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THE ARCTIC OCEAN A guided tour will give you a first class understanding of the Arctic Ocean’s significance and impact on the northern wilderness and its people. Those who want a truly unforgettable experience visit the area in the winter - on the back of a snowmobile!


The vast and rugged fell sceneries of the wilderness, trails across versatile terrain, and enticing cultural sites. This is a combo worth visiting also on the back of a mountain bike.









Trek through this magnificent arctic fell country on foot or on skis, finding your way to a welcoming wilderness hut for the night.

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ometimes, it is necessary to travel great distances to discover something new and exciting - something that lingers in your mind for years and helps you cope with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Lying in the northernmost region of Finland, some 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, is Inari-Saariselkä. Its remote geographical location at the top of the European Union is no barrier to travel as it is easily accessible by a 1.5-hour flight from Helsinki. Finnair flies to Ivalo round the year offering several departures daily in the busy winter season. Norwegian Air also offers three flights per week in winter. In winter you can fly direct from London to Ivalo on Finnair and from Frankfurt to Ivalo on Lufthansa. On your arrival, you are welcomed by a modern airport with an extensive range of services. Ivalo is an airport on the human scale where visitors are met as soon as they enter the terminal. Efficient shuttle services are available from the airport to Saariselkä, Kiilopää and Kakslauttanen. You can also arrange transfer to Inari but you need to book in advance. Many hotels and guest houses have their own airport shuttle service. You can admire the beautiful and sensitive Arctic nature throughout the whole Inari-Saariselkä region. The wide range of accommodation facilities, local food, exciting outdoor activities and the unique Sámi culture is a combination you will not find anywhere else. Even so, the peace and quiet of the wilderness is always just a few steps away.


In this northernmost region of Finland, winter lasts seven months. With guaranteed snowfall every year, it is a charming wonderland where people know how to enjoy the winter. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen dancing in the night sky from August to the end of March. Ski tracks and pistes open in November with the season lasting until early May. Aside from cross-country and downhill skiing, the main winter attractions include the Aurora Borealis, dog sled and snowmobile safaris, and snowshoe treks. Summer is the period of ‘nightless days’ lasting from late May to late July. Even on the hottest days, the air remains fresh and pure. Two of Finland’s largest natural parks are located in the region - the Lemmenjoki River and Urho Kekkonen National Parks - and with their well-marked trails and extensive network of huts and cabins to rest or spend the night free of charge they are a paradise for the outdoor adventurer. The river boats on Lemmenjoki offer the opportunity to explore the history of gold panning in Lapland. Lake Inari, the cleanest of Finland’s great lakes, offers excellent fishing and scenic cruises. In summer, highway E75 running through the Inari-Saariselkä region is Finland’s most popular route to the Arctic Sea. A trip to Inari-Saariselkä is more than just a trip to a holiday resort – it promises a safe yet exciting adventure packed with new and amazing experiences!

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Welcome to the

Northern Lights Airport!


The farther north you travel, the greater the chance to witness the Aurora Borealis. The northernmost airport in Finland and all of EU, in Ivalo, is located 280 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.


urora Borealis can be seen in Finnish Lapland on more than 200 nights annually. In summer, the northern sky bathes in sunlight all day round, but from late August to March or April you can see the Northern Lights on almost any clear-skied, dark night. Lapland beckons travelers on a record-setting scale. The Ivalo airport broke their all-time best in travelers served in 2016, with close to 180 000 passengers, which stands equal to the number of inhabitants in Finnish Lapland. Compared to the previous year, a whopping 15.7 percent in growth took place. “This was already the second record-breaking year in a row. Ivalo’s attraction has a lot to do with the


allure of Lapland: the Northern Lights, igloo villages, pristine northern nature, and tranquility. Visitors are also interested in outdoor activities, such as husky and snowmobile safaris, not to forget Father Christmas, who lives in Lapland,” Chief Operating Officer Jarmo Pyhäjärvi explains. In winter Finnair flies to Ivalo from Helsinki 2-4 times each day and from London two times a week, Norwegian once a day, three times a week, and Lufthansa operate one flight every Saturday. During summer flights are less frequent. “Charters fly in mostly during the winter, around the Christmas season. Christmas charters arrive from


England. Flights from Paris and Amsterdam also come in over the winter.” Renovations at the Ivalo Airport finished in 2015, and Finavia has developed services at the airport so that visitors would feel delighted already after their first impressions. “We’re in a good place to keep working with agents in tourism and event organizing as well as policy-makers, both nationally and in the area.” Far away, but easily accessible

Ivalo Airport is the northernmost airport in Finland and all of the European Union, but the flight from Helsinki takes only 1.5 hours. Travel destinations in the area are easily accessible from the airport. Several hotels and tourism businesses arrange transportation from the airport to accommodations for their customers.


The airport also provides travelers with busses, car rentals, and taxis. Regular flights have bus connections to Saariselkä, Kakslauttanen, and Kiilopää. Naturally, the bus runs in both directions, so there is transportation to the airport for all regularly scheduled flights. Transportation is operated by Eskelisen Lapin Linjat, whose monthly schedules and prices you can find on the company website www.eskelisen.fi/en. Visitors of Inari or Ivalo can easily book transportation beforehand with the service provider by sending the time of their arriving or departing flight, flight number, and the pick-up location or destination by email to ilmari.slant@pp.inet.fi. Seats are to be booked by 18:00 (6 p.m.) on the previous day. You may also make reservations online at www.kuljetusliikeilmarislant.fi. You can also take a taxi from the airport to your accommodations.




The enchantingly beautiful nature of northernmost Lapland and its serene sceneries create a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Experience the exhilarating adventures in the pristine wilderness, marvel at the magically colorful art display on the sky canvas, and spend one-on-one quality time in a love nest that suits your style.


nhale a lungful of fresh air and let in a moment of silence as your senses take in the surrounding nature. No matter what time of year it is, you will soon notice how much richness can be found in the quiet wilderness. In the winter, there is the crunch of snow under your shoes and the crackle of the trees in the freezing temperatures. They even say that you can hear the Northern Lights. In the summer, the wind whispers in the fells and dances with the waters in the lakes and rivers, and you can hear the songs of different birds coming from here and there. How many colors can share the polar night sky between the brief dawn of the day and the moment it turns into a starlit night again? Azure, rose, pink, purple, orange, and gold, at the least. Not to mention the radiant colors of the autumn foliage! It’s no wonder that the Laplanders regard nature as their opera, theater, and art gallery. The best part is that nature provides these luxuries to all of our senses, non-stop and free of charge. The unique nature in Lapland puts you in the right frequency to be present, here and now, and makes


room for you to be together. Here you can kiss goodbye to the hectic everyday grind and focus on spending time with that special someone. Take a Leap toward an Adventure

When was the last time you tried something truly for the first time? In the Inari–Saariselkä region, you will have no shortage of options, so how about some silly fun in the longest toboggan run in Finland at Saariselkä (1.8 km), a snowmobile safari across the open fells to the Arctic Ocean, a sleigh ride with huskies or reindeer pulling your sleigh, a snowshoe hike of a couple kilometers on the marked trails nearby or a longer trek on skis, mountain bikes or by foot, depending on the time of the year? Here, you will have the chance to meet the only indigenous people in Europe, the Sámi. If you’re an experienced fisher, you will certainly want to try fishing at the vast Lake Inari or one of the legendary wilderness rivers, such as the Rivers Teno, Inari, Ivalo, Näätämö, Juutua, and Lutto. If your visit takes place in late winter or early spring, try the delightful


activity of ice fishing with a local guide that knows the best spots! The sunshine reflecting off the water or snow and the delectable packed meal guarantee plenty of ambience, even if you end up without a catch. Pushing your boundaries while your significant other cheers you on and conquering challenges together, for example, on a paddling trip in the white waters of the rapids provides empowering moments for your relationship that you will reminisce about with a smile years from now. Why pay for therapy when you can take a trip to Lapland? Tune into the frequency of love well before you embark on this journey! Dream and let dream. Think and discuss where the perfect atmosphere could be found in your case and how the both of you could fulfill your dreams. Book the most important activities beforehand, but be sure to leave some room for surprises and living in the moment. Recharge Yourself in Comfort

Find that perfect spot in your loved one’s side by the fireplace in a log cabin with great ambience, admire the Northern Lights in a glass-roofed igloo or cabin, or get comfortable in a modern hotel. Accommodations in the area will have the right option for every taste. After a romantic night and a delicious breakfast, it’s no wonder if a day goes by without going into the wilderness and seeing its sights. Sometimes, you might just want to spend the day in your love nest. There’s no need to hurry in Lapland. The mood set by the vacationers has a way of reaching the people working in the area as well. They can almost always stop for a chat or give you tips, for example, on what might be a good day trip destination at that time of year. Try the true northern flavors, fish from the clear waters of Lake Inari, mushrooms from the Lappish



wilderness, and berries ripened in the nightless night. A great selection of restaurants guarantees that you can both feast on the exotic local delicacies and enjoy the simple joys of pizza or burgers during your stay. Remember to also allow yourselves a dash of luxury and succumb to being fully pampered at a beauty salon. An Unforgettable Surprise

The best way to surprise your travel companion is to engage in an activity that you would normally skip. If your partner is into fishing or shopping, join them on one of these trips! That is not to say that you need to do everything together on a holiday, but the truly everlasting memories are born from giving proper attention to the other person’s interests. The one-of-a-kind churches in picturesque milieus naturally attract wedding organizers, but many of the churches are also great places to visit, such as the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church in Inari, five kilometers on foot from the start of the path, or the chapel that is shaped like a flying willow ptarmigan in Karigasniemi. What could be more romantic than a proposal at a snow chapel built for a wedding, on top of the Kaunispää Fell in the glowing colors of the autumn foliage or after a helicopter ride over the wilderness? The local tourism and activities entrepreneurs are accustomed to planning trips of a lifetime, tailored to your wishes. The best memories last a lifetime, but make sure to snap some photos that you can look at when back home to relive those moments and to share them with others if you wish! Share your romantic experiences in the far north on Instagram with the hashtags #arcticromance_lapland and #exploreinari.


An Unforgettable Snowmobile Safari to the

Arctic Ocean The mythical Arctic Ocean has always enticed travelers. It’s no wonder, because this northern pearl, known to some as the Arctic Mediterranean, is in a league of its own when it comes to uniqueness. TEXT: ANTTI HURSKAINEN IMAGES: JARI KURVINEN, LAPLAND SAFARIS




guided tour will give you a first class understanding of the Arctic Ocean’s significance and impact on the northern wilderness and its people. Those who want a truly unforgettable experience visit the area in the winter – on the back of a snowmobile! Three Days and 500 Kilometers You are in for three memorable days when the snowmobiles head north from Saariselkä. The destination is the legendary Arctic Ocean. While on this journey, you get to take in the big picture of the Arctic Ocean, with wintry arctic nature as its frame. And there is plenty to take in on this safari. Along the way, the animals of the north are a more common sight than your fellow man. The landscapes represent Lapland at its finest, mostly surrounded by the snow-covered wilderness. Starting at Saariselkä, our route heads toward Ivalo with enchanting fells and forests on each side. River Ivalojoki will be our next leg before reaching the glowing white plain of the frozen Lake Inarijärvi. The lake’s 3,000 islands and its tree-covered shores border our northbound caravan. Being the third largest lake in Finland, Lake Inarijärvi is made for snowmobiling. Eventually the snowmobiles will reach the small village of Sevettijärvi, known for its Skolt Sámi people. The road to the village was only finished in the late 1960s. Next up after Sevettijärvi is the village of Näätämö, and across the border you can soon see Neiden, our destination for the first night. The successful first day is crowned by a warm sauna and a dinner with great ambiance. It’s nice to go over the most memorable sights along the way together, and you will have no problems catching a good night’s sleep. The Caravan Rides Again The next day, our journey continues on the Norwegian side of the border. As the snowmobile trail becomes narrower, we zigzag among rivers, fjords, and a landscape shaped by birch-covered fells. Finally, the most eagerly awaited sight is in front of us, and we stop on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Because of the tide and milder weather conditions, the bays and fjords do not freeze over during the winter. The open sea and the breathtaking scen-


ery paint pictures with perfect contrast in both our minds and our cameras, creating memories of this unique encounter and the whole journey there. Our route back takes to the eastern side of Lake Inarijärvi, and our accommodation for the second night will be in the comforts of the wilderness hotel and its log cabins. On the third day, the return to Saariselkä awaits us with shimmering snow, beautiful landscapes, and a good variety of nature’s different shapes as our travel companions. At last, the line of snowmobiles takes its final curve back to Saariselkä. “Tired, but happy” is a fitting description of the feelings at the end of three days of snowmobiling. Big smiles are seen on the faces of the whole party. The guide thanks you for a wonderful trip and asks who wants to go again. Everyone raises their hands. An unforgettable experience. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ARCTIC OCEAN AND SNOWMOBILE SAFARIS IN THE AREA

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? The Arctic Ocean awaits. Almost entirely surrounded by coastlines, the Arctic Ocean is the smallest, shallowest, and northernmost of the oceans of the north, and its significance is easily sensed all around northern Lapland. For example, the most central bodies of water in the Inari-Saariselkä tourism area, River Ivalojoki and Lake Inarijärvi, both eventually join their streams with the Arctic Ocean. The nature in the area is rugged in the arctic sense and beautiful in its own way. Snowmobile safaris to the Arctic Ocean are organized from January to March by Lapland Safaris, Lapin Luontolomat, and Visit Inari. The safaris include gear, guide(s), food, and accommodation. Daily legs are 100–240 kilometers, so the safaris are better suited for more experienced snowmobile riders who enjoy riding. More snowmobile safaris with varying levels of difficulty are organized in the area. The good amount of routes and trails also provides an excellent setting for individual snowmobile rides without a guide.


Text: Miia Kärnä

Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus)



A visit to a reindeer farm will teach you about the local culture and the daily life of reindeer herders.


he reindeer is called a semi-domesticated social animal because farmers let herds into the wild. Some reindeer are put in corrals or fed in the woods in the winter, but in the summer they graze freely. Some herders, in addition to their daily work, provide travelers with a chance to familiarize themselves with the reindeer and the herding culture. In winter, you get to feed the reindeer, and in the spring you can marvel at the newly born calves. A reindeer farm safari that lasts a couple of hours also allows you to experience the Lappish wilderness and the enchanting tranquility of the fells. Visit a reindeer herder Journey along the scenic River Teno to the mountains of Norway and Finland, and meet a young Sami reindeer herder, Aslat-Jon Länsman, in Nuorgam, Finland’s northernmost village. He is one of the youngest reindeer herders in his region of Galdoaivi, which is one of the biggest wilderness areas in Europe. Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to spend time with his reindeer in his private corral. Here you will


help feed the reindeer while learning about the traditions of herding and the culture of the Sámi people. This is truly a chance of a lifetime, considering his family has been herding reindeer for generations. After feeding the reindeer, you will perhaps have worked up an appetite and definitely deserve a break. Naturally, it will be time to move to the lávvu, where you will enjoy fresh coffee and get a taste of Sámi culture. You will get the chance to taste fresh dried reindeer jerky that has been specially dried in the fresh tundra air under the Northern Lights. The visit will end with a Sámi lasso-throwing lesson. Aslat-Jon offers the best lasso throwers the option to stay and work as a reindeer herder for the winter, but so far no one has stayed. Visits are organized from December to April for groups of at least four persons, and each visit lasts about two hours.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE: www.arcticsiida.fi.


Join the reindeer farmer in feeding the reindeer

Enjoy a Sámi dinner at a reindeer farm

There are just short of 5,000 reindeer owners in Finland, about 1,000 of whom are Sámi people. Petri Mattus, who is an Inari Sámi, has a reindeer farm in the village of Menesjärvi, which is located between the Hammastunturi Wilderness Area and Lemmenjoki National Park. From December to April, by reservation, this reindeer herder takes groups of 1–8 people to feed the reindeer with him. In the winter, Mattus awaits his guests in his yard, dressed in a reindeer herder’s work uniform: overalls for snowmobiling. These wintry trips last 2–4 hours, depending on where the reindeer are at that moment. Before heading out, everyone will change into appropriate shoes and put on overalls and a helmet. The journey to the reindeer goes by comfortably in the sleigh behind the snowmobile, sitting on warm animal hides. You can choose to feed the reindeer with the herder, or you can simply admire the animals grazing freely. On this trip, you can enjoy coffee made on a campfire and chat about reindeer herding, Sámi culture, and the northern way of life, without a hurry. In May, you get to marvel at the newly born calves and witness how the calves are earmarked based on their owners at calf markings that take place every couple of days. These are some of the finest shared moments between the reindeer and the herder.

A Sami family business, Joiku-Kotsamo Safaris, has operated in the Saariselkä area for almost three decades. The hosts there organize Sami dinners for parties ranging from six even up to 150 people. Groups are taken from Saariselkä by car to the reindeer farm that stands between fells, where the people of the farm then welcome the guests. Before heading to dinner, you get to visit the reindeer. The reindeer in the enclosure are very tame, and you can feed lichen to them if you want. Many guests also like to take pictures with the reindeer. The three-course dinner is then enjoyed in a Laplander’s hut, by the gentle glow of an open fire, with proper Sámi spice. The lady of the farm sings traditional Sámi yoiks to set the mood during the dinner. In addition to basking in the calmness and serenity of nature, guests get to hear about the Sámi culture, reindeer herding, and life in Lapland. The atmosphere is usually very communicative, and guests are free to ask about the things that interest them. Hurry is not a concept that exists here. Dinner reservations are made in advance by email, and inquiries can be made until 4 p.m. on the day before. When booked as an additional service, the hosts will take guests after dinner to look at the Northern Lights from the back of a sleigh pulled by reindeer or arrange a relaxing moment of shaman drumming meditation. The lady of the farm, Armi, is an energy healer.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE: www.petrimattus.com.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE: www.joikukotsamo.fi.

REINDEER AHEAD – TRAVEL SAFELY ON THE ROADS! Reindeer roam great distances and move constantly in their search for food. In Lapland, reindeer tend to travel on roads as well, so extreme caution should be exercised while driving. Porokello is a new reindeer warning system made in Finland. The system relies on 1,000 professional drivers giving the warnings with dedicated devices. Warning data is shared in real time to different systems (navigation systems and apps). Also a dedicated Porokello mobile app will be launched in autumn 2017. The project, coordinated by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Lapland, aims to reduce reindeer-related accidents by half by 2020.

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A family business of great ambience, Kalastajan Majatalo (Fisherman’s Inn) provides a perfect getaway location for those who want to celebrate love or friendship while enjoying the surrounding nature.


he best locations for Atlantic salmon fishing in Europe, the fell highlands in Utsjoki, and the tranquility of the wilderness attract travelers to the village of Karigasniemi in Utsjoki, located at the border of Finland and Norway. When the power couple at Kalastajan Majatalo Inn, Pia and Hans Rasmus, finally tied the knot after several years together, they felt honored to hold their celebrations in their own milieu. After all, wedding celebrations had been organized at Kalastajan Majatalo for decades. “Our two restaurants have plenty of room for larger parties, but our own wedding was a more intimate event for about 60 people. Finnish, Sámi, and Norwegian guests arrived all the way from Helsinki and Oslo,” says Hans. The wedding ceremony took place at the Utsjoki Church, and after that the couple and their guests came to Karigasniemi to celebrate, dine, and dance. On the next day, the majority of the guests joined the newlyweds on a honeymoon trip to the nearby fells – some to keep company and socialize, and others to spend several nights there. The journey to the hideaway cabin was taken on snowmobiles. The wedding couple had arranged for a meal at the gámme (Sámi peat-roofed dwelling), where the food was prepared outside on a fire. While snow had been falling when the party started on their way, by a miracle that suggested a pact with the weather god, the sky came out of the clouds once the party reached fell country, and the snow glowed as the Sun shone in the clear sky. Everything was ready at the destination; even the barrel hot tub was filled with water for sauna and bathing in the evening. The first night of an unforgettable honeymoon was topped off with fireworks above the open fell. The hideaway cabin is available for rent for daytrips or, for example, as the destination of a one-night trip. A guide will join you on your way and will take care of heating the cabin, sauna, and barrel hot tub as well as preparing the food. The ride to the hideaway cabin is a little over 40 kilometers from Karigasniemi on snowmobiles, but it is possible to take a different route by car, in which case the snowmobile ride is only 14 kilometers. “You could very well set up something like a romantic surprise there,” Hans hints.

Mood-setting sights If he had to choose the most romantic scene in Karigasniemi, Hans says it would definitely be the Sulaoja Spring in the dead of winter, a spring the size of a small lake. ”This spring is the largest one in Finland based on flow, and it’s mystically beautiful when it stays unfrozen throughout the winter. There’s no other place around here where you’ll see water birds in the winter! After all, the place is considered a sacred spring by the Sámi people,” Hans explains. Water in the spring is cold and has a bluish hue, and barely any plants grow at the bottom. In the winter, you can reach the spring easily, for example, by snowshoeing about 2 kilometers from the parking lot of the Kevon Reitti Hiking Trail. The signs along the path tell you about the spring and also about the nature and cultural history of the area. In the summer, you get to see an ancient deer hunting pit by the trail. There are plenty of other sightseeing stops around. You can visit the Norwegian side of the border and the Porsanger Fjord, and a 4-hour drive away in Nordkapp you get to enjoy the high rising rock walls and the north wind. At the nearest Norwegian populated community only 18 kilometers away, in Karasjok, there are popular sights to visit, such as the oldest wooden church in the Finnmark region (built in 1807) and Sápmi Park, where Sámi culture and history are on display. A comfortable stay in the wilderness Kalastajan Majatalo Inn has long-standing traditions as the headquarters for summertime fishermen. However, Hans has constantly worked to develop the spot with new customers and the future of the company in mind. After all, Hans’ sons Stefan and Sebastian are now partners in the company. Kalastajan Majatalo has a new annex, completed in 2016, with 12 double rooms. The spacious and comfortable hotel rooms have 90-cm-wide beds, a large table, and a flat screen TV. In addition to the new hotel rooms, the inn offers cozy apartments with all modern conveniences. Kalastajan Majatalo Inn is known as a place for lovers of good food. The new Guossi Restaurant focuses on fresh, local, natural produce and traditional Lappish delicacies, such as reindeer, king crab and, of course, salmon.

Kalastajan Majatalo, known as a place of magic in the middle of nowhere, has its roots in the 1950s. Local residents, wedding guests, families, and travelers gather there year after year to enjoy a tasty meal or a friendly chat. Kalastajan Majatalo’s new hotel rooms have a decor that employs warm, earthy tones.




A Fascinating Trip to the Arctic Ocean Roadtrip Absence of haste, tranquility of nature, and surprising encounters – this road trip to the Arctic Ocean is certainly an unforgettable journey toward the north. For this venture, a car, motorcycle, caravan or RV, and bicycle are all equally suitable forms of transportation. The drive is best enjoyed in June or July, when daylight is ample 24 hours a day. Of course, there is plenty to behold all year round. “European route E-75 guides you northward through Finland to Rovaniemi and then toward the Arctic Ocean.”


Forget about rush hour traffic and stop lights, and enjoy driving again in the aweinspiring northern countryside. The 480-kilometer-long drive through Finland’s most spectacular wilderness is a thing to remember, and it introduces you to the intriguing history of the Arctic and to its exciting sights. At your destination, the Arctic Ocean and the abandoned fishing village of Hamningberg await you. Vuotso and Tankavaara Our first destination in the Inari-Saariselkä area acquaints you with the small village of Vuotso. This southernmost Sámi village in Finland provides us with a spot that has grown surprisingly popular in the recent years, a former sacred site of the Sámi people, the Pyhä-Nattanen fell. The popularity of this fell is explained in part by the magnificent and photogenic tor formations, which date back 850,000 to 1 million years. The scenery you can experience from the top of the fell probably does not hurt either – the view toward the Urho Kekkonen National Park is one of Finland’s finest. You can reach the Pyhä-Nattanen Trail by turning right onto the Sompiojärventie road at Vuotso village. Stay on this road for about seven kilometers to reach the starting point of the trail, and you will see a sign that says “Pyhä Nattanen 2 km.” The trail also allows you to hike a 7-kilometer-long loop. The next leg of this journey takes us to learn about the

history of gold in Lapland. Did you know that there have been several gold rushes in the Inari area? The first one took place in 1870 at River Ivalojoki, the second one at Tankavaara in 1934, and the third at River Lemmenjoki in 1945. The Tankavaara Gold Prospector Museum is located ca. ten kilometers north of Vuotso. The only international gold prospector museum in the world tells us stories


about the colorful history of gold and gold prospecting in the Finnish Lapland and around the world. Saariselkä and the Kiilopää Fell From Tankavaara, the drive continues to Saariselkä, or alternatively the Kiilopää fell. Both are at the border of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, and they both offer wellmarked hiking trails to the National Park. In the National Park, visitors will find a selection of easy themed trails, which are also suitable for hikes with children. There are numerous accommodation providers, restaurants, and shops in the Saariselkä area. You can also try a variety of activities – how does mountain biking, disc golf or a trip to River Ivalojoki sound? In the morning, the road calls once again, and the last glimpses of the fells at Saariselkä can be seen by taking the road to the top of the Kaunispää fell. There, surrounded by magnificent sceneries, you can find the Kaunispään Huippu restaurant, which serves you with, among other delicacies, the famous Huippu doughnuts. Ivalo and Inari Found by the beautiful River Ivalojoki, Ivalo is the largest concentration of people and services in the Inari municipality. In addition to shops, Ivalo is home to the northernmost airport in the European Union, a health center, and several other services. Consequently, Ivalo is the perfect


location for getting a good supply of whatever you need with you because stores are fewer and farther between as you proceed toward the north. The next village on the route is Inari, which is located by the rugged yet pretty Lake Inarijärvi. Parts of the road to Inari follow the shores of Lake Ukonjärvi, a part of Lake Inarijärvi, and the 40-kilometer drive goes by in a breeze as you take in the charming scenery. Inari is a central hub for the Sámi people in Finland, so you might want to stop there and visit Siida, a Sámi museum and nature center. Another interesting site to visit in Inari is Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, which is the Sámi people’s parliament building and a center of culture, education, and knowhow in Finland. The building holds, for example, the Sámi Parliament, Sámi Archive, Sámi Library, and arts and crafts store Duodji Shop. Local expertise is found also at the Inarin Hopea (Inari’s Silver) workshop. Their jewelry tells you fascinating stories of Lapland’s nature, culture, people, and environment. When in Inari, it is impossible to miss Lake Inarijärvi. The easiest way to get acquainted with the lake is to take a 2.5-hour boat cruise. M/S Inari III will take you to the mythical Ukonkivi rock, which used to be a sacred sacrificial site for the Sámi people. From the top of Ukonkivi,

The best beach in Ivalo is favored also by the reindeer.


you will get to experience the wide open beauty of the surrounding Lake Inarijärvi and its landscape. After the cruise, you can enjoy lunch with a good appetite before continuing your journey toward Utsjoki. The next 125 kilometers will pass by pleasantly when observing the changing sceneries – you will get to witness the snowy peaks of the surrounding Muotkatunturi fells, the Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area, and the renowned Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and its canyon. Utsjoki Before arriving at the village of Utsjoki, you can see 13 old parish huts. These buildings, which date back to the 18th

century, are available for visitors all year round. Originally, these huts were built and owned by different families, and they were used as housings when going to church, market days or parliament gatherings. Utsjoki is the northernmost municipality in Finland and the only municipality with a Sámi majority population. The central areas of the village are guarded by the sacred Ailigas fell, from the top of which you can gaze at the impressive landscape of the Teno river valley. River Teno, which is regarded as the best river in Europe for salmon fishing, provides visitors with a bridge to Norway, the Sámi Bridge. Utsjoki also has several accommodation service providers. Nuorgam From Utsjoki, a 40-kilometer drive takes you to the northernmost village in the European Union, Nuorgam, with the windy road following the stunning riverside sceneries of River Teno. Stop for a lunch or stay at the Nuorgam Holiday Village or some other accommodation provider in the area, and you can take a moment to experience the wondrous nature of Lake Pulmankijärvi, for example, on a rental bicycle. The road to Lake Pulmankijärvi starts from the center of the village. In the evening, you can also take a boat trip on River Teno. Vadsø and Vardø The next morning, it is time to say farewell to Finland and the EU and to cross the Norwegian border, which is a few kilometers away. On the Norwegian side, River Teno becomes Tanaelva (or River Tana), and upon



arriving at Skiippagurra, we will take a right turn toward Varangerbotn. This village, which is located 35 kilometers away from Nuorgam, stands at the innermost part of the Varangerfjord. From here, the journey continues on a beautiful scenic route toward Vadsø. When you reach the small Nesseby, head toward the church on the shore. This beautiful, small church is a landmark of the coast, and it is one of the most often photographed locations in the area. The church was built in 1858, and it managed to avoid destruction during the wars. Vadsø, meaning Water Island, is the largest town and center for services in the area. The island at the forefront of the town is home to a mast to which the Airship Italia was tied in May of 1928, during its journey toward the North Pole. Italia reached the North Pole, but met a tragic fate on its way back. When leaving Vadsø, bear in mind that you are only 15 kilometers away from the famous Ekkerøy nesting cliff and nature reserve. Ekkerøy makes it easy for you to look at the birds of the Arctic Ocean and to take pictures of them. The easternmost town in Norway, Vardø, is located 75 kilometers from Vadsø. The road to this island town goes through a tunnel under the sea. Vardø has watched Norway’s eastern border toward Russia since the 14th century. The first fort in town was built in the early 1300s. Currently, the fort operates as a museum fortress, and it is a popular site for visitors. On an island outside the town stands a powerful monument, the Steilneset Memorial. The Memorial was erected to commemorate 91 women who were convicted of witchcraft.


Hamningberg The 40-kilometer strip of road to the small village of Hamningberg is only open during the summer. The road departs just before the Vardø tunnel on the mainland side. The drive takes you through incredible moonlike surroundings, rugged rocks, and beautiful bays to the northeasternmost village in Norway. The beautiful Barents Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean, is visible for the whole drive. After the exciting drive, we arrive at the old fishing village of Hamningberg, which survived the war, but was abandoned by its inhabitants in the 1960s. During World War II, the Nazis conquered the village. There is a bunker in the village as a reminder of the Nazi presence, but the biggest surprise awaits visitors at the top of a cliff. A road from the parking lot leads up to the top, where you will find enormous, old cannon platforms and bunkers from World War II. Right before your eyes lies the endless, cold blue Arctic Ocean. The scenery is breathtaking, and we have reached the final stop on this journey, at 70.5405° N.

While driving, keep an eye out for reindeer which might run onto the road.




The vast and rugged fell sceneries of the wilderness, trails across versatile terrain, and enticing cultural sites. This is a combo worth visiting also on the back of a mountain bike.


he best time for mountain biking in northern Lapland begins in mid-July and lasts all the way to September. In August and September, bikers get to enjoy the emerging autumn foliage, where nature bursts into new colors. In the winter, you should try the wide-tired fat bike on the unofficial snowmobiling routes. If the spring is good for snow crust, available fat biking routes become manifold. Mountain and fat bike rentals are offered in the area by Fell Centre Kiilopää, as well as Lapin Luontolomat, Saariselkä Booking, and Lapland Safaris in Saariselkä. Beginners in particular will have the safest experience in getting to know the wilderness with a local guide, but services for more experienced riders are also available in the area, from transportation to coaching. The latest service providers in the field are Alma Arktika and Saariselkä Training. Alma Arktika, Utsjoki Getting acquainted with the sceneries of the Teno river valley and the vast fell highlands of the Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area, as well as learning about the Sámi culture entwined with the routes, is possible with Reetta Koski and Hannu Holmberg from Nuorgam as your guides. “We think that the trails at Utsjoki are just wonderful. There are plenty of less challenging trails for first timers. You don’t really need to have any of the technical skills. Last spring, the snow crust in Nuorgam was so good for a couple weeks that it was like riding on concrete,” says Reetta exuberantly. Alma Arktika, a company offering accommodation, equipment rentals, and guide services, was born around Reetta and Hannu’s own hobbies in 2015. The couple, who originally met in the Helsinki area, first moved to Hannu’s birthplace Nuorgam to better accommodate their hobbies, and soon after they also wanted to help others enjoy the arctic nature of Lapland.


Now, the entrepreneurs are delighted that the locals have also found their way to the new company and have gone for guided day trips in familiar surroundings to try a new activity. Getting started is easy Many of the trails in Utsjoki can be reached by first driving to higher ground by car and then taking your bike off-road straight away. For example, the Njuohgárggu trail starts directly from the road to the Njállavárri mast. “It’s already an experience in itself when we drive to the mast and you see the scenery open up.” The whole route between Njállavárri and Njuohkarjávri travels in open fell terrain on a wide trail, so terrain-wise it is also suitable for beginners. By Njuohkarjávri, you can see a former reindeer round-up site and an old sieidi stone, a sacred site of the Sámi people. Alma Arktika also takes first time riders to Utsjoki’s Ailikkaan reitti (Ailikas Fell’s route), to pedal from the reindeer round-up site at Skalluvaara down to the town of Utsjoki. The trail is 11.5 kilometers long, and about two hours of riding time is usually scheduled for the trail. “The trails by Pulmankijärventie road are also popular, and it’s very easy to head there directly from our location. It’s not necessary to have your own equipment either, because we rent mountain bikes and fat bikes in several sizes. You get a spare tire and a piece of bicycle chain to take with you so that you won’t get into trouble out in the wilderness.” If needed, the services also include transportation for the bikes and riders to their starting point and pick-up from the destination. The company also rents paddling equipment, so it is possible to combine a mountain biking trip and a kayaking trip. “First we pedal our mountain bikes up to the fell, where we then switch to kayaks and paddle back down. For people going fishing at the arctic char lakes (Rautujärvet), we’ve


recommended renting a fat bike because it’s very handy to take a day trip with the bike, with or without guide.” Challenging routes for technical cycling Two or three-day-long treks are designed so that the group can spend the nights in cabins along the route. “At the end of each day, it’s nice to be able to enjoy the sauna in the woods and blazed fish (i.e. nailed to a plank and cooked on an open fire), and in the morning we get to take off after a good night’s sleep.” For experienced cyclists, Reetta recommends the 28.5-kilometer-long Riekkojärvi route (Riekkojärven reitti). “The Riekkojärvi route has great variety and calls for more technical skill on the bike. The off-road vehicle trail goes from rocky to soft, and there are several points where you cross streams or rivers along the way.” For cyclists that prefer doing things on their own, Alma Arktika offers help with designing their routes and can also rent, for example, a cabin by the chosen route. Reetta cannot name a personal favorite as far as routes go. The truly unique experiences are born in cooperation with customers. “The people that come here have such a great attitude. They’re so energetic and sociable. There’s no time to get bored with these routes when new people always awaken you to realize their wonders again. Sometimes the customers like to ride so fast that it puts my own skills to the test.” Saariselkä Training, Saariselkä The Saariselkä area is home to a vast network of different routes: easy sand roads for beginners and rocky and treeroot-heavy trails for true enthusiasts. “On the Finnish scale, we’ve got large differences in altitude, meaning long ascents and descents,” Tiina Idström describes the area. Tiina works at Saariselkä Booking and on her own time in her husband Reima’s business. “We both have backgrounds in competitive cross-country skiing, but both of us have also competed in mountain


biking for about seven years now. In addition to guided trips, Saariselkä Training offers individual coaching and long-term coaching for mountain bikers who wish to evolve as cyclists.” Nowadays, Saariselkä provides mountain bikers with basically everything that they need. “Saariselkä Booking rents regular mountain bikes and fat bikes that work well for these surroundings, also in sizes that suit school children. Saariselkä Training, on the other hand, offers bike care and maintenance for those who come here with their own bikes.” Unfathomable number of routes There are barely any marked trails at Saariselkä, but mountain bikers use the bases of cross-country tracks and existing paths. “And there’s no shortage of those! At the previous MTB Stages event we had 150 kilometers of marked routes, but an unfathomable number of routes you can take on a bike remain,” Reima Idström promises. On trips organized by Saariselkä Training, the routes are chosen specifically for each case. “With first timers we usually ride around in nearby areas for about two hours when the ground isn’t yet frozen and also during the winter. In the summer, we sometimes do 4-hour-long trips with some food with us for a break, and we have plans to start organizing longer biking trips of one or two nights.” For more experienced mountain bikers Reima recommends the Kulmakurun kierros loop. This route has a nice amount of variety, and you can see the different faces of Saariselkä. Along the way, you get to cycle in the Kuusipää spruce forest area, to cross the River Tolosjoki, to ascend the fell at Kulmakuru, and to ride in the open pine forests of Laanila.” “Late winter/early spring there’s going to be a fat bike event with a more laid-back atmosphere, and on the last weekend of August we’ll have another Saariselkä MTB Stages – three days and three different routes.”


Kultala Crown Station in the River Ivalojoki canyon.

Get to Know

Northern Nature on Guided Hikes TEXT: HELENA


City dwellers and urbanites can safely head out to the wild when they take an experienced professional, a wilderness guide, with them. Group hikes are a lot of fun – and even more fun if you put together a group with your friends. Going on a shared trek is perfect, for example, for celebrating a special day.


uring the hike, you can learn basic outdoor skills. You can spend a day or two in the wilderness. The calm pace of a hiking trip gives you time to enjoy the sceneries and the tranquility of nature, to admire the plants, and to possibly see animals in their natural habitat in the wild. The hikes introduced on these pages get you acquainted with the gold prospecting areas in Inari, River Ivalojoki, the Urho Kekkonen National Park, marks left by ice ages, and the midnight sun on the Nuvvus-Ailigas Fell. In the Inari and Utsjoki area, you can also find other event organizers who offer hikes ranging from a few hours to several days. Nature, Gold, and Culture at Ivalojoen Kultala The two-day-long trip begins with a meet-up at the safari offices of Lapin Luontolomat Oy, in Saariselkä. There you will learn about the destination and the route, as well as


Kultala Crown Station was built as the headquarters for officials during the gold rush at River Ivalojoki in the late 1800s.

check the equipment and pack your backpacks. First up on the trip is a car ride of 35 kilometers on the Kuttura village road to Pahaoja, where we will pick up our backpacks and start hiking toward Kultala, a site famous for its gold-related history. The hike is around 13 kilometers long, and we will stop on the way to enjoy some of the food we packed by a campfire. “After arriving at the Kultala Crown Station, we will set up our accommodations and get to know the surroundings, after which we’ll prepare a delicious dinner together, and the guide will tell you about the history of gold prospecting in Lapland and in the area,” the guides in charge explain. Accommodations in the area are a shared cabin or tents. After breakfast, we start the hike back to Pahaoja, which will be around the same 13 kilometers in length.


We will stop along the way to enjoy our packed meals by a campfire. At Pahaoja, we will learn about the Pahaojan Kultala lodging before a car ride back to Saariselkä. The minimum number of participants for this trip is six people. The hike is suitable for people who are in decent physical shape, and no outdoor skills are required. The hiking trip to Kultala costs 250 euros per person, and it lasts two days and one night. The price includes accommodations at Kultala, food for the trip, guide services, and transportation. The required equipment includes a sleeping back, hiking gear (shoes, hiking outfit and rain gear, personal items), backpack/rucksack, water bottle, and good humor with an adventurous attitude. For an added fee, the trip can be changed to last two nights, in which case participants will also be taken on a hike in the wilderness around the Hammastunturi Fell. Also for an added fee, trips of one and two nights allow the addition of a rafting experience in the beautiful River Ivalojoki canyon from Kultala to Tolonen, from where we will take a car back to Saariselkä. Luontoloma guides at Ritakoski Rapids at River Ivalojoki: from the left, Tuula Katajamaa in charge of supplying the food, Jyrki Katajamaa, Visa Ruokokoski, Peeter Veltson, Tanja Ohenoja, and Jari Katajamaa.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.lapinluontolomat.fi


THE GOLDEN RIVER LEMMENJOKI Route description: River Lemmenjoki is well known for Finland’s largest national park, the immensely beautiful river valley, the professional gold prospecting from 70 years ago all the way to this day, its Sámi village, and the magnificently vast possibilities for hiking and camping. And for good reason. The river has been used to get around already in the days of deer hunting, but especially during the gold rush that took place 70 years ago. To this day, riverboats take hikers and campers, gold prospectors, and other passersby to the gold prospecting areas and the heart of the park. This hiking trip at the golden Leammi (the Sámi name for Lemmenjoki) lets us learn about the surroundings of River Lemmenjoki by hiking to the photogenic Ravadasköngäs Waterfall along the esker terrain, which is relatively easy to move in despite its impressive looks. At the eskers, we will see deer hunting holes from the old days and exquisite riverside sceneries. This guided hike takes place mostly in a pine forest, not on a fell. At the Ravadas Waterfalls, we will go take pictures of the whitewater, and the most daring visitors can also take a dip in the refreshing river water. Then, we will prepare a meal together at the adjacent Härkäkoski Wilderness Hut, before our boat ride back. The trip back to our cars goes by quickly on the boat at 19 (7 p.m.). What makes this a popular hike? Both for its stories and its nature, this is one of the most


diverse routes in the Inari-Saariselkä area. The route provides enough challenge for those that know the basics of hiking and camping as well as for those who want to get some exercise along the way. Near the big fells that surround River Lemmenjoki, in the river valley, you will truly feel like you are surrounded by northern wilderness. Duration, km and day: Car ride from Inari to Njurgulahti, 30 minutes + hike 4 h / 15 km + 1-hour boat ride back from 19–20 (7–8 p.m.) + rest and food breaks, 1.5 h + car ride back, 30 min = 7.5 hours. Level of difficulty, for whom is this hike best suited: Suitable for people who are sporty and like to hike. The walking portions of the trip are relatively easy because we move in the river valley instead of ascending the fells, but the duration adds some challenge. The greatest highlights on this hike: Ravadasköngäs Waterfall, River Lemmenjoki, Joenkielinen Fell in the background, deer hunting holes, and esker formations. What kind of equipment is needed: Weather appropriate clothing (preferably hiking gear), hiking boots (in the dry summer season running shoes or sneakers), small backpack, and mosquito hat or mosquito repellent. Everyone carries their own food in their backpack. Also in the backpack: rain gear, personal items, and warm clothes.


Your guide will be Jouni Männistö from Ivalo Trek Lapland, a Lapland man, who spends his time in the outdoors and with photography. Jouni loves taking his clients to places that are photogenic, so bringing a camera is a wise choice on his trips.

Price and what is included: 130 euros per person. Minimum of 4 persons. The price includes transportation by car from Ivalo or Inari (max. 7 people), guide for the full day, food to take with you, boat ride on the way back from Ravadasköngäs, and VAT. Everyone carries their food in their backpack. Extras included: Photography guidance. Extras available for purchase through guide: As a second option, the trip can be carried out from Njurgulahti as a circle route around the Joenkielinen Fell, in which case we will see the surroundings of River Lemmenjoki, and in fair weather one fell after another, from the top of Joenkielinen. The Joenkielinen hike is tough and demanding because of the ascent to the top of the fell.


N At Nuvvus-Ailigas, you can admire the midnight sun and the snowy peaks of Norwegian fells.


uvvus-Ailigas is one of the three Ailigas Fells in Utsjoki. It rises up to 535 meters, straight from the river valley of River Teno, on the outskirts of the Paistunturi Wilderness Area. Tundrasafari Finland Oy organizes day trips to Ailigas, but they also take hikers up to the top of the fell during the nightless night, to marvel at the midnight sun of northern Lapland. The trip starts at the village of Utsjoki, from where we

will drive toward Karigasniemi on a road that is called the most beautiful road in Finland, alongside the River Teno, to the village of Nuvvus. The car ride lasts about 30 minutes. The ascent to the fell is done either on the sand road leading to the telecommunications tower or zigzagging up in easy terrain. The Paistunturi Wilderness Area starts right by the side of the road. At first we hike among fell birches, but very soon we will be in the open fell. “From the top of the Ailigas, the view opens up to the snow-covered peaks in Norway and the Paistunturi Wilderness Area, which is almost entirely above the treeline,” Wilderness Guide Johannes Vallivaara explains. Up in the fell, you may see reindeer, willow ptarmigans, rock ptarmigans, and even a lynx might show up. During the hike, ample time will be given to photography, and coffee with some snacks will also be enjoyed. “We’ll bring our coffee with us in a thermos because there are no trees in the open fell,” Vallivaara points out. Mosquitos will not be an issue either – the fell winds will take care of that. The highlights on this hike will be the awe-inspiring landscapes. On the other side of River Teno, Norway’s famous Rastigaisa Fell rises up to 1,066 meters. At the top of the fell, in the Paistunturi Wilderness Area, visitors will bask in the serenity of nature, and on a night hike the midnight sun. The off-road portion of the trip lasts about four hours, and it is tailored according to the groups’ fitness level. You will need your own gear for the outdoors. The price for the whole group is 600 euros, which includes the planning of


the route, guide, and the necessities for a coffee break in the wild. Transportation is provided for a separate fee. Through Tundrasafari Finland Oy, you can also book accommodations, transportation to the Ivalo and Kirkkoniemi airports, and catering. The company organizes day trips also to the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area, the shores of the Arctic Ocean, and the moors on the Norwegian side of the border.

River Teno runs in he valley below the Nuvvus-Ailigas.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT www.tundrasafari.com



he journey begins at the Fell Centre of Fell Centre Kiilopää. During the trip, the guide will take visitors to the wonderful kurus (valleys between fells) in the nearby area: the most gorgeous and secret places, where you are less likely to run into other travelers. “The most exciting experiences on the hike are the rugged beauty of Latvakuru, as well as Kettukuru, at the bottom of which you might still find four meters of snow in July. Along our route is also Simonkuilu, a place where prospectors have dug up samples with shovels in their search for gold,” says Petri Kulha, the main guide at Fell Centre Kiilopää. Latvakuru is the edge of a canyon that you come across out of the blue. Simonkuilu is a pit that was dug with shovels by gold prospectors 60–70 years ago, and it is about 4 meters deep, with water covering parts of its bottom. The length of this hike is 10–12 kilometers, depending on the exact route, and the hike takes about five hours. During the hike, guides will tell participants, for example, about the birth of the kuru valleys as well as the plants and animals in the area. These hikes always depart on Wednesdays at 9:30 (a.m.) in the summer season, and groups return to the fell center around 14:30 (2:30 p.m.). The trip is part of Fell Centre Kiilopää’s weekly schedule, and it is open and free for everyone. The guide on the hike will be either the main guide at Kiilopää or an experienced volunteer provided by the house. The level of challenge on this hike is easy to intermediate. The terrain is rocky in the kuru valleys, but rest of the hike is fairly even open fen and fell terrain. There are several breaks on the hike, so beginners are also welcome. At Latvakuru stands the Kiilopää Laplander’s hut, where you can light a campfire, and the other break spots are stops built by the State Forest Enterprise. Needed on the hike are weather appropriate clothing, shoes with good ankle support, (small) backpack, something to drink, your own snacks or food, and


a positive hiker’s spirit. You can sign up for the hike the previous day by writing your name in the folder found at the Kiilopää reception or simply by showing up before the group leaves for the hike. At the starting spot, the guide will explain the route, and all hikers will check their equipment together. Fell Centre Kiilopää’s weekly schedule has several other day trips. A new addition is the barefoot hike, which lasts about an hour and crosses different terrains: sand, a lichen floor, mire, and vast stones. With or through Fell Centre Kiilopää, you can also make arrangements for your accommodation, meals, smoke sauna, transportation (for example, to the airport), and car safekeeping. You can also do laundry at the Fell Centre.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT www.kiilopaa.fi Fell Centre Kiilopää’s Main Guide Petri Kulha with Saariselkä landscapes in the background.


National Parks in the Inari-Saariselkä area Finland’s two largest national parks are located in the Inari-Saariselkä resort: Lemmenjoki National Park and Urho Kekkonen National Park. In addition to these, there is the Kevo Nature Reserve in Utsjoki and the Sompio Nature Reserve in Vuotso.


Saariselkä Urho Kekkonen National Park


Trek through this magnificent arctic fell country on foot or on skis, finding your way to a welcoming wilderness hut for the night. This vast park extends eastwards from the Saariselkä resort through the wilderness of Finnish Lapland and all the way to the Russian border. The remote Korvatunturi Fell is famous among Finns as the home of Father Christmas. The night sky is illuminated by the Aurora Borealis in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer. ARRIVAL: By plane to Ivalo airport. By airport bus to Saariselkä. From Rovaniemi by bus or by car. ACTIVITIES: Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and trekking. SIGHTS: Open fell wilderness sceneries, clear-watered rivers and streams, the mysterious Korvatunturi Fell and the thriving local reindeer husbandry tradition. SUITABILITY: Perfect for both experienced hikers and families with children. SERVICES: A wide variety of services throughout the year in Saariselkä. Customer Service Kiehinen (tourist info) in Saariselkä, in Tankavaara a Visitor Centre and in Savukoski the Savukoski Visitor Centre Korvatunturi. In the park: huts, saunas, earth lodges (‘kammi’), lean-tos, dry toilets, and campfire and camping sites. Services provided by cooperating partners are also available. TRAILS: Marked trails (200 km): extensive hiking and ski trail networks. NATURE TRAILS: (1–7 km) in Saariselkä, Kiilopää and the Tankavaara area. Nuortti Hiking Trail (a 40-km-long circular trail), the historic Ruijanpolku Trail (35 km one way) and Kemihaara-Korvatunturinmurusta Hiking Trail (18 km one way). READ MORE: www.nationalparks.fi/



Vuotso Sompio Strict Nature Reserve Nestling by the Urho Kekkonen National Park, the primary objective of the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve is to preserve forest, fell and mire nature for the future and for scientific research. The strict nature reserve has been named after the old Sámi village of Sompio. Reindeer husbandry is among the basic sources of livelihood in the area, and it is an integral part of the reserve’s landscape. For hikers, the reserve offers unique nature experiences. ARRIVAL: By plane to Ivalo airport. By bus or by car from Ivalo to Vuotso. From Rovaniemi by bus or by car. ACTIVITIES: Hiking, trekking, snowshoeing, canoeing, rowing, bird watching and fishing. SIGHTS: Nattastunturit Fells The sharp peaks of the Nattastunturit Fells are clearly different from those of other Koilliskaira Fells, which have fairly rounded summits. You can admire the fell views from the peak of Pyhä-Nattanen (508 m), to which you can ascend along the marked trail. TORS: On top of Pyhä-Nattanen, there are impressive large rocks, tors, which are several metres high. Tors were created when granite split at an angle of 90 degrees. In former times, the extraordinarily shaped tors were sacred places of worship, and they were also regarded as the dwellings of divine creatures. SUITABILITY: Day trippers and more experienced hikers. SERVICES: A wide variety of services throughout the year in Saariselkä. Customer Service Kiehinen (tourist info) in Saariselkä and in Tankavaara a Visitor Centre. In the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve, lighting a campfire is only allowed at designated campfire sites. There are five designated campfire sites in the reserve. Camping in the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve is only allowed on the shores of


Lake Sompiojärvi, and you may stay there for a maximum of three days at one time. TRAILS: The Pyhä-Nattanen Trail, 7 km, Sompiojärventie Road / River Nalijoki – Tankavaara, 17 km, and the Ruijanpolku Trail, 35 km. READ MORE: www.nationalparks.fi/sompio/trails

Lemmenjoki Lemmenjoki National Park The legendary River Lemmenjoki leads into the homelands of Lapland’s indigenous Sámi People. Experience the wilds and try panning for gold on a guided river trip. Tuck into tasty reindeer stew as you scan the night sky for the Northern Lights in winter, or bathe in the rays of the Midnight Sun in summer. Finland’s largest national park has plenty of wild places to explore off the beaten track. ARRIVAL: By plane to Ivalo airport. By bus to Inari and from there only by car. ACTIVITIES: Boating, trekking, sightseeing and snowshoeing. SIGHTS: The river valley surrounded by forest wilderness and rugged fells, old housing and hunting grounds of the Sámi people and the legendary gold-digging area. SUITABILITY: Day trippers and more experienced hikers. SERVICES: A wide variety of services all year round. Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida in Inari, wilderness and reservation huts, camping sites, campfire sites and dry toilets. The services of cooperating partners are also available. TRAILS: Marked trails and nature trails (60 km). READ MORE:

Utsjoki Kevo Strict Nature Reserve In the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve in Utsjoki, you can experience the Lapland landscape at its most wondrous. There are two marked trails, along which hikers may explore the area. The 40-km-long, and at some places almost 80-metres-deep, canyon-like valley of the River Kevojoki forms the core of the area. The rest of the nature reserve is fell highland crossed by gentle slopes of ravines. There are also large tundra-like open mires. ARRIVAL: By plane to Ivalo airport. By bus or by car from Ivalo to Kevo. From Rovaniemi by bus or by car. ACTIVITIES: Kevo Strict Nature Reserve has been divided into two parts: the fell area and the canyon area. Moving around is allowed only on marked trails, which are the Kevo Trail and the Guivi Trail. In the fell area, walking on the marked trail is allowed from May 1 to October 15, and in the canyon area between June 15 and October 15. SIGHTS: The Sulaoja Spring, The End of the Kevo Canyon, Fiellu Waterfall. SUITABILITY: Both long trails are quite demanding, so we recommend them only for experienced hikers. SERVICES: There are 20 designated campfire sites in the strict nature reserve. The nearest shops and cafés are in the villages of Karigasniemi and Utsjoki. TRAILS: Sulaoja Nature Trail, 2 km, Kevo Hiking Trail, 64 km, and Guivi Trail, 78 km. READ MORE: www.nationalparks.fi/kevo/trails




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Arctic Souvenirs





What would make a perfect souvenir from the north? Could it be a piece that showcases Finnish or local design? Here are some tips for those who wish to take home a little piece of love for this region.

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The INARI bottle

Designed by Markku Salo, the INARI bottle is dedicated to the exhibition by Design House IDOLI. The glass bottle is mouth-blown, and it has a cast glass stopper. Several colour options. Height c. 190 mm, width c. 180 mm. Price: €180. Sales: Design House IDOLI, Ukonjärventie 105, Ivalo. Open by reservation. www.idoli.fi Moomin characters were created by a famous Finnish artist, author and illustrator Tove Jansson (1914–2001). Each individual Moomin character is a real personality. Choose the one that best describes you or your friend! Mailable Lovi Moomin figures are 100% made in Finland, made from the highest Finnish quality, PEFC certified birch plywood. Sales: Jávri Shop, Saariseläntie 3, Saariselkä. www.javri.fi The woollen ArcticQueen® huggy cape invites people to hug you. Huggy capes have holes below the armpits for the other person’s arms to go through. Price: €169. The designers sell the huggy cape at their own store: Saariselkä Design Center, Saariseläntie 5, Saariselkä. Open daily 10–18. www. designcentershop.com Goldsmith Pia Södergård specializes in jewellery made from recycled silver and gold nuggets from Lapland. Inspired by the Finnish North, her Uoma Design jewellery is sold in the area at Jávri Shop and Laanilan Savottakahvila Café in Saariselkä as well as Siida Shop in Inari. facebook.com/uomadesign

Classic design 750‰ white gold, 0.20 carat blue diamond. Price: €1,240. Sales: Ultima Jewelry, Saariseläntie 13, Saariselkä. www.ultimajewelry.fi Jewellery made at Inarin Hopea’s own workshop tells stories of Lapland’s nature, culture, people and their surroundings. All jewellery is made by Goldsmith Matti Qvick himself. At times, you can see the goldsmith work his magic at the shop, and the cashier will tell you interesting and even a bit mystical stories about their jewellery’s origins. The Ice Crystal bracelet is decorated with filigree circles. Material: sterling silver (925 0/00). Price: €632. Sales: Inarin Hopea. Sillankorva (opposite the Siida National Museum of the Sámi), Inari. www.inarinhopea.fi Artisan of the Sámi Crafts Kikka Laakso’s jewellery and art pieces are mostly made of reindeer antler, but she also uses reindeer bone, burls of birch trees and reindeer leather hardened by hand. Products are sold at her family’s reindeer farm by the Lemmenjoki National Park, along the Lemmenjoki snowmobile route. Sales: Kammigalleria, Lemmenjoentie 650 A, Lemmenjoki. Open in summer 1 June to 20 Sept., Tue.–Sat. 12–18. At other times open by reservation. www.kammigalleria.fi Moomin characters

Different shapes in water, plants, animals and the lights on the sky canvas in Lapland’s wilderness make Inari Designer Ari Kautu’s imagination fly. His Ivalojoki vapautuu (River Ivalo becomes free) ring was inspired by the spring. In the late hours of a May night, the floating ice glows like a blue diamond as River Ivalo prepares to cover itself with sheets of ice. The North Star casts its cold light over the stream one last time before making way for the nightless night.



My choice

Once in a Lifetime Experience TEXT:


The unique nature—national parks, lake areas, rivers, and fells—provides a multitude of opportunities for unforgettable experiences. We asked travelers what in this region they thought people should experience at least once in a lifetime. Paddling Trip on the River Ivalo “I have traveled around Lapland with my friends for over 30 years now, and a paddling trip on the River Ivalo is definitely the experience that I want to recommend for others. There’s a reason that people consider the River Ivalo one of the most beautiful routes for paddling in Finland. The river is challenging enough and has plenty of rapids, and the sceneries are majestic and wild. In my opinion, the most beautiful route with maybe the most speed is the 50-kilometer-long leg on the river from Kuttura to Tolonen. For me and my friends, everything began with a part of school principal training that they told us could be done in Lapland as long as it didn’t cost any extra for our employers. The first training excursion took place in the fall of 1983. Teuvo and Tuula Katajamaa at Lapin Luontolomat had set up an unforgettable reception for us, and that was the beginning of our Lapland craze. After a couple years, we decided to take these trips on our spare time so that work duties wouldn’t interfere with our hobbies. Week 31 became our regular time for these trips because it’s right before the beginning of the schoolyear. We learned about canoeing in the open canoes provided by Lapin Luontolomat. We have rented life vests, helmets, and other equipment from them as well. We also get our food from the same place, and if necessary, we


take Tuula with us to be our cook. First timers should get a guide that knows the route. I’d say that a good age for a canoe trip is 10, but younger children will do fine on a raft. It’s best to take at least three days for the trip so you have enough time to enjoy the magnificent sceneries and the peace and quiet of the wilderness. You can spend the first night at Kultala, and a good spot for the second night is the Ritakoski Wilderness Hut or maybe a lean-to. I think late July or August is the best time to go because the mosquitoes won’t bother you as much then. In the evening, it’s nice to sit by a fire and reflect on what happened that day. Maybe someone caught some graylings, or even a trout, to roast on the blazing fire. You can find some cloudberries nearby for dessert. I’ve gone down the River Ivalo 12 times already, and our trip last summer won’t be our last. One of the most memorable moments happened in Kultala. Many of us know how to play an instrument, to varying degrees, and our instruments have traveled with us on these trips on the river. A group called River Boys was born, and we once played in the Väentupa hut in Kultala with doors open. We had at least one fan in Pössi the Reindeer, who tried to come in, but his antlers wouldn’t fit through the doorway. With this group, I’ve had a chance to experience the thrills of whitewater rafting and fishing, as well as special


Tony Dormer, Australia Photos: Sami Päivike, Wild Nordic Finland

Matti Hiltunen Photo: Tapio Nyholm

moments of playing music and telling stories by the open fire. Many of us travel to Lapland with our families as well. Tuula and Teuvo have taken excellent care of us on every one of our trips. Matti Hiltunen, Finland Arctic Ocean Expedition “My friend Howard and I completed the ‘Arctic Ocean Expedition’ in March 2013. I searched the internet prior to our trip to Finland and finally phoned Sami Päivike from Wild Nordic to discuss exactly what to expect and was overwhelmingly convinced they were the company to go with and was 100% right. We were looking for a tour longer than a day to show us the best of Northern Scandinavia, and the three-day ‘Arctic Ocean Expedition’ was exactly what we were looking for. The tour was just amazing! Massive untouched snow deserts that just seem to go on and on forever, awesome accommodation, unbelievable hospitality and being equipped and guided by the best in the business. We had two days of awesome blue sky weather, and on the last day we pushed through an arctic blizzard: the best and worst of Northern Scandinavia. Some of the challenges we faced were the extreme temperature differences, coming from an Australian



summer with sometimes plus 40°C temps to an amazing extreme cold of minus 32°C, with a wind chill factor while snowmobiling at 120 km/hour of minus 58°C, very cold. However with the very high quality equipment and clothing it was no problem at all; we were as warm as toast. The very deep powder snow would also become a challenge at certain parts of our journey, as did the very low visibility of the arctic blizzard, like a massive sand storm, only with snow, however all safe and well, no risk at all with the massive experience of our guide. We were in the best hands in the business. There were so many memorable moments, from the massive wide open country covered in metres of soft powder snow to the extreme cold and finally arriving at the Arctic Ocean, but for me the most memorable was the sighting of the Northern Lights on our last night: watching them ‘curtain up’ and ‘dance’ across the night sky, so magical. A massive bonus to an overall memorable trip. I certainly would have no hesitation in doing the trip again and would highly recommend both Sami and his company to all looking for that adventure with a little difference. You will not be disappointed! You do need to be a little fit as they are long days, and you certainly sleep very well at night.” Tony Dormer, Australia



Reindeer Championships in Inari


The best way to get to know local life is to attend some local events. Here are few examples of the events you can visit during your stay. Read more about the variety of events in the area at: www.inarisaariselka.fi/en/event-calendar




Fell Blues Fell Blues (Saariselän Tunturiblues in Finnish) brings top blues performers to the beautiful Saariselkä winter landscape during the third weekend of January each year. Held in Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, this blues event exudes a unique atmosphere with little room for formality and restraint. Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival Skábmagovat – Reflections of the Endless Night Film Festival presents Sami and other indigenous films and

Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival

TV programs in Inari yearly at the end of January. Experience the films and festival program in the Northern Lights Theatre, which has a unique atmosphere; it is totally made of snow, with the sky and Northern Lights as the roof. Films are also shown in the auditoriums of Siida and Sajos.


Reindeer Championships in Inari The reindeer championship race is held in Inari in March-April. Hundreds of reindeers with their drivers, service teams and fans make this one of the most colourful events of the season. As the overall winner is only crowned after the last race, suspense is guaranteed until the final moments. Snacks, drinks and other refreshments together with a wide range of local products are also available. Transportation to the races is provided from Saariselkä. Tickets are available from the Saariselkä Tourist Office. Spring Events The far North location of Saariselkä makes it possible to enjoy the perfect winter conditions and warm breath of spring at the beginning of May. A wide range of winter events are organized ranging from the Toboggan World Championship to thrilling Snowmobile Hillclimb Race. The winter season in Saariselkä is ended with a style!


Saariselkä MTB Stages

Polar Night Jazz

Saariselkä Hillclimb

Ijahis Idja Music Festival. Photo: Ijahis Idja, Paadar Images


Inari Weeks Inari Weeks are held every year in July. The weeks are packed full of traditional village festivals, children’s events, markets, street parties, concerts and theatre to name a few. A sure crowd-puller and great fun is the WaterCross snowmobile competition, a race to see who is the fastest in riding a snowmobile on water. Jänkhällä Jytisee Motorbike Event This biker bash, the biggest in northern Finland, is held in Saariselkä in August every year. The event attracts over 2,000 bikers from across Finland and abroad to enjoy the scenic landscapes, great atmosphere and a captivating programme. Ijahis Idja Music Festival In mid-August, the Ijahis Idja – the Nightless Night music festival of the indigenous people draws fans of Sami music to Inari. You can listen and experience the unique atmosphere the festival has to offer in the heart of Sami region in Finland. The festival organizes concerts, music seminars, workshops and clubs during the weekend. Saariselka MTB Stages The Saariselkä MTB Stages is a three-day MTB stage race held in Saariselkä every August. The


tracks will take the bikers to untouched wilderness areas, open fells, vast forests and fun trails of Saariselkä with three stages: Kulmakuru (60 km); Saariselkä MTB Marathon (80 km); and Kultala (45 km). Aside from the full three-day race, it is possible to take part in just one stage. Juniors race in shorter distances.

Watercross snowmobile competition at Inari Weeks. Photo: Lapland Material Bank, Terhi Tuovinen


International Aurora Week According to folklore, the Northern Lights occur when the fire fox runs through the fells emitting sparks. In Inari-Saariselkä region Northern Lights are visible average of 200 nights of the year. August is actually one of the most active seasons to spot Northern Lights. The International Aurora Week is held to celebrate the start of Northern Light season with a wide range of events concentrating on this spectacular phenomena. Polar Night Jazz Festival Polar Night Jazz, the world’s northernmost jazz festival, is an international festival with a long and varied history. It is an international festival with a wide spectrum of jazz and native Sami music. The Polar Night Jazz festival is held in Saariselkä holiday resort and in Inari village. Come and enjoy jazz and native Sami music under the Northern Lights.

More events:




Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the north and yet just a few hours from southern Finland. HOW TO GET THERE BY AIR Quickly reach your destination from Helsinki aboard Finnair or fly Norwegian.


The northernmost airport in Finland and the EU is located in Ivalo. Finnair flies from Helsinki to Ivalo year-round. In winter, Finnair flies from London to Ivalo two times a week. www.finnair.fi

Far away in the North you get to sleep under the Northern Lights. Whether you prefer to sleep under a duvet or a starry sky, there is a wide range of accommodation available and we cater for groups.

In winter, you can fly Norwegian from Helsinki to Ivalo on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Lufthansa flies from Frankfurt to Ivalo on Saturdays. www.norwegian.com www.lufthansa.com

In the Inari-Saariselkä region, you can find suitable accommodation whatever type of trip you are planning, from enjoying the peace and quiet within nature to evening entertainment complete with services.

Each flight has an airport transfer to Saariselkä. The same transfer also conveniently takes you back to the airport from Saariselkä. www.eskelisen-lapinlinjat.com An airport transfer to or from Inari to the Ivalo airport must be booked in advance. www.kuljetusliikeilmarislant.fi The region’s taxis will come out to meet the flights and are a handy way to reach your intended destination from the airport. You can also rent a car to a destination of your choosing.

Eating is not a trivial indulgence during a Lapland holiday, quite the contrary in fact! The available fare is truly superb with local reindeer as well as the many offerings of the cool, clear waters of the Inari region. The abundant choice of restaurants guarantees that both gourmets, fond of the local delicacies, and pizza lovers, find a restaurant to their liking.



BY TRAIN AND BUS The train will take you to Rovaniemi, where you will find numerous bus connections to Saariselkä and elsewhere in northern Lapland. Thanks to the well-run public transport you can even get as far as the Arctic Ocean! www.vr.fi www.eskelisen-lapinlinjat.com

Adventures in the Great Outdoors or the pervading tranquillity of nature, the choice is yours. There is plenty to do and see year-round, with something for everyone, including silence. Inari-Saariselkä lies far away in the North, where you are surrounded by the Arctic nature and the Sami culture.




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SAARISELKÄ METSÄHALLITUS/ KIEHINEN CUSTOMER SERVICE POINT Tel. +358 206 397 200 Kelotie 1/Siula, 99830 Saariselkä ukpuisto@metsa.fi, www.outdoors.fi

FELL CENTRE KIILOPÄÄ Tel. +358 16 670 0700 Kiilopääntie 620, 99830 Saariselkä kiilopaa@suomenlatu.fi www.kiilopaa.fi Also hiking equipment, geocaches and frisbee golf.

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JÁVRI LODGE Tel. +358 40 502 0409 Saariseläntie 3, 99830 Saariselkä center@javri.fi www.javri.fi Restaurant open on request Aurora tours KAUNISPÄÄ PANORAMA RESTAURANT HUIPPU Tel. +358 16 668 803 Kaunispää, 99830 Saariselkä info@kaunispaanhuippu.fi www.kaunispaanhuippu.fi

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HIGH-QUALITY RESORT Our refurbished restaurant serves delicious and local game dishes as well as exotic catches from the Arctic Ocean with an international touch.

shop. laplandhotels.com

Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna is located in the middle of a village on a fell. Our hotel, well-known as an exclusive resort, provides a wide range of services for both holiday makers and corporate clients. Our accommodation options also include high-level holiday apartments.

+358 (0)16 559 4455 I riekonlinna@laplandhotels.com I LaplandHotels.com


Window into Sámi culture and Arctic nature

Sámi museum & Nature centre

tel. +358 400 898 212. Inarintie 46, Inari

Restaurant Sarrit tel. +358 40 700 6485 Tourist Information tel. +358 40 168 9668

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8 seasons in the Far North Discover the true Lapland

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In the far north - Inari-Saariselkä  

Sometimes, it is necessary to travel great distances to discover something new and exciting - something that lingers in your mind for years...

In the far north - Inari-Saariselkä  

Sometimes, it is necessary to travel great distances to discover something new and exciting - something that lingers in your mind for years...

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