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The Festival Fringe can be the ultimate launch pad for many careers. Great shows are made, found and picked up at this festival, and many of the great names in entertainment, theatre and comedy began here. In addition to audiences, journalists, promoters and scouts who are eager to see the best of the Fringe, teams of award judges see thousands of shows in search of deserving shows. Awards recieved at the Festival Fringe can affirm the standard of shows, companies and performers and allow them to thrive come September.


Academics, critics, presenters and theatre artists come together to assess and judge shows. The award panel are committed to dynamic conversation, exploring what is good in theatre and why. Having been nominated, these shows will now enter the final judging stage ahead of the result announcements on Friday 27 August. Contratulations to the nominated Pleasance productions: Keepers, Pleasance Courtyard 430 Aug 16:00 Derevo: Harlekin (Pictured Right) Pleasance Courtyard 4-30 Aug 13:00 Ballad of Backbone Joe, Pleasance Courtyard 4-29 Aug 14:35 Odyssey, Pleasance Dome 4-30 Aug (Not 24) 14:50

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Musical theatre matters

Now in its fourth year at the Fringe, the MTM awards have helped the Fringe become the place where producers launch new musicals. Nominees will perform at the Gala ceremony on 25 August at 15:30 in Pleasance Beyond. Pleasance are thrilled to contratuate all the shows that have been nominated for an award: Hamlet! The Musical, Best Production, Pleasance Courtyard 4 - 30 Aug 17:00 Reel to Real, Best Production, Started in 1995, The Stage Awards Pleasance Courtyard 4-30 Aug 18:00 recognise excellence in individuals Lovesong, Best Book (Picture, and companies. Our nominations are: Right Top), Pleasance Dome 4-21 Beautiful Burnout, Best Aug 17:20 Ensemble Pleasance Courtyard Ovid Metamorphoses, Best New 4-29 Aug (Not 23) 19:30 Musical, Pleasance Dome 4-30Aug Keepers, Best Ensemble, 12:00 Pleasance Courtyard 4-30 Aug Barbershopera: Apocalypse? No!, 16:00 Best New Musical & Best Lyrics, Caroline Horton, You’re Not Like Pleasance Dome 4-30 Aug 22:55 The Other Girls Chrissy, Best Solo Performance, Pleasance Courtyard 4-30 Aug 12:45

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The Stage Awards

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So far, two shows at the Pleasance have recieved this prestigious award, and further announcements take place next week. Beautiful Burnout Pleasance Courtyard 4-29 Aug (Not 23) 19:30 Running On Air Pleasance Courtyard 4-29 Aug (Not 23) Various Times,, See Guide

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by an INTERVIEW - DAN ANTOPOLSKI accompanied implicit confession of my

Is Turn Of The Century all new material? Definitely, it’s entirely new. I toured last year’s Edinburgh show this Spring, and will be touring this one in the Autumn. What’s your writing process? It is usually one of gradual developments and growths. When I’m walking around I’ll think of a nugget of comedy, and then it goes straight into the iPhone. A pun or an image or something. That becomes grit in the oyster and then I track through it and see where it leads. Once you get to previews,

of course, the writing process becomes a little more conscious. Your stand up covers a whole range of comic styles – Do you have a natural favourite? I like the whole mix. I don’t feel that one should have to choose. I perform stories, raps, one-liners, presentations, all sorts. They’re all me, they all come out of my sense of humour, so if you tune in you should see that. People are in haste to create categories for comedy, but there’s room for all of it. I won the Dave Award last festival for ‘Funniest Joke of the Fringe’, which was a sort of stupid thing. Of all the hard work I’ve put into comedy, this trivial thing has become the most googletastic phenomenon in my twelve year career. Now I’ve got this presence as a one-liner guy which is very strange because there are only ever a few in the show. You may as well call me a rap comedian (which

I’m not either.) There’s loads going on in the big wide world – Should comedy cover major issues? Comedy is a form of culture like a book or a film. Within it, there’s good and bad, there’s shows with layers and shows without. Personally, I don’t understand global economics and I don’t really understand foreign policy. I am someone, for example, who was seduced by Tony Blair’s personable presentation, and thought “Oh well, he seems to know what he’s doing”. That turned out to be all hokum. I wouldn’t trust myself if I were you to start talking about these things in an authoritative tone just because I have confidence in public speaking. But there are comedians who know their stuff who are worth listening to, and they certainly have their place. I’m happy to say what I have to say from an individual perspective,

own ignorance. How do the jobs of standup and dad go together? Very badly, initially. I took a little holiday from stand up to start with, but now they’re older it has become easier. Now it is quite a good fit because I’m at home in the day, and they generate some material for my gigs. I quite enjoy talking dad stuff – that famous hack topic – and coming at them from within. I’m long enough matured in stand up that I feel I can talk about whatever I want to talk about and feel I can come up with a personal take on it. I’m just happy to express what I want to express, which sometimes is a silly rap about a lazer or a one-liner about hedgehogs and sometimes will be something more important. Dan Antopolski: Turn of the Century Pleasance Dome 4-30 Aug 20:00

show Nightmare Dream Wedding and a song from Peter Straker’s I’m Still Here provide further treats for listeners.

Download the podcast from iTunes or by heading to podcast, and look out for episode #3 soon too.

PODCAST #2 AVAILABLE NOW The Pleasance’s second Binns) hosts the podcast,

podcast is available to download, stream or subscribe to now. Introduced, as ever, by Stephen K Amos, this episode features recordings and interview with some of the Pleasance’s best performers. Ivan Brackenbury (Tom

a skill now familiar to him as he continues with his Hospital Radio Remix show. Ivan introduces Ian D. Montford (Tom Binns) who talks about being a psychic medium in Touching The Dead. Live recordings from the Tom Wrigglesworth’s comedy


An Edinburgh Tours, City Sightseeing Bus was used as an unofficial Fringe venue on Thursday 19th and Tuesday 24th August showcasing some of the best children’s acts from the Pleasance Kidzone at the Sick Kids Hospital. Co-ordinated by Lothian Buses and the Pleasance these performances and workshops were designed to give the children a taster of what is going on, in and around the city this month. Ian Craig, Managing Director of Lothian Buses says: “The Sick Kids is one of Lothian Buses favoured charities and as a father of three myself, we are keen esents to support the hospital and the children wherever




and whenever we can. By organising this initiative, supplying the Edinburgh Tour Bus as a ‘venue’ and dedicating a driver to ferry the performers to and from the Pleasance Kidzone we are delighted to be able to bring a flavour of the Festival to the children.” Candida Alderson, of the Pleasance ensured the Bus had a brilliant lineup including acts such as storyteller Andrew Clover, comedian Phil Kaye, awardwinning the List Operators, CBBC’s Dan and Jeff, and for the younger children the interactive Monkey Music and Penguin making the Kidzone Bus a big hit with its young audience. “We are so very grateful to all involved in making this

Tim Key releases his new album, With A String Quartet On A Boat this weekend. A launch event takes place this Sunday (22 Aug) in Avalanche Records, Cockburn Street at 15:00. Limited 12” vinyl copies will be available for the release of the new Tim Key limited first attendees. tion 12Ó vinyl album: Tim’s show concludes at the Pleasance Dome on Saturday 21 Aug, so catch it while you can. h A String Quartet. OnSlutcracker, A Boat. Tim Key: The Pleasance Dome 16-21 Aug 00:15

visible Dot Ltd in association with r Recording Corporation.


exciting project happen. It is a wonderful opportunity for young patients at the hospital to see some of the children’s acts at the festival they would have missed. Our thanks go out to all involved in making this entertainment project possible – the performers from The Pleasance Kidzone who have given

up their precious free time and of course, Lothian buses for providing a bus and driver, and for coming up with the idea and coordinating the activity. It all goes to prove that you don’t have to be a doctor to help sick kids feel better” said Will Guest, Fundraising and Events Manager of the Sick Kids.

@ThePleasance #pleasancetimes

nickmohammed has perhaps the funniest show on the fringe, and don’t miss the golden lizard, Pleasence below 4 45! Woop!

RT @bazeboiee If you like dark medical humour regaled in the most mellifluous of tones then see @georgeryegold at the Pleasance Dome. RT @elizabethpblack Some kind of ANGEL handed my wallet in to Pleasance reception WITHOUT STEALING ANYTHING FROM IT. Who are you? I love you. RT @IdiotsOfAnts Recommendations!!! @

RT @MusicalTalkThos Hamlet the Musical (Pleasance): Rollicking (Yoricking?), barnstorming, hilarious one hour version of Hamlet. Brio aplenty & a cracking score RT @Whatsonstage: Clarke Peters seen at Omar’s soulful solo show LOVESONG at Pleasance Dome, leading the clapping. #wosed #edfringe

SATURDAY 21ST AFTER HOURS Pleasance Dome 00:40 Andrew Maxwell Stuart Goldsmith Addy Can Der Borgh Pete Johanson Ivo Graham BBC COMEDY PRESENTS Pleasance Dome 23:00 Chris Ramsey Frisky & Mannish Wittank Felix Dexter Ardal O Hanlon THE DAVE HILL EXPLOSION Pleasance Courtyard 23:00 Sam Simmons Lee Kern Alessis Ark ITCH: A SCRATCH EVENT Pleasance Courtyard 14:00 SIMON MUNNERY SEYMOUR MACE (IDEAL) CELIA PAQUOLA SEGUE SISTERS ADDY BORG CLOVIS VAN DARKHELM MERVYN STUTTER’S PICK OF THE FRINGE Pleasance Courtyard 12:55 Meow Meow Ali Cook Josie Long Spontaneous Broadway Stripped Sorded Lives Allsopp & Henderson’s The Jinglists

NICHOLAS PARSONS: HAPPY HOUR Pleasance Courtyard 17:10 Adam Hills Jo Caulfield Toby Hadoke BEST OF POPCORN COMEDY Pleasance Dome 23:30 Frisky and Mannish Gareth Richards rob deerinG’S BEAT THIS pleasance Dome 23:30 DAN ATKINSON JASON COOK LLOYD LANGFORD WENDY WASON RONNA AND BEVERLY Pleasance Courtyard 17:45 Michael Zegarski

STORYTELLER’S CLUB Pleasance Courtyard 22:00 ‘Meeting Your Heroes’ Michael Legge Felicity Ward Lizzie Roper Terry Saunders Host: Sarah Bennetto VIVE LE CABARET Pleasance at Ghillie Dhu 21:30 Des O’Connor (host) Phil Nichol Tap Ole Piff the Magic Dragon Sarah-Louise Young Peekaboo Pointe (NYC) Lisa Lottie The Kitsch Kats Please note that all line-ups are subject to change. Check the Box Office for the latest information.

The Pleasance Times - Issue #16 - Weekend 21&22 August  

And the nominations are... Dan Antopolski The Sick Kids

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