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BMXQZ`UZQ_ more romantic than that. “I want you in my life forever.� The vow is “in sickness or in health,� but we’d all prefer good health. If your special someone knows they need to get fit or stay fit, they might need more than a gentle nudge. Hiring a personal trainer — for a private session or for the two of you — is a way to show your commitment to life and to each other. Resist the urge to go the traditional (and unimaginative) route this Valentine’s Day. Think of your gift ideas with health in mind to make your love last. —ARA Content



Bring Your Sweetie Along for Free! Mention this ad and receive a FREE men’s haircut when booked with a female cut or color at regular price.

or other physical event can create memories to last a lifetime. That’s how 29-year-old Michael Lorenzen ended up registered for his first ultra-distance triathlon. “My wonderful girlfriend, Brigit, gifted me a 2012 entry into a triathlon.� He says his initial reaction was irritation, followed quickly by panic, which soon transpired into gratitude. “She did it because she knew I’d never sign up myself. I’ve never done an ultra-distance triathlon. I know I can, but committing to doing it is a big deal to me.� The gift, he says, showed him that she believes in him. It’s hard to get

*Appointments must be paid and services rendered on same day. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires March 3, 2012.

A Bumble and Bumble Network Salon 101 East Vineyard Ave., Suite 123 Conveniently located in the Campo di Bocce retail center in Livermore *While supplies last. *Discounts available for new clients only. *Cannot combine with other offers.


Weekend Menu at

925 460 0444 • 5121 Hopyard Rd., Pleasanton

Tuesday, Feb. 14th 5:00-10:00pm


Dine to the Romantic Sounds of Terry & Mary (6-9pm) $55.00 per guest (tax & gratuity not included) $40.00 per guest for Wine Pairing (optional)

925 838 1320 • 600 Hartz Avenue, Danville Tuesday, Feb. 14th 5:00-9:30pm Dine to the Soothing Sounds of Simon & Joey (6:30-9pm) 4 Course Prix Fixe - $65.00 (tax & gratuity not included)

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Pleasanton Weekly 02.03.2012 - Section 1  

Section 1 of the February 3, 2012 edition of the Pleasanton Weekly

Pleasanton Weekly 02.03.2012 - Section 1  

Section 1 of the February 3, 2012 edition of the Pleasanton Weekly