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Pauific L the


College B lIetin

Published quartt'rly hr Pacitic Lutht.ran CoI!Cf�(' at Tacom3 ;\nd Parkland. \V:!.shington. Entered 5('cond·cia!'.s m3Uer Aprd 2fi, 1927, �t thr postoHicl' at Tacoma. \V'ashington. und1.·c the Act of Augus.t 24. 1 912.

AUGUST, 1939



No. 2, Part 2

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Paid-up Endowment Pledges, List No. 13.

2. Annual Report of the President of Pacific Lutheran College-1939. 3. Appendix (F01lr Pacific District Resolutions). 4. Notes on the Above Report. 5. Financial Statement 6. Change.<



in Personnel for


Olaf M. Norlie David T. Nelson Anna M. Nielsen Arling G. Sannerud Grace B l omquist Jane E. Haugen

Ed in Tinge!stad Paul R. Highby Vivian Johnson ' Gladys Gilbe rtson Katherine G. Thompson Irene Dahl Hageness

PAID-UP ENDOWMENT PLEDGES List No. 13 Previous lists have made public the names of the donors of 1,235 paid-up endowment pledges. Paci fic Lutheran College hereby gratefull y acknowledges the full payment of five additional pledges, which bring the total number of fully paid-up p ledges t o 1,240. Name Berg, Rev.

Jos. H. ..

Lauritson, Otto__... Swanes, J ...__ .._. .. _ . _ _ _ . __

in in

.. August 25, 1938...... _ _


Wick, Martin.. _ .... . . . . . .. _........ ....... _

Pledges paid


November 21, 1938 ..February 18, 1939


. .

Trinity Ladies Aid-Parkland._

Pledges paid

Amount of Pledge 50.00 $

Date Paid in Full

.. _ .


. __ ..... _.......

. ..

. ..

..November 10, 1938

......May 11,

full since July 31, 1938.. __ full to July 31, 1938.


100.00 135.00


100.00 ..

. . .......



. ..$


......... .


Pledges paid in full to July 31, 1939.. ..... Part al payments, all other pledges_ . ._ ....._ ..

... ... ..$106,456.69

Total paid, July 31, 1939. .. ... ........ .



.. _ .$146,789.87


"'Quench 110t the Spirit"





At a time when again in the history of the world whole nations are losing or are in danger of losing the light of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our Church, the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America, is officially committed to an endeavor to gain a million sou ls for Christ's Kingdom. We do well ro bear in mind that only the Holy Spirit can crown such an endeavor with su ccess, for no one can call Jesus Lord except by the Holy Ghost (I Cor . 12:3). \'{!e do well also to ponder the words of Jesus to Nicodemus: "The wind bl weth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit" (John 3 :8) . And certainly, if we are to be members of a soul-winning church, it must be our prayer, that we be given grace not to quench the Spirit; especially since we know both by implication of the apostolic admonition as well as by experience how great is this danger of quenching the Spirit. It shoul d be agreed also that there is a deep spiritual harmony between all the above·named con­ siderations and our accepted pri nciple, basic at Pacific Lutheran College, namely, "First things first", in harmony with the oft-quoted words of our Lord: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteou sness" (Matt. 6:33). But Pacific Lutheran College is also mindful of the uniqueness of its position as a Christian school in some special sense responsibl e to the whole American Lutheran Conference, three of whose five constituent synods arc also officially represented in the College Board of Tru stees, and therefore the College con­ stantly strives to take to heart another admonition of. the same aposr/e, as found r ecorded in Eph. 4:1-7: "I, therefore, the p risoner of the Lord, b eseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called, with all lowli­ ness and meekness, with longsu f fering, forbearing one another in love; endeavoring to keep the u nity of the Spirit in the bond of p eace. There is one body and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, Who is above all, and through all, and in you all . But unto everyone of us IS gIven grace according to the measu re of the gift of Christ ." At Pacific Lutheran College, by the grace of God, there is mindfulness of these words of Saint Paul. Not only the continued growth, but the very existence the College, is conditioned on such mindfulness. With gratitude for God's grace in the past we pray for the continued p resence of the unity of the Spirit among liS, that we may by that same grace walk worthy of our Christian vocation.


In comp liance with action taken by the Board of Trustees of P acific Lutheran College the undersigned resumed his full r esponsibilities as President of the College on June 15, 1938. He desires to record here again his gratitude to the members of the administrative council (the Reverend Alf M. Kraabel, Dean Philip E . Hauge, and Business M anager Theodore Nelsson) and to all others who lifted burdens from his shoulders during his seven months of inca­ pacitation, and to many friends for kindnesses innumerable.

Security and continuity f tenure lend strength to an institu tion. It is therefore a pleasure to record that the faculty of Pacific Lutheran College has again remained intact, except for the following changes: Professor N. J. Hong and Professor P. J. Bardon, each having passed the age limit set for retirement, were r tired from active service and placed on the Emeritus list on August 1, 193 8; Mrs. Lora B. Kreidler, Dean of Women, who fel:l seriously ill at midyear was relieved of her regular duties through the remainder of the year through the kind cooperation of Miss Gladys Gilbertson, with respect to the deanship, and of Miss Florence Richardson, with r espect to the instruction i n art; lYlr. Victor

A. Elve trom, experienced field agent, who entered bu siness in February, 1937, on leave of absence till August 1, 19 38 has not since been officially connected with the College; and Mrs. Adah Helen Dapper, Director of Physical Education for Women, resigned to move to Eugene, Oregon, and was replaced at the beginning of this school year by Miss Rhoda Mae Hokenstad, who has also served as Assi stant Dean of Women. M iss Vivian Johnson, Normal Supervisor, on l eave of absence during the second semester for continued study at Columbia University, was i n the meanwhile replaced by lYIrs. Katherine Grimstead. Mrs. Louise S. Taylor, whose leave of absence expired with the expiration of her first term as superintendent of schools of Pierce County (to which office she was r e-elected without opposition), continues on leave by action of the Board of Trustees. Professor Carl Solling-Fynboe, formerly of Dana College, joined the staff on August 22, 1938, as field agent in charge of the collection of library and endowment pledges. Mrs. Alice Spencer Weiss replaced Mrs. Dorothy Brann Malmin as assistant in piano in September. Professor Elvin Martin Akre, Dean of Men, became Acting Principal of the High School Division on August 1, 1938; and Mr. Paul A. Preus, on part-time duty since May I, 1938, has been officially designated as Eastern Representative. On September 1, 1938, Mrs. Linka Preus DeBerry became secretary in the Registrar's office, succeeding lYlrs. Irene Dahl Hageness, member of the secretarial staff since 1930 and most recently Assistant to the Registrar. Special teachers during the 1938 Summer Session were Mrs. Katherine Grimstead and Mr. Elmer T. Thune in education, Miss Florence Richardson in art, and Dr. M arie MaImin Meyer of St. Olaf College in English. ,

On the Board of Trustees, the Reverend M. K. Hartmann has replaced the Reverend H. J. Thorpe, a nd M r . H. L. J. Dahl has replaced the Reverend o. K. Davidson; and, by vote of the Columbia Conference of the Augustana Synod, the Reverend P. V. Randolph has replaced the R everend C. S. Odell. The Board numbers fifteen members, of which number nine from the Pacific D istrict of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America and three members from each of the two cooperating bodies (American Lutheran Church and Augu stana Synod) . To study and promote closer cooperation two committees were set up in 1938: an intersynodical advisory committee of three memhers (Dr. J. c. K. Pre us, Dr. H . F. Schuh, Dr. Victor Spong) , and a special committee on cooperation of nine members (District President H. L. Foss, chairman, the Reverend A. lYI. Kraabel, !'vIr. A. A . Mykland, District President L. Ludwig, the R everend A. R . M . Kettner, the Reverend E. C. Knorr, the Reverend Elmer M . Johnson, the

Reverend C. S. Odell, and Dr. C. R. Swanson) . This special committee met last September without deciding to recommend any change for the present. Under the leadership of its budget committee ( the Reverend L. Ludwig, Mr. A. A. Mykland, Mr. H. L. J. Dahl) , however, the Board of Trustees, on March 28, 1939, voted to recommend to the corporation the adoption of two changes in scope: 1) By a unanimous vote, the establishment of senior college sta tus, in the earnest hope that a plea for additional financial support in the form of increased appropriations from the cooperating bodies may not be denied; and 2) by a divided vote, the elimination of the first two years of the High School Division this coming fall, the third year in the fall of 1940, and the fourth year in 1941. In the first of these recommendations the undersigned concurs; in the second, he does not, because he regards it as a backward step. ( Without very careful deliberation it is a sufficient step in this direction that the Board, with the permission of last year's District Convention, has dropped the ninth grade.) The Intersynodical Advisory Committee, set up in 1938 and consisting of Dr. H. F . Schuh, Dr. Victor Spong, and Dr. J. C. K . Preus, has not yet fully con­ curred in either recommendation, opportunity for joint committee de liberation having so far been lacking. The Columbia Confe rence, at its recent meeting at Portland, Oregon, endorsed the recommendation for the establishment of senior college status, voted to increase its annual appropriation from $2000. 0 to �2500.00, and petitioned the Augllstana Synod to increase its annual subsidy to the College from $2000.00 to $2500.00. The Northwestern District, at its annual meeting at Pendleton, Oregon, last month, gave similar endorsement and petitioned the American Lutheran Church for similar increase in annual subsidy, namely from $5000_00 to $5500.00. The establishment of senior college status for Pacific Lutheran College is urgent for the foil wing reasons: 1) All Normal Schools in the State of Wash­ ington, with the single exception of Pacific Lutheran Colleg,�, have now become four-year Colleges of Education, under the pressure of higher certification requirements for teaching in the public schools of the state; the Washington State Board of Education resolved at irs April, 1939, meeting that four ye rs of training on the college level will be required after September 1, 1942, for certification. 2) It is already the attitude of superintendents in many cities to place emphasis on the four-year colltse of training in the placement of teachers. 3) Graduates of Pacific Lutheran College, who must complete the fourth year before they will be eligible for the six-year certificate, naturally desire to return to Pacific Lutheran College for the added year. 4) Members of the Washington State Board of Education assume that Pacific Lutheran College will offer the fourth year. 5) Northwest Association authorities recom­ mend the establishment of a four-year college of education as the next step in the development of Pacific Lutheran College. The development of a four-year Liberal Arts curricu lum will follow in turn as a natural outgrowth, if we keep our fundamental objectives clearly in mind. Certification is one important matter; accreditation is another. A record of performance of about two years on a four-year basis is required before accredita­ tion as a four-year institution can be sought; hence the desirability of beginning as soon as possible to establish such recdrd of performance. The administrative

officers of Pacific Lutheran College recommend that the following steps be taken in order: 1) Submission of a four-year teacher-training curriculum for approval by the State Board of Education this summer. 2) Introduction of minimum fou r th -ye ar off rings this fall. 3) Application for certification privilege on a four-year basis in NIarch, 1940. 4) Introduction. of permanent curriculum set-up with increased offerings in the fall of 1940. 5) Application for inspection for accreditation as a four-year college of education, January, 1941, and for such accreditation, April, 1941. 6) The granting of the B.A. degree with major in Education in 1941. 7) The granting of the B.A. degree with other majors in 1 9 4 2 . ven the first step in this program will necessitate an increase in financial

s upport, personnel, and facilities. The College Board of Trustees has carefully repared four resolutions in this matter. These resolutions are appended to this report. The total enrollment at Pacific Lutheran College this year is 414, m:lrking the thirteenth successive annual increase, the yearly figures since 1925-26 being 143 157, 178, 214, 237, 262, 264, 281, 290, 302 348, 363, and 414. This year's graduating class numbered 90, whereof 59 from the Normal Department, 21 from rhe two-year Junior College of Liberal Arts, and 10 from the High School Division. The Reverend P. B. Hoff, of Tacoma, \Vashington, delivered the baccalaureate sermon, and Mrs. Louise Stixrud Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, Pierce County, \Vashington, the commencement address. This year for the first time a one-year course in pre-nursing has been given, with the compett:nt assistance of Miss Katherine Hoffman, R.N., of the Tacoma General Hospital. Last year's operating budget was balanced through the voluntary contribution of $2 47.94 by the members of the College staff. This year the expectation is to balance the operating budget without such sacrifice. The most important forward step in the matter of external development is the completion of the Pacific

Lutheran College Library building to the point of initial usefulness, the second floor, with main reading room, now being in use, as a result of the very con足 scientious and efficient work of Mr. Carl S. Fynboe. No indebtedness re"t; on this b ui lding, which was dedicated with appropriate and impressive ceremonies on May 1, 193 9. President 1. Ludwig of the Northwestern District, representing General President Em. Poppen, delivered the devotional address and presided at the special convocation in the morning, and President P. O. Bersell, of the Augustana Synod, delivered the convocation address, while Dr. S. C. Eastvold, epresen ti ng President J. A. Aasgaard and the Board of Education of the Nor足 wegian lutheran Church of America, delivered the dedicatory address in the afternoon. The words of dedication were spoken by the Reverend S. J. N. Y[visaker, Secretary of the College Board of Trustees. Another forward step is the occupancy of the former Paul A. Preus home as an auxiliary dormitory for girls since last September, with Miss Rhoda M. Hokenstad in charge. This dormitory is the first memorial of the loyal interest of the Pacific Lutheran CoHege Dormitory Auxiliary, and its official name is A lIxiliary Hall. In addition to the matters already discussed in this report, the foHowing items also require attention: I. The election or re-election of three members of the College Board of r

Trusrees for a term of three years.

The Board members whose terms now expire

are Mr. M. T. Hokenstad, of Snohomish, \'V'ashington, the Reverend P. J. uvaas, of Eugene, Oregon. and the Reverend S. J. N. Ylvisakcr, of Stanwood, Washington.

2. The election or re·election of the auditing committee, the present mem­ bers of which are Mr. A. L. Leknes, of Stanwood, Washington, and Mr. A. T. lmer, of Tacoma, Washington.


The denion or rc-election of the Board of Visitors.


Pro pe r recognition of the long and loyal service of lvlr. H. E. Anderson,

of Tacoma, Washington, as Treasurer of the College Endowment Fund and mcmber of the Endowment Investment Committee.

['vIr. Anderson resigned

from these two positions on March 28, 1939, and was replaced in the former

positi n b, Mr. . C. Mason, of Tacoma, and in the latter by Mr. George H. Fisher, also of Tacoma. It will be remembered that some years ago Mr. Anderson also served for many years as member and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of P acifi c Lutheran College.

It is also recorded here, with due appreciation

f services rendered, that Mr. F. P. Haskell, Jr., of Tacoma, after his retirement from business, last year resigned as member of the Endowment Investment Committee and was replaced by Mr. F. C. Mason, present Treasurer of the Board.

5. The undersigned would also suggest that this Convention send a Christian greeting to the sickbed of Professor N. J. Hong, who lies ill at the home of his son at 806 N. Adams St., Tacoma, Washington.

The llndersigned would also

like to be permitted to assume that Professor Hong's translations of hymns are so well and favorably known among us, that this Convention may be willing endorse a request that these translations be published with his original poem� in book form, if possible. "To Live", written in honor of Dr. H. A. Stub's thirty-fifth anniversary in the ministry, June 30, 19 38, is a sample of his poetry: "To live IS to love the best w� have known; To live IS to cheri,� the friends that we own;


To live


To live


to find the pearl of great price; to know God's love in disguise;

To live


to soiten dissension and strife:

To live


to mirror heav'n in our life;

To live


to wield the Spirit's own sword;

To live


to die with faith in the Lord."

Finally, because Pacific Lutheran College is manifestly such an important agency for the perpetuation of a Christian civilization and the prop:tgation of the Gospel, the undersigned would close this report with two quotations from thi year's annual report of District President H. L. Foss to this Convention: "God has placed us here for a purpose.

As Christian people we know His

purpose in us is our eternal salvation and, through us, the salvation of others. There is work to be done and the Lord calls His Church to do it.

be done?

It is not a question of possibility where God is concerned.

SURETY if God can hal'e His n'ay in


and u.s."

Can it It is a

"With sanctified hearts our faith must be re-echoed in sanctified lives. The sermon which the world most readily will understand is the sermon of the

sanctified life. And a sanctified live involves a life that contends for the faith; a faith in the efficacy of the \Vord, in the Divine plan of God for His Church and her place in the world. It means faith in the promises of God to the extent hat at Hi

Word we 'come' and 'go'." Yours in the lVlaster's service, o. A. TINGELSTAD.

Los Angele , California, June 17, 1939.

APPENDIX Resolution No. I Whereas the establishment of senior college status for Pacific Lutheran College is urgent for the f lIowing reasons: 1) All Normal Schools in the State of Washington, with the single exception of Pacific Lutheran College, have now become four-year Colleges of Education, under the pressure of higher certification requirements for teaching in the public schools of the state; the ashington State Board of Education resolved at its April, 1939, meeting that f ur years of training on the college level will be required after September 1, 1942, f r certification. 2) It is already the attitude of superintendents in many cities to place emphasis on the four-year course of training in the placement of teachers. 3) Graduates of Pacific Lutheran College, who must complete the fourth year before they will be eligible for the six-year certificate, naturally desire to return to Pacific Lutheran College for the added year. 4) Members of the \Vashington State Board of Education assume that Pacific Lutheran CoIlege will offer the fourth year. 5) Northwest Association authorities recom足 mend tbe establishment of a four-year college of education as the next step in the development of Pacific Lutheran College. The development of a four-year Liberal Arts curriculum will follow in turn as a natural outgrowth; And whereas a record of performance of about two years on a four-year basis is required before accreditation as a four-year institution can be sought; hence the desirability of beginning as soon as possible to establish such record of performance; Therefore be it resolved that the Pacific District of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America concur in the recommendation of the administrative officers of Pacific Lutheran College that the following seven steps be taken in order: 1) Submission of a four-year teacher-training curriculum for approval by the State Board of Education this summer. 2) Introduction of minimum fOllrth足 year offerings this fall. 3) Application for certification privilege on a four足 year basis in M rch, 1 940. 4) Introduction of permanent curriculum set-up with increased offerings in the fall of 1940. 5) Application for inspection for accreditation as a four-year college of education. January, 1941, and for such accreditation, April, 1941. major in Education in 1941. majors in 1Y42.

6) The granting of the B.A. degree with 7) The granting of the B.A. degree with other

Resolution No. II \'Vhereas the Pacific District has found itself compelled to recognize the urgent need for the development of Pacific Lutheran College into a full senior college, and \'Vhereas, while senior college status has long been recognized as the eventual destiny of Pacific Lutheran College, the marked growth and other developments beyond the control of the College have brought about the need for this status sooner than anticipated by many, and \'Vhereas the support by which the College has operated is evidently inade足 quate for the support of a senior college, and \Vhereas the stage

of development of cooperation from the Augustana

Synod and the American Lutheran Church has not reached a point where they can assume equal responsibility for the operation of Pacific Lutheran College, but have expressed willingness to follow the leadership

of the Norwegian Lutheran

Church in developing the College, and \Vhereas the people of the Pacific District have shown their interest in the College by congregational and personal contributions that compare favorably

of their respective terri足 of the small membership of the District such support needs

with such support given any of our colleges by the people cories, but because

to be supplemented by added income, and Whereas the immediate constituency of the College


to be kept

mobilized for development of the College rather than for annual support, because of its rapid growth,

It Resolved by the Pacific District of the Norwegian Lutheran that the District respectfully petitions the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America for Therefore Be

Church of a.



Approval of senior college status at Pacific Lutheran College; An adequate annual subsidy in an amount not less than that granted the other senior colleges provide the College with

of the Church (or in an amount sufficient to a current income in harmony with that received

by the other senior colleges of the Church); c.

a financial campaign in the District for the improvement of the financial stability of the College, at the discretion of the College

Approval of

Board of Trustees. Resolution No. III Resolved that the Pacific District

allocations for Pacific Lutheran College

be continued for the present. Resolution No. IV \Vhereas the key position of Pacific Lutheran College in the

Pacific District

calls for an ever increasing interest in the College on the part of the membership of the District, and \Xihereas the

Pacific Lutheran College Development Association has in a

measure cultivated that interest and has contributed important income for the ollege, and Whereas, because of the large number of people to be contacted and the comparatively small membership fees involved, it has been found expensive


solicit these memberships,

difficult and

Therefore Be It Resolved b y the Pacific District of the Norwegian Lutheran of America, That a Roll Call Sunday be designated b y the District, when the con­ ?. gregations within the District shall cooperate in a genera,l solicitation for memberships in the Pacific Lutheran College Development Associa­ tion, and b. That the Sunday nearest October 14th of each year shall be designated as Roll C II Sunday, and c. That the College authorities shall organize this Roll Call and furnish the necessary material, and d. That the Columbia Conference of the A ug ustana S ynod and the North­ western District of the American Lutheran Church shall be asked to cooperate in this Roll Call.


NOTES ON THE ABOVE REPORT The Pacific Distlict, in annual convention assembled at Our Savior's







19, 1939,



adopted the fow- resolutions appended to the annual report of the President of the Colleg

and thus authorized the establishment of senior coUege status for

Pacific Lutheran College.

The College accordingly made the following an­

nouncement in its catalog:

"Fourth-year offerings.

The Normal Department is being reorganized into

a fOUI-. ear College of Education. In 1939-40 fourth-year students may major The development of a. in biology. English, history, music, or social science. four-year Liberal Arts cw-riculum will follow as rapidly as possible."




20, 1939,

College Association)







endorsed the above action by the Pacific District.


regard to the High School Division of Pacific Lutheran College. the College Corporation 'esolved that the aetion of the College Board of Trustees in eliminating the ninth grade for this coming year be approved; al,;o, that the matter of "eliminating other grades" be laid on the table for one year.



accordingly made the following alll10uncement in it.s catalog: "Dul'ing the school year


only the upper three grades of

high-school work (g'l'ades 10, 11, and 12) will be given." 3. Partly because of the above resolutions and partly for other reasons the following changes in the teaching and administrative staff become effective



coming year:

Dr. O. M. Norlie, Professor of Psychology at Luther

to Pacific Lutheran College Professor Edvin Tingelstad for the year 1939-40, in harmony tion of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America in 1936 in

College, Decorah,




Iowa, comes




in exchange for with the resolu­ recommendation





Luther College, in exchange for Professor Paul R. Highby. who will teach biology at Luther College in 1939-40, will teach English at Pacific Lutheran College. Miss Gladys Gilbertson having been granted a year's leave of absence


further study at the University of Washington; Miss Anna M. Nielsen, for

the past nine years a member of the supervisory staff of Iowa State Teacher ColJege. will be Normal Supervisor at Pacific Lutheran College in place of M' year;

ivian Johnson, whose leave of absence has been continued for another


Grace Blomquist, of WaubW1, Minnesota, a g-raduate of Concordia,

College (Moorhead) and for the past two years assistant to the Dean of Women at Syracuse University, New York, has accepted the position of Asdstant Dean of Women; Shelton, Washington, Jan




Arling' G. Sannerud (P. L. C.,


comes from

be Acting Principal of the High School Division; Miss of Bellingham, Washington, has been elected to be Library

Assistant; and lVII'S. Irene Dahl Hageness (P. L. C., tary on a part-time basis.


will be Alumni Secre­


The enrollment figure for 1938-39 was announced as 411 at the Pacific

District Convention at Los Angeles, but the correct.ed figure, 414,

has been

inserted in the printed report of the Presid nt. The Pacific Lut.heran College Associa(,ion, on June 20, 1939. elected Olaf Halvorson, of Huntington Pa.rk, California, and re-elected the Rev­ erend S. J. N. Ylvisaker, of Stanwood, Washington, and Mr. M. T. Hokenstad. of Snohomish, Washington, as trus.tees for a term of three years; re-elected Mr. A. L. Leknes and Mr. A. T. Elmer as auditing' committee; and re-elected Bremerton, Washington, and elected the Reverend Theo. Hoke nstad, 0 , l tl



everend J. T. Norby, of Seattle, Washington, Dr. K. S. Michelsen. of Tacoma, Washington, Mrs. P. B. ifoff, of Tacoma, Washington, and Mrs. M. L. Nesvig, It was also of Seattle, Washington, as members of the Board of Visitors. r solved that the President of the Pacific District be made an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, meeting at Park­

land, Washington, on August 15, 1939, chose its officers for the year 1939-40, as follows: Pre 'd nt, the Reverend Alf M. Kraabel (re-elected); Vice- President, Mr. A. A. Mykland (re-elected); Secretary, the Reverend S. J. N. Y1visaker Cre-elected); Treasurer, Mr. F. C. Mason (re-elected); Executive Conunittee, the Reverend L. Ludwig, Dr. C. R. Swanson, Mr. H. L. J. Dahl, the Reverend Alf M. Kraabel, and t.he Reverend S. J. N. Ylvisaker (all five re-elected).

6. The Pacific District Convention time 'ervices of Mr. H. E. Anderson and greetings to Professor N. J. Hong' on his Professor Hong's poems and book form. 7.



appeal' from

took proper cognizance of the long­ Mr.

translations the


P. Haskell, Jr.; sent Christmas

sickbed; and expressed the hope that of


appended financial

more than balanced its operating budget for 1938-39. creased








might be

published in

statement. the


The growth factor in­




as more than offset by increase in assets. Inasmuch as the College has now reached the point in its development where refinancing may be found to be both feasible and desirable, the College Board of Trustees, on August 15, 1939, authorized such refinancing' to the extent of $75,000 by means of a mortgage loan on the campus. subject to approval by the Corporation (The Pacific Lutheran College Association). The manner in 'which corporate approval was given is shown in the following quotation from the of the special meeting of The Pacific Lutheran College Association which was held in the College Chapel on August 29, 1939: "RESOLUTION:

At Parkland, Washington. on the 29th day of August.,

1939, a special meeting' of The Pacific Lutheran College Association. a corpora­


of the State of Washington, was held, a quorum being present, in com­

pliance with the by-laws of corporation.

The meeting was called to order

It was resolved: by Rev. Alf M. Kraabel, president of the corporation. Whereas the Board of Trustees of said Pacific Lutheran College Associa.tion has decided to make an application for a loan of not more than $75,000 at the lowest interest rate possible, for a term of ten years, and to give a first closed mortgage on the campus of said corporation as security for said loan, Now,

therefore, be it resolved

that the Board of Trustees of the said corporation be

and they are hereby authorized and directed to Sign said application, mort.gage. and all other papers necessary for the completion of the loan and to execute and sign the same and attach the corporate seal thereto. unanimously adopted." The








This resolution was College



Truste s to neg'Otiate a loan in accordance with this resolution is the Reverend


Lono, the rema.ining· two members being Mr. Theodore Nelsson and .i.\ilr. H. L. J. Dahl, with Dr. O. A. Tingelstad and Attorney F. Henricksen as advi sory

members. Board.

This committee is to

report to the Executive Committee of


The Corporation all>o resolved at this special mee ting on August 29, 1939. that a committee of three be apPOinted by t.he chair to submit to the next meeting of the Associatioll such revision and amendments of the constitution and by-laws as they may deem wise. The chair made the following appoint­ men ts : District President H. L. Foss, the Reverend O. K. David son and th e Reverend S. J. N . Ylvtsaker, with Dr. O. A. Tingelstad and Attorney F. ,



advisory members.

8. At the Los Angeles Convention the Pacific District voted to continue to subsidize The Western Lutheran, and re-elected the Reverend O. L. Haavik as a m mber of the Board of Publication for a period of two 9. The 1939 Swnmer Session, June 12 - August 1 1 , enrolled students ; Mr. O. J. stuen and Mr. E. Tingelstad were co-directors. Mrs. Linka Preus DeBerry, ass isted by Miss Es ther M. Olson, had charge of thc Registrar's office. SpeCial appointees on the teaching st.aff for the Summer Session were Dr. H. F. Swansen of Dana College in history and Mr. Elmer T. Thune of t.he Tacoma Public Schools in education. -

10. To speed up the f urther construct.ion work on the Library building. the Coil ge Board of Trustees has commissioned Mr. C . S. Fynboe to solicit additional pled g-es to supplement p l edges whose collection i� slow.

F I NA N C I A L STATE M E N T FOR 1 9 3 8 - 1 9 3 9 C urrent I ncome for Year Ending J u ly 3 1 . 1 9 39 Tu ition (General and Music) Room Rent Physical Education . _

_ ___ _ _


._________ _

._ _ _ . __ .


_____ _

Sundry Typewriter Rent & Repairs


.__. . ._. __

_ __ _ _ _. .

Transcripts and Credentials Placement Service Library Fees _

�35,035.57 10,7 19.30 1 ,59735 992.59 595.7 1 245.21 2 1 430 102.50 93.0 1 88. 1 5


__ _ _ . ___ . _ __ .___

Laboratory Fees & Expenses Book Store

___ _ _ _

00 . _ _ _ _ ____ . ___._

_ . . __ ______ _ __ _

_ _ . ___

___ .___. 00 _ _._

Net Operating Income

00 ____

___ ....

Nor wegian Luth. Church of Am. Appropriation American Lutheran Church Appropriation Endowment a n d Trust Fund Interest ( 5070) P. L. C. Development Association Augustana Synod Appropriation Col umbia Conference ( Augustana) Appropriation



�49,683 .69



___ _ 00


__ _ . ___

__.__ ___

Harmah Ausenhus Unrestricted Legacy Pacific District ( N. L. C. of A.) Appropriation


. . ___

_ .. ._ ._.__

Profit on Real Estate Other Income 1 5 per cent o f Endowment Collections


____ .

_ . _ ..

_.___ _

Brown Legacy Interest

. _ _ _. _

Tota l Current Income



. ________



. ___. . . . _ . ___ _ _

10,000.00 4,208.35 1,644 .61 2,085.74 1 ,705.30 1 ,600.00 1 ,247.86 988.07 352.81 76. 3 3 28.65 6.18 $73,627.59

Cu r rent Expenses for Year E n d i n g J u ly 3 1 , 1 939 Tea chers' Sala ries Office Expense Hear, Janitor, & Nighr Wa rchman Repairs & Replacements . Adver tising General Expense ___


$4 1 ,7 2 5 . 5 8



6,700 .30



__ _


_ ___


Campus Up-keep Light and \Vater IllSurance Choir Deficit

5 , 7 3 9 .4 1 2,479.70


1 ,995 .20 94 1 .87 859 .80


7 3 1 .5 5


69 1 .2 6


65 2 . 6 1


ampus Improvement Project Golf CotJ[se Up-keep Auxiliary Hall Expenses Board of Trustees Taxes


_____________ _

600.00 ____



26 1 .3 2 2 3 6.42


Net Operating Expenses Interest Traveling Expenses Other Expenses ___ _ _


. . __





$64, 6 1 8 .92


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6,277.5 2 1 , 3 49 . 1 0 1 10.18

Total Current Expenses Net Gain

072,3 5 5 .72 1 ,27 1 .87


Total Expenses and Net Gain

)�7 3 , 627 . 5 9

Increase i n Assets

Durirz g the Year Elldmg July 3 1, 1939

$ 1 ,283 .69

Increase in Cash Increase in Accounts & Notes Receivable Increase in Inventories

3, 1 0 3 .20


43 .87

Total Increase in Current Assets Less Decrease in Deferred Items and Special Organizations


8 1 5 .70


Less Increase in Fund Assets Net Increase in Current Assets


- _. _-.. _ .

---- - -

I ncrea e in Fixed Assets ;

Library Additions Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment Buildings (Girls' Dormitory) Real Esta te _


3,6 1 5 .06 3.55


3 , 6 1 1 .5 1

865 .97 ______


1 ,4 27 . 6 1 3 5 0 .68 3 7 1 .0 1


Total Net Incre3se in Assets



-- ----

3,01 5.27



I ncrease in Lia bilities

DlIring the Year Enging JlIly 3 1, 1939 Increase in Accounts Payable

$ 2,3 26.92


2,276.3 1

Increase in Notcs Payable Increase in Mortgages Payable


Increase in Other Liabilities


$ 5.726.48

Less Decrease in Funding Plan Loans

Toral Net Increase in Liabilities Increase in Surplus

3 96 . 5 7


_ _ _ ______

_ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __

_ _ _ _ _

Surplus of Assets over Liabilities, July 3 1 , 1 9 3 8 Surplus Increased


Indebtedness Due to Investment in Assets


60,645 . 1 3

_ _ _ _ _ ______ _


Permanent Endowment Fund, July 3 1 , 1 9 3 9

Other Funds

$ 1 42,052.94

.$ 90,646 . 5 7


Total Valuation of Pacific Luth. College, July 3 1 , 1 9 3 9

Library Building Fund


1 ,296.87


Indebtedness Due to Operation

Total Indebtedness, July 3 1 , 1 9 3 9

1 ,296.87 $

$ 1 40,756.07

___ ____ ___________

Surplus of Asse ts over Liabilities, July 3 1 , 1 939

$ 5,329.9 1

$ ] 5 1 ,29 1 .70

$29 3 , 3 44.64 1 45,669.08

________________ _

__ __ ________ _______ ___

72,822 . 3 7 5 9 3 .89

$5 1 2,429.98

Trust Fund Investors

$ 1 9,274.30

Ferris & Hardgrove ( Loan)

Total Capital Invested


1 ,62 3 . 3 9

Pacific Lutheran College



$49 1 3 3 2 .29

Status of Endowment Fund, J u ly 3 1 , 1 9 39 Total Pledged for Five-Year Period Beginning

$290,000.00 20, 1 26.89


Less Pledges Converted to Library Building Pledges


Net Endowment Pledges Am unt Paid in, July

%269,873 . 1 1

3 1, 1938

Total Amount Paid in, J u ly

1, 1 939


$ 1 46,789.87

3 1 , 1939 .

Loans to Pacific Lutheran College


Mikkel Lono Real Estate Invested in Bonds Endowment Expenses in Process of Amortization Transfe rred to Operation

( 1 5 0/0)

$1 46,598.87 1 9 1 .00



Amount Paid in During Year Ending July

ďż˝ 63,622.3 1 1 ,650.50 57,702.52 22,263.67 22,0 1 8 .48 430.08

__ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ __. _

Cash Awaiting Investment

% 1 67,687.56 less Other Funds Invested: Trust Fund


Pacific Lutheran College


$ 1 3,729. 50 5,5 44.80 1 ,623.39


Ferris & Hardgrove Total Endowment Fund to J uly

3 1 , 1 939

20,897.69 $ 1 46,789.87

_ _ _ _

Interest Received on Bonds During Year Ending July

3 1, 1 939




Interest on Loans to Pac. Luth. College Interest on Savings & Loan Accounts Total Interest Income for Year


4 1 5 .84 3,804.26 4. 1 7 4,224.27 295 . 1 4


Distributed to Trust Fund Investors Total Endowment Income for Year Interest Paid on Annuities and Loan

__ _

__ __



Applied to Payment of Life Insurance Premium Applied to Current Operating Expenses Applied to Amortization of Endowment Expense

_ _ _


% 290.00 349.92 1 ,644.60 1 ,644.6 1 $

3 ,929 . 1 3

3,929 . 1 3

N O RLIE PIONEERS IN EXCHANGE The Reverend Dr. Olaf f..;J o rgan Norlie needs no introduc足

tion among Lutherans the world over. Fresh from his New York experience as compile r of the Lutheran World Almanac, Vol. IX, h e comes to us from Luther Colleg e as pioneer ex足 change professor for 1 939-40.

E . TINGELST AD GOES TO LUTHER I n exchange for Dr. Norlie as Professor of Psychology and related subjects, Professor Edvin T i n gelstad goes to Luther College on leave for the year 1 93 9-40 af te r twenty足 two years of teaching and journalistic experience, in harmony with Church resolutions of 1 9 3 6 .

NELSON LIKEWISE PIONEERS P rofessor David Theodore Nelson, one - time Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, was the first of the t w o pioneer exchange professors to agree to come to P . L . C. for the year 1 9 3 9-40 from Luther Col l ege , where he got his A.B. in 1 9 1 2 and where he has taught English since 1 92 1 .

HIGHBY ALSO GOES TO LUTHER Having complete d his work for the Ph.D. degree in biology at the University of Minnesota, Professor Paul Richard Highby continues on leave of absence for 1 939-40 al so, in order to perfect the double excha nge of professors between L uth e r College and P. L. C.

NIELSEN NORMAL SUPERVISOR After sixteen years of p rofes s iona l experience, the last nine of them in a supervisory capacity at Iowa State Teachers College , Miss Anna M. Nielsen, B.A. ( I owa S . T. C.) , M .A . ( Columbia University ) , becomes Normal Supervisor a t Pacific Lutheran College.

JOHNSON CONTINUES ON LEAVE Miss Vivian J ohnson 's request for continued leave of ab足

sence has been grante d , and her place at P. L . C. will be filled by Miss Nielsen. Meanwhile Miss Johnson will divide her time between Pennsylvania teaching and Columbia s tu dy duting the coming year.

SANNERUD HIGH SCHOOL PRINCI PAL We welcome as teaching colleague and Acting Principal of the High School Division M r . Arling G. Sannerud (P. L . . , 1928) , who holds his B.A. and M .A degrees from the University of Washington and comes to LIS now from the High School at Shelton, Washington. GILBERTSON GOES ON LEAVE Miss Gladys Gilbertson, headed for her PhD. degree in English at the University of Washington, has leave of ab足 sence for the year 193 9-40. Her work at P. L. C. will be divided among Professor Nelson and associates. \1Ve wish her an abundantly successful year. BLOMQUIST ASSISTANT DEAN Miss Grace Blomquist, AB. ( Concordia College, Moor足 head, Minn.) , M.A. (Syracuse University) , comes to us from Waubun, Minnesota, to be Assistant Dean of \'V'omen and teacher of English or Latin. She will assist Dean Kreidler in the Main Dormitory, as will Miss Hokenstad in Auxiliary Hall.

KATHERINE GRIMSTEAD THOMPSON We take this means of felicitating her who was our Normal Supervisor during last year's second semester and who was asked to continue this year, but whose new name, acquired this summer, suggests to us an even nobler and even happier career.

HAUGEN LIBRARY ASSISTANT Miss Jane Haugen, AB. (Luther College) , will be full足 time Library Assistant du ring the coming year. She will have general charge of the reading-room in the Library. She will supervIse the work of the students in training for library servIce.

HAGEN ESS ALUMNI SECRETARY It is indeed a pleasure to welcome Mrs. Irene Dahl Hage足 ness ( P. L. c., 1930) back into active service at the College. As lumni Secretary on a part-time basis she will direct the mobilization of a lumni for mutual help and for College support.

College bulletin 1939 august