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The Magic of the Arctic Summer

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”The sun that never sets in the summer is a miraculous experience. The midnight sun welcomes visitors to the land of light.”

The Magic of the Arctic Summer


Winter Wonderland

Greatest Show on Earth

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Living Sámi Culture


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The Aurora remains unpredictable, so it is a good idea to keep watching.

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Winter in Lapland is full of colors and contrasts. Trees are crowned with snow making them look like fairy tale figures.

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LAPLAND at its most authentic The Arctic Inari-Saariselkä region is located in far northern Lapland. Here the whole family, from parents to little ones, can enjoy the opportunities offered by Finland’s two largest national parks, rich local culture and numerous outdoor activities amid the majestic fells. Throughout the heady summer months, the magical midnight sun shines round the clock, and when the days get shorter in early autumn, the aurora borealis light up the night sky. Summer in northern Lapland offers light, space and time. For more than two months, the sun never sets, lending its golden glow to the nights and gentle warmth to the days. In the north, you can climb to the top of a fell at any time of the day, take a deep breath and relax. With its location next to Urho Kekkonen National Park, Saariselkä makes an ideal spot for enjoying the numerous high-quality services and the hiking and cycling routes that criss-cross the forests and fells. In northern Lapland, Sámi culture is a vibrant part of everyday life and visitors can learn more about it in several locations, including Inari, which is generally regarded as the main centre for Sámi culture in Finland. From there, you can carry on to Utsjoki, Finland’s only municipality with a Sámi majority. Its surroundings boast several attractions that are worth visiting, such as Finland’s – and the EU’s – northernmost spot, the village of Nuorgam! Throughout your trip, you can savour real local superfood – wild berries ripened by the

midnight sun, meat from reindeer reared locally, and fish from Inari’s crystal-clear lakes and rivers. Northern summers are short but intense. As soon as the evenings begin to draw in, the Northern Lights can be spotted dancing in the sky and in September, travellers can admire the spectacle of trees and shrubs changing colour. Why not bring your camera in the autumn and try to catch the aurora borealis reflected on the surface of a lake? Soon the polar night will bring its own magical atmosphere to the region, marking the beginning of snowy winter months. Typically known as a winter wonderland, Northern Lapland has plenty to offer all year round.

Get inspired by these articles introducing the wide range of high-quality services available in the region and plan a holiday to remember. We guarantee that here you will experience Lapland at its most authentic.


Welcome to Ivalo airport! Added comfort for travel TEXT: Helena Sahavirta | PHOTOS: Companies


Ivalo Airport’s arrivals area is being expanded Northern Lapland, with its aurora borealis and midnight sun, is only an hour and a half from Helsinki by air. It is not surprising that ever-increasing numbers of tourists are finding their way to Ivalo, the northernmost airport in Finland and the EU, which is also an important transport hub with excellent connections to Saariselkä and Utsjoki, northern wilderness areas, national parks and northern Norway. The popularity of charter flights is boosted by the Christmas season, with 107 flights landing at Ivalo in November and December 2018 from the UK alone. In winter, charter flights typically come from Paris and Amsterdam, but the number of charter flights from other locations as well as non-scheduled flights is increasing. The number of passengers is also growing steadily: 2018 saw an increase of 17%, with the airport handling 242,450 passengers. Flight connections to Ivalo have improved in recent years, with Finnair now flying to Ivalo two to five times a day from December to March and also Norwegian is flying one to three weekly flights during 2019-20 winter season. In winter, Finnair has a direct flight from Ivalo to London once a week, while Lufthansa flies to Frankfurt. However, there are great differences between travel seasons and in summer Finnair only flies to Ivalo once a day, except on Thursdays when there is an extra flight.

Comfort and convenience through development

ism products for the summer season,’ explains Jarmo Pyhäjärvi, Ivalo Airport manager. Permitting mountain biking on the trails in the Urho Kekkonen National Park and the popularity of this sport have already had a positive impact. ‘Comfort and convenience are of the essence, even though travellers do not stay long at the airport,’ Pyhäjärvi emphasises. The national airport management company Finavia has invested in the development of the airport’s services: a new terminal was completed in 2015, and in late 2019 the arrivals area will expand by 1,200 m2.

‘The two new luggage conveyors will enable us to handle suitcases from two planes simultaneously,’ explains Pyhäjärvi. The renovated airport will also offer more shopping opportunities. In addition, the airport’s runway has been given a new surface and more aircraft stands have been built, bringing the number of parking spots for Airbus and Boeing planes up to eight. n

‘We would like to see higher passenger load factors in summer. The challenge is to develop and market tour-


Greatest Sh

Different seasons to watch the Northern Lights The landscapes change fast and drastically throughout the year in northern Finnish Lapland. Autumn is the time when the nights start to be dark enough to observe the Northern Lights after a long summer of midnight sun. The temperatures are not that cold yet and the lakes and rivers remain open. On a windless night, the water surface can be very calm and look like a mirror. This is the best time to observe and photograph the Aurora and reflections on the lakes.


Then comes winter, when the landscapes turn white and the nights become very long. At the depth of winter during the polar night, the Northern Lights can even be visible in the middle of the afternoon at 4 PM. The temperatures plummet sometimes down to -40°C so good clothing is essential. The safari guides will make sure that you are well dressed. Finally, in early spring, the landscapes are still frozen and snowy but the days become longer and the transition between day and night lasts for a couple of hours. This gives you some chances

ow on Earth The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is one of nature’s most wonderful phenomena. The Northern Lights occur in late autumn, all winter and early spring all around the Arctic regions. In Lapland, the two northernmost municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki are amongst the best places on earth to witness the Aurora. TEXT AND PHOTOS: Rayann Elzein |

to observe the Aurora during the blue hour, which is a show in itself.

Inari and Utsjoki are truly the best places to observe the Aurora The sun activity evolves with cycles of 11 years, with peaks and dips in the intensity of the solar wind. In the years of lower activity, the southernmost regions of the Arctic are suffering from less frequent Auroras. This is not the case of Inari and Utsjoki! These two municipalities are so far north, between 250 and 400 kilometres north of the

Arctic Circle, that the slightest disturbance in solar wind sparks nice Auroras that can be visible well above the horizon. As always, the Aurora remains unpredictable, so it is a good idea to keep watching the sky as long as possible!

Where to observe the Aurora You need to find a place that is dark enough, without light pollution from the village or resort where you are staying, to have the best Aurora viewing. The safari guides know the best places

for this and will guide you according to the weather forecast. In the Inari area, you will probably watch the Aurora from a frozen lake. Further north in Utsjoki, it will most probably be from the shore of the Teno River or in the fells, where people are even more scarce. â–

Enjoy the greatest show on Earth! 7



Aurora workshop – Led by an Aurora guide or photographer, this workshop teaches how to capture the Aurora on your camera. You will learn about the Auroras, when to see them and how to use the camera settings to photograph them. Workshop takes place normally in the first afternoon or before an aurora hunting evening, duration 1 hr. Tripods available for RENT free use.

How does snowmobiling, ice-fishing and watching auroras all in one package sound like? During this evening trip we take you by snowmobiles to our privately-owned lake far away from the village lights. At the lake you can try ice fishing under millions of stars. If we get lucky, we might get some fish and see northern lights dancing above us!

Meneskartanontie 71, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 777 4339

Lutontie 3, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 668 706



Feel the magic of a silent snowy landscape while looking for nature’s ultimate light show – Capture the true feeling of a winter night in the northern woods. Your guide will teach you the wintry way of travelling with snowshoes. While walking on the snow you will experience how the milky light of the moon and stars cast enchanting shadows through the snowfields. RENT

The silent, snow-covered forest, the nocturnal fell on the edge of the boundless wilderness, and the magical Northern Lights above you. Take a seat in the heated Aurora sleigh and enjoy! Your guide tows the sleigh with a snowmobile through the snowy, moon and starlit landscape, all the way to the top of the fell, far away from the residential areas.

Saariseläntie 13, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 3311 280

Rovaniementie 3222 E, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)40 750 6225





Magic of Northern Lights by snowmobiles – The northernmost location of Nuorgam offers great opportunity to observe the Northern Lights. During the 2-hour safari your guide takes you to the top of fell area with open sky and best places to spot the Auroras. Hot drinks are served by the campfire.

Aurora hunting tour by car or bus – Experience the true magical moment and feeling as you gaze upon the Arctic Sky while it is filled with colourful glow of the Northern lights. Star Arctic Hotel’s experienced local guides know the best spots to see the Northern Lights. Come and join us on this magical trip!

Nuorgamintie 4401a, 99990 Nuorgam +358 (0)400 294669


Kaunispää, Saariselkä +358 (0)44 4194000



Aurora Camp – Imagine being comfortably seated in a sledge that is pulled by the snowmobile. You will arrive to a camp and have hot drinks in good company. Lake Inari is one of the best places for aurora viewing, as camps are located far away from any artificial lights. With a bit of luck, we might get to enjoy this unique light phenomenon.

Aurora Borealis Express – On this safari we drive by car from Ivalo village for the “hunting” Aurora Borealis. Your guide teach you to take pictures of the magnificent Northern Lights. He takes some photos of the members and send them to you by email afterwards. It´s possible to see the Northern Lights only during the clear sky and when the daylight is gone; the safaris not to be arranged during the cloudy weather.

Inarijärventie 2, 99870 Inari +358 (0)50 447 7887

+358 (0)40 843 3794

Natures own spectacular light show!


The Magic


TEXT: Kristiina Aikio, Metsähallitus | PHOTOS: Mikael Kunnari, Irina Salomaa


In the north, days get longer with giant leaps In the early spring, you realise that the northern hemisphere is gradually turning towards the sun. The spring equinox, which usually falls on either 20 or 21 March, marks the date when the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. From that moment onwards, days get longer with giant leaps and nights get shorter in the north, signalling the imminent arrival of the light Lapland summer.

Summer in Lapland is memorable Summer in Lapland is short but light. For about four months, temperatures reach summery figures even though actual heatwaves are few and far between. Lapland offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a real, fresh northern summer. Lapland’s summer, with its white nights, is worth experiencing.

The sun does not set for two and a half months The sun that never sets in the summer is a miraculous experience. The midnight sun welcomes visitors to the land of light. At the altitude of Saariselkä, the polar day begins in mid-May and lasts until late July. For two and half months, the sun never sets.

Nature bursts into life After the snow melts, the fells come to life with vegetation. Lapland’s growth season is short but intense, thanks to the midnight sun. The low-growing alpine azalea and pincushion plant thrive on the windy slopes of the fells, bearing small, pretty flowers for visitors to admire. Lower on the slopes, multi-trunk mountain birches growing in thickets

attract the hiker’s attention. With their twisted and knotted trunks, they have the appearance of an enchanted apple tree grove.

Riverbanks in blossom On the shores of the rivers and streams, the vegetation is lusher. On a canoeing trip at the height of summer, the visitor can admire the bright yellow globeflowers and marsh-marigolds that adorn the riverbanks. The blue Jacob’s-ladder adds to the riot of colour on the shores.

Ripened by the midnight sun Several wild berries ripen under the midnight sun: cloudberries, lingonberries, blueberries, crowberries and cranberries. The most sought after of these is the cloudberry, which grows on marshy terrain and ripens at different times. In warm summers, some cloudberries may be ready for picking as early as in late July, while others ripen as late as September, just before the first frosty mornings. Anyone can freely pick wild berries and forest mushrooms in Lapland and elsewhere in Finland.

Sleepless in Lapland Energised by Lapland’s midnight sun, visitors and locals can enjoy the opportunities for outdoor activities also at nighttime. A fishing or hiking trip on a light summer’s night is something to remember. Northern Lapland offers numerous destinations where you can hike independently or with a guide. Saariselkä alone boasts more than 200 kilometres of hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. Why not hike to the top of a fell to admire the sun that just grazes the horizon before climbing up in the sky again? ■




Arctic Wellness Retreats – Arctic Wellness Retreat combines the revitalizing effects of yoga and experiencing the untouched nature of Lapland. During this retreat, you will explore different styles of yoga, forest bathing and wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities. Accommodation, meals and activities are included.

Nature Walk with Local Biologist – We walk through an ancient forest and next to mystic mires. You learn about arctic nature, its plants, birds and other animals. If we are lucky we might see e.g. Siberian Jay or Pine Grosbeak during the walk. You also get to know arctic super food: berries and fungi. We end the walk with campfire coffee and local snacks.

Ruijankeino 2, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)40 155 9700

Terstontie 123, 99870 Inari +358 (0)400 493 484



Trip to kingdom of forest god “Tapio” - berry and mushroom picking tour We will go to the forest nearby. During the trip the guide will help you find berries and mushrooms for you to pick and eat. Afterwards you will prepare and eat them in the Lappish hut by the open fire. Duration 2,5- 3 hours. Trip available mid-July – late September.

Splashes of River Juutuanjoki – Paddling in our rubber dinghy, we draw closer to the thundering rapids. Our hearts pound. The current takes us with it and the rapids roar until the current lets go and our dinghy glides quietly forward.Come and experience the splashes of river Juutuanjoki with our experienced guides at the beautiful wilderness of Lapland! RENT

Meneskartanontie 71, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 777 4339

Lutontie 3, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 668 706


Experience the miracle of the nightless night!




A hiking trip to discover the beauty and stunning panoramic views of Urho Kekkonen National Park! Trek through arctic fell country, finding your way to the welcoming wilderness. This vast park extends eastwards from the resort of Saariselkä all the way to the Russian border. Your guide will take you to unique places where the locals spend their free-time, introducing the specialties of the seasons, from the midnight sun to the first signs of winter.

Come to Lemmenjoki National park and spend a day as a guest with Paltto sámi family. To reach the historic gold sites, we travel by riverboat along Lemmenjoki river deep into the national park. During the day you will learn the secrets of gold panning and hear traditional sámi yoik and the life of a reindeerherder.


Saariseläntie 13, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 3311 280

Lemmenjoen kylätie 100, 99885 Lemmenjoki +358400287544



Downhill biking at BikePark Saariselkä – Saariselkä offers a beautiful scenery for biking and now also a BikePark offering downhill biking trails. Bike Park package for three hours include full suspension bike, full face -helmet and riding protection gear, Axess -card and lift pass for 3 hours. There are trails for all skill levels. Come and have fun on wheels!

Happy fishing on your private island in Lake Muddusjärvi, we offer two luxury self-catering cottages, each with sauna, also a summer sauna near the beach, for 8 people and a boat. There are a lot of hiking possibilities in Inari area, e.g. the area’s highest fell Otsamo (420 m), from where you have a spectacular view.

Kullanhuuhtojantie, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 668 882

Tel +49 8363 92898-58



Giellajohka Summer Fishing – River Giellájohka is a flyfishers dream come true! The clear and narrow river with easy access fishing spots reaches all the way to Kaamanen village, 50 kilometers downstream from Giellajohka Holiday Village. Easy paths, good camping spots and crystal clear, clean water make this beautiful river perfect for longer fishing trips as well as for quick evening casting. Karigasniementie 2920 99910 Kaamanen +358 (0)40 738 6825



WONDERLAND TEXT: Tuija Kauppinen PHOTOS: Mikael Kunnari, Tarja Manninen, Brice Portolano, Polarlife, Vastavalo Dark and cold. This is how winter in Lapland is often summed up. The equation is, however, not that simple. With a closer look and open senses, winter in Lapland is full of colors and contrasts.

In fact, there is not just one winter season but three. In early winter the days start getting shorter and temperatures drop. Lakes start to freeze over and the first snow is welcome as it brings more light to the ever shortening days. Nature falls into a hibernation. At the very heart of the winter, from late November to mid-January, the sun does not rise above the horizon. Still, the period of polar night is full of colors. The blue moment at the beginning and end of a winter day paints the sky with various shades of pink, violet and blue. The silhouette of snowcapped fells draws a sharp line against the deep blue sky. Trees are crowned with snow making them look like fairy tale figures. You might spot fox or willow grouse tracks on the untouched snow. Crisp wind tingles on your cheeks and your lungs are filled with world’s purest air. The silence is broken only by the crunch of snow underfoot. At night the sky is filled with the stars like it was an endless ceiling of spot lights. The full moon lights up


the nature and makes the snow-covered forest look ever more like a wonderland. In winter the conditions may be harsh but with proper clothing you can have great time outdoors. Put on snowshoes or skies, jump on a sleigh ride or just sit by open fire sipping a nice cup of warm tea. The frosty arctic fresh air will make you feel more alive than ever. In March the amount of light increases significantly, and you start to feel the warmth of the rays of sun on your face. A generous layer of sun block is a wise choice as the sun light is strongly reflected from the snow. The warm days and cold nights turn the powder snow in to crusted one so hard that you can walk on it. The chirp of birds who have migrated back north from their southern winter resorts fills the air. The arctic winter loosens its grip gradually and spring winter takes over. In April and May you can get the best of both seasons. Plenty of snow with hours and hours of daylight and mild temperature to enjoy the winter in Lapland to the fullest. â–

The frosty arctic fresh air will make you feel more alive than ever.




Ice fishing safaris –Welcome to an ice fishing trip in the Northern Lapland. We can offer you unforgettable experiences in the beautiful unspoiled nature of Lapland. Ask for a quote, and we will customise the wilderness experience for you!

Join for a short ski trip through the snow-covered forests and windswept fell areas! Short skis are easy-touse, off-track forest skis that combine the best features of snowshoes and skis and do not require previous experience in skiing. You will be provided with all the equipment required for skiing.

Jääjärventie 30 A, Sevettijärvi +358 (0)40 700 81 46


Saariseläntie 13, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 3311 280


Snowmobile Safari to Husky Farm with Husky Safari. After the briefing we will learn to drive snowmobiles. We will drive into the snowy forest and on open snow fields. After a while we arrive to a husky farm where we join two-hours husky safari. Our snowmobiles are Lynx ACE snowmobiles, modern, silent, ecologic and very easy to drive. We will have one longer break for barbequing and warm beverages. Ivalontie 12, Ivalo / Kelotie 1, Saariselkä +358 (0)40 321 8069





Snowshoe trip up to the amazing Nuorgam Fells. During this guided 2-hour snowshoe trip in the beautiful arctic wilderness of Nuorgam fells you can admire the beauty and grandness of nature while your guide tells you about the arctic wildlife, culture and way of living. Hot drinks will be served by campfire.

Take a different perspective and enjoy the serenity and stillness of the wild from the saddle of a Finnish horse. Discover exciting trails and breathtaking sceneries, breathe in clean air and let your senses be filled with purity of arctic nature. Ride the calm and friendly Finnish horses, our living national treasures, and head for an adventure!


Nuorgamintie 4401 A, 99990 Nuorgam +358 (0)400 294 669

Auskottivaarantie 60, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)45 111 2569



Winter Park 2 H Try several snow activities in one day! The WinterPark-ticket includes the use of several snow sports, and you can change the gear at Service Centre. Proper toboggans suitable for our 1800m toboggan run included and by using the chairlift to go back up you can get several runs in. You may also try Ice-skating, snow tubing or play the ice stock sport!

Easy Ski / Snowboard package 3 H Try Alpine skiing or snowboarding safely for the very first time or improve your existing skills! Our praised and certified ski-instructors guide you from selecting and using the equipment to learning basic techniques and giving tips on how to keep practicing on the slopes on your own. 1,5 H guided lesson and 1,5 H on your own pace.

Kullanhuuhtojantie, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 668 882

Kullanhuuhtojantie, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 668 882





Husky Experience – Did you ever imagine yourself driving a dog sled? Come and give it a go! We will drive you to the farm, where the energetic huskies are already waiting to take you on a ride into the white wilderness. Listen carefully to the driving instruction and be a real musher for once in your life! After the ride, learn more about the huskies and enjoy a hot drink in a Lappish teepee!

Traditional reindeer sleigh ride – Take a step back in time as you sit in a wooden sleigh gently pulled by a reindeer. Listen to the silence of the snowy forest and experience the old traditional Sámi way of travelling. There will be a chance to warm up by the fire with hot juice before being transferred back to your accommodation.


Inarintie 40, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 179 6069


Inarintie 40, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 179 6069


Living Sámi Culture Experiencing Sámi culture in the Inari-Saariselkä region The Inari-Saariselkä wilderness area is located at the heart of the homelands of the Sámi, Europe’s only recognised indigenous people. In the Inari-Saariselkä region, you are invited to explore this vibrant culture with local, Sámi-run companies.

The Sámi in Finland: three languages and three cultures The Sámi have their own languages and culture, which differ from those of ethnic Finns. In Finland, the Sámi speak three languages: North Sámi, Inari Sámi and Skolt Sámi, which are different enough for the speakers to struggle to understand each other. Even today, traditional Sámi livelihoods help to maintain the language in a living culture. The Sámi cultures are steeped in nature, which is attested to by the Sámi languages’ rich vocabulary related to nature, with North Sámi having almost 200 words to describe snow, for example.


TEXT: Ida Pirttijärvi PHOTOS: Eeva Mäkinen, Jan-Erik Paadar, Minna Saastamoinen, Sami Culture Centre Sajos

Rich traditions in the modern world Practising traditional livelihoods, such as reindeer husbandry and fishing, using methods passed on by parents and grandparents is important to the Sámi. A source of inspiration to modern designers and artists, traditional Sámi handicrafts, duodji, are still made using old techniques. These handicraft traditions emphasise connection with nature, with the natural materials sourced locally and used efficiently without wastage. Traditional livelihoods play an important role in passing on the culture. Children learn customs and practices related to a livelihood from their parents, which is reflected in the travel industry. Many Sámi-owned companies in the Inari-Saariselkä region are family businesses involving several generations. A visible – and audible – part of the Sámi culture is its unique musical tradition, yoik. Its topics arise from the community and natural surroundings: a yoik may be dedicated to a human being, a natural phenomenon or an event. Often, it does not contain lyrics; instead, the topic is depicted via the melody and variations in the use of voice. New Sámi musicians merge traditional yoik with rock and rap music.

Sámi culture in Siida The Inari-Saariselkä region is the best place to explore the vibrant Sámi culture. Inari’s Siida Sámi Museum and Nature Centre – the national museum of the Sámi – invites visitors to learn about the fascinating Sámi culture and unique Lappish nature all year round. The outdoor museum area showcases traditional Sámi building techniques, starting from the prehistoric era. Because of its responsibility for preserving material cultural heritage, in spring 2020 Siida will launch a large-scale project to revamp its collection and exhibition spaces. The museum will be open normally until early 2021, when it will close its doors for a year. The new and improved Sámi Museum and Nature Centre will open in spring 2022. n




Home visit at a Sámi family - We are a Sámi family of five. We live by a lake side surrounded by forest and hills. We are connected closely to old traditions by reindeer herding, traditional handcrafts and Sámi language. On our home visit you can experience our ecological way of living. We will tell you about Sámi history and believes. Winter time we have reindeer at home.

A day at Lemmenjoki National Park with family Paltto – Come to Lemmenjoki National park and spend a wonderful day as a guest with Paltto Sámi family. During the day you will experience the chant of wilderness, hear astonishing traditional Sámi yoik, stories about reindeer herding, Sámi culture and get to know the mysteries of feltmaking.

Konesjärventie 119, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 536 3061

Lemmenjoen kylätie 100, 99885 Lemmenjoki +358 (0)400 287 544



Meet the locals and familiarise local life at Sámi reindeer herder home in Inari! During the home visit you can get to know our home and local living. At winter time you can photograph our reindeers, which we have in our courtyard. In addition, you can participate to a handicraft workshop or cook local food of reindeer meat or Inari lake fish.

Taste of the Reindeer Herder´s Day – I´m a Sámi Reindeer herder Petri. Experience a moment with me at my farm and my home. Snuggle into the sledge of a snowmobile and join me to feed my reindeer in the nature. The feeding place offers an excellent opportunity to observe and photograph the reindeer in their natural environment.

Itkosentie 4, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 591 9162

Kittiläntie 3070 B, 99870 Inari +358 (0)400 193 950



Sajos guided tour upnorth –Monday-Friday at 12 noon. Hear about the Sámi Parliament in Finland, the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos as well as Sámis and their living culture. Sápmi – The Way of Being film will be viewed in the end. Duration 60 min. Guided tours for groups to be booked in advance. Bookings & inquiries by email or phone.

What does the plant angelica mean for Sámi? How are the aurora borealis created? A guide will help you to have an in-depth view of Siida’s permanent exhibitions. Thus, you will learn more about the exhibitions and be able to ask questions directly from the guide. Siida’s exhibition tours cover the permanent exhibitions of the house.

99870 Inari +358 (0)10 839 3168

Inarintie 46, 99870 Inari + 358 (0)400 898 212,




Ä´vv Saa´mi mu´zei Skolt Sámi Museum is located next to E6 in the village Neiden. Skolt Sámi is the modern name for the people who had their settlements in what is now the borderland between Norway, Finland and Russia. Today, at least a thousand people can claim Skolt Sámi ancestry. The museums name Ä´vv is the Skolt Sámi word for the suns reflection on water or snow.

Sámi culture by snowmobile – This snowmobile safari will take you across the frozen Lake Inari, also named “Sámi Sea” to some historical sites of the surrounding area: The old Sámi village where only Pielpajärvi wilderness church remains and the Sámi sacrificial Island “Ukko’s Rock”. During this trip, you will have a soup lunch by the fire.

9930 Neiden, Finnmark, Norway +47 952 62 163

Inarintie 40, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 179 6069



Lapland on your plate TEXT: Tuure Neitola | PHOTOS: Mervi Haavisto, Elina Manninen, Terhi Tuovinen, Irina Salomaa, Restaurant Aanar Lappish cuisine offers pure northern flavours. Have you ever thought about how it is done? Simply put, meat often comes from your own herd of reindeer. With your own marking. Fish is typically caught from a local river or lake. Game is hunted from a nearby forest, the same one that berries are picked from. These natural, flavoursome and abundant ingredients are what makes Lappish cuisine so special. Northern flavours are unique and sought after. You won’t find them elsewhere easily. Reindeer, game birds, elk, Lapland puikula potatoes, salmon from the River Teno and whitefish from Lake Inari are true Lappish flavours. In Lapland, you find cooking at its most authentic. The tasty dishes are completed by wild mushrooms and berries, which are used as ingredients for main courses and delicious desserts.


Cranberries, crowberries, lingonberries, blueberries and – last but definitely not least – cloudberries, are northern treats that tickle the taste buds. Combining and cooking these locally sourced ingredients to form a harmonious dish takes skill. Kitchens in northern Lapland in particular have honed this skill into an art form. Even in modest and small local restaurants you may be served culinary treats that are hard to find in top restaurant of big cities. Enjoy Lappish cuisine when you have the opportunity. For example, reindeer shoulder is a tasty treat.

Typically prepared for two people, the meat is oven-cooked, before roasting on an open fire while basting with dripping. It is served with honey-roasted root vegetables. A knife is stuck into one side, enabling diners to carve slices for themselves. This is the way reindeer shoulder has been eaten for centuries. Lapland’s cuisine

fish for Lapland’s kitchens. Fish caught from Lake Ina­­ri is at its freshest and tastiest when enjoyed by the lake shore. Whitefish from this lake is prepared in several ways. By its very nature, the food served in restaurants in northern Lapland is local, not to mention cooked to perfection. Willow grouse roast is another

cherishes local traditions and celebrates the seasons. The vicinity of the Arctic Sea lends marine flavours to dishes in northern Lapland. Visitors are often surprised to find that small villages in Lapland can offer real gourmet experiences. Local restaurants serving seafood may also come as a pleasant surprise. However, the Arctic Sea is not the only source of

dish that is worth tasting – it will melt in your mouth. A full-bodied, good-quality red wine is the perfect accompaniment for willow grouse. And Lappish cheese in filo pastry, flavoured with cardamom sugar and served with cloudberries, is an ideal way to round off this mouth-watering meal. ■ will melt in your mouth!




Surrounded by the Lapland wilderness, Design House Idoli presents a unique Arctic fine dining experience. Gourmet in Gallery-concept combines Arctic wild food cuisine with top Finnish Design & Art. All dinners and lunches are private events and the whole milieu is reserved for the visiting group. Possibility to purchase the design & art on display.

Fállegoahti - We will enjoy a dinner in a traditional Sámi hut. The hut lies 300 meters upstream of the River Tenojoki and is well hidden from the noises from the road and from people. During the dinner, which is made of local fish or reindeer meat, you will hear lots of stories about Sámi life and the history of the culture. After dinner, we will quiet down and listen to an enchanting Sámi yoik performance. RENT

Ukonjärventie 105, 99800 Ivalo +358 400 197181

Ellintie 25, 99980 Utsjoki +358 (0)400 948 210



Fishing in the wilderness lake, sauna bathing with hot tub and having a nice meal in a kota hut afterwards is something that Finns would do during their holiday. Local ingredients are used and cooked by the fire. And we also prepare the fish we might catch! Do you also want to spend a day in a Finnish way? Welcome to Taimenjärvi!

Berry picking trip in Ivalo with a local guide – This berry picking trip takes you to see and taste the pure Lapland. This secret berry picking spot is somewhere in the nature where you are the only ones among your small group. The area is private so it is quaranteed that you have an individual touch to your service and delicious berries to enjoy by the campfire.

Lutontie 3, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 668 706




Evening at Lappish Hut - Experience traditional Lappish dinner by open fire! The evening starts with an easy guided walk through the forest where you can feel and see the winter spirit. Enter in another world – the Lappish kota – to discover the pure flavors of Lapland around a three-course menu and Lappish stories. Return back to Saariselkä by walking - with many new memories! Saariseläntie 13, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 3311 280


Pounulantie 40B, 99800 Ivalo +358451882222

Fishing trip on Lake Inari – Lake Inari is any fisherman´s dream offering salmon, trout, arctic char, white fish, grayling and vendace. On board our fishing boat, we will cruise out into the lake. On the way we will troll fish while taking in the ruggedly beautiful scenery. On an island we will stop for a picnic lunch around the fire. If you wish, you can try rod and reel fishing from the shore.



Inarintie 40, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 179 6069



Hippupuoti – Giftshop in Saariselkä – In the northern Lapland people have maintained their skills for handicrafts and interest in their culture. This, with a cosy feeling, you can find in a souvenir and gift shop Hippupuoti, in the center of Saariselkä.

Rayann Elzein Photography – Professional nature photographer Rayann Elzein has been chasing the northern lights in the Inari and Utsjoki regions for 8 winters.

The shop and a local customer service are here for you. Saariseläntie 5, 99830 Saariselkä +35840576 5613


“I am available to lead photography workshops (all seasons: northern lights, landscapes, wildlife), corporate events and northern lights chasing trips. I can also assist you on your filming projects in the region.”





The rapture of snowmobile driving

WINTER 2016-2017



INARI Arctic Beauty was born in the Arctic North, where the wild nature is mystic and untouched. We apply all the secrets of the North to make most advanced skincare. With superior Arctic plant ingredients combined with beautiful textures and luxurious scent we provide non-compromising eco-luxury skincare for a beautiful skin. Inari Cosmetics +49 151 41962 972



The ski bus tours around the Saariselkä district

Interesting articles about Lapland and the best services in Saariselkä, Ivalo, Inari, B Utsjoki and Karigasniemi

The Saariselkä ski bus will once again transport tourists between Ivalo and Kiilopää this winter. The regular daily departures will continue until the spring season. The bus departs from Ivalo in the morning and returns there in the evening. In the day, the bus tours various locations in Saariselkä, Kiilopää, Kakslauttanen and Laanila. There are many stops along the route, especially in Saariselkä. A day ticket costs €5. Children under the age of 7 travel free of charge. The tickets are paid for in cash on the bus. Tourists are advised to carry enough cash with them. The timetables are available at the bus stops, on-line and on hotel notice boards.

On a snow mobile safari, it is good to leave stress behind and focus on watching and enjoying the scenery. Veli-Tapio Harju from Sipoo has been driving on snow mobiles in Lapland for several years. In Southern Finland, snow is sometimes very scarce, so most people go to Lapland for snow mobile driving. Veli-Tapio Harju has led several snow mobile safaris for his clients alongside his actual job. Harju always rents the snow mobiles from local entrepreneurs. ”It’s the easiest way. Sometimes a local guide has come along, they’re always experts in their areas.” In Harju’s opinion, a suitable snowmobile safari lasts a couple of days and has 5−8 participants. ”It is typical of each safari that someone falls off the tracks and gets stuck into the snow. If eight snowmobiles drive in a safari and every other one slips from the track every once in a while, you can guess that it takes a long time to travel and it’s slow.”

A successful snowmobile safari

V-T Harju’s tip number one for a snow mobile safari is that you need to have enough warm clothes. Driving equipment can be found at local snow mobile renters as well. Spare hoods are always good to have with you because your head always sweats under the helmet. The helmet should be chosen from a rental place. It is obligatory for both the driver and the passenger. A spare set of gloves is also good to have. ”And it’s also good to keep a good distance to the person driving ahead of you.” Rear-end collision is the most common accident for snow mobile drivers. The fastest allowed speed for snow mobiles on tracks and in the wilderness is 60 km/h on ground and 80 km/h on

ice-covered lakes. If a sled is attached to the snow mobile for passengers, the fastest allowed speed is 40 km/h. ”It’s good to remember that you should not hurry on a snow mobile ride. Remember to watch the scenery. And enjoy!” When driving on roads meant for snow mobiles and other vehicles indicated in the law, the driver needs to have at least a T-class driver’s license. Outside the roads in the wilderness and on the ice, a driver’s license is not needed as long as the driver is at least 15 years old. ”Sometimes the weather can change quickly while driving on a snowmobile or the snow mobile could get broken. It’s good to be prepared for anything. It’s also good to remember that your mobile phone’s range doesn’t reach everywhere in the wilderness”, reminds Harju. IBM


No two snowflakes are alike Snow is one of the states of water. In order for water to turn into snow, the


air temperature needs to drop below 0 degrees Celsius. When the temperature drops sufficiently, ice crystals begin to form around the dust particles in the air as moisture – i.e. water – freezes around them. The ice crystals merge into sixangled sheets, stars, needles and their combinations. They become snowflakes. The form of the snowflake created is determined by the humidity in the air and the temperature. There are no two identical snowflakes.

– or melt on the way. A snowflake that has just fallen looks like a six-pointed star. Your moments for admiration are limited, because the mere warmth of your breath is enough to melt the snowflake back into moisture. If you could observe the snowflake for a little longer, you would notice that, even after a couple of hours, the points would not be as distinguishable and fine. The form of a snowflake is in a constant state of change. In just a couple of days, the snowflake you saw would be much simpler in form with more resemblance to a round mass. The points and edges of the particles that formed the snowflake keep retreating back inward.

Local Reindeer and Game


Page B 13.

雑誌を日本語に 翻訳する Snow changes form constantly

On its way down to the ground from the cloud, the snowflake might make it

Ultima Jewelry and Gift shop offers a wide range of Finnish handmade products such as jewellery, knitwear, knives, leather goods, fur products and glasswear. Finest Finnish Design.

Discovering Authentic Lapland

Saariseläntie 13, 99831 Saariselkä +358407288448, +358400165448

@exploreinari | #exploreinari


Sleep well under the Northern Sky ACCOMMODATION TO SUIT EVERY TASTE TEXT: Tuure Neitola | PHOTOS: Aurora Village Conor McCann, Paishill Lodge Jenny Paalijärvi


You are spoilt for choice when looking for accommodation in northern Lapland. The region offers beds to suit every taste. The area reaching from Saariselkä to Nuorgam boasts a wide range of accommodation, with dozens of options to choose from, in terms of both quality and quantity. Have you ever considered opting for accommodation that is an experience to remember in itself? Once you have made the choice to go for something different, you won’t look back. Rather than being just a place to put your head down for the night, accommodation in northern Lapland offers memorable experiences all year round.

Luxurious Freedom In wintertime, it is easy to find accommodation in a location beyond the reach of street lights. The polar night – which is not completely dark, thanks to the snow reflecting moonlight – an aurora cabin offers a perfect setting for admiring the Northern Lights. You can savour solitude when watching them or enjoy a romantic moment with someone special. In spring, a log cabin is an ideal place to stay as it allows you to make the most of the bright spring sun reflecting off the snow, making it sparkle like a thousand diamonds. Just grab a pair of skis and slide down the slope to a lake for a spot of ice-fishing. You never know, you could well end up changing your plans for what to cook for dinner. If you have never tried the numerous

leisure opportunities available in the fell region, why not give them a go? You will make wonderful memories that will stay with you forever. The luxurious freedom offered by the magnificent fells may well entice you to return time and again.

Accomodation with Personal Touch In the fell region, luxurious and high-quality accommodation can also be found. These qualities, typically sought by families, companies and large groups, are easy to find in the region stretching from Nuorgam to Saariselkä. A wilderness cabin and a spa hotel may not be that far apart when it comes to quality. Both certainly have oodles of character and atmosphere. Accommodation without any bells and whistles is also available at a lower cost. Typically, visitors with similar interests and preferences find their way to the same places, whether it be the more modest or the luxurious ones. All business owners offering accommodation in northern Lapland know that good news travels fast. That’s why they invest in good, personal service. A satisfied customer is the best advert, which is particularly true on social media. In smaller places, a personal touch is guaranteed but that does not mean that larger hotels cannot achieve it too. They also offer good service and a top-notch experience. ■




Surrounded by silence, peace and arctic animals we welcome you to sleep under the northern sky. Our small exclusive resort offers a magical stay. Join exciting outdoor activities, enjoy the panorama sauna with a view, eat well at a unique restaurant and fall asleep watching the magical sky; maybe there will be a show tonight – you’d be surprised.

Holiday Club Saariselkä is a spa hotel and holiday home resort located in Saariselkä and surrounded by the majestic fells of Northern Lapland. The accommodation options available at Holiday Club Saariselkä include spacious rooms in the spa hotel and cosy holiday houses designed and decorated in the local spirit, all located near the hotel.


Angry Birds Activity Park, Spa

Aurorakuja 38, 99800 Ivalo +358 (0)40 580 4218

Saariseläntie 7, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)30 686 6000



Twin/double rooms in Hotel Deatnu - Standard twin/ double rooms are suitable for couples, singles and even for small families since some rooms are connectable. The large riverside windows are facing towards North, where you can see the river Teno and hills of Norway, and also have a good chance to see Northern Lights dancing straight from your hotel room!

232 accommodation options from hotel rooms to holiday apartments. Hotel rooms for two people, some rooms have sofa-bed for an extra bed. Rooms with sauna, combi-room with connecting door and superior rooms. Holiday apartments within a walking distance (100 m). Apartments have 1-2 bedrooms, sauna, open dining area / living room and kitchen.


Ellintie 25, 99980 Utsjoki +358 (0)400 948 210

Saariseläntie 13, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)16 559 4455



Sleep well in Wilderness at Nuorgam highlands A night in cosy wooden cabin located at the highlands of Nuorgam gives you the opportunity to have a glimpse of authentic local life and to admire magnificent Northern Lights with a bit of luck. What a prefect and romantic getaway! Duration of stay from afternoon until following morning.

Paishill Private Lodge is a five-star, all-inclusive arctic getaway for six persons. The Lodge is located at a magical spot in Finnish Lapland offering a perfect place from which to explore the surrounding landscapes and view the northern lights. The Paishill experience combines luxury lodging with high-class hospitality in exceptional nature. At Paishill Lodge the guests can unwind privately, away from it all.


Nuorgamintie 4401 A, 99990 Nuorgam +358 (0)400 294 669


Tenontie 4066, 99980 Utsjoki +358 (0)50 389 0114



Just a step away from Santa’s Hotel Tunturi doorsteps begins the National Park and its year-round nature adventures. Santa’s Hotel Tunturi is a family owned traditional hotel offering versatile accommodation. You can choose a hotel room, a superior room with sauna, an apartment or one of the suites. Sleep well in the silence of the wilderness!

While lying on the bed and gazing upon the sky you can feel yourself being part of the nature. Looking at shiny stars in the sky, as if you were in a dreamland.A night spent in Star Arctic Hotel’s Aurora Glass Cabin under the Northern Lights will take you into a magical world beyond imagination. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Kaunispää, Saariselkä +358 (0)44 419 4000

Lutontie 3, 99830 Saariselkä +3581668111



Staying with us you can sense Lapland’s nature phenomena in all seasons: Auroras and starry skies, amazing sunsets and rises, midnight sun shining over glistening rapids. Listening to the sound of the rapids and smelling the scent of the surrounding pine forests, watching the playful squirrels and fish in the river.

Feel the arctic nature, polar night with Northern Lights and find your inner peace. Only 1 hour from airport and 15 minutes from Inari village. We are located in middle of forest, on the shore of Lake Muddus. Our big neighbors are Muotkatunturi wilderness area and Lemmenjoki National Park. Try sauna and ice swimming, definetly refreshing and healthy. For groups we offer meals and winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice fishing.

Saarikoskentie 2, 99870 Inari +358 (0)16 511 7100

Angelintie 696, 99870 Inari +358400670561



Our spacious Inari Aurora Huts are perfectly situated in the quiet location of Holiday Village Inari, far from light pollution, and by Lake Inari. The huts offer a good view to the northern sky, and with luck you can admire the Northern lights directly from your own bed! Unique way to combine lake view and Northern lights!

Aurora Cabin – With a view to the northern sky our spacious Aurora Cabins are a must for those wanting to experience a unique stay in Lapland. The glass thermal roof ensures that the window will stay clear even in the lowest temperatures. The cabin will ensure you the most comfortable aurora observing experience.



Inarintie 40, 99870 Inari +358 (0)40 179 6069

Inarijärventie 2, 99870 Inari +358 (0)400 809 949



Sleep well in Saariselkä outdoor resort Saariselkä Outdoor Resort offers a great variety of options for well equipped accommodation with character . You Giellajohka Riverside Cabins offer a clear view to the surrounding nature. Modern and fully equipped cabins with glass walls facing the Northern sky let you comfortably lay in your warm bed, while gazing at the dark Winter skies in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights dance in the sky. Karigasniementie 2920 99910 Kaamanen +358 (0)40 738 6825


can choose from a cosy apartment for two to a logg cabin for extended family or for corporate guests.

SKÁBMA 99830 Saariselkä, Finland +358 (0)45 180 5640 Facebook: Skábma Instagram: @chaletskabma

Skábma, a premium 14-bed loghouse located at Saariselkä. This exclusive chalet has six double bedrooms and one junior suite, each equipped with a bathroom. A perfect choice for larger families or groups travelling together. With authentic atmosphere and fully tailored services, we want to share the feel of privileged living here in Lapland. SKAIDI

Budget accommodation and a restaurant open all year round by the Ivalojoki River and E75, 6 km from Ivalo Airport and close to Ivalo centre. Cabins for 1–6 people. A total of 30 caravan pitches with an electric hook-up, 15 of which by the river in the summer. Comfortable camping tent pitches are also available.

Kerttuojantie 1, 99800 Ivalo + 358 (0)400 395 046


99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)40 760 2255,

The Skaidi holiday homes in Saariselkä offer a wonderful chance to experience true Laplandish atmosphere at its best. Located on their own lots, all three houses are in the Laanipalo area near the main ski track between Saariselkä and Laanila. SAVOTTAKAHVILA Laanila, 99830 Saariselkä, +358 (0)400 603 903

Savottakämppä Lodge offers affordable lodging for small and large groups alike. The lodge can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time and is open throughout the year. We also have apartments with their own sauna in the village of Saariselkä, and there are a number of caravan pitches available near Savottakahvila Café. Versatile accommodation in the centre of Saariselkä. We offer Comfortable Suite Apartments, spacious Apartments for 2 - 8 people, Double rooms and Log House rooms with breakfast and half - board, and Log cabins for 2 - 6 people. Our Reception and Restaurant are located in the Shopping Centre Kuukkeli. All Program Activities can be booked through us. Saariseläntie 1, 99830 Saariselkä, +358 (0)44 363 6972


KIISA 99830 Saariselkä, +358 (0)440 661 978

KIISA is a well equipped house on the southern slope of Kaunispää fell, near the top. It has two apartments and offers high quality short and long term accommodation for vacationers, skiers, holiday makers, and other guests.The total floor area is more than 300 sq m – total 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and accommodation for up to 27 persons.



Koivupolku 4, 99830 Saariselkä, +358 (0)400 213 543 kelopirtti@hotmail.fI

99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)44 964 0048

Kelopirtti is built on 2010 and it is situated on a southern slope of the fell Kaunispää, next to the national park and thus the tranquillity is guaranteed in the neighbourhood. It consists of two separate apartments that have a stylish and functional layout. Kelopirtti is suitable for families, business purposes and also for larger groups because both apartments can be rent simultaneously.

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful break, kilometres away from the hustle of everyday life, then look no further. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Mainiot Majat Holiday Apartments. You can choose among six accommodations located in Saariselkä, a Lappish jewel in the heart of the arctic.



+358 (0)40 595 4157, +358 (0)400 822 527

99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)40 576 2820

“Castillo” means castle in Spanish. Like the name says the chalets offer a luxurious setting for your stay in Saariselkä. Castillo apartments are furnished and equipped on a high standard. The apartments can accommodate even 20 people.

Arctic Friend offers a wellequipped apartment for eight persons in the middle of Saariselkä resort. The apartment serves excellent settings for enjoying your holiday at any time of the year!

TUNTURIKOIVU JA TUNTURITUULI 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)17 465 2752 +358 (0)400 674 721

Tunturikoivu and Tunturituuli holiday homes are located in a place ideal for those searching for peace, and yet within only 1,5 km to services of outdoor resort Saariselkä. The airport bus takes you close to the holiday homes. Here you can really get a sense of what peace of mind is. HERRANTERTTU

TUNTURIYÖ +358 (0)40 547 5630

Holiday Apartments Tunturiyö are situated in south hillside of Kaunispää hills. Holiday apartments are modern and fully equiped terraced houses with sauna, fireplace, ski storage and parking space. They are suitable for 2-6 persons. From the courtyard, opens wide links to ski tracks and outdoor activities. Versatile services lie about 1 km from the apartments. TUNTURIKUKSA

99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)40 588 0785

Teerenpesue, Saariseläntie 5, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)400 623 602 +358 (0)40 824 282

Herranterttu Apartments consists of eight lovingly maintained wooden terraced house apartments for rent in the center of Saariselkä village. Two of the apartments located in the very centre of the village, about three to seven minutes’ walk away. These self-catering apartments are fully equipped to meet today’s high standards.

Tunturikuksa is a wellequipped holiday apartment located in the centre of Saariselkä Resort at Saariseläntie 5. It is suitable for 2-4 persons all year around.

SAARISELÄN MARJAMAJAT Saariseläntie 5, 99830 Saariselkä +358 (0)40 589 0043

Saariselän Marjamajat offer fully equipped holiday cabins right in the center of Saariselkä. All amenities, shops and restaurants, ski tracks, slopes conveniently in distance of 100-500 m. Peaceful location.


Travel safely Read accommodation instructions

Please stay on the marked trails and do not disturb plants growing in the national park. Take part in a guided excursion or at least tell the reception of your accommodation what route you plan to take.

Wear the correct clothing

Each accommodation establishment has its own safely regulations. For your own safety, please follow these instructions. You can ask for more advice from the cabin hire company. Get the best enjoyment of your accommodation by always taking waste to the designated waste collection shelter, keeping all windows shut in winter and by using the fireplace correctly.

Don’t forget about visibility

Make sure you dress warmly in the winter (October–April) as temperatures are well below freezing. During the winter months you should wear many layers of clothing according to the prevailing weather conditions. The fell highlands are often cool in the summertime (May–September) as well.

Remember to use reflectors when travelling in the dark, so that motorists can see you. If you don’t own any reflectors, make sure you purchase one from the local shop.

Driving in winter conditions

Getting ready for an excursion

Driving in winter conditions is challenging. If you do not have earlier experience of winter driving, the roads can be slippery and dangerous to drive.

It is easy to get lost in the nature of Lapland and you should never enter nature without first making proper preparations.

Taking part in a guided excursion is always a safer option than hiring a car to reach the destination yourself.

Make sure you fully charge your mobile telephone and take with you a map and compass, as sometimes signals can be weak in the terrain. Take all rubbish with you – do not leave in nature.


– IN THE ARCTIC NATURE OF LAPLAND! Take care of nature

Remember to ride a snowmobile responsibly

Never ride a snowmobile off official snowmobile routes and remember to obey rules.

Please do not litter our pristine nature. Please take all rubbish to the bin and sort waste whenever possible.

Sledging downhill

Snowmobile safely on a guided snowmobile safari.

Respect the locals

Please do not use roads for sledging, as this can lead to a fatal accident. Sledging is most fun and safest on designated sledging hills.

Stay on marked routes

Private grounds are intended for use of the residents. Never disturb the peace. Respect the privacy of local inhabitants. Public walking routes and nature trails are good and safe routes of travel.

Provide help for those needing assistance

Please note that skiing tracks are intended for skiing only. Ski on the right-hand side of the skiing track. Always use the routes intended for certain activities. There are special routes intended for snowmobiling, snowshoe hiking and cycling.

Never leave anyone stranded in nature or on the road. Stop and help if someone needs assistance. The emergency number in Finland is 112. 33


EXPERIENCE EVENTS The best way to learn about the local culture

FILM FESTIVAL The Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival Skábmagovat presents films and TV programmes by Sámi and other indigenous people. The events will be held at Siida and Sajos in Inari. .

and way of life is to visit events. On this page, we have compiled annual events held in the region. You can find the latest news on our events at our website


CELEBRATIONS The Sámi people celebrate their national day on February 6.


Saariselkä’s ski slopes offer plenty to do! Come and enjoy the atmosphere of Girls go Shred, the sledge world championships, traditional May Day celebrations and numerous other fun events. n GOLD RUSH RUN

SLED DOG RACE Held at Tankavaara Gold Village, Gold Rush Run is a sled dog race where mushers get to race in the breath-taking scenery through the traditional gold areas.




FATBIKE A winter bicycle event on fatbikes in Saariselkä.

This festival offers events for all ages, including children’s events, markets, concerts and music events such as the Gamas Blues festival, art exhibitions, guided walks, dancing and theatre performances.


SHIPS IN INARI The hundreds of reindeer competing for the champion’s title and their drivers, service teams and fans make this competition the season’s most colourful event.


COMPETITION This exciting Nordic watercross event offers fun for all the family as snowmobiles race in the River Ivalojoki.



Visitors can partake in a feast of Lappish cuisine and sample delicacies prepared from local ingredients at Santa’s Hotel Tunturi in Saariselkä. n FIS SKI RACE

This major ski race attracts top international athletes, who arrive early to train on Saariselkä’s ski trails. n JAZZ UNDER


The annual Gold Pan Ski Race takes place in Saariselkä on Good Friday.


AGILITY COMPETITION Finland’s northernmost agility event, the Nightless Night agility competition, attracts dog enthusiasts from all over Finland and beyond to the beautiful surroundings of Saariselkä. The event will be held at Santa’s Hotel Tunturi.



motorcycle event Northern Finland’s largest motorbike event will be held at Santa’s Hotel Tunturi.

photography event The local photography club together with Siida nature centre arrange an event dedicated to nature photographs and films.

MUSIC FESTIVAL The annual indigenous music event Ijahis idja (Nightless Night in English) is arranged at the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos in Inari.


PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP Photography, social media, arctic summer and the midnight sun come together at this event held yearly in different locations of the Inari-Saariselkä region.


EVENTS Get into the Christmas spirit by sampling seasonal treats or visiting Christmas markets.

THE NORTHERN LIGHTS This traditional festival introduces jazz to Lapland in Saariselkä.



CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING The Kiilopää Cross-Country Skiing event is a ski festival for all winter sports enthusiasts.


HANDICRAFTS The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos gathers together numerous sellers from across the Sámi area, offering visitors an excellent opportunity to see the latest trends in local arts and crafts.


MUSEUM SIIDA Siida invites visitors to explore Sámi culture via exhibitions that offer multisensory experiences and in-depth information. In summer, the indoor exhibitions are complemented by the open-air museum located on the premises. in spring 2020 Siida will launch a large-scale project to restore its collection and exhibition spaces. The museum will be open normally until early 2021, when it will close its doors for a year.


American Car gathering This major event for fans of American cars will be held at Santa’s Hotel Tunturi in Saariselkä. n SAARISELKÄ MTB STAGES

Lapland’s cycling season culminates in the threeday Saariselkä MTB Stages mountain bike event.

More events: 35

Getting there and around Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the North and yet just a few hours from southern Finland. In fact, Lapland is well connected to the world through flights, highways and a railway.

BY AIR: You can quickly reach Finland’s northernmost airport Ivalo from from Helsinki aboard Finnair and Norwegian and from Frankfurt by Lufthansa as well as by Finnair from London or charter flights from other European cities. Buses, rental cars and taxis are at your service at Ivalo airport. The taxi drivers that come to meet the inbound flights, know the extensive region inside out and can safely drive you to your destination. Scheduled flights have an airport transportation to Saariselkä. Airport transfer to and from Inari needs to be booked in advance. For more information please see

BY TRAIN & BUS: The train will take you to Rovaniemi, where you will find numerous bus connections to Northern Lapland. The bus routes take you through some of the most magnificent scenery, as far as the shores of the Arctic Ocean. BY CAR: By car, you will be able to visit the nearby travel destinations along with the whole of Lapland. Rental car provides you with the freedom to travel wherever you like, according to your own schedule and you get to experience more during your holiday. The most direct road route (E 75) from Helsinki to Lapland travels via Rovaniemi and continues all the way to the Arctic Ocean. Highway E75 is punctuated with villages, fells and other amazing locations to experience.

Tourist information Inari / Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida Inarintie 46, 99870 Inari, Finland Tel: +358 206 39 7740

Ivalo Customer Service Ivalontie 10, 99800 Ivalo Telephone: +358 206 39 7701

Saariselkä / Customer Service Kiehinen Lutontie 16 (Santa’s Hotel Tunturi’s Gielas building), 99830 Saariselkä (Inari), Finland Tel: +358 206 39 7200



Holiday Apartments





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Special accomodation

Camping & Caravan

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Fishing & Hunting

Hiking & outdoors

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Boat trips

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Culture and local life

Food experiences

Berry picking & foraging tours

Midnight Sun tours

Northern Lights tours



accommodation & restaurants SAARISELKÄ ARCTIC FRIENDS OY +358 (0)40 576 2820 99830 Saariselkä CASTILLO CHALETS +358 (0)40 595 4157, +358 (0)40 082 2527

HERRANTERTTU LOMAHUONEISTOT +358 (0)40 588 0785 99830 Saariselkä HOLIDAY CLUB SAARISELKÄ +358 (0)30 686 6000 Saariseläntie 7, 99830 Saariselkä Angry Birds Activity Park, Spa INARI-SAARISELKÄ KESKUSVUOKRAUS +358 (0)44 363 6972 Saariseläntie 1, 99830 Saariselkä KAUNISPÄÄN KELOPIRTTI +358 (0)400 213 653 Koivupolku 4, 99830 Saariselkä KAUNISPÄÄN KIISA +358 (0)440 661 978 99830 Saariselkä LAANILAN KIEVARI +358 (0)400 239 868 Sateenkaarenpääntie 9, 99830 Saariselkä LAANILAN SAVOTTA +358 (0)400 603 903 Laanila, 99830 Saariselkä

LAPIN KUTSU HOLIDAY APARTMENTS +358 (0)400 287 744 Kelotie 1/Siula, 99830 Saariselkä

SKAIDI HOLIDAY HOMES +358 (0)40 760 2255 99830 Saariselkä

LAPLAND HOTEL RIEKONLINNA +358 (0)16 559 4455 Saariseläntie 13, 99830 Saariselkä

STAR ARCTIC HOTEL +358 (0)44 419 4000 Kaunispää, Saariselkä

LUMINESS OY 99830 Saariselkä NORTHERN LIGHTS VILLAGE – MIDNIGHT SUN VILLAGE SAARISELKÄ +358 (0)16 469 1200 Rovaniementie 3222 E, 99830 Saariselkä

MAINIOT MAJAT +358 (0)44 964 0048 99830 Saariselkä


TUNTURIKUKSA +358 (0)400 623 602 Saariseläntie 5 B 13, 99830 Saariselkä RENT

SANTA’S HOTEL TUNTURI +358 (0)16 68 111 Lutontie 3, 99830 Saariselkä

TOPSTAR FINLAND OY +358 (0)500 643 351 Etelärinteentie 16, 99830 Saariselkä

TUNTURIKOIVU JA TUNTURITUULI +358 (0)17 465 2752, +358 (0)400 674 721 99830 Saariselkä

SAARISELKÄ BOOKING +358 (0)16 554 0500 Honkapolku 2, 99830 Saariselkä

SAARISELÄN MARJAMAJAT +358 (0)40 589 0043 Saariseläntie 5, 99830 Saariselkä

SKÁBMA +358 (0)45 180 5640 99830 Saariselkä, Finland

TUNTURIYÖ +358 (0)40 547 5630 99830 Saariselkä VALO LUXURY RETREATS +358 (0)44 985 1404 WILDERNESS HOTEL MUOTKA +358 (0)400 415 989 Muotkantie 204, 99830 Saariselkä RENT


AURORA VILLAGE IVALO +358 (0)40 580 4218 Aurorakuja 38, 99800 Ivalo RENT

HOTEL UJEVAARA +358 (0)400 80 44 66 Inarinjärventie 480, 99800 Ivalo IVALO RIVER CAMPING / NORTH FLAMES OY +358 (0)401280633 Kerttuojantie 1, 99800 Ivalo TRADITION HOTEL KULTAHOVI +358 (0)16 511 7100 Saarikoskentie 2,  99870 Inari VISIT INARI SAFARIS & ACCOMMODATION, HOTEL INARI, HOLIDAY VILLAGE INARI +358 (0)40 179 6069 Inarintie 40, 99870 Inari RENT

VASATOKKA – YOUTH & HOLIDAY CENTRE +358 (0)400 670 561 Angelintie 696, 99870 Inari RENT THE WHITE BLUE +49 8363 92898 58 WILDERNESS HOTELS & SAFARIS INARI, NELLIM, NANGU +358 (0)400 430 7600 RENT

LEMMENJOKI AHKUN TUPA +358 (0)16 673 435, +358 (0)40 755 4306 99885 Lemmenjoki HOTELLI KORPIKARTANO +358 (0)40 777 4339 Meneskartanontie 71 99870 Inari RENT


LOMAKYLÄ VALKEAPORO +358 (0)400 394 682 Lemmenjoentie 134 99870 Inari




UTSJOKI, NUORGAM, KARIGASNIEMI & KAAMANEN ARCTIC - SIIDA +358 (0)40 541 3617 Nuorgamintie 2994, 99990 Nuorgam


+ diving CAMPING LAPINKYLÄ +358 (0)40 559 1542 Ringinvatro 14 C, 99980 Utsjoki



GIELLAJOHKA +358 (0)40 738 6825 Karigasniementie 2920 99910 Kaamanen

ANGELI REINDEER FARM +358 (0)40 536 3061 Konesjärventie 119, 99870 Inari

HOLIDAY VILLAGE VALLE +358 (0)400 948 210 Ellintie 25, 99980 Utsjoki

ARCTICA LAPLAND +358 (0)50 505 8746 Rovaniementie 944, 99800 Ivalo


NUORGAM HOLIDAY VILLAGE +358 (0)400 294 669 Nuorgamintie 4401 A, 99990 Nuorgam RENT

PAISHILL PRIVATE LODGE +358 (0)503890114 Tenontie 4066, 99980 Utsjoki

ARCTIC CAMERA Nature photography tours +358 (0)40 777 8572 ARCTIC SKY +358 (0)40 155 9700 Ruijankeino 2, 99830 Saariselkä

AT NATURE +358 (0)400 493 484 Terstontie 123, 99870 Inari

TENON LOHIRANTA +358 (0)40 671 5800 Olenjoentie, 99990 Nuorgam RENT

Sleep well under the northern sky!

AURORA SPA Holiday Club Saariselkä +358 (0)45 113 8101 Saariseläntie 7 99830 Saariselkä DESIGN HOUSE IDOLI +358 (0)400 197181 Ukonjärventie 105, 99800 Ivalo

GALDDOAIVI SAFARIS +358 (0)40 831 1737 Sevettijärventie 12245, 99940 Näätämö

LAPLAND SAFARIS NORTH +358 (0)16 3311 280 Saariseläntie 13, 99830 Saariselkä

POLAR CREEK +358 (0)40 683 9804, +358 (0)40 683 8690 Kelotie 1 / Siula, 99830 Saariselkä RENT


GOLD MUSEUM +358 (0)16 626 171 Tankavaarantie 11 C, 99695 Tankavaara IVALO SAFARIS +358 (0)40 158 9515 PL 6, 99800 Ivalo

IVALO TREK LAPLAND +358 (0)40 843 3794

JOIKU-KOTSAMO SAFARIS +358 (0)400 138 911 Saariseläntie 7, 99830 Saariselkä

LAP ADVENTURES +358 (0)40 700 81 46 Jääjärventie 30 A, Sevettijärvi LAPLAND DELIGHT Live music, entertainment, interactive comedy +358 (0)40 560 9797 LAPLANDLIFE +358 (0)45 188 2222 Pounulantie 40B, 99800 Ivalo

POLARIS POINT HORSES Horse riding tours, sleigh rides +358 (0)45 111 2569 Auskottivaarantie 60, 99830 Saariselkä

LAPLAND WELCOME +358 (0)40 534 7693 Ivalontie 12, 99800 Ivalo Kelotie 1, Siula, 99830 Saariselkä



REINDEER FAMILY AND WORKSHOP +358 (0)40 591 9162 Itkosentie 4, 99870 Inari

LAURI’S MASSAGE SERVICES +358 (0)40 700 8146 Hiillostie 18, 99800 Ivalo +358 (0)16 681 501 Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, Saariselkä LAPIN LUONTOLOMAT / PRO SAFARIS +358 (0)16 668 706 Lutontie 3, 99830 Saariselkä

REINDEERFARM PETRI MATTUS +358 (0)400 193 950 Kittiläntie 3070 B, 99870 Inari RENT

PALTTO ADVENTURES / FELTMAKER’S STUDIO +358 (0)400 287 544 Lemmenjoen kylätie 100, 99885 Lemmenjoki

SAARISELKÄ SKI & SPORT RESORT +358 (0)16 668 882 Kullanhuuhtojantie, 99830 Saariselkä RENT

SIIDA, SÁMI MUSEUM AND NATURE CENTRE + 358 (0)400 898 212 Inarintie 46, 99870 Inari,

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HIPPUPUOTI GIFT SHOP +358 (0)40 576 5613 Saariseläntie 5, 99830 Saariselkä

BRIITTA PAJARI TAKSI +358 (0)400 696914 99830 Saariselkä

ARCTIC AGENCY Tour operator, travel agency, +358 (0)50 431 3999

KATAJAMAAN TAKSI +358 (0)400 731 973 99830 Saariselkä

AURORA LAPLAND TRAVEL LTD Incoming agency, DMC +358 (0)40 550 8295 Seitatie 16, 99980 Utsjoki

INARI COSMETICS Organic cosmetics of arctic ingredients +49 151 41962972

INARIN HOPEA – SILVER SHOP Traditional handmade Lappish jewelry +358 (0)16 671 333 Inarintie 61, 99870 Inari KAMMIGALLERIA - ART STUDIO KIKKA LAAKSO Artisan exhibition of reindeer arts & crafts +358 (0)40 744 3763 Lemmenjoentie 650 A 99885 Lemmenjoki KIRSIN LAHJA Giftshop in Saariselkä +358 (0)40 679 6355 Kelotie 1/Siula, 99830 Saariselkä ULTIMA GIFT / ULTIMA JEWELRY +358 (0)40 728 8448, +358 (0)400 165 448 Saariseläntie 13, 99831 Saariselkä

KUKKOLAN TILAUSLIIKENNE OY +358 (0)400 696 678, +358 (0)400 981 243 Rantatie 19, 99800 Ivalo (Saariselkä) PAJARIN TAKSI +358 (0)400 394 375 99830 Saariselkä

SIXT CAR RENTAL +358 (0)20 11 22 57 Ivalo Airport Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, 99830 Saariselkä

SÁMI CULTURE CENTRE SAJOS +358 (0)10 839 3168 Sajos, 99870 Inari SÁMI EDUCATION INSTITUTE +358 (0)40 723 7309 99870 Inari TEST WORLD Tyre and vehicle winter testing +358 (0)44 778 8800 Nellimintie 569, 99800 Ivalo

The Ultimate Ice Driving and Film Location Ivalo, Finland +358 (0)44 778 8800


SAARISELÄN SANOMAT Local newspaper +358 (0)40 191 9919 Piiskuntie 1, 99800 Ivalo


Slow Down in Saami Village


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In the Far North - Explore Authentic Finnish Lapland  

In the Far North - Explore Authentic Finnish Lapland  

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