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Many men are attracted to Asian women. Because of this, these men are more likely to approach an Asian woman in a bar or at a dance club in order with the hopes to start some sort of relationship. But these same men often make many errors in judgment upon starting up conversations and while on first dates. The Most Important Piece of Advice There is one important thing to know when you are looking to date Asian women - they are no different than any other women. It is often assumed that due to their history or their culture that trying to date Asian women is a very difficult task, one that no man can accomplish without knowing their cultural habits inside and out. But in reality, Asian women are just like women of every other culture. They want someone to treat them nicely, they want to be listened to, and they want to be cared about - but most importantly, they want to be treated as an individual. This does not mean that there is nothing unique about Asian women. On the contrary, Asian women are all unique and many do retain some of their cultural characteristics that make them so attractive in the first place. Asian women tend to be quieter, be a little more caring and a little less wild, and are, of course, incredibly attractive. But there is a significant difference between knowing the cultural quirks when they arise and actually assuming that these cultural quirks mean something other than they do when you are dating an Asian woman. This can be confusing for many people, so an example is as follows: In many cultures, opening your mouth at someone and showing your teeth when you laugh is considered impolite. So many Asian women, especially Japanese women, will hide their teeth whenever they laugh in order to avoid coming off as rude. This in a cultural quirk that many people find attractive, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This behavior obviously differs from white-American behaviors, with whom an open mouthed guffaw is commonplace. What you need to know, however, is that just because she covers her mouth does not mean she needs to be treated as though she is incredibly shy. She may be shy, she may not be shy. She is still an individual that has her own behaviors. Treating her as though she IS shy based on this single cultural quirk is a fatal mistake when you date Asian women. Asian women, like women of every other culture, still need to be treated according to their own personality, not according to their perceived personality that you assume they have based on cultural behaviors that you may

not understand. To summarize, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to Asian women, just as there is nothing wrong with being attracted to some common cultural mannerisms. There is, however, something wrong with not treating the woman as an individual and assuming that these cultural mannerisms have more meaning that they actually do. But keeping in mind that these women are no different than other women, you can more successfully date Asian women without accidentally treating them poorly.

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Things to Know to Date Asian Women  

dating asian women.If you want to be out there dating Asian women, learn to be able to identify their particular ethnicity or don't say anyt...

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