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World News & Current Affairs Was the first republic needed?

Effect of sanctions on iran


n yet another isolationist move, president Donald J. Trump announced on May 8th 2018 that the US would unilaterally withdraw from the JCPOA, an international agreement commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal put forward by Barack Obama in 2015, effectively reimposing sanctions on Iran. Under the deal, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear programme (such as reducing uranium enrichment or production of weaponsgrade plutonium) and grant the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) permission to regularly inspect its nuclear activity in return for the lifting of sanctions. The remaining signatories (UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) remained committed to the deal, but the impact of sanctions is undeniable. To what extent will Iran be affected? The initial set of sanctions (imposed on August 7th 2018) sought to limit Iran’s access to the dollar and valuable metal trade, allegedly, according to US sanction expert Richard Nephew, to close all potential loopholes Iran could use to evade later sanctions. Their direct result was a currency depreciation of over 60% since the US announced its withdrawal from the JCPOA. A single dollar can now buy 3.5 times more IRR, Iranian currency.

necessity. Transactions dealing with essential imports, like medicine, enjoy the free market exchange rate of 42000 IRR/ $1, luxury imports, like Czech glass, trade at an exchange rate of around 150000 IRR/$1. These strict regulations attempt to stabilize the exchange rate, and helped soften the blow of the November 4th sanctions restricting sales of oil and petrochemical products; the exchange rate remained relatively unchanged.


Recently, many western businesses have withdrawn from Iran, primarily because trading in dollars would make them vulnerable to sanctions. Even before August, foreign firms began halting trade with Iran. Significant cases include carmakers Renault and Peugeot, energy company Total, which abandoned plans of oil extraction there, or SWIFT.

Tehran responded with several exchange courses, categorizing goods by CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

Tools in the box


he Cold War is long gone, but NATO keeps displaying its military might in freezing temperatures. The exercise Trident Juncture taking place between 25 October to 7 November 2018 surpassed the post-Cold War era record with around 50,000 troops, 10,000 vehicles, 250 aircraft and 65 vessels only 310 km away from the Russian border in Norway. The Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg justifies NATO’s larger and more frequent operations by ‘a situation where we need to exercise major operations and collective defence’ even though ‘today, we do not have a cold war.’


The veteran journalist of the Washington Post Jim Hoagland during a brainstorm with NATO Ambassadors jokingly

remarked: ‘Whenever have a slow news day, we publish a ‘Wither NATO?’ piece. Facing a spreading narrative of ‘demise of the West’ and speculations in the media, NATO needs to prove to the world that it is not going to cease. Trident Juncture can be seen as a part of an effort to demonstrate the Alliance’s readiness to defend itself. Yet many question whether the exercise serves an even more direct purpose; deterring Russia. ‘There should not be any reason for the Russians to get scared or see this as anything other than a defensive exercise,’ said Norwegian General Rune Jakobsen. While denying any specific threat, it is neither possible nor desirable to conceal that Trident Juncture rehearses how NATO would respond to an invasion of an enemy. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, NATO’s relationship with Russia has become strained as cooperation within the formerly functioning NATO-Russia Council was halted. When Russia called up 300,000 troops for a military exercise in Vostok in September of this year, NATO condemned the move, claiming it ‘demonstrates Russia’s focus on exercising large-scale conflict.’ Even if Russia is not NATO’s Enemy No.1, it is certainly among those who should understand that ‘NATO has the resolve and the capabilities to defend all allies’, in the words of Jens Stoltenberg.


his year, we commemorate the centenary of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovakia. However, the question remains: was necessary to break Austria - Hungary? Already in the 19th century there grew a social problem between the Czech and German inhabitants in the Czech part of the Austrian monarchy. From the 18th Century until 1848, a National Revival took place in the Czech lands to raise the Czech language again to the level of the language of the scholars and to motivate Czech citizens to “national consciousness". This was the result, for example, of buildings as the National Museum and the National Theater. Also during the time of Franz Joseph I, the Czech nation became very culturally and politically mature, with the help of the Emperor. On the other hand, the Bohemian Germans began to rise to a wave of nationalism rose a wave of nationalism connected with the unification of Germany in 1871. These Germans promoted the idea of the so-called Greater German Concept (the connection of all German-speaking states, including the Czech lands), but finally the Austrian Emperor did not support it. Because of the rejection of the Greater German Concept concept, the Bohemian Germans' rage against the Czechs increased. Still, the Germans habitants felt more imThe former Ambassador of Finland, Jaakko Iloniemi, metaphorically described the importance of international organizations as: ‘tools in the box that you pick up when you have a good use for them.’ Trident Juncture is more than a military parade. It is a reminder to NATO’s supporters and enemies that the 29 NATO member states know how to use their shared toolkit and are prepared to activate their militaries. Apart from alert troops, the Alliance’s toolkit importantly entails a network of highest level partnerships, including a decade long and promising bond with the UN, but also with partners Finland and Sweden who both heavily support Trident Juncture despite not being members of the Alliance. Only thanks to vested interests of politicians of Stoltenberg’s stature and the trust of countries like the Baltic and Scandinavian states has the almost 70-years-old body been able to survive freezing in the cold.

portant, because the official language was German, which, before the National Revival, had almost replaced the Czech language, and it was still trying to replaced it even in the time of Bach's absolutism. The Czechs had long pursued national reconciliation within the monarchy, but they have not succeeded in doing so, unlike the Hungarians. This could have inspired a sense of inferiority in the Czechs and their possible need to change the order in Austria - Hungary. And precisely because of the failure to resolve these national issues, the Austrian giant broke down in 1918. The next question is whether we needed economically Austria Hungary. In the Czech land, there was located about 60% of the entire monarchy’s industry. Overall, we were one of the most advanced industrial areas in Europe. Machines were being produced at the major factories of Škoda Plzeň or cars were produced in the only car factory in Laurin & Klement. We were exporting coal, textiles, engineering products. In 1890, there were about 2% of the Czech capital in banks, 6% of German and 92% of Viennese, but by 1913 this had risen to 18% of the Czech capital, German 11% and Viennese 71%, reflecting the dynamic development of Czech banking system. From this it follows that from the economic point of view, Czech lands were a very important link in the running of the realm and, as a separate entity, we were able to build a strong independent republic on the economic side.


In conclusion, it is very difficult to say whether the division of the great constitution into units was ultimately good. Who knows if, after the war, the leaders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire will join the monarchy for federalization and greater rights for the states in it. Then perhaps Hitler would not have acquired BETH JANEČKOVÁ the small states of Central Europe so easily in the 1930s. Or it was the only option for our nation to break away from the Habsburg rule for centuries and create its own state. Either way, the right people in the right places eventually created a separate Czechoslovakia, whose successors we are right now. NATAN KRATOCHVÍLA

Open Press 9 - December 2018


World News & Current Affairs Editor’s note

The destruction of Brett Kavanaugh’s life


e all for sure heard the phrase “Me too” at some point. It is campaign and movement that started in 2006 with Tarana Burkes statement, she was the first person to use the statement ‘’Me too’’ with the meaning that it has nowadays, but the main statement, when this movement started was in 2017 by Alyssa Milano, where she started to to use the #MeToo on social media intending to draw more attention to victims of sexual harassment. It was suppose to give the victims of sexual harassment or any type of harassment the opportunity to inform and spread their message. There were many accusations, but one of the recent and most known one was on the current Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Brett M. Kavanaugh coming from Christine Blasey Ford. The allegation firstly came from Senator Mrs. Dianne Feinstein, who received the letter from Blasey Fords congresswoman, Anna Eshoo, from 30 July 2018, but still had decided to inform people about it days after Kavanaughs testifying, however not saying what the allegation was about. She wanted the hearing of Kavanaugh to be postponed which afterwards was. The allegation was later on published and accused Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge of nearly sexually assaulting Blasey Ford in the early 1980 when she was fifteen and Kavanaugh two years older. She says that she had one beer and was assaulted by Brett and

Mark, when they were very drunk and provided specific details, but she has absolutely no idea where nor when this assault happened. Ford then added that she allegedly ran out of the room. After Mr. Kavanaugh found out about this allegation he immediately informed the senate committee wanting the hearing as soon as possible with the purpose of “clearing his own name”. It took the committee 10 days to get to the hearing. In those 10 days, Kavanaugh said: “….my family and my name had been totally permanently destroyed.” And also that “This whole two week effort was been a calculated and orchestrated political hit, fueled with a pen-up anger about president Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stocked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of dollars in money from left-wing opposition groups. This is a circus.” He then added many times that he is innocent and that he never did or would assault a woman There were four witnesses present at the party where it allegedly happened. They all said that they recall no such event including Christine Blasey Fords longtime friend Miss Kaiser. Some of them even said that they don’t know Kavanaugh personally and that they have never been to a party with him.

Luckily for Kavanaugh, he still got nominated as the Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States because of his magnificent and righteous justice past, such as taking part in White House Staff secretary, but his reputation will be forever destroyed and damaged even though this whole allegation is false.


This just shows how much of a big impact has Me Too on the political system, even though it should be totally apolitical movement that is supposed to share stories but not change the results and outcomes of the most important political events in America. ALŽBĚTA ŠMIDBERSKÁ


Paul Amberg, Alison Stafford Powell, Hanna Zarkar, Inessa Owens

Iranian oil exports fell by 39% from April to September. Profits haven’t yet seen drastic drops, however, owing to recent oil price escalations. Current exports mainly to China, India, also to Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey , who received 160-day immunity to the November sanctions. Even so, further falls are forecasted. Facts Global Energy predicted them to stabilize at 800,000 BBL/D in the first half of 2019, 47% of September’s 1.72 M. 2

ear readers, stop to think about what has happened recently that you consider significant. There is probably too many such events to fit them into two pages even if we restrict the category to ‘historical significance.’ And how do you know whether something is historically significa nt? Wo uld hundred years of an independent Czech nation, the biggest military exercise since the end of the Cold War, reimposition of sanctions on Iran, or one of the most divisive Supreme Court Justice nomination in the US count as historically significant? Think of the news in this section as a series authored by governments, political parties, a degree of randomness and people like you who are often unknowingly writing partially predictable, partially plot-twisting episodes. Some chapters have been closed and their historical significance can be largely evaluated as is the case with a century since the establishment of Czechoslovakia which, by the way, I hope is not news to you - while others are being unravelled and entangled as you read this text. Enjoy reading and know that being aware of significant events around us means being a part of history.


The effects of sanctions on iran eclining foreign investment caused issues like shortage of imports on Iranian markets, but also leaves a gap in the market for both domestic and nonwestern foreign businesses to fill. China’s CNPC has essentially replaced the deal with Total, and other Chinese, Russian and Turkish investment does not seem to be leaving either.


Sanctions are unilateral, not international this time, which in itself detracts from their impact. Instead of stimulating reforms that would liberalize the Islamic regime in the country, the alleged goal of the sanctions, recent signs point to shifts towards a more conservative, hard-liner government. Other western signatories of the JCPOA did not adopt complementary policies, with talks of a “special purpose vehicle” to facilitate EU-Ira n trade. Many businesses pulled out of Iran, but non -western i n v e s t me n t surges originating from mainly China, Russia and India may compensate for it. The currency lost value but not stability, and the drop in oil exports hasn’t yet affected Iran greatly. The US sanctions on Iran are undeniably impactful, however they do not seem to fulfil expectations in all aspects.

Dieselgate and its impacts


ou probably heard about Dieselgate. It was an affair surrounding car manufacturer named Volkswagen, started in September of 2015, because of US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), which discovered, that their diesel cars with TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) had a special software. A software that could change the settings of the car, so it could pass the emissions test, although it normally produced more emissions. The car brands must have their cars under the current emissions limit (WLTP). Manufacturers pay millions to produce new engines with fewer emissions, and VW failed their work here. Instead, they created a simple software, which could set the amount of emissions to less when the car is tested. But when they get caught, they must pay a big fine for thier actions.

This started the biggest emissionsscandal ever. However, this had an impact on all car manufacturers. Mainly on VW Group, which includes VW, Audi, Seat, Porsche and even Škoda Auto. VW had to pay 1 billion euro (almost 28 billion crowns). Audi paid 21 billion crowns. Martin Winterkorn, the boss of VW group at the time, was fired andreplaced by Herbert Deiss (boss of VW NICOLE CUMBOVÁ group now) took his place.

Vizzion Concept. It made lots of new electromobiles and vision models, but a few weeks ago, Herbert Deiss spiced things up when he critised electromobiles. He said that if the European Union won’t stop pushing emissions limits up, it could ruin the whole German car industry. He worries about CO2 that is produced to make electricity because Germany has a high content of CO2 in one kilowatt-hour. If EU wants to reduce the limits by 40 percent, there would have to be half of the cars powered by electricity. That would be still lots of carbon dioxide in the air but from another source. But if we start to produce more electricity from other sources, this wouldn’t be such a problem.


Dieselgate isn’t over yet. You can still get your car checked if necessary. This situation can not be solved in a few years. It will take many years or maybe decades to find the best solution. We should try to find the solution as fast as possible, but be realistic. Car manufactuerers won’t Since the scandal, Volkswagen took a have it easy next few years. new direction towards electromobility ADAM CHÁRA and prototypes of the future like ID

Open Press 9 - December 2018

Social Commentary & Opinion Why All Men Ought to Be Feminists


ver the course of history, humanity has shaped many powerful movements, some of them more egalitarian than others. In fact, the progress of humanity could be measured by the rate and kind of acceptance of these movements in certain periods of our history.


where feminism comes into place.

one, regardless of gender.

Progress is achieved more easily when accompanied by diversity; diversity of nations, opinions and yes, genders. Therefore, if we allow women to share male rights, including social and economic status, we pave the way to development. Although this idea of progress out of equality makes perfect sense, there are some people who repudiate it. Unsurprisingly, most of these people are white, privileged men. Generally, they do so out of one of the following reasons: indifference or fear. I tend to think that indifference is the stumbling block of advancement. Once we cease to care, everything loses importance. Hence, an indifferent society equals a society of careless individuals, who do not care to fight for one another, nor for what is right. This society can never move forward, since it is stuck in the wrongs of the past. Nobody wants to live in such society because it is not fair. Feminism is in its essence the very definition of fairness, and so, those who oppose it, reject the concept of fairness as

Indeed, there are some pseudofeminists who radicalise the ideas of the movement. Nevertheless, had we judged any movement by its radical followers, there would be hardly any reasonable movement left to follow. Feminism is in my opinion one of the most egalitarian and essential movements in history. However, in order for it to be successful, men must support it as eagerly as women. In the end, the ethos of feminism lies in the pursuit of equality, tolerance and freedom, and all those ideas are as relevant to men as they are to women. Given the privilege they currently possess in society, all men ought to be feminists, if only to ensure a better future not only for their daughters, but also for their sons.

That being said, nowadays, people are generally more open-minded and egalitarian than ever before. Surprisingly, or maybe not, since democracy goes hand-in -hand with progress, besides our heightened tolerance, we have also reached the highest level of development in technology and education so far. such. The reason for this is fear; fear of Speaking of education, it is crucial that losing privilege and power. we pass our tolerant mentality on to fuIf our society makes more space for ture generations because no great shift of women, it must automatically take some mindset can be achieved through the away from men, right? No. The most minds of one generation alone. Just as we common misconception about feminism cannot preserve a good thought by instil- is that its desire for the improvement of ling it into only one generation, we can- women’s lives inevitably leads to male not change matters if only one gender discrimination. However, the truth is that participates in the process. And that is feminism means equal rights for every-

Granting Women the Vote


oting in democracies seems natural to many. However, whilst the right to vote itself exists in the constitution of every true democracy, who this right applies to was for a long time not as universal as one might think. The primary representatives of this were the slaves, serfs and other “second class citizens”, yet most of them were granted the right to vote after a policy change regarding their inferior status. Thus, it seems only natural to talk about the part of the population which only really obtained the right to vote in the 20th century - women. Its impact is likely more profound than any of us can truly comprehend. The concept of democracy has existed for millennia, and so, it seems baffling that women were only granted the right to vote in the last 100 to 150 years. A prime example of this would be the United States which, whilst including the right to vote in their constitution, would prohibit women from voting on a federal level until 1920, in fact, this was 3 years after the rather undemocratic Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, which would later become part of the Soviet Union. In general, post-World War I Europe was marked by a rise of democracies that implemented women’s suffrage. But what was the cause of this dramatic change? World War 1 could be considered a major reason as it forced women to become more involved in public life, which, along with their undeniable contribution to the war effort, gave them

Editor's Note


ear readers, after a rainy autumn filled with national and international drama, comes the joy and calm of the Christmas season. But before we start indulging in delicious gingerbread cookies, we need to take a moment to discuss issues relevant to ladies who bake them. This edition's theme revolves around feminism and the #MeToo movement. Some writers elaborate on the difference between the past and the present form of these movements. Others express what feminism means to them, or why it is important to our society. Constructive criticism is also offered by writers on issues relating to the #MeToo movement and the fourth wave of feminism. One article even provides perceptive analysis on issues related to the perception and rights of transgender people in the US. The diversity of this edition's articles is indeed considerable. Hence, even if you do not consider yourself a feminist, you will find common ground with some of the many insightful thoughts and opinions expressed in this edition's Social Commentary & Opinion section. And who knows? Maybe after reading them, you will become a feminist yourself.



#MeToo—Just Another Trend?


omen empowerment. Global reasons and arguments for desiring the awareness. Maybe even Twitter. right to vote. Lastly, one must not forget that these reforms coincided with major These are the words that come to most progress in the fields of social security people’s minds, and mine as well, when they visualize campaigns against sexual and welfare, as well as many others. violence on women. Unsurprisingly, this But what impact, did twice as many is what the #MeToo campaign is all people voting actually have? I believe about. So what is the whole fuss about? It that this led to further promotion of liberis a movement against sexual harassment al and socialist ideals, such as the previof course, more specifically, sexual harously mentioned social welfare and secuassment against women. I am pretty sure rity reforms. Seeing as most women, most of us must have already heard along with men of a working class backabout this new trend that took over Twitground, were under-represented and beter and other social media platforms.. ing granted only minimal support from their governments, it is logical that they Just like the #roastme trend, #MeToo would demand further support for themhas spread across the selves. One more phenomenon was undoubtedly affected, and that is the rise of globe in a extremism. Since extremist groups tend flash, taking to find the majority of their support in many counfringe and generally less well-of social tries https://medium.com/@liambarrett1996/a-gay-mans-role-in-thegroups, women undoubtedly contributed thick-of-metoo to the rise of authoritarianism in much of Europe. However, it is not really justifia- across the globe by storm, awakening and ble to cast any exaggerated blame on unifying women (and men) against sexuthem, since this had to do with social al harassment in the workplace. Multiple structure and roles in general, there- and various incidents have emerged by fore, placing much of the blame on wom- many harassed women, incidents of haren would be rather unreasonable. All in assment caused by employers, superviall, granting women the vote was un- sors and even colleagues. Nonetheless, it doubtedly a positive development that is debatable for many whether all of the has had a profound impact on society #MeToo accusations are valid. ever since. Some would argue that this phenomenon had not yet achieved its primary goal. However, had this world-wide pheNICOLAS WICHERT nomenon not achieved enough so far?

Open Press 9 - December 2018

The answer to this question is a complicated one. Yes, the movement managed to attract a lot of attention in recent times, but what only a few people know is that similar movements with the same feminist notions have been loud and active for years, even decades. The only difference is, that those who were fighting for their rights and equality were common African -American women, not renowned celebrities who are suing some of the most eminent personas of the Hollywood industry. This all happened a year ago. Even though the movement is no longer that much of an illustrious topic, the bandwagons still keep it very much alive. As for its future, the movement is supposedly going to gain more and more followers and allies. The #MeToo movement has sparked the same overhype the LGBTQ+ community did in the last decade. As for my opinion, I do not really believe it will consist exclusively of members who had actually experienced sexual assault. At least not in developed, First World countries. African, and the rest of the Third World countries still have a long way in front of them in achieving gender equality. There is a long way ahead of women in order to make their voices heard in patriarchal countries. Nonetheless, the progress our world has seen in recent year is tremendous. Don’t believe, me? Just read Hans Rosling's ”Factfulness” and you will see. EMMANUELA EVGENIOU


Social Commentary & Opinion Dangerous Developing Division


ights and legal recognition for transgender people is the next big frontier to be tackled by progressive movements. As of now, America is being ripped in half by contradictory opinions on gender dysphoria. It is here where similar advocacy has historically found the most support. We can assume that it will be the results of the societal debate in America which will decide the fate for people whose gender identity does not match their biological sex - success, survival or suppression. As an exchange student living in a small fishing and logging community in the Pacific Northwest, I took the opportunity to see for myself how similar issues are being understood by my neighbours. The results are alarming. Discourse has descended into an environment of mutual distrust and, more importantly, of no communication. Rural communities ceased to understand city dwellers and vice versa. As a result, there is a dual rate of development whereby urbanised areas become extremely progressive and lose touch with the conservative countryside. Just look at the map from the 2016 presidential election. While my whole home state of Oregon drowns in Republican red, it was won by Democrats thanks to voters from a few counties with big cities like Portland and Eugene. The same scenario occurs in Washington, where Seattle tips the scales in favour of liberals, and in countless other regions all over the United States.

It is not a failure of the election system, but a manifested lack of communication. Disconnect fuels stereotypes. Hardline city progressives see everyone else as


The Fourth Wave act out of malice or stupidity to not support transgender rights seems untrue, conceited and rude. In fact, legitimate fears are being raised. Fathers fidget when they imagine their daughters having a forty-year-old man come and use their bathroom. They desperately inquire how school locker-rooms will deal with transgender kids. But no one answers because no one listens to a “redneck”. What remains is bitterness and resistance.

People easily accuse someone of sexual assault on social media because they can do it only by a simple post or message. It is no hard work. Other users of social media feel sorry for these alleged victims and they often discredit the accused person, so that he/she is forced to leave their job and become the black sheep of the community. In short, a possibly innocent person can be ruined by certain allegaVIKTOR ŘÍHA tions which may not even be based on the truth.

https://twobytwobythreebythree.wordpress.com/author/ shaunthompson/

What Feminism Means to Me


s a woman as well as a feminist, which is unfortunately not the norm for all women, I agree with the following definition of feminism: "Feminism is the belief in gender equality in social, political and economic matters obtained by the advocacy of women's rights." But thanks to the acts of some feminists in the past few decades,


I get the impression that many people view the concept as a preferential treatment of women instead of an equal treatment for both genders. Why did they not call this ideology or series of movements rather for instance "Gender Equalitarianism”? Because it was designed to overturn legal inequalities between men and women, such as giving women the right to vote in Firstwave feminism. Second-wave feminism was trying to set right the cultural inequalities and discuss the roles of women in society, such as their work opportunities, the opportunities that men had, but 4

women did not. Thus, I believe feminism was again a valid and justifiable appellation for the intentions of the movement. In my opinion this does not apply to the Third- and Fourth-wave feminism because they were focused merely on women and their problems completely excluding men. Although the problems are definitely not of no significance, they are not aiming attention at equality within the two sexes.

self about where this issue emerged from, and it got me to contemplate about the views and comprehension of the concept, which are tightly connected to the vital strategies to achieving equality. It is important that all people (including men) are feminists because the only way we can achieve the desired equality is by cooperation. To me, feminism is a mindset that all people should obtain and fight for because of its essential meaning. Are you As a result of that, many people I come a feminist? across tell me they do not identify themselves as feminists, but are fighting for KATEŘINA ROUŠAROVÁ the equality of men and women. And it is not just people who are not feminists because they know how feminism was shaped in the past few decades, but people that simply do not know its essential meaning; the people who cannot believe you are a feminist, thinking that you hate men and believe that all men are evil. That is why it is still crucial to teach people about feminism and its meaning, since many people misinterpret it and because in many parts of the world, women are still treated with disdain and are not equal to men at all. Regarding the strategies of achieving equality, the opinions vary due to different views on the concept. I find the quote of Tineke Willemsen, chair of Women's Studies at Tilburg University, an accurate description of the situation among modern feminists: "It is hardly even possible to give a definition of feminism that every feminist will agree with." I asked my-

he fourth wave of feminism is a very argued topic these days. In my opinion, it is a totally unnecessary way of highlighting problems which might not even exist. By that I do not mean that the victims of sexual assault are lying, but there are some cases in which , from my point of view, people may have lied about sexual harassment because they wanted to become famous.

City progressives live in a misleading binary paradigm, in which you either accept their narrative without questions or are an inherently bad, unempathetic person. People that I meet daily are a testament to its fallacy. They cry for recognition. Will we answer?

hillbillies and hicks; uncultured, rude and dangerously stupid. In short, someone whose opinion can be ridiculed and dismissed. It is now two months since my first encounter with the people of Warrenton. To be absolutely honest, I came from Czechia with a suitcase of prejudices too. What made me throw it out of the window was the ever present, contagious kindness. It is commonplace to volunteer for your neighbour for hours after work. People invite strangers into their homes. The responsibility to share and help is held as self-evident. Country folks by far outlive their reputation. They deserve a right to an opinion about issues like transgender rights too. Having met the people in rural communities, the narrative that you have to



Open Press 9 - December 2018

We can see this for example on the case of Asia Argento who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, but was then accused of sexual assault by a young actor Jimmy Bennett. Do you not find that suspicious? I certainly do. Firstly, I must say that I cannot trust Asia Argento, who considers herself a victim, but was accused as well. Secondly, do you not think that maybe Bennett made the charge just for fame? And there are so many more possible doubts about this case. And not only about this one. However, this doesn’t mean that Weinstein or anyone from the accused is innocent. In many cases more people charge one, so when one allegation looks insecure there are more accusations proving the assault as well. These days, I hear about similar accusations all the time on the radio or the news, but with each case, I believe them less and less. I think it is almost ridiculous how desperately people try to reach fame or money by the allegations. In addition, the cases are most of the time someone's word against the word of another. The problem is that nowadays social media users are manipulated by the society to listen only to the words of the victims and blindly trust them. I find it somehow unfair when the accused ones do not have the opportunity to defend themselves. As for example in the case of US Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh who was accused by Christine Ford right before his election. It is sad that people still believed Ford even though her allegations were, in my opinion, total nonsense and she probably only wanted to destroy Kavanaugh’s candidacy. Lastly, by this article I truly do not want to discredit any victims of sexual harassment/assault. On the contrary, I think that these people who step up and tell what they have gone through are very brave and have my admiration. The only thing I want to do is to raise awareness of some cases which seemed a little suspicious to me.


Special Interests and interviews Best Photo-Apps


owadays, with hundreds of photography apps to choose from, it is hard to pick the right ones that will help you capture the best moments of your journeys. So, if you want to make the picking easier, and really make your photos pop with amazing filters and effects, then read on. Huji Cam This app is probably my favorite out of all, because it adds a gorgeous vintage filter over your photos that you take with the app, which makes them look as if they were taken with a disposable camera from the 1998. This app is for free, but to add the filter over the photos in your camera roll, it will cost you 99 cents, which is a rather small price to pay. VSCO VSCO is a very popular photography app, mostly because of its stunning filters, ranging from black and white tones to more colorful hues. It also has a bunch of other great editing tools (my favorite one being the grain), and the option to actually upload your photos online through the app. It is also for free, with the option to purchase more filters at reasonable prices. Lightroom CC If you’re looking for something more professional, and you really want to edit your photos with great detail and depth, then this is the app for you. Lightroom offers an incredible range of expert tools, all of them being very useful. My favorite feature is the “auto” tool, which automatically selects the best light adjustments for your photo. The mobile version is currently for free.

Sofia’s photo

PicsArt PicsArt has an incredibly large amount of effects, filters, stickers, and other interesting components. It’s very easy to use, and highly suitable for beginners. The only downside is the number of ads that come up, forcing you to upgrade your version. But other than that, it is very useful and free

Editor‘s Note

Hong Kong must do‘s


s summer break is already long over, and we’re currently struggling with our piles of physics and biology homework, I like to look back on the sweet, warm, summer days, that weren't all that long ago. And as one of the best things to do during the summer break is travel, I would like to tell you a little something about what to see in the beautiful city of Hong Kong that I got to visit at the beginning of august. There are countless interesting and fun things to do in Hong Kong, and a week definitely isn't an enough time for you to check them all off your list, however, here are some you simply cannot miss.

Vali’s photo The first and most important is the Tian Tan Buddha located in the Ngong Ping Village. This was one of the most breathtaking and peaceful places I have ever seen, with a beautiful monastery and holy cows walking around for you to pet. On the way there, you can also take an all-glass cable car to truly enjoy the view. Another thing you can't miss is spending a day at one of Hong Kong's beautiful beaches. I still cannot wrap my mind around how many peaceful and secluded beaches there are, not even an hour away from the big and overcrowded city center full of skyscrapers. In terms of where to find the best view of the city I

can personally recommend two spots. The first one is the Victoria Peak (yes, it is as good as everyone says), and the second is the top of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, where you can enjoy a luxury breakfast or a dinner with a view, without having to stay there. If you want to witness Hong Kong's skyline, definitely head to the Victoria Harbor. Another thing you are bound to do when you come to this city, is go to one of the markets, the most famous of which is the ladies market and the Temple Street night market. A great opportunity for you to practice your haggling skills. Lastly, something I read before leaving to Honk Kong and found out to be very very true, is to just stroll around the city and get lost. While walking around with no purpose, just exploring the district or a part of town you will come upon so many things like local businesses, little temples, small street markets, definitely more than you would expect or hope to see. Some of the best places where to do this is SOHO, Central District, Mong Kok or You Ma Tei. Finally, there are much more activities to do in this city than I listed, like going on a boat ride, hiking, or visiting one of its many museums or luxurious shopping malls. Nevertheless, these are the main ones that will guarantee you an unforgettable experience and will definitely make you want to go back.



big hello to everyone reading our Special Interests and Interviews section and to those passionate about any kind of adventure. Welcome to the first OG Chronicle of 2018/2019! As you may or may not know, in this magazine every section has the right to choose if it wants a common topic for its articles. For this first edition, we have decided to stay topic-less. But there’s a however! Either because summer holidays are over and we all miss them, or that our members share a similar “special interest”, all of our articles happened to include the theme of travel. This theme isn’t extraordinary in our section, but there has never been a situation when all writers produced an article on the same topic UNINTENTIONALLY! I think that is pretty cool. So, by reading on, you might discover new, interesting places worthy of adding to your bucket list, learn how to make photos from your journeys look their best, or meet a lifetime traveler, who you might have been seeing in the hallways of our school. Now sit back, grab a drink and enjoy reading. Thank you! TEREZA CHÁROVÁ

Vali’s photo

World Gliding Championship 2018


his summer was the best one in my life. The title already hints at what could supposedly be the reason for it. During this year’s summer holidays, I was a member of the organizing team for the World Gliding Championship 2018, which took place at Hosín airport from the 28th of July until the 12th of August. You probably have at least the idea that gliding is an air sport done on unpowered aircrafts called gliders. Moreover, you should know that gliding thermals, also known as airlifts, are necessary to keep the gliders up in the heights. You can picture these thermals as hot air bubbles, which accumulate enough heat to lift from the ground and rise in a wind current. These "air bubbles" are able to lift a glider of 800 kg in an average speed of 5 m/s and in the humid air they are visible thanks to cumulus clouds. Also, obviously, gliders are unpowered so they can't take off by themselves and that’s why they use bigger motor planes called tow planes. These are connected to gliders by a long rope and they take off together.

together there were 112 elite pilots from 27 countries. A fun fact is that the average age of the pilots was 51 years. On the contrary, the average age of the staff was 16.

popular gliding destinations). The pilots were enthusiastic. The world’s champion, Michael Sommer, commented on the weather: “The average speed we did was similar to what we did in Uvalde (NM), where conditions were very harsh. So for Europe, these conditions were amazing and we enjoyed the event a lot.” Much praise was also lavished on the organizing team and overall the

Míša’s photo

All the world championships include a compulsory week of training and getting used to the weather conditions. Most of the competitors arrived on 21st of July. By that time, we had already been preparing the airport for five days. During the training week, the weather conditions were extreme by Czech Polarr weather standards. This was thanks to the unusual heat-wave that made it easiQuick editing and combining of effects er to accumulate warmth and create has never been this easy. This free app is thermals. The pilots were excited about extremely useful if you are a beginner or This year's world championship was simply looking for stunning and exciting the first one hosted by the Czech Republic the competition and were awaiting great filters, which Polarr definitely has. It is in the 100 years of the Czech aviation his- results. also very user-friendly and visually tory. The competition director was Tomáš Altogether there were twelve compepleasing. Rendla, an experienced glider pilot, along tition days, one rest day and only one Anyway, I hope you find these sugges- with his son Matěj Rendla and a good day it rained; therefore, the task had to tions useful and that from now on you friend Luděk Kluger. The whole competi- be canceled. This great weather was tocan have beautiful memories thanks to tion was organized by a team of twenty tally unexpected and we were really people and I had the privilege to be a part lucky to have such great conditions, these amazing apps. of it. Al which are comparable to gliding in NaSOFIA JELIČIČ mibia or Australia (world's most Open Press 9 - December 2018

whole championship. A French champion commented: “It was the best championship I have ever experienced. The organization was perfect and the weather was just great. It’s everything that a glider pilot can dream of.” The pilots were leaving satisfied, with tears in their eyes when remembering the great moments. Moreover, the pilots weren’t the only ones crying. I need to confess that I wept a little as well. The experience was wonderful. I felt like the world had opened for me and I could prove my abilities in it. We had no other choice than to use our language skills and we were often forced to solve acutely complicated problems. Still, the event had more to it. We befriended new great people, some even fell in love and we all consolidated previous friendships. I will really miss those great times, but I can’t wait for some next championship to come. MICHAELA RENDLOVÁ


Special Interests and Interviews Travel Differently

Underrated Places To Visit


o you like visiting new exciting places? Are you tired of seeing tourists everywhere? Do you want to discover the world without being surrounded by thousands of inconsiderate people and insufferable children? Here is a list of awesome underrated places you should visit before they become way too


don’t have to worry about your safety. The reason the island is so underrated is that it’s hidden and cut from the rest of the world. There is a flight from Fiji twice a week, being the only connection with the world that this island has. That makes it a perfect place for you to relax and experience the true South Pacific adventure with deserted islets and beaches without any footprints.

Novohradské Hory

Also known as Gratzen Mountains, Novohradské Hory are a part of the Bohemian Massif and run along either side of the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. They’re beautiful mountains with nature relatively unaffected by human industry. While it’s a shame that they don’t receive even half of the attenMajlis al Jinn tion that Šumava does, many people beMajlis al Jinn is one of the ten biggest lieve that, unlike Šumava, Gratzen mouncave chambers in the world. Its name tains are still a paradise. means “The Meeting Place of the Spirits” Utrecht and it is located in Oman. Majlis al Jinn is Utrecht is a breathtaking city in the noted for its isolated and hardly accessiNetherlands. While a lot of people visitble location, but once you’re there, it’s an ing this country have Amsterdam on the unforgettable experience. It is also a pertop of their list, Utrecht is just as interestfect place to try bungee jumping and siming plus it’s not overcrowded. While ilar activities. There are a lot of different you’re here, you might want to visit the legends regarding the cave, and many Dom Tower of Utrecht, De Haar Castle, local people are convinced they’re true. St. Martin’s Cathedral, Railway Museum Réunion Island and many more. Honestly, Utrecht has p o p u l a r . https://www.123rf.com/photo_24566777_langevin-waterfallRéunion Island is a volcanic African just as much to offer to you as Amsterreunion-island.html island in the Indian Ocean often forgotten dam does, but without the hustle and in the shade of Seychelles, Zanzibar and bustle of the big city. Tuvalu Mauritius. While these locations are All these places deserve way more attenIf you really want to get away from peo- beautiful, Réunion Island is a complete tion than they’re getting. So maybe next ple, Tuvalu, being among the world’s five paradise with a pretty small number of time, instead of going where everyone least visited countries, is a place for you. tourists. Its natural beauty will take your else does, visit different and not so wideIt’s an island in the Pacific, located be- breath away, and you will be stunned by ly known places. You might be shocked tween Fiji and Australia. The beauty of its waterfalls and volcanoes. Fun fact is, what kind of paradise you will discover. these islands is unbelievable and local cul- that by entering Réunion, you're officially ŠÁRKA NEUMANNOVÁ ture is also not seen anywhere else. The entering France, despite being more than crime rate is also really low here, so you 9000 kilometers away from Paris.

Nikki—The Endless Traveler


ikki Čumbová is a new OG student this year. You might have met her in the hallways, always with a smile on her face. What this smile doesn’t show, however, is that at the age of 16 this girl has lived in more countries than you’d have guessed. I don’t personally know many of these people, on a journey their whole life. That is why I decided to ask her some questions…

Lebanese ‘dabkeh’ rings, for instance, which I would describe as a conga line on steroids with lively Arabic music playing. It’s also interesting how Iranians, with a conservative religious regime, officially celebrate Zoroastrian holidays along with the Islamic ones. Iranians basically celebrate on any occasion, though, they just love to party. The Spanish new year’s eve tradition is also worth mentioning. What happens is that at midnight, you have to In how many countries have you lived put a grape in your mouth for each of the throughout your whole life? twelve strokes of the clock. I failed every Apart from the Czech Republic, five: time. China, Nigeria, Spain, Lebanon and Iran. Were there some customs that you felt Not that I remember much of China, I uncomfortable accepting? was tiny when we left. I’m not a fan of unnecessarily disreAlthough it sounds like a dream for specting local customs. However, the many, are there any cons of being on a mandatory hijab in Iran was a challenge journey your whole life? getting used to for mostly practical reaOne of the drawbacks is that I never sons…it kept slipping off, a car almost hit really stopped feeling like a foreigner me when it flew into my face once. I also anywhere, including here, but it’s no big received really strange looks when I fordeal and nothing one can’t get used to. got to wear the scarf, but I was too busy What is a bit harder to deal with is hav- hoping I don’t meet the police to care ing to leave everything behind and start about that. It was only minor issue, over every time I move. Each country has though, I haven’t really been faced directdifferent possibilities and limitations, and ly with anything I couldn’t accept. people, so you have a completely different life in each one. And then there’s the You have met with different religions, have you felt tension between people in inverted holidays, visiting home for vacasome of the countries? tions and living in the unknown for the Not in person, no, although I was rest of the year, but I’m not sure it’s entirely a con, just confusing sometimes. aware of it. In Lebanon, a country very religiously diverse, we have the ChrisWhat customs in what country have you tians, Druze and both Sunni and Shia found the most interesting? Muslims all living together, and it is the There are quite a few. I really enjoyed two Islamic sects that don’t always get 6

along with each other. Other than that, the only problem arising from the diversity was when it came to government elections and getting married. There would be disputes over how many political positions each religion would hold, and as for the marriage issues, I think they’re pretty self-explanatory. What mind-set, from those you’ve encountered so far, do you relate the most? Probably the Lebanese, I really appreciate the optimism and love for fun despite the issues the country and its people encounter, they still find happiness in everyday life like I believe everybody should. The disregard for punctuality and love of procrastination is something we have in common, along with a love for food, travelling, meeting new people, and complaining…they have that in common with the Czechs.

hen we say travelling, we imagine sunlit beaches, towering mountains, deep lakes, or something just as idyllic. These beautiful images come up in our minds, but what does not are the things that precede these vistas. If you want to lay on a beach, you have to get there first. If you want to climb a mountain, you have to reach its base first. If you want to bathe in a lake, you have to travel there first. We think of travelling as of visiting places, but to visit, we have to undergo the journey beforehand. Taking the journey may be difficult. Trains and busses are usually crowded and, for the most part, not suitable for overnight travels, plus train delays or traffic jams are all too common. Opting for your own car adds to the comfort, but can be exhausting for the driver as well as the fuel tank and the risk of high traffic is the same as for busses. Taking a plane may be very fast and comfortable, but planes are also a huge strain on the environment. The less we use planes for personal transport, the better. What other mode of transport is there left then? My answer is, your own feet. Walking may not seem as the best option, being slower, more exhausting and less comfortable than the rest. Yet, there is one quality that makes it special, and that is freedom. There is no schedule you have to follow. There is no prescribed route you have to go through. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. It can be difficult, but it is also beautiful. Actively taking part and being the one who chooses the way means being able to enjoy every single moment of the journey. Therefore, walking should not be just another mode of transport. It should be an experience on its own. From ten-minute trips to school to a week-long hike, it should all be viewed as more than just a way to get from point A to point B. Gandhi once said that the path is the goal. What he meant is that the process of travelling should not be seen as subordinate to the desired destination, that the process of travelling itself should be the destination. That we should travel for the sake of travelling. And preferably, travel on foot.


What places would you like to visit now? To be honest, being back here after so long is an adventure itself, I think I’d start with discovering home first. As for abroad, it would be cool to see Vietnam, perhaps someplace in the Caribbean, a Nordic country would be nice, and green, rainy Scotland would really be a dream come true.

Open Press 9 - December 2018



Variety Diane Coutu: Resiliance as a Way of Survival


he book Resilience by Diane Coutu is a book published by Harvard Business Review Press and its subtitle is “how to be a human at work”. At first, it might seem that it is just another book focusing on work and how to be a productive person through resilience. Just another piece to teach people how to make as much money as possible. But that is not the case. The book actually talks about resilience in everyday life and explains how it is important for survival. I especially liked two examples Diane Coutu used in order to explain the way resilience works in our lives. “Prior to September 11, 2001, Morgan Stanley, the famous investment bank, was the largest tenant in the World Trade Center. The company had some 2,700 employees working in the south tower on 22 floors between the 43rd and 74th. On that horrible day, the first plane hit the north tower at 8:46 a.m. and Morgan Stanley started evacuating just one minute later, at 8:47 a.m. When the second plane crashed into the south tower 15 minutes later after that, Morgan Stanley’s offices were largely empty. All told, the company lost only seven employees despite receiving an almost direct hit.” The author explains that in order to be resilient, one must face the direct reality first. You always have to be ready for the toughest possible option, and you need to know how to act in case the worst happens. Morgan Stanley, the investment bank and all of its 2,700 employees were prepared and they counted

Mele Kalikimika!


r more specifically Happy Christmas in Hawaiian language! If you’re planning on spending your Christmas in Hawaii, you should know that it isn’t the exact same Christmas story as in cartoons. There is no snow, and it is really hot in there during the Christmas holiday. The most important is the way how the Hawaiian people celebrate it. They are all together, and they don’t miss the typical white Christmas. The Hawaiians simply find happiness in spending Christmas with their family. Here are a few things that will help you with the organization the perfect Christmas in such a special destination.

with the fact, that such a terrible event can occur at any time. They were probably not thinking about it everyday, but they knew. I believe that it is very important to forget the “this could never happen to me” mindset in order to achieve the strategy this company used.

Source: https://www.ingramacademic.com/9781633693234/ resilience-hbr-emotional-intelligence-series/

The “this could never happen to me” logic is actually connected to the second story Diane Coutu tells. It is about Viktor E. Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist and an Auschwitz survivor. When he was in the concentration camp, he one day had realized his life had become meaningless and trivial. “He realized that to survive, he expensive presents, or do the extravagant gestures just to tell somebody you like them. People in Hawaii focus on what the person likes, and based on that they give each other present. They usually give each other something like the Hawaiian chocolate, tea, coffee, or anything that simply reminds them either of the person, or the state itself. You buy those presents from the bottom of your heart, and you give them to the person with love. My friend likes to buy the presents a couple of weeks before the Christmas Eve, just to be prepared, and to avoid the huge crowds of people. You can buy presents like these in any gift shop, or mainly Target, which is one of America’s favorite shops.

had to find some purpose. Frankl did so by imagining himself giving a lecture after the war on the psychology of the concentration camp, to help outsiders understand what he had been through. Although he was not even sure he would survive, Frankl decided to set concrete goals for himself. In doing so, he succeeded in rising above the sufferings of the moment.” First of all, people have the “this could never happen to me” way of thinking. When bad things actually happen to them they often say “How can this be happening to me”. The story of Viktor E. Frankl, however, suggests quite the opposite. Instead of being desperate, it is crucial to have a purpose in order to survive. The purpose makes us look forward. In fact, it is not always easy to actually find the purpose, but we should always try to stay connected to small things at least. If we do so, we can survive everything. I find the book immensely helpful. I appreciate that it is not just inspirational, but it also logically describes how to be resilient and how to reach the goal and still survive the failures, as they are an inseparable part of our journeys. I recommend this book to anyone who feels lost sometimes and struggles to overcome uneasy times however significant or insignificant they might be.


Being a Vegan


y Vegan road started just a few months ago. I won’t lie, there were some ups and downs throughout that time. Going Vegan is a question of survival without meat and other products made from animals. It was quite easy for me to become Vegan, because I found meat disgusting since I was born. However, chocolate balls with milk was my breakfast number one, so due to thse and other sweets I loved, the war had begun. I had to really control myself. Yes, I cried a lot at the beginning, because only sweets made me feel better at the hardest times. I am also a huge lover of all kinds of chocolate, so I was surprised when I found out that chocolate isn't vegan at all. It comes from a plant, but throughout the process of creating it, there is a lot added to it, such as milk fat. Surprisingly, things got better after one month, and I realized there is more delicious food and sweets to taste in Veganism. I learned how to cook, appreciate animals, keep my body healthy, and live a better life without animal products. In truth, my body is a temple now. I’m also very grateful for the change in our cafeteria, thanks to which I can get vegetable any time and I don't starve. To sum it up, I have learned how to survive. My goal is to continue my journey and to introduce more people to veganism, for it is an absolutely new world. KATEŘINA VAŇKOVÁ

Pro Tips: How to Survive IB


ave you ever been wondering: how would it feel if you landed on a deserted island without anything in your possession or any friends nearby? And the only thing you know is the direction you need to go in order to rescue yourself. That is exactly how an IB student feels like at the beginning of his or her journey. In order to successfully complete this thorny expedition, some tips and tricks might come in handy at the beginning to have higher chances in succeeding.

Another thing that Hawaiians do, and you should do too, is decorating your house and a Christmas tree. In the Czech Republic we decorate it in December, yet in Hawaii they usually start decorating right after Thanksgiving with the whole family. That way you can have the decorations up for longer , and it just looks adorable. Some people decorate coconut trees, and put them outside; some like to decorate the spruce or fir tree, and place it inside.

First of all, make wise IB subject choices. Not only that they will bother you for the upcoming two years, but also may be required by your future university. It is good to choose subjects you are interested in or those you are skillful at. Moreover, try to personally determine what difficulty of that particular course would you like to attend and manage to. It's best to make compromise between the difficulty and what can you actually get from attending that course. Take your time and choose wisely.

I hope this will help you if you decide to spend the most wonderful time of the Source: https://www.greatlineshawaii.com/Hula-Girl-MeleKalikimaka-Medium-Tote-p/203p3.htm year on this very atypical island. Always The original holiday was called remember that Hawaiians are very familMakahiki, and people celebrated it for four ial and kind, so if you need anything, just months, and it was mainly a peaceful ask them. event. Throughout the years it changed a lot, but the concept is still the same: peace VIKTORIE HLOŽKOVÁ and love. You don’t need to buy the most

Secondly, listen to the experienced ones. Even though you will take all of the exams by yourself, it is useful to consult the way of your approach with someone else. Try to be active and listen to your IB coordinator, supervisors and teachers. They can advise you what to do, but also and more importantly how to do it in an effective and proper way.

Open Press 9 - December 2018

Don´t be afraid to ask for help or advice from your friends. You can share your thoughts and ideas with the others, which can help you develop your points. Not only that, they can be helpful with giving you advices or helping you with various obstacles such as writing essays and many others. Cooperation is the key in this case, so you don't get lost on your long journey to the desired destination. Also, never forget who you are in the first place. Although this journey will cost you a lot of time and hard work, you need to make some time for yourself. Establish a plan about your external activities and don´t forget about your hobbies, otherwise it will drive you crazy. This will not only help you to be more effective, but it will make you be motivated and not to give up. Things such as sleep or developing your social life are essential too, so don't forget about them either. Remember, wanderer, you don't want to get back on that bloody island and start all over again. Now, that you are all set up, don´t be afraid to take the first step towards your goal. It may be hard, stressful or even demotivating but remember that you’re not alone and that you are capable of achieving whatever you fight for.



Mýty a legendy Povedlo se


Fotosoutěž 1MMssto— Fotograf: Lucie Msšková Na Fotce: Markéta Malcová

2MMssto—Karolsna Hrabalová

Ich hasse Weihnachten, aber ich mag in meinem Pullover unter den Sternen liegen und in Ruhe entspannen.


Quand on dit le personnage légendaire, j’imagine l’Iron Man. Il est mon super-héros préféré et j’étais fervente que je l’ai rencontré. Et il faut dire, Tony est encore plus charmant en réalité.

Open Press 9 - December 2018

Français La forêt pleine de légendes et de magie

Les pierres de



Quel est ton conte de féé préféré?


ans le sud-ouest de la ville Rennes en Bretagne, se trouve un endroit connu sous le nom La forêt de Paimpont, Koad Pempont en breton. Tout citoyen de Bretagne connaît cette forêt mystérieuse, même les plus petits enfants. Les petits résidents de Bretagne connaissent des légendes, mythes et contes de fées racontés par leurs parents et http://www.broceliande-vacances.com/a-decouvrir/la-foret-deleurs grands-parents. Une broceliande partie de cette forêt s'appelle Brocéliande, une forêt mythique qui est décrite dans Un autre endroit magique est la de nombreuses légendes médiévales. Fontaine de Barenton, un lieu que le Chevalier Noir protège. La légende dit Cet endroit était autrefois habité par les que si vous prenez de l'eau de la fontaine celtes avec des vieux magiciens et et la faites rouler vers une grande pierre druides, et le roi Arthur lui-même, le plate à côté, une terrible tempête va magicien Merlin ou le célèbre chevalier commencer. Un jour, le brave chevalier Lancelot. Dans le lac près du Château de d'une table ronde Yvain n'a pas fait Comper, le magicien Merlin a construit confiance à cette rumeur et a décidé de un château de cristal pour sa femme l'essayer. Et la tempête a effectivement Vivian, la fée de la forêt. Ici, Merlin a commencé. Les fées autour de lui vécu et a conseillé Arthur et il est brillaient follement, des oiseaux de retourné à sa femme après des différentes couleurs ont volé sur lui, une expéditions d'aventure. forte rose des vents, les tonnerres et les foudres ont commencé et le Chevalier Il y a aussi une petite piscine dans la Noir est apparu. forêt appelée un miroir pour les fées. Elles regardent dans le lac et se disputent, Ces belles légendes ont été écrites par qui est la plus belle. On dit que la forêt Chrétien de Troyes en vers. Mais même entière a été maudite par la sorcière ainsi, ces histoires nous sont toutes Morgana. Chaque homme entrant dans la familières aujourd'hui. Grâce à la forêt de forêt qui était infidèle à sa femme ne Brocéliande, le roi Arthur, les chevaliers pouvait jamais trouver un moyen d’en de la table ronde - Lancelot, Perceval, sortir. C'est la vieille malédiction. Les Yvain; le magicien Merlin, la belle filles et les femmes croient que de hautes sorcière Morgana et d'autres héros de pierres tranchantes sont des fossiles poèmes médiévaux, ils vivront pour d'hommes infidèles et la sorcière toujours dans nos cœurs et nos esprits. Morgana les a tous punis. JASMÍNA ŠVARCROVÁ

Byl jednou jeden král. C’est une J ’adore classique pour la famille entière. C’est vachement amusant et vraiment joli. C’est une histoire d’un roi qui a trois filles. Une fille lui a dit qu’elle l’aime comme elle aime le sel. Ça a beaucoup fâché le rois et il a l’expulsée de son royaume. C’est un peu triste aussi, mais à la fin, tout se termine bien. FRANTIŠEK HEŘMÁNEK on conte de fée favori est Le Jardin de Jiří Trnka. Je l’ai adoré quand j'étais petite fille. C'est très mystérieux et incroyable. Ensuite, j'ai joué dans notre jardin comme si j'étais dans Le Jardin. Et j'ai bavardé avec notre chat comme si c'était le Chat, qu’habite dans le Jardin.



ans certaines parties de la Bretagne nous pouvons trouver des pierres différentes qui s'appellent les menhirs. Ce sont des pierres dressées, plantées verticalement et elles sont disposées en cercle ou en alignements. Les habitants de la Bretagne racontent qu'elles étaient placées là-bas par des nains, les kerions, qui cachaient en dessous leur trésor. Chaque de pierres a sa propre légende comme les pierres de Plouhinec.

À côté de Plouhinec, il y a une lande désolée où étaient situées les pierres de Plouhinec, en deux longs alignements. A la lisière de cette lande vivait un fermier, avec sa sœur, Rozennick. Ce fermier était riche et très fier. Sa soeur était jeune, jolie et avait de nombreux prétendants. Mais PAVLÍNA HRACHOVCOVÁ elle adorait un garçon pauvre, Bernez, qui travaillait pour le fermier. Le fermier on conte de fées préféré est a dit qu'elle peut l’épouser si il apporte Císařův pekař a pekařův císař. les poches pleines d'or. C'est un conte de fées tchèque de 1951. Je l'adore parce que c'est une histoire Un soir de Noël, un mendiant a frappé amusante basée sur des événements à la porte et il lui a demandé d’avoir un historiques. Aussi j'aime les acteurs qui y repas et de rester là-bas pour la nuit. Le jouent - Jan Werich et Nataša Gollová. fermier lui a donné une place dans J'aime les chansons étonnantes du conte l’étable. Comme chaque Noël les de fées qui sont accrocheures. animaux peuvent parler pour un soir et le boeuf qui était dans l’étable a dit à l’âne JASMÍNA ŠVARCROVÁ qu'il y a un trésor sous les pierres et qu’on peut trouver une fois dans cent on conte de fée préféré est Cars: ans. Mais tu dois donner en échange Quatre Roues. C’est un dessin l'âme d'un chrétien baptisé, sinon le animé qui raconte des aventures d’une trésor se transforme en poussière. voiture de course. Quand j’étais petit j’étais fasciné par les voitures et mon grand-père m’a enseigné toutes les marques de voitures. C’est pourquoi j’aime ce film. Mais, il y a aussi beaucoup de moments amusants et quelques métaphores qui font référence aux problèmes de société.



Séjour très court à l’Institut Français https://www.pierres-info.fr/les_pierres_de_plouhinec/index.html


endredi, le 12 octobre, nous sommes allés à la capitale de notre république pour apprendre le français. Je sais, c’est un peu bizarre: pourquoi aller à Prague pour apprendre le français? La France, c’est mieux. Ou pas? Simplement, aller en France pour étudier le français est mieux. Mais c’est pas toujours possible, parce que pour voyager en France, on a besoin de passeport, de temps et de l’argent.

l’Institut français nous ont fait un bon accueil et nous nous sommes séparés en deux groupes. Des étudiants de sexta sont partis avec une dame pour un atelier de théâtre, et des étudiants de septima et oktava sont restés ensemble pour un séminaire sur l’étiquette et le savoir vivre. Nous avons regardé un sketch sur la politesse, nous avons retrouvé les codes de comportement, nous avons appris beaucoup de vocabulaire et phrases nouveaux et à la fin, on a joué de petites scènes de situations où on poussait utiliser des phrases qu’on a appris.

Alors, c’est plus facile d’aller à Prague. Vendredi matin, nous avons pris le bus et le train et nous sommes allés là-bas. Ne vous Mais c’est pas tout! inquiétez pas, on a eu un Ensuite, nous sommes programme préparé. On descendus dans la salle est allé rue Štěpánská, où se trouve du Cinéma 35. Nos gentilles professeures l’Institut français et où nous avons ont déjà choisi un film Une bouteille à la commencé notre journée avec le français. mer, donc nous nous sommes assis et nous avons regardé. Dans le bâtiment, les représentants de C’était un film franco-israélien de

Thierry Binisti, qui est sorti en France en 2012. Il parle du conflit entre l'Israël et la Palestine. Mais c’est pas la chose principale dans ce drame, il raconte une histoire de deux jeunes personnes, Tal, une Française installée à Jérusalem, et un Palestinien Naïm. Ils n‘sont jamais rencontrés l’un autre, mais ils sont devenus amis. Comment? À cause du message dans la bouteille que Tal a jetée à la mer après un attentat dans un café de son quartier. Au début du film, tout le monde était choqué: << Pourquoi je ne comprends rien?!>> Parce qu'il y avait beaucoup de langues étrangères, à part le français, il y avait aussi l’anglais, l'hébreu ou l’arabe, heureusement avec des sous-titres tchèques, donc nous avons compris.

Le mendiant á écouté la conversation et il a décidé de le faire. Comme la victime, il a voulu utiliser Bernez. Il lui a dit l'histoire de pierres et Bernez aime ce dessein mais il ne sait pas qu‘il est une victime. Á minuit du dernier jour de l'an, les énormes pierres se sont soulevées. Dans les trous des pierres ils ont trouvé un trésor. Le mendiant a rempli les sacs avec de l'or mais Bernez a rempli seulement ses poches parce qu'il a pensé à Rozennick. Quand le mendiant a voulu sacrifier Bernez, les pierres ont retourné à leurs places et ont décidé plutôt engloutir le mendiant parce qu'il n'était pas honnête et franc. Bernez était apeuré et il a couru rapidement en arrière à la ferme. Lorsqu'au matin, il a montré ses poches remplies d'or, le fermier n'a pas refusé de lui donner Rozennick en mariage.

Le séjour très court à l’Institut français était intéressant et profitable, nous avons Et comme ça, chaque cent ans les appris de nouvelles choses et on a trouvé pierres de Plouhinec changent de places la preuve criante qu’on peut apprendre le et cachent sous eux les trésors des nains. français à notre ville capitale aussi, tant comme en France. ONDŘEJ ŠMEJC KAROLÍNA HRABALOVÁ

Open Press 9 - December 2018


Deutsch Mein erster Oktoberfestbesuch


ch bin sicher, dass jeder Deutschlerner minde stens einmal das Oktoberfest besuchen will. Weil ich auch einer bin, habe ich das Oktoberfest 2018 am 30. September besucht. Und ich habe ganz viele Erlebnisse, die ich mit euch gern teilen möchte.

31 Hektar! Dann habe ich mein Mittagessen gegessen. Was kann man am Oktoberfest zum Essen probieren? Zum Beispiel Grillhähnchen oder R i n d f l e i s c h , Currywurst, die Prezeln oder Radi und so wei ter. A ll es i st köstlich, aber sehr, sehr teuer. 20 Euro für ein Hähnchen, 13 Euro für einen Maßkrug alkoholfreies Bier.

Ich habe im Hotel in Ismaning logiert. Um zum Festplatz zu gelangen, bin mit dem S6 S-BahnZug nach Hacker Brücke gefahren. Dann bin ich etwa zehn Minuten zur Theresienwiese gegangen. Dort ist eine große Aufschrift vor mir a ufge ta uc ht: Wi ll k o m me n zum Oktoberfest! Hurra!!! Ich war wirklich Und was finde ich wirklich toll? Die glücklich, weil das Wetter anstandslos Berg-und-Tal-Bahnen! Ich habe alle war! Sonnig mit zwanzig Grad. Bahnen ausprobiert! Die Olympia Looping, die Alpina Bahn (die ist ein Klassiker), das Riesenrad und andere mehr.

Wir hatten unseren Platz in dem HackerFestzelt reserviert. Dort hat es erst den richtigen Spaß gegeben! Alle Leute sangen und tanzten, die Musikkapellen spielten (und sie spielten alles - traditionellen Folk, Queen, Beatles, AC/DC, ABBA…. wirklich Das Oktoberfest war wie ein Märchen verschiedene Genres). für mich! So viele Leute, aber ringsum Es ist 23:30 Uhr und alle Zelte sind gute Laune und interessante Zelte und geschlossen. Wir fahren zurück nach Stände. Zuerst habe ich einen Rundgang Ismaning und ich weiß, dass ich nächstes durch das Festgelände gemacht. Ich habe Jahr wieder kommen will und muss! alle vierzehn Zelte gesehen und ich muss sagen, dass das Areal wirklich groß ist HONZA HREBÍK

Der RattenfÄnger von Hameln er Rattenfänger von Hameln ist wohl die bekannteste deutsche Sage. Sie wurde in mehr als 30 Sprachen übersetzt. Wovon erzählt die Sage?


In der Stadt Hameln gab es im Jahr 1284 viele Mäuse und Ratten. Sie waren in den Kellern, Häusern und Straßen, haben alles gefressen, was sie gesehen haben. Die Bürger haben nicht gewusst, was s i e t u n sollten. Eines Tages kam ein fremder Mann in die Stadt, ein Rattenfänger. Er trug ein buntes Kleid. Er konnte den Bürgern helfen, aber er wollte einen Lohn, ein Hundert goldene Kronen. Die Bürger haben ihm diesen Lohn versprochen. Der Rattenfänger nahm eine kleine Flöte aus seiner Tasche und spielte eine Melodie. Danach kamen die Ratten zu ihm. Der Rattenfänger ging aus der Stadt zum Fluss Weser, in dem die Ratten ertranken.

wütend, deshalb kam er am nächsten Morgen zurück. Er spielte die Melodie auf seiner Flöte, aber liefen ihm statt der Ratten die Kinder von Hameln nach. Der Schluss der Legende ist nicht eindeutig. In einer Version kamen die Kinder mit dem Rattenfänger zu einem Berg und verschwanden alle darin. Nach einer anderen Fassung ertranken auch die Kinder wie die Ratten zuvor. Eine wenig bekannte Version erzählt auch, dass der Rattenfänger die Kinder zurückgab, nachdem die Bürger ihm s e i n e n L o h n g e z a h l t hatten. Niemand weiß, wie es wirklich war, aber es existieren mehrere Theorien. Eine besagt, die Kinder hätten Pech gehabt und wären in dem Fluss ertrunken. Oder man hätte die Kinder aus der Stadt vertrieben, damit sie nicht andere Bürger von Hameln anstecken, weil sie selbst von der Epidemie befallen waren. Nicht ausgeschlossen ist, dass die Kinder freiwillig die Stadt verließen, damit sie eine neue Stadt gründen konnten.

Und wie ist eure Meinung zu dieser S a g e? W e l c he d er genannten M ö g l i c h k e i t e n f i n d e t ihr am Der Rattenfänger wollte seinen Lohn wahrscheinlichsten? bekommen, aber die Bürger waren geizig und haben ihm die versprochene Summe MARKÉTA MALCOVÁ nicht bezahlt. Der Rattenfänger wurde Der Rattenfänger spielt auf die Flöte - von MATYÁŠ BOSÁK

Politisch korrekte Hans und Gretel?


inder von heute werden von Fernsehen und Computer erzogen und fast niemanden mehr interessieren klassische Märchen, die uns unsere Mütter vor dem Schlaf gelesen haben. Jemand kann es negativ finden, aber die Märchen haben auch eine dunkle Seite. Hänsel und Gretel, eine weit bekannte Kindergeschichte aus dem neunzehnten Jahrhundert, zeigt uns, was für ein schädliches Beispiel alte Märchen für unsere politisch korrekten, fortschrittlichen Kinder sind. Zwei Kinder von einer Familie mit finanziellen Problemen haben sich im Wald verlaufen, sind aber tapfer genug, den Weg zurück zu finden und eine alte Hexe, die sie eingekerkert hat, umzulegen und ihren Schatz zurück nach Hause zu bringen. Wem von uns hat unsere Mutter diese auf den ersten Blick unschuldige Geschichte nicht gelesen? Was für eine Wirkung das Märchen auf unsere Kinder haben wird, hat allerdings niemand bedacht. Jetzt aber kommt die Zeit das zu ändern und diese Geschichte mit kritischen Augen anzusehen. Eine Handwerkerfamilie mit zwei Kindern befindet sich in Finanznot. Die Mutter stirbt und der Vater bleibt alleine mit den Kindern. Deshalb kann er nicht in Arbeit gehen und die Familie verarmt noch mehr. Vor dem Tod der Mutter handelte sich um ein konservatives Familienbild, wo Männer Karriere machen, während ihre Frauen zu Hause minderwertige Arbeiten ausrichten 10

müssen. So ein veraltetes Familienmodell ist heute inakzeptabel; man kann sich heute entscheiden, wie die eigene Familie aussehen wird. Demgegenüber gibt es noch ein anderes Bild der Familie - es taucht die Figur der Stiefmutter von Hans und Gretel auf. Der gefällt es nicht, dass sie mit Kindern ihres Mannes zu Hause bleiben und für die Kinder, die nicht ihre eigenen Kinder sind, kochen muss. Nach heutigen Maßstäben ist sie eine tüchtige, selbstständige Frau, die es nicht mag, eine Sklavin für den Rest der Familie zu sein. Anders gesagt, sie verkörpert das Ideal einer modernen Frau, in dem Märchen aber ist sie wie eine böse Figur geschildert, weil sie die Kinder in den Wald hineinführt. Das zeigt, dass Frauen mit ihrer Rolle zufrieden sein und nicht für ihr eigenes Glück kämpfen sollen. Das widersetzt sich allen Werten, welche unsere fortschrittliche Gesellschaft schätzt.

kann man ins Gefängnis geraten, weil es um Beschädigung des Privateigentums geht. Als wäre es nicht genug: das Haus ist aus Zucker und Lebkuchen gebaut, deshalb werden die Kinder fett und kraftlos. Der Autor vermittelt hier die Vorstellung, dass übergewichtig zu sein ein Nachteil ist, wobei er das ungesunde Körperproportion Ideal bewertet. Damit dieses Märchen inklusionsfördernd genug ist, sollte das Haus aus Organic Tofu gebaut sein.

Am Ende nimmt die Frau das Recht in ihre Hände und bestraft das Paar. Das ist eine angemessene Reaktion, aber die Kinder ermorden dafür die Frau durch Einäscherung. Nicht nur, dass sehr viel C O 2 w ä h r e n d d e s Verbrennungsprozesses produziert wird - es wird in diesem Märchen sogar der Mord gerechtfertigt. Gleich danach klauen die Kinder den Schatz, den sie bei der toten Frau finden. Niemand sonst würde unseren Kindern über so etwas erzählen - warum dann lesen wir ihnen Noch in einem anderen Teil sind die solche inkorrekte Erzählungen, in denen Frauen als schwache Wesen abgebildet, zwei gierige, kriminelle Kinder die und zwar als sich die Kinder im Wald Haupthelden sind? verirren. Gretel hat Angst und Hans muss dort der tapfere Mann sein, der ihre Vorurteile gegenüber Frauen, Mord, Beschädigung von Schwester schützt. Das Märchen D i e b s t a h l , ge n era l is i er t d ie me n s c hl i c hen Privateigentum, Umweltverschmutzung. Eigenschaften, was wir wegen So sind in diesem Märchen die Akten der Verteidigung der politischen Korrektheit Tapferkeit abgebildet. Es ist an der Zeit, diesem ein Ende zu setzen. Lasst unsere lieber vermeiden sollten. Kinder statt solcher Mordgeschichten Dann, wenn die Kinder sich im Wald eher darüber lesen, wie eine verlaufen, zögern sie nicht an dem Haus kosmopolitische, tolerante Welt aussehen der alten Frau zu schlemmen. Für sowas soll. Open Press 9 - December 2018


Quelle: Kinderbooks.net Gibt es eine fiktive Figur, mit der du dich identifizierst oder identifiziert hast? eutzutage höre ich immer, dass kleine Mädchen weibliche Vorbilder brauchen, damit sie wissen, dass sie erfolgreich werden können. Als ich ein Kind war, inspirierten mich Helden wie der legendäre Mirek Dušin oder der weniger bekannte Mirek Dušín. Wir hatten eigentlich nicht viel gemeinsam; ich war gar nicht so sportlich und aktiv wie “die schnellen Pfeile”, aber die Begeisterung für die großen Ideale, die ich bei meinen Helden gesehen habe, hat mir das Vertrauen in das Gute im Menschen eingeflößt und ließ meine Kinderträume entflammen.


BETH JANEČKOVÁ ls ich jünger war, habe ich viele Romane von Jules Verne gelesen. Das Buch Zwanzigtausend Meilen unter dem Meer war mein Lieblingsroman von diesem Schriftsteller, weil ich Kapitän Nemo sehr mochte. Ich habe immer Technologie, U-Boote und starke Persönlichkeiten in den Büchern gemocht und bei Nemo hat Verne das alles kombiniert. Leider lese ich nicht mehr so viele Bücher und auch deshalb habe ich Nemo völlig vergessen. Trotzdem bleibt er meine Lieblingsfigur.



Español Un prsncipe en caballo blanco i eres una mujer que se está muriendo por conocer a la persona adecuada, no te vayas y sigue leyendo. Hoy vamos a observar a un hombre que puede (o no) ser el hombre que has estado esperando. Vamos a ver sus fortalezas y debilidades.


Ahora algo sobre este hombre guapo y joven. Escuchen, chicas y mujeres buscando novio. Su nombre es el Sombrerón y es, de hecho, un fantasma de México. Qué exótico, ¿verdad? Es un hombre bajo con toda la ropa negra y su símbolo más importante es ¡el sombrero! Lo que al Sombrerón le encanta es montar a caballo y acariciar su crin. Si no hay un caballo cerca, se encuentra un perro para entretejer su cuento. Pues, chicas, eso es una buena señal, le gustan los animales. Al Sombrerón también le gustan las chicas con pelo largo y ojos grandes. Pero no se preocupen, mujeres con pelo corto y ojos pequeños, ¡hay muchos más monstruos mexicanos ideales para vosotras! Cuando al Sombrerón le gusta una mujer en particular, va a su casa todos los días a cantarle canciones y a tocar su guitarra de plata. ¡Que romántico! Le trenzará el pelo a la mujer también. ¡Qué cariñoso! Todavía suena como un hombre perfecto, ¿no? Compensa su estatura baja con un corazón amable. Pero un hombre así no existe, ya sabemos esto. Pues, sigue leyendo.

El lado negativo de algunos hombres es que se vuelven demasiado desesperados por la atención, pegajosos, como decimos. Cuando una mujer responde al amor del Sombrerón, él trae un grupo de mulas a su casa, allí canta y toca la guitarra y no sale nunca. Esto causa que la mujer no pueda dormir en las noches. Esto ya no suena tan perfecto, ¿verdad? Pero no es todo. No solo la mujer no puede dormir, sino que tampoco puede comer. ¿Por qué? No, no es porque el Sombrerón le haya roto sus dientes… Es porque cada comida que ella quiere comer tiene tierra allí, puesta dentro por el Sombrerón. Imaginen, mujeres, que su novio no solo no les deja dormir, ¡él también envenena todas sus comidas! Eso es un trabajo de nosotras las mujeres, ¿no creeís? Vale, ¿pero qué hacer cuando vives con un hombre tan cruel? La respuesta es fácil. Al Sombrerón le gustas por tu pelo largo y ojos grandes, así que, si no puedes hacer que tus ojos sean más pequeños, tienes que cortar tu pelo. Después de esto, el Sombrerón te dejará en paz. ¡Uf! Es un mundo injusto en el que vivimos, señoras... Cuando crees que encontraste al hombre adecuado, resulta ser un torturador con una perversión por los caballos y el pelo largo… Pues bueno, el Sombrerón está fuera de la lista. Tendremos que seguir buscando. TEREZA CHÁROVÁ





La crisis que hay en Venezuela empezó en 2016 por una crisis económica y política. Desde este año el país sufre de pobreza, violencia y gran inseguridad. Por estas razones la gente escapa de V e n e z u e l a . Cada año más gente huye de Venezuela. En 2015 aproximadamente 500 mil venezolanos vivían en la emigración. Pero según los datos de OIM, la Organización para la Migración, en 2018 2,3 millones de venezolanos viven en el extranjero. Esto representa más del 7% de la población total de Venezuela.



l jueves 6 de noviembre los hispa- ¿Cuál es tu cuento preferido? nistas de kvarta fueron a Praga, a la i cuento preferido es Krteček. ya tradicional Fiesta flamenca. Nos Cuando era pequeño solía ver acompañaron la Sra. Caba y la Sra. Krteček en la tele. Las ilustraciones y Perekopská. también el relato de este cuento son muy El programa empezó con una sorpren- tiernas. Y otro aspecto positivo es que es dente demostración de flamenco. Dos un cuento checo. hombres cantaron y tocaron lo instruMATĚJ RENDLA mentos típicos del flamenco: la guitarra y el cajón. Desgraciadamente nuestro nivel i cuento preferido es Včelka Mája, de lengua todavía no es suficiente para en español La abeja Maya. Me que entendiéramos la explicación en es- gustaba tanto el cuento porque todas las pañol. A pesar de esto nos gustó muchísi- partes eran muy alegres y emocionantes. mo y nos puso de buen humor. Los También me encantaba la canción al simpáticos músicos acompañaron a una comienzo de la serie de televisión. joven mujer quien nos mostró diferentes TEREZA CHÁROVÁ tipos de baile de flamenco, vistiendo hermosos trajes típicos. i cuento preferido es Vláček Kolejáček. Vláček Kolejáček no existe en España, es un cuento checo. Era una pequeña película que duraba como 20 minutos y era sobre un tren que tenía que superar muchos obstáculos.




i cuento preferido es Pat y Mat. Creo que el cuento es originalmente de Polonia pero eso no importa porque los protagonistas no hablan, es un cuento mudo. Es una serie de cortometrajes que duran solo pocos Después de esto nos dividimos en tres minutos. Me encanta la serie porque Pat y grupos con alumnos mezclados de Mat superan los obstáculos y retos de diferentes escuelas. El primer grupo fue a manera muy divertida. un salón donde la bailaora nos mostró los diferentes accesorios que se usan cuando HELENÁ SEVEROVÁ se baila el flamenco. Por ejemplo, el mani cuento preferido es Maxipes Fík. tón de seda, el abanico y el bastón. Los Me gustaba tanto porque es una valientes pudieron intentar bailar el flamenco con estos accesorios. Yo fui una de historia de dibujos animados checa y ellos, bailé con el mantón. Fue muy diver- tiene el humor típico de nuestra cultura. tido. También me encantaba la canción al En la siguiente habitación había una comienzo y después todas las partes, clase de geografía, donde aprendimos las porque eran muy alegres y divertidas. diferentes comunidades de España. PETR BARTOŠ También vimos las diferencias entre las cuatro lenguas oficiales de este país.


La migración venezolana uando se habla sobre migración o se dicen las palabras “crisis de migrantes” la mayoría de la gente en la República Checa solo piensa en la situación europea. Sin embargo, la verdad es que la migración es un tema global, y en estos días un tema

Fiesta flamenca

Esto no solo es un gran problema para Venezuela, sino que es un problema para Sudamérica en general. La verdad es que todos los emigrantes tienen que ir a algún país y por eso los vecinos de Venezuela están sufriendo también. Uno de los países más afectados por la crisis migratoria es Colombia. Casi la mitad de los emigrantes, lo que representa más de un millón de personas, eligieron Colombia como su nuevo hogar. Pero Colombia tampoco está sin problemas. El nuevo gobierno de Nicolás Maduro está haciendo lo que le da la gana y la situación económica está cada vez peor. A pesar de esto el número de inmigrantes de Venezuela no va en disminución. Según El País solo en 2018 casi 800,000 personas entraron a Colombia. Un aspecto importante es que esta migración es distinta de la que está en Europa, ya que más de la mitad de los migrantes son migrantes legales con p e r m i s o . Todavía estamos muy lejos de una solución y el fin de esta migración. Lo bueno es que el 4 de septiembre de 2018 la ma-yoría de los países latinoamericanos firmaron la Declaración de Quito, un acuerdo sobre la movilidad humana de los ciudadanos venezolanos en la región en que están buscando una solución temporal para ayudar a la gente

Al final, volvimos a donde estaban los músicos y allí nos enseñaron cómo aplaudir al ritmo del flamenco y a tocar cajones. Intentamos mostrar nuestras emociones usando solo los cajones. Por ejemplo, narramos un paseo romántico o tuvimos que describir la rabia que te da una profesora tonta. Esto fue aún más divertido que bailar el flamenco. La fase siguiente era un quiz de los personajes importantes del mundo hispanohablante. Vašek Vostoupal fue muy afortunado y ganó dos entradas a un concierto de flamenco. Para terminar probamos las tradicionales tapas y bebimos sangría (aunque sin alcohol). Vamos a recordar esta Fiesta flamenca con mucho cariño.

lustración de Pavlína Hrachovcová


Open Press 9 - December 2018


Euripidova Medeia

Básně plné dětských

současným jazykem


Erechtheovci, osud Vám dal štěstí pradávné Athénané, vy jste blažených bohů synové. Úrodná půda, rodí Vám stále, Všudyznámou moudrost a blaho pro Vaši duši. Sluncem je zalitý Váš vzduch, V němž svěžím krokem lehce kráčíte. A jak vypráví pověst, Ve Vaší zemi se prý narodila jakási Harmoniá, Devět múz, stydlivé a svaté své dcery Tam, kde Kéfísos pohání krásně svůj proud, Tak tam prý čerpá bohyně lásky odvar živých vln, A zavlažuje zemi vodou, která je rozfoukána do všech míst, Například zahrad nebo údolí, Věčným se květem tu roste keř vonné růže, Kterým si zdobí vlasy bohyně milostná, A šíří lásku, aby moudrost a umění provázela duše, Nejvíce snaživé.

Malé děti a jejich všetečné otázky. Všichni to známe, nekonečný kolotoč Když si takhle roste v trávě, jak to že různorodých otázek: Proč máš tyhle usychá? boty? Proč sis je koupila? Proč mají ty tkaničky červenou barvu? Proč… Je jich tady vážně tolik, že se blíží ke stu? Terciáni už tak malí nejsou, ale otázek pokládají mnoho. Svou zvídavost Krásná je i odkvetlá, napomáhá jí to k zkoušeli využít v ne tak snadném růstu? úkolu. Měli napsat rýmovanou báseň VALERIE PAVLIŠTÍKOVÁ o čtyřech verších, avšak každý verš musel být jednou otázkou.


Chce, aby na ni sedaly vrány?



Proč se radši nekoupe?


Alergie Nač má pampeliška chmýří?

Proč je tahle bota tady?

Nebo se už možná cítí dospělá?

Proč její květy vzduchem víří?

Proč je druhá bota vedle?

Nebojí se deště či větrů?

Proč kvůli ní kašlu a pšikám?

Proč je vedle staré jedle?

Všímá si těch krásných květů?

K čemu je ta pampeliška? To si pořád říkám.


Nevydržím bez vás déle, na viděnou brzy. Fungovat nám to bude skvěle, teď už jsem ale drzý.

Doufám, že hluboce mne poznáte, JAN HREBÍK

Odpověď na Taťánin dopis Vážený pane,

ač teď nevím, kudy kam.

Váš dopis zastihl mne v překvapení, jakého u mne často není. V rozumu jistá,

City, ty jsou pro mě nové,

však v citech nevzdělaná,

tápu, zmítám se a bloudím,

vzbudilo ve mne Vaše psaní

omluvte mé vyjadřování strohé,

nevídané rozpaky.

Je lepší promluvit či zemřít?

kterou sama nikdy nepocítila jsem. Proto musím zchladit žár Vašeho srdce, pomatenou hlavu stáhnout z oblaků a vyslovit se, že já nestojím teď o pozornost, ni slávu,

Věřte, že jste mne potěšila,

Chce být přítomna u všech vyvrklých bezmezně po Vás, Taťáno, toužím. kotníků? Chce následně vidět nové kopačky z botníku?

Proč se vůbec nehoupe?

Necítí se skluzavka moc osamělá?

Kde vezme odvahu tvá duše, Kde vezme troufalost tvá hrud? Kde vezmeš sílu, uhodit je? Ach, jak já rád jsem, že jste Nebude ti to líto, až na ně pohlédneš? promluvila, Co teprv, budou-li tě prosit o odpuštění, dokážeš jim ublížit? odvahu bych na to neměl sám.

Chce schytávat všechny rány?

Proč na ní sedí roztomilá Kačka?

Co když přijdu do zahrady?

než srdce své já do rukou vašich dám.


Proč je tu červená houpačka?


Dopis Taťáně



Sytě žlutá pampeliška, proč jen se k ní čichá?

ANDREA POKORNÁ A jakpak tě asi přijme kraj, Plný posvátných květů a vod, Tak jak tě asi může přijmout, Když jsi vražedkyně vlastních dětí? Jsi bezbožná, prokletá žena. Ach, měla bys zvážit, jestli probodneš hrud. Ach měla bys zvážit, čí vraždu tu Odpověď, na kterou asi čekáte, chystáš. já nyní, drahá, píši vám. O Medeio, na kolenou tě prosíme, nezabíjej své děti.


Prvně polichocena, pak zdráhavá

již Váš zájem přináší. Vždyť neznáme se přece! Posuďte sám, zda stojí za to dát se do známosti s osobou cizí, byť cit namlouvá, že právě ona je ta pravá. Omluvte můj chladný rozum a možná i srdce chlad, který nedovoluje mi Vaše city opětovat, jen zdvořile se zdráhat a ustupovat a lásce se neoddat.

jsem byla, když slova vášnivého citu

S pozdravem,

Mluvit, to já již vím!

pročítala jsem.


Teď bych chtěl vaše dlaně sevřít

Autora neznalá, nevěděla jsem,

a už nikdy neskončit s tím.

komu vděčím za ta slova chvály


a vyslovené lásky,


Open Press 9 - December 2018

Kvarta B v Orwellově Farmě Zvsřat

Open Press 9 - December 2018














Open Press 9 - December 2018