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Police name 2010 Employees of the Year Officer’s keen observation led to arrest of sexual predator Officer Matthew Kroutil has been selected as the Pleasanton Police Department’s Officer of the Year along with Records Clerk Vanessa Schlehuber who was named professional staff Employee of the Year. Kroutil, who is described as a dedicated professional with an intrinsic motivation to do quality police work, won the honor for his proactive contributions in keeping Pleasanton safe. In recognizing Kroutil, police noted that his hard work and tenacity were further demonstrated in July during one of the several hundred traffic stops he made during the year. While on patrol, Kroutil stopped a vehicle for having a cracked windshield, and during the stop asked the 35-year-old male driver from Nebraska about the juvenile female passenger with him in the vehicle. Kroutil’s investigative instincts and intuitive skills led him to believe something was unusual about their relationship. Although they tried to mitigate his doubts, Kroutil continued to ask probing questions and investigate for the truth. Because of his determination, he unraveled a significant crime against a child and arrested a sexual predator who had traveled across state lines after meeting the juvenile on the In-

Judge dismisses Lin family lawsuit against Pleasanton Could be appealed; similar case awarded $30 million to developer BY GLENN WOHLTMANN

Matthew Kroutil

Vanessa Schlehuber

ternet. That man was later determined to be a wanted fugitive, and because of this arrest, additional victims were discovered. Records Clerk Vanessa Schlehuber, who was honored as the professional Employee of the Year, is consistently optimistic, upbeat and enthusiastic about her career and the department, police said. She provides strong customer service, and co-workers seek out her assistance and expertise. Schlehuber assists with processing juvenile arrests and is a facilitator to train employees, police said. Her background and experience with its permitting process has helped those new to the role. In a statement honoring Schlehuber, the department said:

“In addition to her many contributions as a paid employee, Ms. Schlehuber gives generously of her own time and volunteers and serves as president of the Pleasanton Police Officers Association Charitable Foundation. “Over the past several years, she’s provided countless hours of personal time planning and organizing the ‘Giving Tree Program’ for during the holiday season. She meticulously solicits and reviews applications, organizes press releases and communications with citizens to ensure a successful outcome for the families in need.� Schlehuber has been with the Pleasanton Police Department since July 2005 and is married to Kurt Schlehuber, a sergeant with the department. N

Pleasanton has won its legal battle with landowners Jennifer and Fredric Lin, who sued the city for the right to build 51 houses on 600 acres they own in the southeast hills. The Lin family’s lawsuit against the city of Pleasanton was dismissed last week by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. Gonzalez Rogers cited “poison pill� language and said both the ordinances involved were voided when one of them was overturned in last year’s referendum. “The unambiguous language of Ordinance No. 1962 contemplates that should Ordinance No. 1961 be repealed by referendum, Ordinance No. 1962 shall have no force and effect,� Gonzalez Rogers said in her decision. “The only reasonable interpretation of this language is that it constitutes a conditional acceptance, approving the development agreement only so long as the condition of Ordinance No. 1961’s repeal by referendum did not come to pass. Once the referendum occurred, the condition

came to pass, and no contractual duty was created, or alternatively, at best, was discharged.� Assistant City Attorney Larissa Seto said the city is pleased with the decision. She added that while the Lins may not pursue the case at the trial court level, the family may appeal the decision. “While this completes the action on this breach of contract matter at the trail court level, it does not preclude the Lins from pursuing other new claims based on other legal allegations,� Seto added. In her ruling, Gonzalez Rogers cited a case involving Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition LLC v. Town of Mammoth Lakes; however, the ruling in that case, which involved a similar poison pill issue, preceded a jury trial that awarded $30 million to the developer. The Lin’s attorney, Andrew Sabey, said in court that he thought Gonzalez Rogers’ decision could be overturned on appeal. Sabey was unable to be reached for comment on the decision and whether he would appeal. N

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Pleasanton Weekly 03.04.2011 - Section 1  

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