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BILL and MARCIA (Larsen '67) been

vice-principal for Clover High School in Tacoma, He has been sophomore dean at Lakes High School, Taco­ ma, since 1974 and prior to that as a teacher and counselor at Lakes. He and his wife, Jacquie, live in University Place. They have a son. Jeff, who is a sixth


are living


Champaign, Ill., where Bill i s textbook manager for Follett's Bookstore. Marcia teaches sew­ ing lessons for the Singer Com­ pany. They have two children, K u r t W i lliam, 6, and Greta Nicole, 2. REV. STANLEY C. HOOBING

grader, and a daughter, Jill, en­ tenng fourth grade.

has accepted a call to serve as pastor of Faith Lutheran Church


in Junction City. Ore. He was formerly pastor of Richland,

Christy N. Ulleland, 15424 9th Ave. SW #2, S eattle, WA 98166 RUTH (Gunderson) SCHAFFL­ ER and husban ,AI, are enroute to an assignment with the U.S. Navy in Yokohama, Japan with three children, Laud, 12;

10; and KristlDa, 7. has been an instructor for Americ n Red Cross for sev­ eral years and also nursing chair­ woman for vario us military in­ stallatio in the United States and Europe. Her husband was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army) and has just completed a year of militar y schooling at the Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. ,

DAN ALNE assumed the POSI­ don of sales manager of Altadena office of Whipple Realty in Al­ tadena, Calif. on July 3 . He was Lt. Gilvernor - Division - Founders District Toastmas-. ten in May 19n His duties ar to motivate and IDspire 4 area governors under him and the clubs they repre ent. Growth Through Sharing is their theme this year. Dan lives in Pasadena,


Wash. He is married and he and his wife, Carol, have two chil­ dren, Rachel, 3112, and Matthew who will be two years old in November.

Dennis Hartke, 19 Fife Heights

Dr. E., Tacoma, WA 98424 LYNN and W I L L Y (B a e r ) ERTSGAARD have moved from Longview, Wash., to Seattle. Wash., where Lynn is pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church. Willy has writ en a manual on rganiz­ ing a children's choir which was published this spring by Fortress Press in Children Sing 3. In July

1976 their third son, Leif Anders, was born, joining brothers Bryan and Joel.

1967 William Young, 7129 Cirrine ume S.W., Tacoma, WA 98498 LARRY



graduated in Ma y 1977 from the medical school of the Universny of North Dakota. In 1973 he re­ a




anatomy from the University of

1964 Mike McIntyre, 12402 138th E., Puyallup, WA 98371 KARLEEN KARLSON is direc­ tor of the off campus housing at the State University of York at Albany Her hus­ Kingsley Greene, works III RPI in Troy as a serials catalogu­ er at th library. They live in Albany.



O'NEIL has as­

North Dakota after completing two years in anatomy at PLU. He is doing his residency and family praclJce in Minot, N.D. He is the son of Paul V. and Nina Larson of Parkland, Wash.

1968 4011 10th N,W., Gig HDrbor, WA 9833S HARLAND and MARY (Seas­ Mich ael



'70) LYSO are living in Singapore, Republic of Singapore where Harlan is prinClpal and Mary a eacher, at International School on the Isle of Borneo in (ndonC9la Prior to going lO Sm­ gapore the}' pent two ye r with Bl 10 ArlZOIUl. They Iwve two children Theresa, four, and Am ,two.

of a church in Payette, Idaho for five years. He is married and he

moved to Seattle, Wash., where Gary is a customs broker and

and his wife, Ruth, have SODS, Stanley and Gale, Jr.

manager of Steeb Marine Ser­ vices,Inc.


JOHN OAKLEY, M.D., assis­ tant resident in neurosurgery, was the recipient of the Upjohn Humanitarian Award, which is given annually at Harb orview Medical Center, Seattle, Wash. The award goes to a ·member of the medical center's staff in rec­ ognition of clinical excellence and humanitarian concern. This was the first time the Upjohn

Neurosurgery. He and his wife, Shirley Ann, have two young sons.

VIRGIL and MARSHA ( rim '68) WHITE are living in Viborg, S.D., where Virgil has been pas­ tor of the ALC congregation for the past three and one-half years. Marsha is a homemaker, substi­ tutes as a teacher, and takes an

pan in the church. They hree children, Brent, 5%, Tarina Marie, 2212, and Kirk Roy, born August 10, 1976.

where Ken IS Northeast District m a n a g er, S e r v i c e Products.


ARLEEN (Bryant) GREE N and husband, Wayne, move to Col­ vme, Wash., in May. Arleen is

working at Memorial Clinic as cardiologist.






in Sherwood, Ore., where he is employed at Montgomery Wards as a key punch operator. He is secretary/treasurer of Boulevard T o a s t ma s t e rs, s e c r etary of

RICHARD and SUE (Smith '70) QUINN are back 10 the Pacific

starting his second term as presi­ of




Count y is




Washington State Tria] Lawyer's Association. SHARON Hegg) PARRISH has move to Spokane, Wash.,

Last July 15th he was winner of

Northwest after being stationed on the East Coast for the past three years while Dick was in the

Air Force. They are living in Kirkland, Wash.· Dick will at­ tending g r a d u a t e s c h o o l i n periodontics a t the niversity of Washington. He received an American d for Dental Ed cation Fellowship.


pointed to the Liberty Park Un­ ited Meth o d i s t C h u r c h a n d Moran United Methodist Church in Junl:. They formerly lived an Lacrosse, Wash.

Cindy Johnst{)n J ackson, 110 South 4th, Renton, WA 980SS







CIMa Valley Medical Center,san Jose, Calif., and IS now a clinical n tructor in medl ine suh versity of C lifomia chool - San Fra.nsisco

U ni­



[ng credential wo.rkIng 'llh visu ally handicapped 'luden . MICHAEL W. FOSS wos instal­ as

PAUL NELSON bas been hired a s v o c a l-instrumental music teacher at Hopkins Junior High Scbool in Aberdeen, Wash. L ARR Y CROCK E T T . served as youth worker a t

as. ociate pastor of Our Lutheran



Spokane, Wash., on May 22, 19n. He was formerly associate pastor at Christ Lutheran Church In Spokane. He and his wife, Christ­ [ne, bnve two children, Sarah,S, and Linnea,




Lutheran Church In Tacoma. Wash., while he 'lttended PLU. was ordained as a pastor of Ihe Amencan Lutheran Church on unday, .Tune 5, 19n lie wa. inS II a educallon pastor of Calvary I.Ulhenm hurch in Gol­ d

h h a s been dOl n g radu Ie 'or I Ca1i!cu"nlB Slate-Lo Angeles to get a teach­

year of residency in internal medicine at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago. He graduated from Loyola Universi­ ty Stritch Medical School in 1975. LOWELL C. PETERSON is liv­ ing m Helena, Mont., where he is in his second year of teaching special education.

1972 Krist; Harstad Duris. 12158 "A" Street, Tacoma, WA 98444 CONRAD and DIANNE (Torgerson '72) HUNZIKER are


,Mmn., on June 12_ He


receiv hi DUl rer of dl in ty degree on May 29 fruIJI Luther

. nun. r) D


St. Paul. Minn.

VID and LI D



rece.n tly

er '71) mov


from Y 1m. Wash., 10 Nook ck. Wash., ;vhere DaVId is now pnn­ clpaI ook k Valley Jr,-Sr.

High School. Th jr.- r. high con­ 'I ts ot 600 tudents and 26 lacul­

ty members. Linda is temporarily retired

from teaching



care of one-year old J ffrey, VlVI (Rode) RICKLE is living in Sealtle, Wash., where she IS a full-tiJ:ne mother and wife, and a Sunday school teacber for the primary gr des. They have a five-year old


i n surance adjuster i n L o s Angeles. They have one SOil, Con­ rad III,now 15 months old. JERRY and SUSAN (attended) NELSON are living in D nver, Co lo., where Jerry is completing his first year anesthesiology

of residency in t th University

of Colorado Medical Center. He graduated from Creighton Uni­ versity Medical School in Omaha, Ne . in 1976. Susan is preparing to retunl to nursing scbool after working 5 years as an insurance claims adjuster. Their first child, Eric Byron, was born on May 27, 1977. D OUGLA S



signed with t h Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Summer Repertory Musi­ cal Theatre for the 19n season. This is his third season with the Idaho

tr upe. He will

ill the

position of assistant general man­ ager and director of "Li'l Abner" and "Applause". KATHY HEGTVEDT has been awarded a graduate teaching fel­ lowship for the next school year

with her husband. Rev Craig Parrish. Pastor Parrish was ap­

R O N A L D D. GREWENOW, M.D., has finished a year as chief


as RN part-time on the o r­ thopedics floor and Conrad is an

TERRY E. LUMSDEN is living in Gig Har bor, Wash., where


is living

KEN D. HALVERSON is teach­ i n g f o u r t h g r a d e at Libby Elementary S ch ool in Libby,


of law practice with Steibeck, Lumsden, and Steibeck. He is


living in Hacienda Hei g h t s , Calif., where Dianne i s working

Western State Grange Regional Speaking contest in Redding,

Terry is starting his fifth year


Chicago where he is in his third

of Plant Physiologists.

her husband is an auto mechanic. They have bought 20 a.cres and hope to build their wn home in. the next few years.


(CHRIS ROSE '68), bave just moved 0 Olympia, Wash., (rom Arlington, Va., where Dave is


authored eight papers published in professional journals, and is a member of the American Society

Beaverton Grange a n d vi e grand of Tigard Odd Fellows.

child, six year' old, and another expected in September I9n. SC H O E N I G

ment became effective as of Sep­

employed as a caseworker, Chil­ dren's Protective Services, and



plant physiology, has been ap­ pointed assistant professor of biological sciences at the Univer­ sity of Denver, Colo. The appoint­

KEVIN S. ELiANDER is living

John Bustad, 11513 Woodland Av ., PuyaClup, WA 98371

Crown Zellerbach. They have one


DR. STEVEN P. BERG, MA '76 a specialist in biochemistry and

Mont., and has moved from Taco­ ma to that city.

Dennis SmIth, 3{}4. 1_3rd r. Sourf" To -oma, A 9 1.01 E. (W hmtmn) L:1 URA IS h V l ng in AXUSD Calif , where

KE Bnd DIANA (Gratzer '6Q) VUYLSTEKE have moved from San F ancisco to Sparta, N.J.

GARY TWITE received his master of arts in German in 1973 from the University of Oregon. He and his wife, Shirley, recently

Award has been presented to a member of the Department of




sumed duties as pastor of the Fi r s t B a p t i s t C h u r c h i n Anacortes he served as a pastor


by the University of Oregon Kathy will be pursuing a docto­ rate in education with a specialty In cumculum and instruction. For the past five years she has taught English at Kelso High School in Kelso, Wash. GREGORY P. AMES was or­ dained to the American Lutheran Church mJDlstry on Sunday June 5, 1977 al Centr I Luth r n Church in Spokan , Wash. On July 1 he became pa tor of the Uruled

Lu her a n

\'ater llIe, \




SHARO 'NE REHER h.a been rdinah)r ofTItI mcd ctlng J ro r 197]·]8 U\ tll Clover Par

School Pi Il lrict, T m , Wash In ddltion 10 her d fram PLU. she so holds a mas 1"' de�ree from Uni\' ·rslt;, of Pugel SOund. Her husband Ronald,


tant prinCipal at MI. Tahoma High School. They hove thret< sons. Tun is attending Western a'51

Washington State College; Kkk, a s e n io r al Clover Park High chool and Douglas IS a student at Locbburn Junior High.

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