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Greece is considered the cradle of civilisation. With a history stretching back 4000 years and a geographical position linking the East with the West, Greece was and still continues to be a focal point for the mixing and clashing of civilisations. With over 50 provinces on sixty islands, Greece is as culturally diverse as a country can be. The islands range from those housing huge concrete tourist resorts to the barley touched islands that rely on boats to bring supplies once or twice a week. The diversity of islands ensure in Greece are a different experience every time. Athens is brimful with treasures and the various museums collections don't really have a European rival that could offer such a wealth of indigenous antiquities, but then Greece has a written history going back nearly 4000 years. For a glimpse into Greece's rich past a trip to the Benaki Museum is insightful. There are treasures on display from different ancient Byzantine, Chinese and Persian empires so the lover of antiquities will be feeling well and truly spoiled by the collections. Corfu is one of Greece's most visited tourist islands and has a number of resorts aimed at different types of holidaymakers. In the centre of the island is Corfu Town, the most beautiful attraction of the old island and offers sights that a very far from the concrete high rises of the tourist resorts. Sightseeing and fun cruises depart from Corfu town a few times a week. Theo's boat ride is a raucous day out and includes a stop at a beach for a traditional Greek barbecue and a further stop at a secluded cove for a swim before making the journey back to Corfu Town. Crete is the largest of the Greek holiday islands and has an offering to match for holidaymakers seeking sunny Greece holidays. The Island occupies two worlds, one of untouched isolation and the other of sprawling modern concreted resorts, frequented by tourists in the summer. Visitors looking for more than just sunbathing and bars should visit Crete, where they can hike through the beautiful Gorges visit, and learn about the ruins of the ancient Minoan civilisation or visit the mythical birthplace of Zeus. The Islands Natural History Museum and the Archaeological Museum are excellent attractions that should not be missed. Kefalonia is a popular destination for tourists wanting cheap holidays in Greece and is the largest out of the Ionian Islands. The island is not really for the holidaymaker that likes to spend their days wandering around historic sites. Many old building were levelled or part levelled in the earthquake of 1953 so most of the Architecture is modern. Views across the island and out to the Ionian sea are spectacular and ferries leave a few times a day so holidaymakers can set foot on neighbouring Islands.

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