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Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and lies closest to the African Coast so it shares a similar climate! Fuerteventura is regarded as the oldest Canary Island and is volcanic in origin with the last eruption occurring around 7,000 years ago! If you're a beach lover then Fuerteventura offers the perfect holiday for you as it is known for its miles of beautiful white sand beaches. You can get many last-minute cheap deals, there's no excuse not to go! The beaches are overwhelming because of their sheer size and the way the azure ocean seems to stretch on forever. Fuerteventura beaches really are as close to paradise as you can get! Fuerteventura offers every kind of water sport available is the sea becomes too enticing for you to resist! Every kind of surfing, diving and boat ride - the island even hosts wind surfing competitions in July! If you're looking for other activities that don't include the beach, then take advantage of the many excursions that hotels can arrange to Fuerteventura's attractions and they do it cheaper too! The Calderon Hondo Volcano mertis a visit because it has a fascinating landscape that makes you feel as if you've taken a trip to the moon! Baku Water Park and Village has more than just wild slides and splashed galore! You can take a break from getting wet and try your hand at bowling or crazy golf - a day at the water park is a cheap, fun-filled day and for animal and bird lovers, Fuerteventura offers the Zoo Safari. Fuerteventura is not as lively as Tenerife where nightlife is converned, with most people preferring to go for a meal, a cheap drink and then back to the hotel. That's not to say that Fuerteventura goes to sleep with the sun! The island does have some clubs and quite a few bars which are worth a drink or two... or three! Most hotels offer a full entertainment programme though, so a better night is usually had within one hotel or another. When eating out in Fuerteventura you can enjoy good quality food and varied cuisine. There are a great deal of fish restaurants around as fish is readily available - cooked with a variety of sauces and in different ways, make sure you check out what's on offer! As for hotels, most are relatively cheap but of excellent quality. It's worth shopping around to find the best deal you can get on hotels. Wherever you stay though make sure it's not too far away from Fuerteventura's beautiful beaches!

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A Guide to Holidays in Costa Caleta, Fuerteventura.  

sunmaster-holidays.If you are looking for a tranquil beach holiday this year, where the most strenuous activity you'll face is re-applying t...

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