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I usually do not dare to write on "methods to make money online" topics every so often. The reason I am writing this article is that lately I find myself stumbling upon more and more biased information that seems to make things more complicated than they actually are. So instead of adding to the load of useless information I would much rather keep this simple and straight to the point. This article is intended for newbies who find it too hard to decide which method, to earn money through internet would be best use of their time. So I'll puff and cut through the chase and get to the methods right away. Affiliate Marketing This most probably is the top method in terms of money that internet marketers use to make money online. Affiliate marketing is very simple and does not inflict the snag that comes with owning a complete business; you do not have to worry about production, customer care, updating product etc. Nevertheless, this method will really test your marketing skills. You can find a product that you would like promoting from one of the many affiliate networks, such as ClickBank, PayDotCom etc. All you need to do is drive targeted traffic to your affiliate link. For every sale generated through your affiliate link, you'll earn a good commission usually ranging from 40% to a whopping 80% or even 90%. CPA Marketing Many marketers earn money through internet by promoting CPA offers, it is a great way to make money online. There are many leads based CPA offers that pay you simply for getting people to fill simple forms. The commission per lead can be low, but high conversion rate resulting on account of the simplicity of the process can make up for that. Copeac, CPALead, NeverBlueAds and Hydra Network are some of the best CPA networks. Freelancing There might be some downsides to online freelancing but the fact of the matter is that it's the best choice for most people who are just starting off and have no idea how to get into the game or for people who feel that they have a serious case of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when it comes to internet marketing. There's a huge market for developers, designers and writers online. Services like Elance and GAF (GetAFreelancer) can help you land a job or two every once in a while. And if you end up gathering good reputation, freelancing will earn you a full time income online. On a last note, I would like to include that, it is imperative to be focused and dedicated. If you are committed, the competitive advantage that online marketing drops in your hands is something that can make you millionaire in months. Be wary of scams, and services and products that are too

good to be true, you do not want to wear yourself down by falling for big promises that many marketers make online without delivering much.

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