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Though Corfu's reputation has been tainted as cheap package breaks began to dominate certain parts of the island, much of Corfu thankfully remains untouched by the clamour for cheap and cheerful. It's a relief that many of Corfu's best beaches and most romantic villages and fishing ports across the island, as well as much of its interior, remain undamaged and pristine. The real Corfu is there for everyone to explore. Corfu, known as Kerkyra in Greek, is located in the Adriatic Sea, east of Italy and within sight of Albania. Just 36 miles long, and about 17 miles wide, it is the second biggest after Crete and the greenest of the Ionian islands. It has an ancient and proud history full of myth and legend. Its Greek name, Kerkyra is related to both Poseidon, god of the sea, and Asopos, a strategic Greek mainland river. Legend has it that Poseidon fell in love with the beautiful nymph Korkyra, daughter of Asopus and river nymph Metope and abducted her (not unusual for a Greek God to do in those days as legend has it). Poseidon brought Metope to the island and offered her name to the place. Throughout history the island has been the scene of many power struggles and battles for control. From the first sea battle recorded in Greek history in the 7th Century BC to the 40th Royal Marine Commandos freeing the island from German occupation in 1945, Corfu's location between so many conflicting interests has often put her in harm's way. Thankfully things are now a shadow of their former self and peace reigns supreme. Now the most heated things might get is the early morning scrum for sun loungers at some of the cheaper, less discerning hotels. Fortunately though there are plenty of options when it comes to more exclusive, stylish accommodation on this beautiful island. The coast is obviously a key part of Corfu's charm. Rent a luxury villa in Corfu and you can make your stay on the island a relaxing one, with all the freedom and flexibility you want to make the most of your visit. But staying put in your hotel or villa would mean you would miss so much the island has to offer. Corfu has hundreds of miles of coastline and virtually wall-to-wall summer sunshine - a perfect combination for a perfect beach holiday. If you are looking for peace and quiet though, be sure do your homework. Whilst offering a number of attractive and unspoilt destinations such as Agios Stefanos, (nicknamed 'Kensington-on-Sea' or Kerasia and reputedly visited by Prince Charles as a guest of the Rothschilds), the east of the island is heavily developed and can be extremely crowded. The north of the island too, though lacking the volume of sandy beaches on offer elsewhere and dominated by mountains, offers only a handful of resorts such as Peroulades that have escaped the over-development and overcrowding that blights many resorts - Ipsos and Corfu Town on the east coast, Kavos in the far south for example. Inland Corfu has many interesting locations to see, not least its mountain ranges. Some say that for the very best holidays in Corfu instead of heading to the coast look inland for the wildest most

unspoiled countryside. Whilst mountains dominate the north, in the south and centre you will enjoy across lush farmland, the wild flowers, olive groves and cypress trees alongside the genuine warmth and hospitality of Corfu's residents who still farm the land as they have done for centuries.

It is certainly a beautiful island and Mark thinks holidays in Corfu owe their popularity not only to the scenery but also the lifestyle offered there. With many UK ex-pats renting out their homes during the summer, villas in Corfu are widely available.

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