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Heart tattoos are a great tattoo design to get as they can symbolize many things. Here are some strong representations you can make with heart tattoos: 1. Sacred Heart. This can be used in a religious sense as a strong symbolization of the divine heart of Christ. This can be a great tattoo design to get for one seeking religious meaning. It can also be accompanied by other designs to strengthen meaning or religious connection to other aspects of your life. 2. Loved One. The heart tattoo is an excellent design to represent your love for someone, either living or having passed on. It can be accompanied with a banner and the persons name. It also can be accompanied with other designs which also characterize the individual. But you don't have to limit the heart to a human; there are many heart designs which symbolize pets, or even certain heartfelt passions the individual may have. 3. Courage. This may be not as popular, but indeed is a strong symbol for heart tattoos. Courage is great symbolism to add to your body, and the heart is a great design to represent it. Ever hear the saying: "the reason he won is because he had the heart to fight on." This is a common attribute to mixed martial arts fighters who are successful in the sport. Oftentimes it is not the skill or strength that win matches, but it is the heart to go that extra mile that will prevail. There are many different designs for the heart, and it's best you research well until you find the best heart design that speaks to you.

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Heart Tattoos - What Do They Mean  

The heart is an enduring symbol of love that has lasted the test of time, and heart tattoos provide a special way to display that love. It h...