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Pleumeur-Bodou Pink granite coast

Change of air !

Welcome According to the seasons PleumeurBodou offers the perfect setting for calm, invigorating, relaxing and informative holidays. Change of air in a generous natural environment, enjoy swimming, fishing, sailing or strolling along the shore.

Seaward 4 By car Paris / Pleumeur-Bodou (500 km) follow A11, N12 and D767 By train Paris / Lannion by TGV (4:30) bus connection (Tibus line 15) By plane Lannion airport Tourist office open throughout the year 11 rue des Chardons, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou Phone 00 33 296Â 239 147

Landward 6 Visits 8 Recreations 12 Tourist maps 16 Animations 20 Food and restaurants 22 Accommodation 24 Practical information 28

At will the tide changes the face of the Peninsula of Landrellec and its scattered islets.



On the sea side テ四e Grande

A pretty little island connected with the mainland by a bridge. Surrounded by string of islets, marshes, little harbors, beaches and viewpoints, The view changes all the time according the tides. The village does not lack in character, with its narrow and sinuous streets, its carefully tended gardens and little houses that have inspired writers like Jean-Pierre Le Dantec and Joseph Conrad.

Bay Keryvon

According to whether you pass during high tide or at low tide, the scenery is totally different. When the tide spreads out, it looks like a blue lake sprinkled with small greenery islets. When the tide withdraws it gives the surprising impression of a desert dotted with stones and rocks.

Presqu窶凖ョle de Landrellec

Wild and protected Bringwiller moorland, (owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral). open to a wide marine horizon, rocky low shores offer a landscape of an exceptional scale. In turn covered with dunes, open moorland and grassland they decline throughout the year with sumptuous blue, green, pink, yellow and blonde colours.

The soul of granite

Rocks on the beach, exposed in the fields, pebbles, quarried, or worked by the hand of man, granite has been omnipresent here for centuries. Remains of stone show that between 1860 and 1910, 800 tons of blue and white granite was extracted daily from 14 ha quarries. This granite exploitation declined and stopped totally in 1989.



Land side

The rich and varied flora and fauna in a hilly landscapes. Our historical heritage breeds here in perfect harmony. Hiking trails, equestrian and mountain bike trails roam criss-cross the moorland...

Megalith chamber of テ四e Grande island

St. Uzec chapel

Set on an imposing rock, that the visitor cannot suspect, as covered by a grassy esplanade, it is next to a fountain reminding of old rites of the worship of water.

A historical monument. This 9 m long megalith chamber is surrounded by an enclosure which probably corresponds to a tumulus that has nowadays disappeared.

St. Samson chapel

Lost in the countryside, this Beaumanoir style building is typical of the region of the town of Lannion. In front of the entry you can see a small menhir with miraculous healing powers. A few steps from there a beautiful fountain dating back to 1632.

St. Uzec menhir

This monument is surprising for its size (6 m high) and his sculptures. Its edification dates back to 4500 years. The sculptures on the southern faテァade, dates from the 17th century and represent the passion of the Christ.

Kerduel castle Wood of Lann ar Waremm

This young wood, the largest of Tregor coast is a natural protected site. You will find wildlife as deers, fox, woodcocks ... This is a nice place for a family walk ride. Guided tours of the woods in summer

Kerduel Castle makes a fine figure in the middle of the surrounding park. From the 15th century old castle, there remains only a round tower. The large central main building dates from the 17th century. According to the legend, Kerduel Castle was one of the residences of King Arthur. Moreover, the name of this castle is similar to the name of King Arthur palace in Great Britain: Carduel. Though a private property, external visit (follow the signs) are allowed from Easter to half September from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free admission



Visits The Radôme park is a tourist attraction. It is through the Radôme, an enormous white ball raised in the countryside of Pleumeur-Bodou, that in 1962 the first television images by satellite arrived from the United States. Nowadays you can relives this incredible adventure in a “son et lumière show» under the Radôme… The Parc du Radôme brings together the City of telecoms, the Planetarium de Bretagne and the Gallic village.

The City of telecom

with the Radôme (a historical monument)

The Ariane rockets

Under the Radôme…

This center of culture and leisure is the biggest European center dedicated to telecommunications with Interactive games, discoveries, exhibitions ... More than 2 hours for a family visit with: • the ”son et lumière show” under the Radôme, to relive the birth of the globally broadcast • the new exhibition “Mathematics at your fingertips” • “The Little Prince” cartoon in 3D • guided tours and thematic activities •”Forest of Rastelloù” video game on mobile with satellite locating system in the park. In 2012, the Radôme celebrates its 50th anniversary! Exhibitions, events and more surprises ... from April to September 02 96 46 63 80, Open daily from April to September and winter holidays

The Science Garden for juniors

Mathematics at your fingertips

Planétarium de Bretagne

One of the biggest digital planetarium in Europe, to explore the mysteries of of the universe, eclipses, comets, constellations, black holes, nebulas, galaxies, Big Bang ... The 3D pictures give the impression you will touch the stars, an magic experience English performances at 1p.m on Wednesday and Friday in July and August. Air conditioning. 02 96 15 80 32 (24h/24)



Visits Gallic village A childhood dream A Gallic village where people have fun and where they learns. Around an dozen of Gallic houses, you will enjoy an unforgettable day with games, designed and built by the Druide of the village. An act of solidarity in the good mood The Gallic Village funds the education of nine elementary schools in Togo gathering 2800 children and helps to build a college of 800 students. The action of development assistance is explained in one of the African huts An ecocitizen approach If he it takes a look at the past, the Gallic village is resolutely turned towards the future. In a respected environment, you will be an Eco citizen partner.

LPO Station at l'Île Grande

The League for the Bird Protection (Bird watch) An exhibition to discover the fascinating world of sea birds Formerly land of granite quarrying, Ile Grande is now a haven for oiled birds, gathered at the care center of the LPO station by ornithologists. The care of birds, as well as the 21,000 pairs of gannets on the Island Rouzic can be seen live on video. 02 96 91 91 40

Pancakes are available in the village tavern: The Menhir Gourmand. Parc du Radôme - Pleumeur-Bodou Tél. 02 96 91 83 95

On 6000 m² a beautiful garden of nearly 2,000 trees, shrubs and perennials. Next to this unspoilt site, the Lepage tree nursery shows some of the most unique species in its collection. Open May to October, Monday to Saturday from 9 am – noon and 2 pm – 6 pm ( 4 €, free for children under 16). 2 Park Meur, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou 02 96 47 27 64

Schedule April-May June to September: 2 pm - 6 pm every day except Saturday July-August: 10.30 am - 7 pm daily Rates April-May-June to September: 4.50 € adult, child 3.50 € July-August: 5 € adult, child 4 € Free entry for children under 3 years

Jardin botanique Lepage


Breton Association for Research and Technology invites you to discover the scientific, natural and cultural heritage on one of their enjoyable family walks. Parc du Radôme 02 96 46 60 50



Leisure Base nautique de l’Île Grande

Dinghy, catamaran, windsurfing, kayaking. Courses : children (from 4 years), adults and advanced courses. Private lessons, equipment hire. Sea trips, with family or friends, accompanied by an instructor. 02 96 91 92 10

St Samson Golf 18-holes, 02 96 23 87 34


Reservation Kéralies, 06 12 42 85 31


2 courts at St Samson GolfHotel, 02 96 23 87 34 Indoor court in Pleumeur-Bodou village Outdoor court in Ile Grande Reservations at the Tourist Office 02 96 23 91 47


Cédric, an instructor and a fishing guide, 06 31 96 88 53

Horse riding

Équinature Rides and treks starting from 2 years old Chemin du Conté, 06 34 68 02 36

Saint-Samson Riding School Ride, lessons, walks on the beach 2 Crec’h de Moustero 02 96 23 40 14 06 63 48 10 14

Adventurepark in the Forest From one platform to another…from tree to tree… swing through an assortment of games such as rope bridges, tarzan swings, tight rope walk, and giant zip lines. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy hours of fun and excitement ! Have an adventure in complete safety Open April to November. Children over 2 years Crec’h ar Beg, 06 22 53 46 45



Beaches Many small beaches and creeks of fine sand on Île Grande and Landrellec. According to the tides, winds and your desire, find your favorite beach or creek…

Get moving Mountain bike Mountain bike tracks 11 miles, 2-3 hours, not very difficult, departure at the Tourist Office This tour will show you the sea and the Pleumeur-Bodou backcountry (marked out VTT 22 No. 59) Family cycling itinerary in Lann ar Waremm Wood 2,5 miles

Whether you are sporty or you feel like doing some exercise, you will certainly find the activity that suits you. On the seaside, you can swim, gather shellfish, sail, go kayaking or just run or walk along the coastal path.

Walks Landrellec Tour 6 miles, 3 hours, departure at Landrellec harbour Discover of Bringwiller protected site (Camargue horses maintain the sea grasslands), magnificent scenery, beaches, small harbours, megalith chambers. Discover of the hinterland of Pleumeur-Bodou.

Circuit around Ile Grande 4 miles, 2 hours, starting from LPO Station The island is linked to the mainland by a small bridge. The track will make you discover alternately Kervoalant swamps, Saint-Sauveur and Pors Gelin small harbours, pebble and fine sand beaches and Toul Gwenn dunes, the legendary Islands of Canton and Aval, le corbeau (Raven’s Rock), the SaintSauveur megalith chamber and fountain. You can also admire the neo-Romanesque church or visit the ornithological station. Lann ar Waremm Wood Tour 2 miles, 3/4 hour, easy, starting and parking behind the school Natural protected site of 300 hectares, observe the flora and fauna throughout the year.

Île du Renard

Tourist map

Île Canton

Île Grande

Le Corbeau

Le Bout'd'lîle

Pors Gelen


Île Morvil

Allée couverte Base nautique

Le Dourlin

Pors Scarff

Île Plate

Île d'Aval


Camping du port Enez Bihan

Île d'Erc'h

Baie de Keryvon



TRÉGASTEL Contre Vents & marées

Île Fougère


Camping municipal

Le Macareux

L'Abri côtier Bar Les Triagoz

Centre du Baly

Site naturel de Bringwiller

Île Jaouen

Station LPO

Al dente L'Espérance

St-Uzec Menhir christianisé


Allée couverte Kerguntuil

Kerenoc Keraliès


Kervegan Golf de St-Samson Équitation de St-Samson


Parc du Radôme Stereden



Parcours Aventure


Kastel Erek




Pony Land




Cité des télécoms Planétarium de Bretagne Village gaulois Station LPO de l’Île Grande Poterie Visites guidées Panoramas Bois de Lann Ar Waremm Marais de Kervoalant Mégalithes Huîtres - Coquillages Base nautique


Campings Centre de loisirs Village de chalets Borne camping-cars Aires de pique-nique Jardin - Pépinière

Crec'h Lagadurien el

u Le Kerd


Pony Land Parcours Aventure Paintball Restauration Centres d’hébergement Hôtels Chambres d’hôtes



Plages Ports Office de tourisme et point i



Routes principales Sentiers de randonnée Cours d’eau

Golf Tennis Complexe sportif Salle polyvalente Équitation de St-Samson


Famel Les Agapes Au Gai Logis Dossen




L'Escale gourmande Bois de CC Les Chardons Lann ar Waremm


Jardin Lepage

Relais de l’Île Grande Alimentation - Presse Relais poste Livraison possible

Vêtements femmes et enfants bio/éthiques / Accessoires, sacs, bijoux Ouvert le mardi, jeudi, vendredi et samedi de 10h à 19h mercredi 10h à 18h - lundi sur RDV 14 place du Général Leclerc- Lannion 02 96 23 61 86

06 72 32 91 58

Livraison le samedi 2 bis côte de Boudilléo Pleumeur Bodou

Basse saison 9h30/12h (Fermé lundi et mercredi) Moyenne saison 9h30/12h30 - 16h30/19h (Fermé le mercredi) Haute saison 9h30/13h - 16h30/20h (7 J/7)

Tél./fax : 02 96 23 48 27 7 rue des Îles Île Grande - Pleumeur-Bodou



Île Grande

Île Jaouen

Plage de Pors Gelen

Los q



Ja Ker rue de

du P gu ont



Île Plate

Trégor Coquillage


de K e

rweg ano

Contre Vents & marées

Camping du port



de R

rue Cornic

ané osc

c relle

rue de R

plage des Dames


d Lan

rue de Mo lene

Centre du Baly

i r u e du r o

pla Le Macareux ges

r thur

e de rout

Fontaine St-Sauveur



ort du P rue


Kerwegano des


Le Bout' dl'île



es s Îl

plage de Toul Enez

Église St-Marc

Camping municipal

plage du Toul Gwen


Les Triagoz


rell e


d rue

nts Ve

eL and

Allée couverte

Cas tel Ere k

tre ua




Pointe de Toul-ar-Staon

u Do

Salle polyvalente

Base nautique


rue d

Station LPO

de Por s G el en

L'Abri Côtier



Plage de Pors Gwenn


Pointe de Kastel Erek site naturel

Landes de Bringwiller site naturel

cor n

Le Corbeau

Port de Landrellec

Le Cléguer Lavoir du Lia

Port St-Sauveur

2 salles - Vue sur mer - Grande terrasse - Vue imprenable sur les Triagoz Spécialités de la mer - Homarderie - Produits de la pêche locale Rue des plages - Landrellec - Pleumeur-Bodou

02 96 23 87 62


21 CDDS more than 10 million photos since 1932. Espace Phœnix, Reservations at 02 96 15 82 45

Animation, entertainement Carnaval of Île Grande 11th and 12th February Cleaningup of the shoreline Sunday, March 25th Garage sale Tuesday, May 8th Town square Beware the Gorilla festival Circus festival and other magical shows From May 16th to 19th Garage sale Thursday, May 17th Landrellec The Golf’armoricaine From April 27th to 30th Golf de Saint Samson Photo exhibition of the Imagerie June 30th to July 31st Chapel of Saint-Samson

Garage sale Sunday 1st July Town square Noz Zod Breton lively evening Friday, July 27th Île Grande Antiques exhibition Kerduel From August 9th to 12th Kerduel castle Sea festival at Landrellec Water activities, meals, concerts, boat trips Friday, August 10th Landrellec peninsula Sea Festival in Île Grande Outdoor Mass, trips, concerts, exhibitions, fireworks Sunday, August 12th

Art & craft Stars night Sunday, August 12th Planetarium de Bretagne Estran festival Land’art, exhibitions, concerts, workshops… From September 14th to 16th Buckwheat festival Sunday, October 7th Gallic village Tro Enez Veur foot race Sunday, October 14th Ile Grande Mountain bike raid Sunday, October 21st Mom’art Performances, art and scientific workshops for kids… October 28th to 31st For further information :

Kérianegan ceramic Stoneware, porcelain and raku. Visit the workshop-exhibition. 02 96 15 92 84 Creative Crafts Claude Gaillard Île Grande, 06 84 11 84 18



Food and restaurants Restaurants



Le Macareux

Restaurant Semi-gastronomic, seafood Landrellec, 02 96 23 87 62

L'Escale gourmande

Market cooking restaurant - Take away CC les Chardons, 02 96 15 82 40

Les Agapes Restaurant, pizzeria, pizza takeaway 7 place du bourg, 02 96 35 94 10


Shellfish and crustaceans Shellfish producer Direct selling Port de Landrellec, 02 96 15 35 17

Crêperie-pizzeria Contre Vents & marées

Ewin Barbeau Fisherman

Direct selling 25 rue du Menhir, Penvern 06 32 16 89 00

Crêperie 5 rue des plages, Landrellec, Pleumeur-Bodou 02 96 23 43 78

Alain Roudaut

Le Bout'dl'île


Direct selling Île grande, 02 96 91 97 77

Pancakes - Mussels Salads Île Grande, 02 96 91 98 99

Al dente

Au Gai Logis

Pizzeria-restaurant Penvern, 02 96 91 93 97

Restaurant Cheap lunches at noon Bourg, 02 96 23 95 19



Restaurant Cheap lunches at noon Bourg, 02 96 23 91 29

Al dente Restaurant - Pizzeria - Crêperie Ouvert toute l’année Noix de St Jacques, poissons, choucroute de la mer, pâtes fraîches, grillades Pizzas, pizzas à emporter Moules frites Crêpes Plateau de fruits de mer sur réservation Formule de 7,60  à 20  (uniquement le midi)

à Penvern, entre Pleumeur-Bodou et l’Île Grande 02 96 91 93 97

Les Triagoz

Île Grande, 02 96 91 92 82

Bar les Triagoz Île Grande

Dégustation d'huîtres, sandwichs, petite restauration Soirées à thèmes tous les jeudis en juillet et août Ouvert 7 j / 7 02 96 91 92 82

Golfhôtel de St Samson***

50 rooms - Traditional restaurant and snacks Groupe up to 130 persons

Route de Kérénoc, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou 02 96 23 87 34

Gai Logis

20 rooms. Bourg, 02 96 23 95 19

Famel Bourg, 02 96 23 91 29 17 rooms



Hébergements Base Nautique de l’île Grande

On the seafront for classes and groups 40 beds,

Golfhôtel de St Samson***

Open all year

Pors Gelen, Pleumeur-Bodou 02 96 91 9210 / 02 96 91 93 38

Located in the heart of St Samson golf course, with an outstanding view of the Pink Granite Coast, Saint Samson Golfhotel welcomes you in a.friendly environment

50 rooms - View on the Golf and the Côte de granit rose - Swimming pool - Tennis court


Holiday village - cottage rentals

From February to November, Stereden is the ideal accommodation to stay on the Pink granite coast as a couple, with family or friends.

Route du Radôme, Pleumeur-Bodou, 02 96 91 80 57

Rêves de mer - Centre du Baly Direct access to the beach, full board for groups of children or adults 80 beds Open all year

Centre du Baly, Île Grande, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou, 02 96 91 95 06

Île Grande

Apartment in a private house, private entrance. Beach nearby. Sea views 2 bedrooms, 1 bed 140, a bed 90. comfortable (from 325 to 450 € / week)

Mme Hamon, 7 imp. Roi Arthur, Île Grande, Pleumeur-Bodou, 06 10 02 86 15

! List of rental houses and B&B available at the Tourist office or on the site

Route de Kérénoc, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou

02 96 23 87 34



Real estate agencies


L’Abri Côtier***

Chalets and mobile homes rentals all year round

Shops and restaurants within 10 minutes’ walk, fast food on the campsite in July and august, fine sand beach at 80 m, sailing school at 200 m. Reception hall for various events rental

5 rue de Pors Gélin, Île Grande, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou Tél./fax 02 96 91 92 03

Camping municipal de Landrellec** Seafront 132 places

Open 4/05 to 17/09

1200 agencies in France The first national real estate network more than 120 rentals houses available Find all our rentals on

Agence Le Vot

Tél. 02 96 23 51 62 2, corniche de Goas-Treiz, BP11, 22560 TRÉBEURDEN


Tél. 02 96 91 92 93 30, rue des îles - Île Grande, 22560 PLEUMEUR BODOU

22560 Pleumeur-Bodou Tél. 02 96 23 87 92


• Terminal area (Trailer hook-up) and camperparking, Parc du Radôme, • Terminal area (Trailer hook-up) at Île-Grande beside Île-Grande local camping site. • Port Landrellec camping site - Open all year

Camping municipal du Dourlin** Seafront 199 places

Open 24/04 to 17/09

Île Grande, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou Tél. 02 96 91 92 41

Camping du Port**** Direct access to the beach

Restaurant and take-away, 80 places Cottage rentals and mobile homes motorhome Area (from 7 € ).

Landrellec, Pleumeur-Bodou, 02 96 23 87 79

Camping de l’espérance*** 61 places, cottage rentals

Penvern, Trébeurden, 02 96 91 95 05

Agence immobilière Le Guillouzer 2 rue des Sept Îles, 22730 Trégastel

Agence Pleumeur Immobilier 02 96 91 89 23 1 rue du collège, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou



Leisure Centre for 3 years old kids and more Wednesdays and school holidays Cap Sport holidays Sporting activities during school holidays 02 96 23 91 47 SIVU enfance jeunesse 02 96 23 46 35 Waste disposal Route Crec’h Meur Cash distributors Banque Postale CC Les Chardons Credit Mutuel CC Les Chardons Internet Tourist office Community halls Locations: Townhall Kérénoc 60 seats Ile Grande: 150 seats Bourg: 120 seats 02 96 23 91 17 Transport Cars Guennec Penvern, 02 96 91 95 31

! Only names of members of the Tourist Office appear in this document. In fact, all kind of shops and trades are on the district.

Supermarkets / Commercial Center Shopi (open daily) CC Les Chardons Supermarket Ile Grande (relay poste) 7 rue des Îles 02 96 23 48 27 Health Doctors Michel Collin 9 Place du Bourg, 02 96 23 95 63 Michel Letanoux 44 rte de Trébeurden 02 96 23 91 95 Yves Mallédan 3 rue de Pontourgon, 02 96 23 92 22 Pharmacy Mac Garry Carole Corniche Landrellec Bonnet CC Les Chardons Physical Therapist Dominique Boucher 9 rue des Chardons 02 96 91 81 72 Dentist Marie-Catherine Plevin 02 96 23 99 23 Emergency 112 Samu 15 Firemen 18 Gendarmerie 02 96 23 20 17

Crédits photos : Aryann, Gilles Bentz, CRTB, J. Gratien, Aimée Le Bouffant, Déclic-Armor, Claude Grovel, F. Hamon, Espace des sciences - CDT22, Ronan le Manac’h, Yvon l’Hereec, René Gaudier, Gilbert Cloatre, Marcel Le Guirinec, Alex Kozel - Création agence Be New, 02 96 44 45 22 - Régie Publicitaire Bernard Renet, Saint-Malo, 02 99 82 02 15 Document imprimé sur papier recyclé - encres végétales

Practical information Co-per Marine

Accastillage - Vêtements Pêche - Déco

des s gran prix Les plux meilleurs u a s arque


Pont Canada, Trédarzec, Tréguier 02 96 92 35 72

LES 11 HERMINES Mathieu Henry Couvreur - Zingueur • Réparations • Démoussages • Ramonages • Pose de Velux • Rénovation 02 96 23 56 47 - 06 31 83 49 96 9 Hent Kerewan Pleumeur Bodou

172 rue St-Guirec Ploumanac’h 02 96 91 46 66

Biscuiterie Produits régionaux Souvenirs

Cinémas les Baladins Lannion (5 salles) Cinémas les Baladins Perros-Guirec (2 salles)

Tous nos programmes sur ou 08 92 68 22 74 (0,34 € la minute)

Caisse de Trébeurden 2, rue des Plages, 22560 Trébeurden Tél. 02 96 23 53 52 - Fax 02 96 15 41 13 C. Cial des Chardons, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou Tél. 02 96 23 99 22

Tél. 02 96 23 91 37 Centre commercial Les Chardons - PLEUMEUR-BODOU


31 Lannion

Av. Pierre Marzin 02 96 48 10 98 Lannion Av. Pierre Marzin 02 96 48 10 98



Guingamp Station Total 02 96 43 75 17 Guingamp Station Total 02 96 43 75 17


Gare SNCF 02 96 78 00 78 St-Brieuc Gare SNCF 02 96 78 00 78


Gare SNCF 02 98 15 20 05 Morlaix Gare SNCF 02 98 15 20 05

PEINTURE - DÉCORATION SOL 3, rue du collège 22560 PLEUMEUR-BODOU 02 96 23 92 26 - 06 11 97 55 66

Face Géant - Av. de la Résistance Lannion Tél. 02 96 48 25 92

s litaire et d’uti Location de voitures s e litair et d’uti Location de voitures

La Boutique de Martine Prêt à porter féminin - Du 38 au 54

PAUSE CAFÉ 16 rue E. Le Taillandier, Lannion 02 96 37 94 97

GErry Weber 1 rue Duguesclin, Lannion 02 96 46 33 64

Des idées et des services pour la déco de vos sols, murs, fenêtres… zone Rusquet sud, Lannion Tél. 02 96 48 01 40

Sport and Leasure megastore

Ouvert du lundi au samedi, de 9h à 20h sans interruption Route de Perros-Guirec - ZA Keringant 22700 St-Quay-Perros

Tél. : 02 96 48 50 52

Espace commerciale de Kersolles (derrière Géant, près de NOZ) LANNION

Pleumeur Bodou english version  

Welcome According to the seasons Pleumeur- Bodou offers the perfect setting for calm, invigorating, relaxing and informative holidays. Chang...

Pleumeur Bodou english version  

Welcome According to the seasons Pleumeur- Bodou offers the perfect setting for calm, invigorating, relaxing and informative holidays. Chang...