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Designing the Future

Plenty Poll Would you watch a TV channel with only green programming? 42% “Yes, even if the shows are bad. Viva la revolución!” 10% “Depends if there’s a game on or not.” 13% “No, I prefer to read informative and entertaining magazines, and websites such as” 35% “Never. I want my MTV.”

Biotech is making its way into our food and our fuel tanks. Every year, farmers across the globe are planting more genetically modified (GM) crops; and the fish, meat, and dairy from transgenic animals might not be in supermarkets yet, but GM livestock are multiplying in barns and laboratory fish tanks. In January of this year, the FDA approved the sale of food from cloned animals, though the Department of Agriculture asked producers to keep the meat off the market because of consumer fears. From agro to auto: Scientists are now cloning digestive enzymes found in the stomachs of some animals, with the goal of making cheap cellulosic ethanol—biofuel made from tough plant parts like corn stalks and tree bark. In September, we’ll explore the dangers and benefits of biotechnology in an exclusive online series.

Plenty Magazine Issue 23 Aug/Sept 2008  

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