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Henna Temporary Tattoos are by far one of the most popular fake tattoo designs on the market. Why the craze? Check out the top 5 reasons why these tattoos are so popular among people of all ages: 1. Henna Designs are showing up in fashion brands across the world Fashion brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dereon have embraced fake tattoos as part of their lines this year, making temporary body art a very hot fashion accessory. What do these designer pieces have in common? They're based on a Henna style of art. The designs released by Chanel in February very closely resemble Henna designs. They are long stands that are black which is very similar. Because these designs are hot in fashion, they are popular for everyday use. These designs showing up in fashion world is the number one reason why they are so popular among young adults, teens and women. 2. Henna can be worn with any look Day, night, work or play: Henna Temporary Tattoos are great for any occasion. The reason is simple: they're versatile and classic. Henna can give your more formal look a sophisticated feel or your weekend attire a cool edge. 3. Henna Tattoos are traditional The popularity of Henna Temporary Tattoos means that people know the design. It's a style that has evolved over the years but one that is generally accepted and loved by a wide range of groups. 4. Henna Tattoos can be different everyday The beauty of Henna tattoos is that you control the style and look. With the same pack of Henna Temporary Tattoos you can create styles for your ankle, wrist, arm or back. The beauty is that each style can be completely unique. 5. Henna Tattoos are 100% You Because they are so versatile and unique, wearing a Henna fake tattoo is a great way to express yourself and your unique style.

Amber Golden serves as Marketing Communications Specialist for Tattoo Manufacturing, the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world. Tattoo Manufacturing, located in Tucson, AZ, produces more than 6 million temporary tattoos a day. All of the company's products are Made in the USA and only FDA certified colorants are used.


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Top 5 Reasons Henna Tattoos Are Popular Chanel Tattoo  

Fortunately, temporary tattoos survived this lack of support. They not only survived, but they also developed to be better. Manufacturers pr...