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Mcdonald’s branding Julie Rakoff & Patrice Hodge

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-Quick History on McDonald’s -Cultural Diversity -Media Effects -Political Effects -Economics -Brands -Theory

quick history About McDonald’s: One of the largest fast food chains & serves 47 million people daily. Invented by: Richard and Maurice McDonald, also known as Dick and Mac First McDonald’s: 1940 San Bernardino, California How many restaurants? More than 30,000 in 120 countries Concept of McDonald’s: “The speedy service system”

Mcdonald’s globalized map

Cultural diversity

It is corporate policy to adapt to the cultural expectations of local consumers

cultural diversity In other countries there is a different menu that you would not see here in the United States.


Middle East

Cultural diversity continued.


South America

Media Effects

On children... Hooked on McDonald's at Age 3 •Toys from Disney being presented to them in their meals. •Being considered a “big kid” •Having fun being a kid! •Adding healthier options on the menu for children •Kids with more access to television in their homes owned more toys from McDonald's.

Mcdonald’s commercial Cha Cha Now Ya’ll!

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Example: Price of the big mac Most expensive. Norway - $7.20 Sweden - $6.56 Switzerland - $6.19 Brazil - $5.77 Denmark - $4.90 Five most affordable. Croatia - $1.50 Ukraine - $1.84 Hong Kong - $1.90 China, People's Republic of - $1.95 Malaysia - $2.27

Branding You would think that a company as big as McDonald’s would use a different branding strategy for different parts of the world, but in fact, the golden arch and Ronald McDonald have done wonders for the McDonald’s brand regardless of its location.

Electronic Colonialism theory The impact on the mind of repeated mass media messages including commercials on audiences around the world. Multimedia giants seeking to capture the eye-balls, ears and minds of millions of viewers, readers, or listeners.

Mcdonald’s commercial

Funny Japanese McDonald’s Commercial

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comm and diversity

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