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The College of Liberal Arts aims to give high-school graduates four years of training in the superior forms of culture and of social and religious fellow足 ship. \Vhether the students are destined to enter one of the professions or to become farmers, merchants, engineers, contractors, home-makers, or any other kind of workers, the training they receive here should make them more sensitive to the world of truth and beauty about them, more alert to the happenings in their community or in the world at large, and, especially, more ready to appre足 ciate the finer things outside their own vocations: good literature, good art, good music, good housing, good city planning, good government-in short, the most desirable things in our common life. These courses aim also to arouse the spirit of scholarship, that intellectual curiosity which asks for a reason, that interpretative thinking which looks for the hidden motives of things and pene足 trates to where are the issues of life. Finally, they aim to develop a firm and kindly philosophy of life, a philosophy born, not of pagan or semi-pagan beliefs or ideals, but of the example and teachings of the God-man, Jesus Christ, constraining its adherents to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God_ CRA D U AT I O N REQU I RE MENTS College of Libera l A rts

The College offers the first three years of Liberal Arts in 194 1-42, and plans to offer the fourth year, leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, in 1942-43. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS

English Religion and Philosophy Laboratory Science *Languages, Modern or Classical

9 .14

credit credit 8 credit 6 credit

hours hours hours hours

1 5 credit credit 1 5 credit 8 credit 3 credit

hours hours hours hours hours

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Language and Literature Religion and Philosophy -rSocial Science Mathematics and Science Fine Arts

_ _ _ _ _ ________ - - ___

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__________ _________


Complete 128 credit hours and 128 quality hours Upper Division Minimum -40 credit hours 24 credit hours Major-Minimum Two Minors-Each Minimum 12 credit hours __ _




*Students who present less than two units in a classical or modern language at entrance are required to earn 14 credit hours in the same language. Stu足 dents presenting four units at entrance are not required to take a foreign language in college. The final six hours of the language requirement may, upon petition, be met by six hours of literarure in translation. six -,Six hours must be in the department of history, not more t hours in one department_

1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College  
1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College