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Celebrities all around the world have been getting tattoos so that they can feel different from all the people around them. One of the many celebrities who has a lot of tattoos is Pink, a well known pop star know all over the world, especially for her 3 pages of tattoos. She has a complete variety of tattoos on her body that includes Kanji style, shooting stars, tribal tattoos, text and images. She has tribal tattoo design on her left arm and it covers her complete arm like a sleeve tattoo design. It is a complete original and unique tattoo ever seen. Another, she has a kanji style tattoo on her right foot and ankle. Ankles are the most painful place to get a tattoo, but she never stopped. The kanji tattoos are for luck and happiness. She also has a bar code tattoo on the back of her neck that looks very cool, not original, but unbelievably cool. She also has a portrait of her dog, Elvis, on her arm and an inscription underneath it. She even has a tattoo of a frog on her foot. That is completely out of nowhere, but it is original and it means something to her. She has two text inscriptions on her right wrist. The first one says, "What goes around, come around," and the other one says, "Tru Luv." Pink also has a tattoo of a style dragon on her upper thigh and a cartoon cat on her lower stomach. She also wanted to show her love for her family, so, she got tattoos of her dad and brother's army dog tags on her left foot. She has one more inscription on her left arm that says "Sit Corky Moore." If you decide to get a tattoo like Pink's, you can go on Tattoo-Review site that offers the most unique and true reviews of the top tattoo designs on the internet and compares the quality and prices, just so, you can find the best deal available on the internet. It has an easy interface, so, there is no difficulty in finding a tattoo for yourself.

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Learn About Pink's Tattoos  

Pink has a ton of tattoos. I could only find 25 of them on her, she may have more. The actaully number of tattoos that she has really isn't...