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Learning how to be a tattoo artist can be challenging as there isn't exactly a university or trade school to attend and learn from. Here are some inexpensive ways to begin to learn the trade and art of tattooing. 1. Go to the Source. One of the best ways to learn how to be a tattoo artist is to go to the source and ask. You can gain a wealth of knowledge on how to learn the trade by going to a parlor and simply asking the artists how they first learned. There is usually downtime in tattoo parlors and the artists will be willing to tell you how they got started. Chances are you will get a variety of different answers, both unique and informative and they will open up new insights on how you can learn yourself. 2. Practice on fruit. Many tattoo artists got started by actually practicing tattooing simple designs on fruit. It's a decent way to get familiar with the equipment and see if it's something you can pick up and feel comfortable with. You'll have to get access to some equipment, or else pick up an inexpensive starter kit and go to work. Once you get better and more comfortable, and most importantly, confident that you can tattoo, then you can move on to giving your friends free tattoos for further practice! 3. Get a Tattoo Book. A great way to learn how to be a tattoo artist is by practicing designs in a good tattoo book. From the sketching of these designs to practicing execution, by looking at and studying really great designs you can non only become inspired to step your game up, but you'll have actual designs to practice creating, and from their you can learn your own strengths, weaknesses, and personal style.

Here's a great tattoo book and collection to begin learning and studying the different tattoo designs. See You can see the best of the best, become inspired, and begin practicing mastering the greats. Check out and thanks for reading.

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How to be a Tattoo Artist  

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