIN . STATIO XER " ( Rosenburgs )

9 1 3 Pacific

~\ye .

BR . 46 29

ill){ ' in ,-truClil)lI~

M ..~!~~ CO.


717 . T .4. 00l\Ii\.







lI f

China, 1I1l 1i>o .. 1 !ta/. lr, loll~ of \\,1- In .. ,en·ing ~ 11 t he 1..:\· .. ·· 11(: "';,'rl'i l' l' fllr ,-"l11e 1I10I,; l h,:, fl~i\\'-!' tilt, 1111111\' (O VN the' tlil1lala)' :I~ I~' ~,·:trdl i<lr jjyer~ \I ho han h:l i1 ~'11 'llil an.1 In I~i1!l"ill l all \I' rcck,; , T h.; , rl'~l' ue l, r:&lIo.:- rk".1,\,\ ••,',' r tlw c .. l ill1 ;, le.1 k'\''' ' '''l1- "j til ," ~Ilni\l'r ~ all d tlr"!,pl'" ~lIl : tll ra d II\-. 1,'a ll".] "11 .111,1) -1;llk i" s " ) :tnd 11l\' , ll1'I'\''' ;U"y ' 1'l'l'lio:" Ih'cd,·,f I1nti l Ihe? c Ol1ld f,',H: h a n arca ., llerl' 11](:1' n lUld J,~' pn:,.. I" ,t;n!.: tl.l~ Lllt! t": ""'1 \\" (,r L(1 ,\ {· ti <io n l'id.l'< 1 11 1' I.y "Ii l:dl rl:tll~ ' . ;!lll'cal fllr il11pOn r i;' hnl E!l\', ,\ \ ;;:11t:1.~hl1p la~t Junt' ill l,' ;, "'11~P"II,ir.'1 ; 11 i t\t·~· "I t hH l' 111\'111 1I1,: r s fr 0 111 ~'a c h vf th ~ Till' ,I .lllilef C luh ,\f the L"nin' r sity o f rcHgi 'IlI'; .• ,'\';d;.:,.: p l;lI1l1l'd th l' prOJ-{r;lI ll . C lh ll' .• trl1!1~ :l rrlJ~~ a ril..:r ;n 1111,rll1:1 by \\ ' :1:- ],;111;:,:,,11 \\a ~ 111>:-1 \" Ihe I.S:\ ,' f \1 I h e ~' I ,., ~' ,.1 I h.: peri, ,, 1 a co l1l'c li o n Ih \' Jal'a ll l''''l' 111a ,l..: il Ih' n .. ,..-,Iry f~'r Jad,


Fur Sho p)

Manufact urer of Fine_ Furs


the, fall

J a\':';'" cxprri"IIc('

Cui J. Nd<;on - FURRIER l~el en' !(


L' 1HI{)1Il;lt'dl~


( S~.

I' Le

AfTer I ('g;l111ilto! lit:.. ~ l'f\ke " ... :til ill ,. t ructt, r 111 i'pr tl a ll d, \\':tll 11'1'1 ': Ira n,,i~'rH',1 I" l ;H' :l1 h,l'~, :\1'>11\,111:1. \\ la'H' II~ ilt,\\ a \:\ril'ly lli plaHe'" . \h L>l ll iI Yl'ar .1 1;"), ;1" a 111('1I11wr n f l h~' . \~r Trau ~p(>n ('.. 111111:11111. he he~ :.dl II) il1,1.( can,:o l'1.>II " i"' l;11)( dl d ly '"r (Iii awl "::'''Qlillt, frull1 I m li'l a <: ru ': ,_ Ih\, Hi n lOl ia):!11 .\.I' )l1 1I1:1ill ." 1\\

Phone! MAID 77"5


l'I l

1939, Ill,lillJ{;ng I.. Ihe ,ti r,..1 ·Ch il At'r" nau l ir" , \"~ufi:l l illl1 J.I'rvll l' '.r~allil'l" l here,

i 34 St. H elen's Ave. (M ed Arts nldg.) BRoadway 2811


~~~~:;;;~~~:;;;;;:;~ I Local-loS:4~ers~Guests--. ~ MI"s. Frisbies Rukery

Of ll . of W. Luther Club

For GO OD Bakery Products itO So. 38th St'. Ph one GA. 7591

P :H'ii i.: 1,lIl11eral1 C"l lc!o{e · ;t1H1 'o f

~::::::::::::::;::::::::::;::::::~ II'I'II


M.ahe aI,' r. pp oimment at the







e:: alh ..:r.: d w /J id , W;\" "1'111 lu 1,\\' \

J l ~;:~~ll~~~~~r~~;I"


n~Jkgl' ca llq>\I:-I.'~

a' .\C\'o liollaJ :)t i(jrcss 011 "Si ncerit )' ill th.: 111;)n y i ll Ihc Cniled C hri~l i all l.iil'" '1'/1(' l1lu ~ic ;d l\lltllhl! r i' S lalc ,:. III lit;, ,; Iaft, ~ e hoo l ~ th e Lu t heran inc1mlnl a \' ''~' al , s~ l\ o hy :\ fll\' ;\ a kre, a pia n o ,~o l ~, by Tclma M etl ger, a lld IWO Pllmher s h y thl' lui xc-<i 'l llartet ( Frallcd h.. Sc ho ch, Mirial11 !Iopp, ;\ Ihcrt Kuhn, ';'t Il,'1 L:l \'erne L il111er~ elld , O\'cr JO ,:tudl!lIt ,. 1 ,~


\rc~t · ' '''a ~


\ \\':'i~ in dl :'ir ~.: oi ,111\' C hapl'l it i~ ,' nt:1\i n · pi I h~' ld i!.d"u "; lik Thurs da y 1I10rnill ).:. DeL 1.1, 0 11 the campus,


dEa~on~ g7££tin9~ and !Bht <1M~ht:~.


TED BROWNM.USIC ll ro~d way


~):::It/;~. ~:~::~~'a~~II;~,~.:~;:,li;I\~ll "\11~' ~:~I~~:~"'\)~~

PLC Welcomes ' BOB HAUGE



11 21-23

~~lI],~)~I:~~':'I,i;a~~\I~' (::~r~~,(~lai~;" ~~~I:,: I ~::~;~.

\\':I,: h ingtull o f Educa l io n i' U\.: 11t h '" , iozell by "h il' frolll l 'a\c lltl a, :u HI hc i,. \;0\\ ( Ikil in gham) )lla y aftl'f1l00 1l , Dcc. I), ... ,.'u j vyiitJ{. :, ' 4 ,;., 1:1.1' li d ".,' cllrn'lk h~'f"n: al I h{' l ' lIi"cr utll eran C hurc h, ~e- 0 1 C hri":t lll d ~ c OInb ,iu rill,lol th {' l'a ,;;: 1 wed: a ti ll l ite 1<1' \'._ .. tcinho fi, vas lo r ' Th e. prv"n'd~ of Ihi .. ,:a ll' lI' il1 ~ " to Ill\' ~~:'r r;~~:;~~;;~h~~t~~:~ll,l1h~;I' I~'l.:'r~~ ~;I\I~t al'~~~\;~ l' L C s tudcnts presented thc d cnltio na l ' 1.::;.\ tn'a .~ ~I~r, ].rogralll ~\' ith T (;II I{ eitz , loca l L SA prei'i. The I ,S ,\ C,)1Itlci l I': part of a llali ('lIai do.:ntia l l ' n;1 (il at.i'~II, Ilw Air :\ Ictla l, · the d~' l\l. 3.,~ IC:I!l er : · L.1\'l'rtl ~ l ,i n1!('r ~on, ~an: L. llth.:ran Stll,knl:> ,\ ,:,;ociatio ll , io lllld ' ''I Di ~ 'i \IJ{\l i ,.. l1 cd Flyilll[ Cro~ s, ~lJld thl'l.''':

~~L~~!. :A~R~U=-;:.:S=._E - _R-'IHI~_ _ _ _ _ _ _r_U_b_li_Sh_e~r,-s ,of C, R., MARSH


P IV\ IRI l-, POI N2! R

PLC Chapel

GRanite 8436


I:;u'k !III 11,1.' l' all ll Hb af h 'r 1\\'\1 yC:lr s tla' sefl'il'j' !>i Hu!" Ilau g.:, army ill -

ia n try ~e rg('ant o f th e 29th l)i\' ;5io ll. Ilc sil;ml i n lel ling o i hi s cxp loits. Boh kt ili s. hm"ly Ernie' Pe rra ult dcsc rih c tltO::e t wo years- fo r hj lll . \ Ve tluote: "Sve nt cOllsidl' ra b le t ime in Engla li Llla nu ed in F rance in Aug. '44, Though t :hc clilual C damp : m o vcd jlYo" Ge n ll:lny a nd r eCl, jvcd w ar m rece p tio n, Dee idcd o n rest: so 11lt'\'cd ,hack ' tu Ell l{I;I,nd a nti ' recuperatio ll in Iws p ita l." Buh rc!a tl'!l,. it in cl'c n 1;irnp ll'r term s, "GO I my i\·ct we i al1d wa.s sen l hOllie," , l< esumil1g' ('i l'il iall life as a s et.;omf tcrm irc'<; hm311 ill til? .\n s, Bob c an O lin; aga\ n bl' ~('C ll in act ion o u PL Cs bas ket -

....- - - -____________"-___-:_ ....___'\I/)all




for Dellclou. HaulII'9on Hot Dog. Jum~o MII~IociIre.

French Frtee







il o~ r . .

SELDEN'S First I. Floor ·Coverl.g,



. ' ',-....;.--.;..=,. "---;: :

.__. . ---.._-""'==...,.;.H







SlAT} A't



Johnson & Anderson P ete, · Ev~r


Have a Hankover?

" ll allk!i for


~1(' Ill('l ri es"



:~ n't it Iloing a bit f:11" 10 VOll r c ream I!\,t'ry tlllllg ?- main eOllnle, fo l k~. Not



" Bo," Kunsc hak . . vend!! his Sunday

• .. • . , War. My Fa ce Red ? fhe fell o w .. pile ti""lI t ,1i t ht' truck" aiter tilt· .. k atil1~ PHt)'. tilt.·ir jacc~ a hit 111, 'r,' radian I thall l1 ~ lI a l . Itor 011 ,'ad, e()llIlh' n ,1I (' t' thei r g!<l\\c! a hrn:h l rer! 1('11 1,,1 ; ' 1III1tif{ l'- I ,i\l ~tl rk ~ T h(' (Z"uiily I art i(' ~ w('re' "0011 tr,H· \.(·j \ ,1,, \\ 11' h,, \\ ",'e \ l'r.

'110'01)-. pal1pltiy fl'adill/l he r ·"Iil ." :l. ~!o ign. iIlelll :. t " ht~r . ino.:illentall y. \lIi!;t made Ihi~ rC'I 'I;::,, 1 o i Santa laSI yea r: via th e :\l r>O ri !l!: :\1.1 ~t \\'0111\l'r if it !lti ll hn\ds




\.{, ""I ~

Thi .. lime I \valll a little doil,\ rag 011(' if ~)'o u can,

for \ la r; I)1I 1\'(,'r",11': 50ll1e be tt c r argll1n~'II;" to. La \ ertl\" Lil11I ~'r"(ln


To ,\nita I{oth. The Odyssey: To )),..- I' i lu(·g l' r. a In J!il"' p j,-. r

l' a :< ~ing



I all y


On ·ccond tho ught fNget the doll 1"1, ratiu::r have a man.


!)lwi"!-=, a



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~W~ ~I:).--


oril·'Hal iu \; ; ,.i Ih e ,'o llq.:..: 1,,)lId prl~;.:[a1l1 <I ,HI s<:n d T ~ \\'a lt L o g-.,lolI, ~(1m... Old t; (l ld~ j" r "I h' " ,. i~I\: I"<' I .. ~ " ' I I" ~tall' \\ ar Fina n,''': !I is chronic irr ilali,lll ; CvlI1l1t1 ll\"c. :\I:trk Iho.:l11 COLL EGE T o Bud Thorp .... ;11"; ' "II\' , \ ,',I (YI X·r'EST . 311,1 .... IH! the111 he,II'.,rh:'IH I rene l:nlllic \,;11 I!i\,· .llle o j jur,' the l' in~ d31l', Ih" ' ~'111h~'r 20, Till' _ _ bc.r.,...;lw,ay); _...I\j pp , .~" .. ,·iUa:.r J. :: 1 \ I~klll r;l


.....IN • 1Te. P.rll.nd,


f' ll'He ,hrlllj:t to 11" I' !I t lti~ ChristI na:; d:t:. 1'0 Ih,'a:I.ct· .. ":o;t th ,'~" cam\!ras Olll oi moth \ hask("1 inll .. j ;.:"(I(..,llI.· .. a",1 In: .. -";! 1.::......,,1 I.:tll .. - the npPOrfliliity- to win all origIllal ('am,'r;, "(I'lIy' I ,)' the "o rlJ-faIl\Ol1ii ch ... er: r ~l :\ 1,1" I'rall e\.;: ;1 r"d t ic' 10' m<l'trll h;~ IJhut'J~ral,hcr. CalH,lin Ed wa r d St"jeh ... ". L';-' . ·R.;~',,· k l!l~ at ' ,;ur (Toor , It a ll t ic ... III' \uth th ... \'klor, BOil!' T O Harry C'lrl",'II , a ,I)riu', 1',1 qll;tlii) 1,Ir thi ... ,1\\:lroL yon \\ ' a~h ill g:IOII \\'cat 'er :

To :\I r ::., Fr311ck , , "I>llIe hlue \",tI .. i l~ i<>r th i,.; ter ri b le rh)'tuc



Camera Fans, Attention!

Om ' 5""" .


ite . ~e n .

Nancy Fan! a .. ... he ~()(''' "hnllt lu~r t<l,k. I le r r ~"'l ll\lIi ; il l·. ButtCTCUP, da iul!o that i,'!'o H o mework lI a n k for IJ haHa~1. Ihll l.: for 1 l\Il~h ;'1 111" Anita Ro th see m" Il hJ re th:U\ ju" t a I hwk fo r J illll.' r . \\(' " C f t' lIa , Jl Y to lIi{'{'t littl!' \\ral)pul lip 11\ her Sh:'llle"I)('arc "jill. X a11t·~· . 1~r ill t-: hi111 :~r,)Und 1I1.'>r.: of · ( (lUr'l', \\' h~' all the int e rclit ? W alt

' ,\ chn t oi

• • ecHIIS • FLOUR the Mountain Highway

.. Winter

W()nderland" --,"-

/I~ *?~ 11

j:i .

~. II 225 South 11th

MAin 7113


J hutog r';l ph:

T o (h., t1ay, fO'lI ll, ;1 bdt ,' r l , h"l1"~~:I!,h: .\ nll :1!"> it)r lIll', I III'l,e! a 1.J~),.k , 'n "How to Write P oe~ry,'" ,""ltr!"> t ru ly.



LDR Members T-p Wrap Gifts at Party, Dec. 17


Xmas Greetings '

At the L OR C hris llllas party to hI' hcld :\Iond;"lr, Dt·...·l\lhcr Ii , at 7:30 p , III , in the Tl'ce ptio ll T\l01l1, LOH 1l1I'm bers \\"ill \\ r.,I" tl;c pn:scnt s which thc,\' pur , l'has';'d for till' hoys anti lo:ir1 ,:. in th(' Par kla ml E h ildr('n'!"> !l omc, 'I'll\' C hri .. tm as



!'tory \\' ill he prese nted in ri.'adi ng and ':'O ll~, aTl.! rdr c~ ll1l1ent ~ a r e to be s en 'cd, - - - - -Tru-:c,;:: " CC l's;::,,,--, ,, In r thn;art r "art· ')'fi"SS"Berg,




P49:. . Leu Z'~. StMe · "7




- I'hh---&--€Ommerc'.-- - -III+I ..



Io" he:, ntin"amily a t


GR"~ite 7311


"Pay Less Prices"







~~~~~~'~~'E"E'"~""'~'E""E"''''E''''''''~'''~"'~5~=~l i

:-r '




C hil"o n and Mis" " .



"The Christmas Store"



~Ii !">,:. Rio l1l(j1list. ), ( i~§

Xicl st'"",


SEARS, ROEBUCK ANI;) CO~ ......h . ..y ..t

i p~ ~e::B::::: StMe I




P~\ C E ' 1':i.VE



Toppl~ Totems By Score of 56 to 35

CHORUS NOTE,S .. he -~ i rl~T cho--;'uS,- under the ~ir:ection r 01CSSQr tl lllI:t r • a nUll, .made B iir",t appeara nce thts ~casQ n \Vedne5day, 1)C'..:emuer' ~. at ElI lTnanliel Presbyterian Clum.:h ill -.r :'COIII;\ , Select ion s sung in · du lled "T(l~lay Thnc I s I":ili:tiillt," " 1\"11 ~ l y·l!.e;trt T hi:- ' ;-'; i~11t Rejoices:' ·;Chris t· 111:1<' Lull aby:' an d "Sil cllt ;-'; i~li t . Il ol y :\ if,!itl :.' - ,

T he PLC (; Iatii:llo r ; droPl1cd t heir Pflucger hf'C:II11C th e: PL C ~'olltyball Paced by E rllh~ l'e r r:Hfl t , Who f"taulHl firs t baskctb:dl game 01 the ("u r rcn t I'a lll. dta1llpitllls tlli .. ,~cason by lle.f(·atil1 g t he hoot> for a total oj 20 1>Oilll~, Ihe 1'( . l)ail'I" to lile Furt I.('w i s \ \'ar riors by a Da l)h41l' Il c1l I1l 'I.II·": ,1 t::l m 36~3 1 ill a very C; Iauialo rs 1'corrJ thei r .fi rst ,' icto ry of ~corc of 5-4 10 29; 'clOSl' IlIa l;; h · 0 11 T uesday, NOI:cmbcr 27. II;e currellt seasoll wherr they. Ifdcat etl

The \ \ -a rriror!!-. "'lIju~'inlo! a d i:: li llCI a rl · I :l lI lag:(" ill hl'i gh t. kit th roughQut thc Ip lllt' wilh l lit! ~c~re hl' '1\1:lrlt' r s reading ill 13\'o r o f Fo ri !O to 1. 26 to 8. ~ Iv 16. ;;4 10 29. The fl w r wQr k of the -1.1I11.'~ m atch ed BOOKS FOR ANY Ihe cfio rt s o f t he winners , bUI the col· OCCASION Icg ia ll:' rv ultl 110t m ake lip fo r Iheir di ~. kl I d" I I :l ~\'anl il~ c o n 1.le )Qa~ - )oa n s, 934 Pacific AftDUe P cr rau lt of !) LC all~ Flet cher of Ft·, Open Eveninp tifr 9:00 p. m. ' I Lew ;!" tietl for iu di\'id ual ::corm g , 10llo rs wi t h 12 )Jo in t s apiece. T he gam e wa" v'la ~ etl at Nortl\ FL Lew i" a nd was ... pra(t icc tilt for bOlh clubs, PLC (29) (54) Fort Lcwis Harkne ss F' , '~' (2) Gtrad igi ni SC HOOL SUPPLIES l\'onl cng (4) F , , (3) Tropin PARKLAND GR 8560 Nca l ( i) G , (i ) G~l o~ as 1-13 \\10;(' (2) C , (6 ). 1 . :lllt C I\ ~c h'l g l' , ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _... I Pcr r;ntll Ii:? ) G ( 3) Seuso n s


Sharman Bookstore


Gurfield Variety Store



~~'~J ,

f'----il!-~_E"ngt·ne~r.s - COnl rJelors . . 81 3 Pacific Ave.

BR 1712


~6 ) .

;' ]\'h'hcr ( ] ). Ileith:nr:l.rk, Sc hl('c ty Sl an ~ cl1 l'r UI. D n ill. Be r gc r. ·




S-"lJ" lillL le", - 1"1.(,:. Rn li iOke (2). Pih l -~-11) 10'1. I.ew ;:. J a ll\c,; (6) Druck er ( 7). Yo u ~' :tll a Jw<Lp ' lell :t Frc",llIn:lU



T ca ni I . suHcrCtl (lnly olle defeat in tli.· e llt ire ":~'a~ un . Till' lea d was 110 1 kept by (lne h<:1II1 \','ry IOIlJi: lIl a l _v u ly :11 the c.HI of Ih e ~~d ll 'e 1\ ... ", Ihe r e 1110rt' Ih :Ul 4· p('lilll Ili fi<' fc IH':c. Tht' half time !ico re was li ed at 1~ a ll. Me m her s o f Ih e winning le" :11 are S dl11a G nndt'f~on . l :'i.'nc ~_I cCO ll1 h, Ed na Swa rt z, 1~ l all c hc f) ol\<lhuei ~ l a q6t: Carlson, Ca therill C Yandell, MariaH l.i nrl s lCtlt and Ca ptain Ru th 1"11,',·:"··,, .' ...... ... 0 11 Th u ;sda\'~ NOI'C!l1Ibe r 29, two team s c h0':eTl hr·th~ \-\T, A. A. cabin et pla:,'cd all exhibi til)n ga m e. Th e '-,{ iullin g leam wa s t"a])\aiut'd by Caro l EId son. Th e \V , A, A, I' as kc tball sea,."11 began wi lh a . ~(' m.. ral lurn Ollt fo r all g irls. Th ere will, be t wo o r t hree \\'ecks ,cif " rat' l ice before. Ih e tcallls a rc +c hosC'1I and 111\' IOlln l"mc Ul h~'g; ll s ,




. .. ' ,~,

;I,~C ~~"I:~~~rlll:~~:~';~o:~· :' sl~~~~ ':'~1~6


, • The co ll eg ia ns look Ihe lead s ho r t ly a (tn t ht: opcnin,t: w his tl e n5 Ilar k ll e~ ,.. ~a ll k a . (ieitl goa l to !'ut th e Lutes inl O a It'HI 1\ hic h Ihe) 1,lclt! .t hro ug hou t , Ihe contest, Th e g:l!lle was 'do~ cr most of th e way Ih:\II t he "cor e would indicat e. The ba lf· lilli e illlc n nis!'ioll . found the G l ildi:lt o r ~ lea ding by th e na r ro w. PLC (56) No nl elig (8) H;\ rk " t·~~

~;ea l

( 4)

lIlar ~ ill

Qf 19 to It). (35) Totems

F ( II ) Big ho n;"" F , .. , (II) Rcdca gl c.

C . (7) ~lil1 c r , . G , , :'\Iirea n I'crrault (ZO) G ' (6) Ad a m:, . S ub"s titl1tcs- P LC, R cd i ~ k e (l) . Pild : Pcie r:.oll ( 1), Kunsch a k (2) , J aec h ( I ), Dougla ss, ' ( 15)

lI a nKe (3)


By' Ihe Uirl s he ·takc!> l'n da tes, By hi .. ill l e llccll1 ;~ 1 tra it s. Y ~~LL I'an " lw :lY:: t.,II· ·1 J un ior

E s prc~"illg lilt, hnpe t ha'i " I her(' will b(, " 1.:00.1 Iunh,tli t onighl." Coac h .\hrv 11;;r" hman plli llt c,l OLll th'a t Ih ere wo uld

By fl i:: tll o- bar pin and ' suc h. YOII caLI a l wa ys te ll a S'cn ior

bC ;L rH-W IILa n I,) walc h ill the gamc wit h I'<:f(,1I Jr, College. bc~6nn ing <II 7 :30

1:111 r on ca ll1lo·t lel l

1) ~1l1 \I1u clr ~

o'clock in

th e I-':Irkla nd gym. The new pla yer is Jim )'I_ill ~. a g r.1 (lu:,t tc o f Kellnc. -'I~llc " ua y ~ ~:i.di......ilhdl ·c.a$I CflJ Washington, 1 F = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ; e = = " " " = = = j \ \Ih" ha~ jU ~ 1 lo('ell rel eased frOI\\ Ih e Ann )" JilLl IlH~:l ~ Llf(; ~ six fee t 1\\'0. an d ' his ('x tr;l inc hes siLo;dd be ju s t· what t il": ~~ Colleg't' k a l11 nct'ds at the 130acki>oard. ~l;.\~ wh e n ' it ha~ ~ tLfkred a dis;tth'31l Ia ge from "!ack of heigh I iu fOfl \ier ga meS. .\1 the ol her end 'of th e a ltitude. but 1 no t tlrc ahi lil y ran ge. ;Ire Perrault and


G . tin r~e

. ,1




r-__-j._ _ _ _--'G:::R:o..:8:::7c:8::0:...,_ _ _ _!__II___ _ -----~_-..:f.or=o m::.:..'"tl.:.:,,'-~~---------II. ~~;~I~~;e~~~~~r;hc~~~~a~~~I:.:;e:r:~:t~~~~-_ _ __ ._~ 'tf(

' - - - . , . - - - - - - - - - - -

1 , 11


:.u=D U ....


~ L"-U

p,laycd hall \\'itl~ Hars hm a n iu the "01,1 (lays:: is 11igh·pnill~ man thi s yea r, havinK hi,; credit -19 poi nts in Ihree galll e.~ . 20 ;n 11lc' la ~ t game-a pre tt y good s landi in g ill ,uiy mall's lang\la g~. Nea l, Nor· d elllo{. 3nl\ Harkncs!o fo llow Perrault's lead,




Lundberg Drug .



Ib================~ BY ENGINEERS

Lack of heighl again bro ug ht a hOllt th e ' d ownfa ll of Ihe f .utes as they bow'cd ' 0 ' a laller Fo rt Lewis E ngin('er quintet by a -I f) 10 :\3 scor e. f..:.t·IIa lly . • rangy Engin eer cClit er. wa..: tilt' o fic n . jve s t:tr oi th e J..;"al1le, finding the hoop ,often ugh 10 !tcore 30 points. Led 'hy Perrault the Coll ege five played a im l;crior fl oo r game. but theTr inab!iity to cOll tro l the backboards cost them the victory. The galll~ ~ I iye d at Nort h Fort .Lewis sho wed the flome . t eam e njoying a half lime lead or ouly 3 ',points, 2 1 to 18.


letland & P~grtIti 928 Pae1tlc An-Due

Ta.eoma Z. WUh1octoD



Here's your' ~w n radio show ~ proou~ : and aired by the high schools and colleges ()f the city. Listen every Tuesday and Wednesday IlIght for these varied and ,(nle.r.U..lllln&-ProgrJ rns ~ -




DEC. 18' •• CLOVER PARK DEC. 25 P L C. ••

• •


GArla.nd, 6436

, .~


TUESDAYS 8 P. M .... K MO .









. Sp o nsore~ bV


~.. \

PLC (33) (7) F H ",k'l1c ss (lQ). F. N l S ~~ . '. ' C, uauge \UI ' , •• , p'e rrault ( 4) ("i .

(46) ' Engineen (4) Mornie

(4) Dennis

.. ,. (30) Ke na lly , Struth e rs ( I) Clea ry

S"bs~;t"t's--; L':. Dough'~s, Red;,ke, P!hl, Kunsehak 0) . Peterson, ,]'aech. En~ in e.;:r s -- Ballema (.1). Webb, Wit so n, Tachihara. \Vojolraw ski.

i ~, \ (:a-: S I X


ing the holiday ~ easo n " ( Dec('mber 30) is thal of Priscilla Preus.. '44, and MarcUl Stuen. '4). bot h o f Parkla nd. .

\Vh o's \\" 10 Among S tudems, was a member o f the Choi r for· four yeatS, ':\11':1 yell ·qtlcl'lI i;, 19.W. I n he r senio r )'ear ~ lte \\ a:. (' r o wned (\\IC('II of the ~Ia,·. Fo r Ih c past ycar Priscilla has bee:, 'working ~t Po rro Biological Labor.ttor.r as. a tC'c hli idan. ~I a rk was al .. o a mcmber oi the Germ an Club. <I cha r te r l11 elllhe r th e Ski Club, ·a cti ve in LUle Doo:. ters and Li nne So cIety. I n his senior y~ a r he was busi 1lCl>:; lIIanager of the Saga. ).lark h :ls he~1I a t l e ndin~ )'Iarqllet lc v ni,'ersil Y 111l'd il·:tI !lc hool in ~Iil wauk('e. \\,i:;CO'Ii Si ll, :w·d b in t he Xa\"y \'- 12

. BI01;HIUi <tl. gilt!'\"' speaker a t t he QRG Chri"tlll <l" party Tlmr! day; Dec~l11ber 13. TI~e· girl~ sa'·t" a s a Ch ri s tm as· gift 10 the day ,rOOI~ ' a.. new whatwnot shelf. ' j anet Hauge and Marg ie Carlson WNt' c;o·c ,airmen in .eharge of the pa rt y, The (olll\wiHf.: ~i rJ!;. sen' cd o n cnlllJllittcu: I<rfrnhmcu lS. I>oru Ballihart ;u ul - jt'!;w ...: ... IIl'r: £.l!·anu: .. , G :nri~ TII(lI1IIh-on an I ,\l m a IIt-\"n : ,lecMati(ln". C h,1r lellr ~ I ar· 1\1 1" :l.nd U e \'~r1 y O U .



;.- - --


Studes Give Elephaqts For Victory Bonds

,F,'eshll)en to Sponso~ Candlelight Service

Fonner M , M , R eporter Ii} N avy COI'respondent

TIl\' ~~· lr ite t·h'iJh a nt SI:It\l S, it , is a lIl;Ittcr o f 100.:"\'t io n-..111(1 \\' h il e Ralp h Sch il1;o;;. :\f .- M , repo rter hefe in '39 and '40; w rit!,' !' 111 a leiter to M rs . phan ts m ar becom e u!icfu l I1l1.'mbe rs F·r,mck tliat hc has hcell attached to tl'\" I"ociclr I11c rely liy chan g ing hamls. . \.\for kini=' o n ' thi s thes i!'. the A.S.B. s tair or F lel't Ad m ira l Che!i tl'r \\ .. N ;I11 ' Vi ctory St;1II11J :lIId Ho nd (olllln itl ;e w ill Pac ifi,· a "c1 "a; if;c Ocea n art'<lS, f(lr pa~t I,'ur lIIH nt h~ as ':l1li:.led na vy 1",,,",,,,',,,,1,,',,1., .\\ t h~ li,11e his Idler w:c, honk,., Pl· lf~ . :1 ,\(1 kwcll·r\' wi ll \J~ auct ion- wrilll·n, . h,· had recei\' ~U OnlNS 10 join . cd ~ tl lc..lH!u.ciiL ~f thw.alcs 11.1..:. '::lIl11l11<& ml lli llll! Xa \'a l ·/\ir Tr:m :.\)orl Ih)W ill jlro~rl'S ' a t P LC, These lI!,'l1B we re co ll ecled room by rOt"l. la ~ t ~lo1Hl:ty by I11t'mbers or t l\e Ra lvh. \\,1,.. w , ole t he hUlIh'r colnll111 ViCll)ry S ta;llp ,111\1 H" ,HI co mm iu<.:c o f Ih~ )' loi1ri lig ~ I a~l in h i ~ I'J ,C ,Ia ,", whic h \'il'!o:';ni;I l !ol·ick is c ha ir ll1all. Ass is t· aud a lso w!'ote fo r au· .\nny p:q)(' r in tilc ing Ilie lll b~ r s a rc ~ r abe l Thore ll , ~[ary A I('ut ia l1$ earlier ;11 I he war. \1 ri l":,., t\1 :1.1 j :'lle Urdlo n, ane! Eddy Swartz, he has, h" ' (l l!por.lunity t? 1I1<1k!,' a Up to Dcc. 10, PL e has JllITc ha sc<l f ~w I·l"cord t.)r t he l1a "), at Ih e po werw ~ won h of Sta lllj}S allll boud". T he fil l Pearl f.b:rmn-'hma,lca :; l; ug- sta l ;~ I1. H e ~uIlICITrllOdystill-Jjasro decKie what i!O th ;nkillj.! (, f ,,<;!)ccia l;7.inlo:' at eit her Cn10 do w it h. t lll' houd that~l· il! be !lurchas- · Iumhi:l. I' r ~h·11iI 1 11 \1 .... 1\ hi s " rd(":!!'e" in ed ·:\ t the ;II1 Clil)l1 . .



PL C~i l es

\ il ed

, I l'n~ an d (> 1\ dOlI 11 to 'fet! l<c;l 1. 11\':11 :,,011, :wd tlll' n. hrothl't. l"n . ),(HI '0 11 . l\e1l1elllUN to ~ ; j.! n up w;lh Go rdo n Gal1\1 prl)nl o. anc! hurry (,ciur(' you· lllis · th e trai u :111(\ ~l't ldl l)I,' h; 11I1. Ih 'cau se .,i l ":rJ·if i ~· ,kl l1;m<l ~ , f s m·h. an offe r. a ,Iearlli,l" 'ulU .. t.h!,' '«' t. \ \ ' 11(\ kn .... ws. l1layb(' you :, n · (I\· ~ t illl'd tu \\111 111\' t!tll·. 011. hy th e Il ay, Y" l1 "ou ld ll ·' wam 10 ~('\ c<lughl \\it h a ,knnk g a lm·. \\"\\111(\ ya . " ....·11 a!'k .\ Ir l Iar "i lll Ilh:lt h31'1JCllc(1 "' h ~l1 ' he pl;lJ n llhc. roa dl Ihe. ut.hcr·_lb;f, ~lllidc( i,. u·t il ;t'III!'a rra - ill :Ii!'o" .




Parkland-ile ~

arc inService o f . Ca r he :. ponson.; d by the f r t.'5 h l~lan c1a~~ Thnrsriay evening. Dt:(', 20, OI.t 8:Ji). follo~' i llg the "II-s c hool b;Hl(I',ct . D r . .1 . p , P nucg ~ r , will b ring :t Chr is tmas II1nsa gt", A li ce S tockton wi ll " lay a ' ·;o lill !Olo a nd ;-\rne A ak re will :o: in :..:: a ~oio. The Chris tm as s tor y wi ll be t old tl)-· memiJers of th e frcs luhan <"la ss. and ca rol s in E-t ing will m ake up a prominent part of t he program . Chain:'''111 for Ihe occas ion is Valborg Ru st ad. Her as!'istanls arc Bo rg hild 0 1· be rio:, Edna Swaru~ . ' D o r ot hy Skil bred . Kcn Sloraas li . al1(1 Arne :\akre..



· 'Cllr~~ t llm"

ob; and Ca nrlll'~"

These girls.. day and dorm s o phomores respectively. ' are co-ch airmen for the annual Christmas Ranquet to· be h~ld in the dining hall, December 20.



Block prints---1n' t m5 issue L e ta Met zger and Nonna Lemke "




, ",,' ' J

Ray Simi says, , ,


t hree COII SCCII;;\,(" w'ce~ s , ill which t hr('e willllcr~ II ill he chOSt'n. Th e fin al win ne r ~:~~:~'~~1I0~,:::::~ ~:.rll:~·leJ.:~:':~~~ wl1(l will !' C' w ith in the IlIc k)· th r!,'l' w; 11 receivl' a prizl' Fir:-t. tht·fl·' " Erl;ng: Norden).!': Ihe than fo r "hi s c(ln tributioll. The object o f the cont!,'s t is 10 li;Ive ;i who tlol'" a fau dancc with l·ilC h g;lInc. ("ollec lio u (li h i ~"Y~r ::n rl be\ll'r yell s :1 11 <\ The il there is Speedy Pete PeI(·rsOIl, 1I0t a janito r. but a Il in'g pong play{'r, · Of dirnina le thl· a nl'S that ";I reu't so hot." StU(lcl1l.~ ar!,' t o submit th eir yells, writ- cOllf se a mong the A ll Tim~ G reats we te ll , via a recep tacle in . the maih- ha1i ani I han- I'Pt1C' o ther than h('\t ;n. bolti;: " ;:,.:. T:;.in:;C)'~_~-'-':..!J. EI:S ~OMEj3ACILT.O~. aW;lit the an UOllIKelllell1 of winllers, malic Sh'r ' t', ~ . l'~ch Fr id:IY in ch;/'~,e l. E:rch week's Say YOllr:\ pin); Jlo ng: \,Iay!,'r: T e1! y'l Vi " halll(:" I" ovcr <It 4:00 p. m, on TllUrs w wh a( 1'111 a 801ma do, j us t you se c Mr, day. ' Gordon Gano. Sil;'ll your self \1JI. ilr:l l) Ol)t ~ Thl' COUlm itt ee · cho~ ell. to h<lnd le ac~ YUll r lenn is r ackel:., get you rself into I( t i\'itit,s, :l. t -gaill1:s and promOte pep in~ .s ha p\.·. cur\'~ those b.alls, kill tl10se set~ s pi ntion t his Yl'; r il,clutl es Walt Logsw Ulb, hl'.:tt Mr. L; nlle rson blac k ~n'd bille, I( do n, Gonion . Gano, . G race Ela ine Gul- li ck Ernic Pe rrault ie r the ptac tise, and haugen , P:n Pun·i", and Lois Tollfeldt. top it o ff hy walloping Coac h Hars hman . Theil brothe r or s ister' you're ready 10 R A lways reme mber, no lI1atte.r ho w tak l• 0:1 anyone w ho comes along, ----- b!l.'d"lft'O-S-c.,.1T~tiF."lntlnlllgtn"'brver e7 Mm-tlfi5S :. .'IIJf. bl Olij·, t!fl:lT O\' c, ' !-~~:....="--:==......,"'" ~ -Th c Kua y ,\Ve~~I)' let Linnerso ll , Perrault, H a rshm a n, Nor·



L. c.


! !fl I

Low Net Cost ._ , _ ' ire ins urance is iSl ued to utherau Men, \ Vomen, ant! Children. 'ages from birth to 65, Thf' members of Lutheran Brotherhnod 0\',," the society, . and they a'lone receive the earnings. There a re no stock-: holders.



Legal Reserve Life Insurance for Luth.erans MINNEAPOLIS 2 304 ' MED, ARTS BLDG

H ERMA,l; L EKERN, President

E. 'N.,' Botten


Your Futur~ Starts T oda:v



" LtJT• • • A. £OLLEGE

Z'. ea. .~--r ~ ;e~ ' ((J 'P.4(3 stall Conc:ordia Choir ' . . To Pre.ent: Concert:

ALUMNI GATHER . FOR REUNION Gradu·:l.tes and former st ude nts of

Choir From Moorehead, Minnesota Will Appe~r Tu~f, Feb. 5

cific LUlh('ran College will ga ther o n l' allll~ lI S for thei r anllual r.ctlll ion · FrilJay, Fehru:trr 8 through Su nday. Fd>ruary 10.





th eir

fo r Iller

three-day schedule. . Starting off the ac tivity for ' the week e nd will he a hashtbal! gam c ' ill the Park land 1:n'1lI with C heney. A tcn t:uive sc hcth,fe for Saturday in e1uues ;ui ' afternoon R(,I-tOlotether w ith 1l11l1C h and cookies> served in th e V iking nOU 11l . u l (' r the a ll1l11ni will g ather ill tho:

l" hapel for' a ge ne ra l as!>cmbly ~\; hcre a ic:!. 1 Jlrogram will precede the hu si'1l('S!i mee till Jo{. Th e th inl" big cvellt 011 Sat urday wi ll he the n'll1lion hatHlllt't in the College dining ·hall. The 1946 !iellior .class h ~s licl'lI ill\"it l'11 ta thi s banque t and ' at this time will he 'accepted as o fficial member s

i -.

HllI ,..


~Ltb.e...A hU)lId





Studen.t s and facuity members of ' cI~oir cons cious PLt are . looking fo rward 10 the loca l appearance of t he Concordi;1 Co llege a ca l;ella c ~loir, ~irlhed by Palli . J. C hri stia n!'e ll;" wfH c b. wil\ appea r in con· ce'rt a t (:cntra\ Lutheran C hurch, T aCOIl!a', Tllt"Sday... February 5, at 8 :15 p . m .: The local concert .will be sllonsored by t he PLC Do~mitOi"y ' ,"" x iliari~s, with Mrs. Cliff Olson as chairman. T he 62-vo1ce choir fro,m Moorhead. Minnesota, is devoting three weeks to d concert' tou r fr om Minnesota to the Pacific Coas t <llld into Ca nada : Thi s is its 26th annu ;;tl tour . Direc to r Chri stiansen, son of t he wellkn own choir direc tor and composer, F. Meliu s C hri s tian sen, is a g rad uate of St.' O laf Coll ege a nd holds the Mas ter of in' co mposit io n from t ~e . r--~--I"'a .. ".a n-~<'hooJ of.-M·usic...-l:le is- known c- - -

Fur th e lasl tl,lree years t he reunion h a ~ bt'cn a OIoe-day affair. but t hi s year th e


Alier the ball(JlIet t he group will adjOllrn to another bas ketball game with ~ Chl' IIl'" w hidl will take place at 8 :30 in f the Parkland ~yl1l. I n kc<,phlg '\' ilh the u!iual ('lI!i tOIll. :i ll a lullInul} will bc t he Ruc,; t pa !itor at th e mortling !icrvice!i held ill Tri'llity Lutheran Church: Special 1Il1ll; ic~1 1111mhers ar~ b('ing' pJa nncd. 1l--~--'f-he-.'!lI1',af cOllCl! rr :will- be- gi"!=1l byl=="-.,,.., t he " Choir of the \Ve!'t" in T iillity at 3:00 under t'he 'directio n of G. j. Malmin. Lt. Col. Ph. E . H aUlc h.. returned to his positiOn of Dean at Paclfic Lutheran Th ree fac ult y committees have been ' Collete .kef HIVing in the "I"1DY air corp. for ovu three yean. Deln Hauge hu appointed by Dr. ' S. C. Eas tv()ld to work been ~ ffiliated with PT..C a. Dean and ReRistrar since 1926. ", ith the Boa rd of Trustees in planning Dr. ( Lt . Col.) I'hilip, . E, lIauge, who,<O.--'·- - - - - - - _.- - - - : :, - for a nd loca ting futur e budings O.n the D r. E. B. Steen ~f Mcnomonie, carl,lpus. ha l' 11 0W resll1l1ed his duties. as tlean al1(l cOl1sin. h a~ aecc pted a call from W orking '\'ith the architect s and the n·gi strar of PLC. emphasized to your Churc h here in Park land. reporter that: des pitc the .many cha nge!' 0 IpS administration on the science- hall is a For the past te n years Dr. th at havl' t:!.kc n Illace during his abscnce, Young men whose co llege edu cat,i ons commi ttee co mposed of the three: science heen pastor of Ollr $a"ior' s ' returning to Ihe College i!1. definit eIY ,"re- were in terru pted In the wa r are enrolling ins tru ct ors, Dr. O. M. Jordahl; Dr. W . Menomonie. A rrivin g herc turnil1R ho me." at PLC in il1creasing 'numbers. ~l n the H.- Sc haeft·r and ·P rof . . A. W. Ramst ad. and fi\"(' c.hillire n soon after Dr. Hauge poin tl'd o ut tha t he first nc'if.:hhorhood· of IOU ve terans are .:xpect- O n th e gymnas-1lfm committ ee a re Coach witl hegin hili dut ies ali pastor of Pflueger and Mrs. came to P I.C at the cOl1 elusio n of \.vo rld cd to be cnro lh." d by the fa ll terlll of 1946. Cliff O lson, Dr. ]. C hurch aUfI al !io,Ols coli.:-gc pasto r. Walter E. Young. \Va r I. Now. relurniu g to the campus accordill~ to I'rc ~ idClit Eas-tvold. Proi . . L. J . , Sat re .. M iss G race BIQJ!1 ~c h () lar ~ hip !,. ill tlie fo rm of Special after three ·al,d "'a half years of participa.: qui st. arid Prof. . .-\ . E. Fritz arc on the up to an~i incu ding !'ix hours the second global he feel s committee pla11ning for th e girl s' dormiavaiLabl c to t he wives of ,

Pres ..Eastvold Appoints Building Committees

Returning Veterans Are Off . d 'h I h· ere Sc ars ,


Travelers Return to P LC" After Trips T ravcli ng was · a precarious busine!'s for those P L C-ites w ho had to journcy l on~ 'distan ces home for the holidays. judging frolll ::: sampling of stu dent , tra \"eiogll('S. . + - - - -).,1C'1C'Jt- At:lf'if'-bund- d r-ove- hOlue-Ior_ tb e.. ho lidays t o ·I\OI·lI1tiful. U tah. along with llt:r fi a nce. Don :\uderson. who is just out of the ' Army and will ' begin school here ncx t semC!iter. After driving 1~1to ugh

I I lutlon. ~itua liol1 for returned Dean Hau ge exprrssed .a ppreciation 9 f their familie s. lhe conwlete coo;:eration of his col-" leagues, the adminis tration, and ~he s tu- rr==;=="';=======l1 dent s. H e ~spedaJly com.mcnded thc capable work of Acting · Dean H arold Ronnillg during· his absence, and his willing MOl\:D.·\Y. JA N. 21 TO TH URS- . assista nce .a t hi!-; r~.turn. , . He was muc h impressed by ·t l~e

Coming events

ress. li e cX llresscd the ho;, e that PLC, (','cn ill the .fulfillm ent of its lo,u .. " •• " I expansion program, wilJ

La VOl11le . De.uso w a!!AJ>olllla )e~n Brammer. traveling to Gelles~e and G lfford. IdaitCl. respectively. tol~ o f digg:n~ from . 10-12 a. m. alld Tue, day, F:ebrua ry intb Christmas . luna s to ordcr a U II . 11 COllrse chicken diime r, with all the trim- Sf 10-12 a : in. He wi . exam ille a .millgs: .j us t to' be able '"to sit dow n for 3 d~llts whom he has no t pr~vi,:)Usly g!ven

rJ ,,\


College Given FuiuIs lor Tower Chapel; Elevator

C'haugeS_Jll3clc:..durjl1~his a,.'::J~~;;'pp~~ III ~FI~:~~\~"i'~~~~~;;;:~:~~:X.:~N--ltl-;;!L ':::~~~~~:;';':i~U~~';:~:,d":'~:.:;---li ~i11 'I llore interes ted in th e futU"r e ·progture T o w('r Chapel will be· loc.ated some

t he · treache rous winter weather o f ' the self-satis fied. · Ro~kr Mou ntain s. HClell arrived ' hOllle ------,.sai~ IY, o nly .10 sper!d sc "e ral days ill in . NEW SCHOOL b e<l.... · . . .

(Coutinu~d on page four)_

Prof. E. M. A kre heads another commince, whi ::h will work out .. futur e landscaping p(ogral i1. '{h1s committee ineludes all tilt m elllbe~s of the faculty not oth e r wise a ppointed to special duty in th e building program."

a checkup.

burg, here.

ij ritC" "in t.he fu ture. ·'nlis chapel will be.... t he gift of a n ;It prestnt anony ntou ~ friend of the collcge. During the hour of

. adlcldo;,evaJI;.o"Sn':n~lm"e iJ'oienbd, ahnanSo'••n'eo'~d;.sed :to FR I DA Y, FEB. I.l.. a lid SATUR.. with - yl_··' ''''on'g _<ue-men o'._oo_''',c ...·.._.M , Chrir . Seattle Coll ege, there. Knutzen of Burlington, Wa s hington. who has' presented a g i(t of $10.000.00 for i he MONDAY, FEB. 4 - ' Basket ha ll purpose ·uf installing an elevator in o'~d "'.i th CP~_.there. Main: The sj~ fl oo rs 'o f this building, inTUESDAY, FER. S- Concord ia cludiu g th e grollnd fl oor. make an ele:Cho,· . Conee.t. Central L ut heran . •• vator necessary both for' passe ngers and , Church, 8:15 p. Ill. for fe ig ht. The elevator is expected to

Ib======:=f==:,=====.!l ' be

ready fo r use in

~Ptel1lber, 1946,


Friday, Jan uar-y 18. 1946


Ofrlce : Room 110 .


.cboq,l 7'" by Coll.p. ' GRanite 8611

rolf at 'the n~Jct s~m(,51e:r, !-Iarvty w:u di!chargccl NO\'chlbcr 15 from. the Army Ai r Corp!.

~1.phOD. :

SUbeerlpUOd prtce-U .O O "per Year

EDte~m~ -::O::r~~:m#!e~id~~:~e:D~~rl~~: ~ :!i l!: ~Olll

\yhere he had rec.eived special . training

lIareb 3. 187t.

KDITOR ................... _............. . BUSINESS MANAG.E R . __ .

as a r adar pilot, Hi! sis ters. Lois' and LO\li ~e, are uow attclldillg PLC .

........._:.,........... ... ANITA STU EN .... GRACE. ELAINE OULHAUOEN BDI'1'QRIAL STAFF

A!i ~oc i'a te Editor .....___.__ .......,.................... . • Alice nrlldic Sports Reporter . ............. W~"lt Kunschak Oub Notes .__. ........................... ... _.... T elma M~tz~r Service Colum n ...... _............. .__....... .. ....... ........ Al dys Bredvold Special " 'Titers: ......... Da llhne. I-1c1hilan, L C'ln isc TolHelUt. Anita Ro th, Ruth Acl visc r . . .................... oUSiNiiiiS...STAri ....... --.:........ Mrs. Ruth .


Sharman Bookstor!:l



.IIM PadlIc A _ Ope. E...I... tin 9:00 p .....

~~~'~~~~i~~g ~~~~l:~~~r ........... _._........... _. .__.....-.-.-. . . . . _~.-. . .~..~._..............-:::.._::. .:.:'.-:.-:..:.....-_~~~~~_l.~ ~lrD~~!ha~:;~ Solicite rs: Mabel Thoren , ~"u y )'3I1C Hrehon. Gladys Lea, Lorraine Ronken, Doroth y Skilbred, Jewell Keller, Rosalie Wolt'fgemuth. Ex change Editor. Ad\·i!;. er · .



PARKLAND OR 8560 \Vith this ' iSsue I pass the pen to m y succcssor and cast' a deep sigh. half · of relief and ha lf of sorrow - relief from haunting the s't aff Nporte~ whe'n thei'r stuff fails the deadline. a nd from dodging our sqff adviser when my Mi.. Azui8 N~ director Garfi own editorials are still aborning : sorrow to be leaving ,the cooperative edi- 01 ... cher inhilllc .f P .L.C.. .... e tori~1 staff. the bustle of :M . M . week . and Mrs. Franck' s blue .pencil. .1..:"" Preoid_ of the Wuh;.gto. VarietY Store ' Parkland . · I bequeath to the new editor, Alic~ Brudi.c. d,e hudache of composing Sta.e Coundl of AdIqInIotn,;ve Wom. NOTIONS AND headlines and the pleasure of being initiated .into the Press_ Clu.J:~ of Parkland e. 10 Ed.utio• •t • meetlnc ~I ~CHooL SUPPLIES (the Initiation being a trip to·Shop for a . orxaniaatioa. beld Tb\U'lJCb.y. Decem- 1.._....,,...._ _ _-:-_ _ _ _ _..... delectable dish ca lled Skyscraper). , . ber at the Hotel in SeatAnd so, like Father Ti~e. I ~obble out ol£f.fice and once more join tle._Mn. Ruth , Bethel. Actin, County RAYMOND the -reading throng. Superintendent of Pia:ce Courity, WI~ ELECTRIC COMPANY





Are you ski nny. run-down. tired ; Ji~tless ? you jump of every bell or suffer from inso~ia , and headaches? You. do ? Hm-m~m-m ... Just as we thought! You are a last-minute crammer feri~g from an acute c~se of "q uizitis Worriosis."· . ' . ' ~ Now don't get panicky-(we've never' lost a patient yet) bu i the illness must r'un its COUf'Se this time; however. si att~ck does not guarantee · immunity. may we 's ugg'est the following , ptecautions for t~ ~future. ( J ) Regular study hours every day, supplc·m·ellti!"d-by -r~adablei,,;j.(cs; ( 2) reviewing a~ the first signs of forgetfuln.ess. This method is the only reliable -preventative for the disease - short cuts· being- -advocated- onl y, by and lazy studen'~s . .. R. J.



TH THE L U T E S - - - - - - - . . . . , IN THE SERVICE Scti~t Clarence )(~uon. ex '34, ....:110 has been oversea~ 2 years and J n;ontilS. arrived in San Francisco November rrom the' ~ Paci{ie' theater;- ado re recci,' ins: his discharge :It Fort Lewis, howen'r, he suffered a rr.lal)S~ 'of malaria and a~tilll ~\(' a-s: Cl)lIfiu e:d- to Madigan Ge neral hospital. Clarence. formcr student in the College of Education.· ~il1 enroll at PLC th e second semcster for his seiio r year. Before entt!rillg thc sen' ic~. he ; \;glil at McKinley Sc hool ill 'Tacoma. RCl'cnt 'visitor!' on the campus werc Bill joUy. cx '41. and Donald Sloan, ex 42. both of wholll ' ha\'c served with , thelr...,-------'--------; Merchant Bill. homc 0 11 ICjlve in Tacoma. plans to ,continue in the service,

What Shall We Spend Ours On? :Y ou've seen him-=-the 'little boy with the rusty nai l and st ring stuffed pockets equally conscious of the new vacancy left by a tooth a nd the ten brown pennies clutched in hi~ hand. You've $Cen Qi[l1 shift (rom o ne foot to another before the candy counter-his tongue exploring the tooth hole 'and his eyes w'andering reflectiv~ly over the coun-rer. 'l~en pennies to sp';ndall his ~but wh,l,t fOf ~ Carmels. suckers. jelly beans arid gum


Lundberg Drug

'. · what shall he f pend his ren pennies on ~ \Vhat has that to do with pte ? W e have something to spend too! We have" abou( 350 days 'of a brand -new year (Q spend ,but the quest ipn is - ' "What on?" Let 's pause for a minute. like the little boy at tr.e cand y counter. and decide just~HICH aims. WHICH goals. \VHICH val ues. we fT_~__-,w",i!l..!!J' to buy with ourJbudgcted coins. . R . J-.

:~:\!~~d .~~~ t,:;c:~:~lld d!:~llll:;~~~l, will Robert Herneu, College 'of Education. .~2. will begin tea ching S~llOq l Decellibc r J in Ea~t O IYlllI)i:\. I{e eet.tly dischargo:d froll1 th e Naval Air' Corp s. Uob made a cross country trip from Maine to Was!l-I I1l gto n )y car. Mr. and Mrs, He rnes:; (Dorothy Fristoi ex '41 ) arc the parents

11'830 PACIFIC AVE. PHONE OR. 8619


:=====::::::=======::; Jetland & Palagnlli~ __:~ 928 Pac1n.c Avenue

Looking Ahead of a ,o n. Ro l"" l'· Taeo.rry-"2. WaablrlgtoD It is natural as one year draws [0 . a· close ' and another begins, to take Earl Platt, '41. wi ll coa'ch senior high stock ·o( 6ur past accomplishments, and to look ahead to ft1rth~r possible scueol athletics and. leach some e'emen- I~;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;; tary work in Winlock, Wash.• where he I i achi evements. " ha s accepterl a teaching position. Earl As tbe plans for .the .coming year are being made . we pay tribute to those started tear:hing 011 December J. who have made this past year so successfuL with regard to the expansipn of "Cbuck" Billingsley. high scllo,ol $t11Pacific. Lutheran College. _ 'de~t body prcsident. '44 ' is another (Oc.·


We "an be confident that the year 1946 will be filled with achievement. when we remember that durinR the last two years more than three hundred thousand dollars has been raised for t.h e coJIfge expansion program. ' A science hall. new gymnasium. new girls' dormitory, sewage disposal plant and a college shop; are among the campus projects. the;;Iins of which are nearing cQmpletion. The sum of $.70.000.00 has been budgeted by ' the . _ _ _ Bo~[d_oL. Trustees fO,r the ~ience hall. a three story _which th~ / \ prese:nt gymnasium will be incorporated. ' . .' . The gymnasium and girls' dormitory are ex.pected to be. ready fot usc whe'n school opens in September. 1946. '. ' ~ The 'e xecution of the present plans for. expansion. and improvements will depend upon the spirit in wl1ich the challenge of fund-raising .is accepted by Christian {ri~nds of PLC. H. H ..

An Army Air .

I;:::::~~::~~:::L~============~ LS' SPOR~ r.LOTHES





HELEN DAVIs Smart Apparel 917 Broadway




(Ro.eDbur'l) 913 P.eftlc AYe. BR. u n



c. O. Lynn Co;, MOR1UARY



: ·"oh--o-o.! ' \Vill you tir: my shoe~trings.I"~Al JLr., rA room-mate ? I jUl'It can't. make it:- 15 ~.vl1e s trange a nd ' tro plcal disease affect~. r~Citcs. Illa~ing it i,mpossiblc to b4:nd. o r could those sore back nlU ~cle3 ~ due to those: cxt"ra hours of gym which 1;0 many of ti S must make up bdorc report-card time ? .

'I.'he Lut es!! first as Gene Harkness ank. a fi eld gool second, after (he op~ning whi!itle sounded, givintr them' the lead which they held. throughout the conteS t. The ~alflil1le score ra " ored th e Lutherans by ;\ 27 to 12 lead. The game was a hotly contuted affai r all the W:ly with the plafers SI> 3. good part of their ' time 0.0 the floor Prof: .... You can't sleep 'in my class," scra!nbling after tl.le. ball: A total o f 47' Vcrn Li ~nerson : " I could if you fouls were calLed, 25 against tht: wi nning .wouldn't ta lk ~o loud," Lutes. Look to the

Reach For The




wbeD. you want to know what". the latHe: in Col1lllUQty

Carl J, Nelson - FURRIER

Fur Shop)


Manufacturer of FiDe Fun 734 St.· Helen'. Aft. (Meet Art:. BIde,) BRoadway 2811




lint for P L C News .•. . but



Pablilbed ner; 'I1aunclay fo r the lIidlaDd. ParklaDd, Brook. dale aDd Spana"Wa7 Communities. $2.oo _~_ Y..r.


Mrs;-Frisbies:---ltr~r.---...Be ~~Iac. , d....erin~--7





For GOOD. Bakery Product. Phone GA. 7591 710' So. 38th St.

an Appointment at the



PLC's Gladito rs s,tarted the new y~ar on a victoriou5> note as they ddcated the le Pacific C~lIcgc Quintet by a score of 53 to JO in '" game played at Suttle January 4.

Census rt:1)()rts from the gym d :iuf!S show startling increase in the no~mal ROp ulati on-j l1 ~ t before exa ms! H m. m. ''' NevC'r do today' what you can -put off till tomo rrow" seems to be the ' motto of mo re than one Lute Lassie.

Madsoe's Groceries

(SL H .....••


GLADIATORS DOWN Lutes Drop Thriller


Phone GRanite 8436 ' . Office : Basement. P L C Chapel


Winning their se~ond game in as man)' days from the Se~ttle Pacific College five , the Gladiators toppled the Seattle teant by a 44 to 27 count on the Parkland maples January 5. ' . . T~e ganle Wag a repetition of the previous night's contest as the Lutes took an\ earJy lead ·and were ahead during the entire affair. Halftime fo un d" the ,·icton enjoying a lead of 17 points, 32 t.O 15. Personal fon!.!- were again numerous,. to.. talillg 39. 8 les$ than the previous night' ~ amazing 47. Ernie Perrault. the Lutheran's :s tellar guard....led- the-indi." idual-5cor.ing_w.itLll.. points; Harkness and Mills. 7 each. and Neal and Hauge. 4. Substitutu ran up a tota l, of 5 poin ts.

, 'o____""~ _ ' _....___~~---_-_:"'~---__""1 (" SOTI AT THE ROLLER BOWL





AnderSon HAT . ·

On the ' Mountein tfighwey

GRAIN • ETC. Po.ldond, Wosh,




Get Your 'Evening Snacks 772











.----;~ ..


Radio Sales Co Open 24' Hours l)(lily

Radio Rf'pain and Batteries for . pOrtable Radios



PLC (40) (50) WWCE Harkness (9) ............F ...........: ...(4 ) 'noud l!iIls Ross Neal ( Il ) .........•....... C•.. .... (4) ' Graham Nordeng (7) .....•........ G .......... . Richardson Hauge .. .......•....... _.G..... _ ........... F razier' Substitute:'! ....... PLC : Rediske (4), Pihl, WWCE : F(lSter (4). Smith ( ~), Van Sinde~en (4). Wo rk ( 11 ),. 8 lanus:a, Hjel. l1;a, ·Knunoll (3), English, Whitsill (5), Ze hnder (5). .

(5! ......._-.. F





G )oria Thomsaon. Sop h. day student, s pent the va<:atioll ill C.moga Park, San Fe rnando Valley, California, sunbathing! BarnUm and Bailey Stuff Tflree burrled ladies ( not of the cirrus ) a'lId a ueartled old man could be SCCII ill M i s~ Chi lson's Dramatic Pro,Iuction class a wee k ago Monday. The class wa~ practi cing the a rt o f applying fa lsc beards 'lIul tIIu ~ t achcs, th e recipients being Ken "010 Mall" Storauli, the only boy Miss Gh ilsoll could round up, a nd aea ~ d c d Ladies Carolyn Senreid. Amy Lou. Johnsen. :Uld Alma Heen. . He Said. :'Murder'" ~I~rder.-and .ot·h er things wil l ou t. And at least O Il ~r1 in the dormitory has disco,'crcd th:u Walt does n't s ,.ell his- name ' L-O -G-S-T-O-N! Joe Collele H~if In just skimming 'o ler the campus, don' t Bud. Thorpe and Gordon GaDI) look supcr-collegiatc ill their' ' PLC Rooter cap$? O h, Brother! Wbo Kuo~uld B. Both . Low L~ter" heart i~tcrest joined the Merchant Marine and· left for South

,.==~~~~~~==-=a====s.. ::;::~:;::;;;;~::~:;~;:::;;~:.::;;:::~::::~;;~~:Ii;~~,;.~.·;.,a.:. .ca.,•.e~'n.a=n'*'=t=a'=t=;'=s•. o.n==W=h=o'i~ Market




Flnt· '.·....... eoverl...-







..' Sunny Cal

Johnson & 934 COMMERCE

AI\hough the Lute! fin ally were de-feated 50 to 40 they f~ught until the fin al ~un and. Il robahly cau!l~ more than a tittle anxiety on the Belhllgh~ m · bellc·h. The Luthrrans were ou t to even up a 6J to JO defeat ~u Hered t wo nights previolls at the hands .of the Qme oponent and they. came "ery close to turning the trick, much . closer than the fiflai score ! indi ca~es. Getting their orrense rolling . eaily in the game:: th e Gladiators were in command of thing!- durin'g th e entire first ' perio d, enjoy ing a 27 to' 17 lead at halftime. They ..~:ere "ab le to told the lead durina- ten" minutes of the final half. Here the superio r reserve po;"er 'of the Vikings made itself felt. While the lu te regulars we re tiring from the terrific:: pace, Coach Lappenbusch was able to send in his s.tarting fi,'~ to take charge of the game. The regular., slow ly over come the Lute's lead a nd then s urged ou t in (r~nt and weill o n to \\:ill by 10 points. But they had to work for ncr)" basket they scored right up to the fina l gun.



VIOLET WEBER. Proprietor


,. ~ Coach .Mah· Harslnnan's pte Gladi:ltor. a lmost stOPped ' the.': high flyirig \-Ves tern W;uhington College o f Edut . : . _. tioll Vikings on the Parkl;ln ci maples lut Saturd3;Y night.

I .• u

Your Old Friend Is Back




With 'Pre· War Goodness ;;nd Flavor



"r rll'

- .-1-!!1 ]'l-!.~ ~

- ..... ..........

for DeAae. H ....... , J............. at

....... .hdfIc



Fdtby. -Janll:lry 18. 194tl




will get under way at the beginning of the ncx t, ~elUestcr . Dorothy Skilbred will

Club Notes

Travelers Return o~

oj ty) ~;:;;;id? ~'~i;~III~eep


" Sagas. Sagas. who W3.n ts a. Saga ? Can't leave school in May without a Saga," Hey. th:u's rather early isn't it ? Th~ cal~nd" r says it is onl y Jan. 18. What' th e catch ? ' The "catc h" is simply this. that un less )'OU or der your Saga now and make a down \laymenl of $1.50, you will have 10 leave school at the end · of th e term minu'" t hat indisps:n ~ ab le ~ecord of your campus year. And ;;Ow thaI you've earned your $1.50 -<lr did )'0\' say you h 3.d the whole three dollars and fifty cents?-now what ? Well, you can hand it o~e r to one of t he Saga sal e~men who wi11 call on you perlI S ' sona y, 0 start " diggtng" when you see

'COl'I) le of hours in the di ning car. June Apland ' llnd Melvin "Tiny" Os" tet'li traH le(1 by 'trai n to Patterson and $acr:une nIO. California. r'!sp'ec th·e1y,;. and rJesllite t he custo mary discomforts of prcsc'nt day t rain travel th ey were "j ust happy to he hOllle." • Caro l Drcw · had the choice o f ·sl a.nding lip or sitting n n he r su itcase a ll the ·way home 10 Gardner, "Mont ana. Her travelr:lgue mentio ns a constant diet of c h ee~e sa no wiche!l (prese nted by admi ring 501dier passengers) 'and nine days , spent at home in hed with the flp. Evidence that there is :itill a manpower shortage could be seen in the passenger li s-t of a group tra\"ding 10 Spokane in th~ car of Do lores Kell er's fathe r, t he

SOciety-M r. Verne La"ik the Lu theran World Crusa(te spoke at the ).fission mecting ' \Ved ll'esday evening, January 16. al , 7 :00 iIi the chapel. Mr." .and · Mrs. 1.a\"ik 5upcrinteno th e int ersynodical m issionary reS t home in Seatt le wh~c h is Slll~I>Qrte~. by faith. "" The G ii'r~ T rio with L ydia Len tz, Afton 1:ljehn, and L o ui se Lunde I>rese nt cd a groll» of songs a nd Arne A.k n' led in' de\"otio!lS, .. Fireaide--T!le bi-week ly Singspiration of the Sun day' evening Fires ide group will be conductcd ' j:Uluary 20, at . 8:00. Las t S unday evening, Jal}ua.ry 13, Dean of ~I en Lowell j . Satre spoke 0 11 th e subject C hfistia n perfection ,

Daphne Hellman, No;ma Lemke. Joan 'Satern. Carolyn Se,'ereid, Ken Douglas, E rl Nordeng, and Cal \Vatness. Ken Storaasli ' is in dlarge o f thi s crew. Ru th j en!;ell, busi ness manager .of the Saga, S~ys that anyone who w~nts to help o n the busin l":ss staff s hould offer . his services. Now that solves the problem

'Rev, M . H : Keller. Ho ll call was answered, by Lorraine L un dquist 'and NorIlla Lemke, on their way to Missoula, Mon tana ; Gndnin H o lm, who went on 10, Idaho: and Vera Bnth and Dolores Kelle r, 'who Ii,'e in FnirfieJd, Washing10110 The o ne lu cky boy to ride alo ng was Calvin _Wlltness of Spokane! Borghild Olberg went home by train

Campus Devotion&- Mrs, E. M . Akre spoke for Noon Devotions" ThUrsday. January 17, and B~tty Lou Rieke o ffered If a s pt'cial nlusical selection on her violin. During the finai exam week t he ' devotional meet ing wil1 be a Si~gspiration to MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY "re's t tired and frayed nerves." . . GRANITE 8362 L . D. R.-Nellie Risa, , president of BROO.KDALE. WASH. LD~, announces that the g roup projects . 1!..,_,===;.,.,=_~==~..,.,dJ

;:~r o~~n::~~io~~eSecl~ct~r: !~a:~n:o~:

kl\itting in -' Mi55ioll the na'- '

of this

T ile ne xt meeting of t he LOR wilt I)..! at th e Ed \·in t in gel s t ~ d' s home. Wednesday afternoon, J anuary 30. H ostesses are It.'l iss Gertrud e T iugelstad. Mr~. Catherine Jo rdahl and Mrs. Rutl) Franck.

, .... FUNIIAL HOI!!I 6461 S.




GArltul4 1411

~=====:;;::=====~ ,BROOKDALE LUMBER CO.

of what ·to do with your extra time: O .K. to San Diego, Ca lifornia, and re turn~d so you do n' t ha\~e mllch ex tra time? \Vell , wnh hei husbanr'l. First Lieutenant Joel just orrer your help anyway, . O lberg, on lean' from th e Marines. Also a mong those who jou rneyed to San Diego we re Uorgh ild 's sis-te r, Valborg Rusta-d, and \ ' crnn n a nd Doris Be rg. As (Continued From Pace 1) a resu lt of radiator troubl e with th e car "Be Not Afraid~" "Th e Kingd om of' God," 'Vern was dri" ing, he had 1'0 st.OJ} abo~t b - - --,. chorale-arranged by-F-;--Me1iu5- Ghri~- -c,·cry threc--milcs_to_dr.ailub.u!!!2 .tiansen, "Father Most Holy," and Gusta,· a 5111a1l tin ca n. Schreck's "Ad"ent Motet," complete th e ~i,ss Clara J. Chi lson was welcotlled" . first group . by 'tour feet ('If s now and 15 below ze rn I n the seco~ld group are ··We. Have No weath er upon her arrival by trai n at ·her Ot her Guide," adapted from lh e Russian home town, \ Vebstcr, South D·akota. Bu t . liturgy by S ln ·edo\': the '·(.ost Pleiad ," b>; like a true Mi terner, she throve on the directo r, Pau l]. Christiansen ; "Exa l- the sub-zcro t ture, and returned tation," by F. Melius Ch ris tian sen: " Eve- to sy mpathize ;-vith t~e fill victim s among ning," by Zoltan Koda ly, and the cho rale, t h~ home guards ~ " From Heaven Above," arrang«l · bY- F, LaVe rne: Lin ner son. who tra\'eled to Melius+ Christiansen. Omaha, Ncbra sk~ , had an en joyahlc The t hird group wi lt ,include "Clap l ime at h ome. and doesn't seem to remelllYour Hands." " Lullaby on Christinas ber ho w he got Ihl!rc or came bac k, 'N llf Eve." a;l d "Praise to the L ord. " by F. ~aid . Melius Christiansen ; and a melody- of the Znamc n Ira rlition. "Glory Be to God," The Mooring Mast ..... is hes a speedy reby Sergei RachmanI noff. cove ry to Louise Tollfeldt who ~ as been Op tional numbers in the repertoire inill with t he flu .. clude "The Three Kings," an old CataIonian nativi ty song ; "Den Store Hvide Flok," by Ed"ard Grieg, a nd F: Melius NEAL 'THORSEN ChristianscI"s "Beautiful Savior·... TRICKS - JOKES - 1IAGIC ' Tickets fo r t he concert may be ob, Co.tumes. - Tuxedos - Serpentine u.i ned from Miss Grace Blomquist. The 926}4 Broadway , MA 4Ml prices are 75 cents for students and $1.25 for adults. ~

Concordia Choir

the needles dick'ing, The res ults dustry will 'be sent to th e J e ..... ish in Brooklyn, New Yo rk, "'Ihich l;ol1 al LDR s upport.s. .


, j



Hcr~'s yo ur own radio show produced and aired by [he high schools and colleges of [he city, . Listen every TueSd_ay and Wednesday night for [hese varied and en[ertaining pr.ograms.

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Legal R~serve Life Insurance 'for' Lutherans



EKERN. President

E. N.,B~tten




Vi: ASH,


Your Future Starts Today




VOL. :?J


FIRST POSTWAR ALUMNI REUNION RETURNS TO THREE-DAY SCHEDULE \ Vith the return of our long·absent \'et· crans, thc PLC ann ual Alumni Reunion. t r aditio nal1~' held three days eac h year hut cut to one during t he war, return s to· the o ld scheriule. Beginning thj.s afternoon. reqnion acti\'iti es continue . through Sm:ua y .(Fcbruary 8. 9. and 10). Th ~ reunion opeils with a basketball gamc between Eastern ' Vashingto n Col· leg e ot" Education -(Cheney) . and PLC.






l •

which ' will be played to night at 8 :00' p.m. in the Park land ju"i(\r High Sc hool gym, O n Saturday. February 9, there will be open house ill the Viking room fro m 3 .to 4:00 I). m. The afternoon sc h ~du le also includes an alumni a!JoSembl)! an'd Little Sym pho ny COllcert in the chapel . ~ t · -4 : 30 I), m .• followed.·by an alumni ' .b usiness meeting at 5:00 p. m.· The. rellnion banquet, high poin t of the th r ee~day gathering, will be held in ·the PLC dinin g hall at 5 :45 p. m. C larence Monson will be toastmaster ·at the pro· gram, w hich ' includes a solo by Harry A building and cXIJansion program of 501005 and. short talks by ,Walter Simonthe College plant for 1946; to cost $512.- son. Phillip Norby, Laura Hauge, . Mu- · 000, was \·oted by the Board of Trusteet' \·jn Tommervik, and 01ai Hageness. all .n ·:'! specia l lII~eting held Tuesday. Janu· returned veterans and each representing 3ry 29.· ill the R~ctptioll Room. ;l different branch of the service. This sum is a full $100.()()) mOre than Satt,rday's schedule closes with a secwas originally plannl'd. The increase was ond basketball (rame between Eastern lI~ce ss itated ,both by the gent r~1 rise in WasHington College' of Education' and prices'. .and by ' the change in plan of the PLC. in the Parkland rH.S. gym at sciC:llce hall. Insteau of rebuilding th e o ld 8.30 1 II gy,nlllas ialrl1. a new , .. c.icnce hall will be . ). I , . efected~ and the present gymnasiiml will Tht: Re\'ercnd Theodore Gulhaugen of . be Ilsed for a variety 0 ·lJurposes. awalt- the First Norwc ian Lutheran Church of '·' Astori3. O regon, and 31\ alumnus of Paing furth er s tud y. cHic .Lutheran 'Academy and father »f 'i.-he nc) nm asiu m I~ expected to seat Grace E lai ne. Rumohr, and Martin. PLC ~.lOO specta to r~ and ","!II be one of the s tudents. \ \111 prcach t he Sunday morng serm on. III th e Parkland Trmit)' at gc:t ph) s lca l ed iication centers in an) l ~ t I~ ~'rl\'tte dCO legcsf m \Vashmgt on L"mheun Churcl!. at 1100 a 111 T he ren~s w~our:s pace \\ cst 0 the preS<"nt ten- union \\ III end With a co ncert by the

ALICE BR,U'DtE (ftoto ..,. ~ •. ~)

With the pas~ing of t he first semester ju nior in th e Co llege of Education. She came also the passing out of one MOOR· has also qtme up from the reporters' IN M"l'\ S:r- editor- and- the- j)au,infJ-ip, ranks and was co-editgr of the M. M. last year an assocIate editor fic past selfiB -:.. of 3nother. Anita Stutn. L, beral Arts Icr. In addit io n .. he was the PLC resenior from Parkl:tnd, has left her post . f i T \CO MA TlM ES I I t to Ahce Bnuht ~nlta. \\ ho s tarted as a ~:;;C-~tr: t IC : ~ ,. I \e as reporter 111 her sophomore lear. \\as coASSOCiate edito rs fo r the remamdcr of editor last year and editor the hrst ~t m. the school yC:'lr ~ ,m : fo rm e r reporters ester this year She "'a:; o ne of file sell \rd,,, Blell\'old bera! A rh sophomore ior girls irom ~ur campu s ChOs<"l1 fo r the .... he: ~IS also t\' rcta r y. and Knth

~~O \l\IONG J ohn s.o~alloth l!r ' LI ral Ar:ts sOllhomorc 1N .\M &1{ I C-.\ K_ l,;...'-J.b. \\ c:::riAAlliLJ:siC~ \"ERSITIES ;\ KD CO LLEGES. Anttl!. CO MA N E\·\tS·rR II.HJ ~E for morc will cortti nnc' witl' th e M. M . as a spc. th ali a year. ~t an. Sh a~\": :\f:M. associate ci:11 writt·r. edi tQr ill 1942, ha s joi;H~d the s t~ff 3S a The new t'ditor·in·chief, ;\lice, is s lH'c ial \\"(il('r. _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _' -_ _ _ __ _ _ _____ ~___

·1946 edltiQrrJ1!. WH Q'S

r:----~9rtl·'t1UD E?:·.'S


Rev. Hellman to Lead R·eligious Activities


1 lie Klrls' uormllor) is de5 igned to take lo:ate-ot_SJ atudeuts - ana::wJi- - iilil wi ll cost in th~ ~:ighborha:~n~I~,~ 000." TI;e -prre~eilt · build ing. program ca ll s fo r the cQmpletio n oi th'e fi rs t and seconrl \Con tinued on' Pagc 4 )

Veterans Return to PLC From Wide Field

/{(·tl1(n!11 ,;{ <!. ;UllIlli wi ll Sl' C mallY fa· nnic h time ·in hombing missions o\'cr ;rhe Reverenu " 'alte r H. Hdlma n, pas. "mi liar face s I hi~ wcckellil \~'hcn Ila'Y con~e Japan. ' lor ·oi Ihc P~nin ~1\1a Peace Lutheran hac k to ScJ,(l(\\ fo r their alll1l1al reunion'. Erling Holand, grid irol1 man from '40 Church. £-'OIll all <1, Oregon. and inthe r of \·cl(·r;l.IIs with di\'ers-c and impressive.10 ..-t2, was a B-29 cre,,;' member with 35 Daphllt'. F'LC ·soJlholllon-: \\"i ll III.' gUt:; l sl' r vice recnnls arc ba('k at scl1<lo i unde r miss ions. ove r Japan frollL Guatn and is speaker durillg SJliritual Emphasis \Veek, the G l aegis after long :d).~ence from ' the hack aft(:~ Ihree years se rvict:. Rudy John. ,Feh ruary II to 15. Rcnrcnd Hellman will I'Ll: family. son, choir tcnQr from '41 to '43, .w as 3 speak in chaf:c1 each day except ~Iontlay . Gus Anderson, 1. 11l(· choir memlJer cava lry mrill for three yea rs and saw ac· <t lld will be a\'ail~llh: lOr consultation ill from ·41 to . '43, s pent .\4 IlIO.:.nlhs in na\"al tion in fi \"e ETO campaigns. Wallace the SllUil-nt body ofiice during" th.e· day. 3 \ · j... lion and wa s l,a5. . u for- .two anu one Larson., ·41··.. 2•. is an ~\Ip ha Psi Omega Meetin g: s wi ll Le held in the dorm imllle- .half lJ10Ilth S- on Ok ina wa. Ted Baird, memher back a.fter three :Ind a ilalf years dialc1y a fter dinner (·ae h c\"t:ning, <ln r· ca mpus photog fiend frolll '.1I to '43, in the ),Iav v Air Corps a nd 22 months -,----ing----whieh-thu~----\\.:ill_Lc......opponllllil y._ioL .has_r.ct.ur~le'L·lf.ler.......tllr.c~"i!rs· ~e·r v ice in ~;:aci fic (jut;· . ' . spec ial u iscussion . Ihe A rm y's C.W.S. Char les Billingsley. Fred MiIler, ·.w to '4 2. \\"a~ a high $chool P. L.H. prexy ill '43· '44, has come hack \'iec l)rel'Y and track lea ms t·er. 5£n'illg aft er two years in the A rlllY Air Corp s. wit h tht: A ir Force, F rell was- O\'e rseas Marty Gulhaugen, choi r member fr om 18 mo nth s in Allstra lia and New Guinea.



Frosh. Go Unde'rcover 4.F.i"r;xer Plans t: .WFl.-;th as h! rhere's a mys tery brewi ng

il\ tllc shadow s an ll throllghout the cor riuor.;; . of. PLC! b ig e~·ent is ~peedin.g t~li~


~.--- ::::~~:~k~~:: :~f t~O e::i;~~.t i~\'1 u~.

tai ls h a\'~ . been cut off at th e so;,r("c lea\" in g· j·maginatio lls to ' run riot. The event is known to be the Fresh.

~n Mizer, thc . ti n:c, is- known to be Fehruary 16; there is a sig n knowD t o . ex ist J:ontaining sOlllething about 4-F; . ot hcr details missif1g! Our bes t canipus detecti ves a re failing in· clues. O~r fi,;es t ~ stude nts in the schools of espionage, sabotagc. and try~and~dodge . ha\"e been unable to un cover any con~ crete facts-. The' only informatio n the ' Freshman wiU ·colI\·ey is, "Be at the gym the ni'ght of Fcb·ruar y 16 .. , , Tilt;" you'll


PLC Ch',lIr


the West

........PJ~n1llg-.t.hl!.Jeunlon_are -..Mls:L Anlla~

·~fifn-:-N It"lRIr:~a~ctllt)'-:\dVlsor- of-the--· Alumlll . Associatio n. Bert Myh re. ~.resi~ uent. LI.nKa Dc Berry. Ge r trud e TlIlge ls tad. ,\Vi1f~.e~ Jewell,. Carl Collom, Mrs. Stanley ''',Ills, MarvlIl Shaw, Mrs. O lai

H •• """ .nd Delm" M"'tenson. Those ca rrying out . the program include GCI'Irude Tingel; tau and Mrs. O lai Hagc~ ness. rese r vatio n comm ; Mrs. Ken· neth Jacobs\ ban(lue.t decorations, and programs; Be rni ce Eklund and . Lorna rrR= " ="= ' '= S.= PU=b=h= ·,=ity = .="=d= P= , o,;,"=,"=n=" ,,,.=~I

Atiention Please!

·President Eunice Torvend urge. 'that ' petitions 'for candidate. for ASB vice~preaident to finish out ' - the--Khool- term- be--circu1ated- iml_ III_ -':""-_ _ m~iately and that the petition. be given either to henelf or Ardys Br~vold by Monday cveninr• . , February 11 , Thirty signatures I re '4 1 to "43, was an Arllt.)" field artilreryman Phil Norby. 'J~ to· '40, choir member ami required for e.a ch pctitio~. with 31 month s Sl't\' jee, 2; oi which we re eindcrlnan. \\ ;1 5 ;. ;;ea~going M·arine fo r sp ent in the ETO whe re he E:icancd fi\'e three years. nine · mo nth s in bot h 'tlie POI- . bailie s tUi' ior fighting ill campaig lls in cHic and A tlanti c. Dick Rupert ' footba ll Dora Ber« invites all ahun. _It~ly. Fr:.ail.c.e.~anrl ?e~,lI1any. ~ob Hadr ~~'42 and ·4j,....:~as in til.~_..>\ rIl1Y ni;-MiA facu1ty....and atudents_to viaiLthe_ _ _ __ ~ lapd, ~1.~1. . revo~tcr ~ It 41 and 4.2. was. aMP s for three y('ar~ "lid ser \"etlO\'e rseas exhibit apOn.IOred by - the art ·deCoas t Guards man for three and a half ill It aly. Dave Roberts, '41 and '42, saw partment this and Sun)"ea r.~, with two yea rs Aleutia n and OI\C three year·s na\"a l carrier duty in th e Pol · day afternoona in Room 104 'of Old of S.\V.P. tillty and is 1I0W hack· with in· Cific and th e Atlantic. \·asil)\1 nrelUo ries- of the :"'Iclitiau~, . h';'o Jima. Luzon. and O kinawa. . Harry Lang. ha 5:ketball hea dlincr ill 'JR.: '39, and '4O: ;s "ba!"k after three' and one half yo:a r s.ill th e Army Air Corps. Nate Fuhr,'" '39 ami '40; ",'a s a field artill eryUlan with ~t h divis ion 2nd saw actiplI in Franc,-', Belgiul11. Ifo lland . and Central Europe. Ronald GTarial, e.x '43, was: 33 moutl, s an Army Air COTJ)Sman. with ont rt!~ r o i d nty at Anguat:. a nd O kinawa and

M,a ynard Moen, '42 and '43; 'was 31 mo nths ill th e ' A rm y's Transpo rtation Corps and sen e" in E!lg land and F~anee. Karl Olsen,. '41 and '43, was in t he 96th Di\"jsion al1(l !(;IW action in P.1. and Ok iIl a~n, .. Karl had 34 months !le~vice. Harry Soloos, choir hass trom '41 to '43, was also a 96th ' ,Div. ' infaritr~man with 34 month s serv ice of w hi ch IS' month-\. ,were: overseas. (Coutinued on page four).


Main. ' .

.. •••


,~k I)

Copies of the Vol. ~VII , No, 10•

1940. and VOL. XVIII, N'" 3 and 7. 1940, ed..itiOM 0.£ the M~rin& Mot· are wanted. by the library to complete ~ their rllM_ Anyooe ·hay• ing these copies aDd whhiDc to d0nate th~m ahould contact Miu Gertrude Tiftce~tad at the




f~rmu Tlic lma Dan·

'-""-t-"'1:=::::::=:':=:-=;;:::-=ii::::rr.:;:.-=+t;04~:.:....:.:....~...:.~P_I...;C-==i~ '36, and Stau ..ra. Jolm S;..., or Colfax, W.shin,ton: .e.kom~1 the ' arri.val of t born Jannary ,t The Dew additif)n was name4 John Paul. "john, i!t oldest son' of Prof. and "Nrl. O. J. Stue.'!. Parklan(f. EDITOR. IN.CHIEP ........:::: ::::::::::: :: . : ::.::~ ~(IR;'cii. i~L:~ii~:. ~~tH~~~r.1: BUSINESS ..MANAGER Another wee.ding' taking place during the. thrist~,as ho,idays, _De.cember 26. :\ ssoc:iate Editors. ~ .......... :' .. . was, that 01 ..i ..... H .... ~ '43, 'lind Lt. Sports Reporter who hls been ·in Brazil 5in« the f.n Club Notes ............ _........._......_..........._..............................................._......... 1944. '~' ~s " me'l.her· of the PLe faculty Frank Swanberg. Jr. The ceremony took place in Central 'Luthuan Church, Ta. . Special Writers ........._.:.......... Marv Shaw. Anita Hath. Louise Tollfehlt,' from 1939 to 1943. R~rt('rs ................ %tty · Reima.n,J:l.tlen Heqhmd. Doug HUbbard. Vh'ien coma. with the bride's father, the RevA"rlvtser . ····a1iSl:iiiliii···f tiJiji······ · Mrs. Ru,th S. Coming into Rio was " just like the Plc- erend P. B. Hoff. officiatin•. Adverti sing ~ianagl."Z: . h.i.res we've .«n or il"," wrote Mrs. SanCi rculation Manager .............................................................................................. Betty Hby t nerud. Recently the family has .move(l SOli~il~;rS:k~b!~~ T::.~rt'K~~i':i: ~a~~~I~r\~~~'I~!:,:~~~. Lea. Lorraine Ronken. Doro- the country whl."re Mrs. Sa.nnerud has LBUROOMBKDER.ALCOE. Exchange Editor . iteen teaching die third grade in ' an .~~A:'.d,~·;~,,~'...:::;========...:::;===...:::;=:;:.:...;::;:...;;...;;;...;;;...;;;...;;;...:;:...:;:..~~~~~i American schooi. _. . , .. OUNTAIN HIOHWAY Married lu t· month, January 25. wu . ORANITIt . . Welcome Back I f."n« M.M. •d;to, . MUd," ~..... ·44. BROOItDAL" WAIH. l'ion,

'36, th



~any PLC alumni who wil! this week.

It's reunion time again fo r the . end return to their Alma Mater to renew old times. This y.ear·s reunion is eve ntful have not been able to attend reunion for c~mpus visi[ors.





to thoe Walther Gulli-xson. pas.tor of the Parkland Evangelical L~lthuan :' collegl friendships imd talk over Church. The: ceremony .took place in be{ause 'many ·ex.-Krvicemen wh9 Bethlehem url.heran Church. Kennewicli. Stveral yean will be among d~ Washington. Isabel Hantad. secretary to Dr. Eastvold. was nlaid of honor. Other t PLC grads att('nding were Virrinia

~ee' y:u~u:~~~:t~~~n~s ;:~e:! ~:~n;~~ :~~:~e~~~:e::~~~she:e;;: !,:~ ~I::he~~:~(' al~:I~:ii:~~e~.·~i~d~e~th ~::



OAr.a.. 141.- . l


L . --..,..-'1.....

Tn .see ma'ny refurbished roo~s and added equipment, and next year you will editor' of the Mooring Mast in 1942-43: see seve~aL new buildings: But rhe more we chani!c. the more we remain, tfie Mary Louise Preus, '33\ b('came the . ~AL. ORSEN same. And it is in the Old. One.Big-'Family spirit (hat we welcome you ' . . of ~r.. ( C~~i~~.i. ~"_ ~.~b.usgaard· on T.RltKS .•- JOJ;CES . ' MAG~C home today. . . .. . 22. 19't,"), at"i' ceremony CO IICa.tumes-Tusec!os·- Serpentme . the Aker Chu rch, Os-Io. Nor· : ~~ 'J l:f9a"'" ~ 'IIA 4161 _ _ _ _ _~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"_._ -. Bruu5gaard ~ai led £rol1l New . -' '., _ .. . .

·N / E

Return to Normalcy


With the return of more Jnd more ex-servic'~en to our campus it begins [0 look as though the brief era of feminine rule is coming swiftly to , an ' e nd~ No longer will the girls :llone be wielding most of the gavels and making the decisi ons fo r they · are now on rhe of becoming equaled in the trouser-dad contingent. From "girls' ~ch<xJr' numbers ;

"11:1 r'rll')'l~~ ~


Your Mooring Mast extends to returned Mr. and Mr.. Stanley' Willis of Park~iiiw- s[lJdenrs a- h earty welcome. Even within_ these firs LLwo weeks of land hecame the proud parents of an new semester we have fdt an upsurge of 'spirit which bodes fair for the fu- eight pound boy on Friday. February 1.


....... '.cIfIc

ture. The return of Winko L.:ague· basketball competition has done much i T~hc~ne~w;a~"~;'~'a~1~w:a~ , ~n:am:·:cd~Ja~n:,.~'~s:t:an:.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to enliven college activity and morale.. We anticipate a growing vigor in ~I our student body as the months go by. GIRLS' SPORTS C"!LOTHES 'Perhaps this would be 'a fitting time to give credit to those students. and that group is mostly feminine. who eXJXnded an extra large share of . MAKE <SOOD SCHOOL GARMENl"S dfort to keep affairs alive and (unctioning during the .past critical years. Special mention goes to Agnes Mykland. ASB J?rexy for 1944-45 and SEE THEM AT · Eunice Torvend. present ASB head. and their cabine[s. Certainly under .their leadership th~ days of manpower shortage have not been "dead days"


a' PLC.


days of reconversion have reached us. As the men and women begin to share college activity again may we strive h3cder than ever to keep



Growing Pains That's what your Mooring Mast is now experien~ing ..What we. need 'is ah. e~pansion. but t>f uncontrollable circuD16tances we have found it impracti~able to increase the size- of our' paper at this time. We have hoJ,c.!. ·that next fall the M. M. can j!l"gain appear in its 5-column pr~-war style.



----------FoJ_ th~. .I~resent




_.U AU.. .

we ·shall try to give..:o;u~'~(~ea;d~.~rsj,~'h;ie~ be~s~'~;ii~,;P~u~b~·~ III~______-;-::-_ _-""'_ _.....::T ~,:...,::-~ ~ lication: by condensing our news. p;r;;tiiig ~ read. and killing off an ampitious ad.-chaStI: or two.: (We h.ope Mr: ,Scuen won't -read this !) You ("an help by letting us know. what Vc>:u would like to see printed in your colle'ge paper and by reporting news and "personals" to the editors or staff member~ .. As · the student l>odv continua: to grow we will need to render account of more items than bef6re. This is your pa~r: tell us what you~ woulcl like 'to fin~ in it, arid give ~s you~ ideas!

·sw.s. ROEBUCK . AND CO.

. _~~ .. ,3tIJ


____-''-_ __-'_j.I-_--'--




Much Success to/he Ne~ Owners!


Friday. F~br\lary





PAI"LA • • IAI.II .-

C.1t._ ·-

Action: (Linn~rson Jove . yotl!"

~pea king)

m~- la·1

(Chilson) "' Fine. l~h.~t's nne," Denou~ment:


sc andal.


for Ca~lPu9 Radio Theater. ·· M. J." Brehon was h o nore~ by a group


772. .


of her iri~1l<js at a ve ry informal birth(lay part,)' in ht'r room in the girli' dorm Sunday evenmg, Cheese and' cra~kers an<i two' kinds of .cab were ser ved. T,h'c gi,r1 s' day room boasts a new magazine caHed Charm. More h~a",y read· mg for th e ' campu," intellectuals. ·"Am). the last s hall be firsi: . ~nd fir s t shall be last-to Miss ~eneau the calculations of st-me comph,ce~u l of-the-.,. when she reversed usual seating plan (~r a Z to. A arrange·

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : TlIellt. Mrs;7Frisbies , ! ,..;B akery '. _ _~.oL qp'C;)J~ .~.~ery Pr:CMi~~!!. cW So... 38th St.. .. ~bo~ ..(;t.. .

Returned Missionary ~­ To Be ChapeL~eaker, The ReV. t\ lhcrt :-.:1;1tenon. ~ missi';narJ' 11 Chimi for thc Norwegial~' Lllt fk ran Churc h S-ll~CC 191.1.. wi ll ,s peak . in Chape l


of ' vicw) in Ih(! crOSS- lown game witH ers Ma nila),. February 4,' caOl'e at th~ i)cf,:'imling oi the s~con d ' h!11f, when Lilies !l ta~(d a magnificent rally, wiping ou t the 13 point read of their oppone.nts. :and tying the: score fOT a few thrilling sc~o nd s :H 31 all. ,. F3~tng a 29·.16 scoreboard at the: openil\& gong of tile second half. t!le -Lutes. led by P~rra\llt. Neal and Zurfluh . start.out at a hlisterjng pace and in th~ liext five minnte!' chalked up 15 COUllts to t.he Loggers 2. which lied . the s core at 31. . The Loggers finally succee'd ed in h:\I't~ ing th e rampaging Lut~s and again l ook the I~ad whic h they held for the rema intier of th el"Co nt e~ t. 6J to 047. The L"t~~ w~ re greatly w~ak e ned in final te n lIIinll ~e,s. of play by t,he IQSs of re gu,lar ~ Perrau1t and Nealon )ll'rson:t1 fouls. the scor~board reading, ' t~e PLC (~\lilltl't s ho wed it!' be~t form of the season in thi s gamc :l.l,d · prosp,ects look ior ti~e f?flhcolllin g ~eeks. Sum.mary · C.P.S. (63) ........... F . ...... ( 11 ) Van' Ca mp ......... .... F..... ...... (25 ) Fincham .... C ... . .......... (5) Loran (5) Scott

won fir~( "ictory Saturday, Febr-n a ~ccond close. pm~ against Scat. The iinal score was 23-21. On night th~ Lutherans w~rc :'y the same tt'am by a 47 to 4? score., • The Satu rday pille was -a slowl)l p lay~d with neither team ..di. playing any a t hitting the hoop for counters, lut half was fille:d with excitement the Iwo teams took seve ral turns :l.t holding the lead. . Ernie Perrault 'scored the game-winning bas ket with a minute . to go after the score had been deadloek"ed at- 21 a ll . The LlIte~ were able to get p05st'!>sion of ,lie I>all a nd .successf\l lly froze it until tht: elUl lhe game. Thello, Lllte guard, took individhonors f9 r the evening's pro· a t!- he hit · the ' hoop for a Iota I 8 points. SUlllmary " PLC (23) (21) Seattle CoUeKe Pe rrault (7) .........:. F.... _ .....~._.. (') C~lro)' Zurf luh ... : ............ :. F .....~........ (6) HastinQ:s Neal (2)... .. ......C... .. ...... (1) Shay Monleng (2) ..... .... G................ (5) Wyman Theno (8) ,.. . . ...... G Dnlmmey . Subs tit.ut es-PLC: , Firch, Mills .. KUlI sc hak .(2) . . Hange (2) .. ' Seattl~ Coliegc : Fenton (2). Gobel. ." . L~e


.......... c. ... ................. ..... G.. ...... ( ~ )

Ma~Ya}c·tur~l ·~. ~ni ~rs 734 St. ' Helen's Ave. (Med Arts B"ldg.) B'Roadway 2811

~::=:====:::==::===: _

'Mitasoe"'rg Groceries

Ho me on Ihc cntire Ch inese-Japa nese War in an '·Langc. Hazcn. Ulrich ; CPS: Glnndhp.rg a rca 60 mile!' f,ro m the J apanese occupi ed (2), Martineau (5). B. \¥illiai11 So l ~ ). RIi\·. ··.:\nde rsoll is touring the Mall ;;. fit'ld. Oql1ist. G. W illiam~ . ~fitchcll Stat~ s and wi ll be 011 t he \Vest


~ c,o,,;cnm


'ORCHESTRA HAS NEW MEMBERS The orcilc!'ol.ra has added three to its ,h is sC ll1c!'ter : Mary Jane : John Nicolai, . bass; and

E~RKLAND~CENTER ~~+~~c~:~~~~~~;,~,;~;cl~n~oI4~~::~li~;...~,:~~~~u~~~~;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ program fo r ' the alumni SatFcoru1I. ry - 9. at 4:30 p. m. in the


= __"'' !"!


c. O. Lynn Co. .



HELEN DAVIS Smart Apparel



Monson in Title Role Of Theater 'G uild Play The top starring r o le in the Tacoma Theater GI,ild production. "Uncle Harry," . I he ena~tcd by Clarence Monson. '34. af"'ance Iluhlicity on the play rel,orts. 110nson. 'recentl y discharge<! from thc A.rmy · Air Force. after long ~e rvice in the South ·Pacific." is . to he toas-tmaster at toiT1orrow ni ght's alumni b:lnquet. Active for many '. il] dralll~tie circles,


917 Broadway


c. .N.D;


. STAUOJllW< (Roaenburp), 913 Pac1Ae An. BR. u n

Look to the ll00rinc Mut for P L C ~ews .... ---""''----'-~,-~



-"',ftl\lIfi!PelNlR,.... when you want 'to knoW' wbat', the latest in Comr:nwaty

activitie. Publiahed every Thurac;lay for the Midland, Parkland. Broo~­ d~e and s~ay Commuru· tiCS.

$2.00 per year. :

Beard Printing Co~

Publishers . Pl\one GRanito 8436 Off:ee: Basement L C C~pe:l

inCl uding '! Ca.ndJclight" and "M.y Heart's In th e Highlall.c1s" for, the 'Theater Guild. . He w.ill 1,Iay the title ro le in "I:hotUas . ) oo·s . Feb. 12. lJ, an d: ~ .~~ M ayflow~r ' Hall in Tacoma.

9802 PACIAC 'AVENUE' G 'Ronite 7311

'. Corsages a!,d Flowers A N D E R S FLO R I ~.T .


new 'enrnlll11cilt with, 'fi,-e additinn of 58 l11em:'ers; the sophoniores and juniors each recci"ed ' 10: and the, seniors gaincd 7 new mcmbers.

SEloD'Ett'S -

__ -




MAIN 7113 SllATiAT




Johnson GIOC"IES '. FLOUI On the Moun.!oin Highwoy

& AndersOn HAY • GIAIN • nc. Porklond. Wosh.


921 ' Broadway



Friday, February



Returning .Servicel1'len

Two PLC Staff Membel's Te Be Seminar Speakers

( Contimied ~om Pale 1)


as t yo an r. rnu~~cr will lun'. th is w«k to sp~ak 11AO ~I onday, February 4. A ' milling; .. t \'a riotl-lt Lut heran S(, 1I1 inars to b~ held, su rging crowd is a'waiting that momentous oc~a ;o1ion-t h (' i$$Uall (,c o f sel11(,5 lcr thi s mo.aHh. _ g rad ~ .. . . T h e · ~elH lnau. s "011!.o r~ d by the AI1I(' rican Luth ~r.1 n Con fe reni:::e. are to b~ held ~ Freshmen. going th rough this o rdeal in thirty-o dd cities th r() l1gl~ o ut the cou.n- fo r. the . fint time, stand in . line with try. Three ~J1caken .wi\l be at each semi , ~ l'asoncd dllllcrcla ss lll(, u. Both <lre tense:, nar, one J rol1l the A111~ ri can Lutheran eager. tX Jiec tan t. ind at tim es, vocal. Conference, on~ from th~ U nitc:d LlIth~ "\Vhat do yon think you ~ot in comp : " eran Chu rch. and ' on~ fro l1l : th~ Missouri " I t hi nk I deserve at leut a B, but 1 . Synod. .c.... SUI11)OSe she p"e me a. C." " I h O l ~ ht: · D r. Eastvnld and Dr. Pflut:ger, both' g~ades accordin~ to the test." frol1l th ~ American Lutheran Conference, As thc ~lImn ll ng8 up o f a s('nt('stc:r of will Slluk o n I'Th~ Centrality of the hard or S~l1li.h a rd work are fin all), out " ' ord in the Contemporary Church ." in the open. somt: s.tudeuts remove themD r. East\'old will go a5 fa r eas t as Chi· cago and wili attend th~ nfe eting of the. . l'\LCA Bo.:u d o f Educatio n in MinneapoIi ~. He It'lt l a~t TlieiiliY and will return Feb ruary 18. Scbedu l ~d al' a se minar spuker in G rut ·F alls. Mon tana , and W innepeg. Manitoba, Dr. Pfluegc:r will in addition deth'er an addrt:Ss at Lu th ~ r Coll ege in R egina. Sa5ka t c h e w a l~. where his brot her. Pro fessor Luther P flu ege r, is on the facu lty, Dr. Pflueger, who Ic:avel Saturday or Su nday, will r ~turn in a week.


8. 19-46


Again t 1~ 1;0111111<:nt s are van ~ . only g;",e 1Il~ a C after a.ll that <ext ra work I handed in: ' "That B he gave me ~J1oiled my r~cord of .a l·\ A·s." There is even that rare indi vidual who takes t h ~ :\fanna-fro m-lI ea \'cl! slant. " 1 got an .\ in his tory and 1 don't deserve it. O h well. ii s hc: wa llts to 8.i\'e it to ';1,e-" " I wontier w hat · Ill y folks wi ll say when th ey !~e these g ralles'" Oh we ll, cl1ecr up, ~i ddies . It's all ovt:r until th ~ t: lld or this semestt: r- aud that's not until next May. YOU" 'e Iota of tiDM " -or havc )'ou ?-bdore y?t1 ~ave to sta~t studying to go a ll through t hi lt · apinl


.o J '40 fa rnier ~1 , M . associatc alld ·stKlrts ellite r, ser\'f:d four and a ha lf' yeJlfli in th~ Air Fo rcfO ilnd particip:ated in the air offc:n !iv~ agai n ~ t J apa n. Don Sloan, '37 to '40; grid · iron g lad. wa ~ two and a .half yurs in the ~h; r chant Marinc, Milt Theao, c",aba boy in '41 and '42. spt: nt t hree a nd- a half yeau. in th e NU1 Air Cor~.

1;.----....,.--...,.------, letland & Palagruti ·t •• _ _•• _ . .. •


Taeo." I ,. WuJataaI,o.

IL ___...:.___...:.____--!

Lundberg Drug uu. PAClnC ATIl. PHONl: OR,


{'...allege Board


(Continued From floou, lea\'ing the third until a lat er dat . . , :\ Is'a program ar~ a college

Pal_ 1)floor unfinished inchuled iu the shop near the

n ew gy ii1iiiSiUm:-a·n-rt--a--coU~gcd i-5posal--­

pla nt- to be huilt acro ss Clover Creek . . It is ('xlleC'te:11 th at all of the buildings will be in Vrogrel's ~cfor e May lst and will b~ ready fo r li se so metime before thc l>elttinning of the: seco nd semester in the s("hooi y~a r 1 ~" 7 .


Hcr::'s you r own radio show - produced and aired by the liigh schools and collegeso -r dlt: city , Listen every Tuesdar and Wednesday n!ght for these varied and tntert~ining programs.

.... 811Ji1lT

TUESDAYS ' 8 .P , M . _ • K M 0


4:30 p.m._Alumni A. a e m b 1 Y (PLC Little Sym. phony appearing).

5 :45

~ _m .-Aluri'lni

Engineers - Contractors

Garfield Variety -Store




BUlinesa BanqueL

"Z''\li p.m._E.W.C.E. - PLC bas-


ketball_ game _ __ ;;.6NDAY, FEBRUARY ·10 ' 11:00 a.m.-Church Service.

3:00 p.m.-Choir Concert. THURSDAy, FEBRUARY 14-:Basketball with CPS', 'h,ere. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY IS-Fresh· man - mixer. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20

,Blue Rustic . Open 24 Hours Daily

Net COst ... life ins urance is i~sut:d to . . t.u th era ,,~ , Wom e.,:" an€! C hildren age;; from birth to 65. Th .. members .of LUJheran Brotherhood o\\:n the society, . and they ;tlone receive the earl1:ings. There are no s tock ... _h olders.



IIITHERIIi 'HUTHERH Legal Reserv~ Life lnsuranceior Luthe~ans MINNEAPOLIS 2 304 MED. ARTS BLDG

HERt>r,..N L. EKERN. President .

E ..N. Botten .



Shannan. Bookstore -_ . _ A4-l'ocIIIc-A _ __ - OpeD EnDi.... till. 9:OD Po IlL 1

. 'Civic . Music Concert, Joseph Schuater, CeUist.,- - - - --I


BR 1712

Get Your Evening Snacks

. Medina:.



813 Pacific ' Ave.

3 :00 p.m.-Open House for alumni in Viking Room.


GR 8780


Sponsored by


5 :00

··1 ~


WEDNESDAYS . 7:30 P. M . • _ K-VI • KTBI

bas ·

. . . . . PACD"IO


F RIDAY, FEBRUARY 8: 8:00 p.m,-E.y/,C.E . -.P_LC ketball I~e.

xumc "

lUI-II Broad'0'07


Coming events



Feb. 12"":'-C. P. S. Feb. 19-Clover Park H. S. Feb. 26--St.Leo High School






YQur'Futuri Starts Today






\ ·OL. 23

bUIII.nnHaap m.n

, I k•

S I ~~rn . IU ng

IChoir Adds New Voices;


· ~ugh, .

No. 9

Heads C~rnival

Slga Candual .' T. al llarch 8

M embership Totals 56 -

The present lI1embershil) of the " Choi r

~~n~h:n~~;~~~~' :~s~~t~;~:\,~::e n::'~li~e~l~ . ~!

With a fo ur-game schedule' ahead of them , Coach Marv Hars hman's C ladiator hoop men le3.\'e tOlllo rrow ' fo :, Ihe beginning of this semcster. The tenor a s wing around the easte rn end of the and bass section9 have ad,led ' a totaJ ·of \\' inko Confert:nce! . Th~ \Vildcats of ~igh t . men. nearly all of w h0 1ll arc d ischarged vetera.ns. SOPf3I1Q an.d alto s ecC(' lItral \Va shillgto n College will pia}' host to the invading Luthcrins Friday tiolls remain tht: same. except for the adand Satu r day a ights •• February 12 and 23 ditio il of o ne second soprano. Carolyn . Senreid. il~lL~~~;;:~~:~~ l~t~h:n:;le;:a:an~~:t·wti~~ Fi\'e o f the atlilitio ll S ~wcre . II1cm~rs Eastern W ashington's league leading befo re thcy entered the sen' ice, They are Sa.\'I\ses. Mon'day and Tut.s day nights.. Rudy j o hnson. fi rst tcnor ; Martin Gnl- . February 25 ;md 26. ha ugen, second tenor ; Phil Korby and It is a ;lIueh il11\lro\' ClI (Iuinte t that Gus Anderson. {int bas s ; Barr): Soloos, second ba ss. New members are ' Ronald ' ··· Big l"Iar::. h" take s· to meel his. more ex - ·.I osi. S':C (l lHf tenor : Ral ph C" r1 S01l, firs t IIt: rit:Il\'cd (opponen ts ea st of the m o un, taim,. The returll of I-larry Lang to the I..nllwran lin euJl h .t~ added d steady ing infhlt'lI cc a i1(1 all e:-: tra s co ring I)u llcli to) Ihc_ sc rappy Gladiators', \\'ho \\:ill be Ythe u ntle rdogs by \'ir t ue o f two previous- defeat s b y eac h ni the eas ter n qllint s. Lacking tall I1I!,' II 10 wo rk the 'backboards e.fft·c ti\·cl y. th e IJePI)ery Lutherans will _ _ _ _ I~e-I O-' I ,:.H lltll r-s I .l"C!d-plu ii--a..:.tight-d fe ll S'; in att el11pting tht· "Jack the Giant Killer" r o le. Th e \ Vildcat io ~ c e s'\\, 11l be augmented . ·hy th e \· ~t e r;tll Ca rmody, who did not ilPl'ear in th e d rlier PLC-Cenlral Was hingtoll series. Leifer and Gableho use, of Coac h " Red" Reese's cla ss-y Savages, a r c e XJlec tetl' to con t inue ·to g i,'c their • opposition plenty of trouble. Probable Lutheran starters include , "errault- ; nd Lang, forwards: Neal. cen· h·r. and N r\fllc ng and Theno, gl1 ards. Also makin,1.t till' ~rip w ill he Jim Mill!', :rom Zurfluh. Ho b Fireh. Bob· I·lauge. ' and Paul lllric h.

Chairman Roth, Aides, Plan for Gnla_Evening PLC'~ grand yearly ('\' cnt, the Sag:, Carnival , 1)3Ckcd with (un and hilarity, is Slife to provide a gala ('\'c;ning of entert;l;nmcnt fo r s tudes, pro fs. and frieml s

ba~'~~'Ca~~IIL~I;:1 il~:~~~aliha~:~~\:~d ;\~:~~~

attest to the activ ity oi the choir. ~u nday afternoon,. Febru.tI'Y 17, the Frau&> jou rTle)~eri to Seattle ·to perfo r m at the Lutheran .\Vorld A ct inn Ra lly at the Firsl Presbyterian Churc h. The choi r returned 10 Tacollla S lIurl ay en:ning to hold a .CQIlce n fo r a l'imjbr rail ' a t f'ir!'t Lutheran

Ch,,"h. Other iii'pearan ccs of the gro up were a t th e in f~ ,ltil c Pdralysi ~ camp:t i!!: n program at tile J ;15011 Lee sdlool . auditoriUIll in Taco ma, February and a prescn'tatioll with tht 'chesltd and girls' trio at the S late H I lin Stc iacoo lII. Tuesday, Fcbn1ary 1 .


Frosh L-onk to Future; Fantasy Theme of Mixer

"FutHre Fant as y" wa s the Ih e lllt'. and la ugh s the objective of the mixer spon"ort'd hy 11ll' Fre ;.h1llan dass la s-t Saturd.:ty t'\'cninl,: ill the f,D·l1l11 asiu111 . . .' _ Tht· deco ratio ns ca ll for spel' ial I'raist· .\1 Ihe :\IUIllI1I l{e ulIIOll hel d fehn,lar y I fr o m the sideli nes. ':\ cle ver fal se cei l. 8. 9, and 10, s ix !leW memhers were ing, wi ndows covere.d with class wills elected t o the A lumn i Board; Mis. J. U. Xavier, Mrs. H e nry Berntsen and O. ' J. StuCII: a ll of Parkland: Mrs. Man' Ha~sb· played ·at on ce the fe:'ti le imaginatio n a nd m a n Ilnd Wilfre'd Jewe ll of Tacoma; aud the ar l talent cur rellt in ' the cla ss. Mrs. T heodnre Cederberg of Bremertoll. Stat ion lI-U-K-P. originating in the Each of thes e lIIel11hl'tl' will serve a tw o gym. al~(: heard o llly o n $uch nights as ye:tr t ~ rlll . thi s, ieatured .\Valter \Vinchoni, alia;;

Anita Roth. liberal a rts .oph~more from Portland; is heading plan. {o~ the 1946 SAGA CarnivaL schedUlld for Friday, Mareh 8, in the PLC gym. _ __ _ _ __ whcII the .t1 bor s o f- Ye O lde GYIII swing ollen" j :r iday night . _Marc h 8, at 7;00 sharp. accor ding to the report from )he oHicc of General ~la1l:Ige~ Anita Roth. :\ to,, -notch program is s chliduled fur 8 :00. P({'cedillg this at 1 :-15 will come the "bi"g moment-the corona tio n of tht! ' Saga . lIUCC II and kill g. Th e r Cli u lt s of the ro ya l e lecl;oll, held l'a r lier in th e day.

wi ll lIot be revea led until th at timt'. . -High l)r ~ss ure elc.:ti oll t:t'ring ;s flying 'thick and ias! fo r sc\"e ra l cal1d id :\t~" whus<; hats ha\'c alrc 'ldy bee n t05s ed in to the ring. Freshman girl s ar; ~ligible for Ihe qu~en s hip. but ~ king U'lUS't be nafJPt~L ('ho-~c h from tire three upper cla sses. r e deadline fo r r egi 5tt' ri uR ca ndid ates ill The annual s na ps hot conte!'t will cl ose :\I ollday , Feb. 25, !'o yo ur in te res t ' in r o yFriday . 'F.ebruary 22.'s snail it up a lty lllU St . be 0 11 the r~cord hy ' tlu:n. 'ami turn' in pi ctures that w ill lend a 11l1 0Th e qu~ ta fo r b~o ths is quic kly i>cillg s l)here to the ycarbook. No !l-I)t'cial sub- filled. a nd ii rst -ratc attracti ons illcti.,de jec t is re tiliestcd. but whate\'c r offers S<'t -nps f~a.ttlrin~ Scandinavian ddicacies. hu·l1lor. variety. o r campus illl er es t is pe nn y :trcat!e. art gallery. bean guus ing: Saga material. Yo ur cooperation is need; . contesl. ten "in boot·h. ami a Western cd · to- -mak~. this secti~m of tl1t~ bvok a. Union telegraph booth. So ·all o f you IHlt success. 011 your best fa~ e , get yo ur "I\ILScles in TIIfI~ c pri2C ! are 10 be gi\'en for the s mooth running onl/:r, bring your penbest sllaps s uhllli1ted. \Vinnec; number lIies'. and scnd a teieg ralll to your best o ne wi ll rt'e~ive a Saga . $2 and $1 will heau. \ VI;Q ,knows, during the course of he given 10 the s eco nd alld third runners- the e\·en lng yOll may e ve n be a Iud:)' . --.., '. up, respectively. ,Contillued on Page 4) RUl110hr Gu lhal1 ge n will gratefull>' ac-

St S - ·S t d . :, art . u es, on test to Close Soon

cept a ll contributio ns, Hemcmher. the contest clnses Frid:! }'. ' Fehrllary 22,

~~:~ ::~~~:::Ci~~ ~~:~ . ~~:~l;~;:i/f\.e·i·I~I Od~:~ Mrs. James Sha\v Joins


Norman Moore: Cal \Vatlless ami his Whatnots, "K iss)' JUlie" Yandell. T iny slerii. Bob Hogberg, and "the Voice"

!------ I~-..-:~~~:p~~~~'----R1r"ie"'''''''' 'o''niC.'Lc:ru ol·~ carson FRIDA V: FEB R U A R Y 22- · \ Vas hington's Birthday, holiday.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 AND SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2~ Basketball wi th C.W:C.E: at EI· le nsburg. MONDA Y. FEURUARY ZS, A N D TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2f>-. Basketball with E .W.C.E. at Cheney.

WEDNESDA Y. FEBRUARY 27- ' LDR meets in t he Ram stad home at 4 :00 p . Ill. SATURpAY. MARCH 2-Basketball with Cent.alia Junior Col· Jege, h ere. .MON ~,

MA.RCH 4-Bas,,"etball with Cenlralia .Jullior Col1eg~. there.

FRII;>AY, M.ARC H ~1946 SAGA Carni·n ) in th e PLC gym.



Aakre were !;pecial Croonen, direct front Hollywood. 'Madame Sholseth t o ld fortunes ill one (Coutinued on page four)

College Office For~

The spring ter m at PLC ushers in :l PL.C welcomes to its office sta ff Mrs . James \\', Shaw. ne \\: secretar)' to Dean daily e:-:Oc\US of College of Education ,enPhilip E. Hauge. Mrs. Shaw. who began iors to gr'l-de ,md junior high school. ill Parkland, all d Tacoma. Thirteen cadet s her. wo rk hc're on Monday. February II, are now putting into practice what they fo rmerly ser \'ed as deall o f wQllleu and have learned from '"the o.ther side of the instruc tor of English a nd lIIusic for fmlr desk the last two o r : three years. years. at Aherdeen Junior College, A~rf_QDl:-aJLr_c.llQ("'_ _ _ __ ~"asillngtoll. P revious to er a r- expe.riellce of t,=aching. In fact all that ri\'ai"here she had been \\'ol1le" 's counselor Jeanette Bun:1aff could say was · "It's at the \Vcs tern Gear Works in Seattle. wOllderfull". She ' i!l <;adeti~g. in the 6th ~fr. S haw, a returned vcte ran. i$ enrolled grad~ I1!US1C and art department of 3!P a special s tu.d ent at "LC. Bryant School. Mario., Soltman. who is

Roving Reporter Quizes Coeds on Current Topic Strolhng down the s taIrs of Old !.l a IR on the first day of the new scmester, Amta Norman looked over the small mob -of males gathered there :'Ind remarked. '1 1m. lots of new talenL" 1111s observation spurred the M.M.·, opl1l1on depa rtllle nt IIItO action and a spol check was soon in progress. fol10lying are directiy (Iuoted candid oddmcnts made on the New Face, Male, by vario us lassies about schoot A \'e ry recent Mrs .• Hden Marie Anderson. said, "Well they look like they' be lots of fUll , r eally." Anita Stuen see med to br: tlu~ble to reach any definite conclu sion. 'Tnl still look ing them o\,er:" she said.

Cadets View the World From Behind the Desk

"So far. so good." s ud Ruth J o hn sou.

~u t_llley s11Quid be 11Io re friendl5"

Doroth) Barras put In O OtlS Berg \\011 only gencrafu:e . . The) add a lot to SpirIt " ~hce StocktoJl was bot en thu s la SIlC and ctlticill "Hubha· hub a::tl said.' out too man) of them a re II a rncd. • Marion Lindstedt rema rked. "Not bad. Qlle of them s hou ld be Saga King:" Genuinc1y relie\'ed was An ita Roth. "It' s about ,time · that the man-woman ratio around here was equalized," she said.



Francelle Sch~Ch thought that the s~t~ation required mc;>re full expositi~Il . ,s~ she im·iLed, "Dro~ around a nd I'll explain it to you when I have more t!me. " .

teachi ng music ' in all grades at G rant repbrts, "The prospects are fun but 1'111 still shaking in 1IIy boots." Also consill· e ring . the pro~pect is Joan. · Salem. 6th g rade alld junio r lugh math at McCarve r, \\ ho h as trTm;);ed her 5~1I 1s 111 the light of experie nce these last few days. al\ll sa}s It ti~t (nade he r "deCide to teach 40 years lIlstead of 50" A t Horace Mann 111 Tacoma are Betty Wrigley, kindergarten: Jean K.eller and Jocelyn Lynne, 1st grade; alld Anna An. d.enOn. 1st and 3rd . grades. FnnceUe Schoch cadets in the music department for all g-radcs at Franklin. and Carol Etefson teaches the ' ~rd gTade at Fern Hill. Lasi hut not leas t, Marilyn Vanderflut. hu a llIore iorll1idable sounding program. it's junior sl'ience and math a t ~ tewa rt JU'ntor High School.






~~r-'~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.~~~,~,~.__~~~~~~ ___~'~'.~-*'~~~~F~~==~~~ ·~ Th~r~d.y. ~ebr" • ..,. 21. 1946


AL'1111 • • P.b1loh04 0ftIT tw9 ,...a ..... tIIe -.DOI .... "l .t....t. 01 PUlJo LuthwaD. ~. Otftce: Room lSO ~ Tel.pb. . .·: GllaaJ.te U11 EDt~red

SablCrtpUOD prl~n , oo . lier Year


u MCOac1 claa matter. Oc:!9-~ Z, ..l~J6. at tbe PeMt Ofrlee .at Parkland , Wuhlnl1OD. UDder th. Act .of . ' . March ~ , 1879, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. ......... _.., ...... .........._... ,., .. ALlCE BRUDIE BUSINESS MANAGER . ... _...............,_._............. GRACE ELAINE GULHAUGEN BDI'l'ORIAL STAFF .

~~~~;~~cp~~! ~~r~~~:=~~::~:::::~::~:::~

.~~.~:~::. :..-.:~~~~~~~.~ . . ~~.~~:~.I.d\V~~~thK ~~~~\~~k

Club Kotes ...... .. .......................... ............................................ ................. Tehlla Metzge:r Special Writers. ...,........ :........ ),[an' Shaw. :\.Ilita Koth, Louise, Anita Stuen Re:porters .... _.:.~ .. Betty Re:iman, Helen Hedlund. Doug Hubbard. Vivie n \Venhalll Sports \Vriler... .\Valter Simonson Advi se:r . . Mrs. Ruth S. Fra~k .. ·.. ···....·BusriiiiBii··STAW .. Ad\'erti!iing Mall;ager . .Rllmohr Gulhaugcn Circu lation ~·I a lla ge: r ......................................................... _............................ _...... Bett>' Hoyt . Soliciter!i : Mabel Thore:lI, MHor)" Jane Brcholl. Gladys LeCl'. Lorraine Ronken, Doroth y Skilhre d, Jewell Keller. Rosalie ~Voh l gemuth. Exchange: Ed itOr .. . ................. \'cr!yn Kraxberge:r Adviscr ....... ..... . .... .......... "'_" . O. j. Stuen


'tUt o rtner .n.. •.

~.,. ~~It

TRlCX.. - JOXEI - .MAUle:

has recelllty b«1l {l ischargfll. fro1\l th ~ C - - - Tlutiodoo : Serpmtiao army and tcac.hing . school at Clovu MA 4861 Cre:ek: His wi fe, Marie A·ndenon, 041 , and former MM editor, is te:ac.hing at Waller f 4 ....;..,.........._ _ _ _ _ _ _ol Road. Mar), Ruth Lono.. P'L High School '7'. announced. her forthcomiug marriage to 'Ira L. Otto of Baltimore. Maryland. al l a:slllliler party .gipe n in Ih ~ hallie of her allllt, Mi ss !helma Kraabcl. last 5 111l- 1 day t v.e llin g . Th e marriage .is to take I place In the ' Lono home III A11)tl1o"l'1 OCCASIONAL FURNITURE Michigan. sometime in July. . LmOLIIlUI( - RUGS 1-.hry Ruth i!; at presc nt a cadet lIurse: . SBAI>ICS, .- BIIlDI>ING and> is receiving her training at lhe . D.e;ICO lI l'S S H o~pit~l. in Sl)okan~, .' . DRAPBlRlics




FANTSEY TUNESNanl ) , . ha;.. I Nall<"Y Fant. ( alias Fanc~y " SI)cllt all her wak ing ho~r s workin g on thc:se ·sollg 'ti tlc!'. We hate to be selfis h . RID; CHIISTII!SlN ~c'lI throw : them at yon, ' We henhy In the opini~n of yo ur ·editor. the address by Dr. Ralph H. Long of s ubmit "FantHy Tunes :" STA.TiONal (Rounburp) .. the N ational. Lutheran Council. givl? n at the uUies · in Seattle and Tacoma "One O 'clock Jump ......bedtime at 'P.L.C. .. 91 . 3 PacUlc Ate. DR .• U ~ last Sunday, should hav~ been " req uired listening" for...all PLCites. A, rep- " I Cau' t Begin to Tell You ....hou se mother . reStntation. including tbe College choir. did hear Dr: Long 's straightforward "Comin' In On A Wing and a P'r ay~r" account of the plight of Europe, but the number was. small considering the .... overstaying a latc leave. ·'Tempta tion ... ........... .... ....... s leeping late Maht an Appointmtnt at tht importance of the sl! bj~ct presented. " I Hea r YOIl 'K,nockin' But You ·Ca n't

-.--~ c.

What Does it Mean to' You?

'W eJve all read tal es of horror and woe which have tmanated from the PARKLAND Come Tn" ,. ............ Mr. Fadnes'l BEAUTY SHOP devastated; war-torn' lands of ~ur forefathers. But·a first hand account, such .. Breathh:ss.......... ,:.Clill1bin g four flights as we listened to the other night. of one who 'has visitrd those places of suf~ "Slcep, Slce:p, Slcep ... ............ wtJlat·s that ? VIOLET WEBER. Proprietor fering only this wintrr , brings us within speakins distance of that suffering. 2 Didl~now What Time It Was".;: humanity. ' .' .. ' .. .. late for c1.a~,s, ". ' . . . . . . . . . lIl ac k ),f a/-:l c ... .. .. Chennstry class Lct .s consider those people of Europe with tnter~sts most like our own "PI~sC! Be Kind"..... .. cuds . ELErS"_DA-Y1~J-_~---l ·the co I ~ge ~ age youth. If we compare our SituatIOn. wltllTfielrs We sHaul< ':,KOOI11 ~,V lth · r\ ., ·jew" ........ Vikillg Room ' . think about .our paren~s. our friends.. o ur homes"~ ..Many of ou r f! lIow-youth Maybe ... .. ..........Mail, time. Smart .Apparel . across the sea no longer have their parents with them , or they have become "Old Faithf:,l..... ...... H.ammy s dog .. . Anatomy 7 B d .. .. "Cuttin' Up".... se~arated from them : their friends cannot help th!:m: t~eir homes h~ve been "Can't Help Sin gi ng". ::::::::::P:"L.c. ·ChOi ~ · ~I roa way .destroyed . .We at times complain about baving " dung to wear .. That I i'i~~~~~~;.;;~~~,;;;.~~,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ careless expression of ours i'i a stark reality to over tbere. W e get II "starved" abo~t three o'clock every afiernoon and spend our money satisfying our " hunger." What could ~-c say 't o those. who go from· day to ·day. , WithOut a~ adequat e m~al"? We neady '~rreeze [0. deaf!.t,o-.if t~ heat comes on late 'or the da}; is a bit frosty; but we aren't compelled to sit in houses where the thermometer nt~.ver goes .higher than jO degrees even in the iC.? and snow of winter. That is only the physical side; How about spiritual thin~s ? Can we justify our· neglect of Scripture-reading' and chapel and church attendance when we know that there a ~1;: those who want. but do not have, Bibles to read and churches in which to worship? It's time ~e were wakin'g up. The ,-,","orld is bigger than our own little college sphere of . Iife. When we are ·asked to c·oHecr clothing and give our money for tbe· physical and spiritual relief of those people in need, let's not :excuse ourselves ~ being [00 busy or not having anything to cOI)..tribute. The cause should mean enough to us so that we can find something t9 offer. Ignoring the pleas· for help from our suffering fellowmen will not remove the responsibility w~ ·have as Christia ~ollegt students to give our assistance. Let's think about it. More, let's dd something about if. 'J


Snack at

The .....Ii' NEW-- OWNERS

Ruth and Ed Harden·

How's ¥otlr Spirit?


So you don't beiievC! in spirils? Well. neither do we-if you mean the kind that slither through keyholes to linger in the musty air of dusty aHics. or rattle chains in cobwebby cellars or materialize into ~apes of ~Ie and then fade Into smoke. Bu( tHere ·is a .spirit that every PLCite should know and show, It does.D 't float. around. the .rafters. or drift l:Inder d'?l'm roofrJ. doors <:>r.walk the halls in tbe ·dead Of the night. It does • .-ho.wever, show in tbe twinkle of your eyes, in tht' way you greet' your friends. in tbe way you talk, chink and feel. It also shows in the .way you tum but for basketball games and the ' ~ay you a~tend mixers ' 3'.ld affai!;s like tlx ~aga Carnival; which is. coming soon: Let's ~ mb~e of thi~ spirit:....-Iet·s see it wo'rking in each one of u~a true PLC. school spirit! . . . E. J·o


~=============~::~=======~==~ OIRLS' SPORTS r.LOTHES










I~==~~ . = . ~ . ~~.~ . ~== SEARSI~OEBUCK



GR<lnile 7311

.......... , .. -13t1o


c .

Thursday. Ft:bruary 2 1,) 946


Winko Sets Schedule


By Hart')' 'L&nc: Guest Writer


This yea r's team lila), 110t ,bl" I h~ "w in· ningcst" t hnl ,PLC has I>rot.luced . but it is IIll conditit:lIlaKy ' o lle of lhe scrappies t Lutheran teams e \'er to t rot 011 the floor. U nder Coach I-iarshman the 'team is de·\'eloping in(o a smooth fUllction illg unit ; 'IPO FUNIIA&. HOM. so with the 'present team spirit a nd added 6466 S. PUOIIT .S OUND V.olis h the Lntes 'will '-tlC! Illcllly tough in GArland USI their rem aining \Vinko clashes. " Dribbling Jeep" . \~' ith thc ~''' :'l111 half comp let ed it beCOlllt· S more apparent that Ernie P.;:rr.:ml! will ilan' to take a hack sca t to nOlle o f the rival 1,Iayers o f , t he ·Win.ko League . Pe rhaps the I\loSt diminuti ve melllbe r of 921 Broadway Tuoma Ihe League, he is the ~scrallpiest and fa 'l tII:=====~===~==~ cst player .to perfurm o n the local courts ~ Itlli s year. He is t he p·r overbial . tho rn in th~ s.ide o.f til\.' op pos ition. ~lc <'e o\'e r. . Leifer. alld 1II ;.1.;e roolll 0 1.1 the all-conCoLLEGE HAIRCUTS fac nce tea m fo r o ur man Perra.!It . PAIKLAND .IAII.·I Excitement Plenty :\ few 1110re gaules- like the CPS fraeas C. R. KAlISH played herc last wt'ek an d the l1ea.r tsl hOllle . fo r t il\.' deme nt ed will he augm ented iro lll th e rank s of our loy al Lutheran b us. ' \Vhen Palll "' Lake Stev ens" U IIANWlU'S rich Ilnsh ed throngh the ~I' innin g hucket, 01 .

1 .a.·\~~Sh~~~~"~~~~~~:i~t~ 'Confer~nce I ~.:: b~r:li~ I~r;:~ "'p .~.C.:-:ag, t"is





.-\ thehic Directors 'd rew UP. lugn~ sthedult's fM sp ring sports and .footba ll Sa tun.!a,., Februa ry 9. in the ' \Vinthr~p Hotel . . AIII'Ca r3.m:es arc "th at P . L.C. is sch ed1~leJ fo r IlI,II11f nHIS and vari ed participalions in t he world of sport s cOllle spriuK se;\:-Qir, Sports are to i n~lud e golf. ien .. ;s. <l.nd track. In the fa ir. Seattle .Co llege will no t b(! rep re'>ell ted in . football according to "till' present "Ians, ,St. M.artin's College is mi-ssi ng fro lll the tenni s and golf s~IH~d •11es. nnd on ly the three norma-l schools are on the trac.k lis t. If ~th er s~tiooh field cinderllath t ealllS,. sc hedul e . dual llIeets will be changed to triangul:tr af· fair s. ~ T he sp ring s ports p rog r~ 1Il will 4!lllaxed . by conference championship s a t Bellin gham . . home of lh e ' We~steTll \\';Istllngt oll Yi kings. May 24-25. Prescl1 t at the ll1ectiug fro lH P.CC. \\' N ~' (,olh At hl et ic · Di rector C liff O lson ,d ill C03r h ~lar\' Harshman .


i,a luiemonil 111l hrQk(' iOf'sC an d continued Th(' big event of th e' W.A .A. basketfor Ih: n.ext Li . s~("(l1H1 s while CPS ba l se;lson is (: rawi ng' near!

77 2 .


~lil;:I::::l~il~~e:~'~!ll:~I\!~~tettl;~ :r~:'~~b~~~ After a few I'rclimin~ry ga.mes .. the to:tie~p- the 1);)1 ~ - - has.k~tball-;tot1rname~t .wlll.beglll, Comr:-:======:~==:=~ ~t I .. pet itIo n alwuys rt! n s- lugh 111 these fast CO)(lIERC~


Mrs. Frisbies Bakery - - For GOOD


. 710 So. 38th St.

Phone GA. 7591

l!;;============~ If Carl J. Nelson· FURRIER (St. Helen's



Manufacturer of Fine Furs 734 St. Helen'. Ave. (Meet Arm Bldg.) BRoadway 2811





LynD CO~ !'1M

AVB. __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. _ _ _oJt)




:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.::::::::::;::::::::::::::::::::!::::::::::~ .. ~

Johnson. & Anderson .IOCDJU '" . ~ PLC)UI • HAY


-;,ftAllrf;!:fiiIHm.;,- .

..... -=~O

Beard J;>rintingCo: ~PhOftCPuG~~ 1U36 Buem.eDt P L C·.chlpcl


\ 't..


l M'

_ IF _ _ _ _

the Midland,...,Parkland. ~rook• dale and Spa~w.y Communi- ' ties. '. 12.00 per year.

. . - Office:

G.. Williams, Loran (12), H e~elwood P)~


~~;;;;;~~;;;;;~;;;;;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~~~;;;;;;;;;;;;~;;~;;;;;;~I M,

Pilbliahcd every Thursday for


Lang (S) t iS). ............... F ........ Nea'i ................. C ..........(8) (3)Glundber$ Finehah1

~St1bstitu lcS - P LC, Zu rfluh, H opp, 1t 115 . (4), Ulrich (2). CPS, B. Willii."m5,



u.__. .·

IJ po;n" ap;,ee

PLC (48) CPS (46) ' Perrault (13) ..... ....... F .:. ..... ( l )· V:i "/' Camp

Th , no (5) ............,.. ..G.................. (S) Scott Nordeng (S).:.. ............:G......... :( 4) Ma.rtine~u

_RAIN . .

On the Mountain Highway. .

when you want to know what's ' the latHt in Comm,waty . activities




Look to the ·Moori.,. Man for PLC ~ews •.. : •. ·

Reach For The

Lutes Take Thriller From Cross-Town Rivals



l "a r Pihl. ]U1uor I)re-seminary s ludell t: dcl ega tl.'-\I by the Columbia Conlen'lIce to attcnd a \Vord Miss ion In stilute at Augustana Theological Seminary ' in Hock lsi ~ Illinois, returned to ry 17. after a twoschoo l Su nday, week's allsence. Ivar . made the trip by t~ain: stoppin g o ff at St. Pa ul. ~inncapolis, and Chicago. e report s th<l.nhe conl erence \\'.\S both in slJ ired and wl'lI-a.t tended. \Vhile at



The L utes mai lltaill.ed a ' lead thro ugh the entirt~ game, ' ho ld ing a 25-1..8 halftime edge. Trllckey, ace ccillter o f 't he Seatt le fi\,c. has ~e n o n the sidel izleg \\'Ith ~ sore back. a nd was unable to find the basket in the ~h ort lime that he playcd : A I!IQ miSSIng from the'visito rs' lin eup was D n1l11111e):. . a rl!K niar gua rd. L ineups: ' Seattle (35) P.L.C: (46). Perrault (19) ............. F ... . ...... 0) Conroy Lang' (7)... , .. :.F .......... ( 7) Has tings Nea l (8) ,... ...C ............ (6) Fenton Thl-= no ~ 3)..... ....G ..... ...... ( J r Wylll<l.11 Nordt ng (4) .............G ....... .............. Woods ' Subs:-PL C, Zurfluh (2), Mills (2), Ulric h. l-I3ilge. Firch7 K1iifffi";"iIf--(I") . Pet('TSou, Hopp. Pih \. Seattl e, T ruckey (2). .Shay l5) , ,Goebel (~ l ) . McWee ney. .O ificial ... : Kennedy . and Wise ..

JIlo\' in s...,ga mes a nd S01l1e thrillers . a re ex pec tt!(f, ·'K is:.y" Yandell . was hea rd commenting whil .. s hopting from th~ 1)li dd le Qf the Hoor. "Ooh. wh at llo I th ink I am ?" The. te:tlll capt ain s and teallis chosen fo r th e tourname nt are Apland's Apes, l'aIH aincf\ by JUlie :\p la nd ; The Three S's by Dorothy Meyer : ;rhe Speedsters by Lois Tol!fc ld t : The Bas-ke'tbusters by The winning basket by Paul Ulrich, nutl! Pfluegt'r: Th ~ Six Fives by Edna sunk 15 seconds before the· final gun, Swart z: and ~r.-T'sllCe"Sb~f:-r:-n r e· broke a 46-a ll tie and brought Prr,'wiih- - - - - - i hOIl. a score of 4R-46, to the winn ing side of ---'~---th e second CPS -~) LC home series g.ame Rock Is land . he \' isitcd wit h three . P.L.e. ·graduates.. w ho arc now attending the Miaaion Society-Dr. E. Hauge will Th ursday night, February 14. in the scminary-Lilthl'r Livingston, Jamcs A n· be the speaker 3t the next meeting of the Parkland ' g)·mna siulll . de rs,?n . and Luther Beng:'ton. M issio ll ~oc ietYi Thursday evening. Starting off ',in a fla sh, the L'tltes had The ins til ute had as its p.u rpose the Feh~uary 28. G race Elaine Gulhau gen a 12-5 lead by the fir st fi"e minutes and pro mo.lioll o f interes t in fo reign mis- wi ll o ffer a piano solo "'and LaVerne Lin- closed the hal~ pe'riod with a lead o f 27-23. s iolls. nersoll w ill lead in de\'o tion s. The L oggers, who won the first tussle The second semester officers were wit h th e Lntes la.s t week in the CPS gym, ' elected a t a short meeting \Vednesday. slowly crept up to a 4O-all and then :l February 13. LaVerne Linnerson is pT.esi~ 40-a ll tie with one · ininutc; of playing dent; and ·those. hel ping hi}l\ are Norene .time remainiog. U lrich saved ' thc" day SCHOOL SUPPLIES Skilbred, "ice-pres ident: Harriet Roo t, wil h his last-m imlte winning basket. sce retary-~reasllrer; and E lizabeth Hoyt, \Vinner of ' individual ~~oring honors . PARKLAND GR 8560 Porcket Te.st3 lll eilt secretary. for th.e game .·with :1 15-,)oi nt total was Harry Lang. who has been out for sev- . eral ..... eeks with <l.n injured .leg. RunnersSlATE AT up wer~ Ernie Perrault and CPS's Boh

Student Delegate Back

qUAUTY KNinn•• CO.


auhexed thdr secontl \Vinko League vi(tory over Seatt le College, 46-35, in a not too exciti;lg contest, playt"d on the . Par.kl and maplu l'i, ev,cu ing, Feb. 19. The win gi,' l's the LlIth t'ran s a t wo to One 'advanta ge on~ r the Sea ttle lluint thi ~ season, tht· t('all1 ~ ha ving brokl'lt l'vell in a twO-galliC lIeriel' played earlie r ;n the season in Seattle. There is one !Hare game ' to be played between the t wo $tlUads, Tu esday nig ht's co ntes t got tinder w,~y ~owly, and maintain('d its l e i ~llr e l y pac~ thro ughout. excepl . for britf spur ts " y th e ' G ladiato r Speed . Merch ant. Ernie · Perrault , who a<:'counted for~ 19 points to lead the scorers. Goebel. scrappy' litt le gua rd for the visiting fin'. talliell II 10 lake r\llll":er-\lI) honors in Ihe sctll:t col-

. • . . :. .

. :


",. ,~ J!!1'll']'J. ~ Iv




' :.J~"=",, . ,


........ ,.... at




Thursday. ',February 21, 1946




Weddlng Bells Ring . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ru~tii~~~ Cupid has strllck the campus twice this pag.t Illonth with ddinite res ults for two couples. Helen ~Iari e Lund and Don A n de rso n we re · married , ~l o nday evening" JaliUar:y 28, and 0 11 the d9.y set a~ide for h~art s, .February 14, Vedis Huseboe . and A lbert ' Kuhn becani'e. " Mr: and Mrs." Both co\lpJes \vere man-ied in T rinity- Lutheran Church, Parkland. The wedding o r Vedis and was an "ea,nh s haking e\·.tlQt" ':IS "Muscles" reniarked later, fo r ju st bdore the processional began the church trembled vioientl)" in the thrne s 'o f ,Thursday's ca rth. quake. Attendants iot' the pair werr. Vedis' s i... l!,'r from Everett, Valborg Hu sebo.... and Ted Reitz. Vernon Berg and \.valt · Logsrloll were the ushers and Grace F.1:1 ine and Rumolir Gulhaugell lit the ~-a ll\lIe s, Offering the Illllsical baekgr~lI nd were Ruth jense ll, organist, and Ani ta Norman, and Marion Sohman, ' YOcal soloists. Re\·. A. \-\"; Ram stad officiated at the double-ring ceremony. At t1~c reception which followed the service in the church parlor s. the aunts ~f Vedis and Albert. ;\irs, W;l\len an'd · ;\Irs. :KUhn. and Rhoda Lee and Mrs. L. J. L ee. E"ereH, e,nt the cake. -Assisting in the !',l'f\'ing W('rl' Helly'Loll Rieke, Leta and Tc1ma Metzger, Evangeline Ahrendt, and Xoret~ Skj.'bred. Nellie Risa was elistodi'UV''oi the guest book. , Vedis and Albert ,h","e } ttended PLC from which Al , WilS graduated from the - Ciocral /\rt ~ departmcnt this January. V~dis will comp lete her junio r yea r this spring. Roth ha ve beeu act.ive in relig iou s societies and il.1 musical groulls. inchuling ' the Choir of . the West. Dr. j. P. Pfluege r officiated at the Lund-Anderso n ' weddi ng 011 the cvening before the se!=ond semester began. Helen attendcd PLC 101 st year and 0011. a rctUTIling'·\:eft,ran. is 1I0W a st url ent :,t PLC. G~ace Knutzen wa s maid of honor at the candle-light ceremony and '-Ir. Willialv Storaasli ~ f Park laud wa s he st llIall. M'cl\'in Os tc.rli and Si 'fon'cnd \\'('fC the lI sh... rs and Ruth 'Jen s en and Anita Norman



Ill~ntiful 0;\ 3rd ", nd 4!h fl oors of O ld

. \ Ve're a ll wondering \,-hat that red swe:l t,e r Prof. , Franck has lie,e n ' wearing indicates. Co'tllt! it be that he is cold, o r is it, m;i~s, a. 'h arbin,ger of si>ring~ Perhaps it might e\'en be another warning of that familiar ~dict: "1 loioe you all, but I'll nUt1~ you just the sa111e.'" Could be that th~ F r9sh ~lixer will be remembered by va riou!r twosomes as ·' their· fir st night:' Ha\C you I.llet Petunia, Homer, and Tabu y~t ~ These fragrant I~tt le ellt-ups :1re recent allditions to ' the anatonlY class. Ne\\' frosh ? No. just ha"c-b~en llorkers, An earthquakc, a wedding, a victory o\'er CPS. a nd _Valentines all tog~ther will make February 14 memorable to PLCites. Valentine Variations •.\Illong the frilly bits of ' SlIntiment f100dillg the campus Feb. ~4 seen thi :; tendcr tiding: ,

"N~ lovin' kisses, Hearts 'o r lace. Just How ya doin', FunllY face?" ' Chocolates ill heart: s hall~d ' boxes we re


PaoI~ A ....DU.

Main, The illcrea~d mal~ , VC)\lulatio,~ Tacoma J, WuhlDatoD ~' " might be a clue. Perhaps both ~weets ;\nd vcts ca n account for the re('cllt fer- L _ _....:._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-,~I vor with which gals h:1v~ been doi ng_their exercises in P. E.-and , in private. , ' Cupid in the Kitchel\. SOllleont' s hould ha ve reminded Lillian ButenShon that \ :ale..ntine's riay docs not las t till Feh. 19, And even if tli e way to ' a man 's heOirt is thoug h his s tomach, the ,..,._ _ _ _ _-=:;::;;'-____..., kitchen provides a ' strange atmosphere fo r wi nsome words. ( PL.C has always helie\'ed in iriend liness 't oward "is iting ,ball t e.llIlS. Maybe Lil just t ook it t6 heart.) 11810 P=,,"CIP'IC A~IL To DQtm from Day . PHONE OR. 8619 New ten:lIlt in the-Girls' Dor11l i's I~bel

-Lundberg Drug

Harstad, secretary to Dr. Eastvold. Isa- '-:::::===========~ hd i:; another of th o~e luck y ' lIpper-tcrm- ,c'rs .w ho ' rates" ",~cious ne,,; room on th e' ~th fl oor. ; - -, , ' ·.llelLAND ' HAIDWAU CO 4 , Shakey .Terra Firma M48 PA(lJl'JV ' • ,

Saga . Carnival (Co'ntmued From Pale 1)


Where were yO\l on th e IIIght of Ft'~. 14th ??? The tea m was in Parkland grade school's bascm ent sllitin g 1111 for thitt \'tetory o\'Cr C.P.S. Mos t of the college clan were af Triility church for the wedding. Mr. Fadneu was atop the hi gh laftder in the library dia,nging a light globe: Mel "Tiny" Osterli sat .ea lmly throug", the ca r!~((uak.e .as. if liothing had hap-


GR 8780

~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'; . RAYMOND ELECTRIC COMPANY Engineers - Contractors 813 , Pacific Ave. ,

BR 1712

-thc - Ula llY prizes to be -ve ned. lillY hve~ 111 Sacramento, I;~~~!!~~~~~~=~~ wililier uf one.-of . offered. ,-\II!I there's going to be Illcnty l ; - - - - . . . , - - - - - - - - " , . , of food! BOOKS FOR ANY


.!....-~'-Olli!.)~ dCiicc.tLon~LI!I.:_ Sag<L-Car,lti.\ ·I-_;;::_""----'OCC """"'A'_;;S"IO ""-N;......--'---1 ~ _ _: _ Y.J lt:iety Stor~

Sharman Bookstore 934 Pac:iBc AVftl1Ie a pen E '" venin" bll 9 :00 ~. m.

wi ll be u~('d in the production of PLC"s year1JOok, and .ir is Ii oped that thi s- year's profit lI'ill 10p'·'la."t Yl:ar's intake. which was app roximately $100. .

Thl: task of entertaining till: cro\\' d has be ... n dt"legated ca llor Hellbaum and \-Va h Kunsehak-. program i~ strictly a su rprise, hut the chairmen promise ,an



IF=lF=""'''''''==OF==''''''''''=_==''''==''''='';''''''=='''''=91 Your ' Old Friend Is Back

hotl r uf fantasy and fUJI in kccDillg with. the fairyland atmos phere. which is the them ... oi the carllivill.' Hml Thorp illHI ~Iarty Gli lh aligell . ill c.ha rgc of h;ll11m . . r and nail s, will hO i" the cons-tructioll. _'\11), ideas I:onceruing

With Pre· War Goodness and Flavor ~EDOSWEET

presented org;lll and \'OCill se lections. ~~~tl~~tl:\' \~~a::~ a~I~~PI::~~:~II,IYco~,~~li~~:i~I~~ At .the reception which followed, Mrs. ' Anna Elise, PLC book keeper, and aunt are welcome. of the groom. poured. The fo llow in g cqlllmittee chairmen call 1... also use help: Advertising"":'\Valt Logsdon and Uoh Hange; Signa-Mabel



Frosh Look To Future 6·::~:en~IH~~~~:~tio~0:'s~or:J:,~ (Continued From Paee I) corner of the ri)o u" <Iud in alH"J lher refrcshllll:nt s w\:rc ,;e rn:d , from a ' hole in a cle;"erly devi sed hon;elllade cloud , :\. songlest"lt:d h>: ArtIe Aakre, WOlluJ li p a pTeasal\t evcllmg-. Many t~s to Carolyn S~ver;iti and her committees for .a 'k el l.planlled c\eni ng of ftill.

Skilb red :.ud Na ncy Fan!; Prizes--Ma xinc Ekrelll and Dori s' Berg: Clean-U~I Valborg lius tad. It is expected that this ' ye<lfs car~ival . will h~ oi the biggt'r al)(1 hetter variety, ~~I~~nany \'cteran s hOllle to -enjoy it With. tiS, So sa'·e you r penniB -;-a-n-dlffalfcFriday night. March 1, a date-not to 'bl! forgotten! See you then! ' 4

Get.Your Evening Snacks Here ·

Blue Rustiv Open 24 Hours Daily

e~MPUS ~JO'---.-c--'----'-~k4----­ ..



Here 's y~ur own radio ,sho:'" ~ produced and aired by the high schools and colleges of the cicy_ Listen every Tuesday and Wednesday ' ntght for chese vaned and entertaining programs.

F ,b.


oh Sohool

TQESDAYS 8P. M.··· K M 0


Sponsored' by




."'~.I.I'.I~ '


·Lt:r.......... ~OLLEGE . I r ...... ·.....

.Far S......lour wi th tr:",cli ng and bnding . boa rd a G .. ey~oulld bus fo r the 19th annual t O Uf. Accompanying "ingcfs. "dlo hail . from seve n states, . be Director GI1Il1., .. r J. Malmin and agef (also nos~ count~r) Hhoda Featured ~~oilH. is Miss A1ice pr.ominent Tacoma violi nist and man at P.L.C.

SAGA ROYALTY SECREt OUT TONIGHT Wdl. stlldes, the yoting's ovcr ,," no the BIG oiShi is UI)OI1 liS. For days wc've been se~ illg in every nook and available cra~tny poetical niahts and bidrrc name displays. The campaigners hive all done a-grand job. So no un~ has any idu who'll win _ you'll just ' . have to come out lqnigh~ to th~ P~C gym ~ 7:00 p. m. and sec fo r your· self.

annually to the outstanding bas-

~ etbaH player chosen by ihe play~r). ~ thel!1se!ves. Both wlllners ate veterans of pre-war ·. Lutheran ~asket~ll ,(ams: Perrault. ' in '39 and '·40, and Lang in '39, '40, and '41. Speed lilt·rclt.ant Ernie, who returned to sch'o ol last ' fall, wa s the. team's leading score.r and M'a,!; o ne of th ~ outstanding pla)' er~ iii the Con ter~lIce. lie will be back for another year. Lang joilled the squad . • I His s tudiness ~Il.dag=-' grc~!lin: style. of play sparked ' the Luthth~

Spokane. Ritzvi lle. Od~ssa. Caslull(·re. \Vash.: · Lewiston" and gon. - Thr« 8"roUp5--ot' -50ngs;-I;st~d will Illake UIJ the choir prbgram. Gronp Olle: ';:\11 BrutJ'iing S . Bach: "0 Wondrous Typt"-F. Chris tl:u\,,;clI : "My ~list er"----=---E.

ment. Group t\\o: "0 Sil\g Unto the - H:ln~ L. H~ ss l er: ; 'Teneb rae Sunt"--"':'At. .'\. ~l1gegeneri: " The Pn.Jo·e r"-A. Grdchaninoff; "The cous··-J. C. Bach: ·.'Hos;u:na to the _ or Dal.:id··-OI'..... ndo Gibbons.

The ba"ketball 1)laycrs presented the coach and hi:t wi(e with a floor lamp as a "going away" prcsenL 'Fhe Harshmans ha\'e lilOved 10 Seattle w here Mar v began deckcd ou t III Ih&ring colOl:s to altract your attcntion ;md loose work ior his lr:A. degree in Physica l I:"oppcrs. O rga " sponsorilill Oooth s include J)BU: penny-arcade; DPK, foo(1 Education at 'the University of Washing· booth ; Jmlior cia!. Irt gaUer)"; Senior clasS', bean-guessing boo th; WAA (always ton.

so expect - Back row, left to richt: CatheriDe Brcum,.-Carolyn Severeid, r II II of t h r i.~ I s. Betty Reiman. Front ro_, left to richt: Jim Redilb. Vernon Bug, Earl t1ordtIRC. Milton Theno u~ble to be present for the' picture MUuac of a !el injury.



~'h ~UaG. \~'''.<'n-~n"., -''~,m-II------~--~~--~------~-----------I.h~ 5,,,",1.,,,,,;,,,, ""n""J·I· ~'niinl"" WiIU~r:esent-c lub, Bingo.

LSA Delegates to Meet. AtPLC March 22·24 LSA 'd elegates from Washington, g on, and Ida ho will as!'cmble on the campus from Friday. March 22. to Sunda:)' noon. March 2.$. for the annual. LSA Com·ention. which wilt ha\'e as its "The Open Door." PLC famlty mem ber.! and

Coming events FRIDA Y, MARCH 8. 7;00

p: m.-

1946 SAG.-\ Carniva l a'f PLC gym.

j;RIDAY. M~RCH 15 - ' RollerSkating Party sponsored by the Senior Class. SATUR·DAY. MARCH 16-????? Watch DtJIle1ju boares. MONDA Y, MARCH I~Magician Show . .odails elsewhere in paper.

~ W EON E s15); Y. MARCH 21-' .LD R meets at ":00 p. ' 'In. FRIDA Y. MARCH 22 TO SUNDA Y, MAR~H 24-DSA Di5tr~1 C~ nrerence



. Grabel, Magician

. "If it be magic, let it be art." So quoth Shakespeare. And such is the motto followed by 'Lee Grabel. who will prestllt his WOfl(l~r Show ill the Parkland Jr. School Kynulasium Monday Hellact comedy. Moliere's ''The ing, March 18, und~; the sponsorship of In\'alid:· Twelve characters. 8 men l.he P,L.C. S~nior Class. 4 wOlllen wil1 make up the cast for Master 9f sleight' of hand and. the iIIu'··all-s-choo}" 1,lay to tie pres~nted in sian, Lee Grabel is famous nationally as Any: jllter~stc:d students are "~c~~:::!::~ 1 .~a~n~:.~giciall . and authority on legerd~main. to appear at 3 :45 tbis Friday believe e\,erything you ' s«," he ill rooUl 201 fl?r .try-onts. warns. His entire entertainment is an innO"l&tioll. hcauti ful and f'Cfin~d, designed lO' d;light al:diences both young and oid. • !':ow tour:l~g the '

Spring Play to Be Cast; Try-outs to ,B e Today

Following t h e theme "\Volllen and Men at the C ross." D r. S. C. Eastvold opened the scries of Thursda'y night LentCI) services. wldch he is conduct ing at the re(j tlest or the Triliity Board of Deacons, YUi~rda)' cvenin g at Trinity Lutheran Ch urch . The subject of his. sermon The schedu le (or future services is as (ollows: March 14--"Weeping Daugh Famous \VOlII-

haugen, The ' convention climaxed 'by the banqu~t to be held Saturday evening in the dining hall. at which AI Peters of Oregon State will act as toastmastcr ..




nor;" April 4--"The Darkest Riddle ' Anita 1·l uman History;" April 11-"A Judicial Carl sO'I. \-Vrong and A Grc:at Confession." Dr. Rall,ta Haugen, Ralph O lson. Norman ust\'old will al$() preacli the Easter ser- Moore. all~L ·Phil Norby .Jnallt. up tbe mon,~ April 21. cast. . . . SI)ccial organ and vocal music for · tb,:: Fot~owing the play the PLC girls: ",ervices ,,·iII include groups o f old fa\'ortrio sa' l Ig a group of sdcctiqn5. and Lyite hYlll ll s played by Mrs. ·G. J. Malmiti, . orgauist, selection~ by the chu.r ch dia Ltontz Sal!K a solo. choir. and vocal solos by Lydia Lentz,

.magician ~.

PLC sophomore. PLC students and faculty 'are ' eReom;to attend tllese special meetings durI;c:nt.


Seniors to Sponsor Skating Party March 15 "Everyone'~

wel;ome l " ' Be sure to· te)1

YO~lends." ~.ker~-U-Dr~ve

truck s


has appeared


times bet'ore large audiences at the Uni- . \"CrsilY o f CalUronia's huge. Harmon G~m .. Edgar ~rgell o! th~ rad2 and 1I"'1"J.e,..s, on seeing Grabel Ilcrform, had thi5> If' say, "Some of the finest magic I have evtr encountered." For au cveniPl £If fun and delightful entertainment, don't fa il to see Lee·. Gra- . bell Wonder Show. Monday e\'enillC.

h IIi.



tery of March 16 h

wUI posltler~ =d:i:7~; f ,

fOld 11'


u: all .to k;n M:;c~·. l~

be reaily at 9:1" to taxi all mterested roU~ cia C '" . f ' \0 bo t ,!;katers tQ .the Roller Bowl Frida ' an open te maIn ac,,-y~ . el ws a tI

:. th.e campus ate o( the opID~n. that they po WIll be able to offer to tbe entire student body and faculty t hree hours of hilarious ftl~. They also promiie the "aHair" will Nieman and Phil Norby are be strictly o riginal ani! without .dead co·~h,.;"n"" of th~ ~ffair. Other chair- spots. Oil March II , or ~oon thereafter, in cha;ge oi ~· the fcinowi~'g: further · jn for nlation will enlana" via Nellie Risa; transportation. Phil postd"-;rdxcrli~e lirent~. So keep ' your eye!' Wa.ugh. and "Coming Down .... , my Rohe"rt Gibbings. "" and adv~rtising, Jan~t Ha~~~ .~ and the (hite ~f March 16 ~n. March 15 whae a ienior ' s


Friday. Warch 8. 1946


Tal: DOOal.w.t;.DAST AL1)II.·. ·


~_ .bY ma4_ta of ...... LalJloer&D Coliep.

Vitcinia ~ichel. . . · '45. -was maNicd to LC'O :\ . uet~ r ~ on _ fl ua)', ."are:,. Otrlce: ROOIIl Ut Telepboae : GRanite IU] at the P hinnc=y Ridg~ Lutheran Church --81IbRr1pUoD ~'·1.90 per Year in ..!$ea 1t l~ . The ceremoll.)' w'a~ pe:rfor01~d ~ ED~.~: :cop~k~= .m;~.~iD~!:~:a}.,l{l!.l:t t:; Poat by the brid e:'s, unde. Dr. 1-1. L. F05s. lIa.reh· 3 • .117.. ............ H .....' .... EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ....... . ........... ,............................ ALICE SRUDIE who is presiden t of the board of trtl s t~e: s BUSINESS MANAGER ............~..•.............. ,.. GRACE ELAINE GULHAUQ.EN J ............. of P.acific Luthera n Co llege. Hrid.rsmaids BDlT()RlAL STAn' ....... JI'rIoo . .'\ s s()( iat~ Edit ors.... _.. _...... __ .. _.:._.._.. __ ... _........ _..... !\ rdys Br~dyold.- \i\l th J ohnson were Virainia ~.burr: '45, Mrs, W, C. \ at ........ _..... V..' a lt Kunscha k GU\li xSOil (Mildred Rene. '44) and Rhoda Sports R~ por te:r ....... ..........................._.... ..._....... ~.... ....... PHHIc Club Notes ......_.... _._.............._. __ .._.. ___ .__....... _......... _.. __ ............_............ ' rel nl" J..{~tzger Lee. '-H. Isaud I-Ian;tad sa ng thrce 5e:le(' - I ...._________ ... Sp~cia l \·Vri ters. ........ ~I:n\" Shaw, :\Ili t:l li oth , Loui se: Tulliehlt, Anita_Stue:n Reporters .............. Be\ty Reiman H~len Hcul und, Doug Hubb'lrd. \, i"ie: n \Venham lions.. Sports \\-riler ......__ ...._. ......... _..... :.................._......................._.. ;........__......... \Valter ' Simonson May Pellett, ( X '41, 'was married; n h~r ...----------~....'1 Ad ,' js("f ...................... .......... B~... Mrs. Ruth S. Frank h01l1e .in Parklan"(l to J phn KI;n zman la st Wednesd;;.y eve ning, 1'he lle:W home \\; I! Ad"e:rtising Ma llage:r ......................... _._. ...... _........................_.... Rumohr Gulhauge:n . <.:irculation ~I anage:r .._.......................__ .... _........ _.. __ ...... _.. _............_...._......__._.. Bclty Hoyt be at .\1l1crican L'lke:. Solicitns: Mabe:l T horell , Mary J ane Breh<.,n, Gladys Lu. Lorrainc · Ronke:~. DoroLaura Midtuter, '45., . was marricli Sunthy Sk ilhred. l ew dl Kel1('r, l\ (lsalie W o hl g~ m\lth .. First I. 111_ Cove..... day, Ma rch J, to Way ne Alle:lf. The bridc' J Exchange: Edit or _ ................. .. .... .:..._._ .... _.......... Ve:.r1yn Kraxbcrgc.r Adviser ............ .................. ........... ~...... ....._ ... _.. _ ..... _... ......... _.:.... O. J . .St-uen sister, .\I rs. Thor Larsen (Signc Midtsa· OCCASIONAL FURNITURE . ter; '39) was lII:ltf(lll of honor. Ardis SeveROn. '45. ~· a $". in I.: hargc of gift s. The LINOLEUM ',. RUOS cerelllony took l)lace in the CrOl.llwcli SHADES - . BEDDING That ancient malady p .:>p ularl)' dubbed spri~g fever is ilgain beg'nning LuthcUll Church. DRAPERIES t o crc('p its wa y ar~ und the campus. This i~ tbe ~i me of y\!ar when w e ate

Y_~ijlJ~~ '


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Sulphur and Moiasses

,Donald Eastvold Edits Parkland ~eekly Paper

.pro ne to drop into a (o mfort.l>I. rUl wh<re w< can forget all the things We dQn' t want to bother Uj.· Lo nger days and occasional sunshipe .fford more timc for o utdoor act iv ity : wit n ess the reVIval of front-law!, footl?all. Stu


Donald 'Ea !'h 'old, son of Dr. a lit! Mrs. dents who entered ill the half arc becoming absorbed into the college system S. C, Ea stvQld, Monday, ~larch 4, \ook -. This in - betwctn p!riod f ro m winter [0 spring can ·be a somewhat o\'cr Ihe etlitorship of t lie Prairie Pointer, dull span. Ot it' ca n be jus t the reverse: With wintet, activities over and spriqg - we:ckly lIe:wllflaper publi shed by Mr. EItime f.unctions just beginning . why not" do so me of ·those things you ' ve OOn m ~ r Beard. ' Don, \\"ho edited 01 daily intendj~ (o dc;-;rr- year but h a'l('cn't go n e n aroUifa to?- You could begin- by· new$paper----1or_th~ulll)"s Public Re la· . tions a nd Special Servlc ('. was dischargcd just brousing in the library a nd. making you'r acquaintance with "J~~ more from· the: arm y at the Fort Lewis Separaof the hundreds of boo ks a(cesslble to you . Or yo~oul:!, t r y out the: college tion Centor., Saturday. March 2. He _is a golf CO,urse ilnd t~nnis co urts-( h~y an' (here fo r your en joy m ent . ~-- ~ 1 graduate: of St. O lafl:Oilege: OI t -~ort h H o w about m o re of you new SlUdC nlS p.1rticipl[ing in extra-curricular field, ~linllc'so ta, ami plan s 10 enter the affairs ? Your new ideas ' will be a refreshing ' additio~' (0 (he sum (otal of U l1i n:rsi~y of Wa shington th is coming c.ampu s· o pinion, .Get ~nto so me of lhe soc ial clubs if you ha n n ' t done so i~II;t !\ a ,law SlIu.lcnt. Don has bee n I11l1ch already .' May we also s tress t he imporl a n ce of yo ur be oing to,' Jnd par ~ impn'ssed by .PI.C's- int erest in stud cn t • polilics Ih~ se past few days. ti cipa ting in, th<! relig ious o r gJn izJ tio n s of the cJrnp peciaily during


this L entcn season .o ught to think o f t h i! things belonging to o ur faith . College days arc few when compared with the whol e of life . We can stretch th~~ by 'm---;k in g them -"'as fu ll 'and fruit ful js- poss.iole. As in ii"J"7 lure. 's o in . our co llege: spri rig S~~U~d b:in g.a n upsurge of li fe and Jctivit y.



Which Shall II, ,8e?

T o appiaud or not to .1ppL:llld- : T hat . see ms (0 b€ the questi o n that puz.zlcs the stl!dcnt body-and JX'r:hanc~ the facult y---o n numero us occa sions in chapel. There is

P'" w~


feeling that ," uch a di splay of enthusiasm is o~c of

. . m . . , . '" ' " ' ' "'"."• •

A., ,""

w •• " _ " .", " . ..

gatherings there were mlusl~elY oi a devotional nature, Buc ! One d"y oor girls tno sang Jay numbers for us-and mighty O1Cely t~{O be c«rlved wi t h a o;(oo y Silence On another day J VISItor sang and played foe u). The .1I!plause that day was loud and long Sort of




~~:::!:::!:::!:::!:::!:::!~~~~~:!I Wbea lOU want GInO. auppll._



(Ro•• abut,. ) 913 Paclftc: An. BR. un

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TRICKS _ JOKES _ MAGIC Co.tume-s _ Tuudo. _ Serpentine 926% Broadway MA 4861


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confUSing , Isn '[ It ~ We all know that people who entertatn like to know that I~~::::::~::::::=====::~'="""""~='::~::==::::::::::==::~~~ they acc apprcClucd . Why nor c1anfy once for all thiS " Now we do Now II . • we don ' t" situ'~[ion ? '-.... ' . ~

----------~~lrc ll[ ~mmiig~h [~sa~v~e~enm~b~anrr~a."""',n~enn~t.I~~ooo,~onr~.t~ n.ttc~~r~'ornn"'w~ n'o"'st~a"rt~s'tno'a~p~.j.I----------,f~lFtt;~P.{)Fl~~~{)gptltlt~~SS-----------Ir---~ plaud , only [0 fmd himself .d one In hiS en[J:lusiilsm. See what I mean !







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Blne Rustic ,O pen. 24 Hours Daily


JohnsOn ~erso,\ · -:---GIOCUIIS • FLOUI . . On the Mountain Highwax

HAY • GU.IN • ETC. Porldo.d, Wosh.,



Frioay , ~a rch. 8, 1946


. ....,_iL". ~~ . ~.u..._ Lutes Whip seattle ' ~~~~~ ' .~ n.JT.~ :.---ym~. ·~~~ft~~____~~~~t-~L{I~~ V~~ I~~__~~I ~l~ '~ . ·T1T




MOR';'UARY ...... lIIAM 7.,.a




I n a !achr room po1l after Saturda y e"e ning's game, the Lnl e ba sJ( etbaH- t ell1Jl c hose' E r nie "C" Perrault fo r tlld t c~ Ptai n and at t hf' sa m e tim e tossed "B igh Point" La ng t he ins pirational aWArd . I n app rec iat iall . fO r hi s I~adersh ip and fi ne ;work, t he team · \l resentcd Coa..:: h Harshma n ~ fl oor lamp .." H" a\,e hea r p it rumo red it w as bought to make st\1(lyil!g e asie r as the big man L~ ent e ring th r U. of \ Vash.i ngt oll k.r

. ,With Don S1oan., Gu.t Writer' A fter. fo ur years vacatio n fr om t he toils o f ~wo rl s:-"vnri n g:, r fi nd i! my pr; v;· lege t o try" ha nd a"t it once ag ain. I Tt:c;~ 1t sOllie fl a tte ry my' col umn recei\'ed from the Moor mg Mas t's. spo rts e(htd r back In 1940 or the reabuot s T he hoss ",Cfl l)c to \rJ m e tha t mi ne WoU the o nly copy tu rned 111 to be both COllY read an d I,roof r ead hdor e la ndlllK III the was te

I;;:;~;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;:;;;;;::;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;';;~ I llaske t


Combini ng smooth , passing "with " deadeye''; .s hooti ng, ' P.L.C:!I b~lket ba il fo r ces s wa r med thr o ug h, around a nd over Seatt le College, posting :1,- 1"1";-54, 'ic ta ry O\'('r Ih~ big d ty five Satu r day night, .Ma ~ch 2, in the d os ing 'contest o r the 1946 cam pa ign . T he will boost~d ihe Luthe ra ns fr f)m a tie fo r the cella r position to fOurth place in the final Winko Le a g u ~ s ta ndmgs.


P laying o n th ~ P a rk land mapl~s, the' t wo sq uads ba ttled o n e\'~ n t ~ rm s fo r the , first fi \'~ . m inutes. Pas-t · th is poin t th e G ladiators pOll rt"d in the ba skel l' too fasl fo r t he visi to rs. \)iliu g ' up a 39-22 '\id\,:ln. 'Iage at t he !nter lllis~ion . Ve teran Knarrl H a rry La llg. w ith 24 conll te rs. spark,-:d t he- .Luthe ra n scor ing pa rade. The Sea tt leites ra llied briefly . ill th e sec ond ha lf, with Trll c~ej,'1 ra ng}' ct'"litcr . sup plying the impetll s, but 'fa de d .i ll t he dQ~ illg \l!la rt ~r a s- the home tea m Call ' ti lllled to rack liP t he poin t s. Tnll' key l alli ~ d 17 to lead I h~ loser .... Lin eups: 1-:============~l eas\la ltieS a. i' )l(' l·dy r('co\·e r y· \V iIl call it th.if!Y . fo r now. P .L.C. (7 1) Seattle" (54) I: ;\ lI e ntlol1 ~. I cs:, r s. I.allg .. H o l a ll ~1. Pe rral1 lt, 5 1111 0 11:'0 11. T he lia; Fuhr, a!\(1 o therl> Perrau lt ( 8) ..... F .. ....... .... ( R) Bcnto n cOllce rned . let's I;('t th e hall ro llin g a nri Neal (5) ...... ..........F ...... .... ... .. (9) Woods qUALITY KNlmN4i CO. bri l1 g to life the I'. L.C. Lett(, f1l1 a u:S Cl ub. Mill s (6) .......... .... .:!..C .. ..... .. ( l i ) Tru c ke y a \'C ry ac ti \'e ';'f gau I;(a li o n at a ile t illie, Tealll H. ecord \' .. ~j Pt~or P t~gs t . La ng ( 24 )' ..;...: .... ....... .c; ............. (3) Goebel 93. COMMERCE headed b y ~ I ;f v · II a r ~ h ill a l1 . H o w a houl Con f.e r ence .......... J 5- ~28 ~90 Zllrfltth (6 ), .. ' ............. \8) W ym a n - --·Sli~ . CC.-=No ~ d.! n.K:. (SJ;-tJ!fjdl ®. _ ----~~~~~;~~;;~~~~··S"]lOft~ -lo\.i"1i"g Doc tor-i·I:HIj.!c.. Jor-:-an- ad:- N on-con ferell ce - i \'i:-cr? Tilla·s al1(1 sc hool ad i,·ities- a r e Hall ge Fi rc h (2). K un schak , ' Pihl , 13;6 IS 1127 l' ha ni,;- ing a llu a. li llie actiOl1 Oil th c Ila rt T o tal .......... 10 Pe te rson. Sea ttl e-Shay (6). ~-I cQ lI ee lli c (I ) , ~ Goe ( 2) . 1·li llis. o f- the o ld lc t tc:rlll;t11 would c r.eate a _fin e.. - .O ffi ci al s- Ke nn ed y a nd Cr o:orall. .. ;;etti n ~ for \I ;1.I; c.r ing l~ack .sdlOOI at h letiC~' 1 .c.; Tota l Avera ge INI COllll' Ih i1' ~(' pt ("lIlbc.r. . a llies • OUNTAIN 7 7.2 Coac h II " rslllll an· · and c ri' W ret urne ri . Pla},{'(i Score per G a me WINKO FINAL · STAND.INGS 11.2 . . ' .MTUIES . Srdwy fr om the ir road )a11l11 s mart ing fr om fOI1~ Per r ault ... 25 307 W L ·11.3 s t ra i~ht defea ts a t th.£ hal;l1 s of E llens' Lan g ......... 27 1;~ E\·VC E . ........ 15 i.2 burg a lld Cheney. • t defea t s. the N.o rdell g .. . l0 W W CE 6.9 tr ip g;\·c the Iwadm an oppor tunit y to ~ ea l ........ 2R 193 6 ............. 10 CWC E COLLEGE HAIRCUTS ..12 e xper iment with illt·x peri c l1 ced · inell in :\Iil ls ......... 2'; 25 LI ............ J .PLC 3.0 H Seattle l. n·I):l ra t i~l1l io r IlI:X.t ~caS~III. Tha Lt hc· cx- ;'::~;::h :~ ~~. ' .A·. K LA·" D • A • • I • 2.9


t he quarter. Hobe r t A n rl r ~w all<l Std ner Gor ud, foo tba ll clUl... from Ba lla rd High . will he candidates f("l r w ing' jobs o n Couh 0 1· son·s cl eve n when t h.e y t~ke to t he g r id iron· fo r spri ng turn Ol;t. Rem em be r a le w :rea rs b;lCk. whe n H a rs hma n. T om · mervik. a n d Com pany wer t' oper a tin g a n ·' ae ri al ci r cus,:' all Nor t h wes t gr idirons ' Th ere· w a s a ·fair. 'countr y ba ll-playe r fro;n Ba \l;I r!l. hy th e name or' S igt1rd s·~n. who adrled lIH1c h to the ra zz le-da:u le 0 1~i" sy ... tel1l. W e're ju s t expec tin g more g(>od th il'tr:' to com e o ut" o f Balla r rl.

~ I i lt The]lo, scrappy. m uscie- lIIa n L ute gua r tl . s to pped o,:;;:--at the S t. Jose ph ·... (S t. Helen's F ur Shop ) I-Iospita l fa r a few da ys In ll was in atIl'IHlanl'e at Saluniay e;: enil;&,'5 g ame with Ma nufac turer of Fine: F urs 734 St. Hele n's Av.e. ( Med Arts lhe aid o j crllt Cit t'!l. Thello mis-$ed t he re. Bldg.) BRoadway 2811 rl'11I Ea'~ t cr l1 \ V:as!l1ng t oll t ~t:k hecause 1l;~~~~~~~~~~~;;;:~I Of a k(! . illfl·(·t ioll . t: ~Irs. Ch....rI(·~ B3ro fs kr . libra ry a·s!O'is t· ali t. ;11111 w ii~ flf fortn er :\ssistan ~ Coach . Ha ro n Ra ro fs ky. is coniin cd in the T a· .0111:1 Gell cr:.1 H ospi tal, iollo wing a m ajor o pera tio n. I n lx- hair o f t he college For GOOD Ba ker·, Product. s tu oenls, tlJi,. dc:pa rt lllell t w is hes bo th our 110 So. ~th St. - Phone G~ , 7591


C a;.1 .J . Nelson . FURRIER

Mrs: Frisbies Bakery

Basketball Statistics '


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I ndivi·l h,.al""'""""St;;:rillg ~.

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::~:iilll~1:~~~1 ~;~~TtI ;:~~'C:~~~~lg ~~::I~~ p,\I~ H al1~~

C. R. lIUlI8R


2 .0

.Coach Harshman.,Picks AII:Conference Quintet

I l ars h's hoy ... ·t r(lu l1 ced Seattle Coll ege to till: tum,; v i il ·.i ~ .

(OAKES 921 Broad way

\V ith the closing o i the baske tba ll season. ;\Iar v H a rshma n. Lli hera n Ille llif") r. Thc SPCl:d;;; tl' rs. ca ptaii1ed hy Lois 1'0 11 - ha s oife r ed his se lectio n f~r :\. lI· Wi nko id dl. ddeah' d Ihe Th ree S 's 3 1· 16 iu the Lea guc ho no rs. Basi nII 'his t: hoice o n lh ~ ." ..... " lirs l . g'lll},.of lhe .~\v...:~~. ~ !>\~ctb;l.11 (' l1ti re scaso li'~' I1lay: ' Ha rs hm att ~elcc t e·.1 .t"lI r ll a m cnt. 11 igh I'0mt er o f the ga m ~ I wo men fr om th e o nce-beatl'iI . c halll Pio n \\ a ,; Specllslcr Xnrma I. e m ke with 11 Ea.s te rn W ashingt o n Colle ge fi vc, . and


Look to · the Mooring Mast for P L C N ew s . . .




Reach For The

--" RAlir!:!POiHlH" ~

OJ'I~Ei '~a~ii:U tiidiii.E . Uu ~,':;PUGmT'



\: Ios cl y by 10 pointer s olle each fro m Pa cific 1.lIther:l ll. Weste_fll \Vas hingtoll, ail~1 Central W as hingt o n. ('a vta in ~ f th e- Three .\lI-\-Vill l.:o firs t tea lll : . S's. a nd Do nna J ea n B ramm er of the Ca r mody ( C. V.~. C.E .) ... ............:. Fo r wa r d ·SPl'edste rs. DOllli ;I '~ play i:J g hen ea t h the \-V arl.: nV .W.c. E.L:........... ........ Fo rw~rd



Nea l's Radio Sales Co Radio Repairs a~.. ~atterie~ ,fo r, Portable 'Radios ' .'

T aconTa


. wide ma rgin of '21-l at t he e nd ' of ·that pe r iod ..-).Ii ce was nursin g a br uise4 a nkle. . ' . ·Publishers At a bus iness ·lIieeting o f t he \V.A.A. , 84J6Chapel held Febr ua r y' 19. rules ~ for ind i\, j,fua l . s):orts.. Pre~·i de~ t 'Carol El ~'fso ll appointed R oumdl~ O lson 'to be ill cha rge of t ht' \ V.A .A. S:J.g a booth. At 3 _ p ractice gallic r ecently '· Rum" G ulh augl·lI. 5 foot I inch · shorty: W0I 3 , 'SCHooL SUPPLIES ' c hosen to gual.... 1 SiX. Foote r Oorot hy Meyer. Hetter ca.t your Whea ties, Rum .. G R 8560 PARKLI\ND ·


,~ . ' I:'

tlesic."::G;C ' =----~--'.-----6 +:;::-;<i:::;-T.:;uc:ii;:;::;;;-';;;:<:;;:;;;k.;;;:;;-Oh.:t.£c.r.r.ault-'2.L:C.J.:..~...------.:..G.ltar..:~----1 $2.00 p er year. lhe fir s t . half a llo·wed the. S peeds te rs t.h e H o norab le me ntion·:· La ng ~ P.L.c.) , Ro ffle r ( E .W .C. E .>: Wh itsill ( W .W .C.E:), Roger s ·(C.W.C. E.) •.

Beard Printing <:::0.

MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY • GRANITE 8362 '.,',_ B~~9.~/!,~~.,.WASH~

953 Markee Sc.


?i l eyt' rs~

bas l.:<'1 wa s cx r(·I I ~ nt. The loss o f :\ Ii ~e Gahhh ousc .( E .W .C:E.) . .................. Centcr B.. rta ll:l n. Th r ee S's g Uilril. fan most 01 Liefc r (E.W .C.E.) ... ~.... . ............,Guar d. .

dale 'and Spanaway Communi-



!Do y

when you wan~ to know wh at's the latest in Conununity activities

GArla.nd 6U6

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w~re djsclIS~e(i






' ,

Net Cost... ;

II'U-IHERAII BRD1'IiERHaaD~ r. · . . .

. Luther-a u- l Ie n, \ Vomen; ahd . Childre n ...a¥cs (r om birth . to 65, Tht" m t m bers of Luthera." B·rciih~ rh oo d. pw o the .S9C'iety,. a nd t hey a ld ne ' r eCeIve. the ear nings .. T here are no stock::. • holders. :





,.~-Legal "Reserve

lifc; . ifsu ra;;~e ·~W~d- t o'


LileJnSurance lor Luthera.n s . ' ii~







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E. N .•BOtten

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L.. E KERN . Prestden .. t .,. '. ! ' '." .•.. \ '


., I,



< .:;<10-,,'1"



Spring Sports Golfe rs a nd .te nnis m en atte nt ion! Start geui ng tha t switig iq t he groove and lim· be r ing liP that rw.s ty a r m. The weat he r is going to br eak a ny day · no w- iL s ays· her t' . .;~~COf'!Je re n ce s chedule is se t. Harry g a nd \oVa lt Sim on so n. ma l1 •i~Us fo r te nnis ~"d. galt • . re~ pecti vel y •. Wi ll we lco e a ll aSlllr:ants. · .



Your Future . Starts Today





RlJilOrter B,


Tactics; Q"izzes Vets .


A fter fi nding ont what th e g;r.lsab? ut th e veterall S, it seemed o nly tillg that ' the \·e te ran s be allo \\;.ed t o ex'press th ell: o pinio n of Ihe . girls. "They 're lovelier than European. said Garlll".n A ndeF5en, "and , as a a dis trac tio n I ~ study." Harry ;lot lo ng hac k from where the \\'o men • \ ' C T)' fe w and \'ery fo reign, !Hated, · s till like to !!-tare," K a rl O lsen, who also in the Pacific Theater, :'Thcre wl!ren't any redheads where ~a '

cided, concern ing the fenimes , "There aren' t e noug h of Ihe m." . ~They 'look awfully young and per;em.:ed," conlmentcd Bob Jensen, ~ 'or hine 1 been a"" a y too .long ~ " Fred Mille r wa xed lal1 ~lat o ry and hap\>)" "They're \ ery sociable, genuine J.adies, and it's g~ to be. bac k among ' them." Mark Slo ve r shied aW3y. "i'm engaged and afrairl to ha,·c an opinion," he explained. "That ' goes ·double for be," saill Dean Martin, ,. 'canse J'Ill married:' j UiH

*J::~'. "It MiCht A. Well Be Spri"," . April lila), be the month for diamond s.

"It's Gotla Be This or That" The pas t wee k's- dinne rs inclildcu cam · paign crooning 'at desst'rt time. A shoe !:thine . s tand ado rned Main Hall, Lunch time fo und hOTUcmadc cake and cand)' fo r ' sale. S tands ' so ld hat s, crowns , and men's · tic!!-, Frolll the s ~ )' dro pped leaileIS hl; a ~k ; "l lf a re nteo a irplane and Pilot Freddie Miller}. Ami tliosc SI)Qts- before yo ur eyes weren't the sign of oVt"r-s train fr oDL s.t udJ'jllg. st!!dc~rhey werc Saga - - can<fi(laies~s tcr 0>ra:"-tcrea ' o n evcry;l\"aila ble inch of wa ll space. Campaigning is o\'cr: the "otes for - - -"iog :'I nd- Qnccn havc1>ecn coun fFd:-"Now aU 'we want t o kno w is, " Whoinit?"

but Louise Lunde ano Harlan AnderlOn

+ _____

time Telma'.


was printed-here

....ia Ruth's.

o.niY-t'O--f.i,M ,c c ntiTt!"

We To Know Doug H ubbard returll'~d. to journalis.m dass ' "her a' week 's absence \Vednesday, Mu, Franc k (ie llland~d~Wh e re- ha\'e hee n, y Ollng m ::n ?" Do ug took on e '1led look at Mrs, Franck's prize "shine r," .and retnrned: "Me? O h, I'~e ~ell s ick; but say-what." han you bc.:n?"

".-\ person who is dull of hearing spiritually is placed in a position of eter· iul dis as ter and destruc\ ion." "The hearing e"r, a,. far as God eonc.:rn.:u, is the one that hears the :o lil: \·oice of God."-Kev. 8. W.


J hear with (Iuickened senses then Dryads chorus , i1.l willow glade. And t\len from off the '.lIlos~y knoll The gnssy rISe, the sunlit hill Is borne stactitlo pixie tuii~s In voices gay and high and shrill.

Are elfin flutes gently play . The melOdies


<o, .. "lh"I'on

,Jetland &

p~l~-pnti .


gas-c.a;:- whose cdu!:atiol! .i! '''''=='--''LI,- - - -'lla-:Pa<IIft........" ......the P,. L. e. Mi ssiq n Soc iety. LDR &t:wine }'roject U ilo e r the learle r!'hip of Ne llie Risa, IheiL_ _ _ _"-_ _"-_ _ _ _- ' LDR l1l e mbcr~ are knitting and for the: Jewish Mission in New York which is s polisored by the National LOR, Sincc tl)c need for baby clo~hes and blan'kets is' great, . th~ girls arc wo rking with I patteOls. ""kniillng girlS." arc m akin-, unde r the g uidancc of Carolyn S e \ ' e r - I r . . . ; . . - - " - - - - - ' - - - - . . . . , and Norma Lemke a nd Delores Keller are each working on a blanket. DorOth y Skilbrerl is in charge of the needle 1111. PACU'lC ...n:. and thread rlepartment for 'the girls who are . making bibs and sleepers. Many girl5. PB0tm OR . • Ilt arc planning ( I> embroider ttie clothes to

Lundberg Drug

"pretty them up " a bit, Firesid--ofiict!r s- for the second ' se· , m cs ter were: elected as follows: \ 'alborg Rustad: Vice-Pres., IjTl;.(·~ en; ~c.-'f.reas , : Sign)' \"ik ; lillhter. T NI Reitz ; Fire Chid, John ' lai; Tracl H.ack, ,Norene Skil1bred; Rcpre!'entatives, Ken Storaasli and ra,il:e Lundquist.

~=============IReLAND HAUWAU CO.

_rAano GR 8780


Ollr own."-Dr.· ). P. PflUeger.

should wear tlleir hair doWll with in front and ~ek. Welt. ' girls.

" Prayer is- not conquerina God's reluc· tance; it is- taking hold' of God's willing-

Garfield ' . Variety Store

Eali...... •. CoairllCt"" 'IU P.dfk: Aft.

hh.:,:..:,po: · ~k:en::...:-~. _ _........,.;,....~""':!.::::::::~::;~=:~ I

.. It is tile lack of comprehending the reality in spiritual things that ' makes us slow whe n the Angel comes' - to ha~ten us,"-Dr. S, :C, Eastvold.

hrldaatl .

The evening vespers of ~he firs

~\' iII count up to a real ward supvort of that

, 1;1 the opinion of aDd. Tborpe all

A spell is ca.t into the air. I h -tar with ,harper ear. ~nd ' ke~ f.-airies sing in grassy blade,

- Mis. ion

~~~;;:~(;:;~:I~t!:;i ,~fO;;, ~g"~·.Z;;i~;",y',;o;';";,'If'====""'----~-:"""'=le-__

v rogr'a.J1


Are softly glimm'ring e\'erywhere And peace pervades the atmosphere

.eM' .1/tJtu.

to walk with men and wo men of al)' Lenten- Offerinc l'lave yo n I!one anything yet about the world , I. am fre e to ,be il1yseif. t am fre e Lenten Pc nuy.a . \leal containe rs which to gl,o rii }: God , I am r e!lpol-ls ihle:' ~I O II ~. L O lil se !'Iond . H a rlow ·! the Mi ssio n Socie ty 'dis tributed at the -Nr, Hoderic Obendam, "You') Never " Know" Pre!lident ' of World Affairs Co uld it be that MiM and Prof. close o f Ch a pd la'st Wednesday ? W e liop:: that yo u arc fo llowing Ihe 1 )lan o f us ing Satre !;!>t mi x.ed 111' on their last. week's a !'lsiglllll cnt s? SI)Ce ch class e nthusiasts !hc Tll three time s a l ay- at lea!lt a penny wer L lIrge:d to "3.,I1.Cild a I s.miled hal)pily o n ' r -;, certain dia m o nd on rr:cent F~brlla~y afternoon. ~ongra.t\lla­

Peetry Contest Winner Last semester we printed a' .tory · about Ruth Johnson and Telma Metzeer who .ubmitted poem to the N'. tional Poetry eontm apd had their selections mOHn for Publication.. At ' that

of free ruen. Becaqse a mil~


\V o nder whe re Linncrson and IH"rl: that night! ""The Youn&1lan With the Do rmitory dwellers o n O ld ~lain' s ~ ide would '"like 10 know what What the Well-Dressed Man Is Wearing (Bu.y Boy) Nicolai did' ~to his car &r make the horn "Lay Thou Crutches Down. Do,.... Ihe craek of ow: morning las t

It was at leas t original when Cal Watneu and ' Ernie ' P~rra"ult co\' ered the " campll s o n c rlltchcl' reccntly, hilt when ;Keeay-SteraaaIi_slld--Milt..:..T-heno_followe.-t s uil, we began to wo nd er if it w:um't .getling to" l C a habit, Maybe Y OIl ollght It) , start a Crutch Chili, boy~ !! Pro spectsfaT enrollment look promi s ill~.


;,ess atid F lavo1:



lull the earth

~nd ease the tun~!lt of tlt~ day. But with Ihe fall of shadow deep \O'er dark~ed ,field, ' a,\d purpkd glen The, m'a gic's gone, the music's lost. J find m)'self a!~e .asrain. __ '


Corsages aJUl Flowers '

Sharman Bookstore. . . . ." -

". .

.. j , ••

,i1U:OO p. iii.


MAIN 7113



• .:• • •

............. ,...... , . r.n_

, ~O~LE.C~I

FRIDAY, MAI<CH 22, ·1946

VOL. "23

No. 11


Varied Program Planned · By Local LSA (~uncil Ted Heitz: local LSA council pres i· dcnt, has annou·nced the p rogram of the regional confe!rcnce to be held at- PLC ·this. wCe!kcnd, which will have in attendance sOllie 90 sHide n.ts froUl ' the Univcr siti~s o f Idaho, Wa:shington , Or~gon ami t1)e State Colleges of Washington and Oregon. and . the Cent ral and Western Colit:ge ~ oi Washi ll gton, k~gi stration - begins Friday at 4 p. n~. Ope ning cvcnts be the Fellow s hip dinner a.t 7:jo p. Ill •• with welcomes hl' El1l1ice' Ton'~nd and Dr. S. ,c. EastvOld. An aC:tdres.s. " ,\1\ Ope!n Door," by Mr~, Betty· Garton Ulrich of the Chicago LS~\ office wiii also be giv~n at the dinnet, whic h will .be followed h:Y a mixer in 1111:


aow (left to right) : J ewf'1I Kellu, -~neelte g·hot:h, 1..y'1In T.(>n"ta. Betty Lou Rlt:ke. GerAldine' Oleon. Norene Skllbr·ed. Ruth Jens('lI. Pntrieili. Purvis, J oan Stltt'rn, De l ol'~s Keller, Norma Lemke. Rumohr Gulha.ullfen. RJnlne Gulhaujfcn , Doris JurKerMet.Ker. LOUdla Drunner, Ahon ",c!lm., .1ean Harb~k, Mfrlam Hopp, . ' ---~.-:. ~ aow. (le~t to right ): Duug Hubbard. H'a rr)' Cal'l ·oll. Yerl}"n Kmxbt'I·,lCer. ~ro1yn Severeld, Janet Hauee, llrltn Skoog. Director G. J. Mn!mln. Louil:le Lunde, Dorothy ~I e nlan, ltnrlon Soltman, Maynard Moen, Emil Stolte. )(.1\1n 08terll . I'ovaora aow (lett to rlrht): Philip Norby, Smn WIIIL,ml:l. John Nlcolnl: Martin Gulhallgc::n, Rudolph .1ohn-----j . ~~...o';~~~\~~~l. Gordon Gnno Ttl,1 R t' IUl Harr .8010011. Al'ne Akl'e. Cn l 'Vat nN'I8 Kennelh Stornaali 1If! AnI'mft

8001111 -.oW \left to right): Vera Buth. Anita Stuen. Anna A1I'ler!<On, Gnu...... "'OI1,_ LnIH TOllt~ldt._AlPlefil ·M)·klllnd. Jennette Bunlntt, l..ot~ ;JeA n P~nr8t) n. Lela

0 . B P roducllon egins n. 1946 All· I Play

eaach ,.. Clift allan '1IIUmB to



~(urday's ager.da includ~5 devotions Jed by' Martin Guihaugen at 7:45 3.111., breakfast, Bible study led by Rev. L. H. ·SfCiiifiOfror-smUe. at \\'11iCfit~l';r;:' s.~·- - - - 1 Detty . Ulrich will give her second talk. "Strive To Enter "ln," Discussion groups


headed by Dr. J. ~.... Pflueger, Rev. Satr~. Roy. Thom.s. Allport of Bdli"gh,m, a

business meeting, a tour of th e canlpus,

The cast has been selected. the date

has been set, and practices have b~ittn . On A pril 1 Cliff Olson "~II a:etu.rn full- [or the ail-sch ool play, "The Imaginary _ _~~_tiU'lCJo-1 tiS....,.p.r.c,=)\"a.L.-P..Q.sition as head- Invalid: ' to bt, p.rcs cntcd A (i1.26, under ..:oach. as ·wcll as \Iircclor of athletics and the direction of ~Ii ss Clara Chilson. JlII hlir relations at PLC He will be in ~~':i';t: :tl:I~!II~:r d~;~~toP:,t. Pun'is wil ~ as-charge o f all alhletit:: programs of phl'siThe pl;IY is a trans lati on of a French f al ed ncatio n. t·ollll'dy da s!' ic by the we ll-kno,'." n seVenlecl1th-century French playwrigh t, a Ica\'e o f absence i~ January, erc. The currellt transialiOIl is by Ken 1942. to organize a sports program at I1clh \Ve ~ t o ll \ Va rner. Fo rt L('wi s, Coach Olson later acc~pted ;\rg:an, imagining him self 5uffeJ;i ng, a positioa with ' Todd-Pacific , Shipya rd s frOtH all tlte ';li!mcnts he has ever heard ("If. is Ihe unsuspecting victim not only of as pe!rson ncl director there. hi s doctors and apothecaries, but . of his T.h e tw o Marv5--Ton"Ullen'ik and own ~cheming . wiil!. until Toinette, the Harshman, now both workins .. towa~d impish but loyal servant, takes matters their 11.1. :\.'s in phy·sical cducation at the illtn hN own hanos, . University of \Vashington-will return Four girl.s and eight men have parts in . in September and December. rt:spe!ctiv,e- Ihl! ~y. Howard. ~wartz is · Argan; _ _ __ -(I}:,..-to-assist_ M.r,_ Olson-on.....thL coaching. Daphne Hellman, [mette; Mary Lee ~taff. ' , ' tnckla~d, t\ngehtlue! ; ~at PU:'I~WF

-to make S:uurday· -afternoon unusmllly .interestlng. . . ~ The Tri'llit y IIL'-r,<. " ,. _ _ _~ the scene of a cOll1tlllinioll 'se r vice l·;Irly v . SunldaYrr~n." r~ling Iw~th 'IRI 'li . Ar· IIW. }{I"I" · .-\ decided decn'ase in PLC's popula- sta t 0 IClatlllg. t WI c' 0 owe! }y lion will COllie o nc week from today when ort' akb i>t, 'Biblc study led by Dr. A. . Dill eIllUt ;, of Pitllman, .and Di vine Sc rthe Choif of the Wes t leaves on its '19th ~' ices by Hev_ L. W est burg o f Corva lli s. atllll1al IOLlr, which will last. l0 ilays. The Oregon : Di;lI1er at ' I p. m. will mark th e chuir will "i s l! New Richland, Walla conference end. \\'alla . .La Cros se. Spokane, Hilzvill ~, ' The foll.owing cJlai rinen will assist the LS' ·cl I'· R h G 1 O dessa, \:Vi lbur, and Cas-hmere! ... \Vas h,; ttal;'~e!I~) r~~d Ct~~b ~~:;:I:~~: ~~~~st~ati::n~ , Le wis ton aqd Moscow , Idaho; and Bak~r Harrie!t Root; Mixe!r. Ruth Pflueger: and Pendleton. Oregon. The 49 s ingers H,eLr('31ioll and tour of campus, Myrtle prcst'llted a concert at the First Christian D:I.\" id son ; Ban<luet, Mabe!l Thoren; ProChurch in , "Olympia Sunday, March '17, grams and invitations, Telnta Metzger ; and will .sing 'a t Ballard Lutheran Church Hospititlity, Gc~ry 0lson. . in 5.eattle . Sunday, March 24. . ~g with· Mi5-!O Alicc Stockton ' , . ' . proinillent Tacoma 'violinist and PLC -t)'uel!n-B-etty;-lf"Jg-Mtl·: t--~-----1 J-


Three States -Included

- r nSlngers'-liinerary

~t; ~mtadNo~tlIan'f ~;h;;1 SlKTorv.~n~, freshman, rive talented s~loists are feaAt present Coach Olson ,is directing • Qnsleur e onne 01, a t . unsc ~ • tured in tlte following number&: Anita the s pring football practice, which .began C~eante; Ralph ~ Ha.ugen, ~onsleur. ~- Norman, sopral1~"Our Father Which Monday,' A{arch 18. . . fOlru s; Doug Hubbard, ·Thomas ·DtafOlr- A I H ' " M· Sol' us; Rumohr Gulhauge~, Louison; Marv p;::nc:."M~av~:as;ier.. ~r~;dia {~nat:: :~:. Sb~ ..... , Beralde; bar PlhJ, Purgon. "51 H I B b" R d I h . Moliere was· the ma's t': of Parisian ~~~~:;;I" t:~:~-"';: Pac:':,,;; Ha~lr: ·oom~y~who-graced-the-Fre,nch -cour~t-:9r.. oos, bariiOnc=UO- Breado Ct:r£e"" Fro1l1 the! Grand Monarch," LoUIS XIV. He Heaven." FRIDAY, ~lARCH 22 ·- Campus ridi~\lIe!d the we~kn~sse!s in the society cif ~ed Cross dri\'c elld.~ . (Colltinue~ on .page four) . One ' oi the interesting songs on ~.!:...=_:' . --;~_ choir's agenda this year is "Da Pacem, j' RIDAY, MAR, 22 THROUGH · . D;'mine" or translated., "Grant Peace, SUNDAY, MAR. 24""':""LSA Re-Lord." a simple, harmonious, Danis glOnal Conference here. i';. ;.. ~Veterans The veterans or World War II who are sO.!l~e6pecjally good, for an . a capell ~{O NDA Y, MAR. 2S THROUGH· studc'n ts at' wPLC banded together in .. choi r. consisting of fou r movements-:-enTHURSDAY, ~{AR. 28-Mid-~ ,r.ampus' ~ organization Tuesday ~oon. dante, a Fugue, ii' larghetto tenor .010," !';!.'nles tcr examination ~'eek. March · 20. ~ The fifty attending the meet~ and a final allegro. The composer, Carlin'g"'"'t'lectrd ....offi~ers and ' adopted~a con- johan Schweill. serit a letter just Defore . , THURSDA Y~\RCH "28 - "Len":'. :Hitntion , Res ults of the cle!ction b~stow- the Nazi occupation of Denmark· 'to Prof. ten ser vices at Trinity_ Church, ed the gavei on~ Harry Lang, ga.v e the G . .J- Maln.l in·. asking if he would care to 7:30 1)· Ill. .J \'ie("-!.residency: to Glen -Neal, the secre- usc the 1'ong in America. The lette!r. ar-' FRIDAY •. MAR. 29 THROUGH tary' s books t o Lalira Hauge, the treas- ri ved four years later. ~(t"is fall) . afte!~ MO:NDAYi ·A·P R1L 8_J9tfi1 ~' .urCT"'S a<dountS' to I E,l1i1i'/ H'oland, ·;lQi.l which Prof. Malmin wrotc ' back request-/ ,n_~al ' PLC Choir tour. the i·ar uJ. ':If th.e. law" to ~ B114 J'JlOrp, 3S ing a copy of the Illusi.c and stating that sergeaD t':at-arms. J~'o~~ still b,e ,·ery _much~ in orde~. -;


_ Ct!!"ing. e,,~~ .

Organize Club




a banquet. 111ovi(5, and devotions .promise •

Reign Over '46 CQrnival.

' . . . . " . . Queen Betty Reiman, wlt~ th~ pdiuonally too-large 'crown ·on her fatr bad, reign~d ove.r a b.igger, an~ better Carmval Fnday night, &harmg her ttir~e )VitI) ~,ing TlJen? ,of 'recent maples, fa~. ".fter _ d~d~gL expenses, Du:eClfr Rot ami company were pleased to dieco 'r .rh.:!.! $270 was for the y~book The attending. crow~ nl1mbertd ' , well \'e!r 350. ' .1 . Ori inat note ,among the brightly dec- . 0 booths was the campus G.I:s "Tavern ," complete with ' flashing lights. sawdust lloor. ,and other "inside fixini~·" ShoW:ing ,goOd wo'rk and thought, tttl! program ran smoothly throuih illt s~v­ eral numbers. Eve.n the corn 1I(as .of I_~e imr,roved .. bantam vari~ty an came ._r ll for its share of applause.from the hapwgo-luck)" out-far-fun audience. ' I ~. Juani\a Moe, ex '44, won the door prize . and Ann Stovner from Parkland Ju~ior ~ High, V'!-lborg. Rustad, and Dorothy ~~breil . w~:m_ the ~~an-~ues~in'!. "f!5f'



. '.





·T ·....... . ooa •.,.G· . .··~ ~;" . ' pUP.its of.Pro.f. ~e.iSs.

C"ttlittu'es LettIe" Serles

T.ibu~~ii:i .=i;':;;;~~:;;'iii~"~';·~;-ii:i~~Dl'~~·~;"' =-==· =-"= ·-tI!l.,.seRt4KI-IR-.jC.IltaJ.~""7-1"DiWiiiiltii h·m·...::sc,.riin1.. ,~r'1lt''--1I o n on "~w~ \W.ccpiria ----:--~-===-... PubUahe4 ....,. t1N ...... 4 . . . . tM Iichool ,ear 1t7 S era ,. I'ri1',;,.., . ---::---~

. . . .tI


PMIIII Latberaa 001..... ~


- ...&end . . ..0.4 oIaiI matter. Oetober 'J. US6, .:t the Poet


_ _ otnce at Par~~:-~~Di. ~;der Ib,. ~c:t of - 'X" D "'I"T '"'OR-IN-CHIEF ' ....•. _.. ....... ALICB BRUDIE BUSINESS MANAGER . ... :.... GRAClt ELAINE GULHAUGEN

JIDI'roRIAL ST.&JI'II' Associate Editors...... _...... .... Ardys Bredvold , Ruth j ohn !Jon Sports Editor _.............. __ ..:.,............. ~. \yaltc r Sin\onsOt\ .._..._..._ ... _ ..__ ............................................... Telma Metzger. Club Notes .... ~~~::~~~ri~c:r.~;... ·~·~·i~!;: ..H~I~~v J~~hi·n:.l1g~II~O}.~~b~~~~~e V1'~i~~lel~\~e.~~i!:. i;~~~ . Robert s. Ad"iser ... _... ....................... _ .........: Mrs. Ruth S. .F~ank BU8INlI88 8TAFlI"

Ad vertising' Ma nage r ............... ~... .. .....:....... Rmnotrt Gulhattgen Circulation Manager ............................ :........ _.. .................................................... -Betty Hoyt Soliciters : Mabel Thoren , Mary jane Brc hon, Gladys Lea, Lorraine Ronkc:n, Dorothy Sk ilbred, Je well Keller, l-.:osali e Wohlgem uth . Ver:yn Kra xberger .. ..................... -..; .. . Exchange EditO'f . .... ....... ....... . O. J. Stuen Ad"iser ..... .

Last.Min,qe Reminder



:tIC .


That Man's Almost Here Again W e me~n tpa t th~ examination bogey is scheduled to !>tgin his r~u.nds in just thre€ days . Of course, if you have been readin g your daily assign rpe.nts , have taken carE'ful notes, and have bE'e n reviewing frequently. you needn't worry. -an the othcr hand, if you 've' bee'n cutt ing classes. doodling in your notebook: and making unkept pro';nises to yourself to ."rE'ad [he chapter later,:' even last-minute apple-polishing won't saVe y~u, ' It' s remarkable ho w many resolutio ns t weeks usuall y evoke from " refor~ed" students. "Ne xt quarter I'm 'real g to get down to busi. ness; " goes the familiar saying. That perfectly good unused quarter in the offing looks so right and whole compared to the clu[[ered present, . It·s a vicious cycle if we let ourselves ge t caugfit-anq most of us do, 1."hose who ksow teli us we don't need to cram our head; ' to the bursting point to pass ' exams. W e sh'9U ld learn as wc go a long by reading. thinking, an~ review·jng. Of course it's wo'r th a rty-next quarter!

* * * *

. Mental Scrubbrnshes If you've ever helped clean an attic, you'll know what a jo b it is.

You know by [he time you've re-sortcd your old sixrh grade' va lentin es , moved that old bureau with the 'broken . mir~or , swept up the bits of book that a mouse nibble~ to pieces, and upset Uncle Pillsbury's stuffed oW'1 a dozen times tha.t auic cleaning is a real day's w.ork. But it's .much harder tc cleJn out the· trivial. unimporta~t outdared prejudices and bi ases '~at w e aCGu,,"ulJ[e in ~ur mental auic , even in so . short a ti~e as .one year. Springtime see ms the traditional time fo~ ' thorough cleaning: so while we give our room~ a good going-over, let' s throw out th: - - - _P£..tty_(U,mQu.....t.hLbac.k=.b.iting •..lbc....silIY.....J..uitudts •....a.ttd..alLoLthe...otheunllSt.y. du.s tt ·rubbish we' ve stored 'away iri our minds (a nd there's lots of it , too, to',throw out) ', Let's leave room for such fundamentals as straight thinking and practical Christianity. R. J.

Get Your Evening Snacks

Church. Doctor . S. C. East\'old reached the midpoint df the series of T hursday night Le!lten Hrvicu whic~ t'I~ is con· dueling at .tbe request of the church's

Board or Ducon,. . For the next tinee services, March 28. Apri! 4, and April 11 Dr. Eastvo(d will present three Mudies of "Men at the Cross." Stud ents and facu lty are encouraged to attend the 'sen 'ices, which incl ude special ,'oca1 and instrumental 'uwsic,


YfJlj]~~ fw Dellclea ............ ·Hot, .,...


Today is yo ur last opporcunic\r to parcicipate in t}:le 1946 F-ed Cross dri ve on o ur campus. We -don't need to tell yo u about the wo rk of the RCQ ; Cross : its name speaks for itself. W e don't need [ 0 tell you that {he ~ed Cross is depending upon you to help suuport it: yo u .know that without eve~y. one's assistance .the Red Cross could .no t carryon its program. ' . If you have not been contacted by a student solicitor, or if you were not prepared to contribute when the solicitor approached you, be sure to. 'turn ~ your gift toda y. The peace ti~e work of the Red Cross is of no less imponance than its' war rime ·program.

* *

Ten piano pupils.,. of Profe5So~ Karl ' E. \~,isl were ·prc:s.c: ,lt~d in !' well attended recital \Vc:dnesoa)'~ March 13. T hol'e playinl in th'c recital were Jew(': 11 Keller, Telma Metzger, Dorothy Meyen. Miriain tr'o pp, RUlllohr Gulhaugen, Grace ' Elaine Gulhaugen, June jorgen5011 and He l~n Marie Anderson, all , students at PLC: 1Mi ss lielen Blornetie. ex '42. now ' in the college office ; and ConHance HallSOll of the Parkland grade school. A second recital will be gi"en in thr~ or four weeks. In thi ~ .event Mr. Weiss expects to dc'monstr":tte that ·artist ry can be gained by beginners during their fi rst year' of playing.' Severa! ex-G. L's will play 0 11 the program.

J ......,.......


.............. •

"Christianity isn 't ( 111)' prcp<lration fo r death; it is .the real tife it self-:a prep~ ra : _ _ _ tion both quantitative and qualitative' {or ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the ete rnal life." i . Re\·. Lowell Satre


" It isn't · ~.1I1y .America, England and

FralH'c who ha\'c had their unknow n soldier!'; the (Tuciiixion of Christ iaad its ll nkll(1\\'" s-oldier, too," Re" . P. O. Hoff Tacoma, \Vas1l.


':w~ who ~i"e

0 11

the cdg,f


~ r~

g~lI1g t~ OC.1I\ a ~\lo~d t~at ~I\ ha~\to

:I:~o~~le ~:I:~~;;l ;o~rs:n~f a~lhc t uCni\':r:~ will depenu to he."


Smart Apparel



9 I7






.Open 24 Hours' Daily '

what . that choice is going ':;;::;;::;;:;;::;;::;;::;::;::;::;::;::;::~

Dr. S. C. Eastvold " If we love God, we ca nllot help but s~f\'e him .'.' En;il Stolte, Fresh:nan, Lib. Arts


TRICKS .. JOKES .. MAGIC Co.tumes .. Tuxedos -'Serpentine

~26Ys Br~.dway

11,\ 4861






9802 PACIf,lC AYENUE ' ' ,,' '

Johnson On the Highw.y



~.cUlc A~ .

. ~~~~ 7311

Blne Rnstiu ~




. .




&~.rson Parklond, Wash;

Fri..ta)". Much 22, '1946 .


'Ti s spdng, a nd the young man's fancy lightly tllrn:r to. ·tho~lghts ~f-t~llnis- ~nrl golf, o f a ll tlH~g~. JIl.dglllg fro m, the . - ,3.hlOUnrO£ attention the Sap ,Qu.een- has· b~n .-recei ~·ing. Er.1 N~rdeng is n't tbe .~3u." g m ... n ·we had 111 l1Hud. For. that matt~.r the .weather I ~tcly· has had . only a ~ hg (and· DlOnt~nt " r)') ~seDlblance to sprin bllt- we had . t.o have something with w 'cho to dpen ,our comm"ent ~


It might be w~rthy of menti"on here ti"l.t the s tudents of · PLC have an lInusual opportUili ty in the coll ege go1£ cours~. II ere is a chance to learn a ' sport which Ita's morl' ca rr y*O\~e r to late r tife than





PUOIIT ~OllND 0 ....... lUI

most fields oLathletic ell(.te~vor-and that with the g reen fees :a lready paid for. Ev. ery 4I1ff.!!Jinc~u4i ng the w riter) ,,:h:) ever became even l1lildlyint~re5ted in. the scie ~r- pastu re pool rulizes that the only way tf:! cut d~wn t he score i~ to get out and 1>lay. 'NuH said; · I'm prejudiced. OH. THOSE SPARE TIRES I

around the have betn reaching regularly fo r the ment bottle thi !t wC!ek. Mo nday afternoon, March 18, found· ~ WQuld,.be pigskin partiCipantS. mahy or whom are veteran Gl's or Lute football en. or both. loosen· ing up a fe"" musd~s they had forgotten th e)' .owned in the 'firs t turnout fo r the ~llrillg footba·lI practice. . .. In calling the spring d rill. Co:tch Cliff O lson, who rece·ntly retu.rned to· his post as A thletic Director of ~PLC, is letting Itl ~n get back tlie feel of tl!e pigskin. The players. ' 0I0S( of whom ' have . been aw~~ from the game from .2 t6 4

Harry Lang i~ fina lly getting his re"enge, ' An through the basketball Don Sloan and E rling H otand razzed Harry becau se h e would r un by thC! bench a nd ye ll to Harsh, "Take me out ; I'm tired." Now the table~ are tut~ed· H arry is chortljng on the sidelines the.-two "fi~e by fh;es" are grunting and g roa ning through . their . calisth~nics in spring football, . ~

\Vith the ~onfere·n~e schC!dule due to btogin sh~rtly, the Luiheran "oUera and t~nni s men will s tart pia), next week ' for th.e school championship. The fir st fin lIl! n to 1)lace wilt make up P L C's cOIlting'"ent or divot diggers .. The golf tournament will consist of a J6-hole m~dal play to d~~ermine posi tions in the ladder bracket. \-Vah Simonson, · l ett~,r wiu llj: r in golf back in '40, will ·man . age' the tourney. Harry La ng, manager of ·the ·tennis s quad, will get his ~ournamen t under way ear l"y next week with . .a regular e'l imina • . tio n b rack ~ t . Aside from Lang, the only other I ~tte r mall racket wielder n·ow in s·chool · is Na te Fuhr, w ho is favored to fini sh high ill th~ standing,. A,nother out. prospect is Jim Shaw, w ho was Washiflgton junio r college si nglcs champ in ' 194t'. while playing for Abenlee l.l Junior College. -

Along t hat same line, it looks like the tailors a re going t o be ·busy taking care of the diminishing waistlines of . a few more of the grid men.....!:!ow abo';!t it. Thorpe. Gano, RuppC!rt, Logsdon. Edward s? . T hat scrub jo b over in the gym certainl y wrought wondC!rs. NevC!r diJ realize that the o ld . black f.inish we hall back in '37 had been nUlo,,·C!d. Look~ prC!tty good. I A lmost time to sta rt signing up those

AAHSPRiNGI A moonlight crllise on Puget Sound is planned as the next social activity of the \V.:A. A. Excel>! for the last two years, this Erni se has been an annual event of the ~V. A. A. here, and its re ncwal is being looked forward to with gr_e at anticipa· ti dn. Selma Gunderson is in charge o f ' arraligemcnt s.


!<oftb3.11 plaYus for the spring ' intra· mural leaguC!. \:V ith t he break we havd been gefting from the weather man, i! won't be ·Iong hefore we can get play tinder wal'.

'OAKES APP.t.a.m.

Ul Broadw~


Look-.tO--th ~MQOrin&-M ..t



P I,..' C' New• . . ~.• but


'ARKLAND IARIIR , . t when you want to know what's the latnt in Community


'~;;~~~~~~~~~;;~~I-f--~ acti~tiHThur~day for Publiahed every· IlANWILL'S the Midland, Parkland, Brook·




dale' and Spanaway Communitie•.



. . IATURIS · . 8rdwy

$2.00 00' ye...

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Printing CO.



The ciealling gi\·cn the gym fl oor after th e ~aga Carni",,1 has jjnally· given the s tudents all idea as to w hat the floor re· ally looks like. Bttt th ere are s tili a lot of . bl:ack mark s a.nd scuffs on it. Maybe a . Campll s Day for the gym' wouldn't be a bad idt!'a. \Vith one group of students rcmoving the scars from the fl o,"; and an· other applying a coa,t of varnish .. . W~ could ha\·e a first class .gy ,.u floor I)ronto ..

are happ)' to be back in the moles'kifis, as ev idclfced by the gus to with which they att cnd the workout s. · . O lson is also ge tting a pre-season view of t he Ill:aterial he will have to work with whe n tho.! playing season roll s around. T here is o nly a scatte of lettetme n ilJ !<c hoo l now taking pad in the spring training. Gua rd s Don Sloan. '40 and '41 , and Erli ng B oland, '40. '41. and '42. are back. as ·a re fullback Dick Rtlppert. tcr Gk n Neal, and guard Bob from the '42 grid machine. \Vorkouts will ' continue fo r matel), a month, according to. son. with th e m..'n concentrating damt' litall'. The spring ses sion will with an il;~!"a.sfluad

In the latest ga;]; . . of the \V ..A. A : basketball to urnament ll. J.'s Bees felt befo re the S pecdsters, 1s..9. Spectacular mo· ment of the game was a one ha nded shot Dottie E lefso it, playin g 'fo r the Bees, 'way Ollt - OO th---e-cou rt, which s wished through the net without touching th ~ hoop. High point honors (or the game ·w ere shared by Donna Jean Btarn· mer a nd. Nonna L C!mke"Of the Sileedsters, wi th 6 point s each. M. ].'8 Bees is cap· tained by M. J. Brehon and the Speedsters by Lois ·Tollfeldt.


Mrs. }<'risbies Bakery For GOOD Bakery Producu 710 So. 38th Sl: Phone G~ 7591

9U~ KNmlH CO.



. 1U1-11 Br0&4waJ'

Carl J . Nel50n ' - FURRIER (St. Helen:. Fur Shop)

lIanufac~;r of- PiDe: Pan ... 134 St. Helen'. Ave.· (lied Arts BIde.)

BRoadwa, 2811


c. o. L7Dia .~ 71'1




,n _

. ,


Here·s YOUr own rad io show - produced and aired by .the high ~schools I and -colleges of the city-:- Listen - ever ):---t'ues diY and Wednesday night for these v.aricd and entertaining programs.

~ En~neer&~- Con.rrac.tors _ ' . BR

March 26--:-C. P. S. Ap;iJ 2-BellaFmine H. S. · > \

an Appointment at the


VIOLI;:T WEBER, P,.prieto,


Ne~l's. Ra4io Sales Co

Spon~ored ~Y

RadiO .

714COMA ' . CITY 1I6HT .

Repain 'and Battenel fOr· Portab" Radio. .

953, SI.

Tacom. .--:....



J •

Davis Shop the As'S()(:iated W ornare spon! oring a fashion

Front rooms in the donn havc' bun yu r-<llds ill church ' recently. t>opular with coeds becau sc of the ·viC"" ql1~e4.., tcrtitory on the campus, of Mt. R ainier-to say nothing .of the aT- ' Those masculine ' voices -rival of their dates. But 'now that football night. Ladies" out o n the front the unearthly ho ur o f 2 a. m some ings ago belon)Jcd to the i"nnoccnt m;m ,n.,';n,d tims of this .SCnlrlot,er's fr 05h boys' initia~ lion . Those "getting the works" induded . ' . ,. Erick and Albert Gentm&nn. Sly slogan seen at O.n.U. Fun l:Iaucen' and Ted Kaatb. last Sa t, nite : "Hi· ya Olson. \ Ve're Cain! !" The Cain-Olson debate dre w quite a number of stude.:: from P LC. · Hear tetl Gr.~ Kaut.en heads ou r PLC list there wa~' a Ht tle argument afterward s in natl1re Im 'ers. Not only 'was- s he ' first the lower hall. Seems half of ·the boys' bring trilliums into the dorm, but dorm was in on it. The ensuing histrion ' the fir st-together with Kiu,. ics w"oke up the othu half, plus the &iris' to brave an icy dip in Spanaway dorm, ·plus Mr, Satre: TlIe ·Iatter proceedSunday 'fo re last. to join in on the ver ~l fray.


Friday the t' c:l1nJ)us. PLC evening. girls willApril mood12.allontypes

of clo.h".


Carolyn ~vereid. chairman of the af-

cha~~~;:~nht:~ a::i~tC~::'f!;'~::dC:7;:~~~

charge will ~ used ""'by the AWS for the hig h school

~rls' In to be held

sharman Boobtorc A.-


. '

in w:a)"I~;;a-=====:tIII=;':"="=":;;;;~

M",rin,n Soltman Gives Voice Recital Mar. 21


Marion , Soft~nan, 6enior in the Collele of Education, was presented in , a voice




recital by her teacher. F rank J, Nurding. last night in Weye;haeu5tr Hall: She (' was' assisted by Ruth J~II~en, Coilege of played two ·'M . J,'s Bees" a re to be complimented . fo r a good try at basketball Tuesday ahtil PMlfIo Ana ... ernoon. The team played on-m'i nus the . Maofiou ha s beell aC li v~ in various scrappi ng ability o f its cap tain: absent school acti\'itie!i during her four ' years at --- -'T.,mal ;-WDh1II:lloa---;of a n arm injury. PLC. She has been o utstanding. in musi cal activities as soloist with the Choir of IL~-,r";";"""-:rr.~~t;'l"...",,..,.,,..._....J Local strike this week Shirley Sc:venon and Gloria Th<.Dl,DOO,.lthe \Vest. a nd as a,member of tht' orchesquite a pro.btelll fo r day students picked one of the coldest mor-nings Ira and string .quartet. T his semester s he walking distance frc?111 the call,1pus. months to try Qut the tennis courts re- is cadeting in th a music depar~ment at to live in Puyallup!) ce n\ly. Their game was ·as btief as ~heir the Gra nt grade -.schoQI. Mario n was one sho rts , ~, ', _ of the five senior wome n from our camQuestio n of the \,'eek : \-Vha was PIIS listed in "Who's "\Vho Among StuEager Beaver who sat 'down so hard dents" thi s year, ' Spring has came. thai he left a sina1l' crater in the floor Cupid has went. ' the tennis court ? . , fr om the couples on Lo\·cn·

letland & Pall!gruti . .


Lundberg' Drug


Fnddie Miller and taken to flirting ~\'it h

been sent.

11110 P4ClrlC AVE. ' PBOn GR.

Strike-Stranded Studes Solve Snaggy Situation -



\ \fril. day ' students, maybe the horse and' buggy day~ weren't so bad aft~ r ..a l~ ! -At teast o ld Dobbin didn't go 0 11 strike ._ - ~ro\~id ed he was w'ell fed and cared fo'·)· I -~~~,.::'~;,,' The three day absencc of b\1ses certainly was a jolt to the complace ncy of sa,:"<' oi Fireside-A sin gspi ration wiU be u~-and also to our comfort. It se nt many ducted at the next F ire side ll1ecting, Sun · a student scur rying abollt th e campus in ~ay evening, ~Iarch 2·1. search of a \·a~-al\t ca r seat, while ' LOR-Stude nt speakers, s-pec ia l mll sic , eyed their thum bs allprais in gl:,:, wonderand sew ing and kni ttin g we re on th e ing if they should st;J.rt " ho_o fing it" and agend a at the LOR meeting hcld Wedncstrust to luck and the kind hearts- of pass.I ay afternoon, March 20: at the h 0l11e of ing motori sts, Two da): students, with an Dean and ·-Mrs, Philip E. Hauge, Marie eye on a "acant dorm room, brought ' out Lien, ' Gerry O lson, and Etta Clause a bedding a nd -'c1othipg; and p repared spoke on the I:.enten theme. Betty Rei-: themselves for a IIIce comfortable ·sojourn man and Helen Jensen offered a vocal in the dorm fol' the "duration," only to duet. have th e strike settled Q,n the self-sil- me Hostesses for the meeting were Mrs. " . ' , day, Philip Hauge, Mrs. L owell· Satre and In sp ite of the in convenience, it might Mr s. H. G', -Ronning,





. . . . . p ...



con"I~::::::::::::::!~~~~~~~~~;;~~~~: Ii

how many things we telephones. electricity, cars, buses, and so ' on, ad infinitum-(But ! hucks! Why didn't ,they strike during telt "'eek?



Loftness GOi:s' to Hawaii


sur~mA"ES l..

Open .untill0:00 every night!

Your Old Frien;(is .B ack With Prp-War .Goodness: and-Flavor ~

more so. ' " Reducill~ Exercise .:... Mo\;e ' the head Incidentally, if , more PLC: ites had .. slowly {rp.m side' t~ side when asked to turned out for L!1"';,~9.I!'l.w'h~ !' _ !?l'pa:~n:·11I. the senfor class . ', h ~\"e a second helping. ' . " " .':,..,. ~ ,-\.: ....". > ,- -GC E Lamcr9H 110t








.Fashion Toni~t

mand-1IDIa Fra. · .A Singing Aaparlllr

Jlnifu' Stueri to·CWea'L

It W:lS a ~leC:I.Y gro up that puilcd away _ frOIll the call1p\lS~ at seven o'clock Friday mo rning . March 29. . And it was a I 'j exuberant g ro llpo \\1110 l)OuTed out t wo " alley limollsinl.':s on Monday noon, April 8. Much activity Wots wiehed in for the choir those c!exen ten-wi ng fiays.

'!Royal C'LOUm .:JJ1ay.1 By POpU1:IT vote o f ner ;\{ar 001>: subjects. Anita S tucn will rdgll as quce:n o\'('r th-(' t raditional fu tivities 0 11 ou r campus. Wod nesday, Ma y 1. A liberal arts seni or frOIl1 Parkland. Anita has been active in college affai rs. Las t fa ll s he was ol~e of five st': lIIors cI~os e li for WHO' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS. A mong other activities-. s he has been cditor a nd ' co(·(Iito r of the )' IOO RING MAST and is at present a spedal writer fo r the pape r.

On To Isuquah Firsl s top was Issa quah. ho me of lies ' Mykland. After singing at the ' school's morning assembly. the piled bac k into the w3iting bu ses joyt'd. a treat of 'cookie s pr ovided by Mykland . • Sett ling down to t he lo ng ahead, C hief Knitte,r s Niema n, S~:"neid tackled the' intricate

Attending tl le queen w ill be eight girl ~ , two having been c hose n fro m clas~. T hey are Doris JurgerSO l! and M~n Sohman, seniors: Ruth Jen sell a nd ·Huth Bjerkan, juniors : Lor raine . Llllfdtlui st ami Ardys Breth'o ld, sopho lllon's, and ~hbcl T horen and Sel l11a G~ llde rso n , freshmen .

- CO::ch." ;:;;;W 1 o f I ~Y'S

feStiv ilies are G~IS Anderson, ju'nior 'alltl Bl' lty Kenworthy . sophomore. They ' will be in charge of the progra m whi ch will incl ude the reading o i the- official May Day Proclamation by to\'ds fro m l.Photo by


gym classes.

~ly r O I1

B. Kriedle r )

New Spring Fashions To .Be Shown Tonight , .

,;~n~.;;~ -=-~~:~:~~:~:~,~,~~::~~~~==j~~~~.~:~~;;;;~~~~~~~~;t.~;~~~~~:~~~~~:[~~~~~~~~d;,T;Jl~c~_,~~~te~~~it;;:n__~s~~~ " Wlio's the most popular man iu d leton ? Marty Gulhallgen . Just ask any choir member." 'T hi s a ll happe ned when a certain young lady's mal her callie rushing up and said'. "So you're Marlin Gul haugen! )'Iy daughter ha s written SO much abou t , you!" It would ha"e good in technicolor. Marty . Capacity Unlimited The Sunday e,'c:ning concert wa s given (~ f \ V:dla \Valla. homc of Dottie N ie"m an. The e ntire g roup. incl uding, ori"e rs Cli ff ~Ild Keith, was ente rtained at Nieman's for a hearty supper before thc conce:rt at \ Vhitman Collegc C hapel. Fourt een choir

air. year I'LC tl cvot..:s a n entire day cleaning a nd repairing of the . g rolimls. . Thi!~ ' yea r' ~ t allll)US Day has hee n set ior Thursday, Ap ril 23, and work will b..:gin promptly at 8:00 a. m . Co".chairm("n iii charge of th e vroject ,Ire Joa n 5at~r n. and Philip No rby. bOth senior!lo. Faculty as well as stude nts will s p~nd tht! day deaning the golf course: te nni s comb, ball diall\ond. fi s h pond. an d gen · eral ia'nd scape. O th er crews wi ll work on equipm e nl for the May Day Ff!s ti ~ 1. Incllld ~d. ill the pla ,;s a r!! an aftei";oo n

fea t ured on the Campus Broadcaster s pr ogram 0 11 KMO, Tuesday. Apri l 16, a t 8:tXLp. 111 . T he· program will be ·cc nte·red around the Lenten th eme. "The P~aye r for Peace," writ.ten in Latin by Ca rl johan Sc hwe nn, cOlltem· 1'0ral Y Danis h composer, will be gh'en, with "){lIdy Johns' ,n ., .. soloi st. Also on III..: , 'p rogra m artl. : "My Master." by BanH"!'. M ~IIU II S",ltll l.. n. soloist ; and "C Rre:t;l ,,( Lirl."," ·. H .. rry Soloos, soloist.

Election Time Coming; Put Up Candidates Now


sho~to be-~-held this eveniniJ' at 8 In th e PLC gymnasium, under th e sponsorsh ip of the Helelf' O:l\'is Shop, women 's apparel, a nd Lu ndlIuist.L illy, men's wear.

Miss Davis is using he r ow n models because of the in con ~eniel1ce involved in fitting other girls, But the men', clothing will be modeled by PLC-ites Norman Moore, Si Torvend and Ed Korsmo. E\·· , e rything fro m formals to sportswear will be s hown. f\n a'dmiss io'u c harge of . twen· ty-five c'rnts »'ill he made. . Lois Read, f;esh'man, is e h'airman ~f the aHair ~ Working with her arc . Anita Roth , pr;ogr~in; Edna Swartz, advertis· : Dorothy decoration.; EI·

and ALL actually ,,'en: s leepi!lg twelve o'dock, e:<cept Gus (air~-\n. duson. and he tried to impress hi s future ~Co ntinued on Page 4)

Coming events . FRIDAY , A PR I L 12-:-AWS Style Sho\\\ PLC gym, H;OO " . 111.



16 --PLC

Choir sings " o n Campus B roadcas-tc ,·s, . K~l O : 8 :(» Il. 111 .

WED?\ESDAY , AJlri l ' 17 ~ 3 :40 P. M. to -r UES .. .-\PR IL 23, 8:00 :\ . M .-Ea s te r Recess. TUESD:\Y1 APRIL 23 ,- Cil'ic l\Ih ~ ic COll cert . the 50u the'rl1· aire s, Firs . t Baptis-t C hu rch, 8:30. p.m . THURSDAY, APRIL 25-Camp,! s Day. WEDNESDAY, ~I AY 1-},f'ay D~'y : l)r~gral1.1 begi ns at ~ :~


III J~YC;t:I"m, OOers

to H e(J1' Male Quarieite

las t " thirty-five student s to avail of thi s season's Lyceum series will 'hear the South~ rnaires- Tuesday, AI)ril 23: ~ t the First Uaillist .Churc h. The fl uartelte, spo lI!'nred by the" Tacoma Civic . Mu :=ic Association, includcs ' \ Vi lliam E,I1l11111d!'o011 , hass, Jay Sto ne Toney, bari· lone, Ray Yates. tellor, a nd LO\\'e ll Pelers. Il·llOr. Th eir program wi ll con sist mainly Nt'J:r o fo lk sOllgs a nd spirituals-. th e m s~ l\'e s

will be sung . .

FRIDA Y. MAY J-E\'Cning :lI1ce o f a ll-s('hool play a t .Parkland School fice, since certain gra~e ·averages a re q~ired Jor student cabinet members.


The one-act Lenten pl.1y, .... Barabbasof the Master," by John Hoard Han- : ger. will be presented ' by th e dramatic production class ~n M o~day, April IS, at

p. m. ill th~ gymnas ium . The action of t he play takes place at th e lillie of Jestls" c rucifixion, show,ing , th e ,slow, yet e ver): moullti ng comprehen-. s ian on the pa rt of a Slhall fa liiily group of t he reality of J esus! great 'sacrifice, Ttre-eas t of the play , includes Elaine Enwiller as ·S; Eleanor Hellbaum, E leazar; Selma Gunde rson. Barabbas : , Marian Sa\'age, Judith ; and Helen Marie A ndenon, Mar y: .Th~ student director is : R~tly Reiman. . St!ldents and facutly .l11embeu are invite~ !o att.en4. this perfor mance. Ther~ no admission charge.

. .



Til UOO.I.-.GUA5T two

htered u

.chool lear b"

Hc:oad olaaI matterl.- October 2; 19%5, at tbe Post-

will be given thi., ahernoon in Mr: room, fr ol),) 3 :45 to "4 :45. All persons insistc ll~e · all~w·a llC"es," Grant Impell. Ve t- terested in music :appreciation are invited : eran ~.dmilli::>t ral ioil~!rai.ning o fficer, ('v en urg~d . to att~nd; . s tfted Wedn c.sda~'. April 10. This aftullooll's program will cO II !li~ t velltin g \;"~ t("rallS' fmm

Offtce at Parkl&D.d ~ W.aa.blnctOD, under ~. Act of

March ·S; 181.. ~---::---e"loet-R-oem-l-30 ' !J'u.pbODo.~_OR.JlU.~I'.i L........ _ __'' __ SUNcr1pUOD prtee--U.OO per Year


MusiCal Offer~ ' This Afternoon

......._ ......................................._................... ALICE BRUDIE Mr: Illipett, whp has ,bad five year3' .................... ,.......... GRACE ELAINE GULHAUG.EN service in t he N.n ·y. ha d paid his' secoll'd of MOl1 ssof!!ky, Tschaikowsk i. Rimsky ~ Korsakoff. and Shostak:ovitch record in ... , BIlI'1'ORIAL STAW . . ,,:cckly .vi sit to PL C in a program tha I Subsequent rcc:ordihg p{ograms wit! he , •

.~~;~~t~~o~~t~~::::::~:::::::::~:::::~=::::::::::::::::::::: : :::~~~:~::.:::~:~~;~~i!i.~.~i~Y£~:;

has been in stitu ted fo r the purpose of g i\'(,11 fro m the different n'a tional ,s chools helping "etcrans " 'ith their" problems. or types of ulU sic. Special WriteTs .....:__.___............ Marv Shaw, Anita koth. Louise Tollfehlt, Anita Stuen The reason for dday in the Reporters: Betty Reiman. Helt:n H edlund," Doug Hubba~d. Vivien Wenham, Dave of ~ ubs i s t e ll c e Mr. Impett believes is the ;:........................................................., Robert s. ___ .__.............____.........._.._.. ......_......•__.. Mrs. Ruth S. Frank o \'cr load of appliCations and the lack o f Adviser _.....__... THORSEN adctJnate persolln!!1 (or the p rocessi ng of BU81NJ11S8 STAftI' R h Gulh.".,"I ti1t~ applications. T hese diHicuifies, he .............,........................." .. '":.'..;.. ...... ....:::.. ...... rB,etty' !" tau(] , would p'rolJably 1n ' ironed out by Soliciters: Mabel Thoren, Mary Jane Breho n, Gladys Lea. Lorrame Ronken!> Ooro- the end oi the lrion-th. . thy Skilbred. Jewelll)eUer, . Rosalie Wohlgemuth . H e empha$i"ed bringing all problcm s l~::::!::::!::::!::::!~~~~~::::::!:::::::; . E~·~:~!; :~.~~~ to the Vete.ra ns Ad.lllinistration, In that II


~i~;~r~~t~l~g 1t~~~~~~r

,:~ :~.:.::.:.~

... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::...

. A Bonnet, a Basket; a Bunny, By the Rev. Lowell J. Satre

~~.:~ :.~~.~ .

or What?

What ,is the essence of Easter? D oes it consist in a new bonnet so that Easter may be-spoiled merely by an untimely Washington mist ? Or is it a (Ilatter of a basket 'Of, bril1iantl)· colored eggs. emul~ting the hues of the da~ ning Easter sun? Or is the importa~t thing the immaculate albino bunny. Which a.l ways Seems to wonder" how it happens to De guarding a nestful of eggs ? Or what is the esse'nce of ? .

ripise .of roistering voices in hard-fought contests, amid kicking--JX?sc-pines. and pe'r haps even in ' the class ,wom. The college baritone' who booms forth. "[ I<?~e life, I want to live ... " might well be voicing [he d~epcst sentiments of hi s fe!.t..~w

-----~ C. NID. CHtlSTIIISIN . 8'l'&TIO~

The training officer is q ualiadvise on all veterans' problems refer to the proper sonrces and chan-


'1' Pa.odc A.n. ,


action. Wednesday colt,nsettin g ';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Z;:;:;;;;;;;:;~ Thefor regular • periods . 'ill be continu'e d indefi nitel y, although M.r. Impetl will be repljlccd t next \\~ eek by Mr. E. J. J oncas. Mr: cas waS trades trai ning o fficer at Seattle P~ ri of Em ba rkation during


rll')'1 ~~~

\'1.!:1 "" _ :.J


created. man was destined to live· forever, to be eternally youth917 Broadway fuI. but by di$obeying his Creator. he forfeired this destiny. What a. tragiCI~=============~~:!!~~~~~~~~~~~~ end to such .a triumphant beginning l ,. , . But .God had a plan to rejuvenate man. Fittingly He sent a bouncing Cor.sages .a.nd Fio.w . ers baby .boy into the world, His own Son. to become a man among me'n; the leader of tbe fiery "Sons of other men in their imA 'N D E 'R S F' LOR 1ST .petuous prime. Health f1owed ' out at H is voice recalled the .. . ; . . ...


_ -----<le.a Qto<oo<O ":'i;~~1f~I,.~~,;:~;i<i)~!;;;r-\H':'i~:t I;;jf.~1;;',;~;;:~ lt 255 SQUTH-d.LTH : MAIN 7-l-13 may-have • .and though helife die. yet m.ay shall he live. " Ii Yet they killed Him. You know the story. That LIFE could and did die sounds like paradoxical double-talk to sophisticated .reason. But the John~ tomb ·could .nor hold Him : It was crowded open, and He who was and is .' LIFE bounded forth . Since tbe grave could not keep Him. it cannot keep us. .tOCllIIS • ROUt h is our privilege to let this Fountain of Life overflow into our lives even the Mounlein Highw.y unto eternal life. \ ' . The essence of Easter? The essence of Easter is life. life that has its '-;;;;;;;;:;::;:;;::;;;;;;;;;;;:;::;:;;::;;;;;;:;::;;;;:;:;:;;;;;;:;::;:;;::;;;;;;:z:;;::;;:;:;;;;;;:;::;:;;::;;;;;;:;::;:;;::;;:;:;:;::;~ source in the Prince of Life, the Underwriter and. Guarantor of our life to assurance. The eSsenc.e of Easrer is life because our Saviour Ijves. SUTi AT For some there will be e' er-olooming youth. Por some celestial spring will corne on forever. "He ~hat will. le[' him, tak~ the water of life freely," .


& Anderson



9802 PACIFIC AVENUE'" 7311



. j

. •









/ .

. ./






}<'ive.Man. Team Picked For Inter-College Golf


Bv-WALT SIMONSON :\ recent new s item ·in one or the local dailies I~oinled out th3t'-it is n't just 311 illus;on, t his chillim.:'ss we han~ been feelillg ill the air: it is really cold weat her. . . That s tory ' kilHia made a "liar out oi this colum n. whic h. in the las, is.sue: made sOllie 'o ptimi'Stic ( t hough unfounded ) 01 1· Ius-io ns to spri ug weathe r. My ' apologies. T he th ing ·t h a t · really makes nic mad abo ut thi s wcather situa tion is t hat it ha3 . dosed the lid 'on t he 'spring SI)()rU- l);o~ralll, leav in'g no tiling to ,,:rite abouta nd the edito r keeps hou nding TII'y trail , m uttering soilleth ing about "W here is

to be the- to) mcn . 'Potth o ff looked good. :\ ii\·e-'Imt.n golf· lean, has been c hosen : Aplalld°So Apes, captahl t d by speedy wit"- a weJl-cont rolled service and :I. to .repn.'scllt PL:C III mter-collcfrl2te P "):

b~;~~cii:n~;:·'b;'C~~;~:t~,;:· ;~~t Sp~eu;:l::t

,s te-;tdy back-cC!uTt game,. :qHI ,s hould em! tillS spr in.:. A round-robin- tonTnamenl is UJ) -among d ie leaders-. II OW u.1, dcl',w ay to de le rmi,nc' positi~ns on c3Ptaintd by Lois Tollf~ld t , 31 . 14, Tues-

The moleskin s "' ~lIt back iuto t he moth hall s ~1onday evening. and we pre sume all those aches and pains wil(ha\,c dis appcarcd in ~uolhe r couple .of wcelis... AIthough t he Ule~, se~lIle1- to get a big kick o ut ' of the wor kouts. they were not sorr'i to l't'e the sessio ns dose. Guess they want 10 sa \"(' t.hcir \',im and \'igor fo r next fa ll, w hen having a ~famc every week.end adds a littl<; more incentive to the practice se~ ~ i o u s.

that c(mY'" ~I y suggest ion to set Lute :\ few iorllle r P L C athletes showed ti p . Lasai~ till in o lle- in ch type ;lIul It! t that in the ne ws ~ecc n·t ly. Ste r Hars hman has , take carc of page 3 didn 't go O\'er very accep ted position as teacher .of b'iology h!K. a nd assis ta nt footba ll a!HI track coach at . Thc tenni s tournament got throllgh the P uya llu p High School. ' fiut ro und (almost) with the matc hes ... going p retty mllch as expected. Shaw, H a rry Lang. who is finishing work her,· Ftlh r, and Lang have shown themselvc:-< thi s spring, recently sign ed as bask'e tball l:oach and social science teacher at Clover Park. Ea':-I.Ptatt a nd Marty North Ca rl J. Nel~on - FURRIER . havc ;!l't'cpted pos itions as Sll miller pia)';



(St. Helen's Fur Shop) Manufacturer of Fine Furs 13"4 St. Helen'. Ave. (Med Arts Bldg.) BRoa4way 2811

.c:roll nd directors ":ith the Tacoma Park Board : which is just lauuc hing a large !-otlper \"ise.:l p layground program. All th ese me n were 'o u t sta nding a thl et t's in "hey day s" of G ladiator spo rts back in '39 to '41.


Look to the MoorinK Matt for


P L C News · .•..




_.- Reach-For- T-he#




Thu~y . for

~e 1{,.~!.!::;anC~:~c:j: . ~--


G Arland

..,i~ ,-

when you want to kno~ what's the 1a ill Co~ty .



. _•

.,.-:,c.f lAtIti!!feIHfH-;:.....



I. I


$2.00 per ' year.


dp . .



Publii he,.


Phone GRanite 8436 '

rh e team . Those participating a rc ' Valt Jay afte rnoon. Man;h 26: The s core . at Simonson,' Ernie Perrault. Bili \ Valte rs. ha li time was 6- 11 l;tUt die Apes widened the margin rapidl'y .w ith s harpshooter The first les l for the Lllt heJan divot- D otti~ EIdson bllcketing 14 points in the digge rs will cOllie next Wedne sday. Apri l last half to tota l 19 poiuts. as her 5hare o f 17. ' wllcn they" tra,'cl to Seattle to meet the game. the Seattle College s quad. " C lose and effecti \'e guardi ng by JQ Six ma tches have been arranged by A nne Bars-hman :tnd Ca roline Barnum Athletic Director em!' Dison. with pos- slIcce"ded in hold ing dow n the score of sihle home - a nd - home series yet to be the SpeeUSlers. Co mplet ing the Ape~ sc heduled wi th CPS a nd St. ~~a rt in's. team are Shirley ~ \' e rso n and Marian Lind s tt-dt. Th is deie.,t la nded the Spee flGoU Schedule san in secoJHI plttce: th'e Three S's, cap' Apri! i7-Seatt le Coll ege a t Seattle. tained by Dorot hy Meyer. copped 'thinl April 26--W \.\rCc ' a t P.ark la nd . 1>I.,ce by defeating i\f.J.'s Bees 27·22. May 2-CWCE at Parkla nd . May ' 7-W\-VCE at Belli ngha m. . May 1·7- CWCE at E llensb\1rg. ALL STA RS May ' 24...:..Co nf. lIIt!et at Bell ingham. The \V.A.A. ba s ketb~11 All Stars-. two team s choscn by tlie \ V.A.A. cabinet, w ill play a n ' c)!;hibition game_ Mond ay evenin g, April 15. at 7: 13. Te n cents admiS· s imi \\;ill be cha(ged a nd popcorn and app les will be sold . Walter Si monson, SIJort s ed ito r fo r thc Moo ring Mas't~ will Coach Cli ff O lson closed what he be refe ree a;lfl Louise Tollfeldt. umpire. te'tllled :0 highly-suq .essfI11 sp'ring football \v .A.A. P~es id('nt Carol E lefson ha5 drill Mo nday, Ap ril 8, a ft er th ree weeks appoi nted D o ris Be rg as 'publicity ~ h a ir­ of ciaily work outs. lUall 'for ,the game . .\ Vor ki ng with her a r e In giving t he aspira;lts- for ne)!;t fall~ Ma rian' Knutsen. Ca rolyn Heitman, M. · GfadiatQr elffiirall-e3tly- ta--S:te of-t he-;-o ld' ) : - Ure hon" and ",le'Ie,n H . edlun d. pigski n. O l ~on wa~ able to ge t acquainted with the me n who will form the> nucleus BASEBALL ' SnRTS SOON for hi s)J~am next fall. He s tated ~hat he Baseba ll Manager Myrtle Dav idson roun d __ ,;e-ve ral_IIC-\\l...Jll elL-W n~a.IL ~~y. ·has a nno unced _t fia t-turnout l>. \)·ilLbegill..-..... good prospect s a nd . w ho shou ld do we ll Tue~day afternoon, A pril 23, o n the dia:. w hen the play ing season roll s arOllnd. 1ll01uf behind "O ld Main." After a few ·The ' Lutheran mentor felt that the me n practice games tournanient w ill begin, ben efited a great deal frolll . the session$. with the c ha m pions hip 'game scheduled for in learning t he G ladiator system of play, lafe in May. . .... and just ' what will .be e':c:pected of them •• • • in the way o f fundamentals . ,... A-SAILING WE WILL GO · T huf!,day evening, May 23, .W.~.i~. _ "Old Salts" will have a chance t o test thei r sea leg~ \"hi!u the d ub w ill cruise up Pu." Sound to R.dondO B .., h n.. , · Seattlt., o n the I'Gallant L .. dy." Selma '

. Roll G rali a.!r, and \Varrc(I Jaech. ·

Lute Gridders Close Off.. Season Workouts





Mrs. Frisbies Bak ery

Fo, GOOD Bake", Prod.,..

Phone GA~ 7591

710 So. 38th St.

·Gun<i mon. ..n,;ol. ,h;i,mon. "po, "

~;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ Ii-~~-----------~,_~_:Q:fI_:ic:e_:,:B_:...~_:m:_e:n:t_:P:_L:_ .C:':_C:ha:_pe:_.I:"~~~~:~~:~~~~:~nl short that itstopover will be aaut eight hour affair with i: Redondo. OAKES

Get Your' Ev.e ning Here











. . 772 Brdwy ·



Open 24 Hours Daily

In all .executive meeting 011 Wednesday. April 10. the office rs of the Veterans Club disc uS!,'ed te ntat ive pla ns for :l. fo rmal ali. !'~h ool banquet to ' be held ' dow ni own, Follow ing th e ann ouu ccd cons titutional purposes of the club to foste r a fee li ng ,o f good will bet ween vcterans •. til e rest of the st ud ent bot!l'l-:l1Id th e faculty the cluh:s ofJicer.s fe lt that a gathering of this ~or t would pro\'ide an e njoyable and v;\ luabl~ social fUllcti on for 'the club 19CIJl:- ' hers and Inc e ntire school. . 1 T he recently organized club is open to all vet era ns of Woehl War 1 1,' alll;l the fixed dlics are fiil y cen ts per semeste r. The rest of thi s semcs'ter will be devoted to o r~a·ni zational wo.r k a nd S<Jlllc.J;ocial

~~~~::~,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ c~1~'''~~~ C. O~ Lvftft.·CO. ~ ---








" ..

- -. :


Your .Old Friend Is . BacR~ . With Pre-War Goodness and Flavor



Spring· Banquet Plans Discussed by Vets Club

·It· · · t · 1:~ -p. .It1tF~~-A~::.~··<O-IIII QDIU~- uW Tacoma

921 Broadw&Y



- :- t


~~eal'S Ra,dio' S.!l.lesCo :


adio Repairs" and· Batteries,: for


P<>"able Radio.

953 Market St.


._._. ~ RAYMOND .ELECTRIC ·COMPANY EnginftfS • Contracton . 113 · Padllc A...

BR 1712




.' 12, 1946



OUlll;e 01" Prevention COllsoles PLC Students Figure. Don't Lie into thl.' electri c fan . What h;'lppcn ('d ~ li e If the cho ir tour was rcally . such ~ was delightcd! ( On sc,,:o1\d thought, Kids , thl.' CitlHllIlS o f lat ~' ; -'How's yours t oda y ? strain, how come Baritone Arnie Aakre let's' plow tha t o ne \11\<\er.. I t's time for Does it itch ?" "No, .it did, yesterday, hut g ai ned 10 .pound!! in 10 day s .? ~ lIring planting!} today 111)' whole ;'I rlll :is sore ,

GATE!S-MARKET I ~~~~====~====~ II'

That ',i light. ),oli guesscd it. Ju st a cooW inners Get Kiss" pie of " ,'acc.i na ted vic t ims" discussin g the Afte r the bowling part y las-t Saturday latcSt . ue\'elop111(' II IS '" of their m utual UI PacIltlo night. hig hpo int man Bob Hogberg ( 168) smallpox pre'\'('llI iol1 . A no, judgi ll g frolll (Continu ed From Pale 1) and boobr~prize willller Betty Tacoma .1. Wu1a1aatoa t in-laws until two 0 1 I:ltcr ' (ea rl icr: tila! i ~l. ha t I.;mg line o f studt's and . fa c ulty- in (39) were r ewarded w it h kisses (' luJ ingo ·Dr. ' East,'old- w ho somewh:at \Vall~ \ Valla is ;111 cas)" tOWII to ge t los t s tlldC;lt 90dy: Bo th s eemed tearfu lly 'thei r turn s to be "shol: · I : : = = = = = = = = = = = = : : : in--t' special1y after .da rk. hph Mim ?' th ere is litt le da nge r that PL C w ill h aw Dolores Ketlc.r welcomed t he cho ir l.i.LAND CO. Fairfield. Bdore (\i n,ler t he , gang, had _ PA(DI'IO ro using ua scball gallle with Rcpres cntat ive of. fa'cu lt y ~olici tu~J c, Brt11lt1er ' taki ng 111e ho nors, Ted "I Viki ngs 5 1\1('11 and LarsQII w~'rc ouserved Just Another Plutocrat rclati\'es in cvery 'town hereabouts" Rei tz cOlllpa;in g ~ihe me ril S o f Swedi sh-Norse GR 8780 . In cas c th ird fl 'lor dwcl l cr~ reactio n, Profc!'S<)r Franck wa s secn why "Klssy " Yandell paraded t he cms hing tilc gi; ls ' line to. get tl,lc ' t hing ri nging ,:ul alarm clock in e"cryonc's .cars :-OII1C cn'J1in~s ag o, s hc wa s jus t s ho \\:ing a nu s he hou sed !' ix sOI4;s tcrs o ut 'at O\'er al1 tl dont' with, a:n d Dr. Ran son was fe ll ow i1l11lales .that ,II last s he, too was fo lks' large iar11l . " , ::til1 CQI1:o:(' il' l1tiUl,!siy 'l irin g his sc ra tch ~O 111i1lUleS .aftt·r th\! " dryiilg period" wa s Last Lap Ihe proud pos!"c ssor of thaI fi{'ud is h in \'ellt;OI1 by whie-h WI.' lI~ake it to cla sses , La st SlOp w:t1'l Ca!"h1\~e re. where co rdia': 011 t im e. hos ts ga \'e Ti n)' Osterli an d Stan For t he [('!lImed G I it was an o ld 'anJ son a box o f apples. Louise. famili a r ), st~ry. Il owev\!r, wh i l~ the techSpring Cleaning ecived a box of aplels. as> did Dor lll-d'\\ell ers need n't th ink Here ) ohll ny ( hewar e of I.... ;, Io nc :n their room-clea ni ng t roubles. La~ Nicolai took th c }1O·1Iors fo r chief :r hc vacci ll ce, fo r ins ta nce, Verne Linnerson dai 111 !" h is roommate a t Hinderlie:~: Bob ~_dams. actually vacu' h al1llilv plaCl'd for t he perfectio n of ai111. 11810 PACIFIC ' AVE, l1I11Ct\ up a parr of his socks along w ith Nor ,~'as t he ~peral ion undergone whih: other deb.ris (I ll t ht.·ir fl oor. LaVerne A.n d.....~o_tIJl CItC"LJC'J"'J~'-!'.<;U!!!~L~l st ft1Ul ing_il\--'.'.<;h o\\..'.'.. linc.!. _._~ ___ 111 __ ~N1D OR. 1619_ __ hope!l abo t hM nex t ~;;ll-;-S ob makes -a c kalling, he the ~'aCl1 l1lll awa~, hI ~ome p lacc be s ide~'" L_a \ ' erne's .d rawer.

letland & Palagruti




:;~t:~lifs \:;~~fl.~il:OI~:::~~;~tthf:o:~~·C:~I~~i:l;Y~:~ :...,..---'~-------.....,

Lundberg Drug '


5 E-L-DEN •5--

;. Candidatc fo r the spring ' corn fest ival' snapJi<:d ma ny unsuspecti ng i s t he o ne ah{)l1 ! {he iittlc firefly w ho flew candid ' mome nts.






Shsl"fflan- Bookstore '~. -A_

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Opea E'Ycoiop till 9:00 p. m.

Here's yo ur ow n radio ·sho w .- produced and 'aired b y the high schools and co lleges of the city. Listen ever)' Tuesday and W ednesday night for these varied and entertaining programs.



' .







7,30 p , M, • • KVI • KTBI

Sponsored by

Low Net Cost __ _

Ope!]. uritillO:00 every night!

~UTHERRII .JROTHER Legal Reserve Life Insurance for Lutherans MINNeAPOLIS 2

ea rnings, h ol d ~,. s.

I, -


H ERMAN L , E KERN, President

OTIS: GRANDE PIne St. " Tacoma

5401 So.



. O. W. WARBER 1928 So. H oSmer ~ Tacon:Ja


. ,Starts Today

~ ~'•


.,,,,..,.••• 'PtJIIJ. ~.


-I .,,, :1...,,...., 1..,.u,c dallghl~r. is a gay romp for Rumoht Gulballlm. . Pat Purwi" as FlueraDte.-.!1tc: ",\lothe.. cary. and Bonnefo&&; ·the. notary. both come into · shocked 'contact ~ith the invalid and his family. Ralph HaUC-' and

conu:dy,' "The hnagina:ry SN ·to go-,,;n thf! boards 3t the S'-' hool g)'til. May 2 and J. In lhe. tith: role as Arcan. Swartz -.has cruted an u.1>losivcly tankc:rou$ old hYl)O(:ho ndriac Ollt of I.arts of etched satire "aud low ~lrok('s.. Daphne HeUmaa. enacts vf ToirwtU •. the. s ~rvant. with · sly cnnning and broad farce technique. .Ance1iq.w. Argall's daughter, who the old·fashio IlCd, thin·trc:aclc t y P e ingenue. is being played straight and t"\'cn for her comic worth by Mary Lee · Strickland. Beline, the im-alid's second wife: is delightfully, wickedly high Fre nch in the capable .hands of Norman.

DoUClu ' Hubbard as the


and SOD

Diafoirus t!piIOhli:lc smug. profes sional sllobbishness. Benlde, the invalid's brother, is a lace and snuff box dandy as enacted hv . Man Shaw. Cl.ode V.;.untoeP as Dr. PilrlOft, is " portrait of o utrage<l ethics . . . Under th~ (Ii rection of Miss CI:tra Chi lson.. this all· sc hool play will be offered at 1:30 p.m." 011 Thursday, May 2, for the g rade sc hool childrt"n and on Fririay 'evening, May J, at 8:00 p.m. for the general public. Anyon, unable "to :attend F riday is invited to come Thtl~s­ day afternoon.








L~~H-t:-.-A. :" ~8 LLEGENo. 13

rRJDA Y, APRIL 26, 1946

VOL. 23

mayqu••,lItIin"'. Sagas Coming Soon; TaRllp III.... may I .. P~~tmd~k~fn~ ?!d~~~' ~::~~\~A

Ktean·Up Klose.Ups _ _ .

~~d~!: ~:t!:d

itata Ca

ID ...

Oh.... CDncart .....

.Qut.'t'll Anita I and' her royal train will ad9rll the ).-lay cou rt as they reign for th.e day "a\~er the annual spring festivi· tics next \Vednesc!ay, May I. The program 'will begin at t"ree o'dock with a. processional of ribbon bearef~ _ U1elllber..S-oLtbe...swiru. !u1d-jUl'lioLCla$-~es, who will form an aisle down which the ruyal" party will march. '

is on its ' way to you an,d the' peop'lc who . ....-\11 wo rk :lIId no pla)'-" would '. The Choi; of the 'West is slated iorwi ll distribute them have be'en in structed make for a dull (lay, but a combination a heavy program du ring the h~Jl1e Sotretch to do so n a "paid ill full " hasis. of the t wo makes for fun. suntans and The SA tl)..pagc bok this year. muscles. 'and incidentally, ~autification before COlUnlt'llcement. Next Friday aftis ~cheduled to arnve about May 15. an~ . of Ihe campus. :.... unoon will find the ..roup sinain. in the as a s neak preview, here are some of th.:: Bright and early, 'cveri th ose habitual rotunda of the Sl'!-te Capito l in O lynlpia_ ' fcat~lres . h) __ ~xp~ct-:- Photo~ hy , Mike. -"Fhti rsday 1I10~ni~'~'-8J ec~r:~nneri O~ldid I_Thj$. cQnce~.t .. to h~ held at 5:00 ~_.m" will i{reulier, mu sings ' III poetry by Marv IheUlseh'es to Jom the- regulars- at- .b(_gl.\ :(ILa.., put qLlhLConventto.lnL!: P~ 'o>::-_ __ Shaw, four "Ii fe -section" ' pages, the best hrc"ki:Jsl. At t'ight o'dock s haq., with gram of the Slate Itederatioll o f Music lIIat erials obtainable. and_ many 'oth('r the usual exee'ptions, PLC s tudes and Clubs, which convenes at the capital May Eunice Ton'end, s tudent body' presi- cont ributing factor s th·at . will mark this faculty took their assig ned st1tion s for a 3. From O lym'pia the choir,. accompanied ·dent , wili read the May Day procl"ma- \'earbok as "welt worth waiting for." session of I."ho r. . by thc ' orchestra, will prdceed south for l ion, after which the main ennt of the . . SlIpplement"s to deposit s already made \" our rO\'ing reporter is wondering · a choral unio n at . t he District Luthcr afternoon. the crow ning . of the May call he paid ·at any time. A few hook:; whether Katie Brcum kept ' o r los t her Leag ue: Con\'ention at Va ncouver. \Vash- . Queen. will take prace. arc still :\vailable, if orde red now. hraids. The reporter Idt t"he scene. when ington, on May 5. Tl~e sa me c\'ening the The afternoon's entertainment will in" It '~ I.larry Soloos di stractcd her attenTion hy choir will hold a recital at the Vancouver c hule mu sic by PLC's L ittle Symphony, h' h lb f II of t h d high school. a clarinet solo by Shirley Gay Williams 1~::alll:te~z~·er~e.T~~o~bl:s ~er:astur::d A .swing to the n9rth will place the of Oly ml)ia, scle~tions .frpm the girls' when :\Iet zge r retu rned with the Jlarm w choir at , Longview and Kel so for tentatr io. and the tr·aditional May Pole dance An audience-participation quiz show ein!>t)" 'oi tr~sh. but ful~ o f Soloos. thtdy . scheduled uscmblie.s at the re· by lIIembers of the girls' physical educa- o n the order of the radio program, Truth Harr.)· also proved the \'i llain when he specti\"C high schools o n May 5. An evelion classes. Following the regular May and Consequences, will highlight the. pro- chased. th(l!'e \'ictim~, including Mis:; I Iling concert will follow at the Mossy Day fe s ti\,itics' wi1l be a ie'a sponsored gram at the Veteran!;' Club soc ial set Berg" with that 'rigglin' reptile. "Tiny" Rock High Sehael. w her e Lorrena by the AVIS.. . ' ior Thursday ,evening, May 2, in the .. Iso' was. chased, -but with a water hO)i~. Poland, ex: '40 and for mcr choir member. ~_ _ _Cr.o.",.n:hear.e~~Ll?.t....- Alvlll . Fritz, Lba~t" ( Continued on page four ) is head of the mllsic. de'pahm~ltt. younger son 01 Prof. and Mrs. :)".. E. \.) This, the fir!'t club-sponsored sQ("ial Returning to T ...coma the group will Ifdtz . . Flowcr girls will be, Pnscilla ' . (Continucd 011 page four) Be · .gain be hea~d when they join our neighPeder'Sen, whose mother, the former JudYI""_ _~=_"'_;"';===_==iI Benson, is a PLC graduate of '35, and boring schools for the climaxing brQad.R cast of this scason's Campus Rallio "Tbe- . "K.athl«n Willis, whose mot.her, formerly Thelma Daniels, was- May Ou.e en in: ';1:;. ("..t~ Under' the baton of Prof. Gunnar J . atcr: May 21. This combined'f proaram. . Malmin , PLC's dir~ctor ~f music, the d b T C"t L'ght w'n ( Continued on page ·four) WEDNESDAY. MAy' l-May Day Normanna Male Choir' of Tacoma •. aug- :ol:~r:t th:Te~~;:;:he:t~r i~· Ta~omla. FC'stivities begin at 3:00 p·,m. IIlcnted ' by the Norwegian .singqSo· froUl A WS tca for high school girls Seattle and Everett, will be pr~sented follows. in their 'third spring concert Stlnd~y, THURSDAY, MAY 2 -Matinec April 28, at :3:30 p.m., in - the . Firs' pcrfor.mance of "Tbe Imaginary A;Jethodist ChurclJ of ' "I~oma. The P-L A group of noisy, fun-seeking;- DRG F'ollowing last yea r's plan, the A Inva lid," Parkland Jl\nio r High Little' S)'m~hoIlY wi1l accompany (~e 125 ' rls will leav'e May 3 for Redondo .W!lI hold its ' a'nnual tea for high school g ym, 1:30 p.llI. 'singers. . ach, th~ · pl~~e chosen for thei~ annual senior girts after }day Day festivities.., FRIDAY, MAY 3-E\!cnio(l perMrs. Gudrun N : ROnning, acco!J~anie weekend house part)'. Dorothy Barras beginl}ill(l 'at 4:00 p.m., Wednes4ay. Repformaiu:e of "The Imagj.nary Inby Mrs, Dorothy B. lfalmin, rc'sentativeJ; Of tbe hiab schools from \'alid;' Parkland 1Ym. 8:00 p,m. - "' sisting ar.tist. Both . "l;icul~y: wivts" and ,Beverly SwanS()Il, co-chairmen, prom~ TacoPla .~d 'vicinity will ~tteod ' the tea, . FRIDAy ..... MAY 3, to ~SUNDAY. were formerly connected with thc music ise a 'hila~iolls time for all. at w h~c h ' time next year's AWS officer. MAY ~DRG House, Party. ' depar tmeri"t here. Ha;;Y · Soloos, C hoir o f Doris Bafphart and Jean Keller are will bc-lnSialled. ~ . ;' SUNDAY, MAY _~hoir and or: the: West. s~lois-t.- :will sing. "Land-Sight- coping with' the: food sitUation, and Gloria chestra perform 'at District Luth~r ing," by Grieg. ". . ' ThompSon .ud--·A"imaHm arc arranlGeneral e:ha'ft..nulIl Doris Stor~3sli has Lta.-ue .Convention a\ . VancouMr. M'ahnin will conduct the same ing tran5port~tio~: Charlcne Marten. aDa ali her committee chairmen Betty Reiman, . ver, group. together. with oth~; Norwegian Vivienne - Shore ' wilt · pro\-ide: .recreation program; , Orna Stciro,' food; Ele-.D'or THURSDAY, ' MAY 9 - Viking singers from the ·.Pacific Coast, . at a .. re- for;- chore-free time. Marian Knatua ~ . Hellbaum. decol'ation.s:; Helen Jensen, -:- Club yachting. party. cit.l to be gi.vell in ' Portland. ·Oregon. Jacqueline Yo~t are in charg,e .of tile • dean-up; and Lorraine Lundquist, re_____ ~_ _ on lun~':ft''' ' ::.;. ~. ~e,'otional 'p"1-ram..:,'·;!_ ceptioq.

Quiz Show Slated for Vets Club Social May 2



CO·m'"ng "";nts

PLC ·.' 't o R · eprese · nted In Normanna .C oncert

High Sch~ol Seniors To Be Feted at AWSTea

Weekend at Redondo

p!~,ined byDay Gi,.'.! _,



,. .--...---~..,.;-

.' ~--"~'-.-




• •E_ . . . ." . . .'.... Ell! A~ , .•-T ' ·t T·. E .""00


h~ .....,. two ....b 411111aC tIM Mbool "ear b,

f-----~---...-!l.::~...:'...~"!.! •••,,:,_~ o...r~p..._!!.~ ..,,!,!!,~ ~,:::= 1~-:-';""-t.'III~ p.rt~n.. OO

-~" (.;M4/I« J;.'ate4



A/ · . "II is-lip to!J today t o that the I.;o blt ... , 01 the are go;ng I. be 1iOI",~_ci bY" the solution of oar ow n \Vhr n t~e I)Ower~ of ~rced and the. prohlellls uuJ by drinking .(Ieep of the


ItS~U~-"'7'''-::. :--::----

of Ylolcucc arc notltc:d by us, It I 'i-i nK Y' "'r tbat tls.. ~~~'OC.~ac:.RI h:ll~.lta~1 :':I~~l Mforc ma . .

OtnOl at PU'IllaDd . WuhlDetoa. UDder tbe Act of March S. 1171. OtbOe: Ilooa :UO. "TelepboDe : 'GRanite 161,1




Friday April


---- .......

tcria l "a llies:"

per Year

Re\' . . Clarence J ohn son'

Dr. Philip E. ' H a llgt"

Co . . . . CH.lsiIIt....

Fl ove Luth~nu Church Tacoma, Wash . 8I'I.'ORIAL STAIl'F . . . ."Joy is certain 10 com~ to the oia: who Associate Editori ..:.._ ........................ ......... ....... ........ Ardys Bredvold , Ruth J.ohnson looks to the cross because the eroS!

E·DITOR.IN .CHIKF ....:..........:... :.. _......_............... _..... _................ : ......... ALICE BRUDJE BUSINESS MANAGER ................_ .................. GRACE ELAINE GULH;AUGEN



III pactio A.... .

~rubtsN!t~i:O.~ ..:::::::::::::::::~:.::::..:::::::.:~:::::::::::..................:::::.':::::.. :~:.:::..:..:::::::.~V·i,~~~,aSi~:tl~~~I;.

BR. •. UU

orings ,a mcssage of gain. First we gain ':;::;::;:;::;:;:;:;:~;::;::;:;; Special Writers ........................lIolarv Shaw, Auila kath, Louise Toll iehh! Anita Stuen recondliation wi ti, God; \'I"C I~arn tha l A: Report~r s: Retty Reiman, Helen Hedlund, Doug Hubbard, Vivien \\ enham, Dave as "'e gain.. ftllow ship \vith God we gain NEAL E. THORSEN

Adv~~~~~~:.... _...._... .............. "BVJiii88' ·8T:\I7·....··..·..:···_..· Mrs.




~\~::~:::i~:~t::;~a~~e:hf::~;.?ss tell s


TRICKS· JOKES · .MAGIC Costumes .. T~xedo ... Serpentine


Rt·\,. ,UUrtOIl Smith Advertising Managc-r ............................... _.................. ............... .... Rumohr Gnlhaugcn Circulation !.i anagcr .................................................................. t ........ _ ..•....•.•.....• Be.tty Hoyt Bt"tlllch'cm ~uthcral1 Church Soliciters : ~Iabel ThorclI, Mary Janc Brehol1 . .Gladys Lea. Lorraine Ronke n. Doro .. tacoma, \\'a5h. thy Skilbrcd, Jewell Kell ~ r , i{nsal ie Wohlgemuth'. Exchange Edit"or .... ..................... ......... ....... ................. :......... ..... \ ·e.rlrn Kraxberger .: Let-;, !> nOt· simply rejoic c in what God Ad\'is~r ...... .......... . ...................._...... ...... .......,................ 0 , J, Stuen ha s 110m' fo r li S, bill for what hc is. TI~cr(' is cuolI~ h m God . t~ make us. rrjoice for-

926Ya B.r0adway

IJA 4161




. SmariAppar~1 The above captio n is one wtih which the greJ~er pJrt of our student ._ T('i ma Metzge r, body could trurhfully be l,l~ged . P.1rlicul.uly in the dormitories stucten('i Sophomorl', Lib. Arts 917 · Broadway don ' t read the newspape r. don't listen [ 0 the radio newscasts, don't know "Ma u has always. been tr,y iug to offer a ~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;; . .' . . ' . substitute for obedience. God is sa tisfierl what's gOing on In the ou~s l~e world , unl~s~ .th~y happen to eproll In cur· with the sweet smelling sai.·our of perfect . ren( history. cou rses. \Ve might a~ wdl be II\~Ing In a sccluded monastery for l obediellce... all our awarenc~s of the events about us. ",'hc rl!al ity of Ihe world is thi s-thi'l t . Ma ny of o ur high sc hools attempt to kci.'p· up with curr.ent affairs much II' e have ('o lle God whose will i ~ not to : ~ ,. II I more than wi do . Forums, panel disc ussio ns. class discussions. current events I pllni... h 11\lt to san'." · , ~ ~ Dr. J. P. Pflueger . ..::.I q uiz~~s , Jrc all part of me program . H ow 11luch of this do w~ carryover into "~Iall can nC\'cr explain heave;.I)' for DeIIcIeeI H••I . college? A c~rtain amount , "",rhaps,' in the occasional bull session ; far too things with an ear thly -mind." - _. rII Het . . . . -~- - - iittle when W,\! consider that college sfuderns arc supposed 10 be leaders in Anita Roth . J ...... .......... the' making , H ow can we be leaders, how ca n we even prform the first duty SOllhomor~. I.ih. :·Art s ............... . of a citiz~n, l o vote intelligently, when we don' t know what it's ail ' aboqJ:t " Beneath the cross of Jd us as wc' t"kc at Th. fim and mos~effcctiv. ",m.di.s fer , uch lack of nourish;,lCnc ' a;, our stand. ou r ;'''' "~;U suosid. ... IIII!I '1ICIfIc s'imple home cures which We all can find ' and usc. A ll of us have access (0. r ________~R~.=V~ . ~E~.~A~.~L:.r='~o.~.____.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ newspapers. magazines. . and the radio; they are of little. .value unless used. f W. have. opportunicy co accend forums .nd speech., by .informtd per~ons 'GIRLS' SPORTS r.LOTHES given periodically in (he neighboring city. Iy. how about the possibility of a .studel\t discussion group on the cam her co lleges, including some MAKE GOOD SCHOOL GARMENTS of o ur ' Lutheran schools, have them . Vic be1teve s'uch cx(ra .. curricula:r enterprise wou ld be worth (rying~as g~ ! icizens we shou ld be informed SEE THEM AT •. - - - - -.s-;rtrratttTof-dutynTOl"oniy-as-a- matrrrorcredit. We don'( like rhe name we've 'called ourselves. How abou ( doing some .. WASHINGTON SPORTS SHOP thing to change it f~om "International Isolates" to " Internationally 9 18 PACIFIC AVE~UE Iriform:ed" ?




r} j'] -J






* * * *

Get on .Your Mark They used (0 do it with debates. drama , and even duels. For days be· forehand the sheriff kept his trigger finger nimble in a nticipa tion of what The Day might bring' about, . No~ infreq uentl y men staked their last gree n · .Your Old Friend I I Back back on tpe merits of "our c'l{ldidate." . What are We leading up to? Just this: Electio ns used to mean someWitli Pre.War Goodnels and Flavor thing dramatically impor(a nr. at least (0 pan of our citizenry. While we don ' t advocate a rM.urn to the "gbod old days, ;' ~we do believe we could take a cu. from · chem in ' reoUy caring abouc who ran for and who goc dect.d _ to office:-We are about 'to-elecr€!,ficers-forth rbiggesr"-n'd-m-o"St-inJJueftli"3l · I----_""'O===-=::...:.:....:==-==~-"'=~=""'----~-I ----1 organization on our campuo;-.die Associated Student Body, Where's .tm


: sPirit and spunk whicn shou ld' characttrize elections. and -~hool c~tests'I'r::;::;:::;IC:::::;::::::::::::~' nO( least of all? Let's srart the campaign speeches. tht: posten, the advenisiog stunts. Thii should be the election of the school term. . , Maybe we're 'a' little premature in our suggestion. But only three days Your Evening Snacks remain before petitions for officer candidates must be turned ·in. The .:nOre good candidates we ba:ve, the' merrier the race. The dark horse, of COUC5e, has been known to win: but mpi-e often it's tbe o ne who gees a good start Here that .comes o':'t ahead.









Bluu Rustiu Open




24 HourI D~iJ:y


GR.nm. 7311

- . .. -



.- _. ~







/~/ '-








.,. ___ -c



Frida)" ,' Apri l 26, 1946

. Look to the


"oorina ....t

· S'~4 ...


PLC N...... ·. ..



. 1{~Ch






" ." 'R_re:!:fiefH_7'~ when you want to know .hat's the latest in Commu"nity activities . Published every Thursday for the Midla nd, Parkland, Brook. dale . and Spanaway Communi. ties:


the m seem anxmllS to teli where they T o th ose o i yo u w ho Jid,i't s ee the have DeCIl catc mng lnOSe uig o nes -the g irl s' all· s tar ' has ketha l.1. you r e a I I y O IlC S that got away, I mca n, Ernie Per· ra ult , :' Zool\lie" Nea l, and Bob Hauge m H;s<"d a h:!.ng' up contes t. · 1 cou ld . se.e. went Ollt wi th , ~iike Kreidle r o ne d,ilY, that Coac h Ha rs hma n mi ssed ' someth ing out a ll they wo uld report. on (Iues lioning III 1I0 t sig ning 1;1) J t,mc A I)la nd :>s a run· about th eir catc h. was. " It S),l.t.c-was. " lIi ng matc fo r Ernie P('rr ;'l. \II~ in' t he chilly tlay," · A ; k Er nie abOu t 'th~"\ big fo r wa r d ·~ spo t 'on the \'ars ity fiv~ , T hat s trike he !;ad wilen he was tro lling with a long 's~t of s pjnners. umlcr·ha nd "<linker " shot s he di splayed . ~\lt h l)ugh th ey los t to Sutt lc. the divotdigge rs gained a lo t of expe rience a nt! really did {Iuit e well. cO~l s i de r ing tha t it was tilC fir s t matc.h that fou r of .the tUll! had evc r plaYl"d, The.' U uiYeui t;y cours c is an exacting layout • .w ith narro w fa irway s .a nd plenty of le ng th to th e ho les', Hill \ -\falters p layed an exceptionally fine roun d ill ho lrl ing McDonald t o a '·half." ~h: vV.eeny, Sea~ tl e CoJl egu Ko. 3 ma n, kinda halt War ren Jaech ga sl)ing on th e


Sho wing plenty of..Q.o w e r i~ ~l f departlll~n t s' of the game. Jiro Shaw live J "II to e xpceta t io ns in pos ting ' a 6.1. 6-2 . vict.o ry Thursday 1II0rning over Nate Fullr · in the finals of the PLC t ~ nnis c hampio nship. A long with the c ham-pion- " ! hip' Shaw anncxed t he IIll1nber one spo t o il the Lu thera n te uni,. tealll . Shaw mo\'('d in t ~ the fill al s by postin :: illlpress i\'e 6--1. 6-2 and 6-- 1. ' 6-1 \'icto ric.s o ver Phil ~~-o rby a nd Nci l Potthoff in the (IUartc r and semi· fina ls: In the othe r .. hrad.ct. Fuh r (Ideated Harry Lang 2-6, 6-2. 6-2 in tl\e s~mi . finals to win a fi nals bert h: Inter. co llegt.. te play for the ' rac ket s wingers w ill ge l unlle r wa y ~o da:y , when the Luthe rans play hos t 10 \ Ves tern Wa! hingtoll Coll ege. Fro m thc ' fina l ' st andings in the tour ney. th c fo llow ing

c. O. Lynn Co. '


71T· TAOOMJi. . A~ ,


OAKES 921 Broad ....,.





Dra~atic~ DePar:i ~ent



I-----tl·--=-===--====o-:=--~ - - -I-- - - - - -Pacific-tutMran- Eolte'2ge.-- - - - - -t-9UALITY ICNmn•• . tU



Carr' .J: Nelson· FURRIER

.va, ably . "ant.d by Ruth PHu.....


The Imaginary Ifivalid

(St. Helm's fur Sbop)

' oy Molie",

Manufacturer of Fine Fun



St. .Helen's Aye... (lied Arta Bide.) . BRoad~~, 2811


E vening Performance

FRID~ . M~ Y

3, 8,00



. VIOLET WEBER. Proprietor

P~rldand School Gymnasiu~

/ \ THIll NlllWE8T, LA.<r!llST'


., . 1li0000-+lIIIIe -1121-21 Bro&4WOT

Now that the C~zf!.p us Day '-c rew has leveled and marked the baseball..diamond (and done a good job) it's a shame ' wto can't top it by a bigger and be tter b,ac!.:'s toP. The d iamond will get plenty o r use now t hat Softball turnout s have" started. Myrtle Da,-idson, softball manager, re ported th'lt .3S girl~ tur~cd out for th e fin t practice, .





. ... ,.'

niUkSDAY. M.'Y 2, 1,30 O'CLOCK

Make an {lppointment at

The \V. A, A. basketba ll season cam e to a fitting and traditional cli;;a" with AU. Sta r Team II captained by June Ap land defeating A ll Stu Tea~ .J captained by D o nna J ean Brammer 19-17. Th e loss of Br3.l1Imer in the sec. ond quarter because of heat exhaustion was a decided loss to her tea m. June Apland . continued her good record for this season by again copping high point -,Ir.h"'o""o=',"so::: wlinn points for the game, She


Ad;l~ission~ Adults 6Oc; Students ~, Children 2Sc .





With ,a dog dubbed " Petunia," tbe sec~ o nd W, A. ,lijkc o f the year left school for p'a rts south of t~ golf course, The girl s were led by Myrtle D a.idson, cntertained--by Selma Gunder~n'5 im ilation/' an ~ , fe~ Hi-Jfos by , DOrothy .Skit.. .bred, Af'~t wandering around on t~ e golf ~o u~se a nd disturbing ( oJfers Mabel Tho rC1t ancl M. J ," B~hon. the group arrh'cd back Old Main for a very welcQme supper.



• Aprii 26, 1946





Pace I) Train ~art:r will be J udy Job'uson. (CooitIDuocI From

VacatiOn. H ome for Easter. "Sleeping in" and ';going out." \Valking ·co."tt- Iess down the aV.'nue: With the Sprin g to sing ' abouL Sweet~slllelling. ~lean. the sunlight Shini ng down on JIm and " plain. Vacation. Home fo r tister. ' (Or in your town did it rain ?) . ' . o


Included in the royal Queel~ Ani ta will be ~ight • • . ' t\\:.p having been e1ect'e d trom each OOCAlllO"AL P'ORmTVU ' D• RobeIU claims he's looki ng Freshmen Mabel Thoren and Selma a wife who will ear n tht' living LINOLBtlIl • RUGa rl~s the COOKi ng and cleaning. lIIUDE • BIIDDI"O ing to A(ton Hjelm" Louiac LuDde, sopho mores Lorraine Lundquis t DRAP.RI_ Lentz and Dic~ W~burn. Dave can Ardys Bredvold i~ yellow ;' juniOr! concoc t the chow. This enl,hu"ili.,tic I Bjt'rka n and Ruth J ensen in blue; ((Uarlet were Dave's dinner gue sts se;lio r s Marion Soh man and Doris PEa' genon in gran. Lake att~rson ~ve: • ~ter V3.C~t10n. Co-chairmen Betty Kenworthy and ) , Anderson' hue as their helpers Dear reader, ' have you a transporta~ tion problem? Forget it l Current tampus and Marty Guthausen in of the program; Edna Swartz, ' decoranil. p.A.Qlnc Ava, characterlt offer numerous suggestions tions ; Arleen Cordes and Harriet Root, for relie~ in g ' this headache. Early this PHONII OR. in. crown ; a nd May-na rd ~t oen , construction. Arnie Aakte appeared on a cycle. Jim Mills pOPllCd up with a jeep. the absen~e of a. s,tarter didq' t Tommy Zurfluh, who patiently each nlo rning on , top the: hill " Christ \ Vants You" will be the theme gyrvnasium. Now ' Jim "Pop" Doaa~ spo rt s a S,tudebaker, complete "';lth o~ the add re~ses to be g iven by the Re\'. E. V. Stime. guest spea)(er at. the isingla ss windows. Vintage? 19241 ' 21st annua l North Pacific Dis trict Luther , L.eague convention, May 3, 4 and 5, at I.-------~------_ ':\ little Frosh gi rl s tood in the hall T rinity , Luthe ran Chtlrch, Vancouver, O f O ld :M ain waiting fo r a m an Washi ng ton, The Reverend Stime is To take her to the ,ba'lI lilt_LAND HAIDWAII cO. principal of th e ·Lutheran Bible Institute, INM8 PA(Ui'lO Seattle, ' ' . home.


An a rmy. iighrs bes t on its own soil. A .violinist plays best on his bw n fiddle. An architect works best o n his-own house.

, Thl! fo llowing worked on the kicking post on Ca lUpus Day: . _ Evelyn Paut.on and Bob Fornas Raulie Wohla:emuth and Gordy Gaoo Telma Metzger and Joe Heuc.hert ' O kay, you , Piluege r p rodigies, where's th e "tertium. compara~onis?:'

. ..

Vivien Wenham has named her palamillo colt "Ta lfj" fo r her blonde cousin, Taffy Shore. Vivien claims it has that l': anic wistful look ar.<1 adds, "Have you s-e ~1I Tar_f>,: nlak ~ hl' r horse bce?"



District Luther League . To Convene.May 3·5

nick'e ls and dilli es;

Kiunjms Klean·Up

_Eemirti"JLfJ--1' ~ Return From Far·Flung Spots

(Continued }I:rom-:P---;&:e~ Dll ties aroulHI the Call1l'lIS won't l'eas~ current PL,Cites arc three \\,i ll1 tJJuay's acti,r itics , , . June Ap land wome'n ' slucients who were rece ntl y dis- wa s assiS!lcti hy her crew to tend charged from various ~ra ll c h es of the ilower garden by the gym , until I service, Grace \ Valtl'rs "',,'as in the

Variety Store

'~-\1!!Q n H: QIC

Pu Jdand - '


Join the Crowd at


THE a nd Ma ' II Pa's limousine mu st ,have held their record loads today. Bob topped the other s 'w ith fourteen


Open until

:\s thi s goes, to , press, a "full-up" . Back :-.1 PLC, Mi ss Hauge met Gladys Ho\'land 'in the, at the right· off th e chow line is· "taking l1ing of t hi s semes ter. They had afternoon !'toft ball games and acq uainted in New G uin ea, Mi ss Hov land , the ntTr?e k ho Norris Boe w i~h the s malipox . tions gh'en here recently, was a lieutenant in the Army N urse Corps. Miss H ovland !'tpent ,four years in' . the service,' i..., Aus tralia and New Guinea, In Aus-



(Contilllied from page one) al so featu re a fa shion s how



kstore. _






TUESDAYS • P.' I(, · .


x I( q '


WEDNESDAYS 7:3/J P. 1(• • - XVI - KTBI· .

J."sOn&~ · HAY •

for'~ V'~i~~ '":~Ater~aining. progr~ms:

ver Park H.8. . May 1'H::?t'. . C. '

. '



......., at 1M


Here's your own ra?io sho~ '- produced 'and aired by. the high schools and i colleges of the city. Listen every Tuesday and Wednesday

. May '?,91


. .~ • R.OUIl 0.. the Mauntei. Highwey

every ni&btl

Vets Club SoCial ·

The Better To Sec You with; Dear! Campu s chatter has it that.June Cua- : - - - - - - - , . . ......... ,vant'l one and only serft Such a tiny 'picBOOKS FOR ANY t~re of himself that "M.J." ' Brehen had OCCASION , t o fur~i sh June with a magnifyi~g -g tass Boo . to a\'oid eye s train. Ladies and gentlemen ~ of the reading audience, we ask you. DOt"s . . PacIBc A ____ Willie Slllith' sound · Sc~)\c~ t o you? E ....... tiU , . Po . . , '



number9 by Anita Norman round out the program, Refreshments, consisting 0.1 ,sandcake and punch, will , be served.,

the war.' ,




Sponsored by _


~COMA CiTY llifilfr '





L'1JTHI:RA_. ~ ' c;OLLt:Gt: Dor~ 1\uxiliary Sponsors

Cantrai:ts Irantld; Building to Blgln


All mall Cablnll EliDlld IyStudlnll

ILyrIC' Soprano May 13

Wednesday, May I , Preside nt East\"oM announced t hat contrac t s to build a ence h~ 1I had bee n let and t hat work the $-:JOO,()(X) building _will s tart at o nce. J ohn Ridlardii. school arch itect, ()pened alHl read t he sealed bids. at a meeti ng a tte nd ed by the execllti\·c COlllmittee of the board of trustee s of PLC, alld severa l of the COil trac tors. Tht~ gcm' ral t'ontract was let · to George \V:.rtcr; th e, heating. p lum bing :Ind vellti latinJS to thc Be rg hGriggs Co., and thc elect rica l contract- to the· RaYII.!Ond Elcc trical Co. Q il the fi r st fl oor, a phy§ ics dt'partlllclit will he: . housed ;i lld · pro\'ided with a belinn er s' laboraior y, 19 fee t by 39 fect, and accolllmodatilig 22 s tllllelll S; a n advanced

GlI drllll Kcss Ronn ing, lyric ' sopr ano, wi ll he ]lrcst:lltl'd in CO;lCNt, May 13. al 8:30 p,lII., lI;,der t he s ponsorship of Pacifi c Lutheran College Dormitory A n.'lO iliary 'No: 2, A I ;Cl~ S I)e nCer Weiss will be Ih e a ssis ting art~s t,- ;tf the pia-Ilo. Both :L rti s-t s a rc we ll known 011 t he campu s. a nd I1lllsic d rdeS" of t he northwest. The prograll\ wi ll .co l.l sist of fi\'C t>~r t s. Ticke t.,; for adults and stllgell ts arc all ~ale in the PLC office. ~Ir s. S tanley Da hl is !::ellc ra l chairman ior thc r edtal, which is . the fina l projcct of the D o r lllitor:. A uxilia ry No.2 fo r Ihis y{'ar.


Linu; (soll, sopho m o re,

l'"lt·~ tt'd last \Vedll ~sd~y



s tudent body pn:·:.idcllt for the coming year. LaV\'fIlC has been an ;l~t i \'e student. ill C3111 1"'S affa irs s ince his clirollmCllt last fa ll Hc . ,i·3S · :1 m e mbe r of the Cho ir la s t 'St'lIll' ster ' :lIId is vn:s id ellt o{ ~1i ssio ll So\ Vorki,:g wilh La Vernc wi ll be· all all.: ma ll cal1in ct, in cont rast with the fcm ininc cabinets-,of rece nt years. Gus Ander~ Oll, jtlllior, was c hoscn " ice prcsi(h.·;l t ; . :\le.l\'ill Os terli. frc s hman, scc rl" tary; Boh Haugl', sop homore , trcasurer : and \V.~IIi' ra tor ~_;_1 9-fcer__h)-19-feet:""""<lnd(l,·n l -~--O.~',a:l'-.~-S-J.'.l-GI;V--L)'U;V---- I-­

office and apl'ar.1tu s room. A lso 011 t he It is genera ll y cOllcelled that yoP can·t -gro llltd floo r will be th e lel'turc roo m ·for g.atllt'r \bisies in j;lIl1w.ry ; a nd ~t least the t hn'c scjl:II C ~ dcpart lllcllt.s, w hich proo lle young" la d y wi ll likcwi se cOll cec.le "idt· s · io r 80 s-tud ellt ~ a nd ha s a YOIl s-houldn't go sk iing in Jail' Apri l . Uoor t'lIai)ling d l 10 sec the -c~]lccially whe ll you'r e Q ucen 0' A main h>aturc of thi s roolLl w ill bc May.•. controll ed heat. The biol~gy departlllelll, located · Ihe !>t'colHI floor, will include a room 25 feet hv 30 fevt; three laboratories for ·auilliai zoolugy, phy siology and hacteriology; office, Ilrepara tion . - - ,- -stol:k room ami dark . . p:lrtmcllt wil l be set up. Tw u large :LIl)ri\·:;, o lle 25 feet by +t teet. ror ;,;-a ll ic allli organic dleill is t ry, ali(I a s maller one, 25 feet by 3~ fect. iur analytic chelllistry will be c,o nstr.u c ll·ll. A lso · 0 ·11 Ihe third floor a rc to be an office, a stoc); room, a ba.lance r 0911) . ,)lId a cOlll bincd coat room alit! exi.


The scicnce hall \\" ill bl: IHiiTt s~H1th the lihrary amI Wl·~ t .of tile lJresell t 1,;"YIIIlIa :;i,l.1 m . . ., \\·orcl w;,,, rl·;.:t"i\'t"ll yt'sll'rday th a t \Jcr· lIIis:riull ha .. al so bt'ell grallte,1 to hui]'1 th e lie\\" g:Yllln asiulII. '

chlhs : Bob is a promis ing lII('lIIber of the bas kethal l tealll; alia \Vally is- a. member of A lph a P si Omega, dralll a ti~';s ho npra ry .

Time, Place Chosen for AlI·School Outing .

:\t all e\,l'lIts w,illll, wea thi:r, ~ lId shi ny noses perlllltting', at J:UO o'clock today

:\her Illu d\ dd,ate, S l-'all:Lwa}" ,Lake thc roya l pr - io nal wi ll begin, plcte with "carer :\I\'i ll ha s h('ell $t' lected aii t he loca tioll for,: Judy' Jdllllson: Fl o wer :l111111:t\ <1 11-:4<::11001 Il!c nic. il~ faci lities Pri scilla Pedersen al,d Kathleen W illis; Class.Attendan ts ~'tarion Sohmall, Dori s .IurJ.!erson, ·Ruth B;erkall, J{1I f!iJe nse ll . .'\rdy s Brt'dvold , i.~ o r rain~ Lundquist . :.I'O \' SCIIIl;1 Gunderson, and ).I abd Thoren: The pi~·LI;C \,·ill get 11I1d.~' r way ill1l11ed iand ribbo n hear(:r:; 11"0111 the junior an,1 atel\" :liter cla sscs 0 11 Friday, . ~lay 1 S1\1;leLitS and facll1t~:. im' lu ding ;\itt'r S tlldl'll! Body I' resid('nt Eunict' ch ildren, ami a ll o thcr ~ co nllec ted. w ith Torn·lld r~ads th\· ~tay Day proc la ma- the collcgl', arc invited to a ll e~HI. .\ baseball game · be t \\·cell the facu lty tion. Queell An ita wi ll rece iv c her crown at IIll· hands of ).Iayor lI arry P. Cain 01 lIlell alld sHulcllt " will he o lle o f the Tar.::')lIla . featured e\·el1ts. Cla "s COlHp("I itio ll will (o ntrary t(l former alllH)Unl.elllellt ~ , iilld its n'J.!lllar oli li ct in the boa.i races. S hirley Gay \\' il1i;tllI ~, ("larillci soloi st A \ 'afl('ll ·prog- ralll i ~ .heill g prep;l rcd by fr o m 01),11I11i ;l, will he ullable to be here E,lterlaillllH;lIt Ch ;!irlllan ililrry l..allg lo day. But ad(lcl! to th t: pr(!gralll will he ,!lid coi llllliltCt. a vocal IIllmher lIy 1..0;" J ea n Pearson, General c hairillan ior 111 e affai r will lH! pL. e fr~·:;hl1la n . Thc program a lso , the I 'LC orchestra, I


'i. '



~Ir s . Mabel ).Ie ltz Dilt s wi ll. 'prl'~ellt se\·e n' voice ,;.tudent s in recital next Tuesday c\'ellil)W", M ....·y I-t Tne I>ro~ ra lll wili b('gin at 8 o'clock in the col lege chapel, and everyone i.!o in vited ·to attend, __ ThQse par(ic ip:tting ill the r cc i~ a l , ,11 PLC Stlllh.·lltS, are' Vi r ginia Kurtz, Me lvin O s terl;, ~larilYIl Peter son, A rlie Aakrc, jeanette' Burzlaff, R\ldOI ~h Johnso n"alil l · Is abe l Harstad. The \'oca li ~til will be accompa nied J>y Grace Ela i!lc Glilha ugcn, RUl1l o hr Gulhaugt'n an d ~ Iiri a m Hopp, The toice recit;1I is an ;, n nll:l l sp ri ng" . cvell \.

PLC Pays Tribute At Memorial Bervice :\ V-E Day memo rial st'r\'ice in hono r ot" tht' t we l\"(.' s tud cnts of Pacific Luthe rall Co llege who gave their all ill Wo rld \Va l' C;hUfCh, \Vcdn cs d ~IY 'lIIorili ng, May 8, 001 the fir s t a n niver sary of the wa r 's. cn d ill E nro pe.

-'-tivitic5. at 3:30 p.lII. aitt:r ward. Icc skat in g party ' JO to 12 p.m. By- ALLAN OVER.LAND S:\ T U l{ D :\ MA Y II-ORG Arc you a. Doggie fn :un the E.T.O., ·3 :\Iullllla~ luncheon for senio r girls. 12 lioo n. Gyrellc froni the. Mariannas o r a Swabbie SUNDAY. ~I :\ Y 12-Junior cla ss ir&1l1 a flatt o p ? O r wasn't you r rell.uest c fui se. 2 10 It p.lIl. for s ea dill y accepted ? W hate ve r the M ON DAY. '~ I :\Y I3-DPK ilan· ci rClltllsta!ICCS-, you're ba~k in school now, q uet. collegl' d.ining hall , 6 li.lI1. ami th e . past three o r. four years see m Gmlrllll Nt:ss Ronning concer t, ' ··Iong" al;O a nd far away." • College Chapel. 8:30 p.m. TVESDAY, l\iAY .l-l-Voi~e re. Befo re you cou ld s tart back to school, dta l. Coll ege Chapel. ' 8 p.lII. . howe\'er, }:ou had .the problel." of dothes WEQNESDAY, 'MAY .15- LOR race .. 1.hose Air For~e p~pk~. ~1I1lloth er s' tea, -I p.11I . howcr Jackets and Navy stralt-Jac~cts FR I DAY, .\l AV .1 7 - All- school lIIay ha ve been a ll the r age Oil th at first . pis.n.!c. 3 :45 p.I1I ., at SJlan;~ay . . !Hiilcsicie leave, but t hey'r e a bit out of TU1::SElAY. ~I:\ y 21 ~ PLC on place · on the campus. Happily, . tltemain Ca lilpus I3roadcastcrs. KMO, 8 thc me of school att ire _~enis to be "anY-f p.llI . . . t hing g~es," th~, pos t -wa~ shortage 0 TH URSQA V, M ,.\ Y 23 - W:\.~ COl1\'CI1110Il al dot ili ng doesn t re~lIy lIlatcn'l isc. ler. A ft ~ r getting officially enrolled (some

Mrs. Dilts, to Present V oice Students May 14

Io f us

li ke sp ring, were :l- Iittl r: lat r: tlti s year): )'011 had a chance to Ilo te som e the changes that have ta ken · p lace her e in the past few years. Except fa r the rClllo dei ling ill O ld )fain and the f~ t .that the i;es hnu:n you kilr:w in '42 r '43 .are junio r s ;lIid selli ors now th~ re w en't too Illjl.lIV c ha nges- after al.l: ' • . __ . Perhap s . .roll tlli"n ii.i Ollt for SI> 111$ football practice and afte r sc er a · I hts o f to r ture were fljl r eeu to tli sad · con· elusio n t hat · the requiting 110stc r had Jicd, a nd thc scrvi \'e ·hadn't n;adc a ru gge<1 ne.m an of YOII, ' . "j:wO-lhirds of ~hc found that, cxcept fo r· a n occasiona l .stor v" or ·· s no w job" in or cI.u;;cs. thi.- recently retu rn ed obe-third han!' almost forgo ttcli th,e past few yca rs




pa"ge four )

T he ho no,<d o~d a,. Alw-L.. .Bod-

vig, Arthur · l,E""ck$On., Georg~ Church Galbraith, t:awrence ttl- r tin .... Ganes, ~arien Raymo~~ Hokenstad" John CraIg Johnson, L etlie Harold John- . lon, Gerhard J;.. a n e, Rodier William Lunde, Roy Robert McKinley, Hugo WiIliam Swan.on and Frank Unger, A n o r gan prelude by · Mrs. Gunn a r j. ~-lallllin o pen ed the sen)jces, after w hich t he a udi el~ce jo ined· ill s inging t he Star ·· Spa l;g l·c d·'Ballller. Dr..... Ph"i lip Hauge, deall ' of Ihe College, ' gave a brief wc!cominS' :lu.J ress. Lt. Col. E. M, Llewellyn , fo rm er ed itor.i n.chief o f the "Stars and S tripes" in the European area, was g uest speaker ; Dr. ). P. Pfluegcr gave the memorial ad. d r ess-; ' Harry Lang spoke o n beha lf of th e \·ctc·raps·· .club; and mu s ica l se lcc lion~" we r e givclI by. the Choir of th.c.2tYest . .A ~roca l solo, "Recessional," was Sling. by l'larry Soions. The sr:r,vice closed ' with a cho rill bencdiciion .and the · playi ng Taps, accom panied by l1IU-ff1ed drums,



I i · PAGE TW{)


....... ~T ~ ....... ~ . . PubU.hed. 8nry' two "',eat. duriOI tbe achool real' br ,ludell of Pacific I,.utheraD CoUe,e. - - - - - ' - . . : , . . - -:..... t ... red ...........I8...,..edDd~..tep 9atoll •• I,..l-i.U at lb. POI otrlce at Parkland. WubtDK\OD, UDder tbe i Act of .. . March 3, J879.. ' . omoer Room. 110 ' Tet.Pliona: GRanite 8811 ' 9U~rtPUOD prtce.-I,1.o6 Per Year


Heads Quota Club t ' -G' - 81 ' t pte· 0 .. f ,\ ISS r~ce ", omqtl1~ > ' "can ~O


~ 'Jr.- Wo men, \o,a!!; IOstall ed .1s,.. prc~~d en ~ of _ the Quota' '-: ',111) 0 OlCO lIa. II women ser vice o rg;uiizatioll / at " meeting at the \Vo men'.$ Clubhol1!Ot' Friday c:vening ' April 26. . ". . •

ay: "C! hc~d. to f~ . . at . . It IS. to sp.m.~ua~ ma ll what food IS to phY!iI~ al man . ' Mrs. F. f ide.'. rO lllld ~ r of th e Pockct


=. IIDI'roRIAL ......... . . . ...... .ftAW ..

__ ......... ".~'::".~~:~'.:'.'.~~' :......~......~~....~~:~.:::.::.~.~~~:.~... ~~.~.~~~.I~a~::.hsl~~~;~~ SAS$o~ia~d.Edito:. por Itor .... _. __ .......... 5

Club Notes ..............- .........................................................- ............................ Tcl l1la Metzger Special Wrileu ..........._........... Marv Shaw, Auita koth. Louise, Anita Stuen Reportt"Ts : Setty Rcinlall, Helen He<Uund, Doug Hubbard. Vivien Wenham, . Dave Roberts. Adviser ......._ .................. _...................................... _ .. ' .... ......... _... Mrs. Ruth S. Frank

B~ ..~~..................... Rumoh,


" It ;$I1't tl10llgh ~ t o hear th~ wQrd 01 God as it is ' preached 01\ the ~ Sabbath

Tcsta.ment Lt"a~ue In the Lut heral! Miss Clna Ch ilson, head of the PLC Church of Ame n ca. l!pt!t"ch department, wu elected o ne of . ";f.he heart is the ,man ; it is the ce'nter the dub din-ctors. Mi ss Gertrude Ting!!:I.

EDITOR. IN.CHIEF ........_:.; ..... _........... _.......... ........... ..... ..ALICE BRUDIE B.U SnUtSS MANAGER GRACE ELAINK ,GULHAUGEN

M v.";, ;ng Man.g" .", ... " ,.".

AAa;d ·~~ . MiSS 'Gracel Blomqu;st .'


o f ~)crs~~al bcing, the source o f mo ral stad, PLe librarian , is purpOSt". . ber of the c1nb. Dr: E. B. Steeli . T ri ility Lutheran C hilr\~ h . Parklan~, Was hin gto n.


A N ew--1Jf emorial Day

" ,.a rlI')'l rl 'J .!:lJ H_. ~ . ............ ........ '....



H. L

One year. Has It been that long slDce we heard tht victory trump over Europe ? We. remember that sunny MilY morl\ing. There was thiU stran~e mingling of joy .. and tears. Joy that at long fast it was quiet "over t~re "; tears. for those whose silent tongues could not join in the jubilee song. It . . . was ~ qUiet celebration: the task was only partly completed. But V-E Day gave all a new thread of hope. a new spurt of energy for the culmination of the duty at hand. .

PLC mem.

STOP AT Dr. Steen Installed· At Trinity Chur~

Circulation Manager .................................- ......... ,....................... .......................... Betty Hoyt Soliciters : Mabel Thorell, M;ary Jane Breha n. Glad,.s Lea. Lorra ine Ronken. Doro· ' . _. thy Skilbrt"d, Jewell Keller, Rosalie' Wohlgemuth. Dr, E r~ cst B ~ Stt:en was installed as Exchange EditOT ........ ...... ........ ... Verlyn , Kraxbcrgcr pasto r of Trinity Lutheran C h u rc h. AdViser -. - ~ . .. - . . ... . . ~ . 0.]. Stuen Parkl and. Sunday, May 5, WIth Dr


a third

......... , n. _ ,1MoO a. ttI! .... ,..,.

Foss. prtsidcnt. PacifiC District



charge o f the Instal·

Before com ing to Parkland. Dr. Steen '

MahnOlllen. ~ii nr .. " : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ;

served parishes at

and at Menomo nic, ~is. He lias been

a member of the sy nodIcal board of parish cducation or the NLCA ' for 10 years al\d chairman of the parish board for the pa s t t wo .yca;s:

On'ly a year ago. Could we have forgotten in part the significance of





TRICKS .; JOKES· MAGIC CoRUm. • Tuxedos · s.rpmtm. !n6~ 8ro.4...,

alA 4I6{


"Imaginary Invalidd~"~~~IF~~~~~~~~~~~~~i___ ----Wbrrrorf<>rg.ritl"-4'ru.~m.-rbing~-wrwill-wanrto-forger:-bursom.· PronounceOB~Success HELEN DAVIS May. 8 1 Hav. w. al,..dy adopl.d Ih. attilude-"W.II, iI's all oV'r now.

things we -~~nnot f?tget. som.e tl~i ngs ~e d are-no~-forge[-.-That is ~h.y Wt:. have memofla l'servlces. I~ tribute to the twelve from o."r PLC famlty who fell in battle and in gratitude to the 'many more who have returned from thi · fronts. we owe' the allegiance ornot 10rget{ing:-the--reilmeaning of May 8 and August 15 .. ' . In all the 'confusion of this post-war world when 'men ~re b'l underingi y seeking for· che peace and security they fought to win. _yet c~nnot find. let us be' sure that. guided bv our Christian philosop try to learn what true peace and security ~ean. Then we will not, ,11 t" the cynits . . despair over the fact tha't the world se~ms no wiser despite d~e holocaust through

-----.-.w " .. nl"c'n-trlfaT'"pn'se"d~I"hvl-n:n"aTir.rIfy-wave:-thrflag-fo~flnoeraEyT!-

Tfie responsive applause or'h~-"'audi: _ . ellce which ' filled tht: P~ rkland gym last ' Friday night attested the SIICCt:SS of the .spring ' all~school play. "The Imaginary '-


tht: direction of

Daphne Hellman and Ha.ward SwaTtz sh\led first ho,no rs' for their portrayals oi Toinette, the St: rvall t, and Argan, the in· \'a~i.d. r.c:s~e~t.ivel\ DaPhne\. ve~atiou~

:I~elc(~~c;:~,ua~,~g H:~va~~.~sso;~a~~:t~;npo~_

Smart Apparei

917 Broadway r=;;::;;:;;;;;:;;;;:;;;;;;::;;;;;:;;;;:;;::;;;::;;;;;;;;;;;,

~---"-'"" C. "ID. CHIISTIN... In'A'ftO.... (ROM.burp)

.11 PacUlc ATe.

Ba. uu

·tnyo"t=·o f -th·e~ill.n~ tured ~n va lid;-as-wclllfr==~=-==~::=:=:=~~~=:~--~g as hi s clever. ad libbing, were hilariou.sly done. COlLeGE HAIRCUTS .. All of the roles were excep tio nally well cast, and spt:ctators were . overheard to , A L .\lI 'D • A I . I . cOlUment tha t this was definitely one of C. Il. IUII8II the best 1performances ever presented by

not knowing even what che word me~ns. We will rather with sure step · ~nd a firm Cru~( chink an'd .wo~k so that something better m ~y come. And that means being active. not just taking the resigned attitude that " nothing II( I do counts for anything." W'e may be sure chat Hitler and his henchmen didn't believe that; hoW" can ~e exPect to subdue their ilk if we have so little confidence in ourselves ang our ideals ? rth~.~ P=L=C~d~,~.m~.l~;c~,~d~ , ,~pa~'~tn~l~.n~.~____~:::::2:::::::::::::::::::::~ We well realize that our present post.? job is tremendous. The wisest f m.n are confound.d by ,its, !Y'us nOI shirk our dUlY' As colleg. GIRLS~ SPORTS ("LOTHES students let us dil,igently prepare ou'rselves not just for a ,areer or a job but for wortd citizenship. For we have a. trust to keep. Lincoln has praised. it MAKE GOOD SCHOOL GA.RMENT~ in those familiar words-"That these deac;l shall not have died in vain." ' SEE THEM AT

* *





- - - - - -' S"'u=n"d"'aCC y-':n"ig" hiC,=,--.,., "r'-I"·s=-.c.::-rt"a7in"I'-'y'" ' quiet aro,uccn"d"' he" r".-, -;O " ;h:. ::; lb"a':I:-:·s:-r:Oi:g:;hC:':-"lhL.~ f1~--------;;9~1-;;8-P ;:;A -;-:;C:;;r:;:F:;r::;-P. C -;-:;V~E~.N ~U~E;:---'-~c------l----~ ~hoi"r's gone !" Familiar words to' dormites not in the choral group. Empty t ~. cables at mealtime: quiet. halls at night-these testify to t~ exuberant song- 7;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~;;;;;;~ s.ters when they are ~way on a singing mission. ' ~ . ,. The comment !Jas . been 'made that the choir members are the "noisiest school." We cOl.lld add to that among t~e most activ'e and loyal". Get Your Evening Snacks The Choir of the West s.ymbolizes PLC to thousands of people throughout the Nortnwest .. We can well be proud of theS(' warbling representatives. Here . Never too bl:1sy to refuse an engagement. Director Malmin and Manager Young have t:!;resented ·their " proteges" in numerou~ c.oncerts.during the past school term, indudiz:tg a 19-day' tour iIi. Ea,stern Washington,. Oregon and Ida"o. Frequently accompanying the singers, and also performing in its own right. the ' "Little Symphony" too deserves a big note of commendatiOrlfor its contribution to the expression of PLC in music.

Blu Rustic Open .24 Hours Daily




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PA CIFI C LUTHERAN COLL EG E Look to 'he" Moorin. Ma .. 10' P L C. News ,. . .



~·Wi"8Y ,·","W",A;u-L The t--_1-'--'-R'mm"-Jbu"tu,--jfllrn-~_JH--=-n· nltiu .... ,.




~e ~~~S~!::'~C';,:r!.c:j~


per year.

Beard Printing Co. Publishers




Office: BaNment P L C Chapel

c.rl J. (St.

Nelson - FURRIER


Far Shop)

Manufacturer of PiDe p~ 7.14 St. A:elen'. Ave. (lied. Arts


BR .......y 2811

i---- I-~.,LrTU ""TMBEirCO~.-.-









~!v:~t~~e~I~~c~~d:;~s'a~~:a:!:t (~~d~v~d~~~

The match ,vas played ill Seattle," MOll- : . lIay , May ,6, . .' Fort' Lewi. Wina, 4-3 " O n \ V.ed nesday, May 8, PLC's ten nis force s.. drop ped a dose decisiin, 4~J, to the Basic Training Sec.tion team of Fort Lewis. The match was played on the

performance on' the ' Iocal layout in this s pring's mat<;hes. In the match at Bellingham, the ,linksIl1c.n got a view of ' how this game of golf ought · to be played. Willard Bryan, w Ho looks 1ike. a "hand sdown" candidate to win the conference meet, posted an even par 70 over tl1k Lakeway course. When Ernie Perrault had ' to 'quit play. . h If d E r Hid m wtth e'. g~ s<l lt~, r mg. 0 an s te~ped. mto ~lS spot. Never havmg seen Erling 'in actton , Coac h Olson was skeptical about the way he handled his mas hie, etc. Holand Quickiy removed any do ubts tl~e coach had by 'winning 2 ~ p.oi nt ~ in t he first two m at ches he played.

South Pacific Hoax

· ln th'e second match of their home and ded .with . tropic~1 £lowers and. fruit, . rea~- hi me serie~,. PLC's divot lI~ell Idro~p~d ing a harVest 019 you go. Not only do a close deelSlon to Seattle College, 8 ).1 to




cou~,,~,~._ _ _ _ _...:.-

southpaw from Central Washington had a btautiful fo rehand drive with plenty of stum ,on it:-a~d it w~s obvious that hL .knew, where .it was gQinlf when he hit it. It kinda threw Shaw off balance t o. have this "fire ball" come back at him every time he moved up to the forecQurt after playing a deep s hot to what would h'ay e been the back hand side fo r a ' right hand er. These two . men . look" ·like the "class" in Winko tennis competiion and s hould be the finalists at thf! conference tourney in Bellingham thf! 24th and 25th of this month. Our money is on Shaw. Incidentall y, the Lute No. I doubles team of Shaw and Fuhr is uiiddeated in competitfo n this spring. We will be look-

I~____,~;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;j.l. --SROO](D~

' \PLC -TenniS> Team " Blank~ · Seattle College


here. 1 n~ then~ was some: ho.t s moment.) tliin gs h:wtn'\.been too brigbt p ia. yed '0 11 the COUtts below .th e hill that for. the Lutheran" divof diggers as rar as the win column is' concerned. Ronnie d ay. The match between jim 56aw and Gratias ca the other day wondering CI~yton, the number one· men, wa~ really how .he was expected to get some pdints a "ding-~on~' affair. The rallies for e'v~ry in the Seattle ColI~e match. His opponpoint were long and. hard fought. The e nt; McD bnald son, toured the course in


w ' ant to Imow ' ' hen .,_ "'1" W the latn!cti~·tiC ..o~ty '. Publiahed e,,'ery ·Thunday for ria.


.. T",S ,..I1iM .. . for them to cop th; double!l crown ' The PLC team posted Its -ii"t'S1 was a mos I br1nr1'ttm Irl-t-~o""fe'enc;...n . ht!: s .. ason· wjllllinu ~Il matClhe da~' for ten ni s the- day ElI~nsburg was Looking at the golf picture (ror a to I)ost a 7-0, count O\'1:~r Seattle Coll!=SI:,




Viking Golfers, Netmen Post Wins Over Lutes Tr...... elling to Bellingham. Friday, May

J .. the 'L utheran tennis a.nd golf squads caught the s hort end of the score; ' in ' matches with Western Washingto n College forcea. The Viking· .netmen tripped up the 'invading Lutf!S 5 match to 2; while the \.\rWCE . niblick -artuts rode rough·s.hod ov~ r PLC's Iinksmen 12-3. -

Lutheran Linksmen Lose to~ Seattle College

By ROBERT AIlfDREW . . you have the. ·denizens of die jungle to 16J.1. Th~ match was played a ll the Park. Wf! have all been under somf! IllUSion contend with, but the· jungle itself. is land falr~a~·s ~uesday . . May 7. McDonagamst you. ne--tliiC~falir-growing- a ldson ul.a~g III the n~mbet three Sp?.t ".~L...tbf! gr:eatesLjUusions~Qf.....Al1 i9 t m;. -vegetation_makee_the_jungle.....almosLin~ 'fo~ tl~ ~·I~ tors. turn~d ~1 the 73 to Will belief that the South ~acific islands ~re pregnablf!. ; '. . ~le~n~ahs.t nonon. S' tt1e ~ C· u" lands of ete rnal paradise. Th~ war, w~t.b. Thf! climate is' enough to sha ke on\!'s . . , I ea 0 •• it L m]Jch traveled GI's, has ~o~ _"!u~h' -faith _ ln_ "tIIf! __ isla.nds. Ins tead oJ being Simonson ..........2;SI Tr\lde;1\I ... _......... 11' to put an end to this misconception. ple:!.sant and serene with an inviting ~~:It~::s ..............2~ I McWeeny .......... ~ Whi le I really didn't expect to be br~eze blowing, it is usually one extreme .....0 I McDonaldson ......3 gn::eted by Dorothy Lamou!: in the back or the other, very humid and hot, or ' ~ Ise ~;~!:\d···············'·o 1Z~c h ........_3 of my mind was a vision of b~utiful a. torrential downpour, often climaxed by ...... ........ 17S 1 NlsSf!n .................. 1J.1

. -ar on'f!1"l me-oranothCf';-and-probably-orte'

TotaL.. ........ 8~

island maide my would-be-paradise a sc reeching typhoon. . . T ,ot;al .............6J.11 were peace.fd lagoons surrounded 1 doubt if it is very hard fOJ; anyone hy warm, sandy. . aehes" with sky blue to understand how I feel when I sa)" d in to .swim an. .. "'The fondes t memory 1 have of the South I __ :'"


ci.•.rlud in.

~==~~=~~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~waters ~hich ~~e_ ~C' utf.-l:.asl-4?'r-=a~-.:a&-th...tbo.u~ht-o.~ ~mftrtsb.mts--is-the--da.,..--r;cft-then..t


abundant food;· and-:that- all one need do fading into thf! blue horizon astern of was reach out for it. my ship':' Dorothy 5k ilbrf!d's Team 2 defeated My fir s t visit to ' the islands made my _______ Team I, cal>tained by Ruth Pflueger, 24 dreams short-li ved. The natives of the . to 15, ilt the initial l{ame of the W .A.. A. islands- p.roved quite disappointing to me baseball tournament. Excelle:nt fielding as a whole. With their broad, flat ' faces was · displaYf!d in this first contest 'by .21 Broad.....,. . P Carolyn , Heitman ; and june Apland, RuJ.h ':=====:::======~ land paddle-like feet they are :a.. far cry Tonight is tbe' flight fo r the Silver ' d ifrom their Hollywood counterpart. Swim- Blades s kating party at Lakewood Ice Pflueger, Lois Tollfeldt, Dorothy 5kll!lr~ ming and surf-board riding don't .meas- A .... " a. A,-U-E>rive truck will and .O"onna jean Brammer established... themselves as heavy hitters . . ure up in any degree to . what one might heave the: school at 10:15, · in time for The . basf!ball teams wer.e chosen by expect. In the water you have the ever- the second session. Manager Myrtle Davidson. The captains, 11110 PAOIFIO AT• . present danger of coral poisoning, coral Specia l entertainmen t will' fe ature guf!st by th~r. respective teams, are jp HarshPHONE GR. lilt snakes, as ~e:1l as many man-eating fish. artists- in solo and comedy numbers and man, Team and . Beverly Swanson,


Silver Blades S""onso.r Pa,rty Tonigh. t

Lundberg Drug










3; ·

Likewise. getting fOod is not. always a Maril yn Vander Flute matter of mar~~ing a trail stud- Jillencc..




in a

dance se- Team 4.

...................._IBB................. lyOUR SERVE Ruth Bjerkan. W .A.A, tennis manager,

-ANDERSON-LUMBER-CO..,UNY~._~ ~~ost'd the "nni. toumam,n:,. ' ::: on", ' ;t;: h;. e .,,-:._ _~ buJletin board in OIaYain:-Slie urges .. 9802 ' PACIRG AVENUE that ; 11 match f!s be played as .soon as .




possible so as to finish the tQurnament

, ~.~.~~~~~~~~;~~~====!!!==~~~~lbefore i~;~~::::::~~::;i\!~~~~= c. O. L7JUl Co. '. Juniora to' Cruise







school is ouL·

On Sound Sunday

By Her a-Corsage for the Spring Banquet at


, \ ~. S

Mrs. Frisbies

Bakery Fo~ GOOD Bakery ' Produeta

710 .So; 38th SL

Phone GA. 7591.

', Vi

Your Old.. Frien4 Is .B ack With Pre-War Goo4ness and Flavor

Parkland Markee




1_ __ ....;;_ _ ...,._ _ ~ ,_...,.._ _ _ _ _IIb_.-I',I==d""';...,""'_=...=


~ .

Cruises aboard the GaUant Lady seem tp be the fas'hion this .spring. Here ill another which the juni.or 'c1ass is spon-. soring for. Sunday afternoon, May 12. The boat will.leave the Boat Mart at 2:30 an~ will ' return by 11 S.unday · evening. A ' stop~over of an hour and a half at Redan: do Beach will give a chance for some sun tans while the students. play tl1e games j)\anncd .by Si ·Torvend. . . Nathan F uhr is in char,e Qf general arrang'ements, tk"kets may be ~ obtained from Marv Shaw and Miriam Hopp, .a ntl the food 'is" ·the chief care of Alice Brudie and committf!e. . . . Tickets covering all costs can still be purchased for $1.50 from either Miriam

..._""'=....""''''''....==....''''_....''''''~.I:oo'~~ ~a~v~

. , ---:-:,-----


~ . ~MI.~ ' ''~A . . ~A •. ~ . ·L . J'_itIt.· A ,,~,...~


LDR Girls to Hold Mothers' T ea May 15

E~~j!r pte fr~sh'3ir fan s ar~ diyided " Speed" ' Kenworthy r~cdved o lle of LOR members .hav~ invitid their -----r,.;;;,,~o;;;;,n;,~,,;;,~ , ;; ..;;,;,sn"~c;,,~,,;;·,:;;,";;;,"i;u;;;,.j-;tn;iit<;,f,l'h,iho"os;',;'io; ,.; ;"mno;; ,; "o;;.iooiiF.itni girr..iTa.,ii,T,i'on"i,-'tir',m,.........ttd-f.e.t+..y-wj·Y H-'-&-8 ttet ~ -

Garfield," Van~ty .Store .


P arkland



days-thost': who tan (Ginny h vick). those who btlTn (Carol Drew), and those who frel..-kle ( M . . J. Br-ehon ), For two solid weeks S panaway Lake has been buzzing with local bathe rs while' the roof of Old .M ain': a miniatn re Long, Beach, has ·bee:l cO\~ l'red wit h sun-ba thing beauties, dark glasses, and o li\'e oil. At 10ng last th e season seems to have arrived,

S.\I11 la,s t week. Would-be sympa thi zers, thinking it was (lone of those "G reet ing~ from the Prt-sidcllC deals, wcrc s urprised at Speed's g rin , The 18 year o ld fros h's letter rt"ad: "Thank s for a job well done: It's great to be back, iSlI't it~ But. ,. ,\' hy not R'E-ENLIST today"" .. MYTt P ometenk )\'as scouring the li-

alluual . spring tea ... t fOllr o'c1o~k a ll SCHOOL SUPPL IES \Ycdne-sday, l.:t'ay ·15.. 'Mis-s .Blo mquist is '::===~:::==:::====::: to be gues t ' spea ker. "and a trio including f' • • • •<AND Ha.Dwa •• CO. EI,';lnor Hellbi\ulIl, H elen Jensen, and ~ '" '" Bett y Reiman, will siug, The tea will be ,e&&8 -PA,(U'JO held o n 'th e la wn if t he ~veather is fa\'or.. able :lu il in th e c htt rc h" parlors if it is not, GR 8780 Gracc EJaine and RU;lIoh r Gu lhallgen

Howard (" Imaginary Invalid") Swartz has caused a lot of (;l1riosity with h is "So J s:1id to the ta \l blonde," People . keep bol hering: Helm Petenon trying to find out' what it wa s Ile said,

bra ry for just ont' mOre refe rence fo r her term-paper on "Bread!, At hls.t she found a s tack of magazi nes entitled "Bread · a nd Butter." Eage rl y Myrt thum bed I m-augh t helll , The magazines dea lt with cooperalion-getweell I ~~bo: ;u:d capital!

:tre decorating; Lois Jean Pennini and Signy Vik ;re in charge of the food;

. . .'

SEEN ON THE SCENE: ' Two cars, loaded. wit h college weekNate Fuht se r ~nading the typing class eliders., headed for Por t la nd after the 0 11 his te nn is racquet, . play .Frioay night, "Ji>appy" Douala. star t· ' T he "good-natu red" profl'ssors 'hold inll cd at 10:00, W alt Kunschak took off at class ill t he great outdoors-. 10:30, Wa lt cru ised ill t9 Portla nd at I :45 Dorothy Meyer leaving s c h 00 1 (on -Pa ppy at J:JO Pappy clai ms he had MOll day 1Il0cning of a ll times) for- Spoti re trouble, · BlIt does it take t wo hours kane, A , sister graduaiing from ' nurse's ;~ lI d fifteen I~lill u te s . to 'c h'a nge one fla t ? training con;es in m ig hty hil lllly! '



~============:; . BOOKS' FOR. ANY ',

Brita ~koog is heading t1~e reception com'mittee; Caroli ne Sev~reid ' al;d I?or olhy Sk il bretl ;u'e arrauging a display o f cloth ·

Sharman 'Bookstore: .

ing 1l1ad ~ by ' the gi rls for Ih e J ewis h ? ssion in New Yo r k,

O,.a Ena. tiU ' ,_




'OM PacI8c -A . - .

Po . . .


DRG ' A lumnae to Honor Senior 'Day G','r'Is

1I"--=--_. . . _...,...,="iI

T he DRG a lu mnae of Tacoma ~l1 d VI cinity will give a luncheon in hOnor of DRG. !le mors tomor row alone o 'clock Wally Elefson and Neil Potthoff have in the dayroolll, A t the 'Iulleheoll, he ld ORCHIDS': To t he t e nnis tea m who, tahllllp b"tchi;lg in .a little yellow cottage to acquain t seniors' with the organization cvc.n Ihollg h th ('y los1 to Belli ngham Fri- a few ' hlock:-o from schoo l. T hey've e\'en to \duch t hey be long, t he a lum nae WI I! day night, came hOllle in high s pirits. lurned do mes ilc and cook their own elect next )ear's officers ONIONS: To t hc' wisecracking, ma le 1I11.:.II s But t hi S IS only t he 'fi rst. \\ eek. ------n1 "'iCtck1e-<rallny--:rrgi r1s'-softbrtll!r-lIIH~!I.---- -kids:-W-atch- for-f II ~" d I~. t I ' SpeCIal IIl11 SIC "'I II he furllls heo by Mrs .. ur I - eYe""1)nH!I1 S -kOriira/\1TIJerson~ I lie present-URG" -

. . '.

SELDEN'S Flra' J. Floor COy.r....

......:==~.;:::;=::;;;=:: ;;;;;:;.=====h;='=-;;'::;;-;-:;;;;;;;;:;~:';;":;:~-~~-;:;;:;:;,:;,:- r eSident. Lorrame ,\kchl1tst~!l.!sc..(.lY...c.. . _ AiJ J .'IA . '8, 0,11 Inc t l~firl st-ChallCii'glllg::- the an nual \\11Ic h t he i"~I \lln Tl ;u:' pn.i.

OCCASIONAL E.URNITU RE g Ift Ca lli ng, Gerr:y Olson. sa ng, and LOIS I vide for Ihe day r·oolll. . LINOLEUM:' ~ RUGS f't'lln iun i led devotio lls-, ' I ' :-. '. SHAD~. BE1;)DING Mos t--or--t hc PC lllly"a--Mcal cOlltailH!rS-I , I ~e CO II U1ll1·t~e_~li~K_ll!.~c.heon _ \ ' l k l i\"G CLUB han bce ti coilcctcd, yieldi ng' a tota l of_ l lIlcludes Mrs,~. L1oyd, 'Haugc, Mrs. Sl m~n DRAPERIES \, iking' Club IIIcmher~ and fr iends we nt iering. o(~96.000, T hi s mOIlCY w.ill go to "\ll(lerson, Mrs. O lal I-Iageness a nd MISS a'cnlising yesterday on thc Pllget SOUIlJ 'a board th c G:d la;1I ·Lady. The Irip s tarted mi ssions. bUI thc exalt t fields have not l~ :.. t the Bo"t ~hrt in O ld Tacoma at 5:00 bee n decided ilpon as yet. p,m. l)estin:lIioll-Vasholl Island and Slipper.. Afte r. s upper the Ga llan t L ady KOON DEVO .Bob Leroy, a c rui sed abollt in the evcn ing tw ilight freshman in the College of L:be ral A r ts, among Ihe in lrigu'ing islands o f t he Sound. ,~,.a :-o the s!~c:~er at the la~t Noo~~_De"~1 ~ --;;~"":'-----'~~ff1ii... ~JrJ tC!. _ _~~_-"r.oi......alld....MrJiJ--1LJ:nt~d P[~f lIOflllreetmg s day;:Iiray 9. _ ·H .----..:-.-w:::r!-1l~h..-------,:---Ht----1I




Join the Crowd at

0, J. S wen chaperoned t hc c m is ers, Ge nera!" c hair mc n for t he evcllt "' cr e Bob Hogb.c r g and , Rild T horp · wilh :\£t on ( Continued F rom Page I ) , Hjelm helpin g ill the food depart ment - - - -.:li""1<1 Botf-t ''tJ1'1l"6rplanning-rh'c - g;-ITm:s-jor ~-mrve \.J lcndc(l like c hameleons into Ihe I ~ hour s lay on the \s lalHl. 'th't'i r prl,'~e nt e nvironme nt .' Now e\'en th .!" discharge button s sel dom appear. D p" You' re p robahly gl<!-d 10 ' have chosen


GI Recon.ver.ts




Open until 10 :00 every nigbt!


S pring i lO\\'l'rs- will decorat.c the di ll - a s mall, frie ndly school w ith a helpfu l ill g hall for tilt" last forma l Delta P hi f.a culty . anti a s tud ent \.Jody· wi lh "")Ipa ·ba nqm·t of the ·year. ~ I ay 13. 'it cliqllt's,' Of course there are a fcw

11<' tllI-

._ 6 o 'cl oc k. :\Je.mllt'rs oi DHU :111(1 DPK, pka sa nt thillg~, s uch as getti ng t l J(?s"~ with the ir g~,e s l :< . will a'ttend, a~si gl1 lllt'nt s in 011 t ime o r' t r ying 10 make ~I i ss Clara Chili'oll is 10 be the !'pt'aker. those !';,bs is lence checks s tretch. All and C l;lIul ... \ :alHler Stoep "wi ll take over th illgs cons idered, however, it!s a s atis: t l;c. duti{'s of 10;ls l111aster. Betty LOll fying feeling to be hack in civ il ian life -~:--R('ikl]-\\'i, ll-gi.\·C!-a-\:.iolilL.£oJo, __;uuL.Lmia, jILScllOD.1'_~~-:;:-:::-:;-:-::---;:-=-C;;--'-;I----e Lentz will si ng. ' Y Pcrhap s I haven't s poken for all of ~u-p\l Se r ving with Ailon H jelm. social c hair' · you fellows but Ihat's Ih e way returning #f~~


111an : ior DPK, arc L inda P·a rk s. food: Grace Ela ihe Gulh augeu, program, and E lainc Enw iller. decOratiolls. ,e ..• • • ~l1 SSI0~ SOCIETY.....:.~I i ss Le no ra;1 Erid ,soll ; di rec lor oi ' :he released t ime fOI' religious instruction t he publi c schoo ls of Tac~llla, s poke a t the Miss'io:1 So.ciel), I ~le cl ing \Vedpes day evening, May

~ .\ 1

to :-ochoo l has sec mcd to mc, Somc time!' rill e\'cn tempted to thi n}.; ther e was so me trut h in those A r m y-Navy Scree n :\[agaz ine films a lid pal;lp.hle ts on " ' Vby We Fight" .allu tha t maybe those yeats weren' t wasted ... · ---- Pardon me " while I ca ll it thirty and get down from t his soap bOl(---- I j ust saw Illy gr ades fo r I ~i s quarte r.

- ,"-



. "'V. 1if4i"~RE


Here's' yo ur ow n rad io show - p roduced aQ,d aired .b y the h ig h ' sc hools and colleges oC1'he city, L isten every T uesday and W ep nesd ay ' n.i~hr fo r t h ese varied and e n tert a in i n g p rog rams, ,gh Schoo l.


Johnson & Anderson GROCUIIS • FLOUR •

HAY . • •lAIN

On the M'Ountoin Highwoy .

• nCo P.,kl.nd.

TUESDAYS 8P. M.· . KMO WEDNESDAYS - 7,30 P, .M .•• KVI . ' KTBI ' Sponsor ed by"




.......dw.' at 13.. !-, '




FRIDAY, MAY 24, 1946


NO. 15


III lullllllll

I. . . . . . . . . . . . .

C......._ . l.... ·

Gro und-break·ing ~'erc: ll1ollies fo r th ... new ~ci(' n('c: hall. now ulId('r constnlctio n, took plal'e on Friday. May 17, during the regular cha~el hom . Members o f th.: PLC stude nt body, fac uity. :a nd :admin· istratio n wit nessed the illlpre ~h· e cer c1II0 ny which st:arted the cO ll s t'r\l c tio l~ of the io ng-... w"it ed s<;ience hall. Dr. . S. C. E:u~ t" o ld. I)r esident of 1hc ('ol!ege, .Ieli,·t!:red the ill:ain address. ;IS his text Psalm '118:24, ~Thi s is the

M.TS, Pearl A., :S uPf;rin " tt'nde nt- of Public 'n strllc tio n in ' the !lta te of Washington, will . deliv~r the COIlllll ence·uu:l!l :ld<tr(".S!I _at the graduatioll cxercisC'!I. which will !}e held at 3 o'clock ;,........",""'•..- , Su nday. june Z, in the Trinit y .Lu th era n Church. Her s ubjec t is "Ed ucation. 'for · Fre~­ aud Puce." T h.e Iktcca laureate ser vices· wi ll be held in Trinity Churc h :at : I o'clock 0 11 .the same d~"y, ""ilh the Rev. A. S ..J'a nncr fro m Eall Claire, · Wh·- Peart ~anarr-ker co nsill. as the gl,1c.'s t pastor. Dr. E. 8 . Steen o f Trinity w ill oHic iate. T he choir· will sing three selections at this .

r ejoice and be glid in it." He stated th:l.t ~~n ~ thili Illeiuo rable d ay. a . time ·for · rl!j uicing fo r all fri~n d s and supporters o i our co l1 eg~, we must rClllcl'lher there' :,;till :1 job ahead of liS as big as tll:lt which the iO\lllders bra \' cd in the 1> 3~t. for which· we· neell fai th in e nvisioning the futu re o' PLC, the on ly Luthera;\ college 011 the



-,;;:;;;;"i;;::"2;i;?~,;,;~~:;;",I-';;;;;~:':~;'~~::~;;-~~':'~d:J~~-1 gr~duated from Pacific Luthera n Collcg,: _. I thl~~'«kcnd;-0f-thes~;-'-twcntr-f~Ul wil~ -::- -


having bee n associate editors the reccwe th e Bac helor of A rt s d'e g rei in semester:. Mar.v w as a"ssociat e editor Education and seven will -receive th e during 11;c f:.n te rm 1942-43 bllt W:l3 Dachelo~ of Arts from 'the Liberal Arts departme nt. T he CPllllUCnCenumt exercises will hegin at 3 o'clock S unday afternoon .w ith an o rgan prelude played by Mrs. DQfothy Brann ~ialmill . D r. S. C. Eas tvo ld will

Vets W;il Crowd Classes - · . __--"-_-'---======,_~,='_'_.~.~.~~,~'_~.~. At PLC S ummer S ess.on An"w'e,'s



wo,d, of wekome. The Ch";, w;H

· t ,,;n. "M-y Muter'!--r:. S. 8ameS'! with

Madon Sohman a, '010;": "My

'I'fiirs-Stmmfe'r-fF.:;;;;~L;:ooks .tiy

Up- to

Thee"-'-L. :}.bsoll r:---·-

G.T Ma lnlin Y3,rid~""" ...

large number intend to register for S'u\;I ~ Two t(' r IllS o f :; Ullllllcr schoo l wil~ L;: "Barefoot fishill' t il11e r Righ t~otl~"_J. C. R'ach. ' _. Iller school~ here. Onc·t hird of 'PLC's 94 1 in se-">s i o ll at Pacific ·'l.uthcrao ColJ('gc: ! lIIost hen" h~tt fo r 1II0st of \:(.tcra ns -Sig nified that they plan to al - tl~is year, with course s bei ng offt'rctl _~·o.r hody, \'3cation aml .Jilll e tt'lld either olle o r both of the sess.ions, l h"gh sc hoo! graduates. ,'derailS who wis n \"" ORK~-:----------+I;~'--P" .";.n~""",ith--ti'~~~;;in;;':::";"-:;,~;..,..._ __ it was announced rro~ the registrar ',o l to hel-:in ('?Ill'~e. p('rsons wish ing to , COt11:\ mong the bu sy ones will he ' ' •• n"a"" .o, ,,, "Th~ Lord Bless You 1,,111 offiCI: Tuesday. May 2 1. pll·te reqlllrcmcl~ts .r~ r the h~;.hclor s d(,'~ I Uru h 'old 3nd Ht'tly KCII \\'orthy w ho pian .Keep You ,:' by Peter C. Lut kill , Among the vet preferences in dicaicII, grn', ~t'a~llt,~!'; c~lnng ~l'rt l I cat e~, ;'11( to ' cool Ih t-iT sizz ling !:rains ' \~'h i1e the, Sl."ic nce courses :'O uch as' ge neral biology for ~JrIl1clpal s :l1l(1 --:HII~c rlll lelHl e llt S C1'"C,- ' wor k ncar the snow fields of Mt. R,ainicl' . 'f ~ose recei"illg their BAchelor of Ar t!' a nti iliorganic cJ,l cmi slr-y, ralea hig ll. 'Yith t dcntl~l s. ~ac h te rm \\',111 1:'5 t . 40 :\'ec,k"',,-t his 511111111(, T. ~ E~~~ation arc Jeanette B. ' Bu rzlaii, lhe fir st Irom June L to July L. ana I ' a maximum o f 13 possible credits • . ' • • " . ", E r .~, ' Dallllllel, Laura May Hauge, . . '. .. the ~ecol1d froll! July IS t~ Augu st 14. . ....:. rry Carlson e \'loeluly I a v e 5 th e ClI.ff~rd .....Ea rl Hawkins, Robert J osel, h' a.hle. du.rll~g . the slll~mle~, v~tera~s: SUUlt-llls ma\" b~ard and room in the i hright lights since he intend S t;' work at W I.llialll J"t..~ lselil Sy lvia . Elizabe th John . fllldlllg It :I.I~ ~C~~IOIIIIC~ 1 spa~lIliho do rmitories. O\;c wing of w hi ch will be a II 1;'0n sign COIllI)an )< in 1 SO il, Hnrry Ed win Lang, Raymond Dean g dllht y to a tten. ,. ~t:lII- r('s('rved fOr married stlld e nts if a . suffi-.! PLCites. fe eling the tI1g of the back-t,)- Marti n, Agnes Marie MYkland. Delores period of Iller ~'ork also cuts rCOW " . aprr~na ~n (" iell t m;mhe r make 'rese rva tions. Costs th,,-land u rge. art- gain'g ho me to wo rk Randolpb, Nellie Marie R isa, J oan Adele the · tune necessa ry or: comp etlC'n 0 \0. as they arc duri,;g th(' on .farm s . . A mong them .we find Etta Elizabeth Dahl Satre,.Vi rgil Ray-




earn_l .U_



The ' ex-Gl's in the College of tlon haye shown that they wi~l take . vaotagc of the opportunity· to compl~t~ requirellleou- in that department. A thlr lIlajor field. of ineres t ·was displayed in the fidd s of history and sociology with ~\lch current-intc:re~t · _courses as labor problems and U. S. in world .affairs well UI) on th'e list of the ex-sen:icemen's fav orites. . .

T hose who~ wish jobs should apply to :lfe ~u.rlU:d towarci the Dig Potato Land the College Employment Ser vice, :IS 01>- : adjoilling. ·atHl "Tiny:' .Osterli. whn's porttlnities for students who need e m- headed fo r· the Golden State ,of California 1,loy",'nl 10 ••Ip {,· n.anc' Ih-', 'duc.,,·on down south. a',. nu"n"ou,",', p'.'.nl.~ .... .. 11;11. be f,',hy bu,,'~"'~ fo , Ma'I, Gul... ... ... ... ... Dr. Ronning, ·..di~cctor o f . the summer I ha uge n and Rudy johnson this . s ummer. !<ession s, urges.. all students who intend t~ ! They are going ·sei~ing down the Columgo to summer ' school to register thcir ! bia river. Three pe~ple we know : are jus t


~~t;n:~o~I~~c:t!iS:hi: ~~::s:~s::~s ::~~~ 1:~~n::l~~ :~:ut:a~:.-~:!:~· ~~,:~t::~iqUeS ~::t·F~:~i~~;:,~;;~:;~~!~;=::n'N~~:

like to take so tha! a schedule . can Co! ; in V ictoria, .British Col~~bia. and in idrawn u,P. Competent. advisers . respect ing denta lly, stay at th e Emp~ess Hote ill . The Legion of Merit .medal was award-·!educational probiem!l will ' counsel with th~t city: . Fred .Miller, who · hears ' ~d to fo rmer First Sgt; Bliss Croft, PLC anyone who wishes information. ~ call ·of the wild drawing hinl to · Alall:k ; 're:shman of 194Q.4I, by Brig-Gen, John , and Gr:lce Walters, ex-WAC~ ho pial F. Conklin, commanding officer of ·Fol·t "The SAGAS are mIt" was the paSll- a motor tour through the:se ·U ni d S ' Lewis, in a s hort ceremony Saturday, word on the campus ·yeste:rday. Stu ~ a n(,l Mexico. Sergeant Croft was awarded "For C!~ ~ reached ejlgerly for ·the attractive whiteNot ~ ·few or" our . 1ll1mber · find . it· hard c:clltionally meritorious service from Oc- cO\'ered ,'oiumes and lost no time in cram- to tear themseh'es away fr om their books tobe.r 1943 t9 Ap'ril ·.1945. He voluritttred ming t he pages "': ith signatures and notelS. and pencils, and we see Walt Simonson r epeate d!~r participation in t,e sts ~ hi c: h :Orc.hids to the editor, Carol Eidson. and J oe ~ellchert a n~ong those: who phn i11\' o l\' ~d grave person,al danger in para- and J:)Usincs!'i m.anage r, Ruth j ensen , aud to a ttend summ er school' at PLC. .c~lIt~ jl1lnpin ~ and handling of atrial weir ~ssistauce f,?r. a re:all~ .fine book: Starry eyes and a general air of walkdelivery contall1ers . . . . Sgt. Croft reInCide MISS Chilson . want s ' a i~g 011 C"1o\ld· mi st are becoming -more • fl ected great end;t on ~im se l f in ~he [ PUbliC correction of . a Saga err~r. ~he is a nd more common as PLC girls announce: - ili itia1 de"elopment of aIrborne equlp- a graduate of Augustana College, NOT no t-fa marriages. In this category . nlent." . _ St. Olaft •. . . (Cont inued on Page Two) .' •

!'Ienrietta I SChrag, Walter Richa.rd Simonson,. Mark j~mcs Slover, Marion Sohman, Thelma Thllreson, Ellen E~ni:!e Tor d K h W ~en , at ryn allen. Stt.nle.Y Sha w Whitehead, Betty Margaret ,Wrigley. . ; Those recc:iving degrees from the Libcral Arts department are Guttorm Robe rt Gregerson, Isabel Geraldine Haratad

. •


Awarded LegIon of Ment





man ,' Anita Louise Stuen:

WAA . Ijlects Preside'nt Ru"dt Pflueger; Liberal A~ts sophomor~ from Odeua, was elected president of the Women's Athletic A&sociatio~ for next yea r a t elections held Thuu'd ;y afternoon, . May 16. Ruth, who served a!'. W.A.A. tr ~asurer this year, has. been ,·ery active in girls' :s ports; to date, she has earned two letter awards. M·yitle . Davilj- . son, who w·as elec.ted vice president of the" club; is a two year letter-earne r, aliI.! was .manager of base~all thi s year.


Fri cl~y. ~l iI)'


(!J4~i ~1IIJtU




SUMMER VACATIONS . '( Co"tinued "rom



"I f o ne gin:~ his hear t \P the Lord it we fi nd ~un ic~ TQn 'e nd. Rpumelk O ISOIl, is a jO)' to seTV" .~ i m . " :r h o~ who loye Doris B" rnh;ul . Na lley Fain a na 'nln)" othe rs. P. omoe at Parkll.lld. WublnC\oD, under tbe Act 'ot doin S' they ~ ha ll ' h :ln'! eternal li fe ," Ca roline 8arnum has foun d her row . . . Mareb '3, 1179, . . .. W~ lI'u51 ' bring to t he world pt:a"e 10 hoc (rOT t1l(~ $UIl1Il1l'T at lus t ) a ll a Olnoe : Jloom 110 · XetepboDe : GRaDIt. 1511 to t he rou! and. food for t he hungry." . daffodil and tulip bu lb ·fa rm IIUTI Sunl' . SubecrlpUoa, prlCe--U.OO per Y. .r R~,'. T :I1 OO I Ronning. ' m'r. Alma Heel! believes work al Fort . EDITOR IN CHIEF '" ALICE BRUDIE Lewis migh t fie interesting. Wdl. i t'

two .... "1II'Iq tIM ICbool ,.,. br ......11: of PuI&e Laibeiu Collep.

Publlab_ PW7


M~NAGEi~(·~~:::··::::::~.::~.::::::~::~:::::::::··G·R·ACE'EL'A"i"NE GULHAUGEN

~lissi2!I~Y . Chi ll~ Fid <J. millthl be,. it mig ht be! Ami th at. stu des. " I'r:ty~r i:" a'tl inex hanstihle IJower: it may give )' OU n brief idea 9£ wh at lhe is thl' 'root of the .kingdolll." ,\\'e rage P LCill' will be doin.& fo~ the nt'xt Qr. S. C. E.uit\"old three months! "Tht· I}OWer of God's ,\'ord tra nsforillcd ' in'to Chri .. tian . li ving is that channel :t throilgh wh ich th e power from abon call GATE'S MARKET hc apI>Iic.·d to this sin ful world." SCHOOL SUPPLIES BU81ND8 8TAFF . Dr. J. P. Pfluc,ger. .... ................ .. ................... RumoIH· G l11ha~gC n , . PARKLAND GR 8560

IIDl'I'ORIAL STAFF Associate Editors.,,:.... ,......................... ................ _..... :. .• \ rdy s Bred\·old. Ruth' .J ohnson. Sports Editor .... _ ...__.. _................ ............ _............................................_... Walter Simonson Club Notes .. _........_ .......... _......_.................................................................. Tel ma Mt.tzger Speciat .Writers.;.. _.................. Marv Shaw, Anita I<oth. Louise .:follielJ t, Anita Stuen RePR!~eSr~s~etty R~iman, Hel en Hedl und, Doug H ~~b.ard, Vivien \V~nham, Dave Acl vist'r .............. ......................... ....,............ _.................. . ..............._... Mrs. Ruth S. Fra n k Advelrti ~ ing "~Ilanage r ..



;~fcUit~~::n ~iab~i~~I~o~~~: . i.j·~~-y·j·~·;;~ ..ii~·~·i;~·~·..·G·i~d;·~..i~;~.. i~·;~~i;;·~.. ·R·o nk~!: Do~~~ W.A.A. I nstalls

thy Skil bred, jewell Ke ll er. Rosalie \Voh lgeunl1h . C:trol Eidson : ret irinK pre~ i deu t ;' ;11· Ex change Editor ...........:...........~ ....................................... _..... _.. .......... Verlyn Kra" herger Sialled the t wo oUicen on th e alll1l1a l Aclvi:;er . .. ......... :.......................... ..... O. j , Stuen award c r\l j,, ~ oi tile \ V.AI . l.etters were presell l('" to thosc gi rls who had ~a rn ('1 1 Resume 450 IJoint s fiuring. the year. Those ({ids Every journe y h as a n en d-so mew here. Every school term has an .cndare Carolinc U a rt\lllll. Donn a Jean Bralll· sometime. That end is "j ust J ro und the corner" no w . and most o f us arc mer. Charl ene ).lartenJi. JUli e Apland, wondering why We weren' t lookin g (o r it j ust yet . Fo r so~e it' s the end Dorothr Ba rras. Alice . Uarta nen.- M . J. '. Brcholl. 10 Annc Harshm an. Sel ma GUI!· of the college road . m arked b y a cap and. gown .1nd dwepsktn . For o thers dersQII. ~' ar;:1II Lindsted t. Shirley SC\1er. it's onl y the term end , with h o pes o f " next year." in the o ffi n g. Therl! 's l ~·o n . Dorot hy Skil brcd. Beverly Swan SOll. alw ays a c~r[ ain n ost algia associa ted w · end ings-a cerrain wonderin g Ed ll ~ Swartz, C~ the.ri ne :andell a11(1 Amta h o.w it could all be o ver so soon. , Rot h . . T hree gIrl s reeeH'cd sccond year To the senio r it means the end o f o ne \VJV o f livin g ansi the beginning o f award:,,: 1~lI th Pflu cgt r. Myrt le l)a\<i.dsOII. a no ther. Fo r mos t of the graduates . it I~ean~ the beg inn ing of a career. and ~ IHI 1'01 1 lI olthusen. . {his year fDan y .o f t he se nio rs will fin d' that caree r in homemak ing. W e' lI m iss y~u ~ex t year. grads: you 've becn a fin e class a nd h ave give.I} , much for }'our Alma Mater. We:r~ pro ud o f y0 U . and we wis h Y Olt (he greates t me!su re

RAYMOND " ELECTRIC COMPANY Engineers Contrac tor~

_~_of happiness a~ .! uccess. _ . To the j unio r th is $( hoo l yeJr's end meJ'ns tha t the last stretch is opening up ahead , Next year w ill find him in roe d ign ified posi t io n Qf senior, hi ghes t cl ass if1. sc h.o c l.

The sopho more

813 Pacific Ave.



leok fo rw ard ro being

fuU -f1edged " upper-class -

man ." nex t year w ith t h e mi x t u re o f p ri v ileges

spo nsi bili t ies t h~t t h a t

CO il



BR 1712



Cos~umes . Tux ed;)s • Serpentlne 926!4 Brotdway MA 4861

~::::::~::::::~::~::::~ F

HELEN DAVIS Smart Appa,.el 917 .Broadw.y Wbea

Joa ...

oIftce nppU-


(Ro•• abur,s) BR, Ult

913 P aelfte An.







,r"'rl · ']1 ~!:II ~

t id e ' o!ntai ls. T he mid · wa y mark is rcach ed. Half 'of '" th e misr:lkes a rc 11.'1 l fl behind . All (he o p por t un ities lie ah ead. ~~ Fres hmen . ha ve [he a nticipa ti o n o f ;'t' g~('aL yea r, w.hen as .. S(lPhi h: Slst~ic~a~tc;d~:==~=~==:'=~=~===iI•• ----foL..Dellcl... H••btIrtJen,_ -lt-_ _- I sopno mo res, kno wlpg t elr w ay aro una . t ley C.1n c,ur y o ver ma t Do una· auy . Food fo r Y o ur Paf{i ~s Hot Dog. less fr osh en t hu siasm . to i1 li[[le mo re serio us thinkin g. On e o f the mos t . at Jumbo Mllbllak•• enjo'yable college yea rs a ~a i ts (hem . i PARKLAND Fretacb Frlea And I suppose [h at [he f acult ), .•1lso w.u ch in g t he mass cf st ude n ts move .' MARKET &t qnw~ rd , guidin g a nd d irlct ing [hem in rheir wor k. mu st feel a q: rcai n sat . C EN TER 9tII aM Pacfflc


. isfa ctio n in s~ing their "c hildren " gro w up . Be assured t hat yo~lC stude n ts ~=:~=~~=~:==;:==~=:;~:;:;:;:;;;;;:;:;:;:=~ " :ill no r soon fo rget yo ur effort s fo r their weU.being. 1 As we pen ou r IJst editori,' i s. we wis h yo u J II grt'J ( h.l p piness a nd the !


L o rd 's .bl cssilJ g;

* * * * Looking Ahead


Your Old F,-jend Is Back


With Pre-War Goodness and Flavor

T he gro win g 'p J in s w hich PLe has bee n ex periencin g ' [hi's yrar w ill ' be I mere itchings co mpared wit h what is fO co me, if prese nt indicatio ns mean ~ an ythin g. and we' re sU re they'JIb. D ca n. H .1 ugc h as made t he request th~ t alt. l , stude nt~ i~te ndi~ g to ' re ~urn f~ r the fa ll .[ ~~m s.ign a dip in the office to in~.i.- I



catc their IntentIOn , I t poSS ibl e and qUite likel y that the enrollm ent Wlll l ~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:~;:~;:~~ ha ve [0 b€ limited. so tbe " fir s[ co me, firs t served " precedent will' have be foll owed. ' . . . With the ~ginning o f rhe sc ience hall. PLC -starts o n its prog.ram of , b.uilding a, greater coll ege b y providing the best· facilities possiQie. Our expan - ! Your Evening Snacks sio n ,act ivit y is at last underwa y, and We can hopefully a nticipate the da y w he n o ur sc ience h a ll , gv man~ium , dormitory and new chapel stand co mHere . pleted . . We ' re lo ahead J;9.. i&' big year o (scudent activ it y. with th~ rev ival o( fbotball as only one' o f the exciting innovations to come. It will be interesi:- \ in &. to w~tth the f~nct ioni'ng of a prcdom ina~tly ma,le s tufilent ci&bi~et. (Girls, yo u' d better get some positions as class representatives if you w'a nt to main.. tai!l y.o ur rights !) This year 's ~[udent government leaves a challe~ to the men .

to. llii

' j



HI ~Rnstiu Open 24 "HOU,.s Daily

. . .~., .. 13..


•• <

................... , May 2.... 1946










.. Nut rau will mark t~e return.. to full st.ale operation for the Gladiator athletic department. Not since 1942 have the Lutheran. fielded t ea mt; i~ aU branches of Winko Conleten~e. Thi. year', . ba.ketbt.1I effort , wu not what we wouJd consider a full .cale· operation. but it was the .tart of the .wine back to sports u , a major item in the coUe<ge life. ' That the .tudents have misaed* thrse intft'-coU~ate contests was evident from the ·enth~a.m of the S11p·port given Mat>' Han.hman', boYtjll's t :is an as ide, I migh.t meillio n "Baron" SaTofsky's version of athletics here in 1942 when he was coach. ),{ o llday mo rn1t\g ' thro ugh the cOllvle of his stah" a rts wonld their " Greetings" 'a n.:1 the "Ba ron" to s huffle hi !t 1\1(,'11 a round to have a full teall.\ to \lla y the next Satllnlay's game. In the fina l game o f t ll(~ rootba ll season, his backfiel d con sisted oi four


Parkland' ~arket Center'


Lundberg Drug ,UIIO pA.ClnG A.VE.

PBOlfE GR. 1511,'

:;;;;;;;~~;:;;;;;;;;;;;;~;;;;;;;;~ I IANWBL'S 01 INI .. · OUNTAIN 77 Z • IATUla Brdwy

~~==::==::::::::::::::~I -all been


c. O. LYnn Co. .








By Ele.r ti Corsage for the Spring Banqueiat

. A

N ·D E R



MAIN 7113


the quarte r bac ks 3nd fullbacks hall <!raftecl, '

. Football. of course, will be ~ng dur· ing the fall semetter, Marv, the "Tommygun," Tomme"ik will be on hand to help Coach OlsOn fuhion a , rid machine. It i. too carly to make' any prediction of the potentialities fo,. next fall , All footballen will agree that the ballis for a good football i. the line, and in that department the Lutheran. won't take< a hind seat to anyone. . Rough and tough. experienced men like Don D 'Andrea, , Erling Holand; Don Sloan. Peterson, and Paul Pollilo will iorm a s~lid nucleus for t he {orwant Hy the tl a roUlld . nle ;le\\, gylJl should he ready for usc-we cross our finger s aloll!-\' with e'\"l'ry o lI~ else, Marv !'lars hm3!1 w ill be


255 SOUTH 11TH




Mrs. Frisbies Bakery For GOOD Bakery Products 7 10 So: 38th , St. Phone GA. 7591

Carl J. Nelso n ·· FURRIER (St. 1!elen's Fur Sh9P) Furs








arti s ts. "Dalld i " Perrault , who carlled th c title o f "S1Jecli ball" and . a ll-con fe r(,'11l: C ho no rs this Ila ~ t season, will head tht; le tta11lcn who wi ll fo r1ll the IHlCl c l:S fo r "Bi g ' Hilr ~ h ' s':" $(:col111 Lu te casa!:a

SteJ,la'. F lowers I/O

A rrislr y in Flowc rs Personality Corsagcs Weddings I. - llJe deliuer

S(ella J;]cobs







.~::::B:.R::O:O:K:D:·A::L:E:.:VV:A::SH~.;:~ '.)


un s.




\ Ve will ~ o all Ollt' in predi c ting th .<1 t ht: LIIIIll'r;: 1I te nnis for ces will score 3 poiJlt s {O lll oi the 5 po"sihlcl to . CO I; t he n.mft'rt:ll ct: ch a nlpioll s hip, Sll:\w will (le ieat C I;\\'to ll 01 Ce nt rd.1 Was hington in a lo ug h lI;a t ch ill the ~ o, I SpOt , Lang will COll Ie \hroug li" wi"th ;; will in the No, 3 single s spot-if hi ,; knee ho ld s lip, Sha w all d Fuhr \\'ill take the No. I douhl es c hampion s hip : th ei r mai n compctitio n wi ll be Clayto n ;11111 Urcdho ld 'uf Celll)',:'l. The di vot diggers \vill e njoy the 'healltiiul drive to Be llingham allti bac k.


ATTENTION · Summer School Students THE NEW



GollMen Tie ·Match Look to the Moorina: Ma.t for P L C News, . . . but

. when yoU want to know what's the lateS!c~:iti~mmu"!Y Publi.hed every Thunday (or the Midland, P4l'kland, Broo~:" ,

~e and Spanawa.y CC?mmum. I



" $2.00 per year.

l3eard Printing Co. Publisben

. 1 Phone G~anite 8436 Office : Buement P L C Cha~ -

In the final team matc h of the seasun the Pacific ' Lutheran Coll ege di vo t digscored a 7 ~ 10 7l!J tie w ith St, Martin's fo rc~s. T he match ,vas played in Pa rk land TllIIrsda.v, ),Jay 16, Ellis. Rangcr No, 1 ni'an . was. lIicdalist wi th 76, In all earlier match 1)layed a t Oly mpia 's Mt. Vi~w golf course, S t, Mart1n's .. pufscored the Lutes 9-6. g~ T S


Cleaners Get: Your Cleaning and

Team 4. ca ptaitwo by Bev~r1y Swan so n i became the \V.A ,A. ba seha ll c hampio ns " by 'defeatill,K tealll ,2 to the tune of 8-4 f in . the final \ \' .. \.A. turnou, of the yea:-' I Tuesday, May 2 1. Pitc hing for tealll 4 was l Dorot hy ~'1 eye r , w ith Lois T ollfe1dt pitt'll. ing for team 2. DQf:othy Sk ilbred is caplii~\ of tcaUl 2, I.!..._.....:_ _ _ _'-_.....:_ _ _ _ _ _, -_ _ _-

Pre$sing ·Done Here _ _ _- ' - _ , - _



COf,.LEGE DEVOTIONS- Mr. N . N. , the uncle o~ Dr, .Rollning, and edit or . o r the" Frit'ii d ' magaliuc a (ree lallce . writer, ~poke a'''''

visitin g ill


Mrs. Cliff 0 11'011, of Parkland. and Ruth ~.o\rnr~o n John son, wife of the Dr. Arnuon Johnson, fonner s c. h physician. -poured at the tea. The

~~!!'!l!'!!"_~.~~~~~~~~~!"'~~~.~_~!"'~~'~ '~.-"•..!~,!"_~''":

lesses were Mrs: E. T'ingerstad, Mrs. O .


Mrs. Alberta ported on the World Missio n .... whkh he attended a t ' Rock hland,

:rh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~{·~~~~-~~~~;~.~~,Stuell' a~d




..._ _ _ _ _~!"~



:11 the Mis~iol1 Society m« ting W edncs· day evening, May 22. Sig ny Vik led opening ,dC\,Olions. The $109 collected during Lent will b., se nt to Madagascar the mo ncy renHll..,ing jn the treasury b~ given ,to Nc'w Guinea mi ~s i o n rt·

S pring a t PL C has bee n the setti"lIg fo r many ,a' scoring hit o f CUI>id's darts. \ Vilh June ju s t aroun4.JJ:Ic co rner, 'we find the f ollow ing c:lassmates a~l o n g ne."(~ su'mm er's brides: Doris Barnhart. Ruth , sen, 'LoUise Lunde, Dorothy Nieman Gus 'Anderson), RoumeUe Olson. Loll Robertson (and Karl O l!lo n). ~ranc:elle Schoc:h, Betty Wrigley and Tex,"end. Th e two gen11el1len m e '~tioned




I • •LAND HAI'W~• . co.

1M PocIBc A _ ~ E. . . . . tin. 9,:00 ;.

GR 8780


Sharman JJookstorj:



y O ll

Neal's R-adro Sales

=-=--'=:~"-r';c·~~"--;;---;;-',--,-+,,;;;-;;"'-=,,-;;;'-IiM"r-":""••-.~~I'-,.-·."'i-ll.-R••lio--R.,....;ro,-••d- Batterin "Tiny" Portable. R.dio~ soaked b~t s miling. a ft er th e i r pri;;ate sea-battle in the dining hall , ,and the star-du st in Mrs, Young's eyes that her man has come h ome,


953 Marker Sr. "

&: -Anderson


' Here"s your own r~di; s'h ow ~ produced and aired by rhe high 'schools and colleges of the _ city.. Lisren , every Tuesday and Wednesday night for (hese v.aried and em~rr3ining , programs"



from MAY 21-PLC.


MAY 2B-Represenlatives from all schools " for all schools program. '




The :BUG

7:30 P. II. - - XVI - XTBI . ..... SponSOl'N ".by , "

CITY lltJilr '· Low Net CQs.t ; .. lif~


i"nsurance is inued tP" Lutheran Men, 'W omen, "J.n~

Children ages 'from binb to 65., 'fhr nlf'mbers of Lutheran Brotherhood own the aocicty~ and . they alo. .ne . receive the earningl. -"There are no stock. ho!der~ _



Legal Reserve·Li/elnsurance '0;' Lutherans MINNEJ\.POLIS ."];


EKER~ . President


o. W. WARDER 1921 SO. Hoaner • T.~ ~


Your.Futu~e: Star.ts Today

Mast 1945-1946  
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