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Oslo Gathering raws Parents

Alumni, parents and friends of PLU enjoyed a gathering in Oslo, Norway, in June in conjunction with a tour appearance of the PLU Choir of the West.

Alums, Friends


Alf Bjercke, left, father of PLU freshman Berit, chats with Susan Rieke, daughter of PL U's presi­ dent.

Carl Tandberg, left, and Daniel Dvergsdal, right, taught history and political science at PL U on Exchange Professorships in the early '50's. They were reunited at the Oslo gathering with an early '50's PL U student, PL U President William o. Rieke, center.

PL U students from Oslo are, from left, freshman Hilde Bjorhovde.

Christian Brullsgaard '76- '77, sophomore Bjorn Melsom and freshman Berit Bjercke.


Former PLU students Siri Solberg of Bergen and Gro Styrmo of Oslo w e re re u n i t e d a t t h e Os l o gathering.


ing the Choir on tour, Margaret Foss Syre of Seattle, ile accom right, was reunited with five of her relatives from the Oslo area.


Sigurd and Sigrid Baalsrud, left, are PLU parents. Their daughter, Mari, tended PLU last year. A t right are Christian '76 and Kiki Erlandsen.

Alums Arnold Watland '71 and Arild Harvik '67, left, visit with Arild's wife, Ellen, and alumni director Ron Coltom.

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