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Paris Lowitz // Pieces // Fall 2010

About my project

Furniture is one of the few pieces of design that directly affects everyone’s lives every day. It is apparent, but also unobtrusive in the way we interact with it. For this project, I want to make the furniture construction process as effortless as possible for assembly and disassmbly.

Target Market

This product will be targeted toward young people trying to furnish small apartments. This can range anywhere from college dorm rooms or apartments, the first homes for young professionals, or other professionals trying to furnish a small studio apartment. These people will also have to tendency to be design concious, meaning design plays a major role in their consumer decisions.

AGES 19 to 30.

What is out there // Current market place trends


In today’s market place, design is becoming more and more important not only to businesses trying to create succesful products, but also to consumers purchasing them.


Here are some popular companies that sell home furnishings. They range from affordable to more expensive, but they also differ in their company culture, product aesthetics, and more.

“When we talk about our dedication to good design, we don’t just mean how something looks, but also how it satisfies a need, how it simplifies your life, and how it makes you feel.” -Target Website

IKEA sells well designed, low price furniture, that is flat packed unassembled, and the user assembles the furniture at their home. They have succeeded in spreading good design to the masses, and by doing that have become one of the most succesful companies in the world.

Casulo, by Marcel Kings & Sebastian Muhlhauser, is a large bright yellow square that unfolds to reveal all the elements you could need to create an entire bedroom. The box measures in at the small dimensions of 80cm x 120cm that fits a desk, three stools, a bed, six shelf bookcase, and an armoire. The bedroom in a box set can be built and disassembled in ten minutes with no tools required.


3 to 6 pieces of furniture Instruction booklet Packaging structure and graphics Print Ads / Lookbook

Initial Concepts


Initial sketch and research phase. Continue sketching concepts as well as continuing research on manufacturing processes and materials. Initial brainstorm of brand and packaging. Refine concepts sketch to CAD. Resolve initial assembly concerns. Photo realistic renderings for review presentation. Refine brand and packaging. Graphics on renderings.

Kickoff Presentation  

Kickoff presentation for senior project

Kickoff Presentation  

Kickoff presentation for senior project