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There are many different Dog and training collars available to help you train and handle your dog. Typical dog collars are normally used on an everyday basis. These collars also provide control to the owner during leisure walks, identification for the dog, and also in aesthetic purposes. Training collars on the other hand are used during training exercises, and are typically more durable and consequently more expensive. Training collars are not just meant for large dog breeds. Since there are so many different types of regular dog and training collars on the market it may be hard to decide which one you may need and what works best for your dog. Training collars are not just for bigger breeds of dogs that need to be trained in obeying basic commands, guarding the property or in providing assistance for professionals like policemen or investigators. Training collars may be a type of choke collar, Citronella spray or electronic collar. Of these, the citronella and electronic collars are more expensive because they utilizes electronics and a remote control. In each case the collar corrects misbehavior using an electric stimulation or a spray of citronella upon command from the trainer. Dog training collars are needed for the trainer to have sufficient influence over the dog. The collar has to be a perfect fit to the dog's neck, seeing that the wrong fit could disrupt any training activity. Loose collars may roll allowing the dog get free and tight collars may cause choking or loss of proper blood flow. When either of these things happen, the dog may not be able to fully focus on the tasks at hand, and end up not learning from the training exercise. The trainer would typically wants the dog to be relaxed have the necessary concentration during training sessions. Dog and training collars need to be chosen properly. Smaller breeds of dogs do not need a heavy duty collar because they are easier to manipulate. Some examples of these dogs might be Pomeranians, poodles, beagles, and miniature pinschers. More often, because these dogs are kept as pets and as walking companions, their owners have the liberty to choose show and trendier dog collars. Popular collars are made from nylon, leather, chains, or a combination of nylon and chain or leather and chain. For the more fashionable dog owners, there are expensive custom collars available as well. Dog collars are used as a primary place to attach both identification and licenses. Information regarding the dog's identity and owner may be printed or attached to the collar. This gives more security to both the dog and is owner in case the dog gets lost. Many times people have used a training collar for everyday use. This is especially true with electronic training collars. Dogs are intelligent animals and will quickly determine when a training collar is present taking the opportunity to misbehave. Keeping a training collar or a dummy collar on at all times will prevent this problem.

Whatever breed or size your dog may be and whatever training activities he may participate in, there is sure to be a quality dog and training collar that suits your special dog's needs.

James Kesel, MS is the publisher of the Career in Dog Training website at . Providing information on dog training and accessories including dog and training collars.

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Selecting Dog and Training Collars  

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