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EXPECTATIONS Awarded fringe review award for ourstanding theatre

Many congratulations to Expectations, winners of the Fringe Review Theatre Award for Outstanding Theatre. Presented yesterday, the award recognises the achievements of The Gothenburn English Speaking Theatre (GEST) and in particular the writer and director team, Kristina Branden Whitaker and Gary Whitaker on whose story the play is based. “It is a real privilege to see Expectations” says Fringe Review’s Mike Fitzgerald. “It isn’t easy… But you will be rewarded with one of the best hour’s drama you will see. It really is that good”. Based on a true story, Expectations depicts the experience of coming to terms with the news that a child will be born disabled. Kristina and Gary Whittaker’s own daughter was born with a rare chromosome disorder. “It became so hard to get on with doing anything because we had to stay and care for her” says Kristina, who writes

and stars in Expectations. “I always kept a diary, and had thought that maybe I should write a book, but since I’m an actress I decided to write a play.” In the play, two couples’ experiences are contrasted. In addition to an English couple, whose story is loosely based on true events, a Sweedish couple decide to terminate a pregnancy upon discovering about a severe disability though pre-natal technology. Their story is of a relationship experiencing grieving for the child that you never have. “It’s a very in your face, frank, true and honest play”, tells Kristina. “This play is very very important because its talking about things that are not often talked about. There is a tendancy for people to hide their stories away, but it would be nice to open a discussion.” “I hope to raise awareness, based on my personal experience. When I first found out about my daughter I was surprised how little there was out there. I really wanted know about other families and how they changed.” Sally Walsh, who plays Theresa in the play, knew director Gary prior to reading the script. “I knew the backstory, and reading the play I found it real and honest. You could

really imagine how the illness affected their relationship and the play really reflected that well.” Sally further explains the wider appeal of the play, “Whilst it is educational and it is raising awareness, it is also really funny. Even if this subject at the moment has no direct relationship to you, this piece is an entertaining look through the keyhole at real relationships.” Expectations Pleasance Dome 4-22 Aug (Not 16), 12:40

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INTERVIEW: FIRST LOVE You were last here at the Fringe in 1997 – How did that compare to now? It seems triple the size here – the Pleasance seems to have quadroupled. Back then we were very much trying out something new, taking Beckett’s novels and turning them into a one man show. Although we had always been fans of Beckett, this was a new approach. It completely took off, we had glowing reviews and positive feedback all-round. Since then we’ve put on ten Beckett productions and travelled to sixty three cities worldwide. It seems to have a universal appeal. Our 1997 Pleasance production was a real

springboard for us. But you haven’t been back since? Oh I’ve wanted to come back every year. But – luckily - I’ve been booked up with other things! This year I wanted to come back with First Love. It’s still a new show, but has already been very successful for us. What is First Love all about, then? It’s one of Beckett’s earliest short stories, taking in many of his major themes; life, death, relationships, you know? All the major themes! It beautifully balances tragedy and comedy. Its central character is perhaps not someone you





Today on Radio HooHah there’s just enough time for another scintillating line-up of programmes. The Comissioning Editor is really going for it and she thinks she’s got the most diverse selection of programming on the airwaves. And she’s just about to go on 18 months maternity leave.


would invite home, but despite being someone misanthropic he is also very likeable and charming. Having been thrown out of his family home following his father’s death, he meets a woman on a bench who he falls in love with. But of course the infatuation was absolutely abhorrent to him; he hates the idea of being in love. So he settles on the cure of moving in with her – something a lot of people will probably be able to relate to, I think! Why does Beckett appeal to you personally? I’m constantly amazed at how beautifully he writes (and beautiful is a big word). Personally, I have always seen great humour when I read Beckett,

JACK DOME, Pleasance Dome

Clafoutis Tutti - Semi Final John Blankets’ panAsian-Bayan take on children’s party food is up against Emma from Tonypandy’s delicious lemon gravy. Cooking has never been more dangerous.

Find out who’s in line for The Big Sheep and, most importantly, will Brian Dobrin win the Cattle of Britain award yet again this year? Presenters Malcolm and Eddie are not in love with one another. They are both happily married.

Chat Stella Rimmington presents her own show On The Rim.

In My Mind Diana Spratling, who once interviewed Mugabe for goodness sake, searches for something in Leonova Velvety ConstableWheeler’s mind.

Farming Today It’s time for this year’s Top Of The Crops awards.

although I’m aware that my view is not always shared by everyone. Thankfully, I think it’s fair to say that during the course of the thirteen years work we’ve done, a good number of audiences have probably been alerted to not just the humour but also to the humanity of Beckett. First Love Pleasance Courtyard 4-25 (Not 18) 17:30

Why Do We Do The Things We Do The Way We Do Them? Empowering Yourself (Through Self-Harness) Motivational mountain Zonda Ferarri, founder of the University of Emotional Sciences, wants you to win. Listen to her programme The Power of Positive Thought and embrace your uniqueness. Mackenzie & McGuire’s comedy Radio Hoohah is on every day in the Jack Dome at 6.50pm.

LAST CHANCE TO SEE CELLOPHANE Your last chance to see foxy career bitch, having Cellophane comes this weekend. Writer Bjork Jakobsdottir is pleased to announce the recent booking of on Australian tour, including dates in the Sydney Opera House. However, already on her tour Bjork has been interrogated by the Russian police, worked for the Russian mafia and prompted heated discussions in the Sicilian media about gender equality - who’s to say where she’ll end up next!? Cellophane is the monologue of a modern woman trying to make it on all fronteirs; mum,

a volcanic sex life. Mission impossible. Helen, the modern woman, decides to wrap herself in cellophane as a sexy surprise for her husband, on recommendation of a magazine. With children around, though, this doesn’t work out so well. Planning! That’s what the modern woman needs to learn. Cellophane originated in Iceland in 2002 where it has been performed 220 times. It has toured 12 European desinations. Cellophane Pleasance Courtyard 6-15 Aug 12:40

SCRATCH PLAYS FROM NEW COMEDIAN THEATRE With new line-ups every day, Itch: A Scratch Event takes new scripts written by comic performers completely from scratch, getting them up in front of an audience for the first time. They are excited to announce some new additions to their regular line-ups, many of which will be featuring over the next few days. Jo Caulfield is going to try out Catherine Harvey’s Sweet Dreams - which has been written especially for the Comedians Theatre Company - performing it for the first time ever. Akexus Dubus will recount the latest amusing adventure from naughty Frenchman Marcel Lucont’s autobiography, Moi. Check daily listings from these and many many more. Itch: A Scratch Event Pleasance Courtyard 4-30 Aug (Not 17, 24) 14:00

ARTHUR SMITH EMBARGO Critics will only be allowed to review Arthur Smith’s show A Cobbled Up Shambels if they are prepared to take part in it. Specifically, Arthur will offer £100 to any reviewer

who is game to juggle three kippers (and indeed any large fish) at once on stage. His embargo comes on this, his thirty-third year since first experiencing the Festival Fringe. “I thought of all those young acts frantically in search of a critical reaction and I thought it’s those people who want and need coverage, not me. So I say if you are a critic who was going to come see me don’t bother, pick a young and hungry show.” Arthur Smith Cobbled Up Shambles Pleasance Courtyard 15-28 Aug 16.30

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MERVYN STUTTER’S PICK OF THE FRINGE Pleasance Courtyard 12:55 Pete Firman Kevorkian Simon Donald The Organ Grinders The Man Who Was Hamlet No Son Of Mine NICHOLAS PARSONS: HAPPY HOUR Pleasance Courtyard 17:10 Sean Hughes Graffiti Classics Kate Fox NINA CONTI: TALK TO THE HAND Pleasance Dome 20:30 Nicholas Parsons BEST OF POPCORN COMEDY Pleasance Dome 23:30 Josie Long Cardinal Burns

RONNA AND BEVERLY Pleasance Courtyard 17:45 Alex Horne Lucy Porter STORYTELLER’S CLUB Pleasance Courtyard 22:00 Jo Caulfield Sammy J Mark Allen James Dowdeswell Host: Sarah Bennetto VIVE LE CABARET Pleasance at Ghillie Dhu 21:30 Pippa Evans Sxip Shirey Piff the Magic Dragon Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer Kiki Kaboom The Bravetarts Desmond O’Connor (host) Please note that all line-ups are subject to change. Check the Box Office for the latest information.

BEST OF EDINBURGH: THE SHOWCASE SHOW Pleasance Courtyard 13:10 HOST – DES BISHOP CAREY MARX ADAM VINCENT CAROLINE MABEY CHRIS CORCORAN THE DAVE HILL EXPLOSION Pleasance Courtyard 23:00 Jennifer Coolidge THE FIX PRESENTS Pleasance Dome 20:30 Broken Busicuits Delete The Banjax Robert White Plus very special guest Hosted By Harry Deansway *GZPVXPVMEMJLFUPLOPXNPSFBCPVUUIF


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