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Young At Heart By Ronald Coltom Alumni Director When people say that we have a young alumni association it can be taken in a couple of ways. There have been "alumni" of the. s c h o o l s i n c e two s t u d e n t s graduated from Pacific Lutheran Academy in 1898, but the school did not hire anyone to work with the alumni until 1952 when they asked Professor Stuen, just re­ tired from teaching, to take over the alumni work. After his death a few months later Mrs. Ramstad "volunteered" and was given an office to work from, but had to provide her own typewriter and often bought her own stamps to mail correspon­ dence. In 1963 Larry Hauge was ap­ pointed by Dr. Mortvedt to serve as Director of Alumni. It is during that period of the past 14 years then that the University has given its full support to an alumni prog­ ram. For an institution that has been in existence for 87 years, 14 years makes the alumni a young organization. The alumni of Pacific Lutheran are young in another way also.

Alumni Tours Scheduled For Early In '78 One of the services provided by the PLU Alumni Association is the opportunity for travel together with other alums and friends of PLU. Fifty alums and friends re­ cently completed a month-long tour of seven European countries with the Choir of the West, and plans are underway for more trips. On Jan. 13-15, alums may par­ ticipate in Reno Weekend, a three­ day two-night journey. Cost is $ 181 from Seattle. A three-week Bible Lands tour leaves Feb. 24. The tour is escorted by Rev. Kearney Frantzen, a vet­ eran of five such tours.

Over 22 per cent of our graduates have graduated in the last four years, S3 per cent have graduated in the 11 years I have worked at the University, and 78 per cent have graduated since our presi­ dent, Dr. Rieke, did in 1953. In addition to this, over 1500 have received master's degrees since 1955. So you can see that when we say young we really are. But what does this mean to the Alumni Association? It means that the heart of our work has to be con­ centrated on working with those who have graduated in recent years and those who are yet to graduate - our present students. They are the future backbone of our association and cannot be ig­ nored. As a matter of fact, if for no other reason than sheer num­ bers, we are obligated to provide activities and services for these alums. At a recent Alumni Board meet­ ing, action was taken to actively pursue ways to better work with recent alums. A committee of re­ cent alums has been established that will be looking into special activities such as reunions, ski weekends, travel tours, cruises, or whatever might appeal to the recent grads. Hopefully many ac­ tivities will soon be scheduled so that recent grads will have oppor­ tunities to get involved and will feel that they are an integral part of the University through the Alumni Association.

1977-78 Relent Representatives Lawrence Hauge '51 ('78) 1608 Washington St. Wenatchee, WA 98801 Dr. Ronald Lerch '61 ('79) 5611 W. Victoria Kennewick, WA 99336 Suzanne Skubinna Nelson '55 (1980) 8701 - 108th St. S.W. Tacoma, WA 98498

Members-At-Larle I-Yr. Appointments Dr. Dale Benson '63 6416 S.w. Loop Dr. Portland, OR 97221 Cmdr. Stewart Morton '56 789 Bonita Pleasanton, CA 94566 Lois Anderson White '60 1081 Lynnwood N.E. Renton, WA 98005

Many Ways Of Helping By Eldon Kyllo President, Alumni Association Hello to all Alums! The Alumni of PLU has really come of age. That conclusion can readily be grasped by those of us who were attending PLU during the forties or earlier. Though we may not wish to admit it our role was one of pioneering and at times we were barely able to survive. At that time we had a small Board with no director or secretary and it was difficult to accomplish what we wished as our numbers and resources were insignificant compared to the pre­ sent time. Our numbers have doubled in the last 11 years and we now are about 1 1 ,000 strong. We have many members in all trades and professional fields and our mark

Alumni Board

Joanne Poencet Berton '56 2001 N.E. Landover Drive Vancouver, WA 98664 Dr. Gordon Strom '56 3457 Hackamore Hayward, CA 94541

Term Expires May 1979 Donald D. Gross '65 6925 S.E. 34th Mercer Island, WA 98040

Ronald A. Miller, M.D. '65 2 1 1 Idaho Avenue Whitefish, MT 59937

Term Expires May 1981 Gayle Severson Berg '72 Lennep Road Martinsdale, MT 59053 Stephen M. Isaacson '76 2524 Boyer Ave. E. #322 Seattle, WA 98102

John Jacobson, M.D. '60 P.O. Box 90 1 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Joan Nodtvedt Briscoe '52 6461 Reed Way Anchorage, AK 99502

Luella Toso Johnson '51 7 Thornewood Drive Tacoma, WA 98498

Carol Haavik Tommervik '40 820 S. 120th Tacoma, WA 98444

John McLaughlin '71 32631 - 39th Avenue S.W. Federal Way, WA 98002

Term Expires May 1980 Kenneth J. Edmonds '64 801 - 42nd Avenue N.W. Puyallup, WA 98371

Term Expires May 1978 Chap. Luther Gabrielsen 'SO Hq. 92nd CSGIHC Fairchild AFB, WA 99011

Carol Bottemiller Geldaker '57 18525 S. Trillium Way West Linn, OR 97068

Eldon Kyllo '49 13712 - 10th Avenue E. Tacoma, WA 98445

Ken "Skip" Hartvigson, Jr. '65 658 N.W. 1 14th Place Seattle, WA 98177

Executive Secretary Ronald C. Coltom '61 Alumni Director Paci fic Lutheran University Tacoma, WA 98447 Ex-Officio Student Representative Chris Keay, President ASPLU Past President Marvin D. Fredrickson, M.D, '64 2768 S.W. Sherwood Drive Portland, OR 97201

is being made more and more each year and our resources are growing. Of great significance i the recognition of our group the University itself and the sup­ port that is afforded us. We are appreciative and thankful that we are an il1tegrated part of the PLU family. There are numerous ways that 'we help our University. One's conception of this might be finan­ cial only and though I don't want to de-emphasize the importance of this important aspect, I also wish to convey to you, and especially you younger alumni who do not have the same resources, that there are other very significant ways you can be of help. It is to be an ambassador to potential friends, students and alumni and to be a supporter of and a participator in activities of PLU. The Alumni Board is consider­ ing the possibility of starting a young alumni group so that re­ cent grads will have the opportun­ ity to deal with each other in terms of activities and goals. The ASPLU representa tives on the Board have been invaluable to us in terms of ideas and vitality an_ we have gained much insight int. the thinking and needs of stu­ dents and new alumni so that we hopefully can be of greater ser­ vice to them.

Alumni Parents Gatherings


Saturday, Oct. 15, Noon Tail­ gate Picnic, Forest Grove; Thursday, Oct. 27, Get-together, Anchorage; Saturday, Nov. 5, Noon Tailgate Picnic, Spokane; Sunday, Dec. 4, Christmas Con­ cert Dinner, Seattle ; Sunday, Dec. 1 0 , Christmas Concert Dinner, Portland ; Saturday, Jan. 14, Choir Con­ cert Dinner, Richland; Saturday, Jan. 2 1 , Choir Con­ cert Dinner, San Diego; Wednesday, Jan. 23 Choir Con­ cert Dinner, Phoenix; Friday, Jan. 27, Choir Concert Reception, Los Angeles; Saturday, Jan. 28, Choir Con­ cert Dinner, Oakland; Sunday, Jan. 29, Choir Concert Reception, San Jose; Monday, Jan. 30, Choir Concert Dinner, Sacramento; Wednesday, Feb. 1, Choir Concert Dinner, Eugene. Mark the appropriate dates o your calendar NOW and watch for additional information !

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