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Simple ways to make your appliances last longer

HOME SALES This week’s data represents homes sold during Nov. 1-Dec. 7

Pleasanton 2126 Alexander Way Hodges Trust to G. Muthuchattanathan for $760,000 3337 Arbor Drive B. & S. Hillman to W. & C. McNaught for $965,000 2936 Bottini Court R. Ragsdale to Dozier Trust for $1,850,000 2873 Brezza Court GGD Oakdale to Chand Trust for $3,730,000 1571 Calle Enrique Longboya Trust to S. Singh for $676,000 233 Del Valle Court Hufenbach Trust to K. Sadeghi for $910,000 1061 Gray Fox Circle A. Ross to A. Krishna for $1,555,500 4645 Ithaca Way J. Lee to G. Stratton for $482,500 7443 Palm Court L. Lovell to N. Srinivasan for $1,065,000 290 Ray Street Cortez Trust to Hansen Enterprises for $700,000 5273 Riverdale Court J. Lewis to J. Park for $755,000 901 Sherman Way R. & K. Hooven to S. Shankar for $1,415,000 3071 Tonopah Circle P. Young to D. Kendyala for $595,000 4214 Wells Street Howes Trust to Z. Yang for $810,000 3678 Annis Circle D. & T. Schaffer to T. & S. Pellegrino for $923,000 1151 Bordeaux Street M. & K. Medeiros to R. & G. Cobb for $955,000 7765 Canyon Meadow Circle #A J. Pope to G. & L. Burke for $520,000 950 Clinton Place C. & N. Rodriguez to L. Krasnovsky for $779,000

5963 Corte Venado D. & K. Luck to J. & M. Arsanious for $1,049,000 4630 Denker Drive Ronald Trust to Janah Investments for $660,000 5709 Hanifen Way Wells Fargo Bank to Y. Xiong for $1,660,000 1844 Harvest Road Turner Trust to M. & G. Healy for $708,000 1647 Hopyard Road Obrien Trust to Wolford Trust for $1,145,000 4653 Laramie Gate Court C. & S. Kim to S. Xing for $1,150,000 9904 Longview Lane S. & M. Szeto to M. Jamali for $2,100,000 7405 Maywood Drive Harrington Trust to V. Jambu for $630,000 7527 Maywood Drive C. Garcia-Sierra to Z. Hussain for $753,000 5284 Northway Road Marr Sanchez & Associates to S. & J. Hoopes for $955,000 3433 Norton Way #7 S. Wentz to K. & B. Gali for $410,000 3937 Petrified Forest Court Landmark Hill Investment to R. Sarangapani for $790,000 3740 Rocky Mountain Court B. Pearce to A. Ivanov for $858,000 1155 Shady Pond Lane T. & B. Rosenthal to S. So for $1,885,000 702 Sylvaner Drive Y. & C. Chang to B. & K. Kennedy for $975,000 3713 Thistle Way J. & J. Clark to L. Cavil for $462,500 7101 Valley Trails Drive T. Johnsen to L. Chaladi for $720,000 477 Vineyard Place #C C. Layton to D. & R. Elliott for $490,000 Source: California REsource

Tips for maintaining fridges, dishwashers, dryers and washing machines BY NATHANIEL SILLIN

‘Tis the season for overflowing refrigerators, never-ending loads of laundry and hopefully visiting family who will lend a hand. Many people ask their appliances to work a little harder than normal during the holidays, and proper maintenance throughout the year might be the key to avoiding an untimely breakdown. Here are a few maintenance tips for refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry machines and dryers. Each of these major appliances has an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years and you might want to start budgeting for your next purchase around the nine-year mark. There are many factors that contribute to a particular machine’s lifespan. However, regular maintenance could help ensure your appliance’s longevity, let you avoid expensive service calls and lead to lower utility bills. Clean the coils to keep the fridge efficient and cool. We mostly expect refrigerators to keep working. But imagine having a house full of holiday guests and waking up to find that it stopped. Not only are

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you stuck paying for repairs ($220 to $270 on average), or a new fridge (anywhere from $350 to over $2,500), but you might be making an expensive trip to the store to replace all the spoiled food. The most important part of refrigerator maintenance is keeping the condenser coils clean. A dirty coil won’t release heat as well, causing the compressor to work harder, which in turn shortens its life and can cost you money in higher utility bills. Luckily, the process takes about 15 minutes and only needs to be done once or twice a year. Start by unplugging your refrigerator. Units that have coils underneath them will likely have a cover that needs to be removed and a condenser fan that should be cleaned. Other units have uncovered coils on the back. Using a brush or vacuum carefully clean off the dirt and dust. If you use a vacuum, check for and empty or dry out the drip pan, which is common on units with a built-in defroster. The inside of a dishwasher needs cleaning as well. Your dishwasher might not be a necessity, but it sure is nice to spend time with visiting family and friends rather than washing dishes by hand. In fact, during one recent family visit, we ran our dishwasher multiple times per day. It’s important to clean the inside of the dishwasher as mineral deposits and leftover food scraps can build up, leading to clogged or leaky components and nose-turning smells. Running an unloaded dishwasher on a cleaning cycle with white vinegar could do the trick. You may also need to scrub the walls by hand and clean out the filter, which is often found at the bottom of the machine. Next, gently wipe down and inspect the plastic gasket around the door, a break or leak could lead to

an expensive mess. While gaskets cost about $10, labor costs can be between $75 and $150 an hour and damage from the water could be significantly more. Respect the load limits of your washer and dryer. I’m always shocked by the piles of laundry that build up when you have a full house. While the extra towels, sheets and clothes from visiting guests might make it tempting, don’t overload your machines. Too much weight can cause parts to wear out and break prematurely. Plus, you could wind up with detergent residue on clothes and need to rerun the cycle (a waste of time, water and energy), or damp clothes that still need to be dried. Also, gently close washer and dryer doors. Too much force could break the switch — the small part that signals to the machine the door is closed. The average cost to fix common washing machine problems is $50 to $150, while dryers’ more expensive parts push repair costs to about $100 to $400. Consider DIY repairs if something breaks. Even with proper maintenance, appliances can break. Unless you have a repairman in the family, you will likely spend $75plus an hour to hire one. You might consider trying to save a little money by doing the repairs yourself. The job in question, your comfort level, experience and access to tools will influence which repairs you should attempt, but you won’t necessarily be completely on your own. Appliance manufacturers, appliance parts dealers and independent handymen post helpful video guides with step-by-step instructions that you can follow. Q Editor’s note: Nathaniel Sillin directs Visa’s financial education programs. Follow Practical Money Skills on Twitter, @PracticalMoney.


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