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1975 Richard C. Finseth 607 South 127th HE Tacoma, WA 98444

JEAN N I E LY N N ( S ti v e r ) J A N K E R a n d h e r hu ban d , Joseph, are l iving in Rancho Cordova, Calif. , where Joseph is stationed at Mather Air Force B a s e . He is attending USAF Navigator School. Jeannie is planning to get a part-time job in nursing.

1976 Steve Ward 10220 Sheridan South #2 Tacoma, WA 98444

MALIA GALE MEYER is living in Kailu, Hawaii, where she is working as a stan nurse at St. Francis Hospital, Honolulu, on the onocology floor. She plans to be married July 1 6, 1977 to Bill Haglund of Honolulu. Major ROBERT J. RAYBURN (MAS '76) is assigned at McChord A F B , Wa s h . , as a w e a p o n s director staff officer i n a unit of the Aeros pace Defense Command. OTIS L. SMITH (MAS '76) is a real estate broker-counselor and has purchased part ownership in the Associated Brokers, Orange, Calif., where he resides. NADY A SORENSON is living in Moorhead, Minn., where she is a fre e - l a n c e f i e l d d i r e c t o r currently devising a program to "discover" Minnesota physically, culturally, and ethnically - a program for basically high school people. LES WEAVER (MAS '76) is employed in operations for Gulf Oil Corporation in Tacoma, Wash. MARK A. EGBERT of Seattle, Wash., has been accepted to the dental school entering class of 1977 at t h e U n iv e r s it y o f Washington Dental School. PAT R I C E M . M OLNAR i s teaching special education at Clover Park High School i n T ac o m a , Wa s h . , and also i s assistant swim coach for the 1977-78 season.

Marriages KATHLEEN C. R WLAND '77 and CRAIG A. UEN '76 were married June 1 1 , 1977. Kathleen received her B . S . degree i n n u r s i n g i n M a y and C r aig graduated with a psychology de­ gree and is production assistant of Clermont West in Hillsboro, Ore. PATRICIA L. TIMPE '72 and ROBERT J. GERDE '72 were married March 19, 1 977 in Ballard First Lutheran Church in Seattle, Wash. They live in Issaquah, Wash. THO MAS LYLE JACOBSON '69 and Kathleen Lenore Steinhaus were married June 4, 1977. Tom is employed in Clackamas, Wash., and she is employed in Eugene, Ore. JEANNE BEDNARIK '76 and Jim McAllister were married April 23, 1977. They are residing in Puyallup, Wash., where Jeanne is a registered nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital and Jim is a carpenter. PHYLUS L. HAALAND '75 and Michael Hindahl were married on May 22, 1977 in Central Lutheran Church of Salem, Ore. DEBORAH B. HICKEL '74 and Michael Olson were married Aug. 7, 1976. They live in Billings, Mont.

Births M/M PAUL J. OLSEN '67 (Karen Walley '73), a daughter, Katherine Anna, born Feb. 20, 1977. They live in Pullman, Wash. M /M S T EP H E N ( K a t h l e e n Bevan '68) SALLEE '65, a son, Owen Bevan, born Nov. 25, 1976. They live in Monroe, Wash. Owen is their first child. MlM DAVID (Mirth Anderson ' 7 2 ) M OORE '72, a daughter, Kristen Ann, born Jan. 22, 1977. She joins a brother, Erik, born June 13 1974. Dave teaches algeb­ ' ra and math in the junior high school in Anacortes, Wash., and coaches basketball. DIM JOHN T. DYKSTRA '70 (Sharon Weiss '72), a son, Kevin John, born April 19, 1977. He is their second child and joins a sister, Emily Jane, 18 months. They live in Lake Stevens, Wash. MlM JOHN PAULSON '73 (Sha­ ron Harmon '73), a son, Nathanael James, born July 23, 1976. They live in Longview, Wash., where John is an elementary physical education specialist. MlM BRUCE COMPTON '76 (Marilyn Bannister '74), a daught­ er Heidi Lynn, born December 18 1976. They live in Sumner, Wash. DIM WILUAM B. DABNEY (Janet Miller '71), a son, Nathaniel William, born April 7, 1977. He joins a brother, Matthew Nelson, 20 months. They live in Yuba City, Calif.


M/M RICHARD OGLE (Patricia Malzahn '73), a daughter, Rebecca Lee born April 2 1 , 1977. She is the r first child. They live in Edmonds, Wash. M/M ARGIL C. JEFFERY (Judy Read '68), a son, Aaron Marc, born March 24, 1977. He joins a broth­ er, G reg, 3. They live in Anchor­ age, Alaska, MIM BEN BENSON '74 (Leatha Jackson '75) , a daughter, Sara Elizabeth born Jan. 25, 1977. She is their f rst child. They live in Ca ma , Wash., where Ben is a shareholder in a cooperative plywood mill in Stevenson, Wash. They just recently purchased a new home. M/M JERRY PROTEXTOR are the parents to two children, daughter, Katherine, born Feb­ r u a r y 1 7 , 1 9 75 a n d a s o n , Jonathan, born May 1 2 , 1976. They join step children, Robert 18, Kent, 15, and Rebecca, 14. Jerry is a pastor in Hunter, N.D. M/M FRE D E R I C K CLARK ( Glenice Nass '70), a son, Erik Marston, born March 17, 1977. Erik is their first child and they live in Tacoma, Wash.



'Lost' Alumni 70 Blrban M . Kwei " 0 Mrs. Dave Lambert '70 Edward H. Lanlslon '70 Brillid H. Lanon 70 Lanon '70 Richarel D. Lewnau "70 DouSI.. L. Liebers '70 Mrs. Lumsden 70 Cletus V. Lynch Jr. '70 Mn. L.W. McBride Jr. 70 Michael L. McCauley '70 David A. McElwee '70 Kevin W. Miller "70 Mrs. Shirley Murpby '70 Daniel J. Nau Jr. '70 Gery R. Nunnelee 70 Mrs. Patrick O'Boyle '70 Bonnie K. Ohn '70 Robert S. Ostrem Jr. '70 Marvia R. Peterson 70 Sandra K. Petherick '70 Mr•. Raymond R. Reneau "70 Gale E. Roo 70 Joanne M. Ruer



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� er ReKinald Schmidt PbOip C. L. Shen Mn. Joann Smith Catherioe Smotherman MU'llU"et J. SonnemaD e �: J.!:� � er "70 Velda Stumbaush '70 Robert W. Sutton Jr. '70 Cynthl.a Swahlen '70 Mrs. M. Szczepaniak '70 Doris Y. Thom •• '70 Robert D. Trompeter "70 MIM Richard Tuff Jr. 70 Gary A. Twite '70 Diana K. Vuylsteke

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Mrs. Cathy Kay Wilson

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Genevieve a.lrd.

Paul K. Bert Mn. Susan Bellio&er Wallace Black Mrs. James Marilyn BucbalUlll James Robert Carlon John D. Carman CaNtI. Mae Carr Nancy E. Cblnim Burnell L. Coleman Jr. Fred Coty . Mrs. Cathy A. Cox Mrs. CaroUe Cruse Paul M. DeWeese Mrs. Sherry Donovan Karen A. Edwards Christen E. Eldal Alice M. EDder RoDald D. Flansbur,


Manha Ford

Kathryn Garver Ronald Gla

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'71 Waada L. Gnmzqalat 71 Mrs. Judy Gre,ory 71 Mrs. _ L. Haller 71 Stewart E. n'71 Jerry S. Ha..... 71 Laun I. Huth '71 101m Edward Heln 71 SIe e Herrick 71 JKUbIoa 71 Mrs. lobo A. 1_

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'71 Delphine A. Jobnoon '71 Mrs. Mike Jobnlton "71 DlaDe M. Klot. '71 Marvin K. Konsmo '71 LynDe L. Knhn '71 John H. Krummel "71 Charyl ,.. Lehman 71 Kenneth G. Luthro '71 Robert L. Lycksell 71 JoaD L. McKeuie '71 Ilerln. Mane"" 71 Michael P. Manch '71 Mrs. R. "71 Sberrlll Meyer "71 Rebecca J. Miller "71 Elizabeth Moore '71 Jon D. Nelson '71 Mrs. R. Hunter- Nickell '71 Candice J. Reddick '71 Mrs. Vlvi '7\ Manha J. Ros.inl '71 Michael J. Ryals 71 JIIDIc:e It. SaUer "71 Bruue D. Schmick '71 lames R. Schmidt '71 Mrs. Donald W. Scott '71 Ja. Erik Sohout '71 Mrs. Susan E. Stewart "71 Joseph TaI_ 71 Mrs. Dave Tbomp500 '71 James '- Uckele '71 Pamela VaadJver '71 Gary W. Vanhoy 71 Michael VIIHott '71 Steven Wall "71 H..el P••rl Waller '71 Terry T. Wahman '71 Mrs. Carol M. WatKon '71 Hugo Wm. Wolter Jr. '71 Tae-Junl Yoo '71 Roberl Zimbelman '72 CollJitance M. Adams '72 Saleh Hamad '72 Greeory P. '72 Ru.sell G. Andenen '72 Sallee Andenoa. '72 Sharon D. Andenon '72 Mn. Warren C. Bailey 72 David J. Barber 72 Christopher G. Buck "72 Sherrie L. Can"'y '72 Mn. Chrlatle Ceario '72 Jam.. A. Coat.




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'72 J. Degan '72 Dell .. Dixon '72 L. Dronen '72 Mr.. "Gwendolyn Dupree "72 PbyUs J. Edler "72 Mrs. David FrolhaUS '72 Kristine Goor,e '72 Dou,Ia. M. Graham '72 Joyce K. G..... '72 Don GrilflIb 72 Deborah Grot '72 Gary R. Hamm'r '72 Karea Hatuway '72 Mrs. Chrla HelaD '72 SaDlord Hluderlle '72 Harold L. Hunt 72 JuUe '72 AnIOld L. J.....a . 72 R_ Joh....d .. '72 Be........ v. K.lly 72 MIM WUIIam Ketchum '72 Carole ,.. LaDa "72 0tIa H. Lewla '72 Mrs. LorDa E. Laa 72 MJM lbomu K. McNeely 72 PbIII, I M. Maac.r 72 Mn. Ruth C. '72 R_rt G. MIlle.......






McTee Earns National Composing ecognition Cindy McTee ( , 75) of Ea ' on ville is the only person from the North­ west among 13 U.S. composers to w i n awards in the Broadcast Music I ncorporated (BM!) stu­ dent composer's competition. Miss McTee, 24, and the other winners were presented cash awards at a reception held in their honor in New York City early last month. Her award-winning piece is "String Quartet No. I" for two violins, viola and cello. Miss McTee polished her ta­ lents three years ago while work­ ing with Polish composer Krzysz­ tof Penderecki. It all began in her junior year at PLU when Pen­ derecki visited the campus during a festival of contemporary music. He invited her to live with his family in Cracow, Poland, where for one year she could tutor his children in English in exchange for an opportunity to study at the Cracow Conservatory of Music. She returned with a new-found vigor to pursue her studies at PLU and graduated with a degree in theory and composition. She won an assistantship at Yale Universi­ ty, where Penderecki now teaches as a visiting professor. She returns to Yale next fall to complete the second half of her three-vear degree program under the tutelage of Pend e r e c k i , B ruce MacCo mbie and Jacob Druckman.

Maki Retires After Career In Education A former PLU student body president and member of the Choir of the West has retired after 37 years as an educator. Arne Maki '40 closed out his career last month after serving the last 26 years as principal of Wol fle Elementary School in Kingston, Wash. Back-to-school time next fall will be rough on him, he admits, but he is looking forward to retire­ ment. "It has been a lifetime," he said, "from the age of six until the present time. I have spent 53 years in the classroom, either as a student, an instructor, or a prin­ cipal."

1977 v 57 no 1 3,5 6  
1977 v 57 no 1 3,5 6