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Home Renovator’s Guide

Plenty’s complete manual for healthy, renewable, energy-efficient materials that will add value to your home and let you breathe a whole lot easier. By Brita Belli, Brian Clark Howard, and Tracy Tullis


Less Than Zero


Greenlined Design

A new wave of architectural thinkers is drawing up the blueprints for struc­tures that, like living organisms, help regenerate the environment.

Rooftop turbines, bamboo bicycles, and the megapixel revolution: ten innovations that better our planet, as selected by the executive director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

By Lisa Selin Davis

By Elizabeth Thompson

2 | august-september 2008

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The World In Green

Plenty Magazine Issue 23 Aug/Sept 2008  

beyond the bulb> the best Ideas In green desIgn krIstIn gore kIlls her laWn | saIlIng greece | gossIp gIrl’s eco star