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The general fees entitle the students to membership in student body organizations, admission to all games and programs given by such organizations, and one subscription to The MOOTing Mast. Private lessons and laboratory fees are not included in the above charges. Two or more students from the same family in attendance at the same time will receive a discount of $17.00 for college students and $5.00 for high-school students, except in the case of the children of pastors. AIl pastors' children receive a discount of 500/0 on tuition only (a discount of $33 .75 per semester in the College, $10.00 in the High School) . Special Fees EXCESS REGISTRATION

A charge of $3.00 is made for each normal or colIege semester credit hout in excess of the regular eighteen. A charge of $5.00 per semester is made for each high-school subject in excess of the regular five. LATE REGISTRATION

For late registration a fee of $2.00 is charged. This fee is charged the day after the closing of the official registration day. CHANGE IN REGISTRATION A fee of $1 .00 is charged for each change in registration after the third week. No such changes may be made after the third week following the official registration without consent of the teachers concerned. EXAt"\fiNATION

For each extra examination, including those for removal of conditions, a fee of $1.00 may be charged. TUTORING

A student may obtain extra tutoring at $ 1 .00 per hour. Two students taking the same course at the same time pay 75c per hour each.


In each of the laboratories fees are charged to cover the cost of materials used by the student in his work during a semester as follows: Art (High School or College) $2.00 Chemistry (High School or ColIege) 5.00 Physics (High School or College) 2.50 General science, botany, or biology (High School) 1 .00 Biology 61, 62, and 66 (College) 2.50 Educational measurements, teaching technique 1.00 1 .00 Psychology (High School or College) Biology 55, 56, 1 1 5, 1 16, 1 4 1 , and 142 5 .00 _____________


_ _ __ _____________ _______


__________ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


__ __ ___ _ _ _ __ . ____


The charge for private instruction, one thirty-minute period per week, is $1.50; per semester, $22.00, and per half-semester, $ 1 1 .00. lessons falling on regular or special holidays, and lessons missed by the pupil without notifying the instructor in advance, will not be made up, nor will a refund be allowed.

1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College  
1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College