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Ifoad«ate You ma y begin your college career June

13 by enrol l­

ing in the summer session. If you take a full program of studies you


accelerate vour

education by


almost a semester's work before the regular school year begins, September


If you arc awaiting the servIce call. the possibility that you lTIay be asked to leave before a school term is over should not deter you from beginning your college course now. Proportional credit is granted fer work accomplished and tuition is refunded according to the fraction of the term which has elapsed. You will be off to a good start when the war is over, if you CJn continue with Remember



college course already begun.





make it possible for you to return to school as soon as you are released from the service.


No one realizes better than the serviceman l11('ndollS need for trained peopli? which thi?







the present war has created. Since construction IS a "realer task than destruction, the post war world will



lh n eJ

for training intensified.

r t is important that every veteran understands how th� government enables him to commence, continue, or review higher educational studies when his period of service is over Provision is made under two programs: Public Law

'346, or the "G. I. Bill of Rights": and Public Law 16. or the Vocational Rehabilitation Program. Veterans who are eligible for both the

G. I. Bill bene­

fit� Jnd Vocational Rehabilitation benefits may choose which they will receive. A careful study should be made of the offerings of each before a decision is made. P. L. C. is prepared to train the service man or woman under either program.

Look Inside for a summary of opportunities under each law.

If You Are a Teacher or Desire to Com plete the Requirements for a Degree P. L. C. offers adv,1nced cour�es for persons in the field of teaching who may wish to refresh their knowledge, keep informed respecting new develop­ ments and qualify for certification. Courses in the various subject-matter fields are offered to persons interested in obtaining the Bachelor of Arts degree.

&� PoUeU 01 � 9, 1, �atal 'R� (Public Law No.




Pacific Lut.beran College is accredited by the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools as a four� year college of liberal arts with a division of elementary teacher training. It is also accredited by tbe Washington State Board of Education.

1.-£ llglbilit y

Reqwrements: Any veteran who has per­ formed at lea�t 90 days of active military or naval service, and who has not been dishonorably dis­

charged, between Sept. 16, 1940, and the end of the war is entitled to at least I year of further education.

Ad1nission Requirements

B.-AddItional training periods: All veterans not morc than 25 years of age on entering the service, or veter­

In accordance with its general purpose, Pacific Lutheran College will admit young men and women of good morJI character and health: (I) who are graduate.s of an accred­ ited high school or its equivalent. or ( 2) who show promise of being able to benefit from the courses they intend to pursue by passing entrance examinations ad­ ministered by the faculty, or (3) who present similar evidence procured under acceprable supervision elsewhere, e. g. United Stares Armed Forces Institute Examinations, military transcripts, etc.

.1nS more than 25 years who can submit proof that th ir education was interrupted by entrance into the service, are entitled to an additional training period f lhc same length as their period of active service

between September



J 940 and the end of the war.

3.-Benefits: Up to 3500 per year is allowed for tuitio'1

and fees for any school year. Subsistence allowance o f S50 per month, or $75 if he has a dependcl1( or dependents, will be paid to the veteran during his schooling, including vacations not exceeding )0 days in the calendar year.

Procedure in Seeking Admission High school graduales may procure Application for Ad· mission blanks from high school principals, or upon re� quest from the registrar of P. L. C

-'r.-Place of training: Training may be received at any approved educational institution which will acceiJt him.

The student should fill in pages one and three of the application blank and then give it to the principal of the high school in order that a transcript of the high schoo! record m.1Y be entered. The principal will send it directly -to the College.

The veteran may file his application 5.-Application: with the institution he has selected, or with the regi nal office of Veterans' Administration where hi, L older is located. (Otficial application forms may be secured through the registrar's office at Pacific

(Inc! adtXlnced st([dent s shou lei req uest the registrars of the schools they have attended. or rhe mili­ tary officers involved, to send transcripts of courses taken to the registrar of P. L. C, who will be glad to evaluate the record and indicate remaining requirements for .1


u theran College.)

degree. H.efre�hcr C()llrsl'-:-; for ')(;.:r�\)ll:-i . .-tudies.

c1 l�·� i ril lg to




Pre-profe':"ional courses ior pnSQns intend i ng to cnter Illedi ­


nl1rsll1g-, la\\-, el�giIleeriI1R' agriculture, social \vo d.;: , thl'olo.�y.

Counseling service for those who are uncertain as to their future course is offered through tIll' cooperation of the office of the dean, department heads, and a group of faculty members who have specialized in personnel work . Placemenr service, with follow-up facilirirs, is maintain;:d for alumni.

COllrse:--; for C l C I1H:.' ntar \- -,",chonl teachlT:-; and ad­ ' ministrators. and for parish workers. Busincs:-; and ,..:t"cret�Lri;d c()ur�es. Profc�siol 1al





ins'crun1C'!1t-: o p po rt u ni t y to

"TIl\: L i t t le SyrnphoIlY." Liber.d :lrts cour"'S ,,·ith usual fi Ids.


{\ ,� tht:tic Art Biology




[ "batc­ D r:llll ati c s ECOJlOInic· ... Education

Engli,:h French

appreciation, voice, piano, (Jther "T'he Choir of th� \Vbl" anei


m;,.iors and

C;cograpiIy Cennan Greek

H ebrc\\"

Health II iSlI)!"), IloIl1<:.' EC0l10111ics Industrial ,\J"ts J ournalisl1l Latin Liter;l.ture :Vla the lila tics


Illillors offered



Recreation Recreation facilities include tennis, golf, hikes, picnics. swimming. boating in beautiful Spanaway Lake. skiing on the mountains, trips to the Sound, and inspiration from Mount Rainier. "the snow-decked, crimson-colored

Norse Orientation P h i l o soph y

majestic form towering againsi the blue sky in lonely " grandeur

l'hvsical Edu c ati un






Psychology I-{ciigion

(C;cnl"rai) Secretarial Tninill,Q Sociology S"'cditih



For Complete Description of Courses Send for Regular Catalog

of Tacoma. The cmnpus is about 7V2 miles .:.

avenue, "vhich is two blocks west of the hig

Calendar First term Second term first semester Second semester First term Second term

(Public Law No. 16)


requirements: (I) Active military or naval service any time Jfter Sept. 16, 1940. to the end of tbe war: (2) a discbarge, not disbonorable. from active service: (3) a service conne�ted pension­ able disability incurred within tbe Jbove time-limits . (4) a vocational handicap due to such disability:


June 13 to July 13 july 16 [0 August I ')


September! 0 to January 24 January 28 to June I

(5) a need for vocationJI training to overcome this handicap.


June I Z to July 12 July I') to August 14

2.-Perlod of Instruction: No course of instruction may

exceed four yean in lengtb, or extend beyond six years after tbe war.

Costs Per Semester of Eighteen Weeks

l,.-Beneflts: During the period of tralnlng. and for two

_8105.00 117.50

Tuition Jnd general fees BOJrd Rent for old rooms ') 1.50, or for modernized rooms Special fees $5 to S I 5

montbs tbereafter, tbe veteran's pension is increased to 592 per montb for J single man, s5.75 additionJ.1 for each dependent child. and S 11.50 for eJch d�­ pendent pJrent. Loans not exceeding S 100 may be made to trainees

45.00 10.00


4.-Placf' of training: Tbe traInIng may be received in recognized and accredited colleges, universities and other educational institutions. or in well-establisbed business enterprises wbich afford training-on-the-job. Tuition, books and supplies are provided in institu­ tional training.



Add spendin g money and multiply by two to obtJin estimJte of cost of atrendJnce for one scbool year.

Summ,er Session Expenses ___

5.-Application: To make application, it is necessary [0 file V. A. Farm 526. Application [or Pension. If

Tn; 'n,U- 7.25 per credit hour.

the veteran is found to have a pensionable disJbillty he wi!! be sent an Application for Vocational Train­ ing which be must fill out and return.

Library Fee-S2.00. Pianc and Voice-S2.00 per lesson. Dormitory Rooms-S 7.50 per term per person In old rooms: S 10 per person in new rooms. Board-S7.50 per week.


breakfast is �ervcd


Sundays. Algebra 51, Higher Algebra. 3 credits, 2nd term. Bamstad. ' Art 10. Introduction to Fine Arts, 3 or., 2nd term , Pfluege1·. Art 115, Architecture 8< Sculpture. 3 cr., 1st term, Berg. Art 116. History of Pa.inting. 3 cr., 1st term, Berll·. Biology 125. Eugenics. 3 cr., 1st. tea oller to be SElected. Biology 75. Natura.l History. 2 C1·., 1st. to be selected. Biology 150. Teach. Methods, 2 cr .• 1st. to be selected. Bus. Ad. 55, Basic Accounting, 3 cr .. 2nd. Reid. Education 103. Ed. Ps,-chology. 3 cr., 1st. Nielsen. Education 116. Projects, 1-3 cr., 2nd, Beid. Education 141. Elementary Curriculum. 2 cr.• 1st. NielSen. English 62a. Literary Backgrounds. 1Y2 cr.. 1st. Ranson. English 62b. Literary 1 ¥., cr.. 2nd, Blomquist. English 121. American Lit., 3 cr .• 1st. Banson. EngliSh 130. Directed Reading, 3cr.• 2nd. Blom.quist. Or English 1:�6, Modern Poetry. Gen. Science 22. Introduction, 3 cr .. 2nd, Ramsta(l. Health Ed. 54, First Aid, 1 cr .. 2nd, Young. Health Ed. 131. Pub. Sch. Health Prob., 3 cr., Young"

Roon'ls Tbe college dormitory rooms accommodate two person:;. and are furnisbed witb dressers, tables, cbJirs. single beds. mattresses. All otber necessary articles. sucb as blankets, sbeets. pillows, towels, curtains. rugs. reading lamps. etc.. must be provided by tbe student. Furnished and unfurnisbed rooms may be rented in tbe localiry.

rvork Opportunities

History 20. Hist. and Gov. of Wash.. 2 cr., 2nd, Akre. History 75. Latin America, 3 .::r.. 2nd, Akre. History 110, Contemporary Hist.. 3 cr.. 1st, Franck. History 160. International ReI.. 2 cr., 1st, Franck. Library Science 110. SchOOl Lib1·,UY. 2 cr., 2nd. Tingelstad. Music 51. Harmony: 3 cr.. 2nd. Malnun. Music 57. Voice, 1 cr. . 1St and 2nd. Dilts. Music 59. Piano 1 cr .. 1st and 2nd. Weiss. Music 101. World of Music. 3 cr., 1st. Weiss. Music 121, llist. 8< Lit.. 2 cr.. 1st, Weiss. Philosophy 106. Ethics. 2 cr., 2nd, pflueger. Physical Ed. 112, Methods, 2 cr.. 2nd. Young. Printing 57. Basic Course. 2 cr.. 1st and 2nd, Beard. Sociology 51. Introduction. 3 Cr.. 1st. Benealt. Or 52. The Family. Sociology 106, CI'lllle 8< Del.. 2 cr .. 1st, Reneau. Or 108. Minority Problems.

Students who need employment to belp finance tbeir edu­ cation sbould apply to tbe College Employment Service. Opportunities are numerous at present. Insufficient funds need not deter a prospective student from attending.

village of Parkland, \Vashington, a suburb south of the center of Tacoma, on Park hway running from Tacoma to Mt. Rainier.


. .

Nole: Courses: in OtlH�I' listed in our" l'e<�'IJ1cU" cataloa' rnay be org-anized if I"cg-istl'ation be sufficient. (�l;ls:-;HS in which registration is If'�s than fh"(.:. lTIny be (lis('ontinU8tl.

ssa.IpPV OU lP'I 'P;lAOW;lH


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aRR�NVHVnD RD V�SOd NHn�RH 'Z161 'VZ lSl1.ijl1V J(i sS.}.lJJUO) .10 PV- dljl .1:'IJllll '1I01flllILJ"E/,\ 'PllEPIJ1'.d lE ;):JIJJ() lsod ;:)LJl lE 'rr61 'I JdC{[ll;)]d;)S JJlll!lrt SSEjJ-PlIO:JriS SE jl;).l;)lll::J. 'l Io1·1i1l!LJSl!i\\ '(ElllOJEJJ IllIl''FIJEcI ·;)JI;)IJO) UEJ;)l!ll1'1 J!J1Jed ,\q ,(p;JjJlmlJ P;)lls!l<jnd I



1 'II::Ia:WIlJlI

!it-Bl 'II'II dV tHZHI'IIna: 3:D3:TI:OO






Ul18110a 8fi8110a UeJ81111nIJ alJlaed

If you arc looking for a school where competent, experie nced teachers take a personal interest in their students. If you wish to associate with happy, wholesome young people, and enjoy participation in pleasant extra-curricular

activities and health-building athletics,

If your means are limite d , and you desire to support your self in part, If you recognize the importance of Christian interpretation, and wish to study in an environ m ent of Christian fel­ lowship,

You are invited to apply for admission to Pacific Lutheran College (Cut off

and mail)

To the registrar of Pacific Lutheran College, Parkland, Washington. Please send: Latest general catalog


Special inform ation about the following courses:

Names :lI1d addresses of persons who may be interested in recr iving information:

Remarks: , Signature Address

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