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(jeneral Statement H I STOR I CAL Pacific Lu theran College was formed by the union of Pacific Lutheran Academy with Columbia Lutheran College. The first of these, Pacific Lutheran Academy, was established at Parkland, Washington, December 11, 1890, by members of the Synod of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It began its work on October 14, 1894, and continued until the spring of 1918, at which time its faculty and students were transferred to Columbia College, where the school was operated for one year. The second component, Columbia Lutheran College, of Everett, Washington, was established by members of the United Norwegian Lutheran Church. It opened its doors to students in 1909 and continued its work until the spring of 1919, the last year in conjunction with Pacific Lutheran Academy, as already noted. In 1917 the church bodies were united. In 1920 the Pacific Lutheran College Association was incorporated. By resolution of the Pacific District of the Norwegian Lu theran Church of America, the two schools were united at Park· land under the name of Pacific Lutheran College. The consolidated school was opened to students on October 4, 1920. In the fall of 1929 the work of Christian education carried on at Spokane College was transferred to Pacific Lutheran College, and this arrangement was by resolution of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America on May 28, 1930, made permanent. Up to 1919 Pacific Lutheran Academy and Columbia Lutheran College had been conducted essentially as secondary schools. Only occasionally did they offer classes in college branches. In 1921, however, the amalgamated institution established a two-year Liberal Arts Department and a two-year Normal Depart. ment, both of college grade. In view of educational legislation and other developments, the Board of Trustees of the College authorized the addition of a third year in the Junior College Division, which change became effective in the Normal Depart· ment in 1931 and in Libera! Arts in 1941. Similarly, the Normal Department was reorganized into a four-year College of Education in 1939. The High School Division is accredited by the State Department of Educa­ tion. In the College Division, the Junior College of Liberal Arts is accredited by the University of \Y,1ashington, and the College of Education by the State De­ partment of Education. On April 8, 1936, the Northwest Association of Second­ ary and Higher Schools also granted Pacific Lutheran College initial accreditation as a junior college and a three-year normal school, and on April 7, 1937, made this accreditation permanent. The State Department of Education, on June 18, 1940, approved Pacific Lutheran College as a four-year teacher-training insti· tution.



Pacific Lutheran College is owned and operated by the Pacific District the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America. At one or more of the sessions

1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College  
1941-42 Catalog Pacific Lutheran College