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Dancing, gambling, visiting gambling houses or other places of questionable na足 ture, and the use of intoxicating liquors are strictly forbidden. Students who are not living at home are required to room and board in the College domitories, unless excused by the Registrar.

El igibi lity Ru les In order to be eligible to represent the College in intercollegiate contests of any character, dramatic, forensic, or musical performance, or 011 The Saga or The 1\II ooring 1\11ast, a student must:

1. or

Be registered at Pacific Lutheran College.

2. Be registered in at least 12 hours work in the regular College Division. 3 regular credit subjects in the High School.

3. Have completed successfully 12 hours of work in his previous semester if in the College Division or 3 regular subjects if a High School student.

4. Be carrying successfully at least 12 units of work at the time of par足 ticipation (3 regular subjects if in the High School Division ) . The rules of the Washington Intercollegiate Conference govern all athletes participating in conference competition. f: Eligibility is to be certified by the Registrar at the end of the first, second, third, and fourth quarter of each semester. Exceptions shall be considered on their merits.

H OW TO R EACH PAR KLA N D Parkland, a suburb of Tacoma, is located about seven miles south of the center of [he City. On arriving in Tacoma by train, bus, or boat, take a Parkland or Spanaway bus on Pacific Avenue. The telephone number of the College is GRanite 86 1 l . Students will do well to reave their baggage at the Tacoma station and bring their checks to the College, where arrangements will be made to have the baggage brought out to the school in the speediest and cheapest way. For additional information write to PAOFIC LUTHERAN COLLEGE. Parkland, Washington.

1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College  
1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College