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how roger works


to empower people by helping them find their voice to communicate with clarity from the heart

cutting through the crap Š roger 2008


heart balance impeccability freedom money adventure awareness vulnerability playfulness challenge connection environment surprise transparency

Š roger 2008


a solid, step-by-step working structure which resolves the money question at the outset, with flexible payment options for clients. commissioned projects combined with self-initiated ideas, projects and partnerships. create a design/work/life continuum. a shift in focus towards communication and art based projects.

Š roger 2008

rules of engagement

1. work with creative and innovative people 2. work closely and collaboratively with decision maker/s 3. work openly and honestly, with no such thing as mistakes 4. look for opportunities to establish ongoing creative partnerships 5. produce memorable work which delights both parties 6. produce sustainable solutions 7. we enjoy working together

Š roger 2008

working process

1. get to know you and your company 2. clarify what you want to say in words 3. identify clear criteria of success 4. communicate your message 5. check outcomes

Š roger 2008

payment options


standard payment project costed and paid in three installments including payment of 25% retainer fee at outset of job.


monthly payment/contra deal project paid in monthly installments, with option for equivalent exchange of services on selected payments by agreement of both parties.

3. you tell me? an option which acknowledges potential for mutual growth. eg. reduced overall project fee in exchange for 2% share on profits over 24 months, from completion of and implementation of project.

Š roger 2008


roger design consultancy studio 33a regent studios 8 andrews rd london E8 4QN +44 (0)20 7275 8635 director: Kevin Helas MA

+44 (0)7979 756 948

Š roger 2008

How Roger Works  

A booklet outlining the philosophy and work process of the design company Roger London

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